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When you think about getting your work out there in a bigger way, do you ever get caught by thoughts that say…

“But what if the thing I love to do doesn’t directly change the world or solve a problem?”

“But what if my business model is all about me? I’m having a really difficult time seeing how my products will really help anyone, besides me following my dreams!”

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. - Pablo Picasso Click To Tweet

Most of us have a hard time valuing what we do, especially if the thing we do comes so naturally to us.

It’s can be even tougher if our work falls into buckets that can be considered “creative” or “artistic.”

Marketing can seem easier to get behind (and execute) when what you offer the world clearly solves some kind of pain point or problem.

But what if that’s not what you sell? And if you’re a creative or artistic person, can you still feel like your business makes a significant, positive impact on others?

If you’re an artist or creative who’s questioned the value of the work you bring to the world, watch this now.

Today’s challenge is super important and should take you less than 15 seconds. I really want to see you take action on this one.

In the comments below, name at least 3 specific ways your work makes a positive impact on others. If you’ve got more than that, keep going.

Now it doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your business or life — or what you do for a living.

Because even if you think you’ve got this “valuing what you do” thing handled, I’d bet that there’s a next level waiting for you.

And really owning your worth and its positive impact on others, especially if you’re an artist or creative, is a key part of that equation.

Most importantly, owning the value you offer the world creates a powerful ripple effect around you.

You do better work, earn more, have more resources to take care of the people and things you care about, and become a living demonstration of what’s possible for all of us.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and adding your genius to the conversation!

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  1. What an awesome message, Marie. Thank you! There’s so much focus on monetize everything these days, and I know I tend to forget that even in my business the creative vision absolutely matters. That Picasso quote is one of my faves.

    • Derek

      Great stuff, Marie, thank you.
      Did you know Picasso actually borrowed the line from an ancient Arabic saying: “The purpose of life is to clean the mirror of the soul”.
      To ‘clean’ here means to know yourself. The idea being that when you can see your soul (your real self) clearly enough, the light of God will shine brightly through you (reflected off the mirror).
      Good huh? 🙂

      • Tonya

        That is so beautiful, Derek! Thanks for sharing.

        • Absolutely fantastic share Derek 🙂 Thanks!

        • Yes! That has such powerful meaning, thanks for sharing, Derek!

        • Yes! To Marie’s message and to Derek’s insight…

          A favorite new quote of mine about ART is this:
          “The EARTH without ART is just EH” … get it? 😉

          (I loved it so much that I made it into a shareable image here: )

          Personally, I don’t have a hard time understanding the life value and esoteric value of art, but when specifically applied to business “value” and planning, it gets trickier… and I think that’s where many artists might get stumped.

          • pao

            Very interesting Donia. Never thought about that. love that artwork.
            I certainly don’t want to live in planet “EH”.

          • jacinda

            Donia, love your re-organising of the word, i do it all the time with the English language. I always say that ART is in the heART, now reading your change around of letters, it could also be put that Earth with the last letter switched to the front is now Heart! English language hey, got to love it

          • Love this quote Donia. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have now shared it on my Facebook page. 🙂

      • Thanks Marie. You are hilarious, beautiful, & inspiring 🙂 LOVE 🙂

      • Really great Derek (and Marie of course!) – thanks for sharing – just what I needed today!


      • Tabassum

        Love that! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

      • Beautifully said! Thank you!!!

      • Beautiful, Derek! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Yea,

        Derek, that was good. I like that 🙂

      • Wow. Loved your added insight, Derek! So profound, and really resonated with me. Thank you!

      • That’s a great analysis, Derek. Thanks for that! It’s a beautiful quote and one we should all strive to live by.

      • Oh my gosh, that is so good. Hits me right where I’m at today. Love <3. Thanks!

      • Wow, what an amazing message! This is one of my favourite Marie videos 🙂

      • MZ

        Just lovely , thank you for sharing

      • Derek – I love that! Thanks for sharing that extra insight….very cool!

        • My pleasure 🙂 It’s lovely to get those kind of messages out there.

      • Fantastic share, Derek, thank you!

        • Really nice added insight Derek. Thank you for sharing. As an artist (musician/writer), I think that art’s purpose is to tell the truth – and therefore as artists telling our truth surely that helps and enables others to tell their truths, and therefore live more authentically, right? Similar to what Marianne WIlliamson says about ‘your playing small doesn’t serve the world’.

          I am going to do Marie’s challenge now below – I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days!

          Thanks again Derek for the share (and everyone else for their comments above) – it helped me clarify 🙂

      • Wanda

        That was really beautiful and useful to me–a creative. One of the most important things in my life is “cleaning my mirror”. I can’t even image where I would be if I didn’t do that regularly (and as painful as it can be at times). Thank you D.

      • THANK YOU, Derek!!! Just what I needed to hear!

      • Wow I didn’t know this! Thank you so much for sharing. Just beautiful ?

      • Lady Shamla Rose

        Greetings Everyone!
        This response is for Derek. Whose words deeply touch my soul.
        How beautiful your words are, Derek! And how true.
        Just how beautiful our lives and world would become, when everyone realizes this, as you do.
        Thank you so very much for such a deep soul searched response!
        In divine friendship
        Lady Shamla Rose

      • Janette

        That just hit home! Thank you for the comment Derek.. Finding myself and my writing passion again is a joyous feeling.. Janette

    • I also think that we get too caught up on the all-mighty dollar. If we are not making tons of money, we’re not successful or contributing. There is way way way more than that in our “work”.

      • So many of us get caught up in our work being WHO we are, and that’s just not true. We’d have just as much value in the world regardless of whatever we “do” in life for “work”. We are valuable just because you breathe. I have to remind clients all the time that as soon as you let go of the value of the dollar, and embrace your own value, life is so much richer – work too!

        • You’re so right, Ms Lisa. We are valuable … regardless of what we do/have. Although I usually ‘know’ this, I needed that reminder today.

        • Absolutely! I totally agree.

          I tell my clients all the time “we are not what we do”.

        • I like your comment Lisa. I am an artist but have also been a stay at home Mom for 25 years. I have tremendous feelings of guilt and low self worth because I don’t support my family financially all by myself. That feeling equates self worth with dollars. so wrong but our society promotes independence and self reliance.

        • thanks

      • Heidi Nicole,

        That is so true, right now I have been working on my website and social media and I truly love what I am doing with it. But I do have the doughty that come to my mind. My website will help international buyers learn their way around Orlando, FL and learn about the Real Estate market. I am not a Realtor and I do not desire to be one, but I do love the Real Estate field and love helping people with the information they need.
        I’ve worked with many people that relocate and are not informed with basic information that will help them and their family. I have been there and I know the feeling. This is something I do want to give to the world out there that want to invest and make a change in their families lives.


    • I love this Picasso quote too: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

      • Awesome quote, Marcy. Amazing how much wisdom has already been spoken.

        Now is the time to put it into practice!

      • I love that quote, Marcy! For years I lost sight of my artist self. Only recently have I remembered the pure joy I had every time I made art when I was a kid. Now I am going back to school for graphic design and finding that artist in me again!

    • Someone shared this article with me and it could not have come at a better time. I have been struggling so much about this topic. Do I add value with what I create. This article and a phone call from a customer thanking me for all I do and how happy her daughter was to have received a painting her mum commissioned for her. Confirmed that what I do does add value. That I do serve others with what I make. So glad to have found your site. <3

    • Marie, thanks so much for this. What a relevant topic! I always feel pressured to be problem-solution oriented… this is a much needed kick in the Caboose!

    • Melinda

      Jess, Jessica, Jess, LOVE, LOVE LOVEEE your website/Blog name, it is AWESOME interesting and I am so glad I found YOU!!!


  2. Love the new set! Gorgeous.

    Many of my coaching clients feel this way about wanting to pursue a creative path. I’ll definitely be sending them this video because art truly IS important — it truly is an act of service.

  3. #1 teach women entrepreneur how to tap into their own inner wise CEO to create a thriving business

    #2 how to align with their greater purpose so that they can bring more value t the world (think big impact from a deeper connection to your inner Goddess)

    #3 how to separate your business from yourself so that you create a sustainable business that truly supports you while honouring your deep desires such as freedom & financial abundance


    • Love these, Caroline! Especially #1 as I think it takes some support to tap into that inner CEO of ours 😉

    • I love the last one Caroline. When we are soooo intertwined with our business, the impact of a time where there are incredible sales or none-at-all might mean our inner goddess is affected too!

  4. Beautiful new setting, Marie!
    I love that you say that all jobs are equal! That’s so important.
    I think in some societies the work of a mother or a teacher isn’t valued as much as the work of say a financial advisor. And I’m glad that we learn to appreciate it a lot more.

    • Oh and here are 3 things I do:
      – inspire, encourage, connect immigrant women entrepreneurs
      – connect immigrant women with organizations that provide free service to them
      – connect immigrant women with organizations that serve their communities in their home countries

      • Yes you do indeed Galina and it’s been so great to see your growth and your passion for what you do.

        I also love the new set, way more fresh and filled with light and energy. Plus I’m a big fan of Prince and saw his concert in London – such a talented musician, singer and song writer – his art is definitely needed in this world..antioxidants or not

        • wow, Natalie! Thank you! I’m very grateful to hear that from you! It’s so cool to meet here as well 🙂 I hope I will see you in person some time soon 😉

  5. Kyah Johnson

    Perfect timing! Owning and really acknowledging the ways in which I am valuable is something I have been working on during the last couple of weeks. This video was so validating. Thank you, Marie! 🙂

    • For me too, Kyah! I’m a bellydancer, so sometimes it seems hard to justify why I do what I do! lol… But as Marie asked us to do, three positive effects of my work: 1) I empower women in my classes, 2) I bring joy in my performances, 3) I share training, a stage and all kinds of great energy with attendees at my events 🙂

      Thank you, Marie, for today’s validating, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud 🙂 video… It couldn’t have come at a better time!

      • Kyah – yes it is something i have been working on too! As creative people i think we aften feel guilty for doing something we love. And for many fine artists i know, unless you are poor and struggling you are not a “real”artist. These are all things that as creatives we have to work to overcome. If we don’t see the value then no one else will! Thank you for sharing!

        • Thank you for sharing that, Sue! I agree %100 that artists seriously underestimate their value in the world.

        • Thanks Sue,
          You summed it up perfectly.
          If I don’t see the value than no one else will.
          I need to hear this as sometimes I doubt my arts value.

  6. Loving the new set Marie. Such a great Q!

    1. Don’t waste the skin care products you already have in the bathroom cupboard. Learn how to use them to your benefit!
    2. Embrace how “To love the skin your in”
    3. Skin care is individual…. I believe every woman can & will understand what is best for their skin!

  7. As a fellow artist/creative (I’m an actor/writer/video producer/marketing visibility coach), I LOVE this episode, Marie! Thank you for giving key advice on this issue.

    To me, storytelling is a VERY powerful tool and I don’t think it’s just the artists who are limited to tell stories – entrepreneurs and any other job title can tell stories. I truly believe that we are all storytellers!

    And thank you for this week’s challenge! (it’s a great exercise)

    Here are a few specific ways my work makes a positive impact on others:

    #1 Visibility: my clients get their message out there, they become a more trusted and well-known figure in their industry, they become more confident in presenting themselves in public and in their spotlight

    #2 Freedom: my clients will get to live their purpose, live the life they’ve dreamed (from having a successful, visible business)

    #3 Connection: my clients gain a deeper connection with their tribe/audience, they connect more with the public as they connect deeper into their own purpose – and this brings in loyalty and raving fans 🙂

    • I am a fine artist and often struggle for validation. Reading your responses helped me to see that the real value is in doing the exercise yourself! So here are a few specific thoughts on how my work makes a positive impact on others:
      #1 Set an example (starting with my children) that one should follow their heart and dreams and always seek to become their personal best.
      #2 Demonstrate trust in God and patiently serve him with all that you are.
      #3 Confidently express the beauty within and give voice to that which words cannot express.

  8. This is a great message – the world needs art and beauty. My interpretation of it extends a bit further into the charitable space: whether we are entrepreneurs or large corporations or brands, it is paramount that we also share our good fortunes with others, whether through straight out giving, cause related marketing or other charitable initiatives. The value we bring to our customer must extend beyond a good price or product quality – triple bottom line is what is important: people, planet, profits.

    • Hi Karolina
      Love your words…especially: People, Planet, Profit. My wish is for every sole on the planet needs to see earth for outer space to understand how precious our world really is.

      Cheers Suzie

  9. Love that, Karolina!

  10. I’m loving the new set Marie, nicely done! And per usual, another fantastic message that truly hits home for me.

    I’d love to jump into this week’s challenge of how my work helps to make a positive impact on others:

    #1: I believe with every fiber of my being that the most important love that we can have in this world is the love that we have for ourselves. Everything (and I mean, *everything*) falls apart in our lives if fail to love ourselves consistently. We accept crappy jobs, toxic relationships, bad eating habits (just to name a few things). that we normally wouldn’t if we loved ourselves fully. My job is to help others to love themselves again.

    #2: I believe that the biggest gift that we can give ourselves is the complete and ruthless removal of toxic people in our lives. I help to teach others how to do that too.

    #3: I believe that the most important action that all of us can take is to choose to treat everyone we encounter with kindness, dignity, and respect, without exception. Just doing that one thing would change the world overnight. And that’s also something that I’m trying to do with my work–make this world a nicer, friendlier, and more positive place for all of us.

    • Sharon Wilde

      Amen to these comments Shola, and I can think of no better way to help those toxic people become untoxic, as our positive, happiness and love fill the world, they may even find a different way. I am a naturopath now, helping others with physical health, but without mental and emotional health it means nothing. And without help similiar to the help you give, I personally would not be here or be a naturopath today following my own dreams. So thank you.

    • Beautiful Shola! You are doing great work in the world!

    • Wow Shola, I have just been on your site, and you are doing such amazing things!
      Your blog is definitely changing peoples worlds, one reader at a time.
      I for one am heading back to subscribe =)

  11. Ughhh YES!

    We have to remember that just because WE aren’t saving children in poverty stricken countries, doesn’t mean that our work doesn’t matter. Just by seeing YOU follow your passion there is a ripple effect that happens, and that person who DOES want to save the children might just be inspired enough to actually get off their ass and do something about it!

    NEVER underestimate the power that you have to impact those around you (even if you have no idea WHAT that impact is)

    • We do have to remember those one-on-one deep connections that happen in our every day life. Maybe’s it’s not child poverty, but I know for a fact that all of us are impacting people’s lives in a pretty heroic way!

  12. Love this Marie!! Everything has value and makes a difference – it’s up to us to put our values and message into our art. Think about how a book can change your life!

    I hear this from a lot of my clients, they desire to make a difference because they don’t feel like what they do IS making a difference. For me, a huge one was putting my history, my mistakes, past, failures into what I do. Using my testimony to make a difference in the lives of others. Getting vulnerable and showing the real you…especially when the brand is about YOU is what makes a difference.

    My work makes a difference in others lives because:

    1. I work hard to help end sex trafficking! This is a cause that means so much to me!

    2. I help other business owners find their cause and launch a campaign so they don’t just have a business they start a movement.

    3. I encourage entrepreneurs to tell THEIR story and not be ashamed like in my TEDx talk last year, was I afraid to say I was on food stamps when I started End Sex Trafficking Day?! At first, yes. But then I got over myself:)

    Thank you Marie, LOVE this episode!!

    • Hi Erin! The work you are doing resonates with me so much! Thank you for doing it!

  13. Good lesson, and as a briefly lapsed aspiring screenwriter, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    As far as my current biz contributions to the world, my movie reviews for parents website offers:

    1) A way for parents not to worry about what their kids are watching (thus eliminating at least one concern in their lives)

    2) Increased quality family time together (as watching movies together in a theater is one of the last uninterrupted ways of having that).

    3) A way to discover the quality art in today’s film vs. the junk.


    • Great to hear that you help parents deal with TV. This is an important part of every house, if you don’t handle it right, it can separate the family, but you already know that! 😉

  14. Inspiring…thank you!

    I sell learning opportunities that help people:
    1. Discover their best thinking
    2. Build their professional courage
    3. Enhance their personal credibility.

    • Building courage is so incredibly value-filled Kristin. I know I’ve struggled with courage for years and so do a lot of other people. Once courage is built up it can change a life. Way to go!

  15. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Kale Smoothie part. Thank you so much for this video. When I first started my business I used to say all the time people keep saying that fitness and motivational speaking is not a real job. Then someone told me it’s not what they say that makes you feel like that it’s how YOU feel about what you do; YOU don’t see it as a real job. It was an AHA moment. So 3 ways that my work makes a difference
    – motivate other people who has been at the bottom of the pit to know that they are loved and there is always a new beginning
    – help people change their stinkin’ thinkin’ about themselves to live a healthy lifestyle
    – leave a debt free legacy for their loved ones.

    Cheers Marie!

    • so awsome
      YOU make a diffeence!

  16. Great tips Marie

    I think of think of art as cosmetics. With my business, I’m always on the lookout for illustrators, artists and photographers to supply that one-off spectacular image.

  17. First off, awesome subject! Ok, so for the challenge:

    One of my projects is a vegetarian/vegan websites for everyone who loves veggie food where we aim to…

    1. Inspire people to eat more greens!

    2. Make it easy for people to live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

    3. Leading a kinder lifestyle

    It was a great question, I really had to think there for a second, I guess creating a sort of “elevator pitch”, haha.

    • Chris

      Well, you forgot to talk the benefits for the animals! If more people starts not eating them ( specially the ones that are born and raised like products to be consumed, instead like beings that deserve to live just like we do) then you are doing a lot for the world!

      • Dana

        As well as the environmental factor! Cow farming creates more greenhouse gas than cars. etc.

  18. I don’t doubt the value of what I do, as a “Health Coach” SO I want to join you for the next recording of “Raspberry Kale Smoothie” !! Great message, Marie.

  19. Rinu

    I’m a dancer and choreographer and I make the following 3 contributions by pursuing my passion:

    1. Educating young people in my community through teaching and in turn helping them further reach their dance goals.
    2. Entertaining and making people smile when I perform because the joy I feel when doing so always shines through.
    3. (this is something I hope to do in the future as I further my career) Telling stories and sending messages through choreography.

    • Hi Rinu,
      Dancing is an essential experience of the joy and power in our body, connecting to and inhabiting our body and moving in harmony with the world. I know that for dancers sometimes the challenge is tough, as we’ve been evicted from the body and often become talking heards, so congratulations on your contribution to bring us back to our body and dance in joy.

  20. I wish my work helped dogs stop humping legs!!! Seriously though, I’ve wrestled with this as well – so today, Marie, you got me! Although I admit I was pulled in by that photo of you dressed as Prince. I often have taken self discovery and branding quizzes and come up with the answer “entertain people. Be on stage. Make people laugh” and what do I do? Ignore it and take another quiz! Because I couldn’t possibly figure out how to add value to the world – how do I charge people for being a professional goofball? ARGH. Luckily I came to my senses and created a podcast as well as some products where I can be fun and amusing with my peeps – and they can learn and grow, too!

  21. Ahhh, SUCH a great message. I have struggled with this one myself as I’m a web designer. It’s so easy to think that if you’re not saving lives, you’re not really doing anything worthwhile, but it’s SO untrue.

    With web design, I realised that people don’t *just* buy my websites because they want a new website They buy a website from me because my style is aligned with their brand, and they want their business to look amazing, to attract the right kind of client and to earn what they’re worth.

    On a website note, 83% of people in a study cited DESIGN as the reason why they would or would not trust a company’s website. Not the content – the look! Design and art plays a HUGE PART in enriching business and lives, and as such should be viewed as an important investment in all areas of life.

    (Excellent moustache, by the way Marie!)

    • Uju

      Wholeheartedly agree with this comment! Our web designer was AMAZING, totally ‘got’ our brand and where we want to take it and I consider her a silent member of our operation. Kinda like the 5th Beatle 😉

      • Exactly, Uju! You have a beautiful site, by the way, props to your designer 🙂

    • Please don’t ever dismiss your value as a web designer! As a designer for over 14 years I have hundreds of clients who can testify how their businesses changed after we worked together to re-imagine their site and offerings.

      I’m currently an adjunct professor teaching advanced web design – just today I had to emphasize to a student how valuable a quality designer is in the digital world (the student was worried that wordpress would put him out of a job). Visual communication through design is SUCH an invaluable skill – you are the conduit for getting your client’s message out into the world (and getting noticed!)

    • Gemma,

      Also a designer. Absolutely love your fun (& easy to navigate) web design! cool stuff!

  22. LOVE this message Marie – you so rock (and your singing ain’t half bad mama!) My question for you is around the MARKETING aspect of communicating the value of what you offer when it is not “problem solution” oriented.

    There is NO DOUBT in my mind that art has value – it’s the communication of that value I’m curious about. I’ve been mentored around how to speak to sell so that I can market my business and offerings and the model I’ve been taught is PSPS (Problem Solution Problem Solution) such that you illuminate the problem someone is left with when they leave the talk (ostensibly to inspire them to purchase your stuff so that they can solve that problem)

    Is there ANOTHER way to communicate value especially when we are artists/performers or not exactly PSPS peeps?

    Would love to see you A this Q!

    Hugs and MASSIVE light to you as you champion the change!

  23. I would be lost without art/entertainment, especially film & television, music, books, blogs and magazines, which is why I wanted to contribute to it…

    I’m a professional humor writer, author and entrepreneur. I’m the author of the humorous relationship advice book, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, which is now a live show – it’s a hen’s night / bachelorette party event. (Currently running in Sydney and Melbourne – coming to New York City in 2014.)

    It’s funny Marie asked for ‘3 specific ways your work makes a positive impact on others’ because I write a (1) funny, (2) cheeky and (3) fearlessly honest weekly column entitled Elly is a Four-Letter Word, which is published on my website, As long as I’m making people laugh, think or arming them with practical advice, I’m more than willing to embarrass myself (heh heh).

    Art/entertainment has helped me through some tough times, especially some of my favorite TV series. Who hasn’t sat on the couch in their PJs with a pint of gelato watching back-to-back episodes of Sex and the City? One word: Heavenly.

  24. Uju

    LOVE this video and the message. I’m a massive Prince fan since time so it definitely struck a chord — and hey if Dave Chapelle can get away with a little Prince impersonation…

    I wholeheartedly believe in the value of creativity, and that it comes in all forms of expression — from sales, to teaching, to what I do (writing/media). I struggle sometimes to communicate that value and I love how you nailed it in 5 minutes.

    As Mothers & Shakers, we help small and creative businesses, bloggers and in particular mums figure out their USP (unique super powers) so they can really skyrocket their brands online.

    I work with an awesome bunch of women and I’m on a mission to help others discover their, well, awesomeness!

    At heart, I’m a storyteller and as you stated in so many words, stories are what connect us to our humanity. That value = priceless. Thanks for another creative boost!

  25. OMG, Marie, Thanks again for answering my question, I did like this one even better than the first time, and the prince song was priceless.
    You and the girls (and boys) are so great, and so right.
    Love ya, xox

    • Great question, Carolina! I think a lot of people struggle with it.

      • Yeah, tks Gemma, I asked that back in B-school when Marie taught us to come from a place of service. if anyone wonder about B-school, it is amazing.
        This girl is certainly the real deal, as I am sure you can see in her videos, the b-school team is just as amazing and full loving people, such a great experience. I feel very lucky to have found Marie Forleo. 😉

  26. Great video! Thank you for creating this opportunity to put our worth into words. I’ve been making crazy wire jewellery for over 20 years and stopped being a “starving artist” in the past few years when we started specializing in custom wedding cake toppers. Custom work is always so satisfying.
    Our work creates a positive impact because:
    1. We make a customer’s vision a reality.
    2. Create a keepsake that will remind the couple of their eternal love.
    3. Create a piece that becomes a conversation piece and a memory of the wedding reception.

  27. Love this video! I love how you are silly but your message is serious-ly awesome!

    1. I offer women and families support during a time when becoming pregnant seems impossible.
    2. I offer solutions that are non-medical to increase chances of conception.
    3. I help women know they are not alone in this struggle.

  28. Love the singing girl you got the groove in you!
    I’m a photographer/artist too and have battled with this concept so today’s post is so inspiring thanks for sharing!

  29. Sara

    I’m such a fan of your funny and awesome Q & A videos! I always learn a lot.

    I’ve recently started my very own Interior Design business and watching this video I felt so touched to leave my first ever comment.

    Being an Interior Designer (especially for Residential) here are a few ways my work makes a positive impact on others:

    1. Creating a space that the client has always dreamed of having.
    2. Help to organize the flow of life.
    3. Making a house a home.

    ps. Loved the Prince part! 🙂

  30. Hi everyone,

    My artistic side has split into two recently. One half remains a doll designer/maker, which I love doing but if I have to be honest I have wondered about what value I would be bringing to the world with my dolls. I especially started questioning myself while making a video for last year’s BSchool spot. I struggled to say anything else in the film but doing what I’m doing for myself.
    Today’s message got me thinking and I think I can come up with at least three examples of value my creations bring to the world.

    1. Whoever will receive my handmade dolls will have a smile on their faces as soon as they hold one in their hands. May that be a little girl, a little boy or a grown up. That smile is precious.

    2. I use vintage linen, vintage fabric and off cuts when making my dolls. Can you say environmentally friendly? Say it with me! Eco-friendly baby!

