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Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from the Everything is Figureoutable book tour. Could I maintain my energy? My sanity? My health? 

After traveling to eight U.S. cities in two weeks, here’s what that experience taught me: who you surround yourself with and the energy that you collectively bring is everything. 

The world will always present you with challenges, especially when you least expect them. But the energy with which you respond to those challenges is where your power lies.

The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself. So say ‘everything is figureoutable’ as much as humanly possible. Click To Tweet

From impromptu airport book signings to joining an all-star group of women at each stop of the Everything is Figureoutable book tour, to getting a phone call from my publisher about The New York Times bestseller list — this trip was packed with lessons and memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

I captured it all in this episode of Marie Unplugged so you could see how a nationwide book tour comes together. Personally, I love seeing behind the scenes of creative projects. That’s where I often find sparks of creative inspiration for my own work. 

I hope this inside look at the U.S. tour gives you ideas and fresh energy to move your dreams ahead.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. 

  1. What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away? 
  2. What’s one thing you can do to turn that insight into action? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. The energy you bring to your world creates seismic shifts.

Remember how powerful you really are. 

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Hot. This whole experience and getting to see how much care and creativity went into birthing this book is how I want my next book to feel. Anyhoo. I thought I’d share that being homeless in a WaWa parking lot screaming at God for answers was a low point. But when I surrender. Let myself go gentle. And hear the only thing my soul knew was true “Everything is Figureoutable” it guided be through the threshold into my JESUS YEAR. A giant comeback I would never have held so proudly. Thank you for being here making these waves. It’s vital. It’s within our darkness we can feel confident to juice the oranges in our life. Power on baby.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Juice the oranges — Yes! We loved seeing you on tour, Bernard. Thanks so much for being part of our community. Here’s to more oranges, growth, gentleness — and your book!

      • Haha if you squeezing, close your eyes so you don’t squirt any in your eye…hahaha!

  2. Delphine

    Oh J, the chills watching this video.
    Thank you for sharing so much
    Love you, Marie, and love your team!!
    Bisous from France

  3. AJ

    So wonderful to see behind the scenes, the real emotion, the authenticity, the DJ uber driver. Celebrate your wins – you’d worked your ass off for it all! And when the water level rises for one it rises for all – thanks for blazing a trail!

  4. What a powerful adventure! I’m super excited to be meeting you later this month in Melbourne x

  5. My biggest takeaway was to just realize to be myself, outrageously myself. I am reminded that lifes’ greatest challenge is in the simplicity of all things. It is simple to be myself. It is what has always worked. I found myself in low ebb of error thinking over these past few months, and woke this morning wondering, “what is the use”. I got up extra early to go work out, when something drew me to my laptop. I chanced upon your tour video. I saw how you are just being you. I felt how you were just being you. I wondered where I went, I am coming back home! Thank you for this perfect timing, this perfect expression of life in this Universe.

    • I love your comment Gregory, I’m going to be my outrageously self. So well said.

  6. Lakshmi Turner

    Can’t wait to see you in London.
    Midway through reading your book, I finally figured out exactly wanted I wanted to do with the final stint of my career. I have a plan of action and know it’s the right path.
    Your humanity, generosity, compassion, brilliance and energy speak directly to me.
    Congratulations on being No1
    With love
    Lakshmi xxx

  7. I’m not crying; you’re crying. But seriously, in the first few pages of the book, I found myself in tears because yet again, you get it. One takeaway from this/ the book, is that everything I’ve been searching for is already inside of me. It’s something I intuitively know, but as an endless seeker, sometimes I think I need to seek more before x,y, and z happens. But I’ve figured out multiple layoffs, career changes, 18+moves across the country, publishing a book, creating a podcast — and whatever is around the corner, I’ll figure that out too. It’s all about those little steps. Sad to have missed you on tour, but this Copy Cure/B-Schooler is so effing proud of you and honored to be part of this community. XOXO

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      You really do have everything you need inside you, Amanda. Keep listening to that voice inside, taking the next step, and know that we’re cheering you on. xoxo

  8. Oh, my Marie. This was a lovely taste of who/what you are. What fun it would be to hang out with you like I did just now 🙂 Thanks for the inside scoop…and gurl! You carry your own luggage!! I noticed that. Keepin’ it real, that’s Marie fo sho!

