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Afraid to jump into a brand new project or career? Diving into the unknown can keep many of us of frozen in fear. If that’s you, today’s guest will inspire you not only to embrace change but use it to your advantage. 

Cortney Novogratz is a celebrity designer you may know from the hit reality shows, Bravo’s 9 By Design and HGTV’s Home by Novogratz. The world followed her and her husband, Robert, as they worked on design projects across the world — all while raising seven kids. Her whirlwind career made her a master at seizing new opportunities.

While Cortney and Robert’s career started as a hobby, their part-time passion blossomed into a thriving business. Now Cortney has 25 years as a creative entrepreneur under her belt with many more in her future. 

Her secret?

A willingness to embrace change and enthusiastically try new things.

You can't be a perfectionist. The world is not perfect. You can really have strong opinions and try to make it the best you can but you have to let go a little bit. @thenovogratz Click To Tweet

It’s what gave her the courage to buy and renovate a condemned building with no formal training. It’s how she found the strength to move her nine-person family from home to home in both New York and Los Angeles. It’s guided every business decision, partnership, collaboration, and move Cortney and Robert have made.

And it’s what she hopes to pass on to her kids and dreamers like you. 

Join our conversation and learn:

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Cortney and I would love to hear from you. 

What’s one new skill or idea that you’re holding out on trying? What’s one action you can take today to make it a reality? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. Your kindness and compassion never cease to inspire me!

Keep this top of mind: you do not have to have everything perfectly planned out before you start your next chapter. 

Growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone. Growth happens when you face and embrace uncertainty, and when you venture into the messy, terrifying, unchartered, groundless territory ahead. 

Never forget, everything really is figureoutable

P.S. Want help bringing your next Big Idea to life? Order my upcoming book, Everything Is Figureoutable. Plus, I’m going on book tour and would LOVE to meet you in person. All details and ticket information at this link

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Perfect & Inspiring just as my husband is leaving his corporate job within the next 2 weeks and we´ll work at least part-time (I still have my private practice as a natural Gynaecologist) together at home. Partly on projects, we do together, partly he as a “new” entrepreneur for the first time in his career full time.
    Now I´m looking even more forward to our new turn in life together. Thank you both for your energy and passion.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exciting! We’re cheering you both on and wishing you many wonderful adventures. 🙂

    • Hi Dorothy, funny that I bumped into this comment and I am looking for a natural gynecologist. Where is your practice located? 🙂

      • Hi, Judit,
        sorry to answer so late, we had summer holidays here in the north of Germany. I´m From Kiel, directly at the Baltic coast about 100 km north of Hamburg.
        Have a wonderful day!

  2. Anne Flood

    Hi, loved the interview- my take out was to just get started even if you’re not ready. Also share your ideas with people who can give you advice & feedback.

    I live in Africa, have knowledge & studied the wildlife, Bush, conservation, peoples, and travelled in many of the countries. I would like to develop a social media business around spreading knowledge about Africa – wildlife, conservation, getting to know Africa, travel – to non African based people who want to know more, maybe preparing for a trip to Africa etc. I understand that it can be unknown & daunting as I grew up in Europe, came to Africa as a greenhorn, fell under its spell to the diversity & warmth of its people, landscapes & wildlife but also its challenges.

    Want to share & grow a knowledge business & tie up with complementary business to monetize so I can grew & share.

    • That’s a great idea for a social media account, videos and a blog would be helpful for those looking to come to travel to Africa. My friend who’d I didn’t expect to backpack, ended up renting a 4WD and driving through Zimbabwe, just 2 girls and people were so surprised! She did her research but they’d be many more adventurous curious of travelling in parts of Africa for sure!

    • Arloa Ten Kley

      Hi Anne…in the spirit of “just start” I don’t know if I can help you at all, but I love Africa too. I was born and raised there, now live in the US. My parents were US citizens working in Africa. I’ve lived in many African countries, mostly on the eastern side. Have you considered “eco-tourism”? Setting up trips for people to actually do some good while learning about and enjoying the immense beauty of Africa. Things like: help with a research project for someone who needs manpower, collect data on some wildlife, help with a charitable project, help with “people” project, or a building project. Just brainstorming here. You would need to have the connections to people doing projects in Africa who could use unskilled (or possibly skilled) help, and then connect up (screen?) the applicants, set up the ‘tourist’ part, travel, (or partner with a tour company), etc…I wish you many blessings! If you want to connect…reply to this comment and we’ll go from there.

  3. Thank you for this! This interview came through my inbox at EXACTLY the right moment today. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. So now I’m going to go do it. The big message for me is “start before you’re ready.” I will get my big idea out in the world and figure it out as I go. Thanks so much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Right on, Michelle! We’re rooting for you 🙂

    • Jody

      I experienced EXACTLY the same today. It couldn’t be better timing than now. It was the past few days I was thinking: “Maybe I should get my website online and learn while it’s up and running instead of trying to get everything “perfect” before launching. It’s just not possible! Because there is no such thing as perfect. I will grow and learn on the job. This Marie-TV episode was the push I needed. The synchronicity is amazing. Thank you, Marie and Cortney.

