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I forgot how much I **love** fall until this past weekend.

Josh and I spent some unplugged time in the woods. The temperature dropped just enough to light a fire and bust out some chunky sweaters, but not enough to retire my flip-flops for the season.

It was a cozy weekend that touched my heart and sparked my imagination for other autumn activities I’d like to do with people I love. Which brings me to today’s episode of MarieTV.

Whether you’re a business owner or working within a team, you’ve got to sell. Your ideas, products, services and most often, your point of view.

The best way to close a sale is by getting your customer to open her heart. Click To Tweet

Being able to effectively communicate the value of what you’re offering (or suggesting) is a vital skill in business and life.

It can mean the difference between success and failure in your career, non-profit, fundraiser and even your most precious relationships.

Unfortunately, many of us have no idea what we’re actually selling and it’s holding us back from making the difference we’re here to make.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, discover what may be the most important marketing question you can ask yourself before selling anything again.

One of the things I love most about this marketing strategy is that it requires us to connect emotionally with those we’re here to serve. It brings more humanity and heart to business, and to every way we hope to inspire and influence others.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What are you really selling? What are people really buying from you?

If you’ve never thought about selling this way, your answer may feel a little bumbly at first. That’s OK.

Just give it a go and realize your answer may evolve over time.

But leaving a comment is a fantastic first step towards clarity and it’ll help you connect more genuinely with those you wish to serve.

Thank you, as always, for watching and sharing with such generosity. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. And your share may be the exact perspective someone else needs to spark a profound shift.

All my love,


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  1. I “sell” soulgasms.

    (My word for a-ha’s.) After an exchange, I want people to feel lighter, inspired, opened up. I hope to provide the sense of peace that we’re all in search of. I believe that’s what people want when we connect and it gives me immense pleasure as well. I’m talking on a purely soul level…lol.

    Great question that I like to revisit often to make sure I’m on track with my mission. Thanks, Marie.

    • Well, mission accomplished. Every time that you share here, that is the feeling that I get. You need to put together an e-book of the comments that you’ve shared here. I can’t tell you how many a-ha’s I’ve had by reading them. 🙂

      • You should follow her on twitter, yo. Emelia always has great wisdom to share. 🙂

        • Thank you, Lisa. <3

        • I most certainly will! Are you on Instagram too, Emelia?

          • I absolutely am. Both under my name. 🙂

    • Soulgasms!! Love that. Anyone in the spiritual community will know exactly the feeling you’re talking about. Brilliant! 🙂

      • Thanks, Kristen. 🙂

    • Ooh, I love the word ‘soul-gasm’! 🙂 Could instantly feel what it’s like when I first read the word (just now haha).
      And you’re so right, all we need is a sense of peace.

    • A SOULGASM? Umm… I’ll take one of those 😉

      • Just one? lol

        • Annette

          Too funny Emelia!!

          I am now following you on twitter xx

    • Nic

      I love this word you coined, SOULGASM’S!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Now every time I feel enlightened I’ll be like, “Awww, just had a SOULGASM!!” Love!!

    • tanz

      Love that 🙂

    • That is golden Emelia!! Love it!!

  2. Let me start off by saying that I am all the way here for that jumper! Get it, girl!!!

    Hmm… I am selling the possibility of transformation and personal growth by being an example of someone who had low self esteem and worked to get to where I am through trials, tribulations, books, videos, quotes, and doing the work. Actually, I’m still doing the work. It’s a life long journey. That is what I hope to convey to my readers and friends. There is hope and things will get better if you want them to and are willing to work at it.

    • I can say the exact same thing about you, Biba. You continually give hope. Mission accomplished. 🙂

  3. Your Moroccan rug story paints such a great picture of why people buy the things they buy. People buy according to their feelings, not solely according to practicality. This is especially important for my business, since I sell my coaching services and a virtual “experience” — when your business is based around an intangible product or service, then your marketing really does need to revolve around your client’s emotions and the feelings they’ll get after working with you. Thanks, Marie, for another brilliant, fun MarieTV 🙂

    • I really loved the picture Marie painted too. So helpful.

    • Always love my Tuesday Video. So true! I am in a similar business- coaching . My clients connect first with me. It is about the relationship and trust that one builds. aka Marie! Thanks as always. C

  4. So true, I spend my money with my heart … even if, in other areas of my life I do not like to be dominated by my heart … but I might lie myself about this… maybe spending as my heart dictates is a sigh of being driven by the heart in general…

  5. This is amazing Marie!
    I so believe it is true and its actually my work to open your heart and to help you life from that spot!
    Thank you Love you

  6. First up your outfit ROCKS. The hair, the orange… nailed it!

    To answer your q, I sell time and financial freedom through my Build a Soulful Business program. I sell more time with your kids, fridges full of delicious organic food, the option for your partner to quit his job and follow his own passion because you succeeded in following yours. I sell personal fulfillment and joy.

    Thank you so much for the clarity with this one Marie. Keep rocking it and I look forward to The Copy Cure.

    Much love,

    Phoebe xx

    • I agree! I absolutely loved your look today Marie! You and Elsa have such a great thing going there.

    • Phoebe,
      You had me at time with kids and fridge full of organic food!
      I see myself as part of this community of heart guided, self-developers. And part of that is BEING right where we truly are.

      I am in a sticky-icky place right now, to be straight up. I just quit my fall-back career of 13 yrs and I’m getting more disorganized by the minute as an entrepreneur.



      • Christine

        Hi Jessica,

        I can so relate to you as I am in that sticky-icky place, too. I’m about to lose my confidence and strength. So many times given up and stood up again. But: (read at Gabby Bernstein) Ninety percent of the practice is just showing up. So I try to show up- wether with tears, sadness, success or a smile.
        YES, Being right where we truly are. 🙂
        You go girl. And you know it. You might be the best disorganized love- generator in the world 😉


      • Christine Leon-Leland (Heart-Warrior)

        Jessica & Christine
        I hear your hearts. Know that in that shaky space is your “juiciest” wisdom – ready to unfold. While recently “hooked” in my own overwhelm, the loving universe lit wisdom words in my soul’s eyes. Reading Dani Shapiro’s – “Still Writing” – in which she brilliantly reminded of what I know – with these simple profound gems: “..Reward is in the doing”… “Act as if…” ..and the diamond that we don’t need “Permission” from anyone outside ourselves to be brilliant.. that when we do …”give ourselves permission”… “the world reveals itself” to us.

        These little diamonds embedded in her beautiful guide on the life of a writer – which is a “creative life” (and we are ALL creators ) – jumped into my life’s breath & fueled my energetic rise-up & out – from my “fear-filled space of hook”…

        Dear brave sisters – remember to know, feel, experience in&with ALL your senses – your own brilliance. You have everything you need to be all that you desire. Believe & step into your most courageous version of a Love-Soul-Warrior – your amazing self!
        With loving intention to nourish your warrior energy!
        My wish is that you find a diamond for yourself in my message.
        Live Inspired, Christine L-L
        (Personal Change, W-B, & Resiliency Coach (..61& Just in time to live Inspired, entrepreneur, life coach, writer, Heart-Warrior)

      • Hey Jess,

        My website is still in redevelopment mode but feel free to contact me via my FB page or direct through email – phoebe at soulfulwarrior dot com

        I went to your website to email you directly but feel you might be in the same boat?

        Anyway, I offer free chats each month for people that I feel I might be able to help and who are ready and willing to help themselves.

        Congratulations on taking the leap and quitting your fall-back.

        Much love,

        Phoebe xx

  7. I’m selling the VISION (I show women that they definitely can do it even if they failed in the past) and the TOOLS to lose weight in a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable way!

    I share my secrets for free, because I want to make a difference in women’s lives, whether they choose to further participate in the program or not.

    I love what I do and since Marie has changed my mindset about selling (through her amazing videos and B-school free training video series), I no longer feel weird, salesey, slimy or ashamed about it! Thank you, Marie, for all that you do <3

    • Osha,
      I’d suggest taking it even a step further…

      “weight loss” is such a downer of a term… I think you offer a chance to dance with your kids, and hike as far as you want, and be able to play and jump and celebrate without worrying you’re going to hurt yourself or get out of breath.

      There’s a better version there somewhere, but I think you’re selling how great it will FEEL AFTER getting the RESULTS of working with you. I’d take “weight loss” right outta there…

      For me right now, I want to regain feeling lighter, like I could play golf all day, and still have energy to run with the puppy, dance with my kids, and make love with my husband, any time!

      • Lisa,
        Brilliant advice, I think you nailed it right there! Thank you!

      • Lisa, what you described is beautiful – but this is what they get.

        “Sell them what they want, give them what they need” – this is another thing I’ve learned from Marie 🙂

        I sell them “weight loss” because this is what they think they want, but of course deep down, there’s a lot more to it… I know from my own experience, since losing a lot of weight has completely transformed my life, including my purpose in life, which is now to share my insights and experience with other women.

        • Sally Galloway

          This brings up an interesting question. For whom is this question, “What do you really sell?” being answered? Is this for us to know deep down so we don’t feel or sound sales-slimy and use this in one-to-one conversations, or is it to put these rev-up-your-heart words into our copy and trust that the search engine crawlers will translate “weight loss” (which is what the prospective client will type in) to “energy to dance with kids and make love all night”?

  8. Amelia

    My father once said that getting your hair cut is technically an investment. It can transform your appearance, and it says a lot about how you want the world to perceive you. Ever since he brought that up, I couldn’t stop thinking about the true value of things. This video was great, Marie!

  9. Just found your site and I love it thanks Marie, I will be back.
    I sell a great feeling, a better experience of life, watching your video just reminded me of that all over again, and my great feeling just got better!

  10. Ah Marie! This is such a good episode and I absolutely love the story about your Moroccan rug. It’s so true people buy from their heart and even more important to realize as a coach because our products are so intangible.

    I’m so thankful that this is something I learned from the beginning of my life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. During the last week of every month we work on marketing and our Mentor, Jeannine Yoder, has been SO helpful in conveying the importance of selling feelings and experiences rather than a product or program. It’s such an important lesson to learn <3.

  11. Jenn

    This is solid advice, no matter what you’re selling.

    I’m in marketing at a dental insurance company and the idea of getting people to open their hearts for dental insurance… ; ) But you hit it on the head when you said, “What future experience are they hoping to get?” I can work with that.

    Thanks for helping me start my day on a creative note!

    • LOL Jenn but seriously I’m at a place right now where my heart is open for dental insurance!

      My hubby recently moved from an employee to an independent contractor and while his income is much better overall, we are now on our own in terms of purchasing health/dental insurance.

      There is so much to research that my heart would open right up for an honest, reliable and affordable insurance provider. 🙂

      As a mother of 3 their health (physical and dental) is extremely important to me. I could give you an extremely long list of what I really need (but I won’t hijack the thread lol) including: the feeling of being a good mother by making sure my children are well provided for and that they are healthy.

      Hope that helps!

      • Summer, that’s brilliant. I think you just wrote a great piece of sales copy for Jen.

  12. mary, yoga teacher, Nova Sotia

    I am selling tools to use/practice to be kinder to yourself, each other and the world, to build a compassionate world for us all and everything.

    • “A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.” ~Charles H. Spurgeon. You are providing value.

    • I sell personal magnetism, confidence and peace using style as a tool.

  13. I sell coaching, consulting and online information products for women entrepreneurs who are ready to own their time, double their income and accelerate business growth.

    I am REALLY selling peace of mind, accountability, support and relief.

  14. Oh I couldn’t agree more Marie! Communicate to your audience with their heart first then their head. Tap into their feelings, desires and possibilities in everything you do.

    I’m writing my own Brand Blueprint workshop and this topic and offering extraordinary value to your customers is part of the fundamentals of developing a Brand story.
    Thanks again Marie – love, love love this topic.

  15. Sometimes I get really clear on what I’m selling… and then I second guess myself and convince my self that it’s not enough. Does anyone else feel that way?

    As a life coach, I sell the opportunity to get to know yourself so well, that the rest of your life is an extension of the real you. — That’s what I’ve got for today!

    • Yes Alionka! I’m always second guessing myself and it’s so frustrating because of how much it hinders my progress.

      When you’re constantly changing directions it’s hard to feel like you’re getting anywhere or moving forward.

      I sell the ability for anyone to design their own beautiful website. I help people remove the technology overwhelm from their life and business.

  16. Pam

    Love this episode!! It was so timely and connected to the message I am trying to craft.

    I “sell” high-heeled/platform shoes for your self-esteem. It is my heartfelt wish to support others in standing taller than they ever have stood before. Thank you, Marie for the nudge to articulate succinctly what I “sell”.

  17. ‘You don’t buy it with your head, you buy it with your heart!!’

    I LOOOOVE That! THAnks Marie 🙂

  18. Luciana

    The best episode ever, Marie! What do you think people would actually buy, when they buy a “healthy living city guide” (in PDF or app)?
    I am trying o put this product together and after your video I think I cna say I will sell a future experience of exploring a city with family and friends. People will buy an expression of their style, easy and quick adaptation in a new city, and their future wellbeing.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Great question… I would think I’d want that to: *meet more friends, *have really cool experiences, *be the one people turn to when deciding what to do/where to go, *make great memories… Hope that helps!

      I keep finding it so much easier to know the feelings behind other people’s biz, but so hard when it’s my own…

      • For me you’d e selling me me an easy way to find the right places treat for my special diet and healthy living mindset so I can plan my break around it

    • tanz

      Adventure. Connection. New Ideas. Health. Happiness. Community.
      A healthier, happier future for you and your city (i.e. by supporting healthy living providers… which is also part of the connection/community thing).

    • Hey Luciana – a few more for you.

      a) If you point out GF or Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants – you may be selling people the difference between a mediocre vacation and an OUTSTANDING one due to the ability to eat the right food. (Food allergies/restrictions/etc. can be really stressful for people!) When you’re on vacation, you only have **so many meals** and most of us are budget conscious. So going to the *right* places with the *right foods* and great service is huge feeling of peace, enjoyment and happiness.

      b) You’re also selling people the ability to maintain their healthy/clean/lifestyles on vacation so they don’t go home feeling disappointed, bloated or like crap from falling off the clean-eating wagon.

      c) You’re selling people the chance to be “in the know” – the person their family, friends and colleagues turn to for the best places, inside scoop on local shops, etc. in a particular city.

      Hope this helps!

      • Luciana

        Marie!!! Thank you very much for your comment! It was so nice to receive an answer from you! <3
        Lisa Johnson, Lyndsay, tanz and Anis, thanks a lot for your contribution as well.

    • This is a great idea. And being someone who’s interested in exploring new cities, and my partner and I are veggie’s, finding places to eat can be troublesome and time consuming.

      So your product would help me enjoy exploring a city without compromising my health.


  19. I loved this video Marie!

    I am selling “MEMORIES” – I teach photo editors and digital scrapbookers how to use Photoshop Elements (along with a few other photo apps) how to turn their photos into memories. I have a membership area that has 100’s of hours of video training and ideas of how they can turn ordinary photos into lasting memories for generations to come.

    Thanks for all your wonderful, creative, inspiring ideas and insight!

    • I love this Michelle!! I’m always looking to capture moments and transform them into memories.
      “I sell MEMORIES” spoke right to me!


  20. Love, Love, Love this video. I sell European travel and although I know that travel provides wonderful experiences and lifelong memories, when I am with a client and trying to keep within their sometimes small budget, I forget to convey to them that this is an experience that they will treasure forever! So thanks Marie for sharing this video.

  21. So inspiring as always! THANK you for the positivity and wealth of knowledge you put out in to the world! I was just talking with some colleagues about this concept of what are we selling/what do we do/what is your elevator speech? Love the idea of fleshing out what you are REALLY selling. Just thinking about this is energizing and being able to express that energy to potential clients is what it’s all about! And love the killer jumpsuit! xo

  22. Marie! You are changing lives, for real!! (Mine HUGELY included)
    I love the fresh perspective you just offered. And as you said in your post I’m sure the clarity and focus of the follow statement will change but for now I’ll say …

    I sell “Your Sexy Back” … renewed hope & instant swag for assured confidence in finding lasting love!

  23. I sell comfort, healing and support products to women who are uncomfortable during pregnancy. BOOM.

  24. I sell something simple- bread.
    With a whole lotta heart! Handmade from the grains grown on our farm, a fifth generation family business we help people on the prairies connect with their heritage while doing the hard part for them!
    Fresh, local bread, just like grandma made it, delivered to their door?-Sold.

    • Oh, my, this is so evocative!
      Grandma’s Farm Bread!

      Wow, I wish I could see your marketing approach. I’m so curious: what do you focus on mostly? is it the smell? the recipe? your family’s long time on the land? the whole grains? that they can have such a deep experience of connection to the land without all the work?

      the phrase “borrow my Grandma” kept coming to mind! 🙂 I see the label now: Borrow My Grandma [brand name] Farm Bread

      I buy a local bread, it’s sprouted wheat, very rustic, much better than I can make, get it at a local farm stand. I feel very wholesome and healthier whenever i eat it. Good luck! Sounds so great.

  25. Kat

    We sell the joy of travel and discovery that you can have at home, without the expensive plane ticket!

    With Try The World, we send you a box of delicious finds from around the globe, as if a friend of yours is traveling and sending you cool things she finds on her journey *just for you*!

    • Love your business Kat! Wonderful selling with heart <3

  26. Great, great video Marie and suuuuper cute outfit!

    While technically I teach solopreneurs how to market their businesses, what I’ve learned over the years is that I provide encouragement, relief and accountability.

    Encouragement that they didn’t make a mistake by pursuing their dream of entrepreneurship and that by making some minor tweaks and adjustments they can actually make meaningful connections with the right clients and make money in the process.

    Relief that they don’t have to stay trapped at (or go back to) a job they don’t love.

    Accountability for taking action consistently instead of falling victim to self-sabotage.

    On the other side of the coin when I’m looking for people to hire (coaches, consultants, etc.) on the surface I’m looking for the service they provide but really I want the accountability too.

  27. Bumbly answer! I sell hope, inspiration, and guidance.
    I am an “older first-time mom” and I help women holistically prepare for pregnancy (mind, body, spirit) so they can have a happy, healthy baby and not worry about their age.
    If I were to get cutesy, I’d say I sell applications to the mommy club. There’s work to be done after you submit the application, you if you do the work (the actual coaching program/process), you have a greater likelihood of getting into the club.
    Thoughts? Feedback? (And I love “soulgasms.” I got it immediately!)

    • Cool… maybe you’re the Tutor for the mommy club? or Ambassador to the mommy club? or concierge? gatekeeper? navigator? I like the general idea, but applications to… sounds intimidating (to me).

      There’s 2c worth. What a great service!

      • Sally Galloway

        Thanks, Lisa.
        I agree; the “application” part sounded like too much work. Bumbling!
        I also want to work with singers, so moms and musicians. Those who use their bodies, mind, and spirit to create joy and harmony. What would that make me? I’m still selling harmony, and also connection, joy, ultimate self-expression.

      • Lisa ….

        I LOVE every single comment you have made. You’ve got it SiStar!! You are spot on. Any great comments for an ad for my yoga studio — Yoga for You — you are my “go to gal!”

    • Hi Sally. I do holistic work with Mums too (I do EFT) so we share a nice connection. I love sound of the work you do but tbh you lost me with the Mommy club thing. Is your target market older first time mums? Sounds like you are selling support, tips, and know how from someone who gets it. Someone who knows the challenges, the points of feeling different, and some great answers too!

      • Sally Galloway, Health Coach for Moms

        Hey, Lindsay!
        LOVE EFT! I teach it to my musician friends who deal with stage fright and nervousness around auditions, not-good-enough, etc.

        Yes, my target market is 35+ moms. You are spot on re support, tips, know how, etc. It’s an integrative holistic approach with an emphasis on health–cleaning up the mind, body, spirit. I created an 8-module program. So I’m also selling peace of mind, encouragement, structure, and again, harmony of head, heart, and body–all aligned and ready for mommyhood.

