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Feeling stuck sucks.

Whether you call it procrastination, resistance, or a lack of motivation — it’s disheartening to dream the same dreams and never feel the oomph to get there.

But here’s the thing. Motivation isn’t some ethereal element beyond your control that you either have or don’t. Motivation is available to you 24/7, on-demand.

You can generate unstoppable energy and passion through what you do and think every day.

How do I know? Thanks to science, research, and more than two decades of experience.

In today’s MarieTV, I answer a question from Lori who desperately wants to get unstuck, but isn’t sure how:

Ambiguity is the enemy of execution. Click To Tweet

I feel very unmotivated. I’m just not the person who I want to be right now. When you’re feeling stuck, how do you move through that? How do you stay motivated? How do you move past that stuckness even when it’s really hard?

The answer to Lori’s question — and the cure to feeling stuck and unmotivated — isn’t difficult, but does require action. Watch today’s episode with an open mind and you’ll learn:

  • How to use good stress as a powerful motivator.
  • The daily self-care routine that keeps me fired up.
  • Why ambiguity is crushing your dreams — and how to find clarity.
  • 3 proven steps to find your motivation and never feel stuck again.

If you’ve been feeling depleted, discouraged, or just a bit down on yourself, this a must-watch. Even just ONE idea from this episode could be the spark you need right now.

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DIVE DEEPER: Here are 14 surefire ways to overcome procrastination plus my personal meditation practice with a free download for you to enjoy.

Recommended resources to help you get unstuck and stay motivated:

These resources are gold, but remember: information alone never changes your life.

What does? Action.

Take your insights from today’s MarieTV and commit to putting them into practice. You can start by leaving a comment to hold yourself accountable and inspire others.

What advice from this episode would be a game-changer if you did it consistently? Self-care? Meditation? Defining your ONE most important goal? Setting deadlines for yourself?

In the comments below, share one action you commit to taking to get unstuck today.

Be honest and specific because thousands of souls come here daily for wisdom and encouragement. Your words may be exactly what they need to hear.

Until next time, use these tips to stay on your game and keep going for your dreams.


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  1. Josefine

    Thank you, Marie! I was just standing in my kitchen, ready to send another job application, because of this feeling of being stuck in my current occupation, not knowing exactly where else to go and after a surgery which made me realize that. And then I heard the sound of a new Email coming in – your newsletter! Saw the video and will now straight head to reading chapter 6! You are doing such an amazing job. Thank you for being a huge inspiration to us all!

    • Phuong

      Thank you so much for your valuable advices. You are so generous at pointing out and sharing what we need to do to keep motivated and stay on track. It is always a big help for me to listening to your podcast daily. My small tip to keep energetic and build a habit is 30 days challenge or a mini habit which I force myself to do everyday no matter what. No much to worry or concern, just finish one small minimum task before ending a day, and it helps me to maintain the habit.

    • teamforleo


      We are so glad you enjoyed the video and then heading to Chapter 6! Thank you for being a part of our community Joesfine.

  2. Margaret Heisey

    This was just what I needed to hear this morning! One of the things that I know is keeping me stuck is not identifying the one thing! Taking the book off the shelf and heading to chapter 6.
    Thanks Marie!
    Margaret Heisey

  3. Helene Taarnhøj

    Thanks for putting it all so clearly! Such an inspiration – focus on ONE thing – need to remind myself every single day… but so true. In the middle of your book – can’t wait to read the rest!

  4. John O'Connell

    Thanks you Marie,
    What a great question and brilliantly answered. 3 simple and very achievable steps to take and a reminder for me to decide and focus on that single most important project.
    Many thanks,
    John O’Connell

    • teamforleo


      So glad you enjoyed the episode and that the 3 steps are simple and achievable for you!


  5. Shahilesh sheth

    Please send me details how to stay motivated

  6. Thanks for this timely guidance. The takeaway I will implement from your video about getting un-stuck is to set a deadline. I sure appreciate your ideas and approach – you are helping me to manifest my purpose of facilitating a workshop I’ve just written. It’s a humble goal but taking all I’ve got to make it happen:)

  7. Angelica

    Thank you Marie.
    Simple but not easy steps!! And one secret is micro steps, as you say.
    What I will commit on doing is setting deadlines! Micro steps and deadlines!
    Thank you again.

