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It’s been reported that between 40-45% of our daily lives are run by our habits, which is why it’s so important to make sure our habits serve us.

Bad habits not only cripple our goal setting efforts, but also sink our self-confidence.

At any given time, most of us have at least one bad habit we’d like to break. At a minimum, we’d all like to be better at resisting temptation.

When you need the strength to resist a bad habit, I don’t is stronger than I can’t. Click To Tweet

Maybe you want to stop eating a certain comfort food that you know isn’t good for you, stop skipping your workouts, or stop constantly checking social media during your dedicated writing time.

No matter what bad habit you want to break, there’s a genius two-word fix that can increase your chances of success by up to 8X.

This science-backed tip for breaking bad habits is the focus of today’s MarieTV.

You’ll learn how self-talk plays a crucial role in our ability to resist temptation and the two tiny words that help us create big goal setting success.

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Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s one habit that, if you’re super honest with yourself, is derailing your happiness or success?

Is it eating a certain food? Checking social media when you should be writing or creating? No matter what it is, in the comments below tell me exactly what — as of this moment — you no longer do using the phrase, “I don’t”.

For bonus points, tell us exactly why this bad habit must get dropped (i.e. what negative consequences it’s creating) and what specifically you’ll be able to achieve, experience or create once you adopt a new, more positive habit.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and what you post may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you for tuning in, adding your voice and for making this a rich and rewarding community. You always make my week!

If you have friends, clients or colleagues who want to get up to 8X better at resisting temptation and breaking bad habits, please share this post.

All my love,


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  1. I don’t give in to my fear of visibility and instead keep doing the work!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love it, Sibylle! You’ve so got this. Keep doing that work!

    • Delin

      I want to stop drinking because I waist my money that I can use on very important things for my future.
      I want to stop to over spent my money and start up my business by saving money

      • susan

        me too. susan

    • Oh my goodness I so needed to hear that today thank you I am going to repeat that over and over and over as I take my new beauticontrol tote out to the world door to door and demonstrate those wonderful products to the people of George West Texas

    • Kelli

      I definitely connect to this. Thank you for sharing. ?

  2. MLD

    I don’t eat sugar.
    I don’t spend time on social media beyond my career needs.

    • Jennifer


    • Haha I don’t eat sugar either!!! This is so hard to kick though right? I found that increasing lean protein and increasing healthy fat along with a boost of probiotics helped to melt this craving away. You go girl!

      • Anastasia

        Dayum! I used to be a ‘I don’t eat sugar’ girl.
        I need to get back to it! I want to take out my body building comp.
        Bring on first place. Here we go….
        I don’t… eat sugar.

        Actually whilst I am at it, I don’t need more than one coffee a day.
        I don’t run late work.
        Oh god when does it end. This is addictive.

  3. I love this, Marie! I can recall times when I’ve used these two words, and it does work! My first ‘I don’t’ that came up for me is :: I don’t let negative thoughts stay in my mind. Oh, and, I don’t stay up past 10:30 during the week… that would be a good thing to shift in my life!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      It’s such a powerful shift isn’t it, Shannon?! Those are two great “I don’ts” you have there, perfect clarity and conviction 🙂

  4. I don’t avoid the process of change. I work hard towards it, embrace it and then share it with others.

    • I love this. I hadn’t even acknowledged how much I avoid the process of change, and success. I’m writing this one down. Thanks for sharing; I’m so glad I scrolled through the comments. x Pam

      • Me too, Pam!
        Thanks Jack2y! Blessings for your “I don’t”s 🙂

  5. Awesome distinction between “I can’t” and “I don’t.” I don’t snack between meals.

  6. I don’t give power to my fear of failure.

    • Christina Gouveia


    • Saiisha!!! This is wonderful.. May I borrow??

    • Pammy

      Love it! Very empowering.

  7. Christina Gouveia

    I don’t procrastinate!!!! That’s my new phrase!!! I really needed this episode today!
    I procrastinate on going for tasks that I know will make a difference in my life & business. I need to get out of my own way. So my next phrase would be “I don’t get in my way of success!”
    Big love and thanks to the Marie Forleo team!!!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Christina for your comment…. totally have the same problem…. and i really like the ”I don’t get in my way of success!”… that’s so true!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Christina! You’re not at all alone, and I love the new phrases you’ve created for yourself. Your awareness of your tendencies and determination to move past them is so key here. So glad this episode is just what you needed today!

      In case it may be helpful as a refresher, we have this great episode about how to overcome procrastination, too:

    • Pam Reed

      I love this! Ditto. Need to write these wonderful words down and repeat, also from Jacky2Y who said “I don’t avoid the process of change. I work hard towards it, embrace it and then share it with others”.
      So glad I scrolled through comments.

    • Anita

      Yea!! My thoughts exactly!

    • Sona

      Love it, Christina! That’s my favorite, “I don’t procrastinate!!!”

  8. I feel so deprived (like a whinny little “B,” when I tell myself I “can’t” have sugar and other c—. Last night in the middle of the night, I snuck downstairs for Oreos and milk…just because. I’m about ready to start the Whole 30 and I think I’m binging in anticipation. From now on, I’m saying, “I don’t.” How simple and yet how empowering. Thanks, Marie! Timely message for me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Linda – we’ve all been there before so you’re not alone! Glad to hear this shift in perspective has you feeling empowered, it’s incredible how different those two words feel isn’t it? You’ve got this, we believe in you and are cheering you on as you dive into the Whole 30!

  9. Lesley

    I don’t eat sugar. I don’t go to bed without creating my gratitude list for the day.

    • Arisa

      This was a great one Lesley! Especially the Gratitude list 🙂

  10. Kimberly

    I don’t procrastinate by playing Candy Crush when I have sh*t to do! Thanks for this Marie!

  11. I don’t eat sugar.
    I don’t waste time online.
    I don’t procrastinate.
    I don’t beat myself up.
    Thanks, Marie!
    I feel empowered already!

    • I agree with you! =)

    • Arisa

      I can totally relate to the last one Lynn, I feel the same. Great things are coming ahead for us! 🙂

  12. I don’t procrastinate!
    I don’t let fear of failure rule me!
    And the inverse (which is positive and even more powerful):
    I do work on my project consistently and timely until it is done.
    I do the thing that scares me the most and conquer it!
    Thanks Marie, for the reminder! I DO love your videos!! <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful Miryam, SO powerful. Love that you’ve covered the inverse too – it definitely adds an extra punch when we replace a habit with a new, more positive one! Rock on!

  13. This is awesome. That is exactly what I did when I gave up dairy. In fact, without realizing this point, I used, “I don’t eat dairy”, as a way to stop eating baked treats at coffee shops as well. I was amazed at how easy it was to suddenly turn down basically almost all treats because well… I don’t eat dairy!

    Next up, I don’t eat more than I need… not even a little bit. Ever.

    Fun!! Let’s do this!!

  14. Valerie McCloud

    Thank you for this. I don’t lack control over my food choices. I eat to reach my goal to lose 15 lbs.

  15. Darlene

    This made my day! Thanks, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad to hear that, Darlene – thank YOU for watching! Here’s to positive changes 🙂

  16. Nira

    I don’t binge watch TV shows. Instead I work on my life goals.

  17. Alicia

    I don’t procrastinate by lying around in bed when I have projects to create and love to share! I don’t skip my yoga & meditation practice. It’s non-negotiable for me 🙂

  18. I don’t stay up past 11 pm.
    Yes!!! ☺
    Thanks, Marie!!!

  19. i don’t spend a whole week without workout…

    sounds weird will see if it works…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Let us know how it goes, Marian! I think you may be surprised by how powerful making this clear statement is 🙂

  20. I find this episode very interesting. I starting saying don’t a few years back. I have changed my diet to one of anti- inflammatory for health reasons and I often would have people try to talk me out of it when I said “can’t” eat a certain food. A popular response was “a little bit isn’t going to hurt you” (well, it did make a difference in how I felt and it would upset me to hear the lack of support). So I started saying “don’t” as more of a commanding “it’s not going to happen so leave it alone” and people starting exceptin it. Never linked the “can’t” vs “don’t” until now! I was just fed up! LOL

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful example, Kelly – thank you so much for sharing your experience with this here! It shows how both yourself and others respond accordingly to such clear statements and intentions. So glad to hear that this has been a helpful shift in your life!

  21. Lotus

    I dont take my ex back. And i dont let him be in my life. I get so drained by the situation, and would be so much happier with an ending

  22. This is just soo awesome, one of the best videos ever. Thanks Marie!

  23. Michelle Cassidy

    I Can’t Afford That!!
    It grinds me every time I say, I have been searching for an alternative! Perfect timing thank you ??☺️?
    It’s a more empowered base I can use to keep moving forward. ???

  24. Love this. “I don’t” is so much more powerful! I don’t spend my time in old thought patterns and behaviours that don’t serve my highest purpose.

  25. terri flynn

    I don’t forget to move my body or exercise everyday

  26. Anne

    I don’t dwell on negative comments from others

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great one, Anne!

  27. Suzie

    I don’t stay up late at night. I don’t go to bed after 9.30 pm.
    (It messes with a good day that can hold more in it including love, health, joy, playfulness)
    Instead I cosy up and read a good book or listen to a meditation or podcast. Or I draw in bed!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love your clear reasoning to back up your “I don’t,” Suzie – this adds that much more power to it! Your strategies for supporting this intention are also fantastic, great work 🙂

      • Suzie

        And do you know….it’s going well! I’ve battled this habit for years…and since I read the above and wrote that….every night a dream!

  28. Pam

    I don’t avoid dealing with things that are quick, easy, simple, complex, time consuming or plain old uncomfortable. Period.

  29. I don’t eat sweeties

  30. Anushae

    I don’t listen to the negative chatter in my head and I don’t listen to naysayers. I trust that that The Universe has my back and if I do the work, the results will come in due timing. I don’t make excuses and I don’t focus on what’s not working, instead I focus on what’s working and trusting that all the resources I need are at my feet or that they will be presented to me in divine timing as I become more resourceful.

  31. Marie you are amazing and I really love your videos and emails, I look forward to then every week. THANK YOU ?
    I don’t waist my value time on non productive things, and I will succeed in my business no matter what.

  32. km

    I don’t stay up too late. It ruins my health and my performance the next day. Not getting enough sleep robs me of my future, even though I’m trying to make it better by working late at night.

  33. Judy

    I don’t binge watch TV.
    I don’t put off doing my to do list.
    I don’t leave my writing till the last thing.
    I don’t spend my time on social media unless it is about building my business.
    I don’t give excuses on why things aren’t getting done.
    I don’t eat junk food.

  34. Thanks for the words of inspiration. My new motto now in creating my on-line business is “I don’t work for free.” Not anymore!

