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Gosh, when today’s question came in — it was something I could really relate to.

It’s about wrestling with your deep desire to create and produce, contribute your unique gifts to the world (i.e. WORK!) and honor the small voice in your heart that that whispers, “Don’t be such a workaholic that you miss out on what truly matters. Life is short.”

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. ~ Annie Dillard Click To Tweet

It’s a topic I revisit often, in my thoughts and conversations. While I don’t claim to have it all figured out…

There are 4 distinct, very doable practices that can help you honor your drive to produce and help you stay out of unhealthy work addiction so you don’t end-up ripping through life, left with only a pile of regrets at the end of your days.  

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you — especially if you have a sense there’s more to life that you’re missing out on.

Take an inventory of your daily habits. What are 3 changes you could make in your daily choices that would immediately help you feel like you’re truly living your life and not ripping through it? Leave a comment below.

Remember, share as much detail as you can. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your 3 changes may spark a breakthrough for someone else that they haven’t even considered!

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

This is an important one.

You’re a precious soul and how you spend your time in this world matters. Don’t ever forget it.

Thank you so very much for continuing to make this one of the brightest and most supportive places online.

With so much love and appreciation,


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  1. This is so very true! I really need to take more time out. Let the scheduling commence… 😉 #HappyDays

    • I forgot how much fun it is to schedule out my tasks and work stuff. It holds me accountable. And ive been using purple and gold labels in my planner to encourage abundance and prestige with my work. Reminding me how I want my work to really feel. Because it matters.

      • Love the sound of that! Agreed, it really does matter. 🙂

      • Tui Hawke

        Thanks for the labels tip, I’m gonna give it a go. Merry Christmas

      • Shayma

        Wow…all of you girls have bright ideas! love the colorful label thingy!! gona give it a go too!

    • I totally have this problem, I have since I decided to start my own business. It’s never been 9-5 for me, more like 9-11 or 9-12 depending on when I start to fall asleep while I’m working LOL. I’m sure there are better ways for me to manage my time, I just haven’t figured that out yet.

  2. Hey Marie, thanks for some great nuggets o’ wisdom today.

    I totally have the social media problem. Between bursts of productivity I always find myself checking out social media, and honestly most of the time I don’t feel very good afterwards because of all the crazy stuff happening in the world. It’s a huge drain on me so now I think I’ll clean or stretch out when I need a break.

    Something else is my man cub and I have fallen into the habit of watching TV at night before bed. I kinda would prefer of we did something else some nights so I’ll have to run a few ideas by him.

    Thanks chicka!
    Maddie xo

  3. My boy of 7 would have said “it is full of stones and air, so technically he can’t add the green stones and the sand because it’s already full. Plus mom if he puts sand first he’s putting a lot more sand so obviously the red and green stones can’t fit in anymore”. He’s my boy 🙂

    Marie I love this episode. I also have a conflict between the red and the green stones; meditation does help a LOT, this is true. And I also always use your 10-years from now technique for decisions. You know, when we ask ourselves the question: 10 years from now, would I regret to not have done it? This is also very powerful.

    Have a great Christmas time!

    • You have one smart “boy of 7” whose Mom must know him well! Funny.

  4. Great episode, Marie and team! I have been examining this topic a lot in the past five months. I thought about what I was really working for in my career and what it would allow me to do in my life. I made a list called This and That. If I made THIS much money, I could do THAT. Turns out 90% of the THAT costs nothing (spending time in nature, more quality time with my dog, cultivate deep bonds with friends and family, READ!) I looked at my “That List” and said, “Why don’t I just do this stuff more now and see what happens?”
    Don’t get me wrong, I still put in a full week’s worth of work, but I’ve made the “That List” my top priority- my big rocks. Since then, I’ve been having happier, more fulfilled and satisfying days and even seen improvements in my business. The three biggest things I changed were 1) morning walks around my neighborhood lake with my dog, 2)Exercising regularly- this is always a challenge, 3) Setting time aside for reading in the morning and before bed.

    Happy Holidays to you and your team, Marie. You guys are definitely creating value in the world!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amanda, I LOVE that! Isn’t it funny how in our heads it seems like the “that list” requires so many more resources than it really does? Thanks for sharing this with us!

      • My pleasure! I’m glad I got to share some wisdom that’s served me well. I hope it helps someone 🙂

    • Interesting! I’ll try to have a look at my lists with that eye too 🙂

    • Wonderful advice! Love this idea…I think I’m going to head off and do that now. My rocks are not fitting with all the sand!

  5. Tal

    3 Changes I would make:

    1. I would set aside 15 minutes in the morning for meditation and quiet, me time instead of quickly turning on the radio and filling my head with noise just to wake up.

    2. I would turn off the TV after dinner and go draw or journal instead of watching TV shows endlessly until I feel tired.

    3. I would schedule in my exercise time throughout the week instead of seeing how I feel that day or how much time I have.

    I loved the jar story and feel like lately I’ve been putting sand and pebbles in my jar well before any large stones. No wonder I feel burned out! I’m going to continue making this list and make sure I have my necessary, large stones prioritized first. Perfect timing to start the new year with my days set better too.

    Thank you, Marie! I wish you and your team all the best. May you enjoy your time off and have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. There’s another version of the jar story that says the teacher also added coffee to show that no matter how busy your schedule you can also take some time off for the things you like like going out for a coffee with friends.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that so much, Ela. Very true, too!

      • Cindy

        I´ve heard one with vodka insteat of coffee !

  7. I looove this episode! If you’ve never seen the video with Stephen Covey asking a volunteer to do the jar exercise, it’s super cute and a good reflection of what we do with our big rocks. For me I’ve been working on my morning routine adding much more contemplation, yoga and journaling as opposed to immediately jumping on email or social media. This has created an empowering and calm mindset that stays with me throughout the day. I found a great summarized list called 6 minute miracle morning that I use as a basis and do at my own pace as opposed to allocating 1 minute each. Little changes can affect us in big ways and it just takes one change to get us going in the direction we want to be on;) Thank you for always brightening my Tuesday’s!!!!

  8. Wow great article, wish I would have seeing this 15 years ago!!!
    Viewers If you don’t follow these instructions you will regret it.
    I was extremely fortunate because I was forced to slow down, now I’m more conscious of my time.

  9. Before mentioning daily changes I could make I wanted to give a shout out to Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. My husband and I started doing his morning routine (which includes meditation) and it has totally transformed my day and my life. Sounds like one of those really big claims but it’s true.

    Agree completely with you Marie – meditation makes all the difference.

    As for daily changes – the biggest one is having some kind of nighttime ritual that mirrors my morning one so that I settle more slowly and peacefully into bed.

    • That’s so true, Daphne. I have a morning ritual, but it only works if I have an evening one as well. Otherwise, the sand – things like email and FB – will keep me from getting to be early enough. And if that happens, it really negatively affects the next day. No bueno. Must have both IMHO.

    • Thank you for letting me know about Hal!! After reading your comment I googled him and just watched an hour video. I absolutely love him !! And I just purchased his book the miracle morning. If it wasn’t for reading your comment I’m not sure I would’ve ever found out about this, so a big thank you to you!

  10. OMG, Marie, you’re reading my mind again!

    I have noticed I am taking up a “workoholic” amount of work lately. That’s why, inspired by your last Christmas/New Years break, I am taking off 2 weeks this year too.

    That and doing everything to actually finish working at 7pm every day are my actions towards a more balanced life.

    Thank you for the inspiration and I can hardly wait to see what 2016 will bring for us all 🙂

  11. Thank you for this. I especially like the lightness in your approach to serious Q’s!
    Whenever I make wise choices, I hear echoes of the “shoulds” that ruled my life for many years. What a game changer it is to remember I’m making wise choices because they make me feel great and also prepared to serve.

    Changes I’m gonna make:
    1. Limit my computer time–it’s often frivolous and a time waster.
    2. Set aside time to actually have fun with my Mom instead of focusing only on the care I’m giving her.
    3. Make time for at least one friend on a consistent basis.

