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Today is the last day of a 14 day detox I’ve been on.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything crazy like a  “drop 20 pounds in a week” kind of thing.

Josh put us on it to help us cleanse our livers and reboot our bodies after a fun and indulgent summer.

Now I know food is a highly controversial topic and many people have strong views on what you should and shouldn’t eat.

My guest today is no exception. And you may not agree with all of what she shares.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about awareness and making better choices. @thefoodbabe Click To Tweet

But the real reason she’s on the show has nothing to do with food.

This MarieTV fan is a true inspiration. She’s taken the strategies and ideas we talk about each week and put them into action.

You know how I say that the world needs that special gift that only you have?

Well, this gal took that to heart and quit her cushy, six-figure job and launched not only a new business, but a brand new life.

In addition to hearing her story, you’ll also learn about five surprising health foods you shouldn’t be eating.

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As promised, here’s the scoop on all the sources we mentioned in this week’s episode.

1. Ezekiel Bread
2. Sweet Leaf Stevia
3. Raw Coconut Water
4. Whole Foods 365 Almond Milk
5. Red Mango, Coconut Milk
6. Coconut Milk Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
7.  How To Replenish Electrolytes Naturally

*Of course – as you know – what you choose to eat and consume is your choice and responsibility. For more info, and our official disclaimer, click here.

As I’ve said before, I know how heated and passionate folks can get about food. We all know that there’s a ton of conflicting science and research out there.

Not to mention the economic, moral, political, social and ethical implications our food choices can have.

I know it’s not always easy or affordable, but taking small steps to eat more real food (not processed or loaded with chemicals) is a great step in the right direction.

Side note: for more tips, catch my Crazy Sexy Kitchen cooking episode with Kris Carr here, or check this out if you want a killer guide to eating clean and saving green.

So if have a different opinion than Vani to share in the comments — that’s cool, but make sure the tone of your share is too.

Of course, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us:

What’s the single most important insight you’re taking away from this week’s episode?

Is it something about food, or following your dreams, or something else?

Remember, the more specific you can be — the better. Because thousands of people read these posts and your share could be spark the breakthrough someone else needs!

As always, thank you so much for reading, watching and adding your genius to the conversation.

With love,


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  1. I just went on a 3-day detox, and it absolutely transformed my life. I have never felt better (inside and out) in my entire life. Bottom line, energy is the most important thing in the world. Without it, it is impossible for us to follow our dreams, be present for our loved ones, or live our best lives. After a life of living on fast food, I’ve finally realized the importance of energizing myself with the right foods. Thanks as always for the amazing insight, Marie!

    • “energy is the most important thing in the world” – So true. I also once heard someone say “the strongest energy always wins” – even more reason to take care of our personal energy.

      • I love that quote Lisa! I also forgot to mention huge props to Vani too. What an amazing woman, and I’ll definitely be following her and her mission from now on.

      • Love that quote Lisa! (I’ve also heard “the strongest intention always wins.”)

        I think it’s all connected: energy, intention, attitude

        When you take good care of yourself, all three will be better.

        • Hey katie!!!! Just thought I’d say “hi”. saw your pic and was like “hey i know her!” lol

      • I was thinking the exact same thing, Lisa. Energy, in all forms, is sooooooo important – nothing beats it!

    • I love Vani’s energy! Her story is really inspiring… Thanks for sharing this with us Marie 🙂

    • I love doing a 3 day detox too! I feel like they totally get you reset and off of the sugar 🙂

      • Enrique

        Food Babe: I tried to ask you some food and diet related questions on your Facebook page, challenging some of your facts. But rather than answer my questions, you banned me from your page. Some would see that as banning dissent. It turns out I am not alone. What are you afraid of? Why are you doing this? What do you have to hide?

        • matthew

          She had everything to hide. She’s a fraud, with zero credentials.

          • Laura

            She is just pointing out the obvious, that NO one wants to see! What credentials? She is doing research and making it available for every one.

    • Shola,

      What detox plan did you follow for the three days?

      • Hi Kerri,

        I used a 3-day detox from a place in Los Angeles called The Pressed Juicery. It was one of the best gifts that I have ever given myself. Just like Vani said in the comment above yours, it’s an amazing way to reset you from all of the sugar and other junk cravings. I *highly* recommend it!

        • Detoxing can be truly wonderful. As a integrative clinical dietitian, I highly recommend detoxing with whole foods as well as juice- especially initially, and if you are coming off of a diet of more processed foods. It’s hard on the body to go directly to a juice cleanse from a processed foods diet. Fiber is really critical for helping to bind to toxins in the body and eliminate them. You can find out more info at
          Best of luck! – Mary Purdy, MS RD

      • Detoxing can be truly wonderful. As a integrative clinical dietitian, I highly recommend detoxing with whole foods as well as juice- especially initially, and if you are coming off of a diet of more processed foods. It’s hard on the body to go directly to a juice cleanse from a processed foods diet. Fiber is really critical for helping to bind to toxins in the body and eliminate them. You can find out more info at
        Best of luck! – Mary Purdy, MS RD

      • Thanks for all the great energy and passion for helping people increase their health! The seeds create the strong foundation of support for many years to come.

    • Very interesting. However, please note if you want to maximise on your health then please change from wearing such high heels on your shoes. I’m a massage therapist and those shoes are going to seriously damage your feet and your posture. They may look great but they’re like fast food – not good and it would be a real shame to damage yourselves by something you can change.

      • Suzie

        Ah, spoken like a true massage therapist. That was also the first thing I noticed and your comments were the same as what I thought. Obviously I am also a massage therapist and am frustrated that women work so hard to take care of their health and ignore the direct damage they are doing to their bodies.

      • Funny ’cause I was about to post it and then saw you had already pointed it. I’m surprised to see people so concerned about health and what they put into their bodies but not realizing how damaging can high heels be, destroying all the joints in your spine, legs and feet.

      • Haha – don’t worry, I didn’t actually wear them that long (and Marie too!)… You should have seen the flats we were both wearing a minute before the camera man said “action”…

        • Wondering

          So then why wear them and perpetuate the image that high heels are necessary to be properly dressed?

        • Maury Stephan

          Respectfully, then, why are you promoting the thought that you need to have those spiky heels? You are very concerned with what you put in your body and do a wonderful job educating the public about that, but the message you send with what you are wearing, is that in order to look good, look successful etc. is that you need to wear those backbreaker shoes. I was buying into that whole look, and I am a massage therapist, too! Couldn’t you have just worn your cute little flats?

          • Jeanne

            Agree with you!!! Shoes are so important for good foot health…Doctor told me when I got disgnoised with plantar fascilities and achille heal damage….that very high heel shoes are the main problem for women. Please think,about it Vani

          • ADRIANA

            Really? Enough with the shoes! If she wanted to use them then it’s her decision. Why are people always looking for something wrong in someone. And Yes women love their heel. I agree with not wearing 6 inch heels but heels are Nice and do look nicer than flats. So just enjoy the article and stop it with the shoe thing. She already said they took them off and was not on them a while and people are still going about it..geez let it go!!

      • wildflower

        You have taken the words right out of my mouth the high heel spikes are what first caught my attention I agree with everything you said about those spiked heels by the looks of Vani the Food Babe I would say she spends
        alot of time on herself no wonder she has no time to answer my questions
        which I usually get no answer to.

        • Lacey

          Are you ladies serious??? Relax please! Just because she wants to wear high heels for the show doesn’t mean she’s destroying her health. There are about a zillion things we can all do to be healthier, we must pick and choose which are important to us.
          It’s really laughable that women nit-pick on other women for what they wear. She wants to wear heels, let her wear heels.
          Her blog is called Food Babe after all, I think the heels were very appropriate. Why don’t you ladies start a blog about being healthy wearing flats.

          • Teresa

            Hahaha Lacey! Well said

          • ADRIANA

            Exactly lacey!! It’s ridiculous.. people always will find something wrong with someone no matter what.. live and let live! Geez!

          • Kimberly

            No kidding! I cannot believe the judgy comments about her (cute) shoes! I know that when I get up on a stage to give a speech, what I wear makes a big difference in how I feel up on that stage. She’s being interviewed on MarieTV for heaven’s sake – maybe those heels make her feel fabulous. Why should any of us care? I had no doubt that she put those on while she was sitting in that chair. Leave her alone!

    • Bobbie

      This is so true! I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and one of the main symptoms I am currently trying to get under control is my CONSTANT lack of energy. I’m sorry to say that I always took energy for granted until now!

      As I am at home raising my 21 month old daughter, and trying to get a business off the ground, the timing could have been so much better, but I am determined to push on through, and stop this condition taking over my life!

      I believe everything happens for a reason – it seems just as I am looking at changing my diet to gain more natural energy, Marie has a guest on to discuss better nutrition and gaining more energy from our food – perfect! Thank you both! 😀

    • I completely agree with Vani. We are literally killing ourselves with our food choices and many of us don’t even know it. In our modern society there are so few real food choices available. There is an overabundance of highly processed nutritionally deficient foods that are readily available everywhere we turn. The problem is not only that the highly processed foods are bad for us but they also have no nutritional value. It is a double whammy. As Americans we are overfed and malnourished at the same time. This is evidenced by the epidemic poor health in our society. At we share Vani’s passion for healthy eating and healthy living. We started our small Woman run business to promote healthy food products. We admire Vani’s courage to speak up and inform people of the risks associated with certain less less healthy food choices and wish her all the best with her mission.

    • Ct

      What toxins dId you get rid of?

  2. I’m so inspired by you, Vani! And I’m 100% behind your mission. Plus, I seriously LOVE the name “Food Babe.” I’ll definitely be following your blog!

    • Kristen you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. I’ll also be following Vani’s blog! 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much Kristen! My husband coined the name when we were coming up with blog names. You should have seen how horrible the ones I came up with!

      • I’d love to hear some of the rejects – for a good laugh!

      • haha I agree great name! I am also terrible with names also…food babe is a winner for sure!

  3. I LOVE that you’re featuring a viewer…. It’s so inspiring to see people on the ascent and to be able to relate to the steps she’s taken to success. Even more inspiring was her lightbulb moment – “I decided to make myself my number one priority”. Great episode!

  4. It’s SO cool to see someone taking control of their health and their life. I think more than advocating the avoidance of any food, we need to hear this as a call to listen to our bodies, trust it’s information, and act accordingly. Whether it’s our business or work, our families and relationships, or our health and lifestyle, the most important thing is to be educated, be smart, and do what works best for us. Great information and reminder!

  5. Having just come out of being sick for two weeks, health has been at the top of my immediate concerns. This bout just reinforced to me how health really is one of your greatest assets. Without it, everything is just that much harder. In addition, I was just writing a blog post on how we do things for ourselves when we really believe in our own worth. Making healthy choices is definitely related to worth.

    Thanks for this reminder.

    • Mind you, when I talk about self-worth, it’s not to be judgmental in any way. Any individual who has a limited income, less exposure to healthy habits, or lacks access to good resources is going to be incredibly challenged in ways many of us can’t even imagine. It’s my duty to find ways, without being pushy, to make an impact. Maybe that’s one on one conversation, maybe it’s donations to organizations, maybe it’s reminding people of their own worth in every encounter I have and creating that ripple.

      • Oh,Emilia, I love what you´re doing, especially “reminding people of their own worth in every encounter” sooo sweet! I do that to, to my neighbours, or just any people I think need smile or a helping hand, I do it. Wow, there is so much good caring people out there, I´m just now realizing that.

  6. Great video – soooo inspiring!!! Vani is just a fire-starter of good health and energy. I love how she’s making good food a fun and beautiful topic.
    I’m now feeling super inspired. I run my own five day detox online, and this has made me realise that I need to do more to get it out there.
    Thank you for such a great great interview.

  7. I love FoodBabe! To see you both in the same room is just awesomesauce. Since I host a free 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, I whole heartedly agree on not making health about being perfect, but just striving to have more energy with more real food free of the processed junk. Creating healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle is the key and of course being informed by what we decide to put in our bodies. Thank you for sharing, this is so inspiring!

    • Hi there Jadah – great to see you in the comments 🙂 Love your approach and style too!

    • “Creating healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle” that”s what I’m after as well. Especially now that I’m responsibly for not only what I eat, but also what Mr. + our two toddlers. This whole processed food thing can be so overwhelming, all the contradictory information out there makes my head spin.
      My takeaway is : “follow your mission”
      And Vani, I loved how you said that you want to change the world! 🙂

  8. Morning Marie,

    I love meeting other viewers. This was such a great video idea with an awesome story and she does a good job reminding us that we must make ourselves our #1 priority.

    That’s my takeaway and I remind my clients of it all the time as well.

    Be your #1 priority.

    Props to you Vani on fighting the good fight. Keep it up!
    xx Johanna

  9. The importance of finding the right fit between the person and the job stood out the most to me from this video. Vani talks about “escaping the cubicle” and how her job was perfectly fine…for someone else! All too often I run into coaching clients who feel ashamed of not fitting into their current jobs. I tell them not to feel ashamed, but rather to use this as fuel to find the right fit – just because one job (or a series of them) doesn’t work for you personally doesn’t mean YOU’RE the problem. I think Vani is walking proof of that!

    • I totally agree, Rebecca. There is a lot of power in that awareness to NOT want something. Using THAT concept/energy to create and live a life you absolutely love (Marie says this…) can be so incredibly fierce.

      • Love your answer Heidi to Rebecca’s insightful observation. Knowing what you don’t want is always helpful for knowing what you do want. And we often forget that it’s the “bumps that make us better”…just like an English muffin tastes better when you tear it as opposed to cutting it open with a knife (too smooth to hold the butter – ha ha…they’re not good when perfect either). I need to invent a healthy version because I love them. I’m a pro chef and cooking coach and I’m committed to making food that’s as great tasting as the food we love, but also super healthy. It’s really been a fun challenge.

  10. Marie,

    Thank you for including this interview. While I am extremely excited to see that a self-made holistic nutrition advocate is making waves, I am disappointed and concerned by her treatment of science, particularly when you discuss azodicarbonamide.

    Firstly, that is the official chemical name of the compound, as all compounds have an official designation (e.g. water is actually “oxidane” in this naming designation).

    The problem is not that it’s a “chemical,” per se. All nutrients are technically “chemical.” The problems is that it’s a chemical that is harmful to us if ingested. I would just ask that we try not to oversimplify why things because sometimes the important part of the message gets lost.

    Love your videos. Keep doing what you do.
    A Chem Nerd / Whole Food Advocate.

    • Hi chem nerd – check this out, where I go into detail of why this ingredient is banned all over the world. Did you see the news in Chicago in 2001 when this substance spilled and they had to evacuate the area? The sad part is, that workers who use these chemicals to make bread are being harmed.

      • Yes, it’s truly foul what they allow to go into our food supply in the US. It’s one of many compounds that are truly toxic yet somehow “edible” according to the FDA.

        Thank for your good work.

      • Hi Vani,
        I am wondering if you wish to expand your reach in exposing the toxins that are not only added to our food supply, but, also in self-care products, such as toothpaste, shampoos, make-up, etc.? For example, what is a-Propylene Glycol( the active ingredient in Anti-freeze) doing in Shampoo, Conditioners and Toothpaste?(even Tom’s of Maine)~(it is highly absorbent through the skin and we are putting it on our heads and in our mouths). I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for the info you have already shared.

      • wildflower

        Real horrible putting this in our food it’s not even a food ingredient
        but a harmful chemical.

    • I had the same thought, Jessica. This is a very common tactic to scare the public about our food – if it’s a long word that’s difficult to pronounce, it must be harmful to us. By that same logic, we should avoid dihydrogen monoxide too – plus it’s also a fire retardant!

    • Joanne

      Thanks Jessica – I was thinking the same thing, and Vani, I’m not sure if you really heard her. Over-simplifying things like this can undermine the whole health-food movement, which is a shame bc there’s some great info here that is totally helpful to people, but fellow science nerds (who need to be healthy too!) won’t take it seriously and they’ll miss the good stuff. I have this exact situation happening with my scientist sister. Thanks for receiving this message Vani in the helpful spirit it’s being delivered in! And thanks for all that you do! – xoxo the sister of another chem nerd

  11. Wonderful girl working for a great cause. It’s definitely important to know what you’re actually feeding your body on a day to day basis.

    Found out this morning for that 1 tablespoon of Tahini has over 200 calories – more than 2 tablespoons of peanut butter!! Crazy..

    BTW, you two look so similar! 😉

    you too look similar

    • Man, I’d love to have Marie as my sister 🙂

    • Sofia – don’t be scared though – those calories in the tahini are really great calories!!

    • Karen Scribner

      Seeds are fruits, these fats are very healthy. Besides, you can’t eat much more than the tablespoon in a serving of whatever you make with tahini. Peanuts are legumes and are being sprayed with roundup (unless they are organic) to make them easier to harvest.

  12. So many of us can relate to Vani’s journey and passion to spread her knowledge and be part of the wellness revolution. I truly enjoyed this interview. Thanks!

  13. What an amazing story – I just love it!! 🙂 So, so important to follow your inner-voice. Just look at how you can change the world when you do! Great advice on what not to eat as well. Thanks for sharing, Marie. xo

  14. Most impactful for me: It wasn’t until Vani recognized her voice and owned that this is what she was put on this planet to do that she quit her job and went all-in.

    Vani is an amazing example of what can happen when we follow the hot tracks of our interests — they ultimately lead to our greatest opportunities for service and ambition, turning our ‘job’ into our vocation.


    • I completely agree Sara, in addition to the health tips, that was the one thing that hit me like a ton of bricks. There is so many awesome things that can happen in our lives when we choose to go all-in by completely owning our voice and our dream. Vani and Marie are such incredible inspirations and I’m feeling so fired up after watching this episode!

  15. Thanks Marie & Vani I have been doing similar research into cosmetics, if you can’t pronounce it-don’t wear it or eat it!
    Love Ya

  16. Helped me focus on the fact that people are interested in the lifestyle of others and to follow my passion – killed a little more of that inner doubt. Thanks a bunch!

