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A few years ago, my friend Adam connected me with someone and said, “You two really have to know each other…”

Blind intros can be awkward. But I trust Adam and, must say, he was right. This woman is powerhouse of bravery, transparency and most of all — love.

As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve discovered she’s unwavering in her commitment to tell her truth, especially when it’s uncomfortable. Even more so when it’s painfully inconvenient.

Earlier this year, I was honored to join forces with her and others as part of The Compassion Collective. (We’re coming back with another campaign this holiday season — stay tuned!)

Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to my friend Glennon Doyle.

You can’t have the beautiful parts of life and not have the brutal parts. @Momastery Click To Tweet

In this episode, you’ll learn how Glennon — the writer, mother and social activist behind the wildly popular blog Momastery — was just beginning to feel like life was finally on track when her husband revealed his infidelity and shattered the world as she knew it.

It’s all a part of our conversation and her fantastic new book Love Warrior. Her memoir is a heart-wrenching exploration on how to use crisis as a springboard to a more true you and a more truthful life.

Speaking of truthful, Glennon recently announced that she and Craig are separating. Which, when you’re releasing a book about marriage, is not an easy or comfortable thing to do.

But Glennon is brave and transparent to the core, as you’re about to hear. We cover all the bases in this episode: God, sex, vulnerability, food, intimacy, drugs, writing, heartbreak, trust, forgiveness and ultimately love.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, we’d love to know. What’s the most important insight you’re taking away from this conversation?

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Though the vast majority of our community already operates this way, I do ask for you to be extra respectful, kind and compassionate in your responses. While Glennon was open about her recent separation, her ever-evolving journey is not an open invitation for judgment, cynicism or snark.

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, then you know I take a strong stand for kindness here at our beloved little corner of the internet.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you, as always for watching, sharing and allowing me to be a part of your world. You’re a bright spot in my week!

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  1. Hi!
    So moved to hear what Glennon has to say and how she handled it. It is a classic case of Wife Abandonment Syndrome. A similar thing happened to me, just as I was also publishing my first book, and also, as a therapist. I had to understand the meaning behind my husband’s affair and his leaving. I wrote a book called “Runaway Husbands” that has helped other women who have gone through this. I understand that the pain of abandonment is physical and profound but like Glennon, believe strongly that painful life events can become a springboard for change.

    • Rachel Resler

      Vikki–Your book is in my sister’s hands right now and has been an incredibly helpful tool for her as she walks through her own journey and pain with her runaway husband. Thank you so much for your bravery in writing that book. I will be forever grateful for the way it has helped her. Much love!

    • I’ve gone through domestic violence and abuse and coming out of the other side would not be possible without the spirit of love that is thicker than blood. I’m grateful we can overcome our adversities!!! Thank you for adding your light to our world <3

      • It’s so hard to come out the other side – and you’re right – COMMUNITY is everything. A hug from me to you Bernard <3

    • resi

      I couldn’t have come across this video at a better time! This one spoke to me 😀 lol
      (like so many others)

      I listened in awe as I thought of the synchronicity of this ‘nugget’ of a video, in itself. Glennon’s experiences are sooooo insightful – after all, she was affected as early as 10 yrs old!

      Thnak you Marie for such wonderful, helpful (!) videos.
      I look forward to seeing them all!

  2. Lorrie Beauchamp

    Glennon is delightful, and the interview is entertaining and enlightening. As a fellow addict, I love the way she notes that we are “hiding” when we indulge, and I relate to her level of sensitivity (she might benefit from knowing Dr. Elaine Aron, author of the book on HSP, assuming she doesn’t) as a trigger. I know we love/hate labels, but I suspect she is also an extremist, which makes it harder to grasp subtleties, with a tendency to group everything as polar opposites. “Brutiful” is a reiteration of “No pain, no gain”, but it’s an eternal, universal message which bears repetition. She has a healthy ego, a valuable ally in the fight for self-knowledge. The most important insight I took away was to not define ourselves by our roles, but to work harder on our souls. The other insight I had was HOW HARD we women are still working to redefine our roles in society – sexism and seeing women as “helpers” is still ubiquitous in the media, and we are still too preoccupied with our sexuality, our physical status, our image, etc. We all need to work on this, honestly and openly.

  3. Oh Sisters! I don’t think I can thank Glennon enough. Her willingness to keep showing up, vulnerable and honest, sheds so much light into dark corners. So much gratitude. So much love. Thank you!!!

    • Sisters!!! Love it and so true!

  4. Teresa

    Hello people could someone explain me in simple English what the video was about??? It was very complex for me but I liked what they were discussing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Teresa, thank you so much for watching and I’m happy to share a few thoughts. Marie and Glennon shared quite a few topics throughout the episode, but one of the major themes they talked about was how some of the most painful times in our lives can also inspire us to make powerful positive changes in our lives.

      Glennon shares how this has been true in her life – during her darkest moments, she realized that her pain was showing her that she had to face it to move forward and be her better self.

      It’s also something that is true for healing the world, not just healing ourselves. As Glennon shared, there were problems in the world that she felt very strongly about tackling, and seeing that pain in the world inspired her to do something about it and work toward healing.

      That concept of pain being something that we can ultimately learn and grow from is at the heart of this episode, so I hope that helps! We so appreciate you tuning in.

  5. Love the idea of Ezer as “benevolent warrior” instead of “man’s helper”…wonderful how Glennon has openly shared how she’s used pain as a catalyst for her growth. Inspiring to hear her describe “alchemizing” her pain & using it for good, while turning her “mess” into her message. Every crisis she described, was disguised as an invitation for her to step into her higher, better self. What a paradigm shift!

  6. Ok, Wow! I was flittering through my twitter this morning and Oprah was yelling (yes, literally) about this book. Then I meander over to my inbox and this email was on top.

    Talk about a message from the universe! Obviously I need to get reading and soon. The part where Glennon described the structure of sisterhood had me in tears.

    There were so many freaking levels of eye-opening for me with this video. I feel like I’ve been given a reason behind all my aggravating desires to do something good, but I never could put a finger on the why or the what right do I have. More doors have opened, yet again, Marie, because you keep showing us where they are.

    Thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Dawn. I just love when the universe sends us the messages we really need to hear like that, and we’re honored this episode resonated with you!

  7. Marie Forleo & Glennon Doyle Melton: two women who inspire me DEEPLY talking together – does it get any better??!

    I enjoyed this immensely.

    Glennon thank you for your insight around why sex is difficult for you from this feeling of being used. When you both started going into that conversation a big “Yes!” came out of my mouth. This is such a necessary conversation and that you both are using your platform to be more honest: thank you. and well really, phewwwww at last the conversation is starting (and I think the guys are going to appreciate this too).

    Marie I also found ressonance with what you say about struggling to be in your feminine. YES!! For me this is a trust thing: when i trust the masculine has it sorted, my feminine can emerge. Until then it’s hard.

    In huge admiration: Laura.

    PS Glennon I love your blog. You’ve inspired me so much as a writer. My ex gave me your first book which i read in the bath, totally absorbed. To read a mother who was prepared to share the brutal with the beautiful. Thank you. Truly.

    • Does anyone else struggle with masculine and feminine in today’s world? Especially as entrepreneurs?? I totally relate to my feminine until I see my ‘bossy’ side kick in and then I wonder….

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Totally, Diane! I tend to think that it’s a dance between both our masculine and feminine energy and finding the blend that is truest for ourselves. It’s not always easy to do in a world that likes putting people or behaviors into labels and boxes, but definitely possible!

        Your comment actually made me think of another MarieTV episode we did a while back that touched on balancing masculine with feminine, so I thought I might share it just for fun in case you hadn’t seen that one:

        Thanks so much for watching this week! xo

        • Thank you @Caroline-Team Forleo

  8. I have shared a link to this on all social media I can imagine. I am rarely without words, but today…. All I can think of is…yes.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That means the world to us, Katherine. Thank you so much for sharing and for watching this week <3

  9. Nika Ambrožič

    This video came at the exact moment that I needed it. I think what touched me the most was the message about shame and how Glennon said she writes when she is going through things.
    I moved to Spain about 6 months ago and I’ve been struggling with integration in a new society where I knew no one but my partner, didn’t have a job and didn’t speak Spanish. To help myself get through this period of adjustment, I’ve been writing blogs about my journey and about the painful and joyful experiences of an expatriot. I’ve recieved some really nice feedback, but lately I’ve been withdrawing because I thought I should “Suck it up and let it pass.”
    This video for me was a starting gun or the sprint towards my pain center. To help me get the fuel. Thank you for the beautiful message. <3

  10. There have been so many inspiring interviews the last months! I’ve never heard of Glennon before. But this is the first interview that moves me to write a comment here. I loved that you both brought up sex and women’s roles in the world and how those roles define us or at least we believe they do. I agree that we still are pretty lost and often let our roles define us so much that we cannot see the whole picture of who we are. I’d love to hear more from those subjects in the future. They are so important. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Paula. We’re so glad we were able to introduce you to Glennon and her work – she’s wonderful!

  11. I did raise my hand in church! I love all of this! Thank you!

  12. I’ve followed you both separately for a while now so I was so excited to see you ladies together in my inbox this morning, Marie!

    I found the ezer discussion very interesting. That “women are only valid in support roles” mentality is something I heard often growing up. I’ll definitely be exploring the new meaning behind ezer more. Thanks for bringing it up!

  13. Catherine

    I can so relate to Glennon’s stories and story…I was captivated and thrilled from this amazing message. Having survived the dark side and experienced the light and the beauty of my journey, I can’t thank you enough for the magic of these Tuesday’s broadcasts… Thank you for introducing me to all these wonderful people/women who inspire me and “soulfully” sustain my life.

  14. My favorite “take away” was the reminder that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how dark or difficult it is, you can handle it. You will get through it. You have to love yourself and take good care of yourself. Don’t let the world tell you to disappear. I appreciate that Glennon “does the work” in therapy and that shows in her BRUTIFUL life. I also respect that she is making the world a better place. There are too many “ME” people out there. She is a giver, an Ezer, as she says. I admire her.

  15. Fantastic interview with Glennon! I can’t wait to buy her book. I’m sure that it will give me the inspiration to finish my own book I’ve been working on about a similar topic of betrayal and divorce. Thank you Marie, thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Teresa! I hope you enjoy checking out Glennon’s book and that it helps inspire you in your work. We’re sending our best wishes as you’re finishing your own book, too!

  16. Joan

    We are NOT alone in this world. Thank you so much for this video, Marie! So happy to hear Glennon and how she found her purpose. This is so nice to hear what I’m feeling and have felt from someone else – makes me feel not so alone. Love hearing her story and insights…we are sisters!
    The Compassion Collective is such a fantastic movement. Thank you.
    Love, Joan

  17. One of the best video’s. So many nuggets of wisdom but “If I am not at the table, then I am on the menu” resonated. Holy cow, how powerful.

    • Totally agree with you, Rena. This is something that really hit home with me, too. And even now, we still have to push hard in every way of life to be AT THE TABLE, not on the menu… thanks Marie & team! xx

  18. Amber

    Holy CRAP Marie!! I love you, but this is THE BEST VIDEO you have shared…… I am buying the book and signing up for everything Glennon!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, that means the world to us, Amber – thank you so much! I hope you love Glennon’s book too xoxo

    • Right with you there Amber!

  19. Annemarie

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching and found Glennon’s story very inspiring. I can relate to the fact of life that you simply can’t have the good without the bad. What you need is to find the balance, stare straight into your pain and turn that into a way of understanding, growing and sharing with others. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Barbara Packard

    Glennon, Thank you! I love you. My husband of almost 30 years, up and left me. I still had two children at home, and I soldiered on, for them. It has now been 22 months, and, what a continued struggle.
    Shame, shame, shame. I can’t hang on to my man, I have nothing to offer, I need to become invisible (almost).

    My big takeaway: Shame is not true! It’s not true. I have never thought of it that way. Thank you for reframing this for me.

    Love, Barb

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry you had to go through that, Barbara. Please know that his leaving is not a reflection of who you are; it’s a reflection of who he is. I’m so glad Glennon’s wisdom helped reframe things for you. We’re sending healing thoughts your way.

    • Kathleen

      Here’s what Glennon has told her readers before: “Shame is dead to me.” I remind myself of this often.

  21. Kathleen

    Best Marie TV by far!!! Favorite frame “you don’t have to be completely healed to go heal the world.” God has placed a mighty mission on my heart to work with girls who’ve been rescued from human trafficking. It’s overwhelming and heartbreaking and makes me question God’s wisdom for choosing me. But I can’t look away and pretend I don’t know. And as a woman of faith and also in recovery- the more I keep surrendering and listening for guidance on my next right step, the more the plan unfolds before my very eyes. Blessings to you both and to all of us showing up fully sister in gone another on this brutiful journey called life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so, SO happy Glennon’s words spoke to you, Kathleen! We’re sending tons of love your way as you’re making a difference in the lives of girls who survived human trafficking.

      • Mandy,
        You go girl!!!! When the call is that strong you know you have to be there.
        Bless You,

        • Gabrielle Shannon

          I meant Kathleen!!!!

    • freddie brown

      In about 2 weeks, I am going to Kolkata, India on a “vacation” trip to volunteer with an organization (Made by Survivors) that creates jobs for girls rescued from sex trafficking. I’ve known about this org. for a year through the internet and each time I get a newsletter, I would feel really bad and this time, I decided that feeling bad won’t help anyone if no action is taken. So I’m taking action instead and see what comes out of it.
      Its great to know that you are doing this.

  22. The most impactful piece of this discussion was that you need to RUSH TOWARDS pain. As a wildlife artist, I feel pain on a daily basis through the research I do for each of my subjects. Even the most beloved animals deal with horrific situations, abuse, and mistreatment, and it kills me to the core. There is not a day that goes by when I am not resorted to tears because I feel so much pain for these beautiful creatures.

    Although I committed to donating a portion of proceeds to wildlife and animal welfare organizations from the beginning of starting my art business, I never have felt that it is enough. And yet, sometimes, the pain is just too much. I feel guilty that I can feel so passionate and yet, not be able to stomach being front and center because of how much it hurts.

    The idea that I need to rush towards the pain seems backwards from a fear perspective, but I totally get it. It makes sense. And, as painful as it will be, I will make it a point to look for ways become more entrenched within organizations to hopefully make more of an impact.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You bring up a really good point, Brett. Rushing toward the pain is definitely scary and painful. It’s only through our attempts to understand pain that we can make meaningful change in the lives of others. It sounds like you’re doing a beautiful job of giving back and raising awareness through your art. If you feel called to do more, follow your heart, but also remember to take care of yourself too. Just like Glennon talked about going to therapy and doing yoga to heal, self-care is a vital part of making a difference because it allows you to deal with the pain in a positive, constructive way.

    • Hi Brett, I just wanted to let you know I am feeling the same pain and I am an artists too! One of my big concerns is the loss of wild spaces, which is the loss of home and habitat for wildlife. Glennon’s “rushing towards the pain” wisdom has left me feeling so much more empowered about this and I am going to be doing the same 😀

      • Hi Claire! Nice to meet you! I agree, wild spaces are so sacred! I have this dream that one day, all artists who advocate for wildlife and wilderness will come together and do something extraordinary! Hopefully we will meet on this path!

  23. So much truth revealed in a 35-minute interview. I’m a man and find that truth is neither male nor female…it just is. Marie and her guest bring up in me the desire to be a better person and she gives concrete suggestions on how to do just that. There were so many “truth soundbites” that I will re-watch this video with my word doc. open to write them down. Thanks again Marie and guest!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, David!

  24. I’m super grateful for people like Glennon. For showing up brave and true, easier said than done but she’s doing it and really inspires me to go face, live and share my life the same way. So thank you and thank you Marie so glad the two of you met??????

  25. I so appreciate Glennon’s total candor and ripping the fake front off how women are supposed to be…the power of rock bottom. The most powerful point for me was about how life is “Breautiful” and accepting the intense brutality AND beauty of the world.

    Thanks for an awesome interview Marie and to you and Glennon for supporting the work of the Compassion project .

    This is one of the most inspiring of the many excellent videos I’ve seen on your site .

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Ellen! That means the world to hear, and we so appreciate you sharing your thoughts today xoxo

    I CHECK MY SHAME LEVEL EVERYDAY – writting (’cause that’s what I do too)
    I want to take these two thoughts from this beautiful conversation of you two 🙂
    and keep them in mind

  27. There’s so much goodness packed into this interview! About to watch it again so I can absorb all the nuggets o’ wisdom. Thanks for sharing your truth and being a light in this world — we truly need more Love Warriors like you two. 🙂

  28. Jennifer

    Glennon, thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, story, and wisdom. I’ve seen glimpses of you through posts from Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie. I’ll be getting Love Warrior to get even better acquainted. 🙂

    The most profound message that I received, but by no means the only one, was the idea of woman as a powerful, benevolent warrior. I have been stuffing my warrior tendencies for far too long, mostly to avoid pain. Stay down, stay quiet, stay safe. If I consider life’s difficulties and pain to be normal, not a flaw or permanent wound, I can let myself be me. I’m oh so grateful you choose sharing over shame.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode really resonated with you, Jennifer! We’ll be sending love your way as you embrace your inner warrior. You have so much to share with the world and your warrior tendencies will be an instrumental part of your journey. .

  29. Michele

    Glennon and Marie,
    Thanks for this candid conversation! I loved that you opened up about sex, the disconnect with the body and how that separates you from the wonderful experience of having sex.
    The discussion about crisis is HUGE for me. My husband died unexpectedly Nov. 2014. Shock, crisis, disbelief, pissed off at God, pissed off at him for leaving me ‘here’, hitting rock bottom, thinking about drinking, smoking or using drugs to ease the pain…but knowing what I know as a spiritual warrior, and a healer I’ve been watching myself. I watched the crazy thoughts that would come up, how old behaviors from college days where I didn’t have any feeling of self worth came up. The whole experience of feeling the grief – I knew I had to feel it. I couldn’t run away from it. I knew deep in my soul that this current journey could be evolutionary for me if, and only if, I used the tools I had learned over the years. Meditation has saved my life. Yoga has saved my life. Compassion for myself has saved my life. Asking for help has saved my life. Letting go of situations and people in my life that were toxic saved my life. This journey through grief has been a gift in that I have a chance to create something new out of the ashes. I miss my husband immensely. There’s many times when things come up and I get so discouraged and don’t think I can take it on because that was my husband’s job or skill set. We were a partnership, a team, best friends, lovers. That’s gone and the lesson that I’m slowly understanding is that I need to be those things for myself and to ask for help from friends. I miss my husband a lot. However he’s teaching me lessons from beyond. I feel his presence and love so strongly when I’m in nature and being still. I write him letters, I know he wants me to be happy. Life is meant to be happy. I’m moving towards helping other young-ish widows dance with grief and to understand, know and feel they are loved and can create a new life that matters to them. Thanks again for sharing your story! Inspired me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing from the heart, Michele. I’m so sorry you’ve been widowed. It sounds like you’re on an incredible path of healing, and I’m especially glad to hear you’re helping other widows dance with grief. Thank you for being there for them when they need you most. We’re sending tons of love your way and to all the ladies you’re working with.

  30. As a therapist/ coach specialised in intention based Sensuality, I can not LOVE this episode enough. There are so many women not talking about their struggles with Sex, Body image & Body love. Especially highly succesfull women that know how to get some sh*t done. My Mission is to bring these women back to their feminine side, their beautiful sensual body’s, their softness, their giving sides. THANK YOU for your openness, your truthful & sincere intentions, to speak about these themes. This is so needed! I feel carried & supported in my mission. I love! And yes, I will order this book now! A big kiss from the Netherlands, Let Sister- up Women of the world !!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Guusje! Thank you so much for the great work you do too, and yes – let’s all sister-up more and more!

  31. Melissa Brauen

    Best quote: (women) …”if you are not at the table you are on the menu” BAM!
    Ok there are several juicy points she makes here – (was she speaking to me directly ?lol)
    but that gem hit a home run.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That one definitely packs a punch! 🙂

  32. Jenny

    I had the same thing happen in my marriage Glennon….and it’s so hard to speak about, which makes it so much harder to live with. Thank You, a thousand times.

  33. WOW, this is my story, almost down to the individual details. So eerie! I’m still living through my divorce, and am just six months into my personal transformation — but wow, is it totally a watershed time in my life. I know that with all my soul, and I am more convinced than ever that I will be what I choose next. Running INTO the pain has certainly helped, though it’s as hard as heck some days. Plus, so much yoga!!! Thank you, Marie and Glennon, for choosing NOW to make and share this beautiful video. Can’t wait to read the book!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry you’re going through the same heartbreaking things Glennon went through. That sounds incredibly painful, though I’m glad to hear that running into the pain has helped. We’re sending love and healing energy your way.

    • Lily

      Sending blessings! Wishing you many sisters 🙂


  34. Madonna

    I have never heard of Glennon or her blog, but I hear her now! I experienced rock bottom for my marriage and I am so appreciative of Glennon sharing her story. Writers must know how important it is for them to share their wisdom because even though I was experiencing pain and struggle, it is hard for me to understand all the what, why, and how of my emotions. Sometimes I need a great and POWERFUL writer to help the wisdom process in my brain so I can start acting on it. Ezer = Warrior= ME!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Madonna! We’re cheering you on as you embrace your inner warrior and be a love warrior in the world.

