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Doesn’t matter what you might be dreaming of.

If any part of you longs to make and do really cool things in this world — write, paint, cook, dance, sing, speak, produce, code, act, bake, or just bedazzle your toothbrush…

Today’s show is an absolute must watch.

It’s a treasure map to unleash your most creative and expressive life. And our tour guide is none other than the legendary Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Here’s just a sampling of the gems you’re about to discover:

You have hidden treasures within you… and so do I, and so does everyone around us. @GilbertLiz Click To Tweet
  • The unconventional (and very specific) thing to say and do when fear tries to stop you from taking inspired risks
  • The contract Liz made with her creativity long ago and why it’s made all the difference
  • Why you shouldn’t try to “help” anyone with your art and what to focus on instead
  • The vital distinction between originality and authenticity and how to manage “it’s all been done before” syndrome
  • How to know whether or not you’re on the right creative path

Plus, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Liz speak (tens of millions have watched her Ted Talks and I’ve had the honor of seeing her move a stadium full of folks to tears), pay extra attention around the 25 minute mark.

Because Liz was generous enough to share exactly how she prepares to deliver her jaw-dropping, standing ovation worthy speeches.

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We’re all creative beings. We all have gifts to share. My hope is that today’s show fuels you to take (or continue on) the brave path ahead.

Now, Liz and I would love to hear from you. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this rich conversation, and why? Yes, more than one insight is allowed – but I’m truly curious as to what hit home for you the most.

Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember, do your best to share as much detail as you can because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration.

What you have to say may just be what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you so very much for watching, commenting and sharing.

Your kindness and generosity are like vitamins for the soul.

P.S. If you found this valuable, inspiring and worthy of your time, please share it. I can’t think of any better conversation for creatives around the world to listen to. Huge thanks!

With so much love and appreciation,


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  1. I had to stop the video less than ten minutes in. Everything Elizabeth was saying was happening to me in real time. For years, I’ve been saying that fear is my companion, but it will never be my guide-meaning, it won’t deter me. I’ve said it can ride in the car but had to get in the back seat.

    Then I realized that last week I submitted an article on fear with the sentiment of embracing it because it has a protective quality. Immediately, I went to the place of thinking it’s all been said before and that I’m not original enough and people will assume I’m copying Liz Gilbert.

    All my insecurities laid out within 10 minutes of the interview. I think I’m going to lie down to listen to the rest of it. Marie and Liz have me all shook! lol

    I feel another shift coming on.

    • It’s been said, Emelia, that there is nothing new under the sun, and at the same time what’s true is that your gifts and voice are unique, and should be heard. Loud and proud!

      • That’s true. Today I was studying about fear, I like to listen to Joyce Meyer’s preaches. We usually shut up our own voice and we start doubting too much about everything we don’t know yet. Life becomes easy if we just go ahead and try sometimes and believe. Be bold!

        Ain’t it just the way life goes
        People fear what they don’t know?

        • Reine Ramai

          Love it.
          I could relate to what you say with this awesome mindset I just learned. “ whatever you believe Happens Later. Use what You have now.”

      • so true Nikki it’s all been done before but not by me, you, us. Our touch, our voice and expression is what makes whatever endeavor we are undertaking unique. No matter how original our ideas we can find someone who has done it but no one can do it quite like us…so go ahead and trust in that unique spark that you have to turn anything that has been done before into something new, powerful and totally unique. Love this!

      • Amy

        There is nothing new under the sun is from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

        • Yeap! And God gives us so many talents and abilities to serve others that when we don’t use them we disservice others. There’s nothing new under the sun but what makes anything unique is the personal touch

    • Couldn’t love Liz more. Loved the martyr-trickster dichotomy. (Interestingly enough was thinking about an article on paradoxes…) I suppose I reside on the side of martyrdom because I often feel as I haven’t “suffered enough” or worked hard enough to be rewarded. (This, after sharing my work for a decade.)

      My mind has trickster characteristics, but my actions (and inaction) reflect my bond to the martyr. I’m consciously inviting the trickster to take the lead.

      One of my favorite interviews you’ve done, Marie. <3 <3 <3

      • Yeah girl! Get busy playing with the Universe! 🙂

      • Thank you Emelia! And I appreciate YOUR unique voice…I’m always curious to hear your shares and insights each week 🙂

      • The paradox thing struck me also. Five years ago – as a result of my comfort-zone- trashing ‘Policy of Yes’ (a policy I adopted after escaping effective house arrest in a 10 year abusive relationship) – I discovered that a huge part of my identity was a fabrication: specifically the sub-plot that I was a calm, rational, reasonable person.

        The result was surreal. Because – as it turned out – a huge part of me didn’t exist, I didn’t know how to relate to people. The rules of social engagement, as I knew them, had not so much changed as disappeared.

        I felt like a baby trapped in an adult’s body. The first two days were the worst. I was freaking out. Quietly. Then I figured out I would let go of the idea of trying to elicit a particular response from people (which made me realise how controlling our everyday conversations are. We often say something with the purpose of eliciting a specific response from the other). That worked quite well. I stopped worrying about other people’s responses and just said whatever vaguely appropriate thing occurred to me at the time. By the end of the week I was back to normal-ish – I could communicate comfortably again.

        But my mind & body were black & blue. My mind was exhausted & my body ached for no obvious physical reason. It turned out I believed in all these things I didn’t believe in, and I was tying my mind in knots trying to reconcile these opposing beliefs.

        Then, by happenchance, I went on my first yoga retreat. During a yoga nidra I asked the question – how can I reconcile these apparently contraindicated beliefs. And the answer came to me: I don’t need to.

        My yoga teacher summarized it nicely, as we later strolled the beach, “You are allowed to have nice shoes AND save the World”. Not that I’m fussed about shoes, but you get the idea.
        So here’s to holding paradoxes in our mind. Especially the ones that allow us to express our creativity and ourselves.

        Love love love Elizabeth Gilbert. Saw her live in San Francisco @ 2015 Emerging Women – what a divine treat.

    • Hayley

      I so needed to watch this today. Thank you so much for sharing the crazy abundance of awesomeness in this interview! There are so many incredible nuggets of wisdom, but this one really stood out for me…

      I am a furniture maker/refinisher and for the last 4 years I have struggled with putting products out in the world because I didn’t feel like they were “helping” others… because they didn’t serve a bigger purpose other than to give someone something to sit on or put their magazines in.

      When Liz quoted “All love eventually becomes help”. It totally blew my mind. I can now see that making furniture is my love and passion, and is just for me. Helping others can come in so many different ways. I feel liberated from this video and I’m so grateful to you both for sharing it. I can now put pieces out into the world without this huge weight hanging over it.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Sending you both massive, warm hugs! xOxO

      • Haley I’m in the same exact place!
        Brilliant interview Marie.
        I could listened to it for another 45 minutes! So many incredible thoughts and quotes here. Liz’s perspective was refreshing and perfect timing for me. Knowing that the love of doing something is reason enough and that you DO NOT need to come out of the gate with the sole intention of helping others and you are still doing something of value and importance was a huge piece for me.
        I’ve known it all along but in this world of “start with why”, “monetize” and “giving back” my love of the creation got lost. Liz’s words were music to my ears!
        Thank you. Thank you.

        • Hayley

          Well said Krayl 🙂

          It was totally refreshing and affirming to be told what I already knew, but for some reason wasn’t able to put into words or thoughts of my own. So grateful that Marie and Liz are amazing with words and are able to say what I couldn’t.

          Hooray for Aha moments!


    • Marianne

      Loved this discussion and it gave me and im sure others lots of food for thought. I’m working part-time in a reasonable good s**t-sandwich of a job which I feel privaleged to have. I put my heart into all work I do but I still struggle to get motivated on my days off to do the things I love. I find myself slipping into depression and telling myself I’m not good enough…but that’s on my bad days. Starting today with this video reminds me to focus on the positive. We all have good days and bad days. And even if we write a poem on a crap day and hate it, maybe we’ll read it again on a good day and see it in a new and better light. Material is better than no material.

      • Annette

        Well said, Marianne. Everyone posting & viewing is so positive and supportive. My kinda peeps.

    • Brilliant interview Marie.
      I could listened to it for another 45 minutes! So many incredible thoughts and quotes here. Liz’s perspective was refreshing and perfect timing for me. Knowing that the love of doing something is reason enough and that you DO NOT need to come out of the gate with the sole intention of helping others and you are still doing something of value and importance was a huge piece for me.
      I’ve known it all along but in this world of “start with why”, “monetize” and “giving back” my love of the creation got lost. Liz’s words were music to my ears!
      Thank you. Thank you.

    • Thank you for having this conversation! I love Liz Gilbert, and I know I’ll be going back to this one again and again. I listened to it twice already, and there are so many gems. Here’s one of my favorites: “Creativity will always provoke your fear because it asks you to enter into the realm of an uncertain outcome. And fear hates that. It thinks you are going to die.”

      • Andrea

        Yes! This really strikes me as well. That darned Fear really makes it that dire, and then the anxiety can infect all that we touch, the people we create with, the possibility of the project itself. Such truth.

    • hahaa. I hear that! BUT it hasnt been said by YOU!

    • I hear you! HOwd it go?

    • Sara Macel

      AMAZING! Yay!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation between you two so much! I’m going to watch now over breakfast, but needed to leave this comment first with my BIG ENTHUSIASM for the meeting of your minds. Thank you both for being such important teachers to me on my journey.

  3. I absolutely admire Liz Gilbert’s determination.
    I don’t think it’s said enough in media HOW MUCH it really takes to succeed and how many times one has to fail, before things will align and start working out.

    And what struck the cord with me in this conversation is the shit sandwich idea. In personal development trends we talk about the importance of EASE and going in the direction that comes naturally to us, but it should not be forgotten that this does not mean that there won’t be hardship at times. It does not mean that the bed will be lined with rose petals every night. Things can get tough. But it’s how we deal with them that matters.

    Thank you to both of you for this conversation and I cannot wait to read Big Magic. Sending lots of love to all the inspirational women about there
    Kat xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so true, Kat! What’s natural isn’t always easy and what’s easy isn’t always natural. I think that, as a society, we’ve come to associate the word “natural” with “lack of impediments” rather than its real meaning of “in accord with our nature.” There’s fear in nature, there are obstacles in nature, and there are times of uncertainty in nature. And that’s natural. 🙂

      • Love that!

      • Yes, Mandy! The point is that what comes naturally to you and is EASY when you’re in the flow will still feel like hardship on a shitty day. But that doesn’t make it a wrong path.
        Pursuing your purpose is a lifelong journey and it takes commitment.
        And that’s why I loved the idea of a shit sandwich accompanying any glorified state/job/etc.

        I’ve recently come to realise that my purpose in life is beyond what I’ve been training for and passionate about my entire life.
        I’m an interior designer, but when I now look back I can connect the dots so clearly: everything I did (in design, in my writing, in any creative pursuit) had a back-end story of elevating your happiness.
        And now that this has become clear to me, I can say that the topic of increasing your happiness comes naturally to me. But is it always easy? Nope.

        There’s a certain relief in knowing more about what you’re meant to do in life, there’s excitement, there is a new-found potential for creativity. But a realisation like this can turn your world upside-down, it can feel chaotic, other people might not understand your vision straight away.

        But there’s beauty in a shit sandwich too. Because every bite reminds you how much you’re magnetised towards and connected with your purpose. And you’ll keep discovering it no matter what.

        • Yvon

          Really resonated with this, thank you Kat!

          I too had thought i had connected the dots and knew what I had “found my purpose”. Only to realise a few short months later that if I connect the dots differently it reveals a much bigger picture.

          I too discovered a kind of back door that was behind all of my pursiots in life. I stopped what I had been working towards and committed myself to going on this new journey. And you are right, it does feel a little overwhelming at times. So this time, instead of diving in head first as I usually do, I am giving myself a little time. A moment to recover from my bruises (my perfectionism killed the last endeavor and some of me in the process) and I am easing my way back to playfullness and fun. Still not easy, but with a little more self compassion I know I will find my way.

      • michelle monet

        yessssss. PERFECTO!

  4. I’m so happy to see this interview!

    Thank you both for being women who truly live all of yourselves in the world and in your work—the vulnerable, the messy, and the exquisitely beautiful.

    • I visited your site, Amy, and it is wonderful. I will return to it when I have more time to explore. This interview is awesome and Liz touched on so many things. It is hard to pick the biggest single insight for me. There are so many, from shit sandwiches to fear as a companion. I have been dancing with the Martyr and the Trickster for a long time and have come to realize I need them both to perform the dance. “I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story…” ~Cheryl Strayed, ‘Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail’, 2012.

      • Thank you, Chas! I really appreciate you heading over to visit.

        I believe that it’s our birthright to live *all* of ourselves in the world, and we can use the tools of self-inquiry and self-expression to lead, ultimately, to self-reverence. 🙂

        Needing both the martyr and the trickster to perform the dance… I hadn’t thought of it that way, and I think it’s beautiful. 🙂

  5. I can totally relate to being a new writer and getting rejected. There was plenty of times when I asked myself was this worth it! It’s so disheartening. I followed my blissed and decided to self publish! It was way more fulfilling and I was able to follow my dream of being a writer without have to deal with rejection. Where there is a will there is a way. As a bonus I saw major success!! Not just as a writer but as a coach!

    My one advice to potential or hopeful writers is to persevere! Your dream can be a reality, just hold on and don’t give up! Also think outside the box, you don’t always have to go the route of mainstream publishing!!

    Loved this video Maria, I related with so much thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you followed your bliss and took the path that was right for you! A lot of really good writers are foregoing the path to publishing where they’re rejected by gatekeepers at every turn, so there are some truly incredible books out there by self-published authors. I’m so happy you found success doing what you love, and doing what you love in the way that was right for you. 🙂

    • Yes! And this is such an important conversation to be having, because now books by mainstream publishers are put in direct competition with indie publishers and self publishers with something as simple as an Amazon search. 🙂

  6. Allison

    I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THIS! I’m at work right now but am looking to view it right away when I get home! Marie I LOVE everything you do, but LIZ GILBERT too?! So awesome you did this with her! I have been thinking of her a lot lately, as I just started writing a blog. I love how connected she is to her writing and I have been channeling that. Thank you again for this and can’t wait to watch!


    • You are the kindest Allison, and we can’t wait for you to watch it too 🙂

      • Allison

        IT WAS AH-MAAAAZING! Loved it and they were the exact messages I needed right now. Thank you Marie ♥

  7. This is so beautiful.

    1) Don’t do it to help people. YES. Especially in business it’s about tapping into people’s pain points, right? It can get so easy to think you have to do that in every part of your life.

    “All love eventually becomes help.” OMG. This is such a freeing idea.
    Getting this book now!

    • Exactly Rachael, “a freeing idea.”
      When people ask me about my blog I say it’s about sex and health. When asked who my audience is my response is a shoulder shrug because as a nurse we help people (using a stethoscope) and so that was my focus. The idea of writing about sex and health because I love to learn about their connection as opposed to solving the world’s sexual problems is liberating.

      • Shannon

        Yessssss Jessica!!!! Love your example!

  8. this is an interview I will be watching over and over… ordering the book!

    • I bet you’ll love it Joanna…it’s sooo good 🙂

    • Shannon

      I’ve watched it twice already. Got even more Ah’s! So so powerful

  9. Deborah

    Thank you for this interview!! I was left in awe!!

  10. Wow. One of my favorite interviews yet, Marie. Hanging on every word. Fantastic conversation and advice. Can’t wait to grab this book!

  11. I watch Marie TV often and I felt that this interview is one of the most beautiful interviews I’ve seen. I so much appreciated the authenticity on both sides. I loved Elizabeth’s word “What moves me (in a piece of art) is the humanity and authenticity’. I believe this is essential of all our creations, creating from the unique you in relationship with the universal, this is transcendent. Elizabeth’s work is transcendent, her own experience speaks to the humanity in all of us.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Devon. It was an absolutely delightful conversation to have 🙂

    • I totally agree Devon! There were so many great nuggets in this interview. I loved the idea of not feeling like we have to get rid of fear, but not let it drive either. This is one of my favorite episodes for sure!

  12. When you two were talking about Liz’s experience speaking with Oprah in front of 20 thousand people…I really enjoyed hearing about her break through moment. That’s something I will remember the next time I feel weak, insecure, fearful etc and I’m shooting a video for my list. My peeps don’t need dat! They need me to be a role model, someone they can be inspired by to be better. I need to be better for them!

    Thank you ladies,
    Maddie xo

    • I have to make amends to my previous comment for the record.

      I watched the second half of the interview and what has deeply affected me is the idea that…it might not work out no matter how hard you try. Not something I enjoyed hearing and it’s something I will have to think about for a while to accept…
      If I don’t end up making money doing the work that I love and am meant to do then I will just have to be poor and do it anyway! I’m fine with that but I can’t entertain the notion that “it won’t work out” or that it won’t help other people.

      I won’t be giving any energy to the thought that I might not be able to support myself but I will acknowledge it.

      Thank you Liz and Marie.

  13. Thank you.
    This is INCREDIBLE and AMAZING video.
    So BRILLIANT and Helpful.
    Elizabeth is like a feminine version of Tony Robins 😉 well… sort of 😉

  14. Simon

    This was awesome Marie, I got so much from it. Inspiring.

  15. Marie, I love this interview! I really appreciate what Elizabeth says about people “murdering” their creativity unless it pays their bills.

    Since I was a little girl, I had this fascination with fashion and design. But my parents insisted those were very competitive industries and that I’d struggle to survive. So for the sake of survival, I went to Engineering school instead…

    I got my Masters’s in Biological Engineering, but the food or pharma industries didn’t feel like the right places for me. Neither did the lab — although I worked as a scientist for a little while.

    So I took the first opportunity to jump off board when a leading investment bank offered me a position as an equity research analyst.

    I pushed aside my creativity and dived into the corporate world — or so I tried. But I always felt that something was missing.

    So I quit, discovered a whole world of personal development, and got trained as a life coach. Then, in order to “buy” myself some extra time to reflect without having a gap in my CV, I went off to Business School, earned my MBA, and safely returned to the corporate world.

    Long story short, it took me a looooong time to have the courage to express my creativity and follow my passions, my vocation. But I finally bid farewell to my corporate career last year to become an entrepreneur and express my creativity — every day!

    What was a decisive moment for me?

    Becoming a mom.

    When I discovered that I was expecting my daughter, this little voice inside my heart started whispering: “You must be a positive role model for her! You must set an empowering example for her!”

    That’s been my guiding principle in following my dreams and expressing my creativity — in a mature, responsible way (of course!).

    Elsa x

    • That’s so inspiring, Eliza!

      I think all of us creative people have been raised thinking art doesn’t pay. (Except you’re a hippy.) I just think we’re extremely lucky to be living in a world that is finally embracing the “love what you do” maxim and making all of our dreams happen with some hard work and the click of a button.

      I love that you’re doing this for your little one as well. I think a lot of people do not think about what examples they set…


      • P.S. Elsa! Sorry. Wasn’t this the name of the Disney princess? :))

        • Thank you so much for your nice words Violeta!

          And yes — Elsa just like the Disney princess 🙂

          Take care,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s never too late to follow your dreams and I’m so glad your daughter inspired you to follow yours. I know she’ll be so thankful you did because she’ll feel empowered and supported when following her own dreams. 🙂

      • Thank you Mandy! That’s certainly my goal. I just hope her dreams won’t be too crazy 😉

        But that’s why I love Elizabeth’s comment about expressing one’s creativity and following one’s dreams in a mature way.

        Take care,
        Elsa x

    • I love that you shared the decisive moment as being when you became a mom. I too held a lot of limiting beliefs from my childhood about what was acceptable or not for me to do. I am the middle child in a family of 5 girls and my mom was born in 1925. We were told that we could do anything we wanted in the business world and that we should seize this newfound freedom. I had a big business career at Bain and Company and Apple Computer and then I became a full time mom living in the South of France (Apple sent me to Paris). It’s a long story but I ended up with 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl) and the middle one has OCD. In doing therapy with my son who has OCD it became clear that I carry a lot of trauma from my mother’s line. With the trauma is a lot of deep shame and unworthiness. I learned about transferred trauma and realized that I was passing on to my children the shame that I got from my mother. There is now a whole field of epigenetics that confirms this. This new understanding sent me on a healing journey to transform the trauma and break the chain. We are absolutely a role model for our children and us feeling safe and empowered to live out our dreams is the only way for them to ever be able to live theirs. I do believe that this is our responsibility as a mother, to have the courage to live our full potential. The world needs all of our voices and all of our gifts. Thanks again for sharing:)!

  16. What a magical way to start the day listening to this interview. Food for my soul. Connecting with like-minded creatives fuels the fire – I appreciate this conversation with Liz.

    Thank you Marie!


  17. Cheryl Kirby

    Wow! What an inspiration! Thank you and now I’m going to dance with my creativity!!!

  18. Yes so important for us to understand that it is those creative inclinations that help us to evolve into who we were meant to be. We live in a world that does not promote that creative development and instead is run by standardized tests and jobs that do not require people to use their creativity and imagination. Imagination is so important to creating anything in life and it’s time we wake up and start living from this deepest most authentic part of us. So many are wasting away in miserable jobs and lifestyles because they are denying their true inclinations. We are all happier, richer and more successful when we make time to do what we love.

  19. Chills on Chills on Chills!! THANK YOU both of you for this interview, for all you do, for just being! I’m inspired always sitting here watching you honoring you and on my knees in gratitude for you. Ready to finally live my calling and be the light worker and earth angel after falling off cliffs and dabbling and ignoring the call veering off onto a multitude of others paths…or just hoping and praying to get paid for my creative heart. Owning it. Believing it and going in fully. Releasing fear and ego. Just what I needed to listen to this AM. Can not wait to dive into Big Magic xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode resonated with you. It’s hard not to follow your bliss after listening to Elizabeth! We’re cheering you on as you build your dreams and create the life you’ve always wanted. We believe in you!

  20. Amazing! ! What an great interview.

  21. I have always enjoyed listening to Liz, but I must have missed this particular book! I love the concept of being friendly with fear and really, being friendly with anything that’s trying to protect us – like stress. Have you guys seen the TED talk where they discovered stress doesn’t affect us negatively when we don’t stress over it. Stress over stress. Ha!

    Thanks to both lovely ladies to this inspiring conversation. 🙂

    • Hi Violeta! The book just launched today, so you didn’t miss anything 🙂

  22. I’m enjoying this interview so much.
    Elisabeth Gilbert speaks from her personal experience, down to earth, realistic and so inspirational…
    And what a great exchange between Marie and Elisabeth. Thank you, both!

  23. I absolutely loved this episode. I’m in my late 20s but since I’ve graduated from college I’ve always had ambitions to have a creative career but since I’ve had bills to pay, I’ve been in jobs I’ve just taken purely for the paycheck the entire time I’ve been out of school. I’ve been working on my creative interests on the side of work but I feel like such a failure sometimes when I look at people my age and sometimes younger who have turned their creativity into full time careers so quickly. The insights provided in this video helped me to relax and take the pressure off myself. I’m not on a certain timeline for when my goals must be achieved and my journey won’t look like anyone else’s. As was stated in the video, the people who “make it” quickly at a young age are the “unicorns.” Thanks so much for sharing! I’m so excited about getting the book!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Keshia, I just checked out your website and you’re anything but a failure! You’re doing some really stunning work! I know that’s hard to remember when others around you have already gone full time with their creative careers, but everyone’s path is different and sometimes you have to be a trailblazer for your own path. It looks like you’re doing that, so keep up the awesome work and we’ll have our fingers crossed that things will come together for you to go full time creative soon! <3

  24. OK. I saw this video come in. I have a major crush on both of your energy. I stopped my whole life. Made the best cup of tea. Almost tripped in my house from excitement and probably didn’t blink my eyes in 50 minutes.
    I love you !

    Thank you so much for doing and being and sharing.

    All my love from France,

    • You painted the BEST picture Cécile! Merci 🙂

  25. Awesome! Thank you so much.

  26. Holy guacamole, this was AMAZING!

    I was screaming in my living room going OMG, that’s it! So freakin´ awesome!

    I had to make kinda of a big decision today, regarding next year, so I was in between taking a masters in Neuropsychology or Positive Pychology, and my heart was all over Positive, but my mind was like Yeah but Neuro…. And then I hear “All love eventually becomes help” and I knew I had my answer.