  17. Robin

    I could totally relate to being caught in a ‘cubicle’ with work. Working my ‘passion’ job akin to my dependable pay-check-one is frustrating and often makes me sad. Having your higher power speak to you and give you direction for breaking the mold is inspiring to me.
    I live daily with the vision of one taking over the other in my life believing that when x happens then y will kick in. Some days I feel a bigger tug to give up and follow my passion but I know I need the complete agreement from my higher power to make that transition.
    Thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom!

  18. Ever since last year at RHH Live I decided to make a conscious decision to eat better and to make better meals for my fam. We bought a juicer and juice every day, did a 7 day juice fast (which funny enough ended up getting me pregnant:) and made huge changes!

    Amazingly enough, my daughter no longer has breathing issues, I have way less headaches and my husband doesn’t have to take claritin during allergy season! I love that Vani quit her job to take this path on because it’s so needed, thanks Marie!

  19. Total awesomeness seeing you both together! Vani, you’re so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  20. LOVE this video Marie and Vani! Vani I went to Dartmouth Debate Camp too!! My husband and I were just up there visiting with our five year old and I was reminiscing about Ken Strange, EBA’s, Ben &Jerry’s pint deliveries, what a blast! I’m so excited to check out Food Babe and follow your wisdom. My family converted to almond milk 4 years ago, and I had no idea about that yucky stuff in it. Will definitely start mixing it at home from now on. Great episode ladies – keep it up! Xx

    • OMG!!!!! I’m so glad you mentioned that. I feel like we should connect and talk about old times 🙂 I loved getting crossiants from Lou’s… oh my.

    • Karen Scribner

      I don’t understand what people do with almond milk. If you don’t eat ready to eat or cooked cereals (too much gluten and carbs) what is the almond milk for? Wouldn’t you rather eat some more real food and drink water? The almond crop is over used, we can’t get raw almonds (see comment above about that hard to say chemical that starts with a) and the bees that pollinate the almonds are being killed by the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

  21. Wow…I’m so inspired! I just signed up for updates over at
    I can so relate to Vani’s path; I was in Corp America for over 30 years (so, a lot longer than Vani) and slowly turned into a blob due to long hours, no exercise and a, well, crappy diet. About six years ago, I changed my mind and then changed my behaviors. I lost a bunch of weight and got svelte again!

    Uh oh…enter the boyfriend…a meat eater from the midwest…YIKES…my eating habits have derailed over the last couple of years and I’ve put on a few pounds…

    This video interview is inspiring me to GET HEALTHY again!!!


  22. Connie Fueyo

    Great information! Thank you both. Biggest take-away is that celery is great for replenishing electrolytes. Easy to travel with because it stays fresh for a few days anddiesnt damage whenknocked around in bag. The last trip I was on I asked my husband to bring me celery when he picked me up at airport. I thought it was an odd request myself but I now know I was listening to my body! I was dehydrated fir sure but idn, t see the connection. Also Vonnies talk clarified on some ingrediants I had beenwondering about. Carageen, stevia etc.. Thanks for doing all that research for us and having this topic!

  23. I am loving this lady!

    I can’t tell you how much I love her passion, her message, her style. And what an inspiration.

    I just have no words. Amazing.

  24. I love Vani!

    I think her and her message are extremely inspirational.


  25. Hi Marie/Vani,

    this was amazing, thanks! I’m a HUGE amateur with healthy eating. Like, I try…but I really don’t know much about what to eat and what to avoid.

    My question is: it seems so difficult to know what’s healthy and what’s not because even the so-called ‘healthy’ foods have hidden ingredients. It seems the whole supermarket where I shop is just unhealthy, processed foods. WHERE do you shop to ensure you get good quality stuff?

    • I love the farmers markets – they usually have the freshest, cleanest stuff around! Check this post on my favorite grocery store tips:

      • Amazing, thank you!

        I’ve just signed up to your email list so will be a food babe before you know it 🙂


    • Hi Colin,

      I also have the same troubles. I live in a very small town in Alberta Canada. There is no health food store. One thing I have done is made a connection with the local hutterite colony who grow their own produce. Although this is seasonal, I can guarantee some really great choices during the summer. As well, I have been researching creating my own garden and I am planning to do so for the next growing season. I also make trips to the city as much as possible and stock up on what I can. I love the suggestion of farmers markets, but again, seasonal. At times this can be very frustrating for me!

      • Tammy

        Hi Heidi,

        Are you near Edmonton? If so you could try out The Organic Box.


  26. Thank you so much for sharing the problems with agave. It’s incredible to me that so many otherwise healthier choices still contain agave despite all of the problems with it. Thank you for increasing awareness on this.

    Loved the points on carageenan and coconut water too. Thank you for raising awareness.

  27. Angie

    This lady is living my dream. I really want to turn my career around and partner with companies that do the right thing and expose those corporate giants that take advantage, instead of just taking their money. Thanks so much for interviewing her Marie!

  28. I was convinced that I would not be surprised by the 5 on your list… but I was. I am a health food nut. Had a similar experience with my health going haywire in my 20’s and have really educated myself… but I didn’t know about agave.. which I don’t use anyhow, I’m a stevia user. and I didn’t know about almond milk. I am definitely going to try making my own. We just got a Whole foods here in Toronto, Canada, so I might try the Whole foods version too.

    Also, I love hearing hearing the first part about transiting out of the corporate environment. I find it so interesting that we seem to be able to become our whole selves once we leave the corporate environment! Hmmm??

    Thanks so much for this interview!!

  29. Mona Kelly

    Great video! The world needs more Foodbabes… Personally, I never eat anything my (French & Italian) grandmas wouldn’t recognize as food (and yes, that includes tofu) or food with a long ingredient list (even worse if I can’t pronounce it). I am glad to notice that farmers markets are on the rise as well as farm to table restaurants.

  30. Love healthy eating and healthy living! Not that we do it right every time but we can do our best. As a Celiac disease sufferer I can only eat gluten free but it’s a blessing in disguise and makes me rethink all my eating choices. As a business owner I can correlate better performance with better eating, the coffee and sugar shots make me tired, ratty and super scary!

  31. Love the Food Babe!! I’ve been following her for over a year now, such great information!

    I’m definitely going to try that Cookies and Cream Ice Cream… yum!

  32. And I forgot to mention I’ve met and photographed Voni at a health convention, her passion and purpose rocks!!!

  33. My husband’s 1st cardiologist (no worries, he was born with an anomaly that he didn’t even know about til he was 40; he just goes in for monitoring every couple years) told him NOT to drink water. The guy said water is bad for you and that my husband should drink Gatorade instead! My reaction was, “WHAT??!?? You know you’re getting a different cardiologist, right?” How does that guy think we managed to survive for millennia prior to the invention of Gatorade? Sigh.

    The only shocker to me was carageenan. I’m like “oh, seaweed… that’s ok.” Damn. Another one bites the dust 🙁

  34. This chick rocks! Thanks so much, Marie, for bringing Vani on for this excellent video. I love her energy and authenticity! Vani – you are so knowledgable. Thank you for sharing your insights – keep it up! ! xoxo

  35. I loved Chia seeds until I found out that I was seriously allergic to them. It took me a while to figure it out, but my next reaction would have been anaphylaxis. So, just be careful with any new foods you introduce to your diet. Chia seeds are a super food unless you are allergic!
    Also, Kai makes a good stevia product that has no additives and doesn’t have that nasty saccarine aftertaste.

  36. Thanks for the warnings about stevia packets. I’ve used stevia for years in my coffee and have loved it but this was when I was buying it at the natural food store. But when I started seeing those packets at coffee shops and tried using it my coffee it tasted awful. Now I know why.

  37. Marie – it is inspiring to see the exponential capacity of your smart, sincere and practical work to empower others to “save the world”. Vani is a shining example. She is passionate, driven and sharing what she learns, with others, even shaping the industry for everyone’s greater good, on her path to better health. I applaud both of you! Keep doing what you do.

  38. I had the pleasure of meeting Vani while she was in NYC, and this girl knows her stuff! I’m super conscious of what I put in my body, but I love how on top of things Food Babe is when it comes to keeping corporations in check.

    I feel like the easiest solution to many of these issues is to just stop eating out, and at the very least avoiding fast food chains. I’m lucky to have an incredible husband who loves to cook, but we only eat out once a month at most and it keeps us healthy and happy! 🙂

    • Hi there girlfriend! I loved talking food with you… hope to see you again soon!

  39. Great interview but I’m still not sure how she makes her money. Would love to know!!

    • Speaking events I’m sure…

    • Sallie

      She reached out to specific companies to build relationships with them so maybe they advertise with her in some way.

  40. Really enjoyed this episode – loved Vani’s energy and how she always knew she’d be a ‘Voice’ in the world. The dialogue between you was sweet – serious message with a relaxed and fun air.

    I’ve been off grains for awhile now, and feel amazingly better (even organic, wholegrain, non-wheat bread & grains make me feel sluggish and give me odd symptoms. But I’d love to try sprouted grain bread – I used to love Ezekiel products when I lived in the States.

    Does anyone know if you can get sprouted grain products in the UK? I love cooking and baking, but not sure I have the patience and energy to make my own sprouted grain bread! lol

    AND mmmmmmmmmmm homemade coconut milk ice cream – love it!

    Thanks again, Marie for changin’ it up – keeping it interesting, and inspiring – love me some Marie TV 🙂

    • Sallie

      Wheat Belly is a great book showing the many dangers of the wheat we have today. Ezekiel bread is better, but none is best. It’s because of the changes that have been made over the centuries to the seeds. Einkorn (old wheat) had I think it was 12 chromasomes and now the wheat of today has 40.

      • Sallie, I agree that wheat today (and most, if not all grains) are unlike what they used to be. For that matter, most of our food is! I’m hesitant to even go back to eating sprouted grain bread, but my little girl & hubby are pretty hard core bread folk, so I’d like to offer them something better and more digestible. It’s amazing how much better I feel without grains – the most surprising change has been my moods – I always just thought I was a ‘changeable moods’ kind of person, but I’m so much more upbeat, positive and stable without it!

    • Stacie – yes you can. Sunnyvale do a big variety of different ones – you can get them at any good health food shop!

      • Thanks, Claire – I’ll look into that. I’ve been wondering this for awhile now, so the info is much appreciated!

    • Karen Scribner

      Sprouted wheat is still wheat with all the ill health effects. See Wheat Belly the book, the cookbook or wheatbellyblog.

  41. Alani


  42. Hi, Marie

    You are always here when I need you, this is so important to me and posted it on also for my fans to learn from

    Thanks Marie


    E Presley

  43. Greetings Marie!

    Amazing interview with Vani the FoodBabe, very informative and its great to know what is really in our foods! I’m always trying to find ways to improve my family eating habits baby steps at a time and these are 5 great recommendations I can get started on right away.

    Have a great one!

  44. I love love love her story to success! It’s such a beautiful story. I especially love how she mentioned that everyone around her was giving her permission to live her dream but she really needed to give herself permission. Quite incredible!

    Ahhh I am so motivated to clean out my fridge, freezer and pantry. I am G-U-I-L-T-Y and although I have built really good habits, apparently with the wrong items… Time to retrain my brain!!

    Vani has such great recommendations to curb an electrolyte imbalance and issues with GI. Easy peasy! Can’t wait to head on over to Food Baby and check out even more recommendations!

    Heidi Nicole xx

  45. Jenny C Cohen

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message! So encouraging to hear that many of my lifestyle choices were also recommended based on research by Vany. It is hard to maintain though and it helps tremendously when I feel I am not alone in the struggles of choosing to eat for comfort versus health.

  46. Sallie

    Vani made a point that when doing your passion the money will follow. This was not automatic as some have touted. She had to strategize how she would monetize her passion. This point is often overlooked. How many have stepped forward to do their calling expecting “the money to follow” only to find that it didn’t? They either feel like “they” failed somehow or that the “passion = money/lifestyle” isn’t reality.

    • Hey Sallie, I totally agree with you. While that topic wasn’t the focus of this episode, it’s the first thing we focus on in B-School (and anytime I get to teach on this topic). In B-School we call profit clarity: knowing your business model and testing it (i.e. making money) to prove you’re on the right track — both financially and from a passion/skills standpoint.

    • Liz

      Sallie–you are eloquent with words! If you aren’t already a writer; you should be one! Plus, you make a very good point!

  47. I love that you share these stories with us… it is an inspiration to us all to follow our passions and dreams!

    Thanks Marie.

  48. Kim Edison

    The wheat bread reveal blew my mind. Always believed that I was helping myself by eating whole wheat bread at restaurants and sandwich shops.

  49. Loved, loved, loved this! Will be following Food Babe’s blog for sure. When Vani mentioned the dough conditioner is banned in Europe & results in major fines in Singapore, I got chills! The sad part is that I’ve known for a while that many foods in the US are banned in other countries & it hasn’t completely modified my food habits, mostly due to access & cost. It shouldn’t be so hard to eat healthy for most Americans. I’m a single mom & when we can afford it, we try to take the organic route & purchase ezekiel bread when we can. Had my teen watch this with me. Thanks for helping to educate consumers. And Marie, thanks for supporting women business owners, you rock!

  50. Kathleen Rose

    Thanks for this episode Marie, and thanks for telling it like it is, Vani. So many people get up in arms about their diet choices and refuse to see the truth, preferring to eat for pleasure while slowly killing themselves. It’s almost ironic how simple it is: eat whole foods that come from the earth. Yet that is so complicated in today’s food environment.

    But knowledge is power and so the more you know about food the better off you are overall. I am always trying to make better choices when it comes to what goes in and on my body. So thanks so much for sharing your truth.

  51. Nat

    I know coconut water is healthy, but I REALLY dislike the taste. I tried several times, can’t stand it. Any alternatives?

    • Karen Scribner

      Save your money, get on a plane and fly to a tropical country. Go into a little sidewalk restaurant and order a real coconut filled with water. It is totally different. Canned coconut water can’t be any good.

  52. Ladies, you are inspirational!

    Marie I just saw you speak at Experts Academy and was blown away by your authenticity!

    Vani, thanks for your bravery and strength. The food industry in the USA, is so dishonest and powerful! The ingredients lists here are horrific! we moved from the UK and I was shocked by what was allowed in food here, outrageous! They are poisoning us and our kids!

    I try and eat a whole food diet and as much raw food as possible. and I have a cute organic stevia plant on my deck!

    You have a new fan!!!


  53. Great Video!! I am so excited by Vani’s passion. It is refreshing and a great reminder to stay passionate. I appreciate the intention that she wants to change the world. My mission is to change one segment – how we care for our elders. Not quite as sexy as so many other careers 🙂

    But I am trying to step out of the mold and make some waves in an industry that feels blah. Every training I do elicits “wows” and “aha” moments so Vani’s words are my inspiration to ‘keep on, keepin’ on’ for today.
    Thanks Marie for a great introduction to another mover and shaker.

    • Dianna

      It is so great to hear about your mission! I would love to hear more!

  54. Thank you for this GREAT episode. Food is critical to health. My problem is I have children ages 15 and 12 with extremely limited diets. They only want pasta- and not the “good kind!” We never eat fast food, but they do eat unhealthy meals at school.
    I would love to see a follow up on how a busy mom can shake up the kids menu to be more healthy.

  55. Really, this struck a chord w/ how I feed my young girls. I’m taking away 3 things: better bread options, celery & chia seeds for electrolytes/ hydration, and Red Mango. Oh, and I love the story of how she quit cheerleading to be in debate. That’s the kind of Vassar women we have in our family, too!!

  56. I love Vani and her work but she reminds me i have a bit of work to do transitioning into a new way to look at food..Just makes you want to go thru your kitchen, throw the bad stuff away and start over..

  57. DJ

    Great story and love the paradigm shift from being a cubicle-grinder to doing her own thing. There is always room for truth-tellers, especially those doing it in a positive, fun way. Great job!

  58. Amazing video like always!

    Very inspiring!

    I’ve been a vegetarian only eating organic for many years now but I’ve been guilty of the Agave and Truvia use!

    Thanks for this inspiring eye opening video!

  59. sandi

    Great interview Marie and Vani.
    My journey to eating healthier started many years ago after reading the book Fit For Life. A real eye opener. It changed my food buying and eating habits forever, and opened up many avenues to new food companies, new recipes. Sad that we humans don’t take the time to really understand food and our bodies and big business … and let’s not even talk about medical doctors and drug companies.

    Kudos to Vani for listening to the messages and taking the leap to pursue her calling. Thank you so much for sharing.

  60. Doris

    Detox feels bad. I mean crappy food detox feels like any other detox, it makes you depressed. All people encourage detox but they don’t say what rules do you need to follow to survive what may be a dreadful period. Just “drink juice” or something, no info about side effects and so on.

    I was in the middle of my exams and I just made basic adjustments: I stopped eating chocolate (I eat a lot of it), junk food, soda, crisps, and I changed white bread to whole grain bread. After a week, I guess, I was so freaking sleepy and I had like no will to live, and nothing I was eating tasted good enough to make the life worth living. I had to pass my exams so I started eating chocolate and salt to feel alright. I googled the topic and it seems some people also suffer sleepiness from cutting the sugar and salt drastically.

    My story is funny, but my friend listened to her doctor’s advice and she cut drastically on salt and started to drink a lot of water and she had to go to a hospital for one day because her body couldn’t handle such a drastic change of salt level.

    So I don’t get why people are allowed to say the word “detox” without explaining what rules you need to follow not to confuse your body or damage your health. Most drastic changes of lifestyle need supervision. I guess if you want to change “your mom’s cooking” to drinking green stuff, you probably also need supervision or a deep research into the topic, because your mom’s cooking may be actually more balanced and thus more healthy. I don’t know, I’m not an expert, I’m just surprised nobody speaks about it.

    • Doing a detox without supervision, or guidelines isn’t a good idea – especially if you’ve been eating a diet which contains a lot of sugar, salt, and processed foods. And cutting all that stuff all at once is bound to be hard work. Some detoxes are just about juices and they are naturally going to be pretty hardcore and cause your body to shift a lot. Generally the bad symptoms of doing a detox aren’t caused by the good stuff, they are caused by the bad stuff finally coming out.
      I run a five day detox, which is full of food, and is good for beginners, but even so, it can feel pretty crappy when you first start. Trying to make massive changes in a short space of time is bound to be hard. Once you’ve done a detox (properly), you’ll feel amazing and people will notice just how great you look and feel. Just take a look at Marie and Vani!!!

