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What does it take to move through soul-shattering grief? Can your creativity expand and flourish not in spite of but because of your most painful experiences?

Elizabeth Gilbert’s answer is a resounding YES. She wrote her brilliant new novel, City of Girls, while caring for the love of her life, Rayya, who passed from pancreatic and liver cancer in early January 2018.

“What am I going to do now?” Liz asked herself. “How am I going to create safety and the feeling of being seen in a Rayya-less world? Interesting challenge.”

City of Girls is her response. It’s glittering, hot, funny, and drenched in pleasure — and not at all the story you’d expect to come out of someone who’d just lost the love of her life. “I want this book to go down like a tray of champagne cocktails,” she says.

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Set in the 1940’s New York theater scene, City of Girls tackles the antiquated idea of a ‘ruined woman.’ It sets forth a new narrative, celebrating the power of female desire and love. Like her other monster hits, Eat Pray Love, Big Magic, and The Signature of All Things — it’s a rollercoaster of truth and delight. I dare you to put it down.

In this moving conversation, Elizabeth inspires us to hold life more loosely, be lighter with our choices, and ultimately treat every setback as a creative challenge. You’ll also discover:

  • Why desire is just as important as consent when it comes to female sexuality.
  • An inside look into Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing process (spoiler: she doesn’t know the story ahead of time).
  • What four years of meticulous book research actually looks like.
  • Why the opposite of depression isn’t happiness.
  • And the surprising daily habit that helped her metabolize grief.

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the most dazzling and luminous writers of our generation. She invites us to challenge the rules, hunt down adventure, and bear hug the highs and lows of life.

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Moth talk (the one I referred to in this episode) can be found here.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Liz and I would love to hear from you.

  1. What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away?
  2. What’s something you could do today that would bring you enjoyment, elevation, or transcendence? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. AND, if you’re looking for your next novel, get your hands on City of Girls now.

Our lives are ours to create.

As Liz so beautifully demonstrates, no one gets to write your story but you.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Watch every episode, Marie. My favourite so far. Tears streaming. Thank you for the courage to be as vulnerable as you BOTH are. Love, love, love. Life as a creative challenge/opportunity. My new mantra.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We appreciate your time and beautiful heart, Jenn. xo

  2. Marie, Liz – Thank you ?? for letting us in on this conversation. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of it spoke to me. And how much I’m looking forward to reading this story. Keep dancing.

    Much love ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that Liz created magic that you needed, Jessica. Thank you for sharing your words with us.

  3. Oh my gosh, the feelings are real in this one. Just brilliant. Liz is teaching everyone so much about just living life. We are not worthy (but we will keep trying to be).

  4. Hi Marie and Liz,

    So so beautiful. Thank you both for being that vulnerable and sharing it.

    Liz, I imagine that after experiencing feeling safe and seen for one and a half years, you may have internalised that as a new ‘normal’ in your closest relationship(s). Your subconscious must have registered that as ‘tried and true’, so wouldn’t it make sense that now you’re able to replicate it with other people, not only with The One partner, but with precious trustworthy people in general. You’ve lived it, so ‘it’s a thing’, for one and a half years, you’ve proven to yourself that it indeed exists. And I believe that you’ve healed that – overwritten that – for the collective, too.

    Also, I had an insight as I paused the video to go make myself some tea. Even though that wasn’t part of your interview, it opened this up as part of the topic:

    I used to have the ‘scapegoat’ position, and I just realised that those who blamed most of their stuff on me were actually those with the most unprocessed grief and self-blame for things that may have occurred but rather than taking response ability and feeling or addressing their own ‘stuff’, they did the much less painful thing which is to project it onto others, to LEASH OUT rather than IN.

    Your interview caused a ripple of understanding that allowed me to access a deeper layer of forgiveness toward the people who weren’t capable of dealing with their own grief.

    So multilayered.
    This also inspires me to watch Justine Musk’s TED talk ‘Visionaries are People Who Can See in the Dark’ again. In it, she speaks about the original meaning of the scapegoat of a village, and – being a visionary (like you guys) – I too felt seen and I ‘got’ the whole ‘scapegoat’ dynamic for the first time. It also spoke about (in my own words and recollection) how the whole village had this celebration where they were actually putting everything that they couldn’t process or were too ashamed to bare onto the scapegoat (a real one) and then chased her out of the village, and with that, all the unresolved stuff. At least, that’s what I remember. I’ll watch it again. Somehow, it feels relevant to the context of grief and trusting and feeling safe and seen vs not and also about why being a visionary can be a lonely place at times. Perhaps there’s something in there for any of you as well? 😀

    One person grieving and being strong and courageous and curious and creative enough, like you, to allow themselves to feel their truth in each moment is a blessing for themselves — as well as the whole community.

    … whereas those who are not grieving (too painful or don’t know how) and instead leash out at others can trigger a whole domino effect of blame, shame, reaction, resentment, and confusion, that otherwise could be dissolved. We all may do it at times, it’s human. Imprinted beliefs like ‘men don’t cry’ or ‘brave girls don’t cry’ don’t help, either. Looking at the world, there’s a lot of that going on as well.

    The beauty is, that it can still be dissolved, especially with role models, like you. This can free whole emotional clusters of entanglement that may have been going for aeons, inside of people, between people, between cultures and countries.

    You both are wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing so vulnerably,
    Tanya xx

  5. Beautiful interview from
    start to finish. Of the many things that resonated with me, it was Liz talking about dance as vitality, and as a means to lighten the heaviness and stuck feeling grief often carries. Being reminded that life is fleeting, and that maybe we shouldn’t take it all so seriously, made me think
    I really just need to get out of my own way. Music is playing and I’m dancing right now, thank you Marie + Liz!

  6. Joana

    What a beautiful and profound episode. Thank you for making it. You are two of my precious female inspirations. Thank God you are both here, in the world, making it better! I really admire Liz’s courage and generosity of letting us in (as you said). My world is better by reading Liz’s inspiring work and witnessthing her courageous life. What a bless!

  7. Sammy Guinness

    Wow. I love her outlook on life. My biggest insight would definitely be that she looks at life with curiosity and not with fear. Even though she’s had some blows dealt to her and has experienced tremendous loss, she still looks at the unknowing future with complete excitement and curiosity. I think that takes an incredible strength and intelligence in order to even fathom that concept. So wow. I am very inspired. I have been at such a crossroads in my life, not sure which path to take or when to start my own ‘creative journey’ that I have planned. And I’m going to watch it all unfold with curiosity in my heart and just embrace the abundance and acceptance, and live in Liz’s world for a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Joelle Faucette

    Thank you both so much for this interview! I feel so honored that you both are willing to share your hearts so fully. I am a dancer by trade and profession and I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to hear you speak about something I love in a marvelous way. For me, dance and writing has always been my way of breathing into the world and through the world and I am SO SO SO glad to hear you both have shared in that awesome experience (my family is rather conservative and so in their very small bubble I have often felt tolerated rather than celebrated.)
    Both of you ladies have been an incredible inspiration and source of guidance for me over this past year as I have made several pivoting decisions in my life – Marie, I have watched your show nearly weekly and Liz, I am finishing Big Magic now for the third time – THANK YOU so incredibly much for standing in your truth sharing your love with the world.
    PS – ordering City of Girls NOW 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We love that dancing and writing are both a gift you offer and the salve that you need, Joelle. Thank you for sharing them with us so that we too can see a bit of ourselves in you.

  9. Beautiful talk. Liz’s reading at the end brought tears of joy. She met my dear friend Richard of Texas in India, and he returned to Austin and told me about this beautiful woman he’d met, Groceries. His face always lit up and his long arms would always start dancing when he spoke of her.

    Dear Richard is gone now too, but every time I see Liz or hear her speak, his loving face and heart come to life again.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a gift Richard was to so many of us, Terrance. He came to life for so many of us that never met him through Liz’s words. Thank you for being here and sharing a bit of yourself, and Richard, with all of us. What a gift. xo

  10. Debra

    I loved what Liz says about grief. I lost my partner of 25 years almost 2 years to cancer. For two years we knew he was going to die but not knowing how miserable it would be. I stayed strong throughout our journey and then grief kicked me in the ass. But I didn’t hide from it. I wailed, I sang, I threw my body and soul into it because I wanted to keep living with love in my heart. And it did soften. And I do try to live fully without him and cherish the memories but look towards what is new everyday. Thank you Liz for describing this so perfectly. Thank you Marie for your offerings as well.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Debra, thank you for sharing this beautiful and hard part of your experience with all of us here. We see you. When you love deeply the grief is deep too- it’s a way to honor that love going forward. Here’s to you living fully and softening while you move. xo

  11. Marie and Liz!
    My gratitude for this luscious visit that you shared with us.
    I also danced my way to healing when I lost my partner.
    It was an icy February when he died and a few weeks later a newspaper invited anyone and everyone to participate in a community dance project with a resident artist, choreographer.
    I knew that despite my velcro leanings to stay stuck to my couch
    that this was the universe inviting me to dance my way through my grief. I accepted the dance.
    12 years later the creative dance of life leads my way.
    We can move through anything if we dance through it.
    oxoxox Leah

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep dancing, Leah. Never stop. xo

  12. So freaking brilliant! Elizabeth’s words and insights around grief, depression, vitality and the creativity of creating a new life after the loss of her beloved is starling. This is an interview I will watch again and again. Inspiring and something I need to fully embrace at this present time. Thank you to you both.