    3. When I create, I’m happy. When I sell, I’m happier. When I get positive feedback, I’m ecstatic. Anyone around me – especially my husband – will tell you that it’s better for the world when I’m happy.

    Then my other creative self has recently discovered that she loves writing. Why not? She said. I did just work my bum off for 6 years at uni while raising two kids, studying creative writing and literature. Go for it mama! So I started writing.

    1. I’m rekindling our local theatre group (founded in 1880!! – I know!!!). That has got to be good for the community.

    2. My play will make people laugh, cry and it will bring enjoyment to their lives for an hour and a half at least.

    3. The happiness factor kicks in again. I value myself when I write. I am more confident and believe that I am here for a reason. Gotta be a good thing, right?

    Marie, you rock as always.

    • Veronika,

      What you’ve shared here really inspires me. Thanks for sharing the two ways you express your art now and how much joy both bring to you and to the world.

  31. Ava


    This had seriously been one of my biggest hang ups that seeps into every area of my life. I’m naturally a creative, artsy type (theatre kids for life, yo) but have beaten myself down for years trying to become more practical because I didn’t know how to justify doing anything artistic.

    I also have had a severe distaste for anything regarding business or sales too – which has left me the spiritual equivalent of a 4-wheeler with its tires stuck, spinning in the mud.

    I’ve been seriously considering a career in medicine or education for a few months now, despite knowing full well how much modern medicine just doesn’t jive with me and how much I just plain don’t like managing a classroom full of kids. I think what attracts me though is that the purpose and meaning of them is readily apparent, unlike the work I used to do in theatre and writing.

    So, as always, your post is timely. And now I have to go keep from bashing my head against my desk from the sudden influx of thoughts regarding meaning and purpose and deargodwomanwhatareyoudoingwithyourlife?


    • I identify with you

      • I identify with that too…it is a much about us getting over our limiting beliefs as it is selling our art!

        • Ava


          Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I kick myself for trying to kill my creativity for so long. Who knows what I could have accomplished if I had respected my natural inclinations and spent my time cultivating it instead.

          Ah, well. C’est la vie.

  32. Loved this video and your message of having value.

    Plus… your Prince song with the kale raspberry drinks was fantastic!! One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and you and your friends were better than Purple Rain.

  33. Love this episode–totally cracked me up!

    I’m a web designer who works specifically with small businesses, so besides just making pretty websites I…

    1. Create websites that help small businesses sell their products and services–this in turn helps the small business owners live their own self-employment dreams!
    2. Make managing a website easy, so my clients spend less time fiddling with it and more time on their business or with their families!
    3. Teach my clients how to do things on their own–which makes them more confident and able to navigate the crazy world of websites and social media! This boost in confidence seems to translate to other areas of their businesses as well, and helps reinforce the fact that everything is, as Marie says, “figure-out-able”!

  34. Marie, you made me cry, I am lucky as i feel i do add value. I support mothers who afraid to go to “Rehab” in case they lose their children. I help family members understand what Dual Diagnosis is and I educate whole families in to think for themselves and whats best for them, not what society tells them they should be doing.
    But the way you spoke today was moving and im sure you have just helped thousands of people around the world. If you ever need a career change try psychotherapy, your a natural and you have made my day!

    • Cassilda

      Help with DD…don’t see that enough, good job

  35. I write novels of love and adventure. Three ways I add value to the world:

    1) I provide a product that allows the reader a break from whatever is going on in their life. In other words, I reduce stress.

    2) Through fiction I give readers an opportunity to explore themes like honor, revenge, forgiveness, love, and mortality in a safe dress rehearsal sort of way prior to encountering those things in their own lives. It’s the mental/emotional equivalent of doing squats at the gym so when you sit and rise in regular life you have the strength to do so with a more fluid grace.

    3) I give pleasure.

    • Excellent description, Regina. Congratulations. You have pinned down the value of storytelling for the readers or audiences, and that’s an awesome task. Your clarity is heart-based and I can feel it. Thanks. It warms my heart.

  36. Love this episode. Life is too short to not be doing everything you love. I am now a Gramma of 4 and still working full-time for a non profit hospice which is very fulfilling. BUT I do want time freedom to visit my children and grandchildren and I do want to share my new passion for organic skin care and I do want to continue creating art. I have too much to do and too little time! Thank you – you are adorable and I love the singing!

  37. Thanks Marie! I run a yoga studio, teach classes and am a working actor.
    1- I add value to the world by helping people change the way they see themselves.
    2 – I provide teaching opportunities and workspace for yoga and meditation teachers, body workers and Chinese medicine specialists.
    3- I tell stories that make people laugh.

  38. Marie, what wonderful questions and answers!

    My wife and I spent 8 years living on a sailboat. It has now been 2 years of pursuing the dream of developing online businesses that will allow us to continue to scratch the travel itch.

    1) I Help small business owners through the survival stage by providing information they need.

    2) I help others break through the mindset that they aren’t smart enough to run a small business.

    3) I do the homework for small business owners by developing video e-learning products that answer their “How to” questions.

    Marie, today’s segment excites me and I will be sharing this with others.
    Thanks once again!

  39. Thank you Marie – not only is this helping me in my business, but also in how I view the creatives that I date!

    OK so on to the challenge:

    As a Health Coach focusing on managing stressful emotions such as guilt, frustration, and overwhelm, the three specific ways that my work makes a positive impact on others:

    1. People feel a lot better and less stressed after having a conversation with me.

    2. People take action and get unstuck, so they feel more productive, motivated, and confident in their abilities as a result

    3. People have more clarity in how they want their career and life outside of work to be like

    Thank you,

  40. How great was this video?! Love it:)

    Three ways my work makes a difference:

    1. I help busy women find their distraction (often a blindspot) so they can create adjustments to give their energy to what truly matters when it comes to creating a life full of meaningful happiness and resilience.

    2. I help women stop being unintentional drama mamas so they can be more present (and fun) with their kids and partners.

    3. I help women release the excess emotional and physical clutter that keeps them stuck, scared, and burnt out.

    What a wonderful challenge! It’s so awesome to see all the ways the world is a better place because of the amazing community here:)

  41. Lora Roberts

    This was hilarious Marie. I love Prince so I had to watch. How ironic that your spoof was Prince being a homeopathic health coach..exactly what I do! It is also my pet peeve that the term homeopathy is used broadly to describe anything in the alternative health world. Homeopathy is a distinct medical art that uses diluted medicines to bring about positive change.

    which leads me into my answer of how do I bring value into the world with my art?
    1. Education!
    2. Awareness: our bodies are capable of so much more than we realize and freedom to move the way we desire free from health constraints
    3. Support: by understanding the individual on a deep level and thru the use of homeopathic medicines

    • Bethany

      Lora, Thanks for addressing that Kale Smoothies ARE NOT homeopathy! It is a common misunderstanding, but one that the United States seems to get wrong frequently. Joette Calabrese is a master marketer when it comes to practicing homeopathy and educating the public.

  42. Great video once again Marie!! And you spoke directly to me this morning when I opened my email from you!

    As a B-school grad, I now know how my art serves a higher purpose and creates a positive impact! Here’s how;

    1) Art is inspiring! It inspires conversation, creativity, stirs emotion and joy!
    2) Art creates a visually pleasing environment at home, in an office, or a public space – who can’t use more beauty in their life right?!!
    3) It is sharable!! Not creative?! An art print, an artist greeting card, or a pretty plate with artwork on it (someone created that artwork!) will do all of those things that I listed in 1) & 2)!

    Thanks again Marie!! You rock!

  43. 1// My bespoke surfwear allows waterwomen to create their own style of rashguards and surf leggings

    2// My range of surf leggings offer more comfort and confidence while engaging in watersports (particularly surfing)

    3// Connect female surfers with other like-minded women

    4// Inspire female surfers to get out there and surf

    5// Promote indie surfwear brands who make rad gear

  44. Hi Marie,
    thanks for that one! I am an artist, based in Berlin, struggling a lot of times with that exact feeling, what is the value of what I do?
    So, here you go:
    #1 I bring beauty into the world.
    #2 I bring beauty into the world.
    #3 I bring beauty into the world.
    Isn’t that beautiful? Thank you Marie, of reminding me.

    • Beautiful!

    • Woohoo! Rinetta.
      Finally! A lot of the issues we have with not seeing the value of art is because we’ve been trained that beauty, imagination and inspiration are somehow superficial and decorative. Beauty is the expression of the soul in its harmony and the mirror of the sacredness of this world. Imagination is the way our creative genius moves. Einstein nailed it when he says that logic takes us from A to B, but imagination takes us everywhere. Finally inspiration makes us feel good, but it goes beyond this. Inspiration means to breathe in the spirit! So thanks for standing in the value of beauty, art and creativity.
      And thanks Marie for that key question: what would the world be without art? Answering that question brings us to the value we as artists, authors or creatives bring to the world. Awesome dialogue. Thanks for the video, the answer and this conversation.

  45. Maria Cristina Donati

    Thanks, Marie!

  46. Marie,

    I love you. That is all.

    This episode was such water to my soul. Happy *sigh* and gratitude for your consistent, loving encouragement!

    With joy,

  47. Marie, you crack me up! I seriously think we come from the same (wacky) mother! 😉

    I agree with many of the comments above and also think that by virtue of being a passionate women (no matter what you do) is a motivation and inspiration to other women. And that is major give-back in life!

    thanks for all YOU do Marie! love you!

  48. I really needed this message today. I’ve been studying internet marketing a lot recently and everything says to add value to people’s lives. As a novelist and humor writer I’ve been feeling like I don’t know what the value is I could possibly be adding. This video helped clears things up for me. Thanks so much.

  49. Thank you! Loved today’s episode! Especially prince selling raspberry kale smoothies Funny and inspiring- you are amazing:)
    Ok- 3 things
    I curate and perform in people’s living rooms-
    1. Inspire others to create and live their dreams
    2. Promote music making
    3. Create an intimate atmospheric evening of entertainment
    Xxxx Pandora

    • Cheryl

      Hi Pandora,
      What you wrote shook me up like an electric current! Would you care to elaborate? I’m a musician too (classical) and not liking the ever-growing commercialisation of the art, but never thought of this superb possibility into putting truth and beauty into people’s lives. Such genius! Would love to have some insight about your experience! Thanks in advance, and thanks too to Marie for being such a life force!

  50. Thank you for this Marie!

    My partner/husband and I are both artists, we live off of our art and we teach art too. I am always amazed at the fact that in our society (here in the USA) artists are seen as “lesser than…” -we are seen as less intelligent, less capable etc.; whereas in other societies and throughout history it is artists who have risen as the great philosophers, intellectuals and revolutionaries of thought and catalysts for great occurrences in our world. Thank you for the validity that is well deserved by creatives of all kinds!

    Thank you!

  51. Andrea

    What a great episode! But how do you find your passion? One that you can be excited about, have an impact, and still make a living? I find I have ideas but when we get to the financial piece I am stump. Help!
    Living an non-passion life

  52. First of all, YOU ARE CRAZY AND I LOVE IT!

    If you didn’t do what you do, if you stopped because you felt like you weren’t making a difference, then who else could we count on to do Prince impersonations to help us learn about business?

    Personally this is how I help make a difference:
    1. I motivate people to keep pushing and go for their weight loss goals
    2. I inspire people to change their bodies and lives through healthy eating and working out
    3. I teach people the best way to achieve their goals

    Thanks Marie!

  53. Susan M Olivera

    Hi Marie! Loved the episode since I am apainter and an esthetician.
    I started to paint to express my feelings and my Journey through breast CA and my paintings did touch the souls of people. I painted 3 oil on canvas paintings in one year (I’m slow) and one sold for 2k the second for 3k and the third for 5k that one was the more meaningful of the 3. I wish I could work faster and live of my art.
    In my day job as an esthetician I consider myself an artist as well because I create beauty, I give my clients tons of self esteem and confidence.

    What should I do to market my passions?
    Do want to see my art?

  54. 1. I teach women small changes that can get them unstuck and moving forward.

    2. I lead by example to show just how possible it all is.

    3. I share the ups and downs to keep it real and keep it inspiring.

    • Thanks for sharing Katie! Your website is so tangible, practical and helpful.

  55. Hi Marie! As usual, awesome timing from you! I’m a singer/songwriter trying to start up an online music business. It’s very difficult for artists to sell themselves, it feels very wrong sometimes…kind of, ‘Look at me, how great am I?’ From listening to you, I’ve just realised that my songs do make a difference to people and do have value! I’ve received many lovely comments on You tube from people telling me how moved there were by my music, or how they played one of my songs at a funeral or a wedding, which is totally overwhelming and incredible! I know now that I can ‘market’ my music and feel confident that it is of value to others!
    Thank you for this post and all your wise words…B-School, here I come!

    • Hi Caitlin,
      your music is absolutely beautiful. I am (amongst other things) a singer songwriter too, and I know how hard it is to market yourself, without seeming like you have a huge ego!

      I wish you much success with you music i will be sure to share you link on my facebook page!

  56. What each of us offers to the world is unique. There is nobody else like us on the planet who can bring what we bring. Trust it and own it. You have an important place in the world. And without your spark, we all miss out. Bring your excitement and love to what you do – and you’ll be on mission, every time.

  57. Oooh, I definitely struggle with this one. I think to myself, should I continue to be an actress, which I love, or should I look for a cure for AIDS? (My dismal grades in high school biology say “no”, but the inner critic is not always realistic.)

    So here’s how my works makes a positive impact:

    1. I make people laugh – definite positive impact, you can’t beat those endorphins.
    2. I tell stories – stories help people makes sense out of the world; they entertain and they make us feel less alone.
    3. I give people a safe place to explore the dark parts of our humanity without getting lost.

  58. OMG could your timing be more perfect. I have been having such doubts about my business model these last few weeks and your words hit me like the proverbial kick up the a**e I needed. Thank you for reminding me that I
    #1 Enable employers to connect with their next superstars
    #2 Enable the superstars to find their perfect job – by being honest with the applicants we never push a square peg into a round whole
    #3 I help businesses GROW and develop by working with them at a strategic level to really figure out who they need.

    Thank you Marie for posting this just at the right time, LOA!!
    Best wishes
    Emma Gunes

  59. Anja

    Wow, thank you SO MUCH for this week’s video!!
    I’ve been struggling with this thought in my head SOOOOO often. I’m a singer/songwriter and often wonder if I’m just being selfish and not of enough service to the world. You just made me realize hat’s not true at all.
    1) can inspire people through my lyrics to be themselves and love themselves
    2) show musicians around me that it’s possible to make a business of your art without sacrificing your authenticity
    3) make people dance (haha)

  60. Wow Marie, you nailed this one! Thank you so much. I’m embarrassed to say, you made me cry when I watched this morning. I’m a voice actor and while I may not appear in Pixar projects, or other famous cartoons, I narrate training videos and commercials, etc-you know small stuff, local stuff…”boring” stuff that doesn’t make for an exciting sales pitch. As a result, I have basically been sitting around, waiting for clients to come to me. Since I’m straight commission, my husband has been on me to be more focused, market better or even (gasp) get a “real” job. But this path I’ve chosen allows me to be there for our kids because of the flexible schedule-which is my truest of passions. Sooo….now that you’ve lit a major bootie fire under me, here are 3 ways my work makes a positive impact on others:
    1) The most obvious…my voice literally helps my clients get their message out to their audience.
    2) My voice work provides me a flexible schedule so that I can be there for my children after school and even sometimes during the day if I’m needed.
    3) My voiceover business has unlimited earning potential. Which can take the financial pressure off the hubs and makes me look like a bad-ass wife/partner/supermom when those checks DO come in.
    Thanks sooooo much Marie. You are a blessing.

  61. Hola Bella!

    This is the first video of yours I view and gotta say I couldn’t have picked a better one for BB. This weekend I went to HLS- Hispana Leadership Summit where I was surrounded by beautiful, vibrant, powerful women and ya know what? “They liked me, the really liked me!” This grandma of 4 was actually quoted and included in their circle and it made me realize that my little blog, Babushka’s Baile truly had a voice that resonated with these powerhouses and the character that is Bohemian Babushka finds a place in everyone’s heart.

    1. Babushka is all about being grateful and loving each day, seeing it as an adventure.

    2. Doesn’t believe life ends at 50- but don’t wait until then to follow your dreams.

    3. Tagline- If someone doesn’t see YOUR brilliance, you look at them, smile, and say #JUSOFONII !!!

    As Sweetie said, “The world needs a Babushka.” and I don’t mind playing her at all.

  62. I can’t doubt my contribution. I just have to trust I am making one. I own a bead store and everyday I connect with people about inspiration, confidence and allowance. Not everyone comes in for that, and not everyone cares at that moment about any one of those things, but I have to trust that my intent to serve people around me is alive and well and that it will find its way to those who need it. Thanks for a fun and much needed reminder!

  63. Great video….you are so fun and so positive.
    Thank you for reminding me to rethink what I offer and why its valuable.
    Somrtimes I do end up feeling my work as insignificant.

    Cancel cancel. Alternatively, in my private hair studio as a hair artist….people get to feel cared for, appreciated and leave feeling uplifted. Most people say….”Wow, I always feel SO much better after getting my Cindy fix….good hair and feel empowered and upliftment”.

    Love to you ! C.

  64. LOVED it Marie!

    #1 – Educating teams; helping them to create a culture of understanding and sensitivity in the work place.

    #2 – Equipping professionals; providing tools and insights for entrepreneurs as they start or grow their business.

    #3 – Speaking for events; educating professionals without boring them to tears!

    Thanks for the reminder… creatives can be hard on themselves 🙂

  65. Thank Marie!

    You would think that I would have gotten this ‘lesson’ by now… but when the money isn’t rollin’ in… I just feel behind the eight ball in sooooo many ways.

    Thanks for the uplifting message– just love your style lady!


  66. Thanks for the reminder, Marie! I think below their questions, though, they were really wondering how to then market their business. The problem with being a creative is that most of the marketing advice doesn’t work when you are marketing art (that is, answering the question: “what problem do you help solve”). Any advice for how to then market a creative business?

    • I know what you are saying Melissa. I’m still exploring and experimenting with unique marketing and business structure approaches because of what you say. Plus all the big monetizing models are for coaching. In other ways, what is your highest-offer? How can you make a 6-figure income? The answers I’ve seen out there are all for coaches.

      On the other hand, as creatives we can think out-of-the-box to our style, persona, message and unique applications and we CAN answer the question what problem do you solve.

      For example, I am a sacred storyteller. I create stories that are blueprints or journeys for women to change the story they tell themselves and others, so that they stop playing small and step into their greatness.
      That’s a direct connection to the value of storytelling, but not just ANY storytelling, my own brand of storytelling that blends shamanic transformation with storytelling.

      In reading your comment and others in this post, I’m suspecting that pinpointing the problem we solve and the benefits we bring is just one part of the problem.

      Our attitudes towards money and business as creatives is another, as creativity and money have been polarized for many of us in our culture. I don’t know about you, but I was told in many ways that art does not bring home the bacon (or broccoli) and It’s taken years to heal this.

      And yet another problem, connected to the ones above, but more challenging, is to find a unique expression of our creative expertise that generates a transformation, solution or ignites the passion for a specific niche ~for a group of people that are looking for a solution or experience that can be answered through our creative offers.

      What I’m thinking is ~I don’t know what art you do Melissa~ but let’s say you are a visual artist. Then if you look at the art you do, there is a style and a message, a feeling and an effect of your art that is at the core of who you are and your creation. If you find this, then what transformation, inspiration, solution, or passion does it ignite and for whom? For example, I have a friend who paints beautiful muses, goddesses and Mary Magdalenes. Her main clients are women and institutions (like schools, churches, organizations that want to create projects or an environment of the sacred feminine.) I have another friend who paints abstracts. His clients are corporations who want to enrich their corporate environment.

      I’m not sure if I’m expressing this clearly enough because I’ve been reflecting about it for a couple of years now, but it’s still cooking inside.

      Let me know if this helps, if it’s clear and we can continue our conversation any time, as this topic not only concern me greatly, but is one of my passions.

      Maria Mar
      The Dream Alchemist

  67. Thank you! What perfect timing as I relaunch my photography/ art business AND start teaching yoga. So for the challenge….

    As an artist/photographer I bring value by:
    – making a session comfortable and fun for a family (so many times I’ve heard “Wow, that was FUN. Don’t know what I was so stressed out over”
    – capturing images of kids in their natural state with their personalities shining through (they’ll never be this age again and my portraits capture all of their shyness, orneriness, innocence, and sparkle)
    – creating customized one of a kind art, signs, and sayings that beautifully represent a family or person

    As a yoga teacher I bring value by:
    – being my joyful self (I may not get all of the postures in the sequence just right but I can roll with it and make it fun)
    – connection to students (I truly care about each person in my class and that comes through)
    -provide space for students to connect mind and body

  68. 1. more time to create because your items are organized in my tool roll
    2. color
    3. small-scale support of domestic manufacturing

  69. Love this episode. I used to not let myself follow my heart precisely because of this fear of being selfish, irrelevant. I didn’t see how my dreams would contribute to healing the world. I’m now the a huge advocate of trusting your dreams and heart and whispers as the MOST trustworthy of ways to be guided to contributing in bigger, more profound ways than you can understand. These reasons may not make straight-up sense, but they are relevant.
    1. I’ll continue to paint because I know it heals. Why I believe painting has everything to do with healing the world (even though I can’t yet give you evidence for it, I trust it’s true)
    2. I’ll continue to follow my heart. “The heart has reasons that reason knows not.” -Blaise Pascal Sometimes the “solutions” we gravitate towards as being logical are not the profound and mysterious thing that’s needed from us. Your heart knows this and may lead you on a strange and winding path, but trust that there is a reason more sublime and vast than intellect and reason can accommodate.
    3. I’ll keep listening. The thought that will solve the problem can NOT be the same level of thought that created the problem. (to paraphrase the big E – Albert Einstein). I don’t think he meant we just need to cram our heads full of higher education. I believe he was alluding to the wisdom that comes from being open to and a vessel for a higher consciousness, a deeper wisdom. Artists, poets, spiritual leaders have long been the visionaries for our world – holding a space to glimpse what wants to happen and then carrying that vision and message back for the rest of us. As proverbs say, “Without a vision, the people perish.” And it isn’t your job to question HOW illustrating cartoons or rapping or making sand mandalas will do capture a vision the people need, you just need to LISTEN and HONOR.

  70. Mona

    After watching this video, I danced ballet-inspired moves to Eminem 8-mile soundtrack. Hadn’t done that in a little while, thanks for waking up some new creative juice. I love the new set by the way…

  71. Marie, love this episode, thank you very much. My passion, which I am fully engaged is creating for businesses to help them be more successful, which I feel is totally about them….
    This is an adventure that is just now beginning to get monetized and once the foundation is more solid as far as reproducible, then we will be duplicating it and helping others who want to do the same and grow this business video review community worldwide.
    Thank you again Marie!

  72. This is brilliant! hahaha – nearly spat my kale smoothie out listening to you impersonate health coach Prince. 😛

    A great challenge Marie… I am a health & lifestyle coach (and author of ‘Your Nutritious & Delicious Life’, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga teacher in training, blogger and creator of the tastiest healthiest recipes ever…. UBER multi-passionate I am) and even though I help people every single day, I often find myself questioning my value.

    I have had many people ask me since I ditched my high-paying corporate job to focus on my biz when I was going to ‘get a real job’ again. And others say things like “when that fails, at least you always have your old job to fall back on”. Though I KNOW firsthand that what I do makes a difference and I have guided beautiful women to create a life their proud of and to learn to love the skin they’re in – the naysayer’s words sometimes find their way into my subconscious and come knocking when I have an “off” day. Thank you for the reminder that what I do, and what everyone on this planet does IS valuable, no matter what!

    So here are the 3 specific ways my work makes a positive impact on others:
    1. I guide women to love and accept themselves just as they are (because they are perfect as they are and just don’t know it yet) and as a beautiful side effect – they lose weight, allow love into their lives and find meaningful careers.
    2. I guide people who are busy and exhausted to eat and live healthy by providing them with tips, tools and tricks plus quick, easy, super tasty and nutritious plant-based recipes in one easy to access eGuide (which is super affordable) and on our blog (130+ for free) and as a result people feel more energy, clarity and health than ever before whilst still leaving them with time to do the things they love.
    3. I assist people to feel calm, clarity and peace by guiding them through the process of surrendering, accepting and being in the moment, always.

    Thank you for reminding me again exactly why I do what I do, Marie. We only have one beautiful life and it is a waste to not share our passion and art with the world.

    You inspire and motivate me to keep on going no matter what (that’s how you impact my life).

    Love, C x

  73. Too funny! Raspberry Kale Smoothie is stuck in my head. It reminded me of Prince’s new album cover with Dave Chappelle (just google it if you haven’t seen it 🙂

    I think that pretty much everyone successful goes through a phase of underestimating or completely ignoring their true value. Today’s episode is a huge game-changer for that.

  74. Jen

    Thank you Marie! This was such a wonderful message and a good reset for those of us who struggle to see where we can provide value through our art.
    In my photography I strive to:

    1. Help women see that they are authentically beauty
    2. Connect with themselves and their essential beauty and goodness through portraiture
    3. Foster connection and community with like-minded women who need images of themselves to further their own businesses and brands that are about bringing goodness into the world!

    Thank you again Marie!!

