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Have you ever been told that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish your biggest dreams?

When hip hop dancer Amanda LaCount was ten years old, a studio director told her that her body type didn’t “fit his vision” for his dance team and she was kicked out. 

Eight years later, Amanda is a professional hip hop dancer, choreographer, actress, singer, model, and influencer. She’s performed on The Ellen Show, Dancing With the Stars, The Voice, and on stages with artists like Meghan Trainor, Ryan Blyth, Katy Perry, and Lizzo. 

Even though Amanda has experienced countless ignorant comments about her body, she doesn’t let criticism keep her down. Instead, she continues to prove the haters wrong by booking gigs and checking off huge career goals — one after the other.  

You don’t have to fit in to be successful. If you love it, do it. @amandalacount6 Click To Tweet

Her body positivity movement, #BreakingTheStereoptype, celebrates body diversity and acceptance. At just 18 years old, Amanda LaCount is bringing representation and inclusivity to an industry that desperately needs it. Her fierce determination is not only inspiring but paving the way for others to do the same.

“You don’t have to fit in to be successful,” she says. “If you love it, do it.”

When I discovered Amanda on Instagram, I had to meet her. As you’ll see on today’s MarieTV, she did not disappoint.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

If you’ve ever held yourself back with thoughts like, “OMG, what will people think?” Or, “Nobody who looks like me is doing that!” this episode is a must-watch. It will help you overcome your fear of criticism and give you confidence to do the things you love. 

***Be sure to stick around to the end! I couldn’t let Amanda leave without giving us a hip hop dance tutorial. You’re gonna want to turn up the VOLUME for this!

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Once you’ve watched, Amanda and I would love to hear from you. Has anyone ever dismissed or underestimated you? How have you proved them wrong?

If you’ve ever neglected to fulfill a dream because you don’t fit the type, what’s one small step you can take today to make that dream a reality?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know. 

No matter what you do, you’re going to get criticism. Don’t let it get in the way of going after your dreams. 

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Paola Langella

    so inspirational ! thank you Amanda and Marie for this!
    it is very scary to follow our dreams, but so true what Amanda says, if it better to give a shot than regret not doing!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! Absolutely, Paola. No regrets 🙂 We’re so glad you found this conversation with Amanda inspiring!

  2. Skye

    What a star! At her age I was sitting around in self-doubt, procrastinating and second guessing. Amanda is an inspiration to everyone and anyone who ever thought ‘I want to, but…’
    Thanks for bringing her into my day, put a big smile on my face ?

  3. nadja

    Thank you lovely Amanda and Marie. I just needed your talk today. I am going through a big change at the moment and I am experiencing a lot of negativity from people and friends I have had for years. It makes the road I am taking a lot scarier, and still I feel very deep inside myself that I am on the right track. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Nadja, we hear you! It can be really tough when we’re growing and changing, and those around us aren’t responding in the supportive ways we might hope for. Keep going, and keep trusting that voice within you – it won’t lead you astray! We’re happy this was just what you needed today. Bug hugs!

    • Colls

      So cool that you were encouraged.

  4. Wowww! Love this episode! Full of joy, down to earth and inspiring…
    Just experienced an attack on the work I do and this was just the right thing to hear!
    I’ll keep on going and learning and show everyone that I can do it! JAY!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAS – keep going Ishtar! We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve experience that. Thrilled this arrived at just the right time to encourage you to prove them wrong! Sending tons of love and support your way. XO

  5. Hi Marie,
    OhMG! I was simply awed, tongue tied, jaw-dropped, whatever you call it. This has been a breakthrough for me. I will watch this over and over again, especially the dance show time part of both of you and Amanda.
    Yes, I would definitely remember what she said, “If you love it, just do it.” And yes, I really love writing and creating art. Let this be an awesome inspiration for me. Thank you so much Marie, for having Amanda as your special guest in your podcast. Looking forward for more motivational emails, and shows from you.
    Josh | Soulful Encourager
    You are also an aspiring, remarkable dancer. Perhaps, I will expect more twosome dance show from both of you and Amanda. There is something that commonly fires you both in your moves.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this, Josh! Yes, please do return to it anytime at all you need some encouragement to keep creating and doing what you love. We’re cheering you on as you do!

  6. Charlotte Lascelles

    This is so wonderful!

    I love this idea that you don’t have to fit in to be successful. I’m wondering if having the courage to be different is in fact what defines greatness? It certainly separates the special from the ordinary.

    Thank you Amanda and Marie – so inspired. X

  7. “Performance is always more important than technique.” Amanda, you are amazing. Seeing you express your energy also in words, apart from your dance – it comes through totally. I added you to my personal book of quotes. Thank you, thank you! Take good care of yourself!

  8. Thanks for this episode.
    Well maybe not “because you don’t fit the type” but well… I don’t feel good enough to write or maybe I’m really not good enough.

    Inspiring episode. I needed it. It’s good not only for people who want to dance or in places where is important your body structure.
    Thank you.

    M “Airi”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Marta, you are more than enough to write and share your voice – we promise! No matter what it is we do or what arena we’re in – there will always be voices within or without telling us we’re not SOMETHING enough, as Amanda speaks to so beautifully. Always remember, the world needs what you uniquely have to share. Go for it, we believe in you!

      • Thank you. It means a lot when someone believe in you … especially like Amandas mum in Amanda 😉

        Thank you Julia and Team Forleo

        • Colls

          YES! Her mom Rocks!

    • nicole hebel gamzon

      She is incredibly unbelievable!!!!! I will keep practice my moves and show it to her later ?.

      Thank you girls this one was one of those that keep you ?!!!

  9. This was insanely fab, thank you Amanda and Marie! I was just busy working on my website and thought I’d just watch 10 mins because I love a dose of Marie-inspiration, but then I watched the whole episode! Love the positive impact you’re making in the world Amanda. Getting back to my website with a little more enthusiasm now 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY Joanne! Wishing you all the best with your website creation 🙂 Glad to hear this gave you a little boost!

  10. John Garland

    What blessed me most about the interview, wasn’t the positive thinking over coming all the negative talk, like you hear from so many others. Nor was it how the determination and pure passion made it possible to achieve greatness, it was the simple tool to combat the cruelty found by so many ignorant people in the world. She uses humor to get them to stop and think about the hateful approach they used against her. She never attacks them back, but rather stuns them forward. That allows me to give her a ten thumbs up in my book.

