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“Don’t take it personally if you don’t get much of a response. Our friends across the pond tend to be a bit more reserved.” 

That was the warning folks gave me when I shared I was heading to London for my Everything is Figureoutable book tour. 

Well, that was NOT my experience. At all. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I met brilliantly expressive and wildly fun folks at every turn of our London trip. And guess what? The Brits not only welcomed me with warm and open arms, but encouraged my natural Jersey “extra-ness.” 

If you don't do everything possible to share your gifts and reach your dreams, the world will have lost something truly irreplaceable: you. Click To Tweet

In today’s episode, go behind the scenes of our London Everything is Figureoutable book tour and see how we were able to complete 14 separate press stops over 4 action-packed days. We did T.V., radio, podcasts, magazines, breakfast events, evening events — I even crashed a private B-Schooler meetup! 

Please listen to me. Never turn down the volume of who you are for anyone. When the world attempts to shush you, shame you, silence you, or tells you to “act normal”, don’t. 

Your genius is unique. Your chemistry is unrepeatable. We’re on the planet for a relatively short amount of time. Don’t waste any of it hiding the truth of who you really are.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. Has the world ever tried to shush you, silence you, or somehow contain your light? What has helped you stay true to who you really are?

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective. Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. 

Whatever you are working on — whether it’s a dream, a goal, or a problem you’re trying to solve — keep going. Pour as much joy and fun into it as you possibly can. Because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.

With SO much love,


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  1. I can’t believe I missed this! how?! looks amazing, please come for London round 2. xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh we’re so sorry we missed you this time, Laura. We’ll definitely shout it out from the rooftops when Marie will be touring again in the future!

  2. What a fantastic evening this was! Marie, you had a full house after changing venue to make sure more of us fit in the room… it’s a good sign and an invitation to come again 🙂

  3. Laura Horne

    Looks like you had a fantastic time.

    Hope you come to visit us again soon-ish?


  4. Sasha

    Loved it -London traffic and Londoners always dealing with public transport and figuring it out!!!! That is the mantra of London…

  5. Emma

    Marie with a ‘tube card’ is the cutest thing! So gutted I missed the tour. Come back to London soon!

  6. I love seeing you and your message take flight Marie! So glad you got to hug some B-Schoolers, and invite new people into the Everything Is Figureoutable fold!

    So much love.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sending so much love back to you from all of us, Nathalie! ❤️

  7. So wonderful to see you in London and in Europe… Sad I missed you … And yes… Mostly I feel sushed by my own bad feelings of fear, uncertainty and so on.. What helps me than is tapping, tapping, tapping to change the deepest energetically reasons of this bad emotions even if my brain doesn`t know where exactly they come from.. and guess what… it works fanstastic… Now it’s my dream to get out and tell all the people in Germany and Europe what a brilliant tool Tapping can be.
    So TAPP FOR YOUR LIFE is my new project which I startet with B-School this year… And one day I would love to introduce my book “TAPP FOR YOUR LIFE” with the same fun and ease as Marie does on this unique Tour. Thank your all from Team Marie for your wonderful work your are doing …

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind note, Tina. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re working on bringing Tapping to more people – and of course that B-School has been a source of inspiration along the way!

  8. Gerret Lorenzen

    Missed you this time, but might catch you next.

  9. Wow, I so enjoyed watching and hearing you in London.
    Born and raised there, worked there for years, even organised events in the venues I saw you in. Gutted that, due to work commitments, I missed your evening event. So grateful to see just a snippet here.
    Thank you for all you do
    Much love
    Julie Foster
    ‘The Foxy Fempreneur’

  10. Hanitra Ravalomanda

    YES Marie ! Keep doing what you’re doing, you are such a source of inspiration and motivation, Thank you !!

  11. I have felt suppressed my whole life. I feel as if I am just starting to learn who I am and what my voice truly is. Sometimes I feel as if I have no clue. I love singing and making art. I love working on projects with other people. I love learning collaboratively and lively discussions. I have a very hard time in routine jobs. I love to travel, see new things and meet new people. How do I make a life out of this?!?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Cate, you’re SO not alone here. So many people have had their uniqueness stifled for so many reasons, and although it can be challenging to find our true voices, we firmly believe finding that, and making a life out of it, is something that is absolutely figureoutable!

      For a little inspiration, I thought I’d pass along a couple other MarieTV episodes that talk about finding your voice and exploring ideas:

      I hope you enjoy checking those out, and thank you so much for watching this week!

    • Cate, I checked out your website, you have the most beautiful artwork.
      What a talent you are!
      Have you thought about leading art tours to visitors to London or taking a group abroad?
      You can meet people, have lively discussions, see new things and get paid as well?