  4. Graeme Palmer

    Hi Marie
    Lately I have been contacted with so much inspiration (including this sight) to begin where you and figure things out as you go along, face the challenges and figure out solutions as I evolve. I am so grateful for the inspirational posts and messages and appreciate the connections. I have now come to realise that NO is just a powerful analogy for Next Option
    My big idea is form a mastermind group with a team of high end specialists in the positivity aspects. The rewards of the program are significant, firstly the purpose is the diffusion and reduction of the escalating epidemic of suicide and bullying with the global environment. Secondly, the rippling effect of credibility being involved within the program, enhancing the individuals business to the next level. Lastly the financial gain for participants with a substantial remuneration of the estimated 15 billion turnover at the conclusion of the estimated 5 year growth period. Periodic reimbursements are scheduled on a percentage basis within the five year growth predictions
    Marie are you interested in becoming involved in such a worthy and necessary purpose, contact me further for a deeper analysis
    Regards Graeme

  5. After working nonstop after College, I’ve taken a short break and now trying to pivot and follow my passion. It’s still pretty much a work in progress and it excites me a lot. My hope is that these projects I’m working on can become sustainable and scaleable that my husband will eventually feel secure enough to leave his stressful job and join me at “our” own empire 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go, Vera, go! We’re super excited for you and have our fingers crossed.

  6. This interview definitely encouraged me.
    I’ve been running my own small photography business in Bali with a focus on Yoga photography for 3 years now. After a month off, spent with my family in Austria, I am ready for a new work adventure. Contemplation times are key in my life.
    What’s next? Personal Branding photography!
    It’s exciting and new with each client since I get to dive deeply into each business. I’ve just scratched the surface and got hooked and there is lot of work to do – and lots to learn.
    Thank you again! Much LOVE xxx

    • Wow Ulrike your photography business in Bali sounds fascinating. Personal Branding Photography is a growing industry and when I read your comment about diving in to this Jamie Swanson came to mind as she shares a lot of free content on this growing industry. Wishing you the very best, new adventures are exciting.

      • Thank you for your positive feedback Louise! Yes, Jamie Swanson is a huge inspiration for me. I love her style and insights.

        • That’s awesome you’re connected. So curious about your Bali experience Ill check your website. The very best

  7. Jenny

    Loved the interview. Any pointers when your spouse is more reserved on risks and enjoys stability yet I yearn for the risks.

    • Steph

      I’m interested in the answers you receive, too. Firstly, though, I’m going to check in with my spouse to see if part of his need for stability is because he thinks our kids and I need it! One idea that came to me near the end of this video was to enrol our 11 & 7 yo kids in some kind of camp or get our families to care for them for half of his vacation time, so we can really work out some logistics…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question! If you want to write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday episode.

  8. I am probably the odd person here but I have no lack of ideas nor have I ever been too afraid to try to realize them. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have published 3 books (so far in my native Finnish only) and keep doing whatever I feel like I must do even if it means sacrificing everything I have. And I have made sacrifices. So far none of my endeavours have brought me any money but hey – I am 60 and do not have many miles left. So to infinity and beyond!

  9. Hadn’t watched an episode in a while! Biggest takeaway was how we can try to be a perfectionist but we do also have to let go a little bit. This connected with me as I’m trying to learn what it is to surrender when I must. 🙂

  10. Steph

    My takeaway from this interview wasn’t so much that they “began before they were ready”, but that Cortney & her husband really grew a support system around all of their projects & family. There’s a real feeling of warmth, inclusiveness and confident ease in her interview. The willingness to try new things and gather people into their ideas is remarkable.

  11. Marir

    This interview was like a SIGN! I have been wanting to grow my business in another direction by adding design/decor services and just the other day I got a message from someone wanting my help in creating her new salon! I’ll be having my first meeting with her next week. I’m nervous and not sure what I’m getting into but I also know that this is what I want. Thank you Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Marir! We’re thrilled you’re going in this new direction and that it lights you up. We’re cheering you on with the salon!

  12. Gerret Lorenzen

    Well, I finally registered the website I have been thinking about for months.
    I have an idea where I want it to go, and the longest journey begins with the first cliche.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We’re so glad you’re embarking on your journey.

  13. Perfect timing, I needed this boost of inspiration. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having the ugliness of self-doubt because not everything goes a planned. And I understand that’s okay but at times it’s hard to swallow, especially when I think about the age I’m at and not where I expected to be at this stage in my life. But I’m gonna shake it off, put my big girl pants on and get to business, (after I finish my comment : )

    I absolutely want to be in a position where I can help our younger generations.
    My daughter graduated this past May with a degree in Environmental and Earth Science (woohoo!) With my mind always thinking of new projects and having the “what else can I do” approach I thought how can she and I put our knowledge and experiences together and do some good in this world. Not only that but bring her and me closer as mother and daughter.

