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“Oh boy, do I even have anything worthwhile to say?”

Nobody’s going to want to read this anyway. What’s the point…”

“I have no official credentials or fancy degrees. Who do I think I am to write any of this?”

If you’re human and want to write, produce, or create anything — chances are you’ve battled these kinds of thoughts, too.

When you’re afraid to write, don’t think “who am I to say this” but “who am I not to say this?” Click To Tweet

Fear and insecurity seem to go hand in hand with creativity and self-expression.

I’ve been publishing my ideas for well over a decade now and I still hear versions of those thoughts every week when I sit down to write my email to you, or when I work on MarieTV.

If the “Who am I to write this?!?” fear has been stopping you from sharing your ideas, today’s MarieTV is for you.

You’ll get some powerful mental reframes and a never-leave-home-without-it writing practice called the LSC method.

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Once you’ve given this episode a watch, let me know your answer to this Q:

Does the fear of sounding like a ‘know it all’ ever stop you? Perhaps you get stuck with the ‘who do I think I am?!?’ version?

If you’ve ever wrestled with insecurity about your writing, I’d love to know what practices or tools help you keep creating.

Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

Remember that tens of thousands of souls visit our site to learn, explore and get inspired. Your perspective may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to find the courage to live a more creative and expressive life.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you found this episode helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends — anyone you think could use some support as they bring their dreams to life.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most supportive and insightful places online.

P.S. If you enjoyed this episode about writing, you should really watch the one I did with my pal, Steven Pressfield about Turning Pro. It’s a must watch!

With so much love and appreciation.


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  1. Hi Marie and everyone,

    I was born a writer and I’m sure I’ll be sending dispatches from the great beyond when I die. I’ve never had an issue with putting my words out there.

    “talking in text form” – YES! If you have trouble writing, use a voice recorder and just talk into it. You could even post that as a little podcast or something on your site. Or you can re-listen to it and pull out the main points.

    RE: feeling like “who am I to say this” – hey! Why not? You don’t have to claim you’re an expert (but you can if you are) – it’s just your point of view. Whenever I talk about stuff, I say “in my experience” or “as I see it” because I don’t pretend to know THE TRUTH! I just know what is true for me and I am willing to share it.

    Be willing to put your words out there – it’s valuable and we need more voices out there, sharing their truth.

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

    • I couldn’t agree more love. More voices speaking their truth. Sharing their story. Means a lot to me as a human being. Emotions come through words like the elements.

    • Julie Inzerillo

      When you write, it’s important to remember who you are writing for, and that’s yourself. You can’t worry about pleasing everyone in your audience because not everyone will enjoy what you have to say nor is everyone interested (which is perfectly fine). When you write purely for your enjoyment, your audience will follow because it’s authentic. They will like what you have to say and will stick with you. Have fun!

      • YES Julie! Creating for your own enjoyment is underrated 🙂

        • Wilhelmien

          Julie, your opening sentence was a “Ah-Ha” moment for me. I needed to read this! Thank you so much 🙂
          Marie, thank you for the LSC method. There is great freedom, honour, respect and recognition in this that I appreciate.
          This video has unlocked the padlock that was in my head. 🙂

          • Katerina

            Absolutly true. I’m so grateful for your post and advice.
            I realise what to do. I start right now work on my business.

            Thank you 🙂

      • LOVE THIS Julie! Writing for yourself and knowing you will not please everyone out there and if you are happy with what you wrote then you are putting your best into the world. Fabulous!

    • What a great Q to the A. Yes writing is not about being absolutely correct. It is about the opportunity to share with others your thoughts and ideas. Sharing ideas may help others in more ways than you can imagine. Your acorn of an idea maybe some else tree. Especially if you are passionate about some idea, concept or thought. Providing your take on it or how to use or what to do with it is a gift you can always share. Good job motivating people with your A!

    • Heidi Thatcher

      When I first published my book, LETTERS FROM THE LOONEY BIN, I went through the same thing of “Who am I?” This novel is a work of psychological fiction and I have no college degree or classes in the field, but I have worked in the field for over 7 years. I thought no one would want to read it because I didn’t have a PhD, but now I have sold thousands and the book is currently in the top 100 of Amazon’s psychological fiction best seller list! I realized it wasn’t about “Who am I?” it was about “Who is this for?” and the readers have decided that it was for them. 🙂

    • i am in the beginnings of starting up my own website and defo suffered the “who am I” imposter syndrome thoughts. Why oh why are we so scared of allowing ourselves to be beginners?! Loved the LSC method! Thanks M xx

  2. In the past, I had trouble claiming the title “writer.” At first it was because, it wasn’t my “profession.” Then it was because I didn’t have a published book. Then when I had one, I beat myself up because it was *self* published. Then it was because my early article submissions were rejected. Then it was because not enough people were “liking” them. Then it was because I started receiving some nasty feedback–the nastiest being that I needed to go back to what I know…

    Luckily, that didn’t send me back to square one. Although I often have to remind myself, I have something important to say. I definitely don’t know it all, but as any writer, I’m courageous enough to share what I do. It’s not always easy but it’s necessary if being a writer is your calling. If the Universe didn’t intend to give it to you, you wouldn’t have the desire. Write on.

    • I know exactly how you feel – I’ve just self-published my first book and somehow it feels inadequate because it’s not been published in the traditional sense. But, that’s the beauty of the internet. If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen!

      Maybe, one day, my blogging will lead to a properly published book….

      • ainslie

        Hi Lucy – I just wanted to say….how is a ‘properly’ published book any better than what you have already created? I read your comment and it resonated so I went to your website..And it is wonderful. I have a 9 year old and your language really spoke to me of where she is at and I saw immediately how your techniques would be useful to all students. I know that you know not to doubt your worth based on whether a silly publisher wants to publish you – one day your blogging WILL lead to a deal – whether it is publishing or something else – don’t stop! You have something wonderful to offer and you should be really proud! 🙂

        • Yes, Lucy. Ainslie is spot on.

        • Megan Allen

          It seems like getting published is about networking or luck or both. I have read amazing things from self published and big business published people. I have also read some things from bigtime published books where I wondered what happened and if they could have used an online text editor to help them out. Wouldn’t it be great to be in traveling writers events all over the country, like a county fair, but better for your belly? To gain strength by being in a group somehow perhaps? Stay strong. I am pulling for you. 🙂

      • This thread really resonates for me. And reading Lucy’s comment makes me realize that it doesn’t matter that next accomplishment is, it is still possible to doubt yourself (just like Emilia describes). I got into a top school for an MFA in writing and as soon as I got in, that accomplishment was no longer enough. Now I teach writing, and I feel like I’m not doing enough because I’m teaching more than I’m writing. Which leads me to – Lucy, let’s connect! I took a look at your website. Maybe I can share your work with some of my students?

      • Lucy, I clicked on your name and saw to my delight your awesome and super creative study methods. Please continue to do what you’re doing because, as a teacher for over 33 years, I see your genius. I completely understand what you mean because I picked up a paintbrush 2 years ago and found out I could paint – yet that little voice nags at me, too. (Who am I to think I can paint?)
        I’m going to bookmark your page so I can share it with others.
        Thanks for the work you’re doing, Lucy!!!

      • You are just what I need in the mornings!. Your presentation is not too long but just right. You take my negative or my doubting thoughts and turn them into positive “I can do this!” thoughts. I did my blog writing right after this presentation.

        • This is so awesome to hear, Deborah! Rock on with your blog writing–you got this. 🙂

      • Elizabeth Gutierrez

        Hi Lucy, this is my first time leaving a comment on a site. I normally read comments but have never felt the nudge to actually write one. After reviewing your site I got to say, you are a writer. Your sight is amazing and I’m definitely sharing it with everyone I know. Please, please don’t stop writing. You truly have a gift and lots of us would benefit from what you have to say.

    • Dear Emelia
      I LOVED reading your post! Your honesty and openness is so powerful, & REAL. I admire your courage. Congratulations on pursuing your purpose. xxx and thank you!

      • Awww. Thank you, Louise. <3

    • C.S.A.

      Emelia, do not ever let the fact that it is self-published get in the way of you feeling proud of your accomplishments! Many successful self-published authors are actually having publishers/agents run after them for their work these days. No longer do you need to be published traditionally in order to obtain an audience.

      Just recently, my self-published book reached the top ten Kindle Bestselling next…above a famous author who is traditionally published and known worldwide. I am sharing this story only because I want you to know that it is very possible to be self-published and greatly successful. If you have a story worth telling, don’t let the platform on which you published stop you from sharing your message with the world. Create value and you will be seen as valuable regardless.

      Anyone who tells you otherwise is afraid of putting themselves out there and doesn’t know any better. Also, remember that J.K. Rowling was rejected about 10+ times before she was “accepted.” Never stop chasing your dreams due to the fear of rejection. Blessings!

      • C.S.A.

        Bestselling list*

      • This is awesome! Emelia, there are definitely some self-published authors out there who are ROCKING it, and CSA is one great example of that. Being self-published is nothing to be ashamed of at all. It’s wonderful that we live in a time when people’s voices can’t be shut out by the gatekeepers in traditional publishing. Your voice has an important place in the kaleidoscope of writing, so please write freely and let your voice be heard.

        • “I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.” ~Richard Wright, American Hunger, 1977.

      • Thanks, CSA. That was in the past. The doubt was more prevalent when I wrote my first book seven years ago. The self-publishing world has exploded since that time. But even if it hadn’t, I don’t have any shame having gone that route now. Besides, I’ve read more than a few crappy books that were traditionally published. lol

        I agree. It’s about the message, not the route.

        • I can so relate to your cycle of thinking! We get past one hurdle just to erect a new one immediately after.

          And I definitely agree about the crappy traditionally published books. I come across a lot these days that are rife with typos and grammatical errors despite teams of editors. I’ve noticed many of us who self publish work harder on the final product because we don’t have those teams to fall back on. It’s definitely a plus to the self-publishing world.

    • Isn’t it interesting all the places we diminish ourselves and think that we’re somehow “not legit” because we “didn’t do something the standard way”? They’re all so silly when we start to unravel our self-constricting beliefs and mindsets. Good on you Emelia, thank goodness you continued to write despite the haters. You def have a gift – I’ve watched this show for a year now and I always love your comments! And that’s just your comments!

      • So true, Lulu. Different strokes work for different folks and the standard way isn’t always the right way or the best way.

      • Thank you, Lulu. <3

    • Hi Emelia & Marie!
      Wow Emelia! What you just wrote touched a deep cord within me.Thank you for your candid encouragement. So many of us are struggling with this defeating and insane self talk.

      I really liked what Colleen said around knowing that we are truly “enough”.


  3. Hi Marie, thanks for the video, amazing as every Tuesday!

    I’m a bit of a newbie and I’m currently in a variation of the “who am I” mood, in fact I’m struggling with the “who cares?”
    I’m in love with fashion and image, but also with self growth and non-verbal communication, so I decided to create a blog to help women leverage their image in order to advance in their life and career.
    Now, I still have few posts, and I’m really passionate about what I write, but every time I start writing I don’t know if my readers will find it useful.

    Anyway, I find your tips about giving credit to the sources is really powerful, since it’s not only a means to overcome that sense of petiteness when writing something, it’s also a way to build credibility!

    Keep going with your advice Marie, you have a gift!

    Anna 😀

    • Although I try to write useful stuff, I also tend to lean in the ‘who cares’ side… or it’s all been said before

      • Tara

        Maybe it’s been said, but perhaps you’ll say it in a way that will give someone an insight they’ve never had before or maybe the way you say something is fun for people to read. Information is always being reused or repurposed, but if people stopped writing because “it’s all been said”, we wouldn’t have many of the great speakers or writers we have today. In fact, I’m pretty sure what I’m saying now has been said before, lol.

        • So meta Tara — LOVE IT 🙂

        • Just because something may have been said before doesn’t mean your audience heard it already. Also, maybe your voice will hit someone in just the right way when they need it.

          • Barb J

            Thanks Barb that’s good to be reminded we might reach others.
            Thanks Marie for the LSC tips. Want to teach some ideas I’ve read in an easier way. If I decide to write a book that has made it clearer.

    • The right audience will always find what you’re writing useful, so you don’t have to worry about that. 🙂 People know when someone really cares about them and wants to help them, so if you write from the heart, your readers will know you want to help them and give them useful information, and they’ll love you for it. 🙂

  4. Marie-

    These are great tips that apply not only to writing, but anything we want to do. I’ve been working in fitness for nearly a decade. When other fitness professionals started coming to me for help, my fellow entrepreneurs told me I should start business coaching. I thought-no way! Who am I to do that? Even though I’ve had a very successful career in fitness, worked as a wellness center director where I did have to coach my staff, and have formal education in education I didn’t think I was good enough to help.

    Looking back, it seems crazy and silly that I felt this way, but it was a very real feeling I faced and I think we all do. It can be hard to give ourselves credit for our gifts. However, if we don’t share them we really are keeping them from others we can help. Whenever I remember that, I’m able to get back on track.

    Thanks for a great episode, Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Catherine, very true. This kind of thinking can happen to anyone, not just writers. Giving ourselves credit for our gifts is SO key!

      • You’re so right, Kristin (and Cathrine) – it happens not only to the best of us, but to the rest of us, too!

  5. When I was a teacher in Secondary Schools here in the UK my students often used to say they didn’t know how to write down their answers. I always asked the to tell me the answer, which they would do fluently. I then would just say ‘Write down what you just said.’ And they’d look at me wide-eyed and surprised for a few seconds, and then turn their heads to the paper and set their pens to work. It really can be that simple.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I was a writing tutor in college and did the same thing with students I would work with too, Lucy! Amazing how speaking it out loud clears the way for the words to flow on paper 🙂

      • I’ve always found it strange how paper (or the screen) can be such an intimidating place to express yourself…. for me it’s wonderfully liberating. I adore writing and maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to call myself ‘a writer’.

    • Lucy!!! that is AWESOME advice for your students! I struggled throughout my academic life trying to write the perfect essay under exam conditions. Sadly my results were NEVER a true reflection of who I am and what I have to offer. Invariably I would sit paralyzed for most of the exam and then, face burning and heart pounding, I would try to write 4 essays in 45 minutes! I doubt the examiners could even read the writings of a terrified teen! If only someone like you had shared their vision with me back then.

      It took me MANY years to shake off my feelings of inadequacy. Interestingly enough, although self employed now, my career choices always pushed me towards writing. What I came to learn over time is to write from the heart or as you say write as you hear it or would want to say it. So I applaud YOU for the amazing gift you have given your students. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I have a little ritual I like to do before I sit down to write anything and it goes like this…

    Connect to my intuitive heart

    And ask:
    “What would love write?”
    “What does love wanna say?”

    Easy, peezy.

    • Caroline, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. 🙂

    • Karen

      I like this!

    • Love it!

    • I’ll be trying out variations of this. Thank you!

  7. Belinda

    Thank you so much for your inspiration Marie, I have been watching Q&A Tuesday each week since March and it has really helped me develop my business model!

