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Imagine this . . .

You love what you do and you’re successful at it: making money, great clients, great team, etc. For years, you’ve worked your buns off to make this dream come to life.

But here’s the problem.

Something’s changed. You don’t feel excited about what you do anymore.

Most days, you feel kind of down and lost. And the truth is that you’ve been feeling this way for longer than you care to admit!

One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar. -Helen Keller Click To Tweet

So what do you do?

And how can you tell the difference between normal burnout vs. a sign that it’s time for a big change in your career?

Watch today’s episode of MarieTV and learn four questions to help you find clarity.

You’ll learn how to tell if you simply need to take a break and recharge or if your heart is sending you a bigger message that it’s time to move on.

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As promised, here’s the link to the free course with Marcus Buckingham on about finding your strengths.

Now, in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever lost the spark for your career or business and considered moving onto something new?

Were you able to restore your passion by making adjustments OR did you transition into something completely different?

I’m really curious to hear your take on this one so give me everything you got.

Thank you, as always, for contributing so generously here!

With love,

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  1. Thank you for this Marie, really…

    This is very timely as I don’t think I need to move on from my current biz, but something needs to change when it comes to how I do it.

    This has been highlighted recently as my Dad is quite sick. I’ve been finding that between the visits and the grief, I don’t have as much energy left for my business.

    What I can’t really tell is what needs to change because it needs to change, and what needs to change because it’s a stressful time?

    It brings me to a question I’ve been asking you in my head today. (Yes, I talk to you when I’m alone.) 😉

    I love my job when I’m doing it. Doing it, meaning, when I’m in front of the group or working one on one with clients. It’s a lifeline and a relief.

    However, it’s also causing me stress. I’m so much more sensitive, I have less energy and I do sometimes find myself relieved when a client cancels.

    I’m finding it hard to do the work that needs to be done to get new clients in the door. (Other than my weekly posts, thank you so much for that structure, it’s made all the difference.)

    My question is this. When you’re in a stressful place in life (parent dying, divorce, illness) how do you get down to business? Where should the focus be? I still need to work, I still need to pay the rent and most importantly there are people who need my help.

    Any insight from you or the community would be very much appreciated.


    • Cecilia,

      Maybe you need to schedule more time for yourself and devote a little less time for your business. Your energy right now seems like it’s going to your personal life, and that is something that you cannot change based on the circumstances.

      If you do cut back on your business a little, then you may need to create better systems or find ways to become more efficient so that your business does not need you to be there. You could try it for a week and see how it goes.

      Or, you may find that you “automatically” become more efficient and not need to take extra action. I think it was 37 signals the company that a few years ago reduced employee hours from 5 days a week to 4. They measured the output and because productivity went up, the results were the same.

      So you might actually find that by cutting back a little, you become more productive in general and get the same results with less work. Who knows? You won’t know until you try.

      Hope I helped.

      • Thanks Maria
        This is helpful. I do need more time off that is conscious time off. Mostly I get time off by procrastinating, which isn’t exactly quality down time as I feel guilty the whole time. Perhaps a trip to Body Blitz is in order (an all women’s water spa).

        Thank you!

        • Cecilia,
          Yes do take time for yourself, the spa sounds like a good start. I like that you will consider it conscious time and not procrastinating time, or scheduling the time consciously, your time, so important. Another thing that may help is having someone to talk to process what is happening in your life right now, caring for an ill parent, such as a good friend or a support group – someone – so you are not alone in carrying the ‘stress’ that saps your energy for doing the other things you love and need to do to sustain your business. Hopes this helps, Victoria

          • Thanks Victoria, it does help. I’m helping one of my clients assemble a team to support her. Her team, now has a naturopath, a craniosacral healer, myself, etc…

            I often forget at times like these that I also need to call on my team. As I start I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow (the world always looks better with good hair) and I’ll call my naturopath for a long overdue follow up appointment.

            Thanks again for the reminder. 🙂


            p.s. I decided to spend my day at home, yoga, meditation, I Ching, a run with my dog, sea salt and lavender bath and some reading time on the couch. Tonight I’ll go sing with choir! choir! choir!

    • Hi Cecilia,

      I recently went through a death in my family and the emotional energy was much more draining than I expected. Not to mention, the restructuring of my time to travel and be with family and still run a business and spend time with my own kiddos & husband.

      The great news is that it’s your business, so you can adjust your schedule, let your clients know that you’ll need to adjust your scheduling or take a couple weeks off, etc, and give yourself plenty of downtime to just hang out.

      One thing I love teaching my own clients is how to be super-highly productive by not working until they have triggered themselves into a happy, energized state. And work from that place…it’s so much more fun and inspiring! Hope you beginning feeling more like your normal self very soon… Much love, Melody

      • Thank you for this Melody, I really appreciate it and I’m very sorry for your loss.

        As a clutter and life coach, I also appreciate having a peak at your website (although the link through your comment didn’t work, but I figured it was One of the things that I’m working on is coming up with packages for my clients to choose from and I love the simplicity of your offerings. I may follow up with a couple of questions via email if you don’t mind. 🙂


    • Sometimes it’s ok to just stop:) I love what I do and you can see my family in my coaching vid it allows us independence. But I tell people all the time Cecilia when this life is over NO one will care about missing a coaching appointment. We will only thing about those we loved. Spend time with your dad 🙂 And give yourself fully to that time. Then trust the moments you are away you’ll be more productive then you’ve ever been. Give yourself permission to just stop and take a break. Everything will be OK – I’m praying for you 🙂

    • Great Post!

      Marie, how common is it for people to work for their business instead of having their business work for them?

  2. I believe the law test is what determines the verdict in this case. When you imagine that your work is over, then…

    1. You may think “Thank God” but feel like there’s something missing – an indication of being burn out.

    2. You may think “Oh no!” but feel relief – an indication of an imminent career change.

    I mentioned those two examples because usually what we think and how we feel come from two different worlds…Obviously, there is a chance that your heart and mind will be united, but more often than we’d care to admit, our hearts and minds are in disagreement.

    The law test is a great way to really understand what is going on and get untangled.

  3. “You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation: If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.”~ Author Unknown
    Pondering the quote above, often, what I found in my pockets weren’t fish at all, but, tadpoles and they taught me the lessons of metamorphosis. I believe, if you aren’t truly passionate about something, it will eventually fall away- even if it goes kicking and screaming.

  4. As a student, burn-out happens soooo often.

    Part of it comes from a lack of feeling of progress. A lack of trust that the work you put IN will give you great OUTput. For this issue, I usually need a partner. Someone to motivate me emotionally. To feel like its OK if I fall short or stumble. Its OK that I’m tired. All hope is not lost — I have my partner. And when my partner feels weak, I can be strong. And it works. And it’s powerful. We’re actually about to win over $1,000 in scholarship money! And finding someone like that can be hard to find (or you can hire them…)

    I am a passionate dancer. I sometimes get burned out with dance. There is also an element of “am I making any progress??” causing the burn out. An element of “Ugh, I need a break”. I’ve found refuge in improv comedy! Something that feels like it has nothing to do with dance (or anything I’m involved with) but is still incredibly fun to me. Taking an actual break from even stretching. The next week, I find myself in high spirits and more capable than before.

    I also re-examine my time management system frequently. (Ppssstt — anyone excited for Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map?)

    • Forgot to mention — along with re-examining my time management system, I also re-examine:

      – How I want to “feel” from my work
      – My purpose behind my work
      – & like you said, Marie, my strengths

      I RE-examine them because they shift a bit. Maybe I developed something I didn’t have before or dropped a habit that was not serving me. Maybe I FINALLY realized what to call an aspect of myself I had to leave un-named. Or I found a better word to describe my feelings.

      This really boost my mojo!

  5. What are we supposed to do
    After all that we’ve been through
    When everything that felt so right is wrong
    Now that the love is gone

    There is nothing left to prove
    Now you still deny this simple truth
    Can’t find the reason to keep moving on
    Now that the love is gone

  6. I knew I was getting burnt out a couple of years ago when I actually felt heavy and tired whenever I was creating content or making a video. I make weekly Tarot reading videos and after I had been doing this a few months and had a good number of subscribers it started to feel like a burden – like homework or something I “should” do, not something I wanted to do. This is what I did:
    1) I reminded myself that I didn’t have to do it and that I could choose to spend my time doing other things. I could stop at any time.
    2) Then I reminded myself of all the reasons I loved making the videos – I loved hearing feedback from my viewers and connecting with people from all over the world!
    3) I focused on what I wanted to share with my audience and what I had to give/offer. After a couple of weeks I was back to enjoying the whole thing again and I haven’t felt that way since.

    As a side note, I really liked the Law Test – I just asked myself that question about another business I have and I was surprised at how I felt!

