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This just in: working harder is OUT, peace is IN.

Sheri Riley, the award-winning author of Exponential Living: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are, says “Peace is the new success,” and this woman knows about success.

By age 27, Sheri had landed her dream job at LaFace records working with artists like Usher, TLC, and OutKast. She was ticking off big dreams like a grocery list: 6-figure salary, check; buy mom a house, check. There was just one little problem  she was miserable.

Never let the drive for what you want to accomplish rob you of the joy of what you've already achieved. @SheriRiley Click To Tweet

Now a mother, entrepreneur, author, and empowerment coach, Sheri’s on MarieTV to give you her hard-earned roadmap to a full and fulfilling life. She shares the story of following her heart even when everyone around her thought she’d “lost it,” and why it’s so important to put peace first.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re chasing goal after goal and never feeling truly satisfied, this is a must-watch. Sheri drops so many gems in this interview, so please get your journal ready. 

You’ll learn:

4:15 The unexpected truth about hard work.
7:00 How to know whether you’re on the right track.
12:09 Why Sheri refused to work with Usher and walked away from her dream job.
16:40 Why you don’t need a work-life balance.
20:50 Want to accomplish your biggest goals in less time? Try this to-do list trick.
29:20 The real reason for a “mid-life crisis” and how you can avoid it.
34:32 — How to serve others without burning out.
40:11 The #1 thing you need to find peace in times of massive uncertainty.

Ready to know what a fulfilling life really looks like? Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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It really hit home for me when Sheri said, “Never let the drive for what you want to accomplish rob you of the joy of what you’ve already achieved.”

Especially right now, it’s easy to get stuck thinking of all the ways we could be doing more at work, at home, and in our communities. Take Sheri’s advice, hit the pause button for a sec and feel joy for something you’ve already achieved.

Leave a comment below telling me a dream big or small you’ve already accomplished.

Remember, you won’t find peace by getting more, doing more, or becoming more, but by embracing where you are now. As Sheri so wisely says, “Peace is always available to us, we have to choose it.”

With peace, love, and gratitude ?,


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  1. John Makanda

    Hi Marie. I love your output. It’s awesome! Keep up the standard. Never settle for less.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for your kind words, John. We appreciate them.

  2. Dear Marie,
    just this morning in the shower I was remembering that funny song, The No Train. OMG. If only I’ve had it in mind last summer when I said yes to those opportunities/distractions. But this will be a lesson for LIFE.
    This episode is amazing, and super in time. Thank you and Sheri for sharing all this wisdom, all the love! Geraldine

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Buying your ticket on the ‘no train’ is super important, Geraldine. We love that it has made such an impact for you 😉

  3. Thank you Marie for having on Sheri Riley, she is a true GIFT FROM GOD with her insights that have made a huge difference in my life and my entrepreneurship world since we became friends many years ago at my Live Your Legacy Summit events here in Atlanta. She is the REAL DEAL and speaks great wisdom, her book is a must-read especially for women. My favorite take away from this interview was PRIORITIZE PEACE and Simplify to Amplify. Great job ladies! ~ Love you, Aurea

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We love that you enjoyed this conversation so much, Aurea. Sheri IS extraordinary and so are you. Thanks for being here.

  4. Romany Romany

    So interesting!
    Makes me wonder what my 3 things are!
    1) Promote my book to reach over one million readers. – plus!
    2). Keep improving my health.
    3). Explore the beauty of my new countryside environment.
    HOWEVER! 2 and 3 are easy.
    Number one is also fine IF I’m working on my screens for hours each day.
    I’d be interested to work out a way I can promote my book WITHOUT posting on each social media continually!
    I don’t know how right now but I’m open to finding out!
    Thank you for the excellent episode!

  5. Creece Rubia

    Peace! The waiting is worth it Marie. I have been wondering what you’ve been cooking up as I haven’t seen an email from you in my inbox for a while. So now, as I’ve watched this show with your guest, Sheri Riley about her book Exponential Living, I feel my drained cup filled up. You are such a gift to humanity.