      • Cate, you are amazing! The top painting are glowing..
        ‘It is a look inside the world I live in. Which, admittedly, is mostly in my head’, you say. It’s the same with me, and I’ll bet you’ve heard ‘get out of your dream world, as I have? But aren’t we lucky? For what IS reality? The experience gets so much richer with additional beautiful images and dreams within alongside the sometimes hard reality our eyes are taking in.. Bless you, and your beautiful road ahead! ❤️ AB

        No website yet. In B-school 2020, so it will come. 😉

      • Thanks Jackie! Your comment led me to find out that our name is the link to our websites etc. I really needed that info. Best AB

  12. Excellent! looks like you had a fab time, shame I missed it. Hope Marie & team will visit the UK again, try the Great North next time… Madchester!! Jersey Marie will fit right in there 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Heather

    I just love you! Thank you – so cool to see you in action on the book tour.

  14. This was awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey to the UK.

    I cried when you showed up at the B-School event! I loved how they organically reacted to you walking in. 🙂 HUGE SMILES! So sweet.

    Go shine your light, sweet girl.

    Hugs from Sweden,

  15. Marie forleo, you are amazing,
    world need you,
    thanking you.

  16. Thank you for reminding me not to DIM my shine! I’m upping it so I can shine brighter than ever ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES!! Shine your light, Marquesa! ❤️

  17. Natalia Stefanova

    Soooooo fun! And such an incredible accomplishment. Go Marie and Team Forleo!

  18. I was there in London, I flew from Mexico city and when you mention it,
    I could not believe it.

    A year ago an independent publisher contacted me to write a book and I did not, a week ago she contacted me again and after listening to you and seeing you on your tour, I said I want that. So I accept, my first meeting with the publisher is next month.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO amazing, Mir! We’re sending our best wishes for your first publisher meeting, and cheering you on all the way!

  19. Carolyn Conley

    FUN FUN FUN!! Thanks for sharing Marie!

  20. This was AWESOME!!!! Especially loved the tube trip, B-school meetup and Jersey girl at the end! I’m still feeling the sparks from the Hammerstein event!

  21. I just watched the behind the scenes from London. Truly amazing. I’ve been following Marie since she had a webcam in her apt and it is just awesome how she has grown. What an inspiration.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh how amazing that you’ve been here since the webcam days, Tamara! We’ve grown so much, and it’s because of people like YOU in our beautiful community who believe in Marie and our work. We’re so honored to have you in our world!

  22. Without a doubt the world has tried to shush me on occasion. Some occasions are more memorable than others :-). Whether it was my jersey Ness, my being a woman, my being not Southern, and the list goes on, it was never for being unqualified. So, I have responded thoughtfully at times, and admittedly reacted -not responding- With a witty but slightly cutting retort. Can’t say that retorts come from your best self, can’t say that I regret it at the time either. If I’m honest. :-). What I can say, is that I have no intention of being anyone else for anyone else. And I am so grateful to you for being the megaphone for this message, Among so many others that empower women. As you always say to us, I sent this with so much love

  23. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for coming over to the UK. I loved watching this.. it made me smile…. yep still smiling! 😉 x

  24. I’ve been enjoying the tour videos so much!! Thank you for the glimpse into the book events and adventures, it’s been so joyful to witness from my little iPhone screen at the gym : )

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Leah! MarieTV makes such a great gym companion too 🙂

  25. OMG – crashing that B School meetup! How sneaky and fun! I’m sure they’ll never forget that moment.

  26. Jackie

    Wow!!! This is so amazing, You are such an Inspiration Marie

  27. I had to add one more comment: the EIF, in unison, shoutout at the end of the London tour, must have been the most amazing feeling for your mom. She has so much to be proud of you for but this had to be super personal. Made me cry, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  28. Marie you make the Jersey in me so proud. You are such a light beam <3
    PS: Cried like a babe when you surprised the B-Schoolers. The joy + excitement on their faces! I know you've touched their life like you have mine. Thank you x a million.

  29. Tanya

    So glad you had a blast here, it was amazing seeing you in that beautiful room with your gorgeous spirit and so much flow and ease in your conversation and delivery. Jersey Marie did good in London Town!

  30. LOVE YOU like crazy!!! I am a B Schooler from Seattle and I told my daughter in London to go experience you. She is 24 in the fashion/pr industry and just got called back for 2 job interviews. Her confidence and go to it attitude is soaring. You are the Queen Marie!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yas, Nancy!! We love you too. ?? Congratulations to your daughter on those call backs –– that’s huge! We’re cheering for both of you, and thanks for being part of our community.

  31. Susan H Hagan

    Just a thrill to watch the powerful way that new possibility and energy ripples out around you, Marie and team. Cheers to making a splash across the pond!

  32. Carmen Mitzi Sinnott

    BROWN GRAVY and mozzarella!?! MARIE you cray and it’s SOOO INSPIRING!!! Congratulations on an incredible event and connects in London!

