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If someone has ever shot down your idea, request, pitch, product, or cause, then you know how it feels to hear the word, “No.”

But imagine walking into a room and knowing exactly what to say to persuade more people. In fact, not just more… but DOUBLE. ? That’s 2X more sales, 2X more fans and 2X more goals achieved.

On today’s MarieTV, you’ll learn a research-backed strategy that will help you persuade twice as many people — including yourself.

If you want to inspire someone to act, suggest the smallest action possible. Click To Tweet

The best part is that this technique takes less than 3 seconds and involves adding just a single sentence to your messaging.

Depending on who you’re trying to convince, that means you could have doubly effective…

  • Calls to action on your sales page
  • Donations for your next fundraiser
  • Investor pitches
  • New Year’s goals

I don’t know about you, but I think those odds are doubly awesome. Watch and learn the one sentence that can get more people to say yes and commit.

Before you do, a heads up. As a 90s hip-hop fan, hearing the word DOUBLE, even though it’s about a persuasion technique, meant I had to include a one-of-a-kind homage to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s epic 1992 hit.

We believe gold mankinis may double the chance you’ll remember (and use) this persuasion strategy for life.

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Once you watch, I’d love you to hear from you. Tackle one of these persuasion challenges below (or both, if the video has you doubly excited):

  1. Think of an experience where someone said “No,” to an idea you were promoting. Using the persuasion technique you just learned, how could you rewrite that scene?
  2. Do you have a goal that you’re struggling to stay consistent with? How can you use this persuasion strategy to help yourself stick with it?

Even just a quick comment below helps you internalize this lesson, so you can persuade more people — including yourself — to take action.

Countless creatives come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

As I always say, “The world needs that special gift that only you have!” Use today’s episode ideas to double your chances of persuading those you hope to serve, and yourself, to take that next step.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and adding your voice to the conversation. Your heartfelt contribution means more than you know!

All my baby-got-back ? ? love,


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  1. Emilie

    Wow… I actually have no idea how to integrate this into my work. I’m a singer and releasing my album, and I’m trying to get journalists to write about my album. Any suggestions to what the minimal viable actions for a journalist?

    • A tweet or share with your friends – if these are online journalists or influencers. Or a mention in a regular column/feature they already provide. Do a bit of research and tailor your pitch to the publication or writer, and make it easy for them! Good luck.

      • Emilie

        Thank you!!

        • You can even write the tweets or posts for them and make it so all they have to do is click to share.

        • Yes! research is key. Like Nichelle mentoined…There are a lot of weekly or monthly items that you or your work might fit into. So for example, I work from home and a returning item in a local newsletter is “hidden entreprenuers” highligthing the creative activity that goes on in homes / ateliers in the neighborhood. This one is quite specific, but a lot of papers and magazines have these sections and they are always looking for people. But you’ll have to think outside the box a bit. It might not be about music first, but about young women in music, creatives in the city, but you should be able to mention that you just released an album.

          Another thing I used to do is basically write the press release almost as if it was an article and include a few quotes, so that the newspaper could just about copy paste it…this works well for local and regional newspapers where they tend to have a very small team. Also if you are from a small town and are doing well in “the big city” a lot of those newspapers really like to write about how one of them is doing well. Add a few photos and you are set.
          It’s a lot of works but regional and local papers are actually very well read and sometimes your story gets picked up from there.

          good luck!

      • Good idea! I was thinking “What would be a minimum viable option if I’m asking them to buy a big-ticket online program?” I love the idea of adding a P.S. at the end like, “Even if you can’t sign up now, this might be just what a friend or colleague needs now, so please forward this email to them!”

        • Aimee Roof

          this is great, I’m a health coach and I’m thinking about “if this is out of your price range, then maybe you know someone who would support your health goals…” still working out the details.

          • Great tips Marie! I personally have a story in my head that I’m “telling people what to do” and so I’ve stayed back from giving people a directive. But, this has held me back big time! I’m trying to help people with their health goals. I work with a company that can help people. I invite them to watch a video, what would be a good line to add on? Thanks!

    • Double wow… I watched this video for the exact same reason! I am also coming out with an album and currently developing a press release to send to blog writers, journalists, and influencers!

      I love Nichelle’s advice about tweeting and sharing with friends, but I am curious, do you think that approach might be better for people you already know (family and friends)? My first thought would be that a journalist would be more likely to write about you in a column before posting on their personal feed. Eager to know what you think Marie and Nichelle because I’m a beginner at this stuff!

      My call to action would do something like this:

      Dear [person],
      I loved your piece on [artist]. I think you were spot on about the complexities of their life and how it shows through live performance. Great read!

      I thought you might be interested in the single I’m releasing as well. It’s set to be released on February 15th, 2019 and I’d love a spot on your [blog, magazine, website, etc].

      Here is a link to my press release. Even a listen would be helpful!


      Here is a link to my press release. Even a sentence of feedback would be helpful!

      What do you think DNN, Nichelle, and Marie?


      PS- I LOVE YOU Marie!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Huge congrats on your album, Charles! These calls to action are really great, we love how short, concise, and considerate they are. “Even a listen would be helpful!” is GOLD. As a musician, you of course want as many people as possible to be listening to your work – and I think this is a perfect entry place to start as the smallest action someone can take to support you. Of course, sending along your press release is a wonderful idea as well, and reminding who you’re reaching out to that you simply want to get their ears on your music could be a super powerful approach for you.

        We’re sending all our best wishes your way as you share your magic with the world!

        • Thank you for such a wonderful response. I really appreciate it! It’s great to know I am on the right track.

          Grateful for you and your team!!!


      • Emilie

        Great advice! Thanks for sharing, Charles!!

      • CHARLES!!!!! It’s Eva from Sarah Lawrence. Just wanted to say hi since I know there is no one else in this world with that name but you :p
        Also, I love the template! And send me info on your new album <3

      • Wow and Wow [oh was that a cheeky double wow..?]
        LOVE this and would love to put it into action for my own offerings, I just cannot think how to apply this…? I have read through other peoples comments for ideas but no one has an offering like me.
        I teach Baby Massage & Baby Yoga (plus some other things too). For my online lessons in these two fields should I say something like:
        ‘just one lesson makes all the difference?’
        ‘One class is better than no class’?
        ‘Just 5 minutes of class a day really makes a difference’?
        ‘Just 5 minutes of [massage/yoga] a day really makes a difference’?

        Just not sure… Ideally people will book my classes and watch the full videos each time which are a min of 30 minutes, should I encourage them to just do small chunks?

    • Emilie, what about “just listening to the first few is enough to open the windows on this beautiful album and let it shine.” There’s my first attempt as minimum viable action! 🙂

      • Oh darn, that was supposed to read “the first few notes,” !! 😛

    • Emile,
      People need to know about your album before they will write about it.
      Can you tell us a bit about it?
      There are loads of singers out there.
      What is special about your music?
      What would make people want to write about it?
      These are the things you must let others know if you wish for them to be interested
      enough in your music to write about it.
      Alot and I do mean alot of work goes into writing.
      You have to draw the interest of those who may write about you. If there is not a story line that will draw a audience, I don’t mean this in a harsh way but I doubt very seriously a writer will be interested in spending time writing a book with a story that they know won’t draw anyones attention.
      The only time that someone writes a story that may not draw attention is when it’s a bio, etc. and simply written as a form of therapy.
      I wish you well and hope this helped. Lots of luck.

    • Mona

      Emilie … wondering if within your ASK, that you might ask them for their “Note-Worthy Input” (use music note symbols within your request to make it stand out.
      ~ Mona

    • David

      “Just spend 2 minutes listening to this track…”

    • I always click on those short sample music videos … not a journalist though. Good luck

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Emilie! Another commenter saw your post and responded, but accidentally put it in a new comment instead of replying to yours here. I’m posting her note to you below so you can see it. 🙂

      How would it feel to say something along the lines of “A thirty second listen may be all you need to help your readers find their next favorite song” or “A thirty second listen is all you need to know if sharing this with your readers is giving them their next new favorite album” as the minimum viable action statement?

      In my experience, writers/journalists want to provide content that their readers will love. What can you say to connect your work with how sharing it will help journalists to help their audience? What ideas have the comments from all of us brought for you?

    • marina c

      at least listen to one song to see if its your style

      • YES. THIS. “Listen to the first single, (insert name here), it could be your next favorite song.”

    • I’ve had success in getting people to write about my work by finding people who write about the things I make. I create characters + do standup comedy, sometimes in one of my characters, like I do with Melania Trump … so I’m looking for people who have the MT beat at their publication. Then I’ll make a direct contact. Then follow up with that direct contact.

