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Do you ever feel stuck, confused or unsure of how to move forward in your career? I have (many times) ??. It’s not a fun space to be in.  

The stress is toxic. The ambiguity and uncertainty get exhausting. Plus, it’s impossible to make smart decisions when you’re consumed with self-doubt. But here’s the good news.

You’ll never find the time, you have to make the time. Click To Tweet

All the wisdom you need is inside of you right now.

You might just need a little help to uncover it.

On this MarieTV Call-In Show, we’re talking with three brave souls who are wrestling with some big career decisions:

  • Jackie wonders whether she should quit her secure consulting gig to pursue her side hustle in photography.
  • Marinés is feeling lost and frustrated without meaningful work in a new country.
  • Mag worries that sharing her personal story will take away from the 41,000-person community she’s built.

If you’re struggling with a decision about your career, business or side hustle and don’t know how to get unstuck, this episode is for you.

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Can you relate to Jackie, Marinés or Mag?

Did you have a favorite question or insight that you’re taking away from today’s Call-In show?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Whether you run a business, work a day job or are in between jobs — you deserve a career that lights you up.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a headspace of “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know what I want” or “I can’t see a way forward.”

I promise you have what it takes. Everything really is figureoutable.


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  1. I enjoyed the discussion about telling your story to strengthen your business! It made me realize that my deeper journey in life actually occurred long after I’d started working as an illustrator, therefore the story I present to people is as simple as “education, business and here’s what my products do for you,” which skips over what making them has done for me!

    I guess I have some writing to do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Abrian! Your “why” is important and makes your work even more meaningful.

  2. Maria Nattestad

    I identify with Jackie. It’s hard for me to have more than one major focus at once. A job or work with clients feels more natural to prioritize than a side hustle where nobody is clamoring for your attention when they are both on-going at the same time. One solution might be to work fully for 3 months on consulting, save up money, and then spend 1-3 months on just the photography. That way they are not competing in the same time anymore, and you won’t be constantly pulled away from building a photography business by clients asking for your attention. I certainly made way more progress on building my business as soon as I could go full-time on it, even if it was only for a few months. Highly recommended if you have that flexibility! (which consultants do!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good idea too! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  3. Oh my God, I couldn´t feel more identified with Marinés question! I am about to move from London to the Philippines for my husband´s new job, and I am also afraid of feeling lost because I won´t have that working identity of a paid job anymore. So I have decided to dedicate full time to Ñustas, an entrepreneurship that I started one year ago to create a community of professional women that empower female leadership in Latin America. That makes me feel excited but brings a lot of inner critic and uncertainty as well.
    Therefore, I take lots of nuggets of wisdom from this episode to build my new routine and feel productive while being kind to myself. The importance of exercise & movement, to stay connected with my friends and new community, to make things that bring me joy! Thanks Marinés for sharing your story and Marie for all the thoughtful provoking questions. Can´t wait to know how our journeys unfold!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so exciting, Lorena! We hope your new adventure is a beautiful one and that you love your new home in the Philippines. It’s wonderful to hear you’ll be able to go full time with your business!

    • I feel you too.
      I’m currently setting up a life in France with my partner – I’m originally from the UK. I love living abroad but the language barrier is so difficult, and although I’m doing an internship (online, in English), I feel so stressed thinking of how much I’m limiting my opportunity to find a job here by a) not knowing the language b) not having French qualifications (I have an English degree that they most probably won’t recognise here). I try to be positive but I feel so stressed about it, worrying about getting older and not being able to get paid to do work I actually enjoy, not being able to afford to progress in life (having a family, buying a place, getting some savings etc) – I just feel lost, trapped and more hopeless and frustrated by the day and I hate it because I don’t feel like ME. I need to find a way to get out of my funk but everything requires SO MUCH effort …. it’s hard enough when you speak the language but when you don’t… it’s just frustrating. I normally rely on myself and my personality to get stuff done (like making good contacts & networking etc) – but when I can’t communicate effectively… I just feel stupid. Trying to be patient with myself but seriously struggling….

      • Hi Carla, I just want to offer you a friendly internet hug. While I’m not in your situation per se, I do get your frustration and feeling blocked in life and that stress about the future. I quit a nine-six job almost two years ago come March (jesus christ) that was wrecking my mental health and that I also had no interest in! I was there for four years, left at 25. I took the time off for rest and to casually set up and promote my online business. I’m not getting any paying clients and money is running out – so do I abandon this idea, go back to the traditional hell hole, or something else? I’ll be 27 next year and I just wish I was further along – not saying kids, but out of my parents house with a stable income from my business.
        I remember watching an online video of someone describing how a fly just hits and hits the window hoping to get out, but the more force it applies, the more panicked it is, it doesn’t break the window. I’m trying to be zen and trusting and doing breath work, meditation, as much as possible, and even the online reiki video to hopefully shift things energetically. I hope it all works out for you <3

      • Joe

        Hey Carla. I understand your pain. My wife and indeed myself are in a similar situation though we moved from one English speaking country to another. It is tough when you feel stuck with all kinds of barriers and limits holding you down. Just as Marie rightly advised, you need to focus on things that are working well for you, prioritize the language learning process and generally be at peace. I was transferred to this country so I have a job but I have had to put all my plans and personal projects on hold for the past two years so that my wife can take some local courses and certifications that should hopefully make it easier for her to get a job. She is relishing the new opportunities and contacts and generally more hopeful.

      • Hey there, so I’ve totally been where Marines is as an Expat. I held my previous job as my total identity and so when it was gone and I couldn’t get a job in the new country I had a huge identity crisis. What I did was make sure I had some sort of routine each day that included exercise, social meetings with friends, and getting in and amongst my new culture. I’d go out exploring or just sit in my local cafe. Totally focus on learning the language or even doing an online course in your own language and industry thats not too intense but still helps you feel like your learning, growing and feeling purposeful somehow. I tried to find things that I did back home that I could also do in my new country to help me feel connected to that inner spirit of mine no matter where in the world. I also used the no work year to think of myself as a blank canvas where I could finally get to know the true me, without the distraction and job title that I used to hold so much identity with. I wore different clothes (other than office suits in the day), and started to reflect and think “what is it that I truly wish to do with my professional life” I took and viewed this new expat life as an opportunity for me to get to know who I truly was and what am I truly passionate about doing. Then it all started from there. I did B-School and started my own life coaching business helping expat women like us to figure all this challenging and frustrating stuff out and build a life for ourselves in a foreign country that we actually love living and that is true to us. 🙂 It’s so so tough when there’s so much change all in one go but slowly and kindly loving yourself and accepting the situation and who you are right now without the pressure will help you move forward bit by bit. Sending big strong hugs.

