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Does something really gotta give?

Or with the right productivity tip, will you finally unlock the secret to doing it all?

Yes… to both.

Yes, you can grow your business and show up for your family. Yes, you can nourish your creativity and your body. Yes, you can have kids and hobbies.

But slooowww down for a second.

Make sure in this frenzy to “get the most out of life” you’re not missing out on what’s most important.

In today’s MarieTV, you get to watch me coach an overwhelmed entrepreneur in real time. Mariella is a mom, entrepreneur, and introvert who asks:

My secret to doing it all is that I don't. Click To Tweet

“How do you maintain the balance between building your business, serving your audience, being visible, doing all the things — and make sure you’re physically and mentally balanced and nourished?”

Spoiler alert!

My approach to doing it all is… I don’t.

But I do have strategies, habits, and insights from 20+ years in business that you can use to make sure you always have enough time for what’s most important.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get laser-focused on what matters.
  • Why neglecting your #1 asset keeps you miserable.
  • The fastest way to get back on track when you feel “off.”
  • 2 easy habits that’ll supercharge your creative output.
  • Why I call myself a “professional disappointer.”
  • The toxic lie that keeps you exhausted (and how to let it go).

If you want to do it all — grow your business, show up for your family and friends, and nourish your own wellbeing — without overdoing it, watch this now.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn the 90% rule that puts you 100% in control — of everything.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Can you relate to Mariella? Are you overstretched, spread thin, and juggling too much?

Nothing changes until you do. Take a few minutes to reflect and answer the same two questions I asked Mariella in this episode:

  1. What’s one activity that would radically transform your life if you did it more consistently? 
  2. What’s one thing that, if you let it go, would bring a surge of time, energy, or emotional freedom back to your life?

Don’t just think about your answers. Grab a pen and paper and write them down. Even better? Share your answers in a comment below to inspire someone else.

It’s time to stop hustling and start living.


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  1. I learn a lot while watching and listening to both of you. Hoping to get a part two. 🙂

  2. Abi

    Great episode! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with everything that I feel I have to do. This isn’t just work (which could take up 100% of my day) but also everything else that is important to me : clean and tidy house, eating healthily, being a good mum, taking my kids to dance classes, being the best wife and daughter I can be. This has been really helpful but I still feel that there isn’t enough time in the day to be everything I want to be. And it gets me down sometimes.

    • Kristy

      @Abi, i feel completely the same.
      My husband works shift work over 3 jobs and Im working 4 days with the other day undertaking study and work placement. I’ve also then got the house chores and kids to attend to.
      I feel spread so thinly that I’m considering quitting my job to ease the pressures.

    • I feel you, Abi!

      I think many of us who are parents or primary caregivers, especially during pandemic conditions, are feeling stretched beyond capacity, and simply aren’t able to ‘do it all.’ I have appreciated some of the media attention looking critically, for example, at how many women have disproportionately borne the brunt of getting burnt out during Covid, including choosing to leave the paid work force, when possible.

      So, it feels helpful to me to remember that these conditions and choices are not all on us individually (for example, many countries need and deserve better subsidized childcare or parental leaves, etc…) – yet, I think Marie’s two key questions – “What activities do we want to prioritize and say YES to?” and “What could we say no to?” are still always worth revisiting and refreshing on.

      I know for me, after a year of almost 24-7 parenting (with a working partner / co-parent and also while struggling with Long-Covid recovery), it’s a priority to figure out external childcare, because that will be a game-changer for us. Likewise, I may need to figure out how to systematize meal-planning or make the food side of life easier, with fewer constant decision-making points… so, big empathy to you, and I hope you can carve out some space to reflect and look at the tensions and your priorities and choices, and find some creative new possibilities that make life feel better for you.

      In any case, you don’t deserve to get down on yourself for trying to juggle almost impossible standards and often mutually incompatible expectations. In my experience, I often can’t do it all every day… something’s gotta give a little, but hopefully I’m weaving a tapestry that balances out over a week – or over a lifetime!

      In solidarity with you.

      • Abi

        Thanks so much Nicola! Such kind words, and what you say is so true. And on top of all that, we also have ever fluctuating hormones to cope with – my mood and ability to cope are definitely related to certain times of the month. I need to predict this as ‘give myself permission’ for more self care on these days. Thanks for taking the time to reply! Xxx

    • Abi, you are not alone in this. I too struggle with the desire to live in a beautifully decorated and organized home, and eat the healthiest, tastiest meals with my family, and be a good mom, and a thriving entrepreneur. When it come to care tasks and home management, the TikTok creator Domestic Blisters and author of is doing amazing work reducing the shame and guilt around care duties. Check out her content.

  3. Ritu Bhatnagar

    Highly recommend this video! These are some issues we all are struggling with! This video of yours has taught so much Marie!!! Love it!

