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You’re about to watch an episode of my vlog series called Marie Unplugged. These videos are totally different than my award-winning show MarieTV. If you prefer those, 325+ episodes are waiting for you. Vlogs by nature are raw and off the cuff. So wear headphones if kiddos are around because adult language is likely. Enjoy!

It’s easy to assume that people who regularly appear in public (i.e. make videos, teach courses, write books, act, speak, etc.) are fearless. That somehow they’re always confident and self-assured.

Au contraire.

In this episode of Unplugged, I’m taking you to stunning Fiji where I got up close and personal with some of my fears. You see, for the past few years I’ve worked with the talented Shopify team as a mentor for their Build a Business competition.

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This year, they upped the stakes and focused on helping established entrepreneurs build even bigger businesses.

I was invited back to mentor winners — eight of the fastest growing businesses on Shopify — at an event in Fiji. Myself along with Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Joe Gebbia of AirBNB, Debbie Sterling and others were there to offer ideas, insight and support. We spent 5 days brainstorming and learning together at Tony’s award-winning Namale Resort.

While I went to Fiji to be a mentor, I left 10x more inspired about the future of our company. (If you’re an MF Insider then you know all about the game-changing lesson we put into practice during last week’s MarieTV shoot.)

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know:

1. What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve done lately?
2. Would you have climbed and jumped off that 55ft pole?

Share as much detail as you can. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a breakthrough.

Thank you SO very much for being here. Your comments and shares are everything to me.

With so much love,


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  1. Marie!

    When I got your email alert for your new blog, I immediately opened it. As I’m currently nervous about releasing my third book and your subject line was exactly the confirmation I needed! Releasing this book is absolutely terrifying for me, but it does feel good to know I’m not alone. Knowing that reminded me that I’ve done some dope things that a lot of people would be afraid to do. Becoming and entrepreneur was one of them. Thank you for helping me remember that right at coffee time!

    Now climbing and jumping off a 55ft pole would send me into an anxiety attack! (No, seriously.) So I don’t think I’d do that. I’m more of a ferris wheel kinda girl. Lol.

    Thanks for another inspiring article!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, India! I hope your coffee tastes extra delicious with your side of remembering all of the dope things you’ve done in your life 😉 Reflecting back is one of the BEST ways to build courage moving forward because you show yourself all of the amazing things that you’ve already done. Sending a big high five to you today! xo

  2. Oh my! That looks like so much FUN 🙂

    I’ve run a webinar yesterday (in English! even though that’s not my first language – that’s quite terrifying, actually) and I was nervous before it started. Even though *I know* I know the content and what I talk about (Facebook Ads) through and through! but butterflies in my stomach were still there.
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one though 😉

  3. Chris Dockter

    Building a culture is one of THE most important things to me. As a consultant, creating a new business based on twenty-five years of nonprofit management that is the one thing that resonated with me from this video. It is the thing that I miss the most from working with a big team in my former career. And it is something that I’m excited to do in this new business! I traveled to Fiji over 20 years ago and your video illustrates that it’s immense beauty is intact and still breathtaking. I’m glad you rocked it girl! 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Well, Chris, now you get to build the kind of culture that you’ve always wanted and that’s exciting. That’s the coolest part of all. Thanks for watching and sharing your insights.

    • Maeve O'Byrne

      This video resonated with me, and more your e-mail Chris. I left the non-profit work last year to set up as a consultant and oh boy is it an adventure – alternating between ‘OMG what have I done’ to lovin’ it! I hate ferris wheels, roller coasters, I think my jump off the pole would have been a dead faint, I’m that terrified of heights! Loved the vlog, Marie

  4. Thanks Marie. Just did a talk yesterday – and for some reason was waaaaaay more nervous than usual. Great to hear that that’s just because I’m human! Needed to hear that today – thank you! 🙂 J

    • Beverly Ash Gilbert

      Juliet – being nervous meant you cared deeply about your talk! I bet your audience got much more out of it because of all you put into it!

      • Thanks Beverly! I think people did get a lot out of it… but I still can’t help thinking they would have got more if I had been able to relax and enjoy it more. I don’t know, I thought I was getting my nerves handled, but yesterday was really tough. I guess practice makes perfect – even though I just feel like hiding in a corner right now!!

  5. Nancy

    Girl! What a fabulous video. Poll jump eek! Wow but I do like feeling like a badass. Anyway I have a presentation for my day job tomorrow. I do one every year for the board and I never know if I’ll be nervous. Doesn’t matter how prepared I am. I’m talking about marketing. I’m the expert in that room. What’s there to be nervous about? But I don’t know till the day of if it’s a nervous day or not. Is it like that for you too?
    Thanks for the video! #mustdofiji

  6. Pete

    So happy for you making it to the top of that pole! The last step up is a doozy!

  7. Being nervous before we make a presentation in front of others is good!
    A drama teacher once told us that we should always get nervous before a performance… because it means we care! It’s when we don’t feel a bit nervous that we should worry because it might mean we aren’t giving everything we have into the performance! Then he taught us how to breathe…

    Most terrifying thing lately: watching my youngest drive off just after he got his license

    Absolutely I would have jumped!! (after I watched someone else do it)

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a beautiful sentiment, Beverly. When we care we create from the heart, which creates more connection. Your drama teacher was spot on!

      • Thanks Heather – even though my drama days are long over, I will never forget his words every time I stand up in front of others, or send a piece of work out into the world. Knowing it’s ok (even good) to be nervous actually helps turn anxiety into enthusiasm!

  8. The most terrifying thing I’ve done this year is to start guiding art workshops out of my home studio, despite the fact that we’ve only lived here 2 yrs and I was worried I didn’t know enough people and no one would show up. Teaching is my love, so I went for it. I also teach an online course, but I wanted in-person too. I’ve had small groups of 2-7 people attend, but I’m loving it.

    No way Jose would I jump off that pole. Holy hell. I lock up when I get up high, LOL!

