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Have you ever brushed your teeth for 90 minutes straight?

Of course not. Because it doesn’t take that long to get fresh breath and a sparkling smile. Two minutes twice a day is plenty.

What if taking care of the rest of your health –– mental, emotional, and physical –– could also be that easy?

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, resident BBC Breakfast doctor and author of the internationally bestselling book Feel Better in 5, is on MarieTV today to tell us that “Yes, great health really CAN be that simple.”

It’s not repetition that wires new habits –– it’s emotion. @drchatterjeeuk Click To Tweet

From reducing anxiety and pain to upping your energy and focus, Dr. Chatterjee shares simple, effective ways you can transform your health in 5 minutes a day.

In our conversation Dr. Chatterjee breaks down decades of medical practice into digestible “health snacks” you can use today:

4:40 — The Motivation Myth debunked.
9:01 — When to set new health goals (& why most people get it wrong).
10:16 — Amazon’s 1-Click formula for massive results with minimal effort.
19:08 — The Toothbrush Method you *must* follow for change that lasts.
25:48 — Want to raise healthier kids? The actual chart Dr. Chatterjee uses with his family.
26:17 — The crucial “health snacks” that have nothing to do with food.

If you’ve ever thought you need more time or motivation to be healthier, please watch this. A healthier mind, body, and heart is closer than you might think.

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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DIVE DEEPER: Try this one simple habit to fast-track the life you want and learn Todd Herman’s 5 Ways To Change Your Life & Make It Stick

Now it’s your turn. What’s one small daily habit you have that makes you feel better every day? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, it’s not willpower or motivation that makes the difference. Like Dr. Chatterjee says, “Absolutely everyone can make lasting change and improve the quality of their life. Starting small works.”

You are worth it. You deserve to feel your best.

All my love ?,


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  1. Thank you. I came upon this just now, when I needed some motivation. Amazing video!

  2. That’s very good, Marie. What the doctor said are correct. In addition to the 3-times per day tooth brushing, I also clean my tongue with plastic scrape designed by Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. Scraping removes the white remnants of food and beverage residue clinging on top of my tongue removing some source of bad breath.

    With love,


  3. Juhanna

    A few days ago I found “5 daily exercises for dancers.” I wanted to try it cause it seemed easy. It consisted of burpees, 15min cardio, squats, glute bridges, and skaters. Seriously there were not many sets and reps. I decided to start with cardio, thinking it should be a piece of cake. I could not be more wrong. I was able to finish the cardio only but the exercise totally destroyed my calf muscles I had to let them recover for the next 3 days…clearly my body didn’t think it was easy! Other times in the past I was able to do some serious squats everyday…but I guess the cardio was more intense than squats… My mind wants to do so much and my body can’t keep up with it. So frustrating…?

    I LOVE the term “health snack” and that toothbrushing analogy! Really tells me to trust that what I’m doing everyday does make a big difference…even tho it seems super duper slow.

    Thank you for the episode, Marie.

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Every bit of action makes a huge difference, Juahanna! We hope you feel better soon:)

  4. Kristy

    Thank you to you both for the fabulous discussion.
    I learnt;
    Small daily, seemingly insignificant actions move your health and well being forward to culminate in longevity and resilience.
    I look forward to reading this book and taking action.

  5. Marianne

    This was a wake up call for me.
    I just turned into 60 and have not practiced neither strenght nor pulse training enough for a long time. And I am good at telling myself that I’ve failed today, again.
    I know that it is more and more crucial to stay fit as the muscles are shrinking more and more – especially after being 50. The only thing I stick to every day is the 10.000 steps at least.
    I’ll grap the “morning coffee” routine and make some squats, jumpings and stretches during the brewery time.
    I will also order the book to be inspired and choose from what my 3 snacks should be, but I will start the morning coffee routine already tomorrow while waiting for the book from UK.
    (I am Danish so please bear with me for all the typo’s I’ve probably made :-))

  6. Rifki

    This was really awesome and very powerful
    Every word a gem!
    I’m doing a very short exercise 3 x / week for 2 month now, and it’s great
    I’m so happy I’m still at it!

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Yay — that sounds wonderful, Rifki! You can do this so keep at it:)

  7. David Cobb

    You can eat an elephant one bit at a time!

