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Have you ever felt like you have a ton of potential inside, but you’re not able to fully actualize it out into the world?

If you’re human, that answer should be yes.

That was true for me for yeeeears and I remember the deep frustration and pain I felt.

I’d cry, pray, journal for help. I was looking for a breakthrough. Something to help me find my way in this world.

To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls. @SPressfield Click To Tweet

It was as though all my good stuff was locked inside and the world couldn’t see it. The worst part was I sooo motivated and clear I had a purpose, but I had no idea what that purpose was or how to share my gifts in a way that mattered.

Now here’s the good news.

My guest on today’s episode of MarieTV says that the key to really unleashing your power, your voice, and your self respect lies in one simple decision that you can make right now.

And I know for sure, that he’s RIGHT!

That’s because this guest also happens to be one of my favorite authors of all time, and this one single concept has radically changed my life and the lives of countless others.

Heads up: this interview is a little longer that typical MarieTV episodes, but it’s worth it. In fact, my guest started asking me questions about my path and I share some truths I’ve never shared before in public.

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If you want to see an earlier interview with Steven Pressfield, click here.

To get Steven’s amazing books, including Turning Pro, go to Black Irish Books.

And if you want to keep up with Steve’s blog, you can find him at

Now for this week’s action challenge: Take a look within yourself and ask, do you have an amateur habit that you’ll commit to upgrade to a pro habit?

What one pro habit could you adopt right now that would make the biggest difference in your life?

Let me know the specifics in the comments below. Your story matters as we’re all here to learn and grow together!

Thank you, as always, for reading watching and contributing.

You fill my soul.

With Love,

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  1. I have Pressfield’s book – “the war of art” and I keep reading it over just to get the instant push to do what contributes to 80 percent of my success.

    • I’ve read The War of Art as well – definitely a game changer! “Turning Pro” sounds equally awesome and after hearing this interview, I think that it’s exactly what I need in my life. I stated a blog six months ago and have had many “turning pro” moments along the way and finally made a big leap when i chose to quit my job and pursue my passion for helping women of color live awesome lives… starting with myself! But I still don’t think I’ve fully established my habits as a “pro” vs and “amateur” so I will definitely check this book our over Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • Hi everyone.
      I’ve been there, felt so useless. So useless, in fact, that my father has written to me, with my three siblings, to tell me how useless I actually am! No joke, this was in the national press yesterday in the UK, and over the weekend. My father, Nick Crews, let me publish his letter, and the UK is entirely on his side, I (along with my three siblings), are completely useless!

      Except that I’m not, I have a very small business doing business interpretation (English-French), in France. Great oaks from little acorns grow. Plus, I have translated a book from French to English, a book that lets people get at what it is that’s holding people back, and dare to succeed. There are plenty of books out there that do this, but in France this book is seriously against the grain. France’s culture is almost the OPPOSITE of the American Dream, it’s an élitist system.

      If, in France, people can turn their life around, they certainly can in the US or the UK!

      I hope to get my book translation published so you can all see it.

      And keep up the great work, Marie, we all love you!

      Emily Crews-Montès

      • Keep your head up Emily!

      • AMB

        Oh, Emily! That is something, I would be floored while trying to repeat mantra “don’t take anything personally”.
        I have bit tough days recently and when I tried to convince my teenage son to take it bit easier on me and be more polite, he said “Quit dramatizing”. shocked as I was at the rude comment, I recognize similar words as I’d say to him on previous occasions. Dahhh…
        It’s really necessary to keep seeking out people that can inspire into a change instead of criticizing and putting one down. We are in good place on this site:)

    • Amanda

      My comment is simple, and the crappy thing is that I have known it was amateur all along and kept doing it. I have watched too much television. Its all about being seduced by other peoples lives – Imagine, that is what we do – we watch other people living their lives on tv, or we watch other people doing life like we do life. It seems so stupid. Anyhow, this habit is all but gone due to the Pro in me finally taking hold about two weeks ago. My business is exciting, my life is changing and these talks are hughmungus (hugely beneficial) and have come to me at the right time. I love Steven’s books – have them and they have changed my life. Thank you both greatly.

    • I keep it by my desk and try to read a couple pages every day (Especially if I’m feeling resistance)! Totally one to read over and over again! <3

  2. I just love him- Steven’s so insightful! As I was reflecting on what I can do to turn “pro” I realized I’ve really struggled with creating a set schedule for myself as I would have if I worked for an employer. So that’s going to be my challenge for the week: to turn my self employed schedule “pro” 🙂

    • Hey Aziza!

      I thought I was the only one struggling with self employment schedule! I get all my projects done in a timely matter, but I sometimes have to do it in the wee hours because of my crazy schedule!

      • Eeeee, I hear ya! I used to be like that. I love what Marie said about how you spend your time/who with. It really is an indicator of how badly you want this for yourself. Put your biz as #1 and you’ll soar Vicky, promise 🙂

        • Is great to know that we all struggle with the same habits as entrepreneurs. Sometimes, I get so hard on myself and feel like am the laziest bum of all. Anyway, it is now time to change all that and go pro.
          Let’s not talk about it, Let’s BE ABOUT IT!

          BTW, Rebecca, I love your site and the colors

    • Hi Aziza and Vicky! The same problem with my schedule. I’m gonna join your chalange. “To turn my self employed schedule “pro” ” – I like it a lot!

      • Krysta

        Ladies! I struggle with this as well! Just in this past week I’ve made the change to making my schedule the night before, and it’s been my most productive week in a while!

        • We can do this ladies! I love the idea of creating the schedule the night before! That works really well for me since my day to day and week to week always seems to change 😉

          • I love this thread!!!!! I too have such an issue with schedule and structure! Part of my problem is that I still take pretty much any and all “side jobs” that come my way and work on my biz around those. After watching this video I have decided that I am going to dedicate the hours of 8-5pm mon thru fri on working on my biz or serving clients and not just take anything that comes my way! This is kinda scary but exciting at the same time WOOOOO

          • Let’s do it ladies! I love the “creating it the night before.” always felt pressure to create it so much farther in advance and my day can change drestically since it’s all appointments, but I love this! I’ve also found I hate using digital schedules, I miss writing it down with a pencil, the feel of paper, I’m gonna get a planner and get moving to the groovin’!

      • Blimey – is there room on the bandwagon for me too Aziza, Vicky and Grace? I’m blushing admitting that the same things that can go on my ‘to-do list’ that are sooo important but somehow don’t get done for weeks. So the switch is flipped and I am upgrading my crappy ‘to-do lists’ to some serious scheduling, no avoidance, ticking off the jobs and celebrating the accomplishments habits – right deep breaths, here goes……

        • Adi

          Yes, totally agree:) before starting to read the comments, it just “flashed” me too that my scheduling in not pro. For those of us that recognized this right away, that’s where we should start;)

          • I’m in!

            This interview blew my mind, so much that I bought the book before it ended!

            I remember Marie saying this on her b-school call and while I got the idea, I didn’t fully grasp it. This is SO powerful and so empowering and I know that some people may be like “Oh but whhhhy do I have to put so much effort in???” and all I’ve gotta say to that is BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!

            Let’s do this girls! (and guys), let’s go pro!

            Elise 🙂

        • I came back to this today because just reading about how other woman have this conflict makes me feel so much better! Especially since the other part of this video that got me was the part about how going pro can affect your relationships. It’s been a huge struggle for me to let go of the relationships that aren’t supportive of what I want for myself, and this community is so amazing! Can’t wait for B-School in the spring!

    • Marie has a video on this exact problem so this might be helpful for you:

      Good luck!


    • Great point Aziza, I feel the same way. Listed to the interview on a walk this morning – something I should schedule in as well. I too need to create a set schedule and be more professional about it. It up to me. I can do it!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I need to do as well. Have an actual schedule that I stick to. I also need to create some accountability, perhaps by hiring a business coach.

    • I agree with Aziza. I need to get into a routine. Right now I’ll work late and then start late and it’s a vicious cycle. I think keeping set hours would force me to prioritize. Thanks for this PRO show!

  3. My turning pro shift was giving up the habit of surfing mindless websites during work time. No more!

    • Ketina

      Me too that’s what I do. I finally have enough. I need to do my thang because it’s costing me a paycheck. No work, no pay. Sounds ekk!

    • miesje

      Amen! My biggest challenge / bad habit to date!

      • Eassa

        Hey Girls…
        I do the same thing. Facebook, People, US Magazine…to name a few. Time to Delete, Delete, Delete. Good Luck Ladies!

        • Hello ladies,

          Big problem of mine too. But I’ve gotten a lot better, since using StayFocused. It’s a web app where you can “blacklist” certain websites that become black holes for you. You set how many minutes you want to spend on those sites in one day and a little timer goes off to keep you honest. Check it out! Hope it helps!

          (PS Also wrote a post on my blog about some other tools I used to keep me productive, in case you want to take a look:

          • Oooh Nidhi, I love the blacklist app idea!! That should help me focus on what I actually need to do on Facebook (ie: business over personal!)! Great tip!

    • Mel

      Me too….. 🙂 Astrology websites, to be exact. Not completely mindless, but… not exactly helping me meet my professional goals either. May look into that blackout app. I already deactivated Facebook, which has been a brilliant step… has literally given me my life back! Ha.

  4. So so many nuggets of wisdom here! I love that so many people go through this moment where they know it’s time to stop screwing around and make things happen. There is something that needs to change in my new business but not sure yet what it is, I’ll be checking out his book very soon. One of my favorite interviews to date!

    • Get em’ Amber – they are LIFE changing!

    • Amber – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call you out. It sounds like you DO know what it is that needs to change…. it’s accepting/owning that change that can be the tough part. 🙂 Go get ’em girl!

  5. So grateful for you talk today Steven.

    Over the past 2 years I’ve made lots of progress towards changing my mindset to help bring out my “full potential” with the help of my fab brother Glen

    The most difficult thing I have found is exactly what both You & Steven agree with when you said
    “No I can’t come shopping or partying or away for the weekend”
    At times I’ve felt I let my friends or family down to the point I cry…. It’s hard so hard!!
    But once I’ve make the decision & I commit myself to do the business I’m ok but that initial feeling is awful!
    I’m so glad you shared how you feel about moving forward and finding new friends who understand what you’re all about.

    I love Steven’s slant on amateur or pro…I’m becoming a pro, so my commitment is to wake up earlier & go to bed earlier (I’m a bit of a night owl) I feel by just tweaking these two habits it’ll help me become the pro.

    Thanks Marie I was having a tough day today so as usual you’ve fixed everything and I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. xx

  6. Summer Alexander

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I completely resonate with this message. It was only when I fully committed to my business earlier this year that doors started to open.

    I know for a fact that when I dibble dabbled in my business it was completely based in fear just as you mentioned in the video. I have officially Turned Pro and it has made all the difference in the world in my personal and professional life.

    Not to say the fear and doubt don’t still creep in, it’s just that now I don’t let it stop me. Thank you Marie for continuing to bring us such powerful and empowering content.

    Love the necklace 🙂

  7. One more thing… Congrats to you on the Super Soul Sunday episode I am so looking forward to watching!!

  8. I need to stop saying that stuff doesn’t matter when it does just because I don’t want to do it. I keep saying I don’t care and I’m forgetting the meaning behind my work. I’m not treasuring my opportunities enough. I end up procrastinating and spending more time on something that’s not even that earth shattering, although important and worth doing well, rather than doing it in a reasonable amount of time and spending the rest of my day doing things I enjoy and discovering more creative endeavors I could pursue (such as getting my website together, which is a fun project for me in need of calendar dates and milestones)

    Love to you awesome authors. Thanks for the stories!!

    • Ngoc Khong

      Hey Monica, I’ve been in the same situation as yours before. Now I’ve stopped telling myself that stuff doesn’t matter when actually it does, but I still need to work on the habit of procrastination.. I’ve just read an article that may be helpful for you as it is for me 🙂

  9. Watching this video really shifted something for me. I always knew I had some bad habits that were holding me back from being more successful, but the way that this issue of pro vs amateur habits was discussed really helped me understand what I need to change.
    One MAJOR amateur habit I have is that I seem to always make working on my business the least important thing in my day. Whenever a friend calls and invites me somewhere, I agree, even if I had planned to spend the day working. Looking at my schedule, I realize its full of lunch dates and afternoon walk dates with friends, which is really sabotaging me. If I had a regular, 9-5 job I wouldn’t be available for this and I need to start taking my business more seriously.
    So the pro habit that I will be upgrading to is this: I will book my days off as if I had a full time job, so the only times I will be available for social things will be evenings, weekends and the occasional Friday lunch.
    Thanks for this video- it brought me a lot of clarity!!!!!

    • Hey Kate!

      OMG, Girl, I do that all the time 🙁 I have hubby and kids, so I only have 5 hours a day of “work time” 2 days a week. It felt SO good to say no to a friend of mine who invited me to her kids birthday party when I had an appointment scheduled! SO GOOD! I always reschedule, but not today. I’m making this a habit! For sure!

      • Agreed ladies! I find people expect me to do things because they perceive me as not having “a real job” and being perpetually available. Clearly it’s my own perception that dictates that. What I’m giving out needs to change and then theirs will as well.

      • Ruby

        A friend turned me on to your webpage and so here I am . I watched the video and can feel how having the mindset and standing in being a professional., making the decision is the focus. This idea came up from a spiritual Master talk I recently heard. It was exactly the same: being a pro in leading my meditation practice (The Modern-Day Meditation), a spiritual professional!! Doing things 1st class. I am working on a new business card that reflects who I am and what I offer. It is a joy to feel the internal changes that keep happening by following “the whispers”. Thank you so much, Marie.

    • Sandra

      How nice to see it is not only me! Founded my business a few months ago and dabbling in it but somehow I am not fully engaged in it. With my two kids now finally at school I seem to grab chunks of time and enjoy spending time with friends or treating myself to a quiet coffee or walk. There wasnt much of that in the last years but then I only regret it later. I could have done all this work and moved things to the next level. Have to change my mind-set, it just clicked!

    • You said it, Kate.

      This is so me, but instead of lunch dates or walks, it’s fetching stuff. I run to the store, I run to the post office, I run other people’s errands – whenever something comes up. I would NEVER take time out of someone’s day for unscheduled business. I’d never leave a job for that. Why in the world I am doing taking it out of mine? Crazy. So the habit I’m upgrading is sticking to my priorities in the face of other people’s mini emergencies. And scheduling a day or 1/2 day for errand running, etc.
      Here we go!

  10. “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” ~George Bernard Shaw
    The story of the woman’s approach and dedication to golf was very beneficial to me, and one which I am taking to heart. I was recently offered an illustration job for some e-books; while it is not a lucrative offer, it has awakened within me my purpose and is a catalyst for pursuing what I am meant to do, which is worth more than what little royalties I may receive. Thank you for this interview, Marie.

  11. I am such a huge fan of Steven Pressfield!! His “Do the work” book changed my life. Not even joking! Thank you so much Marie for this amazing interview! I’m going to download this book right now!!!


  12. Wow, there is so much to take from this weeks session. I love the idea of making the decision to turning pro. For me it’s my habit of not continuing with what I started. For example I started an awesome inspiration email letter which got a lot of feedback. For personal reason’s I have I missed a week and now it has fallen to the waste side. From this session, I am going to re-look at my commitment to continuing with what I have started until I have developed a schedule which works well for my work load and time available. I will plan ahead so if I have to miss a week my fans will not be affected. I will not be starting a new project until I get this one down.

    Ok, its out in the world now. *scary* but *exciting*

    Also I think Steven is an amazing communicator. I love that he brought out Marie’s passions and story within his explanations

  13. I love Steven Pressfield and the all turning pro concept. I read the War of Art and it changed my life because since reading it I scheduled 4 hours each day for doing the most important tasks I need to do. Only after those 4 hours do I move on to other “urgent” stuff.
    One amateur habit I have now, in fact two, are that I don’t organize the little tasks I need to do each week, and I don’t take my meditation seriously so I’m going to commit to those starting today!
    Thanks so much for the insight 🙂

  14. Daphna

    This is relating to the upcoming Oprah show. Can anyone tell me how can I see the show over the Internet and will it be available over the internet after it is run?

    • Hi Daphna.
      I’m not sure if the show will be available on Internet after it’s run. But since I’m from Poland and I can’t watch the show on TV, so I asked Marie and team about it and lovely Kristin replied that we will be able to watch the show through the OWN facebook fanpage:
      Isn’t it great? 🙂

      • Gladys

        Thanks for asking, Grace. I hail from Spain and was sooo disappointed I wouldn´t be able to see it. NOW I do now I can. YAY.

        • You’re welcome, Gladys! 🙂
          P.S. Love that red lipstick on your photo. 🙂

          • Daphna

            Many many thanks Grace! I’m so happy I can see it live!

  15. Thank you Marie and Steven. I’m gonna make it my matra – I will be telling this to myself ALOUD everyday : you are a pro, act like a pro, do it like a pro, live the day like a pro. 😉 I love it and I think it may be what I need.

  16. Thank you Marie and Steven!

    None of us were born to stay average and in the shadows. Each of us has something important to do in the world.

    If you have a longing to bring some greatness into the world, that’s the sign you’re here to do something amazing with your one precious life.

    Self confidence is usually what stands in the way, not ability or opportunity.
    And Marie, congrats on Super Soul Sunday – woo hoo!!

    Hugs and love,


  17. Marie….love this so much. Think you are fab!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I have a ton of bad habits, and I plan to handle them one at a time. Self-care is the one I rank highest right now. I started myself on a month of self-care every night a couple of days ago, and I’m committed to keep it going.

    • Lindsey

      YES, I agree with this. Self care is where I struggle too. I am so busy that it’s one thing after another coming at me with stuff to do, and I just find it difficult to force myself away from it all to take care of my own needs (sleeping, exercise, relaxation, even shopping for clothes to be honest. I have hardly anything to wear and I’m in a profession based on image and fashion).

  19. p.s the amateur habit I want to change is this: to focus my mind.
    Marie I would love to see you with your own programme in the future. You are so inspiring.

  20. Pat

    Hi Marie,

    I hate to admit this but my habit is not cleaning my house. Over the years things have built up and not I am overwhelmed with clutter. I am going to become a Pro Housekeeper.

    Love the interview


    • Lisa

      Pat, check out Its an amazing mix of simple ‘baby steps’ to getting your house and life in order along with very sincere and straightforward essays about creating a joyful life. Blessings 🙂

      • Pat


  21. OMG, I love Steven´s books and that videos it´s one of, if not, THE BEST!

    Thank You 2 so much. This is really something I´ve been strugling with. My problem is I´m such a procrastinator! I feel like I have A LOT of shifts to make to turn pro, but one of them I´ve finally overcome: the habit of getting up late!

    Everyday I used to wake up at noon! Now I´m up 7AM no matter what 🙂

    The next thing I´m gonna work on is my pro image. I have to give up on my current wardrobe and go shop for new things, start wearing a little bit of make up and style my hair. I really need this.

    Thank You for this great episode, Marie!



    • Pat

      I can so relate. I procrastinate as well. It’s sooo hard to break that habit.

      • I am so with you ladies. Procrastination is my Achilles heel. There is always so much busywork to be done (mother to 5, freelance writer, wife, organizer, etc) that I fail to progress on my business goals. I’ve set the goal of doing a few foundational things every day no matter what! I know it will be painful for a while, but it’s the only way to beak through to success. We can do this!

        • I’ll have to throw my hat in this ring. I was actually blushing listening to this (whilst playing Bubble Brew on facebook). That is the number one habit that has to go. No more games to waste time (aka ‘relax’). I’m just kidding myself. This has to stop. I need to start taking myself and my dream seriously. Thank you both.

          • Eassa

            I think procrastination is the biggest issue I’ve had regarding not living my purpose. Ego and fear will always make up excuses why it’s better to surf the net for mindless celeb rags or go out for another cup of coffee than progress towards your highest good. Thank you once again Marie (and Steve). I am so grateful the Universe has led me to you and your amazing site.

        • I think procrastination is problem for most people trying to get big things to grow. It’s certainly something I’ve struggled with since dropping the job and starting a business – damn you Netflix. My husband just created a free online class about procrastination (no sign up required). It’s here if you want to check it out.

  22. Eva Gonzales

    This has been my favorite Marie TV show so far! Thank you Marie for introducing Steve to us. My goal is to be a professional writer, and one thing a professional writer does is write. Every day. Without fail. Because it’s what they do. Your shows and your guests are uplifting. I’m glad I found you.

    • Def. read the War of Art too (another of his books!) – genius for every writer.

    • Hi Eva,

      I’m a writer, too. The War of Art is hands down my favorite “writing” book – it’s never failed to get me back to work when I’ve gotten discouraged. Like Marie’s, my copy is a dog-eared, well-loved mess. It’s absolutely worth a read.

  23. Kike Odusanya

    Marie you videos continue to not only inspire me but seriously change my life. Once I decided that I’m going to put fear aside, buckle down and take shit seriously it’s almost if I’ve been operating on a different frequency, there’s a definite shift in my atmosphere. Starting today I am committing to Going Pro. I’m going Pro or I’m gonna die trying. I’m breaking the spirit of amateur today. The one habit imp breaking is not following through. I’ve started too many things and not finished them, I’ve approached to many prospects and not followed up, and I’ve half assed too many things. Starting today I’m going to stop doing all that self sabotaging shit and really get this party started. I love and appreciate you so much and can’t wait to meet you at RHH Live 2013 I’ve already put it in my vision book. Thank you again Marie for doing what you do Ciao

  24. What a fantastic interview with such an affirming message!

  25. Marie,
    Thank you for your brutal honesty! Mostly, thank you for this FABULOUS interview, love it!
    When I realized I had something to share with others, huge turning point. When we make that realization, it is amazing how the choices and decisions we make either support that, or not. It is daily.
    Looking forward to reading Turning Pro.
    Be Blessed!

  26. Wow, thanks for sharing this book with us! I’m definitely going to be ordering it. I had that moment in April, when I was traveling in India. I realized that I hated my job, wasn’t happy with my life and didn’t feel fulfilled at all. As soon as I felt that, deep down and believed in it 100% I knew what I had to do. Got home, quit my job and dedicated myself to my work.

    From there on in, I’ve immersed myself in my business. I’ve set a schedule for myself (thanks to one of your previous videos) and take myself and my work seriously. One thing I struggle with though is not believing in myself! So, I’m committing to not only act like a pro, but believe that I CAN be a pro.

    • Liz

      Leanne! Your website is beautiful! I love what you have decided to focus on in your life, and although I haven’t tried your recipes yet–the pictures and the recipes themselves look amazing! Great work applying your talents with your unique situation with food. Lovely and inspirational!

  27. Annabel

    Wow! I think my ‘Turning Pro’ moment just happened watching your chat with Steven!

    I am training to be a yoga teacher and have been really struggling with so many aspects of it, but my eureka moment has finally happened!

    I realise I have been approaching it like an amateur, and allowing everything else in my life to take precedence.

    Thankyou Marie and Steven, I feel like crying and doing cartwheels (or should that be downward dogs!) all at the same time – the relief and excitement is overwhelming!

    Your energy and positivity are a huge inspiration!

  28. There are so many gems of wisdom here!

    It really does make a huge difference when you decide to, as you put it Marie, “take ownership of your gifts and stop screwing around.”

    I’ve been rejiggering a few amateur habits over the last two years, but still
    have much work to do!

    Mainly, like some of the other wise commenters mentioned, I need to create a set schedule for myself when it comes to my own business activities. I work “on” my business most days, but with no set schedule for doing so, and working “in” my business doing the client work takes precedence. Then at the end of the day if I’m feeling shot, I’ll skip business-building activities,
    and *that* is an amateur habit I committ to changing. Client work pays the bills, but if I want to have an uber-successful business, I’ve got to committ to doing the business-building activities too, every day, Monday – Friday, just like I do the client work.

    That said, I’ve been adding some “pro” habits lately that have shifted things for me — getting up earlier so I have time for client work AND my own stuff, committing to using a scheduling tool to keep me on track, and saying no to invitations on Saturdays, so I can spend that entire day working on my business.

    Love, love, love the Roseanne Cash story! (Especially since she’s one of my favorite singer/songwriters.)

  29. Awesome awesome video!!! God I’m an amateur! My own new pro habit is: wake up at 7pm everyday no matter what and do my 30min art practice! Said! Juliette x

  30. Perfect. I love what you said, Marie, about the decision to turn pro being one that’s made in the moment, but also one that actually needs to be made every day. It’s all about the habit.

    And the inner work! Yes! The barriers to entry are so low that the only thing stopping us is ourselves. That could not be more true in my situation, and I’m working every single day to combat my own self-limiting beliefs.

    Awesome interview. Thank you for sharing.

    Oh, and quick question. I’m so excited about seeing you, Mastin and Gabby on Super Soul Sunday, but I’m in the UK. Do you know if the episode will be available for international viewers to watch online? Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Rebecca! You can watch the show for free streaming on and Facebook. Use the link I provided in the post and you’ll see the details 🙂 Everyone around the world can watch it with a computer/internet connection!