  4. This episode was brilliant, Marie! Just awesome. Such a healthy reminder to give ourselves permission to not do it all – loved that – remembering that everything we do (and don’t do) is a choice. Fantastic, as always, and great to meet Mariella – someone so relatable and with challenges so many creative introverts experience. Loved it ✨

  5. Anjelíka

    This is so valuable!! Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for this incredible live with Mariella. I really enjoyed it and it was so practical. Amazing to see someone from the audience speak with Marie.
    I’d like to know more about the systems you’ve created to show up on social media to serve on your mission but not have the downside? For someone like me who’s just starting out, how to even understand how to create these systems? What are your tips for figuring this out?
    Thank you,

    • I second that! I’m also really curious about systems to manage social media drain as I also still struggle with this one.

  6. Great question Marielle! And perfect timing aswell. It really helps me to take the pressure off.

    Thanks to you both 🙏🏼

    • Thank you Monique 🙏 I completely agree. Sometimes we add so much pressure on top of things ourselves that it’s so good to be reminded of ways to take the pressure off. It is amazing to learn from someone like Marie!

  7. Carole

    I really related to today’s show. I have not done social media prior and just started Facebook Private groups and don’t get it……. now posts pop up in my email and some are relevant and others waste my time. I do not own a cell phone or watch, listen or read ‘the News’ however I do get sucked into email and lots of webinars, docuseries, summits mostly about Health which is a topic I feel is my top priority for myself and helping my family and some friends. My laptop can distract me then I feel disappointed with myself for not staying ‘on task’. So setting an Intention for the day (I have never been comfortable with goals – too rigid for me) will be my new go to each morning. A professional disappointer sounds excellent ! thank you for today’s interview – I loved your guest she is so ‘real’ and on her right path – your advice so resonated – thanks Marie.

    • Thank you Carol. I recognize what you’re saying. I stayed away from social media for years and also don’t often read or watch the news as it easily overstimulates me. It’s a challenge not to get sucked into distractions for me too some days. What Marie talks about to start your day with a routine that’s just for you has been a game changer for me. I started including setting an intention in mine just a few months ago and it really helps to center me. I’m working on becoming a professional disappointer too 💪😉

  8. I love this, as a productivity coach for moms that whole 24/7 hustle guilt on top of mom duties is quite literally a killer.
    For me, listening to my body, and having ‘play’ time after heavy brain work is a must.
    And my clients often report back that they feel happier and healthier when they start saying no and get more picky on what they say yes to.
    One of the biggest issues I hear is when moms aren’t yet in that stage of their business that they can delegate work out, or so they think! Mastering that is the first big step.

    • I love that Jo! Wonderful to hear that your clients feel happier and healthier when they become more picky and intentional about how they spend their time and energy. Much love for the work that you do ❤️

  9. Loved this post so much. Thank you! Especially the notion about feeling we have to push ourselves beyond the 3-4 hour period. I always end up beating myself up when I find myself not being able to sustain that or else wiping out with no energy for my kids because I didnt give myself permission to stop sooner. So appreciate this. Gracias!

  10. The concepts of not being everything to everyone and not overworking resonate with me. So often, trying to show up for everyone just has me spinning my wheels and not using my time for what’s important. That sometimes causes me to get behind on what must get done, which leads to overworking. Overworking is not the way I get the results that I want. Thank you for giving me action steps to break the cycle.

  11. Hi Marie,
    Really loved this conversation.
    As someone who has just been ‘at it’ – going strong in my media business from 7am to 10pm today, I realise if I don’t stop, I will just keep going … until I crash!
    This is not healthy and I must remind myself to take time out and do things like yoga, go to the beach, get massages, get out in nature etc to re-fill my cup so I can help others with the overflow.
    Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.
    Much love,

  12. Thank you! I needed that reminder, I am working full time and editing a book I’ve been writing for 2 years and working on building my brand. I have struggled with the balance and the hustle and at times felt like I don’t have a life because I just want to get this work out into the world and help people so my weeknights and weekends are all productive. My default is to do and only after doing can I then be.
    I totally agree with the brain drain, I can do 3-4 hours editing then I am zapped!
    My 3 favourite things are

    I am probably 40% there 🙁

    The one thing that drains me is social media. I realised I need a “framework” to make time once per fortnight or month to plan social media content for the following weeks/month rather than do it on the fly as that causes stress. I like the idea of building a brand without social media too!

    Oh and I’ve just started redoing Tony Robbins priming in the morning – love it!!

  13. Margaret

    Absolutely brilliant Marie, as a Life Coach myself and trainer, I often talk about finding balance, but don’t always take my own advice! Pushing yourself too hard is never productive in the long run, and love the fact you shared the science behind it to prove this. Thank you once again, I’m going to listen again and take notes 💜

  14. Jaya

    Great advice, as always! I have a question about social media.. As we all post and create on social media, I often feel like I have to check and like what other people are doing and ingage with them.. how do you deal with that? Is that necessary or do you just focus on your own content?

  15. Johanne

    Good point Marie! We are our greatest asset!
    Great episode and such good tips and reminders. Thank you!

