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Sometimes people say something that just really hits home.

That’s what I felt when my friend Todd and I first talked about the biology of change.

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Meaning, what actually happens inside our bodies on a cellular level when we consciously work to form new positive habits.

He shared ideas from his work with athletes (from Olympians to passionate amateurs) that helped me better understand why some people successfully form new habits, and others seem to slip back into old patterns again and again.

It’s fascinating stuff.

If you’ve ever struggled to change your life — and make it stick, you’re going to love today’s episode.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you:

1. Which type of brain do you tend to have when creating change?

2. If you’ve had a hard time trying to make any kind of change recently, which one of the five steps will help you the most?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Remember, incredible souls from across the globe come here each week for inspiration and connection.

So the more detail you can share in your comment, the better.

Your insight or story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough!

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,


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  1. Hi Marie and everyone,

    When it comes to change, it’s odd for me. It sort of incubates under my consciousness for a while and then one day I’ll wake up and be all “It’s GO TIME!” and never look back.

    When I do attempt change consciously, however, the “trigger goals” Todd mentions (step 2) seems to help me a lot. If I can do one thing, then the next thing and the next, I gain momentum and can zoom through it. It’s that first step that makes it challenging!

    Change is hard, no matter whether you want it or you don’t. It’s inevitable, though, so may as well do it the way you want than have it foisted upon you by the Universe because you didn’t take action. (I’ve had that happen and it’s not real pretty when the Uni “helps” you in that regard!)

    Have a happy, change-filled week everyone! Thanks Marie and Todd for this info!

    • Lisa, I had to jump in and thank you for your description of the incubation period. Yes! It’s funny how with some things, I just ain’t ready til I’m ready. I have quit smoking overnight. Ditto drugs and alcohol. It was like a switch flipped inside of me and I had a sudden and irrevocable change of mind and heart.

      Of course though, as Todd was describing, the change was really a series of choices I made again and again. It’s now been 12 years since I had any alcohol, and I’ve got a lovely feeling in my body that my recent commitment to my new business is of the same ilk.

      Thank you for sharing, it really landed for me.
      Love, Ell xx

      • Ell,

        Big congrats on your massive (and sustained) change! I do think a lot of it starts with intention and goes through an incubation period so much of the work happens underneath the surface. I wish it were like that with everything I’d like to shift but it is what it is, right?

        Thanks for your comment to me. 🙂 It made my day!

    • “There’s a chemical cocktail of changes working from the inside out.”

      That statement pretty much explains why I feel a little punch drunk when I’m trying to move through changes in my life.

      I usually start pretty “WOW” – with trigger goals and all kinds of “next steps” to keep me moving forward. But occasionally, I get stuck because I can’t figure out the next step. That’s when my brain goes into “OW” – big time, and then there’s a spiral until I can find a new next step. I like the idea of improvement goals. That helps me keep SOMETHING on the burner to track.

      • Good stuff Lisa.

        The “getting stuck because you can’t figure out the next step”, is why we tribes, mentors, books, google etc. Everything is ‘figure-outtable’.

        And 9 times out of 10, people know the next step…they’re just scared of it in some way, because it’s new/different/difficult. Break it down. You can do it.

        • Hey Todd,

          Thanks for your response! I appreciate the encouragement. Yep, fear (of some sort) is almost always the cause of staying stuck. Once you can chat that out with someone (coach, mentor, friend), it’s so much easier to get moving!


    • Lisa you are so right! I have experienced the light switch myself! When I finally decided to take the plunge into Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass to study to become a life coach I just woke up one day and decided coaching was my calling!

      The beginning of class was really scary and I was totally acting like an oww. I started to let the fear take over. However, Jeannine and her celebrity mentors are really great at helping us through the overwhelm from making such a large change and a great leap.

      I loved the definitions of OWW vs WOW people and I am happy to say that I am living the WOW lifestyle and it’s amazing thanks you all my sisters in Mentor Masterclass who keep me doing and being what I love! I think its awesome how he breaks down the trigger goals. I think that tip will be most beneficial in keeping me in this WOW mindset when I progress through Mentor Masterclass.

      Thanks so much for all your insight Lisa!

    • Susanne Witte

      Well I defiantly have mainly the oww brain usually starting of with the wow brain. I really liked that serious it made me aware about the ways I sabotage myself.Or better I should say it gave me some pretty good ideas how to prevent that in the future, I know that I can do things I already proofed that often enough but when it came to my own success in business I was really good in talking me out of it.
      Well I will get in the habit to write down the steps I want to do and day earlier..goal setting 🙂 and I also liked the marker and preparing..little reminder to keep me on track..Well I never thought about the brain chemical that they maybe feed on Stress and get used to cortisone…that was an eye opener as well…so I will start to change the feeding habit. Thank you very much Todd and thank you Marie to bring that wonderful guest to us.


  2. MarieTV peeps! I’ll be checking in on the page throughout the coming days to answer questions and help out in any way. I’ve done this work for so many years that there isn’t anything that’s new to me.

    So ask away!

    • Thanks Todd, I will take you up on your generous offer!

      My Q: Is it possible to change from having a propensity more towards the ‘ow’ brain to being more and more consistently rooted in ‘wow’? I want to be successful on a Marie Forleo kinda scale, so am working hard on going pro, but I’ve got a sneaky little voice whispering that I’ll never “make it”. What’s your take on this?

      Thank you. Love Elloa x

      • My take is…

        The inner workings of your brain, have built a fantastic habit of scaring ‘kaka’ out of you.

        Oww and Wow are LEARNED behaviors of thinking, seeing and feeling. There’s a whole other episode I could do with Marie on this stuff, but to keep it simple.

        Build your vision. Then create milestones working back from that vision of things to achieve along the way…BUT make your first milestones VERY close to where you’re starting.

        For example, if it’s a brand new service based business… Milestone 1, is to get 3 new clients. Milestone 2, is to get 5 new clients. Build on small wins.

        Change is about action and momentum. Keep your eye on the IMPROVEMENT you’re making, not the huge gap between where you are today and the Marie world you’re trying to get too.

        Keep rockin’!

        • Thank you Todd, a hundred times over. Awesome feedback and I’m doing a happy dance because those small goals are pretty close to what I’ve been setting myself recently.

          Turns out my husband is super wise – he always says “look at how far you’ve come, not how far you’ve got to go.” 🙂

          • Evelyn Sevilla

            Thank you Elloa for your comment. It’s exactly how I feel at times. Thank you Todd so very much!!!! I feel like I have control of this. I wiped my brow and thought, whew, I can do this!

          • You’ve got a VERY sharp hubby then. Give him a high five or a pat on the behind (I’m a football guy so the ass tap comes naturally!). 🙂

        • SusanD

          Hey Todd, This information is so valuable. My problem is I’ve never scripted my setbacks. When a plan or idea doesn’t work out the way I thought it would, I freeze and don’t know how to get past it. Then it’s like I’m feeling my way in the dark. Does that even make sense?

          • Susan, the reason you’re freezing is simply because you haven’t leveraged the power of ‘scripting your setbacks’.

            I challenge you to try it for a month and see the power in how resilient you become.

            Start with:

            “What will I do if ‘x’ happen/doesn’t happen?”
            “Who could I call if ‘x’ happens?
            “How will I sit in my chair when ‘x’ happens?” (When I first got started in business years ago, I practiced the art of sitting up and leaning in, when I got a ‘no’ or rejection. This was meant to be a trigger to myself, that I’m not stopping, but I’m moving forward because my ‘why’ is bigger than any no.)

            Susan, I can’t stress this enough… this is JUST a thinking type skill. You’ve frozen because nobody taught you the skill of thinking properly. That’s it! Nothing more…nothing less.

        • Thank you for this! So much good information and then I find myself wanting to kick myself for identifying more with the OWW Brain while knowing I would like to operate in the space of the WOW Brain! So, the fact that I can retrain myself makes me feel much better!

          • You absolutely can Julie. It just takes time and effort. Luckily… you have both. 🙂

        • Hannah

          I loved this episode, it really hit home since I’ve been working hard creating a new business and trying to improve myself along the way. This episode has made me look at this in a completely new perspective. I don’t usually comment here but I just had to today.

          Todd, you were AMAZING! and I hope you write a book one day because I would lovee to read that! You have insights that I haven’t even heard of thought of before. Truly inspiring and motivating!

          I’m getting to work on creating my path and getting committed tonight!

          • Hannah, you’ll be the first to know… and I am writing a book 🙂

    • Todd, I love what you say at 21:48 “thinking through the challenges”

      Ow brain, yep ten years ago…stuck, bored.

      I’ve grown into a Wow brain…. confidence and adventure. Thats me, adventurous spirit now 🙂

      Question: Since I’m focusing on Step 4 Do you find a difference in an online tribe vs in person tribe? I find more joy in interaction via in person or over the phone.

      • Hey Sandy! Thanks for the question. I do feel there’s a distinction and I recorded something for you 🙂

        • Thanks 🙂

          • Hey Sandy and Todd, thanks for the great inspiration. I loved the audio content and have the same experience. I met my best soul sisters online and have had amazing connections ever since via email, skype, and in person, where possible. Your work is awesome, Todd xx Tanya

        • Thank you Sandy for the question and Todd, thank you for the recording – that was brilliant!

          I’m just finishing up Marie’s B.School and there have been a pot load of obstacles in getting my website up and running while living in a small Italian town with sketchy internet connections and no physical support ‘tribe’ around me. I’m naturally a WOW’er, but it was Marie’s FB group that gave me the tribe feeling and helped keep me in the WOW brain mode despite the steep learning curve of what to do when a Web Virus attacks.

          The reason I think your recording was brilliant (other than the fact that I loved that you could even do that!) was you confirmed the absolute value of what just happened to me.

          I just got off a Skype session with a fellow B.Schooler where the plan was to talk about how she could help me with my website woe’s. By the end of the conversation, I not only hired her, we’d found a ton of things we had in common. One of the ‘electronic tribe’ has become a personal connection.

          Thanks to your recording, Todd, I now have a more specific vision AND a micro trigger goal: I want to take my really good electronic connections to the next level! Thank you.

          PS. Anybody who reads this and you’re interested in growing your online business, take B.School when it’s offered next year. You’ll be glad you did. (This was an unpaid, unsolicited, and heartfelt advertisement) 🙂

          • Great comment Glenn. Keep plugging away.

            “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”~Terence
            (Fortune favors the bold.)

    • When I’ve tried to make changes in habit, I definitely react to that “shift” and it ain’t pretty. I get downright crabby, and frankly, I become a bitch. I’m not pleasant to be around (just ask my husband) and it’s been very hard to get past that when I recognize my not-so-nice behavior. Any suggestions to reduce the crabbiness?

      • Hope this helps Patricia! Let’s ‘hack your crabbiness’ 😉 (Audio response.)

        • Hi, Todd! Yes, that definitely helped. I particularly liked the idea of finding the OPPOSITE behavior and working toward that in a very deliberate way. Thanks so much!

          • You’re welcome.

          • Alison

            Hi Patricia
            Thanks for prompting that audio reply from Todd. It was so helpful! I’m the Queen of Crabbiness. But I will find one small “opposite” behavior, write it down, think about it, and try to put it into practice. Specifically, I’m going to try to think before I respond. It’ll be a challenge!

        • Rebecca

          OMG, you might have just saved my soul sucking job! My goal is to make it 4 Years, 11 Months, 21 days, 4 Hours, and 39 mins to retirement (who’s counting), but my bitchiness is getting me in some hot water lately and I haven’t been able to “shake it”. SO much gratitude for you sharing this audio response, and Thank you Patricia for your comment!

          • Rebecca, super pumped I pulled you from the brink!

            My mentor always told me, “Wherever you are, bring the value YOU have to THAT place, NOT the next place. Because if you wait, the next place becomes where you are and you never developed the habit. BE GREAT NOW.”

            If you hang around Marie’s site, you’re obviously a pretty darn enlightened person, so I’m sure you can turn the next 4 years, 11 months, 21 days, 4 hours and 39 minutes into a fantastic story. Write away…

    • “The best breakthroughs happen when you’re wanting to quit” — I’m going through a big change in my business right now, so this line feels very relevant for me right now. But you’ve given me even MORE inspiration to keep makin’ moves and following the path that I know, in my gut, is right.

      Thank you so much for your insights, Todd! This video could not have come at a better time for me.

      • Happy I could help keep the “Kristen Car” on the highway to change!

    • Hi Todd – I have a serious question regarding brain chemistry… I found your explanation of change on a biochemical level fascinating and very helpful – the points about cortisol especially so…

      My question is: do you have any different or additional recommendations for someone who suffers from Chronic PTSD?
      (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — it’s surprising how many people don’t know that acronym or even worse, only think it’s something soldiers or survivors of natural disasters, accidents, etc can suffer. (And it’s different from Post Traumatic Stress which usually goes away in a few months)).

      By Chronic, I mean 30+ years strong! (that’s a lot of cortisol conditioning – yikes)

      • Donia – I know this is a question for Todd, so I hope you don’t mind my jumping in.
        You are so right that PTSD doesn’t have to arise from what is perceived to be “big” trauma. It is how the individual reacts to the initial trauma, whatever the size, that will dictate how easy it is to clear or now long it creates fall out.
        I know from a personal point of view how good EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) can be to clear PTSD. If you research you will find a lot of the data is to do with supporting veterans but the technique works equally well on less “well known” trauma. You clear the initial trauma on a cellular level, so that the body/mind can let go.
        Hope this is useful (I know how annoying it can be to be presented with yet another “cure”…)

        • Claire – don’t worry about sharing – I appreciate you chiming in. Just to clarify, I didn’t mean to imply “big” or “small” trauma, but rather duration and situation. Ongoing verbal and emotional/psychological abuse can cause even more long-term damage than physical trauma, but is sadly more insidious because it’s “unseen” and misunderstood.

        • Hi Donia — I just saw your comment and can completely relate. I, too, went through 20+ years of trauma and am still living with the effects. Some of the other posters on here have offered some great suggestions, especially about EMDR. (EFT didn’t work for me personally, but I have a friend who finds it incredibly helpful.) I thought I’d mention for you and others who are dealing with PTSD that I’ve researched healing from trauma extensively, and the thing I’ve found that is finally, finally helping is somatic experiencing. Check out Peter Levine’s books for or just look up his website online ( I’m working with a very fine practitioner over Skype right now and am definitely seeing some changes in the chronic insomnia and intense physiological anxiety I’ve dealt with nearly my whole life. If you want to know more, please feel free to email me.

          In the meantime, blessings on your journey. Know that you are not alone. Healing will come.

      • ilyse

        I hear you, I too suffer from PTSD, due to daily emotional and physical attacks starting from when I was a young child, I am 51 now and am just finally healing it with EMDR (great brain studies have been done to prove its effectiveness). Change , as much as I love it, is hard because I still have a preoccupation with feeling safe. So when I too heard about my cells being fed cortisol, I sat up in my chair and thought, “How can I possibly change 5 decades of my cells being fed cortisol?” But thank goodness the brain has plasticity and there is hope, I just need support to make the small changes, it really helps to have someone to talk to when I am fighting with the urge to freeze. Good luck to you!!! You are hear in B-School! THAT IN ITSELF SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!

      • Hi Donia.

        I don’t have a ton of experience in PTSD, but I’ve read a lot of scholarly journals and studies on the subject. The most common thread amongst all of them, is that re-writing the story of what the events mean has been the most effective way to deal with it (backed by mountains of evidence).

        You can find quite a bit of information out there on how to do it, but the jist of it is, journaling on a very frequent basis (daily) about what the event(s) mean/could mean etc.

        In my own consulting/advisory work, the power of seeing thoughts on paper, gives people either:
        A) a sense of distance from them,
        B) Clarifies things,
        C) Cleanses the mind

        Amongst a whole host of other benefits. Hope this helps Donia. -T

    • Hey Todd!

      I seem to set myself up for failure at times. I REALLY like the idea of a very regimented schedule, so that I am more effective and efficient with my time and get to do everything that makes me feel good and supports the quality of life that I intend. I seem to do okay, for the first couple of days, then I begin to rebel. I DON’T GET IT! Why would I rebel against something that I really do want? It feels like self sabatosh. I have seen this pattern in myself, but it is not completely consistent. Somethings I do with ease and others I really buck at. I have lessened my own self discipline due to my constant waivering.

      There have been times in my life that I was able to be focused and dedicated and achieved my goal without blinking and other times that no matter what I do or what new “spin” on the situation I create; I still end up bailing on it. UGH!!! I wrote a long post (below) describing my recent struggle to get back into a healthful routine of clean eating and regular exercise after being critically ill. It is more detrimental to my health than it has EVER been and I am having a harder time now, getting that momentum going, than I EVER have before. It has been super frustrating.

      I keep wondering when the time will be right or when it will finally just “click.” I know darn well that no time is perfect. I have allowed myself the excuse that due to my illness and the stress that clean eating and exercise brings, that I will wait until I feel better. The thing is, that in order to make a full recovery; I HAVE to eat clean AND exercise regularly.

      I have tried being completely restrictive; completely paleo. I have tried moderation; eat what I want, but don’t over do it. I have tried binging; eat until I am so sick that I don’t want anymore of whatever it is. That is the least effective. I know that there is an addictive quality to food and sugar. I have always loved sugar, but now I REALLY should not eat it. The second that I start to think “no more sugar” I get obsessed with it. I have gone sugar free in the past and although it was difficult, I was able to do it. I am so tire of this whole process, but I know that id is really important for me to overcome this. What do you recommend?

      Also, do you have a book?

      Thanks so much!

      Chrissy Moe

      • Chris T.

        Chrissy Moe, you just described me to at “T” minus the critically ill part. It’s exhausting and for me, I’ve had success for various periods of times with different theories of eating, but have always reverted back to my old status quo and end up gaining back weight plus some. It’s a vicious cycle that I desperately want to change, but am at a loss. I look forward to hearing Todd’s response.

      • Hi Chrissy,
        I hope you won’t mind me responding to your message. I really identified with it because for so many many years I self-sabotaged myself around food. In my case, after years of binging, dieting, floundering and hating myself for not being able to make the health changes I so desperately wanted, I took a different approach. I began to understand that while one part of me most definitely did wish to stop eating destructively, an equally strong, if not stronger “rebel” part of me was inside saying, “The hell with this! Food is the only thing I can count on for stress relief, comfort, connection. I may not have my life set up the way I want it.but damn it at least no one can tell me I can’t have mint chocolate chip icecream and potato chips!” It wasn’t until I began to have a conversation with that part of me, and give her a voice as to what she really wanted and needed deep down inside….that I was able to shift from using food to self soothe, and willingly find other self care options. When I coach women I work first to take away some of their self-loathing around their perceived “weakness” with the food. Somewhere along the line, we learned that food would give us a “reward” we couldn’t get or count on anywhere else. Of COURSE we return to it again and again if we have no other strategies to replace it. Of COURSE it’s hard to release a habit, even a destructive one, that might have provided us with hours of numbing our pain, soothing our hurts, stifling our anger, or “treating us” to something sweet after a bitter day. It is hard, but I am so happy to say, doable. I would never have believed I could have reached the place I am today, where I am no longer obsessed with food. My breakthrough came when I made a decision to love myself unconditionally even if I never was able to find a way to have a break through. I stopped judging myself and developed a practice of radical self-love. I also believe in the power of journaling as a way to stay in touch with the deeper core emotions that could be driving our eating. And, as Todd suggests, I learned to make the tiniest of incremental movements forward to where I hoped to be. I started adding more color to my diet. That’s it. I didn’t make any promises to give up sugar for the rest of my life. Just started with what I was willing to do, and added to that list. It became fun to add things in instead of fretting about what I was having to give up. I started crowding out the more toxic foods and felt so proud of the fruits and vegetables I was bringing in. For a long time I still had my nightly bowl of icecream….but eventually…even that no longer matched up with the new identity I had slowly, but certainly, stepped into. Don’t give up. There are many, many, many paths to wellness and you will resonate with someone out there. I tell women who ask me, the number one thing I did right…was that I didn’t give up! Those binging, dieting years had a lot to teach me and what I learned about myself through them, still impacts me today when I am confronted with new challenges and “stuff”. Best of luck.