    • Susan Pitman

      That was incredible! A great model for all of us!

  11. Performance is more important than technique – boom! Pinning that! Thank you Amanda and Marie, you both have awesome moves!!!

  12. Cassie

    This was WONDERFUL! Love you Marie and Amanda – I’m writing it down and going for it – no regrets. When you realize that you are stopping your dreams based on antiquated stereotypes, its the wake-up call to get that booty to shake. Thanks, ladies. *muwah

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yes! So well said, Cassie. Shake that booty and share your gifts! XOXO

  13. Hahahaha! Literally just did this routine with a kale and black bean taco in my hand. Hey, when the mood STRIKES!

    Biggest take away – aside from heartburn – never let yourself get to the BUT!

    Thank you both. This one’s a keeper. Mxxx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE that you jumped in Maharati – with your taco, no less! Thank you so much for tuning in today, glad it was inspiring for you 🙂

  14. Shannon

    AHHHH!!! How much did I need this this morning?!?!? Amanda is just gorgeous and so inspiring. I’ve always been a dancer and have given up because of my battle with perfectionism. I’ve got to get back in the studio. STAT. Also, love the reaffirmation that we all need to write down our dreams, such a powerful tactic.

    Watching you two dance together was too much fun. Gotta share this with my best friend and favorite dance partner. She’s going to love it!

    Thank. You.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awww, Shannon – we’re SO happy this has inspired you to get back in the studio!! Here’s to focusing on the pure joy and fulfillment something brings us 🙂 Thanks so much for watching and sharing this one!

  15. Susan Pitman

    I’m still chewing on your incredible ability to process the pain of the cruelty of your coach, yet hanging on to your dreams and desires at the precious young age of 10!!
    And dang girl – you’ve got the moves! I’d love to take dance with you!
    Thanks for giving me confidence today!!

  16. Rose

    So inspirational!!!!!!
    As a recovering-perfectionist I loved the part about performing and doing things for the love and joy of it, rather then focusing on how technically perfect something is. This is not to discredit hard work and technicality, but as Marie has talked about countless times, being grounded in the present moment and therefore in love and gratitude of life is super important for a happy life! Thanks so much for this incredible episode!!!!?

  17. OMG!!! This is so freakin’ inspiring. Her positivity and happiness are so contagious. The world needs more people like this! Thank you Amanda and thank you Marie for sharing. You guys made my day!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Isn’t Amanda amazing, Caroline?! We couldn’t agree with you more and are thrilled to hear this made your day! Thank you for being here, we’re wishing you a beautiful rest of your week.

    • Colls

      You summed up my long comment on two sentences! TOTALLY agree. This made my day too.

  18. Laura Ramos

    BIGGEST INSIGHT: NEVER STOP IN FOLLOWING YOUR WILDEST DREAM BECAUSE IS POSSIBLE! Thank you for bringing this beautiful soul to the show.

  19. Thank you for the inspiration Amanda !
    It’s so easy to let fear speak instead of doing exactly what we love. I’ll start following you for my daily boost of inspiration.

  20. Marcia

    HEALTH IS HAPPINESS!! Amanda Lacount you are an INSPIRATION!

  21. Stephanie

    Amanda, you’d been so blessed to have a strong and supportive mother by your side! It feels like you can take on the world, because you have a strong foundation of love to rely on. And it’s coming out in leaps and bounds. For an 18 year old, you’re mature and graceful, not lashing out at others who give you grief. It’s amazing, and humbling for me to watch. I don’t really have the support from family, but I think I’ll strive on knowing that “everything is figureoutable”! Can’t wait for my book, Marie! 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Stephanie! We’re really glad to hear you enjoyed Amanda’s story and found it inspiring. Please know that we’re right here supporting you as you go for your dreams, and remember to keep surrounding yourself with people who also provide that feeling of strength and support – friends, chosen family, and community can be great in this way. This is totally figureoutable, and we’re beyond excited for you to have your copy of the book in your hands! Sending so much love your way. XO

  22. Great video as usual Marie and to answer your question, yes I have been underestimated more times that I can count and I welcome it now. One particular experience was when I went to Christ The King Secretarial school in Haiti and from the time I started, it was decided who would be the valedictorian, a light skin girl from a specific school. The school she was from had that reputation, they were always valedictorian. I decided to prove them wrong. Upon graduation, I was the valedictorian in 10 subjects out of 13. Yet they still chose her as the final valedictorian. I was crushed but I moved on. 4 years later while living in the US the school sent me a letter of apology and gave me the honors without the benefits that came with it. Turns out the other girl’s grades were inflated so that she would be the final valedictorian. What I learned from this experience is that you don’t control people but you control you and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you love something and you’re good at something, regardless of how some people treat you because of their own bias, go out there and make your own magic.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Webly! We adore you, and so appreciate you sharing your experience here. We know that it will inspire many others to keep going in the face of such unfair challenges. Keep spreading your magic woman, you inspire us!

  23. Oh this dear wonderful woman captures your heart in an instant. I wish this beautiful sister goddess much continued outstanding success. Thank you Amanda for leading the inspiration parade!

  24. So inspiring. Thank you Amanda !!

  25. Sandy

    So young and such a GREAT inspiration for the young and old. Her mother did a wonderful job! You go girl!!!! Loved the video!

  26. I envy you both! I have two left feet and I live in an area that doesn’t do dance classes for my age group. I am 39 years old. I am so blessed to see that you didn’t let other people stop you from becoming such an awesome dancer, person, influencer and just an inspiration to people. What advice do you have for someone who loves to dance but has two left feet?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Heidi! We hear you 🙂 We’d encourage you to check out some online dancing classes (perhaps on YouTube) or communities! This could be a great way to start taking classes and enjoying movement at home, without needing to go too far or worrying about your moves. Definitely keep dancing if you love it, no matter what!

  27. This episode rocks!!!! How crazy that the world promotes you have to be skinny and blonde to be beautiful or a sucess, what a lie! There are so many lovely and amazing people of every color, size, shape, and personality making it happen. Marie I love that you are showing us these out of the box rockstars like Amanda to encourage us to reach for our dreams. My dream is to have a boutique bookeeping business, as a busy mom of 8 sometimes my dream feels out of reach, but today I feel inspired, thanks Marie and Amanda : )

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Melissa! You are AMAZING! You said this beautifully, and we have no doubt that you can absolutely bring your business dreams to life as a busy mom. Your idea sounds so wonderful! You might also find this episode helpful: Know that we’re cheering you on big time over here!