  8. Sara

    Marie, the Universe must have been listening to me this morning. I usually get up at 4 am twice a week to do a 75 minute run on my treadmill, but I got up this morning and just felt…unmotivated. I even turned to my hubby and said, I just can’t do it today. Feeling generally guilty, I opened my email to see your message saying “More *motivation* is not the answer…” and I just had to laugh. It’s like the Universe had an immediate response. The video was amazing, and completely changed the way I look at exercise. I’m still training for that Ultra, but now I think I’m going to do more “snacks” get my family involved as well. Thank you!!!

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      We all have those “off” days, so we’re glad this conversation gave you some perspective, Sara! We hope you’re super proud of yourself for your commitment to show up and wish you the very best with that Ultra:)

  9. Tanja

    Love the video. People who only have 5min will not read the book but will watch this. I have been doing 5min exercises, meditations, or what he says”snacks” for years and it works. I have a low back problem and I have to stretch daily in order to function. My biggest struggle was going against the mainstream, thinking I had to do something for an hour+. We need to learn how to amplify our voices above the mainstream.
    I have just recently discovered MarieTV and you guys are hitting all the pointers. I saw Marie for the first time on GAIA channel The Transcendent show and was intrigued by Marie’s way of thinking. ??

  10. Jane

    I got some really great tips just from this video about doing things that are achievable and make you feel good, starting small and finding what works for you. As someone who has anxiety most of the time and this year exhaustion and being overwhelmed, I am looking for small things that can build up my confidence again and improve my mood. I really like the “health snack” and making it easy. I realized I have been making excuses because i felt like if I was going to exercise, meditate etc it should be for like 20-30 minutes. But I did 5 minutes of moving my body, just on the spot, just before lunch and it gave me a boost. Thanks 🙂

  11. Thank you I look forward to reading this book

  12. I agree with those who have already commented at the timeliness of this podcast. Probably because we are all always looking to undo or add something to our lives to improve how we feel.
    My main takeaway is “start.” Do something, don’t just talk or think about it.
    And Dr. Chatterjee’s Rx is short and easy. Absolutely doable. And tagging a tiny workout to an existing habit is a game-changer.
    I really relate to lady who commented that she just turned 60. I just entered my sixth decade too and while I have a good life, I’m feeling at a loss for my identity. I’ve been a homeschooling mom of my 8 kids for the past 36 years and just graduated my youngest from high school. My identity has been completely wrapped in that identity. I’ve been floundering a bit with “What’s next?”
    So I LOVE how Dr. Chatterjee is giving us easy, doable ‘health snacks’ to get us going and I’m encouraged that my identity will change through every successful health snack I complete. I just started with my morning cup of coffee like he suggested. I feel hope rising from these first 5 minutes.
    Thank you. I’m ordering your book now.
    God bless you both.

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Thank you for tuning in, Ruth — we’re happy this conversation served you and hope the book brings even more hope to this next wonderful chapter ahead of you!

  13. Mary E Murphy

    Marie – thank you! What a gift!! I have worked out consistently for years, but this has given me SO many ideas for me AND my clients. I often say to them–“tiny tweaks lead to big changes” and now I have something concrete to hand them. XOXO

  14. Wow this was incredible. It’s like you get overwhelmed just thinking about working out especially if most of your life you’ve been fit. Ironically it’s September 1st and before I even saw your email about this episode I did 5 minutes in my arms because I said I will NOT let another month go by without moving my body. And now instead of 45 min or an hour I can just motivate myself to do 3 5 min health snacks and feel much better everyday. I put stuff off and procrastinate because I’ll say I don’t have time and just these few min can change your physical(5 min of a workout) mental (5 min of meditation) and emotional (5 min of gratitude) health. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This is game changing can’t wait to get the book! ???❤️

  15. Jilly

    Listening to Dr Chatterjee and you first thing this morning has totally shifted my attitude! Thank you for bringing such inspiring guests on your show. The best takeaways for me are self care doesn’t have to be hard, I’m not a failure and I can take simple actions to improve my health. This message came at the perfect time. ❤️

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Such wonderful takeaways, Jilly! We’re glad this conversation came to you at the right time and hope it continues serving you as you move ahead:)

  16. Thank you, it was really fun and useful to watch you today.
    I love the enthusiasm both of you show while you talk.
    My 3 healthy snacks today will be …
    to walk 20 minutes to our community garden to bring zucchini and chard; to meditate for 20 minutes, and to eat a cup of papaya while listening to the birds and watching the squirrels outside on the porch.