  9. Congrats on NYT#1!!! Your book launched at a perfect time for me. Im in the midst of trying to finish the preparation to launch a kick ass training for new sales reps (who havent been hired yet!). My left brain has been in OVERDRIVE. You said on the tour to break it into small pieces….and take action that will take me one step further to my big goal. THANK YOU. I bought and started EIF and cant wait to finish your book. Love you, Marie. Im so happy for you and your team!
    XoMP (fellow Jersey girl)

  10. Shelley

    Marie, you are a Rock Star! So authentic and real. Thank you for this peek inside your tour. Your book is incredibly inspiring. I’ve been so stuck for so long, but I’m working my way through the exercises now. As you mentioned in the video, “one small step at a time.” Thank you for the kick in the pants I desperately needed. Have fun in London and the world! Everyone needs to hear your message.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      You’ve got this, Shelley. Keep working through the exercises and taking those small steps. As Marie says, it’s the small steps that lead to the big vision.

  11. I can’t wait to see you in London tomorrow, Marie!!!!! Ahhhh!!

    I have been blocked trying to advance from observational drawing to imaginative drawing to illustrate picturebooks. For the last year I have been in limbo hoping somehow that the way forward would be revealed by this artist or that teacher. And they have helped a bit. But now I know what I have to do. Try and try, and while I’m trying (and probably failing a lot) repeat: “Everything is Figureoutable! Everything is Figureoutable!!!”
    It’s so crazy that I gave my power away by not trying and instead hoping for results to come from “the experts”.
    I’m going to put my phone down now, pick up my pencil and start drawing again!
    Thank you, Marie!

    • I SO RELATE to this. I kept looking outside myself for the info and help that would make my business earn enough money to sustain itself and me, and then grow. And granted I learned a TON of valuable information and experienced a lot of personal growth…

      I needed that and wouldn’t trade it, but it was just leading to the day it clicked — I had learned enough and now I had to implement like a mofo. I gained a perspective shift that helped me see where in the foundation I had massive holes I’d been tripping over, and I started there. I haven’t finished the foundation or arrived at the next level yet, but so much personal and biz growth is happening here, it’s unbelievable!

      I had to just start doing the things I needed, and it’s all moving now.

      As an artist as well, I love how you described it and it totally made sense to what I was doing in my biz and personal life. I don’t know you, but I feel massive excitement for you and your illustrations! All the best to you!!!


  12. Shareen Klasing

    It was great watching the highlights of your tour. I took my 17 year old daughter to see you in Chicago. It was pure joy. One of my favorite quotes from the video is, “The most powerful words are the ones you say to yourself.” Those words will stay with me. I am so, so happy for you. And so grateful for you. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. It is very inspiring. Very motivating. And so much love and joy. XXOO

  13. I LOVE watching these behind the scenes! I hope to see each leg of the tour in full- all the interviews and of course, the dance parties!! One of my biggest take aways is when you were at the Rachel Hollis interview… chunk it down, don’t focus on the big vision, take action on the small tasks that move you forward to the big goal. This is something I need to hear!!! I am a visionary and sometimes the dreams and desires can get in the way of the action, BUT Everything IS Figureoutable!! And because that is true, I can rest in and DO the small tasks, knowing that the dream will be figured out!! Thank you Marie!!!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re loving these behind-the-scenes, Suzy! We believe in you — keep on taking those small steps and know they’ll bring you to your big vision.

  14. Benson Modie

    Wow…..bravo there Marie and all the best throughout the tour!

  15. Linda

    OMG. They have said it all and more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  16. Nancy

    The extreme power of words to uplift, shift and transform. Always use words wisely!

  17. I’m so proud of you Marie and thankful for the work done to bring this message of love and hope to so many people. I can’t forget to thank everybody who were part of this, including Josh. Kudo to all of you! With much appreciation.

  18. Honestly, this video was so incredibly inspiring and made me so happy for you and I even had tears in my eyes when you received your call from your publisher. I think a big take away for me is that you set your mind to it but most importantly you set your heart to it and you can do it! I friggin love your book it is changing my life and I am forever grateful to you for that. My life has literally changed since reading it in fact I booked my first speaking gig of 60 people! You are INCREDIBLE.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Go, Lindsay, go! We’re cheering for you and are so excited to hear you’ve booked your first speaking gig. You’re incredible, too. Thank you so much for being here with us, for reading Marie’s book, and for taking action to bring your goals to life.