  28. Love this reminder! I need to put more emphasis on the fact that I am selling FUN and daily smiles and inspiration that will brighten up your life. My goal is smiles for everyone! Active creativity everyday #followthefun 🙂

  29. Great show Marie! I am never thinking of this when selling photos or photoshoots. To get more business I could market it more towards buying memories or preserving them instead of just saying…well you’re getting pictures.

    as photographers we are making people look and feel their best and preserving that for a lifetime (or as long as you want it on the wall) 🙂

    I’ll use this lesson to sell more wall art instead of the typical digital images that people put on facebook and forget forever.

    • * many lifetimes! * I love showing my kids the photos of my grandparents… so you’re taking pics that their kids will show to their kids… very special memory-making and story-telling.

  30. Love it ! So helpful. I sell freedom, confidence and a health and life that people dream about. I sell the confidence and physical strength to pursue you dreams, I sell world change because health is a powerful and attractive resource that makes this world a better place:)

  31. I’m still working on what I’m selling. I love storytelling and brainstorming! I love coming up with ideas and I wish I could bottle that feeling, that spark, teary-eye smile, the chills and goosebumps that come with creating a killer, genius idea!

  32. I sell Self-Love and a life without Fear.

  33. Great episode, as always — TY Marie & all those commenting!

    What I sell: Yoga Flow. Adrenal Fatigue Coaching/Support Sessions.

    What I REALLY sell: Confidence. Community. SELF-LOVE. Strength. Self Care. Understanding.

  34. We sell meaningful gifts for memorable milestones that are celebrated in 2014. Our unique jewelry is handcrafted with design elements that incorporate the year “2014” or “14” in their designs.

  35. Hi Marie,

    Thanks again for that message in the nick of time! I’ve spent the past week reviewing (to distraction and social media overload) all the marketing strategies to launch my book which will be back from Balboa Press (div of Hay House) in mere weeks. It’s about ‘happiness ever after’ and the hardest thing I face is finding the few jazzy words to sell what took me into my deepest heart to learn. Totally looking forward to Copy Cure.

    And I have to also thank you for keeping me on track (with a number of your great videos) through the inevitable catharsis of writing my book. You have a big and ultra gentle reach!

  36. This episode reminds me of Simon Sinek (if you haven’t seen his TedTalk video – check it out!). He says ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’ and if you can convey that in a simple way, that’s the key!

    I do a multimedia-based empowerment program for moms and their teen daughters called “Motiv8: 8 Ways To ROCK Your Own World”. I’m also writing a book, with the same title! So, in essence I sell 8 skills that bring mothers and daughters closer together and, ultimately, to boosted confidence, improved communication and reduced stress and what mother-teen daughter couldn’t use that??

  37. Hi there! Loved this episode! I usually say that I sell laundry service but I could say I sell time? What are your thoughts? I’m going to meditate on this one 🙂

    • Oh, I had this awful, horrid thought… so sexist but there you go… it was about a wife… that you’ll be their “wife”… oh, it bums me out that that word (in its older meaning) is exactly what would sell it to me. I know I’ve had that random thought, I wish I had a wife… but by that I mean the person who in my childhood house happily hummed doing housework and made everything nice, and it smelled like soup and chocolate chip cookies. There MUST be a better word for it now, right? I think you’re on the right track: like you’re their clone and will do it even better than they would, saving them all that time.

      • Sally Galloway


      • Thank you Lisa for taking the time to comment! I think I understand what you are trying to say 🙂

    • HI Alexandra – yes, you sell time. Yet that’s not what women are buying. It’s what they get to do with the time that matters. So – time to concentrate on building their own business, time with children, time for themselves (who wouldn’t rather go to a class or out for a coffee with a friend rather than iron). You may also be selling “knowing that an elderly parent has clean linen so feeling like a great daughter”.

      • Tilla hit the nail on the head!

      • Hi Tilla! Thank you for taking the time to comment! So, if I’m understanding what you are saying, I should niche to a specific group and speak to them directly ? “Start with the intention to reach an audience that you know and that you can speak to”

    • Elisse

      I am unsure exactly what you mean by a laundry service (I’m in Australia and for me it means a personalised door to door kind of service. Perhaps home based. As opposed to a Dry Cleaners outlet so i’ll work on that premise). I hope i am on the right track.
      I would say you sell the freedom for people to do the things they love. Yes, you sell time. You sell convenience. You sell precision. You sell care. You sell fresh scents. You sell cleanliness. You sell crispness, neat and tidy. You also sell the gift of allowing someone to prioritize their life in accordance to their values/loves. eg/ Housework is low on my list of priorities. I despise it. I would rather have someone else who is good at it, do it and pay for their service knowing that the job will be done well. Being very appreciative that my home is tidy. And allowing someone to build a successful business hopefully doing what they enjoy doing. Allowing me to focus on the things that are important to me rather than filling my time with the things that i resent/dislike doing.
      PS….i don’t have a house cleaner but once the cash is flowing well, that is the first bad boy i’m tossing out the window 😉 !! If you know what i’m saying?! 🙂
      Just a few thoughts 😀

      • Hi Elisse!
        Thank you for taking the time to respond! We’re located in New Jersey, we are a full service laundromat. We offer a service where you can drop off your clothes and we’ll wash, dry and fold them for you. Some people here call it WDF ( wash dry fold) some people call it Fluff and Fold, I like to call it Laundry Service- although I am working on a fancier name 😉 check out our website, it’ll give you more information. You are on the right track with the dry cleaners premise 🙂 I like what you’re saying with the selling of freshness, care and precision. I will give what you’re saying more thought! Thank you 🙂

  38. Madde

    I’m still working on what I’m selling, too. I wrote a book Through the Eyes of God, the Journey through Darkness into the Light about seeing yourself and others with love and compassion and living from your own divinity and “knowing.” I believe when we operate from our hearts and authentically connect with others the world will heal and there will be peace, because there is peace within each person.

  39. I sell attuned life moments.

    When someone has a goal, whether it is career change, weight loss, revitalized energy, it is all about tuning back into their bodies. People get off balance and I support them in listening into their natural cues and moving forward from that space.

    Now for me to work on updating my site so I can convey that!

  40. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately so I was tickled to see Marie speaking about it.

    My work gives people the chance to be seen and heard without judgement. A tarot reading holds space for someone to bring their unconscious concerns, blocks and stresses to the surface level, and to receive guidance and insight to help them progress. I often have clients tell me that the things they divulge in a tarot reading are things they have not talked about to anyone else. A reading creates a safe, private space to explore those issues.

    So, that’s what I’m really “selling.”

    • Like, a time out for the soul? a redirect? a coming home? you’re the fairy godmother! I love that time (that I could give myself but often don’t), and I love the very few, very special people I pay to structure that time for me.

  41. Awesome segment! You give awesome tips! This segment is extremely interesting because it’s how I run my business. I’m a dog trainer & my potential clients see, hear & know I’m passionate about training dogs & I’m genuinely considered about there discontent with the behavior their dogs are displaying. When they contact me it’s about their dog however, when it’s all said & done I know more about their personal lives than one should probably know lol Again they all say the same “I like you, you don’t rush, you listen & seem to really care”

  42. Great episode! I’m a social media strategist + modern marketing mentor. In my Modern Marketing Academy I’m really selling confidence, connections, clarity and freedom.

  43. This is something I’m always working on being better at articulating and want to work on clarifying on my website. I sell fitness sessions and programs. Most of my clients come to me to lose weight as I work with beginners who often get left behind in the big box gyms. However, what I really end up selling is the confidence for my clients to dream big and go after their goals. Getting healthy can be hard in a world crammed with fad diets and fitness programs that promise unattainable results. By giving my clients the tools they need to be successful on their terms, I’m able to show them that they can do anything they put their mind to. This is why I love what I do 🙂 I don’t see fitness as just a way to fit into your skinny jeans. Even though my clients might come to me for that reason, I love when they realize that there is so much more to fitness than that!

  44. I am a real estate consultant, but what I’m really selling is the ability to find where you belong in the world. The place where you will build your future…the place where your heart feels at home.

    • Kaly, that is fantastic!

    • tanz

      This is great. I really like the “find where you belong in the world… the place where your heart feels at home”.
      The future bit sounds exciting but also intimidating and sends me right back into my head thinking of all the future possibilities and thinking more in terms of logistics and practicalities… “Is this the right ‘forever’ place?” “Am I making the ‘right’ decision?” Maybe that’s just me 🙂

  45. This is spot on ! I know I’m not really selling eating better and taking care of your body and mind. I’m selling the feeling and ultimate confidence that comes with all that. Now how do I create marketing and content around it?!? That’s is the question

  46. Bill

    I watched and listened, left and came back to make a comment. I demonstrate a healing skin cream and I often hear “I’m going to think about it” and the person walks away. So I’ve been wondering “what am I missing? How can I get the person in front of me to make the purchase?” I know my product delivers the benefits because I use it myself and there are half a dozen knock-offs that we now compete with – success sells. So here you are with a real solution – present the future experience – AHA!!! Yeah, the product works, but what are THEY wanting to experience? Thank you. I’m going to incorporate this right away.

    • I’m thinking, imagine what your skin will be like after using this product for even a month… what about a year? can you imagine how smooth [fillintheblank] it will be after a year? at your next high school reunion or job interview or family photo?

      • Bill

        Interesting comment – I came back once again after writing this as a pre-closing teaser: WANT TO HAVE LOVEABLE, TOUCHABLE, HEALTHIER SKIN?? So your comment is right in alignment with where I was going.
        Thank you for the thoughts.

        • As a woman I hear a lot of this sort of promise and see a lot of creams but to know you have experienced the positive results and that THIS cream was different from the others because xyz might a me buy. A ‘healing’ cream implies a condition to heal- show me others will ‘my’ problem and how you solved it for them! What could you solve for me to make me feel and good good that other people who don’t have this problem wouldn’t get?! 😉

  47. I sell creative freedom! I want to give my clients the resources and guidance they need to turn their creative passions into full-time profitable businesses! Amazing episode!!

  48. walt

    What I want to give to my customers is the feeling and knowledge that they are doing one of the best things that a parent can do and that is help their child now and in the future. While at the same time they may be also helping themselves when they are much older if necessary. They can do this by teaching their child how to start investing wisely as early as age 14.

  49. Ease.

    That’s what I sell.

    Feeling beautiful, simply.

  50. Hi Marie,

    I love that I can always count on you to keep me on track!

    You’re going to love this… I literally sell love — my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ are little transmitters of love and healing (especially the heart chakra one!). And yet, even I sometimes forget this (you know, when “stuff” is not working out and I’m not in the flow).

    Love, Love, LOVE. It’s all about the love.

    Man I love you!!!



    p.s. Personally, I think being chased by a zombie is way better than being one (more exciting).

  51. I am selling the deep sense of satisfaction one gets upon being able to express one’s self in a manner that sounds just right.
    This – for a poetry writing tool that helps people write in meter.

    I am selling the sense of connection with humanity at large at being able to share something one loves with others who want it and need it.
    This – for a what I call – a truly public public library.

    Nice way to start thinking about a caption to make people interested.

    • wow, so with you we get to know how Shakespeare felt? Or Emily Dickinson? Or how Mary Oliver still feels? Walt Whitman! Discover your inner poet? your inner Walt Whitman?

      • 🙂
        That is a beautiful way to put it Lisa – discover your inner poet. Thank you.
        Right now this software tool is for Hindi poetry, though I do intend to make it for English too.
        Rhythm is our natural state of being. When we are tuned to that, the poetry flows naturally and in rhythm (meter).
        Thanks much for showing interest.

  52. Ray

    I sell copywriting to permaculture-based businesses. But what I’m /really/ selling is the ease that comes from clients approaching /them/, rather than them chasing clients. I sell them the relief of staying true to their principles and not selling out in order to get the sale. I sell them the pride of knowing that /all/ parts of their business, even their marketing! reflect their permaculture values.

    Great topic to reflect on today, thanks Marie!

  53. Thank you Marie! I needed to read this today. I coach women who are unfulfilled and unhappy in the direction their life is going. I inspire, motivate and encourage women to “be free”. Whatever free means to you I want to help you discover and fulfill it so you can begin to live the life you desire.

  54. I sell a missing link in how we think (and it rhymes)! Thanks Marie for this way to work with our message.

  55. What am I selling?
    Books. No….
    Information. No…..
    Insights & Understanding & Knowledge. YES!

    • Right on Patty Ann!

      I’ll add to that…You also sell opportunity. The opportunity to climb higher and fulfill your greatest potential.

  56. Love this! When it comes down to the experience of it all: I feel like I really sell empowerment. Because I believe in creating a space to foster & empower peoples’ legacies.

    Starting with them rediscovering their authentic self. That starts with a place surrounded with ‘good words.’ And then learning how to communicate their story to the world. Strategically…vulnerably.

    That to me is helping others discover their storytelling voice. The ones they ultimately use when it comes to selling in their organically grown businesses.

    Because my passion is helping creative individuals hone in and realize that they are more than ‘starving artists.’ That they have a gift to be shared with the world once they see past the limiting beliefs surrounding them.

    And that’s why I’m absolutely in love with helping those individuals find the beautiful intersection between artist and businessperson. So that I can facilitate a space for budding creative entrepreneurs 🙂

    • Victoria

      Love!!! You’re speaking my language!! 🙂

      • Thanks Victoria!! This means the world to me 🙂

        PS — I’d love to hear about what you do if you’re up for sharing of course!

  57. Love it! What a great exercise!

    I sell your healthy future – a future that is full of adventure and connection.
    I sell your ability to take care of your family in your own home without having to run to the doctor for every little thing.
    I sell confidence in your ability to heal yourself with the help of powerful essential oils.

  58. Very help full tips to share,

  59. Marie, love, love, love this episode!

    I have a luxury business creating decorative art finishes on walls, ceilings, etc. in people’s homes and business. I have struggled with this issue for years, because nobody NEEDS beautiful walls. I’m bookmarking this episode so I can go back and watch it whenever I’m creating marketing and content to keep me inspired and on track.

  60. Ashley Knight

    Now could the timing have been any better? I’m B-Schooler (2014), and just completed the Marketing module …. the cherry on today’s cake – thanks Marie!

  61. This is one of the BEST heart-soaked episode I’ve watched.

    It was pure, it was crazy-insightful and most of all it floated down to the business level that we all watch Marie TV for.

    Espresso, Marie and now my day just keeps getting better.
    Thanks so much.

  62. I’m selling a future experience of health, peace and calm. That feeling that we have when all is right with the world–not because it was easy but because you have watched the thoughts, found the limiting beliefs and have changed your lifestyle!

  63. I love the story of the Moroccan rug, such a unique experience! I have an aunt who married a guy from Morocco and she’s adopted all of their traditions and whatnot and I’ve tried their Mint tea– delicious indeed. I bet the rug making was an interesting experience in itself too but I love how insightful the sales guy was.

    I definitely agree that we buy based on emotion, not our head. Well, at least 70-80% of the time anyway. So it only makes sense that we sell from our heart as well.

    Great video 🙂

  64. Joey

    I couldn’t agree more. I think about this all the time.
    Not just in a purchasing or selling sense but in every “want” I have in life.
    All those “wants” are really me craving something deeper than the thing I think I want. Know what I mean?
    Like I think I need perfect weather to have a perfect day when really what I’m wanting is inner peace and because good weather makes me feel good I think the weather can give me peace (which it can’t).
    Thanks for sharing! You’re a blessing to so many.

  65. What a heart-warming video. The outfit was just perfect for the message, Marie. My customers come to me in when they lost a loved one or beloved pet. Handcrafted memorial pieces they find on my site: help them on their grief journeys. I sell hope and healing and am always available to hear my customers’ stories and help them in any way I can.

  66. Fiona

    First, can’t wait to see your zombie costume

  67. Oh this is good good good! I think this is info I already know, BUT the big but is, you helped to bring it right to the surface, put into words, clarified and wrapped it all up in heart! This is exactly what I have been trying to discern, get real specific and tangible about.
    Writing it down and as we say here in Nova Scotia, get’erdone boys!

    This is what I have come up with so far.
    I am selling my art through archetypal, symbolic imagery, metaphor and association, rooted in myth, story and legend that is universally existent in all cultures; connecting individuals to their own personal insight discovering unknown depths in life and within the self.

  68. Hey Marie,
    I LOVE your outfit today!!!

    I THINK I’m selling a unique hand made glass beads necklaces that make my buyers look beautiful and feel amazing for contributing to other women’s financial independence. But, maybe I’m completely wrong…people aren’t really lining up to buy my jewelry… 🙁 don’t know what I’m NOT comunicating clearly enoguh…

    • Hi Vesna! You’re unique hand made glass beads are beautiful. I believe in your case is more related to the right audience (your ideal clients) and the way you present in which situations/events/places they can wore the necklaces to feel more beautiful. Jadranka at the Adriatic looks great. Kind regards from Romania.

      • Hi Diana!
        I’m soooo glad to hear you like “Jadranka” – it’s my favourite peice too 🙂
        And I think you are right – I’m not seling because people don’t know my about products. I should get clear about my ICA… I made the profile, but didn’t use it in my copy…
        Thank you for giving me your opinion, you are very kind! 🙂

  69. I sell peace of mind. Ease, sleeping at night, because I am a rockstar salesperson frto sponsorship of live IM and PD events. Interested Maria ? 😉

    The nuts & bolts is I sell sponsors who are aligned with program content , enhance the attendee experience and zero out your production costs so any all attendee sales become pure profit.

    How would you feel if your events and podcasts were supported that way?

    Much love and gratitude for your messages and care in how you deliver them!


  70. Wow, thanks for helping me put a better description for what I do! I am looking forward to getting more information about your new program.

    I “sell” freedom from dieting by discovering, and removing, the subconscious programs that are the real reason folks either don’t lose weight, or always gain it back when they do lose weight.

    My No Diet Method “90 Days to a New You” takes folks step by step to removing the “stuck” programs and provides tools for installing “freedom” programs to end dieting for continued weight loss and a stress free life.

    I am creating other “freedom” programs too, and this episode will greatly help me nail the message now. 🙂

  71. Maria

    Great episode Marie! I’ve tried to sell a few products/services but my heart was never into it because I felt that I was taking advantage of my family and friends’ bank account. You have just given me a reason to look for what I really wanna do with the rest of my life which is to write blogs and inform people that Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) may be curable or diminished if the right practice is put intp play! No more selling gadgets that I wouldn’t buy…I’m selling TAKING YOUR LIFE BACK!!! Thanks!

  72. I sell peace of mind and stress relief. I train dogs with behavioral problems ranging from chewing shoes to being aggressive with other dogs, strangers, or even members of the family. One of the things I had to get through my mind in order to better market my service, is that people are not putting in the $$$ for their dog, they are paying for their own peace of mind and stress relief… which we all need 🙂

    • Love it – used to train dogs too – but working dogs on the sheep farm. I’d tweak it into a partnership. “moving you closer to fully connecting with your dog” style of approach … ‘breaking down the disconnection barriers with your dog”.

  73. Marie,
    Today’s episode was such a great reminder that the heart is where we live! In my Quantum Insights Coaching, I offer classes to those who want to experience the thrill of mind-blowing insights and the satisfaction of finding deeper meaning in their lives. Thank you for the inspirations that you so generously provide to all of us.

  74. Hi Marie,

    This is fantastic advice and at just the right moment! I was in the middle of running through my “Easy Button” fun sheet for my new coaching program when I got your email with this episode. Thanks a ton – I’ll keep your tweetable in mind while finishing my fun sheet;)

    Enjoy this day,

  75. I basically sell goodbye tickets to feelings of lonelyness and even future mornings where you will wake up with a loving partner.
    As a coach I work with empowering and cleansing meditations and tarot sessions.