    • Hey Kate

      Thanks for sharing that. You’ve just flipped my view on my own videos and put a new perspective on it. Like you I know there’s a lot that goes into creating and editing videos, I mean Marie has a whole team for it, but you have to focus on the `Why’ you’re doing it and the joy you get out of it from the people who look forward to watching and learning from your videos.

      So true!


      • Ditto – great thoughts on staying motivated to create ongoing content! Bel

  7. Back in the good old corporate world days I gave my life to a job I absolutely loved, I was National Brand Manager for a major haircare brand and I really stepped up into a role that I didn’t have the immediate experience for. As a result I worked my butt off to learn everything and to do it to my best ability – but on top of that I loved it. Coming up close to 2 years though (the longest I’ve ever spent in any job) I realised I had outgrown my role and put too much into it, and that bureaucracy and office politics were starting to take over in my workplace and that was not my cup of tea so to speak.

    With my own business the Suitcase Entrepreneur I’m constantly amazed at just how much energy and love for it I have. I mean there’s no day I don’t jump out of bed ready to work on my next project or whatever I want. Almost all of it lights my fire, and sure there are times when I’ve over worked myself but I’ve got a much better handle on what I’m capable of and when it’s time for me to disconnect, re-energize and reignite. That’s why I’m really looking forward to December as I’ve deliberately left this month open to planning, strategizing for 2013, catching up on a long list of excellent Kindle books, reflecting on the year that was and doing some personal growth and learning. It’s my month for me!

    Great video Marie

    Natalie x

  8. Sonja

    Thank you for this inspiring video, Marie.

    A couple of years ago I went through this same issue – my business just didn’t make any sense to me anymore. However, since I had been in it for such a long time, had so many good clients and a career that I had worked hard on, how could I just let it go?

    Of course I could not do that. What I did is that I gave myself another six months time. I allowed myself to change my business, to move out from my home office into a rented office space and to see how I could revamp everything so I would enjoy it again.

    Unfortunately, for me this only showed that it didn’t work anymore. I had to quit and find something new.

    However, if you are in this situation, I strongly advise you to give it another try. It can work out sometimes. And if it don’t, you’ll know for sure that you just have to move on. And that will keep you moving because there will be no more excuses.


  9. Ah, this vid was awesome – and so timely as well! Thanks Marie!

    I have recently been through a huge battle of giving up one passion (acting) for another (the inner vibrance project) and It literally felt like I was killing a part of myself off!

    So what I did was went within and queried myself. I asked myself what the benefits would be of taking a (REAL) break from it. I asked what would happen if I just dropped it. I asked if I would be happier, I asked why all of a sudden I need to give this up. I basically did Catherine Couleautts exercise (hope I spelt her name right!)

    The message I got back LOUD & CLEAR was “You’ll return to that acting in a powerful way once you have done the work for the inner vibrance project and have settled in. There is room for everything and right now it is time for this passion.”

    And from that, I released it all and have felt fantastic about it!


  10. Awesome tips Marie – I’ve done both; moved to a new industry with a business, changed country, and I’ve also just realised I needed a break. In the beginning it’s so exciting to start something new but if you don’t take time to smell to roses it is like chomping mashed potatoes everyday!

    Regular honest conversations are really important:
    – why are you doing what you are doing?
    – does this make you happy? If no, what would make you happy?
    – which of your clients do you LOVE and which do you hate? (Make a list)
    – what are the similarities between the clients you LOVE?

    Quite often deciding what you don’t want for the future can help you decide what you want – making sure your business goals are aligned with your personal ones can be a great starting point. And, it’s totally ok to say, I don’t want to do this anymore and get started into something new! Go for it!

  11. Great vid, Marie! This has happened to me twice in different ways – first before I quit my job in the wedding photography industry, then when I felt stuck as a freelance copywriter.

    It’s almost like we’re shedding our skin and becoming in essence, more of who we truly are. Sometimes it just takes time to figure out if we’re just tired or we really need a change.

    Ironically, I came back to what I had always wanted to do (fashion). It wasn’t that long ago that I graduated from fashion school – 2 years now – and I think all along I had been waiting to do it, but had accidentally fallen into other careers because I couldn’t get a job post-grad – so all I did was work at the job I already had and hoarded my money to start my own business. Now that I have my own line, there is definitely a difference between what I feel now and what I felt both those times that I wanted out. I still feel burned out sometimes (natural as an entrepreneur), but I always come back with greater focus, and there’s still a well of creative energy inside me. Tons of it.

    The law test btw is amazing! Now I know the quicker way to tell. 😉

  12. I think it’s natural sometimes to feel a little worn out. But what you said is the cure for sure- down time. So many times I’m working and then I have to remind myself to let it go and plop on the bed with my “Chad” ( my husband;) and just chill. So I think down time is vital as you said.

    Down time or dancing time- I tell my clients to use both. It helps so much.

  13. Hi Marie,
    I definitely lost my passion for my corporate career after several years, and I think it was just because I was a frustrated entrepreneur! I made the change and now I have my own business (thanks in big part to you!).
    I now recognize that I get burnt out, it doesn’t mean I need to change my career, it just means I need some down time.
    You were the one who introduced me to Marcus Buckingham’s Strengths Finder when I was looking to fins my passion, and lo and behold I found it – Facebook Marketing.
    Thanks for all you do, and have fun in LA x

    • That’s an awesome distinction Victoria! I also realized for myself that there are times when I’m naturally in “go go go” mode and times when I’m more hands off and introspective.

      It’s very much cyclical for me, and having a calendar and seeing what projects I’ve got coming up is always super motivating. Not letting anything that doesn’t get me fired on my calendar is a bit of a challenge, but it works!

  14. I’m quite new to business (thanks to B-School!), and while there’s been moments where I’ve been scared shitless, I’m happy to say that MOST of the time I ride the wave of inspiration and creativity and know that I’m exactly where I need to be at any given moment.

    I have a scanner personality- so I’m always changing things up, and I think that serves me and my life really well.

    6 months ago, I knew I was ready for a change. I just didn’t know how ready- until B-School literally threw a coaching business in my lap, and now I’m having the time of my life!

    Another cracker vid Marie 🙂

  15. My business has changed over the years and being a ‘good girl’ myself, I often hung onto products and projects long after the passion had ended because I didn’t want to disappoint people.

    I have found that telling people you’re ‘taking a break’ from something, is far less confronting than telling them you’re totally stopping something.

    So now I feel free to ‘take a break’ (forevvvveeeeerrrr!) from things I need to stop. And that works for me!

    • I like that Anna. Currently going through the same thing. I don’t
      Want to disappoint a team of people.

  16. Great video as always! I was definitely, most certainly struggling with burnout. I worked day in, day out with very little breaks. Taking “me” time whether it be going to yoga, or making Sundays a no work zone, definitely helps me keep the fire going on my passion for my business while also creating balance in my life. It totally, totally helps!

  17. OOOOH, this one is so GOOD!
    4 months ago I walked out on my practice job of 4 years. It was an absolute knee jerk decision, one that left me financially vulnerable. At the time, I thought I was burnt out… I haven’t taken a holiday in 5 years.
    However, once I left, I was re-newed with energy and enthusiasm, my creativity flooded in like I’ve never experienced and I have been able to pace myself better.
    Now I’m not saying all give up your jobs, but Marie’s formula is a brilliant thing to work out the difference. I wish I had been able to use this formula earlier as it would have cut all the stress and worry.
    Yes, I do have stress and worry about building my business, but my energy is so much more productive these days meaning my business seems easier to build.
    THANK Marie for another AWESOME Marie TV.


  18. Marie, you are simply a total rockstar. Thank you for sharing your voice so freely and authentically.

    I experienced this sensation twice in my career, and it seems as though both times, because of my introverted nature, I needed about 4-6 months to get to the core. The 80/20 rule really speaks to me, and I am so encouraged to learn that this is something we need to be conscious of always, especially when following our passion. It’s all about integrity and authenticity, so the soul and heart will always remind us when a business idea may not be aligned to who we are now becoming. Times change, we evolve, the needs of our community shift, too. Having daily or weekly “check-in” time keeps us connected to our now. As a yoga teacher and forever student, this has become increasingly more important in my business endeavors.

    Abundance and blessings to all.

  19. Morning Marie

    So timely your videos always are! I’ve been in a place very similar to this lately – burn out or keeping on doing what makes me happy (I think.)?!

    My guess is that I need to take time off, or give myself a break. Because when I do chillax for a bit, I always come back refreshed and reenergerized and ALWAYS with some new creativity just dying to be set free.

    Thank you thank you.
    xo Johanna

  20. Vikki

    Thank you, I am at this exact turning point in my life. At first I thought it was burnout so I am in a transitional stage in my life. Sometimes I question my self wondering if I am making the right choice. The video made it clear and now I know that I am making the right choice.

