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Be honest. Are you a person living true to your heart *or* have you become a smaller, tamer, more timid version of yourself because of societal expectations?

Glennon Doyle has some feelings about this.

You see, Glennon met and fell in love with her now-wife, Abby Wambach, at a speaking event. And that was the first time she realized she could love someone outside of the narrow lane of humans she was trained to love. 

Then, she had a choice to make. Would she deny her heart? Or would she trust that small voice inside, the untamed part of herself that existed outside of every conventional “rule” about sexuality, marriage, divorce, motherhood, and faith. 

This choice prompted Glennon to quit being “good” so she could be free. That journey resulted in her spectacular new book, Untamed.

Being human is not about feeling happy, it's about feeling everything. @GlennonDoyle Click To Tweet

As Glennon says, “I will not stay, not ever again, in a room or conversation or relationship or institution that requires me to abandon myself. When my body tells me the truth, I’ll believe it. I trust myself now, so I will no longer suffer voluntarily or silently or for long.” 

Untamed is a work of art and, as you’ll hear in today’s conversation, it’s stunning, funny, and deeply empowering. 

Glennon brings the same passion and fiery wit that turned her into a two-time New York Times bestselling author and made her book, Love Warrior, an Oprah’s Book Club selection. It’s also what makes her such an effective activist and leader of the nonprofit, Together Rising

If you ever feel like your desires don’t match what the world expects of you, this interview is a must-watch. 

You’ll learn:

  • 2:00 — The story of how Glennon fell in love with Abby.
  • 5:08 — How Untamed broke all the conventional publishing rules.
  • 15:35 — The Motherhood Myth that was harming both Glennon and her daughter.
  • 21:15 — How polar bears helped Glennon accept her big feelings.
  • 26:40 — Why heartbreak is the key to effective activism.
  • 41:00 — What to do when people criticize your authenticity. 
  • 42:18 — Why we tend to dislike bold, confident women (and what to do about it!).

As someone who’s been “extra” her whole life, my body was giving me a huge YES throughout this entire conversation. I know it will do the same for you.

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Dive deeper: How to be true to yourself and Liz Gilbert talks sex, creativity, and grief.

Now, Glennon and I would love you to know your response to this prompt: What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine? Tell us in the comments below!

Glennon and I really want you to answer this question because it has the power to change your life.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your words may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, then you know I take a strong stand for kindness. Please write and respond to each other in that same spirit.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Keep listening to your wild, untamed heart. All your quirks, contradictions and seemingly disparate sides — they are what makes you, YOU.

Remember, you are a one-time mega event in the Universe. Don’t waste it.

With all my love,

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  1. Kate

    Listening to this podcast on Untamed it brought up so many memories and real anger. Just today my mother told me her second marriage isnt working out and ai have this huge I told you so on my heart because I knew the second husband didnt bring her lasting joy just security. I am tired of women being shackled to follow the “pink bunnies” of society acceptability. I was angry about this big told you so hanging on my heart and my husband said feel it. Embrace it. Its how you feel. Authentic you was right and is right to be angry about what youre being held to.

    I feel like there is this wild stallion inside of me and it has been sorely broken and I am in search of being her again.

    Thanks Marie for hosting this interview

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kate, thank you so much for sharing this here. YES – feel that anger and listen to exactly what it’s telling you, the wisdom in it. There is definitely a wild stallion within you that needs you to honor her! I have a feeling you may also really enjoy this episode:

      Thank you for being part of this conversation!

  2. -Untamed-
    That alone is such a powerful message.
    ‘The wild in here doesn’t fit in there [that blueprint]’ – such a powerful phrase!
    Okay, I have never before heard such a perfect representation of our struggle. The wild is in us, even if we haven’t seen it. The cheetah knows the wild is inside her.
    By the sounds of it, Glennon’s already written the book I’ve been trying to write… Guess what I’m going to be reading next 😛
    [Also, I’m still going to write my version, but so interesting watching my body react to the ideas I’ve been trying to share]


    I feel i’d just quote the whole interview. Instead, I’m going to pause, and go back to my message, and WRITE. About ripples having power to change the world, and the secret fire in our bellies that can motivate us to survive anything, and the cognitive therapy techniques to control our damn brains which have been shaped like a Lab instead of a cheetah.

    Thank you, Marie and Glennon.

    • Be

      My thoughts exactly, word per word

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So beautifully expressed, Katy-Rose. Yes yes YES – write that book! We need your unique perspective and we’ll look forward to seeing it out in the world. So glad this conversation with Glennon resonated deep for you ❤️

    • Katy-Rose,
      I will anxiously await your book too! We need all of our voices right now. Every single one!
      Loved this interview and just ordered a bunch of books!

  3. Viljar

    My kids use bad words… it’s not adult language.

  4. This episode had me in tears at moments because I know I have made myself small at times and not leaned into my truth. I turned 41 last year and something in me clicked and I started working on changing myself, perhaps back into that naive little girl I once was who thought she could and WOULD change the world. I am actually a current B School student- HOORAY! I’m an influencer and I’ve been fitting the mold of what that is, but I’ve realized that I want to turn the tables on the industry a bit. I’ve always been authentic and focused on making people feel good, happy, confident… but now I want to really stir things up and I’ve got some ideas… in my beautiful story, I successfully do what I have in mind and change the world for the better, and maybe help save our planet. I don’t want to end up like the polar bears, clinging desperately to that last bit of land.

    • Laura

      Hi, totally get what you write. Making a difference in the world. The past couple of days have also brought that more to light for me. Also in B-school 2020. Good luck. But somehow I feel that you are going in the right direction! X Laura

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Cassie, we LOVE that beautiful story you have for your life and you are more than capable of bringing it to fruition, we believe in you so much! Such an honor to have you in B-School and support you on this journey. Stir things up, turn those tables – we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way as you do! ??

    • I was made to feel “not good enough,” most of my childhood. I was “different,” a sensitive, brown eyed Jewish girl born into a family of staunch, blue-eyed Germans. I was told often, ” Your too sensitive, stop being so dramatic, your selfish, lazy, and too loud.” I wanted so much to be “A good girl.” But it never seemed enough. I left home at 16 in search of love and peace. But instead, unknowingly married an abusive, controlling alcoholic. As I began to grow into the woman I was destined to be, outgoing, strong, vivacious, and intelligent, he continually squashed my spirit. I tried everything to be ” Good.”
      Then at the age of 28, with four sons ages eight and under, I had a spinal injury that left me bedridden and unable to even function in a wheelchair. I was a fighter, got creative and learned to live a life of purpose and joy even from my bed. Being forced to slow down allowed God to do a major inner healing and reconstruction of my heart. I became confident in who I was instead of what I could do. I learned to love more deeply, myself, and others. I was given the incredible gift of writing and eventually started a company from my bed! But instead of rejoicing in my gifts, I was told I didn’t care about my family, I was selfish, and many other terrible things. The more I shined, the worse the abuse became. Until one day I had enough. I had to escape with nothing but a suitcase to my name. And was fully dependent on care for even my basic needs. But I was FREE to be Me!! No more “good girl.” I had to fight!
      I lived on welfare and food stamps for years as I built my business back up from scratch. Mostly from my bed and a laptop computer. I then found love again to the kindest man I’ve ever known. I call him ” My Rare Find,” and he calls me “His Precious Pearl.” He loves all of me! My bold, sensitive, fun, emotional, dramatic, and smart self! And even though I live with physical limitations. The sky is the limit when you learn to be the best version of your true, authentic self!

  5. Laura

    Becoming a mother woke me up and opened my eyes to the truth about being a woman, about being human. And about being unapologetically myself. But lately, I have been chasing the bunnies again… hearing about being untamed and seeing it in my daughters, reminded me again of this freedom of “just being”. Being me.
    In my dreams, I always dream I have 3 daughters. I now have two. And everyone around me says (especially my husband) just be happy you have these 2 beautiful girls. And I am beyond grateful. But my heart can’t stop yearning for this 3rd baby. As if it’s a final missing piece in the puzzle of my life. The puzzle of my being. X Laura #untamed

    • Jenny

      Laura, have you considered the third baby girl could be you, yearning to be re-born? It’s a huge creative dream X

      • Laura

        Hi Jenny,
        Hmmm… no. I haven’t looked at it from that perspective. But in a way, I already feel reborn, and I doing more of what I love. Funny you should mention creative dream, as that is so true and rings like a bell. Thanks for your comment. You made me wonder. But intuitively, I would say it really is another baby ?. We’ll shall we?! X

        • Laura

          And I just saw – this was episode #333. Gave me shivers all over!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Mmmm, the freedom of just being you sounds SO perfect, Laura. It’s so easy (and normal – you’re not alone!) to fall back towards chasing those bunnies, and only you can know for sure what feels most good and true and beautiful for you. Keep trusting that wise, wild woman within. She knows. XO

  6. Willow Hewitt

    The most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is one involving a simple, or perhaps ground breakingly huge, difference to the one I’m living now.

    To be a person who freely says no when she wants to say no. That’s it. To just do what is right by me or right by my family.
    To be a proud woman. A confident and fearless role model for my son and daughter. Someone whose energy and thoughts are not wasted on rehearsing conversations or scenarios ahead of time because I am no longer afraid of how I may be perceived. No longer afraid of having difficult conversations because speaking my truth is enough, it is everything and nothing that comes after it, no reaction judgement or gossip can tarnish the peace I would feel at speaking my truth.
    I will always be kind and respectful but no longer put myself in situations that eat me up on the inside. I want to let the world see me without giving any power to other people’s judgements.
    I can’t think of a word to describe how liberating that would be. I feel as though even taking ten minutes to imagine this “new me” means that I can no longer keep living my life the way I have for 33 years. I feel sad and excited at the same time.
    A couple of interviews down and I already know this is a book I will read more than once!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      A huge AMEN to everything you shared here, Willow! I can tell that just envisioning this truly beautiful way of living your life is just the beginning of this already unfolding for you. Be super excited that you’re feeling such a strong call for change, that’s the immense power within you speaking up! We’re so excited for you ☺️

      I wanted to share this resource all about how to say no effectively, kindly, and respectfully; I think you’ll find it really helpful:

  7. This was such a great interview! My favorite part was the part where Doyle was telling the story about her daughter’s eagerness on saving polar bears. There was something very important that I took away from that story:

    “But our culture is just so hell-bent on efficiency that we call those people broken, like they did with me, instead of understanding that they are responding appropriately and importantly to a broken system.”


    That was deep! Growing up as a woman in the US, I was told to dress a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way. Now living in Japan, I have seen it worse to Japanese women around me but I have been told the same “this is how to be a woman” talk a lot. Screw that.

    It took a long time to untame myself from what society wanted because I craved it. I craved for society what I did right and around. I wanted the attention. But then I learned that I can’t fit into what society wants me to. I’m unique, I’m weird, and it’s all ok.

    I can’t wait to read Untamed as it sounds like a great book!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAS, Aisasami! That is such an important takeaway for us all to remember. Everything you shared here is SO powerful and we love your beautiful embodiment of creating change for the better through your lived experience.
      “I’m unique, I’m weird, and it’s all ok.” – yes yes YES!

      Thank you so much for joining this conversation. ??

  8. Domiana

    I lost my wife of 26 years to liver cancer a few weeks ago. I work in a job that I really don’t love; I’ve been looking for the “bigger, better deal” for so long I’ve just about given up on having my own business. I used to be ferocious! Needless to say, I’ve not been that in a very long time. Everything seems so unattainable, and I’ve whittled down my life’s wants into only what’s needed because “that’s what smart adults do.” I see my newly singled life differently from what I fear it will become if I’m not careful, but I’m sick of taking risks that go nowhere. Most of all, I’m OVER being scared of everything (being laughed at, failing, being made a fool of, etc.)! I just don’t know how to move forward.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so incredibly sorry to hear about your loss, Domiana. Please know our hearts are with you and we’re sending so much Team Forleo love and healing your way. You will get through this! ♥️

      I can absolutely sense the ferociousness within you in your feeling DONE with being scared. You deserve the most beautiful life you can envision for yourself, we know that with absolute certainty. It’s okay to want more! Give yourself the space and grace to know that you can ALWAYS choose differently and change, every single day, and that’s a great place to start.

      You may also find these episodes helpful:

  9. Jen

    The truest, most beautiful story I can imagine is pure freedom. Living outside of financial constraints and debt, doing the work that brings me the most joy, being successful and having the time and financial means to support the causes and get involved in the work that will make the world a better place for generations to come. Having a business that is wildly successful while providing me and everyone in the company complete freedom in where we want to live and work. Having the confidence to be myself and to do work that inspires others to confidently be themselves. Feeling comfortable in my skin and putting the things I love to do at the front of my to-do lists instead of after the grocery shopping and cleaning and all the other bullshit that I’ve been conditioned to believe is my responsibility in the house. Ultimately, to be free to “do what the fuck I want” without second guessing myself and with the confidence to not back down when someone else questions me or tries to shut me down.

    I’ve followed Glennon and Abby for a while and read Wolf Pack, but I didn’t know much about Glennon beyond just really enjoying her spirit and energy through Instagram. I am so glad you had her on. This episode struck a cord with me in a way that nothing has in quite some time. (I’m hoping for a book win here, of course, but I can’t wait to read Untamed after watching this so I already downloaded on Audible. ? ) Thank you Marie for having Glennon on. And thank you Glennon for encouraging this energy in the world. All three of you (Marie, Glennon, and Abby) are such inspirations for women to be themselves and unleash their power.

    • Vivi

      Omg Jen. That is what i have in mind! ? For me, i feel like im in the cage now. I know that i have responsibilities to do this and that (home and wife obligations) i love my family so i thought thats the best thing to do.. As if i think differently i will put my family in a bad condition.

      But to think again, its really others perspective that been put in my mind…. ?
      Im still figuring out. So many decision was so big to me. I admire so much woman that already can get off her “cage” and living her best life.

  10. Anab

    I am reading the transcript while I breastfed my little one, and so many many many lines/phrases hit hard on me…that I got to screen shot, underline/circle and share to my mama friends as I read through the transcript. Woaaah! ♥️♥️♥️

  11. First, let me say that was such an amazing interview – so much so that I really want to read this book now. Whilst Glennon was talking, I was thinking about Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book ‘Women who run with wolves’, which I very much love. What Glennon was saying resonated so much in my heart, as an artist and mother to my six year old daughter. I would say I am already quite untamed, being an artist has given me freedom to be mostly anything I want, but I now have the job of watching my daughter grow, and enabling her to stay untamed and following her heart, in sometimes quite polarised society. However, I will keep on going, following my dreams in a fairly unconventional way (which at times makes my 17 year old son cringe) and hopefully show to my daughter that ‘being you’ is the only way to happiness. She already knows this, I just need to make sure she doesn’t forget this. Thank you for such a wonderful, honest, heart-warming interview.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Such an important job you have, Heidi, and I can tell you’re doing a beautiful job of it. Your daughter (and son!) are so lucky to have you as an example! We’re so glad this resonated deeply in your heart and YES – Women Who Run With the Wolves is also required reading for all women!!

  12. Chasing the link dirty bunny reminded me of the story of the elephant. It’s a quote from my book ”Unconditional Joy”, wooden peg? The 5 something tons hulk can easily walk through walls, move thousand pounds but it will stop at the end of the rope. It does stop because it is accustomed to the fact that it can’t move anywhere as long as the rope and the peg is around it. When the elephant is very young and just learning to stand and walk, the keeper will tie a rope to the leg of the baby elephant and tie off the other end of the rope a peg or anchor in the ground. The baby elephant will try to walk away several times without success. Over a period of time its mind will be programmed to the fact that it can’t roam around when there is a rope and a peg next to it. No matter how huge and powerful the elephant becomes, its programming and belief will limit its potentials. We are very much like these elephants. We allow our limiting beliefs, failures we got growing up, fears and rejections to program us into a life in which we lock ourselves in a cage and not move forward. We get controlled by false childhood assumptions. People may have established anchors in your life that limits your thinking. It can start even dictating your educational choices, your job, your relationships. “I am not strong enough to shift the things in my life. I can’t do it because I have a family to take care. I can’t do it because there are a lot more successful people already doing what I want. Etc.” These are all false beliefs. Break yourself free. You are not aware how powerful you are. You can shift everything in your life right now, YES, right now and change the whole direction of your life. Free yourself from the peg, the selflimitation, and start living peg free life.
    Recondition you mind.

  13. I ended in tears.
    This is exactly what I know I know but that I keep so locked up inside. Deep down I know it’s ok to leave marriages because of wanting more, I know it’s ok to feel all of the emotions fully, even the ‘bad’ ones, I know the doors aren’t locked even if it feel like they are welded together.

    I also know that it’s my time, even if self-sabotage keeps me here a little longer. I will win. I am becoming untamed.

    Thank you ladies for your energy and your truth.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Nothing but YES to this, Danielle! ???

  14. So, so important message and book. Thank you! I was even today told in a meeting (by a man) that I’m too much. Have been told since childhood I’m too sensitive, too much, too …. I’m wild and always have been. Getting this book asap.
    BIG love to you both

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are PERFECT, Katja – wild and exactly as you are ♥️

  15. Nadia

    Hello wild women,
    Let me tell you one little story about myself.
    When I was a little girls, about 8 or 9, I loved singing and I was doing it everwhere. I grew up in a border village in the comunist Romania. I could hear some foreign music only sometimes on “special radion stations” that my father was putting on discretely (you could go in jail for listening to that).
    So, I was not understanding a thing from what whitney Huston sang but I was immitating her, singing ouloud on a spring day while swinging on the back yard.
    My mom, had a brain surgery (tummor) when I was 6, who almost took her away from us. Luckily she was still there but tired, with 4 children to raise, a house to keep up going, working the land, doing the dishes, the cooking, doing all the hard work to help us strive. My dad was there but like the bohemian intellectual, liking to read on the couch while my mom half paralised was doing almost everything in the house.

    She even took back her job as a kindergarden teacher so she waas able to have her income, to send us to schools, to open up our lives to what she never could acces.

    She was young and beautiful!
    After her surgery she became, tired, fading and sick.
    I was able to do whatever needed to help her, to make her happy, she was like God in my child’s eyes.
    One day while I was singing, she told me to shut up because i make a lot of noise and i don’t sing properly. That I have a false voice.
    That moment on, my voice swept in!
    I never dared to sing anymore in front of anybody and even whe I was alone I was ashamed of having such a bad voice….
    If there was somebody else to tell me this, It wouldn’t hurt so much as coming from the person I loved the most.
    Today I understand that she wasn’t mean…she was just tired!

    But something broke inside myself! I forgot my voice, I forgot to listen to my inner voice. I spent more than 30 years finding myself not enough!
    And that pain, that fucking pain that you talk about, I know it damn well!

    It made me burn through all the experiences I had and led me to depression.
    When I touched the bottom, I could only go up or die!
    I choosed to live, I searched for help and I am rising again, I feel I reconnect again with that little girl singing on the green hills of her countryside.
    She is joyful, bold, courageus, SENSITIVE and loving.
    She wants to sing again!
    So, today, at 39, I started to take singing classes, I am a part of 2 choeurs and started to take piano lessons.
    I feel something amazing inside myself.
    I am on my path and I feel grateful. I forgave my mom as she didnt wanted to hurt me.
    I open myself to love, bloom and joy as there is so much more beauty inthere and outhere to live!
    I keep singing this song from Alicia Keys “Underdog” like an anthem: “They said I would never make it
    But I was built to break the mold
    The only dream that I been chasing
    Is my own”
    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.
    I’d love to read the book! Here in France, where I live now, I checked on, Amazon, and it is not available (nor on paper or audio or Kindle version).
    So any version you could send me, I’ll be happy to dive in!
    With much grattitude!

    • Heidi

      That’s a touching story Nadia, I’m so glad you have literally and metaphorically started embracing your own voice x

      • nad

        Thank you so much, Heidi!
        Is awesome. I discover my voice evolving everyday. I feel the music in my body and I sing everytime i feel, at home. Step by step I ll find courage to expose myself too. We ll have a concert with the choral soon.
        But my challenge is not to show off that i can sing (even my egoic mind says so, the temptation is big) but for myself, to live the joy and the magic of producing music through my being and feel it everywhere.
        Kid hugs!

    • Natasha

      Hi Nadia
      I live in France too and have just checked again and the book is released on Amazon in 2 days (12 March). You can pre-order it now.
      It’s wonderful that you are taking singing classes!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Nadia, this is SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone here! We’re so proud of you and love knowing that you’re feeling joyful and reconnected to your little girl singing on the green hills of her countryside. Keep listening to her bold, courageous, sensitive, loving heart – the world needs her voice! XOXO

  16. Jess

    This was soooo amazing!!!!!

  17. Ibolya

    Thank you so much for this article interview!
    I am just starting to realize how influential my childhood/teen achievements were on my belief system. I constantly seek achievements, the warm feeling of helping others for being approved, acknowledged by them.
    So far I had more-or-less easy. I did get the praise, promotions, good evaluation and hard work always visibly paid off with external rewards.
    I feel now I have the challenge (or the opportunity – thank you, Universe!); in my current job I can put in more&more work, but there’s nobody to praise me or acknowledge my efforts, results…
    It needs to be me. I need to look inwards and follow what makes sense to *Me*. The external confirmations don’t support me, it supports *them*. To enjoy and be worth of the beautiful life I was given, it’s time to follow my heart.
    The frustration I feel can become my mentor, showing me the way when I’m not true to myself. I need to, I want to use this energy. Let me be me, without caring too much about what others will think.
    The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is to work in / start a company with a product I truly believe in, with people I absolutely trust and adore, be free to decide when I want to work, contribute to the world by honestly being who I am.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We love everything about this, Ibolya. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom here. It’s SO important for us all to continue looking inwards for that voice that tells us what’s most supportive and true for us personally. We love how you’re transmuting challenges and frustrations into fuel for positive changes that support your beautiful story. We know you can absolutely create this vision – it’s so inspiring!

