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Living a lie will make you sick — literally.

“The second you leave your truth, your immune system function goes down, your heart rate goes up, adrenaline spikes, and stress hormones increase.”

How do you fix it?

Stop doing what you’re “supposed to.”

Martha Beck, bestselling author and Oprah’s go-to life coach, says all humans long for the same four things — joy, love, freedom, and peace — but we’re looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places.

“Integrity is the cure for unhappiness — period.” @MarthaBeck Click To Tweet

Martha holds three degrees from Harvard University, including a PhD in sociology, and has written multiple bestsellers like Finding Your Own North Star, Expecting Adam, and her latest book The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self.

On today’s MarieTV, she explains why your everyday little lies keep you stuck and suffering — and shares the one-and-only cure.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Martha ignored her doctors’ advice and “threw her life away.”
  • How to tap into your intuition.
  • 6 tell-tale signs you’re out of alignment.
  • The popular sex tip that can actually make you successful in all areas of your life. 
  • Why big leaps don’t work — and the power of one degree turns.
  • The ONLY lasting cure to unhappiness.

If you long for a life that’s aligned with who you are and what you want, this episode is a MUST-WATCH.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to be true to yourself and answer these 4 simple questions to reverse any negative thought with Byron Katie.

Now Martha and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, answer these two questions:

  1. What’s one area of your life that feels out of alignment to your heart’s deepest desire?
  2. What’s one small action you can take to move towards a path of integrity today?

Remember, no matter how out of whack you feel, you don’t have to do a 180 overnight.

As Martha says, “Positive transformation happens more quickly when we do it in small steps rather than heroic leaps.”

Pay attention to the signs and symptoms, and don’t underestimate the power of one degree turns.


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  1. I loved this, such a breath of fresh air…and the “little by little” steps to achievement resonates so much with me….overwhelm can take over but by doing tasks piece by piece it can completely change your mental attitude and wellbeing…thank you so much for sharing this with us…

    • teamforleo

      We’re so glad that you found this episode helpful, Ann. Take it one piece, one task, one moment at a time. – Heather

  2. My book is on its way. When Martha talks about what we yearn and that it always breaks down to just 4 things: Joy, Love, Freedom and Peace…tears came to my eyes. So true. Thank you! Karen

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for supporting Martha’s book, Karen. Clearly based on your words about your reaction, your emotions were touched in this conversation. Thank you so much for watching it. – Heather

    • Oh my word Karen – me toooo!!!! That exact moment!!! I’ve been really struggling to make a decision recently, that I know in my gut is going to go against the grain of what everyone thinks I should do. But it just isn’t making me happy. And when Martha said “In the still of the night, what do you yearn for” – I was also done for – the cry I’ve been holding in all week just came out – like – yes! finally – you heard me!” sigh. magic.

      • I loved this moment, too. When she first asked the question, my soul immediately said that it is longing for my Higher Power – and then when she said that the four answers are peace, freedom, joy and love I thought that those are all the feelings I feel when I am connected to my Higher Power. This was such a fantastic interview. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ilaria

    Taking action is writing here in the comments for the first time. This interview is so helpful for me right now.
    I seemed to have reached a plateau and yet it is physics, I love it. I feel liberated.
    By the way, buon studio dell’italiano. Sono sicura che sei bravissima.
    Thanks so much

    • teamforleo

      Celebrating your action and words, Ilaria! We appreciate you being here with us. – Heather

  4. Love every moment of this amazing, witty and inspiring episode, many thanks Bella Marie for inviting Martha Beck! I especially appreciated the reference to Dante’s Inferno, which I studied while attending “liceo” back in Italy, (since you are learning Italian I decided to throw in an Italian noun for you to learn, lol!).
    I also loved the airplane and the 1 degree trajectory correction metaphor and how at the end Martha told us to trust ourselves as we already know what we want.
    Many heartfelt thanks Marie, it is always a huge joy and an endless source of inspiration listening to you and your fab guests! Keep up the excellent work and all the best! Ciao Bella!
    Paola De Giovanni

  5. I am currently in a state that has made me as the question, “What the heck is wrong with me?” a zillion times. Listening to Martha, I have come to realise that I am in that deep hole state…and I will need to go deeper to conquer it. Scary but necessary. Truly enjoyed listening and laughing (Marth is funny!) to this interview.

    • I am sure you will soon find the way out of that dark place. It does help to be part of this great and supportive community, hang on in there and all the best, Paola

    • teamforleo

      Here’s to you going deeper and finding the treasures that lay there, Nnenna. – Heather

    • Helen

      I have always liked the quote: “The way out is through”. Even when it’s tough and you can’t see the way, sometimes when you release the struggle of trying to get “out” of it, you find yourself on the other side of it. It seems a good match with Dante’s journey through the Inferno (which i haven’t read but am now tempted to).

      Any time you find yourself asking “What the heck is wrong with me?”, try asking yourself: “What the heck is right with me?” and see what you come up with!

      Best of luck Nnenna! ✨

    • teamforleo

      We know you will conquer anything you put your mind to! So glad you enjoyed the interview with Martha. More importantly, we are glad you are a part of our community.

  6. That was a fun documentary with Martha Beck.

    In my act of walking my talk, I have tattooed on my leg, in Tahitian language:

    ‘Freedom’ and

    Thanks for this 🙏🏽

    Sadé Tolani ☀️

  7. Great episode! one take away among many that resonated with me…i love the detaching from the stories (truths) you have told yourself, whether imposed by society etc that you have adopted as your own only to realize, you can change that tape! start living your truth.

    • teamforleo

      You most certainly CAN change the tape, Elaine. Here’s to you living your truth today and every day. – Heather

  8. Dawn Engler

    Can’t wait to watch this! I already have the ebook and started it last night. Couldnt believe my email from you this morning about interview.
    My partner and I of 15 years (tomorrow) split this past weekend, to figure things out, and I feel this book will be huge for both of us…

    • teamforleo

      Sending you grace and compassion as you figure things out, Dawn. xo- Heather

      • Dawn Engler

        Thank you and now that I’ve watched this I know that 1 degree turn is where my immediate path is.
        Off to read team! Thank you

  9. Libby Mitchell

    Peace, Freedom, Love, and Joy!🌞🎏

  10. Dave

    Growing up on the farm, I rode an older mare who was sometimes quite recalcitrant. But no matter where we might be or how much grief she may have been sharing, as soon as we turned back for home she would perk up and take off. I thought of her when reminded that my entire body-mind will respond as soon as I make the One Degree turn back to my true path. Thank you for the relatable reminder!

