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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an acute recognition of the relative shortness of our lives. It might have to do with my obsession with Zombie movies (I’ve loved them and watched them since I was a kid!), or perhaps it’s something a bit more primal.

I believe it’s wise for all of us to remember, and keep consistently in the forefront of our minds, that time is the most precious, non-renewable resource we have.

We’re all on the same train, heading to the same destination — death. We don’t know when our stop will come, but we do know this ride won’t last forever.

The more we can follow our heart, the louder it speaks. - Bronnie Ware Click To Tweet

That’s why I’m going to declare: no matter who you are or what age you’re at right now, this episode of MarieTV is a must watch.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Your kids, your parents, your loved ones, and your pets will thank you for it.

Don’t save it or archive it or skip it.

Because it conveys a few simple ideas that’ll really make a difference in the quality of your life now, and down the road. Profound and important lessons that few people really “get” until it’s too late.

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Side note: I’m so, so honored that Bronnie is one of our beloved B-School graduates. Not a day goes by that I’m not floored and in awe of the brilliance that exists in our community. Rock on Bronnie!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know…

What’s the single most important change you can make right now to live fully, with no regrets?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can, because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may give someone else exactly what they need to live more fully, now.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Because when it comes time for each of us to hop off that train, my wish for you is to smile with your whole heart, wink and say, “I’m ready for my next adventure, because this was such a damn good ride.”

With so much love,


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  1. Mary Ellen Smith

    EXCELLENT email marketing on this topic. It literally sucked me in! Good job!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mary Ellen! 🙂

      • LOVE this so much! My biggest take away???

        Put. The. Work. Down. NOW!!

    • Beautiful Bronnie & Marie! Sharing substance & meaning to the world with passion & substance NOW. My takeaway: No regrets. No need to walk with the Dying… For it is Life is spent with the Living… Realizing we dream without… To awaken within… Blessings and peace BE with you, my friends and All who walk your Way. Enj❤️Y the day.

    • Ashley Noelle

      Yeah girl! This message made such an impact on me that I’m reconsidering every single thing I put so much focus on today.

    • I also was compelled for the first time in months to watch this video. And I’m so glad I did. I’m so moved and so happy about this video. It made me feel instantly uplifted and I could see clearly which areas of my business and life needed more focus and time and which parts I needed to say goodbye to.

    • Oh my gosh, SO SO beautiful! I was so moved by Bronnie’s words. I particularly needed the reminder about how cultivating courage is essential to living a regret free life. As a cancer survivor (early, at the age of 23), I really aim to live my life fully and love it daily. BUT, I forget and get sucked into my lizard brain, driven, anxious crap sometimes… this was such a powerful and loving reminder. Thank you!

      P.S. Marie- you, Barbara Walters, and Jimmy Fallon just might have the BEST jobs ever 🙂

      • Milagros Yanes

        Hi Marie! I’ve been your follower for about one year now, but let me tell ya, you’ve been on my mind for the past two weeks because in one of your videos from the B-School series you asked a question that literally left me floored. I have been preparing for 2 years to open my own business. It is a bilingual online executive assistant service. My target: Latin American Executives. I have about 15 years of experience as en Executive Assistant and worked for the President of HBO Latin America here in Miami. I have been desperately seeking freedom from the typical work schedules where you have to report every minute you are out, so a friend of mine made the suggestion that I open up an online executive assistant service. I liked the idea and went for it. I knew I could make this business a success. But when you asked if the business that I had in mind was my passion, my heart immediately said NO before I could even verbalize it. I just wanted to do it because of the money : ( I still want to be an entrepreneur. I know I love real estate, cooking, and helping others, but I feel a little lost.
        I have 2 small children and just bought a home and my heart tells me to stop the fear and make the change now, but I literally live paycheck to paycheck. To top if off, I see today’s video and I just want to access the potential I have inside and reach for the stars. Thank you and your team for everything you do!

        • Hi Milagros.. Out of ALL of the online world I happened to stumble upon this post. I actually live in Sunrise and there is an HBO Latin America office across the street – maybe this is the one you worked at! Anyways, I thought I’d comment and let you know that it’s okay to start a business for the greens, but to know that it could be temporary until your passion filled business is revealed. Who knows, maybe you could find passion in this venture by being of service to a specific type of business like non-profits or women owned companies or companies that only provide services that contribute to the well being of the planet. It’s totally possible to leave the 9-5 and do meaningful work that you feel good about! I’m in the process of doing that now! 🙂 Feel free to connect with me on FB or Instagram if you need someone local to bounce ideas off of. xo, Ro Ferrelli.

      • Sage B. Hobbs, I am glad you survived and healed. It can be hard not to get sucked up into the muck of daily living, even for someone that has gone through your experience. Life is many moments strung together. As for me, I have many regrets in moments that I did not seize and act upon. I can never have those moments back. ” What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” ~Crowfoot, 1890, as quoted in Catch the Whisper of the Wind compiled by Cheewa James.

        • Kim Martinez

          Chas, thank you for the Crowfoot quote. I wrote it in the front of a journal with a red flannel cover many years ago. It has already sparked what I hope will be a chain of synchronicities.

    • Mahalo Nui Loa
      Thank You and God Bless!! “The heart knows no questions and the mind knows no answers.” What a beautiful women you are Bronnie!!
      My mom is in late stages of Alzheimer’s , I live in Kona Hawaii and she lives in her home with my dad in LA.
      I go over twice a year when I have a break from my business and help my dad get rest at night by being with my mom as she never sleeps much throughout the night.
      I love them so much, I was touched by this video, thank you Marie!

    • Bran

      This is so amazing. This video made me think of my great grandfather who recently passed away. He always encouraged me to live far beyond my own expectations, if I said I wanted to be a nurse he would encourage me to be a doctor. Being courageous allows for a life free from regret. Thank you for sharing.

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Bran, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your great grandfather sounds like such a wonderful, insightful person. Sending so much love your way <3

      • Catriona Wallace

        I’m so sorry to read that you think that being a doctor is more valuable or important than being a nurse. There are lots of wonderful nurses out there and, although I’m not one myself, I would be proud if my grandson or granddaughter decided they wanted to walk that path. I truly hope the wonderful nurses of the world don’t read your comment 🙁

        • Alicia

          I am not sure what is wrong with being a nurse. The past 11 years I have followed my passion to help people as a nurse. That doesn’t make me less worthy as a human being than a doctor.

      • Alexis Siriani

        Great video Marie. Every minute was poignant. What resonated with me most was Bronnie’s closing advice: it’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to live the life your heart calls you to..

    • SO glad you liked it Mary Ellen, it was fun to write 😉

    • Pamela chinchilla

      Agree with Mary, such a good job with the marketing strategy this week!. Is not like I’m going to miss any of the weekly videos but this one is a “Don’t go anywhere without watching” love it, love it!!. will buy the books now. Can’t wait to read them. ?

    • Andrea

      Excellent Topic! As usual, it goes straight to the soul. It is so important to also find balance in life, but also to live an authentic life that make us happy! Thanks for sharing!

    • I just wanted to say Marie, – that the things that are sent to me, whether they be a FB post or email or any other type of “link” – I believe they were sent for a reason. And your email to watch your interview with Bronnie touched a piece of me. The idea that “It’s okay to be Happy and to live the life your heart calls you too.” was such a strong message to me. My website, Women’s Financial Empowerment, has been my dream for a very long time and I am so hoping that I can use it to help other women of divorce and widowhood to take control of their finances. Here’s to hoping my submission for a scholarship to B-School is accepted because I know that being a part of B-School will help me accomplish my dreams. Thank you!

    • I hear ya! No matter how many emails I have in my inbox…Marie’s email (subject line or not) will always remain unread until I have the time to open and watch… she’s a keeper! xoxoxo

      • THANK you for that Bamik! You have no idea what that means to me!! 🙂

    • Janel

      Incredible! Bronnie is profoundly wise and my soul knows she speaks truth. Thank you so much for bringing this to us, Marie! ???❤️

    • Deb

      I agree. Great email for this video. And it didn’t disappoint. what a fabulous interview with an important reminder to us all. Thanks!

    • Michelle

      Hi Marie and Bronnie!,
      I love this video because it really shows to live a life without regrets and this is exactly what I am trying to accomplish! Thank you for sharing :). My takeaway was to live more in the moment and do was is good for yourself!!


    • Lol, me too! Couldn’t not click. 🙂

    • dil

      Trying to get about what u discuss in each episode..i am from nepal and its little difficult for me to understand the pronounciation..and also a new joiner..but i really love to hear Marie’s voice..i like the way u start and discuss with guest ang end the episode..u r wesome…i try to hear u in every episode and hope i will understand all abt u discuss slowly slowly…..thanks a million for this episode…

    • Amy

      Hear, hear to that, Mary Ellen. Best email marketing in the Universe.

    • James

      This was a good episode. I like the last part, the mind knows no answers and the heart knows no questions! I’ve been “thinking” of what I should do, when I should start feeling what I should do. Overall, great show. Let’s live life with no regrets… though I should say that I’ve done many things that I felt were the right thing to do, only to discover it wasn’t. Maybe the resulting feeling isn’t regret, but dissapointment. And maybe that feeling is ok, because it’s derived from experience, the other comes from an experience not yet taken.

    • Nwasha

      Same here!!

  2. Thanks for this unbelievable episode today. My dad is in hospital again because of life changes he can’t/won’t make. And it’s been holding me back too. I realise I’ve been a prisoner holding my breath hoping for a change. This talk just took my breath away and give it back to me at the same time. I cannot hold back just waiting for a life change that my dad may not make! I’d have to be crazy. My commitment this very second is to freedom to live on my terms. I am liberated from holding my breath and have given myself permission to breathe. I’m a creative entrepreneure who wants to live true to herself. With shock, tears and appreciation.

    • Sending you so much peace!

      • Michelle

        Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Michelle, I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, and it means so much to know that our episode served as a point of inspiration for you today. Sometimes the best thing we can do in the face of difficult times is simply to breathe.

      Know that we’re sending so much love your way and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

      • Michelle

        Thank you very much for your compassion.

    • Michelle, please live your life true to yourself, with spirit, pitfalls and all. You’re worth it. Sending you peace and hugs!

  3. I LOVE love love Bronnie’s book, words & messages… Deathbed mentality gives me regular kick up the AZZ…

    What really spoke to me was the dark night of the soul that she experienced towards the end of her book… And what emerged in her life after that was motherhood, love & success… Her darkness was clearing space for the new…


    • I know right! Omg I meditated this one time and it felt like I was connecting with my future self in a hospital. My skin prickled when I returned and that shook something inside me to rock and rumble. Meditation can be quite powerful and gosh find the light!!!

  4. I’m going all in! The single most needed change is sharing the basics and giving people an alternative way of looking and feeling their reality. If I can get them to think outside of the crayon box and explore their inner most treasures like happiness joy creativity and magic well I’ve served my purpose! I absolutely love love love this topic and I’ve been connecting with the figure me for quite some time. It’s time we meet up and draw up a miracle for the world! Let’s be us. Fully and completely. And oh so deeply.

    • Thank you for this sweet and soulful interview. I loved it. I will be writing a blog post about this. Beautiful sharing. I have read her blog before, and am very familiar with her book and story. I believe in living a regret free life. My animals and children are always a priority. Life is short – have a ball! The heart knows no questions…. lovely

  5. Still tearing…with an Olympic Gold Feeling!

    • Great imagery Lisa 🙂

      • Mj

        I played it twice to let it really sink in. For me, the best take away was saying no, “way more” than saying yes. Yes is sacred, beloved and precious and so often I say yes knowing I don’t want to do whatever-that-is and I’m already regretting it, which leads dread. Thanks for the support to say no. In fact, while watching this I received three messages asking me to do something I really didn’t want to and would have said yes if I hadn’t been watching this show. Here’s too strengthening the no muscle and making room for what gives our heart joy so we can give others permission to do the same.

  6. I loved when Bronnie talked about how her intuition sings. I go through times of listening to my heart and it does get louder, even sings to me. This fall I offered a recently widowed cousin photos of her family. She said, “I was just crying about not having photos of my family. This is an answered prayer.”

    And, I also get overwhelmed by the momentum of life when following my heart. I start saying, “shhh, shhh, shhh” to my heart. That’s the insight that was the biggest for me – how I shush my heart because I get scared.

    Thanks Bronnie and Marie for this special episode.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jenny. Following our hearts is SO scary, but so worth it.

      What a beautiful story about sharing photos with your cousin!

  7. The part that most resonated with me was the story about the woman who put off what she really wanted to do in life because she thought she’d be able to do it later and then she ran out of time. I feel like so many people (including me) have this mentality that we can do what we want later, delaying living the lives we really want. But in reality, once your time runs out, that’s it. You can’t rewind it or go back. You have to stop with the excuses and like Bonnie said, give yourself the permission to be happy because that’s what you deserve in this life. Great video! I can’t wait to check out the book.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Keshia — right? That story is so powerful and such a great reminder to not delay the things that mean the most to us. I hope you enjoy Bronnie’s book!

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Oh no, it looks like I typo-ed your name, Keshia. So sorry about that & fixed it right up!

    • So true Keshia! When I was in high school, I wanted to become an artist. I was told I probably could not make a living being an artist. So I gave it up, raised a family and have had multiple jobs in admin. When I was 50, I finally admitted to a personal coach I wanted to become an artist. I started painting and my life felt complete. I still work but also co-manage an art studio and have won several awards with my paintings. Glad I did not wait any longer to acknowledge my passion. I want to only paint, but haven’t taken the complete plunge yet. Not much times left…

      • maria

        Myra – So glad to hear that you followed your heart! “I started painting and my life felt complete” – isn’t that completeness exactly how we experience a whole and healed heart? Thanks for sharing your story and for enriching the world with your art!

  8. I think when I’m working too hard I can’t even hear my heart’s calling anymore. I really love this message, that’s it’s OK to play, be light, be happy. It’s so easy for things to get heavy and serious- this was a pretty important reminder.

  9. “the heart sings”…beautiful. I want to hear its song. Thank you for this encouragement to listen more closely.

    • You are so welcome Marilyn, thanks for tuning in!

  10. Kat

    Thank you so much for sharing this episode today – I needed to hear this right now. The last thing Bronnie said, “you are allowed to be happy” touched me deeply. I am finding the courage to follow my heart in business and life and will take strength from this. Thank you

    • Sreenivas Kommuri

      Hi Marie, Thank you indeed for sharing these videos. They are priceless in my view. I have been regularly irregular or irregularly regular in watching them but today the episode of 5 regrets shook me away. Specially the 2nd regret…I have grown up to believe and inculcated the habit of procrastination by putting everything aside (Its like will do tomorrow) infront of work. Despite of having fallen flat on this notion, slapped, regretted but continued with that myth missing lots in life. But today is a day of Peristroika in the personal mindspace of mine. My first change due to this is i started listening to my heart. Mentally, i am strong to face anything even if i fail in this path but you will hear a ‘Eureka’ from a far end of me soon. Cheers

      • I love ‘today is the day of Peristroika in the personal mindscape of mine’ – l think I need to lipstick that onto my bathroom mirror!

  11. Teri Byrne

    hi luv,
    Yes, I enlarged the screen so I could get right in there with you ladies.
    Thank you! Thank you!

    Took me 58 years to follow my intuition and my own decisions, but it has paid off in “Royalties” of living! And yes, I sleep very well now. Thank goodness you + Bronnie are encouraging me to keep going.
    It feels great!

    Thank you, Marie, for sharing your wisdom and light and awesome guests! Bronnie was very lovely and inspirational–in fact, I’m going to watch this again!

    So glad I’m on your list.
    Carry on!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re on our list too, Teri! And how lovely to get up close and personal via the big-screen version 🙂

  12. Honestly so grateful to hear her- so beautiful so stunning.. THANK YOU Bronnie! Brave enough to live your life the way you want to- yes.

    We are changing the world ~ waking up~ and smelling the roses and the coffee and the recognition that we are here for joy, love and awakening.

    I believe that YOU Marie are here for many of us women who, for so long understood the true value of life. Love, nurturing, and soulful support… By bringing us together you are helping us all recognize this within ourselves and yes, we will change the world. Thank you so much for your continual support which strengthens us in a forum where we can continue to be inspired and motivated and brought to higher levels. <3 brava & grazi

  13. Kim

    Thank you so much, Marie and Bronnie. This episode has given me that final nudge I needed in so many areas of my life. Spending less time with people with whom I don’t really click anyway, choosing that career path I always wanted to follow, spending less time doing things that are actually time wasters, taking more risks… The list is seemingly endless. You made the last puzzle pieces fall into place, finally. I’m actually in tears.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kim — that means so much to hear. <3 <3

  14. Keren

    Great episode. Interesting to hear what are the most popular regrets people have in their lives. I just posted a post in my Facebook page about the fact that people need to think where they want to be in 1,3,5 years from now and what is their vision for happy life. We really need to think of what makes us feel good and what makes us happy and live by that, so there will be no regrets in the future. Thanks for sharing with us this episode. Going to read Bronnie’s blog.

  15. Lauralai

    So amazing and just what I needed today. Somehow I have put myself in a place where I’m giving everything to everyone and getting nothing back. Just constant giving to selfish and unconscious folk who don’t care about my well being. I’m drained. This stops now. I’m going to take the path that is not only in front of me, but the one that I know is right and I’m totally scared and freaked out! I’m taking it anyway.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Lauralai. Your well-being is SO important, and it’s absolutely okay to be scared when you’re heading out on a new path. I often find that means it’s the right path! We’re cheering you on big time 🙂

  16. Thank you for doing such a moving and relevant interview. My biggest takeaway was to follow my heart and let go of what others think. I’m even more solidly on this path and look forward to hearing the songs of my heart. Thank you!

  17. Dear Future Self,

    Please help me to figure out my conversion rate. I have done everything I know of to help make this dream a reality. I love my website and social media presence. I love getting to write through my blog. I love the clients I have worked with thus far. My day job ended Friday and we have bills to pay on March 1. I know this is the work I came here to do. I made my first video and applied for a B-School scholarship. Can you help me to see what I am missing? I am so grateful for this opportunity. Lots of love!

    Thanks in advance,

    • Amy Stoks

      Stop planning. Start doing.

      • Thanks, Amy. Being doing. Too much in fact.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Theresa, we’re sending lots of best wishes for your transition out of your day job. Since you mentioned conversion rates in particular, I thought I might share this great MarieTV episode with guest, Derek Halpern:

      We have so many other amazing episodes that can help you boost your entreprenurial skills and help you take your biz to the next level, so feel free to explore our archives for more.

      Of course, we’d love to have you in B-School if it feels like a good fit. We’re so glad that you decided to participate in our scholarship contest, and we can’t wait to check out your entry!

      • Thanks, Caroline. I will check that video out right now. I’ve had about 1000 hits in the past 3 weeks since launching my site. My bounce rate is about 10%. I’ve got great feedback and testimonials. I feel like there’s something missing ya know? Is it just timing? I look forward to this video! I submitted my vid to B-School within hours of its announcement on Friday. Fingers crossed! It’s a perfect fit for me. All about that heart based business!

  18. I’m a huge fan of Bronnie Ware. This was a fantastic interview. As someone that recently left a career that spanned 18 years, I couldn’t NOT take leap and chase my passion. I refuse to be lying in my bed forty years from now and saying to myself “what if?” – thanks for sharing Marie and team. Keep the awesomeness flowing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES, Dai! Congrats to you for taking that leap!

  19. Love Bonnie’s Book and Regret # 2 !!! That one ITEM I choose to Abstain from for the Lent Season even though it the busiest time of my profession as an Int’l Tax Accountant. Finding more time for me my family ,my friends and my PASSIONS!!!! Thank you so much for your Inspirational share!!!

  20. To be honest, I feel that I currently do live fully with no regrets.
    Although I needed to experience a few wake-up calls at first to get me to see the areas I needed to change, I feel that if I were sitting on my deathbed now, I would leave with total peace.
    I am in an amazing relationship with my love of 8 years (after going through a lot of misunderstandings), I take great care of my relationship with myself (after being my worst enemy!), I live fully in each and every moment and respect my soul’s voice no matter what (after experiencing total disconnect and confusion), I do work that makes me feel the most alive (this is a non-negotiable for me – since I own my own business), and I just love love love being me.
    I know that anything can change in an instant.
    I know that I have touched (and will continue to touch) the lives of people that I was meant to impact.
    I don’t strive for perfection, but I do strive for full-on soul ecstasy with everything I do.
    I believe in smart, deliberate co-creating with the universe – not living in worry or doubt or freak-out.
    I always trust that a higher power has my back. (And of course, everyone else’s too!)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so great, Melissa! It’s a true sign that we’re living in alignment with our deepest dreams and desires when we know we could pass without regrets.

  21. My take away is to continue on without fear. While my website is non-functional and I want to pull out my hair, I continue everyday on this fabulous journey. I know (in my heart) that I will fulfill my dream. I really don’t want to be one of those that is on my death bed stating all of my regrets. I want to live my truth, and I will.

    Thanks for all you do
    Christine Aurand

  22. Life moves so quickly that it is so easy to get caught up in day-to-day things and forget that life is so precious and can be gone in an instant. I joined B-school 2 years ago when my daughter was a few months old and it’s been very challenging for me to move forward with my business and take care of a little one. I’m going to attend B-school again this year and made positive steps and actions towards moving my business forward before any more time passes and I regret NOT doing it. Thanks for continuously cheering us all on in our journey, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Louise, we’re so glad that you’ll be joining us in B-School again this year. We have so many amazing parents in B-School who are navigating the challenge of balancing entrepreneurship with caring for little ones, so you’re in great company. We can’t wait to “see” you in ‘School!

  23. Thais aliss

    Hola Marie! And hello everyone. Todays episode left me with a huge smile!!! It makes me happy to realize that i am already living a regret free life! Your life changes complétely once you have decided to be true to yourself and do what you want to do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Thais! xo

  24. Eliza

    The heart has no questions and the mind has no answers. I’ve consistently been give inspiration from my heart and been talked out of action from my mind. This quote hit me hard, there no longer can be a discontinuation of heart based choices and actions. There is no point where I’m supposed to turn off my heart and only listen to my head. My head is not a bad thing but the ego that lives there likes to keep me from making big changes in my life. My heart sees me as the unstoppable force I am and I look forward to listening to what it has to say t from now on without question! Thanks Marie!!

  25. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

    Wow, did I need to read/hear this at this moment in my life. I’m in one of those hard places, where I have to choose between the tough, risky road that honors me, and the easier path. I’m already moving down the rockier road, but it’s still scary, and to come across something that affirms my choice so strongly emotionally undid me for a moment.

  26. We should not work too hard…. I am a wife of someone who works too hard, he also likes working away from home and comes back exhausted. I had to be the balancing force in the house and leave my dreams of a career at the wayside. Do I regret it? I hope I will not after this wise woman spoke…. It was really for the benefit of our children and still is for our four cats. I am still criticized by many not to contribute to our finances (we do have enough)
    One thing I could do while at home is study. And now…. I am starting a blog on the nourishing effects of healthy food – Ukudla means to eat, nourish and feed. My dream is to also to have money to show for my effort. I am just starting my website and have already done B-School, but it was too early – I had to get some ducks in a row!!!! Now the ducks are in a row!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to have you as a B-Schooler, Thea — it’s great to hear that the ducks are in a row now, and we’re cheering you on as you get started with your website! 🙂

  27. Denise Wyche-Kenon

    I know I’ve said it before….but THIS is the BEST episode ever! Having recently left a safe 17 year career path for a riskier business owner life while at the same time deciding to leave an challenging 10 year marriage — this let me know I did the right thing. Very reassuring to know I’m on the right track. Thanks for getting this message out to the world Marie.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Cheers to that, Denise 🙂 It sounds like you trusted your gut and this video gave you some extra confirmation that your gut was right!

