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“Maybe one of our best episodes — ever.”  

That was the thought I had after Tony Robbins left our MarieTV studio last week.

You see, when I was on holiday in Sicily earlier this month, I watched an advanced screener of the new documentary about Tony and his work called I Am Not Your Guru.

For me, the film was a beautiful emotional journey.

I laughed out loud, gasped from shock and, often, found myself wiping away tears. The behind-the-scenes bits that show Tony off stage and reveal how he and his team produce his mega events is not something I believe he’s ever been willing to share before.

Instantly, I knew that this was a film that I wanted to get behind, simply because there was so much inspiration and value packed in.

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Then, once our cameras started rolling and Tony and I talked more candidly about his work, his life and some of the strategies he uses to spark such profound transformations in others…

I found myself in a mini coaching session with Tony — right in the middle of our interview!

Talk about fun and unexpected.

If you’re someone who’s committed to living an extraordinary life that’s about love, contribution and never-ending growth, this MarieTV is a must watch.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get honest with yourself about what’s working in your life and what’s not, as well as learn actionable steps you can use right now to create change.

Program note: This episode contain adult language. If you have little ones or sensitive ears nearby, please wear headphones.

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Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru is streaming on Netflix in 190 countries worldwide. I loved the film and hope you will too.

I’ve respected and admired Tony for decades. He’s made a profound difference in my life, both personally and professionally.  I’m honored to be a part of his New Money Masters program, and our last MarieTV interview is one of our most popular.

There’s an enormous amount of good stuff in this one and I’d truly love to know…

What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from this conversation and what’s one specific action step you’re committed to take to bring it to life?

Leave a comment below, and let me know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

I truly hope you’ll make the time, right now, to watch this.

Most importantly, my hope is you’ll use the insights and ideas to improve the quality of your life, and those you love.

Because as Tony offers…

“I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to tolerate the life I have, even if it’s good. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding.”

There’s something to be said for having those kind of standards for yourself and others, don’t you think?

P.S. If there’s anyone in your life that could use some inspiration and real strategies for growth — a friend, client or colleague, please share this one. It’s a life changer.

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. I haven’t watched this episode yet, but goodness, that documentary was amazing! I watched it twice this weekend, and picked up gems of wisdom each time. I loved that I could see pieces of myself in every person that was featured, and was rooting for them to have the breakthroughs they all deserved. He truly has a gift, and is changing individual worlds, which is how you change the world! I can’t wait to go to one of his seminars sometime soon. Now, to watch this episode. Thanks, Marie! 🙂

    • Great Colene! I love that you’ve already seen it twice. So good right? I hope you enjoy this episode too as Tony shares some insights I’ve never heard before 🙂

      • Tony is a great teacher and has gone as far as Reason and Passion can take a person.
        But Reason, being a precious and indispensable tool, sits in the driver’s sit, and wears the driver’s hat. It pretends to control life and to explain fully the mystery of life. In the meantime, life is taking its own course. Did you know that most relationships are chosen subconsciously, by our Intuition and not their Reason?
        This Intuition is wiser and higher than Reason. Tony knows it. All these measuring and trying to control life, can only go so far.
        Let me give you a glimpse into why the widely successful and well loved Robin Williams committed suicide. He was not a success in his own eyes. You see, success in the eyes of society, is one thing. Success in your own eyes, is another thing. And yet, success in the eyes of your soul or spirit, a third thing.
        We do not know who is a success and who is a failure. Perhaps, with all his achievements, Robin was born to achieve another purpose, or a greater purpose, which he did not fulfil. This caused him much suffering. Perhaps, his success in the world diverted him from his greater purpose, and he felt a great sense off loss.
        My friends, one does not achieve inner peace until one aligns oneself with their spirit until they become one. One means the end of all conflicts. The end of mental suffering. Anything which separates us from our soul/spirit, is bound to lead to pain and suffering. Our Reason may be the culprit. It fools us all the time.
        Some sages have been successful at achieving wholeness and oneness without using Reason or Education. They achieved it through Devotion alone. Yes, my friends, Devotion is even greater than Reason. Tony can only take you as far as he himself has gone. He mirrors a society that has gone very far in one direction.

        • carol Lopez

          Gloria amazing explanation as to your perspective to Robin Williams’ suicide. Well explained and intelligent discussion!!! I also believe Mr Williams might have suffered from some mental illness, which was out of his control and might have drove him to suicide.

          • Mental illness, generally speaking, is a state in which different parts of the self are in conflict, or not integrated. Therefore, one can say, that everybody is mentally ill, to a degree. When integration of the different parts of self is achieved, mental illness vanishes. To say that one is mentally ill, is a way of saying that one is at war with oneself. When a person heals the divisions within, the mental illness disappears. So yes, Robin was mentally ill, to the extent that he was not united with his higher self or spirit. Also, life events can knock one out of balance. To achieve complete inner integration, is to become a Master, and is called enlightenment.
            Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. And thank you Robin, for your contribution to humanity, and thank you Marie for being a fountain of inspiration, and thank you Carol for your appreciation. Namaste.

        • Gloria, I believe as you have stated. If you cannot love yourself, you think no one else does. If you cannot see any accomplishments within you life, you think no one else does.
          If you neglect your spiritual self, and a lot of psychologist now tell us we all have a spiritual self – the soul…we are not going to be pleased with what we are doing or have done in the past. A soul that believes in a higher power feels love unconditionally. It is hard to change one’s self as Tony said, some individuals do not even try because they cannot see themselves as they are.

        • Paul

          thank you, Gloria. I totally agree. Tony talks about how many people loved Robin Williams–loved him? Really? Maybe they think they loved him and who am I to say otherwise though love is sometimes confused with admiration , respect, wanting to be like another and even , envy. And I also agree with your comment about Tony taking someone only as far as he has gone. Imo, Tony is about self-empowerment , I’m interested in self-liberation. Much love

          • I think love and respect are deeply connected. How can you love someone you do not respect? Can you love someone you despise? Robin was respected and admired by many. We can call it love. People sent him a lot of positive energy. But it was not enough, obviously, to save his life. My intuition tells me that Robin was a very loving person. He had a big heart. Something happened that broke his heart. I don’t want to speculate. I believe he lost his connection to his spirit at some point, and could not go on without it. This can happen even to highly evolved beings. Until one has reached total liberation, one can always fall from grace. It happens to all souls at some point in their evolution. We rise and we fall again and again, until we reach ultimate union with the divine spark within. The spirits are telling me that Robin makes everyone laugh in the next world. They are happy to have him among them. If his family knew about this, it would make them feel better. Robin is well now, but he is worried about his family. Existence continues in the next dimension.

    • Colene, I love how empathetic you are! Namaste! Bowing to your light baby!

    • Anne

      Awesome interview. I love learning that problems need energy to live. This alone is a game changer for me. Can’t wait to see the documentary. Thanks to both you and Tony for so much passion and practicality.

  2. Sandy

    I like Tony but he would be so much more appealing if he didn’t use the *F word all the time. I’m disappointed.

    • Hi Sandy! I appreciate and respect your opinion. We all respond differently to various styles of communication. Personally, that’s one of the things that makes me love Tony even more, so it further proves — different strokes for different folks. For even more context, he uses strong language for a very specific reason — to wake people up and get them VERY present and out of their habitual ways of thinking/being. He talks about this in the film, and at his events. XO M.

      • Sandy

        Thanks Marie. I understand why he uses it, but still not appealing to me. That being said, I am grateful to both Tony and yourself for your openness and honesty, and dedication to helping people have magnificent lives! I look forward to watching the film.

      • Michelle

        I find that I hate cussing, but grew up around it being used often. I now use profanity around my husband and I wish I didn’t bc it bothers him. Mainly it is directed at him. This part with Tony cussing confused me because some people do need to hear the harsh words to get out of themselves, but I am not sure it comes from a place of love. I truly think I have shifted to a more loving place to not cuss at my husband.

        • Suzanne

          I understand that curse words are just words — they are just a series of letters until we give meaning to them. What matters is the intention behind the words.

          For example, as Marie mentioned in her comment above, Tony here uses curse words for a specific purpose — to help someone break an internal thought or feeling pattern. His curse words aren’t coming from his own emotions, like anger or frustration. The response from the other person to the pattern interruption isn’t going to affect him personally. The cursing is just a tool. He could be singing Happy Birthday in Japanese and get a similar disruption effect. But the cursing is more quick and effective I’m betting.

          On the other hand, if we use curse words with the intention of expressing our own emotions and experience of suffering (like anger or frustration) to another human (like one’s partner), the words can feel hurtful because they are designed to provoke the other person to respond to us in a certain way. The cursing comes from the expression of our pain and is a reaction to our needs not getting met.

          Thus, there is no power to the curse words until intention is applied, and most people are pretty perceptive to picking up the energy of the intention even if it isn’t expressly obvious.

          • Michelle

            Suzanne, I watched the documentary and so glad I did not let the cussing get in the way of having a powerful moment I needed to have. It is my pride honestly. I know that I hear cussing everywhere and even from my own mouth. Why does it offend me? I do not have an answer. I get that he is using it as a tool. It is effective for sure. If someone uses the word in anger or malicousness towards me if ever that is to happen- it has the same effect. I am caught off-guard and immediately taught something about me and them.

        • Tara

          Michelle, don’t you think though that there is a big difference between cussing and cussing AT someone specifically? My husband doesn’t mind if I swear, but if I swear AT him in anger, he walks out the door. Yet it isn’t the word, it’s the way I’ve used it. From Tony, I see that he isn’t swearing at people, he is using the words to shake them out of their stuck place. Just a thought.

          • Michelle

            Tara, yes. I like what you said.

      • Jill

        Awesome interview. So real, such integrity and so authentic which is why cursing never bothers me. I understand its a personal preference but I love it. It is just as if he was speaking socially with a confidant which Im sure Marie is.

        The whole video reinforces all of the work I have been doing on myself and navigating my way through daily anxiety and shifting on a cellular level the residuals of childhood trauma. I crave to live a happier and more joyful life. The part of his story about his son is something that resonated with me as I have a 21 year old that I feel my husband and I both need to continually back off and give him his space. Thank you for sharing this interview. I will be watching the Netflix movie soon. Blessings.

      • Amy

        I agree with you Marie! I find it so hard to relate to people who DON’T swear!! When I went to my first event and he dropped the F BOMB repeatedly it really set me free to be the leader and voice I wanted to be! It really showed me I don’t have to fit inside this perfect little professional box and that there really is not a professional box ~ it was rules others had put on me that were simply not mine! Yay! xo A.

      • WiLL


      • Stephanie

        I so agree with you Marie about the F word! It is a sentence enhance and in my opinion such a powerful word at getting a point across! It is sincerely one of my favorite words !!! But I understand the woman’s unpleasantness by it, maybe that’s where she can go within and figure out why she so offended by that word.

    • I agree to that also. You can get your point across without these kinds of words.

      • Arthur

        That’s not my language style also, but authencity is stronger and more transforming, so I think that’s how he will deliver best, and, therefore, I embrace it. Anyways, that’s also a good reminder that we should look for within ourselves for things we love and dread in others 😉

    • Kathy

      Sandy, I agree. I feel like it takes away from the message when it’s used so much. Does he do it to jolt? Does he have no control over it? Not sure, but it’s a strong adjective and using it so much diminishes the message.

  3. I can’t wait to watch the doco!! Hubby + I are planning a whole afternoon off. Tony is the bomb. Thanks Marie!!! You never fail to make my week with your beautiful content. So awesome xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That sounds like an amazing afternoon, Fayann! Thank you so much for your kind words xoxo

  4. Great interview! I watched this movie over the weekend and it was very moving. It gave me hope.

  5. Ali

    My husband and I watched the documentary this weekend and we were both in tears. It was emotional to see the lives Ton’y touched, talk about a perspective “truth bomb.” I admire his unwavering passion for people and his ability to never lose sight of what he was put on this planet to do. He leads with so much heart and integrity. You also do those things Marie, it’s one reason so many are drawn to you. I’m thankful to have both of you as “virtual” mentors in my life.

    I really appreciated the behind the scenes of Tony. It made everything so real, to watch him walk off the stage and be brought to tears. I’m so thankful there are thought leaders like him who remind us to never settle, that we have the power to take our life back. Thankful for his honesty (including his language). I believe there is a lot of psychology behind it and as he said in the documentary, it’s what makes things land. It interrupts our brain patterns and while we may not all go around dropping F-bombs, his approach has changed millions of lives. Thankful for his work and yours Marie. I appreciate these inspiring interviews you provide us with so much, they are such a bright spot in my day!


  6. Bree

    Hi Marie,
    I love synchronicity! I woke up really early this morning around 3 am MST and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to catch up on a show I missed on Netflix. I flipped through the new releases and saw Tony Robbins documentary “I’m Not Your Guru”. I was just drawn to it. So I watched it instead. I cried, laughed, had a mini-breakthrough and settled into my morning with a new emotional perspective. Afterwards I worked out, showered made a great Salad for my lunch and checked my email. Here you are front and center Marie in my inbox interviewing Tony Robbins! Thank you! I’m remembering the best part of the work you offer is to inspire others to be ALL of themselves and not to settle for anything less than amazing! love, love, love! Thank you for all you do!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Bree! I love when the universe sends us awesome synchronicity like that 😀 Thanks so much for tuning in!

    • Bianca


  7. Ashley

    Watching this right now! So excited to see you both again. Smiling from ear to ear!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re smiling from ear to ear right back, Ashley! xo

  8. Ahh I really enjoyed this interview!!! It made me cry, smile, laugh!! And I love how you said Tony I’m so happy that I get to live at the same time with you on this planet!! I totally share that! When I first met Tony at UPW event in LA last year it was a life changing moment and I will never forget it!!! He helped me walk through Fire and that was such a significant event in my life. But the most significant and amazing moment we shared was when he looked right into my eyes so intensely for like a minute and asked “What’s holding you back?” In that moment I knew it is “Me” so I’m on the path of changing, developing and loving myself for who I am!! Thank you Marie for this amazing interview!!! LOVE IT!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Elizabeth! How cool that you got to meet Tony and have such an incredible experience with him at UPW. 🙂

  9. Fran

    Wow! Wow!Wow! Loved this interview. I’ll be watching the film on Netflix tonight

  10. Mark

    That was one of the best interviews I’ve ever watched. There was so much relevant content. One take away that impacted me was, ” we only experience change when we are in an altered state.”

  11. Karen Coughlin

    Wow, I only got to see about 30 minutes of the interview but so powerful. I have had some life hurdles the past year and with each day I set a goal to be happy and appreciative. We never know when what we think is “our life” is going to change forever. This conversation gives me tips to re-channel my thoughts and break some habits. Good job on the vacation habit; it is truly healthy. Thanks for sharing this conversation.

    • Karen- One of the things that always helps during life’s challenges is remembering “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” Everything you are experiencing is an opportunity to open you up to become the person you are meant to be! Wishing you all the best, and sending love! 🙂

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Love that, Colene!

      • That comment about “life happens for you” is a FABULOUS point of view. Thank you for sharing wisdom.

        • deb

          Love, love, loved it!!! and YOU and TONY

  12. oh my goodness! How much I love Tony Robbins! His energy and attitudes are so contagious! Every time I watch his videos I am learning more and more how to ask better questions to figure out if my thoughts are correct and what influences me and how to change my perspective. It is fascinating that this conversation is just on time for my thoughts of actually going a different direction a little bit. I decided recently to actually let myself grieve sometimes about unpleasant things in my life for a little bit and then go on merry with my life. Tony’s approach of 90 seconds is kind of appealing to me. I can grieve for 90 seconds and then slap my wrist and get back to my happy state. And I need to keep learning on how to switch my states when I get to the unhappy place.
    Oh, Marie, thank you so much for bringing Tony to your show. You and him together in one room are better than cake for me!!!! (and i love cake so you are like the best things ever!)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, that means the world to us, Yana! Better than cake is VERY high praise 😉

  13. This was so great, I was just thinking of writing you guys to ask for some longer content of listening to Marie (been listening to Ferris’ podcast lately . I know she is working on a book, I cant wait to get it, but this was perfect. Best Tony Robbins interview I have ever seen. You all rock, thanks for this episode. xox

  14. Rhonda W.

    I made so many notes watching this. I crave my mother’s love. I knew it from the deep, heartwrenching, suddenly emotional response to the question. I could feel just how much work I’ve got to do in unpacking this. I feel pressure/guilt all the freaking time these days because I have these unspoken, unexamined expectations of myself that clash with who I am. Crap. I have so much work to do. . . But I refuse to suffer. I will make this a positive experience and I will know the truth and it will set me free.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Rhonda, I absolutely hear you — those deep emotional responses are such important guideposts for what our heart and soul needs, even if it does feel heavy too. The truth does indeed set us free, and we’re sending so much love your way.

  15. WWOOOOOWWW!!!! You are sure Marie, this is one of your best episodes — EVER! For me, it’s noy a episode, but an entire transformation experience… I felt very deeply everything, and I just realized, as Tony were making questions and I was answering, that I had to be single to my father. Since I was a child, my father was having conversations with me about not having a boyfriend untill I graduated and have a job. And he always had conversations about how dangerous man could be. I am 41 now, I was single most of my life. I was married for for years, and I was not happy at all. Now I am single again… wow…. how powerfull this awareness is! I am shocked!!
    I loved how Maries eyes were at the end, I felt the same…
    Love you Marie, Love you Tony. Feel so blessed you share…

  16. Wiley

    My biggest takeaway is appreciation instead of expectation. I’m dedicating focus in doing this in my marriage.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a tremendous takeaway, Wiley — that single point can be deeply transformative. Thanks so much for watching this week!

  17. Carol Culver

    Wow! This was so awesome! I will be watching this again with my family. The tidbits that I will be putting into action right away is the 90 second rule, the letting go of my kids (this message could not have come at a better time), and the which parent did you crave love from! Thank you both for the work you do! So awesome!

  18. When you stand up for your life – magic happens! I love how candid, casual and personable this interview is and it makes me want to watch the documentary even more now! Altering states give us the permission to change can feel scary and bewildering fo’sho! I mean I’ve emailed Team Forleo when I needed to break away from what I love to do so I can get someplace new. Right now, I’m feeling extraordinary by realizing just how much I’ve accomplished with my brand and allowing it to expand but I needed to relocate to make that happen. FREEDOM baby! I can’t wait to email you because this seriously feels extraordinary on all levels!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Bernard! We can’t wait to read your email xoxo

  19. This last week I’ve been going through some deep transformations, changing mindsets, and having these ideas and thoughts that I wanted to use personally and professionally. I guess you can call them “AHA moments”. Haven’t watched the documentary but during this interview, Tony and Marie touched on all three of my AHA revelations and I see it as confirmation that I am on the right path. Thank you for such a wonderful interview and experience!

  20. I have to disagree with Tony on one thing: He is my guru! As a coach, he has taught me so many tools to help change people states and give them long lasting change.
    The takeaway today: What do I see in other people that annoys me? People that are loud and dominate group settings. I realise there is a part of me that wants to be more confident and comfortable in that situation. It’s give me something to think about!

    Thank you Marie and Tony. Incredible interview.


  21. It’s interesting because I normally have a hard time identifying with Tony and what he has to say. I find him abrasive and unpleasant to listen to. But one of the skills I’m working on – and something Tony talked about in this video – is to question why I hold the opinions that I do and whether they truly serve me. When he talked about how life is too short to suffer, my immediate reaction was to think that suffering is inevitable and unavoidable. But is it? Maybe I really am holding myself back with my beliefs, and with my decision that someone who speaks differently than me can’t have anything useful to say. Lots to think about today!

    • Wow, Stephanie – your willingness to be objective about yourself is inspiring. You go girl!

  22. Lisa Barry DC

    I always love interviews with Tony. He never fails to give new insight or greater depth with his teachings. Marie thank you also for having him there and for answering his questions. It’s always great to see such a successful person going through the process with Tony because you don’t think that person is dealing with things like everyone else. It’s fantastic to see you talking about what goes on in your life as well! Thank you for this beautiful video and I look forward to watching more!

  23. Lori

    As usual, this was the perfect segment for me to watch and I’m so glad I got to watch it the day it came out! Thank you so much Tony Robbins and Marie Foreleo for sharing this important message with all of us.
    I have been given the responsibility for raising my 4 grandsons and so much of what you both discussed about how “parents” mold how we behave and what we find to be important in life really hit home for me.
    I definitely reached out to my Dad. He was an amazing person with very high expectations of himself and those around him. He never really said he was disappointed, but I thought I could always tell by the look in his eyes when I just didn’t seem to measure up. He was a hard worker, and honest person, but he also knew how to have fun. He grew up in the 50’s and I found out years later some of the antics he was part of…auto racing (on a local track), dancing, etc. To me he was always in “work” mode.
    I, too, came to expect a lot from myself and others around me. When I first took my grandsons on full time, I thought I had to teach them the values that they weren’t taught by their parents…good work ethic, respect for elders, how to care for themselves properly, not to argue with adults, be kind, be grateful, etc.
    As I am sure you know, these 4 boys have very different personalities. I can tell who emulates their Dad and who emulates their Mom. It has been especially hard for me to connect with the he boys that emulate their Mom because I have such lack of respect for her…and she is so much different from me.
    I pray that I have the energy to let some of my thoughts just “drift by” so that I can make all of our lives more joyful and fulfilling.
    There is much more I need to do, but this is a start.
    Thanks again!

    • Chrystina

      Wow Lori those are amazing insights. You are in a difficult position at times, I’m sure, with your grandkids, and it’s such a tough job. I just want to express my admiration for you taking it on, and for the love you are showing to them, which is invaluable!

  24. Marie. Marie. You and Tony are amazing. You are inspiration. For me. And every human being out there watching this. Thank you for bringing this giant back at your studio. My wish is to make a change in this world just like you do. Thank you once again. Love you.

  25. Sandy

    This was absolutely one of your best interviews! I will now trade “unrealistic expectations for realistic appreciation.” This will happen in all areas of my life, including personal and professional relationships. Thank you both so much.

  26. Marie – this is such a cracker of an interview – Thank you so much for bringing this to us. I had always been slightly scared of the brand of Tony and just watched the doco on the weekend. I loved it. I loved this interview.

    So many juicy takeaways – seriously thinking about DWD in Au for 2017.

    Thank you again

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Melanie! We’re so glad that you loved this episode and enjoyed the documentary too. DWD sounds like a great goal for next year! 🙂

  27. WOW!!!!
    I really enjoyed Marie! Tony is really THE guy. Specially because he brings sooooo deep situations in a simple way to look in to that. I´m from Brazil and I can see that no matter we are from, no matter where our culture is from, we all have the same situations to deal with. That´s amazing and understanding this, we can also understand that we´re all the same. It brings us to get together. Really really loved this interview and all this truth!!

  28. Srdjan Perisic

    Wow….”Life is to short to suffer”.
    I love it. Way too often we “suffer” because we do not see our own strengths but rather only weaknesses. We do not enjoy what we have but suffer over what we do not have. We let external forces dictate our destiny. Twenty plus years ago I fled a war-torn country of Yugoslavia, speaking no English and forced to restarting my life from scratch. It is so easy to find yourself being a victim of something that you do not have control over. But identifying and understanding our purpose in life it helps us to concentrate our energy on what is important. Knowing your purpose defines your attitude, which helps us to deal with the failures as well as the successes of life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Incredible, Srdjan – thank you so much for watching and sharing your comment with us here.

  29. Lori

    Dear Marie Tony!

    Great video I know what I have learned is I got this email to watch and could not access it.On my ipad or phone then saw it on Facebook so was so excited I could listen .I can not view the movie due to I do not have the funds to watch or get Netflix. YET! I am this driven woman that from this video is not going to stop until I we my family get out of the 1% and live a better life. I want to say I am so greatful that I could watch this today and that I respect you both and have learned so much from both of you through the years!
    Heaps of love

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Lori! I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble accessing the video on your iPad and phone. If you receive Marie’s emails, you can click the photo in the email to be taken to the video, or you can always find them here on Marie’s website and on YouTube. 🙂

      • Lori Glier

        Hi Mandy!
        I am one unstoppable woman and not much stops me as if there is a will there is a way!
        Thanks heaps of love!

  30. Hey, I’ve watched Tony’s documentary twice. It’s simply jaw-dropping. Marie, I so loved this interview, my fav interview of yours so far. I loved your question about how TR first dealt with a suicide. I’ve been a student of TR’s for twenty years, so this was a real treat. Thank you xx

  31. Holy S*[email protected] Tony! How have I not been to one of your events yet? I can’t tell you just how much I got out of this video. The last 5 minutes? Life.Changing.

    I craved my father’s love more. He used to always say “children should be seen and not heard”. He wanted me to always be positive as well. I have such issues with voicing my opinions and opposing views, and I never really related it to him. But this video completely opened my eyes. I am now married to my opposite (21 years) and he is very boisterous, cynical and opinionated. Drives me crazy and now I see why. I haven’t eve been able to develop this side of me.

    I am honestly just stunned after watching this video. I have so much work to do.

    • Hey Deanna, I can’t believe what you wrote… because I could have written it myself! The “children should be seen & not heard” (actually, for us, it was rather… not seen and not heard…) and the fact that your other half is the complete opposite… were we sisters in a past life?! Marie & Tony, thanks for a great show, and like Deanna, I realise that I have a LOT of work to do to bring that side of me out (the loud, opinionated and sometimes like a bull in a china shop), to improve my relationship with my husband. Thanks to all xx

  32. Tiffany K.

    1. I really resonated with the idea to change out of the mindset of suffering and find the gratitude. Even that small bit of losing ourselves to the mini anger flare takes the joy from us.
    2. I’m also going to remind myself when I’m dealing with my small kiddos, to try and not respond to the problem with energy. If you don’t give it energy, it fades.
    3. Also will use the bit about sitting back, and watching those (negative) thoughts fly by us–and not let them take hold in me.