  16. “My secret to doing it all is that I don’t” 😂 Good one. That’s why I love Marie. 😀
    It’s so true… and hard… and easy… all of that.

    Best wishes,

    • ‘It’s so true… and hard… and easy… all of that’

      I love that Airi!

  17. Jelena Ristic

    I found this very useful to hear. What I truly needed to hear was the part about the 3-5 intensely productive hours on that limited fuel tank of cognitive energy. It’s given me ideas for how to work with that and protect that energy for what matters most. Amazing advice as always. <3 Thank you!

  18. Angelica

    Thank you!!
    I am a professional disappointer and I will no longer feel bad about it!!
    Thank you thank you thank you, for sharing your experience and wisdom.

  19. Regina Antonio

    Enjoyed this video so much. You two are a sweet duo. I’m very interested in Marielle’s recipe for miso soup. It sounds so nourishing and delicious!

    • Haha, thanks for that Regina. I really felt like I was rambling at that point, so it’s so sweet that you say that (excitement, nervous, talking to Marie Forleo!!) I’m no expert in miso soup and youtube has been my greatest ally there also. If you’re interested in Japanese cuisine, I love to watch Kimono mom. She makes delicious, simple recipes and I often watch her with my son as she has a daughter about the same age 😊

  20. Vesna

    Fantastic Q&A! Since last July I’ve been struggling with an unexpected separation from my husband of 30 years. I was in the middle of getting my health coaching certification when he left. I froze. The guilt and inadequacy I felt because I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth to pursue my new career path was overwhelming. I felt like I had to keep going and keep up and keep doing even though I knew I couldn’t. Thank you for the reminder that I can say no and be good with it. I definitely need to get more rest and sleep. I feel a pressure has been lifted. I can handle working 3-5 hours on my business.
    Thank you so much! ❤️

  21. Paola

    Spot on Marie! This is so good. I really benefitted from the probing questions you asked Marietta when she said she sometimes gets derailed from the structure she has set-up and that gets her the balance. Just that simple idea of taking breaks for your own biology and chemistry can recharge you! So often I find myself in a groove creating, forgetting to take a break that I end up burning out way too fast. Also sharing the cognitive energy facts, super important to remember!

  22. Loved this topic and insight in the video! This was a perfect way to start my morning

  23. During my morning meditation I’ve asked myself “how do you want to feel, Katia” and the straightforward answer was “grounded and creative”. After this episode i just want to jump up and down from the joy, and share with every single human being the wisdom of Marie’s words! So many insights and validation 🙏🏽💓🌟
    Thank you, Mariella, for your question!

    With ❤️,

  24. Fabulous advice, I’m in refocus mode. Love professional disapointer.

  25. Tanny

    Wow! I loved it! It makes so much sense that we are the most productive for 3-5 hrs a day and when we push beyond, that’s exhaustion.

  26. Such a impactful episode today! The working less/ more intensely hit me.
    I work intensely, but push myself and I had an ah ha listening today. It was I keep working as I feel guilty if I am not. I feel guilty if I spend time on me. I also keep working as when I stop I wonder what do I do next? I sign up for courses and start and stop and realize after watching today – wow I have fomo and need to feel good about what I am doing, how I am doing it and I am my only asset that counts.
    Thanks for being my light bulb that turned on today!

    Going to make some changes starting today.

    Guilt is the first thing that is gonna get tossed!

  27. Not only a great question, but great wisdom in the answers.
    I have been led to please others. My education was based on it. Later, years of sexual abuse reinforced this since pleasing became a way to protect my emotions, therefore to protect me from misery. It took me years of self-observation and two major burnouts to pay attention to what I really wanted.

    Nevertheless, and as the saying goes “What is raised in the bone, will come out in the flesh”, to remind me of what is really important in order to better contribute to the world, that is to say to ensure my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Which requires kind spirits like you Marie and Mariella to be part of my journey to remind myself that it is safe to disappoint people.

    This episode was filled with wisdom and concrete actions for me to take. Thanks to you two! Have a safe and powerful journey.

  28. Wow, I totally relate to this as I am sure many do AND having the challenge of having food addiction, this has been something that I need to pay extra special attention to because the food (addictive foods-sugar, wheat, and flour) can totally derail my success mind, body, spirit. The food can chemically throw me off just like alcohol did. I can have the grandest ideas and have “a day” of motivation and write it all out BUT if I’m stoned on food – no cigar. In fact, I’m so passionate about this that I’ve created great recipe ideas over the years to keep my food on the clean and sober train. This subject and awareness def needs to be number one on the forefront for me and SO GLAD that you did and ep on this Marie and Team. xoxo

  29. I’m definitely learning to do this — to follow my inner compass and remember that saying no to one thing automatically says yes to others (the ones I want to prioritise) and I even did a podcast episode about saying yes/no on The Rooted Reinvention (episode 30).
    I wish we were taught that we CANT do it all, and thus Dont Need To Try to be everything to everyone.