  28. Anne

    Wow, this episode blew me away! What a gift to us all – thank you. This past summer I left a marriage of 27 years because I was not happy but for years I denied my feelings to keep the family together. The marriage was not bad, my husband was a good man but I was not happy. I got the courage to walk away only after a near death experience during surgery. Being that close to death broke me open in ways that are hard to put into words. But it gave me courage, it gave me the wake-up call I needed to make this bold move. It was still excruciatingly painful but I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. Hearing the regrets of the dying resonated deeply in me – we could all use these wise words to live our lives more fully now. Thanks to you both for sharing your hearts with us.

    • What an incredible experience and a strong, brave move Anne. Sending you so much love.

  29. Janis

    Amazing episode, so true. Thank you. We don’t have time to wait, it’s something I’m working on right now. It takes guts, but we owe it to ourselves to do it. It’s okay to be happy! #noregrets

  30. Jo

    Marie, you did it again. Another perfectly timed and relevant episode for this part of my life. Yesterday, I gave notice at my current job (I’ve been there 10 years) because the environment became too toxic for me to handle. I’ve been wanting to set up my own web consulting business for a long time now and I had this feeling that it was the right time. Hearing Bronnie talk about this wisdom from those who passed just gives me more courage to do what I feel is right for me and my family.
    p.s. I signed up for B School too and excited to get started! Thank you for all you do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Jo, thank you for your lovely note, and it’s wonderful to read that you’re starting your own web consulting business. We’re so excited to have you on board for B-School! xo

  31. Brilliant video! It was seeing my father on his death bed, sending an email to his employer to say he wouldn’t be coming to work any more that has driven me to create the life I love. When I have children, I don’t want to have to say no to them because of work obligations.

  32. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most influential piece of this interview (which was beautifully conducted, by the way) was the very first regret. Many times, at least in my personal experience, it’s not necessarily what other “say” you should do that affects you. But, it’s what you “perceive” that others think you should do that affects us most.

    Bottom line, it comes from inside. And when we are able to tilt the fulcrum on that balance to lean to the side of that which are heart longs for, so much changes, so much becomes possible. Thank you, Marie and Bronnie, for carrying such an inspiring and powerful message to our doorsteps today.

    My mantra in my writing and in my life is inspire and be inspired. I have been inspired today – thank you 🙂

  33. Steve

    My biggest, clearest, most immediately doable takeaway from Bronnie’s sharing is this: everything we look forward to (and that provide an important facet of wholesome, joyful satisfaction to each of us) is here, right now, and that each of us is/can do enough, where we stand, to begin our enjoyment of it. So, in the very next step/breath/perceptible moment, awareness, each of us CAN say “YES” to those wholesome (which can be “wild-and-crazy”) life experiences and say “NO” to everything, external and internal, that would continue to distract from them. It’s here now … start to be aware of it and to enjoy it now. A man sitting in his 5 ft by 8 ft garden behind his row home in a massively developed city responded to a comment o him, “My what a tiny, cramped place this is,” with the perspective (while leaning back in his lawn chair and gazing up at the sky), “… if it didn’t provide so much space in its height, it might be.” It is here now … let us trust this, and start to enjoy it right now, and to become increasingly aware of it through our enjoyment. Personally, this is my clearest takeaway from Bronnie’s sharing with us. Thank you Bronnie and Marie for your parts in bringing them to us.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful takeaway, Steve. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Fantastisch e-mailmarketing! I am so happy that I watched this video! Thank you!

    Lots of love,

    • Thanks Phil. 🙂 And, I think I need to save these replies for folks who think people can’t enjoy good email marketing!

  35. Another GREAT video!

    Wow! I am so inspired by everything that you do Marie and team! I can’t wait to see the future me and get my game ON!!!!

    Thanks soooo much for ALL THAT U DO!


    Miranda from Ohio 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Miranda!

  36. I’ve had my own consulting practice for over 28 years. I work a lot to serve my clients and build my practice. A recent move to Florida has me rethinking and recalibrating my interests and priorities. This episode is inspiring me to think more about ways to more fully express my creativity through my interests in designing, building and teaching about labyrinths. I hasn’t seemed “practical” to move in that direction but now I’m rethinking that.

  37. Thank you for sharing, definitely something that I needed to hear! My mother passed away in August and it was not an easy passing. I think there are many things we need to do to be at peace within ourselves well before any sort of illness or death presents itself. There may not be a tomorrow and excuses start to weigh heavy on the heart. I am grateful that I watched this video, it definitely lifted me and I am grateful that Bronnie has shared so many powerful moments with us. I love her genuine softness. Thank you both!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Verunka, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s an honor to hear that this week’s MarieTV lifted you up! xo

  38. Amy

    Thanks for the inspiration

  39. Liz

    Biggest take away…do IT now as that will lead to more clarity for next steps. Thank you as always.

  40. Thandi

    Hi Marie, Hi Bronnie,

    Thanks so much for these vital messages. The part that most resonated with me was when you were talking about Grace – I have spent way too long in an unhappy relationship and have broken it off so many times and somehow wound up right back in it. I’m gradually making my way to my own path and realising how much time, energy, love, fun and laughter I’ve given up during this relationship. No more! I don’t want to wait and put my life on the back burner, I’m going to live it!

    Thank you 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Thandi!

  41. I really enjoy Bronnie’s articles and her book, and she seems so lovely in person. Bronnie’s book/blog distilled down the philosophy that I have always tried to live by…I always think to myself “if I was on my deathbed how would I have wished I made this choice”. I usually make it for big decisions (this is how I decided to have kids- I felt like I would regret not having them more than having them), but I am going to use it more for small choices also, and keep it more present in my mind daily. Thank you for this interview, and for sharing it 🙂

  42. Leah

    Awesome episode! I loved how calming it was. I will check out her books. This is the first I’ve heard of her. Thank so much. The next thing I can do to high five my soul is quite this job. I started this career thinking I wasn’t smart enough for anything else. Now, I know better and am done with that lesson. I am grateful for the skills it has helped me build. I’m ready for less restriction and more freedom!

  43. Whew. This is a big one.
    Honestly, it just got me thinking about my parents. My sweet Daddy passed away nearly 16 years ago and my mom died 6.5 years ago.

    They lived a life rich with love, and joy and connection. I grew up witnessing true love, and what it looks like to support and care about another person for 36 years. I honestly don’t know what big dreams they had that they didn’t pursue…they traveled all over in their later years, and raised a family in their younger years and had great influence on the students they interacted with (mom K-2nd grade, dad high school administrator).

    My dad didn’t want to be a burden, or die slowly. And he didn’t, he died suddenly from a heart attack. My mom had time to say goodbye and finish up any unfinished business with friends and family before she passed, and when she did, we were at home, with candles and the Christmas tree lit, and I was singing lullabyes to her as she floated away, while my sister assured her we would be alright.

    So in thinking of their beautiful lives, and death they way they would have wanted, I think about myself and my life and what I want.

    What would I regret not doing?

    What comes to mind is believing in myself. Everything I do past what’s safe and comfortable is a leap, and I don’t believe I can do it until AFTER I do…so there’s this gap between “wanting something, wanting to do something” and “believing I can.”

    Sometimes, then, belief in self isn’t the thing I need.

    It’s the Do It Anyway, and trust and hope that belief in myself will come.

    With luck then, as I do more and more of that, my capacity for belief in myself will grow.

  44. This video has me in tears today. I have been keeping up with all of the B-School posts and wondering how I can make B-School happen for me this year. I lost my mom to cancer two years ago and was by her side the last 6 months of her life and then everyday for the last two weeks before she died. I wrote down so many things she said and always long for more of her wisdom and words. Crying today as my mom always said to follow my heart because God would get me there. Thank you Marie and team and Bronnie for this amazing offering. <3

  45. Ann

    Thanks for this introduction to Bronnie Ware. My own mom died at age 47, and she spent so many hours working and hanging onto a bad marriage…I am almost that age now and I still feel like I don’t really know how to avoid her path! I am starting my life over this year and I am going to live the second half differently, bravely and with more fun than the first half!

    Trying to have my own business has not been fun, but appreciate your videos, as I make my effort!

  46. Heyeeee Marie and everyone – what a beautiful episode- so glad to see it right now on this day…

    My biggest feeling from this interview, is that I’m now ready to step fully into being happy and, more importantly, am about to commit to my life for MYSELF rather than for everyone else…

    I’m going on a really big journey in less than a week, having recently made connection with my soulmate, and am effectively upping sticks and delving into a totally new perspective and masses of opportunity – there’s a small, primal part of me which is rebelling against this, deep inside…

    I did my back in this morning, which might even prevent me from travelling, but am working through a lot of pain and emotion which is welling up: all around feelings from being a child – of being punished for being so willful, of being shamed for having passion and individuality, rejected for having unique intelligence and beauty and opinion.

    I’ve had so much deep deep discussion with my soulmate this past month, around how we have to choose a happier path than we are given – around how people tend to want to pass on their pain and grief to their children, rather than to LIBERATE them- and to each other, and to the world.

    I am SO FRICKING HAPPY that I live in an age in which this is beginning to change, but I also am so so sad that I was taught for so many years to hate myself, and to want to suffer. So glad to be turning into the butterfly I was meant to be!!

    Thank you everyone for this wonderful community to share such things in – and brava Marie for all that you do to facilitate this <3

  47. Great message! I have so many things I’d like to accomplish in life. Why not start now? Thank you!


  48. Lucía

    Beautiful episode Marie! tears in my eyes while listening the dying words, i think about that all the time, i´ve been trapped in living what my family and friends expected of me for 10 years, and last year i made a strong decission to stop caring about them and start living with joy, doing only what I LOVE. It´s hard cause it envolves changing what i do for a living, risking the “safe path” but it feels amazing! really chain free! i would not change it for anything, and everytime i´m afraid of taking another step i repeat to myself THINK HOW YOU WILL FEEL AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU DON´T DO THIS, so this episode really touched my heart. Thank you Marie!!

  49. Ruth

    What an inspiring woman! I have been doing my scholarship video all day today over and over feeling like it’s not good enough i can’t do this I’m never going to win but knowing that i want it so much. After watching this i know i have to send it off and try because i will regret it if i don’t thanks Marie and thanks Bronnie ?

  50. Marwan

    Appreciating the effort of every single person contributed to bring out this episode as marvelous as it really is .
    Recently I believe I have been fortunate enough to rediscover myself with a new identity which really gave up space for my heart to sing out loud , and reach a point that whatever comes in my path , it’s gonna be whatever your choice is and that would be YOURSELF, not anything other than that .

    Wish me luck with my new career .

    N.B: Loved the email marketing this video

  51. Chrystal

    Wonderful episode! Inspired.

    Thanks Marie cherish your presence in my life

  52. Diana

    Really loved it Marie and Bronnie! I,ve already knew Bronnies’ work and resonate with it very much. We often forget we human Beings not human Doings. Once I read a research on happiness saying that money helps to live a good life when you get 70.000€ per year, if more than that it’s not going to help you to be more happy, why to keep searching for more if it’s not going to fulfill you? Do you know anyone who really gives you anything for the pleasure of giving without trying to sell you the new big thing? Very few hum? What fulfills is to stop, breathe and search for silence within. It’s time to learn with the regrets from the living!

  53. Eva

    Love this episode, thank you ladies.

    The most prominent this that I realise when looking back at my 25 year old life is; I wish I had just enjoyed it more.
    Just ENJOY. Everything about it, the beautiful and the less beautiful, the ordinary and the less ordinary, knowing that I am on this amazing rollercoaster ride called Life and everything is okay.

    Time enjoyed is never time wasted. <3

    • AMEN to “Time enjoyed is never time wasted.” Eva! XO

  54. My take away for this episode is that life is shorter and more precious then we give it credit for.
    That like our deceased friends and family our ticket will be called one day. When its called we want to be able to say “hey I had a f#$king blast”.

  55. I think the biggest takeaway for me from this video, is to learning to say no without guilt and explanation to others. That is the biggest challenge I seem to face and best exercise I can take now toward a happier, healthier future me. Thanks so much for this video, Marie!

  56. This was exactly what I needed right now. Last night I was irritated and asking God to give me a break. I want to do B-school but I also want to take a leave of absence from my job for those 8 weeks and I was trying to figure out how to do that. I need to just follow my heater and know that all things will work it self out like it always does. This is a must share video today. Thank you Marie xxoo

  57. Vivienne

    This was beautiful. I realise that I must follow my heart and be true to myself.
    When my aunt and friend died within days of each other I said I must live in the moment. I even tattooed “Living in the moment” on my foot. Doing that opened so much for me but then I got married and lost all of that. Why do we do that? Well, I’m getting divorced sadly but maybe that’s a sign.
    Go back to Living in the moment because then you truly DO live your life.
    Thank you so much

  58. When Bronnie mentioned how she uses regret to shape her future choices, especially the more difficult ones when there’s an easier, yet less fulfilling path, I literally paused the video and said, “Wow”. How many times have I struggled to muster the will to go outside my comfort zone, when all I had to do is give it the proper perspective? From now on, I’ll ask myself, “Will I regret playing it safe? Will I regret doing what pleases other people?” Powerful. Thank you so much for sharing this interview.

  59. Christin

    I think my future self would regret living a life where I don’t use all my unique gifts to make a difference in the world.

  60. Yanique

    The fear of end-of-life regret has been informing my decision making for years now. Recently though, I’ve been second-guessing a big decision I made to quit my job, leave the man I love and move away to start creating the business and life I know I’ll love. Watching this just re-upped my conviction that I’m doing the right thing.

    Thank you so much Marie, Bronnie and team <3

    • Good job! Wish you the best on your journey. Mine was the “….you have the choice …to be courageous, to live a life true to your heart, one that will see you pass without regret.”

  61. Thank you for sharing, very Inspiring at the right time.

  62. Thanks so much for introducing me to Bronnie’s work. It is wonderful work and I’m going to investigate it myself.

    I just want to add my 2 cents about B-School connections. There are women from my hometown who I met through B-School. They are very important to me as friends and they have both influenced and helped me as well. One literally came up with the perfect tenant I needed (and I was seeking that person but didn’t know them) for one of my 2 commercial properties. Another is someone I value for her knowledge on health issues and nutrition as well as a great source of information about the beach where I go and where she lives.

    B-School connections are the greatest!

    • Thank you for sharing that Jan! I swear, our community is filled with angels. SUCH incredible, diverse, awesome folks! XOO

  63. Susan

    Dear Marie, thank you for bringing Bronnie’s message and her beautiful presence into my life today. This is a deep reinforcement of changes my intuition is leading me into. In 6+ years of self-employment, I have found that I’m the most demanding and inflexible boss, and the harshest taskmaster I’ve ever had. In committing to a new business model that fits into, and supports a happy and love-filled life, I have had to start saying no to opportunities to serve clients who truly matter to me. Instead, I am helping them connect to colleagues who are in a better position to serve them. It’s been very hard to stop saying yes, and miss out on that immediate gratification (They want me!)…..however….I’ve discovered that by overcommitting my time in business relationships I’ve denied myself a lot of the pleasure of time shared with those I love most in this world. I am so grateful to have this “wake-up call” now, before it’s too late to embrace that joy. Thank You.

  64. Amazing woman! So insightful, tuning into your intuition is crucial, we are not always aware of what our guide is telling us, so we need to pay attention, treat ourselves with loving care.

  65. Hi Marie and Bronnie,
    thanks so much for this episode. Marie, your question to me and all was: What change I would do to my life from now? And I thought for a while and actually nothing new, but I will certainly continue walk my path the way I started with many years ago. Life is constantly sending me tests and opportunities to make choices at the cross-roads that I come to. And when I have to make a choice, I do, and continue walking, dealing with what’s coming and I don’t look back. I refuse to walk with my back to the future and wondering what if……

  66. This touched my soul. My ex-husband was found alone and dead after two days and it took the police four days to find me and my daughter. At his memorial, my daughter read a letter she wrote to her father that clearly touched on the regret he must have felt and how she hoped he had found peace. This difficult time has given me a chance to review my life and ask myself what do I NOT want to regret on my death bed. What do I not want to regret in this day…this moment?

    Last year, I was in the dark night and someone directed me to B-School. I created a business and manifested a consulting job that I love and that sustains me more than any job ever did, financially and spiritually. After I honored my life, my husband came back to me after his dark night.

    Living true to yourself and living the life you want is the only way to live.

    Thank you, Marie.

  67. Diane

    Beautiful conversation filled with wisdom and love.
    There are many things to learn along the way in ones life but knowing who you are, following your heart make life more fulfilling and joyful.
    I have only recently learned to do this, at 51 years old. I can’t tell you the transformation I have made in my relationships, my marriage and the relationship I have with myself and God. Life is truly amazing and sometimes you have to get out of your own way and look through new lenses to see the truth.
    Thanks for sharing this insightful conversation. It truly touched my heart and really spoke to me.

  68. Loved this content ! Doing what our heart desires is the key to peace of mind and true happiness. Since following Marie, I have been saying “no” without explaining. If I don’t want to do it or if it is going to cause me problems or headaches or if I simply don’t want to do it, I just say no. So I am so happy to be following this advice ! Little by little I am starting also not to worry about what others think and instead living my own truth. I have a long way to go of course!! I just need to have the freaking courage to just quit my full time job and pursue my health coaching business !!! This is my main one.
    Life is not only about work, I have been enjoying my kids more while they are little and need me right now. Doing more fun things with them , creating memories instead of mommy is too busy! If i need to work, or run errands I make sure I do something with them first. I want them in my life when they are older so I need to be in theirs NOW. Thank you Marie and Bronnie . I will definitely be getting the book 🙂

  69. francesca

    Hi Marie!!!!

    I LOVED this one!!!! you are always an inspiration for me!! I took the big challenge a few months ago, on November when I’ve decided to follow my gut feeling and commit to realize my own business!
    Because ” if you don’t realize your dreams, somebody else will hire you to realize theirs ” so I honestly have decided to commit to myself and listen to my heart !
    have a great day guys!!

  70. Shantay

    What an amazing video! It really touched my heart. My dad recently passed & we weren’t given the time to hear his regrets and final wishes. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  71. Monica

    There are no coincidences… For the last three days I have been listening to different messages that in a nutshell say, in words of Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss.
    And now I would add: follow your bliss with all your heart, with passion, with love… In itself, it will make a difference in one’s life as well as in others’ lives.
    Grateful and honored for being part of this community.

  72. Simply thank you for sharing this video. really very inspiring. Today i was just so immersed in my work that I forgot there is life beyond it. My hushand also reminded me that.
    So The cahnge that i want to make is not to let me be absorbed so muchby my work which I acutally love. An not to feel guilty for taking pauses and enjoying life.
    Thanks again

  73. Bronnie’s words echo the words and wisdom of so many others. She is sharing the message that a life well lived is one that is lived connected to yourself. It is such a simple message and yet often over looked. Live by your own designs and not those of others, seek happiness, and connect with your own truth each and every day. I am an Ayurvedic health Care Practitioner and from this perspective I would like to share that the time tested definition of health is happiness.

    Yours in health and happiness

  74. Carolyn

    Biggest takeaway? That the more you listen to your intuition, the louder and clearer it becomes…and then it starts singing! Beautiful!

  75. Holly Falaschi

    wow.. What an episode ? I actual remember reading
    Bronnie’s article before I took the leap of faith of moving
    & fully pursuing my dreams of dance & cosmetology in LA. Ive worked towards this goal for the past 20 years. I’ve recently moved back home after certain circumstances that has given me some level of regret. Which, of course, I was afraid of. I am trying to get back to my bubbly, super passionate woman I used to know prior & realize dreams can come true no matter where you are geographically. I truly believe I will get there in time ?

  76. Kim

    This is a really important message!! I’m so grateful that Bronnie has shared this. I think I began to awaken to “having no regrets” while my mom was sick back in 2010. I’m married to a wonderful man, and we cared for her in our home during her last 18 months. I remember an evening when I came home from a long day of work right before Christmas that year, and hating that I even had to go to work, knowing that I just wanted to spend time with her, AND feeling overwhelmed with all kinds of responsibilities. That night, I had a ton errands to run, groceries to get, dinner to cook, etc. As I was about to head out the door, mom came out of her room and asked me if I would play a game of Scrabble with her, and I said no because I had all this crap to do. It was her favorite game, and she always kicked my butt. Well, a few months later she was gone. I never did play that last game of Scrabble with her and regret it to this day. But I have learned a powerful lesson here. I now live my life very differently, and was thankfully terminated from that job shortly after she passed. I have my own business now, and I travel a lot to spend time with my recently divorced dad who lives 200 miles away. When I follow my heart, I feel the best. Life is SOOOO short, and I really live it on my terms, but always with kindness and compassion toward others. Anything can happen at any time, and knowing that, and the lesson from that evening back in late 2010, I feel blessed and really try not to take anything or anyone for granted! Thanks, Marie and Bronnie for the powerful reminder!

  77. I’m not living my true life and I’m 48 years old. I love what I do for a living, have two beautiful, awesome and healthy kids but I’m not doing it the way I want or should be doing. I am business with my spouse. Oooops! and I don’t think it is good for us at all. Don’t know how to make that change. This video is great and really helped ignite a spark in me. Now I need to figure out what to do. We should never wait until it’s too late.

  78. Thanks Marie and Bronnie! Really, it’s all so inspiring and it confirms the path I’m taking. So I will continue to choose ME and what makes me happy instead of pleasing others. This is an incredible reminder to keep on doing so. Loving it!

  79. Joy Popma Gray

    Thank you Marie, and Bronnie for a wonderful message of motivation, and a soul reminder, to do what I am called to do on this earth. I recently was called to follow my heart and not my head anymore. My calling to write came from a four year spell of midlife madness involving my divorce, internet dating, falling in love, career changing, and some health issues with panic attacks while driving. I am now on the amazing path of my soul’s purpose and that is to help other’s to understand and release unproductive thoughts and behavioral patterns, allowing them to live in the moment, experiencing love in each one. I know without any doubt I will stay the course and fulfill my life’s purpose, and with you, as examples and support I will not fail. Thank you again, and God Bless!!!!!

  80. WOW, this video was right on time. I have literally buried myself in client work because of money concerns and have pushed my creativity and abilities to the breaking point. Why? Fear. Fear that what I really want to do with my site isn’t going to be enough to sustain me, despite the fact that it brings my such joy and is pretty much the creative outlet I’ve needed for so long. If I died tomorrow, I would regret not taking more walks, doing more yoga, and just freaking GOING FOR IT with the site. Today, I will give myself a break, and tonight, I’m hatching a plan so I can make my creativity the central focus of my life. I’ve spent 28 years helping everyone else achieve their dreams. It’s time I started doing that for myself.

    • As an entrepreneur the working too hard part resonated with me most.

  81. SO enjoyed this video. I have had Bronnie’s book on my “To Read” list for months…needless to say now it’s going straight to the top! My biggest takeaway is to stop putting things off…make the changes and choices NOW that will create the life I’m meant to live.

  82. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh- I’m working too much…. but not getting results anyway, so what’s the point?

    Will I regret the impetus to watch this and EVERY episode?

