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“Wow. Everybody and their sister seems to be a ________ these days.”
(Fill in the blank with life or health coach, marketing expert, blogger, etc.)

The moment we dive into a new field or industry and get to know the competitive landscape, it’s almost inevitable that we have these kinds of thoughts.

If you want your business to stand out, samey words are the first thing to cut out. Click To Tweet

Doubt and fear quickly follow as we wonder, “How on earth am I going to stand out in this overcrowded market?” This is exactly what Nani, a 45 year old mom from Hawaii, was struggling with as it relates to her new massage business.

Of course, knowing how to articulate our uniqueness is a challenge for many of us — no matter how long we’ve been in the game. And that’s why I’m excited to share today’s episode of MarieTV.

It’s a handy tutorial on how to find the right words to express what you do in a way that’s unique to you — and that’s going to connect best with those you wish to serve. You’ll learn what I call the “4 Ps” of your uniqueness. They’re little puzzle pieces that fit together and help inform your one of a kind magic.

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DIVE DEEPER: Stuck on how to brand your business when everything’s been done before? These seven branding strategies will help you stand out and reach the people you’re meant to serve.

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Now I’d love to hear your take on this.

How do you find the right words and business name to stand out from the crowd? Or if you’d like to take one of your 4 Ps and brainstorm copy ideas below, go for it.

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comment as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your share or brainstorm may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you so much for continuing to make this such a bright space of learning and heartfelt connection on the internet. I so appreciate you.

And above all, know this.

No matter how noisy the world becomes, you have the power to make sure your voice and message get heard.

P.S. Got someone in your life who could use a little help with articulating who they are and what they do? Please forward this email to your best colleagues, friends and clients – they’ll thank you for it.

With all my love,


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  1. This is such a relevant topic! Great as always Marie 🙂

    • T Koenke Diaz

      This was SO, SO validating on stuff I was already thinking about to make my future business stand out and makes me feel like I’m on the right path. The 4 P’s is great and signed up for The Copy Cure. Tytyty!

    • I love the idea of coffee plus chocolate cake:)

  2. Great advice. Loving this 4P paradigm. I probably need to keep looking at the pissed off portion more. One of my hooks has been “spirituality for the real world” because the audience I address isn’t looking for completely woo-woo writing. I write and speak on the softer side but not in the land of oblivion. Woo-lite as opposed to woo-free but definitely not woo-woo. lol

    But in all seriousness, the one thing I do know is that my description keeps evolving as I grow and my audience grows with me.

    • Emelia, I’ve witnessed this same exact growth! I think it is an honor to watch a business grow and be among the first that has been there since the start!! I don’t do the the whole woo-woo talk either. If you want to connect lets because I am all about making spirituality real in the modern world! <3

      • Would love to connect, Bernard. <3

      • I can totally relate to this sentiment. While I consider myself a spiritual person, I am not into the whole ‘New-Agey’ school of thought. It isn’t very authentic to me. I am much more down to Earth and more easily adhere to my roots.

        • lol, Chas. It can feel a little distant at times. I can go for a ride but I always need to bring it back to a place where it feels useful. 🙂

          • Helena

            🙂 That is a great sentence Emelia. I agree with that 100%.

    • Hi Emelia, I love the way you describe your take on spirituality in the real world! I totally relate – I like to think I am very much walking in the real world with my grounded ‘Western’ knowledge boots on, whilst also having an inner lighter pixie side to me that sees energy, feels energy, knows about the ‘Eastern’ stuff and some very woo-woo stuff – but would like to connect with others who live in the real world and need some support to find their way back to themselves. Like you, my descriptions are ever-evolving as I do 🙂

      • Thanks, Helen. That balance is so important. Loving what you do with The Tranquil Path. 🙂

    • Sally

      I’m so pleased to read your views on woo woo (I haven’t heard it described as that, but it fits it perfectly). Whenever I hear or read the words ‘blessed’, ‘honoured’, ‘so beautiful’, and all the others I just switch off as it seems unenlightening and useless in real terms, it’s like listening to members of an exclusive club speaking in their own language. I’m reading ‘real world’ as practical and practical spirituality is what I’m about. So very good luck with your venture, there must be so many people out there waiting for you.

      • Haha, Sally. There are definitely trigger words! I’m probably guilty of using a few occasionally but hopefully I give enough context so whoever’s listening knows they come from an honest place. I’m all for spirituality that works in real time. No time or interest in the exclusive club. 🙂

        Thanks for you well-wishes. <3

    • Hi Emelia – me too – practical stuff but definitely with a spiritual basis! I’m currently re-writing my website and FB page to reflect this and my blog articles are already doing this! Would love to connect too 🙂

    • Emelia,

      Love your take on woo woo. 🙂 I don’t do woo really, a lot of us don’t it seems. I’m spiritual but definitely more the brand of woo-lite. I work with combat veterans so the woo is hard to get with them, but oddly enough meditation is the #1 thing I recommend along with equine therapy, both of which I do.

      The 4 P’s are a great way to differentiate in a crowded space. Would love to connect Emelia!


    • emelia!
      woo-lite .. luv it ?
      you stirred up quite a few here with that…

      and i’m all for soul-gasms too
      nice to see another ??‍♀️??‍♀️ earth-ing lofty spirituality with the soul of the matter (that *WE* so naturally embody, express)
      — can we connect?


  3. It’s official. Marie, you’re my sign.

    I’ve been brainstorming with an entrepreneurial friend the topic of “us in our brands” and the conclusion we reached is that we need more of personal stories, more of “us in our (respective) brands”.

    So let me start. I’m an interior designer and I teach people how they can (by themselves!) transform their homes and improve them, step-by-step, without hiring an expensive designer. Because I think that we could all use the benefits of a beautiful home that supports our needs and which is aligned with our lifestyle.

    Now as my first P – purpose, I guess I should incorporate my story in my copy a lot more.

    In the last decade I travelled and lived in 12 different homes across 6 different countries all over Europe. And what this taught me, FIRST-HAND, is how much the space we live and work in affects who we are and how we behave.

    So it’s not just that I’m an interior designer and I know how to make the space look good and work better for us, but it’s also that I realise how big effect it will have on your life. And therefore how bloody important it is that you take a bit of your time NOW, to save you a lot of your time later. (Ever tried to get out of the door quickly but everything you needed was all over the place? A well thought-through space wouldn’t allow that to happen again.)

    So I guess this is my P for Purpose.

    Would that speak to you more than the “I’m an interior designer and therefore I know how to do it”??

