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First — thanks so much for the incredible feedback and comments on last week’s episode about doing a fast and powerful year-in-review.

In today’s episode, we’re building on our positive momentum and tackling another important topic: how to find fulfillment and give our life meaning, no matter what.

Because the holiday season can be a mixed bag, right? Our emotions can range from utter joy and delight to frustration and exhaustion to deep wells of sadness, emptiness and even depression. It’s a time of year that many of us reflect on the big questions like…

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose in this world?
  • Is a happy life truly possible?
  • And, what is the meaning of life?

In today’s episode of MarieTV, we’re covering a powerful framework to create lasting fulfillment and meaning in life.

Rather than searching for life’s meaning, remember that you always have the power to create it. Click To Tweet

This approach works regardless of your past or current circumstances. It works regardless of your age, education or background. It draws from one of my favorite books of all-time (a must-read!), Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

If you wonder, “What’s the meaning of life?” this 3-step fulfillment framework will help you take back control and create meaning, no matter what.

Viktor Frankl’s wisdom is a treasure I revisit again and again. His work is especially poignant when you hit a rough spot in life and find yourself feeling hopeless. Practice has proven to me that yes — fulfillment, purpose and a genuinely happy life can be cultivated with these three, timeless steps.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to experience more meaning in life, try looking through Frankl’s three avenues.

In the comments below, tell me:

  1. What you’re working on right now
  2. Someone you love and care deeply for
  3. If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful shift in perspective.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Perhaps the biggest take-away message we can hold onto is this. It’s not about finding the meaning of life, but about creating it. Fulfillment and meaning are always within our control.

Most importantly, humans have the incredible power to turn personal tragedy into triumph, and that includes you.

Thank you so very much for reading, watching and sharing. The privilege of your time and attention is something I never take for granted. I also appreciate you contributing so bravely, openly and kindly to the discussion here.

I mean it with all my heart: YOU make this one of the brightest, safest and most encouraging places on the internet.

P.S.  — This is the last new episode for 2016. Scheduled down time is vital to be a top performer and cultivate a happy, healthy company.

From everyone here on Team Forleo, we send you and your loved ones our most heartfelt wishes for a peaceful, loving and joyous holiday season. Take good care of yourself, and each other. We’ll see you in the New Year!

With so much love,


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  1. Daniel Pereira

    Thank you Marie,
    I am sure to put this book on my list.
    May you and your family have a Blessed , Peaceful and Happy Christmas.
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you so much Marie. As always, you motivate, encourage and inspire us to go after our dreams. My project is the online platform that I’ve had in my heart to produce for a few years. I’ve finally decided to take the leap, start writing articles and broadcasting my efforts on social media. I know it will take a lot of work but I’ve experienced tremendous growth already.

  3. Thank you for this video today, Marie and this exercise. I think, as we all think on how we can create our own meaning in our lives, it will help each and everyone of us focus on the incredible lessons we learn as we go through wild life.

    Right now I’m working on my memoir “Love&Cancer”. I sum it up like this: It’s a book about love, cancer, relationships, heartbreak and victory. A book that gives a glimpse of the complicated matters of the heart when faced with a life-threatening illness. It takes place over 2 years – starts with diagnosis, a marriage hitting the skids (but surviving), an intense attachment to every single person on the medical team (Doctors, nurses, assistants) because it’s them who hold life in their hands, and in the end, the coming back together of the two people it affected the most. For a long time I grappled with what this story would be about – the cancer experience seemed like a good start but I knew the meat of it was about all the love that I experienced, the relationships that I cultivated (the revamping of old and invigorating of new) and the heartache and heart happy that ultimately came out of it all.

    Out of all of this the love I have for my husband, Jed, has expanded exponentially and it wasn’t an easy road. In the aftermath, once I was given my remission walking papers and was healthy again, I told him I didn’t think we should be married anymore. It was devastating for both of us but his perseverance and unwillingness to let it all go in the chaos (his answer to me saying this was “NOPE. Not happening”) during my own personal existential crisis show me that I was the luckiest of all. At this starting point I found new meaning in my relationship with him and I’m grateful everyday (now that it’s all over and we’ve entered into a new phase of relationship) for him and his infinite wisdom (and stamina!) in love.

    While I’m not suffering now, the 2 year period wherein I had 3 surgeries and a bout of chemo that almost killed me itself there was a ton of heartbreak. Through it all, though, I was so present in my life. I found joy in so many things and was present in my everyday. I felt completely aligned with the universal “truths” and the greater meaning I found in all of this is that life is truly fleeting.

    We are complicated creatures. Love wins every time and even if your heart is breaking, the people you love the most in your whole life will lift you up and shine a flashlight out into the world so you can find your way home once again….

    Thank you for this today, Marie. Truly. Truly.

    • Christopher

      I look forward to you memoir! I was just handed a Cancer diagnosis so I am at the beginning – no prognosis or staging or plan yet – this all comes later this week.

      I feel very kindred to your statements here and even the title Love & Cancer perked me up. The closeness of the people in my life is deepening so much in this time. I am being very open about it on social media as I don’t think men speak out enough.

      I just really appreciated seeing this here – having left my comment below. Beautiful. Timely. Needed. All the best to you and yours!

      – Christopher

      • Christopher,

        I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The waiting for the prognosis and plan is always the hardest part. I’m sending so much love your way and I hope you get all the good news as you move through this next week.


      • Kristin - Team Forleo

        Licia and Christopher – sending both of you so much love and gratitude for sharing your stories. You’re not alone, and I really believe that just voicing your personal experience (whether years out or in the very beginning of it) can be a comfort! xo

        • Kristin, I LOVE how you said “voicing your personal experience (whether years out or in the very beginning of it) can be a comfort” AMEN lady! It’s so true!


      • victor


        I believe, if you ask your doctors for confirmation, you’ll learn that cancer is no longer a death sentence.

        • Absolutely, true. I recently complete 15 months worth of treatments and was amazed at the confidence and positive support of the team members. I channeled that in my approach to the treatment. While there were certainly bad days (and my husband saw me at my worst), I managed to get through with a smile on my face and appreciation for love, friends, nature and stillness around me. After debating whether or not to do so, I eventually started sharing my journey on social media. It turned out to be a good thing for me in that it not only connected me to far-flung family and friends, but it helped me to process all that was happening in a way that others could relate.

    • Allan Burlace

      Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Jen

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this…

    I’m working on my blog, which is a tribute to my brother and father, who have both passed. This keeps me focused and humble.

    I love a lot of people, but especially I’m focusing on loving my mother, who is a tough cookie, but who is probably in need of love the most after losing my brother five years ago, and my dad 8 months ago.

    I’m grieving the recent loss of my father, but as his little girl, I’m vowing to keep smiling (something he always told me to do) and be the light I need to see in the world. His continued presence in my life gives me the strength to carry on with hope in my heart, and to maybe help others along the way.

    So much love to you. You always help and inspire me!
    xo Jen

    • “May our sorrow of today be our momentum for tomorrow” – unknown

      Much love, hope you’re doing well. Thank you for sharing your journey and your blog of beautiful quotes <3

    • Hey Jen!
      I love that you mentioned focusing on loving your mother who is a tough cookie. I’m so quick to get angry and hostile with my mother because of our differing lifestyles and viewpoints on things. Perhaps if I approached her with more love, I would better understand her.
      Thank you for opening my eyes to this! ❤

  5. Love you Marie 🙂

  6. Marie,
    Thank you for a beautiful episode. In business, we are challenged to grow beyond our abilities which can be hard at times. You have reminded me to remember why I created and the joy I get from watching parents like me use the MobileArq app as a lifeline.

    Today was really not one of my most inspiring days and you have lifted me higher with the story of Viktor Frankel. Thank you!

  7. Just reserved this book in my library’s ebook selection. I’m third in line and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for this in-depth perspective on life. It took my breath away. This video has perfect timing as I reflect on my year both personally and professionally.

    Looking for life’s meaning can be an energy zapper. Your point that it’s within our control is powerful, energizing, and audacious. It’s also an uplifting message to end the year on. Thank you. Happy holiday to you, your family, and your team as well. xo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this week’s episode resonated with you so much, Liz. Hope you enjoy the book!

  8. I read this book last year and it has stayed with me since then. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts with all of us 🙂

  9. Hey Marie,

    First off, thank you for being in my inbox. Your emails tend to be of the 5% I actually read. That’s big baby! :).

    Thank you for your inspiration that has carried me forward this year (and previous), but this year as I am almost completed my website (business) and am planning on launching by the new year. B-School has been a blessing and love that I always have forever membership!

    I just ordered ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ for my husband for Christmas. I will read it myself. :).

    Merry Christmas and I wish you lots of rest and fun!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      It’s such an honor to hear we’re in the 5% of emails you read, Kristin! And it means the world to us to know that B-School has helped you so much. Hope the rest of your year is wonderful! xo

  10. Ter

    Love you, Marie, and bless you for this wonderful piece… It bring so much thought into my heart and soul, good – bad – ugly – but all those thoughts will roll into and blossom into something new and beautiful – I truly believe that…

  11. Patti

    Marie, Thank you for this timely inspirational message. I am in that transitional phase of finding the moment that suffering finds meaning. I am getting there! I realize I do have the power to create that moment! I am embracing the gap and tension between where I am and who I want to be. I am a connector in life; a bridge builder, but I temporarily lost my connection through a series of loss of loved ones and betrayal of the love of my life. It is a bitter sweet time of year… I am opening myself up to trust myself and look for love in everyday life. I have been shutdown for my protection but that too is shutting out any chance of love and feelings of joy. I am ready for Love again and to bring my gift of connecting back! 2017, I am going to start my own Life Coaching business: P.S. Bloom! I will find Viktor’s book and read it as you suggested! Thank you for this gift! Merry Christmas! Happy Healthy New Year!!!

  12. Thanks Marie,
    You’re an inspiration.
    Loved how you summed up Frankl’s words.
    I will be doing this:
    Bring what I have to offer to life.
    Allow myself to be carried away by nature’s beauty.
    Find true meaning in it all.

  13. Ken Jourdan

    Marie – This video has so much meaning to me. This past weekend I shared with my two sisters the awful task of moving our mother from her home to a group home because at 95 she is just unable to live alone any more, and has broken two hips plus three falls in the past six months. To see the abandon in her eyes seemed as if we were sending her to her own concentration camp for as she told us, “now I have nothing, no home, no possessions, only the clothes on my back.” And I remembered the words from Victor Frankl’s book which I told her, Mom, the suffering you are feeling now is only there because you are allowing those thoughts, you need only to “change your mind” and allow yourself to see that this is only the next phase of your life where others can now care and do for you that which your physical body can no longer do for yourself. Nothing has to change but your mind, and you will see the beauty of how this place is so much better for you, and that we are still here supporting you all the way. We all think that helped.

  14. Danielle Mayber

    What a beautiful episode!
    I just read this book a month ago, and this was a great refresher on how to use a few of the many gems from Viktor Frankl. Here’s one useful way I like to think about things if I’m going through a challenging time: By working through this, I may be able to give a friend valuable advice if he or she encounters a similar situation.
    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  15. Christopher

    Jeepers. Having lost SO much in these past few years – job, house and health I CERTAINLY needed this.

    What you’re working on right now: Restoration of health and finding a new career at “a certain age.”

    Someone you love and care deeply for: My partner of 17 years – which is like a Golden Jubilee amount of time for two gay guys – is a ROCK and has stood by my side in the face of great loss and challenge.