    • teamforleo

      Yay for you! Micro steps and deadlines will get you to accomplish your goals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community.

  8. Just what I needed this morning! Thank you. I must keep building my self-care and saying “No” muscles.

  9. Elisabeth

    Thank you Marie. I was focusing on one thing and have figured out a deadline, but, as I was listening to you, I thought, maybe it was not the one thing that is the most important to me right now really. I think rather than creating the amazing business it might be, first, to take really good care of myself and creating good beneficial habits for me. I thought I could do it all at the same time, but maybe not…

  10. I was feeling this very same way this morning and even journaled about it. What spoke to me was that “ambiguity” was and is crushing my dreams! Time to get clear and get my deadline on!!! Thanks as always.

  11. Always good ! Always insightful and straight on.

  12. Melissa

    No better time than the present. So proud of myself for watching/listening to you early this Tuesday morning. I typically read your newsletter during my afternoon break at the office. Today’s words were so inspiring!! I soooo needed to hear this before starting my day.
    My biggest take away – Dr. Hymen’s book. I need to be better about having a healthy gut. I never knew how much what goes into our bodies affects ability to focus.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us every single day!
    Love, love, love you!

    Not selfish for making time for myself – Melissa 🙂

    • teamforleo


      So happy you are a part of our community and that you enjoy our content. More importantly, so glad that you are taking time for YOU!


  13. When I have my ONE goal/project picked out that I’m going to focus on and complete, I then either (1) book a mini vacation for myself or (2) set up a special event in advance with my family and friends. THIS is my motivator. It’s a deadline that’s set in stone. Because as a solopreneur it’s sure as heck hard to stick to a deadline otherwise. But this drives me to accomplish my one goal/project *setting up the reward in advance.* Hope this helps you also! (:

    Thanks again, Marie!


  14. Good Morning!
    To be honest all of the above spoke to me…so just did the meditation which i used to do…i have been really stuck and feeling unmotivated for a while bouncing back and forth on different ideas and never landing…so i would have to say ambiguity is the enemy of execution my #1 today… thank you so much for this email this am …totally needed and on point!!

  15. Vesna

    Thank you Marie!
    I go then stop and that’s been my cycle for months since my marriage breakup. Thank you for reminding me of chapter 6! I was pulling out all of my B-School notes wondering where I was going wrong.
    Lots of love!

    • teamforleo


      Wahoo! So glad that Chapter 6 from your B-School is what you needed.

  16. Andrea Istel

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much! This came at the perfect time and is very helpful. I’m in between jobs and applying to jobs and at the same time have ideas for branching out on my own. I’m a former teacher and was a program coordinator for garden education programs. I’m thinking about starting my own garden/food/cooking programs and eventually reach out to schools ( those that don’t have vegetable garden programs). There are days I just feel totally stuck even though I know I’m accomplishing some tasks, so this was great advice. Thanks again!! I love your site and videos. Now, have to read your book!

  17. Waseema

    Thank you so much for these amazing points – I tend to take on such a lot on my plate and it almost always ends up where I procrastinate or never get it all done! Love that you put it out in an easy simple way – thanks again for the reminder to do one project at a time! 😅

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for being a part of our community and sharing your insight! One thing at a time, one step at a time…


  18. Amelia

    I need help in many areas I been trying to write a book an seems like impossible to me no time fir nothing just no energy

  19. Ekaterina Demina

    Thank you, Marie, for as usual direct and practical steps!!! Can you please do an episode about your friend book Mark Hyman?
    Lori, thank you for your question. It let me think about how we can help each other even more. Experiment with different techniques such as meditation, tapping, workout, singing, dancing, sleeping well……just do whatever brings joy to YOU!!!
    Sending my virtual hug 🤗
    Katia, Toronto

  20. Thanks Marie, that’s exactly what I needed! To me, the need to set goals and deadlines is what stuck out most. As I keep refraining from very clearly defining them, believing somewhere it’s impossible anyway… which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! Am also realizing that moving to a cheaper country has been a way for me to postpone deadlines / the necessity to earn money. But it’s not inspiring me… so time to get my ass back to Europe 😉 (once things open up a bit again).