      • Nina Nais

        I’m sure they will recognize your English degree! There is probably some kind of organization that will help you to work out the equivalency of your English degree to French qualifications (probably a paid service).

        I think your best bet right now is to enroll into an intensive French course that will force you to go out and meet people, and of course learn the language at a more rapid rate. Also, I think you need to relax a little. Life is life. So what if you speak French funny for a while? No one is grading you. Ten years from now will anyone care? Even today, does anyone else apart from you care that you are struggling with French?

        I also find it hard to deal with uncertainty, so I understand what you’re going through. The advice I’m giving is what I’d tell myself.

    • Michelle

      Lorena so wise of you to get a path for yourself going *before moving. I think I would have avoided much of the loss and confusion that I experienced if I had done the same. Onward I go though. Best to you on your new journey, it sounds like you have a great community to dive into it with. 🙂

  4. “Are there ways you can connect with that ‘being-useful feeling’ outside of a job?” is such a good question, and one I often start with.

    It’s so tricky to balance that space and ‘rest’ for our mind, with keeping our motivation and energy afloat by connecting with that inner fuel, such as “being of service” or “feeling alive.” I call this the “inner pull” or “inner fire” but whatever terms we use, I believe it’s one of our core stabilities: so in times of change like Marinés’ situation, connecting with that core value of contributing makes so much sense. igniting that inner motivation and trust that things don’t have to feel so difficult.

  5. Pierre Itoumbou

    Hey Marie, always to hear from you. Here it is what going on with me. I have done everything to succeed and all is set up. My problem is the sabotor. Remember I explained to you being victim of sabotage and identity teft. When you google my name you will find me every where because I am a fighter. I even moved onto the ubering just to keep in motion but they even hurt me in that little platform. I this moment O am working on something where I delegate someone to handle the procedure that why today I have been on the wait and not doing anything. I supposed to be a successful person by now but really you guys sees me struggling but do not know their forces out there design to keep me down.

    Again thank you for all you do love you more.

    P.S I just incorporated in the construction and I am waiting for the work to come to me. It is about a strategy to check the people I will be working with. Also I have an alternative to step up in a big way. Will that Avenue later on with you.

  6. Debi Creasman

    I heard so much if my own story in Marinés’! I moved to France to be with my future husband and it was months of stress and pressure to learn the language and find work.
    Before I landed a job, I contributed to an online degree, I met up with local CouchSurfer groups, hosted “American” dinners, and volunteered my English translation abilities to the local tourist office. It was the hardest struggle of my life but when I finally became conversant in French I could really ground myself in my new culture.
    Thank you Marie, for sharing!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful, Debi! It’s great to hear you’re on the other side of it now and feeling more at home in France. We appreciate you sharing and hope it encourages Marinés on her journey.

  7. Jan Somers

    The question on consulting and photography resonated with me completely as a Belgian coach-photographer-poet. The other questions also gave some great insights . “Re-invest in the joy of learning” for example. I would turn it into “Re-invest in the joy of learning instead of investing in (emotional) battles” .

  8. Mag’s struggle with telling her story resonates with me. It feels like she’s very uncomfortable being in the spotlight. That discomfort might be eased if she brought others into the spotlight with her. Maybe she could tell the stories of a few of her employees along with her own. Or start a monthly “spotlight” event in which a different employee’s story is shared. This could also help build the company because remote employee would learn about each other.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good point, Marisette! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  9. Thank you for being a giver Marie!

  10. Jorgelina

    Dear Forleo Team!!
    I live in Oslo, Norway, I’m from Argentina, moved to Spain, married a norwegian guy and that is how I ended up here for 14 years ago. I would love to connect with Marinés!!
    I do understand and relate with her, I’ve been there!! I’m a BIG FUN of Marie and follow her for the las 3 years, and she helped me to develop my own business. I’m on the copy cure right now, learning a lot!!! Thank you Marie and to your team, you help me to belive in my self. Now I feel I have something to give back, so please you can give my contact info to Marinés if she is interesting in contacting me, I would love to get to know her and give her my support, and I belive we have a lot to share!!
    Lots of love <3 Jorgelina

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kindness, Jorgelina! We hope Marinés stops by to read your comment and that you’re able to connect.

  11. I had to screenshot where you said if I’m not doing everything I can to get what I need to put into the world, I’m stealing it from the people who need to hear it the most. I make artwork with empowering sayings, and as much as I’m trying to build my business to make money, I also just really need people – especially kids -to see these messages for themselves if it’s something they need to hear. I’ve been donating art to schools and teachers and wondering if that’s a smart money move, but your statement reminded me that it is- because I need kids to hear these messages, and even their teachers, so as long as I can responsibly swing it financially, there is no reason I shouldn’t keep donating posters to schools and people that most need to hear my messages. Thank you so much!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jessie! Keep up the beautiful work. 🙂

    • Rhonda C

      Jessie P, I hear you! Have you considered collaboration with another artist to create and sell your art in pieces other than print/poster on line or even local markets? Just curious, it’s a dream of mine. I see we are both big fans of team Forleo! Woohoo!!!! This entire episode inspired the crap out of me….

      • I haven’t thought about that. Not that I wouldn’t be open to it, I’m just new-ish to my area as well so trying to build up my community of artists here. Or more like find my way into one ? love hearing you’re an artist too. If you wanna chat more find me on IG @jessiemakesstuff!

  12. Angela Gabriela Horne

    I am pursuing my dream of completing and publishing my book. This episode taught me about self compassion, firm boundaries and my duty as a storyteller is being in the spotlight.
    Thank you all at Team Marie Forleo.

  13. Hartley Holder

    Wow! The last caller from Poland and your response to her queries just nailed it.
    I have been busting my ass designing and creating my inventory and posting on IG and uploading inventory on my website. You just gave me a swift kick in the arse because I have been hiding behind my jewellery and not talking about my experiences as a designer and salesperson. I have not been promoting my jewellery so no one knows my story. Thanks for the jolt.

  14. Denice

    This is my favourite Live Call-in Show ever!
    From the boundary issues in Call #1 , to the overwhelming stress of multiple changes in Call #2, to the importance of telling your story as part of your marketing responsibility in Call #3, I took something important from each aspect of this show.
    Left with tears in my eyes.
    Thank you so much.

    • Rhonda C

      Yes, Denice, me too!!! I left with nuggets from all three callers!

