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Do you feel like your work is meaningful?

Naturally, we all want to feel like whatever we’re devoting the vast majority of our time and energy to, day after day, year after year, decade after decade…

Makes some kind of positive difference to others. That’s why I was intrigued when Renee wrote in. She’s struggling because she’s just left a meaningful career as a chaplain to start a fine art business.

Art has been something she’s dreamed about for a long time. But going from chaplaincy to a business focused on aesthetics leaves her worried that her sense of fulfillment won’t be as strong or rich.

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This concern about creative work not being ‘meaningful’ or ‘important enough’ is something I’ve heard many times. From jewelry designers, to painters, singers, actors, dancers, writers — really anyone involved in some aspect of the arts. And, I’ve heard this from people outside of the arts, too!

If you feel insignificant because you can’t see how your work really changes the world — this MarieTV is for you. Not only do we cover why art really does make a difference, but you’ll also learn 12 smart ways bring meaning to your work, no matter what you do.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.  We’ve got a three-part question today.

1. If you’re an artist or art lover — what are even more ways, besides the ones I mentioned, that art helps to change the world? Let’s create a big list!

2. Has a piece of art ever changed your life? If so — how?

3. How do you bring meaning and purpose to what you do?

Leave a comment below and let me know your answers.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

No matter what you do, you have the power to make it meaningful. You have the power to use your work to lift others up.

Thank you a million times over for joining us, sharing your voice and making this corner of the Internet one of the brightest, kindest and most fun.

With all my love,


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  1. 1. Art allows us to see ourselves when we feel outside our immediate world.
    2. The Clenched Fist by Rodin taught me that any human experience can be beautiful…even rage. Angels in America taught me that dreaming in 3 dimensions was possible.
    3. I dig deep. I tell the truth. I work to be present. I love who I’m with when I’m with them.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Lyralen! Rodin and Angels In America are definitely inspiring. 🙂

      (I heard a fun fact about Rodin awhile back… He apparently leaves an intentional thumbprint on each of his sculptures, which is how people knew sculptures were really his. At the time he was working this was unheard of because sculptures prided themselves on not leaving any traces of tools, fingerprints, etc. on their work.)

      • robsmopolitan

        That is amazing 🙂 I have been to the Rodin Museum and never noticed that! Thanks for the info! I also believe that having some kind of connection through art is incredibly valuable.

    • Melissa

      I love that – it’s an interesting way to look at it – “when we feel outside our immediate world”. I think maybe you just articulated something that I was floating around that I didn’t have words for. Love, love, love it!

  2. Being an interior decorator, I definitely believe that art brings joy. (and by the way, Marie, the chair you’re sitting on is a bee-yew-teeful piece of art, gorgeous!). I volunteered my service at a grammar school when they needed their beige walls painted (happy colors!) and I donated my service to a young woman with special needs who needed her room updated since it had not been since she was a little girl. She and I both got a lot of happiness out of working together and sharing colors and fabrics and art. It was my favorite design project ever!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Mary Beth! Our environment has a huge effect on our mood and spirit, so you’re definitely spreading joy through your work.

    • And that feeling is priceless!!

  3. Love love love this video, Marie! I offer a mentorship program through my biz that has me working one on one with passionate young people looking to make a difference. And what a difference this has made in MY feelings of worth surrounding my company and the impact it – and I! – am having in the world! The whole program and the phenomenal people I’ve been lucky enough to mentor are always an explosion of joy in my day 🙂

  4. What a great point, Marie! Art and creative work can make us feel our emotions on a very deep level. And feeling our emotions is vital for healing. So many of us can stuff down our emotions in hope they will disappear, and that can make us literally “cut off” from our essence as humans and result in dysfunction and illness.

    So having a song, a play, or any piece of art, tune us into our entire palette of emotions can be liberating.

    Thank you for sharing! As always, looking forward to the next Marie TV episode.


    • Adelina, Yes, it is in our nature to express our soul through creativity. Society is constantly trying to crush that creativity, but, it is in our nature. I suggest finding out about the story of Lita Cabellut; she is one of Spain’s most successful contemporary artists, but, is barely known in her home country. She went from living on the streets selling “stars” and less benign activities to survive, to earning six figures through her paintings.
      “Why should you think that beauty, which is the most precious thing in the world, lies like a stone on the beach for the careless passer-by to pick up idly? Beauty is something wonderful and strange that the artist fashions out of the chaos of the world in the torment of his soul. And when he has made it, it is not given to all to know. To recognize it you must repeat the adventure of the artist. It is a melody that sings to you, and to hear it again in your own heart you want knowledge and sensitiveness and imagination.” ~W. Somerset Maugham, “The Moon and Sixpence”, 1919 (Chapter XIX, spoken by the character Dirk Stroeve).

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Oh wow! Lita truly sounds like an inspiration. I hope her home country will recognize what an extraordinary talent she is. And I love that Maugham quote too. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • chas, what a great quote!

      • beautiful

  5. Josie Bray

    Thank you so much for this vid!

    Art allows us to see realities and experiences outside the ones we’ve had. I’m a theatre artist and whenever I see a really great piece of theatre I’m touched by how it’s able to allow us to transcend our experience, relate to others, and imagine new realities for ourselves. There’s also some research to show that live theatre helps people be more empathetic.

    The most recent piece of theatre that moved me was the musical “Next to Normal,” all about a woman’s relationship with her deceased Dad. I cried openly, and so did the stranger next to me. When the show got out, I walked down 8th avenue in Manhattan pledging to make the most of the time I have with my parents.

    I try to bring meaning to what I do by acknowledging that the pieces of theatre that I work on could affect others in ways that I can’t even recognize. If I bring a sense of authenticity to my work, I trust that audiences will leave being touched in some way. I also try to bring meaning to what I do by being honest, by reaching out and helping my theatre students when they need it, and by being a thoughtful, supportive wife, mom, and business partner.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for the beautiful work you’re doing in the world, Josie. Theatre is absolutely inspiring! It’s so wonderful that Next to Normal spoke to you and inspired you to spend more time with your parents. I know they’re thankful too! 🙂

  6. Wow, I am a write, but right now, I am feeling very grateful for another genre of the art world that deserves kudos for improving life. Growing up in the golden age of movies has changed my life. When I am down, I start to sing from any one of the musical and upbeat movies like: The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Music Man, South Pacific, and so on…with those songs and happy endings, I find my happy centered place again…so thanks, Movies! For being so creative!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How fun! I so relate to singing songs from musicals because I do that too. And ever since I heard the Hamilton soundtrack I’ve been running around my house, making grand theatrical gestures while singing off key. It’s quite a good pick-me-up. 🙂

  7. Dave

    A word of caution, if I may… While it is healthful and helpful to realize that our creative work does bless the world, when I focus too much on that aspect, then any rejection of my creation (whatever that may be) becomes overwhelming. The critic isn’t just rejecting my words/music/painting/whatever; they are rejecting all that is good and right and blessed! No no no… No one medicine is right for every ill. No one song will speak to every heart. Your work is a blessing even when some don’t receive it as such.

    • Emmanuel Belliveau

      Thanks for sharing Dave. When we give gifts to other by means of our work you bring up a great point about expectations. Although we cannot control the reaction to our work, it is important for our work to be accepted if we expect to pay our bills. I think what’s important is that we do our best and be flexible for what ever may come as result of it. If you only respond to what is positively said about your work, then what is negatively said will impact you as well. Neither should affect your reasons for your effort, however the end product does have to sell. Let’s face it, no one likes to be judged. Artist (I’m one) can get so personally involved in there work that they reject any feedback, while its important to stay true to yourself, there must be a balance. When your work is rejected, instead trying to be a teacher, be a student and see what you can learn from it.

      At the end of the day, anything and everything we do is an influence to others directly or indirectly.

    • Everybody needs beauty but everybody is different : so we need a LOT of artists, to find those who make us happy (or sad, by the way, or any kind of other emotion that is real and vital to express). No one medicine is right for every ill, but every artist is a doctor for somebody.
      I’m not an artist at all, so I say : Please, go on with your art, somebody (may be me) need it !
      Sorry for my bad English…

  8. Art really has changed my life. I make a career out of it now!

    I can’t say one art piece has changed my life but I can say visiting the Centre Georges Pompidou gallery in Paris probably made a huge impact on my life. I remember seeing a large canvas by Miro and just being blown away. I’m not even sure why? It was really strange. Everything at the Pompidou made me so excited. So when I got home (back to Australia) I created artworks in about a few hours and I still sell that artwork 3 years later! And guess what? I had no experience in fine arts/ abstract design whatsoever prior to that- lol! And since then I’ve had huge companies (such as IKEA) contact me. It’s really insane!

    I’m not exactly sure how I bring meaning and purpose to my work. I just try to be as authentic as I can be in my everyday life and I think that reflects in all aspects of my life including my work.

    • Thanks for sharing your art inspiration, Simone, and congrats to making a living with art. Seeing Miro’s works at Museum of Joan Miro in Barcelona also rekindled my passion in art years ago. Years later, I started my art business as a dealer.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Simone! Keep up the beautiful work. 🙂

    • Sarah Thompson

      Your comment inspired me to click on your name which took me to your site. I am so inspired by you 🙂 I love your story, and imagine that people who visit your site may also like to hear more from your experience. <3

  9. Oh, Marie! I love your passion about everything you say and especially about helping people to realize how valuable they and their work is.
    As for the questions, I do search engine marketing full time for industrial parts company, and I feel like the money that I am making are supporting my family and certain church ministries that I find very important. For my part time wedding photography work, I use it as creative outlet for myself and I think that wedding day moments are going to be a treasure for my clients! Not only they will always have a reminder of how much they love each other by looking at the photos, but also they will have a reminder of their vows to each other. And a bonus, their grandchildren will get a get a glimpse of their grandma and grandpa being beautiful, in love and in their happy moment with all the unique components of their families and stories. I simply love that!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! That’s so beautiful, Yana. Art is valuable aesthetically, but it’s also valuable for the memories and stories it contains. It’s wonderful that you’re helping people capture one of the most memorable days of their lives and all the memories and stories of that day through your art.

  10. Mustafa

    Hi marie ,
    Thanks for this video . I enjoy watching your videos .
    Although I find art is essential in this insane world for financial reason it’s difficult path for those whom wish to make lots of artwork! I do paintings but can’t sell them. Irony is people likes them but not to purchase ?!! Interesting!
    Best, Mustafa

    • You’re right about selling art, Mustafa. Many people enjoy and like seeing art but not necessary buying them. If they do buy, they tend to buy what is more recognizable and popular. However, many of us have to do whatever it takes to stay in art, even if it is not full-time and we’ll love every minute of it while being in art.

  11. Loved this episode!
    1) Art forces us to look at our world and reinterpret it. To find the truth and beauty present.
    2) Beeethoven’s symphonies, particularly the 2nd movements ALWAYS move me so deeply. I don’t know how, but they do. And I also feel hopeful, inspired and at peace with life. (Pretty life-changing, if you ask me!)
    3) I try to bring meaning and purpose to what I do by meaning as truthful as I can and to express things as only I can express them-this is art-individuality + truth

    love your work, Marie. Thank you!!

  12. Donna Dozier

    As a Hairdresser i make people feel and look good everyday. I give back to the community with donations of a free haircut /color . What my real fullfilling moment is a 2 hour class to ladies going thru Chemotherphy and/or Radition. The Look Good Feel Better program is one of the most rewarding things i have ever done. It is all giving, i get nothing in return but the great feeling in my heart at the end of the class.

    • As a recipient of Look Good Feel Better many years ago I thank you for sharing your gifts and your time.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Donna! I have to say, nothing boosts my confidence and puts a spring in my step quite like a trip to the hairdresser. You really are helping people feel better on multiple levels.

    • Wow Donna this is really amazing! I am impressed 🙂

  13. Art helps us connect to other people. When we experience art together it inspires conversation (like you said) and helps form or deepen bonds. I still remember the concert my partner and I went to early in our relationship where I felt a deep sense of connection to him, and the time we went to the art gallery and couldn’t stop talking about what we saw.

    It can also help marginalized and disenfranchised people find a voice. There’s a beautiful story of art changing lives in our city: one man raised money to set up a bunch of old pianos in different locations around the city so that anyone could sit down and play. Soon, a Youtube video of a homeless man playing the piano went viral and before long the attention helped the man find a home (with a piano). You can listen to the incredible music he played here:

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Stephanie! Art connects us not only to the people we love, but also people that we might not immediately think to connect with. Art is the common language of humanity. 🙂

    • Jenny

      Wow! Thank you for sharing that link. That beautiful piece of music reminded me that there is so much beauty beneath the surface of every person that we don’t know about. A perfect example of how art matters!

    • Thank you so much for that link and your perspective, Stephanie. Art is a constant reminder that we’re all just people…that need love.

  14. Thank you, Marie! I’m a painter, and I sometimes struggle with this quesion.

    The artwork that changed my life is Jay Defeo’s “The Jewel.” It’s a magnificient piece that hangs at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and took Defeo something like ten years to complete. You have to see it in person — pictures don’t do it justice because of its size and depth of texture, but here’s a link so you can get a feeling for it:

    I first saw it when I was young, and I was awestruck by the rich colors, simple design, very ancient feeling and the way it dominated the room. The feeling I had was “I want to do that!” I want to create art that moves people like that.

    I bring meaning and purpose to what I do through my intentions and my interactions. I make it a point to focus on positivity in my art, and I strive to always be kind, compassionate, authentic and generous.

  15. OF course, art changes my world. I would never have such joy in my life without great music. I am in a much happier mood when surrounded by colors that I enjoy and beautiful things like my little gratitude notebook that is covered in glitter and chevron stripes. My desk lamp makes me feel regal like a multi million dollar CEO and reminds me that my personal business is just as important as a large corporate one. Art is life changing and I would be depressed in life without it. My joy and inspiration makes me a better wife, mother, friend, and woman.

  16. 1. Art makes the world so much meaningful than it is. Art has no boundaries because imagination is limitless. That help me feel liberated from this physical realm of material world.
    2. I don’t know if it was just one piece, but every time I see paintings from Michelangelo or Rembrandt my heart stops a bit. There is so many beautiful art that changes and makes my life nicer daily. There are plenty of creative people out which is really great.
    3. As usual right on time. I am doing a transition to focus solely on my art career. As Renee I also don’t feel my work is meaningful enough so then I just don’t make it as much as I could. I just find myself procrastinating and thinking “who is going to benefit, what is the use?” Same old, I know! This intensifies if I want to make something which is completely “useless” for example I want to play and draw/paint men’s body in an attractive way but I feel that is completely not serving anyone. Yeah, nut case 🙂
    Perhaps what we (artists) need is a bunch of genuine cheerleaders who clap for us and makes us going.
    Thanks for the episode by the way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Count our team among your cheerleaders with this episode and Marie’s past episodes on art! It really does change lives and we have mad respect for the people making the world a better place. 🙂

  17. Awesome episode Marie! I love me a good list 😉

    1. Art lets us see things in ways we never imagined and gives us a new perspective on life or a particular issue.

    2. As cliche as this might sound… The Mona Lisa. Seeing how powerful a piece of art can be really changed me – I loved seeing the expressions on people’s faces as they viewed it in person for the first time. I loved seeing the wonder, the admiration and the inspiration. The response this piece created was amazing to watch.

    3. I bring meaning and purpose to what I do by always speaking my mind, and bringing as much honesty and integrity as I can into my work. By always being empathetic and always remembering to keep things in perspective.

    Thanks again for this episode! And I love the new set 🙂 That chair looks super comfy!