    Whew! That feels like a lot so, I’ll see how it goes. Thanks again and enjoy your 2 weeks off!

  12. Hello Marie,

    thank you for this video. This time content was more suitable for my hubby for he is workaholic in recovery hehe 🙂 I am on the other side of the coin so he thought me how to work hard, do what you love and don’t be distracted (he is not on social media and has no distractions at all, amazing I know!) However I am a different kind of species hehe. I thought him there isn’t just work in the world. As you’ve already said there should be other rocks in your life as well, such as …
    time for friends, leisure, hobby, family, spirituality, you name it …
    In this case if you take one rock from the jar is not as bad as if there was just one big and someone takes it away. Balance in all fields … which can be challenging but rewarding.
    Good luck to all of you. Enjoy your life and whatever you do to the fullest <3

  13. Christy

    Great episode! Really inspiring. My three things:
    1. Work from home at least once each week and be strategic about how I spend those hours.
    2. Attend yoga class at least 2x per week. No matter what.
    3. Get more disciplined about making a to do list at the end of every day. I think it will make me more productive and focused the next day so I can enjoy my time away from work without feeling guilty and distracted by what was left undone.

  14. LOVE this episode Marie. This year I’ve experienced a process of clearing away a lot of the ‘sand’ to make space for my ‘rocks’.

    One of the things I’ve made time for is an hour-long walk every single day (with no phone!) This is MY time, to think, to meditate, appreciate and create – I get my best ideas when I’m walking.

    3 other changes I could make…..hmm, let’s think:

    1) Checking in with email/social media at set times. (This is definitely ‘sand’ and can end up being the biggest time-suck for me. I’m committing here to doing this twice a day from now on.)

    2) Making my morning meditation non-negotiable. Even it’s only for 5 minutes, this is the first thing I do each day. (One of my new core desired feelings is ‘deeply connected’ and this is the best way for me to experience that).

    3) Doing an evening class that’s purely for me. I’m yearning to do something creative that’s not related to my business. So in the new year I commit to signing up to a new class. At the moment I’m thinking stained glass, pottery, photography or creative writing. Now I just need to choose.

    Thanks for this timely prompt today Marie!

    Nicola x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! These are some great changes. 🙂

  15. Thank you for the reminders to meditate, Marie! So important and I’m grateful that you keep it on our radars.

    I wonder what kinds of questions people ask themselves to figure out what the rocks are in their life? Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi Lucy,

      Good question! Here are some questions that might help for having a clearer sense of what the rocks are in your life:

      What would you miss most if it were gone (could be a relationship, a quality, an attitude, a place, a community, or a thing)?
      Who or what would you bring with you if you only had a few minutes before your house fell into a sink hole?
      What do you care about so much that you water it every day?
      And last but not least, what brings you joy?

      (The last two questions were inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh and Marie Kondo.)

      Enjoy your rocks!

      • Another question to ask:

        How will my spiritual image appear at the end of my days?
        ( It will be the face of my eternal soul.)

      • Thanks for the questions, Erik! I really enjoy the metaphorical “What do you care about so much that you water it every day?”

        These are some great things to be asking myself as the new year approaches 🙂 Thanks again!

        • You’re welcome! Thanks for asking good questions, it helps me reflect too. 🙂

    • Vivian

      Things that I have found useful during annual reviews:

      Do a quick evaluation of how satisfied you are with your Life Balance — assign a score 1-10 (10 = satisfied) for various aspects of your life:
      – Work
      – Money
      – Relationships
      – Health
      – Play

      [From Paul Myers] If your life could be anything you wanted it to be…
      – Where would you live?
      – Who would your friends be?
      – How would you spend your time?
      – What would you eat? What would you wear?
      – Would you work? If so or if not: What would you be doing?
      – What do you want to learn/know/be?
      – Where would you like to vacation? What would you do?
      – How many of the above answers are things that don’t require money — you just need to give yourself permission to have them? And why don’t you have them already?
      – What wouldn’t exist in your perfect life?

      I love that last question as a forced reflection on not just how to get what we want, but how to get rid of things that *don’t* make us happy and drain us of the energy that we need to move toward our goals.

      • Thanks Vivian! That’s an awesome method for self-assessment. I agree that the last question on “What wouldn’t exist in your perfect life?” is incredibly powerful.

  16. Stephanie

    Even though I am not the Stephanie who asked this question it could have been me. I always try to please everybody by for example letting them schedule meetings outside my regular working hours. I will definitely start fit unnegotiable time off into my schedule – thank you so much for the inspiration.

  17. alissia

    hi Marie
    this was a wonderful episode, thank you for sharing!
    I was a workaholic for 12 years working for the same corporation, until I was laid off this September . Now I’m trying to find myself and my purpose, I was so busy working and serving the company I was working for that I never stopped to ask what I wanted or what my visions and goals for my life were. Now I’m at ground zero. Do you have any advice, how to find my purpose and calling and in going after that?

    Thank you so much,
    lost and confused – Alisa

  18. Katie

    This video could not have come at a more perfect time for me. I mainly work from home and have fallen out of my regular routine and I constantly feel like I can’t get on top of everything. I think the biggest thing for me to implement is a schedule written out that I stick to. Especially putting in a time to check emails only 2x a day and to unplug from electronics by a certain time everyday.
    Thanks Marie and Team. I hope you enjoy your 2 weeks off!

  19. corinne

    Hi Marie,

    I find your weekly messages are often strong reminders of ways to stay connected to what’s important and I appreciate you and your weekly inspirations. I’d like to also address the kind of language you sometimes use in your posts. Your use of the word “truly” in this week’s title, for example, when defining successful people takes away from the strength of your message for me. This language may be setting a standard that increases another’s sense of not meeting an outward and thus, imposed idea of success. Are any of us truly successful as it looks to anyone else’s standards? Self-judgments often creep in and perpetuate standards in society that may be mirrors of the unhealed aspects of the self. I hope this is helpful and meant to open up a dialogue about the impact of the often unconscious striving for an ideal and the meaning of staying true to the higher self.
    Thank you!

  20. Ok my three changes!

    1. Social Media only TWICE a day (this would be huge!!)

    2. Email only TWICE a day and taking it off of my cell phone (also huge)

    3. Making plans for my weekends that don’t involve work..but play and enjoying time with friends and fam.

    Carla xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so smart, Carla! Email and social media can be a rabbit hole of distraction, especially since we can easily do those things on our phones. Limiting your use, particularly during down time, is super helpful! 🙂

  21. this was a good episode.

  22. Thanks Marie 🙂

    I could definitely:
    • go to bed earlier to enjoy night time : being in bed, reading to some soft music, talking with my husband…
    • be more present with my kids in the evening, to enjoy my time with them as much as possible
    • take 15-20 minutes to pause, rest, sleep… in the middle of the day.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are all really good ones, Flora! 🙂

  23. Karla

    Hello, Marie!

    I watch your show and I want to thank you and your team for all the wisdom that you share.
    Me and my husband are in a very bad mood, something more like a depression, because life seems to be so hard…
    We work, work, everyday but nothing seems to happen the way it has to be. We don’t have the results that we work for and this is happening for a few years now. We have started one year ago a new business with gourmet popcorn but this also, seems like it’s falling apart.
    We are so disappointed right now!
    This is a period in our life that seems not to have an end…and is very hard to deal with it.
    Thank you!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Karla, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope things turn around for you and your husband very soon! xo

  24. Ali

    Hi Marie,

    Love this episode! Thank you!

  25. schedule time off.. I dont do that since I am starting a business. but my coach says that joy allows your business to grow.. it grows 24/7.

    mediate more.. I am not doing this consistent

    looking at where I can schedule like social media anything.. around that even interacting.. so you do it and get off

  26. Clarissa

    Try to watch your episodes as often as I can-especially the last 3 or4 were just what I was in Need of on that day. What a coincidence… 😉
    Greetings Clarissa

  27. loved loved loved this episode. what a gift to give us marie! “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives” is so simple and powerful. i wrote it down and will share with others.

    thanks marie…

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re very welcome, Melissa 🙂 So glad this episode resonated with you!