    • Monika

      Agreed! I could imagine a lot of health experts would say ‘keep going!’ without informing about any coping strategies for intense negative moods.

  61. What an inspiring movement, holding massive corporates accountable through social media. Did Vani do B-school?

    • Naima

      Agreed. I’d like to know as well.

    • Madeleine – Sadly, I didn’t even know about B-School when I found Marie in late Dec.! Since then, I have met a ton of amazing graduates and totally in awe of their success! I’ve seen it first hand – Marie’s program is a GODSEND from what I know.

  62. This episode of Marie TV (which I love) is very timely for me; I’m ready for a big physical overhaul, knowing deep in my core that I need to maintain ‘my temple’ for the long term. I do yoga; I need to but so far don’t understand what’s in my food. I relish the idea of Vani guiding me toward a better lifestyle. Her energy and thinking echo my own. My name means ‘flow’, I’m told. I’m also on the verge of dumping the daily grind in favour of my passion: art. Nearing the edge, I find her video on MarieTV. Interesting, don’t you think? Thank you.

  63. I’m committed to sharing this video to everyone I care about.

    Like Vani I have a passion for research (chem babe) as well as nudging others towards a healthier version of themselves… For their sake. That means letting them see what’s possible for themselves. Sometimes it’s eating different, being more active, or meditating. Once people have the information they can adjust it accordingly to their beliefs and desires. I don’t expect people to mimic my every move. Thanks Marie for stating how each person makes their own decisions and not making any one wrong for their choices. Little steps are better than no steps.

  64. Bethany Wilson

    Thank you Marie… please tell me where i can find the 14 day detox you and Josh were on…??? FoodBabe – Vani you are my hero…I admire you and what you are doing – so much!! Nutrition and Food Science are my passion and I took – want to change the world (it at least what it thinks about food! 🙂 )! Thank you so much for your contribution!!!!!
    LOVE – Bethany

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We can absolutely pass along the information about the detox! Write us at [email protected].
      Take care,

  65. Single most important insight I’m taking away… Vani’s ability a year ago to so confidently step into her “voice” and do what she feels she was “put on this planet” to do – leaving what she was trained to do – and change the world through sharing with us how we are killing ourselves with processed foods.

    She’s so inspirational and encouraging to humanity.

    Her making us aware of these 5 foods is awesome, and the tip of the iceberg!!

    As a producer of traditional, unprocessed foods, I have witnessed that by putting adults and children alike in touch with their food (milk from our sweet cow, dinner from the chicken they saw on our farm, tomatoes hanging on the plant) they choose differently — once you have experienced the depth of flavor in foods fresh from the farm the thought of ingesting chemically laden foods is sickening.

    Fabulous message, Vani!!


  66. Since the time I stopped eating bread and refined flour and instead started grinding my own, I have NO PIMPLES!!!! So yeh it’s true, “azocarbonamdite” or whatever that is – is poison!!!!

  67. Jessie

    Thank you for this inspirational video, ladies! Vani, except for the corporate job part, your beginnings sound almost word for word for what I have been longing to do with my life. I spend hours researching foods and uncovering misconceptions we’ve been “fed” by Big Ag and Big Pharma. I share things on Facebook and my friends and family have started to actually pay more attention to what they are eating and feeding their children, and they are angry! I was asked to start a blog, but I figured the market was already so saturated, why bother? But, the more I think about it, starting a blog in a sea of similar topic blogs is not so much competition as validation to the cause we are all trying to bring to light. So, if you have any advice for a fellow yet fledgling food crusader, I would greatly appreciate it!
    My husband is not as gung-ho as I am, but my children are fascinated by the videos I watch and information I’ve uncovered about the things they are eating and are completely on board with whatever I am serving them now. One step at a time!

    • Dianna

      Each voice has something important to contribute. Go for it!!!

  68. NO agave nectar! I put it in my coffee everyday. Going to check out the coconut palm sugar TODAY! and I hate milk and have switched to dark choco. silk almond for my calcium intake…. going to check about that ingredient TODAY too! thank you thank you, great stuff, off to the fridge.

  69. Cudos to you Vani!

    I love seeing others move into their life purpose! As you say, yes, it can be scary, but SO hugely beneficial to the world when we step up and share our Soul gifts! 🙂

    More and more of us are being called by Spirit to live our purpose – this is a GREAT time to be alive! 🙂

    Thank you Marie and Vani for what you are doing!! 🙂

    Love and Blessings,
    Mary Jane 🙂

  70. This was such a great video on so many levels.

    Vani’s mission to heal her own body is changing the world. That was my biggest take away and my own personal message.

    I believe our purpose in life is to become the best versions of ourselves. By doing that we are adding value, spreading the word, and changing our communities—and ultimately the world.

    This also tugs at my spirit—as I am own a roller coaster mission to heal my own body. I will be following Vani!

    Thanks for sharing Marie.


  71. Starla

    Wow, that was a great episode – so glad I watched. Never ordering the 9 grain at Subway again. Never drinking another Gatorade. And frozen yogurt is naughty? Time to shift the eating habits. Yani is awesome, even if her dress is seriously SHORT 😉 – go girl!

  72. Two of my favorite women in one video. LOVE IT!!! Sending a post out on my blog tomorrow inviting my world to watch. Marie, I really love your new set, it is much more welcoming. Thanks ladies.

  73. Bonnie

    Food Babe is my Gem! Hope to get to meet her one day!

  74. Jolene

    Thank you for sharing your passion, Vani! I am also very passionate about the effect our food has on us, and the way our government has allowed chemicals to be approved to be placed in these foods. It has taken a huge toll on my health as well as my family’s health as well. It’s a slow road of education for me, but I am on the road with you! Thank you for keeping us informed!

  75. Maria

    great move to show some people who’ve made the switch to their own businesses.

    I’d like to know if Vani’s had any problems with the” food” producers she calls out. These folks usually play hardball…

  76. What truly shocks me is that when I lived in England I didn’t have so many health issues as I had living in the US. It’s shocking that the EU has banned GMO products but the US is living in the dark ages. It all comes down to politics and money, why would these big food companies want to change when the political arena are their supporters? They refuse to properly label their items because they know it will make consumers aware of how poisonous the contents are!

    It was when I met Vani a year ago at the Fresh Expo in Charlotte that SHE turned my ear to the horrors of GMO food and improper labeling. After hearing her speak I went home and threw out 90% of my pantry! Now suffering from Celiac makes it even harder to find good food alternatives. Raw foods are the only way to go and even then they have to be organic and non GMO.

    Thanks Vani for setting me on the straight and narrow!

  77. SOOOOOOO enlightening!!! OMG I gotta go check my almond milk!

    Honestly I learned so much in this episode THANK YOU!!!


  78. Thank you Vani for sharing your passion. As a mother, I feel I need a PhD every time I walk in to the grocery store. My kids have long learned the value of turning over any package and reading the ingredients. There is still so much to do to advocate for cleaner food. I appreciate your championing this cause. I am racing over to your site to join you in support of what you do!! Shout out too to Marie for coming all the way out to California this past weekend for Experts Academy. What a wonderful gift to have you there!

  79. Thanks for the inspiration you two! 🙂

  80. Great video! Loved it as I am a health-food nut. Never thought to create a blog sharing my knowledge though, so great to see Vani take the lead. I will be signing up as well…. Knew about most of this stuff, (remember once spending a very long time looking for an Almond Milk without anything added). When shopping, I read my labels very carefully! I have a super-healthy smoothie every day with Chia Seeds, which are my favourite. Coconut is also another one I live by. I’ve never understood the point of artificial sweeteners… Interesting about the subway bread, not sure if it’s the same here in the UK? Guess they don’t use the same dough conditioner if it’s banned in Europe…Don’t eat there much, but if I do I have honey oat. I’m going to make a point now of checking out the ingredients. I always make sure to buy wholewheat in the supermarket without any added sugar (pretty difficult) and all ingredients I can pronounce!! This is my usual – – Do you know where I can get Ezekiel bread in the UK? Will check out Vani’s blog now. Thanks again x

    • Hi Emily- Sounds like we have similar habits. I too make smoothie with Chia seeds, coconut water. I love adding raw cacao powder too and blueberries. yummm. Ugh. I was so frustrated to learn a few years ago about the almond milk/carageen issue. Making almond milk like Vani said is a cinch! Think I’ll go start a batch today. (Hint: It’s good to use raw organic almonds. My friend-god bless her- peels the skins off after she soaks them overnight then blends them with water. makes for a slightly more creamy milky almond milk. I’m too lazy for that.)

  81. Oh my my my, Perfect timing! I was just in the process of doing a detox and I picked up some raw foods on yesterday. As a lupus thriver and vegetarian this video is just what I needed. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus attacked my central nervous system, kidney, and heart. I was confined to a wheel-chair twice and had to learn how to walk, talk and do simple task on my own. I do believe that majority of illnesses are caused by two things, emotion (stress related issues) and the food that we consume. Thank YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing.

    Both of you Marie and Vani are Awesome Women! Thanks again!

  82. Amy

    I just checked my almond milk. No carageenan. However, there is Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, and Gellan Gum. Should I be worried about these ingredients too? I realize almond milk from scratch would be ideal, but is not always possible. Thanks for the episode. Love seeing a Marie TV viewer in action!

  83. Jennifer

    I am so glad that I found your Facebook page and your website. I have thought for the last four(ish) years, that processed foods in the American diet have been the cause for several unhealthy problems and the diseases that people suffer from. I’m talking about such things as early puberty in children, asthma, childhood obesity leading to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, IBS, food allergies and much more (as you well know from your research). I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with what to buy at the market, stay away from, pick from restaurant menus, and select at Sams Club or Costco to feed my family that is healthy. In the last few weeks since I have started following you; I have become keenly aware that I wasn’t doing enough and I must do more, and really bring my husband and children into the light for their own awareness and overall support. Thank you for what you do, congratulations on your adventure, and please keep up the good work.

  84. I think the biggest thing I’ll take away from this is the information about Agave Nectar :'( Been using it for a couple of years and really thought I had found the healthy low glycemic alternative to sugar…bummer.

    I’ve tried Stevia and can’t get past the aftertaste. Also just recently bought a bottle of coconut nectar, but not digging the taste of that either. Is the granulated form better?

    Thanks so much for this episode Marie & Vani.

    Love seeing success stories from people following their passions.Thanks Vani for what you’re doing to make our food safer & our choices informed.

    Marie, can you share what you & Josh did for the 14 day detox?


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Write us at [email protected] and we can definitely share the scoop on that detox! So glad you enjoyed the episode.

  85. I love Food Babe. I am truly inspired by this interview and that she is doing what she loves full time. I am working on my own business around what I am passionate about Food Allergies and well I am exactly where she was last January about making money and making a difference. Thank you so much and I also found Marie. My potential customers dont get that this is something that will make a difference for their customers and its frustrating. Any tips that Food Babe would give about how she created relationships with companies and any structures would be awesome and just any tips. I am out to make a difference in the gluten intolerance/food allergy community with restaurants and other establishments that serve food. We created a food allergy training service.

  86. Thank you so much for this episode, Marie and Vani. I try to keep up on all the information in the additives in foods, but we desperately need people like Vani and Kris Carr and others to keep drawing attention to the continuous changes that food manufacturers keep throwing into the mix. I keep thinking of that famous “Mad as Hell” scene in the classic movie, “Network,” where Albert Finney (who won an Oscar for his performance) starts yelling from the windows. We all need to individually call attention and raise our voices so food corporations look beyond 4th quarter results, and instead focus on their customers long term health. You’d think they’d want us to stick around and be “lifetime” customers, but short term results are generally, sadly, the priority. Thank you both, so much, for keeping the spotlight on this very important issue.

    • Dianna

      The more the word gets out the better. We can make a difference and vote with our dollars. The more of us who do, the more they will listen.

  87. Thank you Marie and Vani! I hope that the future of the US is dominated by a return to food and freedom from the ‘food industry’! I tell people that detoxing is my hobby and they think I’m crazy. I am so happy to find some easy-to-read information on what I consider to be the most important topic in our country today. Vani I can’t wait to get your newsletter and spread your word! I always tell my kids that ‘natural flavors’ could have come from a beaver’s butt and I can’t believe you have that story up right now! You Rock!

  88. YES! Love this episode! Vani Your the best, I really love all the work you are doing! Thanks for spilling the beans on Agave, so many people call that a health food. Same with Almond milk!

  89. This is wonderful! I would say I’m doing really well in the whole food, organic spectrum, but this video will help me take it to the next level.

    The biggest take away for me was the bread. My hubby and I eat a lot of bread and we’ve been thinking about making our own or finding a healthier option. Next shopping trip I’m getting the Ezekial bread.

    Over time I’d really like to incorporate each one of these tips into my daily life. I think the best way is to start having these ingredients on hand.

  90. I’m a new B-School Grad, and one of my first reactions to taking B-School was to become even more conscious of my health. Because if I’m going to have a successful, profitable business then my health has to be on point.

    Wow- I love what Vani is about. Like Natalie I’m fortunate that my husband does the cooking and shopping. I immediately sent him a text to check out ezekiel bread, since we eat a ton of whole wheat.

    • Amy

      I wonder though – is it ALL whole wheat bread? Or just the over-processed stuff from Subway?

  91. This is awesome. I’ve been reading ingredient labels for years and it’s amazing what you find. Vani is so right. There is a lot of deceptive advertising out there. Foods say all natural, 100% whole wheat or made from nature and may have one natural ingredient and a bunch of junk. I’m on the same mission and am currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m so inspired to make a difference in the way people eat! Thanks Marie for introducing us to Vani! Thanks Vani for your message and all that you do. I hope to do big things in the nutrition world too!

  92. Such a pleasant surprise to see Vani on this episode of MarieTV since I’m already a follower of hers! I’m in agreement with the foods she mentions here, and happy to hear her give shout outs to some of my favorite brands as well – Ezekiel and Sweet Leaf I’m talking to you! 🙂

    Keep up the great investigative work Vani. Love reading about the big splashes you’re making in the food industry! xo

  93. Oh my goodness! I’ve been dealing with digestive issues for the longest time. I’ve had them fairly managed these past 6 months, but now my stomach has been all agitated lately. I’ve been having smoothies every morning with either almond or coconut milk, so when you mentioned that many almond milk has that one chemical in it that causes digestive issues that blew me away! I guess I’ll be making my own almond milk homemade now.

    Thanks so much for the video!

  94. Wow, on the almond milk! I struggle with my digestion to due years of eating intolerant foods and now I found out about a toxin in my almond milk. This could aide in my healing process. So glad I tuned in today!

  95. This was so freaking fantastic to see how Vani clutched onto her knowledge and conviction and ran with it! Talk about moxie.

    Real, good food is my ‘biz’ too, so I resonated with Vani’s message and am glad she’s out there doing her thing!

  96. I live in Boulder, CO and feel SO lucky that what Vani is teaching the masses is something that we practice in Boulder regularly. I’m a bit bummed that the Raw Coconut Water got pitched (we had a shortage last month, the demand is so high). I am so STOKED that we are taking on companies such as MONSANTO. What Monsanto has done to the food chain is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity in this day and age.

  97. WoW! Thanks for being transparent and sharing important info!

    I love anything coconut!

  98. Hey Marie,

    Deeply enjoyed this conversation as it combined:
    1. A real case study
    2. Information about health

    It was both inspirational and informational.

    Vani, thanks for letting your voice be out there and shine!

  99. I walked away with knowing not to just blindly by ‘healthy foods’ from unhealthy manufacturers. I also walked away with the idea to do some research for my own good health. I AM going to be waaaaay more diligent about what I put into my body! Thank You so much for your commitment and courage to stand up and let us know.

  100. Great, inspirational episode. Thank you both so much!

    Could you please include a link about the coconut sugar that Vani mentioned?

    Thanks for what you do.

  101. Dianna

    What an inspiring, exhilarating reminder that one person can indeed make a difference! And together we can do even more! Thank you for getting the word out and shining a light on these important issues and reminding us that we can indeed do something about it. It can be so discouraging – oh, the disillusionment I feel each time I find out something touted as healthy is actually not. But Vani’s radiant vitality is a tremendous reminder that there is a better way. We aren’t as captive to the food industry as it feels. One question: How do you sift through all of the conflicting information out there to find the truth?

  102. I love Vani!!! Been following her for a long time. I’m a food activist as well, so I relate to her in so many ways! It goes to show that you can make a living off doing what you are most passionate about. This interview has inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing, even if it “stirs the pot”. 🙂

    • Jeannie S.

      Look who is talking? Kimra you’re a big fraud.
      You claimed that B-School didn’t do absolutely nothing for you yet you use their platform to get Marie’s people to become your client because B-School rejected your application as an affiliate and you think your program is better. When you were promoting your program you said a lot of unfavorable things about B-School in fact the reason you launched your program 1 week before B-School was to get Marie’s customers yet here you are on B-School from time to time advertising your success.

      You claimed you spent months doing a network marketing business and made no money yet here you are on youtube using the exam same story you are now using to promote yourself. How do you go from welfare to riches twice with different businesses.

      You are going around enrolling in every online course there is on the internet and repurposing other people’s material from these courses, calling it your own and charging people $2000 for it. If you’re an expert why do you need to be buying your colleagues classes some of them in B-School?