      Breaking it into steps — you could just look for one journalist. Then once you find that journalist reach out specifically. Then follow up.

      Let me know if that makes sense. Good luck!

    • Ginka

      Hey girl, same problem here. I’m an opera singer and giving concerts without manager is really difficult. I’m looking for this extra sentence that will catch more people. How to make people come to a recital? Anyone? Any ideas?

  2. Anita Haynes

    This is exactly what I do personally and in my business ☺️

  3. Ula

    Dear Marie and The Team,
    What a great episode! Again! Thank you! The simplicity and power of the method makes for a perfect combo. And thank you for the golden cute butts bonus!!! Awesome! 🙂

  4. Love this video! I’m thinking what I can do to persuade more people to buy from me..
    Maybe: Subscribe to our newsletter and receiver 15% discount on your next order?

    But on Instagram, it might be harder. Maybe combined with a good cause: with every dollar spend on our products 10% goed to charity x?

    Love to hear from you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      These are fantastic ideas, Kiki! Giving people any sort of incentive that makes them feel good about spending money with you consistently will be huge for your business and marketing efforts. We’d encourage you to experiment with different offers and wording to see what boosts conversions and sales the most for you!

    • Instead of saying ‘15% discount’, I’d personally be more susceptible to ‘$5 discount’.
      Money is concrete amount, percentage is vague and usually disappointing in a shopping cart as it’s likely to be only some $1,50 discount. Doesn’t make me feel like a winner. But when offered $5 discount I suddenly feel like going to the shop to buy! It makes me feel I’ve won something substantial, whereas 15% is more like “Oh well…”

    • I run a non-profit & am volunteering to receive the 10%!
      Bree’s Book Bus has a mission to bring free books to children living in ‘book deserts’- those places where libraries have closed & bookstores never opened.
      Our website is launching soon, but you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.
      Even just a ‘follow’ can help.
      (See what I did there?LOL)

  5. I’m also curious about how would a minimum action value work for inviting someone to have a conversation about possibly working together in a coaching capacity?

    • Lyn Garcia

      How about “Will you be willing to discuss it with me? It will only take 20 minutes.” Then of course stick to your promise but make your presentation and the conversation so damn exciting that he will be begging to continue the discussion for 20 minutes more. Hope this helps. ?

    • Maybe not inviting them to have a conversation but giving them bite size tips on ways they can integrate your strategies into their everyday lives. Then, inviting them to have more tips like that delivered to them via email. Just my initial thought ??‍♀️?.

      • Love your idea! I’m stealing it!
        Both my non-profit- Bree’s Book Bus & my for-profit- Dog With A Bone Educational Consulting, features my golden retriever, Bree. She drives the ‘bus’ to deliver free books to kids. So your wording- “bite size tips” is genius!

      • Gail Fazio

        …and I should have added that I provide one-to-one coaching for teachers, administrators, & instructional coaches, so Bite Size tips is a perfect way to help others a little at a time.

    • Dear Simone, maybe something like: “Dear …., working with a coach really adds value to your proffecional, social and private life. Even one class can already make a huge difference.” – ??? not sure. hopefully you can add some value out of it!?! :))

      • I like this one.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Simone! Great question. What if you encouraged people to sign up for your mailing list (the minimum action suggested) by offering them a free 15 minute introductory coaching call? Or something along those lines that feels authentic and good to you. This way, you’ll be growing your mailing list for marketing purposes AND connecting with more potential clients!

      • This was EXACTLY what I have been needing help with this week! Ah – the universe – and MarieTV. Thank you.

        I’m a coach based in Portland, Oregon, and work with clients around the country and have been trying to figure out how to convert from casual inquiries via email to getting folks on the phone and started.

        I just tried this:

        “I’d love to connect – give me a call for a free 20-minute consult. Even just a small step forward makes a difference as you start the journey.”

      • What Julia – Team Forleo said, but I would NOT offer free 15 mins for everyone who signs up, as this may eat up days of your time, and time is precious. Apart from that, you want to profile yourself as a good coach, not as a low quality one who works for free. So I’d make it more exclusive, and offer a limited amount of spots for the free 15 mins call. Clearly state how many you’re willing to do, then randomly pick winners from the subscribers.
        Market the hell out of it everywhere online, do this often, consistency is important, so don’t announce it just once. Put a deadline on it too so subscribers don’t have to wait a month to possibly win their prize, they’ll lose interest. Make it exciting.
        And make sure you have a number of damned good newsletters lined up to send them to keep them interested.

        • Hannah

          Crystal – I LOVE this idea! I am a financial coach and I think I can totally put this into practice.

          • Thank you, Hannah, glad it is helpful!

    • These are all excellent suggestions! Thank you so much everyone for helping in this. I really connect with the inviting to the email and offering a free 15-minute conversation.

      • Yes, I am with you here, that 15 consult, following sentence “Even just a small step forward makes a difference as you start the journey.” is gold

  6. Benson Modie

    Wow……lovely……..a dynamite in a small package!

  7. One of my sentences could be “I’d love it if you’d support me on Patreon, a single dollar a month would help me keep painting”

    Another could be “If you want to follow me on my artistic journey, you can sign up for my letters. All it takes is your email and hitting a button”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      These are great, Linda! Totally doable small actions 🙂 You might also consider framing them in a way that indicates what’s in it for those who sign up/support you on your journey, to see if that’s even more effective.

      • Thanks Julia 🙂 It’s easier to put the benefits into short and simple words when it comes to the VA sideline I have than the art and patreon

  8. /Dude/. Dude! This makes so much sense to me. (Anxiety induced) depression often makes me the queen of procrastination. The only thing that can make me move in any direction whatsoever is to break it up in the smallest way possible. I could feel that anxiety fill me up at hearing that first example – despite it being fucking fictional. Such a great idea and will be implementing into my business immediately. Thank you so much ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Flore! We really hope this small tweak is helpful for you in your business and life. Things can get overwhelming quick if we don’t break them down – we absolutely hear you! Thanks so much for being here and watching. XOXO

  9. Thanks Marie! I could really use this boosting tip today 🙂

  10. yes – I want to connect with potential clients. This is the smallest action I could come up with:

    In the next 2 minutes, send me a PM with your biggest challenge and I will get back to you within 48 hours!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Fantastic idea, Angelique! Let us know how it goes!

  11. Book your colour assessment now. It will make all the difference in your life or business.

    How does it sound? Your feedback would be much appreciated!

    • Caroline

      Maybe “all the difference” isn’t a small step? Maybe you could add: “try a small zip and see if it fits you.” and than you offer a 30minutes clour assessment, where you show your client some colour insights that matter to him/her.

  12. Beth

    “All it costs is 30 minutes—coffee is on me.” Or something like that. Pretty quickly I’d think you can tell if you’ll be able to work together.

  13. Leslie Kuster

    I know this is off topic, but I love your painting and would like to know who the artist is.

    • Golda Smith

      One of my comments was off topic too. I was mesmerized by the beautiful amethyst stone ?.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Leslie! We actually had that painting privately commissioned. We’re SO glad you like it!

  14. I’m so excited! I just started my own Mary Kay business and have a chance to earn a once in a lifetime cruise. Would you help me earn the cruise by either purchasing product or joining my team? Every purchase counts and every team member counts!

    • I think you probably have a better example than I do but I tried……any suggestions for me below?

      As a blogger who wants to sell my basic dog training online course, every enrollment in my course makes a more dog friendly world one dog (or team- that is person and dog team) at a time. So enroll today to make the world a friendly place for you and your dog.

      Or wait, with every days lesson you are one step closer to living the BEST life with you can with your dog, and bonding with your dog becoming that BFFFL (Best Furry Friend for life!) So sign up for my course today to live the best live with your dog starting today!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Hi Pamela! We love that you’re focusing on the “why” behind signing up for your course and what would motivate people to do so. Since signing up for a course may be a big decision for some folks, we might suggest a smaller action they can take to be introduced to your work. Perhaps it’s signing up for your mailing list to receive blog updates, or to attend a (free) introductory workshop/online class on basic dog training. These may be the first small steps towards someone purchasing your course!

  15. (Selling art to raise money for a charity): “Show your love for X Charity & yourself buy purchasing a beautiful painting for your home or office. Or at least treat yourself to an art print”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love the addition about “treating yourself to a print,” Diana – this may be a lot less intimidating than investing in an original painting for some people, and definitely opens the door to more sales.

