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Do you ever get swallowed up by self-doubt? No matter how experienced or accomplished you are, chances are, you do.

How can I be sure?

I’m fortunate to know a fair amount of world-class creatives. Many are award-winning writers, actors, performers and others whose livelihoods depend on their ability to consistently produce fresh, innovative work. Allow me to share a secret I’ve learned…

It’s almost impossible to completely eradicate our feelings of self-doubt. That’s because building self-confidence is a lifelong practice — and it’s one we can’t always do alone.

One kind word can change someone’s day. A few kind words can change their whole life. Click To Tweet

That’s why I was so grateful this stranger on the street gave my self-doubt the smackdown. In today’s episode, get two keys you must remember if you want your creativity to flourish.

They’re simple yet profound steps that can make a world of difference, especially when you’ve hit a creative dead-end.

Because it’s not just about you. When you feel small and unimportant, there’s one mindset shift you need to make and I’ll tell you all about it in today’s episode.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, tell me about a time when someone shared an unexpected kind word or message that made a difference to you. And if you’d like, tell me about a creative project you’re working on that you’re excited to get out in the world.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your observation may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you ever doubt the difference you can make in the world, remember this story. You have the incredible power to change someone’s life, simply by sharing a kind word.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching.

With all my love,

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  1. Richelle

    Hi Marie,
    I have been going through a breakup, and it’s inspired me to write quotes that can help people get through their “wilderness.” I haven’t posted any of it yet but I got to say that I can’t believe how much has been spilling out of me. One day, I’ll show it to the rest of the world. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Post it! Post it! Post it! Even just one or two on Facebook or somewhere. Proclaim to the universe that you have something to say. OK, just had to jump in and encourage you. Go for it!

      • Julie

        Kerri, your book “What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You” changed my life! My closet has never been so empty and I LOVE it! It feels so good to let good these items, and to not feel bad about it. I actually gave a book review on this at a women’s event last week. I asked them to raise their hands if they have clutter in their lives, and every single woman raised her hand. I’m hoping they read your book too!

        • This is AWESOME! I adore the love, appreciation, and encouragement happening here. Doesn’t surprise me of course (ya’ll are my heros!) but I had to high-five it. ?

      • Beth

        Kerri, I love it how you put this:
        “Proclaim to the universe that you have something to say.” So true and so beautiful. Thank you, and Richelle, and Marie for being open about this so familiar topic :)))

      • Ella K Calcote

        Yes, please do Richelle! We need YOUR insight and wisdom. No one else but you can give that gift to the rest of us. We NEED YOU.

      • RICHELLE

        Thank you for your support, Kerri! I will come back here and let you know when I do it.

    • Richelle, you have another cheerleader here, so do share it, but don’t wait until you’re ready. You might never be (speaking from my own experiences :). Lots of love, B

      • Richelle

        Hello everyone. Thank you all for your support. I posted my first one today on Instagram! I don’t know if it’s ok to show my IG profile name so I’m going to attempt to directly contact you and send it to you that way. Thank you again!

        • Richelle, I could do with some of your quotes right now. How can I find you? xo

    • Elissar

      Richelle this is brilliant idea which I never thought of before and I think I need it , am going through something similar and I think such these quotes will be very helpful for me, hope to see yours some day ❤️

    • Richelle, I don’t know if you’re looking for advice or encouragement, but if so, here’s what you do: create a Twitter account for what your quotes are all about. (You can do this for Instagram, too, but Pinterest is more of a “quotable” space than Insta, IMHO.) Create a Buffer account (which may not be necessary) and then use Put your quotes on pretty Twitter- (Insta-, Pinterest-) sized backgrounds, credit yourself in however way you choose (your full name, first name, Twitter handle or just a little logo that matches), and then share them directly, share them to your Buffer, or save them to your computer to share when you want to. You can do all of them in one session and schedule your Buffer to no more than twice a day. Then go and follow a bunch of people on Twitter and retweet their quality stuff. Get involved in a couple of conversations (being a real person counts there, too – nothing worse than a self-promotion bot). Interacting with other people will help others interact with you. That’s the 101. Repeat the process again the next time inspiration strikes. You can also post the same content again a few months later, so long as it’s perennial. Good luck – sometimes I’m surprised about what gets a huge following.

  2. JaNohn

    I don’t think I can ever state enough how timely your videos are. Self-doubt is clearly the frienemy of success. It’s like it self-doubt unusually feels good. It feels like an out from working hard toward the goal. It feels like an out to being vulnerable. These are the ‘aha’ moments I’ve had in recent weeks. Fearlessness comes in chunks for me. I definitely feel like I’m at a point where I need to bite off the next big chunk. Looking forward to the next book. And if I can make a suggestion. I think you and Awesomely Luvvie would make a good podcast.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a good point, Janohn, and part of why self-doubt is so dangerous. We’ll be rooting for you as you’re biting off the next big chunk and starting on a new adventure!

      And we love guest suggestions! Thank you for recommending Awesomely Luvvie. We hear she’s pretty awesome. 🙂

  3. Hi Marie, you’re so right. I’ve been watching 99% of your show every Tuesday for 4 years but only left comments maybe 10 times. Bottom line: 1) I obviously love your work and 2) I’m not giving you enough praise!
    I tend to think that people like you and for example Brendon Burchard (just finished and loved his last book, which I bought after listening to his interview with you on the show) already know they are great and their work is great, so I don’t give praise ; it just stays in my own head (and heart).
    Great episode. It will have me think. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Anne! The thought absolutely counts, though we’re so grateful for your sweet comment as well. 🙂

    • I WARMLY receive that love Anne and thank you for watching all these years!?

  4. Hi Marie,

    Wonderful insights (and I appreciate you for taking the time to make such a revealing and actionable video).

    I’m working on an article about how to build an authentic connection with your Facebook tribe (without relying on deception, manipulation, shady sales tactics, or anything like that).

    It’d be nice to have some input RE: how to monetize that content with a service to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their traffic and conversion ratios. Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance!

    Daniel Wallen

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Daniel! If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this question for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday episode.

  5. Hey hey! ? Loved today’s episode. Marie you’re little book CHANGED my life as well! I still remember the aha moments I had. Thank you. ?

    After YEARS of getting ready to get ready I’m launching my new video blog this week to help women have more money, more health & more love. ? thx for showing us how to get it done! Xo.

  6. Its true, Its amazing how much thinking you can do and never write…or think it s all been said before. Such timely post! I am (All too slowly) writing the journey as a new empty nester who sold her cozy house LA house and moved to bustling and cold Manhattan – to start new. Scary, uncomfortable and emotion filled. You give inspiration everyday to that endeavor Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re on an awesome journey, Denice! We’re proud of you for having the courage to start anew.

  7. Marie, your words went straight into my heart.
    I’m working on my third blog about prayer and spirituality right now. At the beginning I was really worried about putting my content out there. What would people think?
    But your words kept me going. And this video is just another reason to keep going.

    I just happened to meet my old ballet teacher a couple of weeks ago. My whole childhood she was my big idol and I’ve always wanted to become a “Primaballerina”, but life had something else for me in store. So I saw her from afar, getting into her car and she was just about to start driving. So I ran up to her car and stopped her (she probably thought that I’m some kind of creep) and told her that I used to be in her classes and how much she’s impacted my childhood and my love for the ballet. She looked at me, even remembered my name and hugged me. I could tell she was moved and so was I. <3

    Every creative person loves to hear that her or is work has made a positive impact on somebody's life. Thanks for reminding us about that Marie!

  8. Hi there, Our family moved to a new state in late July, and so most everything that has been familiar and secure to me, is different (or gone). I closed my business of 10 years, and started a new chapter. Once feeling super strong and savvy, I have recently felt small and not so secure. At all. In our old city, I was known in the yoga world, teacher, health coach and trainer. Here no one knew me or my story. However, I went to a yoga class at a studio where I started attending classes, and when I walked in a few weeks ago, the owner said to me, “where have you been? We have missed you and were chatting about you the other day. How are things these days…” Her words made my day. I was missed!!! 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s lovely, Lindsay! It may take some time to build up life in your new city like it was in your old city, but it sounds like people are really glad you’re there and committed to making you feel welcome. 🙂

    • Daniela

      Small things that can make the day! So happy to hear that! 🙂

  9. Chaya

    Thanks Marie!

    Needex this. Am thinking about dropping another project cause since i’ve started working on it i’ve found it’s info everywhere. Given not written towards my demografic but i have been doubting my worthyness in putting this out there and wheather im qualified to share at all. Thanks for reminding me that my gifts, wording, experiences, and knowledge are uniquely mine to share.

    Thanks girl.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s definitely tough, Chaya. Before you make a decision on the project, it may help to check out this MarieTV episode: In it, Marie answers the question of “what if people can learn everything I teach for free online?” I think you’ll find what she has to say inspiring and encouraging. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the boost of encouragement! I’m getting ready to launch my line of winter shirts, & am SO excited to share the message & mission behind my business. I’ve been working SO hard to bring this message out into the world, & it gets discouraging when no-one is listening… but I’ve just gotta keep pushing, right? ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Kate! You got this! 🙂

    • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hear a message over and over before responding to it. There are undoubtedly people listening, but they may be waiting for the right time, the money, or just reassurance that you’re going to stick around. So keep it up!

      • Same with me, Anita. No matter how many times I may have ‘heard’ something before, ONE time something different clicks and it produces magic in my life. XO

  11. Hi Marie

    Thanks for your kind words. I rebranded and relaunched my podcast a week ago, and I’ve been feeling very apprehensive about going full throttle with it. Wanna Be is the podcast that helps young women get from where they are to where they wanna be in 30 minutes or less. I think I can make a small but significant difference with it, but I guess I doubt whether I’m talented enough to relay that message. I feel a little bit more inspired by the video, and I have experienced the chance encounter where a stranger has just dropped a word of encouragement in my inbox or while at an event, and it does make all the difference. So my kind words for you is Thank you for being so incredibly giving and generous with your knowledge and experience. It has certainly helped me, and I do get very excited when I see a new email from you in my inbox every Tuesday.
    Imriel M.

    • I love ‘Wanna Be’. It’s so catchy but full.
      Love the Be bit which reminds the listener she can’t get being her wrong.
      And I love the Wanna bit, which is to me the reminder to shift from doubt & angst to the simple subjective truth of full throttle (you said it) longing. Gotta be the longing to feel the be-longing.
      Mind can’t run on two tracks at once, can she. Every time we turn back to the longing, we practice not shorting.
      Best of luck and longing for you and your women Imriel xx

  12. I read this all the time in the comments below, but I really needed to hear this today! Thanks! A company that I have worked with for over 20 years was chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. My little part in that is product styling. I planned to post some new photos I have been working on. Today is the day, but I’ve had a hard time hitting the post button. Here I go… thanks again for your timely message!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Shelley! That’s so exciting and you definitely deserve some praise. 🙂

  13. Hello Marie,
    Thank you.
    Yet another very helpful video.
    Best wishes

  14. Loved this vid! SO SO true. My coaching clients do this for me with their kind emails in between sessions letting me know they’re ‘euphoric’ or they just quit the job they hated and you’re so right – it means THE WORLD to me. Re creative projects, I’m currently working on my second book too! After writing my first one, I have to say the process is definitely easier. If anyone out there is struggling, get a coach or a writing teacher or some kind of support!xoxoxoxo

  15. Melissa Lee

    MARIE!!! Lookit you and your amazeballs timing! I needed every single word in your awesome video today. I’m writing a book, writing content for my Patreon page, AND! brainstorming a future project that will enable me to help others get in touch with their self-love. I too have consumed a cocktail of self-doubt, judgment and the like. It was so helpful to hear that you struggle with these things too. So often I look to others who have a massive audience and think “she’s got it all together….doubt is not in her vocabulary”. I forget that no matter what, we’re all perfectly imperfect humans doing our best. Thank you again for everything that you do. <3!

  16. Wow this was right on time as I am going live in a new fb group that is challenging me to do live video broadcasts in my own fashion business. It’s pushing to me to limits I’ve never seen in my life. I’m creating a new project in my fashion/design business that I have not yet seen on the market and I am excited nervous and a Lil doubtful at the same time but!! i m gonna go for it!!! Thanks Marie for your ongoing messages and Marie Tv rocks

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Sharron! If there’s an industry that loves innovation and creativity, it’s fashion. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  17. Gilah

    Hi Marie, I thought, do I really have what to add to the world?
    And your answer is… Yes!
    Thank you!

  18. Arielle Nobile

    This episode spoke to my core and made me laugh which is the best way to get through to people. So thank you! And I love your questions for today…I was part of a group creative project this summer and different participants showed up every week and one week I was knocked over by a woman who I had apparently subbed for in a story theatre class like 10 years ago. She told me that that night that I taught her changed her whole life and that the person she is now and everything that she is doing is because of what I taught her that one night. I was totally blown away by the power of her words, and being that I’d actually been struggling with insecurity over a variety of creative projects her words totally inspired me to stop listening to my voices of insecurity and keep following my creative muses.

  19. As always, Marie, wonderful stuff! I’ve been offered encouraging words just this week when my dream publisher rejected my book proposal. Trust me, I wanted to give up and forget the whole thing but dozens of people got my back and told me to keep going.

    Now I’m seeking an agent to represent my memoir, a story of how yoga took me from a co-dependent, self-loathing 25-year-old to a confident woman who ultimately discovered truth: something I call the Cosmic Jellyfish. The cool thing about this book? Readers will learn tons of yogic lessons they can use to improve their own lives without ever needing to down dog or set foot inside a yoga studio.

    I know it may take some time, so I’m treating it like a Christmas present. I know there’s an agent out there waiting for me and I can’t wait to unwrap them and discover who they are!

    Much love and gratitude for you.

  20. Amanda

    Marie, I needed this video so much! You always have such a perfect blend of poignant emotion, practical advice, and fun – I love it! I have been helping nonprofits in my area to write grant funding proposals for the last three years, and I have this itch to expand that won’t go away. I imagine being able to work with nonprofits all over the country via the Internet. And, I see myself helping nonprofits to develop their storytelling as a tool for change-making. I believe that stories can be used for more than just grant proposals and marketing campaigns, and that they get to the core of what inspires us and makes us human. I can viscerally feel the impact this could have on the world. However, I also feel nervous about putting myself out there. I’m even afraid of posting on social media sometimes. It’s great to know that even rockstars like you can struggle with insecurities. This video was a great little kick in the butt!

    • Kristin

      Amanda, I absolutely LOVE your idea and I think you could be really successful with it. What a wonderful way to have a huge impact on the world through a number of different avenues!

  21. As a singer songwriter, listeners have told me my songs changed their lives. That’s amazing! So I wonder why I question my ability to write poetry? I’m a closet poet. This episode helped me realize I’m not owning that part of my creative life.

    And OMG. Becky is so badass, she scared me! Go girl!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your music is amazing, Melissa! I’ve heard it said that a song is poetry put to music. You’re already a poet sharing your poetry with the world and it’s changing people’s lives. 🙂

  22. I’m working on a few things about teaching kids to be money confident and saavy. Thanks for the motivation Marie!

  23. Can you start sharing where your outfits are from?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m not 100% sure where this outfit is from, but Marie has a stylist to help her out and she tends to find things at Anthropologie, H&M, ASOS, and the Bar iii line at Macy’s. 🙂

  24. Thank you, Marie. Your interviews, your insight, your refreshing spirit all lend inspiration to me and so many I know. Stay on *your* game, because the world needs your special gift! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. xoxo, Barb

  25. HI Marie! I love this episode and I LOVE marieTV! I can’t wait for your email to hit my inbox every Tuesday. Your topics and timing are just what I needed to hear and today is no exception!

    I’m working on building coaching into my business so I can get out of the time for money trap (I’m a massage therapist) and the other day just when I was going down the gremlin rabbit hole “what the hell and I doing. There are SO many coaches and why would anyone want ME! I must be crazy to turn down massage just to work on building my business” an old friend of mine from high school that I haven’t spoken to in 20 years sent me a facebook message saying she LOVES everything I do and that I inspire her to take better care of herself! It was exactly what I needed to hear to keep pushing forward! I’m incredibly grateful for her words and for YOURS each and every week!!! Thank you!!!

  26. MSA

    Thanks so much Marie for this episode! I wanted to quit my blog this year because I felt like it wasn’t a success but then I met a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and she said that my blog really helped her to restart using a talent that she had neglected for so many years. Her encouragement helped me to see that I was a success and that I needed to keep on going.

    Thanks again Marie! Without you I wouldn’t have even started my blog and business last year. You continually inspire me. Please keep on doing what you’re doing. I think you’re awesome!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful! Sometimes it’s really hard to know the impact you’re making in people’s lives if they don’t come right out and tell you because they might really enjoy a post, but not think to leave a comment or share it on social media. But that doesn’t diminish the impact you’ve made at all. We’ve got our fingers crossed your readers, like the friend you mentioned, will be more open about telling you they appreciate you. 🙂

  27. Hey Marie *waving*

    Thank you for today’s message and good luck with the book.
    I’m developing a collective for multi passionate entrepreneurs and have just this minute put it live online.

    I’m drowning in excitement and ideas at the moment, but I’ve made a start *happydance*

    Keep doing what you’re doing…

    Much love, Sarah x

  28. Thank you Marie for all of your positive reinforcement. I too had a person on the street experience. I have been a designer for over 25 years and had always been creating for clients (which I LOVE to do). My creative spirit started yearning for more, so I started making jewelry just for fun. Every time I wore on of my own pieces, I had really great and positive compliments from strangers who kept asking me where I got them so they could buy one for themselves. I kept thanking them and just brushing it off. One day as I was a getting out of my card on a busy city street, a pretty rough (GUY!) person was laying down on a bench. He rose up off the bench, turned to me, and exclaimed… “Nice necklace.” …then he layed back down. OK. That was weird. I believe in signs from the universe and that was the universe screaming at me! I don’t think it was about making and selling jewelry, (which I do now in a small online shop), but rather a confirmation that I should be pursuing a career of product development that showcases my own designs. I am still in the process of re-creating my illustrative design career and I happen to be writing an article about myself right now, so your episode today was very timely… Thank you universe!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like the universe wants to see your necklaces on more necks! 🙂

  29. Kathy

    First of all, I truly value your show and have followed for years. You have helped me throughout life’s career and personal shifts and challenges. I’ve recently taken a new role. Previously manager, now director, and I must admit I’m struggling with this same topic of self doubt. Thank you for your wisdom and motivation to push me through these challenges. Love and light!

  30. Hi Marie,
    I couldn’t believe that this episode came out this week! It’s coming perfectly on time for me!
    I’m sitting in the airport as I’m on my way back home from 1 week long coaching training.. Training process was pretty intense with loads practice involved of coaching and being coached. One of my training goals was to fully step to find confidence and declare myself BEING a holistic wellness coach. And even though I succeeded in doing it during the training. I’m still finding myself soaking in doubts in this airpot lounge..
    Ahhhh, Marie! Thank you very very much for this message! Please, keep doing what you are doing it. So many of us are in need of your message!
    Much love and appreciation,

  31. Hi Marie,
    I am so glad for your show today, I haven’t watched lately but felt I should. Wow,wow,wow! You hit the nail on the head today. I am a coach, fairly new with my first client. I’m scared but want this so much. I’ve done bschool and have my site and training and everything is good to go but I’m scared to get out there. I also want to write a book and not sure I should because it’s all been done….but you have your wonderful quote ..I do have something to give to the world…but I’m scared. This seems to be my theme…I don’t have a lot of support in my life but I did hire a personal coach and she’s very encouraging. Thank you for your videos, your a blessing.

  32. Ariane

    Hey Marie!
    First of all, to you and your team, thank you so much for all the fabulous advice that you put out there! Its all priceless!! Here, my kind words for someone I admire 🙂
    Second of all, a little story.
    Once I was chatting with a cousin that I see maybe once a year. We were talking and out of the blue, he told me that he thought I was so special, that I was super creative and that I had so much to offer the world.
    At the time I didn’t agree with him much, I had no idea what I could offer the world. But it stayed at the back of my head. That happened a few years ago…
    Now! I’m just about ready to lauch my blog about human ressources and employee management, I feel strongly about my views on the subject and I’m finally creating something fun, that I’m passionate about and that I think could really benefit other people.
    That was a great episode Marie. Kind of like Becky ran into you at a moment you needed it the most, that video came in my life just before launching my site, right in the midst of self-doubt and fear. It’s a sign, for sure. THANK YOU!!!

  33. Bang on as usual Marie!!!!
    So totally needed to hear this today.
    Thanks 🙂

  34. I am artist and I like to make what I call, “Happy Art for Happy People”. While I have some very lovely clients, I don’t have a huge following, and I go through periods of self-doubt just like you described in your video today. Especially when working on something new.
    One time I was at an art event and a woman came up to me and told me how much she liked my art and that she has been following me online. She had undergone back surgery and was confined to bed for a period of time. She told me how my posts were inspiring her as she was getting back in touch with her creativity from her bed. Her words really impacted me and every time I start to doubt myself and what I’m doing, I think of her!
    Right now I’m working on a book called “Listen to Your Inklings”. It is a book of my doodles (Inklings) about the practice of tuning into your inner voice and the importance of creativity in your life (and on the world!)
    Thank you, Marie, for sharing yourself with us. You are an inspiration!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Shari! I’m so glad you have that beautiful memory to think back on anytime self-doubt tries to creep in. And we’ll be wishing you much success with Inklings!

    • Yay Shari! I love your new book title. So sweet and fun, like you! Such an important message too. Thank you for your courage!

  35. Nancy Nuce

    Just want you to know that I look forward to finding your emails in my inbox. You always inspire me and make me feel good about myself.

  36. Oh Marie, this was wonderful to watch and I agree, it truly touches my heart when I receive life-affirming comments from readers and followers that my blog has helped them start businesses or feel more confident.

    My book Mumboss hits the shops in the UK on May 3rd and after interviewing Seth Godin, I remind myself of his words on confidence,

    “I don’t think that building confidence is possible, because it comes from a place of fear, and a place of selfishness. When we enter with a posture of insufficiency, it’s not surprising that there’s a lack of confidence.

    What happens if instead, we start with generosity. If we begin saying, “what can I do, no matter how small?” Each of us is capable of something. And of course, once you do a small thing, you realize that you can actually do a bigger thing. Repeat it until you’re making an impact”.

    Thank you for always making an impact Marie (going to buy your book now) x

    • I love this: “What can I do, no matter how small?” Every post doesn’t have to be earthshaking; every card I make doesn’t have to be awe-inspiring. Whatever I can do that may be of help to someone is worth doing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on Mumboss! And I love the wisdom in asking yourself “what can I do, no matter how small?”

      Marie’s first book (Make Every Man Want You) is out now, but her new one won’t be out for awhile. We’re so looking forward to sharing more when it’s ready! 🙂

  37. T

    I’ve been working on relaunching my brand and blog and it’s all because of the kind words strangers have given me about my work. Thank you for this video Marie – it has reminded me that everyone’s voice is both welcomed and needed in the world. It has reminded me to keep going and not doubt the impact my work has on others 🙂

  38. Angela Gabriela Horne

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you from the depths of my heart for this reminder.
    A friend did indeed say how moved he was by an earlier draft of my book. He was in awe of the themes behind the archetypal story I have been working on for years. A statue of an empress comes to life after thousands of years. She has a dark past and has returned to seek redemption. It is interwoven with a memoir of a spiritual awakening where the author (me) is in dialogue with the main character.
    I cannot imagine a mainstream publisher showing interest in this but I believe if one life is changed forever from reading Meditations of a Former Statue, all the years of struggle will have been worthwhile. Completing the final edit and looking to professionally self-publish in 2018/2019.

  39. Marie & Team: Thank you for this episode and the reminder of how important a few kind words can be!

    I bawled like a baby when I got my first 5-star review on Amazon from a couple I’ll probably never meet. It read: “‘Change Starts Within You’ is a book meant sort of like a wake-up call. Way too often we are chasing the buck and not realising that what we truly want is being left unattended. The author, Cortney McDermott, realized that she was living the life many thought was everyone’s dream while missing out on her young daughter’s life. Throughout the book, McDermott provides encouragement to be the best you that you can be and offers tips on how to achieve that. ‘Change Starts Within You’ is well-written and has tons of advice and encouragement for anyone seeking to improve who they are. We give it all five stars.”


  40. Kim Luret

    Dear Marie;
    I’ve never written you before, but I think it’s high time! I absolutely LOVE the way Spirit expresses through and as YOU! : ) Your whimsical blend of fun and smarts and ‘real’ is just so great!
    I love this quote by Vincent van Gogh about self-doubt: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
    Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging episode. I have finally committed to writing that long-awaited book, whose topic has much to do with your message today; as well as to finally finishing my online course about self-image mastery.
    Thanks so much, truly, for the gifts you bring.
    Kim Luret

  41. Hey Marie 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more, every single time I have wanted to quit writing, I have received a review, a comment, an email or even a real letter from a reader, telling me how much my books have helped them. So the universe gives me friendly little reminders to just keep writing, every time I wonder what the hell I’m doing it for!
    I am working on the 9th book in my series, and I have to say, the self-doubt never really goes away. But at this point, I know I can’t let my readers down. (they’ve threatened hate mail if I stop writing!)
    Much love to you Marie 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on 9 books, Michelle! It sounds like you’ve got some voracious readers who love your work, which is fantastic!

  42. Briana

    Marie! I love all your stuff!! ?
    Not so long ago I decided to start a personal training course (redirectioning) and I wasn’t too sure about it. I told one of my colleagues and they said “I think you’d be really good at that”. I was a little shocked that they had any thoughts on the subject, but there you go! It was lovely to hear and pepped me up about my course!

