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Do you ever feel like all your hard work is getting you exactly… nowhere?

It can feel frustrating when you’re following all the steps to success: staying focused, dedicated and persistent. But still, after all your effort — you’ve got nothing to show for it. No big wins. No lasting results.

We’ve all had moments when it seems like our hard work isn’t paying off, haven’t we?

I definitely have. That’s why I was intrigued when Chris wrote in about his dilemma. He said that no matter what he’s pouring his effort into  — work, relationships or studies — nothing seems to be paying off. No matter how hard he works, it never feels like it’s enough.

He desperately wants to feel motivated, fulfilled and like his life has meaning. But the truth is — he’s massively disappointed in his lack of results.

The secret to staying motivated: focus on what you’re doing, not what you’re trying to achieve. Click To Tweet

So what’s the secret to making our efforts count? How do we stay genuinely motivated, especially when it doesn’t look like we’re making any progress?

In this episode, you’ll learn a simple trick that seems counterintuitive but can quickly help you reignite your natural motivation and get better results instead of feeling like you’re constantly hitting a brick wall. Best part? There’s science to back up this smart strategy.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

  1. What specific area of your life would benefit most from using this strategy?
  2. What else do you do to keep yourself genuinely motivated and engaged — especially when your efforts don’t appear to be paying off?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, give as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your share may help someone have the breakthrough they need.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion and good vibes in this community. You continue to inspire me and I’m so grateful for your presence and participation.

P.S. If you’ve got friends, colleagues or clients who struggle with feeling like their hard work just ain’t paying off — share this post. It could really help them make the mental and emotional shift they need to stay on track with their dreams, and feel the fulfillment they deserve.

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  1. I think the area in my life that can benefit the most from this is creating new jewelry designs. When I think of creating new designs I usually focus on what new trends are out there but this strategy just gave me more confidence to try newer bolder looks and more interesting ideas that are challenging or could be difficult to conceptualize and make!

    • Right on Aziza. I’ll bet you’ll tap more deeply into your intuition and creativity too, and make more innovative designs. Keep at it!

  2. Hope

    Action, not outcomes. Action, not outcomes. Action, not outcomes. Ok, if I repeat it enough, it will sink in. Side note-Those outfits Marie. Killin’ it every time. Slay. Slay. Slay.

    • Agree, I drool over the outfits every episode!

    • Yes! Needed to hear this today…

    • I agree!! Her style is enviable 🙂 I happened to come across a (the?) stylist she works with – Elsa Isaac, she looks pretty awesome too… Xo ~jennifer

    • HA! Thank you Hope 🙂 #WeSlay #WeSlay #YouSlay #YouSlay #ElsaSlays

      Results and outcomes are great things to shoot for. They give us focus and direction. However, the ultimate outcomes of our efforts are often out of our control. That’s why giving your full attention to the process; the moment; the actions you’re taking can help you stay in flow, enjoy the process and, that level of present-moment attention to the task at hand can give you the best chance to get those results. Win-win 🙂

    • Carine

      Well, just wanna say thanks for this. It was so amazing, people need this motivational video to trust in themselves. I have so much appreciated this video, it will help me a lot in my everyday activities, and will also help my friend. Thanks a lot Marie for what you have been doing so far, the world really need people like you. I will just be repeating everyday actions not end goals and will stay focus. Thanks once again

  3. Uh, I so needed to hear this one today. I’m sitting here with my coffee just thinking of all the future things I want to achieve…

    Reality check.

    While dreaming and planning is a necessary part of this entrepreneurial journey, I need to focus on the present and the process right now.

    You have reinspired me and I’m off the couch, ready to sit at my desk and get started. My goal this week is to focus on the process. Do the work, work on my business, and keep it movin girl! Thanks Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Awesome goal, Chelsea. Action, action, action! 🙂

  4. Joe O'Malley

    This reminds me of the old Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  5. By far, one of my favorite videos yet! One thing I do to stay motivated when I am working my buns off is to take a break and do something for me. All work, no play is no fun. Taking a step back allows for more creativity and out of the box epiphanies to come through and out in my work. Thank you for including the studies, makes complete sense <3

    • Kelsey Crow

      Such a good idea, Nicole! I’ve noticed I feel so much more refreshed after fully engaging in something other than my work. And then I get more work done after that!

  6. When efforts don’t pay off, the person might be unconsciously running a self-sabotaging strategy; especially if achieving whatever someone’s going for is detrimental to another area of their life (eg. if they believe that getting a promotion might take them away from spending time with the family). When things don’t go well, check ecology, see if achieving the goal is beneficial from all points of view. If it is, changing the strategy could be the answer; just as the quote says – “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

    • amber

      Thank you Anca. That was very helpful! I think I struggle with these things and your post helped me become more aware.

      • I’m glad it did. 🙂 The question is what action are you going to take now, since you are aware of it? You can always contact me if you’d like to have a chat.

  7. Yes, I’ve been feeling exactly like Chris lately. In my life overall and in specific areas too. It just seems like from my end I’m really busting my ass, being innovative, asking questions, producing work, etc. and then I don’t have anything to show for it. I even feel it’s hard to focus on the task you’re doing when past actions show that results haven’t come from it back then so why would it now. Not to be a Debby Downer, but just the mindset I’m trying to get rid of. Thanks for this video! It popped up at the exact moment I needed it!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re definitely not alone, Laura. And I’m so glad this video came at just the right time for you!

  8. When I live my life thinking no further ahead than, “What do I want to do NEXT?” it all flows perfectly. People assume the important and mundane things would fall through the cracks, but they don’t! “Pay bills” comes up when it needs to. “Unload the dishwasher.” “Call Pam.” I’m divinely led.
    Until I forget. Our culture drills the need for goals into us and it makes our society constantly focus on the future instead of the moment.
    Some people say, “But you can’t live minute to minute. Some things, like trips, have to be planned!” Truth. Sometimes what comes up when I ask the question is, “Look at flights for Thanksgiving, make a decision, and buy it.”
    Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo – all of our great living philosophers say the same thing.
    But thank you for the reminder, Marie! I’m off in the woods for a month to finish my book and keep getting anxious that I won’t get it done before I have to leave! You just reminded me – all I need to do, next, is write.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wow, have an amazing time, Christine! Best of luck with your book!

    • Catherine

      This video came at an excellent time for me! Thank you for the reminder on where to keep my focus. I really love what Christine is saying here, so thanks Marie and Christine!

  9. Your talk gives a high -level of motivation running our IT business here in Singapore. Thank you for valuable insights that motivates me. Your energy in giving ideas and tips is the highest form of motivation. Keep it up Marie you inspires many like me.

  10. This makes so much sense! I’ve been focusing a lot on process in my art and my business. I just wrapped up a yearlong drawing project where I tried to learn to make drawing fun rather than stressful and the only way to do that was to focus on the process rather than the outcome. Whenever I got stuck on wanting to make a beautiful drawing I would quit before I even started because the pressure was too high. But when I focused on the process, I was able to find joy in making marks and trying new things and it didn’t matter as much what the outcome was. And I got better at drawing because I was able to put in the work and didn’t get discouraged. It’s not always easy to set aside your view of how you think it should be, but it’s totally worth it!

    • Thanks for that Stephanie – exactly what I needed to hear to help me dig into my own art process and explorations again <3

      It's like that saying, life is about the journey, not the destination : )

    • Annette Phillips

      How very synchronicitous that your blog (23rd August) begins with this quote, “So we have to be patient with ourselves. Over and over again we think we need to be somewhere else, and we must find the truth right here, right now; we must find our joy here, now. How seductive it is, the thought of tomorrow. We must find our understanding here. We must find it here; it is always here; this is where the grass is green.” – John Tarrant
      I love it.

      • Ha! I didn’t even notice the connection. Thanks Annette! Marie’s videos are always quite timely….

    • Rachel

      Stephanie, thank you for this! What a great example of what Marie is trying to illustrate. In fact I am struggling with learning to do some creative things right now and I think this will help me.

  11. Girl,
    Its amazing the things we instinctively know, yet refuse to acknowledge! I hate that deep down … I am really lazy! Yep … I said it! LAZY! I continually choose to sulk in the why me syndrome, then make that little switch (unless my ass is on the line and back is against the wall) to admit … life requires attention to details everyday! I want to be magic!!! But easily forget that magic only happens when your are focused on repeating the HOCUS POKUS of every spell …. even Bewitched and I dream of Jeanie had to put some effort into a twitch! Oh and yea that’s how old I am! Which only goes to prove that … you got to keep at it! Ok, Ok … so you inspired me … and here is what I am going to do … everyday ( I am writing it on wall) I am going to ask myself … which magic spell am I going to focus on today … to ensure that I stay motivated to see the magic come to life!!! Oh, and I am going to commit to making sure my spell gets shared with someone just like me … a single individual that I can directly put a spell on … inspire! And I think just got to keep coming back to your space here … cause I now see … we need to be friends! You gots what it takes … and I need what it takes … so keep the Magic happening for me and for those I can effect! Here is looking at you kid!!!! (and love the whole look… girls got a Vibe on her!)

    • Sheira

      He Henri! I too am from the Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie era and I hear you! Love your post here. You’re a great writer (I can tell!)….keep on rockin the magic!

  12. Mia

    Thanks Marie!

    Whenever I ask the universe for guidance on how to get “un-stuck” or “what should I do to achieve xyz by the end of this week” I always find you Marie Forleo which is awesome, and the question from Chris is exactly what I am experiencing with my life right now. Well pre watching the video….I have to get £1900.00 in my bank account by the weekend which is 4 days aways in order to pay my outgoings from last month and now this month. Maaaaannnnn every month I go through this challenge, and have tried everything to unlock the blocks, and today Marie Forleo you have helped shift my mindset again so thankyooooou you are amazing.
    Love love love your videos.

  13. Nayana Dias

    Real good advice!.. I was thinking much the same thing as Chris… that no matter how hard you work it doesn’t seem to pay off!.. Will focus on the process and work towards making it perfect than worrying about the outcome. I guess if you turn out something good, the outcome cannot be too bad!

    Thanks Marie…. and your dress looked fab on you!

  14. Where do I start????? Oh, Marie! I set my timer and stopped everything to watch you on Steve Harvey yesterday! I could have been your momma the way I was bursting with pride! I have been getting Marie TV for years now, and I guess I now feel like we are family! LOL
    So…here’s the deal…you wanted other ideas about what people do when they are lonely, burned out and just plain sick of trying? Here’s one of my sure-fire spirit lifters –
    I sit down and write a Love Letter to a stranger. That’s right! I find enough stuff to wish someone that might make their day brighter that I can fill a note card. then I sign it, the other perfect stranger! 0:-) So, that already makes me smile …but then the best part is yet to come. I take that envelope addressed: To a Perfect Stranger – Yes, That is YOU! and I tuck it into the shelf at a local store! Honest, I do. I do this stealth activity that makes me feel like a pixie, a fairy… a private detective…and before you know it, I am smiling. Beaming from ear to ear.
    I know, it doesn’t pay the bills…and may not change the world, but it changes my world and make me feel rich.
    And that’s my A to YOUR Q!!!
    Nancy Jo Eckerson

    • Karen

      Nancy, thank you for sharing your beautiful tip of the love letter to a stranger. LOVE this! It made me both smile and tear up. Think I will give it a try! It makes me happy just thinking about it <3

    • Victoria

      i love it Nancy, i am sure you have lifted up so many people just when they have needed it with your secret stranger notes

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Nancy, that is BEAUTIFUL. What an incredible way to lift your own spirits while also improving someone else’s day. Love it!

    • Nancy, that is awesome! I love it. The idea brought a smile to my face too. I might have to try that one – I’m also a big fan of stationary so it would be a perfect reason to enjoy it more xo

    • Annette Phillips

      What an exquisite idea Nancy. My soul lifted just reading this. Thank you for being an exceptional human being . x

  15. What perfect timing Marie!! I have been struggling with a similar issue and I said to myself, “Maybe I just need to be present and the flow will come!”. And then your email appeared. Having goals is great but the process of getting there is even greater! Sweet… Thanks Marie!

  16. Tamara

    Great question Chris! I really needed this today. I finally decided to put myself out there and the reaction hasn’t been what I had hoped. So now 2 weeks in, it’s taking all of my strength not to give up. Thanks for this Marie. I read once the difference between an over-achiever and a high achiever is that the former focuses on the end goal and if it’s not achieved then it’s failure. But the latter focuses on the process or the progress and sees it all as success, even if the end goal is not achieved. I try to remember this, but it’s difficult at times. Thank you for affirming it today.

  17. Yes I needed this today! I keep feeling like I should be so much farther along in my business and have been losing motivation and action because of it. I’m flipping the switch to focus on the action! Thanks Marie!
    And OMG I can’t stop thinking about that crazy floss face hahahahaha!