    I came up with an idea of coaching & consulting the common household on what they can do to reduce their Environmental Impact. We created the website, content and our digital lesson went live last week. But now what….how can we take it to the level of inspiring others to take action.
    We must lead by example and show our younger generations (my two younger boys included) how to make better sustainable choices and NOT creating a habit of convenience.
    I feel networking locally would be a great start but that is so out of my comfort zone! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Marie and team!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats to you and your daughter, Lorraine! It’s wonderful you both have a passion for helping people live more eco-friendly.

      We’ve found that when marketing/self promotion/networking is outside of people’s comfort zones, it could be that they have a negative association with these activities, even though they can be done with heart and compassion and are necessary for business. There’s a MarieTV episode about this that I think you’ll find helpful:

  14. Hilda

    OMG I can not believe how much I love every episode, this one was full of so much wisdom and I loved Courtney´s humility when sharing…
    From all of her chunks of wisdom, perhaps my favorite is “Start before you are ready and flow with the turns, have fun with the 5% of the job that might not be the most fun”
    What I will start doing right away is plan and record my solo episodes which I can not wait to share with this beautiful community
    Love from Mexico

  15. Nini Humphrey

    My biggest take away is to build a support system that will support you and ignore the naysayers and do it anyway. I’ve been in early childhood for over 20 years. Would love to get out the classroom and start as a business coach- helping preschools with their business. I don’t know how to start or how it will be received by the ECE community.

    • Nini your dream and vision sound amazing. Marie’s B-School is powerful and also Stu MacClaren’s “Tribe” membership program. Lots of free resources there that you can start to explore if you haven’t already. Go for it!

  16. Tj

    Love this sooo inspiring! And you asked all the best questions Marie! Love Cortney and her passion can be felt from her way answering and body language too?

  17. Barbara Spikes

    I love the idea that even though you are older, you can still do a new dream for yourself. Many people think I should “retire” soon. But I love continuing to learn and grow. So, why stop? You helped me see it’s okay to feel this way.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Barbara. You’re just getting started 🙂

  18. (Haven’t watched the episode yet but I wanted to respond to the questions in today’s email!)

    As a new mom (my son is 8 weeks old) I’ve been hearing the stories of many other moms. A common thread is that many moms aren’t too excited about going back to work after having their babies. Either they don’t love what they do and are now questioning spending so much of their time doing it, and/or they are simply faced with new priorities as they want to spend as much time as they can living a beautiful life with their children.

    As a life coach and yoga teacher myself, I love what I do and feel no resentment around getting back to it. Also, as an entrepreneur in these domains I get to build my own schedule and often I work from home.

    My inspired idea is to target these moms for coaching, so that I can help them determine what work can look like in their lives that inspires them AND gives them more flexibility to spend more time with their families.

    Since my son is only 8 weeks old, I haven’t done much to shift my business’ gears towards marketing this idea to my new target market. What can I do TODAY to get started before I’m ready? I can jot down my ideas around how my website, marketing, copy, networking etc etc etc need to be refreshed to reflect this new angle in my biz. I may not be able to overhaul my website while breastfeeding 8 times a day, but I can gather my thoughts!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      That’s so exciting, Christine!! And congrats on your new baby boy, what a special time in your life. It’s wonderful that you’re using this time to gather your thoughts for your next move. The more you can learn about the pain points and dreams of the lucky women you’ll be helping, the more easily the other pieces will come together when you’re ready. We also have an awesome list of free business resources you’re welcome to use:

  19. Gisell Morales

    Loved this interview and learn that you can pursue what you really love having 7 children!! OMG that seems almost impossible, so I found this very inspiring. I also love Real Estate and have some investments, but I would like to do a flip… I just need the right partner who believes in it as much as I do, willing to do demos and paint some walls as needed to save money!

  20. Great interview and so very timely. I’m a signs and synchronicity gal who lives in nature and embraces the world of energy and spirit, which is the foundation of my work as a “soul” coach.

    Very recently my world was rocked with the passing of my wonderful dad, his leaving sparked deep inner reflection and interestingly has resulted in my decision to make a U-turn in my life and return to the book I began writing 9 years ago. I feel my writing journey is a healing journey as it connects me to my dad and his love and passion for literature. Although my U-TURN won’t take me away from the principles of my work, the tension in this pivot is that it is UNCHARTED WATERS AND A DAUNTING MEDIUM for me to explore and share about the things that are dear to my heart, which is the importance of our connection to nature and the world of energy and spirit. Thank you, Marie and Cortney, your discussion offered a timely reminder and POWERFUL GREEN LIGHT to keep going and follow my passion! Yay to that!

    PS Marie, I would LOVE to learn more about the process for getting your voice and book out into the world and I wondered if this is something you may share in the future. I totally LOVE B-School and The Copy Cure.

  21. She is the best! Love how clam, grounded and creative she is. A total rockstar!

  22. LOIS Somohano

    This was so inspiring to me. The biggest take a way was that you don’t need to have everything figured out before you start something. I am 71 years old and beginning a new career in blogging and travel writing. I have this crazy dream of taking a month and traveling across the USA by myself, visiting various places of interest along the way and writing about them. I have started planning it and get really excited about it and then I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done. How can I possibly do this? This episode again filled me with hope and inspiration.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Oh, but how can you possibly NOT do it, Lois? Keep that dream alive, keep planning, and keep us posted! In the meantime, here’s some wisdom and inspiration from Marie:

      • LOIS Somohano

        Thank you for the encouragement.