  33. Hil Belmont

    I received the email while I was doing my yoga in the morning but waited until now so I could savour it and it was totally worth it
    Every word you say
    Every image in the video
    What a nice detail you had crushing the b-school meetup with a full agenda, it brought happy tears to my eyes
    I love how much you care for us
    I just finished the EIF program and will figure out how to be in B-School 2020
    I am so happy for Marie and Team Forleo, you deserve this and much more.
    All my appreciation, love and hugs from Mexico

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Aww, thank you for this lovely note, Hil! ? Marie & Team Forleo certainly do love our B-Schoolers and everyone in or MF Insider community.
      Congrats on finishing the EIF program! We’d be delighted to “see” you in B-School 2020, and in the meantime, thanks for being in our world. Keep shining your light!

  34. Valentina

    Wow, just the energy.. it beams through the video, into my Life, Thank you!!!!!

  35. Alison

    Even though I wasn’t at Maries London event, this video, Marie’s message —”never turn down the volume of who you are for anyone” — and missing the event taught me so much.

    I took a job before I knew Marie was coming to London with clients that were not my ICA so sadly I couldn’t come. Opportunity cost is real, I made a little money but I know I won’t work with these clients again AND I missed Marie’s event.

    I truly would have loved to be there and I hope myself and the others that missed it will get another opportunity.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Aww, thank you for sharing this story with us, Alison. We’re bummed you missed the event, but it reminds me of one of my favorite lines in Marie’s book: “I win or I learn, but I never lose.”

      We’re so glad you’re learning to keep your volume turned up at full blast! We’re cheering you on, and thanks for being a part of our community. ?

  36. So inspired by your energy Marie! What our world would be like if we can all elevate our own energy to your level. Reaching to your level girl – thank you for the weekly motivation ?

  37. Ahh I caught a glimpse of myself on stage meeting Marie at the Soho House event which was INCREDIBLE! As was the larger auditorium event two days later. So happy London was on the book tour! Well done for overcoming jet lag ~ I don’t know how you did it Marie, but you clearly figured it out. xx

  38. Brava Marie Forleo! As I am one from over the pond who now lives in USA and close to 80 years old(in case some one claims it’s only the old fogeys) I can only ask who is spreading this nonsense about the Brits being so reserved??? that goes along with pea soup fogs and it rains all the time- just not true. Hah! So glad you had a wonderful success in my home town.! you are a delightful inspiration to all ages. Thank you for

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Jennifer, it definitely feels like that rumor needs to be de-bunked! I find it interesting that it was an American who told Marie not to “act so silly in public” and the Brits were cheering her on. ???

      We’re honored to have you in our world, Jennifer, and keep shining your light!

  39. Obu

    You are so beautiful and inspirational Marie! Thank you for all that you do and share..

  40. Donna Andrus

    Loved this and almost through with your book. My partner’s reading it next and I talk about you everywhere I go. In fact, I bring you up quite a bit with clients in my counseling practice. You are truly amazing and frankly– “lovable.”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Donna, we adore you! It’s such an honor to know you’re sharing Marie’s work with your partner, clients, and everywhere you go! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an amazing part of this community.

  41. B-Schoolers are the same all over the world.
    London can’t change that 😉

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO true, Llyane! XOXO

  42. Valerie

    I love you! You have inspired me to keep being who I was created and live my dreams. I was born unique and the worlds needs to hear me ! Yayyyyy

    Thank you sooo much!!
    You are a true leader

    Best regards


  43. Ula

    Congratulations Marie! Wherever you go you leave so much good behind! So, together with your amazing Team, keep on going! We really need you guys!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, SO much for this Ula – it really means the world to us! Sending huge Team Forleo love your way.

  44. Thanks for sharing little snippets of your magic for those of us who missing the live show. Definitely do a couple more England dates next time 😉
    Laughed at Chris Evan’s response to you too!

  45. All these tour videos made me cry ;’)

  46. Such tears watching this. Been a B-Schooler since 2013 and following Marie’s journey is such an inspiration! Everything is figureoutable!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, Shannon – we’re so grateful you’ve been in the family for such a long time now! Thank you for being part of this journey with us, we couldn’t have done any of this without our amazing community. We’re so happy you’re feeling inspired! XOXO

  47. So great – and you made me think of something I haven’t had since I left Jersey:
    french fries & gravy!! xo

  48. I was there at the big event in London! Loved it and felt even more motivated! Such a great interview and such a great buzz and energy in the hall! I hung around for about an hour and a half in the hopes of a Marie squiggle in my book, but alas you guys had vamooshed pronto! Ah well, bet you were jet lagged up to the eyeballs by then! Amused myself listening to the songs from the Climate Change Protestors and chatting with fellow Marie TV/BSchool/EIF fans – more precious moments 🙂 Thank you so much for all you guys do – and keep doing it please!