    • You might enjoy reading one of Annie Dillard’s books. I’ve only read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. It was the best book I read last year.

  28. Pantothenic

    Examining habits is incredible. My 3 would be: put away the computer before 8PM and read instead, do more of the thing where I plan the next day the day before, and make tiny but very effective changes in things that will benefit me hugely down the road, such as learning to use social media, or figuring out ways to make money online using the talents I have now. BTW meditation rocks. Thank you for an excellent episode Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! I think you hit the nail on the head—tiny, but effective changes. Sometimes changing the smallest things can add up to make a big difference in quality of life.

  29. Hello Marie,

    Sometimes I think, what would I do if there were not Tuesday’s with Marie TV! I wlll sure miss it for 2 weeks 🙁

    But still I wish you and your Team beautiful and happy Holiday Days! 🙂

    Thank you so much for calling me awake.

    There are many days when I don’t go out at all because of my online business.

    This is the MAJOR thing I should change: push myself to go out of my house DAILY: for walk, for my volunteer work, for whatever it might be.

    Marie, you ROCK!

    Marie, thank you for the best wishes! I wish you a glorious, safe and love-filled holiday and a truly SPECTACULAR New Year 🙂

  30. Dawn

    Marie, I have almost the OPPOSITE problem! I’m a gifted fine Artist & used to be so passionate about my work & working 12-18 hrs a day. My goals were huge! Tons of energy! I’ve been quite ill now for the past several years & had 2 major surgeries in the last year with another one in the near future. Because of illness & recovery I’ve slept 12-20 hrs/day in the past several years. There are days I feel better & like doing something yet there is literally a paralysis that consumes me & prevents me from even getting out of bed sometimes. I’m not engaging well with my kids (teens), my husband, friends or LIFE! I don’t even look at artwork. I want to create yet I do nothing. How do I get started on life again?

    • Caroline -- Team Forleo

      Hi Dawn, thank you so much for your comment. I noticed you dropped us an email too, so we’ll be replying to you via email very shortly — stay tuned! 🙂

  31. Megan Adair

    I can definitely make better choices and live a more fulfilling life! Here’s my list:
    1) Commit to my morning routine every day. This routine helps me start my day serene and solid, honoring myself and preparing for a fun and productive day!
    2) Choose openness. A challenge for me is to remain open to the people around me every day.
    3) Be grateful. Gratitude opens this moment to me in ways that I cannot otherwise access. I forget this so often, but I find it’s such a relief when I remember.

  32. Laila

    Please send your top fav book. Would love to read and send as gifts.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Laila, Marie has a number of much-loved books! If you email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, we can send you a short list to give you some options.

  33. Megan Adair

    So thank you for this video!!! 🙂

  34. This is so timely and needed! I often feel like work is #1 for me, even if I don’t mean it to be. My motivation has always been to learn as much as possible and get better at what I do, always reaching for more opportunities and pushing higher and higher. At the same time, I am getting married and want to stay home and relax more, cherish relationships with family members and take it all in. Pebbles metaphor is right on. Thank you!

    By the way, where do you buy your dresses? Love them all!

    My best,

  35. Maria Teresa Abuya

    Hello Gorgeous!
    Appreciate all your wonderful episodes Marie!?…. you’re such an inspiration !!! just dont knpw how much you motivate us to keep on going and improve pir lives!? keep it up sweety’ ?


  36. Stacie

    Such a great episode! I transitioned to being self-employed about 9 months ago and that is when I felt I regained control of how I was spending each segment of my day.

    1. I have already accomplished one major change in my day. I spend at least 15 minutes each morning reading my book with coffee in hand and my puppies cuddled on my lap. It is the best way to get the day going!

    2. The next thing I want to add is a daily dose of fresh air! This could be walking my dogs, going for a run or even just sitting outside for awhile. I used to go for walks/runs with my phone playing music or an audiobook but I am changing it up and going with NO MEDIA! My husband was appalled to find out I was missing out on the sounds of nature when I was out. I tried to go without any music or books one day and I absolutely loved it!

    3. And finally, I want to add in some meditation. I have been intimidated by this for years. I have also tried it a handful of times but I lose patience with myself. I am excited for the day that this practice is a deep part of who I am.

    Thanks so much for the reminder to take time for ourselves. It is a gift a lot of us forget to give!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are all such great ideas! I especially love your morning routine. I do the same thing except I’ve got a cat in my lap instead of a puppy. 🙂 I totally agree that that’s the best way to start the day.

  37. Glenda Francis

    Marie, fantastic video. My inbox is so cluttered, I hardly check out your videos, but today I decided to and WAM! A sweet reminder to take care of myself. I know what to do, but I don’t always do it and when I do I do it for a week or so and back to autopilot. But the “BIG rocks, small rocks, and sand” metaphor, I’m all in, calendar in hand (hey, I spelled ‘calendar’ right). That’s sand by the way. I don’t have three changes at this time, but one key change is to doodle/draw for at least 5 minutes daily. I already have a doodle journal and a “Funky Things to Draw” book, so it’s a go. Thanks Marie. Happy Holidays to you and your staff. See you in the New Year. Here’s to opening Marie’s emails. BOOM!

  38. Hi Marie and gang,

    Thank you, to you and the person who asked the question.

    This is really something I needed to hear. I’ve been working for three weeks without a break (early mornings, late evenings and weekends) because of a lot of rush work and to make up for a longish quiet period. Life starts to feel pretty bleak when you don’t make time for the little things you enjoy.

    I’ve been better about scheduling things that are important to me (like exercise), but I haven’t quite mastered the art of vacation yet. Like for this Christmas. I desperately need the time off, but if something important came up, I would have sacrificed a few days. Well, not this year!
    Thanks again.

  39. Kovács Boglárka

    This was a gooooood one!

    1. Meditating every single morning while in the bathroom doing my morning-things.
    2. Starting my day with some exercise after wakening.
    3. Writing to my loved ones on public transports who cannot be with me day by day, only in thoughts.

    After planting these to my day I will plant some more. Thank you so much!!?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are all wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  40. Bobby

    Thanks just what I needed to hear at this time

    1- sunrise walk to bond with nature

    2-give another try to daily meditate

    3- dedicate time very day for my writing

  41. It is soooo true!!! Man, we have time to give time to ourselves, but we are frenetically crazy workers! I have to change….and I will!!!!

  42. 3 Changes I can take to now that would make me feel like “I’m living my life”

    1. Meditate before bed
    2. Read a book
    3. Go for a walk in the park while listing to relaxing music

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love these! Marie has interviewed some great authors on the show, so if you’re not sure what you want to read next, email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to send you our book picks. 🙂

  43. Indiana

    This is fantastic??? I detinitely have to star meditating, thank you, thank you, thank ?? you!!!!

  44. Great advice!

  45. What a lovely episode, Marie!
    Three things that come to mind are:
    1. Catching my overwhelm alert more quickly, and simply switching gears.
    2. No cell-phones in the bedroom or living room during down time. It actually took the Universe breaking my phone for this to stick the last few months, heehee! (Thanks, Universe!)
    3. Time limits and scheduled days for social media.

    P.S. Congrats to you and your team on taking some amazingly well-deserved down time again this year! This just makes me uber happy for you all, and I’m so grateful that you set this example of how to take really good care of yourself and your team! Big Hugs to you and team Forleo!!

  46. Sharon

    Marie, you are amazing! I really liked your analogy of the big rocks! So true-we all need to make changes-especially this time of year. Meditation is so good for you-and it really helps you to focus on what’s important. Thanks for the good advice. It seems so simple now but it’s amazing that like you say we’re ripping through our lives and we need to focus on what’s important. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  47. Alanna

    Love that Stephen Covey story. It’s been one of my faves & a filter for my life since that book came out. Good stuff!