    Thank you so much, xoxo


    • Don’t ya just love how that magic works? Rock on Catarina 🙂

  27. Jodi

    My favorite MarieTV episode ever, I think – thank you so much Marie and Elizabeth. I heard part of a radio interview with her recently and put the Big Magic book on my wishlist… After this interview I’m heading out to the book store to pick up a copy right now. 🙂

    I have had a book inside me wanting to be written for about a year now, and so many things she said in this interview resonated. It’s hard to pick one thing. Aside from the creative writing application, I think what I needed and appreciated most about what Elizabeth said was the bit about wanting to help people. That piece helped me see how I’ve been going at things wrong in various aspects of my life. I will definitely remember the visual of people I’m trying to help cringing from my attempts to do so! Just acting in love and letting the “help people” part take care of itself is a much smarter way to operate!

    I also loved the view on fear – the friendly gratitude approach.

    And the shit sandwich approach to deciding what you want to do. I think I’ll share this with my 13 year old daughter. Despite my efforts to counsel her, she seems to think that what she does should be easy and she should be instantly and/or incredibly good at stuff. The idea that nothing will be easy, but you can determine what you’re really committed to by anticipating and accepting the shit sandwiches that come along with it… Maybe that will get her attention. 🙂

    Thank you so much!

    • Oh yeah Jodi! If she’s open to watching this interview, it might really serve her long term 🙂

  28. This was a great interview, a couple things I love the best were talking about fear sitting in the backseat, and not getting to choose the snacks, help navigate, touch the radio.. Because although you can’t get away from fear, it doesn’t have to control anything. The other thing I really enjoyed is hearing how all of us struggle with fear, insecurities, thinking we’re not good enough, thinking it’s all done before so why even try, feeling like do we even deserve to be doing what we’re doing. That’s key for me, and helps me remember that there are no big secrets, that I have just as much power as anybody, and maybe what I have to say, be right wrong indifferent already said, might be just what I need to say and it doesn’t have to be any more than that. I don’t have to try to save the world with every breath, it’s okay to just be. Lastly, perfectionism aka the reason for procrastination. I have so many things half done, & I recognize its a huge source of my dissatisfaction. I’ve been working very hard at retraining my brain to just get things done, put it out into the world, let it be what it will be and know that I did my best at the time with the tools I had in the moment. To stop trying to achieve perfectionism, because what it ends up doing is creating the exact opposite and it creates a lack of fulfillment, shame, feeling inept.. But when I just get it done, I allow myself to learn from it, grow from it, and keep moving forward regardless if it was perfect. Thank you for your honesty and speaking about these things.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      All of your insights are absolutely wonderful, Stacey! I’m so glad this episode resonated with you and that you got so much out of it. Elizabeth has so much wisdom to share, it’s incredible.

  29. Okay. I have an entire piece of paper FILLED with quotes and ideas from this interview… At the top of the paper is the paradox statement, but then with circles and hearts and underlines and sideways… I am putting this paper into a protective plastic sleeve… out of fear of ruining it. Just kidding! AH…. going to order the book now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Christine! If you have a vision board, that could be a good place for it. 🙂

  30. Marian Knowles

    Two brilliant creatives together, wow!

    Just this morning I felt the fear. Even before I got out of bed I read about my competition pulling back from the market and “pivoting” because they weren’t generating enough profit for the their investors. Then I realized, this is great, more room for me! Since my creativity doesn’t have to answer to investors (same as critics) I can continuing building my 100 year business based on my core values, not quarterly results. And I don’t have to rely on my creativity to support me and the bankers who want control. Thank you for crystalizing such important principles today. (I happened to order Big Magic yesterday, can’t wait to dig in, thank you!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful, Marian! It’s great to hear that you’re staying true to your core values and not letting outside forces tell you that you need to run your business in a way that’s less than genuine to you. We’re cheering you on!

  31. Loved these two bits:

    “Fear is a necessary companion.”


    “What will make you finish it is not discipline, but self-forgiveness.”

    Thank-you so much for this, Marie and Liz!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! Elizabeth’s wisdom is so spot on, and we’re so glad you grabbed these awesome quotes. 🙂

  32. FREAKING LOVE this vid! Thank you Marie and Liz. The wisdom, the hilarity, the practicality… what is not to love! So many tweetables, I need more Twitter characters, felt like I needed to tweet everything Liz said!

  33. Great interview – look forward to the book – and perfect timing, I’m preparing to speak to students at SMU about Arts Venture Planning, and my focus is the soft skills they need – resilience, fear management, and many of the other things you mentioned today. Look forward to sharing your book and this interview as a resource for these young creatives and my other clients who all work in the creative sector.

    Meanwhile, my addition to this conversation is in preparing for a public presentation.

    I am a lifelong performer – got my degree at SMU in vocal performance, and was a pro for decades. What Elizabeth describes is called Rehearsal.

    The ONLY way to be emotionally present for a performance is to rehearse the script, song, dance, until it is fully integrated into the body. She “walked it into her bones.” I have a different process, but for us both, the intention is to absorb the content into every cell. THEN it is possible to be fully present in the experience of its presentation. To nimbly and articulately respond to the others in the room.

    I’ll add that Playfulness is the word I use as a shortcut for remembering the “put it out there and see what happens” energy that is most creativity conducive. If I’m feeling too fearful to access the Play button, I break down my process into smaller bites until the next step has a playful spirit, a “see what happens” vibe without fear the result will be life threatening.

  34. I’m the one who burned the bridges. 🙂 It’s hard as hell right now. But I’d never exchange it for anything else. For safety or comfort. Even if it never works out. And my creativity never left me. No matter what, I always feel the joy working on my art, my creative pursuits, even if they don’t pay the bills just yet the way I want. I have the faith.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your determination is inspiring. We believe in you and we’re super proud of you for pursuing your creative passions!

  35. WOW, just WOW!! This is my favorite Maria TV episode. I will watch it again and again and again. I got so much out of it!! Liz Gilbert is SO articulate and her thoughts and ideas are so clear and spot on!! I can’t wait to read this book and I am going to get my “human baby”, who is 18 and just started studying art at MICA a copy because as I am listening to Liz talk I am thinking about how much I want my daughter to hear this NOW. But coming from Mom, it may not be as powerful to her as watching this and reading the book. I have been living the creative life for years, married to an artist, teaching my kids to take chances and do what makes them happy and yet listening to Liz talk, I see there is so much more to understand living a creative life, so much more to examine and look at. Thank you both for a lively and loving conversation. Excuse me as I push replay…

  36. So incredible to hear everything you think about every day articulated in just the way you need to hear it…. I’m so grateful for this interview right now.

    My favorite part… don’t do it to help people. I get so hung up on how I can be helpful. If what I create will be of use to someone. At the same time, my creativity is so incredibly selfish. And now, I think, that’s okay. That’s okay! Like, I knew that and I know that. I even tell other people that all the time. But to hear it from someone else is still a push that I need to keep believing it.

  37. Recognizing fear in all of its forms. Loved that. And remembering to be child like. And being a trickster. So many great truths in this episode. Thank you.

  38. Wow wow wow wow wow wow. I started watching from the beginning all over again as soon as I finished watching, but I think I need to pace myself there is so much good stuff here! And coincidently my Big Magic book arrived on my kindle at the same time (although maybe that wasn’t a coincidence….)

    My biggest takeaway the first time through was just overall generally how peaceful and playful Liz is. I realised that I’ve been playing the martyr with my creative work for way too long now and definitely need to get me some trickster. I’m sure there’s a better use for the wood on the cross anyways… Like making a fire with it.

    Put it out, see what happens. Put it out, see what happens. Put it out, see what happens.

    I’ve been too afraid to put my personal website out to the world yet because of fear of rejection. Put what the heck, I’m gonna put it out. And see what happens.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome Katherine! The Universe works in mysterious ways, so maybe it’s no coincidence at all that Big Magic arrived on your Kindle at the time you were watching the episode. The book did release today, so it could have arrived at midnight instead, but it came at the time you needed it. I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired and empowered to put your work out into the world. It’s true what Marie says: “The world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

  39. “Creativity will always provoke fear” – thank you Liz and Marie for allowing me this A-HA moment this morning.

  40. Ok…the Martyr and the Trickster…this was/is my life! This was just…like beyond words.

    I had been fed shitty martyr sandwiches my entire youth. “Your sister is the creative one and you’re the smart one” (Read: Don’t even bother trying to be creative) Then I didn’t understand that creative=creative=life=everything. I thought creative=good at painting.

    While I believed she was the artsy one, I never for a second believed that just because someone said my life should go one way, that I would follow that path. (I thank my Grandmother for telling me what not to do because in doing those things I found the most rewarding adventures! LOL)

    When Elizabeth was re-enacting the Trickster it was like she was in my head!!! I am a trickster with so much in my life including my handmade sewing projects never knowing what will arrive at the end of a project, but trusting the process. I’m putting it out there that I can find that place with my writing…I’d rather not leave her stuck suffering somewhere. 🙂

    I am finding it challenging to articulate just how that bit hit landed with me AND how empowered I feel having a voice that could bring more life to the place in me that loves to create and play! (and maybe sometimes challenge the ‘norm’) 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re beginning to embrace your creative side. Creativity can manifest itself in many ways and it’s not anyone’s place (however well-intentioned) to take that away from you. We’re cheering you on as you own your creativity!

  41. Nadine Tribue

    The whole segment blew my mind. But the things that really stood out for me is that it’s ok to let yourself off the hook for the crazy making that being creative can churn up. To know that the only job any of us have is to just show up and do the work. That is the only responsibility we have- phew!

  42. Pranaw Sharma

    Wow, I came back after long time on to it and as usual its perfect. I could relate to each and every saying. Simply awesome, this was one of the best and my fav till now. I love Marie for creating this and become fan of Elizabeth Gilbert.

    All best Marie and team. Hope to see more work like this.

    Thank you sooo much for putting this up.

  43. Sue Shultz

    All of it, simply all of it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for bringing this to the world. I cannot wait to read the book.

  44. michxangel

    Loooove this interview!!! Thanks Liz & Marie <3
    What sticks most is: it doesn't have to be perfect, just finish it!!

  45. Fran

    This is my favorite video ever (in the universe)!!! I have been looking for answers everywhere for years, and I just found them!!! This feels like a turning point in my life. I have been stuck for months in my current writing project, and the pattern has been to suffer until the deadline approaches. Then I suffer even more and I end up doing it crying. l have been constantly torturing myself for not being able to just do it, and enjoy it. And I also can’t image not doing it, even with the torture and all.. haha I loved every single question, and I was almost holding my breath in excitement listening to the answers. What she said and how she said it made a difference in my life. The asnwer about self-forgiveness (and not discipline) being the key is brilliant. And something finally clicked during the conversation about perfectionism. Thank you so much Marie and Elizabeth! I need to read this book! <3

    • Love every morsel of this Fran!! Thank you for watching.

  46. I am speechless, I feel like I am forever changed. Too many amazing moments to pick just one. I will definitely treat myself to this book. Thank you so much!

  47. Jodi

    OK, so I already posted with at least three things I liked most about the video, but had to come back with one more that is especially relevant for this book that I keep claiming I want/intend to write… The part about FINISHING something rather than holding back because it might not be perfect — fits me like a glove.

    I’ve understood for awhile that what has been holding me back from writing is that the image of this story (characters, scenery, feelings, etc.) is so beautiful to me in my own head, I hesitate to try to put it on paper because I don’t trust myself to put it into words with as much beauty, and that seems like it will somehow kill this precious image that’s living in my mind’s eye. I think I need (or want) to release my attachment to that perfect beauty, and accept that there’s also value in something potentially less “perfect” but more tangible being out in the world.

    I think it’s different for me than for some others because I don’t view myself as a writer, never imagined that I would write a novel until this story appeared in my mind about a year ago and told me to write it, don’t intend to make a living (or even a single dime) from writing, etc.

    I wonder if anyone has thoughts about how the creative process Elizabeth and Marie were talking about might apply differently for people who view the creative process as their life’s work versus those who just have a desire to create something as a side light to their other professional pursuits?

    • Anna

      Yes, I loved this, too. Perfectionism as a true evil… Her mother’s advice is brilliant and I will continue to carry that with me: “get it done!” The problem can be picking which of the creative projects to “get done” next…but yes, I loved this advice. And also love the statement about how it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get it done, finish it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Jodi. Maybe it depends on how much you really love what you’re doing. It sounds like you really love your current professional pursuits and don’t want to give those up, so that means you have less time to devote to your book. Maybe there’s a middle ground where you can love something enough to keep pursuing the dream and keep eating those sh*t sandwiches, but not want to do it full time. It’s possible! Whatever happens, follow your heart because it knows the way.

      • I totally get it. I am going through one of those phases right now. I have this idea of what I want it to look like and feel like in my head, but it’s not coming out that way. And that doesn’t mean it won’t ever, it’s just not right now, but the process of getting there is creative in and of itself.

        Didn’t Elizabeth say something about a sentence in a paragraph that she wanted to get just right and say just the right thing only to come back to it a few days later and scrap it because it didn’t fit at all?

        You won’t know what your characters and story are trying to tell you unless you get it out. Maybe it becomes a published novel and maybe it is just for your own creative process or maybe you discover something absolutely brilliant along the way that IS right or maybe your characters morph into something you detest and don’t want to write about. Either way, you will never know if you keep up in that head. Throw it out there, see what comes back. Throw it out there, see what comes back. <3 🙂

  48. Sylvie

    A wonderful interview that came at a perfect time for me. I had at least 6 haha moments while listening. The number one was that one pick’s her creative endeavour by deciding which sh*t sandwich one is willing to eat over and over and over. So true.

  49. AWESOME! Marie, this is sooooo good. Thank you, thank you and Elizabeth Gilbert. I will be playing this one again – it goes into the tool box. It was wonderful to watch 2 women who are living what they are discussing. Thank you for de-fusing fear and putting it in the back seat. Thank you for DONE not PERFECT. I feel like I just got a beautiful gift of gems that I can pick and choose to use. Great toys for the trickster.

  50. I started to listen to this and do some other things in my studio. I had to stop doing those other things and back up the video and listen. There were SO many things that hit home – especially the Shit Sandwich – because one came flying onto my plate this week – and fear and insecurity stepped in – and ….. well. So, now I need 1) share this video with a whole lot of folks. 2) watch it several times over, 3) get the book and 4) get on with life and with creating. Failure can be your friend – by failing, doing something wrong – you learn the pitfalls, so the next time you can go back and fix them or avoid them.

  51. Mallika Malik

    This hit home! Everything from fear to perfectionism and then to paradoxes and martyrdom.. Liz laid out exactly what I have been learning through my own experiences over the years and it feels great to juice it all up and get it all condensed in one interview.

  52. Perfectionism is a serial killer; fear in high heels, and can trick you into believing its a virtue, but instead still your joy, creativity….this is what stuck with me! Because I not only live it but for a moment prided myself on it being a virtue. It’s what’s currently getting in my way of finding my voice! I just want to say thank you! I have never been so immersed in an interview as I was with this one. It’s as though you took all of my thoughts and had a conversation with them lol. At this moment in my life I am rebuilding, healing and starting over due to an illness. Within this last yr something has been gnawing at me from my creative side but it’s been bombarded by so much fear, setbacks, failure or the belief that it’s already been done that I couldn’t even see where to start. At my core I’ve wanted to help people I said that all my life as a child they ask what you want to be when you grow up I said a lawyer because I want to help people. Later on I had everything in my life shrouded in the cloak of helping so much so that half of the task I thought of I never took on if I didn’t see they way it could help. So when you said don’t do it to help people but do it because you love it. What’s done in love will help (paraphrasing didn’t get to write it was exercising while listening) This entire interview was I feel an answered request I placed out in the universe just 2 wks ago when I surrendered to help & guidance & direction, exhausted from struggling and trying to fit all of these broken pieces back together! Again thank you & this won’t be the last time I watch this video! Thank you ladies both so much for being you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, SO much for sharing your story with us. I’m so glad this episode resonated with you and that Elizabeth’s wisdom was the answer to the question you asked the Universe. I’m so glad you can move forward knowing that you can do what you love AND help others. <3 We're cheering you on!

  53. Thank you…I love Liz Gilbert.

    However, as I deal in spiritual/physical evolution…creativity is the oldest, most original part of our brain, that’s been masked by the fear, the result of childhood conditioning. We ARE taking the mask off – becoming fearless – that’s our evolutionary purpose.

    So it just FEELS like creativity is the new part as it steps out of its closet of darkness. But it’s really our original truth…the little voice that’s been calling from the depths of our soul.

    Cuddle it! That’s all it’s waiting for…and then fear will transform into love. Xxx

  54. Thanks so much for this amazing Conversation. It gave me so much insight into the real thing about martyrs and tricksters!
    I want my mom of 90 years in your competition too! She doesn’t stretch dollars, she stretches South African Rands.

  55. By far my FAVORITE episode!!!! I also had the pleasure of seeing Liz live on Oprah’s tour and she was fantastic to listen to!

    Thank you for bringing this interview to us Marie. Definitely came at the right time on my entrepreneurial journey… of course. 🙂


  56. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I actually went ahead and set up my second blog while listening to this and I’m already planning how I’m going to organise it etc. I’ve already started working towards some of my goals. This was inspiring.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Aine! I’m so glad Liz’s wisdom inspired you to take action and share your second blog with the world. 🙂

  57. Bb

    Oh my god! Life will never be the same again!
    This is one of the most powerful episodes of MarieTV. As usual I sat down for my Tuesday breakfast with the new episode of Marie TV and this time left the breakfast aside!!!
    Creating to express my-self vs. to help others was the first strong hit I got in stomach-sort of a wake up call! Fear as companion is an incredible and revolutionary way to look at fear. Self-forgiveness to move forward, finished work is better than great work- all life changing concepts. And shit sandwich made me cry thinking of my own sandwich! I took lotsof mental notes, even created a to-do list. Childlike vs. childish was another hit I got but I was prepared for it! I will re-watch this episode surely and will rush to Barnes & Noble to buy the “Big Magic” today.
    I also have to share this episode with the creative women in my life – just because I want to :)))
    Thank you Marie (and Team Forleo)!!! you are amazing as usual and keep getting better and better!


  58. “This is not my problem!” – I love it. Probably the best interview I have heard in years. Thank you so much!

  59. this is an awesome interview. i like how honest Liz Gilbert can be when it comes to creativity and expectations!

    I can’t wait to read the book!

    xo from Malaysia!

  60. Elja

    Wow I loved the interview! All of it , what stood out for me was the part of only create because it brings YOU joy versus helping others!! When you do it for you, you fill your cup first and then you can share from your abundance and you create abundance. If you are helping others out of a (alledged) need and feel you have to help, you might give away too much and you create not only shortage in you but also dependency for the other. More shortage.. It’ s not selfish to take care of you first and the share from your abundance whoever wants it.

    Thanks very inspiring to keep on going!!
    love Elja

  61. Anna

    This is an amazing interview. Thank you so much!
    I’d like to comment about the discussion of not mortgaging everything (around 20:00 minute mark) and how such a choice means you live forever in a state of limitation, pulled back, etc. I feel like this right now. I’m 43, I took out thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans for the top art school in the country, and now I can barely get a call-back for jobs or projects. I do have shows and teaching but teaching is sapping the soul right out of me and I have to quit. I feel alone (no time for dating plus bad choices = alone at 43) and completely discouraged as the choices I made 10, 15 years ago have doomed me. I keep hoping but with each rejection and each year, I become more and more discouraged. So the question is: what is the advice when you *did* mortgage everything? I’m guessing there are more people out there like me especially those who grew up in the heady Clinton years of student loans who are now basically indentured servants to the US government.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Anna. I’m really sorry to hear about the hardships you’ve faced and how past decisions have haunted you. Your question about what advice would be given to someone who did mortgage everything is a really good one. If you’d like to write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, we’ll be happy to send some Marie wisdom your way and send you the link to submit your question for consideration for Q&A Tuesday. No matter what, please know that you do have incredible gifts to share with the world and we believe in you. <3

  62. I love LIz’s realness…even down to her lack of makeup, fancy dress, etc. She’s the real deal. What an inspiration! Thank you for this.

  63. Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my biggest creative heroes so this was a pure delight to watch. Biggest takeaways:
    – “I never promised the universe I would be a good writer. I just promised I would be a writer.” Love it. We are called to do our work, and it doesn’t matter how it turns out. As long as we do it.
    – “What will make you finish it is not discipline but self-forgiveness.” Yes. We can’t beat ourselves into submission! We need love too!
    – “Get precious about it while you’re making it. But once it’s done, kick it to the curb and make another one.” Keep moving, keep growing, keep trying.
    – Be a trickster, not a martyr. I decided when I committed to following my creativity that I didn’t need to have all the answers. I gave myself permission to make it up as I went along, and though things are moving slowly, they’re moving. I’m actually trying to come up with a mini-workshop right now that will help me trick people into doing something creative when they don’t believe they have any creativity in them. I want it to be a game, to inspire wonder, to show things in a different light. Wish me luck!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are all such great insights! I’m so glad you enjoyed this interviewed and received so much wisdom from Elizabeth. It sounds like you’re ready to share even more of your gifts with the world and that makes us super happy! 🙂

  64. Kim

    What an incredibly healthy view of creativity. Imagine if we could all be in that flow and grace!! Thank you for bringing this interview, and thank you Elizabeth for writing the book!

  65. Anna

    Additionally, I would also like to make a note about the “childlike” vs. “childish” comment. To expect that one’s investment will pay off–even if one has invested in “creativity” vs. another less creative industry–is justified. For instance, art schools sell a degree–with no guarantees–but they sell a vision, connections, and skills. If one enters into contract with that educational experience, there should be a reasonable expectation of *some* kind of payback, shouldn’t there? Especially when it comes to creativity, if one is marketing creative work as far as building skill set, then I don’t think it’s childish to expect a return on investment rather than having to wait tables in order to pursue that creative work. This is just a small comment but one that I believe deserves a lot more discussion especially as related to the *business* of art and creativity, the industries that artistic/creatives *support* even when that support/compensation does not filter down to them.

  66. My copy of Big Magic was delivered literally as I was watching this interview. Already so inspired by all the incredible gems you two dropped. AMAZING INTERVIEW! My fave on MarieTV yet!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a well-timed delivery! The Universe must be trying to tell you something. 🙂

  67. Ana

    Thank you both, Marie and Liz, for such an inspiring interview! In fact, it already inspired me to take action because, although I have been following Marie TV for a couple of years now, this is my first time leaving a comment (yuhuuu!)
    There is so much I connected with in this conversation, but I will highlight two interconnected messages that were important for me. These are not new, but Liz shares them with such authenticity, simplicity and experiential wisdom that they moved me to start changing my mindset right now. One is treating fear as a necessary companion, with respect and appreciation, but without letting it control any creative choices. This is such a relieved, ’cause I have been blaming my fear for all I am not accomplishing, instead of letting fear be in my life under my conditions. Before I was trying to make it disappear, which was and is impossible. Now I just want to choose the role fear has in my life, it might scape my control some times, but in all, it already feels better to embrace fear than to fight it.
    The second message is the power of finishing. I was laughing at the metaphor of “perfectionism is fear in high heel shoes. It sells itself as a virtue.” Well, perfectionists have different standards and I cannot speak for the crowd. But, as a perfectionist myself, who has a hard time beginning things and finishing them, deep down I have always been aware that perfection was not a virtue, that it was not making me any good, but like fear, I couldn’t just destroy it. Still, Liz’s warrior moment example (not committed to be a good writer in her first novel, but just a writer) empowers me to fight perfection, by starting and finishing things while repeating to myself that “done is better than good.”
    Have a nice Tuesday all, and thank you Marie for bringing us those nuggets of wisdom every week, I love your show and it makes a difference in my life!

    • Ana

      Btw, I know there is a paradox in my comment: making fear my companion, but fighting perfectionism. I guess I consider perfectionism completely disruptive and annoying in my daily life, while fear has that protective role that Liz was describing. In any case, I would love to hear similar/ other opinions perfectionist people have on the above!

    • Anna

      I love this idea, too, that fear is not something to be abolished–which can send you down a spiral of defeatism if you aren’t able to banish it–but rather a “friend” to be welcomed kindly but not to allow any control of your choices. I am going to keep meditating on this…

  68. Most definitely my favourite MFTV ever! What a great gift to the world! My best takeaway was the Shit Sandwiches bit. It reframed what I previously thought of as examples of what I’d somehow not done right as just part and parcel of pursuing my life’s calling.