  18. Safena

    Art reminds me that there is a divine creative force moving us forward. When I think of Mozart, Prince and JK Rowlings, (to name a few) I know this is directly channelled divine work. It also reminds me that pleasure and play is important or God would not go to great lengths to provide it. Marie and team you all have a Godgiven talent and that is why I’m here watching and listening. I always feel inspired and supported. Thank you!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So, so true, Safena. I saw a movie on JK Rowling’s life on the Lifetime network a few years back that literally moved me to tears. It was very much about the divine inspiration you’re talking about. 🙂

  19. for me art is just vital, without art: music, dance, painting, ceramic or whatever humanity will have collapse long time ago
    1h in a museum, exhibition release my stress
    open up new door

    In my coaching, guidance, writing, I do my best to bring light to my audience, one person at a time, that’s part of my life mission.
    For one people that live better, feel joy, make the change, give birth to their dreams, I have made my part.
    And I donate to project that matter for me and lift up other people life
    I’m the hummingbird in every way and every time I can

    And I know that I have project that will make bigger impact, time is on my side

    • Totally agree about the importance of art. A culture without art would be hideous and I think impossible.

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  20. I think one of the biggest ways that art changes the world is that it speaks to the voice that we all have inside of us. Art speaks, not necessarily verbally, but in a way that convinces those who are listening to create & share the art they have to give to the world. It’s a consistent and caring never-ending circle of inspiration that keeps creativity and expression alive.

    2 years ago I was enjoying time with my wife on the beach in Bahamas and we decided to take walk through the downtown market. And spray-painted on white plywood sheets that stood around 20 feet tall were rich colors of blue that portrayed 6 different faces. The faces weren’t famous. Some were troubled, some over-joyed and others just shared an expression of hope-filled eyes. It moved me because these pieces would never be shown in an exhibit. Never sold for a profit. Never given an applause by a large audience. The artist who did this, did it because it was IN him. For no other reason. I’m totally for making a profit, and I’m also convinced that if we don’t have something deeper inside of us other than making a profit then we’ll never be fully satisfied of what we can give to the world, because it’ll be jaded by what we get in return. This art piece gave me the notion that I can give without ever needing to get back, simply because it’s in me and I can’t help but let it out.

    I bring meaning and purpose to what I do everyday by chasing the work that I can’t help but not do. The work that means something to me because it’s in me, and I refuse to let it die with just me. I believe that every mark inspires another and I’m focused on the next 20 years of my life, not the next 2 minutes so that I don’t feel the pressure to perform and rush what I want to bring to the world. I’d rather allow it to mature, grow and to continue taking small actions of progress instead of rushing around to make it perfect.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s absolutely beautiful, Bryce! I love the story of the painted faces and what you said: “I bring meaning and purpose to what I do everyday by chasing the work that I can’t help but not do.” That really hits the nail on the head! Thank you for the fantastic work you’re doing.


    This is a great video on how art can inspire people of all walks of life. I have been inspired by art in what it represents and how at times it coincides with what is happening in my life. I make art in the photos I take when I travel and just site seeing. It brings me great pleasure to share my pictures and show what is out there in the world to those who aren’t fortunate to do so on their own. When I look at my pictures it brings me great joy and brings me back to where the picture was taken, so in essence I have captured a moment in time forever. May everyone enjoy the art they create.

  22. Y.l

    I love your art &hart

  23. Originally, when I started my business, it felt like it was a pretty selfish endeavor- because my business goal was freedom in time, travel, and lifestyle. However, now that I’ve reached my business goals, it has also provided me with the time, space, and means to give back to others in ways that go far beyond what anyone would hire me to do.

    Yes, I can create art and imagery for my clients- to better their business, their portfolio of work, and ultimately their life. However, those clients are also helping me give back to the world in my down time by giving me the flexibility to donate my time and talent to people and organizations that also need my help but would never be able to afford it. Sometimes we can earn a living with our art in order to give back in other areas of our life as well.

    • Dr. Cheryl Fraser

      Love this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Preach, Anne! This is such a beautiful example of how following your heart and doing what you love makes a difference in peoples’ lives. It’s so great to hear that you’re living your dream and inspiring others along the way!

  24. Hi Marie and wise watchers – a comment, more than answering the questions –
    Yes Yes, make a difference, not just with your art/career/job/livelihood – but in your volunteer life. “Your work is as meaningful as you make it”. Let’s also say – “your LIFE is as meaningful as you make it”. I was an artist – actor and improvisor – and then I went into psychology, sex and marriage therapy, and writing. Does career 2 mean more than career 1? Nope.

    Whichever career I chose, I would have wanted to serve people. As an artist and actor, I’d have couselled children with autism on the side, or taught art therapy at a home for the aged on Sundays. So Chaplain or Visual Artist, we can give give give of our most valuable resources – Time and Attention.

    I say, if you are questioning if your work life has enough “life impacting meaning” – Devil’s advocate here? – Perhaps it does not. Sooo – take a couple of hours a week and give back in other ways.

    And change the world, one spare hour at a time.
    ox – C

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! The difference you make doesn’t necessarily have to come from your business. (Though it’s pretty awesome when it does!) There are lots of ways to give back. 🙂

  25. When Churchill was asked to cut arts funding to help the war effort, he refused, saying
    “Then what are we fighting for?”

    • Thanks for sharing, Paul. Beautiful quote!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, that quote is so perfect! Churchill got that right. 🙂

    • Jenny

      I needed to hear that… brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  26. Marie,
    Thank you so much for this video. It was very timely for me because I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my day to day job. This feeling began this morning as I drove to work after being on vacation for a week. Your video made me realize my other job is the fulfilling one. I realized as a writer that I make people smile, laugh, or remove them from their daily stress. That’s empowering to both the reader and the writer. My favorite writer, Julie Garwood, did that for me. She made me laugh and want to re-read her stories over and over. Laughter creates more joy in the readers life and relieves stress. This spreads out to others. It brings an inner peace to the reader and that ultimately helps the world. My day to day job gives me the income so I can write and create more joy in the world. I needed to know that this job can be fulfilling especially when I change the way I view it.
    I thank you again for helping me see this in another way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this video came at just the right time, Lisa! We’ll be cheering you on with your writing.

  27. Nayana Dias

    That was a really good video…. I love both music and Art and to do a regular job involving either would be great..but unfortunately I have to earn my living doing something else..I have devoted my off days to learning music and want to make a life-changing piece of music. Would like to learn graphics as well (I already can do some basic things)….

    “To be happy, you must do what you love…not what other people love”

  28. Sonia

    I can’t even describe how much I’ve struggled with this same question – and between “does what I’m doing make a difference in the world” and “should I stay at my current job because it pays the bills, rather than risk doing something I love” questions, I haven’t made the leap yet. Thank you for expressing that art IS important to the world around us, and the people in it. So many people in my life don’t “get” my “hobby,” nor are particularly encouraging about art being a proper or lucrative profession. This video is part of my (ever-evolving) realization that when you do what you LOVE, *nothing* (even the naysayers – both around me and in my head) matter. We’ll get there.

  29. 1) Art is super important to me and in my life style. Everything I do is based on having concept and meaning full message through visual art. When it’s cloudy out side, I will put on colorful clothes to be the contrastEd from the environment and usually cheers people up. I like to use good pictures that I took to share with words from my heart. It’s a hard balance for me being in a healthcare provider and have a heart that loves art. I try to mix it up and make health simple and fun for people.

    Art carries meaning and sometimes it can be a meditational and creates that atmosphere to a place.

    3) How I do I bring meaningful to my life? It means a lot to me when I can be in my element and be able to help people. To be able to really connect to someone’s heart and speak from the heart. I feel frustrated when I can’t get through some of those hard blocked hearts, and I can’t connect. I hope to help as much people as possible in my life through my gift, and hope the world will spin with more love and true health.

    Maya Kathleen ❤︎

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you really have a passion for both healthcare and art! Have you thought about finding ways to blend the two? I’ve heard of art therapy or artists teaching workshops in nursing homes. It may be worth exploring things that would allow you to do both. 🙂

  30. Hi Marie,
    You Rock:) Hope this inspires you to follow your heART.
    This is my story on how my self portrait changed my life.
    There was a time when I was feeling drained, depleted, small, powerless, isolated, and unhappy with myself.
    I took a self-portrait while in that state.
    When I looked at my own photograph, I couldn’t believe it was me! The person I came face to face with in the picture was a very strong, powerful, capable, brave, successful, beautiful woman.
    That single photograph changed the way I see myself, and led me to my journey of self-realization. It helped raise my level of consciousness and connected me to my vision of my ideal-self and my soul, which in turn inspired me to take action to become that person and live my authentic life.

    That experience, refueled my passion to found Phototherapy® which is a photo session based on the law of attraction and self love principles. I create personalized images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

    The photographs have an emotional appeal that empowers the individual to clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal to successfully achieving and becoming the person we’ve created in the photographs.

    Now, I get to share my experience with you, to inspire you to create the big picture vision for your life and to remind you that you have the power to create the life that you desire. Snap to it;)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Pazit! I’m so glad you founded Phototherapy and that you’re sharing your wisdom by helping others.

  31. The way art changes my world:

    I’m a designer – floral and space styling. The art that moves me again and again is music. Every time I listen to music that tugs at my heart string and produces ugly cries, I create some of my best, best work.

    I dug deeper about why the ugly-cry-face-inducing-music inspires and helps me create my better work. When I cry, it’s my body and soul healing. It’s my soul rebuilding itself. It’s my process of removing emotional barriers that get in the way of my mind. Whenever I have the most access to my mind, I solve bigger problems. I get to live a little more connected to myself. I get to be in touch with my human self (as opposed to the auto-pilot self).

    So after the cry, I have less of the barriers, more of my mind that produces better designs. I love this process!!

    • Jenny

      I love that kind of music too. Thanks for expressing how it helps open us up to ourselves. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s so true!

  32. Marie, I must say it… You and your team are fantastic!!
    Those 6 aspect in how art influences life are amazing. I’ve been struggling with how to give my new jewelry project a good perspective and how I could define my ideal customers and those 6 lines helped me A LOT!!!!
    Thank you,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! That’s so exciting, Luis! So glad this episode was helpful. 🙂

  33. Love, love, love this video chat! I am working on transitioning into becoming a full time glass mosaic artist (so thank you Marie for encouraging us to pursue or dreams and never give up)! I too have often wondered how doing my art can give back to the world. Well, this past week I received my answer. I was contacted by a company that makes burial urns and was asked if I would be interested in doing a custom urn. When I received this news, I broke down and cried in gratitude because I knew that the angels had given me the answer I had been searching for. Art does matter. The world needs us and we CAN make a difference!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Kathy! I know your custom urn will mean so much to the family commissioning it. What a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Keep up the beautiful work. <3

  34. Taleen

    I LOVE this! As someone who has always loved art, I totally understand this lady’s question. Unfortunately these days people don’t realize the value in art. I’ve been volunteering for my local public art committee and I see how little people understand its value, so back in the fall I made a speech about why it’s so important for the community. I’d like to share it here since it’s relevant to today’s show and Marie’s question.

    How public art can save the world!

    I hope this inspires whoever is watching and reading these comments to keep pursuing the arts and to know they are making a difference in the world! Much love <3

    • Amber

      Fantastic presentation. Thanks for posting!

    • Jenny

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring video! I will be re-watching this and sharing it with my other artist friends.

    • Taleen, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the link. This is what exactly I was looking for!!!
      It really reinforces my path into the public art field, but also it inspires me to keep going!

  35. This is a question I struggle with regularly, even though you hit the nail on the head with one of the very last points you made about the importance of pursuing what fulfills you – it inspires others to do the same, and that truly changes the world. It’s exactly one of my favorite quotes I live by: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” I love that you addressed this today with so many wonderful points about art!! As a baker who creates edible art, I’m always trying to find ways to infuse more purpose into my passion that feels more “selfless,” and sometimes it strips me of the joy I can fully experience because there’s this tinge of guilt that lingers around. You reinforced a big message the Universe has been trying to instill in me a lot lately – enjoy the ride, don’t forget to just be present and joyful in all you do!

    2. I’m not sure if a single piece of art has changed my life, but the one piece I saw in life that left an unforgettable impression on me was seeing the original painting of Van Gogh’s self portrait. It was AMAZING seeing how many colors he used, and the textures on the canvas; where it didn’t seem to make sense to put in purples and oranges, it just worked so, so beautifully and magically. It just moved and inspired me in such a way to never forget the power of thinking unconventionally and how diversity can bring about such vibrancy to life.

    3. One way I have infused purpose into my business of custom cookies and cupcakes is the partnership I made with a local nonprofit that organizes birthday and shower celebrations for children experiencing homelessness and families-in-need. I made it a point to partner with them at the onset of my business when I was still deep in the red (still not really in the green yet lol), but I wanted to make sure I was still giving back somehow with my pastries. I donate treats every month for their celebrations, and I love working with an organization that focuses on serving the intrinsic emotional needs of these children and families who deserve to be reminded that they are special and were born into this world to be loved and for amazingness.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so spot on, Jasmine! The world really does need more people who come alive and give their unique gifts to the world. It’s so kind of you to donate pastries to children and families experiencing homelessness. Everyone deserves to have a great birthday and it’s so awesome that you’re helping them feel special. 🙂

  36. jerry l capps

    Love you Marie will order copy cure in August your program is incredible what is my goal to alter realities Amish shah and his wife snagged me so am still here jerry

  37. Art of all sorts can be very therapeutic for people. Do what you love. People will see your joy and it will rub off.

  38. You had me at Chaka Khan. 😉
    Awesome Q&A today, Marie!
    One of the ways I’ve used my art (animal portraits) to help others over the years is to donate paintings to animal welfare orgs, like the Humane Society & Farm Sanctuary, for art auctions & fundraisers. Selfishly it feels good to know that I can do something with my time/vocation to help pay a bit of the “kibble bill” for rescue animals!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      There’s nothing wrong for feeling good about doing good. Thanks for helping out with the kibble bill! I know the animals and all those who love them are super thankful for your generosity. 🙂

  39. facebookpony

    OMG! Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. How many people still party to songs from this album at parties, weddings, bbq’s? WORLD CHANGING!

  40. * Art brings the lives of people from other cultures into our homes and helps bring the world closer together!
    * An artist in St. John’s newfoundland paints people’s bodies. This exceptional talent blended landscapes and creatures with humans, and it profoundly affected my understanding of the connection we have to the planet.
    * I bring meaning and purpose to my work by providing a great service and cheer to every email, service and contact that I have in my business. My purpose is to spread positivity and good feelings. 🙂

  41. Awesome episode, Marie!
    I love, love music AND dancing; and here’s how dancing changes the world! As an NLP coach, I know that the first thing one can change when they want to feel differently, is their physiology, or the position of their body. Even by straightening up / stretching a bit, one can feel more in control / better / stronger. Dancing however takes this to a whole different level – when someone dances and tunes in to the music, they don’t only change their physiology, they engage in this amazingly beautiful and elegant workout that produces a massive change inside and outside, and leaves them uplifted, happy and smiling.

  42. Valeria

    This is great. Thank you Marie. I have a degree in finance, and I teach ballet to girls, and sometimes i feel upset but i really think and believe tha art is so meaningful and valuable in changing people’s lives.
    1. Art makes better world because it keeps you healthy, you feel inspired and also have a great imagination, and you can make people feel what you are feeling. Art create stories, either it is a dance, a paint or a song.

    2. Yes, when i saw the Nutcracker i was in love with ballet, i really wanted to be Sara. Listening to vivaldi and learning to play Song of joy in piano was awesome, I felt so happy, like out of this world.

    3. At work, being kind and patient with the people that comes to the office, and listening to my boss (though is my father), by taking care about what patients need, being honest. And at ballet lessons, understanding that everything a girl does in class is important, learning is a process, and making it enjoyable.

  43. Cathy

    I do bookkeeping for small businesses!!! YAWN right??!! Yes people are happy I do what I do around tax time but I’m not sure this is my dream! I know it isn’t what I love! Problem is I don’t know my dream I want to touch people’s lives in a good way not upsetting them saying “Oh you owe a zillion dollars this month for taxes!!” How do I find my dream?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good question! Marie is fond of saying, “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have” and she made an episode about how to find your special gift: I think you’ll find it really helpful.

