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Lost in a sea of samesies? Do you cringe inside when people say, “Oh yeah, your business is just like so-and-so’s?”

When you stumble across your “competition” online, does your mind immediately start bubbling over with anxious thoughts like:

    • How can I get more sales? Should I lower my prices, or will that make my product seem less valuable?
  • How can I prove to people that my business is one-of-a-kind?

There’s a business term for the solution you seek and it’s called: unique selling points.

Unique selling points are the ingredients that inspire customers to buy your product or service instead of your competition.

It's not just about what you sell, it's about what you stand for. Learn more on this #MarieTV Click To Tweet

For example, maybe you shop at Target because it’s affordable and convenient. Or you subscribe to HBO because you love Game of Thrones (#winteriscoming). Unique selling points are the reasons you love one airline’s customer service over the other, and why you keep going back to your favorite restaurant.

Every business has them, but few have the self-awareness to actually articulate them. This blindspot can lead to failed marketing campaigns, unsustainable profit margins, and that general feeling of, “Why isn’t anyone buying from me?”

If you want to be successful, you need to correctly identify your unique selling points. This information is so powerful that you can build your entire marketing and sales strategy around it. You’ll know who’s dying to buy your product or service, and how much they’re willing to pay.

Knowing and embracing your unique selling points will turn your customers into raving fans.

On today’s MarieTV, I help three business owners work through this building block. You’ll notice that they’re all at different stages in their business, but each can use this critical piece of information to grow.

We also work with a burnt out entrepreneur who needs to take a step back and evaluate whether it’s time for a new chapter in her business and life—something we all face at some point or another.

Tune in and learn how to:

    • Uncover how you want your brand to feel and behave in the world.
    • Set the right profit margins so you can create a sustainable, profitable business.
    • Use testimonials to win over more paying customers.
    • Differentiate yourself by sticking to your core values.

If you want to increase your sales, improve your marketing, and continue to evolve in your business and life, you’ll get tons of actionable ideas from this episode.

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Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

What unique selling points can you identify in your business? Ever struggled with moving on to a different season in your life? How did you deal with it? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

Just like you, your business has something unique and powerful to contribute to the world. Identify those valuable selling points, and don’t be afraid to shout them from the rooftops. Your future customers will thank you.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. This episode was super helpful. Thank you Marie. I loved “expensive but worth it.” and “the numbers need to make sense.”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Maureen. We’re so happy to hear this episode was helpful for you – those are powerful takeaways!

  2. I have chosen “expensive but worth it” for my pop violin business based on where I’m at in life right now. Sometimes I do question whether that’s the right choice, but it’s the only way to eventually reach my long-term goals (which are HUGE)! This was so encouraging, Marie. Thank you.

    I also loved what you told Hubbies for Hire about trumpeting those special touches that make you unique. I’m always trying to find ways to do that more effectively, but you’re right; sometimes you’re so intimately familiar with what you do that it’s hard to see it from an outside perspective. I know I’m radically different than your average violinist (even pop violinist); there’s no question! My clients always rave about how much they love what I do and how they would have been willing to pay more if they had known how great my show was. I think I need to start asking them how THEY would describe what makes me different so I’m using the right words in my marketing.

    • Hey Celeste, like you I’m a performing artist. Charging my worth is much easier for me when I let previous clients speak on my behalf. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get testimonials – as written or recorded quotes post show – to share with prospective new clients – this little tactic really helps me in booking my own shows. Seriously….it’s huge.

      • How did you charge your worth before you got clients to sing your praises?

  3. Ramdeo Choudhary.

    I heard you , Marie , my spiritual daughter , to talk and answer to the questions of entrepreneurs . One thing which touched me most is the value system that one stands for while selling his or her products. How much does that inspire him to be more and more creative. Once a product or an idea is aligned fully with ones deeper self and deeper core values , the finding the right customers become easy. In fact customers come calling for the product. The deep conviction , deep concern for the target audience grows more and more once you are fully aligned with your core values . The purpose of marketing gets driven more on more by the forces of your core values dear to you. You are able to recognise your target audience and able to leave a foot print of your product and the values you stand for and the sales cycle progresses on its own , giving you the joy of business and philanthropy both.

  4. Sarah Windham

    For starters, I LOVE THE CONFETTI! If I didn’t have to clean it up myself I would use it in my work space–which is right in the middle of my home– just to make me smile. Anything having to do with pricing is marketing gold for me. Since I am a B-Schooler I have drawn up my Ideal Customer Avatar for my art business, and while she is partially like me she has more money because I would be the WORST customer since I don’t have disposable income at the moment. I always under value my work, but I’m looking at the numbers and being realistic so those prices are going to have to go up. I have made art work for a local non-profit as part of a silent auction fundraiser so that is where I can give to the community at a lower price point (zero for me but money for them). I know this will continue to be a struggle, but I love having B-School to come back to when my spirits start to flag.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so thrilled you’re in our B-School family, too, Sarah! It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job with this – we love that you’re looking at the numbers and getting realistic about where your prices really need to be to create a sustainable business through your art. And how awesome that you’re contributing to a local non-profit!

      We know you can absolutely do this – many artistic B-Schoolers have gone before you with great success! Be sure to watch this episode too, whenever you need a reminder about how important and valuable your unique gifts are: XOXO

  5. Loved Ruth’s call. What a bright woman! I am caregiving my elderly mom and also trying to start a business advising others who caregive loved ones. Have made progress but it is hard not just with time constraints/overload but with the topic itself. It is depressive dealing with my mom’s situation and now I am “willingly” opening myself to more exposure to this depressive topic by trying to help others avoid the pitfalls I have experienced. Love the concept I am trying to pursue (trying to lighten the topic) but I am getting totally bogged down. Trying to find some sort of balance….

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Jan, it’s so beautiful that you’re turning your own difficult experience with caregiving your dear mom into an opportunity to support others going through similar situations. Stay connected to this deeper why (wanting to help others avoid the pitfalls you yourself have experienced) by perhaps even leaning into the challenging feelings or what’s bogging you down — these are very likely the same experiences that your ideal clients will be dealing with. Bringing compassionate understanding and support to these areas from a place of true empathy will be so powerful and help you to make an incredible difference in other’s journeys through this time in life.

      We’re sending much love and support your way – you’re amazing!

  6. Jo

    Biggest takeaway…. be authentic.
    I keep re-centering myself to this while running my business and when launching my campaigns. It can be easy to get sucked into other peoples ideas of what you should do to market your business and to try and follow other successful entrepreneurs. So when I’m feeling a little unsure, I take myself back to that same message – ‘be authentic’.

    Thanks again for a wonderful video full of great advice.

