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When it comes to productivity tips, there are no lack of resources out there.

When you know what’s important, it’s a lot easier to ignore what’s not. Click To Tweet

After all, finding ways to get the right things done faster is topic that never gets old.

I’ve been an avid student of productivity for years.

While my personal practices don’t always line up with what the top experts say (as you’ll see in a second)…

There are four key productivity strategies that’ll help you no matter which system or expert you follow.

In this video, we mention Getting Things Done by David Allen as well as Spark by John Ratey.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Which one of these 4 strategies would make the biggest, most immediate impact on your productivity?

And if you’re already an RPP, what’s your #1 secret?

Share your best stuff in the comments below.

As always, thank YOU for reading, watching and making this one of the best, most kick-ass and supportive places on the planet.

With love,


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  1. Thanks for asking this, Haven! I love David Allen’s system, too, but don’t follow it exclusively–I do a bit of a hybrid. I’ve found designing my own planner pages helped me to be more productive–because I get to decide exactly what I have a slot for on the pages that I create–and it lets me hybridize in the way that works best for me. Of these strategies, I’ve definitely found working out is key–as much as I’d rather not admit that ;-).

    • I have heard about David Allen’s book so many times…Is it a must read?

      • I really liked it, but if you do read it, I think it’s important to take what works and leave the rest. One of the things he has you do is set up a folder for every day of the month and a folder for every month of the year and I found that system really cumbersome so scrapped it pretty quickly. Because of GTD, I do keep a “next month” folder and then I empty it once a month. I do think it’s worth a read–even if you just find one or two new ideas that are helpful it can make a big difference.

        • Madeleine Craig

          I don’t do all of David Allen either, but I personally LOVE his tickler file system (the file folders for all the months, and then 31 folders for all the days of the month.) This has kept piles of papers that I don’t know what to do with off my desk and has helped me keep clutter under control. Flight reservation for 2 months later? Goes in the tickler file for that month. Mammogram reminder I can’t deal with right now? Put it in a tickler file. Otherwise I’d just let all these things pile up b/c I couldn’t throw them away, but I didn’t know what to do with them otherwise.

          • I haven’t heard of this system before, but it sounds fantastic. l am excited to give it a try!

          • Ana

            For me the most productive way to get things done, is to do yoga breathing, pranayama, which clears all kinds of toxines out of my body and mind. I highly recommend it to all of you, who wake up tired.

      • It’s a great read, but like Jessica says, use the bits that you know work for you.

        For me, I loved the idea of doing a big-ass brain dump with one item per page. However, I like doing this per week rather than as a one-off right at the start and I find grabbing a block of post-its, and brain dumping each task I need to do – whether work related or not – for the week allows my mind to calm. You use one task per post-it, and from there you can start to organise into the section of life, and prioritise important items from the not so important items.

        Screwing up a post-it for me is so much stronger than ticking off a to-do list, plus with post-its, I can visually move them around on a board or table and into groups.

        • Eve

          love this 🙂 I use post it notes too, esp as I can be out anywhere, write up a post-it and jam it in my diary until I’m home where I can pop it into my “in” box and sort it from there.

          I’m visual too – struggle to plan ahead unless I can see the month/ year head – and screwing up those post it notes sounds like such a treat – lol – what have our lives been reduced too. Nice to hear this tip 🙂

      • Hi Galina

        I read it back to back, highlighted stuff than “summarized” it to 9 hand-written pages before my first job after college.

        To tell you the truth, I still use the system… BUT you can skip the book and get a summary – most importantly would be to take half a day off, set things up and follow it religiously for 1-3 months. Than start adapting it for you.

        Good luck with it

        • Stephanie Blackbird

          Where would I find the summary? I am all about “give me the bottom line!”

          • You either “get” GTD or you don’t – there is no half way.

            If you think you are ‘applying some of it’ then you are missing the overall concept of GTD.

            I did this several times – applied *some* bits of it – before I sussed the whole thing that David Allen was getting at.

            The real problem with GTD is that it’s very conceptual – and although it appears to be practical, it actually isn’t in many ways because it’s confusing.

            What got me over that was using Evernote, in a distinct way, to apply GTD. This really made GTD click for me.

            I really enjoy using this combination to manage my time and it works really well for me.

            I’d love to teach other people to do this as it has worked so well for me. But that’s a project for the future…

        • I agree with getting the summary. You can probably find several by simply entering “David Allen Getting Things Done” into any browser. Much of the book touches on research that backs up why it works. But I also know as a former graduate student that “statistically significant research results” will also include people for whom the principle doesn’t apply. Still there are some solid insights on how the brain works and how we remember things.

    • Working out is totally key! Kinda counterintuitive because it can be such a time sap but it changes the quality of work with out a doubt!

      • Elisheva, you are so right. And thanks for making that point again. the endorphin surge during and after a workout can really carry you to new heights.
        So many don’t relate this back to productivity in business yet it’s one of the most effective things to do!

      • Elisheva! I completely agree! Working out makes a huge difference in your mood!

        But I’d like to challenge you and say that I don’t agree with saying that working out is a “time sap” because that falls along the lines of Marie mentioning how negatively we always talk about time.

        If I think about working out as a “time sap, but it’s good for me”, I’ll never want to do it. This is true for most people.

        If I think about working out as an “activity that will give me more energy to get things done, and therefore I’ll have more time,” the positivity motivates me to do it. 🙂

        Just something to think about as our words are truly powerful.

        • Nice comment! Totally agree, thank you for this!

    • Hah! Yep, working out is what makes the biggest difference for me too. It’s tougher when I have an injury (like I do now) and I have to find alternative means to move without straining the injury!

      What I would add to this is simply planning, period… it’s fun to “just go with the flow” and I find myself doing it way too much. Even just establishing the night before what I’m going to do the next day helps me be much more productive.

      Oh, and having an evening routine also works very well! I find that I can be fine without a morning routine, but without an evening routine I sleep like crap and that *really* affects how productive I am the next day!

    • I used to follow David’s GTD system, but now I use Asana ( for super flexible and easy to lists, projects, scheduling and team work – combined! Best thing ever + very nice name 🙂

  2. OMG!!!! Your hair looks GORGEOUS, Marie! That’s my all time favorite!
    And this episode is very entertaining! Thank you!

    – Time is a friend…I love it! Abundance mentality in everything.
    – My morning routine is to write in my journal.
    – Work out – that was hilarious. I have to confess I don’t do it often enough because it just gets boring after a while. I listen to podcasts at the gym, but it gets old after a week or two and I fall off the wagon until the next month.

    Marie, I love your no BS approach to everything you do and teach us to do.

    • ha ha – thanks Galina! It was a great blowout 🙂 xo

      • Marie didnt you add highlights? LOOKS FAB!! Enjoy it 🙂

        • Hey Elisheva –I’ve had those highlights for a looooong time now, but THANK YOU! xo

          • Jen

            I tough the same, beautiful hair and great tips, I should work out more often so i can get focus, although I mostly get distracted by facebook and your videos lol always teach em something

      • xo back!
        I just found your fitness videos on youtube! aaaawesome!
        Marie, I’m dreaming about you doing fitness + motivation + wisdom videos…like you did in this video! that would be so cool!!!!!

    • Hi, Galina! I get sooooo bored at the gym, too. I’ve started working out at home to The Daily Burn videos. They’re super efficient, don’t require a lot of equipment, and they have a HUGE variety of things to choose from–dance, Tabata, yoga, etc, etc. First month is free. Loves me some Daily Burn.

      • Hi Deane! Thank you so much! I’m gonna check them out!

    • Hi Galina.
      I love to workout and because I do I’ve inspired others to do the same by finding what they love. I recommend switching it up until you find what works for you. A FREE way to start out is checking out DVDs from the library.

      If you are able sign up for an intro class at a fitness studio. I’ve tried a factor, barre burn, Barry’s boot camp, several yoga classes, exhale spa classes, power plate,…

      Or classes at the gym like turbo jam, Zumba etc

      I also found MANY people signed up for a 5k giving themselves enough time to train giving you a goal in a specific amount of time. So at least you will workout until the race. Many places have free running groups where people train together and most likely you will find someone at your pace. Even people who are not a fan of running like races because of the goal and it’s a great feeling to pass the finish line!!! 😉

      Oh! I also recently discovered Erin Stutlands Shrink Sessions where she incorporates motivational words with her workout. I enjoyed her class.

      • Sandy! Thanks a lot for all this info! I checked out Erin Stutlands and it’s freaking awesome! Signed up for her newsletter! Work out + affirmations = greatness
        Thanks again!

    • If traditional gyms bore the pants off you (they do for me, because I like to be social, and find no one really wants to talk at the gym because well, we’re all sweaty and focused on getting a workout done, then try a form of martial arts – I started kickboxing, king fu and tai chi, and I love that the classes require lots of interaction and sparring with people (and not in a totally combative “I’m-a gunna kick your ass” way, unless you want to try competing). It’s the only exercise that I’ve stuck with longer than 3 months because I enjoy it.

    • If traditional gyms bore the pants off you (they do for me, because I like to be social, and find no one really wants to talk at the gym because well, we’re all sweaty and focused on getting a workout done, then try a form of martial arts – I started kickboxing, king fu and tai chi, and I love that the classes require lots of interaction and sparring with people (and not in a totally combative “I’m-a gunna kick your ass” way, unless you want to try competing). It’s the only exercise that I’ve stuck with longer than 3 months because I enjoy it. It’s all about finding exercise that works – gyms aren’t the only way, getting out on a run and connecting with the world works wonders too 🙂

  3. As much as I’ve heard how important it is to have a morning routine, I still haven’t actually DONE it yet. For some reason, this video just hit me like “DUH! Make it non-negotiable!” Thanks for the much needed kick in the pants — I’m really excited now to create a morning routine that feels amazing to me!

    • Suelen Pessoa

      DUH! The same here! =)

      • I’m having a hard time with morning routine because i have a baby and every morning seems somewhat unpredictable – any other mamas relate? I try to always have Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothy tho!

        • Elisheva

          I’m not a mom but my sister is. She also found it difficult with lack of sleep but really I’ve never in my life seen her so committed. It was as if time was her best friend.

          She was always slightly overweight by medical standards but average to most. In the next year she maintained her commitment and routine of eating healthy and working out while taking care if her baby. She also had run her first marathon. Side note: she hated and I mean hated running but it was her outlet. After having the baby she bought one and put it right in her living room. I know not everyone can go buy one but it’s about the commitment.

        • I remember those days! Becoming a mom was the motivation I needed to finally start my businesses, and 2 of my first ones were about supporting moms because I knew what I was dealing with. One of my favorite tips is to “piggyback” your most important daily or morning routine items on what you know you will be doing with the baby. Nursing time or pumping? Listen to a chapter of a book or a visualization exercise, or use voice recognition software (like Siri or Dragon Go) to make notes or plans or even blog posts. Fussy time (ours was always around 6pm), pop the baby into a comfy carrier and go for a walk or do low impact dance aerobics–you exercise, they get happy.

          And always remember–if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, so prioritize your gorgeous self. 🙂

          • I can relate! My first thought when she brought up ‘morning routine’ was good luck with that if you’re a mom! Mornings are crazy & I’m a night owl so getting up at dawn to get things done won’t work for me.

            I do fit work outs in most days of the week. Although it takes time, it really does help your focus & concentration. The mind & body work together.

            Planning out my day the night before has helped me.I like the idea of changing my frame of mind and instead of always trying to beat the clock, consider time my friend. Another great video. I always get something helpful from Marie!

        • Hi Elisheva,

          I am a go-with-the-flow type of person, but I need certain routines in my life. Morning routine is non-negotiable for me, but I include room for flexibility. I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old.

          The beauty in a morning routine is that you can teach your children to have it with you. I always try to wake up before my son – the 4 year old. Some days he hears me and wakes up at the same time. On those days I remind him of the importance of my morning routine and have taught him to meditate with me. He will drink smoothies in the morning with me and even some types of green juice. I have created a morning routine for him that he gets to do on his own while I stick to my own.

          When you have an infant it is slightly different since they are very dependent on you. You can follow the same principle. You get to create their morning routine so that you can do yours.

          How old is your baby? I will help you come up with a sample routine based on the age.

          • erika


        • DD

          Hi Elisheva

          I know, it can be really tricky! I have a 20 month old and i felt like i was going mad without having my own morning routine. Sometimes she would wake through the night twice and then at 4.30am and not go back to sleep until much later.

          The best thing i ever did was put her on a routine that i created, it was gentle and respectful and completely loving, over the months it has changed as she grows and sleep needs are different. Im in the process of writing an e-book so other mamas can have a go.

          It makes such a huge difference to know that she will sleep 12 hours and wake around 7am and my husband and i have an agreement that most days he will get her up to have breakfast and change her nappy etc while i tend to my routine and then we swap. It works so well and i am not exhausted….YAY!

        • With 2 little ones under 3 I can totally relate! 😉
          Mornings and sometimes nights too are unpredictable, like yesterday when I was sitting from 4 am until 5 am next to my sons bed holding his hands. After a while there is pattern though (my babies sleep usually until 7 and 8 am) and recently although I’m a night owl I challenged myself to do get up at 5 am every day to work out (just a 10 minute routine), do some journaling (The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte anyone?) and read something educational. Of course stuff happens and I try to not beat myself up if I just sleep in but it has made a huge difference to my mood and productivity to be up before them.
          Btw posting pics on Instagram was really motivational to getting up at 5! I enjoyed doing something creative first thing in the morning, even if it was just taking pics of my toes on the carpet… 😉

  4. Great hair. Great episode.

    Productivity-the eternal challenge. I have the non-negotiable morning routine…gratitude journaling, reviewing my intentions, & exercise (most of the time).

    I also had to identify my downfall which is the television. As long as I don’t turn it on in the morning, I’m good for the rest of the day. The irony is that, I don’t even like 90% of what I watch.

    Once again, great episode. Thanks, Marie.

    • Emelia! I can recommend getting rid of the TV. I don’t have one and it helps ))))

      • lol! I won’t get rid of it as there are a few things that I really enjoy and like to watch in real time. It’s back in check. It was just avoidance behavior to avoid my temporary confusion. Now that I feel re-focused on my message and purpose, it’s not even a temptation.

        Like Marie’s last tip about taking yourself seriously…I put aside the things that don’t matter. When I felt pulled in different directions (too many ideas, projects,…) TV was a good way to drown it all out.

        • I agree with you Emilia about the television. I use it all the time as a distraction. I’m going to create my Kooning ritual and stick to it. And the other thing you mentioned is to review my intentions list. I think it get up in the morning and feel overwhelmed right from the jump and then I start going down hill from there.

    • I can really relate to that, Emelia! I used to watch Hulu while I’d code in the mornings and it was not so good for my productivity. Now it’s music or silence, no multi-tasking :-).

      • Exactly. Music or silence. The myth of multi-tasking… 😉

    • TV is the worst! i threw mine out a long time ago and have been so happy for it!!

      • Understandable, Elisheva. Not quite my solution, but completely understandable. 🙂

  5. Making friends with time is definitely miraculous. Gay Hendricks talks about it in his (fabulous) book The Big Leap; understanding the principle of “God time” had a huge impact on me, my work and my mood.

    It’s impacted me so much that I wrote about my experience this summer when I went from super busy + overwhelmed to… free and expansive yet everything still got done and even more!

    I share my experience here and I recommend reading it for anyone TIRED of overwhelm and if you want to make time your best friend 🙂

    • I really enjoyed “The Big Leap.” I just realized that I lent it out and never got it back…Hmmm. Time to get it back and re-read.

    • Just read your article and I so resonate with “slowing down and getting more done,” and “not working in the feeling of being busy.” Great post!

      • Thank you Candi, I’m glad it resonated with you. And I have to say that I was very (pleasantly) surprised that slowing down would get more done.
        The overwhelm is pretty much gone, gone gone. And when it comes back I know how to slow it down and get back into my grounding.
        Feels good.

    • Caroline – thanks for the book recommendation. Marie’s comment hit me but I’m not sure where to start “making friends” with time – we have been at a stand-off for so long!

  6. Aah, this video spoke to me. I am awesome with eating well, but I really need to set a morning routine for myself that includes exercise. 1 hour of sweating every day is something that I haven’t done since I was a kid. Thanks Marie, exactly what I needed to watch today. Love your videos!

  7. First of all, LOLLING HARD AT THE HADOUKEN! Haha, that was ace!

    This is so interesting, and so great to finally hear from an RPP such as yourself, Marie, that there isn’t one “right” way, but actually it’s all about finding your own version that sticks.

    I have tried (and failed) to stick to a morning routine, and normally end up working out in the evening – it just feels right to me to work out then, plus as a mum to a toddler, each morning has a different start time! I’d love to hear from other mums as to how they schedule in exercise, meditation or other non-negotiables without impacting on their work scheule.

    Thanks Marie and team – this one is a really great vid!

  8. I love that you include your team in many of the videos now. So awesome 🙂

  9. Yes, yes, yes to working out. I walk my dog every single morning. Plus I do double duty on my workouts- it’s my time to think, and some of my most creative business and blog ideas come to me during that time. I listen to Pandora while I’m walking, with the added benefit is that I can store the ideas on Evernote on my phone as I’m walking, and it stores it on the cloud so that I can access the ideas from my laptop later on.

    A few more productivity tips: turn off email when I’m doing creative work so that I’m not disturbed and trying to limit my social media engagement to set times during the day.

    Still, with all of that, I feel like I’m chronically racing against time. I find it hard with kids to do all of the work that I do into a very short workday. A work in progress I guess…

    • email and social networks are productivity saps!

