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Chronic disease, economic disparity, social injustice, and climate change. These are significant problems — but wouldn’t it be great if there was ONE solution to them all? According to Dr. Mark Hyman, there is. 

The solution is food.

Today on The Marie Forleo Podcast you’ll hear about Mark’s new book, Food Fix, and the science-based ways we can save our health, society, and — most importantly — the planet. You’re probably familiar with Dr. Mark Hyman. He’s the man behind the pegan diet and 12 (yes, 12!) New York Times bestselling books about nutrition, functional medicine, and integrative health, including the renowned 10 Day Detox Diet.

Mark says that Food Fix is the most important book he’s ever written. 

And for good reason. Sixty percent of Americans are living with chronic disease — a skyrocketing trend Mark noticed during his 30 years as a practicing family physician. We’re talking 11 million preventable deaths per year.

When Dr. Hyman dug into why this was happening, he realized this influx of chronic disease stemmed from the food we eat. Here’s where it gets interesting. Mark says people aren’t choosing unhealthy foods because they’re lazy or incompetent. It goes much deeper than that.

Our most powerful tool to reverse the global epidemic of chronic disease, heal the environment, reverse climate change, and poverty and social injustice, reform politics, and revive economies is food. @drmarkhyman Click To Tweet

The food we eat is a direct result of a broken food system and corrupt political food policies.

These policies have caused a chain reaction — affecting the economy, and the health of our planet. Mark says we have an important decision to make. We can reverse all of these problems, but we have to change the way we think about, eat, and grow our food. If you’re ready to feel healthier and save the planet, listen to this episode ASAP.

You’ll learn:

  • 1:52 — The shocking link between chronic disease, and corrupt food policies.
  • 14:40 — Why most of our health, mental, and societal problems stem from what we eat.
  • 17:20 — How massively popular food brands are using predatory marketing practices on children… and what you can do about it.
  • 22:15 — How the *entire country* of Chile dramatically reduced soda consumption.
  • 27:30 — The 60-day solution that could stop climate change for 20 years.
  • 28:45 — Why meat-alternatives like the Impossible Burger are not enough to fix our food system.
  • 30:15 — How to eat better no matter your grocery budget.
  • 35:00 — An inspiring story about a woman who used food to reverse a life-threatening chronic disease.

Please note as you listen, we know that access to healthy food is a barrier for many. Nutrient-rich food isn’t always easy to get. That’s why I’m so passionate about this call to action from Mark — so we can collectively create a food system that addresses global poverty and helps everyone thrive.  

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Now Dr. Hyman and I would love to hear from you. What is your biggest insight or takeaway from this conversation, and how can you turn that insight into action? What steps are you going to take to fix your own food, starting now?

Let me know in the comments below.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your action step may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you for tuning in, sharing your perspective, and making this corner of the Internet a place for kind, compassionate progress. If you know anyone who wants to eat more sustainably and help solve our broken food system, please share this episode with them.

You were born with an innate power to create change, both in your life and in the lives of others. I hope this episode further inspires you to use it. 

With SO much love ❤️,

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  1. So interesting to hear, especially as a Brit who melds ‘woo’ with my MSc in Neuroscience and the idea of merging the ‘less well-known/less scientific’ aspects is crucial. Now, I’ma self-development and wellbeing practitioner: I focus on mental wellbeing and a strong sense of self.. but the similarities in the framework that the whole web is the thing which actually brings about change: To really understand that everything is a SYSTEM. That is huge. That one step does one thing but 1x1x1 is not 1… nor is it 3 inside a system that builds on each other aspect…
    So important. And as a mental health practitioner, the reminder to explore the food we are eating even for things that aren’t clearly explored as linked… Definitely worth exploring further. <3

  2. Jean

    The problem in the UK is that foods that are bad for us i.e. junk food and fast food is cheaper than the healthier choices. It’s cheaper to buy a ready meal for £1 than make a recipe from scratch. That needs to be looked at. I would love to eat organically and use quality food products but can’t afford to do so on a zero hour contract. I eat healthily where I can but if I had more money I would make better choices.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Jean! And unhealthy food is certainly better than going hungry. We appreciate you contributing to this conversation <3

    • It is also true in the US that to eat healthy means spending more money, unless of course you have a thriving garden. Unfortunately there aren’t many thriving gardens here in Tucson AZ.

      • I loved this Blog!
        I believe it’s actually a myth that it’s always more expensive to eat healthy.
        At least in the urban areas, just go to a 7-11 store, (where a lot of the city kids stop for breakfast or a snack) and look at the price of a banana or an apple versus a bag of potato chips or a candy bar.
        Yes, it is definitely a change, and a creative challenge to know and choose the healthier alternative, but NOT necessarily more expensive.

        • ciara

          I agree, it’s actually more expensive to eat processed foods (in Europe anyway) than going to buy a few ingredients at your local fruit and veg shop. I think this has a lot to do with the way food is marketed by the industry, and also the level of addictive sugar, salt and fat in these foods. As a vegetarian, I’ve also reduced my food bill by not buying meat.

        • Heidi

          I totally agree Dr. Whalen! It often is more of an availability issue for areas of poverty and then a lack of education (for all areas) on how the “food” aka food like substances negatively affect the body and how actual real, whole food helps the body. In addition, young people don’t feel the effects as quickly so they are also less likely to care, but the education and exposure needs to start young.

  3. Aiga

    That is so great that this question is coming more up in society. I`m aware of that from my own experience and those I love. I have so many examples of how food influences my life, mindset, health… The list goes on and one. Hard to listen to thou…I get angry. Now I`m thinking about how to implement this issue in my business. Food changes human lives!

  4. Khalida Muhammad

    Dr.Hyman is so correct and what he’s saying and what he knows is so Relevant it’s absolutely necessary for all of us who know to. COUNTERATTACK THESE ADDS !! WHat else can we do other than buying his book and SHARING everything he has written to bring total awareness to us to DEFEND OURSELVES. This is a beautiful interview. GREAT GOING JERSEY!! I’M sharing IT ALL??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Reaching out to your representatives is a great option! Sharing your thoughts with lawmakers via email, letter, phone call, etc. is a good way to let them know you’re passionate about this topic and encourage them to fight for what’s right.