    This is the first time I’ve watched anything with TR. He got me thinking!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are such awesome insights, Tiffany! So glad Tony’s wisdom resonated with you. 🙂

  33. Adam

    Hey, thanks for the interview Marie. I had read one of Tony’s books many years ago and it made an impression, but I was slightly put off by his ‘out there’ personality (being a more reticent Englishman!!), and so didn’t connect with his teachings then. So when your email popped up in my in-box I was intrigued, and started to watch. And I was very moved by the clip from the movie you used, as it showed (to me) a very vulnerable guy share some of his pain in front of a large audience, but it also showed how heart-flt Tony was in connecting with me. So I stayed to the end of your interview and am very grateful for it. He seems to ‘walk the walk’ as far as I’m concerned, and far from envying his success and all he’s achieved (remember, I’m a modest Brit!) I think he has a huge heart and a lot to give, so thanks for bringing all that out in your interview – not that you had a lot of time to intervene! thanks for MarieTV – it’s always insightful.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Adam! I’m so glad Tony’s insights really connected with you. We appreciate you tuning in. 🙂

  34. Jacqueline

    Love the conversation and can’t wait to see the movie. One thing, and wondering if anyone else feels this way. I feel I don’t have insight into myself. For ex: When Tony asked who’s love did you crave the most, your mother or father, I have no idea. Can’t answer it. Can’t answer who I had to be or who I could be. You know the question, what did you want be when your were between the ages of 8-12, yup no idea!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good question, Jacqueline! Marie has an episode on sharpening your intuition that may be helpful for this: Getting in tune with your intuition may help you see things more clearly.

  35. Noémie

    I had such a big breakthrough when Tony told the restaurant story. I really feel that I’ve tied being the giver to my identity as well… and it’s sometimes a selfish thing to do. It’s like being the giver is the way to have self esteem and to be loved. I also realized that my long term partner is really good at chilling, taking care of him and seeing the joy and beauty in everything. It’s funny how Tonny said that it’s the qualities that make you like somebody that annoys you… It’s so true!! I’ll look at how I can apply his qualities into my own life. I’ve learned that to gain love (from my dad) I had to work hard, be strong have will power and don’t complain (which are good skills). I now need to get the skills that my partner is a master at. Thank for the mega break through. Ps. I’ve watched the documentory 3 times already, I just want to learn how to be as powerful yet humble like Tonny to help others.

  36. Omgosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tony Robbins! He feels so legitimately caring, not fluffing, not acting. There have been others after him, but they just don’t compare in depth of compassion, intelligence, spirit, genuineness.

    You are my favorite gal out there b/c of your magnetic brains, biz, and style, and your humongoid heart & soul, so this interview was such a treat!

    Thanks, Marie AND Tony! <3 <3 <3

  37. Pam

    Marie – Thank you for this interview and for what you do! Your chemistry with Tony is awesome. I just loved “I am not your Guru.” Tony is so tapped in, gifted, and generous. The documentary made me laugh, cry, yearn, and made me feel inspired to keep moving forward! My biggest takeaways 1) You are not your patterns; patterns can be changed 2) Energies or aspects in others that you’re drawn to or dislike are areas in yourself you need to reclaim. I would love any insight from you or Tony on how one goes about reclaiming these areas to become more whole!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are such amazing insights, Pam! And you asked a really good question. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday! 🙂

  38. Brian

    What a great interview and a perfect follow on after watching the movie. Thank you, Marie and Tony, for everything you do. The insights provided are priceless.

  39. Hi Marie and Team Forleo,
    Wow wow wow what a SPECIAL TREAT! I did watch the Netflix special, and the behind the scenes; but THIS was extra-special with whipped cream on top! I appreciate this interview, so many good reminders about expectation-to-appreciation, changing ‘state’ and always always real life, no BS examples. His combination of inspiration, and humility are a powerful model. A bow to you (and your team!) for this goody Marie. Now I’m going to take a walk and think about ‘who’s love did I crave’, b/c this really perplexed me in the moment, and what did I have to be, what could I not be. Ouch, great ?s. I will be watching THIS episode again. Thank you again and again.

  40. Mallory

    I absolutely love everything in this interview!! But the thing that stood out the most for me was the last few minutes when Tony talked about what we admire in others being a part of us craving to be developed and grow. I could not resonate with this more!! I’ve been dealing with some jealous and insecure feelings lately around certain types of people and this just totally woke me up to the fact that what they’re putting out into the world is what I want to put out into the world more. THANK YOU Marie and Tony!!! You are such incredible beams of light in this world. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! So glad this episode was helpful, Mallory! I know jealousy and insecurity can creep up at less than ideal times, so I also wanted to share this MarieTV playlist: It’s chocked full of episodes about how to overcome fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs, which I think you’ll find uplifting when negativity comes knocking.

  41. Thank you for this. It has helped me peel away so much. The best part was at the end when I took the time (paused the video because I was so compelled to do it), who’s love did I crave the most, what did I need to do and what couldn’t I do. I made a full page list and I can see why I sabotage myself when success comes into my life. Our family was so average, we couldn’t be great, we couldn’t excel (my brother did, I have 2 other sisters). The list was long and is giving me lots to think about and lots to work on. I love you both and thank you so much for caring and being who you are. I have been so afraid of putting myself out there, in the spotlight, to achieve great things.

  42. Racheal

    This was an awesome episode, and I do agree with you Marie, am glad to be alive and around when someone like Tony Robbins is in existence.

    Everything in the video really got me but the one thing that stood out for me was the last bit about seeing something in others and having some form of internal conflict because of someone else’s behaviour, because in one way or another it is a reflection of who we are, we are either suppressing it or need to step up and claim it or recognise in ourselves. This is something I have been battling with and its nice to see the universe letting me know that I have to handle it.

    Thank you once again for this episode, as always I am glad I watched and I will be on the look out for Tony’s documentary,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such an important insight, Racheal! I’m so glad Tony’s wisdom really spoke to you. 🙂

  43. I am also happy that Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins are on the planet at the same time.
    I have asked myself the the question “Who did you most seek love from, your mother or your father?” and I draw a blank.

    Now just the second that I wrote that down, I realized it was neither, it was my step-father that I sought approval from. That opens a lot of thoughts for me. In order to get his approval I needed to be quiet, helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, submissive. I had to follow the rules and never do anything wrong, do what I was told, never say no.

    Explains a lot. Now what?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I think part of what Tony was saying was that having the awareness of where we get our personality traits is important so we not only understand ourselves, but also our relationships with others. If we’re butting heads with someone, knowing the forces influencing our behavior can be really insightful. I hope that helps! Thanks for watching this week’s episode.

      • Tammy Perry

        Thank you Mandy, I appreciate that!

  44. Thank you so much Marie and Tony. Every single word is honest and true. My mother became insane when I was 8 years old and later committed suicide. All my life I was a giver too to make sure that nobody has to end like that. I love my wonderful life and I love to help people to stop suffering and reach their higher self to live in love, appreciation and abundance. I am looking forward to watching the documentary.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mom, Doris. Thank you for the powerful work you’re doing in the world to help people live healthier, happier lives.

  45. Sarah Korte

    I find it so interesting that I learned about Tony Robbins last night. My best friend called me and said, “Sarah, you have to watch this video on Netflix, this guy is just like you!” So, I sat down to watch it. This morning, I woke up and he is in my email box with this video. I really resonated with everything Tony had to say. He is a powerhouse. He is so amazing! I am eternally thankful that I was lead to watch these videos. What an amazing, inspiration to so many people.

  46. Judith George

    Wow – great interview! The biggest thing that I took away is that the brain is wired for survival so it naturally looks for all the potential pitfalls that could arise in a situation. But I don’t have to take them as truths. I have programmed myself to take the brains messages as realities “oh be super careful – this could happen.” If I can really get that my brain is just doing the job it was created to do and I can just thank it for the thought and still follow my heart.

  47. Steph

    So many gems in this video! I think what resonated with me most was shifting our habitual patterns that we are in. I allow myself to have certain thoughts on a regular basis that I don’t like. I am going to try to stop the suffering today as well as let the thoughts “float on by” as Tony put it! Love the work both of you do!!

  48. Thank you so much for sharing this episode With us.i am in tears abort How much he says that clicks in me. IT answers a LOT of tvinga that i knew IT was Wright .i am trying to write à book for teenegers and IT is so hard because i have dyslexia.words are against me but i am in agood stat because of the ens resultat is so much greatfull than My speedbumps.i have also recived your beautifull emails which makes me work harder.gud bless your beautifull soul Marie.

  49. Indeed, what an episode! I had so many aha moments!
    My biggest takeaway: I realised that at this point of life that I don’t crave neither my mum nor dad’s love. A few years ago I would not have imagined this day to come. I always had difficult relationships with my parents as long as I remembered.

    Of course they both loved me in their ways, but I never felt being accepted fully nor could I become my true self within that framework. I had to leave my home and country by myself at 17 to search for the deeper part of me. And today, I cannot believe that I’m saying this but I feel so loved by them AND the freedom to be me. It has been a long journey, especially the past 4 years while starting and growing my business – like a big crash course, it triggered every bits of insecurity in me and I had no choice but look at those relational dynamics that can be (and should be) changed and transformed. And they have…

    I just want to say inner-work really does the magic. Never give up on who you are!

    Thanks Tony, thanks Marie – deep gratitude to you both!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Yiye. I’m so glad you stayed true to yourself!

  50. Shidrokh ghawami

    Thank you for not publishing My email address.

  51. Hi Marie and Tony,

    Thank you for this tremendous video. Wow. What a powerful conversation. Thank you.

    For me, what really hit me the hardest was Tony’s questions: “Whose love did you crave more, your mother or your father’s?”, “What did you have to be for them?”, “What could you not be for them?’.

    My mother died a few years ago, when I was 24, and we had had a firey relationship – full of love, but full of conflict. Having just sat and answered these questions for myself, I can see the blueprint that was imprinted and how these things continue to show up now in my adult life, even after her death, and even while living a life I love on the other side of the Atlantic. I can see these patterns and hopefully now I can use this awareness to release those that are not serving me, those that have been limiting me in my life and interactions. Of course, there are some great gifts that she gave me in this blueprint too, and even just starting to answer those questions has actually brought a new clarity to my understanding of our relationship, and for all of those things, I am so grateful. Thank you. Xx

  52. Awesome! Thanks so much! I enjoyed every second of this rich conversation. My mind feels nourished in a truly exquisite way. Thank you!

  53. Jennifer Buhr

    intriqued me – “whose love I crave for more” and the 90 seconds – appreciation did it for me. Obviously I have loads to learn.

  54. Iraj

    Thank you for all the amazing and inspirational programs you create.
    I am inspire for choosing and living the life that I love.
    I wish you the same.

  55. Hey Marie,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you and Toni Robbins for your openess, honesty, for your kindness and and and… I LOVED this interview.
    What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from this conversation: I need to stop. Stop thinking I have to do it all, only I can do it all, no one else wants to help me do it all – and practice receiving. Others do show up, do offer help, would help if I asked – they might do it different and I could survive. One specific action step I can take and be committed to bring it to life? I commit to stop suffering – right here, right now. The questions asked (whose love did you crave more from – or who could you not be for your mom or dad…)- simply amazing! I can´t wait to see the film. Kindest and the most loving regards, Sandra

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really powerful, Sandra! I used to have hangups about asking for help, too, but ever since I’ve started making myself receive help I’ve realized how many people there are who are so willing to share love and support when it’s needed. I think you’ll see a lot of good come from this, too!

  56. Kellie

    Hi Marie,
    Wow! I learned about Tony from one of your earlier episodes and he was so loud and out there I missed the message. So I stopped watching. I skipped over the documentary this weekend and I was not going to watch it. I just watched your interview with him and everything hit hard. I am a perfectionist and I should on everything. I am also loud,outgoing, and have a foul mouth but I also an extremely sensitive and caring and now I think that I was not drawn to Tony at first because I wanted to be different someone that is poised, professional, elegant, calm and quiet . I feel like I don’t produce or finish things. I can see the big picture and love to help people. I can’t wait to go home and watch the documentary and learn so much. You always have the right info at the right time. Thank you for who you are and what you do. Sorry for rambling so much poured out of my heart.

  57. Sarah LoRang

    Great episode. My discussing Tony’s last book with one of my co-workers is what lead me to Marie TV originally and I’ve gotten so much out of having Marie & Tony in my life.

    Today’s episode made me more committed to identifying my patterns that are still causing me stress and find my new pattern to replace it.

    I watched Tony Robbins:I’m Not Your Guru this past weekend and it was very moving. I like the fact that Tony keeps it real and does jolt us into breaking our patters and he asks a lot of powerful questions I’ve never really thought about before. Maybe someday I’ll be able to attend one of his live events.

    As Marie says “I’m grateful to be alive at the same time you are”. Thanks Marie & Tony for being a plethora of information and guidance for so many.

  58. OH. MY. DAMN! This entire freaking interview!!!!
    There were way too many takeaways to name. (My fingers are cringing about possibly having to type them all.) This was amazing. Making a date with a friend to watch the documentary this week!

    All the feels right now… I need a glass of water. Thanks Marie, Tony, and the team!

  59. Donna D Hesleph

    I am swimming! This episode has so many valuable points, I am going to have to watch it several times. I have watched it once and have 3 pages of notes. What a great gift to this world Tony Robbins is. I cannot wait to watch “I Am Not Your Guru”.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you Marie!

  60. Sheila

    Marie- thank you for your insights! I watch Marie TV almost every Tuesday AM. I’m a 72 year old woman – retired commercial banker – who is now building a freelance writer business. This interview is amazing, and very useful. My husband of 48 years has now fully retired and for the first time in all these years we are often together (at least in the same house) 24/7. This constant proximity has brought out stress, annoyance and behavior in me that’s angry, critical and highly judgmental. As I listened to Tony Robbins I realized I can change this by looking for the “gift.” My husband is great at “chillin” – I’ve always been described as intense, determined and hyper-focused. I suddenly began to physically breath easier after watching this interview. I will watch it again. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! I’m so glad you can breathe easier, both literally and figuratively! I’m really glad Tony’s wisdom resonated with you.

  61. A powerful and experiential interview. Thank you for bringing this into the world and transforming lives in ways unseen. This totally absorbed me. Time stood still. I’ve always been skeptical of this man and clearly I knew nothing about him. I can’t imagine what it must be like to attend one of his conventions if I have had my brain “lit” during this interview. I want my wife and daughters to watch this video. Wow. Just. Wow.

    Continued success Marie and thank you for the energy and thought you are putting out into the world!

  62. Sarah

    Great episode and awesome interview. Tony is so generous and giving with his knowledge and kindness as always and Marie asks the perfect questions. Thanks for this!

  63. Mia Gafner

    Marie – how motivational! It’s like watching a waterfall for the first time even though you’ve seen pictures of one. I know all of these “patterns” and thoughts are inside me but couldn’t identify them. Loved his question, “whose love did I crave” and “who did I have to be” and “who did I never be”. Your response brought tears – can so relate! Life changing. Watching the Netflix movie TONIGHT!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a beautiful way to describe it! I’m really glad you’ve seen the real waterfall and that Tony and Marie really inspired you. Thanks so much for tuning in!

  64. Thank you for this gift.
    Grateful to be on the planet at a time when both Marie and Tony are!

  65. I loved this interview it really got a little more in depth about some things that were in the AMAZING documentary!! I watched it over the weekend, funny I always thought my Dad was the one I had the biggest wanting for love but it was definitely my mom. I am so grateful to know this now as I have made huge launching strides with my Dad over the years, but Mom and I still at times, well I get frustrated. Sometimes I feel like I’m her parent, I am looking for what I appreciate most in her now and really, REALLY wanting to release the patterns that do not work for me. Slowing down, breathing and recognizing it is a pattern, neither her nor myself. This is the work I need to do, to break down and open up what has been holding me back for years.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiration interview, as always Marie!

    Amanda Xo

  66. Monica

    This video reminded me how disgust is a teacher too. It’s nice when we can learn from other less popular emotions. The interview challenged me to better my relationship with my boyfriend, my relationship with my mother and female boss. I related to Tony craving mom love! Lots of good journal questions. The 90 second waiting period is my action plan! To appreciate qualities in others I don’t like 🙂 and see how I have them too

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a great action plan! And it’s wonderful that you’re journaling too. It sounds like you’re making really great strides!

  67. I won’t expound on how this is another wonderfully great interview Marie, but I will say that this video (and others of this genre) continue to validate and enrich my own inner knowings. Another perspective from another great mind is always awesome and welcome.

    Thank you Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins for ascending humanity. You both rock! 🙂

  68. OK…I cried just watching that small clip. Tony Robbins!! I (heart) you, unfiltered truth (a little vulgar for my Christians ears but I can relate lol). “When someone is hurting everything in me shows up.” Brilliant. Gifted. Thank you.

  69. Stacee

    Even after watching the movie, this interview was awesome. The things that really hit home for me was “what is wrong is always available…so it what is right.” I think there are times where I can be blind to the good things and overwhelmed by the bad…and that saying holds truth for me. Also appreciating differences and realizing that it is opportunity for growth instead of judging… Thank you for sharing this great information.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, that’s a really good takeaway! That’s definitely a quote to remember.

  70. Nathalie

    Looking forward to watch I AM NOT YOUR GURU!
    What I have retained from the interview is to bring into you what you hate in the other person! This is amaizing and yes so true..
    Thank you!

  71. I had watched the movie a couple of nights ago and then found this in my inbox. So many incredible thoughts between this interview and the movie. I’m going to have to go back and rewatch both with paper and pen in hand. Thank you.

  72. Fantastic interview with Tony Robbins!! I thought the insight about which parent you craved attention from the most was so powerful. Thank you for opening up my mind just a little bit more. Loved it!


  73. Tony is a modern philosopher whose genius is helping individuals see how they fit into the greater good. Thanks for such a lovely interview!

  74. A.

    Hi, thank you to both of you. You are amazing people and I love you very much. I thought so many times of dying in my life and now I just want to live happily and go to Heaven after this life. But I need to tell you my dreams: I dream of becoming the richest man of all time with a fortune of 10 trillion dollars, become the first president of the world and have a million wives. I dream also of having all the power in the world to fly and do all kind of miracles. There’s a verse in the Bible that says: everything is possible to the one who believes. Actually I just want to be loved by people. I want people to love me, and maybe also adore me. I also want to enjoy life and be happy most of the time. I’m surely crazy, but I’m stuck on the words of Steve Jobs that said “Stay foolish, Stay hungry”. And as I dreamed of becoming a kind of Steve Jobs, I’m kind of stuck on those words. In the same time I don’t want to be normal, I want to be different. I dream of helping making of these world a paradise for every life. I actually believe that every one will go to Heaven, even the biggest monsters in this world, but I’m not 100% sure of that belief. What makes me believe that is that the bible says that God is love, and that love forgives everything. But there’s also one verse that says that on the judgement day we will receive the salary of the good and bad we’ve done in these life. And another verse that says that the blasphemy of the holly spirit won’t be forgiven, nor in these life, nor in the life after. I really don’t want to go to Hell, that’s why I want to believe that Jesus died for my sins cause John 3.16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. I’m still in the process of learning so I don’t say I have all the answers, actually I’m trying to find the truth and to understand life. I’m trying to understand my purpose on earth, what God want me to do, who God want me to be. I want to be perfect but it’s too hard. It’s hard to be like Jesus like described in the Bible. Why I’m telling you all of that? Maybe I was wondering if you would want to coach me to finding my purpose on earth… If not I would probably try to save money to attend the seminar “date with destiny “, cause I’m really interested. I hope one day every body will be happy on earth and that we will all love us one another. God bless.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi there! Marie doesn’t do one-on-one coaching, though if you’re interested in Tony’s events you can find all the upcoming seminars on his website:

  75. This was honestly the best interview I have seen Tony do. I have seen him speak so many times but my mind was blown. I will be bookmarking this to watch again and sharing it with many. The documentary had me in tears, laughing, and so hopeful that anyone who seeks change can make it happen.
    The biggest insight and action from this interview:
    I want to take is to assess my relationships where I do feel annoyance and figure out what I appreciate in the person and how I can grow in those ways that is true to my life.

  76. Missy Burch

    I feel so many profound statements were made here. I continually say how things were applicable to my life and others around me. I hope there is somewhere the insightful note popups can be made available? Thank you for being you. This came at just the right time!

    • Missy Burch

      After further thought, I would also like to quote; that our own power is limited, God’s power is not. We are flawed, fallen, depraved beings in desperate need of radical redemption that is Savior-centered, not self-centered. Being made in God’s image, we have the capacity for creativity and greatness, but we are also in dire circumstances that only Christ can save us from. The real giant within is not unbounded human potential, but our capacity to sin. What is the solution to our serious problem? It is not in us, but in Christ. As Paul wrote, “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God— through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Rom. 7:24–25).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode! We don’t have all the nuggets of wisdom collected, but we’re big fans of taking notes since many of the topics discussed on the show are great for journaling. 🙂

  77. Hey Team Forleo…nice work with Tony, Marie. 20 years ago I didn’t like him. But a few years back I started listening to him more. And I found out what I was missing. I love his energy….and his knowledge. I love the story of his son, who just needed him to get out of the way. I’m a little like him in that respect. Now, I have an appreciation of how it is not a useful attribute. Here’s a guy who has studied human nature for decades – and teaches us all something each time he speaks. Thanks for releasing this. I’ll watch his movie this weekend.


  78. I watched the interview and loved it. It was also a shift in perspective. Instead of needing to change myself, I need to change patterns, and that seams so much more achievable.
    I seem to have the awareness. I often catch myself thinking or reacting to things and saying “AH! Stop that!” but I never knew how, or what the next step was. Then he said it. Appreciation! Yes! Of course!
    Focus on the beautiful things you truly appreciate in life and you can let go of the fear and anger and put it into perspective. I’m sure I won’t be a master at it, but I’m going to try.
    Thank you for this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Lorena! It means the world to us that you got a lot out of this week’s episode. 🙂

  79. The part that spoke to me, moved me to tears, and made my jaw drop to the floor was the part about the things that attract us to people which then turns to hate is because we have not developed those qualities in our selves. That we have disassociated ourselves from those qualities. So encouraging to hear that I have those qualities and just not developed them!!!!! WOW! When he gave the example about the woman who adored him and then she grew to hate those qualities, I thought that is what is happening both ways in my marriage!! I need to find my voice to speak up for what matters! I am going to listen to this again, I am going to examine the next week and become AWARE of what is happening and instead of thoughts of frustration and anger and self pity, replace them with gratitude!!! I almost did not watch this because of language in the beginning. So glad I did!!! The other big eye-opener was the question about who’s love did you crave. Need to give that some real thought and do some journaling about!!! Thank you so much for sharing this interview!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really glad you stuck with it, Diana! It sounds like Tony’s wisdom really resonated with you. It’s awesome that you’ll be journaling about this, too!

  80. Claudia Polito

    The energy that comes across from you both – wow – actually there are no words, just appreciation and love – Thank You!

  81. Loved the interview! The two of you together, are a gift of inspiration. Watching the show, connected me instantly to my happy place. All the tools Tony discussed are ones I have been practicing for awhile and have helped me shift from living a dramatic, mediocre life to one where I wake up feeling fulfilled, happy and ready to seize the day. My favorite tool is breaking the thought pattern by saying something funny. It works every time. Thank you for sharing this show / gift with me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Melissa! Humor is such a powerful tool and it’s great to hear that it’s something you’re already using to break through negativity. Rock on!

  82. Wamuyu

    Really loved his coaching you. I recall you saying B School was not for hobbyists or dabblers. I was thinking …” what does it matter what those who enrol want to use the learning for”? Being laid back and relaxed has virtue. Very impressed by the lesson on ‘chilling’ that Tony received from his son!
    My lesson? That change comes in a new state. I need to figure out a new state to become open to intimacy. A fearless state of having nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi! I apologize for any confusion—B-School students are welcome to use what they learn in the program to build any kind of business or nonprofit they like. We pride ourselves on having students in 112 countries and across 160 industries. Marie saying that B-School wasn’t for dabblers or hobbyists just means that the program is really in-depth, chocked full of info, and educationally intense. It’s a lot of information and there aren’t any “get rich quick” shortcuts. If you’re interested in joining the next session we’d love to have you! Message us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have any questions.

  83. WOW. I’m only 10 minutes in and I have goosebumps. Can’t wait to finish it later. Another great video with excellent content. Thanks Marie for always delivering!

  84. Kathy

    Whew! I love Tony and Marie. Recently I asked for a new spark, I told Spirit I need a new flame lit. I just joined Netflix recently. Tony’s doc showed up, I skipped it, next day, It showed up in my continue watching list??? I didn’t even start watching in the first place…..message received! I watched and wow! I have randomly read or listened to Tony over the years. So I said OK, Maybe Tony is going to be the spark I need. Then I check my email and I always stop to listen to your message, Marie, and amazingly there is Tony! I love his new mission. I am also on a new mission, to find who I truly am, not just who I have always wanted to be, but who I am. I want to take that I AM and enjoy it and share it in a way to help others. Thank you Tony, Thank you Marie. I also want to say I still pull out Tony’s book “Notes from a Friend” and read it. If you haven’t read it, get it. I think it was from the early 90’s.


