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Feel like it’s taking forever to get to where you want to be in your life and business? Worry that all your hard work is for nothing?

Maybe you’re beginning to wonder if you really have what it takes.

Today I’m talking with the incomparable Steven Pressfield. He’s the genius behind these cult classics on creativity: The War of Art, Turning Pro, Do the Work, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t, and most recently, The Artist’s Journey.

With a writing career that’s anything but conventional, Steven is the master of overcoming resistance to create his life’s work.

Case in point: It took him 17 years before he earned a penny from writing, 27 years to publish his first novel, and he didn’t make a living from his words until he was in his 50’s.

The ability to overcome resistance, self-sabotage, and self-doubt is way more important than talent. @SPressfield Click To Tweet

Steven describes resistance as a negative force in the world that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams.

For example, maybe you want to write a book, start your own business, or completely change careers but… you’re worried you don’t have enough talent. Or enough time. Or people will think it’s stupid.

We need to stop.

First of all, Steven says that overcoming resistance is more important than talent. In fact, Steve says that many people have talent, but few put in the work and follow through. If you’re struggling with self-doubt, procrastination, or just plain self-sabotage, it’s time to face your inner resistance once and for all.

Join us for an inspiring conversation and learn how to:

    • Push back against the need for instant gratification and external validation.
    • Overcome resistance at every stage of your most important projects.
    • Put aside ego and create from a place of empathy.
    • Liberate yourself from conventional expectations.
  • Why you need to “put your ass where your heart wants to be.”

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Isn’t he the best? Learn more at and BlackIrishBooks. Now, Steven and I would love to hear from you.

Which part of our conversation resonated most with you and why? What can you do to turn that insight into action now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Since you’re here reading, my guess is that you’ve got some big dreams to bring to life.

Keep showing up. Keep being courageous and putting in the work. The world really does need that special gift that only you have.

With enormous love ?,


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  1. Carol

    Resistance is futile! It was a relief to hear that successful people still go through all the same stuff but just get on and do it anyway. I loved the amateur/professional approach. I enjoyed the whole episode. Thank you❤️

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely Carol, NO ONE is immune to resistance – professionals just approach it much differently. So glad you enjoyed this episode with Steven!

  2. I bought The War of Art following your recommendation but still haven’t finished reading it… This is a timely reminder to do so! So many points from this interview I want to comment on!

    Resistance is definitely so subtle sometimes, and I know so many people who pause when it ‘feels wrong’ in a project.

    I support soul-searchers to define their ‘right path’ as it were, and the number of people who say something like “I began but then I wasn’t feeling it, and if it’s my true potential it’ll just feel easy and natural, so I stopped.”
    It’s such a common block for people, and I love that you addressed this because the idea of something feeling right, if that project isn’t flowing simply and easily, they believe it’s not worth trying to push through that resistance, when actually, the light behind that block is their pot of gold, as it were.

    Also, the idea of what are essentially the ‘systems’ of our mindset like showing up Monday morning despite not having a boss to force us… those systems and habits are what shape our success. So many people just write off the odd half an hour or day off, when actually there’s so much energy and motivation and almost… truth in showing up to those times we feel the resistance.

    And as a writer of fiction, the one-page outline is so hard to do, for me, but so freakin’ useful for a) getting started and b) actually writing the book.
    In a way, Mapping out the Path is 50% of the work. In fiction, our life path, or any project.

    • Rod

      I also bought The War of Art and haven’t even started reading it! Another great recommendation still waiting to be ticked off from the reading list…

  3. Agree with this completely! Thank you so much. Steven, your work is fabulous! Especially about managing emotions and self-validation. When I started writing it was all about the workshop, where people tear you down and if you can get back up after all of it, then you’ll be able to handle success.
    However, now that I’m making a living at it, and supporting others, we’ve got plenty of that crap going on in our own heads. It’s actually getting past that and coming back again and again out of love and appreciation for the craft.
    And another little secret, the muse. I think we know so much more about receiving from those subtle guides than we allow ourselves to believe.
    Thank so much for this burst of energy early in the morning!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Emily, it sounds like you’ve done a really fantastic job of managing your own thought patterns, staying gentle, validating yourself, and honoring your muse. Here’s to supporting yourself and others in coming back to the work again and again!

  4. Steven Pressfield’s “Turning Pro” interview with you was an eye-opening perspective for me. I chose to turn pro and now show up as lazy-ass Salma who does things when she feels like it, but as a professional who’s invested in her brand and is accountable to her audience. Can’t wait to dive into this episode!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Salma – we’re so proud of you for showing up!

  5. I SOOOOOO needed this! I was starting to think ‘oh my book will never get into bookshops… all the big dreams I had for it were foolish….’ etc etc…’what’s the point???’ and it’s not been a year since I published it. AND it’s got 154 five star reviews and many many personal letters of thanks AND just heard I’ve been awarded a major magic award on the basis of it being so inspirational. So Resistiance??? You can go F**K yourself, I’m not giving up until it’s a bestseller and inspires the whole world!!!! I’m going to listen to gorgeous Steven & amazing Marie and keep the faith!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Exactly the help I needed right now!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing Romany – congrats on all the positive feedback on your book so far! Way to overcome that pesky resistance and share your gifts with the world – keep going! We’re so happy to know this arrived just when you needed it. XO

  6. I love this interview. I listened to it while I was resisting writing (and getting on my elliptical!). I love the amateur/professional idea and that the muse is waiting and watching to see if we are doing the work. Thanks you Marie and Steven!

  7. I find it so true when you said we go to work at a fixed time daily or we will be sacked. But as artists and entrepreneurs, there is no boss to push us, so showing up daily is critical. Thank you for sharing!

  8. One highly favoured movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance” is. So glad himself was on the show. I like Steven’s Pro-attitude ecouragement. Great show, Marie. Mazel, Real good. Reading the comments above I hope to see the Art book in audio, will look, as well as other of his works. Yes! Marie.

  9. Thank you for this gift. Working on a new writing project and definitely I am getting resistance. This is an encouragement to keep going.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are SO welcome, Nerissa. Keep going!! The resistance is normal, it’s all about how you choose to navigate it. We’ll be cheering you on with your new writing project over here on Team Forleo 🙂

  10. Yes x1000000000!!!! Awesome reminder & the timing is perfect, thank you xxx

  11. The Deacon's Wife

    Thank you. I’ve written a book about Hail Mary, I’m no theologian. My resistance will be large. I need artwork, and beauty to add to this book. My new resistance is finding it. Thank you for making me keep searching. This was a huge help. I will follow “my crazy unconventional heart!”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! Keep searching, and stay open to all the possibilities coming your way. We know you’ll find the perfect beauty to add to your book. So happy this was helpful for you; we’re wishing you all the best with the book!

    • Not sure i can say this here – but if you need help with the beautifying and layout of your project, I would love to help you through it. Pls reach out via my website – I am a graphic designer (Pro not Amateur ?). Whether it’s just guidance or doing it for you, please feel free to reach out.

  12. The Deacon's Wife

    Thank you, I will follow my crazy unconventional heart!

  13. Great interview. Needed to hear this, this morning. Been dragging my feet on a project and meeting lots of resistance. Thank you both

  14. Clare Duffy

    Thank you!! The best episode ever!!
    Your conversations felt like they were being directed to me and what I needed to hear on my artistic entrepreneurial journey. We all come up against the same problems day after day but we forget that fact, almost all the time.

    Much love to you both for reminding me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are SO not alone on this journey, Clare! Every single creative person who is putting themselves out there in a courageous way faces resistance. We really hope what Steven shared in this conversation serves you well in continuing to move forward in the face of it – the world needs your gifts!

  15. Elizabeth Fitzgerald

    I’m buying Stephen’s new book immediately! The War of Art gave me the clarity and the encouragement I needed to write and PUBLISH my first book; I’m about to begin my third. DO THE WORK is a wonderful, shorter synopsis of The War of Art that I like to give to friends who need a shorter book because they are less intimidated by it and will actually finish it LOL.
    GOOD, good stuff. This man is a true guru of how to get past our own self-sabotage, shut down the monkey chatter and get it done…more happily and with a better awareness of how our creative work affects our relationships…this is a huge factor in the process and needs to be factored in wisely.
    We really can bloom, grow and create without going broke, going crazy or sacrificing our loved ones on the altar of our creativity. Pressfield shows us how to navigate the waters.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      AMEN, Elizabeth! We love hearing how Steven’s work has impacted and inspired your own creative path. Thank you so much for being here and sharing these tools with others, too!

  16. My two favorite humans in the same room!! Aghhhh!!!! I’m such a huge fangirl of Steven too! In the 5 years ive been watching you Marie- this is the one, you’ve both changed my life for the better, thank you both so very much for putting yourselves out there every day! Love Rebecca

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That means so much, Rebecca – thank you! SO thrilled to hear you loved this episode with Steven. We’re incredibly grateful to have you in our community! XOXO

  17. Elisa Barger

    Awesome to hear you and your guest today Marie! I have been an artist since forever and have realized that creativity drives a project but a beginning and end time directs the final outcome and gives the artist the focus that is needed for a happy ending. Love you Marie!! Elisa Barger

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – love how you put this Elisa, so very true! Thanks for being here today and sharing your wisdom 🙂

  18. Candi

    I paused the vid through this fab conversation, went to my writing desk, shook the dust from the manuscript I’ve been avoiding finishing, and vowed to it that we were going pro. I committed to exceeding the level of attention and energy I give to projects in my day job. I show up strong for those people…gonna do even better in showing up for myself!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO Candi!! We are doing such a big happy dance for you over here right now. This is HUGE! Here’s to showing up for yourself and that manuscript. We know you can do this!

      • rhonda flack

        Hello I loved reading this reply, vowing to go pro.

  19. Angela

    This was a GREAT episode, thank u so much!
    Resistance and self-sabotage are the villains we have to fight and there would be no great movie without them -that’s my takeaway (cause well, that’s the fight i’m fighting..).
    Also loved the muse always being there and waiting to check in on u if you’re doing the work.. Which actually is “Luck meeting Preparation” kind of analogy, right?
    I so enjoyed -and needed that- and God bless u both.
    Gonna get my ass now back to the place my heart wants to be. Wouldn’t want to miss that muse checking in on me.
    Love and a hug from Greece <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Angela! You’re exactly where you need to be on your journey, trust that. We’re so glad this came when you needed it and we’re cheering you on as you stay committed to your dreams in the face of resistance – your attitude is amazing!

  20. I needed to hear this today! I’m so happy I started my morning with this video! Thank you for mentioning the stages we will come across in our journey. I needed to hear that. I am in that stage where I have come so far but questioning if I really want to be here. This is hard work but I’m happy to hear this message today. It made me realize what this feeling really is, made me hunger for the goal again. I also loved Marie’s take on social media and the struggles she has with Selfies. I look at other entrepreneurs and their videos. I know I have to be more engaged but the grind is NOT pretty lol! I know it’s silly but these comments make me feel like I am in this like everyone else is. I’m not alone. I love this community and I have taken so so much from Marie and her team. Thank you!

  21. Lydia Maria Eichiner

    Very good interview. I found out that I have already better foundations I thought I have and of course the final Pink reading was great.
    Thank you so much

  22. Me again! Watched that 3 times! And my take away is again, be PATIENT! There’s a kind of judgement that if you haven’t got a book or product popular within a year, then it ain’t any good. My take away is keep plugging, keep plugging, keep the FAITH!
    Thank you!

  23. Aletta

    Wow, I love it! Mainly the message that it’s all just so normal, the resistances I’m feeling during the varying stages of writing my own book. Especially now that people are starting to ask how far I am yet, and me feeling it’s not going fast enough..
    And the reinforcement to just do it my way, here’s to the crazy ones! 🙂

  24. Wow!!! Thank you very much for this.

  25. Angela Gabriela Horne

    Thank you – I love War of Art. It kicked me in my butt to return to my novel. Will read Turning Pro.

  26. Perfect timing! Just bought ALL his books! Very inspiring. Looking forward to reading! Thank you for sharing this.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re going to LOVE them, Shiela – enjoy! Thanks so much for being here.

  27. Wow, thank you so much for this amazing interview with so many wisdom inside of it!!
    I loved the amateur-pro part, and it helped me self-validate tremendously.
    I know that despite adversities, I am showing up, every day, to create a new life after burnout, in balance with my energy but still doing the WORK for myself and my clients every single day.
    This helped me so much, and I will go back to it whenever I feel like I am not working hard enough or when other doubts creep up on me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Willemijn! It’s sounds like you’re doing an amazing job of showing up for yourself consistently, first and foremost. This is such a service to the world and everyone you touch. Keep being your wonderful self and yes – we encourage you to revisit this whenever you need a reminder!

  28. Marie – One of your best episodes! Super packed with helpful tips. I’m right there with you on demystifying business. There’s no overnight success! Thank you.

  29. Thank you for such words of wisdom. I recently was hit by some really hurting news that stung my soul. Now I know the news I received was one more way of RESISTANCE preventing me from growing. I have been blessed with a successful business and have been challenged to grow and expand even more. I love the hard work and seeing others blessed by what I do is so rewarding. Therefore I welcome the resistance so I can push back with my creativity. Enjoyed every inspired minute of this episode with Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Pamela! Thank you for sharing your experience with resistance and how you move through it creatively – SO inspiring!

  30. Absolutely fantastic, thanks for sharing this.

    One thing I have been focussing on lately, is a point you covered: sometimes you need to just say it is done and ship it. I am figurative sculptor and it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking a piece will be better if I just make one more adjustment.

    This is a dangerous trap – a sort of perfectionist version of resistance. For me the way around this is to ask two simple questions (a) will the client love it as it is? (b) can the new idea act as starting point for another piece?
    This usually convinces me to move on.

    Thanks again for a great show.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Neil! Thank you so much for sharing how you handle your perfectionist tendencies as an artist – those are incredibly helpful questions to ask to keep yourself shipping and moving forward. We’re so honored to have you as part of our community!

  31. Self gratification and instant money is always going to be in our lifestyle make up because the everyday costs of living demand attention; mortgages, rents, bills, clothing, groceries. Plus, it is even more heightened through certain aspects of social media. So it was refreshing to hear from someone who started off in business with a vague idea, on their own, and that it took 17 years before they received a financial reward. In essence, anyone who has had to struggle in business and after 10, 20, 30, 40 years of financial destitute makes the break to a substantial income is worth listening to. I welcome the stories about before they made ANY income. Before they achieved any recognition.
    When I had a business idea in the 1980’s all I kept hearing about was how it should take 3 years to be successful in business which equated to high end multiple £000’s and if you are not making any money by then just drop the idea. Get a job because you are useless at creating a business. So demoralising. I ended up placing the business idea in the pending filing cabinet of my mindset, working a 9 to 5, then more studying to feel even more worthy of my existence and doing what I wanted to do for free on a voluntary basis. That was what society required of me in those days in London. It took me a quite a few years to go from voluntary to eventually building a website and presenting my presence as worthy of an income. I could only do this with the advent of the Internet.
    It was incredibly inspirational to hear a totally different entrepreneurial perspective from Mr Pressfield. It makes one feel that there are people going through similar experiences and that the feeling of entrepreneurial loneliness in working hard, mindset challenges, confidence and trust issues, creativity swamp, et al at a business idea for 20+ years and not showing any income from it, is actually a reality that is shared by many others who took the journey and MADE IT. I adore the amateur to pro reference, as well as the who wants to read your shit (or buy your shit) mental angst that many of us go through at different stages on our business journey.
    Just adoring the mature age aspect in achieving something ‘successful’. The reference to the 98 year old editor/publisher was priceless. It just goes to show that ‘success’ in business and receiving a financial abundance is capable in your 90’s.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for sharing your story and entrepreneurial journey here! You are most definitely not alone, and we’re really glad that Steven’s story was reassuring for you in this regard. Good things take time! Keep sharing your beautiful gifts with the world, they’re incredibly needed and valuable.

  32. This is exactly what I needed to hear! I’m starting a small business at home, and designing is a key part of it, but when I want to do it I feel this resistance and also the small voice that’s telling me it had been en done before, what is the point, and bla, bla, so I focused on urgent things that weren’t as important as designing is. This was a kick in the butt, so I’ll get to that designing ASAP, but first I’ll the do the one page plan, so I have a direction and it’s going somewhere.
    Also I’m putting some of Steven’s books on my cart, need to reread the art of war and dive into his other books.
    Thank you, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Go Emilia Go! You can do this. Never forget, your unique gifts and expression are important and needed in the world. We’ll be cheering you on as you keep going for you business dreams 🙂 Enjoy Steven’s books!

  33. This is my Favorite topic and interview of ALL time!!! My take away is self-assigned homework (but feel free to chip in!). In the artist journey, when one is developing their gift, how does the Artist ensure Meaning for the long haul? Does it change? How can we support and protect it?

  34. Alba

    I absolutely loved this interview! I am going to put mi ass right there in front of my desk and write, write, write 🙂

    Hi there, I’m in tears. I know Steven Pressfields books and wisdom for years and still I am here dragging my old negatives believes with me cause I still believe and not believe them. I am a B-Schooler and if it wasn’t for Marie und her team I wouldn’t put up a weekly newsletter and have a youtube channel where I give free content to make others heal by singing for themselves. Still my work ethic is not on full volume. I am holding back, even though my heart is sobbing to get me in the place, where my ass is the perfect size.
    I am thankful for your and Steven Pressfields work. I am thankful for you believing in me, Marie. Love, Julia

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Julia, we adore you and are so grateful to have you in our B-School family! You’re doing GREAT and we’re so proud of you for staying consistent in sharing your special, healing gifts with others. That resistance is a persistent, pesky force, and know that your consistency is a huge step towards overcoming it. There are a couple additional episodes of MarieTV I’d love to share with you as well, I think you’ll find them really helpful in staying committed and self-validating over the long haul:

      Sending huge hugs and encouragement your way – keep going!