  15. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for the video.
    The fact that I loved the most, is how you listen to things completely, you don’t judge or say this looks so foolish or so stupid or how can you think like that. I liked the fact you are open to listening and acknowledging the questions as they are. The fact that you negotiate through supporting questions to reach to a situation that you finally figure out what’s possibly going on is awesome. I appreciate your way of speaking and making a difference. I could completely relate to the fact of “change over change” happening to someone just shifted to Norway. Though I am not in the same position but the fact of change appears to be the same. Too many things, too many internal expectations. And as you right pointed out, I would like to rephrase : it’s great to take one bite at a time and figure out the taste than gulp it and feel this is not what I usually have! Thank you for beautifully explaining it in your way. The supporting fact suggested by co host that she could possibly share a bit of her culture to bring in that fun was also a great idea. Thank you for sharing the conversation. Also to mention your enthusiasm to help, inspire is seen throughout and acts like a placebo effect, it feels great and feels arrived and taken care of. Keep that going Marie and team.

  16. lydia

    I would like to connect with Mag on FB, I am also away from my Origional Place.

  17. Lisa the Writer??

    SO. TRUE. I love Marie’s advice for her last caller, that she should not shrink back from telling her story, because it is her unique story that will help draw the right eyes to the larger community she represents, to their stories.
    I’m so glad Marie did not let this wonderful Global Community Advocate slip quietly back into the shadows, thinking, as the captain of her ship, the rest of her crew would somehow achieve a better rescue at sea if she shut off her radio and dimmed the lights.
    The more we shine – when we are really shining for who we are and without ego – is bound to illuminate the ones around us in a good way, in a way that draws them into their own rightful spotlight.
    There’s enough light for all of us. That’s the beauty of it. So shine on.

  18. Haha! I am definitely a “burn the bridge behind me” type of goal getter. Not sure it’s workin’ for me, but hey! That’s me. I really got an ah-ha moment from the 2nd caller starting at minute 11. I had the same experience moving to another country in 2013 & it took me a while to own my story. It’s now burning in me to tell & I’m trying to package it online, ideally as a profit earning thing. I’m in the Copy Cure now & I personally was struggling to write copy yesterday for my landing page because I was writing the long story step by step. I honestly don’t know who my ICA is, All I know is I’m supposed to tell my story. So, not knowing who I’m talking to exactly- has me telling every angle. When asked, “do you have fear behind telling it briefly?” I answered yes- because I subconsciously feel it’s necessary to explain more in order to gain empathy. Yet this young lady said it in 2 mins and we all wanted to hug her. My next challenge is to condense it to evoke the same emotion without any fear on my end.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully expressed, Sarah! We’re so glad you’re committed to telling your story and that you have The Copy Cure to support you. Keep going––we believe in you. And of course if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help, we’re just an email away.

  19. Camille Biaggi

    Hi Marie!

    I love your show!!! Marie, I am a forty nine year old mother of three that just moved from Puerto Rico to California a year ago with my youngest son and my man after hurricane Maria. I’ve being working in a Boutique for a year as well, and brought the store from 20% down in sales to now being the number one store in sales of all four stores in Orange County including the one in Laguna Beach. My dream is to have my own store with vendors from Puerto Rico and Latin America, but of course I need sponsors to be able to achieve this dream. In my spare time I am getting ready my business plan and when I get it ready, I am going to present it to investors that can see the profitability of my unique concept and give me the money I need to make it happen. You and your show are inspiring, motivating and absolutely accurate in everything you say, I love your genuine enthusiasm and your cool silly personality that adds your unique flavor to the equation!!! I Love that you keep it real! Btw, love Greg!

    Thank you so much Marie and Team! You totally Rock!!!

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and Thakn you again!

    Camille from Puerto Rico

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Camille! We’re really sorry you had to leave your home in Puerto Rico because of the hurricane. It’s clear you’ve worked really hard to build your new life in California and we’re so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished! It’s clear you’re strong and resilient and we can’t wait to see you bring your dream of owning your own store to life. 🙂

  20. Jenn

    Just so proud of all these women and starting to feel the momentum grow and grow for me to join these ranks. The more I research and learn from others like this, the more it seems possible that one day I WILL have the freedom and choice to pursue a life where I can see my family, pursue a hobby, buy a home… more to come. 😉

  21. Nikki

    @Marines and to all expats with similar circumstances: I understand what you are going through and I have been through the same change/transitional phase. I found great help through a specialised service for expats which is called Expat Nest ( and it has a variety of free articles with ideas on adjusting to you new life.
    This is not to adverstise or promote but to genuinely help you as you can find lots of info just for people like us.
    Hope this helps,

  22. I really resonated with Mag. I recently made the leap into my dream business of creative sewing and have a hard time talking about myself and my process of upcycled fiber art. I want my work to speak for itself, but am realizing that a big part of my work IS me, and “how” I Create it. I’ve never like being center stage, but did my first “live” video a few weeks ago. Scary! But I lived through it (:

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      A live video is a big leap! We’re cheering you on and wishing you courage as you’re putting yourself and your art out there.

    • Congratulations Renee! It can be very scary to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, like going on live video, and you did it. That’s huge! That kind of bravery will take you + your dream business places.

    • Rhonda C

      Hi Renee! Does anyone else see the irony of your work concept and how you view yourself?! I love the concept of “upcycled”. Maybe I am projecting here, but this is some great inspiration to upcycle YOU! Haha….I really am projecting. I’d love to see your work….

  23. TG

    Once again, thanks for all you do, Marie and team! I can relate so much esp.with the second question….as i feel im in a rut right now and its been going on for 2 years and a half, is that too long already? All i can share with you right now is that i have made a decision about 2 years back that completely changed my way of life…..and im in my early 50’s now….sounds like mid-life crisis, and perhaps it is. Its just that i seem to be scrambling about to anchor myself into something that would somehow make me feel relevant or significant. I have been struggling with my confidence as a consequence of all this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry you’ve been feeling stuck and feeling down for the past couple of years. Marie has some wisdom on overcoming fear and self-doubt that I wanted to share in hopes you’ll find it helpful and inspiring: We sincerely hope things get better soon.

      • tesa

        thank you, Mandy.

        • tesa

          ….and i will look into that link you sent me. cheers!

    • TG, You are already relevant and significant because there is not another TG. Think about this for a moment and realize since no one else can BE YOU, you are right on schedule, right on track with YOUR PATH. Eliminate comparisons with regard to time. It is not a mid-life crisis, it is a mid-life reinvention destined to help you create your next chapter! Just simply changing that one statement will change your world because you are stating it with positivity instead of looking at this as a depleted state of being. Trust me, the Universe is listening!

      Make a pact with yourself to try one new thing. See how it resonates. Ask yourself where you find your most joy and use this energy to help you find that giddy girl that still exists in your current evolved woman. She is still bright and beautiful and still alive within you. Be patient with yourself (this is a challenge for all women who are juggling so much). You are in a self-realignment and rediscovery phase of owning who you are and that, TG is a beautiful thing! Look at your journey and challenge as something that is ‘in progress.’ Celebrate where you are because each day you keep rediscovering and having new discoveries, it won’t be the same as it was before. All you need is to change your perspective. 🙂 You can do this! I’m a life coach and hope that this minor tweak can help you move forward. Good luck and happy journey!