  18. First off, you make me smile. Every time I watch your episodes, they motivate me just because they make me smile and laugh. Now to the heart of your episode. I’m in a situation where I’m really struggling to motivate to come up with new pieces. My success this past year has been HUGE, and I’m so busy working on fulfillment and administrative duties, that I don’t have enough time to be creative. And when I do have the time, I’ve got creative block. Oye! I do think, however, I am at my best when I can reach the “Flow” state of creation when I just start creating and doing, and loving the moment of working on something. So, I think I literally need to get back to the “drawing board.” 🙂

    • Hey Brett! In your case, I’d highly suggest you move PHYSICALLY. Do something intense — even if it’s for 15 or 20 minutes. Has to be full force, full body. Reset your system. Creativity lives in your body, not your mind. Change your physically state drastically, and you’ll re-ignite your creativity.

      • Thanks so much, Marie! I think running is in my future 🙂 I’ve had a stress-fracture and it has kept me less active than normal…maybe that is the issue!!!!

  19. Lacey

    100% awesome! I have been focusing on writing and rewriting my plans, goals, and figuring out what I want, which has become like work! Time to do and enjoy the creative process! Awesome! Sometimes it takes permission of persuasion. Thank you!
    Also, I’ve been watching the show, “A Day In The Life” produced by Morgan Spurlock after hearing about it on Tim Ferriss podcast, and a trend I’m noticing in all these people’s lives whom I consider successful, is that they surround themselves with good friends who support them, and they serve others! Service is huge for many successful celebs who want to chsnge the world, change the lives of youth like them, or make people laugh and dance! My take away today is, of course, you don’t have to be a celeb to make a difference in someone else’s life. One act of kindness is all it takes. Thank you, Marie!! I love the force of joy you bring!!

  20. Mindfulness 101! Staying “in the moment” is very much in line with the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn who developed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – definitely worth reading more about.

  21. Reading and listening about this immediately made me think about monks focusing fully on a task at-hand until the bell rings. I’ve been experiencing this “burnout” feeling lately, paired with overwhelm. I think this is exactly what I needed to hear today- to refocus with a micro view and save the macro for planning sessions. Thanks!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ah, so interesting about the monks, Betty. I’m glad this video was well timed for you!

  22. Laus

    Many a times most of the people feel like this. The reason being the appreciation of hard work is delayed. The advice given by you, to focus on the action is really good one. Also a focus on how to improve the same will yield good results. Thanks for sharing the thought.

  23. Love this video Marie, thank you for producing great content as always. I have a problem I’d love to have your insight on. I am an author and lately have had one of my competitors stealing all of my work and ideas by repackaging them as his own. I know that when you produce great content, someone’s likely to take credit for it. How would you suggest dealing with someone who is a content thief, yet does so “under- the -radar (not verbatim)? Thank you for all that you do!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Brigitte, I’m so sorry to hear that’s happening to you. We have an episode of MarieTV that might help! You can check it out here:

      You might also want to talk to your lawyer about intellectual property theft. It’s definitely wrong and likely illegal for someone to steal your work and repackage it as their own!

  24. Marie, I love your episodes and this one is right up there with them. Thank you so much. I’ve noticed that I’m getting caught up in the end/future/maybe result, and not being mindful here and now. Thanks for such perfect advice and for killing it with that dress!! 🙂


  25. Wow, so simple yet so freakin’ brilliant. Loved it!

  26. Yeah, dealing with the daily frustration of starting my own coaching business and working from home. But there isn’t a thing i try ti do, from emails to videos to social media to workshops that gets any views or attendance. Seem to be working for an absent audience and it is frustrating and hard to keep motivated. Especially when i tell people what i do and they all say, “that’s awesome, there is such a big need fir that!” And i don’t get the same reaction to the message i am putting out there. All i want to do everyday is help someone and change lives. Why is it so hard?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lindsey, I’m so sorry to hear how frustrated you feel right now. It may be that the people who are seeing what you’re putting out there aren’t the right folks for your business. Keep your consistency, though, and over time your ideal readers and clients will find you!

  27. Great episode today Marie! So true! Sometimes the end result seems so far away that it’s harder to stay motivated just focusing on that. I find that breaking my BIG goal down into small steps makes it easier to stay focused and motivated. I also know that if I don’t put it on my schedule then it won’t happen, so thank you for your “If it’s not on your schedule it doesn’t exist” episode! PS. Love your fashion and vlogging style!

  28. Diana

    Marie, I love your videos and omg, I love your dress! I am very happy that you told Chris how great it is that he’s self-aware, because that’s the first thing I thought. I’ve been dealing with this same issue and honestly, getting to a place where I CAN focus on what I’m doing has seemed impossible at times. I think other types of advice could have been sprinkled into this video, like how to release resistance to being “unproductive” and how to figure out what’s REALLY blocking you. I think it’s deeper; those are my two cents. Focusing on results is a symptom of society, but for some, it’s a symptom of becoming detached from that “spark” for life (therefore you spiral into disappointment). The advice about helping someone else is fabulous. I also think physical activity may be one of the quickest ways to get energy ‘un-stuck’ so you have access to inspiring thoughts that were out of reach just minutes ago. Much Love <3

  29. Fiona

    Mwuah. Mwuah Mr. Chris + Magical Lady M,
    THIS is exactly what I needed to see, hear + feel today.
    Inspiring + so simple. I’m all over making ‘isness’ my business.
    Thank You. Always,

  30. Hi Marie!

    This is the first time I write on your blog. And I think I understand perfectly what is the situation that is Chris.

    I’m from Spain and now I’m trying to finish my studies in university at the same time that I’m trying to generate incomes from my blogs.

    A few years ago, before I went to university, I had the best grade in my class. When I went to university, my grades dropped and I started in the world of blogging to make money.

    However, in the last two years, I always have the feeling that I’m not succeeding in school or at work, and I think that this feeling is due to the fact that I think too big and never reach 100% everything I propose.

    Now, after watching this video, I will try to focus more in the action that in the goal. It’s too difficult for me, because I’m a person that always think in success. But after going through several times when I have not felt good mentally, I think this video is just what I needed.

    Thank you so mucho for your advice.

    PS: sorry for my English, I’m trying to learn and I may make some mistakes.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Alejandro, thank you for your comment! So glad you decided to join the conversation and share your story. And hooray for good timing – awesome to hear that this episode came at just the right moment!

  31. What a powerful idea, Marie! While I know that staying in the present moment is the way to go, scientifically proving that you achieve more focusing on the now rather than focusing on the endgame is a revelation to me so thank you for that!

    I totally feel for Chris and can relate to his situation – I have boxes of unsold CDs and books as evidence! 🙂 And at this point in time, when I have now left the work of music education after 10 years to fully focus on my creativity, the ghosts of past failures are coming back to haunt me. But that never worked out before. How are you you going be successful this time?

    But what I try to keep in mind are the small wins. Am I making at least some progress? Did I reach or impact one more person over this past month? Did I make a few more dollars than I did last month? I may not know if someone will purchase a songbook after seeing someone perform the repertoire but if there is a positive reaction to the performance and the material, that’s saying something and that can keep me going.

    I am also going to try to have an adventurous spirit about it all this time around. Yes, that may not have worked but what about this? Let’s see what happens when I take that approach. Then it’s a game, a puzzle to solve! You don’t look at a puzzle and say, “Why don’t all of you pieces just sort yourselves out while I have lunch and let me know when you’re done?” No. Part of the fun is seeing it all coming together and discovering how the pieces fit!

    Success is relative and I always like to keep two things in mind. 1) Am I enjoying what I’m doing 2) Am I seeing any progress, even if they aren’t necessarily big leaps? And as long as those things are happening, I know I’m heading in the right direction.

    Arriba arriba, everyone!

    • Sheira

      Great stuff Tiffany! Good luck with all your ventures. And remember we are different people than we were 10 years ago: wiser, more experienced and more aware!!!!

  32. Wow. Right thing at the right time. Brilliant. Thank you!

  33. I Marie, love your insight. It’s true, it’s very important and genuinely exciting to focus on the process. In fact, I think there’s a definition of happiness, calling it a process and not a destination.
    I will apply this to my business life, as I try for a year to start and push forward my career as a motivational speaker. Starting off with a blog and writing over 100 articles without seeing yet the big results I want, it could be discouraging. But everything that is worth it, is worth working at.

  34. Tina, writer of Last To Let Go A guide to healing Heartbreak (coming soon)

    I am not sure how to do this as all my goals have always been focused with the end goal in mind If I am dieting than my focus is I’m not eating that carb right now because I want to look like the picture of me on my refrigerator I would never find enjoyment on wow I feel so great not eating that biscuit right this minute it feels so good. Maybe this is the reason I am not at my goals but I can’t imagine how I would get there enjoying the process the process ain’t pretty….Please shed some light as I am Open to new examples and change of thinking

    • Cristina

      Dear Tina, I just heard form a woman in Monterrey, Mexico, who undergoed diets for decades, even surgery, and never became skinny. Everything changed when she began focusing on acepting, loving and nurturing her body… That’s right… loving it as it is, and giving it the best to it, listening to it, talking kindly about it and to it. A whole new loving aproach in which you make peace with your body, and your body becomes grateful rather than resentful… and obedient! Hope this helps.

  35. Thanks for this! Watched this video while on a walk on a gorgeous day. Focusing on the journey of getting my fitness in – hey, it’s working!

  36. Linda Tinson

    Such a simply concept…thank you!!!

  37. So many persons give the advice that you should focus on your goals and what you could do with so much money (if could have it) … but that’s indeed mostly very frustrating … especially when the money is not coming in … Focusing on the process is absolutely the best advice right now for me. Focusing on creating new information, new programs and new ways of looking onto the world … Especially because I love what I do!
    Thanks so much Marie!

  38. Vanessa

    Exactly what I needed to hear at the perfect time. Thank you!

  39. Vera Zarth

    You are so right on… Thank you for the reminder and all of your videos!
    “Live your best life” a quote from my PT office!

  40. Totally agree with this. Terrific, inspiring episode. I’ve also heard this said as focus on “systems, not goals.” Obviously you have to do both. I make quarterly goals then break down all of the little actions that have to be done that quarter to achieve my goal. I put it all in a spreadsheet with the item and what week of the quarter it needs to be done. At the beginning of the week I map out what needs to be done and on what day. Then each day I break down the schedule by hour around meetings, etc.

    There’s nothing like focusing on One Thing at a Time that gives you this freeing feeling of zen flow. Sometimes I underbudget or overbudget time, but there’s nothing like accomplishing tasks to make you feel in control and, ultimately, unstoppable. Thanks for this reminder Marie. “Isness is your business.” Love it.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sonita, that’s an amazing system! You’re so right. Accomplishing a task is an amazing feeling, and can definitely create forward momentum. Thank you for sharing how you get things done! I’m sure it’ll be super helpful for others to read.

  41. Senait

    Just when I think your last video was the best yet – you spew out more great content that I really needed! How do you do that? 🙂 Loved your advice today, as a longgggg time writer who still hasn’t published a book – I struggle with impatience in a big way. I know I am an outcome oriented person which is actually burning me out and sort of making me despise the process of writing because I’m not getting there, so to speak. So what you said really resonated with me today – to just focus on the action not the outcome. It feels already quite liberating and more feasible than how I’ve been approaching the project for all these years! Sending you love & gratitude Marie! xoxo

  42. Victoria

    I am just wondering if you look @ the end result and break it down at all backwards to be the reminder of process….
    I am at work at the end of a day – and needed this, I feel like I am not getting anywhere except I manage to write/reply to 100s of emails every day…and let’s be honest, emails are kind of one sided & I don’t see them as progressing.
    I think your advice would be good across all areas of my life; just take that walk vs thinking of end goal of losing so much weight packed on over past years; take a deep breathe looking @ the sea in the morning vs thinking of how many things are on my to do list; write that blog post vs focusing and agonising of what the perfect blog would look like and so not writing a thing x

  43. Cristina

    People always ask “What do you want to achieve in life?” although the correct question should be “Who are you deep inside, and whom do you like to become and, therefore, what would you LOVE to share?”
    Marie, you come to the heart of things, that’s why what your videos are so touching and compelling. As a bachelor in philosophy I learned the the best plastic artist is that who focuses on the piece, and puts all his or her passion on it… and not the one considering recognition, trends, critics while at work… Maybe when God created the world, He wasn’t even thinking how Divine the outcome would be. It just was, as shared from Love and Being.

  44. Definitely resonate with Chris on this. Sometimes I feel I’m getting nowhere and I loose all drive. Get distracted. Junk food. TV/Movie. Anything but getting shunoogies done.
    I also recognise when I’ve been in the moment and focused on just that, I’ve created my best work. Recognising the resistance and circumventing it is a skill I’m getting better at every day. It can be reeeeeeally uncomfortable with physical reactions, but some days I have to push through. Get up, move around. Do press ups, something to break the low energy feeling.
    I’m going to try to slot in something else that’s creative in those moments. Practice guitar or something like this. I’d better be careful, because the guitar isn’t the work that’ll eventually pay for the rock’n’roll life style, so it could be a crafty way for the resistance to draw me from the work.
    The more I’m in tune with myself, the sneakier I find my un-serving habits become. They were settled in there reeeeeeal geeeeerd. Time to retire you old habits, read a book, learn to garden and grow something new. There’s some new habits on the block and they mean business.
    Thanks for all this free content Marie, you’re a huge reason why I haven’t packed up my photography gear, flogged on Ebay and disappeared up my own river of discontent.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Much love xx

  45. Jessica

    Hey Marie – I love your videos but with the new web layout, they don’t seem to work on my phone – they just show up as black boxes. Is it my phone?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Jessica, so sorry you’re having trouble! We’ll reach out via email to help troubleshoot!

