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Working with people one-on-one to unpack — and ideally solve — thorny issues is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, it’s how this entire company got started nearly two decades ago!

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That’s why I’m thrilled to share this new MarieTV live call-in show with you. In this episode, we tackle important business and life questions from 4 brave and creative souls:

  • Betsie — an oil painter trying to balance #hustle with raising her 3-year-old daughter.
  • Marcy — a photographer who wants to take 8 weeks off to travel without sacrificing her booming business.
  • Hanna — who thinks she’s “just lazy” because she doesn’t have as much accomplished as she expected after moving to Costa Rica.
  • Janet — a designer who wants to book out her services in the next 6 months, but doesn’t know where to start.

This one is a must-see if you’re struggling to figure out how to make your business work for your life.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you:

Which question (and answer!) resonated the most deeply and why? And what can you do to turn that insight into action right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

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Thank you so much for showing up and being so brave and honest in our conversations. You inspire me more than you know.

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  1. I am still working on completing B School and it has been a great source for me. I find myself working full time and not having time to work on my dream. I started an event planning business about 2 years ago but really not getting off the ground; but have managed to do some really nice events here and there. I’m on the road about 4 hours out of the day traveling to and from work so when I get home; i’m exhausted. My plan is to continue working for another year and step out on faith and enjoying my business full time. I also enjoy making cards, travelers notebooks, and other paper products which i sell. I feel like i’m “lazy” sometimes like Hana, but in all actuality I am tired. I’m up late doing things to feel like i have accomplished something and then tired the next day. Any ideas on how to incorporate a plan that could help me prioritize or carve out time to work on business so I won’t feel like i’m not accomplishing anything. Thanks for you help!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Michelle, this is is such a common feeling among business owners who also work full time. Marie herself worked other jobs for the first 7 years of her business, so you’re not alone in navigating productivity, energy, and stamina. Here’s a couple of other MarieTV episodes we’ve done that might help offer some helpful suggestions:

      It sounds like you have a great plan and timeline ahead of you, and we’re wishing you all the best over this next year!

    • Paula

      Hannah – you might want to read the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. I think you’ll love it!!!!

      • Louise

        Paula – I was thinking the exact same thing!!

        • Lauren McLoughlin

          Me too! So glad someone else also mentioned that. You sound like a classic obliger! My husband is too and now that we know it it makes a huge huge difference. I’m a questioner, so I totally resonate with all of Marie’s reasoning as to why you should or should not do something. However, that wouldn’t push my husband to act without external accountability to accomplish his goals and dreams, and I’m guessing the same is true for you. Do check it out!

  2. So many great takeaways from this episode – I’m also a web designer and so your comments to Janet and the photographer to create some urgency, take time off and get booked out really resonated. I too can get swept away by the #hustle. Thanks for this today!!!!

    • Hi Shannon! I’m a web designer too. I hope we can both put the advice Marie shared into action to see success in our businesses!

      • Yes Allison!! I mean, it’s already July so if people want to hit the ground running in the new year like they always do, it’s really time now to book design projects so that they can be wrapped up for the holidays right?? Let’s do this girl!!

  3. Hi Marie!
    Interesting episode. I think I related with the last caller the most, but great advise for everyone!
    Thanks for the invite!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you tuned in Lee, and that you found some of the advice in the episode helpful in your own life!

  4. Hi Marie,
    I am definitely not lazy, but I definitely can get in my own way sometimes. Working day and night on my business and now I am having to get a “bridge job” to help out with the missing income. The sugar was an interesting aspect to me. Every time I listen to you or see something that you are doing, it inspires me… You will laugh, but just having your hairstylist (and friend) there resonated with me. I definitely want (will) be that person someday. I know that sounds silly, but if you saw me, most of the time, my hair is up in a pony. When it is done, I feel like a rockstar. Makeup is always on though. LOL Thanks for the boost this am. Needed it. B-school is on my bucket list. I know it will help me, but I am currently in another program and I want to complete it. It is also helping.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Stephanie, it’s not silly at all to recognize what helps you feel like a rockstar. In fact, we LOVE hearing that! Whenever it feels like the right time, we’d love to welcome you to the B-School community. In the meantime, it sounds like you’re taking some productive steps forward, so rock on!

    • I feel you with the bridge job, Stephanie! Ugh. Just do as Brendon Burchard says and “bring the joy” to it. You can do this!!

      I am finishing up another program at the moment as well, but maybe we will be B-school buddies in a few years? Best of luck to you with your Fashion/Retail Consultant work! ♥

  5. Sherri Lund

    These callers and questions were awesome and fit my current situation. I am curious about the link for Janet’s website. Where is that posted?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Sherri, you can find Janet’s website over at, and her social media handle is @janetsoria_no. We’re so glad that so many of the questions and answers resonated with you this week!

      • Sherri Lund

        Thanks so much!

  6. I loved this episode and really got so much out of these questions. I can relate to each caller and will definitely be using some of your advise to my situation and business challenges.

    Thank you — so much gratitude for your efforts!

  7. Nida

    Hi Marie ,
    Love this video , all calls were a great help , you are awesome. Love to you .I think I can relate to the first caller.I noted down all the four points you mentioned being a mother and a freelancer it’s not very easy to run home , see in-laws , meet friends, looking after home and carrying the business on but your point ” to be very much clear with your top priorities” really hits my mind and I am going to line up my priorities now to have them function better for me and to find what is really important and what should get most of my time .
    Thanks allot for making this video and giving us the magic u have . Alot of love to you . Stay blessed.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Nida, that’s definitely a lot to handle, and we’re so glad that Marie’s advice to Betsie was helpful for you too! Definitely take that time to carve out your top priorities, and remind yourself of those as you make choices throughout the life of your freelance career. We’re wishing you all the best!

  8. Billy Clark

    Hello Marie, I love your show and how well you speak on the key nuggets to people/businesses. Well today’s episode gave me more insight of acknowledging what’s most important in your life. I’m currently working a day job well strategically setting myself up for my own professional mobile detailing business. This has been my dream for years. Just to be of service to and for others. It’s my biggest passion. Once you identify you must rectify!!!!

  9. Marie, I don’t know how you do it! Every bit of content you put out there positively SPARKLES. Thank you so much for sharing this – these questions and solutions are so on point. And, as always, your messages at the perfect time – ensuring that I can constantly apply your great ideas to my current life and business happenings 🙂

    Much love to you and your delightful team!


    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love hearing that this episode came at the perfect time for you Alex! These call-in episodes are so full of beautiful energy, and we hope you have a great time implementing some of the ideas Marie talked about to your life and business.

  10. PS… I forgot to ask… what is the number to call in for next time? Or how do we get you to call us?

    Have a great day!

    Always B Marketing xo

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Stef – if you’re not yet signed up for our emails, that’s the best place to discover when we’ll hold our next call-in show. And while we don’t have the next one planned at the moment, when that changes, we’ll let you know how to call in via email!

      • Robyn I

        Hi! I would love to check out Janet’s website, but cant find the link to it on here anywhere. Can you share Team Forleo?

  11. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVED this episode! I can really relate to all of the lovely ladies who called in on some level… but Janet?!? I FEEL YOU!!!