  16. At our cosmetology school more students mean better business. When we go to recruit in high schools we’ll say the easy way to start will be “push one button” to unlock your future!
    It’s the contact button on our website so we can connect with them.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Perfect, Cissy! Well done 🙂

  17. Love, love this episode!! The great advice I needed to hear today to re-work my website copy. Thank you!!

  18. Lyn Garcia

    “I have to work on my book today. One chapter, no matter how crappy, is better than nothing.”

    • Yes! This is perfect for me, too. I become overwhelmed visioning the book as a whole, complete. One chapter at a time feels much more doable. xo

  19. Teo Chen Soon

    As always I am surprised.

  20. diane martella

    Great advice

  21. Golda Smith

    One of mine could be…
    Quick workouts you can do anywhere.

    Quick workouts you can do anywhere in 10 minutes or less.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! Powerful addition there, Golda. This makes me much more likely to do it!

      • Golda Smith

        Thanks for the feedback Julia!

    • I like that remix Golda!!!!
      “Quick workouts you can do anywhere in 10 minutes or less.”

    • Golda, I related to the 2nd one. The ’10 minutes’ told me I could do something good for myself even if I have limited time.

  22. Charmaine Garcia-Johnson

    The add statement to get what you want makes sense. It shows that you are trying to connect with the person and that you believe in what you are doing. I will definitely try this.

  23. Anannya

    You are so cute Marie!
    Hehehe them dancing butts tho! ?

    I want to do my yoga today. One exercise is better than none.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Anannya! And yes – committing to doing your yoga, beginning with just one exercise, is perfect. GO you!

  24. I’m a coach and have offered way too much free time for the initial phone call.
    Lately, I have started charging directly for that hour, but that doesn’t seem to work.
    So I could say, “I offer a complimentary fifteen minute phone call. Let’s set up a time to talk and see if we’re a match.”
    If people have other suggestions, that would be great. Thanks.

    • Based on Marie’s examples, perhaps reconsider the order of the sentences.
      Call to action: Let’s set up a time to talk and see if we’re a match.
      Minimum viable action: I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone call.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s a great idea, Karen 🙂 We love that you’re experimenting and learning what does and doesn’t work for you in your coaching business. Signing up for a short, 15-minute complimentary call seems like a great, small action for people to take so you can connect with more potential clients in a way that’s feasible for you. You might also experiment with different wording to see what encourages people to sign up the most effectively. Keep us posted on how it’s going!

  25. Wow!
    So simple and powerful!!
    Especially for selftalk… I actually do practice 5 minute dance breaks… that’s one more of the B-School teachings I took away! ??
    Thanks Marie and Team Forleo ?

  26. Sabrina

    Love your content always Marie! I’m a wedding photographer and I’m wondering how I can relate this to my business. I offer different collections and it’s a big decision for my brides! Doesn’t seem like something I can simplify… so making it easier for them to reach out for a consultation?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sure, Sabrina! Making it easier for potential brides to connect with you and your work is a fantastic entry point. Maybe you say something like “let’s envision your perfect day, set up a free personal wedding consultation today by signing up here.” Or perhaps encouraging them to sign up to your mailing list where you regularly share your beautiful photos (for a small discount on engagement shots?) – it could be as simple as finding a way to make that initial connection with future customers.

    • I am a wedding photog too Sabrina! I decided that mine will be setting up a quick no-obligations chat over a glass of wine. 🙂

  27. Kelly Wheeler

    I’m a video producer and freelance at a medium sized company with all the professional tools that help me create high quality videos with my team. Now I want to branch out to help small business people create videos that will really help them grow their businesses but I can’t seem to get any of them to say yes because it takes time and their input to plan and shoot any video. Do you have any advice? How do you stay professional (by planning out the shoot) and still get people to commit? Also, if I offer to do it for free, is that devaluing myself? I just need one person to say yes so I can show others what I can do. Thoughts?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Kelly! It’s so exciting that you’re wanting to branch out on your own to help small business owners promote and grow their businesses. While we definitely don’t suggest offering your video services to people for free in the long run, perhaps you know a small business owner (a friend or acquaintance) who this could really benefit and could make a great sample video for your promotional purposes. Saying something like “all you have to do is say yes, and I’ll create a beautiful marketing video for your business!” to get things rolling. Perhaps you’ll create this first video for free, if it feels like a fair exchange for you.

      THEN, once you have this video up and running, you could simply have your smallest action step be something like “watch this to see the power of video-based marketing” or something along those lines to get folks exposed to your amazing work!

    • Becky Mundt

      We own a small business and one of our goals this year is to use videos to increase our business – we do not have a huge budget but we are willing to take time and work on the planning – and I saw this and said ‘ uh, we need to talk!’ so – I don’t know how we do that – I don’t think we should post our emails in here… but maybe Team Forleo can hook us up??? I am really serious about this.
      I have not figure out a minimal viable action to get someone to buy our products – but I’m thinking hard. Maybe “Not convinced yet that you need our XYZ? “Check out this 2 minute video on how our XYZ will save you time, money and frustration in the kitchen, and actually – all over the house”?

      But then – Kelly – I NEED THE VIDEO! Team Forleo you have my permission to tell Kelly how to reach me, ‘kay? 🙂
      Let’s figure this out. 🙂 There is a reason I came over to Marie’s page today… obviously!


    • Kelly, being a solopreneur and that offer speaks to me for sure! People often don’t know the value of video for promotional purposes!

  28. Marie, you are fantastic, and I love watching your videos! Thank you for all that you do!

  29. You want to live your life’s purpose, but you aren’t sure what it is or how long you have to figure it out. Think of me as a personal trainer for your soul. Even one 20 minute Intuitive Energy Reading & Healing session can get you moving in the direction your heart and soul is calling.

    • That’s beautiful. The shortest session I offer is 45 minutes for an energy alignment (personal or spatial). While I offer a one-question card-reading option, it doesn’t truly give a glimpse into what’s possible during a session with me. I’ll continue mulling Marie’s suggestion over. xo

    • Hi, Cathy. I clicked through to your website to see what other services you offered and to learn more about you and your work.
      Is the only way for a site visitor to gain access to that information through giving you their email address? For me, it’s a full stop. It’s like getting to the door of a shop you’re oh-so-curious to take a peek at, and even though the sign says “open,” the shades are drawn and the door is locked.
      That’s just my – one person’s – perception, of course. Blessings.

      • Hi Ellen, no you don’t have to give your email address. Directly next to the offer it says “Enter Site” so that you can bypass if you’re not interested. Here’s a link to where that would take you:

        Thanks for pointing out that may not stand out clearly enough. I’ll be sure to take a look at how I can make that easier for people to find.

        Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or more awesome advice.


        • Thank you so much for pointing that out, Cathy. I actually came to apologize, because I was probably overly passionate in my response. It was purely due to disappointment, because – much to my chagrin – my desire to know more about you “right now” wasn’t fulfilled. I look forward to exploring your site.

  30. Wow! thank you for sharing Marie….xoxo

  31. Anna

    I trick myself into hours of work using this strategy ALL THE TIME. I’ll set a timer and say I’ll only do 5 minutes of whatever I’m reluctant to do (writing, laundry, walking the dog…). By the time the 5 minutes are over, I’m usually on a roll and just keep going. Sometimes it’s “for another 5 minutes” – but it’s also been for hours at a time. Just have to get the momentum started!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Anna!! Thanks for sharing how this works for you here 🙂

  32. Makes sense. I’m going to incorporate it into my conversations.

  33. Wow! Quite insightful, looking at a way to seek sponsorship for a chess awards I and my team are organizing in Nigeria.

    I can use some of the points highlighted here to get some potential sponsors for the awards.

    Thank you MF.

  34. Great tip Marie!

    I am currently working on the copy for a dental website. I’m thinking of adding
    “30 minutes to better health and to a whiter smile”
    either before or after my call to action
    Schedule your appointment now!

    So it will be

    Book your appointment now
    It’s just 30 minutes to better health & a whiter smile!

    • Maybe rephrase and say “In less than an hour” as opposed to “in just 30 minutes”.
      People get called to pay attention 24/7 these days so time is a precious commodity and mostly people aren’t easily willing to give it to just about everyone. It would drive us nuts.
      “Less than an hour” emphasizes just how little time it takes much better. The other one is more pleading. “Please give me 30 minutes of your time!!”
      And maybe you can play with “not only better health, but a whiter smile as well!” as I think many people are more concerned about a white smile than dental health. Maybe even say “white”, not “whiter”.
      “Want increased health AND a white smile? Book an appointment now!”

      • Crystal really appreciate the feedback! Thanks

  35. I am a travel planner and my CTA is ‘Book My Session’ for a complimentary consultation. What small action can I add to this without sounding salesly?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Rowena! Maybe adding something like “Book My Planning Session. You’re only 1/2 an hour away from your next trip to paradise/your next adventure”. This could be a powerful, yet simple way for people to want to take this next step towards planning a trip with you!