  48. oliver

    1. Have a friend or friends with whom I can share good and bad times
    2. Try dating so I am not always at home on Saturday or Sunday nights
    3. Have my personal finances and admin. sorted (will and testament) in case I die

  49. I’ve been self employed since 1980 (you can probably guess my age – I’m 65!) BEFORE cell phones, the internet, and even before fax machines). I had a debilitating stroke 10 years ago that left me with a “fuuny” voice, poor balance, and a lot less strength and energy, I don’t get any better AND thankfully I don’t get any worse. I’m not allowed to drive now and can’t speak at conferences or give seminars the way I used to. I’ve had to sell my house and now live alone in an apartment. My life is MUCH slower now by physical necessity.

    My brothers (who have jobs) used to tell me that I was a workaholic and only talked about business. I pooh poohed this at the time but now … I’ve never had any regrets. As I sit here alone now, I’m going to focus on doing more ..
    1. spending time out with friends and calling friends and family to chat
    2. doing meditation daily
    3. doing exercise daily
    4. giving away my knowledge and experience in small biz and marketing. Thank goodness for the internet : -)

    That’s all for now. Need to put up more Christmas decorations — a friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon!

  50. OMG Marie! You are amazing!!!! Love you!!!!

  51. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Hello Marie, as I love the video could say it also for every advice which would happen to me and I should change somehow different but anyway good and also not miss my life. Now I just have to look around as it`s freedom time, so I also wish you health, the best you want in your activities and also the future attached to the freedom time. Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See You on the 2016 on Marry TV.

  52. Sharon

    Love this episode. One big help for me is accountability partners…there are moments even that fails me. Back to meditation…I know that works along with EFT. Thanks. Apparently I missed the boat when it came to the word kuma….what is it? Thanks

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kuma is Marie’s dog 🙂

  53. Three little things I do to keep my work-life balance, balanced are:
    1. Give myself days off. Unless I have something PRESSING, I will not work on Sundays. Those are days I hangout with my man.
    2. Schedule my personal stuff just like I schedule my business stuff on my calendar.
    3. Keep to a regimented schedule of work. Even though I work from home, my M-F looks exactly the same week in and week out. I am such a creature of habit, I am happy this way and I give myself enough time to get my work done.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are some super smart tips! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. 🙂

  54. Here’s what I could do:
    1. Start saying no when I’m asked to volunteer at my daughter’s school.
    2. Schedule fun and down time and send meeting invitations to my husband so he joins us!
    3. Meditate 10 minutes a day. I used to do this and felt really great. Where did that habit go?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are some really good ideas! We’re super excited you’re taking steps toward self-care and having more fun. 🙂

  55. I love the “nature walk” haha! That’s so me. I just did a project for a client called the #JoyMapChallenge it’s all about finding simple moment of joy for 10 days — we are half way through would love for others to join us!

  56. I’m a huge fan of MarieTv, and I’m particularly grateful for the advice in today’s episode.

    The sand-to-rocks metaphor challenged (in a good way) how I see my day and helped me understand how I can re-structure the way I go about planning my time.

    It will take me some time to get there, as I’ll need to completely reverse my habits and the way I see my schedule and time.

    I’m keen to start making some baby steps with the three changes I’m going to experiment with this month:

    1) double my ‘me’ time from half an hour to one hour of ‘me’, when I’m getting ready and having breakfast in the morning.

    2) initiate one interaction with a friend, once a day, where I make a conscious effort to be fully present and try to make them smile or laugh.

    3) treat myself to a 40-45 minute nap/meditation in the afternoon, on weekdays.

    Thank you Marie for your generosity of spirit and all the amazing work you do.

    It’s such a joy to check my e-mail every Tuesday when I get back from work, because I know there will be a cute little motivational gem of a video from you and your lovely team waiting for me to watch.

    Greetings from Greece!


  57. Marie, I love this episode. Especially your comment at the intro about too much sausage! So funny! And it was actually quite useful and awesome seeing you giving feedback to your team, beyond the praise. I could use more on that topic. Guess I could write in with my request.

    I’m pretty good about prioritizing, but I want to get even more conscious and organized. Here are my three things.

    1) I want more intentional quality time with my kids! I know I need to get intentional about it so they don’t have to run a deficit and beg for it. I want to keep their cup full, with the little things; what Amy McCready calls “Mind, Body, and Soul time,” every day. I need to solidify my plan a bit more.

    Starting with my little guy. He’s in preschool, just a few mornings per week, but even when he’s home, it’s easy to neglect his attention needs. I want to do a special weekly thing: Go to a music class, the library…I want to create some “sacred space” for connecting with him. He plays pretty well on his own at home, and I like it that way!, so I don’t want to get into the habit of dropping everything to play with him during totally unstructured random moments at home. But I also do want to do it daily. It just needs to be predictable, so he’s not needing me to play with him when I need to clean house or cook. (I need those blocks of time to be predictably Not “mommy drops everything to play” time.) So….Maybe first thing in the morning, getting out of bed, I’ll make our silly play time for ten minutes. And again after nap time, so we get it in the afternoon as well. Maybe I’ll actually wake him from his nap ten minutes before my daughter gets off the bus, when he’s often awake anyway, just to ensure I get ten minutes in with him then. Okay.

    And then also, some special outing time. Weekly might feel aybe even just a monthly adventure like too much, I don’t like too much structured time. But monthly I can commit to. A monthly adventure! That’s a minimum. Yes, that I can do. Okay. Decided! 🙂

    Ditto my 7 year old girl. We have a monthly mommy-daughter date. I’ve been wanting to do more creative things with her. Monday afternoon after school, I’ve begun to make our special crafting/baking/creating time. I am still pulling that together, and really want to make that a priority, because I know it feeds her on many levels. School is really lacking creativity for her right now, so Monday afternoon is a good time for helping to soften that contrast when starting the school week. Also, daily “Mommy Time” as she calls it. We often take it in the evenings, before the kids’ bedtimes. That’s working pretty well. Although pre-dinner-prep time can also work.

    So, next action steps. Plan my next craft project for Monday, and next outing dates for both kids. Put them on my calendar. ….Okay. Just did it!

    2) ME time. I almost put work down, which is also a huge expression of my soul’s needs, but that is feeling pretty good. I am humming along with some good soul calling work stuff. Really what I want more attention on is watering the plant that is my creative self. I want to: clean and organize my creative/meditative space. It needs a lot of work, so a weekly slot working on that would be great self care! I do miss my yoga, too. Maybe I will do my 3 days/week yoga, then during my menstrual week (when I can’t do my usual routine) I will focus on caring for my external physical body–my creative space! I need to paint in there, and so many things, so it needs to get regular attention for a while. Yes, I can use my am yoga time on Wednesdays, and sometimes Mondays and Fridays too, for that. Okay.

    How to anchor this, so I don’t forget….with the holiday coming up, and my daughter’s birthday party this weekend, I will put it on my calendar in the New year. …Alright: Done!

    3) Hmmm. Two feels like enough right now.

    Thanks Marie! And others who are doing this work on self for the benefit of all.

  58. Carmen I

    Thank you Marie! Happy Holidays to you and team Forleo!! I was searching for what to give to some of my clients for Christmas and the priority jar is a fantastic idea!! We need some little reminders here and there… Love & XOXO

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Carmen, what a great idea for a gift! So glad it sparked that idea for you 🙂

  59. Cheryl

    Marie, I applied this technique to my life and work almost a year ago. I am using this method to continue making choices in my future endeavors.