    Great question. I’ll will ponder on this more and then market it. By the way: absolutely loved your outfit.

  76. Victoria

    I sell moments in time; wrapped with love and created with the passion of cultivating joy and deeper connections.

    The past few months, closing my photography business has been at the forefront of my mind; not getting inquiries and not feeling wanted/needed.

    I’ve spent a lot of time, the last few weeks doing some self-reflection and realized I can make my business what I want it to be. I can get out if it what I put in. But that can’t happen if I’m not really infusing ME in every aspect my business. I share the ME of my business, my voice, but only after you are already doing business with me and even then I tend to hold back. That’s just not enough.

    I literally just came up with that statement above after having reflected on all that self-work and after this “a-ha moment” inducing video!

    Now……where to start?

    Love that you share your special gift with the world, Marie!

  77. I LOVED this episode. It’s really causing me to rethink what we sell. I know we sell “brand image” as a design studio, but it has to connect with the client’s heart and not just their head. I am NOT salesy … business development is my least favorite task. This episode is helping me to rethink how I approach prospects and clients.
    Thanks, Marie!
    Pamela Abeyta

  78. A Gap year of adventure and experimentation where students are supported in the search for their purpose in life and pushed to do incredible things in the real world.

  79. UH

    What I really sell is stress relief, peace of mind and the feeling of being in control. (My product is a self management training.)

  80. I love the way Marie continually speaks to our hearts. It is what makes her stand out and makes me value her advice. My work with the horses is all about the heart and healing. We are all being called to be more caring and compassionate in the world. Thank you, Marie!

  81. Wow! Love this episode! Mustafa is a genius! an honest salesman. Truly inspiring! Well I’m not selling it yet but what I intend to sell is a brain turbo boost. Ok got to work on the wording haha. By that I mean laws and principles to apply to get the most out of your brain and be the best version of yourself.

  82. Well, as a music composer/producer I think I’m selling

    A soundtrack to life,
    A memory
    something that excites and engages the heart, the soul, the mind and the body,
    Something that enhances the moment
    An experience

    Any other suggestions?

    • Thanks for your insite Tony from a musical point of view. I am selling
      a new resonance product in order to promote self/harmonization and creativity. And thanks to Marie for helping us all stay on track and stay centered from tha heart!

      • Hi Tony! Thanks for your insight.
        What stuck in my mind was: Something that excites and engages the heart, the soul, the mind and the body…Something that enhances the moment. A soundtrack to life ….a magical experience.
        In a few words you have created a beautiful feeling that made me believe if I will purchase your products, I’ll have a pleasant experience.

    • I really loved “soundtrack to your life”. That resonated with me. 🙂

  83. I sell relief from pain so you can be comfortable and at peace in your body, mind, spirit.

    I’ve been working on narrow it that and going deeper for a few years, but haven’t found how yet. I think relief and freedom from pain is good 🙂

  84. I love this – and I recently just opened up my new Heartquarters Insider community, so this couldn’t have come at a better time or using better words. 🙂

    With this program I’m selling community support, learning how to learn, and a feeling of belonging when everyone else thinks you’re crazy for starting a business online.

    There’s a lot of talk about using “pain points” in marketing and selling, but this other side of the coin where we connect as human beings is so much more powerful and exciting to me.

    Really enjoyed this one Marie!

  85. Ashelle

    I sell bras specifically targeting the “more blessed” ladies among us. I am really passionate about it because of my own experiences trying to find ones that fit and felt right. So I don’t just see it as selling bras because every time I get a woman in a proper fitting (not to mention CUTE bra) it does something to their state of mind and maybe even helps them to love the body they have. So that said… I am selling confident! 🙂

  86. Gaaaaah! Marie – LOVED this episode. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been trying to relay (in far less elegant terms) to my clients for years. I’m professional artist who paints large-scale portraits of animals—from cows to hyenas. I’m the first one to tell you that no one *needs* a 6 foot painting of a Hyena. I think art of any kind (a Moroccan rug, the written word, music) is something you resonate with, or don’t, in an instant. I’m grateful to have sold a lot of pieces, but thank you for reminding me that buying from the heart & connecting (and selling from that place) is where it’s at. Going to trot on over to the and see what’s cookin! -Aimée

    • Aimee, are they custom portraits? That is, do you do a painting of my dog for me? Or do I buy from the many paintings you have? If it’s my dog, the thought came to mind… a painting ALMOST as big as the love you feel for Fido… (love the comment, no one needs a 6′ painting of a hyena!!)

      • Hi Lisa! Thanks for the comment! I was a pet portrait artist for about 13 years—my work was 100% dog commissions. I switched gears back in 2012 to stretch as an artist and paint different subjects. I do do custom work, but of different animals now. 🙂 PS – love the title “Yambassador!”

      • Your work is amazing! I’m so inspired. I’m always thrilled to hear from artists who started the same way I am. I’ve been at this for a couple months and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely bookmarking your site. Wishing you all the success in the world from one animal painter to another <3 HUGS!

    • Many many people would want what you sell – if you market yourself well – am sure you will thrive as a painter of animal portraits. Do you do custom paintings from a photo for animal owners overseas?

      • Hi Linda! Thanks for the message. Yes I do custom paintings from photos. (Most recent one is of a big-horn sheep.) Worked with folks in about 7 different countries I think & sold over 130 portraits over the last 13 years. But switched gears in 2012 to do the large-scale work I’m doing now. It’s kind of like starting over! Anyhow, I love Marie’s energy and Q&As. Such a great service to all of us…not to mention some great energy here!

  87. As a garden designer, –and this is probably true for other service businesses–I feel like my work is really three kinds of sales: one, in the design process itself; two, in addressing the fear that people have that the newly installed garden will thrive under their care–and this varies tremendously client to client; and three, that I can successfully “sell” a vision of what is yet to be. I mean plants are living things; it’s not like getting new furniture, or some other static product. The plants that are installed in a garden today look different next year, and then the year after that. They very often look different across one year with seasonal color changes and bloom schedule. I am looking forward to see what the Copy Cure has to offer! But in the meantime, as always, thanks for the food for thought! I found this very helpful.

    • Jeannie, you made me think of that scene in the movie The Wedding Planner, where JLo uses her gift to verbally evoke the future wedding scene for the woman she just met, because she already had a sense of her. I sense your ability to intuit what kind of garden is best for me personally and my lifestyle. And what if it’s built in that you revisit the garden every year or two and recommend next steps? So I don’t have to feel like a wimp for wanting my hand held… it’s just built in… normal.

      • Jeannie

        Thanks, Lisa! Great idea about working in a re-visit; sometimes this happens naturally as most clients take on their gardens in stages anyway. But for those that don’t, some assurance without asking would go along way to comfort. You are right; I sometimes feel like that wedding planner; intuition plays a huge part in the process.

    • If you know or apply Permaculture (Bill Mollison) as a gardening philosophy, then you are selling sustainable gardens that look after themselves once they’ve received the love they need …

      • Jeannie

        Thanks, Linda; Native plants are the backbone of most of my designs and you are right–they are generally easier to care for! That does help with the comfort factor and also serves as client education.

    • Jeannie,
      FWIW, what I want from my garden/landscape – and what I hired someone like you to help me create – is a sense of peace and simple beauty, a sanctuary from the hectic world “out there.” To get a little cheesy, it’s almost like I’m buying “Welcome home.”

      • Jeannie

        Not cheesy at all! You are right, Jodi; conveying a sense of the garden as sanctuary is so important. In nearly every culture on earth, gardens are human-perfect places.

  88. I sell grief healing by connecting with loved ones who’ve passed, I sell peace of mind by giving others clarity on what’s going on in their lives through Turtle Journeys, I sell confidence by teaching others how to listen and trust their intuition, and I sell self awareness by giving others answers from the Akashic records as to why certain things are showing up in their lives. I sell a more fulfilling life 🙂

  89. Love this video. So rings home with my business. I am a boudoir and wedding photographer, my clients definitely buy with their heart and not their head. Lx

    • Wow Lisa, you might love the tours we do with Damien Lovegrove who is a master of light, and specializes in boudoir and wedding photography (he’s also a FujiFilm Ambassador). We’re doing Cambodia, Bali and Cuba with him next year – check out if you want to know more on those tours – in about a month. (some of his work is also up at our FB page: ….

  90. Weronika

    Marie, thank you so much for another insightful video. You are truly an inspiration!
    The downside is that I am not sure where to start with naming what I sell. I’ve been a freelancer for over two years now and I’m still really struggling to get customers easily. I’m a conference interpreter so what I actually seem to be selling is mutual understanding of people who don’t speak the same language, but this message seems to be falling through my marketing cracks. Ladies! You are all here so insightful and you all are great at communicating what you sell. Would you have some advice for me? How would you go about marketing such services?
    Thank you all in advance for any comments!

    • Weronika, do you mean literally what you say? You interpret different languages at conferences for non-native speakers of that language?

      • Could you be a verbal wordsmith that creates the spark for understanding across languages ?

        • Weronika

          Thank you for this comment Linda, that’s a very interesting approach!

      • Weronika

        Lisa, the literal expression of what I do is not a problem. I am trying to figure out what to say to open the customers heart. I would like them to feel excited about working with me. I thought building bridges between people was a good metaphor, but it does not seem to work.

  91. Absolutely agree with you!

    My brother is a hair dresser (very successful). Anyways, he doesn’t just sell the hair cut, he sells the experience. People come to him because he makes them feel good.

    It’s so hard to sell — I make people feel awesome in healings. It’s what I do, but I can’t exactly put that on add.

    Love your show!

  92. Wonderful episode!

    You always get me thinking Marie.Thank you again for your time and energy 🙂

    At I run meditation mentorship programs designed to help high profile individuals get to the next level in their field of choice. With me, you’ll also discover who you really are and why you do the things that you do..

    On the surface, I will teach you how to meditate in a fashion that is best for your unique body but what you are really buying from me is

    A lifetime of satisfying relationships and meaningful communication.
    A shortened learning curve for life, complete with templates for healthy adult relationships and excellent personal boundaries.

    My programs are a no brainer if you are a hardworking individual who is ready to look yourself directly in the Heart 🙂

    Thanks for the energy today and for B-School. It was the best investment I made this year 🙂 and I made back that investment within 2 weeks of the program! If your on the fence about B-School, Do It! The relationships and business connections alone make this program worth your time, effort and energy (money).

    I’ll keep an eye out for your next video Marie! Your team is also the best!

    Big hugs and love

    Rocco Distefano

  93. I sell fitness that is fun AND delivers results. I sell fitness that makes you feel good about yourself, while challenging you. I sell sass, confidence, and mind/body connection.

    Would love thoughts and feedback! And check out the website . What do YOU think I’m selling?

  94. Love this Marie!

    I am selling sustainable, lasting, positive change. The experience of living your life free of fear and worry. Seeing all experience as opporunity. Take a second, remember that most magical day- maybe it was on a trip…your wedding…a promotion…remember and feel what you felt like on that day. What words would you use to describe that most incredible day? My word would be invincible. That day the world was my oyster, I could do no wrong, everything clicked, it was magical. THAT’S what I sell. The ability to LIVE there everyday without efforting….and I guarantee it!

  95. I sell jewelry that are primarily made by stay at home moms. WE always state that our jewelry is made from the heart. And now we need to sell it by opening our customers hearts. Thanks. We are in the middle of rebranding (thanks to B-School!). Love this episode.

  96. Great video today and girl, you are rocking that jumpsuit. Love it.

  97. This Marie is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you! I’m heading over right now to check out And thank you to the lovely ladies who have already commented and left their unique wisdom and advice.
    Blessings to all.

  98. Loved this video, Marie! Thank you! I sell the opportunity for women to find the confidence to get out there and chase their dreams by losing the weight that’s been holding them back.

    I coach women one on one to get to the root of their weight and emotional eating troubles (it almost always goes deeper than food). I sell them what they want (weight loss) and give them what they need: the guidance and support to go deep and uncover the spiritual and mental blocks that are holding them back.

  99. Nic

    Marie, looking fly girl!! Love the outfit, the hair, everything!!

    I sell REBELLION!

    This is an amazing question, which I think I knew I had an answer for all along, while dreaming up my biz, but never really thought of the process in the manner of a simple question. I sell/want to sell Rebellion. This is in the form of selling stationery and products that are a bit cheeky but also in the form of rebelling against the norm and trends. Now I know what I am selling, just have to find a way into my ideal customer’s heart!!

    Thank you for the enlightenment Marie!!! You always know!


  100. I love this video! People do buy from the heart, we all do it and we know it!

    So applying that to my business, I sell designer balloons, my customer avatar is a uber busy thirty something working mom with kids, professional, corporate job, very social, loves life in the fast lane and wants to look good being there but doesn’t have time to do it all herself!

    So when she wants to throw a party the experience I want her to have is to show up and feel instantly fabulous wow them and have them talking about her party for a long time to come….. to be a legend of sorts…..

    Does this sound like the future experience Marie is talking about? And if not what would you change???
    So appreciate the feed back!!!
    Much LOVE,

    • I think that sounds GREAT! The party you wish you could throw. I can always imagine it being great, but who has the time? This sounds wonderful. The feeling can be even deeper, maybe? Look good, yes. Is there something also about connecting more deeply with the friends/neighbors/colleagues/etc cuz you’re no longer worrying about if what you brought is good enough? Don’t a lot of people have party anxiety? That kind of dread? Maybe that’s a push point too.

      • Lisa great great insight, some of my customer avatar does have anxiety about their party! So a push point would also be the time they have to concentrate on what really matters, the people, friends, family, coworkers at their party or event! Ohh.. I have a huge event coming up and I am going to sit down with my client and see if I can dig deeper into this!
        Thanks so much!!!

  101. Marie I absolutely love this. I help women explore sobriety in a hip, non-judgy, non-scary forum, and in their style, but what I sell is the promise of freedom from the things that scare the shit out of us and hold us back. This was just what I needed to hear today – it’s such a stigmatized and often dark landscape with so much fear, and I am selling light within it.

    You rule my world, always. Thank you for being such a light in MY world, and for selling me the promise of freedom as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  102. Manela Marques da Silva

    Hi Marie ;
    I have loved your video ,,,,,,,
    I always say , when people ask me, what do you do ?????
    I sell dreams ……
    Thank you for the inspiration ,
    its all there ,
    love from our sunny Algarve ,

  103. Beautiful! This 5 min video just helped me so much today. I’m in the process of writing my sales page for my first Sweet Spot Style Retreat to Mexico and there’s so much I want to say, but you really helped me nail it down- participants will lots of value in several ways, but more than anything it’s about the overall experience of being in a magical place with like-minded women with similar dreams supporting each other to go from idea to action.
    Thank you!!!!
    xo Desha

  104. Marie!

    My fiancé and I just went to Marrakesh and we had the same experience at that rug shop. Small world! Maybe we even stayed at the same Riad. I love how you tied this into this week’s lesson.

  105. As a Portrait Photographer, I sell emotions and memories of a family’s beautiful and fleeting time together (the hugs, the joy, the laughter) through my Family Portrait Sessions. For High School Seniors, I sell fashion and fun, and awesome memories of beauty, confidence, and style in moments they will treasure. Life is fleeting…Live Beautifully!

  106. I sell power and fun, so that my clients can feel deep joy and fulfillment by powerfully creating their lives on their terms, and have fun doing it!

    Thank you for all the honest wisdom shared here. I so enjoy reading about the amazing things that you all are up to in the world!

  107. I sell love. And it’s taking me a long time to just say that.. but it’s true.. My mission is to raise the vibration of the planet and i do that through art and magic.. Love is what it’s all about.
    It’s so fantastic to get honest with yourself!
    Thanks Maree. You are such a Rockstar of LOVE!

    • Michael

      I love your product !,Sarah…..

  108. I am selling connection.

    Through meditation and presence practices people get connected. But through getting connected they open up to their potential. By opening up to their potential they get what they want in life.

    Hmmm, so am I selling people on the potential of who they are? Or am I selling them on creating the results they want? Hmmm or am I selling my rainbow aura…….?

    • Your selling the I AM by the sounds of things …

      • Indeed, I Am selling the “I Am” because I Am the “I Am” haha

        But how do you translate that to someone who doesn’t get the I Am that they are…?

        • As a yoga teacher and conscious wellness educator, we are always selling students connecting to their innate truth and wholeness where all of their gifts reside just waiting for the gate to open. I’d say you are selling the gateway to living an awakened life.

  109. The real idea is to love people. Love their aspirations, love knowing their problems or obstacles. Care. Then when they come to you for help / something to buy, you’ll be putting them first. They sense that, know it, and will be coming back for more because of it (and your great product).

  110. Essential Explorations is about YOU, the tour leader, the theme and the itinerary. It’s getting that combo right and voila: the essential experience in travel (that’s what I sell) Hey Marie, want to lead a tour through Cambodia with us? I promise you – it’ll be like something you and delegates have never experienced before 🙂

  111. Great message today Marie. Your beginnings and your endings are so delightful to watch. I love them….
    I always look forward to seeing you….


  112. While it’s hard to pinpoint my favorite MarieTV topic, marketing wins the top spot! I love getting to the heart of what I’m selling but I hate actually selling. Your confident, kind approach really models for me how to do both with integrity. Thank you!

    I’m selling childcare strategies that help parents and nannies raise kids who’ll become awesome adults. Simple tips that make the day-to-day of childcare more fun and more meaningful.

    I’ve signed up for Copy Cure to learn how to juice up these ideas and I love the tips you’ve sent so far. Can’t wait for more!

    xo Kai

  113. I sell Spiritual Reboot, conscious intuitive wellness connecting to your sacred guidance so every decision one makes is made with a choice for optimal thriving.

  114. Another great episode, Marie! You’re hitting the staple ingredient of marketing’s secret sauce.

    I sell an amazing romantic partnership where you experience the best love has to offer without fear- the kind that makes that recent nasty breakup feel like the best thing that ever happened to you.

  115. Once again, I love this episode :).

    I am an artist and recipe writer…and what I am selling is inspiration for everyday yogini’s who want to take their yoga practice off their mats (that deep calm and peaceful state) and into their living spaces and kitchens….whether through a print, card or delicious recipe.

  116. Tea

    This episode appeared on my facebook at the right time (Don’t you just love it when that happens?). The universe really helped me get over a fear I was having and appreciate Marie’s words.

    I would like my customers and business partners to evoke the feeling of freedom – of being financially independent, healthy and to believe that their dreams can come true.

    There are countless benefits I don’t even know where to begin! Being healthy (because all the money in the world is nothing if you’re sick), if rich is not your thing than at least being financially safe so you can buy that bag or take that trip without thinking how you’re going to afford it (or pay off that credit card bill). Travel, my all time favourite, right next to that feeling of invincibility when someone expresses their gratitude for having helped them with something that troubled them for a long time… I could go on.

    And future memories I want people to have is going to the store and giving their card knowing that it will pass, and there’s lots more where that came from. Going for that dream trip and experiencing everything just the way you want it, instead of having to choose between two (or more?) great things you want because you can only afford one. Being able to drive a great car, to afford school to your children… And ultimately the satisfaction of having helped others.

    That is what I’m selling.

  117. I think the advice this week will help kick-start the marketing strategy I need to get busy and create.

    I find one of my challenges in exercises like this is how to strike the right balance between inspiring (even spiritual) and down-to-earth. My clients are primarily business executives, and my own personal style is pretty pragmatic, so I don’t want to market my coaching and consulting services in terms that are too “woo-woo.” But I do want to touch people on a human level that’s deeply meaningful and goes beyond simple work performance.

    This will take some more reflection and perfecting, but I think what I sell is: Energy to act, fueled by clarity and confidence.

    Thanks to Marie for the information, and thanks in advance to anyone with feedback/ideas on my thoughts above.

  118. Madison Wise

    I’m selling authentic, soulful assistance that enables a highly functional and satisfactory livelihood.