    • teamforleo

      What a lovely mental picture of you and that mare, Dave. Take the turn- see where it leads you. – Heather

  11. Petra Meyer

    This is an amazing episode! I never thought about the impact of culture in this way and how it writes our story for us – at least the story we are supposed to write. From now on I will reflect on the cultural norm in the room and take it as a suggestion rather than a rule. Thank you for making this insight so much fun.

  12. Sue

    Thank you Marie and Martha, really enjoyed this and such fun too. So many parts of this resonated with me and there is no greater sensation when you feel you are in the right place at the right time. The shoulders definitely relax for sure. ‘Walking back the cat’ is a new concept for me and one which I totally can see now I’m aware. It’s that ‘sod it’ moment I need this NOW but if you go backwards you can find out why you feel like that, relax those shoulders and change the direction. That’s one for me to use for sure.
    Thank you so much

  13. Jane DeLong

    I’ve heard of Martha Beck but never really connected to her message before. Today it really hit home for me. In this brief conversation she simplifies and gets down to the essence of finding your true Self. I will check out the book!

  14. Danielle D. Thomas

    I love Martha’s candor with the metaphysical! You don’t often hear that outside of Church circles. She’s such a breath of fresh air.

  15. Kris Cole

    I loved this podcast! I’m reading a book, The Passion Test, and keep asking myself – what are my passions? Why can’t I figure this out? I’m going to get Martha’s book, read that now, THEN go back to looking at my passions. Thank you Marie and Martha!

  16. Amy

    This episode hit home! I laughed and cried, cause it resonated with my current state. I have felt so out of alignment in my career for years. I have been working to be my own boss, but keep spending more time in my corporate job that makes me miserable. I’m blocking off more time in my day to get my business moving and do what I love. Thank you Marie & Martha! Honestly, I never of Martha before this, and I’m ordering her book right away!

  17. Well, I just found out that it’s true. The message will find you at the right time! “If something isn’t working, don’t do it harder.

    • Ali

      Indeed, that’s a great insight, but how to know, “that’s enough” and when to stop doing it..

      Stop doing it = quitting.

      Am i understanding it rite??

      • I think you feel it in your heart first. It may take your mind a little longer because we always want to do our best. I don’t think of it as quitting, I’m not going to do what no longer serves me.

  18. Heide

    Loved the interview with Martha Beck – my take away was to find the confidence and courage in my truth and live it. Currently in a life pivot this was a great push! Thank you

  19. ag

    Thanks for this Marie! and Martha.
    (Btw, your email open rates had to be off the chart with that subject line).

    Very timely indeed, in the process of tackling changes in my life – now doing it one degree at a time. Already feels better and it’s only been 3 hours. LOL!


  20. This is one of the interview I loved most maybe because this was what I want to hear.
    I am going to buy the book right now.
    Marie, I am italian and also and I have italian language in the past: happy to know that it makes you feel happy leaning it bit by bit.

  21. Madelyn Farr

    Wow! This was just what I needed to hear! The ever-so-slight shift of the rudder, the sense of freedom as a gauge, when heart, mind, body and soul come together….There’s that old part of me that wants to grasp the pearls of wisdom I just heard. But that’s not the path to peace, it’s just my fear of remaining in exile, blindfolded. Thank you for this. It spoke to me in a profound way! I want to say that I’ll be running out to buy the book, but amassing books of wisdom that end up adding weight to a burdensome to-do list is not the trick. I think I’ll start by perusing the internet to hear more from Martha, to take in bits at a time until I get the next clear signal indicating where to take my next step. My sincerest thanks!!

  22. Amy Willard

    O.M.G. Ordered the book before your video was done!
    The pandemic was the boulder that landed in my personal/professional road stopping me from going one more step in that direction saying, “Do you believe me NOW?” I HAD to completely change gears…and I have. And I’m happy as a pig in …poop!
    Your conversation today reminded me…I am going the way of my truth! Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    • teamforleo

      Amy, this is amazing. Go in the way of YOUR truth- you know the way. xo – Heather

  23. Julie DeAngelis

    Oh, sooo many good tips of finding yourself!! I added Martha’s book to my Amazon wishlist.
    Thank you for your transparency and sharing your stories, Martha. I felt like you were talking to me.
    I’m in a transition period in my life; trying to find my purpose and way. Thank you for giving me hope. 💝

  24. Ilana

    This was a really great one. One thing that stuck with me so strongly was “If something isn’t working, don’t do it harder.” Context aside, that really struck home. So many times, I’ve found myself absorbing messages to the effect that I’m doing something that’s really important wrong or not well enough, so I push and try harder. Only later, at a breaking point do I then realize it wasn’t the right thing to be doing at all. We’re not always handed the opportunity to stop doing something on a silver platter. That’s why the work of Martha Beck’s book seems so important – we need to look inside and recognize when we’re doing something that goes against our integrity. Then we have to make the decision and effort ourselves to change course.

    Thank you for this fantastic selection and interview!

  25. Ali

    Hey marie, that was another blockbuster, for me so right on time.

    More power to you.

    Lots of Love

  26. Being a Martha Beck coach and having had her for a coach and mentor, I recongnise her wisdom and genius, and I can’t wait to read this new book of her’s. Like always it’s a great pleasure to see her and laugh with her, adding to that the giggles of Marie and I’m in heaven.

    Integrty people is the way…

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing your words and experience with us, Nathalie. We’re so glad that Martha and her work have had such an impact on your life. – Heather

      • helen milne

        Dante’s DIVINE COMEDY has been on my bookshelf for years
        I now feel inspired to read it

        • teamforleo


          Wonderful to hear that you’ve had Dante’s Divine Comedy for years. We are sure you will enjoy re-reading it too!