  28. Loved loved loved this!!! Was soooo encouraging and inspiring. Loved Amanda’s bravery and determination plus here heart not to let the negativity determine her destiny. I have in the pass and for the last 7 years been fighting one lie and just recently am going after the other one. I’m an artist and struggled a long time with admitting that. I would call myself creative. I also like to write but was told I was pretty until I opened my mouth needless to say I struggled but now I’m doing it because well at 62 so what. Here is my first blog and thank you Maria and Amanda for your encouragement and love of others through loving who you are… beautiful role models for all ages and sizes hugs

  29. Well done Amanda Lacount, you rock girl! Teenagers, young adults, adults and elderly should see this episode. “Having fun while performing” is so much more important than being perfect. This is what I’m taking out of this episode. I love Hip-Hop!

  30. Jane DeLong

    Busy morning but just had to watch. Amanda you are amazing! And inspiring! I love to move but have almost no muscle memory and always feel like the lame duck in dance classes. So thank you both for the inspiration!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep dancing and moving in your own way, Jane! It really is all about doing what you love in the end. We’re so glad you watched and found this episode with Amanda inspiring 🙂

  31. I just wanna say: “OMG!” Amanda is a pure joy to watch and listen to. What a remarkable story of overcoming criticism and haters. She always had that confidence and dream to make things happen. I totally agree with it being about performance and not technical perfection. Today’s generation of young people are busting myths and breaking stereotypes! Thank you
    ladies. Loved the dancing too, I am learning how~~ from an 18 year old! Keep going Amanda!!!

  32. What a lovely young woman, bright and talented, a real inspiration.

    • Colls

      She is! It’s like I’m becoming immune to instagram quotes, and now I can just watch Amanda dance instead!

  33. Denice

    So PRECIOUS and so INSPIRING! Thank you, Amanda and Marie.
    If you want to do something, just do it. Don’t get to your but…

  34. Wow. I can see that this young girl is changing the world.
    I was fascinated by this episode and listening the message from her is much more powerful than any other politician.
    When I heard that she’s using humor to people who give her negative words, instead of attacking them with hateful words, I couldn’t believe that she’s such a young lady.
    She’s so much mature than her age and I can see her real pure beauty inside her.
    Yes. This world is full of the stereotype and thank her for showing us how wrong it is by being a role model for all of us.

    I love Mario and Amanda for the great insight.
    From Korea.

  35. Heather

    This whole episode lit me up in so many ways! What resonated with me most was Amanda’s tenacious JOY – that she really doesn’t let anyone STOP her. And somehow she pairs that with an incredible humility and generous spirit that is so REFRESHING!

    I would love to see Amanda create an online platform to TEACH hip hop to the masses! Hip Hop was a huge part of my junior high/high school experience, and I would love to reclaim it with someone so FUN – who is also an incredible teacher!

    Thanks for always finding the BEST inspiration Marie! 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amanda sure is incredible isn’t she, Heather! We’re so happy you loved this episode and what a fantastic idea that is 🙂 Definitely keep an eye on her work – who knows what the future may have in store! Thank you so much for watching and being a wonderful part of our community.

  36. Deanna

    This is my favourite MarieTV episode to date. I loved that it was an authentic person sharing her journey and perspective with us. Much more powerful than an expert who has written a book (although I love those too!). This is one to rewatch again and again.

  37. Dalila Garcia

    Chillllllsss… cause such a special, sensational and essential message was received. Never give up on YOU. I feel ya, Amanda! Have fun. Stay humble. I began filling a new role last week in an industry I’ve always been passionate about—Cannabis. But, only recently have some people in Texas begun to consider CBD’s properties as safe for adult brains, healing and good.
    There’s been ages of negative stigma around this ancient budding plant. Yet, secretly moms and dads, beloved pets and friends of friends have slipped in to be greeted by me and my colleagues at this little neighborhood boutique that we love! They’ve come here out of curiosity. Some wouldn’t want to be seen creeping inside. They grab our goodies, pay their price and scurry away. Others are so avid and delighted to learn and hear stories about this maverick plant and its seemingly random array of benefits, positive effects and inspired oils, lotions, balms, honey, candies, pastries and the menu seems endless…
    It’s tough to share this passion fearlessly and openly though because so many people frown upon it, fear it and associate it with their own judgmental ideas of people who enjoy Cannabis. There’s been lots of help from doctors and scientists, like Dr. Oz and Sanjay Gupta. Yet and still, if your mom thinks your crazy to be involved with this, it’s kind of hard to feel comfortable helping your dad heal from the pain of RA and your grandma keep her mind sharper. But, the key is what you said— be humble, don’t give up and have fun performing. Don’t worry what others are thinking about you. Just be you.

    So when I work with my new manager for the first time today, I’ll remember how important it is to let my joy and passion be contagious as I serve our clientele with a humble heart. I love y’all and thank y’all!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Dalila, your passion for this work shines through beautifully! Keep staying connected to that and your desire to help people. You said it so well – be you, share your joy, and don’t worry about what others may be thinking about you. We’re sending lots of support your way!

  38. Noelle

    I loved this conversation…came just when I needed it! On another note…I love your sweater! Mixed patterns rock! What brand/where to buy please!?

  39. Rochelle M Nardelli

    Sure you want details? ?
    My dream of being a dancer was killed off by the time I was younger than 10. Before I riff on that….my biggest take away from this video is… If you love it just do it and STOP trying to confirm to something you aren’t or can’t be …to do that thing.
    I always loved to dance. Music runs on the family…there were always albums and instruments around (mom played piano and dad was a drummer/singer in a quartet). My extended family joked that o wasn’t really from our family because no one could move like me or got excited about music like me … In that way. Duh…mom and dad both were music.
    My mom brought me to ballet classes which were the mainstream back in the early 70’s. But I NEVER fit in. I didn’t like the style and….I was the “thickest” girl there. All the other girls were tall, pretty and seemingly confident. I was awkward, not thin and unique looking. And, they were not interested in being my friend.