  31. I absolutely needed to hear this today. You have no idea. lol.
    To answer your question in a nutshell, I need to stop partying. 😉
    I have just downloaded the audio version of the book.
    Looking forward to investigating the site further.

  32. Hrund

    Hey Marie,

    I live in Germany and I was wondering if there is a stream on the internet available to see the super soul sunday ?

    p.s your show is wonderful and sooo inspirational!!

    icelandic greetings from Germany 😉

    • Hi Hrund! YES!! You can watch the show for free streaming on and Facebook. Use the link I provided in the post above and you’ll see the details 🙂

  33. What a powerful video and concept. I’m glad I didn’t have to hit bottom to realise that Turning Pro is available to me simply by shifting my mindset.

    The one pro habit I can implement is right now is to give more of my gifts of coaching and put it out there more. I already do my weekly newsletter but I need to put my voice out daily – whether on Twitter or other blogs and groups.

    I was so touched by the part where Marie says she finally realised that the world needs her gifts! That’s true for all of us.

    Can’t wait for Super Soul Sunday this weekend. The Atlanta babes will be cheering you on, Marie! 🙂

  34. I think we all need a swift kick in the (bleep). Myself included. Working from home, its easy to get side-tracked and out of focus. A little inspiration is all it takes!

  35. The one amateur habit I can grow out of is working the inbox. I can be a little more ruthless with what I allow in (only the best – like Marie) and cut the time I spend there, so I can actually get work done.

  36. Mel

    What a great video.

    I had to giggle and one point when Steven’s talking about his friend with the golf bug, as I heard “goth bug” and I was all like: oh my goodness, what’s that a new trend?”

    My main problem in going pro, is actually identifying what I want to do exactly and then how to do it. Talk about being an amateur. I often sit in front of my to do list and I simply don’t know what to write on it, because I haven’t figured out any goal or destination.

    So there is that. But I am committed to figuring this out.
    I know fragments:
    – I want to write (and currently I suck at doing that)
    – I want to help women/men who survived childhood abuse
    – I want to write about food and how the kitchen was the biggest healing source in my life

    Now, I only need to figure out, how to make a living out of that, then that would be great.

    • Mel, I’m totally connecting to what you are saying in your reply. Just wanted you to know your words are resonating with me.

    • Ellen

      What I think I just read here is that you want to write about your experience with childhood sexual abuse and how food and kitchen magic (my word- magic) has created healing for that. And publish the product of that exploration.

      I resonate with your post here, not because of the specifics, but bc I see that it is difficult to immediately make a living from this passion that you have, while pulling it together. I need to “go pro” with what I do for a living (real estate) while I explore other passions – self expression through writing and art, creating beautiful environments out of abandoned spaces. I am having a hard time bringing my business to the next level and at the same time focusing on my true passions and how to bring them to the next level. I realize that they do intersect.

      Wishing you the best with going pro with your soul’s desire.

    • Giirrrlll, I am right there with you!!!

      1) I want to be a dancer
      2) I want to be a nutritionist
      3) I want to share my adventures and be influential online

      I would love to hear your story about the kitchen!! Emailing you 😉

  37. Pat

    I am getting to many e-mail follow-up comments.

    • Kristin

      Hi Pat,
      If you scroll to the bottom of any of the notification emails you’re getting, you’ll see a link you can click to manage your subscription to those notifications.

      If you click on that, you’ll go to a page where you can select this blog post and select the option to stop receiving follow up emails. The conversation happening here is just amazing, so you’re probably seeing lots of those emails 🙂

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]!

      -Kristin (Team Forleo)

  38. This really hit me today. I am in such fear, doubt and just almost beyond scared about the whole thing “starting up my business” OMG!
    I have so much resistance it’s incredible. I keep telling my self it’s resistance. I keep watching your video’s and I keep feeling the spark of energy I get from watching them, every time there’s a new Marie TV – I am seriously SO GRATEFUL for the work you keep sharing Marie.

    Right now, I need to do that one thing everyday that makes me feel like I’ve done the most important one. And I need to go to bed at 10 the latest, and up at 6am. I know when I do this things start to flow more.

    I recently started running again and that too is a shift for me, because it gives me such a brain boost, during this transition from fear about starting up – to get things in flow… I mean I have just got in contact with one of NYC’s most expensive interior department store, the replied to me 1 minute after my first email to them, who now wants to buy both my interior collection and clothing line, so I don’t know why I keep feeling overwhelmed, but I frikin do. And I’m affraid I’m going to do it anyway – deliver and start it up!

    Thank you so much for sharing Pressfields work with us, I am gonna have to get those books.

    And one more thing that I loved about the episode, was when you both said something about “being in control in the long run, in terms of making a lot of money vs. having the freedom…’ not sure how you put it, but it clicked with something for me:)

    I might have to go out and get a perfect parttime job to start acting like a pro about my business, since I am in the fashion/textile industry and don’t feel like taking a loan.

    This became long! But thank you so much once again and congratulations with Super Soul Sunday, that’s so appropriate for you Marie!

    • Line, I love your clothing. It is very fresh and soft, feminine. I believe that you will do very well and look forward to following your work!

      I especially love the development post for SS13, beautifully creative.

      When I look at your style, I feel drawn to it and wish I could emulate it within my own photography style and even website design. Thank you for sharing with us.

      • Justiss thank you so much 🙂 Your site looks great! I love the Illustrations and the set up of it. I can’t wait to see all the juice you have in that brand. It’s so refreshing, the vibe I get from visiting!
        Thank you so much for the reply Justiss, I’ve been wanting to join the rich happy and hot biz course for so long, it’s been over two years now, and I finally finished my MA and think I’ll make it happen this year:) Your community is so precious and amazing.

        xoxo Line.

  39. Thanks Marie, Thanks Steven. This is LIFE-CHANGING stuff! I’ve been in the process of turning pro for some time now, I just didn’t have a label for it. Didn’t know why certain friends were turning their backs on me, for example. It can be a lonely process, fo sho! But it’s oh so worth it in the end.

    The going-pro action I commit to today? Well, I’ve been developing an iBook for some time now and it’s almost done. To be honest, it’s been almost done for a while. But I’ve recently let stuff in my personal life distract me from it finishing it. Everyone talks about how difficult starting can be, and it is. But I find that finishing can be even harder. Those voices suddenly start shouting things like, “Sarah, what if no one likes it?” So I allow other things to occupy my focus and time.

    But no more. Today, I commit to finishing, and publishing (i.e., submitting to Apple), my iBook before the month is over. Preferably before.

    Wish me luck. And thanks again!

    • CLJ

      “To be honest, it’s been almost done for a while.”
      I have the EXACT same situation. Finishing IS the tough part …onward and forward to both of us !!

  40. Coincidentally I’m currently reading “The War of art” and what an amazing book it is! It’s as though it’s written especially for me! 🙂 I recognize myself in it and also in what you say, Marie. I think I am now going through a period similar to what you experienced back in the days. Knowing this, I feel even more on track.

    There are a few things that I’m commited to becoming a pro in, being:

    1. Improving my negotiation skills. I want to master this.
    2. Efficiently dedicating my time to things that really matter.
    3. Stop sidetracking myself (no FB, no e-mail for a certain period of time throughout the day).

    As always, thank you Marie for contributing to the world in such a meaningful and positive way!

    Love, Melissa

  41. Very timely video for me! Thanks!

  42. Morning Marie and Steve

    Great video. I wasn’t familiar with Stephen’s work but will definitely go pick up his book now.

    I totally embrace the idea of being professional and to stop being an amateur. I need to be more professional about getting out there to market myself. I do a good job. I enjoy it and it’s fun. But I’ve fallen away from promoting 1:1 Discovery Sessions to find clients and it shows in my bank account. A professional wouldn’t do that.

    So if anyone who is reading this, would like to schedule a Discovery Session with me about your health and wellness, let’s do it. A Discovery Session is a first step towards making change to your diet and lifestyle to have more energy, eat better, find time for fitness, smile wider and breathe deeper. After our 30 minutes together, you’ll have an action plan to take charge of your health.

    Thank you Marie and Stephen 🙂

    xo Johanna

  43. My amateur habits include not having a regular schedule to work on MY work which leads me to put other people’s stuff before my own. I tell myself “maybe” – maybe I’ll do this other thing until I get my business off the ground; maybe I’ll have more time when my son goes to college or we get the house in order or we have fewer bills, etc.; maybe things will break open when the economy picks back up. I heard Danny Iny say that “maybe” is the word we use to NOT say yes without taking ownership of saying no. My move from amateur to pro? Clearly deciding yes or no and removing “maybe” from my vocabulary. Thanks, Marie for the great material! Totally looking forward to Super Soul Sunday!

    • Mel

      Yes to this post and no to maybe

  44. Awesome interview!! I love the concept of turning pro and going to grab my book ASAP.
    My amateur habit is my lack of commitment to my writing. I have a voice, I have a message and its all in my head!! Its not helping anyone up in my brain. I need to get it out there.
    So thanks for the reminder and I need to upgrade this habit.

  45. What I got out of this, and thank you for it, is that turning pro means taking your life seriously – all parts of it. I would procrastinate in my business, then take a chunk of time I was going to spend with my kids to do the work I didn’t get done earlier – by taking my work seriously, I take my other commitments seriously as well.

    Thanks again Marie.

    • I completely agree Tammy. When we procrastinate, it affects all aspects of our lives. For instance, I have a 9-5 job and also my business. When I get back from work, instead of me spending maybe an hour so to fulfill the orders I have received from customers, I instead say to myself, that I am tired and sit in front of the TV or I end up surfing the net.

      What ends up happening is that am rushing in the morning before I go to my 9-5 work, packing orders, getting my son ready and trying to get myself ready for work in the morning. All this, is the result of procrastinating for an hour the night before.

      This also translates to customers not getting their orders on time and me losing customers. I just end of sabotaging myself. That is not what a professional would do.

      • So true Cynthia. I keep noticing those escapist habits. I think the trick is consciously scheduling time to unwind and relax so that you don’t feel guilty about it when you do. That way you can be fully present in your down time instead of beating yourself up about it. We do need down time, but if we’re not fully relaxed, what’s the point?

        I keep telling myself I’m gonna unplug the TV from the wall when I think of how much time it sucks from my life. That hour seems to fly meaninglessly, but it would certainly go a long way with purposeful intention. I write a lot on blog about this ( but wrote a guest post ( specifically about breaking the cycle you were talking about and building better habits for your morning. Hope you like… best of luck!!

  46. This is such a powerful (and timely) message!

  47. I felt connected to your story about Turning Pro, Marie…finding your man, letting go of the heavy partying and drinking. I’ve definitely had moments within the last couple years where I felt the partying was taking over getting work done but was avoiding it. Honestly it was that I wasn’t sure what I *should* be making in the world, so instead of trying to find that out, I was partying.

    It took a lot of months of soul-searching to figure out what I should be doing, after I stopped the incessant partying.

    Now that I have my focus and purpose, I’m more serious about my dreams. I’ve also moved to another city and am somewhat removed from that lifestyle, altho I still like a great cocktail 🙂 All about moderation.

    Here’s what I can do right now to go more Pro:

    Stop sidetracking myself with social media and email. Only pick 1-2 times a day for this.

  48. Ketina

    Oh Marie, I woke this morning feeling apprehensive about my new job despite my many talks with my spirit guide and angels. I saw your email in my box and I so needed to watch and hear about turning pro. I needed reassurance and faith and confirmation and my guides were spot on with this. So thank you. I got to accept I am already pro and I need to up my game lie you. This applie to my business as a freelance writer and my professional intutive readings. So Thank you!

  49. I am an idea person. I come up with ideas constantly. Business’ to start, ways to do them etc. I have started two that come to mind however each one I have really dedicated myself to but there comes a point of adversity or even distraction and I loose steam. I either give up by doubting myself or find something else to do. SO FRUSTRATING. Can a pro have many different interests and still be pro? My first reaction is of course. I think what I can do to change is start out with one idea become pro,stop doubting myself and create the mind set to not shy away from obstacles but face them head on. Also wanted to add a thank you to you Maria for sharing some personal stuff. I feel like a mystery was unveiled. I can quit my corporate job and bartend for a bit to free up time and save up money to do what I really love! As long as I keep those productive habits.

    Thank you

    • Hey Caitlyn,
      I was struggling with the same problem, but it sounds like you might be a multipotentialite, or scanner. Check out Barbara Sher’s books Refuse to Choose or I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What it Was, or Emilie Wapnick’s blog It’s about combining multiple interests into a business idea 🙂

  50. My amateur habit is letting others opinions of me get in my way. I stop doing what I do well because of what others say.I am letting this go from now.Thank you.
    Love and hugs

  51. No Name

    Excellent video! I learned a lot and it confirmed some things. I just hope 52 years of age is not too old to turn pro in a new field.

  52. Thanks Marie for a fabulous interview.
    I think for me, I could definitely relate to the comment about doing things less than perfectly, so I am protected, if it fails and can just say: “Oh well, I didn’t give it 100%!” so it doesn’t hurt as much then. I think it was a habit I started when I was in my teenage years – in art class and somehow that one kinda stuck with me.

    I managed to launch a book last week, which was super exciting. I had to fight the negative self doubt for an entire week, until launch date! Right now, I am feeling really stuck again in taking the next step with my business in actually committing to proper marketing. I feel like I know what I need to do but somehow I keep making excuses or finding other things to do, to distract me from doing it.

    I bought the book – downloading it now 🙂

    Thanks so much Steven and Marie for some fabulous info!

  53. Olga

    This video came at the exact right time. Just over the weekend, I signed up for BSchool because I am ready to plan and launch my own business. On Saturday I decided that I was going to start dressing and carrying myself as if I already had my own business. So I Turned Pro this weekend without realizing it. Thank you!

  54. Oh my gosh!
    I loved this video, I felt as if you we’re both speaking to me! And I see you we’re! I see now where being a pro has only been in my mind thus far, I do have the habits in running my business as an amateur.
    I have two jobs that contrast my passion (new business) like most people, one takes me out of the country 1-2 times weekly, so I have had the mindset of ( I can’t possibly do it all if I’m not at home.) for far too long.

    I now commit to being a pro by setting myself up with a timetable with set office hours to work on my passion.
    I will change my sleeping, workout, shopping hours etc….
    Get my first newsletter out….
    And generally being more out there!

    Thank you both for igniting the spark within me…gotta go now…have some igniting to do!


  55. Alyssa

    Thanks for this, Marie! I have been on the verge of this concept on my own, but today’s episode really kicked me into drive. Gah!! I’m so excited..what a wake up call. This is one of those times that a different perspective is all that I needed to light the fire under my ass for real. The two “pro” changes I need to make immediately are limiting my social media surfing and the big one– commitment and dedication. I have been getting my feet wet with this biz plan of mine, but end up procrastinating once I get an ample amount of work done. Each time I pick up the work, it’s like starting from square one again. From this moment on, I am committed and fully dedicated to giving my business 110 going all in. No more procrastination. The analogy of working like a pro was what switched something in my brain and in my soul. I thank you a million times for this.

    Annnnd congrats on Super Soul Sunday…so looking forward to checking it out. Hooray for you!

  56. Fajr

    Totally needed to watch this. I now see the barriers to my success have been my amateur habits: inconsistency and not taking things seriously. Thank you Marie and Steven never disappoints.

    The habit I am working on upgrading is a daily writing practice. Successful writers write, even when they don’t feel like it.

  57. Jeannette

    Hi Marie and friends!

    Thank you for this awesome interview with SP. I have been struggling with my entrepreneurial path for years. I know I am meant to give something amazing to the world, I just haven’t found what it is yet. It has been a challenge for me to decide on one thing and then commit to following through with it. I am constantly changing concepts or getting distracted. I am also a writer at my core, I have written all of my life, but never developed the pro habits and putting my craft out onto the world. I battle with depression and my own self defeating thoughts and behavior are constantly holding me back. I think if I were to choose just ONE habit to turn pro with, it would be daily morning exercise. I know doing that one thing would start my day off right, help keep my mind positive, and give me that boost of instant accomplishment that would help me succeed in my writing and web based business schedule and goal achievement! Daily Morning Cardio!

  58. Christine

    Marie, I know that you know this (because you just said it) but I had to stop in my tracks and pause this video to comment and say that you are a very important person here on this planet! I am so glad you “decided to turn pro”, because I am personally inspired each time by these interviews/motivations/lessons you provide for FREE. It is so generous compared to what I feel what I get out of them.

    My amateur habit is my untimely responses to my clients, (totally uncool!) its going to get me nowhere, disappoint my clients and tarnish my future. I need to ignore my self-sabotaging fear of success and be the pro I want to be. Not the “busy” weekend warrior I’m acting like.

    I know there is a lot in store for me if I harness my actions. Cheers to everyone here committing to upgrading their habits!

  59. Rachel

    Thanks Marie and Steven! Exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it! I feel as if everything is falling into place and its time for me to either put up or shut up as they say. My amateur habit is being a bit of a dabbler in many areas and only getting the minimum done in each. I have difficulty in concentrating– (is there a all-natural version of Ritalin!)– anyway I now think its just been me self-sabotaging all along. It’s hard though to take steps forward when you’re not sure where “forward” is. But now I know!

    I just ordered your ebooks Steven (War of Art and Turning Pro)! And Marie I signed up for B-School recently(LITMBC–loved!)! To add to this, I was extremely moved by watching Oprah’s latest SuperSoulSunday with Eckhardt Tolle and listened in last night to Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Extravaganza Day 1–which was awesome! It’s amazing how much access we have to all this inspirational gold without having to leave home! I’ve been following all you guys for quite awhile now, and I cannot take all of this amazing input for granted any longer. You, Marie, and your wonderful cohorts are inspiring me to make huge and sweeping changes in how I see the world and how I live my life and I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful! Thank you all for everything! My turning pro commences–now, see you all on the other side!

    • Eassa

      Rachel…I feel exactly the same way. I feel very blessed to have found these amazing mentors on the web. Mastin Kipp, Gabby Berstein, Kris Carr, Marianne Williamson and of course Marie! All these amazing people have brought clarity and wisdom and a big kick in the *ss to me. I can’t wait for Super Soul Sunday this weekend!

      • Rachel

        Hi Eassa! Right! Can’t wait to see it either! Best of luck to you on your road to Pro:)

  60. OMG Marie,

    We have the same story!!!!! I shifted when I met my now husband, Ashish. The partying “left me.” I absolutely love this interview and more so love how you shared your truth.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  61. Thank you so much for this great interview with Steven Pressfield. I will be getting his book immediately! He really struck a cord with me, as an aspiring writer myself.
    I have my day job, which provides for my family and is a blessing among an economy that is down; however I am still an amateur at my true ‘loves’ and become a bit of a weekend warrior or holiday warrior on the things I truly enjoy that are my passion. Therefore, my challenge is to become that Pro and creatively write every evening and when it’s impossible ensure I plan to write early in the morning. I know from courses; it’s just 20 minutes a day. It’s at the point where I am starting to make things happen but I need to ensure they are moving forward in a Pro manner versus the dabbling of a hobby or ameatur. Thanks again, Marie you inspire and motivate me and I am thankful for my sister who introduced me to you. I am paying it forward!

    • Alicia

      Cassie, my ipad finger was getting page downitis until I read your post. It’s not that I had disregard for all of the previous epiphanies and commitments. I heard my internal voice as it read your reply! I am working on a job from 7 to 4p for which I am thankful. I am also working as a financial advisor from 5 to 10 and excited about helping others find solutions. Yet my creative soul whispers in my dreams. As my eyes close and i snuggle i to my warm covers for rest, the singer, artist, composer and writer each take turns. They are calling me, reminding me of my creative side that is sulking in the shadows and I am struggling. My passion is helping others, my job is currently the primary source of income, yet my levels of energy are anemic!

      This is a provocative subject and I am committing to soul searching until I hear clearly how to map my gifts, talents and passion. Then I can strategically identify my amateurosities and apply Pro behaviors to a focused plan and master well.

  62. Lisa

    Thanks, Marie! I will definitely get Turning Pro. Thanks for sharing Steven Pressfield! The amateur habit I’ll be trading up on is (like many others) committing to a work schedule. It’s easy to let the pressing tasks of day to day living take over a day, week, month before you realize it. It is absolutely perspective+ habits. I can see how the small shift in attitude and perspective from whatever it is now to ‘I am a pro!’ is significant. It does make a good mantra 🙂

  63. Emma

    Wow, what a wake up call!!! I’ve totally been acting like an amateur and not taking myself and my business seriously. I can see now that this is a key reason why I’m not moving forward in my business and life as I’d like to be. First step is definitely going to be setting a regular bedtime, so I can jump out of bed every morning with energy and enthusiasm, instead of like a sloth, lol 🙂

  64. Kat

    Great interview, and great comment-convos!

    The amateur habit I intend to turn into a pro-habit is internet time. I’m the Princess Kate of going online to do research, or getting on the computer to write, but will instead spend hours clicking through email, facebook, back to email, etc. A hour or two flies by and my brain is then numb and nothing has been accomplished.

    My intention is to transform the time spent on the ‘net to time spent seeking answers to predetermined questions, limit the facecrack, and start tracking the time spent on work vs. wasting time.

    Marie, thanks for the great video and y’all, thanks for the great comments and inspiration!

  65. Melissa Mayer

    Pure gold! What I want is to respect the time I want to start to work and to practice describing my business in a way that it lands even for people who know nothing about coaching.

  66. I love this. An elegant phrase that means so much. I keep thinking I am a pro then wondering why I am not getting the results…
    well now I know. Not Pro enough. I am getting there already – it’s about getting really timetabled about my Editorial Calendar and DOING it…Marie’s first lesson – if it isn’t in the diary, it’s not going to happen. Diary upleveling! Thank you as ever for brilliant content.

  67. Kristin

    Amateur habit is writing. Ready to go pro & start the young kids book I’ve been kicking around in my head. Just got my MacBook Pro – ready to roll. I could have bought a lot of gold clothes with the money! Thanks Marie – living under a rock I guess and had not heard of Mr. Pressfield, but will be reading these books immediately.



  68. I danced all the way through this interview and am loving Mr. Pressfield! Thank you for the intro to him at RHH Live, I am halfway through The War of Art and cannot get enough!

    My recommitment to pro habits came after RHH Live and include setting the alarm early for mediation, showering and dressing for my work-from-home day, and planning the next work day at the end of each day. Next steps include 1) diving into my biggest priority of the day for one hour in the morning (before checking email/social media) and 2) limiting email/social media to two set (short) periods of time each day.

    Thanks for all the GOOD JUICE you share with us Marie! And I am SO excited to see you on #SuperSoulSunday in just a few more days!

    • So good to read your sharing Maddy, thank you! Love how you describe your dressing for ‘work-at-home’ – I just saw your name and remembered you from our SG forum.
      Don’t know if you remember me:)

      Xo sg Line.

  69. Ellen

    Receiving way too many emails back!! Is there a way to just get emailed if there iis a response to my post???

    • Hrm, not sure about this Ellen… Maybe you can unsubscribe to comments, then come back and manually check for replies to your post?

    • Kristin

      Hi Ellen,
      Rebecca’s tip is awesome. If you subscribe to follow-up comments, you’ll be notified every time a comment shows up on this blog post. I know there’s a lot of amazing action going on today on this post, so if you’d rather not get an email for every comment, you could pop back in periodically and scope out the convo that way instead!

      Kristin (Team Forleo)

  70. Stephanie

    Thank you for this interview! Turning Pro is exactly where I am in my life right now. I have an unstoppable dream that I’m making reality with no distractions. Everyday, I’m writing creating snd planning this new venture. The best part is for once I have a complete vision for the next several phases ofmy career. How great is that?!

    Also, I do agree we’re in an amazing time to be alive. We have so many opportunities to showcase our work and control our brand without the traditional barriers you find when you get into bed with publishers, networks, etc. To be free of those barriers allows us to introduce ourselves and our brand the way we want the world to see it. In turn, when we do get noticed and make educated decisions about making a publishing deal for example, the publisher will be buying the brand the way we put it out into the world. They’re interest is based on your vision already articulated.

    By only putting out what we want the world to see we have more opportunity to be “hired” to do only what we’ve put out there, if that makes sense. Thank you internets, social media and great bandwidth!

    And thank you Maria!

  71. Team Marie always produces top-notch quality, but this interview was extra delish!!

    A year ago, I was stuck in amateur mode and fed up. I stripped all the BS of “playing at business” and committed to taking my work seriously. Just as Marie & Steven said, the shift I made through my actions, began to produce tangible results.

    I still have changes to make, but I know that when I invest my energy properly, the ROI rocks my world.

    Thank you Marie, and to your team, for producing such stellar content. xo.

  72. What a great reminder!

    Now that I am on my own full-time (week 1), I am committed to treating my business as I would a job – showing up every day, working the full day including the action items. No excuses!

    I have his other books but just downloaded this one. I am going to read it now… well actually tonight after I get my full day of work in.

    Thanks Marie!