  27. Marcia

    Loved this!
    So often I feel like I can’t adhere to societal norms no matter how hard I try. Over a year ago, I went against the grain and pulled my HS sophomore out of his blue ribbon public school and sent him to online HS. After watching this I was finally able to accept that yes, what I did WAS the best for him (and also for me) and unsubscribed from the public school emails and texts. I made the decision but I guess I hadn’t owned it yet. Time to close the door on that decision and move forward.

  28. Dan

    The distillation of freedom, joy, peace and love was big. Clarified a lot for me, and this convo alerted me in a clear, gentle way to notice when integration gets sacrificed to culture. Thanks for this.

  29. I opened this email to market as read like I do most days. But something was very unsettled with me today moreso than usual that unrest caused me to search my email inbox for something to listen to from Marie. The email I had just marked read popped up first and I followed the link to this video. It was everything I needed to hear and more. The pain of not operating out of my truth for so long had reached a fever pitch by the time Martha‘s words washed over me like total healing. Thank you Marie, this was exactly what I needed.

    • teamforleo

      Kara, we always believe that the message will reach you and resonate at the exact moment that you need it most. We’re so glad that this episode was part of that magic for you. xo- Heather

  30. I love Martha’s work and have read almost everything she’s written!

    I loved the reminder to not underestimate one-degree turns. When I think of a situation where I’ve painted myself into a bit of a corner and perhaps a false binary, I feel relief and freedom to consider making little moves in the direction of truth.

    Thanks for a wonderful conversation and interview – and I’ve pre-ordered the book and am so looking forward to reading it!

  31. This was one of the best and most relatable episodes ever! Lately I have been trying to lead with love, not fear and it is slowly changing my outlook. This episode came at the perfect time for me! The definition of integrity and the importance of baby steps were my biggest take aways. I have found it very effective to journal daily about the tiny glimmers of hope that each show me that I am one step closer to my business goals. Baby steps are really giant leaps, and understanding the four most important aspects of the human condition is huge! Thank you, Marie and Martha.

  32. Purchased Martha’s book within minutes of watching!! Thank you ladies!

  33. Amazing interview!! Loved it and will probably watch it again tomorrow!
    Thank you both xx
    PS – just downloaded the book on Audible 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for supporting Martha’s book, Geraldine. Happy listening! – Heather

  34. Had to share a funny memory (funny now, haha!) from when I was straying from my true path, working as a school teacher, when it was time to launch my business.
    During those last years, things were so stressful. There were lots of audits of test correcting and work, which would single me out and make it feel like my job was at risk. But I remember there was one time in particular, where my boss had me on the spot with a test audit, so I was afraid I was going to lose my job. The hot water had been turned off in my apartment, because of this building inspection, so I could only take cold showers which jangled my nerves. And it was that same time that they decided to demolish a cement bridge right outside my house between the hours of 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM so I couldn’t sleep because it was SO LOUD.
    Looking back at that now, I can’t believe how hard I clung to that job without quitting. My guides are not subtle. So glad to be working at something I love and am actually good at now!

  35. Barbara Spikes

    Wow. What a fabulous human Martha Beck is. And this conversation is reminding me to look at my truth. I am going to do that. I feel I need to change my direction. And since I have had this lovely time out called the pandemic, I have been even clearer about my need to change my course. But brilliant that it only needs to be a tiny change. Thank you!!! Barbara

  36. I read Steering by Starlight a decade ago, and looking back I see the aspects of my coaching, cognitive behavioural theories, my Masters in Neuroscience… and how I used that framework as a foundation to build on with each new qualification. Not dissimilar to Martha’s own story about academics and seeking happiness. I agree with so much of this interview.

    “Integrity is the cure for unhappiness. Period.”

    I love that “I read everything as self-help. HELP ME.” – I feel that as a serial self-helper and I love how we can merge that with science and spirit as well, which is what I do at Rooted Reinvention; helping creatives reinvent themselves from the roots of who they are underneath the should. <3

    I’m writing a book and it sounds like Martha’s beaten me to it, covering instinct and how our mind believes things our body knows aren’t true and so on! But from my educational background and life experience, this is exactly what I’ve been discovering over the past decade. I can’t wait to read The Way of Integrity.

    So interesting to remember that off-kilter moment and tracing back the chain of events. Looking at what got us where we are is 100% supported by my own findings too, so love that reminder.

    I also think I’ll be quoting “it’s just physics!” for the next while!

  37. Loved this. I have been taking small steps into my new business and this made me okay with what I am doing. Looking forward to reading Martha’s books and so glad I found Marie and your book. Keep up the great work.

  38. Rita DiIlio

    Hi Marie
    I will be ordering her book, “the way of integrity”. I am still looking for the “WAY”, but am working towards it. Btw, your book was awesome.
    Take care.
    From one Italian to another……….tanti braci

  39. Joe Sposito

    That interview was a wonderful emotional experience I cannot believe how raved up I am after watching this video. When you got to the What do you yearn for I was puzzled what do I yearn for being of service, maintaining as much peace and contentment in my life regardless of all the circumstances that surround me. When Martha said we all yearn for just 4 things freedom, peace, joy and love the energy that ran up and down my body was amazing and I thought this is how we were created and born and then virtually the same sentiment came out of Martha’s mouth and the tears flowed like they haven’t in a while. Loved it, thank you so much.

  40. Definately The 1 degree turnaround! <3 Thank you! <3 Small steps each day towards our intention, amazing!!

  41. Christine

    T. Read the transcript and it let the light shine in!
    Thank you.

  42. SG (Spirit)

    The happiness in Beck’s eyes are a great testament to being happy, and your truth is bigger with integrity. I will “trim” the rudder to drive (even) more in that direction.

  43. I loved this episode. Martha’s North Star book was a big influence in my life. And I LOVE the advice to take it one step/one degree at a time. As a life coach I have seen how it can seem overwhelming to align oneself to a life of health and happiness. My new book specifically walks people through the 1 degree steps toward change. It is called “Soul Primer, Building Blocks of the Soul” and Deepak Chopra, in a recent interview, says it “could be a ticket to freedom.” Please check it out and may it bless your lives. Marie and Martha, I love you and your good work!! xoxox Cate Schultz

  44. Dawn Marie

    Listening to Martha always sets me free. Thx for exiting Martha. 💃🏻🦋The 1 degree, 1 email at a time really resonates with me. Huge steps give me anxiety, then often leave me frozen in time. Thank you again Marie! 💕Also of Italian decent:)

  45. Linda Latham

    Answering the two questions:
    1- desiring much clearer & more romantic relationship w/hubby.
    2- small action i will take is have him watch this episode first of all!