  5. Thank you! I bought the ebook immediately after listening to the podcast. It’s so much the subject I’m digging into. I have experienced myself that what and how I eat affects my body and mental health. Tremendously! I can wait to dive into the topic more.
    Love you guys! Always!

    Yours truly,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Ula! We hope you love the book as much as we did.

  6. What an amazing episode! Buying this book now!
    I loved centering the conversation of food around the climate change. I was shocked by the possible solution of changing how we grow food delaying 20 years climate change.
    It’s really inspiring how solutions are available and also how the sistem is more complex than we think; I had never thought about how vegan or vegetarian diets could have a negative effect too.
    Last but not least, I love fired up Jersey Marie against the big food corporations! But I have to admit seeing Mark’s toned down response, made me trust him and his research even more. I’m glad to see there’s a little swift going on and let’s go for the bigger one!
    Thank you so much for this episode.

  7. Cathy

    Loved this interview and totally in line with my values, passion and business. I was inspired 5 years ago by The China Study – Dr Colin Campbell and after that read everything I could get my hands on – How not to Die – Dr Michael Greger and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you! We appreciate you tuning in. 🙂

  8. Love that you went down this road, Marie, and helped to share this important message with the world. The words that ‘food companies are like pedophiles’ spoke to me, as me (childless) cannot get my friends with kids to appreciate what’s happening here – I think those words will work. One thing I want to mention is that the term ‘Regenerative’ has already been co-opted for the worse – so please, do not rely on that term to mean healthful or eco-friendly. Those million acres that General Mills is claiming as regenerative are sprayed with chemicals (more “posion for profit”). Real Organic Project just published this letter from the founder of Nature’s Path (one of the good corporations!) that explains all.

  9. Aaahh, thank you sooo much Marie for introducing me to Mr. Mark Hyman. I just bought B-school, I just started today and had to answer the why questions. I want everyone!!! (I feel like that is going to be my biggest problem) to eat more vegetables and legumes. The best way to do that is to cook twice a day. But what do we suffer the most about when we have to cook? We have to answer the brutal question: „What am I going to cook?“ first. I have spoken to soo many women, they all agree that cooking isn‘t the problem, they actually like cooking, but it is a nightmare to plan or to decide what they are going to cook. So I created a method that teaches my clients to decide what they are going to cook the moment they start cooking. No planing, no meal prep. And they can pick only the vegetables they like. I feel so thankful that I found you and your program and ow this podcast: it was meant to be!! Thank you thank you thank you Marie for your amazing work. And of course thank you Team Forleo!!! You are the best!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, Lisa! I’m right there with the folks you’re serving––I’m not a naturally talented cook myself, so the planning and prepping totally stresses me out. Thank you for this wonderful work you’re doing!

  10. Wonderful episode. Thank you so much, Dr. Hyman, for linking all these immensely important issues in such a clear, positive and loving way.

    Isn’t it amazing how rich our soil can be? Without being destructive. Unimaginable! Beautiful. I wanna mention Masanobu Fukuoka. If you want even more inspiration on soil, you’ve got to read these books:
    The One-Straw Revolution – 1978
    Sowing Seeds In The Desert – 2012 (1996)

    Thanks a lot Marie and team – this is yet another Tuesday in which I opened your email and did not regret a single moment.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Jo-Anne! We’re so happy you tuned in today 🙂

  11. I discovered Dr. Hyman while starting what I call my “journey to glow” (healing my skin naturally and holistically) and have been binge listening to his podcast ever since.

    I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful, my heart could burst.

    I also feel in love with Functional Medicine and I believe this is the future of medicine. #FunctionalMedicinefortheWin

    I’ve already started implementing so many changes to my food — organic (always), local (as much as possible) — and lifestyle changes (I Marie-Kondoed my house, beauty cabinet, make up bag of any toxic products… ) and this summer I’m planting a medicinal herbal garden! Look at me! A baby herbalist! ?

    I know for many people making changes can feel overwhelming but honestly, it doesn’t have to be. It’s empowering to take our health into your hands and it starts with FOOD. How amazing is THAT?

    Love you, Dr. Hyman! Love you, Mary!

    Big hugs all the way fro Quebec, Canada.

  12. I’ve seen first hand what a lifestyle food makeover can do for you. Diagnosed with two Stage 4 Blood Cancers, it was nutrition that helped me turn the corner, no cancer for 2 1/2 years now. After a failed stem cell transplant, left in a very weakened state, I was sent home to “rest” (possibly die) that summer with no future recovery/maintenance plan. My family knew my survival was dependent on us and we went to “work”. We cut out white refined sugar, stepped up fruit and veggie intake, juiced, sipped bone broth and healthy smoothies, ate raw foods, no processed foods, ate lots of anti-cancer foods like cruciferous vegetables and more. While organic isn’t perfect, it was better than the alternative. Using my son’s background as a Biologist, we planted as close to an organic garden as we could and we filtered our water. We took control of what we could realizing there is so much bad stuff around us in the air and environment that we can’t control. This led further to junking all my personal care products once I realized they had dangerous ingredients in that were being absorbed into my body through my skin. To solve this problem, give me peace of mind and help my skin heal from the problems chemo caused, I created My Alchemy Skin Care, my own skin care line formulated with only naturally clean, wildcrafted, organic botanicals with super potent ingredients that are all safe and sustainable. Mother Nature and God were my guides. All these changes in lifestyle, nutrition and others like exercise helped to restore my health and save my life. I endorse your good work Dr. Hyman and Marie and join your team to help educate and bring awareness to others as I’m half way to the five year cancer free mark! Excited to learn all I can, do all I can. Need Proof? I’m enrolled in B-School!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, Rebecca! What an incredible journey you’ve been on! Thank you so much for sharing your story here and sharing your wisdom with the world through your skincare line. We’re so happy you’re cancer-free and are excited to see what the future has in store for you! <3

    • Heidi

      Wow! Rebecca! I love your story! Thank you for sharing. You are proof that simple (even if not necessarily easy) changes over time really do make a difference. THRILLED for your health, your business, your journey! I previously owned an organic soap and body care business for 12 years. It was really rewarding, and I know it served many. Best of luck to you!