    I’m a Professional Mermaid. I have a pretty big following (nearing 10,000 on YouTube) but have a difficult time finding a constant stream of work. Since my line of work is quite different from her’s though I have some very different problems as to why I can’t get the steady stream (Janet, I adore your website, by the way!).

    I have people who are interested in what I do, and have worked with quite a few people, but most events only happen once a year… so even when I DO book a gig, it is a one-and-done situation. And to add to that, I am running out of events to work in and around my area! I would really love to take my business online and focus there with events happening as they do… but I don’t know where to start with making a REAL income online from my business. Google Adsense and Affiliate revenue just aren’t enough at the time. I’m thinking of creating an eBook, but don’t even know what I’d write about. I’ve tried selling things on Etsy, but never seem to be able to consistently stick with adding new products to my store (rather a bit like Hanna’s situation). I’ve thrown around the idea of selling custom mermaid/fairy e-messages to clients who are out of my area/ can’t afford my standard services, but I never seem to get around to it?!? I have tons of ideas circling in my head and don’t know where to start. Ick.

    Anyone have any suggestions or challenges? I’m such a confused fish right now and could totally use an outsider’s insight. ♥

    Thanks Marie & Team for another great episode, and thank you people who read this!!!

    XOXO~ Mermaid Phantom

    • Hi Mermaid Phantom,
      I wanted to toss out a few ideas to you on booking work. Event planning is a huge part of my job and I would recommend you connect with CVBs (Convention & Visitors Bureaus) and DMCs (Destination Management Companies) as well as actual hotels/resorts themselves. My events are planned all over and I rely on my contacts from the local experts like CVBs, DMCs, and hotels/resorts to recommend unique and cool options like having a mermaid at our beachfront cocktail reception. If you start networking and partnering with them they will recommend you to the “one & done” clients – but they have a new client every week. Also with the hotels’ resorts you may be able to book a weekly gig if it fits with their property. Hotels can market things like Oceanside S’mores with Mermaids Thurs – Sun. 6-9 pm during summers when there are lots of families traveling. Look at resorts that are very family/kid friendly and already do kid camps, movies by the pool type stuff. Not sure where you are located, but if you are not on a coast consider getting there to have the widest options for a schedule full of meetings/events and hotel/resort gigs. I just did a bunch of site visits for an 2019 event in Hilton Head, SC and the possibilities seem endless to partner with those hotels and end up with a nightly gig rotating around to the hotels.

  12. Ellie

    loved this episode! I resonated with the first caller most and will take time today to define what success is to me. I have a tendency to look at what other people are doing and comparing and think, I’m not successful. But if I don’t know what success is to me at this time, then how can I say I’m not? How do I become successful if I have not yet defined that for me at this time in my life – so off to walk and define! thank you!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Ellie, we love that this episode is inspiring you to look within and define what success means to you! It’s different for everyone, and the more clear you get on that, the less comparison will sneak into your world. We hope you have some fun letting your mind wander and settle on your own definition.

  13. This was FABULOUS but of course everything you do is fabulous. So helpful.

  14. I’m wondering what that app is that measures the time you spend online??? I’m a little nervous to find out but hope it’s a productive wake up call.

    The advice that resonated with me I’ve heard before but heard differently today, to define success as it is RIGHT NOW not what it looks like for an older version of myself.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Kathy, there are a lot of apps out there that can track pretty much all of your activity, so we’d definitely recommend you find one that best suits your needs. The one Marie has used is called Moment, and you can check it out right over here:

      And YES – with each new phase, we get to determine what success looks and feels like, instead of holding onto what might have been important in the past. Have fun as you work on that now!

  15. I SOOOOOOOO relate to Hanna feeling lazy in Costa Rica. I moved to Mexico about 4 years ago, and although I’m only here 6 or 7 months a year, the slow pace of life in this culture and the emphasis on enjoying the moment and spending time with loved ones rather than #hustling has REALLY changed me.
    At first this felt like a necessary medicine to help me get over my past life as a type-A go-getter who flourished in a structured system, but now I feel like I’m stagnating and not chipping away at the debt created when I first invested in my art teaching business.
    I feel like the specter of debt is looming, but I’m stagnating and just making it month-to-month.
    It’s getting to the point where I don’t even recognize myself in my work life…although my personal life has been great! So, this call has me thinking I ought to brain storm some ways to find more accountability. I did B-school years ago and it helped me get off the ground, but now I know it’s time to revisit and maybe try and find a hardcore accountability buddy. Or perhaps it’s sending out announcements of dates when projects will be out to my list to force myself to finish the eCourse I’ve been working on….for over a year 😛
    The whole situation makes me nervous but I think I’m finally to the point where I’m so sick of the stagnation something’s gotta give!
    Thanks for such a great call, this community helps me know I’m not alone in all this!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode offered some motivation and a few starting points for you Jessica! And what a valuable experience, for you to be able to pinpoint how you best work, what motivates you, when it’s helpful to take a break vs. when you’re feeling ready to jump into action.

      Those are all great ideas to get you going again, and remember, as a lifetime B-School member, that program and the community are always available to you whenever you need them. <3

    • Mai-kee Tsang

      Yes yes and YESSSS! Totally got what you meant about having this sudden wave of realisation of: “Hmmm I’ve made the time for my personal life now which is GREAT – but am I becoming complacent with my work now?”

      I used to work from 10am to 10pm 5-6 days a week, and I was pretty stressed but I got SO much done. Now running my own business I have so much time, but I don’t use it optimally for sure. Accountability is definitely key!

    • Hi Jessica, I’m totally with you on that one – I’m currently spending most of my time on a small Greek island, enjoying the outdoors, walking my dog, the lovely food and wine… and not getting a lot done in terms of work – and beating myself up about it most days. Hi Marie & team, thanks for the kick up the backside and reminding me that I have to want to change for change to happen..! I need to take my notepad and pen with me next time I go walking and start making a plan – and committing to it. And thanks to a previous reader who suggested Gretchen Rubin’s work – will definitely check it out! Best regards to all xx

  16. Mai-kee Tsang

    Absolutely LOVED this episode of the live call-in show! I resonated with every caller this time around for sure, especially regarding the vacation times, laziness (hello 3-5pm workday!) and booking clients using Social Media.

    My biggest takeaway of all was about letting go of the internal conflict. If you wanna have a glass ‘o’ wine after 2 hours work – GO FOR IT! Just don’t be guilty about it.

    Can’t wait to listen to the next one!

  17. I’m so happy I watched this episode! I’m a freelance marketing director and I honestly connected with every caller (which, I now realize might be a bad thing as I type this). The prioritization advice to the caller who was managing life as a business owner, wife and mom was right on time! I’m currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and there’s an exercise to complete a Time Management Matrix. This is where you group tasks/activities within your life into important, unimportant, urgent, non-urgent categories. This really helped me to see how I’ve been spending my time and how to refocus my priorities. I’m only fantasizing about taking off 8 weeks from work, like the 2nd caller, because my painfully similar lifestyle to the lazy caller is preventing me from taking necessary actions to live up to the success I claim to want. But, the real golden goose for me in this episode was the clear action step Marie shared with the web designer about offering web audits instead of focusing on her editorial calendar. I’ll be damned if I finish this monthly calendar that I’ve been pretending to work on for the past week before I complete a free web audit! Thanks for the tip! Love everything you’re doing 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Allison, it sounds like you were able to mine this episode for so many helpful nuggets! That’s only ever a GOOD thing; the ability to recognize areas of growth, feel motivated to take action, and then assess as you move forward.