    • Katie


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this one, Mary Ann. So powerful and important to make this statement for the sustainability of your business! You go!

  35. I don’t eat bars. Bars? Yup, I don’t eat bars, any kind, protein, granola, cereal etc. bars. Period. I eat real food, and take the time to put together a snack with whole foods. I DO save money too by doing this!

  36. I don’t start more projects than I can handle. I don’t get stressed when I need to prioritize networking opportunities.

  37. Emily

    I don’t give up because I think I can’t do something.

  38. Aubrey

    I don’t check social media during my morning routine
    I don’t eat foods that make my body feel bad

  39. I don’t tolerate toxic people!

  40. km

    Thank you, Marie. I know this will help immensely. All the best to you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Our pleasure, KM – really glad to hear this was helpful for you! Thanks so much for watching.

  41. Hilary

    Great video today!
    I don’t check Facebook throughout the day.
    I don’t skip the gym
    I don’t eat junk food
    I don’t doubt my ability to achieve my goals!

  42. Purvi

    I don’t eat late night. I don’t eat more than I need. Thanks dear.

  43. Maria

    Thank you for another inspiring video.
    I don’t spend all my time on social media.
    I don’t avoid working on developing my business.

  44. Gbenga

    I Don’t think of immorality

  45. I don’t lie awake at night thinking about all the negative things that happened today or might happen tomorrow…

    …But I’m confused. There’s a lot of research that says your brain only picks up on the action words and not the modifier.

    For example: As a dentist, if I tell a patient, “don’t bite down” their brain only hears “bite down” and I get my fingers bitten.

    Instead I say, “stay open”.

    So in place of “I don’t eat junk food at night”, would it be more effective to tell your brain “I only eat healthy snacks after dinner”?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much for bringing up this great point. The “don’t vs. can’t” distinction is a powerful way to shift your own psychology around a particular habit. Adding in a positive statement about what you intend on replacing this particular habit with absolutely adds to the impact and likelihood of you following-through on a consistent basis and we definitely encourage this!

  46. Serenity Nicole

    I don’t skip workouts.
    I don’t watch YouTube for hours.

  47. I don’t have a messy desk!

  48. I don’t eat foods that make my body feel tired and sluggish.

    I don’t distract myself on social media when I am bored.

    I don’t put time and energy into people and activities that bring me down and deplete me.

    I don’t respond immediately to a question when I don’t have an immediate answer.

    I don’t give up on my goals and dreams even when the going gets tough.

    Thank you MarieTV! Always bringing lightness into my Tuesdays 🙂

  49. I don’t stay up late and I don’t sleep in. I wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed and have a productive workday.

  50. I loved this episode! I don’t drink wine during the week. I don’t get frustrated with my 15 year old. Xoxo

  51. Funny enough I had discovered this trick when I gave up smoking cigarettes! I always told everyone that the only reason I had been so successful at quitting was because I started telling myself that I don’t smoke … and now science proved it!

    The great thing is that this is so easy and effective, I guess it’ll spread in no time!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Antoniya – we love hearing this! Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with how effective this strategy is here. And kudos to you for being so determined and putting it into practice from your own internal wisdom!

  52. PJ

    I don’t let ANTS (angry negative thoughts) picnic in my brain!!
    I don’t have to let my husband’s affairs rule my life!!
    I don’t have to feel like a failure because of my husband’s affairs!!
    I don’t have to feel guilty for standing up for what I believe in 🙂

    • Larisa

      PJ, those are beautiful and positive statements!! You Go Girl!!
      Affirm, I AM a beautiful blessed child of God. I AM lovely and loved. I AM deserving of all good things. I AM successful. I AM a Thriver. I AM loved and supported in ways I never imagined. ALL IS WELL! <3

    • ANTS. Love this! Now when I have those pesky negative thoughts pop up I’m going to imagine them as ants that I then shoo away.

      Thanks for this great visual PJ!

  53. I should change language! English is so straight to the point and short! In french, to say I can’t, it’s already 4 words and to say I don’t, it is also 4 word that I find less powerful than their english counterpart… But still, it’s about will against permission and will is more powerful than an outside (whatever it is) authority.

    Thank you for sharing this powerful finding! Love your show.

  54. Carmen

    I don’t have fears to pressure my dream !
    I will say it constantly , to achieve my goal !

  55. I don’t go more than 1 day without exercising.
    I don’t drink wine or alcohol on week days.
    I don’t blame myself.

  56. Jazmin Thorson

    I love I will use it for now on !

  57. Sean DuSart

    I don’t see a woman as objects sexually.
    I don’t think about negativity all the time.
    I don’t recall the painful events of my life.
    I don’t feel lonely and like a victim.

  58. I don’t procrastinate ! I don’t give in to fear! Whew, that feels good! Energy shift …

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love that shift in energy, Wendy!

  59. Mee-J

    I don’t avoid my problems, I face it

  60. Carolina Prioglio

    I love your energy, Marie! And the information and wisdom that you share. 🙂

  61. I don’t dwell on the past.

    Wow! So empowering. I LOVE THIS!

  62. I don’t have fear of breaking up with corporate America and launching my own business anymore.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO, Ingrid!! You’ve got this. We’re cheering you on all the way!

  63. Larisa

    I don’t stop supporting my own health. I am healthy, happy, and available for all the goodness that life is offering me!!

    THANK YOU for this episode. <3 <3 <3

  64. Jazmin Thorson

    I don’t go 2 days without exercise !! that’s the main one

  65. Theresa Davis

    I DON’T think about my ex and his new girlfriend non stop. I don’t care what they are doing. I let go of all negative thoughts and actions that keep me stuck. I look forward to my future freeing me to meet someone worthy of my time and love.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Theresa. I love your vision for your future – there is so much incredible love and support awaiting you!

  66. Louise

    The whole thing is that I want finish my illustrated courses. It I did it started yet because I watch tv so I must say I don’t watch tv except on a Friday that is my free day off

  67. Carol

    I dont waste my time in social media…

  68. Ami

    This is a big one!
    I don’t let myself get distracted in the www while working.

  69. I dont say mean things about myself, to myself or to others.

  70. Reeba Mathew

    I sleep a lot and procrastinate like crazy

    • Reeba Mathew

      I don’t *

  71. Stephanie

    I don’t eat dairy.
    I don’t eat sugar.
    I don’t waste my time online.
    I don’t compare myself to others!
    This was great 🙂 perfect timing for myself!

  72. Dania

    There is a certain candy that I find irresistible and I have gained quite a few pounds from eating them. I recently started to say “I don’t eat that” when I pass them as they stare lovingly at me from the display rack. It does work in this particular case because I think my brain is momentarily stunned as it it processing that I DO eat that as I have already walked out of the store.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing job, Dania – you’re doing this perfectly!! Keep up the awesome work.

  73. Shannon

    Habit is so all about choises but we feel like it isn’t. Salad vs chick fil A. I don’t eat chick fil a but I do eat salad ???. I don’t spend money going out to dinner. I don’t eat chips and salsa before bed!!!

  74. I don’t:
    – skip writing morning pages
    -check FB on my phone
    -drink alcohol or do drugs
    -skip my workout
    -Doubt or minimize my potential
    -let fear rule my life

    Thanks so much Marie! It’s so true that this small change makes a huge difference!

    I don’t say, “I can’t,” I say, “I DON’T!”

    Xoxo – Amelia

  75. Marie, you hit the nail on the head.
    I don’t watch nonsense on the internet and get lost in social media when I’m supposed to be creating content.
    Thank you!!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great one Colby – this is such a common struggle for many of us in today’s world, and it’s important for us to consciously combat it! So glad to hear this resonated with you.

  76. Rachel Blackwood

    I don’t procrastinate. I don’t worry about what others will think of me. I don’t waste time on social media.

  77. I don’t dwell on past mistakes.
    I don’t procrastinate.
    I don’t let the clock rule my day.
    I don’t hide my self away.
    I don’t give energy to people who don’t share my spiritual beliefs.
    I don’t allow others to project their negative beliefs and bad energy on to me.
    I don’t back away from opportunities that synchronistically appear in my life.
    I don’t let the internet distract me from my priorities.
    I don’t dwell in overwhelm.
    I don’t allow negative people to dim my light.
    I don’t allow my negative and fearful aspects drag me down and rule the day.
    I don’t worry, I pray.
    I don’t create long lists of things to distract me from getting on with my day.

  78. Alisa

    I don’t procrastinate!

  79. I don’t waste time on line. Therefore, I’m more productive during the day, so don’t stay up late to complete tasks I otherwise would have done during the day. Also, I don’t fixate on time and productivity. I feel inspired to work on my edits etc. because this is what I get to do, not have to do. It’s all in the language!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing job with this, Caroline – you’re right on point. Fantastic clarity!

    • Sarah

      Ooh yes, I like this one! Reframing is so powerful.

  80. Lexa

    When I wake up in the morning, I don’t lay around in bed longer than 5 minutes. I don’t dwell on the past. And I don’t procrastinate ans I don’t give in to fear! So many. I could keep going

  81. Yolanda Spivey

    I don’t delay writing my blog and writing chapters for my book.

  82. I don’t spend hours scrolling through a news feed and binge-watching when I could be creating. I also don’t eat sugar, and I DON’T sleep in or lay around on my phone when I could be exercising first thing in the morning and starting my day off in a great mood. 🙂

  83. I DON’T suck the positive energy out of myself first thing in the morning by reading the news before I get out of bed in the morning!


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Tina – we’re happy to hear you enjoy our humor 🙂 And what a fantastic “I don’t,” clear, simple and to-the-point = effective.

  85. I don’t manage my anxiety with food.

  86. Rita M Teixeira

    I love this episode being honest with oneself makes a big difference. I don’t watch tv all night and need to work on my business instead. Thank you, Marie, for your inspirational videos of staying real and honest with oneself. To stay focused and create the business and life you want!

  87. Matthew McGuire

    Hi Marie my bad habit is getting into my guy funk at work and it really stops me from having success in my life. I really hate doing that habit in my life. I don’t want to do it anymore because it is really annoying for me to do it all the time. I need help how can I stop doing it in my life get more happy and do my goals in life. Please help me bye God bless you all at Marie TV
    Matthew McGuire

  88. – I don’t get on Twitter when I am working.

    – I don’t spend more than 10 minutes on Twitter. I set my timer and get off.


    I don’t procrastinate!

  90. Jay

    I don’t let others negativity influence my decisions.

  91. I would love it if you did dance parties on MarieTV!

  92. I don’t play WWF all the time. I do limit my playing to 10 mins in the morning & 10 mins at night, using a timer.

  93. Kimberly King Wise

    In all of my years of motivational training/success training, etc…I have always been taught that the brain does NOT work on “opposite” ideas. Our mind doesn’t hear “don’t” – it hears “does”. That’s why it’s so important to speak affirmatively about what we desire in our lives. So saying – “I say no to cookies and ice cream at night” is more effective than “I don’t eat cookies and ice cream at night” because the brain turns that into “I DO eat cookies and ice cream at night”.