    The recurring error I commit to myself is being hypnotized and magnetized by the cellphone all throughout the day. Then I realize my eyes become so tired that I don’t have the energy to do other and much more important things that require mental energy and focus anymore. What strikes me the most is Sheri’s story about her daughter who made a list of what she can do outside her cellphone. Although, looking back on the precious month, the cellphone is my God-sent messenger of good news. I got a new job from one my connections because I also “market” my thoughts on social media, and keep myself in circulation. But I truly need to make time in producing my products and services “outside” of cellphone which I am not performing excellently because of my mini-burnouts. And I know, I must snap out from this and should focus on managing my time mindfully. I remember in the past, excellent time and space management had provided me deep sense of peace, but in these past few days, my time and space management eroded so much that I don’t feel secure about my performance and I’m alarmed. I badly need to say no to this electrical gadget (cellphone) hypnotism and magnetism. I need to go back to my time and space management skills which allow me to sit in the present and fill my cup with faith in God and in His process. Managing my space and my time is like synchronizing with God’s process for whatever plans He may have. And I want to go back as an active participant of His plan “to prosper” us. But unbridled time on the cellphone wrecks my chance in God’s plan or so I believe. I should focus on my priorities and use the cellphone only as one of my tools and materials to help me achieve my goals. I appreciate my cellphone and I am very grateful for this gadget that God gave me because all the blessings I prayed for – new job, connection with my family located far away from me, updates with friends, being aware with what’s going on, are communicated to me through it. But as the saying goes, too much of a good thing is poisonous. At my age, I may not make a to-do list outside my cellphone like Sheri’s daughter does, but rather I’ll give it a little inspired modification, I’m inspired to allot a very special, limited time to use my cellphone. I’m inspired to market to myself what I may call a “Special Cellphone Ltd. Available Time Edition ” to use my cellphone time in a very special, respectful way.

    As always, Marie, your show is exciting and the message is inspiring and empowering. Keep up the good work and more power Marie! I wish you perfect health and God’s protection.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Creece, it sounds like you have some awesome action items here and are already putting some of them into place. Remember like Marie reminds us, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought” and you’re doing that. You can see the clarity coming just from your words here. Bravo!

  6. Amazing interview with Sheri Riley! Thank you, Sheri, for your insight, authenticity and aliveness! What a gift. Just want I needed to listen to at 5:00 am this morning when I’m wide awake and can’t sleep. 🙂

  7. K

    Have to get clear on my 3 things before 2020 end, so I can try to have some sort of normalcy in 2021.
    Lot’s of Ahaa’s as usual. My career was similar in NYC. People thought I was crazy when I gave it all up, but it did not feel right and life has been a roller coaster but a better one than being happy being around the fame of an industry that drained me.

    Thanks Marie & Sheri!


  8. Michael Ivy

    Girl, I woulda ran from Usher as well. I remember my mother-in-law going to his house for a job interview once and he was 4 hours late and they kept her waiting the entire time. No apology. Nothing. Just the expectation that I am here and you should be lucky to me in my essence. I love that you would tell him you were more concerned with him than the brand. Standing in your own truth!

  9. Evelien

    Thank you dear ladies for this wonderful conversation. Really enjoyed it and got a lot AHA moments. Love and greetz Evelien ?

  10. Thanks for the video it’s greatly appreciated.

  11. Epiphanie

    Hi Marie!
    I loved the interview you did with Sheri Riley…what a wake-up call. As an aspiring entrepreneur with a full-time corporate job, I felt every word spoken by yourself and Sheri. Thank you for sharing your vocation with the world!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this was inspiring to you, Epiphanie. Keep dreaming and taking action. We’re cheering you on.

  12. Deb

    “Peace is the new success” just placed this note over my desk. Another takeaway: give (serve, contribute) from a place of fullness, joy, power, and peace rather than trying to run on an empty tank. When these qualities come from a higher source, rather than through human efforts alone, then they are permanent, ever present, and inexhaustible. Putting my cell phone down for now! Thanks for a great interview!

  13. Alyse

    Wow! So refreshing & exactly what I needed to hear. Cant wait to lean more about Sheri’s book & love how she addresses that we need to “Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are.” As a full time business owner & one woman show this solidifies the things I’ve felt, but have been trying to ignore! I need this book in my life, thank you for sharing & having her on the show. A true gift 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you heard the nudge, Alyse. Trust those feelings- you’re having them for a reason.

