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Have you ever wondered…

“Why aren’t more people buying my stuff? I’ve worked really hard and put so much time and energy into this thing. Plus — my product is really freakin’ good! Why don’t I have more customers?”

If so, you’re gonna love today’s episode of MarieTV.

Listen in as my friend Ramit Sethi and I talk about a simple, yet profound, shift you can make to sell more and make your clients and customers happier in the process.

Heads up on my friend Ramit: he can be pretty controversial. He regularly recommends his readers unsubscribe from his list (if they’re non-action takers) and has no problem publicly calling people out for being lazy.

You’re not trying to appeal to everyone, you’re trying to appeal to the right people. @Ramit Click To Tweet

He’s a no B.S. kind of guy who really knows what he’s talking about. Which is exactly why we’re friends, and why I have him on the show today.

As you know, I believe that if you have a product or service you believe in — one that truly helps others — it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to market and sell in the most effective way possible.

Because if you don’t, you’re stealing from those who need you most.

Bonus tip: in this video, you’ll learn why the word “empowering” is meaningless 90% of the time.

This is especially true if you or anyone you know is trying to start or run a business about “empowering women.”

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In the comments below, I’d love to see your response to our classic “before and after” challenge.

Whether you have a business or an idea for a business, tell us specifically:

a. What’s your current positioning – the “before” of how you position and sell right now.

b. What’s a more targeted, specific “after” positioning can take to sell more effectively.

Of course, if you don’t own a business and you don’t plan to, think about this as a consumer.

Have you’ve purchased something recently because of how specifically that company spoke to you?

Did you happily open your wallet because you felt a business connected with exactly who you are and what you want?

I’m excited to see what you share.

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing.


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  1. One of my favorite module in B-School was the one called “Offerings” AND the Ideal Customer Avatar exercise. (If you haven’t done B-School Ladies I highly suggest it.)

    I’m in the middle of totally repositioning my brand & website to reflect my ideal client : the Intuitive Entrepreneur who wants to take her business to the next level.

    Today’s vid gives me a lot to think about.

    • For the Ladies who have not even started a business yet (but are contemplating it) and target market + niching is further down the road for you, I’ve created a playful, easy 9-step guide that’ll help you get clear on your true desires & create a road map to your wildest dreams & life changing goals.

      Enjoy 🙂

      • Thanks, Caroline! I subscribed and am looking forward to the 9-step guide. Your website is beautiful. To answer your question, my inner goddess said I’m already doing a great job, but my day will be made even better if I do that 10 minutes of meditation that I keep avoiding.

        • Beautiful Allison!
          See if you can start your day with maybe even just 5 minutes of meditation or taking small breaks during the day to close your eyes and breathe to allow your Goddess to shine through.
          Easy does it 🙂

        • Lynn Chenier

          Hi Allison, Lynn over here. Have you tried to schedule your meditations for the same time every day? if you keep missing your meditations, you might not be planning your life around them, or seeing the value of taking that 10-minutes. You said your day “would be made better”, so remember that. If you’re working towards your business, you an also use this time as a tap-in to your intuition for clarity. What would it take?

      • Hey Caroline! I signed up. My biz is already going but is maybe at a kindergarten level and I want to take it to grad school level! Still trying to figure out my exact target so looking forward to your guide. Thx, Kay 🙂

      • Thank you Caroline,

        I am in the middle of getting my site together. Gathering content and putting everything together. I did want to go through the B school, but I will the next time she opens it. I am going to check out your 9 step guide. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Ginger

        Hi Caroline,
        I’ve been subscribed to your emails for a few weeks…
        Will the 9 steps guide show up there soon?
        Thanks! 🙂

      • Aha! So that’s the problem. Thanks for alerting me to a simple solution!

      • paola

        i would love the 9 steps guide, where can I get it?

        thank you


      • Sara

        Thanks Caroline, I will definitely check out your guide but In the past I have downloaded some questionnaires but the trouble is I am not able to answer them. Like if they say – where do these people go to shop ? ….welll I don’t know. Any tips for finding that out ? My target might seem simple like busy executive mums but their challenges in terms of their house and kids and how my photography can solve – how do I find that out? – that’s my question.

        I’d love to hear from you all on this. And appreciate the help with a massive storm of well wishes your way.

      • Angel Dahler

        How do I find this 9-step guide?

    • OMG, I swear this episode was made just for me this week.

      I had a huge melt down this week (I wrote about it if you’re interested) and decided to change things up.

      I’m a relationship coach but I felt I was being to general and so I decided to focus my coaching on helping women save their relationships from disaster/break up & create a more meaningful, passionate, connected & romantic relationship.

      I decided to do this because it’s what I personally did, my relationship was in a danger zone and I was about to repeat the pattern of losing it again, BUT, I used all my power to change it.

      After watching this (thank you Ramit for using relationships as an example!) I’m going to go deeper and get specific about age (I’m thinking 25 – 34) and really think about the language I’m gonna use.

      Thank you for this Marie, you’re a life saver!

      Elise xx

      • Elise! I love your blog and you so gorgeous in your profile pic!

        • Thank you Camila! You’re a darling 🙂

          Btw, I am COMPLETELY in LOVE with your tea cups and salt shakers!! They are AMAZING and so unique! I mean, spirit guides? Je t’adore.

          The second I get my own place I am gonna go nuts on your site!xo

    • Elsa Alexandra

      I totally subscribe to your comment Caroline! I first came across the concept of customer avatar through Eben Pagan, and then went through it again during Marie’s B-School.
      A fantastic way to narrow down your niche!

      • Hi Elsa!

        I love the way we explore the customer avatar in B-School but I have to say it was a challenge for me. It only all came together and became “real” (as opposed to making it up) when I brought Marie’s ideal client avatar exercise into an InVizion process where my intuition showed me so freakin’ clearly (it was insane) WHO she is, WHERE she is in her business and WHY she needs my help. It was crazy clear and well, real.

        Feels good to know.

    • Thank you for the LOVELY site and words Caroline. I look forward to hearing what your intuitive steps are. I live by my inner goddess and the one that we live on!

    • Hi, Caroline! When you say “Intuitive Entrepreneur” what do you mean by that? Not sure I understand you there.

      • Namaste Anastasia,

        An Intuitive Entrepreneur is someone who follows her intuition (I call it Inner Goddess or Inner Guidance) to create magnificent, sometimes miraculous, results in her business & her life.

        Smarts can only take you so far -we have a limited amount of information we can access from the thinking mind and most of all, we tend to create limited possibilities. Then our fears (fear of failure or I’m not good enough or who I’m I to want this success? or I don’t have the confidence/what it takes/talent… insert your fear or sabotaging language here __________ ) keep us stuck, stalled, procrastinating, thinking small, playing safe or quitting altogether.

        I talk a little bit about it on my blog
        and here

        But from the perspective of your Inner Goddess, the possibilities are infinite, joyous, loving & extremely abundant. She sees clearly, she “knows” and she makes the journey a Divine Dance of discovery & playfulness. Align with your Inner Goddess and your business (+ your life) will thrive.


      • Namaste Anastasia,

        An Intuitive Entrepreneur is someone who follows her intuition (I call it Inner Goddess or Inner Guidance) to create magnificent, sometimes miraculous, results in her business & her life.

        Smarts can only take you so far -we have a limited amount of information we can access from the thinking mind and most of all, we tend to create limited possibilities. Then our fears (fear of failure or I’m not good enough or who I’m I to want this success? or I don’t have the confidence/what it takes/talent… insert your fear or sabotaging language here __________ ) keep us stuck, stalled, procrastinating, thinking small, playing safe or quitting altogether. I talk about this on my blog.

        But from the perspective of your Inner Goddess, the possibilities are infinite, joyous & extremely abundant. She sees clearly, she “knows” and she makes the journey a Divine Dance of discovery & playfulness. Align with your Inner Goddess and your business (+ your life) will thrive.

    • Dear Marie, Ramit, and Commuinty,

      Thank you SO much for your insight into marketing. I am very grateful for all your knowledge. I just finished B-School and am still trying to understand the art of marketing and finding my clear niche. I am starting an online fitness studio and realize my ideal customers are young moms and busy professionals.

      In trying to niche down even more, I keep thinking about Mike Jeffries (the controversial CEO of Abercrombie) and what went terribly wrong there. He really created a clear customer avatar…he decided who that was and who that wasn’t. But, why is his way of marketing not sitting well with me? How can we create our ideal customer avatar in a way that is positive and doesn’t alienate or offend people.

      I completely agree with Marie and Ramit that we need to find our specific niche and really market to them, I’m just wondering how to do that in a way that is still inclusive to all. Thanks for your thoughts on this one.

      Much love and respect! 🙂

      • O Nicole, I SO hear you about the A&F (but here’s a little funny aside, market aside he’s got himself and his company on everyone’s lips which is press in and of itself!)

        But I totally agree with you, I really want to focus on my marketing and message from a truly positive standpoint and I think that’s really possible. For me in my work (& beliefs) like attracts like and while we are all trying to solve a problem, being positive about it is really a way to create good positive change. I think perhaps by focusing on the benefits, and our language and how we display ourselves and what we do/offer from a positive light can help that.

        Ex. Don’t think “frazzled, frumpy mama strapped for time who is having trouble working out”

        You’re looking for that motivated mama who is ready to move on to her next phase of gorgeous and still honor the time she spends on other things in life. That working diva who is all about honoring her schedule and her body in a way that works for her. Secretly you’re hitting those points of “I don’t have enough time” “I’m not happy with how I look” but from a positive angle.

        I also think creating community around that would be great for “very busy mommas” like me who are also solopreneurs and feel being healthy is vitally important to feeling good and being good at what I do, but may have trouble getting started and need the support. 🙂

        • Awesome advice, Aradia! Holding a higher vision for the women we serve is SUCH a powerful thing. Inspiring the “YES, that’s where I want to be” inside of them.
          Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your work!

      • Hi Nicole! I think Mike Jeffries made his decision to be exclusionary vs. inclusive and that’s why, while it’s truly targeted, it just rubs people the wrong way. A&F has always targeted young, thin people with the images in the ads and in-store, but by not allowing people who don’t fit that image to enjoy the brand if they think it’s for them, he’s taking it in a different direction. I think kindness and inclusiveness is a better path, but that’s just me! I’m a busy professional who needs more exercise, so I’d love to check out your site if you’d like to share. (Think 10 minutes or less and stuff you could do in your office or cubicle!)

    • David

      Am I the only one hurt by Ramit’s ageist dismissiveness of the old and young? “Gramps” wears Dockers and white socks, and “doesn’t even know how to use his computer” is such blatantly insulting stereotyping that I can’t believe Marie presented it, or appeared to be amused by these remarks. Seniors frequently suffer because of age discrimination, as the result of such demeaning stereotyping. I think seniors are owed an apology.

      • Sue

        Well I am over 60 and a Grandmother and my youngest son is 14 and I don’t see it as an insult. I thought it was funny too, because they are young. I think they are right I wouldn’t necessarily want or speak the way someone their age would speak.
        Give them a chance, they are doing great things in the world and it’s just their opinion, not the ‘truth’

    • “Niche”ing down has been the HARDEST thing to do with my health coaching business. Perhaps I have a bit of a scarcity mindset towards what my ideal niche market would look like.

      I’ve taught Pilates and Yoga for years and have always had such a wide client basis. I’m starting to think it’s because I’m naturally a people pleaser (I worked in the customer service they’re always right industry for 10+ years) that I’ve had such a successful career. Then I think about fulfillment on a personal level. I found a lot of my work draining probably because I was aiming to please instead of teaching my truth.

      Perhaps it’s time to Niche down to my passion despite what I believe the financial outcome would be.

      Wow… Thanks for the space to share. My original intention with this message was to ask Marie if she would think about selling modules a la carte from B school? Especially a module related to finding your niche. I know B school is of a high quality and the integration of the program in its entirety is what makes it so darn good. Just a thought for those of us who are not in the place to make the financial commitment but want to keep the ball rolling on this entrepreneurial adventure.

      Still ever so grateful for the free content you pour out week after week. Your content has been beyond helpful and I look forward to your insights and inspiration week after week.


      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Great question, Jenn! Since the Modules in B-School really build on each other, they work best as a package deal. Though we don’t have plans to sell the program’s parts a la carte, we’d love for you to join whenever the timing is right for you. We open enrollment every February and we have a scholarship contest every February as well. If you’re not already signed up for the program newsletter, you’ll want to do that so we can let you know details for next year a little closer to that time:

        If you have any questions in the meantime, please message us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to help! 🙂

  2. a. My current positioning is as a life coach for people in their 20s and 30s.

    b. After listening to Ramit (he’s brilliant!), I’m going to position myself as a life, career, and relationship coach for high-potential 20- and 30-somethings who are craving consciousness, personal growth, and self-awareness – they are introspective and are constantly asking questions, challenging the status quo, and feeling disenchanted with “the way things are.” They’re excited and ready to make positive changes in their life, even when (and often BECAUSE) it feels scary.

    This is great stuff – thanks Marie and Ramit!

    • Mandy

      Awesome! Going to check out your website! Perfect example of this working. 🙂

    • Bridget

      Kristen that’s awesome

  3. When I hopped over to your site this morning and saw that you have Ramit Sethi.. I thought OMGosh! Yoohoo!

    I love him!

    One reason because I absolutely love his business model. Like early in the video when you said he sales products and services.. and then backtracked and said “Well, he sells products”

    Exactly! THAT is what I love about online business.. you can create a lifestyle where you are not a slave to the clock because you can do the work once and then sell it over and over again via products!

    ~ darlene

    • Darlene, I asked you a question, but, had a glitch with Marie’s commenting feature, so it appeared at the bottom of the comments(about 261)~ Have you used Ramit Sethi’s ‘How To Make An Extra 1k’ (paraphrasing)? Was it beneficial? Thanks.

      • Hi Chas..

        Just saw your question..

        No I haven’t used the $1000k.. what I was referring to (if this is why you asked) ..I like Ramit’s business model for getting paid on the same work over and over again.

        I love my freedom too much to trade time for dollars. I do VERY limited one-on-one coaching but the vast majority of my income is from products (including affiliate)

        I hope you don’t mind but I just checked out your site and I have a couple of thoughts.. well actually three.

        1) Be more clear on site’s purpose.
        2) Have lead capture form.
        3) Create an “About” page so we can get to know you!

        I have a FREE Blog to Profit course that can help you with some of that:

        ~ darlene
        p.s. Marie, I hope it’s OK I put above link in for Chas. If not, plz accept my apology and remove.

        • Thanks for the tips, Darlene. My site is a relic from the past and I am using it to learn about code. I am in the process of developing another site. I have no need for a lead capture form since I don’t have a newsletter, and am not directly selling a product, such as an e-book, CD, or DVD. I dumped the ‘about’ page, because I feel they are a hoky waste of web space and full of a lot of drivel~ I know this is contrary to internet tradition, web designer archetypes and the school of Google rhetoric. Thanks, though. You could probably learn more about me by reading my comments on Forbes. 😉

  4. There is just too much genius jam-packed into this video – I love Ramit Sethi! You’ve had him on before and that episode has been my all time favorite MarieTv episode…until now! =) I’m definitely inspired to nail down my niche now.

    And I love the end, “that’s some niche sh*t.”

  5. Wow! This was by far one of the most useful videos of yours that I’ve watched. Thank you, Ramit and Marie! I’ve been trying to narrow my focus down for a while now, just formulating what I’m really trying to do with my business.

    I’m really good at looking at someone’s actions and behaviors and figuring out what the underlying patterns and beliefs are. I want to help them dismantle disempowering beliefs and connect instead with their true voice of wisdom and power within.

    Now, to figure out exactly how I’m going to do that and, more importantly, who is going to want that… it takes a pretty committed person to go through that kind of work. Ramit, you have given me some great questions to start off from! Thank you.

    • Back after taking some time to figure it out:

      25-35 year old women who know what they want and dream of making a big difference on their own terms. In order to shine their brightest light, they need help overcoming their limiting beliefs and insecurities and connecting with their inner voice of truth and wisdom, their inner power.

      How does this sound?

      • That sounds great and that sounds like me! <3 Heading over your way now!

        • Thank you, Aradia! I’m working on new language for the site as well as a “start here” page now that I’ve refined my scope a little more. I love your products btw! I crochet as well and just love all of the cute stuff you have on your website!

          • Laura, thanks for stopping by my site! An artist always appreciates compliments on her work! I made sure I dropped by your site again and you’ve got a new subscriber (if I for some reason didn’t subscribe the last time I visited) so I look forward to your updates!

  6. I am working on

    BEFORE: A resource/magazine guide for post-gradute girls

    AFTER: A resource & magazine guide for post-graduate women in their 20s who desire an adventurous life — the opposite of the routine 9-to-5.

    • Wow Udoka – I love the shift you made between your before and after here.

      Not only did you hone in on girls in their 20’s but you also nailed the values that the girls you want to work with have about the sort of life they want to live. Now your magazine needs to burrow down into what specific areas you will focus your advice on to help them live their adventurous life.

      • silvia Bianco

        Udoka, I’m the mom of a 20 something girl and guy and one of the things I worried about after they graduated was how they were going to find their niche since I knew they weren’t 9 to 5 kindda kids.

        I think you’re onto something so helpful and wonderful. All the best to you.

    • Rachel

      Yes! BOOM. I’d sign up for your “After” in a heartbeat.

    • Camille Dangerfield

      I agree, you’re definitely on to something with your after!

    • Tai

      The after is very compelling. Great job!

    • Heather Yurko

      I do to Udoka! Your before and after is great!

    • Bridget

      Awesome Udoka!

  7. Great topic Marie! I had to buckle down and get super specific when I was out raising investment funding for She Takes on the World Inc. This is still the biggest challenge we see with the entrepreneurs Natalie Sisson and I work with through WE Mastermind. I recently did a video “20 Questions For Creating a Customer Profile” that is really valuable for anyone trying to reposition and define who they are targeting. If you’re in that boat, I invite you to check it out:

    • Natalie, when I visit, I see it as a site for all entrepreneurial women – probably the ones who are hungry for more than just a business to pay bills.

    • Natalie,
      I’d like to watch that video, but the link takes me to all of your videos, and I’m having trouble finding that one. Would you mind providing the link to the specific video, please?

    • Sara

      Hi Natalie,

      Great to se you here. I am a big fan of your channel too. Infact I did download this guide but here is my dilemma that I posted before:

      My trouble is I am not able to answer the questions. I feel I don’t understand or know enough about my target audience. Any tips for finding that out ?

      My target might seem simple like busy executive mums but their challenges and views in terms of their house and kids and how my family and kids photography can solve that problem – how do I find that out? – that’s my question.

      So many things flow from that one big question like the content on my blog, my marketing language etc etc

      I’d love to hear from you all on this. And appreciate the help with a massive storm of well wishes your way.

  8. Good stuff ! I am currently working on my first info product and I am going to be buying his book

  9. Thanks for this Marie. Nailing this was one of the biggest breakthroughs I had when I did Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame – and Ramit puts it so clearly (and uniquely!)!

    It clicked for me that I had a desire to inspire and coach, “ambitious nurturers”, creative women wanting to create their passion-centred business and design a life that sparkles inside and out. Every time I say/read it back to myself, it sparks that same fire in my belly and motivates me to keep pushing on!!

    Keep believing ladies! x

  10. Tal

    If it appeals to everyone, it appeals to no one – I think this is such a great lesson! I don’t own my own business, nor do I have one in mind at this point, but I think as a consumer this is very true.