  19. Hi, Marie,
    I am sure you’ve heard million times how smazing you are. I could n’t resist watching this episode at 5:45 in the morning. I sm inspired for more in my life and I am ready to keep moving on.
    Many blessing to you and your team and take care.

  20. So proud of you Jersey Sista!
    What a pleasure and inspiration watching all this come to fruition.
    Congratulations to YOU and your TEAM!!

  21. Preeya

    This is amazing Marie. I burst in tears and. Still sobbing writing to you. First of all YOU DID IT and Many more congratulations and success story to come but Everything is Figureoutable is the best healing tools for me specially at this phase of my life . This is the Bible for me and to all human to realize that whether it’s emotions, intuition,Thoughts, dreams, insecurity, love, relationship, doubts, betrayal, success, hustle etc.. “EVERYTHING IS.FIGUREOUTABLE”. ?? Love you.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      It means the world to us to know how Everything Is Figureoutable is a healing tool in your life! Thank you so much for being here and sharing with us, Preeya.

  22. Mariana

    My heart is jumping with joy! I love you Marie and team ?

  23. I get goosebumps watching this! I got tears in my eyes cause I can feel the love through the screen. The love from all the people who showed up at your events, the love you share and the huge impact you have and make people feel inspired and empowered. You make me feel like I want to go out and dare to BE BIG too! I get a feeling of wanting to reach out to so many more people through my work and influence even more people. Thank you Marie for being such a positive and empowering being, I’ve followed you for 8 years and you keep inspiring me everyday. Much love,

    And the I will take is get on with finishing my website and start sharing more of me with the world. I’m already a b-school lover and member so I’ve got the best support and strategies to use ???

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Lisa! From that feeling inside that’s daring you to share your voice more, to the concrete step of finishing your website, we know you have everything inside you to figure it out ? Keep on taking the next step, and know we’ll be here cheering you on.

      • thank you dear one!!!! <3<3<3

  24. You are amazing! I say “everything is figureoutable “ as humanly possible and I say what would marie say now.

    You help me solve my problems

    My problem is I don’t have the grammar for writing-


  25. Oh my god- had to cry so badly when you got the NY# 1 news:-)

  26. Sarah

    Every time I watch the #1 NYT segment I weep with you. I want that kind of feeling in my life. I felt like that when I had my babies, but at 56, almost 57, I’m not doing THAT again! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. This has been inspiring.

  27. “The most important words are the ones you say to yourself”…
    Marie, you and B-school, and this book are showing up in my 56th year, a year where I am literally starting over, leaving a 15-year relationship and trying to actually, finally launch my own business. I have been carrying around this IDEA in my head for nearly 10 years now. Your wisdom, your ideas, and your coaching are physically MOVING me on the path to making this happen. The fact that you are so succinctly able to share your view of how things work and how to keep going, even in the face of obstacles and barriers, is what has enabled ME to move forward. You are our CAPABILITY YODA – showing us how to SHOW UP, and KEEP GOING, no matter what. My most humble thank you! (FigureOutableYoda) 🙂
    Much Love, Heidi Falkenstein

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hey Heidi, We absolutely know you have everything it takes to figure out the obstacles and to keep taking the next step. Thank you so much for sharing with us and being part of our community. May the figureoutable force be with you! ?

  28. Leah

    Wow thank you for sharing this! Your energy and enthusiasm for life is absolutely contagious!

  29. I’m watching this bawling because I want this for myself and for those I reach.

    I’m in a massive overhaul revision of my memoir (bizarre abusive marriage, DVSA) and pursuing a limited series TV show adaptation, but I’m still at the beginning just starting to grow my resources. It’s tough, but an amazing process.

    Right when I started to think, “How do I get to where Marie is from here?” the clip about not worrying about the big thing and just focusing on the next step came on! And I thought — just yesterday I was invited to speak and share my story and empowerment method at a MaryKay team meeting in the Director’s home in two weeks… I am honored to have been invited and I hope to connect with and inspire THOSE women, while honing my skill and ability to do so better every time.

    A local social worker has a client going through a traumatic faith crisis or religious trauma syndrome, leaving a fundamentalist religion, and my friend has offered her to invite me to a session for added insight and solidarity as I have also gone through that unique, traumatic experience.

    A former Kung Fu student who moved away recently acknowledged me as an inspiration when she posted that she was making some major personal, health, self-love improvements in the next 70 days so that when she walks the stage for (college) graduation, it will truly mark the end of the old and beginning of her new life.