    • Trisha

      Definitely not Yawn!!! My accountant / bookkeeper changed my life. I had been to a number before I met this one and they all managed to subtly make me feel that I wasn’t achieving very much, that I would never understand the numbers and would never make anything of the business. I don’t think they intended to make me feel that – they were just seeing me as a micro-business who wasn’t doing very well. Then when I transferred to my (ten years and much more money later) current accountant she promised to help me understand the figures so I could grow the business. She helped me to get over my fear of the numbers and to work with her rather than just passively giving her the books and then discovering the result. I wouldn’t have the vision for the business and the courage to keep aiming higher each year if it wasn’t for her.

      • Cathy

        Trisha – Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to hear that bookkeepers really are needed to help grow our clients’ businesses. My motto has been “if my clients succeed, I succeed.” That’s why I also recommend my clients, share their posts, and applaud my clients’ successes on social media. I’m not sure that I’m good at helping my clients see the big picture with their financials though. Some are interested in the numbers (the successful ones or when there is a problem with the IRS) but so many just hand me their paperwork and when I’m done I hand it back to them.

  44. Leah Brecker

    This video has all kinds of positive little nuggets! The passion Marie has from the start of this video does not diminish at all. Super awesome!

    Art has changed my life in so many ways. It, quite frankly, has even saved my life. As a young teen I struggled with depression and art was an outlet for me. Visual art as well as musical art was a way for me to express my feelings. My grandmother was also a painter. She has since passed away but we have her art hanging all throughout my home. I can feel her spirit through those paintings.

  45. I am an artist and cultivated a community of artists who always wonder this question. I actually made a list of 50 ways art brings value to others just to prove this point! I published it last week, talk about good timing 🙂 Thank you Marie for sharing this because it’s another confirmation for many who believe their desire to be creative is unimportant. It’s this kind of mindset that motivated me to take B School with you to begin with, I wanted to help other artists and creatives feel empowered and even entitled to their art.

    When we make art, we give ourselves love – it’s a form of self-care. And when we make time for ourselves, we actually have more room in our life to give to others because we have the emotional space to help and serve MORE. And that doesn’t even touch upon the many ways the physical artwork we create can help and serve…

    To any artist wondering if it’s worth it: if you feel called to create, DO IT. You make the world better by following that calling. You may open someone’s eyes to something they could never see otherwise. And then we all miss out should you choose not to listen to that inner artist asking for voice. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Carrie! It’s really cool that you’ve cultivated a community of artists and that you shared 50 ways art makes a difference. That’s so important! Nice work all around. 🙂

    • Judy

      Carrie, I love that you did this for other artists in your community!!! It’s so important to feel that sense of community, in general, and not feel like you are going it alone. I find it especially true for artists. I would love to see your list of the 50 ways art brings value to others! You said that you had published it… Where can I find it?

      • Thank you Judy and Mandy for your kind words 🙂 I believe it’s against Team Forleo policy to post links to your own websites here. Google Artist Strong and 50 ways your art helps other and it should pop up for you. Thank you for having interest in my work. And yay for Marie and her amazing team that brings people together. <3

        • Judy

          Thanks Carrie! YAY Marie!!!

  46. Nikkie

    Hi! Marie

    We’re all the Creatures of God, so we’re a living art that resembles what we’re blessed with.

    We cannot change the world,but we can changes people’s life’s through art. Music is Food for the Soul and we need to embrace our God-givenly-talent as a sign of appreciation.

    Your art is worthier than whilst you’re still alive,because complements kill people whilst they’re still alive.

    I’m an entrepreneur who just joined an incubator gearing to be funded, and when I say to people who would like to know what I do…I say if I can get a financier, I can challenge Kanye West in clothing designs, people disagree and when I tshow them my work they hate me. Its not pride,but hey! Even the nature has its flaws.

    Best Regards,

  47. Art brightens and decorates our world! ~Annie Troe • Art for Stuff <3

  48. My first piece of art that made an impact on me was Paul Gauguin’s Women with Mangoes that I saw in the art museum. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Some years later I purchased my first piece of art ( on layaway) called Woman with Frogs painted by a Costa Rican artist. I realized I was attracted to these two pieces of art because of the peacefulness in the women’s faces. It was calming to me and made me realize I wanted to be a more peaceful person. Art evokes emotion. It’s interesting to pay attention to that emotion and ask why does that make me feel that way?

    I work as an artist in interior design painting canvas floorcloths or canvas rugs. When there is no “work” on the table I soothe myself with painting for myself. Inevitably that is the art that sells, the pieces where I stretch myself and paint for the joy of it.

    I think most artists will say their minds go someplace and come back and think wow, I did that? We don’t even know where it comes from. And if that piece evokes an emotion and a possiblitiy of growth for someone else then it’s even more rewarding.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such an important insight and I’m so glad you shared it: the pieces you created with joy are the ones that sell. I think people can really sense when you’re giving generously of yourself and they’re honoring that by supporting your work. There’s definitely a beautiful lesson in there. 🙂

  49. Hi Marie, hi community,

    When I was 12 years old I had a wonderful History Professor, in Setúbal, Portugal, my hometown. Professor Mercia Bandeira, was her name. One day she was explaining Ancient Egypt to us, showing images of that amazing culture (statues, temples, papyrus…) and I simply fell in love and realized I wanted to be an archaeologist to study Egyptology. And here am I. A Egyptology and African archaeologist which big propose in life is to study, diffuse and protect African heritage and culture. God bless art and my dearest Professor Mercia Bandeira. Give art to children (any kind of art) and their dreams will have no limits or frontiers that can stop them.

  50. Renee

    Thank you, Marie! . . There’s a Creative voice saying that doing my art is not only my joy and therapy, but my responsibility to the world. Wow, after hearing my name and Q spoken from your lips, for the whole world to hear, and with all of this appreciation for art and these profound insights on it’s value. I feel accountable. . . I also just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic,” which I encourage for everyone. xoxo, Renee

  51. Eejee Art

    Thank you!
    Well timed in my case to hear about that. I was under fire lately because I was told how *useless* my skills are for the world (Appartee

    —->version family and villagers, not in my head… although the *rinse repeat* process of this message starts to wear on, (of or out?… sorry I never know which of those small words to use to convey my thought, guess that is where my ESL shows off, huh?) end of appartee<

    I spun the first question on its head years ago. Instead of asking how my art (final product) can change the world, I asked myself how the world can change my art process. Meant for me to go greener. Now I don't have the mean to really push it as far as I would like to go, but I filter grey water to use in my clay process and I limit my colors in glaze to fit what is safe for me to use *before* I even kiln. It's an active decision I made to protect the environment (and my health … by extend whomever buy my products). It's costlier for me to produce HERE… if I went back to Montreal that will be different as far as supplies and shipping-delivery cost… but I am here so I just reduce how many products I produce. Making my items a rarity but so much more valuable for *me* at least. I have not *contaminated* anyone yet *winks* … I am mostly thought to be eccentric, weirdo (on the positive side with people that LOVE my quirks) or down right insane and parasitic (for whom would hate me anyway unless I become beige and melt in the background). But I stuck by it because I felt this is how not only I can do art, but somehow change the world a little by making the effort to respect "Mother Earth" in my process.
    As for paintings, I chose acrylic rather than oil, use grey water as well and I make sure what I am painting (the subject) is a take on what normally people find boring or ugly or *bad*, rejected, discarded, worthless, insignificant …. make it glows from there. After all, I am one that is called (perceived) often by those words…
    Now, for the piece of art that changed my life… add many S's to "piece". Three can be highlighted here:
    – Peter Gabriel "Don't give up"
    – Toulouse Lautrec (in general his poster) "Jane Avril at the jardin de paris".
    – Death Poet Society (the movie, yes… cheezy, I know, but I can't forget "Captain Oh Captain!" and "Carpe Diem" each time I feel to just sell the whole d thing and go back to where I am *told* I belong and I should have never had the ambition to *go further than* or even hope I could succeed out here, out of where I was raised, away from what I was groomed to be.)

    Anyhow… that's all folks!
    Thanks to everyone that exist… even if you just *exist* in your mind…

  52. I wish I loved my job! I have been a personal trainer for 10 years and recently clients are loving it but I find it so hard, and wish I could paint instead. The pain of my job pretty much keeps me on the verge of being in debt. Maybe I need to read Big Magic again too.

    • Sophie, if you love to paint, allow yourself to start. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a day. Start small and fuel your soul first. When you feel better, you can think more clear and plan your next move. Drastic change is not for everyone and it can be tough on one’s mind and body. Plan it out and be consistent. You’ll then see your path with the “know how”. I had a drastic change to pursue my passion so I understand your pain.

  53. Art is essential in allowing humanity to connect spiritually.

    I use art to motivate my writing and the writing of others. Each facet of art, especially painting and sculpture (for me), can ignite a bevvy of stories for the world to see. It can inspires other and can change lives. It can shift a mind.

    Music is also a profound inspiration. Artists who write life affirming and soul searching lyrics have made me the writer I am today. They connect feelings into words. Music and art makes us feel less alone in this world.

    I think the one piece of art that changed my life (other than music), was Georges Seurat’s painting “Sunday on the Island of Grande Jatte” and the musical play it inspired. James Lapine wrote the book for “Sunday in the Park with George” and Stephen Sondheim created the most glorious, heart wrenching, moving score to reflect the concept of how a painting can tell a story. How each visage, each person painted were really humans with beating hearts and broken lives painted in dabs of light. The way the painting comes to life with humanity and the love story woven in – showed me how art can be a powerful reflection of our lives. In fact, the entire show has specific lyrics that support this entire theme.

    Add the wonderful musical ‘Fun Home’ – which shows painful, universal themes in a beautiful, touching way – and we have continued proof that the arts tell the story of our lives.

    Don’t let anybody, or any negative voice in your head tell you otherwise. We need more art. We need creation. As good ol’ Steve wrote in “Sunday…”

    “Look at what you want,
    Not at where you are,
    Not at what you’ll be-
    Look at all the things you’ve done for me
    Opened up my eyes,
    Taught me how to see,
    Notice every tree…”

    Just keep moving on. 🙂

  54. anna Matthews

    Marie! Love your hilarious moves and your insights about art. It was great to be reminded about how much people need art. As a songwriter I often worry unecessarily about if people will like the technical aspects of the music. Each time I perform I’m reminded that what people care about is about being “touched” by the words, the mood, the expression, and that they long for it.

  55. ‘Your work in this world is as meaningful as you make it’ – so true!

    In the early 1980s I caught a No.15 bus from Notting Hill into the West End of London and the young bus conductor was a joy to be around – his optimism and good humour were infectious and EVERYBODY was happy on his bus.

    I still get a good feeling when I think about that bus ride now, some 30+ years later.

    • Great story! Perfect reminder that our “art” is mostly about how we show up in the world.

  56. Anne-Sophie

    This video was really timely for me, thank you, Marie! I’ve been feeling very anxious and overwhelmed about my current job and my career trajectory. One of my biggest downers was feeling unmotivated by my work due to the lack of meaning I was assigning to it. A HUGE part of that was feeling a lack of creativity, as well as a lack of fulfillment. And the simple reminder – that what pays the bills does not have to be your main source of inspiration or fulfillment – really hit it home. It also doesn’t have to be my main source of creativity. More motivated than ever to (finally) sign up for some community volunteering and for some dance classes!
    Also, music/movies/theatre really do it for me if I’m feeling down. Art = life!

  57. And another thing… even if you aren’t a traditional artist, everything we do should be masterpiece level, then it is a “work” of art. I am working on my PhD, and writing papers can be mind numbing, but approaching the research and synthesis from a creative perspective makes it more fun, and the product more meaningful to the reader. That also works for how I approach doing things at work and for my family. Everything we do can be approached as the art that it should be.

  58. I am a community mural artist, spending many days out in public with groups of “regular people” (usually folks who don’t think of themselves as artists) beautifying walls. I’m lucky that I DO see how my work makes a huge difference—and I hear the comments, kudos and thanks almost daily. Even more rewarding than turning bland and blighted spaces into colorful works of art, is the transformation that takes place in the people who work on the mural projects. The stress of their daily lives melts away, and often they begin to see themselves as artistic beings, capable of creating beauty in the world. When they go from “I’m not creative” to that, it’s a magical moment for me.

    Despite all of this, I understand and relate to the feelings posed in the question. Before starting my art business I was a school teacher, and had no doubt about the value of teaching disadvantaged kids in Oakland to read and write. But eventually I learned to value my own happiness/health/lower stress levels over the “do-good” nature of my work. Just like in parenting, no one wins when you’re overburdened, resentful and burned out. Embrace the joy of doing what comes easily and naturally to you! 🙂

  59. This was such a great reminder. I am an abstract painter and I’ve always believed art to be powerful and meaningful (biased much? :)). It’s also easy for me to focus on the idea that “art is a luxury” and that people don’t actually need it for survival but this is such a nice reminder that it has an important place, and that I’m doing more than serving a “luxury” market. Thank you!

  60. In Viktor Frakl’s book, Man’s search for meaning, we can undersatand how a sunset or a theater saves more lives than a plate of food for starving people.

  61. Kim

    Love this video! I am a dancer and have struggled with this as well.

    1. Art creates communities — people who can support, inspire, and achieve goals together. The best part of being a dancer in NYC for me has been the community of people I have met. It takes a village to do anything good in the world.

    2. Countless songs have served as inspiration to do big things and little things in my life. The feelings from songs that have served as a soundtrack for my life events that make life so much sweeter, harmonious and meaningful.

    3. All the work I create is made out of passion, intuition and a strong belief in it’s imperative to my life and those around me. I don’t always know why I am creating it, but it just feels right. After the fact, I have learned that those projects either created new positive relationships, brought joy and appreciation to others I did not expect, and helped me learn various valuable lessons and skills in my craft.

  62. When I look at art created by these young Canadian artists (link below), with whom I’m not affiliated with, btw, all I can think of is this: art is another language. It is another way to express your thoughts and feelings about something. It’s communication. It communicates to those who don’t feel they are able to express their thoughts, feelings and stories in the way that artists do.

    I just visited Spain recently and it was filled with old, old art. Old Catholic designs. Old Moorish architecture. It made me feel connected to the rest of humanity and the world. It expressed history and shared facts with me that I wasn’t aware of. It’s a creative skill — to imagine something and turn it into a real, tangible thing. I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t impressed by the work that went into Spain’s art in its many forms.

    Throughout history, visual art was one of the ways to tell stories because people were illiterate. Art literally documents history. I think it can do the same thing today. We all share stories and perspectives — visual art is just one of the ways we can communicate to others. And those who choose to pay attention to it are much more enriched than those who don’t.

  63. Laia

    Fiction has saved my life so many times, I cannot count them. It will give me hope when I can’t find it, or refuge, or understanding, or just a story to lose myself for a while in a way that is not destructive. Also, music helps me process my emotions and connect with the world. I am a therapist, and I love therapy, but to be honest, art has been a much more reliable and constant source of support and insight in my life than therapy. I have a deep respect for artists of any kind and their work.

  64. Andrea

    Wow, incredible episode! Thank you so much for sharing with us ! I consider we can change the work doing small things around us through art , it could be selling art to help a charity (2) art with positive messages or dancing to help people feel better! 😀

    • Andrea

      Change the world*

  65. Thank you, Marie for this great episode! It got me a bit sentimental!
    1. when my son was 16 yrs old, we bought him a drum kit, so his friends could play along with Ryan’s guitar music. Well, I learned how to play the drums, so I could play with my son. All that teen angst and mom angst melted away when we rocked out in his basement room, us both singing our hearts out to the pop tunes of the day! Making music together helped us through those awkward teenage boy & mom years!

    2. When I was about 12 yrs old, I created a new family tradition for Christmas. We all had to gift each other 3 gifts . . . one had to be handmade, a second had to be second-hand and the third could be a small bought gift.

    The night before we opened gifts, usually Christmas Eve, my dad, an artist, made his gifts for me & my sister last minute.