  46. Nikitha Rayappa

    To know that everything is rigged in your favor and all your efforts will take you exactly where you best fit it. Act ~ trust your process ~ & know that everything happens for the best reason. Focusing & putting your efforts on becoming a better version of yourself automatically takes you steps closer to a life you always strived for!

    Big love Marie , thanks for being a great influence for everyone!!

  47. Ray

    My mentor posted this in our Team group and it validated what I’m concentrating on and doing daily, after even almost 2 years. Thanks for your tips and helping me to continue on my journey.

    • That’s awesome Ray, and please thank your mentor for me! 🙂

  48. Monique

    Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear. 🙂 I’ve been working diligently on paying attention to the process and I was starting to have some doubts. Thanks so much for the confirmation!

  49. Lack of motivation can be due to low dopamine — the brain chemical called the “motivation molecule”. You can increase dopamine with the right foods and supplements, exercise, meditation, creative hobbies, and coffee. 🙂 Also breaking down a goal into many small goals can help you stay motivated since every time you meet a goal (no matter how small) you get a dopamine boost which motivates you to do more. You can learn more about this by googling “dopamine motivation”.

    BTW, the “flossing episode” started my day with a good laugh. I so admire that Marie can be so sexy AND funny.

  50. Sudheer D, Nagpurkar

    1. The area of working now is my project. Putting lot of efforts but every thing is moving so slow.
    2. Always thinking positive even after the dull experiences and also Hope for the Best all the time

    Thank you very much for this video . I will concentrate on the action in action

    Sudheer .

  51. Marie…I love the way God and the Universe work. Yesterday, after pumping out a bunch of work for my business that I’m in the process of building…I went live on Facebook to give a quick talk. After I was finished, I noticed the small amount of engagement once again, and I broke down crying.
    I just felt exhausted, and discouraged. So I took a step back. And decided to just nurture myself in that moment. I meditated a bit, watched a Tony Robbins video, and took the rest of the day off.
    I reminded myself to trust the process, and remember that often conflict is just growth trying to happen. My struggle is a good sign.
    I woke up this morning with new eyes, and some great ideas for my business…and of course, this beautiful video in my inbox (perfect timing!)
    I plan to take the next few days easy, and just work when inspiration flows into me, rather than forcing anything.
    And now…because of this struggle…I have a blog post topic for next week!
    It’s all a blessing, and it has a reason.
    If anyone can just remember that, and trust the process…then they will do great work in this world!
    Always, thank you for your beautiful insight.

  52. Maria Torres

    This advise is exactly what I have been looking for the last few days.
    I don’t feel motivated to do exercise at the end of the day.
    After working long hours at the office and then doing my duties as a mom I feel like I have no energy and on top of that I don’t see results.
    Great advise, I will put it in practice
    Thank you so much for your help

  53. Starting a new business in May this year and not seeing much profit so far has been a huge lesson for me to focus on my why, and simply enjoy the process of what I’m doing without focusing too much on the results. I compare it to hiking – if I’m only focused on the end result of being at the mountaintop, I’m not going to enjoy the journey, and all of the steps it takes to get there. Thankfully I am doing something I enjoy, and the joy of doing is what keeps me going strong. <3 <3 <3

  54. Monica

    Marie, you are amazing! My english teacher introduces you to me, just to practice my listening on English’ lessons, and now, I am enchanted with the way you teaches us simple lessons.
    Maybe everybody once in a life fells that something isn’t work like they should. But the difference is not to give up easily. Who tells us that would be easy be sucessfull?

    Thank you! Have a good week!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Monica, how wonderful that your English teacher introduced you to Marie. We’re so happy you love her videos so much!

  55. This is interesting, but I do have a question. I run my own portrait business, and I love it! I’m a very passionate person and find myself enjoying almost every aspect of running a business and being a photographer. So much so that sometimes I lose sight of my goal and my actions are not focused enough. For example I’ve opened a gallery to showcase my fine art family approach to photography and I’m hosting a big opening event! I’ve enjoyed working with other local business owners and the community to create and promote it. But then I step back and realize maybe I didn’t target parents who invest in art/home decor enough (my actual target market to pay for my services). I’m excited about my event and have enjoyed creating it—but now I wonder if my lack of focusing on the end goal while I made each decision will mean all the hours of effort won’t be the boon to my business I was hoping for. Can you share more about this nuance of guiding ourselves toward the event goal while focusing on the process?? Thanks Marie!

  56. Virginia Reeves

    If I feel like I’m not moving forward ‘fast enough’ I recall some of the things I have accomplished and am proud of. This builds my confidence back up. This episode reminds me that ‘living in the moment’ is part of the process.

  57. Lol!! Thank you for the laugh, I almost spit out my coffee watching the flossing bit. I have been feeling this way lately, building an organization and trying to start my own products, spending so much time but feeling like no traction is happening. I do spend way to much time focusing on the results and not enjoying the actual work. I got my light boxes in the mail and going to open those up today and figure out how to use them so I can start creating my video content! Thanks for the pep talk and laugh today Marie!

  58. Another great one Marie! I so needed to hear this right now. In my case comparing myself to others is a great recipe for feeling terrible and then losing the motivation. I’d also add that sometimes we work really hard at something and expect instant results. Sometimes a bit of patience is required and then we can enjoy the journey as you say, however long it may take to reach our goals.

  59. This is very timely. I am an artist and sometimes get bogged down in the rejections that come with submitting my work for shows and grants etc.
    I sometimes forget that I should just keep making work and not worry about the response I get. I get much more joy from the process of making things.
    Thanks. I’m going to focus on the action – not the outcome.

  60. Marie and Team Marie,

    You guys are THE BEST! Thank you for the reminder!

    Lost of love!

  61. Writing. My editor was waiting for book number three and I until I realized because I was writing through grief, and that every book is different, I had to slow the whole process down and just go with what needed to happen, to trust everything was happening just as it needed to. It meant editing a line could take an hour; however, once I started to embrace I would get it done one step at a time, it happened. Woohoo. The relief joy inside of having achieved it when my negative thoughts wanted to say I couldn”t was wonderful. It’s never felt so great to feel like a deflated balloon. I emailed it off this month and just sat with the wonderful relaxed, exhausted feeling for a while and received it.
    I am rereading ‘The Desire Map’ and that is helping me be in joy and discovering more where my joy is.
    Trusting my instinct and deciding in the morning, ‘Okay, I am going to do whatever my instinct says without questioning’ really helps me be in the joy of action and do things beyond what my conscious mind believes I’m capable of.
    And I like to do a new or scary thing each week and it always delights and surprises me when I drown out the thoughts in the doing and witness the wonders we are capable of. Woohoo. Hugs .

  62. I absolutely love this Marie! It makes me think, really all of your videos do! Thanks for making them. To answer your questions, I think all areas of my life would benefit. Thinking this way will help the rest of my life. I love that you made a video flossing too! That’s beyond words awesome, and lets people know that even public figures have to floss, etc. so that’s a huge statement. Thanks for adding that Marie, and thanks for reminding everyone that they’re not alone!
    I think that my continuing to create, and find info. for future fundraisers to help others in need will benefit most! That’s because I AM happier when I’m in the middle of a project, and NOT thinking about the outcome. I’ve concentrated really hard on the outcome of my fundraising events. The fact that the foundations I wish to help would help others was not the main thing I was concentrating on. I was concentrating on my wanting to be a part of helping. This is hard for me to admit, but in concentrating on that, I was concentrating on me. It never even crossed my mind that in order for me to create anything, I can’t just think about helping others, I have to be relaxed enough to do it. I have to stop thinking about my health getting better in order to help others, relax, and trust that will happen.
    To keep me motivated, and engaged, I do a few things. I go through other artists posts and compliment them. Like you said, it makes me feel better. I tend to forget that though, and need reminders. I draw, paint, etc. to help me deal with everyday life. It helps me to forget about dwelling on what is going on in my life and think of others again. If that doesn’t work for some reason, I turn off all technical things and meditate. I also LOVE poetry and reading so that often relaxes me as well.
    Thank you for posting these things Marie! I need reminders of such things, because I often forget them. You are a blessing to this world.

  63. I really found this to be life lifting for me and here’s why. I have been seeing my life in general go for a spin like clay on a potters wheel. From my finances, to dream pursuits, relationships, my job, my family with various health issues, to wondering, “when will I see some real, I mean real progress and profit.” Honestly Marie, staying positive is all I can do at times. I’ve been taking more direct action when I am working on my music, I shut my phone off, I close the door, I write, I listen, I feel so alive in this escaped place, like my very own mini island in a city. So hearing you mention to just focus on what you are doing, not so much achieving is not all easy, I’m sure you are aware of that, but this serves as a reminder to me to keep doing it. The disappointments have not ceased and may not, but this reminder to keep going that the world needs my dream – believe it or not, the tears in my eyes at the moment need no gravity to come way down. Thank you, I needed this, badly.

  64. Hello Marie,

    Here I thought I’m self-motivated, but you’ve said is genius. It looks so simple in that if what I’m doing is NOT working, then change the process of what I’m doing! Marie, you’re just a great motivator! Thanks again!

  65. Service work, hands down, is what saves me. When I’m unmotivated and bummin’ about my paid work life, the fact that I do this really important volunteer work in my community reminds me that I’m actually doing okay. My heart is well and I’m contributing, and that’s what matters to me the most.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely love that, Caroline! Good for you, and thanks for sharing.

  66. Kat

    This is so aligned with where we are in our business–again and again. Doubt starts creeping in, especially in these past summer months when business has tended to slooowww waaay dowwwn. And we start asking those pesky questions, like, “Is this really what we are supposed to do? Why isn’t this working?” If I’m not careful, I can go straight down into a tailspin. The remedy? This one statement always, ALWAYS sets me straight…and I’m going to get a little bit spiritual up in here…”If God/The Divine/The Universe/Creator/Life wants me to do something else, She will put it in my face!” I have to relax, breathe, and trust that I am doing exactly what I need to do IN THIS MOMENT, and if that needs to change, it will, and I will. Thanks, Chris, for daring to bare your soul and enlighten us all.

  67. I wrote about this in my blog when I talked about process vs. product (end result) thinking…
    “So what is the difference between process and product thinking and why is one better than the other?
    When you focus on the product you create…a product, a thing, an inanimate object, an end result.
    When you focus on the process, it affects and changes you. You struggle, learn, practice, improve, grow. You come out of it a different person than going in.”
    With process thinking you are creating your LIFE…

  68. Monica

    Thank you for your video, as always is so inspiring!!
    I want to add that it helps to stay focused on the present if you are in a gratitude mode really looking at what you already have or accomplished an being thankful for it, instead of just putting your attention on what is still missing.

  69. always on target!

  70. Ahhhhh! This video was amazing! Especially for us multi-passionates who have a lot of projects on the go. I’ve been seeing that wall of overwhelm looming and this was SUPER helpful! I’m excited to dive into the action that’s needed right now. THANK YOU! :0)

  71. Clay

    Ms. Forleo,

    Wow, that video on focusing on the process instead of the goal to maintain motivation was just what I needed to hear for my songwriting. Thank You!


  72. Hi Marie,

    I just happen to be reading Nathaniel Branden’s, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem and by particular coincidence I was just at page 20, a passage entitled; ‘When nothing is “Enough”‘.

    Chris and your followers may find it interesting. Vincent (Dublin, Ireland).

  73. I love this episode! It’s so in line with what I’ve just run away for the weekend to do – The Desire Map. It makes so sense to be present in the moment, focused on what I’m doing and how I want to feel rather than obsessing about numbers and deadlines and outcomes. To be honest, most of the time, when I do achieve a certain outcome I’ve been working toward, the “high” only lasts a short time anyway. The joy is in the doing. I feel like it’s a whole new perspective that will lead to more happiness and fulfillment, regardless of outcome.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Sarra!

  74. Really great Marie. Thank you for this little pearl of wisdom. A great way to start my Tuesday. Best of luck with your journey Chris. Love from Colorado!

  75. Sheesh, Do you have “perfectly timed videos” on your resume? I have been floundering in working my toosh off and not seeing results lately.
    Thanks for the push in the right direction, as always.
    (By the way, I look forward to the silly clips at the end of your videos almost as much as the videos themselves.)

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Dawn! Thank you for your note, and we love that you’re always laughing with us at the end.

  76. How does this concept jive with “keep your eye on the prize” and “do it for your why?” As logical it sounds, it seems a little contradictory to other advice about staying motivated. Would love to hear some thoughts on that!

    • Hey Melissa! You need both parts. Think about it like a dance.

      Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and a compelling emotional reason why it’s truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path, it’s important to stay engaged in the moment and give your all to the process itself.

      If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Get connected to your heart. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those.

      Make sense?

  77. This tweet-able is so relevant to me at the present moment that I often think Marie is talking to me directly. I am working on my first romance novel and have been for the last year. I always put aside my phone and other distractions when writing.