    • Thanks for watching Belinda – honored our show has supported you 😉

  8. Hi Marie & Co,

    I have been writing all of my life, and although I haven’t had formal training either, I’ve garnered a decent amount of confidence in my writing skills. However, I can relate to doubting that I have AUTHORITY to write about certain subjects. I often find myself using clarifiers in my writing, such as “I’m no expert, but…” and it just deadens the blow of what I’m trying to say. I think the idea of giving credit is really useful in that regard. I may not be an expert, but the person I got the idea from probably is. Thanks for this episode. 🙂

    • Ron


      I used to buffer my writing with those types of comments as well. Then someone told me to stop apologizing for writing what I know. Ever since then I remind myself of that and have stopped putting in those buffer statements. Try and remind yourself you don’t need to apologize for putting yourself out there. You would be surprised how many people may want to hear it and appreciate you for sharing.

  9. Marie, you are so funny! Love your comment “if you wanna a business and life that you hate, turn this off because I’m irritating to you” lol. But really, these are great tips, I always struggles with this. Will try to remember this every time I have something I wanna share from now on!

  10. Hi Marie, thank you for this episode and thank you everyone for your comments, they have really inspired me. I am passionate about education and depression and built a website to help others but I just can’t Blog because there is so much good stuff out there that, I feel that my own insight is useless. Well, maybe not from today onwards. I pledge to myself that I will have more confidence in myself and my own experience.
    Thank you everyone. From London with love.

    • Yay!! Euridice that’s awesome! Say hi to jolly old for me!

  11. Cynthia

    Hey Marie. Love ya! My comment is a variation of today’s question. In being my authentic self, how do I decide if a comment or writing topic is too risque or slightly r-rated, whether or not to say it? I don’t want to turn my audience off, yet at the same time I want to say what I mean, even if it might be considered a bit crude.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Here’s my quick person two cents, Cynthia: your ideal readers won’t care if you’re speaking your mind. If it’s authentic to you and your voice, they’ll connect with it.

      Of course, every single person out there may not love what you’ve written, but that’s not the point. Write what’s true to you and the right readers will appreciate it.

  12. Oh my gawd. This was such a great episode! I started my blog 3 months ago and every week, I ask myself who the hell I think I am. I also feel a little ridiculous publishing something that I’ve preplanned when so much craziness is going on in the world. For example, should I really be sending my audience a post on “how to edit your own videos” when most of my audience members are focused on something much more important (in my case, the Freddie Gray murder)? Does anyone else struggle with this same issue?

    • Coree

      Yes, hiwote! I struggle with this all the time. I’m starting a business as a Health Coach and figuring out what I want to write about is a struggle because, first of all, if I see one more “top 3 vegetables/superfoods/vitamins/supplements to put in your diet now” I’m gonna go mental, but second, I can’t help but think how important is this to put out in the world (again) when people are dying from earthquakes/systemic racism/war/poverty/corruption, etc. Nutrition and health can be a fight for your life but there are food deserts and people going hungry in the richest country on earth so that hot new recipe kinda pales in comparison. But I suppose there is a bit of trust in there that you put out your best and the people that need you will find you and the world needs to hear about the good, helpful stuff in the world even more than the atrocities, even if it feels trivial at the time.

    • I totally feel the same way sometimes. Last week it felt kind of insensitive to be writing about a trip I just took when people were dying in Nepal. The way I try to look at it is that even in the midst of tragedy and disaster, people need to keep living their lives, doing their work, and shining their lights. I think that if you have something important to say about what’s going on, you should say it. Otherwise, just keep trying to be a source of positivity and light in the world, doing whatever it is that you do best.

    • Yes exactly! These thoughts stopped me form making art for a few years because I thought it was so low down the list of important things in the world. It took quite a while to come back around to the thinking that beauty and creativity has its place also. If we were only concerned with doom and gloom then how would we find the solutions to get us to brighter places?


  13. Thanks Marie – this is very timely as I have been stuck in writing articles for my blog thinking who am I to say this? I will start today!

  14. Mark


    Great Q&A today, actually they all are. I love your insight and practical wisdom for being all that we can be.

    I can definitely relate to today’s question and have the same challenges being a unpublished writer/author. But I keep writing and keep that thought you speak of so often, the world needs me to share and be all that I was destine to be.

    So thank you for all you do, you’re awesome.

    Love & Gratitude,

  15. Thanks so much for this episode. I think I’m the opposite of feeling like people will think I’m a know-it- all. I wonder if they will think I’m juvenile….irrelevant or trying too hard to sound knowledgeable. It’s hard to express yourself and sound like it’s coming from your heart. That is a true gift that takes a lot of practice. I do know that you have to write…and write …and write to start feeling comfortable and confident about what you are putting out there.

    • Yes! I also have these worries. When it comes to writing, people will always interpret things differently. Just write from the heart without concern for how others will see it. Your audience will pick up on it. Writing that sounds like it came from the heart isn’t the real gift; your words that ARE from the heart are the true gift to those who need them. Keep at it, you know what you’re doing!

  16. Thanks for the video…seems like when I need support or inspiration it just shows up! Just what I needed today! I tend to be more of the “who do I think I am to write this ?” but appreciate that I may have something to share and say that someone else needs.

  17. I was tempted to comment before I watched the video because just the intro provoked a passionate reponse in me!! But tyen I watched, amd LOVED, and heard in tye beginning just what I wanted to say: ( and always say to my daughter who has a lot of anxiety about writing) WRITING IS TALKING! Okay, no eye contact, etc….. Gestures, but remind yourself that if you are capable of communicating with your words, writing is just an extension of that. School can make us feel “separate” from what we already have instinctually…. Something a teacher once said could still be echoing in your head… But if if you approach your writing as if you are speaking to someone, then you realize that you do it all the time… No mystery there!
    A lot of people have trouble with spelling, grammar, can be helpful to let a friend read before you share to get some feedback too.
    “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing, if you can chat, you can WRITE!”
    I just read a review of my book on amazon and one reviewer (of three) said she gave 4 not five stars bc of lack of “fluidity in reading”. I’m fine with that. I’m a mother, business owner, fashion designer, artist, musician, teacher, THEN writer. It’s oooooookaaaaaaay. Love you all!!

    • Laura I love it!! You have hit the proverbially nail xx
      All of what you share so resonates because my school years were not at all empowering and it has taken me many many years to “unlearn” those lessons and to simply tap and tune in to my heart and my own unique creative vision & voice. I love how you embrace it all … I’d like to check out your book … can you share more?

  18. Thank you Marie Forleo for the tips
    Going to do it with LSC

  19. Hi Marie,
    Amazing video today! I think that thought every day and have had difficulty writing what I truly feel and believe. However, I received some great feedback from a friend not too long ago saying that she loved reading what I wrote and that inspired me to write. I write down my thoughts and feelings whenever emotions come up and blog my thoughts and ideas related to my field and passions.

    Thank you for these vides and all you do every week!


  20. Hey Marie,

    That was just what I needed to hear! Right now I’m fighting with myself to write my 4th ever blog post!!! I’m an artist and have a degree in fine art but still have this little voice saying ‘who am I to write about art and creativity?’ But I have been thinking about doing so for over a year and keep putting it off… someone might laugh at me y’know?

    For anyone else with the same issues I find Seth Godin inspirational, he sends out daily posts to give people the kick they need to do what the need to do- check out his website 🙂

    Love the show and watch every tuesday, I’m glad Marie did not let her little gremlins tell her she shouldn’t write and share her ideas!!!


  21. gricel


    • Gricel, I feel the same way you do often. For me I keep a short list of actions that are easy to take, but will create momentum. Instead of “write a chapter” I put on my list, “bullet point some ideas” and then I’m on my way. I also have had the book by Seth Godin, “The Dip” recommended for me when deciding whether to quit something or ride it out. I think I’m going to read that also. Sending lots of love. Keep up the good work. Because the dream will still be in you, even if you quit, right?

      • gricel

        Melisa thank you very much!! you are very kind for your answer. !!
        I´ll try to do what you suggestted me. Love From Argentina. Gracias!!! Gri

  22. Oh my gosh – I so needed this today! Pow! I just wrote in my journal this morning about how I was feeling frustrated and scared that my current business efforts weren’t going to pay off. And then I started thinking about all the people who I could help, that I wouldn’t be helping. And you said it perfectly – it’s like stealing from those people. Wow. Such a good thing to keep in mind. And it will help motivate me to get the tasks done on my list that are feeling like heavy open-loops. Get them done today so I can work on the bigger stuff! Thanks, Marie and good luck to everyone else going through this same stuff!


    • gricel

      Good luck for you too Meli!! Tell me what you are doing??

  23. After suffering the ultimate tragedy of losing my only child to murder, I took to journaling as a way of expressing my grief. I had serious conversations with God. I was simply talking to God and writing it down. Even though I did not have any formal writing education, I turned those “conversations” with God into a devotional entitled, “Joy Comes This Morning” and was published by New Spirit, an imprint of Harlequin Publishing.

    I am now working on the follow-up companion book, “Joy For A New Day”, which will be published by Morgan James Publishing and I’m working on a novel. Who would’ve thunk it. 🙂

    Just do it. Write your thoughts. You never know what might happen. Thanks Marie for your inspiration and encouragement.

    • Norma, this is wonderful. You are brave and kind and so loving to share this with us. And congratulations on all your success!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Norma, I’m so sorry for your loss. The way you’ve turned tragedy in your own life into a way to help others is just extraordinary. Sending you love!

    • Norma, that was a lesson you didn’t ask for but now you have a gift of bringing light and joy to millions. In this sense you became an incredible gift…

    • Dear Norma .. thank you for sharing … and I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your books sound so inspiring. Your first book “Joy Comes This Morning” speaks volumes .. especially as a guide and beacon of light for those times when it is hard to see anything beyond despair. I see a beautiful healing light around your work … so powerful .. thank you!

    • Cynthia

      Norma, thank you for sharing. I just went to your blog and learned something very meaningful for my own life. I thank you, through pain comes much joy. Stay encouraged.

  24. This article came at the perfect time for me. I want to start writing more and sharing my experiences as a creative entrepreneur to help other aspiring entrepreneurs, and have this same exact fear. Who am I to give advice? When it comes down to it, I love having these conversations and have NO problem sharing in person. I love that you pointed out that it is just a conversation in text form. Really great and timely article! Also, I LOVE all your videos and advice!


    Peeps, I went to a performing arts high school for creative writing, I’ve won all kinds of awards, I’ve built my career on writing, take regular writing retreats, love the practice from here until next Tuesday, and GUESS WHAT?

    None of that matters. Because the world needs to hear from you.

    Your voice is precious. Your message is precious. Your life is a story and a gift that only you can give to the world, so please, please, please give it.

    Someone needs to hear from you. They need to hear from you today.

    I believe in the very core of my bones that when you speak your deep truth, you change the world. You choose love and not fear. You set yourself free and every one of us gets a little brighter because of it.

    Grammar, syntax, flow—these things are important simply because they help others understand you. Not because they validate what you have to say.

    Yes, you may want to invest time and resources into learning how to communicate more easily or how to better tap into your inner wisdom. But on a fundamental level, you already know how to do these things. Like Marie said, writing is just speaking through text. I tell my clients to record themselves all the time.

    Do NOT let lack of education be the empty excuse that stops you from speaking. You already know the truth in your heart. Please share it. You have a story the world needs to hear.

    And of course bless Marie for sharing this message from her platform. I am pounding my desk with my fist in agreement!

    • Wow – thanks for this pep talk! I love it!

    • “Someone needs to hear from you. They need to hear from you today.” Thanks Elizabeth, that was great (great addition to what Marie says). What you wrote created a sense of URGENCY- to write (how many times I postponed writing a blog which draft sat in my docs for 6 months? And someone would have used it!) and made me realize, that we need to feel PASSION to share what we know, what we experience. That passion & urgency reminder is crucial.

  26. And if you don’t, turn this off because I’m probably irritating to you… totally LOL’d. LOVES.

    I love that you shared that by not writing you’re stealing from those who need you most. I always tell people that by remaining quiet (whether in writing or speaking or actually putting one’s self out there to start a business) is selfish because someone out there needs to hear something the way that only YOU can share it.

    Thank you for all you do. <3

  27. Very well timed Q & A for me Marie, thank you so much for all your great tips and for adding humour along the way 🙂
    I am great at speaking but really struggle when it comes to blogging and writing articles and a lot of that is to do with self-confidence I think but I am getting the hang of it and have just committed to writing a book – scary biscuits 🙂 but I’ve put it out on Facebook and to friend so now I have to do it.
    Thanks you for all you do Marie!
    Prabha x

  28. Thanks Marie
    Those were very encouraging words. I struggle with the fear of writing as well and it came at a time when those voices were playing in my head.
    I love to write and does it everyday and find that indeed I do get better with time.
    Thanks again for your encouragement.

  29. I could hardly hear the message today because your dress was so gosh-darn AMAZING!! I want one, so bad. Really though, I loved this episode – thank you for the push 🙂

  30. I started my blog website recently, and you nailed it! I am absolutely insecure about the messages I share. Thank you for addressing this topic. I appreciate the encouragement and support. I especially appreciated that it might be my gift to express myself to others. THANK YOU!

  31. Anna Kawar

    The Op-Ed Project is a great organization that leads workshops mostly for women to help get their voice out there. Only 20% of all published material and opeds are by women. Check them out!

  32. I can totally relate to this subject. As I’m just starting out, I often criticize myself and feel like what I have to say doesn’t matter because I’m a newbie, and there’s a world of knowledge and practice that I lack.

    What I’ve been doing – and your videos have been extremely important to help me change my thoughts – is to do it anyway. Sometimes I’m writing through a “storm” in my head. I feel as if I were walking against a wind that keeps pushing me back. What I write doesn’t look good, I feel like a fraud, but when I finish, I notice that there are things worth keeping and that whatever isn’t good, I just need to edit and improve.

    Something that also happens when I do so is that the resistance from the negative thoughts eases as I write, and when I get into the flow, I feel better, and the words come out easily.

    Something I do to disconnect from bad thoughts that always works as a charm is to have some music on or at least to have some “white noise” on. I particularly love the sound of rain, and on youtube there are several hours-long videos of rain sounds. I always have one of them playing as I work, if I don’t want to listen to any music.

    As you have pointed out on other videos, fear is part of life, but we can’t let that stop us from going forward.

    Thank you and your team for your great work. In the last few weeks, I’ve watched all of your videos, plus some interviews, and I’ve learned a lot. I wish you and yours lots of success! 🙂

  33. Karen

    Marie, I like that you say if you have knowledge that you’re not sharing, you’re stealing from those who need it. I recently found out that critical information was kept from me by a few different people in my teen years that affected my whole life. I can see that as stealing from me because it sort of stole the better quality of life I could have had. Now that I have the information, I hope to get it out there to others because I don’t want to steal from them. I just need to figure out the best way to reach them. <3

    • Me again (Karen)

      I forgot to say that my fear is not having enough to say to keep the dialog going. I know that repeats aren’t a bad thing but I fear that would be too often…lol

  34. This was a good video, AND a bit difficult to watch because there is a part of me that was triggered because I am not writing. I used to really really enjoy writing. I never felt like I would be perceived as a know it all. I was just me. Real and raw and I mostly got great feedback! (yay!)