  13. Michelle

    Thank you Marie for this interview with Liz – it helps me have a big picture view today.
    Much Gratitude

  14. This touched my heart deeply, so well spoken, beautiful, authentic, powerful…. thank you, thank you, thank you both.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank YOU, Susan. We’re so glad that you took the time to watch.

  15. Kimberly M

    I started watching and my 3 year old son said, “that’s a beautiful lady!” When he first saw Marie 🙂 more to follow just wanted to share that one!

  16. Betsy

    Love the notion of dancing for therapeutic reasons. It always lifts my spirits, too. And am inspired to do it more often. Also resonated with sharing something we learn and if we don’t, it’s heavy on our hearts. Inspired to do more of this, too. Thank you!

  17. Oh my Gawd, you just cracked me up – I literally was thinking to myself, when was the last time I read a Novel!!! Yay, Going to grab this one! Thanks!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We hope you get lost in the world that Liz created, Heather. Enjoy every moment!

  18. OMG – I’ve got to dance…
    Love you guys and thank you.

  19. …and I want to add another comment, Thank you – this is a beautiful and empowering interview – tender and gorgeously shared truths!
    truly glad I watched
    xo Heather

  20. So unexpected to be sitting here having watched the entire episode. Couldn’t stop. Couldn’t afford to miss something. Bucket list add-on: read everyone of Elizabeth’s books. Today’s add-on: call longtime missing friend for coffee.

    Thank you ??

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We hope you have the best conversation yet, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing your time and your words with us.

  21. This interview gave me the realization…tears of recognition and understanding.
    I realized that it was there in that darkness that I found my own light. My own way out.
    Thank you both.

  22. Going through a divorce after a very long, stressful marriage. My girlfriends have been my saving grace. There’s nothing like a band of support from your your female besties. I can’t wait to read Liz’s new book and have suggested to these girlfriends of mine that we do so together. I just know the beauty inside will open another layer to our lives. Forever grateful. ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      How fortunate you all are to have one another, Candace. Here’s to you and your band of besties walking through life- together.

  23. Oh girls! When I grow up I want to be like you both!
    This was a very good crying! ? What a touching conversation.
    Thank you! Today I take with me so many things, but maybe the most important… that I want to remember that I don’t have to take so seriously in things that I know I don’t have to.
    Thank you so much! I really DO love you both

  24. Among my two pages of notes, I’m taking away a deeper sense of optimism, and a perspective of approaching grief from a space of creativity and maybe just taking life a little bit less seriously. Liz’s words are weighty without the pressure. Like an extra shot of Tequila in your margarita—I’m reminded to have a better time on Earth while I’m here, even through the rough times. Thank you, Liz, for continuing to share your real experiences in a way that helps us all to feel less shameful for being human.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Enjoy the sip of life’s margarita, Bryce. It’s what makes life so amazing and magical.

  25. I cannot stop the tears. Ironically, they are tears riddled with both grief and joy – just as Liz mentioned. I feel HEARD by listening to this interview. Liz spoke about what do we do when we lose the person we felt truly safe and seen by. Interestingly enough, I just felt SO heard and seen by two familiar strangers (that’s you, Marie and Liz!) on the internet who are unaware of my existence!

    What got me was the acknowledgement that grief is very different to depression – I have been trying to articulate that about my recent experience with grief, to those around me. I often say that in the depths of some of my worst pain, there was a small voice in my head that said, “Huh, wow. Interesting. This is what it means to be human. This is what it means to experience the full range of human emotion. What a privilege.” (Even though it also sucked!)

    A massive heart thank you – from a very real person who’s heart needed to hear this conversation.

    Thank you both, endlessly, for the work that you do in this world.
    For the ways you continue to show up in this world.

    I’m headed to the bookstore to grab a copy of this book before my commute to my appointments today!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that this interview and chat made you feel everything that you did, Jehanne. May your heart heal and thrive just a little bit more today and every day. We see you. xo

  26. What a way to start my day! I was very moved. It put yesterday’s big setback into perspective.
    I resonated with so much!
    I want to write down E.G.’s quotes on desire. And the importance of dance as a way of letting emotions move through our bodies. Yes to that!
    It was also a new perspective on the grieving process as an act of creation. Wow.
    And now I really want to read her novel. My heartfelt tHanks to the both of you!

  27. Ashley D Mondestin

    This was a beautiful conversation. It came right on time. Thank you.

  28. Christina Moreno

    This episode was inspiring and it moved my heart. It really helped me when Elizabeth talked about grief because one of my cousins passed away a few weeks ago and I’ve been having trouble grieving. He’s the first person in my life that I’ve lost that was close to me and I shared most of my life’s memories with. When Elizabeth talked about how she chooses to dance everyday, it gave my an idea to give myself the permission to listen to the house music my cousin and I grew up hearing to and enjoy it like before. The quote at the end that Elizabeth shared about friendship really got to me because even though relationships are different, I’m more inspired to believe that I can be fully myself and feel safe with a friend again.

    Thank you so much.

  29. Wonderful interview — thank you!! I’d love to have a link to Elizabeth’s Facebook post that Marie shared.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Denise! Marie talked about a few things that were from Liz’s Facebook page so we think you’ll love to skim and see what speaks to you and your heart. You can find her posts here —->

      • Thanks Heather! Googled and found in a 2014 post. Don’t think I’m supposed to link, but here’s the quote in case others would like it too. Elizabeth Gilbert on July 24, 2014 on Facebook: “I think sometimes we forget that we are merely temporary visitors to earth, temporary occupants of these bodies. We take our lives perhaps too seriously sometimes when we forget our ultimate destination (whether it’s 90 years or 9 years, after all, eventually we will all be leaving this party). When we forget our essential transience — when we think that we’re going to be here forever — all of our choices become so weighty, so significant, so intimidating…but we won’t be here forever. So maybe it doesn’t really matter as much as we think it matters? Maybe you can be a bit lighter about your choices, that being the case?

        So what do you want to do before you go? What would be interesting to you? What would bring you enjoyment, or elevation, or transcendence? And what’s to be lost, really, in giving new things a try?

        We’re just passing through life. Might as well check it out a bit while we’re here, right? “

  30. Debbie Banda

    Always such a pleasure and inspiration to hear Liz Gilbert talk! I’m always amazed that she speaks as poignantly and articulately as she writes. And what a treat to see Liz and Marie together! Thank you ladies, for sharing your wisdom and insight with all of us. Can’t wait to read City of Girls.

  31. Angela Tobin

    Dear Marie and Liz,
    Thank you for the gift of this interview. I feel like my heart burst open in a way I’ve not felt so deeply before. I am listening before work and I might have to redo my mascara now because of the tears that came because of this rich, raw, and amazing truth that you have both shared. I long for all relationships to have this depth of love and truth. I can’t wait to get the book. It’s perfect timing also, as a girl in the office is retiring and she loves books. This will be perfect! The inspiration you’ve blessed to the world through this conversation will resonate with me forever. Thank you! Love you! God Bless You!

    • Lynn Glover

      I totally agree with your comment. My tears flow, too. Their conversation resonated with me and I am also inspired by these conversations.

  32. Brilliant and beautiful!

    Thank you

    1. share that thing of value you learned as soon as you can
    2. Today’s to-do list (which looks different because of this MFTV); buy the scooter, walk on the beach and go on that date with the actor from Spain.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep us posted on the scooter and the actor, Sherry! GO YOU!

  33. I have been listening for years and love your interviews and conversations. This one, however, is my fave so far. You have touched my heart deeply with your curiosity, your candor and your love. Thank you, Marie AND Liz, for sharing this most heartfelt conversation. I am sending my love to you both.
    xoxo Lynn Glover

  34. Haviva

    Just yesterday I was at my local library and Liz’s face smiled at me from BookPage magazine showing her new summer read that I cannot wait to get my hands on! I really resonated with so much and was in tears of truth expressed by the message of the ending paragraph. I highly encourage Marie, Liz and anyone interested in another real life example of a vivacious early 1900’s”Vaudeville Madonna/LadyGaga” to type Eva Tanguay, the original “I Don’t Care” Girl into your search engine for more inspiration.

  35. What a beautiful mind Elizabeth has been blessed with. There is beauty in her honest self-evaluation, in her personal expression, in her acceptance of ‘what is’, and her ability to share that mind with others by way of books, speaking, and living her life. Yes, Elizabeth, embrace that love you had with your partner and I’ll be routing for you as you welcome the new phase of the unknown with the open mind and heart you seem to have.

  36. Bevie

    Liz nailed it! I lost my Soul Sister, Frenchie, to leukaemia and what a wild journey it’s been with that feeling of” nobody else gets me!’ Liz gets me! I’m ecstatic!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sending love to you and Frenchie, Bevie. Big hugs from us to you.

  37. Surekha Shetty

    What am I supposed to do with this? How am I going to live in a Rayyaless world…?
    That’s the one line I keep hearing again and again.
    And that Rayya could be a beloved person, a pride possession, or even a pet project… as maybe, for each one of us. Where we invest some intense, even painful moments of our lives but which doesn’t feel like pain, and things start looking up and we begin to feel…this is it…and then lose it to some weird twist in the tale. Freeze.
    Life continues and we got to re consider our lives …this time without Rayya.
    Sounds traumatic, yet as Gilbert explains…can be a creative, transformative time of our lives…
    I latch onto that one.

    Thank you:)

  38. Ula

    I love the interview. And I love you both. I cannot wait to read the book!
    I wish there was someone so full of love, kindness and wisdom on my way 9 years ago, when my dad passed away from a brain tumour. I refused to grieve, and instead I suffered for many years. Now, I understand why. Depression and grieve are two different things, indeed.
    Thank you Marie, The Ever Amazing Team and my beloved writer Elizabeth Gilbert xxx

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sending you so much grace as you walk through the world without your Dad, Ula. May his memory cause you to dance in your own way each and every day.