    • Definitely agree with turning off email, Jessica! The days when I don’t do that it’s such a distraction–my brain insists “this one” is the important one I’ve been waiting for. Funnily, I only ever get those important emails when the email is *off*. 😉

  10. Totally with you on the morning routine – I get my exercise in then, too. My pup, partner I all head out at 7am for our morning dog walk, half way through my partner goes off to work and me and the pup walk home. I make myself a latte, sit and chill for a few minutes (maybe read), then head to my office at around 9am. It really sets me up for the day!

  11. How did I NOT realize you were the lady from the Crunch videos? I’ve done that particular one about a zillion times.

    I start my mornings working on my exercise bike with a desk. I try to schedule all client calls for later in the day to avoid the awkward explanations for heavy breathing. Non-negotiable! 🙂

  12. My non-negotiables:

    8-10 am I map out for prospects
    11-12 I answer phone calls
    12-1 I take someone to lunch
    2-4 I work IN the business, check emails, check SMM
    4/5-7 I hang with my kid 🙂
    I stay away from the email, social media black hole until AFTER I get shit done (except for this morning, LOL). I also map how I spend my time so I know what I’m worth per hour (most realtors don’t have a clue about their hourly rates).

  13. I think not looking at so many emails
    do it for me.

  14. Exercise is my biggest challenge. So, I live in the morning to drop my kids at school walking, even when I have 20 cm of snow and -30. Good way to wake up as well. By the way, I’m from Canada Eh?!
    I’m a Web designer and manage my time is essential. I use great tools like “Wunderlist” (that syncs on my devices as well), Hootsuite for my social media and always, always watch MarieTV Q & A’s on tuesdays. 😉 This pump my week up. Thanks Marie!
    Drink more water is my next one. I have a bottle that I have to fill it at least 3x per day.
    Love this video… OMG! You guys are great! God Bless you!

    • Hello fellow Canadian Eugenia!
      I totally hear you on the exercise piece. That was my ‘duh moment in the video today. I go in and out of having exercise as a regular habit. I have a non negotiable morning routine around my meditation, but there are other ingredients that make a big difference like having a green smoothie every day and getting some exercise in. If I have all those things in place life is a beautiful thing indeed. It’s a matter of getting to bed early enough to wake up early enough to get it done and NOT checking my phone until afterwards.


  15. I’m kind of a productivity geek and love working on optimizing my day. In a perfect week I will get up first thing and do my exercise usually while going through my gratitudes or focusing on what I have on my ‘to achieve list’ which is no more than 3 tasks.

    Or I listen to a great podcast to get me going. Then I do the number one thing on my list preferably offline so I’m not distracted by social media and email. I use the Pomodoro technique to stay focused too with spurts of concentration.

    Then I do a timed check in on email and engage on social media. Then on to list 2 item etc.

    I did a video about this here

    And this one is a tribute to you Marie on how to stay motivated, uplifted and productive!

    At the end of the day I find if you’re really focused on your vision for life and business you cut out the distractions and get on with the things that really matter!

    Sharing this video now

  16. KANBAN Baby! Creative people are usually non-linear and visual, and the tool called a Kanban is amazing for staying on track, focused and accountable. Plus, it’s FUN! Here’s some info:

    • Liz, Thank you so much for posting the “personal kanban”. I am very visual and for some time I have tried to wrap my mind around how to organize my tasks/projects. Finally I will be able to take my flash cards and turn them into a Kanban. Somewhere along the line I inherited a cork board. Perfect for adding a little creative vision board into the mix. Can’t wait to get started.

      PS. One change I will make, the “Done” column will be the “Ta-da”. Thats my way of celebration, job well done.

      • Tina,

        We LOVE the “Ta-da” column idea, and encourage people to have fun with their boards allowing their personalities to shine through them (my current “Done” column is entitled, “Stick a Fork in Me, Baby” 😉

        Completing a task – rather than starting many yet finishing none, a pattern we often succumb to when we don’t “visualize” our work in progress – is most assuredly an opportunity for celebration, and the kinesthetic feedback we get from pulling a task card into Done becomes a reward in and of itself.

        We’d love to hear how Personal Kanban works for you, do keep us posted.



    • YES! I do this, but didn’t realise it even had a name! Thanks Liz 🙂

    • Liz, thank you!!! I had never heard of this Kanban system. It’s so simple and yet so…duh! I would say my biggest productivity problem is being interrupted. Or having all these ideas coming to me and having no clear strategy to organize and prioritze. Kanban looks like the tool I need. I’m diving in!

    • Wow! I just checked the website and their blog and I’m super excited to give it a try tomorrow! I’m very visual and this might be THE tool I was looking for! Simple and easy to customize. To do, doing, done. ♥

  17. I like to sit in bed each morning with my cup of tea and my cat. I do a quick email review, look at Facebook and Instagram to get my morning fix. And then I don’t look at these things the rest of the day! It’s kinda like getting it all out of my system before I even head to my office. 🙂

  18. Love the hair! My husband swears by David Allen- personally what i have found to really work is scheduling in my rec time. I.e. exercise , family time ect .. then i have a more accurate depiction of the remaining time available! Your tips were spot on and i find that when i incorporate those elements into my life i feel a drastic change! I have got to start working on making time my friend! And spark is amazing! love that book!

  19. I’m kind of a productivity geek and love working on optimizing my day. In a perfect week I will get up first thing and do my exercise usually while going through my gratitudes or focusing on what I have on my ‘to achieve list’ which is no more than 3 tasks.

    Or I listen to a great podcast to get me going. Then I do the number one thing on my list preferably offline so I’m not distracted by social media and email. I use the Pomodoro technique to stay focused too with spurts of concentration.

    Then I do a timed check in on email and engage on social media. Then on to list 2 item etc.

    At the end of the day I find if you’re really focused on your vision for life and business you cut out the distractions and get on with the things that really matter!

    Sharing this video now Marie

    • It’s funny that you say mention listing to a podcast! I love putting a podcast on while I am still groggy- i find that it wakes me up and gets me pumped to do my best! great usage of time.

  20. Gotta say, time is your friend. Manifesting time and productivity is such a big thing!!! When you are running a couple of minutes late and you are thinking “I will be late, I will be late” all the lights change to red and the bozo ahead of you starts driving 5 miles an hour. Instead thinking, “I will make it on time, I will make it on time” makes lights turn green and no bozos! THANK YOU so much for Q&A Tuesdays…always look forward to them!!!

    • Can I just say how much I love the word “bozos”, haha – a much underused word, especially here in the UK.

      Great idea to reframe everything and put a positive outcome as the goal. Thanks!

  21. I love all of these tips as time management is something I often struggle with, the one I need to implement is a better morning routine.

    • “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” ~Mark Twain.
      Contrarian thought of the day. I prefer swimming to jogging and Tai Chi to Yoga, but, whatever waxes your board. 😉

  22. Katie Payne

    Thank you so much for this video Marie!! I started a morning routine that I’ve stuck to every week day for about two months now and I’m in the most productive time of my life! It’s about an hour and a half crammed full of gratitude, cardio, yoga, and most importantly… meditation! I really enjoyed your comment about how productive people “don’t blow themselves off”. I’ve been hearing this a lot lately but somehow I’m not doing it! Sometimes I have a whole evening of work or reading I look forward to, but a last-minute thought makes me disregard the whole evening. This video has inspired me to stay true to plans for myself. Thanks again and great video as always!

  23. Oooh yeh! My favourite out of these four is the morning ritual biz: I’ve been slogging away at a multitude of all-singing-and-dancing aspects of my new business, the past few years, and for the first time have gotten into some baaaad habits with my eating,drinking and not moving about enough! I just started breathing, drinking water and herb tea, and stretching in the mornings, and though they are only small steps, they’re leading to the bigger leaps forward; my digestion and concentration are way better, and I am able to see lots of other small steps I need to take to get on in my work… Waking up sluggish and unenthusiastic just wasn’t getting where I wanted to go each day! 😀

    • Kelly

      Same here, Clare. I found as soon as I stopped focusing on the negatives and feeling trapped in that “I feel crap” mentality, my attitude towards food and life in general has improved. It’s as if the extra weight I was carrying was a physical manifestation of anxiety and discomfort. Now I’m tackling my issues and trying to be more productive, the weight’s dropping off and I’m looking far healthier for it! I’ve not yet gotten to the point where I’ve been able to work the exercise into my new work schedule yet, with it always changing, but I’m confident I’ll get there.

      Good luck with your goals also!

  24. One of my “secrets” to being productive is to keep the momentum going on one project or task. I make a promise to myself to do that one thing each day, or at least something related to that item, such as making a plan, brainstorming and the like. I find doing a little bit each day helps me keep me on track and motivated. Plus, all those little bits of work quickly add up over the course of a week and month.

    I’m a big fan of making friends with Father Time instead of fighting with him. I actually wrote an article not too long ago on this very subject. I’m including it here in hopes it will encourage others to think about time in a new way. Here’s the link:

    Thanks for another great video Marie.

    P.S. I loved the Streetfighter scene with David. Too funny!

    • So true, Rashelle. Baby steps add up incredibly quickly AND demonstrate to the Universe that you mean to get where you are going. When you take those little steps, then the Universe starts moving mountains to help you. That’s when time starts to really expand and your goals just start flying towards you with no sense of overwhelm at all.


      • I agree with you 100% Deane! It’s all about intent. One of my favorite quotes is, “The whole world steps aside for the man/woman who knows where he/she is going.” 🙂

  25. I love to have days where I’m just creation and getting stuff done, and days where I’m communicating. Or at the very least long chunks of uninterrupted time for creation, and then back to back communication so I don’t need to waste energy or time switching between the two modes.

    I have a whole set of practices here, it’s one of my most shared articles:

    • Thats really the key. Having days where you exclusively focus on creating rather then consuming or exchanging content!

  26. Plan your calendar when you’re in an inspired state. Then, devote yourself purposefully to each thing scheduled on your calendar. Don’t waver; trust yourself that you knew what you were doing when you were planning.

  27. Hey, Marie, thanks for the kick in the pants! I used to do my “morning exercises” before going in to the office. Since I no longer go in to an office to work, I found myself going straight to my desk at home when I get up and somehow the “morning exercises” never get done!

    I’m now trying to find a way to build my exercise back into my day!

  28. I’ve been so much more productive since I started traveling full-time – and I just realized that it’s probably because my new lifestyle focuses very much on three of those four things:

    1) I’m much more likely to get up, make tea, curl my hair, and get dressed. Every single day. Before, since I worked from home and didn’t go out as much, I often went straight to the computer in my PJs. Something about the morning routine and getting ready for my day (particularly the curling hair piece for whatever reason) gets me jazzed.

    2) I exercise all the time. I take time out in the middle of my day for hikes or walks. I’ve never been one for gyms and such, but now that I’m always in a new city/town, it’s easy to get motivated and moving.

    3) I’ve become a better prioritizer, because, hey, when you’re in Split, Croatia or the Swiss Alps or Paris, you definitely don’t want to waste a bunch of time on the small stuff.

    Love the morning routine piece. I find that days that I get up, make tea, curl my hair, and get dressed are the most productive days. Never really thought about it before, but now I think I should make those mornings a more consistent reality.

    • I love hearing that traveling full time makes you more productive. My husband and I start our nomadic adventure on January 2nd. I never really thought about getting ready in the morning and how it could increase productivity. Potentially, I need to try that for the next month of working from home and see how it works.

      BTW, I loved Croatia!!

  29. The tidbit about my attitude on Time is MAJORLY helpful. There is life in death in the power of the tongue and we have to be so careful about disempowering attitudes and perspectives. It’s amazing how what we say to ourselves has THAT much power to make or break you.

    I’m still evolving in being consistent with myself but I’m no where’s near where I was yesterday.

  30. Marie! Your hair is GORGEOUS!

    The idea of making friends with time was definitely a face–>palm moment for me in this video. I just got certified as an Infinite Possibilities trainer which boils down to one thing–Thoughts Become Things.

    I just hadn’t thought of applying that wisdom to my thoughts about time, so many thanks for the eye-opener this week.

    You are like a shot of espresso sometimes.

  31. My productivity tip is a daily to-do list – with the times slots I will do it in! Then I can be realistic, and brought back on track if I get distracted.

    I exercise most days and am definitely more productive, creative and energized when I do… I think I will have to add it to my DAILY routine.
    and I love your tweetable!! SO true!!

  32. Kristina Holland

    Thank you ! This was such a great (and funny) episode. The advise was so spot on w/ respect to my situation. I will prioritize someone else’s needs, hate time for it, and then wonder why I can’t concentrate on my personal endeavors. Thanks to your advice, I plan on really honoring myself and sticking to my morning routine (mediation , workout, writing time) and making such non-negotiable. Hopefully bc of this advice, my site will be up and running soon and I can get an interview w/ you. Thanks again!

  33. MariaH

    Starting to workout will definitely change my productivity. Thanks for saying that!

  34. Anna Marie

    First of all, your hair looks incredible!!!

    Second, that street fighter scene had my hb rushing into the room from this office – suddenly he had bionic ears.

    And finally, thanks for this great content. Time mgmt has always been a struggle, esp now with so many electronic interruptions. I love covey’s method of recognizing what’s urgent and important…and def love your tip on making friends with time. A different perspective can truly make a difference. As always, thanks for making yourself so accessible. You’re AMAZING!

  35. That was the best MarieTV I’ve seen. So simple. So polished. So true. Right away I see thinks I can tweak in my daily routine. And the way Marie presents herself–what an example she sets! Thank you, Marie

  36. I appreciate these tips. In addition, the thing that helps me the most is to give myself wiggle room – extra time before and after planned activities – in my schedule. That helps account for the unexpected things that pop up daily. I especially find this true when raising kids and a business!

  37. The only thing that really sets me to be productive throughout the day is my morning prayer, my time with God. If I miss it, I feel like I am running around like a headless chicken. When I do, I feel centered, peaceful, productive and ready to face the day. When I spend time in prayer first thing when I wake up, no matter what happens during the day, I step out of the door armed and dangerous.

  38. Firstly, your hair in this vid was hypnotic.

    Second, I’m really glad I kick butt at 3/4 of those! Morning routine is the one I want to devote to working on next. I keep saying I’ll get up early and do XYZ…but weeeeelllll

    Thanks for the nudge (and the hair idea). -Rach

  39. I’ve been a productivity-testing junkie for years and still have some bad habits (getting distracted by email is a big one for me), but I do have a morning routine that keeps me (mostly) grounded and focused: Meditation and gratitude practice are daily non-negotiables, and I fit in a paraliminal audio in the a.m. or p.m. when I can. Plus exercise about 4 times a week.

    One thing that’s been a huge help for me recently is getting an accountability partner. OMG, why did I not do this before? Our weekly Monday meetings both calm me and energize me at the same time, and I don’t feel the monkey-mind overwhelm thing near as much. Because I now know I’ll get the big, important things on my biz to-do list done each week before the next accountability call, I feel more relaxed in every other area of my life — which inspires me to be even more productive. So, accountability partners — highly recommended! : )

    P.S. Your hair looks a-ma-zing!

    • OMG, yes! An accountability partner is key, Kimberly. My mini B-School mastermind group helps me stay focused on the bigger goal AND the smaller steps I’ve promised to take during the week between our meetings. Who wants to show up empty-handed to the mastermind?

    • Hi Kimberly!
      Thanks for the reminder about using an accountability partner. That makes the hugest difference for me too. I like to imagine myself as the kind of person who just has all this internal motivation, but the fact is I need support just like everybody else.


      • I know, Cecilia — both my accountability partner and I are focused and driven, but sometimes you just someone (*other* than your own self) to tell you “that doesn’t seem like a good use of your time.” : )

        • Kimberly,
          I tried an accountability partner twice, and both times, the partner decided to make herself queen of several and began an intrusive rah-rah group, which garnered me several more emails with folks I did not know nor have time to care about.
          Advice on how to find a good partner would be appreciated, if you have any ideas. Thanks.

  40. One of the biggest hurdles for me is not staying up late so that I CAN wake up early to fit in that 90 minute yoga practice! So, the most helpful point for me has been to not compromise on getting to sleep before 10pm. If I don’t have a full night’s rest, it ain’t happenin’. I don’t accomplish this each and every night, but remembering that this is a promise and priority for myself has made a HUGE, positive impact on my productivity and motivation. (I’ve been watching for years and this is one of the funniest videos yet! Thanks for the laughs, Marie!)

  41. The best time management strategy is the one you will use 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more!!

  42. Thank you so much Marie for that funny and amazing video… I loved your 4 tips and according to my experience, having some non negotiable time to workout would take a major and positive toll on my RPP ability.

    I know you’ve noticed.. I’ve mixed two of your tips… this is a RPP attitude isn’t it?

  43. gina

    Is your hair on steroids??? It’s frickin gorgeous!