  18. Melissa Kilner

    Hello beautiful, a HUGE thank you for sharing that beautiful story. I was born profoundly deaf & it took me 20 years to speak properly & I’m now almost 45 years old, I speak really well but no sounds coming through me. I feel like I”m always in the box – what I mean by this is every-time I have dinner with my families/friends or going to workshops in hearing world & I’m in the box I ALWAYS don’t know what they say & missing out the whole conservation. 20 years in beauty industry & I felt like I’m always in the dark room all the time giving my magic hands gifts to every clients. For a very long time my body keeps telling me I need to be out there in the wild WILD world. I’ve just became a personal trainer & starting my own business so I can be outside of the box & speak out of my voice out into the wild world – my passion is women in fitness. You have no idea, that was my ah moments so thank you & I will definitely read your book. P.S Marie, I have been watching you & thank you for everything you do for us & share the stories.

  19. Mary

    This was f*@cking awesome! SO spot on about what many women do and don’t do because of their conditioning vs. what they really want to do and and not due because of who they are!

    • Mary

      Pardon my “untamed” messy comment here, or not!

  20. I looooove this conversation. Thank you so much! So inspiring. I’m writing the chapters of my chapters on using clairaudience, clairvoyance and meditating in order to connect with muses and spirit guides right now, and it feels scary! These chapters were a weird old mess at first, but they’re starting to make more and more sense. All of my indicators (interior and exterior) are saying this is so important. Even though I feel as if I’m pushing my edge to share this stuff, these are the emails people open. Can’t wait to read Untamed.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep pushing those edges and trusting where your intuition is calling you, Emily – we’re really excited for you to share this work with the world!

  21. Zoe

    This is so beautiful and resonated deeply with my own struggles. I spent so long in the shackles (or tied to the peg – lovely elephant metaphor, thanks Sevi) of the good girl, addicted to approval and desperately people-pleasing. I didn’t just think I wasn’t enough, I thought I was bad and wrong to the core. I even created a disorder to distract me yet further from the callings of my own untamed heart. That innate wildness scared me, that open expanse of possibility was terrifying to me! But my heart didn’t give up, it called me away from the psychotherapists and the meds, and I took that leap of faith into the wilds of South America. It didn’t stop there, it led me into the forests of Ecuador where I entered into a peyote ceremony and metamorphosed into a jaguar. In that state, as I prowled the forest floor feeling the leaves under my paws (like, in my head, I wasn’t actually on all fours in the forest!), and the soft fur on my belly, I felt the most profound connection to nature, spirit, wisdom and all things. I can still feel those sensations and that knowing in my body today. It cracked open my heart and began my journey back to wholeness, acceptance and love. It wasn’t overnight, and I still have to work on it but I’ve begun to share that knowing with other women who are perhaps where I was back then. So my vision is to share my understanding with as many women as possible who haven’t yet seen through the illusion of their shackles and who are drowning out the call of their untamed hearts, to step into their inner jaguar. ??

  22. Amy Linsmeyer

    What a beautiful episode and what a blessing to have taken time this morning to tune in! The most beautiful, truest story of my life I can imagine is that I stay true to my purpose. That through my first of potentially many businesses, authentic relationships and servant heart I truly find ways to pull woman up long enough to deliver the message that they are worthy & they are loved just as they are. That they are strong, beautiful and deserving of joy, goodness and healing. If through my past and journey of finding my own voice & strength I can reach and help others find theirs, families and communities will be changed and I’d die a purposeful, fulfilled life.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO beautiful, Amy!

  23. Claire Wilkes

    It has taken me more than 50 years on this earth to see the ways in which I have lived my life by others’ rules and expectations. Ever the “good girl”, I did a stellar job of internalizing shame and judgement that kept me in line by kneecapping my dreams and wildest desires. Over the past few years, I have come to beautiful awareness of the richness of life available to me, free of all that bullshit, and will spend the rest of my life joyfully transmuting that awareness into action.

  24. Aiga

    What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?
    A moment in my life. I`m loved, supported grateful and loving women. I find myself in my dream house with huge windows, white curtains that are flowing from the wind and the air is full of a breeze of an ocean. It is a peaceful, calm, sunny morning. I have a mug with my favorite tee in my right hand, a book of inspiration with 500 pages in my left hand. I wear my white and soft robe and slowly moving towards my balcony. I`m barefoot what allows me to feel the cool flour meeting the warm balcony surface when I`m stepping out. I sit down on my cozy chair, I put my legs up to meet the sun. My tea is delicious, the book amazing and the moment precious. I`m there in peace and harmony!

    • Diane Eberle

      I loved this interview! My issue is how to get from where you are to a place of freedom. I am suffering in my marriage and whenever I try to express my thoughts to my husband he puts them down or dismissed them. The most beautiful and truest thing would me to feel true freedom and to be fully loved and accepted no matter what. My dream is for each person to take personal ownership for their own thoughts and feelings. I feel like I get blamed for how others have mistreated my husband in the past and something in the present reminds him of an old event and how he felt when it occurred and he brings those old feelings into a current argument. I also feel I am stuck in a situation where he expects his marriage to mirror the marriage his parents. He says that’s not what he wants but it is the scenario that is played out. I want an equal partner and a friend. His mother was a martyr and suffered and his father was distant and disconnected.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Mmmm, sounds SO good, Aiga! Love this so much. You deserve it!

    • Aiga,
      I love this lyrical description of your truest most beautiful life.
      I was there in your room! You’re a wonderful story teller.
      Thank you for sharing your vision.

  25. Kellie Porter

    OMG – fu?!% that dirty pink bunny! I’m so angry at myself for participating for so long.

    This question is like kneeling down to that little girl inside of me and asking for forgiveness and then asking – what would you like? You can have anything and I’m going to support you and together, little me and I are going to hop onto that timeline.

    That’s the life where I feel my nature and reflect it back to others. Where all my teachers showed me my brilliance and I was proud to shine. In this story it turns out I’m actually intelligent in my own unique way and my love for nature and adventure carries me to the far corners of the world. Look at all the amazing people I am surrounded by and how they listen, acknowledge , encourage, challenge and love me – just the way I am. My life is always talking to me and guiding me and I trust myself completely. I get to learn anything I want and I have the most meaningful work that allows me to spark this same fantastic joy of life- in them.
    Simply put, I get to be fully and unapologetically Kellie and that Kellie makes me so proud.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      KELLIE! This is so gorgeous. Your vision is so gorgeous, and we know you can have it!
      “My life is always talking to me and guiding me and I trust myself completely.” – that’s everything right there.
      Keep listening to that little girl within and supporting her in getting what she wants, keep making her proud ☺️ XO

  26. I Love this so much! I can’t wait to grab Untamed and dig in. Thank you for reminding us to stay true to who we are and who we are as artists. When you talked about having a team to support your vision (for your book), how did you find that team early on when you’re just starting out?

    Thank you again, so a beautiful reminder <3

  27. Ladies… This was incredibly inspiring and I would like to say thank you for this episode!!! I feel there is some magic about turning 40 too though? Here is my truest and most beautiful story of my life: I will turn 40 in a few months and this year I decided that I will no longer crawl back when I face criticism, or growth (I seam to crawl back when I start getting results too you know- criticism comes with growth). It is just one simple phrase but get the courage to not crawl back is all I want to get the most beautiful version of my life. I will free myself and set an example for my two daughters. They are both fearless and bold now and I dream about getting older and watching them grow stronger but remain wild and free. So 3 action steps for my 40s:
    1. I finally became a b shcooler 😉
    2. I try every day to stop blaming my children, husband, life and circumstances for me not getting where I want to get because maybe it is not them, it is me.
    3. Every day, I intend to go just a little bit outside of my comfort zone for a year and see what happens 🙂
    Lots of love

  28. Wow! I am inspired to continue to let my Wild Woman out to even more freedoms! Is that possible? I’ve lived in 8 states & moved to 7 of them not knowing anyone! I’m doing it again & on my way to unchartered territory from Texas to Colorado this time! And I have created an amazing life here in Texas in one year… but there’s more!!! When I was 4 1/2 I went cruising around Disneyland in ‘68 apart from my family of 7 ~ I had no idea that I was alone until I saw my entire family with distraught looks on their faces and then I wondered why are they so upset it was only then I realized that I wasn’t with them! But I’ve been tamed over the years in some ways for sure, and then still I wanted to share this excerpt for you for fun! Hey, you may or may not choose me; either way I’m content at sharing my existing wild woman & INSPIRED to feel deep in my heart of hearts…that there is more WILD WOMAN to come!!!!!
    ”I am a intellectual spiritual athlete who believes in the law of infinite possibilites. I have endless curiosity for all things, multi-dimentionality, and a fiery passion for shared adventures. Despite the passionate expansive story telling here, I can be silent for days, and I often am exactly that! You would break the silence long before I would no doubt! Making a difference in people’s lives brought me to many careers in athletic occupations, with a twist of present day transition as I gently re-invent myself again. And it’s FW, TX for now & I can’t say for how long! Just prior, in Sedona, AZ I took 10 minutes to get ready for this photo shoot last year. In the Rockies, I learned to benefit from a less is more style of versatility, wearing something I can “work” in, take yoga, go on a hike, and snaz up for dinner with a splash of bling. Natural beauty in all ways, and my LOVE OF WATER in all its forms gives me life! As does dancing for non stop hours with hydration is my kind of party! An event producer for Shanghai Nights invited me to be a shadow box dancer on stage when Brother Ali stepped out! People were peaking behind the curtain to see if I was real! True story, a great workout, and a really fun night! I am also the girl who’s 50th with friends included a spontaneous day biking on the Snake River, a Granite Hot Springs soak, a SUP under the Tetons, and dinner out to my favorite Italian. It was a day well embraced!  Or, how about the time we skied into Huckleberry Hot Springs, left at dusk, and proceeded to be nearly plowed off the trail by two Bison. When we got safely back to the car, we pondered..who was chasing them?? The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is truly wild, as am I! Born in Wyoming and proud of it. I am a woman who has the freedom to run with the wolves, as in… I AM that wild and that free! I’d love to share the beauty & you know, amplify the bliss by the power of 2! I have lived also in the SF Bay Area, Tucson, Santa Fe, Oakland, Chapel Hill, The Birkshires, Santa Monica, Sedona, and Jackson Hole. In Thailand, for Hot Yoga Teacher Training, we had 33 Goddesses from 25 countries and it was the most globally represented class of Yoginis they had ever hosted – I find the 50’s to be pretty ridiculous! And at home, by the way, shall I cook Thai, Mex, or Italian? Vegan, Veg, or seared Game Meat? Macrobiotic or hot oily thin crust Pizza with Grandma’s homemade marinara?…”

    Mangiamo Y’all Lets all dine on some fresh ideas, and free that old pink bunny from the Jeep forevermore!!!! Bye bye bunny ~ be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. Oh, oh, here´s a life-changer interview (and I don´t use this expression lightly).
    More than the words, it´s the feeling – truth – coming from those words.
    The cheetah in me sings, yells, whispers, howls, and roars.

    I´ve been following Glenn´s writing, talks, and life example for a long time – she never failed to inspire me. Truth inspires truth; empowered women, empower women; and we all learn through example. And, WOWza!, what an example of freedom and integrity.

    I´ve always considered myself a FREE SPIRIT and, most important, a FREE HUMAN BEING but Glenn takes it all to another level – when I look within, I can identify the Masculine Mode I bought into; I recognize the true meaning of “becoming a woman”; I can see layers of unattended pink dirty bunnies and taming messages to rip off my skin; we´re way more conditioned than we think we are.
    A lot of DOING and UNDOING to go through until I can tell myself “I´m free”.

    Happening 🙂

    Much love to Gleen – SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS for the new book – and to Marie, another cheetah living from her wild-loving-free core.

    Gratitude for this Punch (or was it a hug?) in my Soul!

    Joana Saahirah

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We adore you, Joana! So so glad that Glennon’s work and this conversation are speaking to the cheetah in you ☺️ Keep listening to her guidance on this wild journey back to freedom – we know you will!

  30. Oliver

    Obviously Glennon’s audience is women, and so her message is targeted toward women. But the core of it is applicable to men/everybody too.

    I have been into this stuff for a while, from both women and men teachers, I didn’t know of Glennon until just now. But she did a great job of translating those issues, concepts, realities, specifically into a form compelling for women.
    But make no mistake, these are issues both men and women have, with society and the modern world. Men too are tamed and need to “get back to the wild/wild selves”.

    • Mary Murphy

      Absolutely agreed!!! Men are just as conditioned to chase “dirty pink bunnies.” The repression of one affects the many. Therefore, the liberation of one affects the many. We each act as antidotes, or not, for the world!

      • Oliver

        really well said!
        I feel its both simultaneously a path back to the wild/individuality + also a sense
        of Belonging (as Pete Buttigieg would say), as opposite
        as they may seem to be from each others.

        • Mary E Murphy

          Yes, Yes, Yes! Individuality (wildness) + A sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves (spirit-ness). This seeming tension of opposites, or what is a beautiful balancing on a broad spectrum, births a new “thing.” What Carl Jung might call the (true) “Self.”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and experience here, Oliver – it’s so important! We absolutely need men to participate in this process, as we work towards freedom for all of us – regardless of gender – as a society.

  31. The truest most beautiful story for myself is connecting and supporting the people around me to grow. In turn this makes me more aware of myself, what I am offering, and that I need to care for myself to offer the best version of me as a coach! Marie, Glennon and Abby – thank you for always making me laugh, smile, and think about what matters most to me.

  32. Tonya

    I really feel what you are saying. I allowed my self to become small. To conform to fit the norm, to do what was expected. From the years of stewing in anger with myself, I believe I mad myself sick, and my life crumbled. Now I’m trying to figure out who I am and what is possible. I watched Marie dance on a video and thought, “wow, I was that girl”. Now I am trying to pick up the pieces and find a little of that me again. My vision is not clear yet. I am on a journey of personal growth. I’m sure your book is wonderful. Just, listening to you talk about it is moving.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep listening to those feelings and inspirations, Tonya – there is so much wisdom in them guiding you back to that girl. You’re definitely on the journey already! XOXO

  33. Kate

    When I was the littlest girl I could remember, I played under a tree with my dolly and was content.
    When I was 8 years old, I lay in bed trying to imagine how big infinity was and believed without question or doubt that I would one day be famous.
    When I was 13 years old, my Dad cried and asked me what he would do now Mum was leaving him for his best friend. He didn’t wait around for an answer … he ran off with Mum’s best friend.
    When I was 15 years old, I dreamed of being an architect. Mum had other plans – she ripped me out of my beloved school and told me I was going to be a secretary.
    When I was 21 years old, I married a man and bore him 3 kids. I wanted to cook perfect scones and brew a cup of tea just like my mother-in-law.
    When I was 36 years old, I went to university and got a law degree because my second husband said I was smart enough to do it. For 10 years, I worked in a profession that chewed me up and spat me out.
    When I was 45 years old, I lived in London, snagged a job in a law firm because I was a ballsy Aussie, drank pints with new friends at the pub and had a wild affair with a neighbour. Back in Australia for a brief visit I met my third husband and never returned to those heady days.
    Now that I am 60 years old with a life behind me that has been shaped by the expectations of others, squashed into a mould that buried my hopes and dreams, there is nothing like the ticking clock of time to remind me that as long as there’s a new day, there’s a new opportunity. There are more things to learn (aka B School); more grandkids to love; swims in the ocean to be swum; and little black dogs to cuddle.
    I still think I’ll be famous. Maybe Marie will teach me how or maybe I already am. Regardless … I am finally charting my own course and I am happy.

  34. Karri

    The truest most beautiful story of my life is that I would be creating beautiful art and pouring into creative women about health and fullness; creating a community of creative healthy thriving women.

  35. Marina Leao

    The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is this:
    I have my dream business that allows me to work part time, make enough money to do whatever I want and live whichever way I want, help people (especially children) in need and the environment, and also give the most value to my clients and the world. My little daughter, my husband and I get to travel the world together. We’ve had (and continue to have) the most beautiful cultural and leisure experiences. We eat healthy, fresh and delicious food every day. We play music wherever we are. My husband plays his guitar and we sing along, dance and have lots of fun together. My daughter is a confident authentic happy girl. She is not afraid of monsters, witches nor spirits as her mother used to be as a child. My husband and I are happy and fulfilled too. We support each other and nurture our relationship. We live in a beautiful cozy organized apartment. Our home environment is warm and loving. I also love what I do for work and my daughter learns from that example. I have fun creating content, products and services for my business. I am creative and open for the opportunities that make sense to me. I use my sensitivity in my favor. I pay attention to it and I value and respect it now. I respect and take care of myself too. I’m no less important then the rest of the people. I used to leave me behind, but I don’t do it anymore. I still value, respect and help people though. I do the best I can to help build a better world and, at the same time, live a greater life. And I see and feel the results. I love my life!

  36. jen

    (Part I)
    There was a girl who loved so fierce
    who lived amongst the trees
    She gathered up the fallen leaves
    and raced cathedrals green

    Taken away to skies so grey
    tears wet in salty air
    She begged the sea, one day could she
    come back to love again

    Bereft of forest hide and seek
    With those she knew so well
    She dug deep in straight lines of ink
    And climbed up lonely boughs

    Cold books they stole her precious earth
    and pressed her pages down
    Hailing life as quantified;
    Raining as the sun shone.

    • jen

      [part 2 – transformation coming up]

  37. Doing what I WANT, When I WANT, How I WANT to do it, with Who I WANT, Where I WANT, for as long as I WANT…

  38. My dream is to have a conversation with you, Marie, with my book; “The Glass Summit: One Woman’s Journey Breaking Through”. At 64, I was a precursor to the women you interview. I think it would be insightful for your audience to hear about the past and what it took to get where we are… I set world records climbing and skiing with all male teams. I was on the first women’s world cup biathlon team. I lived with an indigenous tribe on each continent, wrote about them and photographed them for my book series Vanishing Cultures. I soloed over the Himalaya to live with the Tibetans, crossed the Sahara on camel back with the Tuareg, moved through triple canopy jungle with the Yanomama in the Amazon, slept in igloos with the Inuit and more…. I have lived my wild, and if I wasn’t an author, it would never have been heard as a woman accomplishing these things, only the men received the accolades, yet continuing was the way to create a path for those coming up behind me, to move those women forward… let’s talk about setting the scene for those who are able to speak up today. My dream is to come in and chat with you, have some fun, and create a bigger picture of just where we have come from, and look at where we are going…. Cheers! Jan

  39. Wow, deeply touched and I can not wait to get this book. Will drink it.
    Thank you Marie & Glennon!!

    What is the most truest und beautiful story you can tell about yourself?

    Born and raised by powerful women who forgot to shine their lights and how to live their wildest truth.

    I first, dimmed mine, too. Trying to fit in. Trying to please and be the best *girlfriend, buddy, daughter, lover, employee, freelancer, so called woman in the world.

    I fell deep down. Hiding, hurting, fearing. I almost stopped breathing and died deep inside.

    Until the day I decided to heal myself and every woman around me.
    I decided to hear myself and live the truest truth of this soul.

    Since than I am constantly unlearning to follow the wild pink rabbit with grace, the deepest love and beauty.

    Knowing that my short shine on this planet will move and touch souls, who feel inspired to do the same. Live a life full of expression, creation and dedication.

    Full spectrum. Fully loved.
    Bold and shiny.

    With Love,

  40. Ah-mazing!

  41. Haseena

    Marie and Glennon – Thank you for sharing such amazing value in today’s episode. I look forward to reading ‘Untamed’ – it has perfect synergy and alignment with where I am at now – I hope and am willing that I am one of the lucky people to receive a signed copy!
    Thank you to you both and to all who will read a snippet of my story below. I hope this adds value to you in some way and know that you are not alone in your journey and wish you all the best in your journey’s – You got this!
    What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?
    Starting Again. I have come to realise that up until this point I have been living my life in ‘survival mode’, doing what was needed, and being who others needed me to be. While my personality has always been there I was in constant conflict, as who I really was and what I really wanted was mismatched against how I was living my life. I was being tamed.
    Throughout my life I have been described and told that I am ‘the good girl’ ‘the nice girl’, now while being ‘good’ and ‘nice’ are not necessarily bad things as every personality and behaviour trait has a light and dark side to it, I knew that the perception and interpretation of those terms, on the whole, meant that people thought I was a ‘people pleaser’ and thought I could be told what to do, be how they wanted me to be and taking care of everyone else’s needs. I am strong, powerful, and fierce as well as being kind and nice, half of me was being tamed.
    I was aware that this was happening and was constantly battling against being tamed. Thank goodness I did, my personality stayed strong however I still could not harness and embrace all of who I am. This has led me to become disconnected from the very life I have created.
    While I am grateful, my life is not how I want it to be. For many years I was struggling and frustrated as I was not achieving what I wanted in any area of my life. Every day I was in turmoil, to the point where everything inevitably came crumbling down. More so, I crumbled. This is where I am at now, starting again, healing and beginning to live my truth.
    I know that this is all part of my own journey, that this is part of the process of me coming into my own, living my own truth, being exactly who I really am and reconnecting with life and purpose.
    While my past is something I do not regret, as I am who I am today because of it and I have learned everything I know from it. I know that I need and must ‘start again’
    I need and must release myself from the ‘old self’ the one that was built on the construct of old conventions of what a woman like me should be and needed to be. Starting again is ‘becoming me’, it is my life and I must live my own truth, be me in every way, and that I deserve to be happy. I am healing now and excited to see where this journey takes me next 🙂

  42. Nives

    Thank you for saying that muchness (of everything) in oneself really is being you and reflects truthfulness and rising. That was revolutionary for me. All of it, really. Thank you and love you so much xxxx <3 nives

  43. Hartley H Holder

    Untamed. Ha Ha! I am not crazy! I am not Crazy! I am a frigging Mystic jeweller/Creative/Author. Hallelujah! Thank you Most excellent…..