      • Ula

        Thank you Heather. Sending you much love and gratefulness from Amsterdam xxx

  39. Christine Sullivan

    Marie & Liz Gilbert –what a heart expanding combination. I lost my partner 6+ years ago, and this talk was enormously helpful in shoring up my confidence for next steps. Thank you thank you thank you both!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We see you Christine and we’re so glad that you found this conversation helpful. Here’s to learning how to dance and move forward while also honoring their memory.

  40. Joanna

    I’m in tears,… Thanks, Marie and Liz for sharing your hearts and minds and being there…Marie excellent interview and thanks to the Universe you have room to share with all of us, no matter where we are and who we are.
    Liz, I follow you and feel you, and I remember CS Lewis talking about grief once, and he said “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything”
    Thanks for sharing in this world of human beings…

  41. Joanna Franco

    I’m in tears,… Thanks, Marie and Liz for sharing your hearts and minds and being there…Marie excellent interview and thanks to the Universe you have room to share with all of us, no matter where we are and who we are.
    Liz, I follow you and feel you, and I remember CS Lewis talking about grief once, and he said “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything”
    Thanks for sharing in this world of human beings…

  42. Olivia

    Oh my Goddess, I love you both so much. Listening to you and seeing you makes me feel like I belong somewhere in the world. I cannot wait to read both of your books! Your hearts are so big and your minds and spirits and souls and your bodies so beautiful and it makes me think of the sacred that you were talking about Liz, with regard to the fires of grief. I love you both so much!!! And I love everything you said, Liz. It all felt so so true. So life giving.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind and enthusiastic words, Olivia. We’re so glad that you could feel the love in this episode and capture some for yourself. xo

  43. Stella Upneck

    Courage to be vulnerable and to be seen… especially in grief.
    Deep heart & soul kind of identifying… and then the dancing,
    Oh the dancing with tears streaming down, eyes sparkling with life, such a joyous contradiction! I know!

    Thank you Liz & Marie xxx

  44. Jazmin

    Thank was soo beautiful awww….thank you so much ! I heard in a study and women’s friendship can cure and heal about everything ! Totally believe it xoxo

    • Jazmin

      That* was ..sooprry I worte it very fast with tears ?

  45. Anita patel

    Such a heartwarming interview – thank you for sharing. Really hope to read these books someday!

  46. I am moved to tears… On so many levels. I have been following both Marie and Elizabeth for many years. And when you talked about grief and dance it just lit up my whole body! I’ve been leading dance for the last 25 years as a way to process emotions. It’s truly my life’s work and my life‘s passion. From the mythic heroes journey, to dance is the opposite of stagnation! I love this talk! From the mythic heroes journey, too dance is the opposite of stagnation! I love this talk! But to top off that synchronicity I recently found my love of my life and had to change everything to be with her. So thank you for this authentic, brave, honest sharing ❤️

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep dancing and loving, Toni. It makes all of us more brave and loving in the process. xo

  47. Such an awesome interview… Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazingly gifted and creative writer, and it’s easy to perceive many other beautiful qualities in her. But if I had to choose just one word to describe her, I would choose “courageous.” And if I were to qualify that one word, I’d say “courageous with abandonment”…
    Thank you, Marie, for always sharing such high quality content with all of us. Blessings 🙂

    • Perfectly described, Gisele – we couldn’t agree more. We’re honored to get to share this one with you today. Thank you for being here 🙂

  48. I’ve so, so , so missed Liz! Thank you for reminding and including me!

  49. Muhammad Ashraf

    Thanks, Marie and Liz for sharing your hearts and minds and being there…Marie excellent interview and thanks to the Universe you have room to share with all of us, no matter where we are and who we are.
    Liz, I follow you and feel you, and I remember CS Lewis talking about grief once, and he said “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything”
    Thanks for sharing in this world of human beings…

    • Muhammad, what an incredibly lovely note – what you shared means the world to us and that quote by CS Lewis is so deeply moving.

      We’re grateful to get to share these ideas, guests, and inspiration with you each week. Onward indeed ?

  50. Megan Trimble

    WOW! I was deeply moved by this episode and the insights you both shared with me as the listener. I discovered your podcast last week, Marie, and I believe I found it at the right time. Liz’s story resonated with me intensely. Rayya sounds like a beautiful soul.
    We can all benefit from taking a lighter approach to our decision-making and viewing challenges as creative opportunities, as you said here. Ladies, this is SO refreshing and this is what I NEEDED!! I plan to go back and listen to past episodes, Marie. I am genuinely excited to learn and grow through your material.

    Thank you so much! xoxo

    • Megan, we’re SO delighted to welcome you, and with this episode too! Thank you for your beautifully kind words. We can’t wait to share more with you and love that you’re going to soak in previous episodes in the meantime too. ❤️

      • Megan Trimble

        🙂 your responses means a lot to me. Thank you.

  51. Kathy Raybould

    Thank you, ladies! I laughed and I cried..needed both. I feel so much gratitude for both of you, what you do, what you share and for the inspiration.

  52. What jumped out at me from today’s conversation between Marie and Liz were these four words. “Safety and being seen.”
    I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently—about self-censorship, which is rooted in shame, and how that’s related to those parts of us we hide. And I have been moving toward making a commitment to be seen whether I think I’m safe or not. Because I’m wondering, if those things that I might be withholding could, in fact, be something of value for someone at some time, even if I never know who or when. If I don’t expose that, whether in conversation, writing, or my artwork, it will be lost. The opportunity will be lost.
    And since we’ll all be dead anyway sooner or later, why not? Why take myself so seriously that I don’t simply put it all out there?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Why not, right Sara?! Write the words. Share the thoughts. Lean into the dreams and the joy and all of it. Put it out there and enjoy the ride.

  53. Monique

    It’s not the only thing I’ve learned from this episode, but the only one that really matters in a life passed on this planet. Unconditional love can be found / experienced here. Thank you for this precious episode. P.S. I just bought 4 books from Elizabeth Gilbert :-).

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We think you’re really going to enjoy the journies that Liz takes you on, Monique. Enjoy every word!

      • Monique

        Thanks Heather and thanks to all Marie Forleo’s team for this episode!

  54. Kelly C Patterson

    Moving beyond words and so inspiring. My biggest takeaway is the reminder to live life to its fullest, whatever that means to you, because we all know the outcome. It seems like such an easy thing to say, but it’s profound.

  55. Just wow. Thank you Marie & Liz! This was so healing, so empowering. So many OMG YES moments, I need to go back and watch it again. My favorite for now: “Dance is the opposite of stagnation” ❤️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Anja! We hope Liz’s wisdom made your soul dance. 🙂

  56. Cat

    Wow, so powerful! Tears are flowing… so so refreshing to listen to Liz’s approach to grief and the “one guarantee”, death, and why living FULLY on this rock spinning around in space is the best way to encounter the grand mystery of being human! ??????

  57. As a resilience mentor / qualified psychological wellbeing practitioner, I am obsessed by how capable we humans truly are, and just how we can thrive despite trauma or difficulties.
    So “we can all survive our own choices” hit home pretty damn hard for me and my message. Similarly, the idea that we are ALL awakening.
    And finally, the idea of approaching any obstacle in our life with “this is a path that will include things no other choice could have got me to experience”, especially after loss. <3

    Thank you, Marie and Liz for sharing so much of yourselves.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So many beautiful takeaways, Katy-Rose! And thank you for the important, vital work you’re doing.

  58. Loreley

    I can’t wait to read Liz’ new book! I’ve already shared this interview with my bookclub, the hub of many female friendships! 🙂

  59. Damn you both. I was going to skip this one, only because I knew Liz Gilbert’s latest book is fiction, and I’m focused almost exclusively on creative non-fiction as I gear up to write my own memoir. But then I decided to have a listen anyway, and now I need to add City of Girls to my eterminable TO READ list. Damn you, I mean, thank you! I lost both my parents before my 40th birthday–which I wouldn’t wish on a mortal enemy. The grief of losing my mom when I was 25 about made me come undone. But in the just over four years since my papa joined her in the great beyond, I have connected with a creativity in grief I never imagined could exist. And begun to heal the crazy hurt of losing them both. A million thanks to Gilbert for putting some of that very phenomenon into words. Huge hugs on her heartbreaking loss. Marie, thanks for all you do. Now let me focus and catch up on my overdue Copy Cure homework.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha, you’re so welcome, Jeanette! I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your parents and glad this episode could make you feel seen and understood. We’re sending so much love, heart-healing wishes, and infinite creativity your way. <3

  60. I truly admire Elizabeth with her openness about love and loss. Am sure her book will do extremely well as most women’s stories about sexuality remain untold. I love her honesty and having psychic gifts myself, writing a book about my relationship with a passed spirit, and still sharing that message~~~ they are always with us! Music and dancing are so powerful and they DO pick songs! Much love to you both. Loving MarieTV always! ?

  61. One of my favorite episodes ever — cannot love Liz more. Thank you, Marie, for this conversation and thank you, Liz, for so eloquently giving words to that which resides in the hearts of so many of us. I shared the link for this episode three times while in the middle of watching it!