    Such a good reminder <3 And I love that questions about what makes us feel really strong and filled up – letting that guide us! And again, another reminder of that 'cognitive fuel' – I wish they had covered this in my Masters in Neuroscience because its so useful to be aware of the ebb and flow.

  30. Thamara Erdelyi

    What a great episode and what an eye-opener!
    Thank you so much!

  31. The older I get, the better I’m at this game to listen to my body, to say no, to follow my flow and intuition.

    And guess what my result are better, my spirit is at peace, stress is no more a thing about if I’m good enough, if I gone make it this month, if I will respect my own deadline.

    It’s about routine, experience, recognition of my values, what I bring to the table that I can’t do if I’m under an obligation that make no sense for my purpose or if my heart is not in.

  32. Barry Wates

    Good morning I just got done listening do you latest chat , On Tuesday very insightful, could you expose my bucket it has so many hoes, but most appreciated, it puts me in a starting point to move forward, The energy you put out is the best of the best, you are a quality person thanks again

  33. Brandy

    I just LOVE you!!! The skit at the end of your podcast made me smile and giggle out loud!!! 💗💗🌹

  34. Great video and information! I am working full-time, while finishing a health coaching certification program and starting my business. Balance is something I need to remind myself of all the time! I’m learning to say no and not push myself too much in any one area.

  35. Barbara Spikes

    I love this episode. Even though, maybe especially since, I am not “working” at a paid job right now, I feel the push to be available for things all the time. Even the ones that drag me down. I need to really look at these and remember that I can say No Thank You.
    Thanks for the reminder. Barbara

  36. This is so great! I’m redoing my schedule because I’ve hired a few more people in my company so I managed to free up some time. The whole reason for hiring was to free up my time so that I could be more impactful in certain areas but because I wasn’t grinding for as many hours per day I felt lazy and immediately starting filling my calendar with more busy work. THE IRONY!!! I know it’s wrong but man that industrial age hardwiring sure is hard to shake. Thanks for the realignment and the reminder that the intense focused creative work for a shorter period of time valuable and needed. Much appreciated.

  37. Natalie

    I love your thoughts and research done about only have 3-4 hours of intensive creativity in us in a day.

    I am a wellness coach and working for a coportate company while I gain more coaching experience and also gather insight on what business I want to create for myself.

    I hear my clients say all the time that they don’t have the time for self care such as: making dinner/doing the dishes, exercising, etc. I do believe them that they’re tired and over run, but I also believe that if you’re not doing something then it’s not a priority.

    At the basis of their conundrum I feel like is 1.) their own personal dilemma with taking responsibility for what’s happening in their lives and 2.) society is not set up in a way to help you and your soul thrive.

    I want to find a way to create a life, business, partnership, and friendships that are there to support me, not to distract me from letting my light shine. That’s the goal!

    Thanks Marie and the team! I love all of the consistent insights!

  38. I loved this format! It hit the spot. I feel so similarly to Mariella. Covid burnout is real after 15 months of hustling to keep my business alive. My body and mind are feeling very tapped. I needed Marie’s deeply practical and wise reminder to give me permission not to work all the time. Thank you Marie and Mariella! I’ll probably watch this a couple more times!

  39. Tejas

    Really loved it when you said there is nothing like perfection only progress should be the most important aspect of life. The human brain can be enthusiast-focused between 3-5 hours. Take a break in between which can make you on track. In today’s podcast, you focused more on the most important and many times people ignore it in this hustle and busy life i.e health. Health is like a vehicle and if the vehicle is not maintained it will be spoiled. We people take our cars for the maintenance into Garage so it can run smoothly and not get shut off. Like that for the human body exercise or yoga is important to keep it healthy. Thank you so much for this podcast really loved it.

  40. love that , i am so happy to hear this on social media because I feel exactly the same and it is so hard to push myself to be present on social media !! I am just beginning in showing up but social media particularly FB gives me a feeling of energy sucking !
    so good to hear you talk about this ! I am going for a system too I will find it ! thank you for this beautiful inspiration. You are a blessed being. Thank you Marie

  41. This video is so on point on the negative impacts of hustle culture. I’m coaching first-generation professionals who are just joining the workplace and this is the message I’m sharing. Don’t just jump into the workforce and allow life and everyone else to dictate the path of your life. You must plan for the life you want to live. If I had taken a breath when I graduated from college and focused on the foundation spheres of my life, like health and financial security, I would have arrived at the life I imagined when I decided to go to college. Slow down and decide with intention is my new motto.

  42. I literally just ranted about hustle culture on my IG story last night because I know in my heart I need to rest but still want to show up for my followers/business as much as possible. This episode is for real divine timing THANK YOU!! Def gonna bookmark and re-listen.

  43. Sonali

    I have observed similar when working intensely on ideas, do less to do more. Thinking is so exhausting. Work intensely for four hours and then do some light cardio.
    Thanks for pointing it out so well.