    I can remember being a little bit “miffed” because I put so much time and thought into my gifts. However, on Christmas eve, my dad gave us each a painting of a colorful fish.

    I had that in my room and somehow have saved it all these years. My dad died 5 years ago, and seeing this “psychedelic” fish on my bathroom wall now, gives me so much joy, it can literally change my mood on a dime! It’s a really comical painting too!

    It also shows me that the thing you might think is nothing much of a creative act (I’m pretty sure my dad whipped this up in an hour or so), could impact someone far beyond what you ever considered.

    3. When I do my work of facilitating individuals or groups, I offer myself with my barriers down, to receive all that they are & to empower them to know that they know.

  66. When I encounter this question, I always remind people that at the height of the WWII blitz, Churchill was given a budget proposal that moved all art-related money to defense expenses. He refused to sign it, and when he was asked “Why?” He responded “If we abandon our arts then what the hell are we fighting for?” Art defines our culture; fearlessly displays our best (“Macbeth”) and worst (“Guernica”) selves and forces us to confront who we are, who we fear to be come, and who we aspire to be. All attempts to follow art into the world, change who we are.

  67. Brenda Heins

    I am a crafter – and mostly of late I make cards. I never really felt that just ‘making’ a card for someone was anything major. But the people that know the cards are handmade are truly appreciative of the time and effort. A lot of time I personalize the cards I make just for that person and these types of cards you just cannot buy at any store. When you give a handmade card – it is better than Hallmark. You truly are giving the very best. I belonged to a Bible Study and I gave away a handmade card to each woman and they in turn each used those cards to reach out to someone. The blessing came that next week when emotionally and tearfully those women shared who they sent their cards to, why, and the blessing. So even little bits of paper shaped into a card can change the world – one person at a time.

  68. Like passion, meaning is another central element in how we choose which of our creative abilities or talents to develop and express. Or choose not to: If it isn’t meaningful in some way to use a talent, why bother? …

    Finding and making meaning is especially crucial for creative people, and one of the potential consequences of insufficient meaning in our lives and work is depression.

  69. Heidi

    I am a dancer and choreographer. Dance has always made me feel deeply whether it
    was in the studio or onstage, for performance or learning new movement. Not only is it great for the people creating the art but for the patrons also. Some say a piece excited them or has changed their life.
    Because of all of this and more, I have allowed the art of dance to be life changing for me in more of a literal sense. I am currently looking at ways to gain experience and knowledge so that I can become a Holistic Dance Therapist. The field of dance therapy is somewhat new but no one out there is taking it in the direction in which I want it to go. So what is a woman to do? I make it happen.
    I know how powerful art can be. Music has been so powerful that it has made me cry or make me happy to break out into dance.

    • Kim

      Heidi I love what you are doing with the Holistic Dance Therapy! 🙂 I am a Music Therapist myself, and my good friend from college is also a certified Dance and Movement Therapist. And – in college I had the pleasure of receiving Art Therapy services as well. All of these creative arts therapies are REAL and actual clinical practices (as you know!) that many don’t know about. So it’s refreshing to see some posts on here that reference the healing arts. 🙂

      Awesome job – keep going after your vision! 🙂

  70. Arte gives me life, energy and positivism. Art speaks to the soul and expresses creativity and feelings. We need all the beauty, soul and imagination we can get in a world filled with hate, stress, darkness, etc. Besides creating art or admiring art. I know many artists who are humanitarian, environmentalists and some even donate most of their sales money to a cause. So I do believe art is relevant to the world and a positive force on its own. So Renee, you are doing something different, but you are doing something positive and if you put your heart and soul into it, something great will come out of it. And you decide then what else can you do with it to help even more 🙂

  71. My deepest wish is that what I paint helps people discover their most joyful emotions. Thank you Marie… as always, your message reached me at the perfect moment.

  72. This will be peculiar to so many but here goes. The movie Snow white and the Huntsman changed my life. There’s a scene where the heroes are galloping on horses on the sea shore and it was so beautiful and symbolic that in that moment I was so deeply impacted that I decided I wanted to be a cinematographer. A few years later I tell stories in pictures and videos as a wedding photographer and I plan to start doing documentaries and short films. It is very peculiar but in that moment I felt a sense of purpose that this was what I wanted to do with my life

  73. When I was a kid, I remember going to see Terms of Endearment with my five older sisters. It was right after our mother had pasted and we were all so impacted by the film. It gave us the opportunity to feel all our grief.

    Pretty sure this was also a big reason why I became an actress. I wanted to give people the opportunity, permission, inspiration to FEEL something. Now as a Minister and motivational speaker, I do the same thing… except now there is more laughter.

  74. Oooh, such a juicy episode this week, Marie! I am both an actor and an entrepreneur and I’ve definitely struggled with this one before in terms of my acting. But my acting has helped me become more emotionally-open in my life, which impacts my family, friends, and business. As for a piece of art that changed my life, Eat Pray Love inspired me so much, I changed my entire life after reading it – and even got my essay included in Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It. And finally, my company, Shift Bars, not only provides an organic, sugar-free snack to people, we donate a portion of our profits to the National Farm to School Network so more people can learn the value of healthy food.

  75. Christine Brown

    Love love love the video.
    This one in particular struck a chord….
    I am currently building a business based on many of the ideas mentioned. In the very early stages now, and hoping to do BSchool next year – to tie everything together! My stomach just did a flip because I think the video came at perfect time 🙂

  76. I’m grateful to every artist whose work has touched me: writers, visual artists, actors, dancers. They awe me. They show me a bigger world than the everyday. One reason I write fiction is because I want to do for others what has been done for me.

    Any job can be done with kindness, integrity, and respect for the work, and in that sense any job can make the world a better place.

    Not long ago a plumber came to the house to do a couple of repairs and he talked about the work he and his wife do rescuing and caring for stray cats that are abandoned in a nearby park. He was a good plumber too.

  77. Leigh Warre

    Ah — I think that more than anything, whether or not a particular career/profession/vocation/calling feels meaningful has alot to do with who we are, truly and authentically, and often, with how we have or have not, been affected by our experiences, whatever they may be.

    There is probably nothing more satisfying than helping others, directly. It is the cornerstone of a good life, and all spiritual traditions teach that it is important to help others and that there is meaning to be found in doing so.

    That said — art can, and does help others, sometimes directly, sometimes not so much. It depends 0n various factors, such as the content of the art being made, its intended audience, its quality, etc… This can very much depend on the skill and talent — not the same thing — anyone can train to be an artist, not everyone is equally talented — of the artist.

    Most people who are drawn to the arts, have an inner sense that they need to be “making art”. This is not necessarily about creativity — there are many ways to be creative without being artistic.

    Artists need to be making art to feel whole, balanced and at peace with themselves. This is how they’re designed. To ignore that is to do so at considerable risk usually.

    Whether an artist is able to make work that has an impact in the world, on others, is another question entirely, and one that each artist must come to terms with. The great artists have always grappled with this, as the great masters had patrons for instance, and today, many artists must find a way to support themselves if they are not able to make an entrance into the dubious and highly competitive world of the contemporary art market.

    For myself, as someone who started out with a dance background and then migrated to the visual arts, I ended up in a teaching career which surprisingly brought much satisfaction while not being wholly satisfying. There is great beauty in teaching, in sharing one’s passions with students, in fostering growth in others, and there is artistry of a sort, as well as creativity, and science too.

    However, there was no way to sustain both practices — both a teaching practice and an art practice. It simply wasn’t humanly possible. Since I like to eat and pay my bills and be a big girl who takes care of herself, I focused on my teaching career.

    But there was always that sense that I was not quite fulfilling my purpose. I still saw the world through the eyes of an artist and brought much of that to my classroom practice. That was my gift to my students for the years that I taught. I hope that some of it rubbed off on them. I’m pretty sure it did – as they were very vocal and expressive of their delight in various aspects of our shared experience, and whenever possible, of opportunities to meld art-making with other subject areas. As one of my colleagues noted — correctly I believe — I taught through an art lens. This wasn’t limited to the visual arts by the way. I made sure that my students had lots of opportunity to enjoy music, dance, theater and other hands-on activities whenever possible.

    However, eventually I needed to leave – and I might add – was able to leave — in order to pursue my original goal of being an artist. That is my focus now, and it is one that I feel
    very grateful to be able to embrace, perhaps because of my years in the teaching profession, who can say?

    Whether or not my work will help others, will be out of my hands. That is not my concern. In the words of the Bhagavad Gita — paraphrased loosely — I will do my best, and let go of the result!

    Meanwhile, I will continue to serve others whenever I can, to have an attitude of service in my encounters with others, and to occasionally seek out opportunities to serve and help when it is not too distracting and demanding and does not take away from my focus now, which is to make art. I find that contact with other people, and finding ways to serve, feeds my heart and soul, like nothing else, and that in turn, fuels my art practice.

    Do I hope my art works will have a positive impact on others? That would be lovely. Right now, the engagement of finding just the right line, color, shape, proportion in my work is highly satisfying and also important. Being happy is also important, and it is hard to serve others when we are not happy.

    So — that’s it. I would love to hear back from others.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Leigh, thank you so much for sharing your own experience and story here! It’s great to hear how your art and creativity developed into the expression it is for you now. I love what you shared at the beginning about the impact of our art having so much to do with who we are and our experiences. So true!

  78. As an artist, I’m especially grateful for this episode. It’s reassuring to see what other people think and that there’s immense value in what we do. Just to add to that list, can you imagine how dull our lives would be without art? It’s what inspire us, what provokes us, what makes and think and feel. If that’s not essential, I don’t know what is…

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Flavia and 100% agree!

  79. Thank you for this topic. Perfect for me today.
    To answer you three part question:
    1. Art often brings joy, laughter or peace to those who encounter it, or it may ask questions of us that are hard to put into words, but are available visually, musically or through dance. My father was my childhood hero, as a public servant through teaching, administrating, holding public office. He also had a joy of life, loved nature and building things. I dreamed of being like him and possibly running for office one day, but eventually I realized that my art and public sculpture are actually my way of making a difference in the bigger world.
    2. When I was 17 years old, I took a trip with my high school in Idaho to Washington DC and visited the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian. There I saw many beautiful works, but two made the biggest impact on me. Alexander Calder’s Mobile, the largest he ever made, allowed me to see that I could make “really big jewelry”! (I was a silver smith at the time). The other piece that made an impact was a series of paintings “The Voyage of Life” by Thomas Cole 1842. I was drawn into his ability to tell the story of a man’s journey through life as he was connected to nature, the changing river, terrain and vistas. I have never forgotten the feeling I felt while viewing these paintings.
    3. Most of my public sculpture focuses on messages of joy, love and connection, while capturing movement of the human form, with spiraling curves portraying life energy and the river’s flow. I often get feedback about how this work brings happiness to others which brings me so much joy.
    I am currently working on two series of smaller works that I hope will make a difference for others in a more intimate way.
    A. The Memory and Gratitude pieces are custom made to acknowledge a person for the difference they have made by depicting their life history in enamel (glass on steel) in a sculpture or panel. I love this work and I find it incredibly meaningful and joyful to do. It is even more fulfilling if it is created for someone who is still with us to receive it.
    B. The other theme I am currently working on is an attempt to come to terms with global warming and the changes we face. This is a topic that is hard to look at, especially when I think of my son, so it is some of the most difficult work I have set out to do. As I work on it this summer, it is my hope that by depicting this theme through my style, which embodies freedom and movement, it will help transform my fear and come to a level of acceptance of what I call “folding back into nature.” I do believe this process is calling me to my highest self, and it is my hope that it will call others as well to love and connect to each other while we (possibly even joyfully) move through the future with creativity and grace.
    Wow! that was a lot to say!
    Thank you again for your inspiration and this forum Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amazing Alisa! Love reading your reflections on your dad and your own art. Thanks for sharing, and for being here with us.

  80. For me, tons of pieces of art have changed my life. As a lover of dance, it moves me beyond words when I partake in contact improvisation. The amount of informtation that can be communicated when two bodies are in sync in incredible to me. The beauty of moving boldly and freely while feeling the music and simply expressing oneself through touch and movement, all while connecting with someone else, is powerful in a way that stirs my soul. To simply connect and converse through the body alone and to respond to each other’s impulses, without an agenda, is to me one of the most beautiful experiences of being a human. Every time I experience this art, I feel like I plunge into the world of the Soul. These moments, in and of themselves, don’t need justification or “purpose.”. The experience is the purpose. It is life-changing. It is enough.

    • Thank you Anne for reminding me that dance has always been where I find my greatest expression of freedom and joy!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Anne!

  81. We’re not here to impress or change others. Your ART is simply the vehicle through which you express your HIGHER vibes, because it’s what lifts your spirit. THAT infuses the world with more love. BINGO! You’ve already changed the world…just by loving what you create.

  82. First of all, you sounded different in this video, Marie. Your awesome and contagious energy and lightness made me feel like that is a theme that really runs inside your veins!
    1. It can dissipate or help us elaborate bad feelings and go back to life. A productive distraction.
    2. Wes Anderson’s films always bring me to a lighter mood: they taught life’s problems or imperfections make it even more beautiful and genuine and can be seen from a funny perspective.
    3. I try constantly to bring my purpose back to my mind when I feel I’m impatient or with low energy while conducting my job as a career coach.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for this sharing, Arthur!

  83. Melanie

    To play devil’s advocate,
    even “life-saving” careers are not any more or less important, because half the time, the patient dies immediately anyway, OR you just technically saved someone’s life, but now they’re brain damaged or in a coma or a paraplegic etc…. not to denigrate doctors, surgeons, or EMS (I’m one of those), but I’d say the more meaningful work is increasing quality of life.
    Otherwise you’re not extending life, but empty misery and hopelessness.

  84. Oliver

    1. Transcends a persons natural impulse to be judgement by virtue of it’s purity
    2. Musical art helps self consuming thoughts pass
    3. I try to treat people at work with the dignity they deserve and the sensibility they expect.

  85. Ohhhhh LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article – it’s right up my ally as a Business + Life Passion Coach. Bookmarking this one for my clients! Thank you. x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay! We’ll be sending your clients positive energy on their coaching journey. Thanks so much for the great work you’re doing in the world!

  86. Wonderful topic and one I’ve struggled with myself, thank you for addressing it so eloquently Marie and all the listeners who left comments – really good stuff!

    I always love what John O’Donohue write about this, he says (paraphrasing here) that beauty ennobles the spirit and reminds us of who we are…brings us back to ourselves and thus is vital to life, not a luxury.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, that’s a good quote! And I think Donohue is right—can you imagine how different things would be if we stopped thinking of art as a luxury and thought about it as a necessity instead? The world would be turned upside down in such a beautiful way. 🙂

  87. This was exactly what I have needed to hear for so many years. It has been an on-going struggle to find work that is truly meaningful, not only to me but especially to those around me. This episode will go into my must-watch-every-week list (which currently consists of this very video).
    Thank you again, Marie! You are a rock star! And your work truly changes lives.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Erika. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll find the meaningful work you’re looking for soon. You got this! 🙂

  88. Sudheer Nagpurkar

    1. I do the fine art realistic paintings. And that inspires me every time. Those who view them are delighted to watch reality in them. Once when they were exhibited they wanted those in their drawing rooms.
    2 Every time the subject is different. It makes me study for bringing reality. That adds to my knowledge to change my life.
    3. The concepts and the emotions when poured on blank white surface for creating expressions , that brings real inner meaning (sometimes The Divine ) in heart while deeply watching it with inner sight.