    I think when you are passionate about something you must give it your full attention in order to grow in that area.

    I also can see how this applies to all areas of life. Being present and fully focused on who and whats in front of you is important.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Thank you for watching, Zoraida.

  78. This makes such sense. When you focus on the process, you’re in the moment. You are perfectly centered in the present. When you focus on the outcome, you’re thinking of the future. All your power is in the present moment.

  79. Rich

    Hi Marie,
    I really related to Chris’s post. I’m 36 in Salt Lake City and am in real estate. Though this may well be my best year ever, I still feel like I’m swimming upstream and some of my peers are making up to 10 times what I am while seemingly doing the same exact thing. I’m feeling totally demotivated and often struggle at keeping a consistent schedule because I’m not getting the results I’m looking for. My focus has obviously been on my bank account rather than on what really matters to me and what I truly enjoy about the business in the first place. I have a genuine love of real property and assisting those who’s lives I get to touch along the way enhance the quality of their lives.
    From now on I get to remember why I chose this career, my love and passion for the process of working with people.
    Thank you!!

  80. erin

    Maybe I am not entirely understanding the message, but this seems contrary to all the other personal development advice on this topic! I have read/heard that you want to focus on the outcome, not the process. That the individual steps towards your goal can be…well…not fun, and if you focus on how tough that is, and not on your excitement of your bigger goal – then you end up not doing the individual steps. Maybe the key is that Marie is saying “enjoying the process” but sometimes that just doesn’t really seem reasonable for many things…for example flossing…I don’t really see myself tricking myself into finding that enjoyable! But I do like the idea of not having to get fillings.

    • Hi Erin. Thanks for your comment. I responded above addressing this. Don’t think of it as either or, think of it as BOTH. It works like a dance.

      Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.

      Make sense?

  81. Each time I come back to Marie TV I wonder why I have been away. Thanks for the great content with such a fun delivery!

  82. This video was sent to my inbox at the perfect time! I, too, was starting to get discouraged by my lack of results. But thanks to your tip, I will regroup and refocus my energy into the process, not the results. Thanks for the very timely video!!! You’re the best!

  83. Angie

    Hi Marie!
    This is simple and amazing advice you’ve given to Chris and thanks to this episode to me as well! When you focus on a process even washing dishes can be a meditation 😉
    Thank you for reminding me that!

  84. Thanks so much for this awesome reminder!!!

  85. Interesting point of view. However, considerable research also supports a different approach. It shows that, because of “structural dynamics,” when we hold in our minds a clear picture of what we want to create and at the same time have a clear picture of what our current situation, assets and challenges are, we automatically have an energizing force that helps to propel us forward.(Fritz, 1986, 1996) The research you cited didn’t show that better results were achieved, simply that people seemed to enjoy the process more. Also, “losing weight” is not an end goal — it is a problem to solve. Focusing on a positive outcome is different. Weighing a certain amount or, better, being in good shape and healthy (with specifics) is an end goal. However, one caveat – IF we have a sense of having to have (otherwise known as attachment) the outcome, we will get in our own way. So, focusing on the desired end result while at the same time being clear about the current reality (including our frustration, for example) is a very powerful motivator — and not only to keep us interested and having fun — it is an approach more likely to help us reach our goals. You may find the writing of Robert Fritz: The Path of Least Resistance, Creating, Your Life as Art, Corporate Tides. Thanks for your always interesting and motivating talks!

  86. Perfect timing for this video today! Been so results driven lately, that I’ve lost the joy and genuine drive from work, b/c I didn’t have a good higher context for my business that would ground me in the present moment.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Alejandro.

  87. Thank you Marie for your playful, inspiring and insightful talk! I love how you keep it fun, for I think that being playful with the process is key! I have been reluctant to dive into the marketing and sales of my coaching and music teaching business, for I was deep down afraid of being rejected and it just seemed like a lot of work, but what I’m discovering is marketing is all about connecting, which is what I love to do, and I can do it in fun creative ways and develop consistency and integrity in these relationships, which is what you model. Many Blessings to you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that discovery, Emily! Good for you!

  88. Jo

    Hi Marie

    This is so true!! I once did a sporting event I thought was beyond my reach – a half ironman. I set this as a goal because I had heard somewhere that focusing on a really big goal that may actually not be achievable was a way of achieving more compared to using SMART goals or more realistic achievable goals. Now, whilst I did have an end goal, that wasn’t what I focused on. I just focused on doing the training each week – swimming, running, cycling. And at the end of it all, I did complete the event! I have found this to be true many times in my life and often I don’t subscribe to the theory of writing down one’s goal because for me, focusing on the end goal hasn’t often worked unless I have focused on the daily grind that gets you there be it clean eating, answering more emails, working on that project.
    I feel so empowered by today’s episode I can feel myself just wanting to jump into my day and just work on what needs doing…
    Thank you!

  89. Thank you Marie! Love this video! It is so true we are always looking to the future and sometimes we forget to focus on the NOW! Such a great reminder to focus on the ACTION not the END RESULT!

    P.S. that dress is everything! You look amazing! 🙂

  90. You know what Marie? I was JUST talking about this very topic last night with my husband. If feels that my whole family is currently stuck in this loop of passionately working on a project and then having a panic attack that there is no point to the whole thing and it will never be successful. Even my 17 year old son is wondering how his school art assignments will get him a good job when he’s 30!!!! LOL! I’ve been giving my son advice but not taking my own advice! I’ve been stopped in my creative tracks by big picture worries and the advice to focus on the process is golden. I currently don’t have any clients and in a panic that I will never have one again! Instead of getting out there and “doing” I’m just in my office fretting. Not good!

    Thanks Marie for somehow getting inside my head and bringing this email in my inbox today. It’s exactly what I needed!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hadley, so glad to hear that! 🙂

  91. Chris Bello

    Thank you for answering my question, Marie! It’s nearly a year later and your videos have been integral in helping me make a 180 in my life. Not everyhing is perfect, but it’s so much better.

    For anyone debating whether or not you should send a question in to Marie, you should ABSOLUTELY go out of your way to do so. Your question may not make it on to the show, but Marie’s team does an incredible job of making sure you still leave with tools for improvement at your disposal. They had already helped me, but this episode was a cherry on top of the whole experience!

    Motivation is still an issue for me. I knew what the answer for improvement was going to be before you even said it, because your team was so phenomenal before. But, it was nice to get a more in-depth answer that served as a self-check for me.

    Thank you for everything!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Chris, thank YOU for sending in your great question. We’re honored by your incredibly thoughtful note here, and it means so much to us to know we helped and encouraged you. Thank you for being here with us as you work towards your goals!

    • Hello Chris! Thanks for your Q and for your kind words. I’m thrilled to hear about the progress you’ve made 🙂 If you’re up for it, send more details to me [email protected] — I’d love to hear more about your story. Keep rockin!

  92. Kid, you’re 19! You ain’t even paid your dues, yet! This question/attitude is the exact reason that people think millennials are insufferable.

    Marie’s response was fantastic, and timeless, as always. Giving your attention to the work, and not your sense of entitlement (attachment) to the outcome, is “the way!”

    I would argue that the question actually *wasn’t* that self-aware. At 19, you haven’t had enough time to really engage in hard work. Settle in! Try harder! Fail! Fail, again! Fail forward! Learn more! Do more! And, then, after all that’s done, I would be willing to bet you will actually BE MORE!

  93. Making Isness Your Business is my FAVORITE Marie-ism ever!!

    I was just thinking yesterday about how that was the one thing that stuck with me when reading her book years again. And here you are to show me again <3

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Laura, thank you for sharing that — we love hearing about nuggets that really stick. xoxo

  94. OH MY GOSH! I just teared up! I’ve been frustratingly unmotivated in several areas.
    This tip really nailed it. I always hear “keep the end goal in mind”, “focus on what you want to achieve”etc… well, that wasn’t working. So I’m taking your advice and going to start just enjoying the process let’s see where that takes me. I pretty much know where I want to go to and what my goals are so I’ll just have those playing in the background while I focus on enjoying the process/journey.
    Thank you Marie!!
    … and thanks Chris for asking.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Tirzah, we’re so happy to hear this helped!

  95. This is a simple but powerful concept and it may be the secret of success.

  96. My passion is writing. I have my first book, “My Life in a Tutu,” published with two more memoirs in the works. I also have a column in our local newspaper and am a contributor to Sadly, I need a day job to pay the bills.

    My career as a realtor allows me some freedom for my writing, but can also be highly stressful so all I want to do at the end of the day is pass out. I’m constantly searching for the motivation to finish this next book. My publisher is waiting and I’m often side tracked.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      That sounds really stressful, Jackie. I know writing is a challenging profession, so we’re sending good vibes your way as you’re finishing your next book. You got this!

  97. Jules

    Have to say I was taken by surprise with this one. I always thought focussing on the end goal was the key. I’m going to try this and see the difference. Oh, and I love the outfit, Marie.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      Hi Jules! Marie shared some additional insight about this in the comments above, which I’ve pasted below:
      “Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      “If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.”

      I hope that helps. We appreciate you tuning in! 🙂

  98. SGW

    Oh my gosh, this is me right now, things worked out for a time, had a son, bought a house, but in 2014 I was laid off, you Marie helped me keep my sanity during that time. I went back to school, and now applying, for jobs, attending interview after interview nothing, even did a boot camp on interviewing skills, the feedback great candidate but no offers, by the way I am 56 yrs old, Trinidadian with a strong Caribbean accent and disability, which has never stopped me in the past. My mantra is I am Grateful, humble and fulfilled, after following you, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Eckert Tolle, and Tony Robbins, I have joy and peace of mind. I am trying to just remain in the now and know that I am fulfilled, but like your last video crickets. Marie I have lost my home, which the blessing is no debt. I do need a job to keep a roof over me and my son’s head, which I know definitely will materialize. It is just that I have my moments. Thank you, thank you for sharing this other angle to look at my situation. Trust me I have tried all your suggestions after all you know who I follow, so I guess like you and all the others have said, stay in the moment knowing and feeling you are fulfilled. My prayer is : Jesus said I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly and that’s the truth. I just keep telling myself this will make a great testimony after this part of my journey.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      Hi SGW! Our team emailed you with some info to help. 🙂

  99. Dennis

    Hey, Marie great episode. Love the video. What keeps me motivated I’m doing what I love my passion. I wake up every day and I get to do what I love. When I run into a problem I don’t let it stop me. I always find a way to work through it. If I tried something to grow my business and it didn’t go as planned. No big deal. I don’t always look at failing is a failure. Because if I did, I would not be where I am today. I never give up. But, when I do get down in the dumps, I just go for a walk with dogs and drink a few cool ones. Haaa..
    Here’s what help me. This is what I told myself the most important thing to remember is you never give up or you’ll never grow a business you love. Thanks. Talk soon!

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      That’s such a great perspective, Dennis! It reminds me of a quote I heard awhile back: “There’s no such thing as failure. You either win or you learn.” Keep up the awesome work.

  100. Lucy Bodeman

    This is such great advice: focus on the process, rather than the outcome!! Loved watching your latest episode, and totally cracked up when you did the ‘floss your teeth’ part. Hilarious!
    But the message reads loud and clear on this end. I work as a high school teacher, as well as (English) language tutor. When I have time to myself, I enjoy scrapbooking. A lot of friends I scrapbook with have this huge issue about their project coming out beautiful, perfect…and fear if it isn’t “good enough”. I say, get rid of all the “what ifs” and just enjoy being creative and having fun!! Maybe one day they’ll figure it out. 🙂

  101. Ana

    Hmmm. Tony Robbins says focus on the outcome. I like your focus on the process too. What’s a girl, who follows you both, to do?

    • Hi Ana 🙂 These ideas are not mutually exclusive. Don’t think of it as either or, think of it as BOTH. It works like a dance.

      Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.

      The quality of your work will be higher and you’re much more likely to feel fulfilled along the journey.

  102. Hello Marie, my name´s Mónica and I live in Portugal. I’m a language teacher and I’ve got a study centre. I opened it almost three years ago. When school year begins it is always difficult to find new students . There are three more study centers nearby what makes things more difficult. Every year I spend money in advertising but it’s seems it’s not enough as the other study centers always have more students than my own. What do you suggest me to do to arrange more students? Sometimes I feel like giving up. So money spent in advertising and it seems it doesn’t work… And when summer holidays come it is even worse… no money to pay the rent and other expenses… Waiting for your precious help. All the best for you. Mónica X

  103. Amanda

    This is such an amazing video, thank you so much! May I throw in a more personal and specific question?
    I’m creating a 2D animated short. Not only is it a painstakingly slow process, but you constantly need to be imagining and thinking of the end goal, the finished piece and what it’s going to look like and what reactions it’s supposed to have and etc. Would anybody have any tips on applying the “focus on the process” idea to artistic projects of this sort?

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      That sounds so cool, Amanda! Although I’m not sure about artistic projects like this specifically, Marie shared some additional wisdom in an earlier comment about focusing on the end goal vs focusing on the process. I’ve pasted that below in hopes that it’s helpful:
      “Don’t think of it as either/or, think of it as BOTH. It works like a dance.