      • Chrissy, the very fact you’re making ultimatum statements to yourself is going to cause a whole bunch of resistance.

        Be more flexible.

        What if you focused on eating clean vegetables, fruits and protein – just for today. Then review how that went for you. And see if you can do that for tomorrow, as well.

        You never know, how far you can get by just taking things day by day instead of making a blanket statement, that you’ll NEVER eat sugar again.

        All of your focus is going towards what you’re ‘giving up’ (sugar/cake/sweets etc.). What if you shifted towards the things you WANT to be consuming instead?

      • Chrissy,
        I’m a wellness chef/coach and educator and I have many people who struggle with real change. I totally agree with Kathy and suggest not focusing on what you should no longer be eating, but focus on adding in a little at a time. Eventually the bad foods just get forced out.
        Pain is typically a great motivator for all change. If we are not in enough pain, many times we don’t change. Unfortunately most of us are re-active rather than pro-active so we frequently have to hit rock bottom before we start floating to the top again.
        For many all or nothing is a recipe for disaster. Like Todd talks about with all change, chunk it out. Start with ONE thing but do it EVERY day. Have a green smoothie EVERY morning for breakfast. When that starts to feel good and EASY, add a salad at lunch time. When that starts to feel good and easy, add a piece of fruit as an afternoon snack.
        You will be surprised how quickly the body will respond when you actually start to FEED it. It’s desperate for nutrition and if can identify where it can get it, it will continue to ask for it.
        And don’t forget…you’re human. If Ben & Jerry knock at your door, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and say, “screw it, I can’t do this.” Enjoy the damn ice cream then get back up the next day, brush yourself off and get back on the horse and TRY again.
        You CAN climb the mountain, maybe YOU just have to start off at a not so steep grade.
        Good luck.

    • Would you be so kind as to point me to any additional research you know of about how change chemically affects us at the cellular level.

      thanks so much.

      • Jenetta I asked the same question on the FB page today and no one responded. I am fascinated by this information and want to learn more. Please post here if you find anything and I’ll do the same. Thanks.

    • Karina Rosado

      I loved the episode. I still am stuck on what my next job should look like. I’ve applied to so many and still don’t have a clear vision. I don’t know how to get out of this roadblock…I’m still sorting through more videos but if anyone has any recommendations that would be great. 🙂


  3. Thanks Marie for talking with Todd. I loved watching this video combining knowledge and positive thinking.

    Since I was a teenager I’ve searched out self improvement. Naturally I went for a Chemistry Biochemistry degree and have been fascinated on what happens on a chemical level. Over a decade later, I’ve applied what I’ve learned and still continue to move forward.

    Understanding this to build “mental strength” vs “mental weakness” is the KEY.

    For me, Step 4, gathering your tribe is the biggest and best step I could take. That has been my focus this year and its incredible how many like minded people there are. Having a power posse allows me to uplift others when they need it and vice versa.

    Thanks again Marie!

  4. Hi Marie and Todd,

    Thank you for this brilliant, brainy episode. I’ve been reading the Big Leap recently (great recommendation, Marie), and what Gay Hendricks says ties in so well with this:

    “Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.”

    I recognise both Ow and Wow in myself. In terms of my career – my new business especially – I notice a lot of Ow. I am scared, and the temptation is there to stay ‘safe’. I can’t stand not growing or experiencing adventure though, so perhaps I’m more Wow than I think!

    ALL of the steps are amazing for me, because they are rooted in what’s going on inside, and this is why they’re so valuable. I especially love Scripting your Setbacks – fully facing the dark side is, in my experience, vital if I am to access true liberation and freedom. What a relief to say, “YES. I will be rejected. Now, how am I gonna deal with that?”

    So, so, so much good stuff in this episode. Thank you so much. xx

  5. Marie, how interesting your guess was today! I now will be super sensitive in my absorbing the Dopamine & Oxytocin needed to gaining the momentum need to step into the destiny of Leadership…Change is identification with the process and then applying the steps (5 prescriptions). I see the vision…I am setting the trigger goal…get feed back from the “improvement goal”, even the important “micro-changes”…Embracing my “coach”, The WONDERFUL Marie Forleo…Preparing and getting ready for the application of “scripting my setbacks”…And, having my “mental toughness” together while not getting distracted by the see-through Lululemon Yoga Gear EVERYBODY IS SPORTING!!! Thanks for the incredible insight…Wow Brain, please, kick the other OWW Brain’s ass…




  6. Marie:
    My cells get good stuff during change. Love change and “good” stress to keep motivated. Pushing through that “quit” time is important. I’m a wow-brainer. Seeing small goals being reached keeps me going!

  7. Awesome stuff guys! Todd, always impressed by the depth of knowledge you have and how you can then reframe it for anyone to use. I havecstruggled with OWW brain many times, but have seen the poewr of WOW too. Love that you drilled self-sabotage down to a basic cellular level. Great work Marie and Todd!

    • Thanks Joe. And we’ve ALL had a bout of the ol’ ‘Oww Brain’ and frankly always will.

  8. Thanks Marie and Todd, I embrace change and I am eager to learn something new, but, when they Change becomes too difficult, I take a step back and I will revisit the ‘Change’, but with several attempts if I still do not accomplish what I set Out to do. , I start to question myself. Am I stupid WHAT. Because of this video,I will script my setbacks . Thanks.
    Marie another great video. Thanks Todd.

    • Whatever change you’re going through Renee, don’t make it so daunting. Break it down to the ridiculous. What I mean is… what’s a milestone you can reach by the end of next week, that will have a measurable effect on your life/business/family whatever.

      Remember… “Little streams fill big lakes.”

      • “Little streams fill big lakes” Love this! I’m going to put this quote on my wall. Thanks for all of your information. You are quite generous Todd! And I love your audio feedbacks!

      • I’m gonna put the quote “Little streams fill big lakes” on my wall too! It just makes me breathe a big sigh of relief- everything seems a lot more manageable now! Thank you Todd, for being so generous! Your audios are awesome too 😀

  9. kmch


    I think I have a WOW brain initially. I feel like I can conquer the world, do anything, make the change/goal I’m desiring initially. I feel confident and can feel this way for a while (days/even weeks). Then…I seem to get major OWW brain, thinking, this is ridiculous, how am I ever going to accomplish what I thought I could, who do I think I am that I will be able to do this and I better go for a more realistic goal.

    Any thoughts? I felt the video was very helpful.

    Thanks, kmch

    • Nya

      This is EXACTLY ME kmch. I could not have said it any better.I am guessing when our brains switch to “OWW” it is our cells being uncomfortable with the change. For me I think that I am a SUPER positive person, like that little horse from the lego movie and when I start to get an OWW brain I just shut down. The steps that I think would help me the most is not always trying to see the bright side but also preparing for the negative. So when it happens I know exactly what it is and start applying the steps to get out of the OWW funk.

  10. I think sometimes I have an oww brain and other times a wow. Is that common?

    I am absolutely terrible at scheduling my day and never stick to it. I like the idea of setting a specific improvement goal with each thing I do so that I can measure it. Great!

    • Hi Hannah –

      For me, I find that with certain situations I have a WOW brain and in others I have an OWW brain. It seems pretty common to have a combination of both depending on how you associate different types of change with OWW/WOW.

      I’ve had trouble with scheduling in the past. Todd and Marie hit it right on the head when they spoke about planning your tomorrow, today. At the end of the day, ask yourself – what are the 3 things I can do tomorrow to move my business/life forward? Then, put aside time in your calendar to work on those 3 things and commit! Make those trigger goals as Todd suggested – like putting time in your calendar to schedule your tomorrow, make sure you keep the calendar open as a reminder and 5 minutes before the meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself, wrap up any other tasks you’re working on so that you keep your promise to yourself and follow through.

      You can do it! 🙂


    • Awesome input from Justine.

      Also, Hannah, reading your post, I thought of – I am signed up to and s-l-o-w-l-y working through Rachael Cook’s ‘Fired up and Focused’ challenge, and I thought there might be something in there for you.

      Love, Ell x

  11. Oh, so good! And right after my morning workout that I cheated myself on.
    Thanks Marie and Todd for this awesome insight. After watching, it’s easy for me to see that I operate in OWW Brain when it comes to health and fitness but WOW Brain in my Business and relationships. It’s really been bothering me, too, because the more I succeed in business the more visible I have to be, but then I want to hide because I’m uncomfortable with the weight I put on.
    I really want to build a tribe and work on my trigger goals. I realize that I feel very isolated in areas where I most want to excel.

    • Melissa you’ve just come up with your own answer to the ‘struggle’ you have with health/fitness.

      It’s easy…

      Attach your business/relationship activities to the health/fitness goals.

      For example, do your morning workouts with a friend or make sure your morning workouts are with other people i.e. yoga. It sounds like you’re a natural people person…so leverage that and cook/workout with others.

      Don’t isolate yourself. You’re meant to be with others. 🙂

  12. Marie! Damn, you are going to force me to make a video just for you. This sparked much for me that I must share! See you on fb.

  13. Mmm, how I love Todd and his insight.

    The most powerful tip for me is to script setbacks. It’s so easy to live in a world when all goes according to plan. But that’s not the reality of life. So come up with a back up plan.

    I do this for myself and for my running nutrition clients. Thanks for your wisdom Todd + Marie.
    xx Johanna

    • Thanks for the kind comment Johanna and you’re welcome!

  14. Catherine

    Loved this video…… I am such an oww brain…..comfort zone is my middle name! I have a question…… Will scripting your setback not attract that negative response? So, if I prepare myself for a returned manuscript am I not inviting that very thing to happen? Or am I reading too much into it?

    • Catherine – Let me ask you a question. When you build an emergency savings fund, do you believe you are attracting a negative event to come into your life?

      This sounds like your OWW brain is talking to me.

      This preparation is actually a practice of building emotional resilience in your life. It doesn’t have to take a lot of energy. You won’t be in a space of expecting a returned manuscript, it’s more of a quick exercise. Think – “Hey, if I get a returned manuscript, I will choose to feel like I did my best, I will choose to know that particular publisher wasn’t the right fit and I know that I’ll continue to send out my manuscript until I find the right publisher.”

      By being in that space of trusting in yourself and continuing to focus on your vision (having a publisher accept your manuscript), small setbacks won’t take you down.

      Does that make sense?

      • Catherine

        Yes, that does make sense, loved the analogy of the savings fund. Thank you!

    • No. It’s not attracting it.

      It’s allowing you to be your best self in that moment when challenge occurs. Without a plan/script or knowledge of what action to take when life tosses a wrench into your plans, you’ll default into a fight/flight or emotional response, which is normally not a healthy one.

      Thinking something through, including the negatives, gives you the space to be a responsible mature adult. I’m not prescribing to people, they need to get ’emotionally’ engaged in the negative possibility, but just ‘think’…hmmmm…’what would I do if x happens?’… or… ‘what would be the healthiest response to x situation if it happens, so I can honor my values and maintain my momentum?’

      Those are power questions… use them… free of charge! 😉

      • Catherine

        ‘Allowing me to be my best self in that moment.’ I understand the level of scripting needed now. Thank you!

        • Thank you so much Todd for all your wisdom. This particular post I found a key. Having a parent die when I was five I have always lived in worst case scenarios but they are “emotionally engaged.” It will be a new practice to write down the negative possibilities and have emotional distance to them.
          PS Actually there have been lots and lots of keys to all your doors of wisdom. I’ve opened so many today viewing this episode of Marie TV and reading your comments! Again, Thank you so much!

  15. I usually start out with a “wow” brain, but when I have several bumps in the road, I notice I can go downhill pretty fast. I recently upped my prices which was long overdue, but with several consultations, they all backed out which undermined my confidence.
    I think of the 5 steps that you went over having a clear vision would be the most helpful and having a tribe. I have a coach and she is my only tribe, I could use more.

  16. Absolutely exceptional interview. Change occurs at the cellular level. I see the OWW brain has held me back in the past–even though I’ve jumped into WOW many times leading to exhilarating opportunities.

    I wonder if we’re all born with WOW brais, and then that gets eroded to OWW after a few tough (and sometimes traumatic) setbacks.

    Script your setbacks is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. An indelible change is afoot I do believe. This gift deserves to be passed on. Kind thanks to Todd and Marie.

    • You’re very welcome Lori. (btw… love the word ‘indelible’.)

  17. Love, love, love this video. Especially Todd’s overview about cell replication. Cellular biology is powerful stuff to understand when it comes to creating change in your life.

    In Bruce Lipton’s “Wisdom of your Cells”, he discusses a scientist who researched energy signals vs. physical signals when it came to conveying information to cells. In fact, energy signals (or waveform vibrational signals) are 100 times MORE effective than physical signals (like drugs).

    So when we’re thinking about change, the OWW brain, and the WOW brain, there’s power to leverage beyond just the knowing that our cells are undergoing physical changes in how they react and replicate with receptors geared towards dopamine and serotonin vs. cortisol.

    I believe there’s a vibrational environment that we can create within ourselves that is positive, loving and WOW. Holding this vibration makes cellular transformations easier as we build habits of embracing transition and growth with a WOW mentality.

    Todd – have you researched or tested physical vs. vibrational changes that we can make to create easier transformation in our lives? It’s a completely different approach to growth hacking! 😉

    For myself, I have built trigger goals around scheduling because I realized that so much of my OWW brain response to scheduling had to do with cellular memories of stress related to time spent in school. There was a negative response that meant scheduling = stress = pain. It took consistent showing up for my trigger goals to overcome this.

    Out of the list of 5 steps, my focus is on setting incremental goals.

    Todd – do you have a recommendation on how many incremental goals are good to be tackling at any given time? There are incremental goals I want to approach that are all interconnected and will create lift across the board for the others.

    Thanks for this amazing video today and taking the time to share with the community! It’s a great framework that’s really easy to apply to life. I’m feeling pretty WOW about the whole thing.


    • I don’t really have a limit to incremental goals, but I think you’ll start to feel where the threshold of manageable goals is reached.

      Try not to think of this as a chore though… play with it. It’s fun to see where our optimal levels are at all the different parts of our life. Tap into that creative kid that’s inside all of us.

      Thanks for the comment and sharing!

  18. I absolutely loved this! I am a complete Wow Brain, but what happens when you live with total Ow brains? I have the passion, I have the desire, I thrive on change and have my entire life… but I’m married to someone that hates change, likes to feel safe, and likes his comfort… what do you do? An example of what recently happened to me… My company laid off in a RIF 25 per cent of all the nurse case managers… I had already scripted how I would feel and what I would do if I was part of it.. even though I was guaranteed I was safe by my manager. Well, she found out that I had a website for my health coaching business and accused me of working during my hours dedicated to my case management job on my health coaching. They tried to fire me and I told them they had no proof of it (I work from my home) and that I typically put in 16 hours a day on my job with them but was only getting paid salary for 8 hours, so good luck with that. They told me to sign out of my computer, shut down, and that I would be included in the reduction in force (RIF). I was actually glad and excited at the prospect of not working myself to death and to get on with my own business… I had pre-scripted this entire event and don’t regret it even though I lost $70k per year… My husband? Not so thrilled…. but he is dealing with it…

    • Barbara your husband is looking for certainty. You can help to allay fears in others by showing a plan for action.

      Show them you’ve got a flight plan to launch you and the family onto a new adventure with a destination. What scares people is climbing onto a plane, seeing a pilot hitting buttons and pulling levers while giggling and saying, “Wow! That’s cool!”, and then turning around and saying. “Ok, gang! Where do ya wanna go to!?”

      But this is what most people do… which doesn’t help rally the troops.

      Hope that clarifies!?

    • I also am living with my husband who holds on tight to safety, hates change and frankly is negative. I work from home and he is home most of the time. I would just love some insight into how I can help myself maneuver through my days while keeping my passion and enthusiasm! Just so you know, I have compassion for my husband as circumstances are such that he is dealing with a major depression. I am not interested in going down a path of how I can change him or to leave the relationship of 35 years. I want to know how I can help myself to hold onto my momentum while in the midst of living with someone who’s stuck for now. I know him and know that he will not stay stuck forever. Again, I would love some insight into my situation! Thanks so much!!!

  19. Molly

    Todd you are speaking my love language here! #nerdgasm! 😉

    In all seriousness, I do love a good “science lesson” that helps us better understand how – and WHY – things happen in our lives the way they do. I’m such a big proponent of helping people understand the why so that they can more readily buy into making changes and creating a new habit. It takes something from seemingly overwhelming to realistic and totally do-able.

    On a side note, I’ve had an incredible roller coaster relationship with chronic anxiety – so much so that at one point I thought I might be addicted to cortisol! I did a LITTLE investigating on this but didn’t find anything. You totally support my hypothesis at 2:32 when you simplify how cortisol (and other hormones!) affects us at a cellular level! THANKS!!!

    Thanks for ANOTHER great interview Marie (& Todd!). This was totally up my alley and got my positive juju running high! Bless!

    -Molly 🙂

    • Molly – joining you in your #nerdgasm moment! Isn’t the science side of things SO cool?

      As a former sufferer of chronic anxiety, I understand how much it can hold us back. For me, it was devastating to see my potential and still feel completely held back from it at the same time.

      In cellular biology, perception controls behavior (and, in fact, is the primary control). The receptor effector switch of the cell reads the environment and then engages in appropriate behavior. If we are programmed with mis-perceptions, our behavior will be in accordance with that mis-perception.

      Applying that to my own life experience, I came to understand that a lot of my anxiety stemmed from false beliefs about my world. By shifting my mindset, I have been able to step out of my debilitating patterns.

      Not sure if any of that will resonate with your own experience of anxiety, but I wish you the best in stepping off your roller coaster.

      • Molly

        Hi Justine! So excited to find a fellow neuro-nerd!

        I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences with me – and other commenters! It’s interesting, after having a breakdown six months ago I’ve been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and learning very valuable components to limiting the effect of anxiety on my life.

        I am actually an occupational therapist that works with people using a concept called Lifestyle Redesign, which originated in USC’s OT doctoral program. A great deal of what Todd spoke about is exactly what I do! It was invigorating and inspiring to hear his expertise…definitely made me feel like I need to up my game; it’s that lifelong learner in me!

        I’d love to hear more about your experience if you’d be willing to share! If you’re interested in chatting more, you can email me at mollywharris [at] g mail dot com. 🙂

  20. Thanks Marie and Todd. I enjoyed watching this video. I have a Wow-Brain, and I use all 5 of these steps, but I tend to go to #1 the most, identifying and setting tangible goals. One of the many things that always makes me say Wow is that even though I read and put into practice Brian Tracy’s book Goals!, for example, watching Todd describe Self Improvement Goals in step 3 and the specific way he structured his examples vs. the way I do mine every day—even though I am specific, I use dates, etc.—I still gained something from hearing Todd explaining it the way he did. It’s that tiny little thing that I always say Wow about that keeps me hungry to read more, watch more, seek more knowledge, listen more to others; because we each have a unique perspective and a unique way of saying or presenting things that when shared will help others.

  21. Amazing video and explained so much about why my OOW brain kicks in so often in wanting to establish a new habit or blaze a trail in my music teaching or performing. Habit # 2 (set trigger goals) had no idea they could be so teensie weensie! Have to mention #5 is important too when I get well intended but downer comments when I’m learning a new skill. So scripting my setbacks is also a “biggie”.