    Marie, thank you for your videos, they inspire me every week.


    • Kat, I love your focus!

      As a brand designer who is a little obsessed with interior design, I definitely share the idea that your space and environment is so crucial to feeling most you and a place of comfort.

      Actually, when I’m working with brand clients, I do a lot of digging into who they are before I start designing and one of the questions I ask is to describe an environment where they feel most happy and centered.

      Keep on doing what you are doing, Kat, because it’s important!!

      <3 Nat

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Kat! Rather than purely providing a service, you’re empowering people to understand how to create spaces that will enrich their lives. I think your hook is that you can create these spaces for them and after they’re created you can help them understand how to curate the space, which is also important. People evolve, so it makes sense that their spaces would too, to a degree.

    • Ama Gaba

      Kat, I love what you are doing!

      I think most people don’t realise to what extent our immediate surroundings affect our thoughts and actions. Gisella, one of my design teachers, referred to the spaces we spend the majority of our time in as “third skin” (the 1st is our actual skin and the 2nd our clothes). This expression is so spot-on, because it defines the spaces we inhabit as a part of us.

      Your concept of designing a space based on how your clients move around and use their personal space not only saves them time but also helps to keep their sanity, especially on those days where you had to leave 10 minutes ago, but you just! can’t! find! your! keys etc.! So yes, “give me SOME of your time so I can give you MORE time” sound much more appealing than “hey guys, I got a diploma”.

      Best of luck! 🙂

  4. Hey! Cool thing is, as long as we’re infusing our personalitites into our brands and what we produce in this world — we will ALWAYS have what all those other _____ (fill in the blank with what you do) out there.

    The one difference we each have is that we are uniquely US. Don’t be shy in sharing that piece of you with the world.

  5. Love to hear you list these out Marie. The purpose and the people are so key…but I think people have trouble coming up with a compelling purpose (ie; “I just wanna help people!”) which is where I think what pisses you off can come in handy. However, I get resistance from my clients when I encourage them to think about what pisses them off, but for me it’s one of the crucial pieces of how you truly uncover how to set yourself apart. This was my favourite video in a while.

    • I’ve read a lot about writing copy but have never read about incorporating what ‘piss you off’. I’ve sat here staring at this post and your reply and really trying to think – what piss me off – and all I can end that sentence with is ‘about what?’ If you don’t mind me asking how do you get your clients to get past that?

      • Hi Sonia! I just walk them through it based on what industry they’re in. As a coach, I can’t stand how airy-fairy coaching is presented by many in my industry. I’m not going to “hold the space” for you. I’m going to help you in a tangible and no-bullshit way. I will likely ask questions or share observations that make you uncomfortable, and I’m definitely going to push you to get the results you’re paying me to help you with. The “finding your purpose” stuff in my industry makes me nuts. It’s *action* that leads to clarity, not navel-gazing.

        Let’s look at a client example: if my client is a web designer, I get them to think about what it is about a) web design that pisses them off and b) other web designers that pisses them off.

        So their answers for part a might be; bad design, lack of user-friendliness of a website, outdated design, pieces of a website not functioning, etc and for part b that might look like web designers who take forever to finish a project and string clients along, web designers who undercharge therefore devaluing the industry, etc.

        How this translates into copy and personal presentation of business values might look something like this;

        “You’re making a major investment in your business and you want something beautiful, cutting edge, and crazy user-friendly that you can be really proud of. Forget those web designers who take your money, complete half the project and then disappear…that’s all kinds of wrong! I promise to give you a specific timeline and we’ll stick to it. I lay out my rates at the outset so there are no hidden surprises, and while I may not be the cheapest designer (do you really want a cheap designer?), I promise you I’m well worth it. Don’t take my word for it: see what my clients have to say(Link to testimonials)”

        You’re basically taking the things that you’re unhappy with in your industry (which are similar to the fears of your client) and turning that into your messaging. Reassuring people that hiring you will mean the *opposite* of their biggest fears coming true is key. Does this help?

        • Holy Heck yeah!! (sorry promised my child I would stop using bad words). You worded the negative feelings but turned them into sentences that state the negative but not in a negative way.

          I guess that was the part I wasn’t getting how you could take something that piss you off and make it into something that wouldn’t piss people off that you were saying it.

          Thank you so much!

        • Hi Heather!
          I just started recently my web design services business and your comment and example came as an eye-opener. That is there are quite a few things that piss me off about how others in my industry approach website design and web design solutions but I was struggling with how to express it in a way that’s not purely a negative rant but also would help me make my point and emphasizes to my ideal clients how I can help them in a meaningful way. Thank you so much!

          • Hey Petra! You’re very welcome. I’m glad my spin on things was helpful to you. I popped over to check out your website and it looks like you’re off to a really solid start. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help in the future. This stuff is my jam!

            All the best, Heather

  6. Just great advice!! How refreshing to see creative ideas in marketing services that are so popular. Its a break from the same ol’ same ol’.
    Sign me up for one of her massages!

  7. So helpful! I’ve been working through using samey and overused words and figuring out what I can do to stand out! This video could not have come at a better time!

  8. Hello! Great episode thankyou Marie!
    When I feel like I’m drifting into genericville and away from my voice I rewrite my copy as though I’m writing it to my mum, then write that again to my dream client, it gives more heart and reach to my words, and is a cosy confidence boost 🙂

    • Sarah

      I love this idea of writing the copy as if you are writing it to your Mom and then re-writing that for clients. A flash of brilliance!

  9. I already have 3 P’s in my tagline (Peace, Presence, Purpose), I guess the 4th P is the invisible one, and probably the most powerful one – “what Pisses me off.” I’ve never tried to incorporate that angle into my copy… something to think about!

  10. I just love you, Marie!!! This video was so awesomely inspiring!
    You are the best!

  11. As always Marie you give me actionable ideas and strategies to continue to develop and grow as an entrepreneur. Thank you for giving me that constant PD I need to refine, learn and continue forward with my goals.

  12. Excellent advice and ideas on the “4 P’s”…. thank you!!

  13. My problem is slightly different than the one in this blog. No one else does what I do – I have no one to model, no one to brainstorm with. Sometimes I think I’m in the wrong field, that I got it wrong when I picked my niche. Although when picking a niche, research says you want to pick a small defined group – I’ve got that. I just wish there was a little more support for professionals who are lone wolves in their area of genius. I am a high conflict separation and divorce communications strategist. Often times parents focus on the legal aspect of separation/divorce and completely forget that they’ll actually need to communicate with each other even more once separated. Add in ‘high conflict’ and it’s a recipe for disaster. I give separating parents their sanity back during an insane time.