  73. Beth

    I’m struggling with maintaining high standards in my life with a toddler and husband. It seems like when I start to dedicate myself – TRULY – to one thing, everything else falls apart. I’m writing a novel right now and my business has been on hold for the last 10 days, my house is a mess, and my daughter is watching too much TV. Organic produce is going bad in my fridge and we’re eating frozen pizza. I want to dedicate myself to what I’m meant to do, but I’m not going to be selfish and do it at the expense of the ones I love. I feel like eventually I will regret spending too much time working on these things, even though they make me really happy.

    (Like my husband watched my daughter all weekend so I could get another 10k written. I was glowing at the end of that, but my daughter was stuck watching too much TV and not getting outside enough and enjoying her life. My husband had work he needed to do, too. She’s almost 2.)

    Do I just need to find a way to manage my time better? I feel like I don’t have energy a lot, but I suspect changing my diet and getting outside more would help me.

  74. Meron

    This video came at the perfect time! I’ve recently been over committing to opportunities that seem to help me get to where I want to go but going to every event is burning me out! The more I think about it, the more I realize that half these opportunities aren’t necessarily in line with my path. My goal this week is to really hone in on what I want my path to be and commit to only things that will help me get there. Also, finishing projects like a pro!

  75. Lisa

    Like another poster, I am an ideas person. I have GREAT ideas and a strong work ethic but when it comes to implementing the things that most engage and excite me I don’t move forward. I work really hard at other stuff like climbing the corporate ladder or 6 loads of laundry. These are my pro choices. First, strike the phrase “going to” from my options list and replace it with a deadline. Second, respect my ideas and take each of the million baby steps that lead to fruition.

  76. Loved this – for the entire time I’ve been coaching I’ve given all new clients a copy of Steven’s The War of Art. I consider it essential reading. The main thing I got out of this video is that I’m in the middle of another micro-shift in turning pro. I’ve taken my business very seriously from the beginning but just in the past couple of weeks I’ve felt some huge resistance to taking things to the next level. Watching this video gave me the push out of the nest that I needed! You guys rock.

  77. Oh boy, this one hit me hard Marie. As a “multi-passionate” creative, I find it’s hard to be a pro because I’m splitting my energy between 4 big life areas.
    1. I have a local (still amateur) TV show that I want to expand nationally.
    2. I would like to write a book and have interest from a few agents/publishers, but realize there is so much to learn about this process- (amateur).
    3. I work full time (thank goodness I have 2 months off and Friday’s off!)
    4. I have a 5 yr old daughter who wants her mom! (FYI- this list is NOT in order of importance 🙂

    So, if I was a PRO writer or TV show host, I’d probably just be doing one or the other, right? But, I don’t want to choose- I want to do both! The problem is right now that none of my creative stuff brings in a dime, in fact I have to pay for the production of my shows. Thus, I need the income from my paid job for now.

    It seems like there is more external energy around the book right now, so perhaps I just need to make a decision: for the next 3 months my challenge will be to start thinking like a pro-author. I will learn everything about publishing, competition, and building my platform. If my proposal is accepted in the next 3 weeks, I’ll start writing like a maniac (a pro-maniac!) If it’s not accepted, I’ll rework it and make it so stellar that no-one could turn down this PRO. How does this sound?

    • You aren’t going to believe this- I wrote the above post on Tuesday about dedicating myself to becoming a pro-author. And guess what? Today is Thursday and I got an offer from a publisher who wants to publish MY BOOK. I made the decision and results came lightening fast.


  78. Maurice Gavin

    David Allen of GTD fame (who I used to speak publicly for) gave me “The Art of War” signed from Steven a few Christmases ago and in true resistant form I handed it to my mother-in-law ( because I thought she needed to read it: so much so I didn’t realize it was personally autographed to me. The rest is history as it has highlighted my dysfunction which I am now addressing. BTW my friend Domenic Chiarella met you in CT at the DOTCOM event and said you are the real deal… keep up the good work

  79. Thank you for the excellent interview with Stephen. I loved it. I was just writing in my journal about why I haven’t succeeded far enough yet, and when I was happiest (when doing my best at professional events). I am a professional musical performer. My most significant amateur habits are allowing emotional dramas (usually romantic) to eclipse my professional ambitions, giving more attention to other’s opinions than my own visions, and not spending enough time in preparation for a show. When I am prepared anew, it rocks and I am so happy. When I’m not, it is very stressful and sets my career and esteem back incredibly. Stop and Go. These are all fairly tied together. I can’t be a professional when I am putting my work goals last, both in time spent and in how I value them. Thank You for the spot to speak! Right On.

  80. What a great interview! Thank you Marie and Steve. This episode really stuck so many cords on me. It may well be this interview the moment I commit to myself to turn from amateur to pro entrepreneur. My first step in terms of switching to a pro-habit is to create the time (e.g. schedule it) to take action, prioritize and get things done. I loved the priorities = prosperity equation.
    I recall now you, Marie, you telling Anthony Robbins in The New Money Masters interview about “making your bed as a pro” (after listening to this interview, I get it now in what context you were saying it). That statement, as silly as it sounds, stayed with me and funny enough I’ve been making my bed like a pro since then. The metaphor worked in many ways, especially in building the habit, doing it with pride, and enjoying the accomplishment. Now I will take it to the next level and apply the same habit to scheduling my day.
    Thank you again for a great interview Marie & team.
    Much love and gratitude to you.

  81. If I could change one habit, it would be spending so much time posting random stuff on Facebook. You two really called my habits- they are so amateur !!! And I really feel the full struggle of working through my inner blocks and limitations just to do the next little mundane task that I need to do to move my business forward.
    I guess I need to get this book, because I need all the motivation I can get!

  82. I’m a new Pressfield reader and I absolutely love him. After I got home from RHH Live, I bought the book right away! I actually did a post today on the same book and what I learned from it.

    The amateur habit that I need to get over is making excuses that I don’t have any time. I also need to learn to hire out so I can focus more on the parts of my business that contribute the most success.

    If I were to commit to a PRO habit today, it would be to not be distracted. I feel that I’m distracted by social media, checking my email list and a million other things that I shouldn’t be doing. If I just hired those items out, they wouldn’t be there to distract me anymore!

    Thanks Marie for this amazing interview 🙂

  83. This is e.x.a.c.t.l.y where I have been for a while now. I’ve got it all so very clear in my mind where I want to take my career, but I’ve been procrastinating on the ‘get go’ and making it happen because I’ve been chosing to focus on my current reality too much. Now I can see that I have been fully inhabiting the ‘amateur’ mindset. Sometimes I feel that the content that I am creating is just not good enough and so I’ll achive it and only hit publish from time to time. If I want my career and business to grow I need to commit to publishing regularly. I need to stop putting sh** on the back burner. Those actions in themselves are whats holding me back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video and I can’t wait for my books delivery! xxx

  84. I love the idea of “Beginners Mind” as in Shunryu Suziki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. Great Interview, Marie!

  85. So needed this today!
    I’m always on the edge of turning pro and the missing piece is the mindset to allow myself to grow into my greatness. I hold onto my amateur status to stay safe and not have to work as hard as I know I will when I go pro.
    I know this is a decision and I feel I’m getting closer as I set more habits to do the work every single day. Thanks Marie and Steven!

  86. It’s amazing how often people (including myself) who meet their life partner, and then are even more inspired to kick things into high gear. The energy to succeed as a couple and in life comes to the surface, and you find the tools needed to thrive (which are in us already, of course).

    That positive energy also attracts others into your circle, business partners, etc.

    Well done Marie. : )

  87. Nicole

    Thank you so much for this! STEVE IS GREAT! And thank you Marie,for sharing your journey too. I really needed this – right now.

  88. Love this concept, as an actor I need to stop only really working on my material and craft when I have an audition or a performance coming up and make it an everyday part of my life!

  89. Oh Yah! As always Marie Forleo brings it to me at the perfect hour! Marie, you rock and Steven continues to deliver the “goods”! I too have “The War of Art” which is my daily read! This was a powerful session and as always, the inspiration that continues to spur me on. I’m sharing Steve’s new book
    “Turn Pro” with my Tribe!

  90. Hey Marie! So funny to see this video in my inbox this morning as I have just finished reading “Turning Pro” which I found through an Actors info booth, serendipity! but seriously good stuff and he is right on when it comes to relating exactly to what we as entrepreneurs go through when we second guess ourselves and put our dreams on the back burner while we painfully slave away at other things that are not nearly as fulfilling. I kinda knew that more people have to be feeling that way but to hear it put this way really is an eye openner! I highly recommend this book to anyone with a dream grander than they’re curent circumstances!

    Thanks Again and congratulations on Making it to Oprah!


  91. My turning pro moment was when I decided to stop trying to be all things to all people. Now I do one thing and I do one thing really well. Though the course correction has caused a dip in cash flow I know in the long run I’ll be better of for it.

    Thanks again for the always great content Marie!

  92. My one amateur habit is playing online games when I should be working. It’s the one habit that’s been sabotaging a lot of my efforts to move forward in life and business.

    I would replace that habit with the pro habit of creating content for my online business. No more games. It’s time for me to create.

    This was an awesome interview Marie & Steven. Glad I opened your message today.

  93. Pauliina

    Thank you Marie again from an amazing episode!!
    My amateur habit is that I study nutrition just by what seems to spark my interest at the moment or what I happen to stumble upon in the internet. I need a schedule and a more focused mind set to create something with my time. I’m graduating soon as a nutritional counsellor and to kick start a nutrition business of my own I need to start being more focused.

  94. I turned Pro this year, my family backed me up completely and a lot of my friends; there was just one person that really didn´t like the idea : my best friend. She started to complain that I wasn´t there for her because I was always busy.

    After watching this video I realized that indeed, she wanted us to continue to indulge in amateur activities, continue to be just “wannabes” instead of just come out and being .

    She decided to put distance between us, and I believe that was a really good idea.

    Great video.

  95. I really liked the vibe Steven Pressfield has… he is a very open person. He has something important to say, but he is willing to listen to others first. The dark side of me I try to ignore or keep hidden is that immature, demanding person that wants what I want now and the door is closed to anything else. I can tell my self I am being a perfectionist and giving my all, but the truth is: this is an amature habit. Someone who is closed minded and trys to control everything rather than work with the power of life around us letting go enough to putt our energy in, watch what unfolds, and work with that to go forward with ease. IN the next month I have a huge finale to my year as far as work goes, it intense time, but my challenge to myself will be to go forward with ease- how ever life unfolds.

  96. Jo-Na Williams

    I love this idea so much…I know that there have been some areas in my life that I have not turned pro however I am committed to my business and the life I want to live and how I want to contribute the world! It’s time! I challenge us all to GO PRO!

  97. I have definitely been very consciously semi-pro for the past 6 months I’ve been traveling and living in a van and my focus hasn’t been business, but rather lifestyle and FUN.

    I’ve been looking forward to getting back home to get crackin’ on some new ideas, and this video helped remind me why I’m so excited – Im so ready to make the conscious switch from semi- to full-on pro! Hell yeah!

  98. AwakenedMama

    Of COURSE, there are no coincidences!! I have to say that this interview has come at the PERFECT time for me. I am currently in the PANGS of becoming pro. I realized recently that I had never set up my personal boundaries, so I was getting sucked into doing everything and anything for everyone else…leaving NO time for me…much less time to achieve my dreams! Now that I have begun to set up these boundaries, by saying NO to people, “shiny opportunities”, and even not so shiny requests (like…read my writing and give me feedback for free or please write my paper for me)… I am finding that I am feeling a bit isolated. I know now that I was keeping these people and situations around to “fill me up”…but it was just a false sense of feeling “purposeful” that has depleted me in the long run. I can feel that I am finally on the path to becoming PRO. I am committing to my writing and finally courageous enough to let my voice be heard. I am so glad to hear Marie say that the beginning is the hardest. I am hoping that once I pass this initial bump of having people angry with me, feeling a bit lonely, and causing waves (which sometimes feel like tsunamis) around me, that I will finally find my groove and the peace in my drama-free life to truly live out my purpose!! And by the WAY…. I AM A SUPER FAN OF SUPER SOUL SUNDAYS!! I am also a mama to two magnificent and rambunctious 5 and 3 year-old boys, so I always record them and watch them at night when the kids are sleeping. This ritual is my not-so-sinful indulgence! I have literally traded in the Ben & Jerry’s for my Super Soul Sunday nights!! So, even though I will not be there LIVE, I will be watching, cheering for all of you, and sucking all the knowledge in like a sponge during my quiet Sunday night. Marie, thank you for your unwavering STAND for all of us women to get to our LIGHT!! You rock!

  99. Oh Marie – this interview knocked my socks off! I had a turning point two weeks ago after I finished a raw food cleanse. Something happened that uncovered the real me. I was waking up at 5 am and one morning I woke up “knowing” as if I had a massive download from my spiritual guides. I wrote my interview that I was to do three hours later. My body was having electrical charges and it flowed right out of me. I gave a fabulous interview. Now I will submit it as a guest post. It was life changing all due to cleansing. Now I’m plant based and cooking from Kris’ cookbook. But here’s what happened. I contacted a publisher and met with her. After that decided to scrap the name of my digital manifesto and make it a book with the theme of fear busting. I am now ready to submit it back to the publisher and get feedback. And I am taking Smart Women on a higher level – upping my rates and offering a whole new Elite Coaching program. It’s been a turning point in turning pro. I am no longer drinking much wine (self-medicating). I have committed on a new plane for my own success. Thank you for being a virtual mentor.

  100. Priscilla

    So awesome. The “Pro” mentality can be applied on several different levels and is very applicable to various arenas of my life. I just purchased the book via Black Irish.

    Thanks Marie for the inside scoop!

  101. Thank you so much for this great interview! It spoke directly to me this morning and made me tear up as I’ve been struggling with this concept in my own life. I’m feeling empowered this morning after listening to this interview and encouraged to keep placing one foot in front of the other as I am making the transition to turning pro in my new business.

    Just want to share this too – In the middle of the interview my little 2 year old son woke up and wanted to sit on my lap and watch with me. After a couple minutes of watching you on the screen he looked up at me and said, “Mommy, bootiful lady!” 🙂 I thought it was so sweet!

    Thank you again!

  102. The hardest thing for me Marie, is that I have a lot of different talents (partly because I’m artistic, and partly because I’ve never had much money and so I’ve learned to do most things my self), and it’s hard to know which ‘thing’ to pursue. I worked in Insurance for all of my 20’s because I had 2 babies when I was a teenager, so I just had to take any job I could get. Now that my teenagers have moved in with their dad, I feel much less of the financial burden and so I’ve tried to pursue a thing or two in spite of the risk. I went to a university for a handful of semesters – I never could pin down a career path there. I felt the need for familiarity, and so I went back to customer service work for a while. It sucked worse than ever. And now I’m enrolled in Cosmetology School. I really need to find something that fits! I’m on the verge of quitting AGAIN, and I don’t know if this is the time when I’m supposed to put my nose to the grind, or if this is another one of those things lacking the CYP factor (you know!) and that I should pursue something else again. I started a blog in July. I’m really honest. I’ve lost a lot of acquaintances because of it. The hardest part is that we were acquainted through a person who really matters to me. I had a moment where I thought everything was crap, and so I took it all down. Only yesterday did I start blogging again. I hope I find my niche! I absolutely feel like I have a ton to offer, but I loathe pointless rules, and I’m not the best with authority. I’m an excellent worker, so I’ve never needed micro-management, but I can’t seem to avoid it when I find a j.o.b. where I live. That’s where I’m at. Thanks for all of your video’s. I love every single one of them.

    • Hi Andrea, I know exactly how you feel and just recently began uncovering my purpose and niche. Several months ago I laid out a plan where I would become certified in everything :: yoga, personal training, spinning, Reiki, health counseling, life coaching, while also writing (novels, eBooks, etc)… I LOVED all of them and knew that I could excel in all of the different areas. BUT then I started to realize that pursing all of those passions would be nearly impossible at the same time – I had to figure out what I wanted to focus my time, energy and heart on. I also needed to figure out what I wanted to take to the next level. Yes, I love spinning and I’m sure I’d be a good instructor but that doesn’t mean it makes my heart sing. Over the last month I’ve done a lot of meditating, journaling and dreaming and decided to focus my attention on Reiki, yoga, life coaching and writing and honestly it just feels right.

      I’ve also realized how important it is to reach out to other experts for their talents – like designing my new life coaching site, rather than doing it myself I’m connecting with someone that dedicates their life to the art of web design so that it’ll be the best site ever.

      My best advice, listen to your heart. Try to tap into what makes you grin and what you feel most passionate about and then go for it! You have greatness inside of you 🙂

      • Thank you Erin!! 🙂 You do know how I feel! And how wonderful is Reiki?! That is the best advice…what do I want “to focus my time, energy and heart on”? You certainly have a knack for life coaching, and I will be checking out your website. You are so sweet! Thanks again <3

  103. Nikia

    I’m literally in tears because this is me RIGHT NOW. I woke up this morning, on the day of the new moon, and decided that now was the time to stop procrastinating and put my ideas on paper. I’ve had a story brewing inside me for months now, and I have been almost afraid to begin the journey I feel it will send me on. I am pregnant, unemployed, and yes, my sink is full of dishes. I’ve been resisting my calling and it hurts so bad. It has put me in the most painful situations I can imagine, and I’m so done. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

  104. Oh my goodness, Marie. I love this interview so much, I have to keep pausing to walk around, and let it sink in. He’s brilliant, and lovely, and so many things he’s saying resonate! Things I’ve done, and new things to try.
    Thank you for this one!

    • I love how you let it sink in – so true! Usually I watch her videos more than once to make sure I really get it.

  105. I also love the War of Art. It is what pushed me to get started in business 5 years ago!!

    I also have a “party” habit. It doesn’t “directly” affect my work in that I don’t miss appointments or scheduled work time because of it but it can be expensive and I could be using those funds to further OTHER ideas and investments instead of “drinking that money!”

    I need to hire someone to update my header on my site and don’t have the budget. I added up my dinner/bar tabs for the last 3 weeks and I could have paid for it 3 times with that!

  106. Mary Shabestari

    It’s been a challenge for me to treat my budding writing career as a “job”, especially with a hubby and kids, but I’m getting better at scheduling appointments and errands for one day a week so I’m not wasting time running around. Hubby’s not sure of my endeavors, I think he’s waiting for me to go out and get a “real job”, and I haven’t “gone public” with what I’m doing out of my own fear of what others will think, so I need to work through these issues. Are any of you out there also parents who are trying to juggle family and your life aspirations?

    • I find it a huge challenge to have kids (3 young ones) and also build a career.
      I also find it a huge challenge that so few role models (i.e. Marie) I really identify with that have big families. There are lots of ‘momprenuers’ out there, but they don’t appear to ‘go pro’, travel or grab life by the horns – and I can’t seem to identify with them. But the people I do relate to don’t have kids. Maybe its a convenient excuse – I don’t know….

  107. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. I’m right there, in the wobbly place btw chairs – past / future and coming full circle with my long-in-the-coming re-invention and this rings so true – to commit, to being pro. Hey, I’m PRO. 😉

  108. My office is a disaster. I accidentally got in the habit of hoarding biz tools and samples I can gift to clients to help them. Now I just have an unorganized office full of junk I can’t even find!!! My goal is to give away or throw away everything in 4 weeks. Then, as things come in they’ll just stay in my car till the first person I meet who can use it. Buh-by junky amateur office!

  109. I loved this interview and actually met Steven, as he is a personal long time friend of my ex.

    His story and views are really inspirational and have motivated me to really go for it. I am a Psychic Spiritual Healer with over 22 years expereince and I love to help people and heal this planet. I finally believe that I too deserve to be financially successful and abundant.

  110. YOU ROCK MY WORLD MARIE!!!! When I read “The War of Art” years ago, I thought I have to meet him, he is someone I need to meet. Through the years that book has helped me with my dance career, and even just personal stuff!! I have read it so many times and wondered when the next one would come out. About two weeks ago when I found out his book Turning Pro came out, It was like my birthday I ordered it and that was it!! Some girls want to meet Brad Pitt, I want to meet him and just talk and talk and talk!! lol 🙂 and can’t believe you brought him today, THANK YOU, SOOOOOOO MUCH.. YOU SEE, THIS IS SHOWS EXACTLY THAT, GOD, UNIVERSE, ME AND YOU GUYS HAVE MY BACK!! THANK YOU AND CANT WAIT FOR SUPPER SOUL SUNDAY!!! WOOOHOO!! 🙂

  111. This was such a gift. Thank you once again Marie. I am downloading the mp4 right now and will be listening on the hour long drive I am making this morning to meet with a client. CAN’T WAIT!!!

    I read Do the Work in one sitting, was getting ready to grab The War of Art, but was so amazed at the timing of today’s message that I KNEW that Turning Pro had to be next!

    Cannot express how meaningful all your messages have been for me Marie. Honestly. Thank you.

  112. (One of) My amateur habit: To behave like a nervous, excited little boy when talking to established professionals, especially in my own field. It’s like I’m a modern-day tween fan meeting Bieber or Emma Watson. I need to overcome this aspect and realize that I am now one of those professionals that many people look up to, as I did when I was their ages.

    • YES STEPHEN!! I TOTALLY GET YOU!! I’M YELLING BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN GETTING OVERLY EXCITED WHEN INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE I ADMIRE!!! I’m endeavoring to love and embrace my inner-tweener. Yoga has helped me learn how to breath properly, so that now, at least I don’t pass out. I am currently working on learning to stay centered in the moment, remembering that they are human just like me. In some cases it does help, like Marcia Brady, to picture them in their underwear… but not always.

  113. Love the ‘War of Art’ but somehow forgot this concept . . . thanks for the kick in the pants. I’m in a stuck place right now and ‘turning pro’ is a great vision to move forward. Thanks again Marie, great interview (even with the echo)!

  114. Hi Marie and friends, is it very interesting that it is the second time in one month that your videos are matching exactly my reflections!? The feeling like a fraud when I was coming back to training after a 6 months break and busy building a great venture website and today as I just met great people I had visualised for a while and at ast met and could very well be partners I was looking for and coming back from the meeting quite enlivened and thinking the focus now between me and them was … to act pro. Ah Ah! Alignment! Wonder!

  115. One of the best interviews ever Marie! Thanks for that.

    I took away a ton of wisdom and brilliance that I am committing to apply in my business and specifically, I’m going to commit to my 750 words a day and hot yoga 4 to 5 times a week. (I’m at 3 to 4x now) I’ve signed up for a years membership to my favourite yoga place and this feels so in sync to center me for all I wish to achieve over the next year.

    Thanks Marie for sharing your evolution with the world and raising up all this juicy feminine energy!

    Big love,

  116. OMG! I love this interview. I don’t know about Steven’s books, but now it is on my list to purchase. Such perfect timing! Several weeks ago I was away for a month and had a lot of time to myself as my husband worked during the day and I didn’t know anyone where I was. I had no distractions and I realized I wasn’t living my life as a “pro.”

    I wasn’t showing up everyday gung-ho about my business, so I started diving into what would just feel fabulous…that is when my new web show The Irresistible Heartpreneur was birthed where I’m going to be interviewing others and sharing their stories in how they were able to get noticed online in a big way.

    Once I made this “pro” commitment to myself so many shifts have been happening in such a short period of time. I teach this to my clients all the time and then to see the reflection happen to myself at this point in time was amazing. I have to say it was the inner work that I had to work on most. It wasn’t the strategy. It was the belief and love for myself.

    Thank you for sharing your truth + gifts with the world, Marie.

    Much heart,

  117. Like Mary, I find having 3 kids is always a hinderance to really feeling ‘pro’. I feel like having them as my top priority means I can never truly be professional….
    But I still try.
    And beyond that I find that other people think I am professional, and when they hire me to do something I totally rise to the occasion. But when I am on my own, I have a tough time keeping that drive. I don’t think about myself as a professional – even though other people do.
    My key habit that I would need to change is to be consistent with my own business blog, newsletter and social media outlets (I do my clients stuff all the time). Treating my own image with the same TLC as my clients would be the best habit to implement. Yet I procrastinate…. 🙁

    • September, this is my situation exactly (except with 5 kids!). I do client work with no problem, all the while my poor website is collecting cobwebs and in a permanent state of “under construction”. Well, I am committing to shaking off the cobwebs right now! We mommies just have to be a little more creative than some. Case in point- right now I’m typing this as my 4 month old falls asleep on my lap. While she’s drifting, I’ll return some emails and other easy tasks. Once she is deep into it, I’ll ease her into bed and get to working on my auto responder.

      You are just as important -if not more so- than your clients. Prioritize yourself. I’m rooting for you!

      • That last line is the hardest one to actually live everyday…

  118. Wonderful episode!! I first bought “The War of Art” 2 years ago when I was just starting out my photography business. It’s so easy to forget things, however, especially when you fall into amateur traps. I just popped online to buy “Going Pro” and can’t wait.

    I’ve never seen a live interview with Steven before. I love him! What an open, amazing, caring, and wise person. I appreciate his personal stories and his courage to live as a pro each day.

    Like you always quote, Marie, you’ve got to “behave your way to success” and this is a stunning example of that.

    I’m hosting a little Super Soul Sunday part-ay at my house this Sunday! We’ll be there supporting you, Mastin, Gabby, and Oprah! Can’t wait!