  46. This episode was amazing. I really liked One degree turns and congratulations on your decision to learn Italian! I found this very inspiring. I went from a very conservative, mainly white suburb in California and a fast track career in Silicon Valley to abruptly changing gears and going to live in middle Europe – and I immediately felt wonderful. I love what Martha said – I threw my life away – thank goodness!! Culture vs nature – I get it!! I now run a successful company that focuses on communication. My new goal; I’ll be spending a few minutes everyday learning French, a long treasured dream of mine! Thank you so much!

  47. Joe

    Wow!! What a wonderful, fun exchange between two great pathfinders of our time–Marie and Martha! I loved the metaphors about how small changes impact a plane trip and the steering a large ship. It was exactly what I needed to see, hear and feel at this moment in my life. My wife Gail and I are going on a return trip to Sedona, AZ very soon. I will order The Way of Integrity so we can take it with us. We all yearn for Joy, Love, Freedom, and Peace. The path to these is right in front of us if we dare to remove the cultural blinders that limit our staggering potential. We just need to take baby steps toward discovering and living who we really are –living, creative spiritual beings, each with a unique and beautiful purpose to share with the world. My daily mantra moving forward – “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!” All our Love from Maryland!

  48. Yes to all of the above! I am a HUGE fan of what I call breaking free of the tribal rules! All that she said is exactly what I teach. When you follow what brings you joy (not the rules) and live in alignment with your life purpose — health, joy, peace, freedom to be YOU simply happens!

  49. I loved this session. Thank you for the liberating idea that integrity is what brings us true happiness…
    As an adult, one of my biggest challenges, is social media. There is absolutely nothing that feels comfortable or “me” in the SM world. Yet, as an artist, a business owner, and a solopreneur, I am “required” to do it. As an artist, I would love for my art to speak for itself without having to “formulate” something more…or worrying about followers…and likes, etc. I have a wonderfully thriving business thanks to lots of hard work, but yet this piece continues to elude me and makes me feel icky and uncomfortable…it takes the joy out of what I love.

    How does one consistently do something they need to do, even though it isn’t true to who they are, because it’s not only what social norms expect, but it is important for your business?

    • I totally agree with you, Brett!
      As a writer, I struggle with the same thing – “I really should make an Insta post” (not a fan of the word “should”) and then coming up with all the hashtags…Ugh!

      And I did marketing for multiple companies for years!!

      I try to find the balance between “stepping out in action” (which I think is required of us) and letting the Universe run with it (which, really, is so much more powerful than anything I could do on my own!)

      And, at the end of the day, I practice not caring about how many followers and, instead, knowing that if I have touched one life it is enough AND if I produce with Integrity, the followers will come organically.

      I ditched FB and Twitter, which both felt toxic, and only do occasional Insta posts or replies, now, as inspired. I also stopped trying to write “attention grabbing” sound-bite articles and just focus on the serious work I love, which is helping people transform their lives. In doing so, I have begun to build a decent email subscriber list. Now my discipline is to not worry about how many opens or click-throughs!! 🙂

      My integrity thrives when I just put my life’s passion out there for those who want to benefit from it, without gimmicks or click-bait. Blessings to you!

      • Hi Cate!

        Could not agree more. In my previous career, I was an author, and none if it seemed to be appropriate, so I didn’t worry about it so much. Now as an artist, I find that IG is so visual that if I’m not doing it, I’m somehow doing a disservice to my business. What I’m coming to find is doing it and obsessing over it is actually what is doing ME a disservice and negatively impacting my outlook. So…I think I’m going to start taking a more “post when I’m motivated” approach and if people enjoy, wonderful…

        Blessings to you, as well!

  50. This is so brilliantly beautiful. I sent this to almost everyone I know that is on their true nature journey. This resonated so much with me. I have always loved the beautiful Martha and her wisdom. I too grew up in a Mormon community. Finding my North Star set me on a journey of a lifetime. Blessings and thanks.
    I am now on a new adventure of moving my entire life to another state for the first time on my own. I am starting over in my career and turning down many offers that are not in my pleasure. I had surrounded myself with bullies and manipulation and after realizing this pattern I made a conscious decision to always choose what feels good to my core, even if it meant selling everything and moving into a small bedroom at my friends house to cleanse and heal. I am open and have surrendered to what is and be with it. Since then love has opened up my world beyond imagination, I feel free, strong, empowered and eternally grateful for this process. I am so looking forward to what else life has to offer.
    Thank you lovely ladies for sharing and giving so much wisdom and your light.
    Blessings and continued goodness and love for all our journeys. Deep, enormous gratitude to you both. Thank you for letting me share.
    Much love,

  51. I loved the work I did when I worked full-time in a large company. But it wasn’t making me ‘happy’ – so I did it harder. It just never fulfilled me on a very deep level. No matter how hard I worked. Now, I consult and I experience happiness more often. Amazing realization while listening to this interview. Thank you.

    • teamforleo


      So wonderful to hear that you had some amazing personal realizations from the interview. More importantly, that your consulting work brings you more happiness.


  52. Amy

    You two brought together many things I knew in little, unrelated chunks. COVID kept me and so many others in the house for months, but some like me quit physically risky jobs altogether to protect family. Spoiled, I wasn’t really complaining! But the purposelessness may have led to an immune condition that looked like cancer. The specialist showed immediate, if professionally calm, concern with every test, which showed the gravity. Now I connect better on an emotional level to why many people just couldn’t buy in to mass safety. Cognitive dissonance makes us rationalize our behavior. Some people just had to get their needs met, so they denied the virus and followed their path, which in any other circumstance probably is less of a global health risk! It seems now that if people had this wisdom, as a group, in our very bones, we could have at least acknowledged the difficulty we were having in not getting that danged “glass of water”! We could have had a more honest conversation about our needs and struggles, which may have resulted in a more meaningful cultural understanding and relative agreement about priorities. We did make intellectual mention of all of these things in society. Still do. However, that is only one part of the four aspects of integrity. This segment reconfirms that, to heck with a speech therapy degree, I want to teach social and neuropsych, my first loves. Marie, maybe this country will follow Denmark and give structured empathy classes in kindergarten. Maybe we’ll do history and sociology together. Maybe we’ll take psychology as required class, perceiving interest in our functioning as a matter of “course”!