  21. Loved this video and so true.

    I have spent over 16 years working hands on with clients interested in cleansing and vitality. Helping people find that inner zen and whilst I have loved that, last year I hit a ceiling too many clients and only one me, so I have changed gear, changed my life, moved country and created my business online in order to share things in a totally new way and I am loving this new way of expressing myself and empowering others.

    I launch my first online course over the month of December beginning January 2013 – you can check it out at and I am super excited about this life style transition I have made where I still get to do something I love but in a way that allows me to travel and live freely. It is great 😀 Thanks so much for the inspiration Marie and the reminder that we each have the power to make a choice about what next in our careers and life 😀

    • Love it savannah!!! I’m moving towards that too!
      Leverage! Love your name too…that’s my daughters name

  22. ummm…as I’m laying in bed (can’t seem to sleep after 3am because my mind’s racing with thoughts about “is it time to give up OR am I just in my own way”) …you really ARE in our heads!!!
    How freakin timely was this? seriously. Amazing.
    I feel that ALL of this applies to me.
    From doing too much of the things that don’t ignite me, to working inefficiently…EVERY SINGLE one of my clients now, even my accountant doesn’t seem to be TRULY showing up.
    Because I’m questioning…it’s showing up everywhere.
    This isn’t sustainable or profitable or fun.
    And yet it’s my income, so I realized I’m probably too money focused (to pay the bills) …and I keep creating situations that are more of the same. It seems like the clients have all the control, and I have allowed this to happen. Some of my long time clients who are the epitome of my avatar are even questionable now. Everyone wanting a sale. No one taking this seriously.
    My body is feeling it…
    so is my mind.
    And it’s effecting everything.
    I almost feel past the point of no return.

    much love for this Marie and all of you here …xo

  23. Great video, as always! I am struggling with this same question, but in my case, my business is still in the building phase and I think I’m just feeling burned out from marketing (NOT my genius work), and not from what I actually do with clients. If I could snap my fingers and have a full client load tomorrow, I think I’d be super happy. But is it worth all the stress and struggle to get there? That is the question.

    • Christina

      Devon – Why not hire a part time virtual assistant to take the load off with marketing? There are tons of qualified pro’s out there. This way, you can stay in your genius zone more often.

  24. Christina

    Love this video, Marie! Especially the Law Test. Such an insightful method of getting to your core feelings.

    In my coaching practice, I help women gain clarity on their right life. It is amazing to see when someone has that ah-ha moment, finds their purpose and hones in on their strengths. If Ronnie was able to build a successful business doing what she doesn’t love, she should be amazing at building something around her passion! That goes for the rest of us too 🙂

  25. Marie-Great timing on this question. I have been asking myself this same question lately. I have a corporate job that I love and have great flexibility but the down side of this is that it is a crutch for me to no launch my business to the heights that I know I’ve been called to do. The four questions you asked helped me to put things into perspective and get moving. Thanks so much

  26. Kat

    Great video! Over the past decade, I’ve had a couple careers that never felt right. With a few exceptions, I’ve been locking my strengths away while working at things that didn’t speak to the soul. I’ve been so scared of using my true strengths, that I’ve been living a life that my soul DID NOT intend (Henry David Thoreau knew what was up). This video is a great confirmation to myself that I’m heading in the right (albeit scary) direction. Thank you!

  27. Great video Marie. When I made the decision to go back to school and switch careers I knew it was because my passion was lost. I love that you pointed out when you’re hoping for clients to cancel it’s definitely time for a change. That started to happen to me when I was working in dance. While I still loved dancing for myself I hated teaching my classes. I would hope no one would show up or we’d have a snow day…any reason not to hold class! Clearly it was time for a change. Now I simply can’t get enough of what I do!

  28. Love this video! Thank you! That video was what I needed today! I have had a biz for 10 years but have a passion that is calling me so loudly that I can’t ignore it anymore! I too have children, so am always trying to be practical. Need to figure out how the passion can bring in the same $, but so excited! … and scared. Just signed up for b-school….. yeah!!!

  29. This is currently happening to me. I wonder if it’s burnout and then I wonder if I just don’t want to do the very thing that I went to school for and built my business on.

    For me – I think it comes down to hiring out the task so that I can still have control over it, but not have to actually do the tedious work.

    I notice myself pushing away those thoughts in my head that I need to re-focus my attention on coaching and motivating, and continue doing what I’m doing, but I know that if I don’t change it soon that I will burnout. I’m in the middle of re-structuring my brand development package to test and see if I enjoy the new process better than the current one. The only way I seem to learn is by trying it out and changing it up if it doesn’t work!

  30. Love the “Law Test” — just got some clarity from applying that one!

    It’s funny, over the last few days I’ve been fantasizing about dropping one of my clients to free up time for both high-level strategy and planning + creating in my own business, and more down time to rest and rejuvenate in general. Because when I look at my deadlines for next week, I realize that I’ll have to work most of the weekend — again — and this is making me feel cranky and stressed! Which is definitely not good for feeling creative and inspired.

    And though I remind myself that being booked to capacity is a very good thing, I also know that time away from my business to just hang out with friends and have fun is very, very good for my business, not to mention my sanity. ; ) With that in mind, I plan to cut back on some client work, and agree with myself that I’ll stop working so much on nights and weekends.

    Thanks for another awesome and actionable video/killer advice!

  31. Ooooh that law test is so good Marie. I would fight so hard to keep the photography industry going it’s not even funny. I’m going over my B-School notes again, constantly improving and working ridiculous hours to get my website up and running that I completely forgot to take care of myself. So I’m keeping myself hydrated now, and also scheduling some fun-time for the weekend. Thanks for this video. It came at the perfect time for me! 🙂

  32. Ah yes, how do you know when to stay and make it better or go for change, which is the unknown and often scary- what if I make the change it’s it’s WORSE? Well, this hardly ever really happens, does it?

    I find that if I’m feeling burnt out, I need a new project to work for and most importantly- look forward to. I’m currently in a job that pays the bills and I actually really like it, but also want to jump full time in my creative work. The question is, how much risk am I willing to take? For me, I need a plan, b/c just quitting a good job for the unknown is too risky for me. So, I’m working, paying the bills and then doing my creative work when I can. It’s a slower process, but I’m starting to see results.

    When I’m able to make what I’m making at my current job, I will go full time with my creative work. Yes, it’s hard- it’s a lot of work now- but it’s worth it!

    Thanks Marie!

  33. Alessandra

    I’m just starting out, so it feels like to be in that place would actually be a luxury – to have success, a network, credibility, experience, etc., but I do know that at this point, letting myself get inspired by those who are doing work that I aspire to do draws me continuously closer to my goals. That’s a fun practice I’ll probably always keep. That being said, I’ve already jumped from high-end editorial/magazines to personal development and coaching, so when your heart’s really a-tuggin’, it’s not something you can ignore! Unless you want to cost yourself your peace of mind. And who wants that?

  34. Loved this; great topic as always!

    I know I’ve experienced both sides of the coin on this one. At one point, I has a business making aromatherapy skin care products. And while I loved what I did, after a point, I didn’t love doing it as a business anymore. I still make these products for myself, friends, and family, but as much as I loved creating the products, I actually began to really resent the business itself, and how much time it was taking. It’s been just shy of a year since I closed that business down, and while it was a really hard decision, I know I did the right thing to take my life in the direction I want to go.

    Also in a past life, I was a commercial photographer. I’ve always loved photography, and relished the IDEA of working as a photographer. What I failed to take into account is that often, working commercially, the level of creativity that I loved and craved is replaced with needing to meet specs and basically being a technician. So while I loved photography, working as a commercial photographer largely killed my passion for it. So, I adjusted what I do. I focus mostly on painting and art photography now, and do some assignments here & there that are conceptual photo shoots. But I’ve (for all intensive purposes) stepped away from working commercially, and refound my passion in doing so.

    I think you have to be willing to, as you said, be conscious of your recurring thoughts and willing to acknowledge when the moment comes where you know in your heart it’s time for a change.

  35. Hi Marie!
    Great video, thank you as always for the right stuff at the right time. The Law Test made me realize I don’t want to move on or give up from my current business, but I’ve definitely been feeling confused, and I think most of that is from not seeing the progress I thought I would have so far. Working 30-40 hours at my day for not a lot of money while I’m building my dream business is tough, and tends to get me questioning if I should stay the course or move on, very often. I realized after this long Thanksgiving weekend when I had four days off for the first time in 10 months that I may be burnt out. It’s rough coming back this week! But after this video, I feel I need to stay the course. Thanks for helping me see it! 🙂

  36. Cheval John

    I can honestly say that I’ve felt like I had been busy a lot over the last three months. At times, I said that I’m going to slow down and relax, but I feel that it’s hard to do that.