  103. Thanks Marie & Vani for sharing the inspirational story. I’m a registered dietitian/nutritionist and agree our “health” foods are mostly processed substitutions for real food. My motto is Eat Real Food. People need to know what real food actually is… Totally agree with you on frozen yogurt. It has a health halo. Ice cream all the way. Good job.
    Eat Real Food, Leslie

  104. Pamela Gallagher

    WOW! 5 years ago my husband was diagnosed with acquired Aplastic Anemia (a bone marrow disorder). After being hospitalized several times, weeks at a time and seeing how OVERLY medicated he was. I started researching all the drugs he was on. It made me furious. We widdled his meds down to what he actually needed, with the hope that someday we could wean him off completely… We are still on that path. But, It was then, 5 years ago, that I decided for our family that we were going to eat better by making wiser food choices. My research began, and I cleaned out my pantry and threw a TON of “poison” away. An ENTIRE trash barrel. I literally was guilt ridden with the crap I was feeding my husband and 3 daughters. My girls thought I had lost it (mentally), as they saw me throwing all their faves in the trash. I have over the years introduced healthier alternatives, and while we haven’t “arrived” (we cheat here and there), we’re all the healthier because of it. I’m so thankful for your blog, it makes it so much easier for Moms/Wives like me. Taking care of my husband’s health and teaching my girls to make healthy food choices is that much easier!
    Million $ ? Any suggestions on how I can wean my college daughter off of Coca Cola? She absolutely loves it. Alternative beverages with carbonation? I am guilty of this too. While I eat pretty great… I just sometimes want to drink a stupid Coke. That’s where I cheat.

    • Gloria Maria

      Hi Pamela!
      Getting off Coca Cola is pretty easy once you realize what’s in it and what it’ll do to your health. It’s pretty nasty. It sucks the calcium out of your bones. It’s filled w/ unhealthy sugar. It rots your teeth. Among other affects slowly but surely. I stopped drinking sodas in my 20’s when I heard Cola can be used on the oil stains that are on the driveway! Crazy! And most of all you have to work a lot harder to get healthy. You’ll have to exercise more!.. etc. I just told myself why would I take in something that doesn’t add value to me and makes me toxic and fat!??
      Hope that helps.

  105. Shirley

    I believe the biggest takeaway is the fact that it takes a short amount of time to turn our products around and start reading labels. Thanks for the knowledge. It was definitely informative.

  106. Jackie

    I stumbled upon Food Babe earlier this year and I’m hooked. I’m also in a transition period where I am trying to turn my passion for health and fitness into a viable career and Vani’s episode today was very inspirational, as I was not aware of the huge leap she took to take on food activism full time!

    I’m trying to do something unique with my health coaching/blogging business that I’m creating as it relates to tone/attitude (I want to make my weirdness the new normal!) I LOVE Vani’s attitude…she’s no-nonsense and very much has a different tone than other people who are doing something similar. What a great way to make people wake up and pay attention!

  107. Dr Suzanne Gelb. Expert Relationship Coaching

    Both of you are so vibrant. It makes what you teach so credible. Because you’re living examples. Great interview. Thanks!

  108. Both of you are so vibrant. It makes what you teach so credible. Because you’re living examples. Great interview. Thanks!

  109. Totally, SHARE WORTHY! Education is the key to transforming bad health to great health!

  110. So for those of us with wheat allergies who can only do corn products what do we do now???? Can’t do Ezekiel bread and most gluten free options are so processed.

    Also Vani you need to look at baby formula, I’m sure it’s a huge culprit with sick babies and all sorts if childhood illness.
    Please help!

  111. Every time I think I have a favorite Marie TV episode, you surprise me again! I love love love this episode!!! I just recently discovered Vani not too long ago and I was totally impressed by her thoroughness to transparency. I had no idea she was a B-schooler and this is one more reason why I’ll be taking your course when registration opens.

    Loving yourself enough to live the life you want includes choosing nourishing food. I’ve started juicing and eating more raw, whole foods and feel amazing. Now, I’m trying to make that shift to being consistent with exercise. Exercise seems more of a chore than fun, but I’m try to spice it up- and do something different.

    Anyway, thank you Marie for always encouraging me with your inspiring videos and thank you Vani for being such a bright light.

    With joy,

  112. Linda

    Hi Marie and Vani!
    Love the content here… couldn’t agree more! My personal philosophy – real food for real people!

    Question for you Vani – I agree with the nutritional info on coconut sugar however some of the info I’ve uncovered is keeping me from purchasing coconut sugar and sticking with other alternatives (evaporated cane, honey, maple and yes, sometimes agave).

    In order to produce coconut sugar, the coconut palm tree is tapped to produce the sap rendering the tree unable to produce fruit, i.e. the coconut. I for one would much rather have coconut flesh/meat, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil in favor of the new “it” sugar. Because sugar is such a huge commodity, some of the major suppliers of coconuts are switching to producing the sugar for profit rather than producing coconuts.

    Can you please do more research on this Vani? I would appreciate anything else you can dig up on this. Thanks!!

    Here is the original link I found on coconut palm sugar.

  113. LOVED this!!! We’ve been trying to change our eating habits and become a little more organic and have our own garden now. There’s just so much that they try to hide from you and when we all lead very busy lives its hard to pin point each bad ingredient. Definitely signing up for Vani’s blog right now! 🙂

  114. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! I am a Health Coach and this was such a great resource for my clients! I work with overwhelmed women that want more energy and less weight! Going to add these ingredients to my grocery shopping list I give out and add to my topics at my grocery store tours. Thank you Marie and Vani!

  115. Hi Marie! Hi Vani!

    First, love you both! Marie, I was introduced to what you do in April of 2013 and Vani, it’s been over a year since I found you. This episode of MarieTV was so awesome! Vani, it has been so inspirational to see how much media acknowledgement you have attracted and that you have been able to spread the truth to so many people…the internet is such a great tool!

    My path has been very similar to Vani’s, from the illness that changed her life to the quitting a cushy corporate job just this year to focus on helping Americans (hopefully, the world) lead healthier and happier lives. My background is in finance and I am still trying to weave through the never-ending web of social media. For the same reasons as Vani mentioned, I was never on social media, but the encouragement from friends and colleagues led me to start a blog, then facebook (not using my name but rather “Real Foods”), twitter, pinterest all in an effort to spread the truth about the food we consume and how it is a huge detriment to American society. My blog is at

    Through persistent research, I was able to tell people what they didn’t want to hear, but needed to know. People always responded in frustration, “so what am I supposed to eat?” I started meeting friends and colleagues at local grocery stores and teaching them how to shop. Anything I could do to get those I cared about and anyone else who was open to it, to eat more mindfully…and this is no small feat. It feels like a job just to know what you should and should not be eating. I laughed when Vani spoke about the carrageenan. I clearly remember researching this ingredient, then shoving the research studies in people’s faces saying, “Look! This ingredient is used to induce inflammation in lab animals. Just read the labels and avoid.” Research study link here: You will see that lab mice were injected with carrageenin (same as carrageenan)- and arachidonic acid to induce paw edema.

    I decided to take this passion of mine to another level by creating sweet treats that are GOOD FOR YOU. C’mon, what does everyone love? Sweets! Most people I know have a nagging sweet tooth so I figured this would be such a helpful product to have at one’s disposal. Every ingredient I use has health benefits (except baking powder and soda) and those benefits are clearly listed on my website at Initially, I made desserts and shared with those at my office, my friends and family. But then I received requests to bake a cake for an engagement party, then cupcakes and brownies for birthday parties and celebrations for diabetics. At this time, I was a financial planner by day and baker by night, which was very difficult to maintain as you can imagine. I was helping people in both ways, but one had to win out.

    In March of this year, I left my security net and began dishing out healthy sweet treats across the country through my company Mind Your Muffin Co. I hope you ladies will check me out as I love interacting with passionate and intelligent people!

    To a healthier and happier America,

    Gina (aka Real Foods Lady)

  116. Jillian

    So happy that you had Vani on today in an effort to wake up America about what is in our food. Our voices need to be heard in Washington and our $$$ spent on organic high quality food can be a game changer. We need GMOs labeled. There is a lot we can do if we all work together to create change 🙂

  117. I am a recent vegan convert for health reasons and so appreciate the insight “The Food Babe” shared on what we think is healthy. Thank you. Xx

  118. LOVE IT! Vani, Marie- thank you both so much. Gonna share this on the FB page- because Zimt enthusiasts have a thing for good nutrition (especially when it means coconut sugar sweetened chocolate!).

    Thank you again!!!

  119. This is so inspiring and amazing on so many levels. Thank you so much!!
    it still makes me think how I box myself in and play small with my passions and talents…. I teach and make fashion design and illustration, and I’m a singer, dancer, and a birth activist/doula, but somehow my business comes across as just teaching design techniques. Actually it is so much more than that that I want to say to my 99 percent female audience and my passion for seeing fashion change, seeing more diversity and more curves and smiles, women knowing their choices, capabilities, and facts around safety in birth and danger in interventions (they can be like food additives, toxic to say the least and inhibit the birth process). I want to, in all of these areas, celebrate female culture and beauty and see women move and create and stand up in their own forms. I started my own business so that I could raise my kids when my corporate university job wanted me to commute full time after I had my third kid……. but I’m struggling now. I’m a Bschooler though, so there’ s a lot of hope…how do I harness my passion for my family and women’s lives so that I can support my family too? I feel like this video reminds me, and I am hopeful that I can share more of what i know to help people and in the end that can earn my living as well so I CAN raise my kids and help people. Today my students (yes this is year 2013) were complaining that I teach them to draw fashion models that are 8 1/2 heads tall (kind of realistic) when their other teachers teach them 12 heads tall. HOW CAN THE BEST DESIGN SCHOOL IN THE NATION BE TEACHING DESIGNERS TO DRAW WOMEN WHOSE BODIES ARE 12 TIMES LONGER THAN THEIR HEADS???????? it’s insane and backwards, and I see we have a long way to go. I guess I should write about this on my blog, eh? okay then!!!
    Thanks always, Marie, and Vani!!!

  120. Great episode! Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but for people not watching the entire video, the listed sources below the video are easily confused with the title: “5 Surprising Health Foods You Shouldn’t Eat”. They’re all health foods and although you list more than 5, without the verbiage that these are “good”…they are easily confused as “bad”. Just an observation!

  121. Thank you, Marie, for bringing Vani! It inspiring to see how she left the corporate world. And how naturally this step came to her. Marvellous!

  122. This was amazing! As someone who has suffered from migraines due to MSG or other chemicals both in food AND in body products I am very passionate about living and eating clean. Love these tips that are definitely not common knowledge — especially my sweet Almond Milk! Thank you both so much for all the amazing information and many blessings to Vani for following her passion and serving the world. Going to go check my Almond Milk ingredients right now! xo

  123. shim

    I loveeeeee how Indian girls are getting recognized and doing great things in this country. It gives me a lot of courage being Indian myself. We don’t see many of us on TV lol but obv that’s changing now 🙂

  124. .Hej!
    My biggest insight was that thing called “caragene” or something (how do you spell it?) that can be in almond milk and other stuff. Really goota start making it myself!

  125. Angela Montano

    This was awesome! Thank you for sharing this interview Marie. I found you a few weeks ago and have been watching you non stop! I have been researching and trying to educated myself on processed food and organic. I have recently started medifast to lose about 30 pounds and am learning about food. I am on a life change mode and this was perfect! I will be visiting and following Vani the Food Babe! Thank You! Sometimes we get over whelmed in knowing all of these things that are out there that the public is eating. I have been watching labels for a few years but man there are a lot I do not know about! I have one kiddo at home and I am teaching him : Its scary, but knowledge is power!

  126. Wow, you are so inspiring Vani!. It is nice to know that I am not the only other food activist out there!. I deal with this on a daily basis with my children and the school system! I will definitely be sharing your blog with them!

  127. I love these tips and feel happy I am already aware of most of these issues. BUT, I didn’t know about the specific manufacturer/company issues. For example, I have a huge bag of Truvia in my cupboard – it’ll last me a year!

    Nevertheless, I copied the list of recommended companies and I’ll be watching for them in my new grocery purchases.

    Thanks for the informed insight. Bring more!

  128. I’m inspired 🙂 Also, very nice to see an episode including other Marie TV viewers!

    Much appreciated

  129. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! Can I get an amen?! AMEN

    I loved this video, this is a cause very close to my heart. I’m a fitness and wellness coach who is always trying to get everyone to open their eyes and pay attention to their food (and health, and happiness, etc). I’m so glad to have been introduced to Food Babe- I will be scouring the website shortly 🙂

    Funny story- I just did this pretty epic 17 mile running race that went over a mountain (5,000 feet straight into the sky and then back down) and I brought watered down coconut water in my hydration pack. Everyone thought I was nuts, but I didn’t sh*t my pants from gatorade and goo gel overload (an ugly truth of racing)- so whose the crazy one now? 🙂

    Thanks for a great Tuesday!

  130. Okay stupid question… but why do some people’s avatars have pictures- how does that work? Is that a B-School alumni thing? I’ve always wondered…

    • shim

      Lol I don’t think it’s a B-School thing. My picture shows up when I comment but I have absolutely no idea how. I was kinda surprised to see my picture. It could be because Marie’s blog is on WordPress and I had a wp with my picture as avatar. Not sure if it is pulling my pic from there. But it would be weird if it did because the picture that shows up is not my picture on my blog anymore lol

      • Huh I’ll have to update my avatar on my website (also wordpress) and see what happens, thanks for the info!

  131. Jenny

    Thanks so much for this episode! As a stay-at-home mom looking to make the transition to running my own business, I was so inspired by Vani’s courage and insight with her own transition. Her process around changing her income source really resonated with me. The food info was great and I’m going to read the label on my almond milk right now! I’ve followed some of Vani’s writings on and always find it super enlightening.

  132. Hi Marie! Hi Vani!

    First, love you both! Marie, I was introduced to what you do in April of 2013 and Vani, it’s been over a year since I found you. This episode of MarieTV was so awesome! Vani, it has been so inspirational to see how much media acknowledgement you have attracted and that you have been able to spread the truth to so many people…the internet is such a great tool!

    My path has been very similar to Vani’s, from the illness that changed her life to the quitting a cushy corporate job just this year to focus on helping Americans (hopefully, the world) lead healthier and happier lives. My background is in finance and I am still trying to weave through the never-ending web of social media. For the same reasons as Vani mentioned, I was never on social media, but the encouragement from friends and colleagues led me to start a blog, then facebook (not using my name but rather “Real Foods”), twitter, pinterest all in an effort to spread the truth about the food we consume and how it is a huge detriment to American society. My blog is at

    Through persistent research, I was able to tell people what they didn’t want to hear, but needed to know. People always responded in frustration, “so what am I supposed to eat?” I started meeting friends and colleagues at local grocery stores and teaching them how to shop. Anything I could do to get those I cared about and anyone else who was open to it, to eat more mindfully…and this is no small feat. It feels like a job just to know what you should and should not be eating. I laughed when Vani spoke about the carrageenan. I clearly remember researching this ingredient, then shoving the research studies in people’s faces saying, “Look! This ingredient is used to induce inflammation in lab animals. Just read the labels and avoid.” Research study link here: You will see that lab mice were injected with carrageenin (same as carrageenan)- and arachidonic acid to induce paw edema.

    I decided to take this passion of mine to another level by creating sweet treats that are GOOD FOR YOU. C’mon, what does everyone love? Sweets! Most people I know have a nagging sweet tooth so I figured this would be such a helpful product to have at one’s disposal. Every ingredient I use has health benefits (except baking powder and soda) and those benefits are clearly listed on my website at Initially, I made desserts and shared with those at my office, my friends and family. But then I received requests to bake a cake for an engagement party, then cupcakes and brownies for birthday parties and celebrations for diabetics. At this time, I was a financial planner by day and baker by night, which was very difficult to maintain as you can imagine. I was helping people in both ways, but one had to win out.

    In March of this year, I left my security net and began dishing out healthy sweet treats across the country through my company Mind Your Muffin Co. I hope you ladies will check me out as I love interacting with passionate and intelligent people!

    To a healthier and happier America,


  133. One of my favorite quotes on health is, “Your metabolism reflects what you do by creating a body that can survive the conditions it is subjected to.”

  134. This was a great video with a very important message ~ Thanks, Food Babe, for taking those Corporate Giants on for humanity!

  135. Jolie Goldstein

    It’s hard to believe that about agave!! Are you sure?? Is there another syrup I can substitute when recipes call for agave syrup? Why don’t so many health professionals know about this? That just blew me away. I would have never thought that about agave. Especially since I swear by it and have recommended it to so many people.

  136. Ooh, thank you, Marie and Vani. Just popped over to your site, Vani, and have a few recipes I’ll be trying out. Thank you. Dates have become my replacement for agave, blended with water. Didn’t know about the coconut palm sugar. Thank you so much.
    And if anybody likes sweet chilli dip that tastes faaaaab and has no garlic, vinegar, sugar or flour and tastes just divine and like the real deal, here’s one I experimented with and it’s scrum. It’s hot so use less pepper if you want it mild.
    1 red jalapeno pepper
    1/2 cup date puree (1/2 cup pitted dates blended with 1/4 to /2 cup hot water)
    1/4 cup lemon juice
    3/4 cup of water (less or more depending on consistency you want)
    1/2 tsp salt
    Blend all the above together, heat in a saucepan, lower and simmer for three minutes. Cool completely before storing in a glass jar in the fridge.
    I’ve had it on vegan burgers, in pittas, with kebabs, drizzled on salad. Mmm.
    Enjoy. 🙂

  137. I’m inspired and uplifted that Vani is able to live her passion and advocate for change. That’s something I actively work towards in my business too. (I help entrepreneurs redesign their business with tech to create an explosively good customer experience.) While, I’m not in the health industry, I do take what I eat seriously. And, I advocate for others to do the same. I had a scary health issue years ago that changed my eating habits for good. I got myself some training on what foods to put in my body and went 100% raw for a while. Now, I’m mostly vegan and gluten free. However, I was totally taken notes during the video. As life goes, I haven’t kept up with a perfect diet. The recommendations on subway bread, agave and almond milk will be implemented, stat. Thank you for this one! It left me totally jazzed about living well and advocating for my clients.

  138. Thank you so much for this breakdown! As a health coach and health blogger, I loved hearing the reasons why these foods aren’t so great, the things you can swap out, and what to watch out for. I am going to have so much fun reading the labels and playing detective next time I head to the grocery store (for real, no sarcasm here. Whole Foods is my happy place!). You are both truly inspiring ladies and I love what you are doing to change the world!