    What stops me now from writing publicly (because I still journal all the time) is that I feel like people are tired of hearing from me or about me, or about what I have to write about. Ha, kind of a reflection of how I feel about myself lately. Not sure what happened that turned me away from experiencing my life joyfully, none the less, I do my best every day to allow even the smallest little pieces of that being back into the light.

    I found instead of writing, creating handmade travel accessories was my creative outlet. And I love it even more than my writing (don’t tell my inner writer that LOL).

    And one other thing that stops me is that I don’t want to be challenged by readers. Sometimes I just want to write! So I avoid the debaters by not writing at all!

    I think for me, what worked, was accepting that creativity was needed in my life whether it was writing or other. It had to be creativity that would benefit others and as long as I was doing that, I felt more in alignment.


  35. Cathy

    Thanks Marie! Great advice! I have been told I’m a very good writer, but at times I get that same block as Eileen. I like your point about writing like you’re talking. Recently, I’ve been talking to my computer when I start an article. Yes, I talk to the computer (sometimes called dictating). It’s a little stilted at first, but once you get the hang of it, it helps a lot. I can just sit back and start talking. Then I edit the sentences and structure (you know, commas, semi-colons, paragraphs, headings, bullet points,..). It works! And the article sounds like me talking to my audience. Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android all have free options or you can purchase a tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking or similar products. Oh yes… Evernote has the capability to dictate and it will turn it into a text note. What a concept, huh? I love it! Use it often, even just for notes to myself.

  36. I’m one of those people who does get talker’s block, which is why I prefer writing more than anything else.

    What people have to remember is that a person can hear what they need to hear a dozen times.
    But it won’t sink in until they’ve heard YOU say it in your own unique style.

    Hold back, and that person; those people may never ‘get it’, all because you convinced yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t write.

  37. Rod Mula

    Hi Marie,

    Since I have been reading your content and following several of your fans and partners, I have given it some thought and have decided to leave a comment!

    If folks out there like you, it is because you are real and your content is also real! You have amazing people that like what you have to say and I would like to just say that I agree! Keep going and do not let anyone say otherwise. My opinion is such that we need to build people up not knock them down!

    Marie, you are great, keep going! You are already a powerhouse, now go and make it stronger!!!

    Thanks for your e-mails,

    To all out there that promote the same,

    Best Wishes,


  38. Thanks Marie, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now as I’m preparing to approach magazines with article ideas for the first time!

    I’ve started writing on the walls. Yup. With jumbo fluoro markers.

    Seriously, it has helped me so much to take my writing away from the blinking cursor or the old pad n’ pen. I now live amongst my ideas, having written them on posters tacked to my walls.

    Somehow the act of walking around, writing the odd bit here and there and adding ideas as they arise has added a new dynamism and flow to my writing.

    Try it! I hope it helps you too. xx

    • Peter Schwartz

      Changing writing implements often helps me. Going from typing to writing by hand, especially.

  39. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this inspiration! I am a new writer (blogger!) and hearing “write how you talk” really helps. I write about natural parenting which is a controversial topic and risks sounding like a “know-it-all” so I will certainly use your approach to avoid falling into that trap too. I often worry about sounding like I’m on a soapbox!

    Love your work!

  40. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me… a friend sent this to my inbox (Lori Falk) I have a story to share, don’t feel like a know-it-all by any means and fear often stops me. I’m almost complete w/ a book sized manuscript about the spiritual healing journey I’ve had w/breast cancer. (To Keep A Breast…) It’s such a personal story but I think others could relate & ultimately benefit. Your video is timely to keep me keeping on w/self publishing… and the completion issues I’m having!

  41. Every time I start to write, those words pop up – who are you to do/write this. I’ve founds that the doubt is quieted by doing, actually putting pen to paper or fingers to keys and allowing it to happen. Thanks for the support Marie!

  42. Peter Schwartz

    Watching this, I’m unclear why Belgray thinks she needs to smile on camera. Marie doesn’t smile, except a little. She certainly doesn’t smile when she’s handing out the news. That would be weird. And Marie is quite terrific on camera. Love the outtakes: Marie had the correct leg the first time.

    Anyway, really enjoyed this.

  43. Ha, very spot on Marie!

    Thank you for this motivation. I needed it very much. I am always afraid I am not good enough to write about a topic, even about those I enjoy talking about such as PR, social media and my own experience.
    I am not writing more because of this fear that I am not good enough, who am I to write, etc.

    Your video “hit” me straight into my face! 🙂 Thank you!


  44. Pantothenic

    I’m a writer/novelist, I’ve had some of these same thoughts/fears. Marie just delivered a lot of food for thought, especially the part about doing what you love, because that’s a sign that’s what you’re here to share.

  45. Janae

    Today’s episode was a God wink for me – because it’s just what I needed! I do not have much writing experience and I do not enjoy writing; however I have a great book idea and I believe my concepts are life changing!! So far my outline is done but when I sit down to actually write the book I get writers block, fear, and the “who am I to write this” blues! I got some great takeaways from this video – thank you!!! The only thing that I’ll add is to try time in nature to connect to creativity. Get outside, see some things and get to writing!!! Best wishes and lots of love to everyone….

  46. I have had these thoughts is several areas – my writing, my music, my voice-over work – really any creative endeavor: “Who is going to want to listen to this? This is no good!” Inevitably what happens (unfortunately years later) I read, listen, or examine the art in question and I always say to myself, “Wow, *I* did that? It’s amazing!”

    So, I guess one tool I would suggest to people is give yourself a little distance from your work now and then. You may come back with a fresh perspective!

  47. ainslie

    Thanks Marie – another great episode. You constantly discuss things that are floating around in my head and I go “Really – how did she know I needed to hear that today!” I live in this constant critical mode where I worry that what I say or do isn’t going to be enough, or who am I to give that advice. But when I do give it, I get the most amazing feedback…just gotta trust myself more. I have three blogs waiting to start – built them, written the first few posts for each – got a plan….and just can’t hit publish…. maybe I will pluck up the courage on one of them tonight. Thanks Marie!

  48. Dear Marie and Team Forleo,

    Once again, you seem to have read my mind! You pretty much tapped on what I’ve been struggling where it comes to writing my newsletter this week. I will be sure to apply your LSC method – that’s exactly what I need right now.

    As an additional tip/trick I often use is: Research, Research, Research!

    When I’m feeling insecure about writing about a certain topic, I turn to our best free research assistant, Mr. Google, and quickly become as much of an expert on my subject matter as I can.

    Thank you for another inspiring episode.

    Elsa x

  49. Nyakarima King

    Hi Marie, Who told you this is exactly what I needed to hear this week:) I realized writing was my calling in late 2013. I started a blog Jan 2014, I realized it won’t exactly lead me to my book writing goals so I will launch an author website (maybe blog) in a few months. So I’m buying scrivener, learning kindle publisher, researching who does book covers well, buying a new laptop and learning the hell out of marketing my book. And yet I am so scared at this venture and mad that writing a book consumes me while the failure rate is dismal at best. Like I seriously think the chances of this working are slim…I can’t explain why I’m going forward with it.
    It’s good to know that I’ve not lost my mind…entirely:)

  50. Hi Maria (and everyone else),

    When it comes to writing my post I indeed feel ‘what am I actually writing about?’ or am thinking ‘how not to make my post sound like they are all the same?’. Since all my subjects are about jewelry and don’t have a degree in anything jewelry or gemstone related, I do find it hard sometimes. Especially as I want to praise the designer and his/her work.
    So yes, I think I am not good enough to write.
    Also I noticed that the more I think on what I should write, the less I write. If I switch that button and just let myself go, the post has that extra touch where say funny things (exactly the way you describe in your first tip) or so but unfortunately it’s only happening like this 1/5 times. And after two years of blogging I am just not sure if I’ve gotten any better at it.

    Great tips, thanks a lot!

  51. Jenn

    “Writing is just speaking in text form” makes it so much less intimidating. I also like to think that it is a more beautiful form of speaking because I get to go back and polish what I wanted to say to make it so much more succinct. This hit home though because I really struggle with who am I to write a blog, book, essay, etc. I also worry about getting something wrong that I lose my inspiration because I spend so much time researching. I get stuck in a vicious cycle of finding supporting research and finding the exact opposite and not knowing what to believe.

  52. Thank you so much for this week’s episode Marie. I feel completely supported by you! I’m a 2015 B-Schooler, a subscriber to The Copy Cure and an avid watcher of MarieTV, all of which have helped me finally launch my blog (I’ll be releasing my second post this week). You’ve given me clarity and confidence. And the fact that you make whatever you’re doing FUN is icing on the cake. I love you, your team and your work! Lauren

  53. Hi Marie!

    Great video. Made me think of a priceless Hemingway quote: “Write drunk, edit sober.”

    I’ve struggled with confidence in my writing not because I think I’m a poor writer but because I don’t always believe I’m a big enough authority on the topic. I have learned to beat out that insecurity by reminding myself that even though I’m not the utmost authority in my field (health and fitness), my audience is not health and fitness professionals, therefore I DO have the authority on the subject. Also, I’m the *only* person in the *world* who has the authority to speak about my own experiences.

    Write on!


  54. “Who am I not to say this?” So true! Our inner critic is always trying to keep us from saying our truth. Our voices matter! What does your inner critic say to you? One thing I’ve found helpful is to identify the phrase and the play around with it: change the voice of it, slow it down, ask it as a curious question. This scrambles the brains sub modalities and changes it’s meaning… try it and let me know how it goes!

  55. Marie, I literally just sent an e-mail to someone expressing this exact problem and your video popped up! My version of this resistance is about creativity and commitment. Am I creative enough and committed enough to support my clients and prospects with resources and email news on a consistent, continuous basis?! What if I run dry and disappoint people? I am working through it, but it is work. After hearing you talk about how you started out and how you kept improving your writing over time, I have hope that I can do it, too! Thank you for all you do. Best regards, Marian

  56. Wanda

    All I have to say is “Thank you Universe!” Thank you!!! Divine Timing! I needed this this morning! Hope you’re all well and Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🙂

  57. Jaynie

    Yay! This episode was so exciting for me. It is literally like Marie Forleo and team have some of kind of ESP that allows them to tune into what I need to hear in my life. I just started a 6 week e-course called Blogging from the Heart to help me define and hone my writing voice. It was like my message from the universe, saying yes! Do it! It’s ok, and here’s how! Love all of you guys, thank you!

  58. Grace

    Loved this video is so true that tose fearful thoughts attack when one wants to do something meaningful. It totally happens to me. Specially for writing, dancing or painting.
    I always look forward to Tuesday’s because of your videos! Thanks for sharing Marie! 🙂

  59. Eline

    A huge thanks for answering my question Marie!

    Especially the “write like you talk” and the ‘share and credit’ tricks are eye-openers for me. I’m going to use them straight away.

    And all the tips and comments which everyone shares here, it’s a value of inspiration and motivation. Nothing can stop me from writing now!


  60. Hi, thank you so much for this video! I discovered in the depths of my being I am a writer as much as I try to resist it. I know it, but I am so afraid. I wouldn’t consider myself a fearful person, I am very ambitious and reach any goal I set my mind to except when it comes to writing. For me it’s not because I think I’m a “know it all” it’s more because of what you mentioned in the video “who am I” I don’t have any professional degrees or training in writing so I feel I shouldn’t because I am not qualified. I don’t even have a college degree! I am just a curious reader whose mind is a wanderer, rarely sitting still. Actually, I don’t know much at all. I fear being critiqued because when I do summon the courage to write, I pour my soul into the words. Writing is one of the few times I allow myself to be vulnerable, it’s the only time people get an opportunity to peek inside my titanium shell and restless mind.

  61. Lori

    Marie and Team

    I love your videos and they serve as inspiration to me. I have had a rough few years, and have been stuck in my own head, while trying to find my passion in life. So thank you for inspiring me to move past my darkness, and dig myself out of the hole I am in!

    I’ve read the comments here and feel as if others are saying similar things as to what I was thinking: this applies to “non-writing” endeavors as well, right?

    I’m starting over from scratch in a life endeavor… And have no formal education in graphic design ( what I’m pursuing). My mind is constantly telling me that I have: no training, no artistic degree, no experience, and that there’s no WAY I could create something worthwhile that people will want to purchase!

    This negative talk has lead me to quite a few creative blocks and I want to quit daily. But the smallest part of me clings to this business idea – because I think I have natural talent. And a great business idea, too!

    So when I feel scared, I remind myself the worst thing that can happen is I end up right where I started. And then I at least don’t need to wonder… “What if?” Maybe that can help others work through their negative self talk/chatter as well.


    • Ama Gaba


      This was like hot cocoa on this rainy day! Thank you Marie for your great tips and thank you Lori for your comment.

      The “write how you talk” trick is amazing & just sent my writer’s block packing. And your last paragraph, Lori, is a wonderful addition. So yes, you did help someone work through her negative self talk today. 🙂

      Thanks again, girls! This page has become my sanctuary whenever I need to snap out of [insert random way how I make my life more complicated than it has to be].


      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Mmmm hot cocoa 🙂 Wonderful, Ama, thank you so much for being here.

    • Taleen

      Lori, when you said “when I feel scared, I remind myself the worst thing that can happen is I end up right where I started. And then I at least don’t need to wonder… “What if?” that just gave me a huge aha moment!! So much of my fear of starting is because of what the result may be, but it’s true that the worst that can happen is you end up right where you started. Actually, you probably won’t even end up there, because you would have a new experience that changed you in some way. Thank you for sharing!

  62. Sher

    Thank you so much for THIS!! I am so that girl

  63. So, I have to say that while I can relate to everything being expressed here, I feel this more when I work on my visual art. I also went through the “i’m not a real artist because….1. I’ve never sold anything 2. never had a solo show 3. never been added to a collector’s collection”…on and on and on. And then when those things happened, I still didn’t feel legitimate. And that’s when the “duh” moment happened–no “thing” can make you feel legit, you have to do that for yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or cocky or a “know it all” you just have to believe that you have something to share and then share it.

    I’m still learning how to do this–I still don’t create all of the work that I think about creating because I talk myself out of it–“it’s trite, it’s been done before, you can do better”. But I have to keep up that internal voice that says “so what? You haven’t done it before so do it” and also continue to remind myself that not everything we do is Our Legacy. It’s OK to experiment, play, make stuff that sucks.

    So, thanks Marie for the tips and adding one more voice to “Do it!” category. Now I’m off to try and follow my own advice. Good luck to everyone in their ventures!