  36. This episode is so good. My smoothies e-book is coming out today and you really got me thinking!! OHHH God…Love it!!!

  37. Cassandra Kali

    Yes! I’ve been doing this in my personal life without knowing the term “minimum viable action.” When I need to clean the kitchen and I absolutely do not feel like it, I’ll set a timer for 5 minutes and commit to cleaning until I hear the buzzer. Usually, by the time the buzzer dings, I’m in the groove and I finish it up. I’m going to brainstorm what minimum viable actions I could add to my business. Thanks, Team Forleo!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Cassandra, that kitchen tip and trick is pretty awesome and clearly can make an impact in your business because if you can dive into cleaning the kitchen IMAGINE what magic can happen in your business.

  38. I LOVE YOU (and your gold clad men for emphasis)…
    and I really love this tip. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for everything I do. Perhaps on my website I create giveaway on my website of “a 2-Minute tip to UP your energy now”.

    (if anyone cares to chime in, please do!) Happy influencing, everyone!

  39. I run an after-school kids cooking program that’s been doing great up until the current five-week session (session 4 of this year). Our motto is “LEARN to cook LOVE your veggies”.

    How does this sound?
    “Enrollment for session 5 is open! Even one session will help your child LEARN to cook and LOVE their veggies.”

    But will that make them not want to sign up for future sessions?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Try it and test it out, Dawn. That’s always the best way to see if something works or doesn’t work. That tweak does have more energy to it 🙂

    • Maybe hit the problem area, if eating veggies is the biggest issue, work with that.
      “Want your child to eat his Brussels and spinach?”
      Play with the “What you cook yourself, you want to eat.”

      Want your child to eat their greens/Brussels & Spinach?
      Sign him/her up!”
      Caption in Italics underneath that: “After all, what you cook, invites to eat it.”

  40. Rime

    This reminded me of a Moroccan proverb: “Drop by drop, the river rises.”
    I have a hard time with this because I get overwhelmed with the big picture, the long-term goal but it’s true no drop (or small action) goes to waste.
    Thank you Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s exactly right, Rime. All of the actions you take add up and create momentum.

  41. I used this tip on my opt-in pop-up on my webpage. Copy Cure helped me to increase my conversion rate on this already. Let`s see how this one will work.
    ” Sign-up and make the first move towards a stunning posture”.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for joining us in The Copy Cure, NÜEKHET! We hope that tweaking and trying out your copy shifts is a constant practice that brings you lots of joy.

  42. I have a kids birthday party business (specializing in customized themes) that is offering a special promotional rate at the moment. I usually just say on a post to Book your child’s party now and receive the special promotional rate. I know it’s the lazy version of marketing but my brain is so fried. What suggestions do you have to get customers to book their party with us?

  43. Karla T

    I just left a fundraising meeting and we were talking about increasing the number of runners for our annual 5-miler. This would be great to integrate into our emails. Thanks

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for being here, Karla. We hope that it helps!

  44. Susan

    This is good stuff!
    So the non profit I founded is a substance abuse prevention coalition. One of the big actions we encourage people to make is to store their prescription meds safely, and to dispose of them – including going through all the old meds, etc.

    BUT…a small action we can encourage is to consider whatever med they are currently taking, and throw it away when they’re done. Viola! Begin to move TOWARD safe (and consistent) disposal…eventually clean out the masses of old meds you may have stored 🙂 Thanks, Marie!!!! This is absolutely so actionable!

    Best – Susan

  45. Kirstie Mann

    All you have to do is show up! (For getting people to yoga)

  46. Hi, I am a jeweler, I have a website and Instagram but they are not generating any direct sales. I have held off giving discounts as I find so overwhelming when online and everyone is doing special promos I also feel like it makes me look desperate to make a sale.
    As to your post, I can see how it could work and making a discount on my online sales not really going to be a big loss as I make more of a loss when selling wholesale.
    So here goes: Love what I create and would like to own one my creations for a 15% discount on all Website orders. If not quite ready then just follow me on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter where you will hear about new promos, collections, and events I will be attending. I promise not to fill you in boxes with constant emails.
    PS! Am hopelessly dyslexic please forgive any missing words spelling and grammar!

    • No discounts! Bonuses!! Add a little something valuable to incentivize the timing/type of purchase you want them to make (example: a small jewelry bag with each purchase – especially if silver (or a silver polishing cloth). The value add for a few dollars on your part might be a tipping point over the discount that costs you likely way more. Now that’s not a “minimum viable action,” but an incentive/reward comment. What might the minimum viable action be for you? ” LOVE jewelry as much as I love creating it? Sign up for On the Bench emails and be the first to see my newest piece. (No spamming, just great work and an invitation to get your limited edition piece before they’re gone.)”

      • Crystal

        Wow, love that!!

      • Norma

        Love your tips and the rework you did there. I will definitely be reworking some of my own “copy” as it is still in its beginning stages. I’m also a jeweler and I was having some trouble wrapping my brain on how I could incorporate some of the awesome tips I was reading here, then there was DODIE! Thank you Amanda for asking the question.

  47. I’m starting a monthly subscription for my artist channel, and initially equaled the total to one bistro lunch a month… but perhaps “for just 50 cents a day…” would be better?

    Love this video, and comes right on time for what I’m prepraring to launch! Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You could always test both and see which one converts with more results, Katharina. Try them in different places and see what you find out.

      • Thank you!! I will do that. Love the way business works!

  48. Christine Rhodes

    Thank you, Marie! I love this and it reminds me of a book I read recently about habits. Your brain feels good and successful when you reach any goal you’ve made, so by starting ridiculously small, you are improving your brain and paving the way for ever-increasing actions. I have always estimated way too many hours in a day for a project and was constantly feeling disappointed in myself. I tried assigning realistic numbers, taking into account breaks, etc., and now I’m much more likely to reach that goal and feel proud of myself. Yay!!

  49. Goldie

    Love this Marie and team Forleo, thank you for always sharing your keen insights and advice!
    What would a good call to action with a minimum viable action be, that ALSO adds value (ie: without offering any discounts)? My business is helping brides and their parties get gorgeous on their big day and feel good about it, using eco-friendly makeup and skincare. They usually compare on price, as weddings can add up quickly, so differentiating on other points is crucial.
    Every bit of advice helps, thank you! 😉

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Goldie, how can you help them understand what their experience would feel like with you vs. someone else? What value and joy sets your apart? Put that spotlight on the people you’re serving and how you can make the day, and experience, even better.

    • Crystal

      What Heather says. From what you say what makes you special is the eco friendly aspect. Then focus on that. For instance environmentally friendly, which is also a different market segment, likely more educated people, who likely have good incomes, which is good news.
      Or women with skin problems. These are usually also willing to cough up so I doubt the money should be a problem. You shouldn’t market as real cheap either (I don’t think so anyways), good products are usually more expensive and people who value that will pay.
      Focus on the result, what they will get out of it: great looking skin/hair on their BIG day!

  50. Sumari

    I know how I’m going to add this to the charity websites I’m working with…!??

    But but how could I change this to get more people to sign-up for my tourism and hospitality workshops in online marketing?

    • Sumari


  51. I love this approach – it is so true how it works, even in how I’ve been persuaded before by starting out small! I have a travel, lifestyle, and recipe blog that I’d love to garner more email subscribers for – so they can stay apprised of my latest posts. I’d love any little ideas on how to grow that – perhaps by letting them know all we need is their email so they can stay up-to-date on our latest posts and never miss out! Or perhaps offering a freebie somewhere or recipe tip for those who sign up. Thanks, Team Marie!!!

  52. Goldie

    Thank you Heather! I think the values of using eco-friendly, non-toxic, all natural products is definitely an added bonus for my brides, since more of them increasingly care about the environment but also want to look like themselves- only v. 2.0! Like not some caked-on, overly made up person that they and their fiancee’s don’t recognize, but just their most polished and pretty…glamour, with a conscience. I ask them to send me photos of what they have in mind/want for their big-day hair and makeup, their outfits and accessories, so I can really get an idea of what they’s like, even before we meet. I offer a signed contract, so they have peace of mind around every detail and know what to expect from start to finish, and I work with a great team of hairstylists who specialize in bridal hair too. My website has a FAQ section and Bridal Timeline to offer them even more info. I guess my struggle is how to translate all this into a quick snippet of copy and focus on one aspect of all this that will resonate most with them.
    Thanks again!