    • teamforleo


      Yay for you Evelien and discovering where you want to be–Europe! We know that you will set your goals and deadlines as to what you need to do.


  21. Angela Howard

    Thank you for this. I literally woke up this morning having the same thoughts. This post was very helpful. Perfect timing.

  22. I love the reminder of how Ambiguity stops us taking action – it’s a form of decision fatigue 😀 I am a massive stickler for having emotionally-compelling whys as our motivation, and use calendar blocking to give myself a deadline. As always, love the reminder, and as usual, I find you being a mirror for what I already know (and teach others) but often get lost in weeds underneath!

    • teamforleo


      We are so glad that this episode brought you gentle reminders! Once we get out of the weeds, so many jewels can be found.

  23. Marie, thank you. As you encouraged Lori, you encouraged me. Your clarity is incredibly inspiring and the way you transmit it is truly empowering. This episode pierced right into my heart and I’m already taking action on the 3 steps! Thank you for illuminating our capacity. Sending you infinite love and gratitude.❤️

    • teamforleo


      We love that this episode resonated with you and helped develop your 3 actions! Yay for you!

  24. Greg

    Another great & timely A to a Q.

    So much has happened since I last wrote here ~ individually & collectively ~ in our world.

    I don’t know where to start.

    Let me begin where my heart beats loudest:
    I’m so very glad you’re sounding & looking fab after your health scare.

    That’s the best news — right there.

    And our Democracy has survived — thanks to the fortitude and fearlessness of our patriotic sisters & brothers.

    It will no longer sustain itself from the sidelines. The road reckoning has arrived.

    That’s some pretty good news too.

    And we’re still here – despite the devastating global pandemic 😷 which brought our true heroes among us.

    We are truly lucky to live in America.

    Lastly, God is in charge and THAT is a beautiful thing.

    Have a blessed Tuesday afternoon,

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your update with the community!


  25. Patti Ernst

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed this today. Decide one thing to focus on and give it a deadline.

  26. peggy (margaret) Shinn

    You mentioned deciding on the One Thing, and the book by this name by Gary Keller has been helpful to me in getting out of ambiguity to execution. Keller helps you get through the weeds on how to decide and the benefits of using the 80/20 Pareto Principle to recognize that the 20% is what leverages your time and energy to accomplish or eliminate the 80%.

    Thanks for all your wisdom and always sharing authentically how you walk your talk.

  27. David Cobb

    True! True!

  28. Danielle

    Great question and response! Thank you so much.
    I also can completely relate with the need of focusing on one thing specifically to help move forward. Though it can still feel at times a little unclear if everything seems to be resonating all at once. I find it tricky to navigate sometimes, which to focus on first.
    Thank you so much again Lori and Marie!

    • teamforleo


      So glad that this episode resonated with you. Agree, taking the time to focus is critical to moving forward!

  29. I love this, Marie – so true! Whenever I’m struggling it’s because I haven’t taken the time to get clear on what I’m doing and why.

    Spot on, as always!

    • teamforleo

      So great that this episode came at the right time for you!


  30. Ana

    This was pretty timely for me…. I am in a slump with several competing goals but making no moves. I like your tips and I’ll give it a go.

  31. Hi Marie – THANK you for the motivational kick up the butt! I needed the reminder to do the small steps and be PATIENT with myself.

    ***quick question: IS THAT A VIRTUAL BACKGROUND?!! I love it and would love to know if there is a virtual background app that has such nice backgrounds that are not fuzzy?
    Vanessa Haycock

  32. Thank you Marie for the tips. I really needed this!

    Renee Whittington

  33. Raluca

    I finally got it! I know what I’ve been missing! It’s the holy deadline! Thanks, Marie!