    • wow!! Lois go for it! sounds amazing!

      • LOIS Somohano

        Thank you. It means the world to me to have someone say, “go for it.”

        • I see things unfolding beautifully for you your trip and plans sound amazing. The hardest thing is taking that first step. Really and truly GO FOR IT! Where can I find your blog?

    • Arloa Ten Kley

      I’m so glad you are doing this. It gives me hope to see you move forward. I’m “only” 58, but sometimes still struggle with “I’m too old for this!” It won’t turn out as you expect, but just be prepared for the unexpected. To new adventures and to you!
      And, yes, where can we find your blog?

  23. Rachael Marchand

    Great interview! What an excellent reminder to “just start” and release perfection. Also, to recognize life is made of many chapters and allowing yourself to follow what lights you up in those chapters. And to have an idea of what you want and be open to how you get there! Thank you for this message!

  24. I LOVED this! The continued pivoting example I can relate to, and it was reassuring to hear. Marie, thank you for consistently introducing us to new. New people, new and different industries and new fresh approaches, yet still centered on “everything is figureoutable”.

  25. My takeaways were to just start and to leave enough room for others to contribute as well. For two years now I’ve waited to “officially” kick-off a project called the I Choose Love Project, which is a project designed to heal the divides within and among us all and help people choose love – even when it’s hard to. I’ve built the website. I’ve developed the POV. I’ve healed myself from my own painful past so that I can walk-the-walk. And, I’ve waited for the world to be open enough and ready enough to hear the message about the power in choosing love – even when it’s really hard to.

    And so now all that’s left is to JUST DO IT and continue to trust the process. That’s what was reinforced for me today. Thank you all for being you; I sincerely appreciate all you are and all you do.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      You’re doing beautiful work that’s so very needed, Christina. Thank you for caring so much, and for being here with us. We’re cheering you on!

  26. I love the simplicity yet.. enormity of “four walls can be a home.”
    I think really knowing your why, having a core message like that that underpins and defines what you do is so powerful for those days when you do need to turn or hit a setback.

    I’m actually about to try a rebrand that focuses less on coaching and more on teaching the life skills to manage reinvention, knowing your why and uses cognitive therapy tools to meld science with spirit. I’ve been putting it off for almost 2 years but I think I now have that message to really explain how it can help people.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Katy-Rose! A powerful “why” is the foundation of every great, long-lasting business. We’re so excited to hear about your rebrand (you know we love the sound of “melding science with spirit”) and we’re wishing you nothing but success!

  27. Jessica

    ?? so inspiring… i really love interior designing.. i just dont know how to start.. thank you for this wonderful episode???

  28. Michelle

    My husband and I love real estate as well. He is a real estate agent and we loveeeeeee architect and interior design. I am a graphic designer. I’m currently on my maternity leave and I have been thinking what if I could take this time to start a business and potentially don’t have to go back to my job. Recently, my husband had helped one of his clients to stage a condo and it turned out so well! When friends or neighbours come over to our home, they’re impressed with how we have decorated. For the past month we have kept bringing up the idea of starting a staging and marketing company BUT we don’t have a portfolio to show and therefore how do we get clients?

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hi Michelle! This MarieTV episode has some great perspective on how to get traction with a new service-based business: (don’t let the title lead you astray, the advice applies to more than just coaches!)

  29. Roberta

    Loved this interview! I like that you don’t need to have everything perfectly in place to start a new business. This interview inspired me … I have been feeling as if most of the B-Schoolers – past & present – have be able to start their business with a “bang”; and, I am still figuring out what direction to go. So. As of today. I quit comparing where I am with others; and, to believe I don’t need everything figured out before starting. This will be considered my “second act” and due to my age of 68, I feel the need to “hurry”.
    I will trust the process…and all that I have learned via Marie, the Team, B-School, podcasts and MarieTV! Thank you for this insightful interview ❤️

  30. Mary

    I have two takeaways from his: first, everyone needs to own and wear a green sequined dress! This will definitely be in my future 🙂
    And second, you need to do what fits your life. Cortney and her husband were able to work well together and they (and her body) held up through seven kids and creating a large business! When you don’t have that physical strength your life will go in an altogether different direction and you have to be ok with that. And the sooner you realize that, the more quickly you will have a life that you love.
    I also love how Cortney is very open and honest about her journey. She has a very low bs factor, which is very refreshing. Great interview!

  31. I love Cortney’s energy that she brings to her words and her work. This was a really lovely conversation to watch and listen to. Thank you for all your hard work both of you! It really sheds light on the world of possibilities that are out there for those of us who are just starting out.

  32. Diane Arias

    Ahhhhhhh!!! I’ve wanted to hear from Courtney for so long! Next step in my journey is talking to my husband about our investment property. Courtney you have inspired me as I’ve wanted to make progress but I’ve been holding off.