      This is all a process, remember, so as much as possible, allow yourself to enjoy it, take some pressure off, and celebrate each step you take along the way.

  18. I really enjoyed this episode and the tips for structuring your life! Being clear on priorities and limiting distractions was very helpful advice! I find myself sometimes wasting so much time just trying to figure out what to work on next!


    I loved this live call in show today. I am an entrepreneur for many different things but basically know that what I do for ‘work’ now is actually just maturing me and leading me to my ‘calling’. There were so many nuggets of wisdom on this episode that apply to my personal journey including, knowing what I should do and still not doing it. Being double minded, which the Bible says makes a man…or woman :)…unsteady in all their ways. Greg saying to set up a structure even for the enjoyments was so powerful in the sense that I too, wake up a bit late in the day but I have my coffee in bed while listening to motivational videos, audiobooks, sermons etc…that has become a structure for me that has helped in planning the rest of the day to be more intense and focused than the day would have been without that leisure time. Another great nugget was the show and tell concept. Because I now have 2 businesses that really spread out to help people in all areas of their business and helps create other opportunities, just telling someone doesn’t seem to gain the client’s trust. However, when I have shown potential clients what I can do, they have become loyal clients and most of the time friends. Marie, when you said all business comes from relationships and to build the relationships first for the business to follow, it was just another reminder for me to focus on the why I do what I do and not the what I do. Thanks for sharing. Believe our journey’s will collide one day to impact others as you are doing now, maybe on a global scale. Thanks again -Amanda Harris- Daytona Beach, FL

  20. Yes, yes yes! “Being a mother might be the #1 priority”. As working moms I think many of us might have this notion in our hearts, but maybe struggle to accept it as our truth because maybe our business was our baby before our babies. But then our babies came along and they became our #1. My favorite takeaway here was that it’s ok to give ourselves permission to redefine success as our lives evolve. 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yes Kathy, it’s absolutely ok to give yourself permission to redefine success along the path of your own life. We’re so glad that stuck out to you, and we hope you have some fun as you write that definition as it exists NOW!

  21. Susan Pitman

    Oh Marie.
    You are brilliant AND gracious! Thanks for this wonderful episode!!

  22. A tidbit from each call resonated with me, so thank you! The tidbit about priorities from caller 1 resonated the most . I also ant shake the nuggets in my head about “change”. I come away with, “am I addicted to change ?” or is it smoke screen to avoid action. I will revisit my priorities as my key take away – thank you. I create change to motivate myself. I plan and then get distracted by what looks like others success and may bunk in with the that is the path. I am a B School March 2018 grad who did the course mainly while driving my car for my corporate, safe sales job. I raise my 17 yr old and 13 yr old 80% on my own. Priorities swing from their needs, to my flexible schedule job, to me & my fundraising jewelry side show and to my 4 year relationship which is about to come a combined family with a September move. This latter comment may not be my #1 priority ( I did the pushing) and I am currently faced with a big think by myself as Marie suggested. I tend to resolve to drop what isn’t working, clear the path and start over and I sense a trend there. I thank you and I hope I can declare my priorities without making regrets.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you heard bits of your own journey in each caller’s story, Heidi! It sounds like you’ve had a busy year and you’re preparing to make some big changes. You’re asking yourself some deep, important questions and we hope today’s episode continues to provide clarity and encouragement for you. You’re never alone on your path and we’re so grateful to have you in our vibrant B-School community!

  23. Paula

    Hannah – you might want to read the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. I think you’ll love it!!!!

  24. I do relate to Hanna’s situation. I have moved internationally several times and found that being productive, especially during the transition time, is very difficult. The thing is that when we travel for work or for an assignment that requires us to stay in a foreign environment for some time, changes our perspective on being productive and successful. When we come to a new place often we have to start all over: building daily routines, identifying the places where to buy our things for normal existence, navigating the infrastructure, etc. What used to be all set up and easy, when we move, we have to build it again. It takes time and efforts. Caring for our bodies and celebrating every bid of success is the best advice here. Thanks, Marie.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Elena! You’re so right that traveling and living abroad means having to think about details that we may take for granted in our every day lives. It sounds like your own experiences have given you a unique perspective on this process. The important thing is to be patient and kind to yourself and focus on “progress, not perfection”. Thanks for stopping by today!

  25. Great call-in show Marie and team!
    Janet, I am in dire need of a website re-hash…I’ve checked out your website and I will be in touch!


  26. Thanks so much, Marie! I loved this episode. I could really resonate with each of the callers. I especially loved the points that you made about how we get to decide what success looks like for us and also thinking about what is the highest value activity right now.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful takeaway, Betsy! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode. Thanks so much for tuning in!

  27. It is over whelming the number of things to do to build an online business and which things to prioritize. I’m hoping to find an accountability partner to motivate one another.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Deborah! We’re big believers in the power of a strong creative community. We’re grateful for the opportunity to support you through Marie’s work and we hope you’re able to connect with others who inspire you along your journey.

  28. Susan

    Is there a link to Janet’s website? thanks

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Susan! Thanks for tuning in today. Janet’s website is

  29. Jeri

    Hi Marie and team–this episode-wow-I don’t own my own business although I have dreamed about it many times and who knows what the future may hold–but I feel like your videos always have some great advice in them even for those of us who at the moment hold more traditional careers. I felt like at some point during each conversation I had a YES! moment for myself. With Betsie it was your advice to really stop and look at what my priorities were and let that guide what I am spending my time on–my job often comes first but lately I have felt a disconnect with it and think that maybe it is time to readjust what I am viewing as my priorities and live accordingly- I think it may be time to put being a mom first for awhile. With Marcy it was the desire to take time off without having to worry and having time to travel—I would love to explore new places but often don’t feel like I have the time needed to do it right. Maybe that needs to become priority number 2. With Hanna–I too sometimes feel stuck–conflicted about keeping my day job versus striking out and trying something different–although at this point I don’t think it is laziness–I think it is fear–fear of not having a consistent paycheck, fear of not being able to live without the routine of getting up and punching a clock for so many hours a day (I have a tendency to procrastinate as well), and of course fear of failure. Different scenario but same conflict between what is and what I feel should be. So much to think about.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Jeri! We’re thrilled that each caller’s story resonated with you in some way. Those are all beautiful takeaways and we hope they help spark some new ideas for you throughout every chapter of your life.

  30. Pam Perumal

    Hi Marie… oh my gosh… yet another episode that I can so relate with especially Hanna’s Q&A. I got my Jesus moment Greg! Marie, your advice to Hannah was just what I needed to hear… I’m in the wrong environment obviously because I am in the lowest point of motivation in my life now even though I am doing ok in life generally so I have been wondering what was wrong! Also I don’t think I have set myself for success like I used to but I’ve just recovered from deep depression. I have lost my passion for almost everything. I need to find my way back. B-school in my to-do list Marie… you’ll see me soon! Keep rocking guys!

    • Adriana

      Hey Pam! I can relate to what you’ve commented quite a bit, along with Hanna’s experience. I was wondering if you would like to chat and maybe help each other be the successful people we want to be. Let me know if you’re interested. 🙂 Best, Adriana.