      • tesa

        Thank you very much for taking time to write, Stacey! Truly appreciate that and i will try to actualize your advice.

    • Hey TG! Thank you so much for watching and sharing. Huge suggestion: don’t search for significance or relevance. Trying to be important and significant in this life is a sure-fire path to misery, stress and depression. (it’s why people feel like shit after being on social media. It’s wiring your brain and body to desire significance!!)

      Instead, connect to your heart. Feel the love you have (you have A LOT) and pour that into your life. Focus on fun, service, contribution, joy — all things you can GIVE. You don’t have to find some “big” mission. Keep it simple. Start giving love to everyone and everything that is already in your world. Start small. Be consistent. The rest will unfold.

      Love, service, and contribution: That’s where the lasting juice is in life. Sending you an enormous hug! XOXO

      • tesa

        Thanks a lot, Marie! I already do that…..serving, finding and doing something that gives me joy etc….its just that the immediate environment i am in right now is not helpful at all….you mentioned in your other recent Christmas message that what is more important this blessed season is acceptance, affirmation, affection (hope i recalled that right)…..and these are the very things i am longing for…..perhaps it will be a matter of time. Apologies if I am not too specific, rest assured i am still trying to rise above these difficult moments and you and your platform is one of the more positive and influential medium that helps me, and i am sure a lot more of people to make our lives better. Gratitude is may not be enough….praying for your continued loving and joyful service and I truly appreciate that enormous hug! Cheers!

  24. These 3 discussions hit me at the perfect time. I’m facing the perfect storm… I’m at a crossroads with my original career path, and I’ve started a new business which will eventually replace my full time job. The 3 points that hit home for me were:
    1) I have a hard time making decisions, so the 4 tests will be very helpful to me
    2) I also have a problem with boundaries. I was taught by my Mom as a young girl to be a “people pleaser”, and I have a hard time saying no to people. Everyone thinks I’m super “nice” but in reality, I often feel taken advantage of and resentful and it eventually bubbles to the surface in a not “nice way”. So, I have to take steps to set up boundaries and clearly communicate them, so that I don’t get overwhelmed or taken advantage of, and I’m not enabling others to shirk responsibilities which truly should lie with them.
    3) “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” You’ve said that so many times but today I actually HEARD it in my heart. Thank YOU so much for this message. I shared this message with my team: It is your JOB as a LEADER — a mission and an opportunity — to share our story and our products with everyone we meet. When we don’t do everything possible to get our products and opportunity in front of everyone who could be served, we are STEALING the possibility of fulfilling their DREAMS that only we can give. THIS WAS AN AWESOME MESSAGE!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ann! SO happy to hear Marie’s answers to these three callers really resonated deeply with you today and arrived at the perfect moment. It sounds like you’re in a time of big growth and we’re excited for you to embrace all the positive changes that are calling to you. You’re SO not alone in having some trouble with decision-making and boundaries, and I’d also encourage you to check out this episode:

      Sending all our best wishes your way for this next chapter! Thanks for being here 🙂

  25. Wow, I definitely related to aspects of all three of these questions from Jackie, Marinés, and Mag. When I decided to finally go full-time as an entrepreneur, I had just left a 3-yr relationship and was a WRECK. I was back home, feeling really embarrassed and ashamed, and just kept thinking “I have to make money and prove I’m not a failure” =\. I’ve been very reluctant, as an author, aspiring speaker + coach to focus on building my vision and brand as I feel that’s selfish and takes away from how I can help others with my gifts + talents (providing copy + social media management). I find myself putting the focus on helping others create their content because I think if I don’t then I’m not helping anyone. =\ This helped put a lot of that into perspective though.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience here, Dronile. We’re positive that it will absolutely resonate with others and help them to feel less alone if they’re going through a tough time right now. We’re really glad to hear that what Marie shared helped to put things into perspective for you – it’s never selfish to confidently build your vision, as it’s your unique gifts and success that will help inspire and catalyze others’ growth!

  26. Mitzi Wilson

    Hello ,I enjoyed each story that was shared on this podcast. We all have struggles that’s for sure with self awareness . Feeling our self worth . I , myself am having a extreme emotional pause in my life . I’ve lost my brother recently . My father as well 2 years ago . I’ve lost my successful business 5 yrs ago ( salon and spa)that broke my heart . Got divorced , raised 3 kids alone with no help what’s so ever fianacialy ,and here I am stuck in a relationship that’s disfinctional . The people that surround me including family aren’t healthy . Mentally ,physically and emotionally. As much as I say to myself I have to just focus on myself to move forward where I want to be , I can’t seem to do so . I’ve found myself more depressed and frustrated. I live in a small town of very criticizing people . I am interested in cooking , writing , I’m still a hairdresser . I feel misplaced in many areas in my life . I’m exhausted to say the least . I’ve moved 9 times in 10 years . Yes !! I know . Over the top overload . So where do I start ? I have no idea . I’m tired of my weeks of life continuing to be the same . No improvement and everyone depending on me for their happiness.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Mitzi, we’re so very sorry to hear about all you’ve been through in recent years. That sounds incredibly overwhelming, and like you must be dealing with a lot of grief. Please know we’re sending HUGE Team Forleo hugs your way! And you WILL get through this, we promise.

      Even though things feel unbearably painful in our lives sometimes, they do always shift over time. Please remember to be exceedingly gentle, kind, and patient with yourself during this (very natural) process of healing. We know that, day by day, you can start making small positive changes that will keep adding up and helping you to feel a bit better.

      There are a few additional episodes of MarieTV that came to mind as I was reading what you shared and I have a feeling you’ll find them really helpful:

  27. Pierre Itoumbou

    Again great work Marie, I am thankful to be amount your community.
    What I am taking out of this three interview is never give up because other people need ear the story we need to share as entrepreneur. Example of Steve Job and I think of others.
    I sent you my comment earlier.
    Now what do I like to do, well I am someone who flow. This being said I’d can make someone happy and not injured or compromise with my principal, I will do what it take. About me, I like movies, restaurants musics and so forth.

    You are awesome Marie love you!

  28. Ivy Kemp

    Hello, I’ve been a follower for years…where can I find Mag’s (the last caller) community?

  29. Sarah

    There is an amazing book called “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown that would be helpful for anyone experiencing what Jackie is going through with boundaries. The book walks you through how to identify what’s most important, and then how to structure your time, energy, and work to focus on that one thing. There is even a whole chapter around how to say no without sounding rude or flaky. It has truly shaped how I live my life, and it’s given me peace about not having to do it all.