  64. OH MY GOSH! That painting in the background is absolutely amazing! Where is that from??!

  65. Joy

    OMGeee! This showed up in my inbox at the perfect time! I’m a holistic health coach & nutritionist but I also write a monthly newsletter because I’m incredibly passionate about healing and nutrition. I have no training or education in writing. I just write from my soul. This month I had my first ‘UNSUBSCRIBER’. For 2 days my internal dialogue has been exactly what this video is about!! Who am I to think I can write? Why do I act like I know it all? Why would someone want to read my articles/blogs?

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Marie for always seeming to know what we need to hear!

  66. Marie, Love when you zone right into my current concern! I was sitting down to right my next news letter and BAM your MarieTv vid. So thankful for the simple and clear perspective you give to work strategies. You have a gift for taking out the fear and providing a new way to step! Hmmm like CHOREOGRAPHY!
    many thanks

  67. Hi, Marie!

    Oh my gosh, yes…EVERY time I create a blog I hear the little bird. My business coach calls it “ego”, but I call it “Evil Bobbie”! It does not serve me at all, and causes me pain and self-doubt more than I care to admit. BUT I hear you loud and clear that my voice can and does add flavor to the world in ways that are not always revealed to me.

    We can’t know how much our words touch everyone. It is important to share love…it’s what I most want to do for the world. I want it to be my legacy, you know? Sharing my passion for travel and love of nature may inspire someone to get out to walk on a beautiful day, or to hug a tree in their back yard. It may inspire someone to get off the couch and LIVE.

    Thank you for your inspiration and your amazing ability to motivate others to be the best they can be. You are an expert in sharing love and I admire you so much for that.

    Peace and love, Bobbie

  68. I have fought this battle many a times and each time, I have become stronger and better. The only thing that I say to myself when I encounter such ideas is that “I am writing to give an outlet to my ideas and my emotions and these emotions and ideas have not developed in vacuum and therefore, they should be the part of the universe from where they have been emanated.”

  69. I stumbled across Marie while searching for some ‘real’ advice on how to update my website. I’m a passionate Chef who got popular by accident. I’ve been looking for ways keep the momentum going; when I found one of Marie’s videos and fell in love. That her stylish blend of sass and style reminds me of my little sister, makes her relatable. The fact that she gets to the root of the issue instead of encouraging me to buy 10 million things or download some 10 page newsletter makes me like and trust her. Thank you Marie. I am loving Tuesdays.

  70. yes, I totally get scared to write what I really have to say. During b-school I wrote one blog post and silently put it out there, then included it in the welcome email for people that signed up for my newsletter. The people who read it seemed to really love it and a couple even shared it on their FB pages! This made me feel really good.

    I am still struggling to write more though, and I think there are several reasons. Partly I think I’m just approaching it from the wrong place and over thinking it. Need to focus on progress, not perfection, as Marie would say 😉

    Sometimes I feel discouraged by reading other great content, because I love it so much that I want to sound like that. But If I try to write like the authors I love it doesn’t feel right, as it shouldn’t. But I still have a hard time not doing it. So I guess I’m still finding my voice. Pair this with trying to write for my ICA and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

    One of my big hurtles is that several months back my fiance told me to stop posting stuff that didn’t have to do with my art, “people don’t want to hear about that” — whether it was sharing tips about life, articles I loved, or other things im excited about. But this is the stuff Ian passionate about, ove to write about and share. This really got under my skin. It keeps me from sharing stuff that could be helpful for people. Trying to just tell myself he is not my ICA and others will appreciate it… But it keeps popping up in my mind. Should I share this? Should I write this? Do people really want to hear this kind of stuff from an artist, or am I overstepping my boundaries?

    • Ah, crazy auto correct: *But this is the stuff I am passionate about, love to write about and share.

  71. Damn it Marie, get out of my head FREAK! Hahaha, you totally read my mind. Those are the exact things I think, EVERY time I go to write a blog post.

  72. Wow Marie .. I loved this episode .. love them all .. but this one really resonates. I have struggled with writing most of my life and a lot of my insecurities sprang from my poor performance in the academic world. Somehow my life and career choices have always pushed me towards embracing my discomfort around writing.. ugh! It wasn’t easy to be pushed in this way, but there was one very important lesson that I needed to learn and that was to stop trying to be somebody else and to start embracing my own creative voice and vision AND most importantly WRITE FROM THE HEART. Simply write as you think it, hear it or want to say it! There it is .. so much more gratifying .. way easier … and not loaded with adjectives and prose .. just written as it is! Thanks Marie x another great lesson xx

  73. Thanks Marie for sharing your gifts. I struggle with the voices in my head saying “Why would anyone want to read what you have to say”. I know I am suppose to write but I am having a hard time finding where to start. I keep digging deep to release my fears and old “sh*t” roaming around inside of me. I know I will get there…I am determined. Sending you and your team light & love.


  74. Lisa

    Nailed it. Great episode

  75. Allison

    I really needed this. I just got a job writing and am scared to bits every month when I start the next project. I really appreciated Aline’s question and her honesty because my fear acts like fatigue, too. Phew. Not alone!

    It’s impossible to be perfect at anything, but no matter how much my head knows that, when I see the client’s changes (especially when they’re better than what I wrote!), I die a little and am super hard on myself. It’s invaded my sleep!

    Anyhow, thank you for this. Hoping to get on board with just saying what I have to say and letting the work speak for itself.

    • Peter Schwartz

      Dear Allison: Someone is ALWAYS going to be a better writer than you. Just flat-out better. Always, as in until you die.

      When you get back client copy that’s better than yours, try to figure out what makes it better or, at least, why you think it’s better. Try to be as specific as you can as to why you perceive it as better.

      If it “sounds better” or “flows better,” try to figure out WHY it sounds or flows better. It’s all there in the writing.

      (Keeping in mind that “better” almost always means “better in a certain context” and “better for a certain audience”)

      Then, try to apply what you learned from that analysis the next time you edit or write your own copy.

      You’re getting paid to learn on the job! (Don’t tell anyone, though.)

      It’s like Miles Davis said to Herbie Hancock when he hit wrong notes: “I’m paying to practice on stage.”

      • Peter Schwartz

        Sorry…”paying you to practice…”

  76. Hi Marie!! You are hilarious and my hero(ess)! love it <3 This video is exactly what I needed today. 😀

    I'm putting together an online event called 'Love Yourself to Health' ( I've had a lot of both exitement and resistance on this journey! Your tips, humor and advice have been so helpful to me. Thank you so much!! xoxo

  77. I woke up this morning knowing I was to write something but was feeling that block, so this couldn’t have been more perfect!

    Thanks Marie!

  78. Thank you so much for this week’s subject! I completely identify with this writing problem because I just recently started my own beauty blog. It’s been difficult for me to write certain blog posts because I know that I have my own opinion but I’m not a professional writer and thus don’t feel qualified sometimes to write about it. I’ve never done anything similar to writing blog posts so it’s been challenging to find my writers’ voice and write in an engaging way. Thanks again Marie for the tips!

  79. Yikes! it’s 🙂

  80. Elisha

    Hey Marie, Loved this video. I find my self laughing out loud when watching your videos and looking around while I’m nodding (even though there’s no one around – I work from home) I’ve recently signed up for your awesome emails about writing copy and they’ve helped so much. But the one part today that created a big shift is writing is just talking on written down. Woah, so simple and true but when I write I try to words I would never use and then it doesn’t sound like me. Thanks for what you do!

  81. Great episode AS ALWAYS! The whole Earnest Hemmingway schtick is one of the Marie TV’s best funny moments of all time. I burst out laughing (tea spraying out over my desk) twice..thanks for making my morning :-))

  82. Peter Schwartz

    What I do to unblock myself is ask this question.

    “What do I want to say?”

    I type it out right into the copy I’m working on or onto a blank document.

    Then I write my answer. Not in “copy-ese,” but just as if I were talking to someone and trying to tell them what I wanted to write. However long or circuitously it takes for me to get to the nub of the matter.

    Later, when I’ve finished, but places aren’t working, I ask myself the question:

    “Is this what you meant to say?”

    And I read the passage out loud so I can hear it fed back to me.

    If it’s NOT what I meant to say, then I ask question one and answer it.

  83. Loving the LSC formula. Learn Share Credit. Is that right? Or is it Learn Share Cite? Whatever. I got it. I like it. I’m going to share it and credit Ms. Marie. Such a handy little writing tip it is. I shall never have Blogger’s Block again. Thank you!

  84. Never, ever a writer. Still don’t consider myself one – but absolutely love the encouragement to let our voice be heard, Marie. I love reading all the comments and feeling the pulse of so many others. It gives energy back as many of us are struggling with our voice, and how to be authentic with it. As a communicator for many decades, I’ve never had a problem with talking – so the tips are invaluable to approach from a different perspective. Thank you, Marie for your voice that keeps us gettin’ after it!! -Leslie

  85. Thank you for this! So on point.

    That same fear pops up when it comes to writing. I’m so afraid of coming off as arrogant or as a know it all that many times I don’t share. And almost always, I’m kicking myself later for not doing it.
    Thanks for the reminder that it’s not only ok but I HAVE to get off this crazy cycle!

  86. Thank you so mucho for your sharing about your experience on writing, my language is spanish, but I can handle my self in english… You don´t know, or may be you do… How your are going to help me… I hope we can meet each other sometime… I am developing Aprender Total, or Total Learning, the best Technology Learning their is Learning Together… when Learning Technology becomes Technology Learning or viceversa… ;o)
    Best regards

  87. Hey Marie…sure often I have been told that I should write, blog, teach, and I’m currently working towards life coaching too.

    The whole idea of “I’m not qualified enough yet, I need to learn more first” has been a block for me.

    Often what happens is that we can end up creating exactly what we are afraid of happening. We never progress and only end up “over-qualified ” because of the focus on always learning more…which we do…so we end up learning more but still feeling as though we need to start from the beginning again and again and again. So, we start from the beginning which has happened so often that we’ve lost count…and guess what? We don’t need to start over from the beginning because we have already done that…duh?!?!?!

    Well that’s all that I have for now…

  88. I adored this episode and the Hemingway cameos 😉 I’ve come up against the “Who am I to write/say/teach this?” thought a lot, even though I’ve been blogging for several years. For a long time, it really kept me from being authentic and at times I got scared when I was “too authentic.” What really changed my thoughts about this was thinking about all the women who have inspired me and wondering what would’ve happened if they stayed quiet and didn’t share their gifts. I know my life would be very different if my mentors gave into their fear, so I started focusing on sharing what I knew in the hopes that it would make someone else’s day a little better. Focusing on serving others is a great way to get out of your own head and let your gifts shine. Loved this episode, Marie! Thanks for shining in this world 🙂

  89. This was just the insight that I was looking for today as I make plans to use my writing to get my message out there. Driving to work this morning, wanting to be at home writing, I literally heard that familiar little voice inside of me say… “Who do you think you are because you did not get your certification yet and probably never will.” I hurt myself saying this, yet I know that I have lived through some heavy challenges that enable me to understand what women are going through and I can make a difference in helping them to help themselves. So thank you Maria for your wise words… the timing was perfect!!!!

  90. Wow Marie. This message was absolutely for me today. Thank you! the person who sent in the question has my sister-in-law’s name. And word for word, this is something I asked myself YESTERDAY when trying to write my first post contributing to another website. I kept asking myself, “Who am I to say this?” Thank you for being right on time and thank you for having this forum where I can read all of the comments of people I can relate to. It’s awesome.

  91. So true!!! This is something I struggle with as a writer, and it crept up on me like nobody’s business when I pitched my services as a ghostwriter. Who was I to tell someone else’s story? I’d never written a book before! Well, I was a writer, and the people I approached weren’t but wanted their stories out there via text…so as long as I could listen, write it down, and spin it so that my audience would enjoy this story, I could do it. Often my good clients are the ones who I find the most encouraging because they see what I write and they love it. They also see how I understand their story and find the perspective different and refreshing. I also find reading well-written literature improves your writing abilities. It also helps to have a fan in your corner–a friend who will support you and give you feedback on what you’ve written. Most importantly, it’s often about confidence, so fake it til you make it!

    Thanks again, Marie!!! Great episode!

  92. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you so much Maria for this video. I totally resonate with your message. I also have been reading the comments and they are very helpful and I know I not alone feeling the Who cares what I write. I want to say that I have felt that insecurity about my truth from my soul’s wisdom which is unique and different from other people. I am beginning to love what I am inspired to write. For me as I was growing up speaking my truth I was put down and Shut down which blocked me from writing and even having a voice. So I have worked through it through my past experience. But still today speaking my truth to the world is so different to me then speaking my truth to an individual. Sometimes I feel I have fear which blocks me from writing some amazing things about my life lessons and my current lessons in the present moment.

    Today reading the comments and the video gives me much hope to allow myself to write freely and openly.

    I do have a question. Do you truly show your vulnerability as a person in your writings to your clients and your readers? I read so many conflicting things about this especially when your a coach. I want my future clients to know I am human and will always be learning and growing. But what I teach I went through it and learned the lesson.

    Sending Love & Gratitude,

    Susan xoxo

  93. Thanks Marie and team for this wonderful video! I have been feeling the exact same as Q’er, Alene. My current therapeutic method is just throwing my self in. I if I have a stroke of inspiration, I write it out and often just put it out there. Its not the best for quality but that’s not my current focus. My focused right now is to get creative and build confidence.

    Also, I wanted to tell you again, thanks so much for the Marie twitter page for tweeting me some help in February for an upcoming speech with the Chamber of Commerce. It went really well thanks so your help!

  94. Thanks for sharing this. I was able to write an intro to my blog. Now, on to the next one. Keep up the great work!!!

  95. Great video! As I was watching, I realized that my mother always said things to me like “Who do you think you are to say that?” or “You think you know it all!” in response to any information I shared. I was actually a very intelligent child, as well as a great writer, but someone beat down my confidence and I “dumbed down” in response. Thanks for triggering that realization! Now I have something to work out so I can get moving!!!

    • I still have a family member saying this to me and then pretending to support me in public. I try to brush it off and I will keep pressing on. Thanks for sharing.

  96. Great topic,
    I’m a writer and an illustrator or maybe an illustrator and a writer. I often create pictures in my mind while I am writing and sometimes the pictures inspire the writing. And I read incessantly so you probably wonder if I have a day job but that is another story.
    All that picture and word saturation makes me a better writer every time I write. I think anyone who shares what they have learned without out guile or a need to impress is an asset to humanity. Learning is forever but people aren’t, so share your insights, and discoveries and philosophies, you never know how many lives you may influence along the way.
    I once shared with my daughter (26) my knowledge about the colorful but faded net-mending bodkins hanging on a derelict fishing boat in the harbor harbor.
    She stopped in her tracks and said, “I.T.A.Y.D.F.K.?”
    “What?” I asked.
    “Is there anything you don’t f*%#ing know, Mom?” Then gave me a hug.

    I have been accused of I.T.A.Y.D.F.K. often but I have also received many ‘thanks for sharing’. My excitement for learning and drawing and writing has never stopped me from sharing.
    Don’t let it ever stop you. Life is too short.