  43. Oh girllll you are speaking my language today! Thanks for this video! It’s just what I needed to hear! Keep rockin’ and we’ll keep rollin with you!

  44. Marie,
    Firstly, I always get a smile when I see an email on a timely subject from you! Thank you, for the work you do. In my life, I have had many adventures and vocations and on the doorstep of my 55th b-day I have taken my boldest step towards becoming who I am meant to be. I am self-taught in the use of Adobe Illustrator and Xcode (Apple’s developer software), why? You ask. Because there is so much babble and so little clarity of communication.
    We’ve all heard a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is as true today as it has ever been in the history of humankind. I have 21 apps now on the AppStore that empower people to express themselves with imagery as well as the written word. While I have a “Nature Series” and a “Mindful Presents” series, my focus is on my iMessage app “WineLingual”. As a child my uncle taught me that our food and wines are meant to be simple pleasures. As, a sommelier I am driven to simplify the marketing jargon that serves to complicate such a wonderful experience as sharing a glass of wine and the breaking of bread.
    Today’s industry trends and apps serve that marketing approach as well as being boring and complicated! My app puts the power back into the hands of the masses (who btw are buying all the wine), by empowering them to Pour It, Score It & Store It. I purposely built “WineLingual” inside of iMessage where people already know how to take pictures, send texts and save a screenshot. So, within my app are my “Wine Pro Series” and “The Grapevine Series” stickers which give the user the ability to snap a pic of the bottle inside the tasting room etc. and tap and drag all of the descriptors they taste or smell and score the wine. Once, they do take a screenshot and walla their Apple device automagically time and location stamps the picture with all of the other pictures from that experience in their photo albums! Easy Peasy!
    To answer your question about a kind word, yesterday I received a message back from one of my LinkedIn connections (currently marketing directly to these people) commenting on the size and quality of my “body of work” within this app. I just launched it last week, so it is a newborn so to speak. But, I have been building and putting apps on the AppStore for a year now. He’s the first to make a direct comment like this and it kicked my self-doubt squarely in its hindquarters! In high school, I took an art class only to have my art teacher tell me to not waste my time since I couldn’t draw a symmetrical vase.
    The app is free and some of the stickers are as well, the others can easily be purchased with an iTunes account. I believe that to create a tribe requires two things 1. A shared interest 2. A way to communicate and then anything is possible. Because once we have broken bread and shared wine it is pretty darn tough to be enemies.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Rodney! It’s clear you’ve got a lot of talent and I’m really glad you didn’t listen to your art teacher. You’re doing amazing work!

  45. HA! I love you so much Marie! Brilliant words for such a time as this while Im trying to start blogging and start my own business, it’s all just daunting so this helps. You always help and the way you use humor just kills me. LOVE IT! xxx

  46. Hi Marie!
    First of all, your videos almost always come at the perfect time to coordinate with something I’m going through- so THANK YOU.
    Last week, I had my first paid speaking gig. I just transitioned out of my job of 11 years (with the help of B-School!) and have been running my own business- which has been a combination of what I used to do (hair and make-up), and the shiny new job (coaching).
    I was terrified to share this speech- even though I’d taken the Copy Cure and felt it was actually pretty great- it’s scary to share yourself with the world!! I’m sure you know all about that…
    Anyway, after this speech, where I shared the story of my turbulent divorce and then talked about the importance of your beauty routine/communicating you’re worth it by taking care of yourself- I had strangers coming up in tears and hugging me- THANKING me for sharing my story. It was life-changing. A couple women even asked if I’d thought about writing a book…
    Which I have- so that’s my next creative project! So here’s to busting through our fears and ignoring those crazy-ass gremlins in our heads to get those beautiful words out on paper!! You’ve got this, Marie- and I’ve got this! Can’t wait to see what we’re going to share with the world!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      GO, Stephanie! Oh my gosh, we’re so proud of you for taking the leap to do what you love and for having the courage to speak on such a challenging, touching topic. We’re honored our programs got to be a part of your journey too. You rock!

  47. I’ve been working on my creative cat cushions. I took them with me to show my mom in Australia, she just said “wow” they are beautiful. I realize that this was not from a stranger, but my relationship with my mom has in the past not been great. To hear her sincerely praising my creative work brought fluttering warm accepting love to my self. Small but had a huge effect on my day!!

  48. Hi Marie. I love how you encourage people to reach out to someone if what they created had a positive impact on them, because creatives struggle with normal self doubt and it really supports them to hear genuine positive feedback. I wrote and published a book that poured out of my heart after going through the painful loss of my parents. It was a healing journey sharing many insights I learned. Just the other day, someone I know that I’m not in close contact with posted on my FB wall that she’s reading my book a second time. She said she can really relate to it and it’s helping her with her grief and health issues. She even shared that her therapist wants to read it and she bought am extra copy for her.

    This was so helpful for me to hear! I’ve been lagging on the work I need to do to get an updated and improved website up, figuring not many people are seeing it anyway. Well, I’m totally inspired to work on it now. Just knowing how much my book is helping someone through their pain was the encouragement I needed.

    It’s not easy staying disciplined to do the necessary work to build an audience, especially since it’s new territory compares to the type of work I’ve done my whole life. I’m a B-Schooler – which is really helping me! For example, my website isn’t how I’d like it to be, but I constantly say this mantra that I got from you “Clarity comes from action not thought.” This mantra helps me to keep going for it even though I don’t have it all figured out… just do my best and keep going.

    Keep going on your book! There are many people out there that need to hear what’s in your heart to say! xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Lea. Thank you for sharing! ♥

  49. Hi Marie,
    First of all, i love your work. It really helps me to make the steps i need to take.
    Because i am working on my website/ -shop i had a fotoshoot the other day. I posted one of the pictures on facebook today and all the kind responses overwelmed me. It makes me so enormously thankfull.

    What it is i have to do in this world? I am working on my own unique t shirt brand; I am… MOZI. I design high quality t shirts, they are produced fair trade in India of organic cotton. And for each t shirt i will sell, i give one to an orphan in Malawi. My mission statement; SHARE THE GIFT OF GIVING

    Only a view steps left till take off ?✨

    I wish you all the luck and confidence you’ll need to write your book.

    Love from the Netherlands,


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for this, Monique! Your kind words truly mean the world. And your t-shirts and business model sound absolutely amazing! We’re so glad you’re getting a good response and can’t wait for you take off 🙂 Wishing you all the best and cheering you on over here!

  50. Yulia Glotzer

    Hi Marie!
    It`s unbelievable how timely this episode is! I have been struggling with my sleep for two nights in a raw now, cause I kept thinking of my idea about starting a projects. And I am really excited about it, but keep doubting, thinking whether others will understand my message and get inspired by it as well. Such a waste of time, I know, but when the self-doubt comes around, we are all the same, as I see now. Thank you so much for sharing that!
    Oh, btw, that book of yours, it changed my life too 🙂 I remember, when I got to read it I had so many epiphanies, that I sent it to all my girlfriends around the world (including Russia, Brazil and some European countries). I remember, later I have been checking the reviews of this book on Amazon, cause I got curious about what some people had to say about it to not let it reach a 5 star rating. I read them and thought to myself “are you kidding me?? You, girls went so far and still didn`t get it???”. Gosh! I have been through sooo many books about relationships and men, and you have to know, Marie, your book stands out 100%! There is just no other message like that! Your message and advices are so clear and so sustainable and real! And the most important, if you follow them, the worst case scenario will be, you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can`t wait for your next book, it will be AMAZING!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yulia, we’re so happy to hear that this episode came at just the right time for you. We really do all struggle with very similar self-doubts when it comes to putting something new out into the world. You have SO got this – remember, the world really does need your unique gifts and ideas, and the right people will be drawn to them! We love hearing that Marie’s first book was life-changing for you, and that you shared it with your girlfriends, too. Thank you so much for your encouraging, thoughtful words!

  51. Thanks Marie. You cheered my day today. Its been a hard two years for me. Yest I sent info about my blog about my homeless experience to a national news. Today I feel s***

    Its done but I feel tearful and vulnerable today. Thanks for reminding me the world needs to hear my story.
    Bright blessings

    • Lesley, Thank you for sharing! I read your blog and have been left weeping.
      People (I) get so wrapped up in our own lives, our day to day struggles, vulnerabilities, anxieties, that it is too easy to forget that there are those with much deeper vulnerabilities, deeper anxieties, much bigger problems. Your voice has been heard and I know will touch many people.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely Lesley, the world really does need to hear your story and you’re so brave for sharing it publicly. We know that it isn’t easy to share something so personal and difficult, and we admire you. We’re sending loads of love your way and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  52. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the peek into your process. I am currently publishing my memoir, Giant Love Song. It took me quite a while to deliver it to the world and I judged myself for the pace of my process. So I really appreciate your struggles. It seems like each time it gets a little easier. I am happy to share that another book is already underway for next year! I will be published by She Writes Press and I am feeling blessed that I stuck with it. Continued blessings for your book baby! Write On!

  53. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie,
    I couldn’t wait to respond to this episode. I purchased your Copy Cure when it first came out. Fast forward to today. I’ve found that it’s my voice, not someone else’s voice I want my following to hear. Also, I’ve got a few irons in the fire, and learning to write to my audience has been invaluable.
    I’m working on a new website, updating an old one, and, and, and. I asked some trusted insiders for their input with a new homepage for a new website. THEY LOVED IT!!! My insecurities of whether I was conveying my message, were immediately erased. Also, in the process of updating my old website, I found comments on how much people loved my blog. Okay, so at this point, I’m confidently going forward. Yes, there still is a level of uncomfortableness, yet with confidence. My favorite quote is by Pablo Picasso, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I can do it”.
    This was a great episode, great timing, great message. Thank you!
    Blessings on your continued impact,

    • Beverly Ash Gilbert

      Love the Picasso quote! Thank you for sharing

  54. Hi Marie,
    Thanks always for your inspiration & encouragement. It goes against the grain of society (even how taxes are structured) to be self-employed, but being an artist & pilates teacher pushes me in that direction RELENTLESSLY. It helps us all to know we are not alone.
    I’d love to hear Rebecca Lynch’s story of how your book impacted her & can’t wait to read your first & next book myself.
    Happy tortured writing!!
    — Leola

  55. Thank you Marie! Your kindness, empathy and positive messages always come at exactly the right time. Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities because they speak to me.
    I am sending my latest (creative how to) book out into the world – in fact it goes to the printer this week. Despite the excitement and high energy that has been a part of the creative process over this last year, as I finish, all of a sudden I am dragging with a sense of let down, vulnerability and even a bit of depression. Not just the worry about if anyone will like it, will sales justify the hours I neglected other areas of my life to get done, but also if no one likes it, how can I justify spending time on the next projects swirling around in my head?
    Question for creatives – do you find you can receive hundreds / thousands of positive reinforcement, but that 1 negative seems to have the power to pull you back into the well of self doubt?

    • Serendipity – I just received a note from someone telling me how much my past books have influenced and inspired their artwork! Wow – just what I needed right now! I wonder if she was tuning into today?!

  56. Marie, I love your videos! You have an honesty that is so appealing. You are the real thing. My share: A few years back I attended a summer workshop where I got to know a wonderful young woman thirty years younger. Than myself. We’ve maintained a long distance friendship since. She blew me away when she told me one day in an email that before meeting me she hadn’t experienced unconditional love, but that I had helped her feel it. That really warmed my heart, I can tell you! I was so grateful to her for telling me. Like you were saying, her words gave me the confidence to continue being true to myself. Thanks for your strong message that we really do have unique gifts that must be shared.
    I am currently trying to finish a documentary video about the work I do performing piano at a senior residence. Recently I’ve gotten discouraged about getting it finished but now I’m re-inspired. Thank you so much, Marie. Best wishes on the progress of your book!

  57. Vivian Y Allvin

    This could not have come at a better time. Been wrestling self-doubt and inferiority feelings in my acting career extra hard these past few days. And it’s so easy to get carried away in a “nothing-I-d0-ever-amounts-to-anything” narrative and feelings of failure etc.
    So! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie Forleo & All!
    Before enlightenment, chop wood, after enlightenment chop wood. Let’s all keep on keeping on through the light and dark, good, bad & ugly.
    Vivian Allvin

    • Jo

      I agree that these past few days seem to have been extra hard.
      I haven’t had an experience of being stopped on the street, and in fact, I’d be happy if a bug crawled out of the wall here and told me he liked what I do or that I’d made a difference to his life! So thank you to Marie and everybody else for lightening my load and to Vivian for reminding me that chopping wood is good too. x

  58. Marie!
    I just love you so much. Every time I watch your videos I feel like you’re my sister and that you’re for me!
    Thank you for lighting the way!


  59. Marie:
    Thanks for being our voice of encouragement! You are like a walking bouquet of flowers with a sweet fragrance that refreshes plus kind and useful words that empower!
    Pam Groom

  60. Awesome timing having your email and video pop into my mailbox! Had this conversation with a friend over lunch this past weekend. So much was talked about work, life, balance, happiness, the fear of putting out to the universe what we feel so passionate about.
    She has always been my greatest evangelist; but on this day she shared with me how much it meant to her when she had her photo session with me – how much it helped her through such a deeply sad time – an important reminder that what I do for women is so much more than the business of taking photographs. It is also be about giving them strength to love themselves and their life.
    Thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Rebecca! Yes – the work you do through taking photos definitely helps people in a deep way (sometimes in ways you may not even know) and staying connected with this will help keep propelling you forward in service. Love that your friend shared this with you!

  61. This episode is so (weirdly) timely! Lately, I’ve really been struggling with my work. I feel like it’s a shit show dumpster fire and am SO tempted to give up, bag it all, and just go back to working for someone else. Thanks for the encouragement. I always look forward to your emails and videos each week.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep on going, Jessica! Your work is SO important in the world and you have truly unique gifts to share. So glad this came at the right time for you. We believe in you!

  62. Hi Marie,
    Firstly, Thank you so much for all that you do! I haven’t personally told you this but B school has changed my life and I also love all the timely wisdom in your Marie TV videos. So thank you!

    I have had people tell me how my work has completely transformed their lives and that feels amazing and very encouraging to hear . Mind you, my work over the past decade has been local and I see people in my office. My goal is to be able to put myself and my gifts online and reach more souls. That brings me to the thing I want to share with you. it’s a project I have been working on for a while that has taken a bit of a stall..

    So I am working on creating a Wellness Vacation Guide. It’s a 10 day Guide that gently takes you through achieving balance on a physical and emotional level while away on vacation. It is designed to address things like Trust(day 1) Pleasure and Fun (day 2) Self Image (day3) Love and Relationships (Day 4) … DO you see the Chakra reference.. AND much more.. This idea came to me after spending quite some time in St. Lucia doing market research and working with people who were already there on vacation.. I wanted to know: Why did they go on vacation? and What did they want to take away with them after the vacation. ON another note, while in St. Lucia I recognized an intense need for the locals that never leave the islands. they too, need all of this kind of support and can’t afford it or it’s simply not available. So that’s why I wanted to make this into a pretty journal that people can buy and take with them whenever they decide to go away.. and I also wanted to use this product to Give Back to the communities of these lovely places we go on vacation to. The people who also struggle and depend on Tourism to survive. .. I have a vision of organizing/sponsoring local events in schools and hospitals and wellness centres to provide support and education on subjects like Health, Wellness, Emotional support, Healing addictions etc.. I feel so much passion around this and can talk about it for days..

    NOW, what have I done with it? I’ve written it, I’ve had people test it and I wanted to get it designed, illustrated and printed.. and that’s where I hit a wall a few months ago – lack of funding) SO now, I am about to give birth to my human baby (Im 37 weeks pregnant) and haven’t even touched the guide in 2 months. I feel self doubt galore.. guilt and insecurity, because a part of me feels like if I didn’t get this out into the world before the baby.. things will get too difficult, sleepless nights and all and I will completely lose the momentum.. it’s been the struggle in my mind

    if you read all the way here,Thank you! my Question is: How do I quiet the subtle voice that tells me, you’ll lose your idea.. or someone else will do it if you Don’t get it out there yesterday?

    Thank you so much, for reading this. I appreciate your comments and reply

    • Nobody else can do “you.” There are lots of books (and other media) out there on every subject you can think of, but that doesn’t mean yours doesn’t also have value. You can take the time to enjoy your baby while you let your subconscious work on ideas for funding. (I know a woman who used crowdfunding whenever she needed to expand her business and treated it as a loan that she repaid.)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Petya, thank you so much for sharing what you’ve been working on with us here! We’re thrilled to hear that B-School has been helpful for you and that you’re already making such a difference in the lives of others through your work. You’re amazing! It sounds like you’ve already made incredible progress on your Wellness Vacation Guide, this is an absolutely beautiful and well thought out idea. Please be gentle with yourself and trust that you WILL get this out there and into the world in the perfect timing. No one else has the unique ideas, approach, style, or mission that you do and although it may sometimes feel like you’re running out of time or “someone else will do it” – only YOU have the incredible passion for bringing this vision to life in the way that you do. No one else can get inside that incredible mind of yours 🙂

      We’re wishing you all the best with your new little one on the way and cannot wait to see all you’ll continue to create in the world. So proud to have you as a B-Schooler!

  63. Hi Marie,
    I started B-School this year. As of this month I finally put my brave pants on and started putting my stuff out there on Instagram. I now have a holding page up and I am writing the rest of the content for my website, which will be live by the end of the year. January 2018 I start blogging and the newsletter too.
    Whilst I am already ‘doing my stuff’ in corporates I have held back from really standing up and speaking out to a wider audience. So, I gave myself a new job title (Chief MsChief Maker), and gave myself full permission to Make MsChief & now the brave pants (of the knicker variety and not trouser variety) are firmly on.
    Now, I am all in.
    And B-School has a big part to play in that.
    Thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY Lyndsey!! So proud of you for putting those brave pants on 🙂 It really does take a lot of courage to put yourself and your work out into the world. We love your clear goals and commitment to Making MsChief – can’t wait to see all you’ll do in the coming year!

  64. This is so true – after moving to LA from the FL acting scene, I would get messages from folks in FL thanking me for posting about what it was like to be an actor in LA – many said the posts made LA feel less intimidating and ‘unattainable’ for them. I realized just posting about my experiences was helpful to some others. At the end of the summer I started a podcast called ‘Desert Lady Diaries’. This podcast is actually an outgrowth of a saying of yours: “Your content is your currency”. Pondering that, I initially was going to blog. I bought the domain, set up the website and guess what… it’s still sitting there. But, after moving east of LA to the desert, I was so inspired by all the amazing women here, doing fabulous things, I decided to do the podcast instead – and it was up & running in a month – and I just released episode 16 today! Women in the community here love it and it’s allowing them to be inspired and introducing them to women they haven’t yet met, or have met but didn’t know their story. Enjoy Venice – was my daily Sunday morning ritual to visit there when I lived downtown 🙂

  65. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this, it helps to know that this process is part of the creative deal on a long run, no matter what level one is at. We better make this insecurity a friend !

    Just today I had recieved message saying:
    “Thank you for reminding me of who I am”
    I am a visual artist and what stroke the cord for this lady is the routes to roots- via the mountains of my estranged motherlands in a quest to understand what mixed and inherited identities I am made of – even if of course we are made of the ones we choose as much as the ones we inherit – and connection back to the source and nature and a deeper sense of our humanity.

    Messages like these do encourage me to keep going even when sometimes it may make “logical” sense but we all know it al makes sense in the end.

  66. Thanks Marie for this video! I love it that that happened to you and am happy someone reminded you of your worth. I have always felt that all that I have learned from Marie TV, Bschool and the Copy Cure has changed the trajectory of my life too.

    Many years ago when I use to struggle with life drawing my teacher told me I had what couldn’t be taught” :). I can’t tell you how it lifted my spirit and gave me the confidence to keep trying. I still remember it today, 30 years later when I am not enough comes knocking on my door.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love everything about this, Jacquie! How amazing that what your teacher told you all those years ago sticks with you and keeps you moving through self-doubts to this day – pretty powerful. We’re so happy that our work has been helpful along your journey, too, and appreciate you sharing that – it’s an honor to have you in our community!

  67. Marie & Team! This year of Marie TV has been on point. I love how honest you are and you are showing up girl!! I can see a huge transformation in you in the past few years and I love how you are showing up!


  68. Julie

    Today’s video brought tears to my eyes!

    I have been given multiple little “winks” from the universe when I have needed it. Just last week I was at a networking event and a women I have never met approached me and commented how wonderful of a job I do reading at mass. I have not read at mass in over a year. I could not believe that this women felt so moved by something I did over a year a ago to tell me about it. I try to let me passion for public speak shine in every opportunity I get. I often feel like I miss the mark and focus on what I did wrong, so it is always refreshing to receive an unexpected complement like that.

    After years of fear and doubt, I have finally decided my fear of staying of same is worse then my fear of change. I have taken the steps to start my own digital marketing firm, hired a business coach, and have begun taking the steps to start my own business. Although I am terrified, I’m confident that I have the strengths and tools I need to succeed. I know the universe is winking at me because since I’ve decided this I’ve had three different people reach out to me for marketing help, and I haven’t even officially launched yet!

    • Victoria Blade

      so cool!!!

  69. Angela

    Hey Marie and friends- I’ve been reading all of the comments and am feeling really inspired! I have a lot of ideas but am struggling with taking action towards anything because of self-doubt, and an overall worry. I’ve had problems getting a job in my field- which has led to me taking a job that doesn’t fulfill me creatively just to have some money in my pocket. I’ve had tons of interviews and lots of rejection. I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle: unfulfilling job makes me feel devalued which leads to self-doubt which means no action for the business I’d love to start (and then there’s that– which idea do I stick to?). My question is, how do I get out of this cycle so I can reach my full potential and start the business I’ve always dreamed of?

    • Hi Angela!
      My advice is to start small and take very simple actions towards starting the business you want. Take your best guess. You can always course correct once you get started. But if you never start, you have nothing to work with!

      I’m in a similar situation and I’ve found a lot of momentum from breaking big projects down into the smallest of actions, scheduling the action, then executing it. Then acknowledge and be proud that you took the action! Repeat. The more bold actions you take, the more the worry goes away because you’re focused on DOING!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Angela! We’re so glad you’re feeling inspired by these comments and I want to let you know that you’re SO not alone in struggling a bit around having day jobs that don’t feed you creatively, while wanting to pursue a business. This is a common cycle to get stuck in, and it can be really helpful to simply change your perspective a bit in a way that helps your day job to become something empowering – that’s fueling your creative dreams. Oftentimes, simply getting started on working towards our dreams (even if we don’t feel ready or 100% certain) is the best way to find clarity and more confidence.

      There are a few other episodes of MarieTV that I think you’ll find really helpful:

      Really hope this helps!

  70. Alicia

    You just did it. After another rejection for my YA novel yesterday, I was really thinking about giving up. Maybe my stuff is just not good enough and maybe it isn’t destined to see the light of day.
    You inspired me to wipe my tears and try again.
    Thank you!

    • Keep going Alicia! ALL OF US have buckets of rejection notches on our belts. That means we’re in the game. Sending you love and strength and a HUGE hug.

  71. Veronica

    I’m in love with everything Marie Forleo. I’m in tears after watching this video. What an incredibly beautiful example of synchronicity. Marie, I look forward to your next email, video, course and of course, your next book! I’ve learned so much since I came across your work. It’s valuable, practical, harmonious, trim, straight to the point, inspiring, almost as if we could absorb some of your light of greatness that you beam onto us. Thank you so much for sharing!

  72. Thank you I needed that today. I have recently started my first newsletter. I haven’t got it quite right in terms of driving traffic to me, or where it sits, (this Thursday will look different than last did as in where it is). However I have had some wonderful feedback about content. And I am so grateful for that. Sometimes sending it out into the ether can be a holy shit.

    Love and Light
    Christine Kowal and The Animals

  73. Great advice! I’m an actress living in NYC and I do some nannying to help pay the bills. I was in the park one day with a little boy I take care of and I was playing the ukelele and singing a song I wrote. Another nanny walked by and assumed I was a full time mom/musician. When I told her I was babysitting the boy she said, “You’re in the wrong line of work. You should be a musician.” That comment struck me deeply. I have always been a bit afraid to really go for it with music. I’ve always shied away from pursuing it even though it is an obvious calling on my life. Her comment was so strait forward and no nonsense, it felt like God reminding me who I really am.

    I am working on my debut solo album! I’m SO thankful that others have pointed out my gift with music so often over the last 5 years. I really would never have seriously considered it if it hadn’t been for those outside voices. We complicate things so much with our own fears and insecurities, but others see our gifts plainly!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Victoria – that is so exciting! We’re wishing you all the best with your album. It’s true, we really do complicate things with our fears and insecurities and the voices of others who see our gifts are truly necessary blessings! Can’t wait to hear your music 🙂

  74. I can see that I am not the only one who found this episode so valuable. I had so far to go down the page to write my two cents! Yes Marie!! Thank you for reminding us of this important point. We are affecting others with every word and when we share sincere praise it fuels others to do more to the positive. I had a patient once (I have been a dental hygienist for 40 years) who I worked with one day. I did some listening and honestly don’t remember what it was I said to him, but a couple of weeks later received a letter from him saying that our conversation prevented him from taking his life. Fast forward twenty + years and I am a life coach, and love helping clients with what’s in their minds, vs what’s in their mouths. : ) But I learned back then from that patient that we deeply affect others and can lift other people with very little but listening and loving. Being human comes with responsibility for one another to just show up and be present. We may be deeply needed without even knowing. Congratulations on your next book being written and I wish you ease in your inspiring process!