    If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it: I may have to get back to you all on THIS one but I will say with diagnostic tests, results, prognosis and treatment plan for a new Cancer diagnosis…I spend real time deepening the appreciation and depth of love I have for the people in my life.

    • Christopher — you had me at Golden Jubilee 🙂 Congratulations on your relationship. Love and connection is the most precious thing in this life. I’m so very sorry to hear about your diagnosis, amidst what sounds like an already challenging time. Sending you an enormous amount of love and good wishes this holiday season. I’ll be holding you in my heart. XO

  16. Thank you for sharing all that you do Marie! These videos are always incredibly helpful.
    1. Right now I am working on just getting my message out to more people. The big picture is that I really want to be out of debt and have enough money to buy my dream house in the next five years. Small picture – 1:1 online personal training launch.
    2. I am wildly grateful for all of my clients and my audience.
    3. Right now I’m in a lot of debt and my income is far lower than it needs to be for me to live the life I want to live and it’s incredibly stressful. But it’s okay because I’m learning that I don’t need THINGS to be happy.

  17. Alexandre Cabral

    Very good inspiration.
    Always inspiring others with real examples.

  18. Samira

    Thank you so much for this episode.

    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! We will meet next year. 😀 😀

    1) I am currently working on my book. But, in reality I am working on myself. The manuscript I am writing is helping me in learning, growing and connecting with people. I realized something the books are people’s life experiences or opinions expressed in a structured way with formal language and in chronological order.

    2) This year my mother passed away. When I reflect on her life, it is just endless sacrifices and unconditional love. She always tried to maintain harmony in the family and sometimes at the expense of her own happiness. I believe she just lived to maintain and create more harmony in the family. I just want to pay tribute to her everyday of my life. I wish I really showed her how much respect and love I have for her.

    3) The third point is after my mother passed away my family sort of fell apart. This is so frightening for me. But, the lesson I have learnt that we must not take our family for granted. We must give them special treatment. We must show them that they mean the world to us everyday. We must make them feel that they are the most important people to us. Just like we work on romantic relationships we must also work on blood relationship too. Luckily, my beloved husband is with me to bring the family together.

  19. Great, meaningful topic Marie. Thank you. Frankel’s book is a mainstay in my life and work.
    As a Buddhist, the purpose of life is simple. Not easy, but simple. Stop wanting. We suffer because we want something other than what IS.
    We need to be in alignment with The Present, As it Is, rather than (ahem) seeking more “presents” to “make” us feel better. (Sorry, Santa!)
    1. I’m working on a book about applying Buddhist thought to Love and Sex – hoping it will help many, many couples cease suffering in their relationship by wanting “other than what is”
    2. My beautiful and patient partner, R.
    3. Within my, and all suffering, is resistance. When I cease struggling against whatever the suffering is, and settle into the peaceful awakening inside the mind, I am once again okay.
    Thanks, Marie! See you in 2017.

    • Dena

      Hey Dr. Cheryl!

      I am currently in couples counseling with my partner, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve felt a disconnection to my own sexuality for some time now, and I’ve never felt so lost. I’m really curious to read your book! At this point I’m looking for any resources that might help. Thanks for bringing this into the world. It’s needed.

      • Dr Cheryl Fraser

        Dena – what a kind and brave comment. Yes. deep loving is a difficult, difficult gig. Check out my website for some articles and tips if you want. But mainly, applaud yourself and your partner for committing to the difficult path and to finding a loving and healthy path through…ox

  20. Marie,
    Thanks for the wonderful work you do with MarieTV.

    -I am working on my own business’. I love working for myself.
    -I care deeply for my sister who has been my biggest cheerleader and at times caretaker.
    -I still suffer from a car accident from 6 years ago. It has taken 4 spin surgeries and lots and lots of therapy to get back to where I am. But I feel the deeper meaning is that it has pushed me forward to building a life that I am really excited about living and more personal freedom.

    I look forward to 2017 and all that will come.

  21. andre

    Ok, let me see:
    1) What am I working on right now: Defining what do we want to do with our improv troupe, defining specific projects. Also, finding a wait to make my career (computing science) matter and give it a big purpose. Also, moving out from home (in Guatemala, moving outside the parents house is not as easy as in the US. It is not “correct” to leave before marriage). But I need to do it, just figuring out a way to do it with as less collateral damage as possible.
    2) Someone I love and care deeply for: my sister, dad and mom. They are getting old. My dad has to vertebrae broken and my sister is still on chemotherapy after having breast cancer.
    3) If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning I can find in it: well… life goes on and stop and grieve forever will not help anybody. Action does. I have to take care of myself first before helping others. (this was even hard for me to write down in this comment).

    Love you, Marie.

  22. Thank you Marie! Right now I’m creating an absolutely epic retreat experience, called the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, and we have them planned in Bali, Guatemala, Spain, the Netherlands and Hawaii. We bring together DJ’s, yogis, tantrics and ecstatic dancers.

    I’ve also just created a new free 9 part video training series called the 9 Secrets to Amazing Sex & Unlimited Orgasmic Potential.
    (No kids reading this, right?)

    I deeply love and care for my little brother and sister, and the man in my life who is so incredibly loving, caring, present and passionate.

    There’s no suffering in my life right now, but every big challenge I’ve ever gone through – including getting divorced and losing my sister when I was 12 – has lead to countless gifts, growth and unexpected blessings.

    Much love,

  23. Marie – Wow. Just when I think you can’t top a favorite episode…You Do! Incredibly beautiful show today. And as always, very timely for me. I have been in so much pain. This is my favorite time of year and yet since losing both of my parents it is, at times, a time of great sorrow. However, this year I grieved and sobbed and then I said, “OK, this is the last thing Mom or Dad would ever want for you. Onward.” And I got really serious about my new website and teaching. It has been amazing how different I began to feel. Moving forward has been very healing and has fed my soul to overflowing. Your message today felt like an affirmation of my process this past month.

    Wishing you and Team Forleo the most wonderful Holiday Season ever. All of you make my world a much better place. Enjoy your time away. No one deserves it more.
    With Love and Gratitude,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear how tough this time of year can be for you. Your mindset about moving forward and healing is incredible, though! We’re honored that this episode resonated with you and we’re sending you love this holiday season too! xo

  24. Emily

    Thank you so much Marie. Victor Frankl’s book has taken me on a journey through the last year. Last year I even talked about him in my B school video (and I felt like a big dork). The fact that you’re talking about Frankl now, echoes deep. I’m almost finished with that book (who’s title somehow survived after MULTIPLE insecure edits “The Meaning Method”) and WILL have it ready for B school this year. Your video is a poignant reminder of where it started. “In some way suffering ceases to be suffering the moment it finds meaning.” Thanks for this beautiful sychronicity, it was a really important reminder. BTW you can get both the text and audiobook for free online. It’s just one of those things that should always be available to everyone for free. 🙂

  25. Thank you for, once again, putting it all into perspective. I don’t know if all creatives go through similar highs and lows, but the knowledge that my project awaits me, even when life pulls me away from it, helps drive me forward.
    1. My main work – Writing a book. But to pay the bills (book writing doesn’t do that!), am teaching art in elementary schools, at the local art center and in Creative Retreats that draw folks from all over the world. Also doing on-line color consultations.
    2. My deepest love right now goes to my teenage sons, with all of their trials and triumphs.
    3. Struggling to make ends meet as an artist, yet unwilling to give it up because I am a much better person, wife, mother and friend when I am being creative (than I was in my past career as an engineer).

  26. Hello Love,
    A friend of mine send me a link to your website a while ago and ever since I’m the FAN! You are such an inspiration to so many souls who can find great encouragement and words of wisdom in your episodes on Marie TV. I love connecting with you through each episode, and find them like tiny gems that spread among the grains of sand on the sea shore. They sparkle, and shine, and give you joy. They help to remind us that we All are the Divine Creations with infinite possibilities and incredible power! We are so used to looking for inspiration to the outside of ourselves, not really realizing that we have the greatest compass inside of each of us, which is our heart centre. One, that could lead us to the land of joy and happiness if we allowed it, by simply following its guidance. Everyone has a story to tell about their lives and Viktor Frankl’s quote from his book captures the essence of our lives so beautifully: “In some way suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a MEANING”. There is nothing else to add to that statement. Our perception is ALL that it’s needed to make a difference of how we look at our lives, regardless of the circumstances.
    It was great to hear this and have a moment to remind ourselves that no matter what happens we can still find a ray of sunshine in our lives and let ourselves be swept away by the marvelous beauty of nature, if nothing else is there to make your heart weep with joy.
    Sending Love to You, Your Loved ones, and Your Crew,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sending so much love back to you, Marta! We’re so happy your friend introduced you to Marie when she did 🙂

  27. Beautiful episode, Marie. Thank you. Have a book I’ve been wanting to write for years…your words have inspired me to finish it in 2017. Also, looking forward to reading Man’a Search For Meaning. Thanks again!

  28. What an inspirational episode! 🙂
    Thank you Marie!

  29. Meredith

    I first learnt about the meaning of life and our existence on earth from the book “The purpose driven life”, and life’s circumstances led me to Christ eventually. Everyone of us will go through trials and challenges at some point . Its been 8 years since I became a christian and I have learn to live by faith and depend on God, be it in good times or bad, and its been an eye-opener on what He can do. Also, we are all unique human beings, fearfully and wonderfully made by God. To me, the best way to find out our purpose here is to ask our creator and heavenly father. And through Jesus, we can now have a relationship with God and hear from Him directly. That’s the beauty of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!

    • Michelle

      I also came to Jesus 9 years ago after reading The Purpose Driven Life and through life experiences at that time. I believe that people ponder their existence during this time of year because God is tugging on our hearts during the time of His son’s birthday. Thank you for mentioning Jesus on this post, Meredith. It’s His season after all! Merry Christmas!

  30. Lynne Bryant

    Thank you so much for this episode and thank you for all you bring to the world.

    There are projects and a business that I’m working on, but the real work; honestly, is working on myself. I’ve been ‘starting’ a business for a couple years now and it’s only recently I’ve realized that I need to start with what’s in my head first in order to create a business and life that I love … it’s challenging at a certain age, but I’m definitely making progress. =)
    Luckily I have someone(s) to love and care for deeply: my husband and four daughters. Loving them and realizing their great potentials, reminds me that I need to do the same for myself; in fact, we all need to love ourselves to realize our own great potentials — for me, I have begun meditating and it has helped tremendously.

    I think we all have some sort of pain, past or present, but lately I’ve learned to look at what I can learn from it and how I can move forward in a positive direction. I think of the good I have in my life rather than what’s not so good.

    Thank you again and I wish you and the whole team a beautiful holiday season! Much love and gratitude, Lynne. <3

    • Lynelle Paulick

      Hi Lynne!!! (lynelle) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. Teodora

    Thank you for this. I have the book but did not read it. I should. I tried to make a list of goals for next year and I realised, I have zero motivation. I’m thinking I might have depression or smthing. I only do the things I have to. Nothing else.
    Maybe I’ll find something to motivate me in that book.

    • Anita Pirkle

      If you have the chance to talk to a doctor, mention your lack of motivation and/or energy, and that you think you might have depression. There can be physical problems behind your symptoms that can be corrected or at least minimized. You deserve to feel your best and live your best life! Take care of yourself!