  36. Shanda

    I loved, loved, loved this whole interview! You are awesome. Steven is awesome. I will be watching this over and over again 🙂 Admittedly I have not read any of Steven’s books but I want to read them all now. The part I liked best is you are probably finished before you think you are finished. Thanks for this GREAT episode 🙂

  37. Thank you Marie for bringing us Steven Pressfield. I am such a fan and i am so happy watching this episode – you guys left me super grateful here in m 7square meter office on the 4th floor in zurich. Knowing that there are thousands of people working with resistence every day is a real motivator for me. Lets do it. We dont Whoozaa, we Mussar….

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are SO not alone in this, Nüekhet, and you’ve got a whole global community here cheering you on! We’re grateful to have you here 🙂

  38. Graham Lawrence

    Terrific. I haven’t read Mr Pressfield before, but I shall put that right in the very near future. Meanwhile, I can’t help wondering what happened in that joke about the two rabbis and the alligator walking into a bar…

  39. Erica

    I absolutely love this. I read the book War of Art years ago and it changed my thinking in so many ways and I quote in and refer to it often. Today’s show was ahhhmazing! The one thing I took from it was the one sheet. I have had a book on my heart for years and boy does resistance come. Maybe I need a new laptop. Or maybe I need to redecorate this office. Perhaps a new journal or a new pen will spark my flame. One sheet. That’s it. Just start there. Now to get that new legal pad with the sheets… ha ha. Kidding. Sort of.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Just one sheet, Erica! It doesn’t matter what kind 😉 You can do anything when it’s coming from your heart, we believe in you. And right now is the perfect time to start. We’ll be cheering you on with your book over here!

  40. This came right on time. I am ready to leave the full time grind and concentrate on my art. You two really spelled out what that looks like. I feel inspired.

  41. I need to sit my ass down and do the work…. Love it.

  42. I loved the concept of going from amateur to pro! This created a visual in my mind that will certainly stick! I also needed the reminder to be consistent!

  43. Everything was relevant to how I’m feeling at the moment. However, I think the Turning Pro and Resistance discussion was most helpful. I know these are the areas I need to work at and I feel inspired to keep going ! Thank you so much!

  44. Janice Solitro

    I cried, literally cried while watching this. It hit on all the points of what I don’t do. And help with just doing the dam thing “you know how”. Best home run for me was, “Put your ass where your heart wants to be” brilliant, can’t thank you enough for touching my heart and soul and giving this ass a good kick!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Janice, we’re really glad to hear this conversation was touching for you and just the (loving) kick in the pants you needed. So happy you’re here and feeling inspired about moving forward; we know you can do anything you set your heart to and stay consistent with!

  45. Dyan

    I believe that “you took us all to church”, Marie! So many things to comment while we all start off the day trying to readjust to out pro attitude.

    Today what I take with me from this is my homework on the idea of instant gratification. I joined B-school last year as I felt really motivated, not necessarily because I have a business, but because I knew in me that I have my own voice I have to acknowledge it, so being an entrepreneur is basically something I owe myself. Then things got rough (you know, life being life!) and I still did my thing, had a semi-pro approach towards things and though I didn’t allow myself to dive into B-school’s teachings in full I still finished my MA (yay!) and had other things done. But truth being said, it was so rough that I barely celebrated the fact that I finished my MA and I just thought I kind of “blew it with the drive I had about this time last year”… until this video. I can now acknowledge the fact that I worked so hard, I had a pro attitude in my day job and even in my MA to the extent that I am done, I have it in me to show up for myself and I have a program I’ve learned to trust to give me that important feedback on my personal journey. I am on track, it’s not there yet, but I will get there. The only thing needed is to carry on. I am a work in progress and quite an exciting one! Thanks to both, Marie and Steve!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so excited for you to dive back in to B-School, Dyan! We’re all works in progress and you’re in the perfect place on your journey. Something very wise within you called you to invest in yourself and your voice, and honoring that call is incredibly powerful. Kudos to you for celebrating all the areas where you’ve showed up like a pro in your life – you’re amazing! And remember, you have lifetime access to B-School, so it’s always here to support you as you grow and evolve over the years. We can’t wait to “see” you in ‘School!

    • Dyan, MASSIVE congratulations on finishing your MA!
      Such a massive effort and you did it!!! (and it’s never too late to celebrate properly 🙂

  46. 100 % loved that interview. I’m in the messy middle of two huge projects and I HAVE to draw the line and become a pro. Very inspiring. The muse is only kissing you, when you show up and do the work upfront. Also writing a one page plan really spoke to me.
    Great episode, thank you Marie and Steven.
    With love from another continent

  47. Marisette

    “What is my gift?” Interesting: I always thought of that gift as something I had received. This question makes me realize it’s more about what I can share.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Marisette! That’s such a powerful shift in perspective!

  48. Bill McCleave

    Oh!, I have so much to l;earn

    Thank you

  49. This was such a timely treat!! I actually just heard of ‘The War of Art’, so I picked it up at my library and it is sitting here on my desk!! Cannot wait to dig in, especially since this introduction to the author was my “Breakfast Meeting” this morning. Haha!!

    I am a solo-preneur, (photographer) in my 3rd year of Full Time self employment and the Self doubt can be like a Siamese twin some days! There are about 20 other photogs in my town that do amazing work, and share my target demographic, so standing out and having an offering that sets you apart is daunting!! Thanks for offering tips and good reads to manage this part of every artists journey!!!

  50. Claire

    Thank you.
    I loved to hear about the predictable stages of resistance.
    I kind of started a project and i’m just seeing how much work it’s gonna be, and how longer it’s gonna take than what i thought….
    I learned about predictable stages when preparing for … giving birth !! First stage : excitement ; second stage : getting serious, concentrated ; then when you think you’ll never do it, when you think you’re gonna die, IT’S THE SIGN that you actually MADE IT, baby ‘s almost there !
    Amazing comparison, and then Steven said : just push through it ! And Marie answered: I’m pushing !!! Soo hilarious !!!
    Also after taking B-school i started a newsletter and i’m struggling to keep consistent and this show really helped me see how essential this his. Keep showing up no matter what.
    Thank you so much, this episode is really gonna help me !

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this comparison, Claire – AMAZING! Those are very much the stages of birthing any sort of creative baby 🙂 We’re so glad to hear this reignited your spark of motivation to stay super consistent in your business. Thanks for being a wonderful part of our community – we’re always here cheering you on!

  51. me AGAIN!! I just don’t care, i’m listening to this episode ON REPEAT while working on a magic trick …. So I just ordered Composed by Rosanne Barr as Stephen advised and GUESS WHAT???? (And I consider this a completely divine encouragment!) Guess what book was ‘related by Amazon to the book you just viewed’ ….???? MINE!!!! Spun Into Gold – The Secret Life of a Female Magician Oh YES!!!! So that’s me ENCOURAGED! Woooooohooooo! Thank you!!!

  52. Brooke

    I have so many thoughts about this video:
    1. I’m ashamed to admit that when I first heard Marie recommend Steve’s work, I bought The War of Art, but stopped when I was uncomfortable with how well he entangled the staunch resistance in my head. ?Seeing the unassuming, truly kind man behind the hard-to-swallow words has made me want to go back to it.
    2. I learned so much, not just from what he said, but from the way he so naturally shared the floor with Marie.
    3. I love his idea that resistance is not just persistent, pernicious, and necessary, but that it evolves so it’s harder for us to outsmart.
    4. I also love the way he distinguishes amateurs from professionals based on their habits, rather than their acumen.
    5. As I said, I haven’t read Steve’s work yet. Would you recommend reading his works in any particular order?
    6. I hope to become a member of the clergy in the future. Though we don’t like to think of it this way, it occurs to me that some knowledge of marketing and copywriting would stand me in good stead. Do you think “The Copy Cure” would help me in this regard? Do you have any other content you think I might find helpful?
    7. Last one, I promise. I love Marie’s “wonder” shirt. Where is it from? Where can I get it?

    Based on my overlong comment, you probably already know how grateful I am for this video—I love these longform interviews because I can tell they are done with so much love and effort. ❤️

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Brooke, we’re so happy you enjoyed this conversation with Steven! Isn’t he just amazing? We encourage you to read his books in any order that calls out to you, start wherever you feel most curious or in need of support. The War of Art is always a great place to begin, but the books can absolutely be read in any order. All of Marie’s clothes on the show are styled by the incredible Elsa Isaac and she sources items from a variety of places.

      A solid understanding of marketing and copywriting is SO essential to growing your impact and building trust with your audience in any field. The Copy Cure could absolutely be a great fit for you, and we encourage you to try our 7-day free writing class here as an introduction to copywriting:

      Also be sure to check out our free business training series that’s available for a limited time right now, we share some excellent modern marketing wisdom here!

  53. David Airozo

    Loved this Marie so much truth was put on the table and it all makes total sense. I so need to put my ass where my heart wants to be and quite listening to my inner liar.

  54. Andrea

    This episode was fantastic. It felt so good to be UNDERSTOOD. You guys were describing exactly the resistance checkpoints I always seem to hit as an artist. Listening to you both talk, I feel like I have developed tools to push past many of these blocks but I was thinking of the one I am at now. I have organized my life in a way that allows me time to work on my dreams, am taking care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally so I can do the work. I am and have been working hard at it but…… only to a point. It hit home with me when Steve said he used to never finish anything. I used to do that with everything ( and even now to a much lesser degree). I think if you never finish , you are protecting yourself from judgement/ failure because the built in excuse is “Well, it’s not finished yet”
    So, now I am at the precipice after many years of work, exploration, success and failure but am held back (AGAIN!) by the idea that if I make the big sacrifices (and ask my family to make them with me, THIS IS A BIG ONE) and commit completely to this hard work and this dream, the possible failure will be that much more crushing. Intellectually I know I can succeed but the fear is preventing the big jump. Thoughts?

  55. I am an leather artist making a living alone in the huge expanse that is Montana. I travel to many shows with my work. I’ve listened to Steve Pressfields “the War of Art” several times and to “Do the Work”. First a huge thank you to Steve for expressing in words the struggle I live every day. Wish I could “arrive” someday to an easier path where the resistance is gone. Living here surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and animals provides inspiration every day. I find though that I’m trapped in the mundane parts of my business, the paperwork, marketing, and filling orders with my wholesale line. I want to do more creative work than production but am exhausted by the time all the chores are done (including ranch chores). Thank you for the listen this morning before heading out to feed horses. Both of you have inspired me to get my ass to where I want to be, in the studio painting rather than shipping orders.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We love hearing that Steven’s work has been supportive for you, Olive! We hear you about feeling caught up in the basic functions of your work and not spending as much time doing the creative work that you’d like to. Watch this, now! Really hope it helps 🙂

  56. Thanks for putting a simple name on it Steven – Resistance! And thank you both for sharing so honestly from the heart, just real, raw and totally to-the-point. I feel so very encouraged to continue my artist’s journey. The hero’s journey is done, and when I needed the right star to guide me forth, I found this interview. Marie Forleo, you are great!
    Greetings from the little island in the mediterranean,
    Lizzy in Menorca

  57. Rebecca

    Thank you Marie and Steve for this very timely and informative interview! One of messages I received from your interview today is that resistance happens during your transition from ego to your higher self or from Fear to Love. I’ve been feeling resistance big time lately but I’ve gained more clarity and reassurance today that all of this is part of the journey and I’m not alone. I will “put my ass where my heart wants to be”. I’m so grateful for the inspiration, perfect way to start my day! ??❤

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Resistance often happens at the most crucial moments. It can be a clue that you’re on the verge of something big. 🙂

  58. absolutley loved this interview…. FULL SCAP!! and become PRO… I so get this!

  59. Ana

    Thank you Marie and Steven for such an insightful and honest conversation. My biggest insight is towards the end when you say “put your ass where your heart is.” It’s so easy to let go of aspirations in our day to day struggles, especially when you have equal amounts of passion and resistance as I do, and you worry more about pleasing others. To take action like a pro and show up where my heart is, I’m going to wake up 1 or 2 hours earlier every morning to do the work that is closest to my heart. Start with that instead of all other people’s agendas and daily commitments. I don’t think anybody but me will be around at 5 am! And I used to believe I was a night owl until I tried going to bed earlier and found I’ll wake up early and rested, plus I love my coffee ritual and mornings is easier to hear one’s voice 😉

  60. I so needed this today…

    I have been in this self-sabotaging stage for a few weeks now in that “middle stage” and questioning if I keep moving, try something new, is anyone even going to use what I’m offering…

    But what I do is my passion, it’s what I’m good at and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

    So my only option is to continue on my path and give it all I have got.

    Thanks so much Marie & Steven!

  61. The whole thing about it being a grind and just putting your ass where it’s supposed to be was killin’ it for me. We care for our adult daughter with exceptional needs AND we cared for my mother-in-law through cancer and dementia. Talk about grind! I kept thinking I needed to wait til the laundry was done, a fresh pot of coffee was on and the children were nestled all snug in their beds before I could write. The Muse took over when I sat weeping on the floor in the hospital beside our daughter’s bed admitting this was all over my head and crushing my heart. The Muse said, “This really hurts doesn’t it? You think you’re the only one drowning in this kind of pain? Write about it. Share it. People need to know they’re not alone.” So it started in a dark scary place, and the continues to flow from the trenches.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh, Mary, you have so much on your plate. Please take care of yourself and remember to show yourself some kindness. You’re doing such important work for your family and for others, so please remember to be gracious to yourself too. 🙂

  62. Gigi

    I love love this Marie! My biggest insight is the idea of the foolscap. I tend to be on the side of planning and never getting anything done by the time I am done with planning. Now with this strategy in hand, I will foolscap every project, which for a page will take fewer than a day. Thanks to you and Steven for such great ideas. Best!

  63. Lisa Doering

    Great Video Marie and Steven. So many take-aways. Love the tree is the dream and the shadow is resistance. Overcoming self- doubt and resistance is crucial. Also turning pro VS amature is brilliant and true. Thank you!

  64. Thank you for this. I have been plagued with self-doubt and melancholy for a long time, and worked my ass off just to finish the draft of my novel, before hitting a brick wall with not just cover design, but summarizing effectively for the prospective buyers, and begging for attention in a saturated market, with no advertising budget. Thank you for reminding me to get my ass to the exercise mat. Planning that for today.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Writing is a tough job but we’re cheering you on!

  65. Cindy

    Wow…thank you Both for sharing your amazing insights…I feel both inspired and encouraged!
    I will be reading these books at B&N!

  66. Wow!!!! I have definitely been living under a rock! Thank you for introducing Steven Pressfield into my life! There were soooo many amazing mindset shifting bombs in this episode. I loved the difference between amateur and professional attitude. That success doesn’t mean you’ve hit your full potential at being a professional. That at any stage, resistance will ALWAYS be there. What you and Steve still have me thinking about is the Artists Journey and asking, “What is my gift?”. This has me questioning what my role is and should be in my life and business. Much thanks and love.

  67. Ella

    I’m in love with him. wow… I am putting my ass – right now – in front of my pile of paper with my dreams on it… where my heart is. Thank you, Steven and Marie.

  68. Thanks so much for introducing him to my life <3

  69. Thank you so much! I left my corporate job 4 months ago to “live my life in a way that is meaningful to me.” I’ve started by posting food, yoga, chinese medicine, coaching/health tips on instagram. I’m getting good feedback, but was not sure how to package it all. I’ve been feeling scattered and stuck lately. I’ve wanted that instant gratification (yet, not sure what that looked like exactly), the voices of self doubt were LOUD. What I’ve learned are so many tools to help push through that grindyness, to accept it and not fight it. Brilliant. I cried. Thank you:) . While watching this, I purchased the War of Art. I cannot wait to get it at my doorstep.

  70. TQ

    Loved this interview!! Such juicy and important messages and words by both of you! At the end Steven read from his book, which of his books was this from?
    Thank you!

  71. Dawn Engler

    Love this…first thought…resistance is futile!

  72. Dasha

    Woooow! What a great issue of MarieTV! Thank you so much for your work. I loved the concept that our life is divided into two parts: the hero’s journey and the second part, when we’ve finally discovered our gift and share it…
    And the interview also inspires to wake up earlier! 🙂

  73. The best nugget of wisdom for (and I’ll paraphrase here): Put your a$$ where your heart wants to be & just maybe the Muse will gift you with some sort of brilliance.

    Thank you Steven Pressfield for your work & thank you Marie for such a great interview!

  74. Deirdre

    so ironic that I am sitting listening when I should be writing! However, I believe this is so valuable thank you to you both! Now back to The Work!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this episode inspired you, Deirdre! We’re cheering you on toward all you’re creating.

  75. Many thanks for this timely message. “Giving my gift for the people.” I’m turning 70 in a couple of months and the 60’s decade is closing fast. For 25 years, I was a prolific fine art sculptor, expressing my healing transformational journey through my sculptures. About 5 years ago, the muse came in the form of a vision of a design symbolizing our Unity, embrace our diversity, to heal and transform ourselves. This is my gift to the world and this is my time to share this gift.

    So here came the resistance. After creating nearly 1000 sculptures, I felt done. I went to India to surrender to a deeper call to be of service in a new way. I planned to stay for 6 weeks, with the possibly of leaving my wife, my children, my home, and my artwork. I sat in an ashram in complete surrender knowing that I had stepped off the squirrel cage of the business end of making and selling my artwork. For 25 years, my art sales had supported me and now I was ready to give it up, to risk it all for something greater. I was tired from all the art shows, the heavy lifting, the disappointment when sales would just get me by without surplus. After being prolific for so many years, I was done, and ready to risk it all for something my heart had been longing for…..a greater purpose and a life of service.

    What happened was a complete surprise. I was sitting in meditation on the second day and I received a voice not my own. It was loud and direct. The voice said, “Take this design into the world for peace.” I was shocked and I just got here. I came to India to surrender to what was next, and less than 48 hours I’ve receiving a mandate to go back into the world with this unitive design.

