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“Let’s go out with a bang.” 

That was our goal for the final book tour stop of the Everything is Figureoutable tour, and Australia did not disappoint. We had spectacular events in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, thanks to the Business Chicks who organized the whole thing, and the incomparable Kemi Nekvapil who moderated at each book tour stop. Also got to see some koalas, drink some dazzling coffee, and invent a new dance to beat jet lag.

We may or may not have received some side-eye, but it was a complete blast. The people you surround yourself with really do matter. This is true in our personal lives and it’s particularly true in business. Values. Integrity. Vibe. Heart. It’s everything

When there’s something your heart wants to create and you hold back, you’re stealing from those who need you most. Click To Tweet

This entire Everything is Figureoutable book tour has been one of the biggest honors of my life. I’ve loved seeing and meeting so many of you in person. Please know I never take one second of this journey for granted. The fact that anyone cares enough to listen, watch, or read what I create is humbling.

On today’s Marie Unplugged you’ll get to see how we completed this book tour down under.

You’ll learn:

  • What zombie movies & rollercoasters can teach you about fear.
  • How social media can hold you back from being your true self.
  • Why I’m so passionate about money.
  • PLUS — a new dance move that’s killer to combat jet leg (taught by yours truly).
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Watch the other episodes from our Everything is Figureoutable book tour here:

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. Do you let the fear of what other people think hold you back? 

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective. Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. 

Keep going after your dream, because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.

With SO much love,


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  1. Are you coming to Toronto Canada? That would be so awesome ? ??

    • Hi Suzanne! I ? Toronto 🙂 We don’t have a date in the book right now — the moment that changes, we will of course announce it!

  2. Dawn Mattera

    Marie, you just become more amazing every time I see you!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, love and energy with all of us.

    • Thank you Dawn. What a kind comment to kick off the day. ?

  3. Ula

    I teared up when you talk about fear. When you speak, my heart moves, always! Thank you!!! And I love the hip dance. You guys are amazing! xxx

    • Ha! So glad you love the “Jet Lag Swag” Ula — it’s a fun one to trot out in public 😉

  4. Teresa

    Thank you for sharing…sharing your experience, your stories, your reach, your authenticity and moving us! I know I have “it” in me. The “it” is: doing more, have something to give, something to offer, the desire to leap out there, a vision, compassion, an emotion inside waiting to burst! Yet, I hold onto my security blanket. The “blanket” is: current job with steady income. The “fear” is losing an income, unable to support family (I am often the primary source), rejection, not being an expert in the industry I desire to be a part of. I am quite intuitive and knew I was supposed to start 2 years ago, but fear, work, life distractions (excuses & bullshittin), got in the way. I am now in a place and position where I am not valued. I worked my ass off, received accolades, surpassed goals and made the mark. Didn’t matter. The game was changed with people who are friends with people who needed to be saved. Well damn, that’s life. But I saw it coming. Why didn’t I act sooner? Why didn’t I listen to that little voice? Well guess what, now I am left with no choice. It’s do or die. I no longer want people who “think” they have authority to dictate who I am and my placement on this earth. It’s time for a change, and I’m here for it. Just need a kick in the tail sometimes to keep me moving!!!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We can feel the fire in you, Teresa! It sounds like the time is now and we want you to know all of Team Forleo is rooting for you. You’ve learned so much and now it’s time to put it to use!

    • Teresa, go for it girl! remember what Marie said is her favourite word: FREEDOM! (you know, like Mel Gibson in “Braveheart”..!!). I’m so glad you had a fabulous time, Marie & team, looking forward to more of your weekly (gentle and not so gentle) kicks up the backside! Best wishes to all

  5. I hope you come back to Texas. I missed you when you came to Houston. I am excited about your story.. as a business owner myself your message is so inspiring..

  6. Congrats Marie! I loved watching you work your magic at the San Francisco book tour stop when you learned that EIF was a #1 New York Times Best Seller. You and your team worked so hard + you really care, and it shows.

    Thank you for continuing to shine your light, so others can do the same. I am forever grateful for being a B-School Grad, Class of 2013 ??‍? . I continue to build a business and life that my family and I love.