  13. Just from the hook to the story I can already tell I will be in agreement with a lot of this. Going to watch or maybe do the podcast while I walk my beagle Izzy… well who am I kidding, most of the time she walks me. ?
    Love to walk out side in nature, any of you, make fresh air a priority? I would not, if it were not for Izzy, my beauty beagle.
    For us and the community we serve, it is imperative to us to guide our community/customers, bring tremendous value and guide them about organic loose leaf tea ☕️ How to properly brew each blend, in our boutique of premium teas.
    And so much more.

    Choose organic whenever possible. With us that is what you will find always!?
    Hats ? off to Marie and Team Forleo, as always. Great choice of guest. Will leave a few more thoughts once I listen to this episode, in its entirety.
    So grateful to all of you in this community. Sending love from Sunny ? Florida

  14. Kim

    Let’s think hard about “conscious capitalism”!

  15. Where is a link to his book?

  16. Amy Ayers

    The biggest thing I’m taking away from today’s show is to not just talk about supporting my local food economy/system, but to actually DO IT!! My husband is on the board of directors of a local (to me) organic farm about 25 minutes from where we live in Eastern MA. I just signed up to get one of their large vegetable CSA’s this year once distribution starts at the end of May. In the meantime, I will be driving to the farm more often to take advantage of what they currently have on hand, as well as looking forward to local farmer’s markets starting up in the area soon. I don’t spend enough time in Boston (and it’s only a 25 minute train ride from me), so I want to get into the city more often and hit up the Boston Public Market to support local growers and businesses.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds lovely, Amy! 🙂

  17. I just listen to the podcast of food fix and it really hit me that food killed my mother. She had primary progressive MS and died of horrible infections the age of 74 and it should not of happened and it was because of her diet. I’m a strong believer in diet is everything and when you eat processed food heavy starch sugars it does break down your immune system and that’s what I did to my mother and it’s just tragic. And this podcast really empowered me to make changes And my own diet and contribute to others in anyway I can.

    • Heidi

      Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear your story but your gut told you. Food can kill or heal. It truly can and that is why I became a health coach. I had to help educate people on what they have control over and how they can shift. It’s so good that you are starting NOW to change the trajectory of your health now and future Lisa. It starts with one simple change at at time. Best to you!

  18. christine simeone

    It is amazing to me how people don’t see or understand how food affects health. What happens when you put crappy gas in your car?
    However at approximately the 20:30 mark he says how the companies are seeing the light and trying to correct things. One thing was “buying up health food companies”.
    As a person who works in health food stores and shops there, I would be skeptical of any company bought up by a mainstream company. It is seen, not as the big corporation trying to be better, but as the corporation corrupting the quality of the smaller company they bought.
    There are lists available to people who shop these stores of who owns what company and some people stop buying certain brands when they get bought up by big toxic food companies. They look for the companies that are employee owned or family owned who are staying that way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yikes! That’s a really good point, Christine.

  19. Sandy

    On March 1, 2015, at 54 years old, I switched what I ate. I threw away all processed foods, including condiments. I eat only organic green vegetables -occasionally cauliflower & mushrooms. I eat only European butter and cheese. I eat sauerkraut and pickles only made with vinegar. I eat grass fed beef and free range poultry. I drink organic tea (hot or cold) or decaf coffee. I make my own ice tea and lemonade. I use organic stevia as a sweetener. I eat raw nuts and add either a nut milk or organic heavy cream to my hot beverages. I drink spring water. I lost 40 pounds by mid July 2015 and have maintained it since. I fast often- this come naturally- because I’m simply not hungry. I’m a high energy girl, very active, but haven’t created a formal exercise regime. I went through menopause, the only symptom was irregular periods until they were completely gone. Not only did I let my body decide on what to weigh many more things changed as well. There was a better quality of sleep. Even if my time sleeping is shorten, for whatever reason, I still have plenty of energy during the day. Prior to 3/1/15 I had inflammation which aggravated by arthritis, caused by a serious accident, the pain was gone within 30 days. My mind became super clear, memory was enhanced and my mood switched from an annoyed girl to a pleasant one. I am on no medicine and have no disease. I had a colonoscopy yesterday and was clean and clear. The doctor performing the procedure commented on how healthy I am. I also just found my birth family (adopted as an infant) and am surprised at the many different health issues they have that I don’t. This is a way of life and why wouldn’t it be? I wrote a book about my journey in becoming my very own health expert.

    • Heidi

      THIS is AWESEOME!!! Love your story!

  20. WOOHOO!!! A zillion merci for this episode. I have been waiting for this revelation/revolution to hit mainstream and turn the globe around. I eat Farmers To You from VT comes to Boston. Even my dentist said, ” Keep eating what you are eating. ” Our immune systems, etc will be stronger with excellent nutrition, sleep, water, shelter, air! We are human beings, we have physiological systems that are not being served. Pun intended. I took Rural Sociology at UW-Madison in 1983. One lecture was the professor standing half way up the aisle, with a home grown tomato in one hand & grocery store tomato in the other. He wound up & threw each one against the blackboard(we had those then). After the splat & the bounce, he said, “Lecture over.” That was 1982….Let’s go back to eating what is not in boxes/bags/packages/plastic.

  21. Ann

    I so appreciate this podcast and the hope the great work of Dr. Hyman and you are doing. to make this a better planet. I found my way to better health by changing what and how I eat nearly twenty years ago. I had thought people pushing all the bad stuff in the food knew what they were doing. Dr. Hyman’s being in the right time and right place with the right message (that thank the Universe can be heard and allowed in)–providing the root issues so that the room of influencers got quiet and talked about it was so “what the world needs” now kind of amazing!!!! This podcast is a paradigm changer and healing.
    Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Dr. Hyman is helping people fix food and our planet by sharing what we can do better for ourselves and each other.

    A huge thank you for all the energy, intelligence, greatness it took Dr. Hyman to inquire, research and write such a powerful, impactful book. Thanks Marie for the great work you are doing on the planet and inspiring me to appreciate and build a network of amazing friends who are doing great things!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Ann! That’s such a great quote and so true. We really do need to revolutionize the whole system.