    And all of these amazing people are inspiring others in their way as well.

    I have fears, doubts, and worries about putting myself out there, yet I feel the drive of divine purpose to do so anyway, and when I see I actually am making a difference, I know whatever my own growth pains are, are worth it.

    I am practicing what I teach my Kung Fu students and coaching clients — I am starting where I am and growing from here.

    People like Marie and my own clients inspire me to keep going, growing, and serving, and seeking the help I need to be able to do that… and the ripple effect just continues on and on. ???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so beautifully said, Tanisha! We’re proud of you for taking the next right step and cheering you on with your memoir and the mini-series!

  30. Love seeing your happiness fullness and success congratulations on the book going #1!!! My next step is nailing down my pitch deck for sponsors for our series and working to secure that so we can move forward with documenting our experiences. Thank you Marie love you so much! EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good luck, Danielle! We’re rooting for you!

  31. I love your energy, looks like such a whirlwind and I don’t know how you do it, but it’s always an inspiration. <3

  32. wouawww so nice to see and so good to feel , thank you Marie for sharing those heart full and shiny moments. such a pleasure to Watch and feel. I started the book I was in deep tears while reading the testimonials at the end! I am following the practice I do practice and repeat the mantra it is so helpful it’s like a magic word ! You should create the everything is figureoutable Community !!
    I just need to find a good French translation to teach it also to my students !!
    Blessings and infinite gratitude to you, amazing beautifull soul and being

  33. Dawn Engler

    I am working my way through the book NOW! I hit the first insight to action and had to stop!! I got the book right before I moved and ALL my journals were packed and then, well, moving. As I’m unpacking, the first journal I came across was the one I used for B-School and CSB. NO LIE! So that is the one I’m using. The front says “Follow Your Heart” and I am. Girl, congrats on your tour, your book, your success. LOVE you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s the universe speaking to you! We hope your move was a smooth one and we’re so excited for this next chapter.

  34. I love that you show your hairdresser! Being a stylist and creating my own online education group……yep, repeated daily : everything is figureoutable! Even at 58!!

  35. Just got your book and started reading. Still in the beginning but I’m feeling so inspired! No I want to buy one for my Mom when I get to my country Portugal , she needs to read your book! Your mother remind me so much my mother a few years ago, but life change and sometimes words like yours makes us remember who we were in first place! I’m in Austin and I found out about your tour the day after you were here! I was NOOO! I wanted so much to be there! But I got your book. Maybe next time!
    Thank you so much Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Anna! We’re so happy you’re enjoying the book and feeling inspired. I’m happy to report that there will be a Portuguese edition of Everything is Figureoutable coming out at some point. Though we’re not sure of the date yet, stay tuned because we’d love for your sweet mom to be able to read it with you!

  36. Nellen Dryden

    May or may not have shed a few tears watching that one. Congrats Marie! Hope you soak in your moment. XO

  37. I have loved seeing these behind the scenes moments. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Congrats on your success – I am so glad you are reaching so many with your powerful message. Yay!!!!

  38. Thank you for sharing this video! It’s beautiful to see you at work and in your element of inspiring others! I was completely move to tears when you reminded your audience that even though you may not know them or what they’ve been through, that you believe we all have the power and magic within us. ✨THANK YOU!! ✨
    You reminded me to just take the next small step to get me to that next BIG goal. Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE!!

  39. I welled up with tears watching this video. Thanks for sharing the journey! I look to Marie and Team Forleo as models for what is possible, and I couldn’t be happier for them for having such a successful tour and book launch. It most definitely was a lot of deliberate work that got them there, and it’s so beautiful to see it all play out.

  40. Marisol

    To watch you do this work with such poise, confidence and love is true beauty to witness. I’m feeling very much in a negative downward spiral right now – feeling bored, unconnected and unfulfilled with my current position at work – and also feeling guilty for feeling this way. Like I need to practice more gratitude, and just take advantage of what I have available to me. Seeing you accomplish your dreams helps me to realize that there are endless possibilities for me out there – I just need to get really clear on what I want. You’re my daily inspiration – seeing you in action – it’s true love – just what you exude. I’m lucky to be alive during this time – and to have people like you out in the world making a wonderful impact. I, too, want to be one of those people – I just need to find my place.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Marisol! And we hope Marie’s wisdom will help you get your mojo back soon. <3

      • Marisol

        Thank you!