      • Pam Perumal

        Hi Adriana, I’d love to connect with you. I can always use a like-minded friend to share things with! How do we exchange contacts?

        • Great! 😀 Do you have Twitter or where would it be easier for you? If you have Twitter, I think I’ve just linked it on my name.

          • Pam Perumal

            Yes I do but I must warn you I’m a novice in this area, I just know how to follow people…lol! Anyway, it should be Parames Perumal. But I prefer fb, the same name.

        • Hey there. There are a few with that name on FB. But I just linked my FB on my name so we can connect. See you!

          Sorry to everyone else if this spams. D:

  31. Loved these little phone sessions! My favorite piece of advice was on how you can build a waitlist before going on vacation – such a great idea that I can’t wait to implement!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Ro! We hope this strategy helps you have many more productive seasons and restful vacations ahead. Thanks for tuning in!

  32. I love the basic Law of Attraction principle you shared concerning identifying what your outcome looks and feels like in any given area of your life. What does success look like for you and how does it feel to you? Holding the vision and capturing the feeling in your present state is the quickest and best way of receiving the success you desire.

    Everything you’ve taught today is simple commonsense when you’ve learned the basics of Law of Attraction and the other essential laws surround life. Perhaps that’s why I love listening to you and appreciate all that I can learn from you.

  33. Glen Barlow

    The young woman that felt she was lazy was talking about me. Your advice resonated with me as if you were personally coaching me. I’m stopping the conflict and I will just be okay with my three hour work day for a bit and I believe it will become clear as to what I’m meant to do next. Also, the suggestions for gaining structure were helpful. I’ve killed hours wondering and fretting about what to do next. My best results have been when I planned out my activities the day before. Thanks, Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Marie’s message resonated so deeply with you, Glen! Staying present can be easier said than done, but it can have a powerful impact on our wellbeing. We hope implementing these tips helps you find more peace and joy in every chapter of your life. Thanks for being here today!

  34. Loved the call about scheduling time for vacations. Our oldest will be out of high school in 4 years. Our trips seem to be with work and then to see family but rarely just a planned trip to just go play. We have been self employed photographers for 20 years and entering a new phase in our career as we are moving on from one thing to another. Getting more difficult to as we get older but trying to stay focused on the outcome. Money is tight so fear gets in the way. I will try to do better at this so we can have more trips with our girls before they fly from the coup!

  35. Jaclyn

    I love the reminder to define what success looks like for me – its so easy to use the word “success” vaguely, but it makes it so hard for me to know how I could actually track it. I’m excited to take some time to define where I am at with my definition of success in this time of my life.

  36. I appreciate your comment to Hanna. You have to be willing to change. That are the only people you can coach. Brilliant. Regarding her sugar (pancake & chocolate chip) habit may be she is alergic to sugar meaning her body is actually addictive to sugar and once she starts she has a hard time stopping – even more so then everyone else. I have a friend who has not eaten sugar or flour or alcohol for 7 years. Her panic attacks are gone, she released 50 pounds and she’s not crazy at the fridge or closet. There are free 12 step food programs that help a lot people to give up what doesn’t work any more. Thanks for this call. Very useful to me. I’m going to be creative and ABM (always be marketing) my book, Space Spiders on Prom Day. Lots of Loving and Light.

  37. Hello Marie & Tremendous Team Forleo! This episode inspired and helped me at just the right time. Each question/situation raised by the callers really resonated with me, offering many kernels of wisdom as I move along my particular path – at my glacial pace. Hannah’s situation gave me chills – apparently we are twin sisters separated at birth. I know I’m not lazy, cause I work like mad dog in every other area of my life requiring intense attention to detail, culling my internal resources and moving the occasional mountain to realize results. Many balls get juggled on a daily basis, usually successfully. Adding in the curveballs (a couple of them Major) the universe sees fit to throw in and viola! I make no progress on my own B-School efforts, my website remains a two year old place holder and subsequent brilliant project ideas never get to see the light of day because of distraction, fear, and heaven only knows what else. So….while I know laziness is not my problem, when I think of the opportunities wasted, resources unused, and goals unrealized – especially when I indulge in that fatal no-no: the comparison game – arguments agains my laziness feel weak, especially with nothing to show for the weeks, months, years (!) that have flown by.
    Example: like you Marie, we split our time between the East and West coasts. Straddling between homes in Los Angeles and suburban DC offers a slew of ripe opportunities that for some reasons I fail to make manifest. I feel as though I mostly reside in a reactive state, certainly another reason for my lack of progress, a habit I promise to work on right after I resolve the next sticky situation, extinguish the next fire, resolve the next crisis (you get the picture, yes?).
    Greg’s advice really struck a bell. Give in, chill the F*@&! out and sit on the beach for a week, then experiencing – perhaps even engineering – that come to Jesus moment. It’s been a long minute since I’ve taken an actual vacay, where it’s not piggy-backed onto a goal or infused with a subtextual cause or responsibility. This past weekend, realizing I careened dangerously close to my personal breaking point (translation: indulging in one of everything from our local Susie Cakes bakery accompanied with a marathon of Masterpiece Theatre reruns) I took a two day sabbatical at a little hotel just a couple of miles down the road in Marina del Rey. For just under 48 hours I allowed myself to sleep a little longer, electronically disconnect, and write to my heart’s content and I feel blessed and grateful for that respite. Upon returning home two realizations dawned on me: The best use of that short weekend might have been to simply sleep. Secondly, I could use at least three more days. For a substantive recharging of all systems.
    Thank you for your this uplifting episode and your incredible work!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Antonia! We’re so glad Hanna’s story resonated so deeply with you and Marie’s words provided a bit of clarity and encouragement for you at the perfect moment. If anything, it’s a reminder that we’re never truly alone in whatever we’re going through. We’re so glad you found some time to write, rest, and recharge last weekend. While a Masterpiece Theater marathon and a treat from Susie Cakes sounds divine, too, it’s important to listen to what your heart and soul needs. We’re so glad this episode landed at the right moment for you and we hope it continues to inspire you moving forward. We can’t wait to hear how your next writing retreat or vacation goes, so keep us posted!

  38. Brittany Boone

    I felt like Hanna was reading my life right now!! Thank you so much for this episode. I needed Hanna’s segment so bad! I also recently moved from the east coast to a place with a much slower pace of life (philly -> idaho) and have beating myself up for feeling like I’ve been lazy, where maybe it’s a long needed rest because I’ve been hustling for the last 6+ years! And yes to the fact that eventually I will be like ‘okay, break is over! I am ready to go after more things now!’ Thank you so much!!! Just the message I needed to hear!!! I wish me and Hanna could be friends ha!

  39. I made some big decisions today and created time to watch this video. And, I am so happy that I did. Plan a vacation and make it happen…what a concept! 🙂 On my list. I also am thrilled to be reminded of Instagram, especially now that it will update my FB page. While I was listening, I got to work on that too. Thank you!