  75. Loved this message today. Art and beauty are necessities in the world and I am grateful for all the artists out there adding value to our lives : )
    I believe there is an “art” to gift giving. It’s not just the gift you give but rather the message, meaning or intention that it carries to the recipient and to the world.
    The 3 ways my work makes a positive impact on others:
    1. Connects people at their heart center which strengthens relationships and bonds.
    2. Promotes feelings of peace, love, joy, kindness, gratitude
    3. People feel validated and loved

  76. I help women fall in love with themselves, especially women who struggle with food/weight issues and low self-esteem.

    I remind women that we’re all in this thing called LIFE together, and we’re all the same at heart – competition and comparison only hurt us and make us believe that we’re separate, which is no bueno for the world at large.

    I make people laugh, or at least smile, with my storytelling. Hopefully they feel better knowing that they’re not alone in their struggles, and that it’s okay to laugh sometimes too.

    Thanks for the laugh – and the reminder to stock up on smoothie supplies! 😉

  77. Marie,
    Your timing is (as always) impeccable. I’d entered a long, dark recording session of the soul, took a break to watch you, and have emerged renewed (and dusted).

    My three:
    1) I bring classic literature to busy folks in a weekly, painless, in-your-ear format (we call it “audiobooks with benefits”);
    2) I share all the good goodness of life that I find with my listeners, giving them a smile and a weekly, friendly voice in their ear as they go about their days;
    3) The literature we cover goes beyond pure enjoyment (like it did for a girl who was about to fail Sr English until she listened to the podcast to hear a book she had to write about–while reading the actual text and taking notes–and got an A on her paper and graduated on time BECAUSE of the podcast, she said).

    I put good stuff out there.
    My listeners are (and always have been) the best, but now that I’m starting revenue-producing streams the fantods have grabbed hold.

    You always make it better.

    Thank you and your team for all you do!

  78. Very enlightening! Just what I needed.

    My portraits

    1. Bring my clients joy
    2. Help alleviate the pain of their children growing up quickly.
    3. Celebrate their values

  79. Veronica

    SERIOUSLY?! Now I’m convinced Marie is some sort of sage or prophet or psychic because this is the EXACT internal battle I’ve been having ever since I decided to pursue my illustration business. I’ve been reading a lot of coaching and business development materials and much of the advice focuses on offering a product or service that adds to the client’s bottom line. Often I find myself wondering, “Does anyone even *care* about illustration? Why would anyone care about the fact that I like to draw?” NOT a good way to try to run a business, I can tell you that.

    But you’re SO right… our world is blessed by amazing artists who share their work with us and bring us joy. And I have seen the ways my work makes people happy, no matter what my lizard brain tries to tell me. So here goes…

    I’m a fashion illustrator who specializes in artwork featuring women of color. This is valuable in three ways:

    1) My private clients are thrilled and delighted when they see personalized sketches of themselves. (whether on stationery, or framed art prints, or on iPhone case!)

    2) I sell Christmas and greeting cards with African American fashion characters, and my friends, family and total strangers are SOOO excited to see them every year. They haven’t been able to find anything like my illustrations on the market, and they’re excited to see fashion characters that reflect both their heritage and their sense of style.

    3) I’ve found that I’ve inspired others — friends, colleagues, even middle school kids — to tap into their creative sides and pursue the “artsy” things they’ve been putting on the backburner for so long. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that my personal artistic pursuits has inspired the people around me to create. That’s amazing and humbling at the same time.

    Thank you thank you thank you Marie for this video and this post. It’s knocking out a lot of the negative thoughts that have been clouding my mind and making me doubt my work. Thank you all your encouragement and inspiration!

  80. I offer another language for people who find it difficult to express in words.
    The art therapy is a chance for people to use a common form of communication.
    The art therapy lets you look at your life and find more creative ways to function, create inner peace and access inspiration from within.

    Thanks Maria!

  81. Thank you Marie for an inspiring and empowering video. You always lighten me up with your truth and openness.

    This theme seems to be on my agenda this week, since owning and claiming my worth and value. I see and feel a lot different and I see what I bring to the world just by being who I am and sharing my truth with others.

    Three ways in which my work impacts others :

    #1 Connection with who you are

    #2 Growth

    #3 Self fulfillment and love

    Blessings to you friend xx

  82. Thank you, mama Marie!! Even when you clearly have a service that provides a solution, it’s easy to get down on your value to the world.

    #1 – Help families affected by divorce successfully rebuild their lives.
    #2 – Create parenting plans that work for the parents. Happy parents = happy kiddos.
    #3 – Allow people the space to dream up their “best life” even after divorce & give them the tools to live it!

    Wait is that 4? woohoo!

    xoxo – Summer
    Divorce & Co-Parent Coach

    • sharon

      big time value, Society needs your service big time.

  83. Everyone is an ‘Artist” Art is a matter of expressing what you do and it leaves an impression of who you are! Have you heard first impression is lasting? What kind of impression are you leaving on others?

    Are You A Starving Artist? Who’s an Artist? Everyone! A message downloaded to me through prayer with a message in my new book, soon to be released. Trust Him!

    Thanks Marie, you’re cute as a button…. Love your energy…

  84. I own a gift shop in a small town, but I believe in the value of my work! Three things: 1. We help people find something perfect for special people in their lives; bringing happiness to both the giver and receiver. 2. We make beautiful things available in this little town that a person would ordinarily not be able to find. 3. We bring a little touch of luxury into lives no matter what the budget. It may seem silly to some people, but I believe it makes people’s lives better around here!

  85. Natalie

    Thank youuu, great questions to ask myself just before launching my new business in healthy food delivery! It’s been a year of dreaming about it and just now just waiting for my web developers to finish the website (Getting them to B-School that shiz)! Though the waiting has left a bit of fear and doubt time. 3 specific ways my work positively impacts others:
    1. My customers will be eating wholefoods ingredients that nourish their bodies and add to their overall health and wellbeing
    2. The product is full of positive healthy messages and will bring a little light and joy into people’s day when they get their food and its so damn good
    3. Give them more time for important things in life, they wont have to shop, prepare, line up at the supermarket etc
    So really it adds to quality of life in many ways.
    PS I love that you incorporated Prince, the movie Purple Rain got all kinds of creativity inspiration rustling out of me

    Mwa! Love you Marie x

  86. Natalie

    Thanks so much for this, Marie! As a Graphic Designer, I totally relate to those questions, however, upon closer inspection, I see my (and other creatives!) value every day. Without us doing what we love, others aren’t able to live a life that they love. Plain and simple. Without a pretty, functioning website design, there’s no business for my clients to hang their hat on, and we’re both miserable. When I see my clients’ businesses flourishing because something I designed resonated with their dream customers, increased website traffic or conversions, I know that my work mattered.

  87. 1. Quiets the mind and inner critics who get in the way and slow us down as we bring our business dreams to life. Makes getting creative work done possible because the “impossible” falls away.

    2. Creates a sense of calm and uplifts.

    3. Clears away old beliefs that you didn’t even know you had so your mind can help you create the life you really wish you had.

  88. Love the raspberry kale smoothie video! This was just what I needed to watch. Since I’m just starting off, I sometimes struggle with the thought that I don’t provide as much value as seasoned professionals.

    On the other hand, I’ve received fantastic emails from readers about how even 1 blog post helped them make a positive change in their health. 3 ways my work provides value:
    1. Empowers people to take control of their health.
    2. Provides tips, recipes, and information to get started NOW.
    3. Provides encouragement & motivation that they can live a healthier life, even if they’ve failed in the past.

  89. I’m a graphic designer and I am currently working with an Entrepreneurship Agent. He asked me what was my unique selling proposition and I didn’t know what to say. It’s such a hard-soul searching process for me because it’s easy to think graphic designers bring all the same thing to this world: beautiful designs. I was looking for big bold words to describe my business but I’ve realized that my clients keep working with me because of my friendly yet professional approach. In fact, I am selling myself!

    Thank you! I can definitely relate myself to this video.

  90. Marie, Marie, Marie….
    I so look forward to watching your videos each Tuesday… This week’s edition did not disappoint! Not only did you provide valuable information and insight but you made me laugh out loud! You make a great Prince impression 🙂

    Thanks for continuing to do what you do best in the world, the world is a better place with you in it, so appreciate what you do!

  91. Em

    I’m still a student, so it’s really easy for me to believe that what I’m doing has no current value to anyone else. Given that helping others is a core value of mine, feeling like this benefits me only makes it harder to engage with school wholeheartedly. This exercise was really useful for me.

    Here are my three ways I add value by being a student:
    1. I’m a better tutor and mentor because of it. I can relate to my students’ struggles and I can share that with them so they know that when they have to retake a test or spend extra time on a lesson, I get it. I can reassure them that making mistakes is part of learning and I show them evidence from my own life.

    2. I am a role model to my students. My students have all been girls of color and I hope when they see me in grad school in math, I help challenge the messages they’ve gotten about what they are capable of.

    3. My enthusiasm about my subject is apparent whenever people talk to me about why I do what I do. There’s an epidemic of math anxiety in the U.S. and I like that I can talk to people about the beauty in math, the creativity, the awesome puzzles I get to play with. I pretty regularly have people tell me that they’ve never heard someone talk about math that way before. I hope that might shift their thinking a little and they won’t skip the math exhibit at the museum next time.

    Thanks for this challenge and for the video. And thanks to the question askers. This was important for me to reflect on.

  92. This video was PERFECT timing for me today! I feel like I have been in a rut lately cause I too wasn’t feeling like I added value to the world as a women’s portrait photographer. Here are the three ways I believe I help others. I am going to do my best to focus on these and not put myself down as an artist.
    1. I help boost women’s self esteems and help them see themselves in an entirely new way.
    2. I allow a safe place for women to share their stories and open up about their insecurities.
    3. I try to create connections amongst myself and other women so we all know that we are not alone when it comes to past or current struggles with body image or time management. Constantly trying to build a community of women that support each other.

    Thank you Marie!


    * My intentions are pure Love, straight from Source
    * I inspire and lift others (who are willing and ready) up out of their limiting mindset(s)… Unlocking their beliefs and opening their hearts to REALLY REAL “REALITY” aka THE LIFE OF THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!! 🙂
    * When I sing, when I write, when I speak straight from my heart, I can feel the energy shift in the room all around me… And I KNOW why I’m alive! <3

    p.s. Mmm, Kale smOoOoooothiez<3

  94. Omg Marie peeing my pants in Laughter over here! I love the new set btw. I never doubt that what I do makes a difference because I see first hand on a daily basis.
    I think anyone in a artistic or creative field is so brave for doing their art full time. I cannot imagine life with out art & music! We certainly don’t need more part time artists and musicians with a day job. You should be able to express your self creatively AND thrive.

  95. Isabelle

    The value of my work ?
    #1. I, as an architect, create nurturing and beautiful environments
    #2. I’m passionate and dynamic, and that makes the connection with my clients so much more interesting and positive !
    #3. I use ecologically sound materials and design energy-efficient buildings, and that makes the world a better place to be !!


  96. sharon

    I am laughin’ out loud at that little ol raspberry kale rendition. I am a newly qualified naturopath, love Kris Carr ( and you Miss Marie!!). Emotional well being in my book is far more important than any other thing, including raspberry kale smoothies, (which incidentally is no good for my own personal health condition) The dancing and the singing in that video is also very important, entertainment, mood lifters. Environment is so much, and art, what we wear, how we feel, how we see ourselves is also very important, anytime what you do can bring a smile to someones face, or ease a situation for someone (imagine being a funeral director, very important work), whether it be a child, your own or not a teen or anyone, you are doing something worthwhile. We are all connected.

    • Em

      “which incidentally is no good for my own personal health condition”

      Can I say that I think being able to recognize and teach that “healthy” doesn’t have a universal definition is really valuable? I have a rare disorder and so lots of things that are awesome for most people don’t work so well for me. I’ve been guilted and shamed for that and it took me a long time to realize that it’s okay not to eat the newest superfood or do that popular form of exercise if they weren’t working for me.

      I think it’s so awesome that you teach a broader view of health. Rock on. 🙂

  97. You so ROCK Maria! Great episode and I simply loved your Prince impersonation. I’ve founded several ‘creative’ business over many years and sometimes I’ve felt like I should be working in a ‘sensible’ business. This episode proves that you can do something creative, love it and serve the world! x

  98. It’s true, there are times I feel so invisible to the world! But I can’t deny the comments that people send me that are really sweet (and occasionally worryingly dramatic).
    1. Sometimes people tell me that I calm their anxieties
    2. Sometimes people tell me that I inspire them to be creative or try something new
    3. Sometimes people tell me that they felt a real connection.

    Of course these are all free and don’t require any exchange of money, so often I still feel like I’m not valued enough to be kept alive. Particularly because I’m kept alive by a partner and a bottom-rung day job… and all of the low-income protests in the US have dredged up a lot of opinions that people like me deserve to starve because we “have no skills”. That hurts.

    I feel like my creative hobby business is my only real connection to the world. It brings zero financial benefit yet I clutch onto it with such sharp talons! Positive thoughts and comments can only go so far. I can’t eat them.

    Marketing advice is kind of weird when converted to art! But it does make for much more interesting newsletters/blogging and I have seen people successfully “wear” their art.

    • Melissa – I understand how you are feeling – i have been there myself more than once – and yes marketing advice is kind of weird when it comes to art. But don’t lose hope – as Marie says – we all have something to offer the world that is unique to the individual. When we start valuing ourselves then so will everyone else! keep on trucking!

  99. What an awesome episode! I think small business owners, artists and creatives of all types often feel this way – that their product or message is not changing or improving the world at large.

    For me, I have felt this in the past. I think it’s because I sometimes have a higher calling to do something that really does change humanity. I said at the age of 8, “I will be on the cover of NY Times when I die”. At 10 I said, “I’m going to be on Oprah someday”. So at times I feel the work I do from my home office and local hospital isn’t quite cutting it to make those childhood dreams happen.

    What I do is first, practice gratitude. There are very specific reasons and feelings for why I choose to live my life the way I do. There are people around me here, I’m comfortable in my environment and I am seeking personal endeavors that I also never thought would be possible! (ex. building my dream home) Focusing on the things I do have rather than what I don’t really helps to reframe my mind.

    Secondly, I hone in on where I am making a difference. I coach about 10 clients every single week and often help up to 15 people a month with making their dreams come true. If that’s not having an impact, I don’t know what is. It’s all about perspective. So I haven’t found the cure for AIDS from a social angle (which is still on my radar folks) but I am contributing to all sorts of other causes.

    Thirdly, and I hate using this term, but remember that we need a sense of balance. I wonder that if I had been more involved in world hunger and the AIDS epidemic, I’d be travelling all the damn time so I wouldn’t be able to appreciate or have some of the things I cherish so close: my home, my partner, my pets. Not that it would be bad, it would just be different, and I kinda like my life right now!

    Those are my tips! I hope they are helpful for you guys as well!

    Heidi xx

  100. Don’t eeeeeeeeven get me started!

    Every famous artist in history had a unique value proposition and a target market.

    You’re right it’s not about you artists!

    It about your defining unique value above and beyond the art itself and understanding what tribe this serves.

    What to learn more?

    Ann Rea (B-School graduate 😉

  101. #1 teach solo entrepreneurs how to market using big business ideas but not use big budget money

    #2 help solo entrepreneurs strategically plan their marketing efforts so they are not wasting their time on stuff that doesn’t work

    #3 guide solo entrepreneurs using various tactics (Internet, Public Relations, Traditional Advertising, Branding, and Promotion) to make the biggest impact

    Marie, by the way, I sometimes watch a video twice just to make sure I don’t miss any information and take notes!

  102. Cassilda

    Great episode! I am a willow artist…I build handcrafted willow furniture. I also teach others to get in touch with their rustic roots and build furniture. I teach a lot of women who have never even held a hammer and it is very empowering for them to tackle something of this nature and succeed. I love what I do, and yes, it is always tough to see the value in that aside from my own happiness. I am even in the crack between “the arts, fine type”. Lol
    The natural world has so much to offer and is so quickly disappearing in places. I feel that what I do raises awareness of the value found in natural settings and living furniture has a great energy you can tap into and take into your own world. I help people realign themselves and enjoy “Re-creation” in a whole old is new way.
    Thanks so much for everything you do!

  103. Your near to last line: “When you do what you love and you’re passionate and you’re happy, THAT’S added value,” is where it’s at.

    All the best !

  104. My work helps people to become healthier, happier and more sexually satisfied!

  105. Leilani BIshop

    hmm..I suffer from not thinking what I do is giving anybody anything…when in reality..

    I make others smell good
    I help others feel pretty
    I support women making a name for themselves

    Thank you!

  106. I love, love LOVE this post. Can just feel the positive energy and new perspectives oozing out of it! Also, I dressed up as Prince once for a costume party – heh – so definitely resonate.

    Inspired by BSchool I now have clients contacting me (almost) daily. It’s working, and your video is reminding me again that even us ‘woo woo’ types have huge value to add to the world – I’m seeing the results through my clients.

    Love n light and thank you for fulfilling one of your Life Purposes Marie, we are ALL the better for it.


  107. Love the new set and the Prince improve!

    My work as a coach brings tons of value!

    1. Makes people happy.
    2. Inspires them to fly their freak flag and love themselves up.
    3. Instills a deep knowing they can have what they want on their own terms…which creates a lot of expansion!!

  108. Love, Love, Love this video! The raspberry kale smoothie, and the comment of “art is like swiffer for the soul” had me laughing out loud, both so perfect. I have bookmarked this to watch again when I need a reminder. This message comes at a perfect time for me. Thank you!

    I am a graphic designer who also paints. For years I hid my paintings (what value did they add?), and only in the last couple years have I been coming out of from my own induced hiding.

    Three ways my creativity adds makes a positive influence are:
    1. As a designer, I not only help tell my clients’ story, I help the viewer navigate the info in a way that is pleasing to the viewer and doesn’t send them into overload (I just completed a big book with lots of data!)

    2. Creating design that gets to the essence of the client and what they offer, helps them have more confidence to share their offerings with the world.

    3. Creating my fine art of food is like fresh art that makes you feel good. It helps you remember beauty is right in front of us if we only take the time to look.

  109. Mary-Pat O Malley

    1: I answer parents’ questions about their children’s speech, language, and communication.
    2.I provide solutions for the speech and language problems
    3. I train speech & language therapy students to reflect on how their own communication affects others around them

    LOVED this episode!

  110. meg

    Wow- just what I needed today. I am an art jeweler and have been wondering about this very topic, almost to the point of hanging it up to do something “more meaningful”. But now I realize that ‘more meaningful’ would be someone else’s definition.
    So after some thought I see that I do contribute in a meaningful way by creating body adornment that makes an impact on others by
    1) adding BEAUTY to their daily life by creating beautiful things to wear
    2) adding TRUTH to their daily expression by providing work that does not merely follow a fashion trend
    3)adding IDIVIDUALISM to their daily ensemble by making one of a kind items and commissioned work.

  111. Marisa

    Thank you, Marie!!! I really needed this video. I’m an actor who has recently been questioning how I’m directly changing the world. This video really inspired me. I think one of the reasons artists don’t feel like they’re changing the world every day is because we don’t get the opportunities to share our talents enough…this just makes me realize how important it is to be creating art when I’m not working on a project. I think it will make me feel like I’m adding value to the world in some way. You rock!

  112. Mich

    Love the new set, just gorgeous!

    1. Teach people to eat healthier and make better food choices.

    2. Help people to heal themselves more naturally, using medication only when necessary as well as using preventative measures.

    3. Show people what non-toxic household items can be used to clean a home as well as what the products are to purchase for the home.

    Thank you Marie!

  113. I always look forward to your episodes Marie. Thanks for this one! I don’t often take the time to reflect on how I’m making a positive impact or adding value. So here it goes…

    1) I help entrepreneurs communicate clearly and passionately with their customers.
    2) I help consultants understand and appreciate into their unique strengths, talents and passions.
    3) I simplify marketing for small businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs.

    And, I love your new set – fresh and inspiring.

  114. Love this episode! I wrote a note to the artist on my website and I put this beautiful quote in by Marianne Williamson…I changed a few words so you can say it out loud to yourself!

    “My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate. My deepest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure. It is my light, not my darkness, that most frightens me. I ask myself, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who am I not to be? My playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around me. I am meant to shine. When I let my own light shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. When I am liberated from my own fear, my presence automatically liberates others.”

  115. Ugg…I’ve been writing an introductory letter to send to networking groups to ask to be a speaker most of the morning (because I’ve been procrastinating!) and this video was just what I needed to remind myself that I do bring great value in the world. So, thanks!

    Three specific things my work does that makes a positive impact on others:

    1. Creating an open and non-judgmental space where women can truly be themselves – even the messy bits.

    2. Helping women to get rid of all the gunk that has been hiding their true essence so they can grow and stretch into who they are meant to be.

    3. Helping women to live authentically from that true sense of self, which has a ripple effect of more authenticity in all of their relationships. When enough people show up fully in who they are, it’s going to change the world!

  116. Elizabeth

    Thanks Marie as always perfect timing and an answer to something I wrestle with. I am producing films for women , pure guilty pleasure fun, and I often question how this can be of service. You reiterated what I often tell myself when I have doubts, if something gives people pleasure it is service!
    Thanks again!

  117. Three ways my work contributes to the world:

    1. It inspires others
    2. It promotes yoga
    3. It makes me happy (and I am important to the world)

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  118. Freaky timing, I’m on the same page Marie. I just made my health website live and included an interview with the artist who created gorgeous illustrations for the site (a fellow B-Schooler). I wrote,
    “Her illustrations evoke joyful emotion, and in doing so Allison adds beauty and healing to the world.”

  119. Angela

    I totally agree, even a smile could change the day of a person!

  120. Hello,
    I love this video because we all need to understand our true value in the world and being happy healthy positive people that encourage others to be the same is what the world needs much more than any end product. This is a hard assignment for me. I do contribute to the community in other ways, teaching, and leading a budding nonprofit but my life’s goal is to be a singer. So here goes 3 ways my work makes a positive impact on others:

    1.It brings joy and awakens people to the beauty of humanity.

    2.It provides a window to the truly limitless possibilities of what people can do.

    3.It lifts the spirit long enough to be fully aware of ones higher nature.

    My question is: How do you market it that? How do you put it in a way that people feel ready to put a monetary value on the ethereal value they are getting. I feel like I missed a day in class when it comes to applying this to my financial goals…

  121. Woo! Love this topic, Marie!

    I’m a confidence coach for sensitive people.

    1. I help people realize they AREN’T crazy just because they experience the world differently than others.
    2. I help beautiful sensitive souls reclaim their confidence and power, so they can go into the world and do what they feel called to do.
    3. I help people learn to let go of old emotional junk that’s gumming up the works.

  122. Marie! I love this episode..because it is so important. The jewelry designers over at are always struggling with the value they add to the world and I don’t know about you but jewelry adds so much beauty to my life…and the clients that I design for. This video is so timely because I am doing a training for one of our courses about writing and it will cover the topic of value..

    My work is soooo personal and my “client” becomes the “muse” for inspiration of the piece that I am working on. I consistently hear things like, you nailed it, this piece is perfect, it’s better than I could have imagined…

    so on to value…

    Here is how my custom pieces add value:

    1. I create experiences that make my clients happy!! I am a conduit to interpret an unknown vision for design. Often times my clients come to me clueless about what they would like designed except that they know they want an engagement ring or to have grandma’s diamond reset into a piece they will consistently wear. My goal is to listen to them, observe and create something that is the perfect interpretation of their soul, their purpose and their personality. It’s a process and I know that I am adding so much happiness to their lives.

    2. My work holds a special and often deep meaning or significance for my clients. Especially when redesigning heirlooms, my clients often come to me with tears of joy because they were so close to this person or that person. The deep level of sentimental attachment that comes with this work is rewarding for me and also extremely personal and intimate for them.

    3. I am spreading beauty. Since I closed Tracy Matthews Designs, I have former clients crawling out of the woodwork asking for me to design collections again. I am often told that the pieces I create are treasured as favorite pieces. One time on of my clients lost an earring that I couldn’t replace. She wore them everyday and was completely devastated because they were her “lucky” earrings. My purpose now with my fine custom jewelry at is to create the same experience with my one of a kind pieces.

    Thank you for so many years ago helping me talk about the value I give to the world…my life and biz are forever changed.

    xo, Tracy Matthews

  123. OK here goes:

    1/ I help businesses based in passion and creating thrive through smart marketing
    2/ I bring more people in contact with awesome and inspiring art and creativity
    3/ I create memorable events which brighten peoples lives

    Boom! (high-kick)

  124. I make designer fabric Southernl Haute’ handbags.
    Us southerners pronounce the “e” on the end of Haute’ wow, where did you ge

    I use beautiful deisgner fabrics to give my Handbags that bag factor.
    I bling them out to catch the eye even more.
    I try to create Handbags that speaks to that person.
    I make bags to go into the bags and have key rings on each side to hang stuff to help a person stay a little organized.
    I know I hate it when my stuff falls to the bottom and I have to pull everything out to find it.

    Yeah my Haute’ handbags serve a purpose.
    And I love them!!!!!

  125. Hi Marie, love this one. Here’s my 3:

    1. Change the game for motivated ‘successful’ people who feel unhappy and burned out by helping them ignite their passions and get happier results in life.
    2. Assist my motivated go getter clients to create positive supportive relationships by making friends with their inner guidance system.
    3. Provide the tools and support to free up precious time and energy and remove negativity by coaching people to create their energized life from the inside out.