  75. Marie,
    When I was 15 years old, I decided to start writing a book – so as you can imagine, there were many moments where doubt would come in and challenge my thoughts on finishing. But like many of the women above, I’ve experienced a greater number of “mini blessings” (which I like to call them) of random people encouraging me to just have faith. Now two years later, I am 17 years old and have just published my first book “Me Too” on Oct. 1st, 2017.

    You’re never too old or too young to go after your dreams 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You amaze and inspire us, Jolie! This is a huge accomplishment. Congrats on publishing your first book at such a young age! There is so much still to come for you. Keep going for those incredible dreams of yours!

  76. I have written a selfhelp book for women with bulimia and binge eating disorder… including my own journey with having an eating disorder for 12 years and then my later on education that makes me able to help other women going through a similar pain. A very vulnerable process, publishing the book – but because the message is so much bigger than me, I had no choice. Self doubt and self loathing..heeeelllo… yes, that’s part of the proces too. So it made me so thank full and had tears running down my cheeks, when I one day received an email from a woman who started out telling me how she had borrowed the book at the library and thought “how can a woman that young, know anything about pain and how to get better”. “But”, she wrote, I take my projection and preconception back and must say this is the “turn to book” when it comes to overcoming eating disorders …she wrote many more kind words and even though it’s 2 years ago I am still so grateful and turn to read the message when I start to doubt myself and my voice.

  77. Camille Gomes

    Marie, ive been following you since forever. I´m your fan. And what Becky said is totally true: your book has changed my life, may way of thinking and specially the way to get what I want in life. Im very anxious about your upcoming book. I´m sure it will be amazing! You have always helped me on emails and through your videos, your books…anything.

    • Thank you SO MUCH Camille! Means the world to me ?

  78. Thanks, Marie! Your story hits me right now! Photography is my writing.
    As a fashion/lifestyle photographer, capturing seconds of life and tell a story had to lead me into writing a new chapter in my life.

    Yesterday, I was about to leave it there. Today, after hearing compliments from a shoot I did couple days ago and now your episode. IT is like you were talking to me.
    It is very raw, talking from my perspective during this experience, where I explore my inner-self as I am sharing it.
    Thanks for everything you do!

  79. Hey Marie! Thanks for your diamonds!! Today’s message resonated with me as I’m going through another spring cleaning of my circle. Just about to make another jump and so I need to ensure I have the right people (and right language) around me! I wanted to share one of my projects with you. I’ve been writing letters of gratitude for about 8 years. I’ve consolidated my favourite letters and turned it into a book. The book is written but not yet published. Anyways, I can attest to the kind word/kind words quotable that you coined! Keep spreading the magic! Thanks for being you!! Light and love, Jess Corvo

  80. Sokunthy

    After listening to your audio a couple of days ago, I felt so refresh. Sometimes I just need someone to knock on the head and say, be clear what you want, and be specific with your ideas and goal, and then take action in order to move foreword. I want to learn more because I want to be very confidence and successful like you.

  81. Love this!!! I totally agree with everything said in today’s video. I’ve gone out of my way to contact total strangers to commend them on a terrific book, piece of art, etc – even at risk of looking like a crazy person contacting them out of the blue, I felt it was important and did it anyway 🙂 On the other side, as a writer, I’ve had total strangers contact me to praise my work and I think it always means so much more than they ever realize. We need to support one another especially in the world we live in today. Terrific post!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Michelle! We love that you practice this encouragement of others in your own life, and it absolutely comes full circle 🙂 It really does make all the difference and mean so much to receive these kind words from another. Keep it up!

  82. Hanni M

    I started writing when I was going through the heart-wrenching time of caring for my dad with his Alzheimer’s and end of life wishes. I wrote from the depths of my soul and my pain to help me get through so I could be able to be there for him. I would share my writing with my friends as a way of staying connected to them and their words helped me to not to feel alone and gave me the strength to keep going. Dad passed in June and now I have been sharing my journey of grief. I still share my writings with friends and am always surprised by friends commenting how much I am helping them in their life, journey with their parents and understanding their own emotions. The best compliment I received was, how my writing gave shape and body to emotions as it is so raw. I am humbled as all I have done is write from my heart. My writing sits in my phone and computer and I am not sure how to get it out or my next step. My doubt and lack of belief that more people would benefit needs to be befriended and put into the passenger seat so I can drive the car. Thanks for your episode today.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hanni, it’s wonderful and brave that you’ve decided to share this difficult and emotional journey with your friends. We’re so sorry to hear about your dear dad. This is a testament to how much you sharing from your soul can impact the lives of others. Just think, if it can help your friends to connect with their own emotions on such a deep level, how it could do this for others as well! Remember what truly benefits one of us, really does benefit us all. We encourage you to keep writing and sharing with more people!

  83. Priscilla Barrera

    Marie, your message touched my heart and my soul today. As I was listening to the episode I couldn’t help but start crying when you mentioned the stranger on the street said something to you and as a universal message you received it. Receiving universal messages can be hard or make is feel resistant at times. Im a health and fitness coach and they told me yesterday I have to move studios by December. I’m struggling with making a decision either to continue to sublease the studio or go on my own. This episode about to me is about listening- really listening with an open heart which is always beautiful. You have changed and totally transform my life. I’m now living the life I’ve dreamed doing what I love and what I know I was put in this world to do. When I first started listening to you 4 years ago I was doing something totally different and you’ve helped me in many ways from becoming more consciously aware, loving, open hearted and changing careers to pursue my dreams and goals. I knownas I’ve started doing health and fitness coaching I’ve changed people’s lives and lifestyles. As ansolo entrepenerial I want to continue to do that disregarding the fear, self doubt and tons of insecurities I may or may not feel on a daily basis. Today I’m starting to look for a new space with a WHOLE new marie forleo kick #** attitude. thank you Marie. Love Priscilla

    • Congrats to you Priscilla — on the work you do, the courage you continue to embody, and on the new space you’ll undoubtedly find ?

  84. I’m writing a book – A Girls Guide to Money and Investing and I worry no one will read it. I know i have a unique background having been a portfolio manager at new york hedge funds, and completed my Certified Financial Planning course work and exam – passing it. Guys are too greed or don’t care enough to write a self help guide like this one but its also hard to get women interested in investing so i need to build my email list to find my audience … i love your TV and your videos – they really give me a lot of inspiration b/c everything is figureoutable 😉 Tiffany

  85. Great video Marie,
    I have been putting in work for so long internally. I truly feel that it is time to come out more. Your video is such a great message. People close to me have advised me to start speaking more and vlogging as well. The idea of seeing myself in front of a screen is scary especially when you don’t feel where you can be or were physically. I know sound superficial right 🙂 But it is exactly as you said it. It is not about me. It is about sharing my journey and experiences to support people with theirs. And sharing this will get me back and beyond of where I want to be while being grateful where I am. Much love.

  86. giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    Yes, yes, yes! We all need to remind ourselves to speak out when we have something nice to say to others. I live by that rule too. Thank you for always discussing real topics that truly hit home and touch everyone with those “aha” moments. Doubting our abilities is common. Earlier this year, I was contemplating offering some help to a family member. Not that I didn’t want to help, but I didn’t know what to do. So, instead of just asking if I could help with something, I was more specific and offered to help with making phone calls and writing letters, etc, since he couldn’t do those things. Turns out, he was actually having trouble with his healthcare and could use someone to make calls and advocate for him, so I was honored to do that. I have no training in healthcare, I’m a fashionista, but with experience I’ve had with my parents and my verbal skills and take no nonsense attitude, I was confident I could offer those skills. I quickly grew appalled in the treatment he was receiving and made every effort to argue and defend his case to all those concerned. Many have said how fortunate he is to have me be his voice, and it keeps me pushing through those tough moments. He deserves proper care, as everyone else does too. My advice to anyone reading, don’t be afraid to approach someone who is ill, they would surly be battling a lot more than just the illness and could use an ally, a shoulder or an act of kindness. xoxo Giovanna

  87. Kitty

    In EVERY Way YOU Inspire Me Marie – Thank You for ALL that you do, say, share. Thank You, Thank YOU,
    Kitty xo

  88. I am creating a website so that business owners can understand the use of dogs and how to accept them into their locations and build understanding. Today I was filled with self doubt and a woman at the park corrected me by not letting me use the word if when I spoke of my hope for my future. I am signing up for your class and getting done with this site so that my gifts are serving others. Thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Barbara! What a wonderful business idea and we love that that woman’s words in the park today helped you. She’s right on! We can’t wait for you to share your gifts with the world in a bigger way through your site and would be honored to have you in the program 🙂

  89. Hey Marie! I am so blessed to have random acts of kindness come just in the right time on so many occasions. There was a time I felt led to approach a crying mother in the bathroom of Chick-Fila. She had no formula for her baby, claims her belongings were stolen. The Lord told me I would make a difference in her life today. So I did. I took her over to the Walmart. Asked her to share her story and gave her buying power for her needs for the baby. She only chose formula, so at check out I gave her an extra $40 cash for gas. – Random acts of kindness. How it warms my heart.

    Also, I would love to share that I just published my book, “When God Feels Far Away.” I am an Empowerment Life Coach, certified through John Maxwell. I spend a lot of time with women. This book was partly birthed through answering their questions during our sessions. I would appreciate help in getting this short, sweet, practical guide into the hands of as many women as possible! It’s for men too! My heart is to add value, inspire growth, and give others a plan to achieve their full potential to experience their dreams! I do what I love and love what I do. I have to say, “I was just praying, Lord how can I get the word out to promote this precious gem of a book to the world?” I opened your email. I don’t believe in chance, coincidence, or stumble across something. I believe this is a divine appointment met by heaven to share today! Thank you Marie! Your ROCK!

  90. Hi Marie, I loved your episode today. It made me remember a comment a stranger made. I grew up in Hawaii and went to college in Colorado. The first bad snowstorm we had, on my way to class, I slipped and fell flat on my face. My teeth ached terribly for a week and when I finally went to a dentist, they shined a light behind my teeth showing they were shattered and needed to be capped! It was traumatic. The temporary teeth they put in while waiting for the caps to be made were hideous—yellowish and bigger than my real teeth. I began to hide my mouth with my hand in public. I was on my way back to to the dentist to get the real caps put on, walking from my dorm along the bike path, and a biker rode by. “You have a beautiful smile”, he called out as he passed. The timing of that comment – twenty years later it still makes me cry!

  91. Blessings to you, Marie. Thank you for your wisdom, humor and empowering guidance. I’m so grateful that the universe recommended i watch your YouTube video. I am a new mother of an amazing crystal child, Indigo. I have learned so many lessons in this last year than I have in 25 years. After taking the 2nd half of 2017 off from my Conscious Creativity Coaching and Sound Healing performing arts productions, I’m bursting at the seams with new ideas. They feel bigger than ever before with globally changing concepts (from herbal cosmetics to book tours to workshops/retreats/festivals/fashion) , and I find myself struggling with where to begin and to whom to share. Because I don’t financially assist with our home budget currently, I have the idea to start a fundraising campaign in 2018 to lay the concrete foundation (legalities, training, etc. ).
    How do I stay on my game and take it one day at a time when there’s so much to do?
    Peace & Love,
    Jae Tafari

  92. Bryonna

    Love how synchronicity pops in for us when we take consistent steps … the right message at the perfect time! Yours from Rebecca, and mine from you!

  93. I once had a phone call with a customer service rep, and I was joking around a bit while she was working on (probably waiting on) her computer, including something I could be grateful for in spite of the problem I was having. At the end of the conversation she said, “Thank you for your joyful soul.” I’ve never had a better compliment in my life, and I still get teary-eyed when I remember it.

    I create little Thank You cards that have a pay-it-forward message inside, which is a creative “project” that will never end (I hope). I also blog about card-making and gratitude. It’s so easy for me to look at a card I’ve created and say to myself, “That one’s not very good (design/”prettiness”). I have to keep reminding myself that there are all different kinds of people in the world who like all different kinds of things, but all of them love being appreciated, so all my cards are “beautiful.”

  94. Absolutely, Marie. And you are so right. When one of my clients email me to tell me how much what I did for them made a huge difference in their business, it shores me up when I am in the middle of that darkness that seems to happen from time to time, seemingly out of the blue.
    Just this past week, I saw an unexpected amount of money in my Paypal. Turns out it was one of my clients who was so grateful for the extra time I took with her when she was having a panic attack herself. She said that what I did for her was so valuable that just saying “thanks” wasn’t enough. You can imagine what that did for my own self confidence and my commitment to keeping a high level of value for my marketing consulting business.
    Thank you for what you do. When I need a pick-me-up, watching Marie TV does the job. <3

  95. Nancy

    A street person in Key West changed my attitude toward my hair when it was going from dark brown toward white: “I love your hair. Come sit beside me and never leave.” From then on, I enjoyed my hair color.

  96. How super meta that of course this was exactly what I needed to hear today! As for something someone recently said that I needed — there have been many times and many signposts that scream “You’re going in the right direction! Keep it up!” One I LOVED: I posted a song I wrote once (and then immediately cowered in the self-doubt afterglow of hitting “publish”) about my mom, my grandma and me, how they taught me so many things including how to grieve. A friend of mine thanked me almost immediately and said she and her mother were at the hospital as her grandmother was dying and my song was exactly what she needed to hear. And then the tears flew in a horizontal stream outta my face.

    And for the question about what project I’m working on and excited about releasing into the world — well, I am currently finishing up my book proposal for my first book (a memoir about my family). It’s gone to beta readers to excellent response (that felt really good) and I am so excited to get it out into the world. It’s helping that I also basically outlined an entire new book this past week, so I’ll have that to work on over the coming wintry months and it will make it easier to let that sweet creation of the first book go out into the world. But I’m with you — it doesn’t matter how much I write or do or whatever, that dang self doubt sure loves to come creeping in.

    Thank you, Marie, for sharing this, and best of luck and love on this new book! I’m sure it’s going to be smashing!

  97. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for your sharing your experiences with us! I always feel inspired when I watch what you have to share. I want to take action and not let the inspiration fizzle. It seems that I get so “busy” that the important stuff I want to do gets pushed aside for everyday life. I keep hearing a voice in my head that a book is going to be written. I will start journaling to see what happens and narrow down the subject matter. Thank you again! Grateful!

    • Smart approach Jennifer! Journaling consistently will help you get there. And, think about your reader and what you want to help her/him accomplish, understand or be able to experience after reading your book!

  98. A few years ago I had a trunk show and did not sell ONE piece. I didn’t really even engage any of the folks who walked by, they kind of looked at me like I was crazy. I did feel like I learned a lot-I needed to get a ‘sales pitch’ to explain what I was doing-but still I was kind of bummed. Then I went in to the store to get some chocolate (of course) and the cashier said, “what a great outfit! You look like some kind of kick-ass yogi.” Which is basically the look I’m always going for 😉 She really gave me the lift I needed to go all-in to my whole gig and I will never forget it. Thank you, NattyGro cashier! I’m thinking of you as I get ready to completely re-design my website to reflect my focus on teaching people how to connect to the elemental energy of the cosmos with style!

    PS I love you Marie and Team Marie

  99. Thank you Thank you Marie –
    Always to timely. Yesterday I was doubting myself to the MAX. I am just starting to do pattern and textile design and I am at the stage when I am starting to reach out to agencies and pattern studios and I feel soo soo insecure about reaching out. This video just helped remind me we are all humans and their business relies on designers creating awesome work. I hope everyone else is having a great day!

    • I just listened to your commercial demo. What talent! Good for you.

  100. Hi Marie,
    Love this episode! Definitely inspires me to reach out more!
    I’m a voice over actor and narrate a lot of audiobooks, which can be very isolating work. I generally record, edit and then submit my stuff and never hear anything back. Recently a fan of my work found me on Facebook and had me on as a guest on her Podcast (AudioFlow! Great Podcast for Audiobooks!) My heart melted wide open to hear that my voice had made a positive impact on someone’s life. Reaching out and complimenting people is important! Thanks for highlighting this!!

  101. Hey Marie,

    First, let me add my name to the list of people saying thank you. As someone launching a new biz, I truly value the encouragement and inspiration you give so freely. What you do really does make a difference so write that book!

    Second, about that project I’m working on…

    I’m creating a line of self-guided food tours that help people discover the best local food when they travel, without being dependent on a guide or group. I’ve just launched the first tour (Rome) and am in the process of mapping out the route for the next one (Dublin).

    The entire process has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. The excitement that comes from breaking new ground and the self-doubt that goes along with it. But in my calmest moments, I know I’ve created an exceptional product – an immersive, sensory experience, designed to seduce the eye and romance the palate – that will appeal to any traveling foodie.

    Thanks again for making Tuesdays my favorite morning of the week!

  102. Have you ever been bowled over by words? Ten years back, I was living in a foreign place, feeling alone and worrying thoughts were winning 10:1. At the time I was changing industry, in a stifling relationship and didn’t know where or how to get help. The idea of support systems or community were so far away from my reality I didn’t know therapists or self-help existed, so walking down the road in this little french town I was surprised when a local woman stopped me in the street. “You’re worried, but you don’t need to be. You’re going to be just fine” she probably spoke in French, she definitely touched my arm and she sure as hell woke me up! I couldnt believe she could see me. She didn’t even know me and yet her words hit me where it mattered, gave me the support I needed to make the next step and turn my world around. She showed me how natural healing can be and created an imprint of connectivity that generates the work I do today.

  103. I’m excited to share my “Five Step Guide to Daily Inner Peace!” I’ve been learning from b school and following the call to be a Spiritual Coach and developed this guide as my opt-in. 🙂 I’ve also been applying the five steps to my life more thoroughly lately, because I’m going through a rough time. All of it is healing work. Thx Marie <3

  104. Tim

    Marie! Been a fan for a couple years now. It’s great to hear you’re here in LA, writing! I’ve been writing an episodic project for going on 3 years now and we’re just starting to shoot some material for it in the coming weeks. I made the move to LA a couple years back to work where the action is and better myself with the people, process and culture. It’s been an up and down battle. Some days I struggle to ask myself “why” is this important? I keep telling myself because it’s the fire that keeps burning inside and it’s the story that needs to get out there. I’ve had many people helping and supporting this thing along the way and while some have dropped out, others have stuck by my side because they believe in me and this project. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride but it will be well worth it in the end because I’ve never given up! Thank you for all that you do and every bit of advice and support that you’ve provided to your followers goes a long way. Keep those fires lit! And, if you’re interested in a cameo appearance, hit me up 🙂

  105. Jenn

    Marie, Thank you! Your timing is everything on this one. I have had a year of challenge and growth with valleys and peaks. Part of this has lead to my current search for a full-time job after taking two years to work on my product line that isn’t enough to support me. I am actually looking forward to getting a full-time job for the first time in years but the job hunt is enough to take anyones self doubt to an all time high. This video actually brought me to tears. It has been a hard year and life has proven to me once I am a strong amazing women, so thank you! Now please all of you lovely and beautiful people on here, send me good job landing mojo.

  106. Thank you Marie for this episode! I am so fortunate to hear from my clients and others how they appreciate all that I do. It is a great reminder to always be expressing my gratitude to those who impact my life and business.
    Thank you for giving your gift! It has truly made an impact in my life.

  107. Matthew

    I appreciate the encouragement from todays post. Sometimes it’s easy to accept that what you have to say won’t matter or make the difference you hope that it will. However, how true the reminder is that what each individual has to share can mean something to someone and make more of a difference than we can imagine. Thanks Marie for what you shared today and all that have and will continue to share.

  108. Hey Maire, thanks so much for your fun and wisdom. An acquaintance asked me to read her a section of my book, Space Spiders on Prom Day last month when we were at a workshop. I had so much fun reading the section and she thanked me with an open heart. This last weekend, we were at another event and she asked me if I had my book on me, she wanted me to read another part. I did not have my book on me (my error) but I so enjoyed being asked and connecting again with her. Thank you!

  109. Wow!! How perfect was that that Becky stopped and delivered the words that you needed to hear right THEN!! The universe has your back Marie :-).
    The project I’m currently working on and struggling a bit with is my salad cookbook. The format is a bit untraditional and I’m struggling with that. I am going to check out your Copy free sample to see if it might give me some insight.

    Thank you so muc for all that you do Marie. Another thing, I think you should have a contest for your viewers every halloween to win a haunted house tour with you anyhwere of your choosing! Halloween IS my favourite holiday and when I learned that you are a scary movie fan and LOVE haunted houses (yes, I watched your unplugged video), I knew I had to experience a haunted house with you (if I win of Thank you again Marie!!! 🙂

  110. Hey Marie and Community!
    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us all today. As usual it comes at the perfect time. I too was deeply touched by your book, Marie, and am so happy and excited that you are at it again. I too am a writer and have an intimate acquaintance with the big hairy Ms. DoubtmyvoicewhyamIwritingItotallysuckandhavenothingimportanttosay monster. We tango on a regular basis, but luckily she can sometimes be assuaged by cookies and milk, so I do sometimes get stuff written. I am so glad you face and subdue as much as you do, so we, your faithful fans can gobble up your words and ideas.
    Thank you also for giving us a space to share and seek encouragement around projects that we are working on…it can feel so lonely when you are in the creative process, and also afterward when you sit an look at the thing and wonder whether or not it belongs in the world.
    Last year I completed a memoir about the twenty-two year deep dive my family and I took into the weird and wacky world of a cult-like fundamentalist Pentecostal church. It was an experience that nearly undid us all and a miracle that we came out intact emotionally, psychologically, as a couple, and as a family. Even eight years out, we continue to process the layers of baggage and scarring.
    I have been sitting on my story for some time trying to figure out where it belongs in the world, how it might help someone going through a similar struggle, or if it might just be a fun romp (humor has always been my salvation!) for folks to read as a source of entertainment (or education?).
    At any rate, this episode brings me one trembling step closer to mustering the courage to release my words into the world, for better or worse. Thank you so much for always being a strong MFing source of inspiration, motivation, invigoration, and a loving invitation to be the bigger braver me. I love you Marie Forleo. I do. xoxoKathy

  111. Uggghhhh MARIE! Always coming through with the videos that are just PERFECT for this moment in time. I’m sure many agree! Thank you thank you thank you for this and all that you do and GIVE. I am a Dancer, Choreographer and Creative. Last night I received a message from an acquaintance I talk to from time to time, and he gifted me a powerful compliment. He is in NYC and I am in LA. He told me that he feels the community (dance) out there could learn a lot from what I have to offer. It’s crazy how we forget or dismiss the effect of our personal message so easily. Watching and engaging in your videos has been paramount in re-conditioning my mind. I truly have a unique gift and it is does no justice staying hidden in a protected vault.
    Currently, I am working on my next dance-short film, which is a comedy/musical. I get overwhelmed and the doubt creeps in, yet I am am disciplined in conditioning myself with the “self-doubt smackdown.” I know my film has a great concept and I know I will deliver. The takeaway is reminding ourselves how something we uniquely create, will affect others… how it will allow them to smile, relate and feel. That is what keeps me motivated with this project – because I know it is a service to others! When serving others, ain’t nobody got time for the self-doubt! Thank you Marie, Team Forleo, and the MF community!

  112. Martha

    I graduated with a masters in June. I had been experiencing self-doubt and I would get anxiety when I looked at my resume or job opportunities. I thought my resume was awful and on top of that I thought that my experience wasn’t good enough. I saw an email from a professor advertising a short term job working on a research cruise. I never met him but I decided I had nothing to loose so I emailed him my resume. And what he responded just took me by surprise and helped me feel better . He wrote that he was looking for someone with more expertise in physical oceanography ( I studied more biology). But he also wrote that I had a great resume and that he would archive it if a position opened up that required my expertise. I was elated! I was like wow, a stranger, a professor said my resume was great! He could have just told me that I didn’t meet the requirement and left it at that. But he decided to take the time to write a couple more sentences. I was so grateful because I needed to hear that at that point in time.

  113. So I’m a B-School alumni from 2014 and to that day, haven’t managed to get a successful business up and running. HOWEVER, at the moment I feel  like I’m starting to gain momentum. Finally, everything feels right and as if the time has come now. So I’m recording my first music album at the moment (literally, going to do the vocals tomorrow, eek!) and about 2 weeks ago, I also started a little podcast on Soundcloud documenting my journey (thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk for that idea). I had like 10 followers there.. and was doubting if anyone would ever care about my work. Then, out of the blue, this guy started commenting and wrote me the sweetest message – ever! Encouraging and thanking me.. at that moment it was all I needed to hear to keep me going. The signs are all along the way.. you just have to keep trusting; even if it takes you 3 or 5 or 10 years! xo

    • Oh and if anyone would spare a minute or so to go & have a look at my Soundcloud/Youtube/Instagram, that would mean so much to me and totally make my day 😀 Love you all! (Just click on “Emerelle”) ♥︎

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        YAY Emerelle – we are so proud of you for continuing on this journey! We know that it isn’t always easy, especially as an artist, and we love hearing that you’re feeling the momentum building. You are SO beautifully talented and I just adore the aesthetic of your videos. Keep up the amazing work – the world needs the beauty you create! What a great idea for the podcast, too – imagine how many more people you can help and inspire as you keep going. Keep on trusting your path Emerelle – we can’t wait to see all you’ll create in the years to come!

        • Aww thank you so so much for the answer and your incredibly kind words!! Those really melt my heart and again, are exactly what I needed to hear today ? The first day of recording didn’t quite go as well as I hoped. But anyways, I will definitely keep on going.. much more than ever! I won’t stop until I have succeeded, for I know deep down that I’m made for this. Thanks for your continuing support and inspiration. Lots of Love ?