    Marie – is Dr. Patrick’s research usurping the older views of how the brain works or is it only identifying the preferred way to communicate to ourselves when say “I don’t” vs. “I can’t” and how those two phrases make us feel & behave?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂 <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great question Kimberly, and we appreciate you bringing this up! The “don’t vs. can’t” distinction is a powerful way to shift your own psychology around a particular habit and the particular study Marie referenced in this episode was focusing on the measurable difference that this simple shift has on our behavior.

      Adding in a positive, affirmative statement about what you intend on replacing a particular habit with absolutely adds to the impact and likelihood of you following-through on a consistent basis and we definitely encourage you to use whatever strategy and wording you find is the most effective for you personally!

      • Karen J

        Kimberley ~ I think it’s an easier ‘first step’ to change from “I can’t” to “I don’t” than directly from “I don’t” to “I do”. When I’m stuck in a rut, my *little jerk voices* want to call BS on the clearly not (yet) true ‘affirmations’, but they let “I don’t” statements slide 🙂 . Thanks for the reminder of the “next step”!

  94. Lori

    I DON’T Delay in taking time to create and write my Woman’s Self Defense Book to be released in 2017!
    “Coach Lori Ann”

  95. I LOVE THIS! SO simple. And it really does give me more power and it makes it clear that this is my choice that I am making. Thanks Marie and Team!

    I don’t eat sugar right before I go to bed.
    I don’t say “I can’t.”
    I don’t do things that are not in alignment with me!

  96. Natalia Stefanova

    I don’t skip sun salutations in the morning.

  97. I don’t drink coffee after three in the afternoon…I don’t skip my walk with poes in the evening, I don’t eat icecream/cookies/bad stuff with suger unless it is Saturday.
    Only that makes a huge change…

  98. Let me count the ways! For real though, I was just thinking about this topic on my drive to work today. The two things that get me off the productive train fastest: Sugar and watching a TV series. I’m like an addict. It is embarrassing.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We all have our addictions and bad habits, Morgan – and these are VERY common ones, so you’re not at all alone! We’re right there with you and there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Your awareness that these habits aren’t serving you is such an important first step. Now you just need some great “I don’t” declarations and you’ll be well on your way!

  99. Lilylayne

    I don’t eat sugar.
    I don’t let fear of success prevent me from moving forward!

  100. Dorothy

    I don’t sleep in when I really need to go to yoga at 5:30am.

  101. It´s a good wording habit. However I don´t feel it has lasting power.

  102. I think I need to add I always statements. Eg. I always plan my day the night before.

    • Karen J

      Chris – that’s a terrific next step! Thank you!

  103. I don’t waste my time and efforts. I can stay on track. I will see my efforts. xo Love and Light…Shar

  104. This is what I need today!
    I don’t start chaotic thinking when chronic pain strikes. I don’t jump to conclusions about what my doctors can or can’t do for me.

    Let’s see if I can stick with this while I feel crappy. Thanks for giving me a focus.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Judy. These are fantastic “I don’t” statements. We’re so glad this was what you needed today and hope this strategy helps! Sending lots of positive, healing wishes your way.

  105. LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode! So powerful!
    I don’t worry about the root of my chronic pain and hold off my life until it’s gone. I live fully now!

  106. Emily

    Most hilarious episode of Marie TV EVER!!! Just what I needed in my personal development, a little more LAUGHTER.

    Mine is: I don’t drink coffee after 7 AM!!! And I don’t buy pure sugar at the drug store after work to combat a stressful day. I go straight home and eat my healthy dinner.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Emily – SO happy you enjoyed today’s episode and found it helpful! We always love bringing smiles and laughter into your day 🙂 You’ve so got this, these are great, super clear “I don’ts.”

  107. Nicole Witt

    I don’t eat chocolate after dinner!

  108. I don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day mindlessly scrolling on Facebook.

  109. I’m loving this episode. I don’t eat sweets, snacks, or seconds, except on days that start with “S.” I’m going to get back to that as it makes me intentional about what I eat and feel sane and free around eating.
    I don’t eat gluten or wheat ever.
    I don’t stay up too late.
    I don’t waste time online.

  110. I don’t ear cookie dough cake pops!

  111. Kaeli

    I don’t talk to release my negative emotions to my friends or family. I don’t ranmble about negative daily events to my friends or family. I don’t talk badly about others.

    I have had trouble being a bit sensitive lately, and would like to be stronger and not take the small negative things so seriously. I would like to be able to recognize when a person is unkind, but be able to respond in a healthier and more productive way. I tend to process built up anger and frustration via talking to whoever I am with at the moment. As you could imagine I wind up in awkward situations. Every time I ‘vent’ I usually don’t feel the greatest about myself. I would like to encourage myself to vent in healthier and more empowering way.

  112. Felicia

    I don’t eat after 8 pm.
    Like the member of your team,I have a habit of eating treats right before bed. I’ve done so many great things to manage my blood sugar, and this bad little habit just sets me off balance. This helps me manage type 1 diabetes!
    Thanks for your inspiration Marie and team!

  113. I don’t eat chocolate when I’m emotional and I don’t put others needs before mine. I also don’t check my social media when I should be writing or reading.

  114. Stacy

    How do you turn working out into a “I don’t..” statement? I want to workout regularly but am confused how to use this new “I don’t…” statement for breaking the habit of skipping workouts. Any ideas?

    • Mariah

      @Stacy: What about just “I don’t skip workouts”?

      • Stacy

        That’ll work! thx!

  115. I don’t binge watch Hulu, Netflix, or PBS.

  116. Michèle

    I don’t drink coffee. Good timing. Today is day 1 of No Coffee and about 5 seconds into waking up I started making excuses for why I needed some. Instead I made lemon water and watched this video. I don’t drink coffee because it’s causing an imbalance in my endocrine system and because I gets me to wired that I have a hard time staying grounded and focusing on what needs to get done + I get ultra bitchy in the afternoons. Phew. I feel better for saying that. THANKS!

    • Mariah

      @Michele: I don’t drink coffee anymore! I switched to black tea about a year ago because coffee was wreaking havoc on my tummy. Just recently gave that up too, because I was tired of how foggy I would get if I didn’t have my tea. I’m so glad not to be dependent on a morning beverage for my alertness – hallelu.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great job in working through this, Michèle! Focusing on the bigger why and reasons that you don’t do something only adds to the power of your intention. Also, replacing a habit with another, more positive one is a fantastic strategy. You SO got this!

  117. vasudha

    I don’t check facebook all thru the day… the excuse I use is that I have to check on B-School group updates and Amy Porterfield’s bonus group updates. I need to keep track and connect. but that’s consuming a lot of my time. so, starting now.. I don’t login to facebook all day long.
    here it is, empowering myself !!

  118. I don’t watch T.V.
    I don’t play games on kinlde

    Thank you this is inspirational

  119. Michèle

    Damn I really need to change my picture…

  120. I don’t procrastinate! 😉

  121. Erin

    I don’t let my fear of failure or embarrassment keep me back from just doing the work that will get me where I want to be. I don’t eat unhealthy every night out of boredom, stress, or anxiety. I don’t let my anger or impatience get the best of me when interacting with vexing family members.

    • Erin,
      Thought I would share a mantra that has helped me immensely when dealing with ‘vexing family members’ (and a whole lot of other situations):
      “For every upset is an unmet expectation”
      Even though that sounds esoteric, it is extremely powerful… As soon as I embraced that my anger, frustration, hurt when dealing with certain people was because I expected them to be different, all I had to do is change my expectations. Now I go in expecting one of my family to talk over all other people, another to have absolutely no verbal filters, etc. The mere act of adjusting my expectations has lowered my anxiety and I no longer react with anger, frustration or hurt.
      Hope it might work for you!

      • Cheryl

        I’ve just made a reminder note encompassing this thought. So many people annoy me but then my attitude and lack of patience come back to haunt me for not being a better person. This perspective is just what I need. My note (which included a pretty sunshine graphic at the top!) :
        Every upset is an unmet expectation.
        Change expectation.
        Result: reduced anxiety for all.
        Allows ability to nurture and to love.
        Thanks for sharing.

  122. I don’t change my artistic style to conform to someone else’s taste
    I don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t like my art
    I don’t let one bad show stop me from creating new work
    I don’t give negative (or indifferent) comments more weight than positive

    Thank you Marie – I needed to dig in and find my grit after a humbling weekend. I am empowered again and hitting the studio!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Beverly – we love hearing that you’re digging back in and doing your work despite the challenges! These are hugely important “I don’ts” as an artist, stick to your vision and keep sharing your art with the world, it’s so important.

  123. I don’t eat mindlessly. It’s just something that I don’t do. Yes! This is something that I’ve recently put into practice. It’s about the type of person you want, or don’t want, to be. I’m not the type of person who smokes cigarettes, and I’m not the type of person who eats mindlessly. Those are things I just don’t do!

  124. I don’t waste time on social media beyond my allotted time!

  125. I don’t leave things for tomorrow.

  126. Dandelion

    What does that mean? “I don’t unnecessarily juge the Marie TV set?” What is juge?

  127. I don’t need the 5pm wine hour.

  128. Karen Ampoorter

    I used to say ” i can’t say no”. Now i don’t say “yes” anymore all the time 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yeah, Karen! Cheering you on for getting on the NO train!

  129. Mariah

    I don’t go all day without working on my novel.

  130. I don’t waste my day away by waking up at 11:00 anymore just because I’m a freelancer.

  131. I don’t watch TV instead of working on my projects.
    I don’t eat sweets every day – don’t need them!
    I don’t procrastinate.

  132. Kathy

    I Don’t drink too much wine every night!

  133. I don’t stay at the computer when I have a migraine coming on. I did not check social media when I’m supposed to be focused on my children.

  134. I like this concept, very simple, but sounds very powerful, thank you!
    I don’t sleep in.

    • Have you ever read Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod? I read it 2 years ago and haven’t sleepy in since. It really changed my life for the better. Good luck.

      • That’s awesome! I haven’t read it, I will definitely be reading it, thanks Melanie! 🙂

  135. Can’t is a four letter word in my home. It’s often confused with “I don’t want to” yet “can’t” is the language of victimhood. “Can’t” makes us a passenger in our own life and gives control to someone or something else.

    “Do” or “do not” (as Yoda would say) is a choice. I prefer choice. And I own my choices.

    — I make healthy food choices and stay within my weight watchers point value each day because a healthy me is a better me.

    — I choose to live within my means because I’d rather travel than accumulate stuff.