    I have been working on building a business, so I could be FREEEEE, and yet, the business has HANDCUFFED ME anyway!

  83. Maria G.

    I was married for 37 years when my former spouse decided to file for divorce. We had always had a very very difficult marriage but he had been my high school sweetheart and I truly believed the “till death do us part”bit. It hit me so hard and at a time of my life that was suppose to be our time to travel and reconnect with each other. He retired from a long lucrative & successful career and I had been mostly a stay at home mom. Needless to say he found his true love and left me to struggle late in life on a very limited income. And so here I was seeing this new woman take my place and seeing him shower her with love, gifts & travel vacations. I can’t even take a 4 hour car trip to see my grandchildren because my old car can’t make the trip. Finally after much searching and healing I can see myself for who I am – a worthy, kind, caring and fun person. Thank you for sharing this thought that we owe it to ourselves to go out there and live life as we deem good for us and not just follow what society or old family traditions tells us we should do (I come from a very old fashion Hispanic family). I see only goodness and happiness from now on and of course all due because I have a loving heavenly Father. Blessedness to you ox,ox.

  84. Debra

    Most important to my Future Self is to stay the course I began in January 2015. Throughout my whole being, I knew I needed to leave a career I was in for 27 years. My interest and passion for it had been waning for a long time. I decided to pursue interests much more important to me. My main interest and passion is health and wellness. So, last year I enrolled in IIN and started preparing for my new future. I was able to resign my position on February 1st, which was a month behind my target date. They asked me for a month’s notice! While that much notice is unheard of in my current industry, I said yes because I am thinking about my future. I also know I can work my new business while finishing my old business, and I certainly did not want to exit a career that overall has been good to me and my family on any negative terms. That being said, as of March 1st…there is no turning back…S.E.L.F. Integrative Health will be my sole focus for my future. My heart feels so lifted with anticipation and excitement to help people improve their overall lives. I am signing up for Bschool (can’t wait!). Marie Forleo…you are truly gracious and inspiring. I sincerely thank you.

  85. Nola

    Again what a superb message. Such a key to living authentically and in such a beautifully simple way. I believe we all know the hideouts of our regrets, unsure if we should unlock them. These words of encouragement
    from those who feel it intimately, the dying , allow us to throw open the
    doors and sashes . Release doubt and embrace that heart song now.

  86. Pamela

    Thank you for this and all of the wonderful work that you and your team so passionately create and share with us all. I am very grateful that I found you again! (I was a Crunch fitness dance party junkie lol!) 😀 From this episode I really connected with the Buddhist quote. A message I continue to receive through different means. The tweetable was perfect! Also,the part of needing community and connection. How saying no and staying true to what feels good to our heart will in the end benefit us all 😀 these were all so powerful and were my take away today. This was wonderful! Thank you both so much

  87. Haider Mehdi

    Very uplifting.Thank you. Have no regrets about choices except about some financial prudence decisions. One consequence of following ones passions and living a regret free life which I have lived and am in complete gratitude is that I’ve very little or pretty much nothing in terms of a financial retirement nest. So my advice. Follow your passions. Have no regrets about living the life of your dreams. Free yourself of the opinion of others. But Never forget to plan and cater for your twilight. I’ve been a corporate leader with the world’s top organizations, a trailblazing serial entrepreneur, business academic leader, social entrepreneur, poverty alleviation fund sponsor, TV host, mentor and coach to young minds….made a lot of money lost a lot. Any regrets. ABSOLUTELY NONE Except wish I had planned my finances better.

  88. Bronnie’s book made a huge impact on me when I read it years ago. It seems like good timing that Marie sent me this reminder today to look again at the 5 regrets. Today I seem to be at a pivotal point in a relationship, and Grace’s story is so poignant. I still don’t know what’s the single most important change I can make right now, but I think I need to listen to my heart and not over-think it.

  89. To keep it real.
    For me it’s really what it is the most valuable for me.
    I’m working on my own as a life coach, healer, and psychic.
    I spend lot of time on working in the virtual life, so I really make the point to keep strong relation, to grow a community that support me and can support each other and other

  90. Chloe

    Hi Marie,

    I have been subscribed to your channel for over a year now, thanks to Hayley Hobson who is my first degree cousin.

    Firstly, I just want to say that you are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and your energy and joy and intelligence really comes through your videos. Even your early ones when you didn’t have the team and tech you have now.

    This is my first time writing a message on your wall and I felt compelled to do so because this video has so profoundly touched me. Bonnie Ware’s voice and tone and message is soothing, deep, and so beautiful it made me cry. Kind of crazy….right?

    So thank you. Thank you for all your work and for introducing so much awesome content to my life. And thank you for making me discover Bronnie Ware which will hopefully help me live my life more fully and true to myself.


    • Chloe, thank YOU so much for watching and for what you shared. I feel really seen by you and that, my friend, is a real gift. XOO

  91. Maria

    The single most important change I can make right now is to absolutely, positively resolve to be happy by living the life my Heart calls me to!! Oh Bronnie, the depth of what you expressed in this video goes so far beyond the words spoken aloud. When you said, “the Heart knows no questions, the mind knows no answers”, WOW! After a major head injury in 2014, my mind was scrambled, proper associations were lost, memory/memories were fleeting glimpses quickly lost. With a wonderful mentor guiding me, I was guided to go out in nature, to my garden, the flowers spoke to me, they said, “do what you love”….”the heart never forgets”. It was by connecting through my heart, using my Etheric sensory gifts, and the things I love, that I rebuilt my cognitive functioning of my brain, healed and strengthened the physical, and healed/coped with the windstorm of emotion I faced daily. I was unable to express myself competently in an outward fashion as my speech was often gibberish, I turned inward to my heart. And yes, I am living proof that the Heart has ALL the answers! All of what you said had such resonance/Truth. The next message that stands way out is and that tugged ever so strongly on my heart was; “Use the wisdom of the dying as tools for the living”. OMG!! At the same time I was trying to rebuild myself, my mom was very ill and was struggling to make it through each day herself. Ultimately she endured a 6 month battle for life in ICU. The strength of her spirit was beyond limits however her physical finally succumbed to the inevitable. I learned volumes!! Speaking of volumes, this reminds that this is another book waiting to be written. This has brought absolute clarification of this! I actually have a number of books in the works, volumes I wrote over the past 2+ years (while rehabilitating), and so much more to write. I could probably write a book on every element you spoke of. As a medium and “natural channel”, I speak often to people in the afterlife. I have sent many messages to their loved ones, and have assisted others in their processes while preparing/walking on to spirit, as well as helping family members cope. It was not until this very moment…healing/feeling/sensing/knowing the incredible gifts that need to share…. Not Later, NOW!! You have brought me to tears of joy and realization that I struggled to see myself. Having had these “Other Sensory” gifts from a very young age, I didn’t realize that I began looking at them as more of a “fact of life”, instead of the incredible gifts they are. I am humbled and so highly honored to make your acquaintance Bronnie!! xo Thank you so very much for your guidance and leading to this video Marie!! xo I can’t thank you both enough!! There truly is nothing I want more than to do this!! My partner and I ran our own business prior to my injury. That business has come to a screeching halt as it required both of us to run it effectively. Currently, we often struggle for money for groceries and basic needs. I am going out today to sell some of my crystals in hopes to receive enough money to go to B School and look for sage mentor-ship/assistance with the world of writing and publishing. I have applied for “disability benefits” (although I do not resonate with this label), however I am now told it will be at least 4 months before I will receive any financial assistance in this area. Healing myself has been a full-time job and is an ongoing adventure. Please pray that I will find a way ladies!! I have asked All I know on the other side of this life, and reached out when to others where made possible… I know they are leading me. I will continue to follow my guidance until I find a way to Get Out There and to Go to B School! With Sincere Heartfelt Gratitude to Both of You!! Big Love! <3 ((((((((Big Hugs)))))) Bless you Both!!! 🙂

  92. Susan Cote

    I loved watching this video. Thank you. A bit of my regret free life- When I was young, my older brother was in a fatal car crash. He was a freshman in college. I have vowed to live a regret free life in his honor. I have made a lot of passionate and wild moves. I bought a 1975 VW bus when I was 20 years old and painted it bubble gum pink, one of the original colors. I drove across the country in it for 6 months. I came back, sold it and took the money I made to travel around Israel for 2 months. I finished college and married my best friend. I birthed all three of our children at home. Some years I pull them all out of school to travel and homeschool. I grew up with money and married a nonjew and a farmer. We live a rich carefree life. Both of us have brothers that died young and we both own our own businesses. I think our brothers would be proud, they were both free spirits. I am blessed to have such an amazing life.

    • Susan,

      I love your story, your positive mind set brought a smile to my face. I am sure that you are constantly inspiring others. I definitely felt inspired. So many people become bitter after traumatic events in their life. I agree that both your brothers would be proud of you. I don’t even know you and am! 🙂

      • Susan Cote

        Thank you so much for reading my story, Verunka. I worked for a while in a hospital helping mother’s to birth their babies anyway that they chose. I felt like I inspired many to be the best mother that they could be. They still call me and remind me how great a start it was to often what could be a difficult time. I wish you peace, joy and abundance on this life journey!

  93. OMG. This week, I reflected on the fact that my deceased son, Blease would have been 35 years old. As I pondered on the gifts that I’ve been given as a result of his short life and unexpected death at the tender age of 14, I challenged myself to expand the way I express these gifts so that others are able to realize that they are stronger and braver than they believe. As I listened to the story of Grace, I thought about all the times in recent years when I put off doing what my heart was callig me to do.

    This video is a message from God (or Universe) tapping on my shoulder telling me that “It’s Time to Do What You’ve Been Putting Off NOW!” By helping me reconnect to the emotions of why I wrote my latest book, Get Unstuck Now and why I’m launching the Brave New You Project, Marie and Bonnie has recalibrated my passionate determination towards the message in my book and intention of the Brave New You Project.

    I know that I’ve commented before about how a Marie TV video has come in to my inbox at the right moment, however, in all the years I’ve been a passionate supporter, this one resonates so deeply within me that as I write these words, tears flow from eyes as I know that this has been a “holy message” for me.

    Forever grateful.
    xoxo Jackie

    • Sending you an ENORMOUS, awkwardly long hug for this Jackie. All my love XOXO

  94. Hi Marie, this is both my “current” and “future self” writing you and thanking you for who you are, what you do, and for sharing Bonnie’s work.

    I share Bonnie’s passion, as I’ve been in Hospice and Palliative care work for the past eight years. Sitting with the dying has given me such a renewed sense of appreciation and passion for life. It has also increased my capacity to love Humanity and given me an insatiable passion to help others find and fulfill their purpose in a way I could have never imagined.

    Serving the dying has also helped save my own life. It’s been the motivation behind my own physical, mental and spiritual transformation, (loosing over 70 pounds and overcoming deep depression without any diet pills or medical intervention.)

    Life is contagious if you get bit by it enough. And there’s no better place to get bit by life than being around death.

    I missed your video submission deadline for B-School scholarship, but continue to believe for another opportunity to attend. Thank you again for sharing your gift with the world. You’ve entered my life and calling at just the right time.

    Blessings – Jeff

    • What a beautiful note Jeff, thank you. And enormous applause to YOU on your own massive transformation. Sending you love and high fives! XO

      • Thank you so much for the love and high fives, Marie, it made me smile. 🙂

        I had to reply and let you know of the rippling affect you are making in my life and business. Your last email, “An Urgent Note From Your Future Self” inspired me today to write my own urgent note to myself.

        I decided to share it today on my blog and in our weekly email, and the response has been overwhelming! People from all over keep writing me and telling me how much it’s touched their lives. It didn’t start with me, Marie, it started with you! and passed through me.

        I just had to write you again and let you know of the rippling impact you are making! I really can’t thank you enough again for being you! You being you is helping me be me! SO Grateful! – Jeff

  95. Mary Beth Glotzbach

    I thoroughly enjoyed this segment on living without regrets. I am married today to the MOST wonderful man ever, and I met him “randomly” in a golf shop. Women are so amazed by my story, so I love to share with them that my business had taught me that reaching out to someone new may lead to embarrassment or possible humiliation, but it COULD lead to a new relationship, but it never leads to regret. This thought gave me the courage to engage in a conversation with this handsome man as I said to myself in that moment, “I may be humiliated – that is short lived- but I refuse to leave this place with the regret of not having had the courage to speak to him.” This was 10 years ago, and we will celebrate our 8th anniversary on February 29, 2016. So I fully concur that following your heart – your intuitions – can take you to more wonderful places and experiences than you could ever imagine.

  96. Hi Marie!

    Great interview as always… Such a powerful but relaxed message from the author!
    Living in a small apartment has inhibited me from inviting over friends… But last year I realized this was only my perception and it needed to be changed. Now, we have gatherings in my apartment regardless because life is too precious not to enjoy great company!

  97. Annie Lewis

    Thank you so much Bronnie and Marie! My life is in transition right now as I moved towards following my heart and learning to be true to myself. I let go of a five year relationship with a very nice man not long ago because I knew it was not entirely the right thing for me. This is allowing me to open my heart more, work on being the mother I want to be for children and more importantly, the person I want to be for myself and create a business life I love. While others around me may not understand my process, I know that by doing all the right things and letting the paths I need to follow unfold in front of me, all I need comes along with that. This episode of Marie TV beautifully affirmed that. With much appreciation, Annie.

  98. maria

    What a beautiful, beautiful conversation with so much wisdom and love.
    Thanks for sharing this – it will stay with me for the longest time. <3

  99. My single most important thing that I can change, is thinking that I’m not good enough when I see or speak to a phenomenal business person. They would never know this but deep down inside I want to do better and be better. So I would like to change this philosophy and “just do it” rather than worry about it. I have the brain, will power, I just accept that it takes time.
    ❤️Timna! It will happen! #winbschool

  100. Hi Marie, I have to agree with an earlier comment that the email marketing leading to this video was brilliant!! With a capital ‘B’.
    The entire video was off the chart, and if I have to pick one part it was when Bronnie says “the heart asks no questions, the mind knows no answers”. This spoke to me and I”m going to use the “tools of the dying”. Thank you so much for all you do. ~ Gord ~

  101. Hi, Marie & Bronnie!

    I loved this episode so much. What amazing work Bronnie has done with those in the final hours of their lives. The wisdom she has gained from those whom she has worked with resonates deeply with me. My favorite piece from the episode was the quote from The Buddha, “The heart knows no questions; the mind knows no answers.” My intention for 2016 has been to listen and trust my own heart. In the past few years, my mind has been full with so many questions, and tirelessly searching for answers has made me very restless and anxious and sleep-deprived. I finally got to a point where I said to myself that something needed to change in order for me to find peace and joy. I love this idea that your heart knows no questions. When we listen to our hearts, the answer will come to us. It is when we look outside of ourselves for the answers that we become anxious and confused and uncertain.

    I will say I am proud of myself for listening to my heart in the last two weeks. I was enrolled in a strategic intervention coaching program, and while I see it’s great value, it also didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me at the time, whereas the videos you, Marie, were making for B-School were resonating with me and exciting my soul. I was stressing out trying to make the “right” choice of whether to continue with the coaching program, or follow my heart, and apply for B-School. I remembered my intention for 2016, and decided to listen to my heart.

    Thank you, once again, for the wisdom and inspiration you offer!

    Elizabeth Trabert Piper

  102. Laura

    In my life Ive found it soooo important to have people like the two of you along the way to remind me of who I am, and the path Ive chosen..
    One of the reasons more people don’t follow their fascination/bliss/hearts call is how. very. hard. it. is. at. times. Even when you have gathered the courage and the strength..
    The Hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell wrote and spoke so eloquently and passionately for is not for the faint of heart, but it seems built in to our system as human beings. Its why we have our stories in our time, in our movies largely, to remind us… thank you ladies…

  103. Ashourina

    I love you Marie! Thank you so much for bringing so much rich, moving, life improving material to us! You help me become the woman I want to be! You have shown me that it’s possible to be a successful, self-aware and kind woman! May God bless you even more for all the good work that you do!

  104. Excellent topic, I learned a lot and so much resonated deeply. I left my religion of birth that did not serve me, as well as a marriage and my country. There are those that peer into my life from their couches and think I’m selfish and a malcontent; I hope some day they discover how to live while they’re alive. I’m writing a book about how I discovered life lived this way, and worked to alter the course of my life. It cost me nearly everything to do so, things more precious than money. Not pouring myself into this work is something I would have regretted if I had not done it, even though it is exhausting and terrifying. It is also nourishing. I have come to see from the journey that what I did was consciously sign on for a life of learning. Realizing that gave me the courage to move forward, because it was the permission I needed to not know but to try. It’s the lack of trying we regret, not the failing. With gratitude, thank you.

  105. Thank you for the wonderful insights. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have made the decision to make my next year my best year ever. Thank you again for this important push in the right direction.

  106. Hi Marie,
    Have just watched your video/interview with Bronnie Ware. Really meaningful and hit home with me totally. I live in Ireland, near Dublin our capital city. By trade, I am an independent music professional. Songwriter/Singer, and performer. Have had a few health issues, but won’t bore you with a long story now. Since childhood days, have tried to follow what my heart tells me. At first was afraid, and listened to others, family members included. Almost always with regret. Thank you so much for that beautiful interview with Bronnie.
    Kindest Regards,
    Peter Lawlor

  107. Carter

    I rarely listen to these audio/videos as I “should” be doing my Homework instead of …. Thankfully the tug was stronger than my rules today. I shall remember this lovely clear explanation of living free and happy. Thanks to you both.

    • Consider this LIFE WORK Carter. Glad you listened to your gut. XO

  108. Being brave enough to live our truth is the single most important task of our life. It’s funny how we forget what is essential in life and it’s great to see this and be grounded back in reality.
    Can you guys send me the link to the article that Bronnie wrote that lead to the book?

  109. Marie, I really enjoy listening to your videos! You are so positive, and always have good info to share that adds to my life. Often I listen to videos which don’t actually GIVE the info promised–they’re just commercials to try to get you to buy something instead–and you never play that unproductive game. Bronnie, this was very inspiring! Thank you both! 😀

    • Sandy! THANK YOU. Your words are vitamins to my soul. I do this work because I love it and our goal is always to deliver as much real value as we can (ideas, strategies, laughs, etc.) 🙂

  110. Wow. So many of your videos strike my soul and one little comment isn’t enough space to tell you, Marie, how much you have have positively influenced me.

    You’ve played a huge part in helping me get my confidence back after PTSD, something that affects my personal life and my business greatly. I recently received a disease diagnosis brought about by a lifetime of high stress levels (I’m only 24, so it sounds even more ridiculous!). This video really hit home.

    Knowing that, “It’s okay to be happy,” and not feeling guilty about saying no or being good to ourselves is what separates the regrets from the joys.

    Whether I die tomorrow (as any of us could) or in 50 years, I choose joy. Life is way too short.

    • Kate, my goodness. Your comment really touched me. I don’t think what you shared (disease diagnosis at 24) sounds ridiculous at ALL. We’re on this planet to connect and support one another, and we all show up with a very unique set of challenges and obstacles we’re here to grow through. I’m thrilled our work has played a part in helping you heal, and I hope we continue to. Sending you a HUGE hug! XO

  111. Lorie

    Thank you so much for Bronnie’s video today. Her message hit home and I just bought her book. My goal is to make her insights about regret a part of my daily routine.

  112. Cindy

    Timing is everything! I was so depressed this morning, but when I opened your email this morning and watched your episode it was like you had planned this perfectly for me to see? Yesterday I was making my video to submit for a scholarship to Bschool. I was desperately trying to make the 3pm deadline but due to technical difficulties and my Youtube account that did not update with the recent Google merger, my account was froze and I missed posting my video. Broken hearted and once again disappointed in myself, I fell back into that “what’s the use”, “whow is me” mentality. I’m not good enough, blab, blab, blab! I’m turning 60 and now is the time to take action with no more regrets! Just what I needed to see and hear. Perfect timing! Thanks Maria, you are a gift and a blessing!

  113. Hey Marie and Bronnie… first of all Bronnies voice was so soothing to hear that it really touched mostly everyone of us hearts.. It was a blessing to hear from both of you.. I always have the regret of saying yess to almost everyone.. I am so darn sensitive towards other peoples emotions that I most probably end up killing my time and feelings.. I am working with the same not to avoid but simply saying no to those who wont be affected by my no.. and for about 23 years I lived my life the way my parents liked.. and this never allowed me to actualy do what I felt was right.. so for living the way I want, I have to face few regrets relevant to my parents..but this video clarified that its not worth to have regrets unless and untill you are on the right track… Thank you so so much for such a lovely video..xxxx

  114. Stefanie

    Bronnie has such a calming voice. Just listening to her made me feel peaceful.
    My father is in the process of dying right now and it has me thinking a lot about my own life. The past few years, I have been working to let go of all my old, useless beliefs and one of them is working too hard. I’m not working too hard on what I enjoy though, but working too hard on other people’s dreams in the hope of getting some sort of validation and approval. I have never done what my heart wanted because I thought it was selfish. People needing me gave me what I thought was self-worth, but only led to never feeling good enough. Catch 22. Now, I’m beginning to see that doing what my heart desires and makes me happy isn’t selfish. I can say no and the world won’t fall apart! When I’m happy and enjoying my life, I have more to give and perhaps I can make a bigger impact in the world. I don’t want to have regrets at the end of my life and so far, I don’t have any because all that I’ve learned has brought me to this happy place right now. Thanks Marie and gang for being a part of my personal growth. B School is in my future once my heart starts singing a little louder.

  115. Wow this episode with Bronnie is SO RICH that it’s hard to pick just one insight as a takeaway! I would say that it all rolls up for me: the more you listen to your heart the easier it gets to hear it…the more you do this the more your courage grows to make the hard choices and do the difficult things to live a life with no regrets…then it really is ok to be happy and live the life we were meant to live! Whoohoo! Running my own business working with women in Nepal has been HARD and hearing all of this helped me so much!

  116. It really touched me about the working hard: Going through a very hard time and having to make difficult decisions often I distract myself. So when my boy asks for time with me I tell him often that I can’t do it. So I know that I don’t work as hard as I could and this really is worse then working hard and not having time. Thank you for bringing up this point because it makes me think, what could I change? So instead of working and then distracting I will work and then enjoy the time with my boy or myself – promised. Is anyone in the same situation and wants to do the same? would love to have some same minded……

  117. Hi Marie! Love your contribution to the universe – your soulful and insightful interviews coupled the helpful action points that we can internalize and utilize. I just finished watching your Bonnie Ware interview. Wow. So meaningful for me. You ask at the end, “tell me about a time when you made a really big decision and followed your heart”. For me it was in May 2008 when I launched a journal-magazine HEART Business Journal For Women. It remains the only business magazine created that incorporates introspective journaling, educational editorial and inspirational interviews. As you can imagine, deciding to actualize this dream was tremendously difficult. As an independent publisher my resources were absolutely taxed. I learned a great deal as we published 5 issues in print format, achieving National distribution in Canada of 50,000. By January 2009, the financial crisis was in full hysteria (and I had lost a significant amount due to a deceitful financial advisor – yes, I filled against him and was told yes, he had misrepresented me but that my filing and process exceeded the timeframe allowed for action with Ombudsman. In addition, advertisers started pulling print media funds, redirecting to the ‘new medium of choice, on-line publications’. I downsized my company ( and, moved the office to my home and self published another 6 issues on-line. None were as good as the first 5 nor was I as engaged and energized as when I had the team to support the process. I had followed my heart and soul’s calling, yet was utterly depleted. I published my last issue #11 in 2011 and have been working on some writing projects, mentorship counselling and major soul searching. Your program and interviews have really helped my regain that vigour and vision I had lost sight of. I am currently working with a women’s leadership group in Toronto, Canada. I am also in the process of redesigning my websites and I will be adding a blog to share my ‘lessons from the road’ (working title;). Do I regret launching HEART Business Journal For Women? No. But there are so many things, looking through the rear view mirror, that I would have done differently and may have been more successful. Reading the incredibly positive comments from my readers, interview participants, contributors, and colleagues helps to remind me that the message and format resonated and is still relevant! I just need to dream a new dream and find a way to make my heart sing again. Thanks again for creating this portal for inspiration, expression and leadership. Love to you and yours.
    Brenda Wood
    Founder, Editor-in-chief, HEART Business Journal For Women & EKG Marketing Inc.
    At The HEART of business.