  139. Lea H

    This was great. I just found Vani and have been trying some things she recommends. I am a prepper, and I have been working on buyin heirloom/organic seeds for my garden and ditching things that have too many ingredients. I come from some bad eating habits. I was happy to sub my dairy milk for Almond and was bummed to hear that I should be making my own, so would love to know how to go about that again….was it soak raw almonds and water…do you have a ratio? I eat Almond milk daily in my Whole Oat cereal and in my fruit smoothies with RAW Protein (got from Food Babe!!). Also, I was away from bread a long while and then started incorporating the whole wheat in……I loved Ezekial, but heard “Why not just eat regular whole wheat?” UM YUP, going back to my Ezekials (LOVE the Cinnimon Rasin in the am). So anyway – so curious about the Almond Milk…..Also, trying to pay attention to natural sweets, any insites on the best chocolate, sugar, honey etc I should be getting. I personally am trying to find my own local honey, but the rest?????

  140. And then TED does something like this:

    And soy is one of the worst “health foods” – especially if it isn’t organic and fermented.

  141. So happy we were included in this video! Thanks for the inspiration and education!

  142. Loved Loved Loved this video!! I am always staying on top of healthy eating….gotta keep the “temple” clean! The point that opened my eyes was the dough conditioner, it kind of breaks my heart I love all things bread. I have seriously cut back my bread eating anyway, substituting home made plantain bread instead. This interview inspired me to do better at making better choices!

  143. Vani is a gal after my own heart.
    I am so grateful I love raw, whole foods.
    My policy has always been if I can not say it I do not eat it.
    Knowledge is power and I thank you so much for spreading the good word.
    Now if we can get rid of GM produce I would be a happy camper.
    To your health!!!

  144. Self awareness is so key. Just threw away the rest of my diet coke. No more!

  145. Agave syrup??? I use it all the time, others like Kris Carr recommend it. Are you sure it’s no good??

    • MG

      In terms of the glycemic index, it’s right up there with corn syrup. Agave is a “30” on the glycemic index, considered a “very high load.” Raw foodists were all about agave nectar 10 or so years ago, only to find out in the more recent research that it’s far too high on the glycemic index for anything more than minimal use. Not only is it hard on the pancreas, blood sugar, adrenals, etc., it’s not doing the teeth and gums any favors. Coconut sugar, those is still a concentrated extraction of sugar, is lower on the glycemic index because it retains some of its fibers. Hope this is useful to you. 🙂

  146. Moriah

    Loved the video and I am a huge fan of food babe but please keep the blasphemy out, not a fan of that part in this video. Thanks for the info

  147. I have recently made changes to my diet that coincide with Vani talks about here. I just wrote a post on it today! I am so happy she is raising awareness to this topic of FOOD. You think you are doing good by purchasing ORGANIC but it just sometimes doesn’t matter after you read your labels.

  148. We have 3 supermarkets in my town and not one of them carries heavy cream without carrageenan.
    We have discussed how the takeover of “All-Natural” Breyers Ice Cream by Unilever makes poor little Johnny not be able to pronounce the ingredients anymore:

  149. Varni,

    you are FABULOUS – such wonderful energy and a true inspiration. We would love to spread your message to the UK (massively needs it too!) by interviewing you on our ‘Ladies we Love’ page on (sexy savvy self-help for the fun lovin’ filly of today!)

    If you are interested, please email [email protected]

    So much love,

    Persia & Joey

  150. Angie

    The most important take-away for me? Well, I think I already knew most of it, but I was defintiely happy to find a commercially produced Coconut Water that Vani endorses. Living in MN, I lament not having access to fresh coconut water, and I relish every tropical vacation we take when I can indulge in this healthy wonderful drink. Thanks for all the work you do!!

  151. Brigette

    How do medium chain fatty acids “really help you build the right amino acids?” Vani, while your message is noble, it’s clouded by your lack of understanding of the human body, nutritional biochemistry, and a discerning eye for valid scientific evidence. As a registered dietitian and personal advocate for non-GMO foods, I would love to root for your cause, but your posts and videos are laced with scientific inaccuracies, and therefore cause further confusion among consumers.

    • Dianna

      Can you recommend good resources for nutrition information? Thanks!

    • It is widely known that healthy fats like coconut oil help the body absorb amino acids more effectively.

  152. Alicia

    I love what Vani said: “everyone had given me permission accept myself.” I am in the same place right now. I have encouragement from everyone to be a light and to trust myself that what I have is worth sharing..I guess it was a good time to hear that Vani had to push past her doubts too. Feeling encouraged!!! *Also I will not be buying Almond Breeze milk anymore! It’s got that nasty carrageenan ingredient! Time to make my own or go the whole foods way!

    • Just do it Alicia… I am so glad I did and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!

  153. Thank you Marie for such a great and important episode! I am on day 3 of my first ever cleanse/detox so this is perfect timing for me. I am so glad to know that Vani is on the mission to help educate us all on what we are putting in our bodies! And I’m excited to check out Ezekiel bread and raw coconut water 🙂

  154. Great video- so glad you are getting the word out Marie- I’e been blogging about this crap in our foods forever at Delicious Alternatives, let’s spread the word! Woo hoo

  155. I absolutely loved this interview. I learned that the weird ingredient in almond milk is not good for us, didn’t know that!
    Thank you both, love your energy, loved the simple breakdown.

  156. Hello Marie

    What a fantastic and very informative interview with Bonnie. Loved it!

    I’ve been a vegan since 1994 and have severe gluten intolerance and was always curious about agave and carrageenan being problematic because my body would always react to both of these ingredients and I stopped using products that used them some time ago. I was very interested to learn about the other products too.

    I love that Bonnie walked away from her job to live her passion and help so many people. That is truly admirable. You can clearly see how happy she is doing work she loves. Here’s to all of us living our dreams!


  157. Janet

    Oh, my Heavens. All my almond milk and coconut milk that I pride myself in drinking (since I cannot do dairy anymore) have carajeenan on the label. Trips me out. I’ve got a super blender, so I will be making my almond milk from now on. I’ll be smarter about the coconut milk, which I love. And I’ve signed up for Vani’s newsletters. Thanks, Marie, good TV as always.

  158. Melanie

    @FoodBabe Thanks for fighting the good fight! You should be team up with young Rachel Parent. I saw her debate with Kevin O’Leary and was very impressed.

    Just because a food is nutrient-rich and low calorie DOES NOT MEAN it is healthy for YOU. Like many others I’ve been doing “the Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas. I was surprised to learn how the “healthy” whole foods I was making at home were making me fat. I’ve lost 10+ lbs in a couple of months just by paying attention to what my body was trying to tell me all along. For me, Brussels sprouts are a no-go – and I love them. Ditto for celery. Luckily, red wine and me get along just fine 🙂

    Worth a read if you’re into health and wellness!!

    • You must be psychic – We are flying Rachel in from Canada for a fundraiser I am throwing on Thursday at Expo East for i-522 GMO labeling in Wash State. I can’t wait to meet her 🙂

  159. OMG! This is truly an eye opener. I am changing my eating habits day by day. What about weight watcher products? Please let me know the do’s and don’ts.

    • Julie

      Hey there Veronica, weight watchers seems like a good idea and they have some great products BUT, they are full of nasties and worse they add sugar!!

      Best advice I ever got was when you go grocery shopping at the supermarket, shop the periphery (fruit, veg, meat etc) and skip all the middle aisles as that is no doubt where the preservatives, additives and all other bad stuff is.. If you do venture in, always read the labels…

  160. Harriette

    This was an excellent interview. The start-up of her dream (what she did not know at the time) and the information about the healthy food was awesome. Thank you for sharing the information (7foods), some of which I knew but others were surprising.

  161. Thank you Marie … I so very much enjoy watching Marie TV. What I loved about Vani was her decision to use her voice. Being passionate myself about finding my own voice – in Peru (May 2012) – and choosing also to share my experiences through my passion for writing and healing, has been hugely supported by your business slogan Marie “The world needs that special gift that only you have”. Thank you Vani for sharing your knowledge about food; an area I am especially passionate about also <3

  162. What a delightful surprising video Marie!! Vani is so right on and I hope she keep going to share with people all over the planet.
    My insight: As someone who has been in the natural product world (think food co ops and health food stores you know back in the day LOL) for 40 years I am thrilled to see such young bright personalities using social media to carry the torch 🙂 You and Vani are wonderful strong passionate women we are blessed to be able to *hear* your messages!
    I am the author of Real Food Diet Quick Start and have it for free today on Amazon as a kindle book. for any one looking for more on the real food movement.
    Warm Aloha and Kokua!

  163. Cathy

    Don’t know why but it continues to amaze me what manufacturers put in our food! So thankful for FoodBabe and others who are shining a spotlight and getting the truth out to consumers!

    Somehow Vani was able to make celery juice sound attractive. I hope to purchase a juicer in the near future. Also happy to find a coconut milk that does not contain the dreaded seaweed.

    As a side issue, since you both seem interested in truth, I would like to challenge you on your exclamations. The name of Jesus was invoked a few times in this video. Have you heard that he lived the perfect life that we could never live, then died a tortuous death to make atonement for the sins of all those that come to him in faith? Have you heard that he rose up from the grave after 3 days? The resurrection is historical and proves He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. Thanks for considering!

    Take care 🙂

    • Janet

      Thanks for proving what I said in my comment below about others noticing the choice of curse word used in this episode. I had not read the comments before I left my own. It’s hard to believe a successful professional is this insensitive. Other than that, the information provided was useful.

  164. Julie

    Hey Marie, thanks for this great episode.. Healthy living is a hot topic right now and it is so cool to see someone like Vani spreading the word not just about living healthy but for those of us that already choose to, it’s important to challenge so e of the “so called” health foods out there.

    Every time I see Agave as an alternative to sugar I feel quite disappointed that the health food store is selling something that is NOT a healthy alternative to Sucrose.. Also Caraganeen, which seems harmless enough (at least I thought so until today) is often used to make the capsule in many vitamin supplements! So, thanks Vani I shall be researching that one a bit more…

  165. Amy

    What an amazing video! I loved every minute of it! Thanks you Marie and Vani for the insights into what certain labelled “health” foods contain. I’m from Sydney, Australia and we don’t have the 9 grain bread from Subway, However, this video has put things into perspective about knowing what ingredients are in the food that you put in your mouth! I have to admit i had to stop the video half way just to go sign up to Foodbabe! Looking forward to your next video Marie! 🙂

  166. Mona Kelly

    And for the ice cream maker for Marie, I recommend the Cuisinart one. They have funky colors. I got the white one, because I am a monochromatic ninja, but you don’t have to be that boring obviously. And the ice cream is Mama Mia…

  167. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Food Babe!

    I started my green recipes site because I strongly believe that taking responsibility for what we eat is one of the most powerful choices we can make not just for our bodies, but also for our planet, and even our economy.

    Thank you for shining a bright light on the food industry and encouraging people to choose consciously!

  168. Years ago, I was using natural stevia from a health food store. My allergies started acting up and I did further research. Stevia is part of the ragweed family. I’m not sure why this isn’t common knowledge, considering many people have ragweed allergies.

  169. Love this! This talk reaffirmed all my personal research and way I eat already. I still think wheat is one of the most genetically modified foods as well as peanuts and tomatoes. I am hoping the bill will be passed to label all genetically modified foods. But really, making things at home is the best. Spend a weekend and make it all, pop it in the freezer and you have HOMEMADE packaged foods where you know the ingredients came from.

    Thanks Marie for posting this!

  170. MG

    Vani’s doing a great job, and I agree with most of her recs. However, I would NOT be touting 365 Almond Milk as clean and healthy. While WFM may have taken the carrageenan out of it’s almond milk up-to-date (they still add it to their 365 Rice Milk), it’s got xanthan gum (an additive used similarly to carrageenan as a thickener and emulsifier, is derived from a variety of sources such as corn, wheat, or soy, which may or may not be GMO, and is known to cause digestive upset), and a handful of synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately, most of the competitor brands have the exact same list of ingredients; so it’s not just a WFM thing. Basically, “food” that’s been processed and is sold in a box is up for debate in terms of purity, health, and nutrition.

    • Hi MG – the Whole Foods Brand I’m referring to is USDA certified organic – see link below – the ingredients are not from GMO sources. But like I said in the video – it’s really simple to make your own almond milk (the best way) with 1 cup almonds soaked overnight, drained and then blended with 4 cups water and then strained with a cheese cloth or strainer. Thanks for paying attention to the details!

  171. Vani and Marie!
    Thank you! I am so excited to hear someone proclaiming that agave is terrible! Having been a previous agave user, I stopped immediately when I learned how it is treated in the body after reading about it through
    Have you connected with that organization Vani? They are doing amazing work as well! Thank you for sharing your passion!
    Big Love!!!

  172. Vani – I am so thrilled to hear someone saying what I have been preaching for years now! You really inspired me when I saw where you stood up at the Democratic National Convention with your program scrawled with lipstick saying “Label GMOs” as Tom Vilsack came out on stage. That was priceless!

    I wrote a book in 2011 called “Alive Health Recipe Book – Healthy Eating On The Run” and I am now putting it on video after taking Marie’s B-School course. I too am trying to get this message out to people, most of whom look at me as if I had just grown two heads. But if we persist, we CAN make a difference. Kudos to you for what you are doing and keep up the good work!

  173. Wow- thank you so, so much Marie and Vani for this video. There are hundreds of frozen yoghurt places in Sydney (in fact more opening up every week – seriously, how many times a week do people eat this stuff?!) and I couldn’t believe it when Vani was describing the making process. Yuk! I’ve never been a huge fan and will definitely be staying well clear from now on.

    Thank you ladies! xx

  174. I’m a little frustrated by the information flying around about agave nectar. I have a suspicion that agave is the victim of a successful marketing campaign, rather than being inherently worse than any other extracted sugar, and the story has spread with viral effectiveness, but is it really true?

    Many people talk about agave like it’s almost as bad as a poison, but as a raw vegan and scientist myself, I like to find my own answers, and I came across this article on Better World Blog from June 2010
    that examines the issue in depth, including looking at the chemistry of fructose, and cites a number of research papers exploring the effects of agave. Her conclusion is that although sweeteners in general are not something that we should consume in large quantities, agave nectar is no worse than any other sweetener, and may even have some benefits.

    I don’t know who’s right or wrong in this, but the intensity of the belief in agave’s negative effects says to me there’s something more going on here, and I’d really love it if we could hold off on crucifying it until we know the whole story.

    • P.S. Everything we eat is made up of chemicals with funny names (“chemicals” are what make up our entire world), we just give them easier to say names. For example, did you know that the chemical “dihydrogen monoxide” is actually just water?

      I have no doubt that azodicarbonamide is not something we want to be eating, what with being banned in so many places, but what makes it bad for us is what it does to us, not its complicated name. Remember “don’t judge a chemical by its name”. 😉

  175. Thanks so much for this interview, Marie! Really cool to hear more about Vani’s story…and I LOVE the “health foods to avoid” choices she made!

    One thing to add for my fellow runners/athletes: For electrolyte replacement during training, coconut water is great to a point; but it doesn’t have a lot of sodium in it, which you most definitely need to replace if you’re training for endurance races like marathons. I find it helpful to supplement the coconut water with something salty like salted nuts or an avocado spread on toast with a healthy dash of sea salt on top – on Ezekiel bread, of course. 🙂

    Hadn’t thought much about carageenan in my almond milk, so thanks for that, Vani. Will have to go back to making it myself…not sure why I stopped in the first place. It’s so much tastier when it’s homemade!

    Finally, I want to thank Vani for reminding me how important it is to educate my clients about some of the nasty stuff in our food supply. I’m often so focused on the practical side of being healthy – I work with “I’m too busy to be healthy” professional women – that I sometimes forget to cover this deeper level of information. So…thank you! 🙂

  176. Happy to be living in a tropical country where there are lots of coconut trees. 🙂 Coconut is like the most normal thing here, if we want fresh coconut water, we buy it straight from the coconut! Plus agave is REALLY expensive here. On another note, this is such a great interview. Another awesome one Marie, thank you so much. I feel really inspired and moved by Vani’s story, I cried! In that instant, I rediscovered my love and passion for clean eating, helping people and just plain being awesome. Bless you! 🙂

  177. Janet

    I really wish I could share this segment with many others. I love Food Babe and noted that she said she believes in a higher power. Unfortunately Marie uses the higher power that I believe in as her curse word of choice. I doubt I am the only one to be bothered.

  178. Thank you for making this video Marie and Vani. Your information was incredibly informative, especially since I have recently changed my diet. I am off to the supermarket with my new list!

  179. Loving the inside scoop on common “health foods.” I will be making the switch–and I’m inspired to make my own ice cream and almond milk! Great lady, great cause, super info!

  180. Thanks for sharing! I used agave nectar all the time, will change that and try coconut sugar!

  181. Frances Vieras Blanc

    No agave?! What will I do now?? I had heard the rumors but listening to Voni’s description of it’s true evils has finally made me get rid of it…for good! Both bottles are officially in the recycling bin. Thank you, ladies!

  182. Missy

    Two things Varni said really impressed me
    1. “Everyone was giving me permission to do something I loved except me”. Guilty of that one. Why do WE hold ourselves back???
    2. “Follow your passion and the money will follow”. WOW talk about a leap of faith. And really what is money but an exchange of energy!
    Great interview Marie! Thank you to you both for sharing your special gifts with the world! XO

  183. Katherine

    I like to think that I eat pretty healthy and I honestly was really surprised about the whole wheat bread. I will look into the ezekiel bread! Thanks so much for the tips and what a great story.

    • I think that picking out whole wheat bread was a general statement. You can buy bread with less ingredients and all natural at local bakeries. I live in S. Florida and buy bread from the German Haus. They have thin sliced, all natural, low carb and low in salt options.

  184. LOVE this episode! And certainly love to see more successful b-schoolers interviews here, about beating the odds, raising the vibration and spreading the love to make a difference.

    Thanks and big hugs from Amsterdam!