    My mother used to tell a totally inappropriate joke when ever we were mad at her. She’d say, ‘I can’t believe you are so angry at me, I defended you the other day. Someone said you ate shit sandwiches and I said that couldn’t be true, Sherry doesn’t like bread’. It was a pattern interrupter for sure.

    It also brought that story back to me with a whole new meaning, especially when she was talking about her friend who gave up and she said, ‘do you want the rest of your uneaten shit sandwich? Cause I’ll eat it.’

    It was the most healing reframe of what I’ve given up, chances I’ve taken, things that have totally bombed and what I’d previously given myself such a tough time for.

    I will watch this interview time and time again. Thank you Marie for being all you are that enabled that conversation to happen, the great questions and space for the answers, and thank you Liz for being so damn honest, kind, loving and real.

    Hugs, love and gratitude!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us despite how painful I know it was to recall such a hurtful memory. I’m so glad Elizabeth’s wisdom could reframe “sh*t sandwiches” in a healing, empowering way. We believe in you and know you have so many wonderful gifts to share. <3

  69. Marie, you keep delivering the most amazing and inspirational interviews. Thank You! So much of your discussion resonated with me. Can’t wait to read Big Magic! And big thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert for sharing her authentic, courageous, creative self!! 🙂

  70. I may have to listen to that video over and over again – Liz Gilbert is a genius and has the most amazing way of looking at life. I had no idea and now I am going to read every book she has written! I felt like Liz was speaking directly to me – hitting all the points that I needed to hear. It was a personal rant from liz to me – thanks Marie!!!

  71. Heather-Feather

    This is one of The.Most.Inspiring interviews I have ever seen you give Marie! The moment Ms. Elizabeth Gilbert began speaking about giving up on perfection but to focus on completion instead; completely resonated with me! I am turning this into my new mantra to just make a relationship with what I am passionate about and follow through with no expectation other than follow-through. <3

  72. I’m with you, Marie. My favorite show ever! I saw Elizabeth in San Jose at the Oprah event last year and loved her.
    Everything she talks about I hear everyday from fellow creatives; the fear, the objections, the entitlement…the list goes on.
    Favorite part: Dance with Inspiration! (36 min mark) So true!
    Sharing this video with my readers. Thank you.

  73. For me, the best part of this video was the idea “Done is better than good.” Perfectionism can suck it!

  74. This was absolutely amazing. I was hanging on every word – writing notes that I will undoubtedly reread for inspiration. I related to all of it. I loved “everything is a remix”. I suffer from hearing that constant nagging in my head that says what I am doing isn’t new. And it is so refreshing and important to be reminded that NOTHING IS NEW!! That I am allowed to add to the pile, and that by bringing my own humanity to it gives it a new “shimmer”.
    I also absolutely LOVED the idea that fear is a necessary companion that keeps us alive, but shouldn’t always influence our decisions or choices because ultimately it will make our lives smaller than they should/can be.

    Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for your wisdom. I am definitely going to buy this book. Thank you Marie Forleo for being such an inspiration.

  75. Angela

    OMG 20:10…”I will have a love affair with my creativity and will not expect it to support me. I am resourceful will support both of us.” She said it much better than my paraphrase but that was so incredible.

    Also this: “What do you love doing so much that you don’t mind eating the sh*t sandwich that comes with that?”


    • This was one of my favorite parts, too. Perfect.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Those were two of our favorite takeaways too. 🙂

  76. OH MY GOODNESS! I love you two. Two of my favorites on the same set. I can’t nail down my one favorite thing that hit me the most, but I know one thing is for SURE – I’LL BE BUYING THE BOOK TODAY ON AMAZON!

    Thank you so much Liz and Marie. I love, love, love all of this! This interview will be saved and shared everywhere. Sending lots of LOVE ~ Thank you for BEing you ladies.

  77. Enjoyed this interview so much! My favorite part that spoke directly to me:
    “Perfectionism is a serial killer” and “Perfectionism — Fear in high-heeled shoes”
    Have always thought it was procrastination that prevented me from starting or finishing something. Now I know that being a perfectionist is part of this equation!
    Ordering two books today: Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic!

  78. Thandi Montgomery

    This was one of the best interviews. You both are full of wisdom and I am overjoyed with the information that I was able to obtain from the interview. I just ordered the book on Amazon and I am looking forward to reading it!

  79. Annette

    Hi Marie,

    I was in heaven when I opened my inbox and found this interview! For the past few weeks, I found myself googling “Elizabeth Gilbert interviews” so I was delighted to see that Marie TV did one with her too.
    Her idea of being “childlike” but not “childish” was already working me as I’ve already had a few “rides with inspiration” and took a long time dusting myself off from them.

    In this interview, what stood out for me was when she spoke about self-forgiveness. I also loved hearing her speak about the paradox of being attached and detached from her work. I’m getting ready to take another ride with inspiration along with the sh*t sandwich that comes with it, so all her practical advice is just what I needed to hear. Thanks Marie for everything you do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      There can never be enough Elizabeth Gilbert interviews in the world. 🙂 We’re such big fans of hers, so we were thrilled to have her on the show! I really loved the part about self-forgiveness too. I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to share your special brand of magic with the world again. As Marie says, “The world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

  80. I so needed this today!

    My big take away was the point about loving your work so much you are willing to fail, fail again, and keep going because it feeds your soul.

    I appreciate Elizabeths story of not getting published for 7 years, and not giving up. That astounds me, as for some reason I thought she was one of the “unicorns” that just nailed it on her first try with Eat Pray Love.

    I have recently started speaking publicly and loved to hear her say that for months she would walk for miles practicing her speech into her bones.

    A beautiful image comes to mind of her walking a country road, just talking to the air… fear of looking crazy could step in, but who cares?

    We forget that those who have made it that far didn’t get there by chance, that we must choose to nurture the love of our craft over the fear.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I had thought that too, Emily! Eat, Pray, Love had this effortless sense to it that made me think “here is clearly a brilliant person and finally a publisher discovered her brilliance, so her books are flying off the shelves.” I had no idea that she worked tirelessly to get published and was rejected for 7 years! Marie is fond of saying “overnight successes are usually years in the making” and it’s so true!

  81. Aileen

    Wow I sure do love that woman, she is amazing. For so long I have put my dreams and creativity a seat in the back because it hurts to be let down when something fails. I realized that fear was writing the story of my life and I could not kept living in this. Thank you for helping me feel more confident about my decision, I decided to quit my job last week and it’s been scary but so exciting. I do not want to live life on the safe side to say I just arrived. I want to ride with inspiration and when I fall down and it smiles back at me asking me if I want to go again, I will go.

    Marie you are amazing and such an inspiration.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words and CONGRATS for following your dreams! It’s so scary when things we create don’t work out the way we plan, but it’s even scarier to leave our dreams unfinished. We’re super proud of you for taking this important step to create the life you’ve always wanted. 🙂

  82. Nina

    Best episode ever!!! I didn’t think I could love Liz more but now I do.
    Thank you Liz for doing all the work and for showing up like you do – a m a z i n g
    I love the part were you explain perfectionism and also how to treat your work in the moment of creating it and how to let go if it doesn’t work and when you are done with it. I needed to hear that.
    I know I am going to enjoy the book even more after this conversation. Thank you Marie and Liz MWUAH

  83. Natalia Fuenzalida

    I just wanted to thank you Marie for doing this interview, it is a gift for me. I loved the part when Elizabeth says that is not discipline, but self forgiveness what will make us finish, I am a very hard on my self and I have a very high “self-criticism”. I have started a few “inspirations” last year, which I haven’t finished for many excuses, but mostly because I am afraid I am not good enough… This interview really helped me to have a new perspective and start by forgive myself in order to finish.

    Thank you for your kindness and sharing this with us.

    Love, Nati.

  84. wow. wow. wow.

    I’m gonna have to watch this one again and again.

    I can’t get enough of the truths Elizabeth presents in this video. She has mastered the art of fighting back against negative/selfish thinking. While I don’t agree with her hooey thoughts about spirits and magic, she offers a way for creatives to live with themselves in harmony, without fear and with self-forgiveness as they travel down the path their soul leads them to.

    Let’s see…ONE thing she said that stood out to me? That’s hard.

    “Fear doesn’t understand what creativity is” so don’t let is control your creative pursuits.

    “All love eventually becomes help” (true from a Biblical standpoint, as well)

    “What will help us finish a project is self-forgiveness, not discipline”

    And that most people are not overnight successes. I just unsubscribed from several self-highlighting bloggers that drive me nuts going on and on about how successful they are. Totally not worth my time.

  85. Abolished, blacked out by my family for bringing the trickster attitude to my creativity, this has to be my favorite!. I’M FREE, I’M FREE, I’M FREE! Now beware, there is the new trick coming your way, don’t read it and you’ll be safe! ha ha!!!

  86. Sandy M

    I live with fear all the time and don’t do it well. So, looking at fear as a “companion” is paradigm shift for me. Love it and love all that Marie TV brings.

  87. joi

    love… Love… LOVE this video. thank you!

  88. I rarely make comments on any post anywhere because it usually takes me an hour to articulate my thoughts (recovering perfectionist..) This interview spoke to me on so many levels that I wish I could have it on a loop for the next month. As a creative person who jumps from one medium to another it addressed every hang-up and excuse I’ve given myself throughout my life. When I saw how long the video was I thought I wouldn’t have time to watch it all, but I didn’t want it to end. I’ll be making time for many more viewings. Thank you for this and for all of your work! (which I may or may not comment on 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for commenting, David! We’re so happy this interview moved you to share your insights with us (which are all wonderful). I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired and empowered and that you’re recovering from perfectionism. We can’t wait to see in what awesome ways your gifts manifest themselves!

  89. JJ

    This is one of my favorite Marie TV interviews! There is so much here that I’ll need to watch it several times just to absorb it all. Thank you for sharing your personal story and for Marie creating a fantastic
    venue to hear it.

  90. Hell Yeah! Candor, truth, authenticity. That was EXACTLY what I needed to hear in this moment. Can’t wait to read Big Magic. I found myself madly writing down tidbits of insight and continuously shaking my head YES! Freaking Brilliant…all of it! So much juicy stuff in this interview that it’s hard to pick one thing. But if I have to……I LOVE the notion of the trickster approach to creativity. BAM….total paradigm shift.
    Massive gratitude to you both! xo
    Lara Newell-Barrette
    small town, Big Life

  91. erin

    I don’t know if I have ever left a comment on anything but this blew my mind! I am so grateful you and Elizabeth have taken the time to create this!

  92. Jess

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this interview Marie. I love all your work but have never felt compelled to comment until now. So much in this episode resonated with me and the part that really hit me in the gut was when Liz spoke about perfectionism. It really struck a chord in an uncomfortable, but potentially life-changing, way. I’ll definitely be reading the book and re-watching this interview. Thanks to you both for being so real, honest and inspirational.

  93. Debra Simpson

    I learned to not think about it being perfect. Get it finished. I was taught that everything worth doing must be done right- perfect. This episode is just what I have been needing.

  94. I’ve been painting everything lately with chalk paint and it has been awesome!!!! And, so much so, I have a desire to paint anything that is within my presence… almost literally. It’s lucky I don’t own a truck, because I don’t have the space to store all the things I would pick up. Or, the homeless people on the side of the road I want to paint a new life for. 😉 Yet, in all seriousness I have this chair that I am painting and have let sit for a variety of excuses as creativity has become stagnant, but the statement about how she spends time structuring her sentence to make it profound and then going back through it later and realizing she needs to let it go… is exactly how I felt about this chair. I want to get it perfect and I had an idea that conflicted with the original and a flood of other thoughts came into my mind and rather than just painting it with the concept of it may or may not workout to my liking… I just stopped and walked away in fear I was going to mess it up. And then… I just didn’t do anything. I had to break, because my mind was an explosion of contradiction. But, I’ve been inspired to finish this concept I have knowing I can rework it and get it finished… and if I don’t like it… I can let it go, and come back.

    I have a lot of revelations with this conversation about many, many, many things. I can’t wait to read the book and will revisit and share this message. It was SUPER HELPFUL.

    sending my love! warm hugs and stuff. ;P
    wishing we were all like besties.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love everything about what you shared here! This is a fantastic example of how creativity is always a process. Creatively is the embodiment of progress, not perfection. I especially appreciate what you said in this insight: “I can rework it and get it finished… and if I don’t like it… I can let it go, and come back.” Good stuff!

  95. Absolutely loved this one! The both of you are treasures. Ms. Gilbert is such a well spoken, warm presence and I’ve never watched a 45 minute video online until now. Thank you!!

  96. Way to go Liz! In order to live a creative life, we have to realize there two sides of the path in life— love and fear. In creating a business and life I love (thanks, Marie!), my mission is to help folks understand that path to peace involves living “in-between” these two emotions. Embrace both and your world awakens. Blessings to all who are willing to walk this path.

  97. One of the things I love about this meeting of you two powerful women is that the information felt like I was finding an old comfortable favorite robe in the back of my closet that I’d forgotten was there – and I get to put it on again, see it with new eyes, welcome an old friend, and relish how good it feels.
    It wasn’t exactly NEW information to me, but you both have such a way of speaking to what is real and true, and I usually always find that you, Marie, are on a wavelength in tune with whatever hamster wheel my head is running on at the moment.
    I haven’t read Liz’s books beyond Eat Pray Love, but it’s a priority for me now, because I sure do like how she frames things-and both of you for your ‘No BS’ approach to these issues. And I love how she speaks to creativity as a whole. I am a visual artist, and it IS my career as well – but it took a long time and a lot of work to get there. I have grown SO weary of people saying ‘do what you love and everything else works!’… I’m on board with the ‘do what you love so much you don’t mind eating the shit sandwich that comes with it’. It made me sigh with relief! I hear so much how ‘lucky’ I am to be making a living with my art. I am so very grateful, but… there are indeed shit sandwiches. Sometimes a smorgasbord! It’s empowering for me to remember I always have a choice, and that if I choose that I can live with the shit sandwich (which is what I usually do), it frees me to know it was a choice. Not that I did something ‘wrong’.
    Which brings me to my other favorite nugget: Perfectionism is a serial killer dressed in high heels (I merged the two thoughts :-)). YES! In our culture it’s so glamorous! I know it’s dangerous, but I can be so encouraged to feed that monster because of the glamour – even though I know it’s just going to eat me in return.
    This installment is one I will probably listen to several times a day for a good while.
    Thank you so very much for all you do, both of you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love, love, LOVE what you shared here: “I have grown SO weary of people saying ‘do what you love and everything else works!’… I’m on board with the ‘do what you love so much you don’t mind eating the shit sandwich that comes with it’.” Because when people say “do what you love and it’ll all work out,” the implication is that if it doesn’t work out immediately or everything doesn’t go according to plan, then you’re doing something wrong or you must not love what you’re doing enough or things would be better. And that’s such an unhealthy, unproductive mindset to have. I’ll take sh*t sandwiches and self-forgiveness over that any day!

      • Thank You, Mandy!
        Yep, that’s exactly it – and it was always hard for me to put my finger on it quite like that ’til I heard it here. Virtual high-fives to you! <3

  98. Carrie

    I loved the Oprah story about preparing/memorizing the speech and leaving fear behind and the power of finishing. These topics really resonate with me. Thank you.

  99. ruth jones

    haven’t listened yet but wanna say i appreciate the heads up to the adult language. i babysit sometimes and i’ve not been able to listen to some things or had to stop listening because of such foul words SO often, and these are in biz videos/vlogs/spiritual type podcasts. kinda sad in a way. SO PREVALENT. why?! so that makes me appreciate you even more for really limiting any adult language–and then with this one labeling it with that warning. you rock! thanks for all you’re doing for so many people and not just adults but kids and young adults too. xoxoxoxoxo

  100. “What moves me is the humanity in an authentic piece of creation” “All lov eventually becomes help” “What will make you finish it is not discipline but self-forgiveness”
    I had to stop the video, breath in, soak in the words, and continue so so many times.
    What a wonderful interview. Thank you Marie, thank you Liz. My heart is full of inspiration.

    • I had to come back to say this: Listening to Liz and Marie talk about eating a shit sandwich led to a huge realization: I am now in the right path, because I don’t care how many shit sandwiches I’ll eat, THIS is what I want to do.
      And what I was doing before isn’t. I loved it, but I didn’t want to put up with the shit sandwich. I loved it, but only under certain conditions. I loved it, but not the life I had to live to be able to continue doing it.
      For many years I had wondered: Did I quit too soon? Was there any way I could have still practiced international law and parent my children? And now I know that there may have been a way, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that I didn’t want to continue down that path doesn’t mean I’m a quitter, it means I’m a chooser: I exercise the right to choose to do what lights me up.

  101. This was such an amazing interview. As usual, I bought the book!

    I cannot wait to read this book. The take on day jobs and shit sandwiches and the struggles are so real and I relate so well to my life right now. The fear analogy was awesome, it resonated with me so much.

    Elizabeth is awesome! I just love her. You are two of the most inspiring and spectacular women!

  102. Thank you Marie for this down to earth interview on such an important topic – conquering fear & going after creative dreams. I can’t wait to read Big Magic, I’m a huge fan of Liz Gilbert. It was so inspiring to watch you two powerful, creative and humble women coming together to have a real, heart warming, motivating conversation. Great way to start my day. Thank you, Thank You! Emily 🙂

  103. Wow, and thanks! I like change, risk and a little fear doesn’t bother me. My takeaway though was the when the idea that when we put it all out there and take that leap, and the landing isn’t as soft and fabulous as we had thought it would be, that inspiration never promised the landing. Sounds so simple. Not easy fo sho. I’ve thrown my heart and soul into a couple projects that were ‘out there’ and achieved everything I set my mind to in those projects. And the landing sucked. I hated the environment, the people in the environment, the things they expected me to create for them were not of my standards and nothing I wanted my identity associated with. So here I was achieving things that astounded people and I walked away. I tried it two more times. Still, loved the work but the environment was still mean and ugly and nowhere I wanted to spend my creative energies.
    I’m being asked, coaxed to continue and had the aha while watching that I’ve been in a body cast with regards to this particular channel. It’s okay to take the time to heal so that when I am ready to follow inspiration off a that damn cliff again I won’t activate old unheard injuries. I can land and if it hurts, it’ll be a new wound, not the old pain re injured.
    This trickster, thanks you and Elizabeth for the great insights!

  104. Wait… Marie Forleo AND Elizabeth Gilbert!?!! Love these women – what a fabulous conversation. Just what I needed to hear as a fledgling writer and visual artist. When Elizabeth speaks about relating to your creative gift as a love affair where you support IT like a juicy fling on the side, not as a needy and codependent clinger wanting it to give everything to you or no deal… that is so wise and wonderful! Love and thank you, Marie!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love the way Elizabeth built that image of creativity too! It’s so different than what we’re traditionally taught to believe. When we support creativity, we truly treat it like the gift it is. 🙂

  105. Thanks for the fantastic interview. All of it was spot on – but the Trickster/Martyr part of the discussion was right in my wheelhouse. I am a playwright and filmmaker, and base a lot of my work on the Italian Commedia style – and almost always have a trickster-type who sees through the self-imposed problems of the other characters and finds an outrageous way to make things work. Of course, I hope I bring a little bit of that into my own art and life.

  106. Laura

    Really feeling this suffering for your art thing.

    Although it has to be said that sometimes we are more afraid of the darkness and the suffering than the experience of it, itself. Without darkness there is no light and without light there is no dark. the joy cannot be experienced without the fear.

    Certainly don’t want to be a martyr for my cause but I accept my suffering as a necessary part of my experience.

  107. MELISSA

    So I finished my book Saturday, sent it to the editor and felt really great that the manuscript was done to the best of my ability. I felt wonderful and I was excitedly awaiting my editors comments. Until Monday, when all these fears I didn’t even know were lurking about started poking at me and I was starting to lose confidence in my work like a balloon with a slow leak. Seeing this email today was a godsend! This video addresses all my concerns and more, so as you can probably tell I feel so much better now. Thank you so much for everything you didn’t even know you were going to do for me today. I love the way life brings you exactly what you need when you ask for it!

    Many thanks to you and Ms. Gilbert for the awesome show today!


    • Wow. That’s an awesome coincidence. Congratulations on getting your book in!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on finishing your book! That’s so exciting and we’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll receive fantastic feedback from your editors. I’m so glad this video found you just in time to dissipate those fears before they made themselves at home.

  108. Natalie Neckyfarow

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of MarieTV ever. I definitely relate to the discussion about going Cold Turkey vs. Day Job. I always had a day job, which turned into a business on the side of my performance career until 2 years ago my husband offered me the opportunity to just focus on acting. Honestly, it was what I had always wanted. However, that freedom without feeling I was earning put my fear into overdrive. While my business had turned into a distraction from my art and definite fell under the radar of the “shit sandwich” that wasn’t worth it, I’ve been realizing that Cold Turkey wasn’t really the right solution for me.

    Thank you so much for doing this interview Marie and thank you Liz for writing this book. I can’t wait to read it.

    • The day job and shit sandwich really resonated with me too. A lot of speakers advise you to quit your job in order to follow your passion. And that’s not realistic if you have a family.

      I LOVE my job because it protects my creativity from all that stress and responsibility. My passion is writing short fiction and my job is teaching literature, and I never would have got that job if I hadn’t followed my passion. Plus I find that I need the social aspect of teaching as well as the depth and solitude of writing.

      Sure, I’m a mom, wife, teacher, writer and blogger. I do all 5 and try to do them the best I can, even if the stories come out a little more slowly.

      THANK YOU MARIE AND LIZ for speaking up as successful women who kept their day jobs!


      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        You’re so right, Emily. The great thing about having a job (especially one you love!) is that it can take the pressure to earn off your passions. It sounds like it kind of worked that way for Elizabeth too for awhile because I’m sure if she’d quit her job during the 7 years when she was receiving rejection letters for her writing, she would’ve been really stressed out. And that stress may have carried over into her creative process–who knows. Marie is a strong believer in the power of a good bridge job.

  109. LOVED this interview, DUH. I was just about panicked when I learned of this new book, as it encompasses so many of the concepts I use in my workshops as a Carrie Seid-Creative Catalyst (thank you Marie for B-School and The Copy Cure which got my ass in high gear)…I quickly developed a bad case of Artist Envy, and feared I could no longer write the book I only have chapter titles for. But then, Liz came to the rescue again as the loving superhero she is, and reminded me that only I can write my book on creativity, in my way, with my story. My mother was very different from hers, and that’s a good start! Thank you Marie and Liz for sharing your enormous generosity yet again with such honesty, insight, and heart. LOVE. Carrie – #creative catalyst

  110. rebecca

    Such a great episode of Marie TV!
    You and Liz truly hit on all of the self sabotages that
    I seem to ride like a roller coaster!
    The quote about not feeling truly creative unless my creativity
    can pay the bills hit home…I am self employed at home and often
    feel less valued because my business doesn’t pull in as much
    money as my husbands office job.
    I also love the quote ‘I don’t want it to be perfect, I just want it to be finished’ This is my other favorite take away from today…. so many times I put work off because it needs to be perfect for this person, so that I can justify being compensated, because I want them to like my work, because I want them to like me, because if they don’t then I will have failed. Where as if I just finish it, it can be done and I can separate myself from my work and exhale….
    Thank you Marie and Liz for a wonderful Tuesday!

  111. Shir Mati

    “Perfectionism is fear in high heels shoes, because it’s fancy” – this hits home for me.

    For years I’ve been said to being a perfectionist and I hated it, kept telling my family/friends/boyfriend that it’s not a quality, it means you are never satisfied from what you’re doing, keeping on chasing something that is not even real.

    And than, a few years later I can tell you – that is truth. Real work, real projects and real JOY – only comes from self love, compassion and forgiveness. I’d like to share here a tiny check-in regarding that, which I’ve learnt from the book “positive intelligence”.

    Whenever you fail, or you make a mistake , when you start saying painful S**t to yourself – think of it as if a friend told you that.or better, a child of yours. Would you be mad of a child for not be able to do whatever it is ? Would you get upset when your child fails something ?

    No. You’ll tell him that that is a necessary part of growing and learning. You’ll tell him it will get better with time. You’ll tell him to just keep going.
    Or, at least, you’ll probably tell him “well, tomorrow is a new day”.

    Baring it in mind has made such a huge difference to me. I am not expecting myself to do great all the time, I just do it when it feels right and I welcome the results.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so true! So many times in life, we’re understanding and encouraging of others, but are unnecessarily hard on ourselves. This is such a great reminder to treat ourselves with the same gentleness with which we treat others.