  40. The most interesting thing to me about this video, was that what I needed to hear didn’t even come from Marie. It came from Hanna!
    I identified my ICA a while ago. However, recently I have been refining what I identified and have simultaneously been struggling to see if they even existed. (A small fear story for sure.) The intriguing thing about Hanna’s Q, for me, was in regard to how the first thing she identified as a “self destructive behavior” was FOOD!
    I would identify myself as an Entrepreneur who is VERY multi-passionate, and it is because of this that I plan to venture and revolutionize multiple industries. But the first industry that I chose to focus on is one I have been passionate about for a long time: Fitness and Wellness. This is because there is NO WAY we can get the most out of our bodies, brains, ideas and passions without first taking care of the vessel.
    In my business I empower women with the individualized tools to maximize their biology so they can have more time and energy for the things they love. Hanna’s struggle with having the desire to say no to sugar and be consistent with healthy eating habits is SO incredibly common amongst, not only my ICA, but also just humans!
    She identified her self-destructive behavior so beautifully, that it is almost too easy for me to market better to my ICA and their concerns and struggles.
    What Marie said about setting yourself up to win is SO important, and because of Hanna’s struggle, I now know exactly what I need to focus on in my own business to help my ICA get where they need to go.

  41. I loved the reminder to define what’s success for us.
    I thought I kew, but here I am, defining it again – it changes all the time, and even if the list is the same, the elements of the list shift places.
    This is a new lesson for me: to pay attention how things are shifting, and pay attention only on my priorities.
    Thanks so much, Marie!!

  42. Wowee! Loved this episode so fab.
    I’d love to look up Janet’s website, does anyone have the link or her business name so I can look her up? Thanks!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Cydney! Janet’s website is Thanks for tuning in today!

  43. I love it Marie!

  44. OMG!!! I’m on The Call In show! Thank You, Marie, for your wise and thoughtful insights to help run our business. I’m putting your insight into action and Already getting to the flow of clients in the door! Thank you so much!

    I have followed you for the last 5 years!

    And I love everything you do and will continue to cheer you on!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😀

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Janet! Thank you so much for being a part of it! We loved your question. 🙂

  45. David Arenas

    Hey Marie, first thank you for being you. You are like the 3rd person on this planet I have said that to. Because you relate to my need to strive for excellence and I admire you for that. Ok, well I tend to give advice, more like my most recent mental notes, because I like to reduce everything down to a nutshell size, to make it simple and clear. As a business owner I think about what dictates what and what governs what, for any person, not just me. I look for universal truths. I am convinced of the three central factors that dictate our reality are Health (energy/rest), Time (efficiency/investing) and Wealth (money/sales/investing). Evaluate your choices via the effects and consequences on your Time, Energy and Money. We rest for energy, we work and invest for money, and exercise and eat nutritious meals for good health. I like the banner in the movie “Office Space”, it says “Is this good for the company”. This is an important and simple question. I can asking myself at any given moment of choosing. When deciding on what work to do, ask what time of the day is it, Business Hours, Personal Hours. Some tasks can wait for later, or the next morning. Our minds are fresher (cognitive) in the morning to concentrate on tedious and detailed tasks. Or creative work. If your customer is waiting on something from you, make that task or reply your highest priority. Your customer will remember you for that, because they value their time and you showed that you care. Next time they need someone, price might not be a deciding factor, but how much they appreciate your timely response. Back to our everyday challenge when managing your priorities, realistically, and rational not emotional. The wisdom in deciding on direction and work, is how it affects our time, energy and money. Learn your style, approach, process or structure for your type of business and work, and base your system on this. The more realistic your understanding is about time, energy and money. The more truths you capture and respect, the more situations your “system of operating” will work for. When you get it down, you will realize that you are a master of doing business.

  46. I love these live calls! One of my favorite components of B-School is Office Hours calls and this is so much like that – I often wish you just did an hour of those to listen to every week.

    Anyway I was listening to Hanna and thought hmmmm she may be an Obliger. She probably needs someone to be accountable to in order to stay in line. Look into Gretchen Rubin’s work on “The Four Tendencies”. It’s helped me greatly to understand why I react to things the way I do and to better craft my life around them. Soooooo beneficial to me!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Barbra! We definitely plan on doing more of these call-in episodes. 🙂

      And that’s a good tip! Thank you so much for sharing.

  47. I was somewhat horrified to resonate most to the caller in Costa Rica. Here’s my situation. I’m a single mother who recently moved cross country for a new life and warmer climate. I work at my 1 year old’s daycare and am “trying like heck” to evolve spiritually to be the best, most whole parent to my daughter. I soak in as much information about human power and potential as I can to overturn my own limiting beliefs and poor programming, hoping to create a life of peace, passion, and contribution; and become a first hand example to my daughter that time and money freedom is possible. However (!!!) I do not have a business idea that I feel prepared to trade my time for. I do not have a website. I do not know what direction to go in and what kind of business I should start- if that’s even my path. No chocolate chip pancakes happening here but I am watching the days go by and panicking because I am not doing anything that brings me closer to time and money freedom outside of working on my mindset. Please help!

  48. Toni Natoli

    Team Forleo I had some great takeaways from each caller!
    What are my priorities?
    In what conditions do I thrive?
    Show – don’t tell.
    I’ll be 57 in a few months, in practice for myself for 32 years as a bodyworker, cash only basis, and in the last 6 years as a fitness trainer as well. My patients and clients are extremely loyal and all my business has been word of mouth – no website, I’m embarrassed to say.
    Well, attrition is slowly killing my business and I’m paralyzed about how to get more patients and clients. I’ve had patients move across the country, retired to fixed incomes so they can’t afford to see me as often, some have passed away, others transitioning into new careers and without the disposable income.
    Today’s show has given me food for thought to “show” my work with perhaps something like case studies (with patient permission and anonymity, of course!!) to demo my integrated way of working and the results people get. I did some interviews with patients in the past but never did anything with them. Video testimonials seem like an awesome avenue, too. Janet’s going to get another email from this show!
    Thanks for all you do Team Forleo!

  49. THANK YOU! This is just what I needed today! I really resonated with both Betsie and Hanna and feel I have the same questions as them. But this conversation has reminded me to recreate my priorities in life and business and take one step at a time rather than trying to do everything at once (the overwhelm is what triggers my laziness I think)!
    I’m motivated and inspired now to really define my idea of success and also to define my priorities and keep them central to my focus!! YASSSSS!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Sara! And it’s so smart that you know what your triggers are so you can work to avoid them. So glad this episode was helpful! 🙂

  50. Susanna

    I totally resonated with Hanna, but the love and insights from Marie gave me a virtual kick in the a** so I started to re-construct the structured life I know I’m thriving in. I had a look at my dusty, not very much paid attention to to-do-list, decided what’s my first and only priority and threw away the rest. I scheduled the different tasks to get this project done and even set the alarm to wake up in time 🙂 and decided on when it’s OK to hang out in social media, and for how long.
    If this dream of mine is going to get done I’m the one to do it.
    So let’s do this thing!
    Thank you for this episode, Marie <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Susanna! Marie is a big fan of making a “onesie,” which is writing down just one thing on a sheet of paper and committing yourself to doing that one thing (since having a big long to-do list can feel overwhelming). So we’re thrilled you’ve identified your #1 priority––yay!