  185. Robina


    Thank you for sharing the Subway story. I had a car accident last year and had to take physical therapy for six months. Right next to the physical therapy place was a Subway, where I would get a healthy lunch on the nine-grain bread several times a week. All of a sudden I started to feel weak, faint and weird. My normal to low blood pressure started to spike. I gave up eating at Subway and radically changed my diet. I have now lost 18 lbs, but until now, I did not know the cause of that awful health crisis. Now I know. Thank you for sharing this information..

  186. Robina

    Hi Marie,

    I was not familiar with your work until I saw you at Expert’s Academy a few days ago. Your presentation was phenomenal! I decided to check out your website and Vani actually gave information that unraveled a health crisis that I experienced last year. Who knew Subway nine-grain bread was so toxic? Kudos to you from a fellow Jersey girl.


  187. Dana Cherie

    When I saw that Vani and Marie linked up, it took every bit of my strength to wait to watch the video until I had some down time. I did it though! Vani and Marie, you are 2 of the most inspiring women alive. Thanks to both of you for being who you are. 🙂

  188. Tina Boldman

    I was absolutely blown away about the agave!!! And seriously bummed because I just bought some yesterday. Awesome interview

  189. Great video! It’s amazing the amount of work that is required to truly understand the impact of certain ingredients. Guaranteed, Vani sat for hours researching and finding multiple sources of information for the “truth” about chemicals found in our food. Bottom line- if it’s natural or whole, it’s better. Thanks for this! I’m heading straight to my kitchen to make something healthy. 🙂

  190. Vani has an empowering story. Truth in food marketing is long overdue. However, I find it a little troubling to be constantly hearing from food experts how the health experts got it wrong again (about the foods they are recommending). It’s hard for people to keep up with what they should be eating. I know often times the devil is in the details but I have to question her selection of food items to trash just a little.

  191. My takeaways

    (1) I am now going to check ALL my almond milk for Carageenan. Yikes!

    (2) I knew coconuts were good, but didn’t realise HOW good – I’m going to eat more!

    (3) Vani. Is. ADORABLE!!! Going to start watching her videos right now!

    Thanks Vani, Marie and Team Forleo, this was an AWESOME vid!

  192. Love the tidbit about giving ourselves permission!!! I totally relate and I am working on self-love and my own compassion to believe this and own it and make my own way!!

  193. Agave! I have been using it like it’s going out of style-trying not to eat sugar-and I HAVE gained weight around my belly! Couldn’t figure out why. THANK YOU! I loved this video-as I love everything Marie Forleo.
    I would love to be on Marie TV to talk about my company Miracle Girls-partly a result from learning from Marie for sure.

  194. Best Marie TV EVER! Vani is amazing! What a wealth of info! I knew I loved Coconut water and milk but not sure why… now I know. Best take away: Coconut Palm Sugar: I was’t familiar with this as a sugar substitute.

    I wasn’t surprised about the agave; I tried it as a sugar substitute and had a very bad reaction. Literally felt worse than if I just used raw sugar. Also I recently ate frozen yogurt at a place next to a local movie theater (friends drug me in; it’s not usually my thing). I felt really sick in the midst of eating this stuff. AND it didn’t even taste good to me at all. I tossed it. I have a pretty clean diet and can often tell when something is bad for me. So many people can’t and just eat more and more of things that are slowly killing them. We all have to take responsibility and use resources like Vani to stay educated about what we are putting into our bodies.

  195. Noooo, not almond milk! Now I have a reason to experiment with making my own (silver lining). AMAZING information 🙂

  196. Oliver rojas


    To quote Vani, the single biggest insight I am taking from the interview is that “if you do what you love and you are really good at it, the money will follow”…


  197. JD Thornton

    Love this, Marie! I always love watching your videos. I do have one question though.
    I’ve noticed that you talk a lot about the support of family and spouses. And Vani herself mentions her husband’s support. So what if you don’t have a spouse, your family is unable to financially support you, you grew up below poverty level, and you have to pay all your own bills? How do you live your dreams when it’s such a battle just to pay rent, and you have no one to lean on?
    Thanks for such a wonderful blog, Marie! You are an inspiration!

  198. Ryan Nicole

    Fantastic! I loved this video for so many reasons.

  199. Ana

    I really loved this video! I’ve been reading and researching as much as I’ve been able over the last year and a half or so about healthy eating and living, and I still learned so much. For example, just this week I was thinking of trying out almond milk from the grocery store because I’ve had to throw away a couple of batches of almonds that sat soaking for too long when I didn’t have time to make the milk, but now I know better! I’ll stick with homemade, and work on myself instead to organize my time so that it doesn’t happen anymore.

    There were so many great ideas throughout the video but I have to say that I truly like the quote in the tweetable. When I started learning more about food and health, I almost didn’t feel like eating anymore, because I couldn’t make the abrupt transition to eating strictly healthy (the way I saw the experts doing, without realizing their transition too was a process), but over time, I’ve learned that it’s all about slowly adding in the good foods and habits to crowd out the bad ones, and taking it one step at a time.

  200. Rita

    Marie, I have been a fan for a few years and I had the pleasure of seeing you in person at Regina’s Mastery class in NYC. My SG friend Cyn raved about B school. I am not sure how I found Vani, but I signed up for Foodbabe updates as soon as I read about her. I really like the coconut milk info in the video. I managed a health food store for 15 years and have loved Ezekiel bread since day one. Sad news about agave -Vani’s explanation was very informative. I guess I wanted to be Vani when I grew up! So happy and so jealous this “babe” is following her passion and helping us be healthier. I am off to Natural Foods Expo East Friday in MD. Sometimes I get goosebumps (truthbumps) when I read about someone like Vani.
    Rock on Vani! You too Marie!

  201. woohoo! funny ya’ll talked about ice cream machine. I just bought the cuisinart machine off amazon last week to start making my own from coconut milk. First on the list: pumpkin!!! Rock on!

  202. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Marie, Thanks for being brave and tackling a subject that does cause a lot of controversy but I think today people’s minds are opening up more and they are starting to connect the dots between our poor food choices, health and disease, and the terrible state of our environment and world. I really loved Vani’s list of 5 unhealthy foods and I was totally shocked and surprised by them as well. I have often heard other organic food gurus rattle off these lists but it’s always the same type of foods but she’s the first one to introduce a whole bunch of unhealthy foods that I didn’t even know existed such as almond milk. Like you I always thought it was 100% safe and had no idea about the ingredient she mentioned in the video. It was a really eye-opening episode and one of your finest ever!

  203. Hey Vani,
    do you know anyone in Germany you would recommend as a “Foodbabe”? Loved the episode and it would be so much easier not to have to do all the research myself 😉 that’s why I am asking. Since we (in Germany) have other laws, products, names for ingredients etc.
    Would be really cool to know 🙂 Thanks in advance!
    Keep up the great work. I think we could do so much more for a healthy world if there were more ppl who are aware of what junk we are putting into our bodys. But to be honest, most of the time I find it too hard, frustrating, time consuming and too much of work to a) know what is good or bad b) then check everything on the back of the product c) go to special shops to get what is good
    The goal I would wish for is: Me going into a store and being able to buy, whatever is there without any worries and just having a meal that I know serves the original purpose of food: to NURISH not to DEMAGE my body.

  204. Thank you Vani and Marie, I definitely want to start making my own Almond Milk!
    Keep up the good work.

    It’s crazy how the food industry keep adding non-sense ingredient.
    I am vegan, sometimes raw-vegan, and I don’t understand all these fake-meat, fake-cheese… what’s the point? Why should we need these options?

    I really support the people and experts that play with fresh ingredients, offering great combination and tasty recipes, for example green smoothie (try banana+babyspinach+raspberries+water or just blend orange+kiwi), awesome salad, raw pizza, I need to know how to do that, it’s fantastic.

    Fruits and love, have a nice gnammy day 🙂

  205. Love this! So excited for you Voni! You are doing what you love and I would love to do that too! I’ll be sharing this with my readers. Great work on decoding these products and great recommendations!

  206. Loved this video. Vani is so full of vibrant energy and the love for her work really shows through. After watching the video, I went and looked at the labels of all my “healthy” foods. Carageenan was in every one!

    I have been on a sugar cleanse for 5 ish weeks now and the results have been astonishing. I feel better, look better, my skin is more radiant and, most importantly, I was SHOCKED by the amount of sugar I ate, even though I am pretty healthy. Now, my family is eating better, more veggies and proteins, kind close to a paleo diet, and my dedication to helping to build and maintain a local food economy has been boosted. Last week we had 40 people to a permaculture potluck and the minds at work were incredible (in little old Montana).

    Thanks, Vani and Marie, for making this video and sharing it with us. Very inspiring on many levels, and now I am really fired up to continue working on the issues that mean the most to me.

    Many thanks!

  207. I am half the interview and I am already loving it! Thanks for sharing it Marie!

    I think we all need to came back to this because it inspires us to follow our dreams I mean we need to follow our dreams no matter what!!

    It wont be easy I know but I think we need to remember that is totally worth it!!

    We have to believe in ourselves, believe that is possible, believe in our mission, believe believe and believe!!!

    PS: See Marie, like I told you @behaviorcon you need to come to Perú as well!! 🙂

  208. As a mom of a 2 year old (and an “older mom” at that) I’d love to learn more about food and feed my family better, but it is COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING! So I continue on doing what I’m doing. 🙁 We eat pretty well compared to the average American family I think, but we eat pretty crappy when I hear information like this.

    Any tips on where to start? Or maybe “if you do nothing else to change your diet…do this!” type of information? Thanks!

    Also, my husband and I have talked about trying a detox but I pity the fool who’s around us with no sugar or caffeine for a few days! hee hee 🙂

    • Hi Karen!

      The info IS overwhelming. Great to meet with a nutritionist to get good info and work with YOUR personal needs. There are some good resources out there. I love – world’s Healthiest Foods. Marion Nestle’s “What to Eat” book is also terrific. Stick with real foods, my friend!

      I’m a nutritionist/registered dietitian and offer phone consults. My website which has lots of info is or check out some free webinars at

      Best of luck to you!

      Warmly, Mary Purdy, MS RD

    • Karen! I feel you girl! I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and one on the way.
      I live eating healthy and love all the info, but being a mom with this info is a whole different ball game. We can’t control what our kids eat sometimes. Dealing with sports, parties, school, play dates, and simply other parents can be overwhelming. I liked what u mentioned about just one thing. Cause as moms, the way we treat this health crisis takes a different approach from the average person eating healthy without he challenges of a family to feed as well. I’m currently working on a website to attack these issues so I loved your idea of “what’s one thing I can do.” If u get a chance email me. I’d love to chat with u on ideas. [email protected]

  209. Like you said, it’s not about being perfect!
    We have to find what works for US, uniquely. It’s amazing what a range of foods will do for different bodies and lives 🙂
    I absolutely value above all what the individual most needs at any given moment and pledge to serve that, aside from “what works best for me”.

    Love xo Nicole

  210. Great interview with Vani!
    I’m suddenly feeling super inspired in my kitchen:)!
    Frozen yogurt?!! I can’t believe these were one of the foods. Oh no, one of my faves 😉 !

  211. Jennifer

    Hi – Just wondering if your lemon water suggestion can be taken at room temp. I currently drink 16 oz of water when I wake up and if I add the other two ingredients that will not be a big deal for me

    • Ana

      The warm (not hot, otherwise it destroys the vitamin C in the lemon) water aids with digestion and helps get things moving. And to be honest, I actually prefer the warm water to room temperature, it tastes almost like a tea and it’s so easy to drink.

      Also, if you want to know more about all the benefits of warm lemon water, I recently read a great article:

  212. Elliesha Perna

    Thank you for educating us about food! I loved this clip! You Rock Marie! Love & Blessings,

  213. Marie & Vani thank you for sharing your knowledge! You ladies rock!

  214. I was sooo excited when I got this email and watched the video. We are currently doing a 21 day cleanse with about 15 of our patients and we provide weekly support throughout. We are constantly educating on the additives in food, how to read labels, and providing better alternatives so we constantly refer our patients to check out the info on Foodbabes website. We also made a point to talk to our patients about the importance of cleansing to stay healthy, reboot, and stay focused to reach their life goals and business endeavors. We love everything that you are doing and the message you are sending to your viewers! Keep rockin it!

  215. Thank you, Marie, for bringing Vani here to share her voice! And Vani, thank YOU for being a voice for all of us. My biggest takeaway is that I’ve got to shift up relying on Subway as my go-to lunch when I’m in a hurry at the office. Whenever I cross the threshold I know I’m making a suboptimal choice, but now I’ve got the knowledge I need to help remind me exactly why it’s suboptimal to begin with. Knowledge is power, after all!

  216. I liked the most the Ezekiel Bread recommended by Vani, it’s a true adventure to find something healthy when it relates to bread.

    Thank you so much for this great information! 🙂


  217. Elena

    Vonnie….Excellent talk, girl!

    Whoops…Carrageenan IS in my Yasso frozen yogurt!
    But I feel proudly on top of all the rest. Nice quiet message about celery!
    Just a good interview. Please keep it up. You would make a great speaker
    at the Clinton Foundation, no kidding.

  218. Yeah!!! Go Vonnie!!!

    I’m a Natural Med Student soon to be Doc and I treat all my clients using food first. My biggest frustration is that the worst foods are the least expensive and even when I know I could turn help someone turn their health around with food alone, it’s often hard to get the good stuff to fit into their time and financial budgets.

    We have to change our entire agricultural system if we want healthy people and a healthy planet.

    You rock! Keep it up, girl! I’m 100% with you!

  219. Thanks so much Marie for sharing this topic & thank you Vonnie for sharing your passion & gift of research! As co-founders of BetterChoices (lol!), our ears are always perked when we hear the term “BetterChoices.” BetterChoices is the core or foundation to creating a healthier LIFEstyle. The truth is, no matter your financial constraints, community, or culture, we all must empower ourselves to make BetterChoices — whether those choices involve our health/wellness, marriage/partnerships/relationships, parenting, spiritual relationship, or in any other area of our lives. The only way we can be empowered to make a BetterChoices is through knowledge & understanding. We firmly believe that knowing better does not automate the process of doing better. Knowing better creates the opportunity for us to choose better. So when we empower ourselves with information, it is the UNDERSTANDING of that information that establishes our knowledge. That knowledge is what will create the opportunity for us to make a BetterChoice.

    The disparities in our country regarding health, wellness, & access to healthier foods is quite overwhelming. Our mission is teaching & motivating people, that no matter where you are, you can make BetterChoices–truth is, we all can not afford to buy organic. However, having the understanding about what is in our foods, how to read nutritional labels, how to understand our daily consumption of key nutrients, & truly taking back our own power & RETURNING TO COOKING & EATING AT HOME is truly how we will overcome the obesity & health crisis we face.

    Yes, it is one thing to hold companies & marketing accountable, but the true accountability lies within ourselves. We must be our own advocates & champions for ourselves & our families. We personally teach our clients & social friends, we are not advocating that you never eat out or you never treat your kids to a “fast food” meal but you MUST be accountable & responsible when choosing where you go & what you decide to consume. This is not a cookie-cutter process…one size will not fit all but THE PROCESS remains the same–Choose better.

    For example, my husband and I weighed a combined 676lbs just over 8 years ago. A lot of that was contributed to just making bad food choices, fast food, no activity, daily stresses & circumstances, etc. But when we experienced a few “a-ha” moments in our lives, we knew we had to make changes. We also knew our love for food & the things we enjoyed eating would not change. To expect to make a drastic change from pizza to wheat grass juice was simply unrealistic. For us, we had to take a step back to research & discover new, healthier ways to prepare the foods we enjoyed so much. (There was a reason I was 278lbs & he was 400lbs & it wasn’t because we did not LOVE FOOD!) Fast forward, it has been 8 years since losing a combined 300lbs & 3 years since we launched Our mission, just as Vonnie explained, was to take what we learned & experience and to share with others.

    It is true, when you change your thought process, you will change your life.

    Thank you, again, for sharing this great information!

  220. Christina

    About three years ago, I was diagnosed with MS. I was very sick, constantly bed ridden with fatigue, suffering from vertigo, and wondering if this there was anything I could do to control my body and stop the madness. That’s when I discovered that what I was putting in my mouth along with other lifestyle choices were affecting my health. After I sat for hours researching and trying to get my hands on as much information as I possibly could, I felt indignant at the world I was living in. How did I allow corporate America to poison me as it did and I did I live in these toxic environments? So without any mourning, I gave up the foods I loved and discovered a whole new world. It didn’t take months, but only a matter of weeks for me to start feeling better and find hope that I will be okay. My friends and family, just likfe Vanni, have been encouraging me to share what I learned with the world and I have been hesitant thinking that nobody cares about what I have to say. This video however is inspiring and I admire this woman for her courage.

    • Christina

      And Vani, sorry I did not spell your name correctly, if you’re reading this!

    • Jenn

      Christina, you MUST share your story! The fact that you’ve changed your life for the better through diet and lifestyle with a very common disease needs to be heard!! It matters!

  221. Lovaine

    Wow! Very eye opening stuff! Wellno more Gatorade or Powerade for my hockey playing son! Good luck to me on that one! Can you recommend something else that I can add to coconut water for my son as I am positive he will not drink it on its own.

    Also I LOVE almond milk and my family drinks it too so if the brand I buy has carrageenan in it, I guess the blender will really be my best new friend!

    Thanks so much for sharing Vani and Marie and I will check out as I really watch what I eat and put in my body.

  222. Teri

    Useful information, but the highly annoying overuse of the word “awesome” by Marie had me tuning out. Marie, you’re an educated woman; use your vocabulary to reflect that, please!

  223. Deborah

    Marie, YOU ROCK! Step aside Oprah…you bring the best of the best!
    Vani is soooo inspiring! Changing all the food in my pantry…oh ya! No chemicals from processed foods in this house anymore!
    And, doing the Detox…did you do Mary Purdy’s detox?
    She is pretty freakin’ amazing too!

    Love what you keep on giving Marie!