    • Have you ever worked at a retail job? When I find myself working a lot I remind myself of when I was a Barista, I worked hard at work but then I got to enjoy my set down time. You work for yourself the only person stressing you to work more is you. Make sure you do the things that have deadlines first and then be confident that you deserve a break. If its really hard to do grab a stack of buisness cards and tell yourself your going to go have fun networking, but you don’t have to that will get you out the door. Good luck! You deserve a break:)

  37. Them are some great questions Marie. Thank you for asking them. I have been feeling a little burnt out and a little lost for quite some time now. But it has a lot to do with being the sole provider in my family thanks to my 9-to-5 job and really wanting that income to come from my passion.

    So when I answer these questions there’s different answers depending on what I’m looking at.

    For my 9-to-5 job I would not protest if they passed a law and I couldn’t do it anymore but I would for my online business. I love what I do online but it doesn’t pay the bills yet.

    I know what it is in my life that is causing me to feel burnt out but I also know that it will all work out as long as I keep my focus on my desired outcome and not on my temporary situation.

  38. Are you in my head? Lol. I’ve been mulling over
    This for a while now! For so long, my head tells me
    “Don’t be a quitter, you’re just not working hard enough,
    You’re being lazy, blah blah blah!!” But now I believe
    It’s just Gods way of telling us sometimes, it’s time
    To move to the next phase of the purpose I have for you.
    Like peeling an onion. The next layer is coming out.
    And that law test gave me a definite ” I would be relieved!”
    Yikes and Yeah all at the same time! Lol

  39. This is so timely for me because this feeling was a huge part of my recent re-branding. I opened my business 18 months ago and worked hard to fit into a mold I thought I needed to fit in to. I took a much more professional, buttoned up feel then I would prefer because I thought that is what I needed to be successful. After 18 months and a bit of success I realized I wasn’t being true to me, and it seemed the more I relaxed the more success that came my way. The more I put myself out there the more I got back. So I decided to totally re-brand, I offer almost all of the same services, some of course have been adjusted but I’m finding I’m so much happier with the feel of my business. I have a renewed energy and focus because I feel like my business is much more true to who I am as a person.

  40. Hi Marie!
    Today’s video was Awesome! My business is popular and it is still young. We are still in our first year and I am still working out business hours. Because I Love my clients and believe in them whole heartedly, Sometimes it can feel like I am working round the clock. My ambition and high work ethic inspires me to the working of long hours as well. Back In Februrary, my first 2 months of, I clocked 50 work days without a break! And then I took some much needed time off! I’ve learned that time off is super important and down time is needed to Rewrite! Refresh! And Inspire!

    Your law test helped tremendously! Yes! I would find a way to continue to help people find Self Love! I believe my job is so very important to the planet and Love is so very essential to our health!

    I love starting my work day with Marie! You have felt like a cheerleader on my shoulder this past year! Thank you for your Courage and Strength! Now I can pass it along to 100 others who will ultimately do the same!

    I heart YOu Marie and your team 🙂


    Intuitive Counselor

  41. Pauline

    Your so entertaining and give awesome advice,,, thanks ever so much …

  42. Thank you for the wonderful video. I really liked the last part about getting rid of parts of the buisness that aren’t serving you. I just finished pushing through a block of rigidity about how my buisness has to be. Now that I am starting to focus on Yoga Coaching for Runners which contains three of my favorite things to do and teach I have renewed energy and feel like the universe is behind me:)

  43. This video couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m at that point where I feel burnt out but wasn’t sure if I should stick it out. You’ve helped me clarify that I’m on the right track. Thanks Marie!!

  44. Terrific video.

    I’ve had the feeling of “what am I doing?” come up whenever something needed to get altered in my work, whenever I was going through massive internal transformation.

    Being total authentic in my life, my work, my relationships is extremely important to me, so whenever that little voice of “Uh-ha girl, change.” shows up I know I need to stop and reevaluate.

    I often travel when that happens. This allows me to meet new people, explore new ideas and see new places and things I wouldn’t be exposed to – yes, even in NYC.

    I also stop what I’m doing, look at what brings me grief and eliminate the projects that make me nuts. This takes care of a lot of mental clutter so I can go into silence, where all my ideas swirling can settle and the next steps become clear.

    Great episode.

  45. Cassandra Nkem

    Very good video…I love the 80/20. I recently changed up my coaching practice to include some “get it and go” components. Most people won’t spend ample time taking care of themselves, so I want to give them a litle something-something, to get it and go…

    This video lets me know I’m on the right track…Thanks Marie (Love you energy and spirit…)

  46. I just started my business so I personally don’t feel the burn out yet and have been in the fitness industry for 6 years. Though I do see burn out from my boss from my other job who has started his own business and is leaving hints that he is burning out but is putting in 15-16 hour days and rarely takes vacations so I would recommend taking time off and limiting your workdays to set hours and try not to go over those hours.

  47. Thank you for your insights Marie! I was just thinking yesterday that I like my work/business much more when I am rested. I have also been thinking about the things I don’t like to do…..the things that drag me down. Not because they are hard, but because I find them tedious and boring. The thought of doing them takes away from my creativity and joy in work. I need to get someone else doing these things so it can free up my brain space! Having said that, I still think I need a bit more variety and flexibility in my life and am playing with new business ideas and am digging down to figure out my true passions!

  48. I’ve been so burnt out lately! I love my biz with a passion, and have spent the past 8 weeks working on different business plan scenarios. I’m excel’d out!

    But yesterday I had a production day, which got my hands back into the food itself. It reminded me just how much I do love what I’m creating, and why I’m doing it. Before I knew it, I was making this video!

    I also really need some time off. I know it’s up to me to take it, and if I don’t I’ll burn out even more… but at this time of year it’s so hard to not use every minute…

    Thanks for such a great video today, Marie.

  49. Richard Lilavois

    Maria! I remeber you saying from one of your amazing and inspirational videos that if we wait for the feeling of being motivated to get us going, we will only be waiting to be motivated and get nothing accomplished. I have finally come to terms with the fact I had a rough childhood and having been feeling rejected emotionally as a child then as an adult by the same people …the negativity in my life was like a force field. I had to finally separate myself from my family. I am turning 40 (Grand Canyon Echo) and can tell you I feel like a failure. I am honestly lost. I don’t know what to do with my life and I get nothing but advice ( unconstructive borderline condescending criticism from friends and family). I am pulling myself out of an ocean of drowning depression. This has all lead me to having no degree, $15,000.00 in debt, still single, and in a shittttttttteeeeeeyyyyyyyyy retail job that is honestly going nowhere. This clip helped me a lot. I have taken the first step as far a accepting the responsability I have towards my mistakes in my life. Accountability and acceptance go hand in hand. “Call a thing a thing”. I’m tying to reinvent myself. I have so many interests and I hope that link you recommended from Oprah helps me get that spark to find the path I need to figure it out. I’m at the point where I feel no one that has my back I need to let them know its not kook or either dismissing them from my life I feel when you are trying to better yourself and someone clearly is telling you they have no faith in your positive intentions the really aren’t friends.

  50. This is a great topic, not only for me, but for many of my clients. I love Now, Discover Your Strengths, too. It totally helped me (along with B-School!) to embrace my natural talents and market them instead of fighting my strengths and trying to be how I thought I “should” be, but drained me.

    For myself, I’m inspired to reconnect to what I love about my business and use that information to give myself more structure (I love me some structure) so I can shine at it. Thanks, Marie!

  51. i had my real burnouts, when i was in that job-thing. now tryin to get in a constant mindset of adjusting all the time, be flexible and change ways and strategies when they don’t fit and make me feel good.

  52. Annemarie

    Marie, Love this video. My life was changed in a major way when I migrated to Canada in 1995. I’d left a pretty successful business (free-lance secretary), but coming here and encountering the dumb question “Do you have Canadian experience?” at every interview, I was like “Dumb-ass, how am I supposed to get Canadian experience if you don’t hire me!”…. any way I eventually meditated on what was going to be my next move.
    I changed my career path, went back to school, became a Massage Therapist and I’m building a great life that feeds my soul in every way… I’m currently going back to school for Coach certification to start a brand new business in Wellness Coaching.

  53. Kim

    Loved this, and many others tv episodes! Also true for life and relationships I’d say, certainly looks like it from other comments too. I think the 80/20 is what I’ll be looking hard at, along with Natural Strengths. Burnout takes a long time to recover from, these tips and hopefully the M Buckingham course help speed that along.

  54. Jo

    Wow, all these tips are great! I love the 80/20 rule – and the idea to focus on changing that uncomfortable or unpleasant 20% to keep your passion alive. I recently changed my services to start offering something new (that I’d been excited about trying for a long time), and stopped enrolling clients into an old service which was draining my time and energy. My business is rejuvenated and most importantly I feel rejuvenated. You are totally right Marie when you say as we change and grow our passions change and grow too… so it really is important to keep changing things up 🙂

  55. When I was loosing the spark on my business, I discovered that it was because I was too focused on making sales or money, instead of focusing on helping people and giving them value.

    Once I made the shift, everything went up back again

  56. Robin

    First time I’d heard “the Law test” – that’s a good test! I would protest.