  9. Marie,
    You are definitely a badass! Thank you for sharing that experience with us. I remember doing the pole climb at a one of the retreats I attended and being completely freaked out. Never look down – just keep looking up and climb. I found that a perfect mantra for my business. I love your work, your inspiration and your desire to pull us all along!
    Thank you,

  10. Kath

    The most terrifying thing I had to do this year was to finally decide to move to a different location with my kids (ages 9 & 5). Being a single mom makes decision making a lot more difficult and I’m always doubting if it’s going to be good for, not only them, but for me too. I would have definitely jumped off that pole, and so would my 5 year old son. 🙂

    Love what you do Marie! You are truly an inspiration. <3

  11. Ok, I may or may not have jumped off that pole. 🙂
    My biggest leap of fear (I too have a grave fear of heights) was to go zip lining in Colorado. The train ride in traversed what is called “The high line” which was 800 feet above the Animas River…then 26 platforms, 29 zips, the final being upwards of 40 MPH over the river. GIRL That was my stretch.

    Your tweetable is so spot on. My biggest fear is driving some of the “passes” in Colorado. I’ve just moved here and they are definitely the GPS for my soul spot. A dream 20 years in the making. I’m here. And I’m following.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Dawn, you are a superhero for scaling allll of that while being scared of heights. Good for you! Congratulations on reaching a 20 year old dream. That’s living the good life.

  12. Pauline Renee Operario

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience! 🙂
    The most terrifying thing I’ve done lately is invest a huge amount in an opportunity which has the potential to give back good income. It’s the first time I’ve invested money that big. But, it also felt empowering. 🙂
    I’m afraid of heights too, but yes….I would’ve jumped.
    Thank you for the energy and the inspiration, Marie and team!

  13. Hi Marie!
    I LOVE these episodes, so inspiring, fun + beautiful! The most “terrifying” thing I’ve done lately is present my “passion project” at a national conference. I’ve been working with low income, first generation, underrepresented college students and supporting them in their journeys to graduate school through the McNair Scholars Program for the past 15 years. I started incorporating yoga into our programming about five years ago now and it slowly turned into my “signature message” … how to incorporate self-care into your academic journey. Pursuing higher education can often times be SUPER STRESSFUL and a challenging process.

    I deeply believe we all need more self-care in our lives, but our students, especially having already overcome so many hardships just to make it to college, need to have a strong foundation and understanding of self-care in order to thrive in their educational pursuits, and ultimately, their careers + lives. So, I got accepted to present my stuff at the Council for Opportunity in Education annual conference in DC a few weeks ago and I was stoked! My first time really, I was super nervous, but I have to say that our Trio community (McNair is a federally funded Trio program through the U.S. Department of Education) is SO SO SO cool + supportive, the experience went great! My goal is to spread this message to our community of scholars nationwide and I’m doing that by offering a 7-day Jumpstart Your Semester Self-Care course I created this summer … also a “scary thing” putting this content out there!! I’m a B-schooler though and so I’m ready! (smile)

    I have to say that every summer we do a retreat with our scholars that includes a high ropes course out in the woods (we’re in Michigan), so we’re about 30 feet up. Thank goodness I do yoga + meditation because I need to employ my “breathing skills” every time I go up on the course (and I’ve been doing it every year!) … it’s crazy, and scary and exhilarating and empowering … ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And I think it’s the same for our scholars! The hardest part for me is the last part where you jump off the platform onto the zip line to get down. My students will attest that one year it took me like 10 MINUTES to work up the courage to JUMP (not kidding!)! I don’t why, something about jumping into thin air (!!) … we actually start out our retreat by giving the scholars a really cool book called, Scaredy Squirrel, which the moral of the story is to JUMP INTO THE UNKNOWN … which is funny because I was having trouble doing exactly that! I share this story because as I watched you climb that 55 foot pole and then jump off, I’m not sure I could do that … WOW! That’s a whole other level!

    I would have to give it a try though, especially in my “old age” (I’m 46 now!) … I’m learning more and more that I need to follow my instincts, trust myself and push myself, and JUMP INTO THE UNKNOWN as much as possible. I feel like I’m doing that with my self-care stuff and I’m doing that in CrossFit and I’m going to find more ways to keep on doing it, that’s for sure! The time is NOW. Thanks so much for all that you do. Love following your journey and love you! xoxo

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      What a beautiful example your setting for all of those students, Lynn. Leaping into the unknown, even when you’re scared, shows them that they can too. Bravo.
      Age is but a number and with each day the more you follow your curiosity and instincts, the more adventures you’ll go on. We’re cheering you on and sending you a big hug.

    • Sharon "Smokey" Gray

      That made me happy…”I adore heart in our teachers”.

  14. Leslie

    Would or could I CLIMB UP A POLE? not at 54 with these knees. Maybe in my 20, 30 – perhaps 40s. Go Girl- Good for you!

  15. Vivianna Macias-Katzenstein

    Good morning Marie!
    Thank you for sharing this awesome video with your community.

    I’ve had a difficult month in my small-business, and have been thinking about quitting, and going back to being an employee.

    But this video reminded me of why I fell in love with the idea of starting my own business, having the ability to build a vision and see how it develops, creating my own lifestyle, while being able to provide for others a job that they look forward to.

    Please keep sharing with us what happens behind the scenes it’s very inspiring!

  16. I love how you share with us not only little nuggets of wisdom but the reality that we all have fears, anxiety and the difference is…those who make it push through. I had a similar experience almost 30 years ago with a 50ft tower. I was terrified but made myself do it. Next thing I knew I was helping others conquer their fears. Thanks so much Marie for sharing.

  17. Recently an email came across my inbox referencing a conference out of state for African American Women. I was immediately drawn to it and thought I have to be there in the room. But my soul, wanted to not just be IN the room, but a participant. Long story short, I reached out to the organizer, and will now be a panelist sharing my story. I am nervous, but practicing and prayerfully proceeding. Please send me love and light. Would love to encourage and be encouraged.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Danielle, that’s so awesome! Love love love that you followed that soul nudge and look at where it took you. That nervousness is a sign that this is a leap and right where you’re meant to be. You GO! We know you’ll rock it and we’re sending you so many good luck vibes.