    P.S. And yes, I do have the ability to cite my resources but that does come across as a know-it-all…

  97. Great topic,
    I’m a writer and an illustrator or maybe an illustrator and a writer. I often create pictures in my mind while I am writing and sometimes the pictures inspire the writing. And I read incessantly so you probably wonder if I have a day job but that is another story.
    All that picture and word saturation makes me a better writer every time I write. I think anyone who shares what they have learned without out guile or a need to impress is an asset to humanity. Learning is forever but people aren’t, so share your insights, and discoveries and philosophies, you never know how many lives you may influence along the way.
    I once shared with my daughter (26) my knowledge about the colorful but faded net-mending bodkins hanging on a derelict fishing boat in the harbor.
    She stopped in her tracks and said, “I.T.A.Y.D.F.K.?”
    “What?” I asked.
    “Is there anything you don’t f*%#ing know, Mom?” Then gave me a hug.

    I have been accused of I.T.A.Y.D.F.K. often but I have also received many ‘thanks for sharing’. My excitement for learning and drawing and writing has never stopped me from sharing.
    Don’t let it ever stop you. Life is too short.

    P.S. And yes, I do have the ability to cite my resources but that does come across as a know-it-all…

  98. Awesome points! To be honest, I tend to think about writing as talking as well. I love writing, but once in awhile we all have the “writer’s block” too. But whenever I feel inspired, I write as much as possible.

    Another tip for those who love writing, but can’t really write:
    I have heard there is a tool you can use – you just talk to a microphone and it tapes your speech and it all shows up in writing as well! How awesome is that?! I know few bloggers who use it and they never type. The only downside is the cost. I have never used it personally, but just for your information, if you need it!

  99. Suzie bartle

    Hi Marie – thanks once again for being so spot on with timing and words! My problem is that i know i have something worthwhile to say and someone out there wants to hear but it’s fear of the backlash. I have suffered a serious illness for 10 years which has driven my desire to become a health coach alongside my personal changes i wish to share. However, i have ‘friends’ who judge me for sharing the information i found almost calling it ‘preaching without a degree’ which i obviously find hurtful and offputting. Whilst i don’t have a degree in this area, i also don’t claim to have one. Surely i can share my opinions and experience without doing nothing wrong? So i’d love to know how to do this in a way that doesn’t attract negative feedback…

  100. This video really resonated with me. I’ve been a writer most of my life, but it took me years to finally get my first novel written and published. For a long time I was filled with self doubt, even though I knew this was what I’d always wanted. It never really goes away, no matter how many books I’ve written. But when I write, I can never imagine myself doing anything else. Marie, thank you for inspiring me today to put aside the doubts and resistance and continue to do what I love.

  101. Karen Peyton

    This was so helpful to me since i have had the same fear for years. In fact, people told me that I wrote like I talked and therefore that wasn’t good. Now, I can’t say I love writing, but writing is important for my life and career and it helps to know I can because I can. And I can do so just the way I have always done without feeling fear or embarrassment. Ginger helps to keep my spelling and grammar somewhat in check, I can share what I experience from my heart.

    I also love the tips and rules share about sharing since sharing what I learn has been my passion. Now I know the 3 steps to make sure I take moving forward. So as I continue my journey learning trying and sharing, I will always think of Marie TV. Thank you!!
    asKaren 😉

  102. I love that painting behind you, Marie!

  103. I’m preparing to start my new blog about creativity, floristry & living life with intention and mindfulness but I’m terrified to start, I’m thinking the first post needs to be perfect & I’m fearful Because I truly want it to be the beginning of something awesome! Marie, you’ve inspired me .. I’ll just start it and hone my skill and voice, it’s journey isn’t it!

  104. I love how your topics remind us that we all experience similar fears & insecurities. I certainly have had this thought despite the fact that I know my stuff! The other thought I have is ‘am I informing, is this really new information?’ The truth is, many people thank me about the things they learn on my blog! I need to remind myself that while people are becoming more aware of how dangerous many ingredients in our personal care products are, most do not know that there is no regulation so harmful chemicals are allowed to be used. Nor do they realize you can’t always trust that a product labeled organic because there is no regulation in the industry. It’s all about learning exactly which ingredients to avoid.

  105. I am still laughing my head off over Hemmingway popping up! I’ve seen a few male authors at writer’s festivals hit the bottle hard. I’ve always had to pack school lunches the next day so life can be different for a female writer like me who has kids to keep her blessed and grounded. Poor Ernest but I understand his author demons. I have a big armchair that I nest myself and laptop into to write… And I call the armchair Hemmingway! I will now sit in him saying, ‘No YOU write a novel!’ Thanks Marie. Comedy gold.

  106. My favorite is the third tip, the one about depriving my readers. I have been a professional writer for decades, but I still need to hear that one. No one can say what I say, because I’m the only me. Thanks, Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Exactly! You are the only you.

  107. Dear Marie!
    In part because of your inspiration I dared to write this book:
    and I wanted to share it with you and say THANK YOU!

  108. Janet

    LOL, “NO, U create a life you love” yes, and live it. A funny kick in the butt.
    I like the LEARN, SHARE, CREDIT, tip.
    gotta blog asap

  109. Paul Wertanen

    I am the same way. I think who am I to write about this. I talk to many people and give them useful advice, but I am still apprehensive about writing. I will be working on overcoming this hurdle. I have been considering just recording my self talking then dictating the recording. I believe that it will be a great help. I really want to publish a e-book and start turning my life around.

    Thanks Marie for all the great info and for doing what you do.

  110. Hi Marie–
    I have always considered myself to be a pretty good writer. I got compliments from professors and bosses. I’ve been writing a blog once a week. It’s on my website, but I also post it on my FB page. Most of the time, no one ever likes the blog or comments on it. I want to know how to make it something that people want to read.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Denise, you’re not alone and it’s a great goal to want to increase engagement with your writing, and to write more of what your audience wants to read.

      Marie and Laura Belgray have teamed up to create an incredible copy writing course that’s in development right now and we cannot wait to share more about soon. Although it’s not open just yet, if you hop on the interest list at, we have a series of free copy tips to send your way that could really help you think about ways to make your writing even more engaging in the meantime. Plus they’re super entertaining emails too 🙂

  111. Mohammed

    Hey marie,
    I adore ur email “gifts”, they truly inspire me always especially at my dark hours. Heres the thing ive been struggling lately with organizing my time and prioritizing things over other aspects. I would really like to hear from you about how can someone benefit from his/her time the most without wasting it? Ty

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mohammed, thank you so much for your kind words!

      We have some great MarieTVs on the topics of prioritizing and productivity, so definitely feel free to reach out at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, and we’ll be happy to share some links with you to help!

  112. Carol Sales

    Hi Marie,

    OMG! Last night I went to sleep doubting myself and whether I should or not keep writing in a new page I have just started on Facebook. It’s an important project for me but sometimes I feel like few people are actually interested in listening.

    I know I have a gift but sometimes it feels just too hard…

    I believe this episode came as a sign for me. What were the odds of you shooting a video about this in this exact week?

    Thank you for your work. Thank you for caring.



    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Carol. 🙂

  113. I’m the author of four books and I sometimes still feel the same way! I have no formal training and no university education, so I often question whether or not I have a RIGHT to be an author. It doesn’t matter how many people compliment and get excited about my books, cause there is always a part of me that feels like I’m an imposter. I think that it is important to stop these negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind, otherwise you can start down a really bad path.

  114. Sandra

    Hi Marie. Thank you for this. I wrote a book, or I guess more of an essay on blended families and the experience of being the second wife. It sold, oh, I don’t know 20 copies? I felt I had something to share but wasn’t sure how to go about it. But I started writing and self published. I’ve pulled it because it was a bad writing. I’ve since started making edits to it. I’ve started two other manuscripts, again based on my experiences. These tips are helpful and I will apply as I trudge on. I would welcome any additional feedback you have in regards to self publishing. Thank you for your MarieTV. I’ve learned so much from listening to you and your guess. Blessings to you for all you do to help others to share their gift.

  115. Hi Marie!

    Love your work. I enjoy your work soooo very much but would love a little not so much how to fix it but how to keep flow-n’ you know once you get go-n’ how to keep flowing? I am in the midst of the doing and am really happy even with the challenges but I need the huge far of visions to keep me going. You know the innner mental nudge. The pace of the fruitful strive!

    Ciao for now,

  116. Deanna

    This hit close to home for me. I’m currently going through the “who in the hell am I to do this?” or the “This is stupid.” I developed an entire course a few years ago and was even given the opportunity to launch it as a pilot project at a prestigious college for 3 years. Now I want to travel and do speaking engagements with my writings and workshops and I find myself slinking back in the closet with it. I feel like I’m not “deep enough” or that some people will find it stupid or boring or that it will go over people’s heads or it won’t sell, or……sigh. See where I’m going with this? I really want to get out of this frame of mind and be like Nike and Just Do It, but I’m not there yet and I’m afraid I’ll never get there.

  117. Elena

    Loved it. Great (and concise) advise nugget! Especially giving credit where credit is due, wouldn’t you?

    Yes, I have had that scary *know it all* fear. Ablsolutely. Hiccup!

    However, here’s the bigger block today…have this imaginary monster that says you have to get your entire message out at once, and do it perfectly. There is so much to whatever insight I might like to expand upon, I feel strangely, that it must manifest in one block of expression. What is THAT?

  118. Loved this episode Marie. You addressed the exact fears that I had when I started to write 2 years ago. I didn’t have your advice then – wish I had.

    I took the leap and started to write after I read Marshall Goldsmith’s book “Mojo – how to get it, how to keep it, how to get it back if you lose it”. I followed exactly what Marshall Goldsmith suggested and I found my mojo.
    Like you, at the beginning my writing wasn’t that great however over time I realised that my writing was at its best when I shared my stories about my journey of reinvention – following my dream to be a writer, speaker and coach.

    I am now writing guest posts for Life Hack, Steve Aitchison and a number of other popular blogging sites. I have recently invested in a writing course delivered by Jon Morrow – a guru in blogging and I love it – hard work though:). I stalk (in a nice way) the advice and teachings of popular bloggers and writers.

    I am also proud to say I have just written an ebook which I am sharing with the world to say thank you. I would love to share with your community the opportunity to get my E book. I am also sharing 50 video summaries of books that I have read that have helped me to change my life.
    Maybe my story may help someone in your community who is at a point in their life where I was – I had lost my optimism and hope for my future. I knew I had to change but didn’t know how and I was to scared!

    Once again Marie thank you for encouraging those of us who dream of being a writer, to find our courage, go out there and just write.


  119. I’m so glad you shared this Marie. I’ll shamelessly admit that it’s so comforting whenever I learn that one of the content creators I love to read, watch and/or listen to have no “formal training” in their craft, yet they continue to put out amazing and influential work. Yes, yes especially you. 🙂 I’m sure there are so many people battling the idea of being “worthy” to put pen to paper and share their thoughts. Hearing you speak so candidly about your own growth really helps take the edge off. Thanks so much. You continuously rock. (insert fist bump here…)

  120. Hi Marie
    This is a fabulous post and so so true! When I connected with the depth of my desire to write, it was so liberating. It takes skill, and discipline and heart and soul but it’s worth it. I took a creative writing course with the Writers Studio which was amazing @writersstudioau. I asked them one day after finishing theWarofArt “did you recommend this book to me? it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g” no we didn’t but it’s on our list of books to read. So I looked back on my reference notes and it was no other than you Marie, in the ‘Start the Right Business’ document who recommended this book. So inspiring, it left my heart on fire and totally connected me to all of my resistance. Giving it a name, and recognising it has helped me clear so much and just get on with… writing ! I also use create and activate essences from Lots of creativity going on right now – so exciting !!! Thank you 🙂

  121. This is perfect timing for me, Marie (as is often the case)! You are so incredibly talented and just thinking of what you offer the world and your famous words: “The world needs that special gift that only you have”, makes me realize that I may have that same impact on a smaller scale with my own readers (a few have told me so which is always encouraging but it’s amazing how we can still doubt ourselves at times).Thank you for doing what you do! I’ve learned so much from you.

  122. Cole Dianne

    I am a little embarrassed to say this, but I have formal training and I am still very insecure about my writing. I was told by a professor and colleagues that I was not a good writer, which discouraged me from pursuing it. But I still have a passion inside of me to write so I am going to launch my blog so that I can practice my writing.

  123. Debi Slinger

    What a timely video for me. I have written two books and one of them even won an award, but I still don’t see myself as an author. I’ve been stalling on my third book because I don’t trust my instincts which say ‘people need this’. So I’m bravely going to open that file and check those 20,00+ words, reread and look at it with different eyes. Thanks Marie.

  124. Jamie

    Hi Marie.
    I’m glad that most of the people have same confusion about writing on blogs. I really scared to show my words if people feel that boring and so on. Though watching your video, I found that even we are not a expert on writing, but we have the right to speak out what we thoughts,or share the inspiration in our life.Now I’m getting my foot in the door in this comment!!!
    Thank you for this!

  125. Jen

    I’m sure I’ve watched this video at least a handful of times. And every time I think, Yes! I’ve just been resisting the moment. So then I relax, and I’m fully present for like a whole 5 minutes. Then it’s not until another Tuesday rolls around and I’m once again reminded.

    How can I set myself up for success?
    How do you build the habit of isness?
    Do you use any cues to remind you to accept the moments as they come?
    Or are there other habits that help to reinforce this one?

  126. This was perfect! It was exactly what I needed to hear. I was writing over the weekend and I stopped for the same reason. I had so much resistance. Your videos always have great nuggets of information!

  127. Erik

    Hello Marie. I actually am like this person (the one who sent the question) in everything I do, I just think whatever I have to say or share it’s not worth doing so because “who am I to do, say, share, write, sing, play, etc…” Many times I have felt like sharing something but always end up feeling like a loser who doesn’t deserve anybody’s attention and worst of all I always get the feeling that either no one will care at all or that I’ll be mocked for what I say, I hope that doesn’t happen now ;p hehe. I’ll try to put these tips into practice.
    Thank you Marie.

  128. Hi Marie,
    Reading in your email that you read every single comment was really uplifting and affirming, thank you.
    I do get blocked writing posts so I find that I need to get really excited about something before I write about it. If the idea gets old and stale or I’m feeling ho-hum about it, the post doesn’t come out right. So I make sure I’m writing about something that lights me up.
    I also try to remember that often I have to hear something from a number of different sources before it really sticks with me and this helps me when I feel like it’s all been done before.
    Much gratitude for who you freakin are, and all that you do.
    Sacha Marie

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes Sacha Marie, writing about something that lights you up is hugely important.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for being here with us.

    • I also love to write about something that lights me up.

  129. Amber

    Thanks Marie.
    Struggling to find my voice and exactly what I am and do. See I love to write, paint, play piano, draw, and sing (singing not my forte, just love doing it).
    I don’t know whether to pick one and focus on that or continue what I have been doing – I do one for awhile (possibly obsessively) until I have had enough and then move on to the next (virtually going in circles).
    I find it hard with limited time as a single mother of two lovely kids, and I have health issues.
    I find I get stuck on “I am not qualified” or “I am not good enough” etc. (Similar to Erik’s comment).
    Your video was exactly what I need right now! Thank you.
    A lot of beautiful, inspiring and helpful comments too! So thank you to everyone.