  44. Hi Marie great show
    I love how you have fun with this stuff. Just want I needed to hear right now, as I have been ware that my morning routine needs to get tighter and become non negotiable . Once you do this the rest start to fall into place. I’m pretty much a great juice convert now since I started watching your show and will get tighter on the other thingsKeep up the great work. Great comments folks, they are all inspiring too. With love bernie x

  45. Laura del Mar

    I totally loved this video!
    Since I finished my Insanity workout I treasure more what you can do in less time… which is a lot! I then continued doing morning work with Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracle programs and started to meditate, pray and have a morning routine: I change it oftentimes and enrich it… it does help me to feel grounded. And to be productive I use Marie’s “Creating white space” exercise… I do that every sunday to know how my week will look like and then it is easier to say yes and no to activities and invitations. I am starting to do that every morning and night so that I have a better management of bigger important projects. In relation to small activities such as 10 mins of writing or ten a minute of abs I try to make them fit in between 2 big activities. I give myself some time to finish something (oftentimes it takes longer… just a bit longer) and right after I take a Dance Break (as recommended my Mama Gena) or do a minute of abs, go for a walk with puppy, call my fiancé… you name it. I use two amazing apps: 1. Lift which is great to create habits and keep in track with them. They offer plans as “Make a life plan” “get better abs” ” the practice of forgiveness” and they give you instructions, tips and props. And 2. I do put some of my activities, put them an alarm and work with it. works good with my white space list, help me to know which activities I am procrastinating on and even congratulates me when… I am productive. Today I won a song! it cheers me up every time I get things done.
    I really love this routine and I feel that when I resist doing so much I tend to get fatty: so now I move in between things and get more done. <3

  46. This is one of my favorite episodes of Marie TV…they just keep getting better and better. It’s my one go-to source for great business advice (plus it’s great to crack up while you’re taking all of the great info in).

    I’m a list maker, and that works beautifully for me, but the workout advice is key for me as well. I’m tons better at what I do when I’m feeling fit and energetic.

    Thanks again for what you do!

    Happy Moose Garden Art

  47. Angie T

    Girrrrrrl, you’re hair is uh-mazing!!!

    Morning routine has become a must for me too. I can definitely tell the difference in my day if I miss it!

  48. Lisa

    Great tips Marie! I agree that it is best to take the parts of each system that works for you. I have found Tony Robbins, RPM (Rapid Planning Method) to be very helpful for me. (I use the concepts…not the paper product…hopefully in the near future he will have an updated software program to go with this). Knowing the WHY’s to your OUTCOMES makes it easier to get stuff done! “To do” lists can be overwhelming…looking at the big picture helps me prioritize my MUST do’s and eliminates the BS.

  49. Marie,

    There are two things I’ve changed in my life that have made a huge difference.
    1) Exercise daily. My wife and I do this together and have for 6 years now. It’s a stress reliever plus all those little aches and pains are GONE BABY!

    2) I will not turn on my computer without a written “to do” list and time frames for each item. I’ve learned it would be better for me to sit and read a book, rake leaves, or just focus on my navel instead of staring at a screen or surfing cat videos.

    I don’t think it matters who you follow or what they tell you to do, find something that works for you and do that. Just DO something!

  50. Time you sneaky little sh*t. lol. I do my running in the evenings but it might be an idea to get it done in the am. I could improve my am routine.

  51. I’m not always an APP, but keeping it simple is key for me. On Sunday I decide on my one goal for the week, and then I write out what I need to do in batches of three. That way I have individual lists with three important must get done things for each day. And instead of working at five goals at once, I just try to accomplish one thing that will really move my business forward. It has done wonders for my productivity.

  52. Hi Marie

    Between your awesome hair and your advice… this video rocks. 🙂
    You’re so right… exercising makes so much difference to your productivity, not to mention making you feel good… and the perks of looking terrific too. 🙂

    It’s so easy to drown in our work, racing against the clock stressing about our massive “to do” lists. Love what you said about not making time your enemy.

    Lots of hugs…
    Mandy xo

  53. Love this video!! I do all of these things, but I often don’t make my morning routine “non-negotiable.” I let life get in the way, make excuses and then am “shocked” when I feel off my game. When I do decide to make it a priority again, I’m always surprised by how much more positive (and productive) I am… about everything (life, work, money, goals).

    I always focus on making my resolutions happen in the last 10 weeks of the year (usually falls the week before, during or after Halloween) and I’m doing the same thing this year — we have 7 weeks left and I’m FULLY recommitted to my routine. Thanks for the additional inspiration! #10to2014

  54. I give myself quarterly reviews. Every 3 months I review the goals (personal & business) I set for that quarter, then I do an assessment of where I’m at. What did I do these last 3 months to move me closer to achieving this goal? What did I do to sabotage myself? What adjustments do I need to make to how I’ve been functioning? This habit has done wonders for my confidence and sense of personal accountability.

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Laava Royal…great idea! Wow, you are the boss of you! I love this!

  55. Libby Chenault

    This is a stressful and busy time of year for me preparing for Holiday Craft fairs right when all I want to do is curl up under a blanket at 4pm each day. Because I have this huge deadline I usually feel like I don’t have time for any self care or dishes. But this year I decided to start exercising now (why wait till new years to put my butt in gear?!) In the past two weeks my stress level has been down and I have had so much more energy and focus not only for my work but also for my family. Thanks for the inspiration to stay on track.

  56. Ahhh….such a needed video for me. My business is getting to the point where I feel like I’m busy all the time!

    As a Self Love Coach, I know that it’s important to take time for myself. But I still slip up from time to time. Making a point to exercise every day, and not blowing yourself off is GREAT advice! It can be so much easier to keep your commitments to others but not yourself.


  57. I’m team Marie on this one (Although I have not read Adam’s book.)

    Having a set schedule or consistent routine is the key to staying on top of things. If you create a good system for yourself, being flexible when you need to be shouldn’t be a problem.

    Since most people (generally) do just about the same things every day, there is a “subconscious” schedule going on anyway.

    Good stuff!


  58. Working out and a healthy breakfast are by far my non-negotiables. I’ve noticed it really changes the quality of my day. But, I’ve had to learn that some days are just more productive than others and that’s ok. I love your tip about time. I often feel like I’m racing the clock. Time to change my perspective on that!

  59. Since joining the “land of internet marketing” my abilities to schedule, get things done, prioritize and stay focused have absolutely plummeted!

    Here is what I found that works like a champ for me: I read a book on Personal KanBan KanBan is the system Toyota put into place when they took off the automobile industry with their productivity.

    It’s all about segmenting your work into “Waiting to Begin”, “Work in Progress” and Done” The whole process revolves around doing 1 thing at a time till your done completely OR till you are done working on that for the day on a project. I have a white board up on my wall and use colored sticky notes to move things around. As things will change.

    Main advantage is I am ONLY working on 1 thing at a time which helps me have clarity and sleep at night because my brain is not full of stuff I haven’t done.

    Check it out–it’s truly awesome Name of book is Personal KanBan Mapping Work|Navigating Life

  60. Love this timing. Just last night sat down and scheduled chunks of time for my entire week including self care morning time, learning time, writing time, and exercise time. LOVE IT!

  61. Marie is soo slim and full of energy. Unbelievable. Now we know why. Ok Time is on my side. It is my FRIEND.
    Love it when you are full of life. With cursing, and not just stay boring polite, but straight from the hart and honest and passionate advice , what makes me know what to do with my problem. Marie , she just solve it. Thank you Marie

  62. #4 I really stuck with me and I have heard the same thing phrased this way (somewhere but I don’t remember where or who):

    “Responsible people keep their commitments to others; successful people keep their commitments to themselves.”

    I think about that quote every day.

    This is awful, but a big constraint for me is blowing off something I planned for myself, “Because I don’t feel like it.” And then guilt ensues.

    Yes, I know how awful, and entry-level that sounds.

  63. Productive people are confident. Confidence is rooted in believing that everything you do is important, from the little things to the big things.

    If you don’t feel what you’re doing is important, then you need to try three things:
    1. Change what you’re doing
    2. Change how you feel about yourself
    3. or Both

    Being productive comes naturally when you find importance in yourself and what you do.

  64. LM

    Loved this video!

    What are the last 2 things Marie says while exercising? Everything is figureoutable, and what are the other 2?


  65. I totally agree with the morning routine! Bath, Green Tea, Yoga & Meditation are a must for me to start off the day and be productive!

  66. Hi Marie,

    I have to second the hair comment! Holy shit it looks good!!

    I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and have adopted his RPM method. It rocks. Instead of focusing on all the “to do’s”, you focus on outcomes and purposes. So, why am doing what I do? Why is it so important to me. Thinking about things in terms of what they mean to me has fundamentally changed the way I look at time AND my life has become dramatically more rewarding because I’m doing things I WANT to do! Oh yeah…and it’s a totally flexible system, which I like because I’m such a creative type!

    • Awesome Renne — and YES, I LOVE LOVE love me some Tony Robbins 🙂

  67. LOVE your hair..made me keep listening to your AAA video..thank-you, for the very BEST online advice and tips..from one who NEVER clicks on these things..;)

    • I appreciate you clicking MaryAnne – and I will thank my hair for being so damn persuasive 🙂

  68. Jen

    Marie – your videos are so incredibly valuable. Great productions all around! So, thanks!! Of these 4 tips, I think the morning routine is key. Starting the day right and setting myself up for success is critical, so that’s what I’m going to work on. For the scheduling stuff, I like Brian Tracy’s suggestions of making one huge list of everything I have to do, prioritizing it based on my goals (I also follow his goal-setting approach), and then planning my day starting with my most important task. Still working on being an RPP (I want to sing ‘OPP, yea you know me!’) – but it’s about progress not perfection, right?

  69. Thank you for this episode, Marie!

    I’m to work on my relationship with time (of course, as most of us do), so I’ll first set our boundaries and then we’ll go on a date 🙂

    Second – the morning routine is gold for me too – apart from the workout and some inspiration time, I have a list on my wall office that I follow every day – it’s the stuff that keeps me on track the best!

    Third – so true about working out – I now swim 5 days a week and all my ideas come to me in the pool (they might come up with a water-proof text messaging device if many of us do this).

    Thanks again,

  70. Carole Bozkurt

    Great Q&A – I agree exercise is so important and really sets you up to be amazing for the rest of the day. I love making the morning an non-negotiable – I am going to try this -never thought of it before. Marie – any tips on eating a great breakfast to keep you going after the morning exercise?

  71. Catalina

    I love this video, and I have been trying to keep my morning routine. But there is one question that jumps in to my mind… What if you had a terrible night sleep because your baby has a cough, or you had a nightmare and woke up a three in the morning and can’t seem to fall sleep again, or something of that sort?? When that happens to me I can’t find the strength to wake up at the same hour for my routine knowing that I can rest a little more… Have this happened to any of you? What do you do?? What if it happens too often and you suddenly lost your routine??? Any toughs are appreciated!!

    • Catalina, I always choose more sleep because it is so important. What I will do is instead of waking up at my normal time before my son I will just move it to 10 minutes before, so I can at least have a cup of coffee in peace. Sleep in and pick on thing that really nourishes! Also, when my son was little my routine was a lot less regular. I just kept reminding myself to do what I could and that as he got older it would change – just the phase of life!

  72. Love the idea of befriending time! As for the rest of it…As a healthcare practitioner in private practice I am very busy with patients while trying to juggle the back end of business in-between from 8 am to 2 p.m.. And as a mom of a young kid, I already wake up at 5 a.m. to get myself showered and dressed then get him up, fed, dressed and off to school. Then after work I pick him up from school at 3 p.m. travel home from work/school in Manhattan to Brooklyn, make dinner, play with him, get him ready for bed then after he is asleep I can sometimes (say 2-3 days per week) do some stretching but there is no energy for a high energy work-out. This all brings me ’round to my point 😉 which is that I would love for this question to be answered for busy working moms.

    • Juliette, I feel your pain as the working mom of a son. I still make my workout a non-negotiable. It does not have to be high energy. Some days all I can get in is a walk or light yoga, you have to make time for what you can do. The more you do it the more energy you will get and be able to do more. Another trick that I do is always wear a pedometer with the goal of a minimum of 10,000 steps, that way on days I don’t get a full workout at least I knew I was active. Makes me feel better.

  73. Joseph

    Thoughts on tip #2 and #4 for moms of small children? Those two non-negotiables seem impossible when you have an infant and a 3 year old… Your time is not your own…thoughts?

    • Great question Joseph

      As a mom, when kids are the littlest, their care is the first non-negotiable. So #4 happens when the #2 routine includes planning trustworthy care, playtime, or a nap so you can do priorities.

    • Catalina

      Exactly my thought, I’m not complaining is just that sometimes your baby having a fever wasn’t part of the plan, and all of the sudden if it is not the fever, is the cough or a nightmare, or something else, and boom… you lost the routine again… I would really like to hear from someone who has successfully keep their routine while having this little test of life so they can give some tips…

  74. Wow awesome comments from so many wonderful engaged people. I add my thanks to everyone’s here for this post on productivity —

    About which tip helps the most – For me it’s #4 — in fact I didn’t even see that I was “blowing off” my own priorities until you called it out.

    I’m going to sit here in shock for a minute, and then try to figure out what to do about that.

    Love the hair too — new blow-dryer?

    • The way I stay in RPP mode is by writing down my goals for the week on Sunday night. I review my goals on Wednesday and check off the ones I’ve completed and add stars to the ones left to be finished. So even if I don’t get to them all I try to at least check off 80% of my list.

  75. My number one is exercise – can’t live without it! A very very close second is sleep. I don’t believe in the burn the candle at both ends. Productivity decreases the more tired you are, it is better to catch some zzz’s and then start over in the morning. If you stay up you end up having to redo parts of what ever you were working on.

  76. Great episode, time management has always been an “improvement area” for me. Especially helpful is the tip “RPP’s don’t blow themselves off.” I will always cancel my appointments to myself first! That will stop NOW!
    Morning routine is too difficult to tackle now because I have young kids at home.
    Thanks for another great episode.

  77. Loved this episode, Marie!

    I’m into week 6 of getting up a half hour earlier than I used to – to WORK out – and wowzer – what a difference that has made. I have more energy throughout the day – and more motivation to do what I love outside of my 7AM-6PM working hours…which is write my book. I’m at >30K words since November 1!

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and practical ideas! Keep on rockin’!

    And your hair does look fabulous! 🙂


    • Jessa Ciel

      Congratulations on your writing progress, Erin. Keep it up!

  78. My number one rule for optimal productivity is SLEEP. I need 8-10 hours per night. This means that I’ve had to come to grips with crawling into bed around 8:00pm and being asleep by 9:00pm. Now my friends and family know this about me and don’t call or text after 9pm. It’s great!

  79. My biggest problem is that I spend too much time covering my ass and getting stuff done at the last minute, rather than making a plan and sticking to it. Now that I’ll be at home full-time after the holidays, it’s time to work out that daily plan asap. I know that when I’m working out and taking time for my self-care, everything falls into place. It’s just a matter of being consistent. Oh, why don’t they sell consistency in convenient pill form…? 😉

  80. Morning routine baby! For me this is meditation, not first thing, but once the little ones are out to school/preschool. I used to have a sort of free-range approach to centering or meditation practices. But for the past six months I’ve committed to a daily practice and can feel my brain being rewired. Little things in the day don’t throw me off or make me use alot of extra emotional energy to figure them out. Feeling more resilient is the most powerful resource for getting stuff done and going at a pace which actually allows me to enjoy the process. thanks for making me laugh Marie! You rock and I am one proud B schooler. xxo Courtney

  81. I believe David Allen recommends that tasks that are time bound be scheduled in a calendar. So, I don’t think that what you’re doing, Marie, contradicts David at all. I think you two wouldn’t fight, but sing kumbaya together dressed in matching costumes. 🙂

    • What you say is true. He also recommends that we schedule deadlines as little as possible. But perhaps an argument could be made that some goals could be timebound (i.e. goal A reached six months from now) because they are as important, if not more important than that little meeting in our calendars.

  82. Ha! I thought I was nuts for keeping a flexible to-do list. I still get loads of stuff done, so it is great to know it has been said before.
    Now, I’m aiming to work out more often.
    Thanks for the push!

  83. irrelevant comment alert but I LOVE your dress!

    • i also love that dress! where did you get it from?

  84. I read every single thing I can get my hands on related to productivity so I have picked and chosen a lot for what strategies I use and I seem to tweak them all the time 🙂
    My morning routine is as follows: make bed, dress for gym, get kids out of the house, sometimes some household chores, have breakfast, drink water and do devotions(quiet time, reading), if I haven’t done it already I’ll write down my to-do’s for the day based on my list for the week (I’ve got one for the month, the trimester and the year too), chat with my husband, go to the gym (I asked to have a routine that takes no more than 30 min and twice a week I only walk/run on the treadmill and when walking I’ll be reading a book), when I get back I take a shower, dress nice (I feel I take my work more seriously when I do :)) and then I’m ready for work. I try to keep a tall glass of water at my desk all the time since I’m working on drinking more water.
    I’ve learned I need to start with my own priorities and my big projects first and check e-mail later, although sometimes I’ll have to send something off to someone right away in the morning. Sometimes I feel the morning routine takes up too much time but I also know the race is not decided in a day, but in how long I can keep at it, so taking care of myself is important.
    I have an afternoon and an evening routine too but I won’t bore you with the details. The time-to-shut-off-the-computer is what I have been most known to ignore. I need to be more consistent at getting enough sleep.
    The tip I need to take is to see time as my friend. I’ve been complaining too much about it not being enough. Now back to work 🙂

  85. I’m all about a daily routine and mine is absolutely non-negotiable. I start every day with yoga, meditation, green juice, and some journaling before I dive into my to-dos. I believe it’s no coincidence that the most successful people in the world like Oprah and Richard Branson have a meditation practice. If anyone needs help getting started, I have a very simple daily meditation you can do in just one minute a day:

  86. Brittany

    Love this video! I will be implimenting these into my routine. I currently set timers for any given task..definitely keeps me on track. As always, thank you for sharing you knowledge and creativity with us Marie!

    Also, I love to new lighter balayaged hair color! Sending some hair love from a fellow hairstylist.