  112. “Leap and the net might appear.”

    This may be my new favorite quote. Every segment of this conversation was wonderful. I wished I was right there with you two. So many golden nuggets. I needed to get out a journal and take notes!

    But the quote I placed above may be the part that sticks to my ribs the most. I do think we creatives give ourselves a lot of pressure by thinking that if we REALLY try, and if we REALLY jump straight in, things HAVE to work out. Um, no, they don’t! They might work out, or they might not. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a wholehearted try, but we shouldn’t place that much pressure on our creativity. Yes yes yesss.

  113. I learned that I am creative, in many ways. I have stopped in the middle of a project and put it aside because I was “AFRAID” it wasn’t going to be good enough and I have finished things that were not perfect. I like those things, because I accomplished it, and never have to wonder “what if”. I learned that my struggle is not with creating it’s with wanting to create and that pay the bills.That alone was a helpful lightbulb moment for me. Very entertaining and eye opening interview. Both of you ladies are so impressive and I’m thankful to share in your knowledge.

  114. Marc Durand


  115. Monica

    I want to listen to this conversation over and over again!
    It was sooo incredibly refreshing to hear about the struggles and the fear and the shit sandwich or sandwiches! It just gave me an incredible sense of relief and freedom to keep embracing my creative side and not torturing myself so much. One thing that I really loved was the conversation about being child like not childish… I needed that!
    Thank you so much for all you do!
    I can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  116. SUCH a relief to hear (and know the truth of it in my bones) that I can DANCE with my creativity – it’s meant to be light and joy inducing!!

  117. THIS VIDEO HAS TOTALLY ROCKED MY WORLD TODAY!! JUST FINISH!!! was the message I so needed to hear as I struggle with the perfectionist diva that takes up residence in my head. This was PERFECT timing and I cannot wait to dive into the book and to see Liz live on Thursday night at BAM. Thank you Marie, Thank you Liz! So much truth and wisdom here. xo

  118. Loved this!!! Thank you for sharing! I especially like what Liz said about fear. I recently attended a workshop that was very scary for me…and I felt more ALIVE than ever. I loved the idea that fear is ok, but not allowed to make decisions! ♥ Buying the book so I can have more!

  119. Catherine

    There are no words except: THANK YOU!
    WOW…truly a gift to have heard you two.

  120. Alise Secor

    Liz took me to CHURCH today. She helped me realize the biggest black hole of productivity and joy in my life is perfectionism. When Liz said “perfectionists won’t even start because they know already that it’s not going to be the thing the’re dreaming, and their standards are so high,” my stomach ate itself. That is me. I spend my days dreaming incredible dreams, concocting fantastical ideas, and pining over the details until I decide it’s too big/it won’t work/I don’t have the resources to make it exactly how I want it.
    This has to stop.
    Today, I learn to start being okay with screwing up. Today I learn to start accepting my mistakes and failures and stink bombs, and just LIVE my truth. Whatever I create may not be perfect, but I have to power though it, and believe in it. Thank you for such an inspirational and insightful interview. My life truly has changed today. Thank you thank you thank you.


    • Shenaz

      Wow I don’t usually comment, but I agree this interview is full of good stuff! A creative endeavor in itself of two talents ‘dancing’ together authentically.

      Great valuable content! making it a reflection of the great questions you asked Marie! Love Elizabeth’s no-nonsense candid approach! Her metaphors, analogies and stories truly bring the concepts to life. So thank you both!

      The interview was powerful and timely for me. I have to admit, initially when listening at certain points I found myself reacting, until it hit me… the discomfort in me was because those specific words hit home! As confirmation of how I have been continuing to get in my own way. The embarrassing part is my initial automatic reaction of judging it to be about what was being said or how it was being said. So thank you for the wake-up call.

      Is it me???…Just when I think I’m getting it all together a hefty boot kicks in to splat another wake-up call on my face. Might as well let ‘wake-up calls’ join the party and become companions with fear. They don’t tend to pipe up as much or get so trigger happy when they feel heard and acknowledged.

      For me, welcoming fear as a companion. And integrating what it has to say as part of future preparation; has been the only way of relating to fear, that has worked. And helped release tension from the years of continually trying to fight it or push it down.

      So thank you again,

      Wishing you continued success x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This made me so happy to read! I’m so glad that you’re feeling empowered and inspired to live your truth. As the old saying goes, “You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page.” It’s wonderful that you’re quelling perfectionism so you can create all the beautiful things you’re meant to bring to existence in the world. 🙂

  121. Nailed it! such a great interview! so honest from both sides, so true to yourselves, so forward, just loved it, buying the book NOW. Thank you Marie for always bringing great people, great content, great questions!

  122. You were right Marie, this was epic! My one takeaway (I do have many), was the Shit Sandwich. When I meet people at my decorating workshops and they ask me for my card and say they will call me because they need me to decorate their this or that and I get all giddy for days but then weeks later I am still waiting for those people to contact me and I realize they never will, that is my Shit Sandwich. But I will swallow it and Stay in the Game! It is so worth it to me. Thanks Marie and Elizabeth

  123. This was FANTASTIC! Loved every minute. I had pre-ordered this book a few weeks ago and now I can’t wait to get my creative hands on it! My favorite part–“Fear gets to make no decisions.” I might have this tattooed on me. Or better yet–make it into a bumper sticker! Thank you, Marie, for bringing another great show to us.

  124. Was it really 50 minutes!!! Looooove it all! The falling down a cliff part, yep! And that it can happen over and over again. I refer to it as my Alice in Winderland/Humpty Dumpty fall….and when I get back up, I’m like a very confused Picasso with nothing being where it should be, my arms pointing in all directions and my eyes looking at very different things 🙂 The big reminder for me was to have it not be about serving so much as “is there JOY” behind my why. (Also had a magic unexpected call from the exact person I was thinking about while I was listening). Scheduling this interview to listen to regularly! Thanks for your wonderful energy both of you! Wweeeeee!

  125. Wow… so many things I don’t know where to start. Do it because you love it might be the most meaningful at this point in my life. I always struggle with the feeling that what I do is not “worthy” and will not help anyone. Everyone in online media and entrepreneurship says “the world needs what you have!” … do they? They need another drawing? really? No, they don’t. AND THAT’S OK! It makes me so happy in the moment! I love doing it! I need to stop beating myself up that drawings don’t cure cancer or end world hunger!!

    Whew… what a relief!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love this spin on things. I like to think about it this way–if someone doesn’t *need* what you create, then that means the people who buy it anyway must truly, passionately want it because it speaks to them. Sometimes we need to take horse pills to cure some ill, but no one is passionate about swallowing horse pills. I’ll take want over need any day. 🙂

  126. A martyr here! Theres a time for seriousness then theres a time for playing around.

    Liz most struck a chord with me when she talked about fear. I have a little gremlin in my head thats super critical, but that gremlin has guided me most throughout my life. It makes me look at something critically and observe whether it’s worth the effort or not. Relationships? No always worth it. Eating at midnight? Not worth it.

    Life is not a free handout. A blue collar background could give you an advantage in that knowledge. Life is definitely a series of failures and eventual wins. When you do win, if ever, the reward can be sweeter than ever. More freeing. But the martyr jumps back in to remind you nothing is ever too sweet in life.

    Life isn’t sweet. Actions do have consequences. You might “run off with my girl,” but she’ll take your money and your heart eventually!

  127. This is destined to be a classic. This is a whole creativity curriculum in one 45-minute interview. Embrace fear, thank if for its protective nature, and ask it respectfully to sit down and shut up. Never let it drive (or even hold the map). Follow your bliss, but keep your day job for awhile. There may not be a net, but if you’re doing what you have to be doing you will find yourself jumping again anyway. Inspiration is seductive like that. Done is good and way better than good and not done. What will make you finish is not discipline but self-forgiveness! And her modeling of the conversations she has with her muses! I really did not have time for this today, but once I started I could not stop watching and I have shared in on Facebook. Everyone should watch this.

  128. So much goodness that I spent 47:57 in a very busy day watching (and sharing). I have always loved that Liz Gilbert says that she is friends with her fear. I loved take your fear along with you, but don’t let it touch the map, the snacks, the radio… no decisions should be made by fear (or in fear).

  129. Amy

    well…that was something special! thank you, ladies!

  130. Renee Whitney

    WOW. That lady has a way with words. FABULOUS INTERVIEW!!!!!!! Such a pleasure to listen to.
    Funny enough, I almost did not watch this interview because of a judgement I had made a number of years back when I read Eat,Pray,Love. For what ever reason I did not love that book the way everyone around me did. Yet today I said to myself, I love Marie’s work and trust her so today I’m going to be open minded. I’m so thankful I was. Almost everything that came out of Elizabeth’s mouth was a WOW moment.
    I related to just about everything Elizabeth said but what really hit home was the idea of just finishing something. Finishing should be the goal and what really matters. Nothing else. That is such a liberating way of thinking.
    I also learned today through my own actions that we should never write anything off on our first impression or judgement. Had I done that I would have missed out on what I felt was one of Marie’s most valuable episodes yet.

  131. I loved this idea that “you have to be child-like in the pursuit of your life but you cannot be childish”. Spot on. Also, how enlightening about how your true purpose is the one that you don’t mind eating the shit-sandwiches for. I think that’s such great insight for people trying to discover what their path is. What will you love to do no matter what?

    Thanks Marie and Elizabeth for such a wonderful interview. Can’t wait to dive into the book!

    The Fancy Hippie

  132. kate

    Fantastic interview. Marie you are such a great interviewer. One of the best!
    One thing I would like to add about creativity is that it has to come from the heart (and i guess that’s what she meant about “being willing to eat that shit sandwich over and over again”. You will only be willing if your heart is truly in it. If not, you won’t be willing to go back and eat that shit sandwich. 🙂

  133. This biggest takeaways for me were the “shit-sandwich” analogy. I think this was critical for me. Am I willing to eat it to see it through.

    Also, child-like vs. child-ish. As I pursue my dream to break out of my past career, I’ve had to wise up to what it will take for me to support my family during this time, including a survival job as if I go back to full-time work my mind will not be able to focus on what’s next. I’d say I’m still in discovery mode, and having a way to bring in some money will help ease the tension without feeling like I’m selling my soul.

    Additionally – I’ve accepted failure. Failure on my first transition successfully, and working hard not to beat myself up over this. Failure is necessary the only thing I can do is learn from it, wise up, and not do the same thing again.


  134. All I have to say is BEST.INTERVIEW.EVER.Thank you, now off to be more open to the Trickster within:)

  135. WOW!! Love, love, love it!!
    Thank you Marie for your constant great work and this interview.
    Your video was the first I click as one of my daily dose of inspiration and today was such a treat.

    I love Elizabeth Gilbert. Thank you for introducing her to me. Liz, Thank you for your insight, wisdom and putting the meanings to all that I experienced in words and lay them out on the table so I can see what I was going through up there in the head.

    I was torn in between my creativity work and the work that keep me physically alive and “fear” of loosing both, I don’t know how best to decide because I have love ones depend one me, but man,the contract that you made with creativity was brilliant. I’m going to borrow that.

    The “Shit sandwich” was also another breakthrough to let me know what I am really in for, and to make tough decisions of what I willing and not willing to loose once I jump off with “Inspiration”. If I were to loose everything and still got that one thing that is most important to me, i’m OK with that.

    I could go on a list all the nuggets that help me in this video, but I’m sure you ‘re already know how good it is.

    Again, thank you for this video, Marie, and thank you Ms. Elizabeth Beth for sharing your love.

  136. Hi, Marie, what an honor!

    The ideas that resonated with me were:
    1. fear, yes, thank you for confirming – so damaging to live in fear
    2. left/right brain paradox – it’s actually biology, we all have them both, some of us just try to ignore the left, logical one
    3. the trickster – thanks for the reminder, martyrs are no longer in fashion anyway 😉


  137. “They don’t need your fear. They have their own”. That.
    That plus my way hasn’t been done yet…although I’ve heard it so many times, I really felt it this time. Thank you both!

    • YES, love those messages, too! 🙂

      The one about fears is powerful, step into it and step back out – admit your fear, but don’t give it to others – they don’t need that shit. 🙂

  138. You have to be childlike in the pursuit of your dreams, not childish.

    Fear is a companion.

    LOVE LG and Marie! This book is supposed to arrive today. The two of you of are people I look up to IMMENSELY as my virtual mentors and seeing you together was such a delight.

    I can’t wait to get the book, take a walk and sit outside and get started with it and get creating for ME. Big Magic. Love.

  139. Hi everyone :),
    there were so many nuggets in this great interview starting from the shit sandwich and the beautiful metaphor of having a love affair with your creativity /art. I can relate to that and I have been through the mess and break downs of working in the art industry, realising not feeling that love for my own creativity and neglecting it. I was fighting hard for the success, in the end I failed as a freelancer, broke down, got my pieces together, stood up again, let go of that dream of a Bohemian life, then did travelling and something completely different to support myself.
    And now without the pressure of getting the bills paid and proving myself to others falling in love slowly and deeply with my creativity and myself again. So deeply that I don’t mind eating shitty shit sandwiches until the rest of my life because I need to express creativity to feel and know myself. It reminds me who I am and what my essence is.
    I am so thankful for all these dark moments in life, failing and breaking down that taught me compassion and empathy for myself and others.I feel this inner fire again to create and play with colours and shapes and forms and I can see this inner girl blooming and growing again. No crappy sandwich or inner critic can stop that anymore. I might hear it and and see it and I do it anyway. Also that myth about the artist being a martyrer and you are not a passionate artist if you do not suffer – what a bunch of crap that is. I prefer to play and have fun and don’t take everything so seriously and that very passionately 😉 Thank you so much you both – this interview really hit me and I look so forward to read the book soon. Lots of love to everyone <3 <3 <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nina, this is such a beautiful, beautiful share! It’s so great to hear that you’ve fallen in love with your creativity again. Sometimes it takes nearly losing something to realize its value, and I’m so happy those dark times led you back to your creativity and allowed you to experience it with renewed appreciation.

  140. Claire Smith

    The part about inspiration telling us “wanna do it again?” and how to create a “smooth landing” for whenever you take a tumble and need to get back up again, resonated with me the most. This tend to be my weakness. Whenever I fall, I feel like I become a rain cloud in the dark rather than a ray of sun to get my out of it. I get so caught up in that I failed myself that I go on this long period of punishing myself in my mind and feeling like I have to sabotage all that I am so it becomes impossible to get back up again. It’s just a very bad route of making sure I stay down, when all I really want to do is hurry and catch up with where I left off. I’m currently in that kind of phase. It’s been 4 days of me doing absolutely nothing; no fun and no work, just complaining about a temporary physical condition and felt sorry about myself. Meanwhile, I watch my life pass me by and get more anxious with every second. But somehow, after this video, I felt like I wanted to hurry back to work again. I gained this sudden interest for it and thought to myself “come on, there is no way I’m giving up, I’ve come too far and I’m in this thing. I made up my mind and this is just temporary. The sooner I get back to it the better.” I now hear “inspiration” speaking to me too, saying “wanna do it again?”; there’s something very encouraging about thinking of it that way. So that part really warmed my heart. Also, I have noticed how I have nothing to “fall back on” that very moment I fail. Nothing to comfort me with for a short period of time to get me going again. So I got this great idea of getting myself a jar (which I decorate) and put a bunch of inspirational quotes in there to get me back up and going after a failure. Also, set aside a box of delicious stuff like candy and chocolate to cheer me up, along with a movie. And I made a playlist I named “my lows” to listen to as a way to get motivated and cheered up again. In that playlist you can find motivational speakers, motivational music etc, things that get my adrenaline kicking and my mood back in balance. Seeing as we are going to fail alot of times, why not have a failure routine, right? I have this motto which goes: “Move, especially when on fire, and use the fire to accelerate.” It’s personal and symbolic, something I imagined myself doing on a random evening before I started a huge project. I imagined putting my shoes on getting ready to head out with fire burning under my feet, making me run in the speed of light. What it means is that, whether YOU set YOURSELF on fire or if something/someone else did it, it is just as important that you keep moving forward. That sometimes we cause our downfall, and sometimes someone else, but that we have to forgive ourselves because we are fragile and imperfect and we learn through trial and error. We are human beings and sometimes we mess up and might even repeat the same mistake a million gazillion times before we finally digest the lesson. That’s life – we learn in different ways and at different paces and intensities. But no matter what, that we keep moving forward, regardless of why we are on fire, and that we use our pain to push ourselves, wherever we may be in the process.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have so many fantastic insights and so much wisdom here that I don’t know where to begin! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us–It’s so great to hear that you’re feeling inspired to allow your creativity to flow again today. 🙂

      • Nina

        Thank you Mandy for your kind response :).Have a beautiful day and much love <3

  141. I started crying at my desk when Elizabeth talked about fear as caretaker – so so true and an incredible reframe.

    I’m SO grateful for this episode – truly life-changing and PERFECT for where I am right now. Exactly what I needed to hear.

    Thank you Marie and Elizabeth!


  142. OMG Marie! Nailed. It… So many aha’s in this incredibly, inspiring interview. Love Elizabeth Gilbert and can not wait to pick up her new book.

    The quote “perfectionism is fear in high-heeled shoes” hit home. I’ve been tweaking my website like, forever and have been going through the self-doubt cycle with perfectionism paralysis. Time to grow some and be seen!

    As always, thank you for sharing your fears, triumphs, joys and sh*t-sandwiches. YOU make this journey more human. xo

  143. Choosing one thing from this video was difficult at best, because there were so many good things in it. I loved all of it. But, the one thing that stood out most to me was to get it finished. Whatever it is, finish it, and get it out there. Perfectionism is a very sly form of self-sabotage, letting us off the hook of releasing anything until it is perfect. I’ve struggled with this myself. I have two novels I’m working on simultaneously. I am determined, whatever the outcome, that I will finish these books and get them published, one way or another.

    I don’t know all the hows of getting books published, but what I do know is I have to do this, have to finish them. Finishing my books is the most important step, period, because I am being true to myself, and to my creativity. So this point resonated with me and let me know I am on the right track. However long it takes, I’m committed to the finish. It might be crazy, to write 2 more books in a sea of millions, but I’m doing it. I think finishing is something that can be applied to every aspect in life and I’ve had to teach myself not to put it off all kinds of things, but to keep at it and finish it. I’m going out to get the book today, I cannot wait to read it! This is definitely one of my favorite episodes ever!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re cheering you on and supporting you all the way, Jenna! We can’t wait to see what amazing gifts you share with the world through your books. 🙂

  144. Katherine

    Bought her book immediately. This is probably the best conversation and the most relevant I have ever watched, Marie. Fantastic! Need to watch again! Thank you for so much value.

  145. Shabam… this is exactly what was “required hearing” for me this AM… Thank YOU.. Marie!,…. for being so fearlessly- fearful in this terrific interview with another magnificent, over the top woman. As I resume the rewrite of my first nonfiction book, I have invited fear to join me,….. only if it agrees to hang out inside the back tire of my 18 wheeler- semi-truck. You Both Rock my World— Once a Jersey Girl myself… Now and Aloha Woman
    Big Love form Soil to Soul-Donna

  146. Stacee

    I absolutely loved this talk. There were so many moments that resonated with me I lost track. The unfinished artwork, the perfectionism, the shit sandwiches and my personal favorite quote about the “fear on red bull”. No matter how many people tell me how talented I am, I have such fear about my art…tied to my self worth. Maybe I am not eccentric or hip enough to be an artist even though I probably exited the womb with a pencil in hand. And comparison to others…there are so many “better” artists than me…why bother? And in not creating…I suffer. I am going to apply some of this learning to life, and I thank you for putting out there. Peace and love to you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this interview, Stacee. I know it’s intimidating when you want so badly to create and have your work acknowledged positively when you feel like there are so many people out there who are better than you at what you do. But consider this–art and all things creative are matters of subjectivity, so while you might like at a fellow artist and think she’s a better artist than you, someone else might look at both of you and think you’re the better artist. No manifestation of creativity can serve everyone, so it’s important to find your tribe who loves YOU and the work you produce. Plus, like Elizabeth mentioned with her friend who she thought was a better writer than her, not everyone pursues their passions to the fullest. The fact that you finished something means you’ve already won. We’re cheering you on and we believe in you!

  147. I couldn’t have loved this interview anymore!!! It’s so fitting because I’m reading “Eat Pray Love” for the second time now. When I read it six years ago I hadn’t yet said yes to the “shit-sandwich” of the spiritual path that I’m now on… Many new ahas are opening up for me as I read it with new eyes. Now as I really say yes to my business, an interview between the two of you show up?! I was blown away. I sent this video to all of my clients who are currently building their own businesses. My take-a-ways are: It’s been done before but not by you! Done is better than perfect. Play your way through the hell… I made that up but that’s what landed for me during the trickster conversation. Your creation is NOT your baby. Create it and let it go.. Inspiration doesn’t owe you anything. It’s up to you to fail forward. And the speaking piece was brilliant as I’ve begun speaking more, so thank you Liz for the authenticity around your Oprah talk(s)… ! Thank you thank you for this interview! I’m actually on vacation now which was inspired by Marie’s two week vacay weeks ago, and watching this video felt like a vacation because I’m so lit up and inspired. Much love to you both.

  148. This is so genius! I especially loved the part about driving off a cliff with inspiration. It may be time for a bridge job, smaller apartment, etc, but YES, I want to do it again! 🙂

  149. There were so many nuggets here, and not the usual ones, like “Leap and the net will appear.” Haaaaaaa!

    The 8:55 mark brought tears to my eyes, as Liz described authentic works of art: ” . . the humanity in an authentic piece of creation, where somebody was doing something because they had to, because they wanted to, because it brought them to life, because it ignited their soul . . ” I realized that’s EXACTLY how I feel about my business, and I remember you saying something similar Tony Robbins’ interview of you — that you felt like a part of you would die if you didn’t do it.

    Here’s what else was very helpful for me from this interview:
    1. Acknowledging your fear but not letting it MAKE ANY DECISIONS. Love that!!
    2. Done is better than good. Get ‘er done, in other words!
    3. Create for the joy of it (similar to the concept of “enjoy the journey”)
    4. Decide what shit you’re willing to put up with, and if in the end, you still want to do it, you know you’re on the right path. That’s a good litmus test.

    I totally agree with the point that it may have been done, but not by YOU. Each of us brings our own unique insights and style to what we’re creating. Tony Robbins took ideas from Jim Rohn and look what he created! Marie, look what YOU’ve done! There’s no other coach out there today that has your style of inspiration, your choice of content, or your way of explaining things. Plus, guess what, we need more WOMEN out there doing creative scary things! And thank God you’re showing us the example!! Much Love 🙂

  150. One of the best episodes yet Marie! Liz is so human and has a true gift – I must get her book!

    I write and this is the first time I have heard someone mention the same process that I do . . .. that once a project is done, let it go and disassociate yourself. In fact every finished project gets tossed aside for the next creative brain child. I also relish the martyr and bugs-bunny philosophy. Such great ways to view the world. Thanks so much for sharing.

  151. Marie, I agree, this is one of the best interviews ever! Thank you for asking Liz such profound questions. She is one of the smartest and most articulate women that I have ever heard speak (and I love her books to boot). This touched me in a pretty profound way. Living with a stage IV cancer and having a lot of difficult life challenges, I’ve been wanting to get my writing out there to “help others.” (I’m a social worker so helping others bring me so much joy!). But now I’m realizing that by telling my story I’m actually healing myself, and THAT’S OK. A wonderful side-effect would be helping others, but there is nothing selfish about pursuing my writing in the hopes of igniting my own soul along the way. xo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Samantha, reading this brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad writing is a cathartic experience for you and that its igniting your soul. I can tell just from your comment that it’s done in love, and therefore will help others along with way. We’ll be sending positive thoughts and healing wishes your way. <3

    • Sherry

      Oh, that one was huge for me too, Samantha!

      I have a book I’ve been wanting to write, and for the longest time I tried writing it in various forms, but nothing felt right because it was TOO IMPORTANT a topic to trivialize, especially if it was to help others as well. But Elizabeth is so right – I can’t take that on, I don’t know who if anyone my writing will help, and it’s not something that should factor in. The important thing for me to to simply tell my story, whatever it is, and what it means to me. And then, as Elizabeth said, throw it out into the universe and be done with it, because what happens next is not yours to deal with. It’s not your responsibility anymore.