  62. Marie, I am so excited about Liz’s book and so glad you sat down to speak with her! Her rawness is so inspiring…I read Eat Pray Love every single year because her words are so comforting. And you are such a wonderful interviewer. This interview was a great way to start my morning. Thank you both <3

  63. AliO

    There is a life that can only be lived without the person you are grieving. Yes, yes, yes!! Hard to hear in the heat of grief, but oh so true.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We hope Liz’s words bring you comfort in your grief. <3

  64. Rene

    Marie and Liz
    There’s one overriding feeling Im touched to experience from this exchange between you both, and it’s exactly the same one I felt when I watched the last one you shared on your show Marie, and that’s the enormous, beautiful, vibrant love you share for each other. In some ways the previous episode I watched was even more resonant of that love because it struck me that this wasn’t an interview with someone you admire, respect, are in awe of etc etc, but just a beautiful exchange of friendship between two beautiful, real, gentle but immensely powerful young women. And that genuine, easy chat between you both somehow imparts more to me than the content of your conversation. I hope that doesn’t imply I didn’t benefit from any of your messages, cause I certainly did.
    It’s just that its so refreshing, and so uplifting to witness your goofy, fun, natural way with each other.
    Thank you Liz for being so giving especially through your loss. You’re an inspiring woman. And quite definitely the sexiest guest marie has and is ever likely to have on her show.

  65. Cheri

    Are you kidding me? This is a happy, heart-breakingly cool as shit wise conversation.
    What a gift….

  66. Well, I got about 5 minutes into this incredible interview, hit “pause” and headed to Amazon to purchase Liz’s book, came back to your chat, hit “pause” again for grabbing tissues…
    Marie, you are my favorite interviewer and Liz is my favorite author. I like that you’re both a bit crazy, like my other favorite people IRL. 😉 Thanks for the important messages in this piece. xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Cindy! We hope you enjoy City of Girls as much as we did. 🙂

  67. I have been in this “transition” for the last 5+ years, going through a divorce and having my grown children “abandon” me. I know I made the right decision for so many reasons but listening to this while working out at the gym resonated with me. Your words spoke to me. Sometimes we have to close one door before another can open. I have felt for awhile now that I needed to sacrifice my current situation and leave my children (who are adults btw) to find myself again and what my true purpose is in this world. So thank you for the morning pep talk and reinforcement. We all have a purpose, sometimes it takes a heart wrenching experience for us to see our true self again.
    Thank you Marie for sharing Liz with us today 🙂

  68. Alis

    Every woman should have a Liz Gilbert in her life. I was very lucky to read a net galley copy of this book and it is extraordinarily wonderful. xx ♥

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Lucky indeed! We’re so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  69. Anne-kirstine Klitmark

    Absorbing Marie and Liz presence together – the wisdom of life experiences is so profound and uplifting, feeling safe and seen, as transmit from Liz heart story.
    What she said about dance, that it can something that nothing else can, and it is a way to soften – truth right there. Beautiful. The interview is still sinking in and it feels yummi!

  70. Sherry S.

    Okay, so you both made me cry. Just ridiculous ugly crying.

    It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing I got out of your talk, because I feel like all of it was important. I lost a dear maternal mentor friend six years ago, and sometimes – when I even allow myself to think about it – I feel like a chunk of my creativity and spirit died with her and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it back. I know it’s been six years, and I don’t weep like I did when the wounds were still fresh; I can finally think of her fondly and with the good memories of the things I learned from her and how much I appreciated her intelligence and curiosity and thoughtfulness.

    BUT… during that difficult time a lot of other shit stuff happened as well, just the worst timing ever for all of it to happen in a span of months, and I did get through it, but it left me feeling a bit lost. I stopped feeling as engaged as I used to be, in a lot of ways. I think I unconsciously fell into more of the wasteland mentality, not the grail quest mentality, and life has become more about “get stuff done” and “check off this general list” than it is about “savor the treasures and marvels of life.” I can feel the more joyful energy simmering sometimes, when I do something creative for my job or when I feel the tiniest hint of energy for the activities I once was interested and engaged in (and miss having in my life), but it’s not always there and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to un-bury it fully.

    That said, I hope that this conversation you two had will help plant a little seed, even if it’s just the smallest one, to help me (and remind me) to re-engage and behave with curiosity and vitality. There is a part of me that desperately believes in and wants that kind of energy and vitality in my life. The hardest part, though, is trying to figure out how to get it started so it can grow into something real and tangible and active, you know? I know it has to come from me. It’s just hard to take those first steps. It’s hard to know where to go.

    I’m going to have to re-watch this one. I think it needs to get embedded into my brain. 🙂

    • Sherry S.

      By the way, I don’t mean to sound all bleak, LOL. It’s not like I’m in some sort of dark shroud of mourning every day or something.

      It’s just that I feel like I’m not LIVING as energetically as I once was. And this conversation you had is a big reminder to me that there is a lot more I could be feeling and doing and enjoying. It’s all too easy to forget when you’re in the day-to-day grind of pattern and routine, that there is more I could be feeling and doing and enjoying, that there are depths of emotion yet to be tapped, just waiting to be released. Like Liz being open to shuffling a Rayya playlist, dancing to whatever song comes up, and going with the moment. <3

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        We totally understand, Sherry, and you expressed your feelings beautifully and with such heartfelt thoughtfulness. We believe in you and hope your energetic living will be restored and rejuvenated soon.

    • Sherry S.

      Liz, that Moth speech was freaking amazing. I just finished listening to it, and it was sweet and sad and thought-provoking and really, really fucking funny. What a woman Rayya was. I’m glad you got the chance to know and love her, and be loved by her. What a life she led. Thank you for sharing what you learned and experienced. Really, really beautiful.

    • Sherry S.

      And, because I keep forgetting to say it, in the three other messages I’ve already written here for crying out loud (LOL)… Liz, I can’t wait to read your book!

      It sounds fascinating, plus it’s a mystery (which I always love). Sounds so fantastic. Well done and – after ALL that hard work – congratulations on your book premiere. 🙂

  71. I loved this so much! What touched me most was the way Liz sees things. I honestly never have seen through the eyes of someone who is taking care of another. There were always certain parts of my life when I needed others to take care of me. Oddly enough, there were also the arts! I choose to see happy things because dwelling in the sad ones harms me and holds me back. I know very well that anyone can die at any time. That may be more likely in some cases but that doesn’t make it any more or less important. If anything it makes the fact that you should not waste a second of life more important! It shows you that reality and grabs your heart. It’s an experience that you can’t really put into words. I learned at a very young age that death is a part of life. I’ve almost died a few times and that makes living life to me more important. Later I realised that every life may not always be a happy one but a hugely rewarding and beautiful experience if you choose to look at it that way. I personally don’t want to be the cause of others not living. That causes harm and if anything I would want to be the reason others choose life and don’t waste a moment of it. Elizabeth said it best when she said “I don’t want to miss this weird rollercoaster ride” I’m vegan and do stand up to end things having to do with Climate Change, etc. but that also brings many, many sad truths that can tear a person down. If we don’t have joy, we forget how to live. Thank you for reminding people how to live ladies! 🙂 From my heart to yours Namaste

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re still here and okay and embracing this gift called life. <3

  72. This conversation is life changing! What a beautiful message and also what a wonderful way to talk about grief. Great chat, just great!

  73. This was indeed a very special episode. It reminds me of how important the woman to woman love/friendship is and how I feel an empty place in my heart/soul without it.
    I love my husband, my work, my animals (they do fill my heart/soul in their unique special non human way!), my friends but there is nothing like a best girl/woman friend.
    I am missing that in my life now and this episode has reminded me to pray and manifest that into reality!
    I also love the focus on sexuality and the POWER of desire, for women. I well remember that from my youth and I remember the consequences of riding it. Still, at almost 64 years old, finding my way with how to be in my best sexual desire power. Whatever anyone out there says about it, I know it’s a precious, delicious gift. And mine to do what I chose!

  74. Lourdes Mena

    This hit me right in the feels. The part that stuck with me the most was the conversation about grief and the perspective Liz shared. Such a beautiful take on it and something I hope to assimilate in my own beliefs about grief and love. Thank You!

  75. Two of my favorite women! Thank you so much for sharing this interview Marie and thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for always sharing so much wisdom. The biggest take away from this episode for me is to value life and live it with creativity, passion and love.

  76. Kelsey

    Hi Team Forleo!
    Thank you so much for this interview. Would you be able and willing to share the exact date of Liz’s FB post that you highlighted? It really resonated with me, and I would love to read the entire thing. Thank you!

  77. I love you and Liz so much!!! Watching this show was like eating popcorn and m&m’s at the same time. Guilty pleasure in the middle of my workday, but so worth it. I love that your character gets to live through her sexual mistakes. They totally happen. And just like you said, we mostly live through them, so seeing a heroine that doesn’t go the Theodore Dreiser way is refreshing.

  78. What stuck with me is the curiosity of what is that I’m doing/ discovering when a certain person is no longer in my life.
    I still have to ponder on it 🙂
    Thank you so much, Liz and Marie

  79. Tanya

    Dear Marie and Elizabeth,
    Thank-you so so much for this. It was exactly what my heart needed and I am in delirious awe of your courage and love and beauty. xo

  80. FC

    This was a wonderful interview. Thank you.

    I was struck by Elizabeth’s comment about her belief in a benevolent world. I have a lot of stress and trauma in my life right now, and I sometimes believe that I am being punished or I get wrapped up in self-righteousness because I have always been a good person and not done anything to deserve what is happening in my life. Elizabeth’s comment reminded me that the universe doesn’t take things away from you to create voids; instead, it offers you abundance and gifts which you accept and offer in return.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re shifting your perspective toward positivity and embracing the gifts from the universe. We’re sending lots of love and heart-healing wishes your way.