  126. Great post. I’m a B-School … taker? I have yet to finish so I’m not a graduate. (I plan to.)
    I have an issue with always thinking I am devaluing my industry (fitness and health). There is such a glut of information out there that sometimes I feel like I am just adding to it, and I also wonder how someone would wade through it all to hear what I am saying.
    But this post has re-energized me to believe in my value. Thank you!

  127. OMG! OMG! OMG!! I could write a book on this, marie!! it’s crazy, too, because right before I saw your email, I was thinking about upcoming blog posts and HOW i can make them solve ppls problems…and then I was like, how am i going to do that when I’m just sharing how I take photos to savor everything that’s absolutely beautiful in life….then i watched your video and it brought me tears and LAUGHS (b/c i’m prince saying yeah, i should be a homeopathic health coach!!).

    i started out my online biz with health coaching but then i connected to what i truly love in life. photography. but i’ve been so educated on how to market to solve ppls probs…that i haven’t been able to move forward much with doing what i love b/c i didn’t think photography (and savoring life through the lens) was solving a problem…

    now, i’m ready to move forward on this!! THANK YOU!!! and i’m thinking bschool can help me?? i hadn’t signed up b/c i thought it was going to be the same…help solve ppls problems and wasn’t sure if what i’m doing now fits under bschool…and now i’m thinking YES!!!! 🙂

    my 3 ways my work positively impacts others…

    1. helps them to easily slow down and BE more PRESENT so they can focus on all the good that makes up their life (HUGE b/c we live in a world that is predominately filled with negativity).

    2. helps them SEE more of the everyday beauty and not miss the littlest moments that could easily pass them by because society is moving at such a rapid pace these days.

    3. become more connected to themselves and what they’re truly passionate about what they LOVE in their life which, in the end, has them taking more action on only doing things in their life based on HOW they FEEL…not how they THINK (inner critic) and outsides source feel and say.

    4. Amazing pictures to look back on, so when they’re 90 years old they can look back on their life and be SO happy that they truly savored all the every day beauty and moments that filled their every day life.

    WHOA!! I’m printing this out and hanging it up on my wall so that when my mind wants to go back to telling me all the reasons why i can’t do what i love b/c it doesn’t solve ppls probs…i can have this reminder!! thank you marie! thank you!! this video was a blessing!!!! :):)

  128. Brenda

    Great question Marie

    The work I want to do :
    1) gives people insight into themselves
    2) gives people tools to make changes in their lives
    3) provides an environment of positive empowerment and energy.

  129. Let’s pump up the creativity in the world!

    my 3 contributions:
    I help the world be more innovative
    I give lone creatives a imaginative, safe and productive space
    I can connect brilliant minds

    Thanks for the post,

  130. This was sooooo needed! Thank you very much for this Q&A… I am currently in the process of updating my site, but I have been feeling rather down as as designer. Having the exact same question running through my mind…

    But if I have to sit down and add 3 things that my services add, I would have to say:

    1. I design a portal for businesses and individuals to reach out and touch their chosen market.
    2. I give them tools that are not only practical, but pretty too!!
    3. I help you build a website that is like your own online HQ… where you can run everything and stay connected to everyone of your clients…

  131. Oh my goodness! I’m a MUSIC HEALTH COACH! Very, very seriously. This totally made me laugh! I just released my first relaxation cd and will be holding a cleanse next month. 😀

  132. Oh, you got me thinking with this video. 🙂 Great stuff!!!

    I always did struggle with thinking what good we offer to the world with our digital marketing company, however, you made me feel at peace when you said we all do good, as long as we are not harming or cheating anyone. Actually one of our core values is to do no harm. 🙂

    So here is how we add value:

    1. We make people feel good about their presence online and give them something that will deliver the results they want from their presence.
    2. We provide them with a tool that makes their life easier and they do not have to stress over getting the information they need on their website.
    3. The provide the ongoing, continuous flow of education throughout our relationship with them that will help them continue to grow their business online.

    Now that I look at that, I feel much better about our value and what we offer.

    Thank you Marie!!! 😉

  133. 1. I creatively brand new businesses with my graphic design skills 🙂
    2. I help promote charities/causes with design marketing.
    3. I help people’s resume’s look pretty & eye catching!

    Overall, I’m VERY passonate about what I do and I LOVE helping
    people put a name and “face” on their business!

  134. Thanks so much for this, Marie. The Q from Sophia, the illustrator who had put her dream on the shelf, was just what I needed to hear. As a freelance illustrator, I’ve already got a business and life I love, but I would love it even more if I were illustrating children’s books, something I’ve wanted to do since I was very small. I’m right in the middle of pursuing that with more intent.

    So here’s how I add value to the world with my illustration:
    1) I express joy in my colourful art, spreading joy to others.
    2) I give vision to people’s imagination with my private commissions.
    3) I change people’s lives for the better with my educational illustrations.

    And I won’t give up on my dream of illustrating (and writing) picture books!

  135. Hanna

    In Marie’s B-School program, she refers people to Simon Sinek who says:

    Start with Why! (

    Simon says…Everyone has a why, it’s just a matter of discovering the core reason you’ve always lived by. I took his $99 course at Why University and discovered my Why. The course walks you through the steps, so that you access your why and present it to the world in a way that promotes social change.

    So no matter whether you’re a creative, artist, or whatever you do, your inherent nature is to make a difference in the world. You just haven’t learned how to articulate it.

    When you Start with Why, it can become the tagline for all that you do.

  136. Yes, I definitely have those days. I’m a photographer and web designer and I can often get caught up and hung up on trying to figure out the “problem” that I am “solving” for prospective clients, in order to better market my services. I tend to over-think things, but also, even though I see the value and importance of what I do, a lot of people don’t see it, and view my services as merely a commodity. It’s easy to get lost in that when the majority of the people that you meet say, “Oh you do lovely work,” but then when you give them an estimate on their shoot or project, they automatically jump to the price place where it’s like, “oh… well I can’t afford that…” or “ohh.. why is it so expensive?” And they experience a disparity between value and price – it’s like they automatically forgot what their initial reason was for wanting my services, and that they maybe feel like it’s not as important to do anymore.

    Anyway, 3 things my work does for people.

    1a. Websites help promote people’s business/project and ultimately help them with their bottom line.

    1b. Event photography and other photographic services for business provide a tool, not only for branding, but also for communication and creating action around the brand or product.

    2. Certain types of my photo shoots make people look their best and then they feel good about themselves.

    3. My work promotes communication and the spread of beauty and culture, and the different walks of life. That in itself is providing a service to the world.

  137. Interesting post. Funny, I haven’t watched an episode in a long time, and I fell off the Bschool bandwagon a long time ago, because I couldn’t see how being an artist/photographer (which I have been in some form or another for over 20 years) was ever going to create a big enough impact on the world or my wallet. I have been waiting for the next big idea, and been struggling with these thoughts for 2-3 years now, since I first signed up for Bschool.

    I have considered whether I should give up photography (my greatest passion for many decades) in favor of something more “useful” or intellectual (seems like a waste of an Ivy degree). I have been wondering what I should market, or how. I hate the word and the idea of marketing. I hate the idea that I have to sell myself. I am a natural born connector of people, but not a natural salesperson of myself. Honestly, BSchool made me feel like doing photography was not enough.

    But the fact is, making art makes me extremely happy. Whether I am delivering a simple snapshot, photos for a website makeover or a more formal portrait, or just some beautiful images of the ocean, the act of making photographs brings me immense joy.

    I also know my work brings joy to others. For years. Sometimes generations.

    #1 My wedding photos don’t just document, but also tell a beautiful story of emotion and love on a day that is unforgettable, but also hard for a bride and groom to remember because of the way it flies by. I think I am also creating a precious treasure for the next (unborn) generation. I am a generational storyteller.

    #2 My family portraits are about showing joy and connection and personality in young families. Young moms are often so overwhelmed by taking care of their small children. Too often, They neglect themselves and don’t put themselves in the picture. Then 15 years fly by and they wish they had more time with those little ones. I help people see and remember the beauty in their own lives….particularly women who may not be feeling as beautiful as they felt when they were younger, thinner, or whatever. I see tiny details that seem unimportant….until they are gone. I see beauty all around me. I see deeper than surfaces and capture emotions through photography. My greatest joy is in delivering not just images, but a beautifully edited and produced book that gets the images off the computer and into people’s hands, to be shared and enjoyed together.

    #3 My fine art photography is most often about nature…about bringing the power and peace of the ocean and water into our lives. For 6 years I lived in a landlocked city. Never again. Now that I am back in Sag Harbor full time, I take daily walks along the water, and make images daily that I plan to turn into works of art that I will share with all the people who wish they could live a life like this. I think I am now one of the luckiest people on earth, and I want to share my love of the sea by giving pieces of it to anyone who feels the same way about water.

    I often feel like I am not doing myself or the world justice by ‘only’ being a photographer, but listening to you today has me wondering if maybe that is enough. In my soul I know I am an artist and a leader. Maybe I just needed to step away for a little while to feel that calling more deeply.

    • That IS enough, Tanya. And you are enough. My soul really connected with you and with what you so honestly shared. I would love to see your work. Do you have a website you can share?
      Thank you for that soul searching answer!

      • Thank you, Kate. The struggle never ends for me. My clients tend to be very private, so only a tiny fraction of my work ever makes it out into the public world. This is actually a central part of my struggle….if my work is only treasured by a few, am I ‘playing big’ in the world?

        On the flip side of that argument, there are people in the world who simply must guard their privacy (think celebrities, Forbes 400, etc) and who need to work with people they can trust. I am often that person. My client’s privacy is more important to me than my need to share my work. But it is a tough place to be as an artist. I love it. But I struggle with it.
        My website is my name. I am very Google-able.

        • Tanya, I’m curious about whether you believe that sharing the work you do for your private clients is the only way to get your work out there into the world. I’ve seen your beautiful work on your website. I see not all of it is of people first off. I’m also wondering if it’s photos of people you want to be doing more of, is it possible to maybe do some complimentary sessions or reduced price sessions for people you know who would be happy for you to share the photographs with the world and perhaps include a testimonial for you as well. I know I would sure sign up for that! In order to get my business off to a great start, I have been offering complimentary sessions of personal readings, as well as energy clearings ( I clear negative energy that has built up in people and in their homes and work spaces). In exchange these pro bono clients have been giving me testimonials that I’m including on my website and they are sharing the benefits of my work with the people they know. Some of them will be promoting me to their email lists and sharing how I helped them on Facebook.


          • What you see on my website is a small fraction of what I do. From my website, you would never know that half of my work is beautiful family portraits, or ‘day in the life’ sessions. When I take away the weddings, there won’t be much left. I have hundreds of testimonials, though most are related to my wedding work.
            The issue that troubles me more is about how my work is of any benefit to the greater world if it is only seen by a very few. Does art have to be shared publicly in order to be of value? Is it still worthwhile if it is very private?
            I actually don’t love Facebook and all the self promo and marketing that implies. I like doing private work. But I struggle with working in such a narrow niche. I sense that I will be expanding that.
            I am thinking of adding a new business, and building a gallery for women photographers as a way to fill my need to offer more beautiful photography to the public.

            Sounds like you might be a Feng Shui expert? I love Feng Shui!

  138. Woah, it’s like you made this vid just for me!

    I struggle with this constantly, the idea that what I am doing (running my own art print business) is silly and unhelpful and infantile. I’ve been having a major career crisis over just this, and have often felt so embarassed when people ask what I do that I make something up or just say ‘business’, because I feel akward at the awe people always display when you say you make art for a living.

    Struggling to come up with the 3 things but I suppose:
    1) People have wrote me to say my pictures resonate with them or helped them through a hard time because they felt a connection.
    2) I’m able to offer regular giveaways so people who can’t afford things get a chance to get them for free..
    3) I know other people who want to be artists for a living look at me as proof that it can happen so I help with that dream by example.

  139. That was worth it just for the “Raspberry Kale Smoothie” alone — which will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. Ha!

  140. This IS a great challenge! Thanks Marie.

    1) My work fosters entrepreneurship in an economy Seth Godin calls “the forever recession” and shows people that anything is possible in life and business.

    2) I help people take control of their earnings and their work so that it’s more fulfilling than they ever thought possible.

    3) I set people up with the tools and resources they need to learn the entrepreneurial mindset and start to think like business owners.

    Yeah! Feelin’ inspired.

  141. As a family and children’s portrait photographer, I needed to hear this. I …
    1) bring beauty to the world through my art
    2) create priceless & cherished family heirlooms for wonderful families
    3) bring smiles (and sometimes tears) to moms’ faces

    Thanks, Marie!

  142. Yes, yes, yes! This video speaks directly to me. While I do work in the fields of public health and social justice during the day, what really makes me light up is the dancing that I do at night. I see first hand how doing what I truly love (at least part-time, for now) makes me a more pleasant person to be around, even if the service piece isn’t immediately obvious. But here’s the value it does add:
    #1. Inspiring others to get up and move, to express themselves through movement and music.
    #2. Being a role model for my daughter, and walking my talk when it comes to following dreams.
    #3. Brings more energy to the work that I still do during the day. I’m happier doing the desk work that aims to help people when I feel fulfilled creatively.

  143. Love this exercise, let’s go:
    1) I encourage confidence and self expression
    2) I give women the tools to show up as their best dressed selves
    3) I show women how to appreciate and make the most of what they already own

  144. I shot RICE THROUGH MY NOSE on this one, Marie. You are hilarious and awesome. I want to add that living a life of creation and passion is also important because it shows others that one can indeed step out of corporate factory or academic conformity and thrive. That is a gift to humanity.
    This video makes me realize that my knit/crochet items are usually gifts! And some of my most wonderful transactions have been sharing the excitement of the gift-giver! So it’s a gift to both giver and recipient. So that’s it: gift, gift, gift! xx old lady maker fan

  145. 1. Organization for office, jazzing up closets for the life-loving, busy entrepreneur
    2. More peaceful inspiration & boost of confdence to go after more
    3. Breaking the productivity code without buying into that nitty gritty time-management “rule”

    Great to see you adding back some of your “special music video sauce”! I’ve m

  146. Wow, great one, Marie! I remember when I told my dad I wanted to be an artist (I was about 10 years old) and he said it was useless, didn’t serve any purpose. I told him that someone had to design the things in our house from furniture to dishware to clothes, and that life would be bland without art and artists. Three years later, seeing how passionate I was, he bought me my first sewing machine and I’ve been creating textile pieces ever since.

    My textile accessories 1. make women feel good when they wear them 2. give people a reminder that they can buy quality handmade objects and support artists and artisans instead of spending their money in big-box stores 3. give people the opportunity to have a custom made piece made especially for them, making them feel cared for.

  147. I’m a tarot reader, and for the longest time I didn’t know how to market myself and treat my tarot reading like a business. But I’ve since realized that tarot readers do bring value to people’s lives. Here are my three positive impacts (speaking only for myself):

    1. I challenge my clients to look at the mental clutter that they’re avoiding in their lives.
    2. I encourage my clients to look at how they can change their own thoughts and actions in order to change their lives.
    3. I help my fellow tarot readers gain a new perspective on tarot so that they can immerse themselves even deeper into their craft.

    I still have a hard time justifying how my artwork makes a difference, but after watching this video I think that my tarot deck will provide joy and make people think about themselves in a whole new way. Makes me even more excited to share it with the world.

    Thanks for the great video, Marie. Loved the Health Coach Prince mini-video.

  148. Sarah

    MARIE! you never stop to amaze me. Im building my business and have felt stumped for this same reason! I thought no one would pay for this. Thank your for the reassurance and validation!
    1. I increase self esteem in young people through dance and modeling
    2. I give them a place to express themselves and relieve stress
    3. They have a positive alternative to negative influences in their lives!

    I knew this! This is my selling point!!

  149. As always good timing for this video. I’ve been in crisis mode for a few weeks in terms of how I can serve with what I do.

    You really nailed it, do what you love and you help everybody, including the economy.

    I’m not an artist, I developed a weight loss program purely targeting the behaviours, believes and mindsets that make us (women) gain weight and unable to keep it down.

    The benefits are not always obvious:

    1.) The obvious, lose weight and learn to adjust behavioural patterns so it doesn’t creep back up.

    2.) More time and attention for family, friends, and self! My program is incredibly empowering because it puts the client in charge of her life. I see so often how that translates into a more balanced family life and more ease in a social environment.

    3.) Improved work/business = more money! I know this sounds hokey but it’s true. How we eat translates very directly to our attitude around money.
    When the client realizes what is beneath the ongoing struggle with weight, often financial issues lighten up as well. With improved self esteem comes a more solid stand in business or at work!

    Incredibly I didn’t quite get this until I wrote it down just now.

    Thank you SO MUCH, Marie!!

  150. First time commenter, long time listener. This video HIT HOME! I’m an artistic yoga photographer and struggle with this same question. So, here goes…

    1) Bring out the internal beauty of my clients and show them what others see in them.
    2) Inspire people to start or continue their yoga practice.
    3) Create pretty pictures that make many people smile.

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep going, Marie!

    (If you’d like to see my artistic contribution, I’m at:

  151. My fashion design coaching biz brings value to the world by:

    1-Enabling talented, creative, women who have found themselves in a career that is not for them to follow through with a successful transition into a fashion business.

    2-Helping emerging designers to allocate their most precious resources, time and money, to where they will get a larger return.

    3-Finally and most importantly, to bring pleasure to the lives of the customers who love the high quality designs offered by those who have benefitted from our rigorous design training programs.

  152. Thanks Marie! I am a Realtor, Artist and multi-business entrepreneur. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am making a real difference in the world, I do not see the immediate impact and feel stuck. However, watching your videos help me see that no matter what you are doing, you are making a difference and bringing beauty to the world!
    3 Values I Add To The World:
    1. By simply being who I am, I am touching lives with my love for people
    2. I make people feel loved and valued through everything I do. I show people that there is more to life than the surface things.
    3. I show people that they can pursue their dreams and not conform to the status quo of a 9 to 5.

  153. Marie, this is my life!! 😛 I am a freelance calligrapher, and have been doing pen and ink arts most of my life. I provide services to people celebrating weddings and life events but often question the value of this passion of mine, although people do love it! SO…3 benefits, here they go:

    1. I help people know how much they value their guests’ presence at their event
    2. I use handwritten expression to leave first and lasting impressions
    3. I “glam up” invitations, escort cards and other stationery and make people feel special! Yeah!

  154. I so needed this, Marie! Having the experience that other people don’t value my work or my contributions is a key issue for me. What your video did for me was had me take some time to reflect on the value that I do provide. I help people discover what their inner design is and why their life is unfolding the way it is. I help them learn that on the flip side of their greatest challenges and “weaknesses” are their greatest strengths and talents. I help them fall in love with themselves and become so much more compassionate of other people. Now that’s serious value! Having someone do it for me was life-changing! How can I ever not recognize the amazing value I give others when I do the same for them??

  155. OK Marie, Thumbs Up.
    This Q&A answered my Two Biggest Questions that I Keep asking myself.
    1. Am I creating Great Value for my Customers?
    2. Why am I so Hooked on Watching Marie Forleo each week?
    I have always had a passion for art and design. Being both artistically and mechanically inclined growing up I was given the option of starving artist or paid Auto technician. I keep my art as a hobby and would design for the love of creating giving my work away for free. I have recently switched Hats and am trying to do freelance work. As a mechanic is was easy to see the value I created for my Customers, (Broken Car / Fixed Car) but I always questioned my Creative Value. Thank You so Much, I needed this week’s Q&A. Eye opening to say the least.
    As for the second Question, Your Energy and Passion is so addicting that I look forward to each Tuesday for another Q&A. “Spot-On Girl!” You are defiantly delivering the Value.
    Thanks Marie for kicking of the dust.
    Bob S

  156. Hi Marie,
    great video! I have always had a problem with knowing how to sell my “art” (I am an award winning singer/songwriter and a fine artist). It is always challenging to sell myself and make money from the things I love to do, so your question is very timely! it really made me think about what the positive impact my creative work brings to the world.
    1. I have been told that my music often moves people, and my live shows make them laugh! Laughter is good!
    2. My paintings (especially my pet portraits) often touch people – especially if it is beloved pet that is no longer with them.
    3. And to echo your last statement – I think whey i am creating and doing the things i love – I am nicer and happier to be around – and that has to be good right?
    thanks again Marie!

  157. My one-of-a-kind 360° coaching business brings value to the world by:

    1st: Enabling people how to increase their field of success teaching them to talk in a profound new way: We call it The Language of Your Success.

    2nd: Providing heartfelt dedication to their success, so that each one of them feels as though they were a VIP being coached in a very personalized and tailormade 360°way. Example: Not only do my clients get to know about how to communicate so they can target their ideal customers, but they also learn how to take their mindset to the maximum level of success AND, if needed, they get to know about how to fuel not only their language in the most successful way, but also what they take in food-wise. We call that super fuel.

    3rd: People guaranteed enjoy the journey of their life, are being cheered up non-stop and end up running around with a huge smile on their face due to a completely improved field (aka aura) of success.

    4th: All of this may sound a little bit “whoowhoo” to some people, but the best thing about this 360° technique is, it’s totally down to earth and very practical. And so much fun!

  158. As a dominatrix, I know I add so much value to people’s lives and I come up against stereotypes that tell me I don’t all too frequently. I helped one client lose fifty pounds, and another client got the job he wanted because I told him to apply for it. Basically, I’m a performance artist/life coach, and when people ask me what I do, I just say therapist… In order to preserve my sanity I need to avoid conversations that go a little something like this:

  159. Great advice for artists. Thanks so much, Marie! 🙂

  160. Tabassum

    Loved this video Marie! I saw “Prince” in the email subject line + it took me about 1 sec. to click it open 🙂 ( big Prince fan-only his stuff from the 80’s though 🙂 )

    I just had a conversation about this topic last night with my B-School study group call ( class of 2013!) and I never understand why creatives such as myself think that we are never adding value to the world. I’m sick of feeling that being a fashion designer isn’t important or that I have nothing to offer to the world because what I do doesn’t fall into the category of doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer, etc..

    So here are the 3 ways I believe that I’m contributing value to the world. By the way this question is great to meditate on every time I catch myself feeling like my work doesn’t make an impact:

    1. I design clothing that people feel beautiful and confident in.

    2. The sales of my innovative designs provide jobs + income to over 200 families at our company.

    3. Being a role model for other young Muslim fashion designers and showing them that it is possible to follow their dreams.

  161. Betsey

    I totally love Prince…and well, your rocked it Marie!!

    I have been reading a lovely book by Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation. I learned that I “infantize” my clients when I am not holding the value of what I do and wonder if the ADULTS who come to me for my work can pay for it.
    So thank you for your A to the double Q, because I see the answer in valuing my heart above all!!

    Now excuse me…I suddenly want a strawberry kale smoothie

  162. Oh Mary your videos are the best! I think as artists we always have some doubts, but we should always keep in mind that there is someone somewhere that has been inspired by our work and that is worth everything! 🙂

  163. Krissy

    1. People can see that they can do something they love and not have to struggle financially.

    2. I teach women how to love their bodies and lives

    3. I reduce the amount of illness, suffering and darkness in the world.

    Thanks Marie!

  164. Hi Marie: OMG!!! Thank you so much for this video. I really needed to see and hear this today.

    I am a vocalist. It’s what I do, it’s who I am. As “day job”, I sing for nursing home, adult day care, and assisted living faciltities, as well as senior centers and other senior/elder organizations in the South Coastal Region of Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island. In addition, I teach voice and I am a choral instructor/director at various studios, schools, and churches. During many evenings and weekends, I can be found singing anywhere from lounges, restaurants, and clubs, to birthday parties, fundraisers, cultural and political events, wine tastings, weddings, funerals; you name it, I sing for it. I even have my own CD entitled “KabuMerikana: The Sum of ME” (I can explain the title another time).

    Although I have not reached the “next level” from a financial standpoint, I consider myself to be extremely blessed and successful because I do all of this under my own company, Golden Rose Music. (At the moment, I am the sole employee, although I hire musicians and/or administrative assistance on an as-needed basis). I may not be “rolling in the dough” but I can pay my rent, drive my car, and eat healthy food, all on my own terms on my own schedule. I get to do what I love to do all day, every day. How cool is that? And, the one thing that I do know, is if I keep doing what I do and stepping in the direction of my larger musical dreams, all that is meant for me is “on its way”.

    As far as the three ways I make a positive impact:
    1) With my voice and the songs I sing, I spread love. It warms my heart to know that I bring smiles to the faces of so many people, especially the elders that I serve on a daily basis.
    2) As you mentioned in your video, feeling good is contagious. I wake up every morning in gratitude for what I am able to do with my life. And because I always feel good about what I am doing, I know that the people around me feel good too.
    3) As far as the young people I teach, I am able to encourage them to have confidence in themselves and to honor the musical gifts that they have been given. I am able to show them how to fearlessly share their talents with others.

    In the pursuit a full-time music career over the past 8 years or so (a life-long dream; I am now 52), I have found that music is truly the healer of the soul. I am truly honored to be among the number of artists and entertainers in the world that bring healing through music. And, as I joke with others when I talk about what I do for a living, I can truly say that if someone say to me “don’t quit you day job”, I can take it as a compliment. LOL!!!

    Thank you again for all that you do. May God continue to bless you in ALL of your endeavors.