  44. I would love to ask a follow-up question. Marie you mentioned that you have a system for doing what you need to do with social media and for keeping it from making you feel bad or taking up too much time. Would you be good enough to share your system>?

  45. If I don’t make a system for it: it’s not getting done. Over my 11 years running a small handmade business I’ve learned not only to systematize everything within my business to make it as efficient as possible, but also that I need to create systems to contain myself from over-working on a daily basis.

  46. Alette Williams

    I will be honest. I’ve been getting emails from MF for a long while and barely opened any. Today, I decided to clear my subscriptions and almost unsubscribed because I felt like I had too many subscriptions.
    But I said, let me read the contents before I unsubbed. And I clicked on the video and listened. Everything spoke to me. I asked myself… why the HELL haven’t I been really paying attention to MF’s emails?
    So now, I’m looking forward to the emails.
    I think I’ll even set aside time to read up on the ones I missed.
    I appreciate you Marie.
    Thank you for this.

    Your new ambassador from Trinidad and Tobago!

  47. Kirsten Smith

    Watching this episode was like breathing for the first time! Marie’s message about working LESS so you can bring the MOST to intense spurts of creative production was the one thing I needed to hear today – and every day. As a business owner, I’m bombarded by the “hustle harder” mentality. My friends/peers/mentors have incredible work ethics, but it sends the message that if you DON’T want that hustle lifestyle, then you just don’t want the entrepreneur life bad enough. As a writer, I’ve been railing against that idea in my own mind, afraid to say it all out loud. But I know it’s true, and this was what I needed to hear in order to give myself permission to work the way that I need to. I’m throwing the socially prescribed rulebook out the window. Now I’m going to focus on research and messages like the ones Marie shares here. THANK YOU for making me feel less alone – and more worthy of the lifestyle I actually want. I’ll be listening to this every morning for the foreseeable future. 😂

    • I love this Kirsten, so happy that you’ve been able to start letting go of the ‘hustle harder’ mentality. I feel like a total slacker sometimes working (or not working) as much as I do😂 But I completely agree with you: You can decide what you need to work at your best. And that’s nobody’s business 😉 Marie is such an inspiration on this for me also, I have her on repeat sometimes 😂

  48. Less is Best, Too much, so much is pure common sense. Thank you & please unsubscribe me.

  49. This episode came at the perfect time! My husband and I are role-swapping, and I’m having a hard time knowing which responsibilities to hand off and when. For over a year, I have been a full-and-a-half time WFH mom of two kids under 4 (one has special needs too!), squeezing in MAYBE 3-5 hours of work every week and stressing about it constantly. Suddenly, I’m working up to 30 hours a week on two businesses, still from home, but now hubs is home and trying to take some of it on. It’s a confusing time. I’m so used to trying to do it all, ALL the time. I often don’t stop moving until 10 or 11pm and I know that’s my bad. And I am so, so guilty of trying to stretch that productivity window. I digress…

    The thing that seems to help me MOST is meditating twice – once in the morning around my intention for the day, and then at night time to turn off my cerebral tap. This episode actually inspired me to pick up a new meditation tool I’ve been thinking about trying!

    As for what I need to let go of, there’s certainly a lot… I think my biggest thing right now is all the people-pleasing. We have an E N O R M O U S family with a lot of attention-hungry people. I came to realize just how much they drain my energy so I’ve stopped going out of my way to regularly make time for them. It’s taken a lot off my shoulders and hopefully there’s more to come! Their need for validation has NO place in the life I’m trying to live.

  50. Oh my Gosh! THANK YOU! I often feel guilty because I don’t work an 8 hour day, that I take time off to swim laps in the pool and go do pole dancing, both essential not just to my physical well being but also my mental wellbeing. I now give myself permission to be a Professional Disappointer and to take time out for myself. xx

  51. This was sooo helpful! Now all I need to do is figure out how I need to apply it to my life to feel grounded, rested, and happy.

    I often feel the pressure to “hustle” even though I know it’s not aligned with me. I am often made to feel that if I don’t hustle, I will not become a 6 figure business.

    I am currently trying to figure out the hours that work well with me and my business because I have two little kids, one on the way, a husband with whom I need to make sure I spend time nurturing our relationship, and a few other things that take up my time. These things bring me pleasure and are essential to my life.

    I know I CANNOT do it all. But I am trying to figure out what I can do. This video helped. Thank you!

    • teamforleo


      Yay! It’s wonderful to hear that this episode really resonated with you! Thank you for being a part of our community!

  52. Deb

    Love, love, love this message! I so appreciate your concept about being a “professional disappointer” (and I saw the TM so I hope there’s more to come on that topic!). When returning to the office from the pandemic, I returned CHANGED as it relates to the pre-pandemic culture of a rat race, 24/7 schedule and I vowed to not go back to that mindset and lifestyle (so much more to that story). BUT those around me didn’t get that memo 🙂
    I am pleased to report that I have stuck to prioritizing, fitting into one day what one day can hold, and saying no to keep things in balance (“professional disappointer”). AND my persistence is paying off and rubbing off on those around me. YAY! Thank you for your work and for sharing this powerful message. I join you fully in the PD club!!!