  22. Cant wait for the campaign and join the movement to advocating for Earth via food justice! As I was listening to this, I stopped myself from getting a processed food granola bar. Knowing the evil intentions of corporations to keep people sick and addicted to sugar, I can make better choices when snacking! I’ve always had an issue wit veganism because it didn’t quite feel like the right answer. And Dr. H just confirmed that! Regenerative agriculture makes so much sense. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this conversation resonated with and inspired you, Tatiana! Thanks so much for listening with an open heart and mind, and for being a part of the solution.

  23. Kirsten Hardenbrook Laney

    Yay for Mark and for you for promoting this! This is the concept I’ve been talking about, trying to get the alternative high school in my town to see the link between these things and put some education focus on the food aspect. What good is it to picket about climate change when eating oreos? This book will give me validation and essentially a teaching plan to put in the teacher’s hands. As far as I’m concerned this is the most important book of the decade.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kirsten, you’re AMAZING! Thank you for helping to bring this important concept into schools. Educating ourselves and our younger population around the importance of good food is SO important for future generations! So glad you’re here and doing this work.

  24. I live in Florence and in Italy the government really looks after our food! we celebrate hundreds of different types of breads in every region, cheese, salumi, wine, extra virgin olive oil the list goes on! our laws like DOP – denomination of origin and protected actually protects the original ingredients of the food. This means we typically eat seasonal and regional food that is as most of you know if you have ever travelled to Italy so good !! One of the things that I have been teaching on my food tours is how we should eat because as Dr Hyman quotes and I have also noticed over the past 20 years obesity is a huge problem in our society. Italy does not allow the evil Monsanto seeds and many other places in the world do not allow them as they destroy the soil and insects.
    This is an amazing movement and I hope more and more people will become educated about how to eat – Baci da Bella Italia

  25. Wendell Berry has been warning about this since the 1970’s. He’s a farmer, writer, and educator. If you haven’t read him, now is the time to start. “The Unsettling of America” is a great one to start with.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Mary. We deeply admire Wendell Berry’s groundbreaking work, as well!

  26. Deanna Kangas

    Marie, I have been a bschooler since 2012 and I have never been so disappointed and heartbroken in something coming from you who I have idolised all this time. To just say that vegans and vegetarians are killing 7 billion animals without context of time or comparison to animals agriculture is poor journalism at its finest. Animal agriculture kills 70 Billion animals and 1 Trillion fish annually… Not to mention that it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef and 100 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk. To try and promote a word like ‘pegan’ and completely disrespect the real victims being protected by the word ‘vegan’ is both ignorant and heartbreaking on such a large platform like yours. From one Italian girl to another, I really hope you take the time to make this right. As it stands right now, more than 99% of the population does not have access to food in the way that Mark described, meaning that eating the way you are advising is still fueling the very problem you are trying to solve. Billions of animals continue to suffer as a result of conversations like this one and it breaks my heart to see you playing a part. ?

    • Petra Bakker

      I completely agree Deanna, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment, although Team Forleo is really selective in only responding to the positive comments about this terrible episode. What a way to make more people ignorant to the truth. It really is heartbreaking.

  27. Gerhard Paasche

    You vote with your money. This has more leverage than supporting any politician who is being bombarded by lobbyists from the food Industry. Simply avoid buying from GMO supporting companies like
    Everyone counts!

  28. Cheryl

    Every gardener knows innately that there is more than enough food on this planet for everyone – it’s called seeds and they can be grown anywhere in containers. Yes, fruits and vegetables can be grown in containers. The wonderful thing about seeds is that they produce abundantly more seeds than you start with. Now how do we get the knowledge and equipment to those who need this most?

  29. Becky Green

    I’m a current B Schooler and love so much about what you’re doing for the world. I could not get through this interview. Mark Hymen’s reporting on how vegans are killing animals is disingenuous at best. Yes, our agricultural system is screwed up but for people to start hunting and killing their own animals would actually require even more land use and grazing for animals than what is required now in factory farms. The most humane thing, so that we stop the slaughter of the billions of animals who live a miserable life and experience a terrible death is to stop eating them. To say that we need meat is also not true. The president of the American Cardiology Board, Kim Williams, is vegan and promotes a whole foods plant based diet to his patients. I really hope that you’ll at least give other perspectives a voice on your show like Kim Williams or a host of other doctors and dietitians who promote a plant based diet for the environment and our health.

    • Petra Bakker

      Thank you Becky, for pointing this out. There are lots of comments on this episode from vegans, on YouTube and also on Instagram, but I believe Team Forleo is only commenting on positive comments. I’m a B-schooler also (class 2018) and I really love Marie and all that she’s doing. But this is a real dissapointment for me. Not only the episode in general, but also the fact that Team Forleo just ignores everybody who’s pointing out that this ‘pegan’ diet is NOT the way. It’s a shame that this doctor uses the name pegan in the first place. Veganism has NOTHING to do with food.

  30. susan long

    Look to your elders for recipes and ways they fed their families on small budgets.
    One example is making hearty healthful soups. I make a many bean soup with fresh veggies cost less than $10 will feed family of 4- 2 meals. The only way to control what you are eating is to make your own. Planning ahead ,canning or freezing extra is a
    good old fashioned way to healthy eating. Shop at farmers markets or produce stores for fresh produce. the prices are considerably less than large chain grocery stores.
    Don’t waste !!! Turn leftovers into individual frozen meals that can be used later.
    It takes time but the cost is considerably less and the healthfulness is worth it.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Such great tips, Susan! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here ❤️

  31. Chris

    Change on a planetary scale requires your energy, your resources, and your insight to focus on the one system that is the ultimately responsible.
    By (man made) design, it must expand. To expand, we must consume. And all the underlying systems of consumption, like agriculture, can be described similarly. !!!!!! the planet upon which all life depends.
    Look at our (private) Money system and its flawed family, littered throughout the world. Share what you learn. Isn’t it the core change we need for economic equality, social justice, and true planetary health?

  32. Jane Alt

    I enjoyed this conversation immensely – thank you! – and am looking forward to reading the Food Fix. However, one point that is never mentioned in this discussion, which to me is the elephant in the room, is the way we drink. Without closely examining our individual and cultural relationship with alcohol, we will continue to be a very sick society. We can cut out all of the gluten, sugar, animal products and pesticides we want, but we are kidding ourselves if we think we can attain optimal health and still drink. Just sayin’. (Check out The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace.)