    I think the ‘one size fits model’ that most companies use these days makes it so much easier for new businesses to come out and attract people by marketing to their unique qualities. People are thirsty for this!

    Actually, I think this is true not only for businesses, but for everything! I almost feel like writing a specific target statement for the type of man I’m looking to attract 😉

    Thanks for the informative interview Marie!

  11. Before: We sell imported Colombian dinnerware that brings sass into your home and kitchen. (for any age group, mostly women)

    After: Azulina’s hand-painted dinnerware and servingware is for the mothers and mothers-at-heart in her 30s and 40s who wants to support women around the globe. Each and every Azulina product is painted by women artisans who work in a happy, calm, woman-supported environment.

    • Love the sentiment and meaning you added into the after Melissa

      • Camille Dangerfield

        I agree with Clare! I’m not at all familiar with Colombian dinnerware, but your after makes me want to see what you have to offer 🙂

    • Yes! Thanks Melissa (happy to have found someone who sells handmade products). I create my handmade home accessories And being specific is a tough one.

      Before :
      textile designer crafting handmade and eco home accessories ( pillows covers/ tea towels (ceramics items later) with inspirational and soulful quotes.
      For women in love with clean lines, simplicity, (think Scandinavian or japanese pure style), who need a daily dose of inspiring mantras to keep going through their day.

      After : ???

      Or is my before my after ?? Could use some help here !!!! 😀

      • Celyn, I think your before is your after. I love the second half ‘for women in love with clean lines…’ That bit’s beautifully written! The first bit doesn’t need the brackets imo.

        • Kristina

          I agree with you, Vicki. The part in the second sentence about “clean lines, simplicity, Scandinavian/Japanese style” really gives you the visual of what you would expect from this line.

      • Linda Buchanan

        Love where you are going with this!! Think if you clean it up from a marketing perspective…it makes more sense and gets ultra specific which is the goal. You can play with it and find the words that speak to you:

        Eco home accessories with inspiring mantras and soulful quotes to speak your heart’s language…handmade for women in love with clean lines and a simple, pure style .

        • ooooh….Linda. You are GOOD at this. 😉 xo

    • Tash

      Oh Melissa, I love your after 🙂
      I especially love that you acknowledged mothers-at-heart. In fact, I love that expression and I may use it one day 😉
      In fact, you are so specific in your after that I wonder if you even really need to specify an age group.

  12. Before: women who read erotica/romance
    After: BBW women who read spicy erotic romance and want to be able to relate to the main character’s insecurities and desires

  13. wow, this video could not have come at a better time! Love you Ramit and Marie!

    I am about to refresh my website this month to get way more specific about what I do, what my offerings are and to better speak to who I am targeting as a client (which is super specific in my mind but way wishy washy on my website). I am also offering a special service on my social media page this month that hasn’t had any bites…though everyone went bananas over my special last month…and I think I now know why. Specificity. Now, off to re-market my monthly special…!

  14. “In a world of infinite choices, when you see something that is not directly for you, you close the window and move on”
    What a great reminder of the importance of targeting Ramit Sethi!

    I think the reason why we often don’t narrow our niche is because we are afraid that if we go too narrow, we won’t get a big enough business to sustain us. The reality is the opposite as Ramit so clearly and succinctly told us today.

    I definitely have had this fear in my business, and what I realised today is that if I narrow my niche to a key target woman, I can do more to serve her by focussing on all the ways I can help her achieve success in her career & business.

    So my before was a much wider niche – a wide age range, a broad background and life journey to get to where she is today.

    My after is –
    a woman with a much narrower age range
    feeling discontent with her career,
    has had career success – but has lost her “Give a c*#%p at work,
    has probably had children and now sees work and family differently,
    wants to be more in control of her career and the way she earns income
    wants to earn an income doing something she enjoys that uses more of her natural talents and skills

    Wow – I could go on and on now 🙂

    Thanks Ramit and Marie -this has been a bit of a breakthrough for me today!


    My before: Helping new parents learn how to potty their 0-18 month old baby.

    My after: Helping new parents age 25-35 (those specifically who are on the fringe between mainstream and crunchy/natural) learn how to stop changing so many diapers of their 0-18 month old infants.

    I hope I’m on the right track here!
    xx Andrea

    • Camille Dangerfield

      That’s me!

      • Camille Dangerfield

        My hubbie and I are going to start trying to get pregnant soon, so you’ll have a new customer here 🙂

    • Love the “crunchy/natural” reference 🙂

      • Andrea, love your “after” positioning! As a mom who has early potty-trained my first two, and am working now on my third, I know that people freak out when you mention it. Saying “change less diapers” is waaaaay more friendly. Oh, good luck to you!

  16. Thank you for all your amazing advise!! Marie, thank you for reminding me that “The world needs that special thing that you have” – every time you say this in your videos, I get a sense of hope and a surge of positivity runs thru me. It’s almost as though I am being reprogrammed….shutting down the doubt and turning on the success button.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda Buchanan


  17. awesome episode!

    narrowing in on the customer is key!

    HOW is even a bigger challenge!


  18. Thank you, Marie, Thank you, Ramit,

    Before: I sell travel
    After: I want to sell to groups; church (faith-based) schools (language departments), heritage seekers.

    While my website is Cruise Planners (franchise based) I need to create one apart from that–targeting groups and listing the many incentives available to group leaders.

  19. As always, amaaaaaazing stuff! I always spend my Tuesday mornings at my “conventional” job watching MarieTV. This one hits the mark for where I’m at with my “creative/unconventional/purposeful life work”. Can’t wait to apply it and comment on my before and after when I get home to my creative space!

    Thank you very much for another awesome episode!

  20. This is awesome! Coming out of B-School I felt like I did a very good job in narrowing down my ideal avatar. But after this video I am going to revisit. Before this video I my ideal avatar’s age was 30 to 45. Now I am going to narrow it down to 35 to 45. Thanks Marie for always providing such value.

  21. Great video, so glad to see Ramit again!

    I sell luxury products (textile accessories):

    before: for the woman who craves objects that will satisfy her passion for fantasy

    after: for the confident woman who wants to honor her inner wild woman with bold, elegant statement pieces & wearable art


    • Camille Dangerfield

      Yes! Love it!

      • That’s fabulous! Love the way you changed the wording. I sent this right over to my business partner, because she LOVES butterflies!

        Now, if only I could get my crap together and better define my niche as well as you did!

    • You nailed it Laura. I’d want YOU to make me a walking art piece!

  22. Not having a niche was my problem when I first became self-employed nearly three years ago. I had that crippling fear that if I shut out loads of people, I was basically cutting out people who would be buying from me. I was so scared in case someone hated my service – but what I *didn’t* realise was that if everyone was completely unmoved by the stuff I was offering, no-one would give enough of a sh*t to buy it.

    Needless to say, my first business BOMBED. Since then, I really refined who the hell I wanted as my audience, and I write for those people every single week.

    Great episode!

    • Tash

      Gemma, I love love love your website 🙂
      Bookmarking it in case I ever need your services!

      • Tash

        Hmm… me again.
        I don’t understand this. On the home page I saw that you offer Sexy hot drool-worthy logo and web design, so I went to your Services page and all I saw were offers for website critiques?
        (noticed that you’ve worked with Marianne, too. I did a couple of courses with her about 3 years back!)

        • Hi Tash,

          Thanks for the lovely message – I’m actually in the process of updating my website and my services page in particular! It will be up soon enough, but feel free to email me if you have any questions or want more information on a custom design 🙂

          Yeah, I worked with Marianne on her book website at the end of last year – she’s brilliant and have done a couple of her courses previously with her too. Always nice to meet other Free Rangers out in the wild!

          • Ok this is weird: I was browsing your site Gemma (*evil plans afoot*) and then somehow ended up on this page and there are not one but two free range humans here talking about me. Hi! (great ep BTW, Ramit is awesome-pants).


          • I adore your website, the language and the tone. Hello Gemma !

  23. Man this is great. My podcasting service was all about serving artists and entrepreneurs, but now I’m thinking I should focus solely on entrepreneurs focusing on expanding their networks or something like that.

    Ramit is awesome. Thanks for another great MarieTV.

  24. Whoo! Ramit’s ability to be direct hit me hard. I am a life coach that helps all women end their eating battles,

    Before: A life coach for all women wanting to end their painful battles with food.

    After: A life coach for women, ages 30-38, battling painful eating issues, while balancing a career, relationship and a young family.

  25. I think this video is awesome! I have to sit down and think about it. It is just brilliant information! How I am in awe!

    I work for ZEZ –

    Before: Our target market is aspiring entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe

    After: Our target market is 20 – 29 year old aspiring entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe with little or no experience in the business field.

    – is that ok?

    • Camille Dangerfield

      My $.02…I think it’s AMAZING!

    • <3 it and I <3 Weebly too 😀

  26. Excellent video this week!

    Very inspiring, as always.

    It reminds me of an intensive one-day course I attended recently which taught me the importance of profiling my customer and that if you invest time in profiling correctly and targeting that group, then the more people that get pushed right through your sales funnel expotentially rises. I’m still brainstorming and working on this (coz it is scary) but I’m starting to appreciate its importance more and more.

    Thanks Marie & Ramit!

  27. A/ I am actually helping 25-50 ( Gosh, I know) women to dig and discover their talents to create and develop the job of their dream

    B/ But… thinking about it, maybe should I target 30-40 mothers who are looking for a new life with a job that fits with their new family life and aspirations but don’t know what and how to create it?

    • Linda Buchanan

      I can see that being a good fit, but think that if you did some research you might be surprised to learn which niche is NOT being fulfilled. Remember that if you do your homework you will likely boost your income dramatically while still doing what you love. Where do you get the most clients – clients you WANT to work with? Where you can have the most fun? Women in 35-45 have likely just discovered after doing whatever for years…they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, are introspective and still have the energy to make calculated changes. In my experience, women in their early 30’s are usually not there yet. But look at the research objectively and perhaps you may find that I’m completely wrong and it’s the best market for you. Your own age will likely have a lot to do with it as well. For myself and my friends, this is the age range that tends to need the help and can usually afford to pay for it. Wishing you all the success in figuring out what works best for you in your business!!

      • That’s a great point too … who do you WANT to work with. So important. Liking what you do and liking who you are working with! And making sure you are targeting the right, specific market for what you offer.

  28. Hi Marie!!

    I love you and your programmes! you are a great inspiration for me!
    I´m writing you from Canary Islands,Spain.
    I´m a women portrait photographer and designer.I own a brand, La Casa de La Playa Lifestyle & Photography. I create hand painted clothes for babies, toddlers and kids and handpainted espadrilles for women and I´m getting speciallized in women portrait
    Before this programme:
    My client was a women between 25 and 60, with kids, or grandchildren
    My client is a 30-40 women of medium- high adquisitive level, that appreciates details, that wants to make a difference and enjoys taking care of herself.

  29. Love Tuesdays!! Thanks for this great interview.

    I’ve worked on my positioning statement/hot hook recently and am looking for some radical honesty. Any ideas for improving the after?

    Before: I help overworked moms laugh more and struggle less while creating happier, healthier families.

    This happens through a combination of whole foods based education, ninja parenting techniques, and advanced coaching support.

    After: ??

    • Emily, I’m assuming you mean younger mothers, about 35-45?

      I really like what you’re offering. Maybe you could refine it more on the point of view of the mother rather than what you’re offering. What is the mother getting from working with you?

      I’m guessing it would be greater health for her and her family, wholesome meals prepared in little time, and more time for herself with better-behaved children, or something along those lines. I didn’t give much thought to how to phrase these to be more attractive, but I think that would be a great starting point!

      You already know where your clients are now, just thinking about where they will be/want to be after they finish working with you would probably help give you that extra step you need. I love your business btw! Definitely useful stuff for any ambitious young mom out there.

    • Deborah

      You could try to be more specific about why they are overworked – e.g because they want to do a great job, because their child or children are livewires or because they work outside the home too. Just an idea for you that I hope helps.

  30. Hey Marie,

    Love this. As the creator of Authentic Selling this is a common area online business struggle with. You taught me last year getting this right will take your business from NO money to 10,000.00 months. It’s that critical. I love how Ramit talks about getting specific.

    When you talk about “empowering women to have the life of their dreams”, you have to tell the potential buyer what “living the life of your dreams” looks like, feels like, tastes like, (that’s why the before an after photos he referenced work) You can actually see the what a product will do for you.

    There are magic words that I teach my clients to use to help them get super specific. Those words are “SO THAT”

    In the example you gave it looks like this. I teach women to live an empowered life of their dreams SO THAT (insert why it matters here-examples include “you can do more of what you love, reach more people, and make money doing it!”)

    It sounds simple but this is where the selling happens. We have to spell it out for people and simply living the life of your dreams isn’t compelling enough. You have to show the buyer what they will be able to do as a result of living the life of their dreams.

    • Love your advice! Thanks for the “so that” tip 🙂

    • Yea I definitely feel this vibe! I think that’s why I’m having some hiccups right now I’m not quite reaching the person and I need to more clearly redefine who she is! I <3 the "so that" and I'm going to apply it in my reframe!

    • Love the “so that” tip! Here’s my before: vague, women who want handcrafted jewelry.
      After: For the woman who loves nature in all its colors so that her jewelry reflects that love. (agh needs copywriting work – but I think the idea is taking hold).

  31. When I help people set up their online businesses they are always resistant to narrow down their niche. They want to target `everyone’ – which is not a niche.

    The more specific you can get, the more you’ll be able to craft your marketing and messaging to your ideal client – the one that wants or needs what you have, and just as important, is someone you want to work with.

    I’m all for empowering women so long as you know which women you want to work with, and that they’re ready to take serious action and get results.

    This may seem like an over-saturated niche – BUT let’s get clear – one our greatest strengths IS in supporting each other as women and helping each other to grow.

    So I don’t view this as a bad thing, but within this there are definitely ways to target a specific niche that highlights your key skills and expertise.

    For example you can `empower’ women to become better at dealing with their financials, or become more strategic in negotiations.

    Great topic though and one I want to see more insights on over the coming months if you will Marie.


    • Hi Natalie
      I totally understand what you mean. However, when you say empower women to become better at dealing with their financials. What does that mean exactly?
      I’ve been an Accountant for 15 years and dealing with your financials could mean some many things to different people.
      For example a 30’s woman may think dealing with financials is letting their accountant make all the financial decisions or a 40’s will actually review all related statements to ensure they balance.
      Funny story, I’m narrowing my my niche even further.
      Thanks for sharing.

  32. Good interview, but isn’t Ramit somewhat contradicting himself between the shirt story (featuring a teen, himself and grandpa) and P90X (featuring a skinny guy, fat guy and post-pregnancy mom)? While the latter is in the before/after mode, both examples are nonetheless targeting diverse demos.

    • Jin Curry

      Hey Jim, I think the difference is that in the shirt story example, the clothing website’s mistake was grouping together all of the niches into the “men’s shirts” sections. They were basically saying…if you’re a male, we think you should be wearing teen punk shirt, casual business middle age man shirt, and elderly man shirt.
      On P90X, there might be different people to choose from but the consumer will be drawn to the person who most resembles them. When they read the testimonial of that similar person they will want the program because of that connection.

      TLDR; Niches can coexist in a business but only if they’re separated.

      • Jin, this is exactly part of what I need to do. I have some very specific niches that fit into my model and while they have some commonalities in some ways they are *very* different so I can’t use one statement to appeal to them both but they’re both definitely with my vibe 😀 Thanks for this input!

    • Cynthia Roden

      Jim, I can completely see where you think that. That same thought was going through my head a first too.

      Yet, what I take from it is, with P90X no matter what age you can get in the best shape possible. As a person in my late forties and seeing someone older in shape, I think “Wow, if they can do it so can I.” Likewise, seeing someone younger, I think “Yes, I want to get back into the shape of my younger days.”

      Yet with clothing, a person in their thirties and forties doesn’t want to dress like their grandparents, nor do they want to dress like their child. In this instance to associate the three groups in one doesn’t work.

      It all does come back to knowing your target market. I find this to be the hardest part of starting a business – doing the market research before you even have customers. Going out there, asking the questions, getting the background of your clients, the pains and their actual words. At times, I have been tempted to pay a market research company to do this for me. Yet, I know it’s better if I do it myself. Just hard when you don’t have a decent sized client base to draw from. So, it’s informational interview time. Hope that helps a bit.

  33. Fantastic episode! Working on the specifics and throwing ideas around to pin point my perfect target!

    Before: Designing bedding and accessories for any and all 18″ doll needs

    After: Queen Emma Designs: Helping you find the perfect 18″ doll bedding and furniture collections for each special girl and doll in your life!

    Still have some kinks to work out. Any feedback anyone? Thank you!!

    • Hi Emma,

      I really like the addition of “for each special girl and doll in your life.” But, I think the change to “helping you find” is ambiguous.. That sounds like a service, not a product. As if you’re going to help them locate other dealers/sellers. Also, are your products made-to-order? That should be clear. If not, you offer “a wide variety of original 18″ bedding and furniture to suit each special girl and doll in your life.” If so, you offer “original bedding and furniture designed and crafted expressly for each special girl and doll in your life!” Or something like that.

  34. So glad you brought back Ramit, Marie. Love his work and philosophy.

    Before: soul readings for people at crossroads in their lives who want to find a direction

    After: soul readings for 27-40 yr olds at crossroads in their lives, who have tried every logical thing, and are open to exploring something more spiritual to figure out their next best+practical step.

    • Love it! I’m very in line with some of that myself because I work from a more spiritual standpoint! Excited to check out your site!

  35. Thank you thank you Ramit and Marie! Love how you always know how to talk to what I’m thinking. Have you bugged my brain?? LOL!

    It’s so hard trying to narrow down a definite niche especially when we feel our content can help many. I’m finding this an empowering exercise because I don’t have to feel bad to say no!

    My new direction is a work in progress and I’m so excited to share my 14 years of business, photography and marketing experience with the 29-39 year old creative working mom who is looking for a business system and marketing advice to help make her life/balance work easier.

    • Hi Mimika – Great ‘After’! Your website is so fab! Amazingly useful + practical help for entrepreneurs – Im not a momtrepreneur but always appreciative of help that lets me step away from the computer and out into the sunshine!! Well done on the great articles and work so far. Can’t wait to read more articles from you in my inbox : )

  36. This is one of the big deals I teach my clients. When you’re building a Noble Empire, you’ve got to be clear on who your “loyal subjects” are. This was hard won for me. It took me months to get clear on what I do and who I do it for, so it’s always fun for me to see my clients finally let go of the “anyone with a pulse” mentality and hone in on their perfect-fit customers.

    Before I did this, my market was “creative entrepreneurs that want to build a Noble Empire and live an inspired life” Now, I know that my best work comes by helping action-oriented “soul proprietors” to overcome the fear that prevents them from doing their Great Work in the world so that they can build a Noble Empire – which ultimately leads to the inspired life.

  37. Dear Ramit and Marie –

    Thanks for the great “fireside chat.” I love hearing others’ perspectives and ideas, it’s always worth my time. That being said…

    …the audience that I write for is Registered Nurses. I’m a nurse with over 30 years of experience, I wrote a book for nurses, and I want to serve nurses. Okay, sounds great. Here’s the “however,” most nurses aren’t going to be the “$10,000 client.”

    I’ve heard many great online “gurus” talk about upselling target audiences to products and services in the thou$and$. But, what if my target audience isn’t a high-paid group? What if nurses are a chronically underpaid profession? I want to maintain my focus and intention, but can’t quite get how I’m going to create a line of services and products that will keep me financially free.

    Does this make sense?