  35. This was amazing and I am downloading the book now. I am a speaker, author, and entrepreneurial coach specializing in helping people get very crystal clear on a vision for their life to connect to that one unique purpose God has for them for many reasons. The biggest reason being that vision = hope. So many people right now are silently suffering with depression and shame because they have very little vision for their life and can’t talk about it. When I started talking on this topic I was happily married to my high school sweetheart, had two amazing kids we were raising, and we were a ‘model American family.’ Two years ago on July 2, 2014 my successful, outgoing, highly respected, loving husband walked out the door early in the morning, drove to a park, and shot himself. When Glennan talks about crisis being that ‘there was before and then there is now’ that is exactly what happened that day. In a split second our lives completely changed and I had to make some major changes to keep our family moving forward. I have created my own company and speak quite a bit but have not started using my story yet. It is not because I need to hide it, (many people know that my husband died of suicide) I just haven’t incorporated it into my speaking because it’s been too painful and it involves my children as well, but I am feeling it is time. Too many people are suffering because they don’t know where to turn and need to have someone point them back to their purpose. I am going to take some first steps this week to begin talking about it via my Facebook live posts. Biggest takeaway from this talk with Glennan, “run towards the pain….”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry you and your children went through such a tough time after your husband’s suicide. There are definitely people who are suffering and need help, but don’t know where to go, or they’re not sure if it’s okay to ask for help. I heard a talk from author Amy Bickers whose memoir, The Geography of You and Me, is about life after her husband’s suicide and she mentioned similar feelings. In addition to Glennon’s words, you might find Amy’s book to be inspirational as you’re sharing more of your story with those who need it most.

  36. Holy smokes. Marie — I loved you and Glennon before, but after watching this video, my heart is about to explode. Thank you for bringing this interview to the world.

    So many big takeaways for me, trying to organize in my brain. Two biggies off the top: women as “warriors” rather than “helpers” in the Bible and living in my mind + voting my body off the island. I’ve done much healing on the latter though it became clear listening to Glennon that there is more to be done.

    Many thanks to you both.

  37. Lany

    It really touched me! I am a brazilian folower of yours Marie, and I wish I could share it with my friends, but there are no subtitles for they to understand. If you get interested in talking to brazilian people too, we can manage to translate your videos and make the subtitles in portuguese for brazilian audience. 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Lany! I just sent you an email with instructions on how to turn on subtitles in different languages on YouTube. 🙂

  38. Assel Shegeneva

    I loved this episode! Very touching a real motivation to move forward with no fears, no shame! Knowing you are made of same flash and blood as other people and there is ni need to thing that you fears and issues in life are any worse then other people’s . we are all made to live, to enjoy, to go through hardships in order to appreciate those good moment in life that prevail a bit over hardships! I have been through a lot of hardships in life, but I always treat my experience as the biggest treasure in my life, cause it is the source of your energy and belief in yourself that you cn stand up and go and chage this universe into a better one. The house is built not from one brick , all of us are small bricks that constitute a big house- planet Earth!

  39. Hi Marie,
    Oh my gosh, I love Glennon. She was a breath of fresh air.

    Throughout the episode though I couldn’t help but recall the interview you did with Tony Robbins in which he said he doesn’t believe that people have to suffer. That there are things you can do to get out of those states, like gratitude etc.

    Seems like he was saying that we shouldn’t sit in those states but rather avoid them/ get out of them by using his tips and exercises.

    Glennon talked about how suffering and feeling like there’s weight baring down on you is a part of life. That the beautiful and not so beautiful happen to everyone and the trick is NOT to try to numb them or avoid them but to sit still with them.

    I’m wondering if you could shed some light on whether I’m understanding that correctly and more importantly what YOUR thoughts and interpretations of the state of suffering/ rock bottom/ beauty vs. beastlyness of life.
    Suffering states are surely a part of life but do we sit with them or try to get out of them?

    Thanks again for being such a huge inspiration.

    So much love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good observation, Dana! I think both approaches can work and that it’s a matter of listening to your body and your intuition. For example, if you find that embracing the pain is making you depressed or doing more harm than good, it’s okay to do exercises to get out of that state. Likewise, if you find that avoiding the pain altogether is causing problems and doing more harm than good, know that it’s okay to embrace the pain as a way of working through it. Grief manifests itself in different ways and can feel different from day to day. Trusting your inner wisdom and knowing that it’s okay to do what you need to do to feel better is the key. As Marie says, it’s not either/or; it works like a dance.

  40. Terri Gregory

    First: thank you. Glennon’s terminology is quite literally brilliant.
    Second: Rumi said welcome sorrows and joys as guests.
    Third: I posted his full quote next to my bed at eye level so I could see it every morning and be able to get out of bed after I discovered my lovely Christian husband of 25 years had been having homosexual trysts the whole of our marriage and my legs refused to work. Sistering, for me, came via a very few trusted friends and from books. Books written by people who were generous enough to share their stories. Books continue to help me heal and to become a stronger woman, mother, friend, and citizen.

  41. This is so powerful!! You are both remarkable women and I loved this conversation. My take away, getting out of my mind and into my body! I have never thought about sex in quite this way, but it makes sense. I am post-menopause, and pre-menopause I loved sex, now I go through the motions and I think possibly being in my head instead of in my body is the reason. I’m definitely going to get in my head and think about this, 🙂 but seriously, I am going to try letting go and getting back into my body. I write about aging at Radical Aging, but I have avoided this subject. You have both shored up my courage to get in there and write about it, and I am a huge fan of Brene Brown and just finished reading Daring Greatly which has had me thinking about being more vulnerable in my writing. Today is the tipping point. Thank you both!

  42. Debbie

    Oh my goodness there were several take aways.
    “The only things you need are the things that can never be taken from you.” What an Ah ha moment. Another one was “pain is Holy”. It is something to be felt and to be used.
    That statement itself gave me a totally different mind shift.
    I did not know about The Compassion Collective, but I am going to educate myself and join forces. Thank you for your story.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and commenting, Debbie. The Compassion Collective is amazing, and we’re honored to work with them. Definitely do check out the incredible work they’re doing:

  43. Throughout the episode I felt so connected to Glennon and her story. We have so many parallels with relationships and addiction. But the thing that struck me like bird to an airplane was when she talked about women, and how that word meant warrior! Tears streamed down my face as I have felt God telling me that I am a warrior and to keep fighting. Keep showing up to the battle. Then she shared about sistering, and I have seen the impact of my “sisters” both in birth and in adoption into my life and the power those relationships have held!

    Thank you. I always love your interviews- but honestly this has been the BEST for me!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Wendy – it means so much to hear that this episode really resonated with you this week. I really loved the part about women being warriors too – so beautiful!

  44. I have been aware that I need a bigger vision! This interview was so close to my own story. I’m inspired to continue honoring my own pain by listening even more deeply to myself and the world. Thank you!

  45. Edris Thomas

    I need you to read this because it’s that important. Yes, you have an amazing staff who help you filter and maintain, but I want you to see this what your own eyes. Ready? Here we go……… because the call and pulling to your work I have been opened up in so many amazing ways. YOUR WORK and the guests you feature, introduce and expose us to are always so brilliantly and universally RIGHT ON TIME! It is astonishing how this works. Thank you for introducing us to Glennon and thank you for just being YOU! If you can truly love and respect someone you’ve never met or probably will never meet, it is how I feel about you. Not in a celebrity unrealistic crush kind of way but in a real genuine loving way. Thank you, Marie! Sounds so simple but it highest form of gratitude.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That means the world to us, Edris! Marie is always in here checking out all of the comments even if our team replies 🙂 We’re sending so much love your way! xoxo

  46. jill ungar

    “…’if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu” …the most brilliant thing i’ve heard in a very very long time. Thank you! This is timely because i’m not at ‘rock bottom’ but feeling strongly that i’m entering a new chapter of my life – only i’m not sure what to write…(not a writer, per se..metaphorically speaking). i’ve listened to you, Marie, I’m listening to others – reading You Are a Badass by Sencero – loving it all, believing it all works – but unable to figure out the first step – of figuring out what I want in my life, for my life, with my life…, what makes my heartbreak is an EXCELLENT tool….thank you thank you, both.

  47. oliver

    The most important lessons I am taking from today’s segment is that, “If I want to be a mother then I have to claim the brutal stuff”. “You can’t have one or the other.” “If you make the valleys not so bad then you can’t get to the mountain tops”.
    These quotes illustrate the value of taking ownership for responsibilites and being mindful that most projects are composed of negative as well as postitive and when we ignore the negative we are inherently ignoring ourselves and an opportunity for growth.

  48. Carrie Whalen

    I am fairly new to the Marie Forleo community, but did sign up to be on her mailing list and was very happy to watch this video today. I am 56 years old and have been “hiding” my entire life- in many of the same ways Glennon shared. I feel very inspired by basically this entire video. My question is this…. 7 years ago I basically lost everything – my Director position at my job, my husband, I had to sell literally everything I owned, and to top it all off, the event that caused all this was extremely public. I do not know how to get out of rock bottom. What gives you that spark to say… Keep going. I was convicted of misappropriation of funds that brought with it a misdemeanor charge. That stays with me forever. I cannot get a job. I am ashamed to be in public that has lead to extreme levels of anxiety. I was diagnosed as bipolar after finally going in patient when I felt like I could not handle this on my own any more. The bipolar diagnosis was a gift as I then understood my mind better and also some of the behaviors associated with it. I am going to be honest as I am hoping for an answer….. I am now taking two medications that totally numb me out – physically and mentally. I do not know how to face all that pain, shame, fear head on without being totally numb. I know better – I am in therapy and have been for years. I have them wrapped around my little finger. I ask for a medication and they give it to me- I am smart. I would really like to FEEL. I don’t know how.

    • Felicia

      I do not have answers for you just a thought process that has helped me. There is this video of Oprah on Youtube where she says, ” you are not your mistakes, you are not what happened to you.” That was just a moment in the span of your life. Even in this interview, Glennon says the same thing, you are not what happened to you and you get to define what happens next.
      In the same Interview, Oprah said when everything is dark and you are overwhelmed, just sit still and think about the next action, the next step, not the whole picture. Not how you cannot get a job, how you feel shame. What is the next action you can take, that will bring joy, a little bit of happiness.
      Is it reconnecting with friends, is it taking a walk at this moment, what is the very next action that you can do now that will bring you a little bit of joy. Just like, happiness, success or joy, it requires you to take some sort of action in order to show up. It just doesn’t happen by itself.
      You said you cannot get a job anymore, well the internet is wide open, and nobody cares about your age or past. All they care about is that you are offering something that people want. Based on your skill set, and the fact that you were a director, I am so sure there are so many things you can offer. However, what is the next thing you can do this very moment, no matter how big or small, to bring you joy? Then after that what is the very next thing?
      Also, on Youtube, look for the Jor Roagan video that says “You are not your past”

      • Carrie Whalen

        Thank you for your extremely on point reply Felicia. I agree wholeheartedly that I might be better off looking for just one small step every single day. I have been literally crippled by anxiety and fear due to the publicity of my arrest. My case was chosen by the Andrew Cuomo (at the time Attorney General of NY) to be the lesson learned for what I did. I was on the news every single day for about 4 months. I have felt all along that many of my rock bottoms are what I call my Sorry/Not Sorry moments. Obviously I am sorry for what happened. Interestingly though, my Not Sorry is that I finally got the mental health help I so clearly needed my entire life. I too had been on a very destructive drug/alcohol path in my 20’s – numbing from child sexual abuse, and then PTSD. Ironically I got pregnant – with twins! Not Sorry- they were a gift and I know it. They brought me back to life. So yes, I will take one action step every day that is a positive. I feel deeply that in my heart I have a story to tell. Mental Health scares the shit out of people, when really it is just another form of disease. My situation could have been prevented had I gotten in to treatment sooner. If I could help one person – it would be worth it. Thank you Felicia for pointing out the videos, and also the look for one small thing every day – I am humbled and grateful for your most helpful reply.

    • Hi Carrie,
      Thank you for sharing your private pain. I don’t know the answer but will pray for you. What I do know, however, is that the same person who built all that you had and endured to tell the story has the same spirit that is keeping you alive and looking forward, for answers. For me that is hope. Please do not give up on yourself. I cannot imagine what you have been through as someone who is good at hiding also. It took bravery to create a life like the one you had. I know that because hiding is cowardly and actually prevents me from living. Making mistakes is part of the process of achieving success (you must know this firsthand as someone so successful), but when hiding, mistakes seem more costly than the failure needed to succeed. I do believe what Glennon shared about the power of shame being something we have to put in its place. Bene Brown who Glennon also partnered with did a Ted Talk on “shame” – it’s on YouTube. I think I am writing to you because I was asking myself last night if I am numb? I have an aging relative on medication, in particular, a tranqulizer. It’s been difficult to watch her struggle but at the same time, I wondered if I was anesthetizing myself to not feel the depth of her pain or my own? It concerns me. I have hit rock bottom several times so I have dealt with pain and its darkness and the restoration afterwards. I agree with Glennon, that all of those occasions were the turning point where my life changed and went to a new dimension. I feel like I am at a fork in the road (maybe you are too) but what happens next is stepping off the axis and moving forward – without judgment – shame must die. What you described reminds me of a time when I realized that I had hit bottom but was not ready to come up for air. I actually was enjoying in a weird way staying at the bottom. But a “download” came one day, like the wisdom Glennon spoke about that said, “you know you were created for more.” It was so deep in my soul that I couldn’t refuse the truth of it. I knew then that I was created for more and had to be about the business of whatever that was. I knew then, rock bottom was a temporary stop on my journey. After that, it became about discovery because the person I was before I would never be again. The only way I can explain it is, I stopped “mourning” the old me and saw for a minute that there was a new me I had to discover. I think whatever you had is nothing in comparison to what you will build in the future. I think stepping off of that fork in either direction is going to show you a lot about the New You. What a comeback story you will have! The human spirit is much more powerful than shame. For that, I thank God and you for stepping out to share your truth. Blessings Sister!

      • Carrie Whalen

        Hi Rebecca. Thank you for your insight. I agree with you- it is that fork in the road and up to us to make a decision about which way to go. Numbing is easy- it relieves the pressure of actually facing the reality and perhaps preventing a healthy step forward. I send you love for discussing your situation with regards to an aging relative. Interestingly – and I think it comes from being a counselor for 28 years – I have a natural thought process that immediately kicks in to gear when it comes to helping others. That is what brings me my greatest joy. It is extremely difficult to watch someone suffer – and yet you are there. Stay the course – you know in your heart that you are where you need to be. I would encourage you to feel the pain of the situation and realize that you will be OK without numbing. Actually, you will probably feel more connected.
        I hear what you are saying about in a weird way it is almost easier to stay at rock bottom. I have read so many books and listened to so many lectures about rising out of the past- sometimes I actually get angry at the authors because I find myself saying ” Bull crap” as every situation is unique and I feel like I am special in the rock bottom department. My daily mantra is to stop playing the victim. My biggest problem is that as a result of my extremely public downfall, I developed extreme social anxiety and fear. It is crippling. I thought maybe volunteering somewhere would be a good start to get me back in to society. Go figure… they do background checks too. I have been with 4 people while they have been sick and dying- and was present at their death. They needed someone who was not afraid as they were afraid. I was able to fully be with them and tend to whatever their needs were, right up until their death. I called my local Hospice as I thought- hey I can do this- I can be a good volunteer. Nope. They don’t take anyone with a criminal history. Stick a knife in me. Yup- you are absolutely right – time to take a look at that fork in the road and take action. When I say I lost everything 7 years ago – that included my family and friends. They ran like the wind. I am completely alone on this journey – and being that anxiety and fear are my two biggest hurdles, it is really difficult to step out there when I am quite literally having panic attacks. So I numb with medications. I am on a tranquilizer and a muscle relaxer that I do not need to be on, but as I said- I am smart, and I have my mental health providers wrapped around my little finger. Shame…… I have listened to Brenee Brown many times and I find her words helpful. I just have to take the leap – get off the meds. that make me feel shame for even taking them- and feel. It is scary because I have been hiding for so long – I do not know who I am. I am extremely grateful for your reply and you have given me a feeling of connection. Thank you and I wish you well in your journey as well.

        • Emily

          Wow. Caroline, you have an incredible story. Obviously you can help and serve people in hospice and with online resources, you will be able to do what you were made to do. Sending love to you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Carrie, thank you so much for your courage and strength in sharing your situation with us here. It looks like you’ve received some beautiful replies already from others in our community, and I thought I might pass along some of my favorite MarieTV episodes that talk about moving forward when we’re going through difficult times. They each talk about slightly different topics, so I hope they offer a few nuggets of wisdom and encouragement in your journey:

      Felicia’s ideas about perhaps exploring work you can do online might be a great thing to consider too, as there are some incredible opportunities to create something that is truly YOU.

      I hope this helps, and we’re honored to welcome you to our beautiful community.

      • Carrie Whalen

        Thank you for the reply Caroline. I will certainly check out the videos you recommended. This is truly an amazing group and I am so glad that I discovered Marie Forleo. She is the real deal.

  49. Hey Marie and Glennon,
    That was AMAZING. I took so much from this interview, because I could identify with all the rock bottoms Glennon described. But the biggest insight I took away is that shame is the only reason not to share one’s pain / love story. Now that I’m in the world of service as a creative catalyst (coach), I’m sharing my story in little pieces to help my clients, all the while having the creeping feeling I need to tell it in a much bigger way. Watching the “brutiful” Glennon share her story gives me the courage to do that, and I can’t wait! Thank you both for your willingness to “sister” thousands of women around the world by sharing so much of yourselves!!!
    Big Love from the Beauty Battlefield,
    Carrie 🙂

  50. Deborah DeLue

    Wonderful interview there so much to digest I am going to have to watch it more several times. I think the message for me today is “rush toward your pain” I am as a painful crossroad in my life at the moment and instead of numbing my pain I need to walk through it to get to the other side.

  51. Emily

    OMG. Needed this so badly. What synchronicity. My relationship with my sister-in-law (who worked as my nanny for two years) hit rock bottom. We fought, I said things that I never shoulda said, I apologized, she “forgave me” and quit. This week she was literally evicted by a police escort from her apartment. I need a computer file of questions I can answer and questions I can’t. I love the etymology of crisis. That’s the only way this is even starting to make sense right now. Thank you so much for your perspective. I’m surrendering this situation up to the Holy MF comment board.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode was helpful, Emily. It can be really tough having someone in your life who is hitting rock bottom, so we’ve got our fingers crossed things will get better for your sister-in-law soon.

      • Emily

        I love you guys. I think we’re all going through some cognitive dissonance, that evolves into confusion, and then SOMETIMES hope and aspiration. It’s just so nice to be part of a weekly stream of smart advice that builds as you go deeper. Thanks for all you do.

  52. I love Glennon’s work and transparency. I first saw her at a Women of Faith Conference in Philadelphia last year. I was also glad to see you host Glennon, Marie since both of you “help” women transform who they are in order to become who God meant them to be. I would love to know where Glennon got her definition of Ezer, I did some research after the video and cannot find the “warrior” definition. Many places where Ezer is used in the Bible are in battle as “help” or aid, support, a hand and advice that without which those being attacked would be destroyed. In that case, women are often a resource in saving people from destruction, which the Compassion Collective seems to be doing. I love that Glennon is sharing her process which we all must do no matter how imperfect. It does take bravery and courage to represent the beautiful and brutal. Surely, connotation around the word “helper” is sensitive but women can redefine what it means without moving it from its original intent. Fro anyone in Marie’s community who was intrigued by the word Ezer, Carolyn Custis James, a theologian has written quite a bit on it. A good place to start is an article titled “The Return of the Ezer.” I agree that the role of women in the world is enlarging publicly when before our roles were mostly private (in the home) as helpers. What I saw in the video is that our very public helper role is much larger, it is not just for our children and families but for the world. I am a single woman, with not kids of my own, yet I work with children and families and am called to “help” families heal and restore the broken places. I think that is an honorable work as so many families do not know the way back. Each woman has her work as someone who provides aid through using her unique gifts and talents whether in the home or out of it. I think finding those places and not limiting where we take that ability is the next step. I find it interesting that in the United States we have yet to have a woman President indicating the great need for change in perception of who women are and their role in making this a better country and world. Thanks Marie and Glennon for standing in that place and making space for other women to step out and into the difference we make in the world, their truly are no limits.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Rebecca! I’m not too sure where Glennon did her research off the top of my head, but I bet it’s discussed in Love Warrior since it was a major inspiration for the book.

  53. Thank you both for your honesty, vulnerability, strength, power and faith.

    My biggest insight: “Write from your scar, not from your wound.”