    • Thank you SO much D’Arcy – send us pics via Instagram and Twitter if you can 😉

  119. Wow Marie! Another amazing interview. I just bought this book and can’t wait to get it in the mail; honestly, it’s perfect timing. I’m currently laying the foundation for my life coaching biz while finishing my novel and where I fall short is ::::: owning my talents and goals.

    When people ask me about my novel or life coaching biz I let myself shrink rather than standing tall and owning my awesomeness. Maybe it’s out of fear, embarassment, nervousness; whatever the reason I’m selling myself short and that’s not fair to myself or my purpose.

    So, I’m turning pro and I’m standing tall, proud and strong. I’m going to be a kick ass writer and an amazing life coach. I have to be the first to believe it to make it happen though.

    Thank you Marie, for all of your insight and inspiration.

    In joy,
    Erin, Creative Soul in Motion

    • Yes you will be(are)! 😀

  120. I have lots of amateur habits . . . right off the top:
    Get to bed earlier
    Get up earlier for a more productive day
    Stop wasting time on the Internet
    Write everyday
    Photograph every day
    Buy a big girl camera
    Commit to education
    Complete tasks I don’t like to do first, stop procrastinating

    I could go on . . . I’ll pick one a day and begin. Thank you Marie!! And to Stephen for his fabulous books!

  121. Melanie

    Thank you so much for providing such a great, positive, conversation into Turning Pro. I am a creator of gluten-free baked goods and for the longest time, I thought my cupcakes and cookies, etc. were not that great because they didn’t look all pretty with the sprinkles and crazy frosting designs and flavors. It wasn’t until I started doing events to share and sample my products that I truly believed in myself and my talents. And since it is my side business, I struggled with putting the time and effort into it to make it my priority. Now I find myself putting it first and it has really changed the growth of my business. I actually have people calling me to be at events! I have a gift and I want to share it with the world and I truly believe that I am a professional.

  122. Paris

    I LOVED this book! Mastin mentioned it about a week or so ago on TDL and I’m so happy I picked up a copy. Thanks Marie for posting this interview, you rock. Reading it completely changed how I spend my time and inspired me to get working on some projects that I’ve kept on the back-burner far too long. #inspired

  123. Thank you, Marie! These videos every Tuesday help me to think in Pro mode even though I am a stay at home Mom and artist. I can’t wait to pick up these books by Steven.
    I have been struggling with trying to get my artwork done while still inspiring a four year old each and every day. Many people do not see either pursuit as “real jobs”, and there is no “real money” yet, so that makes it harder.
    I’ve learned to simplify my life, and say, these 2 things are my priorities, (and husband), and everything else comes second. Schedule accordingly!
    A child will demand your time, and you have to plan around that. I have committed to working at night and have committed to working on my art on weekends. I love my DVR so as not to be tempted to sit back and watch TV at night when I finally have a little time.
    I have also had to figure out which tasks are high concentration and which ones are low concentration in my work (painting process). I figured out that these high concentration tasks are saved for my golden hours of focused, uninterrupted time, where I let nothing interfere.
    I work at home, and there are loads of distractions. I close door, turn on air purifier for white noise, listen to MP3. I clean up the day before I know I’ll have some painting time and this way not distracted by a messy house.
    I decided to work on many, small, experimental paintings until my child starts kindergarten. And every time I complete a painting, I make a big X on my calendar on my kitchen wall, so that at a glance I can see my progress, and so can my husband. My goal is to make 150 by September!
    My husband has a web site that he works on in the wee hours, and he makes X’s, too, every time he creates a new page. This way, we can see progress at a glance, it boosts morale, and we can also have an easier time negotiating whose turn it is to babysit!
    Love to all!

  124. You inspire me every week! Thank you Marie. Total inspiration.
    I have some low hanging fruit here: I am committing to be less flexible with my TIME.

  125. Andre'a

    Suffering Succotash… what ever that is!
    I work a FT corporate job. I find myself spending WAY too much time researching and checking up on others success and VERY LITTLE doing my own biz!
    I sometimes get lost in helping others build their business’ because it takes the focus off me. Im not shy. But Ive never known how to take a compliment. Very coy. No idea why. Humility becomes low self esteem. I was taught not to boast or brag. I never learned the true difference between the two.
    I KNOW my work is good. I hear it often. Its something about the spotlight that frightens me. Amateur Habit: Not believing in ME. SHYing away. Pro Habit: (BE)LIEVEING IN SELF! Standing TALL and Accepting ME.

  126. I am committing to ditching procrastination and not allowing my young family to be an excuse for not stretching myself to the level I know that I can achieve business wise. I have so many phenomenal ideas for my business and can always suggest great ideas for others, but my follow-through needs work. When I think about it, I think fear of success and all it entails is at the root of this. Strange, but true.

    I have to say Marie, this was one of my favorite episodes- and I watch them all! I will be be picking up the book and look forward to seeing you on OWN this Sunday!

    Much Love

    • Andrea

      Im with you Khadija…
      I think my FEAR is the Root… so ANY excuse fits!!!
      Follow Thru is a big one for me as well.

  127. Thanks Marie, that was awesome! As always!

  128. After watching many Marie TV episodes, I have to say this is THE ONE that hit home for me. I have read Steve’s books and they have made an impact but hearing the interview was inspiring. As someone who has built several successful businesses I know I’m capable of being a pro. Recently I declared my life long dream of being a full time writer yet I’ve been struggling with going Pro with it. I’ve wanted to do this since I wrote my first poem at ten.
    I think we often feel that if we throw money at something or we “envision” our desired result, that dreams come true miraculously. As I’ve often told my clients, “The law of Attraction is not the law of Inaction.” You have to do the right things, you have to act, shift, adapt and change.
    You’ve challenged me to reflect on what habit I should change. I immediately know which one would make the greatest difference. It’s like dominos. It’s getting to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and refreshed, start my day with a structure and direction, have time to eat a nourishing breakfast, workout and sit and write. This one thing of getting to bed early – and I’ll add structuring my time too – will make all the difference in my well-being, my capacity to run multiple businesses and most importantly, in my ability to write every day and live into the blueprint I declared as a writer.
    Many thanks to you and to Steve for an inspiring interview.

  129. Amazing interview!! I’m committed to being a pro in my world!! This may sound trite, but even getting up and getting dressed as if going to a j-o-b, instead of working in my jammies, could really make a difference! Those entrepreneurs who are all excited about working in their underwear may be missing something. I’ve been self employed for just about 2 years now, and have NOT seen the success that I was hoping for … not yet anyway. Maybe I’m not pro yet … that changes today! And recommitting to that aspect of being pro every day, that makes so much sense! It’s like the big emotional high of a great convention or training event, then coming home to reality … we need daily boosts of energy and wonderfulness!!

    Thanks for YOUR wonderfulness Marie!!

  130. I love Steven Pressfield. Do the Work made a huge difference in my view of the creative process. Just hopped over to order the book in paperback so I can mark it up AND for kindle so I can read it wherever I am.
    I love that you keep hitting this message, Marie, because I really need it! I’ve been mindfully watching myself and my habits since you talked about this at RHHLive. Today’s video is a great reminder to go a step further.The amateur habit I still have is NOT scheduling time to work on MY work. I schedule what I need to get done for the day job, but to really become pro, I need to get blocks of time on my google calendar for creating content. And then I need to honor that when the reminder goes off!!

    LOVE this and will make a huge poster of it to put above my desk:
    “There’s a sense of reverence and honoring that I’m here for a reason and that what I do makes a difference for other people and I can’t just flitter that away.”

    LOVE THAT! Thanks Marie!

  131. PS I just realized when I had my turning pro moment…
    I was trying, in an amateur, sporadic way, to get my true calling/art done, and feeling burned out and frustrated. I thought, “what I need is a vacation-to a beach in the Caribbean”…I imagined myself relaxing on the beach, having a great time, walking along the water, going for a swim, coming back to rest on towel, closing my eyes, and then my mind wandering….to my art, my painting, that I needed to get back to!!!
    I realized, that there is no ESCAPING one’s calling. The only way to release this pent up energy is to do the actual work itself. And to take the pressure off myself, I decided to surrender every time I begin; that it’s about a release of energy, a chipping away at something, a learning through doing, small increments of progress that matters. Now I no longer feel blocked and drained, but focused on producing.
    Once I release this energy, I can go out and play…and truly relax.

  132. Ok – I’m purchasing the book now, but just a little confused – need clarification. Is it “Turning Pro-Tapping inner power” or “Turning Pro-The Guide to Sex Work for the Ambitious”? hehehe!

    Love your interviews Marie – Thanks for seeking them out and bringing them to us!


    • Dawn Damico, Your Research Diva

      Just to clarify – that second one is an actual book on Amazon!

  133. jaclynsd (now in LA)

    I woke up feeling so lost this AM. Thinking where can I get started? What do I really want to do? Why cant I just get that thing that’s nagging me out and share it in a positive and productive way? For everyone not just myself.

    Then I turn on MarieTv and there is the answer and a few steps on getting started. I love when things like these happen. Thanks Marie and Steven this will really help out a lot. Thanks for keeping us motivated.

    Like everyone else look forward to Sunday and congrats.

  134. I think my amateur habit I need to drop is to stop hiding under a rock! I have been working hard at building up my business on the quiet – sharing little with anyone, including my husband. Why? I’ve not been confident in putting my message out there, taking the risk Stephen talks about …. Sometimes i let myself FEEL like an amateur when, rationally, I know I’m not. I’m qualified, experienced and have a boat-load of passion for my business BUT I know I’m being reticent when it comes to shouting this from the rooftops! So my pro habit is to connect more, to commit to raising my profile and showcasing my work.

  135. I commented earlier this morning, then went ahead and purchased “The War of Art” audiobook. Figured it was best to start at the very beginning. I’ve been editing images all day for my business and listening along to the book.

    Dude. It’s AMAZING! I especially liked the piece about learning to be miserable. Gosh, I thought it was just me! I doubt myself, I feel alone, I get embarrassed over things all the time, feel like I’ve shoved myself in a corner… it’s so great to know that this is all part of the process.

    Steven – you are awesome. Thank you for this brilliant piece of work!

  136. Magda

    Love it! Perfect timing xxx

  137. Thank you so much, Marie, for this video interview with Steven Pressfield. It is so delightful!!! I think I had my “ah-ha” moment today! Don’t be embarrassed about the little foxes that have stirred up your vines, Girl. We all have them and I appreciate you saying what they were. I’m writing about this today and so excited to share what’s inside me. I have been taking baby steps in “Turning Pro” and that’s really all it takes. I know these steps are serving the greater good in me and all those in my circle of influence. I’m excited and want the “Pro” in me to happen and being consistent in my daily actions is what is going to get me there. You are an amazing woman and just love you for heeding your call, which is stirring up and fanning the flames inside me. Keep turning it up! xo ~Dawn

  138. I always get so much out of your videos but today i had to write in. I listen to you when i am out jogging, so today when you were discussing how your friends and family will try to sabotage you as you try to become a pro. I felt an overwhelming serge of power to get up my usual hill. I recently separated myself from my family for this reason and have moved into my friends house, only to find that they are worse. It basically just solidified my moving out on all of them. My voluntary decision to start over, on my own.

    Its hard to set sail when you are anchored to the sea floor.
    Thank you again for giving me that extra push up that hill called life:)
    Take care

  139. This is just what I needed today! I need to trade in my amateur habit of practicing yoga when time allows and practice first thing every day – no exceptions! I’ve known for awhile that making this one change will make a huge difference in my career (yoga teacher!) but haven’t put myself out there to make the commitment. Here we go ! xo

  140. Thank you for creating this video, Marie. This interview was so powerful. This is so perfect for what I’m going through right now.

    One habit I would like to change is to work on my business like, my business is my best client — I am my best client. As a graphic designer, I feel the pressures of making money to support my family and I always get sucked into freelance projects for large companies that don’t inspire me or help me grow only for short term profit. I keep putting off my business, like it is my last priority. So the new habit I am changing is really committing to 4 hours a day to focus on my business. Whether that be, learning something new by reading a book, working on my website, writing my blog posts, or creating new products. So to always keep this in mind before taking on a new project that might sabotage the gift I have to share with my clients and the world.

  141. Taking care of my physical self- my body- is where I keep myself amateur. I eat poorly, don’t move in the ways that spark me, and then I don’t have the energy or flow in my life to create and write and be seen. In fact I don’t want to be seen at that point. Amateur habits. It’s time I support myself in this way and find whatever support keeps me going.

  142. I read Turning Pro in two sessions because it really hit a note with me. I write plays for a living but my dream has always been to be a novelist. The Pro habit I’m adopting is two-fold, getting the writing done and seeing myself as a writer, not just a dabbler.

    Thanks for this wonderful interview.

  143. Hi Marie,
    I am a Pin Up Clothing designer out of Portland Oregon
    I wanted to comment on you interview with Steven Pressfield, but also wanted to say how much I appreciate your work and how it has improved my life!
    I am 47 and my life is a total do over right now. Your interview with Steven was like listening to someone sing my song!
    I have found over the last few months that listening to your show while I work “Yaaay” has helped me realize that I am making great choices right now in regards to becoming the person I was always meant to be. Not to mention I have learned so much from you and all the amazing guest on your show!
    I have made every classic mistake a person can make while building a Brand. I also own the fact that I have stayed in toxic relationships for too long. I became an expert at self-sabotage.
    If I could pick a topic for your show, this is what I would love to see.
    The topic today on Marie TV is “ e- commers & social net working for old farts”
    I have an etsy shop, FB, Youtube, model Meyham, Pin up Lifestyle account and my own website I am currently building. I am self-taught, but I can’t keep up. I took 3 years off to get a divorce, move and help my daughter start her new life and now I feel technology has grown so much that I am confused a lot of the time. Not to mention I am broke. This has not stopped me from working toward my goals. It just slows me down a lot.
    Every day someone tells me I need something new like Pinterest or Twitter.
    I really want to define my direction. It is too much work to be spread so thin. The time it takes just to learn how to navigate these Networks is grueling!
    So many people my age are starting over and don’t know the first thing about on line business. We need you Marie!

    • Tani,

      Stay tuned to and MarieTV. This is the place to be for exactly what you are talking about. All the best Mary xo

  144. Thanks Marie and Steven! That was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

  145. Hi! It’s a great stuff! Downloaded the book immediately.) I want to be a pro SO bad )
    It’s not easy to say, but still.) I’ve got two things.
    First amateur habbit is a way of thinking I guess: a habbit of thinking small, of myself and of life I deserve, self doubting. No clear answer “why” this whole tremendous work has to be done (am I talented? am I worth it? is it worth it?) I am not sure what exactly I want to be. Do I really want to be that kind of pro in exactly this field. Not sure that I will cope. And I have no clear message to the world. So I still do the work (i love it) but not quite “burning” and constantly need to prove myself that I am good at it. This possibly has something to do with deeper psychological stuff…
    The second thing is – i simply don’t work enough hours. It’s coming out of number one problem.
    That’s my two main things)
    Got to sort all of this, can’t take it any more!)))

    Marie, your work is very inspiring and meaningfull!
    Really, thank you.


  146. Ali

    Best video yet, Marie – thank you for presenting this illuminating, mind expanding gem!

  147. Courtney

    Hi everyone–Thanks for another great interview Marie! As for going pro in my life, creating more concrete scheduling for my work-from-home business as a freelance writer is something I know will help get me there! Being more accountable to myself and setting more specific deadlines for all the tasks I’ve got on the go. Creating pro habits–a great, simple way to shift the mindset!

    I want to share this great digital magazine called “Going Pro’ created by Stephanie Pollock. It features awesome interviews with 15 successful women in biz, and it’s free!

  148. I read through the previous comments and I found a general theme. One of procrastination and balance.

    I’ve owned two businesses before this one and even though I’ve done all these things before, I too still feel amateur. I also know the great stress running a business has on us and finding balance can be really hard.

    But, here’s the thing. I think that the reason why I feel amateur is because I’m acting amateur. If I say I am a business owner, then perhaps I should start acting like one? If I can’t sort out my schedule then I should probably hire someone to help right? I mean, that’s what a business would do. If I am sitting behind my computer on FB or checking emails, then how am I making money? If they are directly related to my business, then perhaps I need to have that assistant work those for me as well.

    Ultimately, there needs to be a separation of business and self. When I marketing myself, I’m SUPER worried about being judged. But if I shift my focus to marketing my business then my perception should change. This is my amateur problem. Treating what I do as a business and not as who I am. Though the two are intertwined as what I do is highly personal and is built around my style, it’s still a business with bookkeeping, marketing, sales, management, etc. I need to leave the emotion at the door and talk about the facts ma’am, just the facts. Procrastination and unbalance is the result of the lack of separation of self and business. I’d fire myself for my bad habits!

    Tonight I’m going to work on my business by introducing policy and procedures, something I never had in my other businesses which would have minimized my stress. That’s my way of moving from amateur to professional.
    Thanks for the post, looking forward to watching you on Oprah!

  149. Thank you Marie! Your timing is consistently nothing short of miraculous for me and you never fail to lead me exactly where I didn’t know I needed to be. Thanks for introducing me to Steven’s work – I’m eager to read. I’ve been in denial about the urgency of my need to “turn pro” and a small series of synchronicities are finally calling me to step up my game in big way and take an enormous leap of faith. Upleveling my habits is my ONLY way. My keystone habit is time-management so that’s where I’ll be investing me efforts. Seriously daunted and equally inspired. Sending love, prayers and support to everyone else in this interweb-based community for success in their commitments to turn pro!

  150. Wow, I am still listening to this interview and I just had to comment. I totally relate to you, Marie, talking about several moments years ago, being a baby pro particularly in my early 20’s. I struggled with the social pressures from friends etc, to stay out late, when all I really wanted to do was go home and work on my ideas and plans – now it’s all I love to do! Everything about the interview speaks to me and is so on point! Gotta get this book. Another great episode of Marie TV. Thank you!

  151. Wow, amazing interview. While listening I realized I’ve made a great deal of shift from amateur to pro in the last few months; however I’ve still got some amateur habits to work on. Never really thought of it as amateur and pro; however it makes total since. Just the thinking shift has made a change in me today. Just ordered my book!

    The current amateur habit I’m turning into a pro one is sticking to my work schedule I’ve created for myself to work my business on the days I’m off from my Flight Attendant job.

    Thanks Marie for the amazing interview.

  152. This was so inspiring! I realized that if I am not acting like a professional, then no one is going to consider me a professional! Just because I work from home does not mean that my time is not valuable! Thank you for this Marie, it is time to get my butt in gear, buy this book, get organized and be more professional!

  153. This episode answers my question: why I have worked so hard but don’t get more opportunities for my coaching business. I have so many bad habits that stop me to be a pro. 1. I don’t consistently network to know more people. 2. I don’t schedule time to write my eBook and create the new program. 3. I don’t take time to learn more tech stuff in order to make the new program happen.

    Thank you, Marie and Steve! I definitely will take action to change these habits!


  154. This is SO true. I remember when I had to write my first bio for my blog and it almost pained me to write that I was an artist/designer because I somehow didn’t feel qualified yet, even though that was what I had gone to college to do and what I had been trying to do for most of my life. But I wrote the words anyways, and ever since then I have really stepped into those shoes and embraced it and believed it.

  155. Elisha

    Wow, I felt like this video was speaking right to me, as I’m sure others did to. I am in my mid 20’s and I see this amazing life I want to create and live into but I find my excuses and bad habits over run me. This month I am shifting my eating and drinking habits and all ready scheduled an appointment with my doctor for accountability, who is brilliant and practices in alternative medicine. I am very passionate about health, but I don’t practice what I preach. So my big shift is living and acting what I know to be true for myself. Going pro in this area means no more excuses or distractions. Thanks for this video, they always seem to come at the perfect time.

  156. WOW this interview syncs up so well with where I am in my business. I know I’ve been a bit amateur and now I’m taking small steps towards going pro. First thing I’m doing is setting a schedule for my business. It’s easy to get distracted after coming home from my full time job and commute, but I know I want something better and I need to put in the effort to get there. Thanks, Marie!

  157. Mel

    Hold on Marie, so you re saying in this interview that your moment of turning professional came when you met your fiancé ? That’s telling me that until you had the validation of a man in your life you didn’t have the ability or confidence to become successful .Shame on you Marie . I’m not waiting around for a man to come along I’m getting on with it, life’s too short. Hopefully in Australia I have a chance.

    • I had the same experience as Marie – when my man came into my life I stepped up my game and went pro in all sorts of areas. I think I attracted him into my life because of all my hard work and I was ready for a real relationship, I was finally ready to go pro, and then second, when he did show up, I realized that it was even more important to be centered and grounded and loving and I could only do that if I was going pro with being healthy and keeping myself in a good place. So I think you may have misinterpreted Marie’s turning point.

    • Mel, I never took what Marie said that way, my take on it was that it was a timing thing and that Marie attracted that kind of partner in her life at the same time she was ready to step up. I can totally relate. Or perhaps it was what attracted her to him in the first place, was his ability to be pro and have someone on the same wavelength as where she was ready to be.

  158. I’m going pro in 3 areas first and these are my priorities also:
    1. Health and peace of mind – going pro by turning off my computer at 8pm to do my evening routine which includes cleaning up, organizing tomorrow, tapping, meditation and cuddling.
    2. Relationship with my man – not take his grumpies personally and step it up to the ultimate asking for what i want in bed, sex being a priority for me, with honesty, clarity, and some good good appreciation.
    3. Work – going pro by sticking to a schedule, being on time and overdelivering with my lovely clients, and limiting my facebook addiction to break times only (and soon that will o even more pro by realizing that being on facebook is not a healthy break)… THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT VIDEO!

  159. Awesome interview! I’m not sure if it’s “just my nature” or an amateur habit, but I sleep in too much! Like a lot. I’ve recently become blessed to work my own hours (PT for someone else and FT for myself), and since I set my own schedule, I think I may be taking advantage, and maybe even sabotaging, myself! Not cool. There’s just too much to do and so little time. Getting up early in those morning hours would be such a benefit to me.

  160. Hi Marie & Steven! This video really spoke to me, thank you. I loved hearing both of your stories. Question – Steven, how are your friend’s golfing skills now? 🙂
    As for the action challenge, I want to commit to turning pro by accepting that my business is my long-term chosen path. Sometimes on rough days or periods, I make myself feel better by thinking “If it doesn’t work out, I can always get a real job”. “I’ll give myself another year and then re-assess”. This thinking makes me feel safe, but it also stops me from embracing my business 100%. This IS a real job, and I’m making improvements every single day to move the business forward, and to make it work until the day I retire (which I have no intention of ever doing ;)) I can’t wait to read this book, Steven!

  161. Caroline

    This was a great “Kick in the A–” video. Common-sense and experience go a long way. Steven Pressfield is a likeable personality with some great stories. Thank you for the links to his books and his blog. I’ve been wanting to write children’s books for a very long time. I’ve done my research, I’ve taken courses and have good intentions. I’ve taken this week off work (November 13-16th) to work on my writing. I have stories rattling around in my head that are screaming to get out….and this week, I’m committing to entering one of those stories into a national conference and I’m going to take this commitment one step further and I’m going to commit to writing 1-2 hours a day but a minimum of 1 hour. I do like to procrastinate!! I have turned off the t.v., the radio, and I have contained my distractions to a minimum. Thank you so much for such positive messages. I really enjoy the free B-school videos and your online newsletters. Fantastic work. Keep it real!! 🙂

  162. Hi Marie,

    Busy work – I want to change the busy non productive bull_____and become a professional! What an awesome interview. Thank you Steven & Marie.

    Anything is possible xo

  163. Great interview Marie! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!
    I am excited to read this book as well as share it with my little bro who is a biz major at Georgetown U.
    I recently decided to pro it up and get a morning routine going. In just 8 or so days of committing to it, life has shifted. It’s amazing. Looking forward to more pro shifts in the very near future.
    Thanks to you and Stephen for the inspiration!!

  164. I was recently laid off and am taking my natural bath and body business pro. I want the freedom of having my own biz and pursuing my passions so this is my chance. My newest pro-habit is to schedule my time productively so I’m allocating time each day to the right priorities. I have production time, marketing time, admin time, etc. I have to discipline myself to spend my time in these chunks – otherwise I waste hours and accomplish little. Video was great and I’m ordering the books. Thank you!!!

  165. Thank You for this episode, you are BOTH very inspiring. I have been playing amateur for probably 12 years, since University I have always known – I will work for myself! But all my attempts have either “not worked” or I did not follow through. Actually I clearly see it is lack of persistence and follow through and fear that has kept me just on the edge. It’s this feeling like I need someone else to hold the foundation and I will work for them, instead of being so clear and full of faith that I can hold my own foundation and support myself through my work. I have done so much work and given it to other business or working for others and being too scared to fully take it upon myself to do things on my own. So moving to Pro has been this process over the last few months where I learned about Marie and have decided to Enroll in BSchool because I know that is what is going to help me break the gap, and learning from many other sources. I am finally writing the book I talked about since high school and as a daily practice I set my intention to re-commit to shining the spotlight on myself, instead of spending so much time waiting for some other company to hold me up. if that makes sense… 🙂 Thanks Marie :))

  166. I’m in the middle of doing preproduction for a documentary called What Is Hope? (, gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign and athletic training (which is keeping me sane). My amateur habits have been mentioned above – schedules and to do lists, not waking up early enough. I’m a night owl through and through but I know I need to roll out of bed early to be more productive and set a schedule of things from my to do list (& get them done!). I’m taking the idea from above & laying out a schedule the night before. Now to tackle getting up earlier…

    PS, Marie, the hair is fabulous!