  18. Maria, you are such a huge inspiration. The scariest thing I have done is bought the house I’m in now and started a clinic, with more than just myself. I’ve been an RMT for 22 years now and I have just hired my first practitioner. Eeek is right!
    I watch your videos and get pumped about my own goals as a business owner. Definetely stepping outside my comfort zone. With my beautiful husband helping me and wonderful people that will come work here, I know I got this.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Warmly ,

  19. Hey Marie!

    Thank you so much for sharing these “Unplugged” episodes! They’ve been such an inspiration to me. And good for you for taking the plunge to jump off that pole – you’re giving me the courage to do something courageous to get over my fear of heights. One of my life goals is the get enough courage to go sky diving with my hubby!


  20. I love these “unplugged” episodes!!
    So much fun!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  21. Scariest thing I’ve done recently? I shaved my head. I’d been going bald for the past 20 years – started losing my hair in my late 20’s. By this past summer, on the eve of my 50th birthday, I’d had enough with the wigs and weaves and the constant worry that one day, the wig would blow off and I’d be ‘exposed’ to all kinds of ridicule. I get the occasional stare, and I still wear a wig to work – don’t feel secure that my bosses will keep me on if I show up sans hair. Yeah, it’s like that, but whatever. I can deal with the 8 hours of cover up ;-).

    As for that pole jump? Yeah, I probably, under similar circumstances would have done it. I’ve done a tandem sky-dive which combined my fear of flying (OMG – do I hate those small planes) AND my fear of falling to my death (too much time to contemplate the end of life, ya’ know). Most spiritual thing I’ve done next to giving birth. So yes to the pole jump; now had that been a bungee jump say off a bridge or some other ridiculously high structure? HA!! 🙂 Good on you for taking the jump. You will come back to that feeling and use it as a measuring stick – if you can face your fear and jump from a 55′ pole, then most things you fear just won’t come close and you’ll find those fears easier to overcome.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Dana, I bet you rock that shaved head in the most amazingly confident way. A person who can jump out of a plane while being scared of planes and heights is totally amazing. Thank you for sharing your courage with us, today. It’s a gift. xo

    • Hey Dana,
      Amazing! Good for you 🙂
      I’ve decided to shave my head for my birthday too. The scariest thing I did was tell everyone about it and start fundraising for a local charity. Since that decision 2 weeks ago I’ve definitely worried that I wouldn’t measure up somehow, that I wouldn’t raise enough money (even though there isn’t a minimum) or that I’ll screw up in front of my friends because they’re all invited to watch me shave my head at my birthday party.

      But today I hit my fundraising goal. And now I’m remembering a book I read about courage, how it’s not a lack of fear but rather using the fear we have and doing what we need to do anyway. That’s courage. You’re very courageous for taking control of your own look.

      And I’d do the pole jump too.

  22. Paula

    Hola Mary?
    I just wathed your Fiji video! You looked very happy & joyful ❣️
    My answer to your question about what was my latest terrifying thing to do…..Skydiving at 3000 feet ! It was amazing I let my fear go and vanished in my flying ? I wil do it again & again….love the feeling
    Love & light

  23. Scariest thing I’ve done recently is dismiss my assistant because interestingly as you mentioned in this video she was not the right culture. Yep. Definitely would’ve climbed the pole, even though my stomach would’ve been upside down.

  24. Wonderful content!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us and the intimate setting of being away…. Inspired by the business Context created in this video! I have always known that I wanted a ‘different’ kind of life and wasn’t always sure how to express it – even within myself… this type of glimpse into your journey and the possibilities that you have created by being authentic to who you are, sharing your voice and story, and focusing on contribution is truly inspiring.

    Thank you!

  25. carole

    I took my kids zip-lining before school started. It was a course of crazy obstacles and long zip-lines 60ft in the air. I was terrified. After the first few obstacles there was a spot to bail out – but there was no fucking way I was going to let my kids see me chicken out. I did it! I am a bad ass mom!

    I teach yoga and am super nervous each time I start with a new group. Dry mouth so I can barely talk. Once I get to know them and love them – I look forward to seeing them each week – but that first class is always a tough one for me! I always wonder if I should confess to them how nervous I am (if that would help) or if I should just keep muddling thru the way I have always done……

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, bad-ass-mom-Carole! Here’s a question for you….when Marie admitted she was nervous how did that make you feel? Do you connect with her more? Did you feel a little less alone?
      Maybe that’s how your students would feel if you shared in a succinct and honest way how you’re feeling in your first class. You may be starting off with them on an awesome foot because they could relate to you right away. You never know 😉

  26. This is cry worthy. For the joy.
    My biggest fear facing this year has been expanding my horizons with Nathalie Lussier (yay B-Schoolers) who took us to fear-busting events for our AccessAlly training — climbing in the jungle, zip lining and doing an escape hunt. Never evah would have done those on my own and loved them. Opened up a whole new world. And flying and traveling, which I hadn’t done in forever.
    Also doing a headstand and arm balances I never thought I could or would do. Talk about a new perspective.
    And going through a huge heartbreak, not avoiding the pain and finally emerging to joy again with more wisdom. Staying open despite the pain.
    Ah, this thing called life.