  32. Discovering the deeper meaning in suffering has completely transformed my life and those of others around me. We have a daughter with cognitive and physical challenges. The world would say she’s suffering, but she doesn’t know that. To her, this is just her life’s journey. She has taught us how to roll through difficult stuff without adding interpretation (creating drama). Just let it happen. Let it do it’s work. Celebrate when it’s over. Step up to a new level of joy, freedom and peace – and carry on.

    From traveling this path with her, our family has been able to offer hope to thousands of other families who are caring for someone who is “suffering.”

    • Mary, I love everything you shared. Especially this: “The world would say she’s suffering, but she doesn’t know that. To her, this is just life’s journey.” Thank you thank you thank you for who you are, for the gift of your daughter and your work. XO

      • Honored for your rec. Thank you for B-School and teaching me how to share hope with many.

  33. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this. I absolutely love this book and have often used it as an example when I am teaching and working with people. When we can make sense of things, feel connected to ourselves and others we become kinder, more loving people. I’m all about becoming more of a human Being.

    Happy Holidays!! Thank you for all you do to contribute to all of us.

  34. This episode really hit home for me, since I’m one of those people who has survived extreme hardship–longterm violent abuse that shaped my childhood and adult years. I was only 8 years old when I contemplated taking my own life, but held on because of the love I had for other people and the world around me–even the little moments of beauty, like light on a windowsill.

    I’ve always said “despite this hardship, I lead my life with love” and I totally agree in the power of love to provide a purpose, meaning, and the motivation to keep going. Now, I’ve come to a place of great healing and growth and I’ve been fortunate to survive all the years of difficulty.

    Just this week, I was writing a blog (to be published tomorrow!) about how we can choose to make meaning out of suffering. I don’t believe in destiny, but rather that we have the free will to design the fate we wish from our hardship. When we do this from a place of compassion, we give our trials the deepest meaning possible.

    For me, I’ve dedicated myself to helping other survivors understand they can find joy, even while they’re still healing. It’s my business, yes, but it’s also my life and passion. Beyond my paid work, I volunteer and provide support online with this too.

    All in all, wonderful episode, Marie. It’s impactful, for sure.

  35. SoCalGirl

    Hi Marie,

    Your hair is beyond awesome. All yours? Extensions? You always look fab!


  36. Latricia

    Thanks, Marie! I will definitely add this book to my list. The second point really resonated with me. Just experience something or someone. I miss that a lot when I’m always trying to get to my destination- not really that the important part is the person that I become on the journey.

    Here’s to a FABULOUS 2017!!!

  37. Thanks to you, I just started reading Frankl´s book, and I will start implementing these 3 avenues that you point out, Marie… In the tough situations many of us are going through…
    Thank you for being so great, and for inspiring us to that greatness… By sharing that special gift that only we have… And for teaching us so generously everything that is actually needed in this growth, and in this tension between who we are now… And who we will become…

    Love you, Marie & your fabulous Team!

    Happy Holidays & catch you next time!


    Monica Fit

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sending HUGE Team Forleo love back to you, and hope you have a beautiful holiday season too. XOXO

  38. Amanda Sloan

    Hello yes I am really grateful for my project I am working on right now. When I am out in nature or being with my son and the love I feel for him its profound. The fact that we need a home, and are both looking brings me to the point of that shelter is so important. Family is so important even though we have hard feelings and its difficult, having that base of love/security even so, is so crucial/valuable.

    Thanks Marie, love you and your work so much. And thanks!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Amanda. We love having you in our world, and we’re sending all our best your way. The love you have for your son is such a beautiful and untouchable thing.

  39. Great and important episode, Marie. Thank you. Man’s Search for Meaning is one of my favourite books, and it has no doubt inspired me to do the work I’m doing.

    Like Frankl, many people who are faced with their mortality (either when they are ill or experiencing the death of a loved one) often find meaning and growth and a deeper sense of who they are. That is the premise of my new business. WILLOW combines pragmatic end-of-life planning with soulful personal development. In our signature workshop, we explore our feelings around death,dying and being mortal and then write a Heart Will and Love letters for others to cherish at or around the time of our death and long after we die.

    But one of the greatest gifts of writing a Heart Will or Love Letter is the opportunity to discover, articulate and then own what really, truly matters most to you. And we shouldn’t wait until we are suffering or close to death.

    With only 15 minutes a day, you can discover a lot about yourself in just a week!

  40. Marie, this whole episode had me tears, it has home for me in various ways. Below are my questions that you’ve asked;

    What you’re working on right now?

    I am working on getting an album produced and mastered of classical guitar music of my godfather Daniel Coulnages.

    Someone you love and care deeply for

    My uncle/godfather Daniel

    If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it

    I am still mourning his death. He died at 28 years old of HIV/AIDs back when it was a death sentence. Recently I was given a rare video of my uncle/godfather playing his beloved guitar. 27 years after his death. I was only 11 years old when I last him alive. I saw him alive again in the video. He was speaking to me with each string he plucked. Now in the midst of my grieving I found grit and there was a pull on my soul to do something bigger than myself. Something, to not only bring to life my late uncle/godfather’s music to life, but to also encourage everyone to live their lives to the fullest. The project is on it’s third leg on indiegogo and not fully funded but I haven’t given up. Thank you Marie for your Marie TV. Have a happy holiday.

    best regards,
    “Success comes with support we only fail in this life when we fail to uplift one another”

  41. Brenda Stefanowski

    Your messages are always so inspiring. I find I get something from almost every one. Today is no exception. Looking forward to reading his book.
    I do have one comment about your pre-segment clip. Your comments in the little girl voice while meant to be funny, wasn’t. I worked with a woman who had that voice. She was “teased” about it her whole life. I can only imagine what her childhood was liked. As an adult she became successful in her own right. In the last year she has moved to California, studied with a voice coach and is becoming recognized for voiceovers. I admire her so much.
    I know your comments were not intended to demean and perhaps I’m overreacting, but we all need to give pause and consider the possible impact of our words.
    Thanks for listening.

  42. Brittany

    This was great and I can’t wait to read the book!

    The one that most resonated with me was #3. I put sooooooo much energy into avoiding suffering and pain rather than learning how to deal with it…because it will happen no matter how much I try and fight it! Anything I’m “suffering” over is NOTHING compared to what Viktor went through so I need to keep that perspective when I complain about my “first-world problems.” Just recently read the story of Job in the Bible so this made my heart happy since it’s similar to that. Having faith through your troubles!

  43. Aziza Clayton

    Marie, I love that you referenced Viktor Frankl. I’ve heard so much about him but never read any of his work. I will be sure to get and read this book!
    Thank you for having such an inspiring, funny, motivational show! I’ve shared your videos with family members who needed to hear exactly what you were discussing at that time! Have a happy and prosperous new year.
    ~ Aziza

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Aziza — we love that you’re sharing our work with others. We hope you enjoy the book when you get it, and happy holidays to you and yours from us.

  44. sara

    Thank you Marie,
    The purposeful life is the life that know the purpose of each and every little thing we do, from washing the dish to run the empire.
    Because the purposeful life is the integration of each purposeful moment.

    Love your VDO

  45. Love your messages and video’s.
    Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Suzanne. Thank YOU for being here with us.

  46. Hey Marie, thanks for another outstanding episode. It really resonated with what I am working on in my life right now. Though I haven’t yet read Man’s search For Meaning, it is a thread that comes up in my studies and certainly is an inspiration in the studies I am doing.
    1. What you’re working on right now
    I am working on a program to assist people who may be in transition to get some skills and perspective to make better choices and decisions to move forward and have a more purposeful and joyful life. While it has broad applicability, I have designed particularly with military spouses in mind. As a retired military spouse myself, I was aware of the challenges of finding employment and the impact on self-esteem and self worth when employment is difficult to find. As I commenced studies to become a coach, I have gained knowledge which I have blended with my life experience to develop a program idea, which I am calling Finding Your Genius. From the program participants will have a great understanding of what inspires them, why certain types of work and people may seem to “suck the life out of them”, and how to deal more effectively with those people and situations. From this they will have enhanced skills to consider, if employment isn’t available, what else could they do, and as they choose, for example, study, what type of qualifications will lead them to a future more aligned with how they prefer to work and who they want to be. I am excited to deliver the program because of the improved quality of life that is possible when we discover our true value within ourselves and the rest becomes icing on the cake.
    2. Someone you love and care deeply for
    My husband is pretty awesome. I have been blessed to have found a partner in life. We have been married over 30 years and we have managed to stay together through the rollercoaster that is life in the military. He has been out for a few years now and, like many former military personnel, the transition to civilian life can be a bumpy ride. He has done well most of the time. We have had the challenge of depression, some of which I attribute to the effects of service during the post 2005 Tsunami relief operations which involved lots of psychological stress, both personally and amongst his colleagues and other personnel that his ship was supporting. He is generally pretty resilient, and his emotional curves are generally pretty shallow. Several experiences over a close period of time changed that and he dipped quite substantially. Fortunately he recognised and had wonderful people around him who supported him and he is mostly much like his old self. I feel privileged to be his wife. He supports me unconditionally, I drive him nuts from time to time, as I am much more inclined to the big emotional swing, the I too am becoming more emotionally mature as I study coaching and grow in my own understanding of self and what drives the emotions and am therefore making better choices, responding rather than reacting.
    3. If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it.
    I am blessed that I don’t have substantial suffering in my life. Probably my biggest personal concern is my daughter, who experiences quite significant anxiety, which is impacting her quality of life. What it is teaching me is that sometimes I have to stop and just listen. I have a tendency to want to “fix” things and sometimes the best thing we can do is, be present. As her mum, I want to take away her pain, yet really she is only going to heal, when she makes that choice for herself. When she decides enough is enough and there are better ways to live. It is not up to me to force that change. Why am I driven to want to create it. Am I taking responsibility for something that doesn’t belong to me. Do I want to take it away because I feel responsible for creating it? Time to reflect and BE and allow her to make her own choices and be in charge of her life. Not easy, and yet the best thing for both her and I.

  47. Reading and rereading Viktor Frankl’s books informs much of the attitude I bring to the both my own inner work and that I do with others.

    * What I’m working on right now:
    PeRMiSSiON to let my own project take its time to unfold by using both twist of tenacity and a sense of grace. Life calls me to other priorities and I get to learn to be OK with that. Even when frustrated by interruptions, I get to learn to be OK with that too.
    My new project, Mad Explorers Club, is made of stuff like that. Navigating our inner wilderness so our wild child inner genius feels safe and inspired to come out to play.
    * Someone you love and care deeply for:
    I’m so lucky to have people in my life who make me laugh, cry and everything in between. They bring me into the Venn Diagram of Life. We meet in the middle of where our circles of Be-ing overlap.
    *Unavoidable suffering and the greater meaning in it:
    Being a witness to the chronic health challenges and severe limitations it puts on a beloved’s life sucks. ‘Fixing’ is impossible. There’s no flavour of lollipop that eases the pain and no magic wand to PooF! the realities away.
    The greater meaning for me:
    Back off (allow beloved to find his way)
    Come Close (be there when needed)
    Keep a sense of soul and humour alive. (It’s the closest thing we have to lollipops and magic wands.)

  48. dunia

    What you’re working on right now
    Someone you love and care deeply for
    If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it

    Hi Marie, as always, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. I am a Muslim girl who observe the face veil by choice and I often listen to your shows and interviews as they are very inspiring for me and gives me a kick and has taught me many lessons.

