5 Ways To Beat Burnout and Increase Productivity

June 19, 2018

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Have you ever wondered how the world’s most successful people get SO much done when you can maaaaybe crank out a few hours of work before feeling fried? How do some people just seem to keep going 24/7?!

Here’s the secret: THEY DON’T.

When Kelly wrote in frustrated because she was only able to be productive for 4 hours each day, I had to respond. Because there *is* a way to get 10X more done — and it doesn’t involve working harder. Just smarter.

On today’s MarieTV, you’ll learn five science-backed ways to boost your productivity while reducing burnout, including the one technique I use every day that can double or triple your chances of meeting any goal!

If you want to get more done and feel less fatigued, watch this now. Plus, this episode has an epic dance scene that should NOT be missed.

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Most of all, remember this. While you can try to work non-stop, your brain just isn’t designed for that. Use this 5-step R.E.S.E.T method to skyrocket your productivity and prevent burnout before it happens.

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