    I love the idea to constantly hone and discard the parts that don’t bring happiness.

    Thanks as always for clarity and inspiration.

  57. Love your upbeat and sometimes quirky remarks on all your videos. Must say love the dress, great fashion sense as always. Having done the Graduate school thing in Applied Psychology, learning about burnout was part of the course and learning to recognize it is vital to dealing with burnout. Never heard of the ‘law test’ but it is a great question to ask yourself, the answer might be surprising. My favorite part of the video was “You don’t drink and you don’t smoke what do you do, clearly the internet wasn’t around back then” hahah funny, did I say I love the quirky comments oh and the singing and dancing too ; )

  58. The Law Test just did it for me! I had been sitting on the fence for so long trying to figure out if it was boredom or a genuine urge to change. If I were told tomorrow that my job was gone or if I were made redundant I wouldn’t shed a tear! Now to plan and take action steps towards an amazing 2013 🙂
    Thank you Marie x

  59. I went through this a few years ago and stepped out of a 19 year career as a hair dresser… a very good one, if I say so myself… however, I still have yet to get my ‘act’ together and make something satisfying happen. I always feel like I’m just on the brink of greatness and then… Nothing. Wish we could all go to Camp Marie and get clear.

  60. Charlene

    I admit it. I get bored with my facial menu from time to time. My menu is constantly being revamped at least every 6-9 months, and I end up adding and/or subtracting at least one new treatment every 9-12 months. And I’ve only been in business (actively) for little over 2 years!

    My passions are in natural healing (with essential oils), energy healing and doing angel readings, so I’ve infused my healing into my facials, thinking “well, facials are what’s mainstream. That’s what I HAVE to do to stay afloat.” But if that part if it went away, and I was JUST doing healings and readings, I think I would be happy as a clam…and then I’d jump into musical theatre and have some fun with that, alongside my business. ;D

    Clearly, more revamping needs to be done to align myself with more happiness! It CAN and WILL be done!

    Thanks for the post and links, Marie! See you in B-School! 🙂

  61. wow! i really related to a few things in this video. especially the first and the last point you made, marie. one of my issues that i am working on overcoming is people pleasing, so that first one truly resonated with me. if there was a law passed that banned the job i have from existing, you would not find me picketing at city hall. i would secretly feel relieved. the last point, i have first hand experience with.

    a couple of years ago, i was running a blog and was considering taking my then-coaching practice to a higher level. things were getting better and better. but, fear crept in and i backed away, shutting my blog and coaching practice completely down. i thought i had decided to focus all of my energy on my 9-5, but i was actually just fearfully walking away from my “next act.” what happened in the time following is nothing short of astonishing. things at my 9-5 changed DRASTICALLY (not for the better) and i felt completely lost and befuddled. then i wound up getting pregnant unexpectedly. my hubby and i found it a delightful surprise, but definitely a whole different direction.

    it finally dawned on me that my life would continue to become more and more complex and that i HAD to launch a new blog, finish my screenplay and begin to take some additional life coach training. my dreams are a priority to me now because i see how toxic it can be to walk away from them. i finished my first screenplay, got it copyrighted and found out a couple weeks ago that a post that i wrote for tiny buddha was selected to be published in the new book due out next fall.

    i literally have the teensiest amount of free time to get this show on the road, but i am SO committed…i am squeaking out content with every free moment i can find.

    THANK YOU for your consistency and your quality…these are the two most important lessons i have learned in watching your videos and reading your blog.

    to anyone out there who is on the fence, choose the side of the fence with your DREAMS…they are not going anywhere. so why not pursue them now?

  62. This was right on time! I watch your videos weekly but do not post any comments, but today I had to finally say something! Yesterday I came home from work and cried due to frustration at my job. Never again! I know I am totally happy whenever I can create and design something. So I will definitely take your advice and Marcus Beckingham’s and “offer up a strength and steer my job towards it”. I watched the entire free course and I am more focused than ever. I have had several opportunities to do DIY creative projects at work and I need to jump on it. When I am finally able to step out of my current position for good, I will have more experience to add to my passion turned full-time career. I am going to make the most of November and December. 2013, watch out!

  63. R

    Hi Marie,

    As I was watching your video, the Q today sounded so familiar…and then I realized, it was MY Q that I had sent in a while ago!

    You wanted feedback….here it is. Without verbalizing it, I did ask myself some of the questions you mention in the video.

    Since the Q was sent last year, I can now answer from the ‘other side’. Yes, I did the law test, and made some changes (cut back my hours, delegated things I didn’t like, and got inspired….to write, work on side projects, and to run-a LOT).

    I’m happy to report I’m no longer feeling down constantly, nor dread every work day. I’ve progressed to a better level, and although I wouldn’t say I “love” what I do, I’m much more peaceful, happier even….and feel confident that my search will lead to better (more love-able) things. Perhaps I’m meant to find my purpose via the scenic route 🙂 Funnily enough, my biz is having its best year to date. Go figure!

    • Yeah! I like the fact that you ran-alot and worked on some other things to break the burnout cycle. Happy to hear things are working out and your also seeking those fun things, love the ‘scenic route’ approach.

  64. Q. The Law Test
    I dislike being told what to do – I LOVE the autonomy provides

    Q. Fun
    Ok, this told me I’m TIRED and that I need to do something FUN

    Q. 80 / 20 Rule
    OH, MY … this is the BIGGY …. I should be writing about life, but instead I’m doing everything and these tasks are keeping me tethered to my desk.

    I use to SOAR and now I see that I’m creeping.


    Accept that it may take longer to reach my business goal.
    To get out and do the activities that made me want to start telling stories on BOBBblog. To reclaim my passion for experiencing life!

    Q. Natural Strengthens
    I’m off to Amazon to buy ‘Now Discover Your Strength’

    Thank you, the timing on this is perfect … You are a mind reader, too!!

  65. Did Marie just do the chocolate oompa loompa song and dance?!? Hahaha! Love it! Thanks Marie for empowering us! I reached burn out and had to s’et realistic goals for myself, got a new schedule in my calender and i feel like im “bending” time with it now, so far so good! Love MarieTV wish it was everyday! 🙂 xoxo

  66. 🙂

    Thank you Marie for this video! It came at the perfect time for me. We can all use the reminder to take time to rebalance and rejuvenate…like regularly 😉 I especially loved your first tip. What a great way to get to the meat and potatoes of the issue! Sending you love and support. Thank you for all you do.

  67. Brigitta

    Thank you, as always, for sharing not only your encouragement on the issue, but for the link to Oprah’s workshop. I have changed careers and industries now… jeez – four…? times so far (and am plotting yet another quantum leap thanks to B-School *wink*) and it really took watching Marcus’s presentation and connecting a brief conversation from Session 4 with something I read over at Laura Simms’ website a while ago for the underlying purpose to really click with me.

    When the discussion came up about letting other people define your strengths – “oh you’re so good at that! you should be doing THAT” – it goes hand-in-hand with Laura’s awesome “Talent is not an obligation” post.

    For me, and surely oodles of other folks who feel a (oft irrational and ultimately detrimental) responsibility for other people’s happiness, getting positive feedback on something you’re good at… well, it just feels good. They’re so proud of you! You’re being rewarded and paid for being so good at such-and-such! Oh it’s lovely. And distracts you from realizing that you don’t actually LIKE doing whatever that is.

    I’ve tried on a lot of career shoes to find the right fit, and get so distracted by other people’s flattery or encouragement that it takes me a few miles of walking before I realize those shoes are crinking my toes to nubs, at which point I’ve soured so much on what I was doing that I just kick ’em off, take a sharp turn and explore something totally different.

    It’s not all bad, though – I’ve learned so much that I can apply to new situations, made friends in all sorts of businesses who continue to encourage and inspire me, and I have a ton of entertaining life adventures to look back upon. I suppose I look forward to seeing where the next shift takes me!

    Thanks, again, Marie!

  68. Marie, if I didn’t know better I would say you are stocking me. It seems every time I have an issue, I get your email addressing that same issue lol.

    Anyway, I can totally relate to this ‘Q’. Lately, I too have been feeling like I’m beginning to lose passion for what I do and the even bigger problem is that I have set an expectation with my clients, so it’s hard to say that I can take a step back from it.

    When I really think about it though, it’s more about losing passion in the way I do what I do, and not so much what I do directly. How can I go about switching it up with clients, without losing them or losing credibility and appearing like I don’t know what I’m doing?

  69. Thanks for the post! This is exactly what was on my mind when I opened my email.

    I had my own personal version of “the law test” (in the form of a layoff) and as much as I fretted about being able to provide for my family, I was oh so relieved.

    It’s been several months since then, and I am just NOW finding the courage to step into my dream.

    Thanks again for shining light on like minds.