  53. Annaliese Arnold

    Wow Marie. Loved this video. I’m interested to know what minimal viable action I’d have for promoting my in person and online mindfulness course. My target market is Mums. Any suggestions…..

  54. Marie I love today’s video post- so timely! After 1 1/2 years of “getting ready to work” this week I’m pitching 30 people/day within my target demo to sign up for a discovery call with me (I’m a career dev coach). This added sentence (MVA?) will be a huge asset to my pitch. Thank you! Love you guys!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is amazing, Leah Joy! We’re sending you all the good luck vibes to WOW every one of them.

  55. I offer consultation in clients homes to discover the latest innovative window treatment options on the market. We need to motivate people to do more Motorization – it works seamlessly with smart phones, remotes, and home automation systems – it is the “new normal” for all window treatments, but has an upfront cost that deters people from purchasing over a manual operation of the blind or shade or shutter or drapery.

    On website, maybe call to action could be “By considering motorization now, you are making a wise investment in your home’s future value.”

    or get them to commit in person by saying: “We will honor one free motor with the purchase of five motorized treatments.” Am I on the right track?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Ginny, do you know what motivates people to buy them over manual? What’s confusing about the process for them? When you shine the spotlight on the customer and what they need and how they make their way through the process it’s more about creating the best experience for them. Marie calls it the ‘spotlight method’.

      Here’s the MarieTV episode all about it!

      • loved the spotlight video….thanks !!

  56. Annie Conley

    Thanks for this Marie and gang. I teach music (ukulele, guitar, and piano) to children and adults. Everyone struggles with daily practice. I’m going to give them a minimum, say 3 minute, assignment and see if that helps. And, I’m going to use it on me!
    Keep rocking it!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      3 minutes is manageable for sure, Annie. Fingers crossed!

  57. Regupathy S

    Good tactics to improve our business.

  58. Marie, that was sooo good. Selling for 30 years ( and good at it ) #4 was so powerful.
    We all know to focus on them (wiifm)
    But it was refreshing to see you pick out 8 in that short example..
    Great work that counts …
    In Success Jack

  59. This is a really good reminder to consider.
    I offer coaching/teaching around managing well-being and following that ‘meant-for-more’ feeling and my main mantra is “baby steps add up” so the idea of really emphasising that and the tiny steps people can take (that seriously add up more than most of us realise) is something I definitely want to improve on.

    A couple of mine with a little extra MVA for my free opt-in:
    “Download 4 Steps to Break Free of Mental Exhaustion to take that first, 5-minute step.”
    “Download the guide to Break Free of Mental Exhaustion in just 10 minutes.”
    “Grab your 4 Steps to Break Free of Mental Exhaustion to find clarity fast.”

  60. deborah rogers

    I add adorable tiny teddy bears to my etsy shop every day, with a goal of reaching 1000 by the year end. Hopefully this encourages customers to take a small step, get more bears! I’ll have to look at what language I can add to the shop header to encourage people to get one more.

  61. At first I couldn’t imagine how to make this work for me. I’m a foraging expert and am about to launch an online course on wild herbs and spices. But Marie said to be sure to read the comments, which helped me understand how to personalize the MVA idea. I’m going to try “Sign up for my free cookbooklet, and learn how to use unique, unbuyable flavors in YOUR cooking!” (Or something like that.) So helpful, thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a cool and unique niche you have, Ellen. We hope it connects with your community. Track and test your results.

  62. Lilian Wee

    Wow! Simple and powerful – way to go! Gonna test it out during a team meeting tomorrow and i’ll loop back around to let you know whether it works! 🙂

  63. I’m am Herbalist and make remedies. I grow, harvest and make everything! So far I e had great results at the Market in my town… but I’m struggling with getting traffic to my site… I guess I’m not totally focusing on ‘pitching’ from my social media accounts and such… maybe I should switch that up!?…
    Heres what I’m thinking for my email subscriptions…
    ‘Stay up to date with the latest and greatest herbal goodness… where a little bit of it…goes a long way’
    Please… thoughts?!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Heather, Marie talks a lot about consistent content whether it’s blog posts, videos, emails sent to your list. Anything that connects them to your work and shares something of value to them. So it’s less about pitching and more about sharing from a place of easing their pain points and your work will help so many people who are literally in pain. Your headline speaks to that!

  64. JEN DECK

    It def works!! I just don’t know how to add it to my request either. I sell magical shampoo!

  65. Elizabeth Newbern

    I this is something I really needed to hear today! Thanks Marie for keeping it short, sweet, but still impactful!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We appreciate you taking the time out of your life to watch and comment, Elizabeth!

  66. I love this. Here’s my sentence, but I need a something in the ?
    “Hey, I’ll send you a __?__ if we can jump on the phone for a free consult about your project.”
    Ideas? The something must be cheap or free to me. 🙂

  67. LOVE this video, please help me if needed. Here we go ” I have a video for you to watch. Is your health worth watching a 20 minute video ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Mikey, health is a broad topic so while one person may have an aching back another may have stomach issues. What aspect of their health or what pain would they be experiencing that the video may help? Draw them in so they can’t say no!

  68. I help people of all ages, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of issues with wearable neurotech. It instantly improves people’s balance, stability, strength, and range of motion necessary for all sports, most jobs, and for senior citizens it reduces the risk of falling by 8 times. It also helps to reduce chronic pain. I never know who or what this technology is going to help with – there’s only one way to find out and that’s to try it for themselves. So I’m thinking of saying:
    “After demonstrating that these products work instantly to improve your balance, and learning how this neurotech could help change you life by relieving your _______ pain, there’s only one way to find out if they will work for you or not. With a 95% success rate and a 30-day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose but pain – are you willing to try these risk free?”

  69. I’m an interior designer and focus on residential projects. A lot of my work/projects come from referrals and I’m working on building up my social media presence to increase my client base.
    I’m thinking my “minimum viable action” could be, “Even your space can look this great. Just send me an email for a consultation”.


    • Crystal

      I’d feel offended by that as it suggests my place doesn’t look great. I’d be gone right away, with a negative feeling at that.

  70. Today’s To Do is kickoff a path to engage 10 more clients to fill these few remaining mentoring vacancies in 2019 with the least amount of marketing effort possible. I deliberately unwound my elaborate marketing machine, since I’m selling/licensing my entrepreneurship products now to others to distribute. BUT I’m continuing a minimal amount of mentoring as a means to back a couple passion projects. Fortunately I dearly love this time with my clients. Still, “minimum” is a word that’s on my mind. Again, Marie, this one little snippet to “suggest the smallest action possible,” will be helpful as I refine steps.

  71. Instead of saying “You can purchase the paint from me right here” I can add “Did you know just ONE 8 oz size can paint a large piece of furniture? That’s $13 guys. Try one!”

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      I just learned something new today, Kristin and so did anyone else reading this. Great education in a sentence.

  72. Ash

    This episode is golden. I am a brand story coach for women entrepreneurs. My MVA is: Send me a message about your biggest content challenge and I’ll dedicate 15 min of strategy to your business today.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s right to the point, Ash, and a great hook!

  73. Be

    I absolutely love it (and the golden butt double…) and it totally resonates with me: very first step of the path in Confucius quote. A good friend is starting a luxury events business and I’ve been trying to help with the copy so please give me a hand here, I wrote: “have an important event coming up? Get yourself ready to enjoy. Let us take care of the rest. Just drop us a quick line here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a plan!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message resonates with you! Congrats to your friend on their new business– it’s wonderful that you’ve offered to help with their copy. The most important thing to consider when it comes to writing copy is connecting with your ideal audience and speaking to their specific needs in ways that feel authentic for you. Of course, like most aspects of a business, your copy will evolve over time. To help you get started, we’ve created a free 7-day writing course that you can join at anytime over at These episodes from our archives may also spark some new ideas for you:

      • Be

        Thank you, Hailey, it’s very kind of you. I already have the copy cure course but Will pass these free resources over to my friend. See if we can polish the wording and the ideas. Have a wonderful day.

    • Be

      Team Forleo and the other creatives, please help me out with this one. Thank youu.

  74. Two things:

    I teach the Alexander Technique — which is a method for dealing with habits of tension that interfere with posture, movement, and well-being. As you can tell from my need to give a description, my first hurdle is getting people to have the slightest idea what the work is… it exists somewhere between physical therapy, chiropractic, and neuromuscular repatterining. We offer Pop-Up Clinics as an introduction, but I’m un-sure how to ‘suggest the smallest action possible’. I suppose it could simply be a conversation, or an intro video, but the work relies so heavily on touch that it’s easier to do than talk about. Any thoughts?