    So I returned home and began, bringing this design which I named HOLOS into the world. In my heart, my deepest longing is that we connect as global family and feel that we are One Humanity. This design has pulled me deeply back into servicing life with this artwork. And yes, I have resistance every day, though I have create our city as a International City of Peace based upon this unitive design. Next could be your city.
    Many thanks Marie for B School and Marie TV and I hope one day I can share my transformational journey with you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful, Brian! It sounds like the universe and the muse spoke to you loud and clear. We’re so glad you’re following your heart and the creative spirit to share your gifts with the world.

  76. Karen Roth

    I absolutely LOVED this interview! Biggest INSIGHT for me was the realization that everything I’ve done to this point has been a journey, not wasted time. But now, it’s time for me to – ACTION, clarify my VOICE and create my body of work. How in the heck do I do this? I need help to get outside of my own head to FOCUS on CLARITY.

  77. WOW! I feel like you were talking about me and my “journey” through life……Ok, one thing I will take away is the idea of self validation! Having people you trust around! One reason I will be trying for B School so I can objectively be helped by people going through school with me and I can objectively help others. And be helped by Marie and her team by those we all obviously ended up all having trust in and are there to help us not compete necessarily but to help- no jealously! Judging my own stuff- YIKES that is a tall order as we are so critical of our stuff or are so close to our stuff that we do not want to get rid or change the work completed if that makes sense……I so need B School and my fellow classmates in this next journey of my LIFE!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Pamela! We’re thrilled you’re planning to join this year! 🙂

  78. Kim

    Excellent! So hard to choose which part to share but I’d say, “Put your ass where your heart wants to be” is definitely way up there! Love this and will watch it again, and now I must decide which of his books to read first! (After putting my ass where my heart wants to be). Thanks to both of you. Great show!

  79. Jennifer

    Ironically, it’s really reassuring to know that the resistance doesn’t go away, even with experience and age. Resistance can keep you second-guessing yourself and changing course, ensuring you’ll never get to your destination. But… if you know in advance that you have to make the long hike with a trickster gremlin on your shoulder, at least you can adapt!

    I was surprised at how much resistance I still had to conquer recently to complete a story that fell through with a collaborator, 14 years ago. We both deeply regretted that things hadn’t worked out. I swallowed my pride (and ego), re-approached her and now, ten months later, we have a finished project that we’re incredibly proud of that’s ready to pitch. It was the love of the story itself that kept us going and, most importantly, helped us finish amidst the millions of problems that kept “somehow” popping up.

    Of course, every creator creates in the hopes of selling what they’ve made and yet, we know the odds are against us in the TV industry. Still, bringing this project to fruition in exactly the way we originally imagined it 14 years ago has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my writing life. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

  80. Thank you so much for this interview! I absolutely loved it. Biggest INSIGHT for me is that all of my experiences, businesses, and creative work have been part of my journey, and not wasted time. NOW, it’s time to take ACTION and get clarity around WHO I am and what is my unique voice? so I can create a cohesive, tight body of work that is authentic, important and relevant. The problem now is that I can’t get there on my own. I need help. PLEASE.

  81. Oh. My. God. This hit me at EXACTLY the point I needed it. You are so spot on about the different levels of resistance. And I loved Steven’s advice about not listening to people’s advice in groups, when you know you have something inside you need to write, or a project you want to create, and people chime in with opposite ideas — those ideas can plant a dangerous seed of Doubt that’s so hard to overcome! I am experiencing this now. The solution: Show up, no matter what. That’s how $h!t gets done. Consistency and Grit are more important than Talent. LOVED this, Marie!

    Long story short: I’m an author and online fitness coach and so far my journey has lasted more than 5+ years. I’m just now beginning the transition from “amateur” to “professional.” I deal with self-doubt daily. It never goes away, but our ability to create a process for managing it is the ONLY way to succeed. Mindset is the most important thing you can develop.

  82. This episode is probably my most favoritest of all time! And that is saying a lot. I have been watching Marie TV since you started recording in your apartment.

    I am a huge fan of the War of Art and go back to it over and over. So, thank you for bringing Steven on!

    To answer your question, “do you really want to see me in a dirty bun, haven’t showered in two days, sittin’ on my couch in the same pair of sweats…?” Yes, yes we do! We want to see you in the same situations that we find ourselves in. We need to know that your day isn’t fabulous ensembles, quaffed hair, and stunning studios all the time. We want to know what it looks like behind the curtain.
    The “highlight reel” is inspiring. The BTS footage is empowering!

  83. There were many things that resonated with me. I enjoyed the comradery between you two. Overall this conversation helped me to take a deeper look into resistance and the exploration of the various ways it shows up in a creative endeavor. That was very supportive to me. I have been diving deeply in exploring my own resistance and saboteur, bringing kindness and curiosity, however, this conversation expanded my internal dialogue even more. Mainly, pointing me towards less personalizing, such as there is ‘something deficit that needs work’ to more of a humanizing and befriending perspective. I like the shadow image of a great tree. Its part of the whole experience of a great tree. As are the roots and fruits, etc, etc. Moving this conversation into action will be to take your suggestions regarding productivity by mapping out details on one page action plan for this year’s business goals.

    • Dianna

      Oh, yeah!!! The shadow and the tree!! That resonated so strongly in me, too!! Thanks for your beautifully written reminder! Light bulbs went off – realizing that the resistance itself is natural, universal, and not the character flaw specific to me that I have so very often feared it is…

  84. Dianna

    Knowing I am not alone in the resistance game, how vital being a pro, showing up and doing the work are in managing resistance, putting myself in my clients’ shoes, prioritizing the same self-care and work habits inherent to a 9-to-5 when I am out here on my own, remembering that it is a grind for all of us – there’s not some magic carpet the talented use to bypass the difficult stuff… we all go through it and the trick is to keep showing up ….so many nuggets to remind me to take my work, my clients, and myself seriously enough, to be a pro. I sometimes worry I am a workoholic, and yet Steve and Marie’s words reassured me that that is the nature of this work… slog through, keep coming back, do what needs doing, knowing it takes the time and resources it takes…Sometimes you are done before you think you are done…the deadlines do help me stop, as work so often fills the time I have… I am a tutor and prep, resource gathering, resource development, organization, record-keeping, learning/re-learning, seeing my work through my clients’ experience, self-care, billing, scheduling and other mundane, but necessary tasks, are some of the most important pillars that support my work, so I get to do what I love each day…Thank you so much for your wise encouragement and for reminding us all that it doesn’t come easy even for those who seem to have it all, but it is so worth continuing to show up, learn, and grow…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Dianna! There will always be resistance but being able to share the gifts you were born to share makes it rewarding and worthwhile.

  85. Thank you for bringing Steven again on your show, Marie, he’s brilliant!
    The most important things I got out of this episode:
    1. Must read all his books
    2. The phases of the creative work
    3. The grinding
    4. The muse will eventually come if I keep working
    I kind of knew these things, but I got a huge validation (hint hint) in this episode.
    Thanks a lot,

  86. Wow! This was fantastic. It’s the first time I have written a comment. it was so insightful and honest and I totally related to what you were saying. Gave me the push I needed to move forward.
    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Samantha! And we’re glad you commented. We appreciate you being a part of our community and you’re welcome to share your thoughts anytime. 🙂

  87. Jen

    I loved this interview SO MUCH and I also keep Steven’s books close by at all times, (they’re never in storage no matter what’s going on with me,) and I just love the energy dynamic between these two! My biggest take -away with Steven’s work is “Keep showing up.” If you throw in the towel, yer done! And like Marie, he was far from an overnight success. I greatly admire both of you for your perseverence.

  88. Loved this!! It arrived just in time. Thank you so much. I am staying stupid, which feels incredibly freeing

  89. Loved this! I’m an indie author who was told by an agent that I was ‘a bit old to be starting to write books….’!
    I put together my own team of editors, graphic designers, and technical support people and completed B-School.
    Two years later, three titles have been published in the Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series and I’m doing quite well as a result.
    Never giving up is key!

    • Dianna

      Yay!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and joyful perseverance!! Keep showing up!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good job, Desmond!! We’re so glad you didn’t let that agent get to you. Keep up the great work!

  90. Amazing! Love this interview and it came at a time of much fear and resistance! This gave me some clarity. I’ve been in amateur mode and I need to be in pro mode to get the results I want. Thank you for sharing such great nuggets of wisdom!

  91. Wow and WOW!
    Less than 12 hours ago I was at a friend’s home for a meet and greet. Similar message from a life coach that did a presentation. Resistance will destroy. Judging is natural but something that needs boundaries. Self judging – the same.
    In my world I believe that a power greater than me will send messages. If I don’t listen to them then I lose an opportunity.
    This show was very very powerful.
    I’ve been struggling with a full time job and totally launching my handmade business from part time. I took the first step in January committing to a leased space for my business away from my house. Since then I have had challenges carving out hours to work in the space as I was using the nights to achieve. It is apparent that my regular job is now in the way of what I want to do. I am fearful to leave it because of financial responsibilities I have. After watching this episode I immediately started journal-ing which ended in a running list of all the reasons I ‘want to’ and all the fears of ‘why not’. Of course the wants out weighed the fears. Then: BAM! Aha-moment stepped in.
    My take away is to put in for vacation from the regular job to work full time in the studio. Two reasons: to see how I feel after the time is up about the two and how I move forward from there. Will I miss the regular job? Will I get such joy that fear is gone? Those sorts of questions.
    I loved so many wise wonderful words from this episode. Some of my favs: “Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” and “sometimes you don’t think you’re done but you’re done.” I also loved the analogy of a tree with it’s shadow and how resistance is like that shadow. Always there.
    Thank you for this encouraging show today. Procrastination must stop now!

  92. Aubrey O

    I’m so grateful that you’ve been recommending his books since I started following you. I have bought and read almost all of them and this interview was probably my favorite to date! Most likely because these are the things I struggle with the most. Resistance and showing up! I loved what he said about putting your butt where it needs to be and just showing up and trusting that if we just do the work, the muse will see that and come to meet us. It really is as simple as that but so freakin hard sometimes! A lot of the time I feel that I’m not good enough and that I’ll never get good enough, but the reminder that fighting Resistance and doing the work is more important than talent is actually comforting and reminds me that by showing up consistently, I will discover what’s possible. Thanks for this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Aubrey! We’re thrilled you’ve been reading all the books on the show and we hope you’ve been finding them inspiring, encouraging, and helpful. If you’d like a full list of every book we’ve recommended so far, feel free to write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to send it to you. 🙂

  93. Genius and straightforward advice and tutorial for any artist. I realize I have been straight up LAZY in my recent approach to my art. I actually am a professional also with a day job who has succeeded many times in the long commitment and disciplined focused work that is required to write perform and produce one woman shows. I fall victim to the continual rejection and get stuck between projects for years at a time. My resistance gets stronger to the point where recently I feel like I need to stop creating altogether which personally would be the death of me. So this interview in some ways has saved my life, a gentle reminder to design the life you need to live…or else!

  94. Andrea Hagan

    This episode was so poignant. I have so so misinterpreted my resistance and allowed it to be my reason for backing away from my dream. Thank you Marie and Steve. I am jumping back in and starting with B-School.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Andrea! The resistance will always be there but your dreams are stronger and we believe in you. We’d be honored to see you in B-School. 🙂

  95. Andrea

    While wading deep in my pity pool, I was actively convincing myself give up on my dream. Then this popped up in my email. You always manage to deliver just what I need to hear, right when I need to hear it. Thank you, Marie! <3

  96. Beyond all the great insights and encouragement, this conversation had such an authentic, warm feel to it. Two lovely people–who really know their stuff!

  97. I loved this interview and I just realise the more that it isn’t about the dream, it is about to put your ass there (and do the work)!! Thank you for the cick…

  98. Love this interview! I had a psychic moment and just knew you were going to have an amazing interview this morning and voila, you didn’t disappoint.

    The insight I’m taking away today is that resistance doesn’t go away no matter what success you have, it just changes form and I just need to accept it and keep showing up. I’ve experienced resistance keep on coming up and thought maybe I wasn’t doing it right. The validation that pros like you and Steven still experience it makes me feel normal and inspires me to show up even more.

    Thanks for your work and inspiration Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Sherry! Keep showing up because that’s where the magic happens.

  99. “Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” ‘Nuff said.
    Amazing interview – thank you Marie and Team Forleo for this gift.

  100. This interview with Steven Pressfield is the best interview to date! Your questions, Marie, really pulled out the pearls of wisdom and the conversation sparked my creativity and inspires me to keep on keepin’ on. When I learned that Pressfield had written for decades before claiming his success, I was reassured that I am on the “right” path for me. Thank you so much. Superb content in this.

  101. My favorite interview! There are so many take aways. I’ll be 50 in 3 days and I feel like a baby in my business and ya know what? it’s okay. After all, it’s not it’s 1782 when 50 was actually old:) As an artist it has taken me 20+ years to get to the point where I value myself and what I have to give to the world. There were so many starts and stops along the way to be here. It took a whole new level of dedication and clarity to hang onto my dream and fight the “resistance”. It’s part maturity, part never wanting to work for someone else, and part inspiration that helped me to hang on…. but the biggest part is that I had to put my “ass where my heart is” and work my business like a champ. There really are no shortcuts. Because of putting my tush where it needed to be, inspiration now flows every day. Thank you both for such a great interview. love love love love love!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Sue! We believe you’re never too old to do what you love and make a difference, so it’s great to hear you’re committed to your dreams.

  102. Amy

    Thank you so much for doing this interview Marie and Steven. I think you created this just for me. I was literally, just yesterday, thinking of throwing in the towel on the crazy journey that I have started out on – there are also a lot of distractions that have come up to crowd out the creative work. I do know that truth of the grindy parts but it is good to hear that others have those too. Thank you for giving me the push to keep going and to do the work that really matters, the one that wants to be spoken from my soul.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs and insights and successes come when you’re on the verge of giving up. Keep going. 🙂

  103. Anita Sarick

    I had so many realizations from this interview. The main one was understanding the STAGES of resistance. This can give a sense of context…a kind of “You Are Here” dot for the particular style of resistance showing up to better know how to address it. For instance, I noticed that with my workout schedule, I went “aha! that’s why I feel that “why did I even START this?” feeling at times….I’m just in that awkward start-middle phase. I think having a vision-board or physical anchor for why you started can be powerful because it reminds you of the overarching reason you started in the first place and makes it real.

  104. Erki

    Resistance .. syncronistic to listen .. thanks! Im done being an amateur, going pro! ?? ..
    ?tbh i think if you let go of the destination mindset entirely.. surrender to the journey.. then the whole concept of resistance dissolves altogether ?
    Oh and I defo gotta say Marie, love you, but on behalf of all of humanity – forget the glamorous! Show us the behind the scenes, the messy, the raw, the real!!!

  105. It was tremendously helpful to hear Steven and Marie discuss resistance. What followed was a sense of relief that this is a “thing.” The fact that I experience it doesn’t mean that I suck, am not motivated enough, am not disciplined enough, don’t have what it takes. I attended B-School in 2018 and will be returning this year. Since the 2018 session, I’ve been publishing a blog and newsletter every two weeks, and readership has risen to approximately 6,000 people in 160 countries. My goal now is to turn this success into more income. This requires “turning pro” and adopting more professional habits, with which I have been struggling a bit. Learning that my experience is a common one and is not a reflection of my worth is hugely reassuring. Thank you, Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Pamela! You’re doing great and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

  106. Kim

    Love this so much – on so many fronts. Thank you for being so genuine.

  107. Erki

    Oh and You are so very beautiful!!!?

  108. Medina

    Lovely episode. ” Put your arse where your heart wants to be” resonated with me as well as the passage he read from the book. Be your stupid self. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed y’all

  109. This interview was awesome, I can see why you like Steven’s work. The interview has really made me think of how I show up and I will be going back to this many more times, so I hope this will be made available to do that. It has also made me more interested in writing a book, I know the information I have is valuable to a lot of people. Thank you so much.

  110. Ha! I’m watching this instead of working on my book right now…love it, thanks Marie and great thanks to Steven.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha. We hope it helps give you some writerly fuel! 🙂

  111. Andrea

    This is magic! Just what I needed right now that I´m thinking of really wanting to make a movie and telling myself I have no idea how to do this!

  112. Stefania

    I’ve been a follower for many years now but I never left a comment. Today I don’t even have the words to describe what I’m feeling but I wanna comment anyway. Thank you so so so much for this episode. It was so human and relatable. Thank you for sharing all this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Stefania! We’re so glad you commented and that you’re a part of our community. We love hearing your thoughts and you’re welcome to share them anytime. 🙂

  113. I loved the 1 PAGE FOOLSCAP technique to put all your thoughts about something that you are in the process of creating or about to create !
    Thankyou for the amazing insights IMPACTING LIVES WITH LOVE

  114. Aidy

    Wow! I had to hear this. Thank you!

  115. The part that resonated most with me is “turning pro” and how pros have pro habits and amateurs have amateur habits. Pros don’t GIVE UP or SABOTAGE themselves because they made a mistake or don’t exactly know a solution or can’t get things right on a few occasions. They trust their abilities and just show up the next day, in the same way they’ve done in the past. Also what resonated with me is the self-talk that Steve mentioned that happens to people who have always been validated externally or from other people — and how much being an employee vs an entrepreneur is different. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have a boss who’ll pat your back and say well done or who’ll validate your every work. THAT is something that I find challenging and even after 3 years of being in business (which as Marie and Steve point out, is not too long a time to begin with), I still struggle with it.

    A few things to turn the insight into action
    1. Show up, no matter what.
    2. Enforce self-discipline and a routine that I am answerable to, even if I am only answerable to myself.
    3. Remember that it always takes at least 3-5 times more time than what I think it will take, to get results to things I start work on.
    4. Whenever I hear that voice in my head again telling me why I CAN’T do or SHOULDN’T do something, ignore it and keep chipping away, little by little anyway.