    It took me longer to pick up on the choreography which made me feel worse. But, at home… Throw on some Elvis Presley or Disco and I was full-steam ahead ..making my OWN moves… and in complete sync and rhythm with the counts and beats. Of course I was… My mom and dad lived by the count. ?
    After seeing how sad I was after every ballet class, and not really having the money to keep up with it anyway…my mom yanked me out of the program. I’d not be able to do any other ones because we didn’t have the money…but I also think my family didn’t value me or helping me pursue any interests… They focused on the boys interests… And I came to find out a few decades later that that was true…not something I imagined. What made it all horrible was how I internalized all of that and reminded myself that fat girls shouldn’t be dancing for show anyway. Our culture, everything I saw around me amplified that belief. You know what I’m talking about!!!!!
    The quest to be thin and pretty ruled over me so deeply and so long…it followed me into my 30’s…and right through my years as a competitive bodybuilder. Can you see where I’m going? ?. I overtrained to the max…I didn’t take steroids or enhancements like others did and I got close to competing nationally. But, as fate would have it, I couldn’t lean out enough to compete against the “big girls”… I developed an eating disorder and my dream of being a PRO athlete and sports model came crashing down. ?
    Fast forward to today… I have spine/back issues that have kept me from traveling, sitting much or doing more physical type things I adore.
    When I listened to this, it reminded me of what happens when we loathe ourselves… We hurt ourselves… LITERALLY. my hatred and overdrive to carve a perfect physical persona has tampered my years now. ?
    HOWEVER… I decided that I could still express and inspire others. I love being a catalyst for others joy or dreams… Sparking them to action or making them feel soothed, loved. A combo of Marie’s B-school, meeting my yoga fitness mentor Sadie Nardini and my tenacious spirit have led to me…. Working on launching a blog this Fall… A healing hub and inspiration station… For folks with chronic injury, anxiety and just plainly… Women who want to gently move, express and unleash their “inner can-do”. ?
    I almost have up on hooping and dance because of recent struggles with injury and flare-ups. And, I refuse to give up. I’ve been sharing mini fitness flows on FB, I’ll be back to hooping shortly and practicing in public, the blog will be born soon and I now get the Power of accepting and loving ourselves more than ever.
    Amanda …thank you for never dimming yourself and for sharing with us. I’ll be sure to follow you on SM. Your story hit home and churned up a lot of emotion for me. XOXOXO
    Rochelle (NJ)

    • Rochelle M Nardelli

      I forgot to add… I was bullied so badly for years for being “heavy”, and not pretty or like the other gals. I got my butt kicked a lot.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Rochelle, we’re really glad to hear Amanda’s story hit home with you. Wow – your tenacity and grace in the face of challenges is incredibly inspiring! Thank you for sharing about your journey here. We love knowing that you’re supporting other women who deal with chronic injury and anxiety to unconditionally love and accept themselves. Beautiful! We’re wishing you the very best in this exciting new chapter of heart-centred service 🙂 Keep up the amazing work.

  40. Love watching you dancing. I really loved how your Mom was and is always on your side. Very inspirational. Now, I’m going to work on my dance moves.

  41. “Respond through the hard work and successes I’m proud of…” This will be a good advice nugget I’ll take to heart if (when) I choose to respond. So thankful for this video. Hurtful comments, ugly storytelling, verbal stone throwing is so tough to deal with in my heart too. Wrapping a warm hug around this beautiful lady for her courage and wisdom. Keep going Amanda! And thanks Marie ❤

  42. oh my god, I wish that I had seen more bodies of all types, shapes, sizes, colors, etc growing up! I’m 34 years old and finally, I am so happy that we are seeing more and more of all bodies for both women and men. Don’t like how people comment nasty comments, but we’re definitely moving forward! She is so cute and an inspiration for girls!

  43. Biggest insight?
    At 18, Amanda shows us that, when you try, you can.
    There should be no more excuses from anybody watching this.
    Love you, both!!

  44. Colleen Lamoureux

    I love the way she speaks. She is so REAL and confident.

  45. Laska N

    OMG. I smiled the whole time during this episode. Amanda, you are awesome!

  46. Susan

    A cup of inspiration with my cup of coffee. Thanks ladies.

  47. Rob

    FUN SHOW!!. I loved when Amanda said she embarrasses herself every day. Perform and don’t concentrate on being perfect.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Rob! Being able to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously is key 😉 Thanks so much for watching today!

  48. Colls

    I need sunglasses from the sun shining out of this video! WTF!


    (Hello Amazing MF community! If this comment is too long, then I am open to feedback)

    Favorite Quote From Video: “As long as you are having FUN, you are doing the dance right.” CLUTCH!!!!!!!

    One Thing I Can Do Today: Have more FUN.

    More specifically, ALLOW myself to play my guitar and sing without caring if my landlord can hear me. Can you believe someone would never sing because of that? Not even while cleaning etc. Like, hold in my soul-air why don’t I…geez.

    Amanda said, “I don’t understand why people don’t just do it.”

    Yes, as she elaborates, it isn’t easy. But it is simple. And profound. And so true!

    Amanda radiates a tangible, inspiring, and infectious joy. Combined with her sick skills, attitude, and articulate speaking, I actually happy-cried while I watched this. (sundrop tears?)

    Marie and Amanda, I have been watching your show (Marie) for 7 years. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that Amanda is my most favorite (favoritist-bestest?) guest of all of your guests, which is saying a LOT because all of your guests are cream of the crop, amazing and edifying.

    And Marie, I’m not discounting your other guests at ALL, but I have NEVER seen YOU radiate with so much joy in response to a guest.

    Amanda reminded me that even though I am in a place in my life where I feel like I need to be hard-c0re 24-7, focus on serious stuff and get my shit together, that maybe I should let myself have a little fun too.

    And who knows, maybe having fun is the key to unlocking doors.

    P.S Mad Shout Out to Amanda’s Mom (no explanation needed)

    Have a FUN day EVERYONE!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sundrop tears! We LOVE everything about this, Colls, and adore you! So happy that Amanda and today’s episode struck a chord with you. We’re grateful that you’ve been in our world for such a long time now and really appreciate you staying tuned. And YES – here’s to having more FUN! xoxo

      • Colls

        Thank you! Am I allowed to respond to a moderator?

        I chuckled because you used the words “chord” and “tuned” whether on purpose or subconsciously (my guitar /singing). HA!

        Either way, it made me smile. 🙂 Peace 🙂

  49. Cindy

    Amanda is a lovely young woman who is not only talented and inspiring but so grounded and so smart! She’s the whole package and I had to follow her on Instagram! I love her dancing and you can see the joy it brings her as she’s doing it! Sharing that joy is a gift for all who watch her! Love seeing such positive profiles and love Marie for finding them and sharing with all of us!