  34. I appreciate your work Marie and would like to add that from a trauma informed perspective, meditation is not always helpful. Yes it CAN be a powerful tool, but for some it might be overwhelming and unsettling. The answer is not always to meditate more to get through it…

  35. The one about ambiguity….🎯 thank you. Good reminder.
    Best wishes 🙏

  36. Desiree Tesner Smith

    Yes, Marie!!! Having too many ideas/projects/goals at one particular time is PARALYZING. Thanks for a punch-packed episode.

  37. Ana Silva

    Exactly this same ‘being Stuck’ feeling was tormenting me the last days. I turned 50 and suddenly my body is something I need to study and investigate so that I can take care of myself. Sometimes I feel curious and motivated. An explorer of my self. But many times I feel tired, gray and dry. Everything you said Marie is essential! If I follow your advices, my life will change. And yet many times I write down your words, full of magic, wisdom and energy, and within a week I loose myself again in distractions, things, and, more and more things. But no, I don’t give up. And today this video came like a message and had the spark I needed! I also have your book, everything is figureoutable. I’ll use it! While writing this comment I decided to promise in one month I’ll come back here and tell you if my one project decision, it’s a dress, became real and out of my head! Thank you a million times 🙂

  38. Neus Tosi

    “Ambiguity is the enemy of execution”
    Thank you SO much for this insight!
    You are the best!

  39. Kim Holder

    My first step is ordering your book “Everything is Figureoutable”! I have thought of ordering it many times, but don’t really consider myself to be a “reader”. But I finally did it! I’m picking it up today! Thank you Marie! xoxo

  40. Ok, off topic but can I say how AMAZING and gorgeous your hair is?!? I know it’s real because I read your book!! Serious hair envy going on over here. LOL.

  41. Thank you Marie. Lately I’m not motivated to do anything that level up my career but watching your video I was motivated and said to my self that if I want to level up my career I have to move forward and chase it. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

  42. Thank you so much for tackling this topic! I watched it as I began my work day today because I’m struggling with motivation two-fold – getting work tasks done and pursuing personal ambitions. I plan to choose 3 things to get done for work today, instead of my endless list. I plan to focus on losing weight, instead of writing my book, learning Spanish, practicing cajon and piano, and deep-cleaning and organizing the house! Thank you so much for your wisdom and inspiration! 🙂

  43. Bette Nowacki McCormick

    Thank you.

  44. Thank you! I have been feeling so unmotivated and just can’t seem to get my focus. Between covid (had it and still have waves of sickness 6 months later) and another situation at home I’m not able to spend time doing the things I love and I’ve been very isolated which I think is killing my passion for what I do. I do my morning self care routine, meditate, do breath work, cold showers, walk the dogs, workout….I have energy for awhile but it kills off quickly once I start working. I eat very healthy, etc. Last week I chose ONE thing to focus on in my business. I’m pushing through but it’s hard! I’m going to go back to the roots of my WHY and get clarity because I feel like I suddenly disconnected and I don’t know why! Great video, thank you!!

  45. Diana

    You are amazing Marie. I love your energy and your knowledge and insight. You inspire us to show up and get things done. Thank you!

  46. Creece Rubia

    Thank you Marie for this episode. I love that you’re back on track after recovering from your major surgery. Yes! I agree with you and that my seemingly never-ending quarantined life with the whole wide world also revolves around these three important sign posts that you pinpointed so clearly: Self-care First, Decide on One Project, and Set a Deadline.

  47. Hi Marie , loving your wise words . Thank you – I have chapter 6 in one hand and my diary, ready for some deadline dates, in the other ! Thank you 🙏🏼 . Lindsay