  116. Onehi

    Thanks Marie and Steven. I just started writing and its relieving and encouraging to know that a pro like Steven at some point in time experienced and sometimes still experiences what I go through i.e. resistance. I am so encouraged to keep at my work and I believe that I too will become a pro and be able to improve lives through my work soon. Thanks a lot.

  117. Marguerite

    Thank you Marie and Steven Pressfield. What Steven writes on Resistance is truly powerful. In the War of Art he points out that “it was easier for Hitler…” (who wanted to be an artist) “to start World War II than it was for him to face a blank square of canvas”. Helps to realize how diabolical it is, and how so many of us suffer from it. Many thanks.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Art and following your dreams can literally save lives!

  118. Mallory Findlay

    The thing you are wanting to do or the way you are wanting to do something probably doesn’t exist right now. I almost burst into tears! Of course. Why do I keep looking for the thing I am trying to create? I have to be the one to create it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Mallory! The world needs that special gift that *only you* have. 🙂

  119. Suz

    That was wonderful and I’m heading out today to find some of Steven’s books! I’m at a point where I’m focused on building a business on what I know sells and what I’m good at, but there’s a strong sense of dissatisfaction with that. I know what brings me joy but I don’t have a clear picture (yet) on how I can tie that into the business. That said, the closing words of “Stay stupid; follow your unconventional crazy heart.” is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! Onward…

  120. Such a fantastic interview and like so many other commenters have said, I really needed to see it. I’m going to change careers in a few months and while I’m excited, I’m also worry all the time about things not working out. I read War of Art in just a couple of sittings over the Christmas holidays after I saw Marie Forleo recommending it on some of her shows, and I absolutely love it. This book has really motivated me to work hard to achieve my dreams and to have more self-belief. Thank you so much Marie and Steve!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Seema! We’re so glad you enjoyed the book. It really is a game-changer.

  121. Monica Quehl

    Big thanks to Marie and Steven Pressfield, I gotta say it was so cool watching you two just vibe out together with great conversation and questions!! One of our favorite interviews yet.

    My husband Mario and I love watching your show and during our debrief ( thats our thing) what stood out to us the most was the idea to act like a pro and adapt those patterns rather than acting like an amateur. I am not even joking internally when I woke up this morning I said to myself ” amateurs don’t press snooze!” and began my day. This gave us so much power. Another point is the idea that you may be done sooner than you think. Sometimes being so detail orientation and cruel to myself with the idea of being perfect will be the death of us. So taking a step back, trusting yourself handing it off is such a clutch quality.
    Thanks again!
    M&M ( Monica & Mario)

  122. LoVe LOve LovE this episode – Marie and team, thank you for the work you bring to the planet! I am so inspired by Steven – I have a gigantic dream project that I have been dreaming of for 8 years, working on for 3 years, and gave up on dozens of times. yet here I am again working on it. So this morning, instead of working on it, I watched this Marie TV video. It was easier than pursuing it because of all the resistant voices in my head. so now my promise is this: after writing my comment I will get back to my project! I wrote a spiritual life coaching book and cards to go with it, and I felt the resistance big time. when ever I felt it, I would just open my laptop and reread the last thing I wrote – that in itself would inspire me to write that day. I believe I finished the book because I REALLY wanted this book for myself. At the time I didn’t know I would self publish or create an app to go with it: I just wanted it for me. no other reason. The ‘why’ of what you are doing has to be REALLY important to you!! thanks again – now off to work!

  123. Thank you Steven and Marie!
    There were many, many insights for me. I realized how I’m creating all sorts of distractions instead of putting my “ass where my heart is”. I also paused the interview and sent an email to 3 of my best clients to learn more about what their real pain is, why they hired me in the first place. I realized it goes a lot deeper than just a frozen shoulder. One of the most informative interviews for me personally. Thank you both, again.

  124. One of the most amazing videos i’ve seen of yours Marie–love it!!! So inspiring.

  125. francis josephson

    The best ever in my point of view. Perfect timing for me.

  126. What a freakin great interview. This man’s words have made a HUGE difference in my own writing process. Marie, I love how he loved your questions. Super Girl, you are.
    I have a magical Steven Pressfield story:
    A few years ago, talking to my editor over the phone, I was complaining about the struggle I was having with my confidence as a writer. I told her that I had just read “The War of Art” and I needed to find a way to slice through this debilitating RESISTANCE. I explained that I had even talked to the muses, praying for guidance and relief. Just then, something catches my eye and I scream, “OH MY GOD!” My editor panics, “What?!” I scream into the phone, “You won’t believe this. There is a freakin’ sword in my living room. A SWORD!” Leaning against the wall, in the corner, stood a real sword. A sword that I had never seen before. It seemed to have magically appeared to help me slice through this resistance (just as I was seeking an answer!). I took a picture and sent it to my editor. Divine intervention for sure. The muse is real. Her energy wants to support us. The sword travels with me from room to room as I work now. It is a constant reminder that we should not be afraid of our creativity, because when we create, we are one with the creator.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Whoa! The sword is like your defense in the war of art. That’s so cool!

  127. This was such a rich conversation! Thank you both!

  128. Everyone needs to see this interview! It ALL resonated with me! I am soon to be 52, a young 52, but I AM doing the work and creating a new life despite the years that have passed! I am doing what it takes to be that successful artists/entrepreneur. I lost my husband 4 years ago and it first took me so much time after that loss to find out who I was again…it was definitely a process, the process of breaking down the initial resistance! And now, in the past year, it has taken me time to break through the next wall of RESISTANCE but I am doing it! I am a B-school graduate, and part of my resistance last year, after I took B-school, was to get a “Day Job” to fund my art…but I got so comfortable that my art suffered! I lost that job in December and it was such a blessing because I’m out of that comfort zone and really ready to do the WORK! I love you Marie! I love Steven Pressfield, I am reading everything you both have written, I am revisiting B-school and creating, creating, creating everyday, I have the beginnings of a website, my ideas are flowing…and I no longer listen to naysayers. I am excited! Thank you!!

    • Dear Angela, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband 🙁
      Very best wishes from New Zealand 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Angela! It sounds like you’ve been on an incredible journey. We’re sending lots of love, heart-healing wishes, and creative energy your way. We believe in you!

  129. I am a dedicated follower of Marie’s and have one of Steven’s books…must get more immediately. This conversation spoke to my soul, described beautifully the adventure I’ve experienced since leaving my job in mainstream television almost seven years ago, to help people unlearn what they think they know to be true, so they can get clarity around what they want and then go get it. Resistance has become something of an acquaintance…I sure recognize it when it shows up and do exactly as Steven suggests…work until the muse shows up and believe me I am so grateful when the muse is in the house.
    I do want to mention that Marie’s comments about selfies and social media are very interesting, considering she’s such a savvy person. Everybody wants a little behind the scenes and social media is all about authentic…it’s mainstream that’s about the polished finished product and there’s a difference. It’s not meant in any way as a criticism because Marie is authentically herself regardless of the situation…however even a little behind the scenes on shoot day, showing lights and what we don’t see in front of camera, makes people feel included. That’s my two cents for what it’s worth. I will continue to work on my gift and how to share it more in the world on the artist’s journey. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously in the world; our world needs more Marie Forleo.

  130. Allison S. Chase

    Put your ass where your heart wants to be! I really needed this kick-in the butt lesson today. Thanks so much Marie for living in my head!

    • I agree with you Allison… put your ass where your heart wants to be! that’s what I think sums up this conversation. Brilliant interview, Marie, Steven is such a mine of information – and I must say, girl, you looked REALLY star struck… not much of the Jersey girl in you today!! Keep up the great work, team Forleo – best to all from small Ikaria island in the North Aegean

  131. Esther

    Thanks! This made my YEAR already. Needed to hear this from both of you! I am just starting from 0 at age 55; I definitely need to accept that my resistance will never go away!

    • You are not alone. I am about to publish my first graphic novel at 52. Until a few years ago, I never really thought I was an artist. Good luck!

  132. I LOVED this interview! Facing and overcoming resistance and learning self-validation arre huge! Thank you for this.

  133. Susie Weller

    This was awesome and just what I needed!
    I can’t wait to read Steven Pressfield’s books and I will keep showing up to my work!

    Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go, Susie, go! 🙂

  134. I loved this episode! So many good nuggets I am going to have to listen again! The main idea in my mind at this moment is showing up as a professional- no excuses. Thank you, Marie and Steven.

  135. Jenna Amundson

    I am working through my first revision of my first novel and damn did all this resonate with me. I have read many of Steven’s books and they have encouraged me over and over and over again and I have passed them on to others as well. The thing that always resonates the most is to “put your ass where your heart is”. My heart is a writer’s heart. So I sit down and do the work. My first book contains some very personal information and I often find myself in tears while working through it because it deals with the death of my mother. And it is so hard! But I know this is a book I have to finish and so I press on. I am encouraged by this interview to keep going because I know this is something I have to bring out into the world. I also came to writing late, after I turned 40, so I feel inspired and again encouraged that my beginning is not in vain. Also, the seeds for me have always been there and now to see them begin to bloom is really fun. Thank you BOTH so much for your inspiration!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re thinking of you and sending tons of love your way as you’re working on your book. It’s really hard to open yourself up like that, though it can also be a healing process for you and all who read your book. Thank you for sharing the gift of your wisdom.

  136. Akin

    Oh my god, this was such a great conversation! Thanks, Marie and Steven. Lots of value in this one 😀 …

  137. Anita

    Thank you Thank you!! I have felt so alone not being able to “find” my passion, waiting for that moment to happen. My dream of winning the lottery just has not happened…Yet… and being an author seems to fit with who I am. I like solitude, organization, and have a story to tell. Just cannot find the “get it up and go” moment. Many writers have said that they get started and that is the motivation. I HOPE to get started this year. I am 59 and just not sure how to get the world to listen and even how to say it!! Thanks so much for this episode!!

  138. “The War of Art” has been showing up for me a lot lately. I even started rereading the book this week. I realized that what was holding me back was resistance. Hearing this conversation confirmed it. And makes me more encouraged to just do the work anyway.

  139. I really resonated with the Hero’s Journey discussion. I went through that deeply from 2010-2017. I now feel I’m on the other side ~ the second half of my life, what I call the mastery phase, the period in my life where I set down deep roots and master my gifts and share them with the world. I’m ordering Steve’s new book today! Thanks as always Marie for the work you do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Jill! We’re thrilled you’re committed to making the most of your gifts and sharing them with those who need them most.

  140. Rebecca Stafford

    Dear all,
    I became obsessed with habits when I needed to get myself from university dropout to PhD (it helps majoring in psychology).

    After helping myself overcome my bad study habits, I helped other students – REALLY smart students who were also struggling with anxiety and procrastination.

    *Procrastination = trouble starting

    * Perfectionism [aka fancy procrastination]= trouble finishing

    * Workaholism = occupational procrastination AND perfectionism – working ever longer hours with diminishing productivity and health

    All of the above (procrastination, perfectionism & workaholism) are forms of self-sabotage. The sub-text of procrastination is, “If I don’t start, I can’t fail.” The subtext of perfectionism is, “If I don’t finish my work, it won’t be criticized or rejected because it’s not perfect.”

    The resistance is fear. Fear of criticism, ridicule, failure and rejection.

    And we are so scared of rejection, because back in cave-people times, rejection was fatal. If our tribe guessed our guilty secret that we aren’t good enough, they’d soon chuck us out of the cave, where we’d soon die of a nasty trifecta of starvation, loneliness and sabertooth tiger.

    Back in the day, we didn’t have the sharp teeth and claws of a sabertooth tiger to survive. We relied on the safety and protection – and non-rejection – of our tribes for our very lives. Guess which species didn’t become extinct?

    Despite this, for many of us (not all) fear of rejection is still a very real psychological terror.

    Procrastination is NOT a personal failing (in fact, the more intelligent you are the more likely you are to procrastinate – though the reasons for this aren’t so great) nor is the fear something to be dismissed or suppressed (which doesn’t work anyway – thought and emotional suppression typically rebounds and characterizes PTSD).

    The good news is even just working for a few minutes on ‘our thing’ can calm our brains and help them realize that our thing is not, in fact, a sabertooth tiger (for psych geeks – it’s called ‘surfing the extinction burst.’)

    There’s lots of ways around this. For example, being self-compassionate is one of the best ways to reduce the fear and pain of real and perceived rejection and failure.

    For anyone who’s enjoyed this interview – I HIGHLY recommend Marie’s interview with Elizabeth Gilbert – as well as Gilbert’s book, Big Magic – which I re-read whenever I need a shot of creative courage (so, frequently!)

    Right, back to finishing my book on rapid habit change 🙂

    I know you are doing the best you can.

    Rebecca Stafford (PhD health psychology aka Dr Habit 🙂

  141. oops. Forgot url.

  142. Hands down one of the best shows I have seen! I love the two of you together and the inspiration to get shit done! Thank you, this was exactly what I needed today….

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Go, Kellie, go!

  143. I love your passion, energy and enthusiasm! Great and generous content. Thank you for sharing so much of what you know and love.

  144. Marie & Steven this is the motivation I need to hear at this certain point in my life & creative process. I’m currently teetering on the amateur / professional seesaw and this was the kick in the a** I required.
    Q: Which book by Steven Pressfield do you recommend I read first please?
    And, I will absolutely be ‘putting my a** where my heart is’ Thx Marie & Thx Steven!!

  145. Isabelle Côté

    OMG! This interview was SO comforting… I can relate to so many things you guys said… I am at the stage where I find my voice. The inner struggles of the Heros’s Journey are behind, and yeah, it’s time for me to articulate who I am and what I bring back with me to share.

    I said this interview is comforting because it is so easy when you are on an unknown path to tell yourself you are wrong or you need to fix things about yourself when what you do does not translate into reality yet, when you seem to make no progress at all toward your dream (meaning here creating my business and finally have it profitable).

    Thanks guys because I had forgotten that this is how it is supposed to be. Resistance, taking time to figure out who the hell I am and how I want to bring this gift of mine into this world, feeling that I am going nowhere even though I am… It’s all part of the game. So often I have wanted this unease to go away… But it won’t, and remembering this, especially frome people like you “who got it”, makes it easier to deal with it because there is acceptance that this resistance is part of the reality. I can recognize it, then witness it, instead of being sucked downward by it! So, I will continue to show up and I will embrace my resistance when it shows up. I will just “be” with it and see what happens. Thanks guys! And by the way, I just LOVE you xox 🙂

  146. Paola

    Grazie Grazie Grazie Steve Pressfield I didn’t know you existed from my shores of the Mediterranean but now I do thanks to unstoppable force-of-nature Mariiie!!! Thank you for bringing on such liberating voices to fight off those crisis moments JUST BEFORE you need to put a pj out and can never feel ready to go!!! Yes keep close to your heart and ..ass : D that crazy unique concept that you wanna bring out to the world to get better, heal, live life on your terms, do good, share the love, whatever goodness you have to share with all of us, please do not waste your gift, your talent, your ideas, just arrange your life around them and the universe will organize around it all to support you on your journey!! Love n blessings from Italy!!! ;)) Paola

  147. a “perfect storm” of Marie and Steven together, two of my favorites, and very inspiring to hear them both describe the process, resistance, and myths of not being able to “do the work”…thank you, thank you, thank you…..

  148. Suzanne Cerrone

    WOW! What a great and useful interview! I intend to show up and to take this opportunity to really shine. I have been unemployed since August and have been spending time finding myself, my voice, my style. This interview made it very obvious to me that I have been sitting back, not quite eating bon bone, but sitting back… thank you!! The fuel has been thrown on my fire!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Shine on, Suzanne! 🙂

  149. I come from a WORK HARD, PUSH THROUGH, JUST GET IT DONE background/family. It was years before I realized that I had a connective tissue disorder and that I was hurting myself by doing this. I give you the background to help you understand I’m not trying to make excuses for not doing the work–in fact I’d RATHER do the work. But what happens when you’re legitimately down for the count due to health concerns? Especially when they’re chronic health concerns? I have beaucoups of coping mechanisms (being kind and compassionate to myself to ease the frustration), but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m not able, then, to accomplish what I aim to accomplish. Suggestions? Insight?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We always recommend taking care of yourself. It’s like they say on airplanes: “put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” It’s hard to support the people who need you if you’re feeling rundown, so we’re big believers in self-care and taking time to do what you need to do.

  150. Lula

    I hate to say it, but I just realized that my biggest problem is that I’ve been acting like an amateur. I’ve enjoyed a lot of successful years as an Executive Assistant working for some top level companies, but just recently left that line of work to focus on my passions. I’m a Yoga Teacher and Coach. But I have NOT been showing up in my new career the way I did in the past. I work a lot less hours. I’ve put myself out there much less often. I spend a lot more time day-dreaming than doing the actual work. And I’ve had the slow gains to prove it. Today is the day. It’s time for a change!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay for turning pro, Lula!

  151. Amazing Mary and Steve. You both are great sources of inspiration! Restructure your life and your emotional foundation are essential to align with the words you hold in your heart that only demand you break free , focus,put in the work, write and convey them.

  152. This was AWESOME! I know Marie has said it so many dang times but it actually stuck – act like a PRO! I’m ready to throw in my amateur tricks and start fully showing up for the big leagues! I’m also ready to show up for my fans and my newsletter.. not do the old meager non-consistent mail outs. See you soon in B-school!! Xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Alila! We can’t wait to see you in B-School! 🙂

  153. What a lovely gentleman.

  154. Loved this interview! Steven is so relatable and completely honest which is what all of us need. I love getting your ass where your heart is. Too many great quotes from him! I will continue to do the work as I myself am a published author and now am pursuing spiritual coaching so it is a challenge everyday. Thank you both for your support and encouragement. Am loving your free video series as well right now Marie!