  44. Bella Maria

    I am so in Love with you two. I think the wildest, truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is to be on Marie TV and to hang out with you Glennon. (!!!) Done. Alongside that, I have lived my life as both wild being and tamed being and want to be given more LIFE to do my work. I trust myself, I trust my process, I want to have the opportunity to continue this. I also deeply want to be surrounded by people who also feel these things. That’s why, I’m telling you, I want to be your *friend*. Haha. Life has been magical and numinous and earthy and I know it will continue to be and I just want to be a part of it. (The magic includes the dying, rotting and decaying parts.) Love you both!!!! Love, your new BFF, Bella

  45. The truest and most beautiful story about my life I can imagine is accepting my wild and unique and unconventional thoughts and feelings. Understanding that the cages, will keep trying to keep me safe and small and that the biggest cage is my ego. Thinking thoughts that I am wild, I am free, I am fierce, I am a panther (my cheetah as a kid) will make me feel wild, free, fierce and powerful. Remembering that my ego and brain think they are serving and saving me by keeping me scared and safe and small. To remember how tricky my ego can be by keeping my brain busy trying to solve the unsolvable puzzle about why I don’t feel worthy and enough and how to feel worthy and enough. My truest and most beautiful story is being in touch with the real me behind the ego, the authentic, real, wild, fierce me. Unlocking the cage and letting myself think the thoughts I am worthy and enough and feel the feelings I am worthy and enough. The cages are real, they are our own making now in our thoughts and remembering that the door is unlocked is powerful! Maybe it comes from survival instinct not to become prey and to belong for safety back in the day. Or maybe it comes from current societal conditioning to be accepted so we go along with conventions to avoid fear and shame and being excluded from the group. My excitement to untame and be free and powerful and strong is MAJOR! The truest and most beautiful story for me is to think loving and strong thoughts about myself. To be in touch with the power of God or Holy Spirit or life force energy (depending on which conditioning you have had) inside of myself and in others and in nature. To stop over thinking and realize I have the power to feel how I choose to feel. To not be afraid of pain, for myself or my kids. To stop controlling others and chaos around me to try to feel better. To BE wild and EMBRACE wild and LOVE my wild kids and my wild husband and my very wild life on 30 acres in the mountains! Conventions and expectations and norms are just cages – and I break them often, then forget to give myself permission to feel and enjoy it. The cheetah concept is EVERYTHING – we can be wild and free and powerful and we already are. We get to enjoy it now and show our kids how to enjoy it. Everything is Figureoutable and Everything is Possible. Love you both for doing and sharing this work!

  46. Brigitte A

    Thank you for validating and articulating what my wild has been screaming at me for decades, but what I’ve been too caged to allow myself to fully believe and trust…until now.
    I’ve started the process of un-taming myself. About a decade ago I divorced my children’s father and broke up my family because I knew my kids deserved a better model for what is a marriage, a wife, a mother, and a woman. The journey since then has been very difficult, painful, humiliating, exhausting and often lonely. I have fallen along the way so many times that I lost count years ago. But, I keep getting back up and trying again because I am not yet untamed and I want my children to see, for their sake they need to see, what fully untamed looks like.
    I have tried very hard, not always successfully, to preserve and protect my children’s wild side. We aren’t yet where I’d like us to be, but we’re getting there. They are more confident and more themselves and more popular and stand up for themselves more than I was at their age. Hell more than I was in my 20s! I like to think that some of that is because of me. That some of that is because I’m breaking down the cage. Now I can’t wait to set us free!

  47. Cheryl Handfield

    Wow! I needed this today. Not going to lie. This is hard for me to answer but I am going to try.
    I imagine giving my children the courage to be themselves and not wanting to shrink into a mold that their peers might place on them.
    I imagine continuing to grow in my business and helping other moms gain the confidence that I am gaining, a little bit every day.
    I imagine being able to express what it is that I need without being accused of being a nag or needy.
    I imagine pursuing healthy behaviours because it feels good to me, not because I need to get better.
    I imagine myself being proud of what I am doing or who I am without bashfully shrinking and saying, “oh, nothing, I just have this little thing I am doing.”

    I loved this interview and I can’t wait to read Glennon’s book.

  48. Well this is just life changing and life saving all at the same time. So grateful for this interview. ? And for anyone seeking to answer that beautiful question, “What is the truest most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?” I know no more powerful tool to answer it than Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Dream Circle and Creative Dream Incubator. I thought of her work at every turn during this interview. She is doing something quietly world changing that I have no doubt will someday be on Marie’s radar. ❣️

  49. I absolutely loved this interview. I cannot wait to read Glennon’s books and follow Together Rising.

    Marie, Tuesday’s are better with you. Your work just gets better and better. Thank you so much.

    Here’s to all the cheetahs

  50. Paz

    The most truest and beautiful story I can imagine is me being who I really want and need to be. Pursuing my dreams without the fear to the cages, singing in every fucking corner what I came to say, doing all the things I want to do but for some reason I can’t or allow my self to. Rescue my inner child who was really wild and threw everything in her way because she had no fear, that one I want to recover because today with tears I realise she is gone in several ways. I want her back, to chase my way to my dreams and the wildest life, full of extraordinary people, extraordinary moments, doing my music and being proud of it, singing all the things I want to say to this world. Out of the confort zone, pushing to get better and better. The most truest and beautiful life would be me living in New York, have the most amazing group of friends, the most amazing group of musicians to bring my music to life. Being brave. Thank you girls, you are amazing.

  51. Guylaine

    I am in tears. This. Message. Is. Everything. Somebody call Pink and ask her to write a song about Untamed. We need an anthem!!!! Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling for quite some time now but had a hard time expressing. You are my people, Glennon. It’s like I had been waiting for permission to break free from what doesn’t fit anymore (or perhaps never did). I have been working in law enforcement for nearly 20 years and I hate it. In the past couple of years, I have been training to become a Certified Relationship Coach to help people learn how to have fulfilling, sexy, authentic relationships. That is my calling. The truest, most beautiful story I can think of for my life is to do my life’s work; to step into myself fully and completely. I want to help others let go of their relational fantasies and know their worth. To model for my 3 children a healthy and authentic relationship with my husband where each one of us feels safe to be ourselves. I want my daughter and my two sons to know that they are loved, not for what they accomplish, do or don’t do but for who they are. Period.

    • Jen


  52. Niffer Clarke

    This podcast. This conversation. I wept wildly throughout. You both were talking to me. I’m 55 and have felt and wrestled with that overwhelmed/underwhelmed feeling my whole life. Always hearing “you are meant for more than this” and then still at 55, feeling like I’ve failed in discovering what I’m ‘meant’ to be doing.
    I journaled just yesterday my truest, most beautiful story I imagine about my life:
    “Creating a group.
    Intergenerational women.
    Coffee shop.
    Community cafe.
    like that cafe in Sedona. healthy options.
    i can start that anywhere. doesn’t have to be here.
    i feel the brakes/breaks already.
    the fucking what-ifs. or how’s. what-ifs and hows.
    perfectionism. right way.
    ugh. ”


    This podcast also reminded me that I have in my life made some out of my cage choices. I left a marriage to a wonderful man and father to our amazing daughter. And for the reason Glennon talked about – I didn’t want her to think that our marriage was what a marriage relationship should or has to look like/be. AND I deserved more. It was terrifying and I knew in my untamed gut that it was what I wanted to do. And I did. And I’ve carried a fucking dirty pink bunny of guilt ever since. And just this year – I noticed my daughter was happier and more at home in herself than I’ve seen in years – and she came out – literally – of the cage! Hearing you talk about this, I know that I can feel the pain, and still recognize that in my life I have seen and accepted and allowed the untamed me. And since then I feel I’ve shut the doors again and returned to the cage.
    I want out.
    I want to create a place where a community of intergenerational women can come together. I want it to be a place and community where we can share and connect honestly and bravely and fiercely. Ask for what we want. Support each other. Share our stories, our experiences, our voices. I don’t want it centered around that dirty pink bunny of middle-aged women needing wine to survive and escape – so not a bar. But a cafe. And the community is made of women – all women – all ages, all things, all beings.

    • yessss !

      sounds wonderful !

      I’ll be your first client!


  53. What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?

    Oh my oh my!

    “untamed” : this word brings so much energy in me ! Hell yes!

    I spend the last 10 years to untame myself. I think Bschool has helped me a lot to “finish the job”, although it’s still far from finished!

    Why are women criticized so much all around the planet when they don’t follow obediently “the path” society is expecting? I felt that pressure of society all around me each time I said I don’t want children… I’m happy I was strong enough to resist the pressure and didn’t try to fit myself in!
    I was really physically sick in my previous life, with every night the feeling I wanted to throw up!
    It stopped when I quit my relation ship and picked up my artistic activities again next to my daily job.

    But now my truest most beautiful story about my life ! A true most beautiful life is about love, belonging, human connection, human values, solidarity, honesty, friendship, beauty and freedom.
    I want to play and be joyful and noisy ! And I want to make more and more art full time!
    Life is about people you meet and things you create with them, so I want to go out and create.
    I just want to do what I love and do it often. I want to share my multiple passions!
    Now I make art in my free time and run a volunteering art workshop for people with dementia half day a week but I’d love to do that just full time, and make art workshops also for other people in need, because it makes people happy and the brain more healthy 😀

    I want to stop making and spending money and help to make the world more beautiful and help to make change happen! (Like an adult Greta Thunberg….) I don’t want to serve the capitalist culture any more which is destroying this planet.

    I’ll wrap up with this quote by Anne Lamott: “What if you wake up some day, and you’re 65… and you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life?” [Anne Lamott]

  54. Laura Wolff

    This episode was brilliant! I love the passion and the excitement they both share and bring to life for those of us still locked in our cages. I just had a mental and emotional breakdown this weekend over some things my husband said to me. The next morning he told me that I was giving his words too much power and that he believed I could do great things if I would just get out of my own way. The problem is I don’t know how to do that. How do you recondition what you have been conditioned to do your whole life. My fear now is that I have 3 little girls all watching me struggle my way through life and they see me slinking into the corner of my cage and hiding away from the rest of the world out of fear, depression and anxiety.

    I admitted out loud this week that I am just as afraid of succeeding as I am of failing. HOLY SHIT! Seriously??? What is wrong with me? I am blessed to be a mama to 3 intelligent little humans. I have a husband who kills himself to make sure we have everything we need and most of what we want. I have a home, a nice vehicle, a job, friends, family. So why do I keep holding myself back from reaching out and grabbing what I want or feel I deserve? Dirty pink bunnies is the answer. So now that I have the answer where do I go from here? It took me 40 years to get this way, I can’t undo all of that training overnight, or can I? This woman who has been locked away all this time has suffered damages and told horrible things as most of us have. But I didn’t have a guide book when I became a mama, I had a baby and just figured it out. Was it scary? Hell Yes! But I do it everyday and don’t give it a second thought. So the question then becomes how do I do that in all the other areas of my life? I don’t know.

    But to answer the question you posed … my beautiful story would be that I wake up and realize that I am a powerful, manifesting goddess who creates the life she wants effortlessly. That all of my negative self talk, over thinking and anger fall away like hair plucked off my sweater to be discarded on the floor. That words don’t cut me to my core, that other peoples problems don’t weigh heavy on my shoulders, that I can show my girls that you can be anything you damn well want to be if you reach out and take it. And to not let anyone ever tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something because it’s not the social norm. And for God’s sake stop asking for permission to be who you are!

  55. Me

    You have no idea how much this episode has touched me in the exact moment of life that I’m in.
    My most beautiful story….for my beautiful, whole, self-sufficient kids to be able to say…”My momma changed the world with her love, her talents, and her skill. She did whatever the fuck she wanted, then she died. That’s how bad ass she was.”
    That’s who I am becoming…who I’ve always been.

  56. The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is actually true & beautiful. My husband & I together raised a fierce, spicy, fun loving, beautiful soul, free to speak her mind, truth, wants & desires, daughter. She is my hero and I want to be her when I grown up. She is currently attending & thriving at SUNY Maritime College. The college is regiment, tough, and is 87% men, this year, at 13%, is the largest enrollment of women to date. Our daughter has become even more of her wild & free self since she started SUNY. And, her fierce, fighting & determined spirit is carrying her to her dreams & breaking glass ceilings in a male dominated field! ( This is my short version of a story I could definitely expand on!)
    ~ Thank you for this awesome, eye opening interview with Glennon!

  57. Nahoko

    This conversation inspired me to ask the question. Mine is learning Chinese and live in Beijing as a HR professional specializing in change management and cross cultural collaboration. As a Japanese woman, I feel inspired by Chinese female business leaders.

    I was genuinely surprised by how much resistance I had running in my mind and holding back my imagination. “This is unrealistic.” “ You don’t have enough money.” etc. At one point I was so uncomfortable that I needed something sweet!! So glad that I did it though:)

  58. Regina

    I’ve always felt I needed to break out of a blueprint set for me. People said I was not nice, I need to behave, you need to do it for your children. Well, I broke out of my blueprint and I feel like I am rising and feeling happy every day without giving up some of myself. I need to read your book! I need some more “untamed” inspiration to compliment my journey. Loved your interview!

  59. I cried…. i have been chasing dirty pink bunnies for 38 years. I finally took the lock off my cage in December 2019 and told the world this is my life and you can not control (cage) me any longer. It was a true turning point. I stopped letting”friends” tell me how to live, I stopped “letting” my ex control my mental real estate and I stopped “letting ” myself whisper self doubts in my ears. I have seen friends walk away now that I don’t “listen” to them. I AM done chasing dirty pink bunnies! I want to get bumper stickers made: Don’t Chase the Dirty Pink Bunnies! Be The Cheetah!
    Thank you Marie for bringing Glennon on your show today. I loved it and can’t wait to read Untamed! My day is complete. I am sharing this episode with all my true friends and maybe even the fake ones!

  60. Wow… that was something…
    Happy I heard this 🙂
    Thank you Marie, Thank you Glennon Doyle :* :*

  61. This interview brought me to tears. It so spoke to my heart!
    So to answer your question: What is the truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine?
    Freedom is what I want. Sharing with the world what is true to my heart. Freedom to rip the clothes off my body and be viewed exactly as I am…not just as a sexual being, a “good” mother, a good employee/teacher or mentor, not as a label but as a passionate woman, free to show my heart, my anger, my pain, my voice, my anguish, my love…
    Free to show MYSELF, as I am.
    I want to get out of my own way, and SHINE so that I can support and hold space for others to shine as bright!

  62. Holy smokes! What a beautiful inspiring interview that was!
    Thank you both, so much x

  63. Alissa

    What is the truest most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?
    That I allow myself to be fully seen, to show the beautiful and the messy without monitoring or wondering how it will effect others. To not be scared of those darker sides of myself. The most beautiful story is full of joy, play, color and creativity. It is full of wonder and following curiosity and living bravely in order to grow and evolve. The truest story is what my intuition and heart tell me instead of what my brain hamster wheels upon. It is love, for myself, my husband and my beautiful children, for my family and friends, for my community, for our broken country and for this precious earth. The most beautiful story is waking up each day refreshed, ready to live and feel fully, and to be the best example for my kids of how to be a perfectly imperfect human.
    I was crying through this whole episode almost. Thank you so much for bringing your voices together.

  64. Nikita Wilson

    There is this beautiful, strong, tall, sexy, chocolate woman I’ve seen. She has a fierce and wild love for and with God. She has this insane, compassionate, authentic love for herself, and she decided to share all of this love inside of her with the world.

    Her body is built like it was made to move and arouse and captivate many. This body inherently has the moves to match this figure. She maximizes this gift by dancing and moving in ways that send her heart soaring into the sky.

    Then she opens her mouth and she releases a sound, like an alarm. It’s time to wake up! Pay attention! Have the time of your life! Be still and stop fighting your truth, be happy, angry, sad, alive, and present. She shares this sound in songs that heal her soul.

    The world is her school, yes, the world and everything in it. She spends her life attending this school with a vibrant passport book and endless stories to tell.

    She shares time and space with a man that both ignites her and soothes her. Their connection intensifies their ability to be the best versions of themselves. Together, they help usher in new souls into this world, with the help of God, teaching them how to live from within, having no need to look outside of themselves for their identity.

    She shares her journey and her life lessons in print and on stages, not in an effort to tell others to be like her, but to stand as a flame, setting this bullshit on fire so others like her can finally imagine what life could be like if they decided, “I choose my MUTHA [email protected]%IN SELF?!”

    I see her when I close my eyes. I feel the fire in her heart that society has tried to put out. She tried for so long to fit into ANY category, but nothing ever worked. Now that fire is getting bigger and refuses to be tamed. This fire calls out to me and wants to consume me. She is boldly staring back at me, demanding that we meet. And so the journey begins…

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Nikita, YES! This is gorgeous — I can feel your energy right through your words, and you are powerful ?Keep that fire burning and know you’re bringing light and warmth and clarity as you do. Thank you for being here and sharing your voice and vision with us! ?

      • Nikita Wilson

        Thank you Kate! I sure will! ?

  65. Sarah

    Best episode EVER! I literally teared up thinking about all the women who have lost their wildness. This is true for so many women in life who tolerate what their life is rather than be true to themselves and who they really are underneath. The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine, is one where I can leave behind all the fear, guilt and shame around all the things that I “should” be (a mother, a wife, etc.). Where I can just be loved and accepted for who and what I actually am, whatever that may be! The next time I’m questioned about why I’m nearly 40 and I don’t have (or want) children, my response will be “because I do whatever the F*@k I want!!

  66. My truest self is someone who loves beauty and craves balance; I get energy from the excitement of creativity and newness, while also gaining calm and groundedness from connection, simplicity, and ritual.
    I am all those things and more: I am an extravert and introvert, I am creative and process-oriented, I am brave and vulnerable, and rather than ignore part of myself, I am challenged to find an existence that allows me to nurture and showcase both sides of me.
    Thank you for creating this post and I can’t wait to read this book.

  67. Freddy Carrick

    Wow what a hurricane of an episode this was. Cheetahs and bunnies eh? Permission is now granted for every woman to lay down her pleasing actions and shout loudly and clearly about the conditioning that makes it ok for men to behave like wild animals towards us bunnies, but to vilify a woman who dares to respond with a kick in his balls.
    My most beautiful and truest story I can imagine is that my efforts to create loud educationals within my social campagin (‘tell your daughter’ )around menopause will free women from the misery of fearing dementia at 53, or fearing STD when they find intercourse too painful, all because they need more oestrogen. Freddy

  68. Shelly

    I AM SO LIT UP!!!! I am a cheetah! Thank you so much for sharing this! I can’t wait to read the book.
    My story is a life where I feel connected to my true self, to my friends and family, to my clients and to nature. So connected that I am able to confidently put myself out there and make the world a better place in the ways that my gifts allow. I am surrounded by open, loving and courageous people. We have the tough conversations that need to be had, we support those courageous people who do as well and find solutions not problems. Love and acceptance are valued. We take care of each other, our health and environment. I have financial freedom. We go on adventures regularly and have tons of fun and laughs. Life is not perfect but it is perfect for me!

  69. Laura

    A life where animals don’t suffer and live happy in their homes. Where I’m surrounded by honest and loving friends that accept me exactly as I am. Where my family is always near and part of my daily life. Where I get to work doing what I love and lead people to be the best version of themselves. Also a life where I step fully and completely into an unapologetic spiritual approach where the word witch doesn’t scare everyone. A life where woman are worthy just by being and not by doing or becoming. The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is one where no limits are possible in the amount of power I can hold, in the amount of legacy I can leave, and in the amount of magic I can create.
    Love you both.

  70. Anita

    Thank you Marie for this important interview. I could relate so well with Liz’s talk. I have been through similarities and have been torn with having to make hard decisions. We women all need to bring out our true inner strength and power!

  71. So freaking AWESOME episode! The best one since 2014 (since I follow you). Kudo Glennon and Marie!
    The truest and most beautiful story about my life I can imagine is to mentoring women to become their untamed self to shine their light onto the world.

  72. “Our imagination is not where we go to dream up something but it’s where our truest reality is.” – this touched my soul. Thank you Glennon and Marie. Also, G, where is that fierce dress from?! You are ? !