  53. This interview resonated with me so much! One area of my life that I think is out of alignment is my faith or spirituality, and I’ve been taking many actions, small steps so to speak to find or even define my spiritual side, or basically the definition of faith to me. All my life, people have said I need more confidence, I need to be more this or more that or do this or that or whatever, and I never understood what they were trying to say because it wasn’t about me having a lack of confidence or lack of anything really, it was simply about finding my “faith”, but it took me until I was 46 to figure it out, and I had a lot of help from people like Gabby Bernstein and also Marie Forleo to really figure it out. I love the way Martha talks about what people yearn for being four specific things, Peace, Freedom, Joy, and Love, and those are basically it. Something I’ve done to take a small step towards strengthening my faith is create an acronym for SELF, and my mantra is “Always remember your SELF, Soul, Energy, Love, and Forgiveness”. To me, Forgiveness is FREEDOM, definitely that is my release and my epiphany, of course Love is Love, I wake up every day with the intention to live in love, then you get back the Energy you put out, so that to me is Joy, you know, you wake up and ask the Universe, What would you have me do, where would you have me go, and the Universe answers, how can I serve you, that’s joy, that’s energy, that’s the cycle there. Finally there’s Soul, and I think that equates to peace. When you feed your soul with everything, intellect, food, emotion, whatever truly FEEDS YOUR SOUL, you find Peace. So I get it, I get what she’s saying, and my mantra is, “Always remember your SELF, Soul, Energy, Love, and Forgiveness”, and this mantra helps me strengthen my faith every day. I’m an aerospace engineer, so I have intellect, I used to do fitness competitions so I exercise regularly and eat right so I have physical well being, and I love people honestly and truly, so those three areas of my life were pretty solid, but when I found my FAITH, when I really developed what faith is to me, that’s when I had my “Integrity” that Martha is talking about! Love it, Love it, Love it, thank you Marie!!

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing such wonderful insight that you have gained in your life with the community. Martha is pretty amazing woman!


  54. Patti Ernst

    I can’t wait to get this book. Buying it today. What do you yearn for in the middle of the night struck a cord with me!

  55. Honestly, I’m still digesting the idea of 1° turns. The simple idea, “If whatever you’re doing isn’t working, don’t do it harder” resonated immediately and I’m running with it! I have been a creator my whole life yet as I return to it with desire, presenting it in a revolutionary new format that will benefit a tribe of passionate musicians, I realize that I am pushing hard against an algorithm that pushes back! Backing off and making a 1° turn now… thanks!

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your insight! We are so happy that this interview resonated with you.


  56. The title of Martha’s book is inspiring in its simplicity and while listening to her talking I had a breakthrough in a letter I was writing for a business proposal. I was falling back into old habits of thinking that I had to force myself into the conventional mold instead of just having Integrity and the courage to be myself. So thankyou so much for this wonderful interview Marie.

  57. GREAT interview! I loved the culture vs nature discussion and how peace, freedom, joy, and love are the ultimate things that people yearn for. BAM!

    • teamforleo


      We couldn’t agree more with you more on how important peace, freedom, joy, and love are in today’s world! Thanks for sharing your feedback with the community.


  58. Thank you, Marie and Martha, for today’s gift!
    It is my experience that I feel good around people who are truthful with themselves and blunt with others.
    Talking about ‘small steps’, that’s why I created my video and podcast series “Daily Minute with J’Ouellette”, because one minute a day every day can get someone over the most daunting challenge (even learning French!).
    I enjoyed this episode a lot, and I’ll put Martha’s book on my list.
    Merci infiniment,

    • teamforleo


      Thanks for sharing your feedback on the interview with Martha. Congratulations, on creating a video and podcast! Bravo!!


  59. Paula

    I have loved reading Martha Beck’s articles for years. What a joy to hear the two of you swapping stories and epiphanies. Thank you for brightening my day! I’ll be ordering Martha’s book 🙂

    • teamforleo


      Yay! Glad you enjoyed the interview with Martha. Thank you for sharing your feedback.


  60. LOVED this interview!! Thank you Marie for introducing Martha to us! Can’t wait to start her book 😉
    On another note, I also LOVE that you’re learning Italian!!! I am too! I’m a Spaniard living in LA for now 20 years and I have an Italian boyfriend. Perfect excuse to jump into it! Besides, learning Italian was always on my list 😍
    I’m curious! Any tips on how you’re learning – your daily practices? I’ll share one that I love in case you want to try: “Italiano Automatico” channel on YouTube. Their videos are wonderful! Not only you learn the language, but so much about Italia and its culture.
    Sending you molti baci da Los Angeles!!
    Your B-School and Copy Cure alumni Naima

  61. I love the idea of taking small steps towards your truth/joy. We all know that’s what we should do but somehow we always need to be reminded! And this was a great way to be reminded.

    • teamforleo


      Fantastic insight! Thanks for sharing this with the community. Everyday reminders are a good thing!


  62. Helen

    She’s a delight! It made my day just seeing this interview pop up. I “discovered” Martha Beck during lockdown last year via an interview on the brilliant Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, and quickly devoured Martha’s own podcast series. I was thinking only yesterday that i needed more Martha in my life, and… here she is! If anyone is also wanting more after this, i can highly recommend her charming, intelligent, and funny podcast ‘Bewildered’. I’m hanging out for S2! ✨

    Grazie mille 🙏💕😊

    • teamforleo

      Hi Helen,

      We are so happy that this interview with Martha Beck really resonated with you! So many great jewels of information and takeaways.


  63. Fiona

    I loved this interview and information, so timely too. My main take away is walking the cat back. Really resonated with me. Thanks so much for all you both do!