  81. Thank you for this wonder interview. I am a fan of both your work and I was just about to give up on my pursuit of creating a world through my art and writing but I will keep going forward. Going to buy both of your new books now!!

  82. Joni

    All that I can say about this interview is …real, Velveteen Rabbit real. Thank you, it warmed my heart.

  83. Heather

    I love the way Liz talks about grief. How it’s not depression which I thought it was when I was so deep in my grief a couple years ago. I am so glad to have her insight now so I can share her words with a friend that lost her love a year ago. Liz explains grief and love in the same world and I wish someone would have said to me when I was grieving the things I have been able to say to my dear friend with the help of Liz’s words and insight. She has really helped us both. I can just picture her telling me “you did good, you made choices and you survived them and now you get to choose what your life will look like” she’s fucking amazing and so are you Marie ! Thank you both !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Heather. We hope Liz’s words bring your sweet friend comfort during this challenging time.

  84. I sooo needed this today. Thanks! You made me cry in a good way.

  85. OMG…I just downloaded it onto my kindle! I love Liz and her work and I can’t wait to begin to read it. I love the bit about female desire and loving sex!!

  86. Crying are the end of this conversation… what a great , soul-comforting big vocabular hug this was. Female friendship, there is nothing like it I’ve come to find out certainly during my darkest times however much i as well live my male friendships. It’s a safety net in ultima forma isn’t it?! Thank you Marie and liz! Again, a book of liz i will treasure ( big magic still rocks my world). Much love

  87. Michelle K.

    Tears flowing. Everything about this, full of love. So grateful to be an observer of it all.

  88. My two biggest insights… 1: OK wtf am I doing, seriously… I get to have more F.U.N. 🙂 2: the following has always been innately true for me and Liz just pinpointed it… “There’s something in dance that can’t be released in any other way.” – Liz!!! That is the mother-loving TRUTH! Dance has always been my go-to (above all others) in moving through feelings. I’m drawn to it – before I know it, I feel the rhythm pulsing through me and I’m moving. Dance can be fun, it can be moody AF, it can be a tool. It is, exactly what it is., what it needs to be… in that moment.. I LOVE that and I am SO GRATEFUL for the gift of dance!! It is an energetic *home* space for me. Thanks for these beautiful reminders and insights Marie and Liz!! Love you both. <3 <3

  89. Fiamma

    Liz is just one of the most amazing people on earth. Every time I listen to her talk the world feels a bit safer. I was doing a heart opening meditation this morning to help with anxiety, and watching this interview I realized where her strength comes from. She lives with her heart fully open: to sorrow, to grief, to joy and pleasure and all of it. I laughed and cried listening to you two talk. Thank you for this. Also, can’t wait to read the book.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a wonderful observation, Fiamma! An open heart is a source of power and strength. We hope your meditation opened the door to your heart even wider. <3

  90. Chris

    Thank you Marie and Liz for this moving and inspiring interview! My biggest insight: there’s a life after our loved one died with great new possibilities and I’m in?
    Love, Chris

  91. Love Love Loved this! What spoke to me the most was how we can be creative with our grief. How the loss of her love was her biggest creative challenge and I would say experiencing grief right now, this is a wonderful way to look at it. And what my life can look like without that person which would never have been possible. And how dancing can really help to move that. Those are my top takeaways! Thankyou!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode spoke to you, Basia! We’re honored Liz’s wisdom is inspiring you to see your grief in a new light. We’re thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

  92. Kathy

    I listened to this while driving. It was riveting in so many ways. The statement that Liz made about dancing and moving her body was helpful. The key phrase for me was about “staying soft.” How often do I armor up and stay in action but in a way to keep from my feelings instead of staying soft?

  93. Thank you for sharing this conversation and letting us see the incredible love that exists between you two. This interview is oozing with gold, so many powerful take-aways. I was especially poked by the desire to share what you learn with others. I have that and squish it down because I am afraid of being seen and judged. I’m remembering now that was my reason for leaving the theater years ago. It seemed like an act of kindness to myself to not put myself in a career that requires standing soul bare in front of others to have them judge my worthiness. What a great insight and inquiry to lean into. Thank you!
    And I can’t wait to read Liz’s latest book. Blessings to you both for the amazing work you do in the world. I always leave inspired after a visit with you!


  94. Stacey Knoebel

    Thank you for this interview today. I love Liz’s description of her grief. I relate so strongly to that. My mom passed away 2 years ago after an almost year long battle with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She had a huge personality that often clashed with mine, my crazy East Coast Jewish momma. But, she was the ONE person I knew I belonged to. No matter how crazy we sometimes made each other, I was hers. I have a husband and children, my husband’s family, cousins, aunts, uncles and I’m so grateful for all of them, yet at times, I feel so heartbroken without my mom and I wonder what our purpose is here. My father is now terminally ill and it’s such a different scenario than it was with my Mom. He’s so independent and so positive, he doesn’t want me crying over him.. my normal me is joyful, bubbly, it’s just who I am and I sincerely have so much joy so many days. Hearing Elizabeth describe her grief, but also her curiosity of what’s to come next, really helps me keep moving forward, keep my chin up and know I’m not crazy for all my feelings that come and go. Being a Human IS weird! Thank you for sharing your insight and your practices to help you move your feelings out of your body. This all inspires me and it’s just the creative spark I needed today to pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep on keeping on. God bless you both!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this message came at just the right time, Stacey! We’ll be holding you and your dad in our hearts during this difficult time. <3

  95. Doni

    Love Love Love Liz!!! Great interview… love the story behind the story! Thanks for a great interview!

  96. Wow! So inspiring and beautiful!. I needed that today.

  97. Sharon Archer

    I really enjoyed this podcast and thank you both for allowing me to observe your lovely converstion. The thing that I connected with most strongly was grief as a creative process. This is something that I am learning after my mother’s passing last year. I was very involved with her care and when she died all of that stopped very abruptly. Her passing, and that of my fathers 5 years earlier was okay – they were both ill and I understood that dying is just the final act of living and they lived and died so well. But what struck me most was the ‘what do I do now’ thought? And that turned into what can I do now and what do I want to do now. The process of findng a new normal was exciting and is exciting – I’m still finding new normal and adjusting as I go. I need to recover somewhat too – caring for my mother as well as being a mum myself and a worker and a wife and and and … well it was busy as you can imagine – I couldn’t have got a blade of grass in between each part of my life and I pushed my own self care to the bottom of the pile. So I am literally recovering myself. I’ve just had a birthday – if all goes well i’ll get one with a zero at the end next year and I’m determined to enter my new decade recovered and well. And so that is my focus for now. I’m becoming myself – rediscovering myself and its amazing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so perfectly expressed, Sharon. We hope your new normal, in all its iterations––both this year and the next decade––is a beautiful one.

      • Sharon Archer

        Thank you Mandy. Your kind words are welcome and your generous spirit is so well placed in this forum. All good things to you.

  98. sonja

    I have a few writers that I always buy their books, period. Liz is one! I had this on pre-order as soon as she came to my inbox and I had an email from Amazon Smile that it shipped today!! Every single time I hear an interview of Liz’s I wish she was my best friend so that we could have these weird and wonderful conversations!

  99. Julie Kerr

    I loved this! I felt really encouraged to follow my dreams. Thanks for a great show to Marie & Elizabeth!

  100. Annabel Worsley

    My oh my this episode has blown me away! The idea of grief being an opportunity to get creative and make a beautiful new life – that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise – reduced me to tears.
    The thought that I have the capacity to move away from fear and feeling stuck gives me enormous hope for my future! Time to get those creative juices flowing. ?✨?
    Thankyou ladies for your stunning insight – this couldn’t have found me at a better time. ???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so, SO glad this episode resonated with you and came at just the right time, Annabel! We hope it helps. <3

  101. Riikka

    Loved all of it. My biggest intake was what Liz said about difference in grief and depression. Also about creativity, that we all have. Friendships between women. It’s so important to have those relationships where you feel to be seen. Can’t take it for granted. I get to reach out more friends especially those that live far away and have known me the longest.
    Thank you!

  102. I loved watching this conversation with you and Liz. I’ve always gotten so much out of her books and from your videos, thank you.
    Several years ago I lost my sister-in-law Kay to cancer. I’m not exaggerating when I say that she was an angel. I never had a sister, only 3 brothers, but having Kay in my life felt like I did. She was the kindest person I’ve ever known.
    After she passed my brother was so sad. It ached to think about the loss he had faced, the loss our entire extended family had faced. I thought about how we are all of us souls that have been born/dropped down into bodies and we will all “go home” someday. I realized that life on earth is “summer camp.” The song lyrics “Hello mudda, hello fadda, here I am at Camp Granada” came to me…In that song the guy is lonely and bored and pleads with his parents to take him home. Then the sun comes out and he realizes how FUN it is at camp and he asks his parents to “kindly disregard this letter.” Anyway, YES we will all go home, but NOT YET. We are here to enjoy the ride! We’ve been given a gift, a trip to summer camp. We can laugh and love and touch and feel while we are in these human forms.
    I think about this when I start to feel blue and longing for “home” and then I get up off the couch and join this family of souls on earth at our glorious camp, knowing that our loved ones are back reunited with the “God pool of spirit” where we all go back to.
    I hope this makes sense! It comforts me and I hope it comforts your readers.

    • Angie

      A beautiful interpretation Nancy

  103. Reggie Odom

    Live big, and experience fully, no matter where you are, what you are doing or what you are feeling. And Dance!
    Loved, loved, loved this interview and all you both brought and gave!!!