  7. “It takes so much courage to begin something, but sometimes it takes even more courage to end it.”– resonates with me because I have been pushing in a direction that is not in alignment with my path forward.
    Ruth is telling my story. I’ve been really down on myself for moving in the unexpected direction. Thank you for validating the “gap” that can nurture the head and heart space necessary for aligned evolution. Burning out is not the way to heart centered entrepreneurship.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Michelle, we’re so glad Ruth’s story and Marie’s words were validating for you. You are SO not alone in feeling this way, and it’s incredibly brave of you to listen to that wise voice within that’s nudging you in a new direction. Here’s to creating the space for more alignment in all areas of your life – it will be worth it! Keep us posted 🙂

  8. Judith Sandala

    This was such a great episode for a number of reasons. I soaked up these stories and related to the ones where they were facing great odds. Overcoming has been my default attitude my whole life from abusive family relationships to trying to get my art out there before I leave the planet. I have priced my art so low that my business could never be sustainable. What inspires me are great stories and rather than list my degrees or art schools or awards I could tell my own overcoming story. My art has evolved and so have I. Thank you for this episode and the clarity it has given me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Judith, thank you so much for sharing your story here. I can tell that you have such incredible gifts, wisdom, and stories to share with the world and they’re SO incredibly needed! Sharing your own experience of overcoming great odds and challenges in life through your art will be deeply inspiring for others.

      Please be sure to also watch this episode: We’ll be cheering you on over here big time in all you do!

  9. Hannah

    While I was listening to you talk about how good marketing is sharing the benefits of working with you with your potential clients, I suddenly starting thinking about how the benefits we offer aren’t just the things that makes us stand out, they’re also the very fact that we’re professionals—-
    and I shouldn’t just be talking about why you should work with me, I should be talking about why you need a professional at all! Because it isn’t just “why should I work with this one instead of that one”, it’s also about helping people tap into their emotions and decide that they need a professional instead of doing it themselves.

    I know you didn’t SAY any of that but it’s always nice to hear when other people get lightbulb moments, so there’s mine 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Hannah! Thank you so much for sharing your lightbulb moment with us here 🙂 This is huge, as so many people need the support of a professional to get the results they’re looking for. Making how YOU as a professional can uniquely help them create these results a central part of your marketing will be so powerful!

    • Thank you for sharing this! As a nutritionist, this actually hits the nail on the head. I have people ask me questions all the time and talk about their health goals and how they aren’t reaching them, but I don’t think it even crosses their mind to hire someone like me. What a great point you make, thank you.

  10. Jamie

    Hi Marie and the whole Forleo family! Ruth’s situation resonated with me so well. I have been trying to launch my own business for a year now. At the moment, I had been stumbling financially. I had a hard time as well I decide to take a step back for the mean time from the business and find a part-time job so that I can financially support myself while starting-up. However, I have to man-up and do what I have to do in order to make my dreams in the most sustainable way for me.

  11. Loved this episode of MarieTV! As I am going through B-School I found the bits on marketing to your ideal customer very helpful as well as the bits on Pricing and Positioning. I am in the midst of re-evaluating the costs of my services and this was much needed information. I want to hear more bits on marketing as I think that is my major issue in not having the sales to sustain my business. Gotta build that Communication plan and really get inspired to create great content. Any ideas on brainstorming for free content?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Veronica! We love hearing that these pricing and positioning tips were helpful and timely for you as you re-evaluate how to price your services. You’re in the PERFECT place in B-School, as we’ve got a ton more marketing resources coming your way with specific strategies to begin creating more sales.

      And YES – we encourage you to dive right into Module 3 now – specifically lessons 4 &5 – these will help you with brainstorming your free content and how to craft it in a way that sets you apart from the crowd ?

  12. Tania Hegger

    I enjoyed some much this episode from Marie TV ! It gave some many ideas with my own business and it was also very encouraging and a great motivation! Just stand for what you believe….easy ? No! And a great Tipp !
    Because I don’t know how to keep going… trying with my business and sometimes I think , in worse case … if I lost all my clients could be more easy to take another step on the way in another direction in the right direction?
    but I also have the feeling it’s the Worth to try… I just don’t know how to doing it …how to overcome myself.
    Because there are some many out there doing the same at the current Time.
    I’m a mexican woman in Germany teaching yoga in a small town near to a big city.
    Most of all , I love the way Marie talks to the people she is couching, so sincere and clear and encouraging! I love her!
    I have the books of many Gurus and some of them are taking advise from Marie and I can see .. why! Thank you very much! I don’t gonna miss another episode! A big Hug from Germany,

  13. Jeannene Krone

    I also loved Kevin’s business Hubbies for Hire! I don’t know if he has thought of this idea yet but another service he could offer his aging clients is to help them make their homes accessible as they age. Things like adding railings, support bars in the bathroom, ramps to modify the house to be accessible. Search “universal design” to get more ideas.

  14. Lauren

    Ruth, Ruth, Ruth! That was exactly what I needed to hear today. I am at a similar crossroad and Marie’s advice, feeling the “weight” of each option, was something that I am about to go find a hiding place at my office to try right now. So fabulous! Great advice for all of us… in the specific lies the universal:-)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear Ruth’s situation resonated deeply with your own right now, Lauren. Absolutely, take the time you need to feel into the weight of your unique options and trust that inner knowing about what you need next. We’ll be sending tons of love and support your way as you make the best decision for you!

  15. Lena

    Loved the intuition leads to direction and personal growth.

  16. I totally LOVE you and all you are doing. After becoming a bestselling author of thirty two books, helping thousands of people globally learn how to receive answers from God to authentically empower them, having subscribers spanning 191 countries, I got very ill in 2010 and everything fell apart. I lost my list of subscribers, in 2014. I’ve always loved fashion. I applied for a job at an upscale store. I would love to travel as I used to travel the world when I lived in Lugano, Switzerland. I feel guilty and ashamed that after all of my previous success I’m in a horrible financial position. My soul is telling me to HAVE FUN! I’ve worked so hard. I resonated with the caller to take a break and do something that makes me come back to life. Fashion is FUN for me. I just need to put feeling ashamed behind me. I would love to know any thoughts you have. Keep up you absolutely outstanding work. You totally ROCK!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are so kind and wonderful, Barbara! And wow – you’ve achieved so many amazing things in your life. We LOVE that you’re using your challenges as an opportunity to listen to the call of your soul and have FUN! This is so beautiful. Keep following your love of fashion and listening to that wise inner voice – it knows what you need! And I think you’ll also really enjoy this episode of MarieTV: We’re so excited for you and your next chapter!

  17. Lue

    This was so great! I was struggling with pricing my product and got a “hit” last night on a new retail price for my Crystal Infused Aura Smudging Mists. I was asking myself if people would pay for it, but when I told my girlfriends how much my price was this past weekend, they said “is that it!!?so cheap!” One of my beliefs is that I wanted it to be affordable, but I think the missing piece for me was reaching people on an emotional level. Ironically it was my own emotional state that lead me to create my wonderful products. It’s been a good reminder and this will help me with not only my marketing, but the values of both me and my “Lunar Lixirs”.