  73. Natasha

    Just watched a video with the author and you asked for us to send you ‘the most beautiful story of my life’ it actually is what I am living now and have always have-no fear for the Truth! I want to let the ‘cheetah’ know that she has the good approach, but her destination is a lie! Maybe in American society and probably British as well, women are taught whatever she said, but I grew up with a fierce father of a dreamer, he had 6 girls and he allowed us to dream without borders and to put no limits of what a human can do together with the knowledge of the Actual Truth and the True God- and to fully trust Him Only, to doubt and question every human Made and fake thought That limits God and what He can accomplish through humans who fully trust Him! Humans did not create the universe and they cannot abolish any of its laws. ‘The world’ as she calls it – is The godless society’s day they are the ones who create those heavy burdens on themselves and others. That humans are the ones who limit God with their thinking. God is all powerful and without limits- he gave us that power as well, through our faith in Him-that is where the true boldness comes in! You can love and respect a woman by being good friends, but marriage between two women or two men is not from wisdom but from the lust of the flesh- it is no different than rapists And murderers.

  74. Lacey

    One year ago to the week, I stepped off the ‘known’ and sold my amazing (and affordable) home… then moved into an RV. I knew I wanted a different life, I needed trees and land, I needed the WILD in me.
    I also knew I wanted to create an artists retreat (never been to one, although I’m a visual artist) but I simply felt this was my highest calling – to help women become creative in every aspect of their lives.
    Glennon just helped me remember how to find my wild. I already bought the land a few months ago which, coincidentally? (I don’t believe in coincidences) is only a mile outside of a tiny artist’s town I had never even heard of before I began searching – where land for sale is extremely rare – and my vision is to build small cabins where guests can stay, with a giant Barn where we will do the creative work. Soon it will be time to help others achieve their creative dreams.
    I want to be untamed again. It is time for me to create my own WILD out here among the trees. Oh, and I started writing a book the very week I moved last year ~ it’s all about building our Big Dream out of thin air. I even partially lost my (physical) voice as I was making my trek across Texas and it only returned soon after I set foot on this property I bought.
    Thank you Glennon, you have given me my voice and – DAMN – is it powerful!

  75. The truest most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine –
    I LIVE Creative Dying… Then I CREATE it!
    I serve and heal there, then I die there.
    ( – The Creative Dying project is my vision for the future of end of life care. It’s about acknowledging death and planning for it so we can make the juiciest, most authentic lives possible while we’re still here. The future of Creative Dying includes a network of beautiful, inclusive, community-based, psychedelic-infused dying centers. Where we can live and die however the heck feels right.)

  76. (gulp) – Story is from Helena to Hollywood. Making my life here and creating art there. Gotten my film acting training, industry standard tools from the LA, Portland, Atlanta, built my resume in Montana. Films are now making their way out of Montana! First short film played in Hollywood last year. This week, I’m in Idyllwild International Film Festival in California and nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award. Been smacked in my heart tender places with SO many “no you can’t do it that way, you are playing patty cake, you are not going anywhere”… not seeing any example around me of how to do it, scared out of my mind and shaking alone in my own boots, started figuring it out by stubbornly tuning that out and swan diving face first deep into myself, terrified of my own great talented stuff – crafting my path from .my. soul’s voice creativity, integrity and direction and often, that doesn’t make logical sense.

    On.point. F*** yes. Felt an absorbing of what she was saying like warm chocolate chip cookies melting in my mouth first out of the oven and my whole being saying hells yes, more of these! All of it. Yes to the wilds of my inner blueprint I’ve been creating which steps out of existing structures and yes to the bravery Glennon had sharing with you and in her new book. And yes to helping put some amazing validating words on things I’ve been doing and being… but not really knowing and trusting down deep if I was owning the good kind of crazy which IS the best-truest story I’m creating my actress path which is outside of some of the has been structures. Thank you for this MF episode today ? Big loves! xo ?

  77. Liz

    So amazing. Thank you!
    I often feel shame from my childhood, growing up in a traditional household with a mother who shamed and tamed me thoroughly. After two kids, hubbie and turning 40, everything’s been slowly changing. I Know my dharma and am slowly but surely following it’s path, and I have no fear even of dying, as this growth and progress is all that matters. I fulfill my duties as mother and husband to a certain extent still. Running away from all of that would not be best for me now and I know that. I think it’s important to know what is the best thing for yourself. I realize that leaving would destabilize me to the point that I would not be able to live my truth quite as well. Having a family helps ground me. It’s so interesting to hear other stories of “freedom” and write about my own. The greatest vision for my life? I have imagined it for a while now… having loved ones near, practicing my spiritual and artistic work with clients, taking hikes with my dog.
    I would like to know that men are “tamed” in their own way by society, but I do beleive have been less manipulated than women. I recently read the book Ninth Street Women – a great read for looking at different wild women and their relationships to their work and men. I would recommend it. Thank you again to both of you, for this awesome discussion!

  78. WHOW!!!
    What a spectacular and deeply inspiring conversation from two BADASS women.
    THANKS from a cheetah sister in Norway.

  79. Alexandra

    I fell in love with my ballroom dance teacher and partner. That kind of love that paralyzes you the second you lay your eyes on them. The kind of love that happens so unexpectedly and randomly, that the universe could only be responsible for something like this. My “Prince Charming”, as books would call it. After a year of dancing, competing, learning, succeeding, and being intimate and vulnerable with each other, we decided to pursue a relationship off of the dance floor. This required me to give up dance, the one thing I knew I loved (no fraternizing policies) in hopes to gain a different kind of love, but to me it was worth it. Our relationship was intense, and fast, and wild, and we both knew this is who we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. Until I had this feeling of uncertainty, a feeling that something wasn’t right, but I ignored it. The love I had for him was so much stronger than my uncertainty … Until it wasn’t. My anxiety was through the roof and my body was in physical pain, like it was screaming “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!”. We decided to break up because neither of us could take the constant anxiety anymore. From the heartbreak and desperation for our love to work, I dove head first into therapy and healing. And the most beautiful thing happened. I found myself. I opened my eyes to all the ways I wasn’t living in alignment of who I truly was not just in my intimate relationships, but in all aspects of my life. I am now in a healthier physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual place than I’ve ever been, and I am committed to living a life of authenticity. I am still dancing, competing, learning, succeeding, being intimate and vulnerable, but this time it is with myself and for myself. Those books would say this wasn’t a happy ending because I didn’t end up with my “Prince Charming”, but instead I found a soulful sensitive badass Queen (that’s me!), who wants to inspire others to dig deep and find that Queen I am certain is in every one of us.

    Thank you Glennon and Marie!! This is truly something special.

  80. I can’t stop crying. This video hit home is so many ways. A few years ago I opened a business called Girls Outside the Box. A small retail store divided into themes of different styles of girls. The girly girl, country girl, adventurer, geek, athlete, free spirit and artist. I also have an area for events. I have arts, crafts, activities, book club and guest speakers, highlighted empowerment. My wildest dream would be for this to be a franchise. A space dedicated to girls where they can shop products that reflect who they are, and a space where they can create, explore and learn. My walls are covered with pictures of girls/women who are making a difference. It’s important to me for them to be able to see girls that look like them, doing things that make a difference. My problem is I simply don’t have friends or a “tribe”my only supporter is my husband. I got married at 16 and have been married for 40 years. He has always encouraged me to be myself and believes I am capable of incredible things. This morning over coffee he casually said he thought girls were coming in to have fun doing crafts and that I wasn’t really making a difference. My heart sunk. I would have thrived in a place like the one I created, while I was growing up. To be able to go to a place dedicated to empowering girls, ALL girls. I have all great reviews and such great feedback and now I’m wondering if my husband is right. I’ve worked so hard to make a difference. I feel like I’ve created a space for girls like one I needed growing up. I’ve been tamed in so many ways and my cheetah wants to rip her cage apart. I thought I was with this store and now I wonder…..

    • Cheryl, I just wanted to tell you not to doubt the things you are doing to make beauty and safe space in the world just because of someone’s casual and completely subjective comment. I’m an editor and an author and I have been blown out of the water by the unexpected responses I’ve seen to authors’ books and even some of my own.
      What I’ve learned from this career is that we have no idea how something we do affects someone else’s heart. Whether it just gave them a beautiful day, completely change their life, or kept them on this planet. If people are coming to your shop, then it’s making meaning for them, and you can’t know how deep that is. Just love where you are and what you’re doing and how it’s helping now. And if and when it is time to evolve into something even greater, you will start feeling it. But don’t let casual comments make you doubt your contributions.

      • Lol… And of course there would be a typo. The life of an editor..

  81. Steph

    What an uplifting interview! What an interesting & amazing chain of comments! And yet… I hear this little voice within me say, “What if my wildness is not a cheetah? What if I’m a chipmunk?” I mean, it takes all kinds of people to make this world, right? There’s a hint of conditioned, defensive humour with that thought, but truly, if we honour the reality of our essence, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we must not try to force or bully ourselves to all be cheetahs? That the point is for us to shake off the shoulds & be who we truly are? You’ve given me a lot of thought-fuel here; I can’t wait to read Glennan’s book!

  82. Judith

    Gives me chills. I have always been a wild woman, an introvert, don’t do anything anyone tells me to do, trusts my gut always, people pleaser to the max, and fierce Mama to my now grown beautiful son. I don’t know Glennon’s work but I have been dreaming of wild big cats pacing and fiercely stalking my inner most thoughts. I am ready to tear up my dirty pink rabbit and light out on a new adventure in my 60th year! Blessings and many thanks.

  83. Thank you sooo much for this amazing video which just confirmed all of my thoughts, struggles, wishes, doubts, fears and things I have been feeling and writing about.

  84. Danielle Benevento

    In my life I have the opportunity to see the world through my own unique sight. The excruciating pain of losing my brother brought me to my knees, through an uncontaminated place of surrender. The Buddhist faith teaches that death is life’s greatest teacher. In the haze of unknowing, and prolific confusion I walked through a space of knowing into the unknown. As impermanence has become the greatest lesson of my life. Knowing that nothing matters allows me to step into a place where everything means, the smell of spring, a blackbirds stoic profile on a streetlamp are the art in my day. Breathing truth, like water. The last text I received from my brother said “it’s crazy how things work out.” Which has become a reminder of timing and trusting in the essence of life, and in him. As I dream and the sweetness of his soul surrounds me I am lucky to love so much, and step into what means. With the baton he passed me held loosely into a life of wonder, the gift in the tragedy, from overwhelm to trust, the smell of my dogs squishy paws, and a gentle swim unattached yet fully alive. His gift . His love. The life of my wildest dreams.

    As I am aware that my response is unconventional, and I have been tempted to reframe into a conversational response. Though if I did I would be pulling my punch and cheating myself out of expression, and sharing a piece of my soul. This is my truest response to the question asked, full of quirk, and if I answered it any other way my post would have tasted like cardboard. Which I am reminding myself I buried that cardboard box under a full moon last night.

  85. Clea

    Hi Marie and Glennon, this was a wonderful interview! Alas, I just finished writing a book about the last several years of my life, how I left my ex-husband in Thailand where we were living to come back to the US while I was 5 months pregnant. I had discovered that he had been cheating on me for 20 years with prostitutes and miscellaneous call girls and I had sacrificed my business to go to Thailand to help him with his career. One day after having my baby in the US, I discovered I had cancer and it got even worse before it got better. Anyway, we all go through dark times… The interesting part is that I just sent my book to the editor last week and its title was and has always been “Untamed”. Well, I guess I’m going to have to find a new title now. Perhaps I will call it, “Undeterred”… LOL. I am so happy for you and Glennon, creativity is so healing and life-giving! Thank you again! (I am in B-School and loving it! <3)

  86. I resonated so much with this interview, as well as the amazing comments other listeners have posted here. Thank you all so much for sharing your dreams, insights and struggles. It definitely makes me feel less alone in this journey towards fulfillment. ?? My untamed dream would be to own a beautiful piece of property in Upstate NY, where I could start a Permaculture style food forest and huge organic garden. I’d like to grow a large portion of the food needed for myself and my husband, but I’d also like to sell my fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers at local farmer’s markets, AND donate a lot of the bounty to food pantries. I would live in a modestly sized, yet open and light-filled home, where I could (unskillfully, yet happily) practice yoga, make jewelry/art, as well as write and cook a ton! In addition, I’d love to be a “professional philanthropist” of sorts. I dream of donating time, money and additional resources to organizations like Kiva, local/national environmental conservation organizations, public garden programs, and animal rescue groups. If I could accomplish these dreams, I feel that I’d achieve the satisfying harmony between mind, body and spirit that I’m striving for. I’d like to shed my dirty pink bunnies that are statements like, “your main goal should be making as much money as possible,” “you’re too sensitive and too much of an introvert,” or “what is your life going to amount to at 35 years old with no children?” Hearing things like that is so painful coming from loved ones, but I’m already too wild to have chased those bunnies for long. That being said, it’s so comforting to know there are others who are trying to break free from being tame, all in their own ways! 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Jess!
      Your untamed dream sounds deeply nourishing on every level. You’re definitely not alone, either. There are lots of us sensitive introverts refusing to chase the pink bunnies dangling in front of us! You’re with your people here!

  87. This episode of MarieTV was absolutely inspiring, joyful-heartbreak-tear-causing, and so very much needed. I appreciate Glennon’s candor (always), as she inspires me to be more untamed and honest in my own life. I am a woman, who has a partner who is also a woman, and so much of my life has been spent hiding this part of myself and my sexuality. Hearing from her on living out an untamed life is exactly what I need to hear as someone who’s relationship defies cultural standards, AND who’s sensitivity has been criticized throughout the years. Glennon serves as a reminder that ALL of these parts of me are the GOOD STUFF that I can share with the world, and THAT only helps me to better serve my clients and other beings in my life. Thank you Glennon and Marie! I appreciate you so much! xoxo

  88. The truest most beautiful story of my life is that stay in alignment ALWAYS with this quote, “May my heart be brave, My mind be fierce and My soul be free.” I will continue to be a heart and soul driven seeker of freedom for myself and others to do the three most vital ( I think ) things every human being should be constantly striving to do – be loyal to their wild nature, grow constantly, and ready to serve others with the treasures they unearth through that loyalty and growth so that we can all strive to be the truest highest versions of ourselves – and free everybody the fuck up from having been tamed in the million little ways we have been! I could write a book on what it all took to get me here, but instead I’ll move from truth to beauty. A beautiful life for me means getting over myself ( ego and fears) so completely that I can fully and deeply connect and be present, stay healthy, love expansively, be compassionate, and make sure I have enough energy to protect and elevate always vs ever judge or feel insecure. It’s an inside job. On the outside…travel would be nice…and a life full of dance and art and all that gorgeous stuff creatives go nuts over most of the time. And if I may plug B-school – I can SO CLEARLY see how it’s going to get me so much further down that path so much more quickly than I ever ( if ever) could have done myself. I adore Marie and her guests. Her work has changed my life so profoundly…that for once…I’m outa words! Love you all at Marie Forleo <3

  89. I’m working on a new business (with b-school!) and it’s been a long time coming. For the past 15+ years I knew I had a different calling. I prayed to understand / see what that special gift was that I had to share. About 2 years ago I had clarity like I never expected. I cried and laughed and I felt the universe hug me all over and say “yes!!”. It shook me to the core! NOW I’m working towards making it all a reality. And slowly, it’s happening. But my dream is this. I WILL be a successful, meaningful pattern designer. My art will fill beautiful spaces, help bring awareness to the beauty of our food, the benefits of growing and eating vegetables, AND I will help those with food insecurity. I will make beautiful things AND make a difference.

  90. Jdk

    I’ve never really lived my authentic life. In my most beloved dream for myself I would wish that. To have been what I truly was meant to be. I’ve had a million jobs but never work that was true to my gifts or talents. Everyone talks about their wild self and their voice that was not heard because they were shut down. That was me but I was authentically quite by nature and being that young girl I was also shut down as well. I was made to feel like there was something wrong with me because I was shy and quiet instead of being allowed to be that way and listened to when I felt the need to share something. Why is it so bad I thought to be quiet? That’s just me but I’m listening to others and I do have things to say I just need more time to share them. I was an observer and thinker, or dreamer. Some girls need more time to come out if their shell and blossom but it’s ok, I thought. When I had my kids I felt it was so important to let them be the people they were. Not like everyone else but themselves. My son was very shy like me and I asked the teachers to please don’t let him feel odd like something is wrong with him. He just needs his own time to grow. They assured me that they would never do that and they didn’t. He is now a man living his true life using his true gifts and talents. My daughter was more outgoing and I loved that, she was always happy. She too is living her life happy and doing work that makes her happy. They are the best children anyone could ask for and they are my biggest supporters. I would like to be creating and doing art that no body tells me “ you’re not good enough.” I listened to those words and always listened to what others thought if me instead of what I though about myself. I didn’t agree with them but I always listened. Like some of the other ladies stories I don’t like being dependent on someone else for support. I never made enough to support myself and have always been married. I believe in marriage but we should always be able to support ourselves if our spouse leaves deliberately or leaves us by dying. I am 62 now and I still want to live the rest of my life being an artist and creator and also using those gifts to help other young quiet girls blossom and fly as they learn how to be their authentic selves and hear their voice, not someone else’s voice or what someone else thinks they should be say or do. I always believe it is never to late to be who you were meant to be. ???

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      I can relate to so much of this. I was painfully shy as a kid, and now I’m often the loudest, boldest presence in the room!
      “Some girls need more time to come out if their shell and blossom,” so right on! And yes, it’s never too late to be who you were meant to be.

  91. Andrea

    Once upon a time, there was a girl that felt free to do everything her heart told her, she could explore the world, be curious, create from an unlimited source that just kept giving her ideas and possibilities. That is the most truest and beautiful story about myself. The one that has not limitations or paralysing fears. It is the story of freedom and conviction. I dream of the day that I can say, write and do everything I imagined without worrying about what other people would think, or how they would judge me. But let me tell you that the story already begun. Little by little I found freedom in the jail of my own skin. One day I wanted to be someone completely different, I was tired of people saying Andrea is so perfect, and accomplished and she always plans everything and has an answer. One day I wanted to say hell no! I am not that person anymore. And I gave myself the great opportunity of feeling lost, of not knowing, of not having certainty about anything, that day my liberation begun and it keeps happening everyday, with every small step I take away from the controlling perfect girl I used to be, that was so afraid of freedom.

  92. Kim

    I’ve watched almost every one of your Marie TV episodes, and while all brilliant…this one got to me in a way no other has. It struck an inner cord that I didn’t even know was there. I honestly haven’t been able to stop the tears from flowing. While I am not ready to share my truest and beautiful story with the public (yet!), I am definitely going to write it down to see where it takes my future self. I’ve already ordered Glennon’s book (on express-shipping) and can’t wait to tear into the pages. Thank you, both, for all you do. xo

  93. Sandra Vizcarra

    I just spent all morning listening to this book on Audible – holly FUCKING amazing! I have been digging into wanting to do something about this INDOCTRINATION I ran from at 18 when I then FREE’d myself by moving far away, far from all I knew, far from the “stories” I was told to be and learned WHO I TRULY can be, an extremely sensitive soul, highly intuitive who just “knew things” and had influence on people with all this passion I carried inside. I always felt and KNEW something was off within what I was being taught and what I was being shown. I was always told I was too sensitive, it’s all in my head, stop crying, stop this…. stop being YOU and stay quiet, small, shunned.
    I was born into the Jehovah’s Witness “Religion/Cult” and was attached the label of “Shunned” when I ran to the “Elders” you know, those men who have all the rules to keep us controlled and I excitedly, kindly told them of all the “SINS” I had and would continue to commit. It felt so good I almost gave them the middle finger and told them to Fuck off when I asked if I repented. Looking back, I miss that Warrior badass so much and now deeply learning to Untame and unleash again. Though I did do a ton of healing in my 20’s, so much so I was on my way to being a Life Coach, but a twist took place. I got pregnant at 30 and came back home….to face everything I had ran from, ran back to the people who knew me 18 years ago, to the ones that had me still “Labeled” – who kept me in a box.
    And though I was initially my bright, cheery self, I slowly allowed my environment to get into my head and allowed myself to dim my light so that I can fit into their boxes. I just realized this level of awareness about a year ago, I realized I had been blaming everyone, I grew angrier and more confused. I started wanting to be the best mom and was great… AM GREAT but as my son was getting older I knew I started to revert back to what I had seen growing up and these Shadows were rearing their head nasty! I finally realized I had never healed nor felt the shunning and the feelings it brought into my life and I kept trying to shove down for years. I got busy partying, numbing and telling everyone to Fuck off as I lived MY LIFE and going through my initial healing… but this level of “Unworthiness” and “Shame” was still being carried around. So for this past year, I’ve been allowing myself to feel, feel and feel, undo, undo and undo, and holy shit, this ain’t easy. I thought I was already a Free Spirit, I thought I knew how to do this easily! I can conceptually understand and KNOW but the patterns of beliefs and habits keep wanting to rear their head only now… I observe it, feel it and figure out how to not make it about everyone else. I am REWIRING my brain, allowing myself to heal through it so that I can continue to let my light shine and learn to UNTAME the person I KNOW I can be. A highly intuitive, sensitive Warrior who has the power to help those who need this type of healing transform. To help those women who may be trying to leave this religion, have left yet harbor these same feelings to understand they ARE MORE than what these indoctrinated beliefs taught us. But before I can do that, I must continue to LET IT BURN (a mind-blowing chapter in the book) continue to take the steps to heal and allow my vulnerability to be part of this healing. Use my imagination and visualization which I was never “allowed” to have but know that this discontent IS evidence that my Imagination has NOT GIVEN UP ON ME and is trying to get my attention! Thank you Marie, Thank YOU GLENNON for solidifying that I am on the right path with all my “undoing” – and yea, there is NO GOING BACK!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      There is no going back, Sandra! The highly intuitive, sensitive Warrior in me sees the highly intuitive, sensitive Warrior in you! Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us!