      “Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      “If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.”

      • Amanda

        That’s amazing, thanks so much! 😀

  104. I used to hear this type of advice and my automatic thought would be, “but then I would just be stuck experiencing all these awful things that I HAVE to do”. What I didn’t realize was that once I started being more present, I was much more motivated to create a life I wanted to stick around for, rather than enduring so much stuff I just didn’t need to. So not only did I feel more present and get the benefits of that, but I saw everything more clearly, and saw that if I didn’t like being present when I only had 5 hours sleep, then probably I should do something about that. It seems so simple, but gee it’s powerful.

  105. Yasmin

    Love it , thank you !
    Totalmente deacuerdo !

  106. Getting my speaking, coaching, and book up and RUNNING…with actual interest from actual people! I get so bogged down in the over “vision” of my life design that I can have a hard time finding the motivation to power through the challenges of kids, job, responsibilities also competing for my time and energy.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      So glad this was helpful, Jaime! You’ve got some amazing gifts to share and we really hope you’re feeling inspired.

  107. Great question and beautiful reminder that all we are and do comes from the present. I sometimes get caught up in that monkey mind that takes me traveling in my head to places that aren’t necessary to go.
    Focusing on the act I’m/you’re in is hugely helpful and a lifelong must.
    Thank you!
    Karen Shoshana
    Wellness Girl

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      Exactly! Love it. 🙂

  108. But I thought you should focus in your goal to get things done? Isn’t this contradicting one another? I’m a bit confused. Please enlighten me.. thank you Marie!

    • Hey Mark! I responded above addressing this. Don’t think of it as either or, think of it as BOTH. It works like a dance.

      Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.

      The quality of your work will be higher and you’re much more likely to feel fulfilled along the journey.

  109. André Marcondes Teixeira

    But, what if I really wanted to achieve some goal? Should I just forget all my goals?

    • Hey André! Goals are GREAT. It’s not either/or. Both goals and process are necessary. If you enjoy the process while you’re working towards your goal, you’re much more likely to stay on track and find fulfillment along the way.
      Goals provide direction, clarity and focus. And, once you have that clear vision, shift your attention to the task at hand.

  110. Ljubisa

    Bravo, Marie,
    Every your word was true. Any comment is superfluous. I am in situation similar with that of Cris, but I am not asking myself about results. The goal is not all we wont, something is in the way toward it!
    Thanks, Ljubisa

  111. Wow! You’ve articulated what I have felt for decades and not been able to comprehend fully… When I have focused on the journey rather than the destination, be it getting fit, create a song or a blog post, I’ve done what I think was my best work… but when obsessing about an outcome (establishing a morning and a bed routine for example) , I go half heartedly and give up before long. Because there’s no joy!

    Excellent insight Marie, as always!
    Grazie mille

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      So true, Rudiano! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.

  112. Rick VanderHoek

    This was such a timely blog to read. I have felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels and getting no where fast. Sooo I will now focus on the process and not the end goal.
    Thanks Marie….I appreciate your videos and humor.

  113. Carla Ruiz

    Hi Marie, thanks for the video! It was like Universe send you to me right in this special and specific moment!! Well, the area that would be more beneficied with this strategy were my professional area, because if I really focus and enjoy to cure my patients, I’m pretty sure I’ ll do with all my heart and they would be very thankful; that only means I’m going right to my goal. What I do to keep me focus is visualize my next new car and inmediatly I got a happiness feeling that makes me go on!! If is not the car, it could be mi Master graduation or my next trip to Europa (long term planes) I think to visualize helps a lot!!

  114. alison melahn

    you are such a motivator, i love it… thanks

  115. Larene Ring

    My best friend sent me this episode and it was like an answered prayer! I so needed this today. I’m an insurance agent building a book of business from scratch. I’ve been at it almost a year. It requires a lot of energy, hard work and patience. I’ve been feeling a little hopeless the last week as things aren’t happening as quickly as I had anticipated. I believe this technique will be helpful in getting me over the hump. All things in life keep pointing me back to living in the moment and being present. Also I want to add that I actually laughed out loud at the flossing part! Thanks for great information and the laugh. I needed both!

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      So glad this week’s episode was right on time, Larene! We’re in your cheering section as you’re going for your dreams.

  116. I can definitely apply this to my life coaching practice more often! When I first began my journey to fulfill my purpose as a life coach two years ago, I could not have imagined how overwhelming running my own business could be at times. Even with expert coach training, the business (sales and marketing) aspect was a new world to me. So when I get overwhelmed with business matters, I remind myself that I am a work in progress – that I am here to serve others and to learn with a trusting heart and mind. I actually practice this strategy, but it does takes consistent, mindful intention. I have a great group of peer coaches and we are all pretty good about reaching out to each other for support or to even celebrate small “wins” (like when a client says “I never thought of it like that before”). Ultimately, it’s the process and present moment that holds the most value. I think the best results show up when we honor ourselves by extracting and applying the value from the lessons that we need to learn the most 🙂 Thanks so much for making the video! You are amazing!

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      That’s super smart, Heather! Right on. 🙂

  117. Thanks for this Marie. I have been teaching art, working on call jobs, and trying to get my ceramics business off the ground and its become a path to burnout lately. I feel like I have lost the joy I used to feel when I created something new. I will take this advice to heart and focus on the mindfulness of the present moment in everything that I do.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling burned out. That’s so tough. I hope that burned out feeling will pass and that you’ll enjoy making ceramics again soon.

  118. Mariam

    What if you don’t know your direction, and your doing things and staying in the present moment, but its all scattered around, not really focused on one specific route or path? Then, nothing gets accomplished again..

  119. Every day for the past 19 months I attend physical, occupational, aqua and massage therapy as I work to over come being quadripolegic. As you stated Maria, keeping ones mindset in the moment – I see every day as a better day. When my days are challenged I reach out to other patients & compliment their progress and encourage their efforts! This keeps my focus on positive results always. Maria, Thank you for validating my process!

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Nancy! Your inner wisdom is speaking to you and we’re so happy it’s saying to focus on the positive. 🙂

  120. I have been struggling with this very thing like crazy lately! Had a mini-meltdown on my morning hike with the Hubs this morning because I was stressin’ about outcomes instead of, well, hiking.


    Very timely.

  121. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for a great reminder to focus on what we’re doing and keep clear on our goal.
    I feel demotivated right now, so i choose to watch your video. And i’m feel motivated now. I must think what the most important thing in my life. And don’t forget to help somebody.
    If i’m feel demotivated, sometimes i to take a break for a while, getting some fresh air and read some motivation quote.
    Thanks again Marie & team.

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      That’s definitely wise, Tina. Taking breaks and helping others are wonderful ways to get inspired and motivated. 🙂

  122. Pam Reed

    The timing of this is, as usual, creepily spot on for me. I also went over to watch the ‘make isness your business’. Fantastic. I have been miserable for six years after my job became redundant. I have been whinging and whining and RESISTING my present, feeling and expressing the whole victim things over and over, driving my friends and myself nuts. I know this isn’t who I am and it’s not my truth, my life, AT ALL. I’ve been trying to find that key that would unlock this stuck awful place I’ve been wallowing in and I believe I just found it right then. Thank you so much!! I am a creative person; the job I took when my children were little was good, but I was a little bit of a square peg in a round hole. I have to find my creative self again. I’m building up a business and it’s taking ages – so much experimenting and resolving, but that’s all very necessary. I am frustrated with that, but more to the point, frustrated with the lack of income while I’m doing all those necessary foundational things. So, what you say totally resonates with me, in all things. I have to look at the process and not where I want to be, and that’s when I get into my genuine, happy flow. I’m so happy to have watched this today. Thank you so much. I LOVE your genuine wisdom. Thanks to your wonderful team as well. You look to have a passionate cohesive one, which supports your genuineness (is that a word?), xxx

    • Mandy Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart so openly, Pam! We sincerely hope you’ll be able to get back to your creative self soon. Your happiness is important. 🙂

  123. Plan the work, work the plan, pay attention to the details and analytics and metrics. That’s what works for me.
    Great video

  124. Hello to you Marie
    I have followed your inspirational videos for quite some time now and have enjoyed the refreshing approach to work ethics.
    Now I’m watching for a very different reason!

    I’m recovering from a stroke and have made a lot of progress over the last 10 months since that major event in my life. I am usually very motivated but there are times when I just run out of steam and question what I’m doing in this journey of recovery. So your video today hit the spot completely – you popped up at JUST the right time!

    Thank you Marie for your reminder that the way to get what we want is to help someone else get what they want first ( Zig Giggler) so I’m following up with Australian Stroke Foundation to do some Voluntary work in helping new stroke patients deal with the changes they are faced with.
    Now my energy is back up there!
    All the best

  125. Great advice Marie, I recently accepted a position of District Manager and the sales reps had a habit of complaining and not having any direction as to activity, belief, and visions toward their sales objectives. So, I started every day with the sales reps describing the process they had to do daily in order to achieve the sales objectives set out in front of them. It was not micro management as I participated with them to show them if I can obtain great sales results they can too, by just focusing on the process and making the habit of doing more productive activities every morning and afternoon the fun will return and the sales results will follow. It worked, and now the team is 112% of objectives and not struggling at 65%. I love your work,. advice and coaching.

  126. Deborah

    I take a walk while I listen to podcasts about online marketing. It feels like a friend is talking to me, giving me advice.

  127. Mary Lahti

    Hi Marie and as usual, thanks for the tip. I would agree that process does help to motive when aiming for the goal seems to be far from reality. It’s almost like how a day goes by slowly when you are waiting for 5:00 to roll around. But if you can focus 100% on a task, it helps take the mind off the desired goal and actually make the day go by faster and perhaps even enjoy the day. 🙂

  128. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for this one! It inspired me to write my newest blog post and create an infographic based on the information you provide in the episode. I’m a teacher, so I tend to apply all learning to education. I hope you don’t mind. It’s called Metacognition: Hacking Performance.

  129. 2 parts of my life would definitely be more fulfilling – in my relationship with my man because I would not be putting the pressure on him to make it more fulfilling, but just be swimming in what’s awesome right now! And as a professional artist, on the days no money comes in from my art I can put that energy back into improving technique, craft, how I talk, move, act.

    On the days or weeks my hard work does not seem to be paying off I attempt to train my mind on gratitude. I train myself not to obsess on what is wrong or lacking. I focus on gratitude for the things I have: my health, my friends, the wind in the trees, the opportunities coming my way, that there really is no END goal I am wanting to reach – but this moment that is fulfilling will make my next moment even richer, then the next, then the next.

  130. It is moments like these that I stop to think : I realize that the universe is truly aligned to get you what you desire. Ive been feeling really down about my lack of results with my start up. I feel like Ive hit a wall and I cannot find a detour area to keep going. This video has just given me some perspective. Now I see that the problem is not the lack of results but the lack of efforts in your work, along with patience. This was truly helpful and I will definitely focus more on staying in task and working a little extra harder to keep pushing than on the actual results I expect to get.
    If any of you are interested, I would like to open a open group chat to help each other out in this community with some trick or tips! Cheers.

  131. Scarlett

    Hi Marie,

    This video comes right in time and I absolutely love your vibrant personality! Some clarifications:

    1. When you say focus on your actions, what about setting a goal like working out for 1 hour per day or run 10 rounds across the field? Are these consider as process goal or end goal? I find that I dread myself whenever I set goals like this as I’m the type of person who does thing seriously for first three days and fall back to old habit of (not working out for example) the next couple of weeks.

    2. When we are focusing on our process goal, how are we able to ensure if that process ACTUALLY contributes to your end goal? For example, one’s end goal might be to get XYZ sales revenue, and the process taken is to cold call 10 customers per day. Let’s say we’ve done this for a month and the end result is horrible. How are we able to distinguish if the poor end result is because of poor cold calling techniques (therefore an improvement on cold call is needed) or because of the action of cold calling itself contributes very little to sales (therefore stop cold calling and try other sales method)?

    Your wisdom is much appreciated,

  132. Gosh YES! So true!!! Remain present and just ENJOY the process. That will allow an even more magical outcome than what you could’ve ever anticipated!

  133. Ketsela

    Thanks a lot Marie for sharing us your insight. It seems scientifically proven that focusing on the on going process pays off for sure. So I think this strategy would help me to bring the desired results in my relationships and writing career.
    Another way I use to keep myself motivated especially when my efforts don’t appear to be paying off is contemplating this kind of idea: Feeling of boredom is one of the challenges that should be overcome and what makes success meaningful. That’s why we call success success. Most successful people in the world didn’t hire motivator. They just could transcend challenges and motivate themselves. If they could do that why can’t you Ketsy? Just start it and you can quit it any time, even in the middle of the first sentence. I promise, I won’t scold you in any way. Most of the time this works for me.

  134. Marie,

    I’m a big fan of your videos and was very happy to see you tackle this issue about how to stay motivated when you are not seeing results.

    It’s what’s happening to me at the moment as I am working on my online business. I want to live on my own terms and be able to quit my day job but it’s not always easy to put yourself out there. I have very low-self esteem and taking my own project off the ground can be painful.