    I am (will be, starting my new position soon) a customer service rep. at a major medical software company.

  119. Hi Marie,
    I’m all about giving my customers that very warm fuzzy feeling that you were talking about. When it comes to connecting, I want to connect with that feeling that I know you want to come back and enjoy time after time.

    Just like the feeling you’ll get going back to Morocco and sharing those good times with us, thanks Marie!

  120. I’m really selling “less stress”. My products and services allow my customers to focus on their message and not the possible mess-ups of producing online events. We do this by handling the details, so our customer don’t have to. They are buying a way to eliminate excessive stress over the production of the online event experience.

  121. Michael

    ” I sell Better Health-More Wealth “

  122. Thank you, Marie! This is such wonderful advice for us heart-centered soulprenuers. My soulful branding business helps the creative woman: thrive successfully with steady income in her business, connect with her ideals and have them seek her out, enjoy the freedom of owning her own business, cherish the time she has with her children and loved ones because she gets to work from home, she savors life and lives from a place of contentment, happiness, and joy, she lives ever so thoughtfully in the slow lane, she connects with nature daily, and she lives simply. She eats healthy food that she grows for her family, she preserves food and loves being self-sufficient, and she connects deeply to those who are just as passionate about what they do. And, of course…she does what she loves to do – be it painting, cooking, farming, teaching, photographing, or writingwith passion, purpose, and heart.

  123. Well now I want to see the rug!

  124. I have spent over an hour here this morning, because I’ve been trying to get at what I’m really selling, for years now. People have told me I’m crazy to worry about it, just sell salsa. But I know there’s more to it!

    I make the world’s only sweet potato salsas. They’re delicious, fabulously healthful and nutritious, and fun & new. But they’re also very low calorie, no fat, no sweetener, loads of antioxidants… make the best nachos & burritos & go on eggs & burgers & salad… they’re vegan and gluten free… great for athletic recovery… more than a condiment, they’re great at the center of the plate cuz each one has beans and a veg… so many benefits even I can get lost in it!

    There are so many selling points that it’s hard to know where to start… I invented them in my Vermont kitchen. Mexican (roasted sweet potato, black beans, corn, lime, chipotle), Tuscan (roasted sweet potato, white bean, basil, balsamic) & Moroccan (!) (roasted sweet potato, curry, lentil & kale), totally different than any other salsa anyone has ever dreamed up.

    So is it salsa for “different” people? Do I focus on delicious? focus on healthy/natural? focus on gourmet? makes you a great role model for your kids? helps you be healthy and nourished so you can save the world?

    I hope you don’t mind I’ve responded to so many folks above, because it helps get me in the groove. I can feeeeeel it for so many of you, but I can’t see what to pitch for my own products! 🙂

    (you can find them on Amazon under a search for sweet potato salsa)

    All help welcome!!

    • Lisa, it sounds like something along the lines of:
      Uniquely delicious snacking experience that makes your body feel good too.

      I think it’s nice that you’ve commented on so many people’s posts, and used this to help your thought process as well as helping them. (I had to click on your link because I was starting to think you were on the Marie TV staff!) Good luck!

    • Your comments today have been truly insightful (I thought you were working for Marie!).
      When I eat Salsa I want to be taken somewhere. Flavour creates and evokes memories.

    • Hi Lisa! The word delicious sounds great, brings the attention. The word healthy makes me think about something good for my body. In my opinion you just need to simplify to amplify. Delicious, healthy experience with the world’s only sweet potato salsas.

    • Lisa ….

      I replied once before this because I couldn’t believe how insightful you’ve been regarding other people’s comments (I’m the yoga instructor who asked for a comment/insight from you!!!)

      I just wanted to add – you sold me … delicious and good for me is all I want really. It’s always what I care about (though I’m not as disciplined as one would think!!). Either way, many people ARE concerned about nutrition these days and if it’s good for you AND tastes delicious, it’s a no brainer. Good luck – I don’t think you can miss!!!! Blessings to you .

  125. Alexis

    Great advice, as always, Marie! So much of what you offer is known to me–it’s remembering what I know that needs constant attention. You always bring it home (especially today) and I’m so grateful for that.

    After watching the episode, I switched over to but when I tried to sign up, the boxes for name and email wouldn’t let me type my info. Any advice for that?

    Sending you lots of love today,

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry that the copy cure site is giving you trouble! I just tested it on various browsers and it seems to be working fine so please try again. If you are still having trouble – write us at info at marieforleo dot com and we’ll get you signed up.

  126. Thank you Marie!
    One of your best videos. So relevant to me as I’m an illustrator/designer selling products for children. It’s sometimes easier to focus on the experience a customer is having when you are selling a service, but when your business is selling a product, it’s even MORE importrant to focus on the entire experience around what you are selling….But sometimes harder to remember! Thank you! I’m a B-Schooler and big fan, but this is my first time commenting here. Hugs and thanks!

    Sarah Jane

  127. Great topic Marie! I was just having a conversation with a colleague on closing tactics and love the sales approach of getting your customer to first open their heart. I will definitely try this out. Thank you!

  128. I sell Barefoot Books. But what I really sell is a way to connect families through stories and inspire children to have a lifelong love of reading!!

  129. Marie, the timing and content of this couldn’t have been more perfect. In our business we sell land in beautiful Montana. We definitely need to speak to how owning a piece of the Montana dream can create future experiences and memories. We never thought of that and yet there are so many…enjoying your cabin in the woods where you bring the kids every summer to experience nature, catching your first trout, or it’s about having a piece of organic land knowing it awaits you when you need to escape. I will definitely head over to for more on this.

  130. This has been my such a great topic. One of my favorites thus far! I am a long time fan, but this is my first time commenting.

    As for us we sell private security services, but what we really sell is a sense of security and safety.

    This was such a great reminder of that!

    Thanks for being awesome,


  131. Trying to keep it simple and direct…

    what I am actually selling–

    ‘Super easy and well crafted garments for everyday life.’

    • Courtney,
      In light of this video and approach, your beautiful statement makes me want to know, how do your customers FEEL in them when they’re wearing them, and after? Is it possible to add just the tiniest thing to your statement, to tell me if your garments are for me? “… for a glamorous everyday life.” “…for a comfortable everyday life.” “…for an elegant… stylish… happy… delightful… mysterious… busy… memorable… classic…” Sounds like the clothes are easy to wear, put on, take off, clean? So no-hassle? Simple? What’s the feeling I want to experience, that your clothes give me? They sound really lovely.

      • Yes. absolutely. How could I have forgotten.

        An elegant everyday life. Too much down to business and forgot about the most important part!!

        Thanks for your reply!!

  132. Zoe

    Miss Marie looking GORGEOUS as usual!

    But what a great question! and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as my partner and I are working hard on finding our “voice” and style and pinpointing what our business really is….so here goes nothing!

    We sell hope. Hope for a happier, healthier future.

    There’s an amazing proverb that goes: ‘He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.’ And that really encompasses what we’re trying to do. We believe that in a healthier world – one where health is the norm and hope is abundant.

    And for us, health isn’t just about being physically healthy or eating nutritious foods (thought of course those are both important!). For us, true health also requires a healthy mind, a healthy heart and a healthy planet.

    We’re producing amazing food products that are only made from natural, pure and organic ingredients that are as unrefined as possible. They’re tasty, but nutritious too. But more than that, they are also as environmentally friendly as possible, they support the farmers and produces that helped to create them, and will each help to fund specific projects around the world that share our vision of a healthier world.

    So yes, we’re selling hope. Hope and health, and the belief that together we can create a much brighter future that we can all feel proud of.

    Phew! Might need some work but at least it’s a start!
    Thanks for the kick up the backside Marie, this was highly needed!


  133. Marie,

    I love the way you always get to the basic point–basic and simple yet so profound! And, Emilia, I love the term “soulgasm!”


  134. Love todays episode, Marie!
    I am a painter, so this approach can be really juicy.
    When a client buys one of my paintings, what is she really getting?
    Something so very human, and at the same time absolutely sublime.
    Not as opposites, but as one. We can touch this magical thing that we cannot even name, that thing that unites us and transcends us. My paintings are what I bring with me from this experience. It’s the proof I have been there.
    This is so clear to me in a deeper, non-language level. I wish I could put it into words better. How would you put this in a simpler way?

  135. tanz

    I’m a yoga teacher and massage therapist, among other things, and mainly I sell time and space… how very inter-galactic 🙂

    I sell space to breathe, time to feel, space to stretch, time to heal and time to just be… and to be. Space for gratitude and grief, time to release and reconnect… space for possibility.

    Too general? I feel like it should be more peppy – like “time to be amazing” but that’s not the truth of how it always feels, sometimes it’s hard and frustrating to slow down… it’s more like “time to be real”. I’d also like to have something about strength in there somehow.

    • Sanne

      Time to find your real strenght?

  136. Marie! I’m so grateful you and your channel exist! Thank you for posting this video today, it is exactly what I needed to hear and ask myself as I’ve been seeking the answer. Immediately the answer was clarified. I am selling LUXURY. I am a floral designer; I design weekly floral installations for people’s homes, weddings, events, and special occasions. Sometimes I get caught up in the fact I am selling “flowers”, which I am, but also – it is the feeling of luxury imbued in the design and branding of my company that I want people to take with them. I want people’s lives to feel elevated, opulent, beautiful, and luxurious via my florals.

    Thank you again for posing the question!

    All best to you and yours,

    Dara Paquette / FLORA LUX

  137. Barb

    I really like your Tuesday videos…..I’m at the infancy with my website and selling my product for children for yoga..I am a former teacher with lots of energy and things to still share…I hope to get over to copy

  138. Adanary

    Awesome topic today!! One of my kids pointed this out to me just recently while watching a Target t.v. commercial!!! It is so true, I’m often drawn in without knowing it’s even a Target commercial. Watch closely next time…Target sells a FEELING often without words; it makes us want the feeling that comes with obtaining something you want or might-not-want, and to obtain it from them. Wal-mart sells the idea of saving on things you need or might not! Which one do you find more powerful?? I sell the value of portraiture and event photography…moments frozen in time! I try not to talk about money. Thanks Marie!!

  139. Amaka

    Am selling confidence, ‘fabulousity’…I sell fashion accessories! Thank you Marie.

  140. I really enjoyed this episode, I never really thought about the approach of selling an item for the experience rather then as a need. I’m so new at this and it’s always a learning experience. Thank you Marie for making such great videos, I’m learning so much 🙂

    ps. I hope you purchased the Moroccan rug. They are works of art and totally worth it. We have a few Moroccan pieces in our shop if you want to check them out 🙂

  141. Awesome video, Marie!!
    Fresh, simple and true!
    And people listen, watch or buy from someone they like!
    Like Marie! 😉

    OK, I’ involved in marketing, offering energy drinks, regeneration products itc.
    As a member I get 30% from every purchase from my site.
    decided to donate that 30% to little girl Lara, suffering from muscular dystrophy. That 30% goes for her therapies, medical expences and a lot of things this girl needs! (
    I have 2 daughters so you know WHY am I doing this.
    I believe in my products, so I donate her regenerating capsules which makes her stronger!
    I want to get her on her feet and to live life every child deserves to live!!

  142. I sell “Soul-Gasms” too! (Love That). I sell personal growth (transforming yourself), feelings (connecting with others through love), and an experience (building your thriving team/family/employees etc).

    As always, Marie, thanks for the reminder to sell from the heart and into the hearts of our beloved customers.

  143. Wow! I just love the enthusiasm you bring! “I don’t know if I rather be the zombie or the one getting chased.” HAHA you are just hilarious! I am going to start selling travel packages. I am finally transitioning from my familiar comfort zone of being a cook and selling food to providing a service I truly am passionate about. Travel!! Looking forward to sharing more of my experience! Till then, lots of love and peace and stay blessed!!! Chao 🙂

  144. Thank you for this video – the timing couldn’t be better! I’m heading off to 4 days of networking at a conference where it will be so extremely helpful to keep this in mind. Thank you Marie!!!

  145. Thanks Marie for this great critical thinking exercise!

    I am selling fun, simple communication for complex issues…hmmm, maybe it’s more like:
    I’m selling creativity, inspiration and understanding in groups.

    Great exercise to keep practicing, thank you!

  146. OK, I’m going to give it a try. I sell consulting services to business leaders that help them optimize their culture and drive their strategy. What I really sell though is the opportunity to do work that matters, have a positive impact on others, and be wildly successful at the same time. What do you think?

    • I think you’re onto something Paula. I feel a bit of a disconnect between your first sentence (optimize culture/drive strategy) and the second (do work that matters). I’d talk more to your customers and find out what they REALLY get out of working with you. What do they love about their lives/businesses/companies **after** you’ve worked with them. Have real life conversations with people and really listen. You’ll start to hear it!

      • elisa

        ayyyy, ayyyy, ayyyyy
        What do you do if what people loved about their lives after working with you is not exactly what you are selling? for example, I sell a communication training. people feel more confident, part of a community and empowered after taking the training. I get they feel all this and is valid, but true is they could feel the same with a weigh loss training and that is not what I am selling.

  147. My business sells an unforgettable evening with friends, a time to switch off and tune in to beautiful acoustic music in your own living room.
    A smart question which I found so easy to answer… So why am I having such a problem charging for this experience?
    So far I have been working a donation/tip basis… But this is hit and miss – it ranges from £5.00 to 70 in tips…
    When the night is worth far more- my clients even tell me this…
    I am afraid of charging and losing the magic that my evenings create, but on the other hand, my band and I, and the guest musicians all put a lot of work into the events e

  148. Hi Marie,
    I’m a makeup artist, based in Cracow, Poland. In my city, going to makeup artists isn’t very popular, in fact, women are afraid of it! Why? Because many makeup artists make them look overdone, with too much foundation, colors or sparkles. Other are working for big cosmetic brands and try to sell every product, no matter if it’s right for a specific person or not.

    Using my experience, based on fashion makeup and past cooperation with luxury cosmetic brand, I created a small makeup studio. I use only high quality cosmetics and put all my heart and experience to teach women how to look and feel their best. When client comes to me, I always make a herbal tea or aromatic coffee, talk with her, ask her about what she likes, what is her personal style and life philosophy, and then, I create a makeup.

    What I sell is not only makeup but trust, beauty and self confidence. A luxury feeling, when you feel relaxed, happy and beautiful by being yourself.
    I was struggling with so lack confidence all my life, that is why I want to give my clients the best quality of service and real support.

    Marie, thank you for all your advice and courage you are giving by every video! You are amazing.
    Best Regards from Poland

    Joanna Stawowy

  149. I’m at the bottom of the totem pole, but still rockin’ steady y’all TRUST!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Marie for this. Sometimes as stationer who creates quirky, beautiful, inspirational life stories I’m hoping that exactly what I am selling is what you mentioned in your vid. I am selling the experience of life’s stories told differently.

    As I have grown in my spiritual development, I noticed that I express things differently like I call my hubby my Twin Soul and I say “Happy Bornday” instead of Happy Birthday because my experiences see life differently. My goal is to help the world express their soul’s life stories on paper and web beautifully.. hence the title of my life story/business Visionary Stationery and my logo that I designed and have a complete logo crush on! Ha! 🙂

  150. Jac

    Hi Marie and to anyone that has the patience to read through! What am I selling? I sell handmade, whimsical, magical cards with soul. I’m not selling mass produced anything, but thoughtful and conscious pieces of art that are designed to add a little sparkle and a little joy to people’s lives.
    My cards are so pretty you can frame them. They are the perfect way to send your heartfelt words to someone special, or if you are no good with words, the cards are special enough anyway.

    • We read everything Jac! Even if I’m traveling (which I am now) and can’t reply – both myself and my team read it all 🙂 XO

      • Jac

        That’s awesome Marie! Thank you so much for responding, it really means a lot! Glad you had fun in Morocco, I love it there. I’ve spent a few winters there surfing with friends. Good times!

  151. I am selling future happiness in a great job

  152. I sell Youth in a bottle!!

    Yep, I help people turn back aging. And yes it really does work! I could tell a difference in my wrinkles in a week! My friend told me I look 10 years younger after using it a couple of months. Love Nerium!

    • It is a wonderful episode Marie! We are always selling, either for ourselves or others! Recommending a movie, a recipe, our products, trust, etc.

  153. Debra

    I’m selling an ingredient to an amazing memory or experience my clients can have when they think about or live in the spaces I create for them. I’m selling LOVE because what I create reflects my clients and makes them happy.

    Thanks for providing me a new way to perceive my services!

  154. Loved the outfit, Marie. This video was a blessing in disguise. On days when I’m feeling off purpose this is a great reminder to remember the emotions and the love in each sales conversation.

    • I like the way you put it, Paige. Selling is ultimately about serving, not selling. We’re serving people by helping them realise their needs, desires and aspirations.

  155. sahil sachdeva

    Hi Marie,

    Appreciate your efforts to provide such meaningful thoughts about selling. I am an Inside Sales Executive for the last three years and it is an awesome experience to understand the customer needs and requirement.

    Thank so much for this special gift which you have for us on every tuesday from which we got good experience and try to implement it on a daily basis. I hope you read my message and I wish you good luck and waiting for next tuesday.

    Love you Marie

  156. Love that she sells soulgasms. I am starting my business so I would say I have to work on this.. for myself.. Right now I can say I help people create food for their soul. I will keep looking at this. I guide people who are newly diagnosed with food sensitivities to move through their roadblocks, and go from surviving to thriving, effortlessly.

  157. Loved this episode and you are oh so on the money. I am in the business of RE. I am a photographer/artist that specializes in image transfers on Salvaged, RePurposed wood that I collect, salvaged, prep and cut down myself. I RePurpose, Recycle while ReAlizing my dream. I also teach workshops on how to do just what I do and where to find pieces to transform and create RePurposed Awesome.
    Thank you for doing what you do, it makes a difference more than you could possibly know.
    Stay Awesome…
    Black Out.

    • That sounds amazing, Michelle.

  158. Gaveeta

    Thanks Marie for another episode that simplifies a difficult concept! So I need some help defining what I sell- I am a holistic psychiatrist so I guess I sell mental health. I think what I really sell is more fulfilling relationships, better functioning at work and enjoyable leisure time, all by improving mental well being .

  159. Kathy

    I sell a safe and empowered birth at

    I sell a peaceful & loving transition to motherhood on your terms at

  160. When people purchase my artisan crafted jewelry they are buying the chance to wear something that shows off how DIFFERENT they are from everyone else, and how PROUD they are to be that way!

  161. Thank you for the continuous inspiration!

    When people work with me, I want them to exercise the full range of personal CHOICE when it comes to their spending and saving habits. I want them to make 100% authentic decisions in all areas of their lives, especially when it comes to money. I want them to be empowered to live in healthy harmony with their money.

  162. I loved this episode, Marie! And it actually made me realize I need to tweak my copy a bit because, like Mustafa, what I’m really selling isn’t the product/service itself.

    As a consultant and coach working in the realms of pleasure, clarity and purpose, what my clients most value is the permission slip they’re buying, the permission they learn to write for themselves, to act on their true purpose and to relearn how to play freely again.

    Thanks for provided the room for me to articulate that insight!

    Btw, I’m heading to Morocco in January – Marrakech, Fez & Tangiers with some pit stops along the way. Anything you’d recommend as “not to be missed”?

    • In FEZ – make sure you take a cooking class at the Clock Cafe – the head chef is a woman and she is AMAZING!!!!!

      • oh, yay! I’d been eye-ing those classes (they have a branch in Marrakech too and I was trying to decide which location to try) – perfect that you can confirm the experience is as awesome as it looks, and take the location pondering out of the equation. Thanks for the recommendation, Marie! It’s now moving to the top of my to-do list in Fez.