  89. Anna

    Another wonderful video, Marie! I particularly love the point about making a difference not being related to your job or business. There are so many messages about doing what you love and loving what you do…feeling meaning and purpose behind it all and so on. It’s left me feeling a little like Renee – pondering the importance of what I do, my desires, my passions. Your point really turned a light on for me and drove the realisation home that we are much more than what we do for a living. It’s sunk right in and I’m happy to report that I’ve put far too much emphasis on concentrating on what I do for a living defines me. It’s back to the important stuff – human connection, community, joy, inspiration and pleasure. Thanks for all of the work you and your crew do. Big Love. x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Anna. What we do for a living is just one of many facets that make up who we are and no one facet should be able to define us. <3

  90. I am an artist, but I wasn’t always one. An art event a few years ago literally changed my life.

    I went through a bachelors and masters degree and then started working for a prestigieus consulting firm, where I advised clients that were among the biggest and most influential companies in the world. Many colleagues saw this as ‘high impact work’ but I was left unhappy, feeling like what I did actually mattered nothing at all, because all it did was making rich companies richer. I even felt that I was wasting my unique talents – I’m a creative person who loves art and literature with a passion for creating beautiful things and philosophizing about other stuff than financial charts, and I wasn’t putting any of these skills to use. Then, I went to a music event that was organized by my company, and during that single one weekend I realized that I wanted to follow the dreams that I had been putting away for a long time. When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer – but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be successful and so I went for the safer career option. Upon this music weekend, I had the epiphany: I had tried the ‘sane career’ kind of thing but my passion for music and singing just wouldn’t go away. The seed was planted again – this was what I wanted to do.
    Fast forward two years (and a lot of soul-searching, difficult decisions, and hard work) later, I am now a singer-songwriter who performs on really cool gigs and is planning to record her first album. Most of the time, it’s not easy, but I celebrate each little bit of success. And when I have a gig and I see people being moved by my songs, I know that I am having the kind of impact that’s different, and to me, more fun, than back when I was presenting charts to CEOs.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray!! That’s so wonderful to hear, Laura! I know it was a big, scary step to leave the consulting firm to pursue your music career, so we’re super happy that you took the leap and are making the difference you’re meant to make in the world.

  91. Even though I know art is important and makes a HUGE difference in this world, it’s nice to have the reminder. Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus and motivation! Thanks for sharing this great video. I believe that the creative practice is good for all of us – whether we create as our profession or create as our hobby. Creative expression and experimentation always leads to good things – good for the soul, for our health, for community, for all!

  92. Melissa

    Thanks for another awesome, insightful video Marie!
    As a dance instructor, I’m able to help others find expression and joy through movement. What a blessing!
    During performance season, creating a piece of storytelling choreography that gives “the feels” as you describe it, also brings me so much joy.
    For me, being fully present when I’m with my students (and when I’m with my creativity working on choreography) is when my best work happens! So, I’m always striving for that present moment awareness.

  93. As an art historian for me being involved in Art is like taking my daily vitamins. Vitamin Art. It brings joy, knowledge, meaning, insights and so much more! Art ís Life and helps us understand the world around us.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Marielle! Art is the other Vitamin A. 🙂

  94. Art has changed my life!
    My favourite blogger Aran (of Cannelle et Vanille), her photos and words inspired me to travel Europe, and the adventures I had and the people I met inspired me to get back into my art again.

  95. Lin-Manuel Miranda said while talking to ET reporters before his acceptance speech for his Tony for best original score for “Hamilton”…

    ….if art is what fights tragedies and if art is what fights the void…then tonight is important…

    It’s his response to Q’s about whether art is important in light of the Orlando tragedy.

    I know we’re not supposed to post links but you can find the youtube video if you type his name in and Tony acceptance speech…it’s his acceptance speech and it’s so moving.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh wow. That sounds like it’s definitely worth checking out! I love his perspective.

  96. EwaT

    1. I’m not an artist (at least not full time 😉 but a financial controller. If I could consider preparation of the nice, colorful reports are artistic activity – I think it makes boring office activities more pleasant. Also some artistic touch helps people to concentrate for long hours on the difficult/boring subjects..
    2. The modern art exhibition in Berlin – do not recall exactly in which museum – there was a huge chair upside down and only legs were visible above the floor. So really only 4 wooden blocks were presented – I’ve read a description “chair” and it become a chair in a second. It opened my eyes on other ways of looking on things.
    3. As in point 1 – I even try to prepare reports in nice colors to make the office day more colorful for my office colleagues. I think every little effort to make life of others lighter, happier or more inspired is giving a meaning to everything we do.

    and 🙂 Thank you for your work and all those inspiring content. Greetings from Luxembourg.

  97. Here’s my list of the vital roles of art and the arts in my life (and society as a whole): to inspire, educate, delight, relieve pain, bring joy, develop community, serve as calls to action, create memories, leave a legacy of work, focus our attention, help interpret complex concepts, entertain, uplift spirits, heal the soul, deepen friendships and develop trust. I came up with this list after taking a course using the book The Artist’s Way, which I really loved! Also loved reading Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic. Thanks Marie for reminding me of the value of creativitiy and the arts.

  98. I started a thing called artifind. It’s all about creating a piece of art and leaving it for someone else to find and enjoy. I’ve done meaningful messages on rocks, leaving them at the beach. Tiny paintings left on park benches. Yarnbombing. Driftwood mobiles. Rock cairns (stacks of rocks). It’s incredibly rewarding and FUN! You can see how people are moved and enjoy finding a tiny piece of art just for them. Anyone can do it!

  99. I totally love this episode. Thank you Marie so much for it! I´m an artist too and I´m constantly struggeling and comparing to the service based professions and businesses. It´s dificult as what art provides is intangable and happens at the level of soul and emotions. But
    after researching I found 3 neuroscientific studies on what art does to our brain 🙂

    1. Experiencing art rapidly decreases stress levels
    A study from University of Westminister shows that a brief lunchtime visit to an art gallery rapidly decreased the level of stress hormone – cortisol, within a group of city workers. Participants reported high level of stress level before entering the gallery and declared significant reduction of stress after 35 min visit.

    2. Art brings as much joy as a loved one
    Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College London, conducted an experiment. He showed 30 paintings to dozens of randomly selected people (most of which had no previous interest in art). He found out that when someone liked a painting, the blood flow in the part of the brain responsible for pleasure and desire was instantly increasing. The increase was by 10% – which is an equivalent of an increase when looking at a loved one.

    3. Art boosts creativity
    Business Insider writes that looking at art triggers your brain to be open to learning, which is directly connected with openness to experience. And the more open you are to experience, the more likely you are to do great creative work in your career. Openness to experience is found to be the most common thread among the highest-achieving scientists, artists, and novelists: they’re more open than the rest of us.

    Kisses and hugs to all artists and creatives, you matter to the world!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is AWESOME, Wiktoria! Thank you so much for sharing these important findings. It’s so cool to know that there’s scientific evidence to make a case for the amazing impact art has in the world.

  100. Wow, what a great topic! Thank you SO much for talking about this. After two decades in the performing arts, this is something I’ve definitely struggled with over the years. Especially when I switched from being a performer to being a facilitator and trying to tackle marketing of the arts – I was constantly asking myself, “how is this even relevant?”

    To answer your first question, something that really changed my outlook was the realization that art is EVERYWHERE and part of our everyday lives. I think most people think of art as paintings in a museum, but imagine:

    -no music at the baseball game, restaurant, nightclub
    -no background music in the movie or TV show you’re watching…no movies or TV shows, for that matter
    -no graphics on any websites, apps, flyers, etc.
    -no Shepard Fairey posters for the Obama ’08 campaign
    -everything you buy comes in a plain white box with nothing but text (think all the Dharma Project supplies from Lost)
    -we all wear olive jumpsuits and standard issue loafers
    -tatts? forget it, unless you want a barcode
    -hair styles: standard bowl cut for all. Color? Hahahahaaa! Right.
    -all stores are just warehouses with black and white signs
    -our cars are pretty much golf carts – no color selection, no design, just a box with wheels to get us from A to B
    -we don’t sing to our babies, and The Voice is a show where people recite text in a monotone
    -all of our buildings are colorless cement boxes

    It goes on and on and on, but I’ll stop because I’m getting depressed at the idea of this kind of dystopia! But the point is that without art, life would be pretty damn horrible.

    To answer the second questions: this may seem corny, and there are some who argue that this doesn’t qualify as art, but the one piece of art that changed my life was the soundtrack to The Return of the Jedi. I got it one year for Christmas when I was 13. I listened to it over and over, and I STILL love it. I hear it and am immediately transported to another world – one that is amazing and a work of art of its own right. Because of it I pursued a degree in orchestral studies with the goal of being a session musician. I later changed that goal, but to this day I love film music and have even help launch an enormously successful film scoring institute, which is by far one of the funnest things I have ever done.

    To answer the last question: I’ve recently started a business that was a departure from the performing arts. Something was not quite right, though, and I was lying awake at night with a nagging feeling. I’m the kind of person who needs to feel really passionate about what she does, and I wasn’t quite feelin’ it. So I added art back into the mix. This time, though, it was on my own terms. I trusted that I had my own creativity to share, and that I could do more than scramble to meet the demands of other creatives (my previous job and life). I went from offering somewhat plain vacations in Italy to in-depth, designer experiences via the arts (or at least that’s how I think of it). Who knows, maybe it will evolve into something that’s even more arts-focused, but getting back to my artistic & creative roots helped me go from “meh” to “YASS!” It also by default forced me to collaborate with other creatives that I ADORE.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is excellent, Sara! You’re so right that art is all around us and the world really would be an awful place without it. We’re so used to seeing art in so many different iterations that I think some people forget that it really is everywhere so they take it for granted. When in fact it’s really hard to imagine anything being more ubiquitous than art, except maybe air! 😉

  101. ART is the playground to let our inner children out! Without these opportunities, our souls would die.
    The pieces of art that changed my life:
    Plays: “KI from Crime,” “Hamilton,” Anything by Suzan Lori-Parks, “Angels in America”
    Paintings: anything by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg
    Dance Pieces: Twyla Tharp’s “In the Upper Room”

    I bring meaning to what I do because I believe in personal connection that goes beyond what we know how to define and classify with words. We are always communicating in ways that are unknown and romantic and violent and deeply sad. Art comes out of the need for that communication, and I always make a point to honor that element of human behavior in my artistic and healthcare-related work.

  102. Ways art makes the world a better place:
    It’s a way of self expression that would otherwise go unexpressed
    Color touches everyone is some way on the deep side.
    We can learn more about ourselves by what we create.
    We can encourage others to have a voice in what they create.
    Creating is a way of loving ourselves and appreciating who we are in our personality, our preferences and in our purpose in life.
    Creating and art are FUN; especially once we take the expectation out of the way and just do it because we want to.

    I don’t recall the title of the painting, but when I viewed it, I knew it was watercolor, and I believe it was a seed planted in my heart for many years later for me to start painting with watercolor 6 years ago. I was so fascinated by how the layers of color brought the painting to life, and it was inspiring and motivating to see such skill.

    My primary job is as Office Manager of an electrical contracting company and Director of SEO and Social Media Marketing. I am responsible for the Electrical Safety blog on the company’s website, and I share resources around the web that give tips and information on electrical safety. My goal is to put it out there so folks can be informed and perhaps, prevent fires and electrical shocks. My hope is that what I share will actually save a life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so cool that a watercolor painting inspired you to start painting in watercolor! That’s such a beautiful way for art to change a life. 🙂

  103. SUE

    I love art! I always like to try to figure out what the artist was thinking or feeling when they created their piece. I looked, in awe, at Monet’s Waterlilies and wept as he never thought they were good enough and he would spend hours painting and then repainting over the top. I wonder how thick with paint those canvases are!
    I like to sew and create things but our restaurant does not allow much time and my thread sits and waits. In the meantime, I have started a blog that I will publish in a book form. It’s not art, but life and filled with amusement so if it makes someone’s day better, then I have achieved my task!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Sue! Love it.

  104. Serena

    I understand this feeling inside and out. I am a pianist, composer, and calligrapher. I have a degree in advertising and a degree in music. I pursued advertising because my parents told me I’d never make a living in music despite my piano teachers encouraging me otherwise. Once I worked in the industry for a while, my heart wanted to go back to music and solve the “what if” questions. So, I went back to school and got the second degree in music. I have found that my most profound experience to date has been composing a piece on piano designed to help people connect to their heart space. It is always a profound experience to play this piece when I sit at the piano. It was commissioned by the CEO of Float for Life, an event company trying to connect people to the water and our ocean’s health issues. As a calligrapher, I get to share my art with friends and family (and a bunch of friendly strangers around the world on Instagram). We share pieces that inspire each other, inspire connection, and motivate us to keep doing what we’re called to do. The strange thing is that I’ve been practicing piano since I was 9 and even got a degree in music. I took several years of music theory, can compose, perform, and yet people don’t want to really pay for music. I quit playing at weddings and cocktail hours because the return on that investment was so low. I’ve gotten more commissions from my calligraphy practice (with less experience and no degree) than I ever have from music. I also work full time teaching music production, though, and I absolutely love teaching. I wouldn’t trade my life path for anything. In the end, the return on this investment is freedom.

  105. Not only am I a musician, but I’m also a jewelry maker. My world would be very small and boring if I was not creating. It’s always been a part of my life since I was very young. I have a huge circle of friends that I am connected with because of my art. So I can have a positive effect on a large number of people by being a friend to them. To say nothing about the joy the music brings to our audiences. One of my orchestras does an “instrument petting zoo” where young children get a chance to try out different instruments, a very fun family event that allows musicians to share their love of making music with little ones. We all know music makes you smarter.

    I was influenced to take up the French Horn as an adult after hearing a brass quintet play at a Renaissance Fair when I was in my 20’s. Those musicians changed my life through their music and didn’t even know about it.

  106. Cyn

    “Dancing is my art – so my answers relate to the art of dance”
    1. Art gives you the freedom to express yourself by creating shapes and lines with your body which allows me to feel sexy, empowered and confident (and everyone needs a bit of that)
    2. I have seen art/dance change the lives of not only myself but others. To start a term of dance all insecure and shy… then by the end of the term, feeling confident and sexy and expressing yourself in ways that you hadn’t before.
    3. I teach dance – and I know that I am making a difference to the lives of others, because you don’t ever know what another person is going through (they could be going through a divorce or domestic violence or living with someone who has cancer or a mentally challenging disease or it could have just been a bad day for them). When they walk into the dance studio, they can allow all that crap to melt away by expressing themselves through dance… it’s like coming to a place full of rainbows and unicorns to help them deal with what ever they are going through.

  107. Art definitely changes the world! People connect to art on an emotional and spiritual level. I’m a writer and I know for a fact that books connect with people. One of the most amazing moments of my career was when a fan told me that one of my (fiction) books changed his life; it sounds dramatic, but he explained how my character gave him hope when he was at a low point. The point is that you never know how someone has connected to your art or what it will mean to them. On another side of things, music is a huge influence for my writing. Each of my books has a ‘soundtrack’ that I’m drawn to and in turn, seems to be very connected to the characters on an emotional level. So not only do I create art that could influence or connects with someone, other art inspires me:-)

  108. Cara

    Art validates people’s existence and makes them feel heard. Every night after a play I just performed in about Gaza, there were people thanking us for telling their story, asking us questions and waiting around for autographes. They were so touched that we had taken time to invest ourselves in telling their story, because nobody does. So much gratitude!

    The piece of art that changed my life was a show called The Terrible Infants.

    I am stuck in this headspace of my work doesn’t matter as I’m trying to write a show – it’s about transformation – physical/psychological/both – and I feel like the market is saturated with one woman shows, so what’s the point. I do see that my piece of art could be what changes someone else’s life, but keeping up that kind of inspiration is challenging!

  109. The video does not work. I received this notification, “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.” However, I read Marie’s introduction, I have read the comments and I agree that art, in whatever form, has the power to move us in many different ways. I am sure that the chaplin will reach and touch more people than she can ever imagine. Probably more than she would have if she had remained a chaplin. I admire her for her courage to shift to a new career and the faith she preached as a chaplin will always be there in her, whatever she does, without the collar.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Carol-Ann, thank you so much for jumping into the conversation with us! The video should be playing smoothly for you, so if you’re still running into trouble, please feel free to reach out to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom. Perhaps there was a YouTube blip when you were trying to watch!