  60. I have to tell you, as a B-school alum and a regular watcher of your Q and A Tuesday, this had to be my all time favorite episode. I can relate to all of these points. As a mom of 3, wife, daughter, sister, business owner, Professor at 4 universities, and the list goes on, not only have I said many of the things you said today, but I also practice these essentials regularly.
    It is not always easy, but I try to be as consistent as possible. Juggling roles, responsibilities, and competing interests and priorities / the perspectives and needs of others is not always easy. In fact, it has taken me a long time to be able to put some of my own wants and needs first. I have encountered resistance, from myself and from others, bUT i have stayed the course and those that truly love and support me, have too. I don’t have it perfect…but self care and taking time out is a “must do” …no one can pour from an empty cup!^)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! It sounds like you do have a lot on your plate. I’m so glad you’re taking time for self-care and you have a great support system of people who understand when you need to take a break. 🙂

  61. Sonali

    This was awesome video.I love your videos . You are a true inspiration for me. I have watched and re-watched all your videos and have learnt so much from you. I have no words to Thank you dear.
    I am planning to take a weeks vacation and go on road trip with my family. WIsh you, your family and your team all the best over the Holiday season and into the New Year.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful, Sonali! Have a fabulous time on your road trip. That sounds like so much fun. 🙂

  62. Loved the scene of you on the nature walk. LOL. Helpful tips as always! Thanks Marie. 🙂

  63. Good morning Marie
    I would like to send a special thanks to you for all the links I have received since I found your sites. You have fantastic content, I love your work. I have highlighted you on my site this morning over at I hope you approve. Each week I find something worthy of repeating, normally a quote or thought, and today I felt deeply about highlighting todays clip.

    Please check it out and let me know if you want to taken down. I think everyone should know that you are out there.

    All the best and have a great Christmas break.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing Marie’s work with your followers! I’m so glad her message resonates with you. Keep up the awesomeness. 🙂

  64. Ana Margarita

    Okay, here are the three things that will change my life today:

    1. Kiss my Mom.
    2. Hug a friend.
    3. Smile more.

  65. Eckhart Tolle says we must put pauses into our days, places where we stop to find peace. I love this. Most days I take a walk. I try and meditate. These moments are like jetties on the shore. They break up the rush of stressors and keep them from overwhelming us.

    • Michele

      Great imagery!

  66. Oh, girlfriend. You hit the nail on the head again…thanks for stating exactly what I needed to hear!

  67. UHG! I’m the worst of the workaholics! Guilty! I grew up in a family of workaholics so it was just the norm. So, it can be difficult to see my habits sometimes. Little by little, it’s becoming more clear to me, and this episode was so good and full of wisdom to get me back on the right track.

    I forget to slow down and enjoy what’s important.

    Thanks Marie!

    Alecia Lindsay

  68. Marie! This was right on time for me. I recently launched my business and it’s starting to pick up. Because I love my work so much, I’m finding it hard to cut it off at the end of the day.

    As a result, I’m on the computer when I should be spending time with the family or on the phone at the dinner table. Ugh!

    This is truly a wake up call for me to get it together. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s wonderful that you love your work, though work-life balance is so important. I think you’ll like this episode of MarieTV where she’s talking about how to turn off your biz self when you’re at home: I’m really glad you enjoyed this episode and that it was a wake up call. We’re wishing you a happy holiday season and hope you have fun spending time with your family and friends. 🙂

  69. Ohhhh I love this episode so much – this is something that I have been consciously focusing on improving of late. I also know that many of my clients struggle with this too – so have bookmarked to share with them also! Thanks Marie and team!

  70. Thanks once again Marie for another great episode!
    I run my own business and sometimes do feel like Stephanie so for me 3 changes would be:

    1. Meditation every morning for 5 mins
    2. Scheduling my work time including breaks and also take 2 days off
    3. A walk in the park once a week without my phone.

    Happy holidays!

  71. Wow, this is incredibly important, relevant and needed work in the world. Thank you, Marie!

    This is so aligned with The Activated Man Program I just started. I’m so tired of seeing men (and women) push so hard in work and end up frayed at the ends in other areas of their lives. I hope to help shift this imbalance!

    In love, light and lattes,

  72. Lindsay

    Loved this episode SO much! One of my favourites! That quote really resonates with me.

    3 changes I am currently making to enjoy my days more:

    1) Start and end each day with 10 minutes of meditation.

    2) Keep a gratitude journal to remind myself what an abundant life I live.

    3) Connect with friends and family every day — even if it’s just a text message to say hi and let them know I was thinking about them.

    Thanks so much for sharing the jar metaphor — I’ll never forget that! Much love to you all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Gratitude journals are awesome! So glad you’re starting such a great practice. 🙂

  73. Monica

    Another great video Marie! I struggle with working too much at times too. I have started scheduling my me time for meditation my spiritual practice, my family and friends. I also have started turning my phone off at the end of my day so that I don’t respond to patient calls. Thank you for sharing your take on this also.

    Wishing you, your family and team a joyous holiday season.

    Monica Templin, L.Ac

  74. Right before Christmas, that’s so timely!

    Thank you Marie for reminding us all that we need to make some more time for the important stuff.

  75. Rocío

    Absolutely loved this episode!

  76. Sabina

    Dear Marie this was another great video, thank you! Here is my question- why do you guys have only 2 weeks off? Everybody should take 5-6 weeks off in a year, like we in Europe.

    Kind regards,


    • Michele

      Hi Sabina–I think she just means 2 weeks for the Christmas holidays, which is far more generous than most US workplaces! I’m sure they all take other vacations throughout the year!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Marie definitely believes in adequate vacation times for employees. We have 2 weeks at Christmas and New Years and other vacation periods at different times during the year. For example, this past August our company was closed for 2 weeks to give employees that time off. Most US employers only give their employees 2 weeks total to use throughout the whole year, so we’re very lucky and very happy. 🙂

  77. Michele

    Thanks for this episode, Marie! 3 changes that would improve my days include:

    1. Scheduling and not compromising time for yoga/breathing (my most effective mindfulness practice)

    2. Making my days off more meaningful by including mini-adventures of local things I’ve always wanted to do. It’s far too easy to spend a day off caught up with “sand” type activities–social media, going through junk email, catching up on tv shows. Most days off, I don’t have a reason to get up, so I get caught up in the inertia of being lazy, and while days of downtime are certainly necessary sometimes, I’d like to infuse my non-work hours with more activities that become good memories. I also enable that to be the case by imagining that meaningful and adventurous activities necessitate long-distance travel or multiple days off in a row, which they simply do not.

    3. Cutting back on social media! Putting the phone in airplane mode is an excellent suggestion. I would like to limit my dose of “distraction” by choosing more deliberately when I engage in checking on those notifications.

    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and spreading your unique light!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good ideas, Michele! Marie is fond of saying “if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real,” so it’s great that you’re scheduling things that are important to you. 🙂

  78. Hey there Marie, thanks so much for the amazing videos, your on point every time. This one resonated with me, and I just wanted to share my epiphany moment, when I pulled the e-break on my own life, and took charge. It was when I realized that whatever amazing ideas your having in your head, all the wonderful things you see yourself doing, and accomplishing, have already happened. In space and time. It may be hard for some to understand but, they are there in your future. You are where you are, and if your focused too much on what will be, you miss what is….right in front of you, which is a stepping stone on the path to your dreams. soon after I had this epiphany, I layed out my priorities, and told myself there is no reason to rush to any place worth going. Just be. In the present moment, don’t miss it because it is a beautiful one. Every minute of my day is this, because I was missing my time with my son, who is almost two, and realized I would never get this time bAck. He would move on to college, or go exploring his own life one day, and now is the time that matters, now is the time that is shaping him and preparing him for his future, and nothing to me is more precious than this time with him. He brings light and happiness into my life every single day, and when he sees me he lights up with joy. Since day one, his greatest teaching for me has been to live in the present moment, you wake up and your alive! Be grateful for that. Much love to you and your team, keep delivering the inspirational goods. Slow and steady wins the race

  79. 1. Never work on Saturdays
    2. Daily yoga
    3. Dance breaks

  80. Loved this episode! Its so much needed for me.
    I have this problem of focusing on one thing (business) and losing focus on exercise and food. I tend to eat more when i am serious about a project.
    1. Exercise daily
    2. Relax for 30 min every 2 hrs
    3. Pray before eating

  81. Wow, this is great advise. I will definitely look at my nitty gritty habits and swap then for meaningful ones.

  82. Anna

    Hi guys!