  86. WOW. So deeply grateful to both of you. Just seen “I’m not your guru” last night and this came as such a beautiful follow-up!
    Both of you have changed my life over the years to such an amazing extent that i am not only able to create happiness for myself, but to empower others to do the same. And this is such a gift, my blessings are with both of you each and every single day. Literally!
    The most powerful insight? There are nuggets every 10 seconds:)
    I would say that you have reinforced my belief that we can all start a chain reaction of good. We may never match your levels of energy, yet we can raise our standards so much higher than before, you show us that it is humanly possible. And this is absolutely irreplaceable.
    Your confirmation that we simply do not need to suffer is priceless, and i strongly believe it has contributed a massive shift in consciousness for us all.
    Thank you both beyond words.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are beautiful insights, Alina! I’m so glad Tony’s wisdom really spoke to you. We’re so glad you tuned in!


    I have to admit that I’ve never been a Tony Robbins fan. I find him way too over the top and kitchy. And – clearly I do not know Tony Robbins! Thank you for this interview. I was rapidly scribbling notes throughout the entire conversation.
    My favorite one-liner: success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
    Powerful. Thank you. Now I’m off to download the movie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a fantastic quote, Kathleen! I’m so glad you captured it and that you stuck with the interview despite not having previously being a fan of Tony. We appreciate you and are so glad you got a lot out of this episode!

  88. I found about this movie on 16 March. 4 month of waiting :-(. But what a joy this Friday when I saw it. I did not know who this Netflix is, but now I have an account and access.
    This is the best movie on Netflix, I can compare it with “Awakenings” if you remember DeNiro saying “I cannot do this …I will turn the camera off.
    No! Watch, watch! Learn, learn, learn …Learn for me.”. There is another movie that is close, “Limitless”, where a guy take a pill and begin to use his brain at full power.
    My long take away list has this on top this – “Men are so busy surviving, making a living, that they never design a life – We should have a mission statement for our life and fight for it against comfort, ignorance, sadness, advice from people that usually will not remember tomorrow what they said today, against fear, against bad habits, against “keeping up with the Joneses ….” I made a mistake here, the previous negative list, shouldn’t be a focal point in our life but the mission should be – Anyway, I put the list here just to have a quick look at the enemy, at “Resistance”.
    “Leave this world much better than you found it.” Baden-Powell

  89. Joop

    I always get he feeling that Tony is very vulnerable, he has an absolute need that people like him. I think it is a great weakness, I have something of that, it doesnot give you freedom of being.
    So when criticized he (his image and identity) might be in serious trouble.

  90. Ally

    As I sit in my living room watching Marie and Tony, I can’t help but think how amazing the universe is to put me on the planet with these two incredible souls (much like Marie says!). Life seems so crazy right now with all the political shit storms, injustice and killing we are seeing on the daily. It’s hard not to give into it and get into arguments over who’s is right and who is wrong. Watching Tony is like a shock to the system (in a great way!). If only we could all be so present, aware, compassionate and driven; if only we could all see that we are here right now for a reason and we have the power to change the world through changing ourselves. Be the change! 😉 I, too, have a desire to help others much like Marie and Tony, and if at the end of my life I can say that I’ve made a difference, I know that I’ve left this world better than when I arrived. My daughter is turning 1 next month and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. The thought of my babies growing up in this mess breaks my heart. They are nothing but pure love and joy, and I truly hope to harvest that as long as humanly possible. This hour long interview is truly invaluable. I am so looking forward to watching the documentary and seeing what comes up in me! Thank you Marie and Tony for sparking the fire that has dulled, or should I say been put on the back burner since giving my all to my girls. Much love <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you, Ally. It does seem like the news is constantly awash with scary things happening. I’m so glad Tony’s wisdom was inspiring and uplifting in the midst of all that!

  91. Marie,
    I can’t wait to watch this interview again and will watch the documentary tonight, too! This interview had so much wisdom to absorb and all of it was exactly what I needed to hear right now! I love when that happens and it isn’t unusual when I watch your videos. I learn something valuable every time. “Thank you” feels inadequate. I don’t really have the words to express my gratitude so I’ll use a heart-felt thank you for now!


  92. Anita

    Great interview. Watched the movie on Friday, was amazing just like I had expected it to be.
    Thank you for this 🙂

  93. Kerri

    Love this interview/session with Tony Robbins! I’m looking forward to seeing his documentary. He is such a powerful force!

    I’m vowing to become more self-aware and look inward, when I become agitated with my hubby, to see where I can grow.

    Thank you, Marie, for your continued contributions and I always look forward to more!
    -Kerri xo

  94. My biggest takeaway was “I just keep changing ’till I find the way.”
    How I can put it into action: set the timer, sit down, do the work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Monique! That’s such a great mantra and effective way to make your dreams happen. We’re cheering you on!

  95. Thinking a lot about these ideas, “Trade in your expectations for appreciation” and “Which parent’s love did you crave the most?”

    Starting a teaching career at almost 50 has opened up a can of worms for my personal contentment due to many factors. Tony’s belief that we can all achieve a happy and satisfying life filled with balance and healthy thought processes, combined with the why of it all is the power behind changing patterns! His willingness to guide and share is appreciated.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I know it’s not easy embarking on a new career path, so please know we’re super proud of you for taking the leap. We’ve got our fingers crossed everything will work out beautifully!

  96. I love everything about this, but what stuck out to me the most was 1.Who do I really really like and what qualities do I love about them?
    2. Who don’t I like and what are the qualities in them that bother me?
    It’s really easy to point those things out; to be able to look at those things as qualities in myself that I yearn for is extremely helpful and practical. Knowing that im becoming more whole creates extreme motivation to look at it all in order to grow, with the bonus of building stronger relationships! Thank you Marie and Tony for your inspiration! Can’t wait to watch the documentary with my husband♡

  97. Tammy

    Marie, I always love your videos and interviews, but you really outdid yourself with this one! Thank you & Tony for this incredible conversation! I loved the coaching session and it helped me tremendously to figure out where some of my patterns are and released a huge weight. Thank you so much!

  98. Katrina

    Hi Marie and Tony,
    I really enjoyed the interview and I look forward to watching the documentary. Many great reminders and new questions/techniques. I too love to learn which explains my curiosity. When reflecting back during the interview I found it fascinating the 90 second exercise to shift out of suffering. I completely understand how this works given the context and examples shared in the interview. What I am curious about is Tony’s perspective or yours or your readers on how that would apply to the suffering related to the death of a person, relationship, pet, etc? The part of me that is curious has more questions as this is one way I solidify my learning but I’ll start with this one as I feel it is significant.

    With gratitude,


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question, Katrina! If you want to submit it as a potential Q&A Tuesday question email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to help. Marie also recently did another interview with Marianne Williamson about grieving that you may find helpful as well:

  99. Thank you both for the “gift-wrapped” of vision of life. See, after your interview with Tony I envision my whole life to see the empowerment I received and continue to from both my parents. My dad was laid to rest early in life due to an illness the doctors had no control of then. My mom raised 3 beautiful confident girls. Whose space did we enter? I believe all 3 girls entered our Mom’s space, because we strongly believe our dad could have manage his illness better but chose not to. Yet later in our life we gravitated towards his way of being. Trying to figure out why is Mom so pushy in all aspects. Now we see a “gift-wrapped” in her that she is willing to share. Life is awesome. Your views allowed doors to open allowing me to see. Thanks! Now hoping to see If my gentleman will watch the Netflix special, “I am not your Guru” with me. Also, see if I may “gift-wrap” him with this special interview. Thanks again to both for the “gift-wrapped-special-vision. LOL!

    Always in Marvelous Health!!!
    Sohaila ***Stars Shinning on “You”***

  100. MSH

    Dang it!!!! Tears! For years, I thought it was my father’s love I was craving and did a lot of work in that area (especially in my early 20s as I physically separated from my family) but later on it became clear it was my mother’s.

    I also really related to Marie’s story about snapping at Josh. I get that way with my spouse but actually going through a very stressful move and job change has made me sweeter and aware with him.

  101. Michelle

    This was incredible! SO MANY takeaways for me and I truly felt like this was absolutely divine in that so much resonated with my season in life right now. I can’t thank you enough Marie and also Tony. You both are pure lights!

    I have notes galore in my journal and so many takeaways. This could end up a novel but I’ll try to keep it short.
    1 – I’ve made the decision to live in a beautiful state every day, no matter what!
    2 – The art of fulfillment is my aim because achievement I see has been my focus but without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
    3 – I’ve explored the powerful questions shared here (who’s love did I crave most, etc) and wow! I thought I was very self aware before but these questions have brought me to a way deeper level of awareness! Grateful for this to say the least!
    4 – The personal stories shared here with both Marie and Tony, brought to light so much for me (about me) and is extremely timely for me in my marriage and with my oldest son. It’s incredible. I’m thrilled and feel a sense of joy and extreme hope in both relationships. I
    5 – My life’s mission overall is to help others and the more “whole” I become, the more I master living in this Beautiful state and lead with my heart, the better and more effective I can be at serving my family and those that I’m called to serve.

    So deeply grateful for this! Thank you both so so much! I pray every blessing and over abundance in every way to you both.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! Nice work, Michelle. Thank you so much for sharing your takeaways with us and for being a part of the MarieTV family!

  102. Jo

    Great interview ; ) Big hugs from Brussels

  103. Nathifa Blake

    Although this interview was very insightful, I found myself wanting the following topics to be expanded more regarding: 1. Suffering & the different types due to childhood
    2. Guilt, Pain & Suffering
    3. Healing & Suffering
    I find that I continuously struggle with all three although I have made lot of improvements which affects all aspects of my life.
    I would recommend a Part 2 to provide additional tools to apply daily towards the healing process through the suffering stages on your way towards a better YOU!!!!

  104. Wow! Your show continues to surprise, delight and expand me, Marie! Thank you for a gorgeous interview with Tony. Even though I have known of him for several decades, I never took any of his trainings. Yet in the last 2 days 4 people mentioned the documentary about him, how fabulous it was and that I had to watch it ASAP. And then your MarieTV episode showed up on my inbox! Synchronicity at its best!

    Loved, loved, loved the whole interview. My biggest take was “All lasting change comes in an altered state of mind,” i.e., outside of one’s usual patterns. Phenomenal!

    Thank you for your commitment to bringing us the very best every week! You are one of my heroes.


    P.S. – And btw, I LOVED “Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t!” I am re-reading it now – so many precious nuggets! 🙂

  105. Wow Thank you and great Vid!! Full of information. The one quote I found myself writing down was “Problems need energy to live” From now on I will look at this in my life and recognize what “is” a problem and why Im I giving it energy..! Great show I have learned lots! – Thank you MF and TR

    James from Montreal

    • Oh yeah, that was a good quote to remember! So, so, true.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That really is a powerful quote. So glad you captured it, James! Thanks for watching this week’s episode.

  106. What a beautiful interview. I appreciate you, Marie, for allowing some “hot seat” moments for the benefit of us readers (we love yooou!!) — Gosh 20 minutes in, I was already blown away, I can’t even remember all the gems. 1) I like the idea of letting thoughts float by, then breathe and then connect to your heart for the Truth 2) Appreciation over expectation + how to go about living that moment by moment 3) I’m taking a self-care day, so I felt really justified in hearing all the talk around focusing on fulfillment, living your life on your terms and that you don’t have to strive/achieve/accomplish things to be living in your Purpose and making a positive impact in your own life and to the world. Thanks Team Forleo for getting this to us quick, fast and in a hurry 🙂 I’m going to watch the documentary today.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Jennifer! I’m really glad you liked this episode and that you’re taking a self-care day. Self-care is so, SO important. Enjoy your day! 🙂

  107. Michelle

    Believe it or not, first time hearing Tony Robbins speak. He’s great! and he’s so real. The clip of the man who was suicidal was so touching and made me cry. Thanks for the incredible interview.

  108. This is the first Marie Farleo TV episode that I’ve watched all the way through and enjoyed. I’d been aware of who Tony Robbins was, and I thought he was just this brash, big know-it-all, but for some reason today I thought I’d watch this. I am SO GLAD I did. I cannot WAIT to watch the documentary!!

    My biggest take away (among MANY) was that the traits/skills that we admire in others are pieces of ourselves that we’ve tucked away. I admire strong women who say what they mean and believe in themselves. I’ve always had issues with standing up for myself because of the love I craved from my mum. My mum, subconsciously, wanted us to be humble and not rock the boat. It was a full circle moment when I realized that my patterns from childhood have really shaped who I am. Can’t wait to start breaking that pattern and being a strong woman that others can look to. Thank you Marie and thank you Tony!

  109. As a complete giver, bringing my friends and clients out of such challenges as degenerate bone disease, cancer, depression, financial ruin. I am a facilitator of healing, and quite psychic. My friends, recognizing what a giver I am, during a canoe trip down the Amazon, challenged me thusly: ‘You cannot heal anyone on this trip!’ Actually that is what I heard, what they really said was: ‘You cannot heal anyone for one full week!’. As I walked away rejecting their challenge, after all, this was my life, my passion, my vocation, and my Joy, I found myself having a reaction filled with such anger, that I knew that I just had to accept their challenge. Listening to you and Tony speaking about stealing another persons gift by not letting them give to me really landed. The exact words that you stated were: If I don’t allow people to give, then I have robbed them of the gift that I have. I had never realized how much I was ripping myself off. Our trip was nearly 2 years ago yet we had developed some very deep bonds, so I immediately phoned those who challenged me, to express my breakthrough, initiated by them 2 years prior. And after some discussion, realized how I had been living in a tailspin since that trip, trying to be cautious about not healing everyone, when all I actually had to do was receive the amazing gifts that are most always bestowed upon me. I am free again..

  110. Mel

    Wow, I think I will be watching this episode again and again. I always come away with SO much from both you and Tony. Thank you for sharing this with us and for making it available for free so everyone can enjoy it and learn. Now off to watch the movie!

  111. Tony your words have spoken to me so often throughout my life. I am so grateful that you continue to do what you do. Marie thank you for your openness and giving approach to life. It has helped me get through the day many times. It’s amazing when we open ourselves up what we need to learn appears. This is true about this video today. Thank you both.

  112. Marie, what an amazing interview and I can’t wait to watch the movie. The main take- away for me was Tony saying that in his early years of business he was willing to give and people who were willing to receive showed up. That used to be me in spades, so much so that I found myself in several emotionally abusive relationships. I have finally recognized the pattern and have written a book to help other women do the same in their relationships. Being a “people pleaser” was a major part of my DNA and the pleasing was so that I did not let down or embarrass my parents. It has cost me dearly but I have discovered ways to graciously receive and not feel weird about it. As a result, I am now the happiest I have been in my long adult life. Marie, thank you for the gift of this interview.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Carol-Ann. I’m really sorry you endured multiple emotionally abusive relationships, though I’m glad you’re using the knowledge you gained from those experiences to help others. I know everyone who reads your book will be so thankful for your wisdom. I’m so glad you’re happy and doing well!

  113. Kayla Wilburn

    I think I realized during this episode that I love to give people advice. I love being able to guide people and give them confidence in the ways that they can handle their situations. With that being said, once someone actually takes my advice, and we all know how long that can really take, I feel like a part of me becomes defensive and almost angry. I immediately do not want to give them the credit they deserve and I’m almost offended by their growth. Am I a monster or am I insecure that they will figure it out on their own and not need me anymore, therefore destroying my own identity and the way I see myself?

    • Araceli

      I think you value yourself based on how much others need you. If they need you a little or for a short time, you might see yourself with less value than if they needed you as a crutch for ever. I onced heard someone say that of you are someone who need others to confirm or deny your value, a “helping people” detox might be in order so you can truly separate your value from others. You got this!!

  114. Araceli

    Omg! This man is something else!! The last 20 minutes of the interview changed my entire perspective! When we want someone to change, we often push/ but seeing it in the perspective of what can I learn from that person, creates a more whole human being. What a message!!! Thank you.

  115. Loved this episode!!! Thank you Marie and Tony
    Here are two
    “Its really hard to change yourself, its easier to change a pattern.”
    When I think I am hungry I am going to drink some water instead of snacking.
    “Its easier to solve something in a beautiful state than a pissed off-freaked out state”
    Going to take a moment to think and breathe the next time a challenge presents itself.

  116. Sarah

    First, I must say thank you!
    My question is in relation to what Tony was saying about discovering where your blueprint for being loved comes from, your mom or your dad..
    My biological mother left me at a restaurant when I was one day old and walked away. Knowing this has left me with the realization that I chose and/or come from another prespective, perhaps my father’s. How do I discover my behavioral blueprint without the traditional “mom/dad” influence?

  117. Hi Marie & Tony!
    Thank you for this episode. I will be watching Netflix this weekend with my partner. I definitely have an awareness of a pattern within myself, so I’ll be working on raising the standard and breaking the pattern. I’ve also noticed the very thing Tony mentioned about our relationship (just reached 10 years together) of some of those things I loved so much, now grating on my nerves. This realization really smacked me!
    Finally, I craved my Mother’s love. To get it I had to be perfect. Period. Still do. I realized why I struggled making headway in B-School, was because I couldn’t get perfect with every step of every module. (I know progress, not perfection!) So I’ll be taking a step back, and starting over.
    Thank you for always sharing you love and light with us!

  118. I loved and appreciated this interview so much.
    I especially enjoyed the thought-provoking questions Tony posed at the end (I’m going to go back and write them down!), like whose love we craved the most, who did we have to be to get that love, who we are attracted to, and who repels us.
    There’s a lot of insight about myself that I know I’m going to find by answering those questions. Plus, I’m almost having resistance to doing this, which is a good sign I need to dive in!
    Thank you so much for sharing your own story and being transparent, Marie – I’ve gotta say, it’s a relief to know you’re human, and that I’m not the only “spiritual” person who gets pissy at my husband (and that’s OK!).

  119. I have been waiting for this to come out, I will be watching it tonight on Netflix!
    I have read (I think all) of Tony’s books, and finally went to a UPW here in NYC, and loved it. I have done a lot of self-help stuff, and since I’m also an actor, it was just MIND-BOGGLING how he could basically do a one-man show for 14 hours.


    I took a lot from this, and will obviously be sharing it all over.
    Great work Marie and Tony- Thank you!!!!!!

  120. Payton Aldridge

    Thank you Marie! What an amazing interview. I’ve been a huge Tony fan for over 2 decades. I quit smoking, got out of a horrible marriage and more thanks to Tony. I never cease to learn something new each time I get to experience him…. this time was no exception.
    This was my first exposure to you and I can’t wait to dig deeper into your site and wisdom. I can see why Tony loves you so much!
    You asked us to comment on the biggest single insight from the interview:
    Asking myself which parent I craved their love the most, who I had to be and who I believed I couldn’t be to gain their love and acceptance was a real eye opener. I haven’t put a lot of time into it yet… but I’m looking forward to exploring the question further and discovering what I can about myself.

  121. Loved this video! Both of you are so inspiring.
    Biggest insight:
    The source of love is inside all of us, both the light and the shadow. Thank you Marie for always being your beautiful, brilliant, authentic self…and Tony for these words of wisdom: “We love others who have parts of us that we don’t see in ourselves. If you don’t reclaim that part of yourself, you’ll begin to hate that part of them. You’ll blame them unconsciously.” Claim, reclaim, and claim again! Empowered to stand firmly in my truth. 🙂 Thank you!

  122. Mariam

    Wow. This is/was an amaaazing interview/conversation with so much gold for the takeaways, as well as an insightful peek into both your personalities. Thanks.. to both of you! This was great and exactly what I needed at this moment (funny how that works, isn’t it?). Much gratitude… keep being you… Warm regards, M.

  123. One of my favorite MarieTV episodes to date. I have not seen the documentary yet, but it definitely is in my queue to watch… now, I can’t wait! I have never been a huge follower of Tony Robbins mainly because I’ve never taken the time to read his books, watch interviews, learn of his message/mission. Rather, I’ve only caught glimpses of him through media pieces. Now, I will be a follower for sure. What a spiritual teacher! Amazing. And Marie, you continue to inspire me. Today’s episode was just a reminder to shut out the fear, and keep working!!!!! Thank you!

  124. I love the fact how he pointed out that it’s really hard to change a person, however it’s easy to change a pattern. Understanding this allows us to become observers of our patterns and once we understand we are observers of our thoughts and patterns we can change. At this point we can create the life we have always envisioned and live the art of fulfillment. Certainty is key. So beautiful. Marie, your questions are always very well thought out; you are an inspiration! I always have tears in my eyes during your episodes. Keep on going!

  125. Rabekah

    What I’m taking away from this episode is that when I push another person’s behavior, even with the best intentions of helping them grow, they’re just going to push back. It’s only when I relax back (with love) and recognize that I have something to learn from them, that their energy can move toward me… and true intimacy can happen. Also, transformation can only happen in an altered state. Shock with humor. Great stuff… thanks!

  126. Lorena Buchon

    I just loved your interview! A lot of things to learn and think about.

  127. The question, “Who could I never be?” hit me in chest full force. It was like a damn lightbulb went off.
    Ah, to be a fly on the wall in that room–bet the vibration shook the foundation.
    Thanks for this.

  128. Can’t wait to watch this when I get home!

  129. I loved the documentary and can’t wait to watch it again. But I had even more A-ha moments watching your video with him. What really sunk in for me was the part about to break a pattern, you need to be in an altered state. I took Tony’s Strategic Interventionist course and didn’t even get that out of the course. This is eye-opening~!

  130. In 1987 I listened to Tony Robbins inspirational work Unlimited Power for the first time; his work changed my life. It was the catalyst of profound change. Through his (cassette) lessons ( remember those?), I began to evolving from a immigrant girl to a empowered woman living a meaningful and robust life. I grew up with poverty mind everywhere around me, but inside me I felt a beautiful state of being. Tony’s work brought me hope and matched that empowered feeling I was holding back at the time. I experienced such an amazing shift that has kept me in a place of ever-evolving integrity with my life’s work. I thank Tony for his game changing life inspiration. Seeing you (Marie) and Tony today was mesmerizing and I took pages of notes. Thank you for such a special episode and such a transparent and authentic sharing of your true self. Your both paving the way for millions of people with your courage and high bar of excellence, to create something important for future genrations to come. Maria Del Rey Founder ChildGood Magazine

  131. Amy

    Oh wow. I am going to watch this again and again. There is huuuuge wisdom in this, Marie. Thanks so much. I received some powerful insights into my current patterns and so much more. LOVED when Tony talked about all those negative, suffering states we go through. Saying how he used to accept it as just part of life. But then he said: “That’s NOT part of life. That’s that mind.” “Our mind can take us over unless our heart is what’s running us.” Brilliant stuff. Like looking in a mirror! xox

  132. Thank you Marie and Tony for this incredible interview. Just watched the documentary over the weekend. I laughed, cried and felt so uplifted after watching and especially loved the interventions and stories shared. From today’s episode, I appreciated digging in and talking about what we had to be for our parents and how that has played its course into each of our adult lives. Taking a look at this makes total sense why I am on the path and pursuing the work that I am today. Very grateful for your candid and open sharing about things in your own lives that have been immensely eye opening for each of you when it comes to relationships. Appreciate all you do and will continue to share the incredible work you both put out into the world!

  133. I need to be more domineering – hate it? but there’s no way around it?☺️
    I’m glad I gave the interview a shot (despite my prejudice?)
    It was brilliant!

  134. Nancy Terry

    Thank you for sharing this incredible interview! Such wonderful insights were shared. I soaked up so much knowledge! I still want to see Tony live one day and I believe in my heart that this will happen! I have already watched Tony’s documentary and I saw myself, in part, in several of the areas addressed. The bonus feature brought me to tears, not because of my relationship with my daughter, but because I too had a sibling (brother) that died and yet it was different, because he was ill for quite some time, and instead of helping the other children in the family to understand his illness, we were given no attention at all except when we were in trouble. I never felt love and was neglected by my parents. There were no I love you, no hugs, just strict rules and honestly at times, it seemed like I was adopted. I wasn’t, but it did feel that way. In addition, my two other sisters and I were emotionally abused by both of our parents. I do agree with Tony that because of this abuse, I have become a much stronger person than I would be had I not had this happen to me. I learned some valuable lessons of what not to do. Not so true for my sisters who are both much old that I am (13 and 10 years older) especially for the oldest sister, she is a duplicate of my father, and my other sister has cracked the chain, but not broken it as I feel, most of the time, that I have. It really bothers me that I never was able to resolve anything with my parents as they have both passed away. Thank you again for sharing this interview. It has made a difference for me and I too am working on making my bond with my husband stronger. We have been married almost 35 years and still learning and growing together! 🙂

  135. Lynda Murray

    I love listening to Tony Robbins have seen I’m not your Guru , I love when he said just watch your thoughts that are negative float by with … that’s interesting they are not who you are so do not engage the time I’ve wasted thinking they were real and fighting for justice I now get what was pissing me off was what I had to learn … To value myself because I felt my partner never did but that’s was my lesson to learn … Also craved mothers love I had to be good I had to earn my place there by keeping my room tidy doing housework anything to help her to get the recognition I craved that I was good enough and of value … Boom

  136. Whoa. I’m a MarieTV & Tony Robbins junkie, love all of both of your content, but the story about Tony letting go of pushing his son was like a punch in the stomach. I’ve been doing the same thing with my recently-graduated 18 yr old, trying to force my work ethic and drive upon him, and not recognizing the gift of his ability to relax and listen, instead of talk and “do” constantly. That was eye-opening! I’m definitely going to make an effort to stop trying to mold him into who I want him to be, and begin to more deeply learn and appreciate what he has to teach me. (After I get him to clean his room 😉 ) Thank you for this amazing interview Marie!!

  137. How great was this!!! My husband and I watched the film on Friday when it came out. I swear I was balling all over the place in so many moments, and so was my husband!

    I am a B-School alumni and am now taking Gabby’s SJ MasterClass…All of these tools are adding up in a big way! This doc and your interview with Tony is pounding all of my recent education from You, Kris, and Gabby down to my bones.

    I love, love, LOVE the art of growth! It’s truly amazing. Now I just need to soak it in and not think that I have to rush my growth. I’ve been growing this whole time!