  167. I love this concept. It took me forever to step out there and think of myself as a professional, even as a clinical psychologist! In order to become great and reach your full potential, you must do things that you fear and push through. When you break through the fear, you build self-efficacy that snowballs into BLAZING DISRUPTED CONFIDENCE. Every once in a while, when you do something new, you might feel the fear. It is important to have a message like this handy when you reach those points. I may grab this book for myself for the next time that fear enters my psyche.


  169. So often how we approach one thing is how we approach everything. So given that, if we want to make that paradigm shift, we pick one area to start in and then add another and another until our life is consistently pro across the board. Fun challenge!


  170. My friend Stephenie Zamora just posted about life being in limbo ( and then I watch this beauty and there were some definite “AHA!” moments! Both were very timely!

    I keep wanting to do everything and waiting for that ‘right time’ for it to fall into my lap, but this brought to light that while I’m decent at several different things, I’m not a master at any of them, and I certainly don’t give any one my ultimate attention. I need to drop those minor ones that aren’t benefiting me or my passions and become a pro at what I know I want.

    This is so awesome! YES! Thank you!

  171. Jo Ellen

    My love of dogs and cats led me to manage a Pet Hotel for several years. I wanted to have more control of my time and have decided to start my own biz. I am making careful decisions to advance and finding a niche with education in holistic pet therapies. This is my going pro moment! I have never been more content.

  172. Andrea

    This was fantastic!

    I am committed to changing my sleep habits. I can’t accomplish anything if I’m tired all the time. I know that there’s more to my exhaustion than just lack of sleep, but it’s a good place to start. I am committed to stop looking at bedtime like a five-year-old (But I’m not tired! I don’t wanna go to bed! One more story?) and start looking at it as a delicious reward at the end of a long day. I truly think that if I’m going to turn pro, I have to be responsible about my bedtime. Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s my first step.

    Thank you for these videos, Marie! Much love from Alaska!

  173. LOVED this. I am an amateur because I multitask tooo often. It’s making me stupid! I’m not going to do it anymore esp. when working on content, etc. for my business.

  174. I feel like Ive got to the point i am so Pro but have got my business running well that Im feeling like Im not getting amature but i have delegated alot of things in my business the things i used to work on that i feel like maybe im getting lazy and maybe slightly less motivated because i have nothing to work on anymore but the little day to day things, like continualy motivating my staff and team and growing them as people as well as a few admin type things in my business, I think i need to turn pro by committing to take my business to the next level and really start planning growth strateges in my business, as much as i want this i cant get out of my head that i cant afford to grow my business because the banks wont lend me money because i am so young. I have great ideas and Plans and i feel like if only i had an investor or someone to help i would be soreing but on the other hand i really want to do this on my own but the frustration is killing me.

    What do you think i should do? would love your thoughts on how Im feeling and anything that could help me overcome these feelings

  175. Thank you Marie for these fantastic videos! I’m a stand-up comedian and love to perform! I live for performing and am starting to have some great success doing it, but my amateur habit that I need to get rid of is that I don’t write enough. I don’t write new jokes or work on writing screenplays (I also went to school for that). I’ll say each day that I’m going to write but I’ll just end up putting other things before it like working out or surfing the internet. So the habit I’m turning pro today is write something, anything, each day.

  176. Turning Pro is SPOT ON! The part about people having a hard time with change is SPOT ON too! I have been the responsible & playful spirit my whole life. Some people only chose to see the “playful spirit”, some people only chose to see the “responsible” lady….when in reality both can live in the exact same woman, Heather Rane :)! Go PRO TODAY!!!

  177. I love this video! It is very timely for me, especially when I am developing new product.
    My amature habits are not being consistent. I have a blog that I write once a week when it should be everyday…I have product that I should be making everyday and I don’t…lazy and inconsistency…

  178. Lyn

    Exactly what I needed to hear. This message aligned with what has been going on in my week and I am very close to making the decision to take a huge leap of faith and just follow my dream’s.

    I know noone will understand and tell me I’m being silly but we have one shot at life so we need to take risks. I had originally planned to stay in my job until things picked up with my passion and I started making money, but the past few weeks my role at work has changed and I have no energy or time to put into my dreams.

    Let’s take risks ladies!

    If it doesn’t work out then what’s the worst that can happen?!

  179. Marie, thank you so much for this interview. Steven’s message makes so much sense. For me the take away is to think like you aspire to be. I’ve just downloaded Steven’s books, as I have to admit I’ve never heard of Steven before, but I can’t wait to devour them because he has such a wonderful and common sense way of presenting his ideas.

    The amateur habit I’d like to change is self doubt. I always second guess myself and then end up getting distracted about my end goal. I end up doing everything else but work towards my goal because then I don’t have to confront my fears. But thanks to Steven’s wonderful message, I’m going to change my mindset, and think like a pro and just get the job done and stop thinking about the negative.

    Thanks Marie and thanks Steven for sharing your wonderful time and knowledge with is.

  180. I started my new business leading a work place revolution after leaving Nike 6 months ago. I feel like I an amateur in some ways and yet, Steve’s golfer story really resonates with me. A number of years ago, that could have been me. I was in a career transition and feeling crappy about a lot of things. The one thing I felt able to commit to was taking my golf practice serious and I did it daily for weeks on end, had the gear, took more lessons and played a lot. Now, even if I don’t play for quite a while, it comes back – like a pro. Now, with my biz, I am committing to turning pro on two of my amateur habits: focus my energy (pulling back on saying yes to so many things at any moment), AND meeting my weekly calls and follow-up targets. Oh, and maybe a little dancing every week!

  181. Karina

    Thank you, Marie and crew, for another wonderful interview. After watching, I went back to the Fire Starter Sessions (which I’m currently reading–I’m adding Turning Pro to the list!) and found that LaPorte says something similar when talking about being an artist (no matter our craft) and trusting that your art will support your life. Turning pro is about surrendering to that trust, and honoring your gifts enough to dedicate all of who you are to developing them.

    This absolutely terrifies me.

    I’ve spent a lot of time as a dilettante out of fear, but also out of wanting to please others, to have some sort of stability or security, or to know “exactly” what it is that I want to do. What I’m finally beginning to understand is that clarity comes with the commitment to pursuing your purpose. I’ve noted certain themes of my purpose (cross-cultural communication, Spanish and Portuguese, Latin America, education for women, spiritual growth) but I have no idea how it will all come together. What I’m beginning to feel now is that turning pro, or boldly pursuing that artistic inclination, is what will bring the refinement of my purpose that I’m seeking.

    My amateur turned pro habit is to be turn pro about following my desires, because I know that honoring them and engaging with them will lead to the realization of my potential and purpose.

    P.S.: Marie, your web (and print!) wisdom has been a catalyst for my personal development. It’s here that I’ve gotten in touch with the insights of Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, and many others. Thank you so much for giving me innovative and inspirational insights on creating a life I love. I’m excited to see you, along with Gabby Bernstein and Mastin Kipp, on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Much love and many thanks.

  182. The amateur habit I will leave behind is working without foresight. I have been meaning to get a content release calendar going to keep myself and those I am blessed to have working with me on the same page and in tune with people’s needs as the seasons change. As one who takes a stand for raw food being incorporated in diets year round, I must be prepared for the dietary challenges people face with various holidays and celebrations.

    Thank you for this fabulous video and for being such an amazing inspiration to us all.

  183. This was timed so perfectly- I swear, your videos are always so spot-on.

  184. Oops, hit comment way too early! What I meant to finish writing and say was that, this weekend, I was REALLY feeling the “amateur blues” and feeling them HARD. I know my work is good, and I know I have a lot to offer, but things just aren’t working out the right way. But this video just shows that I really do need to take some steps to bump it up to the next level to “go pro” and convey that, and stop “trying” to be pro. First step- a routine. Even though it’s a guideline, I need to a routine the night before for every upcoming day, especially one that limits how much time I spend with email and social media. This will really help me focus my time better and hopefully make me feel like I’m not *always* working (and working in circles!)

  185. Lisa Darveniza

    I loved seeing Marie share more of herself. It just gives her more credibility seeing that she is walking it step by step. I also think that we are all capable of creating anything. Isn’t it odd that we have believed so heavily in something else. Where has this come from?

    Warm regards,


  186. Thanks so much for this, Marie. I’m done with being an amateur, I’m ready to TURN PRO!

  187. Very inspiring interview! Thanks for introducing me to Stephen, Marie. Something so simple, but that we (especially me!) convince ourselves otherwise. I really want to thank you for openly sharing your personal experience. It was a real eye opener:) You know, I made a big change in my life about a year ago. Taking that passion inside seriously by just taking the step. I have to be honest, after listening to this interview, I can see where I still have some rough edges:) Like you said, that first step was the toughest (thanks for the encouragement):)

  188. Hi there!
    My amateur habit that I’m gonna shift BIG time, is my schedule. It used to be all over the place, until now. Now I’m stickin’ to a daily schedule! I’ll be trying out some different ones for a few weeks at a time à la Ramit Sethi and commit to my professionalism even more once I figure out what works best! 🙂

    Watching this video made me realize that I already made the shift to being a pro. About two months ago I’d say. This coïncided with me fully committing to a spiritual program.

    The sabotaging friends part of this interview was a huge relief for me to hear! I’ve been seeing that some of my friends are actually holding me back for a few weeks now, but was feeling a little guilty about it. Now I’m ready to move on!

    Thankfully I have made new friends. Also, magically, two weeks ago someone came up to me at a party asking me what I do, and if I want to work with them! Out of nowhere! I notice professionals starting to contact me now.. Before this never used to happen. I know I’m radiating something and now that I’ve committed to it, the universe is shifting and aligning for me. I love it!!

    Thanks so much for this video, it clarified a lot for me!

    With love and joy,

  189. I love Steven Pressfield’s book , The War of Art. Today’s episode made me take it off my shelf and read through it again. I will definitely get his next one too. I love the idea of turning pro. I remember first hearing about it in Marie’s Virtual Mastery program and it really resonated with me. I started saying “I’m a musician” instead of “I’m a bartender…and I also play music”. I got business cards, I bought myself a beautious new Taylor guitar. I really decided that if I’m going to be pro, I have to BE pro.
    So as I watched the interview today, I have to admit, I was giving myself a pat on the back for how far I’ve come since then. I am writing one song a week for a year to be even more of a pro at songwriting along with just a general mindset.
    BUT I was careful not to say “yeah I’m pro enough already”. I’m trying to tighten up where I can be even more pro. Probably some of my timing/scheduling issues. And of course FB which I use for “business” but which is the biggest time-suck ever!
    I’d love to change my sleeping schedule b/c I am the biggest night owl now. My roommates stay up really late and so it’s hard to go to sleep very early although I do try.
    I started taking guitar lessons but I could probably take voice ones too.
    Today’s episode was a nice measuring device to see how far I’ve come and also how there’s always more you can do.
    Thanks bunches,
    p.s. excited to see you on Oprah!!! Congrats:)

  190. Linda Loo

    Loved the concept of taking your passion and moving it from amateur to pro. I am a landscape designer & actually had my first house on a city garden tour this year. Still uncertain as to whether I want to commit to go pro, though. Reason: I have other things I am passionate about, too – like anything right-brained, more specifically textiles and also music. Call me ADD. How do I lasso in what I realllllly should go “pro” with? Help me, girl, help me.

    • Linda Loo

      Just answered my own question Marie Bee! The answer came in the form of one of your other videos; you know, the one about focusing on just ONE of your passions. Done!

  191. Your video with Stephen Pressfield changed my life. Soon after I bought the book War of Art, my mind and business completely turned around. Thank you, Marie for bringing these insights to everyone. A great reminder that we alone can create our success or failure.

  192. Hey hey now! We can turn “PRO” here in Hawaii too!! I’m doing just that! Both… with my newly published book, AWAKEN YOUR ROYALTY with Hong-Sau Yoga and with my new passion for the violin! I’m out to prove to the world and mostly myself…that one is NEVER to old to become a PRO at what they love to do and that you are never too old to learn not only play an instrument….but to MASTER it! YES! CLAP, CLAP, YAY, YAY! Can’t wait to read Steven’s book… sounds like it right up my alley. Having fun with life……..sending you envious people a big wave of……Aloooooha!

  193. Such a great post – thankyou both for that! I would say, the skill I need to become pro at right now – amongst many things – is my business. And really having the courage to put myself out there….thankyou!

  194. Thank you Marie for bringing so much value and love week after week. I’m excited to find out about Steven’s work. I’m buying the book as soon as I’m done typing this. This is so timely for me. I’m in your next B-School starting on March and I’m speaking at TEDXHoboken Women on Dec 1st and I’m feeling the shift occurring for me. This was a huge support for getting me to the other side. I CAN’T freaking wait for B-School by the way!!!!! Can we start NOW?! 🙂 Excited to see you on Super Soul Sunday! xo

  195. AWESOME Interview! You ROCK!!!!!

    Deciding, Committing and Taking ACTION . . . that is what it really came down to for me! I decided to make my biz a reality, got my first client and starting moving forward . . . not worrying about everything being perfect. In the past, perfectionism has stopped me, so COMMITTING to share my gifts with the world and getting my first client got the ball rolling . . . it just grew and GREW from there (and continues to grow). Everything may not be PERFECT, but it’s damn good and “PERFECT FOR NOW”.

    I am committed to my learning and growth . . . always. I JUST signed up for an AMAZING retreat called Peeling the layers, shedding what no longer serves, and SHINING MY LIGHT as BRIGHT as it is. Thought I would share with all your seekers.


  196. Fantastic. I’m off to buy the book. Every day I am going to remind myself that I am a pro, and use it to push through those thoughts of procrastination that creep in from time to time.

    Thanks Marie & Steven!

  197. Don S.

    I love this video! I especially love Pressfield mentioned of Rosanne’s quote: “I traded the morphine live of success for the live wire world of the artist.” There’s nothing better/liberating and more fulfilling than actually LIVING (turning PRO) as oppose to just merely EXISTING (amateur).

  198. Ana M.

    I have the bad habit of telling myself that, because what I want to do is so new to me, I’ll just be a waste of time and money and that are so many people out there who are far better than me and have been doing it for a long time. This is true, but I need to stop using it as an excuse for not doing anything at all. I loved this video. Thanks, Marie!

    • I agree! I often feel this way or that someone else has already done what I wanted to do, so I can’t… but in reality we are all re-inventing the wheel with our own “spin” on it 🙂

  199. Beautiful! So true! One thing is to be “authentic” and “real” and another thing is to present yourself like a “pro” even if you are scared and sometimes don’t feel like one. Go Pro!


  200. OMG! I haven’t even watched the video yet and near abouts just jumped out of my seat reading the copy to your newsletter, Marie. And then, when I saw Steven Pressfield… whaaaaat!???!!!

    *So psyched* to watch this. Best Tuesday night end-of-day moment EVER!



  202. Julie

    In regards to the challenge, my amateur habit is hitting snooze and not getting up to do my healthy morning routine that I know contributes to my success. I am committing to getting up tomorrow, early, exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, and meditating for 10 minutes, to set the stage for a productive day and good attitude for myself!

  203. Narelle

    Wow! This video blew me away! What an eye opener! And I’d love to share my secret amateur habit with you all … I’m incredibly shy! Yep, thats it! I feel I can’t move forward and reach my potential because my fear of others and their reactions or attitudes towards me holds me back. But if I want to achieve my goals, I can’t keep letting this amateur excuse get in the way. What a relief to realise this! There’s so much more that I feel inspired to do now, the power is incredible! Thank you so much Marie for providing an amazing video!

    • Julie

      Narelle, I am also an introvert and shy. The more I force myself to get out there, the easier it becomes (never easy, but easier for sure). I support you in reaching your potential, you can totally do it! It sounds like a cliche but I really believe more each day that the world is just waiting for us to share our gifts!

      • Narelle

        Thank you for your kind advice Julie, I am going to give it my all and turn my situation around for the better 🙂 My time to shine!

  204. I have been an amateur for the last 2 1/2 years since my mom passed away. Her passing ignited a desire for me to do more with my life than be a hair & makeup artist. I have struggled with what direction to go and signed up and then regretted or backed out of commitments to my future. I am definitely self-sabotaging, like Marie mentioned. My goal is to become PRO and stop self-sabotaging.

  205. Absolutely LOVED this Marie – actually, think it’s my favourite Marie TV ep ever!

    My focus at the moment is digging deeper (loved your statement about doing the inner work AND the work) and identifying my “energy leaks” – the things keeping me from livin’ freaking LARGE! Filling my plate with too many things is a big one for me, and I’m trying hard to reel in my crazy Sagittarian tendencies and to simplify to the things that give me the biggest bang for my buck, so to speak.

    2013 is the year I’m turning pro. The intention has been set!

    Rach x

  206. 18 years owning my own business – feel like I have been an amateur for so long… just went through life changing event, single again and time management my biggest challenge..I can talk the talk and deliver the goods but there is only one of me – time to grow and become the awesome PRO that I know I can be.. thanks Marie for sharing great video – will check out book and looking forward to seeing you this Sunday 11-18th on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah ! You Rock…

  207. This video was AH-mazing. L-O-V-E Steven Pressfield.

    This made my evening. I feel incredible because just tonight I’d actually turned down a gathering with a bunch of friends who were getting together at a brewery. I wasn’t jazzed about hanging out around people getting wasted on beer, eating bar food to try and catch up and genuinely connect in that environment tonight. And, I’d already scheduled an hour of learning about biz skills development in my calendar. Which is where my heart really wanted to be even if it sounded lame or anti-social to anyone else. So, I stayed home and watched MarieTV over some veggies, quinoa and Bengal Spice tea next to my fireplace. 🙂

    Hearing you guys share how sometimes we have to resist and disappoint friends in order to flow in the direction that is actually aligned with our heart’s calling was like receiving a cosmic high-5 of validation from the universe. Yeah, baby! 🙂

    I’m currently working on strengthening the habit of planning my weekly goals every Sunday and getting a crystal clear vision (and feeling) of what I want to experience by the end of that week.

    Since living spontaneously is something that feeds my soul too I’ve given myself a couple of workday evenings, Saturday afternoons and all of Sunday to adventurize my week and create experiences from a place of pure intuition. This gives my soul a place to play and space to feel free spirited. BUT, still create structure and forward momentum towards what I want to create professionally.

    This has been the hardest thing to commit to. You guys nailed it on the head though… afraid of commitment because if I fail, then what? No one and no thing to blame. 😉

    Lots of little goose bumpy moments in this video. Thanks so much Marie, Steven and Team Forleo crew. Keep ’em comin’, guys!

  208. Thank you both for an inspiring episode. I am a published writer and writing coach, and my “turning pro” moment came when a more advanced writer in my writing group had a big looming deadline with her publisher and was doing a page-one rewrite–starting from scratch.

    “You can get an extension,” I said.

    She shook her head. An even more advanced writer in our group had told her not to get an extension. Sure, writers get extensions all the time, but–“Meet your deadline,” the experienced writer said.

    Suddenly, I understood what it really meant to be pro. Especially in something like writing, where almost no one else will care about your deadlines besides you, it’s vital to “turn pro” with the habit of treating your deadlines as sacred promises–even if you are the only one who knows about them!

    I am really excited about B-School, Marie! Thank you for this great episode of MarieTV.

  209. Fiona McDonough

    Hello and thank you for offering this space. I have a number of different interests and projects going and have been wondering about whether I am approaching them in the most productive way possible for me. I tend to decide on the spur of the moment which project to dedicate my attention to. The length I stay focused can range from a few minutes to a few hours. As soon as I am not really focusing on the task at hand I let myself go to a different task. My logic is that it’s more time-effective and psychologically healthy to do whatever is engaging me at that moment, however, sometimes I worry that I am being a dilettante because I am going with the flow rather than pushing myself really hard on one thing at a time. My action plan to tweak this is to complete some realistic milestones in the various projects during the next two weeks. It’s nice to have a community like this to create accountability partners. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  210. The truth will set you free. Facing your fears is a process that brings you closer to what matters in life. I am admitting to my current self that I want more! I am making BIG things happen. I am taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life. I want to wake up early and get more sleep to really be my best. To really shine brightly. This is a huge amateur habit I have currently. I want to set a schedule for myself and refocus my priorities around only what really matters to me. I am ready to treat myself kindly and embrace myself. I am dreaming BIG friends! Being creative and owning this is my powerhouse right now. This episode speaks to my heart and fires me up. I want to inspire others to believe in themselves. Accept themselves and live a life of clarity.
    Much love to you.

    • Loved this, Mary. This is amazing. Good for you. Sending all the good vibes and thoughts your way as you turn pro! It’s all worth it…:)

  211. Wow thank you Marie and Steven!! Such a great conversation/interview. One of my favorites you’ve done thus far. Really shared the gold here on what it takes to truly succeed. Lit a fire under my ass. Thanks for the recharging and inspiration. I’m trading my amateur habit of inconsistency to consistency which to me = self love. If I’m consistent with building others businesses, then I need to be consistent with mine.

  212. I love this! The biggest thing I think I’ve been struggling with by taking the leap into creating my own business and turning pro is shedding all the events, friends, habits, and thoughts that don’t serve my higher purpose or help me in my creation of an authentic life. The biggest thing I’ve been focusing on is choosing who I spend my time with – either talking to face to face or virtually. I also value my time so much more now and think it’s crucial to do so when turning pro. Loved this. Thank you! 🙂

  213. OK….I’m a night owl. I’ve always been a night owl. But I get so much more accomplished when I get up early!!! I know my first Turning Pro Moment, will be my committing to getting my day started earlier. And I will be starting tomorrow morning. Thank you Steven and Marie!

  214. Wow! One of my avoiding habits, is I am squirming looking around for support habit tonight, and yet again something continues to be different for the better_ because I have hit the jackpot! Thank-you Marie! What a sensual facilitator! What I mean by sensual, is your self-signature; presence; ways of being. I even loved the habit if drinking water, as you were interviewing the author, Steven Pressfield! Thank-you for that embodied example of good, healthy choices!
    I find the greatest gift is this moment of discovery that, in fact I share “squirminess” with many other people. I am not alone! That lots of us circle and circle making a commitment to our successes, until something breaks through inside and we know ourselves to be on the road that truly is of our own making.
    Self-respecting_ trusting that we are each here for a purpose and that what we bring into the world has value. I love this reminder so much, because I connect with it deeply like an opening within! The habitual energy reflecting lots of conditioning that I have finally moved enough out of the way in thinking and feeling. I have learned from it all and have moved through quite a lot that I get this message today! The support in your message is sparklingly clear!

    So, my challenge of self-sabotage? At night I “disappear” in front of the TV! An incredible time waster, and very energy draining too! From now on, after my 12 to 15-hr days, I honestly rest. Doing what actually is caring for my real needs via rest, even exercise, eating right and drinking enough water again, and most importantly getting plenty of rest, instead of only pushing myself.

    *I’ve posted my blog link, yet even that space will be changing soon.

    Thank-you this opportunity to step forward out of self-imposed isolation, show up to my commitment to turning pro, and participate with others whose readiness timing I actually share, Marie.

  215. I feel like I am juggling so many things at times and find that maintaining focus can be a problem. I end up dabbling in my day instead if committing to and completing things.

    So if I am to go Pro, I really need to plan my day ahead of time and schedule things and “make them real”. Set myself up for success by ensuring that my environments support my intentions and keep me on my path.

    I say I want to be a pro… now it’s time that I decide to be one.


  216. Hi Marie, we all have to be thankful for those party years you enjoyed. That’s the single most important differentiation you have from all your competitors – that sense of fun, joie de vivre and zany creativity. Love it.

    Fin 🙂

  217. Adrien Plavsic

    What a wonderful interview! Exactly what I needed, getting started as a fitness/ health coach and need to put on my game face. Studying hard but need to get out an really interact and market myself. This is where being pro and my fears lies. Getting out of my comfort zone! Thanks for this videos!

  218. Thank you Marie and you all for so much inspiration. I’m almost a pro 😉 But there is one thing I have to hack: every time I send my newsletter to my list I feel pushy. And when readers unsubscribe you can guess what I think … Every unsubscriber makes me feel I have to quit. Pfff that’s heavy but definitely my big challenge and the one more thing I have to do to become a real pro!