  18. Angela

    Oh hell yeah, to Ruth! What I heard is that you know in your heart that you can choose either direction, regardless of hard it is to make the decision. In my opinion, that is the best position to be in! In July of 2018, I learned that my full-time executive position of 8 years, which I absolutely loved, was being relocated to another state. I was grateful to have been asked to move. I chose not to. Finding executive level jobs in my industry are not easy. The world around me thought I was crazy, giving up a high-paying job that I love to stay put and not know what’s next. Their reactions are from their own vantage point, with their own pre-conceived notions. I had to listen to my own heart, and intuition, and lean in to my belief in myself – all were telling me it was time to explore something else…and here I am working on that. Realizing and believing that you have options, and that you will figure it out, is a gift! Treasure it.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Angela! We’re so proud of you for trusting your heart and making the right decision for you, regardless of the opinions of others. LOVE what you said here, so powerful: “Realizing and believing that you have options, and that you will figure it out, is a gift!” — here’s to exploring all the exciting new possibilities ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this here 🙂

  19. Federica

    The last question is my question! I have a great freelance job (I manage to work only few hours per day and it’s quite good paid) that I obtained and kept with a lot of efforts and that allows me and my family to have a confortable life. But…I’m bored!!! I don’t want to do this all my life and I really want to do my business (already as a little girl, my dream job was to be an entrepreneur!) and create new things. Yet, when I think to change and give up my job, I feel so stupid! I worked so hard to earn how much I earn and to have a lot of free time for my family and now I want to throw everything away… It sounds like I’m never satisfied! The biggest fear I have, is that, if I create my business, I won’t have so much time to dedicate to my children and I really love to spend many hours with them. Writing it down already gave me such an energy to go on with my new plans but I still would love to hear your thoughts!!! Thanks!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Federica! You are SO not alone in feeling this way, and your deep desire to follow your dreams as an entrepreneur are completely valid. Please don’t feel stupid or selfish for having them! Your fears also have some wisdom to share about what you most value, and I encourage you to watch this episode of MarieTV about how to pursue your dreams in a way that feels in alignment with what’s most important to you:

      • Federica

        Hi Julia,
        thanks a lot for your words and the link. Both are inspiring and really help to see ‘my world’ clearer. I see more than ever, how important is dedicating more time taking care of myself to understand who I am and what I want.
        Thanks again and I wish all of you a great day!!! 🙂

  20. Robert

    I really appreciated the point about the haha, I think I will make that my new website! JK :D..I am a Real Estate agent and many people think that the biggest reward from this business is Money! My biggest reward is being able to truly help my clients because buying or selling a home is the biggest “Emotional” transaction there is. My problem is as I have recently experienced ‘AGAIN’ is that I try to help people and sometimes by lowering my commission just to ‘Help out’, those end up being the most costly for me in money, time, risk and emotion because it seems they don’t appreciate the sacrifice I’m making to help them and they end up complaining I didn’t do enough for them! I feel like I struggle with my business because I am not a money hungry shark and it seems ones that are like that are making really good money. Am I undervaluing myself and how can I stay true to my values but yet increase my business revenue? Also I loved about not caring what people think as far as if you have a job or are an entrepreneur. People tend to judge you by your success. That is what has drawn me to this forum because it helps me to focus on me! Thank you so much for what you do!! It is making an impact!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Robert! We’re so thrilled you’re here and enjoying our work. I can tell from everything you’ve shared just how heart-centred and generous you are in everything you do. It’s beautiful how passionate you are about helping people make often the largest emotional transaction of their lives.

      Remember, as Marie said, in order to offer all the amazing free content and value we do as a business for folks of all income streams (of course this will look different for every business), we first and foremost have to create a sustainable business model to support that. There are a couple additional episodes of MarieTV I think you’ll find really helpful in terms of standing firm and confident in your value WHILE also supporting others in an authentic and genuine way with your gifts:

  21. This was amazing, I’ve recently made an ‘against the grain decision’ to end a couple of long term projects – one I’ve been doing for 8 years and one for 18 years. They were both still successful and much loved and I knew I’d be upsetting a lot of people and taking some financial risk but once I had the clarity I couldn’t not do it – I think this is why we so often avoid getting clear! The clarity comes along with the imperative to take action and fear of all the potential consequences. But then when we’re on the verge of burn out, struggling to stay afloat and generally just not loving it like we know we can there are also all kinds of risks to not taking action.

    My clarity came from a realisation that I needed to take a break from thinking about what to do about the fact I was on the verge of burnout. Over Christmas I gave myself a couple of days to STOP THINKING and the answer just came to me – like a knowing, a solution to all the components of the problem all in one piece. It wasn’t what I expected but I could see the sense in it and as I go through the process of implementing it it continues to make sense. I would also add that I have had moments of doubt and fear that I’m making the wrong decision but when I think about not going ahead with it I can’t breathe!! So yes, I’ve also been using the physical sensations and feelings to help me to confirm that I’m making good choices.

    Some people have been upset by my decision but I’ve been blown away by how many people have been supportive and even inspired to take action and make changes in their own lives. Just got to get through the next couple of months of seeing out my commitments before I can focus on the bits of my business I wanted to save, and any other great ideas that might come along having made space for them 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE everything about this, Kate! It sounds like you’re absolutely on the right track ? Exciting new things ahead!

  22. LOVED this episode!
    At 58 I will be making my professional debut this coming weekend at C2E2 which is Convention for fans of SciFi/Fantasy/Horror books, comics, films and video games.
    The Indie Comics Publisher I have been editing for the last few years convinced me to take a spot at his booth and I will be selling copies of my Adult SciFi novella, The Enslaved along with a piece of original artwork and some prints of that piece

    I have been dealing with the issues your callers talked about such as how much to charge for the artwork and prints and what is it about my book that made it stand out from the myriad other books that will be offered at the event
    Pricing my art was the easiest part.

    The book is a passion project of mine as it’s an adaptation of the screenplay that got me into film school in 1991.
    The story is about A ruling class of people and their young leader find their lives thrown into turmoil when the most respected members of their race declares their control of the planet and its native population is based on a lie.

    After several unsuccessful attempts at selling the script, I myself tried to get the movie made in 2002. I had a great cast that included actors Michael Praed , Terence Stamp and Malcolm McDowall.

    But, things didn’t go as planned and I ended up back in Chicago with my two sons-The oldest of which has ADHD and the youngest of which is Autistic, to sleep on my mom’s sofa bed.

    Long, sad story short, I am finally after several more failed attempts “getting my turn at bat”.

    I am excited and also terrified as it turns out our medium-sized Con has some serious stars from our Genres showing up this weekend meaning this is shaping up to be a bigger deal than usual.

    Wow. You know. I wasn’t planning to go on as much as I did. But thanks for giving me this opportunity to do so.

    Anyhoo. After wondering if maybe in my 50’s, it was time to just throw in the towel, I realized there is something in me that we let go. At least, not yeat.