      I thought that was such an insightful part of the discussion. Especially because I am often guilty of that perfectionist mentality, and if I get mired down in that, I will never get my words on the page and be done with it. I will be stuck in that story forever untold and never be able to move on to something new and joy-filled. 🙂

      I wish you great luck in writing your story. I hope to read it one day.

  152. Great episode, Marie, thank you for introducing me to a new friend… Meet, Fear (He’s OK, even though he has a habit of eating SH#T sandwiches).

  153. OMG! My SHERO and the woman whom I admire most is talking about fear being necessary! To the woman who has made the biggest impact in my life professionally! Dynamic Duo!

    A bible of mine has always been The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker. My own message to the world “Infidelity is a Gift” was inspired by that very title. What synchronicity! Just more reason to love Liz and boy do I!

    Thanks Marie!

  154. I totally screamed when I saw this in my inbox this morning! LOL! My two favorite girls together. What an *amazing* conversation. Sigh… 🙂

  155. This video is my most favorite! Every single words that Liz said, they totally hit on my face! I stopped the video every 5-10 minutes to write her motivational phrases down! And then I realized I just have to buy her book! I can’t wait to read her book! Thank you so much Marie for this amazing video! It’s very long, but it’s worth every minute!

    Thank you and xoxo,


  156. Thank you for this wonderful Marie TV episode!! Loved every bit of it, especially the part about preparing for mind blowing speeches. It so helped to hear that rehearsing and memorizing a speech makes for great results!

    I used speak without over-preparing my content in an attempt to come across authentic and to better connect with my audience, but recently started to memorize my speeches. While it has made me feel more confident, I sometimes feel like I am cheating.

    What has helped is preparing even more 🙂 The better my speech is rehearsed, the more connected and playful I can be. <3

  157. I absolutely loved this interview… I think the piece that resonated with me is her talk about healthy fear. It’s always with us, and keeps us safe. I am going to remember that. And I get to see her live next month because she is coming to Santa Cruz!!!

  158. Kim

    What a wonderful interview. Thank you, Marie. So many important insights, but the one that struck me most today was the part about rejecting perfectionism, and putting out the best of what only you can do. As I’m in the middle of a possible book project, I have to remember this every single day, to keep going one step at a time.

  159. “Done is better than good.” Sing it, Liz Gilbert!! I know SO many people who are stuck in perfectionst mode that prevents them from every completing a project. What they don’t know is that “it will be better the next time.” And then better the next time after that, and after that. . . but they never get there, because they’re afraid to finish what they start. Once I got over my own perfectionist tendencies, I was able to create more, write more, launch more. . . done FEELS so much better than good, too. 😉

  160. Marie, could you please share the link or key words to Liz’s speech with Oprah? I can’t find it on YouTube! Thanks!!

  161. I absolutely loved this interview. Every topic discussed I resonated with. I loved the discussions on Inspiration and Finishing and Fear and Paradox. But the topic on Childlike vs Childish really hit home. Sadly I find myself being very childish at times and really didn’t notice it till this interview. Liz’s definitions really helped to clarify the difference, for me at least.

    I’m grateful that I watched this episode today because it’s helped me to realize the enjoyment of being creative and that it doesn’t have to pay the bills. I often feel that I have a sense of creativity, but I compare myself to others too often and dismiss the feeling. Today, I give myself permission to be creative. Thank you!


  162. “Inspiration doesn’t promise you anything but the amazing experience of working with it and dancing with it for a little while.” OK, my world is officially turned upside down. Especially when Elizabeth said that she told her writing that she and it will have a love affair that is not contingent on monetization. Oh, my gosh. I nearly passed out at that. She promised her craft that she would not depend on it to support her financially, but that she would support them both. I am going to need a minute to digest this. This could be why I am having issues with creativity. I want so badly for it to support me that I have attached all kinds of expectations, worries, and anxieties to it. I don’t know about you, but those things kill my creativity.

  163. Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo…pure awesome. This really reignited my desire to get back to my keyboard and continue to write. I like the idea of the Trickster: just put it out there and engage with the universe. Brilliant. I ordered my copy of required reading and can’t wait to dig in. Thank you both for your time and wisdom. Much love!

  164. Elisabeth

    WOW! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

    This was in my inbox when I sat down to work this morning, but when I saw how long it was I decided to wait to watch it with lunch. I had an important phone call early to discuss my business idea with someone. The phone call left me deflated and questioning if I was headed in the right direction. But deep inside I knew that she just didn’t understand what’s at the heart of this. She just can’t know that this is a calling and a desire that I’ve held deep within my soul my entire life and that it just has to come out.

    So I took a bike ride, made a plate of nachos and watched Marie TV. OMG! Everything she said was “Big Magic”. Completely inspired, heading back to my desk, open the flood gates of creativity and inspiration!

    Much love to Team Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert.

  165. pam

    So inspired by this interview! Hands down my favorite! Thank you Marie and Liz for being such an inspiration.

  166. Wow! Talk about choc-a-bloc. I’ll have to listen to this again with a note pad to answer your question about what moved me the most. There were far too many incredible insights in this episode to choose 1, or even 2. Thanks so much to both of you for your amazing generosity in sharing these brilliant gems. I’m totally inspired to just keep going on my projects and begin to treat my fear with an appropriate level of respect. Much love.

    • Kayla


  167. Hellen

    Fantastic! Loved the interview. I agree 100 percent with everything, including the perfectionist part as I am a writer with ADD and tend to make silly mistakes and typos, repeat words and freeze on the first sign of stress or pressure. I partially overcame my fear of failing with experience and the only way I can write is by letting go, relaxing and considering myself a separate entity from my work. Like you said, it is not my baby, it is more like my tears or sweat, that will come out and just fall to the floor. It will never be what others want it to be, but it is what I wanted it to be when I wrote it. I only got a little worried about what was spoken about helping ofhers. I am “afraid” that i am the one who comes with good intentions…anyway, the work I am about to start motivates me for the fact that I intend to help people with it. Am I going in the wrong direction?

  168. Thank you so much for this! This was so crazy helpful for where I am at as a new author who is almost done with my first book! You have inspired my afternoon of writing and basically, flipped me upside down and shook out everything that needed to come out.

    Thank you both for sharing so openly and I can’t wait to get the book and savor it!

    Much Love,


  169. Bruce Bernstein

    This was an excellent conversation. Generally speaking, not a wasted word nor repetitious statement was uttered (unlike the vast majority of talk show conversations).

    My favorite portion among all the great portions was when Elizabeth spoke about the anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. she has witnessed among her colleagues when they don’t receive the results they expect from their work. I have long felt that I was the only person on the planet who experienced such feelings. Why? Because the media is so afraid of ever showcasing this dark side of the creative experience that you almost never hear anyone express this unpleasant truth when you flip on the TV or flip through a magazine. I suppose this is primarily because mainstream media is fueled by advertising and that, when you get right down to it, the talk show conversations and magazine profiles are really only the filler between the crucial stuff: the advertisements. It is probably assumed that negative, bubble bursting content will put viewers and readers in a mood that would make them disinclined to purchase the products and services being hawked.

    So what the audience mostly gets is false information about what it realistically takes to accomplish something. We only see the victors, who all seem to shrug off their successes as if they were as efforteless as blinking their immensely talented eyes. (In this regard, my second favorite portion was when Elizabeth explained what went into giving her speech at Oprah Winfrey’s event.)

    I’m all for being positive, but what the media often lacks is honesty. I’m gratified your show is able to balance both of these attributes. The world will be better informed with more programs like this one. While an informed public might hurt the manufacturers of all the crap that is being advertised, it will ultimately make for a better world (and, hopefully, better stuff to advertise).

  170. I burst into tears when Liz said she was looking for grace and resurrection through writing Eat, Pray, Love. My contract with my greatest teacher (my 1st husband) led me to grace of freedom and creation that I can’t thank enough. All those 11 years, all those choices, all those moments of intense suffering in the dark and asleep- led me to this awakened life of light, grace, creativity and joy. It is all in my hands. I hold the grace. I let that come forth in the book I am writing now.
    I was entranced the rest of the video after pausing and crying.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  171. I can’t wait for my Audio and the book to come in the mail. As I watched and listened to this video segment…all I kept saying is Yes. Words right now are not there for what I really want to say….so I’ll keep creating what I do and let it happen. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  172. Kayla

    “My Big Magic Sit Down..” amazing header for this interview however it does not do justice!! In fact, there are no words to describe the quality of this work!! You really knocked it out of the park with this one Marie. Pure magic!!! 🙂

  173. mark

    OMG Marie,

    I love your show anyway but this interview was over the top. I just loved everything about Liz. I’m a creative and work with a lot of mediums and identified with so much of what she said. I’m getting her book and learning more.

    The insight on how she prepared for her speech was so cool, I’ve got a 10 minute talk coming up and that’s exactly what I’m doing. As I hike in the woods I’m rehearsing my speech and it’s not until January…

    I love you and all that you do, thanks for everything.


  174. #bigmagic is now not only a fantastic book, but a magical meeting of the minds. Game changing inspiration and insight today, Marie. thank you for keeping it real, working hard and never letting fear get in the way of your creativity! To shit sandwiches and big magic!! Xo With huge gratitude…

  175. Charlotte den Hartogh

    Hi Marie,

    I also wanted to thank you for this great episode of Marie TV. I especially loved the quote ‘Perfectionism is a serial killer’. I don’t know if the book is already for sale in the Netherlands, but otherwise I will buy the original English version. Because I can’t wait to read more of Elizabeth Gilbert.

    Thank you so much for sharing these life lessons!

  176. Shadi

    Often I wonder how anyone can live out loud, produce finished creative work and keep family demands in check (both in the background and foreground of one’s reality), plus a chronic illness that is zapping away most physical energy available to a 50 year old.

  177. Thanks a bunch Marie, for providing this platform for creative minds, (including yours of course), the share & evolves all of us, that are open to it.
    Liz truly was memorizing to me, her lazar delivery of her quick thoughts about subjects & emotions so many of us care about.

    Much appreciation,


  178. marjori

    This was such an excellent conversation! I, and clearly so many others, relate so well to so many things she shared. Such great advice was shared in this brief synopsis. Though I connected to all Liz shared, I think the two things that impacted me the most were: A. When Liz speaks to her fear at the beginning of a project to thank it for its offer to assist….and then to tell it (respectfully) its not needed now. B. The story and language used in connection with the woman who was furious with inspiration. I am just coming through that experience of literally putting my all in to something and having it completely implode. All those feelings are true and its a long and hard recovery. But each day (most of the time) its gets a little easier to jump back on the inspiration bandwagon.

    I am so looking forward to reading this book! Thanks Marie for bringing it to your community. Amazing MarieTV episode. Keep up the great work to you and your team

  179. Shannon Hugman

    Thank you so much!! I am at a whole new beginning and this video has inspired me in so many ways. Specifically i loved the comments on finishing vs perfectionism because that’s a trap I can fall into. Looking forward to embracing the trickster, having some fun and not trying to save others as I begin this new project 🙂 many thanks!!

  180. This was EXTREMELY EXTREMELY inspiring. One of the best ever. Thank you so much!

  181. Natalie

    Can I just say WOW and thank you. I am ashamed to say that I put this on thinking I would listen to it in the background whilst finishing some work but within the first minute you both had me totally hooked. I love the whole concept about been child like not childish. I am often a bit of a risk taker and think it is actually celebrated in entrepreneurship to just jump with no parachute, but I now feel there is nothing wrong with a bit of self preservation having a few airbags in case it doesn’t work out. I related to every single topic and I can honestly say it has opened my mind and I learned lots. Currently in the process of exiting my current business which I started a year and a half ago after being really honest with myself and realising the industry or business was not my dream business so I need to exit and start again doing something which brings me joy. In fact I am going to chase my joy! Thanks Natalie

  182. This conversation verbalized feelings I’ve had for months, and it feels like I’ve just had cold water splashed on my face. HUGE INHALE. I am so scared and I’m letting my fear drive. I’m a perfectionist and it’s stopping me from even beginning the list of ideas I have bouncing around in my mind. I’m a photographer and I also enjoy writing, and I keep telling myself, “Well EVERYONE these days is a photographer, and there’s nothing you can say that hasn’t been said before.”

    This episode has me walking away saying, “Mackenzie, I forgive you if your work isn’t noticed or loved by anyone. You are doing this for you and for absolutely no one else. So go ahead and finish building your website and actually tell people about it. If they’re interested, fantastic. If they’re not, fantastic. Because at least you did it.”

  183. How can so much wisdom exist in one interview? Thank you to you both! I resonated big time with the shit sandwich treatise! 🙂 I could immediately imagine the distaste of mine, and realized I’ve been carrying some guilt about it’s existence when all along, it’s part of the experience of creating. I’m not going to feel so intimidated about it anymore! I’ll be listening to this interview a few times because I want the content to sink into my bones! Thanks again!!!

  184. CRAZY good!! Literally stopped me in my tracks-I am the one who thinks she has to “give back or help others” (not that there is anything wrong with that) before I can be creative myself. As I recently launched my own handbag line, I have been tormented about marrying these two notions. I think this video may have been life changing…

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s huge, Monica! Keep us posted — good luck with your line 🙂

  185. Pamela Guaicochea

    By far the best interview! What I most take away from this is making the contract for what I create to not support me financially, that I will support both. Just wow, I realize now how much weight I was putting on what I’m doing…such liberation. Thanks, and I will definitely buy this book!!

  186. Chrysta

    Thank you to Marie and Liz for honoring your creativity to arrive at the moment that this discussion could even take place.

    I had so many a-ha moments during this video that I had to pause it often to replay and really hear the message and feel it deep within. I’ve struggled with releasing my creativity to the world for many reasons I’ve been recycling. Some of them being: I haven’t had a “safe” framework to know it was ok to release work that isn’t perfect, becoming overwhelmed at what my craft should even be, pressure to be “good enough” to receive money for it, and the dreaded perfectionism.

    When Liz said: “People murder their creativity by insisting they’re not truly creative unless their creativity pays the bills,” I had to pause and replay this several times. I could feel the shift within me where the creative part of my being said to the fear/ego part to please step aside for now as you’ve been working overtime and I’m clocking in for my shift.

    I have so much gratitude in my heart after watching. I’m inspired to let the lack of confidence I’ve felt melt away so that I may begin to take the small steps to date my creative self.

    Many thanks!

  187. Sandy

    Amazing interview!!! I enjoyed it and it spoke on a topic I think everyone can relate to. Thank You!!

  188. Danya

    Wow!! Marie!! Liz!! My two favorites – this was such a delicious conversation and I am just grateful beyond measure that you shared it with all of us. Thank you!

    This was incredibly helpful for me, because after I attended B-school last year and simultaneously have been following all of Liz’s wonderful offerings and advice – I’ve really been living with the paradox of this question:

    “Am I supposed to make my financial livelihood through marketing my creative-spiritual-passion as a business OR am I supposed to hustle doing some OTHER kind of work to support my family, so I don’t have to demand any financial support from my creativity?”

    I have really been chewing on this question and wasn’t able to come to any good answers – ending up feeling like my B-school inspired business just must not be *good enough* or *it’s already been done* because it wasn’t succeeding fast enough financially (there’s that fear!). . . which ultimately has been stopping me from pressing on.

    This episode clarified SO many things and gave me great hope that I can offer my creative passions in business-form all the way – in a fun, zesty, trickster-inspired way AND I can simultaneously work doing other things, making sure that I’m taking care of my family all the while, so that there’s not that crushing pressure on my creativity to “succeed” in any time-frame. . . I really understood something new in my bones about this today.

    As an aside, I just L-O-V-E-D the whole discussion of the shit sandwich and which one we’re going to choose to eat! I was laughing out-loud the whole time and shaking my head with recognition! There is no passion in the world that we follow that won’t come with some tough crap to slog through – no matter how much we love it! I think it’s so helpful just to say it like it is!!! Even Liz Gilbert has to practice for 6 months if she’s going to give a speech (with Oprah!). Ahhhh – that gave me a deep exhale.

    Inspiring! Can’t thank you enough.

    • danya

      Or – I just realized the shorthand for this BIG insight I had watching this:

      “Don’t quit your daydream” and “Don’t quit your day job” are NOT mutually exclusive!!

  189. This.Was.Amazing. There were so many gems here. The part that touched most to me spoke to making art to be of service (a la a viable business). And Liz’s message: “”Please don’t.” a heavy mandate for something that should be the lightest in my life.” I have been working hard to find a way to be of service through my painting, my work and approach to it has become forced, and, she’s right, heavy + not much fun. (martyr much?) “My art is Mine” Liz speaking to this makes me breath much easier, that my painting can again become free, fluid and joyful. This is a huge gift. I’m still working to build an art enterprise (and eat shit sandwiches) , but this has given me more heart space to do so. Gracie Mile, Marie and Liz!

  190. Wow. Lots of takeaways, but I will try to narrow it down to my biggest one:
    Your work is not your baby! <<<—— Yes, yes, yes. Loved this, and loved the explanation of "yes, you can be precious and serious and pain-staking in the creation… but when it's gone, it's gone from your hands… and it ain't a baby!"

    People assign meaning to something, even if the author of the work didn't intend it in that way. Is the author wrong? Is the reader wrong? Neither is wrong. It just is. Should this stop the author from creating, or stop the reader from consuming? Nope!

  191. Oh my God. I’m sending this clip to my writing group. Every artist could use this advice. So wonderful and its all about being gentle with yourself. It could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you.

  192. This was great! my favorite part I think was the ****sandwich! lol because it’s so true! I work full time and make my furry children blankets on the side. I have learned to manage my time to make my blankets. I tried to find people to help me sew so I wouldn’t have to work so hard, but try as I did to find a quality seamstress that doesn’t cost a fortune! so my ****sandwich was to say, forget about finding a seamstress, I will razor focus, work day and night, and sew what needs to be done. I find my profits and donations increasing and so I work a little harder it’s not the end of the world, it’s not a constant thing, I still have time for other things in my life. So I continue to love making people and their pets happy and creating my blankets with fabrics I love, I just didn’t realize that I embraced my ****sandwich and that made everything just work!! Thanks Marie I really enjoy your TV spots, you and the people you interview are truly inspirational. aloha!

  193. Holy [email protected] that was AMAZING!! ????

  194. Maddy

    THANKYOU!! For this beautiful interview. I smiled, I laughed and I cried.. all of this conversation reasonated with me, it’s hard to pick just one thing- but here is the one that stood out the most: what will you keep doing even after you get handed that shit sandwich….. Straight away The answer glowed inside me. Now, just going to take my martyr pants off and put my trickster ones on….does the trickster even wear pants?!

  195. Love it! So inspiring and so real life talk! <3 memorable and special!

  196. Jenn

    I so loved all of this and as a creative I am completely enamored by the Martyr vs. Trickster conversation. I have always been more of a Trickster in my creative efforts. (good news for me) Somewhere along the line though I was made to feel that if you did not suffer in your art then it was not a legitimate. Thank you for legitimizing the Trickster in all of us. I have not let this stop me along the way but I have definitely felt the weight of the Martyrs. Here is to continuing my live as a Trickster Creative.

    Much love to you Marie and Elizabeth, what an awesome way to spend my lunch our!!

  197. Priscilla de Carvalho Nunes

    This episode was pure gold! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  198. Hi, Marie!
    This is the best interview I’ve ever watched. It was a tennis match, a ballet, and a gospel meeting.

    Thank you for pointing out that no matter how much we want something and how much work we put into it, there may be no net waiting to catch us. I call it taking an “informed leap.”

    Thank you to Liz for sharing her thoughts about what she needs to give to her audience when she speaks. “They don’t need your fear, your insecurity…They need you to model dignity, composure, grace and female autonomy…Bring them what they don’t have.” It also helped to know that she memorized her speech because that’s the only way I can envision a speech where every word comes out just the way it’s intended.

    For years I have attended the martyr school that teaches creativity must include pain and hard work, and today I graduated from that school. I love the originality of the Trickster, and I am attending her boarding school next. I will invite her to live in my room.

    I am a beginning writer who has many unfinished files in her computer thanks to my fear of starting and finishing. My new Post-Its on my computer say:
    “Fear doesn’t get to drive.”
    “Done is better than good.”
    “Perfectionism is a serial killer.”

    I am going to trust the humming in my gut that tells me to keep going. I will push through the chatter of fear just to see what I can create. Then I will let it go and move on to see what else my creativity is going to reveal.

    I am sharing this video with my friends as my special gift to them, and then I want to share copies of Big Magic with them so we can meet and share our thoughts, dreams, actions and reactions.

    Thank you both so much for caring enough to be so authentic with us. Imagine the wonder that awaits all of us because we want to go on making things.

    Sending love and smiles,
    Mary Lou

  199. OMG This set off all sorts of light bulbs and neon lights!! culminating with the martyr vs trickster . I believe my trickster has gained a considerable edge after watching and listening to you both. Thank you many times over.

  200. This interview brought to words everything I’ve been struggling with at the exact time I needed to hear them. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have for you and Elizabeth! You’ve changed my life; I can’t wait to read Big Magic 🙂

  201. Marie, you and Elizabeth Gilbert are at the top of my “inspiring women” list. So I literally have this interview playing AGAIN in the background. Amazing!!

    I had a moment (with tears) when Liz said that when she was fifteen, one of the promises she made to writing was that, “I will never ask you to support me financially. I will support both of us.”

    As a creative writer, this spoke to my heart in such a profound way. There are so many incredible interviews on the show, but this is by far my favorite that I will watch again, and again, and again!


  202. Louise

    I soooo needed to here the shit sandwich!

  203. Vanessa

    Oh! Thank you so much to you and Liz! It’s so inspiring for me!!! There are so much points important for me in this video! 🙂
    You know, learning to live with fears as “friends” but without letting any power of decision is a big issue!!! I think it is my biggeest job for the moment!
    It is very interesting to learn her point of view about the difference between being creative, enjoying this and be able to have material resources thanks to it!
    The sentence about the fact that is thanks to self-forgiveness and not determination that we are able to finish our production is important too…
    So, I am now just so determined to create and just enjoy it and “trick it”!
    Thank you so much! I really hope I would join your academy in the future!
    Keep it up! 🙂

  204. It was really nice to hear that helping others and serving them through my creative projects in not the priority, by a side effect. Lastly I was a little bit tron between two things:
    1) asking my followers what they need (because I want to be usefull and opinion of my clients is important for me)
    2) creating for these people what I really want to create and enjoy it.
    Now I know – when my work is a kind of art and involves cerativity, I should trust myself first. I know better as a creator what serves better. The more excited am I about what I’m doing , the better for my audeince. It helps them and me! Thank you, Liz and Marie, for inspiration and making it clear.

  205. Dawn

    This was brilliant!

    I’m going to buy the book and dive in more to creativity, authenticity and integrity! Wow. All seem perfectly aligned to my journey right now.

    Thanks Sooo much for sharing the love!

  206. I am grateful to Liz for pointing out that there is no guarantee that your creative venture will bring you money. I have known so many people who have not listened to their creative calling because they were not able to figure out how to monetize it so they could quit their miserable day job. My life got a lot easier when I started honoring my day job, thanking it for the financial provisions it allowed, but also keeping it in its place. What’s that boss? You want me to do an extra project that I won’t get paid overtime for? I’m sorry; I don’t have the “capacity”. No further explanation is needed. You don’t have to make money doing what you love; you just have to make time and space for what you love. Liz was also spot on when she said that your creative work belongs to you and no one else. You do not have an obligation to heal the world with your creative work. I was so glad for this episode of Marie TV. Marie, and team, thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. I can’t wait to read Liz’s book!

  207. Stacey

    LOVED this video. My favorite part of the conversation was the idea of caring about your creative project more than anything else in the world, but at the same time not caring at all. I think in order to persevere in creative projects we need to remember both parts – caring enough to give it our all, and not caring so that when we fail (which is inevitable, “fail often fail quickly”) we can get back up and try again. Definitely going to be reading the book!

  208. Absolutely LOVED this interview! I think it’s my most favorite yet. Well done Marie!

    I have been a fan of Liz’s since Eat, Pray, Love first came out. It resonated back then, but when I left my corporate job last year, became an entrepreneur and traveled around the world for 5 months, my friends joked that my version was Eat, Play, Live…and that my life was only trailing a few years behind Liz’s. 😉

    My favorite question of the interview was when you delved into her speech for Oprah. I love Liz’s honesty and transparency of how much she prepared for that speech. It’s so easy to think others are “gifted” in a certain area, but most of the time, it’s just a whole heck of a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Love love love. Thank you! xo

  209. Crying and laughing and smiling like a mad person watching this. So genius and brilliant! Thank you so much for this conversation ❤

  210. Woooozers,

    I have been watching Marie TV for almost 3 years now, loving every episode. However By FAR this has been the most inspiring and amazing episode of all. The way Liz explained everything in such a creative and playfulness way, it´s made so many things clear and so many ways I can aproach, ej; Fear.
    Thank you so much Marie.
    Lots of Love,

  211. Lauren

    This interview is sooo amazing. There were so many gems, but I think my favorite topic was perfectionism, which is something I definitely struggle with. I am that person who won’t start something because I know it won’t live up to my impossible standards. Time to change that!