  219. georgiana

    dear princess of fighting,
    you are my idol and I already did steps that you already did long time ago. as a musician, my biggest amazing shift was happening this year in january, before a daaamn important concert for my career. because I KNEW THAT MY SECRETLY BELOVED TEACHER AND OTHER VERY IMPORTANT AETISTS WILL BE IN THE CONCERT HALL LISTENING ME PLAYNG AS SOLOIST, I JUST <> that I Will not be completed extra-prepared to shine as a musician at this concert!!! i was practising EVERY EACH SMALL detail, I had some moments of improvising, and I OVERprepared them as CRAZY.
    The concert was, of course, a big succes. i still was nervous in my heart but outside it could be seen ONLY my <> as I want to plastically call it.
    of course, i even cnnot affirm that at least my MOTIVATION is a PRO one. i was just motivated by the fact that SOMEBODY VEEEERY IMPORTANT IS SEEING ME, WATCHING ME ANDI HAVE TO BLUE THEIR MIND with my performamce.
    since then and up to then I also had motivated myself but I was never so successfull and actually PUSHING MY DREAM AND MY WISH INTO REALITY.
    i keep try to process it again and bring it up but it doesn’t last….
    i am looking forward to any advice, any mistake notify or ideas!!! thanks for very intense work that you provide to us and thank you all for opening up to the publiv and fighting with the damn bed habits!!! respect, mr.Pressfield!!! kiss u all from vienna!

  220. Rachel

    Thanks for this video its great. I am a singer and have had some success in the past. I get hired for some good gigs and also lead community choirs. All of the work I do is sporadic though and I definately feel like i’m still operating as an amateur as I don’t have any consistency to the effort I put in.

    A couple of years ago I started smoking which I know was self sabotage and it does hold me back. So this is the amateur habit I am going to commit to stop today! I am then Going to see myself as a professional, write my album and start putting it out there.

    I am also going to admit to myself that I want to be professional and to succeed rather than pretending that I am happy just doing bits here and there. As Steven said that is a just a get out clause so if I fail I can say its because I never really tried.

    I’m now ready to do this! Thanks for the inspiration! x

  221. Thank you for the great post. I admit that I’ve definitely been an amateur about starting my business. I’m doing it on the side while working full time at a very demanding job and it’s really hard to do both. I do plan on quitting my job middle of next year to pursue my business as a health coach full-time, but for now one thing I can do to turn pro is meditate. I’ve been newly trying it courtesy of Deepak Chopra’s 21 day challenge to create abundance and have decided I’m going to be professional about it, meaning I’ll be relaxed, in bed, and focused when I do it (as opposed to trying to half ass it).

    Thank you again for the inspiration. I love “War of Art” and am now dying to read “Turning Pro” as well!

  222. What a great interview Maria. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and journey. I cannot wait to pick up the book. my local b&n does not have it in stock, so I might have to get it online.
    you are an inspiration. cannot wait to watch you on Super Sunday with Ms. Oprah. So happy and excited for you.

  223. I think my amateur habits to get rid of have to do with procrastination, distraction, and staying up late. I love learning and there’s so much wisdom out there that sometimes all I do is soak it in! But I’ve caught myself in this and am going to be “doing the work” much more consistently now.

    thanks marie and steven!

    • Hey Paulina,

      I have the same issues also. It is all about implementation. I have learnt that learning and ideas mean nothing without implementation.

  224. Wow Marie!
    This was a great interview, both you and Steven and I have hit the nail on the head for me! Love his books, and love the work you do too!
    My self-sabotage has not been exactly out front, but behind the scenes but unfortunately the DRIVER in what I do (and what I don’t). I can’t remember exactly what triggered this realization (all of it was great), but recently, I earned a monthly bonus for a brand new luxury car. I have not actually taken ownership of it. I know now, that a professional would do it, and by not taking it, driving it and loving it, I was playing small, scared and amateur -ish! Guess what I am doing this week?? Oh yeah..I AM picking up that car, because you know what? I earned it and I DESERVE IT!
    Woo hoo! Thank you so much!

  225. This was a great video interview with Steven and it has really made me think about my “pro” vs “amateur” habits. I wake up early every morning to get in a good workout to jump start my day but then I will sit in front of the television for a couple hours before I start getting into my work. That definitely needs to stop!

  226. I recently quit my ad agency job after landing a national client on my own, so now I am starting my own agency. As I write this sitting at my kitchen table in my pjs, this video really hits home – I have to make the choice each day to quit acting like a freelancer and start acting like an agency owner. Marie, I refer all my entrepreneurial friends to you, this was one of my favorite episodes to date. THANK YOU!

  227. I am going to start making sure I’m showered, dressed, and done up soon after waking up. I find the longer I hang out in my pajamas the longer I wait to get my day going.

  228. Jan Frederick

    Marie!!!! What a fantastic interview…. I had a total breakthrough moment… I realized I was stuck in the words my mother told me…. “The sun does not revolve around you.” And, “You’re just a small fish in a large sea.” My realization was that I lived the pro-life in my imagination because I was safe from the “Tribes” judgment…. But no more!! I’ve decided to switch places with my doppelgänger and quit living in my imagination and live in the present moment in all of my greatness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Also can’t wait to see you on Super Soul Sunday!!!

    • Tanya

      Hey Jan, we sound like we’re living in the same story and typing at the same time – freaky – go loud and proud my friend – I love how casually Steven was about the reality of people not always supporting the ‘pro’ you and it made me realise how uptight I am about that myself.

  229. Tanya

    Wow, what perfect timing! So my amateur habit that I’m in the process of changing is getting enough sleep but also getting up when I actually wake up – no matter what time I’ve gone to bed. I don’t have kids yet, so I know sleep is a real luxury and I love it but I also love the quiet of early mornings and my whole day feels much more ‘pro’ and much less sleepy slacker when I get up early and do my early morning thing properly. My other amateur habit has to do with how I respond to the question of what I do, like I have to justify my time to other people, I stumble, I babble a little, I lose my equilibrium and the more in awe I am of the asker the worse my response so… “I am working on a couple special projects / a few different at the moment” sounds way better than “I am doing a bunch of different things” which just screams dilettante all the way across the Atlantic. Obviously, I need to get a bit more specific but I could practice just unapologetically referring to my dreams as “projects” and give them the time and respect they deserve instead of treating them like fugitives that I’m hiding from the law!

  230. Jan Frederick

    Amen to that Tanya… I believe it’s very important to own our voice, speak our truth and birth our projects into the world… Today’s video by Marie is definitely a life changer for me! I also loved what you said “I’m doing a bunch of different things which just screams dilettante all the way across the Atlantic!” If we had a child, would we keep it hidden in the closet and not name it or show it to the world? I am committed to getting up every single day and blocking out scheduled time to set and write..

  231. Okay, I’m living my whole life in amateur. So, I can pick anything to work on. I think the change that could have the biggest impact on my life is developing the habit of awaking 2 hours before the rest of my family to do writing for business and self care (yoga, meditation, green juice). This would probably cause major changes in my life.

  232. Dia

    Hi Marie,

    I awoke this morning with the feeling that something important was going to happen — a quiet kind of “important.” Stumbling to my computer (not enough sleep, never enough sleep), I logged on and saw your post “Turning Pro” and literally inhaled in its Deep Truth. Actually watched it twice.

    Leaving a comment is really not my way of interacting with the world, but I simply had to let you know that this post has changed my life. Thank you and Steven Pressfield for this information.

    I look forward to your future communiques. Simply love your sassy way of imparting essential information!

    Many thanks,

  233. Very inspired by this interview. I think what really hit home for me is that I functioning as a semi-pro in a lot of arenas. This keeps me feeling like I am in a whirlpool- spinning around and around and not going downstream ( or upstream). I need to get clear on where I would really like to turn pro, simplify, so I can really move forward in a clear direction.

    And I think my biggest non-pro habit is staying up waaaay too late on the computer. They say that if you don’t get enough sleep, it impairs your memory the next day ( fairly obvious) BUT you preferentially remember the negative things that happened the day before. Oy.

    Loved this content.
    Dr C

  234. Dear Marie,
    Thank you so much for this interview. It was fun to watch and both of you are so geniune. I definitely have to get in the habit of watching more Marie TV! lol! On top of that I also have a very amateur habit of not making good use of my mornings, mostly because I am not inspired to do so. This is my most amateur habit and I believe that if I was more of a professional I would be much more productive in the mornings. As my French husband always says, “Le monde apartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt”, which means the world belongs to those who rise early. I’ve noticed that this habit of not getting up early, or hitting the snooze button repeatedly makes me feel bad about myself and therefore lowers my confidence. So crazy how we continue to do things to ourselves that make us feel shitty… Time for change!
    Thank you so much. I look forward to more episodes of Marie TV and FINALLY becoming the professional I am meant to be!
    🙂 Lindsay

  235. Great interview, Marie. Wonderful stuff on creating, publishing and getting over self-sabotage.

    Congratulations on being a featured expert on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday! So awesome!

    Love and blessings,

  236. Wow, Marie (and Steven and all you other fabulous women)..
    Talk about great timing..I’ve been really struggling today – after finishing a course on branding, and creating my coaching program, I came to the truth today that my real soul dream is not coaching, but having a retreat center (I’ve known for a long time, but have been avoiding it, and looking for other ways to make money, etc). I’ve been feeling bummed all day, not knowing how to even begin, and something about this episode has perked me up, and re-inspired me.
    I’ve recently come into a place of recognizing my gifts & strengths, and taking care of myself from a place of self love – in this way I’ve stepped into the Pro. But you made me realize how amateur I’ve been about putting off my dream.
    So my Pro habit is to put some positive energy into this dream every day – inconsistency is a HUGE amateur habit that I’m ready to change! Beginning tonight by ordering the book (Turning Pro)!

    PS – I’m really thinking of joining B-school – if I’m just starting out with a huge vision of creating something physical, is B-school designed to help with this kind of project, Marie?
    Thanks for all you do,

    • Louise

      It’s Louise from Team Forleo. We would love to have you in B-School if you feel it’s a right fit. The best place to start is a our FAQ/Is B-School Right for Me? page- We are also happy to answer any questions you have, just write us at bschool at marieforleo dot com.

      So glad the interview helped, this book’s philosophy is truly a game-changer.

      Take care,

  237. I just want to say thank you Marie and Steven for posting this video. I bought the ebook right afterwards and just finished it. It was exactly what I need and at the right time too. There has always been something deep inside of me calling me to a greater purpose to help others in ways greater than I have before. It has only been in the last few months that I have gained the courage to look within and follow my heart. I quit my job a couple months ago just before heading to London for a month long tripsichore yoga intensive and made the decision not to go back to regular life ever again and to follow my bliss. I feel like I’m deep in the trenches right now fighting my biggest most terrifying inner demons to date because I’m so close to following my heart of becoming a yoga teacher and outdoor guide. And all my ego wants to do right now is distract me and put me down because it knows it is losing. This video and book gave me the courage to look within and say, “No” to those inner barriers.

    Thank you again,

  238. Robin Holland

    My Going Pro significant step today is to go for a full week without complaining. I’ve had two starts already and now … I’ve been at it for an hour – and one way or another, I intend to have this be true for the rest of my life. It’s linked to the other – do the thing that scares me the most. I’m putting my stake in the ground. Like the golf lady. I’m outing myself as an unapologetic change maker in the world.

    Thanks for the two great interviews with Steven Pressfield. I’m inspired again and again!

  239. Thank you for the wonderful video interview. I am going to go pro on making our weekly business relationship calls/emails and also create a plan for marketing and press submissions. Always an inspiration- Thanks!

  240. Marie, I just got the DVD Half The Sky, thanks for the heads up, I had read the book but you turned me onto the video release. I watched both discs straight through last night. It gives this Going Pro a whole new meaning. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to live our dreams, not being pro, not living in the present and giving it our all and best effort, seems very irresponsable. When I see how these girls struggle just to go to school, something we take for granted, it seems I have to be as professional as I can every day to be serious and stop messing around. I am scheduling showings of this video for as many people as I can. You said something on that video that stuck with me ” You inspire more people just by being the living example of possibility.” MF I think the idea of going pro is making the decision to live our dreams and not dream about them. We are so fortunate we have the choice.

    • Lisa

      Wow. Well put. So true. I haven’t watched Half the Sky yet, but I’ve been meaning to. Now it’s at the top of my list!

  241. My one amateur habit is to not drink enough water during the day. I think changing this one thing will change everything since I won’t feel so drowsy anymore, and will be able to get more done.

  242. Hi!

    Once again : great content

    I think one of my amateur habit is that “fear” you describe in another video, and I really feel I must overcome the fear in order to turn pro (fear about my English = not my primary language, fear about “not doing as I was taught” after taking too much courses, etc)

    Side note : I looked on amazon for Mr Pressfield’s niece book he mentions in the interview (at around 25′), it’s “Tales of Aradia, The Last Witch” (Aradia with D), and author is L.A. Jones, maybe the pen name of Laura Freeman? (in case you want to adapt the subtitles)

    Thank you again Marie 🙂 I’m always glad on Tuesdays 😉

    Patricia (Switzerland)

  243. I watched this immediately after it came on on Monday night (PST) and had to let it sink in for a few days. I think in many ways, I’m more pro than a lot of people my age. But there are still areas of my life that I consistently can’t get together. I.e. Waking up on time, exercise, the “hustle”, working in my studio instead of in my bedroom, being obsessive over Facebook and social media, not outsourcing.

    My biggest thing though that is getting in my own way is my tendency to want to do everything myself. Literally: I am my own business’ sewer, designer, strategist, copywriter, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, social media person, etc etc etc. And I do it because what I lack in money I make up for in youth, skill and hard work. But as my business is transitioning from a point of “just getting started” to “starting to take off”, I feel like I’m starting to not be able to keep up.

    A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to hire my first intern. I’m putting out the call next week and they’ll start in January. This is my first step in going pro for real, because it means that I’m no longer playing a game of just testing things out, that I’m committed fully now and bringing on other people to help me do it.

    The other major thing is: stop taking advice from other people. This also was a hard lesson for me to learn, because I’m somewhat of a sponge and am more than slightly addicted to learning and information. If someone is inspiring, I take what they say often as the hard truth. But it’s not. This has hurt my business in the past, where I ignored my own instincts and often changed my entire business because of something an expert said. And then I’d change it again the month after because of something someone else said.

    When we stop searching for answers and just start doing the work, I think that’s one of the moments many of us go pro. So…on a practical level, I am going to transition the amount of time I spend on learning how to grow a business and instead spend it on actually hustling and using my free time to work more on my true dream: to be creative and to create.

    Apologies for the insanely long comment – I’ve been thinking about this for days, as you can tell! Thank you Marie and Steven for the reminder.

  244. Mina

    Ok, so my Turning Pro moment is going to be consistently waking up the same time everyday No Matter What!! When I wake up radically affects my day and I am committed to waking up the same time consistently to set my day off right!

  245. My amateur habit is sales, and I am determined to go PRO with it.
    Thanks for this great episode, Marie!

  246. Diane

    Whew! This is perfect timing. I have been scared to bite the bullet and go all out and I needed to hear this. I set aside specific time chunks for various aspects of my work today, and I’m excited to make it a ‘pro’ habit. I’m still leaving free time chunks to get in the day to day things so I don’t get overwhelmed, but it feels so much more purposeful and productive than just chugging through my list.

  247. Thank you so much for this inspiring video!
    My amateur habit is the over-extending myself, out of wanting to go the extra mile for too many people particularly in my side job rather than my own business, which leads to burn out! Now re-assessing whilst resting…I am aware of playing out not just an amateur habit, but an amateur ‘*%$##@!’ complex. It has been unraveling for most of this year as I meet my thresholds and break through to re-define my boundaries & further honor my core values underpinning my service business.

  248. This is a game changing video and it came just at the right time. One of my amateur habits is being a ‘one-woman show’. I fail to outsource, try to do everything myself and worse create delays if its not perfect. As a result things are starting to fall through the cracks.

    After watching this video I made a chart of my amateur and pro habits and hung it on my wall. I’m going to let it be my new mantra to stay focused and produce results instead of more to do lists.

    Thank you Marie and Steven!

    • Diane

      Thanks Marie!
      I am an artist. My new pro habit will be (come hell or high water) to make art every day. Haven’t all the great artists done that? My amateur habit that I will let go is the “contemplative method of art-making.” In practical terms, I will spend less time surfing the internet to see what everyone else is creating, or looking for new techniques to try. That ‘method’ helps fuel my desire to create, but leaves me stuck in that place of taking NO ACTION, and merely creating lots of distractions. I am inspired by this video and plan to get the book!

  249. Marie, this is FANTASTIC!

    You stressed this in B-School and really love the reminder.

    You are brilliant & your inspiration is truly a mojo booster!

  250. Wow, I really loved this interview so much! What an ah-ha moment. I can totally see the habitual amateur behaviour in me. I’d been doing things so halfhartedly all my life and wondered why things’ve been so mediocre, and why had I been so fed up with it being that way. I’m half way through a course through the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition, and as it’s gone on I’ve noticed me getting more blasé about it, and not putting in consistent effort. That is an OLD pattern of mine! I get so consumed with self doubt and fear…fear of the usual stuff, failing, being judged etc… It’s actually taking a lot of courage just to write this post. This just made me realize I need to stand up and take charge, and go into it with enthusiasm and professional mindset. I am working on the negative emotions, it’s just layers of the onion! And just watching this and reading posts from all these beautiful people is very healing in itself! I’m going get this book right after I finish The Charge, also found on Marie TV! Eternally grateful!

    Halina xxx

  251. When I was 19 I got started in the Direct Selling Profession. I would not get dressed or showered until I had an appointment. That might mean 4 pm.
    My business changed for me the day I decided to pretend that the owner of the company would ring my door bell at 9 am. From that day on I got up, got showered, got dressed and put on my face. This made me feel like a pro. It made my phone conversations sound more professional. It made it so I was always ready for work. That was 30 yrs ago and I have still keep that habit.

    • Natalie

      Rowena – I love what you wrote. So true. This is something I need to start doing too.

  252. elinor

    Thank you for this great interview!

    Sharing the process you have been through shines a light on my own, and somehow it feels like it helps to clear my path.
    I am at the transition moment where the old is going and the new is coming in and I feel like I’m battling on all fronts, going back and forth before the final breakthrough, like Marie said in the interview.

    Thank you for sending me your prayers for strength and clarity!

  253. stephanie

    I commit from this moment on, I will treat myself as the wonderful singer I am and will be.
    Thank you, Marie for this opportunity and all best for you!

  254. Corinne Bowen

    I commit to waking up at 5 AM Monday-Friday to work on my writing 🙂 This vid and new habit has already shifted my attitude and brought me more clarity in just 48 hours!

  255. Moe-lissa

    Hi Marie, thank you for this. You’re great! I am a chronic underachiever who gets easily overwhelmed with how much I have to do to change my life for the better. (I crap out after about the 6th item on the list.) I want to flip the switch and stop making excuses! My pro habit is to commit to meditation, 15 minutes a day, so that my monkey mind will slow down a little bit and allow me to see when I’m self sabotaging. Thanks again. Keep ’em coming, girl.

  256. Natalie

    First off – great video! I am looking forward to reading the book.

    Secondly, I think my amateur habit is not taking ownership over my time. I know that I need to create a better schedule for myself, but I just never do it, and that does not allow me to get needed tasks done. Instead, I often let the day control my time, i.e responding to every little blinking light that comes at me. I also say “yes” to too many things, therefore, allowing other people to control my time.

    • Michelle

      I have struggled with the “YES” to everything problem for so many years.. It wasn’t until recently after working with many Yoga teachers and professional coaches that I have realized the value of my own time.. One of my teachers suggested that next time I am invited to do something instead of jumping to please someone and say yes… say “Thank you for thinking of me and asking…let me just check my schedule and see if I can make it”…This gives you some time to make a decision and decide if its something you truly want to do rather then working on auto-pilot and saying yes to everything.. I find this is really helpful instead of going through with something and later on regretting that you had wasted your time.. Always remember that saying No to something is saying YES to something else.. 🙂 Good luck girl!

      • Natalie

        Michelle, thank you for your reply! It was nice to hear that you could relate to this as well. I really like the line you suggested to use when offered to do something, I will definitely use it! Best to you:)

  257. Michelle Messina

    I loved this interview! Very inspiring rich content. Thank you Marie and Steven for sharing your amateur to pro stories.
    I believe my amateur habit is denying my creative inspiration. Often, I have an idea for a project I want to work on, something I may want to write, an event I want to hold and I never put the idea into action and make it happen… I often blame it on the fact that I don’t have a website, a brand, or a business. It’s almost as if I am running away from myself and my inner voice/creative wisdom. I have a feeling it may be fear or self-doubt…I have wanted to be PRO and have a business of my own since I was a little girl- yes, my vision and idea of what the business may be has changed but the drive and desire has always been with me.. I often find myself juggling so many ideas that I don’t know what it is that I want or what it is that I should try to become a PRO at. Actually, making a decision and saying I am going to move forward on a specific dream, vision, idea has been the hardest struggle for me over the past few years..

    The other night, I had a dream that I was having a conversation with a man in NYC at a cafe…We were sitting outside and I remember seeing his face as we were talking..Before I woke up I remember him looking deep within my eyes with a questioning look and asking me… “Why would you believe that it would work out any other way but successful?”…To me this was a big sign that I have been feeding my inner daemon of self-doubt, fear, and judgement.. I don’t even go forward because I have already programmed myself to believe I will be a failure and not measure up to my vision and goals..

    I will upgrade this habit by following through with creative intuition and believing deep down inside that it will be a success.. That I will put myself out there and even if I fail it will be better then not trying at all..

  258. My habit that I’m releasing: Not thinking of myself as a pro. The replacement, thinking of myself like a pro. Simple. This interview and one I listened to with Ali Brown, just did it for me, sealed the deal. I feel a complete shift in my thinking. From this moment forward, “I AM a pro.”
    Thank you for changing my world again and again, B-school has kicked off my own personal revolution and these interviews just keep adding more fuel to my fire. I appreciate everything you do and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

  259. This talk had a real effect on me. I am a lifelong night owl, but with my workdays limited by my children’s school schedule, I know that becoming a morning gal is critical to turning pro. I’ve managed to shift my sleep/wake schedule an hour earlier since listening to this, and hope to shift one more hour. Turning Pro – a great concept – especially for those of us just starting out in business.

    Thanks, Marie.

  260. Rumi

    My Zumba instructor, Kathryn, is an absolute shining example of someone who’s turned pro.

    She’s new all the way around: to teaching Zumba, to Seattle, and she’s the first instructor my community center has ever had. There have never been more than 8 students in our class. It’s not easy creating an atmosphere of high energy fun in a cavernous room, and thus, half of those 8 quit immediately.

    Yet, Kathryn shows up every week, as if she’s teaching a class of 100.

    She’s early to arrive. She’s got her assortment of props (strobe light night is my fave!) She has tweaked the playlist just so. And at start time, with a beaming smile, she begins class with whomever is there. Last night, it was just me. She ran class even though she’d be getting up at 3am to leave for the airport.

    The best thing about being with a 100% committed pro like her is that she doesn’t come across the least bit freaked out about the poor attendance. As I said before, she’s teaching as if there are already 100 of us in the room. When we parted ways last night, she promised she’d be spending her vacation time freshening up her routines. I have no doubt that she’ll garner a following, and be teaching in front of a huge crowd–if that’s what she wants.

    Thanks, Kathryn, for the inspiration to turn pro!

  261. Thank you SO MUCH Marie and Steve for this wonderful interview! It was just the kick in the pants I’ve needed. I have been paralysed, fearful and procrastinating for way too bloody long. The one thing I need to do to turn pro is- practise more on the pole, to really nail those harder moves. So I can really be confident when teaching my students pole dance /gymnastics! And also- look up how much it would cost for a pole studio and move towards it, asap!!!

    Thanks again 🙂 XXX

  262. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Loved this interview! So many great insights. Thank you both!

  263. This video really just struck something inside. I started my own company in February but lately have just been feeling completely out-of-sorts. A little directionless and unfocused. As soon as I heard the story Steven shared about the awful golfer “turning pro,” it clicked. I’ve spent all of this time acting like an amateur business owner, social media consultant, and writer. Jack of all trades, master of none. I’m ready to go pro in these things. Watch out!

  264. There is an amazing conversation happening about going PRO when it comes to schedule and that hit home….truly!! But I took a deeper look and realized that I resonated with what was said about the company you keep and what happens when you turn PRO.

    I realized that i realllllly love my friends and the thought of them changing their minds about having me in their life because I evolve breaks me and leaves me feeling lonely. After tonight though, I understand that it wont happened with everyone and for those who do not move onto the next chapter I must accept our roads needed to part. So, Iam honoring that truth and my pro habit will be to remember this whenever I feel the need to hold back my growth at the risk of losing a loved one.

    Thanks Marie- you rock socks <3 Cant wait for Super Soul Sunday

  265. Denise Antoon

    I have read both of the books and loved them. It really made me take notice of some things I was doing that were preventing from being a pro. This has been another great reminder of the importance of reading these books again. Everyone should have them.

  266. Stacy

    While I like the ideas behind turning pro, I find that this is primarily geared toward single people or those who can afford to have their children in daycare while they build their business. What about strategies for women who are working, building a business, taking care of the kids and the house? I don’t have a chunk of uninterrupted time each day. I’m not out with friends or getting a manicure. I’m in survival mode with a full plate. Anyone else in this situation? Advice?