    • teamforleo

      So glad to hear that you enjoyed this episode!


  53. Please dive in to the systems you have created to maintain your social media without getting sucked in to the toxic vortex. I quit all socials in October of 2020 and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back because I don’t know how to create the systems you mentioned. Please help!

  54. Val

    Great video! I want to hear more about how to be present and visible in on social media without being on it all the time (and the icky feelings it brings). I just stopped showing up on Instagram and can’t seem to find the motivation to start posting again. Which feels great, but I worry everyone will forget I exist and I’ll miss out on opportunities.

  55. Such a valuable conversation to hear! Those two questions:
    1. The one activity that would radically transform my life if I did it more consistently is CYCLING. I got into cycling last summer in lockdown (aged 63) and got hooked. I got a turbo trainer for winter. That hooked. Two weeks ago I bought a swish new gravel bike. I thought I’d ride it every day. I know it would make me happy, fitter, help me lose weight, get me fresh air and so on. But I guilt-trip myself out of riding it anywhere near as often as I want because I always feel like I should be doing other ‘more important’ stuff.
    2. The thing that, if I let it go, would bring a surge of time, energy, or emotional freedom back to my life is … Social Media for work! Haven’t we all been told, everywhere we look, that we need to build engagement, be present, be responsive, be imaginative and – the worst in my opinion – make and post video content because apparently that’s all people are interested in? I’m not. And increasingly I learn that plenty of other people feel the same as me. Don’t have time to fritter on watching little videos that don’t actually bring us any benefit. So I never have and never will make a little video showing me making my photography. Like people have never seen someone using a camera before. Actually, the only videos I watch are of people riding bicycles in lovely places!
    Important details I took from your video – although I stopped it and read the transcript instead – were that the brain needs glucose. I might have heard that before but didn’t take it in, perhaps because being on a weight loss drive means avoiding sugars. But it doesn’t have to be rubbish, refined sugar. So I’ll be keeping that in mind whenever I feel like I can’t think anymore.
    Secondly, the three to five hour sustainability limit on creative work time. I recently spent a whole day shooting different still life creations and I was done in after about four hours and became noticeably less motivated to be creative and perfect the layouts.
    Most of all, I need to declutter my life. I’ve always taken on too much, tried to manage too many things going on at once. It’s like if I’m not running myself ragged, I can’t be doing enough. Well enough of that! This week I already resigned a committee role that was too much. Next, I need to ruthlessly cut back the amount of platforms I try to maintain in the effort to sell my work. I should probably limit it to just two or three, only adding another if I’m going to drop one that isn’t working.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie and Mariella!

  56. Thank you for this confirmation of my lifestyle, ladies!

  57. Anna Diaz

    I did not know that we have a certain amount of cognitive “tank of gas” that gets depleted throughout the day. Eye-opening, thanks, Marie! I also hadn’t heard that we have 3 – 5 hours/day max of focused production using our brains, yet I can attest from experience that this is true! I’ve worked for myself for the last 12 years, and am more productive when I work less, and when I follow the signals from my brain and body. Often I notice that my body wants to move, or be in a different position, so I get up and walk around, or stretch and play on the floor with my dogs. Then I get an insight and get back to work. Work is so much better this way!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Agree, that taking and moving during the day stretching and play is critical for the necessary time
      that we must give ourselves.


  58. Thank you so much, Marie! So helpful!!

  59. Barbara H

    I find giving myself permission easy; however, reducing the programming over the years of needing to be busy 24/7 is what I find challenging. It’s that little voice in the back of my mind that likes to bring that up and leads to my feeling guilty about not doing enough. I have tried using positive affirmations and just plain told that little voice to be quiet but it’s a pesky little voice and emerges when I least expect it. Today I came across the following phrase – “Negative thoughts can talk you out of a million opportunities.” I do not know who came up with that but it more than resonated with me and I plan to keep this phrase within daily sight as a way of reminding myself to continue chipping away at that lifelong programming. Also, thank you both – Mariella and Marie – for this valuable conversation/information!

    • I recognize that Barbara. My inner critic likes to latch on to the idea that ‘I should have done a better job’. It’s wonderful that you’re so aware of your inner voice and that you are using affirmations that resonate with you to chip away at that lifelong programming. I think awareness is the first important step to making these changes. Sending you love ❤️

  60. Margaret

    That interview was really wholesome and grounding,
    Many thanks Marie

  61. Thank you for these strategy – I’m creating my own morning schedule now.

  62. This was awesome! Thank you! I am in training to be a master “dissapointer”. Not there yet! LOL

  63. Love it. Thanks for new blog and conversation. Really enjoy watching and listening to both of you guy’s. Gonna share this one. 🙂

  64. Wow..soooo loved this video, totally amazing…!

    I so love doing CrossFit every Morning it sets my day up for my day..mentally and physically….not bad for a 61 year old x x x

    I’ve never felt so good in all my life!