  54. Thank you for all this support and encouragement. i can’t wait to get a copy of this book for each sister on my team. Even though i had the determination to end child abuse by 6 years old, there are times when the “how” feels so much bigger than me. This interview really helped. My soul purpose is setting up privately funded, “holistic” safe house boarding schools for the young girls rescued out of sex trafficking. Their healing process is special and there is no place for them after rescue except Juvenal Hall, foster care or group housing. i am collecting my warrior sisters!!! I will build them. Hopefully we can shut children sex trafficking down!!! We need to rally Tony Robbins to start the transformation of boys and men in order to shut down the demand. He is powerful enough to reach them. GO Marie! i appreciate you so much! Much love sent your way, deb

  55. Jessi

    YESSS. Love love love this interview. So many great nuggets and overall great message.

  56. Charity

    I cannot choose a favourite nugget of inspiration from this video. It was like, ping! ping! ping! One after another, each one more powerful than the one before. So much healing wisdom gleaned from this as I soldier down my own path these days. In humble gratitude to Glennon and Marie; feeling very much “sistered” in this moment.
    Charity xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Charity! I’m so glad you’re feeling sistered and that you really enjoyed this episode. 🙂

  57. Thank you Marie and Glennon, this interview is one of my favorites!!
    My personal take away: “sistering” A powerful, healing and loving process… Thank you!!!

  58. Karen

    This was all beautifully and powerfully said. The video touched my heart and know that these experiences I too have survived and thrived beyond. Thank you for sharing this! It takes so much courage to be a Love Warrior – I am grateful to know others will hear and read your message!

  59. There are Soooo many beautiful nuggets of wisdom that Glennon expresses. Hitting rockbottom (while extremely sucky to experience) is a gift in the making. What you do ‘Next’, is critical to your evolution and finding your path to wholeness. Having visited that dark place twice in my life, I can relate deeply to her words and growth.
    Life is full of contradictions and a balancing act and I agree that you can’t have the good without the bad. It would need to be called something other than life.
    Kudos to you Glennon for righting yourself up again and thank you, Marie!
    Inspiration pours from you like no other.
    Wellness Girl

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love what you shared about how hitting rock bottom is a gift in the making. It can be so difficult to see it that way when we’re in the middle of it, but we can really tell when we’re on the other side looking back.

      • So true, Mandy. It’s pretty rough the first go-through, for sure.

  60. Walter Burke

    Thanks Marie and Glennon for a great interview touching things many people don’t want to even privately. The part about shames for me is the part which affects us more, as Glennon said, it made a barrier to publish her book. But shames of body, identity, relations, you name it, is what causes much of the pain. This shames are learned from childhood and what a task to get rid of them!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so, SO true, Walter. Shame comes in many forms and they all have to be dealt with in their own way and in their own time, and it’s never an easy task.

  61. Susan

    I always felt alone or at least in the minority when it comes to what breaks my heart and so numbed it or faced it in isolation. I was freeing to me to hear that my views can be shared. Pain can be energizing.

  62. Thank you both Marie and Glennon.
    True, honest story is exactly what I love most. When I interview or am interviewed, I seek or give true authenticity.
    Sadly, many interviews out there are sugarcoating a lot, and that never happens with Marie TV.
    That’s why I keep watching.

    Many people are successful, and just like Glennon, the road is not smooth or straight to success.
    In the book ”Awaken YOUR Confidence”, the 15 success stories are exactly showing that truth, vulnerability of each person. Everyone has to learn.
    We are all humans, and I really like that openness.

    Thanks again,
    Rachel Smets

  63. During this entire interview I kept saying, “Me too!” I’ve dealt with being at rock bottom a couple times myself. The worst was when my fiancee and best friend of 5 years left me for another woman 8 months before our wedding. During that time I was in shambles. Then a miracle happened. God spoke to my heart and I knew I had to use this pain to help others. It has changed me for the better! Just like Glennon I wouldn’t change it for the world. Sending all my sisters lots of love.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you were able to use the pain you felt to help others going through a similar experience. It sounds like it was a really cathartic healing process. We’re sending tons of love your way and are thankful for the beautiful work you’re doing in the world.

      • Leah

        Thank you Mandy! Maybe one day I will be on Marie TV talking about my NYTimes Best Seller! 🙂

  64. The word “breautiful” says it all….. hugs.

  65. What a firecracker! I can 100% back up the “yoga thing”… developing my practice was the only reason I was able to re-establish a mind/body connection after years of trying to be “perfect”. Now I teach restorative yoga and have a solid 20-minutes of meditation every day. In terms of balance in life and work this has been a game changer.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Sara! I’m so glad yoga and meditation have really helped—they’re incredibly powerful practices.

  66. Wow! So many good insights. The biggest one was the sex issue of feeling used. I have struggled with that and realized that drinking was a way to coupe with that feeling. I could only have good sex if I was slightly intoxicated, only then could I get out of my head and into my body. Only then could I stop the voices. I look forward to reading more in-depth on this as I think this is a topic that really needs to be out in the open.
    My background of going into the professional world of ballet at a young age didn’t help my view on my body either.. The body image is a huge struggle for a lot of women including myself. Talk about being brutal toward your body to achieve desired affection only if you look perfect. The notion of doing it because it felt good was a mute point in my world. Anyone in the competitive sports and dance can relate. I still struggle with this issue of exercising to feel good vs. exercising to gain a ‘desirable’ body. The industry is flooded with these opposing views. I struggle with this as a teacher in the fitness industry dealing with so many different people with body issues. How do you discuss it without stepping on toes? I look forward toward more insight on this and will be buying your book as I write this. 🙂 Thank you Marie for sharing.

  67. Natalie

    Marie! You are always awesome! This is fantastic!!

    I have so many take-aways! The biggest one is moving in the direction of our fears. Sometime in my childhood, I learned that where there is the greatest resistance, there is the greatest reward on the other side. But, honestly, I might not have always lived that. I definitely struggle with avoidance. So, it was really great to hear you two take that further: Dive in to the pain, fear, whatever, don’t just move towards it, dive in! I love that.

    Loving your body too. Wow, that is a tough one. I have been gaining a bit of weight over the past year and it feels aweful. I have a lot of shame around puting on weight, because it means I’m not healthy enough, not eating good meals, not working out enough – something is wrong with me. But, I’m still pretty thin… So I’m not allowed to complain about my weight, right? Thank you for sharing your body process. I see some meditation in my future.

    One last thing: I get the most passionate about seeing people bullied. Specifically, there are schools in Puerto Rico that are in debt and the debts have been sold to large corporations who are raising the interest and demanding higher payments causing the schools to close. I would love to go there and build new schools that are not under the debtors thumb… But I don’t have a lot of money, and I don’t know anything about building in Puerto Rico. Is that a vision that’s too big for me right now? Or how can someone like me start a charity like that?

    Thanks again for the amazingness!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so awesome that you want to build schools in Puerto Rico! You can totally start a nonprofit yourself or research existing educational nonprofits to see how you can work with them to help students in Puerto Rico. Either way, you’re making an incredible impact in kids’ lives and that’s something to be proud of.

  68. Ceci

    There were so many gems — and thunderbolts — in this one (there are always at least five, but this one had . . . dozens) that I need to sit down with a notepad and transcribe it. Huge thanks to both of you for your honesty and your unfailing ability to comfort and inspire. Much love, C

  69. This was one of my most favorites! That says ALOT!! Thank you Marie for sharing the lovely and amazing Glennon with us. This is a “listen to” again and again interview as there are so many layers to peel back…Blessings to you all!

  70. Susan

    This was beautiful. I cannot wait to get this book. This is so timely as I am going through huge transitions in my life and have to resist the urge to numb myself from the painful part of making change happen (i.e. loss, uncertainty). My take away from this interview was that you have to try to be an active part in your own life instead of hiding on the sidelines and doing the minimum it takes to get by. I am confused by some of the comments of readers that claim these types of books are written by whiny, entitled women. Those of us that claim one type of pain do not mean to deny the struggles other people in other circumstances might have. We can all have compassion for everyone’s struggles.

  71. Daiana chami

    Hi! I loved this talk so much, I was touched in many aspects. I love when people who are popular are brave enough to show their weaknesses and their dark side because it makes them more human and one can also connect to them. I was moved by the part about body image, it’s a never ending story and also how sex is such a difficult part in marriage. She is raw, and I love that and also so inspiring! Thanks so much!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Daiana. Our vulnerability is what allows us to connect with one another.

  72. Beautiful Marie and Glennon, thank you for an inspiring, authentic show. I adore women, like yourselves, who are willing to acknowledge their shame and with love and compassion, transcend it. It has been my experience that shame is the number one spirit killer. So grateful to be in that river of awesomeness with you both. Big hugs.
    Love, Danielle

  73. Thank you so much for this beautiful video! I’ve heard of the concept of “following your heartbreak” and just this past week I was crying ugly tears over the video Save The Children made about refugee children with a sense of hopelessness but also an understanding that I had to listen to that heartbreak. Thank you so much for reminding me of this – and I already feel more empowered to follow that path and do something.

  74. Michelle

    Thank you so much. Always find it amazing when one of your interviews arrive in my inbox when I need it most. This speaks to me so much. Also hit a rock bottom, when my husband of 8 years had an affair. So much of what Glennon said hits home for me, and I can’t wait to pick up her book. This might be just what I need to get though this.

  75. Susan

    Thank you Marie and Glennon for this interview, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now. Am sitting on my own bedrock as we speak and this was so moving and inspiring. I cried and felt a sense of freedom and release when you gave the real definition of Ezra. From my heart to yours, my deepest thanks xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode was timely, Susan. I know it can be hard to see when you’re in the midst of it, but this rock bottom may be an amazing gift down the road, just like Glennon’s was. We’re sending tons of positive energy your way and have our fingers crossed that things will get better soon.

  76. Pamela Schmidt

    The shame comment hit me in such a powerful way and brought tears to my eyes. I have a book inside of me and I know it. Shame is what keeps me from sharing my story, but in sharing my rock bottom story I know in my heart it will help others. I took away so many nuggets of wisdom today. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Much love.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your voice is important and your story matters. And just like Glennon’s, you never know who and how many people will be touched by your story. I hope you’ll be inspired to share yours. 🙂

  77. Amazing interview!

    “I’m writing from a scar, not from a wound.”

    This really stuck with me and made me think of my own journey and how difficult it often is to be vulnerable and share an experience while we are still in the process of working things out.

    Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration!

  78. Karen

    What a gift to find youth, beauty, and wisdom together. The issues of shame and pain resounding strongly does not seem so foreign. We are all victims and warriors, and givers and takers, and addicts and users, and tender abusers… is all part of the package wrapped in human skin. My take from Glennon is that God holds us all, always……. and most tightly even when we don’t feel it or even believe it.

  79. Susann Mertz

    I thank you two great women to put these moving and essential topics out there. Watching great women talk about all that stuff that really goes on internally just makes me happy as it makes me feel connected. Over the day we put so much struggle in our head thinking I have to work, achieve, function, be, impress… The things you talk about make me feel lighter and awake as all that stuff is really going on for me, an inner world that I want to allow, rather than being hard on me for my actusl truth. I loved how you said women define thrmselves to much by the roles they play, also that pain is a as strong force as joy. We want to numb pain though it contains so much power, we suffer as we usually have to come up with an equal amount of energy to numb it rather than putting this energy into the what comes next. The most painfull experience I had in life actually fueled me to a very strong change- so yes, you guys are very right and its a bless to communicate all these great powers we actually carry within us.

  80. Erin Moran

    SUCH good stuff!

  81. Fay

    Love, Love the insights and Woman Warrior! Thank you for sharing the depth of your experiences.

  82. Lynda

    Thank you for your show. The best part for me today was when Glennon said, I am not what just happened to me, but I might be what I do next.

  83. Lorri Carnevale

    Thank you for having someone who I consider REAL not famous but a woman who speaks from your body mind & spirit and for me this was one of the best interviews I have watched for sometime…I relate to most of everything she has talked about but with different addictions so to speak. I am grateful for this and bought the book…..Bring her on again….

    Love you Marie


  84. yoga, sex, spirituality, personal growth, addiction, honesty and walking straight into what causes you pain — it’s all in this illuminating 35 minutes. Oh, and did I mention “ezer,” strong benevolent warrior? and sistering… there’s some wisdom here that’s really good!

    thank you so much Marie Forleo and Glennon Doyle Melton. I can’t believe the timing and serendipity of life, I had *just* signed up for the course with Glennon and Brené Brown, and your email and video popped into my inbox. I love life!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Sandy! It’s awesome you signed up for Glennon and Brené’s course. If it’s anything like this interview you’re in for a treat!

  85. Glennon is truly is one of a kind. I like the way she thinks AND she is very entertaining! Not your typical interviewee, but def had me watching till the end. I like the most how she believes in GOD, but is open to talk about the church when they mis-use words not in favor to women; YET is strong enough to turn her back on the organization when she doesn’t feel right about it, but not turn her back on GOD.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are such important distinctions, Maria. I’m really glad Glennon’s choices and the way she navigates her relationship with God really resonated with you.

  86. Loved this so much, it was exactly what I needed today. I relate to Glennon is so many ways.

    Two things struck me most. The first was when she talked about being in her mind instead of in her body. I’ve also used yoga as a huge way into my body and the present. The second was when she talked about the churches teachings on women. Wow. That’s been my biggest issue all along. LOVE how Love Warrior came about.

    Great interview!

  87. Alisha Geary

    “Life is a dance between sistering and being sistered.” This was super profound. I know that I can show up and be strong. And when I am not strong, I can just show up. 🙂 Thank you both for this amazing interview.

  88. So Awesome! Thank you! So many great insights! I’m ordering the book now, and hoping my book club will also read it.

  89. Thank you SO much for this, great messages throughout. Women warriors, sistering – it is all so applicable in our lives. I’m glad to hear that yoga helped her so much, it is a great tool for making, understanding, and utilizing the mind body connection for healing & growth. Love you MF!!!

  90. Thank you so much for this video. I am dealing with something very big right now myself. But like Glennon, I am so used to “living out loud” as a blogger and coach but this isn’t my story to tell, and it’s eating away at me because the thing I do is use my own stories to share with others. It helps me process things and it helps shed light for others to know they aren’t alone. But this isn’t my story to tell right now.

    I also totally get being able to share a story about a scar but not a wound. And right now I am completely and entirely wounded.

    I had to stop the video a few minutes into it to just cry. I am not sure what my greatest piece of insight is yet because I gained so much, but I’m going to watch again to see what else I can get from it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Kyra, especially while your heart is hurting. We’ve got our fingers crossed things will get better soon and you’ll feel healing energy wash over you during this challenging time.

  91. Dahana

    The interview with Glennon was wonderful! I love her blatant honesty. It is so refreshing.
    Thank you both for shining a light on deeper visuals into Shane, addiction, (lack of) self-esteem, navigating life: sex, marriage, God: love beginning with ourselves.
    The Compassionate Collective sings to my soul. I plan to join in on that right after this.
    In Light and Love … Thank you for sharing your gifts.
    D Ah Na

  92. Phyllis

    Thank you for bringing Glennon’s story to your show, Marie. I wish I would have seen this many, many years ago because I have been avoiding pain all my life. I loved the way Glennon said that pain is important to understanding yourself and moving forward to the next part of your life. And I liked Glennon’s description of “rock bottom” because it applies to more than just a time when an addict finally hits their worst point in their addition. I never looked at myself as someone who hit rock bottom, but now I know I have…more than once. By sharing her story, Glennon has given me the courage to go through the pain as it happens, rather than numbing my feelings and stuffing it. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself thanks to you both. Best always….

  93. This was the BEST Marie video ever!! Glennon is great! My take away from this is getting into the space of living an authentic life. This conversation made me realize that I have many masks up right now. I am in hiding, but I seriously didn’t realize it! Thank you for the mirror~

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sandra. I’m so glad you realized the masks you’d put up. I hope seeing the masks is the first step to healing.

  94. Rosemary Breehl

    Thank you for connecting all of us to Glennon. What a gift she is to the world. I love that she is so real about telling her story (no shame!). I am a huge proponent of helping others understand the WHY (purpose, cause and belief) of their lives. So I was very happy to hear that is the basis of all of Glennon’s work. And clearly your work as well, Marie. It’s all about service to others and following your heart, even when it’s hard to do. I think she made that pretty clear. I am so happy I found your channel. Truly inspiring and motivating.
    With Love and Hugs,

  95. Melissa

    I couldn’t get the video to work, but I understand. For all involved, please know that my heart breaks for all the pain, suffering, heartache and just plain ol’ crummy stuff that life has a way of throwing at you. Many times we are blindsided, betrayed, bullied and humiliated with nowhere to turn, no safety net, nothing to help us heal. And this is where I’m at in life.

    Glennon, I’m so glad that Adam introduced you to Marie. Team Marie, I’m so glad you bring insightful wisdom to all of us who want a kinder, gentler world.

    I send as much love and blessings to all of you as I can muster!

  96. Hi Marie (& Glennon 🙂 )!
    I’m a huge fan of Momastery as well as you, Marie, and am THRILLED to see Glennon and you together! She is connecting in a big way w/all the people I absolutely adore – you, Brene, Oprah, even Lewis Howes! Glennon is the real deal, unlike many who get “up there,” and such a deserving person to be in the limelight, for I know it will only be reflected back outwards to the world (like you!).

    I love her discovery of what the real meaning of “Ezra” is – it is SUCH an accurate definition of the unadulterated energy of women, and an empowering one for the light carriers in the world.

    I love the “sister” analogy! I also love the validation of rushing towards the pain. SO how I’ve lived my life, and one where no one around me could understand, so it has been a lonely journey. Having people like Glennon & Brene just empower not just individuals, but the forces that heal and spread light into the world.

    Thank you for bringing so many awesome people on camera for us! <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear your journey has been a lonely one, Yazminh. Rushing toward the pain sounds counterintuitive on the surface, so it’s possible people in your life don’t understand why this process works for you and why it’s helpful. I hope they’ll see how embracing the pain has helped you and feel inspired to give it a try.

  97. Love this message. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t protecting and hiding myself out of fear. I actually think that I have been doing it since I was a toddler. Everything that Glennon talked about make so much sense and it is so healing and freeing for me. Thank you will both for sharing your lives to help others.

  98. I’m still watching it, but I had to say. Anytime I’ve been at rock bottom and used my pain whether physical, mental, or emotional to reboot myself. I climbed out that much stronger.

  99. This talk covers so many things I have experienced and believed in I can see why Glennon’s book is resonating with so many.
    Regards spiritual experiences – we need to learn from them and really use our discernment about religion and women.
    So — we are strong and benevolent!!

    Thank Heaven for that.

  100. OMG!
    This was like an amazing dark chocolate for the heart!!
    Thank you so much!
    Buying this book asap!
    With all my love to Marie, Glennon and all Forleo Team

  101. KyraWilliamsFitness

    Hold on to the pain. hold it. keep it. be still with it. work through it head on. use it to progress.

  102. I loved the whole conversation, but what I wrote down for further consideration is: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu” and “what if what breaks your heart is a bright, shiny arrow pointing to your purpose?” Wow — YES. Thank you for introducing us to Glennon and for another great interview Marie.

  103. Veronica

    I loved Glennon’s honesty and openness with what she has experienced in her life. I really liked it where she says you can’t have all the beautiful parts of life and not want to experience the brutal parts that was very key for me. Thanks for sharing your true life experience.

  104. I literally put my hands up while watching this video, like I was at a church revival. So many things resonated that it’s hard to choose just one. I can’t wait to read the book. Loved the candid conversation, and the vulnerability from both Marie and Glennon.

  105. Nherie

    I was supposed to have a spiritual counselling session that got cancelled today, not by me. I think it was so that I would find this email and connect to this video. I am almost 2 years into my marriage and found out a year ago that my husband was unfaithful during that time and prior to our marriage. I was about to sing at church on our worship team when I found out…..I remember thinking how I would be able to sing and give when I was in so much shock about the state of my marriage. Yet, I showed up anyways and sang. It was in that moment I knew (it was the sifting process you spoke of), that I was going to be ok. Because somewhere in me, I still had hope that “I” would be ok. Not having all the answers of anything else and how I would be able to do life after this, I showed up in my life every day.

    It will be a year in October and I feel the closer it gets the Brut-ifal it gets. I did exactly what I heard in this video….I dived right in. The shock, the pain, the anger, the forgiveness…felt the shame and exposed the lies. This is still a fresh experience and I have decided that I will take all the time I need and will not try and rush the healing.

  106. Denise Walther

    Wow, what a great interview. I can relate to so much about what you discussed. Hitting rock bottom has taken me so much of my life to deal with until I realized instead of running away from life but go towards it and learn.
    I love this quote, ” I am not what just happened to me, but I might be what I do next.”
    So appropriate after dealing with cancer diagnosis and surviving.
    Thanks so much for an inspiring interview!

  107. Shame makes not show up where we need to be and how we need to be. I truly loved this episode. And I loved the way Glennon mentioned that you have to tell your story without telling someone else’s. I find that I have been shy about sharing more of “me” but ever since a year ago I started confronting my story (coming face to face with it), I’ve had less shame and have been more open. It’s a beautiful journey and one that I’m still traveling. Thanks Marie & Glennon!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Telling your story without telling someone else’s is kind of like a dance. I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to share your voice and help others through your experiences.