    • teamforleo


      Wonderful to hear that this episode really resonated with you and that the timing was perfect too. Thanks for being a part of our community!


  64. So many amazing insightful nuggets in this! I loved it! What an amazing woman. I cannot wait to get my hands on her book.

    • teamforleo

      So glad you enjoyed the interview with Martha! More importantly, enjoy her book.


  65. Trim tab! I was raised by a Bucky enthusiast… I love being reminded of how to actually implement the step-by-step, day-by-day course correction toward integrity and joy. Thank you!

  66. Oh man, this video could not have come at a better time. Have been feeling miserable in all aspects of my life lately and this interview helped me realise that even my body has been telling me that I’m out of alignment! Thank you! I must get my hands on this book asap!

  67. Fiona Black

    I have just ordered my book can’t wait to read it! it totally resonates with me.
    Thank you xx

  68. Thank you so much, Marie and Martha for this gem! As a therapist, this is what most of my clients struggle with and this conversation depicts so much of issues we are all faced with in a nutshell and is applicable to so many areas of life. True wisdom, lovingly shared with a good dose of humor, what a treat! This has to be one of my alltime favorite ones, thank you, mille grazie, obrigada, muchas gracias, danke, arigato, merci <3 and best wishes to you two from Europe

  69. Olga

    Thank you so much for this beautiful conversation ❤️ Such an eye-opener.

  70. Hillary

    Thank you Marie and Martha, I have finally mustered up the courage to walk away from my miserable, status-driven career…that I’ve been trying so hard to convince myself that I want, for so many years!! This interview was exactly what I needed to see at this moment in my life!

  71. Margot

    I loved the idea that you don’t need to make a huge change but small, daily steps down your path of truth will lead to you to yourself. Some small steps for me: daily meditation, leaning OUT of social media, leaning INTO some discomfort that I know will lead to liberation.

  72. Eve

    I love this! So wonderful. I wonder though of the 4 things everyone years for…what about meaning?

  73. Eve


  74. Eve

    I wrote my other question before getting to the end of this video. Oh, I loved this so much. All of it. The truth I get from this is that happiness comes naturally when you align with your inner truth. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now. Thank you Martha and Marie! I am going to apply this immediately by turning down invitations to collaborate that did not feel like me, even though they are good ideas and good projects. I am going to do the things that make my heart sing and come alive instead.

  75. Thank you for introducing me to Martha! The one thing I’m going to do right now, is get back to finishing Chapter Two in my book! It’s along the same lines as Martha’s, so I came away completely inspired!
    And Marie, I’ve lived in Italy for 15 years now and love the Italian language and Italians! Ora hai un invito personale a visitarmi!!

  76. Love both of you … great talk. Had to laugh so hard … thanks so much. Greetings from Malaga, Spain

  77. Thank you Marie and Martha for this episode. There were so many parts that resonated with me. I think though the best was the idea of small steps. I love the expression that small improvements, done consistently over time, yield fantastic results. (I think this comes from The Five am. Club.) Keep up the Tuesday podcasts, they really give me a weekly boost!

  78. I loved this! I reading this book ASAP!

  79. Carissa

    I loved this, my biggest take away was to have permission to “throw my life away”. Not that my life was or is terrible but my son, who’s 12, has been struggling with depression and anxiety and turns out after months of seeking help is Bipolar…… I’ve put everything on pause so I can show up for him and do whatever we’ve needed to do, research, doctor appointments and all that. And I’ve felt such guilt that I couldn’t keep up with all the other things of life and build my business. I’ve been hearing the voice within me that I need to redefine how I want to do business so I can be more available to my son and support him as he needs on his journey. I’m happy to throw away what I had been telling my self I should do and I’m open to listen to what is more alighted with this new course of my life. Thank you!

  80. The one degree turn is SO true, as is the power of our bodies to tell us when we are operating outside of our integrity.

    For me personally, the one degree turn is sometimes what I have to employ to avoid overwhelm. This way I downshift in pace without actually stepping back from the goal of my efforts. I’m changing how my effort is implemented so that I keep going in integrity.

  81. Louise Demers

    Respect my integrey…
    My agenda was telling me I had no time to watch Mary TV this morning 🙄 but I did and I am so glad I did…Dr. Martha Beck was one of your best gest ever, she is everything, smart, funny, wise..
    Thank you again Mary 😍

  82. I felt like I was meeting two friends for tea. This was fabulous. I look at the list of what we yearn for, I hadn’t pinpointed it down to 4 – peace, freedom, joy, and love, yet upon hearing this, I have a resounding YES!!! I am looking forward to reading the book. Thank you, Marie and Martha!

    • teamforleo


      We love that you enjoyed the interview. Yes, we agree – peace, freedom, joy, and love are true-life tenets.


  83. Eva

    My body knows it all, even my mind has understood- only what it is that I yearn to do isn´t clear- I would not even know how to make a one degree turn.
    Not knowing myself I have asked for signs, and this morning something momentous happened and later in the day I found this interview, which exactly mirrors my state of mind.
    Maybe all is less about doing and more about trusting, still that sense of urgency makes me want to do something. And I would add light to the list of four.
    I am thankful that being you takes the form it does, Marie.

  84. Wow! Loved this interview with Martha! I just melted when she said, “Better to die telling your truth than to live without it. Nothing is worth giving up your integrity”. This spoke to me. I have teenagers ~ which seems to be the prime age where cultural norms start to really plague your life. I’m constantly reminding them that the energy it takes to tell a lie isn’t worth what you compromise in yourself. Live your life in truth, no matter what. It’s the best place to live. My biggest challenge living in truth and integrity is my career. I’m burned out ~ always working to please everyone. Striving to find the right balance for myself and will do so, 1 degree at a time. Thanks, Ladies!

    • teamforleo


      You will find your truth and when you do the bliss and joy will fill your heart! I agree it’s always a balancing act between career and life, I try to listen to my heart and what truly brings me joy.

      Thank you for sharing!

  85. This was very affirming. A few years ago my husband and I trusted our integrity and made a leap that made several people very angry. We stopped doing eldercare after 23 years and moved to the beach. We’ve never been happier! I wish I’d known more about the one degree turns and will save that for my next big life change.