  87. Girl! You have mention both books, I bought last month! Spark and Quiet! You’re Awesome! Thanks for you Fun!

  88. doris

    Your hair! It looks like… a pony! A magical pony! You were born to wear curls and highlights!

  89. What a great video! For the first several months of working for myself, I didn’t have a solid routine. The results were awful: I would lounge around until 10 or 11 a.m. and then wonder why I didn’t get enough done during the day!

    Now I have a steady morning routine that includes either running or yoga and weeding through important emails and social media first thing. I always have a to-do list with my top three things that need to get done that day, but other than that, I’m pretty flexible about how long I work on each of them. If I’m having a really unfocused day, I’ll set a timer for a certain amount of time and choose a project to work on with not interruptions until it goes off. (I know there’s a name for that method, but it’s escaping me right now.)

    There are lots of insightful productivity strategies in these comments. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

  90. I am a go-getter and easily get things done…and usually ahead of time. BUT, I also want to kick the clock a lot. LOVED that piece of your video Marie. Excellent advice and super funny 😉

    Also, I want to agree with you BIG TIME in regards to working out. I am far more creative, more focused, and more confident on the days that I work out (as a dancer – I usually do some sort of ballet or hip hop or jazz plus yoga) and the next day. And, ladies I am feel a hell of a lot sexier and more interested in my hubby *wink *wink.

    Honoring you and your work Marie!

  91. Madeleine Craig

    OMG, the synchronicity with the Universe is amazing here. I have ADD and can’t take meds b/c they cause me headaches. I finally came to the conclusion that the vigorous exercise was going to have to be non-negotiable. I just joined and gym and went to my first cardio class at 8:30 this morning. I kept putting off exercise thinking I didn’t have time – trying to start my businesses was going to require HOURS of work. I’ve now decided the opposite. I may have fewer hours to work b/c I take the time to work out, but those hours I do work should be much more productive. Plus, I also get headaches, which regular vigorous exercise all but eliminates. No more downtime b/c a headache has taken me out.

  92. OMG can we just talk about your hair for a second?! LOOOOOOOVE!!!

  93. Lush Hair today Marie! 🙂

  94. Iffath

    Marie, it was the hair, so GORGEOUS it was almost distracting if you weren’t so naturally engaging & hilarious!
    On the topic: In order to get the most important things done I use a system I created that combines Franklin Covey & Tony Robbins primarily. Daily planning is part of my morning ritual and keeps me leaping towards my goals! Exercise is one that I need to incorporate regularly.

  95. I too am a calendar junkie. Especially calendaring personal time and events. But my secret is color coding it all. A quick glance at the colors of the week let me know if I am focused too heavily on work and not enough on personal / family time. It REALLY helped with relieving guilt as well as helping develop better projections on how I want to set goals for my business!

  96. Sallie

    Great stuff today, Marie! I’m needing to get on a “work out” routine! Thanks for being such a great joy! Loved what you said about time too! Yep, time is now my friend!!! Happy Tuesday!!

  97. I love your hair Marie! It looks lighter for some reason then in the past videos….You could be in a pantene commercial!

    As for systems, I think everyone needs to find what works for them. Sometimes I might set specific time frames for certain things, and others I don’t but they might be on my weekly list. This way I can get them done whenever I have time.

    For me also the bottom line is to NOT get on my own case about not finishing things. Sometimes life happens, and my appt schedule is always changing, so flexibility is necessary.

  98. We typically have more willpower in the morning so I set my day up to get work done right after my morning ritual. Then later is the time I can be flexible for other things.

  99. Haha I noticed the highlights as well. GORGEOUS! My biggest improvement is definitely going to be after addressing the “Make friends with Time” point. I love the new perspective you introduced here.

    Thanks (as always) for the amazing content. I Q&A Tuesday!

    • (that was supposed to say I HEART Q&A Tuesday 🙂 … guess the site doesn’t “heart” brackets.)

  100. Angela Willis

    LOVE your video! No reason you should procrastinate to do these Marie- we all love them, and they help us so much!

    I know and hear, but its a matter of doing for me. I recently started a morning routine, but why does it involve getting my kids off to school and then doing house work so I can focus on business? At least I include a little something for myself. A nice long workout and eating right! I had a horrible time with the consistent exercising, until I found Beach Body workouts. I love them, and now I’m a BB coach and I help people get into shape!

    Definitely, integrating your ideas into my routine and business! Keep the fun stuff coming! 🙂

  101. doris

    On a serious note: I’m so called INFP personality type (head in the clouds) and a huge perfectionist, and to-do lists kill me. At first they organize my life but then they grow only bigger and bigger and it’s just a downward spiral. In the long run I’m better off without to-do check it achievement attitude. What helps me is enjoying the process, doing the things I love and care about every day, adapting to seasons of the year, adapting to my chronotype (I’m an owl, so morning is for chillout only and it’s fine), diving the day into several chunks with diverent physical and psychical energy levels and making sure I use each of these periods efficiently. So rather using the time right (am I doing something that my mind/body/long term goals need?) than achieving (doing the most sh.t in the shortest time). I have lot to figure out yet, this is just what I figured out for myself so far.

    • I totally hear you Doris.

      It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the to do list and perfectionism. I agree that the best thing to do is to focus on how you feel when you’re doing a task. If you’re getting things done from that beating up perfectionist space, even if you accomplish your goal it doesn’t feel very good because it’s never good enough for your perfectionist, so you don’t even get to experience the “yay I did it!” feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand if it’s just about cultivating joy it’s going to be a totally different experience.

      Thanks for the reminder!

  102. Holy epic hair today Marie!! Looks amazing. xo

  103. I have loved the idea of having a morning routine! In fact I have had a morning routine written down and plugged into my calendar for months. Sadly, I tend to enjoy my snooze button a little too much and end up rushing through it.

  104. Lindsay

    “You down with RPP…YEAH YOU KNOW ME!” I’ll most likely sing that all day long. Great vid today thank you!

  105. Courtney

    One thing that’s really helped me separate my daily tasks and information is downloading a yearly calendar in Excel. They actually have pretty formats available now, and you can customize these files to your liking. I open it up daily to write down daily tasks, information, etc. That way, I don’t get overwhelmed with a list. I go day-by-day.

    However, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Creating a daily morning routine is such a struggle! Any additional tips for those of us who crawl out of bed daily?

  106. Thank you for this Marie!

    I absolutely love this episode. So many great reminders. I know what the ingredients for success are for me, it’s a matter of remembering them and making them non-negotiable, that’s the key.

    Exercise is the big one, I’ve noticed that even if I take just 15 minutes to do a few yoga postures before I meditate, it makes a huge difference as does having my green smoothie every morning.

    On a more practical note, to become better friends with time, I find using time containers to be hugely beneficial in helping me focus my time and energy. I’m always amazed at how much I can get done if I set a specific amount of time for a specific task. It’s a tool I come back to again and again. In fact, I wrote a recent blog post on the topic. Yay time containers!

    Thanks again Marie! You are a superstar and I concur that your hair looks extra fabulous in this episode. I’m in the process of growing my hair out and I’m going to use your mane as inspiration. 😉


  107. Hi Marie,
    Loved your tips, as usual! I always exercise before starting to work, mostly I surf. Just by being in the water for one hour, I get so much energy, clarity and creativity to tackle my tasks to keep my business moving forward.
    I have a “secret” to share that fits well with your tips:

    I always make sure to do at least one “Hell Yeah!” action before I sit at my desk to work.

    I truly just follow my joy along the day and I let my joy guide me into which tasks to do first, where to do them (on the beach, on the couch or sitting at the desk?) and when I want to do them.

    I do a combination of To Do lists + doing those tasks in a joyful way, when the time is right.

    Some days I don’t want to do anything work related, so I honor and respect that. In giving myself that space and forgiveness, then (when the time is right, a day later, an hour later or many days later!), I get so much loving energy, and I get so focused, that I “ninja” my To Do’s in greater ways than if I was working with no joy.

    Thanks for letting me share with all of you!

    • Oh YES I totally agree with you Mercedes about following your joy; I feel I cannot be happy if following something too regimented; I have my priority lists and I have a simple schedule with deadlines and meetings and everything else is about going with the flow…especially when the surf is on!!

      Happy Bum Wiggles,

      Dila Tawn Pretty Fish

  108. Caitlin

    #4 is the biggest challenge for me!
    I am getting better at it – but I still find it hard sometimes to prioritize my own biz development. I am great at meeting other people’s deadlines, and need to work on getting better at meeting my own. Thanks for this episode! xo

  109. Marie! Your videos get better & better every single week! The sweet nuances and your authenticity make it so high value, with no need for other vids on the subject! 😉

    My biggest “secret” is: my morning routine comes first BEFORE I open up the computer. No laptop time until I get my juices flowin’ elsewhere. That means no email because I’ll get sucked in, no checking social media, NO cell phone! I don’t even take my cell phone off of airplane mode from the night until my AM self-care time has come to a happy ending.

    This is a great example of where being selfish results in better results for everyone..

    Much love! xx

  110. Kate

    Making time for exercise as part of my morning routine makes a huge difference to energy levels and focus throughout the day.
    I also like writing ‘to do’ lists so the items are out of my head and somewhere I can check them off.
    Some great ideas for ‘to do’ lists among the comments, so thanks, people!

  111. Dayyyyummmm girl – I definitely agree with all the above hair comments 🙂

    My productivity tip ~
    “If we do it now we will never run out of time” -Kid on Twitter
    Tackling to-dos that take under 15 minutes in the moment they are flung at me. I’ve found that I spend more time on scheduling small to-dos than it takes to get them done. When I do schedule something, it will usually take me more than 15 minutes to complete. When I’m completing this longer task or project, I turn off all my notifications (bye bye tweets and posts) so I can really get in my ZZ (Zen Zone). Once the ZZ task is completed, I will rotate back to the small to-dos.

    I also exercise 5-6 times a week, drink funky tasting kale smoothies every morning, and drink lots of lemon water!

    Thanks for the episode Marie 🙂 & good luck to everyone crushing their to-dos!


    I can’t wait to play with Strategy # 1: Be Friends with Time. One phrase that really jumped out at me in regards to time: “Anytime you think of something as the enemy, it’s always going to be a source of pain in your life.” This is just what I needed to hear, and not just about time. This works for everything: time, money, relationships, food, exercise …the list goes on! It’s TIME to kick negativity to the curb and start making friends with everything I want more of in my life!

    Also, a note on having a morning routine (another thing I could work on): I have found that it works best to keep it simple and focus on what really gets my juices flowing for the day (rather than overdoing it by meditating and writing morning pages and preparing a healthy yummy breakfast from scratch and getting in 60 minutes of exercise). I need to be honest with time (my new bestie) and have a short version for when time and I have other plans for that day and an expanded version for when time and I are just chillaxing that day.

  113. Ok so I am 8 months pregnant with my first baby! I am trying so hard on All four of these productivity increase-rs.
    Its definitely a struggle right now as we just moved into a new house and aren’t fully unpacked. My husband just started a new job so i am learning to work my morning routine around his new schedule.
    Working out is getting to where its pretty much just a 30 minute yoga session. (if that) And I am wanting to get my online business fully launched before baby comes since i still have time to myself.
    AM I DOING TOO Much? Should I trust that any exercise is better than none? ANY suggestions??

  114. Great video, Marie! I definitely agree with the working out. Though it does take time out of your day to do it, it does actually make me more productive when I take that time to simply MOVE. I usually end up getting a whole bunch of ideas of things to write about or create when I go for a morning run or after dancing. 🙂

    I will also agree with what some others mentioned above that it definitely helps to NOT have a TV. I don’t have one — I just use Netflix, Hulu, and sitcom DVDs for those moments when I just want to chill and unwind. It works — it wasn’t too difficult for me to do either cause that’s how I had been living when overseas for a year and a half. It definitely cuts down on potential distractions.

  115. Julie

    Hi Marie,

    I love all your videos, but this one was especially entertaining. You are gorgeous, fabulous and super smart-and I love your creativity!
    My best strategy for being productive is to keep an active to-do list and to star the priorities so I get the most important things done in a day.
    I have to amp up the work out part because I just walk my dog. However, that is necessary for both of us-we need the exercise, the fresh air and the bonding time.
    I do start my day with coffee, reading a passage from a spiritual book, and sometimes writing in a journal.
    I am working on keeping my commitments to myself.
    Thank you for all these fantastic tips! You rock!
    PS You do have great hair.

  116. Hi Marie:
    I love this video. Let’s get this out of the way.. your hair does look good girl! Keep doin’ what your doin’ ha ha.
    I had been following my morning routine but have fallen off the wagon for the last couple of weeks. My routine consisted of getting up at 5:45am each morning and doing:
    meditation, journal writing, practicing on my guitar, visualization, stretching and personal development.
    Now, I do workout, that hasn’t changed. 4 or 5 days per week which has resulted in me studying to become a certified personal trainer. I always do personal development each day for at least 30 minutes, usually more (If your’re not doing PD every day, then START! If you want things in your life to change, you need to change). But as for the other things, not sure why I have stopped.
    As a result, I feel a little lost because my morning routine is not happening. So after viewing this video, it has inspired me to go back to what I was doing because it felt pretty da*n good (got a bit of a potty mouth too Marie lol).
    Many successful people and leaders have a morning routine and I intend to be successful at what I’m doing so I’m going to do what others have done before me and learn by example.
    Thanks again Marie for always posting great information that we can take back and implement so that we can be better and stronger people.

  117. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been following your Blog and Q & A Tuesday for quite a while now, but today’s episode really resonated with me. I think one of my biggest problems is blowing myself off. I am super guilty of negative self-talk. I’m really going to try and put these 4 things into practice (even though I HATE working out…haha).

    Thanks for always providing awesome insight good humor at the same time.

    Also love the highlights and blow out today 🙂

  118. Jessa Ciel

    This is my fave Forleo video of all time. It’s like it was made with me in mind. I watched it 5 times just to see StreetFighter Forleo. I love that animation of David. + Marie’s Crunch workout. What?! So awesome. Thanks for entertaining me SO much with these productivity tips.

    I’ve been GTD’ing all month. I tried it before but I focused more on the how rather than the why. What I love about David Allen is the 5 steps of Natural Planning. I can add clarity to every project but simply asking what is the PURPOSE of this? What does a successful outcome look like? How is it align with my long-term goals/vision? This is helping me let go of projects that aren’t serving my vision OR restructure projects that have gone in another direction altogether.

    I’m also a fan of not scheduling what doesn’t HAVE to be done that day. When I look at a calendar full of to-do items, it just makes me feel so trapped. Feeling like I can negotiate what to do from a pre-determined list helps me to stay on track AND to feel freer.

    Thanks again for a charming video, Marie.

  119. YES! Marie, you are speaking my language. Morning routines and relationship with time are two of the main areas I work on with my clients.


  120. Funny episode Marie! I actually have the David Allen book and havent fully read it either but I actually follow some of those practices, kinda by default I guess. I always keep a running to do list and a running list of ideas for things like blog post subjects, ideas for jewelry sales and of course even ideas for new pieces of jewelry. I find that keeping a running list and then checking it off works best for me. Since I’m a creative visual type, this style seems to be more fluid and it just totally works better for me. Like Marie said, everyone has to find what works best for them. 🙂

  121. Holy Bombshell Hair Marie! Lovin it….

    I think I’m an RPP, but lately I have been backing off a bit and forcing myself to blow off an engagement here or there for some time to unwind with my man. What keeps me productive? Keeping my eyes on the prize, remembering the exhilarating feeling I get when I finish all my to-do’s, and remembering that tomorrow is another day. Meditation has also been helping me know exactly what I am going FOR instead of getting distracted and side-tracked. Oh and yoga most definitely helps too!

    Thanks for this vid Marie!

  122. Nice to have it confirmed why I’m already a RPP! So, my #1 secret is the Big O: as in, Organization (labels included). Being incredibly well organized so I (and anyone else who needs to) can put my finger on anything at anytime is paramount to me. I TRAF every piece of paper and every email (Trash, Refer, Action or File). It’s not OCD! Honest! It’s “being organized.”

  123. Haha, love the treadmill scene! I’ve been working on being friends with time and I use the [email protected] phone app to keep me focused for a specific time period…especially while I’m writing my book.

  124. My nonnegotiable is absolutely my mornings.

    Every morning I do my best to do my personal practise of prayer/meditation.

    I have found that most of my inspiration comes when I first wake up. I also use this time to cleans & set the tone for my day.

    I am way more productive & accomplish a lot more when I do this. It doesn’t take too much time & is extremely easy to do.

    Thank you so much for this one @MarieForleo. I really loved the 4 points.

  125. Loved all the tips, but seriously, Marie has the best hair’s all I could think about!

    Ok, and I couldn’t agree more that the morning ritual (which includes working out) is where it’s at!

  126. I love the reminder to make a morning routine. My morning routine varies depending on when my day starts. I enjoy a cup of tea, reading a book and a morning workout as my start to the day. It keeps me energized and ready to rock!

  127. Oh, man! It’s so about that morning routine and working out! I’m definitely not an RPP, but a wanna-be…I try at least once a week to completely re-frame myself and get my butt fully into a new way of being, but I continue to derail. The reason: I let other things distract me from my morning routine (which keeps me from the gym). On those long stretches when I’m sticking to it, I am so incredibly productive and happy!!! Ok, Marie, I’m getting back on the horse today!

    Thanks for the nudge!

  128. This is going to be a bit of a brag response because I do consider myself a highly productive person & a wizard of time.

    Couple things:

    Visualize your goal/product and then reverse engineer the steps you will need to create it. Set weekly goals and then break down the amount of work per day you will need to do.