  50. Love this and it has made my day.
    Amanda is so inspiring. Keep shining your light girl.

  51. Such a beautiful interview (and dance, w00t!)
    So many thoughts, but the decision to just… do it. Harnessing that ferocity and drive is so powerful <3

  52. Jacqui

    OMG can I just say that I’m going to add this demo to my weekly workouts?!! How much fun are you two ladies having? You can feel the joy! Truly inspirational. Amanda, you go girl! Much love. xoxo

  53. Loved this episode today. Amanda, Marie — Thank you! And I am SO impressed with your dancing, Amanda. Thank you for sharing your skills, wisdom, and insight (and your words are giving me a needed kick in the pants to get moving in various areas of life)!

  54. LOIS Somohano

    What an inspiring example. I have been planning to leave my current job and start a blog for Baby Boomer Women about travel, art and nature. My goal is to supplement my income with it as well as inspire other women to live life to the fullest. I have had positive feedback for the most part. But the other day my current boss started telling me about how hard it was to write a blog and that so many people fail in that endeavor. It was rather discouraging, but today listening to Amanda I realize that even though some people are negative about what you are doing, you have still have to follow your heart and believe in yourself.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hi Lois, what a beautiful business idea! It can be so hard not to get derailed by other people’s negativity around our dreams, we hear you. We’ve found that people’s criticisms are often simply a reflection of their own fears and insecurities. Marie shares a similar experience of her own, and how she turned it into rocket fuel, here:

      Keep going, Lois! There’s a community of women out there that need what only you have to offer, and that’s more important than allll the naysayers will ever be. ??

  55. Kay Perret

    I have 50 (count ’em, FIFTY) years on her and I wish I’d had her confidence at that age. But we’re where we’re meant to be, right? She is SO inspiring! I love all your episodes, Marie, but this one blasted it out of the park for me.

  56. …and only 18! What a light she is. This episode was not only totally inspirational…it was damn fun to get up and get my dance on at the end. Thanks Amanda and Marie!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Right?! My jaw dropped when she shared her age. I can’t wait to see what she creates in the future. So glad you joined in on the dancing, Amber! Thanks for being here.

  57. this is just what I needed today!
    I allowed a comment made by my mother-in-law to affect for me for many years…and it’s not her fault, it just revealed my own insecurities that I believed her when she said I would never make it in this town. I turn 60 next year, and I may not make it in her eyes, but I have not stopped doing what I love. I love the dance moves you shared and I will be practicing those as they are so fun. I love hip hop but find it goes so fast and it’s challenging to do without alot of repetition. I will get better with practice. I would definitely subscribe to learning more from you. The basic moves are good for my brain, coordination and joy factor. Thanks for being you.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad this came at the right time for you, Patricia. Hopefully by reading through these comments, you’ll see that you’re far from alone in dealing with criticism from a loved one. The way you’ve reframed it and taken ownership of how it has impacted you is beautiful and shows just how strong you are. We’re all rooting for you here!

      Marie also shares an experience with someone who didn’t believe in her here:

  58. I love love love this episode!!!

  59. OMG! Love her! Such body positivity is absolutely amazing! I just followed her on IG and will def give her shoutouts too!

  60. What an inspirational episode! I love Amanda’s positive attitude and mindset. My takeaway: don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams. And Marie- so great to see you dance. Like you, I have a long background in dance and choreography and it is wonderful to see a reminder of that world. Second takeaway: I need to get my booty back into dance class or start teaching class again. Sending heaps of love, aloha, and good mana to you!

  61. Chills!!! Bringing. Sexy. Back. Love your message and your journey! Thank you, Amanda, for the inspiration and for being such an awesome human. The world needs you! ❤ (And thank you Marie for a platform like this.) I feel all fired up to go do something amazing and scary.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We LOVE hearing that, Karri-Ann!! Thank you for being here, and for reminding us all to do scary things ?

  62. Leonie

    Oh my I am amazed, in awe. Amanda u are so insanely wise. And synchronicity is all over for me. “If you love it, do it” I’ll take it. Thank you

  63. Such a sweet and powerful video! Thank you for the reminder to just do what you love, and to be authentic even if this is not always easy. Life is too short to fit in! Marie and Amanda, you ruled the dancefloor ?

  64. Angelica

    Go Amanda. Courageous young lady.

  65. So many take-aways from today’s sharing! Thank you Amanda and Marie! I love your bright spirit Amanda! The one I’m taking personally is how to respond to negative comments. I love the approach of responding with humorous facts. 🙂

    Amanda, wishing you continued success sister! Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  66. GRACIAS!!!

    I sent this link to my friends so we can do the dance together just for fun when we meet! For years, I was so insecure with my body that I was ashamed to dance. I had to literally force myself to go to Yoga Dance @ Kripalu, during my Yoga Teacher Training two years ago, now my body hears music and it’s automatically dancing, it doesn’t ask for permission anymore! Dancing is my meditation! =) Thank you for taking dancing to every size and spice out there! The world needs more humans like you two! =)

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Oh you’re going to have so much fun doing this with your friends, Monica! What a great idea. And I love hearing that your body no longer asks permission to dance, you’re an inspiration. ??

  67. WOW! Thank you Amanda and Marie, for making the world a better place. So inspiring I just simply had to share.

  68. Diana Wenutu

    I applaud you and your Mom for standing with you against all odds. Having her support is a huge plus. I hope all parents who see this (either because their child said ‘hey Mom/Dad, see? Her mom believed in her’ or they are Marie Forleo fans themselves) learn the lesson you are also teaching: parents make a huge difference in their child’s life. Parents need to be a voice of support and encouragement for their child’s dream. Parents need to believe in the ‘impossible’. Otherwise they fall on the side of fear – and try to ‘protect’ their child from the ‘realities’ of life. Which gets translated as: have a ‘realistic dream’ so you don’t get hurt. That’s not dreaming, that’s the death of a Dream.
    What you have done is so brave and heroic. Thank you

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Perfectly said, Diana. Thank you for making such an important point ❤

  69. Lori


    I just LOVE Amanda! I love her fierceness, her positivity, her smile, her sass, her kindness, her dance moves…EVERYTHING!
    And I love you, Marie, for bringing her to us. Although I love all things dance AND music, I’ve not had the pleasure of “meeting” Amanda before.
    My insight?
    1. Write down your dreams
    2. Stop approaching your dreams with the reason why you can’t do it
    3. Start telling yourself why you CAN do it, then DO IT!
    4. Everything is FIGUREOUTABLE, right? {wink,wink}

  70. So cool, girls! Thanks, Amanada! My takeaway today is – performance is what matters. Have fun and keep moving.
    The best.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Simple and powerful, isn’t it? Thank you for tuning in, Lena!