  267. Perfect timing! Today’s interview was so inspiring, I rushed off to buy the book before I even bothered commenting. I’ve been struggling mentally for a while now, knowing that I need to make some changes but choosing to veg on the couch instead. It hasn’t helped that many of my friends & family sabotage me. Well, it’s time to adopt the “screw ’em, later baby” attitude. From now on, I’ll live the life I want, not the life they want for me.

    As a knitter, I can “work” in front of the TV, however I find that I tend to create only simple pieces because the TV claims more of my attention than the knitting. As of today, that bad habit ends. Insanely intricate lace patterns, here I come!

  268. Patricia

    I have read both “The War of Art” and “Do the Work” (S. Pressfield). They are both great books and I feel truly encouraged to “keep it 100” –professional… even during this difficult time of struggle to build my platform for the world stage (my online business).

  269. Thanks so much Marie and Steven for this wonderful interview, exactly what I needed. I have changed some of my amateur habits such as browsing the web aimlessly without doing the important things first. But I know in my heart that there are more PRO habits that I have to establish.

    One of the top pro habits for me is to start doing what’s essential for my online business, even though it really frightens me. For example, shooting videos and connecting with people in my community are two of the priorities. And I hear it Marie that priority brings prosperity.

    Thanks again Marie and Steven for bringing this message to me.

  270. As an entrepreneur in the fitness and health field, I have a lot of irons in the fire. Most of us who own our own business do! But my time management sucks! Working from home provides a lot of distractions, including TiVo! A professional would never have a TV in their office and their 10 minute breaks wouldn’t include catching up on a show they missed during the week. SOOO….my new pro habit is to commit to regular “business hours” when I’m in my home office so I’m better able to concentrate and get more things done!

  271. This is AWESOME! Resonated so much with everything. My turning pro shift, honestly, was with something you said long ago during B-School. You talked about “crushing it.” It’s funny. That single phrase *literally* gave me the permission to stake my claim, trumpet my gifts, and go after my dreams full throttle and without apology. Before that, I always felt oddly guilty about what I wanted or what I knew I could succeed at. I guess I’ve always worked so hard to be humble, to be grateful, to volunteer, to think of the least amongst us. I didn’t know how to be both a Creative, a Women’s Activist, and run a business. In that moment, I realized that I was robbing myself not only of my joy but of my freedom — which was actually dishonoring all those women who would kill to be in my shoes. Who would give ANYTHING to have the opportunity to “crush it.” It was a huge turning point and it’s made me value everything so much more. xo

  272. P.S. Oh, and your man’s “I’m Back” concept is ALSO freaking brilliant! Tell him I credit him with that on nearly every photo shoot I have. Helps women *tremendously* in front of the camera.

  273. Amazing amazing amazing! Watched your video, bought the book immediately, got home and watched your video again with my boyfriend who also bought the book immediately and now we’re both reading it and changing our lives!

    Thanks so much. I can’t tell you how much this has inspired me.

    My amateur behaviour is often to sit and wait for inspiration or the ‘perfect’ business to start instead of just starting something and letting things evolve.

    My new pro habit will be to stop this immediately and just go for it!

    Thanks again for all your inspiration

  274. Marie,
    I decided that in order to turn pro I must commit to better time management and it starts with going to bed at 11:30pm every night and waking up at 7:00am everyday. I also fuel must my body with nutritious food and exercise in a more consistent manner. During the summer when I did this I was so much more productive.
    Thank You again,

  275. Amy

    Thank you for this! My amateur habit that keeps me here is not promoting myself. When Mercury leaves its retrograde path, I plan to take the huge social media leap and comitt to going pro publically. This is a big risk in my industry, which wags the finger at sharing too much of one’s true self. I know that I can still be authentically me and be ethical within my field.

    You, Gabby and Mastin were wonderfully spot on today too! I enjoyed the post viewing party chat with Ophi. You are so real and inspirational. I am so grateful to have found you on my journey.

  276. April

    Way to go M !! I watch Super Soul Sunday every weekend and Marie Tv every Tuesday what a perfect Mash up.
    You and Gabby have already changed my world.
    Danielle LaPorte would have made a perfect foursome but …whadya gonna do ??…
    Congratulations. Job well done.
    BTW …I went Pro Wednesday 🙂

  277. Great interview! My most recent turning pro moment was to enroll in b-school and really take the business to the next level. Yeah! Can’t wait to start. 🙂

  278. One of the most challenging to overcome “amateur” habits I have is multitasking. Yes, multitasking…In Corporate America the ability to multitask is considered a valuable, super useful skill. Get more done in less time is the business motto of the corporate world.

    I have personally discovered that the more I try to fit in one day, the less I end up doing. When I have a lengthy to-do lists, stacked up on my desk, I tend to get more distracted and frazzled; I almost feel paralyzed at times.

    So, one muscle I need to work out more is focusing on one task at a time and giving it my undivided attention until it’s one hundred percent completed. I believe that you should be truly being present for everything you do both in life and in business.

    Thanks Marie for sharing another insightful video 🙂

  279. yep yep yep yep…. great stuff


  280. I started a website based around the concept of authenticity called and part of discovering my own authentic self involved taking myself seriously as a writer. Now when I am writing I refer to it as working. I pay someone to watch my kids a few times a week even though I myself am not yet being paid. If I am to be authentically who I was meant to be I need time to write. I encourage you all to allow yourselves to be your most authentic selves, even if at the moment you are “hiding out” as someone else.

  281. Hi everyone.

    I’ve been there, felt so useless. So useless, in fact, that my father has written to me, with my three siblings, to tell me how useless I actually am! No joke, this was in the national press yesterday in the UK, and over the weekend.

    My father, Nick Crews, let me publish his letter, and the UK is entirely on his side, I (along with my three siblings), are completely useless!

    Except that I’m not, I have a very small business doing business interpretation (English-French), in France. Great oaks from little acorns grow. Plus, I have translated a book from French to English, a book that lets people get at what it is that’s holding people back, and dare to succeed. There are plenty of books out there that do this, but in France this book is seriously against the grain. France’s culture is almost the OPPOSITE of the American Dream, it’s an élitist system.

    If, in France, people can turn their life around, they certainly can in the US or the UK!

    I hope to get my book translation published so you can all see it.

    And keep up the great work, Marie, we all love you!

    Emily Crews-Montès

  282. I think that the “amateur habit” that I can upgrade to the “pro habit” is to devote 4 completely focused pro hours each day to each of my 2 jobs, with no fears and visions in my mind only!
    Love it and I will definitely read this book!

  283. Katie Smith

    My amateur habit is starting a million things and never finishing them because of perfectionism. As a “pro” I have to finish things because I won’t get paid if I don’t finish a website for a campaign! I make a decision and leave good enough alone, and I need to implement this philosophy in building my own business.

  284. oh dear m so excited to see this video but aargh.. this office working hours.. i just wanna run home soon now.. so I can watch it peacefully and in 1 piece 🙂 without any intervals .. and guyss your comments are tempting me more to watch it….
    Thanks in advance Marie..

  285. Oh My God Marie, ummm that came out wrong, lol

    I am a pro, but I was a mini pro amateur before this book, but now I am a pro, instant, when I realized I was a mini pro that depressed me, so instant I changed.

    Luv Elainee

  286. What an incredible blessing! This video literally came to me from nowhere! I truly believe all things have a reason and the reason this video found me was to help me with the amateur hurdle. I am a professional in my area of expertise. I am Founder and CEO of National Seizure Disorders Foundation, the first of it’s kind. My amateur thinking was rooted in my physical seizure disorder. I lied to myself the last four years telling myself I could not be professional because there are days I experience dozens of seizures and physically cannot work for up to a week. I would tease myself in wondering, how can I be a professional when I find there are times I have to re-learn so much of the business. During this video I had an AH-HA moment. Seizures experienced are just a part of my professional work! Now with that hurdle behind me I can move forward building the largest most people friendly non-profit seizure disorders foundation on the planet. Thank you both for the video and yes, I am believing I will be gifted this book soon.

    Terrific Tonya in Tennessee
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

  287. Very good!!! I’ve just realized that I’m amateur in almost everything of my life… at least, consciously. The two things I have to move to better habits are: to finish the things I start and to make decisions!

  288. Shaleen

    I really appreciated this interview 🙂
    I want to commit right here and now and very publicly to launching my website and not allowing all manner of amateur habits to distract and sabotage me. I am turning PRO and I commit to my business and the pro habit of committment to building that business…no amateur habit excuses!
    Thanks for letting me share this:-)
    P.S. Number 1 amateur habit I am letting go of is letting myself off the hook because I don’t have anyone to answer to.. I answer to myself and it’s about time I honoured her!

  289. Laura

    Amazing interview! I used his book The War of Art and the Apollo Planner to overcome my fears and start my own Etsy business. The first got me motivated and the latter kept me focused. Highly recommended.

  290. Thank you Marie!

    An amateur habit that I’m nipping in the bud and going pro with right now is to be in bed by 10. Read for a half hour. Then sleep.

    I always “intend” to get to bed earlier but 11 or 12 rolls around and I find myself saying, “I should be asleep by now.”

    Green juice has become a non-negotiable so I know this can be one too.

    Thank you!

  291. Marie and Steven please know that this book changed my life, my husband’s life, our relationship and our business. We just read it after seeing this blog, on our honeymoon in Europe. Let’s just say it was the framed in a way that deeply spoke to us and was just what we needed to propel ourselves to our next levels. Watch out for the launch of our re-branded and merged company Wedge15 on January 15th, 2013 🙂 Thank you, thank you thank you for the massive difference you make in our lives every Tuesday and beyond. <3

  292. Jeanne Omlor

    I love Steven Pressfield. He is one of the authors that really supported me in going pro with my life coaching biz. The rest it history!
    Jeanne Omlor
    Certified Life Coach
    [email protected]

  293. Thank you so much, Steve and Marie, for this amazing episode. I love the story about Steve’s friend buying herself a golf gear and turning herself into a pro!

    Well, I feel a little bit ashamed talking about my amateur habits but I know I have to talk it out loud, to face with the truth myself.

    I have 2 amateur habits: taking too many opportunities and procrastination.
    I commit to upgrade them to pro habits:
    1, From now on I will only do the things that are important to me, I will only focus on what matters the most. I will say NO to opportunities that would distract me from achieving my goals.
    2, No more “I’ll do this later”. I’ll just do it. 🙂

  294. Marie have stumbled across you through a friend and am I pleased I have… I have taken the time out to watch Steve’s interview, which was brill and now just watched the Richard Branson interview (my hero!) – he never seizes to amaze me! He is just so unbelievably awesome! Every time I have managed to see him I have always walk away with amazing wisdom! Go Richard Branson and thank you Marie for sharing you wonderful knowledge, I am so looking forward to you weekly emails. Off to download my ‘Pro’ book! X

  295. Cat

    I have just discovered this video today, how did I miss it to begin with? 🙂
    It makes so much sense, for me I have a joint photography business with my partner, we shoot weddings, portraits and now boudoir. I find that Boudoir is my absolute passion and are really having a turning point that in my life that makes me want to pursue this and become really involved. I have organised a Boudoir Shoot which I am trying my best to promote on top of my day job, and I am feeling as though I am not going to book anyone as I am aware of where I have gone wrong on timing and communication which I can change next time.

    My Amateur habit is not actively promoting myself with confidence and not meeting with people to show my passion in person. Something I am looking to change! x

    Thank you Marie & Steven x

  296. Laura

    Loved this interview…or conversation really. It was a great exchange of stories and ideas. I’ve never heard of this man…unfortunately for me. But thanks to you, now I have. I’m going to check out the book you talked about as well as the other one mentioned in this thread.

    I relate to the amateur writer thing. I’ve put some stuff down on paper and tapped out some stuff on the computer, but to put it out there is terrifying.

    My amateur habit would be procrastination… big time…making a phone call, doing dishes, reading stuff online, just putting it off. I suppose there’s some fear under all that.

    I guess I need to hole up for a year with MY little cat and write, write, write. LOL!

    Good info on mainstream publishing vs. independent publishing.
    Thanks for this.

    Another habit I got into was to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and “gurus” in the field of success online. This was overwhelming. Most of them I never read. So they sat gathering dust in my email inbox. Last night, I went through and unsubscribed to most of them as well as deleted what was there. It felt good to declutter.

    I kept myself subscribed to you however, FWIW. 🙂

  297. Habits!

    The habit I will change is a cleanliness one! Sometimes I let grime yuck build up on the computer screen, carpet, or stovetop! Won’t take much to fix this and I think it will make for a shinier life! =)

  298. What a super informing video! I have been changing a lot through my commitment to personal development for the past 2 years. This video was truly a game changer for me as I am successful but need to create a more professional mindset and habits of a professional. Today is my day.

  299. dee

    Wow, what an amazing man Steven is!

    I’ve had the amateur habit of being hard on myself – nitty picking over this and that and it’s all just not enough! Bogged down with perfection 😛

    I’ve changed this by having a wider perspective – relaxing about crossing all those i’s and all those t’s – I just have to be more playful about things.

  300. This is meaty stuff. (And I’m a vegetarian. Never mind.) That “giving away” comment was great for me. Important. Options, sistah. I’m watching all of you “turn pro” and what a privilege and joy to be with you on this journey.

    Upgrade Your Habits. To Pro.

  301. Hi Marie,

    your interview with Steven was great! Thank you.

    Switch from amateur to Pro:
    1. ‘piles vs published’. My pre-sorted piles of inspiration and projects, great ideas and intuitive insights and stream of consciousness information, etc. publish or let go.

    2. my epiano (beginner): The golf story inspired me greatly, so now: I turn pro on my piano playing, even though I just started. My bigger vision sees me onstage inspiring many people with spiritual edutainment and muse-ic – including piano (and cello?). So, to the logical mind (let alone other people) it does not make sense if I say:”I’m Pro!”… but to me now!

    3. Money master and Miracle Vortex like a PRO.

    4. Treating myself like a PRO! – and being discerning with who and what I surround myself with.

    5. Making choices from my Pro-Self!

    6. Intention: I am creating my own inspirational TV and live performances – often outside in nature. A Pro will aim for best possible quality while also taking imperfect inspired action along the way 🙂

    7. I am writing a movie play (a combo of movie and stage play) different from ‘how it’s done in the industry’. I keep driving story and enlist others to foster my leadership . Carving out time daily now to further it like a Pro. Seeing it realized knowing that the right people will be getting in touch with me at the right time: The universe has my back!! It’s inspired after all. Copyrights remain with me.

    As a pro I know (!!) that my recurring visions have enough energy to be seen through to the end. As a pro I get support where needed (team/sponsors/supporters).

    8. Focus on focus 🙂 and balance doing and being and creating.

    9. blogs, vlogs: more regularly

    Great, what you said about being very discerning with all the ‘great offers from people’ (shiny objects) and choose wisely who to work with and who to surround yourself with – or not (distractors, drainers, nay-sayers).

    Big shift!

    Thank you so much, Marie,

    turning Pro,

    ☆ Tanya ☆✩

  302. narkis

    switch from amateur to pro:
    When I’m day dreaming I am going to make sure these dreams are constructive and relevant for my dreams, and for the present moment, and not just thinking about things that happened.
    And I will enter facebook just after I did everything I’m suppose to do.
    In addition- every day to visualize at least once my mission in life.

    Thank you!

  303. timothy Gallant

    Be gratefull everyday been writing daily in a journal from Oprah. It works for the mindset for the day

  304. Dionne

    Hey Marie,

    Thank you very much. I have never read that book ‘Turning Pro’, yet this interview with Steven is really relieving. Even though my first publication has not sold much, I am currently working on a second one. And yes, persons think that I am crazy and that nothing good is going to come out of it. Thank you so much for this interview – again.

  305. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for the amazing interview! Just this morning I found this great TED talk by Angela Lee Duckworth on grit. In it she talks about the importance of passion and perseverance, having long term vision of what you want, learning from all your experience (good and bad) and keep going no matter what. Your interview reminded me this TED talk – basically what we need to do to become professionals is to somehow cultivate grit.

    Here is the TED talk:

    Keep spreading wisdom and joy!

    ♥ Lin

  306. Livia Bicalho

    Wow. I don´t know where I should start at. Whacthing the interview and reading some comments, I realized that I need more help that I could imagine. I do feel that I must contribute more, and I feel I can do it!! But I don´t know how!! I´m lost and really looking for some way to follow. I need to despert the passion that I have inside me. I need some help!!!!

  307. I just finished watching your interview with Steven Pressfield and I loved it. I certainly didn’t need the interview about Turning Pro to show me that I’m an amateur, but it did impress upon me how to begin turning professional. I can see a long road ahead and I’m excited. It reminds me of the concept to “dress for the job you want”. Thanks so much for making this available.

  308. Absolutely love the video, as I do with all of them. Thank you Marie for your ever empowering influence. I always look forward to Every Tuesday.

    My amateur vs Pro change is to stay on track with my goals and deadlines that I have set for myself. To write them down and review them on a regular and consistent basis. I have done this before and I know that it is most successful with staying focused and getting things done. To always be reminded of why I am doing the things I do, The Bigger Picture. 🙂

  309. I have been struggling for years with the amateur vs pro time management dilemma. Why does it have to be so hard for some, and comes natural for others? I just realized I have Steven’s book The War of Art and never “found” the time to read it. Guess it’s about time to start reading. Great interview Marie. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  310. Brooke

    Done. Just bought both the War of Art and Turning Pro. Thank YOU, Marie for the great video and tuning us all in. Looking forward to seeing more. Totally stoked to get my focus on and read & read….and act.
    xoxo Brooke

  311. Great interview! I know for me, as soon as I made the decision to go pro and committed to doing whatever it took, it felt almost effortless…

    Until that point, it felt like TORTURE trying to grow my business. All the fears and doubts were too easy to give in to.

  312. Victoria

    Great interview with Steve and Marie!

    Here’s a question for Steve and Marie… What if the people in your life who are trying to sabotage your success are close family and friends? When I say close family, I am speaking about mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, etc. How do you handle this? Do you cut your family out of your life? Do you tell your mom and dad, “Sorry. I can’t be around because your negativity is bringing me down. Goodbye.”


    • Hi Victoria. That’s a really, really tough situation. But, know that you’re not alone. I’ve met many people who had family not understand nor support what they wanted to do with their life.

      And, they found a way to be honest, direct and loving.

      Ultimately, you have to take responsibility for how you allow people to treat you. Whether they are family or not, you deserve people in your life who are kind, supportive and loving.

      While you’ll not always agree with one another (especially when it comes to family!) there must be mutual respect.

      You asked about cutting your family out of your life. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is important, for all of us, to communicate (especially with people we love) what works for us and what doesn’t.

      It doesn’t have to be black and white. I’ve had tough conversations with my parents about setting boundaries. While it wasn’t comfortable or easy, ultimately — we all became closer and we respect and love each other more.

      You can do this Victoria.

    • Hi Victoria,
      I have been in the same situation than you. I recently changed career, and my father was not always supportive of this change. Whenever I was mentioning what I was doing, he just thought that was more like a hobby and I should do something else which would bring me more money in instead. As I dived deaper into what is now my passion and job, I kept on repeating him that this was what I wanted to do, and nothing else. The big shift happened though not because of my words but because of my actions. As my projects developed and I showed my commitment to make them go even further, that is when he stopped telling me to find another work. So now, every time we speak, he doesn’d alienate me any more by suggesting anything like this.

      My recommendations to you:
      1. Show that you are fully committed to your projects to those close to you and, if they try to make you change your mind, tell them you’d rather not speak about it.
      2. Find a group of people who will be supportive and help you bring your projects to the next level. By spending time on what you love, instead of dwelling on things you cannot change (what your family thinks), you will show how serious you are, and they should slowly change their minds.
      3. When you speak about what you do, highlight the progress you’ve made, so as to show your commitment.

      At the end of the day, I found that the comments my father made resonated in me in some way as I was not sure I could “turn pro”. Now that I am seeing myself as a pro, so is he.

      I hope this helps! And good luck!!
      We believe in you!! 🙂

  313. This is a long one, but I always enjoy what you have to offer Marie!

  314. Hi I would like to introduce my self to the group and to say a big thank you to Marie and all the community. I have been a silent observer for a while now. However, I felt I needed to eventually join this community and just say thanks for the inspiration! xxx

    • You are welcome Lissa! HOORAY for you for commenting for the first time. (I just did a happy dance for you on my couch 🙂

  315. Such perfect timing! I want to be a professional speaker to inspire people about transforming their relationship with money, but I’m afraid I’ll fall on my face the first few times out of the gate. Having been a corporate trainer in my earlier days in Corporate America, I know I can do this but the fear still exists.

    Just this week I signed up for Michael Hyatt’s SCORRE conference in Oct. It’s a conference designed to help you become a professional speaker. I’m so excited! I’m going to give it my full attention, be present and work hard. Once I come home, I’m going to hunt down some opportunities to get in front of an audience and begin building that aspect of my business!

    Great interview…that’s my first introduction to Mr. Pressfield and I love him!

  316. Joanne

    This was a great interview and makes you think…..
    Am I a professional business women or an amateur business women?
    Am I a professional mother or am I an amateur mother?
    Thank you both. I will keep thinking and create new patterns.

  317. The last time I was in business. I didn’t commit to it in every sense. This time I do let myself sleep, but not past 9am (I think sleep is important for being productive). I put the hrs in, I make it clear to friends etc that I do have a job.., even though I not really making the money that proves it to them yet. I also have systems in place that are signs to me that I am in it for the long haul… I’m on top of my books (accounting… yuk). I work at my business and then I set aside time to work on my “art”. I have a single minded focus and I block out the nay sayer’s. Yup It’s totally mindset!

    Thanks for sharing this video again.

  318. Great interview! Have been a Marie fan for at least a year now, maybe longer, but never saw this episode. Will be getting this book for sure. Hmmm… amateur habit to stop is nightly TV watching. I LOVE murder mystery and detective shows, especially the British ones, and watch them almost every night. I am commiting to only watching them during a scheduled reward period for getting my pro work done. As for a professional habit to start (equally important), start writing on a regular schedule, a weekly blog AND the book on managing projects successfully for small businesses that I’ve been talking about for too long!

  319. Love this – upgrading an amateur habit to a pro habit – mine will be to hit 1,500 words on my new book per day 🙂

  320. Marie,
    Thanks for this great episode!! I could said that I started to take my online practice pro when I find your website and, honestly, you have changed my vision and life since then.
    I had to change lots of habits (still struggle with some) but today I am able -almost always- to figure out what is valuable of my time and energy and how to organize myself and prioritize.
    The most difficult habit to change, I would say, is that I would tend to focus too much on working and forget to create time for recreation, rest and pleasure…
    Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  321. Thank you, Marie!
    I really needed this…

    I read the book, and I read it in the first 3 days I got it. It really spoke to me, I underlined, highlighted, dogeared 🙂

    The ONE amateur habit that lingers and I fight is going to sleep before 12 and waking up at 7. I am most productive at night, but I feel that this regimen would be beneficial for my discipline.

    Also, the ONE thing that I have related to the most is about people around me who like me the way I was as an amateur, and that includes my family. Tough – good to see it confirmed – but I have a mission and that takes priority.

    Thank you again, so much,

  322. Katherine

    Great video. It’s like you published this especially for me! I’m guilty of too many amateur habits and I know I need to TURN PRO! Just when I feel I’m starting to make some decent progress, I seem to self-sabotage and feel like I’m 100 steps back. The part about the people in your life starting to change is becoming more and more apparent as I realise if I want to grow and succeed in my business I need to stop dedicating my precious time to people and situations that only end up sabotaging it…

    it’s great to see that it’s normal to lose certain friends but make new ones who understand, support and challenge you to reach for your dreams.
    Think it’s about time I get real with myself and start changing my amateur habits into Pro ones…

    love the insights and advise as always Marie and I’m gonna buy Steve’s book right away!

    • Awesome Katherine! Make sure you get both War of Art and Turning Pro. War of Art is one of my favorite all time books.

  323. This is a fantastic interview! Thanks for making it part of your summer series. Everything you talked about makes perfect sense and is something I can start doing in my business immediately. I’m definitely planning to read Turning Pro before the summer ends!

    My pro habit will be to start acting like I’m at work when I’m working! Right now I keep a detailed list of what needs to get done that day . . . and then I squander away huge portions of my day by reading blogs, scrolling through Twitter, etc. That’s not something I would do if I were an employee for someone else, so it’s not something I’ll do when I’m working for myself!

    I can’t wait to start turning my amateur habits into pro behaviors, one by one!

  324. Hey Marie,

    This summer series is a perfect example of how we can even turn “off time” in a “pro” way. Funny how the original broadcast of this is around the time I first discovered you. This led to B School and me turning pro in my communications and online presence and my new site which launched July 25th. Before that I was pro in what I actually did but amateur in how I looked to the online world. I even named one of my offerings after this…Go Pro Kitchen Makeovers. So thank you Marie.

    And since I know you love to cook, you’ll love some of my Italian recipes and tips…my gift to you. Check them out.

    And when it comes to hair…oh boy…I crack myself up when I realize that my hair speaks Divine guidance. When my hair doesn’t look good, it’s a clue to work on my inner being. Since I made peace with myself…my hair also has the gorgeous gift of my Italian ancestors. Perfect for my go pro makeover photos on my site.