    Thank you Marie…you are a gem that I wear around my neck =)

    All my best, Kim

  138. Hi Marie,
    What an episode! I want to ” like” it more than once -it’s so insightful! Leading edge conversations! I love Tony Robbins and I love you, Marie- what an inspiration! I realised something today and I have been having more and more of these realisations lately. I feel like I am finally seeing the path I am on. I had felt very lost and frustrated for a long time-like I was just treading water, not knowing what my next move was. But I feel it now- You are everything I aspire to be, and I hope that I have the opportunity to meet/work alongside you in the future. I have always wanted to show people their innate power and create positive change in the world, in whatever way that may be.
    Phew! That’s a mouthful! Thank you for everything you do, and the stylish way in which you do it;) *fistbump*
    Lots of Love

  139. Alisha

    THANK YOU! One of my most favorite interviews EVER! So much insight and truth. I felt it to my core. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ❤️

  140. Gooood stuff!—Thanks Marie, just what I needed to see today! Love the energy in this conversation and all of the brillant insights. You and Tony are both amazing and inspire me in many ways!

  141. Melody

    The documentary was fantastic! I will watch it again and have recommended it to others. I agree that he uses the f-bomb so often that it detracts from his purpose of waking people up and shocking them out of their usual thought patterns.

    My biggest takeaway from this conversation was asking myself a couple of times who I had to be and couldn’t be for my father. The first answer was “perfect”. I had to be perfect. This meant being a robot which was insightful for me. I was never allowed to be human, to have and express feelings particularly the more difficult emotions like sadness and anger. It also meant being his slave, his soldier and do whatever he wanted, when ever he wanted and however he wanted without question and without complaint.

    I couldn’t fail or be needy for my father. I can see that my poverty is my rebellion against his control, but the only person I’m really hurting is myself. I have been afraid to be wealthy. I have been afraid that my family would always have their hands out expecting me to continually give until I had nothing left. My rebellion has been to fail spectacularly, but now I see it as a misguided attempt to take my power back from him. After all, if I have nothing, there’s nothing he can take away from me.

    My power is to be able to set boundaries and stick to them. Since I have chosen to have limited contact with my father, that is easier. I can always so “No” and hang up the phone. His reaction is not my responsibility. Recently I have become closer to other family members and now can see that they will not have the expectations of me to give them everything should I/when I create wealth for myself.

    In short, watching this episode of Marie TV made me realize why I have been so afraid to create wealth for myself. Thank you both Marie and Tony, for having this conversation. <3

  142. SunnyB

    Biggest takeaway (because I ate, drank, loved and shared the documentary this weekend) was something new – the whole thing about what it is you “love” (or annoyed about) in someone else, is really something you are out of touch with in yourself – and unless you then go develop that, you will start to resent it in the other person. What an A-Ha moment. Especially if you are married with teen children…. Hello, vulnerability. And of course – who’s love were you seeking and who did you have to be and could not be for that person. Powerful stuff.

  143. Bushra Khalid

    Dear Maries,
    God bless you for your endeavors and sharing such a beautiful and valuable discussion with Tony and yourself. I was an avid fan of Tony but my calling came this year in April where on my 51st birthday 7th of April, I gifted myself the beat gift ever and attended UPW in Excel , London. I managed to get a hug from ” my guru” who insists that ” I am not your guru” the one & only Tony Robins. Like many others out there, I too have an incredible story to share and I too am a giver like yourself and Tony. I was so in awe of the learning in the 4 days of UPW that I decided to use my entire savings and book ALL the courses that was on offer at UPW. How I was going to manage the finances was something I left to the higher powers considering I did not have a job at the time. I felt within that despite my challenges and constraints it was the best investment and my only regret was that I wish I had done it 30 years ago! Nonetheless, as stared my calling was this year and it was not without a reason. I came from a large family but am the youngest out of the siblings. Being a Muslim and a single parent for all my life you will not fathom the challenges and the stigma I had to deal with. To cut a long story short which I would love to share with yourself and perhaps Tony if I am fortunate enough to meet him again. I managed to get myself a job in Dubai where o have been residing for the last 16 years. I really would appreciate if you have the time to mentor me? Simple reason is that in the Asian culture women are supressed believe it or nor in the 21st century and I would love to improve my skill sets to be able to help people people and give back to the society where people will not have to go through the torment and experience which I had to endure. One of the things that I picked up from your interview with Tony is that ” learning never stops” I would love to hear from you as I want nothing more than to enrich my life and be a real value add to the society at large.
    My email is [email protected] Com
    Tel nos +971 50 567 0757

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Love & Best wishes

  144. Azzy

    Wow guys… I just love Tony… its like every time he says something he has an impact on my life…

    What I will put into practice in my life, is being aware of my emotions and appreciating what is good in that situation….

    Thank you so much guys XoXo…

  145. Kimberly

    Wow! Loved this Marie and thank you so much for making this interview happen. Loved both of you!! One of my big insights that I sort of knew, but it became more clear is when Tony asked, “who’s love did you crave more, your mother or father?” I craved my mother’s as she didn’t understand me or give me much love – touchy or told me she loved me. My mother and father provided a safe and lovely home and we did many family things. I craved my mother’s attention for sure. When I was in high school however, I began losing weight, and gaining attention, and she took notice. She wanted to go shopping and out to lunch all the time, some weekends were all day shopping sprees. We became very close…and I developed an eating disorder. I believed the thinner I became, the more love, approval and attention I would get from her. It sure was a long 14 years there after, but none I would take back. It propelled me into the health and mind coach I am today. It made me want to dig and know myself, to learn to love myself unconditionally regardless of my weight and looks. I do believe are lives are in divine order. Our relationships and the people in our lives are beautiful catalysts to experience deeper aspects of ourselves and push us into new territory. Wonderful interview I can’t wait to share with others! Blessings to Tony & Team Forleo and look forward to seeing the movie this weekend!

  146. Love, Marie! Love. Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Fun to see more of the breakdown. Thank you.

  147. Biggest Take Away? What the Buddha talk, and what Tony paraphrases. We suffer unless we train our mind to be happy, content, awake, and alive NO MATTER WHAT life is dishing up. Good, Bad, No Problem. The mind can be at peace.


  148. Tasha

    My biggest take away is that it is ok to want an extraordinary life. I grew up parents who believed that you do not love your work, you do it for a good health care plan. I was an exec in NYC at the top of my game making too much money, working in a cool industry, and had an unlimited expense account….and I was miserable. But I felt guilty, spoiled, and selfish being miserable so I pushed those feelings down. In May, I went to a networking seminar and met a career coach (she introduced me to your site- says I remind her of you). My goal was to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. In June, my division was closed down and my position was terminated. I did not have the balls to quit my job, but the universe provided for me. I am now working full time on my new business (FU Project- patient to patient guide to IVF). My launch date is set for 10/1/16!! Watching this gives me the validation that it is ok to want more than I already have because I have worked for it and deserve it. Life is short, and I have a blessed, beautiful one…that is only getting better. Thank you both!!

  149. After watching the documentary this weekend, I had so much energy, joy and love fill me. I had my whole family watch it with me again – and everyone was blown away.
    Having done similar work – this brought deep insights and a sense of freedom and wisdom …
    I LOVED the interview with Tony, Marie – what awe-inspiring people you both are. I loved so much in the conversation it is difficult to pin down a few – I relished and lived on every word and thought. It’s miraculous and transformative. That we don’t have to suffer and how to move beyond that was POWERFUL … to make a commitment to this is huge. I think it is the freedom I am looking for.
    I hope I can go to the next Date with Destiny – it happens during my birthday and seems like the next step to live a more authentic, passionate and powerful life.
    Thank YOU Marie for having the WISDOM to choose people like Tony as mentors and friends in your life. Your sharing this is POWERFUL.

  150. Kate Cardwell

    I loved loved this episode. I’ve always known my husband and I could have a magnificent life together….we think a lot alike but are different as well….as far as what I see,I can be ,again, the unafraid and happy me!!!kate

  151. Paula

    I have never left a comment anywhere before. Newbie! This interview was outstanding. I know for sure I have to watch it several more times to totally absorb its value. I saw a side of Tony (because of the f bombs) that made him much more human and approachable to me. Whereas before I would always feel he (and you Marie) lived in this alternate universe of clarity, insight and productivity you just had a conversation that make you both seem so normal. The concept of which parent you sought love from and why was just so profound and will keep me busy for weeks trying to analyze that one! I found it very inspiring and I can’t wait to pass this interview on to my grown children. Since they both siphon off my Netflix account, I might as well have a chance to guide them in their viewing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      SO glad you enjoyed the interview, and a huge thank you for commenting for the first time! Wonderful to hear from you, Paula 🙂

  152. I agree, Marie. Best episode ever. I laughed, I cried, I learned.

  153. Nikki

    Wow! This interview was so powerful and inspiring. I really connected with the question “who do you crave love from? ” and how that shapes us as humans both positively and negatively. There’s just so much to reflect on and take away from this conversation. I’m definitely going to watch the Netflix video but I also might have to watch this for a second time and pause to take notes. Thank you!

  154. I love Tony Robbins. I am so GLAD that I finished my blog on his “I am Not Your Guru” before I watched this. This is an incredible interview. Congratulations. I found you through Tony and get a special kick out of seeing the two of you together again. There’s an unending volume of good stuff to be “gotten” from him and from you. Thank you.

  155. I cannot wait to watch the movie – I learned so much just from this episode!
    1. I will not suffer anymore, life is too short.
    2. I want a magnificent life.
    3. Still trying to figure out whose love I craved more, probably my mom. Had to be a good girl, nice, smart, get married and raise a family. Not be better than the boys at anything because they wouldn’t like that (that’s the one I couldn’t but into).
    4. I have one child, a grown son. Like Tony, I have seen that he doesn’t have the work ethic & drive I’d like to see in him, isn’t the achiever like some other family members and I’m always ‘teaching’ him. I need to let him know that he’s taught me a few things, most importantly be true to yourself! There’s so much more…THANK YOU! And I think when Tony uses the “F” word it’s endearing because it’s when he’s really trying to get through to someone.

  156. Marie, thank you for sharing.

    You ask what was my favourite take away? And the truth is there were several insights and I want to watch it again to get clear on those insights, then pick my favourite!

    Amazing interview 🙂

  157. Oh my God, this man is truly a force of nature! So many insights in such a short time!! Here,s a miracle man! I can,t take just one, I, ve written the whole thing down… speechless from gratefulness and appreciation in my heart that this man and Marie and so many other beautiful beings are out there trying to help us so much. Right now my heart bows to this incredible man and to Marie for bringing to us this amazing interview.
    ‘Raise the bar of what you call suffering, look at it for what it is and realize that you can be free from it’.
    ‘Change expectations for appreciations’
    ’90 seconds, and it,s just knowing that life is so beautiful and exciting and amazing that I,m not gonna miss out’.
    ‘Life,s too short to suffer’.
    ‘STOP, BREATHE, sense your body, look at your thoughts and think, what do I appreciate, what am I grateful for in this moment?’
    And the most important one that I think I,m going to commit to, over and over for as long as it takes.. Consider making the most important decision of your life: I will not suffer anymore.

  158. To pick just one thing is difficult, but I’d have to say that I was struck by the example of Robin Williams. Having the science of achievement without the art of fulfillment, letting suffering and errant thoughts take over, this is the difference between a limited life (however seemingfully bountiful) and a full and beautiful life. Marie – thanks so much for having Tony on. I’ve only seen him twice (both times with you) and am inspired.

    In my next step, fueled by Bschool naturally, I’m deciding between two major projects. And to see how effortlessly and humbly Tony GIVES to people (and RECEIVES their gratitude) strikes a chord in me – I want to use those same gifts he has in my own work to help others do what I’ve done and am doing in business as a part stay at home mom (a work from home mom, really). I mean, a gift ungiven is a waste – and a shame. I’m INSPIRED. Thank you for these reminders Tony – and thanks for bringing Shadow Work into this!! Wow!!!! Xox Andrea

  159. Linda

    I loved the part where he talked about how you are not your habits and change can happen in an altered state – YES! Going home and watching the film tonight 🙂

  160. Marie, thank you for sharing.
    Amazing interview

  161. Michelle

    Thank you for doing this interview Marie. I literally felt like Tony was speaking to me, I sat with tears running down my cheeks and my soul just filling up. I watched the documentary Sunday evening with my son and husband, it was my first real taste of Tony in what he would be like live. As he said in this video you are attracted to people that have what you want, I now have massive crush on Tony Robbins!! In the movie and here I felt like he was calling to my soul, he does so much of what I want to do but I’ve let the excuse rule my life. I admire him for not letting his mind get in the way and for believing he could be the greatest and is doing it, no excuses. Tomorrow I turn 43 and my birthday wish is to live the next 43 years with as much life, joy, giving and gusto as Tony does.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Happy birthday, Michelle!

      • Michelle

        Thanks Kristin!!!! <3

  162. Audrey W

    Hey! I am so happy to have taken time today to watch this. Two things stuck with me and will change my perception. 1.Your life is good but it could be great. 2. Change your expectations for apreciation. Wow! Powerful stuff. Thank you Tony and Marie.

  163. I didn’t really know anything about Tony Robbins, but I am glad I watched. It is so inspiring to hear people like him bringing good things to other people in a sincere, authentic way! Thank you.

  164. Marianne

    Dear Marie Thank you so much for another magnificiant episode.
    Need to look at Mum and Dad expectations again…. and who do I like and dislike.
    Another moment of zen was Tony´s comment “Problems need energy to live”, that made me laugh at myself.
    Thanks once again to both of you

  165. Maria

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks a million for this interview!

    Ther’re so many take aways, but some favorites are:
    “You can free yourself when you trade your expectations for appreciation.”
    “When you’re comfortable in yourself, then you can give to other people.”

    Personally, Tonys giver-story totally resonated with me… I will embrace the thought of allowing space for other people to also be givers – and place myself in the receiver seat.

    Thanks again for the beautiful work you do and for sharing it with the world.

  166. carolina

    I love him, I love you Marie, and the movie was amazing. Thank you for making this interview Marie. Tony Robbins master! And yes you are my guru. ? Seriously, you both came into my life after I lost my mother in 2013, no not really my gurus, but extremely helpful to deal with my grief. I am from Brazil and have been living in Chicago for the past 13 years. I am trying to discover myself through financial education (read Tony’s Money Master the Game) and your channel is a big part of my awakening, plus all Tony’s videos on YouTube. I went through a lot since moving to the States, like architecture school, professional flamenco dancer, a mother of a beautiful 6 year old sassy Sofia, and now I am trying to gain technical skills with web design and blogging. My dream is to create a resource for women immigrants to find their value in American society, to show them that they have options, and can be part of this society without losing their own background. All this to say that the part it touched me the most from the documentary, was from Tony’s question of who do you crave more love, from your mother or father? This hit home like you can’t believe. Part of the need I have for my father to love and prioritize me, is the reason I spent so many years believing that I am not enough and should always be second thought in everybody’s mind. That I didn’t’ have anything valuable. So thank you Tony, and thank you Marie, I truly love you both.
    Love Carolina.

  167. Tonia Z

    I normally don’t post comments in threads like this but after seeing Tony’s netflix doc over the weekend and now watching this interview, I feel compelled to say how timely these insights are for me and where I am at in my life’s journey. I am evolving and sincerely trying to let go of the fear and lack of self love and other limiting belief’s that have been holding me back from living my very best life. I have a deep passion for lifting others and thereby lifting the consciousness of our world and yet feel so unprepared…I always sought my mother’s love and attention because she constantly worked so much and was so busy herself simply surviving through bad relationships that as the oldest child of 4 I was the forced caretaker. She left our physical world in 2004 when I was only 31 and while I have come to terms with her being gone I feel a large void.
    I feel so much appreciation for both Marie and Tony and many other souls out there who inspire and remind me of all that I have to offer and what is truly important in this life. We are all in this together, thank you for providing such a platform for discussing what’s really important – “appreciation not expectation” what a gem 😉 xoxo Tonia

  168. Verushka

    Amazing episode. It was just what I needed. The clip you played from the documentary is exactly how I feel too often. The exact same reason. I set high standards and every failure is extreme for me. Sometimes I set goals and when I don’t achieve them or when I have a great idea and someone shoots it down I immediately throw in the towel. I’m like fuck life, I’m tired of always trying. To always be up for criticism, I’m just gonna be like my aunt Cathy and just live the most basic, simplistic life. No effort whatsoever. So weird cause sometimes I also feel like, you know what I’m ok how far I’ve come. I’m just gonna chill now, Then I hear Tony Robbins telling you Marie Forleo that you can still be more, than who the heck am I to settle.

  169. Renee

    I really enjoyed the interview — there were so many wisdom bombs. I am excited to watch the documentary, but today’s interview really resonated with me. His question around who’s love did I crave started a string of answers that made me see that my patterns are definitely real. “always be the giver” and “always be good” were what I learned. Can’t wait to do more work around this and to see film! Thanks for another super awesome interview Marie!

  170. Cheryl

    I love this episode Marie!!
    Saw and loved the documentary!! As I knew I would. I think I was surprised at how much I really did get out of it…although, I don’t know why. I should have expected that as well…I love how Tony’s heart always shines through.
    I have been through 3 UPW’s, crewed 1 UPW and have been through Mastery University. This film brought up a lot of great memories and reminded me that being at one of his events, with the amazing energy and fabulous people, is one of my favorite things to do on this planet!! It is always a great time! A friend asked me once, if attending his event was really life changing? My reply, “maybe not life changing for me, although I had witnessed friend’s lives do a 180 after attending one of his events. For me the connections I made and people I became with friends with were life altering, along with the things I learned about myself and the tools I took away from his events.”
    This interview has so many great nuggets of information and reminders. My biggest take away…to stop and notice when I am in a suffering state and change that suffering state to a happy state. Why do we think we have to experience these suffering states? Mind blown!! Makes sense…if it doesn’t feel good, move out of it!! It is helping me in my current situation where I am trying to truly forgive someone and move on from the ongoing frustration.
    I can’t say enough of how much I appreciate Tony and his lovely wife Sage. I had the pleasure of meeting her and having a brief conversation, she has such a sweet energy and she is so full of life!!
    I am with you Marie, happy to be on this planet at the same time as this loving soul!! Thank you for bringing this most beneficial episode!! It is the PERFECT follow up to his amazing documentary !!

    Keep them coming!!

  171. HOLY SHIT!!! This was such a miracle moment for me. The topics were on point for what I’ve been experiencing lately. From the suicidal person in the video to the relational pieces. Thank you both so much for investing your time and efforts in your own lives in order to be a reflection for those of us seeking. Much love.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That is such a huge compliment, Luke. Thank you!!

  172. Thanks Marie and Tony! You are both modern day shamans without the ayahuasca!
    You both share so much great wisdom. Tony- I think you need to write a book on conscious parenting. I’d love to read it.
    Lots of love ????

  173. It really resonated with me when you were both talking about taking the time to sit with a thought instead of engage it. Tony called it his 90 seconds rule. You said how transformative it was for you and your partner. This is something I have experienced as well. Push the pause button on the flicker of emotion and see what really lies behind. Take a moment to breath and not attach to the anger, frustration, irritation etc. But, some times it’s such a challenge isn’t it? I love to find patterns in the world. There’s power in patterns. For numerous people to say how beneficial it is to just “count to 10” (or 9o in Tony’s case) there must be something to it. After this episode- My Take Home: Is to challenge myself to be better at this. Not to get lazy with it. To practice it and commit to being better at this in my life. Thx Marie!

  174. I am blown away and very touched by this interview, that comes at the right time. I will remember to slice right through when experiencing trouble, and use the wisdom to change my thoughts and to focus in on my emotions. What really speaks to me through you and Tony, is that I feel very much alive when listening. I am connecting to those who take charge. I am reminded, that I too, want that extraordinary life. Thank you over and over!

  175. Mila

    Just loved the interview! I watched the movie on Netflix yesterday and spent the first half of it in tears…. I’ve been giving all my life, raised 3 children on my own without any help, who are now successful young women. Divorced 20 years and still single, can’t seem to meet anyone who I want to be with that wants to be with me too. Feel like all I do is give and take care of others and nobody takes care of me. I’ll watch the movie again and watch this episode again too. There is so much I need to learn about surrounding myself with the right people.

  176. Deb

    Wow, what a fantastic episode! Tony Robbins is so inspiring and engaging, and his enthusiasm for personal development is infectious. My favorite tip from this interview is to combat feelings of disappointment or frustration by “replacing expectation with appreciation.” I can tell that this is going to be a life-changer for me, and I’m so grateful for the guidance. I can see (now) that much of my suffering has stemmed from expectations that I created and assigned to other people and situations–and I can also see that I alone have the power to flip that script and replace those expectations with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you! xo (P.S. I also love that Tony lets the F-bombs fly! They really do help to bring presence, attention, and weight to his message. F-yeah!!!)

  177. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but there were several moments in this episode that resonated with exactly where I am in my life right now. I’ve been struggling with an “upper limit” problem and trying to work through why I have set these unconscious limits for myself. The part about “who did you always have to be? Who could you not be?” really brought on tears for me. Growing up, I had to be an over-achiever, a performer, a straight-A student, a ‘good Christian’. I could never be selfish, expressive outside a certain expectation, free and uninhibited. I never realized just how much that dynamic shaped my life. I was always encouraged to be an achiever, but criticized and even knocked down if I outshined, so I learned to stay within a certain set of boundaries, never quite free to be myself and never really allowed to follow my own vision for my life. It’s so complicated, but it’s so valuable to finally be coming into this awareness, no matter how painful it is. Thank you for this episode. I’m actually going to take it back to the beginning and watch it again.

  178. Marie- you introduced me to Tony Robbins in your last video and now I can’t get enough! What an inspiring individual! My biggest takeaway from this video is to let go a little. To not have to have things be perfect or forced all the time and let Grace (as Tony calls it) play a role. I also love how he illustrated using a 90 second rule to reset any negativity to appreciation and shift your mind and state of being. I am going to implement that! Thanks for opening my world up to so many wonderful people- including yourself. xx

  179. Wow! So many insights, had a really big ah ha moment, on the Q: Who’s love did you crave more your Mother or Father. I felt torn between both, for different reasons, but the more I thought about it, it was my father – trying to impress him, ie notice me, ( because he was away a lot on business ). Although he paid for me to do lots of things like, Ballet or Gymnastic both my Mother and Father they rarely came to watch or support me when I had to compete / perform. I can really see how this feeling of not having support has been carried in my belief system. ( created a very independent streak in me ). Also my Dad is one of those people who thinks he is always right, or it has to be done his way or no way. And I can sometimes see myself playing out this control in my own life and relationships. I am becoming more aware of these and am learning to ‘catch myself on’ and let go.
    I feel like I need to watch this over and over again to fully gain the insights Tony and you have both shared. Love & Blessings

  180. Loved watching this interview with Tony and you. Thank you for always being transparent and providing valuable information that will help me to stop the patterns not serving me and seek my ‘beautiful state’ daily. Because my husband and I chose entrepreneurship mid-life, there has been a lot of fear-based behaviors for me to overcome. Thanks for all you do for others to inspire them to keep going for their unique purpose!

  181. Ula

    I just love this episode sooooo very much! Thank you!!! Sooooo very much!!! Thank you!!!

  182. jerry l capps

    Your incredible and correct I love you we will rise

  183. Suzanne

    I just watched this amazing documentary the other day and was already a fan of both Tony and Marie, so I was thrilled to see this interview and had to comment for the first time (even though I’ve been a reader for years!). I laughed, I cried, I cheered through the whole documentary. It just made me wonder how many people one could touch, and the ripple effects created, and what a gift that would be.

    A few years ago I made a huge transition into a career helping others heal their limiting beliefs, let go of emotional pain, and reclaim their lives with authenticity. I’ve been driven and inspired to be able to help more and more people, but have been taught all my life to stay small. Knowing that the universe is truly abundant, there is room for us all to live our biggest, boldest lives and there is no need for hiding.

    Thank you for your inspiring work, Marie and Tony!

  184. You two just put insanely huge smile on my face. Thank you. Such beautiful souls.
    Got to get some sticky notes and put all that beauty in writing.

    I am going to get up early tomorrow, go for a run, have a cup of coffee somewhere beautiful and get shit done that will make baby steps towards my next 2 absolutely extraordinary and amazing decades. Thank you xx

  185. Mary

    Honestly, this interview depressed me even more. He talks about making these changes as if they’re easy. I used to be a very giving person. I worked with bereaved parents mostly as a volunteer, but I was recruited to work at hospital to just be with families. I threw myself in so hard for so long that I burned out. Since then I have struggled with what I can do to bring that sort of passion into my life.
    However now I live with chronic, debilitating pain from lupus. In the past four years, I’ve lost two siblings. Neither one of them lived to be 50. I would love to just change my patterns in life but no matter what, it comes down to being limited because of the disease I have. I was an active, driven person, and now it’s gone.
    Sorry I’m a downer, but I’m stuck in my life right now because of things I can’t control.