  33. Twins Tallulah and Bellamy were in my class back in 2005 when I completed my year of student teaching in the West Village. They were a beautiful family back then and still are. Many blessings to the Novogratz clan ❤️❤️

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Claudia <3 <3 What a small world.

  34. Amber Wyatt

    I really appreciate how Courtney mentioned that this life and their career wasn’t only her dream but also a dream for both her and her husband. As well as her comments on creating a village. I think that it’s obviously huge for both parties/multiple people to be on board whatever the goal may be and to work towards it together. Personal growth can often be isolating, but this puts a bit of a spin on that idea. As a creative struggling to figure out what the next endeavor may be, I loved this interview and listening to her insight on her career, but also how her support system was such a huge part of that as well.

  35. Madylaine

    Seven kids and constantly redoing houses. Well, she’s obviously not an environmentalist.

  36. Best Take-away… Just go for it!
    I’m such a “wait for the perfect moment” and LOVE the go-for-it message. Thanks Marie & Cortney!

  37. Melanie Timmins

    Hi Marie & Cortney, loved hearing your interview. What really resonated with me from the interview was Cortney’s take on sharing the control with partners. My husband is a DJ & underground music producer (I am a silent partner & sounding board :-)) and so he works with record labels and collaborates with other artists all the time. This can often be an area of struggle as personalities don’t always match. However I like the idea of having a flexible approach to allowing partners really get involved & using their expertise for the benefit of the project. I also agree wholeheartedly with Cortney on leaving egos aside – so important. BTW – the tequila plan sounds great too. Many thanks, Melanie (Dublin Irl.)

  38. Great interview. My husband and I have worked together for 19 years he joined my business which is just going into its 29th year.
    Nice to hear how another couple work through there differences. But the one thing that really makes the difference that Courtney said was “ we really like each other’s company “

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, Chris. And congratulations on your long-lasting partnership and business!

  39. Really loved this! I think the idea of starting before you are ready is key. As a recovering perfectionist, I have to keep reminding myself to just keep going even when it seems over my head. I also think the topic of pivoting and trying things can sometimes be a negative in real life. We are all afraid to say we are working on something and then have to come back to the table and say that we pivoted away from something because it wasn’t the right thing in this moment. The judgement in those moments can be palpable, but it’s more important that we keep moving forward and find people who are doing the same thing (i.e. trying things)! Thanks for a great show!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Well said, Kristin! One thing that helps me manage that (very real) fear is knowing that even as people are judging, they’re seeing an example of someone taking risks and hopefully moving a little closer to taking their own. Thank you for being here and sharing!

  40. Benson Modie

    Absolutely inspirational…..thank you!

  41. sonja

    I was listening to Marie’s usual video ending and was wondering when was the last time she had a giveaway? Because I don’t think I have ever read about one in the years I have been watching and been an MF Insider… just curious!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      This is a great question, and we love having you as an MF Insider Sonja! In the past we’ve had things like limited-time access to things like a free ebook copy or a free PDF, although we don’t have a regular schedule for when we send out giveaways. As long as you’re on our list, you won’t miss a thing!

  42. IB

    I LOVED today’s topic. Over the last 2 years I’ve been challenging myself to start, I’ve come further than I ever imagined just taking those first steps. That’s often the hardest bit.
    Today I had breakthrough. I coach millienial women who want to live life more courageously and I’m always using the mantra start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
    I’ve decided to fine-tune my practice even more – courageous coaching for millienial women who are tired of playing small and want to start before they’re ready!
    Some of us need a cheerleader and if that’s you, I’m here.

    Thanks team Marie and Courtney x

  43. Divyank Saha

    This is insanely relatable as I am an Architect/ Interior designer as well as have been pursuing acting in a theatre group. Now that I have started my YouTube channel where I am documenting interiors of various spaces, I am not sure which direction do I need to go. Approaching brands for influencer marketing seems too early in the business. I love being on screen and documenting design, which is my profession seems quite right. Although, there is a scope for me to continue acting after I have saved some money working with my father’s business.
    Any ideas on how to stay the course?

  44. When it comes to staying in the “side hustle millionaire” mindset today, I stay “crafting like Craftmatic with creative marketing strategies.” 🙂

  45. As a native Texan, a tequila test is something I’m happy to incorporate into my discernment and interview process.

    This interview, heck you had me with the headline, motivated me to tears AND action. I choose to bite the bullet and move forward both with a bit of fear and in imperfection.

    Thank you for keeping things real. And by the way, green sequins are fabulous on you.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      YES to moving forward with fear and imperfection (and also tequila). We’re so happy to hear this interview inspired you, Daphne. We’re rooting for you!