    So, I watch your videos. I have reconsidered not so much my mission statement which is to provide Genre Entertainment that features women and People of Color in the primary roles but, simply the way in which that content is produced ( currently focusing on what I can afford to produce on my own as opposed to “chasing investors”).

    So, THANK YOU MARIE! Your videos helped to act as little points of light through some really dark times for me. And, while I do think this weekend alone will result in getting my family off Welfare, I feel as if it is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Okay, shutting up now. C2E2 starts Friday and I still have things to do to get ready.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO excited for you and all that’s ahead for you, Elaine! Your work sounds absolutely fascinating and is so very important. We’ll be cheering you on over here – please keep us posted on how everything is going!

  23. Kirsten Jarvi

    Marie and Greg,
    You two are absolutely amazing. From my heart and soul I am in deep gratitude to creating a business of purpose. Working in and on my business B-school inspires, challenges in a good way, and truly helps me apply clear value for our clients. Our ideal clients and GEEKY girls who love science, design thinking, and technology…But we are attracting the public as well. We love delivering science in a fun and innovative way.
    I am so inspired by everything I am learning from you and with Team Forleo. To be able to serve healthcare professionals I am so excited to be an original in what we are designing and being. B-School is amazing, and there are so many inspiring integrations. To play the game of life in a big way…So excited to develop, design, sustainable business for our clients. What I am most enthusiastic about, is realizing as I write, more just flows in a fun way.

    I am so excited to partner with amazing other small business entrepreneurs in healthcare. Every week I look forward to watching the videos and reading the fun sheets. This is so much fun… I am excited to grow my business.
    Much Love, Compassion, Connection and Smiling with You,
    Kirsten in Northern California

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kirsten, we adore you, your enthusiasm and passion! The innovative work you’re doing in the realm of healthcare is so wonderful and we can’t wait to see the positive impact you’ll create. Could not be more proud to have you as a B-Schooler! XO

  24. Namratha

    Hey Marie,
    I have been your follower since a very very long time and watch all your episodes. I have never been brave enough to leave a comment though. I felt like this episode spoke right through me.I am 24 years old and I have been pondering on a business idea for a while now. I have been a classical dancer for around 15 years and I am proud to say that I was very good at it too. I have given a number of stage shows and performances. But, its been almost 5 years since I have had a chance to dance again as I was very focused on my career. I have a job now, but also miss dancing. I have been revisiting my performances and felt like I should not let my talent go to waste.
    So, I have been thinking of opening a dance school ( on a small scale) where I can teach a few kids a couple of days a week, and also be able to manage my job and personal life.
    I was very excited about this in the beginning. But, after I talked to some people I realized that there are many other dance schools a little away from my area. There are big institutions and students also receive certifications. This kinda scared me. I want to impart my knowledge to the community, but I do not want this school to take over my life. And I cannot offer certifications like the other institutions do.
    But then, I also do not want my program to be like the ones they offer. I wanted to keep my program more exploratory for students, where they will know about the background of the art form and where they can enjoy doing it just for the heck of it, rather than being stressful about taking the tests to get certified. I also know that there are no other dance schools which teach classical dancing in my area. So, I though that might be a good thing for me. But, I also see people willing to travel the extra mile so they can have a certificate.
    And when you said, it takes a lot more courage to stop,…..that could not be more true. The thought that I might sabotage the respect I gained from 15 years of practice and hard work if I go ahead with this, and then not be successful, just terrifies me.
    I have never done any business before, and it took me a lot of courage to take the first step and just tell people about it and talk about the idea with others. But now that I have done that, I became aware of some other facts which I do not find very encouraging.
    I could relate when you said women undervalue themselves. I was only going to charge $10, where for the same classes people here charge $18-$25.
    I get a lot of encouragement form you, and love being here. Big hug to you!!….I would really appreciate if you could give me some tips to overcome my fear and gain the confidence to move forward.
    My question to you is: Is it a good idea to want to do a business which will not be your mainstream career? And how can I survive in a market which already has many established institutions?


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Namratha! We are so honored to have you as part of our community, and that you shared about what you do with us here. Your dreams of opening a dance school brought HUGE smiles to our faces; your passion for helping others to explore the expressive art of dance shines through beautifully. We’re excited for all the possibilities ahead for you, and LOVE that you’re thinking through all aspects of pursuing this so clearly.

      You’re incredibly smart to pursue your dream of opening a dance school while also maintaining your job. As Marie talks about here, having a bridge job can be a powerful support for you when it comes to feeding and following your creative passions:

      You’re also on the right track when it comes to considering the ways your dance school would differ from the competition and focusing on what makes you truly unique. There are people who want exactly what you have to offer! Be sure to also check out these episodes on this exact topic:

      We’re cheering you on over here, Namratha – please stay in touch!

  25. Great episode!!! It was helpful to hear about undercharging tendencies ,me.:)
    And I liked how you helped me put words to how my answer lies between self doubts & pressure. It is found in my intuition and trusting I will know what I need to know.
    In other words, there is no definite way, it will evolve. I just have to trust the process without preconceived ideas of how it should be. Speaking of be, I am in B-School and getting so much from what you teach and provide for us. Thank you, RMR

  26. Barbara Spikes

    Thanks for this episode Marie. I needd to hear about thinking about who I want for clients. I keep saying that I want to change my focus, but stay stuck. Time to formulate a new prospective.

  27. I resonated with Ruth so much. Having burned out, being stressed to the point of hurting my health. My intuition told me to get away for a while, so I ran away from home and stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks. When it was time for me to leave, I followed my intuitional suggestion and found work for rent situation that night. I found my center and my joy again. When I did this, I made more money, met some amazing people and got over my burn out.
    I returned to my house and got things in order quickly and started my new chapter. Now I am in that same place again… time for my next adventure.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Jennifer! Kudos to you for following your intuition about what you most needed in that situation. You KNOW how to do this, and we’re excited for you as you jump into your next adventure!

      • Thank you… Me too! New worlds of potential and possibilities.

  28. Hi Marie
    What a great episode.
    I’m still struggling with pricing to make my business sustainable.
    All you said to the first caller helps a lot.
    And I also admire how brave you were to give the last caller such advice which means such a huge decision for her.
    Thank you for everything that you give.

    With love


  29. Jes

    Thank you for this fun episode. What resonated most with me was the conversation with Ruth. I also feel sometimes it is very freeing to see that quitting sth. can be even more brave than staying put in a current situation. Also I loved how she sort of knew it all already but her own mind was getting in the way. I thing this is a topic for a lot of educated and thoughtful people – of which a lot hang out around here 😉 – we start overanalysing ourselves instead of trusting our intuition.

  30. Great discussion. I’m loving your “freebies”; they have helped me tremendously in re-thinking my business approach. I’m a Personal Results Coach and a graduate of Tony Robbins/Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention training. This is marketing as it’s supposed to be for today! Not the usual Marketing 101 thinking. I’m going to hop on my website and make some changes right now!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Joh! We’re thrilled this episode sparked so many great takeaways for you to implement in your own business. Thanks for tuning in today!