  104. Ellie

    Perhaps the best episode so far? I loved what she said about the difference between grief and depression. I so much agree with her. That she wants to be available to what and who she loves at the present moment, that she believes in abundance in every way and just the way she talks is enlightening. Listening to her felt like there is still hope in this world. It is also fascinating how I didn’t t sense her ego at all during your interaction and this is why Marie was such a softie, sweet and emotional within this interaction(who am I talking to here, Marie, Liz and Marie Forleo team.?…..this sentence sounded confusing…).
    I can go on forever, but I ll close this by saying I feel emotional, hopeful with a warm heart. I am not alone.

  105. Ljubisa

    Dear Marie,
    Wonderful conversation between Liz and you, full of openness and honesty. Both of you emanate a dazzling charisma. Women that leaved the hint in my life were all some kind of predators. So, Liza’s words “Without our desire we’re not fully ourselves” are absolutely throw. Your podcast with Liz was a real holiday for my eyes and my other senses, and my soul, respectively.

  106. Maria,
    You would love dance therapy! It is time you had a dance therapist on your show. I’d love to chat with you.

    Erica Hornthal
    The Therapist That Moves You

  107. Erica


  108. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

  109. I could listen to Liz for hours. She’s so brave, truthful, eloquent, poetic and insightful – and those words don’t even do her justice. Then you both out the humour and take the emotion and tears this interview brought me (and you Marie, and so many others) and make you light up. Damn. Powerful. Thank you for this gift.

  110. Emma Patricio

    That was simply stunning.

  111. I’m crying and smiling, at the same time! Thank you both for going so deep. This is the reason why Marie, you’re so smart to NOT take your show to another platform, like a TV network. You wouldn’t be able to have these incredibly intimate and deep moments. Liz Gilbert, you were put on this earth to teach us how to feel, how to create, and how to love, in our own unique and glorious ways!

  112. Deb

    Well Ladies, thank you for reaching into my heart and taking away the shadow. I am now a huge fan of Liz Gilbert (already a huge fan of Marie).
    What an amazing woman. What an amazing conversation.
    Thank you for the reminder to not take life too seriously and live each day with awe and wonder.
    Very grateful to be able to listen to this conversation between two amazing women. Thank you so much

  113. Jen

    Listened to the podcast and loved it. Such a fun conversation to hear, obviously between good friends. I cannot wait to get my hands on the book. Thanks also to Liz for sharing about her grief and ways she coped to find joy in heartache.

  114. Always inspired by Liz’s words, spoken and written. Thanks for a genuinely heartfelt interview. I’m sorry for her loss, and as I grieve a loved one’s loss this year, I am more encouraged after watching this interview.

  115. Lisa

    Reminders: Life as a creative challenge and a weird rollercoaster. Ease up and enjoy. Surrender to love. Thank you so much for sharing this touching conversation. Sending love – may you all be creative, awakening, and free.

  116. Ramdeo Choudhary .

    My dear Marie and Liz , what a wonderful interview and a wonderful feedback by many. Blessed is the land of USA where both speaker and listener appear to be equally evolved in conveying and absorbing the essence of life and living. We in India get the same essence from our scripture Gita. But choice is always on us to verify it or falsify it ; in either case honest involvement is there, and the result in 99% of the cases come out in the form of acceptance only. In the balance 1% evaluation cases ,in all probability , one comes to realise his / her folly and one gets a chance to reorient his or her attitude and accept the scriptural message and internalise them in life’s activities. For me personally the interview was a source of solace in the face of my wife suffering from cancer for the past 6 years , and alternating between sub normal and critical condition. Her only wish is to live to celebrate our 50 Th marriage anniversary falling next May in 2020. I am dependent on the grace and mercy of Krishna , while feeling and following Him. Dancing through grief , approaching grief from a perspective of creativity , depression is not grief , safety and the feeling of being seen in a Raya less world — are my take away points from this wonderful interview. I’m sure after this interview one will be able to design his / her template to enjoy the sip of life’s margarita as commented by someone in the above series of comments. My blessings to Marie and Liz . Hare Krishna!

  117. Carmel Mckenzie

    Hi Marie,
    Wow, I am elated by the interview. You both were fabulous to watch. I enjoyed the video very entertaining. Elizabeth is creative, very interesting, warm, and an inspirational person. I loved the whole show.

    warm regards

  118. Paloma

    Marie and Liz, I cannot thank you enough for what and how you are sharing in this interview. It is a takeaway for me from the start through the end. Thanks for the clarity regarding depression. And for the reminder of my personal need to dance, however I am feeling. Love you both!!

  119. Hege Merakerås

    This WAS truly a very special episode. Thank you for displaying both vulnerability and inspiring strength. It blessed my day.
    Thank you!

  120. Hello Liz,
    Why there isn’t any sample of the book available?
    Usually, i read the sample before proceeding.
    Will you make this available?



  121. Robyn Smyles


    So many incredible nuggets of wisdom and truth!
    I love that she KNEW it was time to shift and change to accommodate THE life she was called to…..
    Liz didn’t allow the decisions she had made prior to this shift keep her from doing what was right. Powerful.

    I loved how she was able to draw me away , at what felt like rocket ship speed leaving Earth, into space to take a real look. A different perspective. We are only here for a short time. Why do we take it all so seriously and worry so deeply about decisions? Why can’t we dream and lean into those desires and act?

    That’s what I will be thinking about as I dance everyday!!!!


  122. wow! This was my first introduction to Elizabeth and what a profound experience. I am gonna check out her books! I am so appreciative of her comments regarding grieving and loss. My Mom and younger Sister passed within a short time of each other and I have had a challenging time coming back to life again. Her words unlocked some of doors I have been needing to get through. Thanks Elizabeth!

  123. Dear Marie and Liz, This interview has touched my soul deeply. It’s been over 2 years since my beloved husband of 35 years, the love of my life, passed away. The deep, open emptiness took over my life for many months. I felt rudderless. And only in the last 8 or 9 months or so have I been allowing myself to think and be a little curious (but not too much) about what’s next and how to be present more every day. I have been surprised at this resilience I found inside which I believe we all have. I just didn’t recognize or thank it for being there for me. And in listening to you both talking, it felt like a new light-filled pathway opened up. Liz, it’s when you talked about “the life you only had with Rayya, and now there is a life you can only have without her and it is only beginning!” That hit me in the gut, the heart and in my soul in a really good and hopeful way. Yes – that is it – this new beginning. It sparked curiosity, and dare I say, hope, in being excited again every day. Thank you, Marie, for your love and energy and laughter, and to you, Liz, for your sharing yourself and your wisdom and in bringing joy and inspiration to us when we need it most. (And yes, dancing is a hoot – I started lessons last year and found you can’t be sad, stressed or depressed when you have happy feet.) Thank you from my heart and soul. Love you both!!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful, Marybeth — thank you for sharing. We hope this is just the start of your light-filled pathway, and we’re wishing you nothing but joy, excitement, and happy feet <3

  124. Belinda

    Thank you for this fabulous interview! My take away is about the difference between depression and grief and the important role of dance in allowing things to move through your body. Such wisdom from this conversation. Much love to you both!

  125. Susan Hastbacka-Yost

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww what a BEAUTIFUL conversation, chat you guys had………………..I could listen Elizabeth everyday……………….I love her spirit, soul and her incredible heart……………she is so giving and she is soooooooooooo full of heart is fulfilled after listening her…………………Marie,thank you again bringing another beautiful guest to your show so we can be energized,motivated and dance like we have never danced before.

  126. This! Thankyou so much for sharing this. I admire you both soooo freaking much! I resonate with Elizabeth as I also wrote (and recently published) a book that was inspired by my fiancé who also had Stage 4 Pancreatic and Liver cancer. It’s called “Thoughts Can Heal” 30 daily Practices to Help Heal Anxiety. Marie, I have been following you for the past 2 years. You, as well as several other mentors, are the reason I had the courage to write and publish this book. Forever grateful for you both. <3 xo

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Congratulations on your book, Denise! What a beautiful accomplishment. We’re so glad Marie’s work has been a source of inspiration for you and we’re sending you lots of love.

  127. Truly beautiful. Thank you for this.

  128. Elaine Dolan

    My word! … Ah, ya… from the heart? Liz’s uplifting ‘tude made me compare myself and come up shorter than I already am. Hahaha …I’m only 4’10” and a half. So short– for sure. My experience of life had been a wonderful build-up UNTIL I came out of trauma and saw what really happened, Alice. Now, okay, I’m being honest and vulnerable here, I do not feel all excited with possibilities and more expansion. Meeting people I admire does not feel that special or anticipated with joy…. I have begun to like my smallness, mornings with coffee and a book or bud, and safety package. Liz, and you Marie, continue to be inspired. How do you choose light over the heaviness so prevalent today? Maybe I need to buy that Hyperbaric Oxygen tank I’ve been imagining.

  129. I know I always say this, but this episode was AMAZING. Liz Gilbert is AMAZING. How does she speak to our hearts as she does? Her wisdom is beyond explanation. I lost my dad seven years ago and I can so relate to the feelings of grief, the feelings of depression. I am still in grief and always carry hints of depression, but my take away message from today is that there is a life beyond. There are things I couldn’t do during my life with my dad that I am able to do now. And thank you, Marie and Liz, for the permission to fully explore those relationships, business endeavors, to dance, and to move ahead. My soul is waiting for freedom. Love to you both — I can’t wait to start reading.