  155. Erika

    Wow! Brilliant conversation! Thank you so much for this great episode, I stay with “Put your ass where your heart wants to be”! So grateful for both your work, Steven and Marie 🙂

  156. Brant Hinkey

    Resistance isn’t futile, it’s inevitable! I needed to hear this message 100%. It was perfectly timed for this juncture in my life and I thank you for this and the many other inspiring pieces of wisdom you share.

  157. Susan Colket

    Thank YOU for interviewing Steven Pressfield. I love his work. Two of the things I heard today were…
    “If the Dream is a tree, Resistance is the shadow.” I’ve always resonated to his descriptions of Resistance and this is a beautiful image…reminding me what am I going to pay attention to the dream or the shadow? I’m going to find or make a photo of a tree & a shadow and hang it up.
    Also, the foolscap method…A-Z on one page. It’s a reminder to do this more. It’s such a power tool and gets to the essence.
    I’ve struggled with Resistance on a project (longer than I care to admit) and, while it kicked my butt, I’m happy to say the end’s in sight.
    Thank you M & S.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Susan! It’s also such a great image because it shows that no matter which angle you shed light on your dream/tree, there will be a shadow somewhere. And the shadow is always moving, so it’s important that we learn to recognize it and work around it. 🙂

  158. Sarah

    This was excellent, I am currently reading the War of Art and I love it, but the comment about being a professional really inspired me. I know this means that I have got to show up to “work” every day and stop making excuses.

    I love that resistance comes up in all stages of a project, it makes me realize that it’s not just something wrong with me.

    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Sarah! You’re a pro and you got this.

  159. Jennie

    This interview really impressed upon me that Resistance is NOT to be taken personally AT ALL, and that is is in fact part of the human condition for ANYONE who is trying to bring something new into being. This really helps me reframe all the nonsense that manifests from Resistance, as meaning it’s not about me, or anything about me, perse; it means I’m just having “another day at the office.” 🙂

  160. The whole discussion on resistance was worth a million bucks. Perfect timing as I am resisting setting up pipelines and funnels for my online business and now I feel after listening to you both that I am not alone in this and can confidently move forward without guilt.

  161. A R

    Starting syndrome really sucks. thanks for pinpointing that. it is worth when it is your first step on a new track.

  162. Jessica deCastro

    I read The War of Art a few years ago and I remember that it gave me chills and literally brought me to tears because it felt like it was written for me and cut straight to the truth of my experience and my soul. I’ve had a lot going on since then, and now that I’m ready to begin creating, the resistance is STRONG. I so needed this reminder/reality check/inspiration/kick in the ass. THANK YOU for bringing this to us!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You are stronger than the resistance. You can do it, Jessica!

  163. Wow Marie this is just what i needed! Ive been working on my alternative biz while day jobbing for quite awhile. This is such encouragement i am so grateful you had this show with Steve. Ive never heard of him before im now a fan i will get his books!
    Bless you Marie thank you!!!!

  164. Louise Elfi Sóley Gade

    Thank you soooo much for this interview Marie!! I feel relief and more trust that things will work out for me eventually and maybe even in a Big way 🙂 seems like lots of the greats had a bumpy road to their greatness. I am a turtel like you, i will keep taking daily steps to find clarity and a clear fokus in My work life!
    Loooove and gratitude Louise Sóley

  165. Arisha Nazir

    I have been following for a while now Marie and I’m so glad you got to interview him!

  166. I saw myself in your interview with Steven Pressfield. It was great! I’ve read the War of Art and it spoke to me. I finally finished and published my book, Simple Ways to Transform Your Life: Lessons Learned by a Late Bloomer in December 2017. What a victory over Resistance! I retired from my full time work in June 2016 and have been “trying” to build a business (It’s Never Too Late to Bloom!) as a Life Coach and learned in your conversation with Steven that I’m not a Pro, but an Amateur and my old friend Resistance is alive and well. My question: Can I put my ass where my heart wants to be? I’m the only one who has the answer to that one.
    It’s back to B-School for me. Thanks Marie for what you do for us.!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this spoke to you, Barbara, and congrats on your book! We’re rooting for you!

  167. Bob Danley

    Thanks Team Forleo…perfect message for my current funk. Much appreciation in support of “the special gift only I have” 😉

  168. Tamara

    I NEEDED THIS! lol
    last night, resistance happened, adversity, followed by bad sleep and a rocky morning.
    Marie knew I needed this!! neeededdd this!!!

    thank you so much
    god is great

  169. LOVED this! What a sweet, sweet man ❤️ hands down one of my favorite Marie TV episodes. Another major ingredient to success must be kindness and looking at life with fresh, appreciative eyes.
    Thank you for all that you do, Marie!

  170. Marie this was an awesome interview with Steven Pressfield. Many nuggets! I have been charging through resistance for four years. My book journey began in 2015, and finally it will be published in a few short months! Resistance has been massive lately, because it is like being in overtime at the Super Bowl. I believe the more ‘helpful’ and serving to people, the greater the resistance. Now I should write a book about what it took to write this book. I have no doubt Vision Based Living will serve many. It’s my life’s work for sure. Yet, there is sooo much to do. Videos, finishing websites, launch promos, online course, live workshops coming, blogs, a podcast this year. Wow. The key is one step at a time, and total connection to vision, which is a main message throughout the book. The winning touchdown is happening whatever it takes. Your insight on MF Tv has been great over the years. Cheers!

  171. Dina Crawford

    Marie! Thank you so much for the great interview with a wise and interesting man. Best takeaway, shifting my perception around resistance. I’m not wrong, I’m not sick, resistance just is a natural part of the creative process and knowing that I can blow through it! Very inspiring!

  172. Elizabeth

    This was so good! I wanted to say thank you for landing this interview!!! I have watched it twice and will watch it again! I wasn’t fangirling quite as hard as Marie, but I was very excited to hear what Steven had to say! I love how he mentioned your good questions “draw out” of him. Great episode and so much value added!

  173. Best interview ever! Love Steven Pressfield. And Marie, your questions were insightful and brought out nuggets of profound wisdom…particularly the things you highlighted. Thank you.

  174. Teri Weibert

    Wow! I love the sit your ass down part, I’m in the middle & cathartically getting through the motions, re living & remembering yet knowing their will be light at the end of the tunnel. Many little bits of treasures I shall take with me for the rest of this journey…❤️

  175. Aww. I really enjoyed this video! Thanks Marie and Steven Pressfield. Wow!


    Hi Marie,
    this video interview is great. You are doing a great job of asking the right questions to the right people. And sure, it does not happen by accident – I mean I really appreciate your preparation and research, I know it is hard work and only because of that you are getting these great people and can use their ultra-valuable time in a big way during your interview.

    Do you think it would be possible to post each guest book links to Amazon so that it would be JUST A CLICK AWAY for the viewers like myself? Not that I am lazy, (well, hmmm, yes, I am, at least a little bit), but sometimes I can misspell the book title and then spend some valuable time searching for it (English is not my native language and I have a little hearing problem as well). And moreover – I would not mind buying it via your affiliate link so that you can get some little extra coins going your way.

    Marie, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, Interviews, and EMAILS. Yes, EMAILS. You kind of “predict” the big issue or big theme currently and you are able to deliver a great SOLUTION. At least I can feel it that way.

    And your interviews show how can you help people all over the World with your message and you work. (I am in Prague, Czech Republic).

    Moreover, you do it in a unique very nice style. Great work.

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    Thank you for your great work and please continue with more. I look forward.
    Michal Cilek

    P.S. I am an expert in successful business webinars, in case you would be heading this direction, I believe I can help you in this area

  177. Deborah Barnes

    Excellent interview Marie!

    As a woman of 65, I am surrounded by advice for and from ‘youngsters’. While valuable, I often find myself thinking…’ya, but I’m different! I only have a few years left!” It’s that evil resistance singin’ out loud and clear! To hear Steven speak of his trials and tribulations and to know that his agent is in his 90’s! Well…that all just gave me some new pep in my step. Hearing from our peers is so valuable…and peers for me include those successful folks in the same age group as I am.

    I have all of Steven’s books except for his last…and now looking forward to grabbing that one as well.

    What a coup to get this fabulous wise man on your show…and Yes Marie…Excellent questions! Well done!


  178. I loved this!! I definitely struggle with the limiting thoughts and self sabotage. I remind myself that what we withhold from ourself, we withhold from others and what we withhold from others, we withhold from ourselves. Were often taught that it is bad to follow our desires and dreams, but I believe our dreams chose us, not the other way around. When we follow them, they will lead us in healing the world and ourselves! I really need to sit down and WRITE!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Brenna!

  179. I love his books! He is so inspirational telling the truth just as it is. Building a business is HARD. It takes work, and sometimes we start with one main idea but the business evolves into something we never expected and it feels we are starting from zero again. I have found myself repeating in my head to just keep pushing through and moving along when results were not what I expected for the amount of effort I felt I was putting in. We may be doing everything right and yet it takes time to see results. I love my business and have tremendous passion for it, but that resistance is there every day. However, I think it’s such a tremendous tool to show us our true passion, develop patience and creativity, and show us how strong we can be. Very inspirational!

  180. Molly

    That was dope! So many golden nuggets of wisdom!

  181. Wow.. one of the best interviews I have seen recently! Loved the whole talk around Resistence, Grind and just putting your stuff in.. in this age of instant gratification where things look so easy and flowy than they are.. and when that’s not the case, self doubt hits really hard! So thank you for airing the real laundry out there for all of us to see and learn from! Great interview!

  182. This has to be my favorite episode so far. One I will revisit many times after. My takeaway is that I am ok and on the right path. Being an entrepreneur or writer can be lonely, exhausting and overwhelming! But this episode confirmed I am fine and this is all part of the creative process!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re doing great, Leslie, and you’re right where you’re supposed to be. You got this. 🙂

  183. I was hit between the eyes when hearing about the ‘self-validation’ voice. I appreciate this discussion between Marie and Steve. It was such a practical tool to hear that the voice in my head is in their head too 🙂

  184. Joan Crimmins

    “Follow your unconventional crazy heart”… thank you.

  185. Cara

    Big insights here! I think this might just be my favourite all time interview. Thanks Steven and Marie!! I have just started the artist’s journey, as Steven puts it – finally been able to name and claim what I am doing here. Just hearing you both talk about your journeys is encouraging – I’m recognising the difference consistency and doing the work makes to my own journey. Super exciting to see where it leads and encouraging to know that it’s still okay for there to be resistance. That is probably my biggest take away – with a dream, comes resistance, like a shadow from a tree. Love it. Thanks again!!

  186. WOW!!! Isn’t it synchronous when we are drawn to something at a particular time and place, especially when other items on the daily list are pressing, and we hear exactly what the HEARt needs to kNOW, right there and then!! ‘Resistance is the villain. Without it, there would be no meaning.’ I can’t thank you enough, Marie and Steve!! Much love to you both ??

  187. Danielle

    Such a great episode!!! I recently read, The War of Art, which was a fantastic read!
    What really resonated for me with this episode, was the discussion surrounding resistance and showing; this has been my motto for some time, to keep showing up and live with a sense of awareness. It was refreshing to hear from two very influential artists- Marie and Steven- that the resistance doesn’t disappear and that there is no “getting to anywhere”. We must keep showing up and pursue our passions, continuously.
    Thank you Marie, Marie Forleo team, and Steven for this very inspiring episode.

  188. I had so many visceral moments watching this episode. Your enthusiasm and his sage wisdom were captivating. Watching someone so successful value and pay props to her mentor was the biggest take-away. You did it so beautifully.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Fred! Steven has been such a big inspiration in Marie’s life and we love having him on the show.

  189. Maria

    Please dont let me drown in shallow wáter…. song. so true. the best art work i have done was when i became a mom. what a relief i had to stop at a certain time and go back home to be with my son and the babysitter leave. that put order that at home i would draw the idea write the colors music and then go to the studio knowing i had a frame of time. be in the studio and sometimes sit and look at the piece, write and leave and other days go to the studio and work physically on the piece. then go home and be with my son, read him a night story talk and sing him a song improvise a story telling variation and that was heaven because it gave me order in the day to turn pro and be a mom and surprise! it´s not the story of 12 hours non stop its concentrating in that time frame and then at home plan the idea while being a mom. perfect balance. this is what it means please dont drown in your shallow wáter. meaning dont get lost in thoughts daydreaming, never accepting the end of the painting, obsessed until 3 4 am in the studio. that is not grounded nor quality in life, so art is balance of your body, sleep, eat, your loved ones and time to sit and grab the idea when it comes quick. thanks for this talk, great questions and great two synergies. big conclusion: time to get rid of age descrimination. you dont always do your best work when 20s.nor other discrimination if you dont make it in your 20 30s you are nothing at 50. big lie to give up. thanks.

  190. Kimberly Piper

    I loved hearing that the ability to persevere through self doubt and resistance is far more important than any inborn talent as a predictor for success.

  191. Robert Tichelaar

    What I took away from this is that it is a lot of hard work, but if you can simplify what you have got (KIS method) instead of overwhelming yourself with to many things you need to get done eg.
    God made a single sheet of yellow foolscap to be exactly the right length, to hold the outline of the entire novel.

  192. Kim SK

    I just loved this interview. Love Love Love!!! There were so many AHA moments.
    I want to listen to it every morning.

  193. Radha

    It’s Wednesday morning and I am glad that I decided to watch the video – and not listen to the voice in my head which was telling me to watch it some other time.
    What resonated most with me is the part about “Resistance” coming up in stages. I am relatively good at overcoming resistance at the start (if I say so myself :o)) and then once I have started, there will be a grumbling voice in the corner of my head – telling me that I am wasting my time and energy.
    It helps to know that I am not the only one who feels the urge to give up in the middle. And I should just keep moving forward – Turning Pro – and not remain an amateur :o)
    Thank you for another inspiring episode – and really cool nuggets of wisdom!!

  194. Extraordinary dialogue! Thanks very much for this. I was culling files whilst listening, so I know that it warrants at least one more listen for the wisdom and tips to sink in. For now, my biggest takeaway surrounds the concept of what a “pro” is. I felt a seismic shift. I have several compelling interests, and I sometimes feel frustrated because I’m not developing them to the standards I’ve set. The shift I experienced makes me think that reflecting on where I truly want to be a pro will help me decide where to focus, and perhaps even see where my interests can interweave.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Juliana! If you’d like to hear more, Marie interviewed Steven a while back when Turning Pro came out and he goes more in-depth on that specifically in this episode:

  195. Lauren David

    Marie! I love so many things about this video. There are two things I LOVE MOST!

    1: Watching you be awestruck in the presence of someone you admire so deeply.
    2: Witnessing THE Steven Pressfield acknowledge YOU for what a brilliant creator YOU are.

    Watching you describe how you created your platform TRULY without anyone to model or lead the way brought tears to my eyes. Your presence in this world has uplifted SO MANY WOMEN! SO MANY HUMANS! I am literally ( ok, not literally… metaphorically?) motivated to start an awards ceremony called the Marie Forleo’s and its only purpose would be to give you awards everyday, all day to remind you how brilliant of a star you are on this planet. THANK YOU FOR SHINING SO BRIGHT!!!!!!!

  196. Arquímides

    Hi Ms. Forleo,
    First, I just want to thank you and Mr. Pressfield to continuously embarrass resistance and joyfully sharing your valuable experiences with us! I felt this was a personal moment that you both shared with me. This interview, which I felt to be the best 48 minutes and 27 seconds invested of today, have gave me the push to proceed with something I have been considering to do for a while. The content was so rich and raw at the same time in the context of sharing what it takes to achieve what we want to do. The portion that spoke to me was when both collaborated with the following:
    Mr. Pressfield (talking about resistance): “It has its own intelligence…”, “Never
    goes away…” and “Never gets easier…”
    Ms. Forleo (following the resistance line): “There is so much power in
    understanding a bit of what is coming at you.”
    Mr. Pressfield (continuing the same line of thought): “Once you understand that
    (“Ms. Forleo statement), you can beat it.”
    To me, just knowing that “bit of what is coming…” makes all the difference in the approach that I can confront anything. Because brave individuals like you both, which continue to resist themselves and sharing the wealth of experience you have had, there can be individuals like me that today begins to raise an old standard. Thank you very much for all you both do. Keep thriving!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re feeling inspired to go for your dreams, Arquímides! We appreciate you tuning in and can’t wait to see what you create.

  197. Hi I feels very physical when i have to get past ny opstackles building mybown business – it feels like mountains to climb. But after chasing my dream for ten years now i know it is just small Hills and they seems smaller on my Way.thank you Tine from Denmark

  198. I sat with my 8yr old daughter this morning as she cried. Fearing failure, fighting resistance and self doubt for a week, we had made it to our regional swimming carnival; her first competition. She cried so much the principal of her school approached and suggested she could forfeit her place. I replied “Her heart is in it and if she doesn’t race she’ll then cry out of disappointment.” I think helping our children also understand resistance and the power of trying despite the fear is a powerful life lesson. A lesson even now at 42 I am still trying to master. Great interview Marie. Thank you Steven. In gratitude, Kylie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So, so true, Kylie. I know it wasn’t easy and no one wants to see their baby cry, though this is such a great lesson for kids to learn at an early age. <3

  199. Sarah

    I loved the artist journey, how Steven described the second part, after you’ve done all the other stuff prior to deciding what your path will be, and then you ask, who am I? and what is my gift? Off to start finding that out! 🙂

    However it is a very close tie with “put your ass where your heart is”. Showing up is got to be the most wonderful practical advice ever. Thank you both for an amazing show.

  200. Jessica

    What is the name of the book, Steven said?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The War of Art and Turning Pro are the big ones. He also wrote No One Wants to Read Your Shit, The Legend of Baggar Vance, and more!

      • Jessica

        I wanna know the book he mentioned on the video, not the books he wrote. ?