  110. Annette Phillips

    In the words of Alain de Botton, here are five things that Art might be able to do for us.

    1. Art Keeps Us Hopeful. The most popular art in the world show pretty things, happy people, flowers in Spring, blue skies. Prettiness is an emblem of hope.

    2. Art Makes Us Less Lonely. It reassures us of the normality of pain. Art fights the false optimism of commercial society. It reminds us with dignity, that every good life has extraordinary amounts of confusion, suffering, loneliness and distress within it.

    3. Art Rebalances Us. The art we love is frequently something we are drawn to because it compensates us for what we lack. When we are moved by art it may be because it contains concentrated doses of qualities we need more of in our lives. Art has the power to make us more rounded, balanced and sane.

    4. Art Helps Us to Appreciate Stuff…teasing out a value that’s been neglected by a world with a deeply distorted and unfair sense of what truly matters. Art returns glamour to it’s rightful place, highlighting what’s genuinely worth appreciating. Albrecht Dürer’s Grass, John Constable’s Skies, Van Gogh’s Oranges.

    5. Art is Propaganda for What Really Matters. Art is a tool that motivates for a cause. It’s a force that stands up for the best sides of human nature and gives them a platform and an authority in a noisy and distracted world.

    Art is a constant support and encouragement for our better selves.

  111. 1) Art can make people connect on a deeper level and a bigger scale. If people are move through the same art the are in rapport.
    2) My brother showed me a paining of Johfra when I was 4 or 5 years old. From that time on I wanted to be a painter. I took a detour (I think because because God wanted me to learn some other things)
    3)Trough making memorial paintings for parents that lost there child at birth of at a jong age I help parents to focus there love and dreams for the child and not so on there loss.

  112. Sandra Killeen

    I bring meaning and purpose to my life by living from a heart ❤ space.

  113. Joanne

    Thank you for this episode! This is so important. Art is transformative. I take such joy in making my own art and I have seen that joy get transmitted to the viewer when they look at it. Their eyes get a light in them as if the creative energy imbued in the artwork gets transmuted and transfered to the viewer.

  114. Ooh- so many posts. I’m going to get lost in here….
    As a former artist, I would say that if you are the kind of person who needs to have a direct connection with people, art may not exactly do it for you- depending on the KIND of art you are involved in or the delivery of it. For example, painting is a very solitary art form. Marie, when you discuss doing pro-bono work, that is where I think the value can come in for someone with this need to connect with others (such as chaplains). Instead of value and purpose, I think I’d ask Renee if what she really misses is knowing that she is having a direct impact on people’s lives. Art can intersect this need in so many ways- yes pro-bono work, but also creating an art therapy business, volunteering in disadvantaged schools, with immigrants, or with former trafficking victims, or partnering with organizations for the disabled to offer art classes.

    An example is a friend of mine who fell in love with yoga, but found a purpose in working with troubled youth. We had a conversation about some avenues she could go in, which included offering yoga as therapy classes in schools and houses for former trafficked youth. The problem, however, is funding and insurance. She would be insured through yoga certification, but how does she find funding? In this case, I recommended creating a yoga for employees program for local colleges- HR would probably be all over this. Employees could donate or pay a small fee. That fee also pays for her to do the ‘purposeful’ stuff on the side. More employees might buy into the program if they knew their money was going to a good cause, as well. There are probably also grants out there.
    These are some of my thoughts from watching the video. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love these ideas and reflections, Leah! Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  115. Eve

    Pictures speak a thousand words. I cannot imagine a world without images and pictures. Also music, oh my gosh, i cannot imagine a world without music and musicians. I love music and visual art, beauty. I love the intimate way creative people share their inner realm. The invisible part of life. making Creative spirit visible. I love imagery that pulls me in. I am so thankful for photographers and artists that give me glimpses into other worlds. I am so thankful for musicians and music that moves me. I am so thankful artists that draw images and pictures literally or figuratively with words, that nourish my soul. I love seeing the world through someone else, often expanding, enriching my life.

  116. Roge Karma

    This really caught my eye as I wrote a piece recently to my company’s sales team about “selling your soul.” Unfortunately it took me 20 years in sales to realize this, but when I took the persepective of what I was selling, and how it aligned with my passion for education, I not only blew out my sales goals, I was happier, more enthusiastic and felt like I could make a difference in the world. And its not just sales, the coffee barista inspires people at 5 am when they are enthused serving coffee to people who may have more jump in their day from that person’s inspiration. As for art, it not only changed my life, it shaped my life. The influences of John Lennon, Bob Marley and so many more have made me realize how love conquers all. Thanks for this great video MF. “all you need is love”

  117. Joy

    I love, love, love this video! I’m in one of those jobs that is changing the world (tackling climate change through mobilising large investors) and that’s making it really difficult for me to change into my passion (photography) because I keep thinking it’s so much **less** than what I’m doing now. But this vid and all these great comments reminded me of what art has done for me. Yes, the list is endless, but I remember taking a photo of my Dad mugging for the camera and EVERY person who has seen that photo has at least smiled if not laughed out loud. How great is that? And I have jewellry pieces that are whimsical and make ME smile when I see them. I have to remember that going forward and translate that into courage to make the leap!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Joy! Love it 🙂

  118. Very good! Very encouraging for all of us doing jobs that feel irrelevant .

  119. How does art change the world? I think it makes us feel less alone. It puts us in other people’s skin. It builds empathy. If there’s a tool that’s powerful enough to fight the meanness and injustice of hate crime, race crime, war, persecution…it’s art, because without art, we have less connection, less humanity, less beauty.

    I remember being utterly captivated by Quentin Blake’s drawings in Roald Dahl’s books. The balance of lightness and ugliness, the effortless lines, the humour. And Dahl’s writing showed me how very funny and powerful it was to tread not-unlightly around the darkness. Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey, Janet & Allan Ahlberg, Judith Kerr…all planted seeds of joy and subversiveness in my tiny heart. They showed me that words and pictures could be as powerful a thing as fighting fires or being the headteacher or big boss.

    How do I bring meaning and purpose? Well, I keep reminding myself that no matter how many times an idea or thought has been expressed, the way that *I* express it might be just what a child or a friend or a stressed freelancer needs to hear at that moment. Art, after all, is about showing someone something that deep down they already know, in a way they haven’t heard it before. And I’m too curious to stop – it’s a process of inquiry, growth and fun.

  120. I agree with everything you said about art and creative outlets bringing joy to ourselves and meaning to the world. However, my situation is the opposite and here’s why. I have been a cake artist for nearly 20 years. Decorating cakes and seeing the joy on the guest of honor’s face brought me joy for many, many years. There are a couple reasons why it does not bring me the same joy anymore. One is that it is back-breaking work. Some have “text neck”, I have cake decorator’s neck. My body physically hurts all the time from the work I do and I routinely see a chiropractor for maintanance. It makes me question its worth. The other main reason is my view on food has changed dramatically. I’m a dessert person. I have a finely tuned sweet tooth. But when I got diagnosed with a digestive disease that forced me to change the way I eat and look at food, I started to notice all the unhealthy things around me. I’ve never been overweight and it’s not about that, but I work in the largest warehouse club in the world where the unofficial motto should be “go big or go home”. There is so much excess and overly large portions that people love to indulge in just for the novelty of it and it is literally making me sick to come to work and watch this every day. Now I am struggling with honesty in my job. My job as an employee obviously is to sell product. I help sell, company makes money, I get paid for my time. But if I were truly honest with people about my opinion on these sugar laden monstrosities, They’d walk away with an empty cart.

    I do have other creative outlets, as I have taught myself, or learned many artistic crafts over the years, but my main source of pay needs to change before I lose my mind. I wnat to coach people in the ways of healthy eating and learning how to use a kitchen. I love food and the power it has to heal. I have seen first hand the damage it can do as well and that’s where I want to be the change in the world.

  121. Every book I’ve ever read has changed the way I see the world.

    Bringing a sense of helping others to work has kept me motivated. Looking back, serving others has been a golden thread throughout my career path. No matter the job, if I can find a way to do that, it’s rewarding.

  122. Hi Marie
    I loved this episode so so much! I came to art at the age of 38 and first took an an evening class after which the tutors report card said “acrylics are not Angela’s friend”. I decided to ignore him because I knew I’d found something I loved.

    I ‘m now an artist and I run my own Artful Play business where I help other women unleash their wild creative side too. I called it Living Life In Colour TM

    So I truly truly believe art not only inspires but it heals and brings joy to the world with each brushstroke, pencil line, song, dance, sculpture or piece of jewelery.

  123. I’ve recently tapped into my creative side and it’s a great outlet from the mundane life that I use to lead.

    Art + Passion = Meaningful

    In fact, anything you do with passion will be meaningful to someone.

  124. 1. “Art is an Epigenetic Healing Tool We Can No Longer Ignore”
    As Published in the American Cancer Excecutive’s August 2015 Newsletter

    The impact of the arts in the process of healing was recognized early on by Hippocrates, who understood the importance of uplifting his patients’ spirits. Over the past 15 years, there has been a dramatic growth in the use of the arts in medicine. In fact, renowned institutions such as Duke University Medical Center and Dartmouth Medical School are doing research on the subject of art as a healing tool. These recent scientific studies show us that art heals by changing both a person’s physiology and their emotional attitude. [1] The question that begets asking is how? It could be as simple as one word … Epigenetics.

    2. A significant piece of art has definitely changed my life, as well as the lives of many of others …

    As a very young girl I was sexually abused. Since sexual abuse runs rampant in today’s society, I knew I was not alone. Recent statistics show that 25% of all young women, and 20% of all young men, are sexually abused by the age of 18. And this, they say, only represents the reported/documented incidences. According to most therapists the real estimates run closer to 50-50%.

    A spiritual mentor of mine asked me one simple question . . . “What do you want to carry forward from this experience in your life?” Now that was a wake up call. I realized right then and there that I had two choices. I could remain the victim and wallow in the pain. Or I could take a stand and do something about this enormous social injustice that’s been swept under the carpet for far too long.

    So as an Epigenetic Healing Artist who channels angelic art, I posed the question to my divine team, “Exactly what does the world need to know NOW to heal from the ravages of sexual abuse?” Their answer and the channeled art can be found here …

    3. How do you bring meaning and purpose to what you do?
    Michael Jackson once said, “I believe that all art has as it’s ultimate goal, the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.” This fully describes my healing angel art … Through the use of pastel chalks, mineral pigments and illuminating glitter I am able to capture the healing energy of the divine in angelic portraits that engage the viewer through their use of vibrant color and reflective light, while simultaneously enabling them to assimilate the ‘Wisdom of the Angels’ … directly into their emotional field, simply by igniting their hearts. May this healing angelic art set your heart on fire!

    Epigenetic Healing Artist, Lori Daniel Falk

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing these insights, Lori!

  125. SAVVY DAN

    Whatever you are doing is not as important as HOW you’re doing it. If what you are doing can bring about a positive change in your life and can as well make you a different person from yesterday, that means your work is sure to change both people and the world they live in.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      100% agree!!!

  126. Evan Bornes

    Art helps change the world by giving it depth and a majestic dance that is observed by the artist, recreated and observed by the art lover and repeat. Create an endless cycle of inspiration and beauty.

    Music has changed my life, in particular Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Pt. 2 touches my soul because his expression is pure. I believe with art that, what the artists feel, the listener or onlooker feels. From within without

    I bring meaning and purpose to what I do by creating content that goes deeper than the surface level. Providing a different perspective in life that one can carry with them. Thank you Marie!

  127. I loved this episode, Marie. For three years now I’ve been wanting to comment on the absolutely gorgeous piece of art in your videos. Could you share the name of the artist? I think his / her art could be life-changing in my apartment 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Melanie, unfortunately, we’re not able to share the name of the artist who created that lovely custom piece for us, but we deeply appreciate your kind words about it. You might poke around online or do some searching on Etsy and see if there’s an artist there whose work resonates in the same way.

      Thank you!

  128. I am a wedding stationery graphic designer and have struggled with this issue. I was in church a few months ago, and it hit me that I didn’t need to change careers to impact others. I decided to donate a portion of my income to Bible translation (Wycliffe Associates) in parts of the world where Christians are persecuted or simply unexposed to the Bible in their own language. I’m about to make my first donation this month, and I am SO excited! My hard work is helping other people hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and while I do believe that my design work matters and improves peoples’ lives, I believe that donation I am making transforms my work, my business, and my life into something that is SO important and would be very much missed if it went away. 🙂

  129. Great video and comments! 🙂 I always felt that art was a selfish thing to do until I had a vision/dream (after a profound meditation) in which I saw golden threads of energy flowing from ‘God’ (the source of all energy) through me as I was making ceramic pendants. The threads of energy went from me, into each pendant and out to the people that would be receiving each pendant, came back to me and went back to ‘God’. I understood that there was a purpose to making the pendants which involved the dissemination of spiritual energy for healing.

    I also saw the energy flowing into an actor on stage and from him to all the audience members, back to him and back to ‘God’, and I saw and understood that there is a purpose to all of our expressions which is far deeper than we realize. It also helped me to understand why we are drawn to certain works of art or music, etc., because we are in alignment with the energy of the person who created it. With physical art, the energy still flows through it after it is complete, which is why we are affected by it.

    I also saw that when we are negative, the threads aren’t as strong. In one scene of my dream, I saw myself and my husband – an exact reenactment of a day we spent in real life about a year earlier. On that day we were both really happy with each other until I said a negative word and it was as if someone snapped a finger and the feeling was instantly gone. In the dream, I was floating above us, watching, and I saw not just one, but, TWO strands of gold connecting us. I then said the negative word and one of the strands broke. That’s when I realized that negativity stops the flow of this energy.

    Also, upon waking, I heard the word ‘amulet’ and suddenly became passionate about making healing amulets. Shortly after, I went to an ancient Egyptian artifact show at a local jewelry store and saw AMULET molds from 600 b.c., and knew I had to have them. I felt like I was being led by the dream. So, now I make them and sell them and, most importantly, I love to share this story to let people know that everything we do, create and express, especially with love, really does affect others, even if it’s not apparent to the physical eye.

  130. Once upon a time ago, I was struggling to feel meaning in my life and couldn’t stick with a career path that resonated with me on a deep level. I remember vividly being in the book store, flipping through The Sartorialist by Scott Schumer. I love his work as a street photographer and how he aims to capture the beauty of diversity. He had a picture of Kanye West who, although I don’t always agree with his choices, I revere as an artist who stays true to himself regardless how many people hate or love him.
    I remember this overwhelming feeling wash over me like I was home. I just remember thinking that I was an artist and I had to follow that path. It completely changed the trajectory of my life from that point forward.

  131. YES! I teach paint parties and private art lessons, and it is amazing. I have seen so many people open up and grow. They have discovered passion and artistic pursuits. For some they have let go of anxiety and stress while painting with me. Art makes a difference in everyone’s lives. I have been very blessed to have had some wonderful art instructors and I hope to carry the torch and inspire as many people as I can.

  132. Shirley

    I work at a battered women’s shelter and I got trained to do art therapy with children and mom’s. It was done through Windows Between Worlds. It really helps the clients

  133. Great Video, thank you for sharing this wisdom.

  134. Creating Art allows us to express our Divinity through our humanity.

  135. “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” Rumi This is the first time I have watched your program and now I am hooked. Thank you so much!

    As a photographer I focus my camera on the beauty of life every day. But you have to learn to see with your heart not just your eye. As a corporate trainer, I use photography as a vehicle to help business people discover their sense of purpose through the amazing photos they create one block from their offices. There is beauty everywhere once you slow down to see it with fresh eyes.