    A lot of times, I hear my inner voice say:

    “You aren’t cut for this, you don’t have what it takes. Just look at your tiny results after 1 year!”

    I can’t watch your video yet but I’ll be sure to get to it once I have the time and I’m sure I’ll learn something that helps. You always inspire me.


  135. Thank you! I definitely attracted this lesson as I am having similar experiences starting and growing my business. I’ve been going back and forth to the Power of Now as I lose myself in anxiety of the future and stresses of the past, so I appreciate this reminder and encouragement to stay on the path of always coming back to the present. Thank you.

  136. Margie

    I love it Marie as it equates to Mindful Meditation. When you meditate you transcend time, you are in the now and that’s where you consciously create your life.

  137. maya nair

    Hi Marie

    Firstly,Thank you so much for motivating me all the time I need.
    So I am 18 and like Chris I am in college and I have faced the same situation many times.I recently read the book The way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman and it just changed my life and perspective. It taught me something you talked about. I have to be present here and right now to be truly happy. Happiness is here not in the past or the unborn future. I can enjoy anything in my life if i shift my focus to right now.

  138. I’m waaayyy guilty of always striving for the next goal in business, without stopping to appreciate and acknowledge how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved. For me, being outside and surrounded by nature is a must. When I go for a walk when I’m frustrated or just lacking focus, it makes the world of difference.

  139. Like always…I feel like this post was for me! In most if not all areas of my life I want to see results yesterday and when the results don’t show up exactly how I had planned I start to lose focus.

    I honestly really dislike how impatient, anxious, frustrated I would feel. In the last couple of months I devoted myself to “peace” and made this my key word whilst starting live events and workshops in my local area. I also gave myself the word “fun” whilst working out at the gym.

    The process is now so much more enjoyable, however, I have taken so much from this post. I will consciously devote enjoyment in the process! Love, Leisa xox

  140. Hi Marie, this couldn’t have popped into my inbox at a better time! I was feeling down this morning and as if I am wading though treacle. I am a B-School grad and have been working on my business for over 2 years now. I put a lot of effort into it and see little results. This morning as I put my weekly podcast episode on line, I was feeling disheartened, then your lovely, positive face appeared. If I can focus more on the action of creating and less on the results, this should help me to move forward with the business. Thank you always for being such a big inspiration. I’m glad you appeared today.

  141. amy

    I have heard people say, that when you loose motivation, focus on the feeling you will experience once you complete the goal, like elation or satisfaction and allow this feeling to fuel your tasks. I confused at what to do?
    kind regards,

  142. This, Marie, is everything. Everywhere I look people are on a straight path that we all are familiar and comfortable with accepting. I call it THE PATH when I’m talking about it with my clients: school from age five through 25, work for a million years, retire, look around, and go UM, WAIT WHAT DO I DO NOW? As soon as we step off that PATH and go for what we really want, we freak out because we don’t know HOW to get there. The other path was so familiar, and this one doesn’t seem to exist.

    But figuring out that path, taking the actions, focusing on the actions, is just everything. It’s real life, real adventure, real everything, and it’s totally and one hundred percent uniquely ours. I love this week’s Marie TV, and I’m going to share it like crazy and talk about it always. Because in about five words, you point out a whole new way of living, one that we talk about all the time (live in the moment, focus on the present, and whatever other pretty phrases we love using) but don’t really know how to do.

    Fulfillment comes from action, not results.

    Big love xx

  143. This advice helps when you are sick too. I’ve had pneumonia for a week and it fogs the brain, making me frustrated that I can’t be very productive. So if I can just do a small bite fully focused for a short time, I might get something accomplished without overdoing.

  144. Andrew

    Moksha yoga is the best! I find that if I focus on my breathing and my body while im sweating my butt off in a hot yoga studio I come out of it feeling more focused and present than what feels like any other time in my life. Two keys are focusing on your breathing, pushing yourself as much as you can, and drinking lots of water!

  145. Josey Borman

    This episode is so good! A simple concept, but one that is not so easy. One of the areas in my life I need to stay motivated is work and looking for a new job. It is such a daunting effort and often quite discouraging. If I shift my focus and concentrate on the process and not the outcome, I might just enjoy what I am learning and the people I meet instead of constantly worrying about the outcome.

    Other strategies I have used when I am unmotivated is ‘taking a break’. Sometimes I need to walk away from whatever it is…whether working out or looking for a new job, cleaning the house etc. I leave it and do something I enjoy. When I return, I feel more refreshed and ready to get started.

  146. Natascha

    Awesome! This episode couldn’t have come at a better time. I recently lost a part time job which I mainly kept to support the set up of my business. It supplied me with basic imcome, but also colleagues and most importantly: routine to keep motivated! I can see that I can use this focus on everyday tasks in my business and to keep up my excersise routine. I might eventually pick up the courage to go dating again and appreciate going on dates, without focussing on that end goal of finding someone to live with. I will also love flossing like never before!

  147. Iva

    Thank you, Marie! I do quite some work in the environmental field (like hosting a local radio show, caring for an urban garden and such). And while sometimes I see some results and really feel that I had a positive impact on somebody or something, those moments are quite rare. But you are absolutely right: Doing those things and absolutely loving it has to be my source for motivation. I’ll definitly try to implement that mindset!

  148. Great vid Marie!

    I’ve found myself over the summer struggling with motivation as my fashion line flourishes, but my role shifts more to managerial (I have 4 employees) and less about the creative fun stuff.

    The effects of coaching employees, paying taxes, managing cash flow, operational stuff, fixing computers etc. is not an immediate payoff so sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when you know your whole day might be filled with this. I can see though how focusing on the task at hand and being fully present in that versus on the outcome (growing my company) can remove the frustration and bring back ease.

  149. Andreea Alexandra Adochiei

    I can totally relate to this!!! It is so true and effective and moreover, mood changing. After I tried this a few weeks back I started to feel a inner peace within me and so happy and also, huge opportunities came in my way!

  150. Thank you, Marie. My husband is in outdoor living construction sales (ie., fire pits, bbq, pavers, turf, etc.). When he’d get a sale, it would be wohoo, when he woudn’t it would be boohoo. Such a roller coaster. So I encouraged him to focus on the process every time, and not the outcome. When he started doing that, he became the highest closer % in his region and just got promoted to manager. I love goal setting, but then you’re right, one needs to focus on the process and action–it’s much more Zen to “be here now.”

  151. Hi Marie, great video it’s like you’re speaking to me! I struggle to stay focused mostly because I am always thinking of ideas of new ways to improve my business. I work with young students helping them to find the right career, so often I’m motivating and encouraging them. Sharing tools and practical advice with them is so important, I just need to remember to do that for myself too.

  152. A wonderful example of “going ahead anyway” – J.K. Rowling overcame depression by writing her first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: “I just thought I want to write so I wrote the book. What was the worst that could happen? It could get turned down by every publisher in Britain. Big deal.” – From my article J.K. Rowling on Writing and Depression

  153. Birane Faye

    Hi Marie
    I’m very happy to let you known your advice help me to stay in my way and believe again my dream. You make me focus on things i do everyday and how to order them to achieve my goal. I’m very exciting to say, you look like MARIE, you are the gift that the world need. So what the world seem without the support of the USA?
    The world need more and more from you than you are doing now.
    God bless America.

  154. Nevin Gibson

    WOW! What a great lesson. Thank you Marie.

  155. Oh Marie, thank you, thank you. A well timed teaching for me. I’m a minister and yoga therapist and I’ve always got my head in some ancient text or another. While watching this episode, two verses from the Bhagavad Gita came to mind. They fit perfectly in this conversation:

    “Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward. Work not for a reward; but never cease to do thy work. Do thy work in the peace of yoga and, free from selfish attachments, be not moved in success or failure. Yoga is evenness of mind––a peace that is ever the same.” (Gita 2.47-48)

    Much love,

  156. Awesome video as usual, Marie!
    I actually feel the results of my actions.
    My problem is I want too many things and sometimes I get scattered, running all over the place!!
    So, if I define some actions I want to take and FOCUS on the process, it might be easier! I think that’s perfect for me because I feel OVERWHELMED by the huge task ahead, instead of focusing on simple tasks. For example: I am overwhelmed by the paperwork (for my business). I want to organize my office so I feel more relaxed. I WILL instead, focus on the process of cleaning one section at a time (desk, closet, bookshelf). I hope this makes sense! And so it is with everything! I want to write more, organize my website, etc etc. Enjoying the process, breaking down each task and work on IT. Great idea!!! I hope to feel more “together” and not so overwhelmed from now on!

  157. This advice dropped into my lap at just the right time. Thank you

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Happy to hear that, Jane. XO

  158. Hi – I literally was talking to my sister about the fact that I am having a bad day. And i looked in my inbox directly at your mailer! I battle to stay motivated. I REALLY want a job, the focus is to GET A JOB, but I never focus on the process of actually LOOKING for a job. This was amazing advice. Shifting my attention to the ACTION rather than the outcome is EXACTLY what I am not doing and it explains everything. You remind me of myself on days when I am super motivated! I am unable to answer your second question of what else do I do to stay motivated. What does your off day look like? Awesomeness!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So thrilled to hear this shift in thought helped, Maxine!

  159. Hai Yen

    Hi Ms.Marie,
    It”s very pleased to hear from you. I’ve got helpful lesson from your video especially for the goal of loosing weight and working in education. As you and many people said I’ve learned that action is important no matter how small the step is. I believe all things I’ve got from your program will be helpful in every of my actions.

    Wish you all the best,
    Hai Yen

  160. Rae

    Four years ago, a friend of mine suggested that I subscribe to your facebook page. I did, but I’ve never watched a single video. Guess I wasn’t ready to take control of my career, it was easier to point fingers and stay depressed… (how weird is that? easier? really?)
    So, today I watched the first MarieTV video, and I completely identified with it, (thank you for sharing Chris and thank you Marie!).
    I am still digesting the content of this video, but I wanted to leave a comment either way.
    Thank you all for existing!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Rae! Thank you so much for commenting and tuning into MarieTV. SO happy to have you here 🙂

  161. Liza

    This video hit home for me as well. I have been trying to live being aware and in my dharma but the reality that we live in doesn’t light a clear path so I put it off and put it off. My main take away from this video is just as you said- live in the moment, don’t focus on the end result but focus on the present moment. For the last several months, I have been focused on the end result of writing my book, but not on just writing. Thanks Marie for helping me shift my focus and put all my energy into the present moment versus the end result. Love it!!

  162. Yup. We can all relate to feeling like it’s just not worth it. Here’s what I do when that feeling starts slogging me down:
    1. Recognize that like everything else, feelings come and go. Know that at your core, you are filled with love, compassion and joy. The downer won’t last forever.
    2. Instead of focusing on “I’m feeling like crap” (which tends to make you feel that way), do a daily meditation repeating a phrase that is empowering, for example, “all is well” or “There are no mistakes, I learn from everything I do.”
    Thanks Chris for being honest and open and, as always, thanks Marie. xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love these tips, Lori! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. 🙂

  163. Monique

    I love you, Marie! You so rock for putting these fabulous videos up for us!
    My current favorite Present Moment reminder is, What’s Positive about Right Now?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Monique! What a powerful thing to ask ourselves to get us back to a place of positivity and being present. 🙂

  164. Oliver

    My secret to making efforts count is being conscious of knowledge I accumulating with each step forward. I remind myself that what I envision, “to be”, before taking a step forward is not always what, “is”, once I reach the destination. This happens, because taking steps foward ignities forces that trigger molecularly changes in our body that are only perceptible to our natural senses once they are complete. Knowing this brings me solace as I relish the thought that I am accumulating insight on how to proceed.

  165. I think that this will benefit EVERY area of our lives because it keeps us in the moment. Such brilliant advice. Now is all we have, lets enjoy it!
    To stay on track I write lists of things which need to be done to move forward with my goal, I split it up into small steps and big steps, everyday I will write what needs to get done on that day to move forward and when I tick things off it feels awesome, because I know I AM moving forward, those ticks prove it!
    Rosemarie Moodley

  166. sue

    Very simple, yet SO important. Just about to start work and will definitely follow this!

  167. alenka

    Hi, first thank you for motivation to think and do somrthing on this particular area. This practice to focus on what you are doing and not to a goal you want to achive is useful anywhere. I rememmber one example, when I reading book and would like to read them all (not left it on a half :)) sometimes I forgot what I read. Probably is this because I want to finish quckly. I know now where is my focus. The book is in this case unuseful for me!

  168. Thank you for this episode Marie ! Just what I needed !
    It reminds me that it’s been a long time since I haven’t “declared” my goals by writing them, and then cutting them in small steps, the steps that you have to focus on instead of the big goal to get the results you want !
    I just have to set my new goals, now… 🙂

  169. Wow – I needed to see this episode this week. I’ve been working hard, REALLY HARD, in innovating in the Financial Services Social Media space (super fun area, right?) and feel like I have little results. I have sought out some mentors just THIS WEEK though who are helping point me in some different areas to grow. Appreciate you sharing out this message.