  51. Be The Change you want to see in the World…..God, it sounds so easy! For anyone Going through a struggle and trying to become what everyone said youd never be Just stay positive. Easier said then done! If people or you environment are bringing you down and telling you how horrible you are and want to let you know about your every flaw, first separate. Be a product of your environment. Go outside and take in the neutral Scenery and wildlife. If you want positive in your life when everyone is negative, seek out positive people. Go on youtube and listen to inspirational stories or learn about the road to success…Hop on Maries webpage and learn some knowledge(which is power)..Mimic what the Happy People do! If you’ve studied the elite, they all are , for the most part, Always positive. Thomas Jefferson said during times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act! Finding Positive influential people will Free you!!! I promise you……..I love ya’ll and positive vibes!!!
    ps:MARIE OMG, ID LOVE TO ADD TO THIS TOPIC!! HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRRUP…ever eaten corn n pooped it out whole??? Therefore corn doesn’t Digest, So what does A syrup that’s made from it, that mimics sugar and gets stored in your fat cells do???Fill up on Probiotics!
    Coin Capo

  52. Hi Marie and Team,

    I have done a little homework over the last month looking at what’s really important to me and focusing on only 3 major areas, well major for me within my business. My struggle right now is, I have so many things I need to do, I don’t end up doing any of them. I have a classic case of paralysis by analysis.

    Thank you so much for all of your insights and guidance.

  53. Gladys

    Love your live show, Marie! It’s so real and not just off from the books.

  54. Gio

    Having moved to a vacation-like location is a challenge for me as well. I did this once before, moved to a beach, and it did not work out; due to too much procrastination. I am living in a Philippine jungle now and I feel that I am more focused now than before; working towards my realistic goals, but it is still a challenge. Not having structure is a really great thing, but the work still has to happen. Important things need to get done and deadlines have to be met or I will run out of my savings and have no choice but to go back to working for someone else. That’s what happened before. I am truly dedicated now to making this vacationy workplace thing succeed, because I love living in really cool places and am already dreaming of my next move (to Italy) I know the only way I can keep living where I want is to succeed in life no matter where I am.

  55. WOW this was so valuable and loved hearing others struggling with some of the things I am also working through. Totally resonated with your first caller and I can put so many of these tips into my own day. I live at the foot of the Alps in Italy, have a simple life, grow our own food, and have slowly drifted away from the reason I started my business in the first place…. to show that it is possible to have the life you dream about in Italy.
    So it’s getting back to basics for me, sharing my love of our life here, and quit wasting time on social media, time to get real and step up into my brand and business.. thanks again!! Please do more of these!! xxx lisa
    ps and yes I’m a B-Schooler, time to get back to school lol xx

  56. Elizabeth Murphy

    Great episode! I loved the advice about planning and planning and planning. Such a key to getting anything to happen. Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes/sayings…”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

    Addressing nutrition and attitude is fantastic. So key in everything, so thank you for the reminder!

  57. Hi Guys!
    Loved this episode! Took away a lot of great ideas, and got me motivated!
    Could you please share the link to Janet the last caller, who was the website designer? I need her services!

  58. Andrew Itote

    HI Marie! Its interesting to watch am from Kenya , at at that point in my life where am now taking steps from your nuggets to move back to the coast of Kenya to begin my business coaching call it fear of fairer i had been putting off my business not lazy but lucking the zeal to step out you talk about change and desire to change Marie for the first time i have bought my ticket to go down and work,my trouble was not taking steps and afraid to go back to the coast coz i have been enjoying the city life in Nairobi and not making enough yet i was holding on and kept pushing over and sure thanks for waking me up from my lazy seat and my comfort zone. Kindly Come to Kenya.

  59. Anastasia K

    Hi Marie
    Loved this program, thank you very very much. I relate so much with Hanna that it’s scary. I have a fear of things not going right to the point of not starting. Yes. I gave up sugar two years ago and I feel great, so Hanna give it up and you’ll find a new you but I don’t know about the procrastination. Yesterday I took the first step only to find out the printers I wanted to use, no longer print. However, I will get some help with getting a website for my artwork and obviously some more research for an ethical fabric printer. Good night from Melbourne.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the perfect fabric printer. They’re out there! 🙂

  60. This was great. I could relate to all these woman. You always give such useful advice.
    Thank you

  61. Amber

    Hey! Great episode – laughed a lot! May we have Janet’s web link?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Amber! Thanks so much for tuning in and laughing along with us this week. Janet’s website is

  62. Karen

    Thank you, it helped a lot.

  63. Loved this episode. Like Janet I am working on a wait list for my upcoming coaching services where I help people who are stuck in business finally get off the ground. (what’s holding them back is rarely ever what they think it is 🙂
    The tech and marketing of it is all new to me, as I’ve coached on stage but all I had to do was walk on and share. The clients were already in their seats. So finding the clients and social media are both completely new to me. Wish me luck!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Congratulations on taking your business in a new direction, Deanna! That’s so exciting. We’re sending lots of good vibes and our best wishes your way. Thanks for sharing!

  64. I loved all the calls but probably mostly Hana’s and I don’t have her problem, well of course I have the tendency to be less disciplined sometimes. But what meant the most is how Marie addresses peoples most human and courageous questions with total non-judgement. It’s an incredible, rare and beautiful example of how i’d like to be, too.

  65. April Howell Young

    Loved all the advice!
    If you have Janet’s website address I would like to check it out:)
    And your metal straw! You are the change Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s so kind of you to say, April! It’s a great reminder that we can all make small changes that have a big impact. Janet’s website is Thanks for tuning in!

  66. Michelle

    Thank you again Marie and team! This show brought a lot up for me. Hanna’s question especially. I too have moved to the other side of the world in a situation that is very different to my past experiences where I have been able to thrive. I’ve been struggling with myself to achieve this certain ideal life that is, to my surprise, quite isolating (not ideal). Changing the situation and making new connections is a lot of work and something I’m working at everyday, but I have never been certain about the field that I can best practice my strengths in, so I end up starting over again and again. Its exhausting. I’m in my thirties now and feeling the pressure to pick a career and build a community even more. Appreciating your words to let go of fighting with yourself…

    • Adriana

      Hey Michelle! I can relate to what you’ve commented, especially having recently moved to the other side of the world. I was wondering if you would like to chat and maybe help each other. Let me know if you’re interested. ? Best, Adriana.

      • Michelle

        Sure! What’s the best way to contact you?

  67. I love this so much. There are so many important points made! I am a mother of a 2.5 year old and I can honestly relate. This content is extremely valuable. What app did you use to monitor your phone usage? I need to download it!
    Thanks so much!

  68. Heather Liedl

    It was great to hear from Betsie, as it resonated the most with me! Especially the fact that she has a toddler. As a full-time working mother of a 2 year old myself, married, currently losing my father to ALS, and also focused on taking care of myself with good sleep, exercise, and eating right (shout out to Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy You right now!). It’s tough to work on my business right now. But that flame is burning STRONG so I want to keep moving it forward. I’ll be taking time to identify what my true priorities are in this season AND what success means to me. Thank you, Team Forleo!

  69. Cynthia

    I just saw your live Q and A episode and you spoke with Hanna about procrastination. Thank you so much for talking with Hanna on this topic as I have the same problem and your advice to her was just wonderful. Thank you for Hanna for asking the question and thank you Marie for all you do!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that Hanna’s question and Marie’s words resonated so deeply with you, Cynthia! Thanks so much for tuning in and being part of our world.