    To answer your question,
    1. I am working on balancing my spirituality with running my business (and doing my bsc degree in psychology at the same time and taking care of the home). I was really surprised to see you cover and episode on that as for awhile I felt like “am I the only one in the world who finds this a challenge?”. Why its a challenge for me is because the world is so nasty outside and so are some people, it’s not easy to run a business based on values and principles when majority of the time you encounter people are who try to break that or tell you to compromise a little so you can make more money. But the great news is, I’m in a much better place now than before and I’m surviving the challenge. Learning everyday and holding on the my values and principles even stronger and watering it down for nobody.

    2. My husband who is also my best friend and mentor. I have great respect and look up to him. He has taught me so much about life, people and especially business. He gave me amazing experiences that most definitely shaped alot of me in a positive way. To name a few, I am a martial arts coach thanks to him and an avid freediver with a personal best of 25m. Coming from a broken family and not a very positive childhood, my husband really helped me out of that and taught me so much positivity and things to look forward to in life.

    3. I have never refered to my trials as ‘suffering’ because I don’t believe that’s what they are. And it could be anything from someone jumping your queue or a loss of a loved one, I truly believe them to be a trial / test from God – a test of faith to see if you would shake in hard times and disobey God by following our desires and doing whatever it takes to ‘succeed and be out of the test’ and harm yourself and others by it or you would submit to Him alone and accept the trial with patience and gracefulness and continue treating yourself and others well. As a Muslim (in english, literally means one who submit his or her will to God) I believe the life on this Earth is nothing but a trial. If we do well here by obeying His commands and refraining from His prohibitions, then our final abode will be Paradise in which a life of bliss will be lived for eternity. Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested?” (Qur’an, 29:2)

    God tells us that through this journey we call life that we will be tested. “And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits…” (Qur’an, 2:155)

    And He is All Wise and most Just. “God does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286)

    So suffering is not in essence suffering. It is a test of faith and a purification for us and most importantly it is a guidance system for us humans. Without it, we’d all continue our robotic lives and not bother about our souls. Pain gives us insight and helps us to stop and look deeper into us.

    So how I approach it always is “Do well on the test and a great reward will be ours.” And with our Creator is the best of rewards.

    Keep sharing your knowledge and keep on inspiring others!
    Tight hugs from me xxx

  49. Marie – I love you even more (if that’s even possible). I read Man’s Search for Meaning when I was 20 and it changed my life. I also love Inner Simplicity by Elaine St. James. Since I grew up in a foster home that didn’t provide any life guidance – Inner Simplicity and Man’s Search were two books that gave me insight into who I wanted to be as an adult, and how to create my own meaning for life, and for my identity.

    Lovelovelove – ella

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ella, we love you back! What amazing writings to hold as sacred resources for life guidance. It sounds like you’ve found the perfect tools.

      Happy Holidays from us!

  50. Mirabela Elena Frunza

    i just couldn’t stop crying the whole video

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Oh Mirabela! We’re honored to know how much this week’s message touched you. Thank you so much for letting us know. Sending you big Team Forleo hugs.

  51. I love this so much!
    * What I’m working on right now: I am the co-founder of LaunchPad Labs ( where we have virtual life success skills curriculum. We cover topics such as self-awareness, cultivating your mindset, leadership, problem-solving, career paths, community engagement, and much more. We are a startup and love listening to you. I’ve also launched The Faithful Leader ( to help people stop looking and be found through personal branding and digital positioning strategies.
    * Someone you love and care deeply for: Awe, I love my husband SO SO SO MUCH. He’s so amazing. And, I love Jesus with all my heart.
    *Unavoidable suffering and the greater meaning in it: Suffering is inevitable and at times we will suffer great pain. However, in the midst of our greatest pain emerges our greatest strength. I’ve dealt with migraines on and off through the years causing extreme amounts of pain. Pushing through the pain makes me more disciplined, grateful and humble. Pain and suffering are temporary, one day I will be in a place where there will be no more pain. Until that time I will endure and keep running my race and giving out the gifts of encouragement, joy, and peace that surpasses all understanding.

  52. Courtney Cobbs

    I’ve been meaning to read “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Thanks for sharing such wonderful tidbits.
    I am working on advertising a Reiki Clinic through my job as a counselor at a rape crisis center. Our 2nd Reiki Clinic for Survivors will be held on 2/22. I’m so excited!
    Today I also sent out an email inquiring about re-signing a lease for a space to practice Reiki on a part-time basis. I recently had a tarot reading on ways I can boost my income and my guides told me I’m on the right path, I just have to partner with someone. So now, the search and receptivity to finding a business partner begins.

    I love and care deeply about my mom. It sucks we’re hours away from one another but we’re always thinking of one another. I love her daily pick-me-ups.

    I am concerned about Aleppo and hope this situation will wake many people up to do something.

  53. I was defrauded by a friend and lost my family home. To vent my anger and to find justice, I starting writing about my issues and this has turned into a book I published in September this year— “Designer Law School: Legal lessons for design entrepreneurs”. The aim is to help designers and entrepreneurs make better decisions! It has lead to speaking engagements and radio interviews! This would not have happened if I didn’t experience these ‘challenges’ in my life! I also enrolled at Law School and have completed one semester! I love it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, Christine — what an incredible turnaround. Good for you for pushing yourself to find the meaning in it all, and also to find a new path that has even greater depth and purpose to it. Best of luck with your new adventures in Law School!

  54. Barb

    Hi Marie,
    This was an outstanding video lesson today. I read Victor Frankl’s book in college many years ago and you have prompted me to reread it. I love all of your episodes and they help me to grow and find purpose in this new phase of my life. My project I am working on is Yoga N’ Books which I have created to help the lives of children through yoga and literacy. You provide hope with your tools that no matter age one is, we can always reinvent ourselves. Many blessings sent your way.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Barb, we’re so honored to support your journey and to keep reminding you that you can indeed always reinvent yourself. XO

  55. Popescu Daniela

    Hello, Viktor Frankl’s book impressed me a lot,too. I do remember these 3 ideas you mentioned in your video about our life mission. To answer your above questions: for the moment I am working for my final paper for my master degree. I deeply care and love my husband. I cannot complain about suffering deeply at the moment.

  56. Thank you Marie . I have a FB page called Nida Hug and I give hugs to as many people as I can as I believe in the power of positive human connection and love . As a cancer thriver that is I’m a healthy person experiencing cancer Nida hug is now my purpose and it helps me put my attention on inspiring others rather than feel sorry for myself . It truly works ?sending hugs and love your way ?????

  57. I’m so happy I stumbled across your site when I did. Today I officially re-launched my blog.
    Your videos gave me the motivation I needed to overcome my fears and to follow my dreams. I hope to continue to push through all the hardships that I know will come my way.
    I deeply care about my family and that is why I’m determined to be the best me that I can so in turn I can be the best wife and mom.
    Thank you for all the encouragement. I will definitely be reading this book.

  58. Haseena Bheekhun

    @marieforleo and the team, firstly you look phenomenal and are radiant & glowing! Secondly, thank you so much for this video. Every week I anticipate the next video popping up in my notification feed. It’s not only because I see you as one of my mentor’s but feel I gain something tangible that I can apply there and then in my life. Not to mention it is awesome when you feature a guest where you both explore an important topic that again I can draw something tangible from. Thank you again and ‘I look forward to seeing you again next week on Marie TV’ 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Haseena, thank you so much for your kind words! We’ll be away for two weeks for the holidays, but we’ll absolutely be back in your inbox on January 2rd with a new episode. Thank you for being in our world.

  59. Mavis L. Johnson

    Hi Team Forleo,

    1. I am working on honing my skills and coaching/developing others in what I call “creative conflict resolution” techniques.

    2. I love my grandniece Ashley. Being a part of her life and witnessing her create her life thoughtfully as a young woman is a joy.

    3. I am living without my dear mother, who passed away in September 2014. I miss her very much. I miss her AND live in the beauty of life. I know that the “missing” speaks to the love between us, the love that lives on through the love I share with others.

    Happy Holidays to the community.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mavis, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like you’re doing a beautiful job both reflecting on and emulating the love that she shared with you.

      We’re wishing you a beautiful holiday season too.

  60. Jeff Carroll


    Thanks for sharing those insights from Viktor Frankl. It is truly amazing the way he survived the concentration camp. However, the points you presented from his book ring hollow to me in that there is no mention of God at all. It seems to me that so many people believe we live in a close system…………..where all that exists is here. When, in reality, what is truly liberating and uplifting is to know that this is NOT all there is and that we are eternal beings and have been visited by the God that created everything in the person of Jesus Christ…………an historical truth that can’t be denied. In Him is life, meaning and significance. Many would like to believe He was a great teacher and moralist but we really only have 3 choices in how we view Him………..he was either a liar, a lunatic or He was who He said He was, God incarnate redeeming the world to Himself.

    To me, to know there is a God and to have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ is the most freeing, meaningful, significant part of life and evokes a response that surpasses anything mankind can come up with on it’s own looking only at ourselves and this world. There is a peace that passes all understanding that can guard our hearts and minds.

  61. Emilia

    A ‘stirring’ message. Thankyou. My Godmother was a survivor of a concentration camp;my parents escaped war. I highly value the book as I hesitate to go read it. I lived(as a child) in the midst of survival(in a free country). I met my 1st boyfriend who was a returned soldier from Vietnam. I personally experienced ‘his love for his fiance’ which held him during his worst moments there & brought him home safely . I’d forgotten about all this till I viewed your message now. I so love my 3 adult children & take each day as it comes whilst unravelling my Self Love. Thankyou. 🙂

  62. Greg

    Maybe your best vid ever. It’s super clear and concentrated. And incredibly useful, too.
    Thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Greg!

  63. Cynthia Shipp

    Love this! I read this book when I was 18 and I loved it. Definitely thinking I want to re-read it. Thanks for sharing and being awesome Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Cynthia! It’ll be interesting to see what different things you get out of reading it now than you got when you read it the first time.

  64. raechanah syafei

    thank you for the essence of Viktor Frankl’s book,
    its refreshed me of who were am I, what I had gone through and what legacy that I would left behind. Suffering is a space to response for the options to choose.
    experiences, create value & impact, choice to response those three things helping me to discover the purpose of life

  65. Safena

    Thank you for this loving heartfelt message. How you kept a dry eye!!! I could see it was hard. My Dad passed a couple years ago and I had a moment not too long ago where I recalled being a couple years old and my Dad was carrying me around. I loved being lifted and carried by my Dad. At this particular memory, I could feel his ear against my cheek and in that moment i understood that if nothing else ever happened in this lifetime that would be enough.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Blessed New Year!! Love to you all!!

    • Beautiful. It made me thing of my dad and how I feel he is still with me every day. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful memory to carry with you, Safena! I’m so glad you have such a heartfelt way to remember your sweet dad.