  14. Kat

    This hit home for me! I’ve been in HR for 17 years and every job is madness. I want to be an entrepreneur. I’m starving for freedom. I’m passed the whispers..I relocated w/ my 17 yr old a year ago to ATL for affordable living and better quality of life. But again the job is draining me. I got licensed to write life insurance policies in hopes of doing that and leave corporate America… but financially won’t be able to for a while. It’s the financial sacrifice as a single mom that prevents me from just taking the leap and never looking back. I know once I leave corporate I will not regret it and have the ability and work ethic to excel in whatever I do.

  15. Danielle

    This was amazing and right on time! I love when I hear confirmation that I’m not “crazy”. This gave me the boost I needed to keep moving forward. Thank you Sheri, and thank you Marie for continuing to encourage and inspire 🙂

  16. Marie and Sheri,
    Peace is my favorite topic, emotion, and way of being. This was such a wonderful heartfelt episode. What a great way to come back from a long weekend, and what some refer to as the end of summer. “Peace is available to us through the entire journey.” The availability of my inner peace is what brought me back to Arizona, I felt I could quiet the world, the relationships, my ability to hear myself, and my relationship with God was to get here! It was instantaneous that my inner peace returned, once I arrived. Thank you for such a beautiful time with both of you. Sending your blessings of peace.

  17. Rachel

    “2020 is like this giant record scratch” I HEARD THAT!
    I’ve damn near got whiplash from agreeing so hard with pretty much everything in this interview!
    I had the biggest aha moment over my B-School block too. Thank you Sherie & Marie!!

  18. As a Personal Reinvention Teacher, this chat was right up my alley! I do believe in Work-Life balance but my idea of “balance” is closer to that integration piece, rather than the traditional definition! 100% yes to using Joy and Enjoyment as a ‘rating’ of how successful you are in your life for yourself <3
    And holding onto that identity piece- that "the man not the brand" aspect- and the OWNERSHIP piece – finding your voice and thus identifying what's a distraction and whats on your 'right path' as it was. My coach Tiffany Han pretty much teaches discernment based on those "what matters" values and it's a life-changer.
    So flippin' important <3

  19. Jennifer Leon

    Thank you for promoting the importance of peace in this world. Peace. Peace. Peace. From my understanding, you create inner peace through wisdom and you develop that through spiritual practice. That doesn’t mean sitting on a cushion all day as Sheri mentioned (although an important part). I understand it means integrating into your life minds and actions of pure love, cherishing of others, compassion, concentration, patience, giving, joy, and so on. When you’re peaceful, you’re truly and purely happy. So I do have a question if it’s ok. What if you can be peaceful all the time? Can you imagine if we all strove for that instead of thinking it’s not possible. What if you achieved that and could share that with others. I don’t know a better gift than that so this is my prayer 🙂 Thank you again for your joyful effort in putting this lovely interview across.

  20. Hi! I am trying to access the transcript but when I click on “View transcript,” it opens the window of the same page. Am I doing something wrong here? Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Krystal! Great catch and thanks for letting us know. We’ve fixed that little glitch and it’s working now. Click that link again and it will open with the transcript page 🙂

  21. Yessss! 2020 has helped me recognize where I was on the hamster wheel in ways I might not have noticed otherwise. We’ve brought our expenses way down, and are actually helping support families and those we love instead, and it’s been a deep epiphany. THIS, I want to scale this life we have now.
    And it’s funny, I’ve never been a big spender. But still, when I launched my biz a few years ago, I had that still small voice saying, the mission of this whole thing will be to end poverty by bringing more meaning to people’s lives. Which sounded embarrassing to admit, because, yeah, I’m idealistic, but that sounds embarrassingly idealistic.
    However, this is the first year I feel like I’m making good on both sides of that equation. The writing side of the business has always brought the meaning, and now that we’re able to weather the financial storm in an economy that’s taking some hits, which has allowed us to create stability for others.
    It feels so good. And now that I’ve successfully got it started, I feel like I know how to grow it. I’m no longer in the, “It will happen when…” myth. Love you guys!!!

  22. Catherine Whitehead

    Marie, love you and your work, your book and yourinterviews. This one with Sheri was great. I have prioritized Peace for a while now and feel it is vital for everything. One day I was writing ‘ I am peaceful’ and something else arose which was ‘ I am Peace’. It settled in on me like honey and I knew I would always be all right no matter what the situation outside of me. All the best Marie and Sheri.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Catherine! You have a beautiful way with words. ?