  130. Liz! Liz! Liz! Damn, that was an amazing conversation. My pen could not keep up with the wisdom ?.
    What words and magic you two created together. Will be one of the only novels I put on my list this year.

  131. Gilda

    Elizabeth Gilbert has a beautiful inner world and her words are full of joy, of love and powerful meaning. Thank you Marie for this refreshing TV Show. Love.

  132. I was actually so impressed I booked to see live here in London this month.

  133. Ashley Jones

    Marie & Liz,

    What an AMAZING display of vulnerability, transparency and willingness to creativily pivot. I loved this interview on so many levels!! Selfishly, I’ve been on quest to learn more from others about how they manage grief and what new outlook or gems are birthed as a result of experiencing grief. Three years ago, I lost my mother to a domestic violence crime and have been riddled with grief. Most notably, a weird composition of extreme sadness and overwhelming happiness with each new milestone or anniversary. I laughed when Liz said, “IDK what the fuck is going on!” I’ve felt that too! Liz’s description of depression and the ability of grief to feel like cement in your bones, resonated on many levels — striking many of the paralyzing feelings I’ve felt— yet I’ve been unable to adequately describe with words. I’m definitely going to dance more! Thank you for sharing and planting your nuggets of wisdom for us all to pay it forward. Many blessings to you on this journey of healing & growth in the full lives we never imagined could exist post loss. You’re AWESOME!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Liz has such a gift for making us all feel less alone, doesn’t she? We’re so sorry for your loss Ashley, and we’ll be dancing right alongside you. <3

  134. Thank you so much Marie and Elizabeth for this truly moving insight into life, death and friendship. The way Elizabeth talks about grief and its power and the oftentimes confusion of a state of depression with grief has opened my eyes and will enable to me to move through my own grief with a renewed outlook. Indeed, how greatly you grieve someone is a reflection of how greatly you loved them and it truly means that one is alive and feeling and perceiving to one’s extreme – and there is huge power in that. The other thing which I found uplifting is the concept of being able to living a different life once someone passes and being able to do things that one couldn’t do before. There is certainly a huge element of transition in death both for the living and those who have passed. Once my broken leg has healed, I will start dancing. Namaste.

  135. Sabrina

    I bought the book while I was watching the episode… Thank you so much, Marie and Liz, for showing your hearts and friendship. It means the world.

  136. I cannot wait to read this book! Liz Gilbert is so wise… I work in the area of palliative care, and I therefore witness people dealing with grief on a regular basis. I’ve also lost both my parents, so I really relate to what she was saying about grief and the aftermath of dealing with the deaths of those closest to us. Thank you.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Thank you for the important work you do, Heather. We’re so glad this resonated with you!

  137. Wow, that was friggin’ RAD. How have I been forgetting to dance everyday??!! Thank you for oh so many nuggets of inspiration from this episode!

    So much Love for both of you!

  138. This conversation is so beautiful. I really needed to hear everything you both said.
    Liz, particularly, your words that it was unacceptable for you not to tell Rayya the depth and form of your love for her. Such a good reminder. Thank you both!

  139. Dyan

    Thank you so much for this episode! It brought back (I am saying this in a good way) grief into my life with perfect timing.

    My dad passed away several years ago and I can still say that his death was his last gift to me so I wouldn’t settle, but live instead. But suddenly, thinking I had sort of learned the know how… this episode and all the honesty and vulnerability here… damn, I let Fear control the radio during the road trip!!! So to try to get a nicer soundtrack, I invited grief again, and though high maintenance on the tissues… it is powerful and amazing and so full of life. Thank you again… so so much!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Letting grief back in is a brave and beautiful choice, Dyan. We’re so glad to hear it’s been helpful, and we’re sending you and your family lots of love <3

  140. Petra

    Such a moving and inspiring episode. I admire Elisabeths’s strength and her approach to life. I have to read the book or better say all her books. Thank you.

  141. LG: “ear-bangles.” 😀
    And love-love love your dress, Marie! Just my style! You look gorgeous…as usual :o)

    That was a touching and profound interview…my insides akshilly feel like jelly at the moment..and I don’t really know why – yet.

    Maybe it’s because Elizabeth is always so open, exposed and vulnerable about everything in her life. It’s as if she’s inviting us to do the same! To just BE ourselves, no matter what. To stay away from diluting, hiding, pretending anything and everything.

    Thank you for this precious interview on being a real woman.

    Much love and tingly blessings…

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      You are so welcome, Jacqueline! We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it. No one does openness and vulnerability quite like Liz!

  142. I have already experienced loss and pain. But so far I have been extremely lucky to not lose anyone in my inner circle or have come close to death myself. But I will bookmark this episode and run it on repeat when the time comes, because as Liz says death is a given. And I so aspire to be able to deal with it as elegantly and curiously as she has done

  143. Benson Modie

    Thank you…..great message that at the end…..and I also have felt the same way that people around us gradually sneaks away, and then there’s increasingly fewer you know or who really know about you.

  144. Karen

    I just began reading “City of Girls” last evening and can not wait to dig into more. Thank you Ms. Gilbert for what looks like a trip I am going to enjoy immensely. This episode was on of the most intimate ones I have ever seen Marie and I felt like I was sitting at the table with “my girls” having one of those roller-coaster rides of story time. I adore this part of life… girl time talking bout nothin and everything! Love to you both. I may begin to dance everyday.

  145. Dang girls, I’m totally in tears. Feels like my heart is gonna explode with gratitude. What Liz said about the opportunities in life after Rayya gave me a beautiful new perspective on my life after my sister was killed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Rocked it. Massive love ??
    Oh, and the layout of “wtf are we even doing here on planet earth, and what’s the flipping delio with the whole human experience??” had me crack up. My bf and I talk ab out this all the time. Can 10000% relate…. ??

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We are so glad it offered a new perspective for you, Ronja, and we’re so sorry to hear about your sister’s passing. We are sending you lots of love!

  146. Angie

    Coming across this today was confirmation of myself thinking upon figuring out why I’m feeling such a void of some kind in my life and what to do about it. I have experienced grief of losing closed loved ones and peers I’ve grown up with multiple times. And dancing is something I enjoy very much (High school talent shows etc and still today at 41 years old, I’m that person that’ll hit the dance floor in an instant at social settings, many times inspiring others to do so also). I used to dance regularly home alone to release emotions. I’d gotten away from that and the thought this morning before coming across this video was that I should get back to doing that, that maybe it’s a huge part what’s missing and could bring back some lost joy. Again, this was meant for me today and it found me. Blessings to you all. Thanks for sharing.

  147. Oana

    This book came out on my birthday, and from the moment she announced it, selfishly, I felt it a gift to me. You see, Liz was there to support me through the darkest night of my soul, when my Mom had passed and I decided to leave my husband who inspired me to move across two continents and an ocean to be with him. I loved him, and we were so fundamentally wrong for each other. I still remember reading “Eat, Pray, Love” in a weekend and for the first time since my world was shook up by my Mom’s sudden leaving, I felt seen and understood and, most importantly, not alone.

    I’ve spent this weekend reading “City of Girls”. In the past few years, I’ve discovered a deep sense of spirituality. And at the same time, I discovered my authentic sexuality. And my, it’s ferocious. I met this man whose kisses made my knees buckle. I thought that stuff was bullshit romantic stuff. My skin melted when I touched his. Unsurprisingly to anyone, I fell in love with him. I wanted to be with him. Only trouble was that, while he enjoyed me and all my sumptousness, he didn’t want the same things I did. I spent the better part of three years trying all sorts of angles to turn things towards what I desired. I’ve learned so much about myself in the process. I’ve healed wounds from my relationship with my Dad. I wrote 14 poems of desire and heartbreak.

    And now, as Liz put it, I’m curious to see how life without him could look like. For the first time since I first realized how much I wanted him, I’m ready to see how much I can want and discovered life without him.

    Thank you so much Liz for all you do. And you Marie as well <3

  148. iuliana

    Thank you so much Liz and Marie, for you being so admirable women, loving and also powerful. I am grateful for letting us looking in your inner world, discover the sources of creativity. Bless you

    Love ,


  149. Beautiful episode.
    Thank you all (Marie, Liz, Team Forleo…)

  150. Jessenia

    Thank you for reminding me how precious my own life is and the lives of my loved ones. Not one second should be wasted no appreciating the people who make you feel truly seen.

  151. wow. that was so beautiful. that there is “a life she can only have without Rayya” and that she’s still curious and interested in what that life is is so beautiful and incredibly inspiring. thank you for this!

  152. I love the interview!

  153. I lost my sister 2.5 years ago. She was my best friend, my person, my biz partner, and because I was 7 years her senior, sometimes I was even her 2nd mother. What Liz says about grief hit home in such a big way. I am doing my best to embrace my life after, which absolutely includes people, experiences and decisions I never would have made if my sister were still alive. Life. What an interesting. ride!

    • Thank you for sharing Roberta– if anyone can make us feel curious about our grief, it is absolutely Liz Gilbert! Sending you love from Team Forleo.

  154. Rachel

    Love you both so much… you have both filled my heart and soul with joy. I feel immensely grateful that you two beautiful, authentic, generous souls exist in this world. Thank you

  155. I found out Sunday that an old friend who I was trying to reconnect with passed away (basically spiraled into the grave from depression and self medication). I’ve been looking through old pictures, trying to find her and only have one picture. And in the process of going through old photos (yes I’m old enough to have boxes of photos), I keep running across others I’ve lost in the past decade.
    And so I really did laugh and finally cried at the end of this interview for friend Christy – for her, for her sad demise, for her parents. But now I am reminded how blessed I am with friends who “get me.”
    Being an avid reader who is now introduced to a new author I’ve not read, I’m off to the book store. Thanks Marie and Liz!