    • I’m not Todd – hope he does get to see your question and answers you.

      But my first thought here is, perhaps you might try scheduling more “down time” into your life (long weekends, vacations, treats) instead of waiting for your body to force them upon you?

      This used to happen to me a lot in the past. I was always “too busy” to take breaks – and I always ended up having breaks forced on me through illness.

      All the best for your success.

  22. I’m going to have to re-watch that a few times and take notes. It was just packed full of info. Thank you!
    Todd, I do have a question for you. So many of my setbacks have to do with physical problems, many surgeries and chronic pain. It seems that every time I get some momentum going, something happens to me physically. I am a one-woman show in my business, so physical setbacks are always business setbacks. Do you have any advice on how to script for this? It’s so difficult for me to picture what my success will look like because these problems. I may have to endure another surgery in May and while it’s not major surgery, it will be down time and a major pain in the butt. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth ~ once known as Wisdom

      Mary Ellen, engaging your tribe might help with your setbacks. Are there pieces of your one woman show that others could help with while you deal with the physical and recover?

      • Thank you for replying Elizabeth. Because my business is laser engraving and I work out of my home, I really am a one-woman show. What I try to do during down time is design work, which needs to be done also. Usually just not all at once. Pain is also a crusher of creativity. I sound like such a victim, but I remind myself every single day of all that do have and think about the people who have it so much worse than I do. That’s big-picture stuff though. I would love to figure out how to take each of Todd’s five points and incorporate them into my life as it is now.

        • Hi Mary Ellen,
          I found Gay Hendrick’s take on this very helpful with the pattern of injury/illness setbacks and keeping a lid on how much success you can enjoy…check out his book, The Big Leap…

          Best to you and yours

          • Thanks so much Stede. I just looked at the book on Amazon and I think it will be in my collection shortly.

  23. Definitely have struggled, who hasn’t! But I love working on my mindset and relating my love for sports, team work and training back to my own personal habits and also my goals to make real change.

    So love what Todd has to say here as it’s right up my alley. Thanks for sharing guys and discussing what matters.

    Here’s to making biology totally fun and working with a new kind of cocktail!


  24. WOW !!! There’s more useful info in this than in many programs that cost hundreds of dollars !!!

    Trigger – Add link to this post to my desk top and browser home page.
    Improvement Goal – Watch this video again, carefully, at least ten times before the next episode of Marie TV.
    Change Goal – During the coming month, figure out and implement new habits to integrate all of this into my daily life.

    And do it all with a WOW 🙂

  25. Molly – joining you in your #nerdgasm moment! Isn’t the science side of things SO cool?

    As a former sufferer of chronic anxiety, I understand how much it can hold us back. For me, it was devastating to see my potential and still feel completely held back from it at the same time.

    In cellular biology, perception controls behavior (and, in fact, is the primary control). The receptor effector switch of the cell reads the environment and then engages in appropriate behavior. If we are programmed with mis-perceptions, our behavior will be in accordance with that mis-perception.

    Applying that to my own life experience, I came to understand that a lot of my anxiety stemmed from false beliefs about my world. By shifting my mindset, I have been able to step out of my debilitating patterns.

    Not sure if any of that will resonate with your own experience of anxiety, but I wish you the best in stepping off your roller coaster.

  26. Patricia B.

    I like change I am more of a wow person i do embrace it but after a while i go back to the same routine, I think i need a tribe a mentor that i could call or look for people that have the same goals or interest, i tent to isolate myself.

  27. Marie, this was the BEST !! I am totally a wow brain and scripting my setbacks is a tool that I will start to use immediately! I’m sharing this with my grown sons as a must watch! I’m also sharing it globally to my followers. You are a blessing in my life! Bravo!

  28. Humera

    One of the best episodes!! loved it!

  29. Sarah Baker

    I definitely have more of an Owww brain. I think I get so paralyzed by thinking of the “what’s the worst that can happen” (similar to step 5) that I end up throwing in the towel prematurely.

    Does anyone else do this–catastrophize to the point of feeling constant anxiety and stress? Any tips on how to break free?

    • Hi Sarah – I have definitely lived from a place of constant anxiety and stress in the past. It used to be that whenever I’d make a decision, complete a project or have a tough conversation I would be berated by worry for at least 20 minutes – a constant stream of how I had done it wrong, what might go wrong, and all of the problems and scenarios that might have arisen as a result of my actions. Yikes! But this doesn’t happen any longer.

      Be mindful of your thoughts. Where does your anxiety and stress stem from? Past experiences? Thought patterns? Core beliefs about yourself and the world?

      I’ve found it helpful to deliberately go on positive rants. If you find yourself dipping into a negative space, worrying or feeling anxious, set a timer for 3 minutes and rant about all of the good things that are going on in your life. Rant about what you’re grateful for, rant about how you love yourself, rant about the awesome people in your life, the good food on your table – anything and everything that makes you happy and is good in your life. It’s a quick way to kick a negative vibration while allowing your cells to continue replicating and transforming.

      It may sound a little silly to do this, but it sends out those negative puppies like you’ve just thrown them an awesome juicy bone.

      • Elizabeth ~ once known as Wisdom

        Positive Rants!! Gotta remember that one Justine. Thanks.

  30. Whoot! Love this (hand clapping wildly) I am a wow and my fella is a oww ….hmm this explains a lot 🙂
    I can’t wait to re-watch this and share it everywhere 🙂

  31. Hi Marie.
    This video really touched me. Watching it, I started feeling tired, uncomfortable, my eye started to twitch….. I’m definitely an owww brain; most of the time. I do have a few wow memories, so I’m pulling them to the front of my brain, remembering how they felt and using them for inspiration. Every one of Todd’s tips are good so as I am soooo in the resistance mode, I’m going to start with the first and each one as I go. I’m off to go for a brisk walk; after a little nap!

  32. Marie and Todd,
    one word AWESOME! loved the biology lead in to the OW WOW brain and steps…so clear and helpful( all the WHY)… I LOVE change, or should i say i have a tendency to WOW and love the freedom and adventure it brings. I used to think that good things and success only happened to lucky people, lots of inner critic talk, and after much self work/strategies, as i hit my 60th birthday, i realize life is TOTALLY about embracing change in your life, so much so that I want to help others successfully change through my new business and feel that my work will help SOO many! Thanks for all your insight, you have fueled even more energy into my mission! best xo…Debbie Love

  33. Jo Leymarie

    Great video. I’m a wow brain, but with a tendancy to slip back to oww brain if the going gets tough or the momentum slows. I guess I have a problem with stamina, so lots of Todd’s tips will be useful ; scripting those setbacks so I know what to do when they hit and setting myself up for success with trigger goals and a tribe. Thanks for your insight.

  34. This is fantastic. I am glad to say through focused attention I am slowly turning my ow brain into a wow brain. The Trigger Goals was a great reminder, as well as plotting and tracking progress and improvement goals.

    I find I go in little spurts of making good changes, then let it go when I need to keep on pushing through. I could accomplish more positive changes in less time if I didn’t stall so frequently.

    Soo much goodness in this video, as per usual! 🙂

  35. Really Really great episode thanks Marie and Todd.
    I also have OWW brain and WOW brain. The worst is it’s switches every other day 🙁 I noticed it while ago and it’s very frustrating. Now I’m realizing that when I get new ideas I’m in WOW brain and I see all the success and possibilities but when I need to follow on that idea and the results don’t come so quickly as I would expect, I go into my OWW brain.
    I’m such a baby.

    So than I go into WOW brain and try to think of a new idea and the circle just continues.
    All I need to do is to just follow through.
    The most important step for me is to choose a specific path that I’m going to follow.

    This episode was really made for me.
    Wish me good luck everyone.

    • Karen

      Good, good stuff on this episode. I’m not unfamiliar with the biology of change, but your articulation of it, Todd, was truly helpful.Thank you so much!
      Zita, you clearly articulated my experience with the WOW-ideas brain & the OWW-follow through brain.
      I really need to “build muscles” for all five steps, but rather than get lost or discouraged in the big 5, I did one thing right now. I jumped in and commented, which I haven’t done in the past. So I am one small step closer to feeling connected in the process of change rather than isolated. YEAH!
      Before I dinner, I will set myself some improvement goals in getting a website launched. That is the step I will play with for the month of May. Here’s to creating a little WOW that can lead to more WOW!

    • Jo

      Good Luck Zita!
      I’m with you all the way as I feel that I’m in the same position.
      Let’s choose a path and get on with it!

  36. Marie, I loved this interview! For sometime now I have wanted to up my game on my presence online and feel that I have a great message to share which gives me a wow feeling but everytime I start to go about it, I get a oww brain! I feel like the best step that would help me is step #4 in gathering a tribe because I know what I want, the outcomes, the goals to get there etc., but when I start going about doing it, it seems like my mind freezes and I can’t get my thoughts around the big picture. Having those I look up to for some guidance, will probably really help me start sharing my message to the world.

  37. Elisabeth Winsents

    I love this episode! Thank you!

  38. Erin

    I definitely used to be an Ow brain. I felt stuck. I felt like I was going through the processes of trying to change, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I feel that now I am moving towards the Wow brain and it is something that has shifted just recently. It’s really kind of amazing when you start to see that change in yourself, how your outlook on the world changes. Everything just seems brighter and happier.

    Thank you for this video!

  39. Darlene

    Fantastic information in this video. Scripting your setbacks stood out to me on the first listen. Thank you thank you!!

  40. Perfect at the time of implementation week in B School, perfect to push further the change.

    For me I’m more Wow Brain but The script setback is a great tips for me, because It will make think about a plan B if plan A fail, what kind of exciting idea can I put in action to attain my goals

  41. Jackie K.

    What if we are in the OWW brain as the result of loss of a job and trouble finding another one that’s suitable to our abilities and skills? I was a WOW brain for many years until I lost my job (company downsized), and not only have I struggled to find another job, but I’ve struggled to find a job that’s challenging and pays well. I’m in my thirties with a college degree and I’ve been stuck in the “OWW” brain for so long now because I’ve given up on finding a job. The not having a job and the struggle with getting one has killed my confidence level as well. I’m extremely frustrated because, deep down, I know I’m a “WOW” person, but I can’t seem to get out of this “stuck” feeling being unemployed, broke all the time, and barely getting by. I know that I’m better than this!!!!!!

    • Cara

      Hi Jackie,
      Years ago I was in a similar situation and the thing that helped for me was taking an action on something I had control over. So the very next morning after I lost my job, I got up and went for a run, because I knew I had to do something to not feel like a victim and to help feel good about myself. Even though you may be overwhelmed with the stress of the insecurity you feel, take some time each day to do something that you are good at and that makes you feel good about yourself. This will remind you that you are bigger than your situation and that you have many good things in you that can bring you to a better place in your life. Don’t analyze how, just do them and get lost in the positive feelings that come along with those actions. I hope this helps a little!

  42. Meg

    I’m mostly a WOW brain but when it comes to diet/lifestyle/fitness changes, I revert to the OWW brain quickly. I think the scripting your setbacks will definitely help me the most. I always relied on thinking positive, but I think having the definitive response/action for setbacks will be a lot more beneficial to me when I start OWW braining it!

  43. I absolutely LOVE love love Todd Herman, thank you so much Marie for having him!

    I am a wild Italian with a WOW brain and have the hardest time with scripting my setbacks, but will certainly work on improving this starting today.

    One question I have though – let’s say you were a WOW brain and your soulmate happened to be a OWW brain, and you were happy about the “opposites attract” thing, but were struggling with how to not be dragged into OWW-mentality? Or am I just delusional and the two cannot co-exist?

    Thanks again so much you guys!!

    xoxo, Isabella

  44. Oh man… this explains so much. When it comes to things like my health, I’m absolutely a wow brainer. I have no problems at all making changes and incorporating healthier habits into my life, whether it’s healthier eating or physical exercise. I get energized by the challenge.

    Buuuut… when it comes to my business, total ow brainer. Oh lord do I get caught up in all of it, stuck, bored, need to be feel safe. And then I beat myself up about it. I know I am a capable human being, because I’m so good at making other changes.

    My biggest take away here is the need to have a clearer more specific vision. I’m kind of stumbling my way through things, but think I’m missing some solid foundation.

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time (as I was wallowing in self pity last night) Thanks Marie and team and Todd!

  45. I am definitely a WOW person. I have been building my tribe, or success team slowly and am working on surrounding myself with like-minded people-makes a HUGE difference. Love the concept of scripting your setbacks….as usual…amazing stuff!

  46. WOW!! Marie and Todd, thank you so much for this great video. The only new one to me was #5, but it’s a doozy!! I’m in the process of gathering a small group peer mastermind, and I’m gonna use these 5 steps to guide the process for the next 6 months. I’m feeling so inspired!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  47. Hi Todd –

    Wow, this is is some fantastic information you delivered. Thank you so much. I am a giant geek of all things brain science so this is speaking my language (and I agree, there is a relief in learning this stuff … knowing the biology side helps neutralize the limiting stories we run on auto loop. The game started to change for me when I read The Power of Habit and understood the biology side for the first time).

    So, my Question is … are there resources on this topic you are particularly fond of (to read/learn more) and/or do YOU have resources that YOU’ve put out in the world, b/c I’d love to see them.

    Otherwise, just wanted to say thank you. This is SUCH smart stuff. I get so tired of the woo-woo positive affirmation will solve everything mindset that is so prevalent. … much of this “hold back and risk nothing” mindset is taught to us in childhood. We don’t just pop out of that with a few mantras. Understanding how to rewire our biology is change I can embrace! Thank you. … And CONGRATS on your new daughter. How exciting!

    • Cris – I was wondering the same thing! I’d love to read more about the biology of change. I find it fascinating! Thanks so much, Todd and Marie. This was brilliant. I’ll be coming back to this video again and again.

  48. Evelyn Sevilla

    Thank you Marie and Todd. This video came just at the right time. The most powerful tool was #5. I’m working on keeping the “WOW” in my life. To hell with “OW”!

  49. I start out with a “wow” brain but it’s very short lived. Then my fear kicks which causes all kinds of resistance. I like the idea of scripting what happens if things don’t go your way, how you will feel and what you will do. I think I do that naturally but from a much more fear based place rather than one of proactivity and assessment. Challenges and failures are inevitable but I fear then so deeply. I guess the confidence comes from facing your fears, working through them and you get through them by knowing ahead of time what you are gonna do, feel and how you will react when when they do happen. Great vid. I loved it.

  50. Zehra Laforgia

    Hello Marie,
    First of all, I would like to tell you that I am so lucky to meet in the most needed time of my life. I currently live in a metal mess. Here’s my story: I quit my job to raise my baby girl which I am so happy to do but in reality living with one income doesn’t seem like will provide her a great future in the long run. Not only for money wise, I wanna do something maybe from home because I know I have potential. Before, I was doing something that I never like to do and the worst is I have no skills, education on something I could put in my resume, personal passion nor specialty to narrow down my possibilities. I feel deeply that you somehow will change my life around. I don’t know how but I feel it so I can not wait for your next post.
    On this topic, Marie, I am incredibly impatient. It is the biggest enemy to me. I don’t read instuductions, prescriptions, even cooking recipes. This is crazy but true. When I try to change something in my life, or learn something new, I want to see the results right away, like tomorrow!!! I am a highly intelligent person and this flaw of me has been bugging me and holding me back my entire life. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me on this!!!
    Much love, hugs and kisses.

  51. Ooooh yeh! Right up my street! I totally recommend anyone wanting to read further, to look at the stupendous Bruce Lipton’s research and writing on The Biology Of Belief: he was writing about this WAY before it became an accepted philosophy! <3

    I flickered between both brains, and recognise that though I have a VERY strong WOW brain, I still have some patterns to deal with, where I get complete overwhelm in certain zones (especially when I receive criticism, which seems to set me back to the beginning every time!) and need to take a more methodical stance on overcoming.

    So the Creating Trigger Goals is a brilliant strategy for me: I've begun a LOAD already, through B-School, and want to review them by looking back at the course… Marie, I love your description of both the notebook in the evening, and the visual planning -the drawing several glasses and ticking them off -lovely!
    I did find it hard to attend to repetitive tasks on the Google Calendar, week after week though; the everyday scheduling doesn't work, when my creative brain insists on one thing leading spontaneously to another BUT the very ownership of a calendar IS allowing me to avoid a lot of burnout/ distractions/ frustrations.

    Slowly, slowly, it's all coming together: I aim to attend to more methodical scheduling, where I can, and to these lovely goals described by Todd 🙂 Thanks so much! xx

    • Jo

      High five Clare!
      Yes, I loved Bruce Lipton’s book too. Read it a few years ago. Something in having a really thorough explanation ‘does it’ for me. Love seeing your progress through B-School 🙂

    • Happy it helped Claire.

      Something that may help you…

      Create ‘themes’ for each of your days. The reality of a business owner, there are endless activities to do, and limited time. But you can cut out the business clutter, by putting a ‘themed’ wrapper around each of your days.

      For example:

      Monday – Marketing outreach day. This is the day all about connecting with your tribe. Reaching out to other business people to build relationships, Planning out your Facebook posts for the week, Reviewing your website stats, etc.

      Tuesday & Wednesday – Creation days. Painting/Writing/Content etc.

      Thursday – Odds & Ends (Customer Service Processes/Financials etc.)

      Friday – Marketing & Learning (Going through Marie’s course, picking out 3 things to implement over the weekend or Monday.)

      Maybe that will work for you. 🙂

      • Wow, Todd, that was EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now 😀 x Tanya

        P.S. Thanks, Clare, for inspiring this great response – and

        thanks MARIE for this great Marie TV episode!! xx Tanya

      • Christina

        I haven’t started my physical (online) business yet, though I have visualized it for many years! B-School has helped me so much!! I took a photo of this example to jump start my day in the future. Thank you Todd and Marie!

  52. Julieta | @Julie_Arango

    Hello Marie & Todd,

    This post it’s perfect timing. I am going thru change. I don’t like it. Actually I hate it, but I don’t like where I am right now. So the only exit is moving forward.

    My brain? For many things I am a WOW, I am addicted to self improvement. But right now, in this point of my life I am in between the two. My OWW brain says “go back this isn’t the right way… oh this is horrible” and my WOW brain says “look at your goal, it is amazing, you are a peace of heaven on earth you have the power to conquer any goal, YOU GO GIRL you are gong to make this happen, then you are going to laugh about this”

    I wish this “in between” that I can only describe as drowning, get over very fast. I have never been so scared in my life and so determined to change.

    I want the life of my dreams, I deserve it. It’s mine.

  53. Katherine

    I love the part about the increased cellular vibration that happens with change, and how we can misinterpret that discomfort as something wrong, and end up self-sabotaging. That is so helpful, thank you!

    Question: I’m wondering, do you recommend quitting coffee to get out of this cortisol/stress response addiction? TIA

  54. Deb

    Fantastic vid! Earlier today, I had an aha moment and wouldn’t you know, your vid appeared in my Inbox just at the right time. After seeing it and learning about oww vs wow brains helped me understand why I’ve felt the way I have for all of these year. And, I related to the “vibrating” cells of change when moving from negative to positive actions, which is saying a lot since I have been in denial for so many years.

    Case in point: For many years I have allowed myself to feel the guilt and shame for something I did not do nor had any control over. I think the blame and shame of guilt was a continuation of what I had learned from my mom (God, rest her soul)–she internalized all of the hurtful things people did and said about and to her. She felt helpless (OWW Brain) and couldn’t get beyond this to see the beauty of who she truly was. I too have felt rejected because of what certain individuals have done and said and have found myself more and more going to that “safe place” to hide. And yes, these individuals are accountable for what they do and say, but it still it hurts.