  66. OMG! This episode really touched my heart! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and powerful message! Yes! I have a big goal that I was focusing on this whole year! Exactly 1 year ago I set a goal for myself first time and I truly believed I can reach my goal within this year! I launched my 2 books this year and I tried my best to promote them! Within new year is coming, I am worried about how I accomplish my goal successfully! And I had an idea to sell my books and few days ago my husband and I shared my goal with my husband’s relatives because I need their help in my business! But, yesterday evening my mother in law and sister in law visited and said that we are doing useless thing and no one will buy our book! Stop that useless thing and do a regular job! My husband argued with them and finally my sister in law said that “You married a silly girl who have a silly dream” to my husband in front of me and my 2 years old son! And this ended up with my awful crying! 🙁 I couldn’t sleep that night thinking about her words again and again! It feels like I am completely failed at my dream and my goal and I couldn’t accept this truth! At midnight, I suddenly saw that my husband and son’s sleeping face next to me! I engaged with this little moment and realized that how lucky am I! I have my husband and my son who believe in me and believe in my dream! Especially my husband is really supportive and always encourage me! I have love! I have trust! And then one thought came to my mind that was I’m not failing or giving up my dream! I’m just allowing myself to reach my goal next year! And I cried quite again, but this time for joy! Yes! I felt love! I have a dream that makes me happy everyday! I have a message that can help thousands of women who are waiting me! I am abundant and happy right now! Thank you this beautiful year 2016! You gave me everything that I need in my fulfilling life! Thank you Marie, you are the one of the biggest treasures of my fulfilling life!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awww, Buyantogtokh! I’m so sorry your mother-in-law and sister-in-law aren’t supportive of your dream, but I’m so glad your husband and son are. I’m really glad your husband stood up for you.

      Your dreams aren’t silly at all—you shared your book with us and we all thought it was wonderful! It’s clear how Mongolian yogurt has impacted your health in such a profound way and I know everyone who reads your book will agree. It can take awhile to build a business, but no matter where you are on your journey please know that all of us here believe in you wholeheartedly. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Mandy for your kind words! Especially your words about my book making me so happy! 🙂 I’ll reach my goal soon and meet ya with my wonderful news! 🙂 Best wishes for you and team Forleo!

    • Lynelle Paulick

      Ohmygolly, I am so, So anguished hearing this from you. Wow.

      And I’m so thankful that you have chosen a wonderful, supportive husband to “walk your path with,” as they say.

      All the VERY best and greatest success in Everything you ever choose to do. Kill it!!!!


      • Thank you so much Lynelle Paulick! I really happy to say that my books became Bestseller on Amazon in January! 🙂
        Best wishes to you and your family!

  67. WOW. What a “left-me-teary-eyed” episode!
    What I’m working on right now? ME. Being a more authentic version of me. I mean: who I truly am inside (as opposed to who everyone needs me to be): an emotionally and physically healthier version of who I am now.
    Someone I love and care deeply for? My mom. She is fighting a type of Leukemia and so far the Chemo is working, so we are very hopeful!! My admiration for her strength and energy is limitless. She amazes me every day. I call her “road-runner” because she has an incredible zest for life and a contagious energy. I pray for her every day. She has always been my role model and I am forever grateful to have her.
    The greater meaning I can find in the unavoidable suffering in my life? Well… curiously… the more I think about it, the more I realize that what I suffer about (aside from mom’s health) is actually avoidable. I mean it in the sense that it shouldn’t make me suffer, it should make me think and strategize and do and overcome… but not suffer. Actually, I am feeling quite thankful for the blessings I have. I have to find ways to turn suffering into action. Who would have thought?
    Marie, I’m sure you’ve been told this before but… thank you for making the effort to connect with us. I know you’re actually looking into a camera lense when you speak, but it feels you’re talking to me. Thank you thank you thank you for inspiring me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment, Cynthia! I can tell this episode really struck your heart. I’m so glad chemo is working for your sweet mom—we’ve got our fingers crossed that she’ll be good as new soon. We appreciate you and are so glad you’re in the MarieTV family.

  68. Connie

    Blessings on your this Christmas season~and throughout the coming year.
    I am in my happy place doing what I love most right now. In Alaska…in the woods in a log cabin home overlooking Cooks Inlet and seeing Mt Denali in the distance. The sunrises and sunsets have been glorious. I am refinishing some woodwork and a door for my son and DIL. Spending 11 days with my first born (almost 40) while my DIL is in Japan with her sister and new baby. I much needed the break as my husband of 43 yrs has been sick for 4 months with liver toxicity due to a reaction to Penicillin. Unable to work and has lost 40+lbs. Our lives have changed drastically…but we are survivors! I’m learning to love him differently and serve him with kindness…and keep my mouth shut during the rough days. He’s become very aggressive and angry…not his nature…he’s sick and looks like he’s 90. This too shall pass and we will find out way again. Thanks for the recommendation of the book…I will be putting in an order for it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear your husband has been sick, Connie. We hope he’ll be on a path to healing soon.

  69. Sudheer D. Nagpurkar

    Halo Dear marie,
    Your episodes are all inspiring , creating fountains in heart.
    1] I spent years to start a favourite project. That was creating the work for me of my choice.
    2] I love my daughter beyond boundries, imaginations towards infinity. and I will do anything at all for her.
    3] Most unavoidable suffering is the one, related to the first item. This is due to breach of my honest trust on my friend. I am getting on my inner strength to address the state of affairs. I will have my freedom in beginning of 2017.
    Thanks a lot to add strenght to my will power.
    With kind regards and love.

  70. Great show
    Thanks for your videos
    I’m still studying and dream to open my own business so that I can remove unemployment , poverty from people s life ,

  71. I love to follow you. I am Harshita. I love to dance but couldn’t continue it because of some reasons. I was broken but now I am happy that I am able to manage home and have started my blog and was also able to take dance classes for kids at home. I am happy but somewhere I feel empty and loneliness and none so close to speak. I had a friend with whom I was close but now that he is engaged he couldn’t give me time as he used to. This is something getting hard and tough for me. I don’t have a regular income and when I need something and ask for it, I am said that when you get engaged your fiance will get you all things. This kind of bugs me. Please help me and tell me what should I do.

  72. Janice

    A few years ago I set sail to build a new life for myself as a 40+ UK Travel Blogger, to move me towards my dream goal of owning my very own boutique tent village as I grow older. I have experienced suffering through not seeing the external results I would have liked, which would have moved me towards financial security – instead life is incredibly uncertain at the moment, which causes worry and concern – yet I seem to be learning about frustration from it. How I respond to it, how it impacts on me and those around me and how I can take the learning forward, so I can deal better with uncertainty and ambiguousness in the future. My husband – with all I have tried failing, has kept us afloat and has never made me feel insecure in my situation.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear your husband is supportive during this challenging time. It sounds like you have some beautiful dreams (I would totally stay in your boutique tent village!) and we hope that things will align for them to come true.

  73. Jigs

    A book a friend recommended to me at a troubled time was Zen and the art of Happiness. In it, there is one take away I will share: “Everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What an awesome quote! Definitely good food for thought—thank you for sharing it.

  74. Hi Marie, I watch your videos every week and haven’t taken the time to simply say thank you. They have been very meaningful for me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, so much, Warren! That’s so kind of you to say and it really means a lot to Marie and all of us on the team. We appreciate you tuning in.

  75. Hey, Marie! I needed this. I too found solace in Frankl’s memoir in a very dark time in my life last year about this time. The “avenue” that change my entire life was to give my suffering meaning. For the longest time, I was confused how to, but every morning no matter what I did I would write to myself – “Ben, this suffering will be the lens through which you create beauty in the world.” It took awhile but 6-months later the fog started to clear. Now, to your questions…
    1. What you’re working on right now:
    An online business focused on ambitious, millennials men who struggle with anxiety and depression.
    2. Someone you love and care deeply for:
    My beautiful, and fiercely sexy, finacé
    3. If there’s unavoidable suffering in your life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it:
    My deep suffering with depression and anxiety will give me the ability to connect and understand others at a much deeper level with those dealing with the same thing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Man’s Search For Meaning has helped you on your journey, too, Ben! I’m also really glad to hear you had such a positive outlook during that challenging time and that it sounds like you’re in a much better place now. We’re so glad you’re here and in the MarieTV community.

  76. Victoria

    hmmm interesting, this is the 2nd time today Viktor Frankls “Man search for meaning” has popped up…. Quite appropriate as I’m on my own this Christmas. I’m taking it as a sign that I have to read it. 🙂 Thanks Marie and have a great holiday xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s pretty cool, Victoria! It sounds like the universe is trying to tell you something. 🙂

  77. Thank you, Marie for all the gifts you’ve given this year. This one was a beautiful one to end the year.

    This year has been a true year of triumph and tragedy, losing 4 people dear to me, from cancer and almost losing my mother along with many challenges in between. (One of those dear friends lost to cancer was a woman named Marie, she adored your work.)

    My Mom is my best friend and she lost her two closest siblings this year and we almost lost her. Lifestyle factors played a huge role in this and I’ve turned the intense suffering and sadness into even more of a drive to do the work I do, from a truer and more honest space. I want to be a truth teller in this space where everyone is looking for simple solutions and the one size fits all easy button. In the depths of my despair and prayers, the idea for this project arose and now it feels like the forces of the universe are showing up to make it happen on a level I could never do on my own.

    I’ve found even greater meaning and will to go on through service and have created a project that is inspiring me on a level unlike before. I’m creating The Sweet Freedom Summit – helping end sugar addiction for good, along with an 8-week program and physical products that support beating sugar addiction. It no longer feels like work but a calling and I’m grateful for it.

    Thank you again for always providing stellar content in service to your tribe. May you have many blessings over the holidays and replenishment for the coming year.

    Love, hugs, and gratitude,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Sherry. I’m really sorry you lost so many people you love this year—that sounds incredibly painful, so we’re sending immense love your way.

      I’m also super proud of you for creating Sweet Freedom. Sugar addiction is hard to overcome, especially if you’re predisposed to a sweet tooth. It’s wonderful that you’re showing up in the world in this meaningful way and helping people lead healthier lives. We’re thankful for you and the work you do.

  78. Hello Marie,
    I am very happy that this is the Book and story that you are bringing to a broader public. To me this one was very important lecture at the very right time. On the one hand it is heartbreaking on the other hand it just shows how strong spirit and mind can be.
    I wish that every young person reads this book.
    With love and joy,

  79. Hi Marie
    First time leaving any comment.
    I was diagnosed with cancer in 1998 at age of 30. Two surgeries, 6 months chemo, and radiation. But I always remember that as the best time of my life. Learned the best lessons which I never would be able to learn. My life turning point. I intuitively opened my heart and followed the path. Still, do. My experience helped me to help my clients with the same dis-ease. I’ve thought so many students in natural medicine, and I became an advocate of nature and animal rights. I am growing, thriving and enjoying every moment of it.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is fantastic, Marjan! We love your positive outlook and how you’ve used your experiences to help others. You really are a beautiful soul and I’m so glad you commented today. 🙂

  80. Marie never ceases to amaze me! I have a secret to tell you…I have an imaginary mastermind group…and Marie is one of the members. She is so powerfully inspiring and encouraging! I have many challenges, and the Victor Frankel quote expressed the perfect avenue to surviving…no thriving…in spite of them. Finding meaning in these challenges. That is the most divine source of comfort!
    Blessings to you all…

    • pura strong

      Yes, i do have Marie in my mastermind also, so full of energy

  81. Dana Houlihan

    Thank you Marie! This is just what I needed today. I was feeling very down and feel guilty about feeling this way. I was trying to figure out WHY I’m feeling this way? The holidays, as you said, come with many emotions. I have a Home Staging Business which I am working on growing. I recently received a call from someone to decorate a large home they will be moving into. A million things are going through my head. What to charge? Where to start? What to say to get this job? I recently spoke with a decorator at a mutual party we were attending and decided to ask her to partner with me which she is happy to do. Hoping we get the job. As far as love, I am blessed with a wonderful guy. I have 3 children who I love more than life itself, however, my middle one refuses to have a relationship with me. It’s a long story. He is currently serving in the military and I pray every day for things to turn around and for his safety. I struggle to see the meaning in this. I am trying to focus on the relationships I have with my other children, and perhaps I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and appreciate the little things in life which are really the big things. Wishing you all the best in 2017. Thank you again!