  118. I rarely although myself the time to watch a video on the web, BUT today I am SOOO glad I did. Thank you. I am inspired to follow my heart.

  119. Beautiful message Bronnie and Marie. What an important reminder to follow our hearts. “The heart has no questions. The mind has no answers.” Amazing. I am following my heart in work and in life but my mind often takes over and I start forcing life as I think it is to happen. My greatest take away is that it’s important to stay present in everyday, live from the heart and listen to my inner guide. Thank you for the inspiration, as always…

  120. I so appreciate how everything is in alignment…this morning before receiving Marie’s email link and video, I posted a tweet…

    “You have permission to be you. May today you embrace it’s freedom.”

    Living with intention,

  121. Alice-Kate

    This interview, this topic, these people- all tremendous! Going for the courageous path so my heart sings! (After I watch one more time ;).)

  122. Laura

    This episode was incredibly touching and going over the regrets that dying people alert of made me think of how often I make them. You two were amazing together and the vibe felt pretty nice. Keep inspiring the world! Love, Laura

  123. Oh my gosh how timely this video is! I was just thinking last night that perhaps I work to hard > am to purpose driven > and don’t know when to quit!

    But do I want another life? No. I enjoy the life I live because I enjoy the work I do. It really comes down to reminding myself of a balance- and finding myself in the easy flow.

  124. I got goose bumps when Bronnie said “our hearts begin to sing” because I am hosting a women’s retreat in April called “Wild thing – what makes your heart sing?” – We all long to follow our hearts and be a little wild, don’t we?!

  125. I think the only regret I have is that I would have liked to have spent more time with my son when he was in my care as his guardian. He grew up so fast, and by 16 he found his soul mate, which was a good thing. But at 16, he also made poor life choices and from then, he kind of grew up fast and my parenting days – as we knew them – were over. So when I look back, I had 16 years to influence him. Not a lot at all!

    Other than that, I am thankful that I am a type of person who does not live my life according to others. And…I live life, or try to live a life, that is pleasing to God. And because of that, I don’t have regrets.

  126. Rally

    Sooooooooooooo on point as usual Marie. Great Job.

  127. Love this. What a great interview. I could have listened to you both all day.

    My MIL recently passed and it was a really tough time. I kinda felt that when a person gets to the end stages of their life they would start to look at their life and try to “clean stuff up.” I would want to be bedazzling my rainbow bright unicorn and make sure she had a cute monogram “brand” on her hip and glitter paint on her feet. But not this women. Not at all. She was so full of fear and anger. Denial with zero willingness to reflect.

    It was so hard to watch. I prayed for grace. I always pray for grace. For everyone and every thing. When talking with one of the amazing hospice nurses she said something that hip checked me: “We die as we live.” Woah. Right. Of course. There’s no switch that gets flipped.

    We. Have. To. Do. The work.

    We have to take the steps to not experience the regret. Riding my pimped out unicorn with grace during my last days is how I want to roll. I guess I better start bedazzling my unicorn. Now that my website is all sparkly. 😉

    Thank you Marie. Thank you B School. Thank you Bronnie for bringing this back up and reminding me that we die as we live, so be sure we are living on our terms.

    Heidi xo

  128. Zakiya

    Thank you, Marie, for sharing Bronnie Ware with me. I wish I had valued my physical and emotional health as much as I value so many of my material possessions. I’m successfully moving through yet another new health crisis that recently caused a hospital stay and has serious consequences in many areas of my life. So here’s my new promise to myself: Listen to and Follow My Heart; Prepare My Body, Mind & Consciousness and Live In Serenity & Joy!

  129. Gina "Dallas"

    Marie…… I’m sitting here thinking to myself it’s been over 2 years now that I’ve been watching every week your vidoes and never had the courage really to make a comment but today after this video and where I’m at I think its time to share and maybe get some insight back from the many others like me that have come to the same crossroads that have had or currently have hardships that make or break us spiritually. I’m a single mother of a 10 year old beautiful girl. I left an ex 7 years ago to try to get myself back after enduring the loss of 2 of the 3 triplets when I was pregnant. Let’s just say “they” think we had it all & money & things defined what having it all meant. I had lost myself and needed desperately to get out. I decided when my daughter was 2 to make that change otherwise I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it being the shadow behind the scenes of a hardcore know it all superior executive that was sucking the life out of me. I’ve always been a free spirit and had the urge to do something big. I’m like minded in wanting to create a beautiful business on my own and give a gift to the families and loved ones that are still alive or may have already passed with starting a Yacht Charter Business in the Bay Area of SF. I want to have a beautiful old style yacht that will offer a overnight or weekend package that will cater to the care giver and loved one a time together filled with all of their favorite things. Many caregivers lose themselves along the way because they have given themselves to the person who is sick or dying to make their lives more comfortable and secure knowing that someone is there for them and before you know it time has eaten away at their own life and love of their hobbies, families & loved ones. I want to create a environment that filled with the things that the caregiver once loved maybe it was painting or knitting or just simply having alone time that they ended up sacraficing out of the love of trying to take care of someone with a terminal disease, an addiction or maybe a life sentence from a accident that they weren’t at fault for. These people are the unsung heroes that get lost along the way and find themselves in a place that maybe they never thought they would end up at being alone and starved for some overdue care themselves. I know there are many out there that would love to have a place to go where someone can now cater not only to the loved one but to them to give back the things that they lost along the way and to give them a place where we can say.. What a unbelievable sacrafice you’ve made and we are here to honor you and your loved one. So it would be anything from their favorite music, foods & some much needed down time to let them know that they are being honored together with that loved one and the 2 of them can relax and both be taken care of. So my challenge is my heart is in all the right places except the nay sayers in my life that can’t quite see or know how to take a chance to make a huge difference not only in their own life but the life of others. I’ve always been a giver and unfortunately when I left my ex I had no idea it would be worse than better. My daughter is split 50% of the time and my ex has been.. well lets say not so supportive and has brow beaten me over the years from a distance and caused alot of pain and grief for me and my daughter so in the last 7 years since I left this person my life has been squeezed down to nothing. I had 2 relationships since that ended up not turning out so well because they had depression or addiction problems that were so overwhelming for me that when I found out they had this I was already in a place where I was caring about them and trying to help them get past these problems. Well they were too big for me and well let’s face it. Not everyone wants to truly change or accept the opportunities you try to give them no matter how loyal you are to their cause. So between a ex that has tried to make my life miserable and the 2 that followed it has pretty much taken it’s toll on me. It’s funny to say probably to some that I would want to do a business like this but I believe in the right set of circumstances and circles of healthy people it would be a beautiful thing. I’m 7 days away from my home being in escrow and I’ve not the cash flow to buy the yacht I want until I get my money so it’s make it incredibly difficult to try to figure out what to do and how to do it without the means of which I will have very soon. But I also have to think about my daughter and where we will live and how I will get through this. I want to live on the yacht with her and she loves the water as much as I do. We listen to Christopher Cross and the song “SAILING” all the time. I’ve also had some injuries due to working too much in my backyard over the summer trying to relieve some stress from this last relationship because this person has a father who is a enabler funding them behind the scenes for 20 years. I tried everything I could to try to help them and it cost me almost everything and for me to hit a rock bottom out of trying to love & care for them. I had no idea the father was doing this until it was too late for me and the family had turned their backs on me. I was and have been lost in this mess and couldn’t even go back to work because in May 2014 I had fallen at a skating rink taking my daughter to learn how to skate. It shattered my wrist in 9 places and this person had to move into my home to take care of me because I have no family in CA and lost most of the friends in my divorce simply because I retreated into my home and work and didn’t go play a martyr to our friends circle. So all the friendships that I cultivated and nurtured were gone and lost and all I did was work and take care of my baby girl of which I’ve had no regrets. I guess the 2 relationships that came into my life happened the way it did because I was somewhat isolated and only had time for work and my daughter really. So I’ve had no vacation and much time except at the marina where I bought a small boat to find Serenity on near the water. Over the last few months while my house has been on a slow close it’s finally nearing the end but now because of all the hardships and not having but a couple of close friendships I’m finding that even those are being negative in my trying to do this change. They want me to just move in some little apt and go with this financial advisor position of which honestly it doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve been living on my last bit of funds until my house sold and without the support I thought I was going to have from those few it’s turned out to be some weird underlying competitive thing that’s coming out and their simply not supportive. I took care of a 3800sqft home for 7 years on my own and now that I’m giving it up to try to get out from underneath this pressure I’ve been under for 2 years I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. I’ve found a beautiful 60′ yacht that sits in Pa for a really good price that would leave me with some money to live on until the business started going but no one seems to be supportive of it. I gave up a 14 year Career with my previous company to try to take care of this person but to this day they are very deep in their addiction and living in an apt ruining their life. Sometimes I feel like it was all for nothing but the know deep inside I tried to help them but it has cost me tremendously. So know I say to myself.. What do I do? I have a private dock to put her on and it’s set up already for us and it’s in very well to do community of which my daughter would have a really good school to go to and with kids from families that love the water like we do. So if your out there. HELP.. I need and want to do this but do I just need to throw in towel. I don’t want to but trying to get the yacht from PA to CA has become an obstacle in the logistics of it and I’m not seeing anything right now near us to purchase. Do I do a month to month somewhere. I also already sold most of my big stuff in preparation of this to lighten my load but I’m getting scared because at the current moment we have no place to call home until I can get a boat of some kind to live on and I would love to have the one I want to do the Charter on so the money goes towards me and my business and not a rental. So what to do.. what to do.. I’m at a crossroads.. And I’m so excited because my house is finally almost gone but I’m also scared because I need to have a place to call home too… 🙁 Any ideas would be appreciated & I know this would be a great asset to the people out their affected by terminal illnesses and etc.. I’m a born and raised Native Texan in a state filled with what I’m finding not the same kind of loyalty and nurturing that I was brought up in. Southern Hospitality on the water is waiting to come to life…. will it.. I don’t know.. I need a mentor to say.. Yes.. it will.. don’t worry.. lets map it out..

    Deepest Appreciation for anyone reading this..

    • Jae

      Hi Dallas,

      Firstly props to you for leaving, I know how hard it is to leave a toxic relationship but it’s always well worth it in the end. I love your idea and I think it would be an incredible service to offer for individuals and families. I say go for it! Everything you need will be provided for you along the way.

      Love and blessings,

      Jae x

    • Dallas, I’m not sure if you’ll resonate with this concept…the law of attraction…and the concept behind relationships…soul mates…our purpose…but I certainly connected with the ideas.

  130. Thank you Marie and Bronnie. This was just what I needed to hear. We’re at a crossroads in our life and my husband and my son and I are trying to “be happy”. But what is that and how do we do it? We are “happy” but a lot of our day to day doesn’t line up with our life goals. Hearing this this morning was a wakeup call and I am going to read the book and absorb all the wisdom I can. Thank you so much, Tracy

    • joyce

      Marie, Thanks for inviting me! I am going in a such painful moment and listen the video today make me wondering that is just what a have to do. I have to go
      on and do the changes in my life. I am divorcing after 23 years together and my 3 children are suffering but i was not happy, i have to persue my dreams.

  131. This episode reinforces what my heart has been telling me – to be courageous, to take the take the steps needed to make the changes to live the life I am meant to live with the people I meant to have in my life.
    I have seen my mother live her entire for others, which is very giving, but I can’t help but wonder if she will regret not allowing herself the opportunity to truly be happy.

  132. I really loved the reference to listening to your heart and understanding ‘it’s truth’ offers no regret. I loved that she thanked Marie for listening to her own heart because it’s has offered benefit to so many, including me, a grateful listener. That’s the thing about the heart… When you listen to it’s beat, the soul will dance!

  133. Marie, I just love this episode! I’ve been trying to do way too much… taking on too much work… too many clients… and not doing enough for myself. At the end of 2015, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this anymore, but I caught myself starting it again come January. I felt like it was an addiction, yet it wasn’t making me happy. Why do I get so caught up? I think part of it was because (1) I love the affirmation from my clients, and (2) I was fearful of carrying out my own dreams. But, I don’t want to live in regret. So, I’m now on a path where I’m winding down with my old ways. I’m wrapping up projects with three of my clients so that I can actually do my own thing and live my dreams. I love how you and Bronnie have encouraged me to continue on this path as I surely don’t want to have any regrets. You both are so awesome! <3

  134. “The more we can follow our hearts, the louder it speaks.” This is SO undeniably true. “I often feel like mine is so loud I cannot ignore it!” It’s true. The journey is all about listening to your inner voice. And the more you do, the louder it gets, the easier it is to follow. You stop selling yourself out for someone else’s expectations. The worst way to get what you want in life is to not be able to say it, listen to it, go for it. The only way to get what you want in life is to want it, and the only way to want it completely is to listen to your heart. Beautiful episode, glad my future self emailed it to me 😉

  135. Lexx Ellins

    This was a beautiful and moving episode. I love the concept of learning from other peoples regrets and using that wisdom to make better choices in our own lives. I can’t wait to pick up Bronnie’s books and learn more about this incredible way of life.

  136. How beautiful! and my heart smiled with yours when I heard Bronnie was a fellow B-Schooler. Yay!

    I love the message and have long said that if I should die today, I would have no regrets as I have followed my heart / inner guidance.

    Part of my path now is to help others connect to their True Self through my intuitive art & inspiration. I’m always so happy to know that this message is reaching more and more people, especially in such a big way as what Bronnie is doing. Thank you!

  137. It would definitely be a life changer to get going on my dream of being self sufficient, debt free and live freedom on every level of life.
    The number one thing I need to do to get started is education on organizing, starting and running my self awareness strategies in a way that can take it to those in need.
    I was going to try and start a non- profit but through my own research but have decided that if I could do it 24/7 and make good money from those who have money, then I can take it to those who can not afford it by doing workshops in church, women shelters etc with the proceeds from the people who paid to take them. Marie idea of scholarships works really well for that too.

    Always learning!

  138. Bronnie Ware is truly inspirational! Thank you for this simple yet powerful perspective on life and what it is truly worth – to be truly worthy to yourself, which in turn makes us a worthy contribution to the world and the universe. I am incorporating into my work these beautiful gems of wisdom that have come through Bronnie, and spreading the word about her – her books, her songs and her magnificent courage.

  139. As a Nurse, I myself have worked Medical Acute and Palliative for the last 14 years and can attest to the above video and even more. Life is short!

  140. Leesann

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie, perfect timing for me this morning! I so love and appreciate the content of the video. I agree, community is longed for by many. Mutual support and collaboration as opposed to alienation and competition is essential in these times. We as a human tribe are re-defining how business is run. This video has magnified my longing to be of service and help create a kinder more healthy world, to choose the scary things that my heart is called to do. Thank you again for sharing! I am inspired and grateful to have been introduced to B-School. <3

  141. Gail McNulty

    I have always had a feeling that I have something to offer to the world that will help to heal some of the vast problems we are facing. Going on this intuition, I have begun trying to build a space that I think will lead to a new kind of community conversation designed to spark collective impact. After over a decade of being “home with my kids” attempting to build something from nothing feels like walking a tight rope between fantasy and reality. Attempting to do this while continuing to be there for my family is even more difficult. This episode justified my attention to my dream and reminded me to turn it off often enough to enjoy my current reality.
    Thank you.

  142. Beautiful, beautiful episode! One important change I could make is focusing on quality over quantity – quality relationships, quality partnerships and quality projects in my performing and consulting practice. More is simply more.

  143. Nicole

    I loved this. It was just the message I needed. I spend so much time thinking about what I need to be doing, that I am missing many simple moments of joy. I was particularly struck by tip 2. This was a great reminder to not be so busy.

  144. When we realize how close we are to die, things that are really important become more clear. Thanks for sharing and helping us persue or purpose in life!

  145. Thank you, Bronnie and Marie! I experience Bronnie’s presence as healing – her soft voice, the space in between words, easy breathing – so quiet and loving. And I love your bubbly, true, fun, joyful presence Marie!

  146. Panto Thenic

    An excellent episode. My biggest takeaway is that I can choose to be happy and do the things I really want, without fear.

    The other thing is at the very end: “I’m ready for my next adventure, because this was such a damn good ride.” I sincerely hope there’s another adventure after this one. That would be so cool.

  147. Hi Marie and Bronnie,
    thank you for sharing this important content with us. It gives me an extra breeze under my wings. The best inside for me, don`t work so hard and I´ll add for myself, do only the right steps and don`t hear to the voices outside. Thank you both, lots of love and happiness 🙂

  148. Follow your heart and it starts singing after awhile. That was my takeaway and that not everything is important and have to be done. Take time for yourself and others. That is so true and it gives you such joy. Wonderful webinar. Thank you.

  149. Theresa Diulus

    Bonnie’s discussion of using the wisdom from the dying as tools for living to “follow our own heart’s calling” leading to everyone’s benefit in the long run was brilliant! Awesome interview-thank you! Thank you, both!

  150. Barbara Luel

    A very interesting subject I have always been sensitive to, as I work as a volunteer with old people, and I had lovely discussions also with my two grandmothers on this subject… It teminds me of a saying from, I think, Bouddha: “the problem is you think you have time”…

  151. Belen

    Marie, this is one of my favorite episodes. My aha is that fear = regret and living from my heart and its truth will bring me joy.

  152. Such a powerful message for every, single human being alive. Thank you Bronnie Ware for being brave enough to follow your calling because you have helped so many by sharing this message.

    And thank you, Marie.


  153. Dear Marie,
    WOW! Regrets Free life, yes, I have to say I would totally dislike
    to get to that point. About a couple of decades ago, during one a family trip I fell in love to own a B&B. Ironically, I graduated in 2012 with a major in Tourism and Hospitlity and I am praying that if it is meant to be, now that God put you in my pathway, I find the courage and support I need!
    Thank you so much!!!

  154. Elena

    Mmmmm. Bronnie Ware’s book may be the next must-read. For women, I think this is THE major message- to follow your heart…and the toughest to actually do…in a fit-in-or-else technocracy.
    The pressurized dictum *go out and get-’em, make your mark, jump on through all the hoops*, is so MALE and mechanized and mob-oriented (fit in with group-think)!… While the peace of *be easy on yourself* is so FEMALE.

    If you are listening to both voices, does it freeze you in a safety zone?

    • We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, Elena. They’re both vital — it’s about allowing them to dynamically dance throughout your days, and your life. OX

  155. Thank you for reminding us! We all know that, but why in the world do we have to be reminded?? I cannot wait to make a difference in the world like you! Proud to be part of this community! Sending love to all! From Phoenix AZ. Would love to find my b school tribe here!!

  156. Dali

    Stop fear by having a plan, start writing, stop procrastination, reach out and sign up for B school.

  157. What a beautiful soul Bronnie is. This has to be shared, thankyou so much. Heartfelt story and my soul was pulling all over the place 🙂

  158. I am so touched from this video and Bronnies words.
    It is the reason, why I knit as a volunteer for maternities.
    ( Tricotez cœur ), Heart Knitting .
    It gives me the feeling to knit with sense for a little human being,
    Because I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to become a mother.
    That why I Knit , I knit because I want to be open for everything good that I could attract. Oops I didn’t mentioned it in my bschool Scholarship video!

  159. My father was a motorcyclist. He taught me to ride when I was a teenager, and we talked of riding across Canada together. He said we would do it when he retired.

    At 49 years old (my current age) he was diagnosed with Cancer, and died a few months after his 50th birthday. He never got a chance to go on a big motorcycle trip. In 2011 I decided that I was not going to put things off, like my Dad, and decided to ride across Canada on my motorcycle. I also had jaw surgery that I had been putting off for years, and in 2012 I joined B-School.

    At exactly the age my father was when he got cancer, I can honestly say that after choosing to “start living my life the way I want to”, I would not have any regrets if I died tomorrow—except that I wish I could convince a few more people to do the same, especially my kids.

    I suppose that they have to live life the way they want, not the way I would like them to. 🙂


  160. Frances Briggs

    Watching today’s video filled me with so much compassion for all of us who may be living with any regret, as well as being encouraging to live the remainder of my life with passion of purpose that leaves me feeling at peace and in harmony with all the decisions I make so that there are no more regrets. Sometimes I mess up so badly, today I remembered to forgive myself for my weaknesses, which is one less regret I have. Thank you Bronnie and Marie for a very heart warming and deeply touching show…

  161. elena arrendol

    The number one thing that I could change today is to , STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

  162. What a beautiful message! I really loved this video, and Bronnie seems like such a gorgeous human being.

    I recently started my business, and at the age of 41 I feel a bit late to the game. I put off for years and years what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be because of what I thought was expected of me…I think the biggest thing I am taking away from this video is the part about not working too hard. It seems like such a juxtaposition because I am doing it all by myself so I feel like there is NEVER enough time in the day. Sometimes I feel like my family suffers because I am spending practically all of my time on the business. I can see that I need to strike more of a balance between my personal life and my business.

    Thanks as always for the inspiring message!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      April, I so hear you. Especially when you’re a solo act, it can feel like there’s never enough time. For a few more helpful ideas about taking time off and finding that balance, I thought I might share another great MarieTV episode with you:

      I hope you enjoy it — it’s one of my favs!

  163. This was so wonderful to listen to after the crazy and emotionally charged year I had in 2015 – I altruistically donated a kidney and started my own business. There were many moments of reflection this past year and thankfully, no regrets. It is a path I must continue my life journey on.

    • Jennifer – I love your courage and generosity! XOOX

  164. Dear Marie,

    This episode is very inspiring (and moving!) I love Bronnie’s soulful insight into this topic and how she conveys the message so that everybody can understand. The part I like the most is when she says that at times it is okay to let go of our work so that we can give more space to other aspects of our life; for example, we can take better care of our loved ones. I have to admit that sometimes I get so caught up with work that I forget to say I love you, or I get home so exhausted because I put too much energy into my job that I have no energy left even to talk to those who matter most to me. Bronnie’s words are really helpful and give good guidance indeed. Thanks for sharing!


  165. Ro Cedola

    Thanks for this wonderful interview. I also have spent years working with the oldest folks. And I kept telling my husband, “Life is short. You got to do what is meaningful for you, what your heart calls to you to do. You have to do it now.” I had heard so many sad stories of people that were waiting to retire and then they got sick. So after years of saying it, we took our first much desired trip to Italy! It was magical.
    I’m now at my own crossroads and this again is that reminder to give myself the opportunity to do what has been tugging at my heart for years….

  166. I want my heart to sing!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      It’s singing in there, Lisa, I’m sure of it. It just might take some time and kindness to hear it!