  114. Mella

    Thank you so much Marie for another very timely and apt piece of advice. Your words of wisdom and encouragement really do help us ‘creatives’ step up to the plate and continue in our endeavours when it would be easier to hide behind our self-doubt. As an artist, I actually use a pseudonym, which helped me hide for many years. Thanks for the inspiration, encouragement and the laughs (my creative process sounds much like yours!) as I step up to the next exhibition, and the next, and the next…

  115. Marie:
    Your words are so perfectly timed. I actually just sent a question for the call in show that is so apropos. I’m trying so hard to get my memoir out there into the world and I know I really can offer some important tips for surviving what seems impossible. Thanks for the push!

  116. I couldn’t receive your email at a better time since I started writing a personal development/spiritual short-novel this month. Thank you for the motivational video, I needed it. Take care, Claudia

  117. Hi Marie, I just began hosting my own radio show, A Course in Miracles with Anasuya on KOWS 92.5 fm radio here in Sonoma County. It’s a steep learning curve, but I am really loving the challenge. Honestly, because I’m in the studio all by myself, I didn’t know anyone was listening other than my few peeps and friends. On my third show, a gentleman called in to say how much he loved my show. He said I presented really well and was doing a really good job. Most of all, he found the show nourishing and was so happy that this was available to listen to. His words and enthusiasm uplifted me like some kind of skyrocket! Thank you, Barton, for your kind words reassure me you and so many others I can’t see are listening and loving what you hear!
    There are two projects I am wanting to focus on and get out there: 1) on line study courses, 2) my book, story of my journey
    I am going on over to the copy cure and check out the free stuff. I am praying for focus and inspiration.

  118. Nin Wilson

    There are people who suffer terrible distress and are unable to tell what they feel in their hearts and so they go on their way and suffer and suffer
    But if they meet one with a laughing face and a loving heart they can be revived with joy
    And to revive a human is no slight thing.

  119. Patricia

    I love you. thank you for being so real and relatable Marie. You are the best-est!
    xoxoxox Patricia

  120. Kind words have included : two surprise testimonials from friends who have read my book (completely unsolicited), someone apologising for another persons behaviour, someone complimenting me on my work skills and another person saying thank you for me helping them with their business!

  121. I have just discovered the wonder of your blog, THANK YOU!

    I have to share a moment I had when I was a teenager, working as a waitress, I served a man the last bowl of soup we had and he wrote me a poem that I STILL remember “To the girl with the mysterious name. You made my day. Made the clouds just fly away.” Still smiling!

    I am currently embarking on my first newsletter for my wellness/nutrition project which, although I have formalised in the last year, has been a lifelong project. I am feeling nervous and hesitant but I am going to step up and do it. Thank you MF!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Welcome, Leela! Just love that story, and it goes to show the impact that both of your kindnesses had on each other that day. Imagine a world filled with these exchanges 🙂 We’re wishing you all the best as you pursue your wellness project – it’s going to be amazing and you will help so many people through your work!

  122. Back to Quebec after 25 years of living in Costa Rica. Felt really overwhelmed where everything seems stopped and stagnated in my business until I went to see an old and dear friend facing Alzheimer. I was showing her of my last videos in french and photos from Costa Rica.

    Some residents and employees came to join us. Their joy was palpable despite some people repeating the same things because of their condition. The light in their eyes and their joy expressed in viewing these lighted my light again.

    After this visit on the way back home by subway, I was talking with a young man living on the street and trying to sell clothes from a bag. Despite his drug use he said he wanted to get out but did not know how. My new light allowed me to listen to him, at least for the time of a few stops by subway.

    Receiving this video, Marie, confirmed the need for me to continue my task despite the challenges of the last three months since my arrival in Qc. A BIG thank you for this one!

    Yes, to continue the task of bringing to others what we are called to do is our responsibility despite the doubts that can sometimes invade us.

  123. Jenny

    Hey Marie (and team). First off, THANK YOU for all you do and give everyday. There are many of us out here that SO appreciate all the support, encouragement and education you provide. Plus, the humor you add to it all is right up my alley and I love it!
    I’m a B-schooler (graduate) and working on getting my health coaching business off the ground. I still work and office job and have a family to boss around as well, so keeping my time efficient to keep pushing along has been my biggest challenge. Yet, the determination and “just watch me” attitude is what keeps me going (as well as you guys). Once I get the website up and running (a whole new skill for me to learn), I plan to start a group coaching program for mothers after the new year. I’m getting there!
    Thank you again,

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jenny! You’re doing it 🙂 We’re so proud of you for balancing your time among all these responsibilities and building your health coaching business in the process. Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing great and we just love your attitude! We hope you’ll find everything in B-School helpful as you launch your group coaching program. We definitely encourage you to revisit the materials and even join us for the live program next year for an extra boost!

  124. Thank you Marie for sharing this… At the moment i’m writing a healthy recipe eBook and I can get overwhelmed and doubtful of myself that I can do it. Your episode today really inspired me to keep going! thank you! I always take away a positive message from Marie TV!! lots of love xxx

  125. Hi Marie, as always perfect timing for your words of wisdom. Earlier this year I attended a Hay House Writers Workshop and because of this I am able to submit a book proposal by the end of November. I started with great energy and enthusiasm but recently I have been having difficulty finding the time to finish it, but your energy in this video has made me want to jump up and get my fingers on the keys again, so thank you so much for the kick start that I needed.

  126. It happened quite recently actually. I’ve been designing and making dolls for yeeeeears. Whatever I worked on I’d excitedly show my husband. Now don’t get me wrong, he is never critical of my progress, but my husband is also no BS artist. So the response was often a lukewarm ‘oh yeah’.
    Now, this year I was designing a lot more dolls, speeding up my own development. My most recent doll design was something of a breakthrough. I was satisfied within myself with the doll, but something happened that I did not expect. My husband approached me and more or less said to me ‘Hey this doll is fantastic! You’re years of development has come to this and it is just so good’. Okay, now look, I can’t remember his exact wording, but that was essentially what he was telling me. And, it meant so much to me, particularly as it was coming from someone who has never minced his words.
    BTW Marie! I can’t imagine where I’d be without your funny, special insights. You have helped me get to the person I want to be a lot faster. Your videos are often timely, as I would be asking the universe those very questions. Love and thanks!

  127. Amanda

    Thanks Marie for your inspiration today, much appreciated.

  128. Hey Marie, love this episode. I’ve just started my own blog and I’m working on my first Ultimate guide as my give away for becoming a subscriber. It’s The Ultimate Guide to being a Princess in The Kingdom of God. I’m really excited about it. I’ve used all the free material in the copy cure and it has been tremendously helpful. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad to hear it was helpful for you, Lilly! We’re wishing you all the best with your blog 🙂

  129. Hi Marie!
    I loved this episode! No surprise this episode is right in my wheelhouse today!
    I must confess that I haven’t been able to watch Marie TV recently as I have been focusing my time on writing my first book a well.

    Last weekend, at a retreat for spiritual thought leaders in the Catskills, I did an extraordinary exercise that really helped me release my self-doubt around the book and my business. I am in a centered and balanced place now, for the first time in my life, as my power and self-confidence has come into alignment with my gratitude and humility. I now know how to be powerful without slipping down the slide into ego….yay! I have worked my entire life to get here and it is awesome! I also understand how I must tread lightly and speak quietly allowing my energetic footprints (that are naturally elephant sized) to do the heavy lifting. It’s all so good…

    FYI, I’ve tuned into you a few months back with your interview with Brene Brown on BRAVING the Wilderness. I am living her book to the letter with my work, book(s) and business. I then had the pleasure of watching your ‘Everything is Figureoutable” the following week — the Universe then directed me to your newsletter the following week that listed Josh’s Committed Impulse training in NYC, and my daughter (age 23) and I spontaneously jumped on board to our great delight and incredible benefit. It changed both of our lives…

    I’m the one who gave Josh the little clay Pocket Hearts to pass along to you. It is the foundation of my business Cozmeeena: a brand of kindness, which came from my receiving a small, random act of kindness that changed my life and might actually help to change the world.
    So thank you for everything and warmest regards,
    P.S. I would be happy to share the exercise I learned last weekend at Peace Village, the Brahma Kamari Center, with Sister Jenna (check her out), another remarkable woman, like yourself. Also, while I was there two people referred me to B School for my business which I will sign up for after my manuscript is complete March 1. I remember now, that B School is how I found you in the first place. I will also be doing Josh’s next training, whenever it’s scheduled again in NYC…please give him my best. Sorry this is so long, I have a lot to share with you. 🙂 xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is AWESOME, Lisa! Your comment made my day. It means the world to us that you’re enjoying MarieTV, especially the Brené Brown episode since it sounds like she’s been an inspiration for you too. We were thrilled to have her on the show.

      And it’s so good to hear you and your daughter enjoyed Josh’s Committed Impulse class. Thank you for the Pocket Hearts! <3

      We're rooting for you as you're finishing your manuscript and we'd be honored to welcome you to B-School. We appreciate you tuning in and are thankful that Marie and Josh get to be a part of your world!

  130. Great episode! I love that a wrestler found you on the streets of LA to give you props! The universe is Brilliant!!! I had somebody tell me about an experience they had at an event I produced 20 years ago and it made my brain spin… could I do it again? Is it possible? Do I still have the skills? The thoughts are building every day and I’m seeing it happen in my head. Maybe its time to give a smackdown to all those doubts and start exploring the possibilities. Wahoooo! Thank you for your amazing energy and loving spirit.

  131. Dear Marie,
    I’m a B-School grad and it has taken me 2 1/2 years to integrate all of the learning that has brought me to this week in which I’m launching my first online course. It’s RETREAT FROM STRESS: Meditative Spa for the Soul. I couldn’t have done it without you. I sing your praises nearly daily to anyone who hears about my process. I’m grateful to you and am a huge believer in thanking people and sharing the positive impact they’ve had on my life. So gratitude to you, dear Marie! Good to know that you’ve delivered a TKO to the trash-talking Dragons of Doubt and that you’ve redirected them to pull your chariot! Yay, you. Big hugs.

  132. Olivia Beille

    Girl, you’re on point publishing this right in the middle of the NaNoWriMo! You sure know what you’re doing!

    Thanks for sharing this, it helps a lot during this writing challenge. 50 000 words in a month sure can be quite a task but it has the advantage of letting no place to self-doubt. Because if you let yourself go down that road you just won’t make your word count! I find that fast writing is very effective against that little voice that tries to discourage you, it’s like saying to it: “Sorry, can’t listen to you I have 2000 words to write like, yesterday, so, later maybe, but not today!”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Olivia, and such a good point. Sometimes when you’re going for your goals really fast you don’t have time to stop and let self-doubt hitch a ride! I know NaNoWriMo isn’t an easy feat, but you got this and 5ok words is going to feel awesome at the end of the month. 🙂

  133. Loved this episode, but what can I say? I’m sure your work has changed many lives, and mine is no exception. I took B-School last march, and it has completely changed my approach to business. It has opened my mind to new possibilities and has given me the courage to go after my dreams and get rid of that stupid self-doubt most of us creatives have.
    Then, two weeks ago, I also attended Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara. He made it all look so simple!
    Finally, I’m 15 pages into my first book on life balance and productivity with a more feminine approach. Book proposal and book structure are ready!
    So thank you!

  134. Maria, your presentation reminded me of a quote from an artist who shared her thought with us on marketing our art.
    “Rising tides float all boats”, seems to be something you live by and model in life. The message is, if you are gaining success in your area of endeavour and use opportunities to support and promote the efforts of others, the result can be success for all.
    It was great to have that reminder at a time when one questions whether or not their efforts are paying off. Thanks for the inspiration.

  135. Oh wow. It’s fabulous when two of my favourite worlds collide! I have such love and respect for Becky Lynch. So happy the WWE is finally rewriting women’s stories, particularly retiring the ridiculous title of Diva.

    I’ve thanked every wrestler I’ve ever met and will continue to do so. No other entertainers put their physical well-being on the line for the sake of telling me stories each and every week.

    As for me, I’m gearing up to give my little one-page website a blog and email capture system, so I’m still drafting my first posts and opt-in. Coming later this month! On to bigger and better things!

  136. Megan Nashville

    Marie! You must have known it’s National Novel Writing Month! This is exactly what I needed to hear to get out my out of my head space and crank out some words. THANK YOU!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Megan!

  137. Wendelijn

    Omg how amazingly timed this episode is! Thank you. Love it. And it’ll keep me going! I am writing a piece on the #metoo discussion (focusing less on sexual assault, and more on general male – female inequality that still pervades. Not out of victimhood or anger but because we simply need to address this add or underlies the sexual assault issue) but nearing the end I’m getting scared. doubting whether it will be adding value to the discussion or not. Who needs it?? Where do I share it??? Blablabla. So… I’ll keep your story in mind!

    My most wonderfully timed comment was when some female students at the uni I work as an assistant prof told me they never considered an academic career prior to taking to my classes. Simply because misty colleagues are 50+ white males. They were inspired to see a young female who loved sports, clothing and make-up having an academic career. Inn the meantime however i had actually been struggling for years (& still am sometimes) because I felt so different from my peers and was told almost daily that I didn’t fit in. That my interest in sports and looking nice signalled a lack of dedication to academia. That I probably slept around to have my position or that my research was funded through feminist funds. HELL no!!! And HELL NO !!!
    So all the time I was struggling….i was being a rolemodel as well for my students (of whom at least 3 indeed are pursuing an academic career). To this day I have to remind myself of this, cause I can still feel quite inapt and alien from time to time and this pulls me through

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear your colleagues questioned your right to be in academia, but I’m glad you persevered because it sounds like you were just the role model your female students needed! Representation is so important and I’m really glad you were there to inspire and encourage them. 🙂

  138. This is so awesome!! I am super excited for your book Marie! Big love for Becky too, spreading love on the streets! xoxo

  139. I’ve been working on my second book and a one-woman show at the same time (titled Sweet Freedom with a specific focus on my story of the journey to beat sugar addiction using intuition and an anti-diet approach). It is funny that the show has been easier to work than the writing. I’ve also revisited a revision of my first book (Return to Food) and relaunching it as well in 2018.

    The questioning is constant and your MTV today helped me see that no matter where you are on the journey you never stop feeling that. I believe it is an evolutionary response that keeps us growing, stretching and evolving when we use it healthily. the unhealthy expression of it holds us back just as with the ego.

    What I love and admire about your work Marie, is that you constantly inspire us to use these ‘evolutionary’ tools in a healthy way. Thank YOU!

  140. Rebecca

    Hi Marie, I am having my first ever photography exhibitions this month. I am excited about it and really looking forward to the success. I have also been given the opportunity to have my photos up at a community work hub for sale. I feel like I am finally getting this manifesting thing right!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so exciting, Rebecca! Congrats!

  141. Oh so timely as I struggle with fear and angst about offering my ideas and my brand spanking new products to the world. I’m all about engaging with nature in everyday life to lift us into a happier state of being. I’ve created garden activity signs that invite garden visitors to nourish their senses and get their hands into the garden. The copy cure helped me immensely with creating my website, but now I keep getting stuck as I make efforts to market. I’ve started several blog posts and then not posted them. I’m working on a magazine article I was invited to contribute. It’s due in a week and wow, is it a struggle! I’m heading back to the copy cure to see what it can do to help me. Thanks Marie, for your encouragement and for sharing your experience. It makes a huge difference. Especially knowing that writing is a struggle for you too, even though your writing flows so beautifully as I read it. I’d hug you if I could.

  142. This video, such good timing I am sitting up and paying attention. I got some amazing feedback yesterday from a client, I’ll share it, her words made me float in solopreneur air:
    “You know your stuff! You’re like a painter but instead of canvasses you do it on a website. You really know what to hone in on. Weed out the noise and get to the essence. That website’s really shaken me up. So much potential for growth.”

    This came at the right time – I needed a self doubt smackdown. Self doubt is oppressive, misleading and can be blinding.
    Creative project wise! I’m relaunching a project I have on Las Vegas. I’m working on a big content refresh and just rebranded. My domain name originally played off the movie Leaving Las Vegas and my site was, with the idea that you don’t have to leave LV piss broke and deathly hungover. After the tragedy in Las Vegas, it has a new name LasVegasLikeaLocal.

    I lived in LV for two years and loved it, when I moved back to San Francisco lots of neighbors were all “Well, EW, how can anyone live in Las Vegas!?” I decided it was time to educate folks on how amazing local Las Vegas is because LV isn’t just the Strip. I had repeat visitors in Las Vegas because we spent time at all these cool places to eat, cool stuff to see, so I knew I had some good stuff to work with.

    I’m also testing layouts of a Las Vegas photo book I designed. I’d love to sell it and have a %age of proceeds go to first responders. I want a seasoned traveler like Richard Branson to be like, omg this project is SO COOL. A lot easier to dream big and fun when self doubt gets a smackdown, and take things from there!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re combining your love for Las Vegas and your compassion for the first responders in such a beautiful way. Thank you for the work you’re doing in the world––it’s needed. We love businesses with heart!

      • DianaG

        Thank you so much Mandy, that means a lot. Thank you all for what you do and all the inspiration!

  143. Love this Marie. Oh you are such a gift and I love the inspiration you serve every day! I love that you are so real and this encourages me to be truly authentic in my work too.

  144. I was so excited to launch my ENTIRE business. So far, I am the most excited person……

  145. Hi Marie, thank you for always repeating the message, “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only you have”. Thank you. xx

  146. I love this video, I received a compliment today and I going to teach my first workshop at the Main line school night. I am nervous but excited. I am looking forward to business taking off. I am also getting geared up o get my body back. I use to be in better shape, I am in good shape But I have to kick it up a notch. Thank you Marie for all your great advice.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How exciting! We hope it went wonderfully, Joann. 🙂

  147. Hi Marie, This was a very timely video for me. I’m an artist and this summer finally put up my website (Katrina Allen Art), and I’ve started blogging. I love to paint because it is the best way I’ve found to experience unconstrained creativity. I don’t plan my paintings, just explore with colors and shapes and see what evolves – which takes lot of layers and each piece goes through lots of changes before it is finished.
    What I’m really interested in writing about (and struggling with at the moment) is showing the process of creating these paintings, and using them as concrete visual examples of lessons which apply to the rest of life too. Things like – getting frustrated, making mistakes and regrouping, hanging in there and trying something new, staying present to what’s in front of you, figuring out what’s working and going in that direction. Right now it seems to take me a really long time to write my blog posts because I’m not sure I’ve got the balance yet between writing about the art and about the larger lessons. I haven’t gotten much feedback to tell if I’m getting my message across because I’m still working on where to find the audience of people who will appreciate my perspective. But I’m convinced they are out there somewhere!

  148. Tamsin Parry

    Hello, thank you, you are divine and I love the unplugged. My vision is to create a creativity space, in a warehouse where people will come to paint, write , read, act, woodwork, craft- basically make things with there hands, as a way to use art to come alive. It will also be wifi free zone and low tech- everything done by hands. There will be a cafe in the middle to hold everything together. A simple stage for slam poetry, play readings – art for celebrating the creative process- not for the product. I feel like I hold the frequency of creativity as my life’s purpose. It is a grand vision.

  149. Lene

    Hi Marie and your team. I am greatful for being able to see and listen to your MTV once in a while. I don’t have a company yet, but I am considering writing about the kind of work that I do. I work with the operation of IT systems in a company where servers etc. are outsourced. I see two perspectives – one inspiring other Companies and the second inspiring people who may consider such jobs. I hope this could also help me to see whether I have enough knowledge in order to maybe start something up on my own.

  150. Julia Garfoot

    Hi Marie
    Thank you for being a guiding light in my path in this world.
    A creative writing project I am working on with my dad that I am excited to bring to the world in 2018 are the lessons of an Andean Shaman – My Great Grandfather.
    The book recounts the lessons my Grandfather taught my Father of Andean Shamanic wisdom. A book which I have envisioned being read and loved by people like Echart tolle, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, Oprah, Gabby Gabby Bernstein and yourself.
    A spiritual book which I know I have been put on this world to bring to life. I am excited to start B-School and Copy Cure in January so I can take my writing to the next level and birth this book right!
    Again – many thanks

  151. Gill

    I bought a copy of the Big Issue on my way to work and the seller said “Have a nice day!” to which I replied “I’ll try!”. He then responded with “if you say I’ll try you’re leaving yourself open to maybe not having such a good day! Tell yourself I WILL have a good day”. Hmmm made me think and re-program my mindset!! Have a GREAT day everyone!

  152. Thank you so much, Marie. You are the kind stranger with always kind words.
    I will keep writing and sharing…

  153. Daniela

    Great video Marie! I am brainstorming my project for starting my organic skin care brand. Your video couldn´t arrive in a better time for all your viewers!
    Love you !

  154. Hi Marie,
    I am in the process of editing my first novel. Yesterday I heard back from one of my beta readers who said in the opening of the email she sent, “this is an excellent story.” Those words meant a lot to me. I have had many doubting moments through this process, but I am determined to see this through. I have been writing for years. I even have a non-fiction book that has been published, but fiction is my first love and I am so very hopeful that I’ll get my story out into the world. Thanks for today’s Marie TV. You always keep me inspired! Good luck with your book! Can’t wait to read it! Hugs!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Jane! We’ll be wishing you luck with your book as well! 🙂

  155. I saw my year 12 English teacher in a shop, maybe 15 years after I graduated. She challenged me and believed in me. What I learned through her support has been influential in so many aspects of my life. I was terrified as I approached her. I politely introduced myself and told her how grateful I was, what she had taught me and that she made a difference in my life. She glowed. It was wonderful for both of us. Now I teach and my ‘love notes’ are in a folder for when the negative head chatter is loudest. It will always remain such a fond memory to have had the chance to say you made a difference to me.

  156. Today I realized, while watching this video, I’ve been following Marie TV since 2014. Of all the emails and people I’ve subscribed to over the years, Marie is the ONLY one I have stuck with and make the time to watch every SINGLE week because I know whatever she has to offer will only positively contribute to my success! Considering we’re living in a fast world where changes are constant, this really means something. I’m so happy Marie TV and the crew continue to have the success they do because that only means we all get more of dat good stuff! Thank you Marie and Team Forleo. This show really has done SO much for me and I love that I feel so connected to the community.

    This past September, I took a week off work to visit a friend in her small beach town. One morning while out for my run, a stranger stopped me ‘just to chat’ and talk about the beauty of the morning. Coming from the city I thought initially, “Doesn’t she realize I’m in the middle of a run?” but she was too cute and kept blabbing on, so I stood there sweaty, panting and listened. She asked me what I was up too in life and I mentioned that I was about a month away from packing up my life in Toronto and moving myself across Canada to BC, simply because I’ve always wanted to live there: To be in nature and have access to all the outside activities I enjoy so much! The conversation carried on for a bit and as I turned away to continue my run she shot out one last thought, “Enjoy your new life in BC!” For some reason in that moment, her saying that meant SO much to me, nearly bringing tears to my eyes. Maybe it was the outside acknowledgment of my dream now becoming a reality that made it so powerful, I don’t know…

    I’ve been in BC now 2.5 weeks and its incredible! The project I’m currently working on is building up on IG account and followers. I am a female mountaineer and want to bring more attention to this community of people, and hopefully get sponsorship through adventure gear in the future, so making time everyday to work on that is what I’m up too. It’s true, sometimes I question if my post adds value, but as Marie said no one is saying it like me and with my take so it’s totally worth sharing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Laska! We really appreciate you tuning in and are so glad you’ve been in the MarieTV family since 2014. We’re glad you’re here and that you’re enjoying your new home in BC! 🙂

  157. Hi Marie –

    Loved this! I’ve been working for a while in corporate jobs- like over 30 years! – and the best moments in my career have been when I get a call or message from someone I worked with long ago.

    People have tracked me down to express appreciation for something I said or did (in the long-ago past) that person said inspired them to achieve success or a milestone.

    Inspired by you, I just messaged someone who has helped me by what they write online. As you say, it is so important to knowledge those who have helped us! I need to remember to do that more often.

    Thanks also for mentioning the copy cure! I just used it to improve my LinkedIn profile. I’m looking for a new position, so your advice came at the perfect time!

  158. Jessica Banks

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for today’s message, as I REALLY needed to hear it. I’ve been following you for about two years now, and can appreciate everything about YOU! I just got let go from my job as a corporate Training Manager, but can’t help to feel that the universe is doing me a huge favor.
    This may give me the time space and opportunity without any excuses to start doing something that I am passionate about. A project that I’ve been working on is BanksGoodNews, which is something that I’ve had on my heart for a few years, and after hearing your message today, I am encouraged that even if I can help just one person with my message, my story, or journey to date, I’m forever grateful.
    Thanks for being better than AWESOMENSS!

  159. Matilda

    Hey there Marie,

    Loving this simple yet super genuine episode.

    I’m an Australian living an expat life in Malaysia at the moment, supporting my main man in his career ( as well as our finances) without a work visa. I’ve been freelance copywriting for just over 4 years now but struggling a bit to keep up my volume of work since some of my clients have moved in different directions. I want to start a simple blog/instagram account showcasing all the fabulous and delicious cafes and restaurants I’ve found since living here the last 6 months. Feeling unsure about what format to use, whether people will care about it/ find it useful and whether I’ll have the drive to continue with it past the first few posts…

    I recently mentioned my idea to 3 new expat girlfriends who also live here in similar situations. They all said they’d read it and to go for it.