  65. Inbal

    I enjoyed the conversation a lot. I think that in theory working 3-5 hours sounds wonderful but for most people who have to work in more traditional jobs it’s not a possibility.

    I launched my own business three months ago and starting something from the ground up which I’m sure you can relate to will not grow with only 3-5 hours a day. When I grow the business and can hire a social media person , I would love to not spend as much time on socials but again it’s not realistic for most people.

    I also feel like from a financial perspective you have to be in a good place that allows you to take time . It’s a luxury that people don’t have.

    Many leaders talk about taking the time off which I agree is important but they can only discuss it because they worked 24/7 and now reached a point in their career where they can “recommend “ to take the time but I would guess that non of them got to where they are working 3-5 hours.

  66. This is exactly what I needed to hear today Marie! Ohhh my goodness, perfect, I just had a hard week and end up cancelling my work for 2 days in the row. I’m feeling good to go back tomorrow, but will keep your wise words in my heart. Thank you!!!!!

  67. Rima

    I do most of the things that brings me joy, when I say to myself, that I will not do anything today at all.
    And I mean it.
    During those fabulous days I’m relaxed. I move slowly. I enjoy being. During those days I get hungry and I allow myself to cook something I want without a rush. Then prepare beautiful table and eat slow. After the meal to sit even longer and talk, discuss and be together.
    During those days I do not lay on the coach. I still move around my beautiful house and garden. I spot new thing and magic happens here. I DO some work. And I do it without the thought that I MUST do it. I comes from the inside, from the feeling. That could be just nice bit to give a hand to, or it will make me happy, or a tiny bit waited for my attention for years, or it makes something beautiful, or something totally unexpected.
    After doing something, I take a moment to realize that I did it. I enjoy that feeling. And I continuing doing nothing.
    At the end of the day I see, that it most PRODUCTIVE day while DOING NOTHING.

    • Aah, it sounds like you’re really in flow on those days, beautiful!

  68. Le Pham

    Thanks soooooo much for such a practical epsiode (like always). This time is with Mariella and it resonates soooo much. I hope you can do more of this as i can so see myself in Mariella, and her questions are exactly what i wanted to ask
    Thank you sooooo much Marie for always doing what you do.
    Thanks God you are here on Earth! Saving our souls escpecially all the burnt-out-trying-to-do-it-all- mom-entreprenuer like me.
    Thanks so much Marie and your wonderful team!
    Wishing you all a great week ahead🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍

    • teamforleo

      Le Pham,
      Thank YOU! for being a part of our community! So glad that you enjoyed this conversation and that it spoke to you deeply.


  69. Kate Sanders

    Thanks for another great episode Marie. Good advice as always. Since your episode with Robin Sharma I’ve been a big fan of The Five AM Club (which has the same ideas). I don’t always manage to follow the advice in the book but manage say 50 percent of the time. See you next week.

  70. This was great! The tips on “being a disappointer” and remembering you do not have to “do it all” are relevant and helpful. Thank you both!

  71. Valerie

    This was so perfect. I’ve had the tab to this podcast open since I received it and just now when I went to journal about not feeling like I’m getting enough done each day and thinking I have to attempt to structure stronger to not waste time…. This 1 out of 30 tabs jumps out at me and sets me on an entirely new trajectory. Thank you so much, Marie and Mariella, for all of the value you bring to us! Life savers, you are!

  72. Theresa

    Watched this conversation between Marie and Mariella. Then calmly and without justifying myself told an acquaintance that I cannot meet him for this weekend at short notice. Without the usual internal conflict, thought-battles and “why can’t I do it all”. YEAH! 😀

    This is a perfect addition to Marie’s interview with Terri Cole on Boundary Boss. For that I cannot thank you enough. I was not aware of my need to draw clearer boundaries, and to approach it all in a structured way (as Terri offers in her book). There is a really big need in me to stop my codependency and this was so suppressed, I was not even aware of it!
    Somehow Marie and her team know what I urgently need (year?) before I have the maturity to uncover it. Adding to Valerie in the comments: yes, you are mental and emotional life-savers!

  73. Tiffany Johnstone

    I resonate with this so much. Working doesn’t feel doable to me because I get so tired. I thought I was expected to be totally productive eight hours a day in a 9-5 job. If this is not the case, what do I do the other four hours that I’m getting paid, just sit there? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I recognize what you’re saying and I used to feel that way too! I think the trick is to realize that you’re not just being effective when you’re producing but that taking time to rest and percolate is part of that cycle. Like with athletes we don’t expect them to train constantly, they need to rest in order to train more effectively the next time. You could still do things that relate to your work, but that are less intensive. In your ‘resting’ moments you may come up with new ideas that could help the overall strategy of your job or you could spend some time learning new skills to help you do your job better. Does this help at all?