  23. Great interview and inspiring content as per usual. Thanks. I love that you talk/interview with normal people and not just a-listers – it shows that u truly care and is the thing that keeps me tuned in to your brand.

    Omg – when Sheri said after she quit her so called success “i just want to sit in dirt in my back yard and plant things” – that was me literally last week – so funny – we are all so much more alike than we ever know ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Barbara Spikes

    What a wonderful conversation. I listened to it twice. I know that the Co Vid had helped me see how over scheduled I was. But I have been slowly sliding into too much again. This was another reminder that too much is just too much. So many great ideas here. I’m sure her book will be invaluable. Blessings. Barbara

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      So glad this conversation resonated and served as a reminder to protect your time and energy, Barbara! Thank you for being here.

  25. Helen

    She is just gorgeous. I could listen to her forever!
    This is such a conversation for our times as, at last, the pendulum finds its way back to the centre… I have been choosing serenity and “home” (the place, and the feeling) over “success” this year (before Covid even hit), yet i do still feel the conditioned pressures to do, do, do, give, give, give. It is so reassuring to hear people publicly advocating for a return to our selves, to replenish, and to give to ourselves first, free from the old patterns of shame, guilt, or obligation that many of us have been brought up with, or been indoctrinated in by society.
    Thank you Marie and Sheri! What a gem of an interview – so many truths – one of my favourites. I too will have this book on my nightstand very soon… Peace! ????

  26. leo

    Very beautiful and genuine conversation. Beautiful energy. Loved every bit of this inspiring video. Thank you.

  27. Nives

    How fabulous is that!!! Those two women on the most important things <3 I love watching you, Marie and your fab videos taking to the most fab guests while you so genuinly engage in it…and this great woman as if she reads my mind and feelings while talking with this georgeous smile…thank you guys, love you so much! <3

  28. Karen

    Loved this, I am particularly resonating with her saying how we need to serve from our power, not our brokenness. Mic drop there ??

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES, Karen. Seize that power and own it.

  29. Paula

    Great tip on balance vs. integration. I’m gonna rewire right now. Thank you Sheri and Marie!

  30. Dave Cobb

    Peace is the way Amen!

  31. Great podcast with Sheri Riley!

    When we trust the process instead of trying to control the process, it produces peace. ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Phil. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

  32. Susan

    Wow…loved this episode! I felt like Sheri’s words were speaking to me directly today. Sheri validated so many thoughts I also own. I especially appreciated her definition of balance and why that is not the best view for holding ourselves. Full life integration is so much more! Can’t wait to get her book and reflect on the 9 principles in a deeper way. Love the idea of prioritizing peace and serving from our power, not from our brokenness. The importance of faith in God and faith in the process rings so true! Thank you Marie for another great episode! You are an AMAZING and inspiring entrepreneur and I am so grateful for the wisdom and strength you share with all your subscribers weekly. Keep shining!!

  33. Sheri you are amazing! I heard you for the first time at TCWW Amazing Women’s Weekend, 2019. I’m tearing up my to do list, and choosing my top three things that are most important to me. Best wishes and thank you Marie for this conversation.

  34. Wow Marie!
    What a gift Sheri Riley is (and so are you) ! Thank you for sharing her with us. Her insights are spot on and particularly happy for her and her daughter. Bless you both!

  35. You made a comment that almost slipped by: that one of the benefits of aging is that peace becomes more important.
    It’s true.
    Aging has been nothing but good for me. Each decade I am more clear, more courageous, and on the good days, more peaceful.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s aging with style, Sara, YES YES YES! xo

  36. Nisha Foerstner

    Hi Marie,
    Reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof “If I were a Rich Man…”
    change to
    “When I chose the peace, wo/man…”
    Game changer!
    *God/Non-Physical & I = First
    (*Fill cup with listening & creativity?) Haven’t read book yet.
    *Then, everyone & everything comes from the overflow.
    “My cup runneth over”. Penny drop.
    Thanks Sheri & Marie
    ❤️❤️❤️ Nisha

  37. Corinna Bernasko

    This one was one for the books! Love love LOOOVE Sheri’s philosophy.

    Peace is at the center of my every day. I wake up and go to sleep literally saying these words to myself while putting my hands to my heart: I choose love, bliss and peace.