    • carol Lopez

      Hi Mary, I am sorry for your loss and pain. Regarding the lupus, pls watch Dr Robert Morse, ND on utube as he has some solutions for you to lessen your pain. Fruits and veggies are healers. Blessings!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re not a downer, Mary! I’m so sorry you’re in such a difficult place right now. I truly hope things improve with your lupus very soon. xo

  186. Destiny

    I watched Tony Robbins Netflix movie last night, and for the first time in many years of watching clips of his seminars etc.; I felt something stir inside of me and I woke up with my own Mantra for my life. I had a setback academically a few years back, and the fear of failing, and my past failures pertaining to an exam has kept me stuck! I felt sad for myself, frustrated that individuals that I know who didn’t want to become physicians, or didn’t work half as hard as me have completed their internships and moved on. The medical residency programs normally will state they won’t accept anyone who has failed the first board exam on multiple attempts, yet they think someone who just barely passed on the first time is more qualified to become a physician. What about persistence, perseverance and compassion for others? Yet they want physicians who are well rounded with life experience, and they understand that academics is just a small part of what makes a good physician. I did very well in Medical School, actually I excelled however, it took failing this board exam once to create a downward spiral embraced with fear, that has essentially ruined my life – until last night! I did for a time try to think of other things I would like to do with my life but, nothing stirs passion in me like Medicine. My goal since I was 13 was to use medicine as a platform to make money so, I can use that money to change peoples lives in the world. I want to pay of surgeries that families can’t afford, or send kids from underprivileged areas or countries that are bright to good schools so, that they can change their lives and the lives of future generations. In short, the Netflix video on Tony Robbins stirred up so much in me, that I had made a choice; i’m doing this and i’m going to be the miracle student who got accepted against all odds. I made a promise to myself that I’m going to finish these exams and get accepted into a residency program; and I will excel to prove to them, that other students that have had similar circumstances as myself shouldn’t be written off. I’ll accomplish this by being in a place of positivity, monitoring my thoughts and not allowing my fears to take over and paralyze me. Thoughts do become things; i’m living proof as fear has kept me from going after what I want. I know i’ll make a great physician; I love people, I believe in honesty, transparency, and the old school way of going out on a limb for your patients. I will spend my whole life putting that into practice. It is my calling; I feel it in the core of my being. So this year, i’m going to get what I want! I’m going fulfill my destiny. I once read that Tony Robbins uses a “Rocking Chair” as his compass for regrets; he imagines himself at 85 years of age, and thinks about how he would feel if he hadn’t tried something or gone for it. Usually he would have greater regrets for not trying, than for trying and having failed. So, that is the compass I will use too. I’m going to stay positive, create habits that align with my goal and monitor my thoughts. Thank you so much for posting this interview, it was the icing on the cake!
    P.S. A great quote that I’ve looked at many years for goes as follows: “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” I hope that helps someone!

  187. That was amazing. My biggest takeaway was when Tony talked about how unmet expectations are what make us unhappy. And that our thoughts are not US. Made me laugh out loud at myself! I plan on watching the movie this weekend!

  188. I have a hard time with Tony’s question regarding “who did I have to be?” Because I feel like, unfortunately, for my father I really didn’t have to be anything or anyone but me. He never had any big expectations for me or maybe it’s just that I never listened to anyone and always did what I wanted.

  189. Monika Lerch

    Thank you all, Marie and Tony, as well as the whole team, for delivering such incredible value!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you do and share. The documentary is amazing and reminded me once more of how we ourselves can create the most magnificent and fulfilling lives for ourselves if we choose to.

    What struck me the most in this interview right now was the insight that changing your patterns does not equal changing yourself. I have invested so much time in personal development and still clearly missed out on that. Growing up I was told very often “You are xyz” (both positive and negative) and so personal change or growth somehow became synonymous with having to change who I was. Becoming aware of the fact that often it might be simply patterns that rule my behavior immediately lifts off a huge burden and makes change so much more inspiring. 🙂

  190. Ines

    Thank you for this great interview! And I’ve just restarted my Netflix membership just to watch the documentary tonight. 🙂

  191. Ray

    Marieeeeee, is this even real? I love this episode so hard. Watched it the whole way through. Had no idea it was an hour and it just flew by. That is the wonder of Tony Robbins. I went to UPW last year and I’m crewing for the event this year. His energy is so generous and infectious and joyous!

    I also loved how the conversation took exciting turns. The questions he asked you gave me a fuller understanding of who you are why you do what you do. Grateful for your vulnerability and that insight into your inner world Marie 🙂

    I took so much away from this video. I’m now mulling over which parent’s love I craved more and how that shaped my worldview. It was also super freaky at the end where Tony spoke about his son’s work ethic and one of his earlier relationships. First off I’m going through the exact same thing with my brother. Secondly I was just wondering why I now find some things annoying which I once loved in my relationship. It has to do with me chilling out, and then growing and reclaiming something. My jaw opened because it was so close to home – God is just full of gifts! Thank you Marie and Tony. Big hugs and love to you both from Australia xx

    PS I am watching the film this weekend with friends and family!

  192. OH. MY. F*CK*ING. GAWD. I found my voice! I found my uniqueness. I am who I am. I don’t know how THAT breakthrough came about from this video but it did. Thank you so very much Marie and Tony. Thank you thank you thank you

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      YES, Bonnie! Love it!

  193. Anne Vanderpol

    Dear Marie,
    greetings to you and yours.After watching this video I had to stop and think of what is real to me and what I felt was expected of me.Please give Tony Robins a big hug for me for his passion to help others into an enlightened state of facing and enjoying the truth of our own personal value and not the limited trash of thoughts that arnt even real.
    I deeply appreciate the challenge of being faced with the fact{and sure possibility} and knowing, that from today I CAN DO IT, of turning my expectations into APPRECIATION.
    That is the one thing I am using, starting from today to change my life so that it will fly with beauty and strength as a mighty bird of paradise.
    Thanks heaps

  194. Mj

    Amazing show! I enjoyed every piece of it. If you ever end up making transcript of it, please send it over. There were too many pieces that need time to analyse, digest, and apply, that have them on a written version will help you to revisit them…OMG! I just realised that I better start improving a skill…take notes! But that may also serve you to write a book 🙂 Thank you so much for making and sharing this video. You are a great pattern to follow. Bless you

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      MJ, I’m happy to report we include transcripts with every episode of MarieTV. I believe the best way to access it would be to visit our YouTube channel and select “Transcript” under the video player to read it alongside the video.

  195. If I may digress for a moment ….
    I recently wrote a children’s book catering to ages three-six. The book has minimal text and is told through the illustrations, mostly.
    The two characters are sisters, an elephant and a mouse, one of whom does not want to leave the house because she fears the scary world outside. Ebb (the elephant) presents her classic patterning of discomfort, in the form of excuses, why they shouldn’t go to the beach today. Reasons such as scratchy sand, ghostly looking sunscreen, etc., sound so logical.
    Flo, the adventure loving sister, listens with love presenting the ways in which their day will, in fact, perfectly unfold.
    Not to be convinced too quickly, Ebb is still hesitant.
    Then, in a genius move to distract and break the habitual patterning, Flo cracks a joke. They laugh, hysterically.

    Hearing Tony’s methodology of pattern breaking (with humor), makes me smile.

    Comedic intervention has worked for centuries for reverse all forms of unproductive silliness in human patterning such as feeling unworthy, for all those willing to engage.

    It is the one sure-fire way to both distract from chronic thinking and feeling negatively, and instantly infuse the bloodstream with feel good hormones.

    Laughter is really the best medicine and an incredibly useful tool for living a long and fruitful life.

    Great conversation. So happy to be a virtual fly on your lovely wall, Marie!

  196. deniz

    thinking about my son who receives so much love from both parents…. What if someone is not craving for love from neither mother nor father? is that possible? What happens then? what is Tony’s experience about that

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Deniz, great question. I think you can expand the question and explore who else in your life you craved love from. I’m sure it could be anyone close to you!

  197. Jackie

    Wonderful interview! My biggest takeaway is – I want to watch this again!! He had so much valuable info I thought I should take notes. I liked the part about just watching your thoughts pass by…you don’t have to react to them – it’s not reality – just thoughts.
    Marie, I think it takes courage for you, too, to admit things when he asked about which parent’s love/attention you wanted most. I can’t wait to see the film!

  198. Kelsey

    I watched the documentary this weekend and became an instant Tony Robbins fan so I was so excited to see this interview! I’m so in awe of the transformations I witnessed in the film and the shift I felt in myself. I went online and ordered my first Tony Robbins book and started listening to him on YouTube! Thank you Marie for this awesome interview. I really appreciate the conversation around Robin Williams and how we can decide not to suffer by training our brains to tune in to the gratitude, joy, and what’s going right. xoxo.

  199. Gyorgyi

    “Turn expectations into appreciation” – this is game-changer!
    Marie, Thank you so much being in my life, its been a few years, and I watched, I think, almost all of your episode. Love to learn with you!

  200. Gene Meyung

    Great conversation Marie. I’ve followed you on and off for a number of years but always thought Tony was a ” drama king” and for that reason never payed much attention to him. What an eye opening experience this interview was !! I will be researching his work with a new understanding. Thank you,Gene

  201. Zulema

    What a great interview! I really enjoyed listening to you–Marie–talk about who’s love you craved the most and your weaknesses. I’m very excited to see the documentary. I was tearing up thinking about who’s love I craved the most when I was a child, and how that has shaped me. I opened a restaurant with my mother recently and did it mostly because I felt it was my “duty” to be there for her–we’re an immigrant family, and she doesn’t speak English fluently. I’ve done and behaved a certain way to “gain” her love, or other people’s love. I often put myself in situations that don’t bring happiness to my life but that I feel “I should or must do” or the “it’s my duty to do them”. This has–especially now–made me angry and bitter. I’m at a point in my life that I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I don’t want to feel stressed, overwhelmed, overly emotional, basically all of the emotions that cause suffering. I also need to STOP EXPECTING certain behaviors from others. I’m going to re-watch the interview and write down the points Tony noted. He’s such a gift. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for being such an inspiring teacher and role model for me.

  202. Mariza

    Wow! So many take-always in one video, I took many notes and even more mental ones.
    So here’s what sticks for me:
    1) whose love do you crave the most?
    This is such a revelation it helps me understand myself but also those close to me and our frustrations in daily communication. I loved everything about his story about his son- I wish my mum could learn to see me for who I am and to accept me and then I could learn to love myself a little more…. Still have to work on this.
    2) I I will not suffer anymore.
    That it can be a decision we can own and move on, train ourselves to stop and notice the thoughts and let them drift away while we stay out of the thought patterns
    3) to not have expectations instead have appreciation. Best peace of advice I’ve heard in a long time! I usually suffer from high or low expectations/ I am a perfectionist and I put myself and others down so my defense mechanism is to have low expectations – only this makes me miserable as I like to set them high. This approach can liberate me!
    Big thanks Marie for everything you do and for this episode.

  203. Lesley Darling

    Wow thank you so much for giving us such an amazing episode! I watched the film on Sunday and agree it’s life changing. You laugh and cry and get surprised and you THINK. I came away with pages of notes.

    My takeaway today was – what is my 15 year old son here to teach me? But even bigger than that, what will he achieve if I stop being so interested in his life? I love him but I need to let go even more so he has space to grow in his own direction, perhaps my presence feels pushing to him. Stepping back is worth a try, I can always step back in if it doesn’t seem to be helping or seems worse!

    Thank you both, giants in my life.

    Lesley xx

  204. Luz

    Great episode. Really touched me. I was not really of fan of Tony until now. Wow. You are an amazing person. Would love to meet you one day. Will definitely watch the movie.

  205. Affirmed that once I let go of my daughter’ s defensive communication style (as a 16y/o) and recognized my contribution, my hangups that she fought like her father, and owned it…everything changed. Sitting with her and sharing how it was my fault that these disagreements spiral. That I felt unheard throughout my life by the”love I craved”, and most likely the root of this “defensive” style. I broke the pattern, that said “I have to be right…and you need to see it my way”. Everything changed, 3 years later we have a beautiful , loving (albeit always filled with love) and incredibly open communicative relationship. I , now, use this aikido move, to accept rather than fight and allow the lesson to emerge that I have attracted. I appreciate this interview, as I do, both of you, and have shared it with my husband, daughters, and mother-in-law. Thank you Tony…and Marie. Together, may we spread the Art of Fulfillment.

  206. Wal

    Great video. Thanks so much team Forleo

  207. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful episode! My BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE takeaway was when Tony asked “whose love did you crave the most – your mom’s or your dad’s?” I was forever trying to please my dad, trying to make him proud, never wanting to make a mistake and always feeling I fell short. That’s where my perfectionism comes from. That’s why I feel like I always have to prove myself. Thank you – you’ve saved me years of therapy!

  208. This has me pumped to see the film. I have several take aways, but probably the most important is reclaiming the suppressed disassociated qualities that I see, feel, admire in others. I do see them in me but they are like children locked in their rooms. In many ways, I am successful but watching this is asking me to take action – take it up a notch…well maybe 10 notches. I am going to keep stepping it up. Very empowering. Thank you Marie, thank you Tony. <3

  209. Hello! I have been obsessed with this documentary. So obsessed that I started a GoFundMe campaign so I can afford to go to Date With Destiny. As I watched this interview I had so many insights; however, the biggest “ah-ha” moment didnt come till the end.
    When Tony was speaking about opposites attracting. I have been in that patterned in my dating life for the last 8 years. Attracting men who were introverts, very analytical, and serious. And just as Tony had said, those relationships never lasted long because I started to get annoyed with the characteristics I first were attracted to.
    I know attending his seminar, this December would help my coaching abilities but especially help me understand why I do what I do and change those that needs changed. (No donations yet :-()
    Thank you Marie for this amazing interview! I am so grateful!

  210. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh. I cried so hard when I watched the suicidal guy. I think about suicide a lot. Even though I have a lot to give. I know I need to change my patterns.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You are loved, Rebecca, and you DO have so much to give. I have no doubt. xoxo

  211. Dear Marie, thank you for this wonderful interview!! I watched the documentary yesterday and cried along with the participants! So beautiful and powerful. I think for me the insight involves the question about who´s love did I crave more. That made me think about my habits and struggles until now. But I am happy and hoping that I could break the negative patterns created so that I could help and serve other people who might be struggling with the same or similar things I am and was. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light with the world. Love you!

  212. Argh-mazing content. Thank you so much. I’ve been sharing this with everyone I know.

  213. Thank you for emailing about this episode. I heard so much that are invaluable life lessons. The part that resonated most was Tony’s sharing of his story with his son. This describes exactly my relationship with my husband. It may have just ended the turmoil in my head and soul and I already feel more at peace and know how to approach our relationship from now on. I also appreciate the sincerity of sharing your personal stories. Your exposures has been healing. Big thank you

  214. <3 Biggest take home… I will not suffer anymore. If it comes up, I'll end it within 10 minutes. Measure it and reward yourself for the little victories.

    I loved this conversation! So much beauty… Thank you Marie.

  215. I was worried (probably not the right word) at first that he wouldn’t turn out to be someone I thought was genuine. I was very wrong. Thought the video was fabulous! Hard to pin down THE biggest thing I got out of it, but this is what I wrote down:
    1. Stress is fear
    2. Problems need energy to live.
    3. Trade expectation for appreciation (what a big one that is).
    4. Growing towards what you are attracted to in other people.
    5. And maybe the most important is to LET GO.
    Thank you to both of you for talking and filming. I am putting his film on top of my netflex list. 🙂

    • Hey Laura,

      Nice round-up. So much yes to #2, a great one to remember (perhaps I’ll stick that one on the bathroom mirror!).
      Definitely watch on Netflix – I was literally standing on my sofa roaring like a lion when it finished!

  216. Wow!
    Thank you Marie, Tony & Team.

    This interview blew my mind. I loved the documentary, I am not your Guru, but this interview was equally, if not more, special. I had so many ‘wow’ out loud moments and I’m about to rewatch this episode to make sure I take it all in.

    There were so many moments that resonated with me but the ‘who did you have to be?’ question might just be an absolute breakthrough for me. I’ve made peace with the fact that I was brought up in a broken home where my step father physically and mentally abused my mother. I’ve become a gentle and caring person because of it, but there’s something else too that I have never questioned…

    I hide. I hide from confrontation, hide from speaking my truth, hide from sharing how I really feel, hide from the passion and power I feel inside – hide from success. I guess it used to keep me safe as a child (‘if I’m seen, I could get hurt’) – I literally had no idea that I’ve been playing safe and small my entire adult life too. Wow, breakthrough! Tears! (I can’t believe I just shared my past, either!)

    Thank you all so much for this episode, interview and insights – now, I’m off to raise the bar! So much love, x

    • Laura Parenteau

      Wow ANGHARAD, that’s really something. I am going to have to spend some serious time on that question. I just broke up with serious boyfriend No. 3. Need to look for my patterns and get serious about what I’m looking for before I die. I’m 60.

  217. Cherie

    Biggest takeaway – Watch I am not your guru and watch this episode again. Definitely this scratched the surface, now to dig a little deeper!
    Thank you for sharing this interview!

  218. Thank you so much for another awesome interview Marie – there was sooo much gold. I watched Tony Robbin’s documentary on the weekend and it was brilliant! Have recommended it to so many people. Big Love to both of you XO

  219. Alicia

    Wow wow wow. Marie, just wow. You are always dropping dime. This was amazeballs!!! I’ve heard many talk about Tony Robbins & you’ve talked about him for years. I needed to hear from you both today. There were so many nuggets. I’m sharing this and totally watching again.

  220. Ashami

    Hello Marie, first I want to thank you for these sessions, I have learned so much from you and your guests. You have really answered questions no one else has been able to answer. Tony Robbins was amazing in this broadcast. Specifically his explanation about how you attract certain people. I’m a scientist and know opposites attract but never put it together in my personal life. Awesome!! And learning to understand the Blueprint/Imprints in our lives is vital. Well I have a lot of studying to do tonight. Can not thank you enough.

  221. becky

    This was a great episode. So many things resonated with me – I have been going through a major shift in my life, and the 3 most significant things that have changed for me were discussed in this episode.
    1. Sleep. I sleep about 2 hours more a night than I used to and that has had ripple effects in my life.
    2. Connecting with my breath – outside of meditation. Now, during the day, when I begin to feel stressed or anxious or whenever I feel some form of suffering – I can connect with my breath, and NOTICE what emotions are creeping in. I give it a couple moments before reacting, and I can then react with calmness, instead of anger or whatever emotion was there.
    3. I have lightened up on my expectations of my children, and instead, begun to learn the lessons that they are here to teach me. Children are so often our mirrors, and just like Tony said, they are here to teach us what is missing in ourselves.

    Loved the episode. Thank you guys!!!

  222. Christy

    The part where Tony talked about relationships really resonated with me. The idea that the things I admire about my husband are the things I hide about myself, or that are buried within me kind of blew my mind. Also, that I can become resentful because I haven’t grown in those areas….huge. The question about whose love did you crave more confused me some, and is really something for me to mull over and sort out.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Glad you got so much out of this interview, Christy! Definitely lots of food for thought 🙂

  223. gratitude to you – for taking a vacation!!
    and for seeking out Tony to interview – that was a fabulous seminar that i will replay – way too much great info to take in with one viewing.

    I resonated with some your father stories and realized a recent episode in my life was self sabotage for not getting his love – i screwed up with a topic very dear to him and his family meme. that was a real aha:)

    my passion is personal growth is through enough quiet moments of reflection in our life – tea moments:) if we could/would all grow into who we can become then the love we share becomes infinite and the world healed – i too am a perpetual student and so appreciate the opportunity to hear Tony in a whole new way.

    so i thank-you truly
    ps you look more relaxed:) and enjoying yourself:)

  224. Shurlana

    So amazing ! I laughed , I felt that beautiful state ! So happy to be blessed with this wisdoms from both you Marie and Mr Robbins ! Can’t wait to see the film and also don’t even know which quote was my fave !They were all mind blowing ! Especially loved the story of his son and the letting go breakthrough ! This is very true ! Powerful relationship advice and absolutely a dynamic personality ! I can feel the energy ! Love it and soo grateful !!
    Trinidad WI

  225. Hey Marie!
    Love MarieTV and what you stand for! I’m also a massive Tony fan. My husband and I have attended his live events since 2001 as participants and crew, and we are attending his Leadership Academy in San Diego this year, flying in from Singapore!

    This was a wonderful episode. So much insight and warmth. Thanks so much for sharing more of Tony’s work to your fans as well! Both you and Tony are my coaching and life-transformation role models!

  226. Wow. This whole thing was full of so many nuggets I felt like I was taking notes at the speed of light! But the one most important thing? Probably that that the most important decision of my life is not to suffer. And then use meditation to combat anything that interferes with those decisions. This was such a profound interview. Cut to the core! Thank you Marie for bringing Tony…and thank you Tony for taking the time!

  227. Jenni

    Thank you for sharing …. I absolutely loved the quote “you can free yourself when you trade expectation for appreciation” and hope I will remember to appreciate my thoughts but am able to let them go rather than getting hooked into them to ruin my day (life). I am determined to not suffer anymore remembering its only a thought and a thought can be changed or let go.

  228. I’m striving for good change and soaking up both of you…..and I loved many, many things you’ve discussed tonight. If I have to pick, I’m going with “Who do you like a lot and what are their qualities? They are your qualities but you’ve disassociated with them because they were not on the prescribed agenda you’d learned from the person you were trying most to please.” Mind blowing…..
    I AM changing my life….I am going to make a positive, helpful difference in lots of others’ lives too….thanks for your help. xxoo

  229. I haven’t watched the film yet but this episode was awesome.
    I found the question about whose love I was searching for to be the most telling for me. I actually couldn’t answer it right away. What I could answer was who I ended up being and it was my father for sure. I also could answer who was I more afraid of and it was my father again. I didn’t worry about what my mother would think of me but god help me if I disappointed my father. So, I guess I just answered the question, it was my father that I was searching for love from.
    What I find really interesting is that as I am thinking through this episode, even as an over 40 woman who has finally learned to love herself, I think I am still searching for that love. Even though I know he loves me, I still look for the approval. And it stings when I don’t get it.
    Continually growing and I love it when I see these realizations. Thanks for helping me see all this and thanks so much for this episode. It was very helpful for me. 🙂
    Marie, as an aside, you have changed my life. From my Bschool experience to MarieTV, you are in my head and I am on the path to living a life I love because of you. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  230. Thanks Marie and Tony for a great discussion! Lots of gems here.
    Marie I would love it if you would take a look at this short Video of Tony Robbins as he introduces Donny Epstein as one of his teachers, friends and mentors.
    Take a look here

    Love and Gratitude

  231. I’m grateful you brought what Tony Robbins usually reserves for his events to me right in my home!
    Biggest takeaway: When we want to bring change into our lives, we don’t have to change ourselves, we need to recognize and change our patterns. Wooooowww. I can think back over the last eight years of my relationship and on 500 occasions have said, “I have changed who I am so much for you, how much more can I change? Maybe you want a different person…” Now I realize, I just have too many patterns that don’t work for us and all that change over the years, was me undoing destructive patterns, not undoing “who I am”. Now I will be keeping an eye out for more patterns and put up the stop sign. Also, like you said, how can we take care of each other more? He has patterns that he can change as well, and now I know how to explain it to him. hehe…

  232. Thank you so much, Marie, for this incredible video.
    I’m such a big fan of you and Tony. Your (both) work has touched so many and we all appreciate what you and Tony are giving. It inspires us to do the same to reach within ourselves for that tiny special gift we have and to finds ways to give back the best we can.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Love and blessing always.

  233. Samantha

    Tony’s “I’m not your Guru” film is a real eye opener. I really enjoyed it, and I loved watching your interview with him today. You are both wonderful, caring humans and I thank you for taking the time to give this gift to us. My take home (apart from everything) would be “God put people in our lives for a reason: so we can become more whole” and also the section on “Whose love did I crave the most”…. both big ahah moments for me and I will make it a mission to be more “aware” of this in all relationships with those around me and to ask myself what can I learn from this/them?
    Thank you Marie and Tony for being you, and sharing with the world your special gifts xx

  234. The biggest insight jumping out right now is that the opposite energy attracts us – and so the action I am committing to taking is to be conscious of who I am drawn to and to work on developing the qualities I admire in that person in myself.

  235. carol Lopez

    Beautiful amazing discussion by Marie and Tony Robins!! I feel sooo blessed to have access to Marie ‘ s channel. Marie and Tony together are amazing and shine a light way beyond comparison. You are simply the best at communicating love and the light of personal growth which most important. I love you both???

  236. Hi Marie,
    This is the exact message I needed to hear today. I have been questioning everything lately because life is teaching me some tough lessons. Despite it all, I still have to show up fully and completely for my clients. I can’t disappoint them. Not even on my bad days.

    From listening to your talk with Tony today I had several aha moments. The first is that I still have more to heal from my past.

    I am looking at why I always get disappointed by the women in my life that I hold near and dear to my heart. It seems I’m still seeking the love and approval I never received from my mother. Instead, I’ve put the responsibility on all these other women that I believe have hurt me. Much to think about and work on here.

    Thank you for this episode today Marie. Watching it has given me renewed hope and strength.

  237. By the way, I’m pressing play on the documentary right after I type this.
    Thanks again.

  238. Biggest takeaway:

    “Problems need energy to live.”


  239. Meredith Jordan

    I have pretty much avoided Tony Robbins all my life because I thought he was just another guy making a bundle off people’s pain and suffering. It was only because of Marie’s endorsement and this interview that I gave the film a chance, and am I delighted that I did! It’s a great film, full of poignant truth about our humanity, about how we shut down our inborn light, and how important it is to awaken that again. I was very touched by Tony’s ability to be so present to others, to turn around attachments to the thoughts/beliefs that confine them to a half-life, to use humor to break through those limitations (I’ll always remember the red shoes as a reason to commit suicide), and to love from a purity of heart. I’m a psychotherapist with clients who will benefit from watching this, so you can be sure I’ll be passing the word!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing this with your clients, Meredith! I hope it helps them tremendously.

  240. Artemis Hionides

    The part about learning to “chill out” is timely – as is the refusal to suffer any more. I always felt a pull between “setting goals, planning a year in advance” and “relaxing and allowing, which will allow you to do the right thing anyway spontaneously”. It drove me crazy until this month, when I thought, Ok, I’ve tried planning and thinking and trying this exercise and that, what if I do the exact opposite, for a change, and “chill”, and see what happens? I realized that the second quote relates to faith and trust, and that it really doesn’t cancel out planning some things in advance. So now I’m at that stage, of chilling, or letting go, or having faith that things will work out without angst. The first thing I’ve noticed is that any book I pick up, any video I look at, any message I get in the last two days since my decision, including your Facebook post that led me here, relates to “chillin'” – it’s a plot! But an exciting one! Thank you, Marie, and thanks to your team – you are a great inspiration and source of change, here in Athens, across the Atlantic!