  201. Martha Paewai

    “Turning Pro” was a game changer! I made a decision 4 months ago to quit work and become an entrepreneur but I hadn’t made the shift to being my own boss. I had all this time freedom and filling it with trainings and action but I have no routine or agenda for my day. It was being filled up without intent or intentions. Now I see what I’ve been doing and that needs to change, asap! Thank you so much, Marie and Steven, for opening my eyes! xx

  202. Oh I love the passage read at the end. So true. After many years of struggling- one day i decided to just show up and present my work to the world in a way that was authentic to me.

    The secret lies somewhere in that space where the artist/creative offers to the world “how they see the world”- however it must be done without attachment to how many people will care, like, follow or listen. It was the moment i stepped into this space that i found my tribe. It wasnt many people/customers but it was people who resonated with who i was.

    Thats the secret- dare to bring your crazy/zany/reserved/or whatever self into your work.

    Love it – thanks for another great interview- the interviews are always my favourite- they are so inspiring and raise my vibration.

    • Shawn

      Well said, I agree. I wonder which book did he read that passage from?

  203. SPOT on and so REAL! Thank you!

  204. Akanksha

    I’m taking this nuggets of wisdom – Sometimes you don’t think you are done but, you are done.

  205. Lori

    This interview was very touching for me. I’m in my late 40s, working on a business that I’ve started and stopped many times before. Resistance is very real and I’ve recently committed to stay engaged, be persistent and consistent come what may because I really want this. When you said it takes five to twenty-five times longer than you want to accomplish your goal, that was crushing to me because I feel like there’s no time left and what’s the point? But I realize that that thought is just a facet of the Resistance. I know that I have to keep going. This interview provided great insight and inspiration.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I heard a quote once that said something to the effect of “How old will you be when you learn to master the piano? The same age you’ll be if you never tried.” The time will pass either way, so keep going and do what lights you up.

  206. Sirajuddin

    An inspirational episode indeed and Steven shared some precious gems that I would like to practice and here I would like to add another gem he wrote:” When we conquer our fears, we discover a boundless, bottomless, inexhaustible well of passion.” Thanks, Marie for such an energetic episode.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Such a great quote!

  207. M Rutgers

    When I saw this interview pop up on Facebook, I actually squealed a little. I recently bought and read The War of Art and it has changed so much for me, I can NOT wait to read the rest of Steven’s books!
    The biggest take-away for me is actually the relief I got from hearing Steven’s comments at the start about how he didn’t know early on what he was going to do. I’m in my late twenties and I just started a new career as a creative editor and writer, and especially for the writing part tend to worry I missed the boat. I have a LOT of people in my network who always had this very clear idea of what they wanted to do, and they all seemed so naturally good at it early on. Steven’s comment that there really wasn’t that much positive reinforcement coming back was so relatable. Thanks for sharing that!
    I’m still struggling with turning pro, though. I have health issues to take into account, and ‘just show up and do the work’ feels like such a huge pressure sometimes. I really want to turn pro, but I also have this tendency to feel guilty about not working on days where my health is in the way. I’m afraid that the pressure of ‘showing up no matter what’ is going to be super paralyzing.
    Not here to complain, I mean, I know there are so many people with way worse health issues than mine, but I’m really struggling to balance being a pro editor and pro writer and also listening to my body.
    Thanks for the great interview, Marie and Steven. I’m going to rewatch this several times for sure!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing, M! We definitely believe in self-care and doing whatever you need to do to feel healthy. It’s like they say on airplanes: “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.” It’s hard to give of yourself and your gifts if you’re not also taking care of yourself, so please don’t ever feel like you’re slacking by listening to your body. That’s important.

  208. Thank-you Marie Forleo, Today you saved my life. Your interview with Steven Pressfield made me feel ok about myself. It made me feel ok knowing that resistance will always be there and that you will always have to overcome it. At the moment resistance in my world feels insurmountable and hearing that i am not alone in this struggle gave me huge hope. Especially to hear it from a successful author such as Steven Pressfield and successful business owner such as yourself. Thanks Marie.

  209. Cathy

    I’m only 18 minutes into the interview and I already feel like my life has changed. Before this, being a pro always meant that someone pays you for your work. But that approach quickly leaves you powerless and makes you the only person who cannot make you a pro. Thank you for this mindset shift!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Cathy! So glad Steven’s wisdom spoke to you! 🙂

  210. Ahhhh
    What great news…
    This was so helpful. Really appreciate this interview.
    Resistance, the decision to be pro all of this is so relevant. “ how your day changes, it changes how we live our day to day … how we structure our day”
    I’ve decided I am “ doing this” through all of my resistance and self talk, self judgments about everything I am doing. And the other side of me has recently took this young one by the hand and is walking her straight through the gauntlet of my mind and simply do it. At this point nothing matters except showing up consistently and get it done. Quality will come. The voices will come and go. Now I simply see it as Rain.
    So helpful to know you all who are ahead of the game go through this.
    Really validating – thank you.

  211. I was literally crying. This is exactly what I needed to hear. So inspiring!

  212. Kathy

    Loved this episode! What stood out for me was the difference between amateur and pro! Wow! I see it so easily when I look at what I’m doing compared to some successful people I know. Good bye amateur!

  213. Thank you for this interview! The conversation about the importance SELF VALIDATION stood out. Social media can play tricks on our minds, and leave us feeling not good enough and playing the comparison game. I also love Stephen’s advice, on sitting down and “grinding it out”, and turning Pro, so important! I needed these reminders, while writing my first book. It was good to be reminded, that the muse will come, and be sure you are sharing your unique gifts with this world.!

    Love your interviews! Thank you Marie!

  214. Hi there beautiful community of creators,

    It’s the first time I write here but I’ve been really struggling with this one so I would love to get your input on this ginormous emotional battle.

    I find that one of the things that is hardest for me in showing-up and creating consistently is not receiving enough external validations – especially on social media; blog, videos, posts, etc.

    I feel that I’m very sensitive to not having many views, people unsubscribing from my content or when what I create goes unnoticed.

    It reassures the voice of Resistance saying “you’re not good enough”, “it’s been done before”, ”others are doing it so much better”, “nobody cares”, etc.

    How do I stop letting it take over and prevent me from showing up for my work?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Kate! And we’re so glad you decided to comment––you’re always welcome to do so.

      I know it’s scary and disheartening when people unsubscribe or unfollow, but I think you’ll find Marie’s perspective on this helpful. She’s talked about how the people who aren’t engaged and choose to leave probably weren’t going to buy your offerings anyway or they’re not a good fit for your work. And that’s okay. Different people need different things. It’s not high amounts of traffic or a high follower count that makes a successful business; it’s how engaged your audience is.

      It’s better to have 50 people who absolutely love what you do and want to support you than to have 500 who are just sitting there not opening your emails or talking to you. Getting the people off your list who aren’t a good fit for your work serves their highest good and yours too because you want your audience to really care about and resonate with what you’re doing.

      Marie also has some wisdom to fight those “not good enough” and “it’s all been done before” feelings:

      We hope this helps!

      • Kate

        Thank you <3
        That helps 🙂

  215. Rebecca J.

    That bouquet of tulips, rosemary, poppies, etc. was absolutely GORGEOUS! Bravo to whoever created it!

  216. Am I an amateur or am I a pro ??

  217. Maria

    I hate social media also!! I hate selfies and publishing myself. How can I deal with that? I love your shoows. So empowering!!! You inspire! And at the same Time you áre practique!!!!?☝️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Maria! The great news is that email is still the best way to keep up with your audience, which is great since you own your contacts there (unlike on social). Marie always encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize email marketing because it has a proven history of success in business.

  218. Katherine

    stay stupid and follow you unconventional heart!!!!!!!! YASSSSSS that was awesome. Thank you !

  219. “When the Hero’s Journey ends, the Artist’s Journey begins.” So true! Loved this interview <3

  220. Thanks for carrying on a great conversation. I suppose you could say it all distills down to “Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” It’s the one thing that *is* within our control.

  221. I loved the the insight Stephen has into the Hero’s journey and the metaphor with The Odyssey. When Odysseus returns home his Hero’s journey is over and the Artist’s journey begins. I had never thought of how true that is and of how Odysseus’ whole approach changes. He puts his Hero’s ego away to strategize, because he knows if he doesn’t do this next part well with the long term goal in mind of reclaiming his kingdom there are serious consequences. He could lose what he loves most. He’s even willing to dress up as an old man and be made fun off in order to gain insight. Talk about a change of focus. It even helps me to truly take seriously how high the stakes when we find our gift and decide to share it. There are only so many mistakes we can make in life and switching from amateur to pro mindset ensures we are taking our abilities, gifts and what we love seriously. Because nothing is guaranteed. I love this! Thank you for this interview Marie!

  222. Camille

    I loved this interview! I loved Steven Pressfield!!! I will take everything about this interview to heart! If I have to mention one specific thing that I will take from this amazing and useful information, would be; That I will stop thinking and acting like an amateur, and start thinking and acting like a Pro. I loved that Steven mentioned Rossane Cash, because I love music. I am a photographer and I have the book of Annie Leibovitz, “American Music” where she has all the portraits of all this amazing American singer composers. In it, is Rossane Cash with a beautiful picture of herself, her father, Johnny Cash and her son, playing the guitar in their porch. She wrote three
    pages of what was like to live on the road with her father and how it was to part that, when she grew older and was time to live her own journey. It was so moving, magnificent, and real. I love her poetic soulful sound of her style when she writes. Thank you Steven, I will do like Rossane Cash, I am going to elevate my life!
    Marie thank you for having Steven in your show and thank you for sharing your gift to
    the world!!! YOU ROCK!!!
    I will buy his books! The first one will be “The War of Art”

    • Shawn

      I so feel your excitement and connection! I believe you will LOVE The Art of War! It’s spot-on FANTASTIC!!!

  223. When I decided to I was going to start writing a book 8 years ago I emailed Steven Pressfield for some advice. Mind you, I had zero experience as an author, and was clueless. Mr. Pressfield was incredibly nice and helpful. I will say after putting all his advice from those emails, a lot of hard work, and what he shares in his books into practice I’m now a full-time author. Needless to say this interview was a lot of fun for me to watch, as people get to see how genuine he is.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, Gary! Congrats on your success and we’re thrilled to hear Steven’s wisdom was a part of your journey.

  224. Darren Kearns

    Hey Marie insightful and very thought provoking video I’m definitely going to implement his ideas into my business and take a good look at my resistance and self sabotage ? lots of love ? hugs ? kisses ? from Dublin Ireland ?? Darren

  225. Thank you so much … I am a new “Marie-Follower” and loved your interview .
    I am Coach for the tapping method and just in a struggling moment with my idea of online-workshop… and most notably with the knowledge of having to advertise for it via social media … long talk short sense: to deal with this shadow…
    But promise… I do… reading stevens book, following marie and staying in contact with my hearts wisdom…
    Thank you… for this wonderfull kick in my …
    Love to the whole team from Germany, Tina

  226. Linda Soper Kolton

    Loved this. So needed it. Self-validation, resistance, pro vs. amateur. Wow. The grindy part of creativity. I was writing a book and battling deadlines for publisher. There were days I sat at my desk for 14 hours. Many of them dod nit include a shower or change of clothes. They did, however, include pots of black coffee. Squeezing words out of my brain onto the keyboard. Not pretty, not glamorous, but necessary and worth it! Love you, Marie! And now I love Stephen Pressfield, too!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The best work is sometimes also the least pretty. You’re doing great and we’re rooting for you!

  227. I was feeling in a rut when the email with Marie and Steven arrived in my mailbox. What a great interview. I definitely will be reading some of Steven’s books. Thanks to both for the great advice and motivation.

  228. This was a fantastic interview! You’re both brilliant, and I appreciate you! I am relatively new to entrepreneurship and writing, as I just launched my health coaching business last April and self-published my first book three weeks ago through Amazon. If nothing else, I am absolutely dedicated and adhere to a very specific schedule… that is to say, I always show up (I LOVE this part of the interview!). Where I am stuck is this whole marketing/selling thing (Marie, help!). I know WHO my audience is, I just haven’t a clue WHERE to find them! It’s like, as a group, they are nowhere… but, individually, they are everywhere. They are hidden in corporate America, in healthcare, maybe just next door. I spend so much time researching and trying to find the wonderful people who would benefit from my writing and work… that I can WILDLY relate to this talk of resistance. Honestly, I cannot even list here the number of things that run rampant through my mind, and I am constantly shooting them down… kind of like that old Atari video game with the flying discs (I just aged myself!). So, THANK YOU for making me feel a little more normal and giving me that hearty slap on the back that says both “you got this” and “be patient… keep going!” As it turns out, we all go through the resistance, hm? Oh please, do tell when it all turns around! Haha! Until then, I will continue to do the work and show up. It’s what I do best.

  229. Jerry kallberg

    Maria and Steven,
    Thanks for the wake up call!
    After I viewed your interview I picked up “theWARofArt” off my top shelf and came across my underline from April 29, 2013, under ‘The Unlived Life’:
    “And unless I am crazy, you are no closer to taking action on it than you were yesterday or will be tomorrow.”
    I just past the eightieth birthday milestone and for the past twenty years have aborted all my attempts at writing the great American non fiction book. You have woken a hope that I can still dig myself out.
    Buried by resistance!
    Jerry Kallberg

  230. I LOVE Steven Pressfield – “Resistance is Diabolical!” I’ve read and adored (and importantly…applied lessons from) every one of his non-fiction books. Thanks for recording this interview and giving me another way to access some more of his very-very-many knowledge bombs ?

  231. Delenda

    The resistance is like the shadow of a tree. I’m writting and painting for my “books” and I’m always thinking “Am I good enough? Am I wasting my time?” but I love writting and I love drawing! So if the resistance is a shadow my art is the tree. The more the tree is tall and big the more the resistance is also black and big. I’m always depressed by all the work I must put in, but now I know it is normal! I must put my ass on my chair and do want I love to do and someday I’ll see the end of 1 of my “books”. (hopefully) I really liked your show! I’m subscribing for the newsletter right away, thank you so much!

  232. This and the Liz Gilbert episode are my two favourites ever!
    You have no idea how much I needed exactly this, exactly right NOW!!
    Whoa! Yes! 🙂

  233. Resistance is part of the process. It does give meaning to what we are doing. It allows us to see the depth of the truth I am putting forth. Thanks, Marie, for your effort to demystify the mission of resistance. Well done!

  234. My favorite takeaways included that
    1. the amazing Steven Pressfield could spend 3 years trying to get published so I better keep trying and get ready for rejection.
    2. better to pay for quality training and the copy cure then to waste time in a writing group
    3. Keep going. I can do what others can’t
    4. It takes time, I’m moving right along.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great takeaways, Jackie! 🙂

  235. Melissa

    I can completely identify with the concepts of being an amateur and turning pro. I feel like I’m in the depths of a transition, wavering between the two. I’ve recently, I’m talking in the past two weeks, been working on devising a system to help me focus, ie. implementing Finance Fridays so I know when I’ll get to my finances each week. Finding ways to commit to myself. Believing in myself. Changing my mindset to dive me instead of allowing myself to spiral outta control with self-defeating thoughts. It’s exhausting, liberating and fascinating to see that small changes are making big differences. I’ve also decided to limit, if not eliminate personal calls during my working hours, to stay focused, as well as listen to my body, when she needs a stroll, take it, so upon return I have the focus and inspiration required to complete a task. Thanks for the reinforcement and additional words of wisdom and encouragement!!!

  236. The best take away for me is how you talked about the difference of working a job and becoming an entrepreneur. When you have a job it’s easy to just show up and do the work – it’s just what you do. But it’s not so easy when you work for yourself and you have to put effort into ‘sitting yourself down in the office’. This is an area in which I have been really struggling as I have started working for myself. Just because you don’t have to show up to work for anyone else doesn’t mean you don’t have to show up at work!

  237. Iulia

    Brilliant interview, so many gems and take-aways! I haven’t read The War of Art or Turning Pro yet but they are now on my reading list and I can’t wait to dive deep and learn more. Resistance is live and well in my home but about to be kicked out, and not a moment too soon!

  238. Lisa Racine

    Omg! Everything Steven said resonates with me. Overcoming resistance, going pro, the foolscap method. I have tried to become an entrepreneur (off and on) for close to 20 years! I have basically spent the past 20 years doing research and teaching myself technical skills. I’ve started projects but quit before completion. Very eye-opening for sure. I believe having a mentor is a huge key to success. Every successful entrepreneur I have followed has a mentor. Excellent interview! My favorite for sure. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, Lisa! A big part of being an entrepreneur is having a willingness to learn new things and acquire new skills, so you’re already off to an amazing start. We have no doubt your time will come and we hope Steven’s words continue to be a source of insight for you along the way. Thanks for being a part of our community!

  239. What a great episode! Lots of take aways.
    The amateur /pro distinction is a great way to remind myself to “plant my ass where my heart is.”
    I have been working on a book, on and off, for about 2 years and am now comitted to seeing it through. I was just thinking some of the resistance thoughts and comparing my work. The reminder that we all experience resistance couldn’t have come at a better time.
    I’m still not sure whether I’m writing to the audience or just for myself. I trust that as things come togehter more I will be beter able to assess. And yes I do need a trusted soul family person to give feedback. Putting out the call on that one. I didn’t hear direct mention of this, but I would think it’s helpful to have an editor in that trusted role.
    Inspiring. Will be reading some of Steven Pessfield’s books!

  240. Steve’s nonfiction work on the creative process is nonpareil, but don’t y’all miss out on his fiction. There’s “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” of course. His titles in the genre of historical fiction are highly regarded at US military academies and among service members. A near-future thriller (“The Profession”) is top shelf (and somebody needs to turn it into a screenplay). His recent release “The Knowledge” is a detective story with some semi-autobiographical threads.

    One of my favorites is “Last of the Amazons,” set amongst that race of powerful female warriors. Good stuff, each one.

  241. Ljubisa

    Both of you were so amazing. Bravo!