  31. Thanks so much Marie, Gregory & Team Forleo This was GREAT!

    I could really resonate with what you were saying about serving two different target markets. I just launched my own production company, TOWER 15 PRODUCTIONS where I support other creatives through education and collaboration in the areas of publishing, photography and filmmaking.

    The majority of my income at this point comes from the publishing side and my coaching practice. For this I offer four services:

    1. Consultations at $97/hr
    2. Online Masterclass at $197 via Teachable

    (These two are offered to those who just have specific questions or for the younger generation who are just starting out. For instance I just spoke at Career Day at my local high school to students interested in writing books. Feel the Masterclass would be perfect for them).

    3. VIP DAY with me in Santa Monica, California (one-on-one) at $2,497
    4. Writers Retreat for six women with me here in Santa Monica at $4,997

    (These two are for the more mature woman who really wants that individualized attention and wants to dive deeper to connect with their inner muse, and receive guidance that they can then use for this and future books).

    I absolutely love the one-on-one coaching as I feel I can really tailor my coaching to my client’s specific needs for their book project, and also gathering a small group together to really dive deep together.

    What I’m having trouble with is how to best MARKET the offerings since the price range is quite large. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by today, Cali! We’re thrilled the ideas shared in this episode resonated with you. It sounds like you’ve already done a lot of work on determining who your ideal clients are for each of your products and services which is a great start. It may be helpful for you to come up with different marketing strategies for each of your services to meet your ideal clients where they are and help them achieve their goals. To build trust, focus on delivering value in relation to the commitment you’re wanting your customers to make and communicating the results they can reasonably expect from working with you, at each level. Your message also brought to mind two different episodes from our archives that may resonate with you:

      • Cali Gilbert

        Thanks so much!

  32. So useful to think of making money in one aspect that will help cover the times I’m supporting those in need of that cheaper or free support <3 As I focus on Mental Wellbeing and the Life Quest, it feels this "should" be taught for free, it's a crucial set of life skills, but equally, I can only help more people if it's supporting me to live (and I didn't do three degree-level qualifications without spending some time and money!)

    I definitely struggle in my mind to truly merge my “offer” and my “why” but it’s coming together, slowly. Week 3 of BSchool and counting!

  33. Thank you so much for discussing burnout, and how to address it–and even anxiety and depression! I’ve had a difficult time differentiating if the burnout I’m feeling is depression placing a blanket on everything I care about or if I really am just finished with my business. Sometimes getting out and “doing it” is so hard, and I appreciate the time and tools given to be introspective.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad today’s episode connected with you at the perfect moment, Kelli! We hope the tips and tools shared today help spark some clarity for you.

  34. Lea

    Such a Meaty Episode!! I love people so much with all of their purity of heart ideas. I have found so much joy and wisdom just listening.

  35. Priscilla

    The message that stuck with me most from this episode is from the conversation with Ruth: give yourself permission – to quit, to do the unexpected, to change direction. It’s incredibly freeing! I also really appreciated hearing that not being an entrepreneur is just as valuable as being one. Even though I do really want to work for myself, I don’t think there should be any shame in working for someone (or going back to it, like Ruth). I think sometimes we think of things as ‘taking a step back’ when it’s really just moving in the direction our hearts and intuitions steer us.

    Personally, I am working at a job that I think I need to move on from because it’s not where my heart is. But I’ve been putting pressure on myself to move from here to working for myself, even though I don’t know what I’d be doing! This conversation gave me serious pause to consider that maybe I just need to make some kind of movement, a little step away from what I know I don’t want, rather than expecting myself to make that huge leap – and be stuck where I’m at until I have it all figured out.

    Thanks so much for all the words of wisdom, Marie and Team Forleo! ? Lots of love for the callers and the whole community! ?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Priscilla! We’re happy that you heard some of your own experience in what Ruth shared and that Marie’s message helped lift you up. We’re sorry to hear your current job isn’t the best fit, though we hope you’ll find another opportunity that supports you in working toward your goals. Having worked side-jobs for several years while building her business, Marie is a big believer in the power of good “bridge-jobs” that can provide financial stability and freedom to focus on your creative endeavors. She shares a bit more on this in these episodes from our archives that may give you an extra boost this week:
      Thanks for being a part of our community!

  36. That reminder that clarity comes from action, not thought, to start before we’re ready and that action will show us what we should do next is possibly the one thing I needed to hear today.
    Thanks, Marie!

  37. I am so eagger to start this bussiness!!! But the exact date that B-school started, my mom went very ill!!! Now I have (and I am pleased) to help her through this phase!! I will do my best to keep moving forward my bussiness!! and independency!!! Because now more than ever, we do need money to pay doctors and hospitals and cancer therapies (No good public health service, here in my country). Just sharing my thoughts.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled that you’re feeling so inspired to start your business, Mariel, though it’s wonderful that you’re able to be present for your mom during her recovery. As Marie often reminds us, “there’s no behind in B-School”, so we’d love to encourage you to trust that you’re right where you’re meant to be in this moment, and that your ideas are continuing to evolve. We’re sending along our very best wishes for your mom’s health and we’re looking forward to “seeing” you in B-School soon!

  38. Hi Marie and Greg and Ruth,
    Absolutely amazing as always. Hubbies for Hire, fantastic name. Could be international.

    Loved your process with Ruth and her Spanish for kids vs office job. I also ‘got’ that it’s never only two options only, it’s a spectrum of options.

    In perfect synchronicity, I have just seen the first high-end retreat where the awesome Adriene from Yoga with Adriene has now paired up with Sonia Gill (I believe) from Fluenz, teaching Spanish and Yoga in Mexico, blended with arts and culture and great food. It’s sold out, but I’m sure there will be more.

    It’s high-end pricing for one week, working with 12 (?) adults on two dates, two consecutive weeks in May or June (?) Anyhoo. Just saying all this, because you can combine the great suggestions from your prior calls and apply for Ruth’s situation, eg switch the HOW and TO WHOM, let that be the income with big margin – and open windows for your work with children, free or scholarships or partner programs.

    Alternatively, instead of office job perhaps teaching Spanish in Mexico ?⛲️?✨?✨ sooo many options ? like Adriene always says in her yoga videos: Find what feels good! Hope that adds to the priceless flow of inspired wisdom? We’re all co-creating.
    Love you all ??
    Big smiles, Tanya xx

  39. Marie, is so insightful, understands the problems and gives fantastic advice! Great episode! Thanks!

  40. The call about the eco-friendly planners really clarified things for me. I have an eco-friendly product too. Not planners, but a lot of what what said caused a few light bulb moments. Thank you Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, Corina! Thanks so much for tuning in today.

  41. Loved listening to Kevin and actually sent him an email with some referral ideas. Great show … as always!

  42. Kim

    Regarding the last callers situation, I’m reminded of the saying that the reason you pull an arrow back is to gain energy and momentum to shoot it forward. So when we take time to redirect or rethink or change direction… All that kind of stuff can help to propel us forward to even greater things then we would have achieved if we stayed on the same track without stopping or retreating a little to redirect.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Wow, what a beautiful analogy, Kim! Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your voice to the conversation today. We’re grateful you’re in our community!