    Yours in Music,

  165. LOVE this Marie!!!!!! I have put art down for YEARS. I am missing that part of myself. I believe a lot of time you lose some part of your creativeness out of commission work. When somebody has a photo of a stump they see an Indian in and want you to draw what they see through there eyes. Instead I should probably think …..lend me your eyes so I can change the way you see. Very inspiring message Marie. One I needed to hear.

  166. Thank you Marie! I love how you do your thing girl! I struggled with this for a while. But really, when you tap into your truth and your purpose you are doing the exact (& highest) service the Universe meant for you to do. We are unique for a reason! I agree with you that creative expression is always of service to the world. xoxo!

  167. Thank you for the reminder Marie! I know my work helps people, but I have trouble keeping that in mind and owning my role in it.

    I practice an alternative medicine (BodyTalk) and I help people lighten their load, live life more freely, have greater clarity and be more comfortable in their skin by helping their bodies and minds resolve physical and emotional ailments.

    ps. you rock.

  168. Nick Aldcroft

    Hi Marie,

    You didn’t REALLY answer the question of how to sell and market to clients on this one. “Connecting us to our community”, “bringing a story to life” and “cleaning the dust off” (as value) isn’t really the wording I can see myself using to market my art & photography with in a credible way.

    Yes, I totally agree all forms of expression are valuable, but how do you sell and market that value to your clients as an artist?


    • Nick,
      I’ve been reading a book called “The Creative Entrepreneur” by Lisa Sonora Beam. It’s super helpful as it directly addresses all of these issues. Definitely check it out.

      • Nick Aldcroft

        Thanks Ursula. Really helpful to know. I appreciate any suggestions like that.

        Best, Nick

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I bought this book too.

  169. You can’t light your own way without lighting that of others. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it because what the world needs is people who come alive”.

    Greatly articulated thoughts, Marie.

  170. Fiona

    I’m a corporate communications specialist. I contribute to the world by:

    1) Helping companies find their corporate identities,
    2) honing in on their key messages that will cut through the clutter, and
    3) teaching companies that communication is imperative to their success and showing them how it’s done!

  171. I wanted to share a video we made a few years back supporting arts education in schools … illustrates a bit of what you shared in this episode:

    Thanks for the always entertaining and inspiring messages.

  172. Fayann

    Marie, thank you for sharing this!! You’ve answered a question that all of us creatives can relate to, and its like magic, I feel so proud of all I do and create.



  173. I am a freelance, on location makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup.
    1. I bring my knowledge to create a look that brings out their natural beauty, is flawless, and lasts all day.
    2. I save the bride and her bridal party money by bringing amazing quality products so they don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of makeup.
    3. I create a stress free environment for the bride so she can relax and be pampered on her wedding day.

    (…and knowing all of this, I still sometimes struggle with my value. I just raised my prices and I worry that I won’t be as busy)

  174. Teao

    Marie, I’m soooooo happy that you posted this today. It comes at the perfect time in my life. Right now, I’m trying to choose which direction I should go after leaving another career behind. I used to be so creative and artistic up until I hit college, and after that I was streamlined into a career path for a “real job”. After I worked in that field for a few years, I kept feeling the need to jump out and go back to my artistic and creative roots. I was feeling so drained from the non-creative job – I decided to risk it and quit. Crazy during these times, but I had to do it. I just kept hearing something inside. But the issue of how to make a decent living off of it stumps me every time I decide to dive back into the arts. Seeing your video reminded me of just how important it is not to let that part of me slip away again. If that is what it takes to keep me living a passionate and happy life, then that’s what I have to do. Thank you so much!

  175. You can’t light your way without lighting the way of others: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it because what the world needs is people who come alive”.

  176. What an awesome message. The Prince spoof was hilarious love love love your videos. As the owner of a pole dance and feminine movement studio my services particularly impact women’s lives in the following ways:

    (it was REALLY hard to pick just 3 lol)

    1. Providing a place where women can feel safe, encouraged and comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone and do something exclusively for themselves.

    2. Encouraging an active lifestyle by providing unique, fun and “excuse proof” workouts through dance that women love to do unlike traditional workouts.

    3. Stress relief….women have many roles mother, wife, boss etc. It’s important that we take time for ourselves and do something we enjoy even if it’s just an hour a week.

  177. Marie, as always, great video!

    The world is a wonderful place, because we are here speaking our mind! I read almost every post, and I want to thank you Marie for this “homework”, it help me to discover AMAZING people (boys & girls).

    The way I help making this world better:

    1. I help business owners, women, doctors, etc. to sell better, in other words to communicate their value.
    2. I help people to identify their unique way of selling
    3. I help them to find the courage & strength they need to run their business.

    And I love it! I believe in the power of communication and the power of uniqueness, we don’t have to do everything the same to be successful.

  178. Being a creative is probably one of the hardest “jobs” out there so my advice would be don’t think of your CRAFT as a job, but a lifestyle. If you are a full-time creative, you are probably working 24/7 on research and promoting yourself, as well as producing and refining your work. When there is no feedback or a dry spell, or no one seems interested in your work, it just seems easier to throw in the towel; DON’T! What if you just kept doing what you did because you loved it? Isn’t there a universal law or something that says the more love you put out there the more love you get back? I hope that one day everyone wakes up and realizes they are a creative so that the whole world will be FULL of LOVE! Thanks Marie!

  179. Oh man, I could talk about this subject for hours, for DAYS…!! Thank you for this video, Marie (and lovin’ the background).

    As a professional designer, I had put my art-making (just for the pure joy of art-making) on the back burner for years. It was always, work, work, work. And trying to keep up with the Jones’. Then the recession hit. I picked up my camera and paint brushes and went on a little (travelling) sabbatical. I started an art/photo/travel blog, a *hobby* blog, if you will. During that time, I had realized how much I missed the pure joy of creating art and how it served as a vehicle for healing…tapping into my creative intuition help me get through the rough patches of getting back on my feet. And that’s when I discovered Creative Coaching. And I’ve fallen in LOVE.

    So, as a Creative Coach, 3 ways I bring value to my clients is:

    #1 I help women create personal art work for themselves, that is both beautiful and meaningful.

    #2 Through the creative process, I educate and help my clients tap into their right brain hemispheres, where their creative, intuitive minds reside.

    #3 I give my clients the tools they need to use art-making as a vehicle to help create change in their lives, step-by-step, through thoughtful, mindful thinking and purposeful intentions.

    It’s amazing how differently we see the world when we allow ourselves to tap into our creative hearts!!

  180. Dorie

    Marie, this is my favorite video you’ve ever made. You’re such a soul sister in costumes, re-lyricing songs and dancin’. YES! we all have something unique to share with the world. Thank you for this reminder and for all that you do.

  181. I have certainly gone through the doubting phase of wondering about whether or not my work as a fashion designer makes a positive impact on the world. Thankfully, I’ve gotten great feedback from my customers to remind me of some ways that I contribute to their well-being.
    1. My clothes help women feel beautiful in their bodies.
    2. When women wear my clothes they feel more confident and secure in themselves.
    3. Me being me inspired other women in all kinds of ways.

    More women feeling more beautiful, confident and inspired will most definitely make the world a better place.

  182. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for this episode. I struggle with this a lot. I make quilted accessories. Here’s my list.

    1) Bring beautiful colors and softness into customers everyday lives.

    2) Give them places to put their stuff. 🙂

    3) Make gifts that people give to express love.

  183. I love this episode! I write fiction (contemporary romance). Three ways my work makes a positive impact: it makes people laugh, it entertains people, and it offers some reflection/insight about life (in the way that all art does).

    I’m a recent B-School grad and it took me a while to wrap my head around the value of art, but once I made the shift it has made a big difference in how I approach my work.

    Also, I will now be singing Raspberry Kale Smoothie in my head all afternoon, so thanks for that . . . 😉

  184. 3 things:
    1>Singing to a crowd full of people as they sing along in unison, smiling and ecstatic to have the chance to do so….
    2>Inspiring and helping others overcome their fears about performing in public.
    3>I notice many people are fascinated by artists and are ever curious about how we live…sharing that with them helps me see that I am doing something others see as courageous which is valuable indeed.
    >Bonus: A bschool method recently implemented: Sharing some of the deep inspiration and stories behind the songs I write to my mailing list regularly….people write me back pouring out their souls, with many thanks and even sharing some of their art with me.
    Nice Moustache btw!

  185. 1. I make women love their body, mind and soul
    2. I make women healthy and well
    3. I’m creating a lot of free content and am living my mission

  186. Marie, have you ever thought of doing more videos on marketing for the creative? I know lots of marketing strategies work no matter what you are selling, but there are some very unique challenges most artists and creatives face that are not covered in the “one size fits all” marketing that is out there.
    thanks for making my tuesdays!

  187. Marie,

    Thanks for doing this video!

    I’m a fashion designer, and I OFTEN feel the struggle you mention in the video – Am I REALLY being of service? I’m not an artist (technically, by Canadian artist standards act) but I LOVE what I do. Is that enough contribution?

    I put much purpose and thought into my designs -it takes approx. 6+ months to design ONE piece as I want it to be innovative, different and challenge the notions of fashion but luxurious and effortless at the same time. I feel like I’m doing something different and contributing to helping women feel beautiful in the clothes they wear, as well as making products locally – contributing to the economy and ethical production.

    I’m trying to think of ways to integrate “giving back” more into my business model but financially it’s not feasible w/the already slim margins, so instead I try to help out aspiring business owners and designers by providing advice and an ear to listen whenever possible.

    Thanks for sharing this and giving the creators and makers some props for following their hearts!

    With gratitude,

  188. Pam

    Awesome content!

    1. I add value to my clients by negotiating their hotel event contracts in a way that protects them, serves them, and gets them the absolute best value for their dollar.

    2. I add value to my clients by enhancing and fine tuning their content and their speaking skills. Nobody likes boring speakers – I put polish on presentations so that my clients shine!

    3. I add value to my clients by bringing speakers to them that are fresh, current, and entertaining.

    How can I serve? What can I anticipate? What is the one thing my client needs? These are all questions that keep me focused on adding value.

  189. My writing heals, inspires, and empowers people. I do this through my writing coaching, too, but the writing I do is the seed and soil and green shoot. The coaching is the flower.

  190. Love your Prince impression – you are so right about creativity. I’m not particularly creative, but those who are have so much to give! It’s a way to express/give yourself to others in a creative way.

  191. Dean

    Way to go Marie! That session on Value rocks! Keep inspiring me and others to think of three things that make a positive difference in the world! Dean the Dream

  192. carla

    I’m a dance teacher and have struggled with the idea that my style has value to others if I don’t teach them crazy tricks or insane choreography. I’ve tried to get over that and just teach the way I want to teach, basically so women can feel insanely good in their bodies and crazy in love with themselves…or just have a dang good time. Thanks for the reminder that whatever it is I’m shaking and moving, it’s valuable. Loved this!!

  193. Don Suttajit

    As a graphic designer, I really enjoyed this topic. I definitely think art/design adds value. For me, my value is in contributing to my client’s brand giving them a certain look and feel in their communication pieces.

    I agree with Marie that the illustrator and photographer who submitted the questions still adds value. Illustration helps the mind see stories so much better and faster (as oppose to reading or hearing alone). Book cover art communicates what the inside content is about immediately. Imagine IKEA’s instruction sheets without illustrations…yikes! Magazines and brochures would surely be boring without illustrations. As for photography, it helps capture that particular moment in time. If it’s a staged photography, then it functions like illustration in that it helps create and tell a story. These are just some of the values that I can think of on top of my head as there are plenty more.

    I think its just about looking at the underlining message. There lies a better selling proposition. Nike, for example, focus their marketing more on the “winning culture” rather than shoving down shoe information down our throats. The “winning attitude” is what makes people happy, not necessarily the shoes. So I think creatives need to really look deep and see what aspects of what they are doing makes others happy. Instead of just selling their business as “I’m the expert at…”, sell them on “I’m (the expert at) helping you at…”.

  194. As a music creator is was easy to find value in what I do. ( BTW Your voice wasn’t that bad Marie—nothing that a little auto-tune couldn’t fix 🙂

    It was difficult for me to see myself getting paid to encourage, offer common sense solutions, and chat (as a speaker) to women who are afraid to live big lives because of their past circumstances or lack of understanding of who they were created to be. I really just wanted to give it away—not try to sell it.

    Now I see that an empowered woman is a world changer and I positively impact them by:

    1. Walking, authentically, in my own truth + overcoming a series of very difficult circumstances and offering my life as a testimony.

    2. Showing others how to create a life they freaking love by focusing on what matters the most and fading everything else.

    3. Offering a practical- straight up approach to becoming spiritually connected

    …just to name a few 🙂

    Great Share Marie!

  195. Josephine

    Wow…How is it that those Qs and As always come at the perfect time!? I can’t even tell you how much this resonated with me. I was literally bawling my eyes out just last night because I’ve been so torn about continuing with my current portrait photography business or really going after my passion in music which totally wouldn’t be “of service” to anyone but myself.

    For photography-
    1. I empower women to feel and look their best and most beautiful. I help them see their true worth, that they are more than their imperfections, their flaws, their weight. That they are absolutely, positively, ridiculously GORGEOUS.

    2. I document families’ lives and their best memories in a photograph. I bring joy in their every day lives when they see a 30×40 canvas of their family above the fireplace.

    3. I give first-time parents the gift of newborn photography so that one day when their sweet bundle of joy is all grown-up and off to college, they will remember and treasure their first days with their baby.

  196. Josephine

    I LOVE this new setup!! It’s so fresh and clean and light and inviting! It feels like we’re right there with you, very cozy and welcoming 🙂

  197. Casey

    Great episode! This was harder to do than I thought it would be, but extremely helpful. I am a hairstylist, specializing in up-do’s. I love up-do’s and styling because it is the chance to create something entirely new (think sculpture) by changing the shape or texture or color or your hair. Your hair has a positive impact by:
    1. allowing you to easily try out new identities and feel differently. You can rock bouncy curls with tons of volume to feel flirty and then switch to a sophisticated up-do to feel more professional.
    2. Your hair lets you tell the story of who you are, just like your smile or your outfit. When you use your hair to communicate more of yourself, you are giving you to the people around you.
    3. it’s FUN! You are literally making the world a more beautiful, vibrant exciting place to be. You are decorating the world, especially when you own your look and rock it.

  198. Thank you Marie (& gorgeous crew) for this – the pep talk I really needed!

    I’m a singer, songwriter and performer. The truth is I’ve haven’t taken myself seriously enough in that area because I’ve been telling myself that “there’s no purpose” to music. No matter the feedback I get, or how I experience other people’s art, I still have a hard time seeing how I could contribute,

    I do know though that I’m wrong. I’ve been coming up with biz idea after biz idea, just to distract myself from my true purpose. To be a singer full time.

    So doing this exercise has been HARD for me but here goes!
    1. I help people connect with their emotions and have a stronger experience
    2. I bring beauty to functions like weddings, christenings, parties.
    3. I inspire other people to go for their dreams. That it’s possible.

    THAT felt scary 😉

    • Music is incredibly purpose filled. I’m not gifted in this area so maybe that is why I really appreciate the gift and work others have gone to soar in this area. Music can change my day, my mood and my outlook. Don’t look down on your vocation! The music you bring to events may be the ONE thing people remember.

  199. A raspberry kale smoothie sounds yum! And what could be more important than a product that stops a dog from humping legs! LOL.

    All you artist out there. Thank you for your art.

  200. Maggie Mae

    Thanks for this Marie! But you know, it’s one thing to see the value of my art (I absolutely do) but another thing altogether to turn that into a business that supports your life. I’m still searching for the way to say something other than, “Hey, come engage with my business because hey, you NEED art, right??” There has to be something more specific, and I’m still searching for that. But thank you for the kick in the butt this morning! 😀

  201. I loved this. I struggle with not valuing myself because I find that those around me do not appreciate Photography for what it is. I told myself I wouldn’t care anymore about what others thought. I wouldn’t let it get to me. I would do photography for me and me alone. But I find that isn’t working. I struggle so much with people not realizing the value in photography. Not realizing how much work and energy is put into it. How much of US is in each photograph. How do I get past that? How do I ignore what others say or think? How do we change their perception on photography? In this world, everyone thinks they’re a photographer just because they bought a basic camera at best buy. I went to school for this. I love it. It’s what I love to do. I just don’t know how to prove myself anymore that what I do is of value. We cannot change the way others think if they’re stuck in those ways. Ultimately, I suppose, those are not the clients we want.
    3 things that I do to provide value?
    Create memories frozen in time. {photos of loved ones lost}
    Make art out of our daily lives
    Bring smiles to peoples faces

  202. Don Suttajit

    Check out Marian Bantjes’s TED Talk on why she thinks art/design is worthwhile and valuable. Great stuff!
    (starting at 12 min 35 sec)

  203. Great video and message! I instantly thought of 2 people when I saw it and sent it to them. Have a great day!

  204. Tell it, Sister. TELL IT! Love Love Love this. So needed for Creatives. You rock.

  205. As s singer I constantly doubt that I’m providing a valuable service. After watching the video, I know I move people, provide encouragement, and also entertain them providing the opportunity to escape their burdens temporarily.

    • Lorri – you mentioned you were a singer and yet i could find no sound clips on your site!

      • Arrrrrg! I will add clips. My goal is in two weeks to add snippets.

  206. One of my all time favorites! Immediately forwarded on to my artist people, all of them, and the health coaches too.

    My work:

    1) Directly improves maternal health outcomes
    2) Gives moms, especially working moms, the outlet and resources they scramble to find (and the love and support).
    3) Helps build community for moms, rather than leave them feeling alienated and alone as they grow up.

    Much love! xo

  207. THANKS for helping artists to value themselves! I am a designer and I can tell you that artists are the last ones people want to talk to at a cocktail party or family event! Being an artist is lonely. We are devalued and exploited. Untalented people steal our designs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into that field. We artists are using our gray matter to create things that have never been seen before in all of history. Non-creatives can’t say that about their work, and so can’t understand the excitement of coming up with something new. And when the non-creative retires, he sits in his rocking chair, bored to tears, while the creative is still excited about life and is still coming up with even more new ideas. And when he dies, the creative’s work will still be out there, while the non-creative will only be remembered by his gravestone. I have come to realize that bringing joy into someone’s life via my crafting projects is important to society. It was harder for me to feel that way when I worked in the advertising field as a graphic designer. Now, as an online shop owner, I get emails from customers who say they couldn’t wait to get home from work so they could assemble my Halloween decorations for the upcoming holiday. I just got photos from a lady who included my Marie Antoinette paper goods into her 18th century style wedding. That is what keeps me going, even when the money isn’t flowing in.

  208. Great post, Marie!
    (Cheers, Pablo 😉

  209. Christine P.

    Love this!

    My project is still very much in the works, but when fully developed it will:

    1. make people feel better in a sweet and simple way,
    2. provide opportunities for fair employment and career training to people who really need and deserve it,
    3. which will make me (and lots of other folks) jump-for-joy happy!

  210. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for this episode! I am an illustrator as well ( and I struggle with this a lot. My sister is a nurse and I am extremely proud of her. But sometimes when we’re on the phone, I have to laugh at how much of a life-saving difference she makes, while I’m sitting her drawing pictures for a living. She always reminds me that what I do has just as much value, but in my heart I really don’t feel that way.

    What really makes a difference to me, though, is when I meet friends who’ve seen my work online who actually say things like, “I always look forward to seeing you post more work.” Or, “You inspire me to work hard and follow my own dreams.” To me, knowing that I helped others find happiness and a sense of drive makes me feel like I add value to the world with my illustration. I am so grateful for these people who are kind enough to share with me because (little do they know), THEY are keeping MY drive alive.

  211. Love love love the new set!!! I’m just starting out with my online biz, but I know that the value offered through health coaching is HUGE:

    1) People need someone to talk to these days – get some stuff off their chest (even if it doesn’t relate directly to raspberry kale smoothies ;). That alone can change a person, increase their confidence and self-awareness.

    2) Improved physical health = more energy = more awareness and sense of accomplishment. And confident people are much more likely to put themselves “out there”, make new connections, try new things!

    3) The improved physical health of individuals bleeds out into the masses. We could save soooo much on healthcare with the education and prevention that health coaching provides.

  212. Thanks for the video Marie- I love the Prince bit! Got me giggling!
    What I am struggling with these days- is while I think that what I do has value- bookkeeping, admin- I really struggle with the concept that what I am able to accomplish in an hour of work matches the dollar value that I receive in exchange for the work. Especially when I am starting to work with new clients- I often feel some confusion, lack of clarity as I wade thru their systems (or lack of!) and get myself oriented to what is needed and how best and most efficiently to proceed.
    Ideally I’d like to charge more than what I am charging at the moment- and I am finding myself almost literally choking when it comes to fee negotiation time. ( I am still learning).
    OK- here it goes three ways in which I bring value to the world:
    1- peace of mind- being clear on what revenues and expenses are- having organised systems in place to manage paper and receipts, bills, etc…
    2- insight- knowing what actions. programs and products are connecting with clients and bringing in sales. Having an idea of what kind of effort of time and other resources go into producing these and being able to use this info for strategic planning.
    3- ease- you don’t have to do it all yourself! especially administration and bill paying- if it doesn’t make your heart sing and you want to focus your energy on bringing your gift to the world- then hand of the boring routine tasks to me!

  213. Freakin’ loved this!

  214. Ah 3 ways my work (line drawings) makes a difference in people’s lives:
    1. Provides laughter
    2. Warms the heart
    3. Makes ’em smile
    4. Gives ’em an opp to SPREAD THE LOVE with girlywhirly greeting cards
    Thank you, Marieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  215. esakkiraja

    hi marie ,
    i hope , you are well and thank for your valuable information regarding value , i got it what you said in this videos and here after i am follow up same way and in this video you was awesome get up , really i give 10 out 10 ratings…….

  216. LOVE this one, Marie! I tweeted, shared, and Pinterested this one!

    My work as a writing coach makes a positive impact by:

    1) Empowering writers to speak their truth, tell their stories, and share their message with the world.
    2) Showing writers that their unique voice and style is perfect and to trust in that always.
    3) Teaching writers how to get their books, stories, and messages out into the world.

    Maria, you make a real, sexy Prince by the way! LOL! 🙂

  217. 1. I teach women yogic philosophy which helps them learn to treat themselves and other women better.

    2. I teach women fun fitness – flying around a pole!

    3. I created a warm, safe and supportive community for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to come together where they can feel inspired to find joy and ease in their lives all while putting a smile on their faces.

    • Cathy,

      That is my next adventure on my list is to learn how to fly around a pole. 🙂 I had one class in Ft. Lauderdale and loved it. At the moment concentrating on playing tennis but thinking of this for the winter months.

      • What a great way to spend the winter, Madeline! If you’re ever on the west coast I’d love to see you in class… Namaste!

  218. Yes, I do sometimes! My business will introduce Orlando Real Estate market though my website. My focus is to help young investor and couples with young families to find the right location in our area. I want them to feel confident and knowledgeable about the city they want to invest and relocate to.

    3 Ways my work makes a positive impact on others will be…

    1. People need directions when thinking of relocating or moving to a new place. Someone to guide them through the woops and direct them to the right people that will help them.

    2. I’ve always said selling a house will bring many jobs to the community. I believe if i cater to the new comer into Orlando, FL they will stay and feel welcome and ready to conquer the world with a great experience.

    3. I could help our city Real Estate industry grow in populations and job growth.

    Bonus: I would have fun meeting people from all over the world and help makes come true.

  219. I’ve often fallen into that mind frame… but 3 ways my business makes a difference is :
    1. Empowering women
    2. Giving women an experience to get dolled up, pampered feel relaxed and get amazing photos of themselves
    3. It gives their spouses, children . loved ones an amazing photo to cherish of their mom, sister, grandmother, wife, girlfriend…. etc and years from now a beautiful photo to remember them by. I love looking back on old family portraits.

    • Yes, I do love taking photos and a lot of memories are created. My brother is a photographer and when the holidays come I usually go up north and well it’s time to pose and smile.

      You are a valuable in many people lives.

  220. Beautiful Marie,
    I am loving this video, it is the biggest question to creative and artists. I am seriously considering joining b-school because I would like to sharpen my knowledge about how to expand my business. I know creation makes a difference in the world, I am into “inspiring, entertaining and educating”. I am a singer/songwriter, illustrator and a writer and I am tortured for years by the marketing question: What problem are you solving? what is your target market? when you are a creator, you produce what comes through you without judgment or targets. Still after taking the hard road of finding the value, It is another question of how to build the operation and structure to use the business knowledge to enjoy artistic freedom.
    I think this video coming out TODAY is a sign from heaven I should join the B school. YOU REALLY GETS WHAT WE NEED!
    Thank you so much, everybody.

  221. Marie – this was great!

    Like you, I like to help people while having fun- one of my favorite sayings is, “Silly fun is the best kind of fun” ~Trish Gastineau

    To answer your challenge, over the last 20 years I’ve had doubts about my value. You see, I’m a Professional Travel Advisor and for the last 10 years I’ve had to listen to the mainstream press telling me and the whole world that I’m a dinosaur and in some cases that we are already extinct! Some days it was an up hill battle to continue, but I really LOVE my choice of career and am glad that I choose it!

    Now we are seeing may of those same reporters now touting the value of professional travel agents. Isn’t it funny how the pendulum swings?

    I know that I add value to my clients by –

    1- Being excited about their trip and helping them cut through the maze of offers online to find them unique options while claiming extra value for them through the connections I’ve made with Travel Partners around the world. I help them feel confident about he choices that they make.