  33. Love, love, love Dr. Hyman. He has a great podcast – The Doctor’s Farmacy. This was a terrific podcast because instead of leaving us with despair there’s hope. I can’t wait to read his new book and thank you Marie. As for what I’m doing – I write a blog about eco-friendly living and encourage others to save our species.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      So glad this episode resonated with you, Ellen! Your blog sounds wonderful, and all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on! ?

  34. I have been working with this for several decades. We grow as much of our own as we can, and try to educate those who want to know, and doing all the things Mark says, PLUS more. BTW, Weston A price saw and knew this stuff and did substantial research on this from his POV as a dentist. Go to the foundation website to learn more. Others saw this coming too. I have read the books. I do not think it is so innocent. Those businesses are about making money, not caring about people. I will never forget the interview with the founder of Lunchables, when asked if his children and grandchildren ate his products, and he said NO, he did not allow them to eat the products. That it is a business, it is about making money. I could go on. I am a wholistic Nutrition coach, specializing in conception, pregnancy, and postpartum care. I am also an herbalist. Keep going Marie and team. We need more about this being presented by influential people to make a real change. Thank you.

  35. This issue has been going on for decades. Did you know Monsanto was bought out by Bayer mainly because Monsanto had such a bad reputation – it produced and distributed Glyphosate to the world? Now Bayer does exactly the same. The slight of hand in names has not worked as more and more people are waking up to the Ahrimanic influenced poisons in our food production.
    You are what you eat and sadly most people have been forced to eat terrible foods without knowing the unhealthy effects. Now the financially disadvantaged have no choice but to eat crap. This means you are literally poisoning your children – think about that. We all need to get angry at the injustice of the food industry literally making people sick with profits being the main reason. The junk food industry is the poison industry – there is no doubt this is the case. You are being foolish to think junk food is ok. It is not. Wake up before you are too sick to do so.

  36. Shelley Lissington

    I loved this common-sense approach….thank you! As the owner of a dairy farm business in Australia and the mum of four teenagers, I’m passionate about real food, where our food comes from and the production chain. Animal and environmental welfare are of the highest importance to us. As Australian agricultural assets continue to be sold off to overseas investors, and agriculture, water and where our food is to come from in the future seems to be of little significance to our government. As a coach within regional areas, I continue to educate myself about the way food affects us, and the flow on effects to our communities. Thanks again Marie and Mark.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Cheers to real food, Shelley! So glad you’re making a difference in your own community and for your family. All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on ?

  37. It’s nice to see someone with such accomplishments bringing together what so many are studying somewhat behind the scenes in the theatre of humanity. I have been studying regenerative farming and soil biology along with Permaculture and ecological design over the past seven years. Dr. Hyman’s book and appearances on your show and Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast last week are definitely going to reach a new crowd, a new volume of humanity that needs to hear the many topics he’s assembled. People like Elaine Ingham, Nicole Masters, Jean Martin Fortier, Gabe Brown, Ray Archuleta, Geoff Lawton, John D. Liu, Alan Savory, Matt Powers, Erik Ohlsen and many many others have been sticking their necks out voicing what needs to be said and doing their best to change not only public opinion but also the apathy and attitude of convenience that is killing the planet. We have to stop fighting, competing and battling with our own selves before we can snap out of this haze of insanity that has us by the cojones. Mass media has been programming us for decades and the biggest corporations in the world have been benefitting from it. Get a grip people. Snap out of it and take the red pill. The matrix does have you regardless of how free or independent you think you are, you’re not. It’s all layers and layers of disinformation to keep you all working against yourselves. Money is not the root of all evil. It is self-obsession.
    I want you all to know what real health and well-being feels like. We all deserve to be happy and not oblivious. Ignorance is not bliss. Design your life or someone will do it for you. All the best to everyone who love Marie Forleo and hears her message. All the best to all that hear the message of Dr. Hyman and all of the others I mentioned above.
    Stop poisoning your gut, your land and your planet.

    • Pamela

      Yes, yes, yes… I have as a wellbeing practitioner, integrative holistic nutrition practitioner, and yoga teacher couldn’t agree more. I am on board with this and would love to spread the word. Wendell Berry has also written about this as well and I would love to share more! Please let’s collaborate. ~Pamela

    • Lyn Watson

      I could not agree with you more about what you have had to say! I have also studied healing the soil and permaculture. Definitely some really good names there!

      You may be interested in a small book by Jeff Cox about Biochar, if you have not read it already.

      • Lyn Watson

        I was commenting on Jay Valencia’s comment.

  38. Kathy Darrow

    I’m so glad you are highlighting this topic, Marie! However, this is not new information. Many other writers have addressed this issue for the past 50 years, including Frances Moore Lapper, Gary Nabhan, Michael Pollan & Eric Schlosser for starters. More recently, the 2018 documentary, Game Changers, addresses this subject as well. But it’s great to hear another voice in the choir that might just get it all heard! We have to also change our rhetoric about health care, so that people understand that each of us is responsible for taking care of our own health and of our family members who need assistance. Eating the right food is the first place to start. Medical insurance is NOT the same as health care. It is another predatory industry like Big Ag.

  39. This is awesome. I am a Integrative/Functional Registered Dietitian and this really gets me fired up! The statistics are astounding! On the subject of creating better soil to garden, I watched this amazing movie called Back to Eden that I highly recommend. It’s about creating “layers” which in turn create better soil and grow delicious produce. On the subject of eating healthier, the problem I’ve seen clients have with giving up processed foods is that they are extremely addicting and habit forming. And it’s so ingrained in family and social events to have food and lots of it. So it’s a tricky situation. And it’s not easy for people to change. Especially if they’re sick and exhausted from being sick and don’t have the energy to cook. So, I wish more insurance companies would cover visits with a private practice Dietitian (like me, ha) who could help. Unfortunately here in MI there’s not much insurance coverage to see a dietitian especially if you’re doing Integrative and Functional nutrition. So I don’t take insurance. Also, I think even the functional medicine doctors feel like they have to do everything, including nutrition education. Please refer out (but make sure it’s the “right” kind of dietitian who’s not influenced by Monsanto, etc. Even our Academy and it’s sponsors shock me, but that’s a whole other story. Don’t get me started. 😉 I told you this kind of thing gets me fired up!)! There’s a lot to change and it feels overwhelming but every one of can do our small part in our own personal ecosystem. Thanks for this podcast and sharing it with Dr Hyman, Marie!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you, Maria! These topics get us fired up too. We’re so glad you’re making a difference in peoples lives in your dietitian practice. All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on and we’re honored to have you in our community! ???