  17. Yolanda Belvin

    Great morning motivator,
    I’ve been beating myself up lately but not doing a dang thing about it knowing I’ve been absolutely lazy. What I am going to do starting today is taking those 5 mins and start stretching, squatting, and meditating during my lunch hour. Keep me in your prayers that I may stay motivated, this body definitely needs some improvement. Thank you,

  18. Cat

    Loved this. So easy to do. I’ve been sporadically doing short exercise videos on YouTube and wondering whether there was any point in them because I notice no difference, but just hearing the validation that short bursts work from a legit Dr makes me more determined to keep it going. Have bought the book and can’t wait to add to my ‘health snacks’. ?

  19. Once AGAIN, Marie TV is the vessel through which God answers my prayers. Just when I had COMPLETELY lost faith in myself, God (via Marie TV) reignites a spark of hope. I’m not letting myself get excited over this one, I’ve failed too many times before. But sometimes “maybe” is all one needs, to keep moving forward. Thank you team Forleo and thank you to the author. You have no idea how much I needed this or how well timed this is for me. Much love and gratitude.

  20. Linda

    Love Love the term “health snack”! I’m thinking that this is something I could use in my K/1 classroom when school begins next week. So much of how we teach 4-5 year olds has been taken away because of the pandemic, that it would be wonderful to add something positive to our day. We already do “brain breaks” , but I actually feel like “health snack” is a better term and more reflective of what I’m trying to achieve. Thank you Marie for delivering the right message on the right day. Will definitely be looking into the book and and podcast!

  21. Tom Vassos

    I haven’t read the book yet, but if this suggestion for osteopenia and osteoarthritis is not in the book, it should be. Research shows that stomping each foot four times, once or twice per day, actually reduced bone loss in the hip and legs over time. So, as a habit, every time i’m out for a walk and my dog is doing its thing, I stomp. Each day when I return home to my front porch, I stomp. These are important triggers! 30 seconds to a healthier body!

  22. Tom Vassos

    It’s not 5 minutes, but every time my kettle is boiling, I do 2 minutes of skipping rope. Feels great!

  23. Kristina Eisenhower

    I’m going to buy this for all the people on my holiday gift list!

  24. Love the idea of attaching new health snacks to existing daily habits/practices such as coffee time and brushing teeth. And really appreciate the focus on holistic wellness – teaching people, including children, how to take care of body-mind-heart is so important. I love and appreciate the mutual passion from both of you for the betterment of people’s lives and supporting their success towards their health and wellness goals and dreams. Well done! I am sharing far and wide and purchasing the book today. Will also share tips in our non-profit organization “Hope and Health” which also uses a holistic development framework and sport as the platform to improve lives and create opportunities for Indigenous children and youth in Canada 🙂

  25. Robin LaBash Kaarlsen

    Just used the technique while I was watching the podcast! I realized there’s no need to just sit still & watch (feeling unproductive) so I put it on the counter & turned up the volume while I did my dishes. Simple action, huge paradigm shift! Thanks, Marie, for making everything “figureoutable” ?

  26. Nisha Foerstner

    Hi Marie,
    Again, you Rock!
    Three things I got from this:
    -Emotion that wires, not willpower
    -Luxuriate in good feeling
    -Connect before educate

    The penny dropped on the last point. Doh!

  27. Thanks for the post and effort! Please keep sharing more such blog.

  28. Ryn

    Awesome; thank you! As a massage therapist I want to share that: in my world 5 minutes is a long time — in a wonderful and useful way — and transformation absolutely can and does occur in 5 minutes!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing that, Ryn. That’s music to our ears!

  29. Pamela Joy

    Beautiful interview!

  30. Thanks Marie and Dr Chatterjee,
    I enjoyed the idea that starting small can lead to bigger life long changes. My husband and I were just out walking and had the very same conversation!
    How when I do just even a wee workout…I feel better and that all other aspects of my life begin to align to support cultivating more of that feeling. Everything from getting more sleep, eating better food and adding physical activities that enhance my experience. All just a little bit at a time.
    I teach yoga and shared with my class that one habit I have is to actually do some of my stretching IN MY BED in the am as I”m already warm (and don’t want to just jump out of bed onto the floor) and to my delight, students came back and said they did the same thing and now are doing it all the time!! I love helping people make positive changes in their lives as well. Thanks for reaffirming what I believe and practice – but with some new fun ideas!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yes, Alana! Those stretches in bed even before those feet hit the floor can be such a game-changer. Your students get it too! Keep up the beautiful work and examples that you’re setting.