  30. Wowza, Marie – you just shook up a new reality for me. Your lecture about having the responsibility to tell your story if it will serve others was truly engaging and heartfelt. More than heartfelt – it was like, “Wake the fudge up and tell your story like it is – don’t sugar-coat it, don’t hold back in fear of being vulnerable, but liberate yourself and empower others by standing in your Truth.”
    Thanks for your energy and boldness. It’s truly inspiring.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Could not be more thrilled to hear Marie’s words were inspiring for you, Chantal – it’s the truth!

    • Thank you for watching and sharing Chantal! XO

  31. Danielle Boone

    Thanks Marie, awesome episode! You reconfirmed some things for me in moving forward with my purpose. I totally resonate with the last caller in that I feel my story shouldn’t outweigh what I’m trying to do, yet when I tell people they are floored! My partner and I are working on some content and he said, “Danielle, you know that your story is the catalyst for all of this!” Thank you for reminding me of my real power.

    • You are SO welcome Danielle! Story is one of the oldest and most powerful tools of transformation we humans have. Use it’s power for good!

  32. Dian Yu

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this episode! I have just moved to London from Manila a month ago and have been struggling and beating myself up! I was a high flyer at work back home and have identified myself with what I did so i have been feeling lost and displaced. I don’t even know what I do for fun! It’s time to use this blank slate as a way for me to discover that. I am about to get married and move in a house and I should give myself time to enjoy that!!! Please give me pointers on how i can discover who I am! Cheers to you!


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Di! Thank you so much for sharing what you’re going through right now. You’re not alone! First off, PLEASE stop beating yourself up. This is a huge cultural and life adjustment, so remember to be kind and loving with yourself as you acclimatize and start a new chapter in many areas of your life. Your intuition is right on – this is a perfect opportunity to give yourself the space to rediscover who you are on a deeper level, beyond just your work.

      I think you’ll really enjoy this episode of MarieTV about the power of incorporating more play and self-care into your days, too:

      Sending all our best wishes to you in London! So grateful to have you in our community. XOXO

  33. Safena

    Love this episode. I would like to hear more from that precious soul beside you. I’m missing the conversation btw you two. A little more of that please and thank u.

  34. Mandy

    I related to Marines situation. Not a language barrier here, but had a child, health declined in a way I’m still repairing/rebuilding 3 years later, but now in my Mr’s city instead of my own, my normal refuge spaces aren’t there and someone else needs my time constantly. To add flavor to the mix, had frozen shoulder in one, and while the other isn’t at the same extreme it’s currently in limits. Previously a massage therapist with therapeutic/healing technique focus, I struggle believing I wouldn’t be able to see as many clients per day with my shoulders, yet know I haven’t loved an occupational juice nearly as much as my MT life. So then even if I found work to feel useful, I’d want to quit it for not giving me that same connection/useful high.

  35. I loved the show. And I even want to joint last woman community of nomads… 😉 I so relate to her story, I am from Lithuania.. 😉 poland is our neighbors… would you share it ?Thanks!

  36. Hi Marie & Team, this episode really resonated with me & your advice to these beautiful ladies is just heart warming. I cannot even begin to explain the impact that you & B-School have had on my life Marie. Both myself & my business have grown so much this last year. One of the things I’m really battling with at the moment is my team. I’ve just lost my entire team during my peak season at the current height of my career. It was a massive blow & forced me to put in tremendous hours to get through everything! But you know what – I did it!! And I’m so proud of myself for it. However I need a team by my side & after what happened I’m so scared I get burned again. My past employees were all on-site full time employees. However now I want to also follow the new wave of getting remote employees or freelancers. But I’m so scared it won’t work & that I won’t manage. Do you have any advice for me on how to get a remote team / freelance team going? Thank you so much. Hugs Maia

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Maia! It means so much to know how B-School has impacted your business and life. We’re SO proud of you! It sounds like you’ve been through quite the challenging time recently in losing your team members, and we applaud you for making it through this. You’re amazing! It’s true, though – we all absolutely need a solid team behind us to help grow our business in a sustainable way.

      Check out these episodes of MarieTV for some great tips on how to hire the right people:

      Really hope this helps, and we’re wishing much continued success! Sending big Team Forleo hugs.

  37. Kris

    This was a great video, especially after coming home and feeling frustrated with work… I know I am meant to do something more but I feel stuck in even beginning to figure out what that is…

  38. Lauren Vacula

    I am at a major crossroads right now in my professional life and I truly appreciated this episode! I’m a vegan apparel eCom founder, with dreams of starting something new helping woman transition to a plant-based diet. I have some major things to figure out and I’m feeling a little bit intimidated and confused right now, even though I spend so much time telling others to follow their gut. When push comes to shove, I’m having trouble doing this myself! This was super helpful and insightful- especially the 4 tests for decision making. Thank you!

    xo, Lauren

  39. Hi Marie and MF Team,
    Really good stuff. Thank you so much!!! xoxoxoxo

  40. Myles Maclaren

    I love the intensity Marie has when answering the last question! She got real deep down and pulled the absolute best answer possible! Getting the exposure is the responsibility of the leader, love it!

  41. Michelle

    I can relate A LOT with Marines, thank you for sharing your frustrations. Marie and Greg your advice was great, but I feel that you have just scratched the surface. Seven years ago, I also moved to a new country to be with my partner in his country of origin and it is something that has challenged me in ways that I could not have imagined. Marie you are so right the layers of change upon change all at once are not what our brains are designed for. The frustration we all feel is normal. I won’t speak for Marines but for me, the biggest obstacle to overcome is realizing that the reality of moving to a new country to be with the one you love (without your own career path lined up) puts immense pressure on a relationship and each individual involved. I also had a difficult time finding meaningful work, and felt loss of my financial independence and purpose without a career path where I was being of service to my community. Layer guilt on top of that because I felt so privileged to have the opportunity to live in such a wonderful place with a supportive partner that I loved, but still struggled to be happy. This is where the need for the meaningful job became so important. Because being unhappy and lacking purpose while adjusting to SO MUCH NEWNESS puts more stress on the transitioning relationship that is almost fully teetering on one side. I may be missing the mark for Marines completely, but this is the aspect that I needed the most advice. If I could give my past self advice for the stage that Marines is currently at I would, in addition to Marie’s advice, say connect with someone that speaks my language and the native language that can hold me accountable in slowly and steadily working on building a network of people in the field that I eventually want to work in. I so look forward to hearing others’ comments on this.

    • Michelle

      And Mag, I’m so grateful to hear your story, can’t wait to check out Pangian.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! I hope Marinés is reading the comments because I bet it’ll be good for her to hear your perspective now that you’re on the other side of such a big life transition. We appreciate you!

  42. Jacqui Khoo

    I like that head knocker!


    Thank You!!!!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Such a great insight. 🙂

  43. Chrislord

    I personally took a lot of jewels from this video. However, three points Marie shared with Jackie, Marinés and Mag each, gave me a little more insight on how to deal with building my photography business from the start.