  70. You’re coming to LA!? Whoo hoo! I’m in LA! Maybe I’ll run into you at the local coffee shop! So excited about BSchool and this content makes me more and more pumped! Thank you!

  71. Thankyou 🙂 I needed that. Even though we generally “know” this….. its just the permisson..

  72. Rona

    Thank you for this Marie. I think it is time for me to move on, but I’m really scared. Plus I don’t really know what else I would do? There are things I like to do but not sure if I would want to do them as a business. Any advice out there?

    • Hi Rona, What came to my mind is perhaps you could volunteer, of course this would depend on your ‘free’ time and if there are volunteer opportunities in your area of interest. Apprenticeships and internships are out there, usually through schools. Anyway volunteer provides for opportunities to explore not only yourself and your interest but connect you to a whole world of possibilities.

      • Rona

        Thanks Victoria. I’ll try that.

  73. Burnout can be a nasty thing. I know with all that I do burnout is a risk I take often. Lately I’ve really been dreading work I have to do – in my case I think because some of it is “never done” as its a daily task. Other things are just very large tasks that will get done over time but it’s just a lot of legwork so to speak. Not having energy and feeling drained doesn’t help one’s productivity however.

    When I thought about #1 I knew that I still, even if tired, am deeply & madly in love with what I do. I know for a fact that nothing will stop me from what I do. I never take a vacation from “work” however, no matter what type of work I’m doing. Part of it is out of guilt – why do I deserve to stop and be lazy. I think some things are not my strengths, or at the least just something I find tedious because I don’t see a result immediately from doing them so … why am I doing this?!

    I’m really looking forward to getting into this strengths training! Thanks for the awesome share, and for Ronnie for writing in and Marie for answering!

  74. oh yes! i have suffered from mega burnout. i ran my own womenswear clothing line for 5 years. it was my dream job but at a certain point i was spent. so i took a year off and vowed to hang up my design hat. what happened? about 8 months later i started my jewelry line. it was such an organic process and this year it took off! i think one day i’ll design clothes again but i’m loving the simplicity of making jewelry.

    so my advice, take a break if you’re able. it was the best thing i did for my creativity and my business.

  75. thanks maria! I don’t take time for my home bus, I work to hard at my everyday bus, Can’t stop right now, People need my work done, So just waiting on down time so I can work more on my home business, Thanks for your time

  76. Hi Marie,
    absolutely love your videos, I only discovered them a week ago via another business mentor video on your tube and this is the first time I’ve replied.
    I work with my Mum at her shop, its a bridal wear shop and even though the job is ‘lovely’ as people describe it there are element that get us both down, but we find if we go to the trade shows and speak with others in the industry, we get inspiration for small changes and it makes a huge difference. We come home feeling charged up.
    I too have been through a the death of my Father like the first lady has her Father is poorly, grief is a very strange horse, don’t make any rash decisions whist your still sensitive, your best explaining and talking with your staff how your feeling, if they are worth employing they will work harder to ensure you feel able to have some time off, you would do the same for them if they came with their hearts on their sleeves, wouldn’t you?
    Thank you so much for the great inspiration Marie!
    Oh ps I’m trying to find the first video watched of you last week, you were talking about asking ourselves why did we get into the industry we are in and ensuring we haven’t moved away from our original usp, I really want to show this video to my Mum.

  77. This was wonderful….I was really able to answer those Q´s to see if I´m burning my booty out. I must say I am on the way. So I’m pulling the emergency break and getting back to my natural strength and getting rid of the 20% yucky yuck yuck tasks.
    Thank you soooooo much darlin’

  78. Chris Salvato

    My strategy for figuring that out always included taking a vacation.

    Whenever I have decided it was time to change careers (two times in the past 4 years), it was always when I took a vacation and then, immediately upon coming back, realized that I still hate it, or have no passion, then I move on to the next venture.

  79. Hi Marie,

    Love the video! I tune in each week for Marie TV and love to listen to you while I am in the studio. You’ve got such fresh energy!

    I had an interesting experience with this same topic, but with a twist. I’ve been working to create a business that I love over the past few years and just this summer really seem to have hit my “sweet spot” both in my company and my personal life. Business was finally booming, I had just hired an assistant, and everything seemed to be falling into place. Right when it all started to come to fruition, I had a mini breakdown and started doubting everything and wondering if it was time to start something new, or quit all together. After processing through this with my (very befuddled) husband, we realized that I was not only “upper limiting” but also afraid of success subconsciously, as well as afraid that if things were easy & flowing, I would loose my drive and sense of self. I was too in love with the stress and pressure of trying to make things work so much so that when they started working, it freaked me out! As soon as I was able to bring some awareness to what was actually going on at the deeper level I was able to start working on the underlying issues (identifying too much with stress/production/struggle) and start not only celebrating my success but calling more of it in! “Yes. Thank you. More Please!”

    Thanks for all you do! And for holding space for this very amazing community of peeps share their stories and struggles in! Cheers & gratitude, Megan Winn

  80. Pauline

    Look forward to more …

  81. Wow, I wish I had this a year ago! I struggled with a decision to leave a company I co-created even though we were quite successful and on the verge of really “making it.” I just woke up one day with the realization that I was going to have to be working on it at the same 24/7 pace for a minimum of 5 more years and ugh, the lump in my throat and pain in my gut just wouldn’t cease. So I ended up talking it out with my amazing biz partner and she totally supported my decision…yes! She freed me of the guilt to move on. I’ve re-discovered the fire on a project so near and dear to my heart…I could burst with joy and excitement!

  82. Great video Marie!
    Unfortunately it took me 2 days to watch it because I’ve been working 24/7 for the last several weeks. And I’m getting cranky. Yes, I need some down time! Perfect timing for me thanks for the kick in the pants.


  83. I’m experiencing some short term burn out right now. It’s so tough because I want to walk away and take some time off, but I literally cannot afford to. Sure, I take night’s off and I even take most Saturday’s off, but it only helps for a day or so. I love what I do, but I think you may be onto something.. I am going to look into the NOW book as well as check out the program on Oprah.

    You’re the bestest Marie 🙂

  84. This is exactly what I needed to hear EXACTLY when I needed to hear it. I mean, I love all of your work, Marie, but this… this has been so powerful for me. I’ve been questioning whether or not to follow my bliss, but I keep pushing it down. To have this inside passion or yearning that I am pushing down has been so painful to me; to hear you explain it just reinforces what I need to do. It’s time to be courageous and act. Thank you. 🙂

  85. According to my checklist..I’m so far beyond burnout that it’s not even funny!! to answer question #1. I’d be totally relieved #2. I closed my business & actually moved out of the area to “take a break” & now that I’m back in the same area that I left, working in the same position, I am TOTALLY drained (but I love my clients to pieces) #3. My main responsibility is outside of my genius zone #4. No, I am not using my strengths (to my fullest ability).

    Ok, so what I derived from this is that it is time for me to move on (the Law Test was a total ahhh-HA for me!!) thanks for doing what you do Marie. x’s & o’s, HopeG.

  86. Great advice, Marie! I went through something similar when I lost my job in the recession back in 2010. I had been with the company for almost 7 years and took a leave of absence…just 6 weeks…to recharge and regroup. I had been working 55-60 per week and the relationship with my staff and my superiors was strained terribly. I had LOST that spark!

    Three days before I was to return to work, I received a letter stating that my position had been eliminated and that my last day of employment would be that coming Friday.

    I tool some time while looking for my next opportunity to do some of the work that Marcus teaches…assessing my strengths and weaknesses; and then really identifying what I wanted to do next. I’ll add that I did all of this while working a temporary contract assignment…but I took my time and made some decisions about where I wanted to use my expertise next.

    Today, I am still working for someone else, but I’m using the skill set I’m most passionate about…information technology and business analysis.

    Additionally? I’m building a consulting and coaching company to teach others how to do what I did for myself! I’m really in a good place right now and I’m excited about showing others how to do the same for themselves!

  87. Ms. B.

    I LOVE your law test. I sort of faced my own real life law test last year. I was feeling completely burned out, trying to figure a way to close my beauty studio and move on to something new. I had a lot of angst over it. My clients relied on me. I had created a service and a niche that well… not to toot my own horn but that no one else had mastered so I felt tremendous guilt for wanting to move on. Then I got word from my Landlord that he wouldn’t be renewing my lease that they decided to turn the building with my work/live space into a live only space and since I worked and not lived there I had to g-o! I think I did the running man. lol That was my out, I had an 8 month-old at the time and looking for and setting up another space just wasn’t going to happen! So I was done, yes?

    Well not exactly, somehow let myself get roped into or maybe I volunteered out of guilt to do house calls for a few clients (bad move). I’ve been flipping over in my head all month long how to shut this thing completely down, move on get my head out of my butt and launch a beauty biz coaching business and start living a life that I love and POW you hit me with this video and then BAM Hey Shenee hits me on Facebook with… Hey you, that thing that you no longer want to do. Stop doing it! I don’t think it gets any clearer than that ey? LOL

    By the way you’re AH-FREGGINGMAZING, I can’t believe I’d never heard of you until Oprah. Tuned in for Mastin, and fell head-over-heels for you.