    What I’ve done (which is the wrong approach according to you and many others) is to try to generalize my info to a broader audience, rather than stay on track with nurses. Oops! I’ve got plenty of readers and subscribes now, but have lost the “oomph” that I started with in addressing just nurses.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your great ideas and content.

    Take care,

    Jerome Stone

    • Jerome,
      Your comment is telling. 30 years experience and obviously something you have a passion for. I suggest you focus on your core niche (RN’s), and show them ways in which they can become financially free while doing what they love and serving others. I don’t think the answer for you is to try and sell a high priced product to a few ‘whales’, but, rather, selling a huge volume of a lower-priced quality product. Focus on a whole school of ‘minnows’. Have you written a book? Be the go to authority for every RN and help serve this core audience by enriching their lives, as they serve others.

  38. Thank you Marie & Ramit!This is definitely an area I have been eagerly trying to tackle. I created an ebook called: How To Restore Your Sexy: Post-Pregnancy (The Modern Mom’s Revival Guide for the Mind, Body, and Spirit). I created this in hopes of helping post pregnant mothers regain their confidence and vitality.

    My before: Post-Pregnant women age 25-40, Made to help post pregnant mothers regain their confidence and vitality.

    My after: Post-Pregnant women age 25-35, This is a tool for the post-pregnant mom to feel not only sexy, but also full of life, energy, ambition, and courage to be a healthier and vibrant woman and mother. It is filled with personal inspiration from a mother who has experienced rejection, loss, regret, and overwhelming life obstacles. Life does not end at motherhood, it is only the beginning of a new, exciting, and magical journey!

    See the book here!

  39. Joy

    This video arrived in great timing! It gives me direction on how to speak to potential clients and reach the ones I am aiming for. Thank you so much!

  40. My current positioning is a sustainability blogger that offers online marketing services to socially conscious businesses.

    I thought I was pretty specific already, but I also know I can do better.

    I am the Conscious Consumer, I provide blogging content and social media strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are making strong efforts to be sustainable but have not incorporated their efforts into their marketing plan. They have been in business for 5-15 years, are based in the Seattle area, and want to have long lasting relationships with their customers.

  41. Jin Curry

    I loved this episode! I’m always been a big fan of Ramit Sethi; I actually discovered Marie’s blog through a link on his years ago. Together, they’re like this yin-yang of masculine-feminine entrepreneurial awesom-ity~!!

    As for the challenge, well, since I was used to Ramit already explaining things like this, I reckon I was ahead of others, but I still tweaked my positioning a bit.

    I want to create art (paintings) that can be used to decorate the homes of new homeowners ages 28-35.

    I want to sell custom paintings that will bring character, warmth, and happiness to the homes of new homeowners ages 28-35.

    According to my research, the average first time homeowner is age 31 and makes ~$60K/yr. I don’t know if it’s necessarily specific enough, though. I would think that new homeowners are all very interested in decorating their brand new home that they’re so proud of, but maybe certain groups could care less about art? Also, maybe first time homeowners want to spend their money on remodeling their likely not so updated homes instead of accessories ie. my paintings? I don’t know – and I was never any good at market research…

    • Jin, I think in your type of case you need to get specific on where they live! A couple buying a house in Idaho will have a completely separate list of priorities and likely a much different income bracket than a couple buying a house in San Francisco, New York, or even Miami. Also, what’s your art like? Does it appeal to downtowners or suburbanites, etc. 🙂

    • Deborah

      Hi Jin, I’ve just finished B-School and thought I could help with this. Market research is just talking to people, it does not have to make you think of a person with a clipboard being pushed away. You could find some new homeowners of this age and ask them why they would buy art to fill their homes and then use the kind of phrases that occur in your copy. Thank to Marie for this top tip.

      • Sara

        Hello DEborah,

        Thank you for this precious advice. I think I have been looking for something along these lines. Could you please suggest what would you do if you don’t know anyone from target audience yourself or they are kind of out of your circle of reach. With online survey’s I feel – why would anyone be motivated to fill those out for you.

        Any suggestions / tips ?

        Many Thanks

  42. Hello there,
    I’m in the beginning phase of creating an information product for women 39-44 who want to make smart and savvy business on the fly.
    My current position is ” Face your Finances-Free your Mind”
    My after position is “Control your bottom line before Tax Time”

    What do you think?
    Thanks for the feedback

  43. Great, informative video Marie! Though I have to say the best part was the “blooper” at the end regarding your blow-out stylist (Ramit: “That is some niche sh*t right there) – ROLF.

  44. Thank you! This is something that I was missing. I couldn’t figure out why some people TOTALLY connect with my novel and others just. don’t. at. all.

    Now I know. The trick is figuring out who is connecting and taking it backwards. Who are they and how can I reach out to just them. (I have a mailing list so maybe I can ask them who they are!)

    I figured my novel Champagne and Lemon Drops was a cross-over novel that would appeal to chick lit readers (young & single), contemporary romance readers (everyone who likes a happily ever after), AND women’s fiction readers (30-somethings who are happily married, settled, etc.). Huh. Right.

    Oh god did I have it wrong. I need to get much more specific with my website, book cover, book blurb, and even who (other authors) I connect with for promos. I *think* my audience is going to be the women’s fiction audience, but I really need to hone this down. And then market directly to them.

    Thank you, thank you!!!

  45. I love this!! Amazing advice.

  46. Elsa Alexandra

    Great episode Marie and Ramit!
    I am one of the graduates from this year’s B-School edition. I went through the customer avatar exercise to narrow down my niche when I did the first module. It’s a tough one but it provides SO much clarity!
    I went back to it last week and it’s been incredibly enlightening.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  47. Before 🙂 Cosmetic Tattoos for women.
    After 🙂 Cosmetic Tattoos for women who are in yearning to embrace their deeply innate, magnetic, & glamorous goddess nature.

    I did niche customers before, pinning specific age, where they went to school, etc. But this feels much more focused to me than ever before!

    LOVE & thanks 🙂

    • Deborah

      Alana this is a huge improvement. Well done you!

  48. Before: I inspires creativity, abundance and health in the lives and businesses of artful entrepreneurs (while empowering them to stop doing shit they don’t want to do!). I help overwhelmed, multi-passionate creative women find their true path and make money from their calling, so they can live more creative, fulfilled and happy lives.

    After: ??? Working on honing it down. My main issue is that it’s too wordy and not totally clear. I always add too much and over-explain. I am a health coach and a life/biz coach.

    Try this: “Coaching overwhelmed 30-40 year-old women find their creative calling so they can make more money in less time, stay creative and healthy, and focus on what really matters in life.”

    ? feedback? 🙂 thanks!

    • Laurie, I like your current “after” so much better than your “before”. It’s just a lot more appealing and specific, and a lot more concise. I would maybe think about the verbs that you’re using. For instance, you start off the sentence with “coaching” – but what do these women really want? If you put yourself in the position of your ideal customer, does she want to be coached, guided, empowered, inspired…? What kind of support does she want/need?

      That’s just my $.02. I really like your “after” A LOT more than your “before” though. Big difference.

  49. Well said! You are a talking my language, Ramit. SPECIFICITY is King, Queen and everything else when the goal is to attract ideal clients/buyers. That’s why coaches and other solo entrepreneurs want to zoom in on a narrowly targeted group of people who are hungry for what they offer.

  50. Kate C

    Before: The Miracle of Loving Yourself for women in their 30’s and 40’s
    After: Loving yourself if the key to living your life’s calling – for 40-something stay at home moms

    • Kate, I really like how specific you got with your after, but I guess I’m still not quite yet sure how I would know if I was in your niche? Would I have to know that I’m not loving myself enough or that I need more love? I’m guessing not all 40-something stay at home moms are your market, only a specific type.

  51. Wow! What a great Q&A Tuesday! I’m a B-Schooler and I’ve squeezed my focus down quite a bit based on Marie’s teachings… but Ramit really put it in perspective when he gave the example of marketing to 30 yr old guy + 16 yr old punk + grandpa. (And I LOVE his comment in the outtakes at the end – “that’s some niche sh!t…”)

    Before: I help 25 – 55 yr old women explore personal development and discover creative breakthroughs.

    After: I help 35 – 40 yr old college educated/professional women, who would describe themselves as quirky or non-mainstream, to explore personal development and discover creative breakthroughs.

    • Jo

      Great segment guys!
      Before: Idea generation and creativity for bloggers e course.
      After: content kick start for bloggers on a mission to be brilliant.

  52. Excellent reminder to be specific about who is NOT your customer!

    My book, “52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom: Effective Strategies for Raising Happy, Responsible Kids,” is for parents of children from birth to age 10 who want to take a journey to improve their parenting one step at a time, making decisions and implementing tools that will help them to parent with intention and find the joy in parenting.

    After: Same as above, but also:
    The book is NOT for those who are dealing with issues with parenting their teenager, those who are in parenting crisis and need a quick fix, those who aren’t ready to roll up their sleeves and do some hard work, or who those who need medical advice.

  53. Anne

    Thanks for the video – very useful in my preliminary work.
    A word of caution: most of the grey-haired grandpa’s on the beach, even those in white sox, do know how to fire up the computer. Putting derogatory comments aimed at a particular age in your marketing is not the smartest move, unless you don’t want tech savvy, grey-haired people as customers.

    • thanks for the reminder Anne…

      Quite sure Ramit didn’t intend anything derogatory with his remark but it does pay to be careful – I fall into the tech-savvy, grey-haired crowd myself!

      The fact that I’m here confirms that I do actually know one end of my laptop from the other…

      …not a big white sock fan though 🙂

      Good info anyway – I’m in the start-up phase so trying to nail the ‘who am I selling to’ is huge right now…

      before – nature inspired art and home decor accessories for people who want to connect their outer world to their inner space.

      after – ??? still a work in progress – suggestions, comments welcome 🙂

  54. Whewee was this a juicy one today. Okay, I’m up for a challenge.
    Before: I help people break the patterns that keep them stuck.

    After: I help men and women ages 38-50 stuck and sick and tired of being sick and tired to break their deep, dark patterns and get to “SHAZAM!” in their lives- living happy, healthy, purposeful lives, making a difference, and having sh*tloads of fun along the way.

    What do you think? Yes? No? Needs work?
    If, of course it struck a chord, come on over!

    infinite love and gratitude, Marie and Ramit.

  55. Before and After. That’s a hell yes!

    I’ve always loved before and afters, so much so that my mother kept reminding me, for years, that I should do them for a living.

    So, Ramit is how I found Marie and for that I am forever grateful. One day I was watching a regular Ramit style, no bs give to me straight video and up pops Marie. And I was like, She is awesome. The rest is history 🙂

    My niche… I’m about helping women rock technology with simple, easy to use, no fills guidance on why understanding and using tech can change their business. I take them from getting legit online to organizing all of their digital chaos and putting together a custom tech system that works for them. Then I challenge them how to drill down, test the crap out of their product or service and find out what actually makes them money.

    Well, my very specific unfiltered version of my 1st tier (there are 3 tiers total) is minority women, aged 30 to 35 who are tech-savvy and ready to make their business real (that means sustainable and no more 9 to 5) but who need to get organized, systemized and start making money online first. before and afters for tech… yeap, totally doing that.

  56. Wow- got to check out Ramit a bit more – love this video.

    Before: I provide coverups and handbags for 25 – 40 year old women who love the beach.

    After: KikiDzine is a Sassy -n- Classy couture of luxurious swimsuit cover-ups and elegant Italian leather handbags for 25-30 yr old women who love to travel or simply hang out at beach resorts and look hot and sexy.

    Will get more creative here. Thanks for these video – it really helps in building my business and getting a little more clarity in different areas.

    You both are so awesome.

  57. Before: Let me show you how to lose weight and feel great. I lost 100+ pounds and now have energy to spare at the end of each day – how about you?

    After: This is a work in progress for sure! If you could choose optimal health, would you? Looking for the right people to help others answer this question.

    So many people are living in unhealthy bodies, unhealthy minds, or unhealthy finances OR ALL three of these. Helping others create lifestyle changes by reaching out to them with the right offering at the right time is what I do.

    Working on specificity is a challenge. Narrowing that down to others who are health-motivated to join the effort may be more of a challenge – but will reach so many more with a message of hope for change whether that is healthy body, healthy mind, or healthy finances – OR ALL three of these!

    Thank you for the Q & A Tuesday topics! Closing the window and waiting for the breeze of opportunity when the next door opens!

  58. Before: Safe-travel (detention & abduction) training for missionaries & humanitarians headed to trouble-spots overseas, especially those who think such training is only for wannabe-Rambos and are more intimidated by the idea of training than they are traveling & working in their chosen location. (OK, that’s not exactly pithy and succinct, but that’s who our copy targets).

    After: I don’t know, is this specific enough, or do I need to go further? We do think we position well against the competition who have very macho-sounding language, teach things folks may be reluctant to learn or can’t see themselves using (snatching guns from abductors) and can possibly be scaring prospects off. At least, it is our intention to position ourselves in contrast! (To be honest, I think our biggest “competitor” is going WITHOUT training, rather than choosing a competitor over us, and we’re trying to lower the barrier there too.)

    If anyone has suggestions for me of more niche targeting, I’m so open to hearing them! Thank you! @karenjs and my email above. 🙂

    • JV

      Hi Karen
      Your query caught my fancy, so I have reworked your home page copy to reflect your concern that the bulk of your target audience doesn’t go with a competitor but simply doesn’t buy the training product at all. Sending it by email.

  59. Thank you for this great segment. This is a subject that I have tried to get across to the women I speak to and I love hearing it in a different way. I am always amazed at women who sell cosmetics and when I ask them who their target market is, they tell me; “anyone with a face.” Once they understand to drill down to their niche and let the rest glide by, they experience better success! I loved this segment!
    Thank you!

  60. Thank you, Marie and Ramit. For me, the value of this video was that for the first time, I really understand the WHY of having a specific niche. I am not Coca-cola!!! I need to be more efficient than that. This gives me the motivation to do it, rather than being stuck in the “I help everyone” trap. Yes, I could help anyone, but the point of marketing is to reach people, where they are, using their language, with my limited resources. Brilliant!

  61. Looking for the Before and After Challenge in the comments. Does anyone see them?

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Hey Nancy! A lot of the commenters are sharing their existing business description or current area of focus and then providing a revamped version with deeper drill-down specificity. (Same actually list “before” and “after” but some are written more in a paragraph style).

      Hope that helps!

  62. Hey! One of my goals in life is to have a standing appointment at the blowout salon in Toronto…. that is the best piece of niche sH! a girl can get!!

    Here it is:

    Before: J.P. Morgan – “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

    After: Get the ethereal edge in business…. Entrepreneur’s don’t use astrology…. Goddesspreneur’s do!

    Still not sure!

    • I think that makes them feel like they SHOULD WANT to use astrology – it I think it could be more specific by telling them what they will GAIN by using astrology. (I have no idea so my following example Is just for inspiration not information..) Ex : Wishing on a star won’t add another digit to your business’ profits.. following the plan written in the stars for you will….

      • Ohhh… like it! That’s smart and true! I like it.


  63. BEFORE –
    Baby Clothes strengthening the connection between parent and child through smart design


    mom: eliminating stressful changing/changing and making moments meaningful with your baby

    dad: fast, easy, chore-free, snap and zipper free

    Grandparent: no lifting, no pulling, easy to manipulate

    Caregiver: keep on playing! dress and change baby while they enjoy their favorite activities, fast and easy, in any position

    Boutiques/stores – unique functional design, 100% pima cotton, and heartfelt artwork will help you connect with your customers, and open a conversation, will differentiate you from your competitors, and ultimately draw more customers.

    • Rebecca, I love how you took the P90X example and used it for your business! I would maybe add for each group a “before” and “after”, or rather, a “now” and “with us, you could be…”

      I think that would help each client identify more with your brand. Great work!

      • Deborah

        I agree with Laura, this is a good parallel with the PX90 example that Ramit gave.

  64. This was a great vid:
    There were examples used for products and services –
    my question is this: could this be applied to a Fine Artist doing paintings (like moi)?
    I have NO idea now I’d get more specific than “Karin Bolstad Original Artwork”, especially because I have had women in their 20’s buy my work and men in their 60’s!

    • Lori

      I’m an artist. I had the same question! I suppose it also has to do with the type of art you are selling???

      • I think his example of P90X is great, because it’s a product that speaks to many different people – skinny guy who wants to get bigger, overweight guy or girl who wants to get smaller, post partum mom who wants her pre preg body back, etc.

        I was thinking of this for my line of baby clothes. I sell to moms/dads, gift givers (grandparents, aunts, best friends), and boutiques.

        If you take that THAT’s ME principle…who are you selling to?
        – what is their income
        – where do they live
        – where do they vacation
        – what are activities they enjoy

        Also what is the common theme they all have? in P90X they are all trying to achieve their best body.
        – is it the style of artwork they respond to? abstract, modern, etc?
        – are they collectors?
        – are they decorating their home?

        hope that helps!!
        🙂 R

        • Rebecca, thanks for your additional insight!

          I’m currently transitioning my business and this is definitely where I am struggling. I thought I had it narrowed down when I pulled nearly 900 articles that no longer fit into the new direction and restructured the website. But after listening to this video, and reading your advice above, I can see that I still have some narrowing down to do and need to tighten my focus a little more.

  65. Wow, this video felt like it was speaking to me this week. This is something I’ve been trying to narrow down for a while now and the topic has kept coming up in my life for the past few weeks. Before – my target was women in their 20’s to 40’s who want to get healthy. After – I want to work with women solopreneurs in their 20’s and early 30’s who want to get their health on track so they can show up for their business and life focused and full of energy.

  66. Lori

    I love this video. I don’t have my own business, but my husband does. He’s a computer programmer and builds websites from small businesses to large businesses. He can build custom software to really meet any needs a company has. The problem is that he hasn’t targeted one specific group. His website is general. I showed him this video He likes it, but I don’t think he gets it.

    Is there anything that could convince him that he really needs to narrow down his audience. Personally, I think he should target startups.

    • Lori,

      You can’t really change him. Trying to “convince” anyone of anything doesn’t really work. You can encourage him to talk to other freelancers and see how they grew their businesses – I’m sure they’ll tell him about the niche. Maybe he just needs some time to process this video 🙂

  67. Melody

    Mine is a project – an ebook that I wrote based on my experiences moving towards greater health. I am the “Before” and “After” and my book is for people who suffer from common health issues, auto-immune disorders and general malaise. I was able to reverse precancerous breast tissue back to healthy tissue, increase my general health and better the condition of osteo-arthritis. If you want to read about my journey and find out how you can take control of your own health, you can find the book here:

    Happy Cleansing!

  68. Jen Kunkel

    This was amazing! I love Ramit’s no-nonsense way of explaining why you need a specific niche and HOW to get there. Fantastic! Thank you!

  69. thanks Marie and Ramit for the great video today:

    My target was “The World” 🙂 😉 ….haha Ok, fine maybe one day collectively we will shift the world into a better state, for now here is my part:

    After: Women Leaders and Mentors between the ages of 25-35

    Of course I am very diverse as a leader myself, having recently published “Mom and Dad say I have to go to college: A Big Sister’s Guide on making your own decisions”

    or creating

  70. Ramit is probably one of my favorite people to listen to, and watch. Aside from Marie, of course!

    The challenge is a hard one for me, since I’ve been doing a lot of work focusing in on my target market over the last 6 months. My ideal client is a new-to-entrepreneurship gal in her 50s who’s stepping out of her box and needs someone to help her figure out all the online stuff – social media, websites, etc.