    2-Helping them make memories with family and friends that are irreplaceable! They will laugh until they cry as these travel stories are shared over holiday meals for years to come. They will become embellished and become part of the family history. They will be passed on to younger generations.

    3-My clients know that I care about them and their trip. We stay in touch and many have become my personal friends over the years…some have even traveled with me.

    I know that I’ve made a difference in their lives and they have made a difference in mine!

  222. I felt like you were singing to me today Marie. I am a doll maker and recycled fiber artist.
    1. My critters provide comfort during times of stress and disease. I love getting reports that my animals helped someone through a hospital visit.
    2. I help people give gifts that are as unique as their love and reflect values of environmentalism and creativity.
    3. My creations inspire others to reuse their own worn out clothing for creative projects.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  223. I add so much value to my client’s lives. I provide a safe place for them to grow, learn and love.

    • Thats awesome! Safe places are just what we all need 🙂

  224. Roo

    Hysterical. Awesome Prince impression Marie and the song was very catchy.

  225. First off, what a beautiful set-up Marie!! Talk about art!! It’s gorgeous.

    Second, I totally doubt the value of my work at times. I’m a newbie coach (and I’m really excited to enrol in B-School btw!) and because my niche is ultra specific, kind of political, and isn’t as broad as others, I doubt the larger scale value. But as soon as I shake myself back to reality I realize that my business provides 1) a resource for survivors of interpersonal violence (i.e., physical abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, emotional abuse) a space to process and someone in their corner to help them take actionable steps to reclaim their lives; 2) the kickstart that some budding (what I call) femme-trepreneurs need to create a business that they love; and 3) a customizable roadmap to liberation, unlimited happiness and personal transformation.

    So all in all, my business is awesome, unique, ultra specific, and is making a difference in the lives of my clients.

    Thanks for this video Marie!

  226. Thank you thank you thank you Marie! Oh goodness did I need this today. I’m a musician and last night I opened a show to an. empty. room. Granted it was a Cold Wet Monday and I had only had a week to promote the show at all but it just took the wind right out of my sails. It’s so easy to go down the “No one cares about what I do, I would be better off doing ……..” path on nights like that, especially after I just quit my day job to do music full time (again) so thank you for stopping my “oh shit” mobile in it’s tracks. When I promote my music I have a tagline: “Because a good song reminds us there is nothing more beautiful then being human” and I think that is truly the value of what I do. That and I know for a fact sad songs help heal broken hearts (the blues put mine back together) AND music connects us with our most special memories! Imagine if couples no longer had songs! If we didn’t have the music that reminded us pajama parties with our best friends.

    I know a lot of us grew up with this idea that art isn’t valuable but what if art is just the thing we need to start healing this world?

    • Tara

      Beautiful! This have me chills.

  227. Cory Maclay

    1. I create experiences which provide emotionally safe places for people of all ages to have meaningful conversations.
    2. I find ways to encourage others, no matter where they are on their journey.
    3. I can do the above because I listen deeply to what is said and left unsaid.

  228. I loved the raspberry kale smoothie song! Too cute. Everyone has different talents, and bringing out those talents in a creative way is so beautiful! I am a real life cupid connecting soul mates!

  229. Jen Hudson


    Thank you for sharing on this topic today. There are so many artists out there feeling unsure about the value and impact their chosen profession has on the world on a larger scale.

    My problem has not been seeing value in what I do as an Artist, it’s been BEING ASSERTIVE in regards to my product and services. As an Artist, I have the hardest time marketing or promoting myself- it doesn’t feel genuine to me. So I simply don’t do it. But I know that my business could be on a whole other level if I were just more assertive about my work. My question to you and all the lovely, insightful commenters today is this:

    How do I be more assertive with my work as an Artist without promoting myself in an way that doesn’t feel genuine or authentic?

    So much Love and Gratitude for any insight on this! Thank you!

    • So you know how when you’re in love with someone you just can’t shut up about them? Every time you are hanging out with someone you just want to find a way to bring your smook’ums up in conversation? I find that is essentially how I promote my music except that people ask “What do you do” way more often then they ask “So tell me about your love life” so it’s infinitely easier to bring it up . Just let what is inspiring to you and what you are passionate about bubble out of everything you do. People will want a part of your passion and they will ask you how to participate.

      • Jen Hudson

        Thank you Abi for your awesome insight and experience! I will be more courageous in sharing what I love!

  230. Marie,

    This made me laugh so hard! 🙂 I am a singer / songwriter as well as a designer and you are so right. I loved this video-thanks!!


  231. Hi Marie! I love your site. I have watched every video. You are my personal life coach 🙂

    Since opening my new business, I have been marketing like crazy. I think looking at the 3 ways I can help people are a great way to market.

    1. I help my clients gain time by handling things they don’t want to.
    2. I help clients have more time to work on what they love (their business and family)
    3. I offer business development ideas to generate more revenue for my clients.

  232. Thank you Marie!! This was exactly what I needed to hear! I way too often doubt myself for loving to create beautiful items that don’t directly “change the world”.

    But, my romantic accessories (hopefully):

    1. help women feel beautiful

    2. lift self-esteems

    3. be part of unforgettable moments

  233. nice post Marie….
    “There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”

    -Wayne Dyer

  234. Q&A Tuesday always makes me smile but today’s episode was simply the BEST! Thanks Marie!

    This is such an important topic for artists and creative people. Ironically, I’m re-reading Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the World” right now and he addresses the scientific aspects of creative thinking and the global/economic implications for entrepreneurs who are artists and creatives. Bottom line, what we do can’t be outsourced or automated. It’s good stuff for anyone who wasn’t already 100% convinced by Raspberry Kale Smoothie!

    Off the top of my head, the value I bring with my work is:
    1. Inspiring people and helping them think outside the box
    2. Giving them a frame of reference to see the value in their own creativity
    3. The freedom and confidence to dream big

  235. hmm…
    1. I help women become more self-caring through life and health coaching, and therefore better able to care for their littles
    2. I help creatives/small business-owners (and aspiring entrepreneurs) to live more healthy, happy lives and to make their work feel more like play
    3. I add beauty & joy to the world through my artwork and products

  236. Marie – Hilarious!
    I have always been in a serious industry (pharmacy) and as I transition out and am following my dream (self expression expert and spiritual teacher) I want to really share my fun quirky personality which some may see as a serious topic. I have visions of incorporating my funny sense of humor, love for salsa dancing and indian heritage into my work. I always felt like I had to be a serious science person but it went against my core and that’s why academia sucked for me but at my core I am a teacher and being introduced to the expert and online marketing world has been a saving grace! You are such an awesome role model of how to do this and that why you are just so loveable!
    Thank you for being an awesome example 🙂

  237. Thanks Marie!
    I sell vintage clothing on Etsy, and I spend a lot of time editing photos and thinking of just the right keywords to ensure my products are found in a web search. I can get bogged down by the details but I also know:

    1. I help people find great vintage clothes and accessories to wear for special occasions
    2. I employ models and photographers for an occasional photo shoot
    3. I raise money for others when I purchase stock at auctions, estate sales, or thrift stores.

  238. I love MarieTv, but I really think today’s episode was the best EVER. (I would love having Prince as my health coach, btw).

    This challenge is unexpectedly difficult for me, which probably means I should do it.

    Three ways my work brings value:

    1. I am happy and living the life I want – every happy person adds value to the world.
    2. I acknowledge and provide an awesome service for a group of people that are often overlooked – singles and childfree adults.
    3. I approach cooking at home and eating well with humor and a little sass – giving people permission to chill the f** out and just eat their food.

  239. 3 Reasons Why MY WORK Matters:
    1-Writing through relating makes others not feel alone. They feel understood. People feel the power within when they know others struggled as well.

    2-Being an example! I share and sharing is super duper important. We teach kids to share but then forget to do it ourselves…hm. Why is that? That being said, Go Share what you’ve got!

    3-It makes me happy. And when I am happy then the people around me are happy. (and this Latin lady has got some fire so best to have me happy 😉

  240. Wow! This is exactly what I’ve found myself pondering time and time again, I’m SO excited to watch this video!

    In my previous experience, I’ve turned too far away from my true artistic gifts to try to “do business right” and solve an urgent problem.

    A turning point for me was driving over highway 17 near the California coast, sunroof open, stereo blaring the Black Eyed Peas. I was singing along and having the best time, listening to the words and letting the positive message become a part of me. When I realized how much this art was adding value to my life, I realized the “bigness” of the value of art.

    Today, I’m fusing my art with being able to help solve an urgent problem for my client. It’s taken time & trial and error to come to this point, and I’m very excited for it!

    And now to press play… I know I’ll learn a lot from your vid, Marie — I always do!

    • “Art is like Swiffer for your soul.” Love it!

      I also really enjoy the point you made that when you’re passionate & happy, you’re adding value to your community, and when you’re selling your work, you’re helping the economy. Beautiful!

      My artistic work adds value by:
      – Helping women discover their own flavor of being/feeling beautiful and bold.
      – Helping to reduce the shame/taboo that surrounds sexuality and sensuality.
      – Raising awareness and funds for environmental causes.
      – Supporting me financially, and being something that I absolutely LOVE doing, making me super happy, so that I can spread the love!

  241. I almost peed my pants several times! Thank you for the wisdom and the totally-worth-it-almost-accident! This advice is a great eradicator for any voices of doubt around this subject:)


  242. Marie,

    You rock! I loved your important and oh, so neglected message. I have always felt the battle between my need to create and my need to “do something productive” even though I believe your message that no matter what we do in the world, we are contributing.

    After years in corporate America where the creativity side for me was squelched, I am now happily writing and creating and coaching and being of service! I am a wedding officiant & celebrant & wedding coach. I write and perform custom ceremonies for couples who want to honor their relationship in a unique way and I help them navigate the stress of preparing for their wedding. So my 3 positive impacts on others are:

    1. I provide love and support to couples to help reduce their anxiety about getting married.
    2. I give couples beautiful, unique and meaningful ceremonies.
    3. I bring couples love stories to life so that they feel seen at their wedding.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  243. I really do wonder sometimes…Does my approach to supporting healthy intimate realtionships matter? Do people want/need to deepen their connections and enhance their lovemaking?

    I beleive my work matters in the following ways:
    1. I am expressing my unique gifts and sharing a love-based perspective with the world.
    2. I hold space for men, women, and couples to explore their bodies, minds, and hearts.
    3. This work empowers people to reveal the SOURCE of dissatisfaction, disconnection, and dis-ease, leading them to healing and wholeness.

  244. Great video Marie. You asked for us to list 3 ways our businesses help others:

    1. I’ve taught over 7,000 women and more than a few men how to turn their creative talents into a profitable business.

    2. I’ve enabled my daughter to grow up with a living example that you CAN use your talents to create a business that feeds your soul and pays you well.

    3. I’ve provided an income for my team members, some of whom have been with me for 7+ years.

  245. Thanks Marie for another fabulous video. For many years I didn’t think that my healing gifts did not offer enough value to the world, even when I
    had hundreds of happy clients!
    Realizing that each of us is precious and invaluable is the awakening that leads us to follow our hearts and express the light that shines within to ignite the world.

  246. Tanya

    Raspberry kale smoothie! Hilarious, Marie. Thanks for speaking to the creatives.

  247. Tara

    The way that I help the world is by providing insightful messages to people, which can help them to learn more about what’s lying beneath the surface, inspire them, and blow their minds. They also can give them a sense of being apart of a bigger picture, which can make their problems appear smaller and surmountable, while also providing a sense of purpose to their “problems” which can help them realize that everything happens for a reason.

  248. I have been struggling with this very topic for a while. I am a porcelain potter. It is the emotional attachment to my work that excites me, my teapots used during a conversation between friends or a mug caressed during a stroll through the garden. I am trying to find new ways of marketing as the traditional methods have not worked for me.
    Since taking b-school I have wondered how as an artist I can build my list, make a difference in the world and make a living doing something I am totally passionate about.
    Next year I will also be turning 50 and my son will be leaving home. A crazy idea come to me last month. In the next 18 months I want to make as much stock as I can, list my house and buy a greyhound bus to travel/live in and build my online business from. I also hope to promote/support other online potters/artists.
    I wish to allow myself to be vulnerable instead of isolating myself, learn to accept the kindness of strangers and find a new direction for myself for the next phase of my life. Even though I do not have all the answers right now, the idea of living off my work is exciting and …hopefully my story will help at least one other person.
    Everyone thinks I am crazy, seems to be my clue that it is something I need to do.
    Thanks for the opportunity to send this dream out to the world Marie. Luv ya and am looking forward to b-school 2014!

  249. Maxine

    Joining in here where I seldom, “leave a comment”…
    Three ways I add value to other people’s lives through my work:
    1) Provide real and creative marketing solutions to blue chip advertisers.
    2) Bring people together internally to create and communicate for the purpose of building exceptional advertising programs leveraging our brands.
    3) Build relationships and establish trust with internal and external partners by being a true friend and business consultant.
    Thanks for asking Marie! I adore your video series and website and believe you are truly making a difference in women’s lives!

  250. I’ve never had a doubt that my business is helping to serve others.

    1. I help women and their families be more confident about pregnancy and childbirth.

    2. I provide tools and resources to pregnant women so they can better fill their needs.

    3. My students inner strength and confidence shines through after they’ve come through my classes.

    So, yeah, I make birth and parenting better. xoxo to my students!

  251. Elaine

    Dear Marie,

    I have a dilemma, it seems like the opposite compared to today’s Q and A, and would love to hear from you: I am urging to develop a work that has a huge environmental positive impact, although it will improve life quality of many people this goes against the current economic “development”, therefore it is not supported. What is more I have no guarantee at all I will make any money…
    I cannot see myself doing something else and I need some inspiration to go ahead! thanks

  252. Well these are things I’ve been asking myself as well.
    I love to hula hoop, and I love to teach people, because in it’s own way, hula hooping is it’s own meditation. You have to focus all of your energy into one movement to make it truely happen, not to mention you HAVE to believe you can do it, or it simply won’t work.

    I’ve realized that it does make a difference because the hoop brings smiles to people in every age group. Kids love it, and adults and even seniors! haha.
    It brings smiles and laughs to everybody! And I just love that.

    It also lets kids know that if they really put their mind to something, and focus, it WILL. happen.

    it brings me so much joy to see the kids freak out when they nailed a trick ‘OH MAH GOSH CAN I GO SHOW MY MOM!?’

    But what I’ve found is that I’m very bad at selling the hoops..I end up just giving them away because they bring so much joy to the kids, and usually where I’m at in the world they can’t afford it. So maybe selling hoops isn’t the best business option, but it sure does bring happiness to the people and that in itself is better than anything money can buy.

    if you’re interested, here’s a video of a hoop Jam I made while in Costa Rica, I love to teach and if anyone is going to be downtown for Art Prize, I will be there performing and would LOVE to teach anyone!

  253. I make greeting cards and postcards and it’s the most fulfilling thing for me. I often wonder, since people don’t NEED paper, if what i’m doing is on the light side. But 3 seconds of that and my purpose comes rushing back and I am reminded that what I do MATTERS and it spreads love.
    1. it brightens peoples day to get a note in the mail or a card of encouragement, it can change the rutter of someone’s day.
    2. it means people are communicating messages of love more when they use my cards and/or postcards. LOVE is being sent!
    3. 10% of my profits go to These Numbers Have Faces, a non-profit in Portland, Oregon, helping with post-secondary tuition for kids in the townships of South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda. THAT MATTERS!
    Thank for another inspiring episode Marie, it was such an encouragement.

    • I think the feeling you get from something personal in the mail is un comparable to an email or ecard. It’s hand written, was sent in the mail, has pretty stamps, and pictures, can be displayed and looked at over and over, will always be a treat. And the % of profits to any passionate cause is all the more important because of your own energy going out into the world. Way to go Dani!

      • THANK YOU, LAUREL. Wow, I think I just really needed the encouragement today, so thank you for taking the time to comment and egg me on. Really, so special of you. I hope you feel confidence and encouraged in your rugs as they beautify peoples homes and therefore their LIVES! xo.

  254. Thanks, I needed this. I make hand painted custom canvas rugs for homes and businesses.
    1) Each rug is made specifically for each home, so it’s a unique piece of art.
    2) People have something that’s one of a kind in their home and won’t see it anywhere else.
    3)Because it’s made for their interior décor it fit perfectly in their home.
    AND, they are super duper easy to take care of, no staining, shampooing, just sweep and mop.
    It may not save the world but it makes people feel like their home is pretty, so that has to be worth something!

  255. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you so very much for this!! I have been struggling with this for so long! So much so, I have been using my skills to help others in their audio/music projects and neglecting mine due to the thought that art/pleasure might not be value.

    I can’t hug you enough for your beautiful and wise explanation! I’m getting teary… you truth talker you!

  256. I love all the reasons Marie gave for valuing art – especially how it adds to the economy and the market.
    I also think that art gives non-artists permission to own their identity. When I see an artist wearing something I like or drawing a cartoon that expresses my opinion, it helps to validate my thoughts. We’re always looking for stories/pictures/ideas that resonate with our own sense of self, and our own opinions.
    Art certainly CAN change the world. Music and art have helped start revolutions and opened up people’s minds to new ways of thinking. If you’re expressing a new opinion that others connect with, or, if you’re adding a new twist to an opinion that’s already accepted, your work is valuable to someone somewhere.
    Aside from that, being an artist is also about being an explorer and a student of your art. So much so that your art could turn out to set the stage for the next technological advance that changes the world in a big way. We never know where technology and art will meet in the future.
    Cool vid!

  257. I’m an actress, and as such I believe that I’m a doctor for the soul – as an actress I speak from the heart to the heart – pretty rare occurrence in the world, lately.

    We all starve for communication, and I use French teaching to help people connect with others around the world.

    I also use videos to entertain, which helps people get out of their thoughts and be in the moment, where they are brilliant, themselves and happy.

    There’s my 3s 😉

    Thanks, Marie

  258. Dear Wonderful Marie! Your video is soooooo personal for me today. I posted a oil pastel I just finished of my beloved pet Sophie on my art website and FB page. She past away a year ago May. Because of taking B-school 2013 I have a Website and Facebook page to share her portrait with a wonderful community. And though this work is just for me (not for sale), the wonderful feed back I’ve received lets me know that I’ve touched people and that touches me. It lets me know that my art IS valuable to others. Thank you so much for all your wonderful, informative, fun-loving videos. You are a light in the world. xo, Barb

  259. Great video today Marie; it puts a lot of things into perspective for me.

    I am a papercutting artist, I do a lot of commission work for weddings, Christenings, birthdays, family trees, baby loss… And I juggle this with raising my beautiful three-year-old daughter.

    I am very busy – fully booked until May 2014 in fact – yet business is barely turning a profit. I put so much love and care into every piece that pricing has been a real issue for me in the past. Placing a value on my work has been so hard but I’m finally starting to really value what I do. After years of self-doubt in different roles and a lifetime of being a perfectionist, I feel at home in this role, I feel it’s what I was put here to do. So I’m finally starting to price my work more effectively, to pick and choose the work I take on and to believe that those lovely comments and things people say about my work are actually meant – they’re not just being said to blag a discount or win a giveaway prize.

    Working at home, alone; putting in very late hours and not seeing much return on my work has made this role challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way while I build up my business and work hard to carve a style and a living – quite literally from paper.

    So, the ways in which I bring value to the world with my work…

    – My work brightens people’s lives. Having a unique piece of my personalised artwork in their homes lifts my clients’ souls and makes them happy. That is such an achievement and I am so honoured to be able to give that to people.

    –My work heals. I recently cut a commission for a lady who lost a baby very late in pregnancy. Dealing with our emails back and forth, having her tell her story to me (unprompted) was heartbreaking. I designed and cut the piece with a heavy heart and I would sob at every email as she told me exactly how she wanted the piece doing (for example to draw her daughter as a five-year-old, although she never even lived a day; and to have her face turned away, as they didn’t want to imagine what her face might have looked like). It was with real anxiety that I posted the piece off, truly hoping it would meet expectations and be just what she wanted. On receiving the piece, she and her husband cried and laughed at the same time; they were overjoyed with it. When giving me her feedback, she mentioned in the email that she had found the whole process of discussing the commission with a relative stranger incredibly cathartic and healing. She also confided in me that she had literally just found out she was expecting again. She is now 20 weeks pregnant 🙂 I am so proud that I was able to help that beautiful family with their grief in some small way.
    (You can view the commission here if you’re interested: )

    – My work helps others. In working as a papercutting artist, I try to help other people as much as I can. Even though it dents my profits, I regularly give money to good causes (such as SANDS for the commission described above, and the British Heart Foundation for a family tree client who had lost her dad to a heart attack). These payments are done privately, just off my own back because I feel compelled to do them. My clients pay me to create these pieces and I want to give them something back – something more than their art work – to help others who may find themselves in need of support from the same charities that supported them.

    In addition, I also undertook to train for a 5k race as a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK in July 2013. With just a month to train (bearing in mind I haven’t run since school), I completed the race in 37 minutes and raised an incredible £750 for the charity, also offering a personalised papercut worth over £100 prize as an incentive to my Facebook followers to donate to this brilliant cause. I lost my mum to cancer when I was 20, so it is a cause close to my heart.

    – Enriching lives. At the back end of the 2013 school summer term here in the UK, I was approached by a teacher to carry out an interactive workshop via Skype with a group of her art and design students. I prepared a practical worksheet and a tips sheet, and we Skyped throughout the day while the group of 13 and 14 year olds tried their hands at papercutting. It was a great experience for them and certainly a rewarding one for me.

    – Inspiring lives. Although competition and copying is rife in my line of work, it really gives me joy when someone messages me to say they’ve tried papercutting after being inspired by my work. It makes me smile even more to say they found it really bloody difficult and have a newfound respect for me 😉

    Anyway, I guess I ought to be working… It is nearly 9pm here and I’ve barely done a thing! Thank you for encouraging me to write all of that down, it has made me feel great! And it’s the first time I’ve interacted with your page in this way, so thank you.

    I would love it if you could pop along to check out my work and perhaps give my Facebook page a like – I’m over here if you wanna come see!

    Thank you x

  260. Fabulous, fabulous episode Marie! And it really made me think 🙂

    How do I give positive value? What do I do?
    1. I encourage people with words and stories.
    2. I create art that is encouraging and inspiring.
    3. I light up other people’s day with bright messages and a positive perspective to keep going despite challenges. There is nothing like a huge bout with discouragement to keep people from getting up and moving beyond. My goal is to see women creatives soar and succeed.

  261. I love this video! Thank you so much for this! Not only did I get value but I feel like this perfectly said what I wanted to say to my husband.

    I have doubted the impact of my work until I realized that I can REALLY change lives.

    1. I EMPOWER women! My work gives women permission to take care of themselves- their needs, dreams, and desires- and to KNOW, LOVE, & BE themselves.

    2. I help ENLIGHTEN women! My work helps educate women on how to love themselves (& indirectly others) and gives them the tools to learn the lessons that life is teaching them.

    3. I help ENRICH women’s lives! My work helps to improve relationships and lifestyles which ripples out into the lives of others as they live in their truth and their power.

  262. Superb message, many thanks. Inspired to leave a post for the first time. Struggling with that ‘back to school’ inertia at the moment and spending lots of time wasting time and not being that focused on my business – which I love – I paint and restore vintage and antique furniture and give it a new lease of life. There’s that parental voice saying ‘why don’t you go and get a proper job!!?’ in my head a lot of the time…

    Ok I have been thinking about it and I think my work adds value to the world because

    1. Most of my stuff has been rescued and is shabby and dirty when I start working on it – I save the legacy and the craftsmanship of generations gone by for a young contemporary audience.

    2. The husband of one of my first customers told me the cabinet I sold his wife is her pride and joy – how fantastic is that? I love the thought that my stuff could give people pleasure.

    3. I am happy when I am in my workshop – I am a better mum, a sunnier human being and radiate love and satisfaction when I have been in there all day!!

    Thanks so much – a much needed boost to morale Marie xx

  263. Marie: Great episode! I esp like the Princely mustache! 😉

    I help non-profits catapult their fundraising to new levels. To date, I’ve raised $71M…and counting!

    I help people in the non-profit sector learn & integrate best practices so their organization can do a better job helping those who turn to them for help.

    I help the world become a better, more just place by improving the performance on our non-profits.

    I LOVE what I do! 🙂
    However, I am only just starting to realize the degree to which I take my skill set & knowledge for granted. Time to knock that sh*t off!

  264. Thank you for the mental health inspirational check-up. I make eggs for a living. No, I don’t walk on them or shoot them out of my ‘you know what’. I am a modern day Faberge. I am a one woman do everything artist…meaning….I do the creating, production, marketing, selling and teaching of all types of eggshell art. I get overwhelmed and your video on making a contribution to society hit my heart, right when I needed it most.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Keep hatching new ideas to help others…it is appreciated!!!

  265. Ben

    I just saw this quote on Facebook this morning and found it very fitting- “Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

    • Margje

      OMG look at that, Ben, we posted the same thing at the same time

  266. Margje

    This video made me think of the H. Thurman quote:
    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

  267. Carmen

    Thank you Marie :). As a recruiter, my work does have some traditional added value… primarily, I hook people up with a job! Under that umbrella:

    1) I help people provide for themselves, their family, and loved ones.
    2) I help people attain a sense of purpose.
    3) I help to grow a company that makes awesome products to make the world a happier, healthier place.