  212. Eva

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of Marie TV. I felt so connected to the two of you! Marie, thanks so much for all the work you and your team do. The “don’t try to help me” part was one of my favorite ones. It struck something in me. I felt as if it’s ok to just love what I do and not have to justify it. There are many times I feel guilty for choosing to do what I do, and feel as if I had to apologize for the great life I have. “I’m too lucky” or “I can’t complain about anything, or it wouldn’t be fair” is something I find myself saying when I’m “reminded” of my privileges. But the truth is, there is a LOT of work behind everything. I have a wonderful husband and we have a wonderful daughter. I am a work-from-home mom (magazine writer and communication consultant), a house wife, and I also teach at a local University. Now, because I do what I enjoy, I get to do it from home, and don’t make enough to consider my income a “serious” one, a lot of my friends and family don’t think I do real work.
    So thank you so much for this exquisite conversation. I will sure watch it a few more times and, of course, I will get Liz’s book.

  213. This has been the most enlightening and powerful interview I have ever listened to. You want me to talk about ONE point that stands out? uh-uh. Impossible. They ALL stand out. Thank you so much, Marie and Liz!

  214. efrat yannay

    Wow, what an interview!
    I rarely comment, although I’m a big fan, and even a B-Schooler. I always read through the comments and find that ‘it’s already been said’… but in light of this SO inspiring talk, I’m telling myself: “but it’s not been said by YOU”, and I’m saying it anyway –
    Amazing interview, will surely watch it again and again. So much wisdom, and so incredibly well put. I hardly blinked through the entire thing.
    I hadn’t seen Liz Gilbert’s TED talks before, and I’m glad I looked them up and watched them before watching this interview. I was all ‘warmed up’ for it 🙂
    Gotta get that book.
    Thank you so much for this, Ladies!

  215. Melissa Brauen

    This is absolutely my most favorite interview on Marie TV – or anywhere. I will have to digest this and come back to it again and again. Thank you – thank you – thank you.

  216. A brilliant interview, Marie and Elizabeth. I learned some great tips; practical, fun, imaginative ways of looking at fears and creativity. And thank you both for being great models for those ideas.

  217. Wow…Marie and Liz…. I am not usually a comment sort of bloke, but this week you have hit the ball and it is still travelling….
    I got three main things from this and about 100 tweets.
    1. The Shit sandwich analogy …answering the question do I want to keep going with ..has certainly course corrected my focus again.
    2. Being a martyr to my business…I am going to explore the trickster in me or at least find it..
    3. Being ok with fear and acknowledging it rather than running at it and hoping for the best…

    I will be saving this video…it has a lot of life lessons which have been effortlessly explained….I am off to buy that book


  218. Wow! I can not get over how your videos inspire me. I look forward to watching your videos every week because they always give me hope to keep on going! Thank you so much for posting this video and being the wonderful soul that you are. Stay blessed.

  219. Hi, after 20 minutes of an amazing interview could not wait any longer…I had to stop the episode and went to buy the book! I promise I will finish watching after I am done reading it 🙂

    Elizabeth, I loved The Signature of all things! and Marie as always great guests and questions.

    Until next week

  220. Karen

    Elizabeth Gilbert is my new hero! I loved the WHOLE interview as it had a slew of very helpful information. It released my fear of doing poorly with my ideas. Just do it and see what happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad. I loved that Elizabeth said that she knew a book she wrote was bad but she did it anyway and had that future “conversation” with her critics.

    I also loved the part where she said don’t do anything to “help” people. That was major! Because, that’s me, it is in my nature to want to help people. I think I know now how to proceed with something I’ve had in mind. Thank you so much!

  221. My hands down all time favourite interview of Marie’s. Thank you Elizabeth for not being perfect, and for not painting the road to creative success with unicorns and rainbows (all the time).
    Tenar x

  222. Flavia

    Wow! Two power women most admired by us together! Couldn’t be better, so inspiring! Thank you very much Marie, I love your channel and this interview was the best ??
    I am so inspired that I could kiss you on your forehead like a big Italian nona while saying “well done kid”.
    By the way my mom would win the competition for money strech thing…

  223. Fien Vervoort

    This was my FAVORITE marie tv in 3 years! Thank you so much. My jaw dropped a couple times and I will re-watch it again and again. So much gold in there. Look forward to reading the book!

  224. Loved, loved, loved this interview. I love how Liz personifies all of the emotions that go into creative projects, good and bad. Dealing with a personification makes it easier than dealing with the emotion, even though they are one and the same. Just being aware of the Trickster and the Martyr enables the creative to better analyze and handle situations as they arise. She has such tremendous wisdom!! And you did a great job interviewing her and bringing out information that is invaluable to any listener who has faced their own demons while creating. FANTASTIC!!!

  225. SO amazing. I laughed, I cried, I cried again. I don’t know how to say it any better than it all just resonated at the deepest, most aligned place in my heart. Thank you!!

  226. I had always dreamed to be an actress / dancer. But would be therapy for me!
    I had dreamed to writer, but I did realize that I would only have success , if I am “finished” and authentic !
    I never liked to be a translator, even if I do speak 4 languages.
    But I did find my voice as a physiotherapist , because giving recomfort and relaxation, is my expression of love and forgiveness . Thanks Elizabeth!
    On the other hand, knitting and especially knitting without any pain , is the
    way I love the most , to give!
    The initials of my full name is MKR, in French it could also stands for Masseur Kinésithérapeute Rééducateur= Physical Therapist!
    I love my job, and I love fulfill my purpose creatively!
    Thanks Marie! Thanks Elizabeth!

  227. I think I need some time to really digest this episode.
    Soo much wisdom shared with the world in only 47 minutes, that I feel I need to watch it again.
    Every single word that was said in this video is a nugget of wisdom, and I am grateful for the lives of the two of you and for the courage you have to put your creativity out in the world. Your love is certainly translating into help for lots of people, including me.
    To say thank you will never gonna be enough, but thank you!

  228. Thank you so much for this interview. It opened my eyes and took tons of weight out of my back. I truly believe what Elizabeth said about fear, we all feel afraid at some point, but it is up to us how we deal with the fear. Today at yoga class my teacher said something we’ve all heard and many of us keep forgetting,” the things have the importance we give to them”. Thanks to this video I`m so happy to learn that life can be easier, happier and lighter. After all it’s a precious gift …let’s dance with life : )

  229. I have to agree with you Marie, this is one of my favourite videos you posted as well. I just loved this conversation and I feel so inspired. I love what Elizabeth said “fear doesn’t get to make your decisions”, how brilliant! I just bought ordered the book, can’t wait to read it!

  230. Loved this interview with Elizabeth. I see my inspiration jumping up and down with joy. The one very special, momentous outcome for me is the ‘trickster’. I lost my trickster years ago – became too serious. Guess what, I found it today and can see it in a whole new light. I see that without it I had locked up a whole part of me. Whoosh! that remorse is gone – bring in the my trickster; the bright, playful, joker side of me that makes people laugh and lighten up. This is the best therapy I have had in long time. Thank you Marie and Elizabeth so much.

  231. By far the BEST video yet. You are both a gift. Thank you.

  232. Best Marie TV episode EVER! This was exactly what I needed to hear as a creative (perfectionist) person that is stuck in trying to put a book out there. Thank you so much for this Liz and Marie, you have changed my course and put me back on track. Love you girls! xoxo

  233. As soon as I saw Liz Gilbert’s name in my inbox, I was excited! What I loved so much about this episode of Marie TV, is that Liz cracks open every excuse to NOT follow your dream i.e. it’s been done before, I’m not good enough, who am I to think I have something to say…..and puts it in the category of just another one of fear’s many voices. Seeing fear as a necessary companion (in times of danger, extremely valuable and at other time just a whiney back-seat driver) empowers to me to allow myself to stumble and fall as I write since the love is in the process of the writing. Always. And whenever there is something that sparks my creativity I know that fear will be coming along for the ride. But it doesn’t have it’s license to drive on my creativity highway. So thanks for sharing while I go back to writing this thing that may not be so great and has probably been written before, but just feels so damn good to do!

  234. I loved this entire episode! Love love LOVED it!

    I didn’t have a favorite part as ALL of it spoke to me.

    Marie, thank you for enriching (more than), my day.
    Liz, thank you for your dignity, grace and candor.


  235. Ahh so much here. To be honest E.P.L. wasn’t my favorite book and so I thought, ‘eh Elizabeth Gilbert yea yea’ but I was wrong. She really shared some powerful points just in this video that were EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I don’t think I could pick just one!
    1. Don’t create art to help people
    2. Know it is what you are suppose to be doing it if you are willing to keep eating the shit sandwich
    3. Im just going to do my thing that I know I should be doing and the universe, fairies, inspiration and whatever else may or may not help me, but I am going to keep going.

    Thank you both for giving this talk and I can’t wait to read the book!

  236. I love this conversation! It’s so resonate with me and my work! When people ask me “what I do for living?” I always was thinking that I was helping people – and Liz totally nail it down – I love what I do and that is how I help people! Amazing! Got to read her new book!!!
    Thank you Marie! This is my first time comment on your blog!
    WoW – my fear is next to me!
    Thank you so much!

  237. Brilliant. Thank you.

  238. I’m not even done watching this video and I had to write a comment.

    YES. YES. YES!!!

    Elizabeth AND Marie, both of you showed so must honestly in this interview and that’s what I cherish so much in people I look up to.

    There will be sh*t sandwiches and difficult days but let yourself and your art come through. I FINALLY feel like I’ve found my purpose with my business and this video makes me feel so proud to do what I do.

    Thank you for the inspiration Elizabeth and Marie, from the bottom of my heart. <3

  239. Sherry

    Oh, this was a GOOD one! I mean, they’re all good and helpful, but this one struck a lot of proverbial chords for me.

    I can’t even fully articulate yet. I have to go watch it again. 😀

    Thank you, Marie and Elizabeth.

  240. Jane

    The part about it not being your baby made me think of the quote about having actual children… “They come through you, not for you.” How true that is for real children and anything you create. It may support you, it may not, but it came through you and has a piece of you within it. Loved the interview.

  241. Wow wow wow… There was SO much I took away from this video. Marie, this is your best yet. Liz, what an incredible person you are! Thank you both 🙂

    My biggest take-away is the idea of keeping two opposing ideas in your mind that nothing matters more than your work and then your work not really mattering at all. This is that idea of ‘non-attachment to outcome’, but even more than that, it’s not about creating your best work – it’s about creating your best YOU in the process. This changes everything for me as I continue doing what I love. Thank you xx

  242. I got so much out of this.

    One thing that stands out is the reminder to do what brings me joy. I am in a helping profession (psychotherapy treating anxiety) and the great joy I get from my work is like a guilty pleasure in my mind.

    But of course I see why I get frustrated trying to communicate what I do (through writing or creating a course about it, translating tools into education rather than the therapy process).

    I need to put the joy first and the helping second in order to tap into the creativity. I know that it’s not supposed to be easy, the part that I forget is the joy is the gateway to everything, not an afterthought.

    I think I need to watch this daily. Xo to Marie and Elizabeth!

  243. Absolutely terrific, Marie – and you offer us rich fare on a regular basis. This is one of the best interviews with Elizabeth Gilbert, and that is saying something as she is always inspiring.

  244. Brooke

    Found myself watching this at 3:30am after tossing and turning in bed for an hour gripped by my usual fears of what if this next project doesn’t work. Came at the perfect time when all I needed was a little perspective. You lovely ladies are so honest and I just love the approach. My favourite interview yet. I’m quite capable of chowing down on shit sandwiches, and understanding that fear likes road trips. Thank you for the awakening. Much love.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Brooke, so happy this came at the exact right moment for you!

  245. Pavlina

    Thank you, Marie and Liz. I love what you two do, and I am grateful for this inspiration (gotta buy the book).
    Thank you for reminding me that fear is needed, and also that while doing something I believe in I don’t have to suffer, nor invest everything in it. I like the point about perfectionism. I didn’t know that having it done is more important than having it perfect. The last bit about putting you art out there and detaching from it feels liberating and puts the pressure off.
    Thank you! 🙂
    All the best

  246. Marie, I loved not only this episode but also how you acknowledge that we might not be alone when we work from home!

  247. Jeannie

    So fantastic. This is my favorite interview that I have ever watched on Marie TV. I love Elizabeth Gilbert. I hung on every word and laughed and brought to tears a few times. Loved the fear is necessary and good but does not get to make any decisions. Loved better to get done over being good. Thank you so much. Please have her on again. Thanks Marie.

  248. Cheryl

    Oh my gosh, I love Elizabeth Gilbert, and the two of you together….amazeballs!

    • Crystal

      I TOTALLY agree!!

  249. Hello, Marie!
    It’s been a long time – I look forward to catching up with you via email but I had to let you know here how much I enjoyed this interview and subject matter.
    I just “happened” across this video today – Elizabeth Gilbert is such an inspiration to me and a joy to listen to – her words of wisdom coupled with her sense of humor – brilliant. I’m so looking forward to reading this new book. This is exactly what I asked for and needed right now, today. (Love asking for something and getting an answer right away.) I am emotional at the clarity of the message that came through for me from two lovely women I admire so much. My thanks to you both. Sending light and love,. LeAnn

  250. Without fear I would not be here 🙂
    I mean, the fear made me jump out from an balcony an survive…

    Marie, it was a GREAT conversation, I loved every part of it!
    Thank you and thanks to Elisabeth, God Bless!
    With Love,
    Vera 🙂

    • Kim

      WOW. Thank you, Marie. Thank you, Elizabeth for turning the ‘other side of the coin” for me to see the answer to the question, “What was the most significant lesson for you in regards to your creativity and your dreams?”…perfectionism. It’s time to finish. And time to Start…
      I also loved the conversation about life paradox. I feel I dance that line.
      The concept of Martyr vs Trickster was a Fun one!
      I bought the book, “Big Magic”,
      I’m Inspired!!!
      love love love!

  251. Crystal

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Seriously love your show and content but this is for sure one of my TOP favs! Didn’t even get through the interview and went out to buy the book! So excited to read it. Some of my FAVS discussed: The difference between being child-like and childish!! The realness of “We are all adults…” “I love when Liz said “If I follow my bliss and I live my dream and i stand in my truth then everything will be great.” But it won’t. “It means at the end of the day when you check in with yourself and go….In the end on the balance is this still better than not doing it, and the answer is yes, then your in the right place!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! My new tag line “You can’t “Hot Wire” growth!”
    Thank you ladies for being real, funny and inspiring!! Be blessed.

  252. This information is pretty heady I just want to keep it more heart-based, her smile is so cute I snapshoted it she looks like she’s watched the inside-out movie reminds me of joy. Thanks for awesome sauce content I was wondering what you were gonna throw at always keep adjusting adapting and having fun. Once again thank you for helping start my website and this video contributed to its maintenance balancing the trickster and matyr taking the good and sending good vibes authentic trickster creativity vibes your way, I hope your too busy making the next video to read this cause I know it will be a grander version!

  253. Consider my mind blown. This is exactly the conversation that I needed to listen to. That stuff about fear, perfectionism, and inspiration, that has all been there with me.
    I love the Thelma and Louise reference. When inspiration comes I fly so high, and I love it. Of course I fall very hard, every single time, and even though it hurts like hell I always want to fly again.
    I’ve got Liz’s new book on my wish list.

  254. Julia

    Wow, what a great start to the day. A fantastic interview. Makes me feel lighter and ready to push through. Now is my time to take another bite of my shit sandwich!

  255. Yolanda Pazdera

    The conversation between Marie and Elizabeth lasted approximately 48 minutes and to me it felt like ten, not because of the content, which was superb, but because the points mentioned really resonated with all the feelings I’ve had my whole life about my creativity.
    It is absolutely true that fear is the base for our lack of taking action with our artistic side, but understanding that it is okay to fear, and that it is okay not jump in head first towards our dream made me feel much more at peace with myself, instead of the usual guilt of not having done what I’ve felt I should have.
    I will definitely get the book and most importantly work at applying these wonderful principles to my life. Thank you to you both for sharing

  256. Incredible video. I love her. This hit so many vital points. I loved the part about the martyr and the trickster. Thank you so much for creating this. I will watch it again and again.

  257. Thanks so much for asking Liz about her speaking process. I LOVE knowing she rehearsed her Oprah speech for four months. Because it looks easy, as if words just roll out of her mouth in perfect, polished sentences. I appreciate how honest she is about how much work it takes to be as good as she is.

  258. The perfectionist B-$%#& that I tell myself, when I don’t finish a job. I love the quote “Done is better than good”… I am going to take motto on.
    Thank you for such a REAL interview with Liz. You both so inspiring how you approach your work and we need to hear more of that, so people like me don’t believe you just woke up one day successful.

  259. Larissa Maine

    OKAY, I HAVE TO SAY THIS: YOU TWO TOGETHER — HOLY SH*T. I could feel the massive energy of amazingness through my computer screen.

    This is, hands down, my favorite MarieTV episode so far. You ladies need to do a second video. Heck, maybe third. I don’t know if it was the Jersey connection or what but this was a kickass interview. Wow, wow, wow.

    I’ve realized now how much control I was giving my fear, and how resenting fear only made it worse. I will instead face it with more loving conviction, allow it to ride with me but not give it any control whatsoever. Also, I’ve also realized that one of my biggest insecurities is my need for things to be PERFECT when I launch new ideas and products.
    “Done is better than good.” —> I needed to hear this today.

    You are both guiding lights — God bless you both and everyone looking to be their authentic selves to serve and bless others.

  260. Now that’s real talk. Thank you so much! I feel so inspired by you two. xo

  261. Sylvie

    I agree with so many of the comments written above. I too feel this is the best Marie tv episode I have watched so far! So many things hit home: the fear as a necessary companion, but not the decision maker, the idea that it is best to create what we need to create out of love for doing it, not out of wanting to help someone, the shit sandwich discussion, the idea that a finished project is better than a great one, the fact that the net might not be there to catch you even if you give it your all, and my very favourite, the martyr – trickster dichotomy. I need to get Elizabeth’s book and listen to this interview again and again! Thank you so much! It inspires me to write the first article for by blog!

  262. Marie!! That was an awesome interview. It’s up there with Colleen Saidman for me. How precious to have that time with Liz. She is a gem. I want her on my dinner party list now. In my creative dreams ?

  263. odile

    Mary this content is soooooo valuable . I have been struggling for years to make my Art Pay for my personal needs untill I finally understood that it was an ego trap ! I am so happy to hear you talk about the time it takes to bring things to life and to mature and to grow, it’s a subject that you cherish i know and listening to you and your guests for months has been so helpfull , it helped me make a great shift and come out of this pressure of “quick and beautifull” which is just a big Lye and illusion of our consumer world. Thank you so much for this more then precious wisdom which help me make peace with my life !

  264. Creating to bring yourself soy! That just hit me so hard. I am a make comedy cause I find life ironic and funny. And sometimes I feel like I need to know how it serves so I can market it to right people. I should just make it and put it in the world. That’s it! Do my thing! Thank you for the words and love you spread.

  265. I’ve shared this interview on Facebook because I wanted to email it to so many of my friends, many of whom are artists. Elizabeth is so grounded and honest; I think she may be my new role model. There were gems galore in this interview and I plan to save it so I can listen to it again. Thank you both for taking the time to record this and for sharing your truths with us. All love is eventually help.

  266. Aha!!! I’ve been hiding behind my perfectionistic self!!! How sad! And how true that being done is better than being perfect. How lucky Liz was to grow up with that message. And how lucky we all are that she shared it with the world.

    Thank you Marie! This interview was reassuring, comforting and eye-opening. Great questions!!! Your best interview yet!!!

  267. Marília

    Love Love Love this. Perfectionism = Fear in high heels. And I, that only wear flats, have been on high heels for ages without even noticing. Let me take off my shoes… Fun and inspiring conversation. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo.

  268. Thank you so much, Marie and Liz, for having this conversation and sharing it. As a creative writing coach, I find what you talked about invaluable. But as a writer, so much resonated with me beyond what I want to pass on. I’ve “got it” for a while now, having taken Sarah Selecky’s course Story is a State of Mind and being a TA for her, so the stuff that got me most wasn’t actually about the fear or how to talk with it (though I totally loved the personification of it in the car, not allowed to touch the snacks or the radio. I picture hand-slapping). Instead what brought tears was the truth that it’s not discipline that will keep you going but self-forgiveness. It was that finishing is more important than anything else. I get the trickster part! I love the concept. I’ve called the process plerking (work plus play) and think of writing as playing, puzzling things out, etc., not as bleeding. But I’ve struggled with impatience most of all. With sitting and being with the writing. I struggle with the thought of sitting and doing it. I don’t understand why I choose to do something else over it, when all I want to do is write. I mean, seriously, not Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Really, I’d rather write. Except I don’t.

  269. Life has been offering me plenty of learning opportunities recently, probably cause I invited it to teach me more about abundance. Feeling grateful for it all, though last week I was in the midst of tumultuous emotion and gratitude was not immediate. On Spring equinox (NZ) I switched into a receptive kind response and then magic starting happening… this interview is another piece of magic as I synchronistically finished Liz’s previous book a few days ago. In fact on one of the days when help arrived and I decided not to work, I lay in bed and read it in one day. Thanks Liz.

  270. Diane Chandler

    Wow!! Loved this interview!!!! Thank-you so very much to both of you!!!!

  271. Kym

    Hooley Dooley! What an interview. I was hanging onto every word. Thank you Marie and Elizabeth for sharing SO much gold. I’m inspired to approach my creativity and writing from a whole new light. I don’t have to ponder over it, worrying whether it will dutifully “help” others – although that would be a fabulous side affect of course – rather embrace it as my (lifetime) friend, who I nurture, party with, and give room to sing! Heart-felt thanks from this recovering perfectionist! 😉 xo

  272. Catherine

    Thank you so so much Marie & Liz for not sugar coating the “follow your dream/leap off a cliff/creative path” process. Because the reality is, for most, it’s hard – really, really hard. I do think there is a time and a place for a little sugar/positivity/encouragement/inspirational-speech/meme-making, but there is also a great need to be real about all of this too. I commend you both for the realness and the rawness of all that you covered in this interview. I have been on a creative/entreprenuarial path for 5+ years, I have eaten a lot of sh%t sandwiches and haven’t yet cracked the market. However, I am keeping my head above water (sometimes only just), and I will continue to strive in order to be able to do what I do, because I love it! Watching this interview bought tears to my eyes, and I found myself saying internally,”I’m OK. This IS actually the ‘normal'”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love that someone is talking openly and honestly about taking the leap of faith and the consequences that it can, and often has. Much love and blessings to you both.

  273. Ken V.

    Wow…that is probably my favorite interview, ever. A continuous stream or highly relevant wisdom & nuggets. Authenticity–what a concept. My status as an elite, world-class procrastinator is at serious risk because of the “Done is better than good.” idea. I can handle a shitwich every day if it keeps me in the game I love. You are both incredibly talented, fun, and inspirational. Thanx.

  274. I loved this so much Liz! The biggest thing I took away from this conversation was the idea that your creativity does not need to pay your bills to be legit. I find it interesting that everyone is so focused on full time work being the end product of a dream or passion. You hear so much about ‘finding your true passion’ (which you then turn into a job) or ‘living your dream’ (and making it into a job), but what if your most authentic path does not necessarily lead to something you do for money? I believe that my ‘true loves’ in life are more about living than working, and more about playing and exploring than finding ways for those things to pay my bills. I’m so glad that Liz spoke about this, because life is not all about work – we have big beautiful 24 hour lives to be creative, with or without a financial gain. So much attention and expectation is placed on making your passion into a salaried success story, and this is just not realistic. If you’re brave enough to follow your true path in the first place, that should be reason enough to celebrate, and if it mixes well with business, great! If not, still great – it should not count as less just because it falls outside of work hours.