  167. Satyakaam

    The the main feeling that came up during Bronnie’s sharing is why am I in such resistance to move forward in my “practice”. More aptly my life’s play. Teaching meditation is play for me as I get to meditate more often.
    Also I am a songwriter/composer/ musician and that has been on the shelf as well.
    This affirmation is right now! The snooze is over!!!

    Thanks Marie,


  168. I loved this video and it’s so clear to me what my heart is asking for! Thank you 🙂

  169. I work too much. I am in my lower 30’s and I know I am already on that path to thinking I work too much and I do not spend enough time with my husband, my family, my friends, my dogs, etc.
    I think it would be great if I could get away from that, but at this point in my business I just don’t have the resources to work less. I am hoping joining B-School helps me to leverage my skills and business to a point that I can acquire more help and have more time for everything else in life. =)

  170. I have also worked with people during the final stages of life and it is truly difficult. I love the message, I just wish I could hear my intuition as loudly as others. No matter how many marie tv episodes I watch, I still have trouble finding that inner voice.

  171. Karen

    Hi Marie,
    I really enjoyed the show today. Bronnie makes it clear how fleeting life is and how important it is to live your ‘authentic self’. I truly believe that if we live and breathe what makes us happy the energy becomes contagious, time becomes timeless. Effort becomes effortless. Lovely show today. I’ll be following her blog.

  172. DeAnna

    Powerful and life-affirming!

  173. Great episode Marie! My biggest take away was don’t work so hard. I keep saying to myself “All work and no play, makes Robyn a dull girl”, but I’m still working my day job while trying to replace my income. I feel like if I slow down then I will never get there. It is frustrating but I know I need to listen to this regret. Thank you again!

  174. Jacques

    I love the message that is highlighted. Keep doing your thing Marie!!

  175. Fabi

    WAUW, such beautifull message. I’m recovering from à burn-out and learning lots of new things. Regret number 1 and the last thing she said about being happy, touched me because I learned that i’m denying myself a lot of things. Thank you Bronnie and Marie for this video.

  176. Thank you, Bronnie for your wisdom and sensitivity toward this tender subject. And thank you, Marie for distilling it for us.

    When my parents passed away six years ago – within the same year – I witnessed the how we should never wait to do what we want to do in life. B-School has given me the tools to apply this knowledge by working on making my life and the life of others the best it can be.

    Can’t wait to start another year of B-School with this wonderful community. I’m feeling that delicious fire in my belly again. Bronnie’s experience has just reminded me why I need to listen to my heart.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Debi, it’s a true honor to have you in B-School. So happy to hear you’re doing another round with us this year! xo

  177. Thanks so much Marie and Bronnie!! Beautiful to experience your combined energy in this episode. I resonate so much with having learned to confidently say “no” often and without guilt because it leads me to my big “YES” when it arrives! All part of living in the moment and following the brightest path. XO

  178. This video is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this as I’m always trying to live my life without regrets. And thanks for introducing me to this wonderful lady, I’ll be looking for her books now!

  179. This was beautiful. It inspired me on so many levels. My father is dying. He has always said he wanted no regrets and was going to live the life he wanted no matter what, and he has. That decision caused major fall out in our lives, but if I look past the fallout I can see that it wasn’t a choice for him, it was his path. Thank you for that shift in thinking as he’s near the end of his days. I have always wanted to attend B-School, but today I vowed to find the money for next year. Each time I thought about attending B-School I wondered if I would find myself with a group of women who were competitive, not supportive or community minded, and that stopped me for going forward. After hearing Bronnie say B-school creates women who are collaborative not competitive I realized this is the description of the tribe I am looking for. I have few friends and seem to work all the time, that is no way to live a life. I am committed to bringing intuitive authentic authority to parents versus the reactive authority they are using, and I now see that B-School can help me live that dream, thank you. The final thing that I learned, again, from listening is that I have to stop working so hard. I have been doing 7 days a week for 6 months as I create and launch my new products and website. I’m emotionally spent. That’s no way to live a life and no way to access the intuition and inspiration that I rely on to move forward. Thanks for that reminder as well! Bronnie is a beautiful spirit who is on target with her message. And watching you Marie as you interviewed her was magical too. Your true spirit came shining through, it was beautiful to watch! So well done! And a great start to the day. Thank you both!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear about your father. We’re sending love your way. And hooray to you for saving up for B-School – we would truly love to have you join us when the timing is best for you! xo

  180. Hi Maria,
    I enjoyed the video very much. I believe life really is to short to live with regrets. This video confirms it even more. It makes me realize I am in the right path as I have been moving forward in a new career. Thank you Pauline

  181. I know that if I continue on the path of trying to find fulfillment through a regular job I will have regret!!

    This is just the beginning for me, and I PROMISE I will do everything I can to get my business going, have more time for my family, and make my hopes and dreams for all of us a priority! !

  182. Thank you Marie for this inspiration! I am saving up for B School.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Mary Beth! We’d be thrilled to have you join us when the time is right for you 🙂

  183. Jaya

    Just had to tweet this one…
    In gratitude to both Bronnie & Marie! Life is for living and living it with a heart centred tribe that keeps you in the vibe moment to moment and the take away to just live it as best as you can..….
    Sean Croxton’s words echo…Life happens. Good happens. Bad happens. We can give life permission to bring us to our knees, to make us the victims of our circumstances. Or we can put up our dukes and keep moving forward, no matter how many punches we take.
    Because life is in constant motion. We’re either moving forward or backward. The choice is ours….

    Aging with grace now and taking what I have and pouring my caring into that and that flexibility is, i think what we really need to foster….its critical in order to keep myself from losing contact with my birthright which is to be alive. Life is to enjoy all shades of it for even in the suffering there is some joy… Enj❤️Y the day.

  184. I think the single most important change I can make right now to live a life of no regrets is to just let things go and be happy with where I am in this present moment. I often compare my life and where it is at with others. I don’t give myself enough credit and I put too much pressure on myself because of these comparisons I make. I then live a life of overwhelm and I become hopeless. I just need to let go of what I think I need to be doing and let go of what I think others are thinking of me (which are all made up in my head). It is robbing me of my happiness and freedom and I freeze up and get stuck. Feeling stuck is not a fun feeling. I am going to reward myself more, give myself more credit, pat myself on the back, and stop living this “should be” life!

  185. Shannon Nix

    I recently sold my business and closed the other in order to spend more time with my family and friends. My family of four are downsizing to eliminate debt in order to create a less stressful lifestyle. We began our journey at the end of last year. I am also looking to switch jobs, preferably to a non profit. I did a ton of soul searching last year and have come to realize that I have a greater calling and that is to help others. I just haven’t found out how yet. I am going back to my roots and planting a wonderful future for my family. I am so excited for the changes that are ahead. I too want to live without regrets. Here’s to making it happen!

  186. Who wants to join up for a work effective and enjoy live group? I was so touched because my problem is not that I work too much but rather that I am not working effectively. There have been so many difficult decisions to make and after that I often just distract myself. So when my son is asking me to have time for him I have to tell him that I don’t. So it made me think that I will really regret this if I go on and I promised myself that I will work

    • sorry, some technical …… so I promised myself that I will work effectively and then take time and do fun things. would be great if there are some likeminded for a group exchange!

  187. Fabio

    Loved the episode.. thank you so much and keep up the amazing work.

    Love the concept of “having the courage to follow your hearts desire in life”. It is something that I’m trying to shape my life around.

    Kind regards
    Fábio Bragança

  188. Bronnie…such a gentle, compassionate, and beautiful soul.
    Having lost so many of my loved ones and friends to death, including my immediate family, and a young husband at the age of 27 I am acutely aware how life can change in a split second. It changes our priorities, our perception and brings everything into clear focus.
    I haven’t ever heard of Bronnie Ware until today. I will certainly seek out her books. Thank you Marie for introducing her.

    Though I haven’t read her book about regrets of the dying, I was happy to know the first regrets mentioned I do not have and my life is in alignment.
    I am very happy to know my creative purpose in doing exactly what I want to do, being an artist. I am semi-retired living in rural Nova Scotia and out of the rat race. Work is highly over-rated. However that said, I did what I had to in order to be living the lifestyle that I am.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Catherine, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Your mindset, and the way you’ve lived your life, sound beautiful. So glad you were able to focus on your art and not overwork yourself!

      • Thank you Kristin.

        It’s important to be prepared for death, our own or our loved one’s but it is difficult when we live in a death phobic society. I think because so many people feel it is the end and they have lost hope. I believe there exists the life death life cycle.

        There are far worse things than death. I love the Inuit story of Skeleton Woman which I did a painting of, based on Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run With The Wolves. Here is the link to my blog post about the story of Skeleton Woman.

  189. Ok, In light of others postings on this I feel the need to share a bit of my story!
    Condensed version from my memoir…
    I was married and a stay at home mom to our 7 children for 21yrs to an alcoholic. In year 21 he called after being picked up on his 17th impaired charge. Something in me snapped and I decided enough was enough.
    8 months later on my way to drop the kids at my moms house 1300klms away for a week. This was so I could try and sort out “how” I was going to do single parent life, (my husband took off to do offshore rigs, “teach me a lesson” and avoid paying child support.

    On our way to my moms house we were rear ended by a drunk driver doing 175 klms/hr (thats the speed his speedometer broke at). I had all 7 children and everything bolted down in the factory camperized van, spread all over the east and west bound lanes of the Transcanada #1. It took 9 hours to clean up and open the highways again. I had 3 children on life support and the rest with plates and screws holding them together but “We all lived and there are no permeant handicaps”
    That night and those to follow changed my priorities in life immensely. I went from the biggest pity party to being grateful for every second, every child, every “True need” in life. No more problem deciding what was a “need” and what was a “want” after that.

    My children are now grown 20 years later (the youngest was 3 at the time). And I have 17 grandchildren and 2 elderly parents. Life every day is amazing! Of course there are ups and down but I prioritize those downs in a whole different light (by choice).

    I hope this inspires some…I wish I could add more insights and details but no room…hahaha

    • Thank you Carol for sharing your story. You truly are a shining inspiration of love, light, and hope.

      Alcoholism I am well acquainted with. It does a complete and thorough job of ruining families, but with help and recovery there is happiness and hope.

  190. Johanna DePeña

    Ahh, this was SO timely. Thank you for this. Getting Bronnie’s book ASAP!

  191. Nalin

    Dear Marie, Do you have time to read all these comments ?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Nalin, she reads them all 🙂 And so does Team Forleo!

  192. So inspirational. Living with no regrets, what a fantastic goals for all of us!

  193. Nikki

    Thank you for sharing, live a life with no regrets, one gets bogged down so quickly with things, live a balanced life and be courageous. X

  194. Sarah

    Again and again Marie, you bring your whole self to the episodes and it is so inspiring to see you be yourself and share what has inspired you and supported you throughout your journey. Thanks for sharing and being you! It makes my world a better place!

  195. Fiona

    Bronnie for President.
    Oh My Lord!
    This lady is soothing to the voice, heart and soul. Thanks for such a fabliss Marie episode today Marie. It’s one to cherish AND, I totes needed to hear this today. You have created such a wonderful community in these here digital corridors. Thank You! Can’t wait for B-school learning..
    Fiona x

  196. Terry

    A close friend called this week about a job offer she was considering. After 5 minutes, it was clear that her heart was calling out a big NO but the “have to make money” voice was overpowering it. I encouraged her to listen to her gut. The gut never lies. Then it struck me how hard it is to give myself permission to not only hear what my gut is telling me, but to honor it. To follow its leading. Frankly, I think I sometimes walk through life as if there is some stern “judges panel” following me everywhere. And – great interview today. The subject matter really matters!

  197. Oh my gosh, Marie, this show really impacted my soul. It seems this is the message Spirit is trying to share via a variety of different modalities. Three weeks ago, I ended up in the emergency room, just with muscle spasms from trying to lift a heavy Armoire. A young man brought in an older woman, apparently his mother, in a wheelchair who was getting ready to go into hospice. I believe Spirit got me at that place at that time so I could hear the message from a human being who had made so many of the same mistakes I’ve been making. The woman was telling her son that she had so many regrets and now; it was too late; she would never be able to walk by the ocean and stick her feet in the water; she would never be able to hike in the mountains and take in their majesty; she would never be able to do anything foolish; she wouldn’t even be able to live much longer and that was her biggest regret: she had never lived her life; fear had controlled her every decision, her every move, her every hope and dream. She was fearful of everything – and that’s been me; afraid to take a chance; afraid no one will want what I have to offer; afraid no one will accept me but I know in the depths of my soul that I’m supposed to take a chance and this episode really brought it to my attention. Thank you so very much for all you do and give to the multitudes. I also took B school and I thank you so much for that – I loved it!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      What an incredible story, Nancy. There are no coincidences! So glad this week’s episode crossed your path at what sounds like the best time. xo

  198. Tori D.

    Thank you for bringing this conversation to all of us. I have been so busy raising my four children and just started working a couple of years ago. Just trying to find balance is difficult, feeling I’m working too much, not enough money and not doing what I have passion for. Thinking about my own mortality is scarey and liberating. Now I know that its time to look at my own inspiration, going back to school and become a Cosmetology Instructor! I have had my Cosmetology License for 27 years!!
    Many thanks to Marie and Bronnie! Love all your videos Marie!!
    Tori D.

  199. I appreciated the acknowledgment of “permission” to live our lives according to our own desires, and listening to what our intuition is saying, so we are not denying that little voice. I’m free from a very controlling marriage partner and religion, where I was taught to feel that if I listened to my heart that was treacherous, if I did things for ME I was selfish and it has been very challenging to leave those mindsets behind, and give myself permission to seek out my dreams and desires, rather than waiting for God to fix the world, or building my former spouses career, while mine was not a consideration. The hardest part has been having the means to educate myself to “catch up” for the years of being in a “bubble.” Finding the balance between working too much and being allowed to just take time for me is still a balancing act for me to master! Which is why I named my business B. Balanced Pilates

  200. Charlotte

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie.
    Beautiful, inspirational. No more regrets. When she talked about giving song writing to women in jail made me think that I should write about the transformation I have seen in women in jail the past 14 years visiting them weekly for Bible Studies. We see God’s miracles in how He changes their lives. The women have so many regrets also. We see the changes from anger, denying, acceptance, peace and to even say “I am here in prison for a reason.” Praise God. I listened to the video 3 times. Thank you again. Hope to take B School. Marie is so humble,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s incredible, Charlotte. I think it would be tremendous if you shared your experiences with others. And we’d be honored to have you in B-School if it feels like the right fit!

  201. Rob

    Interesting! Just last night, as I was falling asleep, I was thinking of my life, especially of myself as a boy, and if I could interact with myself at that young age, would there be anything I would want to say, any warnings I would want to give, any tips or other advice?

    I think through Bronnie’s work she has gained an insight and sensitivity to things that is much different than the average person, and her generous nature is to share them with others.

    Two of the five “regrets of the dying” that really resonated with me are these:

    1. Do what you love and don’t be afraid.
    2. Don’t be over-consumed by work.

  202. Kathleen

    What a wonderful interview, I’ve enjoy it so much. Since I was quite jung I’ve realized this ride is not for ever and since then, I am trying to live in the present and follow my dreams, but many times we get trapped in our routine and time just go by…. that’s why is so important to get reminded of this and the importance of keeping true to our selfs. Thank you so much from the button of my hart.

  203. This was perfect for me to hear this morning, thank you Marie and Bonnie! I remember deciding way back in high school that I don’t believe in regrets… we do what we do and we miss what we don’t, there is no need to dwell on it and awfully harmful to beat ourselves up about it. My goal is to empower people to take their health into their own hands. It becomes difficult when I have to work a second job that pulls be away from that mission. Working too hard resonates with me big time right now. That is the message that resonates with me the most for today, but I will watch again I’m sure. I will continue to walk that path with courage and pride because I KNOW in my HEART that this is the path I should be on. No regrets here, thank you so much for the reminder and inspiration!

  204. Thanks for this great reminder! As an ICU nurse, I have seen my share of deaths as well, in fact I was the “Angel of Death” on my unit. I seemed to always get the patients that were heading towards a “do not resuscitate” status and it was something I was good at-helping the patient and families deal with the process. Being in hospitals from such a young age influenced me a lot by showing me how short life is. Switching roles and moving into the corporate health world brought on many changes. I kind of lost sight of the preciousness of life and was caught up in the go go go and priorities of others. I needed this video to remind me that I don’t want to live a life full of regrets. Thank you both for your words.

  205. Marie, I have been watching you since September and I am almost convinced B-School is for me. You bring on such inspiring people on your show including Bronnie Ware. I think what stuck with me most in this video is the idea of success being built with balance and not just hard work. I know I don’t want to get to the end of my life and feel I worked to hard and didn’t grant myself enough time to connect with the ones I love. My grandmother, my moral compass, passed back in November from Stage 4 Uterine Cancer. She was such a fighter and I truly don’t think she regretted the way her life came to a close. While I wish she could have read Bronnie’s book, I feel she would tell me today to slow down, be thankful for what you have and where you’re going. I hope Bronnie is reading this to see that I believe the dying have so much to teach us, even after they have gone. I believe it’s a mix of my actions and a little bit of my grandma’s doing in terms of all the good I have experienced since she passed. Thank you for sharing Bronnie’s work with us Marie.

  206. This was so touching. Thank you Marie & Bronnie. My father isn’t in the best health & the doctors want to have the palative care conversation. My dad’s health matters have been hard to watch because he’s a very unhappy man. Watching someone die is one thing & that’s hard enough but watching someone die unhappy is heartbreaking. This post reinforced that living the life our hearts beg us to live is our birthright. I believe our purpose is to follow our hearts. When we follow our hearts reason our light gets brighter so we can light up the world. Thank you guys so much 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Patricia, I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s health. Sending loads of love your way!

  207. Gareth Hermann

    Hi Marie and Bronnie,

    Thank you for sharing! I would like to ask you a question:

    What is the most important question one can ask oneself?


  208. It’s lovely. I don’t have a lot of regrets, but I am often stuck between heart and head. I am highly analytical and i get stuck sometimes between the heart and the head. And then balancing your financial decisions with heart decisions. iw ould love to trip around the world but I’d prefer not to sell my house to do it. I have children so I can’t just run off and do as I please.

  209. Maria

    Absolutely resonate with Bonnie, loved this video clip!
    I am at this point in my life and I am trying to follow the heart and be patient with where it is taking me!

  210. This was so encouraging to me. As a mother Entrepreneur I am constantly met with the NEED for balance in pushing hard for what I feel called to do and the blessing of what I NEED to do to be the type of mother I want to be. Its refreshing to hear these truths put out there unapologetically. BALANCE and listening to that tug in our soul to put the work down sometimes! Cannot wait to do B School

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kiersten, so glad you found this episode so encouraging. We can’t wait to have you join us for B-School if it feels like the right fit for you!

  211. Maggie

    Biggest take away would be to let go of my current regrets and to focus on following my heart from here on in. To not focus on the logical thinking of my mind that always seems to over power my heart. To focus on letting that little voice speak louder. To not let FEAR take over and develop more regret. To do what I love and show the world.

  212. I am so inspired. I need to forgive myself my past and look to my future with peace and confidence. I also need to learn to say no. My life needs to meet my agenda first and foremost. Thanks so much!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So happy this inspired you so much, Gwendolyn. Go forward with loads of peace and confidence – you absolutely deserve it!

  213. The above link says a lot about how I feel as it was written in first person, regrets etc. That said, just recently I was honored to write a page in Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s last book. “Refusing to Quit.” True stories of women over 60. She was writing this book to tell the media that life does not stop (or your brain does not quit working) just because you turn 50, 60,or 70, for that matter and you can see by reading the “real” stories, the latter is very true. For many it is the beginning of learning something new, something valuable and being of value to someone else, who just might be younger and need the experience that you have.

    The “Change” needed??? I need to see some results in my work. That would be very motivational for me. I have been online for 6 yrs and need to see something that I have done to be helpful, encouraging and worth the work I have put into it.

    Thank you for the invite and a great lesson.

  214. Christine

    I am inspired by living the lift my heart calls me to… I am reading Amy Cuddy’s book, “Presence”… which is yet another piece to the “living the life I was meant to live”… and bringing my gifts into the world. Anyway, this was a wonderful video. Quite powerful, actually.

  215. Tina Pruitt

    Simply fabulous in every way!

  216. Thank you for another pause. I worked with just one person who was dying and helped her through that process and felt such honor and connection to essentially a stranger. When Marie spoke about community and connection I really connected with her and at the same time felt that isolation because of the lack of human interaction. I wished I could call her or ” stop by” and have a discussion. I feel our children in this generation will have so many regrets because they have not even been given the chance or tools to connect on a human level. They have been raised in a TOO BUSY world, with pacing and cut throat global competition. I am trying to win a SCHOOL scholarship and it is based on connecting with people! Sharing our stories and supporting moms/ children in the dyslexic world. All the amazing information, blogs, books, seminars…just don’t and will never replace someone LISTENING and laughing, crying …BEING WITH YOU!. More connection is an answer to more peace and joy in the world. Thank you for the inspiration and for reminding us we are not that important to the success of everything, a reminder to step out of pleasing and ego and be our true selves. Just the reminder I needed today. Thank you.

  217. Andrea

    Excellent topic! It goes straight to the soul. It reminds me how important is to find balance in our lives, but also to live an authentic life that make us happy! thanks for sharing! Andrea from Venezuela.

  218. Dionne

    For months I have been pondered, now that I have a second chance to start my professional life over, how should I proceed. Should I continue working in human services, which I love or explore a career in business which takes me out of my comfort zone but will provide more support for my family. Living a life without regrets is so important as I get older. I want to have wisdom and guidance to share with my children. Watching the video it pricked my heart, because I do not want to be at the end stages of life and look back and have a long list of regrets and would have, should have, could have’s…I want to live My life and love MY life.

  219. Michael Cavitt

    Marie and Bronnie, this was a wonderful interview and introduction to the book. The biggest thing I took away was affirmation of the decisions I have been making for the last two year.
    Best, Michael

  220. Live the life you want and don’t worry about others. Enjoy every moment of your life and be present.

  221. Bill

    Interesting concept to know what older people find to be the greatest regrets and use that information to dig the well before we feel the thirst.

  222. Arin Saha

    Would you believe….I am actually reading this book now…almost half way through. And what an amazing book it is. Thanks Bronnie for sharing all that knowledge and blessings, and am sure it is going to touch and change the lives of many. I’m so grateful to you for writing this book and to God for bringing it to me. Thank you!!

  223. Living life with passion is the key to aging well. When we understand that all works for our good we have discovered how to get better with age! Amazing!
    Happy day!

  224. Christian

    The pawing. Small thing, so beautiful.

  225. I am sitting in a hotel room in Europe after a long busy day of work, far from my home and family back in Canada. The video had me in tears, almost from the start. I’m grateful for the life I have lived and the opportunities that my work has brought me. However, increasingly, my values are shifting in another direction. I don’t feel aligned with the choices I made as a young woman. For it is the desires of a 24 year old that landed me here today, not the 46 year I am now. So while I don’t mean to diminish this life or the people who still enjoy it, it is not for me anymore. But, I am frightened to make a change. I’ve grown comfortable and I can’t seem to reconcile my actions with what my heart is telling me. When I frame my thoughts around the notion of avoiding regret, me fear turns to utter sadness. I won’t soon forget this night or this video.