    For me, photography is all about falling in love with your life moment by moment. When we have a peak experience of beauty (Maslow) we loose track of time, feel more alive and present. Entering into that flow state or zone is possible for us all. When we are in the zone, we feel revitalized and renewed. Why? Because our inner and outer life connect and if only for an instant we feel a sense of oneness and wholeness.
    We need this connection now more than ever since this reduces stress, increases a sense of wellbeing, and renews our creative energy. It helps us feel at home in the world on days when we might feel a bit lost or adrift.
    Best of all, over the past 20 years of researching this topic, I discovered 8 archetypes of experiences of beauty such as simplicity or vitality that serve as direct links between our inner and outer life. I interviewed thousands of people and asked them to describe a moment of beauty.
    Much to my surprise I discovered a direct link between my sense of beauty and sense of purpose. If, for example I love luminosity in the world around me, then I feel most purposeful when I am creating luminosity in my work, that is offering insight or teaching. My sister loves the archetype of vitality in nature, and in her work as a jewelry designer, she loves to create vitality in the form of vibrant colors and dynamic designs.
    If you pay attention to what type of experiences of beauty in nature and art make you feel most alive, they hold clues to your purpose. In this way we can follow the advice of Rumi and Let the Beauty we love be what we do.

    • well said, thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Suzanne. Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  136. Steve

    How do I bring meaning and purpose to what I do? By trying to make people think about what their looking at. I don’t want my painting to just blend in with your decor never to be really seen again. I want it to stop you dead in your tracks and go, “Whoa, what the f—!” I do this by creating entertaining images that catch your eye and make you investigate further. I recently had a woman come up to me and say, “I really like your work, it’s so interesting. And you seem like such a normal person.” Made my day.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO awesome, Steve! 😀

  137. Art helps change the world by giving it depth and a majestic dance that is observed by the artist, recreated and observed by the art lover and repeat. Create an endless cycle of inspiration and beauty.

    Music has changed my life, in particular Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Pt. 2 touches my soul because his expression is pure. I believe with art that, what the artists feel, the listener or onlooker feels. From within without

    I bring meaning and purpose to what I do by creating content that goes deeper than the surface level. Providing a different perspective in life that one can carry with them. Thank you Marie!

  138. Nice post dear . I like your post thanks for sharing .

  139. Russell

    1. I’d like to create a business about helping every one to design his/her own clothes very easily. Yes, that’s the crazy idea I want to do because I want to have everybody’s sense of art going to public. By wearing our own design clothes, we can exchange these innovation with each other and create or extend more ideas from them. Ideas will be exploding and the advancing art makes us live better.
    2. The Chinese Singer Jay Chou, his album changed my life. Not only his song are good to listen, but I can deeply combine my mood with his songs, to unlock my bad mood. For example, when I broke up with my Ex, I listened to the song, “Excuse”, over and over again, then gradually I found myself have to walk thru the grief because the part of lyric, “If you want to go, please forget me”. Yes, I got it totally and moving forward~~~
    3. Purposes are such an important thing in my current lives because~~~~I’m already 40 years old. I can’t afford to doing anything without a purpose. My time of live is less and less and has no room for wasting. Currently, I need an experience of developing a business from head to toe, I exactly know my purpose is for my next jobs and the whole life. Since I knew it, it’s pretty comfortable with me to work in the late night, on weekends, on holidays, that’s all fine. Because I know the meaning and purpose to me.

  140. Dallas Polite

    Loooooove it! 😀

    My art is being a Pediatric nurse, I absolutely love to help pediatric and geriatric patients. I have been a Pediatric nurse for the past 8yrs and I know that I make a difference, only issue is, sometimes I think I am not doing enough because there are sooo many more lives I would love to touch and make a difference. Balancing my profession as a nurse, wanting to expand as a entrepreneur, and being a full time mother of two very active kiddos becomes overwhelming without the appropriate support!
    Art can be and is sooo many things and I love it! So much can be meaningful and eye opening if your mind and heart is open for it! Life is art!

    Thank you so much for sharing and allowing the feedback 🙂


  141. Juliane

    I was thinking, maybe i get some good advice on making my work- life more meaningful to myself ( i am a waitress ) and then it’s speaking about art and meaning. And i realized, Art has SO much meaning to me, it wouldn’t even OCCUR to me, to have to have to bring meaning to it in the first place.?Really, for a second i felt baffled, that one could possibly see the act of producing art as not meaningful enough. It’s as important to me as breathing. I wasn’t fully aware if that. And this in return actually leads me to understanding the genereal judgment that’s still present in our societies, that being an artist is somehow not enough in this world. And I felt overwhelmed by this judgment as well on some level. Pheew ! Def letting that go now. Thank you , Marie ! xo

  142. Anton (Tony) Vincent Kurth

    Great Job on purpose!
    Have you ever heard of Robin Sharma?

  143. Elizabeth Rainbolt

    The art that you create Marie helps me in ways too personal to share with the interwebs. Thank you for all you do. You certainly have a gift and a mission in this world that only you can fulfill, and you do it with grace. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for your words and more importantly your spirit.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful comment, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your kind words, and we’re so grateful to have you in our world!

  144. Art is one of the things, maybe the most important, at the root of our evolution. The act of creativity made us pick up a chunk of mud at the river bank and create a bowl, maybe leave it by a fire to become vitrified and then…hold water! Creativity created the wheel, fire, and Instagram. Creativity pushes the boundaries into what wasn’t seen before. It’s the constant “what if?”

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Evie! I love it 🙂

  145. I received a strong and clear message this morning of how to make all of my work meaningful, while meditating this morning. The most important issue to me is that we have clean clear running rivers and watersheds in our ecosystem, and keep them in good health for future generations. I have decided to give a percentage of proceeds to this cause, from everything I create and put out into the world, from this day forward. Thank you for listening and providing a forum for this thinking Marie and team. I am stoked!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love this, Alisa!!!

  146. Thank you so much Marie!
    For me was def the Taj Mahal!
    When I was in front of that beautiful place my tears came out and I just sat and admired it for like an hour.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Emmanuel!

  147. Yes, art helps artists and viewers to access consciousness, it’s more like experiencing deep dreamless sleep and feel fresh after waking up. All art is teamwork of artists and viewers, so it’s a collective work. So, when so many people are involved and being served with consciousness, it has to be meaningful. Let the consciousness flow through you freely and your work becomes meaningful immediately..

  148. Art is beauty in all ways. Thank you.

  149. Tanya

    1. Street art can illuminate light & life onto forgettable places, bringing joy to the ordinary day & making Art accessible to everyone.
    2. The Albert Bridge, London, lit up like a beacon of love across the River Thames at night. A love token from Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, always stirs by emotions like a piece of Art.
    3. To inspire people to love their surroundings and in turn be surrounded by love in their homes.

  150. Thanks a lot for this episode. I have some old beliefs (inherited from my family) which feed my fear about being a poet or an artist with words. I was made to believe that poetry was useless, old-fashioned and not a good activity to make a living.
    I do believe poetry can change people: it can connect you with deep emotions you don’t even realize they are hidden. Poetry is a way of living, you can find poetry in music, in paintings and even in the way you touch somebody. I always say “The best poems are not written on paper but on the skin of your heart.”

  151. Thank you for this!! I’m an artist and I so love when my home is full of art. It brings me such joy, each and every day. Art really does bring people together in such a passionate way. It’s a great ego boost when someone says they love my art, but when someone is honest enough to say they hate a particular painting I’ve done, I just LOVE that! I love the passion and honesty behind that! It gives us the opportunity to really start a conversation and connect on such a deep level and usually creates a life long friend. I create art with as much passion, honesty and soul as I possibly can. When I teach people how to paint, I am so inspired by my students. Most come in with such fear, and feelings of not being good enough. When we are done, it’s amazing to see how my students stand taller, smile bigger, laugh louder and have a new found courage to be who they are meant to be. Without art, it would be a very dark world!

  152. Mahal

    The impact of art in my life is that it created a sense of belonging, connection and significance for me in situations when I may have felt overlooked or neglected. Art can have redemptive qualities. Music and dance has changed my life in ways that it deepens an appreciation for culture, the gift of movement and visual communication. I bring meaning and purpose to what I do by trying to execute the small things well. In that window of discipline seems to shine the light of hope when I can watch and cultivate excellence, even in small frames of work.

  153. ART allow us to uncover or discover OUR GENIUS.
    ART is LIFE GIVING…It breathes a dimension of awareness into the unknown.
    ART is US…It invigorates our thought processes… to create.
    2. Human Compassion is art to me… To see it genuinely done is beautiful… It’s LOVE. It gives me life… It encourages me… It makes me feel.
    3. I love to do monologues. It’s my hobby… I perform it a church. It allows me to become something or someone that sparks gives attention to and or brings the audience to attention. It gives them thought… It delivers FAITH… It has even changed people. I write my own monologues through a Spirit that speaks to me. I usually don’t give thought to it; but it comes out so perfect that I know it came from God. The sharing of monologues is enlightenment… It also brings healing. For me and others.

  154. Oh yes… I forgot one… ART is an AGENT OF PROGRESSION.

  155. Art Saves Lives! many years ago, I went through a 3.5 year litigation with a business partner and I lost a million dollar business. I was deeply in debt, full of grief, and considered ending my life. My teenage son was good with his hands, so I explored an art store and found a pile of stones and some sculpting tools. We spent the entire summer carving small sculptures. The removal of the rough stone to reveal the forms we created was a metaphor for the removing of what I needed to let go of. When I carved the grieving man, the pain and grief was carried in the stone sculpture and I was relieved of it. I continued sculpting as a healing journey for over 25 years as an Artist for Peace. I have supported myself as a fine art sculptor and peace builder. I am now preparing for your B School with great plans to serve people with my healing journey, to help save lives, and bring beauty into the world.

  156. 1. If you’re an artist or art lover — what are even more ways, besides the ones I mentioned, that art helps to change the world? Let’s create a big list!
    It shifts paradigms all by itself!!
    2. Has a piece of art ever changed your life? If so — how?
    “Love” Created by Alexandr Milov from Odessa, Ukraine, the sculpture demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman and, ultimately, an inner expression of human nature.
    3. How do you bring meaning and purpose to what you do?
    I am doing marketing/customer service education for pole studios to make the practice more easily accessible and acceptable to anyone interested to such a therapeutic, strengthening and confidence boosting sport! I’m bringing more self love to the world!!

  157. 1. Art heals. A woman in an art class I taught had just lost her son in Afghanistan and the piece she made was cathartic. Art helped me begin my own path to healing.
    2. Instead of going to an early morning swim workout, I watched an artist, Jane Sassaman, make an art quilt titled, “Iris” on an old HGTV show titled, “Simply Quilts.” I was mesmerized and inspired to create my own art quilt by hand. This led me to buy a sewing machine and make many quilts which I sold. I was then inspired to create paintings with fabric on wood. I wrote a book about the process I created and then went on to teach hundreds of women how to make their own artworks in this manner. I work for a corporation in San Francisco now to help pay for my children’s college and managed to finish writing a novel inspired by my journey. I still make artwork, though not as much as I’d like. As soon as I can, I will get back to creating art, and writing full-time. That’s my promise to myself. In the meantime I’m redesigning my website so I’m ready. Jane Sassaman’s inspiring artwork changed my life.
    3. I bring meaning and purpose to my work in communications as a video editor by knowing I’m helping others succeed. I find meaning and purpose in my artistic and written creations because I know my soul is speaking to me through these … and everything, really. I just hear my soul the loudest and clearest through inspiration.

  158. 1. Art brings deeper truths into the world. A different and unique perspective that changes us.
    2. “Good Will Hunting” was a game-changer for me. And thus began my love of writing screenplays, book, and inspirational blogs.
    3. I bring meaning and purpose in what I do by receiving higher guidance, tapping into that beautiful frequency and acting on the intuition from my heart-center.

  159. This video is so perfect for me in this moment. I have been a professional dancer for over 12 years. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey filled with unforgettable and rare opportunities and experiences. But I have begun feeling recently that a professional dance career is self involved and that my position in the entertainment industry was replaceable and didn’t make a huge impact on other peoples lives. I love dance with all my heart, but have recently lost sight of the impact that following my dreams has on the world. I do believe ART is one of the most important things to nurture in this world. Thank you for this reminder!

  160. I believe there is art in everything we do… there’s creativity in work, relationships, and life in general. So express yourself because you only live once. I can’t pin point one piece of art but the ones that are idealistic… you know out of the box – make me ponder and think on what was really behind that artwork and the creator’s mind. I use a form of art in my health coaching by being open and being creative in expressions – this helps the client be at ease and open up with why they came to me in the first place.

  161. Elevating our personal vibration elevates the vibration of the planet. When you are expressing the truth of your essence, you serve the entirety of the world. We’re so used to doing what we do and looking for the evidence of our impact. It is very powerful to know the truth of yourself, express it through your gifts, and have faith that that it serves the highest good of all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, exactly, Dina! Beautifully said. 🙂

  162. Marie Rosy Toussaint

    I met a friend in high school who was a budding artist. I attended a few art exhibits with her, the first on being paintings of Marc Chagall. I never looked back. Art is soothing to me, be it painting, photography, movies, performing arts.
    Some pieces may be universally beautiful and pleasing, but an occasional song of painting will reach you to the core. It resonate to something deep inside you. I think art is like a Rorschah test: your reaction comes from your own history and mindset. This is why when you meet others who appreciate the same art piece, you know you have something deeper in common.
    The first time I visited Paris, I saw a lithograph on the sidewalk near Beaubourg. I had to choose between buying it, or buying souvenirs for friends and relatives back home. I made the sacrifice, and bought touristic knick knacks that were quickly forgotten. More than 25 years later, I still regret not buying that lithograph: it was only an abstract brushstroke, but for some reason, it spoke to me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your passion for art really leaps off the page, Marie Rosy! I’ve got my fingers crossed that another piece of art that will speak to you as much as that lithograph in Paris will cross your path, like it’s meant to be.

  163. Gayla Drake

    I’m a musician and songwriter, and for me, Music = Magic, it really does. Think about it – the entire Universe is made of vibrating strands of energy! If we get in tune with that energy and pull it through our Heart Centers, we can create Music that literally does change the world! Music is like a religion for me, so don’t get me started on whether there has been a piece of music that has changed my life.
    I’m also a music educator, so I see the healing and intense power of music to change lives every day. I have a violin student who has Down Syndrome. Her parents were told over and over that playing the violin, which this girl desperately wanted to do, was beyond her capacity and they should just encourage her to forget about it. Lucky for her, she and her parents found me – and let’s just say her “capacity” expanded to include playing the violin. In fact, she is playing violin at her brother’s upcoming wedding. Don’t tell me art can’t change a life!

  164. This is so perfect for all creatives trying to work out their solutions to pain points and this comments section is gold mine. I work with arts professionals on their business nous and this can be a real challenge for my clients. The arts and creative industries also serve other businesses who use creative work to connect with their ideal customers. From a psychologists waiting room with a calming artwork, a dynamic instagram feed full of top quality pics by a professional photographer, brand positioning for a high end cafe with bespoke ceramic ware, professional video content creation for all kinds of businesses, branding with a creative heart and soul, a band putting bums on bar stools and boosting booze sales… The list goes on! Thanks for getting this conversation started. I’m sharing this video with my creative community!

  165. Art is amazing and it makes us question our reality everyday. This definitely resonates with me because I am a eco-friendly fashion designer, artist, environmental activist and am a huge believer in using less is more. Art has always inspired me and make it part of my everyday life . I am working on revamping my eco-friendly womenswear apparel and making it more of a lifestyle brand. I want to bring awareness to all the healthier options that we can choose in fashion and also to inspire other fashion designers to take the healthier route in making their business. I work with organic fabrics, believe in up cycling and making use out of what we already have, and transparent manufacturing. My art also includes using mixed media and recycled pieces to promote awareness of the destructiveness that fashion has on humanity and on the environment. Art really changes lives and inspires others to question what they are doing and inspires them to change for the better!