  108. Christina

    Marie & Glennon!! This episode comes at such a great time. I’ve just returned from a retreat weekend to think about….everything. My biggest take away is BALANCE and PAIN. These concepts are exactly what I’m struggling with and I feel my thoughts are validated by hearing you two speak about them…..and then bringing it all together with “knowing my place.” The concept of Shame was most impactful- and I’m taking steps now to correct what I deem as shameful and to move forward. If I keep believing that I should be ashamed of myself because I’m different- nothing positive will come of it. Yin/yang. Positive/negative. Thank you. I needed this.

  109. Leone

    I am very happy for Glennon and all those who have been able to rise above their pain. I have been struggling for the past twenty years to rise above mine. I left my marriage to an alcoholic sex addict thirty years ago. Struggled through the next ten years getting a degree, working with abused women, helping my daughter when my granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia, recovered from surgery, spinal meningitis, the deaths of both my parents, my other daughter being the victim in a robbery and having a gun put to her head and then I was ambushed by the women I worked with and left floundering wondering what happened to my life. All of us recovered physically from these and other traumas, however, I have not recovered emotionally from them. I have done so much work on myself and understand so much but it is difficult to recover when you have no support and don’t have the money to pay for counselling. The only help offered is anti-depressants which I refuse to take. Not all of us are in a position to do all the things we hear other people have to done in their recovery and it really makes me feel like such a loser not to be able to overcome the things that have happened. Twenty years ago my life as I knew it ended and I could no longer see myself. I had disappeared. I still cannot see myself and have not been able to build a life that I am happy and content to be in. So that is why I have a hard time listening to these stories. No money no help and I am a 76 year old senior and seniors are the invisible segment of our population.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear of the hardships you’ve endured, Leone. I know I speak for our whole team and this entire MarieTV community when I say we’re sending so much love your way and hope that you’ll experience healing soon. We care about you and we believe in you.

  110. Lovie

    Beautiful shining star – both Glennon and Marie! This 34 minutes has made a hole in my heart that I want and need to fill. Thank you both you! You are amazing!!

  111. Didn’t know of Glennon before this but I could so relate to everything she shared. Biggest take away was the reminder to move towards the pain rather than try to numb it.
    Thank you #TeamMarieForleo

  112. I connected with this interview on so many levels!! I have not even heard of Glennon Doy and feel so connected, like you are one of my soul sister! Lol the top two things I connected with were being in tune with your body and the connection with sex and who God says we are. We are not just “helpers”, we are warriors! thank you both so much! – with love xo

  113. Thank you for this amazing interview. A huge take away for me was when Glennon said (and I’m paraphrasing), “what if what breaks my heart is a message pointing me toward my purpose?” I’ve wondered about my “purpose” for a long time and it has become so apparent recently. This just validated what I believed.

  114. Cindy

    This was powerful on so many levels and my favorite interview thus far!! This was my introduction to Glennon and I ordered the book while listening! If that doesn’t say what she was talking about resonated deeply with me than what would?! I love the the beautiful, brutal honesty of her words as she shares her life experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, all as important to embrace for different reasons. There were so many ‘nuggets’ of truth in this interview it will be a joy to slowly digest and absorb them! Thank you Marie for always using MarieTV to illuminate….

  115. Veronica

    All I kept saying through this whole show was OMG!! Oh My God!! Shame, yep..feeling that. Evicted…yep that too! Bible man issues…well that’s been all my life too! I lost my job but I didn’t lose me!!! Every time we feel alone God brings us a journey sister! Here you are showing up in my email at the perfect time! Thank you Glennon! Thank you Marie!! This is the sistering I needed to give me the latitude and longitude coordinates for where my head and life are right this very moment! Now im getting up so I can be at the table!! Thank you!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Rock on, Veronica! I love your bright, strong, resilient spirit and positive perspective.

  116. Cassandra Stuart

    I loved hearing Glennon say “Be brave enough to tell your own story and be kind enough not to tell anyone else’s.” There was also an amazing piece about pain about how we tend to push it away and avoid it but that some of the greatest magic in life is when we feel our pain and use it as fuel.

    So much love and gratitude. Cassandra

  117. Apryl

    Thank you SO much for this video, PERFECT timing!! I am in the middle of a major life “Break Down-to-Break Through” or crisis and this spoke to me so directly and confirmed the affirmations, strength and deep knowing within me.

    Thank both of you ladies, you are divine blessings!

  118. This beautiful interview was divinely timed. I am a singer/songwriter and recently released an album with a song that is very dear to my heart called “Red Like This.” I have been so deeply affected by adolescent bullying, and our youth taking their own lives because they don’t feel accepted to be who they wish to be in this world. “Red Like This” is becoming so much more than a song, it’s becoming a movement. I am being called to create a donation page, where people can contribute to anti-bullying (no more than $25 because I LOVED your comment on getting rid of the myth that you have to be rich to be a giver!) I am so thankful for you both, this conversation, and women who are open to sharing their story. Rock on soul sisters. In deep deep gratitude. xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on Red Like This, both the album and the movement! Anti-bullying activism is definitely something the world needs more of, and we’re thrilled you’re sharing your talents to help this cause which affects so many. We’re cheering you on big time!

      • Thank you Mandy, and team Forleo! Keep on rockin’ with the epic life altering conversations! xoxo

  119. Tyler Kyle

    Thank you so much for this conversation. I appreciate the candor and honesty. Listening to this encouraged me to be bold and continue in my work in spite of vulnerability.

  120. Lesley Stone

    so many nuggets – of brilliance and wisdom. Here comes a big statement: best Marie TV interview ever – and I’ve watched them all. Also, love that Glennon thinks and talks as fast as I do <3 #sistersall

  121. Wow. Just wow. Thank you so much for this Marie and Glennon. I love the concept of rushing towards our pain and the world’s pain instead of trying to avoid it. In the pain is where we find our true purpose and can heal others out of our brokenness. What a breath of fresh air. I too am in a church culture and sometimes receive wrong and hurtful messages about God, like “if you’re not joyful there must be sin in your life.” Ugg. If you’re not happy all the time it could be because you are moved by the pain of the world, not numb to it. This is where I find my true purpose, in the deep recesses of pain and compassion, not in the shallow, easy-answers. Other people don’t have to understand. I also love what you said about women being strong warriors, not mere helpers. Rock on beautiful strong women.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wise, Annemarie. I’m so glad you’re trusting your inner wisdom and following your heart. I hope more people will embrace your beautiful perspective.

  122. vickibess

    I cannot say how much I appreciate the multiple comments about how open and honest Glennon is. I feel my circle has diminished whenever I am honest about my story and when I try to get others to open up and be honest too. Thank you for the “permission” to share my story.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your voice and your story matters, Vicki. There will always be people who try to silence us, though we can’t do good in the world by disappearing. We’re sending tons of love your way as you put yourself out there and inspire others. <3

  123. Dearest Marie and Glennon:
    Thanks for raising the issue of sexuality. So many things have an impact on how open we can be even with someone we love. I find one of the things that really gets in the way is stress. Even low level but ongoing mental preoccupation can get in the way. (I mean, think about it: if we perceive we are in danger of some sort-real or imagined-it doesn’t make sense to put ourselves in a vulnerable position. Having sex puts us in a vulnerable position. That can be the beauty of it but also the challenge). This is such an important thing to explore and soooo sensitive and difficult. Thanks! I hope there’s more episodes on this topic!

  124. Jody Curry

    Such a powerful discussion! Thank you so much Glennon and Marie! This rang true on so many levels. My favorite quote was “I am not what just happened to me, but I might be what I do next”. Rock bottom is such a powerful place to be, which I’ve learned, as many of us have, from being there. You are a true Love Warrior!

  125. Awesome! Yes “ezer” does have incredible meaning. If you like this you have to read “Captivating” by John and Staci Eldredge. It goes deep into this, highly recommended for all women and men that want to understand women!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome suggestion, Michelle! Thank you. 🙂

  126. Lisa

    What a great interview that has come as i navigate through the pain of finding out my husband had a series of one night stands supposedly only during a 4 year period of our 22 year relationship. Whereas I understand the self sabotage of having sex for recreation because I did a lot of that in my younger years, we were supposed to have been on the same page of not choosing that way of living. Finding out this news as he also found out he has prostate cancer has my emotions all over the place. 6 months down the road, a successful surgery, his penis out of order I still find myself worried all the time that he will sneak again and I won’t know, again once his penis starts working again. The worse thing is, now the door in myself is open I want to have sex with anybody, anytime. I haven’t yet but I’m clearly on the road searching for something to make me feel again. I am so fortunate to have my sister friends supporting me through this but I think my ego and lack of self worth button has been switched on full speed and wants to be desired. Ugh, Ugh, sigh for the loss of who I knew myself to be that seems to have stuffed away somewhere.

  127. LOVED this interview so much! The nuggets on the only things you need can never be taken away from you and the concept of sistering are such great wisdom for everyone to really know.

  128. Trez

    I really appreciate Glennon’s transparency about her “brutiful” life. Her conversation and quotes directly correspond to the chapter of Stephen Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he explains that we should choose to be proactive rather than reactive. When you’re proactive in an adverse circumstance, YOU CHOOSE how you will respond to it, and define how you will grow through it. That way, you have the upper hand. You can be the master of your destiny. No blaming, no hating.
    Marie, thank you for having Glennon on your show. She confirms what I’ve been learning about the power of love.

  129. Jen Martinsen

    One of my favorites!!! Beautiful interview. There were so many profound truths revealed in this amazing episode! One of the most profound revelations for me was that, as women, we traditionally allow ourselves to “become” things rather than knowing who we truly are at the soul level and authentically be ourselves. Such an important lesson & observation. Thank you to Glennon for helping women discover this potential truth about themselves and hold the space for women to choose a new conscious way of approaching life moving forward. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

  130. Joanne

    Omg that interview was amazing!!! The biggest takeaway for me (apart from being totally inspired with Glennons courage to bare her soul) is the nugget of wisdom “You don’t heal yourself completely before you heal the world” ?. I would love to be a life coach helping women to heal after miscarriage but wasn’t sure I would be able to help them if I’m not healed completely after mine. Now I’m going to go for it as so many women need help with this out in the world. I know this is what breaks my heart and is what I am meant to do.
    Thankyou to both of you
    Much love
    Jo xxx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So many women need your help and the incredible wisdom you have to share, Joanne. I’m so happy you’re feeling inspired to make the difference you were born to make, and I know everyone you work with will be so thankful for you.

  131. Katie

    Every. Single. Part. The energy between the two of you. The honesty. The way spirit comes into our lives and speaks to us in unexpected ways, like clicking the play button on my computer… Thank-you.

  132. Erin Wakely

    This morning I open your link and started watching the video, I am half way thru and my husband is emailing me the same link suggesting that I may like to watch it. Then I see something on-line with Oprah promoting the book with Glennon so obviously I ran up to the local book store and got me a copy! Looking forward to reading it tonight:) What I love the most about Glennon’s message today is that it’s ok to feel pain and fear, to really sit in it and know that this is what makes us stronger and more resilient.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Erin! It sounds like the universe really wanted to put Glennon’s work on your radar today. 🙂

  133. Kelly Blaser

    Favorite moment: giving is not about how much you can give. It’s about what happens inside of you as you’re giving. LOVE.

  134. What a great interview, Thank you both for doing this and sharing your wisdom with the world.

    I want to look into what I can do to help homeless teens who have been rejected from their families. That makes me so angry and I just can’t imagine how a parent even does that. My daughter is 10 and I can not imagine a situation where I would reject her and kick her out onto the streets.

    When I committed to being a parent it was for life and nothing she could do would change that. If she comes to me and says she is a lesbian she will still be a huge part of my life and I would love her as much as always. I don’t know how so many parents feel differently.
    It breaks my heart to think of so many cast out kids. So thanks for inspiring me to look into what I can do to help them.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have such a beautiful heart, Karissa, and your sweet daughter is lucky to have a mom like you. There are a couple of resources about youth homelessness and organizations linked on The Compassion Collective’s website, if you want to check them out!

  135. This was incredible. Thank you for introducing Glennon to me. Absolutely incredible! Judith

  136. Virginie

    I am going through the same life experience. Discovering my husband’s affair. Thank you for the great message about pain, that it’s important not to run away from pain. I also feel that it’s something precious. About sistering: I’ve felt sistered, but not by the closest friends. All the support of the world doesn’t cancel the fact that you have to do your work and face pain and go to inner places where only you can go.
    I would like to ask to the community: how do you deal with the feeling of humiliation? When you discover that your husband’s affair is his good old friend, and you had holidays and dinners with her around?
    Regards, Virginie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so, so sorry you’re going through this, Virginie. And I’m sorry your closest friends haven’t been as supportive as they could be during this extremely painful time for you. Your question about humiliation is a really good one, and if you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit it for consideration for Q&A Tuesday. You can do that anonymously, if you like. In the meantime we’re sending tons of love and healing wishes your way.

  137. FREAKIN YAY!! You touched on so many things we need to talk about. It helps to know other women are feeling this way. I’m 46 and still so confused about being objectified and objectifying myself. I can’t wait to read this book. Thank you BOTH for shining your light!! GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE! GRATITUDE!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s really tough because society really ingrains objectification in women. It’s nearly everywhere we look. I’m so glad Glennon’s wisdom was helpful and that you’ll get more in her book.

  138. Ms Jaime Galati

    Inspirational Lady. Sometimes when I see video’s like this or amazing people like this, it helps to lift me up from all of the noise in objective reality, especially all the discordant thoughts on twitter & various other sites on the web.
    From my perspective Consciousness is up above gender & is neither Male nor Female. We are not bodies, when I get into my car I do not identify self as the car, I’m the driver of the car.
    Seeing with the eyes of Spirit instead of the eyes of sense is an increase in life.
    It seems to me that we are all at various levels of awareness in consciousness. So it is very hard to share our views on reality, some believe that reality is in the visible world and some like the poet Wm Blake believed that “Everything that we can see reflected in this vegetable glass of nature is nothing but a shadow of the real.”
    We don’t live in the visible world we live inside of our heads.
    The birth of Christ in man is man’s ability to forgive sin & Glennon in my view seems to possess that.
    I also like her compassion for the collective subconscious that surrounds the globe.
    Great thoughts from great people.
    “Sincerity is always subject to proof.”—John F Kennedy
    Thank you Glennon & Marie

  139. Broken, brutiful, brave and slightly pissed off! Glennon your willingness to talk this stuff is friggin brilliant! I love watching the collective rising of wise compassionate women, it is time for us to be at the table and define the agenda, cause the custodians of the human race over the last few thousand years have been a little to focused on war and not so focused on love! X Paula

  140. Clare B.

    Holy smokes! Every single moment with Glennon on Marie TV was pure magic. This is the first time the notion that pain can be a wise teacher really made sense to me. I felt a weight come off my shoulders listening to Glennon. Something clicked: Enough with wanting to be desired instead of paying attention to what I desire! Thank you for introducing us to Glennon and The Compassion Collective. Giving now.

  141. Nevena

    This was great !
    80÷ of this episode is meaningfull !
    Thank you,

  142. Mona

    I was moved by the fact that what pains you is something that you should jump into that may ultimately lead to service.

  143. “I might be what I do next…”
    That one hit me.
    Every once in a while, new wisdom does that. I need to pause the video, close the book, and let it integrate, like corpse pose after a long yoga sesh.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, I’m so glad this nugget of wisdom resonated with you. I think the things that grab us like that are things the universe wanted us to hear.

  144. Joe

    Awesome interview as usual Marie, Thank you Glennon for making it clear that although it’s never clear at (rock bottom) the time, a new beginning is being birth!
    Faith is so powerful and with the right people around you, anything is possible…
    Again, thank you both!

  145. Golden Nugget:
    What if what’s so painful to
    Me (being a Mom & to 7 kids) is pointing me directly to my purpose?!!!!! GENIUS! Thank you both SO much❤️ I absolutely LOVED in the beginning of this episode when Glennon was describing how when you want something beautiful, you have to take the pain that comes along with it. So spot on for me, and the only way I can describe being a Mom. So much inspiration from today’s episode!

  146. Wow – you ladies rock! There were so many deep insights I took away from this candid conversation. The one that resonated the most came at the end of the conversation when Glennon mentioned her desire (need a stronger word) to help homeless youth. That we should recognize this burning need to help as a clear signal that guides us to not only help others, but is the key to transforming ourselves. I was watching TV the other night and stumbled across an amazing interview on CSPAN with a movie director turned social entrepreneur who has started a non-profit called First Star to help foster kids get to college. Five years ago, it was just a concept – now the program has eight academies at colleges nationwide. It’s been life-changing for all involved. My heart bled listening to these kids who have bounced around from house to house to house who have so much stacked against them. As I watched, it was like my life started to have purpose/passion again – it lit a fire under me. I want – no I need – to do something to help make this dire situation better for these kids… ages ago, I organized a live concert for foster kids in our area. So it’s something that’s starting to be a recurring theme. Maybe I can become a Love Warrior, too, by following whatever calling this is.
    Oh, there’s a song I recorded that really fits Glennon’s concept of “breautiful” – it’s called “In the Valleys I Grow”. (I really don’t mean to self promote on this blog, but the song totally fits this conversation.) You can stream it free at
    Oh, second eye-opening concept – “sistering”. Whether it’s sistering, or brothering, that shoots right to the heart of what we all should be doing here.
    God bless all you amazing women who are becoming Love Warriors! (p.s. My sister bought Glennon’s book right away when I sent her this link. Looking forward to seeing her warrior transformation (although I think she’s already half way there)).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Bill! Brothering is important too—supporting each other on our journeys through life really connects us as vulnerable human beings. I’m so glad Glennon’s words, especially those about homeless youth, inspired you. Thank you for giving back to the community by supporting those who need you most. That definitely makes you a Love Warrior!

  147. I stayed away from church full stop because that macho stuff p’ ed me off so much. It never felt RIGHT to me. Warrior’s indeed. Thank you Marie for bringing us an outstanding interview with such an awesome young woman and for being so awesome yourself.

  148. Tiffany

    I absolutely loved this episode with Glennon! I can listen to her all day.
    Such an interesting and down to earth woman.
    There are so many things she talked about that I can relate to, but the two that stuck out for me was her comments on shame and women being equal to men.
    Firstly, shame is like poison-a mind trip “we” put ourselves through because we perceive ourselves as different, not good enough, not successful enough, ashamed of who we are instead of embracing who we are.
    Last, I loved the part where Glennon said “women should be at every table (alongside men), because if were not at the table were on the menu.” Yes to this!
    Overall, loved the video and insights Glennon had to share.
    Thanks Marie for introducing us to another strong woman’s wisdom.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Tiffany! These are such amazing takeaways. 🙂

  149. Shona

    Love love love this! I lived thru the same issues in a long marriage but didn’t get to see how to grasp the concepts of really getting with “myself” to be a better “me” to my family and friends. You gotta go to the dark side for a while to really love the light of life.
    Regarding the “sex” issues – been there done that but I am so glad this will reach many women. It is important that we women grasp how to deal with the body + mind connection as when you get older and go thru menopause it will again change that same relationship and as women we need to be able to find balance within ourselves once again. Thanks Glennon for your intense HONESTY on all subjects: love, body, religion, mind, sexuality, inner truth and sisterhood.

  150. Sarah

    Such a refreshingly different conversation. I’ve just read Glennon’s statement about her separation and balled my eyes out. I can very much identify with her experience. Such a strong woman, with such amazing, uncomfortable, painful yet right advice. Being true to ourselves is so important. Thanks Glennon, Marie and team Forleo. <3

  151. lisa anderson

    that was incredible. so many things she said spoke to me but what stood out the most was regarding voting my body off the island and living in my head. I find it hard to be present and often say that my body is there just to transport my head around. I’m working to change that but wow, it’s not easy!

  152. Janet

    I just wish I could say I have come thru on the other side with a positive family mission statement. He won’t even come to the door and say hello. I have tried to keep a parenting relationship and failed. I am not sure why I am attracting this into my life. I am not feeling very warriorish right now just defeated. My son sees his father act this way and it breaks my heart. I loved all you talked about and relate, my addiction is food. I see it but haven’t tamed it. I feel terrible that I can’t give my son an example of how adults handle problems positively. Any words of advice?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really tough, Janet, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling defeated. Although not specifically about parenting, Marie does have some advice for staying positive when “it” hits the fan and what to do when you’re feeling lost: and I hope you’ll find these episodes inspiring and helpful. We’ll be thinking of you and sending tons of love your and your son’s way as you’re going through this challenging time.

      • Janet

        Thank you Mandy I will check these clips out.

  153. deb ferguson

    Raised in Church w/ the Salt of the Earth, I know well of the humiliation of being the subject of the Prayer Group. Glennon’s discovery that wife (ezard?) does not mean helper but warrior was HUGELY illuminating for me. . . and why we need to be “at the table, Sistah’s!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

  154. Jacque

    What an awesome episode ladies! I think the biggest thing I’m taking away from this conversation (today at least) is about running towards our pain rather than away from it, something I have always struggled with but am realizing is a huge must in life. A huge must to lead the life I want to live. Thank you always for the reminders and both of your work in this world. So excited to start reading this book when it arrives in the mail!!!! Xoxo

  155. So many ways this video touched me, so many ways it inspired me. To name a few: “If the only reason not to do something is shame, then … do it!” “Get the gifts of rock bottom.” Rush toward the pain instead of running away from it.” Where is the pain the greatest? Go There. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Become smaller to blend in. Speaking your truth about God. Digging in to the Bible and finding out for yourself. What sistering actually is in construction. Thank you both. I think my best personal take-away is knowing someone else has to “check their shame levels like a diabetic checks blood sugar” – and having that (my need to do the same) be fully owned and okay.