        And I’ll look forward to comparing culinary notes in Feb. 🙂

    This connects with my heart. Love, Katie x

  164. I totally agree – I am “selling” a way to feel good, to love yourself and to take care of yourself with yoga – so if my ICA cannot open her heart to herself/himself – they are no longer my ICA I suppose! Thanks Marie – and hope to meet Mustafa sometime. Great salesman!

  165. Amanda

    This is one I have been trying to pin point, this episode is perfect timing!
    I sell an experience, guidance, support, excitement and energy. A fridge full of healthy nutrient dense food , a heart full of self love that can pour on to others and a radiant glow that starts from the inside and spills to the outside.

    I’ve been a makeup artist for years and now implementing nutrition and wellness coaching. I’ve been battling with myself if I keep the jobs together or apart. Thoughts? Its really about women feeling truly confident, happy and joyful. Enough so, that they feel they are able to share that feeling with others. At a cross roads… Love this site 🙂

    • I think keep them together- as a woman interested in these things you’d be selling me the promise of looking and feeling better

    • Agree with Lindsay, you’re making your offering unique by providing two-in-one.

      You help women inside and out 🙂

  166. My one line business describer is:
    I teach parents a ‘tapping’ meditation technique
    What do they want?
    Parents want solutions to ‘problems’ with their children ie bad behaviour, poor sleep, not settled at school, illness,
    What do they need?
    Self love, validation, confidence, listen to intuition, let go of inner child wounding, good parenting (from a therapist) listening
    What AM I really selling folks?!… Appreciate thoughts!

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Based on what you’ve outlined, I’d venture that they want reassurance and/or confirmation that they’re truly good parents (with great parenting skills).

    • Hey Lindsay, I know a few young parents who could do with what you’re selling.

      Sounds like your target audience/ prospective customers are parents of young kids, or parents of teenagers? I would narrow that down, so people know exactly who you’re speaking to because “parents” is broad. If you speak to everyone, you’re speaking to no one 🙂

      I’m not a parent (well I am if you count 2 kittens), but do they also want to raise responsible and happy kids, as well as self-love, validation, etc?

      Maybe you’re selling “I help parents of young children feel empowered so that they can raise responsible and happy children”

      The reason I say empowered is, because all those “needs” are feelings of helplessness, so an catchall term might be empowerment?

      G’luck, and blessings,


      • Thanks so much for your replies-what a blessing! I have seen so much in other people’s ideas but its so hard to see whats right in front of your nose lol yes! I’m so inspired and blessed!
        I always watch the videos but haven joined the chat before -now I’m addicted. I got so much from this 😉

  167. Great episode! Loved the 3 take away’s… “Feelings, Benefits, & Future Memories.” So true. I was just watching film ads for the new Apple Watch and they express these 3 things so well. Thank you Marie for more great insights and as always, you make it so much fun. xo

  168. Great insight and questions, Marie! My service, as a medium is to connect you with your loved ones on the Other Side and give you evidential validations and messages, then teach you to do the same directly. (Most people already do; they just need help recognizing the signs, or need help releasing any blocks they may have to hearing/sensing any communication that is trying to come through to them.)

    As far as what future experience are my clients hoping to get? I sum it up as follows:

    I want you to get to a place where you can smile when you think about and talk about your loved ones. I want you to be free to do so with grace and ease allowing yourself to move through deep sorrow to inner knowing and peace, realizing your loved ones hear you and are right beside you, supporting you in everything you do so you can move forward into a happier and healthier life. 🙂

    Love and light, ~Lisa

  169. Love this video and the comments that are already posted!

    My turn: I am selling (or giving away) my skill of simplifying the college admissions process. I help students by reading short (1-page) summaries of each steps and emailing them weekly/daily tasks to get organized without hassle. As transparently as possible, I am building up my business while also satisfying my need for coaching others/mentoring.

    In reality, what I sell is (1) a piece of mind that someone can cover all pieces and not worry that they forgot something, (2) a pain free experience with applications (that hopefully gets them over fear of applications for life), and (3) habits that will simplify life.

    I still need help wording some of these, so all comments are welcomed.

    • Wow, wish i had such a service when I applied for college. So you’re selling convenience and peace-of-mind.

      Having a crack: “I help students send their college applications, by simplifying the process so they have peace-of-mind and still have fun”


      • Anis – thank you for your feedback!

        You know – the students that participated in my pilot study say that too – peace of mind, no anxiety, and now they can have fun thinking about thier future and enjoy their senior year. 🙂

  170. Marie,
    Thank you SO much for today’s video- it was the perfect motivation and inspiration that I needed today. Before watching this episode I was having a “blah” day (and I literally texted my boyfriend those exact words prior to watching). I was down about my new business being slow and really hard to gain clientele. However this has inspired me to really delve into marketing and doing so from the heart.
    Thank You,
    Ciara Cappo DC

    • Hey Ciara,
      An idea for your website front page: how about getting several client testimonials, have them saying how they felt before and after your help.

      One way that helped me articulate what I’m selling is by asking my clients how I helped them. They will say it in their own words, how they felt and the transformation they achieved because of my service. This might be a place to start 🙂

      When you have that one sentence that expresses your client’s transformation, put it on your front page above your phone number.


    • How about, “i help people heal themselves naturally without medication”?

  171. Regena

    I sell happiness! Living life in the moment. I am a Yoga Teacher & A Real Estate Investor- teaching people the joy of creating the life you want. Like Marie <3!!! Love you Marie- your freakn' awesome!!!

  172. Baren

    Hi Marie, am not a business person yet but I presume in our everyday life we are still doing business. I love the questions you asked in the above video and not only will I apply them in future for business but I will use them in my day to day experiences. So, thank you massively for sharing not only your success but the love

  173. I just love, Marie, to read what your program and your words are inspiring in the life of participants. It is AWESOME! Anyone who can have people going just a bit further than what they thought their limit were has accomplished what Gandhi beautifully said: ‘If you change one person’s life, you change the world’. Thank you Marie.

  174. Such great comments here, and such a great episode! (And a great outfit!). I’m still working through this — and SO looking forward to B-School to help me get more clear. What I noticed as I was reading through is what doesn’t necessarily resonate with me (and the words I have thus far been more prone to using). I think sometimes as healers, coaches, etc we get caught up in words like inner peace, love, happiness, insights, awareness because we know how life-changing they are. But do those words sell? I’m not sure. I noticed myself even switching off and skipping to the next comment. I don’t know whether that’s because I hear them all the time, or whether it’s because they are just not catchy enough given all the marketing conditioning I’ve subconsciously tuned into. 🙂 Definitely not criticizing anyone using them because I have been doing it myself but that was one of my “insights” whilst reading through. Thanks again for an awesome episode and reminder Marie. 🙂 Blessings.

    • Great point, Sonia, but i wonder if your perspective is because you’re not the target audience? The people they are targeting want to be happy, want to find love or do what they love but currently don’t, or find inner-peace.

      Keep soaring.

  175. I am selling a joy of gift donation! I will help you to combine your love of shopping with a desire to make this world a better place. I am a co-founder of Gooddler. It is a social enterprise created to help charities to collect goods they need from their supporters. We offer a FREE platform where charities that rely on goods to achieve their organizations’ goals can create wishlists. Donors from around the world can purchase the items and be sure that they will be delivered directly to the recipient of the gift. You can take a look at it here: (in beta right now)

    If you don’t like to donate money, if you want to know exactly how your donated $$$ are spent, if you want to see the impact of your donation, Gooddler is for you.

  176. Hi Marie,
    This week’s video was awesome. It always good to be reminded to hone in on what client’s want. As an interior designer I sell a vison to my clients of a wonderful home, a functional kitchen or the “zen” master suite. All things to enhance their lives. I think you enhance many lives in what you do too. Look forward to many more episodes.
    Thanks again,

  177. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for your great stories and tips! I started a Spiritual Life Coaching business and this was the perfect question. What am I selling? I am selling the freedom for people to be themselves; fully, authentically and joyfully!


  178. I sell the camaraderie of joining a revolution.. The fulfillment and sense of purpose that comes from making a difference in the world and making a living from it. The toxic-free crusade!!! I suppose I’m also definitely selling safer alternative household products. And that equals health, ease of worry, and feelings of being in control. 🙂 Time to go communicate this somehow in my copy 🙂

    • We buy toxic free products because our two little kitties’ noses and paws get everywhere and we worry about them getting poisoned. Plus we buy them because we’ve learned that the toxic stuff, over time, isn’t good for us.
      So you’re right, you’re selling clean house and peace of mind that your loved ones are healthy 🙂


  179. I sell the map that leads to YOU!

    Thank you, Marie, for always bringing the soul into your message. In my psychotherapy practice I help people restore their divine wholeness. We come into this world complete, whole, magnificent. I help people fully embody their authentic selves so they can live completely and love completely. I watch miracles happen! It’s rad.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  180. Hi, Marie!

    My clients are buying self development and lifestyle improvement through learning to speak Parisian French.

    The future experience they hope to get is their trips to Paris where they will feel a local, will express themselves in flawless Parisian French and will make friends when they travel there.

    Merci beaucoup ! 🙂

  181. Another fab episode! Thank you!

    I’m selling a belief in leaving a better planet for our children and not wasting what we have now. I make accessories with unexpected reclaimed materials, check ’em out here

  182. Wonderful! That was such an eye opener, thank you!

    My customers are not just buying my digital program, they are buying hope, a brighter future, the potential to fall in love. Most importantly they are buying time, they will no longer be wasting time in the wrong relationships when I finish with them LOL! They are really buying skills to make them realise how deserving they are of a great man through increasing their self-esteem and self worth.

    Wow! That felt so great to articulate that. Damn my girls are buying a great life when they sign up to my program! I feel like selling the heck out of my program! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Yeah! They’re buying empowerment, happiness, and love!


  183. Thanks so much for your insight. Your advice helps me to focus on selling my product to the hearts of my customers. My product is photography and film . Thank you. Marie

    • So you help your customers capture moments and treasure them forever 🙂


  184. I sell freedom. As my teacher says, yoga is a technology for freedom. Particularly, I offer freedom from the perceived bounds of anxiety and depression.

    Thank you for this clarifying episode.

    • Wow, never heard that before, “Yoga is a technology of freedom”. I love it.


  185. I hear you and I get what you said but I can’t transform this to my business. I’m totally on line. I sell my own designed legging. I’ve got to the point of making them active wear just so I can hone on fitness and feeling good about yourself. It is so hard for me to see though it’s clear to me when it’s someone else’s business …

  186. Ron

    I love the Video but The Tweetable says : Open Her heart – I think maybe Their Heart might be more appropriate.

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      It can absolutely be extended out to include everyone! In the specific tweetable Marie is talking about one customer so she’s using the singular possessive adjective but the same message applies to customers and their hearts!!

  187. liz

    Hi Marie,
    I love your program and so true about the selling from the heart.
    But you know what, right now I am so lost trying to organise a family trip but in order to go and make the package possible at we need 14 people but no one is coming to the party.

    Got a great itinerary, costings, even airfares all negotiated and this trip is so very important to us as we are old parents and its for my son who is going to uni next year. Thought its an opportunity to be together before he goes his own way in future, as he may not want to travel with old parents anymore.

    Trip is in Jan. Any suggestions how to promote it? Sent to our circle of triends but no results:(

    Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

  188. I really loved this episode! I’m always looking for new and improved ways of selling…especially since its my busy season! Fall is amazing.

    As for what I’m selling? I’d say Happiness! Its my hope that my products go beyond just handcrafted, all-natural bath & body products and gifts. Whether its scrubby awesomeness with tons of bubbles, a meditative experience with color, fragrance and exfoliation, or a beautiful piece of art you can share with your friends and other super people in your life – I hope that above all, my customers feel happy after using my products, or in sharing those products with others. Happiness is the best adventure to choose!

  189. oooo epiphany ” I sell freedom and expression”

    specifically website freedom and expression.

    With my services you are free to change you business (and website) as much as you like and however you like to best express you.

    You have the freedom of not having to stress over how to do everything. OR you have the freedom to play with your own creativity.

    i’ve been playing with this concept for a while but literally just thought of the eaxt thing now 🙂 Thanks Marie !

  190. I’m in the process of opening a hair salon in Brooklyn, NY with my best friend. This is our first business venture. Our goal is to be an approachable high end salon. Our price point is a bit higher than other salons in the area and sometimes people seem surprised or almost offended about that. However, we value the services we are offering and believe they are worth every penny. This episode was great because it made me realize when I’m trying to sell someone on our services, I need to focus on what they will get out of it. It’s no ordinary hair cut or color, it’s confidence, it’s functional, and it will last longer than what others can offer. When people get there hair done they are thinking way beyond staying well groomed. All of your episodes are fantastic, and this one was uber fantastic! Thanks Marie!

  191. You’re an incredible woman with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for your video today, I loved what you had to say.

  192. Amanda

    Thank You for this direction and food for thought. I am ready to grow my business. I can now laugh and enjoy these new perspectives.

  193. I loved this video and couldn’t agree more. I am a cellist and have a music business where I primarily perform at weddings. When I go to bridal shows, my greatest form of marketing is to simply play my music. I think that music has a way of getting people to open their hearts and feel something, without having to say anything. Live music isn’t something that everyone needs at their wedding, but once you hear it in person it makes you feel something and you realize you’re not just looking for music, you’re looking for a whole experience. Thanks Marie!

  194. As always, another video to really get my mind working Marie 🙂

    Well I sell singing lessons…. but there are so man angles to take with this one its hard to choose…

    I guess I could go with selling confidence, recognition and nurturing ones talents OR an amazing career, fame, financial freedom, travel etc….

    I know that the latter one sounds more enticing but I have used that angel before and attracted the wrong type of customers…

    Any thoughts on this ladies?

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    • Deanna,

      Get really clear on who it is you want to work with, and then look at the heart results that they want to gain from working with you.

      What “sounds enticing” is all relative and different to each person.

      If career, fame and financial freedom attract the wrong clients then it sounds like self-confidence, pride, and nurturing your talent are what you want to sell over anything else.


      Much love,

      Phoebe xx

    • Ohh, interesting, Deanna, I’ve taken singing lessons in the past.

      Our target customers dictate our product/ service offering. So I would start by deciding who I want to serve and then tailor my message accordingly.

      So if you’re targeting novice, like me, my fear is stage fright, voice cracking or voice getting tired. The value you’re selling is, as you said, sing with confidence, or light up a room with your talent.

      Have a fabulous day.

  195. I loved this video (well all of your videos) and totally agree! I struggle at times with the idea of selling and communicating what I have to offer so I really needed this.

    I have a small business called Drunk on Water where I make and sell geometric inspired prints at my favourite art and craft market in Melbourne. People have commented that my designs, which I do digitally but also painting this year as well make them happy. So I think I’m selling something that will brighten people’s room/house but also make them happy too!

    Thanks Marie 🙂 Hope you have a great day, everyone!

    • That sounds awesome Susie. Digital delights that light up your home. With art, you’re selling an expression of themselves, reinforcing people’s identity as creative and adventurous people.

      G’day 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Anis – that’s it!

  196. So smart! I have been thinking about this for a while.. I own a pizzeria and we put our heart and soul into creating a pizza with the finest of ingredients however, we are ultimately selling convenience, saving time, no dishes, family gathering over a meal.

    Any thoughts?

    • That sounds divine.

      Yeah, you’re selling more quality time with family topped with food made with love – the magical ingredient.


  197. This is such an interesting question- what are you selling?

    As a holistic nutritionist and life coach, I believe I am selling security and hope.

    The security of feeling like you are doing good things for your health, things that will build wellness and prevent disease. I think people feel very reassured after they sit down with me, because they are taking action, and taking action (even if it’s challenging action) is much easier than worrying about one’s health. It feels good to learn how to care of themselves and their loved ones.

    And i sell hope- hope for a shinier, happier version of yourself. People often come to me because they know there is a better way, a better version of themselves, and I just LOVE helping people reveal that.

    I also LOVE that jumpsuit….where oh where is it from???

    You’re so fierce, Marie 😉

    • You might also be selling a side of self-love. When invest with a health coach that reassurance spills over into other ways I can love myself… mushy but true. <3

    • Hey Alex!
      So glad you love Marie’s Jumpsuit. It’s from 🙂


  198. With my brand, I sell healthy choices to lead into generating positive energy and overall feeling good. I sell making sugludair free cooking fun and easy. I sell wisdom, community and confidence which i hope will lead to inner peace, forgiveness and the understanding of what true beauty is.

    • All delicious experiences!

  199. Freedom, connection and choice.

  200. Michelle

    Hi Marie,

    First of all I want to let you know that I like your style, especially your hair!

    This episode was an eye opener for me and I believe it will help me a lot in my business. I love what you do and keep on inspiring us!

  201. I sell a unique cherished memory of unconditional love through storybook pet portraits in watercolor or charcoal. I love the work I do because it connects me to other animal lovers who are generally nature lovers who are always LOVE lovers. 🙂

    I get to do what I love and I bring joy into people’s homes.

  202. Melissa

    I primarily provide bookkeeping services to small business – as well as other value add services such as payroll, budgeting/forecast, business health check, basic coaching etc.

    I often find it hard to market this type of business as it is, by nature, pretty boring.

    But what I think I’m really selling is:
    – peace of mind
    – more time for you to do the fun stuff (be it, working ON your business or with your family)
    – someone to bounce your ideas off

    Any other ideas? I’m a bit stuck!

    • Yeah but it’s pretty crucial. The thought of accounting gets my nerves all in a twist.
      You’re very close!

      How about: I help small businesses know the numbers that matter so they can spend more time doing the fun stuff.


  203. This gives me a lot to think about even as I am creating my 1st paid product and the copy to go along with it. Thanks for the insight.

  204. Is

    Got it. when buying a 5 inch bit/nail you are actually buying a 5 inch hole.

  205. Ohh my Gosh, I learn everyday a piece about selling & marketing. Perhaps one day soon from now, I am going to be very good at it.

  206. Great video and so true. There are only 4 things people are actually buying: saving money, making more money, saving time, or a transformational experience.

  207. This is SO top of mind for me right now, as I am writing from Dusseldorf, Germany. Here for two weeks (and for the first time ever) as my husband transitions into the position that will relocate us for two years this fall.

    I sell PR and marketing services to creative businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit through my business: Brit Stueven PR. I have dubbed myself a story pollinator and business matchmaker.

    Here’s what I’m finding SO interesting within my first few days in this city. I had an interesting convo with a woman who works for the City of Dusseldorf about how Germans, in general, don’t like to feel like they are being sold to and that it takes a long time for them to trust anyone. This translates into how they hire people, when they hire, and of course, what they’ll buy. She was telling me how even if they are wealthy, they won’t expect to pay for certain things like, for example, attending a networking event or a group outing in the city. And when it comes to Facebook, the thought of being public with something or being vulnerable is not their cup of tea, which is vastly different from what I experience with people who live in the U.S. Apparently, Germans are more apt to send a direct message to a business or group instead of posting anything publicly, even if it’s a reply comment.

    SO fascinated by this and can’t wait to explore a lot of it for myself when we move over here. BUT in the meantime, I’d love to hear from any of you on this, especially if you live or have lived in Germany. I’d also love to hear your feedback on how brands build great trust with YOU.

    I think there’s a lot we can learn in the U.S. from the German approach and vice versa. Already, I’m learning that I should practice more patience in my own brand building and keep reminding myself that all great things take time to build, especially when they’re built with LOVE and authenticity. There’s nothing better than building great trust between a brand and consumer, because as Marie said, in the end we’re moving PEOPLE…not products. 🙂

  208. What I am “selling” I rather speak of enrolling clients into a new possibility for their life is: gratitude, passion for what I do, love and respect.
    thank tou so much for the video!

  209. You sure got me thinking, so I answered you in my blog. Forgive my not naming you by name, I had just done that in my previous blog so I didn’t want to convey to my readers that I was bowing at the altar of Forleo!