  43. Holy heck, Marie and Greg, your words are made of gold and I’m misty-eyed about it? I resonated with every caller! I can relate to that messy place of knowing it’s time to restructure in order to better serve the people. Thank you for affirming us in our transition, that letting yourself evolve is good and normal and essential for growth! It’s imperative to let go of old vision to more fully recalibrate toward that which rings true the most. I’ve definitely got some serious clarifying to do (good thing you wrote a class on it, haha). Your instinct/intuition exercise is tangibly repairing a sense of trust in myself that I thought was gone forever! I now feel more equipped to get back in the game with a newfound perspective, priorities, and soon: clear offeringsss! You are bringing the wind back to my business sails 🙂
    Thanks for being champs, xoxo

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your kind words for Marie and Greg, Becka! We’re thrilled each of the caller’s experiences resonated so deeply with you. It’s a reminder that whatever we’re going through, we’re never alone. We hope the tips and techniques shared in today’s episode continue to spark some clarity for you. You have all the wisdom you need already inside you and it’s about tuning in to that voice. Keep up the amazing progress you’re making in your business– we’re all waving you on from the shore!

  44. Mona

    I am so impacted by everything that was said in this video. Marie, Greg…you both are amazing! Thank you for your wisdom! And Ruth, thank you for sharing your question because I’m at the same place but for a slightly different reason! A lot of different aspects in my life have pushed me to re-evaluate decisions and motivations in my present life and future goals. I’ve been looking at my career goals since I was a kid, and a big part of me is saying to let go and focus on other career options. Not what I was expecting because it’s been with me for such a long time. Interestingly like Marie said, as I’ve been letting go I feel so free and connected to myself, I’m seeing my creativity in a new way, I’m coming up with new ideas, and ironically have a different perspective on my original career path that is giving me the space to evolve. I still don’t know what I want to do as a career, but I’m proud that I am brave enough to re-evaluate my life and look at things honestly. It’s not easy some days, but I know that I’ll be okay. One of my best friends and I have a saying, “It didn’t go the way we planned, and it still ended up amazing!”. 🙂 Thanks fellow MarieTV viewers. This is my first comment I’ve ever posted so cheers to that! 😉

  45. Darla Beardsley

    Thanks Marie and Gregory!
    I took time to listen today because I have been struggling with discouragement and burnout. I am a graphic designer who quit my soul sucking in-house advertising day job 2 years ago to try it out on my own. It has been an amazing 2 years of learning, meeting new people, getting involved with other business women in my community and getting out of my comfort zone. Not so much with making money and getting regular clients:-(
    Been wondering if I should just give up and decide I am no good at this ‘on my own’ thing.
    Last fall I began this program to learn better on line marketing skills, but that also feels like it is going slow. I do work another part time job and have one small regular client. So it is not like I am at it full-time, but I am feeling impatient with myself.
    I say thank you, because I did feel encouraged today and got reminded of some things I can be doing and options that I have. Sometimes, when I get into a negative place it is just helpful to get charged up by your show and reminded that I am not alone in my struggles. I get reminded of positive options, some that I know and forget about in the sea of all the things I have been learning. And you and Gregory are very upbeat:-)
    I joined in with the exercise you did with Ruth and it gave me things to think about. My options are not just black and white. For me both going back to a day job for a time and sticking with it feel heavy too. However I really don’t want to go back to a day job yet. Crazy me! But it is an option to file.
    At the very end of watching your program, I got a call from a new client, funny that, hmmm?! Also I am going to get your Copy Cure 7 day of emails, because that is one of the very things that has been getting me down lately, trying to communicate on my website and in ads. So thanks for that too!
    I have been a bit long winded, I hope that is ok. It has been one of those weeks.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by today, Darla! We’re thrilled this episode arrived at the perfect moment for you. We’re so sorry to hear you’ve felt a bit discouraged lately though we’re glad this was a reminder that whatever we’re going through, we’re never alone. We hope you soaked up lots of good energy and are feeling inspired to implement these tips and techniques in your own life and business. We’re sending along our best wishes for your new client and we’re so excited that you’re joining us for our free 7-day writing class. Stay tuned to your inbox for more goodness soon!

  46. I am so grateful for this episode and would like to mention that Marie you are an inspiration. This is my very first day at Marie Tv and i have to say that every response you gave resonated with me in a different way. I am in a situation where im interning like Maria and trying to create content (blogging) as i establish my niche as a personal development content creator. But i am overwhelmed on how i should develop my brand, who is my ideal TA ( i lean towards the youth) how do i scale this as a business? What is the marketing strategy in order to reach my audience? I think if i were able to get a clear picture on the above areas i would develop better content and get more feedback from my TA.

  47. Thank you for the episode-
    what advice do you have in listening to gut and heart and mind. Sometimes I feel these aspects are moving in different directions. I’ve gone in a lot of heart and gut directions yet they haven’t been profitable financially. Thank you-

    • I enjoyed hubby business as sometimes not having a whole plan is ok-and also the end segment of letting things go, when to say goodbye and in starting something new other things will appear. thank you

  48. Hi Marie and Gregory,

    I love this episode today. A lot of learnings especially when we are going to sell our brand, what to do, how much we are going to charge and who are we targetting….
    Yes I agree with you Marie, women tend to undercharge sometimes and Thank you for your kind words and reminding us again.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We <3 you, Webly!

  49. Mary Beth Sasso

    Marie!!! I’ve been following you for years and finally signed up for B-School, so I’m buzzing from just watching this episode MarieTv because at age 60 I’m starting a new business with my passions. It is so validating to hear that making that decision that keeps tugging at your gut and and heart is the right thing to do! I’m so excited and feel like there’s no stopping. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is fantastic, Mary Beth! We’re thrilled you’re going for your dreams and that you’ve got B-School to support you on the journey. There’s a reason those dreams keep tugging at your heart––it’s because you’re the perfect person to bring them to life. 🙂

  50. “The freebies you do are supported by the prices you charge…BINGO!!!”
    That just made so much sense and validated why I will charge what I will charge!

    You just gave me permission 🙂

    (I am a B-schooler! Class of 2019)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Heather! 😀

  51. The very end bit resonated with me most! My hubby and I are about to move to Tofino, BC (VERY UNEXPECTED) and it feels like the creative floodgates have been opened! Even though I’m scared to disappoint the people closest to me – I know this will be so good for us! I can feel the energy and excitement running through my veins.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Hayley! We hope your move is a smooth one and that your renewed creative spirit continues to abound in your new home.

  52. This episode was very useful and informative. That part about adding enough value through our products and services is what truly matters and we should be focusing on… There are many aspects mentioned here that really caught my attention and made me realize how we should be driving our business. Thanks.