  82. Virginia Reeves

    Great share Marie. This book is indeed powerful. It reminds me of how grateful I am for my relatively easy life. A few downs but slight compared to others. I resonated with the sentence about how love sustains you. My 43 year marriage is so important to both of us. No biological kids for us either, by choice. We’ve sometimes used that extra time and energy to do more for others. Looking forward to next year with new adventures and opportunities.

  83. Marie, thank you so much for all your videos and endless inspiration! The project I am working on right now is professional business training for executives in Russia. We train them on sight and take them to the best schools in Europe to advance their soft skills in English and learn from other executives. I want this project to grow big in 2017 and you always inspire me to take care of all spheres of my life: my health (because my life and my business need a healthy me), my relationships with people around me (because people are incredible and we support and help each other a lot), money (this is where I need to learn to take it easier and be patient), my personal development (because the better I understand myself, the better I communicate with others). You are amazing! I wish you all the best in the coming year and always!

    lots of love from Moscow,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Natalia! We’re super proud of you and it’s wonderful to hear how Marie has inspired you on your journey. 🙂

  84. Thank you for your work.
    What you’re working on right now?
    My work is to fight tax fraud and money laundering, after more than 30 years in private banking as a tax attorney I’m devoted to put the bad guys in place.
    Someone you love and care deeply for?
    My two boys Adrian 17 and Teo 14
    If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it?
    There is a lot of suffering, because I denounced them to the tax office a group of tax evaders, in revenge the most wealthy of them and his Gibraltar lawyers took me to Court claiming that I should pay his taxes in Spain. Crazy? Yes, but they won, so now I have to pay over a million and a half taxes of a criminal. I don’t have the money, For me it’s a real challenge to find the greater meaning or even a meaning,
    I try: if the bully wins because is very rich and powerful I have hope that some authorities will make him pay, it’s hope that the Universe will put him in place…Sounds like a wish more that a meaning.
    Be brave! Love to all the ones that feel like me. Happy holidays!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you, Pura! I hope things will get worked out soon since that sounds immensely stressful.

  85. Hi Marie

    Thanks for the information about the book will make sure I get it.
    Have a lovely xmas and happy new year.


  86. Yukari

    Hi, it’s Yukari from Tokyo, Japan.
    1. I am working on building my new career by doing my own business.
    2. My husband
    3. I often have migraine which makes me completely unfunctional. It’s very painful and I feel terrified every time I have it. However I see that pain as the proof that I am living. And I’m so grateful that I can still do things that I love.
    Thanks so much for sharing such important messages in this video, Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re building your own business, Yukari! I hope you’re able to see a doctor about the migraines. I get them too and had to visit a neurologist that helped.

  87. I’m going to go buy this book right now! It’s been a huge year of personal growth for me. I realized that I’ve somehow drifted away from the meaning and reason behind why I write fiction. I don’t do it solely for the money, but it’s been easy to concentrate on the marketing and the daily grind and the sales. It was killing my joy. This year, I have returned to the root of my joy of writing. The meaning behind why I started this in the first place – to inspire others and make them feel as though they can do anything they set their mind to. It’s given me back the joy of writing, and I’m so incredibly grateful for that.

    In terms of loving someone, I have the most amazing husband in the world, so that one’s easy! We also have a beautiful 4 year old son and are trying for another baby, so love of this family definitely gives meaning to my life. And finally, my attitude. This one is tougher for some reason. I am very susceptible to comparison and negative self-talk. While it’s not a tragedy that I’ve experienced recently, I have realized that I allowed my own negative attitude to guide me to more destructive behaviors. Well, no more! I’m looking forward to 2017 and embracing the joy of my career and family with a positive attitude! Thanks for all you do, Team Forleo! Happy Holidays!

  88. Hey Marie….2 weeks ago I lost my baby brother. It’s was sudden and totally unexpected. I’m home with my family and we’ve decided to all spend our 1st Christmas without him together this year. I am, however, feeling very lost and am unable to do any work. It’s not that it seems meaningless but my heart is just not into completing any tasks. I was supposed to be launching a new product in January and still have many steps to complete but my drive, it’s disappeared. Despite this, each day I open my computer and attempt to do something (have no access to my studio so I’m making do). Some days I can write and others the computer screen stares at me. Each day for me is a step toward a new launch date (that I have yet to decide), a commitment to continue moving forward in my business.
    Hearing Frankl’s words about finding meaning helps. Thanks for this. Enjoy your holiday with your family.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry for your loss, Grace. We’ll be holding you and your family in our thoughts. It’s totally okay to be gentle with yourself take take time to heal, so we encourage you to listen to your heart during this difficult time.

  89. Ronda Gartland

    Thank you Marie for this past year of inspiration. I found you on the Oprah show, and feel blessed to learn from you.
    1) I am working on an e-commerce biz. I have a map to sell, and I have other products that I am also making to sell. In Jan, I will start a new semester of college, and launch my web site. In the area of the country where I live, I am the only one doing this (pioneer woman).
    2) My husband Dave is my love. Together we have 5 adult children, and 9 grandchildren. My life is completely opposite from what it was in 2004, when I got a divorce of 20 yrs. When you are allowed to be in love what you were meant to be, you can do and be anything!
    3) My father has been suffering from the effects of a stroke for nearly 10 years. Caring for him has taught me to focus on what is important. Without the sacrifice of time to him and his care, I wouldn’t be who I am.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful year, Ronda, and I’m so glad to hear you’re following your dreams and taking care of your loved ones. We’ll be cheering you on as you launch your business!

  90. I loved this video- I cried when it talked about the part of finding purpose in love, especially your loved one. I need to remember that more, and give myself permission to do so.

    Thank you for reminding me of this. Your videos are my morning inspiration! Thank you for being an inspiration.

  91. John Garcia

    Hello Marie, I’m currently working on recuperating my former career, as an illustrator. The person I cared for deeply, is now gone! However I continue to cherish her memory! The unavoidable suffering consists of many people that I’ve lost. But nowadays, only focus on the best moments I had with them…I have several good friends, projects, gives me the incentive to find new meaning. All the best to you Marie…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you lost someone close to you, John. I’m glad you have a lot of good memories to look back on.

  92. Thank you Marie for this poignant reminder. Love Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and actionable-philosophy 🙂 Let’s get cracking on this exercise!

    1. What you’re working on right now

    I recently graduated university in June. Studied Ethics and Philosophy (WHAT WAS I DOING?!) I am now a certified Young Prince of BS :). Over the last year I dove deep into dance and taught Salsa and Bachata dance full time along with balancing various commitments. After going through a bout of depression and thinking I was worthless, useless and not good enough, I’m currently in a space where I’m back to having a beginner’s mind. Just went through a second interview at a job I’d really love. Fingers crossed! I’d love to get paid as a storyteller 😉

    Now I’m kicking ass one hour at a time.

    2. Someone you love and care deeply for
    My mom and my sister. They’ve been by my side since day one. Well my mom has, my sister only came into the picture a year after cause she young. You feel me. I haven’t always been the best son or brother so there’s a lot I have to learn in terms of relationships, responsibilities and being dope. Always a journey!

    3. If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it

    I’M HUNGRY. It’s teaching me to have PATIENCE and APPRECIATE FOOD. Which I will eat once laundry finishes.

    Bless up and cheers!

    Looking forward to more of your videos in the new year!

    COME TO TORONTO!!! I’ll take you out for coffee dinner tea dance LIFE!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on graduating, JJ! I’m so glad dancing is something you love and I hope it’s helping with depression. We’re sending tons of love and healing wishes your way. And we’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll get the job!

      Although Marie doesn’t currently have plans to visit Toronto, we’ll let everyone know if she does plan something there in the future. Thank you for your kind invitation. 🙂

  93. There is the seemingly mundane, everyday stuff that eats so much of my time and leaves me feeling depleted and alone. But then there are the opportunities to make that everyday mundane stuff beautiful and meaningful, and since I know I’m not the only one experiencing this I have started writing about my experiences, and the ordinary days which really are such a gift. This work has become the driving force for seeing beauty everywhere, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.
    I love and care so deeply about my family. My sons and my soon to be born daughter – their energy, their unconditional love, their fearless hope for the future. My husband, who is patient and kind.
    Some choices we made over the last few years have left us with a life we most love, but also some very tough circumstances. Unlike Frankl, this is our own choice. In a way, that makes the self-doubt worse. However, I am reminded that even here in the world of super tight budgets and financial worries there is beauty – we love the simpler life we’ve created, and when the income side recovers later next year, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to the old lifestyle.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Hannelene. I hope the self-doubt and financial worries will subside soon. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you.

  94. Wow! I must read Man’s Search For Meaning. I have heard about it many times before and I will take this as a sign. Thank you so much, Marie for this wonderful video.

    1. What you’re working on right now?
    I am working on a feature film script which is a romantic comedy loosely based on truth. I turned my pain in to comedy.
    2. Someone you love and care deeply for? My family
    3. If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it?
    When my relationship ended this year, the pain of it gave birth to self-love and self-care and living more authentically.

  95. Oliver

    I wear a few hats. I am a weekly night custodial worker and a part-time monthly weekend warrior. Between that I am working on reigning in my maladaptive ego and creating a company called MANECA. short for (Montello Avenue Northeast Condominium Association). It requires attention after work during the day and more recently on at least one day of the weekend.
    1. A great deal of the time it’s not pleasant to work on myself and small projects for the company, but making progress on this is tantamount to making personal breakthroughs on confronting fear of criticism and rejection by my other three corporate partners.
    2. I deeply care about Marie Forleo, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and Tony Robbins. Glennon Doyle Melton warrants honorable mention. Each of you are beacons of light and positivity I turn to in times I lack focus and resolve to continue working on the company projects like recent installation of our basement security door, two light poles and continuous updating of our accounting records.
    3. As I watch myself ebb and flow from focusing steadily on these small company projects I gain painful insights as to how I adopted maladaptive rituals of viewing myself and coping with stress that started in childhood and continued into adulthood. Each gleaned insight represents a beautiful passage way to enhancing my self-worth and frees up additional energy to gather momentum and make further progress on company projects.

  96. A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this.

  97. Beautiful video! It sounds like a powerful book that I’ll definitely pick up.
    I love point #2 about experiencing love. I often find when things are most challenging I come back to my gratitude practice which is essentially experiencing love for what is.

  98. Sara Bobbitt

    Marie, honestly its been awhile since Ive tuned in, but for some reason this episode’s title in my inbox really grabbed me. This was a great reminder that we can accomplish and find beauty in anything, at any time. THANK YOU!


  99. Thank you Marie for sharing the key points on that wonderful book. This month is a pivotal month for me. I have decided to move back to the America from my hometown in Indonesia after building a business there for 5 years. It was a long grueling 5 years as I try to make money on my business without it consuming me. Long story short, I learned a lot from the experience and most of what I learned was that … I still need to learn a LOT: about myself in order to actually build a profitable business. BUT, here I am now, starting over … but now with a more positive outlook as I have support from my family and from awesome resources sent every day to my mailbox from people like you =).