  226. Maddygray

    Thank you Marie & Bronnie, a warm heartfelt yet strong Marie TV episode.
    The message I am taking away is to confidently say no to things that don’t align with my heart song. As things are lining up in my life and I feel the strong pull to be the full expression of myself in the world, other offers of work are coming my way and while tempting, they don’t really align with who I and the way I wish to serve. Sometimes, when you want to do good in the world it can be tempting to want to serve everyone, saying no to somethings will permit me to have more time to focus on having a bigger impact in the way I dream of. Also when Bonnie talked about making decisions and taking the one with no regret- regardless of how scary or hard it seems at the time… I like that ? as always thank you for all that you do…looking forward to B-school 2016!!

  227. A funny thing happened this morning.
    I was rushing around getting ready to take the train from Long Island into NYC. I put my phone in a bag to carry it downstairs (with a ton of other stuff I was bringing in for the day) and heard a voice say “Don’t put that there, you are going to forget it”
    I ignored that voice.
    And driving to the train, I said F*#K!!! I forgot my phone at home! I had to laugh because I knew I should have listened!

    I know this is a silly story but my point is that voice is so loud and clear that we need to pay attention to it.
    I’ll do my best to pause and listen more often.

    Thank you for such a great interview and for all of the love and light you spread to the world!

  228. Cheryl Wakeham

    I loved this and could have listened to you two talk more!!!
    Reminded me of my grandmother passing her pearls of wisdom to me, “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time cleaning the house” was one I needed to hear.

  229. We humans are all different in so many ways but in some much the same. Tim Magraw’s song ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ plays in my head, on a regular basis, reminding me to live fully, from the heart, without regret. Even before the song came out it was my mantra. Your questions for Bronnie hit key points on how similar we can be and the importance of living from that place of true feeling… for me, during your Q&A, Magraw’s song was playing softly in the background. Great interview.

    As an author I’m someone who is, during the day, home alone with my dogs. It suits me well but I smile each week when I see I have an email from Marie. Your videos are amusing, insightful, and like a short visit from a friend. I’ve been watching you for awhile and I thought it was time I let you know how much I appreciate you and your crew. Thank you.

    • Wow Cecilia, you REALLY touched my heart with that – THANK YOU!

  230. Melanie Hope

    I’m in a new place in many areas of my life now which requires me to really step it up when it comes to listening to my heart and all that it’s passionate about. There’s is nothing more beautiful than seeing the magic unfold as I do this. Great timing with this video/article. Thanks for always being so inspirational and such a vibrant light, Marie.

  231. Sarah C

    Wow, Marie, your email really was right. This video and the whole principle of Bronnie’s book is wonderful. So wonderful, I’ve written all the 5 regrets out in jazzy colours on a piece of paper with a positive spin, to remind myself of how I want to live my life. It’s sitting right next to my desk so I can keep looking at it while I work.

  232. It’s something I have specifically touched on in my own blog… Our health is so much more than purely the physical aspects. We are integral Beings – body, mind, & Spirit! We have to nurture all of these to truly flourish and ‘live clean’.

    Following our hearts is of utmost importance. I love how Bronnie specifically states that following our hearts (even by saying ‘no’) is going to benefit everyone around us in the long run anyway. Amen to that!

    When trying to make a difficult decision – I try to remember to use what I call the “rocking chair test”…. When I’m relaxing on my porch with white hair and laugh-lines-a-plenty – will I be glad I did it? Will I be glad I didn’t? Will it even matter then? Gives great perspective!

    I also regularly (personally) use my kids as guides in an indirect way. I ask myself – what kind of memory do I want THEM to have of a particular situation? There is something to be said about balance here too though…. We don’t want to ultimately lose ourselves/ our identity in the raising of our kids – giving up too much of ourselves. But on the flip side of that, we also want to make sure we enjoy the opportunity we have now – to bond with them and develop a true relationship with those we love. It helps KEEP things in perspective!

    Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health ALL depend on balance and following our hearts!

  233. Rahena

    Every time I watch one of your videos, it opens my mind, inspires me, and makes me want to improve myself. This was no different; wonderful insight and so thought provoking. Thank you for all you do.

    • Sending you so much love Rahena. THANK YOU for continuing to watch 🙂

  234. “The heart knows no questions, the mind knows no answers.” That succinct wording will be with me always!! The theory is a guiding force for me (on most days!), and this phrasing will now be my mantra. … The truth of this entire message, to live without regret and that being able to do so is available to us TODAY, is so powerful and so moving. I see it and feel it for real, and it is getting stronger and stronger within me. I am quicker to respond to life from my heart as the years go on. It is my intention to live fully and happily and healthfully, with no regrets, only gratitude at the end of my time here. Thank you for sharing! XO

  235. Tierra Cooper

    This video channeled and heightened my awareness to lessons that I have been gracious enough to have heard before. However the way Bronnie and Marie eloquently shared those nuggets helped me realize that this is something that needs to be applied to my life daily.
    It is so easy to get motivated with a sense that you can conquer it all. The difficult task is keeping that momentum and allow these principles to guide you every day.
    My takeaway from this episode is to implement the lesson from those regrets daily. Living up to my full potential by taking the risk and not second guessing stop second guessing. I thank both of these beautiful spirits for sharing this message.

  236. This was very timely (as always). Just last night we received news of my husband’s Uncle passing. I believed he lived a full life, with few regrets. It’s comforting to know that, and be able to comfort our adult children with that knowledge also, and use it as an opportunity to share the “living w/ no regrets” lifestyle.

    I am grateful for this message today, thank you both Marie and Bronnie.

  237. Thank you so much Bronnie Ware and Marie Forleo! My heart was signing and full of joy through the entire video. Mainly because I used to say to people that they don’t have to die before taking and following the path that has a heart. I even wrote an article in 2014 – Do you know how to die? – where I was urging people to organize the last stage of their life to learn to fully live…NOW.

    To take the path that has a heart is not always an easy path to walk on, but once engaged on it you know for sure that a new opportunity to be born again was offered to you.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. Here are two examples of what may represent to follow the path of your heart. 1- In 2001 I took a group of blind people to climb the highest peak of Costa Rica (12545.93 ft) when at first the admin of the park said that it was too dangerous. But I knew that I had to do that for my heart was signing thinking of this adventure – a team of a local TV channel even came with us the 5 days that the activity lasted. Since then many other physically challenged travelers did it and blind people had the opportunity to carry their message to the world which was “If we can, YOU can!”. 2- While I was told that to learn another language was not for me, I am finishing the writing of a Spanish book, began to write a book in English and preparing myself to give talks in USA in 2017…. To follow a path with a heart leads us on a road filled with joy and beyond what we could have imagined being able to do.

  238. Lynn Collett

    I need to go to New Zealand and be with my daughter, grandchildren and also my son who is about to move there as well.

  239. Marie,
    That was amazing I am a little bit bias as like Bronnie I am an Aussie.
    You asked perfect questions and you asked them in a way that was easy to understand to me at least, and really made me stay tuned and in the moment. A lot of the webinars I have done in the past I struggle with concentrating especially just a blank screen with someone talking.
    The camera loves you, and your personality is such that you are extremely likable but at the same time the way you speak very eloquent and your hopefullness is inspiring and attractive.
    I am a very visual person and I am right hand brain all the way. I am hopeful that you may be able to help me get successful and reach its full potential.
    I am extremely grateful for Andreea Ayres as without her I would not be in the great position I am in today with my business, she opened many doors for me including O magazines O list and Favorite things.
    Thank you ladies and have yourselves a great day

  240. Marie your videos always speak to me at different times in my life. Today I was contemplating giving up on my dreams. THIS cements the fact to not give up. Bronnie’s experience is so simple & enlightening. Choosing no regrets today, thank you xo

  241. This really hit home right now. I’m at a fork on the road. I have a good job with lots of advantages and was just offered another one which would upgrade my financial situation (though it comes with sacrifices in other areas of life). But what I really want to do is to focus on my photography and illustration, to take my creativity to the next level, to build my own legacy. I’ve been wavering because I have children and the financial security would be better for them in the short term. Maybe.

    But now I see that I need to live for what I love and believe to be my calling. The kids are fed, housed, loved, and safe. Bringing in more money for extras at the expense of following my dreams cannot be the right choice if it’s going to make me miserable and regretful in the long run. The girls need to see that they can follow their dreams and work hard to make them come true. That’s another legacy I can build.

  242. Meg

    I am a jeweler and getting ready for a two week studio art tour. On a smaller scale- this is a good perspective to make decisions from- i.e: design for the money or design from your heart. I would regret not making the work that I truly want to make. Hopefully the money will follow- but I can’t control that.

  243. Wow, I really need to read Bronnie’s books. Looking over some of the comments already left here and I see alot of people thinking back to a loved ones they’ve lost. My father passed away 4 years ago at 49 years of age and I know that he had been trying so very hard to live a life without regret. Constantly telling my brother and I not allow ourselves to be controlled by fear. Everyday I wish he were still alive and here with us, but a small part of me wonders if part of his life path in dying early was to serve as a true and resounding form of inspiration supporting me (and my brother) to truly, TRULY live a life without regrets and start our own businesses as he did. 🙂

  244. Great to see another Aussie on Marie TV 🙂 This is such a beautiful video. I’ve read so much about Bronnie over the years and it was great to see her tell the story. This has inspired me to finish my half-written article – The Top 5 Regrets If The Living – based on a the years I have spent (as a patient) in hospital rehabilitation wards. My fellow patients opened up to me with so many regrets. Except these people were not dying. they were about to ‘start again’.
    Lots of love to Marie and the team for helping bring joy and understanding to the world.
    Lisa xx

  245. What’s the single most important change you can make right now to live fully, with no regrets?

    Being brave to live my life my way will be easier when I listen to my heart.
    Now to get my brave on!

  246. Rosie

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful episode. I am new to Marie TV and I am so glad I found it. Bronnie, how honoured were you to spend time with those who are passing and for being able to share their wisdom. I lost my closest friend to cancer, she passed when I was in the room. I spent many hours with her, talking, sharing, remembering. I remember how she looked at me, gave me her smile, then her soul departed. It sounds weird but, I felt blessed that she waited for me before she left. I miss her. She made me promise to live my life, told me she believed I could be anything. I thank her for that every day. Bronnie, thank you for sharing. Marie, thank you for bringing her into our lives. Rosie

  247. Vibrant, pure messages from this beautiful video. Thank you for making it irresistible to open my inbox this morning! So many areas of life can be filled with a vast amount of light just by choosing the challenging path to our desired level of happiness! Keeping everyone else happy, or travelling a path well worn out by the masses, by way of a job, relationship is the fastest way to lose touch with your soul as you realise it’s the ‘easy’ route. Yet you’re soul is stifled, struggling to breath and intuition is difficult to ‘hear’. Upon looking at my own life’s choices the jobs and relationships I broke away from, based on a gut feeling something was just ‘not feeling right’ and those around me declared me crazy, I never regretted those actions and the happiness that followed!
    Thank you Marie for his reminder as I get my business off to a greater start!

  248. Carine Pedersen

    Hi Marie and Bronnie!

    I’m so thankful that you shared this with me and I am really gonna start listening to my heart. I far too often do what I think is the right thing but not necessarily feel energy from. I will from now on stop and feel.:)

    Have a wonderful day

    Love Carine

  249. I sat down to watch this video but along I was thinking I don’t have time, too much work to be done.
    So glad I watch it.
    1. A fresh reminder that I am doing just what I was meant to be doing
    2. I can work hard at the business but should work equally hard at living and being in all the sweet moments happening around me.

    Thanks again!

  250. Wow, I actually shed a tear watching this video & I’m looking forward to reading Bronnie’s book in the near future.
    “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected me too.” This one resonates with me as I’ve come from a background where there has been an emphasis on setting yourself up in life through study and picking a career path that enables a comfortable life rather than following your heart. I’ve always stood out from the crowd growing up within my culture, but I have been lucky enough to have the most incredible parents that have supported my decisions along the way wherever my heart desires. From that support I’ve always allowed myself to follow my heart, I’m not saying that I haven’t at times made choices that I have felt are things that are expected of me from others, and they’ve definitely felt like mistakes, but in the end my heart chooses my path and it has been hard. I’ve been swayed by two cultures my entire life, but my heart has always led my path. I’m glad I trust my instincts & follow my hearts desires.
    Thank you for sharing these incredible stories Bronnie, and thank you Marie for making this available to us. The perfect start to my day.

  251. Jen

    This was so beautifully unexpected and such important message, and for me, Bronnie gave the perfect example of someone who is a healer and is just sharing what she knows in the most natural way, and she reached millions of people. I was so moved by this. Thank you, Marie!

  252. Laura

    …Just wanted to add to the wise words of Bronnie that meditation can accelerate that opening of the heart/intuition. I was lucky to have found meditation in my 20’s and it turned my life around 180 degrees, without having to be on my deathbed. I have miles to go, but at least I am on my way and not floundering…

  253. michele

    Wow! A very special edition today. Thank you. I will be buying this book. Bronnie is a very special person Her inner peace shines through

  254. First time I’ve ever commented here.. After watching the interview I was immediately inspired to write to my mailing list and share the link! I very recently changed the tagline of my business to ‘Live True to Yourself, Without Apology’ I spent many years not living true to myself and know how soul-destroying that life is. My niche is 40+ women who are struggling in their marriages because their life just feels ‘wrong’ but they are afraid to put their own happiness first.

    The single most important change I can make is to get out of my own way and own the fact that I am uniquely qualified to help these women give themselves permission to live true to themselves, however that looks, (whether they choose to stay in their marriages or leave) and to not apologise for their choices.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Incredible Julie and thank you SO MUCH for sharing this episode with your audience. So so so appreciate it!

  255. Zoltan Nagy

    Thanks for the wise advices ,very powerful message.we all get caught in the rat race and some of us don’t even realize that,sometimes you have to step out from your own box and ask the question:Am I living the life I would love to watch on my passing days?

  256. How inspiring! So we all start somewhere, huh? I can start right now by writing the first entry to my blog. I started one before but now I found a purpose. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to say and Ideas I want to share. I am also in the blue for making blog entries that follow the line I want it to have BUT I can just freaking do it! Thank you for being so inspiring!

  257. Nadeige

    I always find it interesting when the heart is seeking something it is missing, the universe delivers. This video comes a crucial time in my life where I feel unhappy and know that there is something inside me that is pulling me towards what I am meant to do. It’s what seems to be an ongoing battle, but this helped clarify for me that I need to do what is best for me in my heart. I certainly do not want to live with regret ten years from now. I want to live to my utmost potential and thrive! This has been extremely beneficial to help me figure out which road to take. Thank you Marie and Bronnie!!


  258. This quote resonated with me tremendously:

    “We have to follow our own hearts calling..the hearts calling ends up benefiting everyone in the long’s a guiding light”

    Following your bliss BENEFITS everyone in the long run…I’ve always believed this to be true…u might think that that person needs you to do something…but if it’s against your heart, then it’s wrong for you and them… Follow your heart…always…xox

  259. Thank you! I read this book many years ago however I feel like I’m now experiencing these lessons in a new way.

  260. Lyndal

    Im about to release my first book, an autobiography, and I resonated most with the realisation that for each growth that is about to come to us, we are being prepared for. When it doesn’t come, it’s because we aren’t ready.

  261. I’m going to figure out how to weave Bronnie’s 5 insights into the college & career planning work I do with high school & college students. How can I intentionally lead them through these sentiments to guide them in planning — not from a place of fear, but a place of enlightened courage? What a brilliant question to play with! Thank you both!

  262. Jaianne

    I found this so beautiful and moving. I’m struggling a lot with this right now, trying desperately to figure out what my heart is telling me. My heart is split and torn in opposite directions, and this interview helped give me more clarity. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message! Thank you!

  263. Can’t really say what made a difference. Men/boys have disliked me since I was two. No matter how I act (kind, thoughtful, interested, nice fun, flirty, upbeat, distant, cold, bitchy, condescending, playful or “myself”) NOTHING works. So I’ve decided to basically be mean to them. This way, I’ll have no regrets by wasting my time by being nice to them. Nothing I do works, so why not? I’ve had therapy and meds, and those haven’t worked, so I’m going to be a bitch and make men feel like stupid fools for a change.

  264. Mia

    When you’re on your path, the stars and guidance you’re suppose to receive align in front of you. This episode of Marie TV was it for me. First, Bronnie is such an amazing soul! Today, I started taking action in alignment with my purpose while thinking “If the average person lives to be 80 years old, and I have x years left, what MUST I do, experience, and be before my time is up?”. Now watching this has inspired me into further action. Thank you both Marie and Bronnie for sharing this with us today. Truly grateful!

  265. Adepeju Oluyemisi

    Thx for the reminder, it is a challenge to not allow regret to paralyzed you. Today I going to let go of regrets and use that energy to move me forward.

  266. Denise

    Wow! This has inspired me to pick up Ronnie’s books and begin not only reading them but incorporating them into my life. Like many others here in this wonderful community, I am at a crossroads! I love my work, but I am definitely being called to do some shifting and changing and step out of my comfort zone more. Ronnie’s words really inspired me to just start where I am and follow my heart that is currently singing out very loudly! 🙂 Mahalo nui loa!!! XOXO Denise

  267. Alexandra

    What an incredibly moving and uplifting interview. I take it from it the belief that we must all follow our inner fire, those burning passions that keep us awake at night. I don’t want to take those to the grave yard. I want to sing my personal song, to all those who it may inspire. I’m ready to follow my heart and complete my mission to help as many women as possible to reclaim their rightful life path. I know more than ever that I’m ready for B School. It’s time to spread the power of personal development. There are too many beautiful gifts the world needs to see, hiding in the minds of the fearful. No one needs to feel scared or alone, we should come together to embrace our brilliance before the lights go out. Thankyou Marie TV x

  268. La Shawn Thompson

    I loved this video it truly gave me life. It made me see really
    clear what I really want from my business. It also made
    me really excited to finally finish B-School in March. It’s amazing
    What the B-school community creates in the world. I want to create something wonderful as well to inspire.

    Thank you Bonnie and Marie for this inspiring interview.

    No Regrets starting now!!!!

  269. Truly inspirational.

  270. Just not to get stuck in the cog with a safe job that does not inspire me~

  271. Rebeca

    Hi! I don’t know if I watched it wrong, but is it right that you only mentioned 2 regrets in this video? What are the other 3?

  272. Linnea

    Thank you so much for sharing that episode! Truly a gift!
    I’ve recently decided to follow my heart, after years of being convinced that it was evil to do so, (based on my misconstrued understanding of a biblical reference of the heart being deceitful)… Anyway, I think what I’m taking away from today’s episode is an added dose of courage to follow my dreams, but also the caution to not be in such a rush that I miss the beauty in each day. Slow down, enjoy the flowers, children and romance, but keep plugging away at my soul’s purpose while loving myself, my life, my work. And in the end, all things will compliment each other beautifully.
    Thank you again,

  273. Kate

    As a twenty-something, I feel like I’ve been pretty brave so far in my life. Impulsive maybe, but at the same time – truly following my heart. I recognize that blessing. I strive to be happy and grateful in nearly every moment of my life, and I am. One of the things that plagues me as a possible future regret is a poor relationship I have. It’s with my mom. We have a nearly non existent relationship, and I’m okay with that. She’s not. I’ve received advise from mentors and loved ones whose advise I value. And the theme I hear is to let it go and accept her for who she is. That doesn’t mean I’ll have a relationship with her, but it means it may not plague me anymore. And I do see that it could very well lead to a relationship. I’m not sure where the path to acceptance starts here. I fear I may regret not doing more to heal our relationship, but at the same time — my present is so full of joy, how can I regret what hasn’t happened yet?

  274. Tears welled up during that entire episode. Thank you Bronnie and thank you Marie. Pushing through my fears, getting my business up and running and living my heart’s desires and intentions according to me, is what I got out of this episode. And it’s ok to say no if my heart does not feel called – with no regrets! Thank you xx

  275. Very beautiful and insightful. We all need reminders from time to time that we are here for a specific amount of time. Is it worth it to get worked up over that raise you didn’t get? Or that car that you cannot afford? What is your heart truly telling you? What is it that your heart is telling you to do?

  276. Katrina

    Someone had sent me Bronnie’s article years ago and I loved it and resonated with it. But there is such a big difference between “knowing” something and “applying” something. This is the second time Bronnie, her story and her message has come to me in the last couple of days. They are such timely reminders for me to move away from nodding in agreement with and feeling momentarily resonant with her beautiful words and messages towards following my guidance more and more and more. With gratitude for the beautiful reminders.

  277. I knew about this book before seeing this interview, however, the discussion about how it unfolded was magnificent and raw. I loved the comment on B-school member collaboration instead of competition too (As a fellow B-schooler myself 😉

  278. Wow, Marie and Bonnie. This spoke to me so deeply. As a young(ish) cancer survivor, I’m often plagued with the anxiety of simply not living the life my heart is calling me to live. I am so acutely aware that time is a gift and it could stop ticking at any moment. When Bonnie told the story of Grace and said the dreams you put on hold waiting for more freedom, or the right time, may never come, I cried. Regret #1 is mine and I have to be true to myself and be brave no matter what others think. Gosh, why is it so hard to do?

  279. Barbara

    Loved the segment and the message. It was not so much a new idea as a reminder of the work I do and love and my need to get moving on my marketing rather than putting things off — so that I will have no regrets about not having shared what I know and about others not having had the opportunity to learn from this. And so that I will myself feel fulfilled.

    Thank you both so much!

  280. Hello Marie and Team,

    I don’t usually write posts about the videos presented but today I am extra excited about the content in this one. I have been struggling with the career choices I made and whether I have been foolish, because this road has been very turbulent. I often watch Marie TV and receive email updates to keep me motivated, but I must confess that regret has been my greatest motivator. The thought of leaving this world without doing my best to be great in my field keeps me on this path even though its HARD! I know I am not the only person with struggles and I knew this path would not be easy but I take joy in knowing my son has the example of following passion instead of settling for the norm. I hope to one day join you all for B-School when finances permit. Until then, I will continue to soak up all you have to offer through these great videos and emails.

    With Love,

    Saeeda “Mama Sae” Wright

  281. Krystal

    I really loved this… it was so heart felt and full of beautiful emotion.
    The big work that jumped out for me was Courage.
    We are so often ruled by fears, worries and anxiety, but what magic could be made and experienced if we had the courage to follow our hearts & souls desires!? 🙂 xx

  282. I had the honour of watching Bronnie speak at a Hay House workshop – and I remember the tears and goosebumps I experienced. Thank you so much for having her on Marie TV – I felt that inspiration all over again.

  283. I definitely push too hard at certain business tasks and then I instantly feel that soulful tug about something that matters more. Usually it is in the graceful form of my 6 month old or my 2 year old literally CRYING out for me. And often my 5 year old, too.
    So, I get down on the ground with each of them, roll around, laugh, make them laugh, and stare into the beautiful depths of their beautiful eyes and marvel at their sheer existence. That they blessed me by being born through me. That I get the honor of nurturing them into grownups.
    I imagine us as older and me nearing death when I’m older, and how old they will be at that time, and I hope in my heart that we are still close friends and completely lost in each others’ laughter. Now I’m gonna go cry. :o]

  284. Erin

    I finally had 20 minutes to myself tonight and I knew how I was going to spend it after I had read Marie’s e-mail. Watching this interview was an incredible experience. What an amazing 16 minutes. Thank you for changing the angle of my path in one short interview. I was taken aback at the internal reaction I had to “promise this dying woman you will be true to yourself”. Sometimes promises seem more important when they are made to others. Sad but true. You’ve changed my perspective tonight. Bless you both.