  41. Kat

    What is so very inspiring is it looks like you are having the time of your life. I heard you say once , “Be an [effing] pleasure to do business with.” And there you are, on what is, doubtless, a bit of grueling junket, doing business AND in the PLEASURE of the thing.

    Thanks for walking your talk. And have a ball in Europe (like NOT having a ball in Europe is a thing . . . 😉



    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, thank you SO much for these kind words, Kat – they mean the world. We sure do have a blast in everything we do on Team Forleo 🙂 Always working hard and being sure to have plenty of fun along the way! XOXO

  42. I love the behind the scenes footage – I could watch it everyday! My mind is always curious to see how events and projects happened. Keep up the good work!

  43. I was crying tears of joy for you the whole time I watched the behind the scenes of your book tour! I am just so HAPPY for your success Marie Forleo!!! I cried tears of hope and joy with you at the NYC launch too because I know “Everything IS Figureoutable” and I can’t wait to see this philosophy pay off in my life, for my business, and in the lives of my clients! I got my copy of the book at the NYC Event and pre-ordered the Audible version, I am about half way through, and I am eager to keep reading/listening and do the Immersion starting next week. I am ready for a breakthrough in my life because I KNOW the gifts I offer, Reconnective Healing and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching are AMAZING and I’ve been feeling stuck with no income for the past 6 months wondering where all the clients are. I know I have AMAZING GIFTS to give and it feels terrible to think no one wants them. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for giving me hope and inspiration when I felt like giving up. Thanks to you I will keep going and keep shining my light because I refuse to give up on the truth, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE! I appreciate you and I love you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Jennifer! The world TRULY needs your healing gifts, and it’s our honor to support you in sharing them. We’re so thrilled to hear the book tour and book have been inspiring for you. We can’t wait to see all you’ll do and create, please keep us posted. And we love you right back!

  44. what I have to say is I am SUPER PROUD of you! You bring tears to my eyes. You deserve this so much with all your constant hard work … you go girl!! Live it!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for these kind words to Marie, Cindy!

  45. This is so amazing! Congratulations on #1 NYT and for all of the love flowing in you, through you, to you, from you and all around you. It’s beautiful to witness and be a part of.
    Live Your Dreams


  46. Beautiful…just beautiful…xoxo

  47. Megan Trimble

    Congratulations Marie!! You have beautiful energy and everyone around you glows and becomes inspired. You deserve all great things! Blessings

  48. Tracey

    I love these behind the scenes videos. I am currently reading Everything is Figureoutable and loving it. Please do a video from London and Australia as well. Hope to see your round Brissy (AKA Brisbane, Australia) on your travels.
    With Love

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’d LOVE to see you in Australia, Tracey! So happy you’re loving the book. And yes – there will very likely be more international book tour adventures to come!

  49. Susan Pitman

    Just so totally inspiring, Marie and Team Forleo!
    I’m reading and re-reading and re-reading again…and applying…and saying outloud again and again,
    “Everything is figureoutable!”
    Thank you!!!
    All the best for all the times – Susan

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – love it Susan! Keep going with that mantra, it really is life-changing 🙂

  50. What a beautiful experience. Cheering you on, Marie! ???

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for the kind wishes of support, Bryce!

  51. As I watched I imaged myself on my own future book tour! So exciting and inspiring to join in your success—thanks for bringing us along! ❤️

  52. Tity Amado

    Ian truly happy for you. I got so emotional watching the video. Hope I can meet you some day and give you a big hug. You are such an inspiration. Wish you the best.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Tity! We’re sending hugs your way. 🙂

  53. Fantastic, Marie! A dear wish of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect for you. Keep doing what you do and thank you for being a marvellous person here on planet Earth.
    Molto grazie! (e Molto amore!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Grazie tante, Robert!

  54. This video just makes me so happy. So much inspiration. So many incredible, beautiful, smart, successful women joining Marie on stage, and all people I’ve discovered in some way through Marie or my own self discovery journey. I find it’s really hard to stay motivated towards my own goals (especially when that goals list feels too long, unattainable, and at times pretty messy), but this video is a solid reminder that hard work pays off, and that goals really are achievable. I feel so inspired watching this, and feel so much passion and joy and energy from Marie and her stage companions and every event attendee. Sometimes I think that little old me isn’t important/powerful/successful enough to make a true impact on the world, but Marie, and all of these incredible ladies, are a reminder that that’s simply not true. Everyone has a place and a purpose, and it’s up to each of us to show our true selves to the world. So I’m going to try to harness this energy and motivation to keep working towards the goals that will make me feel like Marie looked through her book tour!