  31. Kanani Kaye

    Thank you Marie for having Dr. Chatterjee on your podcast today.
    Perfect timing for the world during this COVID19 pandemic.
    Loved everything that was shared, especially the 5-minute health snacks.
    Totally do-able and invaluable to connect with another routine habit. I will share this with my friends.

  32. I love this podcast! The most wonderful thing about it, is that Dr. Chatterjee stresses the importance of emotion, of enjoying what you’re doing if you want good habits to stick. What I take away from it is this: We are not kind enough to ourselves. If we do the things we do lovingly and playfully and remember to honour the spirit of our inner child, everything becomes so much easier. He also teaches us to listen to ourselves, to tune into our bodies and actually feel it. It’s great! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Saskia, the importance of joy and play are so important to how we develop habits that are helpful to our health and our spirit. Thank you for sharing your words here.

  33. As a Psychological Practitioner myself, I love that these myths are being busted, especially about motivation and momentum. Dr Rangan basically used Behavioural Activation, a technique from CBT to build that man’s motivation with 2 sets of 5 minutes exercise. It’s all about tailoring the activity and building up momentum even on those hard days. I also like to help people understand which activities work on those peak times and in those trough times – the ebb and flow of life. His example of habit stacking is also actually using another aspect I like to recommend: using those transitions – while the kettle is boiling, while brushing your teeth, when you are moving from one place to another, you can use that time to improve your life – just like Marie’s squats while using the hair-drier.
    When they talk about 5 minutes of positive and negative behaviour is again, something which talks about tiny gains (this is my main point of my opt in – that getting 1% better at something adds up to 37% increase in a year, while a 1% move backwards / loss actually only makes us 0.003% worse off after a year).
    I will definitely have to grab the book and see what else this sparks alongside his concepts.

  34. Thank you for this. Brilliant! SO helpful!

  35. April Woodward

    I loved this interview and being able to listen to Dr Chatterjee break down changes we can make to improve our life Ed and our health. Thank you so much Marie for doing this interview! ❤️ April

  36. Jill Marta Griffiths

    Loved the podcast! Brilliant advice! I’ve been having a hard time strengthening my core and I have lower back pain that is getting worse. I just realized that I can do a 5 minute workout while my coffee brews. I can’t wait to get started. Maybe I’ll brew some coffee right now;)

  37. Yes! Yes! Yes!! I encourage folks to Take 5! minutes of movement on my Instagram copy for youtube channel. Everyone thinks 5 minutes is a startable place. And so funny! I tell my students how I do Kalari in the kitchen while I’m waiting on my tea to boil. A gal just texted me today, “thinking of you” she was taking the “recess” I recommended for her and her daughter. It’s so wonderful to hear a doctor talk about simple, holistic ways we can all improve our health! Can’t wait to read and share this book with my yoga therapy clients. Thank you Dr. Chatterjee for helping us start to make a much-needed shift toward simplicity and prevention!!

  38. Marcee Kneisel

    I loved the video interview. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I will need to look into getting the book. Thank you!

  39. I LOVE easy. This approach is so me. It also fits nicely with my business, providing EMS treatments for relaxation exercise. My clients like the spa atmosphere while feeling like they are on the beach but are inside a spa. I will definitely check out this book and perhaps buy some up and suggest it to my clients for home maintenance.

  40. Donna

    This is so empowering! I’ve been living this way for most of my life, always feeling like I was going against the tide of what was being promoted for well-being. At age 56 I feel wonderful and embrace aging, knowing that I can choose what is needed throughout each day to bring peace and vitality. These moments of tuning in to the body and mind and taking a small step in the direction of well being has built the resilience to get me through the inevitable challenges of life with more ease and less suffering. I have wanted to put these practices in writing to share with the world and recipes for well being are a part of it as well. I look forward to reading this book and contributing to spreading this message of how simple it can be to feel well in daily life.

  41. Barbara Spikes

    Wow. What a wonderful and simple way to help change a habit. I’m going to try it. Thank you as always.

  42. Lena

    He pretty much reiterated the tools and techniques that James Clear had shared in his book Atomic Habits from 2018. Sounds like the main add on here is 5 min x 3 times a day and the guided “health snack” options tailored to the specific needs ( anxiety, depression etc..). While I loved Atomic Habits, this one sounds as an even more simplified and actionable version of it. It might as well work 🙂

  43. Lynn Prreston

    Thank you Marie and team,
    Loved this! Picked me up. I especially liked the bit about how this changes our identity of ourselves to one that is more authentic. And also, the chart for the three ‘health snacks’ for my children. And the recipe idea (cos I tend to over-load) to send to my mum.