    It felt really good to hear and definitely gave me more confidence to start something. I’m still not feeling 100% about it but know I would love and be proud to see some proactive achievement come out of my time here!

    I’m hoping writing down my story here might give me another helpful kick up the butt to get started sooner!


  160. Hey Marie!
    Wow, I just love the universe and YOU TOO!
    I’m writing THE DESIGN DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO LIVING IN ABUNDANCE and boy have I been feeling doubtful lately. The fact is I’m super dyslexic! I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually even read a book! The whole thought of writing anything resembling a book kinda sickens me! BUT, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned about how to use design and the Law of Attraction to make your house a magnet to get everything you want! I’ve learned through my professional interior design experience and my life experiences, how to guide the power of the universe, but the notion of writing about it makes me shiver in my Jimmy Choos.
    A friend of mine turned me on to your Copy Cure program and BAM, LIKE A BOSS, I began writing in my own voice and feeling pretty comfortable with it! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
    I still struggle, but as you say….everybody does, even YOU! And that really is part of my creative process. I’m not going to cut my ear off like VanGough or anything, but us creatives definitely have unique ways that we work through our creative thought processes!
    So, yesterday I was walking with my husband and waving my hands around, with furrowed brow and frothing despair, walking and talking all about why this is such a stupid idea and what am I thinking! I haven’t played tennis or golfed in weeks! He turned to me and said, “You’re the smartest person I’ve ever known. You can do this!”
    Oh my darling, THANK YOU! I couldn’t do it without you :o))
    So, now I have to write the damn thing!! Honestly, I’m super excited! I can’t wait to get everybody living in the Vortex! BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN’T DO, BE OR HAVE, WHEN WE ARE IN VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT .

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Nancy! You can do it! And we’re thrilled The Copy Cure was helpful for your writing journey. We’re proud of you for sharing your knowledge and not letting dyslexia stop you. The world needs your voice. 🙂

  161. I was at a book signing for my new novel and a woman came up to me to say that she had just finished reading my book (about partner violence) and she thought it should be required reading for every girl before she gets married! Totally in line with my goal of helping prevent others from ever going through a situation like that. My current project is a book about holistic health and how to be a brave advocate for yourself and your loved ones in the healthcare system. Thank you for asking and I am looking forward to reading YOUR new book when it’s done! 🙂

  162. I needed to hear this today. It made a difference for me

  163. This was so good to hear! I wrote a book in 2014 and am re-editing and re-publishing it this year. It’s amazing how a book on yoga, spiritual awakening, and finding your true self can really piss the shit out of me sometimes! I’ve put so much work into this book and my online site with e-courses, podcast, guided meditations, etc. and haven’t made much money at all. But I love this work and I know it’s important even if I’m not quite reaching my target audience at the moment. Thanks for the message to keep on plugging!

  164. I loved this video so much. That is DEFINITELY a familiar-tasting-drink, haha. It sounds just like my writing process. So much self-doubt. So much panic. But the key is to just keep moving forward and trusting that it’s all going to come together in the end. Thank you for all that you do. You’re a daily inspiration, Marie!

  165. Kathrynne Pek

    Hi Marie,
    Last year, I sold everything I had (except a few items my mother shipped to me in 10 boxes) and moved to New York. All alone, one friend of a friend that I knew from before, I set out to find a job (I’m a hairstylist by trade) and an apartment. Within one month, I had both, which in retrospect is quite fantastic. My job at this wonderful salon was progressing, but I was adapting to life here. One day, a kind and lovely woman I made friends with looked at me and out of the blue said, “About our manager, she really likes you in case you were wondering.”
    Just a few words, but at that moment of ‘I know I did the right thing because my guidance led me here, but I’m flailing a bit’, my heart expanded and opened to my team. It made me feel welcome in a whole new way, and I will never forget it! Thanks for the opportunity to share.
    On another note, I have been working on a story that has turned into a trilogy for several years now. I’m almost finished with the editing process, and am very excited because I’ve got several other stories that are fighting to the surface of my mind. I’m hoping to self publish by Valentine’s Day… Wish me luck!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Kathrynne! It sounds like you’re doing great on all accounts. I’m so glad your move went smoothly and that everything is falling into place beautifully. 🙂

  166. Hi Marie,
    I’m so excited you are in LA and I hope I get to run into you as well! I love bikeriding 🙂
    Your topic is very timely because I’m currently working on a Health Care Handbook to support individuals in navigating the healthcare system and managing their health! It goes along with my new website that aims at educating the masses! It’s been really fun writing the book proposal because it’s an entirely new experience for me and I’m learning as I go! Thank you so much for everything you do, Marie! You have been such an inspiration to me as I’ve launched my website. I even joke with my producer that I want the videos to look “Marie Forleo-esque” 🙂 You’re amazing!

  167. Kathy

    First of all, I truly value your show and have followed for years. Always right on time with your encouraging talks. You have helped me throughout life’s career and personal shifts and challenges. I’ve recently taken a new role. Previously manager, now director, and I must admit I’m struggling with this same topic of self doubt. Thank you for your wisdom and motivation to push me through these challenges. Love and light!

  168. Every time I get a positive review, I get the warm fuzzies — the natural skincare products I make have just made a difference in someone’s life. It makes me so happy not only knowing that I’m helping other women find natural alternatives to toxic beauty products, but also that they cared enough to take the time to type out a sentence or two about what a specific product meant to them. I once got an email from a woman who was so glad she found my natural deodorant she said: “I don’t know what kind of witchcraft you use to make this magical elixir, but never change it. At this point, I basically owe your mom a ‘thank you’ for having you. You’ve saved my sweaty life.”

    I save all of these nice emails and reviews, print them out, and put them in a box. When I’m feeling blue or have all kinds of self-doubt jamming up my creative energy, I take out my box and read how much I’m positively impacting other people. I highly recommend this practice!

  169. You are so frickin’ hilarious Marie! love you! And I learn so much for you! It’s a great big double whammy of really good stuff!

  170. Hi Marie YOU were just what I needed to hear today AND the message in this video!! so thank you 🙂 We do forget that other people face the same challenges and issues as we do and also that, if by doing what we love we can make a difference to even one other person, then we have to keep going. I have my nose pressed up against a giant brick wall too whilst writing my new book but I think you have just given me the green light to step back, look up and see the light. Sending Love and Light to all xx #nevergiveup

  171. Hi Marie
    As always, perfect words at the perfect time, I have been working on a creative project for a few years now that will take another few years yet to complete. Its a book and card deck modelled on the Tarot card system, but extended to encompass some psychology and the simple, powerful and wise advise that I have been lucky enough to receive from people around the world over my life. I have created the system, am currently writing and also doing the artwork for the cards and book. The creative process on this one is huge, such a challenge and I put too much pressure on myself to try to get through everything and ‘get it done’, which stops the inspiration dead in her tracks! A comment that helped was a lady from a supplier we used in my day job, I had never met her but we emailed monthly for work. I shared my artwork with her and my doubts etc, she responded with “you care about this greatly and it obviously feeds you. If it takes some back-tracks and revisions to get it right it will be worth it” It was the release in the pressure valve that I needed at the time and brought some much needed compassion to my approach. Now I probably need to increase the pressure slightly but Ill check out your writing course for that I think! Thank you SO much Marie!! xxx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What an amazing piece of wisdom to receive, Rebecca. And it makes sense! Even if it takes awhile and there are obstacles to overcome, it’ll be so worth it when you’re holding your finished book and deck in your hands.

  172. Dang Maria…you swoon me every. single. time.
    Thank-you, thank-you. thank-you for bringing your gifts to the world.
    Writing is dear to my heart and has been put on the sidelines for too long. This year I started my first poetry book (that was not what I was planning on writing, but hey! that’s what’s coming forth) and it feels super exciting and nourishing to be in the process.

  173. Jill Fischer

    Two weeks ago my best friend & I were out to dinner after a long hard month of my friend dealing with her moms cancer diagnosis & hospitals, medications and caretakers, etc. I wanted to do something to help her b/c I knew how distraught she was and busy taking care of her mom everyday so I organized our group of friends to prepare & deliver meals to her family each night for two weeks so she didn’t have to worry about dinners… Back to our dinner out, when the bills came, we each gave our credit cards & had two separate bills b/c I ordered dinner to bring home for my family. Well she ended up telling the waitress behind my back that she was paying for both the bills & when my ticket came back uncharged I tried to fight her for it b/c I ordered so much food to go I couldn’t let her do that. She let me know how grateful she was for what I did for her and how helpful it was that she so appreciated it. I was almost in tears and so was she as the waitress went off to run the charge… When she returned, she told us our bill was taken care of by that woman (a complete stranger who was walking out the door) and we were so confused. We called to her & asked her what is going on and why did she pay for our food? She said she just admired our friendship and loved the relationship we have…. Was the most amazing thing and we were completely stunned. We hugged her & thanked her as we were both bawling now but just really touched us so deeply. She left and we sat there in disbelief still trying to take it all in and were just in awe of what she did. We asked the waitress her name and she said she paid cash so didn’t leave a name and she was gone! We will never forget the kindness of what one person did and how it made us feel… She was a little angel that just popped in out of nowhere & gave us a new perspective on paying it forward!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, wow, wow! You had your sweet friend’s back, the kind stranger had your back, and the universe had all of your backs. Kindness has a beautiful way of being paid forward.

  174. Hi Marie,
    I’m all the way over in Australia, and sort of retired (ha ha) after 25 years and 10 restaurants as an owner/chef in a very male dominated industry. There’s been a shocking spate of chef suicides lately, and as a member of chef FB groups that number over 600,000 members – the despair and crisis in the industry is palpable. I decided to do something (everyone else seems to be just talking and pointing out the problems! What does that do?) and am setting up a chef support site, called Off the Hotplate which will deliver short courses to hospitality people to give them tools to deal with the stress, pressure, and hot button moments – skills that are never taught to anyone!
    I hope by helping change the industry from the inside out, we might just avert the crash that’s heading out way. I would love some sponsors to get on board to subsidise the course and running costs – and see that as a real win/win for big food businesses directly supporting their markets, but have no idea how to approach a sponsor so I don’t sound small and insignificant! Help!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear about the many chef suicides lately––it sounds like your heart and the hearts of your fellow chefs are hurting, so we’re sending lots of love your way. Marie is always talking about how the world needs that special gift that only YOU have and I’m really glad you’re doing this important, necessary, lifesaving work in the world.

      Although not specifically about sponsorships, you might find this MarieTV episode helpful for getting folks on board: And if you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this Q for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  175. Hi Marie, I so appreciate your show each week. It gives me a little boost every time to keep sharing my own gift, so thank you! Sending you lots of love and writing inspiration. Smack that self-doubt and ‘keep going for your coffee’! 🙂

  176. Fadzi

    Marie!!! Girl, you give me life! These past two weeks I was feeling like what the hell am I doing, should I just quit this whole sharing my message thing, and then one of my students turned friend reached out to me and told me how my healing work had impacted her life, she said the trajectory of her whole life changed for the better when she encountered my work and took my workshop. She updated me on the incredible changes she’s made & was thanking me for what I do…and I was like wow the universe really does know how to step in and keep you going just when you feel like giving up. And here you are with the same encouraging message, thank you so much for sharing, and for being you! xoxo!

  177. This is such a beautiful episode, Marie, and my goodness, how much all the big happy feedback from my followers has lifted me – it has been like my lifeblood through the harsh, empty moments.
    This year I’ve been setting up a new project behind-the-scenes mostly, and because it is not yet earning me money, I had a serious flounder on multiple levels – my self-confidence has plummeted… I know this is deeper stuff, which has to be dug around in and made sense of and then transformed into rich compost, as it were… and am doing the good work…
    The loving words of admirers at times like these really help me keep my perspective, and to not get lost in an all-consuming spiral downwards; like an anchor, a stabilising force, reminding me of my core beauty or talent or courage. Sometimes it’s super-important to actually seek this out, if I’m feeling so bad about myself.
    I’m doing a wonderful self-branding course right now, which is helping me deal with the heavier inner doubts, getting them into the light, and asking other likemindeds for their good opinions – it is such constructive way of facing it all head-on: being even more vulnerable, and being held in that vulnerability… yeh <3
    Much love to everyone xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, Clare. Please know that your new project not making money yet doesn’t make it less legitimate. It can take awhile to build a project up to the point where it’s generating income and you’re doing the grunt work to get it going, which is awesome! Marie and Elizabeth Gilbert talk about this in an interview they did together awhile back, which I hope you’ll find helpful: (it’s my personal favorite episode and always makes me feel better when I’m feeling stressed about something I’ve created 🙂 )

      • Aw Mandy – it is so so good of you to comment and send me this link – it is hugely appreciated <3 I'm making progress, yes, even if the economic reward isn't there yet… <3 I will go and delve into the video and know it will help loads – thank you from my heart <3 xx

  178. Hi Marie, and thank you for this episode!
    It is frustrating that our own critical voices can stop us from doing great things… And I wonder why we take all so personal, when it really is not? Just because someone doesn´t like your work it doesn´t mean they don´t like you. And if they happen to not like you, so what? Find those who do =)
    And also, kill the gremlins while they are small!
    Have a wonderful day!

  179. Hi
    I write about my depression and anxiety on my blog. Caught up with a friend for coffee, she said I’d saved her marriage. Being able to share my voice clearly helped her see in her husband what he was struggling with so he was able to get help.
    Not only made my day, still makes me proud now!

  180. Gloria

    Hi Marie,
    I watch your videos every week and I felt inspired to comment this time. We’re rarely asked to reflect on a moment where we received unexpected or surprising kindness from someone just for being who we are, or doing what we do, in the way we do it. Thanks for creating a space for me to remember those moments.

    It was the day I informed my team I was leaving my role and the organization. One of my colleagues and mentors in the room who I cherish so much told me, through her tears, “You have no ego, Gloria. I admired that so much about you. No matter how tough the work got, you’re always taking the high road. It’s been an honour to watch how you work and I will miss you here.”
    Another moment was with a friend, at the time when we were getting to know one another. We were sitting on a blanket in the park and after sharing in conversation, she looked at me and just said, “You’re real. You know that? I hope you know what I mean by that. You’re just a really real person.”
    These are two moments of being unexpectedly seen and acknowledged that I don’t think I will ever forget.

    For my current project that I’m working on: I often write little poems about human experience – insights, messages, and notes of understanding. I compiled them for years but never shared. Just last month I started an Instagram account where I now post my poems from my typewriter. It’s given me so much joy to just publish, practice my vulnerability, and hopefully leave a resonance on the people who read them.

    Thank you for helping remind me of my gifts and to combat the self-doubt I am experiencing much of lately. I have a book/workshop burning inside me that I need to start, too — self-doubt continues to gnaw but, I know if I can just give myself the space to try, I will do.

  181. Actually, I had no idea I was writing nice things on my blog until one of my colleagues from the volunteering association I was in university told me. During high school, I’ve always thought I was only good at history. My writings were ok, but there were other girls who were always praised so I didn’t expected much from the world. I just wrote because it made me feel good. But hearing that from him was all I needed and it made me keep going.

    These days I’m struggling with writing my first book. I have an idea, I think is great. I’m just unsure that I may not be able to finish it because I lack in consistency sometimes. I don’t do things every day although I wanna be that person. The good thing is I don’t lack ideas. They’re coming and coming, which is good.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Cristina! It may be helpful to see if there are any writers groups in your area. It’s possible they meet at your local library or coffee shops around town. Could be worth checking out to help keep you writing consistently. 🙂

  182. Steve

    Hi Marie
    Thank you for helping me to keep the wheels on, my life is a meaningless disaster at the moment and watching your programmes helps me to realize that we all go through the same or very similar experiences. I look forward to the unexpected messages “the universe” prompts at me through your work.
    Much appreciated

  183. Marie Marie Marie,
    Thank you thank you thank you. When I started watching your videos in 2015, I would actually get scared that you would not put out a video, because I was in this infant stage where your “kind words” were what I was so longing for to start a business and a life I loved. Let’s face it, I had no website, no clients, just this dream and your videos.
    Then just today I noticed that now when I type http://www.m into my computer, your website (I’m sorry to say) is no longer the first to suggest itself. MY OWN WEBSITE IS!!! Because I took B-School and started my website. Then I typed, still not Marie, it’s MAILCHIMP, because I have a regular weekly blog I send out. Thanks to YOU!!! And so it’s with both sadness and HAPPINESS, that I’m arriving at this video almost 24 hours late, because I’ve been so busy with my business.
    And I can’t believe it, but I now have clients sending lovely notes to me, thanking me for my work, and so of course, I want to once again say: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You really changed my life.
    So much love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re a rock star, Emily!! We’re so proud of you for building your business, doing what you love, and sharing your gifts and talents with those who need them most. It sounds like you’ve been busy making great things happen over the past two years and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you. xo

  184. Ula

    Thank you so much for this episode. As many before this one, I watched it in tears. You Marie, your amazing Team and the work you create are my greatest source of support and inspiration on the planet. I really mean it. I cannot imagine my life without you anymore!
    I’m a photographer for over 10 years now. Still, as with any creative work, I have my ups and downs constantly. Seems like “Mrs. Doubt” is my BFF. It’s only recently since I dare to call myself “a photographer”.
    A few months ago, I was amazingly deeply touched and moved. I have been visiting my dear friend in Barcelona who just have become a new mom a few months before. I was in my small crisis relating my work and personal life and did not work with photography for quite some time. My friend, the new mom of a gorgeous little daughter, ask me if I would like to take some photos of the little one. I did it with pleasure. They both are very dear to me and my friend was always there for me when I was down and in need. I always perceived her as the strong one, as the one that is more logical, practical and stable. The one that never complains but always takes initiatives to deal with a problem or issuse. The one that definitely does not need my help with anything. When she asked me for the photoshoot I had this conviction that she is doing it only to make me feel better, so I have something to do, something to contribute with. Still, I didn’t mind. Her little one was a great model and we had a lot of fun.
    Sometime after, when I was back to my place in Amsterdam I have sent her the selection of photos. She became a busy mom so we didn’t speak for a while and I didn’t have a clear idea what is exactly going on in her daily life. After receiving my photos, she has sent me a short text: ” I was very sad these past few days – I’m actually gonna start therapy. And you made me VERY HAPPY today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3. And I just sent a few screenshots to my mum and she's going nuts! You're gifted!"
    This is my reason why I keep continue with my work. I love capturing the beauty of life. My own experience shows me that collecting beautiful moments comes handy when we don't feel that beautiful and well.
    Thank you for allowing me to share that story. In this very second, I just realized that I was very much in need of this reminder of my "why".
    I love you Marie and the Team. You are all truly gifted.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Ula! Through your photography, you have a unique ability to capture a beautiful moment and remind people of that moment of happiness every time they look at your photos. As you did with your friend, you have the power to lift moods, shift perspectives, and turn someone’s whole day around. Thank you for continuing to do what you love in spite of the doubt––you’re making the world a better place. 🙂

  185. Laurais

    I’ve completed half a novel and have outlined the rest but I’ve stopped. I haven’t got the connections to get my work published nor, if I were to self-publish, would anyone would read what I’ve written. I don’t say this in a spirit of self-pity. The world may *need* that special gift that only each of us has, but the world is a busy, crowded place with everyone vying for attention. My story is about a woman who was sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit and about how, upon her release, she struggles courageously and ultimately successfully to create a life she loves among people who grow to care for her. It’s also about her search of her birth parents (her adoption is a key element in the tale.) Even if no one were ever to know her, she’s an inspiring presence in a hurting world.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s true that there’s always going to be competition and obstacles to overcome, but can you imagine if JK Rowling had let that stop her? Or if Jesmyn Ward, who won the 2017 National Book Award for fiction last night, let that stop her? Your story can help people in ways you may not yet be able to imagine––it can make them feel seen, heard, validated, or even just offer an escape from the stresses of life. You may not know the people in the world who need your story yet, but they’re out there. xo

  186. Marie,
    I feel like you and God just sit there and talk about me because your videos are always all IN MY BUSINESS! 🙂 *sigh*

    You’re the 3rd confirmation I’ve received to keep going on this course I’m creating to help people who are stuck in their businesses. That’s the creative project I’m working on. Also, someone this week emailed me and told me that my blog site motivates her and her granddaughters! That was super inspirational. I just spoke at a creative conference with women and used you in my presentation with your Mom’s quote “Everything is figureourable.” I introduced you as “My friend in my head” along with your BFF Ms Oprah Winfrey! Lol the ladies loved your quote – continue to do you, Marie! You’re a blessing!

    • Vannesia

      Figureoutable * auto correct won’t let me be great

  187. Hi Marie,

    I woke up today to the sounds of your latest episode. As I am going through the initial pains of starting a blog right now, your message really resonated with me. I just wanted to say that you have an impact on my life today. Thank you.


  188. Marie and team, I absolutely love what you are doing. I am 28 years old and I am a certified DreamBuilder Coaching- despite the comments of people about „ how much life experience do you have“
    . Enough to know what I want and what I dont want. And YOU have been one of my mentors along my journey. Through you I stayed on my game and am now more and more ready to create my own brand – expressing who I am – to assist people, just like you – to be who they really are!
    Peace & Love

    Joana from Germany

  189. It was a few months ago when my tutor told me I did a great job with my work. I was new to the class of about 20 and I always struggled with being the newbie. But to hear that I’ve done great was a bit of a boost in confidence. However, I haven’t really heard it elsewhere.

    Right now I have a fashion blog that I want to start a project to create myself the wardrobe of my dreams. Well, okay a capsule wardrobe but instead of bought, it’s made. So it’s going to be a looooonnnnggg project. 😀 Still working out the details but I need the practice. Also, I want to expand this blog onto videos… hopefully soon. I just need that boost of confidence.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really cool, Aurea! Keep up the great work!

  190. Hi Marie!

    Thank you for posting this right when I needed to hear it. After starting my child and family photography business a few months ago, I’ve been working so diligently on niching myself and my prices, that I’ve been a little discouraged by how much business has slowed down during our “busy” season. My self doubt has tried hard this past week to convince me to just go get a real job. Thank you, again.

  191. Thank’s so much for being such an inspiration and inviting us to express our gifts. When I doubt what and WHY I am doing what I do, I read some of the lovely reviews I got from the lovely people I gave a healing session. It makes me connect with my higher purpose. It makes me realise this is not about me (the small scared version) but ME the divine expression of me. My gift to the world is Generational Healing, clearing the stuff that has been passed down, that doesn’t serve us anymore. Also we can be the generation to stop the cycle and don’t pass it on to the next generation! Together we can change the world! love Elja

  192. Angelika Hartung

    Dear Marie,
    thank you for talking about this subject “self-doubt” and getting at the right time a hint from the Universe and you are able to regocnize it.
    I have started to post my own created quotes twice a week on my Instagram page to uplift peoples life and day. This is my way of saying “Thank you” to the Universe for all the Blessings in my life.
    Recently I have had doubts if my quotes ever will touch people – but then I got exactly my answer from a couple which just started following me: “Captivating content, keep doing what you’re doing”.

  193. Kathy Sheeran


    I found your videos by accident. I feel like so connected. Like someone gets ME too. I like the way you talk and what you talk about. I really connect and feel thirsty for more. Thanks so much. Don’t stop. And I love that I can be an MF- and it’s a good thing. LOL.

  194. I remember one day at school. I was divorced and was really struggling, and I felt broken inside, like I was the worst mom ever for not making a family work. I could cry all day but I kept it together for the sake of my kids. I avoided everyone because I didn’t want them to see how broken I was.
    One day, I had just dropped off my daughters and I was leaving the school to go to work when another mom whom I didn’t know at all walked up to me and said: “I have to say this to you, I think you are such a strong woman.”
    Although I didn’t feel that way at all, I will never forget what she said.
    When it gets tough I remember her words.

  195. This is one of my FAVORITES!! I so needed this … today. Thank you Marie … you are one of my absolute favorite life/biz mentors. XO!

  196. Nina

    Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for this episode. I understand the self doubt struggle and have been in the midst of it as I’m finishing my books as well as opening myself up to new projects and opportunities. What you shared made me smile. Just knowing I’m not alone helps me power through and encourages me to make my deadlines. I’m also going to let someone else know how much their work means to me.

  197. My dear Marie!

    You have no idea how desperately I needed this Marie TV, TODAY. So little back story, I have a personal development/spirituality blog that I have been working on for months. Fear, doubt, and insecurities have been plaguing me since I started and I was too scared to tell my social media friends what I was doing. Last night I posted one of my articles on my FB and I instantly wanted to take it down. There is still the voice of Resistance (as Steven Pressfield calls it, thanks for the reading suggestion ?) saying, “people will laugh at you, it’s no good, why are you trying?” And it is yelling at me.
    The biggest fear that I have related to my writing is that it is heavily steeped with spirituality, and as a male, it’s kind of looked down on to write in that genre. This video is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today and I can not be more grateful for YOU and the MF Team. While the message is not specifically directed to me, your words are my sign from The Universe that are saying “keep going, you’re on the right path.”
    I have nothing but eternal love and admiration for everything that you do. Thank you for being your beautiful, authentic, loving self.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Spencer! We’re proud of you for being brave and putting yourself out there. And we’re glad you’re staying strong and following your truth.

  198. Xio

    Lovely Marie,
    That moment when someone says a kind word that empowers you and gives you courage to continue for me was right here and now through your video.