    But, I think I can improve on that and narrow in on what kind of business they’re running. I work best with people who are online only and do either one-on-one coaching, group programs, or info products. So maybe, to start with, I would create a product that’s focused on teaching women entrepreneurs how to market their first info product.

  71. BEFORE: Make Money Online
    AFTER: Turn your computer into a cash register.

    Marie and Ramit, you two are as good for the brain as you are for the eyes. Thanks for the wisdom!

  72. Petra

    Good point!
    But what about people who cannot or don’t want to spezialize, e.g. a massage therapist, or a psychotherapist.
    You could also spezialize and only massage or work with, say, 20-30 year old woman, but that would have the consequence, as happens with many doctors, that you lose your skills in the other areas, cause you don’t know anymore how these other minds or bodys work…
    What if you don’t want to do that?

    • Bridget

      Hey Petra,

      I think there would be other ways to specialise. If you’re not specialising on age/gender, you could specialise on some other aspect of your service.

      Maybe you could offer an in-home service?
      Maybe you could tee up with other businesses?
      Maybe you have an amazing decked out consulting room where you play music or have decor targeted to a specific type of person…

      Heaps of ways to narrow your market – it’s not all about age or gender surely?

  73. So its clear that one of the biggest issues people have with there business is narrowing it down to a specific target. So, if your like me and have trouble identifying the ‘right’ specific market in our general pool or you don’t know when you have reached a specific enough market to target, who can help? Are there any resources that target business needing help identifying a target marget that is not only specific but also the right market to start?

  74. Shirley

    We could use some help and would love ideas from everyone here. The main thing we do is involved with service. We fix computers and laptops for homes and businesses. We have customers from teenagers to Grandparents and everything in between. So, would this targeting method not really apply to us like it would if we were selling products/merchandise?
    Thank you in advance for any ideas!! 🙂

    • Cherry

      You can still narrow your niche by focusing on a particular aspect of what you do for example. Or you can a service your competitors don’t like a pick up drop off service, or working with a specific brand. Narrowing your niche doesn’t have to be age or gender driven, it can be product, service or even the way you offer your service. You can even be the best/quickest at what you do in a geographical area…

      Hope that helps a bit!

  75. Thanks for the video!

    This is something I’ve been really struggling. I am in the process of branding, and re-branding my business and website. My program is target to young women on a course in self-love. I tried to get my niche really specific and say by going through this program you’ll attract the right relationship, however, I realized that’s really only one of the benefits. It also helps you to have more fun in your life and bring more health and wellness into your day. Now I’m thinking the niche is self-love and confidence for younger women, but there are different tracts. The AFTER benefit then would be loving your body, loving your relationship (or attracting one), and loving what you do.

    I’m currently redesigning my site and would love feedback!

  76. Just added this to the comments in my yesterday blog post about Niching Down – thanks for reinforcing the importance – and yes, I’d already been taking a sip from my own medicine bottle.

    So here’s my before as it reads on my website now:
    While continuing my own entrepreneurial adventures, I help business owners define what they want and mentor to assure their success.
    Grow with me in this quest for quality of life, energizing work, and marketability. By sharing here our lessons, ideas, and questions about business ownership, I hope together we’ll make the fun parts more so and the hard parts less so.

    My after (so far – still niching down further from “creative business owners” and feel the same tension you mention and my clients describe):
    While continuing my own entrepreneurial adventures, I mentor other creative business owners to define what they want and assure their success.
    By sharing here our lessons, ideas, and questions about business ownership, we’ll make the fun parts more so and the hard parts less so.
    Grow with me in this quest for quality of life, energizing work, and marketability.

  77. Sandy

    What struck me about Ramit’s before and after example was that he was talking about the client’s results (e.g. P90X post-pregnancy), not the business owner’s product or process.

    In the comments, I hear people narrowing in on their target age range but not always being specific about how they help customers achieve their goals.

    Speaking as a customer, if you are firing people up in your work as a coach, there will be tangible real-world results. What are they? Marriages, babies, new businesses, record marathon times, art galleries showing someone’s work, book deals? What are your clients doing with all that inspiration? And is there a commonality across them that fires YOU up, that you want to make your niche?

    As a customer, all that inspiration empowerment talk sometimes gets boring. It also sometimes feels like a way for coaches to not make any promises about helping you create REAL change in your life. (The only real change is a movement of dollars from your bank account to theirs!)

  78. This is good.

    And by good, I mean challenging.

    And by challenging, I mean good.

    I just finished B-School, and thought I had this down. But… maybe not quite so much.

    I help people get healthy so they can do what they love, and help people live healthfully so they can do what they love for as long as possible. (This was actually before B-School. It is still my belief that healthy, happy people doing what they love contributes to world peace.)

    My ideal client is busy, financially secure, career mom, age 45-55 years. She struggles with and juggles her never-ending list of obligations, commitments, and duties to her family, her boss and the employees she manages. She is at her heaviest weight in her history, has zero energy, and is full of aches and pains. She feels trapped in her life, and fears life will never slow down. She dreams of a fit, energized, painless body. She yearns to get back to the hobbies that she had to give-up when she became a mom. It is time for a change. She is seeking a way out. This woman has a sense that her lifestyle and past stresses are keeping her stuck but doesn’t know what to do about it. She needs a place where she can be heard with out judgement. She needs permission to take time for her self and reorganize her life. She needs to relearn the basics of healthy living which includes, primarily, prioritizing her self.

    • Hey Tonia, I also just finished Bschool and thought I was on it too but after seeing this video. I gots some work to do. Love how you really got down to your ideal customer (there’s your avatar!).

      • Yeah! I had those ideas all floating around, but not in one place (despite the exercise in B-School). This seems a bit more succinct and focused.

        Good luck finalizing yours!!

  79. Hiwote

    Hey guys! Hey Marie!
    Ramit’s points on specificity make total sense but I’m a little bit confused as to how the example was less specific than the p90x example. If Nordstrom is marketing different clothes to different age groups and p90x is marketing their workout DVD to a new mom, a skinny guy and a big guy, aren’t they both super general in their targeting? I ask not just out of curiosity but because I want to start a video blog series targeting African American women between the ages of 18-29 and I would like to target my correct audience and market to them

  80. My target market is pretty specific. I work with people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or some other digestive issues. But so many people have IBS these days that I need to drill down even more to target my perfect client. I want to work with women who are not very familiar with alternative health and diet but are extremely frustrated with our unresponsive/ uncompassionate medical system and are willing to work hard to heal.

  81. Barbara

    It is great to see that this is not only catered toward women ~ my brother and boyfriend have watched this video for career training purposes.

    Great work!

  82. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. LOVE this. Thank you.

  83. Oh, have have to think about that again. I’ m about to start a new project and I’ m thinking about that topic a lot. When do I feel addressed when I visit blogs and websites and when not, what is the key factor. And how can I achieve that for my future site, so, a big thank you for this insight!

  84. Jessica

    Hahaha at the end about the blow drying guy “wow that’s some niche shit right there” lololo

  85. Before and After… this is hard, but it is something I need to do in my company. I definitely need to brain storm this. Love your weekly videos!

  86. Mia Valentina

    Your advice is always on point. Thx Marie

  87. I’ve been working for myself as a contractor for a grand total of six weeks. My first two contracts have come organically, and my husband and I were moving from the US to Germany during the last six weeks as well. As a result, I’d not yet finalized my market positioning for my contract work.

    I’d thought that I wanted to position myself as a marketing, branding and content generation professional, and that my target market could be small to mid-sized businesses (for contract work), or marketing/advertising agencies (for sub-contract work).

    Now, I realize that my real gift is in content generation for agencies. While I have a strong background in marketing and branding, that won’t be my bread and butter as an independent contractor. Content strategy and generation within the framework of marketing campaigns and brands is my sweet spot.

    Thanks for helping me hone in on my position!


  88. Joycelyn

    Before: empowering lives holistically, venturing on a journey of wellness, purpose and abundance

    After: coaching 30-35 mothers with young kids who seek clarify in their health and wealth area via holistically means

    Does this work????

    • Can you define some more “holistically means” ?;-)

    • Jo

      Yes that works and it totally rings true with me!

  89. Jen

    My favorite part is “Wow, that’s some niche shit, right there.” I loved this video! I’m drilling down…yikes and yay!

    • Lakeisha

      LOL. So did I. Ramit is intelligent and hilarious. Thanks for this great video Marie.

  90. Love this video. As always. The advice and guidance you bring to the table it is a wonderful thing. Thank you Marie

    I struggle with the fact that I do have so many people that I can help, this video is perfect. I feel like my website is about to be redesigned gearing it towards the ones that I really can and want to help.

    Thank you! I love the before and after photos, I have missed a lot of mine through the years which is such a bummer, as they truly are amazing changes, but now I will make that happen!!

  91. Before: I’m a writing coach and I help people who want to write a book make their dreams come true by giving them specific advice on how to get it done. I also help professionals write better for their jobs.

    After: Writing really well is not for everyone. It’s a deep yearning that consumes your thoughts and pulls you to the page. You have to do it or you’ll never sleep and pull all your hair out. Sometimes though, you get blocked or you sucumb to the twit in your head who tells you you’re not good enough. This is where I can help. I’ve been there and I’ll get down in the trenches with you and urge you on. I’ll give you tips and tools you can use now to keep writing and pour your soul onto the page. You’ll also join a community of writers just like you who will tell you that you’re not alone, and you’re not crazy. You are just a writer who needs to write.

    • I love it! This is something I need and here’s some personal input for you from me 😀

      I love writing and consider myself a writer, but I don’t feel I’ll ever have a published book and I feel that’s not really where I want to be with my writing. BUT I do love writing and want to write, so I have found myself “getting my creative writing fix” by writing for myself with my description copy. I find it allows me to write without the pressure of the deadlines and parameters of a book – which was a surprising find for me!

  92. My slogan now for our Musical dinner show Musical Gaumenschmaus is “Even the meanie weenie musical hater loves us”
    now I was thinking of:
    10 Reasons to go see Musical Gaumenschmaus (of course with a slide show so the customers get the visual)
    1.Musical Gaumenschmaus is SEXY
    2. Musical Gaumenschmaus is YUMMY
    3. Musical Gaumenschmaus is ROMANTIC
    4. Musical Gaumenschmaus keeps your wallet HAPPY
    5. Musical Gaumenschmaus is LAUGHTER
    6. Musical Gaumenschmaus is THRILLING
    7. Musical Gaumenschmaus is TOUCHING
    8. Musical Gaumenschmaus is MUSICAL STARS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL
    9. Musical Gaumenschmaus is full of SURPRISES
    10. Musical Gaumenschmaus is a MORE than you can imagine

    too much?
    singingly yours,

  93. Kyah

    This episode is golden, thank you!

  94. BEFORE: Better Marketing Through Science

    Which was a good niche for a while, but I’ve been getting more clear on who I want to help. I’ve always been annoyed with organizations that are trying to do “good” but suck at understanding people. The environmental movement, for example. I grew up watching them ultimately fail at their marketing. They created division instead of getting everyone on board. They led with “doom and gloom” instead of giving clear action. And the products that came out were ineffective and only bought by people already on board.

    The movement made some headway, but not quickly enough.

    So in thinking about that, and through many conversations, I’ve realized that many people really get in their own way when they’re trying to do “good”. They don’t want to “market” because they see it as manipulative, fake, shallow, etc. THESE are the people that have the most RESPONSIBILITY to market well, and they’re not.

    So…I have to nail down product offerings and names of those products, but the AFTER will target organizations who “hate” marketing.

  95. Hello PRODUCTS people !

    Don’t know what happen on my comment but her it is again ( i was stuck in traffic typing on my cell…)


    Before :
    textile designer crafting handmade and eco home accessories ( pillows covers/ tea towels (ceramics objects later) with inspirational / soulful quotes.
    For women (age 25 to ?) in love with clean lines, simplicity, (think Scandinavian or japanese pure style), who need a daily dose of inspiring mantras to keep going through their day.

    After : ???

    Or is my before my after ?? Could use some help here !!!!

  96. Jackie

    You are a lovely woman, but I have to say that inspite of his pretty good advice, that dude was rude. We need to honor our elders, and not dismiss them as stupid, “Gramps doesn’t even know how to use his computer.” Is not acceptable or appreciated…. We need to model respect and honor for one another. We are all connected….

    Please hear my heart in this matter.

    Thank you.
    Jackie van der Velde

  97. Marie, I have 2 questions for you here:

    1. What are the right people for your latest product?

    And more importantly and more interesting:

    2. What are the people (and woman) you don’t target?

  98. Before: I help indie retailers understand how to effectively use social media to increase traffic and sales.

    After: I train gift and home retailers how to effectively use social media to increase traffic and sales.

    I have a hard time with the thought of narrowing to just gift and home, thinking I’m missing a huge opp with not targeting other types of retailers, but I understand how specific I can get with the content if it was geared just towards gift & home.

  99. Currently (and/or before): my side business is my first love. sewing. i’m in debt with a degree that i’m not in love with. I sew fabric accessories.

    After: I want to sew clothing/fashion along with the accessories. My ideal customers are young adult female who wants to add a little “pop” to their wardrobe. Women who are willing to add a little change to their look for a cute and classy way. To end the debt with my current career that I’m not in love with, and sew until my heart bursts with sunshine!

  100. Before: Inspiring moms to live their most creative and healthy lives.

    After: Inspiration for moms of young children who want more – more creativity, more balance, and a healthier mind and body.

  101. Wow!

    This continues to be a HUGE struggle for me. I know the struggle is rooted in some sort of mindset issue. But, I can NOT get myself to narrow my ideal client down. I always feel like I will be leaving someone out, or leaving money on the table!

    The great news I got from this video was that it’s not just me. I heard Ramit say it took him 6 months to come up with the 1K client. That gives me hope. What I have done up intil now is try to narrow it down for a week or so, and then move on to something else saying that “it will just hit me one day.”

    I am going to really get real about this and work out my ideal client. I think I know who she is. I just need to be brave enough to commit to her; and trust that it will not limit me.

    Here is my before:
    I teach women, 25-35 years old, to create a life they love by focusing on what matters most.

    I have created a:
    14 day guide to creating a lovelier life.
    5 week get clear and focused intensive.

    To Be Continued…(hopefully it won’t take me another 6 months to figure it out!)

    Thanks for the video!


  102. Yes! I struggle against the knee-jerk instinct to cast a wide net. I know it’s pointless to do so, since people want to feel as though they’re being spoken to directly. I know that the brands I gravitate toward the most speak directly to me, after all.

  103. Great episode!

    I am writing my first info product and I need to come back to this idea. I am somewhat unsure about the targeting for what I am writing, so I need to sit down and brainstorm.

    I find it harder to do this with my current business- A massage therapist and I specialize in a therapy called Myofascial Release. I don’t have a desire to work with a specific “injury or condition” but I can see how it would attract more clients. I rather like to attract spiritually minded individuals who desire healing, are resilient, willing and open. Not specific enough probably!

  104. Marie, love you more with each email, episode, etc! Thank you for finding and interviewing Ramit! He’s perfect for all of us Marie Forleo-ian’s like me!! This is a 21st century take on Niche Marketing and a well needed revision.

    I KNOW what Ramit said is true…you really do need to look at your target audience and tailor to them (i.e. words, interest items, pictures, etc.) that you think or know your audience will respond to. Anything that brings emotion of ANY sort is another way to target your audience.

    I hope this is the first of many times that you will invite Ramit to chat!


  105. I am just starting out my business with a blog I created just 2 weeks ago. So I am a total newbie. x) I am enjoying the process. I just state on my blog that if a reader follows me the readers will learn how to live the healthiest, easiest and most enjoyable lifestyle or way of eating with me…I didn’t narrow it down to a niche at all yet … But young,artistic, green/ environmental enthusiasts appeal the most to me. The young 20 year olds who stand out from the crowd and don’t follow social norms. That’s what I have right now. I will ponder more about this. Thank you Marie! I loved the episode! 🙂

  106. Well done Marie! Thanks for on-going business goodness! jgw.

  107. Thank you Marie and Ramit for making me know, that all the advice I have been studying and paying for, has been spot on.
    My entire business is based on before and afters, and they are right on my home page!
    Keep your videos coming!!

  108. Double WOW to both of you! Ramit gave me a fabulous idea that I am going to apply to my store and I cannot wait to see immediate growth. I know it will happen with continuous work and new insights. Thank you for sharing your expertise, Ramit!

  109. I’m going through James Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy (which is excellent by the way), and he suggested you – Marie Forleo – as someone to study. Not only am I extremely impressed by your video presentation and style, but what a bonus to have such fantastic content. I fall into the trap of, “I don’t want to leave anyone out.” I definitely need to “man up” (or woman up) and make a choice – decide exactly who my target is, and let go of the fear that I might be missing someone or something. Thanks for this, Marie. Very helpful!

  110. Marie and Ramit,

    The name “earn 1k on the side” for a product is hot. I can even imagine a person who would buy it.

    Another example of great copywriting I saw just yesterday is a phrase “stop blogging for peanuts.” Boom! I can picture the exact person who would respond to it.

    My positioning: a woman in her 2-3 year in business. She is doing fine but overwhelmed because it is too much pushing and hard work. She is at a point when she wonders how it can be easier to stand out in the crowd and continue growing her business. I explain how her mindset impacts her experience in business and then coach on upgrading it so she can have more ease.

    It’s still too general. I’m working on being even more specific.

  111. WOW I love AHA moments, thanks Marie and Ramit for providing one today. I seriously needed that to get out of my “what the he-ll do I do from here” issue with my online biz.

    I thought I was targeted and creating a niche for wanna-be event planners, but what I realized by watching this video is that I really am targeting women, 30-45, who want a second career! It’s the latter (who want a second career) that was my AHA moment because that one piece changes everything – and it’s such a relief for me because I can relate personally!

    Now to alter/change my messaging…

  112. God I love it! He’s hilarious AND accurate. Helping my clients get uuber specific on their target market is MY NICHE. Love how clearly he puts it!

  113. Since I have just finished B-School all I could think about was “ideal customer avatar” and Marie girl you are always so dead on it!
    Ramit you added another element to that and I thank you so much (both of you) because I’m in product development stages and now I have a clear answer!
    I think I had the “I want to appeal to everyone” syndrome and now I feel like it is great to target a small group (the world really is a big place…LOL)
    Thanks to you both!

  114. This video was so timely for me. I have been trying to get a good focus for my first sales page, and sometimes I suffer from information overload! Ramit cut right to the chase and really helped me think about everything from a different angle.
    I’m going to post my testimonials in a more effective way, and use his suggestions to really improve my current page. Thank you so much Marie as always. You’re amazing.

  115. Lina

    Amazing video! thank you Marie for bringing Ramit!
    Quick question – I am sarting my business as a marketing srategist. I’ve done work for restaurants, hotels, and recently realtors. Do I need to choose my target now? or should I wait unitl I get more experience on a specific industry? I am afraid to choose an industry right now beacuse I am just starting. Thank you again for the amazing content andd advise! and I love, love your book!!!!!!

  116. Ramit is hot. That’s all I have to say!

  117. Ah, brilliant, this is just the information I needed at this time to get my healing kits selling. Yes of course I have been too general, as Maria said, trying to please everyone! Instead of really focusing on the people whom I know will immediately want and need these kits!! fabulous, thanks for another amazingly helpful video. You are a goddess.
    As to the after, hmmm need to sit with this and see what filters out.

  118. Elise

    At times being “specific” gives me a claustrophobic feeling. (I pace, talk to myself, the dog, pull weeds in the garden … anything to avoid focusing on the niche of the niche. Today’s interview was brilliant, just what I needed Thank you!