  53. This was the best call-in episode ever!!
    I can use something from all the calls directly in my own current situation

  54. Thapelo

    Wow.. the advice to follow intuition and stop being an entrepreneur. I did not see that coming. I’m really impressed..

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe different things work for different people and it’s totally okay if someone doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur or if they just need a break from it all. Following your heart and creating from a place of joy is important. 🙂

  55. Betsy

    Love the idea of a handyman geared towards the elderly. It is SO needed. So many contractors only want the big projects. Great to have the help for the small things. LOVE it.

  56. Jann

    haha – That hilarious Marie and Greg at the beginning of the Vid…Pumped and grinding… ENCOURAGING – Hmmmm, saw this vid then walked out and was asked to apply for a job managing a Retro Store which I named in 2003 – Retromania … My business has not taken off yet and I am a bit rinsed with trying to Flourish… soooo whatever… and I’m regrouping this afternoon with a creamy fish pie and a nice bottle of ‘Esprit des Trois Pierres’ with some greens on the side of course! thank you love jann xxx

  57. Laurie

    The burn out really spoke to me. I have found my self in a very similar, yet quite different situation over the past many months. I am clear that ending my business is not what my heart is telling me, however I need a break. I am beginning to explore options of “taking the show on the road”, so speak, old school. I am fortunate that I have a small team that can run things without me. What is lost has been my gumption and creativity. And in my heart I feel the travel, connection and a level of service with people will help assist in the reviving of what is dormant. Very similarly, perhaps I am looking for “permission” to do what I feel in my heart and that choice just might be where the magic lives. Thank you for the inspiration and the permission!

  58. Brooke

    I loved Marie’s insight that, “entrepreneurs are no better than non-entrepreneurs”, ie humans are f*king great. I think there is a (false?) prestige attached not just to entrepreneurship, but to leadership in general. I’m discerning a call to ministry, and this question has made me remember that society puts its leaders on a pedestal, but we don’t have to lead to live meaningful lives. I also loved the reminder to keep your goal clears and the meditation excercise Marie did; hearing Gregory’s perspective was also awesome! I want to buy one of those planners!

  59. Pandora

    Kevin, I love what you are doing for your business. I’ve worked wih senior, known the market and Maria’s advice to also include your clients “kids” was spot on! When I working that field in a town that was Heavy in senior population, a great many of of them were there “on their own.” Meaning kids lor local help. Promoting a yourself as a peace of mind giver and being that is huge to both the seniors and their adult children. I had to fend off a couple of “landscape” scammers trying to take advantage of a beautiful old couple I took care of. Then the landscaper who got the job left it unfinished after charging a fortune and telling the seniors they would finish. The check was cashed and the job never finished..sand repeated calls made for them to finish. All that being said…. sound like a guy of integrity….. claim that is your marketing and add that jobs will be completed. I can’t stress enough what a target this population is..and how frequently it’s taken advantage of. They do not deserve that. And one more point (can you tell how passionately I feel about a topic?) If you have consistent customers and you notice anything off with your clients gently find a way to get in touch with their adult children. Many seniors are not in the same location as they are and health changes can occur quickly. Their family who lives far away often does not find out about things until sometimes too late. Its an delicate subject though. A few of my seniors would have told their adult kids to take a flying leap. So tread gently. The other thing I just thought about was may be registering with local law enforcement or rescue. Adding that to your marketing could give added peace of mind. And I know that seniors and their families will pay more than decently for the beautiful gift of peace of mind and a job well done. You are in Canada? Not sure how things work thre but people are people and a gentle protective love for our seniors is needed today.

  60. Pandora

    Marie and Greg thank you! Awesome episode….and food for thought. I love that every time I listen to any of your videos I learn something….either new or from a unique angle. Tootttallly awesome!! I’m another of the B Schoolers here …from my heart to yours, Marie, thank you for being you! My world started shifting (I could literally feel the energy) for the better the day I signed up and started with the first lesson. And to anyone else reading this…if you’ve never done B School or think it might not be worth it? It is! Nothing like it on the planet….heart centered….grounded and more. It doesn’t get better than that in my humble opinion. So get your a** in there next year. ???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Pandora! We really appreciate you and are honored you’re a B-Schooler. We love being able to share these resources and episodes with you. <3

  61. I can so resonate with feeling spread out too thin and taking a step back to regroup. I’ve always been a turtle when it comes to learning and growing, and when I push too hard I get discombobulated and loose touch with my clarity. I need to set quarterly check-in sessions with myself to actually take time to notice how things are going.

  62. Jessica Sorensen

    This episode was helpful! I would say I am a mixture of the first call and the last call. I am unsure about pricing because I am just beginning a new business venture direction and feel unqualified to charge what I want. Like I need to have a few clients making like no money before I can charge the higher prices. And the last one feeling like I am pounding a wall making no headway.

  63. Lacey

    This is brilliant! Love the call-in’s! Love the bit about Free is off set by higher price margins on other products. That makes so much sense!!
    Thank you for all of the below:
    “it’s not just about what you sell, it’s what you stand for.”
    It’s ok to experiment!
    Business needs to be sustainbable. of course!
    We buy for emotional reasons. Amen to that!
    “Start before you’re reeeeaaadddyyy.” One of my favorite Marie qoutes.
    “If somethings important to you, shout it out!” YAAASSS!!
    Does it feel heavy or light? Great question for tapping into our intuition!
    “We all have to challenge ourselves to evolve.” Oh yes! True True!
    Thank you for all of this!! BTW, B School is helping me so much! <3

  64. Thank you Marie and Greg…I’m watching this video in 10 minute increments but just based off of the first 10 min, I am so inspired by your amazing love of business Marie. I love how much you are serving communities worldwide. Brava, bravissima !
    -An American in Turin, Italy

  65. This is the best episode yet. It answered almost all of my questions as once wow!
    A bit shoutout to Kevin for being so brave in sharing his story. So many of us are afraid of admitting that we are depressed or anxious to the public, when that is what we need because it breeds solidarity and community. So Kevin, really thank you for that.
    The story of Corina was also quite amazing, what a beautiful website and passionate idea!
    The last story resonated with me most. I’ve been stuck in a rut with my business and I’ve been thinking about getting a job for a while to find some clarity, because I’m struggling even through doing B-school at the moment. My heart is definitely somewhere else that is not readily available because it requires more education that I currently cannot afford, however I am strategizing to get there.
    Thanks for this episode Marie, it was the most insightful yet for me because it’s the most relatable since it’s harder for me to connect to people that are pulling 6 figure incomes.

    • Alessandra Fryzel

      and yes to the “we are all awesome fucking humans”! Perfectly said Marie! I love you for this.

  66. Marie, what a great episode! I listened to it twice and the third time I took notes and asked myself all the questions etc.