    I just wrote the first three pages of my first book ever, I haven’t written anything before but I have created a great life for me and my family and many friends are curious about how we do it. I have this intense need to contribute to the world as a way to pay back for all my blessings and I feel that if writing a guide on how to live a simpler, more fulfilled life could help even one person to be happier then it was worth it. I dont really care about money or being famous but my biggest craving is to feel useful. The Copy cure will be my biggest tool in this project 🙂

    So thank you for being on this planet, please share anything and everything you possible can, you are so valuable to all of us. May I also point out you are absolutely gorgeous (I think we girls should compliment each other more too!) I would watch your show just to see you, your hair and outfits!

    Lots of love,

  199. Love this video Marie and I’m also LOVING the Copy Cure. I just replied to a newsletter from another industry expert who I follow. She doesn’t know me from a bar of soap but she had vulnerably shared a personal challenge she’s having with her community and it touched me deeply so I wrote back and told her how much she means to us and inspires us and then I shared my experience around how I overcame that challenge. After I sent it, my mind jumped in and questioned whether I should have done that – but now that I’ve watched your video, I know it was perfect! Thank you for your words and your work, they change our lives in so many ways and give us permission to go out there and do the same.

  200. Joe Simonet

    Marie, this last video message was your most meaningful to me, because you clearly and sincerely demonstrated that all of us can and must have an impact on the world. This is an important message coming from you because you and the people you interview are so accomplished that the rest of us can believe that we have to be that extraordinary to have impact. You dispelled that belief and enabled us to step out and provide meaningful impact everyday. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Joe! We believe that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, you can make a difference. 🙂

  201. Thank you for sharing your journey! I think the way you speak and live your truth is both inspiring and grounding. Thank you for pointing out that self-doubt is part of the process but if we quiet ourselves enough, we can hear Voice of Truth encouraging us to keep digging in to discover the treasure inside. My creative project for 2018…write a book, also. I’m quite afraid, but I MUST press in and do it! I too believe that my special something is needed in the world. So…here’s to the hills and valleys of the creative process! Cheers!

  202. Gaya

    I’m excited to share with the world a blog about polarity, and a performance that changes consciousness and a new system for women to live their lives in a collective.

  203. I’ve been trying to bridge the gap between households in my blended family by participating in Occupational Therapy Sessions with my stepson and his bio mom. I was feeling very discouraged and like my presence was pointless when I got a random e-mail from the therapist (who, (added twist!) happened to by my sister-in-law that I’ve struggled with over the years) and she said that I deserved kudos for my efforts! And in her 20 years of experience practicing, I was only the 3rd step parent to show interest in a child’s therapy and make an effort. It’s what I needed and it has kept me going!

  204. I had a client over the weekend tell me in a very casual way, “You are only going to go up from here.” And it was a great moment to receive that message as I have been filled with self-doubt on a new project I am building. I have a video course in the making for my new business, Debt Free Millennials, and I was letting self-doubt take over the conversation. Prayer + positivity + insightful leaders like you, help me take another step forward. Thanks, Marie.

  205. I remember this kind of encounter with a stranger in my life. It was 2.5 years ago. It was the saleswoman in a duty-free cosmetics shop in Madrid airport. They didn’t have the hair care product I asked for, but when she asked why I needed it and I told her my story very briefly and superficially, she said she admired how brave I was. “Too brave for a young handsome man”, her words got literally etched in my memory. Back then, I found myself wondering if young handsome men were not supposed to be brave or if I wasn’t that handsome after all. But without even realizing it, this was exactly what I needed to hear from a perfect stranger right at that moment. Because previously, I’d made a plan to off myself within three weeks after leaving Madrid. And my trip to Spain was part of that plan.

    [DISCLAIMER: if you have little tolerance for vulnerability, or you believe that vulnerability is not manly, or you want a rip-roaring two-paragraph-long inspirational story — don’t read this. Truth is complex. Unless we want them to sound like bullshit, our real stories cannot be reduced to fit in to character limits. Yes, they can be big. But just as big is the power you can derive from them.]

    It was March 2015. Meet Jorge. Here I was. 27 years old, a poverty-stricken guy from Moscow, working in a soul-sucking job of an attending physician in the woefully underfunded industry that Russian healthcare was. Employed full-time at an academic clinic affiliated with one of the country’s largest medical schools, I was steadily making my way towards bankruptcy, living on the average monthly income of $250, 80% of which were tips left in cash by patients that I attended, with my official salary being laughable pennies. (If you as an American don’t imagine as possible a doctor struggling to make ends meet — come visit my country. I’ll show you around and explain to you in detail why poverty affects the vast majority of medical workers here.) I lived in a room in my parents’ apartment, so I didn’t have to pay rent, but otherwise I had no support from my dysfunctional family. I even had to buy and cook my food on my own — I was not allowed to take my parents’ food from our common fridge. Three years before, in 2012, when I’d got my soul-sucking position, which was mostly about handling heaps of paperwork that had nothing to do with real medical activity, I came face-to-face with the grim reality that it was the glass ceiling of my career in Russia. Given the corruption that had become all-embracing in the industry since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no way I could make it into the ‘privileged’ minority of doctors who were allowed into surgical practice. Their ‘privilege’ was that they could extort under-the-table cash from patients for officially free state-budgeted surgical treatment, and thus illegally make what by Western standards could be considered a middle-class income. Unsurprisingly, they wouldn’t admit you in there for free. You either had to bribe your way there or use familial connections with active mafia members. If none of the options was yours, you were doomed to a lifetime of poverty, slaving in a fetch-and-carry and paperwork-handling job in your twenties, your thirties, your forties, your fifties, and all the way further (*further* was unlikely at least for men, given that their average life expectancy in Russia is under sixty). Employment and career promotion of healthcare workers through bribery and nepotism translated into the notoriously poor quality of medical care in the country. I would’ve been happy to believe that the malpractice and mismanagement I saw was only limited to my institution, but the accounts of my university peers working elsewhere — from general city hospitals to research centers to the wretchedly underdeveloped private healthcare sector — mirrored my experience. Save for the few who had connections or could afford to bribe, we were all in the same shit soup after almost a decade of arduous education.

    That’s a pretty dreary beginning, so if you continue reading, thank you for being a badass. I promise you can glean inspiration from this story, but, as Glennon Doyle Melton says, first the pain, then the rising. Now, at that point in 2015, on top of my last finances falling apart and my career hitting rock bottom, I ‘celebrated’ my fourteenth month of living in a multi-drug-resistant clinical depression. Daily suicidal ideation wasn’t new to me. In truth, I’d had it for nine months already, since June 2014 when my condition had gotten terminal. But I felt like I just couldn’t annihilate myself at that point. Because I had this fucking gift to share with the world that only I had. My first book lay half-written in my Dropbox. At the bottom of clinical depression, I believed that I was useless and worthless and broken beyond repair, but I still knew that this book could make a difference in the world. This book wasn’t a memoir. It was a novel. Despite it being a work of fiction and a love story at the core of its essence, its plot truthfully portrayed topical social issues: from homophobia to corruption to medical malpractice to vote rigging to mental health stigma to poverty. This book was giving a voice to the silenced souls out there. And I believed that its idea hadn’t visited my mind two years before just for the heck of it. I didn’t believe in my own worth, but I still believed that this idea was valuable and had something important to say to the world, and it still insisted to be brought into life through me — even though I was almost broke and in terminal mental condition. So I had to finish this Goddamn book and try finding a way to put it out there, even though it obviously wasn’t a good fit for self-publishing and my chance of finding a publisher as an unknown, poor, young author from Russia was all but zero in the cut-throat American arena.

    At first sight, finishing the book itself seemed impossible in my condition in the summer of 2014. That was the second attack of clinical depression in my life, and just like in the first one, I EXPERIENCED A COMPLETE WRITER’S BLOCK. There are way too many people buying into this big ole cultural myth that artists, especially writers, derive their creative productivity from suffering and pain. This is utter horseshit. At least so shows my experience. Two years before, the idea of my book hadn’t been born out of depression. It was born out of three unexpected overwhelmingly positive emotional experiences, and I hold the full conviction that any meaningful act of creativity is born out of the artist’s sense of worthiness — which is the direct opposite of depression. In my story, the triggering event was my first experience of true love (at the ripe old age of 24, it was still better than never). But the second and most impactful event was my first ever experience of true belonging that I felt in Barcelona, during my first trip to Spain.

    That trip genuinely divided my life into before and after. They say a hometown is the place where you were born or grew up. But I don’t think it is necessarily true. I’ve come to believe that a hometown is rather the place where you get to feel true belonging for the first time in your life. That is the kind of belonging that Brené Brown describes so concisely in her last book: it doesn’t require you to change who you are but demands that you be who you are. This was what I felt in Barcelona during my numbered days there, exploring striking social differences between Spain and Russia and catching a glimpse of the reality of Spanish healthcare industry. I realized that my decade-long struggle to fit in, settle for misery, and give up on my potential and my worth in my country was self-defeating. I was presented with palpable, irrefutable evidence that my misery and stagnation was neither necessary nor inevitable, and it applied to both my personal and professional life. After a lifetime of not belonging in my country, in my family, in my society, in my industry, I saw I could truly belong somewhere. Once you feel it, you cannot un-feel it.

    This is what kickstarted my spiritual awakening around my 25th birthday. Throughout history, Barcelona has been famous for inspiring all sorts of creatives with its timeless, exuberant grace. The truth is, the idea of writing *a thing* initially had come to my mind after my first love experience, but it was only after I tasted true belonging in Barcelona that it grew into a full-blown resolve and assumed a context. As the plot crystallized in my mind with increasing clarity in the weeks of December, 2012, I asked myself, “Why are SERIOUSLY thinking about it, Jorge? You have no experience in creative writing. Yes, you’ve been into music, photography, and other kinds of creativity since teenage years, but you haven’t written so much as a short story. So how are you going to write a novel? In English, which is a foreign language to you? Involving a bunch of controversial, highly politically charged topics as the backdrop for the kind of a powerful love story you’ve never lived yourself? Who do you think you are? Aren’t you too big for your britches?”

    The gremlins screamed at the top of their lungs, but the lion’s roar of my heart was louder. It told me, “Go for it”, although I still didn’t see the real reasons informing this unprecedented resolve in the foreground of my mind. All I knew was that I wanted to leave my country for good, move over to Spain and to start from scratch there. But I didn’t have the money to subsist even for a couple of months in Spain before I got any job. Unlike many of my university peers who had emigrated to Western countries for lack of career prospects in Russia, I couldn’t rely on the necessary financial support from my family for prep courses and examination fees required to continue medical career in Spain.

    But did I actually want to continue medical career, even in a country where this industry could furnish me with the middle-class material security that I’d been dreaming of for the most of my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood spent in never-ending poverty? Was this whole thing about the money? And even if so, was writing a book the easiest and most realistic way to earn an emigration budget?

    Well, for me to see the rest of the truth, the spiritual awakening had to turn into a breakdown.

    Here’s the deal: when you engage with your creativity and mean business, you become very vulnerable. Vulnerability is no longer just a fancy option; now it becomes a job requirement. Even if you’re a man whose lifetime mantra had always been “suck it up, push it through, and soldier on.” In order for your creativity to work, you have to drop the frickin’ mask. You have to get in full touch with your feelings. As a result, your tolerance for suckiness nosedives. Especially when you have just recently seen the proofs that your suckiness is neither necessary nor inevitable, and an alternative to it does exist, not just in your imagination, not somewhere on Mars, but just two thousand miles to the southwest.

    I was two months into writing on the novel when the first bout of clinical depression barged into my life. I was so impassioned and focused on the process that I didn’t notice it had been triggered by two traumatic incidents. A confrontation with ubiquitous corruption in Russian police in the wake of a traffic accident, and an episode of harsh mistreatment at my job that once again reminded me that I was working in the conditions of semi-slavery. Critically speaking, this wasn’t a new shit. And it probably wouldn’t have affected me that deep had it happened one year before. But now that I was in the midst of my vulnerable creative process, they hurt a lot. Basically, those two incidents made me feel small and powerless in the face of institutionalized social ills in my country. It showed me the abysmal gap between where I was in life and where deep down I believed I deserved to be. So this gap became my depression. It became the black hole sucking in my self-worth, my feelings, my thoughts, and even my bodily functions.

    It was my first experience of the clinical disorder, despite many previous years lived in chronic sadness and frustration. Unfortunately, as a man I’d been conditioned to ignore my feelings, and now I also dismissed the emotional importance of those two traumatic incidents and the shame they made me feel. This mistake had cost me a lot: for the next one and a half years, I believed my depression to be bipolar rather than psychogenic. I believed there was a genetic failure of neurotransmitters in my brain. Because this is how depression hijacks your perception: it bullies you into thinking that SOMETHING IS WRONG ABOUT YOU rather than that SOMETHING WRONG HAPPENED TO YOU. That happens even easier when you are surrounded by people who are ignorant in the area of mental health and lack any capacity for empathy.

    In March 2013, the disease brought my work on the book to a complete halt. Let alone devastating bodily symptoms, the impairment of memory and concentration was so bad that I could barely function at work handling primitive pieces of paramedical documentation. Sure enough, I never told anyone there about what was going on. Mental health stigma was rampant in my country. On top of that, I had my own prejudice against psychoactive drugs. So it was only after living four months in sheer hell that I brought myself to find a psychiatrist in private and start medicating my brain. Reporting my symptoms to him in a superficial and matter-of-fact way, I didn’t tell him my real story. In truth, I was myself still out of touch with my real story. As a result, I successfully misled him into believing that my depression was a phase of bipolar.

    When I made it to remission in August 2013, this misunderstanding came at a high price. I only spent the first month of remission working on my book with my regained creative capacities, and then the idea of writing got sidetracked as I made an unexpected friendship with a new person and, simultaneously, fell into the illusion of having a materially secure future in Russia. My tip earnings increased due to higher numbers of patients referred under my supervision and, for the first time in my life, I rose above poverty. I didn’t understand it was a random luck. I bought into the belief that my corrupt bosses finally started to recognize my diligence and professional capacities, that’s why they referred more patients to me. After many years of food insecurity, it felt so amazing to come to a grocery and be able to not worry about the price of the items I chose. Still taking antidepressant meds, I thought that the neurotransmitter failure in my brain was mended and I was guaranteed from relapse as long as I stayed on them, which was scheduled for six months — until February 2014.

    However, the relapse came in January 2014. And it became totally drug-resistant because the person I’d considered to be my new best friend all of a sudden started to emotionally abuse me. In retrospect, I see this as a textbook case of narcissistic abuse enabled with a good deal of gaslighting. Again, just like one year before, I put on the stoic mask and dismissed the importance of our relational rift, although I was deeply hurt as my vulnerability got increasingly used against me. Within four weeks, abuse turned into a full-blown bullying in our common workplace, with the majority of our colleagues participating. I found out that a scheme had been played behind my back since the first week we met, with friendship being feigned in my face, with my help and kindness being taken advantage of, with our private chats being broadcast to everybody with the intention to portray me as a sexual harasser. This was done by the person in whose integrity and goodness I’d fully trusted, by the person whose sympathy-seeking I’d mistaken for real vulnerability, by the person who I’d opened up about some of my vulnerable truths. Now it all was used to vilify me.

    As the abuse progressed, my relapsed depression got worse, and this time drugs no longer worked. Over the first six months of 2014, I tried more than twenty antidepressant meds, including expensive Western ones, in highest dosages and combinations, to no avail whatsoever. No drug could palliate my pain any longer. Shaming voices I heard from other people, including my family, were magnified in my own mind. In June 2014, suicidal ideation became constant.


    I realized that I’d never had bipolar. I realized that my depression had been psychogenic from the very beginning. It was a way for my soul to communicate how appalled it was the life that I was living. It was a way for my soul to make me painfully but crystal-clearly aware of the glaring gap between what I had and what I deserved. I deserved a job that I loved. In truth, I had never wanted to be a doctor — my parents forced me to pass exams to the medical school at the age of 16 under the threat of physical violence. Deep down, I had always known that I wanted a career in the creative industry, no matter how much they hated it. I deserved a job where I could actualize my potential and make a difference, aside from making a middle-class living. So this — not continuing a medical career — was what I wanted to do after moving away from Russia and starting over. And this was why I was so hell-bent on the idea of writing the book from the beginning — I hoped it to become my entry into the Western creative arena. It wasn’t as much about the money as it was about meeting like-minded and like-hearted people who were already successful in this industry and who would help me start a career there.

    Wasn’t that too bold of a dream for a poverty-stricken, bullied, terminally depressed guy from a third-world country? But here’s the thing about truth: once you see it, you cannot un-see it. So yes, I felt like I had a complete writer’s block. And I felt like offing myself immediately. But I had to finish this Goddamn book. If not for myself, then for the people who it could benefit. This book dealt with social ills that damaged my life, and I wanted to do my best to prevent the same tragedies in the lives of my fellow human beings. Truth had to be spoken. Justice had to be served. Silence had to be broken.

    So I pushed myself to write despite the writer’s block. I decided that if I managed to squeeze even one paragraph from my diseased mind in a day, it would already be a victory. And I started. At the bottom of clinical depression, it felt like learning to walk after a stroke that paralyzed a half of my body: small, shuffling steps required strenuous effort. But I managed it little by little. To my great surprise, the quality of my writing wasn’t compromised unlike its speed. It’s not that it brought me any joy or satisfaction — the toxic factors in my life raged unabated — but I plowed ahead nevertheless. Yes, I was leading a hand-to-mouth existence after the number of my patients, and consequently my tip earnings, were cut down by my bosses as part of bullying. I still faced insults on a daily basis. Given the troubled state of affairs in my industry, there wasn’t a better job available, and I understood it clearly as I headed to a number of interviews in other city hospitals and learned their employment conditions, which were just as miserable or even worse. As to jobs outside healthcare, I felt like I was unable to learn to do anything new. But I kept writing. It wasn’t a memoir or a poetry book. I couldn’t spill my dark feelings on paper and thus unburden myself. My characters had their own stories, so different from mine. So I wrote about hope when I felt totally hopeless. I wrote about faith when I felt like God hated me. I wrote about love when I felt like the capacity to love was amputated from my heart. I wrote about belonging when I felt like I was forever separated from the place I belonged. But I persevered. Some voice inside of me, indestructible in the face of the ravages of depression, kept driving me ahead.

    In late November 2014, I finished the book despite no improvement in my mental condition. So, yes, I proved it with my own example. YOU CAN WRITE DESPITE THE WRITER’S BLOCK. You can write despite the deafening voices of shame and self-loathing. You can move closer to your dream even when you feel like you’re broken beyond repair and suicidal ideas take over as you see an approaching train on your morning subway commute. You can run towards a better future, even when you’re running on fumes and feeling like you will collapse right now. You fucking can. I say that because I lived it.

    Once the book was finished, the darkest part of my hell began. I started to look for and reach out to potential publishing sponsors. Unsurprisingly, I was clumsy in my first attempts. General advice: you don’t want to walk into the arena of creative industry in terminal clinical depression. There’s a whole lot of judgement and vitriol there to withstand even for a sane person. I had to show up because I had no choice. And yes, even in my deplorable mental condition, I dared greatly. I mustered the courage to tell my story with my whole heart to the people I contacted. The problem, though, was that I was very indiscriminate about the people I chose. As a result, feedback ranged from ignoring to personal attacks aimed at my identity, my looks (apparently evaluated by Instagram tanned-beefcake standards), my class, and my language. It was never the criticism of my work.

    Meanwhile, the clutches of my life were closing in on me. I knew I was going to lose my job in the summer of 2015 — that was the predictable outcome of bullying that my bosses joined, and I was aware I wouldn’t be able to find anything better in my country. My scarce savings had shrunk two-fold as the result of Russian currency plummeting following crude oil prices, sending national economy into chaos and exacerbating the poverty and food insecurity of people like me. Now as ever, it was clear that the book was my only gateway to a better future, but the failures I faced made me believe that my novel was worthless and useless. Just as worthless and useless as my entire life now felt. So in March 2015, I decided to finally put an end to my interminable agony. I had been thinking about a “decent” and painless way to do it since I finished the book. I allocated the last amount of my savings to put this plan into action.

    But there was one nuance. During more than a year of depression, I suffered terrible hair loss. It was a symptom of the cortisol overspill, so typical in clinical depression. Other symptoms included the visible atrophy of my shoulder and back muscles, acne all over my back, and fat deposits on my face and over my once perfect six-pack abs. Body shame, naturally, exacerbated my condition a lot. I hated my reflection in the mirror. It was just one example of vicious circles in clinical depression: its symptoms perpetuate its root causes. And now, when the point of stopping the pain once and for all was so close, I decided to fix one visible consequence of the disease that I’d been suffering from for one year before it was going to kill me. I decided to fix my hair, so I could look handsome in the coffin. Like the intact, pre-depression me. I knew no one would care. I knew I was going to become a rotting mass of flesh soon consumed by earthworms. I knew there would be few people at my funeral, including my parents. I knew none of those people ever really loved me or saw me for who I was. I knew none of these people ever gave me empathy. I knew everyone I told about my clinical depression thought it was my fancy and my weakness. But just in case I was going to attend my own funeral as a ghost, I wanted to see myself handsome. Or so my brain tricked me into believing.

    A few months before, I’d found a Spanish company that manufactured tailor-made hair replacement systems for men. Unlike generic toupees, those were state-of-the-art prosthetic pieces that were undetectable and naturally looking. You could shower, swim, and sweat wearing them just like with your natural hair. In order to get such a system, I had to come to their dedicated hair saloon in Madrid so my head measurements could be made. The whole thing cost about 250 euros. I took this money from the remains of my savings, plus the low-season airfare and a couple of nights in a hotel.

    Going on that trip in March, I also wanted to say goodbye to Spain. The country where I belonged. The country where I envisioned my better future that was, as I now believed, never destined to happen. The country whose citizen I was never destined to become. Because apparently, I was not enough. Not good enough of a writer. Not strong enough of a man. At least, I could get a prosthetic hair for my funeral there.

    It looked perfect on me. The hairdresser taught me how to put it off for maintenance once a week and strongly advised using a sulfate-free shampoo to wash it. The system was composed of natural hairs, he said, but they were dyed to match my hair color, so using a regular shampoo would quickly wash the dye out.

    I never heard about sulfate-free shampoos. The reality is, for more or less my entire life in Russia I was so poor that I never had the resources to care about my appearance and buy anything beyond very basic cosmetic products. When I started to consider emigration, my body image anxiety kicked in as I realized that physically I didn’t measure up to well-groomed Western men. But now, leaving Madrid, I was planning to live for just three more weeks. Obviously, I would still need to wash my hair during this time, so in the airport I dropped into a duty-free shop to ask for the shampoo.

    And there I met this middle-aged saleswoman. No, they didn’t have such a product. But just like any average Spaniard, she was talkative enough to ask me why I needed this special kind of a shampoo. This was what I loved about Spanish people. Unlike people in my country, they were open, cordial, and naturally vulnerable. They could easily strike up cheerful conversations with each other on bus stops despite being complete strangers and then part ways. And they smiled most of the time. Social culture was the main reason why I felt like I belonged there.

    So now, I told her my story. Not in as much detail as I did writing this text, but in general. I told her about my illness. I told her about my book. I told her about my past. I didn’t tell her I was going to off myself in three weeks. Instead, I told her of a better future that I envisioned for myself in her country. She listened to my floundering Spanish transfixed. When I finished, she said my hair looked perfect and she would have never thought it was fake. She also said that even though it was fake, my soul was genuine, and that was ever so rare. She said it was brave of me to travel two thousand miles away from home to solve an issue that most men wouldn’t give a shit about. She said it was brave of me to have written a book at my age. She said I was too brave of a young handsome man. A minute later, my boarding gate was announced open. She gave me a hug, that kind of ‘un abrazo cordial’ that Spanish friends finish their letters to each other with. I still felt lifeless and burnt-out getting on the plane to fly back to the place where I didn’t belong, and I didn’t think I would ever see her again, but I remembered her name forever. Her name was Isabel.

    Aboard the plane, I found myself thinking, “Why a perfect stranger could summon up this much empathy for me? Why, despite the language barrier, and the fact she didn’t owe me anything, and the fact I wasn’t buying anything from her, and the fact she wasn’t buying anything from me, a foreigner was able to really hear me and see me, unlike the vast majority of people in my country?”

    I didn’t have to wait long to see a clear contrast: when I walked into my apartment, the first thing my mother told me was that I looked ‘as ugly as sin’ with the prosthetic hair, which I had my own eyes to see wasn’t true, but was said to shame me for an umpteenth time in my life — because my decision to get the hair replacement system was not ‘approved’ by her, so, according to her perennial parenting paradigm, shame was my deserved punishment.

    But the encounter with Isabel encouraged me to continue sending emails to publishing sponsors in the remaining weeks as I proceeded with my plan to end it all. Two weeks later, I got the first positive review of my book from a prominent American blogger. And this was the turning point in the battle with my illness — the battle I had all but lost.


    Two and a half years have passed since I met Isabel. It took me one year to heal from clinical depression and do a huge inner work on its root causes that had been hidden on my subconscious for more than a decade under the mask of masculinity. Those mountains that I’d been carrying, I was now supposed to climb. Since the spring of 2016, I got back in the business looking for publishing opportunities for my book. Now, 1.5 years have passed. I still haven’t landed a publishing deal. I am still living in Russia, with my dysfunctional family, and I’m still poor after losing that job and getting another one, financially just as sucky, but at least I don’t have to face bullying on a daily basis.

    And yet, I still stay on my game. I persevere.