  74. Rahma

    I loved this episode. I’d really appreciate more of these 1:1 coaching episodes. There’s so much to be drawn from the nitty gritty specifics of other people’s challenges

  75. Kaley

    Thank you for this episode! I really needed to hear this message. I am currently rebuilding my weekday routine to be more productive and achieve a good work-life balance. I have found that days can flow by surprisingly fast during lockdown. I get frustrated when a whole week goes by and I’m still procrastinating on the same phone call or errand…
    1. Adding more phone, video and in-person social time will help me immensely. Talking to friends and family energizes and refreshes me from the monotony of work. By keeping my energy level high, I’m able to knock out necessary tasks with more joy and efficiency.
    2. It’s time to stop waking up at a different time throughout the week! I’m one week into committing to an early wakeup schedule. New goal: wake up around 4:45 AM. 🙂

  76. I completely agree Marie I find social media so draining I’d love to hear more about your framework and how you balance needing to be seen with protecting your energy.

  77. Thanks for these important reminders. It’s not so important to do it all and be perfect, but to learn to be more and more ourselves…

  78. I got a lot out of this conversation – Thanks to both of you!
    I felt like trying a 15 min-to-myself-brake right away, so I stopped the video and sat with my crayons and I felt so happy and joyous, and thought that I would continue next time I take a break, probably tomorrow, and that I will look foreward to.

  79. Thank you for your recommendations.

  80. Adriana

    This really resonated with me so much!! I really needed to hear this particular interview and I’m so happy that I actually took the time to sit down and do this for myself. I’m also a mother of two young children, but I’m really ready to start my own business/website and publish a book that I have been writing for a long time. I was literally having a conversation about this today with my mother (an amazing woman!!) and I was telling her that I really want to share my work with the world, but then I’m so overwhelmed and feel so under-qualified to be doing this. (So ridiculous, considering I stopped working/my career to raise these two beautiful humans for all this time and deep down, I know I’m capable). Something is holding me back, though. I realised that it is the expectations of myself, maybe societal pressure, getting past the fear of being visible even though it is what I need to be doing, that sense that I could have more by now “if I really wanted it bad enough”, but I haven’t, and the fact that there is only so much creativity and focus that you actually produce in a day – the three to five hours concept reminder was brilliant!! Something else mentioned that was so valuable was the carving out of time, even if it just 15 to 20 minutes at the start of the day, for myself for yoga or a gentle walk means that I’m nourishing ME and helping my creativity and ideas to surface. I need to trust my ideas and visions, as they are given to me for a reason. So many amazing and important messages in this episode!! I’m also a B-School student and I will rejoin the next group, so that will be so motivating for me. Thank you so much to both Marie and Mariella for your insights and inspiration!! I’m so grateful. I love your work and respect your mission SO much!! xxxx

    • teamforleo

      Adriana, we know that your words and experience will be a comfort to so many who are walking a similar path. Taking time for yourself in big and small ways matters and we certainly hope that you’re able to carve out that time so that it serves you. We can’t wait to see what magic you create in Summer B-School. We’ll be there to cheer you on. xo – Heather

      • Adriana

        Thank you, Heather!! 🙏❤️ I really appreciate it. 🙂

  81. First time watching your vlog here and I was not disappointed of your topic. Looking forward to watch your previous topic.

  82. I’ve had a burnout for pushing myself to work that hard society demands of us. It took myself more than 2 years for fully recover. It’s definitely not worth! Now, I just follow my inner peace, and give a loooot of empty space. It just Improved 1000% my passion for life! =) Loved this episode!

  83. I also had a burnout a couple year’s ago that I got sick and take a rest of a couple day’s in that moment I realized that I have to also take care of my-self without damaging my career or business. Thank you also for sharing your thought on this. 🙂

  84. Anu Tillman

    This was an awesome discussion! My number 1 takeaway was the analogy of the tank of gas we have in the morning. It is so important to recognize what consumes your energy and what things give it to you; to keep your tank’s levels sufficient for your needs.
    But Marie, there is one thing I wish you would also talk about in this context. How do we women can use our monthly hormonal circle for our benefit? We are so brainwashed to operate ourselves like we were men and thus in some respect against our own wellbeing. But the topic is so little talked about. Do you have any good tips for this?

  85. Thank you for this discussion. It is always a pleasure to view your guides.
    Greetings from Germany

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  89. Thank you for this discussion. It is always a pleasure to view your guides.

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  91. Another Amazing episode.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Frida,

      Thanks! We’re glad you enjoyed it!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  92. I really needed this today!!! Thanks so much for setting up the tone to start my day with a different perspective. I used to watch your videos on a daily basis but fell into the “daily routine” and “overwork” trap, and definitely your videos and advise were one thing that helped me stay grounded.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Lisbeth,

      We’re overjoyed to hear this post provided you with a fresh perspective! You’re definitely not alone in falling trap to the “daily routine”. We all experience that from time to time. We’re glad we could help you get back on track. All the best!

      -Monika, Team Forleo

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