  71. OMGosh…Amanda is TEN SHADES OF AWESOME!!!! Her beautiful spirit shines through and she seems like a genuine joy to be around! I love how passionate she is about her dancing and how fearless she is in chasing her dreams and sharing her gifts with the world. That was the biggest takeaway for me – if you love it, just do it! I’m twice her age but there is SO MUCH I (and the world) could learn from her!!! Thank you, Marie, for *discovering* her and sharing her with us. Both of you ladies ROCK!!! 🙂

  72. Kate Culver

    Drop the excuses, Kate!

  73. Watched the whole dance instruction sequence with a big ass smile plastered on my face the entire time 🙂 Loved every minute, their joy was just bursting through!

  74. So inspiring and so cute Marie…you kept up…you are amazing. AND yes I have been told I am too old (78 years old) and to give up my dreams of getting my award winning children’s books out to the masses. I did have someone tell me I didn’t deserve to be an artist since I didn’t go to college for it…..s\so I quit. Not a good role model for my children.My daughter ask me if I was going to quit writing because someone was so mean…I told her no…..I learned my lesson and I know my purpose and can not quit. Thanks Marie for being an inspiration and interviewing inspiring guests. Stories about the positive impact a tooth fairy can have on kids without being stories about tooth fairies.

  75. Absolutely a mega useful video, so full of inspiration. Beautiful message, which is so so so important these days. Thank you very much for being a fantastiv role model!! Both Amanda, and Marie. Great confidence boost to bring into my freelance career. <3
    xxx Beate, Norway

  76. Amanda and Marie, Wow! You both are sooo awesome. This was so inspiring. It makes me feel like dancing! It inspired me to go for it and just move toward my dreams. Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm!

  77. The most important thing I took away from this video is, use your biggest passion. What’s crazy is I forgot what it was, because I hadn’t done it for so long. I think I pushed it to the back of my mind as something I’d never get to do on the scale that I wished to do it – due to getting older. With getting older all kind of life experiences brush up against you and either makes you bad or better, if you so choose.

    So I looked into other things I thought were “suitable” for a person that’s aging and settling down. But that was the wrong choice. One should never just “settle” in this life….why waste such a blessed life?

    This video also showed me that in doing my passion, I can create a platform that’ll allow me to entertain all my other layers which include charity work, creating a space for urban youth to thrive and express themselves artistically, and speaking to issues that have affected me and so many others such as domestic abuse.

    I just wanna love. That’s it. It’s so much pain in this world. I just wanna love. I’m gonna love through my biggest passion. Singing. Recently, I’ve walked away from people and situations no longer serving me and it’s been hard. It still is. But in doing that, it made all the things I THOUGHT I lost come flying out at me. The things I thought I lost were always there they were just hidden behind a foggy haze of deception.

    I’m grateful that I had the strength to change trajectory, because it helped me to see ME again. I’m liking this new version of me. It’s my time.

    Thank you Marie and Amanda! Y’all are really out here saving lives. Peace and Blessings.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      This is just beautiful, Shanda. It IS your time! This reminds me of the Howard Thurman quote, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” We’re so glad you’re peeling back the layers and seeing all the possibilities, and we can’t wait to see what you create ❤❤

      • I’m just seeing this, Sarah!! Made me tear up lol! Thank you! I’m doing great! I’m so happy and so grateful. I’m spreadin’ my wings and flyin’! I pray you’re doing the same. With so much gratitude, peace and blessings!

  78. Donna

    I LOOOOVED THAT INTERVIEW!!!! I’m 55 and just starting to develop the confidence and insight that she has at 18!! Inspiring! I love her!

  79. Christine

    I’ve always struggled with my body image and I’ve recently qualified as a holistic massage therapist, and sometimes feel like my body size might turn people away as I don’t ‘look holistic enough. Don’t ask me what that means! Lol! DespDespite my insecurities around my body, I am still going ahead and starting a massage business! Amanda, at 48 years old, you stole my heart! You made me cry, with a MIX of emotion! Thanks for sticking with your dream and setting a good example for this 48 year old (who’s just exploring what my dream actually looks like!)! Love to both you and Marie!!
    Take care and THANK YOU!
    Christine Harper

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so proud of you for starting your massage business, Christine! You’re beautiful inside and out, and that’s holistic enough for us. <3

  80. Nayerie Youssefian

    Amanda, you are so cool!!!!!! Sending you love & wishing you much success!!!! You go, girl!!!!!

  81. Jess

    Amanda is such a sweetie and so inspirational!

    Marie! You are a superb dancer! Can’t wait to see more.

  82. I love all the guests Marie has on the show but OMG, Amanda is the bee’s knees!! I can’t believe it but I’m actually crying as I write this because I’m just so happy that as a mum to 3 teenagers (3 daughters) there are young women like Amanda out there lighting the way forward with such strength, grace and courage. I’ll be sharing your Insta with them as soon as they get home from school today. This may sound weird but it’s a mum thing – I’m so proud of you Amanda. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The world needs more Amanda’s!! And thank you Marie for always finding the best, most inspiring people to share with us.

    • Carole

      Oh, I did the whole teary mum of teenage daughter thing too. I think it was almost tears of relief. Amanda is an amazing role model and she joins some strong young women out there at the moment. It’s a blessing to have some help in helping our daughters navigate life.

      • Couldn’t agree more Carole. I knew I wouldn’t be the only teary mum watching…lol. Thanks for giving me safety in numbers!

  83. I’m a retired dancer in a new business for which I have to launch a YouTube channel. I’m battling with this voice that says “You’re too old to rock YouTube. Too grey. Too many wrinkles”. But I know what Amanda must have gone through to make it in pro dance as a plus size. Like maybe only another dancer can know. The dance biz is tough enough even if you’re skinny! So I just got a huge shot of “if she can do it, I can do it.” Thanks Marie & Amanda for an inspiring episode so close to my heart.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Anastasia! There are dancers, both established and aspiring, who are waiting to be inspired by you! <3

      • Wow! What a gorgeous, inspirational and needed episode. Let’s break all stereotypes and be real ??
        Thanks Amanda and Marie and keep inspiring us all!!