    For example, I just released the second Buddha Doodle Gratitude Journal. I completed the project in record time {3.5 weeks of production} and consider it some of my best “buddha doodles illustration work.”

    I figured out that in order to finish what I had visualized, I would need to make 7 new Buddha Doodle pages a day.

    At first it seemed daunting. But then something cracked.

    It wasn’t that hard…like at ALL!

    Now I know what I’m really capable of 🙂

    Second thing, focus on one thing at a time. F**k multi-tasking!!!

    Third thing, stay positive and be mindful of rabbit holes!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. Couldn’t agree more about morning rituals…that’s been my cup of tea for years and years!

    xoxoxo molly

  129. One more thing!!! Passionate about this subject…

    High protein & high fat diet + enough sleep. Not talking about pizza and 12 hours of sleep. Like a good healthy breakfast {eggs cooked in coconut oil, yummy green shake with protein boost, etc.} and 7-8 hrs a night.

    xoxo molly

  130. Thanks for another great episode, Marie!

    Personally, I find that scheduling things AROUND my natural tendencies works best. For example, my morning routine usually takes around 3 hours with no stress. I like my mornings to start slow and then progress into a more intense, focused day. This being said, If I’m up at 6 a.m. I don’t put ANYTHING on my schedule until after 9 or 10.

    Schedule life around you, instead of the other way around!

  131. Love the hints and training … as usual. I watch every MarieTV episode but … am I the only one who’s finding the number of ‘breakaways’ very disruptive?

    I miss the clear, focused feeling of the white set and text graphics.

    • Steve Szubert

      Yay !!!

  132. Great Episode! 🙂 This is my first time – don’t hold it against me, but I will be a repeat offender now. Love productivity, as I am always on the look out for ways to tweak it out. I LOVE David Allen’s Getting Things Done!! It is a go to for so many things, and the structure of his lists are insanely better than anything I came up with myself before reading it. Thank you for sharing!!!

  133. Hi Marie!! Thanks for the video today. I am curious how long your morning routine is. I exercise and meditate some mornings and I feel great when I do it but then I struggle with feeling like I am behind. Do you check your email before you do your routine? Do you do your routine on the weekends too? What about when you are on the road? I’d love to hear from anyone else too! Thank you!!

    • I haven’t been very good at this since I had a baby, BUT I know that if I want to get my morning routine in, exercise meditate/pray, etc. I have to get up 2 hours before the world. So for me, that means getting up at 5:00 am. That also means I have to make it a priority to go to bed early. Then I feel like I have time for my routine, without feeling like I’m getting behind on my day.

    • Jessa Ciel

      Hi Heather. In the morning, I wait to check my email until after my routine. I think it’s so important to take time for yourself and Brendon Burchard really sums it up when he says email is for other people’s agendas. For me, I think it’s a mindset shift. Work isn’t supposed to start from the moment you wake up and not end until you go to bed. Morning/night routines are clear demarcations between your professional and personal self-care obligations. It’s ok to take time just for you!

  134. I so agree! I’ve used several systems but have narrowed it down to knowing what works best for me.

    Key elements to productivity is eating right, getting a good night sleep, exercise, meditation and having time off to be with friends/enjoying myself.

    As I plan my day, what works best is selecting 1-3 Most Important Tasks (MITs) at the start of the day. I focus my energy on those things and don’t let myself get distracted. Once those things are done then I can look to the bigger list of things.

    I’ve also employed working time and surfing time. I close other windows when working and focus for short bursts (30-40 min) at a time and then I can surf for a few minutes.

    And my mornings are sacred. I have learned the hard way that if I don’t start the day right the day won’t go according to plan. For me that is quiet time, morning walk, and a heart breakfast. I like to start the day slowly and so I don’t plan meetings with others until later in the day.

    I think key is knowing your own body rhythms and trying to schedule accordingly.

  135. Great video Marie! First of all your set is so damn beautiful it’s almost distracting! Love it!

    Secondly, I love not blowing off the morning routine. I’ve recently added meditation to mine, and it’s great. What I’d like to add is that working out doesn’t need to be complicated. People sometimes get overwhelmed, however walking outside is one of the best ways to get oxygen to your creative brain and your heart pumpin’ fresh juice!

    Thirdly, one thing I have added to my Tuesday routine is watching your videos! I now have it scheduled otherwise it wasn’t getting done!

    Lastly, the guy on your staff with glasses is pretty cute 🙂

    Looking forward to next week’s video!


  136. creating a morning routine that includes exercise. I have been really sick because of food allergies and getting a routine well has been occuring.

  137. Love this video! My morning routine is non-negotiable and totally helps me get some stuff done. I also block out pockets of time to get big stuff done as well as use the app [email protected] to keep me in the zone with scientifically proven tunes to keep your brain in top gear.

  138. My favourite tips: No tv at all and keep your inbox empty.

    • Great tips! We don’t have a TV at our house but you can watch so many things on the internet. I subscribe to just a few people on youtube and when my to do list is done, then I will go on youtube but not before and I have to control not watching random stuff afterwards!

  139. Cristina

    Dear Marie, and the team!
    Thank you for bringing this subject up! For me the first 3 rules are applicable and am happy about them, even though there is always room for better!The biggest challenge though is to get things done, as for me everything is a priority! And that is wrong, because when I don’t manage to do something from the list it becomes a snowball the next day and so on. Therefore I fall into procrastination that I detest! If you have an additional suggestion for me in this case, please let me know. It is valid for anyone of you that has passed through this experience before and has made it “through the rain” 🙂
    Have a great week ahead to all of you, my dears!

    • Kelly

      What may work better for you is to break the larger jobs into smaller ones and then you can focus on individual things that can be built up to achieve a larger goal. It’ll help keep you on track, as well as feeling productive.

      For example, I have assignments to do and sometimes the subject matter and length of assignments can be daunting. Instead I can break it down into smaller tasks like: 1) (Research) Find a set number of relevant articles/sources, 2) (Study) Set time aside to read extracts of textbooks and make notes/condense learning, 3) (Focused drafts) Use headings to make notes that are concise and relevant to assignment, 4) (Write/edit) The focused draft should make the process of creating a finished piece far easier though writing and editing can again be separate job. This makes it feel much more manageable and you have that happy feeling more frequently.

      Even though my example is specific to assignment writing, I find it can be tweaked to then be effective for other types of work.

      Hope this helps!

      • Cristina

        Thank you lots Kelly, you made me realize that I do a lot of things that have not the same root and some of them are compulsory and not necessarily what I want to do. That is why I have a hard time doing it all. Will refine my task list for sure to get the other responsibilities are done faster 😉 Have a great writing day! 🙂

    • Cristina,

      I recommend the books The War of Art & Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.

      The War of Art is a humorous look at procrastination (resistance). 🙂
      Do the Work is about how to handle the resistance.

      Marie Forleo has a video interview with the author about the Do the Work book here:

      Hope this helps!

      Love and Light!

  140. Marie, your videos are getting more hilarious every week; I adore your humor!
    The strategy that resonates most with me is the idea of making friends with time. It’s so true, mostly I think & talk of time in terms of lack, scarcity, pressure, annoyance… it makes so much sense that no issue can be resolved when I keep throwing negativity at it.
    Another concept that has really made some impact in my life lately is something I learned from Susan Su in one of Ramit Sethi’s programs: “Time vs. Energy”. It’s based on the observation that what gets us result is not time as such, but rather the way we direct our energy. And the beautiful thing is that, while time is always limited, energy can be focused, leveraged, expanded etc.
    I hope I’m not making this sound too complicated… The thing is, ever since I’ve started to look at my actions in terms of energy rather than time, I feel more in charge, more honest with myself and less like a “victim”. Good stuff 🙂
    Looking forward to next week’s video already!

  141. Anja

    Thanks Marie! Great episode and great to read everyone’s tips in the comments.

    I’ve actually struggled with implementing Getting Things Done for a while. There are a lot of great concepts in his method. I especially love the idea of an ‘Inbox’ list where you can add anything that comes to mind during the day. For example I’m working on a creative project but get distracted by thoughts about bills I need to pay or other administrative tasks, I just enter them in my inbox (I use an app called 2Do) and off they go. Once a day I empty my inbox and give dates to tasks, add them to projects etc etc. I don’t have to sort all that out when I’m working on my creative project, I know that thanks to my ‘Inbox’ list I will sort it out later. It has really helped me to stay in the flow.

    I also use a few ‘contexts’ which he talks about in his book (a task can belong to both a project like “kitchen renovation” and also to a context. This is about grouping tasks together that you can easily do in a batch cause they can be done at the same location, with the same tool or in the same mood for example.)

    Lately I have noticed though that there are parts of his system that don’t work for me at all. In ‘GTD’ the idea is that you only put tasks on your calendar that are utterly utterly (if they don’t get done the world will end-) due. Other than that you should just put them in ‘next action’ lists, meaning stuff you will do asap whenever you have the time. I’ve tried to make this system work for me for a long time, but these ‘next action’ lists just kept feeling like never ending open loops to me. It has been really freeing to realize that my mind simply just doesn’t work that way and that I just really like to schedule stuff.

    A lot of elements of the GTD method really work well for me (the Inbox list, Someday list, grouping tasks together in projects) but what has made me most productive is just scheduling EVERYTHING on my calendar. I use colored calendars for appointments with other people and a light grey color for the ‘appointments’ I have with myself; morning routine, focus blocks for creative work, timeslots for checking email & social media. I feel so much more in control of my day now.

    Life happens when you’re making other plans, of course, but it’s quite easy to just drag and drop these agreements with myself to other time slots or days if I really really have to 🙂

    Thanks for this episode. Idd it is very important to learn what works for YOU. I’m a bit of a GTD-er and a bit of a planner. This combination I’ve found really seems to work. And yes I’m gonna get my ass to the gym again this week!

  142. Typically this is my morning routine:
    1. Nurse my baby
    2. Exercise with a youtube workout video (depending on what I feel like that day)
    3. Get showered and ready for the day
    4. Breakfast
    5. Put away dishes from the night before
    6. Make bed
    7. Each day I have a chore that I do, today was clean my bathroom

    Morning routine is so important for me. If I don’t get it done, I have a hard time the rest of the day being productive!

    • Natalie,
      This morning routine is almost identical to mine!
      The only difference is that for 1. I take my dog out to play. 🙂
      I feel the same way about the morning routine and I set it up so that I really look forward to it!

  143. Great advice! I’ve been getting a lot done – art, yoga, teaching, parenting.. whew! I get up before everyone to have a morning routine that includes meditation and some gentle yoga. I believe that everyone could benefit from this and am working on a Daily Practice program! So, rock on, Marie! Thanks for the good advice.

  144. I’m already very organised, almost anal about it but not sure if I’m a RPP yet!
    I discovered Time Management International about 20 years ago (gulp was it THAT long ago?) and still follow it despite having ditched my filofax for an electronic PDA.
    The #1 thing I took away was, if you have a million things to do in your head, it makes you FLAPSI-HAPSI. Love that word. So having a system and writing things down as they pop into your head, allows you to free up a LOT of brain power.
    I give all my work tasks a unique number, and use the number in the subject of emails which makes it a doddle to search for old emails on the topic.
    I have a To Do list (electronic) so I can prioritise the list e.g.
    1. 11/20 2.1.8
    2. 11/20 6.1.3
    3 .11/21 1.1.14

    (Yes, I get to know some of my numbered tasks so well that I don’t have to write the description down on the list!)
    Regular tasks are put into my electronic diary, and I have an electronic shopping list that I can update as things pop into my head.

    So I am free to think about one thing at a time and give it all my concentration.

    Hope this helps someone!!

    • Wow, Elle!
      The scientist in me loves this system.
      Now to figure out how to implement it!
      Heidi 🙂

  145. Marie,

    Great video. This is very timely, like a message from God!

    I am finishing up my website, writing two books and a blog. Time is on my side, yes it is. When I fight with time, I wake up sweating in the middle of the night and end up writing at 3:00 in the morning.

    When I blow off my meditation it blows my day off too. I also loved your tweet, as the key is what is important. As an entrepreneur everything can appear important.

    Yes your hair does look lovely.

    Manic in the Mojave…..

    Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

  146. I’m practising reiki everyday before i put a feet on the ground, it help me reconnect to my body and inspiration.
    A daily to do list when i get many stuff on the fire ( i’ve got also a big to do list for my project and i check up sometimes to see what happened and most of the time i’ve good surprise that projects come to life with no pressure)

  147. Oliver


    For the moment, out of the four good methods to become a RPP,

    “Making friends with time” is having the biggest impact.

  148. Time management is something that I have struggled with….well….always! I have just recently gotten a better handle on it and blogged about my top 5 tips.

    My fave tip of the 4 you’ve given today is having a “morning routine.” I have certain things that I get done every day BEFORE I get into anything else because if I don’t, I often get distracted or have the “don’t feel like it’s” as the day goes on.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I liked your list and posted a comment on your blog post.
      Heidi 🙂

  149. As well as David Allen’s GTD I’d add in Steve Chandler’s Time Warrior. With Marie’s advice added in you really have no excuses!!! Time Warrior takes procrastination out of the equation and GTD’s best tip for me was if you can do it in less than 2 minutes just do it. I have a 2 minute blitz at least twice a day!
    Thanks for the workout reminder… rather than work out I call them play-ins!

  150. Marie! I just wrote a blog post about daily exercise, brain health, and how the successful people of this world exercise EVERY DAY despite having the same number of hours in the day as us all e.g. the Obamas and Richard Branson, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott …

    Maybe I should add Marie Forleo’ to the list !!

  151. I just started reading David Allen’s book last week and it’s blowing my mind! I realized that I’ve been putting whole projects on my to-do list instead of individual actions, so when I look at the list it feels completely overwhelming, like, where the hell do I get started???

    I agree that working out is a total productivity booster. I’ve realized that when I take time to take care of myself I get a whole lot more done in way less time.

    PS Your hair looks awesome Marie!

  152. Don’t blow myself off. I have been balancing a bridge job as I start up my business, and finished the job 19 days ago…now it’s all bidness and it thrills me.

    My kung-fu skills: daily meditation and energy moving right when I wake up (totally non-negotiable and everyone from 3 to 70 knows this), clean eating and giving time for my body to rest from toxins so I can pipe in the messages clearly from the universe and my mind and apply them to my business, ultra-distance trail running (my heart needs way more exercise than my head, but the distance definitely kicks me into creative and inspired mode, however sometimes I can only run 3 miles because of time and I’ll take it) balanced with yoga, and a lot of time for love and play and fun (non-negotiable).

    Thanks, as always, Marie. Stoked for Spark.
    XO, Rebecca

  153. Marie, I am going to WORK OUT!!! and I am also going to continue to not blow myself off! Wooohooo! Do what’s in my calendar and continue CREATING my greatest life! Wooohoo~!


  154. Kari

    Hi Marie,

    I am a pretty productive person- I’ve read Get Things Done and I really liked it. I’ve kind of cobbled together many ideas that move me forward over the years. I have quite a lot of responsibility at work, I write songs, I’ve got 2 young children, a dog and a wonderful husband- who happens to work away from home about 6 months a year- so it’s a full plate! But what I come back to every day is my relationships- I ask myself who I am serving right now- if it’s a work day, or a day with my daughter, or an afternoon of creative time- I identify what my top 1-3 items are and how I’ll get these done- and honour my relationship/ be of service to that person. It feels really good to work this way I find- to meet my obligations and be of service in the work I choose is very rewarding and leads to a lot of great opportunities! Also, good relationships because my people trust me.

    It seems like I’d never be able to get anywhere just doing 1 or 2 little things every day- but at the end of the year I always look at my BIG lists of goals and it amazes me to see them ticked off, one by one. When I see one sticking out undone I ask- is this a real priority to me? is this something I’m scared of? I keep these ones on the list until I sort out what that means for me- and either experience it, or chuck it!

    At the core of this is my relationship with myself- cause you know- if mama ain’t happy- ain’t NOBODY HAPPY. So I have a routine of health, exercise, eating and sleep that is non- negotiable (in a flexible way:)


  155. I definitely resonate with your advice of working out regularly. Up until about a month ago, I used to a vigorous work out about 4 times a week. However, once I moved to a new apartment far away from my local gym, my workout routine fell flat. I noticed a physical, mental, and emotional regression during those three weeks of inactivity. I am just starting to get back into my routine by doing what I can at home, and I am already seeing and (more importantly) feeling the benefits. Marie-you hit the nail on the head. Working out really does help your body be more productive!

  156. Hey Marie, love this video, great guidance, thanks.
    I think as women (and especially mothers) we tend to trade in tiredness and lack of time. It’s almost like if we complain of being tired it’s justification that we’ve done something important…and terribly self-defeating. Same with the complaint of being sooo busy, like that’s proof that we have important stuff to take care of.
    I decided to bust these ones some time ago. I refuse to use tiredness as a stamp of worthiness…actually it’s more about me not taking care of me…don’t want to be proud of that…
    and I want to make a point of not being so ‘busy’ that I miss out on the important stuff.
    Oh, and exercise is my biggest commitment to me and of course my productivity. Don’t EVER want to miss my zumba class…or my daily walks with my dog (that’s my true meditation and time of prayer…). Thanks Marie, as inspiring as always!

  157. ruth

    I think the song numbers are becoming my highlight!!