  325. OMG – That’s where I am. I can absolutely relate, I feel like a baby pro. I set myself up with amazing wins but then feel overwhelmed with the momentum and fear. And like Marie would self sabotage. I can say I’m definitely pushing thru the fear but its certainly not easy. Thanks Marie for sharing.

  326. Megan

    Wow –this interview could not have come at a better time!

    I literally had a shift on Friday night about turning pro with my body and MOVING it. This woman came across my path on Instagram and her story was so inspiring. I had a mental shift of -“okay, ENOUGH. I can do this!” I am on my 4th day of a workout routine, putting it on the calendar after completion, and a promise of keeping track for 90 days. And I’m not letting myself feel silly for writing about this b/c it’s “only” day 4.

    Last night, I also had a turning pro website shift. I have been paying for hosting online for months without working on my site. That thing Steven said about thinking about sitting down at the typewriter and feeling like shooting himself in the head? Totally me. And I realized I was just making this SO HARD.

    So I emailed and canceled my hosting service. Then I deleted my tumblr account that was basically only my Instagram pics. I transfered my domain name to my tumblr b/c it’s FREE and the format is simple and easy for me to use.

    I was so stuck in needing a professional site, not having money to pay for one, and not having ANY interest in doing it myself that I did NOTHING. Just making that small change last night has me feeling so light.

    I am letting go of the amateur habit of not starting because it won’t be perfect.

    Today I’m turning pro by doing my workout and then working on my free, easy-for-me-to-navigate tumblr site.

    THANK you Marie and Steven. MUAH! and love ya’ll.

  327. My amateur habit: not eating properly. I’m committed to eating well and on ‘cue,’ at regular and same times during the day, everyday. This seems dry, but I KNOW this is going to make the difference.

    Thanks you two for your inspiring dialogue and experience.

  328. Marie OMG thank you!! I LOVED this. Seriously the timing of the universe is amazing. I just re-committed in a profesh way *yesterday* and bought an entire professional camera set up for my vlog and an online course I’m creating. It was hard and painful and scary to fully commit (when the voices of doubt and fear rush in) but I have a great happiness and peace now knowing that I am more deeply aligned with my purpose and ability to share my gifts.

    So thank you for this post and for the guidance you provide, it is so incredibly helpful! I’m a B-schooler too and am so grateful for your B-school program which has helped me tremendously. Also it’s especially helpful to hear about what it was like for you when you were starting your biz. xo Kirsten

  329. Tracy - Professional Fire Starter at Ignite Your Life

    This video came at the very best time – of course! Thanks Marie and the amazing Universe.

    The amateur habit I am upgrading is how I go about writing my blogs. I have been writing them when ever. Now as my new (thanks BSchool) web site and business are about to go live I realize that to be a professional it is crucial to take my writing seriously and give it the time and attention it deserves to be great. I have had this on my mind and actually did it last week for a few mornings. So I am as of this moment committing to getting up 4 week day morning at 6:00 to meditate and write before my family gets up.

    Thanks to you both for making it so clear. I am ready to claim it and be a pro.

  330. I will DEFINITELY be getting both books mentioned! I, like so many others, self sabotage sometimes. My biggest “demon” is procrastination. This leads to feeling overwhelmed, mounting fear (of nothing really), and eventual forfeiture of what I really want.

    I’m going to change the habit of procrastination.

  331. elinor

    Most inspiring video, it’s really vitamin as you say Marie!
    I’m all fired up and motivated again. Thanks!

  332. That was a HOT one! It applies to sooooo many aspects of really living your life and THRIVING instead of simply suriviving. GOTTA GET THAT BOOK! Thanks Marie!

    • oooops! I mean, “surviving!” Yes, I am a former English teacher! lols!

  333. I have already changed some of my habits. I never got to talk to you Marie when on live calls for B-school 2013. But I did write in and say I am the one who listens to the recordings for my long drives to work. It took a about a year to get to the next level of comfort , but this job actually kicked my ass in gear to get over myself. I am a licensed optician in a high-end optical boutique , so prior to that I worked in a corporation selling glasses to lower income. I went from one extreme to another. My business though is a yoga business and my goal is to teach students that their yoga practice will change their lives.
    Living yoga on and off the mat is key for success. Since ice been teaching 6 years now, clarity would come and go. Now because I have been true to myself and to my students that I actually live what I teach. Life is not perfect nor am I God knows, but coming from a place of gratitude for my practice and my teaching even my job as an optician has grown. I’m not afraid to sell to high end clients, in fact I am loving it! You are right Marie…there absolutely is more than enough to go around. I love love love your honesty and sense of humor. I believe I was meant to go thru what I have to get where I am now! I also believe the money will follow (soon I hope lol) I really didn’t have the money for b-school, but I took a chance and I’m glad I did. You are the real thing God Bless You my dear 🙂 <3 namaste~tracie

  334. Like so many others schedualing and sticking to schedualing is my biggest hurtle at the moment. I used to be partially employed and was handed timetables so I just fit my privates around that- or I was doing my Masters in Performance and the timing on that is pretty well laid out as well. I am going to start today schedualing my time that is not with clients

  335. Procrastination!!!!

    Not disciplining myself to do the things in the “Not urgent but important” quadrant (to quote Stephen Covey!)

  336. Gail

    Yet another great video, Marie!

    On creating whatever our hearts desire, you said, “…the barriers to entry have become so low that now the real work is the inner work, is to overcome those inner demons.” Like Steven Pressfield responded, “Well put, Marie!” So much of creation can be thwarted by those inner demons. Yet, the opposite is also true: the powers of mind can work in truly miraculous ways, so I believe what Steven says about Pro habits and mindset. I look forward to reading “Turning Pro.”

    Imagine! What a wonderful world is being created through the collective power of all that inner work! Many thanks to people like you and Steven who offer such clear insights on achieving such worthy goals. Namaste.

  337. Just what I don’t need…another MUST-READ book! Nobody told me I MUST read it, but I kinda must, because I so enjoyed your interview and the topics you talked about.
    So I’m sitting here deciding when I will replace my “amateur habit” (of playing online Bingo {totally hooked!}) with a “professional habit,” (like…ohhhh, let’s say NOT playing online Bingo). Scary, but I know it will make a big difference; maybe all the difference. So I’l make that shift today …or tomorrow…. or maybe over the weekend…. or maybe next Monday… or maybe RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks Marie!

  338. I read both Turning Pro and War of Art. The main habit I am developing is sitting at my desk for two hours and just doing the work. Not get up and hang up laundry, get a drink, eat a snack, check FB every 2 minutes, call a friend, ect. Then I do get up and take a nice walk, stretch, drink a healthy drink, whatever, (I do have water with me but you get the drift), no distractions, do the work. Great recommendations!

    • I have the same issue Laurel! It’s a challenge for me as a yoga teacher/musician because much of my work is social media related so I have to work really hard to stay focused.

      Another obstacle I have is developing better sleeping habits. I usually have to wake up when the creative bug bites, but that means going to sleep later and waking up later than I would like to. Does this mean us business people have to work with less sleep? I’m struggling with balancing creativity with wellness.

  339. Thanks for the great post, Marie. The pro habit that I’m making a commitment to adopt is saying *No* when things don’t fit well in my business and family plans.

    In my business, working with people’s health & well-being and KNOWING that I can help, sometimes it’s hard to say no to potential clients when they’re not a good fit at the time.

    I’m making a commitment to keep my business structured in a way that keeps me empowered! Thanks again for sharing this 🙂

  340. Robyn

    I am constantly filling my mind with great stuff from books, webinars, trainings, etc. what I need to do now to go pro is to ACTUALLY DO WHAT I AM TAUGHT! What a concept. 😉

  341. I just love this interview. It’s such a great reminder to take it seriously! From day 1, you are a BUSINESS. Even if you’re just playing around and testing ideas, the more you believe in what you are doing, the more you step up your mindset around what you do, the faster people will take notice, and you’ll be in high demand in no time 🙂

  342. Kara

    I am so freakin’ glad this was brought up again. Marie- I love the video! I have been treating myself like an amateur. Something I have become clear on is that I don’t think my “ideal job” is out there; I’m going to need to develop my own thing and pull together the things that juice me up. Whatever “it” is, it’ll come together, AND it’s time for me to get to it. Thank you; Steven’s books are on the short-list to check out.

  343. This may be my turning point.

    I have little wins and little things that I do, but then I go back to what I call “default” mode. I’m so going to do things differently and really be committed to the success and the things that I want in life.

    My amateur moments? Not doing what I’m suppose to do. I already know what I want to do, but I never actually put it into practice. So now it’s time for me to create pro habits.

    Thanks for doing this interview Marie.

  344. Lorna Cattanach

    Hi Maria,

    I had unconsciously decided to become a pro, just a few days ago and then happened to listened to your interview today!
    I have my own business and I work from home a lot, until a few days ago not sitting down at my desk until around 11.30 am! usually in jeans and casual top and flip flops.
    I have every day for the past few days got up at 5.45 I go for a swim at my health club and then I am back for 8am showered and make up on, I lay my ‘work clothes’ out the night before and change into those even if I am just going to be sitting at home at my desk. I now start work at 9am Sharp!

  345. I’ve been taking baby steps for years, Turing Pro book is ordered and my first Pro decision is to stop procrastinating when I have a task that needs to be finished. Get it done and then get on with life! Thanks for the wake up call!

  346. So simple yet so profound! I think I’m at this point right now. Working through a few limiting beliefs and this interview made me realize that it’s a choice. I AM a PRO!

  347. Charging for what I put out into the world. While I design some lovely things for my subscribers, this year I’m creating things for sale. It is time to value my fabulous gifts and talents. It is time to go pro!

  348. Wow! The wake up call I needed professionally and personally! Thankyou – ordering the book now. Much gratitude. Dana

  349. Melissa

    Great episode Marie! Thanks for all of the work that you do and for inspiring so many entrepreneurs around the globe!

    My ‘upgrade’ to a pro-habit: block 2-3 hours of time before noon to create (write, create content, brainstorm) rather than sleep in and wonder where my day went.

  350. Wow. SUCH perfect timing.

    I literally just made up my mind (on Sunday, actually!) that I was gonna get serious about my goals and really get my shit together. So far, I’ve been waking up early every morning, working out, eating healthy, sticking to a schedule, crossing things out on mah list! Yeah!!!! As weird as this may sound, I looked myself in the mirror on Sunday night and had a real serious talk with myself. I said, “This is it. Quit dilly-dallying and really do this. It’s gonna be tough in the beginning. You’re gonna wanna give up, not wake up early on some days, drag your feet, and make all kinds of excuses. But you GOTTA DO IT. You just gotta suck it up and do it. Don’t even THINK about anything else. Just GO!”

    Come Monday morning I woke up at 6:30 AM and haven’t dropped the ball *knock on wood* 🙂 Already, I’ve had two opportunities present themselves, and I know–I JUST KNOW–that’s the universe responding to my mental shift. I LOVE it 😀

  351. Well I’m so glad you brought this video up because apparently I had missed the original airing! (or *blush* chosen to ignore it!)

    What am I doing that’s amateur…I’m letting my time (and distractions) manage my day rather than managing them. This leads to rampant irregularity in my work load and loads of guilt as I chastise myself (and waste time doing so) about not getting “enough” done. Or getting distracted and getting “nothing” done.

    This means I have to disregard *where* I work (my home) as a “comfortable space” and start looking at it as what it is – my work space. This might even lead to me moving my desk out of the room that has the television in it so I can’t succumb to multi-tasking… (maybe). Either way I can still take control of my time!

  352. Hi Marie!

    I love this book, I bought it from your recommendation.

    Amateur Habit: Tooling around on FACEBOOK!

    Professional Habit: Get work done instead!

    Ground breaking I know. But that’s a little addiction I have. Everytime I need to have a ‘Brain Break’ I go and jump on Facebook. Aren’t no Brain Break there, I just get more stressed because I’m getting further away from my goals and seeing everyones highlight reel and them getting their work done!

    So that’s mine for the day.

    Thanks for reminding us to watch this video. I’ve watched it 5 times over this morning to really get me in the PRO state of mind.

    Love Jana xx

  353. I love this episode!!! My amateur habit is to let my calender go out of date and keep all my scheduling in my head for a while. My pro habit is to update my calender and daily schedule and weekly schedule weekly and stick to it all!!!!!

  354. Maddie Penko

    Loved this interview Marie!
    What I liked most was hearing about how it was for you when you started out. You told my life story and it really resonated with me to hear that you’ve experienced the same things – bartending to make money, sometimes partying all night, having these brief bouts of business productivity and wins but self sabotaging your way back to comfort…that’s me. It’s a pendulum’s swing.

    Right now I’m struggling with waking up in the morning. For a while I was drinking and partying and not sleeping at all, and now it’s staying up ’til 2:30am and not being able to get out of bed before noon! It’s terrible!

    My one goal is just to wake up early and go to bed early, as in wake up at 8am and get to bed by 11:30pm. I will naturally drink less when I leave my bartending job at the end of this month.

    Action step: put my alarm clock on the other side of the room so I must get out of bed to turn it off.

  355. Kim Harne

    When Steven said he used to start writing then give up “at the one yard line”, I was all, “That is SO ME.” I want to write and have a lot of great ideas (I think) but can’t seem to get them out of my head and into my computer. I have been meaning to change my very amateur habit of watching TV all night into the pro habit of writing for at least 2 hours each night and more on the weekends (I have a 9-5 that I have to work around).

    I’m also going to get Turning Pro to add to my Pressfield collection (I have War of Art & Do the Work). Thanks to you both for the good words!

  356. Gina

    Thank you! I was not familiar with Pressfield’s work, can’t wait to devour those books. I have many amateur habits to overcome or switch to pro-habits. Immediately is setting priorities, setting a schedule as well as an editorial calendar and sticking to both of those.

  357. Really enjoyed it. Such candid, authentic and sincere conversation. A pleasure to listen to.

  358. Love thissss!! My amateur habit is knowing how important writing my blog & making videos is for my ultimate dreams to come true- I commit to writing my blog & recording every Friday 🙂 thanks Marie & Steve!!!

  359. camille

    I agree that this applies to more areas of life than just work. It may be surprising to some, but this actually resonates with me regarding motherhood.

    I have a young son, and ever since he was born, when things get hard or uncomfortable or exhausting (which they are bound to do!) I have a tendency to get whiny — in my head, a lot, and sometimes to my partner as well. I absolutely do what needs to be done in those moments (procrastination is not an option with a 15-month-old!), but I have this gnawing feeling that it’s “not fair” that it should be so difficult at times.

    But now I feel like I should just “turn pro” as a mother: show up, do the work, quit complaining, and reap the (many) rewards knowing that I’ve done my job like a pro.

    Any other parents out there share that thought?

  360. Thank you so much for this video!

    I’ve realised that in the past days, I’ve been starting to pick up proffesional habits and do things in an AWESOME way. What I see as a amateur habits are:
    – Meeting with friends which don’t bring that much added value to my life
    – Adding free PDFs to my library without reading them
    – Not outsourcing the FB official page and newsletter admin rights to someone so that I can focus strictly on the content

    I commit to choosing to meet new people which can enrich my life, both personally and proffesionally, to read every day from my online library, to outsource the FB page and the newsletter to someone I already work with.

    I commit to being a PRO!

    Thanks, Marie!

  361. Well, turning Pro is exactly what Im doing and I could do with some help.

    Ive entered my startup Digital Iconic in the Million Pound Startup competition. You have to register to see the comp entries…but hey….we are talking $2m here.

    Please vote for Digital Iconic if you like what you read.

    Maybe you’d like to enter….its not too late!

  362. Thanks so much Marie – I will definitely have to buy this book and read more on turning pro. There’s no denying your conversation with Steve resonated deeply with me… it’s that shift in attitude and actions… no more complaining and sabotaging, I am a pro at that 😉 time to focus, believe in my talents and really take things to the next level as I’ve been dreaming about!!

    Thanks so much
    Catherine xox

  363. Good day Marie, love this video. My amateur habit was to be a voice over artist. I would do things here and there with no real focus. But now my pro habit will actually manifest next week. I am hosting a web show next Wednesday, August 21, at 8 pm live on It is called “Shades of Glam”. Myself, and two of my friends will be talking about issues affecting women…but in a playful, fun sort of way! I just decided that it’s time to start playing in the major leagues.

    It would be a real kick if you could login and join our show. It is our first one, but we know we will all have a ton of fun!

    Thank you for being you and bringing us MarieTV!


    Jeannette McDonald

  364. This is so fantastic! I shared this with my 3 kids (ages 11,14, 15). I had this discussion with my 15 year old about her tennis game and her desire to be in the Top 6 to play. And oh, how I can see my amateur habits that can be upgraded. I’ll be working on those today! Thanks Marie! Awesome as usual!!!

  365. ok, this episode gave me the big a-ha that i’m in the midst of my “moment.” last week i even said out loud, “no more dabbling.” hearing Stephen actually use that word made me smile. i never use that word and there it is again! i even talked to my significant other about a schedule change that allows me time to practice and commit to singing, piano, and creating a “rock your best self’ online workshop. that feeling of time ticking and getting to the end of my life not having at least seriously pursued a passion breaks my heart. i know that daily practice works. at one point i wanted to be a runner. so i’d try to run. but my boyfriend told me i looked silly running… so i stopped. well, the urge to run just got stronger, so i tried anyway. then i joined a running club, met new people and ended up running 6 marathons… i even coached beginner runners.. all in a period of 2 years! sooo, i know that practice works. now to apply it to the things where the urge just isn’t going away: daily yoga, meditation, singing, piano, and creating my workshop. i have professional lessons lined up and time set aside each week to write/create content. here we go. thank you, marie!

  366. Wow!! Never seen the book, never heard of Steven, how is this even possible? I have to admit I am an amateur. I will go as far as to say I realize now that I am an amateur at being an amateur. Is there an emoticon for a light bulb going off? Lots of habits I can change. Shame to say that I have know for a long time what I need to do, just haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly what the problem was as to why I have not made much progress. Nah, thats not true, I just don’t do it. Poor habits. Well, no more. Totally profesh from here on out. Starting with a regular time to get up in the am. Thanks again Marie.

  367. Mary Lynn

    Does timing matter with “turning pro”??

    I manifested almost the exact job I thought I wanted but I would be strengthening my weaknesses NOT my strengths. I backed out and felt like a loser but the feeling of dread of taking on this challenge at this stage in my life for me, my family & my health was too much for me.

    I don’t know if my goal was askew…. or looking for the path of least resistance is a cop out. Do we HAVE to WORK HARDER or WORK SMARTER? Take the challenge of turning pro to better our weaknesses or turning our strengths pro?

  368. Wow, so happy that I found this episode! It’s so true – once you change your mind to follow the “fake it until you make it” strategy and be consistent and persistent about it, things really fall into place for you.

  369. So now that I’ve thought about it (and read the book from cover to cover), my amateur habit is a messy workspace. Starting right now, it’s tidy and organise to create a sacred, professional space.

  370. I’m recovering from cancer, and am starting not one, but two businesses, one of which is becoming a big business. What I’m changing are my associations: the people I associate with most- especially since I’m aware that a person is the average of their top 5 associations. What I’m changing is the time I spend with certain people. There are many people I love and care about, and I’m fitting them in my life in different ways. People who are on a similar mental and spiritual path, and who are on the grind in a similar way, have similar values, and are pursuing a similar lifestyle, I’m associating more with, and those who are outside of that, associating less with. So it’s a big sorting process. I’m also finding that you create your own family outside of your (blood) family, and (for me) these people I’m closer with in some ways.

  371. I loved this episode. I am upgrading my habit of making excuses to myself for not doing what I know needs to get done. All the minor stuff that adds up to be a lot when left not done. I am making sure I do them.

    I also love the end where Marie says the barriers to entry, have become so low, now the real work is the to overcome the inner demons. So resonate with this.

  372. Hey Marie, Steven and all you lovely commenters,

    I absolutely loved this video. I am 26 years old and a raw foodist, which means I don’t eat food that is processed, cooked or nonorganic. I continue supporting this movement for its health benefits, its positive impact on the environment, and to support animal welfare. I recently realized that I must share my life, knowledge, and support with the world. This past year I made the choice to turn pro.

    I have started creating videos (like you Marie!) and blog posts in order to help people add more raw fruits and vegetables into their diet. As much as I love what I am doing, it has been a challenge. My amateur habits come from the fact that I live in NYC- in such a social environment for someone my age. I feel so torn sometimes about going out with friends or putting time into my business. I usually always choose my business, but because of that have seen friends start to diminish. I feel very alone in this big city sometimes.

    It’s also very hard to be social when most people’s social life revolves around food that I do not eat. If I go out with them I try and eat before or find something on the menu that is as raw vegan as I can find.

    Anyways, I guess my amateur habit is just my concern for these changes in my social life. But I realize that turning pro means that you believe in what you are doing so whole-heartedly that all this other stuff falls by the way side. Each day, by connecting with people that I help, and connecting with my own strength, I feel so much more confident and excited about the possibilities to come. Thank you again for this video! It really helped me realize how much I want my dreams to come true. Peace and love. XO

  373. My amateur habit is procrastination/putting this off. To turn pro I think I need to prioritize and focus. Stop getting distracted by all the things online (there’s so much content out there!) and stop procrastinating – just start doing!

  374. Thanks, Marie!! Just loved this and will get Turning Pro asap. My business partner (who’s also my husband) and I took a serious look at where we still have “amateur” habits. I’m psyched!! We’ve committed to being more deliberate in the way we begin our day, and also with setting daily achievable goals. Getting more “pro” in these 2 areas will kick our butts FABULOUSLY!!
    Oh, I also want to tell you how much we love Jonah’s book, “Contagious”. It has amazing golden nuggets. Wow. Thank you so much, Marie. You continue to deliver such inspiration!! B-School, YOU, and your team are the best!

  375. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this amazing video. I had a moment yesterday (a huuuge moment) where I felt like I had lost my path with my business. Like I new inside what I wanted but nothing I seemed to be doing was reflecting this. I have struggled with this “lost” feeling for some time now where I know I have so much to give and I know what business path I want but didn’t know how to make it happen.
    After seeing this video it has just clicked. To get where I see myself I have to “turn pro”. No more dabbling or giving in when it gets tuff. If I can see it in my mind and feel it then I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen. It also made something click that turning pro means I can’t just expect to do this on my own. It’s time to enlist some awesome help be it coaches, mentors, staff etc to make it happen.
    Again thank you thank you thank you… This video seems to have come just at the perfect time.

  376. My biggest amateur habit is getting lost in emails and not focusing when I need to. I am turning PRO starting today by getting my work, writing, studying done BEFORE I open my mail! Thanks Marie for keeping us all on our toes. You are amazing!!

  377. Dear Marie:

    I don’t know if you are gonna read this message after receiving so much messages from the other gals, but I’ll take my chances 🙂

    This is not the first time I write you with my “entrepreneur issues”, hehehehe, and surely it’s not the first time I talk about you.

    I’m writing you to tell you that after seeing this interview I bought Mr. Steven’s book. It has totally changed my mind. Why is that his book has more impact than others? Because he tells the truth. The ruthless, bastard, and unwanted, but so liberating, truth. It hurts, but it brings light.

    Today I read a post about killer questions in a job interview. One of it asked: “Who is the person that has most influenced you that is not your parents?” And my answer was you.

    You’ll see: Your book saved my life when I was planning to commit suicide. Your book empowered me. Since then, you’ve been an inspiration to me, a role model, the woman I would like to become.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you dear Marie Forleo!


  378. Insightful & to the point. Love this and your interview with him about ‘Do The Work.’ I love the story about the tennis player. So true, if you walk the talk and act like you’ve ‘arrived’, you will.
    The amateur habit I must break is not having a strict work schedule that I stick to. I work hard but feel all over the place since I work from home and have to take care of my kids, household stuff, etc. as well. Now that I’m launching my new business, a line of non toxic personal care & household products and run my wellness blog, I must set and stick to a regimented schedule so I don’t lose my mind!
    I so appreciate all the valuable advice you share on Marie TV! (I agree with Pressman, I think you will have your own TV show someday soon! As a former network TV manager, that’s my professional opinion sista girl ;))

  379. Trish

    Thanks Marie, this has given me insight into what I can do to get closer to my dreams. Definitely buying Steven’s book.

    Cheers Trish.

  380. It was a great day for me when I wrote my first mission statement. Since then though I’ve crapped out on it a bit and haven’t looked at it in three or four months. So my pro-habit is going to be every Sunday I will review my mission statement and learn it and own it.

  381. Hello Marie, I have become an enthusiastic follower of yours since being made aware of you by a friend. I was struggling with some of the very subjects you talked about in the “Turning Pro ” video you posted recently. Thanks for helping me get re-energized. You’ll probably recognize this quote, it’s the one that hit’s home for me and also get’s me back on track when I need it. It goes something like this ” If you keep on doing the same things you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting the same results that you’ve always gotten “. It motivates me to stop being an amateur and to become a pro. Looking forward to more helpful insights from you, Ken Richey