    I’ve been continuing to look for and reach out to people who have influence in the industry. I gave them research-backed evidence of the importance of the problems my book addresses, and I told them my story with my whole heart. Perhaps it would have been easier if I hadn’t had the Y chromosome. Most times, I got the emotional shit beat out of me. Most times, I got shamed for my vulnerability. Most times, instead of the criticism of my book or my research, I again received insults targeted at my class, my ethnicity, my looks, my identity, and my religious beliefs. My personal story was misinterpreted, misjudged, and a few times even used to blackmail me. Sometimes, the vitriol was apparently triggered by the fact that my story reminded people of their unearned privilege that they deep down felt shame about (which, of course, they shouldn’t have felt). And yes, it hurt me.

    But I stayed on my game.

    I persevered in building my relationships with the few people who were interested in my work. It hasn’t been fast. Building trust is truly like a marble jar. You cannot hot-wire it. It’s hard work, patience, generosity, and empathy. But it’s worth it.

    Because the world needs this fucking gift that only I have.

    And it’s not only about the novel I finished three years ago. Since 2016, I started posting poetry and motivational quotes on Instagram, and I was startled by the response. As my following grew, tens and then hundreds of people from around the world reached out to tell me that I put words to what they’ve been struggling to express for years. On a daily basis, they told me about the challenges in their marriages, their friendships, their careers, their creative projects… I made time to reply to everyone, and the shower of gratitude I received was beyond my expectations. It turned that the lessons I had learned in my journey were actually worthy of being shared. I lit up my little corner of the Instagram world. I didn’t have the tanned-beefcake, beach-and-gym-selfie kind of content gathering thousands of likes and getting followed by gay celebrities. Sadly, the gay celebrities I had the experience of communicating with were in fact those who cared about fighting homophobia the least, despite their position and power, and despite what they claimed in the public eye. Maybe it was because homophobia secured their privileged position within the LGBT community. Maybe they just lacked the courage to have hard, truthful conversations. My book wasn’t part of the fun-fast-and-easy culture predominant in the Western gay community. Obviously, talking about it wasn’t as comfortable as double-tapping on strings of smoking hot, gym-toned bodies in their Instagram feeds. But unlike the shirtless-selfie guys, I created some added value. I contributed. By owning my story and giving myself a voice, I made a real difference for other people through my art. And this was enough. Even though those people were basically strangers to me.

    This May, I was diagnosed with cancer. Although mine is a skin tumor that requires quite simple and inexpensive treatment by the standards of Western healthcare, there’s no way I can get adequate treatment in my country. And yes, that was a hard news to face five months before my 30th birthday. Maybe it meant that the better future I’d put years of effort into building would never happen. Or maybe things with the book would finally turn out well and it would save me. I didn’t know. It was vulnerability in its purest form. I posted about my cancer only once, asked my Instafamily to send prayers my way, and then got back to work. I continued to write and publish poetry. I continued to reach out to new publishing sponsors about my first book. I maintained the correspondence with a filmmaker from New York, an actor from Los Angeles, and the best friend of an internationally successful singer from Miami — all those people who followed my page, expressed interest in my book, were able to help with it, but now seemed to back-pedal. Maybe, after learning about my tumor it was easier for them to believe that the last chapter of my story had already been written by fate and ditch me than it was for them to go out of their way and change things for me. Maybe they felt like I floodlit them with my vulnerability. Maybe, without telling me, they made up a story that I was asking money from them, which I wasn’t. Anyway, I persevered. Because no matter the outcome of my personal story, I still had gifts to put out there that the world needed.

    Today, Nov 15th, it is exactly five years since my first life-changing trip to Spain. Today, I find myself remembering how I blissfully roamed the streets of Barcelona, my hometown, soaking in its beauty and visualizing my better future there. Today, I find myself remembering strangers of different ages and genders that I met and conversed with there over a mere five days of my stay. But also, and even more important, today, I find myself remembering Isabel, the middle-aged saleswoman in Madrid airport. What she taught me was especially valuable. She taught me that we don’t have to have a shared piece of DNA, a common business interest, a common mother tongue, a common class, a common professional background, a common political affiliation, a common age group, or a common religion in order to be truly compassionate with one another. We only have to acknowledge our shared humanity and believe one another when we tell our stories with our whole hearts. We have to, even when believing requires us to step out — way out — of our comfort zones. Because the person telling their story is doing the same. It’s out there in the wilderness where the power of our stories lies.

    Thank you for investing your time in reading this. You and I may be strangers, but I’m sending my love and gratitude your way. I hope that this story has inspired you to be more compassionate with yourself and people around you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for speaking from the heart and sharing your wisdom with us, Jorge. I’m so sorry to hear of the struggles you faced with depression and living in poverty as you were practicing medicine and trying to write your novel. We’re so proud of you for finishing your book and inspiring others by sharing your poetry on Instagram. That’s such a beautiful way to pay the kindness Isabel showed you forward and I’m so glad she’s been such a heartfelt presence in your life. We’re grateful for your big heart and the compassionate you show up in the world. We’ll be sending positive vibes and healing wishes your way.

  206. Hi Marie!
    Thank you for what you do and share! Love your energy!!!

    I am a Norwegian singer songwriter and session vocalist, living in LA, and my example is that it is uncanny how many times, when I feel lost and like I´m wasting everybody´s time (including my own), someone will leave a message either on Facebook or email, saying how my lyrics/music saved them, helped them, changed them, or just how much they appreciate the music I put out. Priceless, humbling and mind blowing every time, and it gives me the strength to keep going!

    Right now I am trying to figure out the best way to release a re-edited version of the music video for my song You Can Go Miles, where such beautiful people from all over the world, including a refugee organization in Uganda, have filmed themselves as they sing along to my song. I am floored by their contributions, so I am determined to find ways to get the video out there. We need good feeling stories right now, so the mantra “where there is a will, there is a way” is swushing around in my head 🙂 All the people in the video have their own struggles and stories, and they took the time to be a part of this no-budget project, and it just makes it all worth it!!! I am very lucky and grateful!

    Thank you again, Marie and your wonderful team, for spreading light, wisdom and knowledge…. and LAUGHS 😀

    Much love,
    *Merethe Soltvedt

  207. Hi Marie,
    Great show to remind all of us to be kind, give thanks to those we value, and never doubt our gifts. I’ve been working on writing my website content and health education eCourses for my business Hopeful Wellness. I’m combining 15+ years experience as a clinical pharmacist in healthcare with positive coaching to offer unique support for people coping with chronic health conditions. It is custom health coaching for your unique lifestyle. I founded my business with the firm belief that we all have the capacity to live well. Will check out more of your special gifts at Many thanks and look forward to your book.

  208. Dear Marie,
    I want to say thank you being my message from the universe! I am firm believer things happen for a reason! I stubble on to your page just before I was let go from a job that I loved for reason that were, well interesting to say the least. 🙂 I have been grappling with self doubt and self loathing since its hard to not blame your self when plans that you have been working so hard towards just seem to take a left turn. I want to thank you for your words of wisdom and reminding me of my inner strengths, and I have what it takes to make my future brighter then ever before.

    Cheers to universe and all its wonder!

  209. Marie, thank you for another dose of inspiration! I love everything about you and your brand! You have helped me in many ways since I learned of you through my cancer icon, Kris Carr. Since my breast cancer diagnosis seven years ago, I’ve been on a journey to find my way to make a difference in this short life we’re all given. My spiritual path has been winding all over the place! My latest creative endeavor ties many of my passions together. I’m now fun and quirky book-reading (and book-writing) virtual grandmother Curly Shirley of Curly Shirley Storytime and I’m having a blast with my new YouTube channel! But it’s a slow and intimidating process to try to grow an audience. When video views and channel subscribers are at a trickle, it’s hard to keep the self-doubt at bay, but so far I’m plowing forward, trying to improve with each video, and having a ball! Thank you again for your inspiration and I’d welcome any feedback from you or your community. Keep on rocking!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found Marie through Kris (we love her!) and hope you continue to feel better and better. It’s awesome that you’re having fun with Curly Shirley Storytime! We’re proud of you for jumping in and doing something that lights you up, even though it’s a bit intimidating. Sometimes the best things can happen when we push on the walls of our comfort zones. 🙂

  210. Kindness and compliments can really shape us all. I find that the universe will send me a compliment in times of need. Complimenting others is a beautiful thing to do. In fact I made it a part of my 2 week Beer Fit Challenge. Compliment someone and then compliment yourself.

    Right now I have been finding my confidence through food and beverage marketing and getting my own clients. I love the industry so much and using my marketing skills and creativity to help grow these small businesses is something I’m really passionate about!

  211. Thank you, Marie! Honestly, I’ve started my website and YouTube channel and I think you pretty much always feel like quitting when you’re starting something. I had one friend start commenting on my videos and a random person ask when my next upload was (cause, at the time it had been a while :/…) These two things made A HUGE difference. It’s something so profound and it really does make a difference. My projects are my YouTube channel and my Website! Love this vid. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  212. Marie, I don’t say it much (but I think it A LOT): you are AWESOME. Thanks for reminding us to speak up. I’m a blogger and people’s comments keep me going.
    Thank you, love you!

  213. Just about to start your first book Marie. Can’t wait to read the second one! Happy writing! ❤️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Wambui! We hope you enjoy it. Happy reading! 🙂

  214. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for inspiring me to have a voice in this world. I have seen how consistent you are and thought…that is what I have to do.
    I am just so excited that I accomplished the task of writing a 408 page book and it is the result of consistently blogging for a couple of years. I did not miss a week and so built up this huge repertoire of short personal essays on self transformation, self observation and what that means for self acceptance. The essays are from the perspective of my own life, the profound ideas I was taught and the retreats I have run for years and years. I have had my doubts around all of it too, but now it is here…out in the world and last week, I put it on Amazon. Even though I only have one review so far, I trust that somehow it will reach those who need to see it. Feel like I just had a baby. The title is Be Present: Reflections on the Way by Molly Knight Forde.

  215. Sonja

    Hey, I live in Poland, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and you already added so much value for me, that your next book can be about mushroom picking and I will still buy it in preorder 😀 🙂 Lots of love.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha! The world needs that special gift that only mushrooms have. 😉

  216. nataliya

    Hi Marie,
    As you said you never know what a kind word can mean for a person if it’s on the right time in the right moment.
    I ‘m busy with putting together a presentation about my starting business. There is so much I could like share on the subject that seems relevant and important to me that finally I’ve got stuck. As the result I don’t succeed in making a structure and can’t make the presentation 🙁
    My difficulties:
    – is finally to choose what to say
    – is to stay focused
    I’ll warmly appreciate it, if you could direct me in this matter on short notice.

  217. Victoria Sale

    Marie. Oof. 1) I just found you. You’re awesome.

    What you said struck a cord with me. A couple years ago, I bought a domain name. I figured out how to build a website even though I’d never done it, and I was vulnerable. The intention of the website was to get people to post about REAL life on social media (weird, imperfect, all of it) which is the place we all tend to put on our best masks. I got stories from people I didn’t know, and it started rolling, and now I’m so scared of the thing. I re-read the entry I wrote and think, “oh my GOD. I put this up on the internet. What if my employer or clients see this? What if people at my partner’s work find this website? Was I nuts?” The fear of “unmasking” even more and moving forward with the website and stories has brought the project to a standstill. I haven’t posted in nearly a year, but I keep thinking about it. I’m bummed because I was off to such a good start. How do you know if you should keep going, or leave it be?

  218. Lauren Szymonik

    Echoing a lot of sentiments of gratitude for the light and love you put out into this world Marie and ALL the Marie Community! I’m a rare commenter and this has inspired me to do more to share my gratitude for those who put so much goodness, joy, and light into this world. As always, just what I needed to hear today! Your work is changing our world and changing my life. All the love!

  219. Stela Daskalova

    Dear Marie, I’m also a writer .
    I remember how once a 9-year-old neighbor came to me to thank me because her parents had stopped beating and punishing her after reading my book. This child has become my inspiration to continue working on my cause with even greater passion.
    Books really have the power to change lives, so keep writing. You are wonderful…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh. What a difference you made in that little girl’s life!! Thank you for following your passion––you’re literally changing lives.

  220. Shoshanna

    So, Marie, you are not going to believe this. I just watched this video and, as always, it was completely a propos of my latest challenge. I just decided to take over writing blog posts and doing social media for my business from my outside marketing team. This morning, I released my first series of tweets, instagram posts and facebook posts. I was feeling self-doubting and thinking, “Who am I to think I can do this myself?” I took a coffee break, watched your post and was feeling better about things already when, ping, I received an email from one of my employees passing on a compliment about one of our products that he received from one of our logistics vendors. Our product is helping him solve a problem. That compliment made my day, my week, my month–just like you were discussing! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you, Marie, for keeping me going from week to week. I’m at a big challenge point with my business and your videos always re-inspire me.

  221. Dear Marie,
    I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoy your show and podcast. I have been a traffic university learner since years and I first discovered you on inside quest. Loved that episode saved it and one day my 12-year-old heard it while we were driving to somewhere, and googled your name. We were listening to the replay of your inside quest episode, but suddenly he paused it, and said, “mom did you know she has her own show?”. I said, “may be…”, but he insisted I check it out. Maybe it was something you had said that intrigued him but long story short, we listen to your podcast on a regular basis now. It has offered me a lot of insight and recently an entrepreneur friend of mine recommended me to check out your B school. I have put my name on the waitlist and so coming back to today.
    Yesterday, I was listening to you FB 1 minute video with Dr. Cathy Collautt because, just two days ago, I sat for my board exams for mental health counseling…and I failed for the second time. People say I am brilliant and I finished my masters with a distinction, but I could not pass my boards. I was shattered, and you just gave me a fresh perspective, through that video. One thing led to another and yes, I had to catch myself from calling myself a failure and globalizing it to all aspects of my life. You kinda saved me…..
    Also, just because of your encouragement, I finally started my blog that I wanted to write, or rather my clients and friends were asking for me to do so, and yes…I was waiting for that “perfect moment” when I would be ready. I am a cusser like you, so one day, just about two weeks ago, I said, “fuck ya”, and I wrote. I never knew the process of blogging… asked my FB friends, they said, use wordpress, so I went ahead and posted it. What was on the burner for years, took me 6 hours to post it. It was shit scary I have to admit, but it was liberating as well. It has been liked by mental health colleagues and most of all by the general public and my friends because I deconstruct the myth around mental health issues.
    So I owe you for two things, maybe three…one, that you intrigued my son to listen to you. He now enjoys your podcast and it nurtures his dreams.
    Second, you forced me…yes, forced me to get out of my comfort zone and just write and put myself out there. The strange thing is, I had to take a break after my graduation from my masters, awaiting my new license to practice, and in the meanwhile, my clients are reading the blog, and sending me messages that they can relate to it…write about this please…and more.
    And third, that yesterday when I was cussing myself out, your FB video, just that tit-bit, saved me from demolishing myself. Not only did you damage control my self-worth, you also gave me insight. I FB messaged Dr. Cathy yesterday itself to thank her, and today I hear from you, let the person that inspired you to know that they did so. See! I was one step ahead there!
    It’s getting long, so I should stop. U can see I love to talk, and that is why I love my job as a therapist. I am starting my counseling business, incorporating and trademarking my name…all because you said, “I had something that the world needs”.
    Sheilu Satyapriya

  222. I once had a coach take me through an exercise where I forgave myself for being so afraid. I also thanked my heart for just wanting to help people and told myself that I loved myself. It was some of the most powerful healing I’ve ever experienced, and it was only 3 minutes!
    My creativity is flowing into a book about my journey with chronic fatigue and fibromylagia – how it started, what helped me, and how people can find their own healing through self love, self care and acceptance. I have 14 pages so far 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      What a powerful 3 minutes Rachael! Forgiveness and permission are two incredibly healing forces, and we’re thrilled to hear that you’re channeling your creativity into a book. Keep it up; you’re doing great!

  223. Hi Marie,
    My name is Gio and I am a visual artist. I was forced to early retirement in 2012. I have been illustrating for over four decades and did lots of exhibition in my earlier career I got high recommendation from Parson school of design in NY and Art Center College of design in Pasadena CA. I created an instagram site call Giozart and what I do is to combine wise sayings with my illustrations and I called the result illustrative parables. I have that special gift that the world needs but I have never been a successful artist. Even my works are liked by many bit I am in a deadlock can’t move forward and become more profitable . Please help me

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Sergio, you’ve made some bold moves in your artistic career, and we know that putting your work out there can be extremely challenging and rewarding. If you haven’t already, I would recommend you watch this MarieTV all about valuing your work as an artist and creative:

      We’re wishing you all the best as you continue to grow your artistic business!

  224. Ana

    Hi Marie!
    I took your advice from a past episode and hired a service to help me get the book I’ve been writing in my head forever on to paper. Hearing about your writing process helps me appreciate and accept my own. 🙂

  225. KG

    Great though provoking conversation as always!! My reflection, Isn’t Self Doubt just a symptom that you don’t know who you are? The ancient sages seem to all agree on this point. Not knowing who you are is the root cause of all suffering. If this is true then Self Discovery may be the most important contribution anyone can make to our world.

  226. Marie thank you for your videos. I have been watching consistently and they give me the strength to move forward with my projects.
    I have had many challenges both physically and emotionally, and in order to overcome my adversity, I was able to tap into skills I did not know I had along with many skills I did not know existed. I took these skills along with my education, and have created had a successful Healing Arts practice for over 18 years. By always living by your code which I learned early in life that everything is figureoutable, I have been able to help many people heal from physical ailments not thought fixable in the scope of medicine, along with healing myself. My Healing Arts practice has been so sought after that I have started writing the Body Within Healing series. Volume one is on Amazon: The Missing Piece to Health and aging gracefully. Volume 2: Tools for Healing Chronic Pain and Illness is in the works. I am also creating an online self-help and working on trying to figure out a way to share the skills I have acquired to other practitioners that are waiting patiently.
    I have people tell me all the time how much my work changes their life but what they don’t seem to understand is how much their confidence in me not only changes my life but keeps me going to learn more ways to help them.

  227. I feel somehow reassured that a very successful entrepreneur with beautiful waterfall hair also has creative self doubt. I always repeat your ‘the world needs that special gift that only you have’ with you at the end of your videos, but this video entirely focussed on this important reminder. Thank you Marie, it is the exact message I needed to hear today.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Julie, we’re so glad this video resonated with you. And remember that everyone, regardless of their station or stature, is human, with similar fears and doubts. It takes practice and repeated self love to work beyond these feelings, and we’re so glad that this message hit home extra hard for you.

  228. This is a short memory, nonetheless very significant to me and it’s one that has always stood out for me.
    After many years of being a Youth Care Worker, a young women approached me in my home town, while sitting in a hospital waiting room. I didn’t really remember speaking to her, but she was familiar.
    In my adolescence I’m grateful to have had a great mentor, the Executive Director at the local hole in the wall YMCA, where along with my peers learned about leadership and service to others, which enabled me to always have some kind of involvement working with kids on a voluntary basis and devleoping a strong passion for helping my peers.
    This young woman I met once again in that hospital waiting room, many years after, told me there had been an occasion in the past when she was having a really difficult time with drug abuse. She then relayed to me how much I helped her by taking the time to listen and talk to her, and she thanked me for that. It vaguely came back to mind, but I certainly didn’t recall what I’d said to her.
    Growing up I was a troubled youth myself, and because someone else bothered to take the time to listen and talk to me, I know this was the main reason, I became a Youth Care Worker helping kids at risk and working with young offenders.
    It only takes one person to make the difference in another person’s life. Small kindnesses should never, and can never, be underestimated.
    Thank you Marie for sharing your great episode! It’s an important one!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing such a powerful time when a kind word made such a big difference for you Catherine. Sharing how someone touched your life can start such a beautiful chain reaction of gratitude and inspire even more positive action. We’re so glad this episode brought back this memory for you!

  229. Marie,
    You’re the best! I’ve been following you since 2013, and you’ll always have a place in my inbox and my heart 😉 YOU are a gift the world needs. Perhaps I’ll pass you on the street someday, I’ll do a double-take and tell you in person. Instead of a smack down on self-doubt what about a “dance down”? Self-doubt can’t touch that! 😉
    Keep doing what you’re doing Marie. Your work is loved and appreciated by so many!

  230. Loved your inspiration today about getting your stuff out there. I’m working on my first E Book – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to transform your life through colour. Back to it! Your episode was a welcomed break. Thanks!

  231. Zsu

    The best I can say is: do the Copy Cure! It’s the smartest investment to transform you into the writing superstar! I started my blog in August this year and I’m being featured on the most popular news/blog portal in Hungary almost every week.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Zsu, we’re sending so many congratulations to you for being featured on a prominent blog over in Hungary! We love reading that The Copy Cure was instrumental in transforming your writing, and we’re wishing you all the best as you keep kicking major butt!

  232. Yvette

    Hi Marie,
    My name is Yvette. I do Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Reiki. At times I still have trouble saying that “I am an energy healer”. It feels like a big role to fill. I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half now, and I already have a few very satisfied clients. Business is growing and I am thankful for the opportunity to bring well-being to others. I recently produced my first ebook – a gluten free, dairy free recipe book based on 4 years of research and experimentation with gluten free, dairy free baking. I really feel that writing is one of the ways in which I can also bring healing to others. My own personal healing journey is something I would like to share, so I started writing it down. However, the task seems bigger than me and I haven’t written anything in quite a while. Thanks for this video, and I will certainly be checking out!
    Lots of love to you!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yvette, you’re doing such important and beautiful work as an energy healer (yes, that’s what you are my friend!), and we know that when you have such a big story to share, it can be overwhelming to think of where to start.

      In The Copy Cure, Marie and Laura Belgray take you through a few helpful techniques to tackle storytelling, and we’d love to have you join if it’s the right fit for you. If you have any other questions about the course, you can always send them our way over at thecopycureATmarieforleoDOTcom. We’re wishing you all the best!

  233. Hey Marie,

    Thank you for the encouragement, this episode really touched me personally. Since starting my personal blog in the hope that my words will help others who suffer from low self-confidence and self-doubt, I have experience a tremendous self-doubting myself with so many great out there. I started to question if it is even worth sharing my experiences with the world. I want to launch an online course with an objective to help others to improve their lives through building habits and attitude that are required to deal with life challenges better but the voice in my head kept telling me don’t do it as there are many great courses out there by big online influencers. After this episode, I’m going to try and learn from it.

  234. Martina

    Dear Marie, just so you know, I love your first book too (that’s how I first found you). I keep coming back to it and there’s a lot of things in it that I try to apply to my life, but I’m a work in progress. Keep up the great work, I’m sure the next one will be amazing! xx

  235. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for publishing this video this week. You’re soooo right! I’m in the middle of launching a new one on one consulting option for my business that helps align their homes and office with how they want to feel and their goals. I’m SO exited about it! And the reason I’m doing it is because two podcasters told me that I was really onto something and I should offer my services directly to people.

    So this week I’ve been emailing 100s of yoga studios, community centers, and like minded organizations to ask them to put up a poster about my services and blog….it’s been pretty grueling but its those people emailing me back and saying how much they love what I’m doing that is keep me going.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Maggie, we love that hearing that some helpful feedback from a couple of podcasters is inspiring you to put yourself out there in a big big way! We know that pouring your work (and your heart) into the world over and over again can get a little tiring, so keep those reassuring words close by. You got this!

  236. Marco

    Well, I am in the process of launching my Health Coaching business and about a year ago, when I was still in training, a friend told me that it would be very hard to get clients in this economy and that she had a friend with years of experience who was strugling, and that kind of killed me a bit. But then, she said that if there was one person that she knew that could do it, that wa me, because she didn’t know anybody with more drive than me. And then I asked her, “really?” and she went on to explain why and that really made my day 🙂 and totally undid how her previous words had made me feel.

  237. Hi Marie,

    My name is Paola Montealegre. I live in Costa Rica. I was an active lawyer working at high profile law firms for 13 years, until I became a mother and decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a while. ¨For a while” has become 4 years now. During these years I´ve had a lot of emotional and mental confusion of what is my real calling, my true purpose. I´ve been to Tony Robbins´ Seminars (and going this December to Date with Destiny), I joined B- School in March of this year (I didn´t have the funds because I am not productive anymore—which has been one of my strongest frustrations). I just want to tell you that B-School gave me the clarity I was craving and so desperately needed.
    I launched my blog addressed to mothers on October 2017. It has been a result of my efforts and of course your tips and guidance through B-School and other of your Blog Videos. Thanks so much. You keep inspiring me.

    I also hope you find this an additional inspiration to keep up with your writing. You truly don´t know the ways you can touch somebody´s life.

    I followed your example, and my creation was, in great part, inspired by you
    Many thanks. With love,


  238. Hi Marie
    I met with a lady this week who I have always admired and we have had very similar paths with both experiencing illness (hers was breast cancer, mine was depression) and then founding charities that work to raise awareness and help others. I was having a mentally challenging week and Ros, the lady I met with, told me how much she admired what I had achieved and my drive and determination and asked if I would work with her on special projects next year. It was humbling to have someone you view as a mentor be inspired by you, and it was the lift, recognition and reminder I needed to be kind to myself, be proud of what I have done and know the best is yet to come.

    I am working on a book called “Excuse me this is not what I ordered” sharing my journey with depression and the struggle I went through being diagnosed at 27yrs of age and being unable to find support for adults over 25. I share my story, lessons learned, insight, inspiration and motivation and all in food related chapters including a “take away” section that lists amazing people to connect with like yourself. I want Jamie Oliver to write the foreword of my book because he is interested in the impact of food on the body and mind and Lisa Measenger of Collective Hub and Messenger Publishing to publish my book – that’s my big hairy audacious goal anyways x

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Amanda, this is a beautiful way to channel your experience into something helpful for other people who’ve gone through these challenges. We’re SO cheering on your bhag, and wishing you all the best!