  156. Incredibly magical talk, shared this with a friend who recently lost his partner.

    Elizabeth mentions the big dilemma – how is she ever going to feel that safe and seen again by anyone. I know the grieving process will take time…. but this question hit me and I feel the answer is that it’s inside you… you are safe and seen within you – when you can feel that, you don’t need to get that from anyone else, you don’t have to search for it from anyone else. It’s a gift when someone sees that in you and may not happen often.

    Love and light to Elizabeth for this healing process. xoxo

  157. Sometimes, in my life, when I’ve been feeling like “here: you need to cry it out”, I would turn off the volume, go into the dark (just the room curtains drawn, you know), and let it all out to Celine Dion.
    Now I can’t find my Celion Dion CD any longer, and that sadness just came nagging again. So I though: what the hell, I need a bit of Marie’s energy and wisdom here.
    And now I am meeting with this wonderful friend of yours, Marie (gorgeous writer), and there I am…..both laughing and crying at the same time. Can’t even follow the show till the end. So I guess (because I’m laughing too), this is an improvement from Celine Dion (right?).
    All I needed was in fact: a truly kicking ass energy of love and feminine understanding of the world.
    I thank you so much.
    Love love love

  158. So, biggest insight? The Ultra Feminine Power that I found in Elisabeth.
    That felt like a motherly sisterly best friend-ly power that I truly believe only women can have.
    And that shows so much courage, and the very female type of courage, which the recycling of life.
    Something that would bring me transcendence? Just leave (my country) – I know what a small step that is, hey…

  159. Jennifer - Team Forleo

    Beautiful insights, Lili, thank you so much for sharing!

  160. So Great!

  161. Preeti T

    This talk was a reminder that we all are transient. In Hindu mythology, life has been called “maya” – an illusion. We all get entangled in this web and sometimes not behave properly. We are sparring on social media; families/friendships are breaking about stuff that is not going to matter in the end. So, let’s cool it. Thanks Marie and Liz for putting things in perspective.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, Preeti, for being here with us!

  162. Michelle Genet

    Marie and Elizabeth, thank you so much for this. I have watched it many times and hear something new each time. It’s full of amazing soul nourishing takeaways. I think my biggest take away is from the excerpt Marie read from the post Elizabeth wrote, particularly, “….all of our choices become so weighty, so significant, so intimidating……but we won’t be here forever. So maybe it doesn’t really matter as much as we think it matters? Maybe you can be a bit lighter about your choices…..”. I find myself at a crossroads currently and that statement made everything seem a lot easier. Thank you xx

  163. I watched this video after I had the privilege to see Liz in Portland, Oregon last week on June 13th. I received a signed copy of her book AND the gorgeous feather. I am so glad I decided to go, she is as wonderful in person as she is on any of these videos, so thank you Liz and Marie! After I saw Liz, my uncle passed away unexpectedly on Monday morning and grief struck again. I lost my mom 15 years ago and my uncle was her youngest brother. My grandmother, who is now 94, has lost 5 children, all of her family, my grandfather and here she is again. She was wild too, in her day, and would have been of an age of these ladies in this book. And yet she finds a way to keep going. Just yesterday she told me she wasn’t sure who the father actually is of her oldest living daughter and inside I was laughing. She only has ever lived her life her own way, and she still lives alone to this day. I spent some time last night looking for photos of my uncle and came across letters written between my grandmother and my grandfather in the late 40s and 50s. I am so looking forward to reading this book to get a glimpse into that world, and perhaps to better understand her also. I love that Liz says life gives us these very interesting scenarios. I understand what she means about the life with and the life after. I found this happening to me after my mother’s death. One of the only people I felt safe with and who actually saw me was gone. I decided that I would live life on my own terms, and quit taking it so seriously in order to best honor her and for me as well. This morning I had a dream about my uncle. I was in a house and he passed by me. I followed him into the next room and he looked young, in his 30’s. He wore light jeans, as he might have in the 70’s and a button up shirt in a small checked pattern of whites and blues and reds and he was carrying an acoustic guitar, tall and strong. I gave him a hug and he hugged me back and I could feel him hugging me. He didn’t say much, but he smiled and I woke up remembering that hug. And it reminded me everything is okay. Liz is right. It is a great adventure and if we can change our perspective to be this way, it is a game changer. Thank you both again!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful, Jenna. Thank you so much for sharing your grandmother and uncle’s story with us. All of us on Team Forleo are sending you and your family big hugs and love as you grieve your uncle. That dream is truly magical, and we’re so honored you’ve shared it with us here! Thank you, Jenna.

  164. What a great reminder.

    – Thanks!

  165. Dana

    I lost my person a month ago in a sudden and final accident and even though Ive had multiple people tell me to watch this video, its taken me this long to be brave enough to. He was the only one who made me feel safe and seen and I struggle so much with the idea of living in a world where hes not here. Everything youve said I could have written myself. The beautiful person they were after surviving so much. Im struggling through the pain, the anger and the grief that he doesnt get to be the presence he was anymore. Thank you so much for the hope and perspective.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Dana,
      Thank you so much for sharing your heart and story with us. All of us on Team Forleo are sending you lots of love and hugs during this difficult time. We’re honored this interview brought you hope and perspective, and we’re honored to have you in our world. xo

  166. Claudine

    Loved this episode, so glad I found time to watch it. Elizabeth is such an inspiration with such profound views on life! Love how her books hold such important lessons woven into a story, look forward to reading her latest novel!

  167. Zoe

    Thank you for creating this episode and for having Liz Gilbert on your show. Loved this conversation!

  168. I love Elizabeth and her message! Honestly, I just ordered City of Girls and can’t wait to read it! I find that Grief is one of the most powerful energies for creativity. As we grieve the things we lost, we gain space for more love and more space for things we love. I just can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the powerful message too!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Melanie. We love this episode so much, too!

  169. I wrote my first novel, ‘Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist,’ after I lost my dream job through a sexual harassment/assault situation with the project lead. It only was I left with no income, I was left in a heavy shadow of darkness, trying to make sense of how two things important to me: my creativity, and my sexuality, were used against me in such a deplorable way.

    I began writing as a cathartic exercise and before I knew it I had written a novel. I wrote about the adventure that I wished I could have experienced as I was healing, and what I learned was that I was actually manifesting that adventure.

    This interview affirmed the themes of desire Vs consent, as well as owning and accepting consequence, which I wrote about as well.

    This interview also inspired me to continue sharing my truths, unapologetically.

    I am so grateful for this interview.

    With so much love and gratitude,

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Sweet Margaret, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on writing your novel! That’s an incredible achievement. We’re so glad this interview resonated with you and inspires you to keep sharing your truth. Sending lots of love from all of us on Team Forleo!

  170. Dewi

    I’ve been lack of dose of Mama Marie this pas few weeks and this is the “Lecture” I choose. My Take-Away from this:
    1. That we are a temporary residents in this world – This is a reassurance for me, that we’re all gonna fade-away someday and we’ll meet again together again in the different space. This help me to understand and dare to accept the fact about death. That it is okay, we’re all be okay
    2. The second one is when Liz said things about we already had that supporting system that we need, from the time we dropped to our family, it’s the adventure from one to another. It gives me hopeful feeling to keep moving forward, because unfortunate events, grief are not something to be worried anyway.

    Thank you Marie, Love Dewi.

  171. sara

    Love Love Love it! Such a heart touching and enlightening conversation. The more I listen to you Marie, the more I love you. Thanks for the great work!

  172. Talia

    Oh my gosh I felt this. I have lost my dad and a very close friend almost within a year. In between I was very ill and in the hospital… It made me realize who my person is. And at the scariest point so far in my life… I took the courage to say that I love him. Not just as the best friend (and sometimes lover) of the past 7 years of my life but… As my person. It’s been nine months now and I’ve opened myself up in ways I never have before and saw our relationship grow (and both of us grow) in ways I never would have thought possible. At every step – it was absolutely terrifying. But after my illness… I knew I had to live with my whole heart, no matter what that meant. We’ve come to a point now where we will have to go our separate ways. And I’m struggling to be OK. I’m struggling to know how to keep living without the one person who made me feel seen, heard, and REAL and HUMAN by my side. I am filled with gratitude for having stumbled across this conversation between the two of you. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. But I feel like you’ve given me what I needed to hear to keep living with my whole heart. To keep on showing up and being REAL and see where it takes me. As much pain as I’m in right now… The journey I took was worth it. I don’t know what waits ahead. I still have a long way to go with my illness though there is hope I will be well again. And damn sure I’m going to keep on trying, and I’m going to keep on risking having my heart shattered, because WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU KEEP SHOWING UP IS SO WORTH IT. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  173. Beth

    I adore Elizabeth Gilbert and I am so in love with this book. I’m almost finished and I don’t want it to end! I enjoyed this episode so very much. Thank you.
    PS – I’m inspired to bring the glamour of NYC in the 1940’s into my life. I think I need some fun hats and lots of feathers!

  174. I hadn’t seen your conversations for a while and I must say I’ve been moved to my bones. Sexuality is the next big area in my life that I have to work on (just been through the money, relationships, career path, family areas for the past years). Thank you Marie and thank you Liz… my whole healing journey started after I read Eat, Pray, Love, so I’ll start reading this book right away 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Sylvia, we’re so happy to hear this was moving for you! We hope you’ll love the book, too, and find it inspiring on your healing journey. We’re sending all our best wishes your way!

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