  210. Nischay Katariya

    Yes u can surely help me ,
    The only thing i would like u to help me is the way to speak and sell ideas of what i am thinking for my SPICES brokerage business, how can i attract customers by just saying few sentences in such a way that they can get the idea that i am always there for them and i am trust worthy.

  211. Hi Marie

    I sell my “Why”.

    People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.

    Your journey with Josh to Morroco was all about the experiences you shared together. And what better way to remember them by getting a Morrocan rug

    What I loved about the whole interaction between you, Josh and Mustafa. Was that in the moment when you were not ready to buy from him, what really was happening is that you didn’t share the same beliefs or values as Mustafa. When you said to him that we don’t need a rug. He ageed and said “Look, nobody needs a Morrocan rug, you don’t buy a rug with your head. You buy it with your heart.” what he mentioned there resonated with your beliefs and at that moment all those little experiences like walking through the medina, hand rug knotting with the lady from the shop and sipping hot mint tea in the big marble floor room came to your mind. At this moment, your were SOLD. It’s not what you sell, its how you do it

    Mustafa’s goal was not to sell a rug to people who needed it, his goal was to sell it to people who believed what he believed.

    Call me crazy but I love analysing these sorts of interactions

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.



  212. I sell white space. This is the process of creating a business that runs on autopilot so instead of your mind being full unnecessary business clutter you have a calm, fertile space in your mind in which spontaneous, creative ideas have the room to form and grow.

  213. Thank you so much,
    Fantastic costume btw. 🙂
    All the best.

  214. Hie Marie! Thank you for showing me the light. This is great info will continue reading so that me too may become a source of light. Hats off thank you for your being there.

  215. Wow!!! That’s so simple, but impactful. Get people invested from their hearts. I needed that because I know I’m on to something great; empowering teen girls through presentations and workshops, but having a tough time getting people to see the value in teaching our girls to make decisions from a place of power and not pressure.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  216. Katy

    “What are you really selling? What are people really buying from you?”

    I’m selling the opportunity for people to connect with someone who is as frightened and vulnerable as they are.

    People are buying a shared sense of reassurance, of knowing that it is possible and okay to fail consistently and to be successful at the same time. They are buying an experiential awareness that success is of the heart; that success is when love shines through awkward, painful and upsetting moments and regains its rightful place at the centre of all things.

  217. Sally Galloway

    I have two passions: health and music. I sell encouragement, joy, harmony, self-love, enthusiasm, and self-confidence, regardless of my product or service. That’s what people get when they work with me, whether it be as a massage therapist, vocal coach, life coach, or health/nutrition coach. This is the feedback I’ve gotten for years.

    I want to serve two markets: first-time moms over 35 and singers–they’re my extra special peeps. I have an 8-module program which is the delivery system for health and harmony (which has been my business name since 1999). Can I market effectively to both if I sell boundless energy to sing, dance, and play, and enthusiasm to wrap your arms around your life and give it a big hug?

  218. While I am selling “meal plans”, what I am actually selling is quality family time & health. With my “do-ahead” plan for dinner each night, my customers have the resources and time available to sit down to a healthy meal with those they love.

    Great episode, thanks Marie!

  219. I don’t know how Marie got my email, but I’m glad she did. Something compelled me to listen to her video on friends holding you back, which was personally interesting to me. I’ve been a student and practitioner of metaphysical studies since the nineties, before the ancient texts were translated into English and when these sciences were taught on a master/apprentice basis. At that time folks couldn’t wrap themselves around belief systems that didn’t make sense to them, and consequently I became fodder to annoying jokes. However, I’ve pursued these mysterious sciences (Feng Shui, QMDJ, BaZi, i.e. Chinese Astrology), with unwavering passion, and have since written a spiritual memoir (Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity) about my life and how/why these sciences work. Spiritual sciences and their connection to divinity are now accepted by main stream folks, and I can say that I’ve been part of that movement. I’m no longer dragging my naysayer friends along with me. Now they enjoy hearing more and more about those weird practices that I believe in, and how we can make the world a better place to live when we become sensitive to our own energy as well as others, and how we are all connected.

  220. I’m selling a present and future unburdened by pain from the past. The remarkable effectiveness of PTFT continues to blow my mind and heal my heart. I’m so excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with those who want to see tomorrow without yesterday’s shadow.

  221. Hi Marie,

    “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Can it be summarized any better than that?

    I have learned in ten years of entrepreneurship that the only way to identify with people and give them a reason to buy from you is to either solve a problem for them or help them see how your product or service betters their lives.

    I’m working wtih a non-profit right now that is forming and they are really struggling to identify with these concepts. It’s so much easier to go back and tell me what they do.

    That’s the normal default. The reality is we have to start learning to think like our consumers. That’s where the power is at… that’s where they identify with us.

    That’s hard for a business owner who’s absorbed in their own way of thinking and it’s a challenge for them to see beyond that when you’re in the muck and mire of the day-to-day.

    I appreciate your post and I just discovered your website Marie. I’m looking forward to visiting regularly and learning a few new things that will challenge me to think more deeply about my own business.

    ~ Don Purdum

  222. I “sell” how women can show up for themselves by learning how to show themselves kindness and compassion. My future customers are hoping to experience greater authenticity, self-kindness, self-compassion, the feeling that when they make a mistake they don’t immediately jump into self-critical thoughts but rather thoughts of ‘it’s ok sweetheart – i can begin again’.

    I teach lovingkindness and it is such a powerful and healing practice.

    Thanks so much Marie for this episode!

  223. Catherine

    Fabulous video. I’m still in the planning, research, and idea stage, trying to determine the best way to get things off the ground and kicking, but I plan to sell bright young girls a bright future (and hopefully engage their mothers for extra support, too).

    I have a very deep passion for this, so I’m excited to pull it off someday.

    Thanks, Marie for all of your incredible (and entertaining) advice!

  224. Hey Marie and team.

    I watch your episodes ritualistically every week, read all the soulful encouragement from this incredibly generous community and this is my first time commenting 🙂

    What do I really sell? (such a business-affirming question for me – thank you!)
    I sell self-worth, and ultimately, light. The experience of it, the evocation of it and the sustenance of it, from within. I want us all to shine, glow, radiate. And I believe that happens when we see our worth. My wish is to ignite the light in all who read what I write, hear me speak or buy a product/program from me.

    Thank you for your light, Marie.

  225. JJ

    WOW. This is exactly what I needed to hear in the best possible way! It is so true. I’ve always been turned off by sales, and I only thrived in sales positions when I connected with people and created an experience, a memory.
    Now that I am building my own practice and feel-good empire, I need to take ownership over not only my value, but getting people engaged in a way that is meaningful for them.
    It is uncomfortable, and a tricky process, but you are helping me to flex those muscles and make it happen!
    Thank you so much Marie!

  226. JJ

    P.S. What do I sell?

    I sell pride, joy, discovery, awareness, well-being, clarity, and love.

    How’s that for value?! 🙂

  227. Kathy F

    I sell a service and recently someone gave me this perspective. Once I know what I am offering I should look at it from a broader perspective. What I sell is really my life’s purpose and my purpose should be infused with every aspect of my life. Because when my own heart is connected then that which others get from me will have significantly more weight and value.

  228. I share the oppurtunity of getting the most beautiful young looking skin by skipping the dermatologist office: Rodan and Fields. I sell the products that have changed so many skins and lives, I love it. I also sell the oppurtunity to be a great entrepreneur without the hassle! I love everything about it.

  229. Loved this Marie! It’s SO true and a good reminder! 🙂

  230. Linda

    Dear Marie,

    this is my first time responding, though I have been watching your videos a while and appreciate your work and your passion. My head sells estate plans; my heart sells the confidence, security and peace of mind that one’s assets are protected for one’s life and that the remainder will pass on one’s death without conflict or — for those families for which conflict is inevitable — with authority, as one wishes. Estate planning is emotionally taxing for clients, and of course I have to charge substantially for my services; but when it’s done, I will make an effort to assure my clients as they are writing the first check that they will be able to rest assured that their wishes for their protection and their loved ones will be set. Thanks for helping me thing this through!

  231. Rajesh

    people buy once you touch their heart,,,,,,you need not sell! Once they visualize how or why the product will transform their life…….they simply buy it …….selling is not required at all…….that is called marketing… this process the customer and his /her heart and mind is most important……..product is not… the product will transform their mind is important

  232. Great video as always and it totally made me have an aha moment!
    It is true, we all purchase with people and the future in mind.

    I sell “health” and raise awareness regarding healing with natural remedies, diet and overall life style changes.
    What do they want?
    Like we’ve been advise we want to help solve ‘problems’ by reversing or stopping your condition from worsening all without medication. Ei: Diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure, etc..
    What do they need?
    Guidance, help in figuring out how to do it, encouragement, healthy recipes and tips. I promote downloadable remedy reports from an partner (I do not handle sales) they are all redirects. However, it seems that once they get to their site they abandon the opportunity to purchase an inexpensive product that absolutely works.

    My issue is that I am getting clicks and according to my merchant partner there is traffic- but no sales. I recently added a box right before the area where you’d get the report saying that you will be redirected to a partner’s site in order to get the reports. It was recently so I am testing it still.

    Would adding something along the lines of: Invest in your health today so you can rip the benefits of spending time with your loved ones? or
    The most rewarding or the best gift you can give yourself and family is being healthy.

    I’d love to hear your input!

    Thanks in advance <3 ~


    • What type of products do you sell (i.e. meal replacement, supplements, teas, etc)? How are you showcasing your knowledge about this products and the benefits of the active ingredients?

      • Shimeka Williams~

        Thanks for your response 🙂
        I promote health reports, organic-healthy foods and products, and that includes supplements.

        Regarding the health reports:
        For the most part I write articles about a particular condition say; Acid Reflux. Then at the bottom of the article in the “How to Treat or Reverse Your Condition section” I prompt the reader looking for a solution to his/her health issue to get the remedy report. I can’t possibly showcase every single report, because each report is for a particular condition– that thankfully I do not have. I have “showcased” my knowledge on two that I particularly benefit from.

        Regarding the foods:
        I have written reviews on a few products, but not every single merchant allows reviews on their products.

        Regarding the supplements & super foods:
        I can’t speak for the active ingredients as there are hundreds of these products via my Amazon store. What I have done is, reviewed and researched the ones I am going to promote with a small team of analysts. I do not post anything that isn’t 100% well researched,from reputable companies and that actually work.
        update: As I am writing the last paragraph I realized I do use and consume a lot of the products I promote. Perhaps I have to start reviewing tons more- hence showcasing them?

  233. I watched this episode very carefully and I simply love it! So inspiring!
    I have an etsy shop and I make cushion covers, handbags and clutches. I decided to innovate with one of the most traditional Madeira Island fabric (striped fabric). Being on Etsy is not easy! There are thousand of shops and it’s really difficult to make my creations stand out and my sells are incredibly low. Saying that, I believe when it comes to my handbags and clutches I sell uniqueness, versatility, style expression. With the cushion covers I’m having trouble to find out what is that that I sell. Any help?

    • How are you marketing your products outside of Etsy?

      • I’m also on Facebook and Pinterest, but I must admit that social media is something that’s not my thing! I try to be disciplined when it comes to that, but it’s hard specially because I don’t like it, although I am perfectly aware that is an important thing!

        • I totally understand. As an alternative to social media, you can sell your stuff in person at local events and craft shows. You can also reach out to locally owned stores to see if they are interested in selling your items. In terms of the social media, consider staging your products in photos to show how well they coordinate with other items. For example, take photos of you pillows on a nicely decorated bed or sofa.

  234. Thanks for another great video, Marie!

    I´m a B-Schooler, and for some time that I´m feeling stuck developing my website (still a launch page only).
    And I guess much of it is because I´m finding hard to put in words what I am offering to my costumers. And after today´s episode I feel something might have changed, for the best!
    Thank you for your insights, always so inspiring.
    I wish you 10x the good things what I wish for myself for all the help and positiveness you bring to the world and for so many people!

  235. Ok this is a ‘TOTAL JUICE’ – if I may put it that way… it takes writing copy for my shiny new website to a completely new level.

    So now it is easy to ‘sell’ my signature presence & style mentoring services… while actually… I am giving my current and future customers opportunity to:

    1) Feel confident, yet appropriately dressed for the occasion while meeting that new investor & networking
    2) wow their audience at that 400 people talk they have just been invited to
    3) Feel glowingly confident & totally expressed through your style, especially when showing up on all those meetings
    and so on

    Thank you @Marie you have nailed it and WOWed me with his piece of a jewel marketing tip.

  236. I sell strategies. I am an idea magnet, so I am always thinking of something new and innovative. I use these skills to help others reach their goals.

  237. I have always known I do way more than just takes photographs what I realise I actually do is, connect peoples memories to moments in their lives through beautiful images.

  238. April

    I love Morocco , the people are so nice & friendly, I enjoyed Northern Africa! Happy you shared this story, I also bought a beautiful morocco an rug that took three women six months to make was so beautiful, I was Sad when I tried cleaning the rug in the snow, someone said putting carpets on the snow, cleans them, I tried, to my dismay the rug was too muddy to revive! I’m just tankful for your story, I loved morocco, ! O;) the peppermint tea is pretty good, and the people are so awesome, amazing culture ! Thank you O;)

  239. I built a treehouse in Hawaii that I’m renting out so I guess I’m selling a unique, exotic and romantic experience.

  240. Luana

    Great insights, Marie.

    A joyful buyer is the way to go.

    In my wellness services my intention is more of helping my customers to buy enjoyable and beneficial services than me selling a service or products to them.

    My focus is always on my guests’ experience in the moment and to help them build great memories for the days to come.

    I am always grateful for the exchange of value and in fact I am in this business because of them.

    It is my joy ,


  241. I really loved this video! Thank you. Kinda hit the nail. Because, truly, (as Mustawfa (sp?) said) we don’t NEED anything. We are CHOOSING to enrich our lives with connections, with experiences, with hints on how to LIVE fully. He had communicated with your heart, and that was important.
    I teach English. My adult students and I have great time, but I’m struggling with the dilemma – they aren’t really improving!
    Until now, I would try to push the idea– don’t be afraid of making mistakes– go for it!! But my students aren’t the kind of people to GO FOR IT. (Not now, anyway) This video helped me to clarify that yes, I could try to push boldness, but I could just as well push confidence or little tools that help make them feel safe enough to move forward–WITHOUT(as opposed to “despite”) being afraid. What am I selling? I’m selling the tools the students CAN use in order to move forward. Some people are not into power tools. Some love the feel and assuredness of a hand spun drill. My job is to show that all are pretty cool, and that I know the trade well enough to pick out the appropriate tools that will help them on their way.
    Thank you! (This is my first time commenting, by the way. I felt compelled!)

    Marie, you are as always, pretty awesome.

  242. Love, love, love, love, love!!! Thank you for sharing your experience and for the reminder! Selling to the heart is an art we all need to practice.

  243. Thanks for pointing that out, Marie.

    Too often, I find myself trying to prescribe my questions and suggestions to my female clients, but this is not directly what they are looking for.

    So, what I sell to my client is her own business. This is what she finally WANTS or would like to have. What she NEEDS and finally gets is confidence, belief in herself and the conviction that she is bigger than her doubts and fears. This will allow her to follow her dream and desire.

    Always choose love, not fear.

  244. Awesome tips as ever, Marie 🙂 We have excellent hand-made rugs in Egypt too…Pls add Egypt to your “must visit” countries list and once you set up a date, I must be the first to know 🙂

  245. This is exactly what I need to figure out 🙂

    What do I do? I teach cartooning online… no one *needs* that

    What do I really do?
    I help my students build a practice that has them looking for the lighter side of life every day.
    I help them discover the innate joy in achieving something simple and creating something from nothing.
    I help them discover that talent is simply skill and skill can be acquired.
    I help them discover that small amounts of daily practice build a huge talent pile over time.
    I help them remember that it’s never to late to reach beyond yourself and try something new.

    I don’t know how to boil all that down 🙂

  246. Wonderfull video Marie, thank you for that.
    It’s absolutely right that we buy with the heart, and it sounds like Mustafa was also SELLING from the heart.

    I feel soo lucky to live in this time of age, where you can start an online heartfelt business, with very few means.
    I just launched my webshop yesterday, with my own homemade organic skincare, I’ve had a dream to make my own skincare line, ever since I was a teenager and started to grow an interest for herbs (and witchcraft ;-))

    Well to make it short, my business is most certainly from the heart, just not sure though, that I’m very good at making perople actually buy my products (haven’t actually sold anything online yet…), maybe I’m too much on the heart-side?? What do you think? If anyone of you beautiful people here, could take 1 minute to take a glance at my webshop, maybe you could give me an honest oppinion? That would be so very appreciated.


    • Hi Mette!

      Had a quick look on my phone and the products are not showing when I select the categories, neither can I access any product info. Gonna check on my computer later if this is just a mobile issue.

      However, you need to make sure your site is suitable for mobile as today more and more people shop online on mobile and tablets.

      I also think if you just launched you just need to have a bit of trust.. Sales does not come from nowhere.. I am gonna work on the following myself and you could try it out too:

      – Google Adwords to get the ready to buy customers to your site
      – Use social media to grow your audience of fans future buyers by expressing all the selling with the heart you expressed above.
      – build a list of magazines, newspapers, blogs to contact for PR opportunities – you need to get out there! I need too 😉

      Good luck with everything!

      • THANK you SO much Matilda,

        Very usefull and appreciated advice <3 The site is actually compatible for mobile, but I only have the one cream as for now. I'm building a whole skincare range and I want to launch them one by one, to make it a little festive on the facebook page. I'm launching the serum next week, then a lipbalm the next.. .and so on 😉

        You're absolutely right about advertising, I'm thinking about facebook adverts, but google is a really good idea, and also sending out some PR to magazines would be a good idea.

        THANK YOU

        Love, Mette "Bette"

  247. I’m selling a joyful sensation of childhood: playing and exploring through painting.
    The pleasure of picking up a brush, choosing a color and letting it express in a piece of paper.
    I’m giving everyone the opportunity to be an artist, to be confident about themselves and to feel that deep feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

  248. Great program Marie. Thanks.

    I sell peaceful joy, and relaxing feeling, when my clients and collectors look at my paintings hanging on their walls. They get the feeling of wanting to be there!

    Alix Porras

  249. This made me tear up!

    Really great video with awesome story telling woven in 😉


  250. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! and your hair looks amazeballs!

  251. I’ve been trying for 25 years to articulate…I mean really articulate what I do. I know I do it well. I get great results. Amazing feedback and return clients BUT…when someone asks someone else what I do even their answer is, “I really can’t explain it, you just have to do one of Sheri’s workshops!” So…how do you put into words something that feels SO heart centered and intangible.

    Here’s my latest stab at it. Still feels like rambling to me….”I weave together the wisdom of horses and the alchemy of creativity to give women the power and courage women to re-create their lives!”

  252. Hi Marie,

    Opening your heart, so your customers open theirs, is the quickest way to prosper. Be honest, transparent and most of all, listen. Listeners become great sellers because they don’t try to sell, they devote their energies to listen, to caring, and to providing something wonderful which matches up to their core customer’s needs. Brilliant video.

    I blog from paradise. I sell the dream of being free, being able to blog from your tropical island of choice, or if you feel your hometown is paradise you can do that too, which is awesome.

    I help folks become free, and since I’m in paradise – my fave spot to be free – I want to take you with me.

    It’s a Universe of feelings, of energy, and we want the Invisible Why in the visible what more than anything. That Invisible Why is a feeling, an emotion, an intuitive pull toward what most delights you.

    If you will discipline yourself to start listening to folks sharing their Invisible Why with you, and if your product or services are a match, you’re golden. You’ll sell stuff without trying to sell stuff, because that detached, calm energy you exude, by listening, magnetizes you to folks who want to buy into what you’re offering.

    Thanks Marie.

    Tweeting soon.