  130. Great great great video, I have just started blogging and I love the tip write how you would talk. At this stage I don’t have the fear about what people think of my writing or what I write because I’m doing it for me and just to express what is in my head. I love that dress!

  131. this is exactly how I feel starting my own YouTube channel to encourage young women out there to live a purposeful life. I feel like since I don’t have a psychology degree or some sort of a life coaching certificate, I cannot put myself out there to encourage others. This video came right on time, off to record my first video 😀

  132. Thanks so much! I had an aha moment following the comment ‘ write as you speak’ and decided I needed to talk to my iPad…and use the audio record button. Never used it before, now it captures all my ideas and writes them down! I am sure that the part of the brain that receives inspired thought is not the part of the brain that types it down, so this way I get the best of both! Thanks again!

  133. I love a good re-frame, thanks Marie! When we write from our true voice we are constantly re-framing for ourselves and others. Such a gift x

  134. Louise

    Loved this one. I suffer the same crippling thoughts with writing. Thanks for this episode.

  135. Rachael Barnum

    This video particularly sparked my soul more than i remember watching your videos for the lsst few years because all the notes you hit resignated with my journey at this moment of time. Thank you so much for answering that question. I was just wondering today, how can i pull off writing a book like i want to…how do i organize such a mass amount of thought into the way i wish it to be perceived. This will help i know! Love you! Your all-to-passionate follower of truth, creativity, and funness!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thrilled to hear that, Rachael!

  136. What a fabulous A to the Q. As a professional marketer there are times when I felt that I had so much to say but it had already been said. I had so much resistance around this for way too long – luckily I didn’t drink like Ernest 🙂 Now I just write from the heart and yes some of the things that I say I have not invented the concepts but I have put my own spin on it and said it in my own words. The best is when I get someone out of the blue saying that they love the piece that I wrote and that it helped them in some way. From a reformed resister – bash that keyboard baby!
    Kb x

  137. Hi Marie – long time lurker, first time commenter..

    My first book “Do What You Say You’ll Do” is about to be published. I was anguishing over the self publishing when I went to see Seth Godin – he basically asked why self publishing causes all the angst when all it means is that you are backing yourself rather than waiting for someone else to decide you’re good enough. So simple and powerful..

    It still feels slightly sickening though – such vulnerability putting it out there for the world to see!

    Thanks for another fabulous episode. Tammy x

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay for your first comment, Tammy! Vulnerability is a beautiful and honest thing, and good for you for getting it out there.

  138. Thanks for the lovely tips, Marie, inspiring as always!

    I’ve been a writer my whole life, and really love it. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way:

    Write about your passions, it’s amazing how your writing flows when it’s about an activity you’re passionate about.

    Your lead sentence is very important; make sure it’s strong and encapsulates your main point.

    If you’re writing for the Internet, keep it short and sweet!

    Enjoy your writing, everyone.

  139. Cherie

    Good advice.Writing is very therepeutic and allows you to find your creative
    Core self so you can develop and help others too
    Cherie xx

  140. hi – Marie

    Marie + Team Forleo turned my Tuesdays unique. The reason being the kind of information that i read here is uplifting and of great value, let alone the thrill which runs through my nerves as i read the posts. On the other hand i should apologise for being a reader who fails to reciprocate @ times by writting my own thinking for the benefit of others. Now i have learnt that all team members should contribute in the discussion for the benefit of us all. Many thanks be to Marie and Team Forleo for Lighting my Tuesdays.

  141. Wow, I really loved this.
    I really loved the line “Stealing from those, who really need you the most!”
    Marie, where do you get these from……
    I really really really love all your videos and the way they are scripted 🙂
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Luve and Hugs

  142. Michelle Barry

    They say the universe presents things to you at the right time and the timing of this video couldn’t have been more perfect. I am just in the process of entering the professional blogging world, turning my passion into a future business.

    I’ve always loved writing, find it comes easily but then I let those little niggling doubts come into play. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement to continue to do what I know is right for me. I’ve also just recently read your book and am now halfway through ‘The Big Leap’ so will keep being positive and sharing my gifts with the world.

    Thanks Marie x x

  143. Hi Marie,

    I am a “technical writer” which means I break down software and business processes into the most basic steps. This means I find it difficult to “fluff out” my writing to be more conversational.

    I am a Toastmasters member so I am pretty comfortable writing speeches, but I find that writing for the spoken word is very different for the written word.

  144. Marie,
    You nailed it on this one. The resistance can show up in so many ways for writers. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and began dreaming of the life I live today. I began to write as an extension of teaching a SS class and it really took off. Today I write freely, knowing it will offend some, but confident of my responsibility to share my message.

    Thanks for your inspirational Q&As!!

  145. Thanks, Marie – great topic!

    I have a new blog, writing about my experience with mediation in everyday life. Even though I have been writing professionally and meditating for decades, I find this topic so humbling. There are many great meditation masters offering teachings on their websites, so who am I to write about this? But what I’m finding is that when I speak from the heart, and actually feel a shaky tenderness in my body, I can share my experience in a genuine way. The feedback I’ve gotten so far is good. One friend commented, “I really loved it; that you are using your own experiences in life to communicate these teachings is so good.”

  146. This is a great episode Marie and team! And, I must say, Marie, I LOVE your hair, maybe you should share some tips about always looking so amazing, too 🙂

    I so much resonate with this video – I am a blogger and always thought of blogging as talking to people. However, when I first started my blog I was very random with posts and at some point I stopped writing at all…just insecurity.

    Then one day I went to check out my blog’s stats (I don’t even remember why) after not posting anything for months and I saw that there were at least 30-40 people daily reading it! I was shocked 🙂

    That was an eye-opener for me – I thought that if what I had to say was helpful for even ONE person it was worth sharing. So I bought my own domain and resurrected my blog and now write quite regularly.

    You never know who needs what you have to say and you might just change someone’s life!

  147. Taleen

    I always struggled with writing. Even though people tell me I write well, it takes me so long to just write something because I’m editing as I go along. And then what ends up happening is that when I write, sometimes I make very long, rambling sentences, or I write in a ‘passive’ voice. I work in an industry where dry, straightforward writing is necessary for work, so the criticism for my writing has always been around not being that way. But what you say is right, Marie – I’m not going to let these things stop me! I have to believe in what I am saying enough to override the criticisms. Sure, I may be a bit wordy and my sentences are going to be longer than most in the reports at work, but that’s how I talk and so that’s how I write. And with practice I’m sure it will get better. Thanks for reminding me to keep going, Marie!

  148. Hi Marie!
    Great episode! I nearly fell from my chair when you said, “And if you want a business and life you hate, then turn this off because I’m very irritating to you!”. Funny, but true, right?
    I’ve always wrote my own stories for when I used to be a Traveling Bard. I would never worry that someone said it as I did, because my stories are unique. However my concern is for beliefs, single line sentences, and short poems. I would give credit if I had read it somewhere. The problem I worry about is, what if I say something from my heart and mind, and it turns out that someone else said it first because it’s fairly to the point?
    I don’t want to come across as a leprechaun stealing peoples’ lines. I also don’t want to research every sentence I believe in, because I worry it could muddle my creative process. My first thought is to google it. Do you have any other suggestions for this?
    Lastly, you WOULD make a wonderful Fairy Princess!,

  149. As a writer myself, all these points are so dead on! Thanks so much for the reminder, Marie! Totally made me think of the quote, which I imagine is something you were channeling:

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

    Ps: I love that you share such amazing insights and wisdom… I come for the wisdom and stay for your bloopers and silliness through to the end. Keep rockin’ it, lady! You amaze me every week!

  150. Maria

    Marie, T
    his one really spoke to me! Thanks

  151. Ashley Chandler

    Marie, You Rock!! I totally appreciated this question and answer. I have struggled with these feelings, too, and I love the idea of writing like you speak.. so true! I think I already do that, so I’m on the right track.


  152. Hey Marie!

    Whoah was this episode perfect for me to watch today!! I’ve been having some resistance to writing lately – blog posts, starting my book – even attending the Hay House Writer’s Workshop that’s happening right here in Maui (where I live).

    I have an awesome story, it needs to be told, and I had a major aha! moment when you said that I’m stealing from those who need to hear my message when I don’t write. Wow.

    My morning affirmations today included the phrase “What would it take to get over this resistance to acknowledging myself as a writer and going to this workshop?” Thanks for your prompt answer, Marie! 🙂

    Love you!

  153. I love this…sometimes you just have to get your balls out and DO IT!!
    Thanks Marie
    Big respect and love too, Laurie

    Marianne Williamson says it well!

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  154. Lori

    Marie!! I freakin’ love you and think you are my long lost twin sometimes!!! LMAO – I just started listening to the video and I had to stop and write this because of your opening! Super awesome!! Now back to watching! 😉

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA love it!

  155. Amy

    Wow, that really helped me!

    I am also a designer who struggles with writing.. but have so many ideas I want to share through writing. Go figure! I love the advice about writing how you talk!! I often struggle with what my writing style is and I think this may help!!! Thanks Marie…

  156. Rojauna

    This is Q&A was definitely something I needed to hear today! I feel like I communicate so eloquently and effectively when I talking, but I never feel the same sense of comfort when I am typing or writing. Writing the way I talk definitely sounds like the key! Hopefully this inspiration will help me break out of the cycle of self doubt, and get to writing and sharing more!

  157. Can I just say… ERRRRMYYYYGERRSSSHHH.

    Such a perfect episode for reading my mind! I have so much to share, but when I start writing I just get scared!

    I love these practical tips. 🙂

  158. Mary

    Hi Marie & Company & friends,

    I have been working on my website for my personal chef business for months now. Rather, the website is done – with the exception of the “about me” page. I am an attorney (who quit because she hated it and is now working as a personal chef!), and have had a blog in the past, so I’m used to writing, but I have never struggled with a writing project as much as I have with this!!!!! It’s insane that it is taking me this long. I’m having such a hard time finding the words and have tried imagining that I am just sitting down talking to a friend about my background. But alas, I am still struggling. There is a voice in my head that keeps saying “this sounds stupid.” I know this is probably a confidence issue I am having. Anyone have any thoughts on how to just spit it out already and move on?!! The longer I struggle with this, the longer it is taking for me to formally launch my business and advertise. Thank you!

  159. I love how you read my mind Marie. You got this kind of voodoo magic 🙂
    I followed B-School this year and have been chewing on the thought of starting a blog very seriously but it’s true that I’m scared of sounding like a quack. Your advice here of crediting is so simple and lowers a huge speed bump for me. So, now, what’s the best way to credit? Weave it through your text, or write a subnote at the bottom?

  160. Marie asked if the fear of sounding like a know-it-all every stopped me.

    No. It has not. If you are the real deal, really are good at what you know and do, the know-it-all accusation is to be expected. Especially if you put yourself and your point of view out there for public consumption.

    Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the know-it-all accusation is going to come from those sitting safely on the sidelines spectating and marinating in their own deeply rooted insecurities. And those folks should be ignored and pitied, certainly not feared.

    When people default to personal attacks and flinging insults like know-it-all, it’s because they can’t keep up. It’s a sure sign that they don’t have the expertise to weigh in on topics and talk issues. Instead, all they can do to feign participation is find fault with personalities and talk about people.

  161. Kerry Jordan

    Hey Marie, echoing others ooh’s and aah’s.. yes!!!! This post is just perfect timing for where I am at with my writing. Thank you!!

    Sharing with you all on this amazing thread a tip that has so helped me to a breakthrough and better able to write how I speak is a five minute exercise that employs subject directed stream of consciousness flow… only here’s the difference, it has to include all the um’s and aah’s in your THOUGHT process! So for 5 solid minutes you just write everything down that is in your head! It works crazy well and provided material for my introduction blog post, soon to be published.

    Am feeling happy and positive that I can do it. Have also been on the ‘am I a writer, can I do this’ end of confidence, fearing regular blogging and writers block/ flash in the pan syndrome. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me once more!! Just love your writing and succinctness of style Marie!! You beauty you!!

    Kerry @naturespace (soon to launched)

  162. Thank you so much for sharing this Marie. I sincerely want to share the yoga tools and insights that have transformed my life but I feel like no one gives a shizzle what little ole me has to say in an ocean of yoga poses. I just keep telling myself if I help one person it is so worth the effort. I do fear writing and remember constantly being corrected in school, told not to write like I talk. I understand it’s a different style of writing and I am from southeast Missoura. ha! But serisously, “Who am I not to write this?” I’m getting back to it!

  163. This one REALLY resonated with me -and I think may help me break through a barrier. I love writing. But, my writing now is based on nutrition. I am surrounded by MDs and PhDs in the field. The result is a lof of “who am I to write this?” self-talk. But, reading through ‘Now, Find Your Strengths’, combined with this video, helped me realized that I am focusing on what I don’t know, my knowledge weaknesses and not my strengths. That mindset can only hold me back and I’m done with that! Thank you!

  164. Gaelen

    Well..I have been enjoying Marie’s Tuesday Tips for a couple months now and love them all! This one came at exactly the “write” time! I am working on my website (which I am hoping to launch at the end of this month!) and have been avoiding the writing and editing (its amazing the stuff you can find to do when you want to avoid something). After watching this fun and fab tip and reading some of the readers comments, I plunged “write” in and knocked out some great stuff that really sounds like me! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

  165. I have always enjoyed writing, but unfortunately I fear peer criticism. So much so that I can hem and haw, procrastinate or even delay indefinitely any message that I really want to convey. I feel like I’m still figuring it out, and who am I to say this is the way to do it. So I am overcoming my fear of writing by taking baby steps.

    One way that I take writing baby steps is by creating short messages in pictures that I capture. My camera isn’t great, and I rarely get feedback but I’m pleased in my baby step attempt to write and speak my truth.

  166. afwan khan

    love u marie and all ur videos whichu upload, and i am 15 and seriously marie mam ur videos inspired me a lot but the one question which pushes me back with a bundle of questions, so today i wanna ask u one question here is my
    q : i cannot decide what i should do in my life. i want to become a business man where as my society diverse me in some other occupations and discourages me with some negative questions like u can’t , there is no place for doing business la bla etc so what i should decide to do ?

  167. Jayde Gravel

    I absolutely Love you! Thank-you for what you do and I can’t wait to register for B-School!