  46. Claire

    I have just started my first big contract in my new consulting business, and my last paid job as an employee for someone else just ended. My husband and I also run a small construction business together and I’m three months pregnant with our first child. Sometimes it’s hard to feel co disent that we are making good decisions for our future and our family – financially and mentally it’s tough to be both self employed and often working together.
    This episode was a good reminder to get your hustle back by drawing on the feeling that you know you’re good at this, even if it isn’t perfect. Also good to remember to enjoy the unique times you have together as a couple and to focus on the positives of keeping it always mixed up, instead of always looking only at that scary uncertainty. I’ll be trying to channel that positivity while I find contract #2 and #3 for my business.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Claire! Congrats on your growing business and your soon-to-arrive little one. It sounds like exciting things are on the horizon and we’re thrilled this episode encouraged you. 🙂

  47. I recently lost my job and learned that my skills were being downsized and outsourced. Fear, panic, and dread sunk in as I thought about how I would pay my bills, health insurance, and looming debts from previous layoffs. I also had to move and had no place to go. It felt literally as though the universe had pulled the rug out from under me.

    Fortunately, I had gone back to school and started building my coaching practice 7 years ago. I had clients between releases at work and was the professional development lead and keynote speaker for workforce communications at a Fortune 500 company.

    Over the last several years, I became a self-taught home chef and fell in love with Airbnb hosting and interior design. My new mission became building community around the home and food. My food and lifestyle blog is almost ready for launch. I also run a local dining meetup and love working with local schools, farms, and restaurants to help promote whole foods and sustainable, farm fresh produce.

    Those who felt inspired by my ambition and enthusiasm wanted to help and be a part of my success. Why wasn’t I letting them in? Because I was still a slave to my day job and paycheck, and I could not COMMIT. It seemed like the only women who succeeded with creative businesses all had spouses and partners to fall back on.

    One day I asked myself, “Should I say goodbye to corporate and leap aimlessly into my dreams?” I reached out to my support group at nutrition school and was struck by this response:

    We all fall into two categories (1) risk takers or (2) pragmatists (follow the safe path and build the financial security and then follow our dreams, or don’t follow them at all and look back with regret). You must ask yourself – are you a risk taker, or does financial security and your pragmatist side feel stronger?

    I had been living in the middle of that spectrum, tiptoeing into new adventures while clinging to my lavish lifestyle and bi-weekly paycheck. Ultimately, life forced me to give up what I hadn’t been willing to surrender. My soul desperately needed to be free. I needed to cast aside the concerns of well-meaning family members and get out of my own way. It means giving up daily comforts, learning to trust the process, and letting go of outcomes. I have to be courageous and walk my own talk before I could help and inspire others to do the same.

    I devoured self-help material and Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love. This one line gave me all the reassurance I needed: Power and money come to those who serve. What do other people need from me (not what I think they need from me)? How can I use my gifts and talents to serve others at the highest level possible? It is no longer about my dreams, but helping others achieve their dreams. The more value I can add to other people’s lives, the better my own life would be.

    I changed my mindset from this is happening to me to this is happening for me. I shifted from the frustrations of having to find a job (which puts me at the mercy of others) to creating my own income (Now that’s much more empowering! :). I lined up side gigs online for cash flow while I figure out my next steps.

    Starting in November, I will be certified to offer services as an Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach. In addition to my blog, I plan to do video demos, cooking classes, parties, meal planning, pantry cleanse. Cortney’s journey is truly an inspiration to me. One of my dreams is to find a partner (hence, the “tequila” advice 😉 and renovate an old or abandoned home into a B&B near the beach. Speaking of which, a B&B owner in Rehoboth Beach offered to teach me the operations of a B&B and work in exchange for a free room, and a stranger asked me if I could help him set up his historic downtown home for Airbnb.

    I am now ready to take on new challenges more aligned with my purpose and that will allow me to better serve my community. Thank you Marie and Cortney for shining a bright light in my dark corner when I needed it the most, and for making me feel not so alone. Thank you for reassuring me that it’s okay not to have all the answers, even though I am terrified about starting this new road without a map. Like you said, “everything is figureoutable!” You both are true champions of courage, grace, and resourcefulness. May life continue to reward you both with abundant love, blessings, and success! xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so exciting, Linda!! Congrats!
      We’re so glad you’re listening to the call of your heart and following your passion. We’re cheering you on with your coaching, speaking, dinners, AirBnb, and in all you do!

    • Arloa Ten Kley

      Wow. Love all your ideas and the opportunities that are coming to you! Go for it! I, too, feel ‘unsupported’ in my dreams and sometimes wonder how to build that support. I am working toward them, but it feels so slow, and I wonder if they will ever really happen. Just keep moving forward one step at a time.

  48. Trudicia McNight

    Hi Marie
    Wow! I must say I’m moved.
    I’m also a nerd for real estates, renovations and interior designing. My favourite shows are Design for you, Million dollar agents and Houses by the sea ? I live for those shows.

    Speaking of sitting on ideas I for one have always had great ideas but also always been so terrified by the idea that my ideas ain’t gonna fly or literally just being rejected.