  156. Galina

    I’m going through a crisis right now and wanted to check out Marie’s new interviews hoping it’d help (of course it did). Marie and Glennon discussed the things that we usually don’t talk about. At least not at this level.
    I got Glennon’s new (audio) book just now but I’m too scared to listen to it. I’m afraid of facing and reliving the pain that I’m trying to not think about.

  157. Kristine

    I loved what Glennon had to say about ‘sistering’ and how we all need some sisters, either side of us, to give us strength at times in our lives. We’re not broken, it’s just life unfolding ….

    Loved the message (and reminder) – love Marie TV.

  158. Alexia Clarkson-Rowntree

    Biggest take away:


    Alexia x

  159. Mike

    So much of this talk resonated with me, from a guy’s point of view. A wife that cheated for years with dumb me completely unaware (not the wife I ended up with thankfully). My kids tell me that it took 15 years for me to get over the shock, including drugs, therapy, trust issues to this day. And sadly guys rarely do brothering. We seem to focus so much on our special masculine side, and ignore our “feminine” gentle loving side. Both Marie and Shannon are so full of passion, it is inspiring. Corita Kent was an artist, one of her pieces states “passion is the very act of God in man” (she was an artist nun).. Thorns can be the best of us.

  160. Gay Collins

    The BEST part (which is tough as there was SO much value in this piece) can be summed up in one word: SERVICE!! Thank you, Marie and Glennon. This has probably been stated numerous times on this thread, and now I will read them all, but yes: SERVICE. All roads lead here. THANKS again, my lovelies!!

  161. Oh my…. Mum oh my. I don’t know where to begin. Firstly, when I opened my email this morning and saw that it was Glennon on the show – I was just so excited. Secondly, I only recently discovered Glennon and her work in the last couple of months.
    I’m going through rock bottom at the moment, and I have been for quite some time. My mother passed away in February this year, and as an author – she was one of my biggest supporters. Now I find myself not being able to write any more, and not only that – every time I feel as though I could start again, something else comes along and smacks me around the face.
    My husband is a gambler, but I didn’t know this until June. Now we are going through a separation, and the sheer betrayal of everything, has absolutely killed the relationship for me. I have discovered that I can never trust him again, and as one of the foundations of any relationship – I just can’t repair myself from this – not while I’m with him. Unfortunately, it also means splitting my family up, selling my beloved house, finding somewhere new, and starting over again – while still trying to maintain a halfway decent parenting relationship with him.
    So, Glennon and Marie… I am at rock bottom. I can see the future…. And the future is bright. But at the moment, it’s just a pinprick of light while I work through all of this. So I know rock bottom, and right now I know it intimately. Which sucks. But I also know, that I’m going to come out of all of this rubbish in my life – bigger, better, and stronger. I am using my grief, sadness, and hope to drive me forward, and Glennon put this a lot more eloquently than I can.
    And soon… Very soon, once I am in my own space, and can actually think again… (With a lot less noise) I will start writing and publishing again. And I can’t wait.

  162. Glennon is my hero, and I didn’t even realize it! She embodies what I aspire to give in my budding coaching business, and I’ve quoted her on my blog (without realizing who she was – just the message resonated so deeply!). I will run towards my fear, as I am preparing to launch a 6 week program this month. My survival patterns have been running rampant and it’s time to stop procrastinating and get this fan-freaking-tastic program into the world so that women can finally feel like they are enough! Thanks Marie for another amazing episode- maybe someday I’ll be on set with you!

  163. laura

    Well, I guess I’ll be the ODDBALL here…with all due respect and appreciation to these ladies (and Oprah too) I did not get ANY of this. All this shame shame shame—in this day and age…isn’t it more about where you choose to focus? There are successful models, actresses, businesswomen of all shapes, sizes and colors to adhere to as role models. Isn’t is a choice to torture oneself to be a certain way? There’s so much goodness and acceptance all around us as well—isn’t that a better thing to focus on? Perhaps it’s a result of growing up here as an immigrant…we were too busy getting on with the business of making a life to worry about our waist size or be on the bathroom floor.

  164. I’m just so grateful Glennon is here, and so brave.
    I laughed and I cried during that interview.
    Way more than one insight but I love the idea that it’s not what’s just happened to me that defines me – but it may be what I do next.
    Thank you on so many levels x
    PS ‘Embrace’ is a brand new Australian documentary tackling the objectification of women and the hatred so many women learn to feel for their bodies. The film gets no advertising because it’s PR image is considered too racy…go figure. You can search for the trailer on youtube. It’s powerful.

  165. Donna


  166. Paula

    It was today… “Love Warriors” showed its face everywhere. It showed up on my Instagram Feed, in my Audibles Discovery, in a personal email, and an Oprah Book Club suggestion. All today. When I should have had a very busy work day….. and my day suddenly freed up out of nowhere – there it was! I am meant to read this book.
    Like you Glennon, I have just been through a very difficult relationship which ended with infidelity. Over 3 years together and he cheated using an on-line profile(s) that I had no idea existed. When confronted he “texted” me. A TEXT! No call or talk in person- he texted. He said he wanted to “find his passion” alone and it was not with me. I was clueless.” I remember falling to the floor – in slow motion with my heart pounding. The worst stabbing pain I have ever felt. I kept thinking… “What did I do wrong? As you said in your interview….this is what we do to ourselves. Blame ourselves for the pain others cause us. I know now, this was not me – these were his actions.
    My reality was … we had built a relationship, supported each other, our sex life was fun and frequent, we had been through hard times and we survived, and we had passion that most people envy. We loved each other. Everyone told us how good we looked together, how happy we were , his family loved us and he would be asked, “When are going to put a ring on that finger?”
    A few days passed…. and there it was; my new reality. A Facebook picture “accidentally” showed up on my feed. He was hugging her in front of the apartment we had picked out while he away 4 days a week at work in another city. A complete stranger in his arms. I was devastated. I again curled up in a ball on my bedroom floor and wished I would die it hurt so much. Once I pulled myself off the floor – I tried to talk to him but to him I no longer existed. Facebook pictures from 3 years of birthdays and Christmas’ and anniversaries were all deleted. Every single one. His e-mail account was closed and his phone blocked my calls. He erased me from his life.
    I was blind, unaware and oblivious and felt like a fool.
    Prior to us breaking up – I guess had been talking to this woman “J” for sometime. When he decided cheat in person – I later found out that he met her in another town on his way to meet us for a 4th of July weekend with our children. When we returned from our trip – he left to go back to work from the house we shared. I will never forget before he left we made love and as he turned to me… as he was walking to his car he said, “I love you.” I said.. “I love you too baby… drive safe.” Then he was gone. That was our last day together – as if nothing had changed. Six days later – he sent the text.
    This did not only cause pain to me but to our children. We both had kids and they never got to say goodbye to each other. Today, they pass in the halls at school like they are strangers. It never existed.
    When I sent a Facebook message a week later to the unknown girl in the picture I found out her name. “J” already knew who I was. I did not know who she was. She told me he did not love me and I could tell by her words that he had made me into a “crazy” person. Of course he had to blame me and make it my fault – otherwise he would look like a cheater and he couldn’t let her think that. I told her the truth – that we were still together up until just a few days before, but she did not care. She supported his stories and he turned on me like I was the enemy. My heart shattered into tiny pieces. The pain came rushing back. I could not function on a day-to-day basis most days – it was unbearable.
    Today, there is still pain! This is due to a court case pending because “J” felt she needed to file an “electronic harassment” charge against me for contacting her. I am being taken to court by the “other woman” for asking who she was and why she was with my boyfriend? Making her aware that we were together for 3 years and just days before we had been camping with our children. She should know what kind of man she was allowing into her life. She didn’t care. The court case is still pending and I am in debt to a lawyer for $1500.00 – plus because I am a nurse – even a misdemeanor will cause my career great harm so I have to fight. How did this become my burden. I loved him – that is the only thing i am guilty of. Loving a man that did not deserve my heart.
    So, I will continue to fight like a warrior.
    I have no contact. It has been a year – and to add more pain, they are engaged. I cannot lie. It was painful to find this out. But I am proud of my heart – after one hour – a few tears – I was alright. He has left my heart and it is almost healed.
    I just would like to know – “How can a woman marry a man that began their relationship with a lie while cheating on the woman he was with and said he loved her?”
    The best advice I have received, “Think of him as yesterdays newspaper.” Relationships that begin with a lie rarely last. And men .. especially after their 40’s do not change.
    She, “J” will be the next to feel the pain and it will hurt her even more because she will be married. Married to a man that does not go to church or belive in her faith – LDS. The fact is – she is Mormon and he has no choice.
    My gut tells me… in one year he will get “bored”… again. The “passion” he looks for in others and the excitement of a new relationship will fade. As many times before, he will begin to look again. It will go around and around and the future pain that he will cause other woman saddens me.
    As he said so many, many times, “I do not believe in unconditional love and nothing lasts forever.” He was right. He just forgot to tell me he was lying to me about the loving me part. Would have been nice to know – before I gave him my heart.
    As for me – I am stronger than I ever thought. I am a confident woman today with an amazing job and two brilliant children.
    On a positive note – the news of the engagement hurt… but I never ended up on the floor. I HAVE hit rock-bottom and I am no longer afraid. I can survive anything after this. I lost the man I loved more than anything.. The love of my life – I truly believed. I watched him walk away with no hesitation. Just a text.
    I know one thing – I love myself more for all of it – for surviving!
    The Love Worrier.. that is ME!

  167. sonrisa

    Thank you Marie!!!! This episode was so beautiful and empowering in so many ways for me! I totally agree that as a woman, I have lived in my mind and spirit, and forgotten about my body. I resonated so strongly with this story.
    Thank you for Glennon for everything!

  168. The biggest take-away for me was the piece about the impact shame and the lies it tells us. At my core, shame has always controlled me and held me hostage. Literally the key to peace was on the table and shame dared me to pick it up and use it. I’m so glad I have a greater understanding of my own power and the role fear and shame play. I command Glennon on finding her way through the pain and shame and her willingness to help others gain greater insight and clarity by openly sharing her journey. Also, claiming woman warrior status rocks! To know that we can not only endure the heart ache, bend and not break, but come out even stronger and wiser, as we build our resistance muscles , is everything!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  169. Love Glennon! She’s so real, and vulnureble and real. Nice to see that real people are raising through dust and bloom so beautyfully.

    I have been following you for about 3 years now, Marie. You inspired me in so many way’s that I could’ve begin to tell. And I’M comming to Long Island and NY city from Montreal, at the end of septembre 2016 for the Diva’s Run, and would so love take the opportunity to meet with you,even just for a few seconds. I’M a entrepreneur coach, speaker and would love to get the chance to interview you for my french peeps, I’m asking and hope for a yes… Hey! we never know. You are my Charles Branson 😉
    Lets hope that the stars are aligne for me and that I’ll have the chance to chat with you soon.

    Nathalie B.

  170. You know, this was a really fabulous interview for me to watch. The way Glennon shamelessly owns and talks about her story is such a gift to us. That’s true courage. We hide behind a facade of perfection while inside we struggle. No-one’s talking about the real shit going on and it’s making us all feel like failures.
    I recently learned my partner of 5 years is a sex addict. Yikes. For someone who feels as innocent as Bambi inside, this was an absolute shocker to have to deal with.
    And like Glennon, as a successful healer and teacher I worry about how this might affect my professional reputation.
    After watching this interview I can feel the “oh crap I don’t want to go there” pulling me towards a greater mission to “go there” just enough to help others. Someone needs to shatter the myths surrounding what’s becoming the addiction epidemic of our times.
    I feel the Warrior rising inside, stronger than ever. Thanks Glennon and Marie for blazing the trail for the Ezers.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sonia, I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. Thank you for sharing this experience so honestly with us here! xo

  171. wendy becker

    Glennon made me laugh, made me cry…beautiful interview. Thank you. The ‘god made man & then made a helper’. Hilarious. Something i wrote down yesterday was ‘a balanced life is created by making multiple optimizing choices daily to nurture the many aspects that make use a whole person.’ And when you are living a life making conscious choices you create new resonances that flow out into the Ethers and like attracts like. You attract that which you are Becoming and that is the magical power of the feminine…To Be. To Be the resonance of Harmony, Love, Kindness, Compassion whatever Qualities you choose to experience. The Qualities of Life are an Experiencial Resonance you can call on/in when you sit in Silence. The more you experience these Qualities of Consciousness the more that grows and flows out to those around you. I like to set the Intention that the Beauty im Blessed with in my Life and experience daily flows out to all Sentient Beings and Places that are experiencing pain, trauma, lack….lack of Love, lack of Honouring, lack of Gratitude.

  172. Somi

    I can’t even express into words how amazing this episode was to watch. I will definitely buy the book. I can’t wait to read it! Thank you Marie for bringing Glennon on to your show and sharing her story and words of wisdom. There was so much great dialogue in this conversation, I just kept saying “WOW” over and over again. You are both amazing, inspirational women!

  173. Hey Marie,
    As always your podcast was entertaining, authentic, and very much appreciated. Thank you Glennon. For the last two days I have been looking for a word that meshed, poignant, beauty, and pain. ‘Brutiful’ is on the spot for what I’ve been feeling as my father struggles with chemo.
    Today as I walked along sand and stone, with my two furkids, my soul was blissful as I breathed the ocean. Our world is so magnificent. The simple joys of watering flowers, feeling the wind, or smelling the rain sometimes feels like everything. I recognize the importance of standing in my strength when I can’t be by my father’s side. I live thousands of miles from him and the time I spent with my parent’s right before we learned of the cancer and dad decided to undergo treatments, when he was admitted to the hospital for a brutal infection, was an emotional roller-coaster. At times I was in a painful-calm state not knowing what was coming. But watching a man I respect and love, so much, confused, dilution, and in excruciating pain is irreconcilable with the wonderful soul of ‘him’.
    Two days ago I hear an elk bugle twice and just yesterday while I walked and had a fun talk with my niece a raven followed… a million beautiful things happened in between. When I call and talk with my father and he is hurting horribly all I can do is tell him that I love him and then I get off the phone and weep. There is so much Brutiful on this earth and in our lives.
    My best to you both,

  174. Jill Schaffer

    Thank you Glennon for standing in your truth and paving the way for all women to stand in their truth. You are inspiring.

  175. Absolutely love the real authentic presence of you both, sharing such deep topics that are common amongst us all.
    The true sisterhood is holding presence for one another while being in our raw authentic truth. You both truly embodied this in this interview.
    Thank you for this one!!

  176. Sofia

    What an awesome episode! I hadn’t heard of Glennon before and loved her candid interview. She brought a new perspective to me, on my relationship to my body. Like her, I was bulimic as a teenager and even after a lot of personal development never really felt like I could love my body unconditionally. Even though I came a long way in this regard, I got present to a new layer of it in the last few weeks, when I found out about my second pregnancy. Thanks for the awesome insights and I shall do something with them.

    Oh, and the concepts of sistering and the way God defined women… Just gold!

    Love you, fellow sisters and warriors of Love

  177. Ashley

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Thank you so much for your raw honesty and for boldly being YOU (speaking to the both of you btw)! Hopefully I’m not just speaking for myself, but as a woman nearing my 30s it means the world to hear your rock-bottom story of glory because the last thing I need is to hear another “success” story if you know what I mean.

    It is so incredibly powerful to hear each others failures, pains and fears because as you said when we talk about them and “live out loud” these things crumble away. These things build false boundaries around our access to God and each other (AKA love as I like to say!).

    Thank you so much for this soul food! Cannot wait to share this. 🙂

  178. Totally loved this episode. Thank you Marie and Glennon – what gold in this episode of MarieTV. I loved the “nuggests of wisdom” but one thing I wrote down was the “Go to the source. You need to get rid of the middlemen to get to your source”. Thank you darling sistars 🙂

  179. What if I rushed toward the pain of the world…what if what breaks my heart is a shining arrow toward my purpose — ah, landed completely.

  180. Kimberly

    Wow I found this so inspirational on so many levels. This was a life changer for me…..this woman speaks my language and said things i needed to hear that my heart needed to hear. I am a victim of childhood trauma, who has hit rock bottom too many times to count…and crawled my way out…I recently left a man who held my heart and trust who betrayed both and controlled my life in a way I cannot share in words….though the work of many women and men I am rebuilding…and this show was so aimed t me…you have no idea…..Thank you both for the work you do ….I am a social worker and this will seep into the world I work in.

  181. Melinda Latson-Smoot

    I’m m good enough!

  182. Karlyn

    Sistering. That was the best nugget. I could use that tint little clip like every five minutes!

  183. Heidi

    This was a very reaffirming and poignant interview. I hit rock bottom almost 5 years ago when I was the last to find out, actually though Facebook, that my husband who I had been with for 19 years (since I was 15), had an affair and was leaving me for our mutual friend. Drama and details are not needed now but from those ashes, I rose. In the middle of one night, I bolted awake with a download – a message from within that I needed to release. I rushed to the computer and in a single swipe over the keyboard, this message came out. I have never shared it before, but it seems relevant.

    Love Letter From My Inner Warrior Princess

    When I let go of control I can be me in a way that is better and feels good. Letting go & trusting in myself and the universe.

    When I release control and let myself just be. I am the person I aspire to be but fail to be when I hold on too tightly.

    People seem to be magnetically drawn to me when I am my most unguarded, natural, real self.

    Through the purifying fires of personal devastation; I have learned I already possess the traits I value most and I have them in large portions. Trust, love, honesty, integrity, hope, faithfulness & wisdom. I am still working on patience and control.

    Control is an illusion. Perfection is an unattainable, always self-defeating moving goal post with no finish line.

    I am a virtuous woman. I am the woman I have always wanted to be. I am worthy and I am enough just as I am.

    I have shed my physical and emotional masks through these purifying fires. I have bared my soul, my deepest wounds and my darkest shadows. I have gone from utter fear of being discovered to be a fraud and scared that others may dislike who I am. Now, I am naked, open and vulnerable. This new stance is initially scary but strangely liberating and empowering. I am taking back control over my sense of worth and self. What you see is what you get. Like it or leave it. Being open and displaying my soft underbelly allows me to connect at a deeper human level. I am finding that friends, family and even strangers are rising to the occasion and demonstrating their humanity and compassion. When I am more real to the world, I get back what I need. If someone hurts me while I am open, vulnerable and real – I can handle it. If I can transcend the devastation of my heart being torn out by my deepest love, I can breeze through petty people. The benefits of open, true self living greatly out weigh the risks, and I can handle them come what may.

    If every last thing is taken from me, I will still rise. I am not down for the count. There will always be a hand outstretched waiting to help me up. I am a warrior princess who has fought hard battles before and has the scars to prove that I will fight and I will be victorious once again. I will rise, I will roar and my true self will shine brightly.

    Love always,
    My Inner Warrior Princess

  184. Super inspirational
    Thank you for the ideas about sistering, going through brutal and beautiful and turning rock bottom into transformation.
    needed this!

  185. Marie and Glennon,

    Having loved both of you separately, how amazing it was to see Marie’s email this morning!

    I loved every minute of this. Having had more than my share of Rock Bottom in my life, rape, bulimia, alcoholism, serious trouble in my marriage , and chronically ill children. I’m done for awhile! I remind God and my spirit guides of that all the time in my prayers, “DONE NOW PLEASE!!!!, need a brake” . But the gifts they do keep giving I am a very strong love warrior myself! Sober 30 years, Marriage really good and strong (was hell getting here, but were here) and children hopefully on the mend.
    Another important lesson learned very recently was to not suffer in silence.
    Now having spent the last 30 years in twelve step programs you’d think I’d know that.
    But No it wasn’t until we hit bottom financially, paying out of pocket for our children’s Chronic Lyme Disease for years. When we sold our house, went through the savings, went through the college fund, that we had to ask for help. And after being misdiagnosed for years the children were no better, and we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. We recently started a Go Fund me page for our twin 17 year old boys to get them to Germany for life saving treatment. It became so crystal clear…nothing gets accomplished alone. We raised $62,000 and are getting our children to the St George Clinic in Bad Abling, Germany in two weeks.
    I’ve had so many people share their amazing stories of Lyme recovery from their St George experience, it gives us so much hope.
    We feel so blessed and loved in life and so do our children.
    So if anyone you know is suffering with Lyme disease please get in touch if they need help! No more suffering in silence.
    I love what Glennon had to say about Shame, it’s all lies.!!!!

    Thank you both for being an inspiration!

  186. I love the references to stories . . . society’s stories and the stories we tell ourselves. As a fellow writer and author, I understand the most important story is the one we believe. Once we can get the story out, we reclaim our power by discovering the truth after reflection and dissection of our words.