    Fast forward to today! Little did I know that my firm intent to turn around and face the hurt with positive force made me feel more at peace than I have ever felt before. I may have felt plenty of negative vibes that I have mentally and physically taken on in the past, but no more. I have seen what negativity can do to a person and I don’t want any part of that.

    So know what I do now about making change…will I find myself wanting to revert back to my “old self?” Yup. But knowing what the gig is, I don’t have to follow that path. I’m going for the win of my life. To accept the me I have longed to become–back to the me I was before all of this hurtful stuff began.

    Thanks, Marie and Todd. You’ll never know how important it was for me to hear this message. The future truly looks so much brighter because of it. –Deb

  55. Marie, how is it that you always put out just the video I need to see just at the right time?

    Todd, congrats on your baby girl I hope you are getting the rest you need. My precious two month old is a constant reminder of why I’m taking steps to change my life.

    I definitely have an OWW brain and I’ve got a bad case of resistance trying to (re)launch my business. I think that ALL of the steps will help me, but especially #5, to script my setbacks. I’m actually pretty good at looking on the bright side of things, but it is so hard to unslump myself when I’m in the thick of it and feeling tapped out from the exertion of putting myself out there. Using the positive power of negative preparation, or knowing what my escape plan from those unpleasant but predictable situations beforehand will take away the burden of having to figure out how to build back up my momentum.

    I’m curious, what would be an example of a trigger goal for a service-based business with no clients to get on the path to getting clients and revenue?

  56. I’ve been making some pretty major changes in my life and it’s great seeing some of the techniques I’ve been using laid out so clearly. This stuff really works!

    #1 – When it comes to getting clear about where I want to go, I started by going through Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. That helped me get really clear about how I want to feel every single day, which then allowed me to create the goals I needed to set to get there. I set goals for the year, and each month I set smaller ones that will help me get there.
    I use #2 to create tiny daily missions that I can check off at the end of the day. I keep a journal to review my progress every single day.
    In terms of keeping it measurable (#3), since one of my biggest goals is to feel better, be less anxious and stressed, I keep track of how I feel every day using a number from 1-10. It’s amazing to see the numbers gradually go up over time!
    The last year or so has been all about building a tribe (#4), collecting the people who really add value to my life, and letting go of the ones that don’t. I definitely couldn’t have made the progress I have without the support of my amazing boyfriend and friends.
    #5 means being prepared for the inevitable negative self-talk and having solid, tested ways to quiet it. It means knowing when I’m reaching my limits and making sure I have lots of me time scheduled.

    For most of my life I had major OW brain. This year, finally, I am starting to feel what WOW brain feels like. And it feels amazing!

  57. I have an WOW brain accompanied by and ADD brain :-/

  58. vicki

    Definite OWW brain. I think too much. I’m a natural analyst. Im analyzing before I even notice it. There’s also a slight lack of patience LOL I get through it with positive self talk. When I catch myself….just do it or just stop it 🙂
    This video has definitely got me excited for the WOW to fully come out.

  59. Mandy

    I have made some big shifts from OWW brain to WOW brain in the past year, and the momentum has been very real and made very tangible changes in my day to day life.

    It was so amazing to watch this video and get a simple breakdown of what vibrational discomfort is that I’ve never been able to put my finger on. Todd, right after the explanation, you stated that people tend to relax into that feeling of change once they know what it is and I had literally just completely relaxed into my chair the second you finished describing what happens on a cellular level when change is brought about. AMAZING!

    The step that I am starting immediately is #2 – Trigger goals. Simplicity is such a huge factor for me and I love how easy this breaks down some of the big stuff that can get overwhelming.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie and Todd!

  60. Toi

    OMG I am such an OWW brain! I never complete things that I am so passionate about in the beginning. I get bored and stuck… this vid was godsend!

  61. This post was amazing! It literally does feel like you cross a bridge when you go from OWW brain to WOW brain. I’m setting my improvement goals right away. I’m actually preparing for a business launch and we all knew how nerve wrecking it can be at times, but I’m filling up on the good stuff. Excellent post and perfect timing Todd & Marie.

    Christina C.

  62. I LOVED this video SO much!!!! It really opened my eyes to my patterns of behavior. I noticed that I definitely have a WOW brain when it comes to health and fitness! I’m fixing to start another business which will be focused on personal training and nutrition. Now knowing these two ways of thinking will definitely help me understand my future clients and their way of thinking. What’s funny though, is that I noticed that I have an OWW brain when it comes to my current Photography Business and dealing with the day to day business items and improving the company. It’s almost as if I am scared and uncomfortable to succeed. I am SO excited to now focus on the 5 Steps and put them into play with my photography business. Thank you SO much Marie & Todd!!!

  63. Catherine

    One of the most inspiring videos…truly loved it, so much valuable content.

    I would say that practice helps converting OWW brain into WOW brain. I found that the more you challenge yourself to go through a change and overcoming the possible OWW attitude, the more you will be able to approach other changes with a WOW attitude. In this, practice definitely makes better.

    All tips were very useful and what I love is that often the same things worded differently hits home in a different way. When Todd mentioned we should gather a tribe around us, it reminded me that even Jesus when having to perform certain miracles brought with him only the core members of the disciples that absolutely believed in him; that is the tribe you need when going through changes and accomplishing the miracles in your own life: the unconditional believers… And these will be the same people you need to call when faced with any setbacks.

    Many books have been written on these topics, each bringing forth different ways to look at the same process. Todd explanations and tips were easy to understand and easy to incorporate in any change process.

    Thank you both.


  64. Sandra

    Wow, this was a great video and a talk! I am so lost at this point here is a little about my backround one year ago I completley transicioned into a vegan diet I was so excited, intrested, happey energized, ate very clean no processed foods. I always had problems with sweets so I stayed away from them, recently couple months ago I got hooked on sweets and now more and more I start eating them every day till I feel sick, I can’t find that pasion anymore, I just eat because I feel bored like you said in that video 🙁 its so hard because I feel sick every single day, my body is scacking from the sugar, I am loosing my power in gym and not that strong anymore. so from wow I went to oww :(((( I guess more organazing in advance is the key thing for me now because I used to do that but now I just eat whatever is around like a sick person.

  65. Do you have a PDF that goes through the steps that I can share with others? I love this concept and already teach many of these ideas but I love your format Todd and the science behind your studies! Thank you, I feel it will be life changing!!!

  66. I have definitely been very ow brained for a couple of years now. I go through short periods of wow, but I used to be much more of a wow-brained type and I would love to get that back. I definitely see the point of making mini improvements to retrain my brain, but I also really appreciate the idea of number 5. Feeling prepared for setbacks is definitely something that I feel can help me to move forward.

  67. Jenny

    Hi Todd!
    Great episode! Thank you both! Some people say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, some sais 40 days. What would you say? Is this something to have in mind when trying new things?


  68. Kristina Buk

    This is so great! I think I often start out really WOW full of inspiration and ideas and the whole support system effect in the B-school FB group has helped me a lot stay on track, since I seem to be more enthusiastic feeling connected. (And after having done the strenghts test I know also that the way I do things makes sence looking at the strenghts) Then eventually I run into getting bored and feeling that resistance, starting to question if I actually want to work with this to a degree where I find myself getting up 10 times going for.. yeah well, nothing – but I look in the fridge, put on the kettle for tea.. etc. And I have learned that changes take time, that cells need to re-ajust.. but the thing that really helps me is the calendar! I have never used my calendar for my own work before (it kind of explains a lot) – and it makes a huge difference for me. Now I want to be consistent in in using it 🙂 What a perfect timing for this video – thank you 🙂

  69. Hey Marie,
    I alternate between the wow and the ow!
    Physical stuff – ow with an emphasis on boredom!
    Mental stuff – wow! starving for more!
    Great episode – he is awesome and I took tons of notes!

  70. Being an energy worker, I can totally relate to the uncomfortable feeling with change. He did a great job explaining this. Different feelings does not mean something bad. It’s a change, and the ‘feeling’ does change. Any movement of energy is a feeling, it’s just which one you are used to feeling.

    scripting setbacks was interesting. I call it what is the worse scenario. But love his approach.

  71. WOW! I realize I’ve been operating from OW! Step 5 is what will work great for me right now. Also, I LOVE the Hungry Hippos analogy. Thank you so much Marie and Todd. Off to implementing!

  72. Well done Todd. Great to see you on the show.

    To everyone else – Todd is the real deal. Not only is he an amazing and generous person (and a dear friend) but he’s the best in the business when it comes to leadership and change.

    Take his words to heart.

  73. Oh, my! I think I’ve just fallen in love! LOL Todd is amazing!

    I’m totally a WOW brain for everything in my life, finally an explanation to why everybody around me thinks I’m crazy! This was so enlightening in so many ways!!! This is my favorite Marie TV episode.

    I must admit like Todd, I do have a little bit of an OW brain when it comes to chocolate cake and sweets. Have definitely been sabotaging myself on that end but I think the key is that I just don’t want to let go…of “the comfort” and pleasure this food provides, so it is a matter of choosing and sticking to one commitment or the other. I want to be healthy and eat all the chocolate cake in the world and that’s simply unreal. Can’t be two opposite places at once, gotta be definitive about this matter 😉

    WOW! What a great aha! Actually many great aha’s with this video!!!

    Thank you much!


  74. What’s interesting is that I have a “WOW” brain when it comes to business ideas and change, but when it comes to personal change I have an “OWW” brain. So I’ve been focused on trying to make the shift and use my tricks in my business life to my personal life.

  75. Sharon

    I am definitely an OWW brain.

    I am my own worst enemy all the time.
    Also, have outside elements that have not helped and created more road blocks for me.

    Even when I have a few moments of clarity and feel like a WOW brainer, I just don’t have the resources (financially speaking) to get to where I want to be. I am riddled in debt, my business is finally growing and I am doing better (not great) than I have in a while. Also being a mom to four kids takes a lot of time from my schedule due to their needs being met first.

    I feel like everything is a mess at the moment and I am the core of it all.

    This information was such an eye opener and I hope to have it play a role in my life. I think “trigger goals” would be something to help me.

    Once again thank you!

  76. Loved this video! I feel like its something that I had struggled with for so long and feel like I’m finally breaking through but all the while have friends and colleagues that are in the same boat and I just don’t know how to get through to them on how to persevere. Will definitely be forwarding this video onto a few of my friends!!

  77. Elizabeth ~ once known as Wisdom

    Let me start with thanks, Marie and Todd. This is a conversation I’ve been needing to hear for a long time.

    When I was younger, I was a WOW brain but now I seem to be stuck in OWW. 🙁 In fact I am so far stuck that I haven’t been gainfully employed for almost two years and it’s taking its toll. I can’t seem to get off the starting block and see clearly what I want. I know it’s gainful employment but when I try to further define it I get lost in the possible variations. How do I narrow it down and solidify the vision?

  78. GL

    Another great show… There is no other way for you… Only the best.
    Todd has explained things so well and right in our face about the OWW and the WOW of change and this scripting thing. Lots to grasp simplified so nicely.
    I am a WOW kind of guy in my creations and my work and at the same time the OWW kicks in when Implementation comes online. I meet the excitement and adventure with bringing things to market. That Sharing part what I offer to people. The change comes when the Inventor, Me, gets my babies out there. Wanting to hold on to closely in my laboratory. OWW! Feelings of Overwhelm hit with the more I do the more must get accomplished and the more I am responsible for. OWW! It’s the trial and error and sheer experimentation through doing that pulls me through. I am not afraid. Scripting what’s not worked, learning from them and going on focusing on what good results come from all the hard and creative work, new scripts flow for prosperity from all of this. WOW! The prize along the path of challenges and success. What keeps me motivated to keep moving forward in spite of what happens. Easy and Challenging and sometime difficult results.
    I love to learn new things and gain insights like today. Amazing minds out in the fabulous world we live in. Thanks to your Guest Todd for the wisdom great food for thought and you Marie for another great show… Keep shining for all of us. I look forward to your next show on MARIE TV.

  79. Meegan

    Quite an interesting topic Marie. Thanks for sharing these concepts. As always, informative and entertaining!

    I’m a OW/WOW brain! I’m awesome at the prepping and planning but at the follow through I. get. stuck.

    This video helped me see things in a new light! Love that about MarieTV. New perspective helps everyone realize ‘we are not alone’ and how to turn things around.

    One of the BIGGEST take aways I’ll be doing it front-loading my day. I already do this with my workouts. Need to adapt it to my business strategy. 🙂

    I also like calling the steps ‘micro’. This wordplay makes it seem less daunting and doable.

    Now back to B-School to ROCK it!

  80. Wow! This video really came at a perfect time. I say “Wow” as that is the brain I want to bring more to the forefront. As I’ve been most recently going through BSchool, putting my stuff out into the world, getting subscribes and unsubscribes, I’ve been facilitating between the OW and the WOW.

    Telling myself that that deep down “feeling it isn’t right” might just be a cellular change happening, a pull to be greater, resistance to expansion…well this just changes EVERYTHING! Thank you so much Marie and Todd for this exceptional video!

  81. Trish

    Why are they constantly talking about Food??!! How about “building your business” examples instead of chocolate cake examples&[email protected]!?

  82. Joyce

    HI Marie and Todd,
    What a great video and just in the nick of time……there are no accidents right…I really needed to hear this today! I am usually a WOW person….always looking forward with confidence and adventure…..but recently I have been challenged in many areas of my life and at times it feels like everywhere I look has become a difficult decision….so now I guss Im experiencing the OWW side of my personality….I really dont like this side and prefer to move over to the WOW again…..after listening to your video I realized that I am lumping all my issues into one big problem….its almost suffocating me as everyday I wake up and use positive affirmations and exercise and focus on goals for the day…..just today I am starting a new sales career….cold calling and brand new product….and today I thought this just isn t feeling good to me …maybe its not the right thing for me….(patience is not a virtue of mine…just sayin) but in reality…I have only been to 6 calls and with no real interest….I was thinking its my gut talking but really its my inexperience and lack of success with it…rejection is hard for me…but after listening to you today..I realize I should prepare myself for the rejections and use it to change my presentation…or try to understand what it is the client needs….not sure…but it was very helpful to know I am not crazy….the most successful people fail many times before they succeed and to make little improvements everyday… the key…
    THank you for acknowledging the fact that it is normal to go between OWW and WOW throughout your life….I have been in both places…..and realize your 5 steps will help to keep me in the WOW~~

  83. I absolutely ADORED this episode and I think I’ll go back and watch it several more times!

    I honestly loved every part of this, and found that I actually have intuitively done some of the things that Todd suggests doing when trying to start a new habit (I started running last summer, and on days when I schedule a run, I put my running clothes on first thing in the morning so that when my scheduled running time comes, I’m already dressed and don’t really have an excuse not to go!).

    But the part that struck me the strongest was scripting your setbacks. I have also done this in the past, but never put it in those terms (which is freaking genius, btw).

    I have struggled with food issues some in the past, and when I was trying to lose weight, I would tell myself that it’s just as easy to say no to foods that I shouldn’t eat as it is to say yes. They’re both just one word. And the word “No” is not a harder word to say than yes. Just a different word.

    I used to tell myself that phrase (“It’s just as easy to say no as it is to say yes”) before I went to functions where I knew there would be food that I was trying to avoid. But I hadn’t gone so far as to think through other situations with that same attention to detail. I will definitely incorporate actually writing scripts.

    I used to be a total OWW-er and have completely turned into a much stronger tendency to be a WOW-er. It’s taken me several years to make that change, but I literally get a high from the unknowns in my life right now. I’m building a life for myself that I never even allowed myself to dream about for most of my existence. And the excitement I feel for what’s to come is overwhelming. And I find that I’m doing more and more to build that excitement around every single part of my life.

    Thank you so much Marie and Todd! In my opinion, this episode is one for the books!! Much love to you both!

  84. Rusti Q

    Marie and Todd – thank you so much for today’s episode and for the enlightenment. My question for Todd is this (and I know it’s not original, but I don’t think I saw it in the other comments above – if so, please just re-direct me): what advice do you have for me as I’m making pretty significant transformational changes in my life – in short, going from a people pleaser to my authentic self and saying/doing what I actually desire – and having my friends and family not support me, or appears to support me but really thinks “I hope she moves past this phase soon”? It’s hard enough to make lasting changes, but when those closest to you don’t want you to change, my resolve can take a beating. I’m not backing down this time – that would be the old “people pleaser” but I feel rather isolated a lot. I appreciate your thoughts.

  85. Jason

    I’m definitely and OWW brain. Gaaah! So much cool stuff in this video! Where do I begin?!

    It was great to learn about the biology of change. I’m definitely incorporating that knowledge into my life now. And Technique #5 will definitely help alot! I would have never thought to ask myself that, ever!


    Keep up the good work! I love your personality in these videos. I also love the outtakes you show at the end!


  86. Definitely a WOW brain in most circumstances, with the ultimate desire for adventure, freedom & adaptability. Though, in really big life changes that feel as though you haven’t initiated them (you really have though!), I find myself defaulting to the OWW brain, and there is resistance to what I’ve unconsciously invited into my life and so it therefore makes the change much harder on every level.

    I’m practicing the WOW like a child learning to walk in those major transitions of life that I “don’t want” – step by step – as if you’re really tapped in you can actually feel the fear arise in your body when you’re reluctant and in contraction mode (resistance / OWW).

    Juicy video .. grateful for this one, thank you both!

  87. Amanda

    Loved this! Thank you Marie, Thank you Todd!

    Had to laugh so much as I watched this, my Lulu Lemon pants were laid out on my bed ready for my class tonight 🙂

    I’m most often a ‘wow’ brain but we all have our ‘oww’ moments, this video was a wonderful re-inforcement of reacting positively to change and not quitting! I’m starting straight away with ‘script your setbacks’ already I feel better because I’ve realised that if my current project doesn’t work out, I won’t die, and neither will anyone else, and it really won’t be the end of the world. So I can just keep moving now 🙂 and if it doesn’t work, try and try again!

    Have a great week everyone!!

    Love Amanda

  88. Hi Marie and Todd!

    Quick question. How does all of this work when you are caught up in an emotionally draining situation as well. Not trying to give TMI here, but in March my husband decided he no longer wanted to be married to me. So, I am continuing to work toward my goals, build my business, etc. BUT, there’s is this emotional piece that is so exhausting and leaves me feeling like the odds are completely stacked against me. Any advice on how to move forward in these new life circumstances while moving forward in my other professional/personal goals?

    • Misty Ross

      Hi Julie,

      I’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time. I know what emotional drain feels like – it IS exhausting!

      You said, “my husband decided he no longer wanted to be married to me”. It sounds like you still care for him deeply, which is good because anger IS the worst kind of poison! I hope him not wanting to be married to you does not make you feel unworthy. I obviously don’t know the nature of your relationship BUT what I do know is THAT when a relationship no longer serves growth it is time to close the door and spend time in relationships that do.

      I have witnessed SO many individuals experience more genuine love after love lost. It hurts but sometimes those hurtful situations really are open doorways to bigger, better opportunities for us.

      Perhaps, you both have just out grown your relationship. It’s no ones fault. You are worthy of love and what comes next will be even better as long as you’re open to it.


  89. Nancy

    LOVE it…wish I had seen this in my 3rd week of B-School!

  90. I’m very much an OWW brain! Every time something gets scary, I retreat to what is safe, and then I feel stuck. It’s a nasty cycle.

  91. Kim

    I am so excited about scripting my setbacks. I have a WOW brain in most areas of my life, but around my workouts and food I have a tendency to slip into the OWW brain very quickly. I think it’s going to be incredibly helpful to start really looking closely at where my setbacks tend to happen and scripting my way out of them. This video was just what I needed today–thank you Marie and Todd!