  275. THANK YOU so much Marie and Liz!!! Liz is my FAVORITE author!!!! and Marie, you are always such an inspiration. Liz’s tips are great and as always I feel like she’s speaking right to me. I’m launching my photography business and I always have that thought “there are so many talented photographers, what the hell and I doing trying to be one… it’s all already been done and probably better.” But you know, NO ONE on this planet has my eye, my experiences, my voice, or my creative vision. Being behind the camera really feels amazing and I really feel alive when I am shooting so for that reason alone, I will keep on going and do what I want to do. I think the best thing I took away from this interview was the being a martyr or a trickster thing. I’ve always been taught that doing things well required suffering and martyrdom… but whenever I approach things as a trickster, its more fun and more often successful! SO, I will keep that in mind when connecting with my creativity when behind the camera. I just ordered my copy of Liz’s new book and I am literally counting down the hours til I get it in my mailbox!!! WOOOO HOOO!

  276. Shelita

    Marie & Liz–this was by far the most motivational, insightful and intriguing talk I have ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing. I absolutely LOVED when Liz said that perfectionism will not only keep you from finishing something, but it will also prevent you from ever starting something. This was a huge eye opener for me!

  277. Favorite episode ever!!!!!! This hits so close to home it’s right inside my living room, lol!! Can’t say there’s a single aspect that impacted me most because everything did. Thank you for such an amazing talk.

  278. This was great!

    I was visited by the Trickster this weekend. I was supposed to do some still photography, and suddenly had to do video. I don’t do video. I don’t get video.

    I had to do video and I had to “get” video, or break every bone after we jumped off of the cliff.

    I found my wings. The video was for our high school’s marching band, and I lead our photo and media team. The video went well, and I added a “Star Wars” type intro to it that both the teacher and students enjoyed. I added appropriate fades, so the video was legit. It was also fun!

    “Wanna do it again?”

    “Are you kidding? Absolutely!”

    Marie, I follow Marie TV most every week. Thank you for what you do!

    Elizabeth, I saw your TED talk and read “Eat, Pray, Love”. “Big Magic” was ordered a month ago, and is now en route. You get creativity and everything that goes with it. You know something about how to deal with it and how to survive it. Thank you so much for helping others like me deal with it.



  279. Thank you SO much Liz and Marie. I’m on my 7th novel and my 100,000th shit sandwich as a writer. That part of the interview really buzzed my brain in the best way! I hadn’t ever realised I LOVE playing with my words so much that I’ll swallow the sandwich just to KEEP WRITING the stories! Suddenly being a full time professional writer doesn’t feel so heavy or stinky thanks to your interview. (I think I was suffering from published author guilt – whereby so many people would love to have my success and sales…and platform about feminism and farming, – but here I am wishing I had another job as my authorship was getting tooooo hard as a single mum.) Now, hearing Liz, I am inspired to keep on with my craft and keep finding my inner courage. Marie – you rock for putting such a long and wonderful interview together! Thanks.

  280. How is it possible that each Marie TV episode gets better than the last one? I suspect Big Magic. Phenomenal interview! Sensational, hilarious, gorgeous women speaking the truth and offering so many nuggets to nibble on. Takeaways: Thank you fear for always trying to protect me, but I’ve got this one! It’s possible to believe two contradictory concepts and thrive – each have a purpose. Go ahead and jump off the cliff, but check that parachute first! Love wins!! Marie and Liz are the SHIT !! (Not shitwiches 😉 ) Absolutely loved this interview and so grateful you both do what you do!

  281. Magdalena Sliwinska

    Being fierce and real but not too precious is something that will stay with me. Thank you

  282. I don’t care how many movies are made from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I will want to watch every single one of them. The story is the same…but the perspectives are always different. I think it is perspective that enables us to mutate the same ‘thing’ until it turns into something deeper, and usually completely different. And guess what…we all have a singular perspective that is absolutely unique. And that is why it each of us must do the thing we love, so we can share our perspective. That perspective is what smacks of authenticity for me. Awesome subject…one that is very close to my own heart for a multitude of reasons.

  283. Whatever you both were talking fits my 15 year old son. He is creative and a perfectionist. Because of that he wont even start on certain writing projects. I wish he can watch this and learn …

  284. WOW! Incredible interview, so many golden nuggets and aha moments. What really hit home was the part about the “shit sandwich” that goes with any pursuit & undertaking. A very valuable and frank question to ask oneself, am I prepared to eat the shit sandwich that goes with doing this thing? I’ve walked away many times from jobs and creative projects because I wasn’t prepared to eat the shit sanga (Aussie slang for sandwich). I was naively mistaken in the belief that if you truly love doing something that it would all be wonderful and easy breezy. So now, to find out if I truly, deeply want to pursue a project or idea, I’m going to ask myself am I prepared to eat the shit sandwich that inevitably will come along at some point and indeed on the entire journey in the creation process.

  285. Love this! My favourite moment… “All love eventually becomes help”

  286. Julie Randall

    Hi there,
    Just watched this video and it inspired me and scared me at the same time. My name Is Julie I am from Australia. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness out of the blue. I have a husband and 2 beautiful daughters so laying down and dying was not an option for me. I packed up and went to the other side of the word of the world to bully my way into a clinical trial where they were only taking 70 patients. I became Patient 71. To cut a very long story short with a whole deli full of Shit Sandwiches later, I am here and thriving. The thing is, financially it cost us everything including our house. We came with a bit but not a lot. I decided to use some of that money to stay home (the rented home across the road) and write my story. I have signed with an independent publisher who believes in my story but of course no guarantees. After watching the video I am feeling a little irresponsible about this now. It just felt right. In saying that I was also very inspired and in awe of these 2 ladies.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Julie, it sounds like you made the wisest decision for yourself and your family, no need to feel irresponsible at all. Good luck with your book — we are cheering for you!!

  287. An incredible episode! WOW, there is so much that hit home that I don’t know where to begin. I like the discussion about fear, failure…. I’m giving myself permission to release my perfection and move forward. So sad that we let our perfections get in our own way. I have much to think about and digest from Elizabeth and Marie discussion, so much wisdom. Thank you!!

  288. Julia

    This entire talk is so poignant for me right now. I am living with my parents trying to find that “day-job” to get me to an independent place so I can continue to create my art and hone my craft, and hopefully the money from that will happen later! My parents keep pushing me to “train” in a second career and make that path my focus, and pursue my music (I’m an opera singer) as a hobby.

    I’m 25 now and I am working so hard at the job thing and the music thing and also losing weight because I had some health issues earlier this year that led to weight gain…. Anyway, hearing Liz speak really inspired me to not be stupid, but also give my dream everything I have. Buying the book tonight.

  289. I love what Elisabeth said about self-forgiveness. When your self-expectations are high and you want to be good at what you do, not feeling able to do some of the work you should do is HARD… Seeing that fact not as failure but giving yourself the chance to do what you CAN do is a perfect way to respect your limits… Even if you feel like you SHOULD do this and that according to the business models…

    And I want to add something. I realized that my intuition tells me when to act on my fear or not. It’s like IF my fear has to be conquered, I will push myself to do it (just a little). I definitely learned to respect my limits even if I wish I would be made differently… 🙂

  290. Gladys

    Marie, thank you so much for this interview!!!!! This is one of my favorites as well! Watching you two has being very inspirational and made me feel proud to be a woman. You two with big hearts and incredible minds! Loved all your questions and the way Elizabeth answered them was just exquisite, as you put it. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book. It’s a great day to launch a magnificent book! 22! Love you ladies.

  291. Luciana Quinto

    Holy ravioli, Marie! (I learned this expression with you! So funny!) I loved this episode! I’m so happy I found you 4 years ago online and now you’re interviewing Liz Gilbert, a person I so much admire because of her Eat, Pray, Love and Tedx Talk.
    When Eat, Pray, Love was launched, it was a big success in Brazil (my home country). Some friends used to compare me with the personage of the film, because of my „lust for life“, for changing cities & countries to learn new things, meet new people and, in the process, learn more about myself. The film a big favorite of mine!

    Some questions for you:
    – How do I get online access to this talk Liz Gilbert gave in this Oprah event about courage?
    – Marie, do you ever watch or read stuff you created when you were starting out or even from last year if someone comment or criticize it? Or, you just consider that it was a work in progress and that you are creating your better stuff now? How do you deal with perfectionism / shame of previous creative work?

    To finish, my lessons from this interview are so many! Here they are:
    1 – „to help people is a side effect”
    2 – „every pursuit, no matter how exciting it feels to you, comes with a shit sandwich. So the question is not what do I love, but what do I love so much that I don’t mind eating the shit sandwiches that come along the way?“
    3 -„bring people what they don’t have. Don’t bring them what they already have“.
    4 – “Hackers sit in their bedroom like 20 years learning how to hack. … These guys are really skilled, they put the time in!”
    5 – „Perfectionism is the murder of all good things. It’s fear in high heel good shoes. It’s a fancy version of fear”
    6 – “Done is better than good”.
    7 – „creativity has you as a project. It’s building you, it’s creating you. It’s not the other way around.”
    8 – „learn how to dance with the trickster part of yourself”

    Great interview, Marie and Liz! Thanks from Brazil! Luciana

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Luciana, I believe the talk Liz did for Oprah’s tour isn’t online since it was an in-person event. And to answer your second question, I don’t want to speak for Marie but I will say that everything is progress — and there’s no shame in starting out small and improving over time! 🙂

      • Luciana Quinto

        Thanks for the reply, Kristin!

  292. Radhika

    Too good ! Art brings in acceptance and more…wisdom.

  293. Caz

    So much in this episode for me; my life, relationship and creative career are in a state of change…a great place to be; so I had to buy to the book and give all this great wisdom more time to sink in.
    Thank you so much,

  294. Kathy

    Ladies, you are both awesome! Liz, I love your attitude and your style. I am going to amazon right now to buy Big Magic and I will tell every human I know about it. Marie, I have been skipping over your email updates lately. When I saw Liz’s name,immediately I stopped scanning my emails and clicked to watch the video. Thank you so much. Two great things, I am going to be reading a new book, yea! and Marie this reminded me how great your site is and all the wonderful info you share. No more skipping for me.
    Thank you to both of you

    P.S. Eat, Pray, Love is my therapist, I couldn’t even say how many times I have watched it.

  295. Best ever. Liz Gilbert is so poised and unabashed. Loved her since EPL. I also just happen to be in the middle of The Signature of All Things now (a smart sweeping novel). Beatrix’s admonition to Alma, “Improve yourself” (while out of context here, just imagine it), continues to ring through me. What I love about Ms Gilbert is that she shows us how hard she works to make an easy life for herself. It’s not that she doesn’t suffer, but that she digests it with grace. Liz’s humility, revealed with truth and humor, is the lesson and the gift for me. Marie guided the conversation well and captured many powerful nuggets – well done!

  296. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have written two books “Image:52 Weeks to a New You” & “Image:365 Daily Devotional” with my new book “Image:The Seven Pillars” releasing next month. If only I had this brilliant conversation to watch before I wrote them. I am a mass of Liz’s … & now more than ever. Thank you for all you two do. I am blessed beyond words by that experience!!!!!!

  297. Anja

    This interview is EVERYTHING 🙂 So good!! I was nodding my head all the way through. So much wisdom, so much truth.

    And congratz Marie and Team on having the best comment section on the internet, I actually look forward to reading them!

  298. Jocelyn

    Wow what an interview Marie!
    That interview is what I’m going to be watching for the next week at least to really ‘get’ those messages! What stood out for me……Shit Sandwiches. Even that name is perfect. Yep shit sandwiches there is always shit sandwiches, in any area that you work. the magic for me hearing that segment is that what you are doing has got to be worth those sandwiches.
    Also the issue of perfectionism. As an adult student, I became a perfectionist.
    How undermining. How sad and how anxiousness really had fun when I got in that, excuse me, but blastard ideal in my head.I have never been like that in my life! And suddenly here it was pulling me under.
    She made all those things sound as though they were beings outside of ourselves. The segment on ‘inspiration’.
    Last and for me, this concept of martyrdom verses fun with what your doing.That just turns everything on its head. So true. I am punching the air with my fist and simultaneously saying a resounding YES!
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou…..for such inspiration.

  299. Kirsten

    So many significant concepts that resonated for me in this video. Most importantly, the idea that the thing I MUST do, does not HAVE to support me. I am an adult & I will support both of us (us being, myself & my authentic work). That is huge. It gives breathing space to doing the things that I want to do. Also, the idea of doing creative work only for myself & that alone will give it enough importance & redeeming value. The tips for managing fear were so helpful. The idea of letting go of perfectionism. Really, everything resonated for me and I can’t wait to read the book.

  300. Christina

    I have watched MANY episodes of MarieTV and I must say that this was hands down the BEST episode ever.

    So many amazing moments in this interview.

    Almost at the end of the interview, I felt a blast of warm, loving reassurance when she mentioned the Trickster. I instantly recognized myself 🙂 I firmly believe that life is meant to be joyous. Joy is the engine for our precious creativity. I am so happy to hear this analogy from such a brilliant mind.

    Thank you so much Marie for everything that you do.

  301. Liz Gilbert is one of my favorite people in the world, ever!! She’s so lighthearted, funny, but powerfully inspiring. My fave lessons from this episode: “Fear is your companion” and the trickster mentality of “Put it out there, see what happens. Put it out there, see what happens.” I usually approach creative work as a “battle” that I have to suffer through.. I forget that it’s supposed to be fun in the first place!

  302. This video is so inspiring!
    I paused it several times to write down content for my video-series (newsletter subscription give away) on writing with pen on paper for families. Totally inspired I needed to do so, right here, right now.
    “Done is better than good.”
    “Creativity has you as a project, it’s building you.”
    “Your product is not your baby.”
    Best quotes of the month; I’ll frame these 🙂

    Thank you so much,
    The Netherlands

  303. Wow! This episode had a few epic truth bombs …

    The deal Liz made with creativity highlighted an outdated belief system that have influenced my thinking and decision making for too long now. For the first time I see perfectionism for who she really is and always felt like I didn’t have permission to be anything less than serious, when really all I want to do is dance with inspiration. 🙂

    Thank you for a fantastic episode.

  304. My favourite interview yet! Thanks so much Marie, I was hanging on every word. Liz oozes authenticity as do you

  305. … and booked a ticket for 20th November; Elizabeth Gilbert at Paradiso Amsterdam 🙂

  306. karen smith

    Amazing interview, you guys nailed it! Always thought that the universe was playing ball with me but then said to myself…”Nahhhh. You’re crazy lady! Ain’t nobody that thinks like this.” Officially inviting fear back into my life this very second. Had to slightly disagree though on science and spirit being paradoxical. Evidence exists to the contrary, you just gotta dig for it with an open mind. Marie and Elizabeth, you’re both awesome! TY <3

  307. I absolutely loved this episode, def one of my all time favorites! It was full of nuggets of wisdom , but my favorite one is “All love eventually becomes help” , that you have to do something because it lights you up, because it brings you joy and that’s such a relief. We live with so much pressure from the society to do things that are useful, and we takes it so seriously , but I love the playful aspect of creativity and I firmly believe that when you create love out of your work, this will bring so much help in different forms to the people around you. Thank you Elizabeth and Marie !

  308. Liisi

    My first comment here even though I have watched so many videos before. 🙂

    This interview was absolutely magical. Like Marie said that she slowed down while reading the book, I stopped this video several times to absorb what I was hearing and my soul was like “Yesh!”
    So many yesh-parts, but I was mostly moved by the idea that creativity has me as a Project. WOW! That hit me like a … you probably have a great expression in English for that which I don´t know 🙂 But I mean WOW!

    Thank you so much for your work and kindness, Marie! You bring magic to the world in ways that we can actually get to “marinate” in it. 🙂

    Warm greetings from Estonia,

  309. Joasia

    Done is better than good. Yes, I buy this.
    Its ok to be childlike, but not childish.
    The martyr is having pain, the trickster is having fun – and I want to choose the latter. (I am Polish – martyrdom is our national sport. The one who suffers most and then dies, wins.)
    It was a conversation really packed with inspiration and good energy. Thank you both!

  310. Renee

    Love love loved this! I’m a reformed/reforming perfectionist. I realise it is completely fear driven and do everything I can to sit the fear in the backseat now. What I did love though was the idea of being kind to the fear and acknowledging that it is just being protective and letting it be there, but not ruining what you are trying to do. That there is so so important and such a huge lightbulb moment. I understand now that fearless isn’t actually a thing, its what we want to be but will never achieve unless psychopaths and really, who actually wants to be a psychopath…? <3

  311. Carol Lopez

    Awesome and inspiration. Thank you so to Marie and Elizabeth for being a beam of light to my path!

  312. Leslie

    I absolutely loved this interview! Liz was so fresh and easy to understand and relate to. My desk drawer and computer is chock full of unfinished stories, novellas, and at least 2 novels. Fear and his cousin Doubt have plagued me for the last 20 years. The idea of making a pact with the universe and then allowing the creativity to emerge is important. Certainly loved the last bit with the martyr and the trickster. I need more trickster in my life!

  313. Dear Marie! Thanks a zillion for this wonderful interview & for driving such a fabulous conversation. You were awesome! And Elizabeth! Good heavens! You are such a gift! I am right now going through the murderer phase of my photography life. Nothing that i create seems worthy to me. Am stuck & feeling awful about my creative inability to bring out great work for my clients.
    The most lovely thing that affected me positively in this interview was Elizabeth’s statement “If my work wasnt great, it isnt my problem nor its my fault. I made a contract with the universe that i will be a writer. I never said i will be a great writer”.
    Thats awesome! That thought & approach is so damn liberating! And also the part where she said to her art “am never going to ask you to pay. I will support both of us. Am laborious enough to earn a living and will in parallel keep this love affair alive with my writing”.
    Truly genius! Absolutely loved this interview. I will keep this in my phone to listen every time am going through a low. Love you crazy for making & sharing this with us Marie! God bless!

  314. What a great talk, so glad to have spent my morning listening. The things I wrote down and really resonated with me are being childlike~wondering exploring and mature~taking care of myself. I love that idea and think that puts words to how I treat myself in a way I have never been able to before.
    I also think hearing you talk about perfectionism as “fear in high heels” and the true virtue is actually getting things done rather than leaving your creativity (and parts of your life & self) undone and unexpressed.
    Thanks so much!

  315. Monica

    Great episode!
    Bought the book … you all were speaking my language 🙂

  316. Allison

    I really appreciated this conversation. I’m so glad you had it. So many truths in what you said, and so many reminders for me, including that fear is a companion and the paradox of the martyr and the trickster. The latter I’ve always been tempted to entertain but only allow a few presentations, but in those few times that I have, it has served me well ( and not necessarily without some shit sandwich, lol)

  317. Deborah

    Eu chorei, chorei ao me ver em situações iguais ao que a Liz contou. Eu me achava louca por falar sozinha, por me enfrentar no espelho me fazendo de terceira pessoa. A personalização dos sentimentos é o que nos leva a melhor forma de enfrentar eles. Tornando eles tangíveis, conseguimos desafia-los e por no lugar devido. Simplesmente divina essa entrevista o tom de voz dela é suave e toca o coração. Obrigada Liz e obrigada Marie.

    I cryed and I cryied hard as I wacht the episode. I could see my self in many situations that Liz said. The best tipp was to personalize your fear. To see him like a person just in order to confront. Absolutely divine this interview, the calm voice of Liz can touch your heart. Thank you so much Liz and Marie. 🙂 love from Rio de Janeiro

  318. HO-LY %@(#! Inspiration!

    Moved to TEARS (of inspired bliss)….
    On my current path – I’m certain that the Universe is speaking to me through the two of you. Listening to Liz’s wisdom – coupled with that wit & humor and down-to-earth mentality – is like licking the melted butter off the knife – (in both a metaphorical way, and a literal way… And btw, I’m addicted to butter. The real stuff, that is.)

    This is the best combo of practicality + spiritual mojo – on steroids! Way to keep it real. 🙂

    Um, book – ORDERED. I already know this will be my kinda read. Many thanks to you – and kudos to Uni, and all of our divine interconnectivity.

  319. chris

    Wow. What a fantastic interview. Maybe the trickster brought it my way at such an appropriate time.

    Two nights ago I was introduced to Will Macatskill (the London philosopher who talks about giving to help others) and read on his website that it is better to follow a lucrative career and then be able to help others with the money than to jump in and work for an NGO, follow your bliss in a career etc. It made me question what I have chosen as a career (and ended up now at rock bottom due to being childlish as well as being a child thinking a net would be there as Liz so deliciously narrates). How much more lifegiving than to “really examine your motivitations and do it because it brings me joy”. This was and is such a powerful way to question oneself.

    Listening to this again soon. So powerful.

  320. So loved this interview, thanks for speaking about what we are all feeling and thinking in our heads.

    So excited and looking forward to listening to this book – just got it on audible.

    Creative People Unite!!

  321. Awesome interview. Perfection. Ordering the book now.
    Thank you so much Marie!!

  322. Krystal

    Personal favorite part: “Done is better than good.” So true! I have to keep reminding myself that I just need to keep going and not give up on myself. That whole part hit home for sure! I will always remember these words “if you can just finish it you’re already 10 miles ahead of everyone else, because most people won’t.” Thank you for this amazing episode Marie & Liz!

  323. Thank you so much Marie and Liz!

    I loved everything about this! The shit sandwich idea is brilliant as the need to create for yourself first and foremost to be able to authentically help others.

    Liz you are a beautiful speaker and so much fun, and Marie, the passion and love for your guests shines through in every interview.

    Thank you.

  324. Rebekah

    When you do something you love, you are bringing goodness into the world. The fact that you will end up helping someone through following your dream is huge. I can’t remember Elizabeth Gilbert’s exact quote though. I wish there was a list of all of the “Nuggets of Wisdom” from this episode!

  325. Sarah

    By far, the best interview you have done to date! Thank you ladies!!!

  326. OMG! I had the same conversation in my head in response to criticism, “Go write your own fucking book!”

    THIS is what spurred me to stop editing, tweaking and massaging and just publish already!

  327. Oh wow! Liz has such presence. I was glued! xx

  328. Maxine

    Hi Marie and Liz,

    This was an incredible interview and full of amazing nuggets. I will be buying the book and have to say that while I rarely comment in these discussions, this merited a big thumbs up! Key takeaways for me: 1. the amount of work and memorization that went into the Ted Talks speech 2. ‘Perfectionism is a serial killer’ (yes!!! I can so relate) and 3. Martyrs and Tricksters – I aim to become the latter!

    A million thanks ladies for doing the work that you do. xoM

  329. I love Elizabeth Gilbert. What an amazing interview! So many insights… I need to watch it again to take some notes! 🙂

    It’s interesting how Elizabeth talks about perfectionism. I agree, perfectionism is one of the biggest things that holds us back from achieving our dreams. I think it’s important to bring awareness on this subject, specially for women.

    “Perfectionism is fear in high heels” Love that! <3

  330. Tara

    Just amazing! Elizabeth Gilbert had me shivering, tearing and praising throughout. It’s everything that I’ve been needing to hear. The part that really stood out for me was the part about how it doesn’t have to be good, it has to be done. I love the story of her first book when she never promised she’d be a good writer, lol. It really let’s you off the hook when you need it. I hope this gives me the courage I’ve been needing to create what I’ve been imaging for too long. I have a feeling that this is the kick I needed from the universe. I’m definitely planning on buying her book. Thanks so much for this interview and everything you do. I’m just glad that there’s people out there who’ve been helping to keep my inspiration going. Without you, I may have never known that it was even possible to follow the dream that I decided to follow.

  331. Heather Lundgrem

    Wow…how do I unpack this? At first I almost didn’t leave a comment because what can I say that hasn’t been said in all these threads and previous comments? But then I stopped myself (or Elizabeth’s voice stopped me) “But it hasn’t been commented by you Heather- so go ahead and comment because you watched this video four times!”
    Year after year, week after week I have said “No” to inspiration. I’ve placed my self into a small little box and my world was/is tiny and manageable. I’m not bruised or battered or lain waste by inspiration’s frenzy. I was okay with that or so I thought. Elizabeth pointed out so many of the things not produced or created because of fear’s control. Such an important message shared- I am on a mission to send this out to all the women I know it’s that important. Bless you Marie and Elizabeth this is epic.

  332. I LOVED this episode. So many things resonated with me. I’m a photographer and have started a small but successful wedding business. People love our work, but it’s my own personal work that I have trouble putting out there. I’m always thinking about if it’s been done before, or how people will respond. Instead of just doing what I want to do for the joy of it and because I NEED to. I especially connected with what Elizabeth talked about around minute 8:35 – 9:15. Thank you so very much for sharing this!