    And after my husband got to quit his full-time job of 13 years because of the income I was able to make doing work I love from B-School, my husband started his own and built his own six figure business teaching early childhood music education. The best part, is we both work around 20 hours per week, get to homeschool our 12 year old daughter, and travel the world as a family.

    Living the dream because everything (when we know what we really want) is figureoutable.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Wow, Jadah! We are amazed by you. This is what it’s all about! Thanks for sharing your story and *huge* congrats on your hard work!

    • Hilda Belmmont

      I looooooved your story
      It’s exactly what I want, first myself, then my husband so we can both be more present with the kids…
      Thank you for posting
      Love from Mexico

  7. You looked sad at the end when it was all finished. I would have thought you would be exhausted but no. Please share how to find and manage all your energy.

    • Marianne

      I second what Suzanne said. How do you manage post-rush? I would love to hear your insights, because for me I feel down. Then, I listen to another of your podcasts and pick myself back up!

  8. Andrea

    Marie! Congratulations to you and Team Forleo for this amazing work. Please come to the rest of Europe, for some of us in Europe is hard to go to the UK. For example, I live in Paris but I’m from Colombia…so I couldn’t go to the UK because I need a really expensive visa for the UK. The rest of Europe is ok. So for all Marie fans in Europe that couldn’t go to the UK…please come!

  9. Sarah

    Marie–I’ve loved the jet lag dance since I first saw you doing it, but once you provided your instruction and pointed out the “dead in the arms and dead in the eyes” part of the move it really came together for me. I’m still crying with laughter! My hip circles aren’t what they used to be, but I’m going to work on them now, hopefully without throwing my back out. Perfect break from work when I’ve been sitting too long or even if I’ve overindulged in the news cycle and need to shake that s**t out of my head! Thanks as always.

    • Sarah!! Your comment is giving me LIFE right now!! I ADORE you 🙂 Yes, it’s all about being dead in the eyes and arms ? Keep that back safe XOXO

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      That’s what we’re talking about, Sarah! Way to keep perfecting that Jetlag Swag–– we’re cheering you on and dancing with you!

      • Sarah

        I had forgotten that the dance had the full title of “Jet Lag Swag”. More laughing!!!

  10. Revital

    I was laughing so hard I had tears run down my face!!! You are so AWESOME, and so funny! That ‘hip’ move is hilarious!

  11. OMG! What an amazing adventure for you Marie, and Team Forleo. Congrats on all of the success with the tour!

    BTW — I almost died laughing with the hip shakes on the stairs. A-MAZING. Looking forward to B-School 2020 – it’s going to be epic!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for making it epic with us, Kristi. Always love having you. xo

  12. Thank you Marie, for sharing your journey. Your book is a blessing to us all.
    Cheers to you. I hope you will come in Kentucky.

  13. Rebecca

    Hello Marie and The Forleo Team, I just think you are so fun and fantastic. You keep believing in me and that gives me strength and encouragement to go out and keep putting myself out there to meet people and speak about my little business and get new clients! Loved the video of the Australian book tour and had a blast practicing the dance moves in my jammies before heading out for the day!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Rebecca! Thank you so much for sharing that, your story is so inspiring to all of us on Team Forleo. And the Jet Lag Swag + Jammies = perfect combo!

  14. Dominique

    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love you more…!!!

  15. Yes; fear is just trying to keep us safe, but it doesn’t understand the more ‘modern’ aspects (social media included) and how those arent scary like facing a bear.
    I even wrote a blog post about why I call my Fear “Kitten” to remind me it isn’t *against* me.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Oh that’s perfect, Katy-Rose! What a great idea to make friends with Kitten and let her be your guide.

  16. Alyssa

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Marie!! I’m so sad I wasn’t near a city for the tour, but glad you could join through all the videos. I haven’t watched all of the MarieTVs recently, but I just love the ones I do! You have brought so much inspiration to my life. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book and dive into it.

  17. I love that even though the booktour is wrapped up, it’s really just the beginning – for both your book and the ripple effects it will have in the world.

    I’m so grateful for Everything is Figureoutable, B-School, and what you stand for in the world. Thank you for not holding back, you’ve inspired thousands of us to do the same!