    • sb

      John Gray–they are top quality–even for info & communication–or other excellent couples therapists for like-minded goals & support–plus their meetings, conventions, writings, etc. Or family therapists.&/or try some sessions using a partner. One well-known family therapist wrote that they would never face something so big, alone. (Could try experiment: one time/project/couple/consult with a couples/family therapist). Be sure you feel they are a good fit with you first–values, communication, whatever. It’s a terrific service & good luck!

      • sb

        That was the Couples Institute

    • Marianna Musengo

      Andrea, you just brainstormed yourself within this comment section!
      “Often times parents focus on the legal aspect of separation/divorce and completely forget that they’ll actually need to communicate with each other even more once separated. Add in ‘high conflict’ and it’s a recipe for disaster. I give separating parents their sanity back during an insane time.”
      There you have it! … PEOPLE, and PURPOSE … 2 Ps covered!
      Your outcome for your clients is your model. Pen, paper, and ‘heart’ can be great brainstorm partners.

  14. Completely agree with you, Marie, but I don’t think it stops at making your copy sound unique.

    Having a unique brand design that reflects who someone is in an authentic way is super important, too. People want to feel like they can connect with you, which requires crystal clear copy and beautiful visuals that speak to them.

    Inviting people into your world and creating an experience for them is so key for small businesses and can really set them a part from the corporate-y, same-y jargon.

    That is why I love creating branding for social good entrepreneurs that is more “them” because ultimately people want to buy products and services from people they trust.

    Thanks for another great MarieTV episode!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Natalie. Businesses should work to extend their special brand of unique into everything they do to make all their communications/services/experiences/etc. quintessentially them.

  15. Alicia

    Wow! You sure made a client out of me, and I HATE getting a massage! Nonny hope you eating this stuff up!

  16. Marie –

    The video reminded me to use the words of my customer instead of the words of my industry. Thanks!

    – Meredith

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Very true, Meredith. Industry jargon can be great for industry conferences and B2B businesses, but it can easily overwhelm customers.

  17. Such a timely topic Marie! I have been re-branding my website and finding the right words to describe what I do (peak performance coaching for women) without sounding like every other coach in the niche is a challenge.
    Thank you and take care,

  18. ROTFL —> “Copy Cure: Side effects included ENLARGED Profits.”

    PS: This was a really great episode. I loved all the tag lines you came up for this Q Marie.

  19. Great, as usual! This was a great reminder of B-School lessons. I’d forgotten about the pissed off “P”. What pisses me off about the art world is the snob factor – it’s turned me away for decades. I will review my website to make sure that the art and I are approachable and that we really help people to connect to their essence (totally not a snobby thing.).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome approach, Dominique! There’s totally room for both in the world, but I know your audience will appreciate that you understand them in particular and communicate that understanding to them.

  20. This episode is really making me think. I’ll be back to watch a few more times for inspiration!

  21. Read my mind once again with the content for this post Marie!! I am SO enthusiastic about what we are creating, that I keep having to edit my copy to fix it from “I LOVE THIS!” to “YOU will love this because…”. Takes some practice, but these revamped 4 P’s will definitely help. After all, I’m not going to buy my own products (well not all of them anyway!), I want to sell them to other people who will love them just as much as I do!

  22. As always, perfection Marie! Can’t wait to sign up for your course! xo

  23. Thanks Marie! This is on my To-Do List today – working on making my biz stand out using your tips.

  24. mary

    THank you Marie, I know people want to know what it is about me that they would want to spend time with vs someone else, so how to share that, so if people remember you because of how you made them feel, the power of words become very important. hugs, mary

  25. Great video! I took several live business courses last year and that was one of the exercises we had to do as well. Determine what we think our mission was based on what we’re all about, who we want to serve, and what we’re out to create that’s different from everyone else. But good copy definitely boils down to those four p’s–excellent way of summing it all up. I’m curious about the course, I’m already a writer but it’s always good to brush up on skills!

  26. The copy point really sticks with me! Sometimes when writing copy or blog posts it takes 4 or 5 paragraphs before I find my “voice”. I’ll write very functional copy for 30 mins to an hour before I finally get to copy that actually sounds like me.

    Marie and team, any tips on getting in to your writing grove with a quickness (outside of the obvious practice makes perfect 🙂 )?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Ashley! Maybe you could try starting at the point in the blog post you’re most excited about rather than writing the post in chronological order. You can always go back and write the beginning or end before the post are published, but starting at the point of the post you’re most excited about could help you get into the groove faster.

      • Togna

        Have you ever done “Morning Papers” from The Artist Way? Super helpful way to get the mind chatter out before sitting down to a writing session 🙂

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Yes Togna! I love the Morning Papers exercise and did it just this morning myself. It really helps to unload our brains from the many things they can loop around about.

  27. Thank you so much Marie, Tuesdays morning after the kids are off to school I sit down with a hot drink and watch your weekly video. As usual it is timely and so motivating. As I dive deeply into a new sector of my business the Four P’s serve as sage wisdom to set me on the road to standing out from the competition. Thank you, merci beacoup and mahalo!

  28. Thanks for another great episode! The last few weeks have been so relevant to me and my business. It’s like you’re reading my mind about what I need!

    This one was truly awesome though! I’m in the photography business and I’m still so new that I haven’t figured out how to differentiate myself. This is such a great idea for how to start!

  29. Hey this I’d so crazy. This weekend I was just at a convention scooping out the competition and the costumers and I realize I need to dig deep in to my brand and make it something really special.
    I make custome costumes for different types of events, usually geek themed. I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces taliored to my client and they’re needs. I think that at least starts to cover 2 of my P’s, Purpose and People. For Pissed off: When I was in fashion school we learned about overseas factories and sweatshops and it was a big wake-up call for me. We waste a lot of clothing that was too cheaply made on the backs of slaves. I’ve been making a point of purchasing investment pieces over fast fashion items. This is part of an environment issue as well as a global-social. In my business I’m looking to create the same thing. In the circles I run in, I see people who want their money to go far and do so by making an investment into their costumes so they can enjoy it for years to come. That’s what o have so far. Thanks Marie!!!

    • Dear Ashley,

      I hope you have this sentence on your website cuz it is just brilliant!!!

      “When I was in fashion school we learned about overseas factories and sweatshops and it was a big wake-up call for me. We waste a lot of clothing that was too cheaply made on the backs of slaves.”


  30. Wow! Just wow!!

    I’m blown away. This has to be the best episode so far this year. Thanks for the actionable tips Marie. You rock!