    However, as great as this is for the present moment, it is not my end-all be-all. My boss calls me “the artist” of our group and we both regcognize that I don’t have your typical business mindset. I’m not sure what my future career will look like, but I hope it looks a whole lot like yours Marie!

  268. This could not have come at a better time! Thanks so much for this Marie! Just when I started doubting what I have been doing for so many years and even contemplating giving up and persuing something else I get this video from you! The reason I have been doubting is because I am not making a living doing what I love and I wasn’t sure if I was even offering something that really made a difference…but now that I look back I know that I have touched and made a difference in someone’s life.

    1. I have received postive feedback from people that have purchased something I made and received many wonderful compliments.
    2. I have inspired others by my story and the stories behind my work
    3. I also have worked with other creatives such as photographers, graphic artists, models that were inspired by my work and pursued their passions full time.

    Now if I can just get this whole business thing down pact I can turn my passion into a business & life I love!

  269. Thank you Mama Maria! This is my favorite VIDEO you have done yet. (I love the irreverent Prince re-make video.) I was just talking with a friend / mastermind partner about this very topic this morning. As an artist, photographer, writer and now creativity facilitator / coach this is something I have questioned (my own value) and this continues to be a muscle I strengthen. (The how my work is valuable muscle)…

    3 ways my work adds value to the world:

    1) My photography – It adds beauty to people’s homes. It uplifts and inspires
    2) My social documentary photography work has opened people’s eyes and made them look at the world differently (in particular around disabled / seriously ill children)
    3) My new work as a creativity coach and facilitator is helping my mentees/clients step into their dreams (from the heart) as I continue to step into mine. The more I follow my art heart / creative dreams and desires – the happier I am and the more I have to share with the world in love.

  270. I make realistic mermaid tails that performers can wear under water. I make them all by hand and I LOVE doing it! The niche community is so warm and the demand for my products is very very high. So high, that I had to reevaluate what it would take to keep up with making them and how much it would cost. I’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to get it going but I don’t know if I’m getting across the value of my product because not much is happening despite my best efforts. I personally believe what I do is VERY important because:

    1) It keeps magic and joy alive in our serious world. Nothing is like the look on a little girls face when she first sees a “real” mermaid!

    2) My mission focuses on inspiring creativity, independence, and kindness

    3) It creates several good jobs for hardworking people who deserve it

    4)we are heavily involved in charity work

    5) we are a group of young (21-29) female entrepreneurs trying to set a good example

    6) people get to live out their fantasies of being a mermaid, which may sound odd. It’s no different than watching tv or playing video games though, it’s just dress up for the sake of escape 🙂

    I did double what you wanted but it felt good to feel less a failure! Thank you for the opportunity, I’ve seen every one of your videos and I love them!

  271. I represent a line of accessories; jewelry, scarves, & handbags. My business adds value by 1. improving a woman’s confidence in herself by wearing accessories that always fit and flatter. 2. joining my team allows women and men (we have a few guys;) the opportunity to build a flexible profitable business. & 3. Style can be easy and effortless. I share the secrets I have learned to pulling a woman’s look together.

  272. One. I help parents connect more deeply with their babies by teaching them how to potty said babies at a super-early age.

    Two. I help babies be heard when they need to go pee or poo. I’m talkin wee ones about 0-18 months old.

    Three. I help ease the world’s landfill by reducing the number of disposable diapers going into it, and the amount of washing done with cloth diapers too!

    For this particular part of my life, it’s easy to value what I do! Let’s see when I re-embark upon the more artistic work I do! But for now, thanks for reminding me of my value Marie!! xoxo

  273. Hey Marie-
    You are flipping awesome- I am a Professional Organizer ( have been for the past 15 (or so years) I help people create a space that they can be proud of, have family and friends over, teach healthier habits when dealing with the allmighty “stuff” and give their donate-ables to charity- It’s a Win-Win. Problem is – I want to move closer to Family and away from Hurricane Alley and will have to “start over” in a new city. ( yikes) I’m motivated and willing to make some sacrifices to make this happen by next year. Any advice ? ( Single, Over 40 and can’t wait to start over !) Tami

  274. My son is an artist, at age 12, and I was just thinking last night about how he never questions the whole “giving back” thing like I did. Of course, I grew up as an American in India, so I could see the importance of a life of service every day. … I’m not sure that he sees the higher value of his art, either, though. It will be interesting to see how that takes its course.

    Meanwhile, I had to laugh … not only was your Raspberry Beret spoof hilarious, but I DID choose to become a homeopathic consultant! And it is such meaningful work for me. But, I think you meant, “naturopathic health coach” because homeopathy is not about raspberry kale smoothies! [Homeopathy is a type of energy medicine.]

    Thanks for another episode. My 8 y.o. [who does not yet walk or talk but is incredibly bright] watches them with me every freaking week. She likes all of it, but she especially likes the out-takes and goofy things y’all do. The Rascal Spirit is strong in her!


  275. hi Marie,

    I watched your video, thanks for making me smile.
    As a painter, I was hoping to :
    1- inspire a feeling of some kind
    2- create something beautiful
    3- touch a soul thru my visions
    But, I am struggling with trying to figure out
    how to share my paintings with the world…
    I had become desilussioned and probably
    going to end up like van Gogh.
    Maybe is for the best ♥

  276. Oh my God Marie you’ve read my mind! Again!!

    I was thinking this exact same Q about Art… and your brilliant video was such a beautiful reminder that YES, Art is NEEDED!

    3 Things my illustrations provide:
    1) Hot, aesthetically pleasing bodies!
    2) Beauty
    3) It transports the viewer into a Fantasy world, of beasts, Amazons and barbarians. I’ve been told that my illustrations have a depth and they ‘move energy’, which I am absolutely humbled by.

    I also believe that Art is the Universe expressing itself through us- and so we are vessels for Universal Creativity to express itself. What could be more important?

    Much Love for what you do!


  277. Hi Marie and her tribe!

    Great lesson I loved the line “Art Connects Us to Our Humanity and Each Other.” Brilliant! I’m a copywriter, so I work with words all day and I can often overlook the value of my craft.

    Here’s my new commitment:
    1. Choose my clients with integrity – Right now I’m working with a non-profit which I love because their mission is based on building up their community through responsible home ownership.

    2. Know my work has value – even if I don’t have a team telling me I’m valued everyday. I work from my home office, so a lot of my connections are online. So sometimes during the day I can feel insecure about my work and my business. I have to shift my mind and embrace the value of the work.

    3. Connect with other solo entrepreneurs – I’m a social creature, so I”m making it a point to connect with other business owners at least once a month in a face to face meeting. I met my web designer last month and it was a great way to exchange ideas and cheer each other on!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  278. Great topic, Marie. I’m an aspiring writer who hosts a peace blog that strives to help people be at peace during their day and add peace to the world. I know how I give back to people, but what I worry about is that I am sometimes more focused on boosting my subscriber numbers than how I’m helping my current subscribers, I constantly strive to keep my egos needs quiet and focus how can I more be of service to others, but its a daily reminder.

  279. m.z.

    my acting and writing consistently:
    1. make people laugh
    2. help others to uncover a truth within themselves
    3. inspire bravery
    4. burst open my entire being with joy, pleasure and satisfaction

  280. Wonderful A to the double Q, Marie!

    As a Transformational Beauty Photographer, here are 3 of the values that I offer:

    1. I present the beauty that I see in women to them and the world.
    2. As a result of the “transformation”, my women clients see their beauty and the beauty from their qualities/strengths and embrace more of who they are. They become a changed version of themselves – more confident and even more beautiful, from inside out.
    3. This world can always use an (even) better version of me. 🙂 And this happens with each woman that gives me the honor to work with them and create an impact on them and their lives.

  281. Hi Marie and everyone reading! Thanks so much for this episode. It’s so funny that many times already what you talk about in Q & A Tues is exactly the issue I’m thinking of most to solve & move on from. Love your goofiness btw! When I make my vids I’m incorporating my goofiness, partly because you’ve inspired me to!

    How my work makes a positive impact on others:
    As a Personal Stylist and Seacret Agent, I help women feel great about themselves and also feel great in what they wear, I help people live in their own light, celebrate who they are, I give people a freakin awesome way to make & keep their skin great, and I give people a vehicle to help them achieve their dreams/goals, whatever they are. I also give them a great way to grow themselves as a person and create healthy & growing relationships with people.

  282. Alethea Sheehan

    Ermagherd how freakin hilarious is this video??? I have “Raaaaasberry-KALESMOOTHIE!” stuck in my head now. And I loved the comment about finding a cure for dogs humping legs…I laughed so hard out loud. Love the vid Marie! XO

  283. Wow! Just what a needed today Marie. JUST opened my new Etsy shop, loaded all my products, full of hope and enthusiasm, only to hear – silence!
    However things have now begun to change. Some orders have come in – Yay! So I guess I have brought some aesthetic pleasure to someone’s heart and home and THAT is very rewarding as well as creating each and every pillow cover. So to sum it up: 1. Creating something that someone wants a lot is – owning my own soul. 2. Bringing pleasure to another – well nothing beats that. and 3. Managing to figure out financial independence is the ultimate achievement for this female. Thanks again, Marie for you very much needed validation today.

  284. 1. I inspire the crap out of a lot of people around me
    2. I help my clients create changes in peoples love lives
    3. I share the knowledge of positive psychology which is literally making the world a happier place. 🙂

  285. This was great, Marie! I’m an artist, and I sometimes wonder the same thing. I also wonder about creating more “stuff” in a society where there’s already too much stuff. And then there’s the problem of catering to the elite, because most people can’t afford original art. Questions for another time, perhaps!

    • Ren

      I struggle with those things a lot, too! Sometimes I wonder if I’m worrying too much.

  286. Right on! Right on!

    I work in education and this is what I help provide the world:

    + effective teachers
    + students with a love for learning
    + infusing art into the general ed. disciplines (ELA, Science Social Studies) as much as possible.

    As an artist I’m starting to share my voice through song, photographs, collages, assemblages and fabric art.

    Plus I try to help fellow artists and art venues by going to shows, volunteering and donating in any way possible.

    Yay art!

  287. Hi Marie,

    Love this session of yours! I love contributing to the world by removing stress from people’s lives, encouraging people to shine & exciting & delighting everyone I come across.

    The world needs more laughter & effective communication helps in bringing people together… check it out

    Your singing was fab – love that you are AUTHENTIC! Thank you!

    Arohanui (lots of love) & hugs from NZ

    Amy x

  288. Hey Marie

    Love the new studio set and your gorgeous wardrobe 🙂 Your music video rocks. Raspberry Kale Smoothie is hilarious. Prince would be jealous 😉 LOL.

    This question is something I have been wondering about for a long time and this video definitely provided clarity.

    3 specific ways my work makes a positive impact on others:

    1. Laughter
    2. Gets you thinking
    3. Bonding

    Joanne x

  289. Shelley

    This video ROCKED my world!!!
    I am an artist (painter & jewelry designer). Let me tell you, I have felt like what I do is worthless and not of service to mankind up until this very video. REALLY! I have wondered “What am I doing to change the world. I should be doing something with more purpose..” NOT ANYMORE. By watching this video, twice, I really thought about what it is that makes my work special. Conclusion: I make beautiful paintings that allows one to go inward and contemplate life and I also make eye catching jewelry that when worn by a person opens up a door to complements and conversation. WOW, Marie, you just blew my own mind and changed my perception!

    Thank you and thanks to Sophia and Carolina for the questions!!

  290. I get value from any business that gives me great customer service. Big businesses tend to lack that department, so I go to artisans for most of my needs. I shop almost exclusively on I love making connections with artists, and buying from them creates meaning for me. MUCH LOVE to all the artists out there!

    Also, check out – you can create classes with deliverable outcomes and share you art in that way too!! Here’s my class – Etsy: Smart and Simple

  291. Hi Marie, I have to admit, this is one of the first of your movies I’ve watched. I had to watch, I am an artist! Thank you for the comfort and inspiration this provides. I make a weird roller-coaster living with my portraits, murals and paintings of fine cars. How do I bring value to the world?

    1. I create cherished, custom oil portraits that are destined to be family heirlooms. It brings pleasure to my clients to own and display my art work that is created just for them.

    2. I am a productive member of society. I use no food stamps and pay my bills mostly on time!

    3. My presence gives other people permission to be creative, open-minded and relish their individuality.


  292. I needed this. Thank you so much.

    1. Help at risk kids and youth discover that they don’t have to follow the shady crowd. They can make good choices.

    2. Help people in the margins discover hope, whether they are homeless, rejected, or have given up.

    3. Influence leaders behind the scenes in ways that enhance their creativity and courage.

    4. Lead people in my spheres of influence without a need for position or recognition.

    5. Write novels which weave artistry, character, and action so that readers will feel they lived the stories and will go on living them long after they’ve stopped reading.

    6. Give all that I have with all that I am so that others may benefit.

  293. Shirley T.

    Loved this video. Definitely nailed it with this response. I remember going through a period where I thought graphic design wasn’t living within a universal purpose. However I’ve come to understand that without creativity most of the thing that we love so much i.e. soap, food, celebrity, fashion, etc. grab our attention through a very notable form of design! Thanks for sharing with us Marie! As usually you’re awesome! Looking forward to B-School 🙂

  294. Natacha

    LOVED this video.. this was one of my faves and the theme was wonderful.. Thank you Marie for being such an instrument of the Light 🙂

  295. swarna

    Right now, I am not working and I am looking for opportunities to study further or find a job. In the mean time to support myself I am doing all sorts of part times, I figure out I create positive impact on others by:

    1) Being resilient till I reach my goals, I create a model to stay positive and keep going during hard times.

    2) Focusing the job in hand and therefore offer the best I can in every moment

    3) Following a spiritual path and addressing that all my situations cannot be under my control, but I can choose to react in the way I want to under each situation. Thus being happy and peaceful and spreading the same around me.

    P.S.: I loved today’s episode and it helped me in a huge way. Thank you Marie!!:)

  296. At DoggyDay Pet Services, we don’t have a doubt about the value we provide for our clients, but I wanted to take this challenge to see if I can boil down our “worth” to its purest form. The exercise worked as planned 🙂

    At first I wrote a bunch of vague statements about how our services help pet owners, but the bottom line is that regardless of the product description, what we really sell is:

    1. Stress relief
    2. Guilt relief
    3. Piece of mind
    4. Me time
    5. Pure happiness

    Ok, that’s more than 3, but that’s because WE’RE SO VALUABLE, YO!


    Love you, Marie <3

  297. Marie has aalloott of energy. No wonder I always feel very energetic and motivated after having seen her again.

  298. I love this because I can’t completely resonate with it! While the conversation isn’t quite new to me (my biz coach & I have had this convo a few times) it still comes up to bug me. In doing that though I’ve learned to see beyond the aesthetics of my art and into the value on the other side…

    1. I eliminate the search for the perfect gift (and this doesn’t just apply to me, anyone who makes OOAK handmade art can fit into this!).

    2. I allow people to really connect with their purchases. Since you get to interact directly with me as the artist we can hone in on precisely what you’re wanting leading to stellar levels of happiness versus just settling.

    3. I invite people to energetically connect with their purchases upping the appreciation quotient, promoting a positive relationship with their spending habits & money, AND helping them lead a more balanced life by what they physically bring into their lives!

  299. 1) I make music that people can sing and dance to
    2) I bring joy to people through my work on stage, young and old
    3) My writing resonates with people and gives them new ways to look at old situations

    tada. And probably more.

  300. A significant reminder, Marie. My art (handmade jewelry) goes well beyond the purpose of bringing me pleasure through the creative process. My pieces help the women who wear them stand out, start interesting conversations, feel good about themselves for supporting handmade, and feel fashionable all at the same time. A worthy purpose indeed.

  301. Jess

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    Right now, as a freelancing, paper-mation newbie artist, I question what benefit I’m doing for others all the time.

    1. I imagine, craft, and animate paper-made worlds to visually educate, tell stories, and inspire.
    2. I’m doing what I’m passionate about — using my hands, exploring new media, to visually and compellingly tell a story–and hopefully inspiring others to be as passionate as they can be too.
    3. Through my work, I remind others that just having fun and making cool stuff is totally legit!

  302. Fab again Marie!
    The three things I do is
    1. inspire women to get smarter, savvy and creative with their business
    2. help my clients with the technical side of their business
    3. I’m a Website Stylist [love this] as I get to critique business websites and help entrepreneurs take their business to another level.

    Keep up the fab work Marie and see you at B-School 🙂

  303. If I once claimed a past video to be the best I’ve watched on MarieTV, scratch that. This is the best I’ve watched so far as it addresses one of my biggest concerns as a creative: does my work have value, and if yes, is it necessary to have to prove that to the world?

    I’m a creative writer and one of my goals is to publish my first collection of animal poetry. Here are my 3 key points:

    1. Love – I think this is the most valuable and important aspect to my poetry. It is love for the animal, for the environment, and ultimately for the self.

    2. Relevance – the poems both address animal welfare issues and celebrate the spiritual connection between human and animal. In this day and time when we face plenty of animal abuse, exploitation, and indifference (this applies to all animals—pets, livestock, wildlife), I feel that my work is a step towards awareness and action.

    3. Filling the gap – I’ve chanced upon several collections of animal poetry written by the likes of Ted Hughes and Mary Oliver, but only a few Filipino poets have done similar work. I feel the gap is connected to the majority’s indifference to how we see and treat animals, and so this would fill that up.

    Thanks again Marie and keep doing great work! Your videos are making a huge difference for us all.

  304. Great video Marie, we all have important work to do on this planet 🙂

    My business helps 1. create personal transformation through travel to India. 2. Connection and tolerance of culture through travel 3. Support local community initiatives supporting conservation through travel 🙂

  305. love picasso! love prince! love momma marie!

    and to answer the question:

    as a jewelry designer that works from home and combines being a mom with a handmade bussiness I

    1- brighten up boring rainy days with my colorful jewelry made under the Mexican sun!.
    2- inspire other designers to live their dreams (if I can do this, you can too)
    3- inspire other mothers: it is possible to spend more time with the kids & make a living of your passion!

  306. Arlene

    Thank you Marie for this video!
    3 ways I add value to the world:
    1. I guide people to awaken their Lovenergy
    2. Compassionate listener
    3. I share my passion for a sustainable world via buying organic, supporting local farmers, green juice junkie, holistic health coach

  307. My work makes a positive impact on others by…
    1. I help them build their confidence by sharing natural products that really work, giving them healthy, glowing skin
    2. I help them rediscover their dreams
    3. I hope others see the value in giving to others, thus improving their life. What you give you get back.

  308. Ren

    Thank you thank you thank you! Another reminder I truly needed this week! I’m an artist, I make marshmallow art. You read that right, marshmallows. Not *actual* marshmallows, but art related to marshmallows. Anyway, I’ve been in a funk since the first gallery I’ve venued at closed earlier this year. (I did good, I actually made money in the short time I was there!)

    Well, I had an amazing encounter this past weekend at a local art fair I attended. One of the participating artists I met is a fan of my work! She told me she consistently shows as many people as she can the works she bought — she loves them so much she wants to share it with as many people as possible. I cannot tell you how happy and validated that made me feel — and what a motivator that is to ramp up creative production!

    I’m in the process of re-evaluating my marshmallow series, giving it renewed meaning and a larger life. In the meantime…. 3 ways my work give a positive impact on others:

    1. my silly and cute comics, paintings, drawings, and more bring smiles to many who look at them. Often brightens up someone’s day. (that was my first goal)

    2. (still sorting this one out in my head) Bring thoughtfulness and artfulness to diabetes. My husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the same summer I started the marshmallow projects. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the desire to bring more meaning into my work certainly doesn’t escape me. I’ll let you mull that one over a bit.

    3. Bring color, fun, and art to spaces. When possible, I even try to make it functional (like magnets or shopping bags or what-have-you). I love putting artwork on as many different surfaces as I can!

  309. SO much hilarity & goodness in one video, Marie! Sophia & Carolina – thank you for the Q’s that got her goin’! Here’s my A: Have you heard of the “Butterfly Effect”? The slightest movement of a butterfly’s wings disturbs air that moves a leaf that shakes a critter to the ground where a bird sees it & feeds it to her chick who is nourished & flies from the nest, dropping a seed on the ground that becomes a tree in a grove on a hillside that prevents the neighboring farmland from eroding, so the farmer has plenty of land to raise the vegetables we eat &…….

    The butterfly wasn’t just self-serving – he was being a butterfly – what he was made to do. When we show up authentically, we can’t help but make a difference for others.

    Creative thinking skills are imperative for us to rise to our highest levels of excellence. Storytelling, whether fictional writing or documentary film stimulates the creative mind. The creative mind heals the world. Cultivate your gifts & share them!

    3 things I’ve learned about the value of my creative work:
    1) My background as a producer/performing artist has provided me with skills that enlighten others to new perspectives on how to achieve a dream or get beyond an obstacle – quickly. Clark Kent to Superman.
    2) Creativity adds lightness, freedom, & fun to our lives & work. Pleasure is healing. We need it to survive – & more, to thrive. It’s real health care!
    3) When I allow Love & Creativity to flow through me – using me as an instrument – there is no end to what can be accomplished, to the ways I can serve others. That’s the big “I” at work – not the little “i” of the ego.
    **One of the best things I’ve done for my business was a case study to create undeniable proof that my creative services/energy movement works. I surprised myself (see #3). I highly recommend doing this!

    Thank you for all the great opportunities to share, Marie. You (& B-School) rock!

  310. Tara

    Challenge: How does what I do make a difference?
    1) I help people feel seen in the identities or experiences that have felt unseen or under-witnessed.
    2) I help people learn to laugh and find more workable ways to live their lives
    3) I use creativity for play and serious work to get done.

    I’m reminded of that Howard Thurman quote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    Q: I love the impact I make; I am miserable in my job! I know the facility I work for, and perhaps the population I work with, is not what I’m on this planet to do, but every time I ask myself what I would want to move toward, I draw a blank. Any advice for how to turn the essence of one’s impact into a better-suited successful entrepreneurial adventure?!

  311. josh d'Ingee'

    i wish i had you in my life 2004 “musicology” tour your such a beautiful woman

    • josh d'Ingee'

      well you are here now

  312. 1.) I help less hormones end up in our waterways!
    2.) I help ladies who don’t want to have babies not get pregnant
    3.) I help women identify hormonal problems
    4.) I help women feel empowered with their reproductive choices
    5.) I help women not have to take drugs (hormones) everyday or have other side-effects related to common contraceptive options.

    … I could go on! I love what I do.

  313. Finally a video that I can relate to as I am an Artist, Author and Publisher that runs The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. I often wonder how to get more readers and more interest in my art. It’s a competitive field filled with starving artists. Thanks for the encouragement!

  314. Bindiya

    Getting the 3 specifics was the easy part but sharing it…wow…feels awesome! Thanks Marie.

    1. gets the emotional stickiness or any current unhealed aspects out of the way
    2. helps embrace the parts that clients are running away from, suppressing or denying
    3. anchors the client to her core and renews the faith and focus towards her dreams

  315. Hahahee! “Swiffer with a soul”- you got some sweet copy there, Marie! And, Derek, thanks for that beautiful insight to the quote from Pab. Hmm- 3 specific ways- I bring soul to business mentorship, I am the personal cheerleader for your dreams, and I know I can help you reach your ideal customers. There! Now back to some Prince (my fav!) and my rasberry kale smoothie. 🙂

  316. I have a little fantasy corner bar on Facebook. I love to ‘work’ there as the hosting DJ. All kinds of people have joined the group and we have just tons of fun telling jokes, making each other laugh, sometimes holding the hand of a member who is going through life’s hell. We use YouTube as the Juke Box . I get so much private feed back about how much I make people laugh, or keep them company late at night, and in the bad times they are going through. This may not seem like such a big deal, but everywhere I look in the internet world, I find so many people who need to laugh again, feel good, get up offa that thing and dance, and most of all just want to talk to a ‘bartender’ for a while to get things off their chest…in other words to be listened to. Some have even mailed gift cards to a mail box I use to keep me on the internet and doing just this at the NightOwl Lounge. It is always a humbling experience when that has happened.

    I would like to take my show on the ‘air’ and even better on the road. Membership in my group is at 151 and it has existed strongly since April , 2011. They are from all over the United States,single,married,children,grandchildren,young an in school, gardeners, goat keepers, housewives, musicians,artist…it is pan spectrum in nature. I think a live show, in a mobile unit like a camper van or slightly larger RV, where they live and going live on internet Radio would be a wonderful way to use my Person Skills to inspire them,and the listeners, to keep looking up . I am homeless, and really understand how bad off people can get in their situations. With years of college training in photography,digital arts and movie editing, I believe the Internet Radio version of the NightOwl Lounge ( yeah, Where Everybody Knows Your Name type of thing) could be used to raise public awareness about acts of Compassion and Kindess. It could also raise awareness that may result in breaking down the barriers around the least fortunate members of society, and opening the hearts of donors to helping agencies as well as to our elected representatives at the state and federal level.

    Is this a business? In my life This has always been the business. As a stage performing musician,I gave people hope. As a stand up comic, I gave people a chance to know them selves better. As a road traveler, I showed that a young (then) woman could hold her own in ways people back then could ever believe until they met me. So yes…it is My Business.
    Now I need to work on raising the start up and a year’s worth of operating overhead to get going. So what’s the stumbling block? Homeless are simply not considered for funding of this kind at any bank or other lending institution. Neither are unemployed over age 60. Need help plotting this out.