    Big big love,

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for all of your support, Nathalie. Your kind words here mean so much to all of us, including Marie.

  18. Hilda Belmont

    Marie, thank you for being that endless source of inspiration for me. So much wisdom packed even in these super short segments of the book tour in Australia.
    I went back to dance school at age 36 thanks to you and I LOVE it, it brings joy to my life and helps me connect with my inner wisdom.
    In this video you helped me reflect on how fear to social media rejection has been holding me back, my strategy will be first to post a video of myself dancing as you do and then move to posting about what I believe/stand for.
    My dream is to have a profitable business doing what I love and since you are super transparent with your feelings and empathy is one of my virtues these type of videos help me visualize what it would feel like when that happens.
    I adore you and your team.
    If you consider Mexico in the next book tour, I will be there!

  19. I’ve watched every one of these and loved them! On many levels! Thanks for going to such great lengths to share with us Marie. I’m looking forward to seeing the recording of the entire NY event! Cheers!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Rosalee!

  20. Thank you for sharing all that you are Marie! So sad I wasn’t able to attend any of this as I tot was traveling at the time. You are truly an inspiration to many, and I look forward to all that is next for you and seeing you in the near future! Till then, keep them hip circles ⭕️ And nuggets of wisdom comin’!!!

  21. Cielo Diaz

    Wow Marie, you are simply amazing!!! Your message, your spirit and all you give is so powerful and transformational. Every time I see you, I just love you and your work more and more!!!! Wish I could have seen you live during your book tour, but maybe one day.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to that one day, Cielo. We appreciate the encouragement.

  22. This was such fun and awesomeness that I smiled and cried throughout the video. And the dance! I almost peed in my pants! You are simply the best.
    If you ever consider touring in Scandinavia… I’ll be there, whatever the city.

    Huge hugs from a fan in Finland ?

  23. Amanda Sloan

    Wow you made it to Australia, that’s almost NZ. had me in tears with your last everything is figureoutable, amazing how you have impacted so many lives and inspired people. go you Marie!!

  24. You are just so one-of-a-kind, Marie. Everything you do has your unique flavour on it and your little bit of weird makes me feel better about my weird and want to show it off too. Success leaves clues and I’m watching you! (not in a creepy way).

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Well, Ruth, you’re one of a kind too and that’s what makes the world an amazing place. Thanks for being here with us.

  25. Thank you so much Marie for this video (and the other ones) and for your wonderful book and B-School. This video was very much encouragement this morning here in Australia and I thank you and all involved in making it. The story of your dad and the VHS video regarding fear was a great tip to remember with children, or adults. I am always adding to my creative ways of helping people move through fears and tell themselves new stories to help them go forward. Many blessings. ??

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Karen, we’re so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying these videos, and found this one in particular encouraging. We’re cheering you on for all the wonderful work you’re doing to support others in moving through their fears. Keep it up! ?

  26. Dawn Engler

    Thank you for sharing bits of your tour with us. It’s been a blast coming with!

  27. That dance is pure gold!!!

  28. Such a needed message. So sad the tour is over but can’t wait to continue seeing the book make waves in the world!

  29. Janet Marie Petty

    Hilarious…HIP Circle thrusts!!!! LOL, input a smile on my face and Im going to have to go try it in the mirror. And not beat myself up that Im still only a little over half way through the book. Im a bit slow with reading as I approach 65 because my retina began to detach 3 years ago after using computers for years and an iPhone for about 1 1/2 years. Fortunately i caught it really early and the reattachment surgery was a success and I am not blind (the worst case scenario) but can see literally inches in from of my face like a magnifying glass but my left eye still sees mostly 20/20 but my eye to brain tires quickly when trying to find the right range to SEE and READ. So I am pressing on to FIGURETHISOUT and still try to get my B-school (2014 alumni) sizzle together. The creative artist-yogi- wellness lifestyle advocate that I am with strong faith that God is using all this on purpose to help me relate even more to more folks.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and unwavering focus.
    Your team doing the hip-circle-thrust needs to become a GIF

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are AMAZING, Janet! We love your positive, everything is figureoutable attitude in the face of such challenges. Take your time, there’s no rush, and we’d also encourage you to consider the audiobook as well as the audio recordings for B-School, in case that may be a helpful way for you to absorb the content! We’re sending so much Team Forleo love and encouragement your way. Keep going!