  168. I love this episode because you highlighted a strategy I use in my life that I wasn’t aware I was using; The 10 Year Plan. I am a trainer and over the past 6years Ive worked hard and come very far. Ive run 2 businesses and was even on the cover of Womens Health Magazine in July2014 for being a top 5 finalist in their Next Fitness Star competition!
    There have been some high, highs for me in fitness but everybody knows those don’t come around without the low, lows. When I first started training I worked at a gym and was BROKE! I thought many times about leaving but stayed because I had a vision of my future self training for the 5-10 years ahead. When I was starting my first businesses it was really tough. I had no support, I was tired and working all the time… I thought about quitting but didn’t because I saw a future for myself in that career. Last summer, when I didn’t win the Womens Health Competition a crazy, fleeting thought went through my mind, “Maybe you should finally just give up, maybe this is a sign that you’re supposed to be doing something else.” I again asked myself what I want to be doing 5-10years from now and the answer was, “Duh!… sharing my fitness tips with the world! You’ve never known another passion, KEEP GOING. Be consistent. Don’t change your course.”
    Nothing catastrophic has happened in my career since then but I know more is coming! And until then, the peace that comes from knowing I’m headed in a direction that feels right for me is immeasurably satisfying.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom Marie. You are definitely doing what you were put on this earth to do!

  169. Ermelinda Tavares

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this fantastic vídeo and tips. I like to write but the fear of what to write is powerful. I have a blog and i stopped writing because this thoughts…
    I will trie to start again…

  170. Nevica

    So helpful as always!
    Thank you for sharing!

  171. Krystyna Andreoni

    Thank you Marie, so timely, although I could not hear your talk … computer is playing up again ;-/ …. but I got the message loud & clear! I am in a writing group called “write you own story” .. more for people who want to leave their family history to their kids or families. When I write it is a combination of that and philosophy, my group always gives high praise, yet there is that little voice that stops me from taking it further. Then there is the frustration of picking up an article or book & seeing that someone else is on the same wavelength and has written something similar, so why would anyone want to read my version??? My writing seems to come out of the ether so maybe we are all picking up on the same thought waves, so mine is not that original and yet I do get very positive feedback. A gift kept in the closet never gets to sparkle in its own light of day. Who am I to withhold what comes through my special set of circumstances, seen through my eyes and expressed through my words, when it could help someone else along the way? So all you budding writers, it is time to allow the world to see what we have to offer! 😉

  172. When I write, I do what you taught me in B-School. I talk to my ideal customer avatar. I talk to one person, knowing all who are like her will also listen and appreciate what I have to say.
    Thank you for that.

  173. Pilar

    Hi Marie,
    Great video, i’m such a fan of you. I’m from Mexico and i’ve always wanted to write you but i’m kind of lazy because of my english…anyway this video inspire me on do in it. Even though i’ll write more another day I just want to say that I love the way you shared info respecting credits, I follow you at facebook and I’ve seen the way you always shared the author and I admire that style! I remembered one time, you didn’t have the author and you wrote that if anyone recognize that quote it was good to let it you know.

    BIG THANKS for doing what you do, you’re soooo good at this, I’m sure this is your special gift.

  174. Gerlie

    Hello Marie &THE team,

    This is the 1st time I leave a comment in your site. It is an AWESOME site. Im starting out my own business, and your site gives me TREMENDOUS TREMENDOUS information specially to those just starting to find their own path. THANK YOU

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for stopping by, Gerlie! It’s an honor to know that Marie’s work is already such a huge help to you.

  175. Dear Marie,

    I wish you Day of Remembrance for all Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2015 greetings full of love, cakes, mathematics, coding, relativity, gravity, exclusivity, dating, social networking, Agile Modeling, blogging, angels, fairies, blessings, flowers, wonders, greetings, magic & miracles!!! I really liked today’s video and it was so encouraging for me and my family that I wrote 2 Science eBooks in 2014. When I feel choked in writing Engineering Documents or Books, I say to myself that I can do it and deliver the same. However I never tried my hands on writing English Novels like Jane Eyre or Detective Books like Sherlock Holmes or Science Fiction Books like Jules Verne. I want to be an author like Catherine Graves. I now plan to write my own piano music using online virtual piano and publish and sell my music in UK, USA, Germany & India in 2015. I also plan to sell my music in France & Australia.

    I pray to Jesus for your success.

    Thank you.

    Rohan Sarker

  176. Petra

    What if I hate writing??
    I am introvert and I hate talking much and with writing it is the same.. As 49 yers old, I cannot find a job and I am trying to find something to do by myself. But as I already said, I don’t like talking and making videos is impossible for me.. what should I do?!??

    • Peter Schwartz

      Get a partner who’s in the same boat, except likes (or doesn’t mind) writing and talking. Divvy up the work and go.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Petra, writing isn’t for everyone — but maybe you could explore other writing avenues to get more comfortable with it, like journaling? There’s less pressure when it’s something you’re doing just for yourself, and maybe from there you’ll find you really like it.

      Also, from a business perspective, you can always hire a copywriter to handle that part of your business down the road!

  177. Man, I wish I’d seen this video back when I started writing – would have saved me a lot of time!

    My way of shaking my writer’s nerves in the beginning was to stop focusing on how great the “pro” writers were, and start reading more of the “average” writers. That way I got rid of the sense that every single thing had to be absolutely perfect!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mathias, that’s a great tip. I think remembering that everyone has to start somewhere helps a lot too!

    • Everything we write which come from our heart, that always is very good contents.

  178. Liz

    Great video, Marie, thank you. I also always felt insecure to wright, but when I had to produce articles, I started loving to wright.

  179. I immediately thought of something I wrote years back upon my “session” with Marie and gang. I felt it was relevant. So following the advice… I’ve decided to share: Untitled

    -Thought I heard it. Thought I saw it even felt it. I thought I found it. Now, this is all I have: pen in hand and blank paper because I waited way too long.
    -Conversed with it, interviewed it, became friends with it. Turned around and it was gone!
    – It’s all my fault. I am guilty. Blame it on me – for not caring enough to write down the THOUGHT I HAD.
    – It wasn’t perfect – slightly blemished. In fact – It at first, wasn’t good enough for me.
    Not sophisticated – simple vocabulary – too immature for my style.
    What would others think about something so simple?
    Little did I know – IT, was ME.
    Now, I’ll wait for it to return back home. I pray it comes home – I bet that it feels unwelcome – lost perhaps.

    – Pen still in hand, paper’s blank and it’ll be all I ever have because as it seems… I am not good enough for me.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Charles, thank you so much for sharing. That paper clearly is no longer blank. 🙂 We’re thrilled you tuned in for this episode, and keep putting that pen to the paper.

    • I personal think if people stay along with something, they will really know what they need to write about it for so many things.

  180. Thank you so much for this episode! As a writer and someone always openly sharing what she knows, I often have fears like these. I’m not so much afraid to sound like a know-it-all (I wish I did know it all!), but I get overwhelmed with thoughts like “No one takes my writing seriously” or “Geez, did I really just publish this crap?” In the larger scheme of things, these thoughts haven’t stopped me from moving forward, but there have been many, many hiatuses, delays, and various forms of procrastination and skipping personally-set deadlines. To outsiders, I can only assume that makes me look more like a flake than a subject-matter-expert.

    It doesn’t help either that, as writers, we don’t always get a lot of or balanced feedback. In a group of writers, we’ll all applaud each other and it boosts my esteem, but I get applauded even for work that is shoddy and rushed. Once I realize that, the esteem boost is gone. When I get criticism, it often comes from trolls or is more insulting to me than the work. For example, anything I had to say as a teenager, it was my age and faith that wasn’t to be taken seriously. As an adult, I get labeled as condescending without any other feedback for me to understand the label. So now when I sit down to write or work on other projects, I’m in defense mode to avoid these accusations (maybe that’s what’s getting interpreted as condescending?) and everything takes much longer than it really should, hindering progress.

    The next time my internal voice tries getting the better of me (like with every sentence of this post), I’ll try using your tips to keep moving forward.

  181. Seriously LOL’d at the first Hemingway appearance. Loved it! Xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  182. Biak Tial

    Hi Marie,
    I struggle with this all the time especially when I post Facebook statuses or write on a certain blog. But lately, I’m thinking about creating my own blog in Chin (the language I speak) to address my opinions on social concerns, and just information that can help many Chin who live in the United States yet do not know how to speak English. I’m young – only 18 – and in an age conscious culture, I hear voices telling me that all the time, either from people or myself. Thanks for your video. “Who am I NOT to write this?” is exactly what I needed, especially since I see a need. Again, big thanks. I will get to work… after my exams!

    • Peter Schwartz

      Kuki or Mizo?

  183. I needed to hear this. What a perfect video at a perfect time. I never planned nor thought I would be a writer…but here I am…receiving my calling. Who am I to deny a calling? 😀 I’ve created a mantra for myself: I am a great writer, and the world wants to hear my message. I say this every morning to train my brain!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that mantra, Ashley!

  184. I felt like this for the longest time when I first started blogging. In fact, before I quit my job in the corporate world to pursue blogging full time, I had been told by a colleague I respected that I was not an ideas or content girl. I was the girl that was good with budgets and timelines. Well, I might have been good at it but I didn’t want to do that all the time! One of the reasons I quit my job is that it wasn’t creatively fulfilling and I just couldn’t deny that calling within me to tap into my creative source and write, write, write! Turns out, I’m darn good at writing to the point where I’ve been contracted by big companies to write for them who find me via my blog and contacted me because they liked what they read! So you go girl and write away. Don’t listen to the voice of the ego. Tap into your gifts and what makes you feel alive and share your wisdom with the world!

  185. Tee&Fii

    We thank you for all your useful advise and tips. You’re such a great deal. Love Tee&Fii xoxo.

  186. I used to wrestle with this all the time but I’ve realized that you just got to push ahead even if you feel uncomfortable. The only way you can learn how to swim is by taking the plunge and believing in yourself.

    Great post Marie!

  187. Farida

    Hi Marie,

    I was having the same thoughts before watching your video on writing and confidence, thanks this has helped and I am back on track with getting on with things that I want to create.

  188. This used to stop me… until I realized and embraced that I don’t know it all and that is okay. I am not writing about facts usually but opinion. Plus I have something that will lead to knowledge- enthusiasm and passion!

  189. Christine

    Marie, I’m deeply grateful for all your work and I LOVE your sense of humor. Just had to say you starting with this 2 little second “heya” to the haters made me smile. Big Love to you! 😀

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Christine. 🙂

  190. First and foremost, that dress you have on is stunning, as are you Marie!! Much love! Okay, now I’ve always had a challenge with this as I write music and also love sharing the wisdom I’ve learned threw my many experiences. I would always get the little voice of self-doubt, insecurity, and so on. It all begin to soften once I started meditating! Meditation truly has helped me become my confident in me which in turn has brought much confidence in all other areas of my life! That my tip on how I stopped that nagging little voice. Much love to your Marie and the team!
    With deep gratitude,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes agreed, Rodrigo! Meditation is a powerful practice to have in place for SO many reasons. Thank you for your share and kind gratitude.

  191. Camille

    Thais episode was THE ONE for me. I’m actually writing a book about self discovery and easier ways to be happy. As a dentist, not a writer, people don’t give me so much credit and they made me feel a bit ridiculous, and ashamed. I was already using the LSC method, but frequently this though comes to my mind: who are you to teach people about that? These authors you’re referring took 20 years of research and writing to publish their book!

  192. Hi Marie, i really love your 3 tips special is tip 2 and tip 3. I really love idea of we learn then we share from what we learn or what we experience about that give out useful to other. Thank you!

  193. Hey Marie,

    I like to put pictures with my blogs. Do they all have to be original or can I grab one off the internet? Can I get sued or something if I just get one off the internet?


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Eric, depending on what you’re looking for, there are stock images that you can use (both free and paid) and many images that you can’t since they’re someone’s copyrighted work, so it depends on where and how you’re getting your images. Since we’re not legal experts, whenever in doubt, you may want to double-check about what you’re using and the legality around it with a lawyer.

  194. Oliver

    Hello Marie,

    The fear of being a “Know Nothing at All” is what drives me away from the keyboard everytime a thought occurs that is worth writing about. Although after watching your segment I see I need to re-focus and purge my fear of writing. Thank you.

  195. When I was little I wanted to be a writer. I used to write fantasy about Unicorns helping me save people and the world.
    As an adult I still write about saving the world however I’ve moved away from fantasy to write books full of tips so people can begin to change their world in a positive way. I was so scared when I started writing my book but I published it last year and if anything I thought why didn’t I do this sooner!
    I let the fear “who am I to write this” to hold me back but since writing the book and receiving the feedback I have from people I think Who Am I Not To Write more books!

  196. I actually needed to see this so much that I have been resisting it all week. I am a songwriter and I have been performing across the country in my band for the last two years. I have been defining myself as a performer, songwriter, musician for so long that I have been fearful of diving further into my writing. I mean making it as a musician can be a hustle… I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a writer.

    When I was on tour I began writing a book, which now has approx 250 pages, but I got stumped and I began to doubt myself. After getting off tour, I am currently living in one place and changing my biz strategy with my band members. Ever since getting off tour I have felt depleted and lost. I miss the traveling and I feel fearful of continuing to write because the prospect of “making money in one place”/ getting a “normal” job came back to me like the plague!

    In the end of this comment, I just want to say that even through proving I can live my dream, there is still self doubt and fear linked in the expression of my art, being paid money for what I love to do and the fear of being a business owner. I don’t usually comment but this was all so relevant, I had to get it out there. You give me so much inspiration and continue to help me grow as a business woman. Thank you Marie, her team and commenters!

    • How exciting Gaetana you have 250 pages for your book!!!! It sounds like you are giving yourself the space you need to bring the fears and thoughts on the table so you can one by one examine them and choose which ones will hold you back and which ones will propel you. Best wishes on your path and your book!

  197. Hi Marie,

    I have often felt like this and when you first start out, it’s new and awkward.

    Great bloggers who’s work you read and love now…. why not go back to their first page of posts they published and see what their work it like back then.

    It’s likely to be kinda crap! I know mine was. Why? Because they were practising, tipping their toes in the unknown and making mistakes. After all mistakes is what make us better, right?

    Plus you really realise that authorities were once new in the game too and not born amazingly perfect.

    Just keep writing Eileen. It’s get easier every time and your confidence will only grow and grow. Good luck!


  198. Bente

    Hi Marie – as always after watching MarieTV I AM INSPIRED. Thank you so much. All the way from Denmark 🙂

  199. I do always feel, because I wasn’t educated as a writer, I don’t know what or how to write. This has definitely helped me!! Breaking out the voice memo app!! Cause I’m definitely not short of words when it comes to speaking. Thanks Marie!!
    Love from Jamaica!

  200. This was the perfect video for me today! I have loved writing my blog and have felt that I’ve been providing the world a piece of me and my take on everyday things that can turn into aha moments or reflections. It’s funny, I’m actually much more able to share via my writing than I am in conversations because I’m always so fascinated in getting to know others and I end up asking myself, who am I to share? Now I can actually connect the dots and know that regardless of the medium, who are any of us NOT to share? Thank you Marie!

  201. Great tips today, Marie! When I start having that feeling or hearing that voice in my head, I remind myself that what I am sharing will help someone who doesn’t yet know the information. The content you create won’t resonate with everyone, but it will be exactly what some people need to hear in their situation. Knowing that helps keep your writing genuine, true and sincere.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Spot on, Kate. Happy writing! 🙂

  202. Clare

    Yes! This Q&A Tuesday came right when I needed it. I am feeling like a major fraud and second guessing everything I am writing lately. For me, this video is a serious reminder that it isn’t all about my fear but the higher purpose I am writing about. Talk about a reality check! Thanks so much for covering this topic.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Clare! The higher purpose is what it’s all about. If you focus on what you’re giving to people and how you’re helping them rather than focusing on your fears, that can help too. Shift the focus to the bigger why and your fears might shrink a bit!