    I’ve got a great eye, very creative plus I’m a big fan of color so growing up i’ve always been that kid who didn’t really have that much love for playing outside on the streets with other children. I swear I wasn’t a mean child ? I was just drown so much by the ideas I had in my head of giving my bedroom a new look.
    I would do little paintings of flowers, a bowl full of fruits and just hang them on the wall. Design cushions, my mother had a flower garden so I would also create a flower vase and add some flowers in there. By the way, I’m a huge DIY freak. I always want to create something new, something fresh out of literally anything!

    I’m writing a book at the moment, I’m almost finished with the first chapter. I’ve told myself that I would go study Interior Design after finishing Graphic Design. Just to learn more about the industry and really get to understand more than just matching colours and adding pillows but things aren’t going as planned but I believe that one day all will go well.

    I personally LOVE food, I love cooking, I love trying out new recipes so me having a passion for food and design I came up with an idea of starting an event designing business. But I keep procrastinating all the time!

    I keep asking myself where am I even gonna start, who do I approach for advice, do I need a mentor? If yes do I hire one to pay. It’s a lot! I thought of creating an instagram account but that also needs photos of my actual work to showcase so I’m always like yes i’ll do it, yes I’ll do it..

  49. Jill

    I wish I could convince my husband of this. I’m retiring soon and he thinks I should have a clear, perfectly laid out plan if I want to do my own thing. I know he means well but it shuts me down from trying. He’s a total left-brain-logic thinker and I’m a free spirit. It’s great for balance and it keeps my feet on the ground when needed but it has always held me back. Thank you, Marie, for the continuing inspiration!

  50. Jen

    Wow. So much wisdom and grace in this interview. What really stood out for me was the way that Cortney is willing to a) approach each new project and opportunity with such openness to learning and b) how she and her husband have built such strong and trusting relationships with the people around them who provide support. Both of these are things I struggle with and am trying to do more of as I work to grow my life and business, and it’s a good reminder that it’s so much harder (and less fun) to try to do everything yourself!

  51. Loved this episode!!! I admire her ability to take risks and to do it with her partner. How much joy that must bring their relationship! A lot resonated with me in that I have changed my career multiple times, and have gone with the flow, seizing opportunities as they present themselves. What I learned though from Cortney in this episode, however, was that being a bit scrupulous in assessing those opportunities is a must. Saying no may not be a bad thing! Thanks so much for your continual inspiration and wisdom!!! xo

  52. Embracing change is something I have been somewhat slowly easing into this past 6 months. I have been grieving kind of the life that I had built up to this point with my art business and as I see that it is coming to an end, so I can start writing my book and stepping into a place of leadership, I have somewhat been sad to see it go. I have been painting nonstop for 5 years, but I know that this will be good and my book that I am working on is the gift I am supposed to bring to the table. Great interview, Marie! Thanks!

  53. Michele Pridgeon

    I am embarking on a new creative endeavor that has been in the back of my mind for over a year. What was good to hear in this conversation is that it is ok to learn on the job – just to start where you are. There are many questions I have about what I am doing that are not yet revealed to me. It reminds me that when the time comes for me to know the answers, they will show up. Also, a good reminder from this conversation is to have fun with your ideas and experiences that match those feelings have to come along with it.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Michelle! We love that you’re staying open to the process – the answers will come.

  54. Russell Ramos

    Great insights and nuggets here. I like the part about trusting your partners and putting one’s ego aside and letting your partner win, (it’s not that important to always have it my way in a partnership). Sometimes it is about being flexible and understanding the power of a give-and-take relationship. I’ll begin by applying this principle in the relationship that I have with my wife. We are planning to open up a business together.

  55. Kaoru

    The parts that made me feel good were one: that she said to be successful you would have to work hard in any field and two: in this age and time we have to keep trying new things and be flexible. They are in a way kind of common sense but when it comes from a lady who has done her share of work and receiving success, it made me feel assured. Also, I am called a lot of times ‘unpredictable’ and not settling for what I have and move on quickly in a bit of a derogatory way. (I live in a conservative side of the world especially when it comes to women’s business in general) But I have always felt that we have to move fast and be open otherwise there will be no way we can be successful in a true sense in this time. By hearing her say it, it made me feel pretty good and smile!

  56. So timely! This actually got me off my butt and over to my mother’s house that I’ve recently inherited to start a project I was putting off for no good reason.
    We did about 6 hours of weeding and digging right after watching this!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Way to go from inspiration to action, Jess! We hope you have so much fun with this project!

  57. Great content. I will be listening again. I would have loved to hear what the discussion was like with her husband and/or advice on taking the leap towards your passion by downsizing and/or doing it on a tight budget. How do you come to an agreement on what you are willing to sacrifice.

  58. It’s a good thing as an inborn ability to be able to draw technically as a hobby and then eventually became an income attraction skill. They’ve done pretty well as couple. In my early ages, l use to draw anything l thought was interested to me as a hobby and for fun just because it was an inborn ability. Such is life. Please may l know how long it may take one to be able to draw technically?