    Actually… the glass isn´t full after stones and pebbles and sand – you can still add a beer – as in a beer with your friends … ;o)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s true, haha! I kept expecting to hear that the teacher in the story poured water into the jar after putting in the sand, but beer sounds better. 😉

  83. This video truly comes at the best time possible Marie, I’ve been trying to take control of my work life / personal projects balance and needed a little extra boost! Thanks for that, I’m definitely going to try some of your tips. I think the biggest time waster for me is the email etc. checking in the mornings, it never ends! I’m going to try and push that for later in the day and try to get important work done first. Cheers!

  84. Faye

    Marie, great video. My suggestions-what I turn to when I know I need to slow down:
    1. I go for a walk around the track at a local stadium for 45 minutes. The fresh air and blue sky and other people doing the same is so refreshing and rejuvenating.
    2. I call one of my teenage grandchildren and just hearing their chipper voice reminds me what matters, how sweet, fun and loving they are.
    3. I turn to a knitting project for someone in the family-something easy and pretty like a scarf.
    Hope the above helps someone out there!!!!
    Thank you Marie ’cause you are truly an inspiration. Merry Xmas and a wonderful 2016.

  85. Lotus

    Oh my did I need this one today! Thank you.
    I know I work too much, cause I love it, BUT YES, when the days fly by and stress me out, yikes! I used to have a great mediation practice, then I had a kid! No more excuses, I know my quality of life needs this. Thank you to Stephanie for asking this Q.

  86. Cindy

    This espisode is a very good reminder that I have to change a few things in my life next year .
    Thank you Marie and team for the valuable lessons I have every week !

  87. Emi

    Thank you so much Marie. This was one of your episodes that really stuck a chord! very much needed.

    Identifying my rocks and taking out time is something I need to focus on right now. Happy Holidays and keep on with the amazing work. You are making a difference!

  88. Marie I’m so HAPPY to have found you!! I discovered you on December’s SUCCESS mag’s CD interview and when I heard you tell your story all I could say was YES! I am multi-passionate and multi-faceted and have struggled with thinking that I need to pick 1 and focus…. You are a jewel! I love this video and these are the 3 changes that I can make:
    1. Meditation first always and Period!
    2. Learn from Marie Folio every day. 🙂
    3. Eat clean consistently
    I’m so thankful to have found you. Thank you for being YOU!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found Marie too! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur. You’ve come to the right place. 🙂

  89. Kate

    Thanks Marie for the great episode! I’m only just starting my business venture and feel as though I need to get my ducks in a row before I take all the big leaps.

    Here are my 3 things:
    1. Take my dog, Sawyer, with no phone, on a 30 minute pleasure walk, every day.
    2. Schedule into my day the time to connect with friends or family, every day.
    3. Work out! Exercise makes me feel so alive and gives me a boost of energy for the rest of the day, plus I know I’ve done something good for my whole being.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome ideas, Kate! Those are all really good ones. I know Sawyer will be happy about the changes too. 🙂

  90. Kayla

    I am someone who struggles constantly, everyday, with Time Anxiety/Perfectionism to the point it is almost paralyzing. There is so much I want to with my life and it seems like I am in a constant state of planning. By doing that I allow myself to panic that I don’t have enough time to all the things I want to do and because of that I end up overwhelmed, stressed out, and unproductive.

    Please help. I know you have mentioned before that you struggle with the fact that you have so much you want to put out into the world. How do you manage the need to impact the world with your potential and the fear that you will never be able to do it all?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your struggle with us, Kayla. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling stuck in a state of planning. It sounds like there are really two struggles here—fear that you’re running out of time and fear that you won’t make the impact you want in the world. Fortunately, Marie has some episodes of MarieTV where she’s discussing both!

      She has a playlist of episodes on how to focus and be more productive ( which I think you’ll find really helpful for your anxieties about time, and she has a playlist about overcoming fear and limiting beliefs ( which I think you’ll find inspiring for believing in yourself so you can make the impact you want.

      I also wanted to share this episode where Marie is interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert ( In it, she talks about the nature of creativity and how perfection is a glamorized version of fear, but it really holds us back from achieving our dreams.

      You have some incredible gifts and talents to share with the world and we’d love to see you do that. You got this! 🙂

  91. Julie


    You are the Best! You always make me laugh and you add so much pure fun to my day! I love you!

    Julie C.

  92. Pamela

    Another fabulous episode!! Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo for all you do. I am uplifted by every single episode. ??

    Wishing all of you a FABULOUS Holiday Season filled with R & R, family and friends.

    With love and so much gratitude,

  93. I love your content! You always deliver. Love you.

  94. Knowing what to do and doing it are worlds apart – we all know what to do.
    It’s scary that it’s often only when our lives are threatened that we get the full impact of NOT doing these things before it’s too late.
    I’m 61 years young and am amazed at how quickly life goes by – and I just want to encourage all you 30 somethings out there to make the changes now – if you do any of the great suggestions from Marie you’ll feel really proud of yourself and inspire others. Sustainability of ourselves is the best way to save the planet. One person – one day at a time – starting with you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Tony! Thanks so much for encouraging us all to take inspired action toward our dreams. 🙂

  95. I haven’t been able to take any “real” time off in years. I take short stay-cations maybe twice a year. BUT what I did learn early on was that as a self employed person it is easy to work 7 days a week – and I said NO to that about a year ago. So no matter how crazy my week gets I KNOW I will have two days to myself to do the stuff that look like Big Rocks to me 🙂

    Although I do still have three things I could do to feel better RIGHT NOW.

    1) Practice yoga on the daily – even if it’s me at home on my mat and I cant get to a class. I need to feel that body movement more regularly!
    2) Daily meditation. I have seen it work, now I just need to fit it in every day.
    3) Put down my phone and pick up a book every day. Somewhere along my journey I stopped reading. Not good. I love to read! All the juicy learning books, and the really decadent novels. Bring on the books!!!!

    Thanks Marie, such a timely moment for your message today!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so wise, Christine. I’m so glad you started giving yourself off days! It’s so easy to get sucked into the go-go-go of life until we look up and realize it’s gone. It’s great to hear you’re taking time for yourself—we’re definitely cheering you on. 🙂

  96. Marie! This episode was fantastic. And can I just say that you look especially amazing?? I mean, you always do, but your skin has such a gorgeous glow here! Whatever you’re doing, it’s working for you!

    I can definitely change the social media thing. I find that, and all the minutiae of life really eats up my day, and I allow myself to succumb to it a little too often. Often we always look at everything as a question of self control and discipline, and it’s true that we need some of this, but what I love about your advice, in this video and everything else, it’s always a positive, “what can I ADD” rather than, “what can I cut/abstain from”? Some people have a really hard time eating healthy/exercising… this has never been my issue, but I hear so many women scolding themselves for eating an extra piece of cake/not going to the gym.. it’s always a war. This is one war I won a long time ago, but I realize I do have this attitude in other parts of my life, and it would be worth making the effort to make small, positive changes to put the war to rest and to live a fuller, richer life over all. Thanks again for your wisdom! I just eat it up!

  97. Marie, I love the whipping guy. He should be in every episode from now on! This is a great episode especially since Christmas is coming up. I have been ripping through life, so much that I’m commenting a day after Q and A Tuesday!

    I was thinking about if and how much time I should take off at Christmas and then I saw your headline in my email and felt like my angels had answered another one of my many questions.

    My three things are…
    – More real, present time with my children (I can’t get enough)
    – Dedicated to seeing friends more (making new ones too)
    – Start exercising again. I stopped something I loved so much… why!