  317. Thank you for this Marie! It is so good to hear. I’m a makeup and hair artist, and sometimes I’ve felt in the past that my work wasn’t important. I’ve come to realize that I do make a difference to my brides and clients when I can make them feel beautiful and good about themselves. Sometimes it’s just making someone feel pampered and taken care of, especially if they don’t get that a lot in their everyday lives.

  318. Cassidy

    Omg MARIE you are so hilarious!!!! “Raspberry Kale Smoothie” hahahahahaha!!!!!! I am an actress in New York City. Thank you SO much for this video. I watch every episode and always find a way to apply your advice to my industry. I was extra delighted today that you spoke directly to me and my fellow artists! It’s so wonderful to be reminded that I am making a difference. I believe that because I am doing what I love very most from the depths of my gut and soul, I show people how they too can live from that space of passion, whatever that may be. Much love!!!! 🙂

  319. Fab-YOU-lous as usual Marie!! Here are my 3 positive impacts with the creation of my stylish cupcake wrapper decor:

    1. I make fashion for cupcakes.
    2. I make cupcakes even more adorable. (I know— who knew it was possible?)
    3. I make people feel like the hostess with the mostess.


    Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture

  320. Marie!!!
    Thank you so much for answering those questions and yes a million times I’ve been wondering what my whimsical art possibly contributes to the world. I should possibly frame the quote to hang it up in my “studio” which is actually our garage. lol.

    Thanks a million. Very encouraging for someone like me who …
    1. creates unique customized nursery art
    2. creates whimsical art that make people smile
    3. designs cute greeting cards that help people to stay well connected.

  321. Thank you Marie for this one!:) I have myself thought about the value I give as a dancer and a singer. I do believe by giving through my art I can give a smile, peace and let the people just enjoy themselves for a moment. I let them forget even if just for a moment all the daily life struggle they have and they can just disappear for the moment.
    Thank you for reminding me about it by doing what I love, that I can also add value.

    All the best/

  322. Thanks Marie – as an artist myself I have found it very hard to relate a lot of business advice to my “services”. Most of the time art is a niche market. The art collector is a very special person who is usually highly sensitive, like the artist themselves to they tend to “get it”.
    There are a lot of collectors who just want the latest thing from the latest artist. But from the more heartfelt and sincere clients out there I provide:
    1) A world to escape into. I like art which is like good poetry, defined, but not defined enough so that you cant go ahead and create your own meaning from within the painting.

    2) Beauty. That is one thing all of my clients have in common – they love beauty. Whether it’s the beauty of a human face or an animal. It’s something I think everyone wants to “own”.

    3) Their own creative expression. A lot of clients who have bought work of mine through galleries, come back and commission a piece later. Like I said, they are sensitive and creative souls, who maybe dont find it so easy to express themselves. So, they give me their ideas and I express it for them. And it really goes make them feel good!

    Those are my three things that my art brings to people in the world. Cant say it saves peoples lives like a doctor, but like Picasso said, I hope it does something for the soul 😉

    • Christina – thank you so much for your comment. I am a singer-songwriter and what you’ve said resonates with me so much as I think 1) and 2) are exactly the reasons why people like my songs. 1) especially resonates as I describe myself as a ‘piano poetess’ – I think that people want the structure of a defined world from art which they can then fill in with their own blanks – memories, feelings, regrets, grief…and escape into and then find their own meanings.

      Thanks again for your comment, and I love your avatar – I assume it is some of your art! xx

      • Oh and FYI – just checked your site and I love your artwork!

        And – as artists we might not be saving lives in the sense of a doctor – but –
        we are saving SOULS through making art that speaks to people’s souls.

        As Jane Siberry said: ‘Music is powerful. The first few chords can change us where no self-help books can’

  323. I’ve never visited this site before, and I’m not even sure how I ended up here – but clearly I was meant to hear that message. Perfect timing. So close to giving up and going off to pursue a more ‘useful’ career. Lately I’ve been fighting feelings of worthlessness every day – like there’s not much value in what I’m doing.

    So here’s 3 ways my work has a positive impact on others:

    1. It makes them smile. I remember when I was doing markets last year, the one thing that made me feel so good was seeing all of the smiles. Who knew a little bird painting could make a grown man crack a smile.

    2. It draws people’s attention back to nature and the things that are so perfect in creation.

    3. My artwork is brightening houses in many corners of the world, I hope that it’s making the days just that little bit brighter for my lovely customers.

  324. Melissa

    Thank you so much Marie. I love acting and have felt recently like its something that I should hide away and keep secret, like it is somehow there to please my own vanity. The truth is it makes me so happy inside, I could spend hours researching a character and studying different techniques and I have met some of the most talented, wonderful and inspiring people through doing it. I will now spend my time working towards making it more part of my life. Thank you for all that you share, you truly motivate and inspire! X

  325. Hi Marie, I am a licensed and certified Heal Your Life® workshop leader. Through my holistic business, Radiance Coaching, I offer value to the world in the following ways,
    1. Encouraging and supporting my clients to identify the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been stopping them from creating and leading the lives they love AND to transform it to the one they dream of.
    2. Sharing Louise Hay’s life-transforming philosophy with those who are ready for it.
    3. Doing my best to walk my talk so I can inspire others by being an example for them.

  326. Eva

    Spot on. Just what I needed to hear today. So much resistance but here we go:
    – I help people create more space in there lives, both physically and mentally.
    – I help people become aware of how much time and energy it takes to have a cluttered home/office/space.
    – I help people create more beauty in there lives.

    Wow, this really got me thinking. There is a LOT of shame and feelings of unworthiness around what I have to offer to the world. Deep breath….

  327. As a baby name consultant, I find this topic very relevant! Sometimes I feel like only the very wealthy would want to spend money on baby name consulting. I get discouraged and wish I was passionate about healthcare where there seems to be a large demand.

    1. I prevent baby name regret for parents
    2. I prevent burdensome names for children. An extreme example would be N8 (pronounced Nate).
    3. I give parents honest, yet diplomatic insight, by never telling them which name to choose, but rather guiding them to the right name.

    I writing some copy and this exercise has helped.

  328. Marijana

    First of all, love your singing! 🙂 You made me laugh with this singing- kale- drinking Picasso 😀
    I was going to comment how it is strange to me that people (creative, talented) think so little of the value of their work. I love my work…but,but but. When I think of it more closely I will offer tutoring in physics mole likely than my singing voice or my paintings when it comes to making money. You can guess which one I prefer. 😉
    And one more thing, If you value and follow your passion, even if only you benefit from it, wouldn’t others be inspired, more confident, motivated to do similar. In that way you give much to the community by setting a positive example. That is also service.
    Thank you Marie!
    kisses 🙂


  329. Hi Marie,

    I only discovered you a couple of days ago and this was the first video of yours I watched. OMG I very nearly peed myself!!! Very funny and inspirational 😀
    Today is my 1st birthday of my art business FB page, the day 1 year ago when I decided to have the courage to live my dream. I had this dream, to make my living through my art, since I was 15 years old (over half my life ago!). But through listening to those incessant voices in my head which told me I wasn’t good enough, I held myself back. In reflection though, this was a necessary part of the journey and it made me want it all the more. Then 1 year ago I just let go. Let go of the fear, let go of the doubt & worry, turned my “I can’t” into ” I can” and put my art out there for all to see. And WOW, this year has been the most amazing year of my life 😀 my order books are full for commissions until March 2014, I have a heap of interaction on my page every day from the most incredible people, other artists, customers and general folk, and the best thing of all ….. My 11 year old daughter tells me every day how proud she is of me and that she’s going to do the same brave thing with her passion, music, when she’s grown up!!!
    So for all those people out there who want to make a business from their art, my advice is DEFINITELY DO IT! LET GO OF FEARS AND DOUBTS AND PUT THAT ENERGY INTO LIVING YOUR DREAM! Magical things happen in so many areas of life if you make the choice to live your dreams. If I can do it then so can each and every one of you <3
    3 ways how my art affects people?
    – It makes people smile and brings colourful joy into their everyday lives
    – It gives people hope through hard times from its simple, happy beauty
    – It inspires people to be positive from its whimsical nature
    And 3 ways how you affect people Marie
    – You inspire people to believe in themselves
    – You create laughter in everyday life
    – You show the world a shining example of a Woman who is happy and thriving <3

    • Good for you! I haven’t reached the 1 year mark yet, but I can understand that pride. Way to go! And keep your chin up!

      • Sophia 'SoFire Creations' Alvarez

        Thanks so much Elora! And good luck on your first year of your journey xx

  330. Thanks Marie! As a beginning jewelry designer, with no sales yet, it’s easy to get discouraged. I struggle with wondering if people look at my online store and think that it’s just a “another newbie”, and my pieces won’t be what they need. But when I’m more positive, I think of what I’m trying to provide with my pieces–jewelry that makes people think of certain places, express a love of traveling.
    And of course, thanks for the laugh, Marie. e

  331. Thanks Marie! awesome video and a question I have always had really.
    As a photographer I feel like this aaaaaallllllll the time! so here are my three things..

    1. I can create precious memories for people.
    2. I can inspire and move people with art
    3. I can show people places that they wouldn’t normally see and that can capture there imagination and motivate them. Like travel photos or underwater photos (which I have just started getting into)
    4. it can be a little thing that brightens peoples day and inspries them to try art/photography themselves.
    5. it can encourge people to express themselves with art too
    6. it can convey a message that can be understood no matter what language you speak.

    wow I thought 3 would be hard. but I just did 6. its amazing what happens when you just give up all the negative self talk and bullshit haha!! awesome. Thanks Marie =)

  332. Tammy

    I was so excited when I saw the topic for this weeks video, and felt really disappointed when I watched it. I was hoping there would be some actual nuts & bolts scripts or ideas, like shown in some of Marie’s earlier Q&A Tuesday videos.

    These two are INCREDIBLE examples:-

    I have heard time and time again (within the online art community) the very honest feedback on how Alumni students found B-School, and the only criticism levelled is that it was a perfect way to get schooled if you are a therapist or coach, or wanting to create e-courses, but for visual artists and photographers, the content didn’t really seem to fit for artists as such, and when class finished they were left with the feeling that they hadn’t really ‘got it’, that there was something missing when it came to helping them figure out how to do the ‘art biz’ thing.

    I think this is an important issue Marie might want to address?
    This video sadly shows no concrete suggestions on how to sell and market art to clients.


    • Tammy,
      Thanks so much for your comment — and for being so specific! I agree with you that we didn’t give concrete how to’s on marketing art to clients.

      That was intentional. The reason why is that ‘art’ is a huge word. In this question alone, we’re hearing from an aspiring illustrator and a photographer, and within both of those umbrellas there are micro niches. All with their own nuances, complexities, and roadmaps.

      More importantly though, the core of their question was about having internal fear and doubt about how creative expressions impact the world when the ‘problem/solution’ orientation isn’t as clear. I found that to be extraordinarily interesting and something many of us struggle with and can relate to.

      And after working with thousands of folks at this point, I’ve seen that once you “get” your own value (no matter what you do/create/sell) figuring out the specifics gets a lot easier.

      As it relates to B-School, you’re 100% right again. With any program, course, experience or artistic expression (a painting, movie, book, song, play, TV show, etc.) there will always be folks who give it a go, and leave feeling like they didn’t really ‘get it.’

      Heck, I certainly have too. But no matter what I invest in (and I do invest in a lot), I always figure out a way to get value, learn something and put it to use in own work and life.

      And in all fairness, we’ve also had lots of artists (fine artists, photographers, performers, etc.) who have tremendous success with B-School and feel like it’s the only program they ever ‘got.’

      I know you wrote us an email too, and we’re happy to share more and answer all of your questions! B-School certainly isn’t for everyone, and we always do our very best to be as honest and straightforward as possible, and give you all the info you need to make the wisest choice for you. xo

      • Tammy

        Marie, Thank you.
        I have to say that I’m really impressed by the email Louise (on your team) sent to me personally and that you’ve replied back here.
        Kudos to you guys. You are super professional and don’t shy away from questions like mine, when I’ve put you on the spot a bit.

        I had also heard that you really do want to help people to get the most out of B-School, and you give it your all…..and I’m hearing that for myself now.
        Really impressed. Truly.

        Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

        Best regards,
        Tam xo

  333. Oh Marie! That was a friggin’ great video! I love, love, love how you put it out there. Just by you doing your thing, you remind the rest of us that it’s okay to be exactly who we are and do what we do…we don’t have to do things in a certain business-y way to be successful! I am going to watch this video again and agaiin whenever I am feeling low. I am an artist, and I believe that my art brings happiness to to the world. I paint in bright, happy colors with positive images and messages, and I think the impact that this has on a society shouldn’t be underestimated. With so much negative news that we are exposed to, we NEED art that makes us happy, makes us smile to counteract the other stuff. I also do pet paintings, often memorial paintings, and I have seen my value in the tear-streaked faces of clients as they are flooded with emotion and comforted through the passing of a beloved animal. Also, I offer workshops, and some more value that I add to the world is in waking the sleeping creativity in others. Art comes easy to me. It’s my life. I see the value in being able to express myself. Being able to show others how to apply paint to canvas, to bring ideas that they have in their heads (and hearts) to a visual reality, and essentially build their self confidence and self trust, is the value that I bring to the world. ART has so much value to the world…it’s up to the artists to remember that and not let anyone else definite our value. I love this exercise! I have a painting that says, I AM an ARTIST! What are you doing to SAVE the WORLD? I think that sums it up!

  334. Thanks Marie! You’re a gem!

    I work in an aquarium and although I feel as though we’ve trapped the animals in there and they don’t get a shot at real life, here’s what we DO do:

    1: Rescue injured animals and help them recover. By this stage they can’t be returned to the wild but we then look after them and provide educational tours to school groups and the public to help raise awareness of issues like pollution and over fishing in the sea.

    2: Look after endangered species and ensure they don’t get wiped out

    3: Work with passion. I work with an amazing team who love what they do and its such a pleasure to go to work.

  335. My 3 ways my work makes a difference:

    1. find service business owners 20-40 more hours a month
    2. help them achieve growth + lifestyle. Yeah!
    3. break down their service to make it scalable without trading time for money

    I am glad this topic was covered. I come from a family of artists and I find too many artists undervalue the work they offer the world. It may look like the world doesn’t value what they offer, but I don’t think the challenge. Many artists don’t make much because they don’t know how to market themselves. They are reluctant to invest because there isn’t many offering a clear path to get there. There are few marketers in their niche to help them succeed because artists are reluctant to invest (sorry) for some of the above reasons. Believe in your work, commit to doing whatever it takes to get there, and invest in the right help to get you there.

  336. Ashley

    Marie, I could not love watching your videos more!! INSPIRATION every day!!! Love your approach, Q&A Tuesday is fantastic!

  337. Awesome video, Marie!
    3 ways my business provides value:
    1.) Provide nutrient dense, easy to digest, gluten free and grain free foods: Including a vegan line, based on Soaked and Sprouted Quinoa
    2.) Enhance peoples overall health.
    3.) Providing food products that are unique and hard to find.
    Have a great day!

  338. Thank you ! As artists/salespeople it takes a lot of mental training as well as fully buying it yourself. It took me ten years to finally get paid what I believe I’m worth, but it happened. Now, I want more. JK, but seriously 3 ways my work makes a difference is
    1) I can make people bring out the best in themselves without robbing the chance from them.

    2) I can make people feel like being positive might be a option.

    3) I can make people dance, sing, have fun, and just let go and let god.

  339. Marie,
    This video was right on time and the friendly reminder of how my work as a face painter, fiber artist, and illustrator adds to humanity and culture. I find when I face paint and a child and he or she are excited by their reflection I’ve done my work, creating happy individuals. As artist/entertainer I add joy to the life of others and this in turn create a balanced world.

    Thank you! Now I’m off to create more happy people…

  340. Marie, you crack me up…AND you make me think. Here’s my three.
    I save busy peeps tons of time by directing them right to the right travel experience for them.
    My travel guests are pampered and wowed by the experiences they have and the extra special surprises they often get by working with a professional travel expert.
    When my guests arrive home they feel reenergized, relaxed, and ready to conquer their world. Their soul has been touched. Travel changes the way we see the world!

  341. Loved everything about this one Marie, including the mo.

    I am a hula hoop teacher, this is my soul’s passion. My work allows others to reconnect with their body and creative expression. It reminds others that life is best lived playfully. It brings more laughter, health, happiness and sassiness into people’s lives.

  342. Guru

    Hi Marie,
    We all add value to this society when we penetrate it in the form for business, because it reaches the mass consumer…you rightly said that as long as it is honest and ethical it is ok whether it is all about you or about whatever you are selling! You are helping us all in many ways that affect us and our thinking .Good song….you can sing..I liked it.

  343. I do marketing for a restaurant. I have always tried to say to myself, well people have to eat. It is good to listen to you video and hear that I am getting the would out to people, not only to have a good meal, but my place of business has lots of entertainment, so I am dusting their souls off by showing them artists to lighten their days.

    Love ya, Lynne

  344. OMG! Raspberry Kale Smoothie! I am falling out of my chair laughing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you girl!

    That is going to be stuck in my heard all day. Hehehehe

  345. Tack tack tack så mycket marie!! Awesome as always!
    Thanks for being so inspiring! Whenever I’ve lost motivation or inspiration it’s so wonderful to just come back to your tips and wise words!!
    As a yoga teacher I:
    1. Give people a chance to tap into their own space and connect to their bodies and souls
    2. Make people feel good
    3. Inspire people to focus on themselves, not to care what other people do, and be happy with being jsut the way they are.

    Thanks again!!! Lots of love from Sweden!!

  346. Great inspirational video Marie. I am a techie with a creative side. Like many people here I feel split between different passions. But my passion for technology has always shinned above everything else I’ve done. Mainly because everyone around me always asks questions about it!
    What ways do I make a difference?
    1) Help small businesses create an online presence with a website and social media.
    2) Encourage business owners to take control of their technology, be more tech savvy and become their own Internet General Contractor
    3) Teach business owners how to raise their Internet voice, tell the world what their expertise is through new Cloud technologies.
    Thanks again Marie for giving me inspiration to move forward and help those who need it. Todays technology makes it easier for everyone to build a great business. Sometimes we just need a little push.

  347. Carla

    Oh this is right on time.
    I paint, bake and make dreamcatchers…I also want to print on leggins and other clothing…
    I need help with this, because I start feeling like it doesn’t nake a diference cuz I can’t pay for everything my son and I need…so I start feeling like shit, yes.

    Thank you for this!

  348. #1: I help women heal from sexual trauma and go from tense and closed down to open, receptive and deeply orgasmic.

    #2: I teach men how to become the best lover she’s ever had.

    #3: I create a safe and sacred space in which men and women can meet and go DEEP in intimacy.


  349. This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much! I especially appreciated the jewelry designer reference. It makes me feel really uncomfortable to talk about the value I provide. I guess that says something! Here goes:
    #1 Jewelry is wearable art, so there is that whole dusting of the soul thing.
    #2 Doing what I love will hopefully inspire others to do what they love.
    #3 Jewelry can be a great reminder of something as a symbol of a goal, belief or spirituality, commitment, a person.’

    Also, I did sign up for bschool and so far I am really enjoying the live in the moment booty camp. Thanks!

  350. Melanie

    Marie, thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to get discouraged when your phone doesn’t ring and the orders aren’t coming in. I am a gluten-free baker, an artist of the sweet tooth and love what I do.
    #1 I provide a delicious alternative to those with food sensitivities and allergies, there is life after wheat.
    #2 Gluten free is and can be delicious, in spite of the “haters” out there.
    #3 Treating yourself every once in a while reminds us that we can enjoy the sweet things in life, without suffering the consequences of eating what we’re not supposed to.

  351. A very wise man once said ‘Man does not live by bread alone’. You can survive by bread alone, but you can’t live. Artists are in the business of living – we are the celebrative, festive, consciousness weaving dimension of life. So all you artists out there – accept money for your capacity to bring more ‘aliveness’ and awareness the the lives of others.

  352. Sofia Garcês

    Thank you so much for this one Marie <3 just what I needed! And I'm extremely grateful you took the time to answer mine and Carolina's question.

    Here are my three value points:

    1- transporting people into a world where anything is possible

    2- bring a sense of wonder into everyday life

    3- put a smile in peoples hearts


  353. This is such an important topic; thanks SO much for discussing it!! Writing is a quiet art and so easily discounted in our culture. Now, my first novel’s being published in a couple weeks, is about women’s wisdom, and I hope it will–albeit subtly–change some lives for good. My 2 cents…artists, never doubt that voice that says create, create, create. Honor who you are and what you’re here to do even if it seems contrary to what you’ve been taught.

    • Erica

      Congratulations on your first novel!

  354. Erica

    I’m a Children’s Librarian, so I get to:
    1) excite kids about books
    2) help find them something that feeds their soul – and validate their passions
    3) expose them to art, culture, and literature
    4) give kids and families a place where they feel welcome
    5) for kids who have trouble reading, give them encouragement and connect them with the right book for them – no matter if anyone else thinks it’s good or not, it’s a good book if it inspires them to read.
    6) And yes, I get to be creative as a librarian, because I design events for the kids to participate in. Fun!

    As an Artist/Dancer, though, I have struggled with the value of my art, so much so that I haven’t really pursued it in a meaningful way and gotten it (or myself out there), so here goes:
    1) I fill my soul and am a more pleasant person when I do what I love and recognize this part of my being as well
    2) I inspire others
    3) I can say something meaningful through my art

    Thanks, Marie!

  355. Kat

    My stories:

    1. Make people feel better about themselves.

    2. Make people laugh.

    3. Make people remember how it feels to be a kid.

    4. Empower young women and girls.

    5. Make people feel better about the world.

    I could go on, but to think I didn’t think I could come up with three! Thanks, Marie, for the assist, as always.

  356. “Art’s like swiffer for your soul.” YES! LOVE THAT!
    Thanks for this video, Marie. I’m so loving it.
    i’m a musician, and here are my 3 specific ways:
    1. My music moves people and moves their emotions. REGULARLY, people cry when I sing for them because my voice and my songs move something invisible in them, and then they experience release, or bliss, or whatever feeling is needing to express.
    2. My very being inspires people to follow their dreams.
    3. My music adds beauty and love and magic and sparkles to a world that is craving it!
    4. (adding one more) Making music makes me happier than anything else, and when I am happy, I spread the happiness!!!

    Yay! Thanks for your service, Marie!

  357. My gelatin printmaking workshops create positive impact for you because-

    1.I give you a save place to play. Play is essential to happiness.
    2.You discover or develop your ability to see beauty and possibility in what is right in front of you.
    3.You learn to embrace surprise and let go of failure and create potential!!!

    Thanks for getting me to think about this!

  358. Hi Maria,

    Ok. So… the Prince “Raspberry Kale Smoothie” song? I got stuck there and ALMOST couldn’t watch the rest of the video. Too funny. But seriously, I love what you said. One of the things I am is a poet with one published book, and I struggle, sometimes, to see the value that its brought. Then I get comments from readers who saw that my poems are being used in a church class on relationships (I have several poems about being a victim of domestic violence), so that’s one positive way the work I do has added value to others. Thanks for this video.

  359. I definitely question whether my Blog adds value, especially as there are competitors. Why does the world need another blog, right?
    But I have thought about the positive effects my Blog has on others, because I worked through Jonah Bergen’s Steppes Framework – how fab was that by the way?

    1. The subject of my Blog makes people feel good.
    2. Purchasing something I advertise on my blog will make people feel special and unique.
    3. I have a USP which the other Blogs don’t have, so my Blog is not exactly the same as the others

  360. Oh. My. God. Boulder, Colo. is loving you even more now after that raspberry kale smoothie segment. 🙂

    “Art is like a Swiffer for your soul.” I love it, Marie. Your videos juice up my day.

  361. Jen

    Thanks *so* much for this video – it couldn’t have come at a better time. For some time now I’ve been wanting to step out and start my own business, using all my creative gifts (visual art in various media, performance art of various types, creative writing, music…) – I see the vision clearly! I have been having a hard time believing in the value of what I do enough to know that I can be paid well for it and that I can have a positive impact on the world. This video inspired me to believe in and go for my dreams 🙂 So, in honour of my creativity and my self, 3 ways my creative work has a positive impact:
    1) It makes people smile or laugh and reminds them of the beautiful beings they are
    2) It awakens the child within and gives permission to be silly or play
    3) It reminds people to believe in themselves and the beauty of their dreams
    (All the things I need to be reminded of sometimes, too!)
    Thanks again for the video, it was a gift today.

  362. Steph

    1. I help people to heal their bodies, minds and spirits.
    2. I help my clients keep their physical strength and flexibility so they can do what they need and love to do every day.
    3. I make my students and clients feel supported and cared about.

  363. 1. written novels that are entertaining but also roadmaps to emotional recovery (3 are out, shopping 1) plus a non-fiction book for high school kids on how to find their writing voice
    2. entertain others through improv and acting
    3. help other writers and artists with my blog on the craft of writing
    4. writing a non-fiction book to help others heal from the effects of childhood trauma

  364. “Artistic growth is, more than it is anything else, a refining of the sense of truthfulness. The stupid believe that to be truthful is easy; only the artist, the great artist, knows how difficult it is.” ~Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark, 1915

  365. Amber

    Art makes people think, its makes people smile and it sparks conversations. But the BEST THING ABOUT ART is its ability to invite the most gorgeous people into my life.