    Here are my answers:
    – What you’re working on right now
    For once in my life, I have decided to build my own brand BY MYSELF, using everything that I know without any distractions from anyone else. I am going to go for it and share everything I know, including my own journey onto a blog and use the magic of social media (that I am learning as we go) to share it across everyone I know. I have realized that FEAR of failure doing to on my own has been my mental block. And I’m not going to be afraid anymore, but instead, I’m going to be prepared … through planning. Not too much planning, but enough just by having one =)

    – Someone you love and care deeply for
    My wife and son. I moved here for them and I have realized that money has never been what I have been after. But LIFESTYLE is what I have been after. Anybody can make money, but it is a more lasting reward to achieve the lifestyle that you want. I don’t need a lot of money (or unlimited) to achieve the lifestyle of being with my family, taking 3 vacations a year and the ability to buy stuff for me and for my wife and son. I just need to create a business structure that can allow it. I wish to be able to create that lifestyle for the people that I love and care deeply for. Right now, it is my wife and son. But my hope in the coming years, there will be more as we get to know more people we care for.

    – If there’s unavoidable suffering in your life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it
    My suffering is what I have done in the past. The greater meaning is for me to identify that feeling and emotion of regret and disappointment when it occurs. Meditation has helped me. Your videos have helped me. Self love have helped me. Things I have done in the past have showed me that I am not bland and boring, but I am lively and exciting but all the mistakes that come with it, do not identify me. But instead it shows my capabilities and confidence that can fuel me to be the best that I can be.

    Thanks for asking these questions and helping me bring out all of these answers. Keep on going Marie and I hope to be able to meet you or help you contribute in the positive things that you do every day. Have a good holiday.

  100. kasia sadurska

    Hi Marie, thank-you for posting this video it was very inspirational. I just joined your website like a wk ago and I already learned a lot about life and about me.
    Here are the answers;
    1: I am working on me to figure out what my passion is and create a meaningful life. I am also taking a travel and tourism course, because i love to travel.
    2: love of family and friends.
    3: I learned that suffering is not avoidable everybody goes through suffering at one point or another in their life. I came to Canada as a child and was bullied in school, I was bullied because i was an immigrant, i had feet surgery (club feet on both feet), i was shy and other reasons. There was an incident where i could not take the abuse anymore and i stood up to the boy, even though the principal new she didn’t do nothing about it, so i hit the boy and got in trouble. I know hitting was wrong but when you had enough you snap. When that happened I felt sad and angry, and i realized at the moment that i was being punished for standing up for my self for not tolerating abuse. I am proud of my self for standing up for my self. So the lesson is always stand up for yourself , believe in your self and your values.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new Year. !

  101. Carole

    What i’m working on right now is developing and launching my swimwear company – PowderLime. This has come from my unavoidable suffering from a horrific car crash I suffered in May 2015 and nearly 18 months on I am still suffering but not as much thankfully.

    I love and care for my family very much even though we live on the other side of the world. I always go back to the UK once a year and try to see them as often as I can.

    The greater meaning I have learnt from my crash is that I have no fear of failure, I do not fear death anymore and I always set myself mini goals and work towards them keeping a positive attitude. This has been amazing for my recovery.

  102. Thank you, Marie. Sharing wisdom and powerful resources. This is one of my favorite books. Reading it is a way to get out of my head, into my heart and get perspective on life. Wise and inspiring. Thanks for the reminder to re-read. Gratitude hugs enclosed. <3 <3

  103. 1. Reminding people that #theworldneedsyou via my instagram
    2. I’m always in awe of Mama Earth.
    3. The greater meaning for me is Love.

  104. Louise

    Marie, God bless you 🙂 thank you for all these high quality and meaningful videos all these years.

  105. Steve Thimmig

    My purpose in life? Your purpose, our purpose, is to make sure that when we leave this world, that we’ve left in a little better shape than it was when we came into it.

  106. Life’s greatest purpose ain’t just to exist and exit. Live.

  107. Jen

    Thank you Marie, for all your inspiration. Here’s where I’m at:
    After 7 blissful months of a happy pregnancy with my first child, we found out my daughter’s heart unexpectedly stopped beating and she was still born in November 2015. After 4 months of working day in and day out through our grief and meaningfully incorporating our precious daughter into our lives, we became pregnant again with naturally occurring triplets! Insanity. At 7 weeks, one of them had sadly reabsorbed into my body. My twins were thriving, until 16 weeks when I started having contractions due to a fluke infection and my sweet baby boy and girl twins were born too soon at 17 and 18 weeks gestation in July 2016.
    1. Right now, I’m working on finding the light to carry on and finding hope for our future.
    2. I deeply care for my husband and those who I call my “number 1’s” including special friends and family who have never wavered in supporting me through this darkness and despair.
    3. My babies have given me a deeper meaning in life I never knew existed. They’ve opened chambers in my heart that only they could unlock. To hold their lifeless bodies, and to look into their faces and see pure beauty and love through death has given me a new meaning to life. I fight for them and their souls to live on through us, creating positivity and sharing their light with the world. I’m still figuring out the meaning of life, I’m not sure I’ll ever know, but life for me has become deeper, richer, softer, truer, and more profound than ever thanks to my sweet babies I keep tucked safely deep in my heart.

    • Hi Jen, as I was reading your story my heart was crying for you. I’m so incredibly sorry for all you’ve been going through and I can see what a strong and amazing woman you are. It’s clear how much you want to heal and even though you may not see it yet, you’re doing fantastic with your gentle and spiritual approach to yourself and your reality. Everyone griefs differently and needs different sorts of comfort but I still would like to share with you my story. Perhaps you’ll find some parallels and see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel never mind haw far it seems today.
      We lost our baby boy in November 2014 when I was 30 weeks pregnant. There were no complications during the pregnancy, his heart simply stopped beating. It was the most difficult time in my life I had to face until then. What I believed could happen only to others happened to us. And as numbing and heart breaking the whole experience was, it made me stronger and helped me see real meaning of things in life. In order to recover I walked in the parks, talked to the trees, to animals and saw our boy in various things which happened around me. When I got sad and teary on my walk, a squirrel always came to me and I saw this as a sign from our little angel Dani. He didn’t want me to be sad and new that this little message would make me smile.
      I thanked every day for the most amazing and loving husband I have and for my little project I was trying to work on – my nutritional business. At that time still only in my thoughts but it was already a project. I believe that all of these things kept me going and without trying to make sense out of what happened I was able to heal.
      Then in July 2015 I became pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy boy Kai, in March this year. I was overjoyed. But the following day my father died. No warnings, no signs, he went skiing and died of a heart attack. As everyone around me was grieving and almost forgot to celebrate birth of our child, I wasn’t able to see the reality of what happened. I didn’t have the capacity and luxury to think properly about anything else than our baby boy. As much as a vulnerable new-born needs his mother I needed him to carry me through.
      The reality hit me only after about three months. When my hormones stabilised and I started to realise that dad wasn’t coming to see us again. I live in Ireland and my parents are in the Czech Republic so the distance made it more difficult for me to see the reality.
      But regardless of what I had on my plate, I still was able to accept his loss relatively quickly. People around were surprised as was I, but now after I watched Marie’s episode I understand why.
      1. I was full of love – for our new boy, for my mum, my husband and for my dad I lost. I saw him almost in every thought or word, in every song I sang to Kai. I never knew how much of him lived in me and how many memories will always connect us together.
      2. I turned to nature. We are part of nature and somehow the connection calms me down. It confirms again and again how all of us are actually one. And I know that I can talk to dad anywhere and he will always be with me.
      3. I had a project. Before I gave birth I joined B-school and even though I took a break for about a month, I went back to it very quickly. Marie and the whole team are truly inspirational and they make you think and push you and challenge you so your brain is totally occupied. And I believe this was the biggest part of my healing, having another “baby” to think about. I designed my own website and finally started my business.
      Jen, while all of this is only another story and I want you to know that never mind how difficult it is for you know, it will get better. Your babies will always be with you. You made them, grew them and they’ll always love and protect you. I truly believe that.
      So please keep up and take care of yourself and your husband. Sometimes we may forget about our man but what they are going through may be worse than we realise.
      I’m sending you all my love and support.

      • Jen

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write to me from across the world. Hearing from you and other warrior momma’s gives me hope to carry on and find happiness once more. I love how you found such comfort in nature and in something you’re passionate about in your new business. I too find so much healing in nature. My daughter visits us every time we see a lady bug. After we lost our twins, we knew we needed to make some changes, so we sold our house and went on an incredible 6 week trip to Japan and New Zealand where we found so much healing and spiritual connection. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your beautiful babies with me. I’m also so sorry to hear of the loss of your father in the midst of giving birth to your rainbow baby. I can imagine the overwhelming mix of emotions you were experiencing. I wish you and your family so much love, healing, and peace this holiday season. All my love. Jen

        • Jen,
          thank you so much for your words. You too have beautiful and peaceful Christmas. We are sending you all our love and support. XXX

  108. Courtney

    Cheers to Marie and her whole team, who are the biggest beacons of light and love!
    I’ve heard so many people say “good riddance” to 2016 and I’ve been tempted to write it off too but then I look at my goals and the incredible progress I’ve made by simply naming them and working to incrementally accomplish them.
    In 2017, I’m working towards creating an eBook and mentoring program to teach others who have goals similar to mine. It’s terrifying to name it in public, but there it is!
    My beautiful husband is just the greatest. He’s my favorite person and is always supportive of my endeavors. Words fail me to describe his loveliness.
    Together, we are working to establish boundaries with family. Sometimes it’s a little unreal the amount of unhappiness a few individuals can cause, but we have a plan and we’re working towards creating future happiness by way of some uncomfortable conversations.
    Thank you for being the light on our paths, team Forleo!

  109. Marie
    Righ now Im living a momento were I dont know what is going to happen. My dad, who is the one in charge of my school and we are an economic crisis because my dad started a business and it´s just starting, the sales are not going that well. This is why I don´t know if I will enter to school this next semestre, Im studying my second year of university in Mexico City.
    My fear and doubt is to know what I am going to do now and how can I change this experience.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jimena, thank you for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through tough times financially right now. If you haven’t already, you might try getting in touch with the financial aid office at your university to ask if they have any options for scholarships, grants, or loans. They may have some great options for you that can allow you to attend school this semester.

      I hope that everything works out — we’re sending our best wishes your way!

  110. What a lovely year of Marie Forleo! Thanks, and this was just perfect. I don’t think I have ever left a comment in all the months of viewing Marie Forleo!
    What you’re working on right now: two things – my first novel, and running a not for profit organisation in my home state of Western Australia that provides support for patients and people accessing any kind of health service.
    Someone you love and care deeply for – my darling husband. So very blessed to have met him a little later in life and to be celebrating 8 years of marriage
    If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it – not so much now but my novel is a roman a clef, a riff on my memoir of surviving a home invasion and assault in 2002 when my daughter was three and a half years old. She is now 18 years old. I am still working on how to create better services for women who have survived sexual assault or sexual abuse. Fiction is one of my latest tools! My memoir is entitled “Not My Story” and it is really true, as I put meaning to this frightening and atypical episode in my life, the suffering definitely decreased.

  111. 1.What you’re working on right now Transform an in a toy for kids
    2.Someone you love and care deeply for Grandchild
    3.If there’s unavoidable suffering in you life right now, describe the greater meaning you can find in it Received critism & emotional abuse transformed in the ability learning the process to peace. Peacemaker. I do agree about the importance of that book.
    Thank you

  112. Roland

    1. Projects / Working on becoming a yoga guide, learning how to manage personal finances
    2. People / My parents, brother, best friends
    3. Unavoidable suffering / Listening to critical opinions of loved ones on how I lead my life. I see it as a chance to practice how to control the dragon of ego within me, and to choose a path of (emotional) non-violence and non-reaction even when I am hurting.