  86. Harold E Gruetzmacher

    Dear Marie: I would like to tell you that Dr. Martha I believe was her name.Had a very good point in her book or story about peoples lives.Especially in this day and time of our lives.Because of the fact I feel the way I do at times in my life now a days.But what I will say about some people might not get it ,or understand it like I feel I do.And that is why I wish I was able to ask anyone and everyone what is about life for me at this time.That if only they would take the time if they had the time.To stop and think about what could life be like or had to offer us if it was Gods World only.And my answer is and could only be wonderful, but not just for me but for anyone or anything in life I feel.But anyway I want so much for me and everyone else in this world on earth at this time.To have and be able to have a better life thanks to God only I feel and think.Because I think if it was satan’s or the devil’s world,we could not have a better life in my opinion.So at that I will end this email with the hope and prayers that anyone anywhere.Would take the time to think about that and maybe that could change or transform people in general.To a better and more amazing and wonderful life for us all. Your new friend and hopefully person in both our lives,Harold Gruetzmacher a short german name HaHa.

  87. Pete

    Wow, wow, wow, wow… Peace, Joy, Freedom and Love. Thank you Martha! If this is who I really am, then why has this a terrified human been sitting in my chair for 65 years? Marie, in the weeks leading up to your interview with Martha, I … (whoever that is ), began selling off or giving away most of what I think I own in an attempt to find Freedom, Peace and a simple life. As a child buried in cultural expectations and unaware I had choices I stayed from my creative nature into a soul crushing industrial penance. A whole lifetime to learn my a simple truth. Time to buy a new book and if reincarnation is a thing maybe it will be different next time. Thank you for everything you do for the world Marie. Yours truly, the usually silent observer.

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your insight with the community. We love having you as part of our community, Pete!


  88. Jennifer Iz

    This morning, feeling so lost in my direction and wanting to give up on all the work I’ve been doing for the past 6-7 years, I asked for a sign. Something. Anything. I came across Marie’s email to the interview with Martha Beck, and pushed PLAY. Among all that was said I wrote down the quote, “Better to die telling your truth, than to live without it.” BAM. I went TO the bookstore (haven’t been to one in over a year) and purchased the book. Thank you Marie and Martha for giving me my “sign”.

    • teamforleo


      So glad the interview came for you at the right time. We hope you enjoy Martha’s book!


  89. susan

    I have loved Martha Beck for years……….I first got to know about her thru Hayhouse(loved that Louise hay………..).Anyway,i love her honest way about telling stories……real,raw and so freaking humble human being………gosh I wish there would be more people like Martha and you Marie……………….Marie,thank you again sharing this TV with us.By the way Marie,you are speaking my language in this video about “freedom’ being yearning in your heart and SPEAKING truth about your nature,”not wanting children’.Gosh,i was like ‘there is someone just like me’.I told my mom at 12 years old that I want beautiful marriage, lots of dogs(which has been TRUE yearning in my heart since I was born to this earth planet…and never ever have children”……………….I have lived my truth everyday and feel so peaceful about it……………..I love just chilling, take a walk, kiss my dog or my husband and saying aaaaahhhhhh…………… is freaking awesome ……..amore

    • teamforleo


      You have an awesome life! My dogs are true blessings and bring pure joy to my life every day!


  90. Thanks for this Marie it’s very nice listening watching your conversation with Martha Beck. Here’s my answer to your question’s above.

    1. What’s one area of your life that feels out of alignment to your heart’s deepest desire?
    I think for me is the fact that I lost my job like most people experience right now because of this pandemic. And I really want to get back on track so that I can accomplish those goals that I want in my life.

    2 . What’s one small action you can take to move towards a path of integrity today?
    I was in supermarket a couple days ago. And find this wallet which have a couple dollars on it. I contemplating if I should return it because I also short on dollar I need a money but realizing the owner of it is a Old woman that so worried that she lost her wallet I quickly return it. 🙂 And go home I was happy thinking that I return it. hehe

  91. OMG !! Walking back the cat !! I provide support and coaching for autistic individuals and their families and that process we call “Backward story lines” and we use them to work through when something isn’t working or a when a child or parent may become overwhelmed, the only difference is we draw it rather than just think it as things need to be visual due to the imagination fracture that is part of their identity. It can be transformational in helping people understand and self reflect . So many takeaways here, thank you so much xx

    • teamforleo


      So glad the interview really resonated with you. More importantly, the many takeaways you received!


  92. Grateful for the idea of “walking back the cat”. Similarly, Byron Katie talks about the “thought that kicks you out of heaven” – tracking back to find that moment when you became no longer peaceful/happy/in alignment. That’s the moment to get curious about, and that’s the thought to question.

    To answer your two questions, Marie:
    – My heart’s deepest desire is to get my book published. It’s the story of giving birth to our premature son, Alfie, who died during labour, and is about embracing a different kind of motherhood than expected. The book is written, as is the pitch package. I now need to send it to agents and I am pausing on that.
    – Small action today: Schedule a time to receive my wife’s feedback on the pitch package. Once that feedback has been received, there are no other steps in the way. I’ve sent her a text now to suggest some times. (And while writing this, I heard back from her so we have time for that in the diary for Saturday.)

    • teamforleo


      Thanks for sharing with the community. We believe the book will be as beautiful as Alfie’s soul. Your commitment is a testament to sharing your story with others.


  93. Liza Pinson

    I loved this interview so much! Tears all the way through. <3

    • teamforleo


      So glad you enjoyed the interview! And thanks for sharing your heartfelt feelings with the community.


  94. I’ve been making one degree turns for years now, just didn’t know what to call them. Ha! Loved everything about this interview. Can’t wait to get the book! Thank you!

    • teamforleo


      So glad you enjoyed the interview. Hooray for you for getting Martha’s book–enjoy!


  95. The connection between physical pain and not living in alignment. Deep down I have known this for years but am unwilling to step out of my situation because it will cause pain in others and create uncertain futures. I’ll set my one degree change starting today. And buy that book!

    • teamforleo


      Yay! for you in making a change that works best for you. Thank you for being a part of our community!