  27. Hm, the most terrifying thing I’ve done lately probably has to be zip lining. I’m also afraid of heights and my BFF and I do one crazy adventure a year to face our fears. Recently this adventure was zip lining. she made all the arrangements and we were scheduled to do a three line course. What she didn’t tell me until we got to the place was that they upgraded us to a seven line course which included what they called the superman line, 1500 feet, to accommodate a wedding party. When we got there I asked the guide if they have a lot of people who are afraid of heights. He smiled and looked at me and asked “how afraid?” I said “REALLY afraid.” He talked to me for a few minutes about the safety of what we were doing and as we traveled to the first line he calmly told me exactly what to expect and what I needed to do. Before I knew it, we were standing at the very first line, and I was the first person about to cross. Although the terror welled up in me, I listened to everything that he said as he calmly explained what to do, where to place my hands, how to get all the way across so as not to get stuck in the middle and have to turn around to pull myself in(oh hell no!), and how to brake just at the right moment to not crash into the guide waiting on the landing platform. I took a huge breath in and went for it! It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! I’m happy to say I mastered all seven lines including the Superman and had a blast. I was the only one in our group that made it across all the lines without getting stuck. My guide told my BFF that I was doing fantastic and either I wasn’t truly as nervous as I said, or I hid it really well. I hid it really well 🙂
    So, would I jump off that 55 foot pole? I don’t know. It looked from the video like there was no safety hookup until you got to the very top and you had to hook yourself in. If that’s the case then HELL NO, I would not, LOL. Kudo’s to you Marie for doing it. Total badass!

  28. Love your raw honesty! I’ve jumped off that 55 ft pole at a Tony Robbins event. Yes, it was scary… but my reason for going up and what it represented to me was stronger. For me it was about willing to go beyond my default, where it was comfortable.

    Scariest thing I’ve done lately is a podcast. I have no problem saying exactly what I want live and one on one or in a small group, but the knowledge it’d be out there for others to see, over and over, in a different context was scary…. what if they took what I said out of context. I came to realize my fear was about being misunderstood, or having someone be offended by what I said. The feedback I’ve received is exactly the opposite…. my clients loved it and I now see I need to do even more of that if I want to reach all of the people that can benefit from what I do.

  29. Audrey

    The scariest thing I did recently was fight back against workplace bullying! This is my sixth time I have been bullied/harassed at work mainly from what I feel is nothing but plain jealousy from women. I had to disclose I have a disability in order to protect myself, which made me admit that I do have a disability and that is okay- I am still ok. I am still a human being, a healing soul who has to get past this intense fear ( baby steps) and who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in my work and all aspects in my life. My work environment was so toxic that it affected my body- mind- and spirit so much and was so terribly stressful that I quit after four months. I realized after i quit that I could have made the decision and took action sooner than later and sacrifixed my health for too long. I learned how much fear took a hold of me and i will not do that to myself again. What led me to quit was actually listening to my intuition- to take control of the situation and take back my personal power and free myself. You see I was waiting for others to help free me. Someone to save the nice girl. But these strenuous circumstances put before me, some may call your life lessons,was calling me to strengthen myself and move past my disability to take back my life. Because I am worth it…I am damn well worth it!
    So I quit two weeks ago, no job, two or three months of money to live off of and a single mother with very little support. I took the last two weeks taking care of myself which I stopped doing because of the emotional turmoil and helplessness and hopelessness I dealt with and felt for months. But I received a special gift from the universe. Two weeks of gorgeous warm sunny weather that we never had the entire summer and was finally here! ( and I live close to the beach) It brought me outdoors in nature to help heal my body- my soul- my mind….and it did. I am still scared hoping a better job will come along. But I took a leap of faith and trust like I never did before in my life and for the first time realize no one is ever going to treat me that way again in my life. Also I will not allow myself to be derailed and have to take care of myself my needs first….not last all because of fear. It is also time for me to be my own boss in a job and to get started on creating an online career/ business. Marie I would have jumped 1oo ft one hundred times with only a net below –it would have been easier than what I went through in the last four to five months. Great job moving past your fear. You go girl! Thank you Marie for what you do and the services you provide…it has been a blessing!

  30. Hey Marie, I don’t know why but this particular video made me cry. I’m continuously touched by your commitment to “serve”. Doing this new “unplugged” format and letting people see another side of you, the perfectly imperfect side. So awesome! Today, it reminded me that in the sea of actions that I take on a day to day basis, the confusion and pressure that comes with constantly feeling like I need to make the “right” next move in my business, the uncertainty of it all… that underneath everything I do there is only one thing I need to focus on that will guide everything, a question that I’m clear on in this moment… How can I serve today? and how can I serve bigger? Thanks for getting me present to that, and thank you for all that you do! -love- Katya

  31. Martha

    Love this series! Just what I needed today. Thanks for keeping it real. It’s a rare quality these days. 🙂

  32. The most terrifying thing that I’ve done very recently is receiving filed divorce papers on my anniversary. It was hard as crap, and being in the middle of building a business and having no money, the emotions behind it all were physically and mentally draining. The divorce is completely unwanted, but I accept God’s plans and will for my life! New days of greatness are ahead on the other side of this storm. I actually HAVE jumped off a 55ft pole (last summer) and it was AMAZING! The scariest part for me was the climb up! But getting to the top and jumping was the most freeing! I wish I could share my video clip of it with you!

    Thank you so much for sharing your life and gifts with us! I love Unplugged!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry that you have had to go through such a painful time, Lashawn. In your words your determination and fierce spirit are evident. Here’s to taking more leaps in life- off poles and into your business. Sending you a HUGE Team Forleo hug.

      • Thank you SO much, Heather and Team Forleo, for your encouragement! I am so grateful for you all.

  33. Thank you for sharing your video Marie. As an entrepreneur I notice initial resistance to growing my business. Part of the fear is ‘Being Seen’. As I step out of my comfort zone I know I grow, but the initial step at times is paralyzing. I commit to taking one small step forward today! Cheers!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Joyce, we completely understand that it can feel scary putting yourself out there as a business owner. The more you take these small steps, the more traction you’ll gain, and pretty soon you’ll look back and be flabbergasted by how far you’ve come! You got this.