  119. Fantastic episode. Ramit really cuts to the chase, and I love it. This completely confirmed that my approach in rewriting the copy for my website to focus on where my coaching clients are coming from and what results I provide was the right way to go.

    And I’m running out to buy Ramit’s book right now. Rock on, Marie!

  120. Before – wedding photographer
    After – documentary wedding photographer and book-maker for irreverent, non-traditional and rebellious couples.
    I think I can still go deeper, but that’s where I am right now.

  121. a. Before, my “niche” was “Any woman who wants to lose weight.” Haha, not much of a niche at all!

    b. After the smack down: Young women, aged 21-25, who have spent their lives being overweight and lack confidence to engage in activities like days on the lake, trips to the beach, and any other situation where they deny themselves fun because they are self-conscious about how their bodies look. This woman is creative, light, giving, and loving. She wants to fully unlock her potential to be confident, strong, and happy, and just needs that extra push of motivation & direction/guidance to follow through with weight loss.

  122. This episode of Marie TV is golden. So frickin’ good I watched it TWICE!

  123. Wow so powerful!
    I have changed my niche from moms in general to
    Moms who want to be able to stay home and earn 1K during nap time!

    I am helping moms earn a living while still having time for a life!

    • Maybe I will narrow it even more….hmm… single moms…. moms of children with Autism?

  124. This is right on my wavelength! I’ve been simultaneously building an etsy shop, an artist website, designing a logo and putting the kids to bed and sewing at night. I set up a facebook page today and was thinking – who do I want to “Like” my site anyway? Oh, and deciding on color scheme for logo is killing me – I made 10 versions of it just yesterday. I know it’s not the most important part, but color communicates so much in seconds.

    Before: Women, umm…my friends and family. Fun and functional apparel from repurposed materials (the tag line needs a boost) Any suggestions after reading my update below?

    After: Stylish 30 something moms who are environmentally conscious and hate putting on sunscreen, but notice their skin is starting to age. My radiant sun visor will effortlessly keep the sun off her face on the afternoon stroller walk. She is a little sloppy but can pull it together in a pinch! Her maternity and pre-pregnancy clothes are all mixed together. She is low-maintenance and wants to buy handmade items rather than from big brands. Ideally she wants to repurpose the clothes she already has – just has no time to do it herself. She usually takes care of other’s before herself, so my products will encourage a little more self-care. She has no time to get a pedi anymore so my tub teas can make soaking her feet while watching Netflix feel like a spa. Keep Calm and Love Mom, y’all!

  125. Wow…awesome…THANKYOU. Having just launched my new website last week. to help women become all they were created to be that was just wonderful…Love it!!!!!! SPECIFICS. I am a well known TV personality/author/actor from Australia who lives in USA. My book sells around the world and i have written over 500 self help columns that have been published and will be launching my webisodes of IMAGE shortly. My Husband is a tv producer so he comes in handy!!! ha Image is about changing women’s lives through changing their IMAGE. Thankyou again Marie…I also LOVE how your website is so user friendly…it ROCKS!!!! x

  126. Ok,

    This was an awesome episode. Thank you Ramit for coming to the show. So right now I am still working on my website for Orlando Florida Relocator and I really want to help international investor and families relocate to Orlando, Florida. I want to help these people learn and really get to know everything about Orlando before making their move. I want them once they come and look for properties they know exactly what location, price and communities they want to move to.

    I moved to Orlando, Florida almost 16 years ago and I didn’t know anything about anything. As time goes by the city has grown and many people relocate their families but also want to invest in the area. My goal is to help people learn the location, communities, and neighborhoods in the area. I made lots of mistakes and spend a lots of money driving around trying to find my destination. I want to make it easier for intentional investor and families to feel right at home once they get off the plane to their new life.


    • I forgot to add my niche:

      I want to target investors or families that range from 30-35 or 35-45

      1. Families with stay home mom where the husband is the bread winner with kids ages from newborn-5
      2. Families with stay home mom thinking of opening a business in the U.S with kids ages 5-10
      3. Single young man that loves all the find things in life, loves golfs, wine, travel and is always working.
      4. Young Couple that want to invest in the US and loves high shopping, outdoors activities and thinking of creating a family between 6month to a year.

  127. Perfect timing for me on this video! I was away during B-School’s official time line and have been playing catch up, and I’m actually working on my Ideal Customer Avatar. This episode of narrowing down my customer niche is just perfect to pair with my B-school exercise.

    Before: I’m a portrait and wedding photographer and right now I am marketing to anyone that needs family portraits, professional headshots, engagement and couple portraits, and photojournalistic wedding photography. Sometimes when I’m introducing myself, I even end up saying, “I do photography of people”. It’s so general!

    My latest project for mothers’ day has inspired me to hone in on the young moms market. I’d provide amazing photography that captures the poignant moments between a baby and first-time working parents.

  128. Anasuya

    Before: I wanted to “help” everyone who wanted to feel better.

    Now: I am not here to save or sell. I am here to share my story and offer an opportunity. I am interested in working with people who are decisive and ready to shift their resources to make their health top priority.

    My sales have already doubled this month and promise to increase by triple or more before month’s end!

    Thank you!

    • This inspires me Anasuya. Thanks!

  129. BEFORE Floundering with my target group for music and mind workshops. Just LOVE working with Baby Boomer minds and the music they love to kick their health, mood, and perspective into healthy gear. However, lately grants have suddenly been coming in for cancer centers, so my workshops are filled with survivors ages 26-76. So my website and brain are frozen until I determine who the heck I’m “fine-tuning!”

    AFTER I’m just going to CHOOSE (Boomers)damn it, and let others see the value and jump in the game if they choose! Maybe they’re Boomer Wannabe’s!

    • Molly,

      Your comment is so right on target for me. I choose to work with men and women who are between 35 and 45 years old who are educated, mid-career and unhappy with how doing what they “should” hasn’t worked out for them. What I get are people in their 50s wanting me to teach their kids and people in their 20s who want to know how to go off the beaten path in life, throw off societal chains and create more freedom in their lives.

      But, I wasn’t planning to work with the 20 something crowd. I don’t think they are ready and I’m pretty sure that I don’t speak their language.

  130. Before: Farm-Fresh Hawaiian natural skin care products for women who care about what goes into and on their bodies.

    After: This is difficult – ultra specific target market. Because plant-based skin care is perfect for young individuals who want to keep their skin clean and balanced to avoid blemishes. And it is perfect for individuals who have more mature skin and are looking for products to help with fine lines and nourish the face for a more youthful appearance. But I need to work through this because the body care industry is huge and I need to have my niche – separate my product from the pack. Ok – what I do know is that it is time to change my selling strategy. Move beyond selling one bottle at a time at farmer’s markets to a more sophisticated, web-based online business that allows me to target a larger audience. Thanks to Marie for helping me work through the process.

  131. Miles

    This video is fascinating as I am fine-tuning my ideal clients, my business model, and myself, currently.

    1. I want to have an online business and I don’t care whatever it is. [Wrong philosphy 🙂 ]
    2. I want to help people (very general).

    I found out that the clients I attract are other business owners who want my creative input and service in making promotional videos and short clips.
    I discovered it when I was working so hard to acquire consumers to purchase products such as flowers and chocolate that I sell on my online gift store. It was really amazingly weird because I was just having fun with my after effects software and the first video I ever made brought joy to my family’s eyes because I used photos we took during our vacation last year and turned it into a cool short movie. I was ready to be criticized about it when I showed it to them because they always make fun of me being the youngest and it was actually the first time that I felt a different vibe from them. It was during that time I had a little “Aha” moment.

    I took it a little further and posted my service online at a freelance marketplace. Lo and behold, people were sending me messages first asking for samples and help. It wasn’t the same thing I did with my online gift store to gain customers because I was chasing after them.

    At this time, I’m still learning a lot and even things might change, I now have a clear understanding of the kind of clients I’m attracting.

    I guess it’s really true when they say, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

  132. Deborah

    Thanks for B-School Marie! It was and is so amazing. You are right, there was no need for tears at the end of B-School, as you do show up in my in-box every Tuesday and there is still so much content from B-School to use and the great community lives on. Hurray! I’ve also read your book Ramit and loved it, so this video is of a dream combo. My before would be ‘to help spouses who relocate with their husband’s career.’ (‘help do what?’ I ask now? – grow petunias?!!!) The after would be to help military and expat spouses to make each new posting home, live a creative fun life where they nurture themselves well and feel an equal partner in their relationship with their husband. What do you think? Specific enough? Thanks!!!

    • We basically share the same target market but for two different industries. Would love to talk more. PM me at [email protected].

      Maybe we can share ideas.

      I’m a auto transport broker- my before: creating a client based business that will help educate clients and provide the fastest friendliest most flexible auto transport services around. After: Your favorite auto transport broker focused on helping military spouses and significant others ship their families personal vehicles due to a military relocation after receiving their pcs orders.

  133. You always have the best settings and nicest looking backgrounds for your videos. How do you approach your filming space, and how do you do your filming?

    I want to interact with people this way, but we have a low budget and might not have the same resources. Whatever we can do that’s close though, I want to do that.

    • I have the same thoughts Jeffrey! Seems like this episode had more natural light than usual, and I love that.

      Would be great if Team Marie could share a behind-the-scenes in one of these shoots!

  134. Before:
    Just started my business and registered it. Website is in the works – but almost done. It is a 2 week ESL school for foreign young adults already in Canada. Immersion English as a Second Language morning classes that include homestay and afternoon cultural activities in the afternoon in my small resort town.

    For foreign college students that are already in the country during the summer break. Specifically, I cater to middle/upper class Korean, Mexican, and Brazilian foreigners. (Makes me realize I need to find out if middle/upper class students from these countries could afford my prices) These students currently live in the two largest nearby cities (realized I want to skip marketing to the smaller city close to me because I simply don’t like the culture of the nearby city [super conservative and a little stuffy] and don’t want intensive marketing efforts in that small city – would be willing to do low maintenance marketing, but nothing more) and want a summer holiday/intensive ESL experience.

  135. The funny thing is I was working on this right as I was watching the video!

    So, my before really is a “before” and my “after” is my current position:


    Confidence building for non-conformists: I’m a life coach teaches open-minded intellects how to become confident.


    The Kinky Intellectual’s Life Coach: I’m a sex-positive life coach that helps open-minded 25-30 year olds build confidence and regain control over their unconventional love lives. I work specifically with men and women that are having difficulties adjusting to and engaging in ethical non-monogamy and/or poly-amory/fidelity.

    I’ve been brainstorming for awhile now about how I could combine all of my passions into one, and this talk with Ramit was the icing on the cake! It realyl gave me the confidence to go ahead and push through the new changes!

  136. Becca Niederkrom

    Good message. I always think when I am getting sold on the services of the new coach, life coach, online biz tool person . . that yo, my business (senior citizen industry) is not for you as your business is not for me because they are speaking to everyone. Its all in the self-selection. A great reminder to consistently get clear with each product, service I am offering.
    P.S. Ramit – gramps is on the computer, fastest growing segment of folks online. And if he’s not there, I’ll be the one to get him there.

  137. This is VERY long, but I needed to get this specific.
    Before- A woman who wears silver jewelry and can afford pieces that cost more than a hundred dollars.
    My Ideal Customer
    She is a woman, age 29 to 60, who makes her own money or a stay at home mom with access to money, although she does not consider herself rich. She has a certain amount of disposable income to spend, but it is limited so she chooses carefully. She is willing to spend more for the right product.
    She prefers to purchase handmade, unique and ethically produced items. She avoids corporate and mass produced things as much as possible, but doesn’t take this too far, as she is very busy and needs to be practical. She makes exceptions to her ideals, and doesn’t worry too much about it. She wants to shop locally as much as possible, and she likes to support artists and independent businesses. She thinks of herself as somewhat out of the mainstream, although she lives a fairly conventional lifestyle. She considers herself creative and artistic in some way, and admires and values these qualities in others.

    She is stylish, but not particularly interested in being up on the latest trend. She knows what she likes and will seek it out, but does not want to be dictated to by “fashion.” She wants to look polished, but somewhat funky and even a bit hip, without that it being too obvious. She puts a reasonable amount of effort into her appearance, and always feels she could do more, but doesn’t feel especially anxious or driven by this. She loves shoes, and will spend good money on a pair she loves, but comfort is extremely important to her, and she will not suffer for beauty. She wears jeans and basics a lot, but they all have some flair and she cares that they are well made. She wants to continue to elevate her style, and knows what she likes when she sees it. She isn’t a big shopper, as she doesn’t have the time. She spends her free time reading, entertaining close friends, doing things with her family, or exercising. She cares a lot about good food and healthy living; she will pay more for organic produce.
    She loves jewelry, but doesn’t buy it all the time as she is picky about it. She loves colorful, chunky rings and generally prefers silver to gold, although she is open to both metals. She doesn’t wear a lot at once, and her wedding ring (if married) is the only piece of traditional jewelry she regularly wears. She likes pieces that are fairly clean and simple, but not boring or at all conservative looking. She doesn’t care for folky or overly artsy pieces, or pieces that are too “pretty” or overly sweet. She doesn’t like to buy things she believes she could probably make herself if she had the time.
    She likes to turn her friends onto a product or idea she has discovered. She would buy a piece of jewelry as a gift for a friend. She will occasionally look at a fashion magazine, (and likes to enjoy pictures of fashion she would never actually buy) but they are a bit of a guilty pleasure for her and she finds the magazines condescending to woman for the most part. She really likes to look at pictures of houses and food, and a healthy lifestyle is very important to her. She would look at a jewelry site if a friend turned her onto it, or she saw an ad and liked a particular piece. She is more likely to buy jewelry at a small boutique or craft show, rather than a department store. She would go to a jewelry event if she knows the artist or if a friend brings her. She might sign up for a newsletter from a designer’s website if she has seen the work in person and admired it, or if she wants a chance to get discounts on it or win a free piece.
    She is a smart, educated woman and cares about what happens in the world. She follows current events and is likely to be liberal in her politics. She lives in a progressive area and follows a few lifestyle blogs.

  138. Dawn


    The online business I am developing is to help people who have back and neck pain be pain free (though movement/yoga/nutrition). I know that is too broad and nebulous…so here is the more specific position:

    Yoga for back pain in less than 10 minutes a day. Or: Pain free back in less than 10 min per day. I can’t quite get the wording right…but that’s the gist.

    I am open to suggestions! Let me now if you have any clever ideas on how to word this 🙂


  139. Before: Disorganized, un focused, cluttered, so many ideas, not knowing her true desires, not taking care of her self.

    After: Learning to access her internal desires, through this finding clarity, focus. Finding what desires were covered up by conditioning and beliefs that were not serving her. Now she knows how to take care of her self and tune into her true heart goals.

    • Anna

      Hi Caroline, I’m in the midst of starting my own business in Parental-Guidance, in French (Parent-Guide, Parent-Complice), yes, I desire to have the 9-step guide. Many thanks for your insights on created our true desires & create a road map to my wildest dreams & life changing goals. Anna

      Read more:

  140. Hey Marie!
    Thank you and Ramit for sharing such fantastic information. I have a request that I think will help everyone to share out your videos much easier. Could you start providing a shortened, Tweet friendly URL? By eliminating the need for us to do this ourselves, will encourage more people to share all of your amazing videos.

  141. Kimber Wolfe

    I sell physical products that I make, but from the start I wiggled in and created my own niche within a niche… No one is making what I make that I can tell. This video still really helped me think about how I talk about my product differently. I’m also starting a blog which I may start writing a little differently now that I have seen this video.

    You are awesome, and I love your content!

    Thanks for another great video!

  142. Ana

    Yes, loved your advice…narrow down and be more specific. Heard this many times but just had my aha with this video!!! thank you

  143. Ckalyna

    Interesting: exactly due to the fact that the language on this website did NOT speak to me (I’m 44 years old), I could not take it seriously and was actually quite turned off by some of the blogs.

    Why did I come here? One of my employees insisted that I check it out. I did and we had a 6-email discussion regarding the language and how it just did not speak to ME. The reason she sent me here was because our company is at a big turning point, and she thought it might help (she’s afterall, a big fan of yours, Marie). Being exceptionally spontaneous, I’d already signed up for the newsletter before I began reading the first blogs, so I keep getting the messages.

    And since then (March of this year), I’ve seen a number of the videos with topics that I thought might be relevant and helpful. I will continue to say, the language turns me off sometimes. However, today’s interview has been especially interesting. And, I will add, Marie — you rock! Keep going. You obviously have a specific target group and you help a lot of people, and for that, I have nothing but respect for you.

    Thanks much!

    • Maybe its not an age thing? I’m 41, and felt so connected to Marie that I went to be school. Cause I want a biz and life that I love.

  144. Before: I am an Ayurveda Health Coach and Hatha Yoga Teacher.

    After: I am an Ayurveda Health Coach that specializes in guiding women (ages 30-50) towards better health, weight loss, improved digestion, skin and sleep in the Seattle area. My ideal client has dabbled in yoga, enjoys exploring natural medicine, has disposable income and is curious about the beauty and health benefits of Ayurveda.

  145. Ok, here goes!

    1) A fertility ebook I sell for women who are willing to try as many natural techniques as possible before seeing an infertility (doctor) specialist, the age seems less important than their attitude of wanting to be as natural as possible with an unnatural problem, and these ladies are not a fan of medical procedures and shenanigans.

    Before ~ Prelude to Fertility, My Grandmothers’ Wisdom
    After ~ Fertility the Old Fashioned Way, 18 Tips and Tricks that my Grandmothers’ Taught Me that You’ve Probably Never Heard Before.

    Too Wordy?

    2) My second offering (in development) is a three week incrementally delivered (drip) curriculum to teach ladies self healing skills for belly and uterine scars after a Cesarean birth, they are wanting to have another baby vaginally. They may be still in physical pain from their abdominal surgery, and perhaps have mental and emotional pain as well.

    Before ~ Love Your Belly, Scars Included: A Guide to Recovery After a Surgical Birth.

    After ~ Healing Belly Scars After a Cesarian Birth: How to Heal, Recover, and Set the Stage for Your Next Birth

    Also Too Wordy?

    Love this video!

  146. Africa

    Excellent episode that gave me pause as I am going into the launch of my website.

    Before: Helping you create a life filled with love.

    After: Helping crazy cranky work from home moms create the peaceful joyous love filled life of their dreams.

      • Africa

        Thanks, Sophie! Every time I read it, I’m feeling even more lit up. Your site looks interesting. I am going to send a few people your way.

    • Africa

      Thanks for that Karen. Your wording is beautiful!

  147. This is too funny. I JUST got a comment on my Facebook page from someone saying she didn’t resonate with being called a “good girl” (my target group), but she liked hearing about “empowering women.”

    It was literally a hour before I saw this video that I commented back to her and said that “empowering women” was a phrase used by many to target many. I’m so tickled to see this immediate validation of my response to her.

    My target is women from late 20s to mid 40s who see that “nicing out” has them missing out on getting what they want in their jobs and relationships. Specifically, I help these women learn how to handle conflict gracefully and without fear. No more need to be a good girl when you know how to speak up for what you want.

    Thanks for bringing it, Marie and Ramit.

  148. Lizzie

    I am stalled halfway through Bschool because I realized I needed to do some overhaul with my service (haven’t launched yet). This video gave me the exact motivation to go back to my ideal customer avatar (gasp!) and rethink my niche. THANK YOU MARIE! 🙂

  149. Great challenge. Here’s what I’ve got. I live overseas and have for years, work online and move around whenever I want and to wherever I want, budget allowing. So, I have had a lot of people coming to me asking me how to do what I do, wanting advice on how to break free from the chains in their lives and how to live free of societal expectations.