  224. Marie,
    This video was so insightful and encouraging! Not only because of Vani’s story and where she came from (corporate background to business owner!) but also because of the knowledge you both are sharing. The most insightful aspect of this video is that most of these 5 no-nos can be made from home! Home-made “Gatorade” and home-made almond milk for example! This truly proves that it is easier to take control of our life that we may think. Thank you, both of you, for making this so simple! I am learning so much!
    Love always, Laurie

  225. Diana

    After watching this I went to my cupboards and emptied all of the food that had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce/didn’t know. No judging…I donated it because I can’t have that stuff in my body any more! (But, for those still eating it, I think it’s ok to donate. Just could not bring myself to through away food when people in my own city don’t have every meal!)
    I started a solid food cleanse two weeks ago and realized this wasn’t a one-time thing. My body has been feeling nourished and energized just by changing a few important factors. I needed to adopt these foods into my everyday habits and I’m doing just that.
    Many of the foods I’ve read about and believed to be healthy, Miss Food Babe has shown me are fibs mixed with a bit of truth. Thank you, Marie for bringing yet another wonderful mind to share the wisdom I never assumed was out there! Thank you, Vani, for showing me there is a lot of work that goes into trust. Thank you for using your voice, and encouraging me to find my own!

    • Diana

      *throw away…oops! 🙂

  226. Shivani

    Thanks so much Marie and Vani for this amazing video.

    Health and food is something that I’m definitely more conscious about lately, so this has been fascinating.

    Thanks as always, Marie for inspiring all us ladies to follow our passions in life.
    Vani, it was wonderful hearing your story, and I could relate to a lot of what you shared. Incidentally, my name is Shi-vani and lately I’ve been thinking, damn! I gotta go out and use my voice more and take my dreams and passions to the next level!
    I too was a Management Consultant for 13 years! in London. I left the UK and came to India to start a business and do various other interesting work and the journey has been amazing, I too cannot for one second think about going back to my old career or “job” and feel so blessed every day to be waking up and doing things I love on my terms in my time ….truly grateful.
    Kudos to you for taking the giant leap (mentally and otherwise), and it’s so true….the money will follow! Thanks again for sharing this video exactly at this time as it just re-confirms and gives me belief to take the next step in my journey :-))

  227. Great interview.
    I love frozen yoghurt. Thanks Vani.

  228. I’m glad to see someone besides me who reads and cares about the ingridients in foods. Thank you, Vani. I also signed up to your email server list. There were some things that i didn’t know. Thank you for telling us about agave. I already knew about Gatorade. I stopped drinking it a long time ago. Coconut milk is better, but thank you for telling us about almond milk. I am drinking Silk’s almond milk now but perfer coconut milk.
    You must be listening to your spirit guides when you got sick and you needed to change your eating habits. Self-healing works wonders when everything is made naturally. Majority of inflammation and GI issues comes from porcessed foods and depression in our Solar Plexus area(Life force chakra center). It is extremely important to care for that area. I see so many people care such extra weight around the their tummy areas. 60% or higher are overweight in United States. Overweight is a cover meaning a person is overworked, overstressed and over their heads in their private issues. So if people really want to work on staying healthy work both on their physiology and spirituality. disease occurs because we are not caring for our selves spiritually. Vani, you are doing both and you look fantastic. Keep it up. I can’t wait to explore your website.
    You’re awesome. HUGS.
    Ketna, a spiritualist.

  229. This is one of my new Top 5 Marie TV episodes. Both for the amazing content and the powerful positive example of a woman stepping out on faith to serve the world and change her life! Brava!

    Biggest insight: Agave. I’ve been suspect of Agave for a while, and Vani gave a fabulous and succinct answer to why it doesn’t work for our bodies. Thanks darlings!

  230. Mitchel

    Yacon syrup is healthier (for diabetics and everyone else) than coconut sugar or Stevia. Get with the program V.

  231. Dan

    You should write a blog/post about ways to spread info like this to other people without sounding like a crazy wacko food but! Lol. But seriously I totally love good healthy food and the way it makes you feel and I try and tell someone and they give me the stink eye like really dude. You just read that on the internet that ain’t true. But it is because I experience it myself how awesome it is! All I get is a “yeah ok” it’s different than the norm it can’t be true. It just drives me frickin nuts! What to do?

  232. Kate

    Hi Marie! This is my first time to your site, and it looks very interesting! I saw the link on FB from Food Babe, who I follow.

    I enjoyed the video, but I have to be honest – I was offended during the portion of the show talking about BVOs when you exclaimed in response to Vani, using Jesus’ name in vain. I am a Christian, and find it offensive when someone uses Jesus’ name in place of an expletive. I’m sure there was no offense intended, but it struck a chord.

    Thanks for your great work. 🙂 Keep on having great guests like Vani on!

  233. Catherine

    I really, really enjoyed the segment with Vani- in fact that is how I found this site, which I will enjoy following.
    This may sound picky, but I wish in your interviews you would limit the “awesome, cool, jesus, oh my god, really?” filler words that threw me off in your interview as they were just filler words in response. Again, love the content, but maybe more aware of those fillers, it just seems to limit you as a journalist. Again, I hope this is constructive, and I enjoy your future postings, thanks.

  234. Renata

    Great, perfect, amazing part!!! I am trying to change my food habbits and this part on Marie TV is fit in to my needs. Thanks you so much.
    We don’t have most of mentioned things in Europe but still I learned a lot.
    Vani where were you until now? I am going to read your website and join for email updates 🙂
    Thanks again Marie and Vani.

  235. I can’t stop thinking about this episode since it aired. Shocking and scary. Thanks for highlighting this topic Marie!! Did vani really say “fire retardants” in subway bread?!?! Which one of you ladies is going to alert Jared?!?! Doesn’t he eat a subway Sammy 3 times a day? Yeesh.

  236. Timm

    You guys are right: energy IS one of the most important things in your life and diet. Of course, hydration is crucial too, and without water (in the form of milk, soda, beer, fruits, vegetables, meats, and of course plan water) you’ll actually suffer much sooner than you will without energy. But, if you don’t take in enough Calories (energy) you’ll soon be in rough shape too. They’ve proven again and again that the source of the Calories doesn’t really matter very much, but a varied diet is probably the best way to get in enough of the other micronutrients your body needs in addition to the energy. McDonalds, vegan, carbs, hot dogs, twinkles, kale, whatever. BUT, while taking in plenty of Calories is the (2nd) most important factor in what you eat, taking in too many is also a potential health concern, especially for those who are greedy, sedentary, or just lack willpower. Energy!!

  237. I liked this episode but have to say I am surprised someone would say “avocado has protein added to it”… I do live pretty healthy, not only a personal trainer but preparing to step on a competition stage as well, but some of the tips are absolutely impossible for an average (poor) American to avoid. I grew up in Europe and moved to USA few years ago and trust me I can tell the difference in the food. But I am still not giving up my intra-workout Gatorade for nothing 🙂

  238. I find that I am frustrated by the line I keep hearing “Follow your passion and the money will come.” I have been following my passion for 5 years and the money has not come.

  239. Great stuff here! Please keep bringing in more entrepreneurs on that can share their story and inspire!

    Your passion is your calling – I believe it!

    I teach baby sign language and the moment I’m in the flow of one of my classes or story times it is the BEST.

    Someone alerted me to agave being bad. Am glad to hear that my suspicions of frozen yogurt are confirmed – much to the dissatisfaction of my 3 littles! Oh how I love Subway and will try opting for the salad… but what about the flat bread? I’m going to have to listen again for the 411 on the milk stuff…. we have a dairy issue in our home and I NEED to replace cow’s milk with something else. Guess I’ll be making a trip to WF.

    What irks me is when Gatorade is brought to soccer games for kids as the after game snack! I sound the crazy mom who is overly strict when my kids can’t have a Gatorade.

    I’m going to put two things on my Christmas list, a juicer and an ice cream maker!

    Oh, I just gave up my daily sugary caffeine fix via Starbucks… I bet there is a whole episode that could be done on that place, Vani! Now that I’ve seen an interview with you I will make it a point to open those emails I get from you! Thanks so much for this info.

  240. Loved this episode! I am totally on board and agree with the info. The one new tip was the agave. I have heard that it is not actually “raw” but I didn’t know about the other bad stuff. Interesting.

    I also loved how she followed her passion and that she had to give herself permission to do this. That is very powerful. We often forget to give ourselves permission to be ourselves! Me included. Great reminder.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Dawn xo

  241. So I guess I’m the ONLY Marie follower who is a bit dubious about Food Babe?
    Wonder if anyone else has seen this post critiquing her flu shot post.

    I know most of you will think I’m way out of line, but if I came in here and saw even ONE other Marie fan questioning this, I’d be happy.

    • Flu shots are a hot topic! Like I said in my original article, “This post is strictly based upon my opinion and consultation of my own health provider, I recommend you make the best choice for you and your family based upon your own due diligence and research on this topic.” If you choose to believe BIG Business and BIG Pharma research, it’s totally your choice. But please don’t come to a forum, questioning my credibility for my own individual choices I choose to share openly with the world.

      • Sarah McKay

        As you know, Vani, vaccination is a VERY contentious issue – I’m suprised you didn’t get more comments!
        I don’t have a problem with your food crusade, or business acumen (full credit to you getting on Marie TV), but I’m more inclined to side with the vaccine research than a food blogger when it comes to flu shots.
        Please please don’t discredit yourself by writing posts without credible sources of information and citing your references (“famous immunologist & geneticist” ?).
        I admire your spirit and business sense, but I just tire of bad science (my crusade).

  242. Nancy

    Sarah McKay,

    That would be me. I am a registered nurse married to a physician and we are both very interested in good nutrition. The Food Babe is all kinds of wrong! Aside from not appearing professional (not knowing how to say proper names of toxins! Hello??), it appears as though she googled all her information, (which is what any one of us can do and personally I am not enlightened by the information she gave). I adore Marie and frankly I am surprised that she had her as a guest. It’s embarrassing when the caliber of previous guests have been such high quality. Kris Karr aligns herself with real science, physicians, and evidenced based results. She is changing the way people think about food. I would listen to her any day. Note to Marie: Stick to business coaching/mentoring. You ROCK in that area.

    • Hi Nancy – I’m sorry you don’t think my investigations are enlightening. I guess you don’t see the irony in the fact that not being able to pronounce ingredients, is one of the reasons you shouldn’t eat it. It’s sad that you missed the humor. Also – for all the research I’ve done, I’m shocked anyone would say I just “google” things. Have you really looked at them?

      • Shivani

        I wish there was a ‘like’ button, Vani. I would press it for your latest responses. Apart from the good work that you’re obviously doing, it’s a shame the fact that you shared your inspiring story (which no doubt will inspire other people on this forum) was overlooked.
        I guess when one only seeks to negatively critique another, one misses out on the golden nuggets, and golden nuggets were most definitely there for the taking!

        • Shivani, I echo your post. I found myself getting upset for Vani, especially when it’s so obvious she works so hard and is so dedicated. We need more advocates, even ones in high heels.

          And to all the nay sayers, as Brene Brown would say, (I’m paraphrasing) …until you get in the arena, you haven’t earned the right to criticize…

          Keep going Vani. And you can do it in those shoes if you want. I couldn’t care less.

          • Shivani

            Love your post Sylvia! Fortunately there are PLENTY of advocates and the minority can’t spoil that.

            If anyone knew anything about Management Consultants, they would know that they don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing. Like some other professions, they’re a certain breed of people who work extremely hard, are required to have high standards and excellence in everything they do. Taking short cuts is simply not an option. (I know, I was one and worked with thousands in my former career). Therefore why would anyone think that an ex Management Consultant would quit her career to start a mediocre one by taking short cuts?
            It’s like being an ex-marine…..the qualities don’t die with the profession. They are very much within the person so I’m sure Vani continues to do her work at the highest level.

            To think otherwise is a blatant dis-regard for other people’s professions. Now that’s embarrassing.

            (btw, agree…couldn’t give a flying hoot about the heels….they both look hot!)

          • Yes, I suppose you’re right Shivani, there are plenty of advocates and more and more it seems each day…thank goodness. It gives me hope that people are awakening to the obvious. Change is brewing and it can’t be contained. Truth never can.

            Would love to know what you do now after such a dedicated field as Management Consulting. I too thought of that for a time while I was getting my MBA. Instead I became a chef…a profession in which hard work goes with the territory and high standards an individual expression.

          • Shivani

            Silvia, I just checked out your website (fantastic site btw). I absolutely love the Mediterranean and its varied cuisine, Italian being one of my favourites 🙂 I’m from the UK and living in London was a treat due to all the many amazing restaurants and of course London being a hop on the plane away to the all the amazing European countries & cities

            I’m a bit of a foodie. I left my former career, apartment, friends and family to move to India to start a restaurant business with my partner 3 years ago. We have a North Indian restaurant in Goa. Since then I’ve moved into corporate training and Executive Coaching in India (with plans for the Asia market) whilst he runs the restaurant business. I know just how tough this industry and profession can be. Whilst service and decor no doubt count, the primary factor that brings repeat customers is the quality of the food. This industry is no cake walk and on many levels I found it even more challenging than my work as a Management Consultant – this work is in real time! Not many second chances to get it right.
            Hats off to you for being of service with this wonderful talent! Cooking is a true gift.

            I’m in the process of setting up my new professional website….in the meantime I can be contacted at [email protected]

            One of my dreams many years back was to enrol for a residential cooking course in the hills of Tuscany. I still hope to be lucky enough to fulfil that passion one day….that dream is still alive and kicking 😉


          • Shivani

            LOL!! Apologies for the random letters at the end of my last post….that would be my cat who loves to sit right on top of my laptop when I’m working!!

      • Nancy

        Vani aka Food Babe,
        I want to apologize. My conscious was troubling me right after I hit the send button. What an unkind and hateful thing to say! I don’t know you or ever heard of you and when I saw the video, I found myself judging you and jumping to conclusions right away. I teach my kids the opposite so I was being very inauthentic! I must say, that’s way out of character for me and I apologize for my rude comments. I forgot about my own 24hr rule (if I still feel the same way in 24 hrs. and AFTER considering the FACTS, then hit the send button!) I checked out your bog and I think what you are doing is great! Keep doing what you’re doing and my sincere apologies again!

  243. Jerry

    In the Ezekiel bread does sprouting the soybeans take away the estrogenic effect that is causing breast and prostate cancer? I know that fermenting soy makes it safe to consume.

  244. What a great interview. I just threw away my agave and almond milk. I’m a personal trainer and always looking for great women who inspire me and give me new insight to nutrition, health and fitness to pass onto my clients, friends and family.

    Thank you!!!

  245. I appreciate the example you and Vani set for all of us (any age). One big change I made several years ago which changed my life was growing and eating microgreens. As winter comes on, we need to keep live, local green in our diet. Growing the micros is easy and takes so little time. My blog gives a basic idea on how to do this. Great addition to smoothies, blended soups, salads and even in pesto.

    Susan Alima Friar

  246. Tess

    All this wonderful talk about health…..but the 5″ stilettos detract from the credibility. Sorry…the short, tight dresses and sky high (leather) heels just make this seem more fluff than stuff. There are plenty of real people out there actually living an Earth-friendly lifestyle who stay truer to their core values than these gals appear to. Does being in the ‘spotlight’ really require women to dress like that?

    • Jerry

      It looks like a modest look to me. Credibility should be based on the validity of the facts given and not on the way they are dressed.

  247. Luis


    I just wanted to know if you ever read our comments. I would like to consult and ask a few questions about a product. Where can I send my questions?
    Thank you very much.

  248. Gabby Lewis

    Dear Marie and Vani; SO HAPPY for this interview!!! SO GREAT!
    I come from the north of Italy, married to my gorgeous American hubby and have lived in the U.S. for 12 years now. I am a Holistic Nutritionist who has battled hard around me for everything you stand for.
    I am 53, happily semi-retired now living in beautiful TN and do not have the wills and wants to be “promoting and fighting the good cause” at this later stage in my life. Happy to just “hang-out” with my precious hubby.
    But, I am so GLAD that you are out there Vani spreading the word about this massive and “uncontested population poisoning” going on in our gorgeous country.
    I am completely in awe about all this theme that seems to be getting worse every year with the corruption going on in backroom deals from the FDA to Montsanto; to the giant and greedy food corporations and their total disregard of the harm and hazard they cause to Americans health and compromise of future generations.
    THANK YOU for raising awareness!!!

  249. RaeMarie

    I am so glad you talked about Carranggean gum. This little nastie caused me many problems. If I injested this poison, I would violently vomit. It took me a while to figure it out but once I did I started checking the labels. It is in just about everything dairy, processed deli meats, fresh chicken (not labeled). What tipped me off was the rotisserie chicken and a blog that someone else commented on. The final straw was when I found it in Lilly of the Valley aloe vero juice. Supposedly a healthy thing, but don’t be fooled.
    P.S. BTW it is also in KY Jelly EWWWW
    Leland NC

  250. John Nice

    Marie and Vani, I do not agree with you about Ezekiel bread. Check out the estrogenic effects of soy. No soy should go in our mouths that has not been fermented. Fermentation destroys the estrogenicity of the soy.

  251. Nancy

    Love Vani’s site, approach, and passion. She was very lucky she had the financial safety net of a husband’s salary to get started. If you’re unmarried and have a mortgage and other responsibilities, it is not always a “slam dunk” to follow your passion.

    Still, the rest of us are lucky that Vani is able to share her gifts so we all can benefit.

  252. Beka

    I enjoyed this, thank you. I already knew most of the information thank goodness, but I did not realize how important it is to get raw coconut water, it makes perfect sense, but I just hadn’t done that research yet. Also, I really liked the info about carrageenan and coconut palm sugar. I don’t know if you are familiar with the book “nourishing traditions” but in that book it talks about all the different sweeteners and I mostly use rapadura sugar or sometimes called dehydrated cane juice sugar or date sugar. Vani, do you know much about rapadura and if it’s really harmful? My mother has diabetes and I have blood sugar issues so I want to be careful about my sugar. I am guessing that the coconut palm sugar is better so I should probably just go with it right? Thank you for what you do. The only thing that doesn’t always resonate with me about your website is how little you mention good fats like grass fed raw milk and butter and grassfed meat and all those, other than that I am totally down.