    • So touched by what you shared Erin. I really appreciate you trusting my email today, and carving out those 16 minutes. OXO

  285. Tina

    I have had the honor and privilege of working with hospice patients as an RN. Bronnie reminded me of theses home care visits and the gifts of others hearts that were shared with me. I carry them with me every day.
    I also smile at the day that I was unable to go to my job. It was time to follow another passion. I absolutely love what I do.
    This video reminded me that we are here to love and support not only eachother; but ourselves.

    With gratitude,

  286. Stephanie

    Please forward the information if audiobooks are available? I looked and I was not able to locate.

    Please consider if not a current option.

    Thank you.

  287. The last line left me teary eyed… So often I am trying to validate my reasons for choosing my path. And although I am LIVING my destined path, I still feel sometimes I have to explain why it’s ‘ok’. This just shows me that I am still coming to terms with my own courage and Self choices. I am deeply proud of where I am, even though some aspects of my vision have not yet materialized. But I am confident in the process – as it has led me this far – and I know that so long as I maintain balance and true to myself, all will surface. With that said, it is time to close my laptop and go to Yoga. xox

  288. Thank you, Marie and Bonnie for the inspiring message that is right on time! I took a leap of faith and resigned from a 28 year career in corporate America, January 31 2016 and I am currently unemployed and studying to become a health and wellness coach. All these years I have played it safe and became complacent even though I knew something was missing. I developed a hunger to discover my true purpose in the last couple years which blossomed into the desire to bring awareness to the legal toxins in our food and products and the choices within our power to live a healthier rest of our lives. In April 2015 I started my Face Book Page, Love Yuh Life, where I share information under a daily post titled “Choices”. That along with a shove by the Universe, evolved into my dream of becoming a health coach to help people on a global level to live a healthy and joyful life.The videos I have been watching in the last week about B School and from Marie TV are very encouraging and all signs are pointing me to B School, but even though I have been getting better at leaping on faith, the future is scary right now 🙂

  289. Barb

    Thank you Marie for a great interview with Bronnie Ware. Very encouraging reminder to live a life with no regrets.

  290. Wow… totally loved this and can’t wait to read Bronnie’s book. I am newly starting out in my own online business which a lot of people look down on but I know this is right for me and I’m loving learning the ropes and growing in my own self. My sister was 39yrs old when we lost her to the “C” word and not once did she ever give up…. I personally do not wish to have any regrets of the dying but it is funny how they creep into our lives at any time. Thank you for sharing this and thank you Bronnie for reminding us that “it’s okay to be happy, and it’s okay to live the life your heart calls you to”.

  291. Oliver

    At different points in time the two greatest regrets of the dying cross my mind. Of the two the one that resonates most is, “Live a life true to yourself”. Each day I consider how far I am stepping out of my comfort zone rather than living life based on a false concept of who I am suppose to be.

  292. Megan Adair

    Gorgeous, humbling, needed, and perfectly timed. Thank you so much.

  293. Liz

    Beautiful and heart felt interview! Thank you so much!
    My take – be more present to the moment, say no if it doesn’t feel right and be true to yourself. Listen to your intuition!

  294. I just loved this. It is true, often we don’t realise it until it is too late, or we suffer before we get our ‘road to damascus’ moment. Thanks – I just loved this today.

  295. Bronnie is amazing! Living your life in a way where you have no regrets is a great way to live. You only get one chance at life why waste it being scared. We should be more scared not to fulfill our dreams. So inspired while while watching this video, it assures me that I am on the right track in life. Looking forward to ordering Bronnie’s book.

  296. Giselle

    The single change I can make right now for my future self is to rewrite my todo list with concrete follow-through steps to make it more tangible. Thank you I’m glad I watched.

  297. Thank you Marie and Bronnie. What a wonderful message and a heartfelt interview. I so much appreciated the insight. I’m struggling with the issues you’ve discussed; living a life with no regrets. I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel like it’s time for me to strike out on my own and own my writing gift. I’ve worked for my dad’s business for many, many years and now that he’s gone, I’m feeling like it’s time for me to live my life as it is defined by me. I think he would want me to, in fact. I doubt that my dad had many regrets; he was a successful businessman in the profession of his choosing. What I am struggling with is both fear and the ability to give myself permission to be me. You shows week after week help me with this, and each week I find myself more on my way. This show is especially wonderful. Thank you again.

  298. Nicole Joy

    This was truly beautiful ladies. Thank you so much for sharing. The first regret brought tears too my eyes. We need do more of what we love and live a life that we were brought here to live! x

  299. That it is Ok to be happy. – that hit me viscerally!
    Thank you so much for this episode.

  300. Kristy

    WOW – I am so at peace with hearing this message and I honestly didn’t want the video to end. Bronnie is an amazing ambassador for those who have passed on to help get their messages out to the world (and to make a difference in the lives of others). I plan on watching this video again and again. You are both so inspirational. Thank you for what you do for the world. XO

  301. Deborah

    Wow, what an eye opener.
    I am 65 and thought that when I retired I would have time to design and sell my jewelry, live in some sort of peace and do the things I wanted until I died.
    I raised all my siblings after my moms death. I was then 20 and there are 6 of us. Then I had 3 kids to raise. Took care of grandmother that passed in 2002. Now I am watching great-grandchildren, taking them to and from head start, kindergarten and 2nd grade. Cleaning up, washing dishes and clothes for everyone, not to mention cooking too.
    I have asked my children and grandchildren what would they do if I were still working or lived somewhere else (that thought has crossed my mine:) or heaven forbid DIED!
    I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself and not the life others expected of me. Wow, just the thought brings tears to my eyes.
    I have told them how I feel. I see the obits of people that are my age or younger that have passed on too soon. I am tired of taking care of everyone else and want to live the rest of my life without regrets.
    They just don’t get it…..but its TIME…..THANK YOU!THANK YOU! THANK YOU! With tears of joy rolling down my cheeks, THANK YOU!

  302. Georgia

    Thanks for this episode! May take is “To be true to myself and it’s okay to be Happy!”

  303. Lauren

    Thank you!
    I am inspired by the podcast and thank you Marie TV.

  304. Marie:

    That was such a moving discussion, thanks for introducing Bronnie to my wife Noelle and I. We are currently taking an online course from Brene Brown and the teaching from Bronnie’s book tie in very well with all things Brene.

    I was embarrassed that I only recently discovered you in a comment by Chris Guillebeau who I have come to know in Portland since we moved here a year ago from the NYC area. I have been a serial entrepreneur, recently running accelerator programs in CT in partnership with the state as well as teaching entrepreneurship to MFA students in the Design for Social Innovation program at School of Visual Arts in NYC. I had used the $100 Startup as part of my teaching there before meeting Chris last year at Creative Live in Seattle. I thought I knew of most of the serious players in the entrepreneurial education space. Somehow I missed you for way too long.

    After teaching mostly millennials in recent years, my current focus is on the 50Plus demographic and the need for entrepreneurial thinking to deal with the gap between the amount of time many of us have left and the financial plans that we made that didn’t anticipate our likely longevity. My wife and I are teaming up to create content, tools and resources to help our demographic face the future in a business about to be launched. I am very impressed by everything I have seen so far in your BSchool offer. Not clear to me that what you do includes very many men which is why I took the time to point you out to Noelle as well. I have a lot of successful female friends in the entrepreneurial space having been part of the launch of a female-focused incubator in CT almost 2 years ago called the RefineryCT run by my very good friend Janis Collins. I am heading back soon to help Janis and her partners celebrate its second anniversary. One other friend is about (March 1) to launch a new podcast series for women entrepreneurs and investors based out of NYC called Sara Weinheimer is a former Goldman Sachs executive who is part of Golden Seeds, a serious impact investor on her own and now Executive Producer of Broadmic where Kelly Hoey will be the face of the program.

    It certainly feels like you have a very robust community. Seeing that it includes someone like Bronnie is a rare testimonial, that clearly surprised even you 🙂 Let me know if men are welcome as Noelle and I get serious about our new business.

    Bill Gordon

  305. SOOO wonderful. I am one that doesn’t listen to my gut, my intuition as much as I should, and I know that. I’m getting better!

    I love my work, which does keep me away from other things that I also enjoy. I am being more conscious of this …

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie xoxoxo!

  306. Hello Marie, as you always inspire us this one for me was kind of shocking but brought me to the present, and for what I’m doing or thinking. First of all I felt gratitude to be alive even if I’m in an unemployed situation but still have home, friends and family to support me, and on the other hand I realized that some fears will be soon gone and regrets are no longer be a part of my life.
    Tkank you so much for bringing Bronnie Ware to my consciousness (I’ve had read something from her long time ago).
    It’s time to be free, happy and me!

  307. Artemus

    Well right now I’m working on completing the shift of mindset and living my dream creating my businesses. It’s just not very profitable at the moment and there are few people that know about what i’m doing. At the moment I’m in school to acquire the skills needed to complete this work (which I would complete even if no one ever knows about it). So I guess that perseverance is what I need most and some guidance there is so much that’s still new on this journey.

    This episode is great, I’m sure that it has helped many people and will continue to help people in the future.

  308. I did it! After this video, I finally did it!
    Thank you!

    • Maribel

      Estelle that’s awesome! I love it. 🙂

      • Thank you Maribel! So scary though…

      • Thank you Maribel!

  309. Renee Z.

    Tears literally streamed down my face the whole time I listened to this. And not a normal cry, but a knowing of truth cry. I’m a Pisces so I feel so much and have craved to hear this and wondered about what we will all feel & regret at the end of our embodied Earth time. What a treasure Maria + Bronnie. So many things to get right, after hearing this.

  310. I feel so grateful to have watched and listened to this video. My heart feels filled with the love that comes from both of you. How beautiful that business is being shown through hearts of sincere, real, love. For me, the other most impacting part of the video was the reminder about work being only 1 part of my life, and though my work as a solopreneur matters, it isn’t truly the ‘all importance’ it can appear to be. Balance bears ‘rich’ rewards. Thank you, both, again.

  311. Jenn

    Such a beautiful heartwarming video. The last couple years I’ve started to take on “what would my 80 year old self tell me to do?” when it comes to making a tough decision. It’s been an amazing guide for me. I love how Bronnie shares her thoughts and wisdoms so eloquently. Definitely going to look up her book!

  312. Jamie Cole

    The message in this episode resonates so deeply with me right now. My friend, Jen Emery, and I are currently working on building a transformational coaching business together, because we believe we were meant to serve the world in bigger and better ways than we have been able to in working on someone else’s dreams. We’ve had this conversation about how we want to be able to look back 30 years from now and feel nothing but gratitude, joy, and fulfillment in the choices we made and the life we created, rather than regret and sorrow over allowing the fear of what others might think or say stop us from following our passions and purpose. We want to be able to connect with and inspire others the same way you’ve inspired us! Thank you, Marie, for following your heart and not only encouraging, but also empowering others to do the same!!! ?

  313. Maribel

    Beautiful and true to the core! It’s also what I’m working on…to take that challenging, intimidating path, because in my soul I need to be their conquering it. Regrets are to painful to the heart and soul.

  314. Kala KOla

    This is such a sweetheart interview, I love this reverse engineering style wisdom. I am an Outdoor Educator and we teach adolescents and teenagers that its so important to live true to themselves and push to the edge of their comfort zone; because that’s where life starts. I want to find deeper ways to practise what I preach and start my own business helping others but I can’t quite articulate my business idea yet. Inspiring people like Marie and Bronnie give me the heads up thats its all good and to keep going strong.

  315. I am so encouraged watching this video and I am encouraged because I am one person who is feeling I have not lived to my satisfaction because of our culture I have always lived in the shadow of my family where I am married and my own family. This is a wakeup call I don’t think is too late for me to start leaving my life. May God bless you in what you are doing.

  316. Angela

    * The more we follow our heart the more it speaks*
    *Be true to yourself*
    This morning driving to work I realized that I have been denying my heart every single day. I therefore had tears in my eyes watching the clip with Bronnie because she is speaking to me exactly where I am at. I have always listened to other people and done what I thought I should do. My interests lie in the arts and yet I have worked in admin for years just to pay bills. I am not sure what direction to go exactly but I have ideas – books of ideas. I need to re-read these and set things into motion. Somehow. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  317. Hi Marie, Really Inspiring and wonderful video,incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers amazingly valuable content. I’ve learned so much

    Read more:

  318. Hey
    Marie and Bronnie this was great interview and an insight. The take away is “We all have that seed in us if nurtured can bring in life”
    Thanks for the encouragement you both..

  319. Maren

    I am very inspired by every single video!
    Thank you Marie!I found you by mistake & i am so glad…
    I got sick from my job,which I wasn’t happy anymore…and my body told me that!
    I stepped way over the limit & now try to heal & figure out what’s best for is scary & insecure but I try..willing to learn…
    I have no regrets so far,besides I have no idea right now what to do… but we’ll see… Bless you and gabby and kris…
    Now I have time to focus on important things in live!

  320. Federica

    I want to take serioulsy what one of my teacher (I’m studying to be an art terapist) told me recently: “It seems that you usually live your creativity with some restrictions, as you were standing on just one foot. Give your creativity full space”. So I’m arranging my daily activities in order to reserve a space for playing music and drawing, every day. Hope to have soon the courage to share some of my works 🙂

  321. Dear Marie, dear Bronnie,
    I have read the book last summer and I was so moved by it – and it influenced me and the book I just wrote at that time – and that hopefully will be published by the end of the year. Thank you so much for bringing these words of pure wisdom into the world. We all need it.
    Thank you from the heart

  322. Alan

    Great Video and what a fantastic lady, thanks Marie.

    I found it interesting to hear the Regret of “I wish I had not worked so Hard”
    I can only presume that people with that regret had been successful in the parts of their life that they wanted but did not have a Balance of things that they enjoyed doing? Maybe also they had Family and Friends that they wanted to spend more time with?
    For me, My Life is probably very different from most as I’m on a Mission and my mission/work is the most important thing to me! Maybe when you are a single person life is less complicated.
    I think each person is on a different path and striving for your best Balance within each day according to your Goals works for me!
    That being said, I suspect that 90% of people here are more advanced and more successful and established in life than I am but I just thought I’d add my 50 cents worth! So work work work until you create the Life you want! And Then You can Balance it 🙂

  323. Hi Marie and Bronnie, WOW! I’m so thankful for this video, want to watch it again and take some notes to remind myself NOT to work so hard at things that just are not important to me. I can’t wait for B-School again this year. I can’t answer the question – What’s the single most important change you can make right now to live fully, with no regrets? This is something I will have to ponder!!!! Love ya x

  324. AH, so THAT’s what my labrador is trying to tell me when she paws me after her afternoon walk: ‘Put the work down.’ I thought she was saying, ‘Feed me NOW.’ Thanks for the clarification, Marie! a ha ha ha…

    As always, amazing talk! You’ve taken me one step further to making my final decision on whether or not to join b-school… With such graduates, how can I not say ‘yes, let’s do this’???

  325. This spoke to my heart today. Thank you x

  326. Shemmie

    This video is so inspiring, it fires up my courage to just really go for what I want. I’ll get the book as well. Thank you

  327. Stephanie

    These hit me like a ton of bricks today! I whipped out a post it note to jot them down and carry along in my notebook so I don’t forget these powerful reminders!

  328. Two amazing and inspiring women….thank you! My heart is already speaking louder! Love and blessings to you both!

  329. Dee

    My father passed away last week, he passed away with no regrets. One of the last things he said was “I’ve had a great life. I’ve had great friends, great experiences, great wife, great kids and a great family”…. I am devastated that he has gone and that I will never see him again. For the last week I have been thinking what is the point of anything, if Dad is not around to be part of it. Your video has put things back into perspective for me, thank you. I’m going to try and move forward, taking chances, living with no regrets, and doing what feels right for me …….. thank you Bronnie and Marie

  330. Cristina

    This interview comes at a time where I’ve realizaed that all my hard decisions in life, everytime I risked, everytime I left my confort zone and took the hard way, had a reason. The reason is the result today: I am happy, know who I am and do not regret it.
    Thanks for the video.

  331. sue sammon

    Hi Marie and Bronnie, really loved this! I was only thinking this morning that my aim is to to feel at peace with everything I do instead of worrying what everyone is thinking of me both professionally and socially, as it really does eat you up. I felt my shoulders melt listening to this and feel great! Thank you, and keep up the good work

  332. Marlene

    A wonderful and inspiring message to carry with us daily on our journey through life, thank you Marie and Bronnie! And although my takeaway message from this is positive, my heart feel so heavy after watching this. There is so much regret already.. So much time wasted!

    I promised myself that 2016 will be my year for change and this message came like a ton of bricks, reminding me that nothing much has changed..

    It’s time to step up. Get moving. Change.

  333. Jax

    Beautiful. True. Simple.

    We are in the process of letting go of our old employed selfes and slowly transforming into our self employed personalities. It still is very frightening to let go of this comfortzone and the security of a monthly income but after watching this episode, we know there is no turning back and ignoring our hearts any longer. Thank you Marie and Bronnie.

  334. john camelinat

    Thank You for the Wonderful interview with Bronnie, for many years on and off, I have tried to live my life to help or please others, it doesn’t work.
    Bronnie is right, you can help other people, but you still need to be true to your you own feelings. It is not easy when people around you have no conception of “Of the Awesome moments and Blessings coming into your life!” and keep telling you…”I don’t want to hear about it!”… know what,
    Bronnie and Marie… “This is one of those awesome moments! Thank You so much!” with love John

  335. What especially struck me about what Bronnie shared was when she said “The heart knows no questions, the mind knows no answers.” This idea has really begun to resonate with me and helped to drive home her point about following your heart’s calling and how it benefits everyone in the long run, anyway. What an incredibly frightening, yet exhilarating concept. Thanks for sharing!

  336. Cristina

    gosh what a touching video!!… thanks Brownie & Maria
    I do agree that a good way to boost you into life is by getting close to the death!

  337. Marie and Bronnie,

    You lit a fire in my heart just listening and watching you both. Beautiful, brave & generous.

    Thank you x

  338. Raymond A. J.

    It was wonderful material as long as you’re aware of it already, but I did relate very much w/Bronnie’s 1st statement! I’m 67, & until about 12 yrs. ago I was extremely self-conscious, which I found infinitely debilitating & crippling; I’m sure I missed out on making $, since I was in sales & small business owner for about all my life & for sure getting the girlfriends I wanted to date! I don’t know what the triggering factor was or if there was one; all I know is that I feel free, but now I need a lovely girlfriend to partner me in my self-help endeavor!
    Thanks for your great work Marie!
    In Joy, Light, Love & Peace,
    Raymond A. J.

  339. I only just watched this today. Both of you are so inspiring and such beautiful people. My takeaway is to stop living in fear and live the life I want bc it only truly matters to me in the end and I know I will have a positive effect on others which makes my heart happy.
    Hoping to do B School (win a scholarship) so I can figure out the best way to make this happen for me.

    Thank you!

  340. Wow. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop the video to capture her words of wisdom and wipe tears from my eyes – tears I shed because of the affirmation I received. I have just taken a gigantic leap leaving the certainty of a well paying but joyless job, to move across the country to truly LIVE my life and serve others through my coaching and consulting business. No regrets – not one. Thanks for this fabulous segment!

  341. Great video. I need to be more thankful for what I have instead of what I don’t have yet. I am still on my journey to get to where I want to be, but it won’t be at the cost of my family 🙂

  342. I see a difference between “trying hard”and “working hard”. When you have a dream that you believe in, it;s ok to work hard to fulfill it; but when you try hard to make something work, it;s like you punish yourself.
    These days I am tired of so much “trying hard”. I just wish to enjoy life and your interview about dying and regrets came like a sign, like a permission to stop trying hard. Even if it;s hard to go on a new road that I don;t know, I feel now is the time to start.
    Thank you for this moment, Marie and Bronnie!


  343. What a powerful and timely message! I took a huge leap towards living the life I want last year when I ended an unhealthy relationship and left my job of 8 years to find work that serves others and that is in alignment with my heart and soul. This video reminded me not to settle and not to work too hard – to make space for that which is most meaningful to me and to trust my heart in all things, unapologetically. Thank you, Marie and Bronnie for sharing this message with all of us.

  344. Amelia

    Thank you for posting this video, Marie! My favorite takeaway: “It’s okay to be happy, and it’s okay to live the life your heart calls you to.” Much needed wisdom for everyone on the planet. Thank you again for all that you do!

  345. Chris

    The message is certainly food for thought emphasises the need for us to seize the moment without any misgivings.

  346. Hard for most, living without regret is a muscle to train.

    Thanks for this, very refreshing!

  347. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. The first regret is what most women have I suppose as we feel we are here in the world to please everyone. Yes, I have learnt to say No. As, Bronnie says, we will anyway please them in the long run..
    I decided to be a full-time Mom at the midst of high paying career against everyone’s advice..knowing that I would regret not being so on my death bed. I will never regret this decision.
    I am still chasing my career goals but I have the faith that I will succeed.
    This reminds me on Gadhiji’s saying.
    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
    Keeping the last day of life in mind really makes me choose wisely..
    Being an introvert, I never commented on any of your wonderful posts. But, this post was something that made me share my thoughts and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely TV Marie,

  348. Jen

    It is so magical! I read the Book only a few weeks ago, and now Bronnie is with you in These wonderfull video! I Love it! And the Message is so true! Thank you both, very very much!

  349. This is such a powerful interview! When I was at my friend Nancie’s funeral a couple of years ago, they read a few of her journal entries. One of them stood out to me especially. She passed away from a rare form of cancer at 34. She was gorgeous inside and out, and was always so much fun — just amazing energy. And she said in this journal entry, “I feel so guilty. It’s so beautiful today that I felt like I just had to take the day off and go to the beach. It was a stunning day — hot, deep blue sky, clear water by the tide pools. I still feel sooooo badly about calling in to work, because there’s nothing wrong with me, but I just feel so compelled to spend the day praising its beauty here at the ocean’s edge. I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person!” We all openly wept at this because we all wished that she’d spend many many more days “praising the day for its beauty” at the beach instead of working so many hours at her job. And her second job. She was gone not even 2 years after she wrote that. At the time, she had no clue that she had cancer. I’m so grateful for any moments she had to feel the sun on her skin and breath in the fresh ocean air. She may have felt guilty, but knowing her, I’m certain that that wasn’t a day she regretted.

  350. Millie

    No regrets. When you are living in the moment really in the moment that helps you to have no regrets; you are constantly connected to your heart before your mind figures out what’s next. Thank you Bronnie for your wisdom and your inspiration thank you Marie for bringing all these beautiful people in my life.

  351. Ms. Shine

    The change that I’m making is to skippy-it-up!

    And to show up, in all my imperfections. Just show up.
    I’m not going to wait until “it’s perfect” that day will never come.

  352. I just adore this!!!! THANK YOU!



  353. Firstly! I was so excited to see an Aussie on Marie TV, yay! One day baby, one day *giggle* However! I could barely see the remainder of the video after just point number one!

    “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life other’s expected of me.”

    This really hit home (swimming screen testimony to that!) – and it’s interesting because I was putting off watching this until “a better time” because “I really need to get on with XYZ” (even though XYZ is currently a brain struggle)….then I watched this. I feel oddly more centred right now, less tense as it felt like I was being reminded of my why for doing my XYZ.

    I think I need to watch this video everyday xx

  354. Natalia

    I love the simple thoughts that inspire me. Thank you Marie for this wonderful exchange with Bronnie. I think we will not have regrets if we have the courage to struggle everyday to be true to our hearts and do not let the obstacles win us over. With that courage and with that purpose we will win at the end and we will be able to say: I have no regrets.