    — I wake up early to go to a 6am hot yoga class M-W-F because it’s a great way to start my day (and I still have time to work on my creative projects before I get to go to work)

    I’ve learned to reframe negative “don’t” statements into positive “do” statements. And if someone offers me something that I don’t want, a simple “No, thank you” works wonders.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to reframing choices and doing what works for us, Peggy. And any time we can have more Yoda in the world, it’s all good.

  136. I don’t binge when I’m travelling or stressed.

  137. Makes a lot of sense. However, science ALSO shows that the brain doesn’t understand a negative and subconsciously will ONLY hear the positive. Could you comment on that or do an episode on that please?

    Btw what was with your voice today? You seemed out of breath in the beginning and later on your voice was scratchy…. laryngitis? Hope you heal up back to your whole, perky self we love so dearly 🙂

    Thanks for everything you give of yourself.
    ~ Ulrike

  138. Mary

    I don’t drink wine and eat cheese and crackers while watching TV.

  139. Maria

    Love this episode. I don’t procrastinate☺

  140. Amanda

    I don’t put off doing the top 3 things on my to do list

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Don’t you love the 3 things, Amanda? Makes our to-do lists so much more exciting and approachable.

  141. I don’t go off my food plan.

  142. I don’t procrastinate. Starting tomorrow.

  143. Ismeri

    I don’t procrastinate

  144. marina fernandez

    I don’t skip my meditation sessions, EVER

  145. I don’t doubt my ability to become a success.

  146. Simple tweak of words, big results! I’m going to give this a try “. . . starting tomorrow.” 😉

  147. Barbara

    Really a great thing for me right now so—I don’t let fear stop a new adventure in my work or in my personal life.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES, Barbara! Let those adventures just leap over the fear. You’ve got dreams to chase. Love that!

  148. I don’t procrastinate! And I don’t miss a workout! 🙂 And I don’t eat process foods! Thanks for this one. Thumbs up!!

  149. So Basic and Simple, yet so Profound and True!
    Amazing as usual Marie. You definetly Rock this Planet with your small but in your face insights!…I LOVE IT 😉


  150. Thandi

    I DON’T go back to the man who’s treated me badly time and time again.

  151. Melissa

    A weird sample, but I HATE taking shots, and would give in to friends. I starting using the “I don’t take shots”. I had to keep repeating it, HOWEVER they don’t even ask me anymore.
    I plan on using this with my business in saying “I do not procrastinate”. Whoop whoop!

  152. I don’t procrastinate, then panic, and stress out myself and my team to make big things happen!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you!! ?? I don’t either.

  153. Janene

    I don’t skip exercising.
    I don’t go to bed later than 10.30

  154. Zannie

    I don’t eat any foods that come from animals. (Using this language helps other people understand that it is not up for discussion.)

  155. Mpume Sibiya

    I Don’t judge a person I barely know

  156. I don’t cut corners when I make my art – I focus on every step and and detail to make it the best it can be for my customers.

    (and that video, I was crying laughing, omg thank you!)

  157. I don’t binge watch shows on Netflix I’ve seen many times over.

    If I don’t binge watch, then I will be able to do other things that will make me smarter such as read a book or write in my journal. Also, if I don’t binge watch, I’ll be able to get up earlier, and get more done for my business, which will bring me closer to my business goal to get 5 new clients this year!

  158. Davida

    I don’t procrastinate or distract myself when I have work to complete. Davida

  159. Mik

    I don’t eat heavy meal or rice for dinner.

  160. I don’t date people who declare “I don’t drive.”

    • Erika


  161. D.W.

    I don’t distract myself with spending too much time on social media.

  162. Jennifer

    I don’t let days go by without being motivated by watching Marie Forleo!

    I don’t focus on what I haven’t accomplished, maybe it wasn’t for me to do. I focus on my success!

    I don’t compare myself to others.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We can get behind that first statement, Jennifer 😉
      Be amazing, spectacular YOU! Staying in our own lane is a gift we give to ourselves over and over again.

  163. Alin

    I like the Marie’s energy in this video. Is captivating.
    My ultimate bad habit will be <>. The why will be like an emotional roller coaster.
    So… I don’t <>. If this makes sense.

  164. I don’t stay up late to sabotage my early morning fitness routine! I don’t eat food after 8pm to support my healthy body and sleep schedule.

  165. I don’t eat crappy foods.

  166. Silvia

    I don’t drink coffee!! I want to feel free and I want to rely on my own energy instead of feeling dependant on coffee to have energy!

  167. I DON’T check social media before getting out of bed!

  168. That fear of visibility sometimes involves spiritual attachments implant removal works I don’t say no to Marie we love you

  169. stan

    “I don’t” probably works better than “I can’t” because it is defining who we are to ourselves, and so if there is no psychological resistance, our subconscious will adopt it. Unfortunately, these sorts of habits are usually driven by past experiences that generated beliefs and values, and are stored in our subconscious, and there *is* psychological resistance. I think 40-45% is low for the amount of time the average person spends in autopilot (subconscious actions) in our lives; the number I’ve heard is north of 75%.

    Even more effective than using “I don’t” as a phrase is to learn EFT. It is amazing for doing things like this. And it clears the subconscious drivers of the behavior, and allows us to consciously choose the way we want to behave, by reprogramming the subconscious. The first time EFT works for you, it will be like magic just happened. As if someone waved a wand, and you are suddenly a different person. And the best part is that it will be you that waved the wand. 🙂

  170. This is awesome!
    I don’t procrastinate.
    I don’t turn to food when I’m stressed.
    I really don’t!


  171. I don’t question my worth or value in my workplace.
    I don’t change my schedule to revolve around the guy I like.
    I don’t fear marketing myself, ideas or entrepreneurial projects.
    I don’t doubt my sweet moves when I dance to jazz music.

  172. Joan

    I don’t miss walking and exercising my body every day.
    I don’t procrastinate.
    I don’t put everyone else’s needs before my own.
    So empowering!
    Thanks, Marie!!!

  173. Kathy

    I don’t eat sweet processed foods!

  174. Alison

    I don’t let fear guide me.
    I don’t procrastinate my real work for something more enjoyable at the time.
    I don’t eat sweets every day.

  175. Bipin

    I don’t masturbate !
    I don’t get lost into social media when I gear up to learn a new thing !
    I don’t get angry and frustrated with people easily !
    I don’t fear to post my feelings on the internet !
    I don’t fear to be the change !

  176. I don’t binge on banana chips and chocolate and I don’t go on Facebook more than once a day. I am a Yoga Teacher, on the path to becoming a Yoga Therapist. I also teach cooking classes and write a food blog. Food is a big part of what throws me off balance. Sometimes when I’m stressed, bored, or just procrastinating, I reach for the junk food, while my time away on Facebook, and distract myself from writing recipes or studying.

    So then there’s – I don’t distract myself from things that are important to my future as a successful Yoga Therapist and Food Blogger.

    I could think of a lot more “I don’ts”, but then I would just be procrastinating from doing my work ; ) !

  177. I don’t eat artificial sugar.
    I don’t yell or say nasty things to anybody.
    I don’t go to bed angry.
    I don’t hang out with negative people.
    I don’t abuse my body.
    I don’t make commitments I can’t keep.
    I don’t judge myself or others.
    I don’t ignore my inner guide.
    I don’t wait for help I ask for it.

  178. Awesome! So needed to hear this today! Thanks Marie. I don’t get in the way of manageable wealth flowing into my life!!!

  179. Kelly

    This is so true! I used to be a big cheese addict until I went vegan. Strangely, just that process of saying ”Well, yes I could have that cheese toastie but I choose not to/don’t eat it” makes all the difference!
    In terms of future changes:
    *I don’t avoid tackling issues for fear of upsetting someone
    *I don’t prioritise other people’s wants over my needs
    *I don’t waste time mindlessly scrolling through social media news feeds
    *I don’t skip workouts – if illness or injury prevents one thing, I should sub with something I can do
    *I don’t leave empty biscuit packets where the cat can reach…

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Great reframe on going vegan, Kelly. I love how you did that.
      Also, I wonder what the cat would say about that last sentence?

  180. I don’t check social media while I’m at the gym.

    I don’t let life derail me from the person I want to be.

    I don’t let the things my boyfriend says or actions of others get to me.

  181. Jemeel

    I don’t constantly believe in myself, I don’t know what I have to do with my feature

  182. I don’t LOOK for happiness. I let it unfold.

    • Susan Marie Di Giacomo

      Me too

  183. Great video! I use the phrase “I can” which allows me (and clients I work with), to focus on what they are able to do. Whether its in a fitness workout or fighting negative self talk, we focus on our strength by focusing on what we can do, or achieve, rather than what we can’t. It’s amazing how our brain processes our inner voice, choosing words wisely is so important!

  184. Michaela Koporec

    Hello Marie. I agree with I don’t and I can’t in the term of feeling in control and empowered but do not agree with all that don’t. In my experience it doesn’t matter whether it is do or don’t, you are still paying attention to the subject. It’s the same if you say I do eat sugar and I don’t ear sugar – your mind doesn’t know the distinction – you are thinking about the sugar. Same goes for other things. I found out that what works best for me is to find out the reason behind certain actions and resolve what is going on because things aren’t happening in our lives without a reason. They are basically pointing onto something and to me saying I don’t is in the same category as putting a plaster on a cut finger that obviously needs sewing. All my love, Mishka.

  185. I don’t put off my daily walk any longer because I love how I feel when I walk and I so enjoy my beautiful surroundings!

  186. I don’t spend more time on social media than is necessary for my career needs.

    That’s a huge one, and it costs me valuable time on a daily basis. I have to use social media for some of my career, but being brutally honest, I know that I get roped in to all sorts of time-wasting activities there above and beyond the ‘must-do’s.’

  187. Susan Marie Di Giacomo

    I don’t eat salty or sweet carbohydrates and I don’t make excuses to skip exercising.

  188. I don’t watch T.V. or check emails after 10pm during the week.
    I don’t read any emails before noon so I can focus on prioritizing work (after today obviously 🙂 )

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re big fans of batching productivity around Team Forleo, Scott, and your second sentence is one we believe in when it comes to segmenting our workflow. I hope it’s a helpful and creative solution for you.

  189. Nisha

    I don’t want to be effected by my negative thoughts in my life. I don’t want to skip my exercise. I don’t want to eat oily, sweet and junk food. I don’t want to be sick and helpless. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to dumb person.

  190. Andrea duchonovic

    I DON’T sleep in in the morning over getting my day started by walking my dog on the beach and meditating!
    Oh , and I DON’T binge watch Netflix’s at night over reading :/

  191. Mali Gesmundo

    I stop writing when that mean little voice says, “go get a temp job you need money and you’re too damned old to get your dreams fulfilled, who the hell do you think you are???”