    Thanks Marie and Team, have a good Xmas

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode helped influence your decision to take time off for Christmas! You deserve it, and that’ll give you time to work on your 3 changes. 🙂

  98. Loving the dress Marie! Happy Holidays! And as always – thank you sharing your endless gift(s). I [HEART] you!

  99. Kat

    Marie & the whole Team,
    I’ve been watching you for past 3 years and I never left a comment (I know, I know, naughty me). But today’s episode (freaking amazing job, guys!) made me laugh (LOVE your quirk, Marie), made me nod and triggered something deeper inside.
    And so I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge all of you and say massive THANK YOU for everything you do and who you are.

    I salute you.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for this, Kat. It really means the world to us!! Thank YOU for being here and being a part of the MarieTV family 🙂

  100. Hey! This is the first contribution to the discussion even though I’ve been watching your videos for a while 🙂 Thanks for the content and I am SO looking forward to B school, I’m already on the list for more deets and I can’t wait! So three things that I can do to stop ripping through my life:
    -meditate on the reg: not think about doing it, not talk about doing it, but actually making the time to do it.
    -make a priority list, not a to-do list. This will help me identify the big rocks of my daily routine, and get S* done!
    -learn to let go: I can’t control everything, and trying to do so only drives myself and those around me crazy.

    Again, a big thanks to you and the team! Enjoy the vacay and time off!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great list, Jennifer!! The priorities vs. to-do list is a game-changer for sure 🙂

  101. Love, love, LOVED this episode! Perfectly timed for the holiday period and of course as we approach the new year.

    1. Staying off social media and using this time to read inspiring books
    2. Meditate each morning
    3. Leaving my iPhone at home some times

    Big thank you, Marie for inspiring ALL of us! Happy Holidays to you and Team Forleo.

  102. Suzie Joyce

    Hi guys

    Fantastic video this week, is there a link to be able to read the Harvard Business Review article or even any books you can recommend about this please? I’d love to explore a bit further. Thanks

  103. I can really relate with feeling like my days and my work is all a rush. So I really made it a priority this year to slow down and make more time for my wife, friends, working out and eating right. While it’s not gone perfectly (and what does)–it’s been an amazing year that has been filled with so many good moments. Though, I too want to be able to make sure I’m really living everyday. I have 3 simple things I will start implementing that hopefully will catch me up into enjoying the life I’m living even more:

    1 – Make a green juice everyday. Right now I’m so lazy about this because I don’t want to give myself the time to cut, blend, etc. I’ve wanted to do this all year and just haven’t.

    2 – Add 5 minutes of mediation and just being still before the start of every workday. I’ve done this here and there and I’d like to make habit of it.

    3 – Take a walk. I’m not sure why–but I’ve really enjoyed being outside (even when it’s super cold) and walking. Breathing the air and allowing myself to talk out loud. When I do this I feel like I’m connecting to a different part of my mind and allowing myself some freedom to just be.

    Thanks for another awesome video–these short bits of knowledge make such a difference in my life and I’ve finally been able to schedule in B-School I signed up for earlier this year … I made it through module 1 & 2 last week and plan to finish up this month. I cannot believe how much more depth I have in HOW I will present my business & personal blog to my potential clients. I’m literally rewriting, re-designing and re-purposing my entire business & life just from the first 2 modules … I love this brand and I’m so grateful for the team that makes this all work together, beautifully.

  104. Lol can I work for you? Two weeks off around this time sounds heavenly. Mind blown at that rock reference! It makes such sense – we fill our days with bullsh*t; it’s very draining. Thank God for Yoga! >:) Enjoy your holidays everyone! -Iva

  105. Dearest Marie,

    “Maybe?” Oh my gosh, I almost cried I laughed so hard. Thanks, because I needed that this morning. I started with Bschool last year and watch your marie tv always and enjoy it so much. Thanks for being the one and only and letting your personality come ripping through your shows! You do make me laugh every now and then. Love your words of wisdom and reminders of how to make life great. Have a Merry Christmas!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Isn’t that part hilarious, Marci?! So, so happy to hear that Marie makes you laugh and inspires you 🙂

  106. Jeannette Gaiter

    I take time to look around and enjoy nature. It just starts my day better. Also realizing some things just don’t have to get done today. I need to work on a third. I really appreciate all that you do Marie!

  107. Flor Zulema

    Thank you so much for your inspiring advice! I’ve been incorporating a mediation practice in the morning after you uploaded the 10 minute guided meditation on your site. It has helped me out SO MUCH! I feel at peace through out the day and less stressed out. My mind jumps less and I’m able to focus more.

  108. Loved this episode! I’ve started a new daily practice where I take out a sheet of paper with time slots 6am to 9pm and I schedule my entire day. I fill it up so that there are no empty slots where crap can just ooze in. I start by adding the “rocks” which are health and wellness, meditation, yoga, family and cooking activities. These times are automatically booked out in my online calendar so that I can’t add meetings or anything else. Pebbles are added next which are meetings and the big to-dos which are going to drive my business forward. Then in goes the sand which are tasks and projects and well anything else! So far a month in and it’s working really well. I picked up a few more tips today which helped. Thanks Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Beautiful strategy, Katherine!

    • Definitely going to start doing this. My days as of late are filled with “ooze”

  109. Great advice once again Marie! I see more and more how I really need to make meditation more of a non-negotiable. I have that down when it comes to taking time off, but the meditating, I gotta do it. I don’t know why I get so off track with it. I also know that I get off track with being the one in control of my own schedule. I tend to go through phases where I am just reacting to OPA, and that is most definitely “sand” the majority of the time.

    I want to share too that I overheard a conversation between my teen girls the other night. One said, “Oh, guess whats coming up?” Being that it is close to Christmas I was expecting something related to that to be the answer, instead the dead serious answer was, “B-School, want in?” LOL. Guess they are paying attention even when they aren’t watching with me. Thanks for being a positive female influence.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That is amazing, Melanie!! You’re raising some incredible teens over there, I gotta say 🙂

  110. So well said. I need this so desperately. I had the habit of setting time off and then when some clients begged me for work – I surrendered. in the end my holidays never realise. I know what my resolution for 2016 is gonna be put regular non-negotiate time off.

    Health is my BIG rock. I know i have to exercise regularly. yoga is my choice.

    Thanks for the sharing Marie – love you!! and happy holidays !

  111. My 3 things:

    #1 Pause. When I actually pause before I starting doing something it helps me make a choice that’s more in tune versus just on auto pilot.

    #2 BIG THINGS FIRST. Oh man, I need to do this. Sometimes the big things feel too big, which is when I need to turn to self care and meditation instead of running around with the little things.

    #3 Less Netflix. It’s a habit. I need to set limits. Definitely only after big things. Can I put a timer on it, like those tablets for kids that just shut down after a certain period of time? I could use that.

    Thank you, Marie. This was a juicy one. Avoided it because I knew I needed it and wanted to be present for it. Big Love!


    • Allison

      Hi Kelsey, If you use Chrome you can download the extension StayFocused and choose which websites to limit and how much time to give yourself (on all of them).

      This only works if you watch Netflix on a computer, but might help!

  112. This was a fantastic and super timely one! I just had my last day of work yesterday. After being in a taxing and demanding full-time job for 3 years, I decided to quit my job so that I would have the time to start building up my every-days with my “rocks” as first priority.
    3 things I’ll do more of everyday:
    1. Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning
    2. Sleep earlier – start by going to be just 10 minutes earlier than the night before
    3. Get out in nature – I live by the mountains and it’s such a shame that I don’t go to visit them for a few minutes everyday.

    Additionally I’ll do yoga 2-3x a week and another form of strength training. And finally start building a steady writing practice for my blog!
    Thanks for the motivation and the belief that this is all possible if you just put your mind to it and focus with intention and commitment. Love y’all Marie and Team Forleo!