  59. Boryana Chalakova

    Hi, I looooved this interview!!! Cortney is now one of my biggest inspirations! I’m in a process of creating my boutique property investment company with a view to start taking on bigger renovation commercial-to-residential projects in about 2 years time. I only have one daughter at the moment but still feel guilty at times that I’m not able to spend enough time with her, still having a full time job as a Bookkeeper and a busy social life as well. I was wondering if Cortney has any tips on how to balance the different aspects of your life without going bananas?;) thank you for your work Marie, #yourock

  60. This interview connects so closely to me on two levels. 1, I am currently embarking on a huge new venture in which I have no experience and have been talking about for the last 2 or 3 years and I’m diving in. I’ve been a food producer for the last 12 years and commercial space for small producers is like platinum in the city. So I’m purchasing a property to develop it into a commercial kitchen for other food producers. On the second level, I love how she talked about any kind of location, as long as it has a roof and 4 walls , could become a house. I’m looking at spaces the same way for my kitchen. I can convert anything into what I need. It’s been a challenge getting real estate agents to understand though.

  61. As an interior designer and a B-schooler since 2018, this episode couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

    I found clarity very early on through my B-School journey – precisely at STRB lesson. It gave me the courage to pivot from the usual practice of the profession, to venture into the unfamiliar and to put insight into action.

    Almost 18 months later, I’ve created a web app that helps people find their style. I’ve no idea how the app will be received or how this will all turn out.

    But as serendipity would have it, this episode came out just a few days before my intended launch. The app may be imperfect, but this interview could’ve been the last push I needed to be comfortable in putting my work out there.

    Thank you Marie, Team Forleo & Cortney.

    • Error: … this interview was the last push… 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is amazing, Shirley! What an incredible win, and we’re so glad B-School, Marie, & Team Forleo could be a part of it. Congrats on your web app, and way to go on starting before you’re ready! Please keep us updated on your progress with the app, and all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on. ?

  62. suzanne hoyne

    so I just started a business coaching business BEFORE i was ready because the client just turned up and naturally I couldnt say no.
    But because I wasnt ready I dont have all my templates and agenda’s ready – I feel like I’m not giving the client 100%
    So I dont fully agree with ‘do it before youre ready’
    Luv all your work

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you for this insight! It’s true –– you want to make sure you do your due diligence and prepare as much as possible before diving into a new venture… especially when you’re coaching others.
      I think what Marie & Courtney are saying is that, no matter how much planning/education/prep-work you do, many of us never “feel ready.” Even great creatives like Maya Angelou and JLo struggle with imposter syndrome, even at an advanced level. That said, even if you don’t feel “ready,” it’s important to take inspired action instead of procrastinating (which for me, can often look like “procrasti-learning” or “procrasti-research,” haha!).
      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Suzanne! All of us on Team Forleo are wishing you well in life and business! ?

  63. Amy

    I love this, I went through a phase of investing in so many courses. What most of the courses taught me was that I already knew pretty much all of it. I was just looking for the confidence to jump in and start helping people with Pinterest because I had a fear I wasn’t good enough. The courses did teach me a lesson – just not the one I was expecting.

  64. Julie

    Thank you for this discussion. My biggest take away is that it is ok to push through and challenge yourself even if the path is not direct. To “be flexible and Stay focused”. Sometimes we lose site of the focus when a door or doors close. I really responded to the comment, “Mix it up and have chapters”. It is like that statement affirmed that it is ok to have different chapters that take us on an exploration. With gratitude for sharing.

  65. Just validating the fact that floating and pivoting is a-OK and the flavor of the decade made me relax a lot.

    Thank you, Marie!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? Makes life sound a little more like an ice cream shop : ) Thanks for being here and sharing as always, Llyane.

  66. simon

    Congratulations indeed, how many of us would like to take important steps in life and remain stuck for fear of making mistakes? We must believe more in ourselves ..
    People are having success whit self development program (method)

  67. Loved this interview! I do often wait to do things because I want it to be “perfect” first, so it’s good to be encouraged to just go for it. In the end I think the time is never “exactly” right anyway. I could be waiting forever! I love her approach, that learning on the job is the best option.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Such great takeaways, Michelle, thank you for sharing! No more trying to be “perfect”, just go for it, yes!

  68. Interesting and inspiring. Thank you.
    I will take with me: even if you love something it not always fun, it’s not always flowers and honey 😉
    Thank you Marie and team and Thank you Cortney Novogratz.

  69. The most important thing I learnt from Cortney is NEVER to be afraid of change. Embrace it. Invite it. Growth only happens when change happens. We HAVE to give ourselves the chance to write different chapters of our life, instead of sticking to one thing.

  70. Chela Bush

    Dear Marie: First of all I apologize for been so late in leaving a comment. I really enjoyed listening to Designer Cortney Novogratz. I am at this point in my life where I want to do something that I enjoy for me, and dont know where or how to start. I would spend hours in front of the TV watching home channels, beautiful homes from all over the world. I just dont know how to go about it and financially I am living on a fixed income. I took the test for the Sales Agent in Real Estate, but did not pass it, so now I am studying to pass it again. I would really appreciate your thoughts, ideas on having a gift and some help how to get my gift out. I am 70 years old and lots of people tells me I am too old to accomplish my dreams. Please help, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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