  158. Thanks for a great video, Marie.
    Loving your hair!
    My morning routing consists of a morning jog/walk and EFT session to start the day on the right foot. I then return home, have a shower and breakfast and then start the day refreshed and clear headed.
    I recently wrote a post about the power of commitment through change, and what you can do right now so that you can be empowered to create a change in your life. It’s simple and really powerful.
    With love
    Ana x

  159. Love it! As co-creator of (a productivity app for female entrepreneurs), I have tons of great productivity secrets!
    One tip is they plan. That plan becomes a blueprint or a road map for the projects and activities they need to focus on. That plan helps them prioritize on the critical action steps to help them get things done. That plan ultimately helps the achieve their vision.

  160. As a time management coach I was so thrilled to watch this video. It re enforced that I am on the right track.
    My non negotiable is going to the gym each and every morning followed by a hemp protein shake. I also keep track of my things to do however I do sometimes get sidetracked with doing the right thing at the right time.
    I feel like my days fly by. Do I try and pack to much into them? You bet.

  161. Oy – #4. Not Blowing Myself Off. That one could use some work.

  162. damn, your hair looks great in this one Marie! Even better than usual!
    Love you!

  163. Steve Szubert

    Marie, there is a worrying level of violence creeping into your videos.

    I read David Allen’s book over a weekend, many years ago. Over that weekend, I organised myself and caught up with a ton of things that were never getting done. And I’ve been on top of things most of the time ever since. It’s a great book.

    One of the best things about it is its freedom from rules. It shows you how to make your own rules and build a system that suits you. Rather similar to what Marie says.

    Marie, I think you and David Allen would get along fine together. You can put your boxing gloves away.

  164. Anesa

    I wake up feeling grateful for everything and smile at my boyfriend
    My day starts with ESPRESSO
    Then either glass of cayenne and lemon or green juice
    Meditation or 30 minute walk in the park staring at trees

    I find myself most productive when I have exercised/danced. I also go to guided meditations and chanting which keeps me focused and balanced.

    I make someone feel good at least once a day. Either in email, text, a phone call or in person.

    I am most productive when I am working on about two major actions for the day. Everything else can wait.

    Thanks for a great video Marie! You make me laugh – which is something I do as much as I can.

  165. I’v found that chopping my morning routine and sprinkling it throughout the rest of the days is best for me.

    I work out in the late afternoons when my brain is fried LOL, in the morning when my brain is fresh and rested I do my most creative or thinking tasks.

  166. There are certain things I hate doing. I put them with a big star on my to do list. That way I have to do them first!

  167. Valerie Juarez

    I have subscribed to your emails for a couple of months now and haven’t really stopped to watch the videos. I am glad I finally did today, especially as I am at such a transitional stage of my own life. I appreciated the info and am excited to get my morning routine in check!

  168. Working out is the biggest challenge for me. Kind of funny considering I work in yoga! It’s always last on my to-do list though and I’m the kind of person that has to really force myself into it even though I know all the benefits and KNOW I will feel loads better afterwards.

    My one non-negotiable in the morning is meditating. It’s like my cup of coffee.. if I dont do it, the whole day feels off!

    Thanks for a great video! xx

  169. Erin

    My productivity secrets are the same as my mental health secrets. The main ones are…
    Meditate daily
    Practice Yoga regularly
    Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday
    Do a weekly dance “cleanse” to shake off excess or icky energy
    The rest are here:

    Thanks Marie, this was a great episode. I loved all the funny side bits.


  170. Ann

    Exercise! This may be one of the best decision I made.
    It makes me more productive, I feel fresh and I feel that my brain was fully fueled and functioning well!

    Thanks Marie!

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle yeah!

  171. OMGosh! I LOVE you!! LOL…You are too adorable & funny! Love this blog! I would say that I’m suffering from all four. I’m proud that I am a lot further in my goals than say, January 2012. But I could be so much further if I would focus and not blow myself off. I do workout 3 days per week, but it is during my lunch hour…I’m thinking about switching it up and doing my workouts in the morning before I begin my day. But I definitely blow myself off often and put everyone before me. Going to take a look around your site…I’m working on 2 business concepts and could use your help on one of them.

  172. You are right, Marie, different productivity systems work for different people. Personally I read the full book Getting Things Done by Allen years ago and I did try it but had some trouble. So I switched to Zen To Done system by Leo Babauta instead and found it more suitable for me. Now I combine ZTD and your productivity strategies (that I learn from MarieTV and esp. Bschool) for my daily life. This is magic!

    I love your tip today about the morning routine. Basically I’m gonna make these my non-negotiable routine in the morning:
    – Yoga
    – Writing (blog)
    – Reading books
    I think this goes along well with the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkamp. Actually I’ve been reading it but stopped for a while. After watching this episode I decide that I’ll spend time finishing that book.

    Thank you Marie as always, you always bring insight and fun and joy to us in every episode!

  173. Great thoughts. Yes, working out regularly is key – but it’s helpful to remember that going for a walk outside every day is every bit as helpful as going to the gym/working out in a class. And as you point out, the MOST important thing is to work from your heartfelt values. If it isn’t important to you, it isn’t gonna happen. Good work!

  174. Diana

    Must say that exercise is both the tool and sometimes the enemy of my productive states! I feel better, more confident, focus, and have this goody-goody secret to keep to myself (I got up at sunrise, yo!). Yet it’s a challenge EVERY day to get up, though I KNOW how good it is for me. And so, that’s becoming my non-negotiable morning routine commitment…getting up early and working out. I’ll add other items onto that list later 🙂 I’ve proven the results to myself in the past, and so it’s going to be my result-driver starting tomorrow.

  175. Great episode, Marie. I just recently learned the idea of making friends with time too. In fact, actor Stephen Fry was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts recently (Dinner Party Download) and talked about time being elastic (in response to a question about how he got so much done). It’s so true…on the days that I have a loose schedule but stay slightly unattached to/more relaxed about it, stuff just gets done!

    Also, I’m a big fan of having a morning practice (and of exercise, which is often part of my morning practice too). Just wrote about it recently, if anyone needs ideas for how to get started and what to do:

    Thanks again. Great reminder that I’m on the right track with this self care stuff! 😉

  176. What a fantastic episode Marie!

    I’m a really productive person, but have been feeling drained and unfocused lately…..which has led to less productivity these past few weeks.

    As I was watching your episode, I realized I have been sitting much more than I used to and really only get sweaty twice per week. My alarm’s set for 5:15 tomorrow morning so I can start me new official “morning routine.” It’s going to include:

    – workout – cardio or head to the Pilates studio (Body Harmonics in Toronto!)
    – brain training – lumosity
    – kitchen time to make healthy food for lunch + diner
    – me time to review my daily plans, journal and get focused

  177. Tanya

    I’m sorry, Marie – I was uber distracted by your great hair day. Could you repeat all that?

  178. Thanks and enjoy all your Q&A tips as well as learning all these as I continue to be more successful in business. There is one question that I would love to know! Your hair is absolutely beautiful and bouncy in this video with I might add simply amazing color…What is your secret? 🙂

  179. I sense that I betta work b*tch *workout*
    Revving up my metabolism makes me feel less groggy, more in my body, better about my body and myself therefore I am sure its going to be the best item to activate me to start being an RPP.
    Will make my focus sharper, mood brighter and my income producing activity completed faster!
    Whooo hoo! xo nitey nite

  180. Naomi

    Hi Marie,
    Great advice that i need to put into practice, all 4 tips in fact. Especially developing a routine and working out. Thank you for the videos, i look forward to them. I feel like each topic was conceived with me in mind. They’re so on point with how I’m feeling and the ways I need to improve. Also, I so co-sign Melissa’s compliment on your hair, i love the highlights, you look amazing!

  181. Nicole Pettis

    Holy comments batman!!! But it’s good to see such inspiring & positive words of wisdom and helpfulness.

    Definitely needed this video today! I’m horrible at time management in the morning & I want to change, however I hate routine. Hate it with a passion. I like to be a free spirit when I can, because the rest of the time my time is not my own. So how does one fall in love with routine?

    I guess I do have a routine in the morning already. Although it’s not a very productive one. I’m a night owl, so I don’t go to bed early, which means I get up late, then I run around in a hurry to get ready, guzzle coffee, get my toddler up, get him ready in a hurry to head out the door 15 min late, which means I get to the sitters late & I get to work late. And then my day is crazy @ work…only to get home late to cook dinner late & do whatever else I have to do & then get to bed late again…vicious circle. One I am tired of, but it seems to be the one thing in my life I’m having trouble changing..

    So, I guess I need to grow up in this area & suck it up & be an adult & create a positive routine for myself & my son:)

    Thanks Marie!!! I truly love your videos! They are always inspiring:)

  182. I personally LOVE CHALENE JOHNSON’S methods.

    Her influence is so powerful and her RIDICULOUSLY FREE 30 day challenge is awesome.

    Seriously, check it out:

    Hey, I gotta recommend the stuff I love and the stuff that’s changed my life.

    <3 Nadia

  183. LOVE this one, Marie! Thank you – I do have trouble being as productive as I’d like to be and all 4 of these are going to be really helpful for me.

    P.S. Hot hair!

  184. Great episode! My one secret to GTD? Presence! Being in the moment really helps!

  185. We are in the process of a big life shift (moving from London to a nomadic life) so I’m trying to come up with a sustainable morning routine that I can do from anywhere. I think I want it to look like this…

    //No email or internet until after the routine is done
    //Workout (DDP Yoga or Kickboxing)
    //Meditation (Headspace)
    //Delicious & Nutritious Breakfast
    //Get Ready

    The funny thing is that one of the first things I have my clients do is setup a morning routine but since my business is so new I feel obligated to check email and all of that fun stuff before focusing on myself. This video was a great reminder to be my own best client. Thanks Marie!

    • “This video was a great reminder to be my own best client.”

      That’s a great reminder, I have such strong temptation to just grab my phone and check my emails and messages the first thing I wake up in the morning.

  186. Cesia

    Love this episode! developing a routine for yourself before you start on everything else was so enlightening to me. Since first thing I do is try to get things done but I always find myself overwhelm and discourage throughout the day. So, adding a routine for yourself will definitely make an impact.

  187. Mayan

    Loved the video! Agreed to all. Also I have found every time I procrastinate it feels like I am running out of time. But I am not I am just lying to myself and tell myself I would rather do this then that and for something I really don’t want to do it looks like I ran out of time. I am trying to be aware of it when it’s happening. And then I tell myself how it is, and get steer myself towards the action I am trying to avoid doing. And then I end up having time for all I need to do.

  188. Alright, I really love this video. In fact I love it so much I’m going to have to watch it again and jot down some notes!

    I think that for me the most important take away is #4. I tend to get distracted by *everything* so it’s easy to lose track of time. In fact everything everyone else needs seems to be so much higher on my priority list than anything I need to get done…hmmmm.

    When I am my most productive it’s because of #2. I have a whopping 4 hour morning routine that involves me doing everything from getting up to tidying parts of my home (eg personal stuff BEFORE work stuff). While it seems like a lot, and really it isn’t that much since it’s mostly maintenance, it ensures that my surroundings are conducive to productivity. Getting things done is much easier (for me) when I’m not frumping about the house!

  189. I always watch your videos on the cross trainer at the gym, so I nearly fell off it laughing this morning when I watched this episode!

    When I first launched by online biz I neglected my workouts because NOTHING seemed as important as my work and I wanted to do it ALL OF THE TIME. You are so right to point out that exercise is actually a big part of the same picture. I get some of my best inspiration during a workout. (Especially watching your vids!)

    My number one tip Productivity tip is to prioritise my to-to’s using a Magic Matrix – and then Designing My Day by identifying my 3 MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) and doing those FIRST. (I’ve created printable Action Sheets on my site for anyone who wants them!)

  190. Hi Marie!

    Such an awesome video as per usual. Great morning entertainment!

    I used an app called Trello. It’s FREE and easy to use. You can create different “Boards” … so I use it to manage multiple projects, workstreams etc. In fashion, I might be managing several things at once… the development of a new design (which has 10-15 main steps), or photoshoot… or even financial accounting reminders. Everything goes in Trello and then you can swipe it over to the done column and feel all productive and stuff when you’ve completed it.

    Highly recommend it.

    Oh, and also, blocking out time. No TV, DND on the phones.. block out an hour or two every day for undisturbed task management!

  191. love all your videos , this one was one of my favorite. Thank you for always giving such good insight to things.

  192. I like to pump myself up in the morning by reading a chapter of a fun book (not a work, improvement book) maybe even a prayer book or listening to my favorite new dance song.

    I also review my vision board in the morning. Brings my vibes up for everyone around me 🙂

  193. I won’t say I’m always 100% productive (e-mail side track is my #1 time-waster) but if I look back over the last year, I have to say I’ve gotten a ton of stuff accomplished. And pretty big accomplishments at that, for example, finished off a Yoga & Ayurveda Specialist course, went to BSchool (loved it-and still do!), created a comprehensive program to teach people how to bring deep relaxation and self-care into their lives on a daily basis, wrote a 148 page guide book to go with it, learned how to use a bunch of production software, then, created 6 videos, 5 CDs and 9 audio files to support the program I created. Plus managed by business, worked part-time and mothered (a teenager…). So, this is not to toot my own horn. It’s to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been as productive in my life and here’s the 3 things that I believe have allowed me to do all this stuff without completely depleting my energy.
    1. A morning routine of gentle yoga including breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation OR just Yoga Nidra-a deeply restorative guided meditation process that allows you to plant intentions in a receptive mind and then have enough energy to get things done. I highly, highly suggest trying Yoga Nidra if you haven’t (there’s a free sample practice on my site
    2. Either run, cycle or walk for 20-30 mins (nothing huge-just regular)
    3. Thank my lucky stars for the blessings I have in my life even when I feel bummed out about something

    I look forward to reading more about other people’s life savers.

  194. Yea exercise! Totally agree with this although I may be a little biased since I’m in the fit biz. I love helping my clients realize all the life benefits of fitness and I know I’m a real grump and unproductive when I don’t get my workout in. What’s important is that is doesn’t have to be an hour long workout to make a difference in your productivity or health. Even 10 min walks throughout the day can add up 🙂 Thanks Marie!

  195. I also love what you said about making time your friend. Same could be said about money! Many of these tips could be applied to respecting and honoring your bank account and opportunities to earn more money.

  196. Awesome hair day.

  197. Ok now that I’ve watched the video I have a real comment to make (other than my declaration of love for your hair).

    I am so eager to create a morning routine. When I think about my life I look at what I want it to look like and why I want it to look like that. I want to feel centered and healthy, be present with my life and the people I love and also be really successful. Because of this, I know that a morning routine would so add some good juju to help me receive those desires.

    I have used being a new mom for the past year as my excuse for not having a morning routine. I am ready to bust through that crappy limiting belief and begin my day with intention. I would love for my morning routine to include these things:

    1. Prayer and Meditation
    2. Working Out
    3. Playing with my son and chatting with my hubby

    Sounds similar to your routine. I have the willingness to change…now I just need to get my booty into action! I am so excited to implement some awesome new things into my growing business and I know this will help to anchor me down into what’s really important to me: my family, my serenity and my health.

  198. I sincerely thank you for this fun and informative video. It came at the perfect time, as I would have to say that I dance between being an RPP and then going back and forth with the “time isssss on my side” to “what a blessing it would be to have more hours in a day.” My favorite reminder, that I definitely needed to hear to relight my fire is “make my morning routine NON-NEGOTIABLE.” I have a wonderful and healthy morning routine: wake up meditate/pray, japanese water therapy session, yoga/workout or a hike, juice and smoothie, and then get ready for the day. As much as I love my routine, sometimes out of fear of not having enough time, I skip my routine. So all in all, moving forward, I will now make my morning routine non-negotiable. Thank you Marie for the great information, and the silly laughs. 🙂

  199. Tony

    Thanks for the video. I am in transition from my day job to my dream of being a writer. Other than the morning routine, I am pretty much on point with everything. But, it never hurts to hear encourangement and reinforcement from others. Thanks!

  200. Jessica

    Yet another reason for physical activity! The word workout to me seems like such an obligation so I use physical activity which gives me permission to get creative!! My morning routine involves breathing, stretching and meditating on my mat followed by a warm glass of water. I am thankful for an open schedule where I have plenty of space to gracefully take care of myself!

  201. Great video, Marie! (and I agree with the others, you have great hair too 🙂

    I’m a recovering night owl and I tend to get lots done at late night hours, but I’m working on revamping my morning routine to be more productive during the daylight hours instead:-) Thanks again!

  202. Lucy Caney

    Trello, Trello, Trello,com!! This is the best list making software I have found, it’s super easy and fun to use.

    You can create different lists, or as they call it in Trello ‘boards’, for different subjects, like Admin, Health, Business, Marketing etc.

    You can also have separate specific projects, like Book Launch, or Digital Marketing Campaign, or Thailand Holiday, and invite people to also use the same list, and email directly within Trello to capture and progress.

    That old adage of having what’s important in front of you stays front of mind, really comes to life with Trello.

    There is a good link on YouTube for a run through of Trello, I totally recommend it to help get stuff done and quickly.

  203. Okay I went over this twice, and I got non-neg. morning routine, work out, don’t blow themselves off – what was the fourth?? For me I would add eating breakfast – that is a big key and the routine would help me so much. Thanks – just found your site and love it.

  204. I totally love the tip about not making time an adversary. Thank you! Time is on my side. We are now best friends! 🙂

  205. I remember crying when my favorite coach told me I should start making lists, “If I had time to make a list, I would not be crying right now!”

    I knew how to make lists and felt uber-insulted that he implied I needed to know that info.

    I thought about it awhile and realized that anything I did not have time to do, I always delegated, SO, why not delegate the list writing?!

    Which is what I did. I dictated the list to whomever I could grab to follow me around while I thought out loud.