  239. Wow! Just what I needed to watch today! Thank you so much for your work Marie, you are awesome! It reminds me -and inspires me!- to keep believing in myself and my work. What I do and what I share is important, and it impacts the world in ways I may not even know. Love & Light! 🙂

  240. Yes! This had such a strong impact on me… I am currently designing a course on using monotasking to create a life you love, one thing at a time. It’s a project I am so excited to put out into the world and I feel motivated and inspired by your fire Marie 🙂 thank you for your words of encouragement, they went straight to my heart. x

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re big fans of monotasking over here Alanna, and we love that you’re feeling inspired by Marie’s message. You got this; keep tackling one goal after another!

  241. A friend of yours recommended that I subscribe to your channel to give me inspiration and fuel my journey, and he was SO right! Here I am, launching a beauty product that was inspired by my own battle with breast cancer, and your video is all about sharing your message in order to help others. BOOM! Talk about timing! Loved your video, subscribed so I won’t miss another. Tell Gregory P. thanks from WonderWoman.

  242. Marie, your message came to me at the perfect time. I just recently finished writing my first book, and I can completely identify with everything you mentioned in the video. Before writing my book I thought it would be simple to write and put myself out to the world, but it is challenging to take that big leap. Through the journey of writing, I discovered how important it is to be organized, to not be afraid to express what is in your heart, and to never ever quit! I am about to begin the process of publishing, and I am excited, nervous, and hopeful all at the same time, but I know that I have to make it happen because the messages I am bringing are important even if only one person reads the book.

    I once had something interesting happen to me as a parent. My husband and I were struggling to parent at one time and were just not feeling like we were doing a good enough job with one of our daughters. Around this same time we went to the grocery store one day with that same daughter with us, and when we were shopping, a random stranger came up to us, a really nice older man, and he told our daughter how lucky she was to have us as parents because we were such nice parents. After that day, I never doubted my parenting abilities again, although I do tweak things here and there because as a parent I am always learning.

    Thank you for the amazing messages you bring through your blog and Marie TV, I am continually inspired!

  243. Shilpa

    Hi Marie,
    I have started writing posts for Facebook on things that i feel I need to share , my own ideas & perceptions on different things . I was really feeling soo down thinking that there are soo many people posting there ideas and why would mine make any difference when there was a friend of mine who sent me a mail , telling me how she loves reading the things I post .
    That made my day! but I still get that self doubt , the idea that there are already many people doing the same thing that I do . But wow ! Marie you are great !
    Only now did I understand that even though there are soo many people out there, doing the same thing that I do, but no ones can be exactly the same cos everyone does it in there own way so that makes it ‘different’ .

  244. If I didn’t have self-doubt I would be a malignant narcissist. I believe that the self-doubt that rises from the normal ups and downs of life do not have to drag one into the pit of despair. For me, I am motivated by the doubts to find useful solutions. I truly liked the post.

  245. I went to bed last night thinking that maybe i’m not cut out for all this. I work with creative solopreneurs who need help branding and positioning themselves as experts on the online market and I have a huge fear of going live on video and thats the only way I know will work to get my know-how across to them! I have all this knowledge in my head and i desprately want to share it. Your video today helped me get over my self-doubt and i know the start is rocky but so what?! Someone out there needs my help and it’s not always about my fears but what my strengths can do for someone else! Thank you Marie!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Maria, we’re so glad this episode came at such a pivotal time for you! I love that you’re beginning to focus on how your strengths can help other people, rather than letting your fears take the reins. Marie also talks about why it’s actually smart to start small and/or sucky over here:

      We’re wishing you all the best as you gear up to go LIVE; you got this!

  246. Hi Marie !
    First of all, I’m very impatient to read your next book! You also changed my life 🙂
    I loved this episode really much. I’m ALWAYS full of self doubt and it’s paralyzing for the moment. I’m really struggling, thinking my work is not important. These monkeys of self doubts are preventing me from launching my e-courses and are preventing me from writing my blog.
    It’s true that I’m also very shy in giving compliments. I’ll change that now! 🙂
    Thank you again!

  247. Hello Marie,

    My first client just wrote me an email full of amazing comments and reports of her progress after our bulimic recovery coaching session. It was unbelievable feeling of joy, awe and gratitude that just inspired me keep myself forward. And then I thought of you, because you have been such an inspiration for me (I am a b-schooler too!) but I haven’t taken the time to write comments here assuming that one more comment wouldn’t make any difference when hundreds of people are writing to you. But it doesn’t matter. I just want to say thank you for your encouragement and wisdom every week. Please know that your work really makes difference!

  248. Thanks Marie! Love your inspirational talks! I try to leave kind words as often as possible, wherever I find a moment….I look for opportunities.

    I just finished a big project of remodeling an adorable little rustic home in Santa Fe, NM, and preparing it as a vacation rental. It is close to the Plaza and Canyon Road – it turned out adorable and was worth all the sweat, fear, and $$$ investment.

    Keep up the great work Marie – thanks again for your light in the world!

  249. I’m a blogger, and I keep an email folder I call my “win” folder. It contains all the emails I get from my readers. If I’m feeling doubt, then I read them.
    My favorite is still this one:
    “Thank you so much for creating your site; I found it through Pinterest when I typed in “what to do everything is a mess” and found your article on what to do when you feel overwhelmed, like groom yourself and clean and keep clean one room, etc etc etc. I was so relieved, I followed the advice, and honestly things are much better already 🙂 You sound very kind and sincere in everything you write, and this helps me relate more to your pieces- although I already do, regardless!
    I just felt I should tell you how happy I am to have come across your blog. I feel just a little less alone and so much more confident.”
    It touched me a lot to know that I had helped someone who was struggling, because there were so many years when I struggled. I’ve checked up on this reader since, and she’s doing much better.

  250. Warmth and aloha Marie and crew,
    thank you so much.
    I love the idea of a folder of positive emails to look at when needed. Thank you and others for sharing how your words have touched others is motivating and inspiring.
    I used to think I had to believe in myself and that meant not accepting appreciation, really taking it in and what a joy that it. So if anyone is like that STOP, let yourself receive it and give it to yourself too.
    Just this week I did receive compliments on my work and writing from two people when I needed it and the wild thing is that an article I’d written last year reached them, unbeknownst to me. One day in my new email I received two amazingly heart and soul filled letters from two different people who told me how deeply my words had touched them and they’d arrived exactly when they needed it. I’ve been deciding to narrow my creative focus and it felt like a direct message from the universe to me…keep writing. I’d recently decided to start a blog with my website, which will start this week, as I am still working on it and it will be posted this week! Receiving their emails made me totally commit to my writing. A doable goal-once a week and possibly more-but definitely once a week. The creative project that has my heart is all the adventures I’ve had in nature and in life, to share with people because are so many kind people and good things happening-all the time, and sharing these stories is part of a desire to add to the joy and upliftment of people’s hearts and minds.
    Here’s the funny thing, and typical of the kind of magic that happens in my life, the universe at play-often with me and I think-possibly laughing at me quite a bit.
    How this happened is my email was hacked, all contacts taken and no way to use it. Two things: I’d been thinking about changing emails because I was getting unsavory emails, mostly in spam, but still I didn’t like the vibe, two, I’d decided to unplug for a few days-completely. Now these two things were taken care of-not how I would’ve imagined but still mission accomplished. Concern for everyone else’s mail was tops for me, did what I could and then set about setting up new email, etc.. As all the contacts were gone it was a process, by hand to get the old contacts, update them into the new one, plus the companies/billing addresses to attend to. My friend told me he thought I was taking it well and much better than he would. “Well it’s happened and I just have to do this now.” It was a bummer but no one was hurt physically though other friends said it was an invasion which is true but basically it was out of my hands.
    I’d written everyone with new email address and not to respond to old address, then heard from someone they’d received an email with a link to my website or article, should they open it? No, I told them. It turns out the link was to the article and two of the people who read it, the ones mentioned above, were strongly affected and both wrote the same thing, ‘it arrived just when I needed to hear this’, and I received some other very nice comments from others, all of which were messages needed as well on my part because of feeling a little stuck, and then also understood why I was getting these complimentary emails out of the blue…in essence because of the Hackers! It’s all so funny and true it fills me with wonder. And I want to do that for others, add to the beauty of their lives.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Heather! Who would’ve thought hackers could have a positive effect? The universe is funny like that sometimes. 🙂 I’m so glad everything ended up working out and that you got some beautiful comments from your friends!

  251. Lori


    This is such a great episode! First, I do want to THANK YOU for being YOU! I listen to your Tuesday messages almost every week and they have made all the difference to me! I even tell everyone about your messages…my daughter, my fellow associates, my friends, my Mom, etc…I mean EVERYONE!
    Next, the comment I received a while back that still resonates with me is a comment I received from a previous employee. This person came to work for me right out of high school. She was very bright and I knew she was destined for more than her current job could offer. I mentored her and watched her grow into an amazing business woman. I’ll admit, I am a “toughy” when it comes to mentoring, but I definitely mentor with love, too. Fast forward a few years…this young woman went on to put herself through Nursing School and became and RN. Out of the blue, she reached out to me on FB to thank me for all I had taught her about the business world and that each time she met a new challenge, she would think of me and remind herself of what I taught her when she was younger…and she would respond to situations accordingly and truly felt that what I taught her made her what she is today, a very successful business woman. I have to say I cried when I read her message. I have always loved mentoring people, but never knew if anyone paid attention…and that one message, changed me.

  252. Hiya Marie,

    You don’t know me, but I love you. Thank you for bringing such an important reminder to us with this episode. I watched this after watching a few episodes of Humans of New York (it’s amazing!), and both things reminded me that everybody has their own story, their own suffering, and basically, all they want is love. Those kind words, and notes of encouragement are so important. I guess I should share this with you also- recently, I was working as crew on a film in an isolated location, and had my own sorta Harvey Weinstein experience with a producer on set. That experience left me feeling so disempowered, and incredibly down on myself in terms of who I was as a woman and as a human being. I had a copy of your book on my Kindle, and just happened to be rereading it for the first time in years. Had it not been for your incredible words of encouragement on self-love and owning your own power, I don’t think I would have had a very necessary tool to have gotten me through that tough spot. Thanks for being there for me then, and now. Please continue the amazing work that you do! And when that second book comes out, I’ll probably be one of the many people spontaneously hugging you at the book signing….. <3

  253. Christine

    Dear Marie,
    I’ve been a subscriber of yours for years, and I usually don’t comment but I felt like it was high time I told you how much I appreciate the work you do. I look forward to your positive energy and wise words in my inbox every Tuesday. Love you lots!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Christine! We appreciate you and are really glad you decided to comment today. 🙂

  254. Hi Marie and Staff: This is my first time posting. I was introduced to you by my friend and Social Media Coach, Heather Ramirez. She is an entrepreneur who is creating her own path in the digital world. We both enjoy listening to you. You help us believe in ourselves and to continue on our road and try new things even if we are terrified! I want to give a shout out to Heather. She is helpful and uplifting to everyone she comes in contact with. She wants to teach people about this new digital content world and make it not as scary as it seems.

    She is changing my life and helping me get up-to-date with the digital world. We are creating and recording a number of small videos to be posted on the Internet about my passion for helping Seniors know they have choices about their home. I am a Senior (at least that’s what AARP tells me) and all this digital stuff is really scary BUT I love challenges and trying new things. Listening to you and Heather who have such passion in what you are doing and how you want to help other women really encourages me to get out there and continue to help others.

    I am a Real Estate Agent in Southern California. My Niche market is Seniors. I am getting there myself and I feel connected to them. I have created a presentation that I give to Churches/Senior Centers and wherever I can around Los Angeles called “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” I talk to Seniors and help them realize that they have options about whether they should stay in their home or whether it is in their best interest to Sell and Move. I help them answer the many questions that they’ve been thinking about but not asking! Such as: Why should I go? Can I stay? Where do I begin? Where would I go? Who will help? What about my pets? When should I sell? What do I do with all my stuff?

    I believe Seniors want to be empowered and to make informed decisions but many don’t know where or how to start. They are overwhelmed and so they don’t do anything until it is too late and someone else has to make that decision for them.
    I want to be their advocate and give them choices and resources.

    Thank you for all you do in helping us with your inspiration and encouragement to stretch and reach out so we can become all we were meant to be. “Keep on Keeping on” so people like me can continue to listen and grow. God Bless.

  255. Kirsten Michel

    I just had the most amazing conversation with a longtime colleague who actually spewed acknowledgement for all my efforts over many years…giving my story that no one was paying attention the big ole smack down! Yay! I’ve been on a natural high for days now! I’m still working on my super creative and exciting women’s adventure company project but having to sandwich it in between paying work gigs. I know it will happen when I am ready and I am creating the space for it in my universe.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Kirsten! Hold on to that high and keep going for your dreams. 🙂

  256. Hey Marie! My clients sharing their appreciate KEEPS ME GOING! It ignites a fire within me to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s so easy to feel no one is reading or listening to what I’m putting out there… so not true! And when people tell me they heard me and I’ve helped them… I know I’m serving my life’s mission.

    The project I’m excited to get out there is my book “This Little Darkness of Mine” a memoir on surviving depression and how you may find some light in your darkness. I’ve finished writing! My designer is working on the cover now! And I’m searching for an editor! I’m going to self-publish early next year and I cannot wait!

    Thank you for your inspiration, courage, and light!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so exciting, Becca! It sounds like things are going smoothly and we’ll be wishing you a great book launch ahead! 🙂

  257. Very nice!

  258. Caroline

    One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received lately: “Give yourself permission to feel confident without being fully competent.”
    This has really shaken up a lot of things i’ve shelved until I have more ‘experience’ or more ‘credibility’. It’s time to be okay with not being perfect and focus on the the bigger WHY.
    Thanks for this video, Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Caroline! That’s such a great piece of advice and we appreciate you sharing it with us.

  259. Hi Marie and Team Marie

    I’ve followed for maybe a year, and I will try to be really concise with all I have to say.
    1) After listening to “How to get anything you want,” I quoted you in my book on procrastination that I’m self-publishing (in fact, it’s probably today that I will push it to the iBooks store and Amazon): “If you really want it, you’ll make the time. If not, you’ll make an excuse.”
    2) I love/hate writing. Writing is THE WORST. When I get excited about writing something, I personalize it, but then I cut cut cut cut cut as much as I can so that I don’t sound gassy or confusing. Then I end up sounding terse and still sometimes a bit confusing because information might be missing, and worst of all, I fear I sound like a bit of a jerk. So I signed up for the emails for The Copy Cure and it’s totally true: the freebies – the writing series leading up to registration – are really good writing advice. In the next week, I intend to print out those emails, reread them, and try to apply their principles to copy I’ve already got out there.
    3) I love the show, of course, and I loved Unplugged, and you do inspire confidence. In fact I think that is your core offering: MarieTV gives people motivational inspiration, factual examples, and techniques on how to self-start and represent their best authentic self to the work world. That this self is still human and fun: necessary and overdue!
    4) More specifically: I got a lotta things that only I can provide (well, others can too, in their own way), and I am one of those multi-passionate people you’ve posted about several times. After a life of repeatedly hearing “you must focus on just one thing,” it is really nice to be able to see real validation that people can weave their multiple things into one cloth that the world can appreciate.

    Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You rock, Jane, and it means the world to us to hear how Marie’s work has inspired you! We’re so glad you’re in the MF family and we appreciate you letting Marie be a part of your world. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  260. Hi Marie,
    This is exactly what I needed to hear. I was struggling with shifting my business from focusing on business sustainability to personal choices around creating an Eco-friendly lifestyle and home. I was indecisively NOT hitting the publish button when this came up. I really struggle with sharing my voice and I never comment, but wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all you do and share!

  261. Melanie

    Hello Marie and team,

    I have been your fan for years now. I just want to let you know that you are amazing!! My life would be a definitely less colourful place without your magical content.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    XOXO Melanie

    P.S.: your 1st book rocks, Marie !! I cannot wait for the new one! 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Melanie! You make the colors in our world pop as well! Thanks for being a part of our community and staying tuned in all these years.

  262. Marie, I just teared up while watching this episode. I so recognized my creative process in your words. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It gave me courage and lifted up my spirit.

  263. Beautiful reminder.

  264. Alexa Mata

    Hi Marie, Alexa speaking, I just wanted to say that your talks have interest me a lot and not just that but i’m staring to have less self-doubt. Here’s a little bit about me, i’m a senior and I live in Honduras; not the best country but I still have hope for my country to evolve for the better. I’m sixteen years old and i’m graduating this june of 2018, I never dreamed about being an entrepreneur but lately I’ve been feeling attracted to that career; I plan on helping my country because I’ve come to know people here who are very talented but they are not financially stable. I plan on putting an Art Institute here, my country is know for its worst things possible and I want to be able to change that, this is I find myself doubting about my capacity which constantly transform into fear and I don’t want that to happen because I want to achieve my goal or at least try. Hearing you talk had somewhat calmed me, you mentioned something about being compassionated and I’ve fallen in love with what I want to perfom in future. I wante to say thank you, I love your videos! They change my mindset and gives me a new one, keep up this awesome work! 😉

  265. laureen deberdt

    Hi ,

    I’m a lover of artisinal products and passionated with decoration , homestyling.
    So I opened this little shop in Belgium(Antwerp) right in the middle of the old center ( if you ever going to visit antwerp , you’re welcome to come say hi 😀 ).
    Because of my roots , my father is morrocan, my mother belgian , I sell a mix of artisanal and contempory good from morocco and Europe like rugs and pillows , jewelry , actually just everything I think is beautiful. :p

    First when I started my business almost everybody was telling me it was not my best idea, that I was to impulisive, that there is still a financial crisis ,but i kept this feeling in my stomach( it felt like butterflies when you’re in love) . Yes i’m sometimes (often) insecure and afraid but I get everyday so much positivity from my customers like how they love the energy in the store , that they got inspired, that they have respect because i’m only 25 years old and go for it,how beautiful my shop is…. so every morning and evening I can’t wait for the next day to go to my little shop and do what I love to do, meet the most beautiful people and take in all this positivity. what keeps me motivated in the times I think what the (f…) am I doing? the kind words that gives me the motivation and the sign from the universe I’m on the right path. following your passio… it’s maybe not the easiest , but yeah hell it’s worth the ride.

  266. Courtney

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for creating a beautiful YouTube channel. I’m watching the video’s every day. This video you posted about self-doubt I definitely have it. I’m not really sure how to overcome it. I really have trouble expressing myself and I find writing therapeutic. But I find that everything that writing isn’t coming out like it is in my head. I’m currently struggling with creating my dream business. I love writing fanfiction and I have original story ideas. I have some very big dreams and I don’t see baby steps. Your videos help keep me positive and motivated that I will create my dream business and life.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Courtney! We’re so happy to hear that our videos are helping to keep you feeling positive and motivated. Keep on writing and expressing yourself, you have beautiful gifts to share with the world! We believe in you, and are so glad you’re in our community. Can’t wait to see all you’ll create!

  267. Ashley Chandler

    Marie, You (& your team!) are amazing! I’ve watched you for 5 years, followed your progress, and let it serve as inspiration for my own growth time and time again. I recently realized I was ‘behind’ on many videos and felt a little out of it when it came to you. Then, boom! It hit me: I’m not watching your stuff everyday anymore because I’ve used the tools and wisdom you’ve been sharing for years, and it’s paying off! You have been a huge teacher on my path, and I thought it was important to write it out loud so that you know you’ve made a immensely positive difference in my life. I now have the career I’ve always pined away for, and I’m healthier and more resilient than I ever was pre-Marie. This is all to say I’m happy and fulfilled. THANK YOU for bringing your special something(s) into the world!! I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without you. ❤️ Ashley Chandler

  268. Last year, I wrote a blog post about all the MonkeyMind stuff that happened to me when I — a former, hardcore jock — returned to yoga class after a 7 year hiaitus (4 yrs of Lyme Disease, followed by a dislocated shoulder, which took 1.5 yrs to heal). I was honest and vulnerable and unsure about unleashing it to my tribe. One woman emailed me after I posted it, saying that my blog had really resonated for her and made her feel less alone in the world. I was moved to tears, knowing that my vulnerability had helped some one like that.

    Creative project I’m working on right now? A new venture called the Changemakers Playground, a series of video interviews with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Stay tuned!

  269. Anita Messica

    OMG! Marie, your book and your videos have helped me so so so much. Your message means so much, wish I took the time and effort to stop being shy to tell Dr. Dyer and Louise Hay how very much they have helped me. It’s too easy to believe superstars get told all the time how amazing and helpful their work is and I can stay in my shy comfort place just absorb the goodness and not engage in a thank you.
    Thanks, Marie! I’ve learned so much from you. You Rock!

  270. Jacquelyn

    It doesn’t matter if years have gone by since I produced a book, a painting, whatever it is, when someone says that it had a positive impact on them, it gives me wings for the new thing I’m working on. So people, take Marie’s advice, write that one-line positive review of the book you enjoyed. Track down the artist and say how much you’re still enjoying the painting you bought from that art fair years ago. It’ll not just make their day but energise them to keep going through the times when praise or encouragement is hard to come by.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Jacquelyn! So important. Thank you so much for sharing this, and keep sharing your amazing work with the world!

  271. Sharon

    One of the best compliments came from a woman who was dating my roommate. She’d always drop by my kitchen (I use to art in our kitchen ‘cuz that was the only space we had) to see what I was working on. I was always tinkering on something in our apt in Manhattan. For work, I used my skills; illustrating, propping, animating, styling etc. The thing is, I seldom felt appreciated and sometimes I envied people that had straight jobs because they looked like they were more valued. Then one day, Suzi came for a visit. She claimed that I was the most creative person she knew, that I inspired her each time she saw me, and wished she could do the things I did. I realized then, that yes, I was pretty darn creative, and I did have lots of projects on my horizon. That same year, I found out she had quit her straight job and went back to school for design. Eventually, she became the VP of Barney’s NY. I feel blessed that I was able to inspire in some way of shape or form.
    When I’m feeling like I have no direction or feel stumped, I remember that I have a lot of creative engines in me, and I just need to get back into the rhythm of it. It’s about practicing and making something whether I feel like it or not.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love reading this Sharon! Yes, you are absolutely creative, and receiving feedback like that must have been so thrilling. We’re wishing you all the best as you get back into your practice of making.

  272. Great episode Marie!
    Sharing a compliment makes you feel even better than getting one!
    I’ve just finished my book that shares The 3 Steps that helped me lose weight 18 years ago. And I just signed up for the Copy Cure last week to help me reach my audience. I’m so excited to be part of the Copy Cure movement.

  273. This is a great episode thank you. I love hearing that we all struggle with the same thing.

    I have a hard time pushing out my ebook on egg freezing, Easy Breezy Egg Freezy Book, when I think no one cares or is listening. It takes a lot to just keep going even when no one is engaging. HAHAHA. It’s trick-wicky.

    Thanks for the great episode and motivation!

  274. I’d perpetually want to be update on new articles on this web site,

  275. Yawn

    Hi Marie,
    I’ve always been shy to tell people what they mean to me. I’ll give more compliments and kind words whenever I can. Encouragement really helps a person to keep going. It’s like a fuel you that can add to a person when they’re having self-doubt or when they don’t feel good enough.
    Thank you for the wonderful insights in this episode! <3
    -Yawn 🙂

  276. It would mean a lot to me if someone write to me or say that what I do and write is realy helping and inspiring them.
    I’m working on book – fantasy… for now the title “Age of dragons”… but it could change. I’m realy giving my all there. I hope in the future it will be a book which will inspire people…
    I’m having my blog too… so creating and writing is my life.

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  280. I just watched this Marie TV episode and it truly spoke directly to my current doubts and fears. My whole life I’ve loved writing in my journal. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing and I’ve spent many hours daydreaming about becoming a writer.

    Well, in January 2019, I created a website to post my poetry on. I was filled with doubt and fear, but I knew I had to take action on my dream to become a writer. I’m pretty sure the only people who read my poetry online are friends and family, but my favorite thing is to hear my grandma or cousin say that my poetry inspires them and that they look forward to reading my latest poems.

    Currently, I took on this freelance writing project. I’m writing weekly blog posts for a family-owned business. I’m totally consumed with doubt and fear. In some instances, I’m making myself sick because of this fear. This video definitely helped me put things in perspective.

    I don’t think I know exactly how to get past this except to keep writing, even when that voice of doubt is tormenting me. I have faith that in 6-months to a year from now I will be able to look back on this moment and say, “Hey, look I made it through that phase of doubt, and look how much I’ve learned!” Just like the way I felt about creating my poetry blog a year ago. Thank you Marie Forleo and Team for helping creatives like me to keep going for our dreams.

  281. Loved it! I enjoy so much your podcasts and videos! It delivers great content in a light and fun way! Thank you for the reminder that anyone can benefit from words of encouragement! I make an effort to listen to the small still voice within me encouraging me to call, email or do something for another person.
    I am working hard to overcome the current obstacles to release my product’s next release. I know, I know, I know I can do this but I don’t want to spend time learning how to code again!!! I have the blueprint with critical and strategic considerations. I just want to hire someone trustworthy and qualified to help me. I love the creative, problem solving part of my work. I will overcome this barrier!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Angelica! As Marie says, everything is figureoutable. 🙂 We’re cheering you on with your product launch and are honored to be a part of your world.

  282. Nikki

    Today, Erika, from your Customer Happiness Team, replied with a thoughtful email to my late scholarship submission to the Copy Cure. It was such a surprise and completely made my day! I just wanted to share how her kindness and care to help totally warmed my heart. Thank you Erika for your awesome-ness and Marie for this rocking video.

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