    • Beka

      Oh and also, what about the coconut water they sell at costco? I Think it’s the vita coconut water, is that too processed and doesn’t have the electrolytes or is it fairly safe? Oh and in my previous comment i did not mean that date sugar and rapadura sugar are the same, sorry, bad grammar.

  253. HELLO, Thanks that was a great interview w Vani, whom I’ve subcribed to for awhile now..Loved hearing even more disgusting info on the foods we THINK were eating !! I was shocked about the gatorade, which i have (HAD) in the pantry YUK, what is wrong with these peeps that they have to make these products, with ingredients that were’nt made for human consumption !! BIG money would be my guess…Was happy to learn about an aternative to this electrolite replacement, since I have R.A. an Fibrom..I get nauseated often at the drop of a hat an need something to replace fluids besides water..I will be juicing celery in my juicer now an using the chia seeds also as i love them..Thanks so much Vani an Marie…Have a blessed day in all you two do….Cheryl

  254. Larry

    Hi ladies,

    A lot of very interesting information. Emergen-C is an excellent instant electrolyte replacement sold in most health food stores. I do have a comment for Vani that has nothing to do with all of her great information. I have visited her website and again gotten some quality information. I have been aware of the challenges of getting health food and eating healthfully for a number of years but am always interested in more information. My comment however is regarding her so in fashion shoes. I understand about style and the in look etc. However, putting all of your weight on the ball of the foot has been proven to cause some severe structural problems. Just saying as I know some ladies who have deeply regretted their decision to go for fashion over physical health.

  255. Because there is so much conflicting information out there I think it’s wise to eat as wholesome as possible, like Marie said. I am transitioning to a low fat raw vegan diet. I haven’t eat meat in years. Here is my blog: x

  256. Lili

    The Truth About Coconut Palm Sugar: The Other Side of the Story.

  257. mohamed khattab

    many wishes to your 3rd anniversary hope you spend happy halloween

  258. wow.. awesome video today.
    I am a foodie as well – I’m a personal trainer and a nutritional therapist and Vonni was speaking my language!
    I too quit my corporate job and followed my passion – first to compete in bodybuilding (first show I was 53 years old), then become a personal trainer, and then branch off into my real passion .. FOOD! And all things pertaining to the FOOD INDUSTRY.
    My conundrum is that I have lots to say and offer but am having trouble formulating a plan! Here’s what I got:
    Pics of me during my competition years:
    .. and I am included in the book written by Tom Venuto and Jon Benson “Fit Over 40”
    …and another book “Dialed In” by Rick Ryan
    ..and I was even a featured model in the column “Are You Next” found in the March 2009 issue of Oxygen Magazine (posted to my Facebook);
    So I am pleased with my past accomplishments – I’m just a little stuck (ok maybe a lot stuck) on how to use that to launch my dream of opening a wellness center. I’m working lots of hours at my J-O-B just to pay bills and even though I have lots of ideas, I am “scattered” as well as cash-poor, in trying to move forward.
    So today’s MarieTV was inspiring. I need more.
    Thanks Marie & Vonni!
    Maxine Johnson, PT, NTP
    Redmond Wa 98052
    [email protected]

  259. I was deadly ill for over 5 years, healed myself from (the last 2 of 5 diseases I had at the same time) chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia by eating a 100% raw plant based diet. It returned me my life. Or no… It did NOT! It gave me a much better life! I found my mission! I lost my job and I used that as my opportunity to start studying again at 51 to do what I love doing, founding Ravishing Raw right away and becoming a High Performance Coach for Professionals and a raw food chef. I am now coaching entrepreneurs, managers and performing artists who struggle with the health consequences of their stressful life to improve the quality of their health and life in 1 to 3 months! It’s all in their “fast” food, slowing them down. Food can kill you or it can heal you!

    Anyway: you can hear it: we have a similar mission: Everybody Healthy! I just wanted to say here that it IS possible! Just throw out all your packaged food (it is not food but chemicals mostly, even the so called “health foods”) and replace it by what nature provides… It is as simple as that. The longer the shelve life of your food, the shorter yours!

    Eat Raw, Be Ravishing!
    Marie-Claire Hermans
    Ravishing Raw
    Pure Food For Radiant Health

    By the way; I love your video’s Marie!

  260. Ok, both of you Goddesses have me saying “Agave = belly fat, Agave = belly fat!!!” OMG, I thought this was so healthy!

    There was so much I didn’t know – gatorade…WHAAAAAT! I have my new grocery list ready and can’t wait to try coconut palm sugar – lovin’ the 1:1 ratio. Raw coconut water just sounds delicious, and I’d never heard of Ezekial Bread. It had me at Ezekial!

    Vani – You are WONDERFUL! Thanks for using your voice for all of us – especially mothers like me seeking TRULY organic foods for the family. Thank you both for this AMAZING video!


    PS…can we talk about the shoes Marie & Vani? LOVE THEM!!! They need their own video 😀

  261. I found the information about almond milk really interesting. Will definitely be making my own from now on.
    This story (and a lot of Marie’s other ones) has really inspired me to go after my own business dreams but in a way that work with my morals

  262. erika

    Ughhhh!!!! Last I read, agave was THE substitute and was so great and low on the glycemic index. Lately I’ve been wondering where this little spare tire came from, and then I see this video and am like NOOOOOOO NOT MY AGAVE! It all makes sense now and I’m so annoyed that I didn’t watch this video sooner. Also, almond milk and gatorade tend to be staples for me. Food overhaul is happening immediately.

  263. Sharon

    I just love this interview. Thank you! I will start practicing what I’ve learned from this. More Power!

  264. Sol

    Its a good interview. I know healthy is now the way, but what continually amazes me how everything that was once considered hippie/alternative back in the day (when some of us quietly knew all this) is now promoted by a women with a corporate background. awesome

  265. Great story, great advice.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  266. Brianna

    This was excellent… one of the main points I got from this was to worry more about myself and rediscover my passions… Many times I am so worried about how others feel that I neglect how I really feel and I don’t do what I really want. This year I am going to focus on me and doing what is best for me! I will also eat better which I think was the point of this segment – LOL. Loved her passion, I want to feel that way about my business as well! This is just what I needed today!

  267. This video helped me tremendously today. I am home with my sick daughter for the second day and catching up on Marie videos. She has asthma symptoms and a cough. We went to Subway this past Saturday night and she got a foot long 9 grain veggie sandwich (we are vegetarians). Oh my goodness! My daughter just watched and couldn’t believe it!
    Thank you so much for this information. I am really careful but didn’t know this. I am signing up for her website today.

  268. Yvonne

    Vani, what really struck a chord with me was your story on how you found your voice and that your name actually means voice. Very inspirational. Thank you!

  269. Susana

    I LOVED this episode, but it created SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS!

    First of all, I think Vani is awesome! Her story is very inspiring and I love that she does what she does with such passion. Also, I love that her goal is to do good and help other people.
    Because we live in a very confusing and missleading market today… and here is where the mixed feelings start: I had just heard about the “goodness” of some of these products (like agave or almond milk) very recently, and now, it turns out they also can’t be trusted?
    It makes everything just so much more complicated! You need to research so much, so many new things eventually are found to be not so good anymore… so it really feels like the more I learn, the less I know.

    And here comes the second part that really leaves me at a loss: since it’s so hard to be sure that you’re getting natural, healthy food with no toxics added; then the best thing to do seems to be to do it yourself! Make your own almond milk, your own ice cream, etc… And here is where I have to disagree: You need a blender, an ice cream machine, a food processor, your own dehidrator, etc, etc, all these stuff that fills up space, consumes energy, that will eventually wear out and I’ll have to buy replacements (in the best of cases) or buy a whole new one because the model is outdated… encouraging big corporations to continue producing all these devices and tools that you supposedly “need” at home. But we should be on our way to have less things, to produce less waste, to get rid of all this unnecessary stuff that is trashing the planet!

    So what to do? If you want to eat healthy, you have to get it all done by yourself because you’re not getting much help from food producers. But if you want to protect the planet and avoid unnecessary stuff at home, then you’re forced to eat the unhealthy ice cream?

    This is a balance that is very tricky to find, and it bothers me! It should be possible to have a good healthy life, protecting the planet at the same time. Why does it always seem like a compromise?

  270. Crisairy

    This was very inspiring. I was looking to see where I could buy the Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and have no idea where to find it. Just shows online that for 1 single bottle the price is $65.05! Is there any other way I could find this product? I live in the Orlando area.

  271. I have a passion for something that will be pretty controversial in our country. I’m writing about it now. Your story is very inspirational during this time for me. Thank you!

  272. Jessica Walden

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have been following FoodBabe via facebook for a while now. I am amazed by her tenacity! Thank you for bring transparency, awareness, and truth to us every day! … Reminding us that it’s one ingredient, product, and day at a time is most important so that we don’t get overwhelmed and feel that change is impossible. I appreciate the suggested alternatives to commonly used/consumed products.

    Keep up the fantastic work – both of you!

  273. Olivia

    I appreciate Vani’s tenacity to take on big food companies and make them more transparent in the ingredients they contain in their products. I do have some qualms however about the nutrition related information she provided during this episode. I am a registered dietitian who has studied and done research specifically in nutrition over many years. I think it is fine for her to discuss certain products however it is not her place to link it with nutrition recommendations, especially for those with specific diseases like diabetes or IBS.

  274. Lauren


    I am concerned about what you saying regarding “carrageenan.” It is in EVERY toothpaste I look at! Can you recommend a new toothpaste?

  275. Loral

    Stevia is zero calorie so while it delivers taste it doesn’t deliver energy and your body will go looking for that energy by eating more afterward. It has the same effect on your body in this way as aspartame etc. Of course it isn’t as nasty as those options, it will however make you “hungry”.
    Agave is a great option for athletes as it’s a readily accessed fuel and if you’re burning it off you don’t have to worry about the visceral fat, which is always going to be a problem if you overeat anyway.

  276. Meg N

    Thank you for the gatorade commentary. I’ve always felt (from reading the ingredients) that gatorade was crap. But because I’m very active needed to find a replacement. I’ve had trainers and nutritional ‘experts’ indicate the things I call chemicals are electrolytes and good for me. Coconut water was condemmed because they claim it has ‘added sugar’. I read labels. I do not buy coconut water with added stuff. Good to know about the coconuts from all over and processing though. It’s so to get good information about these things. There is so much confusion and mis-information out there. Right now I’m struggling to find a style of eating. In the process of the Whole 30 and it doesn’t seem to agree with my body. (Vegetarian version).
    Thank you for all your research and information!! It is greatly appreciated 🙂

  277. Karen

    I’ve always liked you Food Babe, and after this interview, even more. I see that fiery spark in you, and the way you light up over your passion. My favorite all time additive is organic LIQUID stevia. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s so versatile. When I want to sweeten anything or flavor anything, my “go to” is the liquid form. Oh and they have different flavors as well!

  278. Welp, looks like I’m on the hunt for an ice-cream maker! Great idea with the coconut water.
    I’ve recently stumbled upon a phenomenal company that has physically, mentally, and financially transformed my life. It all started by watching this incredible Discovery Channel documentary so I thought I’d share it here for you all to enjoy as well. Click the following link to learn about what science is calling the most nutrient rich plant ever discovered…Moringa Oleifera

    It changed my life and perhaps could change yours (see my website for more info)

    Thank you all for your great nutritional information. Very informative!

    Jamie Smith

  279. Benny Valenzuela

    Hey Marie, Love your site. You’re always sharing great content and perspectives.

    Food Babe is not qualified to speak on food. Food Babe is not a scientist, and practically everything she says demonstrates that. She is not a dietitian, she doesn’t have a degree is chemistry, and her entire business is perpetuated on misleading “facts” and faulty quasi-logic based on fear.

    Let me just break down some of the issues that those of us on the empirical science side have with people like Food Babe.

    Re: Why don’t they just label GMO food? We have a right to know what’s in our food!

    85% of corn, 91% of soybeans, and 88% of cotton in the US are GMO. If GMO’s were as harmful people like Food Babe purport, I don’t see why we haven’t seen a gradual increase in GMO-related poisoning as GMO’s gradually became more prevalent. If GMO’s were so harmful, we should be able to point to some trend of decreased life expectancy for GMO eaters compared to non-GMO eaters. There is NO such data.

    I think companies that sell non-GMO food should have the right to label their food as being non-GMO. I don’t think we should legally mandate GMO food have a label. As we know GMO is no more harmful than non-GMO, mandating GMO labeling would mostly likely only accomplish either decreased GMO food sales, increased non-GMO food sales, and exacerbation of the anti-GMO alarmist movement. None of those are necessarily good outcomes, and should those things happen, I don’t think the government should play a role in them.

    I guess you could make a case that somehow adding these labels would allow consumers to make more informed decisions, but to truly give them that ability, then non-GMO food labels should come with a statement similar to what we see on milk.

    Some milk producers use “no growth hormone” as a sales position for their milk, but they are required to include a statement along the lines of, “No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-supplemented and non-rbST-supplemented cows.”

    I think it would be a perfectly agreeable compromise to just have labels that state, “Made with 100% Non-GMO food products: GMO food products have been conclusively proven to be just as safe as Non-GMO food products in thousands of publicly-funded and privately-funded tests by thousands of scientists in dozens of countries over the last three decades.”

    Re: Why do big food corporations lie about products being natural?

    They ARE natural. LITERALLY EVERYTHING is natural. There is no supernatural or unnatural. Human beings are natural. The impulse to adapt the environment to ourselves is natural. Experimentation is natural. Science is natural. Laboratories are natural. Genetic manipulation is natural.

    Re: “What proof is there that GMO’s are safe?”

    Being profiled on Dr. Oz does not mean her views are scientifically accurate. Dr. Oz is himself known for promoting pseudoscience, “miracle cures,” psychic communication, channeling the spirits of the dead, and various other hocus pocus and quasi-logical arguments.

    Re: the organic yogurt place

    There is no FDA-mandated or FDA-regulated definition of “organic.” So really, it WAS truth in advertising. By today’s standards, it still is.

    Let’s go with each of the five foods.

    First, the bread. The number of ingredients has nothing to do with the safety or “naturalness” of the bread. Just because an ingredient is banned in another country due to consumer outcry does not mean that it is unsafe. That’s a total non sequitur logical fallacy. She also leads with “chemophobia,” the phenomenon that because a chemical name is hard to pronounce or is unusual or intimidating, that the chemical is therefore bad for you and is somehow an argument not to use it. That’s nonsense. Dihydrogen monoxide (also called DMO) is water. The ingredient gives people asthmatic symptoms? Citation needed. The random mention of unspecified “toxins” is just a scare tactic. She has no evidence that there are these mysterious “toxins” in our food. I’d love some qualitative data analysis on this point. Food Babe presents a bunch of fallacious arguments with no scientific facts as support.

    Agave. The argument against fructose? No one said you have to consume a large quantity of agave. No scientific basis here for avoiding this product either.

    Gatorade. Sugar and salt are not bad. Again with the chemophobia. I debunked chemophobia above. With the “banned in other countries” bit, I handled that one above too. And it’s a flame retardant? So is water. Not a valid scientific argument against it.

    Almond milk. The operative word in the discussion of carrageenan is “can.” We can also say that “oxygen can play a role in your house exploding.” Houses “can” collapse if you put a TV upstairs. “Can” is not a very strong argument for just about anything. I don’t understand why people give weight to the “can” argument. It’s puffery. She also uses the weasel phrase “could be.” That’s a non-argument.

    Frozen yogurt. General admonition of sugar doesn’t support her argument either. The mention of unspecified “harmful artificial colors and other crazy ingredients” is both unfalsifiable and highly subjective. Just because something looks like Kool-Aid before they put it in a machine doesn’t mean it’s bad for you either. Non sequitur logical fallacy.

    Food Babe does not make a scientific case for any of her positions at all. Check out her Facebook page. A very large number of her posts are intentionally deceitful and false.

  280. Gilbeto

    Wow she has a wonderful page. Thanks you guys for your work..

  281. Shashi

    Hi Vani, Please, can you send me a link to where you can get coconut palm sugar?

  282. Tuesday YG

    Anyone who is interested in making a REAL change- I cannot recommend enough how much the book “Nourishing Traditions” has been such a resource and guide to support my transition.. slow and steady wins the race! Change your food, change your mind.

  283. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you really recognise what you’re talking about!
    Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We will have a hyperlink change arrangement among us

  284. Samia

    Hi Marie,

    I love your videos, finally a woman who talks about her true story and gives true and partical advices!

    You look amazing and you seem 10 years younger than your actual age, I am 25 and would like to know what is your healthe/beauty secret?
    Could you make a video about diet and what you do to stay on top of your game, what food you eat , exercise etc…

    Would be great!

    Love from France,

  285. Sabrina

    Nooo not almond milk!!! This was painful but so useful! Just started watching you, were have you been all my life! You are awesome, love what you do!

  286. We need to be more careful with what we eat. Thank you for these important tips.

  287. Thanks for every other informative website. The place else could I am getting that
    kind of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a
    mission that I’m simply now running on, and I have been at
    the glance out for such information.

  288. Hi Marie,
    Love your energy during the interview. Really vibrant and present you seem to be. Would be interesting to see how your interview would be before you started living this healthy life.

    Keep up the good work,


  289. You don’t mention Vonnie’s name on your Youtube comments, nor in the Blog here… what is her name?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Edith! Her name is Vani Hari and you can find more about her work right here: 🙂

  290. My first impression of the detox was that it looked very nice when placed in a glass bottle. They remind me of freshness, purity. I happened to know detox from a friend, and so far I regularly use it regularly every week.

  291. Yacon Syrup. It’s the way to go. Totally natural, tastes fabulous. It’s currently quite expensive – because it’s new. I grow my own rhizomes now. And I have a fabulous recipe for Keto chocolates which are good for you. I’m now sugar free and only use Yacon Syrup as my go-to sweetener.

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