    • Crystal

      I’m not sure how old all this is and if anyone is even reading this anymore. But your posting captured my attention 100% right away. This is because I’m your ideal client, haha. I have lots of problems, what you offer is what I need -and didn’t know existed!! I wrote down the name right away and will be looking for it.
      What I as a chronic ‘sufferer’ can say: People who are looking for this will likely be at their wits end. Other therapies have proven to not help (enough), medical world cannot do anything much other than prescribe chemical crap.
      Apart from that, I know from a similar therapist that professional sports people are into this as well. Money can be made there (big money).
      So plenty pointers in here to work with: desperation, not knowing where to go next, interested in the alternative, willing to pay to feel better, wanting HOPE, hope for improvement and a joyful life without/with less pain or problems, looking for a light at the end of the tunnel after going round in circles for years.
      Maybe also something about how fast it can offer improvement. I’m not interested in things that take 5 years to get result, but if it should heal me in a week I don’t believe it as I’m skeptical after years of chronic ailments.
      Maybe you can get something out of this to latch on to for your phrase.

  75. that was only one thing. the other is that we teach yoga retreats around the world which seems to be an all or nothing thing. same kind of confusion here…

  76. Sarah

    “Wanna go to Cuba with us?
    It’ll take 1 minute to take this survey, and I know you can see yourself amid the palm trees right now!”
    Does this work?

  77. Lilly

    Hello team Forleo
    Please bring the gold manikini men back again sometime, that made my day!
    Ok here’s my dilemma, I’m trying to get my aromatherapy massage business up and out there( working from home) and I want to sell it to all the busy ladies but not sure exactly how to. Open to any ideas????

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Lilly! We’re thrilled you enjoyed the double gold mankini cameos in today’s episode. We have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of those yet! Congratulations on the steps you’re taking to grow your aromatherapy massage business. Being a solopreneur and working come home can make meeting new people tricky but you’re so not alone. Check out these episodes for some great networking ideas:
      Keep up the great work– we’re cheering you on!

  78. Colin Vienna

    This was a fun video to watch and reminds me of using bite-size chunks to tackle big challenges. Thanks Marie!

  79. Thanks so much Marie and everybody!
    Once again, synchronicity. I was about to write a follow-up e-mail to a discovery call, when I noticed this in my e-mail and listened first. I was really interested in the book, I’m a book coach and I’d love to work with this person. It’s funny I was feeling young and nervous like a high school girl. 🙂 So I added a Minimum Viable Action, and got a great e-mail back! She’s looking at the contract, and I we’ll be talking soon.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Emily! We’re thrilled this episode arrived at the perfect moment for you. Congrats on implementing these techniques right away and landing a new client! We’re sending along lots of good vibes for this exciting new chapter in your business.

  80. This is hilarious, Marie! I mean, those dancing guys! 😀
    I teach Latvian for English speakers, and I have an online course where I explain complex things because Latvian grammar is more complex than English. I’ll remind to my students that learning just a few words a week is better than nothing. In a year, they’ll be glad they did. Also, the more they know, the easier it becomes.

  81. I’m (finally) just starting my first campaign to convince people and companies to use/pay for our new system (a “revolutionary” search engine). This video couldn’t come at a better time. Many thanks, Marie and Marie’s team. As usual, you are the best!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, Eric! Congratulations on launching your first campaign. Keep up the great work and know we’re all here, cheering you on!

  82. Eva Dickman

    Thanks, Marie. Now when I hear “double”…
    My small story. I have a son who does not eat healthy. So I bought him a Berkey water system for his birthday. He didn’t set it up until he moved in to a new place with his new bride. It is the easiest, cheapest way to get fresh water, so they use it. The filters last for 10 years, so no maintenance. They use it so much that they forget to add more water. Yes, it was cash out of my pocket (I got a 10% discount through Chris Wark), but it accomplished a goal and it is a gift they use. I bought two filters for the Berkey, the carbon filter and the fluoride filter. Maybe, they need another; I don’t know. P.S. My daughter takes all my nutrition advice.

  83. great exercise Marie… Here is my idea: Would you be willing to help promote literacy in exchange for some free books? every kid counts! 😉

    Man… I need 8 book parties this month. Let me go read book.

    • Thank you for this generous and incredible content Marie and Team Marie!
      I am a new acting teacher and I want people to give me their email address – here is my next sentence….. “If you want to hear about all the BRILLIANT ideas/classes/workshops/people I am learning from and seeing and doing as well as know when I am next teaching, pop your email here.” …. or is that a bit lame??? I am sure it’s all in B-school but I have only just made it to ‘making a website’- so any help would be amazing—– thank you in advance!

  84. Marissa

    Loving this MF advice! Going to write some quick messages to some folks in my network now. I sometimes feel like it’s awkward to reach out to people I haven’t seen in a long while, but if I give them a quick and simple call to action.. it won’t be so bad. It’s not a prom-posal! It’s just a call to a minimum viable action.
    P.s. I’ve also Konmari’d so much of my house. This lunar new year will be the year of the tidiest pig you ever saw. #sparkjoy !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Marissa! Giving folks a minimum viable action is wonderful.

  85. Brandy Colmer

    I’m going to tell myself, “you can wake up at 6, just turn on the light and sit up.” That’s 2 minimum viable actions, but working together, they will get me there. I’m going to put those words in my alarm.

  86. Megan Pawsey

    Thankyou! Im going to tweak my social media so its even easier for people to contact me, with a call to action.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Megan! That’s so smart.

  87. Jacqui Khoo

    haha….i like that. yes! i have adopted this to make me exercise but still inconsistent. i think i should find a way to persuade me to be consistent too.
    At this moment, i can’t think of how yet. If any of u out there have a great phrase, be glad to learn.

    Cheers! Thanks as always!

  88. Mary

    Hi! I just had a little hit. Wondering what you might think of it, perchance. What about playing a “challenge game,” something fun and maybe a bit goofy like a trivia game where a woman is asked some questions and answers them. She feels engaged by the questions and probably answers them brilliantly. She feels like a winner already and when she answers them correctly, she is given a 20 minute free coaching session. Whaddaya think?

  89. I read the “Influence” book inside and out – it’s true, 8 years ago, and I can’t remember this bit – thank you, Marie!!!




    OK, I’m done – couldn’t resist – thanks again!!

  90. Hi Marie,
    Been following you for ,well,since you first started doing videos. You ask what I really want to have this work for? To get people to come to my Lyme disease Prevention classes. Yes, I am still at it. Tenacity is my name.
    I just want people to not get sick or if they do, how to navigate the disease. So , thank you for the idea , ahem, and the golden dancers,lol.
    I look forward to another video.

  91. TJ

    Wondering where your beautiful shirt is from, Marie. Thank yoU!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question! Marie has a wonderful stylist––Elsa Isaac––who helps her pick out clothes. While I’m not 100% sure where that top came from, she usually finds things at H&M, Forever 21, Anthropologie, ASOS, and the Bar iii line at Macy’s.

      • tj

        thanks, Mandy!

  92. Emilie,
    How would it feel to say something along the lines of “A thirty second listen may be all you need to help your readers find their next favorite song” or “A thirty second listen is all you need to know if sharing this with your readers is giving them their next new favorite album” as the minimum viable action statement?

    In my experience, writers/journalists want to provide content that their readers will love. What can you say to connect your work with how sharing it will help journalists to help their audience? What ideas have the comments from all of us brought for you?

  93. ysabella

    Small acts of change would really create great impact. So helpful! Thanks?

  94. Tiffany

    This was a great episode. I am a Mary Kay consultant & I need some form of call to action. This is what I came up with. Let’s set up a time to discuss your skincare needs. I offer a 15/30 minute complimentary consultation. Contact me today.

    I wasn’t sure how long the session should be so I used both 15 & 30 for this example.

    • Smallest call to action for my Mary Kay business is now the new app. – SkinSight
      Greetings from your high-tech skin care consultant. Can we set up a time to discuss your skin care needs? We only need 5 minutes using the new Mary Kay SkinSight app.

  95. I use the 5 minute thing on the daily. “I don’t want clean my kitchen. But I’ll just do 5 minutes.” I set the timer for 5 minutes and go as fast as possible.
    P.S. don’t know if it was the golden buns or what but my cat Stella watched this entire episode. She was riveted.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Setting a timer is so smart! And we’re thrilled Stella is enjoying MarieTV too, haha. 🙂

  96. Oooo! If you are reading this and you have a website and you haven’t done Marie’s Copy Course PLEASE watch this
    my mind is officially blown! Really – it’s brilliant!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sancia! We’re so happy you enjoyed the episode. 🙂

  97. Great insights also to get people to engage in a social media post or blog, asking them to comment or share support “even an emoticon will cheer us” 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Good tip, Ruly. 🙂

  98. Raena Ausi

    I have been hearing NO quite often and I felt like it could be the way that I am presenting the product….. However, I definitely learned a lot in this video and the article!!!
    This sounds really exciting and I am ready to try this out on the products that I have!
    Thanks, Marie!!!!!