  241. Heidi

    I connected with this interview on so many levels, but instead of trying to talk about all of them, what I’m walking away with is the importance of slowing down and practicing catching thoughts and acknowledging them before believing them. Arianna Huffington talks about the “obnoxious roommate in our head” and it absolutely applies to me. I have learned through great practice to not believe the negative voice, but like staying in shape it requires me to keep doing it again and again, and each time with great rewards in my internal and external life. And as for slowing down, there is magic and spaciousness and rest when I give myself the gift to stop rushing, whether with the help of yoga, or meditation, or choosing not to cram my day full of commitments. It takes practice and actually I need the support of my yoga instructor and others in my community to support me to break the habit of rushing and to sink into free time and enjoy and refresh without freaking out. Thank you Marie for a great episode and for such inspiring, positive and healing programs.

  242. Cat

    Trade your expectation for appreciation. I am outwardly a very positive person, but my internal dialogue is often quite negative! So to see where it comes from(Hi Dad ;o)) and to shift my focus to what I can appreciate right now instead of getting sucked into a vortex of suffering! and that it takes practice!
    “I’m taking away from others by always having to be the giver” . wow, to realise that that is a form of control is quite powerful! I am good at receiving but not yet when I think it is too expensive…so bring it on!
    Thanks Marie and Tony, I love your servitude, I can relate to that! and at the same time, I love seeing how successful you are with it! Still working on that! x Cat

  243. Such a lovely episode! My favorite insight was the question: “Whose love did you crave more? Your mom’s or your dad’s?” I craved more my dad’s love and he wanted me to be impeccable, cool, disciplined. That might be the origin of my perfectionism. This was so eye opening! I am looking forward to see the documentary. Thank you, Marie and team!

  244. I watched ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ last night. The last thing Tony said in your interview was the thing I connected with most. That whatever we are drawn to in others is something that we need to reclaim for ourselves. I know that people and relationships are mirrors to things we may not love about ourselves, but I loved that he pointed out that we need to reclaim for our own what we are most attracted to in others. Instead of being triggered, we have the opportunity to take back something we previously denied.

  245. Mamaleh

    I have a two month old baby that I prayed and dreamed for and obsessed over bringing into my life and this world…for over a decade. And for two months now, in my spare moments when I am not staring into her eyes or running around caring for her every need, I have been…beating myself up that I was not able to natural birth her like I did my other beautifully healthful child 12 years ago. Going over in my mind all the ways I did not stand up for what I needed to make it possible for me and for her…or worse the ways I stood up ineffectively. Or was misguided or mistaken.
    Usually I am the positive one who brings hearts rainbows and flowers into the vibe. And here I am…so sad. And in the face of the happiest thing I could ever have hoped for in my life!
    What I take from this is that…even though I am disappointed in myself on a level that I have found…hard to bear…I need to claim…somehow…full joy. I mean, I knew this but…now that I have listened to you and Tony…I have to get more real about getting on it.
    If I don’t do that, then… I will really be the thief in her life I have been calling myself in my heart.
    Ah, my kids are both my gurus. One has taught me to let out my inner introvert and also that supreme health can exist. And this one…to forgive myself and the broken world…and I hope…to claim health even without totally pristine birthing…for both of us.
    I have been an astanga yogi a long time and always thought “ha, i am not obsessed with doing it perfect. that is not real yoga! i am so glad I am not like those folks who freak out if they dont get the poses just right.” and now with this birth the truth comes out…i am not a yoga perfectionist, i am a mommy perfectionist. big time…
    Marie…I have listened a long time, shared your work with my family and others and never felt I needed contact before but…can you respond to me if you happen to be reading this? Whhhhh….I could use some wise love.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mamaleh, you are so not alone in feeling like a perfectionist. Try not to be too hard on yourself! You’ve brought a beautiful human into the world and I have no doubt you did it the best way possible in the moment so you would both be safe and healthy. You can’t change the past, but you can focus on the present moment and feeling all the joy available to you now.

      • Mamaleh

        Thank you Kristin. Your words are so correct. I am aware that this is the truth yet somehow…so spun out by not taking her on the birth ride on…my own terms. Its to me life’s most primal right of passage and…to do it with drugs in my body…feels so unnerving and unmooring….Somehow…being a natural birther is…my contribution to this world. And…I had hoped…to my baby.
        I know so many women go through this but for me…its a change and a doozy.
        I am going to print your response and leave it near my rocker…to remind me.

  246. After ten years with a man I loved, we separated. The little things he did that irritated me became big. The things that once made him admire me, made him dislike me. After 4 months of being alone, I realized I would rather have him on his worst day than to not have him at all. Then he called me. He had moved to Vancouver from Halifax to start his new life. He told me he would rather have a relationship with me on my terms than to not be together at all. I told him I would rather be with him on his terms. The little things that once irritated seemed no longer important. He moved back to Halifax and we started again. The things that once irritated sometimes appear, but hold no importance. The things he admired me for, he admires even more.
    We just celebrated our 25th anniversary.
    We have been happier together in the last 15 years than we were in the first 10.
    Thanks for this episode.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful story, Fred. Happy anniversary and a huge congrats on reaching that milestone with your love 🙂

  247. Jennifer Simpson

    Wow. I think this is your most amazing interview yet.
    The whole thing — I felt like your hearts were bursting through the screen. Great work.

  248. Deborah

    Thank you! I took great insights from Tony’s question “whose love did you crave most”? I no longer feel that I have to be invisible or to give everything I love to someone who needs it more. Blessings on you both! Deborah

  249. Thank you, Marie and Tony. I passed this one along. I especially loved the specific ways humans scientifically react and the reminder everything…I mean, everything…is a choice.

    (Also, quick note, if Tony’s throat gets sore or his voice especially raspy, I can help with that in about 10 minutes – get the breath flowing through the vocal folds.)

  250. I just watched the documentary. The amount of charisma Tony has is extraordinary. He’s so energetically in-tuned with the people he’s working with. AND his sense of humor coming through in the difficult moments. He has a talent for taking the audience on an emotional journey, demanding attention with his intensity.
    There’s so much beauty in transformation and life’s journey, the fact that there’s ALWAYS the way out. From any situation.
    I’ve always had an obsession with learning, but on my own terms. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and an inspiration!

  251. This was THE BEST MarieTV episode EVERRRRRRR!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you Simone!!

  252. Becca Goulden

    This episode is 100% . I love the supportive energy between marie and Tony. Hands down inspiring. Thankyou

  253. Martha

    Thank you Mari and Tony.very interesting information.I just understood my suffering.,it makes sense to me. It gave me the opportunity to start changing alot alot of things in my file.I have to see the movie.thank you again.God BLess you….

  254. One take away!? Impossible. He drops gems of wisdom every other second. I’m becoming a total groupie. So passionate and brilliant, yet humble and real somehow… I love the idea of beautiful vs. suffering states. And how you can’t be resourceful/solution focussed frontier automatic pattern. I’ve been thinking how I can disrupt my own patterns of stress or fear or doubt… Sometimes I do head stands, dance to really loud music, go for a quick hike. LOVED this and the documentary. Thank you, Marie. This was a gift 🙂

  255. Sharyl Kurtz

    This is my first time hearing Tony speak for any length of time. I can relate to the experiences he had as a child–having to be the parent to our parent. Life is a series of choices right? My circumstances sucked as a child but I chose as an adult to have a different life and not stay stuck in that negative place. Granted, it has taken a good therapist and some EMDR for me to get away of the shit patterns I was stuck in, but I can at least, authentically, see that I was meant for more than to accept the baggage of my parents which was not mine to carry. We all just need to own what we create. Thank you Marie and Tony for what you do. Now, chillax! 😉 LOL Love you.

  256. Shyama

    wow. you’re right Marie, this is one of the best if not THE best.
    You both were amazing! truly allowing each other to be who you are and co creating this simultaneously…wow being more whole and who you are while making this video whole a masterpiece as a by product!ha ha classic!!loved it May God bless you both in your amazing journeys.
    what I took was whose love I crave more? father or mother?i know my answer and why as I went thru but am very keen to know what 11 year old would say..I have a feeling it might be me ha ha which gives me something to work on1thnks thanks so much guys.
    Stay blessed.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oooh, so interesting, Shyama. I wonder if the answer of an 11 year old would be different than when they’re an adult reflecting back on childhood! But also, what a gift as a parent to know the answer from your child.

  257. Grete

    That was really awesome. I wish I had a less misused word for it… I took notes but I am sure I will watch this again! The “whose love did you crave the most”- part was really an AHA! for me. An eye opener. I understand a lot now that has been a blurred problem. Thank you so very, very much! God bless you. Both of you.

  258. Such an magnificent conversation full of jewels that every being can put into their treasure of life! Much of what Tony shared resonated for me through the work and teachings of conscious parenting (Dr. Shefali) and I loved many of his illustrations that he shared too. I sent your email to basically everyone in my database encouraging them to watch and be inspired as I was.

    Marie, what I have to say I enjoyed thoroughly was witnessing your ability to share in the presence of Tony not only as an equal to changing people’s lives but that of you being a student of his work, sharing yourself vulnerably in his impromptu coaching session, having an exchange as casual friends and heeding the vision to share him humbly within your platform with all of us. Your realness and ease alongside Tony’s was a delight to experience.

    Namaste, Sandra


  260. Thanks for the great interview Marie, I’m a great fan of Tony’s and have been a student since 2013 when my life suddenly got turned upside down. I have yet to watch the movie, but I got a lot from just this interview. I realized that have have already made many of the positive changes in my life that Tony speaks about, I just didn’t know it. I now don’t worry or stress about anything that’s not important and I have learned to be a better partner and understand other people’s feelings much better to the point where I am starting my own Life Coaching business based on principles that Tony teaches.

  261. Felicity

    I’m so glad that Tony Robbins has found the present moment. I’ve been a fan for years but for some reason held off going to his seminars because I could never quite reconcile his approach to achievement with that of Eckhart Tolle’s ‘beingness’ – Eckhart is my other great love and present moment awareness has literally changed my life. Now it seems like Tony has brought that to his work. I look forward to one day attending Date with Destiny!

  262. Caterina Tatonetti

    Thank you Marie for this amazing interview. I have just discovered Tony Robbins, because of a friend of mine recommended it openly in Facebook to see the documentary on Netflix. I have not seen it yet, I will do soon. He is a guru, certainly he is because he has just putted into simple language what I have learned from my main spiritual teaching and life coach. Simple, short, straight to the point and practical. I am from Venezuela, and we are living very difficult times that hopefully are helping us to grow as a country and as a society. All the tools I have learned during these years have been of great value and help, and this interview just touch my soul and my mind, remembering me to use them daily . Thanks and please say thanks to Tony from me :). Love. Caterina

  263. Wow Wow Wow!!!!!! Thank you SO much Marie and Tony (and team). I feel so juiced after watching that episode. What a gift!!!! I am definitely going to answer the questions that Tony posed about whose love I craved, etc. I GET how life transforming this awareness will be. I’ve just gotten why I feel so good right now! Like Tony said, I’m in a heart centered state instead head centred! And so life feels effortless and joyous and abundant. Shew!!! So grateful! All that shift from sitting on my comfy couch with my cup of tea, soaking up an hour of Marie Tony magic!!

  264. One of your best video ever.
    I got captured with the scene of the suicidal guy. I appreciated Tony’s approach and ability to show another point of view. No easy solutions, only realistic ones.
    In 60 minutes I took two pages of notes. Many issues to work on.
    “Life in my terms” with habits according to them: that is my first goal.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s a wonderful goal, Rossella, and a great place to start!

  265. Thank you for your respective insights, and honesty, and for being here in this moment/time/space. I hadn’t actually realised T.R. was a human being LOL The whole ‘larger than life’ thing has always been a bit ‘really? that for real?’ for me (sorry, I’m an Aussie) – it’s reassuring we’re all still learning (clearly at different rates), and that we’re learning from the people we love (if we’re lucky).

    Your point regarding ‘suffering’ being recognised as feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed etc. resonated with me, so I’ve written down Tony’s points on how to recognise and let go of these thoughts, and will practice. I REALLY don’t like failing so tend to work until I get there, wherever/whenever that happens to be, and panic myself if I think I can’t get there (weird), and then flog myself thru the pain to get ‘there’ – wherever that happens to be. I like your technique’s simplicity and similarity/parallels to mindfulness. I’ve often thought the teaching of the Buddha is deeply grounded in one particular time and culture, so it’s an amazing, wonderful thing to be alive to witness those basic principles/philosophies ‘become.’

    Good luck on your travels : – )

  266. Kristi Bohnsack

    Thank you, Marie and Tony. So many “take away’s” it’s somewhat mind boggling. Truly the idea that “I will not suffer anymore.” is emotionally empowering to me. Also the quote “I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to tolerate the life I have, even if it’s a good one. I want great, magnificent, and outstanding.” seems to vibrate within every cell of my body. Particularly the words “I don’t have to tolerate”. Wow. “I don’t have to tolerate”. I’ve been somewhat aware of this, yet did not have these words to put to my thoughts. I’ve known for years that I was taught by my Mother that I must tolerate the bullies at school, that I must tolerate her bulling/fear based style of parenting, that I must tolerate being “broke” her word, not mine, that I must tolerate her imposed poverty on us, though we were truly not impoverished, that I must tolerate the unspoken rules in our home that I/we (my Brother and I) should not be happier than our Mother, have more than our Mother, do more than our Mother or become more than our Mother. I/we were taught to tolerate these false ideas and we both have lived up to those “rules” quite well. I know it true for my Brother and certainly true for me, that we have spent most of our lives trying to break free from this “tolerating our lives” and the suffering that tolerating has created. God, I hope this is making sense, because my head is spinning with excitement and wanting it to all “gel”, so to speak. As for my action step, it is July 19th though passed midnight. I had planned on going outside to be in the light of the full moon, with candles, incense and prayer. However, I feel moved now to head on over to Netflix and watch what is awaiting there. Having been living with what seems like much difficulty in a genetic chronic illness, the special kind of poverty that that seems to create, my struggle to get out of that poverty and live as big as my dreams, yet feeling very stuck in the poverty and living in a house/poor relationship at best because I have felt that I cannot make it on my own. I am ending this night feeling hopeful, renewed and excited. I can hardly wait to watch the movie/documentary. Without question, it is by God’s Grace that I chose to check my emails and watch this episode of Marie TV (that I’d scrolled by earlier today) before I went to be outside. With all heart, I thank you Marie for all you do, especially for creating Marie TV. I and my family have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type and reading is often tedious, so I totally enjoy Marie TV! Thank you Tony Robbins. I’ve seen bits and pieces of your work but this is the most in-depth I’ve had the privilege to experience and it is just what I needed tonight. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I wish you both and all who had a hand in this, a Sweet Day.


  267. Erin

    Marie and Tony, thank you so much for sharing this interview with us. I saw Tony in action recently in Melbourne, and was impressed with how heartfelt his sharing of learning was. I loved the interview, lots of aha moments, notes taken and things to reflect on. Bless you both and your teams for bringing this together for us. ??❤️ PS. I’m also sharing it.

  268. Thank you for this amazing interview. Watching you and watching Tony always leaves me so inspired. His documentary had me in tears 2 min in, made me laugh out loud and left me with so many new insights. The biggest takeaway from this interview: that I can learn from my 13-year old daughter. She didn’t start from where I started. She doesn’t have to have the same work ethic as I possess. But she has so many qualities, qualities that I would love to learn to master myself. So instead of pushing I’ll let go. I’ll love her and give her attention, but I’ll stop pushing. Thank you Marie and Tony! Love from The Netherlands ❤️


  269. I love this: Problems need energy to live. If you don’t give them energy, some of them are much easier to solve.

    It’s crazy how everything really is around energy and state of mind, loving this video!

  270. Wow, what an interview. This one was packed with gems. Thanks Marie, Tony and Team! I loved the question: “Whose love did you crave more – your mothers or your fathers?” It’s a very powerful question and gives us huge insight into our hard-wired patterns. I’m definitely with you Marie on the father-love-craving 🙂 which made me a hard worker too. Based on that my take-away today was: knowing that I am loved for who I am, not for how much I achieve!

  271. Andre

    I got Netflix a few weeks ago just to make sure I could watch the film on the 15th 😉

    This is the most genuine, friendly and approachable interview of Tony ever. Marie is able to trigger Tony to deliver out of the ordinary insights not only by asking very intelligent questions but also by connecting with him on a higher level.
    Truthful to the core, packed with amazing stories and reflections this is an episode to watch 2-3 times to fully grasp its content.

    Marie and Tony interaction on the “Whose love you craved most growing up?” question made me really reflect deeper on my personal journey and beliefs.

    So grateful to have Marie and Tony caring so much to deliver such precious insights.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Andre! And we’re thrilled this interview gave you so much insight 🙂

  272. Tiernan

    Wow -this interview was epic! Two extraordinary passionate people having a truly empowering dialogue about illuminating our genuine selves.
    The level of both your authenticities was really inspiring …having Tony challenging you Marie to really look at yourself and you more than stepping up to the mark 😉 Your example automatically challenged me to do the same.
    This frank dialogue motivated me to find answers where I didn’t expect to find them, and certainly illuminated some of my ego-blindspots. Tony’s use of words did what he is good at -provoke the mind out of its comfort zone -and (having read other comments) with effect. I was inspired to watch the film straight after (till 3am!) -I woke up energised and feeling positive with a truer sense of how I can better transcend from the head to the heart! Sincere thanks for sharing the interview 🙂

  273. There is so much s*** happening in the world – this last month especially that you can’t but think christ, what’s happening. But watching this interview and listening to you both, I’m heartened that there IS a new story playing out. And it’s one that once we hit the tipping point with, some magical wow I never could have imagined that stuff was possible, is going to start playing out.

    Thank you BOTH for your commitment to your work, and to sharing your own processes. I truly love it when teachers/leaders do this as I find it’s both brave and inspiring but also a very practical thing. In that you get to see a process happen in real time and also it’s so true, one persons breakthrough inspires anothers.

    Thank you both,

    PS. This interview was like reeeeallly good therapy. When you asked that question Tony about whose love did you crave more, I felt this tenderness spark, this unacknowledged ‘ouch’ around my solar plexus. Beautiful.

  274. Ingrid

    What great lessons! I did Date with Destiny 10 years ago .. had kids, business etc and have forgotten so many of those precious lessons. The documentary helped reignite some of the decisions I had made and your interview was gold! I will watch this over and over. I am going to encourage my children to listen too … our world needs more people waking up to his insight that we do not need to suffer. Imagine if we all put this in place how all the angst playing out internationally would dissolve. Spread the word! xx

  275. Kim Von Berg

    I think this is the best interview I’ve ever seen Marie have on her show! And Tony has just packed this interview with golden wisdom. I’m going to re-listen to this over & over! Thank you so much, Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you Kim! Thrilled you found so much value in this interview. We think it’s one of our best yet, too!

      • Thank you, Kristin! I really appreciated the vulnerability that Marie & Tony showed at time.. that they struggle with the “petty stuff” too!
        In love & gratitude,

  276. Thanks, It is Inspiring, I have learned these principles from Bible, just by reading is part of me now, it was inspiring to see how the same can be learned and expreinced just by walking out in expreince and how universal they are, Tony Explains it with so much energy, inspiring, thanks Marie for doing the interview, you are inspiration.

  277. Hi,

    I have a question just to clarify something in my mind if that’s alright?

    Tony spoke about The Science of Achievement and The Art of Fulfilment and how the later is more important. I’m feeling a bit fuzzy around the process with what creates fulfilment. Is Tony saying that in order to feel fulfilment, we first have to learn how to seperate ourselves from the things that prohibit our feeling fulfilled? Whether that be worrying about all the things that we tell ourselves that we need to do, so that we feel okay. And that this often stems from where we first perceived a lack of unconditional love as a child? And that if we can enquire into this and become more aware of what drives us, or doesn’t, that we can then in turn “raise the bar for what we call suffering, so (that we) can see it for what it is and realise that (we) can free (ourselves)?”

    Just trying to get a handle on it!
    Many thanks,

  278. Jane

    Wow. Thank you Marie and Tony! I think I need to listen to this again. But this come at the right moment for my life right now. So much insight from this interview and I’m trying to practice it. I was holding back tears when i listen to the suicidal guy and what Tony said to him. I’m the same with everyone here with the question-Whose love I crave more. For me, it’s my father. I know he support me with what I do, but he never say it and I feel that he got so much expectation out of me. He didn’t say it, but somehow I feel it. Again, I need to listen to it again and try to put that into practice. Thank you so much Marie and Tony!

  279. Elena

    Thank you so much for this amazing interview. I definitely want to see this documentary and read this book from Tony that I have for so long on my shelf (Awaken the giant within). I will take with me the preconditioning toward the source of love and the strenght to accept the other part of me. I had to learn a lot for my father, be independant and be not sentimental. It helps me to open up to my creativity and feminin energy and give me the right to be help by others and be funny and have fun. I also liked to part reminding me that we love in others what we can develop. Thank you so much again for this great content. It helps me to live in the moment and change my expectation into appreciation^^

  280. I am so excited! I, too have a vacation coming up so I get to watch Tony’s new movie on netflix with my honey!!! Tony does with adults what I have been doing for years and years in early childhood. Using humor to break patterns, changing people’s state of mind and their habits, nurturing joy and appreciation etc. I’m so in awe of you and your show Marie! Thanks for doing this one, I can’t wait to share it with others.

  281. One sentence life is too short to suffer
    and for me it’s really to listen to my feelings and do the work
    every minute of this episode is so powerful, and the last part about relations and to open to the other in our relation, to be more whole is amazing

    We are gifted at this time with the few last episode you made with Marianne Williamson, Arianna Huffington and now Tony Robbins… They are really Tv that make me move to an other level in my life.

    A deeply Thank You and Merci

  282. Tubby van Dyk

    From Pretoria South Africa. What a guy I am 59 and I have just recently decided I am not going to sweat small stuff anymore. Tony. I whish I can meet him, just confirmed it in this video, I am trading expectations 4 appreciations. See the negative bad thought pass, I am not going to suffer anymore
    Thank you Marie to expose me to this class and level I need it very badly in my life right now !!!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this interview was helpful, Tubby!

  283. Hi Marie and thanks Tony,

    I most appreciate and love what Tony said about the qualities in realationship, things I have to integrate in my life and consciousness, to develop relationship and ME.

    Thanks a lot for that and also the picture of not pushing on someone else, rather than saying …this includes a gift for me….I am on the way to show the world my special qualities and thanks …this is another step toward everything I love and create in life…


  284. Marie and Tony
    I love you two so much. I am a Real Estate Broker and have around 30 agents working with me, I have recruited well over 100 agents in the past 4 years and have struggled with my reactions when they choose to leave. I always feel they are giving up before they give it a chance, after all I am the Best of the Best and they will not get better anywhere else…lol All kidding aside I have cried over the loss, not because of potential income that is not my driving force (it should be) but because I know I could help them create a very successful business if they would just stick with me and do as I suggest. That Power thing of needing to control everything and needing everyone to listen to me takes over. I loved what you said about your son Tony, I have done just that with one of my agents and as a result she is doing just fine without my constant reminding her of what she needs to do. Thank you for taking the time to sit there and just talk, I listen to your cd’s all the time but seeing you and watching your body language in a more relaxed state is powerful. The bulb went off when you talked about seeing or feeling something in someone else that you want to be around and then disliking it later because you can’t be that, really hit home. I too am high energy and have a strongly suspect that there are agents that have left for just that reason even if they didn’t recognize it. Thank you for that. The past 9-10 that left didn’t affect me as much as the first 50 and I was feeling a little guilty for not having such a strong reaction to their departure, like I was hardening my heart is some way, I justified it by saying it was their loss and maybe they will realize it and come back but even if they don’t it isn’t my loss. I don’t particularly like that last part but I won’t beat myself up over it. Not everyone gets it and that’s OK.

  285. Janelle

    Thanks both of you so much. Lately, I’ve often found myself in the “suffering states” Tony mentioned and so I know its so easy to get into unhelpful thinking patterns. This talk was very uplifting and inspiring me to keep working and moving forward and finding new ways to act on what my purpose is and to find fulfillment.

  286. Wow! Simply Wow!! As a Shamanic spiritual teacher I am going through a big opening as a lesson right now. I had many Aha moments watching this and had answers to prayers about a student issue/opportunity to grow. I will be processing and meditating, and most likely watching this interview again. I’m looking forward to the documentary! Thank you SO much for this sacred divine timing in posting this “gift” for all of us! Blessings, Jaque?

  287. This was such a beautiful episode. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. My biggest take away from this was to stop making such a big deal out of things! I can be such a control freak sometimes, or have expectations for other’s behavior, and become upset when I don’t get what I expected out of them. Especially when it comes to my stepson, I really need to let go and just chill out. He will develop into a young man on his own terms, not under my control and frustration at him! I don’t want to suffer anymore in this relationship, and I can control whether or not I do suffer, so it stops now. Thanks Marie and Tony 🙂

  288. I loved this:
    “When you stop pushing, the other person will stop pushing back.”
    It’s so relevant as a mother, friend, partner and entrepreneur.
    Thank you for this amazing interview Marie, it was raw and pure and I loved every minute of it.
    Also, it is one of the first times I watched you becoming vulnerable at this level, which is a privilege to witness. It is an even more of a reminder how we are all united in our common humanity.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Talida! So glad you enjoyed this episode. Thanks for tuning in!

