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Marie Forleo: Hi, I’m Marie Forleo and I’m having tea. Everybody want some fish and chips? Here we are in London. This is the first full day of press. Usually, when you travel internationally for work, you just come in, you do what you got to do, and then you get back out. And I am so grateful that yesterday we got to spend an entire day here in London, being in the city, all throughout the city, and we took a big bus and we just got to travel around, see things, have some great food, and really get grounded before this whirlwind press tour.

Speaker 2: Do you want to make a change in your life? If so, you need to listen closely to our next guest. Her book, Everything Is Figureoutable, is just the kickstart you might be looking for. Please welcome the superstar life coach without reproach, it’s Marie Forleo.

Marie Forleo: Oh, absolutely. This is one of the things I live my life by. As a highly creative person: simplify to amplify. So if you want to… Right? If you want to amplify, whether it’s your result, or your sense of joy, or your sense of contribution, or how far you can get in any domain. Yes! Simplified it. It keeps me sane all of the time; use it constantly.

Speaker 2: You are awesome. Never take anything…

Marie Forleo: Yes.

Speaker 2: Too personally, and never take yourself seriously at all.

Marie Forleo: Yes! That’s my life. That’s why I’m so goofy. I had someone yell at me. I was dancing in a candy shop when we just arrived here in London, and someone said, “she’s from America.” She said, “You are giving us Americans a bad name. Do not act so silly in public.” And then I had a million other folks who are from here saying, “No, no, no, no, no. Keep doing that. We want more life, we want more energy, we want more fun.”

Speaker 2: You can take on serious projects as long as within those you don’t take yourself seriously.

Marie Forleo: Yes. To start off the morning, I knew that was our big one, and to have it go so well is fantastic. Tom, will you get that sweet little house that matches the book? It’s the Everything is Figureoutable house.

So anytime you find yourself in a position like, “Oh, I’m not sure which way I should go. Should I say yes to this or no to this?” A relationship, and opportunity, some type of creative possibility, even done this in the business when it comes to hiring for a position. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Rather than think yourself to death, find a way to get in action as soon as possible. Take a class, make a phone call, start walking down that particular path, and you will get feedback. Not necessarily from the external wall, while that’s important, but more importantly, you get feedback from you about whether or not this is the right direction. You’re going to feel it.

Thank you so much, Emma. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for coming out tonight. Really appreciate you guys.

I wasn’t sure how the Soho House event is going to be. I have to say I love the fact that it was… You know. There’s only probably about a hundred and so. We had a full room, but you can only fit about 120 or so people in there. And I did a book signing, and I got to meet and hug so many people, and I love doing that. It’s interesting. I love big events. I love when there’s thousands of people. That’s awesome. But one of the challenges is you can’t really get to talk to everyone, so I really appreciate that right now we’re getting a little bit of a mix where I can hug people, and personally sign their books, and hear their stories, and just get to be with a lot of people at once.

Group: Are you mad? Are you upset? Are you sad? Come here, bae. Let me give you a hug because you act like nobody’s showing you love.

Marie Forleo: Hi. How are you guys doing? I’m Marie.

Speaker 2: So many people, and there’s an extra person there…

Marie Forleo: Yes.

Speaker 2: Which is freaking me out.

Marie Forleo: He’s… My experience has shown me that we have so much intelligence and inner knowing that lives in our bodies that we don’t access regularly. But when you get into a spin class, you take a walk around the block, maybe you take a jog, you go for a swim, whatever type of movement feels good to your body, and that can be as most fun as possible. And I think that adding music in really does take it up to another level. I think that it opens creative channels and it opens an opportunity for your own wisdom to come through in a way that just sitting at your desk never will.

Speaker 4: Come on.

Marie Forleo: That’s exactly what we’re going to bring you with our guest.

Speaker 4: Wait, what is this?

Marie Forleo: This! That’s all I’ve got to say about it. This!

Speaker 5: This.

Marie Forleo: I grew up watching Yo! MTV Raps.

Speaker 6: Yeah.

Marie Forleo: And hip hop is just a huge influence in my life.

Marie Forleo: My dancing and… just my experience being a hip hop teacher and it’s still my favorite genre of music. I will never not listen to hip hop. And every time I find myself having an emotional reaction… We were talking before we came back on the air. The world that we’re living in now, so many of us receive, whether it’s comments… you see comments on social media, or people send you an email, or there’s a reaction to a post. And oftentimes, I know in my own life, you get tweaked and you want to fire back, or someone says or does something and you want to have that instant reaction. And I can be really fiery in my life, and so I want to hit back or punch harder. And so check yourself before you wreck yourself, especially if you have that anchor to hip hop. You can just say no, I’m going to pause. I’m going to take a moment and reflect and ask myself is this my highest and best response?

Speaker 6: Amazing.

Marie Forleo: Thank you.

Speaker 6: Powerful. I’m just going to get… Will you take a picture for us?

Marie Forleo: Hi.

Speaker 6: That was great!

Marie Forleo: Thank you. Here’s one thing I’ve noticed in 20 years of my career. I have never received a harsh piece of criticism from anyone I respect. I love that. We got some mmhmm in this audience from that one. And here’s what I mean by that. Folks who I really admire and respect, not only their body of work, but how they conduct themselves in the world privately, if they’ve had something to share with me and my friends do. If they think there’s something I can improve, or something perhaps I should take a look at, they find a way to communicate with me in a way that’s respectful of my artistry and also respectful that I may not agree with their feedback. Does that make sense? And they do it privately, they do it in a way that wants to support my growth, not squash me.