  31. Perfect timing for this since I’m currently in the midst of creating a web page, Logo and writing a book for balancing womens hormones naturally. After working my daughter off 12 Meds (!) for endometriosis, I have so much knowledge I’ve gained and I’ve seen it work for my female clients for everything from PCOS, fibroids, Endo,PMS, Menopause etc. So many of these women are downright pissed off at their hormones and uterus. I need to “touch” these women in the book title and Web page. Somehow, “Heal Your Hormones Naturally” just won’t catch their interest as much as something like “Take My Uterus–Please!” However, I’m stuck on names and a title-hoping this article gives me a great inspiration. Great info and great video! (I’d love to know how to make a video with all these cool effects-what program you use etc 🙂 Thank you for your great info!

  32. Great video, Marie! I think I need to focus more on the purpose in my writing. I am a vegan, and my website provides recipes for people in mixed diet relationships. I feel like I have a few people I’m trying to serve: women who are currently vegan or vegetarian whose partners are not, and women who used to be vegan, and who didn’t stay the course because of social pressure. I want to provide tools and resources, primarily through recipes, to help those women make the kind and conscious choices they want to make. I want to help bring about a world that is free from industrial animal agriculture, and I think the first step is to empower those who have already expressed an interest in a plant-based life, but who find the social isolation to be an obstacle. In my mind, my purpose is so clear! But I’m not sure it’s translating to my copy. One specific action I can take to speak more directly to my ideal client is to highlight her potential problem in my copy, and position my recipe as a solution. For example: “Think you can’t make cookies without butter? You don’t need to use animal products to satisfy your comfort food cravings.” I’ll work on it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such important work, Amanda! It’s so hard to keep to a diet when your partner and/or friends don’t support you.

      • Thank you, Mandy! I went back and reworked the copy for my next recipe. I think it’s going to provide a lot more value to my readers!

        I’ve also reworked the copy on my opt-in. I’m trying to attract female readers who are currently vegan but whose partners are not, or who used to be vegan and didn’t say the course because of the social pressure. How does this sound? “You don’t have to choose between your values and your social life. Plant based food is for everyone! Get omnivore-approved vegan recipes delivered to you every Sunday.”

  33. Marie, you are so AWESOME, you make everything so easy!

    Have a joyful day 🙂

    • And so, in the hurry, I put
      the WRONG link under my name.
      But this one now is well good 🙂

  34. Amy

    Team Marie – I am absolutely LOVING The Copy Cure emails and this video. I have been reworking my website this week for pet portraits that are inspired by stenciled graffiti and pop art… and I feel like every new tweak gets me closer to a true representation of who I am. I addressed one of the things that pisses me off earlier this week: when I go to someone else’s website on my phone and it doesn’t convert properly… nothing is aligned or the text takes a billion years to get through. I played around with my copy and thought “yeah, this is it! Let’s check it on my phone now!” And it looked awful on my phone… So I kept playing around with the spacing and slashing out extra words until I got something that looked great on my laptop AND my phone. I can’t wait to look through my website again today and think about the other 3 Ps and where I can continue to improve.

  35. Marie,
    Your advice is brilliant and really resonates with me. Sometimes I feel that I try ‘too hard’ at writing copy and it just doesn’t sound like me! I have a new trick and tip – I use the ‘voice memo’ on my phone to record my ideas for my facebook blog and ideas and new content for my clients! This way it is ‘me’ and not just a bunch of ‘copy’ that sounds….well….just there.

    Keep up the fantastic work – you certainly have given me, and keep on giving me, the courage and confidence to go on and share my gift with others:)

    Thank you so much Marie xox

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Shari, that’s super smart. What a great way to truly capture your voice and turn it into copy authentically!

  36. I agree with others who say the ‘pisses you off’ is a good way to differentiate. I’m glad to see this one included along with purpose, principles, and people. Also like your fantasize suggestion for massage – I’m letting my sister know about this (who is a therapist in this field).

  37. I’ve just moved my boutique into a beautiful wellness center. I need to bring in customers who are a few blocks up shopping on the main street. I need some great verbiage that brings them into the center not just for the services but to shop in the boutique (inspirational gifts, home and garden).

  38. I LOVE this so MUCH! Thank you! My head is going and now I am gonna have to hold myself back. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to somehow stand out from the rest… cause it was getting boring. “Because you deserve a nap TOO!” My favorite! It comes from a different direction with a new perspective. And the 4th P is great too to help customers recognize the difference. Can’t wait for your next one Marie. XO

  39. Azzy

    Thanks…Its so creative and profound…

  40. Thanks for the tips. This is exactly what I was working on for the past 2 days. I own a blog and maternity concierge service with the same name. My differentiation is helping first time mothers become confident in their new role and looking good while they are at it. I believe a fulfilled motherhood is achieved by living moderately.

    Anyone care to comment on that?

  41. I have a few different businesses, all of which are part of my purpose, but it’s interesting how they all play out a different part of that purpose. I find that the more I try to narrow in and hone down to just one of those, the more I feel cut off from all the others…. so… here’s the one that resonates with me the most right now….

    Smarter Business Workshop

    Purpose: To help other photographers achieve success on their terms, in ways that are uniquely aligned to who they are.

    Story: I found too many photographers defining success as a number, or shooting for a certain venue, or getting into a certain publication, but for me, success meant working with people I love, creating work I love, being valued for my talents, and having enough time and energy to still enjoy friends and family during my week.

    Principles: Walking the talk. Having overcome many of the problems in my own business, I’m able to uniquely understand the issues that photographers face in creating an ideal balance between what they need to have a healthy creative lifestyle and what their clients need to support their talent and doing what they love.

    People I serve: I find that the people who I serve most often are very talented photographers who have yet to find their ideal clients who value them, and have yet to really discover how they can work in ways that better honor their time and their talent with decent compensation. Surprisingly, these people can be in business for 3 years or 10 years before they realize they’ve been doing it the way others have for far too long and they need to discover their own way of doing it to better serve their life and their value.

    Pissed Off: I get sooooo pissed off at the other educators in our industry who are simply teaching to create carbon copies of themselves. While I think that it’s interesting and informative to help people sample a unique way of being a photographer, I think far too often newer artists fall into the trap of thinking that they MUST be like this other artist in order to be successful, when it’s so far from their own truth and what makes them unique. I really really hope to solve this problem in our industry by helping photographers identify their own unique qualities and unique value.