    Problem SOLVED! 🙂

  206. LOVE this – not sure if I love the info or your hair more! In working with my business coach – he used the term ‘rituals’ which I really like a lot. Rituals to me feel ‘sacred’ where the routine brings up boredom. Can anyone relate? So I start with a Deepak Meditation, reading my declarations, reading my Around the Year with Emmer Fox daily reading and then reading myCode of Conduct/Virtues List. For sure need to ramp up the work out side of things 🙂

  207. Another great tip about staying productive is simply to be able to focus on one thing at a time. I know that in today’s world where we are forced to multitask , like talking on the phone – while texting – while listening – to the radio -and while putting on lipstick. There’s been research done that, while people think they’re very good at multitasking in reality, then not doing service to any one of those tasks. So when you’re writing put all your mindfulness onto writing, when you’re speaking to a client bring all your attention into the conversation, when you making love make love with all your being 🙂 and you will see the kind of productivity improvement you will get.

  208. Marie – your hair looks amazing in this video! Kudos to your stylist! And ps I totally agree with you but it is so hard to do #4. Xo

  209. Lucy Caney

    I commented earlier about using Trello to make lists and keep track of projects – it’s amazing. And I just found this very useful post on

    The essence is to 3 things that are Most Important Tasks (MIT’s) for the day, and get them done first thing. One of these must be a task working towards your goal.

    That makes a lot of sense to me. I remember a friend years ago wanting to open his own cafe, and he said everyday he does one thing towards that goal. He opened a cafe in Paddinton, Sydney 2 years later and it blew his mind how successful it has been.

    Maybe chipping away gets the diamond not the rocks huh 🙂

  210. LOVE this Marie. Guess I have to get my butt into gear and start working out – is your workout DVD on iTunes yet? xx

  211. yes yes yes 100% mother-f’in yes.

    could not agree more. i preach & practice this myself. i am just about to launch a blog, but am first writing at least 3 months worth of posts – one of which is EXACTLY on this topic (which i swear was written before i read this post!). here’s a peek:

    “5 things a healthy person does before work”
    1. drink lemon water.
    and/or green juice or tea. aka start your day with hydration & health

    2. meditate.
    visualize, manifest, project, set an intention – whatever you want to call it. decide today is going to be an amazing, productive, fun day & see it in your mind before you even leave the house.

    3. MOVE.
    for me it’s yoga, for you it’s whatever is most fun & gets you energized

    4. schedule your life to-do’s.
    oh, that damn dry cleaning… keep a running life to-do list of what you need to accomplish for short & long term, then at the beginning of the week slot in tasks so that you never find yourself with “no time” for them. bigger projects might take longer to schedule in, but that’s ok, once the time is right you will remember to take care of it!

    5. eat breakfast (and pack a lunch!)
    start off the day with a good, healthy meal & bonus: make your lunch to save time, money & to ensure it was created with health in mind. not the 2PM mega-i-need-a-sugar-high-munchies because you have not eaten all day.

    xo, meredith

  212. Your videos are getting goofier and sillier and I am falling more and more in love.


  213. To get loads of things done i have learned from my fantastic mastermind-mentor Gry Sinding (who learned this from you Marie) that the main thing to be productive as hell is focusing on ONLY the things om “My top 10 projects of the year-list”.

    And say “NO” tho the things that is not on my “Top 10 list”.

  214. Mer

    I have that workout video! It was my intro to Marie! “Watch out Beyonce!”

  215. Marie,

    I love this video and all of the other ones you post! Your tips were dead-on in this video, so simple but so well said. I also like to make a list at the end of thday that kicks off my list for the following day. Its so easy to get distracted by emails at the top of the inbox you can forget the important items from the day before.

    Also, you said you love workout videos. us too!! Our team at publishes a wellness site for young women. We have produced FREE, HD organic fitness workout videos: 30 minute videos, you can do anytime, anywhere ,using your own body weight and your own breath. that’s it– no $$, to trainer, just you and a video. they are so high quality. I hope you enjoy as much as we do!

    thx for your work!

  216. Melissa

    WOW! talk about divine timing. I needed this. I need to make friends with time! I am so guilty of trash talking time all the time. I also need to get my groove on and work out! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the very entertaining reminders!

  217. Thank you for giving me some great reminders to ensure I have structure in each and every day. Making time for a morning routine and to work out are an important priority I should ensure I don’t skip in the pressure of the day ahead.

  218. Erica

    Hair tutorial.. please!! 🙂 You look fantastic!

  219. LisaR.

    Love your new hairstyle, Marie – you look fabulous!
    Working out early morning is a priority for me. Also eating protein-packed breakfast helps me to stay focused during my workday. Thanks for sharing these great tips…I don’t usually comment but I watch you every Tuesday. Happy Holidays! : )

  220. Marie, this is one of your best episodes yet–SO much good stuff! (And, yeah, your hair is completely amazing!)

    “Making friends with time” is the greatest advice and so well-said. My business partner and I have been making day planners for 15 years ( The one thing we’ve found to be true, from talking so many customers over the years, is that every single person has their own unique way of doing things–so find a “system” that works for you and stick to it.

    It’s great to read the experts’ tips but, in the end, do whatever fits in to your lifestyle and priorities (which change depending on life-stage, business maturity, etc–so be flexible and be kind to yourself). The important thing is to “just do it” (haha, Nike reference!).

    Of course, I am biased but I do think that writing things down and making “appointments” with yourself to get schedule when you’re going to get things done really helps. 😉 It makes it easier to keep your commitments to yourself…and only you know what those are.

    Thanks for being awesome, Marie–you rock!

  221. Hemali

    Many of your videos are funny! I like that. Keep that up.

  222. I used to hate exercise until I noticed that all the successful people I admired, exercised. I put two and two together, tested my theory and it’s true, exercise breeds success. So now my mantra is “self-care first”. Before I open my Macbook and the entire day is gone before I’ve done anything else!

    • Karen

      I still hate exercise but I would like to learn not to. Are we talking about cardio here or weights or what? Thanks!

  223. Dora G

    I’m always so tired after I work out :(. I tried working out in a guy, jogging, swimming, zumba, yoga and even crossfit, no matter what I always feel like taking a good nap after a workout! Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with me?

    • Hi Dora!
      It’s perfectly normal to be feeling tired after your workouts. While you are exercising to get fit, during that process your burning up the nutrients that fuel your body.
      Are you having any post recovery shakes or meals?
      Depending on what kind of workout your doing, you generally are burning carbs as fuel as your workout. After your workout your body needs hydration, electrolytes, potassium, protein, and carbs; at this point you need a nutrient-rich meal or shake to help you recover.

      My suggestion is:
      -Coconut water for hydration and electrolytes
      -Turkey (or some sort of source of protein like fish or a protein shake) and veggies and brown rice or quinoa.

      Hope that helps.

  224. Great post, Marie! I know that I have a morning ritual, but things definitely work a lot better when I stick to it, so I need to make it more non-negotiable. When things are running on all cylinders, I wake up, walk the dog (not my preferred morning activity, but absolutely necessary 😉 ), write Morning Pages, go for a run, and then do the Golden Hour reading as described by Brian Tracy. When I do this, everything else just seems to work a lot better for the rest of the day.

  225. I totally thought she was going to dive into “You down with RPP? Yeah you know me!”

    Great video as always, Marie! xoxo

  226. Val

    Great video! Thanks.

  227. Hi everyone!
    Marie is right! I am a Productivity Expert and Coach and the first thing I ask new clients is are you working out and if they say “no” that is the first thing we schedule in.
    David Allen’s book has some great techniques, however with technology changing so fast it can seem a little outdated.

  228. Great shortlist!! I do have a morning ritual, exercise daily dancing and horse riding (so it doesn’t feel like exercise!), and know what’s important (though I occasionally indulge in a pouty, nothing’s important but being slave to no one today – even me!) I have a reputation for getting things done, and agree that I accomplish lots. So my secret? Keep bouncing between getting things done and recognizing what’s important – aka spend some time on tactics, and some on strategy. This little dance assures what I’m doing will produce what’s a priority, while allowing for such to shift.

  229. Love this.
    I’ve found that my morning routine is what really gets me centered. I normally start off with a prayer of thanks, meditate using’s guided meditation app (best app I’ve ever purchased), eat breakfast, do some personal development, and exercise.

    The personal development and exercise I’m pretty flexible with, but I know I need those moments to really connect and get grounded.

  230. Karin

    I schedule things in order of priority, but not to the point of jamming every waking hour, and I do not commit to more than I can comfortably give. I leave some free time so I can tend to things that all of a sudden come up, like my kids needing my help, and I refrain myself from a lot of things that are time wasters (like spending more than half an hour on social sites or email or watching more than 2 hours of tv every day). I’ve come up with kind ways to say no to friends, school, church functions, and even family members. For example, if I’m exhausted and in the middle of some winding down time and my kids want me to do something they can do by themselves, I explain how I feel and lovingly say I need that time to wind down. If I’m already volunteering for church, for example, I won’t volunteer for school, as sad as that makes me. I’ve noticed that I have to play with my time as if it were a game of chess-very strategically. Giving up my time without thinking gets me so stressed that it puts me at risk of exploding at those who matter most (and losing). When I do contribute my time, I do it with more energy and goodwill, and I feel like a winner because I have not allowed others to impose their needs on me.

  231. LOVED this one! Marie – what are your favorite workout DVD’s?? I’ve done P90x and Insanity and am wanting something new. Thanks!!

  232. It’s been a long time since I’ve commented and I have to say I lmao today and really appreciated the flashback to your workout dvd and the mantras on the treadmill! I don’t know where I’d be without my workouts…oh wait, on the couch or lying in savasana. Kidding. Kind of.
    I have a natural tendency towards being active, and every day I fit in that special and nourishing “me time.” Whether it’s 10, 20, 90 minutes doesn’t matter, it’s what I need to regroup, reconnect and balance myself in order to tackle the world and help others. I find It only becomes overwhelming when I don’t make time for myself. So every morning as best I can I have a routine, much like you! Sit and meditate, or do a mini yoga sequence, listen to music, read and sip tea or coffee or even go for a 15 minute walk if it’s not below 20 degrees outside! ;). The “nourish yourself” is such a key element to feeling grounded, focused and capable of being organized. If it’s not in the morning, it’s at some point in the day or even night! I need to check out these books! Thank you, as always for the laughs and wisdom!

  233. David Allen’s techniques have really helped me. Especially for taming my email in-box. I use the techniques both and home and at work. I really love when something I learned at work can be translated to home.

  234. Ashley

    Washing the dishes in the morning while my oatmeal is cooking helps my brain wake up. It also gives me more time in the evening cause I don’t have to worry about the dishes.

  235. Ashley

    (I should add I’m completing 2 years of university in 1 and work otherwise I’d prob just wash em after each meal lol)

  236. Your videos are so flipping hilarious AND useful. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in and I am so glad I did! As ususal, you completely rock the content and the context. You are brilliant!

  237. CLAIRE

    I love the “non-negotiable” part. I blow off so many important things, including exercise and other commitments to myself. This is the second time I’ve heard the term “non-negotiable” today so I’m thinking the universe is trying to tell me something. Room for improvement in 2014. xo

  238. Love this! Great content. I get up at 4:30 am and run 4-5 days during the week and at 6 am on the weekends. I have found on the days I actually do run I am 10x more productive, creative and energetic. There are days when crawling out of bed at 4:30 am to run 6 miles is a real struggle, but I always feel amazing afterwards. The days I sleep in are usually the days my energy lags most. 🙂

  239. Nina

    Fantastic tips. Thanks! I know I need to work on all 4 of them.

    Lately I’ve been feeling the importance of creating a consistent morning routine to set the tone for my day. I’m an entrepreneur, so I find it difficult to hold myself accountable since I don’t have a boss to get into trouble with if I don’t get to work on time. Sometimes it flows well, and other times I get distracted. I’m still working on finding the right fit of things for me to do when I first wake up.

    I’m finding it to be absolutely necessary to not look at my phone until my main tasks are complete. I’ve been integrating gratitude, meditation, stretching and green smoothie, all of which take about 1 hour total, and I try to get myself to stick to getting these things done before I touch my phone or computer.

    On the days I do this, I find things flow better.

  240. Dan

    I would recommend checking out for an online GTD manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  241. Great reminders. I have just started waking up before kid-to-school chaos and it feel like a treat. I could add something more self care oriented…will do. I am aware one of the thing that impacts my adversarial nature to time is when I havent said no to things I really dont want to do. I need to revisit my list!

  242. Kimberly

    Hi Marie,
    I absolutely LOVE your videos! They are so full of good ideas!
    Please tell me how you would create a schedule when you are up at 4am and is definitely too early for me to start working out. I really would like to utilize my schedule better. I get ready for work and then check emails. I am then checking emails constantly at work when I have breaks. I get home form work, I workout, do any cleaning that I want to get done and by that time, it is time to make supper or if I have a little time, I will check my emails. After supper, I do the dishes and shower and get stuff ready for work for the next day. I will then again, check my emails. I am trying so hard to not spend so much time checking emails. I feel like since they are there, I want to look at them so my inbox does not get overloaded or that I might miss something important.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks so much!

  243. CC

    Awww, I loved seeing Marie’s Crunch DVD. I miss taking your classes, one of the best workouts I ever had.

    I think the morning routine tip is one of my favorite tips, it helps put me in the right mindset for the whole day. As soon as I get up, I drink a glass of water (important to do something healthy first thing!). Then I meditate for 10 minutes and then follow it up with some stream of consciousness journaling (a little something I picked up from the The Artist’s Way). Lastly, I always try to make the bed. I’ve had the mantra “messy bed, messy head” on repeat for years.

  244. Hey Marie! LOVE all your videos! Definitely the last one would make me a RPP! I need to start prioritizing what I’m doing so I reach my goals and its never been stated so simply as what you said, just do anything that doesn’t match those goals after! Prioritize! Love it! You rock!

    Much Love & Light,

  245. The biggest deal for me will be not to blow myself off. I am awful at that but a close second is to make my morning routine non-negotiable. I work at all sorts of crazy hours but I want to have that in my life soooo badly. I am gonna take all of this to heart and give it my best yet again. Thank you for all the awesome insight!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooooooooooove!

  246. Marie, I’m so glad I put aside my project just to hear this Q&A today! Sometimes a redirect is all one needs to get themselves back on the productivity track. Morning routine that’s set in stone (or at least I think it is 🙂 will def get me started to knock out those projects I seem to avoid for some reason or other.

  247. Mary Annarella

    What works for me is a combination of some of Marie’s suggestions–I work out as part of my morning routine. My body feels great, and my mind feels great! So much focus!

  248. Tiana

    Hello Marie:)
    After watching your video-Follow-Through Habits For Serial Quitters, I started to trace your other episodes. I was glad that I could meet you occasionally on the website for learning English for Chinese people.
    The second tip of the four is which I think I should try my best to stick to it.
    Since I usually feel guilty to sleep in, I always get up early in the morning even on days off.
    However, I get up early and do NOTHING in the morning.
    I just prepare my breakfast and then sit on sofa like an coach potato.
    Although some of the channels I watch still useful to me, I just want every day of my life could be more meaningful and be on the schedule what I plan to do.
    Thanks for reminding me what RPP would do every day. I would keep doing so.

  249. Dear Marie, although I’m a huge fan of yours, always watching every single post or video or copy that you bring to light, I’ve never felt that touched, as I felt yesterday with this one. Really!

    You made a shift on my mind, girl! My day is already being quite different and I’m feeling a lot more productive. This ‘non negotiable’ point is gold to my life, I won’t feel frustrated anymore, or at least not everyday.

    I’m SOOO grateful and I had to share this! <3 <3 <3

    Love, love, love!

    Luciana – from a lovely sunny day in Brazil. =)

  250. I think making friends w time and Non-negotiable morning routine will have the biggest impact on my productivity!

  251. Jennifer

    I love the tip about sticking with your morning routine. That for me really is the most important one of all. Sometimes I get up half an hour early JUST to make sure I have enough time to listen to and really feel refreshed by some classical music, enjoy one cup of very strong black coffee, clean my kitchen so I have a spotless room to walk into at the end of my day, and then do some writing. If I don’t get to all of those before I leave the house, it feels like my day hasn’t started off right.

  252. Marie, Thanks for the video. I’m one of your enthusiastic B-School students and this is a GREAT tip (as usual). I’ve always put myself aside and did what anyone wanted from me until I realized that others put themselves into focus.
    A good productivity tip is also to have an evening routine. I usually write down what I need to do the next day. This makes me fall asleep much better because my mind is clear. Getting enough sleep is another good thing.

  253. Very good tips. I want to add more my opinion about this, that is always keep ourselves at good situation, have good feel (that is result of what we choose to do with, I recommend choose to do what we love and enjoy). Then with things we know it is important we decide accomplish it with highest energy that we have before. That is the way we can be friend with time and more as tips you said.
    Thank you!

  254. Hey Marie.

    These are great tips. I really need to get my butt off and do workout. I have no excuse now but to succeed!

    By the way, I love your videos. They helped me so much in my business and in my life. More power to you and your staff!

    Grow Stronger and Live Better,
    Niño of

  255. Rajat

    Marie is an angel for me. She handles all topics with equal ease and poise.

  256. Woweeee 🙂 I love my non negotiable morning routine, to make me more productive I am going to stop
    Blowing myself off 🙂 thank
    You Marie x

  257. I love these 4 tips, but the one that makes most sense for me is to create a regular routine in the morning. I’m planning to create a list of “must-do’s” each morning and keep them visible until they become habit.