  113. Thank you, Marie. There is a lot of insight in Frankl’s book for sure.
    I am working on my blog entitled “Ignite the Power Within & Discover Your Destiny”.
    It started out as a blog about developing our spiritual muscle, but now has morphed into more of a self-help blog encompassing mind, body, & spirit. As a single parent who came from an alcoholic home, I have been thru the gamut of challenges on every level, and have learned that there is an opportunity in every trial we go thru. I am working on loving myself, God, and the difficult people in my life. Blessings to you in the New Year and as always, keep looking up! Ariel

  114. Sue

    Marie thank you for all the great content. It’s very much appreciated. The energy and exuberance you spread to the world is truly a gift. I’m so inspired by what you do. Thank you. Lots of love.

  115. Hello Marie,

    I came across your website today and it was exactly what I needed. I started a blog in March of this year and I want it to be a place where people can visit to become a better version of themselves. I’m doing a lot of research to get inspired and your site has been the best thus far.
    I started the blog, because after going through a painful divorce I wasn’t broken, I was shattered and trying to put all the pieces back together while raising a son and taking care of an elderly parent.
    My blog has been my therapy and now I know others will benefit from my work and my character that I draw. I know that a huge part of the meaning of my life is to help other and that is exactly what I intend to do.

  116. Marie!

    Such a beautiful episode…and just the connection to meaning I was searching for as I sit here alone on NYE. I feel drawn to answer your question…

    1. A Project or Service – One year ago I launched my first online course, and I literally said to my husband, “This is the best day of my life!” I was blown away by the joy I had before anyone even bought it…just the fulfillment and satisfaction of creating something I believed in and putting it out into the world felt like a dream come true.

    My success was so small, (so few people bought it) that I saw it as a failure, and it has been exactly one year without putting anything else out into the world besides my newsletter. Finally this month, I saw how my “failure,” was so NOT a failure, and that I had always known it was just the first step. How had I given up on myself and my dreams so easily?!

    Now, I’m in the middle of launch 2, and I am so on fire! Once again I’m taken aback by the immense joy and energy I’m experiencing by being IN PROCESS. As Viktor Frankl recognizes, there is so much joy in the focus, sinking my teeth into something, creating something out of nothing….I feel so alive, and if that’s the case, then I must find a way to continue to be focused and in action for as long as I live.

    Regretfully, I have let children be a reason I don’t engage or follow through with projects. But understanding now how these projects bring me alive, I feel now like I’m doing a disservice to my kids (and my husband) if I’m not focused and committed to seeing these projects through.

    2. Love – I am so lucky to say that my husband is that for me. And, truthfully, how many times I have under-appreciated our love in a moment of insecurity or inferiority or fear. However, gratefully, when I return to myself, when I see my Man, and I experience what we have, I am floored by the beauty, the peace, the depth, the pure joy, and my luck. I appreciate him fully and completely and I agree that just thinking of him gives me a moment, if not more, of bliss. What a gift!

    3. Unavoidable Hardship – We have a son with special needs. I think of myself as a very patient, compassionate and tolerant person, but nothing has pressed my buttons, or made me cry, scream, anguish, resist or grieve as much as raising my son. I range from feeling like he chose us for a reason, to feeling like we are failing him completely. I never know what to expect. I resent how much he needs us. I have fantasies of the life my husband and I could have had without kids. (Of course it’s glamorous and fruitful and peaceful.) But the reality is, that as far as special needs go, we have a very high functioning child. More importantly, as lots of special needs kids seem to be, this one is a bright fucking light. He is gorgeous and sweet and even though I don’t know how the fuck to even talk to him sometimes, I feel totally blessed by his presence. I don’t know if he’ll be able to go to college, or self regulate, or live on his own (which is funny b/c I never really thought I wanted kids, and here I may have one forever,) and sometimes I still have a hard time seeing the forest between the trees, but I know this soul, and I wouldn’t want him to be anywhere other than with us.

    The meaning for me is that loving and supporting this person requires that I slow down, draw clearer boundaries, let him wear pink, keep his diet pristinely clean, be more patient, get help, let go, have faith, answer the same question 58 times, celebrate his wins, stay vigilant….I’ve been asking God since I was little to help me reach my fullest potential. If this isn’t training, I don’t know what is. So is it the ultimate gift? One look at his smiling face looks like one big fat “Affirmative!”

    Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to share. May all the light you put out into the world come back to you and your team, (and Josh and Kuma and your family) this year! Much love!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Natalie. Thank you so much for sharing!

  117. Hi Marie & everyone! 🙂
    1) Right now, I’m unemployed(on the hunt) but in the mean time its given me time to work on creative things. I love creating positive and uplifting videos. Ive been posting to Instagram and also trying to be more present online too, expressing myself, and creating more content on my blog.

    2) My younger brother. Since Ive moved back home after a 9 year relationship ending, Ive gotten closer with him. Im proud of him and so happy we can strengthen our bond!

    3)My relationship ending was one of the hardest things for me. Its still fresh and the wound is still healing. But Ive learned so much about myself and what I TRULY want in life. I am living for me and taking care of me and I love that. 🙂

  118. lee

    Hi Marie,
    I really want to thank you, because you always share very great idea about life. My first time seeing you is on the Voicetube. I am looking forward to watch each video in the future!!! happy new year !! I love you so much!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Lee! We’re so glad to welcome you to our beautiful community 🙂

  119. Thank you! This was so great!

  120. iren

    What are confidence blockages?
    thank you

  121. This is such an important question. I see so many people who live through life without thinking about this. So many people simply try to maximize what the societies think people “should” go after: money, fame, power, materialistic things, etc. Or follow the “formula” of life: go to school, get a job, get a car, get married, buy a house, have children, … However, once we start asking this question it is sometimes not easy to answer.
    I got quite depressed a while back when I came to the realization that the world doesn’t need humans. We are often regarded as the cancer to this planet and the planet doesn’t need us. So what’s the point of our lives?
    I came around to focus more on the positive changes we can make and all the wonders we can create. Look forward to reading this book and discover more what’s in our lives.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Asmin, thank you so much for taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. We truly can use our gifts to create more wonder and joy in life, and I hope you enjoy checking out the book for more incredible insights!

  122. Lynelle Paulick

    Ah Marie! Wow, I’ve been off the planet for several months now, and I just went into your (private :}) filter and somewhat randomly picked out this particular post to which I am now replying.

    My comment is this: Wow! You’ve always been good at what you do here on your show(s), but it appears? that you’ve reached a new level of empathy with your audience. Your comments here are So beautifully presented! I don’t feel able to express it in words, sorry, but I was really taken, in a new way.

    The other thing is, I LOVE your hair and that braid in this video! Wow — totally amazing.

    Thank you, and may 2017 be The best year of your life to this point in Everything you think, feel, and do. Same for all of your colleagues, too.


  123. Leah

    Wow! I just discovered your site today and you are exactly the kind of refreshing voice I needed to hear! Your attitude is infectious and I felt at peace hearing you share the wisdom you’ve gained from inspiring people like Viktor Frankl. Definitely making that my next book to read!

    So I’m at a unique place where I am at home with my two little ones (3 and 5). I recently tried a part time office gig to help out a friend, but ultimately decided it was too much! I can totally relate to your bio when you talk about not being able to pick one career! I’ve worked in corporate America, been a high school teacher, real estate agent, fitness coach and Domestic Engineer (my mom’s name for stay at home mom =) )! I LOVE being home with my kiddos and am passionate about giving them a beautiful childhood. My 5 year old daughter has Down Syndrome and needs me present more to help with extra challenges. However, I itch to have something of my own! I want to share stories and lessons that I’ve learned over the years through all of these experiences. I don’t want to jump into something so big I neglect my family, but I’d love to have a “project” that allows me to share my gifts and connect to others. Honestly your whole platform with the TV element is something that looks so fun and right up my alley (my dream job as a kid was to be a broadcast journalist)!

    My someone(s) I care for deeply are my two kiddos and my hubby. They are my heart and I want to spend as much time as possible enjoying them and making sweet memories!

    I suppose the unavoidable suffering I’m going through is some behavior struggles with our daughter. I just recently thought that maybe the purpose of this struggle is to teach me to slow down. She needs a little more attention which is difficult when we are rushed. If I can learn to be more calm I think it will help us both overcome our life challenges.

    Thank you again for providing some inspiration and giving me a little direction with my thoughts. So happy I stumbled upon your site!! You seem super fun!!

  124. Marie, Thank you for your honesty. These videos are always incredibly helpful.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad these videos are helpful; we’ll keep them coming!

  125. Stephanie

    Impecable timing. I postponed completing B-School last season because my uncle (who was as close as a father) was on his final days with cancer. Unavoidable suffering to say the least. Yesterday was his celebration of life and what I can say is the perspective I’ve gained in watching his strength & spirit during one of his most difficult times is a gift I will cherish always. Gratitude & love to be the cornerstones of everything we do.

    Also looked over on my bookshelf today to find an old copy of Man’s Search for Meaning. Fitting time to re-read.

    Thanks for all you do 🙂

  126. Sianny

    Thank you Marie for this post! Just what I need right now…. I just found out that our school will be closed down in September. So heartbreaking since we are like a family at work. The fear of uncertainty of the future makes this situation worse. At the same time I have been learning left and right lately to grow my business. Now that my daytime job will end, I have double fear that I will not be able to sustain myself and that I might fail in my attempt to grow my business with no resources. Or maybe this will catapult me to work harder and smarter to make my business profitable… I would like choose the later thought, but the fear is still there.
    What I am working on: my website that I will launch in May, and now plus resume and job applications.
    Someone I care for – definitely my Mom! I would love to give her peace of mind that I am doing good It’s been 12 years since I moved to the US, and oh my, what a roller coaster…. this time around will be the third time I lose my job! Tempted to think that my life is a failure, crawling from ground zero almost every 4 year! What kind of life is this! But I won’t give up because I want to take my mom see the Christmas market in Europe! ?
    Unavoidable suffering at the moment – definitely this job loss! This probably will push me more to run a profitable business to sustain myself and my family…. This is just the start of the journey….

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder, when there is unimaginable suffering, and the unbroken human spirit wins, that will probably be the purpose of the journey. I hope my spirit and my colleagues’ will be the unbroken ones.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sianny, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here, and I’m so sorry to hear your school is closing. While it can definitely be a scary thing to go through a big change like that, it can also be a beautiful catalyst for your next chapter.

      Know that we’re cheering you on all the way, and please do feel free to tune in here anytime for inspiration and nuggets of wisdom as you’re building your website and business!

  127. vic

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  128. Maisarah

    Thank you for sharing these insights, Marie. I’m currently working in retail field and I find meaning through serving the customers and helping them finding what they need. I also have someone that I love dearly as well as my family and my small circle of friends. They brightens up my day and help me to become a better person everyday. For sure there is unavoidable suffering such as being scolded by my superiors and my beloveds but it teaches me not to repeat the same mistakes and do better next time.

  129. I always have questions like you mentioned, who am I? What do I live for ?, … I take a lot of time to think that leads to stress. until I meet your blog post I don’t know anyone else, I myself have to answer the questions myself, but at least I know what I need to understand to be able to answer. Thank you for helping me.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Marie’s message resonated so deeply with you, Julie! Those are all big, important questions and it’s clear you’ve invested a lot of thought into determining the answers for yourself. Ultimately, it’s about trusting your heart- it always knows the truth. Thanks for stopping by!

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