    Amen to the To Do List scratch.
    I’ve been putting my “to-do list” on a piece of post it fresh every morning. In other words , only the most important stuff fits on it to get me focused, and the next day all of it gets erased weather I actually did it or not and I start from scratch! It’s been working phenomenal!

    So many more jems and Amens.
    Thank you for reaffirming a lot of what I already do in a new way, and the new nuggets of wisdom I got.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Corinna, we LOVE that to-do list action. Look at different it has made you feel. BRAVO! Congrats on the amazing attitude and wisdom you have. We’re sending you so much Team Forleo love. xo

  38. amy li

    Hi Marie,

    This episode meant a lot to me because just recently I received a lot of messages telling me to not worry about following my heart to do whatever I want even there is financial problem. Living in the moment is important too because that is where we can only find peace, joy and abundance. I am still learning and I find myself doing better than before. I am grateful for all the things that I have for example I am glad that I have my love, I have health and my health can be better, I living a place safe and peace which allowing me to think to rest and to enjoy loving time with people I love.

    • Irene

      Wow Amy, that’s exactly how I feel!! It’s like suddenly the same message is coming to me from different directions. Is great to know the same thing happens to others too!! Have an amazing day!!

  39. What a great reminder for us all! I have often chosen peace over working harder and did not achieve the financial abundance I thought I should have by now. But, I know there’s a blessing in this somewhere.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Jeni! Each of us is on our own, unique path and abundance comes in so many forms – great conversations, getting lost in doing what we love, the beauty around us…

  40. Sandy Rocourt

    Hello Marie and Team Forleo,
    Omg! Great episode on peace. Yes, this message is a must to watch or listen. What strike a curious interest was full-life integration. Balance is myth she say. “And full-life integration allows you to, one, give yourself permission to get help, right, so it’s like what’s the village I need?” That is something I am going to walk away with and start implementing in my life. Thank you again for a fabulous interview with the Sheri Riley. Marie and Team Forleo, continue on providing fresh and valuable content that is inspiring us to go after our dreams. Warmly,

  41. Only thing I can write after listening to this episode is: Thank you.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We love that this resonated with you, Marta!

  42. Bridget McCormack

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Sheri & Marie!! What an amazing, empowering, and freeing message. Thank you Sheri for having the courage to share your story with us and show us how to rise up and into what our soul’s purpose is. Many blessings!!

  43. Dawnet Edwards

    Hello, it’s my very first time watching your show it was quite encouraging, it gives me a desire to seek inner which is Jusus Christ our savior and Lord. Therefore I pray that God will continue to inspire and keep you as you continue to do the will of the lord to motivate others to find true peace in uncertain time.

  44. Irene

    Wow, amazing!! Thank you so much Marie, thank you so much Sheri!! Your message, literally everything you just shared in this beautiful conversation resonates so much with me and with what I’m personally going through right now!! God bless you!!

  45. Wow thank you so much marie and sheri for a awesome knowledge that you shared. 🙂

  46. Nora Krohn

    Sherri is amazing! I loved this interview! Thanks so much!

  47. So great to hear you talk about God and faith since peace only comes from Him. A peace that surpasses all human understanding, who doesn’t want that!? 😉 Love how more and more “successful” people are talking about burn out and how we tend to want to prove our worth and greatness instead of walking it out. I love how peace is the new success. This was dead on girls, dead on! I also agree with when we have peace, clarity comes and we are more courageous. Loved it! Such truth! Thank you Jesus!

  48. Wow, great content, every topic very helpful and lot of info. thanks for share

  49. Yes, the todo list is a distractions, and reducing it at 3 most important things focuses us.
    Thanks Marie!

  50. Mirko

    Peace.So good to hear words of wisdom,thanks Marie.I really appreciated this topic.I’m going through a difficult moment these days but i’ll find the strenght to overcome everything.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Mirko! We’re so sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time, we hope this conversation was helpful for you. You’re right about it being a moment – it’s temporary, and we’re all rooting for you! Take good care!

  51. Hi Marie, Love your output. please Keep it up. Glad to hear words of wisdom from you guys. Really need it, especially in this pandemic times. I’m going through a difficult moment of my life now. I lost my job because of this pandemic. But hearing your words and ideas give me a lot strength. Thank you so muck. God Bless you. 🙂

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