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How to Persuade 2X More People With One Sentence

January 21, 2019

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If someone has ever shot down your idea, request, pitch, product, or cause, then you know how it feels to hear the word, “No.”

But imagine walking into a room and knowing exactly what to say to persuade more people. In fact, not just more… but DOUBLE. ? That’s 2X more sales, 2X more fans and 2X more goals achieved.

On today’s MarieTV, you’ll learn a research-backed strategy that will help you persuade twice as many people — including yourself.

The best part is that this technique takes less than 3 seconds and involves adding just a single sentence to your messaging.

Depending on who you’re trying to convince, that means you could have doubly effective…

  • Calls to action on your sales page
  • Donations for your next fundraiser
  • Investor pitches
  • New Year’s goals

I don’t know about you, but I think those odds are doubly awesome. Watch and learn the one sentence that can get more people to say yes and commit.

Before you do, a heads up. As a 90s hip-hop fan, hearing the word DOUBLE, even though it’s about a persuasion technique, meant I had to include a one-of-a-kind homage to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s epic 1992 hit.

We believe gold mankinis may double the chance you’ll remember (and use) this persuasion strategy for life.

Once you watch, I’d love you to hear from you. Tackle one of these persuasion challenges below (or both, if the video has you doubly excited):

  1. Think of an experience where someone said “No,” to an idea you were promoting. Using the persuasion technique you just learned, how could you rewrite that scene?
  2. Do you have a goal that you’re struggling to stay consistent with? How can you use this persuasion strategy to help yourself stick with it?

Even just a quick comment below helps you internalize this lesson, so you can persuade more people — including yourself — to take action.

Countless creatives come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

As I always say, “The world needs that special gift that only you have!” Use today’s episode ideas to double your chances of persuading those you hope to serve, and yourself, to take that next step.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and adding your voice to the conversation. Your heartfelt contribution means more than you know!

All my baby-got-back ? ? love,


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