  84. Oh my goodness! Amanda is pure joy, warmth and generosity. Thanks Marie and team for bringing us that important slice of fun. I can’t stop smiling 🙂

  85. Holy Freekin WOW! Marie, I’ve watched you from the sidelines for years, have taken B-school and think are you are great… and yet, to me, this is the most exceptional show I’ve seen. It has inspired me to keep going on a path that I find difficult to be in. I wish Amanda was someone in my world when I was that young! Too many of us didn’t have this kind of resource growing up. It’s so easy to look at someone and ‘think’ you know how to correct them! Wow, Amanda… You are Rockin it so beautifully. I’m an overweight health coach who helps people ‘make friends with their food’ and focus on removing symptoms instead of thinking we need to look a certain way or be a specific weight/size. This has truly motivated me to take that next step that I’ve been hesitant on for so long because I kept thinking I just need to lose that last bit of weight myself before putting myself out there. And so I call BULLSHIT on myself – and It’s time to rise and shine! Honestly – I’m touched because you always seem so confident – and yet I know that everyone has their self-doubts… it’s just a matter of what we choose to focus on… the negative that keeps us down, or the possibility that we have something special to share. You have said it for over a decade…and today I focus on that special thing that only I can bring. You have touched me so deeply on this issue Marie and for that – I’m grateful! Thanks for doin what you do and shining how you shine and being a light for all of us afraid to step out from the shadows of our doubts. Lots of love to you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re in awe of you, Nicole! You’re doing such beautiful work in the world helping people make friends with their food. Your approach is so important and necessary. We’re thrilled Marie’s work has been inspiring you on your journey. 🙂

  86. Adrianne

    Such a beautiful person and inspiration Amanda is! Best episode ever!!!

  87. Becca Korphage

    Yay! So great! Hey, where can we get that t-shirt Amanda was wearing in the dance portion? Yours too Marie.

  88. Amanda is so happy!! This is what living your dream looks like 🙂 thank you for this episode, Marie and team, really put a bounce in my step. What a way to show the world your dream matters and you’ve got what it takes to make it happen!
    Much love to you all

  89. Thank you for this wonderful and fun young lady! She’s so inspiring and it’s fantastic seeing such young girls coming to this planet with this beautiful energy. You go girl!!! I’ve tried the dance in my kitchen and I had a good laugh, I need a LOT of practice!!! Thank you so much Marie for sharing xxx

  90. Najwa

    I loved the way she answers on social media, for a young woman that is amazing , thank you for the movements , I was trying to take Zumba classes but I couldn’t do the movements the same way as the instructor so I was doing my own dance and she told me I am not good for dancing classes, so I know the feeling.
    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry that happened to you, Najwa. I know I speak for all of us here when I say we hope you’re still dancing. <3

  91. LJ

    Marie and Amanda! That was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for the inspiration. I danced my ass off. :-))) Love, LJ xo

  92. Kitty

    Biggest takeaway for me was that doing what you love brings you joy no matter what age you are! Watching Amanda’s face while she was talking and dancing says it all…joy lives in that 18 year-old girl! Naysayers will say but who cares? Be yourself A.T. A.L.L. T.I.M.E.S.! I went to Amanda’s IG page and followed her because you can never have too much joy in your life! Thanks for sharing the dance too…it was FUN dancin’ with a smile on my face!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kitty! We’re so glad Amanda could bring you joy and inspire you to dance today! 😀

  93. Betsy Bergman

    Such a great attitude! Great lesson in not letting anyone else define you and take away your joy. So wise for such a young girl! Amanda is a gift!

  94. For me and my peeps, the big share is:
    Performance over Technique!
    If you’re into it, so are they.

    If you love it, DO IT!
    Keep it coming and we’ll keep sharing it!

    Thank you both!
    Love, Leah

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Wow, Leah, we love that so much! Thanks for sharing with us.

  95. Cristina Goulart

    This episode really made my day! Amanda is an inspiring, incredibly brave young woman. I love her attitude about responding with grace and humor to mean comments. The dance routine at the end kept me smiling. Amanda and Marie are fantastic together and their joy is infectious. Thank you!

  96. Your the absolute best Marie!! Loved to watch you dance xo

  97. Cort

    BEST interview EVER!
    Amanda – you are an INSPIRATION!
    Big Love ?

  98. I totally danced along with y’all— SO much fun. I haven’t danced in years, I’m itching to do more. Thank you for that!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We love hearing that, Shannon! And we hope this is the start of a lot more dancing!

  99. Ramdeo

    I call Amanda as Ananda which means bliss. She is an epitom of determination , strong will , and a believer in performance not perfection as rightly pointed out. I would therefore recommend her name to be changed as Ananda , a symbol of love and bliss. Hare Krishna ! With love ; Ramdeo.

  100. Daniela

    “Leave the ‘buts’ behind.” So good. I’m going to use that anytime I hear myself start to make an excuse. Who cares! Just do it! I love when’s Amanda also said that one nice comment makes up for all the other 10 bad ones. As a fitness instructor it’s easy to take things personal, but you have to remember that you can’t please everyone and as long as you’re doing you and performing and having fun, even if just one person in that room resonates, you’ve succeeded. This is exactly the inspiration I needed today. Thank you. <3

  101. YESSS!!! Love, love, love this episode. Key points for me were to not listen to/let go of others opinions and negativity when it comes to pursuing your dreams, AND write down your goals. I have 2-3 months posted above my desk at a time, and I write out my 3 goals for each month on the top of each sheet – 2 in my hands actionable, and 1 I’m putting out to the powers that be to align for me and my business. Since I’ve started this practice, I hit – and often surpass – these goals each and every month. Write it down, sisters!

  102. Magali Clazon

    I stopped dancing because I had so many “but”… And now, not anymore. Never is too late to follow your dreams, no matter your age, size, gender, etc
    Thank you for inspiring us! Kisses and hugs from ARGENTINA 🙂

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Magali! And all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on. Yay!

  103. kikue

    Amanda, a wonderful girl, a beautiful humanizing that she is!!

    Wow! Thank you so much!

  104. I’ve been an Amanda fan for years now! Yes, just yes. ?

  105. OMG! I just felt so inspired by watching this! I love how confident Amanda is! I really like that movement she promotes about #breakingthestereotype, she is a living proof that we can achieve whatever we want to, no matter other people’s opinions. It’s all in our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

    • Exactly!!! Living proof!!!
      Excuses…where! My excuses are scared to even say a thing lol. Like what excuse do you have sis?..Cant do what? lol


  106. Jenny

    So. jealous. of. her. Wow, I wish I had her talent and strong positive attitude. She is my new inspiration. Definitely following her.