    I started an online education business to help people break free from the chains that they hate so much. The challenge is that:

    Before: I was targeting 35 to 45 year old people who would like to live a life with more freedom and would like to have the ability to live and work from wherever they want.

    What happened: They aren’t my target market because they have a lot of reasons why they can’t do it and seem to want to hear stories about my life and lifestyle, ie live vicariously through me, without making any actual changes in their lives. And, they want me to teach their kids how to do things differently, but don’t seem to want to pay for that either. And the 20 year old crowd doesn’t have the money for it. The non-paying client = not interesting to me.

    After: I am now targeting people aged 30 to 40 who are early-to-mid career, work outside of the corporate world — maybe in creative fields (or would like to) and are interested in location independent work (that they can do from anywhere that has a viable internet connection – and some places don’t! Personal experience :-D). They have the money to spend on personal development, they are interested in purchasing personal growth products and they like straight up, direct instructions and guidance on how to create a lifestyle that allows them more freedom and flexibility. This isn’t the woo-woo crowd. They like honest, direct feedback and actionable steps that they can take right now. They are also self-motivated, tech savvy and interested in self-study, such as reading books, taking email courses and attending some virtual seminars and conferences. This is definitely more lifestyle design coaching/education.

    Working on some new content and products right now.

    Thanks for the push!


  150. I thought I was pretty specific before with:
    Geaux Evolv is a Life Enhancement Company specifically designed and maintained to Help People become Unstuck in Life by first starting with an 84-day Health Challenge.

    But I believe the After from Ramit’s challenge has a much better ring to it:
    Geaux Evolv is a Life Enhancement Company specifically designed and maintained with relevant, busy-life tools such as the e84-Health Challenge, to Help you become Unstuck from your current Nutrition Plateau or Unhealthy Eating Habits.

    I would enjoy feedback to see what visuals and emotions come to mind when you read the “After” description of my business. Many thanks in advance!

  151. Thank you Marie + Ramit for such a helpful video! I think I get scared of going too narrow and losing people, but what you said makes total sense and I’m going to ‘niche it down’!

    Before: Spark transforms One Day writers into Today and Every Day Writers. You won’t need to quit your day job or wait until inspiration strikes: I will show you that you can write your novel, start your blog, or pen your memoirs now.

    After: You used to write as a child but now that you’ve got a demanding job, financial commitments and a busy social life you feel like you don’t have the time, energy or inspiration to write. I help young professionals reconnect with their creativity by getting them to write every day – no excuses, no fear.

    Love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this!

    • Africa

      I really like how you are drilling down to the specifics. I think I would still be a bit afraid because you just reminded me how out of hand my life is. Could you provide something like a daily time commitment? See my addition below.

      “I help young professionals reconnect with their creativity by getting them to write just 5 minutes every day – no excuses, no fear.”

      Five minutes is just a suggestion. It helps negate the idea that one would need to set aside a large block of time.

  152. Ann

    As I went through B-School, my Before was: Take Control of your website.
    I changed it about 3 weeks ago as I was processing all of the B-School information. I started to say to myself whenever I looked at my website, “What the heck does control mean?” so my After is: Own Your website and make changes yourself. My services will teach my customers exactly that.

  153. Hi Marie. I’d like to answer the questions that you challenged your readers to answer in the comments, but this video brought something up that I have been perplexed about and I find myself more perplexed after watching the video.

    The issue of getting specific is something that I think about a lot and I’m in the process of redoing my website right now, so it has especially been on my mind, but I keep asking myself in what way precisely should I be specific. Is it necessary to specify age and gender? Is it possible to address your client’s hopes, fears, and dreams without getting specific about those two things?

    At the beginning of the interview, Ramit gives an example of a clothing vendor missing everyone by appealing to a variety of ages. The young man left the site when he saw the teenager and the grandpa. The clothing doesn’t appear to be specifically for him, so he leaves.

    Later on, he speaks of an exercise program that shows, on their website, before and after photos of people from very different walks of life benefiting from the program – skinny guy who got big, fat guy who got toned, pregnant woman who got back to her pre-pregnancy body – all on the same website – and Ramit applauds this company for their strategy. The strategy here sounds like the same misguided one that the clothing company used. They are showing images of a variety of types of people using exercise to solve different problems.

    I am an Alexander Technique instructor. The technique helps with a wide variety of issues, but how I’m focusing my new website is on how the technique helps people to improve their posture without strain and discomfort and addresses the issue of posture in a holistic, mindful way that is very different from trying to find a correct body position. Many people of different genders, ages, and careers have concerns about posture. My target audience as of now is people who want to look better, feel better, and become more confident through improved posture. The people I work with tend to be business professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists and I’d like to continue to work with those sorts of people (male and female, in a relatively wide age-range). My new site with feature before and after photos and testimonials.

    I am asking myself if I am casting too wide a net (according to the clothing website example, I think I would be) or if I’ve hit the nail on the head (which seems it would be the case based on the exercise website).

    I think what my question boils down to is – Do the categories of things that we choose to specify when target-marketing depend on what we are selling?

  154. My before was working with women on general hormonal balance. Now, my niche is much more specific. I only work with women with pelvic pain related to endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods, pregnancy, surgery or painful sex. My program is based 100% on the most up-to-date science and my 14 years of caring for women with pelvic pain.

    If feminine pain is taking you out of your life one day a month (or much more!), or if you’ve been labeled with “chronic” pelvic pain, this program is for you. I have had clients who had pain for nearly a decade fully relieve their pain and avoid hysterectomy.

    Love being fully focused! Thanks Ramit!

  155. By far, THE most useful video EVER

    Box under my website header

    Before: The Perfect Modern Mix of Estate Jewelry
    Antique, Vintage & Timeless Contemporary
    For each piece in the collection, there’s only one; each with its own history, its own life.

    After: For the Woman Who’s Addicted to Fine Jewelry
    You’ve come to the right place
    These are the pieces you can’t live without – Vintage, Modern, and Antique

    • Africa

      So much more direct. Love it!

  156. I have been pondering this one lately. I am an Entrepreneur Coach worked with an amazing branding colleague last year who helped me extract this positioning statement:

    “I am the ‘go-to-coach’ that savvy grassroots entrepreneurs call when they want to achieve breakthrough personal and business performance that sustains and transforms the communities we live in.”

    Since all of my clients are in various start-up phases from just launching to a few years in business with lots of traction, I have created three product categories that describe each person.

    I think there is still some work to go and would love to hear any feedback from the rest of world on whether or not it all resonates. Click to see the categories.

    Many thanks!

  157. I’m always battling with this one. I too want to help all but fully understand that to really help people I need to narrow it down. Plus it helps those who come to my site to decide whether or not my site, information and services are for them.

    Before: Helping small business owners increase their Online Presence

    After: Showing small handmade business owners how to increase their online exposure & treating their customers special. While encouraging them to make time for themselves also.

    Your feedback is appreciated 🙂
    Blessings Janet

  158. Thank you for this challenge! I’m a hairstylist struggling to find a steady clientele. Now that you’ve sparked the idea to specify my services. I’m going to offer exclusivly hair replacement services. I’ll keep you all updated, thank you Marie!

  159. lmao, I come from reading your introductory email about this guy I’ve never heard of who tells people to unsubscribe if they’re not active and “calls them out” for laziness and wouldn’t you know his face and this pissed off expression is waiting for me in the picture that goes along with your post! Eyes landed right there. This was funny, I look forward to watching the video.

  160. Jennifer

    Wow. I’ve entered the learning zone and have a question! I may have to check out Ramit’s site for the answer but here it is: at the beginning of the interview he talks about a catelogue trying to appeal to everyone and ending up appealing to no one. Then he mentions P90X and how it has a niche for everyone trying to lose weight and get in shape. How do you make the difference between having images etc on your site that can appeal to anyone that would fit with a program and having too wide a focus? Any thoughts?

    • Timmy J

      It depends what your selling Jennifer.

      In the case of the shirt example, he was making the point that a customer doesn’t want to buy a shirt that is ‘for old grandpas’…

      however, in the case of body fitness, if I’m an overweight middle aged man, wanting to lose weight, seeing a post-pregnant woman who got back to her former weight won’t put me off the product, however seeing the guy who was overweight and now thin will certainly draw me in.

      I think its like Ramit says – you’ve got to put your mind in your customers shoes…or maybe in their head 😛

  161. My business is very specific – it’s a beautiful wedding blog (there are a million out there, right?), but mine is all about only one coastal town, the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. People come from all over the world to get married here. My site is all about a local focus, but global reach and it’s all about inspiring brides to plan beautiful, unique weddings in this area (I personally was a bit tired of seeing aqua bridesmaid dresses and frangipani bouquets on the beach.) One before and after that comes to mind is when we released our first online magazine, we created a Bohemian Beach styled shoot for inspiration. And almost one year later, we had a bride send in photos from her wedding, where she recreated the exact look that graced our cover. Check it out:

  162. Akasha

    It’s interesting that there are a few comments in here about not liking the language used or being offended by Ramit’s description of Grandpa, but there are no comments about his description of the “young punk,” which could also be taken the wrong way by someone looking to be offended. Usually those who get so offended are already feeling a little sensitive about whatever the subject was, so I’m guessing that there aren’t that many of what they might consider “young punks” running around this website. Or they aren’t commenting. Whichever.

    However, in all of this, all of these comments just point to the fact that YOU ARE NOT HIS RIGHT AUDIENCE. Ramit’s audience isn’t offended by what he says and takes it for what it is. If you are offended when he says something like “you have to get off your lazy ass and get working on stuff,” then you aren’t in his target audience. You probably will unsubscribe and that will be the end of that. (Something he actively promotes, actually. You don’t like it? Leave. No problem.) If you had taken any time to read his website and materials, you would know that.

    So he is just modeling exactly what he’s saying. He walks his talk.

    And, frankly, his advice is usually dead on accurate, helpful and actionable, something that is missing from a lot of businesses and products that say that they are there to help people, but don’t actually teach them how to do what they need to do. Using the most effective and direct route available.

    • Sally

      Agree, Akasha. I fail to see anything offensive in what Ramit has said. It’s an advice video… take the advice or leave it. When you’re talking specifically about targeting demographics in a marketing sense, of course you’re going to talk stereotypes. Big deal! If you are offended by a stereotypical description when in the middle of a conversation about the specifics of target audiences, you are too soft to be in business at all.

  163. Does this strategy apply if you’re not in a large market? If I live in a city of millions, I can get specific. If I live in a city of 90,000 (and I do), am I going to specify myself right out of a large enough consumer base? How can I avoid that and still speak to my ideal clients?

  164. Maria Isa

    Hello. I loved this video! Thank you Marie. My ‘raw’ business idea is work as a realtor & offer interior design services. I looove both things!! I’ve done a research online & I saw very interesting people doing that already. I already have a blog which nobody knows about it yet (I guess that isn’t true anymore): only has 1 post & is waiting for my business idea to be more specific….. (Thinking) …. Ok. I’m back. Omg! Some frea** awesome ideas came to my mind. The ‘after’ of my idea is: I want to target my interior design services to my real estate customers & referrals who are just married, within 1 year, & are not ‘swimming’ in money neither have lots of furniture & things for the house, middle class couples, who want to create a beautiful home w/out affecting their budgets or going into debt. Check this idea: I can trade with +/- my first 10 real estate customers who buy a new house, their opinion on my webpage (that I have to create) and/or social media (have to create too) of my service, for a courtesy interior design advice in one place of the house they choose, that of course I’ll ask to give an opinion about it too after I’m done. (Learned this trading idea from Marie 😉 I’d like to see helpful opinions about my idea. :p Thx Marie again for the knowledge that u share!

  165. Ellen

    I do enjoy you and your videos, Marie, but I wish you would focus on either business or life. I find your episodes on life and spirituality much more useful than your business videos, but I think that’s just because I’m more interested in spirituality than business. However, I have a feeling you’re more interested in business. Maybe you should let others (such as Gabrielle Bernstein) concentrate on the spirituality and you focus on the business?

    • Luz Blanca

      Everyone’s a critic, even on Marie’s wonderful website people are criticizing. Ya just can’t win.

  166. Kimberly Wise

    My current business as an Online Business Manager has been to take on anyone who is in the market for an Online Business Manager. I’ve recently started shifting that due to a few factors and this video follows right along with my path…..

    So now, I am offering my services to multi-six figure entrepreneurs who are looking for a thinking partner that can help them step back from the day to day running of their business and their team. I help them take their “next steps” from conception to implementation.

    ~K 🙂

  167. Thanks for the great video and advice. I feel challenged to apply the ideas to selling my fine art photography, however. If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them.


    • I say target business’s. I am a horrible photographer, but I always see horrible pictures or worse BORING pictures in Dr offices, building lobbies, hotels and corporate offices. Narrow your photography down to the business type… are they purveyors of organic goods? then offer photography of lovely fields of green, are they bankers then offer them local and international black and white photography that covers the area’s their business covers. Are they a winery, then your view of the wine fields… just a few thoughts…

  168. Thanks for this video! I enjoyed watching the talk between two people who believe in what they are selling and in empowering others to do the same. I am creating an information product for women who have been in abusive relationships to use yoga and meditation to create peace in their lives and to learn to give to themselves. I have a blog and I will be narrowing down my target market now.

  169. Really interesting Q&A…thanks
    My goal is to save landfill sites from quickly discarded black coloured clothing one pair of pants at a time…
    I have a pretty specific target – 40ish women, city dwellers, $60K+ income earners, with a kid or kids, concerned about the environment and wondering how to help the landfill cause and save a little $$$ by re-dyeing not re-buying both their own and their husbands/partners clothes as well.
    I’m not sure how to get more specific in my thinking or how I try to market but my REAL challenge is that my biggest, most frequent customers are men and look nothing like my target. How to get more specific about a target that you’re not even sure you’re reaching?…

  170. Kat

    Thank you, Marie! I also appreciate the communitys support!
    I have been all over the place with niche. I just played with it and here is what i have:
    I help women over forty clear the obstacles to joy so they can express their genuine self in all aspects of their lives.

    I have been playing with love vs joy in the sentence. The love i am talking about is not relationship love it is self love and ends up being ambiguous in the statement. Where joy is more graspable…

  171. Hey all,

    I too love hearing Ramit & Marie! Thank you for the extra long vid- I’d love to see more of these- I have a question??????

    I’m a retailer and planning to move solely on-line. We sell furniture and accessories for your home, with a more traditional style. Because we are quite niche, we decided to offer a more transitional style- trad with more contemporary twist, but in trying to appeal to a larger demographic, we seem to be loosing sales. Should we categorise our products into diff websites and market independently to better target our specific audience? ( that sounds like my answer right there) or leave it as is under one name?

    This does mean more (targeted) marketing, advertising, branding, web control????? I’m starting to feel over whelmed…..

    Any thoughts, opinions, ideas???? Really open to all suggestions.

  172. BEFORE: Helping women take control of their finances

    AFTER: helping middle-income women 25-45 eliminate their stress and frustration with money, and make room for more fun, freedom, and adventure in their lives

  173. Hello, Darlene,
    You are apparently very familiar with Ramit Sethi; I had never heard of him before now. I am interested in the e-book, or course he mentioned at the beginning of the video, ‘How to Make An Extra 1k’ (paraphrasing), and am wondering if you have read it? Did you find it to be beneficial, if so? Along the same lines, I am reading ‘Keep Your Paycheck, Live Your Passion’ by Erika Welz Prafder and am finding it to be beneficial.
    As far as Marie’s and Ramit’s challenge goes, my focus is continuing to evolve on a site I have in development and don’t have a pat answer.

  174. Marie I love this video! One of my absolute faves–Ramit is awesome, so clear and easy to understand. Props to you for bringing him to us!

    This SO hit home for me cuz I’ve been working in this for months now. I WANT to stand out and find my peeps by being specific in my messaging.

    I help women entrepreneurs fulfill that dream, goal or vision that keeps them up at night and wakes them up in the morning. I work with highly motivated, ambitious and energetic people who want to change their lives.

    I teach smart, savvy women entrepreneurs in their 30’s and 40’s how to be bold and brave in their business. I seek enthusiastic, determined individuals who will not give up and I train them to have endurance, stamina and tenacity in their business. My coaching is not for the faint of heart!

    What do you think? I’d love some feedback!
    Thanks to anyone reading this–I’m excited about this process!

    • Hey, I like that. I might steal it. (Just kidding). 🙂
      You might want to update your visual brand a bit though to match your bold and powerful vision for you clients. Maybe even just a simple update of your colour and background pattern. It looks soft and flowery which doesn’t match what I am seeing above.
      All the best!

  175. Hi all,
    I am a dating coach and founder of The Love TREP. Have been following Marie for a while. I mention her in my forthcoming book: Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love. It’s all about using the spirit and principles of enTREPreneurship to help smart, educated, professional single women, ages 27-45, take charge of and innovate within their love lives. Essentially, I teach them how to think and act like an entrepreneur creating, building, and shaping their love stories, just as traditional entrepreneurs create, build, and shape their ventures. There are a ton of amazing parallels between these two worlds. I have been an academic advisor at the top school for entrepreneurship education in the world for the last decade and have applied what I’ve learned there to the world of dating. It’s a great way to inspire women to be change agents of their future–as opposed to sitting and waiting and hoping and praying for their love lives to change. There is so much more at my Web site! Looking forward to feedback.

  176. Thank you for this!!! I recently created a product that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It is actually selling itself and I am just putting it on my Etsy site until I can make a webpage just for it. I made the decision to make this a costly product that has only the highest quality ingredients I can find and that even includes the glass bottle that I use. I decided to purchase MIRON glass and it increases my price quite a bit. However, this maintains the integrity of my product as well as enhancing it’s benefits. Well, my family and friends has really given me a hard time about being so selective and narrowing my market. (Hell, I’ve even turned down investors that want me to change my product. They have seen how good it is and want to get in on the action yet want me to make it more available to a wider audience by cheaping it down.) I tell them that simply that the general public is not my target audience. MIRON glass already has a cult following of it’s own and individuals that understand the value of MIRON glass will understand how precious my product is. So, I’ve had friends that tell me I know nothing of marketing (I’m a Bschool graduate) because I’m not bringing this and cheaping it down for the general public. Yet again, not my target audience. Thank you so very much for this!!

    • Thank you for sharing Rhonda, this was very encouraging! I’m trying to raise the bar with my business and that will include using certain materials that are definitely going to cut out those who might be on the more frugal end, but it’s all about value.

  177. Loved this episode.

    Here goes for my before and after.

    Before: I’m a personal trainer who teaches people how to lose weight.

    After: I teach busy, beautiful women to lose fat fast ,
    Without taking up more time in their already full and fabulous lives.

    I’d love some feedback….. Pretty please

    I’m overhauling my first draft of my website
    And this exercise will help me greatly.

    Thanks all

    • Crystal

      Love it Chriss! Very direct, to the point. I think when you sell anything to do with weight loss etc, people want results and they want to know how long and how much- even before the what do I have to do/eat etc.
      I love the flush the fat- maybe ‘flush the fat in 4 weeks’ the two ‘F’s are a bit of a tongue twister, for me 🙂 All the best- happy flushing!

    • I am one of those women, if it helps… I am in my fifties… work more than full time and have a small business on the side. Children grown. Menopause and self neglect while putting time and energy into kids and work have caused the pounds to grow. I could make time for a gym, but wouldn’t want to show up, until I am more fit and have taken off 50+pounds. Gotta be simple to remember and follow, as I have enough to do already.
      I might not be your target customer, but does that help?