  94. What a gift to have this interview find me today. I have been in an “awakening” for almost a year, intensely for the last few months. After being married and with the same partner for almost 27 years, I am finding my voice or I guess listening to the voice that has been there all along, but I keep telling her to be quiet. When I told a friend about what I’m going thru she came to me the next day with a quote from Glennon (who I had never heard of until then) “We think our job as parents is to protect our children from pain and heartbreak, but in fact our job is to hold their hands and walk them thru the fire and show them that it will be ok/they will survive” I”m sure that’s not the exact quote but I have held it with me for weeks and every time I try to tell it to someone I start crying.

    I have worked so hard to be the “perfect wife and mother” that I have left myself in the dirt, to be forgotten and walked all over. And now, as I wake up to my true needs, it is painful. My husband is so angry that I am shining light on how I feel. And I’m scared to admit the life that I imagine. But here it is: I own the home I live in now, title in my name. My dearest friend is able to live on the land with me, in a “tiny-ish” house at the back of the property. We have a thriving garden and chickens and we support each other in raising our children. I am an an artist and illustrator who can work from anywhere and makes a strong income that supports our life and going on adventures with my kids. I am my own woman. I’m not sure i will partner again, but if I do, it will be a partnership built the balance of two whole people who can share love but do not require care taking/giving to fill the empty spaces. And my children will see me happy and thriving and leaving behind my martyr/resentment in the past.

    That’s what I’ve got right now. And I pray for the bravery to carry it out. Either way, I’m listening to this podcast more than once and getting the book! I need all the reminders I can, that it’s ok to be my free, wild self. It’s more than ok.

  95. Virginia

    The truest, most beautiful story about my life…

    Whether I say yes or no, whether I agree or disagree, whether I take up space or accommodate or compromise…. I am conscious and alive… not numbed.
    I am safe to do so.
    Whether I choose to do the thing or not, choose to say the thing or not, choose to compromise or not, choose to give love or not, I choose to do so because it is the next right thing.
    I am safe to do so.
    I can feel my deep feelings and I am safe to do so. I can handle my deep feelings without numbing them. I celebrate my feelings, my knowing, and those whom I hold space for love me for this. They may not understand. They may not agree. Those who matter to the truest story of my life may not understand or agree, but they accept me when I speak up for my truth.
    I am safe to fight. I am safe to be loud. I am safe to feel sad, angry, prideful, impulsive, courageous, imperfect, risky, joyful, content, loved. I am safe to be wrong.

    I am safe when I’m scared. I am safe when others don’t approve or agree or even like me. I am safe when I am alone. I am safe when people I love don’t love me. I am safe when people and things leave my life when they don’t love the wild in me.

    I create art. I build communities around me and others who want to be wild. Communities where people can suffer, cry, grow, love and challenge one another with their truest voices. Warriors of truth. Warriors who rise together, take risks together, feel alive together, come home together.

    And I am safe to do so.

    I am safe to say no to the cages disguised as opportunities.
    I am safe to say no to anything that numbs my wild
    I am safe to say yes to everything that wakes my wild
    I am safe in my wild

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So powerful, Virginia! “I am safe in my wild.” May we all be safe in our wild!

  96. Bo Eun

    That I dare to be seen as myself. That I dare to live out loud with my gifts. That I know my beauty and worth from within and don’t feel sorry for radiating it, because I know it’s not unique to me; everyone carries this innate beauty and worth.
    That even though in my lineage no-one has walked the path I am walking on, I do it with full permission and love for myself! I need not explain what I am doing, why, because I only really belong to myself. No one owns me.
    That every decision I make, person I befriend, love I dare to express comes from the place of calm courage and real love. I no longer mimic what I believe a good friend, daughter, sister would do. I go inside to know what to do next; she knows.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is all kinds of amazing, Bo! Yes- she knows. She does indeed know!

  97. Loved this. The answer to your question is the day I saw myself in my daughter’s eyes. A time when my spirit was broken, my marriage over and my self confidence below zero. I felt empty and basically living on autopilot for the sake of my kids. Living in a toxic relationship and allowing this to continue ( I take full responsibility of staying so long in it) inevitably, I saw myself in my daughter’s eyes as she scolded me for helping my then husband who had just prior to that belittled me. Her angry tone of voice as she stood strong above my weakness ordering me to stop shocked me into reality. I then saw a vision I would under no spoken terms ever allow for my daughter. So why was I teaching her to be quiet, to be timid and polite? Why was I showing her that I am allowing someone to treat me in an unacceptable way? This wasn’t the role model I wanted for her, this wasn’t me. ‘Me’ was hiding somewhere inside that shell of fear and doubt. I saw my reflection, I woke up and for the first time in years I could breathe and then and there knew what I had to do.
    My rebirth.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So, so beautiful, Tina! I can feel your aliveness. The breath of your rebirth. Thank you for sharing!

  98. This interview gave me so many chills. It was beautiful and true and such a gift to hear. Thank you, Glennon and Marie, for being two incredible cheetahs and for putting words to the intuitions I hadn’t been able to (or dare) to verbalize. Thank you for the clarity and the permission. I can’t wait to read Untamed and then put it on the shelf next to my copy of Everything Is Figureoutable. So much love and gratitude!

  99. Kristel

    Hi everyone,
    Wow what a beautiful MarieTV and inspiring comments. It’s touching.
    As watching this episode and hearing the question I am writing from France. Originally Dutch, I followed my love to France saying goodbye to my fulltime job and well not family and friends as I am luckily still able to visit them regurlarly (sorry if my English writing isn’t flawless 😉 ).

    Here I started dreaming and living my dream: starting a coaching and retreat centre for all the beautiful people out there that want to live their lifes from a place of meaning and Being, that are struggling with depressions, anxiety, stress and not being able to find their connection with a deeper meaning, God, the Universe however they call it. A centre not just for people who are able to pay but also for those with smaller budgets or none. For now I have started with coaching people in the Netherlands and France (hosting them for a long weekend or week if they’re from abroad). But my absolute dream is to have a place in France in the green valleys, that’s peaceful, loveful and for everybody.
    So far it’s been quiete a ride as an entrepreneur. I didn’t imagine I would run into so many of my own fears starting a business! The main one being not feeling good or smart enough to be heard. It literally closed off my throat. With some help of inspiring people, their content and books like Marie, Gabby but also a business coach I gets easier to speak my truth and show my authentic self. Didn’t realize it could be that hard but I am learning to have patience (with myself mainly) and celebrate every victory, post, video that I am sharing and that makes me happy and feeling inspired. In my truest most beautiful life story I find it easy to speak and share my truth, inspiration, lessons and experience and I enjoy doing it. I feel strong and #untamed! Reaching many many many (dare I say thousands, hundred thousands) beautiful people, helping them finding their own voice, meaning and helping carry the ripple effect of awakened, developping people.

    This episode is another reminder for me to start getting more and more untamed. Giving me extra courage to do so and enjoy the ride. Lot’s of love! Kristel

  100. Helen

    OMG, I love this episode. Already this interview brings up the untamed energy. I can feel it. Wow! I think about a studio-session a few weeks ago. I was recording my own song, together with a great producer and some great musicians. When hearing the result I had some issues with some chord and beat choices. The producer and musicians all liked it – and I was thinking like ‘well, they are better musicians, they probably know better – I need to stay open for other other things’… But everytime I listened to the track and those chords and beat-parts came along – I wiggled and wobbled (is that the right word in English?). And yeah, like Marie also mentioned, thát’s the voice! So I decided: No matter how talented and gifted those people are, those parts have to change. I said to myself: I am allowed to be ‘boring’, to be ‘unadventourous’, to be unconventional, to go the other direction (or whatever reason I’ve heard not to change those parts) – if that means I stay true to myself. My song is mine, and I will care for it with all my heart and soul – and it will be shaped the way I think it must be shaped. Wow, that felt so good. And I am so proud of the result – no matter what. Now seeing this episode, I can sooooo relate to it. To the untamed part. To that inner wisdom. And that needs to be fed. Over and over again. Release the untamed cheetah. I will get me a copy! 😀 Thank you, Glennon, for such an empowering book. Good luck!

  101. My story. My daughter, Luna and I are free. We soak up the sun in the morning, we talk about our dreams we are bold and brave and limitless. She sees from my example to take NO SHIT. I see from her example to expect miracles. My books, my lectures, my very presence in the world show other single mamas that they don’t have to be alone, tired, poor, scared-that rather joy, abundance, health, rest, support, dreams turning into reality can and will be theirs. We travel the world making a difference as a dynamic team but always come home to ground and restore. When she grows up she will tell her children how their gramma left an abusive relationship so we could be free and that the strength that was in their gramma is in them too. They will be proud of where they come from and I will leave a legacy that proves women are more powerful than anyone gave us credit for and that a mother without a man doesn’t have to be a single mom-she can be an Unattached Siren Mama falling in all that her heart desires, in freedom, with love all while demanding the life she knows she can build.
    Thank you G & M. Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This made me tear up, Sarah! I often think of my great-grandmother, who I’m named after. She divorced her husband and took her 4 children away to build a new life. This was in the early 1900s when that sort of thing did not happen. I can’t imagine what scrutiny (to say the least) she must’ve endured back then. And I truly believe that if it weren’t for her courage to do that, I wouldn’t have the life I have now. It’s so beautiful to hear you talk about doing that for the future generations of bold women you are paving the way for. In your own family and beyond!

  102. Anna

    This is now my favorite interview and guest! I’m going to buy Untamed!

  103. Francine

    Marie! Glennon! Warriors! This interview had me laughing, crying & sounding as if I was being punched in the gut! Thank you both. The past year has been an unexpected deep dive into who I am and how I got here. It’s been a rollercoaster and what I’ve learned has lead me to B-School and to being perfectly primed for Untamed. My truest and most beautiful story is where I find my free. I’ve been playing the role of a good wife & mother. A role I formulated by the age of 7 and have held fast to for the last 20 years. I’m no longer trying to be a better mother, wife, person. With my arms wide open I am returning to, and embracing, who I have always been.

  104. Christina

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    I spent today starting reading Untamed and working on B-School, week 2!
    Yesterday, I was working on a week 1 B-School assignment. I sent out a bunch of emails to folks I trust asking them what they think my 3 biggest strengths are.
    I realized listening to Glennon and Marie today, that I must be already on my way to being “untamed” because this is one of the things my mom said: “You are honest, sometimes brutally. When I need a true opinion on something I know you will tell me the truth. Also, if you are tired, or you have had enough, you let it be known. Not everyone is brave enough to do that.”
    I am telling every woman I know about Glennon’s book and I’m sharing this incredible interview. Because we all deserve to live our beautiful dream life!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Isn’t that assignment eye-opening?! We love hearing how you’re brave enough to be honest always — it takes courage to do so, and we’re proud of you. ?

  105. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!! Everything said was so powerful and “right on the mark,” I watched the interview twice. I found Glennon on youtube 2-3 years ago, before I found Marie. I was so impressed with one of Glennon’s Ted Talks I watched it a gazillion times, then Marie popped up in my right margin and of course I had to check her out. I’ve been watching Marie TV ever since.

  106. ….and I wanted to add I’ve been working on a book also…a children’s magical realism fiction novel who’s protagonist, interestingly enough is a 10 year old-girl suffering from self-abandonment. I realized when I started writing it 2 years ago I was revisiting my 10-year-old self. I have felt–for a long time–in order to get back to who we are we have to journey back to our inner child. They (the inner child) is waiting to be embraced and freed so they can grow. Occasionally I’ll have this conversation with a client in my therapy room and 9 times out of 10–that client is a woman. Kisses, hugs, and hearts to Marie and Glennon!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Oh we’re so excited for you and your book! Thank you for the work you’ve done personally and the work you do with others to embrace and free the inner child. It’s important, and we’re so grateful for all the heart and love you’re bringing forth.

  107. Deirdre Sheehan

    The truest and most beautiful story I have for my life right now is one where I have fully reclaimed my trust in me. Being on that path allowed me to finally say yes to B-School without a firm plan, has allowed me to begin to follow-through for me, has me taking steps to fully own my feelings and commit to self-care. I have recognized that my sensitivity is my superpower instead of believing it is what holds me back and keeps me small. I know I love learning and have a gift for expressing myself through writing. I believe women, when we reclaim ourselves, hold the key to bringing balance to this world and I want to do my part by fully becoming and putting that out in the world. For now, I am working on trusting me and walking through the unlocked doors of the cages that I have allowed to hold me for so so long.

  108. I’m not sure if my response is welcome here since I’m a man, but I’ll share it. People can be kept tamed by multiple and intersecting systems of oppression, not gender alone. In my case, class and place of birth effectively neutralized all other aspects of privilege, from gender to race to appearance, effectively communicating to me the messages of smallness, conformity, and subservience since I was 10 years old. Religion played a huge role in allowing this oppression to strangle my identity, my creativity, my real talents, and my calling for the majority of my life. And only at 25, coming to Spain, my place of true belonging and my true homeland (as opposed to the place where I was born and grew up) could I reconnect with the person I had been before the world told me who I was supposed to be. That’s where my lion heart finally started to roar after 15 years of silence and shame. That was the truest, most beautiful story about what my life could be. Once it’s appeared in front of me in high definition, in crystal clarity, in full glory, and in its intimidating bigness, there was no way back and I started working towards it. I got pregnant with an idea that became the biggest creative project of my life and its pivotal point. “Souls of Silence”, my book. Now, seven years later, this truest and beautiful story about my life has only broken against the walls of the American creative industry: over there, as it turns out so far, no amount of talent, perseverance, or commitment to change the world can make up for lack of privilege. However, I’m gonna share this broken story here. Maybe, as an obituary and a tribute to it. I don’t regret I believed it. I don’t regret I believed I was worth it. Because I really was. And it’s not my fault that the privileged, hypocritical America that I’ve come to know so far believed otherwise.

    So here’s the story.
    I leave Russia for good and leave all my trauma behind. I no longer work in jobs that take advantage of me, keeping me in poverty and semi-slavery. I no longer work in jobs that don’t match my inner purpose. Instead, I realign my life with the voice of my 10 y.o. self. I switch to full-time creative career. I move over to Europe or the U.S. Through my book, I make connections and get a scholarship for my education as a performing artist. I work my ass off for the first year, preparing to walk out in the arena. I get my body in good shape (after a lifetime of food insecurity and never having access to gyms). I resolve my chronic back pain and other issued I lived with for years for lack of access to adequate healthcare. I eliminate my accent in English and make my Spanish perfect. I continue writing poetry and music. I learn how to dance professionally. I get some side hustles to make my own money, aside from the scholarship. I travel. I network in a meaningful way. Through social media, I continue to grow my audience. I get to connect with more sensitive, fierce, wild souls like myself, committed to change the world for real. I find the love of my life. I release my first album, in English and Spanish at the same time. I start an innovative project on toxic masculinity and mental health with soccer clubs in Spain and the U.S. Using my artistic voice, I lead conversations redefining what it’s like to be a real man — conversations that liberate men from their cages, so they could come out to women coming out from theirs. I channel much of the money I earn with my art towards “warriors on the ground”, as Glennon calls them, and go out of my privilege bubble regularly to get on the ground myself and get in painful touch with trauma and heartbreak — to remind myself of my humanity inextricably shared with others. I fundraise through my connections and my audience. One day, I write a memoir about going for my big, white dreams from my barefoot, oppressed childhood. This story of person who stayed true to himself and didn’t break despite parental abuse, classism, corruption, systemic oppression, gaslighting, emotional abuse, sexual harassment and everything that set me up to NOT succeed in life. With my rawness, I inspire silenced and oppressed people to go for their true potentials no matter what, and never betray their goals even when one, two, three, or a thousand pathways do not lead them there — keep looking for those that do. I encourage people to not settle for anything less than they deserve, no matter how big of a distance lies towards there from their initial background. As a musician and poet, I make heartwrenching songs about universally relatable human experiences — love, joy, belonging, vulnerability, and the power of dreams, and they become commercially successful. As an activist, I lead meaningful conversations about intersectional social justice. Using my position, I say the truth about power and privilege. I make a difference in the world in the biggest, in the most effective way I ever could, not afraid to die any day, because I know that whenever it all ends, I will have truly lived.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Jorge, we’re so glad you’re here and we absolutely welcome your voice! One of the things that Glennon shared was that “there is no such thing as one way liberation.” When one of us finds our wild and liberation, that ripples out to others — including you and the work you’re doing.

      I love how you put “conversations that liberate men from their cages, so they could come out to women coming out from theirs” — this is what it’s all about. All of us coming untamed so we can meet each other in fullness.

      Thank you for being here with us and sharing your voice. Keep taking action — we believe in you.

  109. Jenny

    The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is that all the ideas I have written in my black book would come true. I have a notebook that I started to write business ideas and dreams five years ago. I have come to hate the book because it seems it is the place my ideas and dreams go to die, even to the extent that I have stopped writing in it because I don’t want them to die anymore. These ideas include opening an aquarium, establishing a neighborhood that is built for neighbors to help each other out (some cook, others clean) and reducing living expenses, developing a job posting site that actually covers what employees and employers are looking for (salary, hours, work expectations) at the very forefront. These ideas are put to the side because I don’t know where I can start on something so big while I am the primary support for my family and not risk our future.

  110. Lizzy

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but when I saw Marie’s text about the book I had to buy it immediately. I am looking forward to watching this interview once I finish reading the book. My heart is just shouting “YES!” over and over again as I read it. This is exactly what I am trying to do in my life right now by reaching out for help through treatment. Thank you Marie for using your platform to make the world a better place.

  111. Melinda Welch

    The truest most beautiful vision of my life includes love and acceptance for my three gay sons. It’s a difficult path and one this mama dragon breathes fire about one day and cries in solitude the next. It’s hard to keep it up. I forsee a world where I can let down the dragon and my LGBT sons can just be and I can just breathe.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Yes, this. We hold that beautiful vision, too, Melinda, and we’re so grateful for all you’re doing to help make it a reality. We’re sending you and your sons enormous Team Forleo love ?We believe in you and we’re here for you!

  112. WOW!!!!! ‘Children will only allow themselves to live life as fully as their parents lived.’ Ouch. Felt it.
    ‘Only accept a life as true and beautiful as the life we would wish for our children’ GOT IT. Mothers are models. Life fully lived.
    My gift for my children is to allow them to watch me grow and save myself, untamed myself – and help other mothers of daughters do the same. Thank you for clarifying my purpose. MUCH LOVE.

  113. Thank you – thank you – thank you – thank you – a million times thank you for sharing this. I needed this today more than you know.

    Just two weeks ago, I decided to leave something that has been a huge part of my life for the past 12 years because I could no longer make peace with abandoning myself to stay there. It’s scary to move out of what has been my reality for so long and to look ahead and see only a fuzzy picture of what could be out there for the real me, but I have to go.

    I have done this before in other areas of my life, and I can do it again. I will step out. I’ve realized I cannot do anything less.

    Then, this morning, I read Marie’s email about this episode in my inbox and copied down the last line because it made my soul wake up even more: “Celeste, it’s time to embrace ALL of you, exactly as you were born to be,” and I shared it with a friend because we both identified that we’re itching for something more.

    Now, after watching this episode, I can’t believe how fitting Glennon’s last passage is to my current situation. It’s literally like she wrote those words just for me, and it caused me to look up once more and say, “Okay, God. I’m listening. I’ll go.”

    So as I think about what lives in my imagination as the truest, most beautiful story about my life, I can only say this:

    It is me – the real me – showing up for myself, for my kids, for my family, my friends, and the mamas I work with day after day, walking in the work and calling, the mundane and extravagant, the adventure and the heartbreak I was made to walk in every single day. I am fully awake, fully present, fully alive, and completely me, and I have never felt so alive, so unleashed, so untamed.

    (an application of Glennon’s words for my specific situation) I don’t stay in rooms or conversations or relationships or institutions (or jobs or churches or meetings or friendships or moments) that require me to abandon myself any longer. I trust myself. I trust what my body is telling me to do. I look to the ones beside me who must stay, send them all the solidarity and love I can, and I pick up my junk and walk out slowly, deliberately, lightly into the sunshine. Oh God, how did I not realize that these doors were so easy to open? How is it they were never even locked? I could have left so long ago, but no matter – I’m leaving now.

    For me, there is something else, and I intend to find it.

    Thank you, Marie, Glennon, and Team Forleo. You’ve been a part of my personal transformation for over a year now, but tonight, you’ve become something more.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Oh Celeste. This is beautiful. We’re absolutely walking with you as you open those doors, and we’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your heart and shining your gifts. You’re already making a difference ?

  114. wow. this was such a moving episode. i read Love Warrior and thoroughly enjoyed the vulnerability and the surrender in the words. i was going through similar feelings of doubt and that whispering of, there’s something better out there, i just know it.
    the truest and most beautiful version of my life i can imagine is i act in accordance to my will, my desires that i hear and accept clearly every day, that i do work that makes a difference. that i don’t care what other people think of me and with that, i move how i wanna move. accepting the fact that, yeah, being married into a royal family would help me achieve a lot in this world: wooing nations, influencing policy, helping children and women and men all over the world, being admired and loved for my generous open heart, feeling incredible and uplifted, living wherever i please. feeling free within myself to help and be a servant where i best fit in, where my skills are best utilized. that i HAVE the experience and talent to make money on what i have to offer.