  30. Hahahahahahahaahaha…LOVED the opera house!! You guys rock beyond words:)))

  31. Karola

    Oh my gosh I loved seeing this! I was one of the very lucky people who got to meet Marie in Melbourne. As soon as I got the email I bought my ticket. I have a photo with her that I’ll treasure forever. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for coming to my town.
    Another highlight was meeting the wonderful Gregory!! And I saw that you went to Lune Croissanterie – they are the best and right near where I live, I can walk there!
    It’s so true that we experience four seasons in one day!
    Melbournians can be a bit reserved but if we’re quiet it just means that we are soaking it all up.
    I sell Everything is Figureoutable in my bookstore and have sold extra copies because I was able to tell customers that Marie is as wonderful and warm in person as she appears on tv – who doesn’t love to hear that the person you respect and consider a mentor is lovely in person?
    Thank you all for a wonderful experience xx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We adore you, Karola! SO beyond happy that you were able to connect with Marie in your magical town of Melbourne. The team had an amazing time there soaking everything up, and we’re thrilled to hear you and Gregory connected, as well!

      Thank you SO much for spreading the good word about Everything is Figureoutable in your bookstore. We’re forever grateful for your support! XOXO

  32. Tatum

    Love Love Love Love LOVE!! Marie, you are such an inspiration. I had such an interesting thought process while watching this! First thought was “I wish I could be this confident, because there’s no greater power than being able to express yourself and your passion to others. But I’m too scared…fear is too big. It’s never gonna be me, moan, blah….” and then I immediately thought “well, you could probably do it if you invited a small audience of people who have the same fear and you just kept it real. Speak to the people who understand and also want to change. Find your niche. Of course there will be a demand for that…”. I problemed and then PROBLEM SOLVED in the same breath. And I realised how wonderfully effective all these years of Marie TV have been! What you have really driven hone for me is how I have no limitations other than what I am thinking and believing and choosing. No more excuses! EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE ❤️

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Tatum!! We love hearing your thought process (which is SO natural), thank you for sharing it with us here. There are absolutely people who need to hear exactly what you uniquely have to share. Often, it can be easy to see another’s talents or gifts, and much more difficult to see what’s so special about ourselves. Always remember, the beautiful things you see in another also live within you. We’re cheering you on as you spread your own magical gifts out into the world, we see them shining brightly ❤️

  33. Benson Modie

    Wow…..absolutely wonderful! Celebrating life there Marie…..bravo to you and your team!

  34. Pam

    Love watching your journey, Marie! I was at your FIRST event in NYC and love that you’re giving your message to the world. You’re a gift!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aw, Pam – thank you! For being such an amazing part of this community. We’re so happy you were there to kick off the tour in NYC! Sending huge Team Forleo hugs your way.

  35. Hi Marie,
    I follow Marie Forleo religiously, you’re my GOD!! I rave about you every day to anyone that will listen and I also listen to your podcast every morning on my way to work, after dropping off my little girl at kindy!
    I’m from New Zealand but started listening to your life-changing podcast when I was a single and broke Kiwi girl living in London, struggling to get through each day.
    I’m now a 28-year-old, living in NZ, with a beautiful 18-month-old girl, have an amazing fiance and we’re getting married in Feb 2020! Yay! We have 11acre block and building a retreat and home set up on the coast of New Zealand. Please come to visit one day!
    Your podcast has given me the strength to leave my 9-5 job and I’ve recently started (like in the last week) my Virtual Administrator company, which I have been trying to get the confidence in the past 3 years to do. (
    Now that I’ve opened this door, I’m meeting more and more women in my industry that already live in my town. It’s not as uncommon as I thought!
    I have great skills at getting shit done! And I want to be able to have a flexible lifestyle to support my baby girl, my business and also my fiance Toms Building company! It’s amazing when you look back at a broke single kiwi girl living London at what I’ve achieved in the past 2-3 years. We’ve also built a house, bought and sold, bought and sold another property, planned a wedding and had a baby girl! I believe this is all down to my mindset changes from repeating to myself daily – everything is figureoutable! And it’s started to rub off on to my amazing future husband too, and he reminds me, when things get tough (because they have definitely been tough at times!) we will get through this, and we do! So I would just like to say Thank you! If you or your team have a spare moment, I’d love for you to check out my website. But I’ve also put my name down for B School in Feb 2020 and need to do some more of your copy cure course also! You are my religion! X