  170. Thanks so much for sharing this, Marie! It’s exactly what I needed to hear today. There have been many things I’ve done that didn’t seem to illicit the results I was expecting. It’s so encouraging to know that, it’s not about the results, it’s about the process. So encouraging! You’re the best! I love watching all your vids, you are #Goals! <3

  171. Laura

    Staying motivated is always hard but is also true that when you focus on the present moment, suddenly it’s simpler. Thanks for your feedback’s and support along the way. Have a great weekend, Marie and Team! from Laura

  172. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for your insightful response to Chris, who is working hard, but finding it hard to stay motivated. Thanks, also, for the love you share each day!
    My question for Chris would be: Why are you doing what you are doing? Are these activities the result of a passion, or something you have chosen because someone else thought they would be good things for you to do? What activities or profession would excite your curiosity? What activities would give you a sense of Purpose that is bigger than yourself?
    Once you find something that ignites your interest, be sure to take all the necessary steps to confirm that you are EARNING your capability. Marie is right. Focus on doing each step with excellence. When we try to skip steps we lessen our ability. We might even find ourselves focusing on rewards, rather than the internal strength and integrity we are building. Ability breeds success and success breeds more success.
    Then at the end of each day, ask yourself how you grew and became better that day. When you recognize your growth, you will become inspired to grow more tomorrow and to share what you have learned to benefit others.
    I’m cheering for you!

  173. This was the perfect episode to watch right now…end of summer, and untouched projects are staring me in the face. Literally. Weeks of sun and spending time with family have led to some neglect with work, and so feeling anxious and uncertain if “it is all worth it”. However, thinking about learning and what’s ahead for me to tackle in a positive light truly inspires me. I do love to learn and work gives all of us this opportunity if we just embrace it and not resist it. Thank you. September is going to be an awesome month!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you, Lindsay, but self-care and relaxation are important too. Don’t forget to be gracious with yourself, even when you’re going for your dreams. 🙂

  174. Sabrina

    Hi Marie and FellowMarieFans
    In my case it would be finances. I struggle(d) so damn hard with it to raise enough money every month even to pay my rent. I open the mail box with fear and check my bank account with a beating heart.
    After I found out that I am not made for doing the job I did, I started building my new business. My new work itself keeps me going, and going and going… It hasn´t paid my bills yet – but it will. Maybe not how I imagine it know. What I experieced is that things often turn out different (life itself loves to be creative as well, together with lots of humour…) and since I´m absolutely fine with it, I suffer less.

    And this is the point:
    Although my income hasn´t changed very much yet, my feelings about it start being different! It is NOT a big goal I have that keeps me happy and going conerning finances. It is what I do to raise money.
    I also eat healthy food, do sports till I sweat and smile, surround myself with succesful people (for whatever that means) and EVERY morning from 6.30-7.30h I watch videos or read books about people who live a conscious life. Or and I meditate. Or I write down things I did well. When I´m feeling down, I read those “Did well books”. So I remind myself that I´m just having a crisis and another day of mindfuck. That helps.
    Thank your for reading 🙂

  175. Isabelle

    Needed to be reminded about being in Action as I am having much difficulty getting back to work, after a 3 weeks vacation.
    Focussing on the priorities is another way that helps me start; otherwise, all the details that need attention eventually, totally overwhelm me.

    Thank you, Marie and crew.


  176. DelroncaleefeLake

    The strategy I learned in your video was awesome,now all I have to do is apply it.I am trying to get mouth health just like what you showed in the video,so I feel better when you said focus on the action not the result.The other thing I do that keep me motivated is try to follow the directions on the toothpaste,(brush preferable after each meal).Which we sometimes fall short.

  177. Shreya Sharma

    I am sure I am not the first to say that these emails and positive thoughts reach me just when I need them to. Thank you so much Marie. I feel so happy and motivated just looking at your optimism. Here’s something I do to keep myself always trying hard, no matter what life hands me out – Stay grateful. As a firm believer in the power of Universe and how She gives us only what we need, I remind myself of how lucky I am to have the things that I do. After all, Mick Jagger said it : ‘you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime, you’ll get what you need’.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The Rolling Stones know what’s up! 🙂

  178. Thanks for this episode Marie,
    this helps a lot, especially since I’m now on this boat. I’m going to focus more on being present with what I’m doing instead of worrying so much about the outcomes. Great reminder!

  179. I has my “I can’t see any results crisis” a few months ago and I was given a great advise: not only to focus on the process, but to focus on on thing at a time. I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything I was trying to achieve so I made the shift…. And guess what?! Results is all I can see now. Thank you Marie for everything you do, I’m living the life of my dreams partly thanks to BSchool and to your teachings.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      One thing at a time is definitely the way to go. 🙂

  180. Perfect! Was just the little kick in the pants I needed 😉

  181. Serena

    This is spot on! As a classical pianist and teacher, I see so many students quit because they want instant gratification. They’re unwilling to stay focused on the process. These students will leave the instrument and grow up to one day discuss how much they wished they had “stuck with it.” Every single student who focuses on the process succeeds. Every. Single. Student. I have had such immense pleasure working with students of all walks of life, some with several jobs, families, and they still manage to have great success by following this strategy. The ones who quit just haven’t figure this out, yet. Some will understand it intellectually, but to put it into practice will be life-changing. Thank you for this episode. It’s a GREAT reminder of how to stay present, take personal responsibility for the moment, and make the most of it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful example of the power of being present and focusing on the process! I’m really glad you’ve seen students have success with this approach. I hope the others will eventually come around. Sometimes the best things in life aren’t available via instant gratification.

  182. Thanks Marie! This is an excellent reminder! I hear so often that it is important to visualize your desired outcome, but that doesn’t mean you need to focus on that when you are actually doing the ‘work’…as it can be too easy to get frustrated and ask, “Where is it?” I would love to hear other’s thoughts on this distinction.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome question, Rachel! Marie shared some wisdom on this in a comment above, so I’ve pasted here:
      “Don’t think of it as either or, think of it as BOTH. It works like a dance.

      “Having a clear outcome that you’re working towards and compelling emotional reasons why that outcome/goal/result is truly important to you are key. And, once you’re on your path with a clear vision and you’re emotionally connected to why it’s important, then give your all to the process itself.

      “If you start to get foggy on your destination or lose emotional juice towards your goal, get reconnected to your vision/outcome and why it matters to you. Once you do that, shift your attention back into what you can control — which is your moment to moment actions. Relish in those. Really enjoy the process.

      The quality of your work will be higher and you’re much more likely to feel fulfilled along the journey.” 🙂

  183. I’ve been feeling a chasm-size writer’s block for, oh, the past four months and this might give me the mindset to jump that chasm and get back into it. The second step is so true – helping someone else definitely boosts motivation.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Barbara! I hope this episode helps serve as a point of inspiration for pushing past that block and getting back to your work. We’re cheering you on all the way! xo

  184. Ute Schwidden

    dear Marie, great episode! I absolutely can relate to it. And the best teachers I momentarily have are children. They are SO into the moment, enjoying what they are doing, never thinking of “results”. It´s an “adult-thing” (to me) and when I observe the adults around the children I can see, why children change to this “result-focused-people”. But if you wanna rediscover the flow of your heart it is never to late. And I highly recommand: do silly, “unreasonable” things! Sing stupid songs. Make fool of yourself. this “helps” because it is so enjoyable and the only goal is to enjoy it. Love to you!!!! Ute

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love it, Ute! So much love right back to you 🙂

  185. Great episode Marie & team and something I talk with clients about so often.
    Life happens in a series of moments and leaning into each moment consciously can bring us into peace with that moment. That and motivate us to feel more and therefore do more 🙂

  186. Wow I love this post! It’s just what I needed, I find out I always start out strong and excited and over time my energy fizzles away for most progects! The truth is I always focus on the goal and the bring gets tough and unpleasant. I truly believe this is so accurate and being proccess focused is more benefitial!

    Thank you for sharing this in site!

  187. Two thoughts:

    1. This Creamsicle dress is ON POINT.

    2. Thank you for this post, Marie + Team MF. (Ooh, that sounded naughty.) It reminds me of Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I’m such a Type A person that I can (read: do) lose focus on the present moment and can wind up disappointed when shit doesn’t turn out the way I planned (read: tried to force into existence). This is an awesome reminder that the journey is the destination. xx!

  188. Marie,
    You are amazing. I wish you had a mini or mid year B school.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yolando, you’re so kind! B-School will be coming around again before you know it! We’re already gearing up and getting so excited around here. Please feel free to email bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have any questions we can help with!

  189. OMG! This is what I did exactly during my recent yoga challenge…the studio held a challenge where you could choose to do 30 or 60 or 90 classes in 92 days. June 1-Aug 31.

    I picked the 90 days, and just decided to do it class by class, and see how far I’d get. I didn’t focus on the end. I focused on where I was at, every day, every class.

    And I did it! 90 classes in 91 days! Many lessons in that too, btw. Heh.

    Pertaining to my biz, I think this is exactly what I have needed to hear. I worked by BUTT off during B-School last spring, and loved it, and then it peetered out a bit – one, I got busier and so was focused on serving my clients one-on-one, but then stuff in the world deeply affected me at the same time as some personal things were happening in my family, and I got stomped, and lost motivation somewhere mid-summer.

    You are so awesome, Marie. You pick me right up, dust me off, and encourage me. I really want to do the Copy Cure, but can’t do that this fall, and instead, I’m going to work on getting consistent again, starting with narrative in my newsletters, jump back into B-School material and re-look at my offering. I’ve been doing N O T H I N G for a few months, and this video helped me see I’ve been focused on my end goal, not the present moment.

    Time to refocus.

    Thank you so much!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Dylan! We’re so glad to hear from you and know that this episode really resonated with you. I hope it helps inspire you to keep focusing on the present moment – it really is such a game changer.

      That yoga challenge sounds amazing, by the way! 🙂

      • It really is. The same day I watched this, I updated my copy on my site and got a newsletter out. I still am not sure if the copy is good…but it’s better than it was hopefully. I streamlined the navigation flow and put my pricing up. I’ll see how it goes, and tweak as needed.

        The yoga challenge WAS amazing. I’ve done 30 day challenges before, and by the end I was tired and needed a break from yoga. I realize that the 30 days was too short…it was too easy to focus on getting to the end. The 90 days was enough time to to develop relationships with my fellow yogis on the mat…and it was too long to focus on the end. I HAD to stay in the moment.

        So…I guess I can apply that to my business/practice. There’s no end in sight. Gotta stay where I’m at.


  190. Thanks Marie! Great reminder to enjoy the journey… So helpful and takes the pressure off of the end goal. So much can happen on the journey that if I am too focused on one outcome I may miss out on potentially other amazing possibilities!!

  191. I focus on my bigger purpose.

  192. Hello! I think you should do an Aprils fool episode on “How to fart in a meeting without getting noticed” hahaha

    I loved this episode and the old one you mentioned, “Isness your business” is my new favorite phrase! I needed this advice SO bad it was an eye opener for me, so thanks.
    To Marie and all her team, you guys are doing an excellent work! I can´t thank you enough Marie for believing, I think believeing is EVERYTHING, thanks for believing that we all have that special thing. This is not a normal “thank you” this a from the bottom of my heart thank you, your work impacts mine and mine also impacts other people in a positive way.

    With Love,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Viri! We’re honored to hear that “Isness is your business” really resonated with you and was an eye opener. We’re sending so much love your way! xoxo

      P. S. Totally cracking up at that April Fools idea 😉

  193. Julie

    Optimism is not enough. Ya need strategy. I can do this.

    P.S. Whoever does your tech work – awesome site – best I’ve seen, yet.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Julie! That means the world to hear. And yes, you can do this! 🙂

  194. Natalie

    Beautiful message, thank you! Now how do you get to a place where every needful process/action is enjoyable? For example, flossing or washing dishes? I can’t say I find these interesting, so at this point, it is their intended outcomes that keep me motivated.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question, Natalie. For me personally, it’s all about the process and getting curious. Sometimes we do need to have some kind of external motivation to get us going, like a goal or desiring the outcome. But we can still do our best to bring passion to the present moment.

      For me, the easiest way to access that is curiosity. Like if I’m washing the dishes, instead of zoning out or saying to myself, “I hate dishes, I don’t want to be doing this, I can’t wait for it to be over,” I might try just being curious about it. Is there anything I DO like about it? The satisfaction of seeing the clean dishes piling up, or maybe I have dish soap that smells really good.

      It’s definitely a process though and it can take some time to uncover the joy in some of the more mundane things we do. For a few more tips on that (including Marie doing dishes hehe!), you might like to check out this MarieTV episode too:

      • Natalie

        Thank you Caroline, that is great advice. I will have to give it a try, I do think of myself as a curious person, so that should help!

    • Music, some cute pjs and some sexy dance moves! I used to hate (and I mean HATTTTEEEE) doing chores because I found tedious tasks an absolute waste of time. I decided one day that if I was going to spend 20 minutes cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes, I was going to do it in a fun way and get back in touch with my feminine side. I use those 20 minutes to listen to my favorite songs and wiggle around. I get so in the zone of belting out my favorite tunes that I don’t even notice how the time flew. My boyfriend started helping me out because he thought it was so cute!