    Thank you for talking about what matters to let others know they are not alone. Everyone has a story someone in the world needs to hear. Like the African greeting ‘I see you’ we all want to be seen, heard and understood. Be Well.

  187. Clare

    Thank you for this inspirational and heart warming session! I just loved it. I can relate to Glennon on so many levels! I feel so lonely and have been rock bottom numerous times without the sisterhood to help me up. Somehow every time I have managed to climb my way out and realize what is really important. However, I have not really found anyone else who thinks or speaks like I do. If I do open the door to others a little, I get a lot of blank stares….awkward!!! So, a huge thank you for helping me feel less like an alien.

  188. Tracy

    Today was my rock bottom, or actually another rock bottom. Like Glennon, I live in rock bottom more often than not. But today, because I found myself there again, I really wanted to give up. I didn’t think I had the strength to rise up this time. After watching this, I know I can be a strong, benevolent warrior…that was my God-given birth right. I need to stop giving my strength away, and instead use it for myself first.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Tracy. I’m sorry to hear you were at rock bottom, but your strength is undeniable!! We’re so glad this interview helped you out today.

  189. “This yoga thing freaking saved my life.” I so much agree. As someone who also overcame an eating disorder (and anxiety and depression), learning how to get out of my head and be in my body was one of the biggest keys to my recovery. But we never learned that was even an option. Instead, we learned that to be valued, we must be smart. But even more so, and first, we must be beautiful. We can’t JUST be smart. That doesn’t count. So we create this crazy dichotomy of living outside our bodies and inside our heads – trying to be both at once – and still never feeling quite good enough. It’s no way to live. Getting through it, stepping out of shame, and sistering on is though! Thank you Marie. Thank you Glennon. x

  190. Alurigo Ravusiro

    I was glued to the conversation that talked about many things women tend to hide or not talk about out of fear and been ostracized . Thank you so much. I can identify with your story. The feelings of hate have gone and are replaced by the essence of the “woman” that you have described as those that give peace, love, strength and care…exactly, I only feel compassion. Love Warrior 🙂 wow! With much love…and thank you ….God bless you all.

  191. Sophie

    This interview just breathed so much life into me! Glennon has such an authentic energy and it’s incredible to see such a down-to-earth, honest healer taking on personal and global pain. So much of what she says is what I needed to hear and I never realized how much mental energy I had until I saw this and heard her describe mental energy versus body energy. It’s made me take a step back and look at myself (yet again) from a different perspective. Thank you both for sharing your hearts and for delivering genuine content that’s healing the world.

  192. Loooved this episode! Cant wait for the next campaign 🙂

  193. Anna

    Love, love, love this. So inspirational. So heart-warming. Gives me love, compassion and strength for myself, this conversation of you two and your beautiful story Glennon. So much what I needed today altough I even didn’t know yet I needed it. Just spot on and hands down amazing. I enjoyed immensely every bit of your conversation and it’s impacted my life for sure. What I will take from this and witf me towards my near future is “I am not what just happened to me, but I might be what I do next”, that “Shame is the kiss of death and it’s not true” and that “Life gets too heavy and too hard, because it’s supposed to” and obviously the beautiful idea of sisterhood. The biggest of all was “The best part of life is needing people and being needed”. That quote brought me to tears. I was like Yes! Yes! Yes! you named what I akways felt deep in me, but just couldn’t put words to it. I was actually almost brought to tears many times during your conversation. I felt very emotional and woken up, because of those so many words of mind-blowing wisdom of life. Wow, such an awesome speech 🙂 Good job and thank you 🙂

  194. Kerrie Friend

    That your gifts lead you to service!!!!!!
    SO true.
    SO awesome.
    SO love it.

  195. Thats was extraordinary!! I had to watch it twice to absorb everything. So much LOVE for her strength and bravery xo

  196. Thank you both for your true honesty! Thank you.

  197. Polly

    The most painful book you can write is your own. Or so I have found. I have a life after death true story of tragedy and miracles but am having the hardest time putting the pieces together in writing to share as so many have asked me to do. Can you give me any advise or recommend an editor that possibly works on commision?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Polly, I’m not sure where you are in your writing process, but if it’s still early on and you’re trying to figure out what you want to say exactly, a writing coach or writing group might be helpful. Although I don’t have suggestions of specific coaches or editors, I would recommend doing research to find someone who feels like a good fit. And of course, best of luck to you with your book!

  198. Elena

    Dear Marie and Glennon,

    Thanks for this amazing interview.
    We are love warrior and it’s SO good to be reminded of it.
    I understood why sport is so important to me and why I have to keep it a priority. In sport, I allow my body to express itself and it’s an art to find the balance between the willing and the feeling. It allows me to give back the power from my mind to my body and I do it the best while dancing. And how that helps e to stay in tune with my sexual desire and energy.

    Your interviews helps me also to understand my addictive behavior with food and how I can use it to learn to stay in life flow and being grounded.

    Thanks again so much to share this wisdom with us.


  199. Candi

    Oh my goody goodness! I LOVED this episode ! Glennon, I was literally punching the air when you told the story about the hebrew word for women meaning WARRIOR. In the words of the brilliant Rob Bell, “SOOOOOO GOOD!” Thank you, sister, for your generosity.
    Sister Marie! Amazing as always! Gratitude and love to you too. I would love to hear more about the subject of sex and body image.
    With loving kindness, Candi x

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad you loved it, Candi!

  200. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring interview. I can say with certainty that what I really needed to hear and has left me feeling so empowered was Glennon’s wisdom about running towards what breaks our heart in the world… and that is where we are supposed to be, in service. And, that is where all the other awesome warriors of love will be, my future buddies. And when Glennon said “we will be your family now” *tears* 😀 😀 Wow-o-wow eee thank you Marie and Glennon!

  201. Karyn Ekstrom

    i’m speechless! i don’t even know where to start……SIMPLY AWESOME

  202. I’d like to add another layer to Glennon’s understanding of the Hebrew word “ezer” (in case it hasn’t been mentioned in earlier comments)- which is used in modern Hebrew as well (I’m a native Israli): the full expression in the book of Genesis is “ezer kenegdo”- which, simply translated, means “a helper opposite him”. We- women, wives- have the power and the responsibility not only to assist our husbands in countless ways (and hopefully they, likwise, help their wives, and not only with washing the dishes) . We also have the responsibility to direct them in the right direction and rebuke them when they take the wrong path. That’s part of love as well.:)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s beautiful, Noga! Thank you!

  203. Wow! I could have kept on watching this for hours, I was so sad when it came to an end. What an incredible woman, and so many wise words. Her messages are just so strong and I love the way she’s using her voice to help others, both through her written work and through the Compassion Collective. More of this please 🙂
    Sophie x

  204. First of all, I just have to say that I always get something out of each episode of Marie TV. It’s simply amazing and I recommend it to everyone!

    This particular episode came along at an interesting time. Yesterday (to make a long story short) I recognized that one of my main blocks in life has come from years worth of collected (on a subconscious level) messages that told me that I wasn’t valuable enough, that I wasn’t ‘worth’ the effort, that caused me having that belief about myself; all the times people bailed on me with flimsy excuses (a few people in particular), all the times people made me feel like it was too much effort to take my call when I needed a friend, all the times when people expected me to go out of my way to visit them (in another province or city) but didn’t ‘have the time’ to do the same for me. All these times sent me a message that I wasn’t worth it and in turn, made me feel that I wasn’t valuable. If these people didn’t think I was worth it, then why would anyone else? These were people who were supposed to be close friends, so maybe they saw something in me that I did not.

    I hadn’t realized I was carrying these beliefs around for so long. I think it’s impossible to really love yourself or others when you have these feelings (often without being aware of it) and you start feeling detached from others, isolated and with a ‘it’s me against them’ mentality (something we are seeing often in our culture as a whole) I had never realized why it’s so important to not allow toxic people in our lives until I made this realization about myself. These people feed this damaging belief by building your trust, only to knock you back down again and feeding that negative belief about yourself. I think in order to have love and feel love, you must first separate yourself from those who make you feel less valued as a human and surround yourself with only people who see your value and focus on positivity. I’m not sure what the next step is but I’m working on it;-)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Michelle, you are SO worthy of all the love and support you give to others. I’m so glad that’s becoming clearer to you as you remove the toxic people from your life! xo

  205. “If you’re not at the table- you’re on the menu” So brilliant.

  206. SO GREAT! Love this interview! I am creating a local and national Sacred Divine Sisterhood program-for women to gather and connect-so this really spoke to me. Plus having a partner who is an addict and witnessing his transformation and our journey together is so profound, this spoke to me and what we are moving through.

  207. Amarie

    My absolute favorite interview yet. Glenn is the first person I’ve heard speak so authentically about how hard the human experience truly is without cleaning it up pretty for the media. She is most beautiful because she doesn’t hide her scars. And she brought out something more raw in Marie that was also so impactful. Thanks to you both.

    “The only things you need are the very things that can never be taken from you.”
    –Glennon Doyle Melton

  208. Liza

    It’s difficult to have one take away from this interview. I feel like I need to listen to it ten times and take notes. There is so much to take away, to internalize, to take hold of and gently into our hearts and minds, and as you say, our bodies.
    Also I am so glad about the clarity on the Biblical helpers issue. I had goose bumps watching this. Thank you for sharing. It is FULL of take aways for me.
    Much love xx

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Liza!

  209. Pallavi

    Every single word in this conversation is a gem . Even the pauses, the hand gestures and the soft gleam of light in Glenon’s eyes . Well done Marie . And Glenon , you are a gift to all women of the world . Love you.

  210. Liza

    I got given that exact piece of advice from the church – that I needed to be the helper to my husband for (don’t want to mention what it was) his betrayal.
    It is the first time that I have heard another woman mention it. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Liza

      I left him and the church.
      Seven years later still on my new journey with joy, and pain, and God.
      Quite amazing actually xxxx I’m grateful xxx

  211. Anna

    Loved this episode. So powerful. I looked up “Ezer” for myself and granted, I didn’t dig too much, but I didn’t find the definition she found. I would love to know (I like to see for myself) where she found her definition!

  212. This was wonderful ladies. I think as women with a passion for teaching spirituality we often think of our shadow as something we need to shine a light on. We are so focused on giving love that sometimes we forget about the other sides of us. At this point in my life it is my understanding that in order to feel sexy and turned on for our long term partners or spouses that we love deeply, it’s really about embracing our shadow in order to step into our fully into our divine feminine.

  213. Ashley

    Love the vote your body back on the island comment. I never really had body issues before I had a baby. Now that I’m 5 months post-partum I am having a hard time getting back into the mindset of loving myself. I am really looking forward to reading this book.

  214. oh wow, this is completely jewish. we were told exactly the same. A woman is Ezer a helper for her husband. G-d created man, and then created woman as his helper….

  215. Be there for each other. We have such an independent society, which is a good thing, but it leaves many people on their own. It used to be community but there was pressure to conform. Now we have less community with less pressure to conform but much less support.
    Would we create supportive communities that let you be you, is the dream.

  216. Jen

    Wow! One of you best interviews ever Marie. I cannot wait to get her book and learn more about Glennon. What a great role model for women. This is exactly what I want to be in my life and my work — brutally honest, strong, loving, kind. I think my favorite part of this interview is when she spoke of sistering. My sisters are of vital importance in my life and I would not be who I am without their love and support and the love and support I’m able to return to them. I also adored it when she spoke about how culturally women are supposed to get smaller and smaller — invisible even — in voice and body to fit the “perfect” (bullshit!) model of female. Sooo many insights today from this interview. Thank you both for your work in the world.

  217. Well, I’ve been sitting on my hands trying to smother a deep fire that’s burned for YEARS regarding doing something to hold gatherings for women of all ages to share wisdom–why not learn sooner than later? Girls, teens, young women, the older wise women — revealing truth about God, Love, Sex, Abortion (I had two — petrified to even write that here — watching your today’s video made my body burn. So. I have ideas. Can someone call me? Or write to me? It’s time. Oh, it’s time, it’s time, it’s time. Thank you, Marie. Thank you, Glennon. Oh, Honesty! Pain! Breathing! Sistering! Thank you. This beautiful and inspiring, POWERFUL sharing is the God-send I’ve been waiting for. (Oh, that dang waiting…)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I can feel your passion for your ideas, Elizabeth! So brave and honest of you to share all of that here with us. Thank you. And good luck!!

    • Alright, so when and where? I’m feeling the burn too.

  218. Wow. Just wow. This has been one of my favorite conversations. Pure. Unfiltered. Authentic. Love. Buying the book this weekend. Thank for being so brave Glennon! MUAH!!!

  219. Oh, love you both so much. My biggest takeaways: #1 The word for woman in the bible means strong warrior. Always felt this, so good to receive confirmation. #2 What breaks your heart is merely just an arrow. Go there. Serve. Feeling this, too. Thank you!

  220. L Jardon

    Thank you, thank you , thank you BOTH!… It is so inspiring and heartwarming to experience such honest, loving, beautiful, souls in such a scarey and divisive time . I love you, you are my heroes… and power on brave ones!! And did I mention THANK YOU? 🙂

  221. Giovanna

    Dear Marie and Glennon,
    I cried and then I cried some more. What a beautiful, honest, inspiring interview! It doesn’t get more raw than that. Thank you, Glennon, for sharing and showing us how to be brave throughout the rock bottoms and look up to the risings. I loved the bible reference about the meaning of women as helpers and then upon her own research she found that the truth is, women are warriors of love! Her epiphany was glorious! I loved the reference of sistering as well. Really touched me to learn that. One of the many, many other nuggets that enlightened me was “The best part of life is needing people and being needed”. I so love Glennon and her message to all women. And Marie, as always, you really know how to bring the best flow and messages so easily out of an interview. Just wonderful!

  222. I love her idea of ‘Sistering’, and that you just have to show up and be strong.
    I can say I’ve been through a very heavy life period in my life. While in the past I would tend to hide, I have been reaching out to create support around me — Sistering!

  223. Latricia

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Glennon’s remarks definitely hit home as I am in a personal crisis right now. It was such a beautiful reminder that we cannot take the beauty of life without the brutality but also that I already have everything that I need to survive. Thank you!

  224. Stephanie

    Pressure keeps us grounded. – Glennon Golden Nugget
    Broken vs Poisoned. – Glennon Golden Nugget
    Some women are avoiding sex and yet we often miss that some women are living with men who avoid sex. It is occurring more and more often in our society. – a thought that came to me during the interview
    Body teaching mind – somatics is incredible…and a huge AHA for me when I realized that it’s a true circuit between body and mind. Mind influences body and body influences mind and the entire circuit influences the soul. – my ramblings

    And in general WOW! Thanks for sharing your spirit with us Glennon.
    If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. – Glennon Golden Nugget

  225. Thank you, thank you, thank you…the sex part brought me to a tearful realization of how much I have been ashamed of my body. I so needed this clarity at this time. My GAWD…thank YOU both for being so honest and open. Namasté

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Tina, I completely hear you there – so many of us (most, actually, if not all) are brought up to feel ashamed of our bodies, and it’s so heartbreaking to realize how deeply that can affect us.

      It means so much to hear that this episode provided clarity. We’re so honored to have you tuning in <3

  226. This whole episode was magic. So many aha moments. But what really struck a chord was. We heal ourselves and heal the world and YOU dont need to heal yourself completely before you heal the world” That sentence right there is most likely going to be LIFE changing for many people watching.

    Thank you both for your light, wisdom , love and truth.

    with gratitude,


  227. Amy

    I wish G had a Church…because I would go…every day.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right??!! 🙂

  228. Great interview. Both are so honest with what they are going through in life. As always the best information, its open and honest and healing. We talk a lot on our blog about connecting with nature and how it can help you feel creative, sexy and intimate again. We are part of nature and as we have separated ourselves as a species we have created lots of issues with how we see ourselves and our bodies. Especially women. We are generally confused about who we are and what are true roles are. Women = the Goddess and being connected to nature brings back that feeling of Goddess energy. I hope that all my sisters find their connection again by re-connecting with nature. The planet needs this and so do we as a species. Sending love and light in your direction.

  229. Well, that video was something else! Cudo’s Marie, you really delivered on that one by having Glennon on. She is going to be a speaker at Emerging Women Live in SFO in October, and I hadn’t followed her and her work before- and now I can’t wait to see her in person at EWL! Awesome guest choice!
    So, I watched it twice because she made many interesting points; and as a Woman’s advocate this piece rang loud for me. Women being so disconnected with their bodies often results in not being connected to their soulful self, true desires and emotions. What ends up being more important to us are our roles and appearance as the defining elements of who we are. Further to that point; allowing society and our religion to be key factors defining us, can mean we are not living to our fullness and leaves much a stake. Here, Glennon has teased this a part to showcase how we can live engaged with our whole self, and on our own terms! This is a worthwhile venture!

  230. This was so beautiful. This song reminds me so much about what has been shared about pain and our misconception of it. Truly beautiful.

  231. Terri Kelly

    “Reject the brutal, reject the beauty”. I have been running from the brutal trying only to have the beauty… and it just doesn’t work. I am trapped in no man’s land. That was just an awesome interview. Thank you.

  232. Wow! I really love the strong and benevolent answer to “helper”. I’m not a feminist, but I do want to be recognized for the load I bear. And then the “sistering” reference? I love it! Life does get heavy. I have great sisters who help me “take a load off, take a load for free…put the load right in me.” THE WEIGHT. I love musical references and I am starting a blog in the over 40 single person space where I will pull from my soul of music. You two have inspired me so much and “if you get confused, listen to the music play.” Jerry Garcia. LeeOutLoud

  233. I wrote this blog post which was inspired by this interview.

    Thank you Marie and Glennon for inspiring and changing lives!

  234. Jen

    Where to start! Everything about this episode is phenomenal, it really is. I personally identified a little extra with the church lady “gossip” part. BahahHaha! I have SO been through this and was laughing out loud.
    I, too, am happy to have been led to the true source, which I call God, without all the in between.
    Also, I have been on the other side of Glennon’s story in my own marriage. And it is interesting for me to understand things from her point of view. Excited to get Love Warrior delivered tomorrow and begin reading!

  235. This was my favorite episode of Marie TV yet! THANK YOU!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh we’re so honored to hear that, Trisha, thank you! xoxo

  236. Being still with pain. Although like many others, I want to re-watch the interview with Evernote open, that was powerful for me. Being still with pain. It made me realize how much I squirm and react and disembody and disengage with life when I am in pain. Through binging on food and tv and engaging in unintentional, unfocused, superficial activities to just make time pass until I don’t remember what I was even in pain about. Too many years of my life have been spent unconsciously escaping my pain (and my pain isn’t even extraordinary like some other’s stories here, just the normal everyday stuff – fights with spouse, frustration at work, struggle with my weight). It never occurred to me that I was waiting for life to pass and I was always assuming the next moment would be another chance to bring satisfaction, if I can just ignore and get past this one. Glennon has made me realize that those moments were my life in action, were my invitations to build and create my life into what I wanted it to be! Be still with my pain and dive right into it. Check.

    Thank you Marie and thank you Glennon.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Jillian – we so appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  237. “What breaks your heart?” Go there! That really hit home. Thanks again for a wonderful conversation.

  238. Lily

    Marie, Glennon, and Marie Team, and Marie Community,

    Thank you all for this amazing page – video bursting with wisdom, comments and discussion full of love, and sistering! The sistering was a big take-home for me from the episode. Another was that the things that break my heart and I struggle with facing are calling me, and I need to go there deeply. Another was just seeing Glennon and Marie, because I see myself in them, and that makes me feel amazing – as a young woman who doesn’t always see her way of being in others, I think you two really catalyzed me to let the true self I am grow and be unhidden. Thank you!

    So much deep love, and gratitude,

    <3 Lily

  239. Antonella

    I am relatively new to your world and i am loving your interviews.
    I loved todays interview wioth Glennon Doyle.
    I loved hearing about the compassion collective,i believe we all need to be more compassionate towards others in this life,its great that these kind of organisation exist and make a difference to so many.
    I look forward to more interviews and just being more in touch with Marie Tv.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Antonella! We’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed today’s interview and hearing about The Compassion Collective. We’re honored to welcome you to our world and can’t wait to share more with you! 🙂

  240. Antonella

    I will order Glennons book and look forward to reading it.
    For me out of this interview the being sistered amd sistering made a lot of sense.
    Also healing ourselves and healing the world as we do,it is so true what she said about not waiting to be totally healed before you start to heal the world,do it a bit at a time!
    every time you heal,you can heal the world!