  253. This was a really great reminder. I love sales, and love talking one on one with people. In fact ALL of my sales happen in person (I have yet to crack the online market.) I love this new technique. I make handmade scarves, ear warmers and boot cuffs. Watching this episode of Marie TV made me understand that I’m not just selling scarves, I’m selling heritage and nostalgia. My hand crocheted scarves are a link to my heritage and the fact that my Gramma taught me how to crochet. When my customers buy my products, it’s like they’re reconnecting with their grandparents. AH! I can’t wait to sell some nostalgia at my next market. Thanks so much Marie!

  254. I am totally in this space at the moment – discovering what I am REALLY selling . . . . . Creativity.

    And it is free-ing me up, to so many new possibilities.
    I love it!

  255. Through my yoga classes, retreats, workshops and lifestyle programs I sell people: 1) the identity of being healthy, and belief that they can live a healthy, conscious lifestyle without having to let go of everything and be extreme 2) That you don’t have to do it perfectly to gain the benefits 3) Affirmation that doing it their own way is not only ok, but the best option 4) The feeling of being supported by a group going through the same process of personal growth and transformation, and therefor belonging to a culture/community of likeminded people.

  256. Emily

    Thank you for sharing your Moroccan experience, this has been my favorite episode yet!

  257. I’m selling (well I see it as connecting) freedom to be yourself and feel unbelievable in doing so. It’s a good time every time that I bring (a la Marie!). Love, light, and delight from me xx

  258. Great story about Morocco. It took me back when I was there in 2001… I love it there… I found it to be very sexy. Anyway, I also bought a rug and I didn’t know where I would put it but I loved it. 2 houses later… I finally found the perfect place to put it. It’s beautiful and timeless.

  259. We sell PEACE OF MIND when it comes to the most expensive thing in your life, your home, and a SEXY BRAGG that you can tell all your friends, co-workers, and family about.

    As a Building Diagnostics Firm, most people don’t even know what we do, because really, Building Diagnostics??? What is that? But when the baby’s room is cold, your mother-in-law had persistent flu like symptoms that could be carbon monoxide poisoning, and you replaced that roof, again, and you still have mold issues in the attic, who do you call?

    Not a Contractor, not a window salesman, HVAC or insulation company, you have to find the source of the problem, and just like a doctor would run tests on your mother-in-law to find the source of her problem, a building diagnostician is the only one who can do that. All those other guys have big associations, high profits, and big lobbying firms, so it’s sometimes hard to get through the clutter, but most people find us by instinctively searching for home testing, audits, or performance testing through google.

    A Comprehensive HOME PERFORMANCE Assessment (yes- that’s key google search word) tells you exactly what is happening in your home and what to do about it good, bad, and ugly. That information, that knowledge, about what you spend so much money on and that your family sleeps in every night, is priceless.

    So then, you rock out the performance of your house and it becomes not only a dream house that is healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, and lower in all kinds of cost, because you’re stopping problems before they start, you also become a rockstar of knowledge at your next dinner party and have those sexy before and after infared pictures and other cool reports you can show. We all know the MPG on our cars, but only a few of us really know the Performance of our houses.

    And the “peace of mind cherry on top” is that when you decide to sell the house, you can stand behind it’s performance and fill out all those extra green features that have all been added to the MLS listing across the nation. If feels pretty cool to know you can demand 10% more than the market, because while your house might look like the next one, you can prove it’s performance and that is pretty freaking awesome.

  260. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this episode I just loved it.
    It really clarified how love and money works together and I needed that.
    I do some fundraising for Plan International the NGO
    When people subscribe to Plan they are buying
    Hope and a better future. They are buying empowerment
    And a way out of frustration. They are buying a future thought of their
    Children as free thinking, independent, empowered, global citizens astute enough to the challenges of others to make the very most of their own lives and in done ways taking actions for the greater good. They have a picture of themselves feeling satisfied with pride .

    When I sell my art I am selling identity, sophistication, social status, cool, the awareness that their is so much more to life that can be conventionally understood- jeez; I’m worth it- I have A Lot to offer! Thanks do much great great question will continue to think through x

  261. Hey Marie,

    It took me a few days to get to watch this episode, but gosh it was worth it ! What a wonderful reminder … I am a fashion designer , I sell my fashions on TV through QVC world wide, and soon TVSN in Australia and CNR Mall in China. Its funny that you use the Hug word at the end of your video-
    My tagline has been “Everyday Fabulous ” and I often tell my customers when I am talking to them in TV that I chose my fabrics because they as soft to the skin , I want them to feel like a hug, that when they get my garments home they will feel great and getting super big hug from me every time they wear them. I will soon be rebranding as an ” Inner & Outer beauty expert ” as I will be developing my own brand of health supplements ( big back story there, was a former National level athlete , exposed to incredible health life lessons, fast forward, almost die two years ago from my immune system crashing ( got good ol mono ) and now insured to help people line healthy lives from the inside out , just want to share the love of a healthy life ! … so stay tuned ! Thank you SO So much for this great reminder, because when we connect w people, we can touch each others lives through the heart. Big Love, Cydney <3

  262. Yay! Thank you for this video! It is especially relevant because I sell artwork and it’s really hard to sell things that, as you mention, no one really NEEDS. It’s so easy to walk away from an art purchase because unlike practical items, you don’t really use it or wear it or eat it. It just gathers dust, and perhaps worth.

    But it’s true that it comes with other things! Like delighting visitors and starting conversations, or having something to ponder over breakfast, or experiencing whatever feelings that painting gives you. I’ll have plenty of time to think this over today, thanks!

  263. This is why I love Morrocan culture sooo much. Thanks for this new video Marie. Very entertaining and usefull. My wife Samira is gonna love it!

  264. This was a great video and I realized, I have no idea what I selling. Ha!

  265. I LOVED THIS EPISODE AHHHHHH! I just had a very tearful walk-with-my-boyfriend-and-dog and a dithering rant about how I JUST DON’T KNOW what I want to sell and HOW CAN I POSSIBLY combine all my skills and desires and then…this. Anyone have a few seconds to share super-quick feedback? Is this something you could use?

    I am a writer and live storyteller, and I work with businesses owners to help them be what I am: a compassionate, heart-centered, authenticity nut tapped into the creative and collaborative power of the universe. I write (and teach others how to write) INSPIRED speeches and websites while LIVING their higher purpose–changing the world through brighter, bolder expressions of their love and real selves.

    Eeeek! I’m excited! I really hope when I test this idea someone besides me “gets” it! It’s way more personal and less…formal than my current website, and I think I love that.

  266. Such a great episode and timely, as I just now realized what my services are, actually, and how to offer them. I am so excited!!!!

    I sell with words. I am selling hope. Selling the hope of love.

  267. I absolutely loved this episode! Never though of marketing in this dimension before! Thank you for sharing such great content!

  268. Love this video and love this powerful exercise! Here’s my go: The Gratitude To Bliss journal and mobile app give my customers so much more than a place to note what they are grateful for, they deliver a sense of calm, peace and joy and a renewed lust for life.

  269. Hi Marie,
    I loved this. I am selling peace, I am selling inspiration, I am selling faith. I am a 32 year old widow with two babies under 4 years old. I tell my story through my blog, through my book that will be published about my year and 9 months of grieving and healing, I help others connect to their Spirit as a Spiritual Health Practitioner (Transpersonal Guide). LUNASOULSPEAK.COM

  270. Kim

    Thanks Marie for a great reminder. I offer business insurance for health, beauty and wellness professionals and it can often be a dry experience for many. Since my own experience buying was that way…. now selling it I strive very hard to give my clients much more. Listening and honestly caring about the success and protection of their business is so important to me its all I focus on. I don’t want people to buy my insurance because they have to but because they value their work and want to protect it as I do.

  271. You are so right Marie! I don’t sell training and coaching. My customers are social workers. What I really sell is the freedom to help people just the way they want (without grumpy managers or headaches about the low salary).

    P.S. Love Marrakech!

  272. LOVE it, – I will be using many of your words on my team email – would love to get the connection you spoke about on the video – link please?? FYI – I have changed my words, I no longer sell- I share and show!!

  273. I’m loving how this post got me thinking and brainstorming about what I do! Thank you Marie!
    As a freelancer in branding and graphic design, I am selling to other businesses, visibility, a visual voice, visual clarity, facilitate the connection with customers, personal service, spark imagination, grow brand confidence, offer direction, encouragement and possibility…

    I’m wondering if there’s enough emotion attached to the points I jotted down so far? I would love to get some feedback please. Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Ailizia,
      what strikes me most about what you are really selling are the words clarity, grow confidence and encouragement.

      I just started out with getting my first print products done by a graphic designer. As a newby I am in the process of finding my own “visual voice” or “visual appearance”. It is not easy for me to figure out what I want as a brand design, so for me it is really important to gain confidence by having a strong and encouraging designer standing behind me. And I think a good designer helps me to narrow down decisions… Thats what I am grateful for.

      I hope this helps!?

      • Ailiza

        Thanks Joana! Yes this does help! Now that you pointed in out, I do find myself having to coach my clients into bringing their vision to life. I just never considered it as being part of my role, but it really is. You definitely gave me a new perspective to consider when selling my services.

        Thank you! <3

        • Joana

          Yaay! I am so glad it helped!

          All the best to you and your business!

  274. Arlanda Rayne

    Thank You Marie! Perfect discussion for me at the moment as I build my coaching business. It seems to me that being an entrepreneur and creating a business is about creating a virtual “place” …. Arlanda Land where there’s always something cool to discover, stuff to take away, fun to be had, really good feelings to experience, insights to gain, etc etc … Then people are attracted to your “Place” and to all they can experience there. Marie Forleo land is a great place. There’s always a laugh and something to learn ~ Loads of Love and gratitude, Arlanda

  275. Marie, Great video and post. SO important to remember that we are here to serve, first and foremost. Love your content!
    Jeanne Omlor-Master Business Coach

  276. Marie, thank you for this video, it has really made me think.
    What I offer is teaching people to speak with influence and authority through presentation training, and I also teach them how to make others laugh.
    So what I’m really selling is self-esteem, self-confidence and laughter! I can see a new copy headline in that! 🙂

  277. Fantastic article!
    I just launched my new service, The Happiness Hub, and my friend told me to check this video out.

    I’m selling freedom. The chance to work your own hours. To travel whenever you want. To feel supported and comfortable in your own skin.

    Now, I just need to convey that as best as I can!

    Thanks for another brilliant video Marie 🙂

  278. I’m selling FREEDOM (to create, to travel, to do whatever is important! And other feelings like serenity and triumph when I help people declutter their homes and live simply through my books and products.

  279. Thank you for a great video Marie!! I have a small, part time (evenings and weekends) bake shop. I am selling an affordable way to treat oneself. A cupcake of a slice of cake with a cup of tea after a long day is a way to unwind, a piece of calm and one’s own time in a day, a week or a life that can often feel anything but your own. I’m selling luxury that we all deserve, that does not cost a fortune. You might not be able to afford a handbag but you can afford a cupcake! I’m also selling a way of showing people that you care about them and you are thinking about them.

  280. Greetings from Jamaica,

    so what do I sell?
    through ONENESS WELLNESS FARM ~ a space to bring you back to balance ~
    Relaxation ~ Inspiration ~ Elevation ~ great Nutrition ~ top Location.
    We offer time and space to retreat, reflect, reset and renew yourself.
    All you need for a healthier and happier today and tomorrow…
    Empowerment, healing and a way to unleash your highest potential and find your happy!
    Love and Blessings to all,
    Mangal Jot Kaur

  281. Loved this video Marie! Such great advice, I just started a new biz – DNK Presents (your greatest event yet!) where we will be selling a place, event, experience that people will be proud of, feel amazed, WOWed and rejuvenated with after experiencing! Currently I am a biz promoter/cheerleader/designer or official title if you want it – Marketing Director for an engineering firm 😉 Stay Classy!

  282. Marie,

    This is great video and advice ! Persuading customers sometimes comes from touching their hearts, not heads !

    And again , when it comes to art, heart takes the lead !

  283. Hi Marie! I’m selling joy in work you love. Therefore, I am giving everyone the opportunity they get with the feeling of wanting to be with a purpose with what they do. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  284. Thanks for this very special video! It’s so beatiful and truthful (and by the way: I love your outfit).

    Marie, what struck me most was your qoute: “The fact Moustafa knew what he was really selling and the fact he WASN’T SHY about articulating that…”

    What if you are feeling shy about articulating what you really wanna sell? How do you gain confidence in opening up your heart and expressing what you really wanna sell?

    • Joana

      Hah, this is hilarious – I am commenting on my own post!

      I just had the inspiration that even if I am still shy on saying clearly on my homepage/when I am talking with others what I really wanna sell I can start in this community anyway.

      So, this is what I am selling: I am selling theatredance classes to women (and men).
      And this is what I am really selling: face-to-face encounter, connectivity and interaction with people, laughing, growing, new movements that lead to a new body-sensation, fusion of movement and music, a feeling of lightness and softness, an unique expression of your true self, a piece of art created by all participants of the group, a (re)activation of the inner child, playfulness, (body) awareness, an opt-out of one’s everyday life, being in the present.

  285. Great video and blog post!

    I recently launched my brand Miss Matti offering knitted accessories – and currently that is touchscreen friendly gloves for the woman who does not want to compromise between being practical and look stylish.

    What I am actually are selling is a handmade product that is truly unique. She does not only get a pair of gloves that are both warm, practical (no need to take off the gloves whilst texting) but at the same time – she can also express her style and personality through the gloves. And her personality is playful yet grown up – a bit like Marie 😉

    It is good to keep this in mind! Exciting to read all the comments too :£

  286. Kenny Huang

    Hello Marie,my name is Kenny,I’m a guy who comes from Taiwan !
    I saw your video which is talk about HOW TO OVERCOME JEALOUS
    It’s really helpful to me ! not only teach me how to deal with those bad moods and also improve my English listening ability !
    Thank you ! you are really cool and pretty and I will going to follow your video 🙂

  287. Leah

    Marie’s hairstyle today is even more amazing than usual!! Love the braid!

  288. I really had to sit back and think about this one. I don’t have any “profitable” aspects of my blog right now so it goes back to what I’m sharing. Knowledge! I provide information and advice on my subject matter and try to tell them my spin on things. I’ve recently seen the fruits of my labors when people will Tweet or message me that they learned something new.

  289. Hi Marie,

    Love your video! This really made me think. As a certified life coach, what I am really selling is clarity, empathy, compassionate understanding, mindful living and goal achievement all in a stylish , multicultural package. Ironically, I am hosting a Visioning Party on October 11th in NYC and have been thinking about creative ways to promote this event, since I am relatively new to the coaching & wellness world. Your video did offer some insight. Much appreciated.

    If any of you NYC dwellers want do have fun engaging in some visioning with me in s super chic lounge in the Financial District, check out my website for more info.

    Thank you Marie..for all the inspiration!

  290. Hi Marie, this is my first time commenting although I’ve been following your videos for a while. I have to say that I’m so impressed with the way you articulate your points. I learnt so much from this episode that I took a pen and re-wrote some of my website content. I’ve always thought that it is tough to communicate what one sells to customers in a product based business compared to a service based one. Now I can say that with my business, i’m not just selling baby wrap carriers for parents to carry thier babies but offering them a more comfortable way to bond with their children. What do you think?

    • I love this perspective on the Moroccan rugs. Thanks, Marie!!
      It is so true, what we sell may not be an everyday necessity but we are selling our hearts, and people purchase because of their emotional connections. With my handwritten calligraphy, especially on stationery for weddings and other events, I am selling a feeling of worth to the invited guests as well as mementos that will last for years to come. I love being involved in people’s life events for that reason – I get to play a part in making memories! 🙂

  291. Another killer MarieTV!!! I love the personal story and it’s SO true … and a total A-Ha moment … that we buy with our heart not our head. I can trace that back to basically every purchase I’ve ever made.

    A great tool as I continue to build my business!

  292. I sell inspiration and actionable tools to creative souls to design thriving businesses with their art, their way!

  293. Sometimes we are damn right about what we know. Thanks for this captivating episode; you always get it right. Thanks for the knowledge you share and the inspiration that you are. Well done!.

  294. Marie, this video is very timely as you have heard from other commentors.
    As an artist, sometimes you don’t know why someone connects to your art. I make art as a testament to my creativity. I would like to think that comes through but is not always the case.
    I sell creative connections using paper, paint, fabric and found things. (This is all in development, as you can see) I will continue to work on how to bring it forward.
    Thanks for the video to get the creative juices flowing.


  295. Shannon

    I’m a Literacy Specialist. Most would say, “Oh, you’re a tutor?” No, I’m not just a tutor, although I do have to remind myself of this at times. I’m a Literacy Specialist, meaning I specialize in supporting my students on their path to literacy. As such, I sell literacy, which is essentially access to the world.

    My challenge (and I’ve learned to use this word with a positive connotation), is figuring out how to communicate this effectively to potential parents and families. My challenge is how to make “I sell access” less of a corner soap-box propaganda PSA.

    How can I communicate “by hiring me as a personal Literacy Specialist, your child will gain literacy skills that help him access the world, his future, and his full potential”?

    Thoughts? Feedback? Encouragement? Emoticons of any sort?

  296. I sell an emotional comfort in understanding the media you work in and what exactly you’re doing when you tell stories.

  297. Loved this video, so true. I sell confidence, clarity and positive possibilities 😉

  298. Marie,

    Awesome episode ! The numerous examples were so helpful and tangible – thanks so much!! Keep up the amazing work you do. I look forward to the copycure info.

  299. Linda

    What would a kids photographer be selling to a busy working mum ? I take kids and family portraits and my style is quite airy, earthy, outdoor, magical, full of the individual kids character.

    Any suggestions ? Thank you so much guys and Marie

  300. Hi Marie,

    I loved this video- great topic! I specialize in fantasy photography and what I am really selling is the empowering experience that explores self image and confidence.

    Thanks for the tips!


  301. Selling with soul, I love it:)

  302. I loved this episode! It’s my first time commenting I felt so compelled by the topic. What am I really selling? And just to clarify what I mean by selling? Selling is the art of finding out what someone wants/needs and delivering that to them. It is NOT pushing something they don’t need on them 🙂 At first glance I sell travel experiences (or at least that’s what I want to sell) but actually I think I sell uplifting stories about women that remind us just how far we’ve come in our dreams of equality and inspire to turn those dreams into reality for future generations of women 🙂 Thanks for this!

  303. Bairbre

    i’m not selling yet… Taking steps (baby steps

  304. Denise

    I provide basic esthetic/nail technology services. My business is very successful. I have won a couple of awards and my schedule is jammed. I understand that people like my excellent services, but it is my “spachiatric” services that really have them coming back! My greatest issue is that I can not earn more than I earn because I am already fully booked! What to do, what to do?

  305. Awesome Marie! Ok, here’s my effort… I sell expansion, business growth and time. Business owners who move out of their home office into a serviced office feel expansive, because their business is growing. They have a receptionist to meet and greet visitors and receive deliveries – meaning they don’t have to do all that themselves. And our virtual receptionists, well they take the load off the business owner, giving them more time to grow their business! Our team helps nurture their customer relationships, improving the customer’s perception of our client’s customer care ethos, which in turn drives growth. Not only that, our client has a small team of people looking after their customers, further enhancing the customer’s perception of a professional, bigger business. hmmm… needs work, but it’s getting there.

  306. Lucia

    You are so right Marie, words are so powerful.

  307. Provocative video…with great information. I am a B-2-B commercial photographer. I sell an experience by telling my client’s story, strengthening and amplifying their brand, and giving them a FACE the world can see.

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

  308. @shanondawns

    I love the little change of message at the top of the page in b school and other sites you have Marie & Team, it is a bit distracting and fun.

    This video has been watched by me 2 times. It’s amazing what else I noticed the second time around. Short, simple, expansive.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Aren’t those phrases fun?! So glad you’re playing with them — that’s what they’re there for. Hover and enjoy and repeat. 🙂

      Thrilled this episode is hitting home too.