    These are (and I’m parapharasing):

    “Time is never given to you. You have to make time for your business”.

    “Enjoy the process of the skill/language you learn. Don’t pressure yourself by setting timeframes that will stress you out”.

    “If you don’t put your product/service out there for the people that need it the most, you’re not only doing yourself a disservice. You are stealing from them”.

    These are what I found really insightful. However, Marie made a point about having a friend with a business to hold you accountable is a thing to consider. How about if the few people you were close to were not business but had good job careers? Would it be a good idea for them to hold you accountable for making time and effort towards your business?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question! While they may not understand exactly what you’re going through if they’re not entrepreneurs themselves, anytime someone helps you stay accountable and encourages you to go for your dreams is a good thing. 🙂

  44. Jo

    Hey, Really it feels more frustrated when we stuck in a new place.I can relate a lot with Marines.In my country our languages are different. I’ve got job as i know English well. But here their native language is different from mine. I am good at work. But when i want to make friends and connect with others it feels difficult. They naturally use their native language for communicate, so I am doing all stuffs alone(like having lunch).They are not ready to talk or connect with me as they don’t know my language. I am doing my good to learn the language. But i don’t think i can learn it as soon as possible. I feel so lonely at work. As i am the only one in the office who has a different culture and language.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry, Jo––that sounds stressful. Would it be possible to ask around and see if other people in your office or community know your native language (or are interested in learning it!) or know English? It could be fun to bond over a shared love of language learning.

  45. Ilka Zsigmond

    Great show! To the lady who won’t share her story: stories are empowering! They are showing people what is possible, so they can strengthen their dreams and make them come true. You are helping others dream big by simply sharing YOUR story. It is not a contest of how interesting a story is. Your story will resonate for your people, who need to hear it.

  46. Benson Modie

    Thank you so much, great episode! I loved the story telling part which reminded me of my own story I like to share with school children. It’s about my struggles during early days at primary school when I couldn’t read or write….even write my own name!!! But ultimately I managed and today my strongest learning style (i.e. VARK) is read/write! So I use the story to encourage young people at schools not to worry too much or feel overwhelmed by any difficulties they may encounter, as they will do better with time, as they begin to understand better.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Benson! Thank you for sharing your inspiring wisdom.

  47. Amy

    I loved all these women and their stories. As I lay in bed this morning feeling a lack of joy about how to move forward and get traction, I felt a glimmer of hope. I’ve been in B-School for a few years now. It has really helped me and also something is still missing (maybe even a shift in my attitude) as I really struggle with some clarity in moving to the next phase of growth. Thank you Marie for your energy and caring. I’m excited to be in B-School again next year!!! Hugs!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of emotions, success, and struggle. Our team is here for email support to B-Schoolers, so feel free to write to us at alumniATmarieforleoDOTcom to let us know what you’re going through so we can support you.

  48. Ashley Caron

    (#triggerwarning) I relate to Mag’s conflict about her story overpowering her mission so much! I’m a rape survivor. I did a lot of work to process and heal from what happened to me and I’m now trying to build an NGO to serve and empower women imacted by sexual violence (by providing tools and resources in their own journey) while also trying to educate people on why it’s so important to change the way our culture treats women. But I keep getting asked to speak about my personal story. I definitely needed to hear what Marie said to Mag but I also realized I need to have some proper boundaries in place as to what I’m okay sharing about my story. Thank you so much Marie for your thoughtful answers and thank you Mag for being open and honest in your question! Big hugs from Trinidad.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for all you’re doing, Ashley. Your work is so important and it makes a big difference. <3

  49. Ula

    Dear Marie, Greg and the Team!
    I’m in tears after watching this episode! With all my heart, THANK YOU!
    All of the three calls were highly inspiring but the last one, from Mag, touched my heart deeply. I was also born in Poland, in probably same difficult times as she did, and I always wondered if there is more for me, outside the borders. At the age of 19 I left my home land to the Netherlands, worked hard, got myself educated and since then I’m wondering around. I truly feel like the citizen of the World, which is both exciting and hard, at times. I’m so glad that there is many more people like me!
    Once again, thank you! I love you all xxx

  50. Tapley

    Wow. I related to Marinés so much that Marie’s advice made me cry. Two years ago, following the death of my father, my husband and I left the life we’d built in Texas and moved back to New England.

    So much of the change of the past two years has been positive and healing. We had wanted to move back anyway, I wanted a career change, and I needed the time and space to grieve. This summer we moved out of my parents’ old house in New Hampshire and into our own house in Maine, and I love where we live now. I have an internship that is teaching me what I need to know to move into a whole new field. But I feel stuck. Internships don’t pay much, and even though my husband has a good job, the only way we can make ends meet is to take money from my mother each month – something that was agreed on when we bought our house, but we all hoped would only last a couple of months.

    Even though our situations aren’t completely parallel, everything Marinés said brought up my own feelings of inadequacy at not having a “grown-up” job, at being a woman in her 40s whose mommy has to help her pay her bills, at not feeling useful. I could feel some of the tension leave my body when Marie pointed out that our brains are not wired to take in too much change at once. Sometimes what you need most is to hear someone else acknowledge that what is going on is legitimately challenging.

    I’m going to make more of an effort to have a daily physical movement practice. I don’t have any close friends nearby yet, but I can make the effort to reach out to the ones who are far away. As Greg pointed out, I can pay attention to how many withdrawals I’m making from my soul bank, and make sure I am making deposits as well.

    I love your show so much. I love your enthusiasm, and I love the combination of inspiration and practical advice. Thank you.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Tapley, thank you so much for sharing your words with us. We are honored that you come here for some inspiration. We believe that we’re always at the exact spot that we’re meant to be in our life. Greg’s right- deposits and withdrawals are important to check in on. We’re sending you a BIG hug and are always cheering you and your dreams on.

  51. Reshanda Yates

    Drop the mic Marie. Dayum.
    She preached on that last Q.

  52. Jennifer Garcia

    Hi! Great call! I really enjoyed all 3 questions. The first, about boundaries and recognizing where you’re already supported. Second about taking off mental pressure and finding the joy again. Also, giving yourself credit for the things you do contribute and not focusing only on a job as your identity. The third call was inspiring and helped me realize that even successful people are shy about sharing their stories. More important to share than to keep it inside. Thank you!

  53. Allison

    I relate most to Marinés. My husband I just moved to another state (not another country!) with his job. So happy to be here and he is happier in his work. BUT I have not had paid income for over 3 months, and only ONE job interview from the dozens of applications I’ve submitted. I have no friends here, no matter how much I have tried to connect with people. I feel lonely, isolated, useless, and now frustrated, because I finally know WHAT I want to do with my life but have no income to support the dream … Ugh!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We see you, Allison! Take it one step at a time. The internet is a pretty amazing place to find inspiration and opportunities while also getting creative with your in person life as well. All the small steps add up to big momentum. Keep going. xo

      • Allison

        Thank you for the encouragement, Heather.