  88. Ed

    I stumbled on this post while surfing the web and it’s exactly what I needed to hear today! Excellent advice. I’m saving this site to my favorites and will be back often.

  89. Tough one… this hit a nerve a little bit. Thats a good thing. My business is in the middle of another transformation and it feels overwhelming and icky. BUT I know on the other end of this transformation my true voice and authentic self will shine. Its a step that has been so needed for many years. I have been continuing to do business knowing that it wasn’t quite working and things had to shift. But ohhhh myyyyyyy change is so dang hard! And holding on to the “idea” of business sometimes is sooooo tempting. Thanks Marie. As always. xxxx

  90. This is such a great video Marie. Whenever I feel less than inspired I make sure to get back to the basics and my strengths. For me personally that’s writing, creating programs for my training clients and working on my online business. These new projects get the mojo back and combining that with a day or two of rejuvenation, I’m right back on track.

  91. Marie as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved this video, it really helped and is exactly what I am going through right now. I am doing what I love for a living but there is something about the way I am approaching it that I do not love. I find myself dreading clients and fearing the hard work, even though I feel passionate about my industry and I could talk about it all day long with people. I have done the Strengths finder test but can’t wait to watch the Oprah Series as I am still not sure how to apply it to the way I am running my business. I do feel that with the right perspective I can be doing more of the work I am meant to be doing and less of the aspects that just don’t sit well no matter how hard I try. So thanks again for this amazing video that as always helps us to ask ourselves questions about the TRUTH in our lives! xoxox

  92. I LOVE simple you make it to decide. Would I fight or feel relieved. If a law were to pass banning the health/wellness/personal development field I would riot!! (hahah)

    When I felt disconnected from what I was doing I looked into other options and was lucky enough to be able to enroll in school again so that I could change lanes.

    When I feel burned out now- I write…anything I can, everywhere I can, anytime I can. It is so healing and most people don’t even realize that if you let yourself free write minus the censor- the very answers you seek are usually inside the pages you have created.

    When that doesn’t work its always nice to call up a friend who knows you deepest desires and hash it out with them…

    Thanks again for kick ass content

    all my love to you, team forleo and my fellow forleo followers 🙂

  93. Hello Marie,

    You remembered me that Oprah’s course: I had just seen the intro once. Then I went back to it, I followed all the steps. It was worthful. Let’s put the attention on our strengths and enjoy using them!

    Then the first question in your video – “The law said that!” – makes me angry, in a good way, like: “This law is wrong!”, said with boldness in the eyes. I felt the passion on what I’m building. I will keep doing it!

    Thank you, and thank you also for the other comments and experiences shared!

  94. Hi Cecilia,

    I was so glad to see you mention about going to a spa at the top of this thread, as that was exactly what I was going to recommend. Taking some time to completely unplug, get away from the business and focus on you can help so much with that all important perspective that we need to make a decision like this. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed and under inspired I take myself away to a great little place away from where I live and just unplug. No phone, internet or anything, just me and a journal….which comes to the second thing I was going to suggest to you. Do you journal? I find its a great way to release the thoughts and emotions surrounding a difficult decision and stop the Ferris Wheel effect (where we go around and around in our own minds). Just putting down on paper what you’re feeling can help to get it a bit clearer, to release the emotion around it and help you to get some clarity over what direction feels right to you.

    Wishing you all the best with is – I look forward to hearing about what comes next for you!

    Much love,

    Claire x

  95. When I was burnt out with my graphic design business, I hired a business coach. She helped me to take a step back and figure out if my business was fulfilling my needs (not just fiscal). Through that process, I realized I needed to define success for myself. Without knowing what I wanted, I would never feel satisfied.

    Loved the content. Thanks Marie!

  96. I manifested my dream job, about 6 years ago. A job that I never even thought I would ever be able to apply for because it was so random. All I knew is that I wanted to work for the Food Network and design faux on-air packaging for the cooking shows (ex: Tyler Florence needs chicken stock for a recipe so he will walk to his on-air, television show pantry and pull out chicken stock… its a fake label, my label!) I worked at the Food Network for 4.5 years and love every second of it. I loved waking up in the morning, I loved my co-workers, and I could eat (almost) all the food I wanted! One day I woke up and I didn’t have that feeling anymore. I knew it was time to move on. As much as I loved my coworkers and the company I was over it all. That same day I quit, a month later I recieved a freelance job in Bangladesh as a textile designer (another manifestation). I know that if I would have stayed at the Food Network because it was secure and safe… I wouldnt have had the magical experience that I had in Bangaldesh.

  97. How do you know when your dreams are no longer serving you?

  98. I luuuuurve you, Marie, and appreciate this video! I have a day job that used to thrill me. THRILL! I’m getting my courage together to work for myself, and thank you for being there with me!
    old lady archivist fan

  99. Erica

    I have listened to this video over and over. I am currently trying to answer this question. I have been in corporate America working the 8-5 job 5 days a week. I don’t feel content in my current job, and I want and desire more. I have contemplated the thought of starting my own management consulting business, but taking the leap of faith is hard for me. I am a 50/50 provider for my family and this is definitely a life changing experience.
    Thank you Marie for making me question myself.

  100. I lost the spark pursuing acting but not altogether, it just meant I had to make some changes to the way I was doing things. I was a member of a theater company in West Hollywood around that time. When an opportunity came up for the few female members to write series short and funny plays, I wondered where on earth to begin. However, the writing experience proved to be so much fun. I had been encouraged by actor friends to write in the past but had hesitated. My play got a great response and I went on to create the multi-award winning sketch comedy web series, Vegan 101. I write and act in my own projects and have found this enormously fulfilling.

  101. Joanne Rose

    Hello Marie / Ladies! I watched this wonderful video again this morning and found it so comforting and reassuring. The past couple weeks I have been like the energizer bunny, working non-stop on my biz including some parts of weekend and then all of a sudden it caught up with me. I felt low, irritable and frustrated. I decided to take the day off yesterday and headed in to the city. I browsed the stores, had a cup of tea, flipped through some trashy magazines, got some fresh air. I felt much better but did have to restrain myself from making a to-do list. I did begin writing a few ideas down but these exciting ideas came about because I had mostly switched off. Amazing. I am going to make sure I take the weekends off.

    Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

  102. Thanks Marie,

    I’m watching the Marcus Buckingham series now and it’s AMAZING!

  103. how do you determine “your next act?” and find your genius zone? your dream, purpose, or vision?

    I have had a lifetime of “one-hit-wonders” and fleeting moments of passion in my work … but now, I am confused, unspecialized, under confident, and frustrated because I don’t have a sense of my self or my purpose … plus, I have passed the time for all of my dreams (so what I did achieve is it) and I don’t know what to dream anymore. With gratitude I greet each day, yet my heart is heavy … for I feel I have wasted this gift of life by making missing the boat(s) and thus the ship hasn’t come in …

  104. I just ran across this video as I make my way through some of the archives. This one hits me HARD. A few years ago I started a nonprofit, and it has been mildly successful. But I’m not feeling it lately- instead of helping people, I’m just chasing funders and their money. It’s exhausting. It’s still essentially a start-up, and my board thinks I should be working to raise money for my replacement’s salary – but I’m ready to move on and shut the nonprofit down. Ohhh, tough decisions!

  105. Marie this is so true!! While I’m still young (actually your beginnings remind me a lot of myself right now), I just had a “personal crisis” of sorts with my job and realized it wasn’t for me. I actually wrote about it here:
    I realized that in general, people are TERRIFIED of quitting, but sometimes that exactly what you need to maintain your sanity and mental health!

  106. I LOVE mashed potatoes and thanks for this video as I definitely am feeling burnt out..thanks for the permission to take a break! I’m going to do so this weekend for sure! Take a walk with my honey by the Erie canal and have a nice dinner…yay! ~Aimee

  107. Thanks for the tips, Marie! I’m starting my own photography business and I love what I do, and put a lot of time and energy into this, so sometimes it really does feel overwhelming and makes me want “recharge”. I was always drawing, painting and creating various things in my free time, so today in order to take a break from photography I re-designed my Etsy shop and now really feel great and now could go back to photography easily. Such switchings from one thing to another always helps me- whether I work for my photography business or paint both of those things are productive and works well as a break for my brain.
    Here is the link to the shop if anyone is interested 🙂
    And thank you for the link to Oprah’s interview- it’s such a great and rewarding topic!

  108. Dominic t

    Hi Marie
    I have a major appliance business in phila. I am at the point where
    I just can’t mentally go to work anymore
    I have a manager that’s been runnjng the store
    but he’s retiring next hear. I have made a serious
    amount of money the past 20 years. But now the
    money does not make a difference any more .im 55 years old and
    I have a lot of rental property also. My problem
    is I just don’t want to put the time in anymore.