  195. I’m very confused. Every visualization expert I’ve talked to tells me to “keep the end goal in mind” whenever I try and achieve something and not worry about the details, but this sounds like the opposite? Am I back at the proverbial drawing board?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Melissa – I remember thinking the same thing when I first heard this concept, so you’re not alone there! I actually find in my life that the ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. The way I look at it is that it’s really important to have goals and keep those in mind, but in our day to day lives, it’s more helpful to focus on the moment than on the end goal.

      If your goal is to run a marathon for example, it’s great to set that goal and come up with a plan for training, however what happens for many of us is that we end up dwelling too much on the future … either wishing we were farther along than we are and beating ourselves up for it, or just spending too much time dreaming about running instead of actually doing it.

      So it’s great to have the long term plan like running a marathon, but in many ways we’re better served by focusing on the run we’re doing that day instead of obsessing over the end goal.

      Of course some people can really be motivated by focusing on their goals and it doesn’t cause them any trouble, so it’s all about finding a focus that works for you and going for it!

  196. Jasmine

    I just had a freaking aha! moment after coming across this in my search for motivation this morning. So I went to The University of Alabama which means I watch a lot of football and listen to a lot of sports talk. A LOT. Nick Saban is always talking about getting the players to buy into “the process” and even though he always explains it like you just did for some reason it just connected with me in this moment today. Could be what I’m going thru with starting my new career in real estate, but…yeah! Guess I can make that comment I was going to make on the be a love warrior video now, because that one was right on point with me the other day too. Especially the being present in your body…yes!! Ok I’ll go there for that comment.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, thank you so much for sharing your a-ha, Jasmine!

  197. Lynda Guterres

    thanks for the short concise pointers!

  198. Every time I get frustrated with a specific project or action that I’m taking, I’ve learned how to stop what I’m doing and take a break. It can be 5 minutes or 24 hours because sometimes you can get so caught up in the tiny details that taking a step back is the best way to get a fresh perspective. Once I feel like I can get reengaged, I’m able to dive right back in and focus on that specific task.

  199. This is such a great post! And totally what I needed right now. I tend to focus on the outcome so much that I forget to just live in the moment and work through each step. Then, when I’m not seeing those exact results, I give up. I’m trying to focus more on the steps and allow the outcome to come as it will.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I know you’re so not alone there, Zoey. It can be a difficult switch to start focusing more on the process instead of the outcome, but it helps tremendously. Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

  200. Ran

    You are awfully Buddhist for a catholic! Well done….your task is give endless reminders and motivationy nuggets!!!

  201. Oh my gosh, thank you! This landed brilliantly for me at this moment in my business. It lead me to reflect on “How can I bring joy back into this process? How can I make it fun to market and promote my book?” The writing was fun, but now I’m overly focused on the outcome of numbers, sales, opportunities which is never the fun spot for me! Way more powerful and effective for me to focus on the present actions I’m taking to get the message out rather than the hard goals.

    Thanks 🙂

  202. Awesome video with a great point! I also think it’s important to mention that often when people work super hard and go no results is because their trying to re-invent the wheel! For example, in my business if something just isn’t working, I go and pay someone – a coach, mentor or teacher – to show me how they’ve done it. I’ve found it’s always improved my success!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a great point, Andra!

  203. Such a great article, how to motivate yourself when you fall in your business. some people drop down when he did lot of hard work but did not get any result. tahnx for sharing this article. keep it on.

  204. Liz

    Man! Lately, I’ve been struggling to motivate myself, too.

    Thing is, I typically focused on the future (I’m an INTJ, it’s kind of our thing). So, it’s easy for me to forget the present-moment-journey-focused perspective that can pull me out of those motivation blues. But, it does work–especially, if I think of it as in the moment improvement/continuous learning–and this post was an awesome reminder.

    Now, to get motivating! =)

    • Liz

      (Another INTJ thing: A need to fix stuff…)
      “I typically focused” should be “I’m typically focused…” ARG! =)

  205. Hello Marie and everyone else having this much needed dialogue. Chris literally took every word and sentiment that I have felt, expressed and been tormented with for years. How amazing is he for asking these questions at such a young age — he’s going to grow into something wonderful! In regards to myself it NEVER seems like it’s enough — I have to admit that I do not focus on the present but the endgoal in hopes that I make the client happy or that this project will essentially lead to other opportunities and nothing ever comes of it — I have been left feeling eternally dejected, tired and with no confidence whatsoever. Currently I am starting anew, taking business courses, forming an peer advisory board with a group of brilliant women and trying to keep on keeping on and this video as well as the comments from others really is helpful. For me the reality is I don’t have so much options so I have to keep going, keep fine tuning my process because it’s now or never and I have literally nothing to fall back on –

  206. Kerry Farrell

    Perfect timing! Always looking at the latest “quick fix” on motivation but this is so simple and makes sense. When I look at other areas of my life where I concentrate on the process not the end result I notice I am much happier – and I didn’t even realize I was doing that! Thanks, Marie!

  207. Kyle L

    Really nice insight here! As a student in college, this really helps me since there are times I often feel burnt out and lack motivation. I’m glad I found this video! A strategy I use to stay motivated is to just research self-improvement and motivational videos (that’s what led me here). I like watching these types of videos because it helps me keep perspective on long-term goals, and reminds me that the temporary struggle I’m going through is worth it if it contributes to my long-term vision – much like what you said in your video. A mentor I frequently go to is Jaret Grossman. He has a video for every day of the year, and his broad range of topics helps me gain a lot of perspective and helps me stay on my personal path. Thanks again for the great video! Keep it up.

  208. Mari

    I came across this message at a turning point in my life. I have always considered myself to be an ambitious type of person, with constant goals and dreams to achieve. But lately, I have been feeling none of the go-getter, ambitious motivating feelings. But after watching this video, I realized that I may have been feeling a bit drained whenever I would imagine whatever it was that I had to continue on achieving. So having watched this video, I have promised myself to focus on the present, and try to concentrate on the small, actionable steps that I can take this very moment.
    Thank you so much Marie and your team!

    Big love from Tokyo, Japan.

  209. Very nice article.The main thing is that we always want to quit in case of repetive failures but to be motivated and trying again and again leads to success.

  210. Agata Dura

    I’ve just found Your channel (Youtube ads work!;) and I love it so much, great tips and Your personality is so cheerful and funny.
    Greetings from Poland!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Agata. We’re honored that you found our work through YouTube, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful community! 🙂

  211. The most important tip you discussed in your video is to focus on the ACTION, not on the END-GOAL! Excellent!

  212. Hi Marie!
    I love your site very inspirational. One of the reason that keeps me motivated and engaged in what I do now is when my brother had stroke and he was in the hospital for quite sometime and I felt the trauma of my parents not only emotionally, but also financially. I felt the sorrow of those people who does not have the money to buy medicines to sustain the life of their love ones due to financial difficulty. This made me strong and motivated to help others on the possibilities to design their future (if they will only allow themselves). And when I started sharing the real thing… the real story…that is when I see light at the end of the tunnel to get closer to my mission.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jeng, thank you so much for watching this episode and sharing your insights with us. We’re honored to have you tuning in, and so appreciate that our site is a source of inspiration for you!

  213. So timely! I don’t know why I haven’t been plugged in to Marie TV!

    “Stay in present moment flow.”

  214. Wonderful tips! Tx. Marie!

  215. Rita

    Another episode for me. Can’t thank you enough. It’s midnight here, but i plan to keep going. Love Rita from across the Atlantic.

  216. I feel exactly like Chris…..working really hard and not getting anywhere. How long can I keep going without any positive results…even if I focus on the process?

  217. Drew

    This is so true! I haven’t been working out the 5 days a week that I usually like to, but I make a point to notice on the 1-2 days that I do work out how incredibly strong and powerful I feel during the workout and immediately after. During a really difficult time in my life, enjoying the process and how working out makes me feel in the moment has helped me to feel capable, strong, and positive about myself and my body in other aspects of life as well! Focusing on the activity of exercising helps me to get excited about getting to the gym, even in the cold, and not bummed if the number on the scale (or my muscle definition) doesn’t change the very next day.

  218. I’m an indie yarn dyer and often times what I need to do is just create. I need to play with different dyes and yarn and kind of lose myself in the process.

  219. Isaiah

    This was exactly what I was looking for. I find it incredible that you mentioned flow or flow state which is a state I’m constantly trying to attain in the areas of physical training and other aspects of my day to day activities. Anyway I feel like I would benefit most from this in the area of reading since I feel like I’m putting the time in but the results have yet to reveal themselves. What I do to keep myself genuinely motivated is to think about the end goals which have a strong emotional connection which converts my motivation into drive which never runs out. Hope this helps somebody :).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Isaiah, and so smart! I’m so glad this video was just what you were looking for and that you shared your insights with us. Keep up the great work––you never know when it’s going to pay off in a big way.

  220. I motivate myself by setting up a goal, like a finish line at the end of these challenges. And knowing that at the end, it will pay off.

  221. Hey Marie,
    Thank you for sharing such type of informative post about motivation. That was the question in your post.
    Q: How do we stay genuinely motivated, especially when it doesn’t look like we’re making any progress?
    A: I think to stay motivated the foremost thing is to believe in yourself. Don’t quit and always keep in your mind that you can do everything with your belief and willpower.

  222. Chris

    Great read. I seem to have hit a brick wall. Waking up everyday to achieve results in the workplace , hungry for success and not feeling fulfilled in getting there . Sense of failure overbears my thoughts and as a result took time off after a meltdown .

  223. Noted your advice to focus on the ACTION and not on the end goal.
    Inspiring post.

  224. really informative article you have on your website.

  225. Adam Brown

    Hi, I am new to your website and I checked out your video that is associated with this post.
    My situation here was that I got selected for a competition and I got to work with my teammates. But then, they kicked me out even though I did a lot of work. And they didn’t even bother to give me credit, and my hard work paid off. So can you help me and other guys like this out? It would be helpful!

  226. Shivam Koundinya

    Thank you ma’am that really helped, love from India.

  227. Wendy Correa

    Hi there, All of us can relate to this. Whether we are job hunting and get rejected everyday. Or we free lance and come across unscrupulous employers. I even did the ‘give back to society’ here in the Netherlands and all everyone wants is free work. And I mean they make you work like a dog just because you decided to volunteer. You don’t really make any connections, since everyone is transient. I’ve tried to join groups based on hobbies and networking. Networking doesn’t work for me. I’m a terrible networker. The only place I found people like me where in the Theatre group- guess because they are less pretentious. I’m losing hope and I still have rent to pay and decisions to make. So somehow, I’ve followed your advice a year ago (before I even came across your video) and nothing happened.
    So in short, reality hurts.

  228. santhosh kumar

    I’ve spent a year in doing hard work ,staying focused and concentrated but the results of these work had never fulfilled me

  229. Thanks you for sharing such a great information I really thankful to you

  230. What a inspired article this will really inspired me to stay motivated and focus on the task

  231. Annabelle

    This year has been emotionally difficult. As a high school student my premier focus is my academics. I have never in my life worked so hard than I did this year, yet it didn’t pay off. Instead my marks decreased to the point where I am no longer on the academic team and it broke me. The question I kept asking myself was, what more do I need to do if I already did everything I could? I’ve since lacked motivation but kept going and still no result. We are approaching finals and I am really stressed and want to do good but I didn’t know how, but luckily now I do. I will be forever thankful to your advise.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Annabelle! We’re so sorry to hear this year has been difficult for you –– we’re sending massive hugs your way! We have so much admiration for your drive and focus, and we know how hard it is to give your all to something, and not see the results. But just because you didn’t get results from your efforts this particular time, it doesn’t mean that you failed, or that there’s not a long term gain in it.

      You might find Marie’s interview with Simon Sinek and his insight on infinite mindset really inspiring right now, as well as the episode on overcoming setbacks:

      We hope that helps! Keep showing up and doing your best, Annabelle, and know that you have all of Team Forleo in your corner, rooting for you! You’ve SO got this! XOXO

  232. Good question. Interesting information. 🙂
    I’m talking – ‘when you’re down help someone’ 🙂 and ‘focus on action not outcome’

  233. Kristen

    THANK YOU. My 12 year old daughter has been in theatre since she was 4. She has great stage presence and really puts EVERYTHING into her performance. However, despite this, has recently been cast in a slew of ensemble roles. It has been really hard to help her through these disappointments, when it feels like the work she does, doesn’t seem to pay off for her in getting the roles she really wants. This video is EXACTLY what I needed to show her that she should be focusing on the process instead of the result. AND seeking feedback to improve. Something as a middle schooler, she struggles with because of her self doubt and feeling that “no one likes her”. I know (from experience and age) that alot of this is just this awkward, awful time of life. Middle school, but that does NOT resonate with her. I think your video really will. So THANK YOU again.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaay! We’re so delighted you found this helpful, Kristen, and that you’ll be sharing it with your daughter. Please let her know that all of us on Team Forleo are cheering her on, and to keep putting everything she’s got into her performance because it *will* pay off and she’ll find joy in the learning & growing. Thank you for sharing your heart and story with us. ?

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