    • Heidi Dedeaux

      Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if our insurance paid for health care and not just sick care? Nutritionists/dietitians, massage, yoga, more comprehensive chiropractic, reiki, other energy healing modalities, acupuncture, prescriptions for fruits and vegetables…the list goes on!

  40. Kym in NH

    This conversation is so important and there is so much I could say, but briefly: This rabbit hole goes so much deeper than what is discussed here. I was an organic farmer and I had my 350 acre farm stolen by an Italian mafia/organized crime group. My neighbors were also hounded by the government to cut down their small organic apple orchard. Every agency I went to was corrupt and could not help me. Federal Reserve, attorneys, Federal court, Banking Commission, etc. I ended up in a homeless shelter, but I managed to get a financial aid package to Johnson & Wales University. I figured if I couldn’t grow food then I would learn how to make it. I got a degree in culinary arts, a degree in food product development, and I am almost done another degree in dietetics as well as starting an MBA. I have learned so much more about corruption and how the system is making and keeping people sick. Nestle is one of the top recruiters for the school. The students think it is an honor to be picked to work for them. I hope to be able to start my own company again someday, but in the mean time the only think that caught my attention as being beneficial was the Cleveland Clinic for my dietetic internship. Interesting that Mark Hyman is tied to it!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Wow! What an incredible story, Kym, and we’re so sorry this happened to you and your farm. But way to go for not giving up! You’re doing amazing, and you’re an inspiration for continuing your professional and educational development –– keep going! We’re honored to have you in our community. ?

  41. Dolores

    I’ve always been a staunch believer in eating whole foods and staying away from the highly processed foods. When I was a Biology Teacher, I would always include segments about nutrition for the body and talked about the connection to the world economy. It’s hard to get through to teens who tend to be addicted to Takis, Cheetos, candy and soda…..They would not eat lunch full meals. They lived on chips and soda because they didn’t like what was offered in the cafeteria. About 70% of my students were eligible for free breakfast and lunch on a daily basis but because the food quality was so poor, they did not participate in the school’s food program. The majority of my students struggled to remain focused during my lessons regardless of my effort and methods to teach the concepts in entertaining ways. Tackling the food chain is going to take an enormous amount of effort….I’m still optimistic that we will get there as a society…

    • Heidi Dedeaux

      Ha! That sounds like my world, Delores! When I’m not healthy coaching, I am a special education biology inclusion teacher. I’m ALWAYS slipping in ways to help the teens to make better choices food wise. I love when I get a kid to become aware and they walk into class to show me they are not drinking water instead of Gatorade or some other crap. They are so proud to show me! (and I’m so happy I made even a little difference.)

  42. Yes!! Thank you for this episode! I’m SO excited to hear you bring this to your big, wonderful audience and SO SO SO excited to hear you’ll bring your marketing genius to the cause. Insights for me? Data on carbon and regeneratively raised meat is surprising and important. Action step? Getting Food Fix on audiobook.

  43. Joan

    There are some things I am in agreement with, eating fruits and vegetables is great, and I eat 8 to 10 each day. I also love beef and chicken as I grew up on a farm and know the importance of good food and looking after the land, not abusing like so many hav. Now I am being dictated to about climate change and how I should change when the people traveling everywhere, living luxuriously and have everything imaginable are the abusers. They are the ones that need to do without. I do not like or agree with Mark’s comment on not investing in, as he puts it, fossil fuels and his daughter has been brain washed as well. Oil and gas are for survival! Your lovely cell phones, shoes, products in hospitals and everyday essentials are required to live, and when you people want to put the best people out of business because of your higher than mighty attitudes, that is just wrong. You have taken the bread and butter off of my table. I live in an oil and gas province and I am very proud of the environment, how we treat the land and help others to live a very good life. Let’s keep it that way.

  44. Lyn Watson

    Food Fix pretty much sums up the entire circle of destruction I have been seeing and reading about for the past 10 or more years. There is no doubt in my mind we can change the direction our population/planet is going in if even half of us wake up to what is happening. Marie, Thank you for the interview and Mark, thank you for your book to enlighten the masses!
    My new business focuses on a couple of pieces of this puzzle.

  45. Thank you for this episode, it’s a subject I care deeply about!
    I know allot about agroforestry, permaculture and I’m always suprised and quite frankly sad how most people are fixed in a ‘monocrop’ view at life.
    This message definatly needs all the MIC’s it can get so thank you for formulating this message so point on!

    The piece where you compare the unreal burger to the ‘restorative’ beef burger was an aha moment for me. Still hard to explain and controversial to talk about.

  46. OMG – I have just joined B-school to start my ‘heart’ business in exactly this sector: aimed at helping middle aged women help themselves heal their bodies and minds and souls with positive, sustainable nutrition. It’s aimed at the ‘ordinary’ person who is busy, who doesn’t want to have to change everything and who likes to lead a fun & practical life. Couldn’t be better timed….

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Shiwon! We’re so glad this episode aligned with your B-School journey and we’re delighted to have you in the program. All of us are cheering you on as you serve women and help them nourish and heal their bodies. Thank you for being in our community! ?

    • Heidi Dedeaux

      Shiwon, this is exciting! I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. I have health coaching clients in this area and it’s so needed not just for themselves, but they are often the heads of household or at least the ones who make the food decisions for the households. Education and solutions are desperately needed.

  47. Krys

    Wow, I am just now getting half way through this podcast episode and I am so happy to hear other people talking about this stuff that’s part of the broken system. This is heavy stuff and all completely true. The big corporations are fueled by money at the cost of American’s getting sick in so many different ways which then helps the healthcare field get richer as well. Such a sad, inhumane system that is in place to harm this country’s very own people. CHANGE, WE NEED CHANGE!