  49. OMG I loved Marie in London! Please come again 🙂 I’m learning to let my personality be in small steps. But when it comes out, it can change my world in the most brilliant, wonderful ways. We sometimes worry that there are certain contexts when our true self should be tempered, toned down; sometimes we say ‘polished’. Is this painful? Yes. But when we let it shine… For me, the most significant work-related example of my true self winning was when I was approached by a client, a large, prestigious organisation, to join them for a project. A video interview was scheduled and I brushed up, tied my hair back, wore natural make-up and smart office clothes. It was going OK, I thought, when they shared the details of the project. Me: jaw-drop; they asked if I’d be up for it and I went, ‘You’re joking! It’s what?! Am I up for it?! Yeah I’m up for it!’ Now this was a very traditional British institution and we were talking a high-profile international project, and I just basically went ‘hell yeah!’ and showed my total and unbound (unprofessional?) enthusiasm. After the interview I thought I’d made a total fool of myself and acted like a kid in a candy shop. Who acts like that in a job interview?! But I did get the job and later on they said it was because they just loved my response. They’d been looking for someone with a passion and they found that in me. Who knew? Lesson learnt 😉 Good luck to all of us out there who question themselves – if you’re true to yourself, the world will respond.

  50. Marie and the Amazing Team Forleo –
    Thank you for all of your craziness, creativity, and charisma! I arrived at the airport sans the book and was thrilled to see that the airport bookstore had copies. Bam! I bought it and began taking in all it’s wisdom from you and from the Forleo extended family. Without getting into too much detail, I faced two extremely dangerous situations during my recent international media work. Oh, I used “Everything is figureoutable” mantra to save my a** on both occasions. Thank you so much for helping me to embrace my own creative passions and for giving me the language to explain to others that I am a multi-passionate educator who love to integrate media and technology. Keep dancing!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Rooting for you big time, Marianne! So glad you got the book and were able to use the philosophy in those sticky situations. Excited to hear you’re embracing your creativity and can’t wait to see what incredible things unfold for you in the future!

  51. Kara Smith

    Damn girl, you got style! I love it. Oh, and you’re doing amazing things in the world 😉

  52. Charlotte A

    So fun to see Marie in London and see London I miss it. I am from the UK and we lived in London but have been travelling with my husband and two young kids and now living in Vietnam so been out of the country 19 months.

    So good to see home and marie togther blowing my mind. Ha ha. I spoke to my mum and she said she heard Marie on with Chris Evans she said she sounded great and she wants to watch more of her stuff. Yay. Can’t belive I was out of the country and missed the visit and a chance to meet Marie. Who knows maybe one day. Much love. Love your work marie and team forleo. Love the book and live training. Thank youxxx

  53. Maja - Team Forleo

    Aww, Charlotte, we wish you could have joined us, too! We’re so grateful to you for spreading the word, and we’re sending much love to you and your mum!

  54. LOVED THIS !!!! So cool seeing Marie in London and being interviewed. She has such amazing energy and wisdom just falls out of her mouth like nobodies business! She is anchored in the light. Fabulous outfits too 😀 Thanks for sharing this vlog!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yas, Fran! So true. Her energy is contagious, and we’re delighted you enjoyed this episode. Thanks for being in our community, and keep shining your light! ✨

  55. Marie gdje god da bila na ovoj Zemlji bit ću uz tebe i svatko će te lijepo i dobro primiti. Amen.

  56. Sending so much love back to you from all of us, Saman…

  57. Thank you for sharing. This is a very important topic to discuss! such an inspiration

  58. Greg O' Sullivan

    Hey Marie & team- I was wondering if you have heard of this Personal Development program before? It looks like a great program to help people in multiple ways, I was just looking for some opinions before I made my decision. By the way i love the content you have been posting lately!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Greg,
      Thanks so much for your comment! While we can’t comment on other personal/prof development programs, you might enjoy this MarieTV episode on making a good decision in alignment with your intuition:

  59. always my inspiration. keep doing it marie

  60. I love seeing videos from your book tour.

  61. This looked like so much fun!

  62. Pat

    Just watched this again as a reminder – that night was such fun! And, it’s gratifying to see myself at the end, waving my book and shouting: “Everything is Figureoutable!”

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you were able to attend and that’s so fun to know that you’re in the video, Pat!

  63. Marie, OH what a wonderful episode. You ROCK, BIG TIME! ♦️
    From the first splash of tea, to the ohhs and ahhs in that radio studio, and on and on.. those lucky B-S gals you crashed in on, hallelujah! Everybody love you, and so do I! I feel so grateful to be in your B-school 2020, ready to change my life! Thank you for being you. You even touched and nailed one of my biz plans, ..yeah, I’ve secured that. Some time soon I might have a website too, thanks to you! Love AB.

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