  34. I took the AFF course after my 1st skydive, which was a tandem jump with Jim Wallace, a top pro in the industry. I was on a 1st date with my husband, who asked me to marry him three hours into our date after I had done that skydive, I said yes, talk is cheap where’s the ring? I sounded way more confident than I ever, ever was, I was scared shitless, and I said to Jim when we got to the door of the plane (which was the plane they used for the movie the bucket list so it was that Winnebago with wings the sky van, so you could walk out the door you didn’t have to duck to jump), but I told him if I decide at the door not to go, keep going I’m doing this jump.
    The biggest surprise in the world to me was that I didn’t feel like I was falling, I felt like I was floating, I knew where I was and he let me drive the parachute, he handled the landing and I immediately wanted to do it again at touchdown, I only did 26 more jumps, because I broke my ankle on my fourth one and had to add some metal surgically?. Well I keep doing things in my life to prove to myself that I am strong, smart, resourceful, brave, and I can get myself out of a pickle no matter how crazy. I have unknowingly set myself up for many of these kinds of tests in my life, jump first and think second, because if I wait too long I won’t jump. I’m starting a business, I didn’t think I was starting until someone else Took my good idea and ran with it, so I had to get smart real fast trademark something which I’m working on currently and get brave about moving forward and taking these big business risks which is a field I know nothing about, I’m in the more artistic creative sort, and my industry is Pilates, but I suddenly find myself as a respected person in the industry, and I’ve created an income stream for many other people but not for me, so I’m trying to jump into that fire that allows me to make money, and feel I deserve it.

  35. brave to face your fear ! 🙂 and it was funny !

  36. Thanks for the inspiration on this video. Seeing a powerful woman like you is showing how high we can fly.
    I did kambo about 1 month ago and that was scary. And yes, I love adrenaline, I would have jumped.

  37. The most terrifying thing I’ve done lately is to start an entrepreneurial coaching practice after 22+ years of being an entrepreneur. It’s one thing to do what you know and love, and it’s another thing to follow a calling that takes you into unchartered waters! However, I’ve been practicing taking these kinds of leaps by doing things to conquer my fears, and fear of heights is one of them. I went parasailing and ziplining with my family, and while they soared and jump with glee, it all was terrifying to me. My hands sweated, my heart raced, and I had to really push myself to take the leap of faith. But I made it to the other side, and I keep trying by going to the roar. So when you asked, “Would you jump off that pole?”, YES. I would. It would probably take me a long time. I might get frozen up on top, and everyone would be coaching me to take the leap. I might overthink it, pause, and think some more. I would think of all the things that could happen, and how scary it is….and how I should just climb down. But then I would remember that I would miss the exhilaration of having pushed through my fear, and I would find the courage from inside…to JUMP!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      This is magical Kim. We love reading that you’re consistently practicing how to lean into your fears in order to make them more digestible and manageable. You’ve already taken such extraordinary leaps in your life, and the more you take, the more opportunities you open up for your future. How beautiful!

      We know that heading into uncharted waters can feel scary, and we’re excited for how you’re going to conquer this next entrepreneurial coaching practice challenge. We’re wishing you all the best!

  38. Pam

    I want Marie’s life! Note to self — add Fiji to bucket list! : )

  39. Brave, daring, bad-ass, and so fun! On my goal list is to be in Namale on Fiji in 2019. Congratulations on conquering your fear of heights, at least once.

  40. Love this editing of Marie Unplugged! For some reason I always get a little teary… are just being so dang real. Hell ya I woulda jumped off that pole!!! In my 47 years I’ve skydived, bungee jumped, accomplished high element ropes course shenanigans, and recently did some pretty insane zip-lining. Launching off every time, I was scared as Sh#*, but trusted in the gear and went for it. YIKES!!!
    I haven’t done anything scary for a while……been safe and cozy in my house. It’s ’bout time.

  41. Janelle

    The most terrifying thing I’ve done lately is putting myself out there and getting serious about being a pilates instructor. I had 3 phone interviews and felt actually most like myself speaking, but was sooo nervous when I knew they were calling.
    Speaking up to my present boss has also been a big step towards my growth of self worth.
    Thank you for sharing your exciting life and experiences! Being from an island myself (GUAM) it made me miss home and my culture. Fiji is beautiful! Definitely on my list of places to visit.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Janelle, we’re so proud of you for making moves and taking these terrifying leaps forward! It’s funny how the lead-up and build-up can feel scarier than the act itself, and it’s a beautiful reminder that our minds are in complete control of how we feel in any given situation.

      The more you lean into these fears, the smaller they become, and the more you can draw from past experiences when presented with the same nervous energy. We’re wishing you all the best in your pilates adventures!

  42. Sandra

    Hello, Marie and Team Forleo;
    Omg! What a great vlog episode!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to Fiji in November. Oh crap, that’s next month. I don’t know if I would do it, but I will watch the video again to gain some inspiration. I keep you post it. The scary thing for me was public speaking at Toastmasters for the first time in front of strangers. I was such a nervous wreck. The participants ask me have I done public speaking before. I said this was my first time and he told me you seem like a pro at it. So I have another speaking engagement again in two weeks. Wish me luck.
    Thank you again, Marie, for all you do. Continue to inspire others to be creative entrepreneurs. B-School alum.

  43. 1. Most terrifying? This summer, my fiance and I got PADI scuba certified. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a while, but for someone who has anxiety, trying to breathe normally at 30ft in water isn’t easy. Now, we can scuba anywhere in the world, and we plan to.
    2). Yes I would have jumped, and proud that you did too!

  44. Most nail-biting thing I’ve done lately… apply for a job at Marie Forleo, actually. Watching my baby-girl, now 10, learn to scuba dive this summer was less frightening.

    Aaahhh… Namale! I love it there. And, yes, I have and I would climb that 55′ pole and jump. And walk on fire and break boards with my fist and arrows with my neck and publish my two children’s books and ride this roller-coaster called life and run a business. Thank you for the reminder. It’s been a bit since I’ve attended any of those events and this just gave me a jolt of that energy!

  45. The most nail biting thing I have done lately was quit my job, my soul sucking , life negating job. And branch out into what I love, which often leaves me wondering about the next meal, but the universe always comes through.