  241. Narges

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you soooo much for this video. It was absolutely amazing, really powerful, and one of the best interviews. It was so inspirational and insightful that I want to say every single sentence had a rich and deep message, but since you asked us “what is the single best insight that we got?”, I must say: the metaphor Glennon used for crisis, of “shaking/sifting the sand, and finding the jewellery” was what helped me the most (It gave me the strength and hope that I really needed), since I was going through a very difficult time (for a while) until one day before I saw this video. Thank you Glennon, and thank you Marie Forleo. You are both amazing, and really powerful insightful women who inspire me greatly 🙂
    Lots of Love and Best wishes,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes! I loved that sifting image too, Narges. We so appreciate your kind words, and we’re sending so much love your way! xo

  242. Hinenui

    I love what Glennon shared about giving. We can all give of ourselves, be there for others and have that reciprocated back to us. I feel like we lose this in our society – such a basic human instinct but we have been caught up in the superwoman I can save myself syndrome ❤

    I also loved loved loved the concept of balance! Grounding us x #perfect

  243. I was in tears through most of this episode. I am a huge fan, Marie, you have shored me up and encouraged me in so many ways, and today with Glennon… wow. What I have taken away is that all of the shame around what I see as my string of failures in marriage and at crucial crossroads in my life, can be overcome. Maybe there is hope yet in this life that I can forgive myself for failing at the one thing that I truly truly wanted to get right in this life. Running toward the pain and making my mess, my message….
    Thank you from the deepest places in my heart. I love you both!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Christine, it means the world to hear that you’re feeling more encouraged after watching this episode. I love the idea of making a “mess” into your message by finding ways to forgive yourself and overcome. We’re sending our best wishes to you!

  244. Sofia

    Marie, thank you so much for the insight you are bringing to people through your work. I have learned so much from watching Marie TV, but your talk with Glennon went straight to the heart. I’ve been in Al-Anon for years and what she said about shame brought a deep understanding of myself and opened a door for me that I never had the courage to explore before. I cannot thank you both enough for the love and light you are spreading. I also feel like organised religion is too patriarchal in its nature to cater for women’s stories. Learning about the real meaning of Ezer brought me to tears but also makes me angry. I’m so glad you are putting the truth out there. The part about moving towards what pains you was something I really needed to hear right now and has also brought an immediate paradigm shift. I thank you for the healing and insights you have brought to me through being brave and loving. You are the best kind of sisters one could ask for! With love and gratitude

  245. Christine

    Super. Beautiful. Gut wrenching. Got me looking at my pain and wondering what I was thinking running from it. It has/will catch me. Man, do I have some work to do. Blessings on the two of you for bringing this conversation into my world.
    Peace, love and sistering,

  246. Glennon’s interview was so energizing, uplifting and amazing. The biggest takeaway for me was, strength, forgiveness, love and compassion can heal the world. We do not need to be healed to help serve the world. I love her message and the way she inspires me, (and all those around her), to be transparent in who we are. Who we are is enough and we can stimulate loving energy to multitply creating a better world for all.

  247. Just love this episode! I am a therapist and the motto at our practice is “no pain should be wasted!” This episode highlights all of the reasons why we shouldn’t run, hide or waste our pain. Just beautiful! Thank you! Can’t wait to read Love Warrior

  248. Christina

    I wanted to add to my previous response: I am not the things I acquire in life- the titles I become, things that can be taken away from me. I am a single powerhouse who is a warrior.
    Shame: is not something to hide but something to share because that’s when the love & support come from. That instead of running away from pain, we learn best when we sit inside of it. I get it. *mindblown*

    Glennon, you have said everything that I have needed to hear! Marie THANK YOU so much for having Glennon on the show. I’m out to buy her book right now!

  249. What an awesome and heartful video!!!! Thank you so much to both of you for being such empowering and inspiring women!
    My favorite part is about “sistering”: “Life gets too heavy and too hard because it’s supposed to… because when it gets too heavy that’s when we have to call for a sister in the left and we have to call for a sister to the right, and that’s the best part of life.”.
    Love, Nadege

  250. Tegan

    Thank you both so much. Such a REAL interview – open, honest and compassionate. Has inspired me to ACT.

  251. Clarity. The visual of the arrow pointing you to your purpose. So simply wonderful.

  252. Deborah Clemente

    “Pain is holy – it is something to be felt and used. If you can be still with it, pain can be transformed and used as fuel.”

  253. Not sure I can pick just one thing I have come away with. Live loud anyway! No matter what life throws at you – get back up again. Listen to your pain, it’s telling you where to go. How’s that? Loved it. Power to us women … xoxo

  254. OMG! YAY!
    I worked with youth at risk and domestic violence for quite a few years – this is my zone! I look forward to seeing what I can do to play with you, we have ‘sister’ programs here in Australia and I’d love to see what we could do together.
    All I can say is YES! YES! I have different names and descriptions but sooo get what Glennon is saying – BOOYAH!
    Will sign up and get playing asap… THANKYOU, wunnerful women!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Cathie! Thank you so much for the great work you do in the world 🙂

  255. What a funny, honest, and true conversation with Glennon! Thank you, Marie Forleo, for being willing to have these types of interviews – they allow for openness, women are continually refining ourselves as individuals, no longer accepting an inherited role that has been passed down from generation to generation. Continue shining your embodied light & sharing your gifts!

    And in sistering, what if as we sistered and helped carried the load, we asked if this load still serves us? Or perhaps it’s time to release and let some or all of it go. What if there was no load, and we could still experience the joy and connection of sistering?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Leslie, thank you so much for watching and sharing your thoughts. I think your point is a great one about asking if the load still serves us … it definitely makes sense that sometimes sistering can involve helping someone release a load rather than helping them carry it. And sistering can absolutely happen without a load too! It’s great to be there for each other through the good times 😀

      • Thanks so much for responding, Caroline! Super cool that you do that.

  256. PETRA

    oh my gosh! I never knew about Glennon before but I was so inspired by her honesty, strength and enthusiasm. She touched on so many points I feel and i thought the conversation on sex between the both of you was so refreshing and spot on. I am a fan of you Marie and I am now following Glennon. There’s so much internal work to do and i’m just inspired truly by you both. Loved the episode. Thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Petra. We’re grateful to hear you’re now following Glennon, it means the world to hear that our episode really resonated with you this week!

  257. Wow! I really never realized that our obsession with our bodies is really just an unconscious cultural ploy to keep us from the REAL reason we are here on this planet! And the work of Embodiment is the Best “Revenge” and the most powerful antidote to that insecurity. When you have embodiment, you have yourself securely “under” yourself, (you are “understanding” incarnate!) and you are LIVING in your purpose. I love the juicy gems from Glennon! Too many to list! A real wordsmith and distiller of truth! Thanks!

  258. So much goodness here! Some of my favorite takeaways:
    -“Women, we define ourselves so much by our roles, so we don’t even know who we are at a soul level, we just- we grew up by becoming things….so when all that stuff gets taken away from you and you don’t know who you are at a soul level…I was paralyzed.”
    -“I am not what just happened to me, but I might be what I do next.”
    -Discovering the biblical word for woman is warrior, not helper
    – You need to have women at every single table- if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

  259. Beth

    I feel like the conversation about the separation of ourselves from our bodies due to the systemic objectification was just a mind-blowing explanation of so much that is wrong about how we raise our girls. My favorite takeaway: “You have to have a seat at the table or you’re gonna be on the menu” Brilliant, funny, dark and inspiring all at the same time.

  260. Loralei

    What an incredible interview! Glennon is amazing!
    The best thing for me from this episode was the ‘what breaks my heart is a wake-up that is pointing me to my purpose’. So powerful, so true.
    Love it!
    Thank you!!!

  261. There are a lot of takeaways from this interview. I know people whose spouses have been unfaithful, and I’ve seen the baggage and the upset and the devastation that follows and how difficult it is for them to come back from that, and be whole again. So that’s a big thing. I wish I could get those people in my life to watch this video for that. But that’s for other people, and I’m not sure it’s right for me to decide for them what will be helpful? So I suppose I could simply suggest they watch the video, and just leave it to them to take from it whatever they will.

    At any rate, the biggest takeaway for ME was that discussion of re-combining the body with the mind/spirit, the need for re-connecting. (And how yoga did that for Glennon.) Watching and listening to that part of the video made me cry. Because that’s what I need the most, a reconnection with my body. It’s been a separate and ignored and mistreated part of me for a very long time.

    I think the last time I really felt good in my own skin was when I was a kid, before puberty. I can recall having a vivid imagination, and dancing around the living room, pretending I was a dancer or an ice skater, or a princess, or a detective, or Daisy Duke (hey, she had her own jeep and could hold her own with the guys; I thought that was awesome, LOL). And I would just get wrapped up in the awesomeness of imagination and I could be anything, and there were no voices (yet) telling me that I was being silly or stupid or ridiculous or weird or that my dreams were unrealistic or impossible. My body wasn’t something to hate yet. So to hear Glennon talk about the need to reconnect with her body, to really do the work to get through the anger and the upset and the feelings she had about herself… that was a huge part for me to watch. Definitely.

    That, and the line about needing to have a seat at the table or “you’re gonna be on the menu.” That made me laugh, but it’s also brutally true.

    Heavy, but important stuff. Thank you for sharing this interview!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful takeaways, Sherry … that part about being in our bodies really resonated with me too. It’s unfortunate that connection with ourselves and our bodies is lost so much for us as adults, and finding points to connect again really is so important.

  262. Becky

    Best video yet. Holy cow! Thank you so much for sharing Glennon’s story.

  263. Candy Ramirez

    Wow! I love that Glennon talked about feeling like she’s always been held by a power/energy greater than herself because watching this video felt like that higher power sent me a message. I am so grateful to hear the feelings of shame and how shame is a lie. That was so powerful and brought me to tears! I’ve spent so much time feeling ashamed of my body and ashamed about being a survivor of rape and to think that the shame I feel is a lie, is completely life changing! Also the idea that those things that hurt us the most about the world are where we need to be creating healing and using that pain to heal, is absolutely beautiful and was just what I needed to help me with the question of “what should I do with my life.” I can’t wait to read this book! Thank you for this!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Candy, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy Glennon’s book, and we so appreciate that this episode really resonated with you. <3

  264. Kris Sommer

    Glennon certainly is a gifted speaker and writer, but the biggest takeaway from the interview is that she consistently twists Scripture, making it say what it does not say and applying it in ways that contradict the Bible’s story line. I was particularly struck by her definition of woman/helper/”ezer” from the Hebrew. While it does mean “helper and savior,” this is a prophetic reference about how God will one day save a people from the curse of sin for Himself by sending a savior through a woman who would bear Him. In other words, God redeems even the sin of Eve by bringing His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world through another woman, Mary. The apostle Peter would refer to this in a passage that has been greatly misused and misunderstood: 1 Peter 2:13-15–“For Adam was formed first, then Eve; 14 and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. 15 Yet she will be saved through childbearing…” This passage does not mean that only women who give birth can be saved (one common misunderstanding). This would exclude the single and infertile and contradict the work of Christ on the cross. Rather, this means that God’s gracious and merciful plan to redeem a sinful people would include a woman, one who is like Eve in every respect. While I have no quarrel with Glennon’s right to tell her story, I am deeply troubled and grieved by her Christ-less and sinless “gospel” message and by the way she claims to understand and represent Scripture in ways that exalt the self rather than the God of the Bible. I don’t know who her “reputable sources” are for Bible instruction, but her false gospel and her newfound place of influence give her a platform that could lead many people away from the glorious gospel of Christ’s saving and redeeming work. Let Him be exalted!

  265. Elle

    I honestly was crying so hard after the first 10 minutes of watching this, and was frankly shocked. I realized as I watched, that my bottom was an abortion I had at the ripe old age of 40, a decision that was very much influenced by my mother and my sister who used fear, shame, and threats of abandonment to coerce me into the procedure. I realize that I am only now processing and grieving that event now, at age 48. The lesson I have learned from my rock bottom are to always listen to yourself, NOT what others think is best for you, because there are not always second chances, this is it, this is your life, and it ain’t a joke! I feel that I am not fully whole yet, and hope that I will feel like a joyful person again, the old me, one day. I bet this book would help my healing process.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Elle, I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you, and it’s so understandable that it can take a lot of time to process and grieve. It means the world to know that this interview really resonated with you, and I hope that Glennon’s book is a great resource as well if you decide to dig into that too. We’re sending so much love your way <3

  266. Ronda Gartland

    I really liked everything you both had to say. I can relate to it all. I’m no stranger to the pain either. God bless you both.

  267. Irene

    Loved this interview… Especially the part about shame…. And talking about the body teaching the mind… SO powerful. And thank you for the reminder that this human experience is just that… An experience….

  268. Carol-Ann Marshall

    Marie, thank you for bringing Glennon into my life. I had never heard of her before and I have learned so much from her. Just about everything she said was profound: “You can’t have the beautiful parts without the pain.” “We become selectively numb.” I know I did as an emotionally abused woman, especially when one of the abusers had affairs I had no idea were going on. “We vote the body off the island.” “If you are not on the table, you are on the menu.”

    Glennon was so open, honest and vulnerable talking about her story and hitting rock bottom and looking for the power within it. I can truly relate. I also loved how she explained about a crisis being an opportunity to sift. What a fantastic concept.

    Marie, you continue to inspire and uplift with your excellent choice of guests who all bring great insights into our lives, make us think and give us an opportunity to review our own lives so that we can live them authentically. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Carol-Ann. We’re honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to Glennon’s work, and are grateful to know it really resonated with you. xoxo

  269. “If you’re not at the table, you will be on the menu.” Holy shit! This episode was awesome. I am grabbing my copy of Love Warrior as soon as today. Thank you Marie!

  270. Mind, soul viewed from within and body from outside. Strangely enough it seems that women all over the world is under the same spell. Even if you are not brought up going to church, the “helper” theme is the same. It is as if it is a constantly built in factor. And that thought or feeling that we as beeing women should be quiet and then quiter…we need a collective paradigm stift I think to get us on a better starting point earlier in life. As from today I am taking on the challenge of viewing myself as a benevolent love warrior! A label I can live with!!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right, Charlotte? 😀 We should all be benevolent love warriors!

  271. Best takeaway from Glennon: “Writing from the scar, not the wound”. As a writer this helped me ENORMOUSLY! Serena Hussain. London, UK.

  272. Nat

    So my husband dropped the same bombshell on me when I was 12 weeks pregnant with our son. At first it was “Yes I am having an affair”. First thoughts? “Poor guy, I have to help him”
    A week later it was “actually I’ve been having affairsssss for 12 years and oh yes, even though we’ve been trying to get pregnant for 2 years I actually dont love you, dont want children EVER so please have an abortion”.
    My life changing thought: “I cant save my marriage but I can save myself”
    I kid you not – the exact thought that Glennon had. It became my mantra through the difficult newborn days with my son, divorce, moving across country and giving up my idilic lifestyle and all my friends, pets, business and and and.
    2 years later I have a beautiful son, am a happy, independent divorcee with a fierce confidence that I am indeed a Love Warrior.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, Nat … I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that. It’s so wonderful that you held on to that life changing belief to became a Love Warrior, and it sounds like you’ve created such a beautiful life for YOU! <3

  273. hello!
    oh my… where do I begin ? I love Glennons personality – I was so totally engaged and
    laughing as my brain was firing Aha moments! what struck me the most was the sistering analogy – that we are supposed to feel the weight and pressure and that we’re supposed to seek support from others and ultimately use our treasures gleaned from sifting (crisis) for service. period.
    somehow I’ve known that and am on that path. To hear it almost blew my head off! ?
    I am dealing with my children and their vulnerability to addiction. They are young. They are love warriors and also caught up in immaturity , peer pressure etc… this episode has given me some ideas of how to talk to them about fears and hiding from feeling. sensitive love warriors have that dark side!
    as an artist myself I channel my pain into beauty. With the
    light falls the shadow… how brutiful!
    Thank you so much for the reminder! I am a momastery fan now as well as a Marie bschoolers fan for life
    xx S

  274. Linda Brennan

    You both have special gifts that God has given you. You are helping more people than you probably know. It’s about rising above it all, being the warrior, and making a difference. You both have made this into an art form. God bless you.

  275. L Wood


    Thank you. I think you may have just changed my life! I’m not kidding. I’m an artist who loves to create paintings, sculptures and write. My work is my voice and is never done for the beauty but for representing change. Lately I’ve been a big old scardey cat who is paralyzed with fear. I feel unable to move. I’ve had little support from friends who often make a point of letting me know who is doing what I’m doing and how good they are at it. It’s very upsetting. Obviously I’ve been giving off some sort of “push my button” cue. It’s upsetting and has caused me to be stifled, paralyzed and even questioning my position in these fields of passion; however, after watching this video, The piece for me was the pain that is also the fear, could be the message to getting on the right path. Come towards the pain not away from it. I also was brought to light about crisis and how it’s a sifter.


    Thank you so much. Ordering the book.

  276. Kerry Hurwitch

    Glennon. Glennon is REAL. Glennon is TRUTH. Glennon is AMAZING!! I have loved every post, each book, each interview .. you TED Talk, I saw you speak in Boston .. You have me in AWE. You are a Warrior!!! Thank you. Thank you for your truth telling.

  277. Joanna Ciccarello

    As a military wife, the idea of sistering is not new at all, but the term brought tears to my eyes. I just kept thinking, “this!! This is what we do in our world!” Often it’s with other military wives, but sometimes we are given another sister from the outside of that world who can teach just as much. We sister often by showing up, looking messy, kids messy, house messy, with take out in hand, but we are there. And we laugh and cry and mourn and hug and LIVE! Community! I have loved Glennon since Momastery was a baby. Her wisdom is being taught to my children (in a completely imperfect and not well written way) and their eyes open just a little bigger, and they learn. I pray they learn to love as big in this way. Thank you both!!

  278. A million thank you’s for this.

  279. Angie

    I absolutely loved the insight about when someone is unkind that usually means they’re in pain and trying to pass it off to you! I am a teacher, and there is a parent who is the most confrontational, aggressively condescending person I’ve ever met. I have a meeting with her tomorrow, and this really helped me to better deal with my anxiety about her! Thank you!

  280. CJ Miller

    Holding onto pain like the way you hold onto joy. Such an interesting concept. Had never thought of it this way. I’ve been trying to shed the pain since I learned of my husband’s infidelity. I plan to rethink it.

  281. First of all, yes. Yes to all of this. Yes to telling the truth and yes to sharing our stories to help others. I am a truth teller as well so here I go. I am 7.5 months sober from a horrible addiction to prescription pain medication. I married in 2009 and on our 6 month wedding anniversary found out that I had a life-threatening tumor on my brain stem. After a 13 hour surgery and radiation, today I am still living with part of my tumor but it is stable. After that battle, we struggled with months and months of infertility. After a few rounds of fertility treatments, we were finally pregnant only to find out that we miscarried at 10 weeks. We started again and finally had our first daughter, Hope. When Hope was 5 months old, my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. That’s when my addiction began. It started very innocently, by taking a few of my father’s pain pills. Not long after, it was a full fledged addiction which led to doctor shopping and taking pills from everyone I knew. It was horrible, humiliating and plain disgusting. After several attempts at stopping on my own, going to an Intensive Outpatient program, detox, and still relapsing, I finally surrendered and went to an inpatient treatment facility. I have three daughters that I have fought hard for. I am in the middle of a divorce and life is messy. But, the beautiful thing is that I am now sober, working as a Recovery Advocate at a treatment facility, have started a blog on Facebook called Becoming Brave sharing my authentic journey with sobriety, divorce, and all and I’ve never felt stronger. Its important to share our stories while we are in the midst of the struggle. I am a truth teller, a love warrior, and believe that everyone deserves love and grace.

  282. My mother died when I was 16 months old so my rock bottom was the gradual brushing off my knees during my entire childhood. Healing did not even begin to approach me until I landed in a therapy chair as a 28 year old adult when I learned that it was indeed a big deal to have your mother die on you as a baby. So when Glennon said that once you hit rock bottom, if/when you hit it again, at least you have the wisdom to know you can rise up again. When I finally realized my husband’s unpredictable behavior was verbal abuse and that it was not okay, I knew I could confront it. But when I discovered his infidelity, I had the resolute Ezer warrior in me to know I could stick this landing. I did, and I know it is better to be alone and deal than to be “in it” and alone and deal. Glennon, you have changed my brutiful world. Thank you.

  283. TINA

    As a midwife, I have known that pain and beauty live in the same space, but these conversations are enlightening on many other levels. Birth is private so I guess I’ve always thought this sacred coming together of pain and beauty is rare and private. This has opened my eyes to embracing it in every day life. Thank you.

  284. I have read Love Warrior and watched several interviews now and the message that keeps coming up for me is how important it is for adult women to change the way we are raising our daughters. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when so much emphasis was placed on body image. How we looked vs. who we were was the message and I don’t see that it has changed much today. Imagine how powerful we could have been if we had stopped spending so much time worrying about how we looked. We wasted so much creative energy that could have been directed toward more meaningful pursuits. I raised my own daughter consciously trying to do it differently and even though I thought I was doing all I could to take the emphasis off how she looked, I still managed to screw up and now she struggles with body image. We “sisters” need to do more. Do a better job. Teach our girls better. Change the message! Giving our teens a copy of GDM’S book may be a place to begin.

  285. Holy Wow. I had never heard of Glennon before and then this week, one of my mentors, Ginny Muir, began sharing insights she was gleaning from this book, and then I watched this this AM – Love Warrior is now on my Wish List!
    What I loved was when Glen outed Sisterhood. The idea of sistering and that “the best part of life is needing people and being needed”. This is why I am beginning Sister Circles. Sisterhood, where we give and receive with one another is the most powerful experience of growth I have ever participated in, and this needs to become a thing for all women! I’ll be launching my first sister circle soon!