    Thanks for sharing this great framework that helps businesses tell their stories more authentically. Loved this one Marie- especially since you have such a large community of entrepreneurs who fall into similar categories and need differentiation more than anything else to help them know their own uniquely valuable talents.

  42. As a teacher for over 10 years, I know first hand that 2 people can teach the EXACT same material and get completely different results. It has a lot to do with technique, but also about VOICE. Marie, you said that in Bschool, that your unique voice is what this world needs. Even if there are 100 other people out there who say a similar thing, when YOU say it, it is just a little bit different and it may just be the spark or the words that someone needed to hear.

    What I struggle with now is making sure I use words that represent me, and not what I think I should be. (Well, that, and not being too wordy and verbose.) Any tips along those lines would be very helpful.

    P.S. I’m now a teacher trainer in how to use technology in the classroom.

  43. Great episode! LOVE the simplicity, yet brilliance of the 4 P’s. The Copy Cure is awesome! I have already learned some new skills from the emails I got from you.

  44. I loved this Marie!
    My goal is to one day own my own marketing, consulting, and communications business to promote other yoga teachers and small wellness businesses. My competition isn’t so much others that are doing this — I feel that my “competition” is the choice many clients will make to take care of these difficult-to-quantify tasks themselves. For me, that means choosing the best language to communicate my values and my worth.

  45. Peter Schwartz

    This is an important point, Marie. Really useful.

    One other thing people can do to avoid being the same ole is bring to the fore and own things, say, every massage therapist does for their clients, or most do for their clients…

    …but never bother to mention because it seems too obvious or isn’t really unique to them.

    The classic example of this are the old, old Schlitz beer ads which made a point of saying they “steam cleaned their bottles.” Every other beer maker did the same, but no one said it except Schlitz. So it was a benefit that they owned just because they spoke up.

    This can be a very tough thing for people to do for themselves. At least talking it out with someone else who’s creative and enthusiastic can spark some good ideas.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that example, Peter. I’ve never seen those commercials but now I’m curious to go look them up — great share!

  46. Great lesson Marie. I’m told by friends and clients that I’m an awesome copy writer and honestly, it’s not hard. What works for me is writing how the voice in my head speaks. Meaning, I communicate how I would talk with you if we were sitting next to each other. This form of writing makes it way less salesy and it allows for my authentic, true and sometimes edgy voice shine through … It’s always easy to see a business or person who’s writing from the cookie cutter marketing text book and when I see that, I click away because it’s boring. Give me sass (if it’s natural), share with me heart and offer up the honesty. Do this and I will trust and probably buy from you.

  47. Hi Marie and Tribe, Thank you for sharing this copy writing tip. It can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd especially if you try to stand out in English which is your second language. It can be more challenging to come up with something that sounds authentic, creative, unique and trendy. I struggle with this and I know I’m not alone. I just talk more stiffly in English than I do in my native language. As a non native you pick up automatically what people use the most, so that’s how you learn, understand and as a result blend-in with the crowd…Does anyone know how to lose the language stiffness?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kriszti, your comment here doesn’t sound stiff to me at all! Off the top of my head, I think practicing with writing and also reading (a lot!) is very helpful. The more you read and write, the more natural it’ll feel. But embrace how great your English is already!

  48. This is the EXACT problem that I see keeping so many certified fitness professionals from starting their businesses. I’m definitely sharing this with my list.

    Totally love all the copy you came up with for moms, too 🙂

    Thanks for a great episode!

  49. SANDY

    Thank you for the 4 P’s and an example of how to implement.
    Love Love the ideas of how you reach out to the Mom’s.
    That type of advertising would get me to say YES, to a spa day!
    Your fantastic! Sandy

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m not a mom, but that would get me to say yes to a spa day too! 🙂

  50. Suzie Bartle

    Marie – you’re a super power from above!!! I was also starting lose faith i could stand out although i knew deep down i could but had lost the reasons how and why. So this has chugged me along perfectly.

    I’m starting a health coach business. Whilst i know there’s heaps of health coaches out there. I’m starting up as one to not just coach people to health. I’m doing it because of my experience of being is that a.i couldn’t find one person who could introduce me to the full health landscape to save me time and money when all i wanted was a health roadmap b.when you’re sick you feel like noone other than your doctor understands and everytime you want to do something self-care time noone understand beyond the treatment itself. So i guess these leads nicely onto some copy ideas from me based on ‘pisses me off’ ‘promise’:

    ‘Learn what i learnt in 10 years in 10 weeks with my holistic health map’ or ‘Leave health overhwhelm at the door and lets write your unique health rules together today’ or ‘Discover what being healthy really looks like from someone who really gets it’. And i could go on. Thanks for this!!!

  51. Mind Mason

    I find, for myself, that becoming unidentifiable to myself allows me the optional expanses to be free from a self-mind that is obsolete from the future, which allows my future-self to become more foreseeable. The only way to see and be beyond ourselves is to keep our conclusions of ourselves open-ended. To remain in the wildfire of adventure in all ways, I apply being an Unidentifiable Focusing Observer (UFO) so that I, in all ways, have the space for a more limitless self-mind to be re-remembered as my ever-present, ever-becoming self. As mystical as it sounds, it is quite practical and natural once its been examined enough through practice. When you find it produces, you’re excited with peace, thankfulness and willful adventure.

    Author/ Vocalist of “The Boldness of Becoming, The Alchemy of Ideas”

  52. Oliver

    I am not sure I completely understood your methods. This is what I think.

    Agreed. Creating a market niche or targeting a unique customer adds value to a product or service. Then explaining how a product or service is unique is how to effectively connect with customers.

    Thanks for clever segment.


    • Oliver addition


      I forgot to add I might not understand methods too well because I only watched video one time in an effort to improve time management skills.
      Generally, I understand the content of a video segment the first time I watch and other times I may have to watch serveral times.
      30 minutes of total time alloted today to MarieTV including watching the video segment and reply to it.


      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Oliver, it’s really cool that you allotted a certain amount of time to watch MarieTV — we’re so glad to have you tuning in!

        It looks like you’re absolutely on the right track. Marketing tends to be more effective when you’re talking to a specific person (your ideal customer). If you’re trying to talk to everyone at once, it’s not as compelling or interesting.

        You can check out this other MarieTV episodes for some more great tips:

  53. Think like your customer not other way round, brilliant! Thrilled to hear I should highlight no.4 cause I always hear you shouldn’t be negative. What pisses me off is what drives me to help my customers solve their problems and they sure appreciate it! Just because everyone in my industry says to get a wok to suit your cooktop, I say get the BEST, no compromise! THANK YOU, I’ll use it to my advantage!