    I have bungee jumped at Skippers Canyon. NZ. SO The answer is yes. I would’ve climbed that pole and jumped

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Marianne, we’re wishing you so much happiness and success! Leaving a soul-sucking job, while scary, can be absolutely liberating, and we hope you let yourself feel just how brave you are for taking that step forward.

  46. KG

    The most scary thing recently is scaling my business. It’s really opened everything up for me. That’s both amazing and nerve wracking, if I let it. I don’t know if I’d jump off a 55 foot pole, but I’d have to be there to actually see. I might.

  47. Aveen

    Nice Fiji beaches. Good to see the other main Island.

  48. My most terrifying thing I have done lately may not seem all that huge to some, but to me, it was/is the scariest act I have performed in YEARS. I moved, with my husband and kids, to a place where I had visited only once (and he grew up here) with a smile on my face, and words to comfort my kids that it will all work out and be ok. Moving someplace completely unknown at age 48 is massive. However, I did it, got my kids settled, dogs settled, found my yoga studio and started working from home all in 3 months. I am still smiling…and still ok, but boy, faith, strength, and courage were all with me to get through. (although….it’s still lonely at times! Who am I kidding!!! )

  49. Darleen Maxcy

    Hi Marie, just watched the video “Fear and the 55 ft Pole”. I’m exactly like you in that I am deathly afraid of heights but LOVE Roller Coasters!!! As long as I’m harnessed in I will go on anything! I am a fan of your shows and have been watching and reading a lot on self improvement, how to be successful, how to be a better, stronger person, etc. So, here’s the short version of my crazy jump. I worked on the East Coast at a Ladies Fashion Boutique. (Left Corporate after 35 years.) The store was very successful and I loved working there. I decided I wanted my own Shop and drew up a Business Plan. The rents for a space are very high where I live so I wanted to find a new location, even relocate. During this time, out of the blue, I won a trip through a Raffle. Could go anywhere in the Continental US. (Airfare, Hotel and Rental Car included!) So, I chose Southern California! We would be flying into San Diego ($$$) so I started researching the surrounding areas and came across a new development being built in San Marcos which would be a great location for a Shop and they are offering very reasonable rents to attract Businesses in. So, took the trip, loved California, took a second trip a few months later to check on location and, just one month ago, sold everything and moved to Carlsbad! My Family thought I was nuts and were very frightened for me! I am strong and independent, did a lot of research and am so determined that I took the leap. Only problem is I didn’t come up with enough Capital for the Store and to live on so on to Plan B. The Owner’s of the store I worked at back East have been selling clothing at Festivals for 25 years and are extremely successful at it! I even worked a show with them once. So, I plan to do Festivals in order to continue to bank money for my own Store. (Besides, the Development I’m interested in needs more time to be built up.) So, here I am, all alone, 3,000 miles away from home, with a Tent outside my patio door (renting a space in some very nice people’s house to keep expenses down) and am waiting for a shipment of merchandise to arrive to do my first Festival. I am Confident but scared to death! Will continue to look to you and others for Inspiration! Please, wish me luck!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Darleen, we are sending you so much inspiration, success, positive energy, and more! You’re such a brave entrepreneur, and with your tenacity, gumption, and drive, we’re sure you’ll find a creative way to turn your situation around soon. You got this!

  50. Priyanka Nagpal

    Wow Marie!!!! Good to c ur personal Life!!!! I also love to be in pajama’s:-)

  51. Hi Marie! Wow. It feels so good to accompany you on this adventure! I am super proud of you jumping off that pole and its made me think about confronting and overcoming my own fears. This video is so timely because I am exactly in the head space of making my business grow at the moment and figuring out how to make that happen. I have realized that my two big personal shifts to grwo my business are:
    *believing in my product the way other people do ( because it is proven to be a great sellers)
    * And not hiding away and allowing myself and my name to be front and center of my brand!

  52. Yay!! Your videos bring such joy! I just auditioned for a local play for the first time at the age of 51. I may not make the cut, but trying out and reading the lines onstage was a win for me! Thank you for your inspiration! Love!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Congratulations Lisa, that’s awesome! Come back and let us know if you made the play. Keep stepping on the stage and showing up for your dreams. Sending you loads of love.

  53. Hey Marie! I’m so inspired by you all the time and this video didn’t disappoint.

    I so appreciate and love your down-to-earth approach to life and business – you keep it so real. Your videos are fun and when I watch them I feel like I can keep working to make my dream my reality. And knowing you get scared too when sharing your ideas in front of others was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!
    xo, Janeen

  54. Hey Marie. Thanks for sharing your fears. Its comforting to know that anxiety is normal and human. I recently had to speak in front of a few hundred people to introduce my unique wellness program at a Health Expo. Its always a tough ask feeling unprunprepared and dry mouthed but I managed and was told afterwards that I was a natural. Argh really?! Nothing natural about it. Congrats on facing your fears and yes I would have jumped. I went from regular panic attacks to fulfulling my purpose purely by facing my fear and jumping 111 metres off the Bridge at Victoria Falls in Zambia. It was so freakin scary but so awesome. Life changing. You can watch my jump here…

    Thanks for always sharing your truth. Love ya, Claire xxx

  55. Laura

    The most terrifying thing I’ve done recently is deciding to take a sabbatical. I need to do some serious soul searching. I can’t be a 9-5 cube job accountant anymore because it’s killing me.
    I love roller coasters too and would totally jump off that 55 ft pole!

  56. 1) Putting myself on YouTube. The more videos I produce, the more I’m comfortable with vlogging.
    2) Definitely… NO!! (I have fear of heights too, but i am ok to be on a plane!)

  57. Thanks for your awesome video! Love Fiji it looks beautiful. Reminds me of the culture in South Africa !

    Super terrified of posting some of my writing on the Copy Cure FB page right now… … so Im extremely behind… but enjoying watching everyone’s interactions in the mean time and learning from that !