  166. Christina Schmitz

    I believe that art allows us to connect with others on a deeper level simply by being able evoke emotions we can all relate to, creating that feeling of oneness in a world that can be so divided. Regardless of ethnicity, religious background or financial status. A work of art be it a painting, photography, a written or musical piece is a form of personal expression which in many cases serves as a therapeutic outlet for the artist. The artist’s style choice of colors , brush strokes and subject matter was born from an energy or feeling that needed to be released or expressed. A work of art may also be viewed as a currency through which energy is derived by those who are able identify personally with the piece. When one is effected spiritually or an emotionally through art that energy is carried with them and has the potential to now infuse with anyone they may come into contact with. There are some songs that just awaken my soul. I find myself playing them over and over because it puts me in a very good mindset, I can’t help to want to spread that feeling to others. I think artists of any kind offer a beautiful gift to others by being able to impact so many souls without even being in Their presence.
    There was a photograph that changed my life completely. The moment that I saw it I sobbed and sobbed. It was a picture of two little black boys disheveled and appeared homeless. The older boy was 4 years old and cradled in his lap what looked to be a 2 year old. They were barefoot and dirty. I wanted to just hold them and promise they would be alright. The point of the photo was to count our blessings, I immediately filled with the guilt of living in excess. The picture also hit hard because I saw myself being that 5 year old caring for 2 babies under 1. I remembered that fear of having to protect my little sisters because my Mom would leave us for days as she suffered mental illness and alcoholism.
    I am currently a nurse and I get the most joy from comforting others. I find the job stressful and draining. The sad part is I need to creatively express myself. The struggles in my life have stirred up a passion within me to help others achieve dreams they see as beyond their reach. I have so many passion and goals that will enrich life for so many. I know that God has great purpose for my life and that is why he’s allowed me to experience these pains and struggles. To prove we all have what we need to fulfill our lives purpose with passion but we must find it within ourselves. For years people have been messaging me for prayer, advice uplifting I never viewed myself as someone who offered hope but I’m ready to work hard and get my plan into action

  167. Hi Marie, I don’t think any piece of art has changed my life, but when I feel stressed and depressed and need peace of mind I draw anything that comes from my imagination, than a while after that the way things happen bring happiness into my life. What I’m doing right now is donating to KFC add hope everyday and at McDonald’s and my purpose of it is that I want my children to have hope, whatever dreams they have to come true and that they may eventually become billionaires and that their journey to reaching their goals may be a heavenly stepping stone, that they may live in mansions and have autonomuos cars

  168. Valentina

    1. Art can make you Feel. It’s almost like you are a musical instrument and the art “plays” you. It’s beautiful.
    2. Yes, Figura con Stella (figure with a star) by Mimmo Paladino, a slightly over human-sized sculpture of a figure sitting down, head towards her/his knees bent, and a star placed on the back of her/his neck. It activated the space around me, I had never felt that before from an artwork, that I could remember.
    3. I trust it, and I know that I am not the leader of it, I am kind of the servant of it 🙂

  169. * Art connect people
    * Art showcase diversity and inclusion
    * Art is telling story.
    * Art doesn’t discriminate.
    * Art doesn’t judge.
    * Showing up as an artist fully and completely give others permission to do the same.

  170. I feel so strongly about this! All art forms allow us an outlet for expression. I have a musical theater/performing arts academy and I am honored to see how it changes lives on a day-to-day basis. Those that are shy learn how to gain confidence by using various techniques and tools to present in front of people, they connect with their emotions in order to portray organic characters and bring a story to life, and best of all is that there is no one right way of doing anything in the arts…it’s all unique and it’s all good.

    In addition, I believe that the arts has the power to inspire children both on and off the stage. Those that are in the audience and see other children performing, believe that they, too, can be on the stage. Inviting various children’s organizations to view our yearly productions is one of my most joyous moments of the year. Seeing the smiling faces and how they drink it all in as they are enraptured by the magic of theater is just pure bliss.

  171. 8/8/2001 A piece of art changed my life forever. It lead me to the passion I have longed to (and now am) pursue as my life calling/career. I had a journaling class where the professor took us to the art museum. She told us to find a piece of art that stood out to us. We were given a series of questions to ask the artist or the art. It led to a profound dialogue where I was literally sobbing on the floor of the museum as I wrote. Watching this episode reminded me of this so I pulled it out, read it, and cried again. One thing she said to me was “You have many surprises ahead of you. You also will do something valuable-important for women.” I guide people through a process (Journey) I call Self Discovery Journaling and my focus has been with women. This is one of the “Journey’s” I’ve done for other women.

  172. Joanne Berry

    For me the movie “Pay it Forward” defined the road I wanted to take. I knew before seeing that movie I want to make a difference in the world, but after I seen the movie I was super clear on how I was going to do that. 🙂

  173. Art is a way to leave your life momentarily, like meditation, weather it’s a stroll through a gallery quietly contemplating and appreciating artwork, getting inspired and fired up listening to a spoken word poem, letting loose and dancing to a favourite song. Without art our world would be pretty boring and we would have no way to express our inner selves.
    I am a civil servant (government worker) and I often struggle with feelings that it’s just a paycheque and what I do doesn’t really make a difference. At work, I make a difference by trying to make my colleague’s work easier, sharing information any way I can, and volunteering in side project that do make a difference.
    I also have a business of my own which fills me with passion because I provide healthy food options to people who have food sensitivities and people who want to eat healthier. I know that every time someone buys my product I am making a difference in their lives.

  174. 1. Personally, arts are the medium of us expressing emotions, thoughts, and even wisdoms. I couldn’t think of a better way how arts are world-changing than this.

    2. There are many, but two big categories of arts that change my life are books and musics. I see books as a way to learn wisdom that leave behind by many great people before me. And I listen to music that make me feel strong emotions.

    3. Finding meaning from your work is subjective. Like Marie mentioned it, our work is as meaningful as we make it. What’s more important is to have the three things: (1) balanced amount of autonomy and control, (2) complexity that challenges us, and (3) awareness and understanding of the relationship between efforts and rewards.

  175. Jillian Gonzalez

    1. Art can be interpreted in so many ways that it can change perspective or expand imaginations that can inspire all minds to grow from all walks of life.
    2. There are so many different expressions of art and the form that has always inspired me is music due to it having the ability to always bring me back to a memory that can help me over come stresses in my life.
    3. The way i will bring meaning to what i do is wake up every morning and live breathe my passion and project that energy to all those i aiming to captivate.

  176. 1. More ways that art helps to change the world
    – Helps us drop in the moment and outside of our head, which is kind of like meditation, and helps us see fresh perspectives to our own challenges.
    2. Has a piece of art ever changed your life? If so — how?
    – The book “The talent code” encouraged me to practice my voice and train myself to sing in 2 years.
    3. How do you bring meaning and purpose to what you do?
    – I help people speak French confidently in record time (5 months); I use performing arts techniques, which helps people finally have fun with one of the most daunting activity one can do: changing the language in which one speaks. The reason this is one of the most daunting is because it triggers social pain (embarrassment) which is perceived by the brain in the same way as it perceives the physical pain. So, in other words, I help people heal their social pain.
    And this is HUGE!

  177. Jacki

    Alright! This is one thing I needed this morning.
    1. Art helps with not only self-reflection, but it helps persuade by giving our own perspective on things. I currently am in sales (not a fan, but it’s paying my bills), and I find the best sales integrate storytelling. Your own experiences and integrating yourself into a customer’s story. Art overall can help us change our perspective on things.
    2. I just enrolled in B-School and because I am a writer, I surprised myself and thought back to when I was a kid! We had this book by Jon Scieszka back in elementary school (I believe it’s called the True Story of the Three Little Pigs), and it has just stuck with me all these years. There’s two sides to every story, and I am just fascinated with storytelling to this day.
    3. I do my best to stay true to myself. It used to be I’d hide my personality in most things, but I don’t now. I share so much and so many stories.

  178. Christa

    This was touched upon in the video, but it is so important to state again.

    1) I think the emotional aspect of art can not be denied or ignored. Many times it is a healing process for the artist that allows them to deal with certain things or events in a way that clarifies for them. Their art is then viewed by someone in a similar situation and they in turn can gain healing or understanding through that art. That same art can also generate empathy or understanding in individuals who have never been in that situation, but now they have an sight into what maybe millions of people endure everyday. It is a very powerful circle that can touch many people on many levels.

    2) Recently I purchased several tree paintings from a local artist. They are not done in a realist style, they are vibrantly bright and colorful, on the simple side without tons of detail. BUT they are magical! I look at them and can imagine being in that place, in that scene, wandering in the brilliant world that is made up of this 5×5 inch square painting. It’s brilliant! It’s beautiful. And it has a calming nature that when you look into it, you are transported somewhere else, away from the current reality and stresses you are iving.

    3) This is something I’m learning to do (hence this video!). I design and create jewelry and am definitely having trouble seeing how that can be meaningful or give purpose to someone. Jewelry so often seems the ultimate in luxury/vanity items. This episode has helped. Aside from that I am a barista at a coffee shop, and I believe just being as patient and friendly and pleasant as possible goes so far. It is a stressful industry, but people really respond to a smile and a genuine interaction, even though it’s just coffee (well, they usually do). People want to be heard and acknowledged and being attentive and patient, polite, and full of smiles really can make a huge difference to so many of them and it literally changes their entire day.

  179. I just joined B School 2019. I have so many gifts and talents that it sometimes gets overwhelming as to what to concentrate on the most. However, I truly believe that the new Divine Download that I will focus on in b School will encompass all of my gifts and talents…finally! Oh, and I believe that Fashion is Art and as a creative…hairstylist, accessory designer and style coach I believe that both women and men creatively express themselves through their style. Love the quote “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

  180. Milena

    I am musician myself…and I must say that I see everything as an art. Life is a big artform 🙂 I cannot possibly tell you how many songs healed me in my life and gave me the new direction (the number is huge). As we get on the other side of the road, where we are the creators, we get so tangled up in the wrong questions and in defining how meaningful it is.
    What worked for me is realization that if I want to make my music meaningful I have to know who I am, like really know myself, be vulnerable and sincere. I think art is projection of ourselves and our stories, whatever we believe them to be. The more you go in the depth of your soul and better yourself and allow yourself to feel without numbing it down by any kind of distraction or substance…the more it’s revealed to you and the more of that you can share. Also, the importance of silence…it all comes from silence…without breaks in music pieces, it would all sound like a giant chatter.
    I let myself to be in complete silence at times and often I get super duper surprised by what knocks on the door wanting to be expressed… 🙂 If you are sincere when creating any type of art, there is no such question as if it will touch anyone. People can feel it…energy of creation it gets spread with each person your art reaches. Some of humans will be aligned with your energy and some of them won’t and that’s ok.
    Keep creating fellow artists 🙂
    This comment ended up being much longer than I thought it will be…I hope it’s helpful.

  181. I quit my 25 year corporate career at 50 follow my passion for food. I built a website, started a blog, host group cooking classes and pop-up dinners around my farm table. I know from the comments and feedback I get from my guests that these events create lasting, memories, bring joy, and connect people. And hopefully, inspire them to gather around their own table with friends and family more often. My struggle is how to make my business scalable. Also, I’m not going to lie, I have Oprah sized dreams…. tv show, a product line…the whole bit. I just feel like my big dreams have so much luck associated with them. And now this creative is in the rabbit hole again…I’m getting back to the lessons *sigh:)

  182. I quit my 25 year corporate career at 50 years old follow my passion for food. I built a website, started a blog, host group cooking classes and pop-up dinners around my farm table. I know from the comments and feedback I get from my guests that these events create lasting, memories, bring joy, and connect people. And hopefully, inspire them to gather around their own table with friends and family more often. My struggle is how to make my business scalable. Also, I’m not going to lie, I have Oprah sized dreams…. tv show, a product line…the whole bit. I just feel like my big dreams have so much luck associated with them. And now this creative is in the rabbit hole again…I’m getting back to the lessons *sigh:)

  183. Barry

    I remember doing a workshop on inner and relationship change. One of the exercises for the evening was to write about your life and some of the important influences in it. I was sitting at a desk in my hotel, writing about my Dad. We had had a difficult relationship at times and I was writing a lot of negative influences from his attitudes and behaviours. As I was writing I looked up in the mirror above the desk and saw a black and white abstract picture on the wall opposite. It sounds corny but as I looked it went from black shapes on a white background to white shapes on a black background. It shifted back and forward a number of times. I realised there were many ways to look at my Dad, which opened up a load of other ways of writing and thinking about him.

  184. cathy velasco-martinez

    Art allows us to take a pause and notice beauty of this world. There is so much value in taking a pause. Thank you for all your inspiration to dig deeper.

  185. Sharon

    Making art helps to fine tune the intuition. It also exercises our ability to think out of the ordinary, which is so important to nurture. But the best gift of being an artist is that we are observant, and sensitive to detail.
    I am constantly moved and inspired by what people create.

  186. The part of this video that i appreciated the most is that joy and happiness don’t have to come from a business. I think that encourages me when I feel stuck and I also realize that God or a higher power has many ways to help you make a difference.

  187. for me, art is the way I feel alive. I struggled with years of depression and anxiety until I started pursuing my art. then everything radically shifted. I even worked in mental health with adults with severe mental illness and I found that when I pursued my art everything fell into place at work, everyone around me was calmer, I was calmer there was almost no drama. when I wasn’t pursuing my art, everything went to shit. art is magic. I love this quote from the book “art and fear”, “entire cultures have existed without even the invention of the wheel, but no culture in all of history has ever existed without art.” I believe art is a spiritual practice in nature. I consider it a form of prayer and it is. when we create from our heart, we are connected to a deep inner well of wisdom. we become a channel and our work becomes the voice of God.

  188. Art holds some deep self discovery treasures! This process has changed my life by showing me that there are treasures of information and our private belief systems all around us! It’s now one of the tools I use/teach. I’m not sure if it’s ok to share here so I’ll understand if it gets nixed. This is one session out of a 6 week series I teach. The process takes about 20- 30 min.
    1. Go to a museum and find a piece of art that seems to jump out at you. (Or one you own or have created!) And write what you think captured your attention.
    2. Step into the piece and describe it. Think of all the senses…
    3. Dialogue with the artist. Ask questions, make observations and see what the artist has to say to you.
    4. Ask God (or the universe) what they have to say about what you have discovered and what you should do with this new information.

  189. The inspiration for my art consulting business (Charlotte Russell Contemporary) is my work with artists with developmental disabilities. Working with over 135 to bolster their art careers, I saw first hand how drastically art can change lives financial, socially, emotionally, and politically. My goal is to blend my work with artists with disabilities with my network in the fine art world to create an approachable and inclusive art experience.

  190. Katherine Mullin

    A book named “One Hen” very inspirational a children’s book; however, the lesson to learn about making a huge difference to a community, even as a child is clear, thank you

  191. I love and appreciate the idea that you bring artists in this program, I attended a few very good seminars but it is always very focused on more formal businesses and I always felt that art was so “abstract” in a way, that I struggled to get to answers around art as a business at those seminars.
    I often get client who send me messages and said they were in tears when they received there artworks, especially with very personal commissioned paintings I did.
    Looking forward to B-School!
    I waited 3 years to be able so subscribe…

  192. 1. I feel less alone when i hear a song that screams yes that’s me!

    2. i saw the lacemaker by Vermeer and was so moved my her being in the moment it inspired me to start reading about Buddhism

    3. i share my podcast with my parents to help bring us closer

  193. dee

    Art is where I meet my try dynamic ever-evolving self and tap into my own wisdom ad humor. Art is me and I am art for I was born creative and curios, imagination is the birthright I want to spend my life being most engaged with and present to. In Art and writing, I find myself totally free, happy, relaxed, abundant and even have massive real physical orgasm without getting up ! LOL

  194. I’m in B School and I had several ideas but nothing cohesive. I am at “Start the Right Business”. Rather than trying to rush through to find the answer (normal MO) I am meandering and following the videos in each section. Mulling, ruminating, pondering to find the right business. Few things. I’m an artist, I’m a marketer. What really stuck with me is #4 in this video. “Art gives us a healthy outlet.” Hmmm…

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