  99. Lisa Robin

    Like a little piece of gold just floated in my lap, thank you so much this is exactly what i needed to hear today! I have in the past always pushed for big results which probably scares the hell out of most people, myself included! Giving everyone the option of smallest actionable step allows everyone to relax and that state is way more postive and forward moving! Thank you and your fantabulous team, yes I made that word up!
    Happy New year to all.

  100. stacy

    Hmmmm…great information but I am at a loss how to integrate that in my business. I sell real estate and not sure how this would be worked in to my repertoire. Any thoughts?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I remember when I was looking for houses to buy I got easily overwhelmed because I felt like I had to look at a lot of houses in quick succession and I worried I didn’t have the time. If someone had told me something like “The one house you look at today could be your forever home” or “One house could change everything,” I think I would’ve been more at ease. I’m just throwing that out there, but something like that could be worth a shot. 🙂

  101. This is great! Surprising how little changes can have such a strong impact on decision making. I’ve read so many great suggestions in the previous comments and would love to hear what Team Forleo would recommend for us 🙂

    I run a talent management agency for Social Media Influencers. We often pitch engaging and unique content ideas to beauty and fashion brands, matching them with Influencers who are aligned with their branding. The content ideas themselves are always well received but getting brands to provide a budget to fund this content is our challenge. We’ve found that a lot of brands prefer to do their own campaign planning and allocate strict budgets, but my gut tells me there’s something I could be doing to secure these partnerships. What would Team Forleo recommend we try?

    Thank you so much for sharing insight and for the community you’ve created. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely path!
    xo Jana

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good question, Jana! If it’s a matter of not being comfortable talking to the brands about money, then this episode on how to get paid when you hate asking for money could help: It’s not about influencer budgets specifically, though it’s possible Marie’s wisdom could be helpful as you’re trying to get figures from the brands. I hope this helps!

  102. I work with a company, Real3DSpace, that creates stunning videos and quality photography for homes getting ready to be listed. My team and I market to real estate agents since they are who orders and pays for the videos and photography. Everything looks fabulous and includes all an agent could need for marketing on YouTube, RealTracs, Instagram, etc. while still being lower in price than the competition.

    How do either of these sound? ::

    Spend less on marketing your listings. Give us three minutes to show you how. After all, every dollar counts!
    Sell your listings faster while spending less on marketing. Give us three minutes to show you how. After all, every dollar counts!

    • Cynthia Beden

      That last one is perfect. You are giving them what THEY want (selling faster) with an option to make it easier and cheaper, as well as giving them an MVO. Perfect!

  103. Great great video and marketing tip as always, what I learned … it is clever to note a simple undisputed truth after the offer …like, ” every penny will help “…
    I’ll give that a try !, ” if you don’t try, you know what you will get ! “, …much continued success and keep the dancing videos and undisputed fun going on at MarieTV !..
    btw, Consider joining The Hottest New Online Shopping Club in The Nation !,Free Membership !,
    ” Thousands of hip and smart New Members Join Shopping Clubs to save money every year ! ”
    (note: ok, I gave away my age…but more important, Marie, Now , did that work ?!, was I being a good student, or what ? ha ha… )

  104. Hi and Marie thank you so much. I just recently discovered you and it has be a binge fest because you are absolutely amazing and always on point. Ok I’m in the development stages of my website and content so please let me know what you think. I’m an event and interior designer so I was thinking something like “Call (submit) for a consultation today. You’re just one step away from a new atomsphere” or You’re just one call or yes away from something memorable/transforming”…thoughts??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Tanya! We’re so happy you’re binging MarieTV, and it’s so smart that you’re thinking about how to capture more interest in your work even before your website is ready. Anything that communicates that taking the first step to working with you/getting results is quick and easy is a good way to go, so it sounds like you’re on the right track. 🙂

  105. This episode was so sweet and juicy – thanks Marie! I own a yoga studio and it made me wonder what my minimum viable action could be. Friends, what do y’all think of this: “Yoga is just one small-big step forward towards a healthier mind and body. Sign up now for our discounted, unlimited yoga membership!”

    If people opt out of the membership option, my next minimum viable action could be somethign along the lines of, “Even just one class a week can make a huge diffrence in your life. Get your 10 class pass now!”

  106. What a wonderfully simple tweak that can make a huge difference. Thank you!

  107. Are you interested in a portrait painting? I’m offering 10% off today. Just reply with a YES to this email. YES!

    or Are you interested in a portrait painting? I’ll be donating 10% to my favorite charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters. Every penny counts.

  108. Love this – I will give this technique a try, thank you! And still giggling from the mankinis. PS – Your hair looks fantastic!

  109. sonja

    Gold lame… ahhhhh. (!) Observation only – looks like you have a new painting on the wall – lovely!

  110. Mary

    I sell a men’s grooming line and sometimes I get stuck on verbiage on asking for the order. A minimum order is one case (and there are only 6 items per case). Wholesale cost can vary (depending on the item in the case) between $96-$144 for one case of product. My dilemma is asking for the ale with minimum order quantity or dollars? Thoughts? I’ll take any suggestions.

  111. Charlotte

    I need to paint today. Painting for just 30 mins is still progress!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Go you, Charlotte! 🙂

  112. When I go to a networking group and hand out my business card for I say, Take two, they are small, and maybe you can give the 2nd to someone who is looking for a freelance content writer.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really smart! Good thinking. 🙂

  113. Thanks for this!

    Perhaps what’s more important than what you say is HOW and WHEN you say it.

    Context and body language are huge pieces of the puzzle in communication.

    So learning to be sensitive to your environment and be in sync with the vibe of of the conversation and moment is perhaps a skill that cannot be overstated!

  114. “let’s have a free 15 minute chat!”

  115. Keeping a journal helps me become a better thinker. Journaling for five minutes a day already makes the difference.

  116. This was a GREAT session to get me thinking about a minimum viable action but I’d love some help to think this through. I am a 72 year old designer of colorful boho chic jewelry and would love to get more visits to my shop and conversions from visits, but I’m not a naturally skilled salesperson. I’m an introvert-creative who likes my work to engage people without a hard sell. My shop tagline is “Feel beautiful every day!” I love to see women and girls find their own unique style and express that through the pieces I make. What are some MVAs that might entice you to visit my shop for jewelry that’s a one of a kind expression of you?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your shop sounds lovely, Meredith! Since you mentioned your pieces are unique, it might be worth considering to play up that aspect of your work. Your pieces aren’t like what most people have seen, so people might just find the one piece of jewelry they’ve always wanted and that feels just right to them. I hope this helps spark some ideas!

  117. Hi Marie, great vid… great buns!!!
    I currently use – “Try my course. What are you waiting for… the first module is free!”
    This is not converting. What am I doing wrong? I’m stuck…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question. It may help to reach out to your audience to see what their hesitations are. It’s possible they’re curious about the time commitment of one module or what happens after that first module.

      • Thanks Mandy… true and good points. When I ask my peeps anything I normally get no replies… so flying solo really… I will ask anyway and see what happens. OR be more clear on the time commitment and that nothing else happens after the first module (I don’t have an email system set up to sell the course… I know I should but I don’t want to push it). They won’t get a million emails from me selling my wares.

  118. The initial nudge to do something has been the hardest thing for me to get people to do, but rewriting the request as a no pressure nudge could take down some of the uneasiness people have when they are about to do something outside of their comfort zones

  119. Kimberly Tibbens

    I can’t do serious with brilliant gold butts. My cheeks hurt.

  120. Rachael

    Awesome message, and awesome booties. I feel like you secretly accomplished a life goal today 😀

  121. I loved your video and then tried this line with one of the people I was chatting with online and she agreed to read over my landing page. Thanks Marie

    “would you be open to read my site and learn what I do. A simple short 5 minutes may change your life for ever. Just 5 minutes of your valuable time if I can show you how to treble your income this year.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Claude! We’re super proud of you for diving in and taking action. 🙂

  122. Oohh this was a good one! And I’m not just talking about those buns!

    For my sentence I think I would write something like. Give yourself the gift of knowledge. Knowing one or two more questions to ask your doctor may change your life.

    Something like that?!