  54. I pretty much came up with my entire business identity based on what pisses me off in the weight & wellness industry. The other 3 “Ps” are a great reminder to draw from other sources, too, when writing copy. Thanks!

    • The 3Ps, especially the pissing off factor, is what ultimately drove me to start a business in the weight and wellness industry too Barb. It can be an incredible driver for both us and our clients, hey!

  55. Marie,
    Loved your ideas for the massage business. It really pays to dig deeper and know your client specifically. Really informative and helpful. Thanks.

  56. Awesome episode, Marie! I like to think of my ideal reader as about myself a few years ago. I try to describe my own pains and struggles and then offer the solution that I myself (a few years ago) would dream off. That way it should be in resonance with an inner voice of my ideal reader. Results in trust! Wooohooo!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      LOVE that, Milena. I bet your readers feel super connected to you!

    • That’s fantastic Milena – I’ve done a bit of that too. We have worn their shoes and know how to get rid of those damn blisters, metaphorically speaking of course.

  57. Marie, this is another cracker of a post! Really, how you distill all your experience and entrepreneurial nous is amazing!
    I’ve wanted to get in touch for ages to say this: had I not come across your online tutorial videos I don’t think I’d be where I am today…just launched my baby startup called Great Life Distillery and during those dark times when I wondered ‘what the hell am I going to do now’ your videos were a salve to my confused and scared soul!
    No longer confused and not scared so thank you so much form a little startup with a big vision in Ireland! x

  58. Thank you, Marie! You always provide valuable ideas and tips to make our business stand out. More power to you!

  59. As always I love Q&A Tuesdays! I’ve been struggling with this same issue and loved the solution. I will definitely be using the 4P’s when writing copy. Mahalo (thanks + tons of gratitude) Marie! Big shout out to Nani! Woo hoo Hawaii in the house!!!!

  60. Thanks for another awesome episode, Marie. I am about to update my website copy and prices – I can’t wait to reflect further on the 4P’s in this process. Perfect timing, as always.

  61. Haha! Loved it.

  62. Marie I want you to know that I’m your raving Fan – you are the best in what you do! your ideas are just brilliant, love them all. I’m trying to find my own voice in my art business but for now it is so hard for me. I’m creative painting and it comes so natural to me, but with writing I never know what words to use so that it sounds appealing, inspiring and just right… Hope one day I’ll get it…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your sweet note, Wiktoria! It sounds like you’re on the right track working on your writing. It’s all in just practicing and experimenting.

      I just had a little idea pop to mind … maybe you could take a scrap piece of paper and actually paint a few words? Not full copy, but just a few words to start linking your painting to words. I think so many of us underestimate the power of our creative brains for making those connections between different kinds of “art,” so that might be a fun way to explore some ideas 🙂

  63. Hi Marie, You certainly do know your audience. I have never sent in a Q & A question before, but I was considering it this week and funny enough I was going to ask the same question you answered today!

    So I’m very happy with your amazing answer. Since I discovered you, I have also discovered a few other ‘very’ similar businesses that seem to have basically copied you out right (even the ‘hot, happy, rich’ mug).

    You are great, amazing and really have created a business and life you love, but if I copied you, then I wouldn’t be me (if that makes sense!).

    Although I would love you level of success I really want it my way, on my terms through what I have created.

    These tips have helped so much.

    Thanks, Marie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Naomi! We’re so happy we “read your mind” and answered your Q. I love what you’ve shared about reflecting your own uniqueness and creating success on your own terms. That’s really the only way to go — people can sense copycats a mile away, as you’ve seen, so celebrating our own gifts and strengths is so important!

      • Thanks Caroline,

        I love receiving responses from Team Forleo!


  64. Synchronicity!!! Just got home to work on my ABOUT page today!

    • I finished and posted it today! And I used all 4 Ps. Thank you so much for the help and inspiration.

  65. Great points! I was playing too nice, and leaving out the “What pisses me off”. Which is strange, since my whole concept is about how I believe most of the job interview & client pitching advice is so generic and useless; who knows what the actual questions will be.What everyone really needs is to practice talking about their background out loud, with a stranger. Only by actually having and practicing these kinds of conversations do we become truly competent. When so much money is at stake, why stick with generic advice?

    But what really hit me in the heart was the last insight! “No matter how noisy the world becomes, you have the power to make sure your voice and message get heard.”

    Thanks Marie!

  66. Love this…actually really resonates with us and our business as we’re specifically for Healthy Mamas… Such an obvious take on copy and yet soooooooo effective. Will definitely be reassessing our copy.

    Thank you as always Marie and your amazing team…x

  67. Jodi

    I loved this Marie. You help make something difficult fun and easy. Quick question in regard to The Copy Cure. I signed up a long time ago and was wondering when the class was suppose to be starting? I have loved and saved all of the free tips you have sent out so far.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jodi, thank you for your note, and we’re so happy you’ve been enjoying our copy tips! The Copy Cure is definitely coming out very soon. Although we don’t have the exact date it will open, it will definitely be a summer of copy 🙂

      We’re hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready and we can’t wait to share more details with you, so definitely keep an eye on your inbox for updates!

      • Jodi

        Thank you!

  68. Our travel website is unique if I may say so myself, it is our story and our story alone. They are stories and narratives based on our travels and are our voice. Being different has taken us longer get high traffic, but we know it is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

    Signed up to CopyCure to improve even more. Thanks Marie!

  69. I’m an over 50 mom of twins, married for 28 years. I started a blog because I noticed so little information for women my age out there. I wanted my blog to be a diary of me transitioning into this stage of life. I’m not sure how to make it stand out though. I don’t want it to be another blog about how-tos? I want it to be a place to go for ideas though and advice on how to enjoy this stage of life. I think this sounds confusing. Maybe it’s not even a good idea? Need some advice and help. I love writing on the blog and taking pictures of the things I do. Thanks.

    • Hey Michele!

      I’m an o’50 too! Looks like we have a lot in common! I’ve found that the purpose part is really, really key! At 50 we definitely have a story and being able to tie our story into the why we blog has helped me a lot with the direction of my blog. Hope this helps a little!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for tuning in this week, Michele! It sounds like you have some great thoughts in the works, and I love what Robin shared about tying your story into your blog.

      While reading your note, this episode of MarieTV popped to mind that I thought I’d pass along for considering your “why” and digging into your clarity a bit more:

      It’s a classic, so I hope you enjoy checking it out!

  70. I LOVE this and I have signed up for the CC! Been on that train for a while now.
    I am going to implement the 4 P’s right now.