  309. Thank you so much for the episode, Marie! I needed this today. I am a coach for mothers and sometimes I have difficulty convincing women that they NEED coaching. Because – obviously you can be a mother and not have a coach and still keep your kids alive. lol But I am selling a version of motherhood that is FULFILLED, CONFIDENT, & HAPPY and supportive, and that is what I need to keep at the forefront of my conversations. I want to remind moms that they don’t have to be like all the other moms. They can design their own motherhood identity. I want to inspire them by living my own life on purpose and supporting them in sisterhood. Thank you again for the marketing reminder, and I will try it asap! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Gervase — we’re so thrilled to hear that this episode was exactly what you needed today 🙂

      Thanks so much for tuning in and cheers to great marketing!

  310. I sell dreams and emotions through my art. I make and sell art because it touches your heart like nothing else will. It translates the unknowable into a visual your eyes can capture, but it’s your heart that will understand it.

  311. elaine

    Love this episode – was just at an antique market and a painting caught my eye. It was and abstract painting that had the words ‘see all’ scratched into it. I contemplated purchasing because I didn’t know if I really needed it. Then owner said ‘did the painting speak to you?’ I said yes it did – the painting is hanging in my sitting room now.

  312. Pav

    I loved this website!

    This is hard for me to answer, but I guess I would say that what I am selling is:

    The feeling of empowerment that will allow others to pursue and achieve their dreams while being happy.

  313. Shhrriya

    My professor always said, “You don’t sell a product or a service but the experience and the benefit.” I guess your video agrees to that thought. Thank you.


  314. Hello Ms. Forleo :D,
    I have to admit when Youtubing about branding I came across your channel and binge watched them all. You’re funny, pretty, smart, and keeps it real for us “newbies” and big leaguers. My question is this, I’ve been officially selling my business for about 2 years now. I don’t’ receive the social media traffic other in my line of work do. I’m a amigurumi artist by the way. Amigurumi is a japanese crochet or knit dolls. I make crochet dolls, robots, cars – you name it, I can make it. I have a fb page, pinterest, instagram, website, Etsy, Twitter, and DeviantArt. I still I make most sales via private message or email. How can I generate buzz and following??

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Melody, thank you so much for stopping by and we’re glad you found us! While I was reading your note, this episode of MarieTV popped to mind about generating website traffic with guest, Derek Halpern:

      Marie and Derek share some incredible tips for getting more people to visit your site. If you’re already active on social media, you can also use that to drive traffic back to your site too by linking your social media posts back to your site.

      Of course, you’re always welcome to check out our archives for more videos too — we’ve had some great episodes about all different aspects of boosting your business. We’re happy to share some suggestions if there’s a particular topic you’re looking for, so feel free to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com anytime. 🙂

  315. Hei Marie!

    I absolutely loved this video! As much as it is a great tool, I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around answering the question, so I’m hoping I can get some clearance here 🙂

    I sell raw-vegan cakes & chocolates. They are sugar-free, gluten-free, animal product-free 🙂 Now, what am I selling beyond that? Well, people buy sweets generally for rewarding themselves for various accomplishments and to bring together friends & family.

    Nevertheless, if a person chooses to buy a raw-vegan cake instead of a “conventional” cake, I wonder if he’s actually buying self-acceptance (satisfy a craving), self-worth (I deserve a healthier version- I deserve the best) or maybe belonging to a group/comunity.

    What do you think, am I on the right path?
    Sweet hugs 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Diana, thank you so much for checking out this episode, and it does sound like you’re definitely on the right path! All the things you’re considering sound like they’re in line with what you’re “really selling.”

      Since you have some great ideas already, a next step might be to talk to some of your customers or send out a little survey. You can ask things like “when do you usually buy a treat and why?” and “when you think of “raw vegan,” what words pop to mind?”

      That way, you might get even more ideas for better connecting with your customers. We usually do have a deeper emotional motivation for purchases, whether we know it or not, so continuing to explore and test out your ideas is a great way to connect even more with your customers.

      I hope that helps!

  316. I sell time. Time gained by being organised. The following is the copy from the front page of my site:

    You’ll be calm and in control
    With vibrant liquid chalk markers to organise your week, there will be no more confusion as to what is happening.
    You’ll communicate better
    Our weekly planning boards allow you to stop looking at your devices, and have a family talking point. A place to discuss upcoming activities, rather than just synching your devices.
    Your whole family can get involved
    Whether they’re three or thirty-three, everyone in the family can use Daily Orders. It’s easy to write on, and just as easy to clean. It takes the burden off you.
    You’ll free up time
    By being organised, you allow yourself more time to do the things you want, not what you need. Plan your appointments, shopping and meals in one simple place.
    You will reduce clutter
    Stop the angst of finding pens and post-it notes strewn throughout the house. Keep all of the important things in one place, on your wall.
    You’ll be able to focus clearly
    When your life is in order, your mind is free to focus on the important things in life. You may even reduce stress and anxiety, because your week is planned in full.
    What do you think? We actually ‘sell’ weekly planning boards. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

  317. With my art and jewellery, what I’m really selling is:
    – an expression of that person’s style and personality/vision for themselves
    – a conversation starter in the home and out in their lives

    So much love for the value you create.
    Yas xx

  318. Hi Marie!! Thank you again for making us ask ourselves so many damn questions! ha! I own a vegan take out spot in Guatemala City where we sell detoxes, juices, smoothies, etc. To me I sell energy, love for your body, compassion for your cravings and rebellion against diets….HOWEVER, all my clients ever wanna do is loose weight no matter what. If I tell them they will loose 5lb by drinking wheatgrass juice everyday they will do it…and I´m sure I would sell tons of it. But how do you balance what YOU want to sell vs. what your clients are looking for?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Paola, that’s a great question! There’s no one right answer here, since each person’s business will look a little bit different, but one thing that’s always a really good idea is to listen to the exact words your customers are using and getting really clear on what they’re looking for.

      Conveying the value of what you offer comes down to expressing the value your customers will receive in the language they understand and are searching for. Of course this doesn’t mean being dishonest, unethical, or making promises that can’t be guaranteed, but rather it’s about helping your customers find you and get really excited about what you have to offer.

      We’ve done a couple other great MarieTV episodes that talk about this, so definitely check these out for some great tips:

      The second episode covers a slightly different topic, but there’s a great discussion in there about how Marie uses this idea of using language our customers relate to when she was titling her book, so that’s a great one to check out!

  319. Love this! AND I love your jumpsuit Marie! Super cute.

  320. Michael

    I’m not selling anything. All I’m asking for is truth and clarity so that I can be better and I can help whoever needs it. I want to help but I need help to find out what I’m supposed to be doing. I know that I just want answers the truth just like Tom Cruise but not part of that church. Is this with me I without me and why do I always have to be clear. Everybody seems to speak in code to me why am I so difficult to understand I’m not trying to be it’s very frustrating can you help me be better so that I’m not misunderstood. I’m not selling anything again I’m not selling anything I’m trying to be truth I’m trying to be positive energy and I’m trying to right now just survive and I think it’s a waste that’s why I said I would rather die than not be utilized to make a difference but I don’t want to be chasing cheese. I guess if some was to ask me what I really want right now I want a vacation I want to go on one of These cruises that I keep seeing I want to go out of the country even if it means I have to do something more. But I really need to know though I really want to know more than anything it lilies are bad for my allergies or if they’re just harmless. I’m sure these questions make no sense. I don’t mean to flood your comment section I’m sure some may see this as non sense. But guess that why I’m misunderstood. I also don’t want to suffer I don’t want to suffer anymore I don’t want anyone to suffer. But I deathly want to be someone that does something good for other people. And he doesn’t have to go noticed I’ve been unnoticed I’m fine with that I like being unnoticed and fact I don’t like the attention at all right now. But I also am going above my request I know I’m asking too much but I really want to know who were my parents. I used to want to know and then didn’t but now I want the truth please. I know I may be asking a lot but I promise to do whatever I can and return. And if someone can offer me clarity and straightforwardness I guarantee you that it will make me understand that I can do the same. I still don’t know how Who what when or why. OK sorry for the long message guess you shouldn’t not sell therapy inside someone’s comment box that your website was very inspiring any communication advice you offered was appreciated

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Michael, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. We do have some incredible MarieTV episodes that are geared toward building a life you love and they aren’t all related to business or selling anything, so there are some great tips that might help you explore what you’re looking for.

      In particular I thought I might share this great collection of MarieTV episodes that talk about finding your clarity, passion, and purpose:

      I hope you enjoy checking those out and they help support your goals in the best possible way!

      • Michael

        Thank you kindly and I will do my best try and each with a carful eye. Thanks for taking your time and trusting me with more knowledge I hope. ?

  321. People buy with their hearts. Good reminder. Thank you, Marie!

  322. Thanks for this video Marie. I am just going through the Start the right biz course in members area and I got to tell you this video opened my eyes widely. I watched it before but haven’t see the message behind it so clearly as I see it just now.

    Btw. We have the same experience with Morrocan rugs as you have. Maybe thats the reason it al clicked now :).

  323. Hi! The lessons are so inspiring and thought provoking! Thank you!
    I have been a designer and director for several world renowned brands for 25 years. This is my first venture into entrepreneurship. Woot! I’m not quite sure how to do what I would like to do but here are my initial thoughts……As a woman of color (originating from a small racially charged town in the south), I want to inspire and empower other people of color to be proud of who they are, dream and do BIG, know that there is space for their unique contributions to world. My target audience would most likely be millenials- a casual but socially aware and driven generation. My product idea is to redefine the sweatshirt fleece (decidedly the uniform of choice). It would be a quality made vehicle for simple, cool, proud and positive messages, celebrating diversity, authenticity, and inclusivity. This would be in combination with a platform that gives visibility to other minorities who are achieving their dreams, thinking outside of the box, and succeeding in the wake of contrast.

  324. Any advice is welcome!

  325. My paintings and drawings address my awareness of the invisible energy that infuses all of life. What I am really selling is an opportunity to be reminded of what you can not see – the sacredness of each moment, the beauty inside of each person. The energy that we give and receive when we choose, remember or experience something in our lives is the core of our existence held within the vessel of the physical. I love sharing that!

  326. I sell vocal arrangements, and vocal production….I feel a bit unsure how to reach someones heart with that. Besides the different feeling a song gives once the vocals are there to support the lead singer. Thats pretty challenging to articulate. I guess I will have to lead by example and let everyone hear the difference?

  327. Rosalinda

    I am selling connection and clarity. Helping people express themselves clearly through that connect with others.

  328. Rosalinda

    Great advice thank you. Til now I’ve avoided many networking events for precisely the reason you said, it felt fake. Going to one tonight so focusing on making friends though there’ll be cards in my pocket book too!

  329. Marie, I absolutely love your outtakes before and after your videos. It shows your personality that we don’t see on the teaching parts. I love your quirkiness! 🙂 Thanks for being you, being a little silly at times, and showing us the real you. On this video, Mr. pineapple face made me laugh out loud! I think so many believe they have to act a certain way to come across professional. I’m all about loving and being the real you, and standing in confidence in that.

  330. Great episode! I love your approach to marketing and in the past 6 months I have been diving into the marketing field for the first time and found it quite challenging. This way of selling our products and services is exactly what we all need.

    Im selling an unforgettable adventure where you will make memories with your loved ones you’ll never forget. I’m selling a life changing experience where you will grow within yourself creating more peace of mind and appreciation for everything. People are buying a life changing experience that brightens their spirit by increasing their appreciation of life and creating a healthier mind and body. People are really buying a new perspective that will open their minds and hearts which will allow more opporunity and good things to flow to them.

  331. Such a great video, thanks for the nuggets of wisdom and reminder of the why we are selling… it’s not all about the what. 🙂

  332. Michelle

    I am a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. I’m going to share the bumblings and then what fleshed out.
    We’ve all been told to trust our bodies, that millions of women have birthed babies, so why am I still afraid?
    Quelling fear:
    Are they buying a positive birth experience?
    Are they buying a future vision of themselves as a mother?

    Fleshing out :
    I sell you ways to alleviate the pain and intensity of labor without drugs.

    I sell you satisfaction with your birth experience no matter how it turns out.

    I give you the ability to know what to do even if you are afraid.

    I share with you the confidence to ask questions and to get the answers you need from your care providers.

    I give you the understanding of what is going on in your body so you can best support the natural process of birth

    I offer you the skills you need so you know how to mother your little baby during the first moments you meet them.

    I give you the ways to feel satisfied and at peace with your birth experience no matter what happens.

  333. Tyrese

    does anyone know what a musician is selling (besides music)?

  334. Michelle

    A musician sells me a connection to the rhythm of my own heart.

    An experience of harmony I cannot produce on my own accord.

    The words that match my feelings that I have always wanted to say and didn’t know how.

    A feeling of belonging. The musician knows what I’m feeling and expresses for me. And when I’m standing in a crowd of others listening to her play, I feel one with everyone else there.

  335. I’m a relationship coach. What I’m really selling:

    The experience of showing up as the very best version of yourself when it matters.

    Being proud of who you are as a wife, mum, sister, daughter or friend.

  336. Fuck girl yessss this is what we all need!!!! So happy to finally have found someone who sells on line from the heart with no agenda!

  337. Fuck yes girl! This is exactly what the world needs! Real true people with no hidden agenda!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Andrea, we’re so happy to see you here AND in our inbox! We’re thrilled that you’ve been resonating with our message, and we can’t wait to hear about all the beautiful difference you make in the world as well.

  338. Rich Gassen

    In the graphic design and printing industry, we sell relationships with our customers — since nearly everything we do is custom manufacturing, the more we know about our clients the better we can provide services to them. Many times clients don’t really know what they want: a brochure, mailer postcard, booklet? When they come to us with a communication problem to solve, we can use our knowledge of their business to help solve the problem most effectively. Also, getting to understand the level of quality they expect, their budgets, and so forth helps us to steer them in the right direction regarding different services we offer. This idea of partnerships is not new, but seems to be lost in so many industries these days. People have become numbers, and the interpersonal relationships that you used to have with your grocer or auto mechanic have gone by the wayside and were replaced with customer loyalty cards and online advertisements. But if you want to relate to your customer, to the point that they don’t want to go anywhere else BUT you for the services you offer, you need to build relationships. Your rug guy did that when he put the manufacturing process right into your hands — feeling the product and becoming intimately involved in the process had you buying in to the relationship with him, along with the rug itself. Thanks for your story, Marie!

  339. Coming back on this one, from Start the right business (inside B-School), and I’ll fine tune my answers:
    – I’m selling confidence (that comes from my clients speaking Parisian French without conversation anxiety)
    – My clients hope to experience the chic, or feel chic and sexy like a Parisian, feeling that comes with them speaking Parisian French fluently

  340. Alia

    Super helpful! Love this episode, thanks Marie

  341. Ohhh, this is a good one!

    I’m a weight loss coach, so I’m selling my client on her future self who is
    super confident in her body and in herself.

    I’ll also show her the way to permanent weight loss so that she can start thinking about other things in life BESIDES needing to lose weight. These could be things like her future romantic relationships, having the confidence to switch jobs, having the confidence to wear a bikini to the beach.

    What a great thing to think about!

  342. Have you ever wondered if ‘this is it?’ I’m selling a safe space for people to ask themselves that scary question and the opportunity to explore to redefine themselves if the answer is ‘ummm I hope not!’ I help people reconnect with their dreams which can get forgotten, neglected or sidelined by the shoulds and expectations of loved ones & society. I help people find the freedom to be 100% unashamedly themselves in all areas of their lives and all their awesomeness!

  343. Leticia Villarreal

    Wow! I am loving that my business plan is to sell from the heart. I have been asking my English learners in class why they what to learn Enllish and what their experience has been like learning English. I was shocked to hear their responses, it got deep. Each person had an individual story of their journey learning Enlglish and it wasn’t always positive. I want to create a postive experience learning English and not just be another informational grammar tool. I want to be their favorite study partner.

  344. I believe that I’m selling an emotional release moment for someone who’s feeling sad, depressed, anxious, insecure, or other negative emotion. For a few moments or longer a positive feeling exists when they see what is on the mug, poster, t-shirt, or other product. Often times it is a gifts to help someone else through those moments.

  345. Rachel Sherwood

    Best lesson ever learned…wish I had watched it 10 years ago!

  346. Louise

    I love this episode, Marie. I am in B-School right now and this really helps with the big ‘why’ question. My business idea is a magazine for Homeworkers but also a community through mentoring and networking.
    What I am really selling is community, companionship, hope and inspiration and I think this will really help with how I approach my marketing. Thank you!
    PS. Also loving the outfit 🙂

  347. Future experiences:
    – Walking in the romantic streets of Paris, eavesdropping on the stories told by the Parisians from the next table of the café, making friends or even find their love
    – start doing business with francophone clients, multiply their income streams

    – of being romantic just by speaking the French language

    – travel and friendships and experiences that can’t be had without speaking the French language

    (this is part of B-School 2018)

  348. I’ve watched this episode before but BOOM-today it lit me up! (Going through Start The Right Business ferociously today)

    ***I sell unplugged cozy time through my (in-development) leisure wear emblazened with mantras to get you through life’s extraordinary difficulties. (Thank you Marie for the words to help me describe the “unplugged cozy” feeling)
    ***Survivors of traumatic events and their spouses are buying reminders to SLOW DOWN + SAVOR life. To allow space for healing + meaningful moments. They’re buying HOPE that life will be good again. (Future well-being!)

    Each product will be infused with LOVE and the hug I wish I could give them.

  349. Jacki

    What I am attempting to sell are stories I tell, and the way that I look at is, I’m selling an escape and an experience.
    For the stuff I create with dark humor visualizations, they’re buying into the idea of, “OK, my life isn’t quite THAT bad” as well as a bit of nostalgia because I focus on retracing old stories into new here.
    For my short stories, they are buying a quick adventure to provoke longer thought.
    Then there’s that darn novel. Suspense? Maybe that’s why I don’t like the novel so much! I don’t know what I’m doing with it. Thank goodness it’s on a back burner for now. Focusing on the dark humor visualizations.

  350. Christy

    I’m doing Start the Right Business so I love this video. My customers will exhale with relief over having their their bodies match good they desire to feel about themselves. I’m selling a feeling of deep satisfaction about unlocking their UHP (unique health path) so they can stop obsessing about quick fixes that don’t work long term, feeling bad about selfies because they’re focused on their big bellies, and live into a version of themselves that matches how beautiful, powerful and brilliant they know they are. They want to have a life, not just “livin’ for the weekend”. In their heart of hearts they get that health is their first wealth so they can be social with their line sisters, travel in comfort, and give themselves the best opportunity to not succumb to the disease that disproportionately fell black women – heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

  351. In my handmade paper flower business, I’m selling the beauty and touches of something handmade to add to a special occasion without the headache of having to do the work yourself. I’m also selling that little piece of beauty that makes people have to look twice when they realize those place card holders are made out of paper and a keepsake they’re excited to take home with them to remember the occasion in the future.

  352. Stephanie Michelle

    I’m still in the beginning stages of the creation process of my biz and what I “sell”, but I do know this. I will sell encouragement and a return to self. The feeling of wanting to live and knowing why as well as reigniting the fire that has been either burned out or is buried underneath years and years of false beliefs. People will walk away feeling alive and recharged and ready to face their life\, including their sturggles because they will remember why they are here.

    You know, just the simple “ok, I’ve got this”. 😉


  353. Stephanie

    Holy wow, I’ve experienced the same in Istanbul! And I’m so glad for buying into it 10 years later! But it never occurred to me that I could apply it to the same extent right now as a yoga teacher and translator. Here’s to another little door opened while I go through Start the Right Business in B-School 2019. Thank you Marie and everyone who shared their insights 🙂