  178. Loving Ramit! I’ve always said who I was targeting and knew in my mind who I wasn’t but when I actually wrote it down it changed ever so slightly but enough to make me start to consider the context for my content and how I am positioned differently from competitors. I don’t cater to 27-55 year olds; not even 30-55 I think I truly start at 34 year old, professional women, who are plus size. Empowering women to make the best fashion choices for their lifestyle. Honor Your Shape! Honor Your Size! HONOR YOU!

  179. I bought my new phone from our local phone company because I really like the way they speak to me. I love their customer service and I really like how they give back to the community.
    I sure hope I am speaking to my clients

  180. This was the most perfect episode for me to watch! I loved it.

    I’m just starting a brand new business – even though I feel like I’ve been doing this for the last few years on the side. I’ve also just designed a new website and feel I need to go write it again!!

    Before: I help women late 20’s and 30’s strip back the layers of the conscious mind to explore who it is they truly are in intimacy. And I use the word intimacy as “in-to-me-I-see”.

    After: My target market is more the 31 – 37 year olds: busy and time poor who have forgotten themselves in their relationships and put everyone else first – so they don’t even know what they really want (other than a foot massage) or how to start expressing it (other than reading 50 shades). The big thing is that their reality of intimacy is in stark contrast to their fantasies!
    I teach:
    (a) courage to uncover your hearts desires inside of sex and intimacy.
    (b) connection to expressing your desires and dreams either in story writing or photography.
    (c) compassion for yourself – instead of shutting down to your own mind’s reaction.

    And if anyone has any feedback – I would be eternally grateful!

    I feel so guided in my heart to offer this as my work that I would love to do it the best possible way.

    amaali xx

  181. Your interview with Ramit was great. I followed by going to his site and was very impressed, he gets right to the point. He is right I need to identify my niche and narrow down to my target audience. I will be working that pretty hard now. Thanks for doing this.

  182. Hi everybody! I’d love some feedback!

    Before: Go Sugar Free cold turkey
    After: 45-65 year olds, enjoy the best health of your life by going sugar free through my online course made for you!

  183. Awesome! Very helpful tips and very specific examples.
    Now I have some food for thoughts!

  184. free

    Rammit is funny, smart & slightly hot with gorgeous smile.
    Thanks for sharing,

    The “before and after” challenge Was the more powerful message of the video.

  185. I think I’ve struggled with the idea of finding a specific niche not because I don’t want to find my target audience, but because I want to use my blog (which is my product this far) as an outlet for myself and my interests. I feel like if I get too specific, I can’t do and write about all the fun things that I am doing, because I would be limiting myself to just this one specific topic. I realize the confusion leads to a smaller audience than I would like if I want it to be hugely successful, which is the problem I am dealing with now (wanting to grow and really be the best at what I do) but I’m not wanting to narrow things down too much for fear of cutting off opportunities that I would like to participate in.
    A way to niche things up without cutting off different interests might be to really embrace who I am and where I’m at in my life, as those who relate would be my niche.

  186. Love it love it love it!!!, thanks for sharing this useful information to us, you make my start-up process so much easier 🙂

  187. Woah, freaky timing. This is more or less word-for-word what we were saying in my mastermind this morning. Exceptional languaging expertise from Ramit there. Off to give this before and after some serious thought!

  188. Hmmm, Marie & Ramit, you’ve got me thinking.
    Even though I’ve known I should narrow down, I’ve been avoiding it because
    1) I still don’t want to alienate some of my readers &
    2) Narrowing down means I have to KNOW exactly what my specific gifts are, and I’m still working on that! lol

    Ok, so I’m gonna go for it’s something like this:

    Before: Nourished Women. Inspired Action. Purpose-filled Lives.

    After (omg this took me longer than I expected and I still have a way to go): 29-43 yo Mothers of children who love parenting but find it hugely challenging AND feel they still have something big to birth into the world (are on a journey of awakening to their true purpose).

    This then becomes:
    The Awakening Mama – birthing your future dream while being present with your children.

    This feels closer, but not totally there yet..

    Great process – thanks for the assignment Ramit & Marie. Open to any thoughts if anyone has them!

    • OMG I love it Stacie (I am a 41 year old Mama and that totally resonated with me!). I don’t know why I scrolled down into the comments before watching the video (I love Ramit so I know it will be awesome) but maybe you needed instant feedback because this is the comment I landed on!).

  189. My “before” was to target anyone who loves nature

    My “after” is targeting 25-35 year old women who are looking for beautiful artwork to decorate their homes.

    Feedback is welcome as I’m kind of new to this “niche” idea!

  190. Fabulous video today!

    Thank you Maria and Ramit.

    I’ve heard this phrase about being specific so many times but never heard it so well explained before. Ramit has really nailed the art of being crystal clear and specific.

    I really need to think how I can apply this to my business now and appeal to women in the 40-55 age bracket more as they have proved to be my best clientele.

  191. Pat

    I loved this video. I don’t have a business but my idea is to help people to learn holistic dog care. Also help people who have a dog that has cancer.

  192. Love this!

    Before: The New Mum Survival Kit
    After: Feel Better Than Ever After Baby: An 8 Week Guidebook of Simple Yet Profound New Habits for An Enjoyable Transformation into Motherhood.

    What ya think?? I’ve been stewing on a name for months. Thank you for this vid xxx

  193. Great episode today, Marie! So many people struggle with the Customer Avatar exercise because they make up fictitious information about their ideal client and her needs. I think it’s better to start with yourself and the results YOU can provide and go after the client who is looking for that result. Then, you can get very specific about who that client is and what she’s all about and narrow it down. Then you’ve found the sweet spot!

    Thanks Marie and Ramit!

  194. I just loved this straight talk with your friend. And I adore the assignment. It helped me a great deal in being more specific.
    So I’d now say that after working with me, in my workshops, my mentoring program or through my art, people are really aligned with their best potential and have gained momentum in manifesting it.

    Before: I am helping female artists make money from their art.
    After: I help female artists age 20-29 transition from a full-time office job that doesn’t completely fulfill them to a full-time career as an artist that completely fulfills them.
    Wholehearted THANKS to Marie and Ramit. Heart you guys!

  196. Yoli

    Marie. You did it again!
    I’ve been away from your vids for a while, because of school. It’s the last week before finals and I’m feeling good about things. So, I decided to check out the vid.

    So SO glad I did! I’ve been struggling with the niche part for a looOng time. I just didn’t get it. Until today..
    Ramit – who by the way, I had the pleasure of meeting at one of his mixers with Derek Halpern., and was an awesome experience for me – just sent it home.

    For the first time, I REALLY understand what being ultra specific means ( at least i think i do lol )and how it will benefit my business as well as consistently make my clients happy.

    Currently, my focus is meditation “grounding support for the dreamer in you.” I have to be honest. I just cringed as I wrote that. It’s way too broad and by the way, who cares!? That’s the before.

    My light bulb went on so bright just now with Ramit’s words
    That the specificity of my next attempt at reaching out will be so exact, and simple, that it’s already easier for me to create.

    Sweeping away the clutter of broad based targets, gives the ability to use the words that resonate and penatrate.

    Up until now owning my own biz experience has been completely part time and on a one on one basis. No Internet.

    I finally have a site. It’s very simple, but who I’m targeting is all over the place.

    My experience of being a student again, while being a working mom has been eye opening and hugely satisfying.

    I wonder how many more of me are out there?

    I believe I’m on to something very specific with my after.

    In meditation, focused single minded thought is a very powerful tool in cleaning out the mental and emotional clutter so that you may function in a more peaceful and productive way for a healthy happy life.

    It seems that the same goes for a healthy,happy
    Booming biz.

    Let’s see what my next beta pumps out.



  197. This is a very helpful video. I have to agree that there are infinite possibilities in earning money. It’s important that you have to know what your target market is and how you can position this in such a way that it’s attractive to that target market. And these tips can be applied whether you are offering an actual product or a service.

  198. This is probably one of the best things I took away from B-School… Getting super specific.

    Previously I was interested in helping anyone lose weight. Men and women of all shapes and sizes and anywhere in their weight loss journey.

    Now, I have narrowed it down to being interested in helping young women, particularly stay at home moms, feel confident wearing a bikini. So clearly not women who have never worked out or women with 50+ pounds to lose, but women who want to build some muscle, lose a little fat and get lean.

    But one question.. Ramit mentions the p90x site and how it has several niches. The skinny guy who got built, the fat guy who got thin and the woman with baby weight who got lean. I thought we were supposed to be narrowing down our niche, not including several different niches?

  199. When I’m speaking to groups or meet people at business meetings, I often mention that I’m a blogger. One thing that has been helpful, is when I tell them that I make “about a car payment a month,” with simple advertising. I have been amazed how many people get excited by this.

    For most people, this is actually a doable option that doesn’t take much time and can provide ongoing results. By specifically targeting a relatable item (car payment) I get a lot of interest.

  200. This video goes great with some of the things I’ve been learning in B-school! Love it. Thanks Marie 🙂

  201. I love, love this episode!! IDENTIFY with your audience!!

    I love that he gives examples how drilling down can help you identify language that your customers use!!

    Great episode again! Love your challenge too!!


  202. I’ve heard that you need to ‘niche down’ many times before but for some reason, it’s really sunk in this time.

    I don’t have a business right now, i’m just concentrating on completing my 30 Day Sexy, Fit and Fabulous challenge I set up for myself but when i’m ready to get going, I will definitely be referring back to this video, it has really helped.

    No harm in having the necessary info before being anywhere near ready to launch a business. It will definitely help me to focus.

    Thanks for this video Marie and Ramit

  203. Oh my God, I feel like Marie and Ramit were listening to my last few conference speeches or they took my digital Brand Bootcamp course! I am constantly hammering on this issue of communicating the right message to the right people at the right time if you want a truly effective brand. And I even use the example of “women” as a market A 27 year old single graphic designer in L.A. has very different wants, needs and buying drivers than a 45 year old stay at home mom with 4 kids in Des Moines, IA 🙂

    “Everyone” is not a market. If you try to appeal to everyone and be all things to all people, you will end up being nothing to no one.

    As always even brand experts can glean something new when they listen to other experts. I often find I am great at doing this work for my clients, outside looking in, and sometimes slip up on the basics for myself.

    Thanks for the great reminders, Marie and Ramit!

  204. The kernel of truth I gathered from this conversation was to BE AS SPECIFIC as possible in reaching out to one’s clientele. The only comment that I thought was not absolutely correct that Ramit made was that there is now a HUGE population of over 60 year olds using the internet daily, some even all day long.

  205. This was such a great episode. I saw the title and said “that is me all the way”. I created an awesome online fat loss program and I know it rocks and is so well done. But why oh why am I only getting a few peeps signing on for it?

    Everyone needs fat loss. And that is the problem. My before wasn’t specific enough. My after is that I’ve created a fat loss program that gives real results to busy individuals that need guidance with their preparation and follow through. The program is easy to follow, uncomplicated and teaches creative paths of preparation with support on your follow through so that fat loss finally becomes YOUR success story.

    Hmmm…still working on it a bit but I feel better already being more specific with who I am targeting. Thanks again Marie and Ramit!

  206. Robien

    But…HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?! How do you know what your niche?

  207. I get the whole thing about specific target marketing but what if you provide a product and an opportunity?
    do you create two targets?

    • I think you focus on one at a time and create a program for them and then choose another target and create a program for then so for example your may have an overweight dad that is stressed out because he is working so much and just had his first kid and have a program/ product and then you pick another target and make a products for him 🙂

  208. challenge
    a. before – i have mostly been targeting women with only 2 conditions, they have to be over 18 and they have to have skin. my business is mostly referral based, meaning i get new customers from current customers / potential clients. this has lead me to quite a few people who were only interested in getting whatever they could for free and not buying a single thing.
    b. after – i will target women and men who are of quality and have passion and purpose. my conditions remain, however, i will change my languaging to be more specific when i talk to new referrals, asking more questions about what it is that they need or are looking for.

  209. You two are so fun together. Love Ramit’s energy. He does strike me as a softie on the inside. 🙂

    I have two businesses, so here’s mine for both…

    Before: People that want a great gym bag and want to be inspired to good health.

    After: Early 30s fitness enthusiasts searching for a stylish, organized, durable fitness bag, who see health and fitness as something they GET to do, rather than something they HAVE to do.

    Before: Women struggling with emotional eating.

    After: Career-driven early 30s woman who wants to get healthy, shed 20 lbs and keep it off for good, end the self-sabotage, and feel amazing in her skin.

  210. Awesome stuff!

    I develop and teach ‘Creating with Feeling’ Art Classes

    ‘Creating with Feeling’ for Cool Mums
    ‘Creating with Feeling’ for Artists
    ‘Creating with Feeling’ for Complete Beginners

    Thanks guys!
    C x

  211. I have a $12,000.00 pair of shoe laces for Ramit. Call me!….

  212. Love this challenge! I don’t really offer services but I do make custom art for people so it’s a customization of a product. A little but of service and product I suppose…I’ve been going with “Art as unusual as you are” but i need to get more specific. maybe “Art made for your unique life” hmmm. That might be it.

    • Loved today’s episode and really had to laugh as I call myself a New Consciousness and Empowerment Teacher and Facilitator and I work with people that have experienced physical, psychic and emotional abuse and that like to stop codependency and victim/abuse relationships. When I got Marie’s email I was like “What”!!!! when she mentioned about that the word empowerment in 90% of the cases is useless.
      So I got intrigued and checked out the video with Ramit. Then I realised there was another level of even getting more specific.

      I’ve now changed my tag line from “New Consciousness, Empowerment…Feel Empowered in Life, Love and Relationships”

      New Consciousness and Empowerment Tools for Single Spirit Junkies that like to create Conscious Relationships


  213. *I don’t normally read all the comments, but this time I did. I just KNEW they would be full of juicy awesomeness and they were ~ love to everyone’s replies before mine!!!*

    So first off, this is so a basic business need, and one that painfully seems to get overlooked or just not delved into deeply enough. It’s easy to get to the before (sometimes, but I know I struggled with just that for years till I learned about a more focused approach like yours). But it’s a big freakin’ deal yo!

    So seriously, I’m still struggling with this and while I feel sometimes I’ve narrowed it, then again I don’t. Would love YOUR input (yes all of you!)

    *Before*… Women who love handmade. (Yea I was that vague at one time).

    *After* (this is after a few “dive deeper” sessions with the concept and yet I’m still not sure I’m quite where I want to be. Problem #2 I sort of hit 2-3 ish specific depending)…. Women, 25-35, with a unique sense of style and targeted eye for art they love to have & wear with an eclectic/bohemian/gothic/new age/pagan sense of style who appreciate the positive energy of handmade wearables & usables made from a spiritual & sacred space that honors both their style & the (positive) energy they want in their lives.

    I get a little wordy there and being succinct isn’t my forte.

    The problem I’m feeling here with my specificity lies in the fact that gothic & bohemian styles don’t necessarily go together, they are in fact very different. But one could draw a few parallels here and there. Whereas spiritual, pagan, new age, and eclectic overlap with one another and those to types of style a good deal more. So maybe I need to consider those 2 points as separate and put the rest together.

    • Alright…I totally sat and thought more about it trying to get crazy specific about my WHO and what she is like and what she’s wanting…

      A 25-35 yo young woman with a unique sense of style and taste that resonates with either gothic or bohemian sensibilities. She values the quality and connection of handmade works of art/decor and wearables and is deeply interested in having her purchases truly reflect her personal style, rather than reflecting a current trend she “merely likes” (eg she’s diehard about her personal style).

      She is eclectic in the expression of her tastes and falls squarely into the New Age/Pagan mindset. She loves art and beautifully crafted items but isn’t necessarily inclined to make them for herself. She likes to spoil herself (& her loved ones) and appreciates the care involved in the handmaking process, she has a particular “eye” and when she loves something, she LOVES it & has to have it.

      Finally she is sensitive to the energy of things she owns. She is conscious of the “feeling” certain items have and is focused on bringing good, positive, supportive energy (and things make with that energy in mind physically and ethereally) into her home.

      My work is *not* for mainstream, trendfollowers, or the “populars” or those who like to “blend with others”, DIYers or amateurs trying to learn to get where I am, I don’t focus on men, children, or older demographics (that isn’t to say I don’t have things that appeal to them, I just am focusing on a younger crowd.)

  214. Thanks so much Marie!

    I started my business in February this year and so far have really been struggling to make sales.

    Before: I was just focused on getting my products online with no real direction

    After: I’m going to focus on the fact that my products are fragrance free and market them to men and women who want natural products but don’t want fragrance because they like the smell of their perfume/cologne (like me) and/or have sensitive skin.

    Is that specific enough?

    I find this stuff really hard. I just love using my products and I’m always complimented on how beautiful my skin is but I just don’t know how to get people to try them.

    • Emma

      How about… health concious parents who want to eliminate toxins from their homes? Because of sensitivities or just a concious choice to use less chemicals.

  215. Thank you, Marie and Ramit! It was great seeing you together, since I follow you both via email.

    We sell canvas prints of my husband’s illustration work. He’s a children’s book author and illustrator. Our target market is parents who want unique, modern artwork for their child’s room or play space.

    Before: Fat and Appy: Stretched Canvases by Jonathan Fenske

    After: Fat and Appy: Modern Art for Children

    We’re really trying to zero in on the parent who loves modern design, so they aren’t interested in big-box store art. I absolutely love helping parents find that perfect piece of art for their homes. It’s really satisfying…I love what I do.

  216. This is AWESOME! Thank you for such specific, grounded and inspiring advice.

    You two nailed it!

    Much love!

  217. Wow, that’s quite a challenge and you guys are doing so great, I don’t know how you do it! 🙂 I’m just starting out now so everything is very much in a limbo but I’ll try to nail this because it drives me mad! Maybe I’m a commitment-phobic 🙂

    I’m super confused about the perfect customer. Not sure if I particularly feel any “magic connection” to any of the options I went through in my head. I’d love to pin it down and so far here are the contestants:
    • The corporate warrior who struggles to juggle their day job they actually love and their biz that gives them the freedom they crave
    • The artist (visual, verbal or writing) who needs more discipline for their work and for their biz, too
    • The non-English speaker who needs confidence to start/continue their biz in English
    • …??

    Just noticed, they’re all different aspects of me. I feel completely selfish now 🙂

    I’ve been playing around with this in my head for a while now and I feel like I’m still looking for “the one”! It drives me crazy, where is she??

  218. Nailing my niche has been holding me back for aaages now and I’m so over it! I’m so glad you guys set this challenge, the way Ramit explains it has really helped it click for me, so let’s just do it once and for all…

    Before: Either Total Wellness for Mother & Baby …or… Health & Life Coaching for mums

    After: Holistic Health & Life Coaching for mums (or mums-to-be) who are feeling drained by the pressures of motherhood and disillusioned about the future. They desperately want to feel their best, live their best life and inspire their kids to do the same. They want themselves and their family to eat healthily, lead an active lifestyle and have the time and energy to spend time together and enjoy being a parent. They value family, fun, adventure, friendship. They are ready and willing to make a change in their life, so that they can start to feel positive about the future. They are open to the possibility of digging deep within themselves to realise their full potential and make their dreams come true.

    Lol, just realised that this sounds like me not all that long ago! Could I possibly be any more specific??? Hope their are some other mums out their feeling the same way…

  219. Amy Kimball

    “That’s some niche shit right there” LOL Love your vids but could watch your out takes ALL DAY LONG! Gotta love us Jersey Girls!