    The ah-ha’s today:
    “Start before I’m ready”
    “Identify the emotions why people buy from me”
    “Stay focused on the metrics that matters”
    “Really listen to my intuition”

  67. Laska Pare

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time!! I came home thinking how I’ve been ‘feeling’ the pull that I need to quit my full-time job so I will have the time to take on contracts for clients who want my services and supplement elsewhere as needed (if needed) with other work. And when Marie said “We have to challenge ourselves to evolve” that totally clicked. I realized I need to embrace this challenge of not having a steady income and instead breathe into the flow and challenge and next chapter that I’m so freaking EXCITED about. Thank you to everyone who called. ALL of it was so insightful!

  68. Love this episode- so many great tips and ideas!
    Especially love that you’re part of the Soho House Family – I am too! From Babington House – I was the first Ever Cowsged Spa manager !! Woo hoo – awesome company! Love you Marie and Team Forleo ❤️

  69. That moment when Marie talked about female entrepreneurs uncharging themselves made me just want to weep inside. I definitely feel that I’m not worth the amount I charge sometimes – but I also want to be more on the expensive but worth side of the scale. This has definitely prompted me to do some soul searching on me and my business and the impact that I want to make! Thanks Marie!

  70. Emily

    “To end something is also courageous…” This is what I am wrestling with and I felt encouraged by the discussion with Ruth – thank you Ruth and Marie! I am doing meaningful work but my business runs at a loss financially and the drain, the stress and work load feel heavy and exhausting. I am in B-School currently learning the tools I need to reset and restart. Maybe an ending now is simply an incredible new beginning waiting for the space to happen….

  71. Thank You Marie for this great episode. It was great to hear real people with real challenges share them and get such practical and meaningful insights from you and your team. I really appreciated hearing “It’s not just about what you sell, it’s about what you stand for”. This really resonated with me and I’m going to explore this idea with intention. Thanks again.

  72. Deb

    I have just been crunching the numbers for my new business, so this episode was again perfect timing!! I was initially going down the path and using a competitor as my goal post when it came to pricing BUT my product is far better and everything about it is slicker. I had decided only last night that to be able to cover all of my wish lists for extending the support (charity/community) I want to give back that I can only do this if I go with my gut and not compare myself to my competition. This episode has confirmed my thoughts and now Im all set.
    I must say its spooky (in a good way!) how these MTV episode always come along at the RIGHT moment when Im questioning something.
    Thanks again for you invaluable help – LOVE IT!!!! xo Deb.

  73. Numbers matter. ha ha, you reminded of a business I closed, looked in the mirror, that is why it failed. 🙂 But luckily, or blessings I have no? business, I rent a house, at least I live in a house now too. But if things go well, will have two more rentals, all the rentals are over 800 miles away. Filing a schedule C + E!

  74. Oh, I loved the conversation about intuition and following what you body/higher power is telling you to open up the floodgates! That is so crazy hard to do but worth it every.single.time!
    Thanks, Team Forleo!

  75. This is my fav video thus far with soo many magical nuggets. Thank you, Marie and Gregory

  76. Wow, What resonates the most is the last caller. Trusting my own intuition, even if that means canceling some revenue in order to give myself space to create my new vision. *We have to challenge ourselves to evolve* *Inspiring people* gracious.

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Donna! Beautifully put. Thank you for watching and sharing your experience with this!

  78. This is SO relevant. I often have clients try to negotiate my prices down, and when I do give them a discount, I always seem to resent the work that I’m doing for them. I just don’t feel valued- especially if they are a challenging client. I hate doing sub-par work but when it’s at a discount, it makes it SUPER hard to take the time to do the best job that I can.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Karen, you’re right on here – thank you for sharing this so honestly. Just another reason to not discount what you do or undervalue your time! So glad this topic resonated with you.

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Anastasia. We love that this was perfect timing for you! It sounds like you’re creating absolutely amazing work, and we’re really glad to hear what Marie shared around pricing was helpful for you. Your work in the world is so important. Be sure to watch this episode as well!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Rachel, we’re so glad to hear this was good timing for you! Congrats on launching your online shop – that’s SO exciting and a huge accomplishment. And YES – be sure to charge what you’re worth 🙂 We’re wishing you so much success!

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    These are all questions that I’ve had but the most important one for me was the last one, about getting mental and emotional space.
    I’ve been trying my hand out at email marketing and I’m not sure if I’m just slow at it or it’s the culture of the company I’m working with that’s burn-the-midnight-candle (because it is there) or both. But it’s been taking up all of my free time, even weekends and one time a backlog just kept me up all night, and i’m endlessly stressing about it all the time. I was getting sick, constantly getting migraines which reached a point where I’d get a migraine after just looking at a screen for a few seconds and they wouldn’t take me seriously.
    I expressed my concerns to the management (except for the part where I don’t think they took me seriously because (1) this happened long after my scheduled talk with the company owners (2) I feel like if they couldn’t take a health concern seriously, they’re not going to take my being hurt about that seriously either). I told them I wanted to go back to what I was doing before email marketing which was writing. Now they finally have a need for another content writer and so they transitioned me. Towards the change, I had mixed emotions because I felt like I was quitting, “Where did the fighter in me go?” but also I knew that I couldn’t stay longer not having more control of my time and just plainly not having time for other things and still have people think I wasn’t trying.
    So I went through with the transition and I’m so thankful I didn’t talk myself out of it.
    Because I now have more breathing room. A LOT more breathing room.
    I have that mental and emotional space.
    I have time for people important to me.
    I have time for friends.
    I have time for volunteering at this org I said I’d help.
    I have time for hobbies.
    I have mental energy for learning and expanding my business!!
    I have time to travel.
    I have time for myself!
    Again, I have time to breathe!!!

    At the same time, I don’t regret going through that experience. I learned a lot, most importantly that I’m no longer at a stage in my life where I want to start from the bottom. I want to develop a mastery which is in writing, particularly for content marketing and copywriting.
    I also learned just how valuable my time is. Every. Single. Millisecond.
    Sometimes, the doubts still try to hound me so I’m thankful for this video because it has finally shut them up! Thank you for letting me know it’s okay to not want my entire life to be consumed by work, especially work that wasn’t making me happy and not having leeway to build on my dream. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Nikki! We’re so glad you listened to your intuition and transitioned to a role that’s more accommodating and fulfilling. That takes a lot of courage so we’re super proud of you for advocating for where you wanted your career to go.

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      We’re so glad you liked this episode and thanks for the suggestion! We love hearing what you’d like to see on the show. 🙂

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      We are so glad this episode was helpful for you, Mary. Our work isn’t possible without the amazing viewer community like you. We appreciate you.

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    PS. I’m Bschool alumni and back at it this year! So grateful.

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    I have a business for older adults too! The advice you gave Kevin was JUST what I needed to hear!!!! I need to market that way with only the emotional aspect and not rely on the pragmatics of helping people live at home.

    I’m an occupational therapist, and it’s so hard for me to break out of the objective benefits of people living at home. My copy has reflected that, but you’re helping me make some major changes to appeal to the emotional psychology for marketing.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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