  92. I am more of a WOW brain gal. Trust me, the OW brain comes and goes! I do find myself setting the goals, and getting close, but falling off somehow?
    I believe the “micro-steps” break down will be MOST helpful in achieving my goals I have set forth.
    I would like to know, “How can I overcome the OW brain when it comes to begin afraid of being alone on my journey since my friends now are NOT on the same journey?” I have made a few new friends in B-School, but find it to be a pulling feeling of both ways, “Accept the new successful me & let go of the friends who are not on board” to “I really love them, should I go through with it”
    I know in my intellect that the right answer is to push forward with where I am going and forget those who don’t follow, but my nostalgia is weighting me down. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to push through it and leave the nostalgia in the dust, so to speak?

  93. Misty Ross

    My cells use to crave stress – peace was painful. I took deliberative action to change my pattern to crave more peace – now stress hurts. Now, my job (..which, I had during this entire process of change) is SO stressful it hurts! All I want to do not is quit, so I don’t become addicted to stress again, but I feel like that would be SO irresponsible!

    • Misty Ross

      All I want to do IS QUIT… (sorry typo) omit the “not” 🙂

  94. Marie & Todd, this is a fantastic video. It sums up a lot of the personal growth training that I’ve done. It’s not that there is anything wrong with me, I just go back to comfort when things aren’t feeling right! I can now compare all of my goals to the gym. I had to start somewhere before I could run 4 miles a day….how can I apply that to each goal. Where is/was my starting point and what does my 4 miles a day look like for each goal??

    Again, fabulous!

  95. Mieke Thijssen

    Hi Marie and Todd I absolutely loved the explanation of the OWW-brain and the WOW-brain. I have felt it, but I didn’t have a name for it. When it comes to change on a sportlevel I have a WOW-brain, but when it comes to personal change I have an OWW-brain. Setting the triggergoals und scripting the set-back with words and feelings are very valuable to me. I know how to do that and I write it down first thing tomorrow morning. Also the tip from Marie to plan the next day is very helpfull to me. I do it in my mind, but then it stays there and I can’t get rest and peacefullness in my head.
    I have a question to Todd. I want to share my special and unique gift to the world and I now in order to do that I have to know what it is. In other words I need to know what I am seeking. How can I do that when my OWW-mind keeps sabotaging me?

  96. I have a WOW brain in the beginning that quickly becomes an OWW brain as soon as anything goes wrong. I need to approach my business with a more positive outlook and accept the setbacks because, as you said, they will happen.

    Thank you Marie and Todd for the kick in the butt. I love Marie’s habit of preparing at day’s end for the following day. I am committing to that habit starting this afternoon!

  97. Marie and Todd,

    Thank you so much for this episode. It put a framework around the body/brain mess I’ve been since starting bschool!
    I just wrote to my friend two days ago claiming that I felt bipolar!
    It’s now clear that what I’m doing is the switch between OOW and WOW brain as I develop my business and launch myself out to a new place. The best thing is that now I can name what’s happening–knowledge of the process creates the personal safety I crave…making me more able to take risks on a business level.

    With much appreciation,

  98. Hi Marie and Todd,

    Thanks so much for posting this video–many, many great nuggets of wisdom that are super helpful (I took lots of notes!).

    I’ve definitely noticed that the more overwhelmed I feel with the many different changes I want to make all at once, I slip deep into OWW brain. This is especially challenging when it comes to my own business; I’ll get excited (WOW) about a change I want to make, and the longer I think, the more I realize there are 937 other changes I also want to make, and they all seem to be making or breaking my business!

    I have 2 questions related to this:

    1) How many changes do you recommend tackling at once? And within those changes, how many trigger goals and improvement goals?

    2) A related question: How long does it usually take for our cells to get through the “vibration” transition stage? Or is it different for everyone, or different depending on the nature/size of the goal? Is it more like a week, a month, a year?

    I really love the scripting setbacks idea, too–I’ve never tried it before, and it seems really empowering to face those fears head-on and prepare for them, rather than letting them be monsters in the closet.

    Thanks again, really appreciate your generosity in sharing all this!


    I so start out as a Wow brain and within days the
    oww brain kicks in. I love all of the suggestions
    but scripting setbacks is going to be my focus.
    Thank you!

  100. Lauren

    This was really awesome, thank you Todd and Marie.

    Unfortunately, I think I have more of an “oww” brain than a “wow” brain. Although sometimes, like Lisa, I wake up with the decision already made, and I never look back. This has happened particularly with big life changes, such choosing to study abroad, changing my major, and moving to LA after college. I don’t remember when the initial decision happened, but nothing was going to sway me once it was made, and the steps to accomplish them happened effortlessly.

    When it comes to making conscious growth, I think “Building a Tribe” resonates most with me. Whenever I have a team, group, or partner, I am more likely to get something done. I hate disappointing people, and being an extravert, the social aspect helps keep me on track.

    At the end of the video, Todd says that we should front-load our day with change, not wait until the end. That also resonates quite a bit. When I wake up with a plan of action, I am able to get all the tedious tasks done fairly quickly. I don’t even let myself have coffee until they’re completed. And I feel a sense of relaxation and accomplishment all day, which allows me to do all the fun and creative things I want to do more easily.

    Thank you both again,

  101. Hi Marie

    Excellent video as always 😀

    I think I’m a bit of both, but possible lean a bit more towards the OWW than I ever realised. I have a habit of doing stuff for a while, and making some really good headway, and then I will literally stop dead in my tracks, and go and do something else. So Todd’s explanation was really really useful.

    What was also useful was finding out you plan out your day, and I do to. I started a few months back, and it isn’t always full, but it does feel good to be ticking stuff off the list, as well as being able to see what I need to do, and where I can move things to if I don’t do them or complete them.

    As for the Todd’s tips, I think the 1st one is most useful for me at the moment. I’m working on a business plan and its really helping me to get some clarity in to my direction, but I’m sure as I progress, the other tips will be very useful 😀

    Thanks for all your help Marie

  102. This was such a great interview. I even sent an email out to my list to tell them about it. You rock Marie!

    p.s. Funny “trigger goal” I use: Whenever I wanna go to the gym (but I really don’t wanna…) I push myself to put on my socks. Once those bad boys are on, there’s nothing stopping me from getting out the door.

    I don’t wear socks, like ever. Florida-life. 😉

  103. Wow! (no pun intended) The insight about why we’re not feeling right during the process of a change is invaluable! This is my biggest take away from today’s episode. Having a clear vision and improvement goals come close second and third.
    I am definitely an oww brain overall. I only go through changes when it hurts too much to stay where I am. Right now, I am going through a major detox because I’m riddled with psoriasis (got rid of it before by sticking to a diet…then I relaxed too much when it cleared)
    I’m also going through a financial purge as I realized my bad money habits are threatening to make me bankrupt. (I have cleared my debts once before… But guess what, I relaxed again!)
    So it’s a pattern of mine.

    Once I get over the problem, I put myself back in it!!!

    Shaking my head in disbelief.

  104. Hey Marie and Todd,

    Probably the most significant step for me is the “Script Your Setbacks.” I’ve been on the path to a more fit and healthy lifestyle. However, my roommates make that difficult because they love buying junk food, pizza, and all those delicious, not-so-healthy foods.

    Several goals that I’m currently setting for myself include:

    1. Like I mentioned earlier, living a healthier lifestyle. I believe that steps you mentioned and discussed in the video are tangible to this goals.

    2. I’m actually in the process of applying to jobs in the Seattle area. I’ll be graduating with my Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering and moving to Seattle for Graduate School. Hence, a couple of I guess “trigger goals” are taking the Engineering-In-Training Exam. Then, moving to Seattle and hopefully getting acquainted with the area. Afterward, start graduate school while simultaneously applying to more jobs. However, I’m not really having much luck with this goal. It’s a bit challenging. I hope I’m taking the appropriate steps.

  105. This was awesome! I especially enjoyed Rule #5 about Scripting Your Setbacks. Powerful stuff that speaks to me as a student of cognitive behavioral theory. I am just finishing B-School and during the course of all of that phenomenal growth, there have been lots of highs and a couple of lows. One of the lows was discussing my book idea with a mentor and finding out she was planning to write about the same thing! Since I’d had other insights about handling competition and how to handle it in B-School (or I should say the illusion of competition because nobody else actually can share your unique vision in your unique way), I was only momentarily thrown when I heard about her idea after announcing mine. Now that I’ve had first hand experience with what some of the setbacks can be, I think scripting my response to them and the the feelings they bring up, will be one of my most powerful tools. Thanks for this vid. It was chock full of useful and totally relevant goodness as always.

  106. Jennifer

    Wow!! You two are a powerhouse of information!! Thank you soooo much for this amazing episode!!! Loved it!!

  107. Maria

    Great video!

  108. Hi Marie, this was an excellent video! It is goin to help me tremendously.
    I’ve had major changes in my life from loosing my father, brother-in-law, two young nieces, my beloved dog, and my grandfather plus now going through a divorce after 11 years of marriage and now a single mom of two young kids, I did somatic therapy for a year and started my own business in the beauty industry. So I am in the OWW brain, been living there for quite a while and I’m sick of it! I’ve tried to make changes but I am very resistant to the change. I know understand how this change thing works and I’m going to follow the 5 steps!
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing this!

  109. I could literally eat this entire vidinterview up like a matzo ball and gulp down my aha’s with the broth. Thank you both for sharing this- unbelievably helpful in understanding and respecting the OWW brain husband in my life and my tendencies to steamroll him with my WOW brain style of “just suck it up, it’s so much sweeter on the other side of the struggle.” mentality.
    Cave Creek Arizona

  110. Carolina

    When I decided that I’m going to change my habits or something the next day I woke up sick the flu, a horrible headache or my knees swell up so I stop doing this change until I recovered but I find my self begining my change every 2 weeks but I don’t progress much.

    Thank you Marie

  111. Thanks for a great episode Marie. I definitely have a WOW brain and think of myself as very good at executing my decisions, however, my brain can turn to an OWW brain fairly easily when things don’t go as I expect- then I want to stop trying- somehow though- even if I’ve taken a brake from my business, I always get drawn back, recover from the owwww, and begin focusing on my goals again. I formulate my new improvement goal and go for it. Then it’s all WOW again 🙂 For me the bottom line is that I’m so strongly committed to helping people, and so deeply committed to lifelong learning, that even a while of owww brain, doesn’t stop me from doing my life’s work, and for that I’m very grateful.

  112. Elizabeth

    Hi Marie and Todd!
    Loved the video!
    I can easily step out of the ow brain and engage in the wow brain while having a goal in mind. I can remain in that Wow brain for sometime showing great progress and reaching the desired goals. What I do not understand is how after being in the wow brain and achieving the goals that I had set for myself for a years time how I can slowly slip backwards and sabotage myself and the progress that I have made.

    For example: Exercising and maintaining the achieved goal for over a years time getting myself in the best shape of my life then not showing up one day to exercise and maybe not eating so healthy that day because I figured “oh one day can’t hurt”, then totally slipping so far back that after a years progress I am back to square one.

    How do you prevent yo yo ing?

  113. Jennifer

    I am definitely and OWW brainer when it comes to change! I get so far with it, make really great progress then fall back into self sabotage and limiting beliefs again! Its very frustrating!

    The most helpful of the five tips for me will be the setback scripting! I often catastrophise and avoid in order to not need to deal with the realities of failure.

    All is well!

    Thank you, Jennifer

  114. I love this. I feel like I need to watch this at least 16 more times. I think I used to be more OWW brained. However about 2 months ago, over a free coaching call, I made a commitment to meditate 1 minute per day. Seriously. The coach had me repeat the commitment back to her. “I’ll meditate 10 minutes per day.”
    “No. That’s not what you agreed to,” she said.
    “But I can do more.”
    “Maybe for a day or two. To set yourself up for success, you need to start with what may seem like an offensively small goal.”

    I internally scoffed, but I tell you 64 days later I’m up to 23 minutes per day. It is sacred time I look forward to every morning. I have derived so much clarity from this quiet, private time. But only because I actually do it. Had I just busted in like a tornado, who knows if I would have ever made it past day 4 or 5.

    1 minute per day. Seriously. After day 5 I instinctively increased the time to 3 minutes. And it has been slowly building since.

    It has been a fascinating road of discovery. What was once an obligation is now a sought after activity.

    Because of this experience not only am I taking steps that I always wanted to take, I also believe I went from predominantly OWW to WOW brained.

    This also answers the 2nd question about what strategy I want to use to start: setting improvement goals.

    I just came back from a work out with a personal trainer. He has me do a bodyweight / resistance exercise sequence in something called a TRX (these strap thingies that hang from the ceiling). Today’s first exercise was inverted pushups. Feet go in the handles, body pops into an angled handstand, and then push ups happen. I pumped out 20. Without a break.

    When I came back to the proper vertical (head above feet), my trainer said, “Can you please take a moment to recognize what you just did?”

    Good call. That was pretty impressive. Improvement goals. Important stuff.

    My last example is recently I was whining to my mom about blah blah blah wanting to be further along blah blah blah. In her infinite maternal wisdom she cut me off, “Tonia. Stop. Do you realize how far you’ve come?”

    True dat. Oh Mamma.I love you.

    So it seems from these last two examples that the improvement goals are only recognized in retrospect. I like the idea of creating those mini milestones from the get go.

    Thanks Marie and Todd. This was the best 25 minutes I’ve spent on the interwebs in awhile!

  115. Sharon

    I have always had an OWW brain, and I’m sick of it! I really am tired of feeling stuck and wanting to be “safe” but it’s become such a habit that I am afraid I will never change. I think that the 5 steps that you provided will be my blueprint – starting with #1 – to identify specifically what I am seeking. I’ve had a general goal and some good ideas, but never got specific. I think that is where I need to start and then follow through with the next four steps. Gathering a tribe may be the most challenging for me, as I tend to isolate myself for fear of being judged. This interview was very inspiring – thank you so much to both of you!

    • Jenna

      Hey Sharon! I definitely think there’s hope for change if you take it in small steps. I highly recommend carol dweck’s book called “mindset” if you want to learn more about the psychology behind “oww” and “wow” which she refers to as the “fixed” and “growth” mindsets.

  116. I definitely have a “wow” brain, and while that’s a good thing most of the time, what about these potential downsides:

    -Jumping into something before taking the time to consider any negative consequences

    -Trying to change too many things at once (hello overwhelm!)

    -Change for the sake of change (because it’s exciting and it “might work”)?

  117. Jo

    What incredible luck. Or planning. Or both.

    Anyhow, I’m in B-School and I was thinking about the one burning question I might have for the remaining live component…and you just answered it.

    I love spirituality and I love woo-woo but can I just give you a mahoosive high-five for actually explaining the science behind all this shit? Learning is my smack, and I’m a physics and maths grad so this is huge for me. I took 600 words of notes which is VERY rare.

    For me, the scientific explanation of how the cells get accustomed to this type of change is the trigger to me actually taking it on board. So to answer your question in a meta way, number 2, set trigger goals is the most impactful.

    Evidently understanding WHY something is the case is the trigger for dealing with it. Translating to action step: identify without judgement what is the resistance. Use concrete knowledge to explain it in real terms. Love it. Deal with it. Move on and up.

    Think this is my favourite all time episode 🙂

  118. I definitely have a WOW brain. To the point that I seek out change in my life in an almost ritualistic manner. It kind of disturbs people around me some of the time, which is too bad, but my long-time friends are very used to it and usually roll with it pretty well. I have been ramping up to start my business through B-school recently, but I haven’t really had a hard time doing it. In fact, I also enrolled in a couple of other programs simultaneously, (Unstarving Artist, Start Your Blog, Center Stage) in order to go in the direction I feel like I am heading. If anything, I think I might be addicted to change…huh.

  119. SusanD

    Hey Todd, This information is so valuable. I’ve never scripted my setbacks. Such a great idea. I had one of those hand-hits-forehead moments when you said that. When a plan or idea doesn’t work out the way I think it should, I freeze and don’t know how to get past it. Then it’s like I’m feeling my way in the dark. Does that even make sense?

  120. Hola Marie and Todd, thank you so much for all of your knowledge and insight. It actually feels quite awesome to know that I have been taking these steps already myself which now that you’ve broken them down into aspects of leadership I feel more confident that I am growing and becoming that inspiring person (leader!!!) I know I am (but forgot at some point). If I had to say which one has been most important to me, probably Step 3 set improvement goals.
    Much aloha

  121. Jill Rowe

    Marie ~

    another stellar MarieTV episode!! and much needed at the moment. I definitely default to OWW brain during change. I will say that when taking on new skills, creative ideas, physical activities I have the WOW brain. I am so excited by all of the new stimulation and excitement that fuels my creativity and changes I see in my physicality when taking on a new workout regimen. BUT… when I get past the initial ‘honeymoon’ phase of something new ~ I definitely default to the OWW brain and lose momentum and just plain stop. I will definitely use all five action steps, but the one that I feel will be of the most help will be number 5 ~ Script Your Setbacks. If I recognize that when the newness wears off and it becomes ‘work’ ~ I have to create positive small improvement goals to keep going and remember why I am doing this in the first place and keep going!

    Really powerful stuff and as always super useful.

    Thanks Marie!!

  122. wow on the wow and oww brains 😛 Great video. there are two concepts that I really liked:
    First, being reminded about some concepts that one of my Coaches used to say: Do not listen to those lions (fears) roaring all around you, which Todd named Hippos, they have power inasmuch as you pay attention to them.
    Second, regarding vision, to make as practical, down to earth as possible. Not some immaterial and intangible concept far out there, but rather something very close to you, the path you choose, that is right in front of your very shoes, right now.

  123. Ulanda

    Stunning chat – thank you.

    I started my own consultancy two months ago and doubt comes knocking at the door every now and then. Watching the video today was awesome. I am a WOW brain and without knowing it are following the steps. Step 5 – script your setbacks – is so powerful – thank you for that advice.

  124. Awesome post. I’m a personal Rainer and nutrition specialist and this is just perfectly applicable in and for my practice. Makes so much sense, I haven’t thought of it this way when working with my clients.

    Personally I’m a wow brainer. lol Can get a little unfocused though so implementing short term goals would likely help me stay on track!

    • that was supposed to say “personal trainer”, not Rainer. lol >blush<

  125. Alexis


    That was truly helpful. I used to be a total WOW brain. I knew that anything I got into my head to do I could do. I’ve used #2 for years. I’ve always called it “doable things.” I can’t do that interview because it’s too scary but I can set my alarm clock. I can’t do that interview but I can get up when the alarm goes off. I can’t do that interview but I can get in the shower. I can’t do that interview but I can get dressed in clothes that would be appropriate for the interview. I can’t do that interview but I can get in the car and drive in the direction of the interview, etc., etc. I would just do the next doable thing and, low and behold, before I knew it I was at the interview feeling pretty great about it. Incredibly effective!

    Traveling and living around the world and working wherever I wanted to work, I created a larger-than-life life. It was pretty amazing. Then, in 2007, I got sick with an illness that totally beat me into an OWW brain. The symptoms of the illness turned me into someone I didn’t recognize. I became fearful, depressed, self pitying and angry. I developed a defeatist attitude.

    While there were times when I gave up entirely, there were other times when I would have a reprieve and could advocate for myself. I’m now on the mend but the OWW brain is still screaming to be fed.

    My question is this: Is there a time period for cellular change? I know that in the case of alcoholism, for example, it can take anywhere from several months to a year or more the cells of the central nervous system to be repaired. Is there data that is similar for cell receptors?

    Thank you so much for the time you took to share with us and THANK YOU, MARIE, FOR HAVING TODD ON MARIE TV!