    I don’t stop writing when that mean little voice says, “go get a temp job, you need the money, you’re too damned old to get your dreams fulfilled, who the hell do you think you are!!!”

  192. Procrastination is the thief of my Time! Thank you for Today’s episode Marie. Keep flying…

  193. Nisha

    I don’t get effected by my negative thoughts in my life. I don’t skip my exercise even for a single day . I don’t eat oily, sweet and junk food. I don’t be sick and helpless. I don’t have a big waist. I don’t take tension at all for anything and for any reason. I don’t have ego. I don’t hurt people. I don’t burry hatred, anger, jealousy and other negative feelings in my mind.

  194. Ginger

    I DON’T Watch negative TV, eat unhealthy foods, drink too much, snack late at night, use the “I’m too busy” excuse not to exercise, shop when I need to save $, obsess over controlling every detail of my life and my children’s lives, need to know how and when everything will get done. This is a great new tool for my “empowered self” tool box! Thank you Marie!

  195. I don’t eat dessert on week nights!

  196. I don’t live like a slob

  197. Laura Ramos Delgado

    I don’t let other people cross my boundaries.


    Thanks Marie!

  198. Valerie

    Hi Marie-
    I really enjoy your Marie TV show, today’s episode about the two little words was great the funny thing is I kind of already knew what they were- you see I grew up with very empowering language even though I did not know that was what it was. I realize that I am a fortunate woman, from about the age ten I began to choose my habits therefore I have always used the words “I don’t” or “I choose not to” these words have served me well so I continue to use them today in my fifties. Great shows, keep stepping up your game because I am a big fan!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a great environment to grow up in, Valerie. Clearly the gift of positive language has been one that has repaid you over and over again. We’re so glad that you’re loving MarieTV. That means the world to us. xo

  199. I don’t sleep in late, skip my morning pages, and wake instead to my toddler pulling my hair and jumping on my bed.
    I don’t stay up past my bedtime reading just this one more Wikipedia page…and also this one more…
    I don’t drink coffee after 12pm…starting tomorrow.
    Seriously, this has really worked on a number of other things for me, so I know it’s powerful! I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat grains, I don’t skip my workouts or supplements, I don’t use social media, and I don’t watch TV (with very rare exceptions). Once I made these decisions, the resulting behavior followed pretty naturally. These sleep/energy-related things are kind of my final frontier of habit change following a sleep-disrupted period of my life (small children), but I feel confident that I’ll be able to get them in order once I really commit to and focus on them.
    Thanks, Marie, and cheers to everyone doing the work!

  200. Nanette

    I don’t use alcohol to medicate my pain.

  201. I love MarieTV, but this is the first time an episode rubbed me the wrong way (so much so that I had to stop half way through). I have issues with sugar, so I can relate to the example given. From my view, a daily habit of ice cream and cookies is way more than a pesky habit. It’s a serious emotional avoidance pattern. It keeps the lid on being able to be fully conscious. I think it’s critical to get to the root of the cause, and not just adapt a new verbal pattern. When a distraction-related habit impulse kicks in (such as a daily sugar ritual), I suggest asking oneself “Do I want to become more conscious and illuminated, or do I want to shut down.” Or, “What am I distracting myself from and how can I deal with in in a kind and gentle way.”

    • Stacey

      Wow! Thank you for posting this!

    • Michaela Koporec

      I so agree 🙂 Very good comment. Go to the roots of a problem – which many people avoid and it is much easier to say I don’t than to deal with the real cause behind.

  202. I don’t check my social media when I work and create.

    YAY! Sounds amazing already.

  203. KD

    I don’t need everyone to like me.

  204. I don’t sleep in every damn day.

  205. Stacey

    I don’t spend money carelessly and I don’t pretend that being financially fit doesn’t matter to me.
    I have struggled for so long with toxic money habits and it has to stop. I feel guilty about my poor financial habits every day.

  206. Alan

    This works. I was a smoker for almost 20 years, when I fell in love with a wonderful woman I decided to stop. I told myself “I don’t smoke”, got rid of the ashtrays, opened the windows and never looked back (I also became an avid mountain biker for that cardio workout). Was it easy? No, but whenever I desired a cigarette, I recited my mantra and 21 years later it still works. You can do it too, for anything, and I’m with you all the way!
    Thanks Marie for shining a light.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Congratulations on 21 years of determination, Alan. May health and happiness follow you for the next 21.

  207. How do us perfectionists avoid turning this exercise into, “I don’t do anything!!!” because there are so many aspects of our lives we want to improve.

  208. Elisa

    I don’t eat sugar. Woo-hoo!
    I don’t get swallowed into social media during my work/creative time. Yahoo!
    I don’t allow my time to disappear into YouTube searches that do not serve me or my purpose. Yesss!
    I don’t eat when I am not hungry. Yes yes yesss!!

    Thank you, Marie, and Team Forleo for this empowering tip (among SO MANY!)
    You Rock!
    Much love:)

  209. I don’t engage in negative self-talk!

  210. Peri Caylor

    I don’t make a peep that sounds like a complaint–or even a bald-faced complaint! What do I do instead? Think I’ll need an arsenal of good responses to the impulse to say something negative.

  211. I don’t participate in negative self-talk.

  212. Sam

    I don’t eat something sweet after every meal.
    I don’t wish my time away, I stay focused in the present moment.
    Thanks for the mind shifting strategy, Marie!

  213. Myra

    I don’t like unhealthy foods!!

  214. I don’t let the lack of time stop me from achieving my goals!

  215. Mary

    I don’t talk about myself using negative adjectives. I CAN change my self talk!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You totally can, Mary! Virtual high five comin your way.

  216. I don’t skip a day of exercise when it’s scheduled. As it keeps me in high energy which is important for my business.

    I don’t scroll for no reason on social media. Unless it’s for my business.

  217. Karen E Smith

    I don’t say, “No one wants to hire me, because I am an undesirable dinosaur.”

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You mean, amazingly experienced and savvy, Karen? 🙂 See what I did there? xo

  218. Mahek

    I don’t Flirt with married men!

  219. looking at Instagram when avoiding doing certain things in my business. Working on new opt ins or things like that.
    I am doing ideas for new opt ins and working on instagram during my set times.

  220. Lisa Ann

    I don’t stop myself from taking the challenge head-on due to fear of risk!

  221. I don’t overspend each month and I don’t plan not to save.

  222. I freaking love love love this episode. And hence, here’s my ‘don’t’:

    I DON’T complain about money. Instead, I DO focus on rakin’ in the dough doing what I love and serving the world through my special and unique blend of talents and gifts.

    Oh. Also. I don’t miss opportunities to learn flash mob dances with my team and surprise our fearless leader on the sandy shores of Mexico.

    Love you Marie and Team Forleo!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Heck YES, you do! Or should I say, “don’t”… The world absolutely needs more of everything that makes you who you are, including your amazing dance skills. xoxo

  223. I don’t spend time on social media while I’m creating content or study or working!
    I don’t skip my morning meditation, sun salutations or green juice.
    I don’t procastinate 😀

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love this, Naty! That sounds like the perfect recipe for a positive and productive day. All the best xo

  224. Love what a difference the words we use and say to ourselves makes! The habit that came to mind for me is telling myself that I’m so overwhelmed. I start to feel overwhelmed and then lack focus, where really I have the capacity to fit it all in if organized and laser focused. So, “I don’t tell myself that I am so overwhelmed!”


  225. Sharon "Smokey" Gray

    I want to stop saying “something feels wrong…when I already know what it is, and haven’t been able to do anything about it-(that I could figure out).” I don’t want to burden myself by what I consider, bad behavior by outside forces. I just don’t understand why some people have no boundaries and no care toward themselves or others. And I “don’t” like that…and I can’t do anything about it. But I will say instead “I don’t accept this behavior toward me! And that is a good way to get into the habit of (I don’t accept that) as opposed to, I can’t do anything about it! Like what M. Manson said “Hater’s are going to hate”. Boo hoo tho’/ cause- love is so much more fun! Bless the good! always/ smokeyg

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      YES, Smokey! The only thing we truly have control over is how we react to a situation, so by practicing this simple phrase, you’re already a huge leap ahead. Keep sharing the love!

  226. April G

    I don’t over commit

  227. Jenelle Stubberfield

    I don’t let fear stand in the way of my happiness. I don’t eat junk at the end of a great day of super healthy eating. I don’t settle for anything that is not my truth.

  228. I don’t watch movies after 9pm and revise my day tapping away negative feelings instead.

  229. Eve

    Love this tip
    Waking up and not getting showered and ready on time! Ouch it has caused me loads of morning stress 2 kids don’t get out the door on time either? Will be using this tip!
    Love ❤️ your show?

  230. Lydia Maria Eichiner

    I don’t avoid to write my daily page.

  231. Sarah

    I don’t work past 8pm at the LATEST! SO I have time to wind down and have a deeply restful sleep in order to recharge and bring my best to the following day and avoid long-term burnout!

    I don’t EVER skip my morning workout.

    I don’t give myself a hard time when I’m knackered and need to take a break and recharge.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      A thousand times YES, Sarah! You’ve nailed it– rest is absolutely vital for creativity and productivity. Thanks so much for sharing.

  232. I don’t give up

  233. Allison

    I don’t hit the snooze button indefinitely every morning until I only have 20 minutes to get ready for work!

  234. Jacqueline

    I don’t eat gluten, dairy or refined sugar as they sap my energy and leave me feeling drained, tired and bloated

  235. Leslie Van Gils

    “I don’t waste time”

  236. I don’t ignore Mary emails .

  237. Jen

    I don’t eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting at 10:00pm at night!

  238. robin

    This vid, in introducing that there is an influential difference between the phrases, “i can’t” and “i don’t”, reveals just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. “I can’t”, for example, beyond sounding victim-ey, also reflects the belief that the person saying it may actually not be able to (or not believe that they are able to) do a particular thing. Not being able to do a thing is a useful deconstruction of the term “can’t” inasmuch as it moves the desired outcome one step (e.g.., one action) closer to being actionable. Example, “I can’t fly a kite” …. versus “I am unable to fly a kite” – in rephrasing the belief I can’t to I am unable, you shift action – focus from a psycho/action power to an action power, the latter of which leads to the next question of “how”, thus moving closer to a resolution.
    The phrase, “I don’t” is powerful in as much as it carries within it a number of presuppositions, which the human mind assimilates and responds to whether consciously aware of it or not. We believe that we’re “empowered” by certain phrases, when actually, our psychophysiology is simply responding to pre-conditioned beliefs that have a so-called positive response.

  239. I don’t sleep past midnight and don’t get up past noon because I love my morning rituals/routine and I love to see and experience the mornings of my life awake, vivacious, enthusiatic, feeling good, joyful, free and relaxed.