  113. Lenka

    Thank you Marie for all the pointers of how to distress and find time for things really important in your life. About a year ago we lost our baby when I was 30 weeks pregnant. As someone who had wonderfully easy pregnancy it was a true shock to me but here it was left with me and my husband. What helped me to get through this enormous amount of pain was not only support of the wonderful people around me and of course love and support of my husband, but also meditation, early morning walks in the park and trying to live my feelings as they came in that very moment.
    Up until that time I was too busy with work, with planning what I was gonna do in the future… but never really in the moment. I found that the meditation calmed me down, slowed down my days and walks in the park just offered such wonderful comfort and piece.
    And in all of this it was also You and Your team showing me the way with your wonderful suggestions and witty comments to every day life challenges.
    Thank you for that all! You are doing a tremendous job filled with love and humour which helps people on the various different paths.

    Myself and my family we wish you the best Xmas filled with happiness, joy and love and a very prosperous New Year…

    Thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lenka, thank you so, so much for your comment, and I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby last year. What you’ve shared about leaning into the moment and honoring our grief is a beautiful example of how that can give us strength in coping with painful loss.

      It menas so much to hear that you’ve been tuning in and enjoying our episodes. We’re sending lots of love right back, and best wishes for a bright New Year ahead xoxo

  114. Patricia

    Excellent tips. May I add one more – since life is 10% events and 90% your reaction to those events, choose to embrace your choices. You can change them at any time you choose, and it doesn’t mean they were bad, that was then, this is now. Sitting in a chair looking back with regrets is also a choice. As long as you embrace life in the moment, there are no regrets.

  115. Thank you for this episode.
    Good idea for me is to leave my mobile at home when I go for a walk with my dog 🙂 I’ll change this.

  116. Natalie

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video, for your humour & the wisdom you bring to us each week.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family & team xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aww thank you so much, Natalie! We’re so glad to have you tuning in and sending best wishes for an amazing New Year!

  117. Mary

    Great Episode!!!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Mary! Happy New Year to you 🙂

  118. I’ve struggled with this so much in previous years and still struggle sometimes.

    Great tips! I love the rocks in the jar analogy. I have to remember this when I find myself getting way too busy again.

  119. Dear Marie,

    I love my work/mission, but also need more time for my life. I’ve been concerned about overworking and just in the last few days, I was asking Life for guidance about how to change… and your video showed up! It is fabulous, easily usable and from it, the course of my work and life has already changed. Thanks.

    You asked us to post comments on what else we find that works for us: I set my awareness to notice the tiniest of choices. For example, should I take my vitamins or should I write another email. These tiny choices come up probably 20 or more times a day. Easy to choose me and Life in those moments—and gives me better energy for my life and work.

    With love,


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great thoughts, Richard — tiny choices and tiny habits really can add up to tremendous benefit. Thank you for watching this episode and sharing with us!

  120. Love this episode! Happy Holidays

  121. Thanks Marie, this is so useful! I find social media to be one of the most unproductive time sucks, when it comes to trying to get your business noticed! So I now try to limit my time. But I wasted a lot using it during my initial set up.


  122. Love these suggestions! I think we all struggle with this from time to time. Sometimes it’s tough to get away from work and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, but it’s so very important.

  123. This is a great post!

    Three changes that I would make:

    1. Take time out to consider the knowledge I’ve gathered during the day (whether from an unexpected occurrence or learning experience)
    2. Be thankful for what I have and what I’ve been through
    3. Find a way to speak an encouraging word to someone each day

    I believe that these 3 changes would help make days feel less “monotonous” and like I’m going through the motions of life.

    I wonder what others do to prevent themselves from feeling as if they are going through the motions of life? Any advice?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great ideas, Jalesa — I especially love the idea of being thankful each day. Gratitude can be a wonderful practice for making life feel less like “going through the motions.”

      For a few more ideas, you might like to check out this episode we did with guest Chris Guillebeau a little while back. He talks about having a quest (either a big one or a small one) as a way to enjoy our lives and feel happier and more connected, so that might spark even more ideas for you:

      Thanks so much for tuning in!

  124. Sarah

    Thanks for this!

  125. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Happy New Year everyone! Marie, loved the video (& on the shallower side of things) LOVE the dress you’re wearing! You always look so great 🙂 Here’s to making time for life!

  126. Lynnzi B

    WOW! Marie, great video! I am so glad I just came across your video through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am so excited to watch more and learn and grow from you. Thank you 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay, we’re so glad you found us, Lynnzi! Feel free to stop by anytime — we have loads of great MarieTV episodes in our archives, plus a new one every Tuesday!

  127. Thank you, really fun today! And wise – as usual 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Susanne! So glad to have you tuning in 🙂

  128. Eboni

    I tried to watch the video but the screen is black and it’s not playing for some reason. I would like very much to watch it please and thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so strange! We’re happy to help troubleshoot. Did you try watching directly on YouTube?

      It may also help to try viewing the video in either Chrome or Firefox, since they display videos better than other browsers.

      It’s also possible that your Adobe Flash plugin is out of date. It can be updated for free here: Once it’s downloaded, follow the instructions to install, then relaunch your browser to ensure the changes take affect.

      That should do the trick! If you run into any problems, please write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  129. Trina

    Thanks for the video Marie TV! Once again, I needed this video.
    Changing choices:
    1. Morning routine
    2. Evening routine (routines include a combo of dance, meditation, yoga and reading). I’ve recently been turned onto an 8 min. morning yoga video, by a friend so plan to check it out.
    3. Schedule date night with myself every week and think more about those rocks…What are my priorities?

  130. Great one Marie. I confess that one of the things that is in my “Wunderlist” is to take a break and watch your episode on Marie TV 😉 So good to learn and laugh at the same time. Great comments as well. <3

  131. I often have a problem with separating my work from life, particularly now that I own my own business. Great article with some useful information.

  132. love the “rocks and sand” metaphor!!

  133. Mayank Patel

    Dear Marie,

    Its a amazing video and I inspire a lot by you. Thanks for sharing this video.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mayank! We’re so glad you found this episode inspiring 🙂

  134. Teacher Mat

    Predominantly, work is detached from many people’s lives, but what if work is the only thing that truly brings joy and satisfaction? In this case, a perfect balance cannot be found unless you apportion your spare time to be just enough for you to relax, by not procrastinating and then getting right back on the horse.

  135. Jaquelin Huerta

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! I am such a workaholic and because of that my health greatly suffers from it. Thanks for the insight and the simplicity you always bring to life’s daily struggles. Now time to start scheduling ME time!

  136. Loved this episode, exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks, Marie. 3 things I will do is: 1. Walk slower – I feel like I’m always speed walking everywhere and not really present on my strolls. 2. When I’m walking I will not look at my phone, I will be fully in the moment. 3. I will check in with myself at different times of day to check my state of mind! xoxo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great ideas, Laura – thank you so much for sharing!

  137. Haha GET YOUR KALE ON lol 😀

  138. Great episode! I am taking care of big rocks first now, I feel a lot more happier than before.

  139. Made me cry. I’ve been raised with all examples of women in my life as absorbed in work and making ends meet. I feel an uncontrollable urge to do the same but know that I don’t want to miss out on my kids while they are small. I had such an amazing blip of a moment today just watching my son play. It was beautiful and totally made the whole day seem more relaxed and fulfilled. I’m so glad this is important to you Marie and know that it does help my life and will help many others that just DECIDE to stop and breath every once in a while.

  140. I loved this episode! Thanks for these tips. I will definitely be changing a few things in my day to feel like the things I do are more important to me personally. I’m going to start putting relationships above tasks.

  141. I have learned to carve out more time for me, I try to slow down, I find when I carve out more time for me, I say no to friends sometimes, I am trying to strike a balance, I do feel better since I have mediated and journaled. I am trying to mange time with my family and getting more time for me,

  142. Rich Gassen

    I’ve heard Covey’s Big Rocks discussion before, but it’s a good reminder to focus on the things that actually matter to you instead of burning up all of your minutes on other peoples’ priorities for you. Thanks Marie!

  143. Toni Clough

    Big rocks is a great reminder of how to focus on the important things in life. I needed the reminder. Thanks, Marie!

  144. Marie, you are sooooo Beautiful Inside and Out..Id be lost without YOU X X X

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