  126. Jackie Leo Hershfeld

    Talk about perfect timing for me for this interview.
    Tonight I am going to my gym (I have been barely utilizing my gym membership since December) and I am weighing in for the 8 week weight loss challenge I signed up for. Im not going to lie – Im nervous. I have 30 pounds I want to loose, and having someone besides me see that number that is going to pop up on the scale is scary, but to work to change that number, and at the end of 8 weeks to see it go down thanks to hard work and a change in eating habits will be well worth it. So I guess you could say I approach change with a WOW attitude, but I now realize that when the change starts to get tough, I can easily slide into having an OW attitude. Making my efforts to change fleeting, even though I go into change with a positive, go-getter attitude.
    There is so much about my life that I am working to make positive changes towards right now – a business, my health and weight loss – this was the perfect interview at the perfect time.

  127. Sabrina

    Hi Marie and Todd, thank you so much for this words. I loved listening your ideas about how we manage changes. It´s amazing to see the power of our emotions but also knowing that we can control them, we can decide how to be. That´s awesome for me, and also a big responsability towards myself. As I understood, the key is perseverance and commitment to your goals.
    I imagine this work like a very tall ladder, that you can only climb with little steps. So I don´t try to make a big jump, rather I keep in mind my goal of getting to the top of the ladder. Good luck people! Enjoy the proccess of changing, that´s what life is about!:)

  128. Ola

    The video was awesome. It is interesting to learn about our behavior that sometimes takes us back to the old habits. Thank you so much.

  129. Indi

    This episode was so great! I took notes through out the video for reminders. I love that you talked about the 14 day cleanse. I have been changing my eating habits. I made some major changes in how I viewed food, and other things as well. A lot of it had to do with health, and also my business, relationships (family, friend and boyfriend), how I view myself etc. With this change in how I thought, I was able to quit smoking after 10 years of being addicted to cigarettes. I started researching health and nutrition, and started eating clean and losing weight. I started exercising, and finally found trail running (so much fun!!!). I started watching your videos, and others about entrepreneurship. My business has really began to take off. In two weeks, I will have officially made the switch from working for someone else with my business on the side, to having the time I need to put into it, and taking the risk of running my business full time. It has been on the side for 5 years now, and I have to go after my passion! The only way it was possible for me to make any of these changes, was a change how I thought. For the longest time, I was stuck in the OWW brain. But over this last year or so, I have been mainly in the WOW brain! I have gone on a search to find out more about motivation. But what I have found, is that motivation is not going to come just from thinking about something, wishing for it. You have to take a step, even if you don’t “feel like it”. That will lead to the next step and so on, kind of like what Todd was talking about with the trigger goals. This leads to momentum, which leads to the new action becoming easier and easier. Now that I am in this Wow type of thinking, my goals are within reach. When I really want something, I will work for it. Every time I notice something good about a change I am making, for example my pants fitting looser, or getting more calls for consultations… whatever it is, I take note of it, I appreciate it, and I try to remember those positive feelings when I am tempted by old habits. Along the way, I came across a video on youtube called “The Strangest Secret”. It is a recording of Earl Nightingale from 1956 (I think). That recording changed my life. The law of attraction is an incredible thing! I used to be pretty terrified of change. Now I crave it. If I feel like I am stagnant, it really depresses me. As far as which step will make the biggest difference, I think trigger goals are a great idea! I will definitely use that. As always, great episode! Thanks Marie!

  130. Thank you for a wonderful episode.
    I recognize it so much also with people I work with. I think I am a WOW brain as I am addicted to growth and action but the step that I really think I need to sharpen is the improvement goals that can help me stay focus on the path.
    I noticed that the inner dialog we have about what is happening is crucial for staying positive so I try to train my brain to view the positive things or what I am grateful for.
    I would like to form better habits around the tracking of progress. Love to hear more ideas. Loved the one of Marie.

  131. Holy moly this episode was something else! Freakin’ LOVE it!

    Oh where do I start. Yep, definitely going back and forward between OWW and WOW. However! I have been making progress. Where I used to hold on to limiting believes and my inner critic, finding excuses and all that, I now slowly but surely has kicked my mind into growth, opportunity and awesomeness. I’m almost believing I can pull this off. With this I mean growing my blog. I started a blog at the end of 2012 but didn’t follow through for all sorts of reasons, aka excuses, however having re-launched it a couple of months back I’m really feeling it. And you know what? I gained momentum! Which is the major thing for me at the moment. More people reading my posts, more comments. I said to intention to reach a 100 likes on blogs Facebook page by the end of the month and I reached it yesterday + it’s still growing. I love it and it gives me confidence in return. So this episode totally resonated with me.

    I think the steps that will help me the most are trigger goals and scripting set backs. Both so powerful. I feel I need the trigger goals to keep on this path and keep working at it, consistently and consciously. The scripting set backs will help me when road blocks appear on my path, which undoubtedly will, and to help me deal with the situation and not end up at the same place last year when things didn’t go according to plan (when do they ever?!).

    A massive thank you to you both Marie and Todd, this was awesome.


  132. Amy

    The action step that will help me the most is setting a plan of what to accomplish at night for the following day. It sounds so simple, but it really is the key to taking those micro steps towards the marketing, connecting, and content creation that is dying to get out from inside of me. Thanks to both of you!

  133. Estelle Keribin

    Wow, what an inspiring video! Thank you Marie and Todd! I am definitely a OWw but am learning to go more and more towards a Wow. It does feel very slow as I find it so hard to be a mum and try to build a business at the same time. I have always been an all or nothing person and I find it hard to split life between the 2 whilst still looking after myself and managing my stress!!! Would that be inner critic self – sabotaging at play? I think so! How can I avoid feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do in the different areas of my life? Doing your step 5 for the 3 areas of my life? Any other advice?

  134. This was a great video. Thank you so very much! I’m a oww person when it comes to my business as an health coach and net work marketing. I loved that you said to look for micro change and record that. so often I feel I have done nothing when I actually have accomplished quite a few things. Another big take away was to Script set backs. I’m afraid of set backs and I want to stay in the safe zone.
    One of my big dilemmas is to plan. I tend to start too many things, there are too many things that I feel I need to learn now. That overwhelms me, and I either get started on too many, or I give up and do nothing about it.
    I will re-listen to this video and try to follow the 5 steps! Thanks again!

  135. As MANY people say regarding Marie TV; this has come at the PERFECT time! I have experienced both the “ow brain” and the “wow brain” at different times in my journey. I, OF COURSE, LOVE the wow brain! It is exciting and fulfilling and amazing. The ow brain is uncomfortable and disappointing and sometimes excruciatingly painful.

    I went from being ow brained during my teen years and early adulthood to being really wow brained to getting really physically and emotionally ill for about 3 years, with the worst being the last year and a half, and then back to the ow brain. I am on the recovery side of this illness and find that I want to “jump right back in” and pickup right where I left off with regard to my focus on my goals, especially my physical fitness. I feel frustrated and discouraged. It is very self defeating. It dawned on me, recently, that I have lost the motivation and I need to create momentum to increase my motivation. I know, well, that momentum is hardest in the beginning and gets easier as the momentum builds. Kind of like the saying, “a body in motion stays in motion.”

    I find that I am really hard on myself. So, everytime I feel the the pain of the ow brain I immediately stop what is painful. ESPECIALLY, after being so critically ill so recently. It’s like my tolerance to stress is much lower. Or, my tolerance to allow stress is lower.

    I have long been a student of self help/self growth/motivational books. With the help of Marie Forlio and the many other fabulous authors that Marie has exposed me to, I have an entirely different view on goal setting. My new view really resonates with me. However, at this moment I find that I am following the path of least resistance. I think it is good for me in many areas of my life, as the stress that I was putting on myself to achieve my goals was part of what brought me to such critical illness.

    With that being said, there are important things that I have neglected; like, clean eating and regular exercise (no matter how mild). The exercise came to a halt due to my physical health. The overeating of sugar became rampant due to the stress and the drug like effects that it brings. Both, lack of exercise and overeating sugar is detrimental to my health. Negative for many, but for me it is deadly. I have an autoimmune condition and I MUST eat clean and exercise regularly (even just lightly) to save my life and my quality of life. What I haven’t understood is why it is SO difficult NOW, but was easier to get the momentum going in the past, as I have been an avid health and fitness student (and teacher) for the majority of my adult life. This has been a very frustrating and very self defeating process. I know that this IS part of my journey and that as I learn the lessons that I am meant to, that I will move beyond this pain and experience the benefits of what I am meant to do; take good care of my body and live healthfully.

    This information is so good and so timely. I am super excited to get a more clear perspective from this information and move toward my goals in a healthier manner.


    Chrissy Moe

  136. Cristina

    Todd, thank you for taking the time to be with us! Marie, thank you for bringing Todd to your show!

    This episode helped me understand my current main struggle. I have always been a WOW brain, being ready to jump on any opportunity that my gut feeling labeled as adventure. However, in the last two-three years, hard times made me become more of a OWW brain. I was trying for a while to implement some changes in my professional life and when I finally got an offer that has the potential to open more doors for me, my brain went bananas and looks for all sort of excuses for not taking this career opportunity.

    I was sad and disappointed with my own reaction to this new opportunity and I spent a whole week worrying about something that is GREAT! It just did not make any sense to me. I understand now that this reaction is just my body wanting to be safe and stay in the same place, not start another round of global commuting 🙂

    My question is how long does it take for a body to adapt? Can our bodies’ reaction to change translate into questioning good projects and opportunities?

    Thank you again and good luck with everything!

  137. Nicole Notario-Risk

    Thanks so much for this interview Marie and Todd! The oww and wow brain framework is so helpful. I am struggling big time with changing health and self care habits and I jokingly say things like “Fat Nicole is strong and powerful!” when I continue to sabotage myself. Thank you for giving me language that is a little kinder and encouraging me to acknowledge and rework the story I am telling myself. Onward toward growth and adventure!

  138. Thanks – this video was Ah-mazing! I will need to watch it again. I love the questions in the comments here! Getting from OWW to WOW is a challenge. I used to be WOW oriented when I was in a steady long-term relationship and since that ended i’ve had a hard time leaving WOW. It’s amazing what having live-in support from someone you love can do. So now it’s moving from OWW to WOW (I want to say on my own – but I know in reality it’s ‘with my tribe’!). All the steps helped me! SO my next goal is to make those goals you mentioned (#2 & #3), designate a small group of women to my tribe, and tell them about my goals so they can hold me to them and cheer me on in the process. Thanks!

  139. Thanks – this video was Ah-mazing! I will need to watch it again. I love the questions in the comments here! Getting from OWW to WOW is a challenge. I used to be OOW oriented when I was in a steady long-term relationship and since that ended i’ve had a hard time leaving WOW. It’s amazing what having live-in support from someone you love can do. So now it’s moving from OWW to WOW (I want to say on my own – but I know in reality it’s ‘with my tribe’!). All the steps helped me! SO my next goal is to make those goals you mentioned (#2 & #3), designate a small group of women to my tribe, and tell them about my goals so they can hold me to them and cheer me on in the process. Thanks!

    Read more:

  140. Thanks – this video was Ah-mazing! I will need to watch it again. I love the questions in the comments here! Getting from OWW to WOW is a challenge. I used to be WOW oriented when I was in a steady long-term relationship and since that ended i’ve had a hard time leaving OOW. It’s amazing what having live-in support from someone you love can do. So now it’s moving from OWW to WOW (I want to say on my own – but I know in reality it’s ‘with my tribe’!). All the steps helped me! SO my next goal is to make those goals you mentioned (#2 & #3), designate a small group of women to my tribe, and tell them about my goals so they can hold me to them and cheer me on in the process. Thanks!

    Read more:

  141. Sorry for the triple posting – :-/ I made a mistake and can’t figure out how to fix it.

  142. Marie, this was such an interesting episode!

    I have definitely been an OWW in many situations, most of all with health & fitness. Oy vey.

    This gave me a lot of inspiration and the idea that you focus on the little goals first i.e putting on gym clothes, walking out the door with the intention to go workout feels like a huge shift for me that I can totally do.

    I’m gonna get practising on this right now!

    Thank you so much 🙂

  143. Suzie

    Hello. I would say it’s the OWW part of my brain that holds me back with getting beyond the starting of change. But the WOW part often starts me off. And I would say a combo of 2 and 5 are key for me. I’m great at envisaging the final destination but not so great at planning the steps required which catch me out every time. I almost think I have failed when now I’m realising these were unscripted set backs that I didn’t have a plan for yet inevitable!

  144. Love, love, love this episode! I’m a personal trainer with a background in Biology so it is right up my ally. I’m always looking for new ways to encourage my clients to stick with things during the initial stages of their fitness journey. I’m definitely sharing this with them today 🙂

  145. Loved this video – watched it twice, and I think I’ll watch it a third time! Sooo much in there. I have definitely had an OWW brain in the past, but I’m also aware that I am transitioning more and more to a WOW brain as I grow and make more changes.

  146. Brenda McCool

    Thank you Marie & Todd for this fantastic episode. My tendency is to act from that OWW brain and I so want to change that! The personal coaching I have done has absolutley helped in identifiying this as well. 50% of the time when I feel stressed I go into shut down mode and retreat. I feel the most helpful steps for me will be 1) developing that clear path/vision, 2) setting trigger goals and 5) scripting my setbacks. THANK YOU so very much for this information! My intention I set today in my morning meditation was empowerment & clarity and this is in perfect alignment with that! Blessings & Gratitude to you both!

  147. CLAIRE

    Watching this video and reading Todds comments has been HUGE for me, for a really long I’ve felt like there was something wrong with me because I am exactly the Oww brainer when it comes to my career path… Stuck, Bored, desperate to feel safe but not really knowing what I need to be safe from. This has impacted on everything else in my life but now that I have realised it’s because I’m scared of taking the steps not that I don’t know what steps to take, I can start writing lists of things to do and get my arse in gear! Thank you for this wake -up!

  148. I’ve listened to this discussion twice. And I need to listen a few more times because this really hit home for me. I’ve always had a WOW view and enjoy writing about living with WOW (although I have another name for it).

    However, about a month ago I got derailed and now am reacting in OWW mode. This unfamiliar, very unwanted OWW-y thing has presented itself as a persistent case of hives that I just haven’t yet been able to kick.

    I have to admit that It has been interesting for me to see the world from this side. But I don’t like it! I realize how it feels, now, and I’m sorry for those of you who battle it regularly. What I want is to “get a grip” and get back to my usual WOW perspective. I think I will be better at explaining how to appreciate WOW now that I’ve experienced OWW for myself. Thanks to Marie and Todd’s conversation, I have some tools to use to get me back on my path. Wish me luck!

  149. Julie Daugherty

    Amazing info!! And so so helpful to what I’m looking at embarking on in my life – change on all levels, personal, intimate relationship, possibility of new business, moving to a new place…really starting over again & rebuilding my life exactly as I want to. No small undertaking. So, this really really helps me identify in a manageable way, first what type of brain I have – major Oww!!. And second, breaking down the steps…it really helps soften the intense fear that washes over me, gives me some sort of framework to step into to hold me through this. Perhaps at some point I’ll be able to trust more in Spirit to guide me, but for now, the tangible feels really important. So, thank you, Marie!

  150. Missy

    Hi – WOW – Awesome video! Unfortunately I’m a OWW.. I’ve been working from home for 6+years and I’ve turned into a hermit and everything scares me! Hence I loved the “just get dressed to go..” I need small safe steps! I was recently called for jury duty and freaked out – but it was exhilarating to get out of the house, meet people and have new experiences! I know I have a WOW in me I just need to wake her up! Love the Steps is there a book too? Thanks so much!!! This really motivated me!! Missy

  151. Denny

    Amazing stuff! Where can I learn more? Is there a book I can buy?

    I’ve been an OWW brain when it comes to changes. But now I can see how I can apply these tips to all different aspects of my life that I want to change. From meal planning to finances to health and business.

    I hope to utilize all five steps in making changes in my life. The two I loved the most are the trigger changes and the scripted setbacks.

    Excited to start changing – Thank you Marie and Todd for a totally awesome A-ha episode!

    Would definitely like to know more about this process.

  152. Mariette

    Hi Marie,

    First off I love these vids, and this one’s just super packed with great info. I had so many aha moments. I’m definitely more of an Oww brainer, though there was a period of my life when I was a Wow-er. Interesting enough that’s happened when I planted myself in a country half way around the world for a year and had no actual plan of what I was going to do besides travel a bit. I guess a form of unconscious trigger goals had lead me there. I traveled with a group of other newby backpackers, listened to how they had all these plans and basically mini goals, and I remember thinking to myself after getting off the plane: “holy sht, what am I going to do now, why didn’t I plan for this?” Quite literally because I had not planned any further than on how to get there. I figured things out with the help of some awesome people I met throughout my journey, I did crazy things I thought I would never do and actually it lead to a career in professional skydiving. Watching this episode and thinking back makes me realize that I went through and did all those steps you talk about unconsciously. And writing this I think the key factor of why I’m back at Oww braining is because lost my support team. So this is one of the first things I’m going to work on getting back and get my life and my drive back on track.
    Thanks so much for this video, you rock!

  153. Marie,

    This is a fantastic interview! Todd Herman (who I did not know of before) is delighful! What a great speaker… this interview really motivated and inspired me. I thank you for presenting this material. Has Todd written a book? I looked at his website but could not find a way to join an email list?? Thanks again for MarieTV!

  154. Daniela Martínez

    I am sorry to say that this was the first episode of Marie TV that I didn’t like. I am a biologist and a neuroscientists and the first part that he describes is just NOT like that. I know neuroscience is very attractive, but I don’t like when people use it to sell anything. I am not saying that what Tom has extracted from his experience is a lie. Human psychology is very complex and probably not all his conclusions are far from the truth. But one thing is to explain human psychology and the other one is to say that neuroscience knows how the mind works, specially all the complex psychology behind change. It’s not an easy topic and I think we should be careful on how we explain psychological events with neuroscientific terms.

  155. WHAT an amazing video! Such new information, such a new way to look at these ideas.
    I definitely have both an OWW brain AND a WOW brain.
    It goes something like OWW OWW OWW WOW WOW WOW OWW! WOW WOW WOW OWW!

    hahah, thats how it is, constantly ebbing and flowing but definitely learning and growing…

  156. Awesome advice. I have found that most of my fear revolves around money at this time. I am growing my own pet sitting biz and realize that I have to go all in without another supporting job to really make it work. My savings are limited to back this. I have made myself focus on the small goals, and it really helps take some of the fear out. I have created a website and FB page. Each time It also gives you great small confidence boosts when you cross something off your list. I am also writing down my goals and intentions to manifest what with vision boards, etc. Each time I work on these I get new customers. I will definitely set the improvement goals to help this all along. Grateful for the helpful info.

  157. Cathy

    Great interview – thank you!
    So, Q and A Tuesday topic…how do we go from an “Ow” brain to a “Wow” brain?

  158. Vanessa

    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for your video. The step that will help me the most is #1: Know what your seeking. I think we know what we are seeking, but we put a lid on it to protect ourselves from failure. Secretly we are thinking, I really want x but I’ll settle for y because that’s more achievable and if I fail, I wont have so far to fall.
    I just wrote out what I really want, clearly and specifically and worked backwards on how I can achieve that by adding in steps #2 to #5. Thank you for the inspiration to do this today.
    I also love how you compare growth, confidence and adventure to feeling stuck, bored and safe.
    I choose a fiercely vibrant and fulfilling life, thank you for shining the light a little further on my personal road to happiness.

    Juicy love,
    Vanessa x

  159. Awesome! For most part I think I’m a WOW person… however I’m struggling to generate lasting change in a specific area. I see setting trigger goals as a very actionable tiny steps 🙂 that may help quite a lot.