  286. Carol

    This found me at the perfect moment! Having recently been through a break up I consciously made the descision to give up wine, start a daily yoga practice and journal. Everything talked about here is true for me. I’m interested in the feminine/ masculine energy topic. Being a single mom working full time it seems the feminine part of me as atrophied! I’m intrigued by this TED talk I saw. I’m also looking forward to reading Love Warrior.

  287. Kathy

    What a powerful show this was and hearing Glenn’s story and awakening..

  288. Caroline

    Very inspiring and honest, two of my favourite were: (how women need to be at the table) ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’, and ‘you don’t heal yourself completely before you heal the world. Planning to listen to it again…..

  289. Laura

    I found this GDM video interview through a sister-friend who is going thru a hellish divorce from a destructive narcissist. Like the “joist” example, I am honored to be one of her support beams. All the while, silently struggling myself. Menopause. Female role stuff. Chronic Arthritis. Fear of failure in my new business (that I was initially so stoked to start). And all of it crushing me “behind the curtain” where I feel no one can see me… out of shame and because I don’t want to pull others down who need to be built up. But I feel like a sham. And alone. I needed to hear GDM’s words on pain, shame, and Brutiful-ness today. Thank you. I’m not all of a sudden better. But I am inspired to embrace the pain (and honesty) and see what happens. It is the wake up call I desperately needed. Any advice on how to stay motivated to persevere?

  290. Nice post dear . I like your post thanks for sharing .

  291. Alicia Willoughby

    I feel a lot of the worlds pain and so I commonly turn away from it because it hurts too much. But Glennon saying it’s that heartbreak that means that’s where we are supposed to be has changed my perspective. Thank you!

  292. Dee

    My realization earlier this week was that I’ve spent most of my life venturing, but rarely crossing the finish line. Today I came to accept the reason to be my intense fear of pain and discomfort. Running away is what I do when things become uncomfortable, when I feel pressed, and worse still is that I can always find a righteous reason to justify my doing so. I am broken again, having sacrificed yet another of my passions for safekeeping, and emotionally at rock bottom. Can I really use my pain to save myself? I hope so. I’m otherwise out of ideas.

  293. Bo

    Glennon, I was introduced to your first book by my sister. I did not know your personal story. I only knew mine, which incredibly, I am now finding out is JUST LIKE YOURS. Holy crap… we have been walking the same burning tightrope! When, I first found out that my husband had been unfaithful to me throughout our entire 15 years of marriage, I curled up into a ball and could not process this truth about the man I was proud to call my husband. I had no idea…ever! It took me almost two years of therapy and rehab with him to accept this reality in my life. In the meantime, I couldn’t believe that I was facing such a horrific betrayal and was willing to forgive and save the marriage. Infidelity is something that I had always said was a once and done deal. Fast forward another six months and I eventually made the decision to separate. I kept waiting for him to hit rock bottom and become a different man. It hasn’t happened. I plan to get through the upcoming holidays and divorce him. I am not living in shame. This trauma has NOTHING to do with me. I find myself wanting to help him. I love him… even the “real” him. But I can’t fix him and I must create a new healthy life for myself and my children. The biggest thing I got from this interview was that “our” story surely must not be that uncommon like I once thought. And as tragic as that is (and I wish it wasn’t true), I do take comfort in knowing that I am not alone. I gain strength in watching others like me press onward and upward. You are so brave to share your story. I’m a warrior here to help if you ever need backup!! I mean that. God bless you and your family.

  294. shelly

    This was good. A few nuggets resonated:
    1) Crisis = sift
    2) Yoga
    3) How we objectify ourselves — the triangle … walking around with the yearning to “be desired” vs. DESIRING, walking out what WE need.
    4) Sisters — GIRDING (can’t remember the name you said).
    I hate myself. I hate my life. I know better, and that makes it even worse.

  295. Merari

    I loved this conversation. I was extremely moved by Glennon’s bravery on this issue. A lot of what she said made light bulbs go off in m y head. Overall I realized the power of connecting with others going through similar situations. Her quote on shame hit home for me, Shame is not true, it’s a lie and it tells us that our experience is different than everyone else’s and we’re bad. I was the most inspired by what you are guys are doing for the compassion collective. I have been wanting to build philanthropy into my life, even though I am still just starting out, I think it’s invaluable to be able to give to others.

  296. Tina

    Wow, Marie, thank you so much for sharing the interview. I felt like there were so many messages in this that I needed to hear in the moment. Been going through a difficult time (and not the first), and I really appreciated hearing how hitting rock bottom is an eviction from what you’re doing and the chance to figure out what’s next. This was a great episode, and you’re work has inspired me for years. Thank you.

  297. Sarah

    I’m taking away that whatever elicits a response of pain, of ache in my chest, of tears in my eyes, that is the thing that is a signpost saying “this way.”

  298. As someone who knows rock bottom, Glennon really knows what she’s talking about – Absolutely loved this interview. Thank-you both for being so generous in your sharing and especially to you Glennon for being so vulnerable and authentic – so admirable – I hope to follow in your footsteps at being vulnerable and authentic with my audience.

  299. Dallas Polite


    This episode/interview was so real and raw! I ? it! Truly inspirational!

    Thank you!

  300. Lucy

    So moved by interview, downloaded book to Kindle read and just watch video again.
    Thank you is not enough, but this has given me food for thought!

  301. Wow! I enjoy listening to all of your interviews, but somehow Glennon’s really resonated with me on so many levels….and I did not have her on my proverbial radar until now! Thank you so much for being such a brave, raw, honest example for all of us….

  302. Jean Downing

    Excellent read. Really was. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all men were as open to working on the relationship the way he was though……unfortunately most of them are not.

  303. Thank you! What a beautiful, inspiring conversation. It was like Glennon was inside my head and putting words to thoughts and feelings I had but couldn’t express. I too was bulimic from a young age until my early 30s and, although I consider myself “healed” after a lot of work what she said about never figuring out resonated with me so much. I teach Yoga and Pilates, teaching women to get into their bodies and out of their heads and its a lesson I need myself every day. Life, it’s ups and downs are a process for us all and I love sistering and being sistered! What a beautiful privilege. Thank you again for sharing the story of another woman shining her light.

  304. Carole Kasson

    I had just finished reading Glennon’s new book and I went to her facebook and there I saw the opportunity to learn about Marie Forleo. I listened to her audio teaching How to get anything you want. I took copious notes, did the exercises and I have a plan now. I had also noticed on the facebook page of Glennon that there was an interview of her done by Marie F so I knew I had to watch that, which I just did. It has been a wonderfully inspiring evening for me. I needed to hear what these amazing women had to say. I have journaled for years, mostly as a means of spiritual survival, and I am also a survivor of 19 years of domestic abuse. I have wanted to write a book about it, and in fact I have started several times, but now I believe I can commit to telling my story so that other victims of domestic abuse can learn that each of them are not alone and that there are ways to cope with the situation and leave it behind to create a new life. I am also writing it for the people who want to help those whom they know or suspect to be victims but don’t know the right way to go about it. I have done alot of public speaking to health care professionals to help them screen their patients and clients for victims of abuse, but I really want to help the victims themselves. Unfortunately, there will never be enough shelters so I think it is essential to find ways to connect with and help victims, ways that won’t put their lives in more jeopardy. It is my dream that my book can be one of those ways and maybe it can inspire people to find other ways. I am grateful to both Marie for her guidance and Glennon for her truthtelling. This world can be sorely lacking in both. These women are brave and I want to join the ranks. Thanks for reading this.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your experiences here, Carole. We’re honored to welcome you to our community, and so appreciate hearing that this episode really resonated with you.

      I know the world definitely needs more brave women like you doing incredible work standing up for those who need help and support getting out of violent and abusive situations, so I hope this episode help serves as a point of inspiration to you in your journey. We’re sending so much love your way ♥

  305. Emily

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring conversation. I feel like the most valuable take-away for me was the idea that when something you see in the world causes you pain, it’s bound to cause other folks pain too (because we’re all the same), and that’s a call to action. That feels really true to my life, and my views on causes and people who could use my help, service, or contribution.

  306. Trina Rowell

    So nice to see transparency and that it is appreciated!~ Nice guest

  307. Kendra

    Hey Marie,
    I just caught your insider email. I wanted to say that you’re making such an impact on my life right now. I was one of your bschool scholarship winners a few months back- and even though bschool is over now the MF community is still teaching me so much. I feel so much more connected now than I was 6 months ago. I just want to say that I really appreciate the work that you do and that you are willing to fight through your personal and business shit-storms to make all of this happen for your followers. I love what you do and please keep it up! You’re a rockstar Marie!
    Sending loads of support and love!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re SO kind, Kendra! Thank you for this beautiful comment 🙂 xoxo

  308. Katie Foden

    I loved Glennon’s idea that sensitive people ‘retreat’ into their minds. I have struggled with CFS for 2 decades and like Glennon I have lived in my ‘head’ all my life and by hitting rockbottom have had to learn how to tune in to my body, i too love yin yoga which changes the way I feel about things.
    I also love the fact Glennon says that in life we can’t have the beautiful moments without the brutal! so true but so difficult to accept sometimes…by showing up you’re showing up for both beauty and brutality and nothing stays the same – change is inevitable!
    I love the comment about pain and shame – we learn we are not good enough and that we are always trying to live up to those ideals others create a lot of the time….

    thank you!!!

  309. Julie Folland

    I have to be hones,t I had not heard of either of you two women before, but I’m now a full fledged follower of you both. I will spend my future free time tuning in to whatever you two are up/in to.

    Thank you BOTH for what you do, who you are, and especially for sharing how to get it done!

    As a birthmom to a daughter with FAS there has been much shame, guilt and self loathing.
    Although I do my best to help educate others, I was in the documentary FASD Finding Hope, have spoken/presented at various workshops & conferences, volunteer at/for support groups and am on/with a few different boards that are socially responsive and proactive, yet I still felt “not enough”!
    Thank you for helping me to realize my purpose and that by being in “service” is exactly where/what/how & who I truly am, even though I am not “fixed” I can still “stand & support” others!
    I am NOT a failure nor an imposter! I am evolving, enlightening, living and sharing!
    So long story trilogy’d lol…
    What resonated with me the most was the notion of “You don’t heal yourself completely before you heal the world”!
    Much gratitude & love to you both!
    Stay REAL, stay TRUE, stay YOU!
    Julie Folland – Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  310. BarB.

    run toward your Pain ___ what Breaks your heart also contains your purpose. … mmm food for thought….

  311. Victoria

    Like Glennon, I am pretty sensitive, I retreated into hard work and ambition. I repeatedly choose the tough path, that way I could immerse myself 100% and distract myself from the pain I felt on a daily basis. I can definitely relate to anyone living with addiction. My personal addiction just didn’t look like one from the outside.
    I was married for 20 years and had 4 daughters with my ex-husband. He was emotionally, psychologically, verbally, and physically abusive. My parents and the church told me to stick by his side, to do otherwise would be selfish and irresponsible. I did finally leave. I have a huge whole in my soul from what my church (Roman Catholic) counseled me to do. Despite that, my faith in God is intact. I carry with me, at all times, a feeling of great love, warmth and protection. My feeling of being loved has actually grown through this time of struggle. Glennon’s experience of faith is very much like my own.
    I’m glad I watched this interview. It was good to hear someone articulate some ideas that have been bouncing around in my mind for some time.

    • Jane

      Victoria – that’s an amazing post. Thanks for sharing it. I have that feeling of a hole in my soul too. I think we all do, but it’s only some people who are brave enough to recognise it…

  312. Naho

    I appreciate this discussion so much. My takeaway is how valuable hitting the bottom rock can be in figuring out what really matters to you. I’ve struggled with constant binge eating, body image, low self esteem, etc for more than a decade, and finally I had to quit my job 3 months ago because I got so bulimic that I could not stop eating and throwing up every day after work and even have a few hours of sleep. Now I’m 30 years old, left everything I had as a “successful” and independent woman, and here I am, living at my parents house still feeling confused about my relationship with myself. Today I got really bulimic again after a while and felt more depressed than ever. I reached out to seek for a help and found this video by accident. I hope I can use this opportunity wisely to know who I am and cherish her more. Love from Japan xx

    • Jane

      Wow Naho. What a wonderful video to have found. I believe you can transform your suffering into something that is good for you and for the world 🙂 Good luck!

  313. Jane

    I love that pain can be useful – can be “turned into fuel”. Being still with pain can be transformative. Thanks Glennon…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jane! We’re so glad this episode really resonated with you 🙂

  314. Learning to run to the pain and fully embrace it is a practice that I’m continuing to work on. “Pain is holy. It’s something to be felt and used.” It can be transformed into fuel. OMG. So helpful. Also, to be able to authentically focus on my limiting beliefs — allowing to be truthful to myself — is easier once I heard you guys talk about your authentic problems. I’ve felt an urge to push into something — it needs to be of body, mind and spirit — but as a woman in my mid-60’s, and having “helped” and supported everyone else all my life, I believe there’s a special place for me. I have many years of productivity left and crave answers to my own “how can I serve?” dilemmas.

  315. I am singing i am a love warrior every where i go.cos if i am not on thetable i am on the menu. Fantaboulous interview.

  316. Joanne Loch

    I have listened to this interview a few times and I love it! Glennon is so inspiring! I particularly like the stories about recovering from rock bottom. But the biggest thing I am starting to take away from this, is the idea of going towards your pain/ fear etc. And using it to give you positive energy.
    You are both such ambassadors for women and I find this interview so warming and uplifting.
    Marie your shows and blog are so good. I think you’ve helped me in lots of ways just by giving me the hope and optimism when I need it!
    Thanks so much for your work! Jo x

  317. Dennis

    I just watched this recording on youtube, being new to your work, and loved the honesty and vulnerability between and from both you and Glennon. It’s valuable to add though I think that so often when emotional hardship or infidelity is discussed it so frequently seems to be about women being the victims (I know that wasn’t expressed here, I just mean generally) when it also frequently happens to men too!? Perhaps some stats would reveal that men do hunt sex and cheat more eagerly than women, I don’t know, perhaps that’s a weak generalisation, but honest wholehearted men certainly aren’t excluded from hurt and heartbreak and women can be unfaithful too of course. What IS massively different is how men don’t seem to rally together like women do, it’s very difficult to impossible to get other guys to do ‘sistering’ around you when things become too much? Men so commonly don’t do vulnerability, they perhaps get driven more powerfully by ego and masculinity, and so a guys journey out of heartbreak and rock bottom becomes very much more insular? Perhaps it’s a topic for more discussion through your program exploring the hardships that men struggle with in their lives, they’re not immune from all the hardships and internal shame things that women more openly express?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Dennis! There are definitely men out there who are feeling the heartache of infidelity too. I wonder if there are support groups out there (whether online or in person) so men who are experiencing that heartache can commune with one another, similar to “sistering.” You could even call it “brothering”!

  318. What breaks my heart the most is the Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation. I would join an organized effort to eliminate this vicious barbaric practice – make it illegal in the US and put pressures on all other countries that “tolerate” this practice.

  319. Katrina

    Oh my goodness. THANK YOU both for having this conversation. Nobody talks about sex in this way, and it’s such a relief to hear you both share your experiences with it. Since going into early menopause, I’ve felt so much shame and embarrassment over my low libido. (Which is a stark difference from my earlier days.) I’ve tried talking to friends, but they’ve told me they have had no problems, and I’m left feeling isolated and even more broken. My doctor told me that my experience is VERY common, but even with her saying that, I’ve felt like a failure. My husband is incredibly understanding and our relationship is amazing despite this challenge. But I still feel like I am lacking and missing something that other women have. It’s this weight of guilt that never goes away.

    So to hear two such women talk about it so openly made me say out loud as I was watching this, “Thank. You.” Thank you for bringing this to light. I want to hug you both right now. This is such an important conversation to have. All I can do is just keep repeating, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  320. Sigh… when Glennon said WARRIOR my ENTIRE body tingled!
    Thank you SO MUCH. I love this and feel the truth of every word that you both uttered to the core of my bones. With love from London xxVanessa

  321. Thank you for this amazing video!! All of those nuggets of wisdom were SUPER!! i’ve seen a lot of your videos, but this one hit the spot for me.
    i love the part about seeing the wisdom and message from rock bottoms. and about how brutally honest we have to be about our addictions, masks, shame and all the crap we hide behind!! thank you for that!
    i also particularly love her sense of humor– which just makes life’s pain a little less painful:P and yes, we women are asked to be quiet and shrink and disappear– and that all has to end!! love you wonderful wild women and yummymummies!!

  322. Julia - Team Forleo

    Thanks so much for stopping by, we’re happy you’re here and finding our videos helpful! 🙂

  323. Candice Bryan

    I am so grateful for you and your team for bringing so much fun loving beautiful laughter and value to my life and soooo many others! You have my swag, and I love it! I am starting out in this industry at 41 years young, coming from a corporate background. I will not give up because I do have a gift ? that the world ? needs! I cant wait to invest in the Copy Cure, I totally believe you have already helped me find my voice and the course will have me “singing” to the to of my lungs with value love and inspiration ?Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

    Much love from AZ?☀️?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Candice, this is music to our ears! We love that you’re taking such a big, bold, beautiful leap into your own dreams, and we’re thrilled that Marie’s work is adding just that extra bit of inspiration and fun to your own moxie.

      We’d love to welcome you to The Copy Cure whenever it works for you, and if you have any questions about that program, you can always email us at thecopycureATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  324. Shawn Blymiller

    There are so many thoughts that have streamed through my mind while watching and listening to this incredible interview. The first thing that I want to say is, Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to produce and create such content that is uplifting and refreshing.
    The second thing that I want to mention is that I am a man, but I still related and understood the concepts and ideas that you were sharing. I think the experiences that men and women pass through are different but very similar. Glennon talked about how she hid in her mind, she always retreated to her mind. I feel like I was in the other trinity. I have been a sexual addict the majority of my life, so I have retreated to my body. I need to focus and spend more time on my mind and my spirit. I think this is why your interview was so rewarding and rejuvenating. Light clings to light. I feel like my soul and my mind are starving for additional content that will help those two areas to grow and develop. I want to mature. I want to take accountability for my actions and be true to myself.
    The last part that I will write is a quote from Glennon that I absolutely loved: “God wants Peace, Love, & Beauty & Caring for hurting people”. I need to do more of that. She also said: “Heal Yourself and Health the World, and that happens simultaneously. The erroneous thought is that you have to heal yourself before you heal others.” Man I needed to hear that.
    Again thank you so much

  325. Cindy

    this helped me on so many levels. Shalom and amen

  326. Aurélie All.

    Great video! I’m so grateful that I discovered it today to find the right words… As you sayed: “All of the magic in your life happens when you rush towards the pain instead of away from it”. So, I have some work to do…
    Thank you for sharring your motivation!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Glennon’s message resonated with you at the perfect moment, Aurélie! Thanks so much for tuning in. We hope you have a beautiful weekend ahead!

  327. What’s up, this weekend is pleasant for me, as this occasion i am reading this wonderful educational post here at my residence.


    When I was nine years old and I have realised that the adult life was just ugly and not easy I started to pray every night to never grow old… so when my body started to change I felt betrayed by God… he did not listen to any of my prayers…. I was sad.. and angry… I did hate my body… at the same I have found out that my spine was twisting it self.. I was in such pain everyday that once when I was 15 I said to my mom that if she trully loves me she should just kill me…ths body of mine… so ugly.. twisted… in constant pain…
    I was raped when I was 21 … by that time I was still a virgin… I had one more reason to hate that body…. I have never ever lived in it…. why would I??
    then I met love of my life who helped me overcome so many fears… but…. I was not really able to conect with my body….. 4 miscarrges…. another proof that my body is just pile of shit…
    only few day ago after watching so many videos on marie tv I started to see myself a bit different…
    I am still in pain every day…. like every minute of every day… no joking… and latest news is that I three autoimmune diseases… but…… but I have make a decision to not let this difine me….
    I am work in progress…. maybe for the rest of my life… who knows?
    thank you for your work Marie.. thank you for everything

  329. Danielle

    First off, I’m so glad I found you. Something in my soul has been searching for Love Warrior and with libraries in my area being closed currently, I somehow found my way to you. And thank goodness!
    I’ve always been a futuristic thinker and so driven to keep moving forward that I often almost never look back- which can be a gift and a curse. Lately (since life has been put on hold in more than one way), I’ve discovered just how absent from the present I have really been. Particularly in my relationship with my husband. I’m a new mom and I find myself being so caught up in these shameful thoughts that “moms can’t be sexy or sexual” or the worry of judgement from others if I’m not a parental martyr for my child, because I feel that has been the model that I’ve been told as I’ve grown up about motherhood. My biggest takeaway from your video is that shame is a LIE. It’s not true and the best way we can discover that it’s false is if we break our silence.

  330. Maja - Team Forleo

    Hi Danielle! We’re so glad you’re here! Most of us adopt models of behavior we never even notice. The awareness that shame is a lie – what a game changer! We’re sending so much love your way! Thank you for sharing.

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