Just wrapped up a nice little session at the Conduit Club, which was amazing. So we’ve got another full day of press before our really big event tonight. We’ve got just under 2000 people coming. And then we wrap London and head back to New York.

Speaker 6: I don’t know if you realized this, and I’m sure you hear this all the time, but what you’re doing is incredibly powerful, like you are changing so many people’s lives, and there’s so many people out here that are seeking and wanting better. And we just get drawn into expectations and what the world wants from us. So Marie, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I hope it keeps growing and I hope you keep being successful because it means that you can share with more people. But you’ve really changed my life. And I think you’ve changed a lot of people’s lives. And getting a little emotional.

But honestly, it’s amazing what you’re doing…

Marie Forleo: Thank you.

Speaker 6: And I hope you see the power in it.

Marie Forleo: And I think when there’s more of us that believe that things are figureoutable, not only can we make our lives better, but more importantly we can solve some of our collective challenges, because we’ve got a lot of stuff happening right now. Here’s the thing that people need to remember. At the end of our show, we always say the world needs that very special gift that only you have. There is only one of you. No one ever has, nor will they ever have, the unique blend of talents and skills and gifts that you have. And if you don’t do everything possible while you’re alive on this planet to share your gifts, to reach your dreams, the world will have lost something truly irreplaceable: you.

Stop that real fast.

Speaker 7: It’s going to be awesome.

Marie Forleo: Oh, my gosh! Tonight is the big event, but before we go there, we are planning on dropping in on some unsuspecting B-Schoolers. We’re going to hope to make it to their meetup and just crash the meetup and surprise them.

We had to jump out of a taxi because there’s too much traffic. Now we have to take the two and try and get over to the meetup. Yep. Oh, is it this one? We get on this one?

Speaker 7: We get on this one?

Marie Forleo: Yes. Hi!

Marie Forleo: Yes. We’re trying to get to it here. Let’s do it real fast.

Speaker 8: Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, no. This is so special! Oh, my God!

Marie Forleo: I had so much fun tonight. We’re going to have a great time.

Speaker 8: So much fun! Thank you so much. Thank you so much for calling in.

Marie Forleo: Oh, well that was so much fun. Thank goodness we got to at least do one B-School meetup. All right. We’re ready. Okay.

Speaker 6: That’s it.

Marie Forleo: Whoa. This is awesome. I’m a handheld girl.

Speaker 2: If you don’t mind just saying a few words…

Marie Forleo: Of course.

Speaker 2: And have a listen.

Marie Forleo: Hi. Is this thing on? Now it is. Oh my goodness. This is awesome!

Speaker 6: But I love that you said that it’s not easy to change your habits. To free up your time, you need to say no, disappoint people, disrupt social norms, ruffle feathers, have uncomfortable conversations, and dismantle a few long-held assumptions. Saying no can be a very can be a very powerful thing.

Marie Forleo: Yes. So, one of my favorite things is to teach people to get on what I call the no train. My B-Schoolers know about this. So here’s what the no train is. So is anyone in here… are you guys addicted to saying yes and then regretting your choices? Like why the hell did I say yes to that? And you say… yes. Okay, good. You say yes so often you’re like, “Oh my God, I don’t have any more time for me, and why did I put this thing in my calendar?” Before you know it, your life doesn’t feel like your own.

Experiment with what I call the no train. So here’s what happens on the no train. When you have a first class ticket on the no train, no matter what people ask of you, your first response is no. No, I’m not going to do that. No, I’m not available. No thank you. No, no, no, no. You just stay on the no train. It is amazingly uncomfortable for many of us, but it’s awesome because it frees up your calendar. And then you start to have choice about what you’d actually like to say yes to.

One, two, three.

Group: Everything is figureoutable! Everything is figureoutable! Everything is figureoutable!

Marie Forleo: Bye, you guys. Bye, you guys. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you.

Speaker 6: Such an energy boost. My word!

Marie Forleo: Was it good?

Speaker 6: Yes!

Marie Forleo: Oh, good.

Speaker 6: My heart is absolutely racing. I was just thinking…

Marie Forleo: Well, that was amazing. So we just finished our big London event. It was incredible. I had so much fun. Not going to lie. I had a few moments on stage where I was like, “Whoa, jet lag.” But I’ve got my tube card, we are heading on the tube going back to the hotel and I declare London a success. It was awesome. Thanks everyone for coming out. Come on kids, let’s go.

What about Jersey Marie’s guide go into the UK, making sure we can communicate?

Speaker 2: Exactly.

Marie Forleo: Everybody wants some fish and chips. I know you guys… your chips, they’re our fries. You call them chips. We call them fries. It’s all good. The fried potatoes. You guys got this. Go chips! Jersey Marie is going to bring a new cuisine over to the UK. People are going to like it.

Speaker 2: What’s a disco chip?

Marie Forleo: Disco chip is when you melt the mozzarella on top of your chips and then you got a brown gravy on the side. You dip it in.

Speaker 2: Oh.

Marie Forleo: Unbelievable. Oh.

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