  55. Maja - Team Forleo

    ”Everyone has a place and a purpose, and it’s up to each of us to show our true selves to the world.” We LOVE that, Taryn! We can’t wait to see where you take this, and we’ll be cheering you on!

  56. Love you so much Marie
    I cried along with you so many times in this video!!! So beautiful and inspiring to witness your dreams coming’s to fruition and your authenticity in the process! Thank you for being such a source of inspiration. You inspire me to do it….all my heart calls me too. its big and beautiful and amazing!
    You are amazing thank you for sharing your Truth!
    XXX Kim

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for your energy and your kindness, Kim. May you have many big, beautiful, amazing things in your future! ?

  57. On my second time through the book w/ my second copy. Gave the first one to my friend who is as feisty and tenacious as Marie. One thing that resonates from the pages is –
    It’s never too late to start something new. Whether that is your mindset, your self-care or your new adventure, as Marie says: “Try it before you deny it”.
    Thank you Marie for sharing your amazing adventure and being brave enough to share your truth.

  58. Amazing, Marie, thank you so much for the book!
    And for everything that you are giving us.
    My mantra has always been “There is at least one solution to every problem.”, close cousin to “Everything is figureoutable” ; )

  59. This book could be a glimpse of hope for everyone who has been at low ebb. Great job! Forleo

  60. Casey G. Nyambe

    Marie, you are such a revolutionary. Love your show and podcasts and love the authenticity of everything you create.
    I have seen book launches before that yes, some are good events…but this was truly an experience. You totally deserve to be canonized. No joke!!
    My new mantra is…you guessed it, ‘Everything is Figureoutable’!! Now, I have been preaching that to my wife and 3 year old daughter and to my beautiful delight, I had my daughter put on her night shoes after I put her pyjamas on. She struggled and said, “ Daddy, I can’t…” I put down my book and turned to her and said, “Honey, you don’t say I can’t until you have tried all you can”. She insisted, then I gave her thee uhm-hmm look, and she replies, “Ok Daddy I’ll try, because ‘everything is figurewoutable!’”
    I have never been so pleased. It’s never too early to start them. My take away is to respect and love your process and take massive action.

  61. Della Pitre

    Omgosh, I cried with you, Marie, when you found out you made the #1 New York Times best seller list. So so so happy for you! Oh the lives you will change! Love you Marie! xo

  62. Jenny Tailiya

    I agree with repetition being a very powerful force as it engages your higher self and, In turn will bring about the change you seek in a very powerful way.

  63. Congratulations!

  64. Chris

    Hi Marie
    I’m not quite finished reading your book. However I’d like to day that although your book is for everyone, and mostly around creative people and starting business which both I am not. I’ve taken so much away from your book, it’s provided me with courage and put clarity to lessons learnt. I love helping people my current job is in emergency services however has come to a complete road block. Here insert ‘positive quitting’ rather than feeling failure. Also Procrastination yes I’ve done this over the past 12 months and disguised it with research and planning. I feel great now actually understanding. And so many more things from your book. But also my daughter who is creative and wishes to run her own business. This has brought so much to me to know how to help her. She lives life to the beat of her own drum is mature beyond her years and let’s nothing hold her back. I’m always extremely proud and supportive of her. Currently she is living life on a shoe string bouncing from one place to the next having extraordinary experiences and soaking up all life has got to offer. Emotionally intelligent beyond her years. Learning so much.
    Thank you for providing courage, learning and understanding.
    Not a creative but this book has got SO much to offer loved it x

  65. Dear Marie,
    I’m Laure and I’m from France. Since I’ve been discovering your work and philosophy of life, it helps me believe in myself, which is quite hard for me ! Thank you for sending us such good vibes and to have written “Everything is figureoutable” ! One question I feel I really have to ask you : have you already planned to translate your book into French ?! Ok, maybe it’s because I am a translator and because the subject of personal development is of particular interest for me. French people have to know you better !! We’ll always need good vibes and to listen to our hearts.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Laure,
      Thank you so much for these kind words for Marie and Everything is Figureoutable! We’re delighted you’re believing in yourself! Way to go!

      You’re welcome to email us your question about translations at [email protected] and we’re happy to share more information.
      Keep shining your light, and thanks for being in our community. ?

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