  355. Aemi

    Ahhhhh amazing interview!!! Love both of your spirits! 2 amazing gals 🙂

  356. Adele

    Someone very wise said.
    ” When you are a very old lady, don’t regret the things you’ve done,”” Oh I wish i hadn’t done that”…. regret the things you haven’t done.”
    “So do everything you want”!!

  357. I really liked it, it’s very inspirational and liberating, thanks for sharing to the world all those messages. Namaste.

  358. hey Marie,
    I very much enjoyed this Tuesday email from you. The topic is one that I believe syncs well with yoga and tonight I will use this as my theme in a different way, as i teach. For now.. though, I am going to go have dinner with my daughter and get OFF my computer!
    Much appreciation.

  359. I loved this talk. I’ve been working with caregivers and terminal patients since 2011. It has been a life changing journey that started with me selling everything I owned to do the work for those who needed it most. There are so many tweetable bits of wisdom in this video. The one thing I struggle with is giving too much of myself, however I will not die with regret, only love.

  360. Hi Marie,
    I love your show and really appreciate the doors you’re opening for women everywhere. Having accompanied several friends and my father thru their beautiful passings, I really resonated with Bronnie’s message, which she exemplified so beautifully by wearing comfortable shoes on your program…her feet will die happy!
    You have such a powerful influence, I hope you will follow suit, and save young women (and yourself) from the medically documented agony of the foot and back problems that come from wearing high heels. If there aren’t any really stylish “sensible” shoes on the market, you would be the one who could influence the industry to create some! 🙂 You could create a whole new brand…how about Forleo Fashion Flats? If you could get Oprah on board, the two of you could start a crusade!

  361. Beautiful and thought provoking. THX

  362. Dinesh Sharma

    Hello Marie, I would rather not want to leave this Birth time with Regrets as I am still alive and can do whatever my soul guides to,yes but I will welcome any Guidance on Healing methods so that I may not feel helpless to see any one in pain and me not being able to do my part to remove or lessen his//her pain,I have intentions and I need more blessings to make my good intentions and unconditional love being ever active and being used for highest good of all

  363. Marina

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie for such a wonderful interview. Just listening to you both left me feeling calm and uplifted. What I took from the interview was the right to say no. All through my life I have wanted to please people by saying yes, without thinking about the impact it may have on my wellbeing. I am not there yet and will have to practice to make perfect, but Bronnie’ words reminded me how important this is for me and my family. Thank you once again.

  364. Mady

    So glad you and Bronnie shared this powerful life lesson…. follow your heart. Thank you very much.

  365. I really feel it’s very powerful to imagine how would it be if TODAY was the last day of our life. That image makes us think about what our regrets would be, and then create a new destiny and live live accordingly with our essence. I need to connect beauty more often and spread this beauty with people.

  366. Well, this one hit.. But still feeling stuck. Can your heart trick you? Or is it truly the guiding force? Your logic tells you when your husband walks out on you to move on and make a life without him.. I met an amazing man who treats me like gold. But my heart is still with the ex… I’m guessing because he left when I wasn’t done in our relationship. He regrets his mistake every single day and understands I’m with someone else- just wants me to be happy. I just don’t know where happy is.. I could lose the amazing man I have now just to find out where my heart really belongs? Is there any exercise I can do to help me figure this out? Loving two men is the most conflicting thing I’ve ever felt! They both love me. I don’t know what to do.

  367. My biggest take away from this episode was not worrying about what others do or say. As an artist sometimes you censor yourself because you think other people will shun you for your direction. I always admire those that are so free that they can share what they want no matter how dark, silly, out of the box. I’m going to put some of my old mojo back into my artistic world because I miss it and it is who I am. Thank you as always!

  368. dil

    It’s wesome. I love this show….

  369. Jo

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie, I’m at a crossroad in my life and this has given me the encouragement I needed to move forward.

  370. Marie and Bronnie, Thank you for this. I’ve been so good about relaxing and taking care of myself and my family, but the reminder to not work so hard, especially when I’m launching my business online, is precious. I have been pushing. But my love for my work comes from a balanced life that honors all of me, not just my passion to make a difference and finish the lists. Blessings! <3

  371. Sunny

    I less and less watch tv and intend to watch lesser….and thand there was MarIE tv (not Y), lol. The most regrets I’ve got is from feeling GUILTY, think I’m OFFENDING, showing no LOYALTY, doubting MYSELF when I won’t follow the instructions or advice of others, so I followed them. But often the loud calls from my heart, and intuïtion was pointing me to another direction, the one to be true to yourself.
    Thanks for the video!!

  372. My biggest insight – this video confirms exactly how I’m living my life now. I went through the death of my mother about 11 years ago, and that rocked my world and set me on a journey I would never have foreseen nor asked for. My brothers and I determined to take care of her until the end, and she lived in our home. We did have help from hospice, but we refused to let anyone else take care of her as she lost her physical life to cancer at the much too young age of 56. I was 33 at the time, my brothers 30 and 19.

    It’s taken some time, BUT through all of that, I became the person I most wanted to be. Let go of the need for perceived certainty and flew in the face of convention by trying all the things I’d wanted to try. Now, uncertainty is my friend. I can honestly say my choices are very much shaped by what I want to leave in this world and the knowledge to own my own choices and be exactly who I am. My mother was a champion for dreams and encouraged us to take risks and trust in God, Source, the Universe, whatever you want to call it. She had no regard for the importance of a person, and would talk to everyone she met and she knew them, really knew them. If she had something to say, she was not afraid to tell you. To this day, the lessons she taught me still ring in my heart. This episode was beautiful. Thank you so much for posting it!


  373. Hi Marie,
    I watched your interview yesterday, and received this insight that I am sharing with my community in the newsletter below. Thank you for all you do. And thank you Bronnie Ware.

    Dear friends,

    In the month of love, grief came for a visit. An uncle’s passing triggered deeper grief with the coming anniversary of my mom’s death five years ago. In the quiet presence of loss, I feel grateful that this month’s Tea with Phi has been about kindness.

    In holding myself gingerly, I witnessed grief rolling through, affecting my mental acuity and creating emotional ripples. In writing these words, I am reminded of my teacher’s wisdom – that grief is present because I have loved. And why would I trade love to avoid grief? Such is the paradox that offers us richness in life.

    As the waves of grief receded, I touched deeper levels of conditioning that have affected how I view myself and my place in the world. These conditionings, while no longer true at a conscious level, still had roots inside of me. In holding those insights with kindness, with journaling, with meditating, with prayer, with openness and with inner presence, I can rejoice in the wisdom gifted to me yesterday.

    In watching this interview “Five Regrets of the Dying” with Marie Forleo and Bronnie Ware,, I connected with my mom again, and asked what she would say to me now. In meditation, her wisdom told me to do what makes me happy each and every day. A mandate for happiness, if you will – every day! Yes, thank you mom. (And of course, that included getting Bronnie’s book right away and reading it! 🙂

    Life is unpredictable. It already comes with its own challenges. Why would I make it harder for myself by trudging through each precious day, each gifted moment fighting, resisting, struggling? Would it be more kind, more loving, more of an honor and a celebration for having this life, if I woke up each morning and asked myself, “What would make me happy today?” and honor myself by living that insight. In doing so, I believe my heart would sing and rejoice, my soul would be soothed and comforted, and I would be able to take care of my other details with more grace, more willingness, more presence, more happiness. This is now the gift I give myself, to wake up each day with this important question, “What makes me happy today?” and to live it in honor of love, of loss, of life. Will you join me?


  374. Loved this. The biggest challenge is finding that balance, however, learning to plug out can be a great luxury to cherish the moment.

  375. Claudine

    What did we think of this? I cried. That speaks volumes. The way Bronnie phrased some things were simply magical.

  376. Trina

    The single most thing I can do to live without regrets?

    Follow my heart, that is something I can relate to.
    My heart yearns and speaks loudly.

    Thanks Marie and Bronnie for a message that is simple yet profound and impacting.
    My deepest gratitude to the dying and sharing.

  377. Emma Mcleod

    Thanks for another truly inspiring message Marie… What resonated with me the most was to “LIVE YOUR DREAMS” regardless of what other people may think. It was exactly what I needed to here right now as I have finally found my calling in life, MY PASSION and I’ve never felt so alive. 2 weeks ago I had an epiphany that’s empowered me & totally changed my life & now I’m dreaming BIG… A little insight to before this dream came to fruition… I’ve received MarieTV video’s for a few years now and would always get so inspired by your positive messages but felt frustrated in myself as I couldn’t put a finger on what I was meant to do in life & although I was happy I knew something was missing. I’ve worked in many creative fields from Interior Design, Fashion Styling, Photography to just mention a few, I was totally frustrated as I knew I had the skills to make something of myself and had many ideas but I lacked focus and commitment. With my new found passion I now believe that all the skills that I have gained over the years where for a purpose and that without them I would never of had the confident to start my new Business. White Light by MJ will be a Clothing Label that will donate a portion of every sale to Adam Braun’s The Promise of a Promise Org. After watching your inspiring interview with Adam Braun from the promise of pencil a foundation, I was constantly trying to work out how help, so now I know exactly how I’m going to do that… Since my awakening all of a sudden the possibilities are endless and even though I have no money, I’ve never manufactured before & the list’s goes on & on I’ve never felt so confident or passionate that this is my calling in life, my habit have changed, I now jump out of bed 2 hours earlier and work late into the evening instead of watching TV, I constantly have a note pad next to me because the flood of ideas are never ending! I now truly believe that everything we do in life is leading you to your purpose we just need to be patience and keep looking for the signs….. A confirming sign for me was after a day of researching Business Plans a thought popped into my head “I wonder when B-SCHOOL is starting, the very next day what did I received in my inbox… Marie’s email on B-SCHOOL… having a DANCE OF JOY on the spot I knew I was on the right path and that I had to make sure I was apart B-School. I was hoping Marie would offer her Scholarships again as she has in previous years & with another dance and my heart racing I knew if it was on offer I had to submit an application.. After receiving that Scholarship email with such determination and conviction I submitted my application. Now if you had of told me I was going to be posting online video’s of myself I would of said “ARE YOU NUTS” only 4 days ago I didn’t even have one form of social media… Now I have a You Tube, FB, Twitter and Instagram all in the hope of wining the 2016 B-School Scholarship as I know B_SCHOOL is the first GIGANTIC steps towards pursuing my dreams to make a difference in this world. I like to thank you Marie for already pushing my boundaries like no – one ever has before, from that one little Video I now have connected with so many people and have exposed my business before even starting B-School.. I can actually say with a frog in my throat that after being up for 32 hours to submit my application I feel proud of myself and who I am….Thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart for the profound impact you’ve had on my life. Please watch and share my video to help make my dreams of making a difference in this world come true. Sending White Light, Love MJ x
    P.s In the hope of inspiring others that resonated with my journey; my message would be to stay positive, keep and eye out for the signs as your passions could turn up when your least expecting it MJx

  378. Cassandra Galan

    This video hit home for me because my current profession is as a hospice nurse. The view on like has really changed for me since I have started by job because I know now how fragile it is and how short our life on this earth really is.

    I am changing two things: ONE: being a Hospice nurse, I need to break away from the constant reminder of death. It takes a special person to deal with this job for a long time. TWO: Working out! SOOOO hard but I believe once i make it routine in my life I will feel a change from the inside out.

    Thank you for this beautiful message. Dying patients and the elderly are so wise and I am always trying to squeeze out life lessons from all of the people I see!


  379. Hello Marie and Everyone,

    This video is so timely..and painful at the same time. I resonated with all of them and number 2 really hit me. I’m a momma to twin 21 year old daughters graduating college this year, two kitties, and a wife to my husband of 5 years. I find myself ignoring my family so much the past three years. I’ve been “working so hard” to build this business and feel so behind at the same time. My husband gave me this opportunity to build this business while he supports me. I feel my own pressure to produce and I’m struggling so much..its become a vicious cycle.

    I have to learn to walk away from work and find fun and meaning in my life and spend time with my kids, my cats, and my husband…and not feel guilty or stressed.

    Thank you Marie and Bronnie for the reminder and the insight!

    I’ve missed so many things in everyone’s lives…I truly have to pull back and do things differently.

  380. Sophia Gittings

    Such wise words…..I would love to open my own online business but am really struggling to decide what path to follow. Marie’s first video explaining how she got into what she does really appealed to me because she didn’t just focus on one thing….she did everything she enjoyed. So that is what I am taking with me today, Marie’s advice on doing everything that you enjoy and Bronnie’s wise words about not worrying what others expect and want from you.

  381. You are such an inspiration, Bronnie & Marie! Regret is such a big topic and it is too many times that people talk about what they wish they did and how they wish they’d handled something… I learned quite early in life to ask myself a question… “What’s the worse that could happen if…?” and I’ve been asking myself this question every time I was at a crossroads, perhaps even thinking about taking the easy route. I wish more people would ask themselves this question too, because when you bring into consciousness whatever “the worse that could happen” is, you realise it usually isn’t that bad… 🙂

  382. THANK YOU for the smack in the face Marie & Bronnie! My new self check Question – before automatically saying yes/ working too hard on the wrong things.. If I do this/don’t do this am I going to regret it?
    Ps Marie, this for me was your best email ever! There is no way I wasn’t watching this video. Your copy dragged me in immediately..

  383. Wendy

    I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed this interview! I met Bronnie a few years ago at the Hay House Writers Workshop in Melbourne, I bought her book and spoke about her presence on stage that day. It was wonderful to see her on stage again last year at the same event in Brisbane – we all sang along with her! Well done Bronnie, I have enjoyed experiencing your evolution and success. Marie, I love your persona, it was a thrill to see you both together in this interview.

    Sincerely, Wendy x

  384. Henry Michael Africa

    Thanks so much Marie,
    I stopped watching your videos for a while because I got involved with the treadmill of life… Eat, work, sleep – repeat…. Chase the mighty dollar as some say… I am a published author with more than 12 books published now… Sold many in South Africa where I live but something was missing… Watching this episode because you were so insistent in your appeal email and… I am so glad I did… I just want to clear up something here… I am and always will be an admirer of your work… Your sincerity is what draws me to watch what you have to say… Your interest in people is hard to resist…

    If it is true that the road to hell is paved with bad deeds then conversely the road to Heaven is paved with good deeds… No! Maybe not… Maybe it is paved with sincere desires to serve our fellow human beings on this planet… In that way, you fulfill every criteria for going to Heaven one day…

    You have led me to ask a question after the interview with Bronnie. I just laid my 58 year old sister to rest on the 12 January 2016. I had been separated from her for many years as we pursued our separate lives… I am 54 years old as a matter of interest… I teach, I mentor and I have helped to build empires… Made many millionaires with smart advice. But there is a gap in my world… Something that has been nagging me for a while… I believe I have seen what it is after watching this video… I felt it after burying my sister. I held her while she was alive… She had Cancer… I have no regrets but would have had if I had not drawn closer to her when she told me she was not well… many family members rejected her, even though she had Cancer… She had made some enemies but I was not prepared to remember the past – Even when we had fought as siblings… I forgave everything and did what I could to help her… As a Project Manager I planned and executed the funeral process with precision and… Cried after she was buried… A part of my world died for me… But if there had been regret then I may have been living in a kind of hell today… Regret does that to you… When you do not forgive then you WILL be destroyed by guilt… Instead I am Free… God will give us that chance…

    Regret is truly the most powerful emotion next to love. Why not hate? Love has power over hate… But Love struggles to overcome regret because…And here is the most important thing… We struggle to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST… Do you know yourself? How well do people know themselves in general? We avoid our weaknesses and in many cases are ashamed of them. We become dispondant when we do not overcome our weaknesses. If we can only spend time with ourselves then we can learn an age-old secret… Only when you breed love will you have love to share… If you cannot love yourself then it is a false love you share with the rest of the world…

    If I had my life over then… I would watch more Marie TV…lol… And I am being serious albeit tongue-in-cheek… But if I can take one thing away from the interview with Bronnie then it is this… I am going to take control of my life again… I am going to stop letting life happen to me and dictate what happens in my life… God has given each of us power over every minute and I can see that regret comes from releasing control and giving it up to others… I can say No and I can say…”Not Now”… We all want to say yes all the time… BUT… Its that saying yes too quickly that allows us to lose control over our destiny… Perhaps…”Let me think about it” is a better process to adopt going forward…

    Thank you again Marie Forleo… You are truly an Angel put here by God… Thank you to the other Angel Bronnie for chasing her dream and getting the book done… Hope she sells many more books because her heart is in the right space… To serve people… I will learn from that as I am sure many others will. Here is my motto I try to live by… “God grant me the power to make the world a brighter place for everyone but to never think too much of myself no matter how much you bless me”… After all I can take nothing with me… Keep up the AWESOME WORK Marie

  385. Henry Michael Africa

    Marie Forleo I have some bad news for you…

    The appeal to watch this video was the best appeal ever written… How will you top that..hahaha

    Will watch with interest… You are reaching your potential as a game-changer and I am proud to have been there to see it happen… God Bless you as you move onward and upward…

  386. Yes, it is ok to live the heart of your dreams and the life of your heart opens 🙂

    And, what this brought up for me was “What is the phrase you would be screaming to the world if you were on your last breath? What is that ONE THING you would want to leave here for others to hear and know?”

    I could say something like, “I am happy I lived. Be Yourself! Let no one else push you around! Be you!”

    What would you say?

    Love, Sarah

  387. Elissar

    Great episode Marie and you are shining as always 🙂 really thank you, as Brwonnie said the more we can follow our hearts the louder it speaks , and I wonna add the more free we would feel at all levels, I have experienced this few months ago and believe me the more I listen to my heart the more free person I become

  388. Beautiful interview. So inspiring.
    I will listen to this daily and remind myself that it’s okay to live the life I was meant to live.
    Step out of my (un)comfort zone and live life to the fullest.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  389. Johan

    Wow, thank you for you both Marie and Bronnie, that was a powerful conversation. I have in the past mistakenly and against my better logical thinking tried to ignore whatever my heart tells me, how wrong I was!. There is no way that we can carry on in life and just do as to what the mind tells us. Are we robots? certainly not!. That voice within just becomes louder as time passes and here’s the thing …… will not let go or stop…..why, why, why? It’s telling us to get in touch with ourselves, to follow our hearts, our dreams, to live our lives as God intended for the human race. A man once asked a question that went like this ” What is the most valuable real estate in any City or town – the answer was the cemetery – ” There are many dreams/plans/thoughts buried there that the world will never ever know about. Follow your dreams and heart with passion, take care, Johan.

  390. Bronnie is a wonderful woman!
    One thing is knowing the depth and wisdom of her words in her book… but seeing how humble she is, and what a beautiful soul she has, just makes her words reach even deeper in your heart.
    Excellent Interview!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Maria! Bronnie is so wonderful, and we were honored to share her wisdom in this episode 🙂

  391. My number one take-away for me is that even when you love your work sometime it’s good to stop and spend time with your family and loved ones. 🙂

  392. What a beautiful contribution Bonny is making to the world. We all have tremendous gifts to give and living from the heart is definitely the way to go. Brava to you both.

  393. Rumbie

    Thank you for sharing powerful insights during this discussion.
    The hope would be to see my dreams/hopes be more of a priority to myself – I take action instead of just thinking wouldn’t it be great to do A B or C, instead of them taking a backseat to everyday life issues/stresses, thoughts of inadequacy (i.e. fear, not having enough money to get started on a project). The looking busy but not really doing anything worthwhile would need to stop…completely! 🙂

  394. Renee Mackenzie

    Thank you Marie and Bonnie for this wonderful video. It really resonated with me. The thing that struck me hard was when Bonnie said she has stopped doing things that don’t feel good for her and that she is able to say no more than she says yes – and without guilt or explanation. Wow, I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear that! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  395. hi Marie, I’m an artist but I also have a 24 yr old daughter with autism who’s an excellent baker! She has trouble working in a traditional environment but she’s a hard worker, with a lot of ambition so my husband and I started a small bakery business for her. It’s been an amazing road, very rewarding but also very hard, as any business is! I’m in over my head though, and am making strides to get the biz to another place where others with similar interest can join in, but it hasn’t been easy. You say that we should do what’s in our hearts, and I have… but lately I’ve been feeling more resentful over the time and effort. I’m in my 60s now and want to retire. I’m giving myself this year to make that happen because that’s what’s in my heart but I have a keen responsibility to my disabled daughter. Separating the 2 has always been hard for me. She’s a part of me and her success and her disappointments I feel as strongly as she does. But this isn’t healthy for me anymore. It’s an unusual situation… how to separate from a child who needs me so badly?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Carol, thank you so much for watching this episode this week and sharing your thoughts. It’s wonderful that you’ve been so supportive of your daughter and that you started a bakery together as a family.

      It can be incredibly difficult to do what is best for ourselves, especially when you want to be supportive of your daughter, but it also sets a really good example by caring for yourself and your own needs too.

      In terms of separating, it sounds like you’re on the right track by exploring ways to retire soon. If you have a clear timeline and plan in place for transitioning out, especially if you’re able to bring on someone else who is excited to take part in the bakery, it can make it a bit easier.

      Although it speaks to a slightly different topic (transitioning from a job to a business), I thought I might share this MarieTV episode for a few tips:

      By being less involved with the business, it might even make it easier to support your daughter in her goals from more of a distance while still allowing you to pursue your own interests.

      I hope that helps, and know that we’re sending much love your way as you explore your upcoming transition!

  396. Kim

    Thank you both for the beautiful reminders…your timing could not have been more perfect. My son (24) and I had a heart-felt conversation last night around regrets he is experiencing and incredible fear that is holding him back from persuing the things he longs for in his life. I have already forwarded this video to him and I recognize that the greatest gift I can give to him and myself is to continue to live my life courageously. As a 55 year old I am finally following my heart and not listening to the voices of others who, due to their own fear, want to tell my why I can’t or shouldn’t follow my dreams. Living a courageous, balanced life grounded in love is truly the greatest gift I can give to my son.
    Again, thanks for the beautiful reminder!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a lovely note, Kim. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode and that you shared it with your son. I hope that it serves as a wonderful point of inspiration for both of you! <3

  397. Enlivening advice. For me I don’t rush as if time will run out, but rather I’ve developed my sense of urgency. When I feel a sense of urgency that is when I speed way up on it. When I do that I almost always find myself in perfect timing. If I lag when its urgent, that’s when its passing me by. Even then I still have time to catch up if I work really hard, as I may be a bit late, but still arrived.

  398. Such deep thoughts… and some that one rarely has while busy living.
    Thank you Marie and thank you Bronnie. This is a very inspiring video.
    These things should be taught in school!

    Wouldn’t it be great if “Life classes” were included in the world school programmes and made mandatory?
    With subjects like:

    FIGUREOUTABILITY (;-) yes Marie…it’s true, everything is “figuroutable”)
    lessons on how to learn to figure out anything, looking at it from different perspectives, so that powerlessness doesn’t get hold of us;

    SOUL DIGGING – how to recognize and pull out our true self and get in touch with our intuition;

    MEDITATION – to learn to stay grounded and quiet your mind;

    MONEY MANAGEMENT – sooo huge. To learn a better way of dealing with money than the one we have inherited by our parents;

    VISUALIZING/MANIFESTING – learn the importance of these practises to help have the life one wants;

    GRATEFULNESS – learn to look at things from a different perspective and focus on what one has rat