  115. I loved this video. Most of the time I’m pretty good at doing whatever the f$%k I want (a phrase I hear often at work is « why don’t you tell us what you really think, Maree ») but it is easy to fall into the tame traps. I especially related to the story about not liking someone because she’s confident and strong. It’s an easy trap to fall into so I make sure I question those feelings. Sometimes the person is indeed a bit of an [email protected]#%hole but other times when I question my conditioning and look deeper I’ll realise I have taken on others’ opinions rather than allowing myself to form my own. Question who you are told to dislike, because often they are the very people who are your allies.

  116. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    LOOOOOOOVED this interview so much! Love you both & I can’t wait to read the book! xo

  117. The truest most beautiful story about my life is that I lived it, unapologetically and completely authentically to my true self (not the self everyone told me to be, but the self I actually am).

    I wrote something in my 2020 goals journal that scared me so much I almost erased it. It was an exercise created by Hilary Rushford to write down what you would want your grandchildren to say about you and the life you lived and this is what I wrote,

    “She graduated college, but could not find a career she loved. So she read books, listened to podcasts and took courses to discover what SHE wanted and then CREATED it. She tried and failed, then pivoted and tried again UNTIL SHE FOUND A DREAM THAT IMPACTED THE WORLD.”

    When I reread the last words I had written in my journal, I immediately wanted to erase them. All the conditioning of my life told me the dream was “too big”, that it’s “not what I really want”, that “I don’t have what it takes” to impact the world enough to make a difference. But, something inside of me wouldn’t let me erase it. Something inside of me knew it wasn’t the words were wrong, it was the world that was wrong.

    I don’t know exactly what my THING is yet and I don’t know exactly HOW I will impact the world, but I know I will – I HAVE to –


    • Sarah E. Haykel

      So Great! Rock on and Ride it to it’s completion! So great Sistar! Aloha Nui Loa, Sarah :)!!!! Hugggs!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Amanda, those words you wrote in your journal gave me chills! Remember, as Marie says, clarity comes from action, not thought. Keep taking steps to discover your calling. We’re cheering you on! ?

  118. Amazzzing! Untamed means not getting better, it means being who we’ve always been! YES, Love this ! Thank you Marie and Glennon! LOVE your Works :)! Both of you!
    And…when we hear the voice, will we listen? :)!!!! YES, So Good!

  119. Marlene Rosen

    I absolutely love this question and found myself flowing with ideas that have been in my heart that I want to make reality. Here’s what I wrote:

    Rising up out of depression and sharing what happened and how I did it with the world and inspiring others to make the changes in their life to no longer fall into depression.

    Getting to a place of financial freedom and showing others how to get there too.

    Teaching children to believe in themselves and stay connected to their intuition as they grow.

    Teaching children about the wild world and how food is grown so they can make healthy choices.

    To live an untamed life, removing conditioned thoughts, having full freedom in the mind and spirit and being a model for others to do the same.

    To get to a place of full happiness and fulfillment and show others they can get there too. This is no need to play small or listen to others for our deep answers because we have all the answers inside

    To be brave and follow out all my desires from the heart – singing, making music, making movies, speaking on stages, writing books and poems, raising children, making money, building assets, teaching people, opening hearts, inspiring and feeding souls.

    Worry and fear no longer have as strong a hold on me.

    Thank you Marie for sharing this author with the world. Listing to the interview reminded me that feeling out of place is okay and its where I want to keep heading to be in full connection with my wild, true self.


  120. My beautifully imagined life story:
    A purpose-driven life without the constant need to compare myself, compete or live up to a cultural expectation of submissiveness and sacrifice. I imagine being secure, uplifting, and passionate. I imagine helping women (and men) in a safe (and super cool) space that I envisioned for years. Along with that, I supportive husband who admires, listens to and is lovingly honest when he has to be because he knows I am capable. I imagine time for me to work on my health, growth, creativity without guilt because I know I am not only doing it for me, but to keep on living with purpose knowing that I am getting better to serve others. I imagine being debt free and giving more. I imagine the fear, insecurities coming by as I watch. I imagine observing those feelings of comparison and inadequacy knowing that they are just that…feelings. I imagine waking up excited, thankful and ready to do it over and better everyday.

  121. Melissa

    God, this episode is so on-point, and I really needed to hear it today! I have often been considered “extra” myself or criticized for being “too humanitarian” or “too angry.” Critics, step aside.
    The truest, most beautiful image for my life: To be the creator I was born to be – a vibrant, unbridled artist with music and songs to share with the world. Music that moves people, heals people. Music that inspires change. I know that when I’m truest to myself, it will attract the right people. I see myself in a community of game-changers, who want to move the needle and walk the walk toward creating a better, safer planet. A life filled to the brim.
    Thank you for today’s episode!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Yes, Melissa! Make the music that brings you alive and it will touch others, too. We’re so grateful for your creativity — keep creating!

  122. Nisha Foerstner

    Cheetahs Everywhere unite and be free!

    Just had to say that.

    The switched hasn’t quite flipped yet for me, but I feel an energy rising, then disappearing, then rising, then disappearing,…. building slowly….

    I am a “Truth Seeker”, always have been. Was always too much, as my mother before me. Have worn a lot of egg on my face too for trying to be bold…. Anger? What would happen if I allowed myself to get angry? And, not at my mom! Such a waste of time and energy, but then where to redirect it? A little old for “mother issues”. So, what is true and beautiful for me? As my life has crashed around me? I have space. Space in which to create something. Space in which to find who I used to be. That is where I am now and the true and beautiful story of my life is me becoming me, fearless, loving and effective. Did I mention fearless? Untamed, wild, artistic and true – a multi-creative – my true and beautiful self: effective, determined, multi-creative who is surrounded by others who are true, effective, determined multi-creatives.

    Thanks Marie for introducing me again, to yet another interesting, vital human being.
    Thanks Glennon for being Untamed.


  123. Tara

    The truest story of my life would be feeling like I have worth, like I deserve to take up space in this world. Not hiding from people, and letting myself be seen. Using my voice, my true voice, and not being afraid of my own voice.

    Not being afraid of my own power. Not being afraid that people won’t like me if I begin to show that power.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Tara, thank you so much for being here. You are worthy, your voice is strong, and every time you claim your space you share your heart and the world shines brighter. We believe in you ?

  124. Melanie Knight

    What a flipping epic interview! I loved it. I got her book. Thank you Marie for introducing her to us/me. Fired up yo!

  125. Peter

    Wow. I am blown away by this interview. Having strong, empowered women in my life, especially my bad-ass therapist wife and my 20 year old film director student and social justice warrior daughter… I feel more confident that the future of our humanity is in good hands.
    I had an epiphany during the interview. Men are also trained to fit into a broken structure. I was one of those sensitive kids and I worked my ass off to swallow my pain and ignore my true self so I could become what I was “supposed” to be.
    It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I decided to follow my dream of being a cartoonist.
    But something else entirely is stirring inside. I feel a desire to embrace my true, authentic self fully and become whole again. More importantly I want to help other men who long for authenticity, who are tired of fitting in… to embrace their sensitivity as the super power it is.
    I believe that the old paradigm and structures for what it means to be a man are breaking down and it’s time to focus on the beautiful, strong and sensitive self that is breaking through.

    • Meg

      Peter, I was thinking as I listened that my partner might also enjoy this interview. He’s at a place where he, too, has realizing that he did everything he “should” do to this point and it didn’t “work out like it was supposed to” so now it’s all up for grabs, and what a marvelous gift that is. He’s a sensitive soul.

      • Peter

        Hey Meg. Thank you for sharing that. You two are fortunate to have each other!
        I suspect there are a lot of men who are feeling the calling to be more whole. Maybe some are realizing that the sensitivity they have stuffed away is actually keeping them from being the total man they desire.
        And I agree. What a gift!

  126. Wow. Wow. Wow. This has to be one of THE best conversations I have ever heard. The cheetah/pink rabbit story got me good. Tears in my eyes for the cheetah and how we humans feel the need to tame animals all the time like they need it. But it never occurred to me how we tame ourselves, or others tame us without us really knowing that is what is going on. I will be sharing this video with every woman I can because every woman needs to listen to these powerful words.
    I, myself, have lived a very tamed life. I have held myself back and kept myself small and quiet for fear of revealing my true self to others in case they don’t like who I am. I decided long ago that I was not worthy enough of using my voice but now I have been led to my beautiful place where I must use my voice to guide and support other women to find their voice. I have been angry for so long and hidden that from the world too but now I am going to use that anger to make a difference. I know it’s ok for me to be angry about certain things.
    I don’t usually listen to podcast episodes more than once or twice but I will be watching this one quite a few times so I can soak all of the goodness in. This is what I have been waiting to hear. I can’t wait to read the book to discover some more of this awesomeness.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Kelly! We’re so touched to know how this interview has resonated with you. YES to using your voice, to using that anger for fuel to make a difference, and for feeling it all. We’re so grateful you’re here and speaking up and helping other women do the same. Keep on taking action. We’re cheering for you ?

  127. Amazing amazing amazing. I love the interview .
    I’ve always been the untamed child. I do things my way or no way ??
    Little story
    I’m 56 !! Yesterday wanting to reorganise some finances, like did into a very small pension pot. I spoke to the company who sent me a ton of bumf to read through which I did but it didn’t give me that paper to sign to say yes that’s my decision give me my money !
    I then ring oh I have to speak to a financial adviser What ! AnyWay play the game woman rings me the following day. She says to change the policy I need to have a meeting with her She will want to know all about my finances then she will write a report on wether she thinks I’m suitable for this change of plan.
    I run my own business it’s not massive but has a dam good turnover for me and my husband to live the lifestyle we enjoy. (Im a bschooler alumni)
    I try to stay polite and organise the appointment which I’m then told will be 1 1/2 hours on the phone !!!!! I won’t even get to see this woman who wants to write a report on me to give me my money . I’m like what the F !!!!
    Two choices
    1. Go through it stay polite argh !!!
    2. Or cut of nose close policy and pay the taxman for having it all now. Reinvest where I choose.
    I’m not a tamed bunny
    I will be reading this book thank you so much for writing it. I could go on and on .
    With love

  128. My answer to this question. In the true, beautiful version of my life: my voice isn’t so ‘muted’ – I speak louder about and from my OWN truths rather than ‘transmitting‘ the truths I’ve spent years ‘learning about’ from others. I inspire more of ‘my people’ with my story and my unique gift of inspiration and love. I write myself a permission slip every day to put my needs and gifts on the table as valid. I look more towards my children and my health. I’m scared [email protected] but alive from withIN at the exact same time ?

  129. Nikita Wilson

    First, I was captured by this conversation between you too. I immediately went to Audible to get the audiobook because there’s something special about listening to someone speak their own words with their own feelings. The level of truth that is in this book is WILD! No one is safe! We ALL have to look at ourselves, think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and deal with our shit! And yet, I am so in love with this level of freedom. I’m on the chapter titled Racists, and as a black woman, I am not reading this chapter feeling self-righteous. I’m seeing ways that I have contributed to the same problems I CLAIM to be tired of experiencing! Glennon, thank you for speaking the truth that many refuse to admit. Yes it’s wild, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel even closer to God now as we continue to remove the fig leaves together.

  130. What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine? 

    Each morning I wake up just before sunrise to the sound of waves crashing and lapping the shore. A cool breeze meets my skin with a good morning kiss as I stretch out my muscles and open my eyes. I can hear my house is starting to wake up and my children giggling as they ask each other what they dreamed about (it’s our thing). My days feel pretty relaxed but everyday I still manage to accomplish something fulfilling and impactful to my purpose and to others. Myself, my husband and children are all healthy and happy. We laugh and cry and cheer and scream and support and demand and know that’s we are all doing our best in following our unique passions for life. We feel awake and alive and even thought the imperfect is there we are real and raw and authentically open to showing up as our truest selves. My husband is doing what he loves, creating music and collaborating with other incredible artists who “get him” and who see him fully. Our days are silly and energy filled. Sometimes we spend the mornings singing and dancing around the kitchen as we all prepare breakfast together. Sometimes the kids climb into out bed after breakfast and we tell the lamest jokes, play the would you rather game or reminisce about what like was like “before” we were born. Week days are routine when the kids have school, I spend my days filming, recording my podcasts, coaching or creating /cooking, playing on the beach and swimming with my family and friends after school. We ALWAYS have dinner together, either by the outdoor fire or inside overlooking the sea and we all pitch in to tidy up. Lazing around on a hammock with a good book or writing in the evenings is one of my favourite things to do, we have a gigantic library filled with so many stories (some are even my own).
    We grow our own vegetables and live on an amazing property filled with fruit trees, the kids have a variety of pets they take care of and who roam around the property at their leisure. We have private accomodation on the property which we use to host wellness retreats for women, ceremonies and workshops. I coach women and run workshops internationally as well as from my beautiful home and sanctuary. I walk/hike daily and run with my husband a few times a week. We have a date night every night before we go to bed where we sit on the balcony with a cup of herbal tea and share all the moments we are grateful for and the new things we had learned/ experienced/ read about that day. We have an amazingly beautiful sex life! My husband is the most beautiful, funny and sexy soul I know, at any age can rock a backwards cap and still makes my toes curl. Financially we are in a position where our home is paid off and we don’t have a mortgage, both of our businesses are running amazingly and we are able to see growth happening every year in our profits. We are aligned with purpose driven work where we can give and provide support to those that are in need and we involve our children in our philanthropic work also which they love.

    Our parents and siblings live close by or visit as often as possible. We all have a very close relationship yet still feel free to be and do as we will.

    Every night before I go to bed I listen to the waves and thank god for all of the moments I am blessed to be able to share and experience.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Aleisha, this is beautiful! I love how you began and ended with the waves ? We’re holding your vision in our hearts, too, and are cheering you on as you bring all the parts of this into reality. Thank you for sharing what is true and beautiful with us. ?

  131. marsha kydd

    I want to be the cheetah that ate the f…… guard.

  132. Margaret McCormick

    I’ve been a fan of Glennon’s for YEARS, way back when she was writing her first blog. It’s been interesting to watch her evolve. This interview was SO GOOD – I listened to the last half of it on my drive in to my office this morning (n.b., I’m in B-School now so that soon, I don’t have to have a drive to the office every morning) where she read the quote from the end and it made me weep. It obviously touched something buried deep in side of me. So, today I will pay attention to that. Like Glennon, I have recently realized that the “shoulds” I pursued in my life didn’t get me where I wanted to be. The “rules” are up for grabs now, and anything goes. Does that make me a Cheetah?? Thank you, Marie, for this interview.

  133. Mare

    Dear Marie and Glennon,

    Wow! What an interview! Loved the setting! Two friends comfortable enough to sit on a couch, shoes off and just talk. The only thing missing – both being in pajamas for a sleepover.

    There is something about sleepovers that attracts me. Most probably because I was never allowed to have them. My most beautiful story is to find friends, women friends, that I can have sleepovers with and talk about serious stuff like the both of you just did.

    I feel I need to be surrounded by like-minded women to get myself to the next step. It was so HARD getting through the first step. Getting divorced was really really hard for me. Everyone tried to keep me in my marriage. My uncle even offered to pay all my credit cards to get us out of debt because divorce isn’t allowed. I thought to myself, it really sucks to owe credit card companies, but if I take money from my uncle – he would own me. No way. So for 3 years I was shunned. It sucked, BIG TIME! I totally resonated with what Glennon was saying. All these cages I was forced to be in.

    I kept telling myself what I wanted in a marriage. I defined marriage for myself. I journaled about it and it’s taken 10 years and have the marriage I wanted for myself. Is it perfect? No! But I love it because it has all the ingredients. Out of one cage, now desperately needing to work on the next cage.

    I’ve watched many MarieTV episodes and this particular one attracted me because of everything Glennon said. She was talking about me! ( So looking forward to ordering the audio book right after I click the post button!)

    That feeling of being a different woman from others has always haunted me. Even in grade school. I just didn’t make friends easily and I still don’t. I have this KNOWING but I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know what to do with it because of the darn cages. Loved the analogy of cages and pink bunnies because something clicked inside of me. Your GIRL TALK conversation has given me direction.

    I am going to start by just writing the most beautiful stories about EVERTHING!

  134. Right out of college I realized that I could study whatever I choose and follow my heart. I wanted to learn about Nature and live in community. I just knew I needed more than a hubby and picket fence.
    So I just began! I had read no books on living in community, but met my life mate, and we have helped found an intentional community that is celebrating our third generation. We lived without running water, built tipis, and now our children’s children can walk through the woods and swim in our little pond. In May we celebrate 44 yrs. of living close to Nature and with friends who became family.
    I tell others not to wait for the perfect land, people, or situation. Just DO it.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hey Sara, thank you so much for sharing this! What a beautiful journey and life you’ve created. Your children and grandchildren are so lucky to have your example of living in tune with Nature. Here’s to many more generations being connected and many more relationships growing because of it ?❤️

  135. Most truest, beautiful story I can imagine for my life- Living as my true self, not hiding or denying aspects of me due to society that I am raised in and surrounded by. Ability to live authentically, expressing whole range of who I am, not hiding under the rug any aspect of me. Not afraid to express love and appreciation for all. Finally able to express my emotions, and live with open transparent big heart. To become a person who is able to genuinely serve the world and lift the world to new levels, rewrite my culture story, and create a new way of living life. To know my value and worth enough that I can be who I really am no matter where and among who I am. To live a free, joyful life and ignite sparks of life again in the living dead matrix. To be so healthy and well functioning that I am incredibly productive doing work I am passionate about, thus earning money abundantly to fulfill all my lavish wishes from the money earned by providing real value in people’s lives.

  136. Diane

    Everything about this episode!! I love Glennon. I have been chasing pink bunnies for a long time and I have recently stopped. I also 100% agree about her thoughts on how we treat wild women. I will listen to this again and I am really thinking about what is true and beautiful! Such a great message… I am ready to kick ass in my male-dominated job!

  137. Thank you for sharing Glennon with me! I’m heading to her sold out Untamed book tour in Chicago this Friday. While watching this episode I googled her book to order and was directed to her tour. She just so happens to have a book tour appearance 30 minutes from where I live in 2 days! Sold out? Too bad! I’m going and believe someone will be there with an extra ticket for me. I just know it! I’m buying this book and sharing this video. Love, love love.

  138. Thank you so much for this!! It made me cry and say hell yes!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!! You are both a [email protected]*king inspiration!!!! xxx

  139. My truest most beautiful story is to raise two confident, untamed, wild, beautiful girls so that they may live their version of a full and beautiful life.

  140. Darina

    I’ve cried so much and felt joy and liberation at the same time. I admire and look up to both Marie and Glennon, thank you so much for all you do to empower women and creative souls!
    For years I never had a specific answer to the question “What do you want to become when you grow up?”. I just wanted to be me, but wasn’t sure exactly how it’s going to happen, I wanted to be a doctor, an artist, a fashion designer, hair stylist, and I loved Math, so I went to a business school all the way to an MBA. But after over 13 years in accounting and administration, after losing my mom to cancer a couple years ago, I started reevaluating and then I encountered Marie. She understands me, speaks my language (not Bulgarian, but close :)), I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, so I got certified as a life coach and I’m just starting my business on a side, and after a year of waiting (too long), enrolled in B-School.
    And now the truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine is living my true joy. Being my own boss and creating a company that can help people feel empowered and is more meaningful for me and utilizes my gifts, all of them, cause I’m tired of hearing that people good with numbers are not very artistic, or that I have to play politics and stick to business not people, do what my boss tells me to even if it makes me sick inside and stay at my jobs because of perceived security and benefits. Although I’m not sure about how everything will unfold, I’m sure I’m going this direction, this time I’m determined. Last year started with practicing to say “No” to things that drain me and are not going to get me closer to what I really want, I even declined, for the first time, a better higher paying position down, so I can focus the little free time and work on my business, while still provide for my family.
    I imagine a life of freedom and empowerment, free to work when I want and from where I want, travel, experience, and create memories with my kids and husband now, not waiting to retire to enjoy life. I see myself working with joy until I die, no retirement, no thank you. I see myself active and in optimal health at least until I’m 80. I see myself as a model to my children, show them sometimes mom hurts, but then she gets up and follows her dreams and heart, they will too sometimes fall but can get up and follow their dreams, they now know it’s possible, they have a full map and can decide for themselves where they want to go, there is no wrong way, maybe just longer. I see my clients as friends, and the connections with the people I work and spend my time with are deep, I’m part of a community that cares for each other deeply, in a way that moves us to progress and growth. We heal each other as we open and share are wins and flaws, we see each other and use our pain for fuel, not as a cage, we evolve. Love, compassion, empathy, joy and courage are in the center of it all.
    I’m so greatfull that both Marie, Glennon and so many other wonderful people are in my universe!
    Many blessings to all!
    Love, Dari

  141. Celeste Pennington

    I can concur about the non-profit sector and LOVED what she said about how her organizations functions and will be looking into donating into these similar types of orgs. Do your due diligence before you donate to a cause, and try and find out, how much of your dollar goes to the actually cause and how much goes to admin costs. Thank you Glennon for your honesty. I have been returning to myself once I turned 40 and returning to my 9 year old self. Not apologizing for who I am and how BIG I am!!! and now so exciting for everything this life has in store for me 🙂

  142. There is a bubbling rising up in me… that sometimes I can see fleeting glances of – it lives within the context of where I am, who I am and what I do.. but there is more… I can feel it. But what? I am a creative. I write, I paint, I sing. I teach yoga and share my wisdoms.. and this message of “feeling everything” as well as finding the true and beautiful within, will be shared (hope that’s ok!) In fact one of my “wilder” ideas that I have been germinating, is to create a deck of “Wisdom” cards with my art and messaging. I”m working on believing in my self, the process and to have faith that they will be well received and hopefully profitable. (depending on the day I feel unstoppable or defeated… )
    I have, in my classes, used similar words to those here in this interview. I believe there are many truths here and I too love analogies.. the Pink Bunny is an excellent one and The Cheetah is perfect on so many levels.
    Most of all…what touched my heart and got my spine tingling was the message of writing your truth and sharing it with a partner! It was so inspiring I will be doing that this weekend!!. My husband is retiring after 36 years – weve’ been married for 26 of those years.. .Its time for us to reinvent, release our “wild” and renew who we were – before jobs, kids, renovations, marriage – decades of “shoulds” to unpack and reimagine and recreate. I can hardly wait!
    But in this new phase.. I am being very careful NOT to fall into old patterns… to chase those Pink Bunnies.. but to authentically and mindfully craft my life to allow my bubble to rise up and burst out!
    In fact…throwing out BIG ideas… I want to PROMOTE this messaging.. to coach other women and men to find their inner wild – to untame themselves to live their biggest lives… hmmm… I think I want to COACH… well. did not expect THAT to come out….
    So… if I may… I’d like to quote your book, share your message, harness your inspiration and help us all rise up in the proces… What d’ya say? 🙂 By the way. I’d love a copy of your book. I will use it wisely!!