  160. Start out WOW…get into OWW….and now that I can see that I think that the Improvement goals will be extremely helpful! Trigger goals as well but improvement goals may be what has been tripping me up. Also, really liked hearing about having a tribe..I have also lost friends on my path of change but it’s ok. I’m on a mission. Also, really like “What will you do when?”..What will I do when I have a slump in energy…? Go back to all of these things, rest and to someone who knows my goals and knows I can do it!!! Thanks you guys! This came at a perfect time for me.


    xo 😉

  162. Karin

    Marie and Todd-

    I usually do not write comments (in fact, this is my first…ever…on any site!!), but I felt inspired to share my tremendous gratitude. It’s amazing that when the student is ready, the teacher(s) will appear…Literally, in the last 24 hours, I have had a series of experiences/awarenesses/discussions where I was becoming more consciously aware of a physical/mental reaction that would go something like “This isn’t going to work, I need to get the he** out of here”. I began noticing the frequency of this reaction, and often in a lot of the areas that are the most important to me! On my drive home from work today, I was thinking “What do I call this reaction in the moment that can help me acknowledge and move past it?” I came home to this video in my email box!!! I now know that “reaction” was my “OWW” brain for sure! And knowing just that helps me to see it and not give it more importance than is warranted. Instead, I will plan on “scripting my setbacks” and let that uncomfortable feeling just pass right through me.

    Again, thank you so much….and a big thank you to Todd who has contributed so much above and beyond in his comments below. Your spirit, passion, and generosity are inspiring.



  163. Hanna Marie Bier

    Hi everyone!

    I have been having a really hard time following through with the plans that I made for myself and my business. I just moved to Bali and I live at a gorgeous house with a bunch of friends.

    The thing that helped me create new habits the most has been that I was living on my own in a little boring town in Germany. Now that I am in the midst of partying it up and going to the beach every day I sense myself pulling away from doing my work.
    So far my main excuse has been “Oh you deserve to have fun once in your life”, its just that this is a big fat lie because my work thrills and excites me. I would rather write and study and get creative than go to parties where I hate the music.
    With people around me that comfort me in my own ignorance I think that the step “builing a tribe around you” will be crucial and also I think I really need to plan my days ahead and set clear goals (3 for the day, week, month).
    I want to keep going and I hate slowing down like this.

    My brain would be best described as a wow brain wrapped in an oow brain. When I am by myself, I am highly productive and disciplined but when people come around trying to manipulate me, I can’t seem to be able to shake them off.

    So my action steps are: Build a tribe around myself by being active in the bschool and marietv community as well as strenghtening my bonds with real life winners. And secondly, doing the work no matter what.

    Have an amazing day!

  164. Jeannie

    I am a WOW girl….I have always looked at change face on and straight on. I find it invigorating and thrilling–my big brother has always told me I’m the bravest person he’s ever known. However, I really will be thinking a whole lot about “scripting my set-backs.” Sometimes they throw me into a tail spin that lasts too long. I need to saddle right back up and keep on going. Not take things personally. Not have a pity party. Not get on the self blame game with criticism or a volume of “I should have done”…or “I should not have done….” Great advice….I love Marie TV!!!

  165. Wendy

    I love this!

    I’m a recent graduate from college and I’ve really been struggling to find my “path” ever since graduating a year ago. I’ve always been an overachiever in school , so I figured that when I came out of school that employers would just eat me up, but that was definitely not the case.

    For the past year that I’ve been out of school, the Ow part of my brain has been telling me that everything is working against me, but then the Wow part of my brain (which is what got me through school with stellar grades) has been telling me that I’ve already shown I’m amazing, I just need an outlet (and soon)! It’s a CONSTANT struggle in my brain, and usually I am able to overcome the Ow, but not without a lot of reflection and self-encouragement. So of course, I feel like this video was sooo helpful.

    For me, I’d say that step #4 is what I desperately need. I’ve never been very social (which is a shame because I love to talk and meet new people), but I’ve always craved attention and most importantly, a mentor to help guide me. I’ve just never been able to get off my butt enough to accomplish this step and I feel like there is always someone trying to tell me what I “can’t” do! In fact, I’m actually thinking that I may need to turn “gathering a tribe” into a change in itself for me, because it is THAT much of a struggle for me. I’ve just never really had that, but I’d like to.

    Moving forward, I’ll definitely be taking a lot of this into consideration. I just hope I can rebuild that momentum I had in college to help sustain me moving forward. Momentum was such a thrilling feeling, but it’s completely left me in the past few months, and I want it back (hopefully with some excitement and transformation too 🙂 )!

    Thanks for the video! Information like this is what helps me to remember what “Wow” feels like, and I miss it!

  166. Chantel

    Hi Marie and Todd,

    This video couldnt have come at a better time for me. It was sooo helpful!! thank you!!

    I have a number of different things Im dealing with, some I respond with my OW brain to and some are recieving my wonderful new WoW response, which is slowly but surley turning things around.

    Im a new mom of 2 under 2 and very Wow brained about that. Im a hopeful new blogger/business owner/BSchooler and very WOW brained about that.
    So my question is on the relationship side of things:
    How would some of these steps work with a person overcoming co-dependence in relationships. My husband and I have spent a LOT of time apart recently due to his buisness and while I’m seeking to be this irresitable, self-reliant sort to my hubby, who has her own thing going on while loving and taking care of her beautiful family, l inevitably get triggered (by him?) and drop into co-dependence…and OW brain. Its very singular as far as it’s just when we are together. It starts because Ive missed him but morphs into old ways (co-dependance) during our time together. All of this time apart will end soon and Im trying to figure out some steps that would help me become more steady in my “independance” when he’s around.

    Thank you guys!!

    Much love,

  167. Skye McKenzie

    I have had an oww brain for far too long! This was perfectly timed for me – I am embarking on a 21 day journey to change the oww brain to the wow brain and build growth, confidence and adventure into my life. Thank you Marie.

  168. Marie and Todd – thank you so much!

    I recently seem to be stuck in my OW brain with regard to my business, despite all the amazing things I’m learning in B School. I haven’t always been stuck here and have a Ph.D. in Chemistry along with many other accomplishments to show for my alter WOW brain. However, right now, at every turn, I trip myself. I think it’s mainly that I’ve done a very poor job of creating and sticking to a schedule as Marie suggested before the start of B School. It’s a change I’ve been very resistant to, and one that I know would make a great trigger goal for me if I would only take it seriously. Without a schedule I easily go off on tangents and get distracted, then I’ve lost another day. Any tricks or suggestions for small steps that will help me create and stick to a schedule?

    Thanks so much!

  169. Hi Todd and Marie,

    I usually start off as a WOW brainier then when things get tough I resort to the safety of my OW brain. Which prolongs my goals, now that I am aware (thanks to you both) I can script my setbacks, make trigger goals, feel really good about change. The problem I have however with scripting set backs is are you allowing that to happen, when you have a definitive answer for a set back are you now creating that opportunity to exist and at the same time cancelling out something else that could benefit you? What about scripting good things? How will you feel when great things happen? Or is this living in denial? 🙂


  170. Veronica

    A funny thing happened today that I have to share with you.

    This morning after watching your video I decided to make some changes. I usually revert to my old habits because I feel uncomfortable or anxious. I now know that it’s perfectly okay to feel this way AND do it anyway! So today, miraculously out of the blue, a friend asked me to be the keynote speaker at one of her groups luncheons in September. Usually I would run for the hills and say that I’m too shy. But I said YES! Thank you for that!

  171. Guilherme

    Marie, you rock! Awesome video, as always!

  172. Ashli Johnson

    Todd & Marie!

    OWWWWWW! I am 100% an OWW person! I know that the change will undoubtedly contribute to my well being however, I when the change does not FEEL good, I start screaming “OWW, this doesn’t FEEL like me!” as if it is some sort of attack on my identity! The equation of Growth + Confidence= Momentum was a real lightbulb for me! #5 Scripting Your Setbacks is absolutely powerful! I totally need to prepare responses not only for others but most importantly for myself! We sometimes generate more negative internally, than what we encounter externally! Whew, I needed this !

    Any suggestions on crafting a stronger script?

    Many, MANY thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge!

  173. This was an awesome interview. I love getting into the anatomy and cellular levels of how and why we operate the way we do as humans. I am an OWW Brain! What’s interesting is that I get on a roll, I am moving, improving, and I love how I’m feeling, then something happens and I crash. Resisting the vibrations of change! Without even knowing it. I love what Todd says about getting into his Lululemon gear and wearing it around the house- this Setting Trigger Goals example is one that I know works. If I get home from work and put on my running gear before I do anything else I will 9 times out of 10 go run 2-3 miles like a good girl. Scripting Your Setbacks is something I never thought of and I will definitely try.

  174. Generally I would say I have more of a WOW brain. As someone who has a bit of a restless soul, I thrive on change and find it very exciting.

    Have a vision that is clear and specific. This tip really stuck with me because the way Todd Herman spoke about it was much different than the way I thought about it.

    I tend to think in long term goals which are very specific and clear but I forget to write down the 500 things that need to be worked on or completed before that big vision is complete. The things that are essential to help me towards that larger goal. Things that are tangible. Often I feel like I see very little growth and feel a bit stuck with my company, but I think refocusing using this advice with shorter term goals (such as day or week or even monthly) will help me see growth and most likely be more productive.

    Thank you for the fabulous interview!

  175. WOW! Or should that be OWW?

    I loved this episode, it really resonated with me! I definitely flip between OWW and WOW brains and you’ve really given me a great perspective and tools to try and become more WOW than OWW.

    Thank you!

  176. Lily

    I am so glad you do what you do Marie. I have a wow brain and am very ambitious. Right now I am at a crazy point in my life, I just got engaged. My fiancé and I are setting up our own business as retail owners of a shoe store, while we continue to work our full time jobs. My full time job is to run a pilot project for families who need a lot of support from me. I’m a family specialist who is always on call. I am at a breaking point and the other day as I tried to carry too many groceries in my freshly worked out and very sore arms, I almost got hit by a car and caught myself thinking, oh it would be so nice to take a break in the hospital for a few days. So right now my brain is in oww mode as I try to wrestle through this transition of make it or break it. I have already made tremendous changes in my life, and catch my self sometimes daydreaming of ‘the good old days” when I use to live as an unmotivated couch potato. I don’t actually want to go back to that and I love how much I’ve grown.
    So in order to regain some control as I move into over drive I am going to take your tip of writing down tomorrow’s to do list today. I am going to use the simple steps of getting the pen and paper out in order to help me achieve that goal. So often I find that I know what I am going to have to do tomorrow, but when I get up in the morning I feel like I am already behind and I don’t stop until I crash at the end of the day. And I often fail to get the things I wanted to do done, because I spent the day reacting to whatever came up.
    Always looking forward to your videos

  177. Lori

    I have a WOW brain when it comes to fitness like triathlon training but have a OWW brain when it comes to dealing with the challenges in my personal and professional life. I like the idea of planning your day in detail the night before and also of setting improvement goals that are measureable.

  178. Hi!
    I LOVED this episode and I am a complete OW-brainer.

    I feel as though prior to having children I was an incredible WOW-er and now that I have two young boys, a lot of myself has changed and I’ve done this massive 180 degree shift into habits and thoughts that are so foreign to me.

    I do believe that a recent (and very traumatic) miscarriage has had a massive effect on my thought processes and I am completely stuck.

    I have trouble trusting others for some reason, but I desperately feel that business to business networking would be a phenomenal strategy for where I want to go.

    I’m very lost, I can’t get from my draft plans to achieving my big dreams. There are too many ideas, things I want to do, create, be involved in, but feel as though it’s a tall order to even bother trying to achieve any of it as my kids take priority, my house is constantly messy and needs cleaning, and household/family routines seem to take more of more of the remaining hours of the week that I need to get any work done.

    I’m at that point of overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion, totally un-motivated and deflated to make a move on any of my ideas and ‘plans’.

    A total OW-er and unsure of what trigger goals or otherwise that I shouls attempt first.



  179. Dan O'Brien

    I’m transitioning from ow brain to wow brain. I take steps daily, and so it’s noticeable when I don’t, to improve by either learning something new or practicing a skill.
    Loved this content.
    Like Todd said, “there are a lot of helpful people out there.” You are two of them. Much thanks.
    May all take daily steps to achieve great things.

    • Dan O'Brien

      And I am going to take away from this the opportunity to imagine what “organized” looks like. Trigger goals, will be the biggest help with this, I believe.
      Bye all.

  180. Wowza!! Thank you Todd and Marie! Recently I have definitely been more of an OWW brain because I have been going through a lot of change in a lot of different areas of my life. The step to “Script your Setbacks” really spoke to me. Be prepared for the offer of the things(s) that will lead you off your path toward your goal. Have the answer ready so even if the offer comes when you are tired or frustrated, you know the answer to give. The one that keeps you moving toward your goal! Great lesson. So grateful to you both for this episode!!

  181. Excellent episode. This clarified and simplified important elements of change that I know about, but haven’t been focusing on. As someone usually WOWW with a bit of OWW getting in the way, I’m going to start planning and implementing more ‘trigger goals’ right now. 🙂

  182. Wow! This video was so good I took notes! Thank you Marie and Todd! I need to start setting improvement goals! You guys rock!!!

  183. Quite the day. Owws, Wows and Cows! Taking small steps are best when setting goals isn’t working. Start down the path. This post from Antonia Lo Giudice also seems appropriate, if you are feeling ‘stuck’. Sometimes you must ‘kill the cow’.~

  184. Adder

    Hello, Todd, Marie: Thanks for a great episode!

    I am ready for powerful/positive changes in my life: the way I live, the way I feel, but I need guidance. Dear Marie readers, any advice/words of wisdom is much appreciated.

    I weighed my heaviest last June. Finally, after I ended my 5-year relationship last July, I decided to shape up. I concentrated on my first 1 lb to lose, then I made monthly goal, ultimate goal, I keep a journal when I weigh/measure myself at least once a week . I managed to drop 25lbs, down to size 6 and hoping to go back to my size 4 by year end.

    The issue is the emotional insecurity found a shopping outlet, my wallet was feeling much lighter, too. When I realized that, I put a stop to it since I can’t afford, anyways..

    I’ve encountered many setbacks in my life, I’ve always marched on regardless of how other people saw me.

    I bought my first house before I was 25, 2nd before I was 30. Lost both houses, started from almost nothing, turned $500 capital into $10,0000+ savings in a year with my own business.

    I got played by a guy and I was never the same since. No, he didn’t take all my money. No, I did not have sex with him. However, the emotional hurt has scarred me for the next 10 years both in income and relationships. I’ve been pretty much down and out since.

    Then I had the worst luck with roommate since I parted with my roommate of 10 years. Crazy man-6 months, crazy woman-1 month, crazy woman-1 week (the last one, even the moving guy told me see you soon after he helped me move, but why didn’t I see that??)

    Yes, I failed at relationships, yes, I failed at financial planning. I am not afraid of failures and I embrace challenges because I will pick myself back up. But I am afraid of people–crazy people that is. I want to know why I would pick a crazy roommate while there are normal people out there. It can’t be “luck”. It is not my fate.

    I don’t make enough income to get a place of my own. My current living arrangement is a shame to speak of.

    How did a once successful, vibrant business woman end up just one step away from being homeless due to fear? How can I achieve my improvement goal on the way I live in a normal environment with a normal roommate? How can I stop obsessed guys following me in or out of the stores and work-related environment?

  185. If I’d only knew the way to confidence…

    In my life I’ve made some big adventurous and courageous decisions. Quitting my high paying job and going on indefinite travel with my husband and 1 year old son. Soon after that immigrating to Australia. And I put myself in a situations out of my comfort zone nearly on daily basis, literally. But I just don’t feel I have this WOW brain, I have these bunch of fears in my head, that holding me back. I don’t feel it like a muscle that is built over the time – the time is flowing by, but I only continue to feel myself more ordinary and boring.

    So how do you really build this confidence? What measures does it have, so I can set up a goal of reaching 54 confidence-units by the 1st of June?

    Another thing that was touched in the beginning of the episode about the cells that take time to be built in a new way so that the change doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If I understood it correctly, the principle of sticking with something for 21 days and then – boom – you have a habit developed. I have friends, an amazing couple, who do exercises for years. They do it hardly skipping a day – yoga, running, pushups; and all while travelling, completely on their will power. They say that it is still mentally hard for them most of the days to actually do the exercise. Is the struggle that they have now the same in nature as in the beginning of a change? Because the symptoms seem quite similar to me.

  186. faamele

    This was a awesome insight I will be setting a goal a week and not try and carry the whole universe ….alot of useful information love it useful keen to try 🙂

  187. This was the perfect episode today! I have recently made some huge changes in my life so that I can alter the universe by becoming an entrepreneur. I have always felt that I’ve had more of a “WOW” brain although it seemed to be squashed by my “OWW” brain and the stuck thoughts. I’ve found that even after going through a global leadership program and even taking B-school that those “OWW” brain thoughts still get in the way.

    However, this past month I’ve taken some action steps that have allowed me to know exactly what I’m seeking. I’ve already set some trigger goals that I didn’t realize were trigger goals until I watched this episode of Marie TV. I have a vision of creating a huge music therapy clinic that includes all kinds of health and wellness therapists and more. I have the basic sketch, but now it’s time to gather a tribe! I love the information about scripting your setbacks. I know that is important in building a business and moving through mistakes and failures along the way.

    Marie – I am always so inspired by you and your videos. This video was amazing and launched on just the right day! Thank you for your coaching and mentorship every week 🙂

    Todd – You are amazing! I am a brain junky and love any information about how the brain works. This makes complete sense and inspires me to launch forward with my vision and ideas. I had some fears and doubts today, but they have been completely dissolved after watching this video! Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration!!!

    To growth, confidence, and adventure 🙂


  188. J

    I definitely have an OWW Brain. I tend to resist most change even though I like to think of myself as open to change. This is a video I’m going to have to watch several times until it sinks in. I need reminders. 😉 Thanks, Marie!

  189. One more wow eprisode Marie! I have so many ideas and so many points I want to change and a lot of times I just give up along the way. I am so happy to have these 5 practical steps and I will start with the gin again and hope to stick to it this time. I will start by writing down the big goal but also the trigger goals.

  190. sandra

    My qualifications get me nowhere I have a degree in music and I teach privately….I am also a Reiki Therapist and almost qualified sound therapist…but the recession have made the lessons die a death and I get no calls for Reiki….Even I realise that I am proficient in these areas….But I have gone from mega busy..bringing three small children up alone… and lots of pupils…to children left home…course finished…and only one pupil at present. I have lots of ideas but nothing comes to fruition it seems I am destined to be forever poor, this is the childhood I came from…full of poverty …I am now struggling and getting depressed about it. My energy is at an all time low.

  191. Valentina

    Hi Marie,

    It wasn’t really clear to me how to go about scripting setbacks. Could you provide some specific examples on how to do that when trying to break a new habit, for example: I am trying to plan for my day the night before and follow through my most important tasks. Can you give me an example on what scripting setbacks would look like in this case?


    • Caitlin

      Hey Valentina,

      I have an example

      When a friend wants to have coffee in the middle of the day, you might say YES! But, maybe that’s not the best thing for you, maybe you work better going strong through the day and taking a break in the evening. If you plan your day, and plan your break at the end of the end…you’re more likely to say no to her when she asks.

      Does this help?

      • Valentina

        Totally helps… thanks!

  192. Sherri Grande

    This was THE best episode yet!!… So many concrete ideas for making change last, I can barely stand it! I am mostly a WOW brain, but can definitely see an OWW brain when it comes to maintaining healthy eating patterns around eliminating sugar. I tend to be great for long periods of time and then totally binge on sugary snacks, cookies, chocolate when I’m going through periods of stress. Just knowing that I can plan for that time when I’m about to jump off the wagon is really empowering. I also love Marie and Todd’s idea of planning the next day before I go to bed. Even if I only get half of my list done the next day, at least I have lots of say in it. I’m going to watch this over and over again-LOVE IT! Thanks Marie and Todd.