      Good luck and keep writing 🙂

  203. Hi Marie & Team!
    Absolutely loved this episode! Thank you so much, I will continue to write ‘me’- my style, I know people like it so I shouldn’t get so hung up on not being a Pro-writer!

    Much Lurve!

  204. Brilliant episode Marie! I think this is an issue for so many of us. I often feel like a know-it-all, and despite loving be the one in the know and give good advice, I believe it can come across as irritating to the audience.
    Love your episodes and your generosity.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • The people who are meant to follow you and truly resonate with your message will love all the wisdom you share with them and they’ll be thankful for it, so don’t let any irritated haters get you down. 🙂

    • Peter Schwartz

      Took a look at your site just now, Faby. Fab-ulous. And frankly, if you were going to take boudoir shots me, I’d WANT you to know it all or at least talk like you do. The proof is in your pictures, and they are great. Didn’t know this kind of photography existed.

  205. Thank you, loved this video! I decided not to go back to my job as a pharmacist when I had my baby. I thought I would start a blog and incorporate the knowledge I had from my degree… Drug info, etc. Turns out when I’m writing for ME I love writing down my healthy recipes or things I’ve learned about pregnancy and parenting! Ecl

  206. Ynja

    Hi thank you Marie for all your inspiration. You seem like you are talking to me all the f* time through your episodes it’s awesome , just gotta love it. I just had a moment yesterday where I was in my classroom on the internet (I’m taking a course) don’t know anyone there and I was always writing something about my seeing of things but always took the things I wanted to say out because that thought came all the time, nobody wants to know that, why are you writing that do you want everyone to see you as know it all, then I would say of course not just my experience, well seems you want everyone to know you gott this all figured out, no I really just want to…ok I’ll take everything out and just keep it simple Hi everyone. You see I see my self sitting with others in my head and having these kinda conversation!. Thank you! I needed to see this episode today
    xo Ynja

    • I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time, Ynja. I know it can be hard to believe sometimes, but people really do care about what you have to say, especially in a classroom setting. I take online classes too and there have been times that the professor explained something and it just didn’t resonate with me, but when one of my classmates explained it in a different way, it did resonate with me. You never know who might be enlightened by hearing your unique perspective.

      • Ynja

        Thank you Mandy 🙂

  207. Carol

    Hi Marie:
    I love this episode! As a novice, I felt quite insecure when I decided to start my own blog. I kept thinking about “Who am I?” “Why would people want to read my stuff since I am not professional in any field?” However, the thought of writing for yourself made up my mind. I found writing a healing process for myself. I enjoy the part when I try to gather the ideas and organize them into articles of my own. Pondering over the thoughts I once had is like looking at one slow motion movie, where each part is so clear and precious. And it felt really great to put them into pieces. A kind of self accomplishment, I guess!

    • So true, Carol. When you’re writing for yourself, you get the benefit of catharsis, then if others like your writing, that’s just an added bonus. 🙂

  208. Jasmine

    This came the right moment. I am writing press releases and litlle stories for the company I am working for. It has always been my favourite part of the job, however, since I got a new boss who does not like my language I lost all my inspirations. This is a pretty sad d velopment and I began to doubt I was really good at it. I now regained confidence . Just wondering of how to solve it. Any ideas? Love to hear from you.
    Jasmin from Germany

  209. Jeanette

    Hello Marie
    Just received an introduction to your wonderfulness through Hay House
    World Summit this morning. You were awesome on today’s video and love, love your spirit and glad I found your website. This video spoke to me in so many ways. I am so god to be part of this inspiring group of people. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
    New Jersey

  210. Barbara Coe

    Another great video, Marie. Yep, my problem is sounding like a know-it-all. I have the credentials, education and experience and have been a university professor and I have been privileged to been introduced to an abundance of ideas and information. Too often I sound like a professor even though I am a very practical person, more interested in applying good ideas than in the theories behind them. OK, so I know what I have to do. Write as though I am writing to a friend.

  211. I had lefted my job and now i had started my online business after inspiring from you, and you know what i’m really feeling so much good about myself, thank you so much for providing great support form all your videos,

    You are Amazing.

  212. This applies not only to newbie writers but those who make a living at it as well. It’s all based in self-doubt and we’ve all been there.

  213. Tia

    Magnificent site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thank you on your effort!

  214. Thanks so much for this post Marie. You have inspired me to be brave and now i am going to take my blog very seriously as i am passionate about it.

  215. Hi Marie! Random question: Love your tweetables! Are you using the actual Tweetable plugin or another app? I want to add to my blogs and emails. Would be awesome if you could share the info.

  216. Amy

    I share this phobia of writing and wondering if what I have to say even matters. This was very helpful and inspirational.

  217. Nina

    This was such a motivating video! I’ve always loved writing and would love to become a writer. The desire has been growing and growing. But, I’m always nagging at myself and telling myself that I’m a beginner, who’s going to listen to me? However, my friends and even my coworkers have commented that I should be a writer, and all they’ve ever read are my emails and texts. When they say that, I get all excited and I start gushing my enthusiasm for writing and how I dream of being a writer for a living. Then they ask, “why aren’t you?” That’s when the excitement deflates and I start thinking all of those negative things you addressed in your video.

    I’m so glad I watched it. It was validating to hear you say that I can do it. The funny thing is, you mentioned that you don’t have any formal training. And guess what? I didn’t care. Not once did that detract from me viewing you as an expert. Credentials don’t matter to me. You’re honest and speak/write in a way that I can connect with. You have valuable things to say that I want to know. So, I just proved to myself that my biggest fear of feeling like I can’t write because I’m a newbie and have zero credentials is completely unfounded. Thank you so much for this eye opener!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this video left you feeling empowered, Nina! Anyone who says you should be a writer is definitely interested in hearing your message, and when you start putting yourself out there, who knows who else you’ll meet that is looking to read just what you have to say! We can’t wait to see you share your words with the world. 🙂


    Wonderful indeed Marie,
    Inspiring and motivation indeed
    Please do keep up

  219. cat

    This is my second video of the day. Bookmarked and shared. Thank you.

  220. Kelly Fedge DuBose

    Thank you for another spot on Q and A Marie. I am a writer and have by accident started writing for writings sake instead of supporting other work and I am LOVING it! It is a rush and a deep release. Your tweet able really hit home because I wonder the exact thing about “who am I to write about this?” ” Why would people listen to me or care what I think”. Your second half of the tweet reminds me of Mariann Williamson- who says “who are you to not shine”. Such an awesome mind shift and place of respect for others. Resist thinking you know what others want or need, just put your love out there and respect them enough to find and take what they need most. Thank you for stating it this way…It will help me share and maybe the person who needs to hear what I have to say will experience more love or beauty in their life.

  221. Maria G-M

    Thank you Marie! Love LSC! That being said…on to “about Turning Pro”. 🙂

  222. I found this post just when I was about to write a similar post on my blog…with a very similar headline! Was feeling really small prior to writing it…not anymore! Thank you so much.

  223. Hi, Marie. Thank you for posting this video. I’ve been a professional article writer for four years, yet I still find myself too scared to write sometimes. Writing can be scary because you let others have a peek inside your brain.
    I absolutely love the LSC method! It makes writing seem less scary to me. I also love the idea of re-framing writing as sharing what I know.
    Again, thanks for this video and for everything you do. 🙂

  224. Hey Marie!

    That was one very encouraging video! And I clicked it at the perfect timing (relevant because I’ve been back on my game writing blogs, even though no one comments on them, nor do I have much viewership yet on wordpress).

    The most uplifting thought was: “Who are you to not give your gift to the world, that may be your purpose”. That was the kicker! So, in the last couple days I had written 2 blogs for which I had the same fear that your Q&A gal had: who am I.. especially when there are so many better experts out there, why am I contributing to the trend or the info overload. Well, because it may just resonate more with a few certain individuals, and it feels good to the self. So why not! Thank you!

    And also thank you for interviewing the lovely lady who wrote Tears to Triumph, what amazing wisdom (that also goes hand in hand with Islam’s way of faith as well – the prayer at the end made me tear up too, and was so enlightening when I was starting to feel dead inside again – so I made that prayer in my next Salat during this enlightening month of Ramadan).

    PS. I subscribed the first time to your site when I saw an advertisement of you talking about multipassionate people like yourself and myself. <3 Hit the right spots! And I looked so much for more material or encouragement on that, but was unable to find much. I recently recommended you to a new friend who was just like us on that regard, so I remembered you again. Please and please would you find out more on the subject and perhaps video or write about it some more! Would suuuuper appreciate it! And do check out my blog if you can make some time for it and let me know your thoughts! Means a lot. Thank you <3

  225. Hi Marie and Friends,
    There was one little part in this clip that I really related to. You mentioned that writing is just like speaking in text … I think this is a good point because I often talk in my own head before committing ideas to paper/iPad. I also proved this totally to myself via another way.
    When I was a primary school teacher in NZ and England I was often asked by the children to tell them a story. Now they didn’t mean any story … They wanted one that I made up on the spot! I became a storyteller.
    I also began to record the ideas or even write down the whole tale. Individual stories became a collection and the children asked for reruns. Sometimes the stories changed. Sometimes they evolved as the children became fond of particular characters.
    Later, as I became an English language teacher, I found that my adult students also liked stories. They liked the flow of narrative, the colloquial expressions used and it encouraged them to share life stories in small groups.
    Storytelling is a very powerful, motivating tool. It can be a great strategy if the words don’t seem to appear easily on paper.
    One day I hope to publish some of my tales.

    Thank you again for inspiring me and many others.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Ruth! It sounds like people really love your stories. We’ll be cheering you on toward your dream of publishing your stories!

    • Jessica

      Ruth love what you said! That totally resignated with me. We all have a unique story to share and tell. The way we tell it. The way we think it. Every time we share our story it impacts others more than we realize!

  226. Marsha Omeasoo

    Thank you!

  227. Very useful video as always. Thank you, Marie!

  228. Matthew McGuire

    Hi Marie I am at the beginning in writing I some times get scared to write because I don’t know how to get my points across can you give me some tips on how to start writing my novel and my self book please I hope to hear from you soon bye
    God bless you all Marie Forleo TV I really love Marie TV
    Matthew McGuire

  229. Jessica

    Hi Marie!!
    This video and topic couldn’t not have came at a more perfect time for myself! I just sent in my first part of my book to an editor to view. And I am having her as my writing coach to help me get my book going in the right direction. This is all sooo new to me. I’ve always wanted to write a book but had so many doubt’s like you mentioned. Like am I good enough…what do I have to say? I can’t wait to check out your free class. Thank you Marie for always making me smile and helping me believe in myself. XO,

  230. l’m not at all a fashion aficionado. And I would never be mistaken to be one of today’s fashion-oriented male metrosexuals. But I have no problem noticing and giving Random SHoutouts of Appreciation Promotion Encouragement and Success (ReSHAPES) to anyone who deserves it – whether they know it or not. And you, Marie Forleo, are an incredible breath of fresh air and inspiration! For all the reasons everyone else in your sphere of influence thinks so, but also for your outfits! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear the same thing twice in any of your presentations, interviews, talks, videos or speaking engagements. And more, they are all insanely beautiful and elegant and edgy! Thanks for doing that – in my mind it totally maximizes and exemplifies the incredible power of the feminine in the world! =) =)

  231. Ashley Edmundson

    I never experience feeling like a know-it-all, in fact it’s almost the opposite. I feel like what I’m about to write is probably going to sound stupid or maybe I didn’t think it through enough. It has me doubt what I’m writing till I lose the inspiration that had me start in the first place, and I end up leaving it in the “draft” pile.

    • Oh, girl, SAME. One of my new mantras that is helping me get through this, however, is “You have to be willing to suck at something to get good at it.”

      You can’t walk into the gym and squat 500lbs without ever having lifted a weight. So why do you expect your writing to be perfect on your first draft? Athletes train for years to become Olympians, and great writers are those who are willing to sound stupid — to get the words on paper (words = reps) — because that’s what it takes to get better.

      It’s cheesy, but I like to remember that you can always renovate a house that you don’t like. You can’t renovate a house that you never built. The same thing applies to your writing: you can always improve it later, but only if you’re willing to get the words out.

  232. Great episode Marie!
    I think whenever you explain why the content you’re sharing is IMPORTANT to you, it removes any “know-it-all-ness” from your writing. For instance, I was preoccupied with my weight from 14 to 24 years old. Opening up a bit lets people in. It also gives credibility to show what you’re writing or saying actually works. And I completely agree that finding a study to back up your work is a great idea and makes your blog post/video more dynamic.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this episode!

  233. Yawn

    When I started my Instagram account for my handmade products, I’ve found myself struggling with words to put in the caption and it scares me to post because I’m not sure if I could deliver it well. I never thought that I’d do my own writing when I started my business but I have to communicate to people who will stumble upon my account so little by little I started gaining confidence but there are weak times when I’m super conscious about my writing. Instead of writing fully with my own thoughts it becomes shortened versions of what I want to say or end up saying just one sentence or two words with an emoji just to have something to add in the caption. Lol

    Thank you for recommending this episode. I’ll try to get over this writer’s angst and simply put my writing out there for the people who follow me. <3

    Thank you MarieTV! 🙂

  234. Even with one book published, several manuscripts completed, and my first nonfiction book on the way — I’m no stranger to imposter syndrome. Something I’ve learned over the years, however, is that imposter syndrome doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

    We tend to demonize things like fear (or imposter syndrome) and think that we need to do the work to get rid of them, but I don’t think that’s true. In fact, eliminating fear or imposter syndrome entirely can sometimes be a mistake — because HAVING fear isn’t the problem. The issue is letting fear STOP you.

    Instead of thinking about all of the negative ‘what ifs’ that could happen if you put your thoughts down on paper — if you share your writing with the world and the worst of the worst happens — think about all of the POSITIVE ‘what ifs’ that can happen.

    Those positive things literally cannot exist unless you’re willing to risk the negative ones. Good things can’t happen unless the bad things can too. And here’s the thing. Positive outcomes are SO much more likely than the negatives, and — even if they weren’t — good things far outweigh the bad.

    Yes, one person might not like something you wrote. In fact, I can guarantee that will happen, and that’s okay. You are not for everyone. You will never be for everyone. Stop trying to be.

    What if one person NEEDS what you can write? What if your words can change someone’s life? Because here’s the secret that I tell every single writer I’ve ever worked with — if your writing helps one person, even if that person is YOU, then it’s well worth the effort.

    It’s okay if you’re scared.
    It’s okay if you feel uncertain.
    It’s okay if you doubt yourself.

    Do it anyway.

    I promise the risks are worth the reward.

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