    Thanks Marie!

    Gems of wisdom as always!


  71. Ana

    But … there is no article here. It just talks about the video. I run a business – I don’t have time to sit around watching videos when I could skim an article in about 20 seconds. Next time, take the time to summarize what the video says in an article or warn people not to waste time clicking on the link unless they have all day to sit around watching videos. Otherwise, you are just being lazy.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ana, thank you for stopping by. It’s actually a conscious choice to do all of our blog posts in video format. Most of our videos tend to be shorter than 10 minutes (except a few longer interviews), so they’re easy to listen to during a break or even on the go.

  72. Mary

    This just made a huge light bulb go off in my head , I was up last night trying to figure out great ideas for my business to stand out and I got a great idea after watching this video .. Marie you are AMAZING!!!!!

  73. Great advice for newbies like me! I have personally tried few businesses before and have crashed and burnt. Not knowing what is your Purpose and your Passion keeps you going in circles.
    Once I started understanding myself, things started falling into place. I am starting out as a Transformational Coach and hoping to show others to create a Purposeful Business!

  74. This video was great. Really goo points of cutting out all the words that everyone in the industry uses. So cutting all the cliches. Love that.

    Marie – do you have a method for figuring out WHAT the cliches and overused words are? Sometimes I think it can be hard to even figure out what those are.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Good Q, Gareth! I don’t think there’s one specific method to finding out what the overused words are, since it does differ a bit from industry to industry in how much/how often/ and what people communicate with their customers, but I have a couple thoughts to help you get started.

      First of all, there are probably things that you’ll know right away are overused words or cliches. For example, there must be thousands of coaches who say things like “have the life of your dreams.” Not very specific, and everyone’s saying it, so considering the first things that come to mind is helpful.

      One tip for digging a bit deeper into ones that might not be as obvious is thinking about the 4th P — pisses you off. It might just be me ;), but when I hear the same cliche over and over, I personally get kind of annoyed by it. This might involve something like checking out some websites of others in your industry and seeing if there are particular phrases or words that seem to pop up enough to be irritating.

      On the other hand, it’s also not helpful to get too out in the weeds (like a life coach describing their service as “magic rainbow unicorn sessions” with no further explanation), so it’s about finding that balance between describing clearly what you do and bringing your own unique voice and strengths to it.

      My comment got a bit crazy, but I hope it helped 🙂

  75. Judi

    Marie, you da man!

    Ha! Look at that. I was about to go to sleep but im still jittery from the fantastic day I just had, so I decided to set my sail and start off my tomorrow on an great note. So I watched a Marie Forelo video and it surely has done the trick. I have never thought of the 4 p’s before but I think I do it all the time without knowing. Ive been learning how to speak about my business in a very personal way, basically from the core of why im doing this and it has not failed me yet.

    Ps: I havent used business cards in months yet my business is growing faster than ever. All thanks to what we now know is just 1 of the 4 P’s.

    -Judi , Telafriend

  76. Auset

    Hi Marie!

    Thanks for the informative video! But, can you explain in layman’s terms what exactly is “copy”? Would you say it is “writing ads for your business” or is there more to it? I get that it is an advertisement term of some sort, but as a self-taught dynamo, I don’t know exactly what it is. I know I can google & wiki – but I’d appreciate your take on the official definition a lot more lol Perhaps a some others are curious too.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Really great question, Auset! The definition can vary a little depending on who you ask, but in a nutshell, entrepreneurs will use copy to describe “writing for your business.” Some examples would be a sales page, an email newsletter, or the writing that goes on an advertisement.

      Usually it is centered around ads and writing used to help you sell products or services, but often we will use the term “copy” a bit more loosely when we’re referring to writing for our biz in general.

      I also like what says: “copywriting is the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. copywriting is getting across the perfect message, with the perfect words.”

      I hope that helps! Definitely feel free to check wiki too for some other thoughts 🙂

  77. Hi there,

    The truth is, doesn’t matter what niche you have, the market is always crowded. However, everyone has something special to offer (unless all you do is copy), and there are always people who would be interested in especially you. I find it is crucial to show your own personality and uniqueness in your brand and how you are different than your competitors. Another important thing is that you need to get out there to find your perfect customers, so they don’t have to find you. For your personal customer, you are perfect as well. Number one thing for me is to offer quality and value together (no matter what it is – customer service, products, responding to emails, business handouts, business cards, etc) and just to be a human who relates to the perfect customers 🙂

  78. Loved this episode, especially the 4th P.
    I have many times heard, pick your avatar and definitely
    have found that challenging. I think I get stuck on thinking
    it has to be a woman in her 50’s etc. I’m also balancing what
    comes to me intuitively with the reality of human behavior. Examples really help me, so thank you for giving us an example of how to be more specific
    with copy. With that being said, my focus is hardworking overachievers who are newly becoming conscious. Folks with conventional success
    feeling like its not enough, feel as though something is missing and want more but don’t want to give up all they have worked hard for, safety, security, nice life style. Now what pisses me off which I mention in my copy but it’s not glaring is that the “spiritual life” gets portrayed as boring and free of material wealth, luxury, etc. That one has to sacrafice fun, pleasure, etc. which is farthest from the truth. What excites me most is teaching folks to be rich inside AND out. I’d love some ideas of meeting these people where they are at with my copy. Most folks turn to spirituality once hitting rock bottom through illness, a lay-off, etc. I want to serve those at the start of their downhill.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Sweta, thank you so much for tuning in this week! I love your take on a spiritual life being a balance where you can still have fun.

      Regarding reaching folks with your copy, here’s a great MarieTV episode that has some great tips for that:

      You’re also welcome to sign up for some awesome free copy tips at thecopycureDOTcom! 🙂

  79. We used some really non-conventional words for our ecological, seasonal and local food hub (because we found those words getting co-opted by big supermarkets). So, we now use #dirty, #unruly, #imperfect, #rough – just as nature intended our produce to be! It’s been quite polarising but we think it’s worked 🙂

  80. Nina

    Is it a good idea to have a different title (business name)? For example, if I’m a life coach or personal trainer do I stick with that title or think of something different? Life Expert. Fitness Expert. Cause I’ve had it in the past for personal training where people would say “oh you’re a personal trainer. Ya that didn’t work for me”.
    Any thoughts or suggestions on this?
    Loved the video!!!! Exactly what I needed!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is a really interesting question, Nina. We have an episode from a while back that talks a bit about naming your business, so that’s a great place to start:

      If you’re receiving feedback that people aren’t resonating with “personal trainer,” you might come up with some other ideas and run them by potential or existing customers and ask what they think.