  240. I woke up today a bit blah and my work day was busy and crazy and demandingly long then on the tube home I thought I wonder if Marie sent an email even if what she says doesn’t resonate with me she will make me feel good.
    Well today’s vlog actually did resonate and I have now got my vim back so thank you Marie.
    Oh and I actually realised that I haven’t used ‘I can’t’ in a very long time. I have got very good at watching the words I use particularly in reference to ME I have been rocking a limitless vibe lately.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love it, Reena! So glad this message resonated with you at the perfect moment and to hear that you’ve already been practicing using more positive phrases. Sending you loads of good vibes!

  241. Samira

    Thank you Marie for this episode.

    I need to break so many bad habits and to make good habits but, first “I don’t overeat.” Then “I don’t skip exercise.” “I don’t skip meditation.”

  242. I don’t get distracted! My lack of focus some days is almost debilitating. I accomplish nothing which means I am not moving my business forward. So from now on, I don’t get distract….oh look a squirrel!! 😉

  243. Tim

    So how is “I won’t”? Too weak?

  244. Sanyu

    I don’t eat foods with sugar or sweeteners. I don’t binge watch shows on Netflix. Thanks Marie! That felt great & empowering!!

  245. I don’t make excuses!
    Loved this vid… you guys are hilarious – what a great start to my Wednesday x
    Thank you 🙂

  246. Ji

    I don’t watch Netflix to avoid developing my business.

  247. Meg

    I don’t online shop when I’d prefer to be studying(!!)


    I don’t allow others to stampede me or pressurize me.

  249. I don’t procrastinate anymore! Haha. . .yeah, right.

  250. I don’t eat late at night

  251. I don’t drink alchohol
    I don’t eat eggs
    I don’t keep my 24 hour membership
    I don’t skip my Sudarshan Kriya any day
    I don’t skip my meditation in the morning

  252. I almost lost my drink, this episode was that funny.
    I don’t drink coffee every day.
    I don’t check social media more than twice a day.
    I don’t eat when I am bored/not hungry.

  253. Awesome episode! Here is my bad habit:
    I don’t procrastinate …..
    I don’t check compare myself to every other person online who does what I do.

  254. Laura

    I don’t procrastinate.

  255. Erin O'Brien

    I don’t waste time on Facebook.

  256. Christine

    I don’t allow clutter to mess with my mojo.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Preach it, Christine! Such a great reminder for all areas of life. Thanks for sharing!

  257. I don’t get afraid of talking to prospects.

  258. playing games on the internet.

  259. Wrong wrong wrong Your mind does not here negative words!
    let’s say it is a bad food. like eating donuts. “Say I eat healthy foods.”

    I can’t, I don’t are loosers.
    Rephrase in POSITIVE statements.

  260. Melinda

    I love you, Marie!

  261. I don’t simply wing my day. I don’t react, but I control my time.

  262. I don’t check fb instead of doing my copy. I don’t sit on my butt all day. I do take a daily walk or exercise. I don’t eat (too much ) chocolate!

  263. yvette

    perfect. just like Louise Hay’s excellent advice. say ‘i want to’ instead of ‘i should’

  264. Romsy

    So true !! I’m using it right now to get over my ex.
    ‘I don’t want to know where he is , who he’s with and what he’s doing, I don’t want to be with him, I don’t need him anymore. ‘
    So far so good ?

  265. Deanna

    I don’t give in to fear and self doubt and will continue to move forward to launch a successful new business-yeah baby. Phew-that felt great!

  266. I don’t drink Mt. Dew Code Red.

    That said, I love you and your show and have always loved how wholesome and uplifting it is. Today’s episode got a little raunchy and it was a bit of a turn off for me. Girl, you don’t need that to stay amazing, relevant and life changing! In fact it detracts from your wonderful message for this fan. Love you! ?

  267. I need to come back and think about this one more seriously.

    But… “I don’t” think I can do it right now because I’m laughing too hard at all the team’s “I don’t” statements. 😀

    You all are so funny. *still laughing*

  268. Neha

    I don’t do overthinking before I sleep

  269. Gayle

    This sounds so ingenuous. You can not truthfully say you “Don’t do something”, unless you truly do not do it. Wanting not to do something is not the same as actually not doing it. You have to have proof you don’t. There is nothing wrong with saying “Can’t”. That confirms you can not do something because you already know if you do , their is a consequence. Example”-I am a Diabetic, and if I eat too much sugar, I will become ill.”. You can only say ‘Don’t if you truly ‘Do Not.’.

  270. Stacey De Dea

    I don’t gamble my last $20

  271. Elana Pilat

    I don t miss goodies like this video evere! Big hug you awesome team!

  272. Fariba Gh

    I don’t procrastinate. I don’t chew my nails. I don’t worry about anything , I do have hope and believe that everything will work for my good instead.

  273. rosemary biju

    i cant sleep at morning time.

  274. Michelle

    I don’t waste my present by overthinking my future.

  275. This one’s a doozy. So simple. So powerful. And I love the outtakes! Pisser!

    OK… so from now on I’m saying, “I don’t eat Corn Flakes with Milo on top before going to bed, even though I’ve loved them since I was five and I’m quite sure I can’t live without them.”

    I’m crying right now. But I’m empowered…

  276. Neelia

    I don’t do nice things for other people at the detriment to myself.

    In other words, I don’t allow people to mistake my kindness for stupidity.

  277. Nasreen

    I DON’T procrastinate!! 😉

  278. Sudheer

    “I don`t ” is the best policy.
    I have one habit of “doubting the possibility of any happening” that too in my sub-conscious mind. After this I realize this must not be thought of. I Don`t think always negetive. but this HABBIT is killing my enthusiasm. I awake when my sub-conscious mind cries. And I want to get rid of this.. Pl. tell me.
    Thank you with love.

  279. I don’t drink wine at home alone and I don’t check social media whilst I am working on my writing!!

  280. Diane

    Thank you for this wonderful episode! I discovered Marie TV recently and am so glad I did.
    As for my part, I don’t live in my past. I’ve been struggling with this since forever. I was always ruled by my past and functioning through it. Not anymore!
    I don’t live in my past. I don’t allow my past to rule my present life.
    I live and focus on my present with mindfulness and joy. AMEN!

  281. Abdul Khan

    I Don’t let my FEAR to push me back ……by not allowing me to pursue my dream

  282. Diane

    Oh and I don’t flee my happiness. I used to be so scared of being happy, scared that someone will steal my joy. I don’t flee my joy. I embrace my joy and express it freely and serenely.

  283. I don’t waste time on social media. I don’t stay up too late.
    Great tip! Thanks Marie x

  284. Sona

    I don’t nap after eating!
    I don’t stay up late!
    And many more…) Thanks, Marie!!!

  285. Margaret

    Hi Marie and team.
    It does sound more definite than “I can’t”, however as a Life Coach and Trainer I was always under I.depression t you didn’t use negatives such as ‘not and ‘don’t’ in a positive affirmation as your subconscious doesn’t understand it, so a little confused!

  286. Jeanna

    I don’t have what everyone else is having to eat just to fit in and not be difficult.

  287. Kolly

    I don’t procrastinate!

  288. RITA M

    I don’t stop laughing my A** off at the skits that Marie and her team come up with!

  289. I don’t eat because I’m upset.
    I *do* eat when I’m hungry.

  290. Loreley

    I don’t allow my fears to get the best of me and make me procrastinate. I do get to work!

  291. Emilia

    Goodness, this couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m struggling with procrastination and awful time management habits that I need to kick out of my life.
    I don’t procrastinate
    I don’t waste my time in social media
    I don’t leave important things in the air
    Thank you for this, I hope I see changes soon

  292. Bart Cummins

    I don’t not keep people in the loop.

  293. Dipti

    My habit of procrastination! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired due to this habit of procrastination! This is the root of all the problems!

  294. Caroline

    Love the video it’s so easy to do and yet so empowering! Awesome ?
    I don’t focus on the negative aspects of my project I focus on what is going really well and what I have accomplished so far. I trust the rest will unfold when the devine time is right for it to unfold ?⭐️?

  295. Georganna

    I don’t binge eat and binge watch Neflix.

  296. I LOVED this Marie – thank you!

    I don’t eat after dinner
    I don’t play on my iPad right before going to sleep (thereby keeping myself up!)
    I don’t eat foods my body hates

  297. I love I don’t get in the way of my success… Going to add that to my choice regarding food….it’s not “will power” that makes us say “no” to the things we “don’t ” eat, it’s “Won’t power”…. I won’t eat that, it’s a choice we make like – I don’t. Thanks Marie and others

  298. Kavitha Narayanaswamy

    I don’t get overwhelmed. I take things one at a time, FOCUS and finish them.

    • Debra

      Good one, Kavitha. I like the way you think.

  299. Lynn

    I don’t drink, but that would be a lie. I am so so glad that I reach that point of my life that I quit my habit of drinking. I used to drink like everyday not because I was depressed but because I was happy. Finally, at the age of 30, I don’t feel the urge that I need alcohol to start my day and my liver is still fine! Hallelujah!

  300. Let’s do this 🙂
    I admit I’m reluctant – even though I normally love post comments and participate!
    I don’t reach for cookies every time I feel hungry.
    I don’t procrastinate.
    I don’t fall asleep in the couch anymore.
    I don’t drink pop.
    I don’t need everyone to like me.
    I don’t worry about other people’s judgement of me.
    Thank you, Marie!!!

  301. Christina

    Best episode, ever (at least for me at this point). Thank you so much for sharing!
    And…I don’t let others discourage me anymore.

  302. Megan

    I don’t self-sabotage my creative projects.

    • Debra

      Excellent, Megan. Now, I don’t either!

  303. Debra

    I don’t stay comfortably, lazily in bed past 6am because my mind loves it’s quiet time and my body feels great after exercise.

  304. Ginger Curtis, PhD

    I’d like to add a part 2 to the “I don’t” tip for breaking habits. I follow-up with an “I do.” Examples: I don’t eat processed sugar because I do eat fresh fruit. I don’t procrastinate because I do meditate and write at least an hour before checking emails and social media. Breaking bad habits leaves a void and you don’t want to replace a bad habit with another bad habit (the cycle of addictions). Instead, use the power of language and the power of positive action to fill the void! <3

    • Ginger Curtis, PhD

      P.S. After a quick scroll of the comments, I see a lot of people followed up their “I don’ts” with an “I do” that’s a positive action step!

    • Michaela Koporec

      Looove 🙂

  305. Joanne Enders

    I don’t need to be distracted by TV or my iPhone to avoid creating and implementing my business plan.

  306. I don’t binge watch Netflix and Hulu for hours on end.

    TV has been bad habit I’ve had most my life. Been falling into it again lately and notice how it is an addiction of mine.