    Thanks to both of you… Marie (still listening /watching and a real fan ;0 ) and Glennon, you are a firecracker and such a great joy to watch and listen to. I trust the read will be just as awesome.

  143. Wannida

    Dear Marie and Glennon,

    This is one of the most beautiful conversations I have ever come across and I know this world needs a heck load more of it. With people of all ages with polite and adult language!

    It reminded me of my wedding night, when my husband and I talked about what we loved about each other. On my note to him I literally said that I grew up in the patriachal society. I was told who I was was too much and at the same time it was not enough. But when I found my husband, I never once felt like I was too much or not enough. I felt right with the person I was and the person I wanted to become.

    I wanted all women and people of genders in the world to experience the exact same feeling. To be how they are and are loved anyway. This became my biggest desire and passion. Shortly after our wedding I came across Everything is Figureoutable. (Thank you the Universe!) And last month I enrolled B-School to work on my business that is a creative, humanist wedding planning service to stand for humanism and gender equality in my patriachal society.

    In the truest, most beautiful version of my life, I wake up everyday with joy to plan truest, most beautiful weddings for the couples of all genders in my country. I work hard with smiles and gratitudes, knowing the people I work for believe in the same causes and share the same values.

    The weddings I plan represent with the truest, most beautiful selves that my wedding couples are meant to be. They do whatever the f*** they want in their truest, most beautiful days with their loved ones. And they understand that marriage is a long haul journey, so as gender equality, and they will be working with me for both.

    Some of my wedding couples, together with my husband and I become the parents who believe in the truest, most beautiful selves of our children. If by any chances they also talk about polar bears for months, we will take turn to send each others’ emails as the president of Antarctica. And we won’t stop them and we won’t stop living our best lives neither, no matter how hard parenting is. We will work even harder together with our children to set the standard so high how one should live their lives with their full potentials, even if that said potentials are staying at home and petting a dog.

    At some points in my life, divorce rates are close to 0.01% mainly because people be who they are meant to be and married who the f*** they love and genuinely want to spend the rest of their lives with. Honesty, integrity, compassion are common. Bullies, freak, weirdo, wars are deleted from dictionaries, because who knows anymore what these words mean? They just don’t make sense.

    Years later I was reading at home and stop to think about how the world has changed from the day I was told I was too much to this day I feel like I still can give more, and more, and I’m not afraid to show it. And no one is. I was smiling like an idiot before telling this story to my grandchildren and see their confused faces, while asking “Nana, what patriachal means?” That word is deleted from dictionary too.

    On my 100th birthday I’m surrounded by my big family and friends. I have plan my funeral with jazz music and floral decors. No one is sad and neither am I because we understand that death is a natural part of living. That’s just the way it is for everyone.

    That night I will close my eyes slowly and peacefully as I’m leaving the world behind. I feel ready to go. I smile to myself for one last time, knowing in my heart I have lived my truest, most beautiful life I can, before I take part on a new spiritual journey.

    I have shared this video to my friends. It’s a heartwarming, empowering message I want to forward to all of them on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year – and I shared this with my friends of all genders.

    Thank you for encouraging all of us to be our best, wildest, untamed selves we are meant to be before the world told us what we should have been. I’m excited to meet and get to know my untamed self very much. I know she can do incredible things and reach many amazing dreams.

    Cannot wait to read Untamed and learn more about this truest, most beautiful possibility of life!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Wannida, thank you for sharing your beautiful, true vision with us! It is *so* beautiful and we’re deeply grateful to have you here with us, untaming and creating a world where everyone is free and untamed. ?

  144. I sometimes forget to come back to programs I’m listening to if I get interrupted, but I got interrupted twice listening to this and both times I came back, and I got to listen all the way to the end. I’m grateful for that, because this message really hits home. I wrote down several tidbits verbatim because I want to have them as reminders around my house, including, “I will no longer suffer voluntarily or silently or for long,” and, “Courage says, ‘I will not let the fact that I cannot do everything keep me from doing what I can.'” I also love the idea of asking what my best life looks like, because I find that what I picture is actually simpler than what the world demands of me if I chase all the dirty pink bunnies: The life I imagine is one where I wear what’s comfortable and lovely in my own eyes, a life where I don’t have to wear a lot of makeup but when I do it’s because I’m enjoying myself, a life where I may or may not be in a romantic relationship because my value isn’t defined by whether or not a man has deemed me “wantable”–if I’m in a relationship, it’s because it’s right, and not because I need to be with another person. My “untamed” is not being such a people-pleaser, but freeing up my mind and time to be creative, grateful, happy, and present. Will listen on repeat until I really GET it.

  145. My truest most beautiful life is exactly what what Glennon so beautifully shared. Reveling in being untamed. I have always known I am wild, and my conditioning also started at a very young age. My mother, afraid of judgment, limited by societal conditioning, just wanted to keep me safe. I wore strange clothing, I spoke loudly and often, I changed my name every day. I was admired and hated by my fellow classmates because of this. I was given attention I wanted, and attention I didn’t want. My mother tried to protect me, to remind me this truth ~ if you want to be different, you have to be okay with not being accepted. I wasn’t. I was a beautifully sensitive artist and it hurt so much, every single time I was rejected by society, by my “friends”, by the people around me. Eventually…I internalized this. I slowly but surely became smaller, duller….my light nearly disappeared when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 16, shoved into psych wards, on a cocktail of medications, suppressed. I tried to kill myself numerous time ( 7 to be exact) and nearly succeeded the last time. I believed life was suffering…I believed that I was not supported…I knew who I was but I believed the world could not, would not ever accept me. Would I rather be alone or accepted? I felt i had to choose between. Now I realize this is a lie. The choice, between one or another, is the very lie itself. Because it is only when we are truly ourselves that we truly CAN be accepted. I stopped taking medications almost 7 years ago. I rejected the label of bipolar. Interestingly enough my life started on a positive trajectory once I started accepting that I was never ill or sick, I simply was a genius and a visionary pointing out the broken system, and people were horrified by this. They were horrified by me. They didn’t want to see, they wanted to continue pretending everything was fine, because it was easier to pretend things were fine than to face the truth, the opposite, that things were NOT fine. I was bringing light to the shadows and they wanted to remain in the dark, and found this threatening.

    My most beautiful wild life is one where I fully trust myself and honor my life. Where I am the jaguar I have always seen myself as and known that I am. This a journey I am currently on, processing, moving as always. I have extraordinary visions. My most beautiful life I am an inter-dimensional traveler, a sorceress, I move through time and space because I am not confined by them. I levitate, I teleport, I communicate with animals and plants as if I am them, because I am. I am already doing some of these things and I will continue to. I am unstoppable, I am untameable, and I am so proud of the powerful bold and confident woman that I am.

    I truly am grateful for watching this today, at a time I need it most, at a time when the world around me is shouting NO, STAY SMALL. YOU CANNOT DO THIS.

    thank you for reminding me I can, and I Am.

  146. Sarah

    Now all I can think about are my dirty pink bunnies.

  147. Lula

    Goodness! What an amazing interview. The most beautiful story of my life… I see a family of 3. Me, my baby and my man. A sunny afternoon towards the end of the school year. Reconnecting after a satisfying Friday at work and at school. We all hold hands as we walk to 50 Licks to grab an ice-cream cone, and talk about our day. We’re excited about an upcoming trip to Yellowstone National Park. We’ve finally got our camper van all fixed up and we’re ready to hit the road. We’ve started a shopping list with all our favorite snacks. Even the dog has a special package of goodies, just for him. Ryan and I smile at each-other. Still best friends after all these years. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’re so much more in love now than we ever have been. We’re more loving. More mature. More playful. More powerful working together than we were when we were struggling against each other. One united team. Building our dreams together.

  148. Marek

    Hi Team Forleo! Many Women are bravely breaking free and leading into the wild Heart, I was relieved to hear the word Men once or twice here. Great interview Thank you so much for all you share and warm emails I’m receiving, they can really raise the vibes.

  149. Linda

    Hi Marie and Team! I so loved this podcast, and this is my first time to comment. So I guess what is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine is what I say at the end of it when I’m leaving this earth – ” Wow, what a freaking, amazing time I had…!” And that’s all I can ask for. I can’t wait to read Untamed, and I’m sure it will exponentially rocket my growth even more, and I hope I’m a good role model for my child. Thank you, Glennon!

  150. This episode was everything I needed. I was in tears by the end. Thank you ladies for being the example we women NEED TO SEE and HEAR! You are cheetahs!
    My most true and beautiful life would be to live on my own terms with success that includes fulfillment AND money success. Being unapologetically myself in all aspects of my life without reservations. I want to write, and speak, and have deep connecting conversations, and help people realize their potential. I want freedom to work when I want to work and play as long as I need to play. I want freedom and security. I want a marriage that is deep and true and to feel trusted. I want to be seen and heard and not hide anymore. I want to play BIG.

  151. Wow! This was the BEST Marie TV interview I’ve ever seen. I laughed, I cried & I heard a reflection of our collective truth loud & clear in a way I never have before. Glennon & Marie: Thank you so much for your love & courage to inspire us to action. The world & women need you now more than ever! Don’t ever stop sharing your light. 🙂

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Oh it means the world to hear this, Jessica! Thank YOU for being here, part of our community, and sharing your heart with us. Here’s to sharing more light and wildness ??

  152. Melanie Hope Gassaway

    Marie and Glennon,
    Thank you for the extreme passion that you ladies have and for sharing such a beautiful heartfelt segment. It’s very timely and resonating for me, and I am very excited to read the book.
    Trying to be good and always pleasing to others is definitely a paradigm of the past.
    I’m truly ready to live my life completely untamed! I’ve been living a life as a repressed actor/writer/lover & world traveler for far too long and as I have attracted some fortunate opportunities over the years it’s nothing in comparison to what I’m capable of. I’ve been patiently working & consistently remaining open and thankful, yet the intentional deliberate desire is here now to kick this final hurdle/cyclical pattern to the curb which has kept me coming in 2nd for much of my life.
    Never have I been more ready to confidently step into my excellence, create and cocreate with the best while showing the world what we are truly capable of.

    Much love and adoration,

  153. Deep, DEEP GRATITUDE to BOTH OF YOU strong, courageous, creative, beautiful, bold, inspiring and empowering women!!! In my opinion, this interview provides a thought provoking platform for creating authentic solutions that will prevent a “me too” movement being needed in the future…
    In the vein of “I will not let the fact that I cannot do everything keep me from doing what I can.”, I desire to continue moving forward on the path of flowing my energy harmonizing art creations to people and places around the world (utilizing all of the information, tools and skills that I’m absorbing in B-School) and pouring all of the profits into facilitating those that are homeless with whatever is required for them to build healthy, sustainable living spaces with repurposed junk mail gathered by every community in the nation. Proverbially feeding a few birds with one seed )'(
    Onward and upward and into the thriving ;~}

    Thank you again for E V E R Y T H I N G Marie and Glennon <3 <3 <3
    peace-IN, love-OUT & vice-VERSA, lanai

  154. Sonja

    My “most” story: I AM at the ideal weight for me, I AM physically strong (see those biceps baby?), I AM healed of the illness that Western docs said can’t be healed just take these pills, I AM in my dream home in a warm climate and surrounded *only* by things I love, my hair is any color I choose, my wardrobe has *only* items I love, my lover is walking the journey with me and I with him, our neighborhood is full of artists and quirky wonderful entrpreneurs and shops, I AM creating art every single day, our home is full of amazing friends and family and so much love and laughter and support, bills are never a problem to pay, retirement is fully funded, there are books in every room and on every floor of our home, I AM teaching art classes to the right students, I AM teaching movement classes to the older residents in our neighborhood so that they remain strong and independent warriors as long as possible, I AM taking classes and workshops in topics that light a fire in me, and I am THERE always, I AM a listener and sounding board, I AM ME, period. (so now I have goosebumps :o)

  155. I have to get “Untamed.” It was like Glennon was telling me my life story without knowing it. In my most true, beautiful life story, I am a warrior who defends beauty and innocence.

  156. Mind-blowing interview. It stirred me up beautifully.

    My truest, most beautiful story: breaking free from the enslavement of trying to be the perfect mum (and perfect in general), kick the housework to the curb and empower the troops to own their share and give myself permission to earn a sh*t ton of money doing what I love. Write until my heart’s content and put my beautiful words out into the world. Travel the world with my hot lover/hubby and be a fierce, compassionate mum to my two girls. Dance my heart out every opportunity I get . Create sisterhood with beautiful goddesses all around me and prioritise my desires over the “shoulds” of life. Let go of control and a sense of obligation to look after everyone and free myself up to serve the world with my gifts and my massive actions towards solving meaningful problems for humanity.

    Sending a ton of love to Marie, Glennon, Team Forleo, fellow B-Schoolers and the beautiful people in this community.

    P.S. I feel lit up after getting these words unstuck from my throat

  157. Atsuko Megumi

    Dear friend from a woman in Japan
    First of all, after watching this in the kitchen, I stood up and started cleaning up all the mess I wanted to clean and throwing away all the things I had wanted to get away with for at least a year or more. Now I’m refreshed and can focus WHAT I WANT TO DO. Of course it’s not easy to stand up and actually GET IT. Because it will hurt. But then after the hurting time, I will be able to find my real self. I’m 59 and I’m a leader of Christian Church, and a leader of a Christian ministry even. However I’ve been asking myself “Is this really what my God loves????” And now I’m coming to a sense that my life isn’t long enough to be honestly lived by ME. I have to take my next step and I will! God bless you!! Let’s live our lives!!

    Acchan from Japan

  158. Wow Marie. This was an amazing interview with Glennon. I am so inspired. You are truly a woman I admire and strive to be as confident, unique and kind. Your hair is truly mesmerizing. LOL! I digress. I want to spread my message about how to achieve optimal skin health, beauty and self love. Teaching people how to have the most beautiful skin they’ve dreamed of all while accepting and loving our flaws and seeing them as gifts and signs that help us cue into imbalances in our body. I want the courage to speak at live events providing inspiration, tools and guidance to achieving radiant skin and vibrant health.

  159. Roy

    The truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine:
    I am a force and presence for peace and transformation. This is a peace that comes over when one feels they are truly in alignment with that which is most authentic to their True Self. My current passion is in men’s work and masculinity. I envision working with men to help them reclaim their masculine power and tune into the deep gift of their feminine power. I envision myself working with individual and groups of men, and standing in front of men, teaching that which I have found to be true and deeply healing to myself. I envision myself as an equalizer, helping men bring into balance their feminine and masculine energies. I envision myself as a man who can stand grounded even when people are upset with him, and respond with defenselessness and equanimity. I envision myself as a man who can look himself in the mirror while naked, dancing and caressing his body to soft and sensual music. I envision myself as man who is covered in mud and stands barefoot on the earth, roaring into the wind from the depths of my primal wild man. I envision myself as a man who surrenders to fear and death because he knows they are the very ingredients needed to shed the programs and conditioning that are not of Spirit. I envision myself as a man who dances spontaneously and sings passionately. I envision myself as a man who shares his gold from an open and giving heart and delights in others’ liberation and awakening. I envision myself as a man whose mere presence reminds others of the peace that has always been within themselves. And I envision myself as man who remembers to turn to his inner child and say, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. And I thank you.”

  160. I was extremely grateful for this interview ladies! The ENTIRE message was powerful and uplifting and thought provoking but what brought me to tears and what spoke so clearly to my soul was the message about being a model to your children! I play out this pattern in my life, where I have a drive/ a calling from within and my children become my obstacle and then I either resent motherhood or I fall back into the pattern of, “oh, well I guess who I am and what I’m meant to be is a mother… and that’s good enough.” I stifle the call of my soul to fulfill a deeper purpose, and think that this is what’s best for my children and my family! But! You are so right, children are so dang perceptive and it is likely that they have absorbed the energy patterns that I create, suggesting that it is their fault, I am unfulfilled and not happy. That is NOT what I want and I LOVE that I can CHOOSE to change that, to create new patterns that meet all my expectations; happy children, happy family, and being true to my purpose! For many years I have searched for a teacher who connects with my values and vision and who HAS CHILDREN! I always used to say… “I SO would have reached enlightenment already if I didn’t have kids!” Lol. I am overjoyed to know Glennon Doyle! I am super excited to read your book!! Thank you BOTH! Grateful for this connection! ~Leah

  161. Rachel

    Fuck YES!!! Glennon!!!
    Was slut Shamed at work last week for doing pole. It wasn’t the words, or even the misogynistic side eye of disapproval (you know the one!) that got me – it was that this was coming FROM OTHER WOMEN?!!
    I had my first ever pole competition at the weekend and here was this dirty pink bunny bitch slapping me in the face…well, I took one of those cage bars and a few shots of “do you know who the fuck I am?” And I used it to smack that bunny out of the park. I gave my performance EVERYTHING and not just for me but for those women, too terrified to own their sexuality and their bodies, because when I really thought about it, I felt sorry for them.
    I walked in on Monday morning twirling my 1st place medal on my finger and Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” blaring in my headphones loud enough for them all to hear, my heart full of pride, and my phone full of new friends, powerful, proud, and achingly confident that I’d made on Saturday. These are my people.
    My most beautiful dream of my life is helping other women feel this way about themselves despite abuse and life trying to shove those bunnies down their throats. A life where I share a love with someone that occasionally needs rescuing and every once in a while he’ll rescue me right back.

  162. Oh My Great Goddess!!!!!!!!! I was about to leave early for work and had a few minutes as my coffee was steeping in the french press and low and behold the universe provided this episode of Marie TV! I thought, sure I’ll watch the first few minutes and be on my way…..well 48 minutes of laughing and sobbing (SOBBING) as my heart and soul broke open more and more I’m now sitting here typing and enjoying this damn good cup of coffee as I take in the raw and beautiful moment I have. Thank you both for showing up in the world in this fucking untamed, amazing and beautiful way!! As I have become the woman I am today it is because of these moments that I am extremely grateful. As I became a Single Mom to Four Amazing Daughters these moments are what pushed me to be a better version of myself, not to please anyone or bullshit that my life was grand, but honoring my wild in all its messy and uncertain ways, was and is, the only option I have to survive. I am GRATEFUL for everyday and these amazing moments that rip me apart again and feed my wild untamed soul! My truest most beautiful story honors myself every damn day, holds sacred and open space for my daughters to live their untamed and wild lives, to forgive myself when the expectations of the moment catch me and pull me back to be the smaller version of my truest self and I listen to it. To honor the people in my life, (clients, family, friends, anyone that crosses my path) where they are with love and kindess, to inspire these people to find who they really are, what their super power is and how they will bring it to the world. With Love, Grace & Gratitude, Erin xoxoxoxox

  163. Julie Payne

    The video Always- run like a girl, says it best. I’m 53yrs, raised three daughters, have a grand daughter, escaped a marriage where I was in a box that appeared perfect from the outside, but was a controlling abusive one. Freedom. Strength. Resilience. Healing. Is the power to feel everything and work with it or walk through it. I’m not good or weak or quiet or perfect. But I am WOMAN. And I am multifaceted like a jewel. Breathe. Follow your heart x

  164. Karen

    What is the truest most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine?

    First my relationship with my husband would be healed. No glass walls, no resentment, no miscommunication. We would have open, loving, productive, useful discussions about our life and kids and plans and goals and future. We would be respectful to and of each other completely. No name-calling, no shouting, no talking over one another. Instead, we would listen fully to each other, really hearing what each other is saying, and taking it to heart fully.

    With this open and loving communication, trust will develop and grow. Honesty and love and support will be the cornerstone of our existence together. And out of that we will naturally grow intimate again, and our intimate exchanges will be out of the evolved sense of self and respect and love for each other. No selfishness, no stealing. Instead, an honest and loving exchange of energy, giving to each other all the light and love so that the energy is flowing between us in a circle, a cycle, growing our combined energy into something even bigger and more beautiful then we are as individuals.

    When we experience love and intimacy on this level, our children will feel the benefits. They will heal, and feel whole, and be able to create lives for themselves based on being honest and true to who they are and what they love. They will refuse to be tame, they will only except true love and honesty and friendship in their lives. They will grow and learn, and become the real people they were born to be.