  70. Okay Marie and Team Forleo, as ALWAYS this was great. I realized that I’ve not pre-decided on somethings that are important to me, yet my actions don’t reflect the importance. So, I decided to get up earlier and walk in the mornings before I begin my work day. I did this, this morning after watching this yesterday. I feel so much better about myself and the start to my day! I have a question about something you said, after a comment you made about how it’s difficult to be strong, specifically I’m thinking about sugar. So, I’ve been on the back and forth, I don’t eat it. I make an exception, then I’m back on the craving train. It sounded like you don’t eat sugar. Do you ever indulge in like chocolate? How do you cut yourself off, if you do occasionally enjoy it? All or nothing isn’t always a fun train to be on.

  71. I love these call in shows. It’s great hearing question and answer.
    I love the idea of the website audit as a way to give value and show your expertise. What would a photographer (wedding and portrait) be able to offer to do the same?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying the call-in shows, Rebecca! Thanks so much for tuning in. With any service-based business, the goal is to give potential clients an idea of your style, skills, and the experience they can expect from hiring you, before they even contact you. Visually-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to show off your work, and including testimonials, FAQ’s, and an “About” page on your website help build trust. As a photographer, you spend most of your time behind-the-lens, so try to be mindful of sharing photos or videos of yourself as well, so your audience can get to know you better. Since photography is typically a bigger investment, offering a free mini portrait or engagement session can also help clients feel more comfortable and confident when working with you on their “big day”.

      Be sure to also check out these episodes from our archives that can help your website stand out and attract more of your ideal clients:

  72. This was meant for me in my life now… I want to do… but everyday obstacles in the way… or will do tomorrow attitude. So need to reassess my priorities and see what environment I will thrive in to get my ass moving. But also- it doesn’t help st all when I’m questioning my marriage as it’s unhealty.. for the longest… so I let it stop me from doing as it’s really painful.

  73. Diana

    Marie— can you/anyone tcomment on this scenario.. especially my marriage. I’m in a spiral and chasing my tale.. in the meantime time is going by and wasting and I don’t want to look at it as I am scared as hell! I’m so stuck…

  74. Diana

    Unless this is just a while other area of mental help! Sorry I’m desperate… having to try everything- but nothing gets really done and

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Diana– thanks so much for stopping by. We recognize the courage it took for you to share everything you have and we’re honored that our community feels like a safe space for you to do so. We’re sorry to hear you’re going through a difficult time in your marriage and that you’re struggling to find motivation to move forward. While the only person who can determine whether or not to stay in your marriage is you, there’s never an excuse for abuse and you certainly don’t have to tolerate any behavior that makes you feel unsafe.

      We believe you’re deserving of loving, healthy relationships in all areas of your life, and we’re grateful that you’re a part of our community. As we aren’t therapists ourselves, we’d love to encourage you to find a professional marriage counselor or legal representative who may be able to help guide you through your next steps. In the meantime, your message reminded me of a few episodes of MarieTV from our archives that may provide an extra bit of clarity and encouragement for you:

      We’re sending you our best wishes for peace and abundance in all areas of your life.

  75. Thank you for including the caller that wondered if she was simply lazy. I felt like she was my spirit animal! I have been feeling the exact same way for a few years. I have an MBA and a full-time job but I feel like I sent accomplish the things I truly want to. I struggle with myself every single day. I can’t figure out if its depression, laziness, or if I’m not meant to “do my own thing”. I loved your advice to her. I’m going to focus on my health and spirit and then I think everything else will fall into place. Thank you!

  76. Wendy

    First thank you Marie for all that you do. I soooo identified with Hanna because I too am constantly sabotaging myself with sugar which throws me into a tailspin and fuels my fears and I end up doing nothing. Starting today I am going to make a real effort to stop beating myself up. I really want and am willing to change because I do feel better when I eat well, however I find it difficult especially when I get stressed out. I get on a good streak for a couple weeks and then fall off the wagon. It’s been a rough 2 years and 4 months working temp and freelance and I realize I do better with a structured environment and am working diligently to change the situation. I also did B-School this year and finally finished the last module, but have been beating myself up for not putting anything into action. No more excuses.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by Wendy! Huge congratulations on completing B-School– that’s an incredible accomplishment. You’ve taken some big leaps toward your dreams and we’d love to encourage you to step back and celebrate how far you’ve already come. Implementing what you’ve been learning takes time and there aren’t any silver-bullet strategies for building a purposeful, profitable business, so we’d also love to encourage you to trust that you’re where you’re meant to be. Keep in mind, the goal is always “progress, not perfection”. We hope you’re able to find some time this weekend for activities, and foods, that feel good for you and help fuel your body. You’ve got this!

  77. What is Janet’s website? I launched my website about five weeks ago. I am a performance enhancement consultant. I focus on helping individuals in sports performance and exercise performance.

  78. Samanta Carvalho

    “Let go of fighting with yourself. It’s like either dive full in, and go whole hog, or go whole hog in the other direction.” Thank you so much for this piece of advice Marie! ??
    I’m currently struggling to find the motivation to keep going and also I have difficulties to set manageable actions to take every day (I end up with a loaded to do list and that feeling of defeat). ? I also feel like I read tons of books about screenwriting, watch videos about it, take courses, etc etc but I don’t know how to put all of this knowledge in use so I can finally write something promising. I already try to eat as healthy as I can and I exercise regularly. ?? How can I overcome these issues and actually live from writing?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Samanta! It’s wonderful that you’re already practicing some healthy eating and exercise habits– you seriously rock! Many creatives can get stuck spending too much time looking for inspiration and not enough time implementing, so just know you’re not alone. In fact, this is a topic that has come up on MarieTV and your message reminded me of a few episodes that you may enjoy:

      As Marie often reminds us, “insight without action is worthless”, so we’d love to encourage you to set some smaller goals that feel sustainable for you. Many successful writers have started out by writing just a few sentences or for a few minutes a day, and as we’ve learned from MarieTV over the years, even dedicating a few minutes each week to your goals can have a big impact. We’ll be cheering you on!

  79. Another AMAZINGLY HELPFUL Marie TV Episode… but most of all it is AWESOME to see you using a reusable straw. You are fantabulistic!! 🙂

  80. Jean Howell

    Love following Marie. Marie offers something different to the many other people I have tried who just seem to be a carbon copy of everyone else out there, which leaves me feeling like I know it all, when I most certainly don’t! I love the way Marie interacts with “normal” people to find solutions to our everyday problems as entrepeneurs.

  81. Ana

    Loved this and all episodes…I get into overload mode with so many great comments and when I can’t read all of them because I have to get back to work I get the guilt feeling I’m missing out on something…xoxoxoxo

  82. Benson Modie

    Great episode…..thank you!

  83. The first caller really resonated with me – thanks for the great “nuggets o’ wisdom” Marie! I’m juggling a freelance job + a small yoga studio + an 8.5 month old, and your tips were super helpful!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      That’s certainly a lot to juggle, and we’re wishing you all the best Krista. We’re so glad to hear that the first caller resonated with you, and we hope you’re able to put some of these ideas into practice.

  84. I could be watching Marie answering calls all day long!
    I’d definitely need to work on setting my priorities so that I can ignore what’s not…
    Love the way she coaches folks who want more out of life and business. Thank you!