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Inge, that group is an amazing and supportive place and a perfect community to share your writing. Everyone knows what you’re experiencing because they’re in the same place as you. We’re so glad to have YOU in the community.

  58. Dont know why but this vlog made me cry. Your energy is so amazing Maria!
    Thank you. Sending my love from Holland.

    X Nicole

  59. Thank you for sharing with us that you’re still nervous when you have to speak to people! I’m so nervous I usually feel lousy, sick and like being a fraud…! Like what I’m going to say is not interesting anyway….

    A loyal bschooler 🙂

  60. Hej Marie. Thanks for the laughs this morning.
    Scariest thing in my life so far… 2 things. Uprooting myself and moving across the world to Sweden to live out my life at the age of 43, been here 7 years now. Second is now starting my own Life Coaching business at the ripe age of 50. 50 is the new 30 right? 🙂
    Would I have jumped off of that pole? It depends on who was around me and supporting me. I became afraid of heights in college when I was doing a team building exercise up in the trees with a dork guy that was more nervous than I was. I had to try to hold it together for both of us and I nearly didn’t succeed. If I was around you and your cohorts I have a feeling my fears would have been lessoned. Great job!
    Kram (hug in Swedish).

  61. Daniel

    Haaaa if you think that is a small plane, you must fly in a two seater glider, the only sound you ear is the wind whistled from the very small sliding windows on the side of that transparent canopy that sits above your head a couple of millimeters. To do this one cannot be scared of heights or confined spaces, but is a lot of real fun and very relaxing.
    Now you made me jealous with this video in Fiji, that place it looks stunning those waters beautifully clear, good for diving. And of course the hot weather. Ooooo I miss South Africa.
    Well I am glad that you people had a good time. And the meeting, I am sure was very rewarding, the little bit I could ear it sounded fantastic.
    Yes you are so right, people think that standing in front of lots of people to give a talk or teach something is a piece of cake. Well sometimes I wish I had them in my place and see them with those butterflies rather than me. HAHAHAHA But you know what, by us helping someone to achieve some relief or success in troubled areas in their lifes, is a rewarding that no one can explain how we feel.

  62. Loved this fun blog!
    !. What have I done lately that scared (s) me?
    Well, I just signed up for Josh Pais’ Committed Impulse training because of you. I’m really nervous about it but also very excited. It is definitely pushing out of my comfort zone to do this but now, having read through his website, I can see and FEEL how right this will be! Thank you so much for your inspiration, talent and tutelage and for steering me (and your other viewers) in this and the many other awesome directions you share!
    2. As far as climbing up and jumping from a 55 foot pole:
    Yes, I would have do it but I probably would have puked first. :))
    Thanks Marie!!
    xo Lisa
    P.S. I have followed you for the past two years but only recently really engaged in your content. I watched, related to and enjoyed your wonderful interview with Brene Brown about her book, “Braving the Wilderness” (something I am doing in my personal and professional life) and, last week, I thoroughly enjoyed your “Everything is Figureoutable” talk on Oprah’s stage. As I was watching it I was charmed by your confidence (and have always found this to be true) but also in how you delivered your story in such a fun and entertaining way. Having seen this, I was intrigued when I read your newsletter this week and saw that #3 was about signing up to work with your partner, Josh Pais, at his Committed Impulse training in NYC next weekend. On your recommendation, I signed my 23 year old daughter and me up for the training. I think this may be the start of something seriously amazing!! My sincerest thanks in advance! xo

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yay Lisa! We’re so excited for you and your daughter; you’re going to have the best time at Committed Impulse. Lean into these good feelings, it absolutely is the start of something seriously amazing.

  63. Thanks Marie,
    You always know just what to say and you always touch my heart. Thanks for the beautiful words about courage in public speaking. I love the teaching about having a perfectly clear image of your ideal employee and going for it…hire when you need it, not 5 years later. I’m totally inspired to reach out to some new communities in my area to find awesome, perfect folks to join The Breakfast Cure team…people who will make it better, richer, deeper, and loads more fun.
    Grateful you are sharing your glorious authentic self with us. Inspired!
    With tons of love back at you,

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Karen, we’re so glad that this concept resonated with you. Well done for being so open to taking a big leap. We’re wishing you all the best in finding the right, inspiring people for your team!

  64. I don’t know if I could have jumped off that pole! I have a BIG fear of heights but I do have to admit that it looked super fun! It may sound silly but the scariest thing I have done recently is publish my website and then talk about it to people so they know it’s finished. It was so scary! But I am so glad that I did it because the earth didn’t open and swallow me up. And if that turned out to not be a big deal, then other things I’m afraid of when it comes to being visible won’t be either!

  65. All I know to say right now … speechless … WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. Oh, and congrats. Phew.

  66. Had to laugh at the plane. We regularly visit Beaver Island MI. The “puddle jumpers” to the island are smaller than this one. Some only hold the pilot plus 5. One sits up front since there are no co-pilots on these trips. I hate big planes, do much better on the puddle jumpers.
    And to answer your question, yes I would jump but would make sure I went to the bathroom first.

  67. Just wanted to share how fun these videos are! I hope you’ll keep doing them long-term. They make us feel like we know you even more, Marie (though, you always do a good job of that!). Loved seeing your trip to Fiji!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Paige, we’re so happy to hear that these Unplugged videos are adding value to your days. We’ll absolutely keep sending these your way!

  68. Donna Burney

    The most terrifying thing ? Starting my coaching business and believing it will prosper. Not giving up.
    The pole- I had a similar experience as part of rope course – and I didn’t think it would be as scary as it actually was. I chose another route – NOT the one that I was supposed to jump off towards grabbing the trapeze bar- next time I will JUST DO IT. It was the weirdest feeling – even tho I knew I was safe with the ropes. Yes, next time I will just do it! Thanks for these unplugged episodes. ANd the best thing of all is your compassionate connection with people of the world! It helps me to stay on track to see the genuine difference you make.

  69. Rupeni

    M from Fiji. Good to see you and the group in Fiji.