    Living in this state of honesty, love, caring, giving, strength, UNTAMED… I will attract friends and business colleagues that feel the same and live their lives in a similar way. My love will grow, and be experienced and expressed with others in varying degrees and ways. It will be open and honest. And my husband will celebrate it. And he will be equally untamed and will experience his own version of open, honest love with others.

    This is our evolution. This is the next phase of existence for humankind. We will start to make this change and take the next step towards this enlightened way of existing with each other. We will honor the unique light in each other, support it, celebrate it, and cherish it.

  165. Janelle Davis

    This is a book I want to hold in my hands… nothing digital for this message.
    Thank you beautiful girls!!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Let that wild out, Janelle! Can’t wait for you to get the book in your hands, enjoy!

  166. I feel like my heart wants freedom.
    The freedom to create, to play, to breath, to imagine.

    I feel like I want space…to move out of the box that I have felt I needed to fit into. I feel like I want to flow, to move, to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face…to spread my arms wide open and soak it all in…to be unapologetically me.

    I feel like I want to allow that flow that is me to come alive in the world.
    I want to celebrate it, embrace it and lean into it fully and completely.

    To be dependent on no one…no one’s approval, no one’s financial support…no one’s ideals of who I should or shouldn’t be…to be free!

    I’m so tired of feeling contracted. Filled with fear and anger.

    Thanks you for giving us permission to be untamed!!

    I needed this not only as a woman, but as a mom. I will not tame my children, but instead help them to embrace their wild.

    What a gift this episode was! 🙂

  167. Kim

    I am only halfway through, and this book has given me just what I need to keep pushing on toward the dream of what my life could be. I spent the past ten years raising four kids alone after finally becoming healthy enough to leave an 18-year emotionally abusive marriage. For ten years I have had to just do the next thing screaming in front of me to be done. Now that two of my children are out of the house, I finally have room to breathe a little and think a bit more about my dreams. I am a nurse by profession and a nurturer and healer by birth. Working in healthcare and going through my own personal health struggles have opened my eyes to how broken our health care system is. The main thing I do at my job is put tiny band-aids on big gaping wounds. I have longed for years to be able to help people find true wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Now I am preparing to sell the house my children and I have lived in for the past seven years so that I can afford to go back to school in order to start a business that helps people find true wholeness. I would love for it to be profitable enough that I can provide services to the underprivileged for free because as a single mother of four, let me tell you, it is VERY EXPENSIVE to get healthy. Also, I live in a rural area with a large number of people living in poverty. My side dream is that after I sell my house, I want to build an eco-friendly tiny house so that I can afford school and to do some of the other things I have been longing to do. AND I want to eventually start a tiny house community to help single moms like me be able to afford housing and have a good place to raise their children. Ideally it would include elderly and younger people who do not want to or cannot afford to spend so much on housing and who could also contribute to the community. Sounds far-fetched I know. But I can see it all so clearly.

  168. Melissa

    Oh. My. God!!! This is your best podcast yet! Glennon could not have done a better job summing up what so many women are feeling. Incredible job! I have a 10 year old daughter who I shared snippets of this podcast with. I’ve been trying since day one to be an empowering role model, and teach her to be true to herself. Now she can see I’m not the only one who’s like this! I’m not crazy!! I am going online to order a couple copies of the book right now. Can’t wait to read it!!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yes, spread the word, Melissa! This message is so important. It’s so amazing to hear you even shared this with your 10 year old daughter!

  169. Catie Taylor

    I’ll be honest. When I saw this in my inbox on Tuesday I didn’t watch it straightaway – not until today, (Friday). I always watch Marie’s videos, so I wasn’t sure why I was avoiding this one in particular. I guess the things you need to see get in your face till you do something about them. I finally watched it.
    Talk about resonating with me 100%. Most of this year, so far, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and, yes, underwhelmed at the same time. I didn’t recognise this till Glennon pointed it out. I just thought I was going frickin’ nuts. I’ve even had strong feelings of guilt because I’ve struggled to engage fully with my passion of writing for children and find myself piddling about doing what I don’t want to do. I was beginning to think my spark for writing was dead until I heard Glennon. Immediately after watching, I ordered Untamed and can’t wait to read it – I hope Amazon are quick – because I desperately want to know how to be that little girl I once was before I was moulded and reshaped. I’ve always known there’s a real me clawing to get out, but I’ve been too scared to let her out.

    So, in answer to your question: What is the truest, most beautiful story about my life that I can imagine? I want to feel free, unencumbered, confident in my abilities, and I want the courage to create my own business, and write from the heart rather than try to write like everyone else expects me to write or live like everyone else expects me to live (to hell with that!), and I want to dare enrol in B-School in 2021.

    Yes, the whole idea of what I truly want scares the living hell out of me, but I know in order to have what I want, I must uncage myself from the controlling past that’s followed me all this time. I have already taken the stand that I will not engage people who don’t support me, instead of giving in to them. And this includes ending a relationship with my dad last month, which was a controlling and unloving relationship from when I was that little girl. I also watched my mother controlled in her marriage by my dad as well as constantly reliving her own painful childhood alongside this. It haunted her her whole life and, as a consequence, she hated her life and told me just before she died how stupid she was not to have had the courage to break the shackles and live the life she really deserved. I don’t want to follow in her footsteps, ever.

    Thank you for such a wonderfully, enlightening interview, Marie.

  170. Just read UNTAMED and exploded inside over the Cheetah! You asked us to post what is the truest, most beautiful story you can imagine for your life right now. Deep breath, here it is. I would share my story to millions of people from the book I wrote on what happened to me when my Ego exploded into nothingness and the Divinity exploded in my being that spoke a message not separate from the real me, the real Cheetah inside and it said, “Here is your divinity, the divinity that awaits all mankind…..this is the living Presence, this is living, this is real.” I REMEMBERED and BECAME…..until the Zoo keeper called me back, but not for long now. Time to go off leash! To use the analogy of the Cheetah…we were all told the story of the Ego, that we had have one, you cannot function without one. It contains the story of being a separate individual that is small, damaged, and sinful and we must continually repent for our sins. Well if there is such a thing as a “sin” the only one there is forgetting we are goddamn Cheetahs! We are not a Labrador…..we are Divinity itself, reclaiming our true, wildly divine nature and we can stop chasing dirty pink bunnies now and become in union with all the other Cheetahs REMEMBERING our wild Divine nature that we truly are….not some small damaged personality or even gender. that is fearful and wrong…..we were never that because we are ALL That! The real deal THAT! Call it God, call it Brahman, call it what you like….and it is Sacred and it is Good… and oh can it love…not some small dependent love…..but an unfettered One….so big that one drop can change the world because its nature is Love. This is what I wrote in “Out of the Blue, True-life Experiences of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation. Time to awaken the Cheetahs in this wild divine party and bring heaven on the earth inside and outside us. Daniel Ladinsky, shared in his book “The Subject Tonight is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz” a wonderful poem of Hafiz that I share in my book entitled, “In A Tree House” that opens with “Light Will someday split you open Even if your life is now a cage. For a divine seed, the crown of destiny, Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain You hold the title to.” It’s time to lay claim to that Cheetah…..that Sacred One that WE hold the title to. Thank you Glennon and thank you Marie!

  171. Pam

    What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine? My most beautiful story has me as the protagonist. I want to be the hero of my story. I want to love myself wholly and embrace myself.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Pam! Loving and embracing yourself fully is the core of it all. The rest of the story will naturally unfold from there. We’re cheering you on! ?

  172. Margaret Easton

    Wow – absolutely fired up by Glennon’s passion and enthusiasm and fire in her belly! I’m a Counsellor and Coach who has sometimes felt restrained by people’s expectations that I should act in a certain way or even Coach in a ‘standardised’ way. Feel it must be synchronicity that today in a coaching session I was much more my authentic self and reflected to a client that it was OK to get angry and passionate and not play small! For myself my truest and most beautiful life would be as a self care author and coach who helps women be more accepting of themselves and their bodies! ?. Thank you so much Glenn on and Marie for making a difference in the world.

  173. Bless you both! I’m not real relatable anymore, either;) When I felt yucky about myself, and said “I’m sorry” a lot, and acted like I felt that way, the phone rang a lot more often. Then, when I started dressing up as a drag queen-inspired character for my work, and – legally – changed my surname to Free because it was time for me to name my own self, and told everyone that God is Love and so are we, and stopped saying “I’m sorry” altogether because I’d found a different way to own my sh*t, the phone rang less often, but the ones who are ringing now are calling because they do relate, and want to relate even more. The same is true for your listeners, too, both of you! xo

  174. …AND I’m loving reading everyone else’s comments now, too. What a LOVELY community this is. I want everyone’s most beautiful story to come true!

  175. Sarah

    What an amazing interview. So grateful you guys did this! I am listening to Untamed now on Audio. First audio book I’ve ever listened to (thought I’d much prefer reading), but it has been amazing to feel like Glennon is actually reading me her story! But this is the type of book you just need a hard copy to have forever!
    I feel the cages around me, and I also feel myself slowly but surely breaking through them. I had a lot of big feelings as kid, and over the past few months I’m uncovering how I was taught that they were not acceptable. It’s been quite a process turning inwards and trying to stay in touch with these discoveries – I’ve been tamed so well! But I’m committed to it. I watch people like Marie, Glennon, and others, and it helps me to continue to dream big and believe in myself.
    My most beautiful and truest story I can dream up right now is that I create a business that helps people get in touch with their feelings, embrace them, and work through them! Rather than feeling like they need to hide from them, push them away, and feel shame. I’m going to start by creating a tool parents, teachers etc can use with kids to help them identify feelings, learn how to handle them, and more. Over time, I’ll grow this business in many ways, and it’ll provide my family financial and time freedom! I’m in B school so I’m hopeful I can stay on track for this :). My husband and I are starting this together, and we actually developed this out of need. He was incredibly sick last year, and our 4 kids were having a difficult time. We made this system, and it really helped all of us. Now we want to share it with others. Thanks again for sharing this – if only I could be sitting on that couch with the two of you ;).

  176. What a beautiful conversation ? I am only half way through and I have to keep pausing it to take notes!
    Incredible wisdom and insights and after I have finished watching I will be buying the book ☺️

  177. Absolutely love this interview! After 18 years of chasing that dirty pink bunny, this story gives me empowerment! Thank you for the incredible conversation about the cheetah and the lab. Together, you two create ah ha moments that open mind pathways to great healing.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Diane! So glad this episode inspired you and helped you gain clarity. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and keep going on your healing journey. We’re honored to have you in our community. ?

  178. Dirty pink bunnies. Brilllllllllllllliant! That really really hit home for me. Perfect analogy. Perfect interview. Thank you!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it resonated so deeply with you Heather! It’s such an important conversation.

  179. Loved this conversation so much !!!
    Just one little remark: there are no polar bears on Antarctica. They’re in the Arctic 😉

  180. Amy

    Thank you so much for this interview and to Glennon for the book! I feel like the universe just cued up this video for me to validate all my efforts to break out of the cages I hadn’t quite recognized. Here’s what’s even crazier—I have been rebellious to a certain extent—I have fought off a fair amount of cages. Enough cages for me to mistakenly think there were none left. Then, a couple of years ago I went inward trying to figure out why I was still so restless when I had…so MUCH. I realized I had given away my voice and because it was not an obvious TAKING of my voice, it took me a longer to figure out it was not there—not truly. Thanks for sharing you can reclaim your wild.

  181. Hi, as always a great article. In the modern world, kindness is not in fashion and is sometimes cynically ridiculed. If not as a manifestation of stupidity and naivety, then as weakness and whimper … We forbid ourselves to be kind, even when we want it. I believe that everyone should be kind because this is how the world will become even a little better. And if you are offended, then you do not need to take revenge. This will be the stupidest decision. Talk to this person and he will understand his mistake and next time he won’t do that. Thus, we can conclude: you need to be kind, even if you have been wronged and you need to be kind to everyone. Try to understand and forgive everyone. If you take revenge, then you can become cruel, because you will like to satisfy yourself, so you need to know how to forgive. Good luck

  182. Man, this episode KILLED me.
    I’ve been struggling so long to try and get money to make the films I want to make, and I have always felt like “too much”… and I’ve been told this regularly… hence the struggle to get money for my projects, because people don’t seem to understand the value of the stories I want to tell.

  183. In so many cases we are trained to be someone else. Our jobs demand it. Society expects us to blend in. Your upbringing and underlying beliefs, attitudes and behaviour, and ingrained habits keep us stuck. And. That is where you get to abandon yourself, as you did. However, the body/mind remembers what your true heart’s desire is and this is where we find the constant conflict throughout life. We constantly override our feelings for logic. Why? Because sometimes we simply cannot articulate what we really want anymore. That is why many people do not set goals because they simply have been told too many times by those around them, that they cannot achieve those things. The way I approach my life is by constant self-learning and unraveling those things that keep holding me back. Getting to true heart’s desire takes a lot of un-peeling the layers, taking risks and deciding on a path and going for it, irrespective of the pitfalls. That is where I am at. Sometimes the struggles are daily, some weekly. However, the life I imagine is being contented with who and what I have become, irrespective of the doubters., some of whom are my own internal voices. So, my approach is to do something daily, even if they are baby steps, towards my overriding goal which is: to know myself and be confident enough, to bring my gifts to the world. Why? Because everyone has a special talent. You just have to recognise it. That takes self-learning and acceptance.

  184. Marie and Glennon, if you don’t already know her, may I introduce you to the Grandmother of Wild ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves. Thank you. And you’re welcome.

  185. I agree with this 100%. I, myself have always been “the good girl” never causing attention and being somewhat of a push over. I am currently in my mid30s and I’ve finally decided to stand up for myself and be happy (it took me this long). I had to train my mind…it’s okay to go against societal norms. What is “normal” anyway?
    After Graduate school all my friends were in serious relationships and forming families. I, however, was traveling and focused on my career. Yet, I was the target! “When are you gonna’ have kids?” “the clock is ticking” “you need a man” “at this rate, you’re gonna’ die alone”… I was broken. Why couldn’t people be happy for me?
    Thats when I realized that I had to be happy for me. I took a baby step and created a blog…. as a shy, private person… This meant a lot. It opened my world!
    Thank you for such wonderful, inspirational publication. Cant wait to read her book!!! This is the type of information women from all paths of life should read! This is what I consider the important stuff!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      What a powerful share, Nirvis! So glad you were able to pave your own path and live your life on your own terms.

  186. Christine

    Here’s my answer to the question you quote from Glennon’s book :
    Me standing tall and strong, living every step according to what my gut is telling me and feeling wildly free and alive deep inside !
    Love to you Mary, Glennon and all of the beautifu untamed women and men on earth !

  187. Jeanne Theresa Erickson

    In 1899, Kate Chopin published The Awakening about a woman who leaves her marriage to follow her love and then leaves her love to follow herself. She was SAVAGED by critics, male and female, and died shortly afterwards. 100 years later, Glennon Doyle is saying the same thing because even after a century, women are still being shaped into what the world wants. Good for her for carrying on what appears to be a monumental human task. She is awesome.

  188. Honestly, the most truest beautiful story about my life I can imagine would be to empower women through fashion all around the nation. Help others step into their most confident, best selves no matter where they are at in their life or what size they are. It would be to work with mentors that influence me from afar, to have a house near the water, to collaborate on projects with other high energy women, and make enough money to be comfortable and have more to give back to others. Sometimes, I close my eyes and it feels so close. I try to live in the moment and see the joy in different parts of my life today, right now. But something deep inside whispers that there is more beauty to come. XX

  189. Colleen

    1:53 “I’ll be doing this a lot in this interview guys. Basically, telling Glennon about her own brilliant words.”

    Ha! This was so real. Probably not the most expected take-away from video….but I just felt the enthuiasm. You just seemed so… untamed? (har har).

  190. Two of my favorite people to follow having a conversation – what could be better? I had signed up for your writing class, Marie, mainly for my business. I have followed you, Glennon, for years because the life you have been living has given words and understanding to parts of my life and it has really helped me through. After listening to this conversation this morning on my walk, I realize I want to use my voice to tell my story. It’s been one crazy ass ride since I turned 40 – I am 46 now – and its’ time. I’ve known I would write at some point and every year since I turned 40, I’ve thought and been told – you need to write this shit down! And yet – it wasn’t ever the right time – and there were reasons it turned out that I needed to wait – I needed to have a different perspective learn to love myself in order to get my truth out there and not just words. Thank you both for helping me find my words and find my way back to myself during this insane decade of my life- I am looking forward to this!

  191. This has to be the one single most powerful, impactful interview on my life so far. And one that is so timely for where I am NOW. Words don’t explain the avalanche of emotions I feel (just ordered the book). I’ve spent 56 years trying to be the person others wanted me to be…family, ex-fiancee’s, employers, friends…and beating myself up for always falling short. Not in integrity – I have that – but in their expectations of who I am supposed to be. Eating my emotions and isolating is my cure…afraid to disappoint yet more people who are happily playing in their sandbox, when I ultimately won’t want to jump in and play too. I was that kid who was ‘too much’, who asked too many questions and had too much energy, and questioned Catholic School teachings because they made no sense to me. I was ignored and shut down and told what I should do, and told to be “seen and not heard”. I’ve done the “right thing” in school and work to get my parent’s love. (law school that I didn’t want – I wanted to be an artist and save the animals) . Consequently, I was miserable every single day. On my own, as I’ve aged past 50 and retired, I’ve felt this urge to break off the chains and do more of what is in my soul. (I really wish I had this knowledge in my 30s and 40s!) This is a game changer for me, because while I have been doing more of “my thing”, I’m still in boundaries and still judging myself, and fearing criticism and editing myself. Listening to you — I feel a weight lifted….. because all of what I feel internally has just been validated. Dear God…Glennon….for every little girl or young woman out there who gets this freedom, who doesn’t live as I’ve lived…I can’t hug you tight enough or say ‘thank you’ enough. Well…I’ve still got time… and this Cheetah still has some miles, so I’m going to do some running with all I’ve got….. and say “fuck em”. Thank you for this interview, Marie. I’m so glad I ‘coincidentally’ stopped by today to check out the Copy Cure scholarships (which I missed!). WOW.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Louli, we’re so glad this interview found its way to you today! YES to running with all you’ve got — you are worthy of joy and freedom and all of your dreams. We’re grateful to have you in our community, and we’re cheering you on as you take your next untamed steps. ❤️

  192. Dear Marie & the MF Team:

    I don’t know if you will block out some of my words but I warn you now that I’m about to drop some adult terms because this interview right here is the MUTHA-EFFIN’ TRUTH! I haven’t even gotten into the interview 20 minutes yet before my womb began to leap! I mean, my own Wild responded with such ferocious force…. I mean, lemme put it to you like this: here’s a visual…remember the end of Lion King when grown Simba took his rightful place as king and he stood on Pride Rock and roared and the lions roared in response….my Wild are the lions roaring in response! I have tried for YEARS to articulate so many emotions that Glennon speaks on…she drops the mic several, several times…and the unanimous response of all that I am responds so intuitively that it’s a near orgasmic experience! I immediately added her book to my kindle library and the fact that she narrates it herself on Audible, I’m tempted to use an Audible credit just to listen to her and follow along with my kindle edition! I’m telling my book club about this book and upon our next cycle, I will act like a DC lobbyist and advocate for this book ’til they add it to the list! THANK YOU! DAMN! THANK YOU!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Patrice, we are SO thrilled that this conversation and Glennon’s words are resonating with you so deeply. Hooray! That’s such an incredible feeling. So glad you’re soaking up the book and sharing it with your book club, too ??❤️ Yes yes YES to all of this!

  193. Alli

    I literally had goosebumps throughout this entire interview, so inspiring!! I haven’t answered the question as I actually have to sit down and really think about it, but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We love hearing you found it inspiring, Alli! Thank you for being here. ❤️

  194. Diane Goode

    As a to date perpetual phoenix, my truest and most beautiful life story is that me and my guitar and a stadium full of people share a wonderful time with music and poetry and spirit and that I add value to their life experience as we share our humanity. Then to return home to a mutually loving, supportive and respectful partnership with a passionate woman who is spiritually awake and at ease communicating and wants a sexual relationship with me because I deserve no less. Di Goode

  195. Lori

    I figured it out Glennon!!! I haven’t read your book yet and I don’t have the answer to the question but moments ago I had an AH [email protected]@!!!!! OMG moments where sonething clicked. I’ve listened to Glennon talk about this book so many times. I’ve heard her stories over and over (all the ones in THIS BOOK) But what I heard myself say when you asked this question is OMG I don’t even know. But when in this interview Glennon told the story of the woman that wrote her “story of her most beautiful,wonderful fulfilling marriage’ and left it for her husband. The light came on and the tears came because I realized I am approaching my conversations with my hubby in the wrong way. I’ve now realized that I’ve been talking to him about what I want (last ditch efforts in my mind) in a defensive and angry way. In this interview I learned I can tell him what I want in a loving ‘beautiful story ‘ way rather than a defensive and very bitter way. I just recently discovered Marie and have also watched Abby’s interview and bit by bit I am figuring things out. I did not want to answer the question because I was certain the answer would lead to a break up but I’m now willing to try this ladys way as a last ditch effort and write my ‘most beautiful story of a marriage ‘ and GIVE IT TO HIM! I feel like I’ve just unraveled a mystery about how to approach my husband. I am ready now to write my beautiful story of what that perfect marriage and life looks like. I’m going to get this book and I’m getting to work! Omg thank you!❤

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