  85. This definitely helped me! I listened to it twice so I could make sure I got all the nuggets. My biggest challenge is the overwhelming feeling of not sure which direction to go with my business. Right now, I am working two full time jobs (My regular professor job and my equity and inclusion consulting business). I’m also a single mom trying to be there as much as possible for my 7 year old. So, I’m at that point of taking the big leap of moving from full time to part time at my university job and moving toward getting more steady clients rather then just one-off speaking and facilitating workshop gigs. It’s not sustainable. Right now, I’m finishing up a book that should be ready for purchase in April 2019 and I’m hoping that will spike my speaking engagements. It’s a timely subject on women moving from sabotaging each other to supporting each other and coming together to liberate ourselves. I also have a Ted talk on it and I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, but letting go of that steady income with benefits and retirement is hard. I have a house that I’d like to keep, but I’m just working my ass off right now just to keep it. I feel the momentum of my business, but I also feel decision overload. I also keep hearing about the B school (which I’ll have to check out) and also I probably need a business coach. I’m an educator, not really a business person.
    Thanks so much! By the way, Marie, I first heard you speak on Christian Carter’s Catch him and keep him. I love the idea of the ticker tape so much I use it in my talks. Now I call it the running commentary.
    You’re the best!

  86. Oh my God, I can totally relate to what Hannah said! I am going through the exact same thing, I know what needs to be done, I set it all up and then I wake up the next morning feeling meh and not wanting to do it, when it’s about someone else, I am on it, if it’s for me and my business, I am totally demotivated, like it’s not important enough.

    I did B-School, committed myself to the program for 60 days, went through all the modules and exercises, but then didn’t follow through 🙁

    Thank you so much Marie for your feedback, I’ll take it into consideration!

  87. Wow! What a great episode. I can relate to each lady so much. These issues are real and so relatable. I especially connected with Betsie. Finding balance is so hard, especially with children. But it is something that makes a huge impact on our lives. As always, thanks for sharing!

  88. I can relate, sitting her right now, battling a bit with self doubt, and a bit of “I’m not sure what to do next.” I 1000000 percent related to the first color Betsie. I want t be home to cook dinner for my 2 year old a at least two days a week on a weeknight, now I am not because of my fear of quitting my job or not having a strict schedule with own clients!

  89. This was SO powerful to listen to! I really resonated with the idea of redefining success and prioritizing. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about…but not always put into action. And it’s got me thinking about some unique things–I’d love to see if anyone else can relate.

    I run a couple business (three currently, one to sustain income, one art one, and one coaching one–the last two are my big passions)–so prioritizing has always seemed a bit overwhelming. Do I set one business to the side and just to the bare minimum? Or do I set one priority for each and only work on that?

    I also have less time (quite literally) in my day than most people, because of a disability that causes me to “lose time” (blank out for long periods where I’m not actually present and aware). So this adds an additional dimension onto running a business. It’s also made me feel “less capable” than other entrepreneurs who seem to move faster and grow their businesses much larger.

    So, does anyone else relate? Any thoughts or advice on this nuanced situation too?

  90. Rini

    I have been submitting question #3 for YEARS! No more than once a year, I’m not spamming Marie, lol! I am so happy this was asked. I desperately wanted to hear Marie address this issue. I know I’m not lazy, but damn, I NEED that structure.

    I can around this by PRETENDING I am still at the office, and that my boss and team were depending on my work and deadlines. Setting up a schedule, creating deadlines, and PRETENDING it’s for my old boss and team, HOT DAMN, that works so good for me! But without that schedule, I am completely and utterly useless. And when I finally do get to work, exactly as she described, start at three, work ’till five, and then celebrate your “long day,” I realized that it wasn’t even effective work, it was just busy work.

    It’s like what Marie says: “if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real!” I need my full week planned out. Checklists, due dates, and that pretend-accountability.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Rini,

      We’re SO glad that this question resonated (quite perfectly!) with you. It sounds like you have a solid plan in place to set yourself up for success as you own your schedule. Yes, having deadlines, accountability, and a clear set of expectations for yourself is an excellent way to not only get more accomplished, but also to obtain that beautiful feeling of accomplishment. We’re wishing you all the best as you start to implement all of these ideas!

  91. The 3rd question as same as my case and i am so glad to hear the answer from Marie. After she answer, I realise that : Oh, yes, it is my problem. Problem is not I dont have motivation. I am lazy because I dont really wanna change.
    But I like the others questions (answers) also. I feel like we re talking and sharing when i watch this video.

  92. Io

    This definitely resonated for me because I’ve been (and am in the case of #4) in all of these periods throughout my life as a freelancer and now travel entrepreneur. I launched my experiential travel brand ( last November, and often feel like I am not as far as I should be or not booking trips as quickly as other (competitor) brands who launched before me. I’ve only just recently come to appreciate that there is something to be said about growing slowly and being proud of the way that my brand and company is growing and the attention it is receiving by being truly authentic and true to our mission.

  93. This was such a great Q&A. There were some awesome takeaways. I have to admit I was surprised when Marie said the woman in Costa Rica may not be ready to be an entrepreneur right now. I was expecting Marie to give her accountability tips or something. I guess Marie was saying she should consider be an intrapreneur until she builds her entrepreneurial strengths. I never would’ve thought of that. I wish Hanna all the best.

  94. One of the biggest things I’ve learned about curbing procrastination/finding motivation, especially when there’s no external structure to push us to do something, is from Marie’s interview with Dr. Cathy Collautt
    I’ve stopped saying (check myself when I do) “I should…” to myself. Instead, I rephrase it to “I want to…”. This really makes it clear for me. Because once I say “I want to get up early to workout” I actually re-think if I REALLY want to do it, not if I should do it for whatever reasons. If I do want to do it, then my brain will motion me to get to it. If I realize that I actually don’t want to do it (because I’m exhausted, I just want to sleep, I have something else, etc), it’s better to sleep or rest. Then I’m at peace with the decision instead of fighting with myself.
    Hope this helps.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Asmin, I love that you started enforcing this habit and got really honest with yourself! It’s amazing to be so in touch with what you really need rather than following what you think you should be doing. Thanks for sharing!

  95. Where did you get that Awesome tee Marie

  96. YES! This is so great. I am an oil painter as well and it is so nice to see that another called in. Love that about the North Star. Thank you Marie!!!

  97. Pleasant Smith

    I love the feedback you give to your last caller as an entrepreneur most of my business is through social media and I received some key points for myself. Thanks

  98. I am glad that I listened to this episod again. I found 2 useful tips.
    Thank you.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode sparked some great takeaways for you, Nicoleta!

  99. Hi Marie and Team Marie, I really related to the question about taking time off to travel and loved the response about getting the word out so the bookings are in before you go and appetites are whetted for when you return. It’s something I struggle with as a yoga teacher. When I took time away from teaching to have look after my children I lost all my classes and students to other teachers. It’s taken me about three years to get back to where I was. I’m stronger for it and happy most students continued to practice but I’m scared to take a break to travel and have to start again from scratch. I also feel that I’m letting my students down, abandoning them. I know that shouldn’t matter as much as letting myself down but… any words of wisdom? Many thanks from France.

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