  289. This interview was amazing. My biggest takeaway (so many to choose from): what patterns am I in and how can I interrupt myself? Currently wearing a rubber band around my wrist to give a snap when I find myself diving/falling into one of my rabbit holes. (Also loved the part towards the end about other people in our life and what we love in them/what pisses us off — what that can help us learn about/within ourselves).

    Much appreciation and thanks to you both, Marie and Tony!

  290. Maya

    Ahem, excuse me. I’m from Bulgaria and it’s not like I don’t get the humor or that it’s pleasant to be a cockroach anywhere, but ouch!

    Other than that, love Tony and love Marie 🙂

  291. Always so enjoyable and packed with “nuggets” (a term my Art Therapist in Brooklyn used in the nineties, incidentally).
    I recognize so much of what Tony Robbins said today as having origins in various psychotherapy approaches….for example the disowned parts of ourselves that we perhaps find irritating or threatening in others, the mother/father craving and imprinting, the vulnerability of our early personality development to conditional love, changing the patterns of self-talk and faulty beliefs, and so many other things he talked about.
    It seems, whenever I listen to his talks, that he has an extraordinary ability to combine his own self-growth and insights with his findings from major psychological theories and psychotherapy approaches….it’s like he is able to distill, channel, transform, and apply what he learns in ways that help his audience.
    I wonder if he or his team ever follow up with those suicidal individuals whom he has talked with at his events? While it’s exciting and moving to see him connect and inspire a suicidal individual in that moment, often people who have felt suicidal (even off and on) for years are quite vulnerable to a mood crash after the energy of the experience wears off.
    Thanks for your terrific interviews!

  292. I love you guys, what a treat to get both of you together! This intervju gave me so much, I’m sure I’m going to watch it several times. I especially liked the part about how my dad (apparently) has inprinted certain qualities in me. At some level I was kind aware that a lot of my traits came from him, but this claryfied it tremendously. This is definitely a tool I’m going to use with my clients. Thanks so much!
    Charlotta in Sweden

  293. Arlene

    Timing of this one divine. Tony’s share at the end was perfect reminder for me to look at what my daughter here to teach me – trusting that the clarity and creativity currently seeking around my work will unfold with greater ease if I just allow myself to be playful and present with her rather than feeling frustrated and resentful waiting for solo time to ‘work’ on it. Also useful to be reminded that I am not my thoughts and feelings, and practices to separate from such. Heartfelt thanks!

  294. Cindy Ciona

    Hi Marie, your video with Tony Robins stops playing with 32 minutes left. I thought it might be my device, but I player it twice and it stopped in the same spot both times. I loved as much as I saw and would love to see the rest. i thought I would let you know!
    I love your clips and e-mails, I look forward to them every week!
    Cindy Ciona

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So sorry you’re having trouble, Cindy! It’s possible that the video needs a little more time to load up fully. We’ll send you an email as well to help troubleshoot so you don’t miss the rest of the interview 🙂

  295. Gina

    THANK YOU! Perfect reminder and timing. the interview is as great as the doc…. You interview with incredible grace. and Tony’s presence shines….. You two are two peas in a pod.
    Much appreciation Marie and your team.

  296. Amazing Marie!! Loved how you flowed and got right into doing and not just talking !
    This was incredible the best yet I agree!
    Now I do want to say six years ago I received five pillars of happiness from the heavenly real and the first two to solve any issues were …
    Let go and acceptance of the now 🙂
    Another was self knowledge and a bunch of questions and worksheets to work through exactly what Tony was talking now about! This is great confirmation what I received is needed in the world. Thank you

  297. maya

    Dear Marie,
    I recently started viewing your channel and it has made a huge impact in my life. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I totally agreed with few topics you and Mr.Tony Robbins touched upon. I am happy to have you introduced to me by the universe.

  298. Joan

    This got my attention: “Replace expectation with appreciation.” I’m in sales and I think people have been reading my ‘expectation’ as being pushy and possibly aggressive. Will replace with appreciation to see what happens. Will let you know. Thanks Tony and Marie.

  299. Dale Moore

    Too many takeaways to even begin. Marie, just thank you for what you do.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind words, Dale!

  300. What a gift this interview is! Thank you so much. I’m taking away the story of Tony and his son in particular. My son is still quite young, and I have similar concerns that Tony spoke of. I’ve been feeling that push, and thus the push back, that isn’t serving either of us. I’m holding the question within myself, “What would it look like if I were to live as he does more?” Beautiful!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ah SO happy to hear that, Kim — that’s a beautiful takeaway.

  301. So many things spoke to me in this episode, i actually have watched it twice and probably will watch it a few times.
    First thing being trade expectation for appreciation, already trying to work that into my life. Thanks so much!!

  302. Megan

    Funnily enough, I had just watched the documentary Monday evening before I watched this yesterday (gotta love how the Universe conspires like that). It was actually my husband who suggested I watch it – he had watched it over the weekend – and he had been one of those people who rolled their eyes at the mention of Tony Robbins, but afterwards, he has a deep respect and admiration for his work (and we both want to learn more). Fabulous documentary – I’ll definitely be watching again.

    My biggest take-aways were:
    1) Recognition how my relationship with my own Dad has been a big cause in my perfectionism, as well as my feelings that I’m not contributing enough since I’m staying at home with my young children instead of pursuing a career right now. I often joke that he’s the epitome of the term hustler and for a lot of my life I’ve been the same way, so for me to just focus on something that isn’t going to bring in an income has been really hard on that part of me (though at the same time I love it). It’s been a constant internal struggle for me.

    2) That I want to minimize any similar impact that I may be having on my kids’ lives. I totally see myself falling into the same trappings (they might feel like they need to be good, perfect, presentable, etc) and I just don’t want that for them. I’m so thankful that I’m recognizing that *now* (when they’re still very young).

  303. Omg..I have yet to watch the film.. But this episode is just what I needed ! I am going to watch this over and over to soak up all the wisdom imparted here. Incredible..Yesterday I was suffering with a problem that he just talked about, dealing with children. I forgot what amazing teachers my children are. Thank you , thank you. Such gratitude. I am posting this on facebook..Holy insights..there were so many. From changing our thoughts to who are you trying to please? To how you run your life? Incredible..Am I gushing. Hell ya!. Thank you Marie and Tony. <3

  304. Chad Gibbs

    This was so magnificent!! Absolutely loved it. Felt like i should send a check for how great the info was. The part about his son was my favorite/ So touching and relate-able.
    You are right I also feel grounded for the whole day after watching Tony talk. Very interesting some of the thought I came up with after I did the who’s love did you crave most. Kinda flipped a switch. Thank you so much for the video. God Bless

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Chad, we’re THRILLED you loved it so much. Definitely no need to send a check 😉 but it means a lot to us that you enjoyed it and gleaned so much from it!

  305. Spent the morning watching this.

    So timely considering the fact that I watched the documentary last week. The experience watching the documentary was quite powerful especially when it comes to his uncanny ability to help identify the root of whatever is holding us back and unrooting it. I’m highly recommending the documentary to friends.

    Marie, thank you for the opportunity to dive deeper into Tony’s mind and exposing us to his perspective.

  306. Kat

    This was truly amazing!!! Thank you Marie and Tony for giving me the tools to help me break free from the chains I put on myself long ago. I can’t wait to watch the documentary!

  307. First, let me say that I honestly wasn’t expecting much prior to clicking the video like a couple tips and that was it. This conversation unexpectedly got something in me to turn and really think about what I want for my life. One major thing I want to do is design a life that I love and get out of the routine of the daily grind of doing something that I am not passionate about. Currently, I am putting long hours into a position I can not wait to get out of and due to its time-consuming ways I have lost my mojo to even find something else due to exhaustion. It’s like a bad dream that repeats itself. Tony touched on that and I really related to what he was saying. It’s important to take the time to make a plan and work the plan to change. After watching the video here I immediately went to Netflix and watched the film and I cried so much as people were having break-throughs and I was having them as well. A key gem that really got me was “Life happens FOR you and not TO you”. This man is totally amazing and I want to attend one of his seminars soon. Thanks Marie for having him on your site it definitely was meant for me to click on the video so I can grow.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Karen, love your realizations here, and the gems you’re taking away from the episode — both that holding onto a job you hate is like a bad dream repeating itself every day, and that life happens for you and not to you. What an amazing thing that you grew a bit just from tuning in today in a completely unexpected way. Thank you for sharing!

  308. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie for asking about his questioning regarding whose love we craved more or mothers’ or our fathers’. I had that question for the longest myself. Awesome interview. You both mean the world to me. Love you both!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re sending loads of love back, Monica!

  309. Liz

    The most important insight for me was that while I’m teaching one thing, I could bring more meaning to it by guiding others towards one of my more positive life habits–like, “What do you appreciate right now?” or “Yep. I see you [thought/emotion], but I’m going to do this now.” It’s like going beyond the idea “that every encounter is a possible sale” to “every encounter is a possible awakening.” Pretty powerful stuff!

  310. Kerryn Joseph Wayow

    Hi Marie,
    UBER AMAZING! I have watched a lot of interviews with Tony, but this one that has been the most revealing. You are such a talented, caring and beautiful person, especially when I see you get to the true heart and soul of another person. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. You and Tony are truly universal blessings and inspirational !!!

  311. Hello Marie,
    I watched your interview, which made me watch the movie the next day. I took off work today to be able to watch it alone at home without my husband around… And… WOW I was very overwhelmed!! I cried several times! And sometimes I was totally … how to say… I don’t find my words… Kind of in “shock” and in awe because it all seems so strange to me how all these people “let themselves go”! And I have thousands of wandering and wondering going around my head !
    I live in Brussels, old Europe, and I grew up in a loving family without any crap going on. An open family where we can discuss almost anything. Also emotions. But this is something different! I feel like a very stiff person now after seeing this… I feel like I’m totally stuck in my emotions without even knowing what would have to come out?!?
    I also did Bschool and so I went to the past months doing a lot of think about My Life. And I’m, at least I think so, very satisfied with how things are going and I even can say I’m happy! So what’s up with all these tears?…
    Maybe I’m just tired… Or maybe it’s also all the shit going on in this world today, while in the movie there was so much love to see dripping off my computer screen…
    Anyway I keep on up the good work thanks to you all 🙂
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy summer to Team Forleo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful share, Barbara, and I completely understand the tears and the “stirring” you felt in your heart.

      Happy summer to you too! XOXO

  312. Martin

    Amazing, amazing, amazing… So hard to find just one thing that most resonated. That stated, the process work with which parent’s love did you crave the most and following conversation through the end of the video was truly transformational for me. Sharing that process with my loved ones and my tribe.

  313. A wonderful episode Marie ? I LOVED the part toward the end when Tony spoke about embracing/owning the energies we consider opposite of our own and becoming more whole as a result. I learned this through another modality called voice dialogue and it’s so so valuable. Love that Tony took these principles/philosophy that we’re so much more than we think we are and put them in such a great accessible message. Hope everyone benefits from this, I certainly did! Hugs to you & your team xx

  314. Alanna Catanella

    There were impossible tears in my eyes from start to finish with this interview — so much gratitude for the work that you and Tony do, Marie. Thank you! The biggest take away for me from this interview was learning how to identify those opposing qualities – those qualities we see in others and don’t see in ourselves. And understanding our habitual, emotional reactions/responses to it. With that knowledge – we can become whole person! I will put this into action by first becoming aware of when this stuff comes up and who provokes it in me. Up, up and away! xo Alanna

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YES! Love that, Alanna.

  315. Mind blowing interview.
    I’ve never seen Marie so publicly raw and vulnerable personally.
    It was really powerful to witness and I’ve deep respect for her going there! The interview was extremely uplifting and moving. It motivated me to finally signup for Netflix. 🙂

    I watched the film last night and was blown away. The interview and film triggered intense clarity and insights for me I wasn’t anticipating.
    If it was ever possible to have a transformative experience via a film, that was my experience. It was so emotional.

    Deep respect to the film producer and director, too. They nailed it!! Tony is a gentle giant with a beautiful life mission.
    Gratitude to Marie and Tony and Team Forleo for a most powerful ‘experience.’ This is definitely my new favorite for Marie TV.

    Lots of Love and Best!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, so thrilled to hear that all around, Teresa. It’s really beautiful to hear your reflections.

  316. Ferf

    Wow! where do I start. Ok, reading my notes….Here is one; “Trade your expectations for appreciations!” Along with that “There is always something that is wrong and there is always something that is right. You just have to look for it.” Two states of being; happiness and suffering. “I’m watching this thought come in and watching it go”. Interesting take on qualities in people that you don’t like, may be from you not owning them for yourself? Did I get that correctly? I am going to start applying the 90 second rule to stop and choose happiness over suffering.

  317. Carolyn

    This is an amazing episode – I love you both! My biggest takeaway was ‘spiritual maturity means you are comfortable with yourself which allows you to then focus on others and not take things personally.’ I’m working on becoming the best version of me and understanding that taking control of my thoughts actually allows me to control my emotions and I’m actually seeing the results of being able to live in the present and actually listen to others rather than react and go into ‘self protection’ mode. Thank you both for all you do to make this world a better place – forever grateful…..

  318. Laura

    Marie. I loved this episode. You guys rock together, the energy is magnificent! Thanks for every tip and, most of all, for being in this world contributing to our lives in such a life-changing way! Blessings to both!

  319. This Marie TV video is Sooo Fine. (As in “AWW, Ricky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind”). My take away is that it’s possible to be a high achiever and simultaneously be warm hearted and introspective. I’m actually a little too good at chilling myself – but it has a dark side – in that chilling doesn’t produce the lifestyle and financial security I long for. That can cause frustration and lead to a lot of negative self-talk and a pretty low state. Watching this helped me understand a little more what Toni Robbins does in regard to state change. I like the 90 second thing. I already know to watch my thoughts and triggers, but until now, I don’t think I had totally given myself the keys to the state change mobile. Now my intention is to drive this new buggy right over to practice land.

  320. Excellent episode of MarieTV! Thank you, Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins. After watching this interview I asked myself what it would take for me to live a truly magnificent life. That question alone changed my state as it made me realize how close I am. It also helped me to realize that there are only two issues between my life today and my truly magnificent life. The first issue, I have very little, if any control over and so, I’m going to let it go. The second issue, my desire to finish writing my novel, I have complete control over. And that realization also changed my state. Whoa! I have complete control over a major issue that is holding me down from reaching that truly magnificent life. Today I am taking massive action – two hours away from work, family, and distractions, to work on my novel. Letting go of what I cannot control to make time and space for what is in my power to change. Thank you again for an excellent episode of MarieTV.

  321. Marcus

    Thank you so much amazing episode!

    I can’t get enough have watched it 2 times already and I really admire you!
    There are not many people that can “pitch and catch” with Tony and you really did it.
    You said that you will upload some extra material would love to watch it aswell.

    Big Thanks!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Marcus!!

  322. Melissa

    Hi Marie,
    I have been silently following you for about 3 years now since I was first introduced to B school. I just want to say how much I appreciate you and all the work you and your team do…I really do appreciate the authenticity with which you share and open up your space. Your work has introduced me to the extraordinary work Tony Robbins is doing. What beautiful examples you are….my only hope is that I may find a way to shine like you do. I am about 1/2 way through this episode and truly moved by it. I hope to finish it soon, but I wanted to take a moment and share my feelings with you about how much I admire you and your work!!

  323. Olga

    Thanks a lot for this great conversation! It’s brilliant! My insight was how much the love we were craving for as children formed the patterns that rule our whole life. I’m gonna digest his for myself first. I am very grateful to you for your openness and courage!

  324. Rani

    My biggest insight was there is hope for my suicidal brother-in-law. He’s been suffering for a long time now.
    I’ve been looking for solutions for a few years but to no avail. The doctors are about to give up on him now. He’s just about tried all the medication they have to offer. I believe there must be some other way.
    Yesterday on my way home from work Tony’s name popped to mind. Upon watching this MarieTV episode I had no idea he dealt with suicidal cases. This reaffirmed my knowing that more is possible for him.
    I’m scared of sending this message but my desire to help him overcome this is greater.

    I can see in his eyes that he wants more than anything to feel great and to enjoy life but it’s becoming harder day by day. He’s been working hard at getting better but some different approach is needed.

    Is there any way you can help him?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Rani, what a beautiful thing that you’re wanting to help your brother-in-law. There are so many tools out there — so many different kinds of approaches so we love that this episode gave you a glimpse into that and some fresh hope.

      Tony has a number of resources on his website, as well as an ability to even schedule a free 30 minute coaching session there on his site with someone who went through his training program, so you could absolutely dig in there. There also are many different kinds of coaches, therapists, and psychologists out there with varying perspectives and techniques and training, so we absolutely encourage you and your brother-in-law to search for the type of help that resonates and is effective for him specifically as there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach.

      I hope this helps get some ideas going, and we’ll be sending you and your brother-in-law loads of love.

  325. Pem (Passionate Entrepreneur Mom)

    TR helped me to understand where my 20 year marriage failed and to find a love that is right for me. I also used that insight (from understanding when basic human needs are met negatively, we stay in toxic relationships too long, etc) to help my new husband move on from his past toxic relationship into our mutually loving and respectful marriage. TR is in my brain with you Marie, pushing me to launch my dream business (that special gift that only I can bring). I have let life circumstances delay me, but not for much longer. One thing that holds me down is an intense fear for my son, who suffers depression and anxiety. If, as in this episode, he was asked about who’s love he craved more, he might just say, “this doesn’t apply to me,” out of anger and continue to be unreachable. He is almost 21 and unable to focus enough to succeed in college, or even know what he wants to do with his life. He does have a job, and it is the desire for money/some independence, that keeps him in a routine. He is an island and I always fear for his safety and happiness. He doesn’t let me in. It is a biological burden on him, but I have seen signs that he does want to triumph. However, he states that, “he is the only one who can help him.” I have often dreamed that we would have some intervention with Tony and my son could get on his way to letting his family in, to help him heal an grow; pursue his own growth and contribution and give love and receive love. I do feel he is in danger, but every attempt to help him either fails or he rejects it. I wish it were more simple but I am up for any challenge… just don’t know what to do. If I launch my business and make enough money to be unlimited in my approaches, maybe then I can afford some real solutions. So hard to take my mind off of him and commit.

  326. Kristin

    Hi Marie,
    This was, I would easily say, the most epic episode I’ve seen on MarieTV! You were right. Wow. The impact of this interview on me was ground-shaking… This episode will be bookmarked for me, it’s truly a mini-seminar. Thanks Marie for bringing this out of him. The stars aligned perfectly for you. You must feel very blessed. He’s such a warm, heartfelt and genuine person. What a good person to have as a friend.
    My love,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kristin, we’re honored to know the impact this episode had on you, and deeply appreciate your kind words.

  327. Alice

    I loved listening to Tony Robbins. It gave me the incentive to have a friendly chat with my son. He is in a relationship I do not approve of and I let it show which causes tension between us. It’s time I let go and let him make his own mistakes and I will be there for him. Tony helped me see that this is not healthy for me or my son. It’s time to let go. Lord, help me!

  328. Wow! Really amazing to here Tony repeat so much of what I just wrote my first book about called Catch and Release (A personal quest to catch the truth and release the illusion of unconditional love) I am seeing more of a movement with people trying to let go of the ego which keeps us living in the illusion many of us think is life. (Expectations, judgement, fear, guilt, shame, materialistic wants that become distractions and/or addictions, along with numbing distractions and addictions) There is a large number of us awakening to living more through our hearts by being present and aware of when the ego should be disciplined or ignored. When practicing this awareness followed up with heart-wise action we begin to live our lives in the truth producing joy, peace, contentment and love everyday of our lives. I know it seems our world is filled with violence and lost human beings but I see a transformation coming and I believe we are all on the same path just at different places of awareness and enlightenment. All we need is to be present and patient with ourselves and each other. Thank you Marie and Tony I love your work,

    Joy Popma Gray

  329. Irene

    LOVED this interview. THANK YOU for all the amazing work you do and the energy you bring. ❤️❤️❤️

  330. Gay

    Marie, I watched I am Not Your Guru twice since last Friday. Blown away. I have been thinking about it a lot, and it’s also working in conjunction with Oprah/Deepak’s How to Get Unstuck meditation series. Lots of great overlap. Biggest takeaways? Major changes happen in a moment. Awareness is essential. Don’t settle. Be willing to go deep. Don’t waste time. I could go on and on, and I know I will be working with many of these ideas for a long time. I also love the “suffering” or “beautiful” states dichotomy, and I couldn’t agree more. THANKS, Marie! Such powerful and valuable material!

  331. Hi Marie,
    I really enjoyed your interview with Tony. First, I commend you for doing such a wonderful job with the interview. Your easy, on-point, authentic style is so refreshing and I have so much respect for you and your achievements. (I am a 2-time B School grad, so really, really appreciate you.)
    Second, Tony’s insight and passion was very captivating and, more importantly, effective. Some of his ideas are some I’ve heard before, but his delivery makes you pay attention and really “get” what he’s saying. In fact, I just wrote a blog post that talked about the “90-second rule” he outlined to help stop suffering. But I had called it a “2-step process to help you let go.” While, I’m no Tony Robbins, I was excited that some concepts that resonate with me resonate with him too!
    My biggest take-away from him was that lasting change happens when you are in an altered state. I feel like I need to shake things up a little in my world (nothing too crazy, don’t worry) and will take action to do so. The first step will be simple (I believe one small step/change will guide you to bigger more meaningful changes): to commit to raise my energy first thing in the morning with a morning workout. My energy has been a bit sluggish and I have the power to change that. So I will!
    Thank you again for this inspiring interview with Tony!

    Tambra Wayne
    Founder of OM Matters, a women’s yoga apparel company centered on Compassion: to ourselves, at-risk youth and to the planet. 10% of all sales supports yoga for at-risk youth.

  332. Amazing! If I had o choose one thing, it would be how humble he was to take a step back and consciously decide to see how his son could teach him something. I truely believe everyone has a gift of wisdom to share no matter how young or old. I’m going to work on listening and looking for lessons from unlikely sources. Cheers Marie Xx

  333. Who in the owrld doesn’t love Tony Robbins? My God this guy is so inspiring.
    Choosing one thing from this conversation is tough. Everything that was talked about was important. But I would love to pinpoint the following sentence:
    “”Problems needs energy to live”.
    Love this!
    Thank you both for this amazing convesation, MORE OF IT PLEASE

  334. Kristine

    Wowee! So many tears were shed watching this (in a good way). I had to watch this over two days there was so much in it I think I needed time to absorb it lol. I’ve always been hard on myself with ridiculously high expectations and always wearing a “mask” to prove how strong I am. I’ve just realized this is about pleasing my father and gaining his approval (a’ha!) but also that my partner is in my life to teach me to be more loving towards myself. I love Tony’s explanation of seeing things in other people which is a reflection of something inside of us we have just pushed aside because it’s not how we’re “supposed” to be acting. Love, love, love this. Thanks so much to you Marie and Tony xxx

  335. Dearest Marie, when you ask the Universe for what you want and need, it always delivers. A beautiful and inspiring uncle of mine died in 2008 (at 91!) and left me some money. At the time, I was in desperate need of some personal growth and clarity around my purpose in life. I asked for guidance on how to spend it wisely. Before I knew it, I was on a flight from London to Florida to attend a Tony Robbins event and life changed – oh yet it did! I returned home to my husband and two precious boys, sold our house and moved to Sydney, Australia. We have had tremendous growth as a family in the past 8 years, learning profound life lessons and supporting each other in our growth. I joined your B-School last year and have been working on my online business. I’m so excited to share it with you and the world soon. Two of the wisest investments of my life – a week with Tony Robbins and B-School (which keeps on giving!). To see two of my favourite people on the planet sharing their journeys with such honesty and integrity – you know I love you. My husband and I watched Tony’s documentary at the weekend. Absolutely Fab. Congratulations to Joe Berlinger and Tony. My insight from your interview is that thanks to beautiful souls like you, I am leading a magnificent life and my purpose is to help others do so too. Big Big Big kiss to you both, Michelle

  336. Nancy McLaughlin

    I was blessed to actually be at the Date With Destiny event where this was filmed. It was such a life changing experience. Watching the documentary “I am not your guru” allowed me to relive some of the moments and the energy, love, and feelings that contributed to the positive changes in me came flowing back all over again. My DWD buddy and I who have been steadfast friends ever since watched the film together the first day it was released even tho she is in Canada and I am in the US. We have been waiting for months for its release. They did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the event. I LOVED your interview with Tony as you are both such genuine people who bring us gifts of insight on how we can live that extraordinary life. This is my all time favorite Marie TV episode (tho I love them all) Thanks Marie!

  337. Mary Lu Saylor

    My husband and I are huge MarieTV fans. A few days ago my husband told me I needed to watch this video. I made time tonight to do so. WOW!!! Mindblowing. I can’t wait to sign up for NetFlix (I know we are probably the only people in our city that aren’t subscribers) so we can see the documentary.

    Marie, I had just finished watching your video from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series on life being figureoutable…..where I saw the picture of myself so many times especially with the relationship with my husband. The part about being busy and losing some of what it was that we first had when we were attracted to each other.

    Tony, your talk with Marie made me helped me recognize some of my patterns. And I am so glad that my precious husband told me to watch this video. As a person who is a giver, I know that I am also a bit (okay, maybe more than that) of a controlling person. I’ve let that controlling part of my brain work overtime. It has been permeated my personal relationships and some professional ones.

    Thank you for both for dedicating the time to share this in a free venue. You both are great. And guess what? I think my hubby and I will be watching this talk again together.