  307. LOVE THIS! Thank you.
    As of today I don’t snooze my alarm more than once.

    xo. SN

  308. Janice Hofmann

    I don’t eat foods or drink beverages that are not healthy “fuels” for my body

  309. I don’t do self pity anymore.

  310. Alexis

    I don’t make excuses for skipping my workouts. I’m grateful for my improved health and should take better care of my body! I’ve also found that “I don’t” is met with less negative responses or peer pressure than “I can’t.” For example, when I say I can’t, it is almost always met with “Of course you can! You should!” I struggle with that, and giving in, but I’m working on it!

  311. I don’t procrastinate 🙂
    Nope, never.

  312. Love this! And I’m totally posting the video on my FB page and encourage them.

    “I don’t look at Facebook after 9:30 pm.”

  313. Subrena Stanley

    I do not play Words with Friends when I am prospecting for new business or while working my fulltime job.

  314. I don’t ignore my intuition and stay in abusive relationships. I don’t blow myself off. I don’t say mean things about myself to myself when I look in the mirror. I write love notes to myself and stick them on my mirror.

  315. I don’t stay up past 10pm. That way, I can get up at 6 to go to yoga in the mornings, which grounds and aligns my whole day.

  316. Jai

    I don’t skip nights of work at my part time gig anymore, because I’m losing too much cash flow that’s needed in order to self-fund my day time business.
    I need to stop making excuses and go, for real for real, there is way too much cash and network opportunities to be “tired!”

  317. A great reminder of the power of ‘simple’ mindset shifts.
    I have a few psychology tips (& a personal example) that may help people leverage Vanessa Patrick’s habit-busting tactics even further:
    “I can’t” is from the same family of disempowering phrases as:
    *I must
    *I have to
    *I should
    *I could

    The theme is “I know I should do something, but I don’t want to and I’m not going to”.
    Back in my Lifeline counselling days this disempowering family was referred to as “coulda, woulda, shoulda’. These phrases are all death to motivation, but the granddaddy of them all is: “I have no choice”.

    Unlike “I can’t” (or must, have to, should, or could), “I don’t” implies responsibility, acknowledgement of choice, and autonomy.

    It’s no accident that ‘respect for autonomy’ is a key therapeutic ingredient in ‘motivational interviewing’ – which is a form of therapy commonly used in drug and alcohol counselling.

    Key aspects of motivational interviewing include acknowledging we are often conflicted about the pros and cons of behavior change AND that we are autonomous beings with the right and capacity to make our own choices.

    I have a personal example of the power of mindset shift from victim to chieftain. During my worst Ph.D. crisis, my thesis became a painful object of criticism and failure. It was an existential struggle to work on it even briefly.

    Fortunately at the time I was reading Neil Fiore’s “The now habit” (which I highly recommend) which discussed the ‘victim role’ that procrastinators fall into all too easily.

    The ‘V’ word was extremely uncomfortable to read – but the cure was to take responsibility.

    I realized I did have choices. I could quit my Ph.D. – after 3 years of research. Or I could finish it. I decided I did want to finish it. I took ownership of my own thesis.

    I’ll never forget the energy surge that came immediately with that simple mindset shirt. I went from feeling like a dog dragged along on its leash, to surging ahead.

    And I did finish, even receiving a large cash award for submitting a timely, quality, thesis. However, infinitely more importantly, I’m proud of my thesis and myself – for keeping on going when I thought I couldn’t.

    As well as making empowering “I don’t” statements (e.g. I DON’T eat more food after I’m full, or I DON’T procrastinate) there’s other research suggesting it’s also useful to use empowering self-talk in the direction of the habits we WANT, as opposed to being assertive about the habits we don’t want.

    The two approaches can be combined for maximum leverage. For example, I could say “I don’t procrastinate – I work effectively and efficiently”, or “I don’t overeat – I eat only the amount of food required to energize and nourish my body”.

    Combining these statements may be both empowering AND help orient your mind AWAY from the habits you want to break and towards the habits you want to make.

    It’s a practice 🙂

    • Alexis

      Thank you very much for these precisions Rebecca 🙂

      • You’re so welcome Alexis.

        I aim to pay forward the help and information I’ve received from others.

        Best wishes & 🙂 from New Zealand,

    • Jay

      Thank you Rebecca. ?

  318. I don’t eat to much food when I have a meal.

    Thank you Marie
    Love and Light
    Christine and The Animals

  319. It’s true, I went to our staff lounge the other day to celebrate moms. I knew they would have cake and I knew they would offer. I went in knowing I would say, “No thank you, I don’t eat cake.” It worked, no one tried to convince me. And I enjoyed the socializing without the pressure of breaking my resolve.

    I also skipped the fresh chocolate chip cookies wafting their scent through the air, by just thinking.. “I don’t eat cookies.”

  320. Lisa

    I don’t chew ice anymore.

  321. Kate

    I don’t procrastinate!
    I don’t stay up until 1 AM by wandering on Facebook!

    • Victoria

      am with you on these x

  322. Trina Rowell

    I don’t procrastinate either or stay up late on social media. I don’t look at social media when I should be doing something else, my own creative work. I don’t compare myself to others on social media.

  323. Karen

    I don’t eat chocolate after dinner

  324. Hi Marie,
    Thanks again for a such a good video. I have few bad habits and going to try this.


  325. Angelique

    I don’t stay up till 3 am binge-watching Netflix
    I don’t binge drink
    I don’t self-sabotage my success in business
    I don’t procrastinate
    I don’t get distracted from my goals
    And there for I am more happy, healthy and successful

  326. So I’ve trying to kick my ‘morning coffee’ habit for way tooooo long. Even though I can see the knock on effect it has on my day and diet, ie makes me want to eat more sugary stuff and just drink even more coffee through out the day, making me super de-hydrated and stressed! So….
    Ta dah!

  327. lindsey

    I dont eat processed sugar. I dont eat after 8. I dont miss a workout day

  328. Victoria

    I don’t procrastinate
    I don’t buy things I don’t need
    I don’t fear success

    • I love “I don’t fear success”!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Allison


  329. Corrinn Davis

    Brilliant. I don’t is also goes to identity which makes it HUGE. OK here goes – I don’t drink diet soda anymore!!! Thanks Marie & team!!!

  330. I don’t beat myself up mentally after I’ve made a decision based on research.
    I don’t check my email first thing in the morning.
    I don’t fear success.

    Thank you Marie!

  331. paddy faller

    I’m copying one from above which I love – “I don’t get in my way of success!”

  332. This reminds me of the reason I coach people to not use the word ‘help’. “Can I assist you?” sounds much more empowering for the other versus “helping”. If you’re in a position that coaches, trains or leads others, try using “assist” instead of “help”. Then it’s like you’re standing along side them instead of doing it for them or taking their power away. Thanks Marie for another great blog full of power and punch!! Oh, and I don’t compare myself to others!

  333. Hi Marie I understand the concept and it is definitely better then I can’t. However I feel that when I tell myself “I don’t” it is a lie and my brain can’t get over the fact that I am lying…….for example “I don’t eat chocolate”, Immediately my brain or my little voice says, that’s so untrue. I don’t see the connection……other then having to fight my little inner critic….also when your staff went through a few of the I don’ts it felt like they were also lying about it……… I would love your comments on that??? thanks Ersilia

  334. Alright, Marie!
    Today, I had an a-ha moment, discovering a habit that keeps me in a stinky rut.
    I DON’T use STRUGGLE to get myself LOVE.
    Done deal! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love this, Llyane! 🙂

  335. I don’t procrastinate!

  336. Adeline

    Sh!tty habit: Wasting my F__king time and heart on things that do not matter. (or things that waste my time in my day, and my life)

    I Don’t Waste My Time on things that waste my life away.

  337. I don’t eat sweet things standing up.
    I don’t put myself down when things don’t work out.
    I don’t give in to kids whining for things I already said no to.
    I don’t worry about the future.

  338. I don’t eat proccessed sugar every single day!! Woot!

  339. I don’t procrastinate hard project…instead I focus on completing one aspect of the project that moves it forward.

  340. Willempje

    I don’t watch TV every night, only on Saturday with my kids.

  341. Alexis

    Hi Marie, I looved this video (especially the part where the staff says I don’t, so funny 😉 ). I don’t procrastinate and delay my responsibilities and watch TV shows instead.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Alexis! Our team had a bit of extra fun with this one 😉

  342. I don’t stay awake all night working or watching series and I don’t lose all my mornings sleeping to compensate.

  343. I don’t stay up past midnight.

  344. Brenda Heins

    I don’t procrastinate my creativity. I don’t spend money on a whim. I don’t waste endless hours on my phone or watching TV. I don’t take everything personally.

  345. Charissa

    I don’t waste time/money/ resources on ____. Leaving it open since there’s a list I’ve got running in my head 😉

  346. I DON’T yell at my sweet kids!

  347. Lori

    I don’t sit and watch TV when there is nothing I want to watch.

  348. Tommi

    I don’t need a social media fix. I don’t spend my time on it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I second that one, Tommi! 🙂

  349. NK

    I don’t choose to be treated this way anymore. I don’t choose to be in this relationship anymore. I don’t need him to complete me. Me. Is all I need.

  350. Linda Katz

    I don’t compare myself to others. I am my own unique self and am enough just as I am.
    I don’t eat dairy foods which make me feel ill.
    I don’t take verbal abuse anymore. I will stop it cold or take a walk outside with my mp3, further allowing me to relieve stress and negative thoughts.

    • Oliver

      Nice, thank you for your comments.

  351. Lynn

    “I don’t do wine every night.” I make a decision to say “is this truly a reward or am I covering up something? Ahhh….that bubbly water with a splash of cranberry juice tastes so refreshing.” Way to go…I just took care of me.

  352. Zetta

    I don’t eat meat or dairy, and I don’t skip yoga.

  353. Oliver

    At present I don’t have habits that negatively impact progress on a project.

  354. Kimberly

    I don’t watch TV when I’m behind on work.

  355. Julia

    Marie Forleo and the whole Marie TV team: You are incredibly inspiring! I look forward to your weekly videos and wisdom nuggets: thank you for working hard to produce and share such valuable content with so much joy.
    My worst habit atm: I don’t procrastinate, by watching tv series or videos, on my PhD thesis and course work !

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much for your sweet note, Julia. We’re so glad to have you tuning in with us!

  356. I don’t snap or yell at my family members when I get frustrated with their mess or their requests, I stay calm and take another perspective on the situation at hand.

    In a working environment I don’t break in nervously when a conversation or a meeting is taking a wrong turn, I always find a cordial or humorous way to to get things back on track, even if the others are people I used to feel intimidated by.

    Thanks for the advice!