  54. Kordae Ortega

    Marie, I like how you elaborated a bit about how cultural changes are so challenging for those who move for work, or family, etc. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and cultural interactions are now second nature for many. The Intercultural field addresses the awareness around cultural differences and how to effectively communicate that is needed however the reach must be broadened. Have you done an episode regarding Intercultural Communications? I’d sure love to share what Intercultural coaches do!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Hi Kordae! We have not done an episode specifically about that- we appreciate the suggestion. You’re always welcome to email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and share details about what you do and your passion. Thanks for being here.

  55. Halina Krupa

    It was so nice to hear from Mag. I came to the US from Poland as well escaping the communist regime and eventually pursuing dreams of my own. I relate to the desire to make an impact and like Mag I have this funny relationship to telling my story–though a memoir is in the works, and it feels so self-indulgent but good!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      People need your story, Halina. Memoirs are far from self-indulgent- they’re BRAVE! Write on! xo

  56. My ears perked up and my heart fluttered when I heard you discuss with the last caller that not sharing is stealing from those who need your talent. I completely resonate with this and have said from the beginning of my journey to owning my own Ayurvedic Wellness business that I cannot keep this knowledge to myself, it must be shared! We call that Astaya in sanskrit, non-theft. Looking forward to being a part of B-school this early spring!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – Amen to this, Carol! We cannot WAIT to welcome you to B-School next year!

  57. Hi,
    Mag, I related to her story as I have a similar mission, and would like to know one thing: how is she making income from her community and story?
    Here I am, inspiring people who live abroad to feel at home no matter where in the world. I create video’s, I travel and show how I adapt to the ”new” each time.
    I created freebies, tips, cheat sheets, book ”Living Abroad Successfully”, courses about it, etc.
    However, growing is hard (I shouldn’t tell myself this though, I know) and I really wish to know how to create income.
    @Team Forleo, can I please have your advise and can you please connect me to Mag?

    Thank you so much
    Rachel Smets

  58. Sandy

    I can definitely relate to pretty much everything Marinés spoke about, as I also moved to Norway because of my now husband, and experienced exactly the same things as she mentioned when I arrived. It’s a shame that I’m no longer there anymore, otherwise I’d definitely have loved to reach out to her! It is a really hard situation to be a foreigner over there, also I think because the very long winter can be really hard if you’re not used to that as well! It took me a very long time to find my place in life again after moving there (several years actually!), but a few things I found that helped in the start were getting involved with volunteering while I was improving my language skills and waiting for my visa to be approved (this gave me a bit more purpose), joining an expats group to meet others in the same situation (as well as a few from my own country), and also making sure to get enough exercise as well as vitamin D (normally by supplements) during the winter – this helped a lot with mental health! I wish Marinés all the best and hope she’s able to find her place and settle in quickly in Norway 🙂

  59. Najwa

    Thank you sooooooo much for this video I enjoyed it a lot all calls were great , I have the three problems?? so I enjoyed your answers so much very useful for me yes I needed your wake up call . Thank you again and again , you are doing a great job. Many kisses

  60. thank you Marie, thank you Greg and team Forleo 🙂
    “Your story is one of the most powerful things that you have.” this is the best advice I have ever heard. Love 🙂

  61. Hey Marie,

    The best way to tackle fear of taking steps is to plan for the worst.For my friends and I, planning for the worst eliminates the anxiety, which most of the time is a big problem for most people.


  62. Oksana

    Oh, thank you so much, Marie, for giving those answers and thank you, dear struggling people for being brave and asking your questions!! How come this place is always so filled with wisdom and joy, inspiration and energy!
    I could relate to each participant of this show, though Mag is the most closest one, as I’ve had that same dream as well, coming from damn communist place which stayed communist even longer – Ukraine. And now, when we are striving to get away as fast as possible from that horror, its creeping hands are making war in my homeland. :(( I did join her community a couple of months ago, but not much success yet. But I’m on it. I will reach my goal!
    Sending love to you and your team, Marie!
    Greg’s presence is very helpful, I really appreciate that you’ve decided to have these calling sessions together!

  63. Crystal DiMiceli

    I really resonated with Marinés’s story as, I too, am an expat that has been dealing with the struggle of not having work after moving to a new country for my husband’s job. A few things that helped me were diving into language classes, volunteering in my field (I wasn’t paid, but the help was very needed), looking for contract work that I could do from a distance, and joining expat community groups. Also, say yes to everything. I’m shy by nature, which hindered me in our first move. After learning to say yes, my world opened up. Good luck. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Crystal! Thank you so much for sharing your story and what was helpful for you here. These are all such GREAT ideas and we’re sure they’ll be encouraging for many folks who are currently facing similar challenges! We really appreciate you being here 🙂

  64. I love the idea that you can feel needed and useful without having a job to do it for you.

  65. Ada

    I could relate a lot to Marines. I got married this year, moved to another country in a different continent and am also trying to learn to learn the new language. Also, I couldn’t work as soon as I got here coz I was still waiting for my residence card (which I just got recently). Everything was so overwhelming at one point and I just have to focus on one goal at a time, otherwise, I feel so drowned and stuck. Hearing Marie’s advice for Marines was a validation of my decision to give myself a break. As much as I want to start earning money again, I couldn’t do it at that time so I chose to focus on things that I could do. I volunteered as a social media manager for a Facebook Group (trying to learn new skills) and also focused on studying Spanish.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great work, Ada! Thank you for sharing this here. It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve been gentle with yourself in this transition process and sounds like you’re absolutely making the most of this time! Keep being your amazing self – we’re sending tons of positive wishes your way.

  66. Giuliana

    This was super timely for me. I really resonated with the second call and the insight that was most helpful for me was around separating your identity from your career/work.

    I 100% do this and it’s the #1 source for my unhappiness. While it worked for me in the past (awesome grades in school), it’s now hurting me more than helping me. I’ve come to realize that I don’t do anything for the joy of it anymore – it’s all wrapped up in this quest to figure out my dream career and it’s totally sapping my energy and making me feel exhausted.

    I guess I didn’t realize how much of myself and my self-worth was tied to this feeling of doing meaningful work and becoming a successful, productive member of society.
    On top of that pressure, the bar I set for myself is so high that my boyfriend always jokes that I compare my current state at 27 years-old to a version of me that’s like in her 40s and beat myself up for not being there yet.

    If you or Team Forleo have any more advice (or a helpful MarieTV epi) on how to separate your work/career from your self-worth/identity, I’m all ears!