    Have an incredible week…and keep doing what you do. We all need it!!!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely beautiful share, Mary Lu! Thank you so very much for being here with us and be sure to tell your husband hello from us too. xoxo

  338. Stacy

    Hi Marie, I have watch the first half of the movie and I just watched your interview with Tony and I have a question about when he starts asking about who’s love you crave the most as a child, and then all the questions that follow. I’m in my mid-30s I’m happily married with four children . I know that there is something stuck inside of me I don’t know how to bring it out.. when I asked those questions to myself I don’t know how to find the true answer. 25 years ago my mom moved all of her children across the country and I never see my dad again until my adult life I have met him twice and it’s very hard to have a relationship with him because he has two children from another marriage that’s now ended, And those kids are his world. And then his political views and bad mouthing my mom and grandma that’s all I hear from him. And for my mom she is a manipulative abusive pill popping alcoholic that I had to cut ties with about seven years ago. I took care of my grandmother for the last five years of her life which was cut short two years ago . I have amazing in-laws but they don’t fill the void that I have. I completely overdosed on personal development, I have grown spiritually so much the last four years but I feel the older that I get and the more time passes the more of a funk that I get into and the more that I depend on my husband to pull me out. I feel like if I’m not feeding my head with a book or something that I’m listening to for personal development or spiritual growth that very quickly I fall into my funk . How do I get this out by myself ? How do I know with the answers to those questions are when there is so much and there is so many things that I craved as a child and still crave. I have learned to pretend that my parents don’t exist. There is less drama and less stress when I have them out of my life.
    I feel every day but I have greatness inside of me, something I have to share with the world, something that I have to do and I don’t know how to get my life to a point where I can. I love being a mom but I feel something pulling me to do more than be a stay-at-home mom. This is primarily what I’ve done for the last 14 years.

  339. manya Quinn

    Hey Marie,

    I’m so glad I came across this on Facebook and tuned in. I’m a new fan of Tony Robbins and new to the entrepreneur space. I have seen your work (a lot) through the networks I’m connected in and it was so powerful to see you and Tony sitting together as friends and colleagues. It was powerful because there are so many people offering courses and teachings on the online space and I’m never sure what to make of it all and who I can trust. Watching this, I felt like I was sitting in the conversation with you two and it felt really comfortable. When you both talked about your home lives, families, stress, raising children ect. It became so real and rich. I love supporting people who know that they are not an island and that it takes many people behind the scenes to make this life one that is cherished.
    There were plenty of take homes, and for me today it was just seeing transparency, vulnerability and laughter in this discussion.
    Look forward to tuning into more M. TV in the future.

    Sincerely your newest subscriber,

    Manya Quinn

  340. jen wilson

    The revolutionary moment for me was learning that the things we need to take from others is strengthening our weaknesses… that understanding of what draws us has been a total light bulb moment for me

  341. This was such an enlightening episode and I am totally glad I found it. I had an “aha” moment as I thought about whose love I craved as a child (my Dad’s) and who I could never be for him. Explains a lot of the opportunities where I need to grow more now and areas where I can stop carrying a burden… Very enlightening. I also like that fulfilment is an art which can be learned (thank goodness!) and I make the choice to live in my highest possible state now and always. Thank you for this Marie! Your site is fantastic.

  342. Karen

    I think this might have been just what I needed right now…I’ve been struggling with ‘fulfillment’ issues and happiness and there are so many ‘nuggets o’ wisdom’ in this that I feel I can take away and apply to my life here and now. Thank you as always Marie (and Tony on this one) for the amazing insight and exposure to wonderful ideas on how to live a life that I love.

  343. Marie, thankyou so much for this. Here is my question: i am fired up right now about social injustices such as the police killings of philando casto and alton sterling. I think it is important to feel angry, and believe we need some big changes in our system in order for black people to be safe in their cars, on the streets, and in our communities. #blacklivesmatter. How can we apply tony’s teachings and wisdom around personal suffering, and choosing not to engage in it, when the world is so friggin messed up? I hope to get some genuine insights on this topic and: thanks for appearing in a dream recently!! It was amazing to talk to you in person, even in a dream state. ???✌?️??

  344. I find whenever I watch Tony, I always feel that his life changing power is in his power of compassion and empathy. That is the sole reason he gets people to turn around. We need more people who know how to be that way for people in their lives. And he says it, he doesn’t give up. when he sees someone hurting. He shows up with all of himself. If people would just do that…

  345. Melissa C.


    I was so excited to see Tony Robbins back on Marie TV! One of my biggest take-aways was to become aware that your patterns do not equal who you are. There are certain patterns I have that I want to change and realize that by raising my standards of what I want and what I can expect of myself, I can change these labels. No more!

  346. Sharon

    Great episode! Is there a transcript I can download? There’re so many learning points that I find it hard to write notes about. It’ll be easier for me to print and put my notes next to the points covered.

  347. I think I need to rewatch this one and sit with it for a bit. That last section (about “whose love did you crave more, your mother’s or your father’s?”) really made me pause.

    I mean, really, really made me pause. And brought tears to my eyes.

    There are some immediate reactions and inner thoughts I have to that question that I want to examine further. So I think this entire episode requires a re-watch. I think that question is at the heart of some of the issues and behaviors and personal reactions I’ve struggled with ALL MY LIFE. If I can release that at long last… who knows where my life could go next (for the positive)?

    The hard part is digging through the fear and pushing aside the automatic protection my brain tries to put around me so that I don’t think about these types of things, because they are SO hard to dig through, you know? Because if I don’t have that avoidance in my life anymore, if I don’t have that fear anymore, or if I’m not tied to that inner struggle anymore, what will I do now? It’s both a liberating and terrifying thought.

    • Michelle

      Incredible reply Shery. Yes, if we let something go……what next???

  348. Michelle

    I feel very energized after watching this episode. I’ve also regained some hopefulness in relation to my biggest self-imposed limitation. Thank you!

    My biggest take away is that a habit can be the source of suffering and losing that habit starts with a decision to not suffer any more. Understanding the background experience/psychology that leads up to allowing ourselves to suffer — family history, past experiences/suffering, etc. , though he long to build awareness — is possibly not as impactful as the simple DECISION in one moment to not suffer anymore.

    What I need next are strategies that help me to jump over that line that when I get the courage to draw it in the sand, and move past the fear. Might need to read some of Tony’s work?

    Another take away for me was when I noticed many similarities with some of Tony’s approach and mindfulness. Tony commented that we can’t be meditating all the time to get the results we would like – and this is true – but he then went on to describe the state of being that works for him — and it is in fact related to meditation. It is called mindfulness, and unlike meditation, it can be practiced throughout our day: e.g. being in the present moment and observing our surroundings and our own emotions and thoughts objectively, without judgement. Just noticing the “stress” around us, and our thoughts and feelings and expectations and letting them go, without anchoring ourselves to them or responding with stress. Also, when Tony speaks about the idea of suffering, it is very much part of that same Buddhist philosophy — which says that all suffering comes from attachment: attachment/preference for things, thoughts, feelings, other people and situations, etc. to be a certain way. When they are not a certain way, we feel pain/suffering. Here’s where Tony’s approach worked for me as Inwatched the interview: I understand the Buddhist philosophy intellectually but have yet to internalize it in all the ways that matter. Tony’s descriptions and stories helped the ideas reach me more emotionally, and in a different way. They resonated in a way that I could relate to (Thank you!).

    Moving forward, I’m going to watch the documentary on Netflix, do a bit of digging into Tony’s work and try to figure out how to manifest a personal “Tony Robbins intervention” in my life — because I think it could change my life, I need it, and so does my family 🙂

  349. Ava Serrano

    Wow! I love Tony Robbins and this episode! Thank you Marie for offering Marie TV and sharing your wisdom. I have learned so much from you and your guests. This episode was a breath of fresh air and learning how to strengthen our weaknesses was so enlightening. Awesome!

  350. Saskia

    Absolutely love this episode and the documentary. Tony is an amazing guy (as you are an amazing woman Marie). Im super stoked that you asked about the question about whos love did you crave the most as a child.
    When I go to answer this question I cannot decide if it were my mothers or fathers. I have both drivers that come from both parents. For example, my mother put a lot of value into body image and so I have tried all my life to have a “perfect body”. She also taught me to put others needs first and to be very generous. And from the side of my father, he has always been a very hard worker. He not only won a gold medal at the Olympics in 1984 but he has run his own successful business from a young age and this has taught me that to earn his love I need to do well at work and in life.
    Does it necessarily have to be one parent or the other, this is my question?

  351. The most inspiring person in the world. Absolutely deserves everything he gets. Hoping that by the time my grandchildren are born there will be lessons in Tony Robbins mentality. May have some chance of living in a peaceful world!!

  352. The shift happened, I am one of the high achiever personality and working on my mission to come to a reality . But on the journey has the struggle when clients who know that they are going to die if they don’t control their lifestyle still don’t seek help to control their diabetes, overweight , and ill health.

    People promise to promote the purpose but don’t in a timely manner.
    And all these stress goes to myself and my 7-year-old boy.

    after watching this I realised the pattern and now practicing more Let go and relax and observe and trust.

    Love Tony Robbins..I am so grateful to you and to Marie for this interview.

    • Dear Marie and Tony,

      I want help …to succeed in my mission. Please help !

  353. Kirstin

    Hi Marie & Tony. I loved watching this. The part about who’s love you craved was huge for me. I always knew it was my mothers, and that my feelings about our difficult relationship have held me back, but it gave me insight into why. My mother needed me to be vulnerable, and needy, and polite and conforming. I felt that she loved me when I needed to be taken care of, and when I wanted her to teach me, or protect me, or when I wore a pretty dress in public and didn’t speak. But I was/am headstrong, and smart & questioning & driven & passionate. Obviously resulting in me feeling I had to choose not to be loved by my mother, or to behave in a way that is not true to myself. So I have a pattern of periods in my life when I live on my terms & achieve amazing things & am so happy & fulfilled, like all that doesn’t impact on me anymore, and periods where I am stuck & don’t follow my passions, or put myself out of my comfort zone. I know I am doing it, but its like I am paralysed, and don’t know what to do to snap out of it. I have some subconscious belief that if I am successful, I won’t be loved or lovable, which is crazy I know, but I am struggling to shake it. Any suggestions?

  354. Siobhan

    This was definitely my favourite episode of Marie TV.

    So many juicy takeaways but for me I loved how Tony broke down where we get our blueprints from and how we can use this understanding to break the patterns of “suffering.” I’m going to go through the questions he asked and see what insights I get! I can already feel some relief knowing that I can choose what I accept for myself as an adult and not be run by past behaviours as a child.

    I watched the documentary and wow it was incredible. Tony is a true master at his craft and it is such an inspiration and joy to see someone work so hard and be so dedicated to making a difference in other people’s life. Tony clearly has the heart and soul of a generous and beautiful human being and I’m so grateful that he said yes to doing this documentary.

    Marie, I also want to say a heart felt thank you for doing your work and this incredible interview. The questions you asked of Tony were spot on and really extracted the essence of Tony and his work. I was also curious to know about the rationale behind the question “Who’s love did you crave more? Your mother or your fathers” so thank you for asking that question.

    Much love!

  355. Melanie


    I am so grateful for both of you for giving us the chance to ear this amazing conversation. Tony, you just inspired my today and unlight me regarding my partner. That the things that I loved about him at the beginning (why I was attracted to him) is now irritating me. And I now understand that yes, this is some things that my spirit wants and I’ve never open to them (never accept it that I want to be this way too) since the two years we’ve been togheter. I now understand, and I’m going to accept that YES I want this in my life, in me (not like him but a little) and I will open my heart to it, to accept it in me little by little. Thank you for being in this world with all of us and thank you Marie for giving me the oppotunity to ear this today. Bless you both and all the people in the world, love to you all!

  356. That was a brilliant interview…..congratulations to you and Tony. I watched the film last week and loved it, was mesmerised by it and felt changed by it.
    Marie I have been watching your work for awhile now, especially after I saw you on Brendon Burchard’s stage.
    What I noticed in this interview (the first I have seen since your holiday in Sicily) is that your energy/presence is different……innately calm ….you always have exuded confidence…..but I saw a different quality of confidence…..a different tn level of beauty
    Take more holidays……
    Thank you for the work you do and thank you for inviting Tony to your show.
    Oh …..the message I loved…..change expectation to appreciation… aware of my thoughts and watch the ones that don’t serve me pass by.

  357. The most important thing I got from your talk, is the fact that I’m 40 and was born with a massive creativity and I’ve had huge dreams from birth. Wasted over twenty good years in depression most days and I’ve given up gazillions of times and don’t have anyone in real life to talk with on a daily basis that inspires me for winning, so I use these life boosters from people like the two of you, to keep me on track. I changed my lifestyle three months ago and now, depression has been away since the change, which is a personal record. My big goal is to rid the world of depression by 2025, by gathering the greatest minds and enough resources. You’ve pushed me big time!
    A smile came over my face somewhere in the middle of your talk, you’ve done wonders on my subconscious 🙂
    Thank you for your work Marie!

  358. I loved this interview! My biggest takeaway is the question about whose love did you crave most and who did you have to be or who couldn’t you be for this parent. Really got me thinking and gave me amazing perspective on my life.

    And the movie is just amazing. I cried almost every 10 minutes 🙂 It touched me deeply how quickly limiting beliefs can be changed. Tony really surprised me with that. Believe it or not, before the movie, I was not quite familiar with his work. I knew his name, but not the way he works. And I think it’s amazing. Very transformational. And now I want to get my hands on every book he’s ever published 🙂

    Thank you Marie for doing this interview! 🙂 You’re a great host. And I love how open you were with going into your own story with your Dad. Thank you for being so vulnerable.

  359. My biggest takeaways? Looking deeply at: 1) whose love I crave most between my mother and father; and 2) what things annoy me, or attract me to another. I’ve got some digging to do…

  360. Sher Van Aarle

    Thanks Marie for this interview. Tony does so much to ease suffering and we love him of course. I was happy to hear Tony talking, essentially, about a mindset that sounds a lot like the mindfulness mindset. I disagree with his view that you can’t be in this mindset when you are not meditating.
    With practise (and yes I am talking daily practise) in mindfulness meditation, your mindset will change and this will show up in daily life, not only when you are sitting to meditate. Meditation builds our capacity to be in the moment without judgement and with curiosity. This increases our awareness which helps us make better choices, it builds that pause button so we respond rather than react to situations, and it helps us tap into our own compassion and kindness for self and others. This practise has been the best medicine in my recovery from post-concussion syndrome and brought me to living my purpose – a life-changer. There is a reason that leaders, change-makers, coaches and health practitioners are tapping into this.
    I agree with Tony that you don’t need to go to a cave to meditate….but you can ease your suffering, open your heart, and change your life through exploring mindfulness. This life is indeed too short and we all deserve to be happy so I would invite the Marie Forleo community to explore this amazing tool. Love and peace.

  361. You bet you don’t want to be a cockroach in Bulgaria :D:D:D

    And I love how Tony articulated the fact that once you switch expectations to appreciation it becomes a positive addiction. It’s exactly how I feel about it! I even have a little game I play: whenever someone starts complaining about their situation, I try to find things in my head to appreciate about it. Sometimes I share, sometimes I don’t depending on who’s talking, you know… But it’s really fun, you should try it!

    Another one that stayed with me is: Our competitive advantage is love.

    Recently, I’ve thought a lot about what makes us remarkably different than all the other creatures on Earth. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the gift of being able to give and receive love from other living things and among us.

    Pattern-breaking, transforming stuff….

  362. Wow I loved this, what a powerful and thought provoking interview! Thanks so much for sharing Marie and Tony. I’m a control freak, perfectionist and type A. On one hand it’s been a blessing and I’ve gotten to where I am because of it. On the other hand this interview made me realize I need to work on relinquishing some of that control, in order to enjoy life to the fullest and accept others as they are. It’a amazing the transformation that Tony’s son went through when given the space to be himself without the pressure of having to have a certain work ethic. As Tony mentioned, I can trace a lot of why I am the way I am back to my childhood and the way I was raised and love I was trying to receive. Eye-opening.

    I can’t wait to watch the film! Thanks again XOXOXO

  363. Vilma

    Is my second time watching this episode and the first time was good but the second one was better. Is the first time I listen to an interview of Tony and let me tell you it was so powerful. We learned every day how to be better with ourselves and with others. LOVE this episode Marie.

  364. You two are so dynamic together. And show up in a manner that invites the same from me. I have a fantasy you two will be a dynamic duo on some future creative projects!

  365. Susan

    The most important thing I got from this: “Human mind is designed for survival. Fear helps us survive. Mind will take over unless heart controls it.”
    This is important to me b/c my monkey mind (ANTs-automatic negative thoughts)–whatever–just keep coming back. Won’t stop. And I know I can stop them and tell them to be quiet and that they’re not always right.
    Now I know that comes from my heart.
    It helps me to visualize this. It’s also very helpful to know that they happen to help me survive.

  366. Pauleth

    OMG this episode was AWESOME, you to have such a beautiful chemestry, I love you both! Beautiful souls together to grow and help people. Thank you so much! I watch the documentary I cried since the beginning til the end, fabulous job! I recognise there are some patterns I need to change and, my ultimate goal is to master the art of fulfillment because “Life is too short to suffer” Thank you everybody, great team job!

  367. Fabulously amazing video! Marie, I love what you put out into the world for all of us to enjoy and learn from. You’ve both incredible human beings that make this world a better place. I love learning from you both!

    • Marta Raptis


  368. Wow! So many amazing take away’s from this interview. Thanks Marie… 100% #BestEpisodeEver My big takeaway: you must discover how to reclaim the parts of yourself you disassociate with, to realize and express your whole authentic self. This is one of many things I’ll be working on in “Date With Destiny” with Tony this December in Boca. Anyone else going?

  369. Wow — it is pretty rare that any media captures my attention for as long as this did. I couldn’t wait to hear where you and Tony were going with the conversation. PACKED — absolutely PACKED with such valuable insights. I am going to make time to watch his documentary this weekend! Thank you for sharing with us.

  370. Amazing interview. I love the last point about finding the qualities that you love & that piss you off. Especially about finding what it is about my husband that I was attracted too but now find so annoying and bringing abit of that out in myself. Thanks so much for this Marie ? Look forward to watching I am not your guru x

  371. So many amazing insights! I can’t wait to watch this documentry this weekend! Wanting to go to a live event before the year ends. Thanks Marie and Tony for putting important work out into the world!!! ox

  372. Aggie

    Great content. Lots of insights and aha moments. Thanks. Definitely will check out
    the documentary.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Highly recommend it, Aggie!

  373. The thing that really stood out for me is how much Tony is putting himself through to access and stay in alpha. Would love to have a conversation with him about easier and quicker ways to do that. His capacity to give from that place would be incredible – perhaps its time for that next step:)

  374. Gaby

    wow… this episode is beyond amazing Marie! I think I loved it the same as the documentary! It taught me so many things and i loved how he explained many of the things he did in the film. So much wisdom in your conversation… And your last words “loved that we are both here on the planet at the same time” is truly how I feel about you two! I love having you two and be able to learn so much! so grateful!

  375. andrea

    I watched his documentary and then this episode !!! It has been intense!
    I really wish I could have one on one but since I don’t I have taken action the best way I could in many areas. I talked to my mom, which I really tried my best for it to be healing. It was very honest but hard for me, I am ashamed and I don’t know why. Maybe because I felt vulnerable. I feel like I did something wrong… I also ended a relationship that was very manipulating, and I realized I feel sooo much better ending it. I had to be quiet, thats why I never speak up. I had to be a good girl, I had to be nice for my mom. And for my dad I had to be sad to gain his attention. So many revelations :O haha I also decided I will not suffer anymore. Something I really didn’t believe was possible….

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Andrea, thank you so much for this beautiful and honest comment!

  376. Jocelyn

    Hello to you Marie

    What an amazing episode with Tony. He is so awesome!
    There are so many gems of information, however three stood out simultaneously.
    The first of these is changing your state to change a problem. It seems to me the more energy I have the more likely I will change my state. This can be achieved through humor, exercise, and and even shouting out the most ridiculous statements when nobody is around!
    Second is that ideas are floating around the universe all the time, and when you give an idea energy it then manifests in your head. Thus we all have the ability, with awareness, to choose to reject negative thoughts and replace them with some genuine positive awareness.
    Third was the unconscious blue print, acquired in childhood, by a parent whose attention we craved, while growing up. This can be achieved through awareness and questioning myself if this thought is actually relevant in my life now.
    Once again Marie there was so much in that interview, thankyou so much for sharing your own personal insights too.
    Much love

  377. Hi Marie,
    First I need to say: I Love You (because of who you are and what you do with your life). My insight from your transformational interview with Tony is: (I like to be freely expressed, I hope I’m not offensive) I am a “Mother fucker Extraordinary Coach”. Action I am taking is: I am challenging you to challenge Tony for me to coach him (as he said “He’s been a giver” but he still don’t let others to give/contribute to him. Just like he shared about Robin Williams, I say to you Marie,Tony has lots of pain and he is so good to hide it from others (Not from me). He’s pain is not from selfish reason but his pain is for People! If not coaching him, I can contribute coaching his family members that he knows that he can’t coach his family member and every his family Memeber has potential to become a brand just like Tony Robins. I say, it’s time for Tony to have a breakthrough to create Brands in people starting with his family Memeber just like he brilliantly created a brand out of himself!
    I request you email me and let’s talk more!

  378. Watched the documentary and just finished watching your interview, Marie. Interviewing a hero and keeping it together while listening to every. single. word. :
    You did GREAT!

    Trading expectation for appreciation is what I will be practicing from this moment on

    thank you,
    Lee Ann

  379. Margo de Beijer-Meijer

    Marie unbelievable. I admire your honesty as well as his. You are great teachers, have been enjoying you for a great while. The Netflix Doc is amazing indeed. Touching and compelling, thanks so much for your newsletter, than this interview & therefore bringing over this gift to us! Margo, Edam, The Netherlands

  380. Anthony

    Dearest Marie,
    I love you and your show, I love your commitment to your listeners and to yourself (please take more vacations), I have so much love, respect and admiration for you and your ministries (and I believe there are many)! I was totally “immersed” in your interview with Tony Robbins. Although, I haven’t yet had the chance to see his documentary, I plan to watch it this weekend. I have been a fan of yours for several years now and have been a fan of Tony’s for several decades, and in no way do I mean that to diminish the impact you have on your audience. In fact, I believe that there was a special reason he agreed to be interviewed on your show! It is my humble opinion, that not only do I think he wanted to honor you for being you, I think he also wanted to validate you for your work and your ministries. With all of that being said, I believe he did that and more…You see I was touched by Tony sharing about someone having been abused physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually because he could have been talking about me and my siblings. You see, having had two siblings who died as a result of suicide (for the same reason), I have been in active therapy (weekly) and on a continuous regiment of medication for more than twenty years or so, as a direct result of a very traumatic and horrific childhood experience, at the hands of two people who should never have been parents. I know what it is like to feel helpless, hopeless, depressed, and psychotic. I also recognize that in order for me to be safe, I need to continue with both treatment plans (medication and therapy), because one doesn’t work without the other. And so, I have resigned myself to commit to continuing to do what is the right thing for me and my nuclear family. And I can honestly say that if it weren’t for me being blessed with the absolute gift of my two beautiful children, I truly believe I would not be here today. I feel for Robbin Williams and the pain that is part of a persons’ life when they feel so empty and alone, and for his family who were left behind when something so tragic happens. Nevertheless, I do count my blessings every day that I am feeling present enough to do that…In closing, I must say that I feel blessed to have found my way to both you and Tony, and your ministries. I look forward to seeing you on your next episode of Marie TV. And please know that I am so grateful to you for bringing “that special gift that only you have” to your audience and those who appear on your show! Thank you for all you do, and remember to try to “take more vacations”, you owe it to yourself! And Josh too!

    With Much Love,

  381. Incredible. Love this.

  382. So. Many. Insights. But the biggest one? When you were talking about the life long learners….I want to make more life long learners. I want to inspire people to get on that band wagon!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Shawna! That’s a great bandwagon to be on 🙂

  383. Thank you both for holding this interview. I learned so much that my head is spinning. I also watched the documentary about Tony and loved it. I had no idea how Tony works or what we can do with what we learn. I now want to learn more and plan to look at how I can do that from Tony’s website.
    The thing that resonated with me the most is looking for and being aware of my patterns. One popped into my head as I was listening to the interview. Now I am thinking about how to deal with it. Another thing that resonated with me was the way Tony talked about how he deals with thoughts that are always coming to us. Awareness is the key and then let them go and not allow them to attach to me.
    Wow! What a revelation on several levels. One, revelation is about the things I’ve learned just watching the video. Two, and there were more things I learned, was what Tony is about. That came from him sharing about his life. I’ve had some similar issues in my own upbringing and I want to stop those things from interfering with my life now. Thank you both!

  384. It was interesting to ask whose love did I crave more? Definitely dad. He was busy, hardwoeking man and I admired how the world was spinning around him. I did become that person too. How interesting!
    Great interview, cant wait to see the documentary.

  385. First of all, thank you SO much to you and Tony Robbins for doing the interview, for your honesty and openness as well. I was enrapt with EVERY WORD. Some very powerful stuff and I’ve been thinking about it all morning! My question is, it seems that it’s the successful entrepreneurs that are always talking about being workaholics. They are always sending the message that it’s not healthy to be, yet the subliminal message to me is that in order to be successful you must be a workaholic, since it seems to be a repeating trait in all successful entrepreneurs. I struggle with this because I myself am a workaholic, though not a successful entrepreneur, and I keep telling myself that I’m not working hard enough otherwise I’d be more successful or that I need to work harder to achieve success—which of course leads to a lot of stress. I would love to hear your honest thoughts on this, because I’m aware that these could be thought patterns that are holding me back, and also because I really trust in your wise words! 🙂 Many, many thanks,