  70. Kate

    Hi Marie,
    I love your new unplugged series and the way the idea came to you through the trip to Texas. It is super awesome, meaningful and grounding to see the human side of our mentors beyond the filters of symmetrical frames, impeccable appearance and emotional perfection. It is a lot of fun following your adventure 🙂

    Thank you!
    Love & Hugs

  71. Fun, fun, fun! Great tips too. I love Fiji! We once took a trip to Bora Bora for 2 weeks. It is the only place I’ve ever cried when leaving. I still have my shell beads that I keep with so much love hanging on my office wall. It was amazing! The spiritual energy and culture is so beautiful there. I look forward to getting back there soon. Now back to watching the Copy Cure so I can do that!

  72. Aziza

    Hey Marie,
    GREAT episode! I wish I could be there with you when you take these cool excursions. I feel that Marie Unplugged kinda does that for me, giving me a glimpse of “the process” and your inner thoughts in real time. I just wish this episode was a bit longer with more content of the island and the native people of Figi. Also, the tips you were giving in the workshop were GREAT! More footage pleeeease! ?
    I absolutely LOVE your brand and how much personality you have! You are my “bizpiration” (yup, just made that up!) and I can’t wait to meet you one day!

  73. Christy

    This summer I went ziplining for the first time in Juneau. I remember some initial fear and then the excitement that came with each section. I tried to focus on how to go faster or try a different position and was yelling out in song while zipping 185 feet above the ground in a boreal forest.
    This brings me back to the belief of trying what makes you uncomfortable or insecure in life to fully live and be satisfied, be it professional or personal. I am more conservative on the professional side, but hope to figure out how to utilize my growing skills in transformative coaching practices and motivational sessions in education in order to bring things to the next level.
    And yes, I would have jumped off the pole ( I also have a fear of heights), because after ziplining, I realized how to trust the cords that keep one safe!

  74. Diana

    Marie & Team – THANK YOU for This Episode!!!! I had the honor of going to Fiji this past summer and stayed at Namale, where YES I climbed and jumped off that 55ft pole! Thank you for reminding me that it’s only a baby step to reach the next step in my journey.

  75. Woohoo . . . so inspiring, thank you Marie and Team for this magical glimpse into your Fiji adventures! YES, I’m all in for jumping off the pole! Apart from bunjee jumping and bridge swinging in the past, part of my current weekly exercise is climbing a spindly 50m tower to help my husband (and business partner) retrieve time lapse images of a construction project. Takes courage every time, but not as much as business building 😀 Your insight and inspiration is a game changer for that, Thank You!

  76. The scariest thing I’ve done is to move to NYC all by myself 3 years ago. In these 3 years, I have written my first book and joined BSchool and Experts Academy from which I have learned a lot, but now I am just about to launch that book and create a program to go with it. I have learned how to put together my website and do marketing but I’m still scared to let it all go………..
    To be continued…….

    • Way to go Colby! All the very best for your book and program launch! I’m also busy planning the launch of my book and program, so know just how you feel about that ?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      You got this Colby! Look at how far you’ve come in 3 years. We’re cheering you, your book, and your new program on to even more success, and even bolder moves ahead.

  77. I loved this episode. I’m fairly new to the channel, but have been catching up like crazy outside of day-job, and am working my way through Brene brown’s book from your interview with her!

    I launched my own business and got my first sales! However scary it is to think no one would buy is tripled once they put money down and I worry I won’t be able to give them value!

    I am SO afraid of heights, I don’t think you’d have got me to the top. Maybe if there had been a net/water beneath, I’d have felt safe enough, although probably not, ha!

  78. Love the unplugged shows! So cool to see you in real life 😉

  79. Joanie B.

    oh my goodness thank you for this video. I so needed to hear it. As a budding yoga teacher, recreating my wellness business as I go, I’m TERRIFIED leading up to teaching. I love teaching, but am having a ton of nerves leading up. Knowing that even you, even after all these years, still get nervous, reminds me that I am human and that it’s all good! Seeing your little sun valley hat made me GRIN! That’s my hometown! made it feel like you were talking right to me. Thanks as always Marie, you do such awesome things for this world <3

  80. Would I jump off the pole …Heck no!!! But I had much joy watching you do it…
    The scariest thing I have done ? Well I’m a burns survivor so fire and me well …hhhmmm….not so great friends …burning a candle caused my heart to race.
    So I figured I need to stare fear right in the face…so Fire walking was the goal.
    Was it easy ??? Nope …Did I do it? Yep …Did I have a break down…absolutely!!
    But boy …it was so liberating …what we hold in our gut can hold us back from so much.
    What happens when you face fear is that …it really does get easier… cliché but it’s true. It really is that simple.
    Hmmm maybe I will jump of a 55 ft pole.
    Thank you again for sharing your experience.
    You will be happy to note that fire & I are friends now …

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      WOW! You’re amazing, Kat! It was so brave of you to face your fear head-on. We’re in awe of you.

  81. Very beautiful!

  82. Awesome video! I totally can’t wait to go to Fiji and jump off a 55′ pole! No idea how, but I’ll let the Universe take care of that. I’m doing the scariest thing right now… ignoring the people telling me to go get a job, and putting my focus and love into the coaching business I KNOW I’m supposed to be doing. I’m feeling into my trust and faith of being supported like never before.

  83. Manam

    omg marie! beautiful video! stay happy and keep doing what you do 🙂

  84. Jules

    OH Marie, what an inspiration! I crew regularly in Fiji & know the magic Namale brings. Thanks for sharing your journey, love & wisdom always. Well done on the Pole jump, such a big achievement. Its all the little things like flying in a tiny plane, jumping off poles, walking on hot coals that make us grow and see that anything in life is possible when we put our minds to it & truly believe that we can.
    I must not forget to mention the magic of the Fijian culture & kind hearted souls who show us all how to truly be grateful and embrace the simple things in life!
    Blessings. x

  85. That was beautiful to watch! Thank you!

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