    Amanda, thank you for sharing your story and dance lesson.

    Marie, thank you for always interviewing the most amazing, interesting and inspiring people. Please do more video interviews.

  107. How great to see Amanda and Marie get down dancing and talking about doing your passion while focusing on the love and not the haters. The thing Amanda said that inspired me the most was the part about – “I want to __________.” No “but” in that sentence. The period comes before the but. Thank you Amanda and Marie for a wonderful episode of Marie TV!!!

  108. Granita

    Amanda is truly an inspiration!!!!! Hats off to her mom who keeps her grounded.

  109. Carmel

    I love so much about this I love hip hop and dancing and performance is about performing telling story heart body soul not technique . And yay for breaking stereotypes Amanda Talent will owt . So inspiring . I was once told acting was for beautiful extroverts . Hmmm well I decided to be weird wonky and devil may care make my own work truth laughter and freedom . Cheering you Ananda and Marie . Yay for the fire within not the voices without

  110. Thank you for this interview! This was one of my favourite episodes and comes at a perfect time, when I’ve been worrying so much about what other people will think of me. I’ve LOVED LOVED LOVED this today 🙂

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad it found you when you needed it, Lindsay! All of Team Forleo is cheering you on!

  111. Go Amanda Go!

    I love her! She is so strong! Such in inspiration.. real life if she can do it i can do it too type of inspiration. She was able to pull through all that negativity and live her best life!

    Wishing you nothing but blessing and greatness!

  112. Netilia Brown

    Way to go Amanda. Love your energy. You’re a motivator. Continue to do what you love, to late to stop you now. Let they haters hate they’re doing what they love.
    Much success

  113. That is a true desire in the heart. With that which motivate you, criticism is just synonymous with success.

  114. Kim

    I just completely love this young woman and can’t help but wonder how my life would have been different if I had had her confidence, support, wisdom, perspective and positivity at that age! Sharing widely… xoxo

  115. Uf! This is hardcore shit for me. I can totally empathise with Amanda story.

    I dance since I have a body, I remember myself learning by heart the television ads music and creating performances for them at the age of 5.

    Learning by heart the content of one of those Merengue VHS ? from the newsagent when I was 6 and devastated by my father telling me “you don’t have a dancer’s body” when I was still too young to realise and run away from that abusive and toxic environment.

    Being bullied at primary school -7 to 14 years old- for being a fat cow ?.

    Yet I managed to dance my ass out each and everyday of my life, despite the discouragement, until I found bellydance and started a professional career on it.

    Almost 20 years into the dance industry and I still get comments here and there about my belly and its stretch marks -oh! You are so talented, but what about that belly?, or whatever people want to comment.

    Almost 20 years in the dance industry and I still have got flashbacks of what it was the worst period of my life.

    But you know what? I AM A DANCER and I WILL ALWAYS BE and I am in a personal mission to spread dance all over the place, no matter fucking what.

    Thank you Amanda for keep keep going. Thank you Marie and Team for the interview, and thanks to all the sensible souls out there that see dancer’s souls and not dancer’s bodies.

    Loads of dance forever. For everyBody.

    With all my love,

  116. Linda Pearl-Allen

    She is absolutely adorable on the outside and definitely on the inside! You go girl!! I am going to have my teenage daughters watch this. I have one varsity competitive cheer teen and one incredible dancer. Blow out those stereo types. You make me want to take dance classes just for fun. 🙂 Just do it…don’t ever go to the “but”.

  117. Thanks to both you and Amanda (love her name BTW! ?) for sharing her story and bring this pieces of body positivity, Health At Every Size, and empowering movement to the forefront. Our culture needs to continue seeing/hearing stories like Amanda’s that challenge the weight biased paradigm we live in. Many thanks again! Cheers for doing this inspiring work!

  118. Monika

    Amazing, amazing video!! Thank you so much, what an inspiration to everyone!

  119. Jennifer Hopwood

    Loved watching and listening. I shared with my 7 year old daughter that loves to dance too. We worked on doing the dance with you!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      And you did the dance together! That makes us so happy, Jennifer! ?

  120. jill younglove

    That was Awesome!!! I love the way you view this life Amanda, such an inspiration 🙂

  121. So cute! Very inspiring!

  122. Cartèlea Howell

    Very inspirational. On many occasions, haters have downplayed my efforts or underestimated me. The biggest one was when I finally was moving to London at the age of 22 alone, and I received comments such as “you will be back in Bristol in no time” “you won’t be able to survive London” etc, etc. In my head I just kept thinking, you will see. When I did move here, all the people who said this watched my story on social media and guess what – SILENCE. The biggest thing I would say is to just have faith in yourself and believe in YOU because that is all that matters. The people who are sleeping on you are probably jealous that they cannot do what you can, feeling very threatened and intimidated… I am so glad I listened to my instincts! It is the best decision I ever made!

  123. Jess

    I love this sooo much! Thanks for the dance class!

  124. Anne

    The stars aligned and I found this incredibly inspiring episode at the same time I started reading Everything Is Figureoutable. I loved the episode and Amanda, but I am the opposite of a dancer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the dance and keep up at the end so why even try? Wait….what?!? I immediately called bullshit on myself and decided that since EVERYTHING is figureoutable, that I was going to figure that damn dance out if it killed me. Well, I’m slightly embarrassed to say how many days of practicing it took me (and how many times I had to rewind!) so I won’t, but today I was finally able to do all the moves AND keep up with Amanda and Marie with the music! It felt…AMAZING and it was so much fun! As I go into my third breast reconstruction surgery next week, it has given me strength and confidence in my body, that I didn’t know I had. I can’t thank you enough, Amanda, Marie and Team Forleo for all sharing your special gifts with us.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Oh my goodness what an incredible story! What an AWESOME way to embrace the figureoutable philosophy. Marie & Amanda have also inspired ME to bring more dance into my life. Like you, I never identified as a dancer because I’ve always been a bit clumsy and uncoordinated. But when you truly embrace it and just MOVE, it’s a gamechanger. So glad you found this joy, too! Keep dancin’!

  125. April

    It’s so cute to see Marie and Amanda dancing together! not caring what ppl think but just allowing themselves to try, to make mistakes and to have fun! This is inspirational!

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