      In terms of business names and what we call ourselves, it’s easy to get stuck there (so many of us do!), but the most important thing is your messaging about what you can offer your clients. After all there, are companies out there with relatively nonsensical names like “Zappos” — that name has nothing to do with shoes, but of course people buy shoes there all the time!

      I hope this helps provide you with a few tips, and we’re so glad you tuned in this week.

  81. Thank you so much Marie! Right in the spot. That is exactly what I am working in right now. Your Videos are a delight every week! Always looking forward to them in my inboxs. Thank you so much for your inspirational work! Love, Christina

  82. Mary Lahti

    Marie, gee, thanks for the homework. I have to rethink again, which is a good thing. But for now, I have to go “P”

    And P.S., your last Copy Cure Tip kicked butt!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha, Mary your comment made me laugh right out loud over here. So glad to hear you’re digging into the “homework” and also loving our copy tips! xo

  83. Opened my mind as to what to look for in order to find new ways to differentiate myself from other luxury brands… made me think that describing the feeling of wearing my cashmere shawls versus describing my brnad as exclusive or luxurious. which sounds pretentious.

    make people dream about having their own home facade hand embroidered for them, getting their creating juices going and acknowledged… Thank you!

  84. Can anyone share their thoughts on the 4th P? I’m not coming up with anything as yet. With thanks, Dani

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Dani! A good place to start is to think about other offerings in your industry that you’ve perhaps experienced as a customer, and think about anything that annoyed you throughout the interaction.

      For example, if I owned a pizza restaurant, I might think about visiting another pizza place as a customer and the things that pissed me off might be things like:

      – The server wasn’t friendly.
      – The condiment bar wasn’t restocked.
      – I didn’t like the flavor and texture of the crust.

      It can be anything really — big or small. The idea is that you’ll be thinking of ways that you can overdeliver in your OWN business. I’ve been to plenty of casual restaurants with mediocre (or bad service) for example, so if I owned a casual pizza place, I might want to really make sure my servers were completely top-notch and think of ways to make the customer service insanely good. That’s just another way to stand out in a saturated market.

      I hope that helps and maybe some other folks will chime in here too! There’s no way to do this wrong, it’s just another method to explore ways you can solve problems and give your customers an outstanding experience 🙂

    • Hey Dani!

      I think it’s important to keep your “pissed-titudes” general and not aimed at any one in particular. And like Caroline is saying, if you’re going to complain or vent your frustrations about how someone else does it, you gotta be prepared to do it better!

  85. Great tip Marie! I’m a marketing major and the 4 P’s we learned about were totally different from what you talk about in the video. I like yours better. 🙂

  86. Cstherine

    This was amazing advice, and although I am not a massage therapist, it gave me some great ideas about not saying the ‘same-ol’. This evening I will be coming up with some better ways to say what I want!

  87. “No matter how noisy the world becomes, you have the power to make sure your voice and message get heard.”

    Boom. This point really, really resonated with me today. Thank you, Marie!

  88. This was such a powerful video. Love, love the advice here.

  89. That’s (as usual) awesome advice! Loved this weeks Q&A:-) I’m an author and my audience is ‘new adults’ so I try to let them know that my books are directed at them – “This is NOT your grandma’s book” and make things fun!! “Grab a beer, get lazy in the sun and read….(book title)” Granted, not the best examples, but I try to keep it light, fun and NOT pushy:-) I look at what other authors or saying and see what does and doesn’t catch my attention.

  90. Pippa

    Absolutely awesome way to look at the 4P’s. Definitely going to use this in so many ways 🙂 xo Thank you xo

  91. Im so excited about this episode! I, too, am a 45 year old Massage Therapist from Hawaii now living in California. I’ve been in business for 10 yrs now. And have been looking to get advice on how to get the word out about my business more effectively & efficiently. Until recently I have just been on autopilot. Worked and got clients mostly thru word of mouth referrals from current clients, Chiropractors & Doctors. For sure the Massage part of the business is where my passion lies, but marketing?…that has never been my strong point nor did I think of it as fun. However, things have changed over the last decade and my business needs to catch up. I’m not so ignorant to think ‘I didn’t need to do it’ or ‘I’d be fine without it’. It is VERY important! I will certainly take this advice and apply them to my business as well. Mahalo Marie! Also want to send a BIG ALOHA to Nani! Best wishes and good luck in her Massage Business as well.

  92. Catherine

    Marie, this is amazing
    This is exactly what I do for creating my business (which is not ready yet) and especially the last P, without knowing that it was an efficient way to proceed. This is so great to be validated by you… 🙂
    Makes me feel so clever today Yeayyyyy ! 😉

  93. Marie, thank you – I love everything that you do. I have just had a go at workshopping a few ideas using the four P’s for the industry I work in – real estate (probably the most oversaturated industry out there!)

    I was so inspired I wrote a post about it on my website – and even now I’m done, the ideas keep flowing!

    Thanks for this one, it’s a keeper!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome Stevie — so happy to hear that! Real estate may be oversaturated, but it definitely needs people who are top-notch. 🙂

  94. Monica

    Hey Marie, love your show, and your very fun personality! I have a “commonality” problem. How do I make my recipes unique? I mean everybody eats. I’m so painted into a corner, that Ima have to wait until it dries. And we all know how much fun that can be. I listened to the video over and over, and now I can brainstorm for a massage business. Maybe I’m overcomplicating things. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Monica, it’s you! It’s you, your story, your experiences, your love of your recipes, your taste, your choices, your take on things that makes each recipe you might create unique. There’s definitely tips in this episode for finding points of differentiation from other cooks, recipe-writers, or food-bloggers (not sure what you do exactly), so maybe pull out a pad of paper and make yourself write some answers down to each of the points of differentiation that Marie mentions that make you unique.

      Do you have a family story behind some of them that will allow your customers to connect more to what they’re making? Do you have a healthy take on things? Do you use only 10 ingredients, or do you pride yourself on fast recipes for someone on the go? What pain points might you solve for your customer — creativity in the kitchen or perhaps ideas for meals on the go?

      There’s absolutely things that will be unique about you because nobody else can do you. More on that here 🙂 –>

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    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s definitely a tough place to be, Roseanne. Marie has an episode of MarieTV on the feeling that it’s all been done before, so I wanted to share that with you because I think you’ll find it inspiring and helpful:

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      You might try refreshing the page and see if that works. If the trouble persists, please feel free to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot further!

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