  36. Seriously, Marie, hip circles? 🙂
    Your entire audience is now practicing… can you hear them?
    And a hip pop here, and a hip pop there, here a pop, there…
    Thank you SO much for this inspiring tour, we’re coming right behind you 😉
    Get some rest, and let’s prepare for B-School 2020!!
    With so much love and gratitude,

  37. I laughed soooo hard on that dance at the end ???

  38. Hey Marie,
    I found out about you the day I opened my business, and I told myself ‘why now, why couldn’t I have met this chick a year before because it would have save me’ but it did anyway because your voice reminded me what I needed to be where I needed to be what I needed to do. 5 years after I am finally running the business I really wanted by putting into practice every thing that I have learned from B-school, but at my own pace. Seeing you now with your book it just so amazing because you’re just yourself, doing your work, helping people grow and sharing with people your wonderful self as always. Your commitment is super amazing, that’s my ultimate goal to have that level of commitment not just today not just tomorrow but on a daily basis. You deserve everything life has to offer.
    Love Jeanique
    Early Merry Christmas

  39. Rachel - Team Forleo

    Jeanique, we’re so grateful you took the time to share this with us. We’re wishing you a heartfelt congratulations on your successes with your business so far! It takes an incredible amount of hard work and we don’t take that lightly. We’re also so honored to know B-School has been helpful along the way. There will be struggles, and that’s just a part of the journey. Keep going and know we’re all rooting for you over here!

  40. Susan Pitman

    I’m just so freaking grateful for you.
    Everything is figureoutable has played an enormous role in some monumental moments…
    Much, much love Marie!

  41. Linda

    Marie, and all of Team Forleo,
    I would love it if you did another NYC date if you decide to begin an another tour. Watching your tour, reading your book and seeing your book in all of the bookstores I go to – seeing your face and giving me that look that says “do it, just do it”. You and the people you surround yourself with are all a-maz-ing. I’m sure your tired, and I hope you enjoy your time off. For me, its the perfect time of year to say thank you and offer you my gratitude. ?

  42. I’ve let fear hold me back for so long but started to work toward my dreams (and face fears in the process) which has bought me much joy, however really putting myself out there with my own business….then I became ill with cancer and you launched your book, so while I was preparing for a 12 hour surgery I bought a copy to read during my recovery (I was in a Sydney hospital when you were there)…I’m sure this time to reevaluate my life was a gift pointing me in the right direction and I am taking small actionable steps, all the while feeling the fear but knowing that I just need to start, the rest is figureoutable!

    • *however never really putting myself out there with my own business.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We’re in awe of you and the way you’re finding opportunity hidden in the challenges you’re facing, Kaye. You’re simply amazing, and all of us on Team Forleo are sending you our love and wishing you a speedy and full recovery! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you ❤️

  43. Serene

    Good on ya, Marie. Good on ya.

  44. I absolutely loved it! Thank you Marie!!

  45. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  46. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for sharing all about us toward The Australian Book Tour.
    I just heard on the same before a couple of days via a post but I just ignore it but your this post mindblowing especially for me to understand the things for social media & money.

  47. Theresa

    How about South Africa? Now wouldn’t that be nice!

  48. Ahhhhh I’ve just popped onto your site to get my energy back on point & you’ve done it – thank you! I definitely struggle with holding back through fear of what others think. I’m quietly very self-assured and know what I want, and then when it comes to external interactions I know there are some tight knots to untie on this! Working on it – thanks for the inspiration & encouragement & laughs! x

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      You did the right thing reaching out and seeking inspiration, Jodi! You’re on the right track, can’t wait to see what the future hold for you.

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