  242. I had embraced the being a pro and working through all of the challenges in once aspect of my creative work, but not the other. Thank you for helping me remember that part of the process. I need to declare to myself and the world that I am not only a professional photographer, but also a professional writer.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We hear you loud and clear, Angie! We’re thrilled this episode gave you the extra boost you needed to pursue your photography and writing careers with the same passion.

  243. Susan

    Show up! Do the work as a professional would. This is THE shift in thinking that I needed to hear. Be a professional, grind it out, do the hard work and be disciplined. Thank you for this insight.

  244. Gina Su

    THIS was one of THE BEST Marie TV episode yet! Marie, you and Steven dropped so many nuggets of wisdom that relieved my mind – ie: it never gets easier, things take a loooong time, and to just trust your own heart and vision. I feel like these have been life-long questions of mine, and knowing the trust from experts, reminds me that we all have what it takes! Thanks so much for your continued beautiful work! <3 ~Gina

  245. Alex

    Thank you so much for another awesome episode Marie and the team <3
    I was so excited to see who the interview is with! Steven's 'Do the Work' was an eye-opener for me (and super fun to read also!). 'The War of Art' and 'Turning Pro' are on my list.
    I've been working on my business for a year and a half, and still on the licensing stage (it's a food business, an outside-the-box one, so lots of strict regulations). Sometimes I despair, but try to remind myself why I started the whole thing in the first place.
    I like when Steve says: 'If you are doing the Work, sooner or later the magic will happen'. I believe that is true, so I keep moving forward, constantly learning and doing the work.

  246. Great interview, thank you, Marie, you guys say it all! Thumb up!

  247. Michelle

    You hit the nail on the head. Such a great interview Marie. It’s always a breath of fresh air to find out how long it has taken people like you and Steven to achieve what you have. I am definitely a turtle. Slow and steady, onward.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You’re exactly where you’re meant to be, Michelle! Cheers to enjoying every step of the journey.

  248. Sharon Moreno

    THANK YOU Marie for bringing Steven Pressfield onto your show.
    Just what I needed to hear, that I didn’t know I needed. I’ve got to give a big THANK YOU to my Creator as well for the “parking my ass here”…. (Your email notification sat for a few days, ignoring it, thinking I’ll get to it sometime when I’m not so stressed).
    I’m writing a book, my very first book, and I have continued to butt my head up against that foul word RESISTENCE….every… step… of… the… way.
    I didn’t recognize where all this intense stress and pressure was originating from, until your video. I mean BIG TIME STRESS, fighting the ongoing war between my head and my heart.
    “Give it Up, you don’t know what you’re doing”.
    It’s true, I’ve never done this before and I have no straight path to follow, YET. I’ve gotten so damn tired of riding this see-saw.
    But writing this book is SO important to me and my dream, I continue to press on…taking a breather now and then.
    Got a battle goin on here, one I am determined to WIN.
    Again, thank you Marie, I owe you much gratitude. Will be reviewing this video often.

  249. Loved this interview so so much! Resistance can be such a thwarting menace, and it’s a relief to know other’s struggle with this too! What fun, bright spirits you both are!

  250. Advie

    Thank you so much for this video interview with Steven Pressfield. What I learned is that even when you reach your dream, you are not immune to resistance. I think most of us struggling with our dreams believe that resistance only occurs with us because were are amateurs. We do not understand that there are still the obstacles that you have to face regardless where you are in your journey. It is a continuing process that does not go away because you have arrived. So the best thing to do is to embrace and acknowledge them for what they are while still moving forward and showing up for the work. Thank you for the insight.

  251. A huge thank you to Marie and Steve for addressing the topic of resistance. Not only did you both validate the experience when it comes to do anything creative (I am an author, so I know this well), but you validated the levels in any kind of creative project. This normalises the experience instead of seeing it as something wrong or this shouldn’t be happening. I know when I have felt it, I have thought, “Oh, I am not on the right track” and so I will back off and then go into self doubt and question what I am doing and consider even dropping it as it feels so uncomfortable! What this conversation raised was that we all experience it and so therefore its normal, or its a normal part of the process. I wish I had known about this so many years ago as it would have changed my approach to the journey… would have been easier to navigate when resistance shows up. Thank you both so much for bringing so much clarity to this very important aspect of being a creative, entrepreneur etc!!

  252. Sandra Reyna

    Your influence is inspiring to me Marie !!! ? That whole episode was a eye opener, especially hearing his age when he began his career. Big huge thank you to the both of you . Believe in humanity is my motto . ?

  253. This interview was so inspiring and timely for me as I’m facing huge resistance from lots of fronts as I push forward on launching my business and my product into the world. I found so many parts of this conversation so helpful, including: things can take years, resistance gives meaning to everything, being a pro is a whole different mindset, consistency is how things get done, self validation is so important, for any project boil it down to one page, put your ass where your heart wants to be (i.e. not hiding away)… The biggest insight I’m taking away from this conversation is the value of CONSISTENCY. I’ve had a long tendency to put myself ‘out there’ and then want to go and hide away to recover. How I’m starting to put that insight into action right now is that, starting this Sunday I’ve been inspired to do a 40 day practice of sharing on Facebook, one thing a day from my lifetime of exploration, of things I have discovered. This is a huge challenge for me given that I have been phobic of Facebook since it started and have shared three posts on my page EVER in the eleven or so years I’ve been on Facebook (I was even phobic of ‘liking’ things as people would see what I’d ‘liked’) .. so the resistance is HUGE. But after hiding away for so long I also feel like I have a lot I can share. For today I will to prepare a post to share tomorrow for a market stall I’m having on Saturday and I will prepare the post about my for ’40 days of sharing’ for my Facebook page. Even just writing here is a breakthrough .. I guess my challenge and my way of ‘going pro’ is to keep showing up. And I jumped onto my Kindle during the interview and bought the book ‘Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t’ because I sense I have a lot to learn from it :). Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to re-doing B-School this year and amping things up.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Charmaine! We’re so glad this episode connected with you at the perfect moment. Huge congratulations on the steps you’re already taking to “turn pro” and show up in your own life and work. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and recognizing resistance as a sign of growth are two major milestones. We’re so excited you’re joining us again for B-School this year and we can’t wait to hear how your Facebook challenge goes! We’re cheering you on.

  254. Megan Pawsey

    Thank you for introducing me to the world of Steven Pressfield! I enjoyed this interview so much, the ‘resistance challenge’ and self doubt is so true in business. Put your ‘arse where your heart is’ is my new mantra. Thanks so much I’m searching for his books today! Mx

  255. Marie, this was my all time favorite interview ever!!! Seeing you bounce off of each other, relating so many areas relevant to the creative, was just astonishing. So real and honest about “making it” and what the perception looks like. Finding the courage to reach out and climb up to a new level was just so inspiring. Break time is over, getting my ass back in the chair to paint some magic!

  256. Just now I’m having this fight with this Little Monster called « Resistance » trying so much to stop me from writing a comment.
    Got you Little Monster! I thank you for letting me know that you’re affraid but I’m writing anyway. Love you. Xox
    Really enjoyed this video. Turning Pro changed my daily routine and Helped me doing the work. Thank you to both of you for sharing all this great stuff.

  257. I love you Marie ? Happy Valentines ? This episode had brought me to tears, I have been struggling with writing my book because I have not showed up as a PRO and mostly I ’ve as an amateur. Many times I don’t know what to write about because I have many topics to share – I have experienced all the destructive self-talk you have shared on this show, especially “there is a book or program about that already” or “it is all written already” and it drives me crazy to pin poin what topic to write since my expectations is to write something original which may be a destructive illusion of my midn.
    I love the exercise of “one page” and to go from there. At the end Steve nailed it to me when he talked about the “flying muse” I have felt my muse but I haven’t sat my ass in front of the keyboard and made the time to welcome my muse. Powerful interview Marie ❤️ Thanks, I am excited to start Bschool again this year. I would like to say; Marie you are the honey ? I always come back to for who you are even with all the distractions in the world of online business and marketing. Love you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Lucia! We’re thrilled that Marie’s work and B-School have been so valuable for you over the years. We’re also happy to hear Steven’s inspiring interview sparked so many great takeaways for you to implement in your own creative process. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made on your book so far– we hope these words continue to be a source of insight for you anytime you feel stuck!

  258. Mary

    I loved this interview! My action is reading his books! I haven’t read any yet – but they sound so interesting. I’m a big fan of personal development books and the one about Turning Pro really caught my attention. I loved how you drew the essence out of him. Thanks so much!

  259. Sandra Morgan

    This interview was one of the most powerful and important ones you have ever done, in my opinion. I thought that it does get easier, that the resistance goes away, that having the talent was more important than just making myself finally DO THE WORK! And I had no idea that you, Marie, sit around in day-old sweats hammering out your projects and have any type of real uncertainty. Your finished product is so polished that I never believed you when you said that you had difficulties too. Now, after this interview, I see that you do. When you have said your favourite phrase, that everything is figureoutable, I thought that you just figured it out. No big deal. No struggle, you were just smart enough to do that. But now I understand that you have been smart enough to overcome the resistance to force yourself to “figure it out”. There is struggle for you too, and then you figure it out, and then you take a shower, make yourself pretty and give out the information to your audience. Hat’s the professional in you. I have not been doing this, but now I understand and I will. Thanks for sharing this important interview.

  260. Amazing.
    I blew out at Golf today and it pissed me right off.
    Then I heard do you have a Professional attitude or an amateurs…
    Back to work.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      The important thing is that you keep showing up, Paul! We’re so grateful that you stopped by this week and that Steven’s message resonated with you.

  261. Lorrie Mickelson

    What a treat! I couldn’t help being excited because Marie was so My biggest take away was RESISTANCE staring back at me, pushing back at me, knocking me off your chair as I am trying to create. Who do I think I am? Just push back, push through, keep writing, creating and your MUSE will see you working so darn hard that it will come down and help you beat down that resistance. This is what I felt…..

    Thank you both…amazing!!

  262. Kath

    Great interview, solid content. Somehow I had never heard of this guy, but am going to get some of his books right now. Cheers!

  263. Another amazing interview Marie. Steven Pressfield is so incredibly generous. I feel like every thing he says I want to write down over and over again so I never forget it. Marie you turned me on to the War of Art and I have “listen” to it 4 or 5 times now. My favorite quote of that book is, “resistance will bury you”. And fast forward to listening to this interview today where you both unlock this crazy reality that we actually need that resistance to be great. We need to fight against that resistance to be great. Brilliant!
    I just finished listening to Gates of Fire by Pressfield. It’s just as good as War of Art, different because it’s a novel but you can hear his voice trying to teach the listener something while he is telling this amazing story. I want to write so much more but I have to go “do the work”

    Thank you!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, William! We’re thrilled Steven’s work has sparked so many great ideas for you. Keep up the great work you’re doing, we’re cheering you on!

  264. Mari

    My favourite quote: “…you have to put yourself in the shoes of your reader, who already hates you…” 🙂

  265. Ana

    Can’t wait to dive into these books! It’s tips like these that I come back to you for! 🙂 My dream of writing fiction started when I was in 5th grade. That was decades ago and while I’m no spring chicken, finally gave it a start three years ago and am still knee-deep in developing my first novel right now. Yay, tiny progress. But, have also discovered that it’s harder than I thought (ahem, note the three years in). Also started a blog, because every author needs one right?! Still figuring it out. Naturally. So many nuggets out of this episode, especially loved the very last quote read. Appreciate it greatly!

    Great interview and I can trust the 2 of you!
    What fun!

  267. Jane DeLong

    Such a great antidote to the “I can’t believe people pay me to do this” and the “Just follow your bliss” camps. I think esp for us folks who try to value our feelings, it’s good to see how they can get in the way of overcoming Resistance. I believe I am now turning the corner on my journey and this was a huge help. Another book I found extremely helpful in breaking through Resistance is by legendary Lakers basketball coach John Wooden. He also talks about how showing up and focus, rather than talent, created his success. Rather than making “winning” the highest goal and comparing ourselves to others, he advises us to work to the best of our ability at whatever we are doing. For me this took off a lot of unnecessary pressure. Thanks so much for this show 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Jane! Those are all such powerful takeaways. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and hope Steven’s words continue to be a source of insight and inspiration for you!

  268. Olivia

    Hi Marie, superb interview! Thank you so much, Steven for your insights. My favourite was the notion of resistance. Brilliant! Now I know about it, I truly don’t think I’ll listen to it again!!

  269. Netta Crow

    I sent a long email to a friend yesterday, just laying out what is kicking my ass in starting this new business. She emailed me back with a blunt, “It sounds like you’re fighting Resistance. Have you read ‘War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield? Take a look at the concept. It really does sound like that’s all that’s stopping you. You have everything in place!”

    I then Inbox Zero’d and read Marie’s email about this interview. I’m so glad I got my notebook out and listened with a “This is what I’m fighting right now,” mindset. I needed everything in this video. Thank you for not only making this, but doing it with such honesty and heart. I’m about to go to bed and let all of this continue in my background brain analytics section while I sleep.

    Know that when I get up in the morning, you have changed my tomorrow by giving me tools I didn’t know I didn’t have. (And most of Steven’s books are now on their way to my house – or will be when they ship.)

  270. Possibly one of the best MF tv episodes yet! Now I have a name for the “shadow” and I can now say “ah that’ll be resistance trying to bite me in the ass, let it come along for the ride” Its very comforting to know it’s part of the process for now and always, and I’m good with that. Thanks Marie your the best!! XO Deb.

  271. Oh WoW! Oh WoWzer! You just blew me right out of my socks! Both you and Steve. Amateur vs Pro?! Say WHAT! I have been sitting in the amateur seat for so long now that it kinda feels like an old pair of worn out shoes. And I sure as heck know how much I love my fluffy loafers! But, now it is time for me to get sassy! To leave yesterday’s comforts for tomorrow’s victories. Get out the stilettos and dust them off girl, because Marie and Steve have just shown you how! Thanks so much for this lovely video! Time to reinvent myself. And at the age of 52, I never thought that would be truly possible. I never believed it to be true – I ‘hoped’ it would be true, but everyday I immerse myself in the wonderful information that Marie has so generously put out here for us all to see, I realise – a huge big – HELL YEAH! I can do this!

  272. Jacqueline

    Show up, show up, show up! That is going to be my mantra from now on. I’m going to put little reminders for myself all over the place! Love you Marie and love your show. Thank you for everything you do.

  273. Nayana

    Hi…I loved the foolscap method of summarizing the important sections of any project. Also, how amateurs and professionals think and go about things!!

  274. Rick

    Dear Marie, I have not commented before but very glad I listen to this interview I’m 67 yr old man and mostly stay home and take care of home stuff almost all my career was in construction now after listening instead of torturing myself about not doing I am asking myself do I really want to start over and turn pro and deal with all that.

  275. I found everything about resistance very relatable as I’m currently working on my first solo music album since high school. (I’m 31 now) I also found the chat about the muse and how just doing the work and putting your ass where your heart wants to be is really the best way to inspire inspiration.

  276. Flashback to The Legend of Bagger Vance. The movie came out when my dad passed. He was a PGA teaching pro. I grew up playing golf long before golf was cool and girls didn’t play. There was a scene in the movie when he told the guy putting to close their eyes because it was just a feeling. This is how I grew up playing . . . barefoot and with a half-fingered glove . . . because it was about feeling. This resonates with what you were talking about in this interview. Throughout my life and career, I’ve trusted my instincts, my feelings, despite what everyone and ‘conventional wisdom’ dictated. I’ve experienced success and accolades but I’m still waiting for the real turning point. Loved this interview!

  277. Bonnie C

    Thanks, Marie & Steven. “Self-sabotage” is exactly the term that I ‘ve been going thru the last week. I was struggling with my new job, my boss & my colleague thought I am doing great & exceed their expectation but I am not. I wanna quit and told them my thought. After the serious conversation with my boss and thanks for her sharing. I realized that I try to sabotage myself, I tried to put myself in a frame that needs everyone or every stuff to fit into my frame. I always thinking of “ME” and trying to sabotage myself and escape from those difficulties or resistances. Finally, I decided to stay with my job. And now after watching this episode, I feel like I did make the right decision. I will embrace all my resistance and I decided to be a “PRO”, not an amateur. Thanks again Marie & Steven for your great sharing & inspiration.

  278. Marie,
    thank you very much. I have chosen to work freelance et be creative, and I was telling myself lately: is this feeling of never resting going to stop?
    Is it going to get easier as I move on, like some sort of routine?
    Well…you’ve just answered me…

  279. My takeaway is… takeaways ARE to keep on speaking, teaching, writing and living my truth, even and especially if it sounds crazy (which it often does) and different from what anybody else is saying, and to do that every day. And to boil large, unwieldy things (like the next book, for instance) down to a plan I can get onto a single sheet of paper. And to stop doing what I do without a team, because I need to focus on what I do best (write, speak and listen) and invite them to do what they do best so we can grow this thing – this mission, this service – together. That last point came to me as I recalled one of Steven’s distinctions between an amateur and a pro in War of Art. And as I considered that the only way you can be fully, brilliantly Marie is through having the great team you have supporting your work in the world, both on and off camera. If you had to run the camera and be in front of it, for instance, we wouldn’t see the quality content we see, and you showing up with grace and good humor to deliver it. So, thank you for this. This was a valuable conversation for me to hear, especially from the two of you who so obviously walk the talk.

  280. Shannon Cook

    I have a vision of what my day/life will look like when I have finally “arrived”. In order to get to my destination, I have to start living my days/life as if I have already “arrived”. AND, it won’t really be a destination, because there will be another journey waiting for me there, too.