  44. Wendy

    Awesome chat & some great take-away. I can relate to the idea of snacking… but on food… 🙁 You asked what habit we’d like to change & this has been an ongoing issue for me. I guess the key might be to not pause between inspiration and action?
    Thank you for such great content, I’ll off to go buy the book. 🙂

  45. Jeannine Basso Bottorff

    This was so good! I’ve done this f for years, but have fallen off the wagon when it comes to diet and meditating. Going to practice this now!

  46. Jaishree

    What’s one small daily habit you have that makes you feel better every day?

    Well for me I see a huge difference when I meditate first thing in the morning versus doing it later on the weekends. I feel quite productive And clean spirited when I’ve got the meditation done and out of the way first thing in the morning!

  47. Mar

    Thanks for episode!! Yes really !!! I change my attitude when I maked the things I love!!!
    Thank you very much!!

  48. Hi, Marie!
    Thank you for bringing us this book 🙂
    I want to start sleeping before midnight, and this technique may help.
    So, I’ll use the 5 minute rule to get earlier in bed, meaning when I look at the clock and I want to stay 5 more minutes, I’ll actually go to bed.
    I know it’s not exactly what the book is about, but I want to get creative and actually start somewhere 🙂
    Much love xoxo

  49. JoAnn

    Very recently, a friend was feeling down due to the “Corona 20”. She has gained weight and is frustrated that she can’t get back to an exercise routine. I told her to break it down into small, easy things that are tied to meaningful triggers. As an example, I said every time you get a text, do 5 sit ups. Tie your actions to something that happens throughout the day. I recognized and tried to impress on her that this is much more manageable than trying to find an hour a day to work out. I will be forwarding Dr. Chatterjee’s interview as reinforcement. I have ordered the book for myself. Seems like I am already on the same page !

  50. Yes , even 5 minutes is enough….If you practice something with full focus , 5 minutes can be a long time , try doing push up for 5 minutes , it can look very long , most probably you will stop after just 1 minute . The key is to do it effectively , pick a technique that is effective , if the technique is effective , then 5 minutes is enough to produce results . The second key is consistency , it’s not about doing it 5 minutes , it’s about doing it for 5 minutes consistently that will produce a big result in the long run.

  51. Thank you for this conversation.
    A little goes a long way… ??

    Namaste ?

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Marta!

  52. I almost didn’t watch the episode because I thought I’m familiar with how to be healthy. Glad I watched it because it has some great advice! I even ordered the book! Thanks!

  53. Candice

    Hi Marie! Thank you both for this episode. I just want to clarify the health snacks. Is this just marking off when you’ve completed something that you’ve implemented? The challenging thing for me is I usually like to do things in chunks or bulk. Especially when I’m writing or reading a book. I can possibly get away with reading one chapter a day, but as far as writing…my hat is off to you for writing maybe just 30 minutes a day. I think it takes me longer to get back into my thoughts every time I sit down just to write for 30 minutes than it would to set aside at least a couple of hours. I’m trying to figure out how to change my mindset and embrace breaking things down into smaller “bites”. 🙁

  54. Thank you for sharing your conversation with DR. RANGAN. I really need motivation in this time of pandemic. Thank you again and keep it up. 🙂

  55. This could not have come to me a better time than right now. After my fathers passing in 2019 (I had been is live-in primary caretaker) I let-go of teaching yoga 4-5x’s a week so that I could focus solely on my life-coaching business. Things where really starting to POP and I was thrilled with where my life was and what I was doing. March 19, 202o I went to bed feeling really ill and knew something was wrong (no not covid-19). The next day I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital with A-Fib, A-Flutter, and Congestive Heart Failure. Long story short, after 3 more hospital stays and numerous tests, I went to Cleveland Heart Clinic for my 4th open-heart surgery on 6/25/20. My body, my mind, my business, and pretty much every aspect of my life has been sedentary. Trying to get back into the swing of things slowly however it is a huge struggle to participate in my usual old habits. I love the idea of keeping it simple and attainable. I purchased Dr. Chatterjee’s book while watching this episode. Thanks Marie for introducing me (via your show) to this amazing man and I look forward to what I will learn.

  56. Kory

    Want to get better at spirituality here is a good video to understand it more.

  57. Thank you so much for sharing your conversation with dr DR. RANGAN. I’m enjoyed listening on how we can improve our life in a short span. Keep up the good and God Bless both of you! 🙂

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