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How to Take Care of Your Business Without Neglecting Yourself

June 14, 2021

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Does something really gotta give?

Or with the right productivity tip, will you finally unlock the secret to doing it all?

Yes… to both.

Yes, you can grow your business and show up for your family. Yes, you can nourish your creativity and your body. Yes, you can have kids and hobbies.

But slooowww down for a second.

Make sure in this frenzy to “get the most out of life” you’re not missing out on what’s most important.

In today’s MarieTV, you get to watch me coach an overwhelmed entrepreneur in real time. Mariella is a mom, entrepreneur, and introvert who asks:

“How do you maintain the balance between building your business, serving your audience, being visible, doing all the things — and make sure you’re physically and mentally balanced and nourished?”

Spoiler alert!

My approach to doing it all is... I don't.

But I do have strategies, habits, and insights from 20+ years in business that you can use to make sure you always have enough time for what’s most important.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get laser-focused on what matters.
  • Why neglecting your #1 asset keeps you miserable.
  • The fastest way to get back on track when you feel “off.”
  • 2 easy habits that’ll supercharge your creative output.
  • Why I call myself a “professional disappointer.”
  • The toxic lie that keeps you exhausted (and how to let it go).

If you want to do it all — grow your business, show up for your family and friends, and nourish your own wellbeing — without overdoing it, watch this now.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn the 90% rule that puts you 100% in control — of everything.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Can you relate to Mariella? Are you overstretched, spread thin, and juggling too much?

Nothing changes until you do. Take a few minutes to reflect and answer the same two questions I asked Mariella in this episode:

  1. What’s one activity that would radically transform your life if you did it more consistently? 
  2. What’s one thing that, if you let it go, would bring a surge of time, energy, or emotional freedom back to your life?

Don’t just think about your answers. Grab a pen and paper and write them down. Even better? Share your answers in a comment below to inspire someone else.

It’s time to stop hustling and start living.


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