  48. Hi Marie and Team, And thanks Lori for your good question! All of Marie’s suggestions are fantastic and part of my non-negotiables also. These reminders and supports keep things more “regular” and not all congested feeling. But here’s the thing…I’m very visual (art therapist, artist, graphic facilitation) and bustling with ideas…so I do this other “secret” thing before I set the deadlines, and put one pot on the front burner etc. I “purge,” I un-dam the river ….I stream of consciousness put all the ideas (that seem disconnected) on paper or in my journal (and sometimes on a big sheet of paper). I just keep writing until they are exhausted. No editing. No judging. No connecting. I move fast and free…I just put it all down. Sometimes I put every idea in its own bubble/circle. Like when all those little thoughts come peeking in during meditation. Each idea gets to be in its own circle…but instead of float away… My sheet becomes a little treasure chest that holds them for me until…THE APPROPRIATE TIME. I draw a larger circle around all the circles so they are held with care and feel more contained and grounded. The ideas aren’t shoved away or ignored…they just find their proper place until later synthesized instead of intruding! You could say…Its my version of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages…I call ’em my Late Evening pages;) I let all the energy flow through like when burning the midnight oil. Then I do NOT read this list/display of ideas. This next step is important!!!! I dance to a favorite high energy song or two. I let the lightness be with me. I let the ideas be somewhere that I can find them. THEN, I choose what is my priority. And usually later as I have developed my next priority project and it has legs…I look at my purge/river of ideas and see if there’s something there i can connect with what I am doing….is there anything there that serves what I am working on? It must support my clear intention. If something there gets me excited I highlight it with a color and know that maybe its my next project…when THIS is finished. After this review…the purge list goes back on the shelf or fridge for another day. If a new idea comes up while I’m working that “distracts” me…I go put it in a bubble in my journal and get back to work with what is present. Does this make sense? I have been sharing my visual tools more and more with clients and fellow students (just returned to Grad School) becasue we cant do it all at once. Discernment is key…but no need to throw away the cool stuff comin’ thru. B-School helped me realize that my multiple intelligences need visual tools like these to keep motivated and clear. xoxoxoxox Does this make sense?

  49. Excellent topic Marie. It came at a time of need. Been feeling in stuck mode for some time now. Love the line, “ambiguity is the enemy of execution.” I feel like I’ve been stuck in a never ending ambiguous mindset where I want to accomplish a lot, but accomplish nothing! Your tips are very helpful. I’ll begin with setting deadlines that I can stick with! Thank you.

  50. Beth Foreman

    Love this topic, thank you for sharing! For me, I found the root of my stuckness resided in my unconscious beliefs about myself that my strong will/conscious mind hasn’t been able to overcome no matter how hard and how many times I tried. I came across the book “The Code to Joy” and it has changed my life. My daily practice includes meditation and the reprogramming of my mind as outlined in this book. I highly recommend for anyone who may need to dive deeper into why they may be “stuck”. Many Blessings to you Marie, and all of Team Forleo! xoxo Beth

  51. You are so right! It’s so easy to spin in place when there are so many ideas and dreams to chase at once. I like your point about focusing on one major thing at a time and setting a deadline for it. Time to take action!

  52. Hello, Marie Thank you for another great blog again. I’m silent reader here. 🙂 Reading your blog give me motivation to improve my self and be a better person. 🙂

  53. Gracias Marie, estoy de acuerdo contigo por los consejos y por estar ahí para motivarnos!!

  54. Amy

    For me in mid-life, it’s about finally being authentic, coming out as neurodivergent, and answering the call to use my various human science degrees to contribute to that community. When we are most honest with ourselves, and most courageous, we can truly answer the questions about what is actually important to us instead of what role we think we should play. Particularly as females, we’ve been so busy taking care of others that we often try to fit into someone else’s ready-made mold in order to do what society apparently expects of us. COVID taught me that I’m privileged even if “disabled”, and it’s time to own my potential power for good. I can only really that do by not worrying about what that label might to do my career in healthcare or grad school but instead, finding the path that will embrace me for who I am and let me get the show on the road.

  55. Belgacem Bouzayani

    And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out.

  56. You’re such an amazing person, Marie. I needed to hear this inspiring message to bright up my day. Glad I found it.

  57. Your content is so good and inspiring

  58. Rose Solero

    I’m touched beyond words. Thank you for this amazing content.

  59. Patty Hanson

    Wow! Thanks Marie! I never thought about food and how it affects my focus! I ordered your book a few days ago and can’t wait to start reading it, especially Chapter 6. I love your energy! xo

    • teamforleo

      Hi Patty! We hope you love “Everything is Figureoutable” as much as we do! – Monauar, Team Forleo

    • teamforleo

      Hi Patty,
      YAY! We hope you enjoy the book and golden nuggets of information. Thanks so much for being a part of our community friend!


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