  67. Bridget McManus

    Hello Marie, Team Forleo and all of the Beautiful, Like-Minded Entrepreneurs-

    I am currently STUCK , so boy, am I grateful for this episode. This is also my first time commenting here so please don’t laugh. Ok?! (or fall asleep- this is a bit long)

    I am a matchmaker for nannies and families. Yes, a nanny pimp. I love what I do! I simultaneously provide premium childcare for busy parents (work-life balance!) while providing jobs for hard working nannies. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

    In 2010 I approached a reputable nanny agency in Chicago and asked why they weren’t offering their services to the very affluent and infamous group of suburbs along Lake Michigan where EVERYONE has nannies- the North Shore. As a former nanny who also happened to grow up on the North Shore- who better than to be the North Shore liaison for the agency than myself? My position had been born.

    The owner of this reputable nanny agency had purchased the business around the same time I started. She was a new business owner. I had a new career. We were excited! And stupid. (is this sounding familiar to anyone?)

    From day one I had BIG IDEA’s on ways to grow this business. I was pumped full of confidence. Unfortunately the owner, who by now had become my friend-my mentor- did not share the same vision. We are two very different woman. These differences have been the cause of blood, sweat and tears. But also plenty of spiritual growth, laughter and love.

    In short- I ended up starting my business under the umbrella of her business. It worked because I was offering a very specific childcare service that was not in direct competition with her business. Plus- at the same time I was actively acting as the North Shore liaison for her business. The service she offers is big money. the service I offer is small money.

    Bottom line. She is making money. I am not. I am stuck.

    I was recently trying to explain my financial situation to a friend. She asked me if I had ever heard of Maria Forleo. Hahaha. For the past two weeks I listen to the B-School modules every night before bed. So far- I have not come across any modules that address my issue.

    I would like to add a service to my business that could allow me to be more financially successful. However- I don’t want to be disrespectful in any way to the friend and mentor who has taught me everything I know about this business.

    When I listen to the B-School modules I often hear this Italian gal (with really awesome long brown hair) say that “everything is figureoutable” but I am struggling to figure this one out.

    Has anyone else overcome a similar situation?

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hi Bridget, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so excited to hear that your friend recommended Marie!

      While I was reading your comment, a MarieTV episode popped to mind that I thought you might find helpful:

      It talks about positioning your product or service to sell, so whether you want to “repackage” your current offering at a higher price, or explore some options for other offerings, there are some great tips there you might find helpful.

      I hope you enjoy checking that out, and we’re honored to welcome you to our beautiful community!

  68. Liza

    Loved this episode—and I greatly relate to the first caller, Jackie. I also had “one hand on the monkey bar and the other hanging” and managed to adjust my ratio to cut my full time gig down to 50%, still bringing in financial support while having the time freed up to start my dream side hustle. But now this is where I am stuck. Also being a mom, I am catching myself now NOT being productive with that free time and instead of working on my side hustle I am just distracted by the tasks of everyday life and really just not motivating myself to get working on it! I know I am passionate about it…but now that I actually have the time to do it—I feel stuck and because it’s solely on me to motivate myself, being this way makes me feel lazy and disappointed in myself. How can I have the skills, the passion and the time to finally do it and I am just not doing it?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Liza! There’s an episode of MarieTV with some advice for getting started that I think you’ll like: What Stops You From Getting Started and How to Fix It We hope it helps! 🙂

      • liza

        Thanks for the reply! I will check that out!

  69. Loved this episode!!!

  70. Great podcast Marie. I like this great information that you have on side hustling. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I want to thank you Marie and Greg and team Forleo. You really gave some great advice on side hustling. I really loved it.

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  72. Shanti

    Oh my, God! I stumbled across this when I needed it the most….
    Thank you, Marie!

  73. I am like Marinés. I moved to Japan about six and half years ago. My major was in the language but I was far from fluent. While working full-time as an English teacher, I have been studying and past the second highest level of the Japanese proficiency test. I have been searching for jobs since July but no luck so far. I am not giving up, even though the Japanese society has labeled me as an outsider (as I am a foreigner) and there is limited mobility for us. A lot of my current coworkers tell me that I will never find a non-English teaching job as I am not Japanese. But I can’t give up, I will continue searching.

  74. hi marie,
    this article is really informative.

  75. very informative article you have on your website.

  76. really it will work?

  77. Her story is powerful! and I wanted to know more. When I traveled around Europe a few years back. One of the countries I visited, had such low currency I actually thought how hard it must be for a lot of them to travel abroad. It would take a lifetime or the whole family pooling their incomes. It made me see how very lucky I was in my own country where currency rate is not fantastic but not debilitating either. So, her story is very powerful.

  78. If you live in a safe area, it will help you avoid unnecessary risks, but so your life will become boring. And conversely, you dare to trade off to find new things, to break your limits. That’s a great thing.
    Anyway, thanks for the article. It is very good!

  79. Hello Marie!
    I am from India, one of your regular updates follower! You really doing great work, and inspiring thousands of people like me! I follow your updates regularly, watch each and every video of yours on Youtube without missing! The insights you share in this blog, on videos, really impressive, and inspirative!

    Thanks for all your hardwork!

  80. Laura Berry

    Thank you Marie and Co.
    I was so inspired by your call in show today. You left a deposit in my heart that gave me insight and power to share my story to shift atmospheres and leave an amazing imprint on our world. I need more help now to unfold the process in the proper channels and outlets that will steward the mission.
    Thank you
    Laura Berry
    [email protected]

  81. Al

    Your response to the “Norwegian” problem is completely useless and reveals zero understanding of the issue. You are talking here to – quite obviously – an intelligent, courages woman, who is trying to get a job because she a) needs the money to survive, and to feel independent b) she desires to fit it by doing a job that she is trained in b) she is a hard working person who seeks fulfilment by monetising her hard earned skills, and she is lost because she doesn’t know what to do next. She is afraid that she will run out of energy and enthusiasm. She has friends, but they don’t solve her problem, not providing her with job opportunities. Her situation: she is unemployed, and confused. She wanted you to tell her that maybe she should open her own business. All you said was infantilising her problem: “exercise, feed your friends, and learn the language while eating with them” How shallow that that? Zero imagination on your side, and compassion for the caller. Marie, you gave: a bad, shallow, useless, changing nothing advice. With that I need to acknowledge that not all your commentaries/advice is bad. Some are valuable, and make sense, but don’t overestimate yourself – not this one.

  82. Hi, Marie!
    The fact that sharing my story is so important was an eye opener for me too. And it’s strange that I knew that my job is to share my services and my unique point of view of what I want to change in the world, but I hadn’t include my story in it.
    Now I’m pondering on it LOL
    Thank you,

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Llyane, we always love seeing your growth and insights!

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