  96. Judy

    This was great when I watched it, but I keep gaining new insights and support from this conversation. At first I had no trouble remembering the 4 things: Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom, but over time, when I tried to think of them, I could remember three, but kept having trouble remembering the fourth: Freedom. I did a little soul-searching and realized that part of me believes that one can have Freedom OR Love… but not both. I guess my own growth path is pretty well-marked out for the near future. Thank you both!

    • teamforleo


      We are so happy you enjoyed the episode with Martha. We loved the four things that she shared with the community–Peace, Love, Joy, and Freedom. Such wonderful wisdom!


  97. Paul Trembath

    As usual, WOW that was amazing and so helpful. I know myself that if I look at the whole it seems to big to start but braking the whole into small steps and only worrying about doing the one step is so DOABLE. I so glad I stumbled onto your pod cast Marie.

    • teamforleo


      We are so happy you enjoyed the episode with Martha, she’s an amazing person with so many life lessons for everyone!


  98. Hi, I find reading this article a joy. It is extremely helpful and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • teamforleo

      So glad you enjoyed the episode with Martha. She’s one incredible person!


  99. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your website by accident. I bookmarked it. This article is genuinely good and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. thanks.

  100. Michelle

    Awesome! I love the 1 degree turn to big change. Takes the pressure off and allows the joy of starting a business and the joy of obtaining my visions/goals something to look forward to and not fear.

    • teamforleo


      Yay! So glad that this insight resonated with you from the episode with Martha.


  101. Dawn White

    Hi Marie and all,
    Martha’s wonderful awarenesses really hit home with me. Thank you Martha!!
    I’ve been aware of childhood sexual abuse by an uncle and physical/emotional developmental trauma from infancy on — and finally, at age 75, I’m climbing down deeper into the darkness of the forest (as Dante shared with us) and sliding down the long, icky hair of the monster! But every now and then there is light … I may be making the turn, most likely wishing I was! — but all I know is that I’m experiencing huge love for this human being. This love and gratitude is growing inside the boundaries of this skin … it’s so full of light and love and joy, that it doesn’t even matter what the “outcome” is or will be. I do know that all the suffering of this sacred body has brought me this gift. I am so very grateful for finally listening to it, finally paying attention to the messenger who was giving her all to me. And I’m so grateful for you Marie and Martha for bringing us all this message of courage … these strong hearts speak of love. These hearts save the day.

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your story with the community. You are truly a light in this world and the love that you shared in your feedback is incredible.


  102. I’ve done it, living a life of integrity, that is right for me, hubby and I sold up everything and moved, we’re now debt free, working part-time and actually able to take the time to enjoy our lives.
    Though, I’m still going to buy the book because it’s always lovely to hear other people’s stories. xxxx

    • teamforleo


      Bravo friend! So happy to hear that you and your husband are enjoying the life you both want!!


  103. Felicia

    Such an inspiring interview! I look forward to getting more info from Martha’s book because her themes track a method i stumbled into years ago. I was so dominated by “shoulds” that I literally could not know/feel what colors I liked/disliked despite therapy and repeated attempts. I was really shut down. The new “rule” i tried was that on my days off from work, I had to do whatever popped into my head unless it was objectively dangerous. The first challenge was when I wanted to go see a movie at 11:30 in the morning. It was a real struggle because “everyone knows” that if you see a movie other than on a weekend night, you’d fall irretrievably into worthless hedonism, never do another good or productive thing in your life, and possibly lose the love and respect of family, friends and all of society (yep, my training had been that irrationally restrictive). Violating that “should” quickly led to other victories and I eventually left a career I did not love and found myself going to law school in my 30s, despite my previous training that lawyers were “the scourge of the earth.” For 25 years since then, I’ve loved, and felt so rooted in, the work I have done for consumers and victims of discrimination, which I think may never have been possible without seeing that movie that morning. Recently I’ve learned that there are other areas of my life that are still basically rotting in a similar muck of other “shoulds” and your interview with Marta has sparked hope that I opening to this process again could lead to similarly radical and positive changes in other areas of my life. With MUCH gratitude to you both. . . .

  104. Oh this spoke to my absolute soul! I realized before watching this today that I am not living in my integrity and that it is time to make a change. The courage that Martha shared is exactly what I needed! I am running out tonight to get her book and cannot wait to use it personally and professionally as I claim my purpose and live my life!

  105. Beth

    Love this interview, so many gems here. Being willing to throw your life away, a life that sucks, for a genuine life you love ❤️ is so powerful ❣️

  106. Heather Peterson

    It is no coincidence that I was listening to this while I was doing my own deep dive into what I am lying about in my own life. Then we got to the part about the Mormonism….. talk about divine timing. As someone who was also raised in the most Mormon culture and city and I am currently in therapy releasing all the conditioning that came with that and it was part of my journaling while listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the “permission” to be me and to release these things. You have no clue how much this spoke to me. Now I need to go buy all of Martha’s books! Thank you!!

    • teamforleo


      So wonderful to hear that Martha’s interview resonated with you. Martha is truly amazing!


  107. Amazing and eye opening interview. Didn’t knew Marie prior to wathing this. Will definitely follow in the future.

  108. Thank you for your interview blog. It is really amazing idea and I learn the fantastic idea on this blog.

    • teamforleo


      So glad you found us! And welcome to the community friend.


  109. Krystal (she/they)

    My favorite part around 09:50 where Martha shares how she reads everything as self-help, “because it’s like, help me!” hahaha this resonated with me so much. Going through a big moment in my life right now, & I’m grateful to have this awesome episode that MarieTV, Marie, & Martha have shared. Thank you.

  110. Yeah, Just like the saying said that truth will set you free.

  111. Patricia Miller

    What resonated with me is how you must go through hell then purgatory to get to your happiness. I am living this and was pushing against it. The price of freedom for me was to go through hell and now I’m in purgatory…it put things into perspective for me. Thank you!

  112. elvin torres

    Thank you, Marie. I’m a guy. Straight. I find myself identifying with the way women experience spirituality. Anyways, thank you for this podcast. I like when Martha said that whatever suffering we may go through is a gift and that when we are going through hell, we are actually on the way to heaven

  113. Thank you for your interview blog. It is really helpful idea and I learn the so many idea on this blog.

  114. I agree with this “Living a lie will make you sick — literally.”

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