  123. Mary Silva

    I loved this episode… so simple and powerful! Marie, thanks for always inspiring me, teaching me so much, and ALWAYS making me laugh!
    The ‘every penny will help’ lesson applies to my sales business. 23 years ago I learned a simple way to get an appointment with a prospect/qualified customer/client. If I were calling John Doe I would say “Hi John. This is Mary Silva. We have never met before so don’t rack your brain trying to figure out who I am. I work with other executives in NY and provide them with their clothing, their suits, shirts and business casual clothing. I will be in midtown next week and WONDERED IF THERE WOULD BE ANY REASON WHY I COULDN’T COME BY AND INTRODUCE MYSELF TO YOU?
    So instead of saying something sales pitchy like “I would like to schedule time to meet to present my wardrobe service/products to you. (aka sell you something!)” I am just asking if there [is any reason why I can’t introduce myself to you]. Way less pressure and way more success getting appointments!
    Thanks again the penny example…. I am going to use this simple sentence with a Roots and Wings fundraiser I am working on!
    With so much gratitude and love,
    Mary Silva (fellow Jersey Girl!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Mary! It’s awesome that you figured out a great call to action that works well and gets you those meetings. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  124. Thanks for sharing

  125. Such a simple and, what sounds like, will be so effective!
    I have a training (education) company, offering courses ranging from security, to train the trainer, and business. I could probably do a “sign up for our newsletter and get $10 off your next enrolment”, however we don’t currently do a newsletter (eek – I know!)… Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  126. Cynthia Beden

    I am in home health and hospice marketing. I would say that I could ask for them to come to us, but even liking our Facebook page would be great, since that helps us get more visibility and in addition, they will see how we help others and provide helpful information that might make them feel more comfortable.

  127. Is this the sort of persuasive writing that’s covered in The Copy Cure?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! This is just one tiny tip and the full program is way more in-depth. The whole course is geared toward using language honestly and effectively to connect with your audience and increase sales.

      • Excellent! This alone makes me want to raise the course money faster.


  128. I would add a statement similar to “This is completely voluntary and absolutely doable!”

  129. Anon

    Dear Forleo Team,

    Once again, thank you for such a great and interesting video (loved the mankinis btw)! I help run a dance school. Our goal is not to get more students just for the sake of getting students, but instilling a passion off dance in those interested. Sometimes people are afraid to step into a dance class because they think they will suck, self-concious,etc., but we believe the point of dance is to be self-expressive. There is no “right” way to dance, so I feel like it is something that everybody should try. Anyways, getting back to the point I think one way to persuade people to try dance is maybe give a free trial class so that they can see if its something they would be interested in. I can’t think of anything else, any advice?



  130. Monica Quehl

    Marie & Team: I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all the heart you put into your work, you guys always give me that cup of courage I need to believe in myself.

    In the past I have struggled immensely with staying on a consistent workout routine. I use to think that if I didn’t run 5 miles, work out every major muscle group, and leave the gym drenching that it didn’t count towards s*&%.

    Coming to my own senses I realized: Its about progress not perfection. I was setting myself up for complete self sabotage and misery.

    So this year I used my OT brain ( I’m an occupational therapist working with older adults) I admitted that I was wayyyyy to harsh on myself and made my goals with crazy unrealistic exceptions. So now my motto is this:

    ” I will not go more than 2 days without physical activity”. I have allowed myself to be free of my own burden as the following things are now exercise to me: Running 1 mile, going for a walk, swimming, yoga etc. I would never treat my clients this way, therefore I’ve allowed that kindness to spill over into how I treat myself.

    Thanks for all the love

  131. Awesome ideas!

    I also think that by re-framing our perspective from,
    “How can I make the other person yes to this idea/pitch”
    “How can the other person BENEFIT from this idea/pitch”,
    we’d get a lot more yes-es than no-s!

    If the other person can’t see the value that our idea/pitch/product brings them, then in a way, we’ve failed in selling our ideas.

  132. PS

    I am so glad that I ran into your blog. Truly inspirational!

  133. Thanks for publishing this article

  134. This was a great resource
    Thanks for the manager of this site
    good lunch

  135. Ivana

    I am hoping this, suggesting the smallest act possible, works with my daughter. She is used to failing and everything is hard due to her cerebral palsy. I am committed and focused on getting her to the next level, since she believes that she will be able to drink with out a straw to open cup and to be able to walk. Now I need to figure out waht minimum viable action will be motivating and meaningful for her to say YES to the tasks at hand. Thank you for this helpful tool.

  136. Pamela Bailey

    For our first meeting of a women’s support group this past weekend, I got a lot of cancellations. I could have added to the invitation “even if you can only be with us for 15 minutes we would love to have you there!!!”

  137. Wow, so many smart people that are really good at this. I could use a minute of your time if you could to help me with this. I have spent the last seven years of my life developing a course to guide students through the “whole” college process. I have done it for free for years by word of mouth. Hundreds have been very successful (got in and got millions of dollars) and I want every kid in the country to have it. The cost of the course is far less than the parts and pieces I have seen. So what is that quick second line to get them to invest in themselves? I can’t help if I can’t get the material in front of them. Any thoughts? Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to help me!

  138. SEAN DALY

    I’m dying… not even sure how I came around your content but it is so great! Thanks for doing what your doing!

  139. wOw! Amazing tip! Thank you!

  140. Catherine

    It was suggested to me that a great way to get venues to recommend me as a musician to play for their clients’ events (weddings, parties, etc.) is to offer a kickback to the venue every time I hear that its thanks to them I got the job. Is this a good idea, or does it make me seem desperate? And if it is a good idea, how do I know how much to offer the venue in return for them suggesting me? Thank you for your help!

  141. Here goes… it’s funny how just making it all about one simple step makes it all… just simpler 🙂 All feedback welcome.

    “Welcome! I’m saving up to dramatize the Rebuilding Arcadia series. Listening to an audiobook helps with reading and comprehension (for ESL students). Hearing the correct pronunciation and getting the feel for how a scene flows really helps.
    Would you be willing to help, by giving a donation?
    Every penny will help! Thanks for your support! ”
    Original text found here:
    Support me on BuyMeACoffee: #BuyMeACoffee

  142. Love this, Marie! I will definitely be adding this to my spiel. I plan on using this technique in my pitch for speaking engagements, podcasts interviews and to my small tribe (just started my business last week – website and social media are up!) Thanks for your awesome content and value that you bring to your audience. I adore you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Kari! That’s so smart. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you and we adore you too!

  143. Double gold hotpants? Double thanks Marie!

    Here are my reflections:
    1. I often add a call to action button in my email newsletter. I’d like to try something like this: Curious about how graphic facilitation could work for your meeting? Let’s set up a 5 minute scoping call to talk about your ideas!
    2. I’ve been “too busy” to focus on some strategic thinking for my own business, so something I can tell myself is this: Set 30 minutes aside to spend some time sketching out the next 5 years. You can always come back to this and reiterate or add detail another time.


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      These are great additions and shifts, Karina! Way to take action right away.

  144. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who
    has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me breakfast because I discovered it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the
    meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk about this subject
    here on your website.

  145. ok, I’ll give it a go:

    I just made a 10-minute guided morning practice. My wish is for my followers/students to incorporate movement and embodiment practices daily. What about something like this?

    Do you keep telling yourself you should meditate, move or breathe daily? Start simply with this 10-minute, heart energizing practice you can do in the comfort of your bed!

  146. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this episode and am thinking deeply on how this technique can be applied in different areas of my life. Thank you!

  147. laura

    Hi. We are just entering our 4th year on the road and I think I agree with just about everything above. It’s always changing, we find new, better ways, or what we want from this lifestyle changes, so for a few months we’ll be regular backpackers, then we’ll chill and rest for a while in a city apartment rental. Whatever, we love this life. Your picture of that little stove on the Everest trail brought back happy memories, we took the kids up there a few months ago, great times. Cheers!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Your life sounds like an incredible adventure, Laura, thank you so much for watching and sharing!

  148. Ammu

    I want my relative to start to work or to start any business as he is a careless guy who expect help from others.can any one suggest me some ways to persuade him to start any business?

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Ammu,
      Definitely give the strategies in this video a shot. You might also want to share MarieTV with your relative since we think it’s pretty inspiring to folks who want to start a business:

  149. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this episode and am thinking deeply on how this technique can be applied in different areas of my life. Thank you!

  150. I love Nichelle’s advice about tweeting and sharing with friends, but I am curious, do you think that approach might be better for people you already know

  151. Christina Wirch

    How could I use this to gain clients as a virtual assistant? I was thinking of something like:

    “Book a consult session with me. You are only 20min away from helping to grow and scale your business”


    “Contact me and make the first move toward growing your business”

    What do you think?

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