  258. I’m going to start walking for an hour every day.

  259. Great video! I’m ashamed to say that I only currently do two of these things, need to up my game!

  260. Love you Marie. These tips are spot on. You look amazing and your energy is fantastic. For me the biggest challenge is differentiating between the U and I but this really helps me get clarity. I couldn’t agree more about the morning routine. My husband and I refer to it as the M4: Mindfulness/mission, Movement, Meditation, and Meal. I think we’re on the same track. How long does it take for you to make and produce one Q & A video?
    Congratulations on your success, it is so well deserved. Continued blessings to you and yours.

  261. Wow! This hit home today. I’m not much of a list maker but I wrote out my “to-do” list and accomplished everything AND went to the gym! Thanks!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Penni! 🙂

  262. Hi Marie,

    I’m excited about what you’ve shared in this episode because.. ta da… I do all of them and have been for years! Yeah, I have some success habits nailed. :))

    I will admit that I do drop my morning routine on occasion, by choice, and find that this actually works better for me. The first type of cases in which I drop my am routine are when I have to get going extra early – like for a flight.

    The second case is when I just really feel super bored with my routine, just do not want to do it. I find that, for me, if I allow myself to skip it on these rare occasions, that I’m refreshed to do it again the next day and I feel like I’ve given myself a bit of a treat. And I believe that if I force myself to do my routine on those ‘off’ days that I’ll start resenting the routine & get turned off it on a more long-term basis. So, for me, an occasional dose of ‘hooky’ makes my morning routine enjoyable long-term.

    As for exercise, like you, I’ve been a fitness & health junkie my whole life. I honestly cannot understand why so many people don’t do this! Why don’t people take care of themselves? It makes such a huge difference in your emotional state, energy levels, health and stress levels. I’m so grateful that I appreciate the importance of working out regularly.

    THanks again for this episode. It’s rewarding to find ways in which you’re on track for success.

    cheers, Lash

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s terrific, Lash! It’s always so great to recognize and celebrate the ways you’re already rocking it.

      I love your little dose of “hooky” – definitely helpful for keeping on track in the long term!

  263. Adam

    Very interesting!

  264. Jen

    Finding Time and routine have always been skills I’m pretty good at. Since starting my new business, I’ve really benefitted from this. I mix yoga with strength training and am working at eating healthy. All of that creates more energy for working on my offers.

  265. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for your insights.
    I appreciated the clear and concise 4 ways.
    I believe in all of those strategies
    and have found my morning routine to work wonders.

  266. Lora

    Thank you Marie! Another great Q & A day! I have a hard time getting going, because my morning is in the afternoon. My hubbie works swing shift and we are in “that mode”. You cured me! I’m missing exercise. I love to dance so it’s time to get up an,”boogie oogie oogie oogie till you can’t stop boogie no more”…yea I went there…Thanks!

  267. I’ve watched this a couple of times now, and agree with having a morning routine. I make sure I use my treadmill every morning before I take my daughter to Kindy, it clears my head and puts me in right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

  268. I loved this video! I have been on a long sick leave from work. Going back I find that the most important change since I was sick is that my new morning routine has to stay. This means I come a little bit later to work, but am far more productive, my body is happier and my mind is more quiet.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Vibeke, it’s wonderful to hear that you’re finding tremendous value in having your morning routine before work – those little habits and rituals can make such a big difference. I hope you’re feeling much better now, and keep rocking that morning routine! 😉

  269. I’ve watched this video a few times (is that productive or not!?) but I love the message. I’m also a BIG fan of the book Spark. Planning to start running again this week (after 4 years! yikes!) but will incorporate sprints into my routine. Also, a green juice to start the day is a must! Thanks Marie! Love what you’re doing!

  270. Deb

    Thank you for all the wonderful video’s Marie! I’m going to interview you one day. haha!

  271. Angela

    Love (and agree) with these! I do them except #3 even though l know it makes a difference. I detest workouts (and sweating) so I am not consistent. Any tips that will force me to be consistent ?

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      Angela, I think starting with something you love and easing into a regular routine is a great way to be consistent. Find something that you can’t wait to do and you’ll look forward to exercising!

      • Angela

        Thanks Kristin— ☺

  272. Dilara

    N-N morning I need 🙂 music is essential, and i should make myself happy 🙂

  273. Great tips, Marie! I walk my dog every day. Not an impressive workout but at least it’s something, right?

  274. Yes, yes, YES!! I was talking to a Client yesterday about taking care of something for him and he said that his assistant calls him “Squirrel!” because of his inability to focus. I sheepishly thought to myself, oh my goodness if you only knew, I’m just like that too! I’ve been already working on my tasty time chunks based on advice from another video by Marie about the importance of scheduling to get ready for B School….but the tidbits in this video were fantastic!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comment, Joy! I think it’s so easy to slip into “squirrel” mode (I know I do that from time to time), and we’re so happy to hear this episode was helpful!

  275. Hey Marie!

    Hope this addition is helpful; there are so many wonderful comments from fantastic entrepreneurs in your community that enrich us all every day!

    I am very productive, and people (clients, friends my hairdresser…) always ask me how do you get so much done? I have three answers: one: what you said, my morning routine is nonnegotiable unless I’m on call for emergency.
    two: I take commitments to myself as seriously as I do give you my word to someone else; and I don’t feel guilty for it.
    three: The only TV I watch, and I’m not kissing ass here, is Marie TV, Tony Robbins videos, Louise hay videos, and Marianne Williamson. Other than that I could even tell you what’s on “TV”.
    Love what your team produces always – Elena

  276. Wonderful! I have 3 categories, important things, midle important things, less important things.

  277. Love this video! I need to add exercise to my daily routine. I always think about it and hardly do it, with the exception of stretching. I’m making the commitment right now to walking my wonderful + beautiful dog Lily everyday. It’s going in my planner pad right now. This is perfect b/c I’m working on lesson 2 in follow through ORGANZIE! Thank you Marie for this video, laughter is the best cure for Everything!

  278. Falawn

    Definitely making my workout a priority is going to be my focus now. I can totally feel my focus increase when I do!

  279. SPARK is an amazing book. I already love to exercise and the benefits that go with it. But this book nails it!

  280. Nancy

    My morning routine is where I take time, to do my learning. I find it the most important 1 hour of the day. As well, I find that I book time to do things in 50-minute or 1 hour 20 intervals to allow for 10 minutes to transition between activities. I can fit time to answer text message, check for email, voicemail, return a call or make a cup of tea. It keeps me focused during the work time with minimal distractions.

  281. I love GTD. But, I think the most valuable insight I took away from the book was differentiating between a ‘project’ and a ‘task’ – and the task being the very next clear, actionable step. How many times have I sat down with my to-do list, going into a fog, when really it was the fact that I hadn’t identified the very next thing to do that felt overwhelming. That, and his question to every piece of paper, email etc, “What is this?” And then you know what to do with it. Our brains make so many short-cuts, we assume we know what we’re dealing with when we plan to do something.

  282. Dot

    Thanks for the great tips. I would consider myself to be pretty productive, but there is always room for improvement in our distraction filled world. I would say my most important tip as a RPP is to gain clarity on your most important desire (i.e. what do you really want to occur). When you are clear on your deepest desire then it becomes easier to prioritize tasks. Everything else either falls in line or is no longer relevant.

  283. This is soooo helpful!! I need to get my workouts done. I skip them way too much. Thank you so much for this! Also, time is a better friend than foe. Love that. You always give the very best, solid, actionable info. Way blown away by B School, by the way! It has far exceeded my expectations in the thoroughness you go over each module, the resources, the support and community, and the emails that you send to encourage us. I had very high expectations because of all the great things I’d heard and witnessed from colleagues, but seriously — way beyond what I’d thought. So much more. #Grateful #MindBlown

  284. I do 3 things of 4 things, so am I a productive person? The article is very interesting. Thanks!

  285. Marco

    For me one of the key aspects to a productive day is following through my morning routine, which includes exercise. It goes like this:
    6.30 – get up
    6.40 – 20 minutes of meditation
    7.10 – 10 minutes, exercises for my knees
    7.30 – 30 minutes of yoga
    8.00 shower, detox drink and green juice
    8.30 start working
    If I stick to it, the day goes very, very smoothly. When I don’t, it is very easy for me to get distracted or sidetracked. And one of the things that gives me most enrgy and focus is exercising in the morning.

  286. Okay, I’m Haven, and I’d completely forgotten that I’d asked this question until now. LOL!

    I decided to re-start B-School yesterday, November 20 (because the right time to learn something is the right time to learn something, you know), and this video was the last of four videos recommended after the second video for the “Follow Through Formula.” As I watched the beginning of the video, I thought, “Wait! did she say Haven? Oh, probably not. David Allen. Oh yeah, that book was very influential for me–I’m glad she’s mentioning it. Wait! That sounds exactly like a question I’d ask. This person seems to share my sense of humor. and shares my talent for extending a sentence into a long paragraph. Wait! Is that me?” and when you said my name a second time, I thought, “OMG! I forgot I asked that question and somehow missed that she actually answered it on Q&A Tuesday!” I got a great laugh out of it.

    But as I said before, the right time to learn something is the right time to learn something, and I was rather stunned as to how much these answers spoke to me. Yep, I really need to exercise, and that connection between productivity and exercise was precisely what I needed to hear, since I’m not getting any younger and could definitely be in better shape. I think I will check out that “Spark!” book because part of me has always hated exercise even though I know it’s good for me. Yes, that was me subconsciously projecting the cricket noises when you brought up exercise.

    While I instinctively knew the value of mixing and matching time management techniques, I still needed to hear it, because a part of me was asking, “Am I doing David’s GTD wrong? Or am I doing Marie’s practice wrong?” (I think I”ve watched too many “You’re doing it wrong” life hack videos.)

    I absolutely love the idea of a morning routine, and am going to implement that. I know that when I have a good morning routine, I start the day feeling refreshed. And now, I will channel Mick Jagger like you and your associates did whenever I find myself complaining about time. (Kicking that alarm clock had to have been quite painful to the toes.)

    So thank you, thank you, thank you for answering that question. I won’t say, “Get out of my head!” because somehow you have mysteriously touched on precisely what I needed to hear right now. Like I said, it’s been a struggle for more than 20 years, and while I’ve made progress, this now seems to be the right time to take the next step. Thanks for all you do, Marie!

  287. Great video. Very helpful. All four tips is of great value to me. I have always told myself to do a morning routine but always sleep in and its too late as I end up rushing to get my four kids to school. Not now, I will do my morning routine. I only workout twice a week so will schedule in daily work-outs. My new mantra – time is not the enemy. Thanks Marie.

  288. I definitely want to start working out on a more regular basis! I have time in the morning, just need to add this in 😀

    The one thing I have been doing is showing up for myself & not blowing myself off. That has been a game changer for me!

  289. Love this Marie! I would pay some hard earned moola to see you go up against David Allen in real life and, yes, you would kick ass! I advocate ditching the To-Do List altogether and going with mind maps instead – preferably soft copy so you have a big picture of your priorities for this season and are able to schedule your most important tasks and get them D.O.N.E. Oh, and I highly recommend Marie’s “Follow Through Formula” – pre-work for the most awesome online course on the planet: B-School X

  290. Kerstin Hack

    I find longer exercise in the morning hard, but knowing that 8 min a day will boost your body for the next 8 hours. So I usually do a few min on the trampoline or a little run. But I put a treadmill in my office and when I write longer texts I write walking (haven’t mastered running). I feel far more energized when I do that in contrast to days when I sit most or all of the time.

  291. #everyday


  292. Morgan

    Part of my morning routine is watching sunrise. It’s a non-negotiable. It gives me time, space, and inspiration to set my intention, celebrate my gratitude, and breath deeply. Focus, self-love, and creativity are in abundance the days I watch sunrise!

  293. Great video – I already work out, but my morning routine is haphazard (I blame dogs and kids) and I say yes to others rather than protecting my time. I am inspired to do that now!

  294. Danielle

    Wow, you nailed it with #4! DON’T BLOW OFF MYSELF! I am ultra committed to getting things done for other people, but when it comes to honoring my own time blocks and commitments, I totally fail… and working out is one of those tasks I blow off for another 10-30 minutes of sleep, when the exercise would be far more rewarding than hitting snooze 3 more times… my to-do lists seem to always roll over to the next day and the next… so this is a big one for me! First time I’ve heard it in this context, and I thank you for the reframe!

  295. Jennifer

    Making friends with time was the lightbulb moment for me. Stop thinking of it as the enemy and form an alliance with time so you can work together to not only do the things you need to get done for your business but also the things you love so you can enjoy life.

  296. kel

    Visualization, do some visioneering
    can be part of mediation

    • kel


  297. Diana A.

    I exercise four days a week, three of those times are in the morning. (That fourth exercise day is Sunday afternoon.) I think I’m trying to fit too much into my morning routine. I usually read and write in the morning before work, or I workout. On my workout days, I do my writing (reading if there’s time) at night. I’ve created and stuck with the habit of writing at least 500 words per day (thank you, Jeff Goins!) so that’s super important to me right now. But I can also see the value in working out, sweating, a little bit each day. As long as I’m moving during the day (walk on lunch break, after work, etc…) on my writing days, do you think it matters if I work out in the morning every day or should I keep my schedule how it is? Thank you for your awesome videos, insight, and community here.

  298. I Need the morning routine in my life Stat. I completely snooze snooze snooze and then I rat race it all day. Never gather my thoughts nor complete my daily tasks.

    But from here on I have scheduled myself to have my alarm set at 4:15a (1hr warning) then 5a l-Get up Promptly. 5 to 5:05-Sit up and drink a bottle of water 5:05to 5:15-Meditate at least 5 min. 5:15 to 5:20-Open day planner and review 5:20 to 6:20- Get Ready

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      Amazing, Shaina! We’re so glad this message gave you the boost you needed to implement some healthy habits. We hope your new morning routine feels enjoyable and energizing for you– it may even become the best part of your day! Thanks for sharing.

  299. GREAT question! God knows I (desperately) NEED a morning routine! I am a morning person so I know this is a task I can accomplish yet, I tend to put everyone/thing else before myself. I am now inspired to get a routine accomplished in the morning before my day gets hijacked by my kids/family! Thanks Marie!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yes Valerie! Just imagine how much more present you might be with your kids and family if you’ve first taken care of yourself and your needs/mindset at the beginning of the day. We hope this helps, and we’d love to hear how it goes for you.

  300. My secret: Batch things by workdays…writing on Monday, Bookkeeping on Tuesday. Marketing on Wednesday… etc.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Oh what a great idea Kerstin. Thank you so much for sharing this breakdown with everyone here!

      • You are most welcome. I lived and worked this way for over 15 years now and even wrote a book about it (in German) – It is such a great relief.

  301. Can’t stop starting at your hair!! Thanks for the video, you are awesome!

  302. This video is a great reminder that so many of the good things we need to do for ourselves are NOT on our screens! I have had the problem of rolling over in bed and responding to messages and emails first thing. When I think of a perfect morning, I think yoga and meditation and coffee and cat snuggles which are ALL AVAILABLE TO ME! I don’t even need to leave my house for these things I love, so I’m making it happen… starting tomorrow. I’m noticing how I didn’t put exercise in my morning list… oh dear.

  303. I love number 1. Sounds like the advice from The Big Leap, thinking in Einsteinian time. I’m going to be working out- adding it to my morning routine. Thanks for a great video!

  304. Stephanie Brossard

    I used to have a really good morning routine. I woke up at 5am and did yoga and meditation, before heading to work. That was back when I had an office job and a different living arrangement. Now, I find I am waking up later 6/6:30 and not as easily as I used to wake up at 5. My spouse is a bit of a bad sleeper (tossing and vidid dreams) and it is impacting my sleep. We have to sort that out… Anyway, I am getting back to my morning routine. The first thing I do after my morning ablution is meditation, and I am going to be adding in pranyama again too. Then I either do yoga or a workout. Then shower and breakfast. I definitely notice a difference in my mood and focus if I don’t get my morning routine in.
    But of these 4 things, taking my commitments to me seriously is going to be a big one. I often let things derail me and I say, “oh, I can do that later.” Well, no more!

  305. Gaynor

    Great advice, I am going to implement a morning routine that works for me and helps me get focused for the day ahead.

  306. Cynthia Callow

    Hi Marie,

    I am going to make my morning routine non-neogotiable. thanks

  307. Maile Dumancas

    This was very helpful. I would like to share that I agree with the morning routine. When I was most productive, grounded, and emotional stable to tackle any day filled with obstacles, it was when I practiced morning routines of personal training, that consisted of yoga, purging stagnant energy, and accumulating new energy. This build a strong foundation for the day. Thank you!

  308. Necia

    Making my morning routine non-negotiable (and I get the workout in)! This is big for me because it sets the standard for the days productivity.

  309. JimmySoony

    The Best Casual Dating Apps:

  310. Patricia Erdos

    I legit bust out loud laughing when you cursed and kicked the shit out of the clock. Love all the tips and your energy is infectious!


    This was really inspiring. I often compare present day Rose Ann with past Rose Ann and wonder why my energy has waned and I’m “dull” in comparison. In the past, I lived by a morning routine and rarely, if ever, skipped my daily workout. After a divorce I began working full time and weeks turned into months – yada yada. I’m going to schedule daily exercise on my calendar right now! I’m shooting for 5:30 am — wish me luck. Thank you for the push I needed.

    Rose Ann

  312. Wendi

    Down with RPP….yeah you know me! ?

    I cant wait to try these great tips!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Yes, Wendi! We can’t wait to see where you take this! ?

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