  109. linda A

    I’ve been hairdressing for 24 years and here is my problem: I love the hair part still but physically it has taken a huge toll and I’ve been told by 3 different drs in the last few years to quit. Yet I literally know nothing els;. I have no skills other than hairdressing or a desire to learn another occupation. Yet at the same time, I am so sick of people that I really want to disconnect from interacting with other humans except my husband. We could live in my husband’s salary although it would be tight. I feel my health is worth quitting yet I want to have my own money. I’m torn.

    • Cheryl

      Me too! I’m in the same boat…what career paths can we redirect into now?

  110. Karen

    I do need of a career change, I have struggled with this for years now, hoping it would pass, and the feelings just won’t go away, and I am feeling a bit trapped. When I asked myself how would you feel if it “were against the law” to cut or color hair, and I could never do it again, I feel relief. I am 58 and have been a full time hair stylist for 36 years. I have tried to make myself like it, feeling as if I “should” keep at it. I have relocated back to be close to family. I tried Dog Grooming, hoping that would be better, and it was way to physically and emotionally challenging. So I went back to work at a salon I am not happy there, and am starting from scratch expected and needing to recruit clients, which I have little inspiration and energy to do so. I am not sure what I would do want to do in place of hair. The few doors I have tried to “open” haven’t. I do have plenty of skills and creative talent, I am hoping that someone will give me a chance to start fresh. And part of me is fearful that I won’t get that chance. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Karen, thank you so much for sharing with us here, and I’m sorry to read that you’re not happy at the salon you’re currently working at. It’s really tough to feel unhappy with your current work, but not know exactly what you might like to do next.

      We have an incredible playlist of MarieTV episodes that talk about finding your passion and purpose, so feel free to check these out for a few helpful tips:

      There are some amazing episodes in that collection, so I hope they help serve as a little inspiration as you’re exploring things you might like to do next. We firmly believe it’s always possible to try new things or move in a new direction, and we’re cheering you on all the way!

  111. Gab

    Dear Marie,
    In my case, it is a little bit different. I’ve been in a job I dearly love for 10 years. I found it relevant, and still do. I think it is one of the best things one can do to help people – but over the course of the last few years, I have also identified gaps, issues my job does not address, and I want to contribute to. Now, this is scary as I’ve been thinking about it for a few (around 5) years and not knowing how to go about this. I do not even know how “right” I am as to the urgency of addressing those “other things” or whether I should just stay where I am and hope we slowly get to address what has been missing so far.
    So far, I have only been doing “little things” about it – just taking free/almost free online courses to broaden my understanding and kind of thinking about it when I have time. But these last few months, a combination of 2.5 years of a crazy post (an average of around 75-80 hours a week, which is not the worst I have ever done, but over a long period of time, with leaves that disappeared because I worked like crazy during my leave, plus a lot of stress – having to apply to tons of jobs and having a written exam or interview every week for 7 weeks, then losing family members, plus always feeling I am “late” when I work on weekends instead of happy I am doing “extra fun stuff my boss is going to be really happy about”, plus interpersonal stress with my boss – he thinks I do a great job as per his performance evaluations but is not very “expressive” about it so most of the time I feel underappreciated because I need more regular, sincere-sounding feedback)… It’s been a lot… and lately, one month apart, I have had an episode of feeling so drained of energy I would feel like preparing my will more than anything else!!!
    I have been to doctors and so far I am fine, so if I am not about to die, this is burnout… But then I wonder if this is not also a great opportunity to through caution through the window and start anew working on the things I have been feeling for a while were missing. Anyway, I need “rest” I cannot get if I continue where I am. That being said, that process is scary – and on top of it, it may mean closing the door behind me to going back to the career I have been having so far.
    I am not even sure if this looks like actual burnout + actually ready for a career change or if it is something else!
    Thank you for listening!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really tough, Gab! I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling torn. I can understand needing rest from your current position. In the event you’re not able to take time off, it may help to go with the “work hard, play hard mentality.” Like, when you’re on the clock you’re on, but when you’re off you’re doing things that make you happy so you’re not thinking about work. I love to leave my phone at home for the day and go out on the town. Not feeling tethered to my technology always makes me feel like I’m really off. Marie is also a big fan of meditation, so you may want to try that to relax your mind:

      No matter what you decide we’ll be cheering you on!

  112. Gab

    Thank you Mandy for your reply. In the short run, I will surely try something like pushing back on work + meditation and/or prayer… In the longer run, I am trying to see whether I can find my “new path”, professionally speaking…

  113. Arrie

    Hi Marie,

    First of all, thank you for this video, I have picked up on two things you mentioned which hit the mark so spot. I was in some ways aware of this, but the fact that you mentioned it, made me think differently about it as well as made me realized how far down the line I’ve already gone.

    I’m now in a predicament where I do not have any passion for my job and have been diagnosed two years ago with Chronic Burnout Syndrome. I’ve got such a yearning to get out, do something different, but our economy is in such a bad state that a career change will be so difficult to nearly impossible. The added pressure is that my daughter just started school and my son needs frequent medical attention. It almost feel like sitting and waiting for the inevitable. If I continue the way I do, I’ll put my family at risk by not being able to sustain my current career path as I do feel like I’m in a death spiral. I’m just-just doing enough to survive at work and to get the job done. But even this takes a lot of effort. I know what needs to be done, but there is just nothing to give. It is like giving someone a pencil and telling that person to draw a line, but he or she just can’t. That is what I feel like. So, if I continue, I’m going to fall eventually. If I decide to change careers without having any money for support during the transition period, I’m also doomed. I’m lucky to not have any debt, but we are barely making ends meet as I’m the only breadwinner as my wife need to attending to our son with a medical condition. So, reserves are very limited for a limited time period.

    Your “The Law Test” was so spot on! I’ve been warning that the building industry is taking a dive, I probably need to add that I’m from South Africa, and have also discussed this with my wife. You can see and feel it, BUT I’ve also been secretly whishing at times that things would just get to a point to release me from this invisible prison. I almost want the retrenchment to happen so that I have an excuse to do whatever I can find without having to worry about money. I don’t want the responsibility of thinking and calculating any more. It is just such a burden and just so tiring.

    The second thing in your video you’ve mentioned was the “Creation of drama”. Now, I’m not one for drama or wanting to draw attention to myself. I’m a person that can handle most dramatic events quite effectively as I’m usually a calculated and easy going person with not a lot of things able to phase me. But with my son having had numerous hospitalizations and tests due to his biological illness, I’ve been given a lot of leeway by my boss, allowing me some sort of escape from the pressures of my work environment. The doctors now seem to have found medication that provides my son the ability to have an mostly normal life. This gave me something to focus on and almost assisted in delaying my regress into a deeper state of being burned out. It is like I had an excuse to not perform as I’m supposed to. But now I don’t have anything to focus on and it is as if I’m now looking for drama to divert any attention from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing drama implicating my son, but I’m wanting to use any influence that effect my life as an excuse. At work, it is as if I have a mental block. I’ve sat on a specific task for one and a half days of which I had 10% to do still. It was a matter of rounding things off, the bulk of the work was already done and worked out. I just couldn’t get myself to do anything.

    So, apart from being SO tired after work, not feeling rested after a 4week holiday and my work ethic and effectiveness going down the drain, these two things you’ve mentions, are a clear indication to me that I need to get into action mode. A lot of thinking has already happened but tend to have my thoughts running in circles all the time. If I don’t get out, I’m going to fail my family, and myself. It is sort of inevitable anyway, no matter how I look at it. So the crux of the matter is that I need to address my burnout state while I’m still in a state to be able to.

    Thank you Marie,

    Best Regards,

  114. I understood better why having a vacation is so important. Thank you.

  115. Andrea Mendez

    This really was an eye opener for me thank you so much

  116. Wow – where have you been all my life! I am so excited to have discovered you via FB. Someone posted a clip of the Brenè Brown interview which led me here and I can’t wait to catch up on all things Marie Forleo.
    In the meantime, I hope you don’t mind my sharing another wonderful character strengths tool – it’s called The VIA survey and you can find it at VIAsurvey. org (no space). 15 minutes to take it, and I have been mining useful and insightful information about how amazing I am. I also use it in my adult education classes to expose my students to the concepts of character strengths and how amazing the students are, and it’s such a powerful tool. I hope it’s okay to share it here.
    Thanks again – it’s amazing that one little 7-minute video could be so energizing and inspiring 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mary Lynn! We’re so happy you found Marie and that you’re enjoying her work. And thank you for sharing this great tool with us! We’re always on the lookout for helpful resources, so we appreciate you thinking of us. It sounds like you’re doing wonderful work in your adult education classes and we’re glad you’re in our beautiful community.

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