  48. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    As much as I knew a lot about what’s wrong with our food supply and how these powerful corporations have a dirty hand in it, you and Mark have revealed a lot more and I’m as infuriated as you are! I love how you expressed your honesty about this broken and disgusting system. And I know that you can use your superpowers to help Marks mission. It’s unacceptable how we can’t trust the food from seedlings to store shelves and the hideous marketing of fast food/junk food to children and those less fortunate. So happy to see you and Mark put a huge spotlight on this, it’s a true epidemic! Thank you!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this got you fired up, Giovanna! We’re honored to have you in our community, and thank you for these kind words to Marie! ?

  49. One million acres is good but it’s a drop in the bucket. Will such companies commit to sourcing at fair prices from small and family farms practicing sustainable/regenerative agriculture? A huge part of the problem is industries that prioritize short term profits (and enormous ones, including ridiculous salaries and bonuses for top execs) over human, agricultural and climate health.

  50. Heartily thank you Dr. Mark Hyman and Marie for sharing.
    It is so nice to come across someone who also is aware that food has a hugh impact on how we feel, react, think, behaviour etc.
    I paused the video and drove to my favourite spiritual shop to order the books Food Fix and 10 Day Detox Diet. The lady of the shop whose interest was drawn to the books I ordered, mentioned: she was looking for a solution for her food situation. After sharing some information I came across in your video to her, she was so excited and ended up ordering a cope for herself and for the shop. So, that was divine action:)
    Food changing started in my early childhood was all along the way till today and there is no ending to see. Being a student of the divine- the source- the universe- the light beings etc you name it as you please you become aware in your own time and space ( learning process) what changes and how they are connected with everyone and everything. and what influence it has on your every moment of your being. It is very inspiring to see and hear how you follow your inner call to reach as many people as you can to pass on the message. Thank you both for being YOU.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Aww this is such a lovely story, Regiena! We’re so glad you shared this new knowledge with someone in your community. It’s so funny how divine action works like that! ?✨ Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and we’re honored to have you in our community.

  51. I’m right there with you on this one, Marie. I get so fired up when I see the people I love getting sicker and sicker and taking more and more medications because of the junk they put in their bodies. I buy them books, talk about how eating the right foods helps me feel so much better, and try to lovingly set a good example in all things, but it just seems to be getting worse. This has to change, and we’ve got to change it on all levels. Thank you for adding fuel to my flame!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yas, Celeste! This definitely gets us fired up, too, and we’re so delighted you’re doing your best to set a good example. Thank you for being in our community! ?

      • Thank you! I’m a B-schooler, so you know I’m glad to be here!

  52. Melissa Taylor

    If you’re interested in regenerative farming/agriculture and integrating animals into farming, you REALLY should watch “biggest little farm”. I believe it’s on Hulu and available for purchase on Amazon. It’s AMAZING and really opens your eyes to how nature works together to produce better food for all. They go into examples of how animals help the plants grow, how dirt/soil are so different and critical. It’s great. Definitely watch it!

  53. Love Dr. Hyman and his message – I have been following a plant based diet for a few years now, and have seen incredibly results in improving my fibromyalgia and RA. My rheumatologist too is amazed at the results in my health.
    Another book and person you may be interested in is: Dr. David R. Sinclair, a biologist and professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, who believes that aging is a disease, and that by changing the way we live, tweaking parts of our lifestyle and adding some new ‘vitamins’ may not only prolong life, but give us a healthier life long term. His book – LIFESPAN, why we age and why we don’t have to, is fascinating, I started reading it Sunday, after hearing him speak again on a podcast at the weekend, and I can’t put it down already 2/3rds of the way through, even with all the biology at the beginning. He would make a great guest!

  54. MARIE! Omg I was SO EXCITED to hear this episode!!!! My whole business is based on this problem!! I believe that cooking is the missing link here because it’s the place where all these things intersect: the personal + the collective change we need to make. I believe cooking is what will get people to start to care about where their food comes from! I have an online course (first of hopefully many) called Intuitive Cooking 101: teaching people how to integrate simple, veggie-centric, CRAVEABLE cooking into their lives. I just joined B-school and am so excited to be getting all your strategies to make my business super successful so I can use my money to work to build coalitions to change the food policies so they serve everyone! Anyways- thanks for this episode!!! (I know of Mark but didn’t realize he had just written about this! Ordered the book first thing after listening!) THANK YOU!! — @garlicpressjess

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas! Welcome to B-School, Jess! We’re so glad this episode resonated with you. You’re right –– cooking is so important for health, and we’re delighted you’re using your passion to do good in the world. Keep going! We’re cheering you on. ?

  55. Jill Younglove

    Support those that are behaving in a responsible way! 🙂

  56. I absolutely loved this episode and what I’m going to do next to turn my insight into action is check out Mark’s book from my local library and do the 10 day detox to get critical insights on how food makes me feel!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us Marie Forleo and Dr. Mark Hyman!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Veronica! We appreciate you tuning in and hope you love the books 🙂

  57. Tesa Guevara

    wow, such an eye opener! thank you for such substantial and educational interviews….will definitely share this away! Thank you.

  58. Heidi

    You have the big voice, Marie!!! Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, the important and true influencers with powerful and positive intention must speak out! Dr. Karl Maier published a research paper that aligns completely with all of this. The environment, our our brains, our behavior, our health – all connected and needs to majorly shift. Our food is the root, the foundation for everything! Keep bringing this to light. People LISTEN to your big voice, they HEAR YOU, Jersey Marie or not! ?

  59. Marie – Thank you for always bringing us such informative and helpful content via your interviews with inspiring people. Dr. Hyman – thank you for all the work you put into this book! This information is critical for us all to understand! I just purchased 2 copies of your book and after I read my copy I will send it to my congressman. I’m very excited to implement some of your recommendations to eat healthier and also help our environment.
    Thanks to you both!

  60. Christine R.

    I am SHOCKED that bring vegan / vegetarian is being challenged here! How does this practice kill more animals than regenerative agriculture? Can’t wait to learn more.