  357. Allison

    I don’t hit snooze. I wake earlier and make the most out of the time I have “stolen” from my sleep to work on one objective for the day that will fulfill goal for balance and happiness.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is such a great one, Allison. “I don’t hit snooze” is on my list too! 🙂

  358. Tracey

    That was too funny ??? “I don’t skip my daily hypnosis listening”

  359. Rini

    This is great timing! I was sitting around for the hundreth time wondering whatever happened to my strong resolve around healthy lifestyle habits, and could have possibly derailed me for so long (two whole years!). I had an a-ha! moment while watching this. It’s because I used to say things like “I don’t” and instead I started relaxing a lot and saying “I don’t usually but in moderation I guess it’s ok.” I think I’m an all-or-nothing girl!

    I used to say “I don’t, except on Fridays,” for soul food, or any other kind of indulgence. I’m beginning to think that was much more powerful than being stuck in the moderation loop!

  360. Andrew DiVita

    I don’t pull my eyelashes out of my eyelids.

  361. Lori Kent

    I don’t crave sugary pastries in the morning or ice cream at night. I don’t prefer to eat dessert instead of a meal.

    Supposedly, ending a sugar addiction will improve clarity of thought, decrease cancer risk, etc. and only takes about 2-3 weeks to end your sugar craving. Should be a no-brainer to just say no (or don’t) to sugar. I say ‘DON’T” to sugar NOW (and to the cookie I planned to have with lunch).

  362. I don’t distract with “busy work”. I fulfill my goals instead.

  363. Dee Draper

    I don’t internalize my mother’s fear energy.

  364. I don’t eat dairy! This is one of the hardest things that I have had to work through, it has been years, and on the odd occasion it still ends up in my mouth.
    Time for a new chapter on my relationship with dairy.

  365. My word of the year is ‘Habits’! And I’ve been learning so much about them this year already. So I’m thrilled you did an episode about this!

    I guess for myself, I’d have to say “I don’t sleep in!”

  366. I’m changing this a little bit – don’t is stronger than can’t but for me, more powerful is taking out the contraction. (Learned this training dogs and teaching children – they don’t hear the contraction. So if you say to the dog “don’t move”, they hear “move”. If you say “stay” instead, it’s just one verb that lets them clearly know what you want. Many times my procrastinating brain is functioning at that child “I must have cookies” level or the dog level: don’t procrastinate = procrastinate-procrastinate-procrastinate!
    So here I go:
    I stop procrastinating on organizing my house.
    I let go of things I no longer need or that no longer serve me (ideas, things, papers, clothes, furniture…)
    I keep my memories of my mother in my heart, not in the items I inherited when she died.
    I don’t

  367. Alicia

    I don’t distract myself with mindless activities when I need to be creating

  368. I don’t eat sugar
    I don’t put off working on my business
    I don’t skip exercise
    I don’t go to bed so late that I can’t get up early and refreshed:)

  369. For the last 60 days, I have been limiting my social media exposure. I am not going to start planning my meals, instead of eating what ever is around.

  370. Sandra

    I don’t keep myself in a controlled frenzy, pushing back the feeling of being behind as I pretend to have control over my actions.

  371. I try not to post photos of my food, my kids, or the places I visited on social media!

  372. CY

    I don’t binge watch TV shows.
    I don’t put off doing what I should do now!
    Thx Maire!

  373. Kelli

    I don’t doubt myself and my value anymore. I don’t hide from showcasing myself or my work and I don’t procrastinate or hesitate on taking action towards my goals because I am fearful of judgement and embarrassment.

  374. This episode made me laugh so much. One of the funniest I’ve watched. What a team!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Sjanie! Our team knows how to have a good time 😀

  375. Navya

    I don’t want to get distracted while studying for browsing and watching videos!

  376. Christine

    I don’t stay up past 10 pm.

  377. I don’t complain, and I don’t respond to negativity with negativity. ?

    • Arisa

      Loved this one!

  378. Hi,
    Wow! I love this.

  379. Hi,
    Wow! wonderful and fallen in love. Thanks, Anita

  380. Arisa

    My biggest fear is being viewed negatively by others or that people don’t like me. That they will think I’m stupid, slow, dumb, annoying, obnoxious, weird, arrogant, a know-it-all, fake, two-faced, narcisstic, conceited, selfish, mean, ugly, disgusting or not being worthy of their time and respect. As you guys can tell all the things I’m afraid of to be judged of are very harsh and negative characteristics. This triggers an insecurity of who I am or how I should act which in turn triggers me to feel self-concious and be self-judgemental as well as judging others. Judging myself and others makes me feel bad and anxious which furthers my feelings of “not being good enough” and thus feeling even more insecure. This bad habit (or state of mind) decreases (or almost entirely robs me of) my feelings of happiness or pride of who I am.

    But as of today,

    I don’t let my fear of being viewed negatively/judged by others define me.
    I don’t let my insecurities define me.
    I don’t let others opinions of me determine how I feel about myself.
    I don’t let others opinions define me.

    I’ve come to the realisation that I’m the one who holds the key to my own happiness and thus I will let go of the idea that other peoples approval or opinions will bring me reassurance of being good enough.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Arisa – thank you so much for sharing, and cheers to holding the key to your own happiness! 🙂

      • Lina

        Thanks for the inspiring video and simple but genius tip!
        I don’t waste time online at week-end.
        I don’t look at laptop during dinner.
        I don’t let fear and failure rule me.
        I don’t skip the gym and my language’s course.
        I don’t doubt my ability to achieve my goals.

  381. I don’t let everything and everyone take up the space and time I have to create and work towards what I really want to achieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. I don’t think that I will commit suicide and I don’t that I’m gonna die and I don’t think that I’m gonna go crazy when I’m under burdens I can’t bear. I don’t think negative thoughts and I don’t about my toxic family members and I don’t think about what they said or did.

  383. Alexis Siriani

    What an empowering distinction! I hereby publicly declare the following recommitments to myself: I don’t let my fears stop me. I don’t hide my gifts and talents. I don’t stay up past 10:30. I don’t run late for anything.

  384. I don’t watch t.v. at the end of the day instead of furthering myself through personal development reading or working on my business.

  385. Julie

    I don’t drink coffee with compulsory on-the-side chocolate after 8 pm

  386. LaRosa

    Thanks for this!!
    I don’t let small, immediatly comforting, but really just harmful and self-destroying habits, get in my way anymore!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We hear you Larosa! Thank you for sharing!

  387. Can I assume the correlative two word phrase to create a new desirable habit is “I Will”? Being an optimist, I find this more powerful than “I Don’t” What say you?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      This is such a great point and perspective Larry!

      We see the value in saying both ‘I don’t’ when confronted with a habit you want to break, and ‘I do’ with a habit you want to create. In both scenarios, you’re retraining your brain (and your surrounding community) to respect and commit to the way you truly want to live your life. And if focusing on the positive ‘I do’ holds more energy for you, then all the power to you!

  388. Caitlin

    I don’t drink coffee and I don’t compare myself to strangers on Instagram !

  389. Delia Fagundes

    I don’t self-sabotage.

  390. Mackenzie

    I don’t pull my hair out and snap it, because if I did, I would never get anything done and would eventually be bald.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Rock on Mackenzie, and let those locks flow freely!

  391. Mia

    I don’t procrastinate and I don’t compare myself with people who portray a great and happy life on life social media.

  392. Mia

    I don’t compare myself with people who portray a great and happy life on life social media and I don’t procrastinate.

  393. Erika Cedillo

    I don’t skip my home exercises.

    I don’t delay starting work in the morning.

    Thank you, Marie!! I love it!

  394. Sofie

    I don’t ask for someone elses opinion before having made up an opinion of my own.

  395. Jas

    I don’t go to bed on time and then sleep all day.

  396. Martha Arciniega

    I don’t stay up past 11pm binge watching Netflix.

  397. Sal

    I don’t waste time on things that don’t add value to my life

  398. KG

    A habit I’m breaking is giving up being interested in any mind chatter, negative or otherwise. Silence is golden!

  399. Oof. Normally I’m on board with this kind of stuff, but encouraging restricting behaviors around eating is part of the diet mentality that leads so many people to disordered eating that ultimately causes the very weight problems they are trying to avoid. Other alternatives: I don’t restrict my food intake because I’m a goddamn grown up. If I want cookies and ice cream, I’ll listen to my body and eat them with zeal.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Verhanika. Listening to your body and doing what feels best for you is the most important thing. It’s about focusing on what you hope to gain, not on what you’re giving up. Thanks for sharing!

  400. I don’t let others negativity to affect me. 🙂

  401. Lina

    Thanks for the inspiring video and simple but genius tip!
    I don’t waste time online at week-end.
    I don’t look at laptop during dinner.
    I don’t let fear and failure rule me.
    I don’t skip the gym and my language’s course.
    I don’t doubt my ability to achieve my goals.

  402. Gina

    I don’t neglect my daily yoga/meditation practice.

  403. Jillian - Team Forleo

    And your yoga/meditation practice thanks you for that!

  404. Catrina Canty

    I do not skip a day of writing. Whether I write a poem, journal entry, prayer, or just jot down some thoughts or ideas that may produce content at a later date, I will always write something. In the end, I will have created enough content to put together for my book.

  405. I don’t ignore something I’ve put in my calendar.

  406. Julie

    I don’t bite my nails. The pain it causes mentally, emotionally and physically is unreal .. not to mention its not clean and makes my hands look downright awful! I DO deserve pretty hands and nails.

  407. Never stay free. Keep doing something that keeps you moving. Even if you’re wrong don’t worry. You’ll learn from it sooner. Empty vessels make more noise. These is the only reason why I never settle even if I’ve fetched my goal. I try new things very often.

  408. Jay

    I don’t go around toxic people whever possible. I recognize the dis-ease before it comes near.

    Wow! There’s so much information that many just do not get exposed to or have normally and when I go to meetings on a daily basis in recovery you find this out. So much to learn as a human being. Language, attitude and perspective and the practice, constant practice of all these principles become the toolbelt you need to maneuver wisely and get what you want out of life .

    Till we meet, Aloha Team Forleo!


  409. I don’t shy away from mentioning my business.

  410. Ryan

    I don’t procrastinate my dreams. I don’t stay up late. I don’t sleep in. Boom!

  411. I want to stop smoking.

  412. Daphne

    I DON’T wake up and spend 2-3 hours relaxing after breakfast (reading a book or watching something) to then have to work into the night! I wake up and work FIRST, right after breakfast, so that I can then enjoy a guilt-free evening! (I work mostly from home and I’ve struggled with this bad habit for YEARS)

  413. i am trying to get rid of my bad habits, but it’s just difficult for me. Got lot of help from this article.

  414. Nice Work.

  415. LadyGayle

    I don’t eat more than one meal a day.

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