  333. I absolutely LOVED this interview. The way Elizabeth expresses her truth is simply amazing and so very real. I love how she uses her words and tells stories/metaphors in the interview it’s just genius.

    I also liked the discussion about how so many of us are bought into the idea that if you go for it 100% and do it, it’s all going to work out …. the truth is it might not, and it may crash and burn. I felt the conversation was realistic yet inspiring. Do the work, express your creativity, FINISH it and then let it go and move on. It made me think about my own motivations and the commitment I have to my own creativity and ideas.

    Awesome interview team MF! I’m planning to attend Elizabeth’s book launch event in Toronto on Monday, I can’t wait! Any other B-schoolers going?


  334. Oliver


    There are so many different difinitive moments in this interview where something worthwhile is learned that I stopped watching at 24:00 min to process it.

    Marie and Ms. Gilbert, thank you very much doing this video.


  335. I’m half way through the book and I love everything about this video, including Elizabeth Gilbert’s pants. Anyone able to tell me who makes them? Boots, too, come to think of it. Is that wrong to ask here? It’s just that I can’t spend a lot of time shopping because Liz and Marie have me so inspired to stop procrastinating and show some discipline and dedication to my creative life.
    Many thanks!

  336. Like many others, this is my favourite episode of MarieTV. I went and bought Elizabeth’s book and proceeded to watch her TED talks and any other video I could find about her! And I’m going to watch this again.. I just love her… Thank you Marie for this beautiful interview. Truly inspiring~

  337. Stevie

    Brilliant, thank you, this hit the spot FEAR, I had been wondering for a while why I keep putting so many everyday things to the top of the list and leaving what I want to achieve in my life at the bottom, looking forward to reading Liz’s book and moving forward.

    Thank you to both of you for your inspiration.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YES Stevie, I love your share, and we’re delighted this episode has put things into perspective in a way that’s going to help you move forward.

  338. Deana

    A great interview with fabulous insights.

    What really resonated for me; be the trickster because being the martyr is no fun. Trust the universe, find the lightness and when you jump off the cliff holding Inspiration’s hand, first make sure you’ve thrown over a massive feather mattress.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, and then a down comforter, and then some pretty pillows, and then… jump girl. 🙂 Love it.

  339. I’ve been a long time fan of Marie, loved B-School and watch Marie TV pretty religiously, but it’s been a while since I’ve been so compelled to scribble out some notes on the nearest piece of paper.

    I love the idea of a contract with my creativity. Can’t wait to noodle on that one.

    As a long-time songwriter who is only just this year, at age 45, actually recording my songs, the “power of finishing” is right on target. You can tweak till you’re blue in the face, but nobody is going to hear your song if you don’t make the call and call it DONE.

    And MORE…once it’s done, it doesn’t need you any more. What a relief! A few of my songs have been performed at various events and functions – without me. And man, letting go and letting them live their own life? I am learning that I had an unhealthy attachment to the outcomes, and it’s okay to trust.

    Self-forgiveness? Love this! I wrote a blog called Killer Taste – Sucky Songs where I explored that feeling when you know your work is sub par, but you throw it out there anyway because it’s all you got right now.

    Thank you, Marie and Liz. You are gifts to me without you needing to be.

    • This took me to church and to school. Wow. My heart, spirit, soul, belly and mind were fed from this honest and inspiring conversation. I love the myth busting about being “fearless.” Refreshing reality about re-framing “day jobs!” They martyr/trickster segment knocked my socks off. Tears were streaming forth more than a few times from the timely truthfulness of it all. Thank you Marie for all you do and for this gift. Thank you Elizabeth for your generosity, transparency and grace. I will be chewing on this one for a while…..

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Thank you both, Marie and Melissa, for your absolutely beautiful notes. We treasure what you shared.

  340. Skylar

    I enjoyed this episode and I think that Liz Gilbert is a polished, professional writer. I was a bit unnerved by the tone of the conversation, as in telling the ONE path to success in creativity. As we all know, there are many paths to success and happiness in living a creative life, yet, during this episode, I did not feel that the many path route was represented. This sentiment provoked the question, “Why is it that the people who have ‘made it’ are assumed to have a voice of authority on success and how to get there?” Often, I find, it would be interesting to interview a person who is in the process of making, or even just doing it.

  341. This was by far the most perfect timing of this video. I constantly struggle with letting money validate how “successful” I am at my craft. I am an actress and a yoga teacher and health coach trying to get a business off the ground. I have said many of times…If I’m not making money at this why am should I keep doing it. NO MORE I am letting joy be my guide. I truly love what I do and am detaching from the outcome of money. I will continue to share my talents and let the money come when it wants to roll in!

    Thank you Marie and Elizabeth for this!

  342. Julie

    I was so inspired by your discussion with Elisabeth Gilbert! I was so blown away by the authentic beautifully stated understanding of both sides of our inner critics. I am truly so grateful for you both for bringing these words of wisdom and great insights with such visual and verbal clarity. Most significant part to me were too many to post. I stopped and started the interview because I wanted to commit the lessons to memory. Maybe the most significant was hearing that everything that has been done, has been done before us, just not with our own twist. My most cumbersome mental thought presented an overpowering obstacle for moving forward and finishing a creative endeavor that was started but left unfinished. Thank you ladies! IMy heart was filled with love and gratitude for your show Marie. Your shows get better and better. I love the authenticity that exudes. Thank you…thank you!My words cannot express all that I feel. You gave me so much to process. As I end my observation of Yom Kippor, and begin a anew, my new mantra will be to be my own warrior with dignity, grace,playfulness, and curiosity.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Julie. What timing! We’re so excited for your new mantra, and the fullness present in your heart. XO

  343. Cheri

    Wow. I cannot tell you how timely this interview was. I have a history of repeatedly self sabotaging myself, as it pertains to creativity. I even have a hard time referring to myself as an “artist”, even though I have been creating art in various forms for many years. I’m embarrassed to use the word since I feel I haven’t produced enough to justify calling myself an artist. And this is even after having my own business creating commissioned art (house portraits, in particular) for over 10 years. I’ve also been a stay at home mom, so that is why it has felt like I’ve been a part-time artist. I have many ideas of the kind of art that I’d like to create for myself, and quite often when I experiment, I abandon the whole idea after one attempt. Elizabeth’s comment about what her mom said about it being better to be done than good, really resonated. SO much of what she said really hit home and was so inspiring. Thank you so much for doing this interview. Very helpful. I feel a new motivation!

  344. Donna

    Loved, loved, loved this interview; one of your best for sure!! Thank you!

  345. Had to watch it again. Just SO good!!!!
    I especially love the part about your creative work is about changing you.
    So true and so freeing!!!! Nuggets throughout his conversation!!! Joy Joy Joy!!!! Thank you again. Kx ps Liz Gilbert you make me want to grow up creatively!!! SO freeing I want to dance as I finish my third book.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO! Time to dance, and happy wrapping up that 3rd book as you do.

  346. Everything was so good and so relevant and so authentic! I’ve been struggling with releasing my first book…letting it go. But to hear Liz say, “You’re allowed to add to the ‘pile'”…beautiful! Yes…I…am and yes, I will. Just awesome.

  347. hi Marie and Liz
    loved this interview, and as always its so brilliant timing wise. My take away’s are so many:
    “my art is for me” as a Coach blogger and maker of art, I voiced to someone last week: “I honestly don’t do what I do to help people, its just if I lean into what feels good and allow myself to be me, that seems to help people.” it felt scary to say it to this person but I really meant it, and am trusting this more, thank you for the feedback!!
    Your forever partners, fear, failure inspiration, completely agree and love that. reminds me of this quote: “I have been frightened every single day of my life but I just haven’t let it stop me doing one single thing “Georgina O’Keefe. I used to let it stop me big time but since a big shift a few years back, I am practising and practising and its def working.. fear is now a backseat driver , love that imagery..
    Done is better than good, self forgiveness is key. YEP!!
    Failure has a function, it asks you if you want to go on making things ( really needed reminded of that today)
    and finally ‘ a more fun way to live’ the trickster way. -what if nothing is Holy and everything’s allowed.
    It is all, Big Magic thank you, Liz and Marie, will definitely buy the book, thank you for getting it Done. xx !! Bernie

  348. Amanda

    I loved this interview so much that I watched it twice and took 8 pages of notes! So much good stuff!!!

    The most significant lessons from this video come through the wonderful metaphorical language Liz uses! Seriously, ideas that will stick with me, like:

    -Fear only gets to ride in the back seat of the car
    -Choose a dream where you don’t mind eating the shit sandwiches that are going to be a part of it
    -Perfectionism is not only a serial killer, but the fancy, haute couture, high heeled version of fear
    -Inspiration as the crazy friend who wants to jump off a cliff, again and again.
    -Your work is not your baby!

    Not only was this interview filled with so many messages that I needed to hear, but it was a joy to watch.

    Big thank you to Marie and Liz (and everyone else involved)!!!

  349. Thank you for the great share. So down to earth and true.
    My mom would also be able to go in the dollar bill stretching contest and win.
    What a fabulous gift to give to your kids.
    Looking forward to the read of your new book Elizabeth.
    Thank you for sharing your words.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, and what an amazing and illuminating contest it would be! Thank you for watching.

  350. Hiwi

    Perfectionism the Serial Killer!!! it murdered me so many times yet i keep reincurrnating to face it again and again. It did stop projects from getting finished, work,homework, assignment,creativity…. and stopped many from getting started. When I went for job interviews and was asked for my weakness, I used to say I am a perfectionist. After awhile it got freaking old, I grew up and started thinking this is BS!!, why in the first place am I giving the time and energy to think about my weakness, why the heck do I beat myself up to find them when in reality it doesn’t matter much. The things considered weakness are strengths for different circumstances. So why even bother!!! Thanks Liz and Marie, it sealed the deal for me today!!! Aim to start and finish while marching band of the trickster!!! Hugs and Kisses!!

  351. Tania

    Sooo one of my favourite episodes (and that’s saying something as they are all just amazing!) A lot of really valuable real world, no bones about it, kick up the backside, humorous inspiration and advice. Thank you Liz and Marie and all for sharing from your hearts.

    The piece that really made my heart sing was that “done is better than good”. I feel like the perfectionist cage I’ve put over myself for years has been lifted. Woohoo, I can finally just start that website copy that I’ve been putting off since March. And I’m even excited about it.

    Fear and inspiration are both in the car – fear’s in the back strapped in, inspiration in the passenger seat grooving away but it’s my car and I’m driving (bopping my head along with inspiration)!

  352. Nadia Oweidat

    Marie, that was the most inspiring interview I’ve seen in a long, long time. I love how much at ease wither herself, Liz is. What a role model!! I am buying the book immediately!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay Nadia, we can’t wait for you to devour it. Required reading for everyone. Check.

  353. That was freakin’ AWESOME and so inspiring!!! I loved it all!

    I love her approach of bringing all the magic and passion into the creation of the art and into the details while creating it, and then letting go when it’s all done. I’ve experienced this many times – needing to sacrifice certain details once I step back in the end to make the whole thing work. And, once the project is done, that you just let it be in the world to do its thing. Less attachment.

    And how fear doesn’t get to have a say in creativity. LOVE THIS.

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE her part about how, if anything, the artist is the baby of the art, not the other way around. That we are created and we become – through the process of creativity and inspiration.

    I’m in the midst of my a project right now called, The Moon Deck – where I am the creative director, the writer and the founder – so I am coming up against a lot of what she spoke of. I am loving every moment, coupled with so much other emotions. And in this last year of production, am growing and evolving as an artist, teacher and leader. I really resonated with so much of what she shared.

    This was so timely and wonderful. Thank you Marie!


  354. AND thank you Elizabeth Gilbert!!! 🙂 I am ordering your book now. xxx

  355. Thanks for interviewing so many inspirational writers on Marie TV. I loved the interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. Just this week I discovered her TED talk and her podcasts and as a result have been reenergized. As a life coach and a writer, my pattern is hiding and revealing myself with long periods between each. This interview reminded me of two times in my life when I risked being seen.
    Years ago, after completing my doctorate in adult education, I was hired by a company that taught teachers how to use technology in the classroom. I had the technology skills but had never been in the shoes of a classroom teacher. I thought that my students (classroom teachers) would judge me for my (as I saw it) insufficiency. Every time I was preparing handouts for a class, to overcome my perfectionism, I would stand at the copy machine and repeat this affirmation to myself: It’s ok to look like a fool. I never received negative feedback from my students and my employer loved me and my work. I had to be willing to take that chance.
    Another memory was triggered by the word “trickster”. I had a personal essay published called The Absent Minded Worrier. In the last two paragraphs I wrote, “As the saying goes, ‘of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.’ The part of my mind that’s still hanging around, though, helps me find the humor in my distressing behavior. I’d like to imagine that my absentmindedness is not really my fault. It must be because there is a family of invisible tricksters who follow me wherever I go. They amuse themselves by pulling mean pranks on me like locking me out of my house.
    I’ve decided that if you can’t beat them, join them. When I shopped for fresh produce the other day, and woke up the following morning and realized that I forgot to put my fruits and veggies in the refrigerator, I laughed right along with them.”
    I turn 75 next month and I’ve decided to come out of hiding in the years I have left.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Go Barbara! There’s no doubt you’ve got some amazing adventures ahead, and some real, soul-filling laughter too. 🙂

  356. Jana

    Wow this interview was spectacular.
    Marie I have been watching your interviews for a while now and this one definitely has captivated me the most. I’m in school at the moment trying to figure out what to do with my life, and it is damn tough. I particularly love the idea of the shit sandwich as its a good way to figure out if you are really meant to be doing what you do and I am going to keep it front and center when making my career choices.
    Also the message of not letting fear control your decisions and your creativity really struck me because ever since I was a little girl I have always longed to work in fashion, but I have grown up in a non-artistic commerce and medical field family which never encouraged me or even acknowledged that it may be something I want to do. I’m even scared of telling my parents due to my fear of rejection and my doubts of am I talented enough? It is this fear of doing something different and the fear of failure and I really wan’t to get out of this terrible mindset.

    Every word that came out of Elizabeth Gilbert’s mouth was pure gold to me, would love to see her again and more interviews surrounding the ideas covered. Jana.

  357. Laura

    Thank you for the soothing, uplifting, rock&rolling episode! The BIG MAGIC is happening between you, Marie and Liz, and all around the world! Loved it! 😀 <3

  358. Just a great interview. No more trying to get rid of the fear. It can stay and we will be friends, haha! The interview was like having a conversation with a very old, really successful friend who loves you. I am buying her book this weekend. Thank you, Marie.

  359. Sarah

    This is by far the best interview you have done so far! Thank you ladies!!!

  360. Tania

    I’ve been struggling with finding the courage to begin creative writing and accomplishing my creative goals. Thankfully, this video was delivered to my email and was the much needed motivation. Liz and Marie, thank you for reminding me that fear should not have control over my creative choices. You two are an inspiration to many young women such as myself and it’s great to know that positive role models do exist! Thank you for being you!

  361. Thank you So much Marie and Team Forleo for this great Episode. Was actually looking for something like this. My weakness now is that am getting carried away by the Episode thrill and forget to write a comment. You see procrastination is the thief of time and had became reality especially in my case. The all has been said had became my constant companion but as i read this episode, it came with new light. It goes like my voice is unique like a fingerprint. The world needs it to make the difference required.

  362. Thanks , this episode was amazing !!! It inspired me so much , I been putting excuses to finish a book I started and because of the criticize voice in my head , and the “lack of disciple or time ” I didn’t finish, instead i publish a nice and beautiful deck of notes, that make my heart sing , but no make my heart really really happy , there´s still is in my heart a BIG voice asking finish the book…. I really really thanks you both . I can wait to have a copy of big magic in my hands, send you all my love from Ecuador South America.

  363. Yamel

    It is a really valuable interview… love it.

  364. Perfectionism and my creativity.

    I’m a self taught sculptor and a…. perfectionist. When creating my artwork, I discovered that the inspirational idea is merely the starting point and never the end game.

    Using the initial thought or emotion, I start sculpting and the adventure begins. When I ignore my ego and release any expectations, this allows the sculpture to evolve. The end result is perfection of it’s own making.

    I would never finish a sculpture if I tried to create the original image I had in my minds eye. Instead I’d be sculpting a mass of frustration.

    Thanks Marie and Elizabeth – your outstanding work is embraced by many… me included!

  365. Stephanie Marie Braddick

    I definetely love it when you talked about creations being like our babies, I have found myself several times feeling like that, and being unable to release something out due to fear of someone not loving it the way I do. But today one of my real babies -My Princess baby girl- broke her head and got two stitches and real fear went through my veins. And then seeing her trowing the book, made me realize there shall be no fear in realising to the world what is already done. Thanks a lot for that !!!

  366. Wendy

    This interview was sublime!!!! Really, one of your best, Marie (and that’s saying a lot cause I love all your content!!!!) Fear can really mess with you (in SO many ways!) Love, Love, Love shining all these lights on it to get clear on what it’s saying and dealing with it on both a visionary and a practical level. Immediately ordered the book and can’t wait to read more of Elizabeth’s insights!

    Thank you both for all your Big Magic!!

  367. Kelly-Anne

    Wow! Thanks for making this amazing video happen. Thank you for giving me the language to speak about what I’ve been living for the past few years. I’m a music therapist in Montreal, Canada – AND on the cusp of starting a private practice. EEEK! Excited and terrified!!

    I’ve recently been missing my time as a song-writer, music-maker, creator, putter-er and outdoor adventurer. None of these things pay the bills. BUT hey are the essentials that help me gain clarity in all other aspects of my life – especially in the work I do to help people work through some really tough stuff in their owns lives (and btw – the helping gigs DO pay the bills). I decided recently to take less paid work to devote more time to my muse. Again. Terrified!


    …since I started my music therapy career (only 2 years ago!) I’ve seen over 30% of my classmates leave the profession. Last night someone I look up to. She told me she is done. What?!? How could this be? I guess her palate for shit sandwiches waned? When my mentors/guideposts throw in the towel my foundation is always shaken.

    And somehow…there is always this little voice inside of me saying “There’s something really great just around the corner – try something today that might help you see what it is! Oh Damn! Did I just step in dog shit?!? Oh well…keep going.”

    So here’s to all you music-makers/helpers/putterers out there. Go see what’s around the corner and remember to pack a shit sandwich for snack time!

  368. I just wanna say… after that initial comment I left here, I re-watched and watched it, and I’m buying the book, and I’m putting Liz on my list of inspirations because she’s the chord that connects us to the Universe. She’s the spokesperson and I thank her for that.

    (Did anyone else experience a bit of awkwardness sharing all of her amazing quotes – people will think we’re crazy stalkers.)

  369. This morning I woke up feeling that my cup desperately needed filling today, and this was exactly what I needed! Such an awesome episode with wisdom flowing out the yin yang with Marie & Liz Gilbert…

    Lots of good stuff, but what really impacted me was knowing that I’m doing what I love AND I’m willing to eat the shit sandwich being served up with it 😉

  370. I love this interview so very much. The part about fear is always with you but doesn’t get to make any decisions really made sense to me. But what resonated with me the most was the part about are you willing to eat a shit sandwich to do what you want. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I just turned 37 and I STILL wait tables. And lately some stuff has been happening at work that has left all of us employees feeling not cared about. I live in a smaller city and I have bigger dreams. But I work at the best place in town and make pretty good money and therefore the upper management are constantly throwing that in our faces and telling us how easy we all are to be replaced. But after hearing this I realized that this is my shit sandwich. And my answer, YES! I am completely willing to eat this shit because I have been able to save up and take B-School, I created a website, a newsletter, a blog and am starting my life coaching business. And the joy I get in doing all of this is worth the few hours a night I spend serving other people. This just made so much sense to me. I am willing to wait tables. I am willing to have two jobs. I am willing to wake up at 530am to work out even when I go to bed at 2am. I am willing to give this life everything I have. I am willing to eat these shit sandwiches on my road to fulfilling my life’s purpose. Thank you Marie & crew and thank you Elizabeth Gilbert. Much love and light and all things fabulous.

  371. Dawn

    I typically don’t leave comments, but this was a great conversation. The nuggets of wisdom that I loved…
    1. Fear can ride in the car, but it doesn’t get to drive, hold the map or pick the snacks.
    2. Everything is a remix.
    3. Perfectionism is fear in high heel shoes.
    4. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it needs to be finished.
    Big Magic is now on my reading list!

  372. LOVE that both of you needed to struggle 7 years to GET there. I am SO inspired by this. I, at no point, have genuinely wanted to leave my business behind (it’s my shit sandwich, and I’m cool with it), but I do feel it gaining momentum and love knowing that it takes way longer than we often imagine it will to gain traction. 🙂 Thanks for your honesty there ladies.

  373. Janyne

    Dear Marie,
    Thank you for this wonderful episode of Marie T.V. There were many topics that sort of hit me in my gut during this conversation. The one thing that really stayed with me is the take on perfectionism. Thank you and if you speak with or write Elizabeth again, please thank her for me. I will remember to strangle the inner perfectionist the next time I pick up my creative projects. I am that woman with 50 unfinished projects hidden in closets, boxes, and drawers and my banjo has not felt my embrace in months all due to that creativity monster in heels, perfectionism. It keeps me from starting things and stops me from finishing things. I will remember to strangle her the next time she shows up. She did as I wrote this. I told her to fuck off, I am finishing up this comment here. Namaste and Love, Janyne

  374. Mihaela


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re SO very welcome. Thank you for watching, and loving it with us.

  375. Bella

    I loved the idea that we don’t have to make it our life’s mission to help people no matter what. This removes an unnecessary burden. I can help in various ways, it just doesn’t HAVE to come from my creations. Love this!

  376. Marcia

    Writing is a joy for me, and comes easy once I commit the time. Unfortunately that time has not been available for the past 18 months due to family obligations. Looking forward to this book being the jump off point to get back in the game. One thing I discovered years ago is: the product is the reward, not the money or fame – which I have yet to receive. Holding my little self published book gives me more pleasure than waiting for a publisher to realize it’s worth.

  377. Thank you to Marie and Elizabeth for this absolutely delightful, fun, joyful, engaging, full of great insights interview. You both ROCK.

  378. Skylar

    Thank you, Liz Gilbert, for making me remember that nothing is perfect nor should it even be on the table of negotiation. Just DO. FINISH. Thank you! You have already impacted my life in a positive way by just that sentiment.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes. Yes. Yes. 🙂

  379. Wow Marie- did I like this video? No, I L O V E D it!
    Totally what I needed to hear today, thank you both so much.

  380. Nia M

    Can the congregation say, “AMEN”!!! I feel I’ve been baptized in Liz’s nuggets of wisdom. I have been in limbo in so many areas due to fear. I can’t express how much I needed this video,TODAY!
    Fear has no control over my creativity!!! I am definitely purchasing this book.

    THANK YOU Marie-love this forum better than any church I’ve visited. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      AMEN, Nia! My copy of the book is coming in the mail too 🙂 Sending along lots of Team Forleo love as you dive more into your creativity!

  381. Jeanette

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    This was one of the best episode I have ever seen!
    Thank you girls for spreading your light in this world and helping others:)
    Sat nam!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Jeanette! I think it’s one of our best ever too, and we’re so glad you enjoyed it xoxo

  382. Aha moment….aha moment…one more…an other one…oh here come one more…oh this one oh a moment of chill…an other ine….How many aha moments is it possible to get in 25 moments …a lot…im so toutch…for me … that im the baby…not my work…im always amazed of the wisdom in my creativity…how it directly guide me and talk to me..its the best feeling…i always feel honored but not worth it…and the trickister … Ah i got a name for this totaly crazy funny part of me who showes up especially when im out running but is with me all of the time..its lovely…it saved my life and still do because my selfcritic, juge and destuctivness almost killed me…and now its bugging me…my trickester is my secreat lover but now i understand that we can be partners even a more…thanks both of you…i will lissening to this tecording many time..feel i want to eat it…thank you thank you thankyou….love Sofi

    • I wrote that the selfcritic bugging me…acually its always buissy to drawn me in shame…it take place in a very lonly place..always going on…suck energy..i dont know what to do…i am creativity…i act…i have fun…feel magic…but at the same time and with almost the same power i get critsisied … No love there….
      That want me to stop being creative i cant stand this inner war…but good enough the trickiste doesnt give a fucking dam…