  281. Amber

    This was such a wonderful interview, I know I have been stuck in the rut of resistance for years and had no idea what exactly to call it. I really gravitated to the idea of a “single sheet”, that was so refreshing to hear that even a pro like Steven is ok with not “researching” and knowing all the answers prior to getting started. It made me realize that everything has a process and even the pros have to start somewhere. It was so inspiring that I chose to accomplish my first step today. While watching I have actually been writing out my journey/goals on a single sheet and taking the first step on this journey! I would love to hear more on the “Creative + Business” development that you mentioned Marie. I think working up those ideas simultaneously makes a huge difference in narrowing down and understanding where to focus in on! Thanks for sharing such great advise!

  282. Terry

    Great stuff. I’m a Pressfield junkie ever since I stumbled onto the “The War of Art”. Now I’m a fan of yours too. Nice interview.

  283. This was so great to watch.. gives me motivation to go on, even if it sometimes feels likes i am trying to do the impossible.. I have written and published my own book in danish: Make peace with your will-powered child! And it has been a succes in Denmark.. it is also coming out i Slovenia and Polen this year…I have paid so it is now translated into english.. I am looking for an agent to help me publish the book in the states, but it feels imposible to find one from here…So this gave me the courage to continue.. i know i will manage so how, i just have to make steps all the time.. thank you for at great site with high value content..

  284. Shawn

    Steven Pressfield is my FAVORITE AUTHOR!!! I first saw him on Oprah Super Soul Sunday; everything he said I was going through. I went to the library, borrowed The Art of War and 7 pages in I was cracking up laughing and completely hooked! It was a page-turning personal reflecting pause and think book!!! I put the book down, emailed Steven (and his team), explained how much the book was blessing me, that I had to borrow it because I was in school, couldn’t afford to get my own and refused to deface public property (I respect library books too much to mark them up…because I wanted to highlight sooo badly), but as soon as able I was going to purchase my own copy. Steven’s team reached right back, thanked me for my feedback, asked if I like a copy of the book, (of course I did) and sent me Turning Pro with it! OMG!!! I cried immediately! I was sooo touched!!! Not only by the gift, but then by the transformative words of his work! Steven and his work made me proud to discover that I’m a creative!…and that my venue is writing. Of course I’ve purchased Do The Work and as soon as I finish this comment, I’m ordering The Artist Journey and hope I can afford two, cause I have a friend who I believe this could help…and today we were JUST talking about this type of life dilemma concerning “what is my voice?” “how and what do I do with this gift?” WOW!!!
    Steven, Marie…you two have done it again for me!!!!
    Thank you!!! 🙂
    Super appreciative!!!

  285. I LOVED this interview! It was just what I needed now. Read the War of Art a while ago but I’m going to give it a re-read soon. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of why we’re doing things and what we’re up against.

  286. Claire Jackson

    Best interview yet Marie. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you x

  287. Caryn Guse

    This is the first episode I’ve wantched of Marie TV in awhile, and it arrived right on time as these kinds of things so often do. I have not yet read any of Steven Pressfield’s books (I will now for sure!), but I found inspiration in the movie version of his book The Legend of Bagger Vance. I’ve been going through many transitions in my life the past couple of years, and a couple months ago I had a sudden sense that I needed to look up the movie because there was a message I needed to hear. And I was led to this quote: “inside each and every one of us is one, true authentic swing…” Yes! This is our soul’s calling as I see it. And this quote has challenged me to reconnect with what that truly is for me, and it has been an awakening of joy! And here is Steven Pressfield in the flesh sitting down with you, Marie, and sharing his wisdom. What most resonated with me after watching this inspiring and motivating episode is really “going pro” and showing up and doing the work every day. I’ve been both pro and amateur in this sense, and it was a much needed reminder. I also loved learning about the Artist’s Journey and what happens after the Hero’s Journey since I’ve always wondered what came next and how to best share my “boon” (gift) with the world. Thank you!

  288. SO needed this right now! Thank you thank you thank you.
    Never give up the dream in your heart.
    Who loves Marie? #RaisesHand ?‍♀️
    Heck, raises both hands and sings, Hallelujah!

  289. Abraham K Joseph

    Resistance is a force to overcome, like holding a weight at the gym. Effort, your muscle, the force used to move the weight or resistance. Behave like a pro, think like pro. Terrific interview. Thanks for sharing x.

  290. Leigh

    Marie, this was one of the best episodes of MarieTV I’ve ever seen from you (and that is saying quite a lot)! I could feel the connection between you and Steven Pressfield and the information and insights you both shared are invaluable. I don’t think you’ve ever been more grounded and “in the work” and I really got so much from this. I will definitely be watching it a couple more times and taking notes. Looking forward to putting this great information to work as I join in B-School next month. Thank you and everyone on team Marie for all you bring to the world.

  291. Anne

    So many inspiring nuggets packed into this episode! I think it’s my favorite Marie TV episode ever. It’s a beautiful thing to hear the right message at the right time in your life. I found Marie through Kris Carr and have followed both of these soulful women for many years, soaking up their words and wisdom along the way. I love the idea that I’ve been living my own hero’s journey all these years. I’m signing up for BSchool tomorrow through Kris and could not be more excited to begin my artist’s journey. Thank you for all you do and to Steven for this episode and the call to follow my unconventional crazy heart! xoxo

  292. Paula Francisca Mousquer de Castro

    I love every word.
    I loved the interview. That’s exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. The topic of resistance really was very important to me. I loved the way Steven treated resistence as a villain, it brought a whole new perspective to me.
    In my life I can be the hero.
    Thank you from my heart.

  293. brian

    I feel overwhelmed, I’m starting to much later than he started or than Marie, I’m already 52 and don’t know how to get started on a real dream.

  294. Thank you so much ~ this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Just came from a gallery yesterday where they didn’t give me the show or the comments on my work that I was hoping for exactly; that and things going on at my day job have given my self-esteem a real drubbing.
    I refuse to lose to my resistance. I’m going to fight it until the end and just keep painting no matter what. Thank you Steven and Marie!

  295. Laurel Scotson

    It was a really wonderful interview so many things that I would like to consolidate; I need to re-listen! The 2 key things right now that are top of my memory that struck chords was the Self Validation!!!! So Important thank you for the reminder and more insights for myself there and I Love ” Put your Ass where your Heart wants to Be” quote of Steven”s and thirdly the final quote he read from his book at the end; Suspending Self Judgment…..”

  296. Jana


    So i’m not much of a commenter but after listening to this podcast & even inspire of the mountain of comments already made, I had to pipe up. What a legend! Both of ya’ll, this really spoke my language and it’s so relevant to my life right now. I’m living on a sailboat, i hate my youtube channel & am struggling with ego, resistance & motivation and this ep just put everything in context. I’ll be buying his books & yours Marie as soon as it’s finished! thanks so much for your bright light in this often crazy dark world, sending out i soirationfrom yourself and these amazing souls you connect with ?

    • Jana

      inspite of *
      inspiration *

  297. Well, what can I say, this was such an inspiring interview to watch. You both certainly spoke wisdom and reality. I am a newbie to this whole online business world, and I’ve been facing many challenges with the ego and self-motivation. However, I find it truly rewarding to learn from people like you who have gone through the same stages and being able to lead us on how to face these challenges and live up to our own values and expectations as entrepreneurs. Very valuable thoughts and insights, thank you so much!

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    this webpage gives quality based posts.

  299. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  300. Asil McAllister

    Steven commented that he imagines the idea of a muse flying overhead daily keeping an on on things, and when it sees your butt in the chair diligently working, grinding it out,, eventually the magic will come through you into your work. I just love that.

  301. Deb

    Thank you for this interview! So many points hit home for me:). xxx

  302. Rebecca Roebber

    This was great! Love the War of Art.

  303. I loved this! Thank you Marie! I read The War of Art long ago, and pick it up regularly to remind myself of how to keep my own resistance in check, and to stay on the pro path. I also home school my son, and of course when you’re home schooling, you have no one to answer to but yourself, and it’s easy to fritter away the days without getting much done. I’ve shared many segments of the book with my son when I see him bumping up against his own resistance, and he’s gained tons of self-awareness. It allows us to laugh more when we see resistance cropping up (for either of us), and helps dissipate what could be a difficult parent-teen issue whereby he feels like I’m telling him what to do or criticizing him for not getting down to his work. When we can talk about Resistance as something that’s beating us, or we’re beating it, it just shifts the entire tone of the conversation. Lastly, I’ve loved Steven Pressfield’s work for so long–it was an absolute delight and honour to hear him speak candidly about his work. Thank you both!

  304. Brilliant! I loved this episode!

  305. agnieszka

    Thank you so much for that interview… it helped me so much…. it is incredible how someone’ else’s story can help you with yours…his voice is like a balm for my eart and soul… now I have to head to a book store to buy his books… I think I will read them hearing his lovely voice…. 🙂
    thank you Marie… thank you

  306. Jennifer Ostrander

    Oh. My. LAWD! This has to be one of theeeee best interviews you have done Marie!! Every few sentences was an “AHA” moment!! I have the War of Art book and now I must go back and reread it. Thank you THAAANK you!!

  307. Ana

    This video is perfect timing! Thank you so much for such a real depiction of the artist’s journey. I am on the verge of giving up but this gave me another perspective on keeping at it. There are so many different points that really help, but what I love the most are the last words read from the book: “Stay stupid, follow your unconventional CRAZY heart”. Just like: “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Now continuing my journey to express my authentic self in my work and accepting resistance not as an enemy, but an important ingredient to the finish line, making me stronger and better than from where I started. Thank you, Marie! Thank you, Steven!

  308. I love the book “The War of Art” I treat it as my artistic guideline with pages outlined, highlighted and tabbed. “The Artist’s Journey” is now on my list because I believe I’m in the midst of experiencing my artist’s journey. I released my debut music single as a singer/songwriter 3 weeks ago. I declared I wanted to be an artist years ago and I battle with resistance every day, some days it kicks my butt! My main struggle is how to construct my day and fight resistance and imposter syndrome. My favorite quote from this talk and the book is “DO THE WORK.” I repeat it to myself all the time. I want to turn pro, do the work to get better and, produce valuable content. I’ve declared myself an artist and am discerning what that means to me and how to best use my gifts to impact others lives without completely neglecting my self and my own. One thing I do struggle with is not beating myself up when I don’t do the work I set out to do. This was a valuable interview that I’ll probably watch again later, at some point.

  309. Otilia

    Great interview! I am on a sabbatical period trying to figure out what to do next, learning and experimenting, so it’s helpful to hear some advice on how to keep going and not getting discouraged.
    About showing up, from the beginning of this period I just said that I need to woke up at 6.30 every morning, even I am not going anywhere, and to start reading or learning or doing something. It is really rewarding that at 10 o’clock you can look back to your morning and say that you already did something in that day.

  310. Ambika

    I really enjoyed this episode Marie! I guess overtime, I have let society dictate my barriers, when in reality it was all in my head. After watching this episode, I have more confidence in myself to attack and pursue my dreams. Those that make it big had to start somewhere, right? Overcoming resistance is such good advice!

    Thank you for everything you do <3

  311. Loni

    This was an excellent episode. Thank you for the bit about hair, sweat pants and your couch. While all the glamour is wonderful, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  312. Nikole Monteiro

    Hey Marie! Here is Nikole from Brazil. I have been hearing your podcast and I can say that it is the best a person can find. ❤️ I just heard “how to overcome resistance” with Steven Pressfield and it touched my heart. I am passing by a life-changing moment. I am 28 years old, have two specialization courses in business and I wanna write a novel. Your conversation showed me that there still time. Thank you so much!

  313. War of Art is my absolute favorite book for artist self-help. I recommend it to all creatives. Thanks for this interview!!!

  314. Two years ago, when I started my business, a good friend and mentor recommended I read “Do the Work.” I resisted understanding my resistance ? for TWO YEARS … until I finally stumbled on this interview. I knew Marie would deliver the message I had been avoiding in a way that would both bring me to my (creative) knees AND lift me up again. This interview changed my life!! Thank you both for your incredible contributions to the heart-led masses.

  315. N

    Loved it!

  316. Inna

    Thank you so much for this heart gladdening conversation! What a relief to hear Resistance explained in such a simple and wonderful way. I used to call it ‘a big fat guy who sits on my head and pushes me down, making things slow and hurtful’, but Resistance seems to be a more appropriate term.
    And I have a question, maybe you can help me. I’m starting a blog, but I still haven’t managed to write my first article. The problem is that I have all kinds of beautiful ideas when I’m far from my computer, but as soon as I ‘put my ass to where my heart wants to be’, all ideas just vanish. And even if I make notes and try to catch them at the moment when they appear, once I begin to write, I feel like all the words are lost in a dead desert of silence and I just can’t put them together. Any advice how to deal with this form of Resistance?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Inna! A lot of writers are fans of carrying a small notebook with them wherever they go, so it’s great that you’re already developing that habit. One way to take it a step further is to actually write the post when it comes to you. If possible, stop what you’re doing and start writing it out. That way instead of a bunch of notes that may not make sense later on, you’ll have full paragraphs and sentences to draw from. You might even crank out a whole post right there in the moment! We hope this helps and encourage you to keep going and share your wisdom with the world.

  317. I loved this episode! Steven Pressfield has just blown my mind! I started running my business and what I thought was “going pro” about 9 or 10 months ago, but now I’ve gotten lazy and I only get my ass in gear when it’s absolutely essential. My days are not structured, I’m lying in all the time and what this episode has really highlighted is that I’m not putting my all into it, I’m not showing up and I am staying “amateur”.

    I know I am made of more, I must raise my game and actually commit and go pro! Thank you for this much needed kick up the butt. I will be setting my alarm from tomorrow and this girl is taking her business to the next level!! I can’t wait. Thank you Steven, Marie and all the team! Loves xoxo

  318. This interview ranks as one of the most impactful! What a great interview with Steven Pressfield and such potent and important information for me as an entrepreneur. It was great to identify the stages of progress we all go through and the resistance that we experience regularly! I loved the way he has such descriptive language. I can’t wait to get into his writing. And I am on my way to order your new book about to be completed! Yay for you Marie for going through the challenge to gift us all with your talent, humor and realness! You’re the best!

  319. My self doesn’t look like any one else’s. Comparison is futile, destructive even. The leading edge is a strange wonderous place, revel in it! For it is there that you meet your true self. Welcome home.

  320. Lovaine

    Hi Marie and Steve. Thanks for a very eye opening conversation. One of the biggest takeaways is that I’m not showing up as a pro. I need to change that. I bought a planner a few weeks ago. I started to use it but strangely I haven’ t done so in the last week or so.
    I thought this was very interesting as I was so excited the day it came from Amazon. That day I said to myself “ok, this planner is going to help me get stuff done in my new online business. ” But I stopped using it. I’ve been asking myself what has happened, what has changed.
    But I realize now that it has been resistance all along. It’s this resistance that has been keeping me an amateur and trying to prevent me from becoming the person that I know that I can be. The person I want to be.
    When Steve said that the resistance will always be there, I thought ” really, it doesn’t go away?” I thought that if I can “beat” this resistance then I have made it up the mountain and now will be in a position where I will never face resistance. But that’s not the case.
    So now knowing this, I need to come up with a plan to work with the resistance instead of fighting it.
    This plan also includes a ” back up plan” for the days where the resistance will really be strong. So when this happens, I plan to think about my thoughts in that moment, why am I thinking that way, is my thought true or an untrue story I’m telling about myself.
    I also have decided to watch a Will Smith video on Youtube. I know that once I watch some of his videos, I will be left inspired and pumped up to take on the resistance and get sh*t done. Will is so inspiring.
    Thanks again for sharing this. It was what I really needed to hear today so that I can continue to work on my goals, bring my A game and just show up.

  321. Carrie

    Ok so my biggest take away was when Marie and Steven talked about Resistance. Life changing!! For some reason this just really resonated with me. At age 48, almost 49 (in 4 days) I just realized that nothing is actually wrong with me. I’m not a loser, I’ve just been listening to that Resistance and letting it hold me back. I didn’t realize!? I needed to just push through it to the other side. I’ve just been thinking that I just would never amount to anything, even though I have these dreams of being successful in my business and I’ve been struggling for years to get my ass in gear.
    Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I feel like now that I know what was holding me back, I can just move forward now and go through all the stages of Resistance and know I will come out the other side. So I’m restarting my side business immediately with confidence, and a plan, and I am excited to see what happens! Xo

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  323. This was incredible. Thank you so much!!

  324. Wow! This is a revelation! I’ve always thought of resistance as something I am supposed to overcome through discipline, and eventually, I won’t experience it anymore. The idea that it will always be there is . . . a relief. Hear me out: first, although it seems like a negative, external force, it really is a characteristic of our thinking. So, it isn’t really external. And it feels negative, because it is reductive, instead of expansive, like the new ideas we get excited about. Maybe it is a force or a law, like gravity. We have to always push against it to go anywhere, but it’s not that hard to do and it builds strength and endurance–and if we don’t do it, we stop.

    If the creative force that puts us all here is also in us, like the ocean is in a wave, then in the same way that waves break along the shore, then retreat; and we exhale, then inhale, maybe resistance is the ‘in breath’ of thought. Perhaps it serves a purpose that is just as critical as inhaling. If we are to hold nothing back to expand or evolve our thinking (creating), then maybe resistant thoughts are really a signal to fully engage in the present moment, to discern the mental conflict behind the distraction. For example, I have a regular evening bedtime routine and now know that whenever I abandon it in favor of falling asleep in front of the tv, it’s because I feel unprepared to face something that is troubling me. Falling asleep in front of the tv is now a cue for me to get real about what’s up, and if I don’t, I’m just going through the motions and, I think, cannot truly move forward with integrity, honesty and transparency, until I do. Maybe that’s what resistance is: a sign or signal that we’re not really in the present moment because of something we haven’t come to terms with or are avoiding. I think if we can use it as a tool, it may lose its negative charge.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful, wise perspective on resistance, Rhonda! We love this idea of seeing it as a tool, and how self-aware you are around your own resistance patterns. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience here! ??

      • Thank you for sharing the link to this episode, Julia–and for your incredible support!

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