  61. Franklin Liao

    Thanks Marie and Team Forleo for this podcast. I am so passionate about this topic! As a chef and soon to be father, making food a priority has never felt so important to me. Whether it’s through feeding my girlfriend (nutrient dense food and not sugary/unrefined carbohydrates) to keep her strong and grow a healthy baby (for life!) or to ensure I stay focused so I can support my new found family, food should be at the center of our daily lives. I believe we need to better understand the value proposition food plays in our long term health. For those who think good food is too expensive, they may want to think about what’s most important to them. We subscribe to more and more streaming content and have $1000 iPhones, but balk at the cost of quality meats ,fruits, and vegetables. All of us have unique situations, but given the knowledge to better organize and feed ourselves properly we can have a profound impact in the food ecosystem.

  62. I have so often had the thought go through my head, ‘what if our leaders of countries and politicians had been nourished with truly good food and lifestyle habits.’ I’m so glad Mark is bringing the conversation to this level, including the division and hatred and politics. Thanks so much for bringing this into your show. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time and am in B-School, and this work just makes me even that much more happy and proud of your work and your voice. I work as a functional medicine nutritionist and herbalist in Arkansas and people are SO ready for this information and SO tired of being sick, even those who have to make huge shifts are ready and willing to get back their lives. It’s amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Heidi

      Jessica, functional medicine is where it’s at! I know this is off topic, sort of, but I’m a health coach and interested in furthering my education to include a Fx approach. Where did you get your functional nutritionist degree/certification? (Please feel free to find me on FB so we can continue the conversation if you are willing.) Thanks!

  63. Kim

    Have you read Wendell Berry? More farms. We need more small family farms. Small. Farms. Not big government controlled industrialized farms. Small farms have been using regenerative farming practices for decades. It is not a new concept for them. Supporting small family farms is the answer. Know your farmer.
    And on another note, chronic disease feeds the pharmaceutical business. More disease=more money spent on drugs. More money spent on drugs =padding the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. THEY may say they want to stop chronic diseases but not really. No disease would put them out of business. The medical system helps support the pharmaceutical companies. Prescribe prescribe rather than find the cause.

  64. Travis Speirs

    I agree that food is the main issue with today’s health challenges. However, to connect that right back to the farmers and how the raw ingredient is grown/raised is short sighted. Responsibility needs to come back to us as consumers. The biggest challenge is quantity of food eateb and sugar, tri-glycerides. Sugar is the leasing cause as to why people are over weight. Just look at how it is marketed and pushed. Now, not to say that we, meaning me as a farmer, cannot make sure we are doing all we can to ensure that a high quality, safe, and affordable product is produced. I would encourage you, and Mark, to visit myself or a local farmer/farmers both conventional and organic to see what is done and understand the challenges we face everyday.

    As far as environmental change goes, there is a lot of misinformation and old outdated information that is misleading and quite frankly, not accurate. I would emplore you and everyone on here to do look further and listen to everyone and hear what had to be said. When you talk pollution, do not forget about all the lawns that are fertilized/over fertilized in the sprawling metropolis’ of the world and the impact that has on environmental challenges as well. Farmers are not the only ones using chemicals and fertilizer out there.

    I hope this didn’t come off to strong and that we can possibly someday have an open conversation about this. I am a fan of what you are challenging people to do/be to create effective change in their lives. Keep it up! Keep being positive! Keep challenging everyone, and keep challenging yourself.


  65. Deborah

    Such an important interview Marie! Thank you. My husband and I have been learning a lot about our food and now avoid all processed food. Fixing our food really seems to be the answer to so many issues–personal and worldwide.
    I’m glad to hear your offer to help Mark with his advocacy work, because that is going to be a huge hurdle to create even more movement in our food industry. Keep at it Jersey Marie!

  66. saskia manners

    Really great interview. I am submerged in all this info as my partner is highly involved in this movement. I am so glad that this message is being put out there as there have been moments where I have felt only those who are already passionate and in tune with these matters hear this. So thank you, brilliant, wonderful Marie Forleo for broadcasting this.

  67. Thanks for bringing light to a real serious issue! I will try my best to improve knowing what I know now!

  68. Heather

    Some points in this interview were factually incorrect and worse misleading. Equating the billions of lives lost by eating plant-based with the millions of lives lost eating meat does not account for the fact that the majority of produce such as soy and greens are actually fed to animals, making the overall death count exponentially higher. Then there is the idea that you would consider a field animal such as a cricket as sentient and as intelligent as a grown cow or pig, scientifically proven to have feelings and family connections and memories and the ability to feel pain and loss.

    Next he says that a “sustainable” burger would be more (or just as) environmentally friendly than a plant based burger due to carbon alone, even though later he states that methane is 20 times more damaging than carbon to climate change. So by that fact alone the plant based burger, which creates no methane would be 20 times more environmentally friendly than a beef burger.

  69. What a powerful talk. One of the many things that I didn’t realise was the effect that some vegan food has on the planet. I tended to think, if more meat is needed to feed a growing population, that’s not good for greenhouse gas emissions. I’ll certainly buy the book, promote it to those I know through work and socially. Thanks for the podcast.

  70. Great episode Marie. Dr Hyman is on the right track! Going to a whole foods plant-based diet and boycotting factory farming practices and fast food companies while demanding regenerative farming, and buying from local farmers is key.
    But eating animals and dairy is not all that healthy for humans so regenerative farming could be done without harming or controlling animals. Allow fields to be opened for wild life to do thier magical stomping, grazing, and pooping activities during fallow season and then close the gate when it is time for planting human food crops like beans, grains and other large crops. add some vertical indoor farms like to urban areas and voila you have a sytem that works while you allow the natural world heal.
    Dr. Sailesh Rao an engineer from Stanford University started Climate to solve the problems of climate change and human economics that factory farming is at the root of.

  71. Hi Marie, so happy you did this episode, I knew about the book and I love Mark, he does great work. I know ordered the book online and cant wait to read it. I’m a health coach and it’s my goal to help people realize how bad they eat and how easy it is to make right food choices for them and the environment. So glad you put this info out there globaly.
    I’m already doing all I can to buy only food that is sustainable, having a garden with veggies and a compost. Since we live on the country side with lots of farms surounding us, it’s easier but I really want people in the city’s to also make changes since they can as well. Thanks again,

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