  220. Ramit’s examples make sense. This is one of my favorite episodes of Marie TV 😀

  221. I am the author of Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living With Grace and Ease. This short & sweet book is meant to help those who feel stuck and can’t seem to move their life to the next level.

    Before: Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living With Grace and Ease is a book about moving forward and staying true to your heart when everyone else is trying to keep you in a box. My target is 50-somethings who are feeling stuck and asking if “that’s all there is”.

    After: I’m open to ideas as my “before” just isn’t cutting it. :/

    Oh, and I am signing up with Caroline ASAP!! 🙂

    • Meg

      Hi Melissa,

      So, three things:

      1) Why is living with ‘Grace and Ease’ only for people who are stuck? Because I am a 50-something who would always be interested in living with more grace and ease and I’m not ‘stuck’ at all. If the book isn’t for me, than you need to be more clear why not so people know why it might be for them,, and if it is, then you need to define your audience better.

      2) Is your book aimed at females? I am getting that sense for some reason but you don’t say so outright. I think you want to say either way, whether it’s for women or whether it’s for men and women.

      3) Why is there no description of your book on Amazon!!???? I suggest that you go fix that! And, set up an author page there as well. I don’t think you can expect people to buy your book when they have no idea what it’s about or how they will benefit. It’s also good for them to be able to find out a bit about you.

      Good luck!


      • Hi Meg! Thank you for your feedback – I fixed the Amazon issues and took time to re-think who (and why) would want to read my book. I originally wrote it for those who felt stuck because they were living with someone else’s belief system – a very personal point of view.

        I related feeling stuck to wanting more grace and ease in my life. I appreciate your viewpoint and also that you took the time to give me the feedback. =)

  222. Awesome tip, Marie, thank you so much!
    I’m going back to my offers to revisit their names – the light bulb went on 🙂

  223. Heather May

    I loved this episode because it spoke so clearly to me about the importance of setting up your ideal customer avatar.

  224. Love tuesdays with Marie always so resourceful!

    I am a health coach and would love love to get feedback on my before and after so I can name my programs and they sell them theirselves!

    Before: woman 40-50+
    Low energy, back pain, feel bloated, overweight, cravings for food, wake up at night, want to run after their grand kids but do not have the energy for that, live is changing, kids are not the priority anymore and they have more time for themselves, often woman I work with have pain in their body and want balance, not all have their menopause, some have high cholesterol, feel down and heavy

    After working with me : energy to do what they love and play with their grandkids, well being n body and actually crave to nurish themselves and have better selfcare, fit into their old cloths again, sleep better, live better, happy, vibrant, have more self confidence, less pain in body and for the
    menopausal they have more control over their symptoms, feel alive

    🙂 hope this is narrowed down, I am looking for a compelling name for my

    1. 3-6 month transformation program

    2. 5-day cleanse

    3. 40 min strategies session

    Would love your feedback, I often find others see better who i serve then me

  225. This is EXACTLY what I needed, thank you! Love how down to earth he is. I recently took a leap and started my site,, to share inspirations as well as teach about the amazing healing properties of essential oils versus modern medicine. I’m going to go sit and figure out who exactly could benefit the most from what I have to offer. Xo

  226. This video was so good for me as I have not MADE myself sit down and write out WHO my specific target is. I’ve been stuck in the “don’t leave anybody out” trap.

    Before: Inside my head. 🙁

    After: She’s 50+, no kids (empty nester or no kids), less than 50 pounds overweight. She’s unhappy with her weight/fitness level. She wants to be fit and healthy, not skinny and/or buff (she thinks the only thing that should be “shredded” is cheese), has discretionary income, a sense of humor and likes to have fun!

    She’s too busy to spend a lot of time on fitness, doesn’t want a “no pain, no gain” program, isn’t willing to eliminate anything (wine, sweets) and wants a sense of community with other women like her.

    She prefers “real food” over “fake,” knows there’s no secret formula/magic quick-fix/fad-of-the-moment transformation, and as far as results, she’s less interested in “how long it takes,” and more interested in “how long it lasts.”

    That’s it…comments/feedback welcome.

    (And if you happen to read this, thanks, Marie!)

    • Looks to me like you’ve done a really good job with this – so I’ve signed up for your newsletter!

  227. And (oops) thanks Ramit Sethi.

  228. LJ

    I have an issue with some of the things that your guest was saying. “Grandpa, who doesn’t even know how to use a computer. Wears doccers, or whatever, and socks.” Seriously? TALK ABOUT STEREOTYPES!


    • Akasha

      If you look at any demographic or psychographic study used by advertising and marketing agencies and departments, you will note that the task of defining an audience does deal with stereotypes because we all know that not everyone in the target audience group will have all of the traits at any given time. This is the only time that stereotypes actually make a positive contribution to anything. Given the number of angry comments I’ve seen on here about the Grandpa statement, I’d say there are a lot of people who have somehow accepted and applied that stereotype to themselves …. and then have chosen to get offended by his comment, which basically states that it is highly unlikely that the marketing targeted at a 16 year old will work for someone who is in their 60s and vice versa.

  229. I have just had an epiphany about my new business direction. I have been offering a kinesiology and coaching service with a focus on the mind but I am moving to a kinesiology/ coaching service for family women who want to sustainably shine lovingly in their families, with their husbands, kids and in their business offerings.

  230. Great work Marie and Ramit – thanks for asking the question.

  231. Hilarious! 1. Just had a conversation with my husband/business partner over whether our business ( was too generic and did we need to niche down a bit. 2. Guess what we do – ’empower’ people to make changes in their lives – in fact our strap line is ‘simply empowering your brilliant life’.

    Then I watched this interview – then I got my husband to watch it. It reminded us that when we started thinking about our new venture we did have an ideal person in mind that we would talk to, but it got a bit lost along the way. So now revisited it, to aim at busy women in their forties who squeezed by their circumstances (career,children, parents) feel they want more out of life and to provide tools and techniques to help them get it. – Still working on it!

  232. This was another good one and hit the spot for me. In response to the challenge, my current niche is people who are time-crunched and starved for creativity. I am going to change it after this video, though!

    New niche: Practical sewing patterns for busy moms. I wanna keep my description of easy, versatile, and reliable, but I need to figure out how to integrate it with the niche message.

    True, aunts and grandmas and even some dads use my patterns, but most of my clients are moms who are looking for reliable, foundational patterns that are versatile and easy to use.

    Between this and the “pistachio” metaphor Susan Hogshead used in her appearance on your Q&A Tuesday, I’m ready to make the leap!

    Thank you kindly,

  233. I loved this video. Helped me narrow down my niche a bit
    How does this sound:
    I show women in their 30s and 40s how to lose weight and double their energy so that they can gain confidence and fit into their skinny jeans without having to starve themselves.

    I would appreciate any feedback. And I love to be stretched 🙂
    Much love and light

  234. Rea

    Here’s an example of an entrepreneur who is trying to do everything, and is doing nothing well. She has 65 items on her menu and is too controlling to accept help in the kitchen. The result? total, utter self-destruct.
    (Kitchen Nightmares video at the bottom of the article)

  235. This is a great video! How does this sound?
    “I help women who have gone through body changes to be more accepting of themselves and their bodies through the power of photography”
    Does that catch your attention?

  236. Nicole

    I can help you find the home of your dreams.

    Is your Seattle Mid-Century Modern home search exhausting you? Let me do your leg-work. On the ground, In the know, Your new home is on the horizon.

  237. A great video thanks. An important point to really target what my product/service is trying to solve. I look forward to putting it into action. Cheers Rachel

  238. Hello!
    Timing for this video was great! I just completed some expos and realized they were not in my niche market. This weekend I marked on my calendar as my time to refocus on my business and really see where I needed I to go from here.
    I am a speaker and I need to have a marketing sheet on why you want to hire me. This is a snippet from that.

    Old- Tara helps women leave behind their fears and empowers them to live the life their were meant to lead

    New – Tara helps women managers leave behind their fears and empowers them to trust their own inner wisdom, be confident in their decisions and increase their own self

    Thank you for giving me that little extra nudge I needed this morning.

    You all do beautiful work and I am so grateful our paths are starting to cross.

  239. This was so helpful! I have a TON of work to do now.

    New headline?
    “I help millennial females organize their hopes and dreams into a balanced healthy life!”

    <3 Gina

  240. Lily

    It’s great! Thanks a lot for video!

  241. Hi, Marie! I am a new reader. I loved this episode–Ramit is my kind of guy–I have the same do or get out attitude, so he spoke to me ;). The episode really pushed me hard to fine tine and define who my target audience is. I am a health (vegan) blogger and always wrote for health seeking people, however, I have long ago noticed that most of my audience is 1. women, 2. about 30-50 years old. So, now, with this push, I am working to fine tune my marketing toward them. I even went as far as to create and send out a survey (with a reward) to women who had taken my program to define: age, income level, education level, etc., so I can become as specific as I can.

    Thanks for a thought and action provoking episode.

  242. Oh, and my before was Vegalicious–Vegan Recipes, Nutrition and Fitness. Now it is Vegalicious–Doing Healthy and Lean Right! (I have a 30-day online program, in which I teach people who to do healthy and lean right, without formulas and follow common sense).

    Your episode really helped me to rethink my strategy and bring this program to the forefront of my blogging, as opposed to having it as a part of other things I do.

  243. Ok, I have a couple of different courses up on my site and am going to work on the Beginner’s Meditation one. I just added another few bits and pieces and would love any help or recommendations from folks.

    Here is the link….

    Thanks very much in advance 🙂

  244. I’ve been doing before and afters with my own business ever since I started! I think I redesigned my business website four or five times before I scrapped it completely and went back to my blog, the “real me,” the place I started.

    When I stopped trying to appeal to ALL the people and started speaking to the ones I truly wanted to help – people who do creative things, artists, graphic designers, photographers who are awesome and passionate about their work but hate/don’t understand marketing – things started to really change.

  245. Joy

    Before: I like designing invitations

    After: I like designing invitations

    Ok i need help 🙂

    • What kind of invitations – weddings? special birthdays? expensive? cheap & DIY? You need to get specific!

      As Ramit said, even if you CAN cover all of these areas, start with ONE, get good and then broaden your approach!

  246. This came at just the right time for me! I’m starting my eBook and these strategies have really helped me get focused and narrow down my target audience. Thank you for another great episode!

  247. Great exercise.

    My before: Look and feel fabulous no matter what your age.

    My after: Turn back the clock 10 years with Beverly Hills Celebrity Dermatologists skin care system that reduces wrinkles and fine lines 80%

    • Carol – good start!

      I’m sure Ramit would say to niche it down further – do you mean a 54yo to look like a 44 yo? or a 24 yo to look like a 14yo?

      BIG difference in approach!

  248. Great video Marie. I always forget to narrow my niche instead of making it broad.

  249. Great episode as always – my big takeaway from this one is making your big offer seem reachable/achievable. Earning an extra $1k a month certainly seem reachable than earning an extra $10k!

  250. So excited you have Ramit on the show! I’m part of his earn $1k and it is a great program!

  251. Oh this was too short!

    I’m always tweaking and that’s the fun part about blogging is that it can bring out all your passions right out there! Which I’m doing and loving.

    Before : I’m a food + life blogger, vegan & gluten-free recipe developer, healing goddess, photographer, graphic designer, business woman 100%, mom the other 100%.

    After : Pure living inspirations to live healthier and happier.

    Do you guys like that?
    Please do check out my blog and let me know if you have any suggestions for me 😉

    I seem to be all over and don’t know who to target sometimes. But I think this tag line seems to sum it up pretty well.
    I think I’ll add it to my banner 😉

    Thank YOU! xo Ella

  252. Loved this episode!! Now that I’m a b-school grad (woohoo!), I’ve been really focusing on how I want to portray my ideal client avatar. I think I was still being too broad until I finally had that “a ha, this is a no brainer, how did I not think of it sooner” moment. My client is a city dweller looking to find city life balance. Ramit & Marie, you both just helped me up the ante to a woman in her twenties, wanting to manage a life in the city, while looking and feeling hot.
    So ready to move forward with this, thank you!!!

  253. Thanks for this episode Marie and Ramit! I’m also a B-School grad and really nailing down my ideal client avatar was hard. This episode just underscored how important it is to figure out and focus on who you want your client to be. I guess I did what a lot of people do when I first started my business, I tried to cast my net wide and have my products appeal to a wide range of women. Now I know to that it’s ultimately important to focus on exactly who I should tailor my business to. Now I feel I ready to “help women 35-45 look and feel beautiful”!

  254. I have given a lot of thought to the specific people I am targeting for my jewelry shop–“20-30 college-educated, white collar women/who love to create their own jobs, with a love for travel, and are looking for jewelry that represents their favorite places/times”. After that, I just thought deeply about where I’d find them–now I’m diving head long into the blogosphere! Great place. Lot of options. And friends. I can do advertizing, giveaways, etc. I’m just beginning, so we’ll see how successful this is over the next few months!

  255. Great video, we want more!
    before: A comic book to learn French
    after: A comic book for adult beginner to intermediate level who want to have fun learning French with happy and cute visuals while remembering the language easily!

  256. Awesome episode!

    Before: Helping people eat less meat since 2012

    After: Helping men and women ages 21 – 45 eat less meat and who are wanting to make small positive changes in their diet.

  257. Marie and Ramit:

    I’m guilt as charged. I though I was niching down pretty well, but low and behold I wasn’t.

    Here was my old targeting message:

    We connect ceo’s to their financial data with proactive accounting support.

    I know, it was crappy.

    Here is my new targeting:
    We help men between the ages of 30 and 35 to build an amazing lifestyle business that let’s them travel, escape their debt, and get paid $250,000 or more each year. We do this by providing free tools, consulting, and accounting services designed to bump up their salary.

    After all, we didn’t go into business to be come slaves to a company that makes a lot of money. We wen’t into business to find our best lifestyle and make a lot of money for our family.

    Thanks again!

  258. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for sharing this timely post.

    These words (below) inspired me…

    “As you know, I believe that if you have a product or service you believe in — one that truly helps others — it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to market and sell in the most effective way possible.

    Because if you don’t, you’re stealing from those who need you most.”

    Thank you so much for the wisdom.

    Thanks and best health-wealth regards.


  259. This exercise has been a real eye opener for me so far.

    I always had an idea in my head about who should be paying attention to what I say, and paying for my services, but when I went down the line of my favorite client experiences and looked at their profiles, it was the total opposite of who I thought I was marketing to (or who I thought should be paying attention).

    The line of business I’m in, demands that you take time to stop the BS (the stuff you think gets in your way), and do the work required for desired results.

    There is one group specifically, who has always been ripe for the change. As a result were my best clients.

    The other group let’s too many distractions get in the way of real progress. Even though they desperately need it.

    That was step 1. Step 2 is to narrow it down and nail it. This is the part that is super challenging, because I keep coming up against the same darn thoughts (“but you’ll allienate the peeps who need it most”)..

    Very difficult to pull off, but I see how necessary it is, as I go down this rabbit hole.

    Thank you Marie and Ramit! This is the 4th time I have watched this video. The specificity with which you share the information is incredibly valuable for me and my business.

    I’ll be back with afters

  260. Jo

    Marie I just love your authenticity and the passion you have for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us all to build a beautiful business we love. Thank you for your videos I so look forward to watching them. I hope you enjoyed Italy!

  261. nina

    try this worldwide marketplace:

    you can sell your stuff there!

  262. Love me some straight-talking Ramit!

    I’m half-way there on the challenge! Which is a huge sigh of relief.
    Created 2 new pages of my website to answer the questions I already ask of people on my home page- Now it’s on my list….

  263. Such a fabulous post!

    I started out just wanting to be an accountability partner for everyone under the sun.

    Now I am more focused: I am an accountability partner for female entrepreneurs between the ages of 23-45 who struggle with procrastination and follow-through but want to be serious about getting sh*t done. They love wine and probably enjoy oogling Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off in their spare time.

  264. I love Ramit’s nuggets of wisdom… I’m busy contemplating where to niche in my business… and finding it somewhat challenging to pick one thing!
    So far… I’m going with Storytelling (as I mix Photography, video, and HR skills to help businesses tell their story).
    But I liked the concept of specifically attracting clients via the gym case study… Clients hopes, dreams and fears… that’s what I need to think about!

  265. I just discovered Marie and her many videos – I thought this one was great and I think I am going to incorporate the idea of families spending 1 afternoon a month together doing something fun – My site is all about the many fun family friendly attractions and events here in the Twin Cities, but I have had trouble reaching my audience.

  266. Kerry Shaw

    I have no idea how old this comment thread is but I really don’t care…I’m a posting anyway 🙂
    The ‘Ha!!!’ up there is because I first started out with the business name ‘create empower’… hehehehehe… and just recently decided to get specific, re-brand, re-shimmy and market what I actually do to who I actually want to work with! I was creating a ‘client profile’, googled, and came across this little gem. It is all so spot on and perfect confirmation that the name change and the hard work I am putting in to set these foundations in place, then use them as a guide and a filter for the work I do was a fabulous idea! Thanks so much Marie and your fabulous Friend Ramit! I am in complete appreciation that you shared this 🙂

  267. Marie i think you talked to me here….
    finally i have been able to get a website of my own and am finding it hard constructing also confused on whether to sell all fashion products as i love fashion so am watching Ramit talking about being specific..more confusion.please help me out here.
    Also tell me how to get products to sell on my website.

  268. Current positioning : I sell ecourses and illuminating healing sessions to women 35-55 interested in developing their intuitive muscles who have had life shifting experiences which drove them to spirituality.

    After: I give women 50+ with grown up kids a new opportunity to shine as meditation queens and certified healers. They can start a new life and a new career. It’s finally time for them to take care of them and dive into the mystical world. they’ll be able to give back from their heart doing something they love.

    • Susan Araya

      Great work! what a difference

  269. LOVE this – I have been following Ramit for a few weeks since I learned about him on a recent podcast I was listening to, and Marie and Ramit fit together beautifully in this video – two strong-minded business owners who take a no-nonsense approach to business, and know exactly who they want to reach. This is a fantastic video – thanks!

  270. Bethany

    Brilliant. Every time I watch a video here, I can’t wait to implement the info!! Thank you so much Marie and team!

  271. Sandy

    This is such great advice. Narrowing your target client group is not easy. This time with Marie and Ramit have helped me think about it differently. Thank you.

  272. Hi Marie,
    Thanks I now understand my voice and my mission on that earth: to
    Teach knitting without pain.
    To relax with physiotherapy and global relaxation each articulation,
    For enjoying knitting .

    Thank you !

  273. I loved this!!! As an artist, it can be really hard to know who my work is for. My tagline has been “joy for your walls” and recently I’ve started offering colorful floral custom bridal bouquet paintings…I simply needed someone to target with my marketing. My work is all about color and style, so that’s a good audience to talk to. I also make coastal paintings and abstracts, so I think those are different audiences I’ll have to market to. It’s so hard! It’s not like I have ONE product; each painting is unique and its own thing. This is why artists give up and try to sell through galleries (but they take 50%, so I don’t want to take the route). Anyway, getting clear on my target customer has been my biggest issue to date!

  274. #heymarie ! question..I already own my own business (2yrs successfully) and just recently we have sat down studied who interacts with us on social media. And we saw that it´s mostly women 24-40 yrs old. However now I´m wondering if I should dig into these people and go from there. Or, nix it all together and come up with my own group of customers based on who I would like to target?? Like I dunno if I should research my already existing customer or just target people based on who I want to help? I own a vegan food spot:)

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