  193. Caitlin

    I have a ‘Wow’ brain that was stuck in an ‘Ow’ slump for a looong time when it came to my relationship. I believe I was comfortable in the suffering and pain. I was addicted to it. When I tried to get out, it was so scary and it was a different kind of pain, so I slumped back into the misery every time. I am in the process of getting a new outlook and that compulsion to slip back in is still dangerously present but it is ever so slowly melting away.

    This stuff is so delicious and it really helps me solidify these feelings I’ve had so long and hopefully help me to work through them and grow!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  194. What an amazing video! So many pieces of gold in this!
    For me as soon as there is uncertainty that OWW brain kicks in. Clarity immediately ignites my WOW brain! I didn’t really realise this before watching the video. Great personal insight. Scripting setbacks is a great concept, definitely going to test this out. Thanks again for a great resource. Bree x

  195. Hi Marie and Todd

    Awesome episode today. I love that You talked about ‘Paths’ and how you really should visualize your goals (the glasses of water, that You drew) because I am currently working on a new concept about how to find and reach Your goals in life – by drawing them.

    The method is called ‘Draw Your Path’ and it will help people to define their passion by drawing out their past, competences, interests and their future goals – to help them create the life they wish for – professional and personal.

    I have found that something interesting happends in peoples minds when they draw images instead of writing words. They seem to connect to something ‘deeper’ in their drawings. So that’s why I chose this method.

    So this video was right down my alley 😀

    Thank You.

    Kind regards from
    Iben Louise

  196. i was the oww type.i set goals and get bored,thinking i cant do it,prefering to stay in comfort zone.when some problem comes whether personal or official i come out of it.i dont succumb to fate.still i think i lack some where.i have a dream ….to quit my job and start a garment business. it just is so slow.i have stated prelim steps but fear of success torments me

  197. Deb

    Growth hacking, improvement goals, your tribe, scripting your setbacks. a really Awesome video. I think I have a combination OW and WOW brain and I now know some great steps to get there. Fantastic video!! Thank you

  198. Denise

    All I can say is WOW! Well I definitely migrate to the wow brain most of the time. So watching this made me feel really good about myself because then I know I am getting up everyday and trying to better myself. One of my favorite books is Dr. Wayne Dyers, Excuses Be Gone. But this video explained so much to me as far as how your own body can sabotage itself. I always new the human endocrine system was and amazing thing! This also really helped me understand more about some of my loved ones, who kind of refuse to change using the EXCUSE that they have always been the way they are. That’s the oww brain, it’s too difficult for them to try and even when they have it only lasts a day or two. Now I can rap my head around it. Thanks!

  199. namyata

    I was just looking for this kind of stuff and honestly I am so much thanful for this episode..
    I actually had my serotonin and dopamine levels exhausted since five years(a biochemical change that I was diaognised with). And I do not know how to explain how crucial those chemicals are and their role in the body is so much important…
    Without these chemicals secreting in the body we are depressed. And for me, I had these “happy chemicals” exhaust from my body and it led to so many other complications and for 3 years I was on high dosage serotonin enhancer medicines. But about 2 years ago I realized these drugs were kind of dominating me. And then I started installing new habits in my life. It was such a hard change. The doctors said while I was in school, that I had to live on these tablets my whole life and I would not be able to study. But then I started my “self help” journey and today I am a happy girl with so many new positive habits and I am no more on medicines and I am studying in a medical college, in just two years because of step number 1 and 3 that I had a tremendous impact.
    Really looking forward to creating more miraclous change throught these real effective steps.
    I was looking for it. It made me feel so good about myself

  200. Carla

    I do organizational change management consulting. This is so helpful to me in explaining to clients why we must take certain steps in the process of change. It is instinctive to me after years of practice, but this helps explain so fundamentally. Thank you for sharing this interview!

  201. I just LOVE your show! We haven’t met yet, but someday I know we will. You literally talk about and interview people on the exact topics that are so pertinent in my life, so Thank YOU!! This is probably the best information yet. I lead transformational movement and train teachers in the process. I have been studying change as an emotional wellness coach, and Todd has given me some new language. I’m making big changes right now as well, so I will remember not to feed the hungry hippos!!

  202. Hands down one of the best MarieTV episodes by far. So much of this is applicable to me and my business, where I am at with my Crossfit journey as well as my clients – they’re gonna be required to watch this video!

  203. Crystal

    I have a goal of losing weight (I know – not very original!) and for 7 months I was rockin’ it – I was in the Wow brain, feeling good and powerful, and I lost 82 lbs. But then I cheated once 4 months ago, and I have not been able to get back to the mindset where I was before and I have gained back 20 lbs. It was helpful hearing about how resistance, etc. is rooted in the cells, but I guess I feel like after 7 months my cells should have been good little hippos by then eagerly gobbling up the good stuff and not sneak attacking me out of the blue after 7 months. I think part of the reason I have not yet been able to get back on the right path is the fear that it could all be ruined again from another sneak attack, one that I didn’t see coming and don’t understand really why it happened. I had made the changes, it was a part of my life, I was living it – and then I wasn’t anymore. What can I do to regain my power and show my cells whose boss, not just at the beginning but for the long haul? Why did they wait 7 months to misbehave? Will there be a point when it isn’t a constant struggle anymore (I would have thought that point would have been before 7 months!)?

  204. I am such a WOW brainer!!!

    The steps that are toughest for me to work through lately are equal parts # 1 (be specific) and #2 (triggers).

    Sometimes I get stuck in the “am I being specific enough?” “am I being specific in the right way?!” and on and on…

    I am learning that what we all need to do is just go with our gut in the moment – we can always change our minds and go in a different direction!

    Here we go!!

  205. Meghan

    How do you move from a vague vision (happiness, success, financial freedom, health) to a specific business vision like you suggested. . When I’m not sure which direction to move my business…. just pick an Avenue and go, or wait for more clarity ? Cautious not to sit in limbo too much longer in the Ow brain! Feeling a bit stagnant and think fear stops me from picking an avenue. Thanks for a great video – so helpful. Have watched 4x!

  206. This post really helped me realize that I have an OWW Brain definitely! I always knew that I make my myself back out of things a lot but this puts things into a whole other way of thinking and feeling about what I do for myself. I am so bad about beating myself up and then never moving forward with my plans but now I’m seeing things different. I’m still nervous right now but thank you Marie for being who you are and lifting up people like me everyday. You are very appreciated.

  207. Christina

    I am definitely an WOW brainer but when I get to step 5, I tend to “Script My Setbacks” and then the setbacks script in me! BUT I will be more deliberate and emphasize all the good behaviors from steps 1-4 and not be afraid because I will write down all the scary setbacks so I won’t be surprised!! Love the steps!!
    Thank You Marie and Thank You Todd!!

  208. CC

    I love, love, love this. And it’s also crazy because I literally was just reading about Todd two days ago in Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. I’m doing a lot of work towards figuring out how to grow the audience on my site. Definitely can’t be a coincidence! The making small goals step I think is crucial, because I think we’re all so consumed by lofty standards that aren’t realistic in a very short time frame. It’s crucial to be present and appreciate the small wins to build the confidence to keep going. Thank you so much for this post. I’m off to make everyone that I know watch this video 🙂

  209. Tina Cardinale

    Wow! Just watched the episode today and it was fantastic. Great reminders of things I know…but don’t always do. Todd, you really made those points crystal clear! I wish I would have commented yesterday. I hope you are still checking back, Todd.

    OK..Most helpful steps for me are one and two. Creating specific vision and small steps..trigger goals. My vision is so huge it gets overwhelming. I am working on being super specific and allowing myself those baby steps to build on a winning habit. One of those baby steps was watching this video!

    Question: I feel I lean more towards the WOW brain, but have a very big OWW brain in my sphere… my husband. Because of parents with mental illness I have been healing my “co-dependence” for a long time and have spent the majority of my life trying to help other people out of their OWW brains. But it has exhausted me. I am a people person and really link up and align with energies around me. I have been working so hard ( and fairly successfully) to not be affected by his OWW brain and breaking co-dependent patterns for a long time, but they still linger and his patterns suck me down. Any suggestions on how to continue to stay in my WOW brain even though my husband is so deeply in his OWW brain? Would SO love your insight!

    Thank you so much, Marie and Todd for your inspiring work!!

    • Leslie Uhl

      Tina, I have the same owie-husband challenge and yes, it is very difficult to stay on the path of change when you get hit with a downer mentality.
      Best wishes to both of us for lasting change!

  210. Sky

    Thank you so much for making this video. The discussion validated so many decisions I have made this year, plus reminded me of some things I need to work on, a clear vision is a challenge for me, yet lists everyday are my best entrepreneurial work tool so far. I recently joined an Empowered Fit Club which has created a coach, support group and tribe for me, getting fit and healthy is my weakest area but I believe tracking my health and exercise will save me this year. Great work!! Sky

  211. Leslie Uhl

    Coming from a family of OW! brains, this was HUGE for me. I love the suggestions of seemingly silly “baby steps” to create change and get momentum going. Thank you. I am putting them into action NOW.

  212. denise

    I am definitely an ow brain right now. at 59 i was laid off from a long time career. I have been stuck for the last 8 months trying to figure out what to do in my next phase.Truly look at safety and security at my age. it is much different from a twenty thirty something…. but want to feel excited about something, just don’t know what?
    I guess ill first put those lululemon pants out on the chair……

  213. I’m definitely a WOW-brainer! I’m also very determined. But I struggle with the stress that accompanies overcoming challenges along the way, which lead me to my goal, but aren’t necessarily something I WANT to have to learn (or do) to get there. [Example: I am still building the new biz-site – and have been trying to figure out how to incorporate opt-ins on my pages… I’m new to the process, and have been fumbling my way through, as I play the game of trial-and-error.] I’m extremely independent – but I’ve come to realize that sometimes turning to a tribe can be SOOOO beneficial. I tossed some Q’s out there on the B-School FB page… One answer led to finding something that enabled me to successfully create the look I want with our splash-page form! Proof. In. The. Pudding. (And of course, the blue-ocean B-School community is stellar!) Independence can be good, but blending that with reaching out for resources that can help when you become stuck is even better 😉 So – expanding my tribe is my big-take-away here. Even when I can’t reciprocate directly, I remind myself that you get what you give; Therefore, those helping me out in a pinch will be rewarded by the Universe. I also give where I can. It all comes out in the wash~

  214. Olli

    Oh my God, I wish I’d seen this some ten years ago!! This is just incredible! And I cherished every moment of this video, because for more than these ten years I’ve been trying to learn new skills AND to quit some habits at the same time. However, being mostly an OW brain, that was obviously too much pressure for me and I again and again got back to my lovely comfort zone:) I’ve tried almost everything and then I got an idea (about going to the gym which I tried to): “just get yourself out that door, that’s all”)) I was pretty close to this system then but sometimes it seemed that my “inner me” didn’t really want the change, only my “hungry-for-positive-change” mind did)) or I just hadn’t scripted my setbacks properly))

  215. Hey Marie and Todd,

    Thanks for another great episode of MarieTV! Would love to see peer-reviewed clinical research that supports Todd’s claims. E.g. the Nobel prize-winning research he mentioned near the beginning of the episode. Got any links to research abstracts? With so much info overwhelm out there (especially when it comes to my industry, which is health and fitness), I’m constantly sifting through, looking for what’s been supported by research. Thanks!

  216. Stephanie Wentworth

    This video was probably one of the BEST video’s for me to watch right now. I connected so deeply with this video!

    I have come to the conclusion that I have not experienced the changes I have always wanted to see in myself because I am a OWW Brainer…. Yikes! My typical pattern is EXACTLY what Todd mentioned…. I start to make good changes… and by the end of day 2, start of day 3 – I start to panic…. or get bored… or feel too stuck… and I start telling myself stories of why I shouldn’t continue. Or how “1 piece of candy” isn’t going to hurt. And then I eat the whole bag. Or drink the whole coffee.. or do not go to the gym… or do not write the blog post, etc.

    I think the most helpful step for me was a tie between setting “trigger goals” and “scripting setbacks”. Definitely going to work on this! Great video!

  217. Ooh I loved this one, Marie!! I have a WOW brain and do believe in positive thinking but I can see how it’s useful to prepare for setbacks because it’s true they happen, but what matters is how we deal them. I’m launching a book that has taken me nearly 2 yrs to put together and there are many personal aspects to it. While I don’t want to set myself up for failure, I am thinking of how to deal with any negative feedback that may surface so that like the lulu pants I have something to grab onto without thinking or mulling it over in my mind. Really cool info. Thanks lady!!

  218. Hi Marie 🙂
    LOVE this video!!! So much that I shared it with my clients and asked that they complete the exercise aka “homework” and bring to their next session!
    Love the “OWW” and “WOW” brain concept and YES I see this too in my practice. Everything you and Todd discussed I found myself nodding my head whether it applied to my own life or the journey I witness with clients.
    Thank you so much for this kickass video! One of my faves.
    Much love, light, and blessings to you and all that you do!
    Xo ~Health Coach Lisa’Grows’

  219. Great points on this video, I like that he was able narrow mindsets to two specific focal points. I know I definitely have a mix of the OWW and WOW and I truly think we all do depending on the situation and the decisions that have to be made. I myself have my own OWW opportunities with where I’ll be taking and building this new LiveTheFuel concept I’m developing. So thanks for this video, it’s helped me really think and refocus some targets.

  220. felicity sophia

    This has been one of the best episodes on Marie TV so far. At least in my opinion. Thank you for Marie TV. All the information has made a huge difference on my outlook on life.

    Many blessings to to you 🙂

  221. OMG Marie, Todd,
    Thank you for this absolutely fabulous video ~ Loved it !
    I also loved the clear information about ” how change works ” this makes me understand better what I will face with change and how to shall we say, navigate it ~ as they say ” en francais ” it makes all sense ”
    I am a former elite athlete , as a National level competitive figure skater in Canada, ( 8 hrs a day, 6 days a week ) I get it ~ now I know better the mechanics of change… this I salute you for, this I say thank you for, SO so much for the gentle and kind reminder.
    I am a WOW brainer and much of my life is filled already with the right actions & right steps but understanding WHY , is SO powerful. I get it.
    Namaste Marie & Todd, Namaste , Big Love <3

  222. ooohhhhh, freak out! Marie, I AM freaking out with this, in a good way 🙂
    Yes, it is true we do both have a wow and an oww brain for certain things in life. It is my observation, that everything happens in cycles for me. Currently I am moving more strongly with the wow brain, and I couldn’t be happier about that. One of my keys to success in life is never taking away my opportunity to try again. So even when I am in an oww state of mind, I always give myself the opportunity to choose the wow… eventually it works, every single time, no matter how many times I go through the cycle.
    Choosing my step to create change is difficult, only because I want to engage with them all simultaneous. However, that was not the task you assigned us. I am going to choose to set trigger goals. This will apply to my goals in understanding and using social media platforms far more than I currently am. I look forward to seeing how using the strategy of setting trigger goals positively affects my business, and moves me forward!
    Many thanks for all you do and all you share!!

  223. Daniela C

    THANK YOU TODD, Thank You Marie
    A quick question,
    I do not know what to do first. I got divorce(after 22 years) a year ago, and, after a couple of months I froze; I try a few times different things but got overwhelmed and quit. Right now I have no work, 4 kids ( oldest 23, youngest 6), $600/month +food stamps, need to move out of the house in 45 days and have no clue where, almost 100 pounds overweight. I have too many things that I need to work on. Do I work on all of them at once? Do I take one at the time? If so, whick one should I start with, because most of them or number one for me rightnow. Did I mention I have some health problems too?

    • Lizzie

      I hope life gets easier for you soon, keep your head up and smiling! Little bits at once will help you stop feeling overwhelmed. Sort out house first so that you have a stable base to start all your other projects from. Breathe and make sure you reward yourself for all your mini victories. Hug x

  224. Ashwin Natarajan

    this was a brilliant talk, loved every minute of it..

    The best takeaway for me was the fall back script, what if things dont go the way they are intended to? how can we control our emotions and reactions to that?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this video, it has taught me so many new things and i loved it.. 🙂

  225. Lizzie

    Loved this! 🙂 Thank you Marie and Todd!
    I’m primarily WOW but am definitely going to be using step 5 to help make sure of that. I find the hardest part is often the well-meaning OWW brained people around me. They seem to be scared of my change and share lots of love in the form of “are you sure that’s a good idea?” or “you need a solid back-up plan before you think about starting that” types of advice. I hate disharmony so it can sometimes be hard to say “nope, it’s going to be awesome and I’m off to do it anyway!”. Does anyone else have this issue too?

  226. Oh golly, I guess it must be Oow brain dominance for because I’m sick of feeling stuck… And now I’m on the road to change I reckon the key for me is to script my setbacks. Part of this is honouring my parenting goals along with my business goals, not to mention my own health/lifestyle stuff. I get excited about stuff I want to do, forget about the realities of mothering and managing a chronic illness then beat up on myself when I fall off the wagon. Scripting setbacks will require me to really think through situations where I’d normally fall down and plan my way through them. Thanks guys, great interview.

  227. Wow! I love this. It was the perfect companion to the book I’m currently reading. “Mindset: The New Psyvhology of Success” – by Carol Dweck, PhD.

    The part about “ow brain vs. wow brain” compliments her findings after 22 years of research, she calls it “fixed vs. growth mindset”

    Check it out, y’all!

    Or get it as a free audiobook when you sign up for audible. Awesome app, can’t recommend it enough! 🙂

  228. Hi there,
    I watched this last night…and brought the laptop to the den so my husband could watch with me. We both agreed that the tips for moving forward with any goal set for yourself were so appropriate and attainable. Particularly, for me, creating a list before “closing down the kitchen” is the most valuable to having a productive day. The manual “checking off” is very empowering. Thank you for sending out an amazing video.

  229. JM

    Thanks for this, Marie. This sure is a lot of help for those going through changes, so that means everyone; nothing is constant, right? I’m going through changes in different aspects of my life. This one, for example, instead of just ‘lurking’ around, I’m trying to speak out, to be more open. Change is bound to happen anyway, so I decided to take charge. And, I admittedly had that feeling of needing to be safe whenever I venture on new things, eventually keeping myself from change and feeling stuck. I so love the idea of scripting setbacks, and will definitely use it hand-in-hand with other steps.. to WOW! Thanks for sharing this, Marie 🙂

  230. Emma

    Hello Marie tv, lovely followers and Todd,

    I loved this episode especially since those three words of “bored” “safe” and “stuck” are resonating with me so much lately. Although I have always considered myself an adventure-seeker/risk taker, I try new things, have moved all over the country, found jobs, traveled to places by myself. I am missing adventure, confidence, and growth in my professional life. I have always fallen back to bar tending as a way to make money and have struggled to really move to something bigger in years past. I have made action steps and pursued many of my interests; health coaching, farming, wine selling, recruiting, but with no success or desire of furthering the work. I have recently thought I am missing a vision for myself, and struggle in creating what I want, or even getting solid on what it looks like. Perhaps that should be next goal! I know that I want to be done with battening full time by September of this year. Can anyone share advice on creating a vision when you feel so in the dark you can’t see? This would be greatly appreciated when trying to turn my ow into a wow!

    Much love,

  231. Sarah

    Hey Todd and Marie,

    Amazing episode – thanks so much for the concise inspiration.

    Todd – I think the work you do is incredible (Marie – you too!). We met about a year ago when you coached me and a few other actor friends. The session was invaluable and my life/work has shifted in really positive ways since then. My craft improved, I got into an incredible company (tribe), I got some great work opportunities and also began teaching.

    That being said, I think I have a mixture of a Wow/Oww brain. I love change (Wow brain) – I am keenly aware of resistance and can usually push through and do it anyway. My Oww brain comes into play with attachment to results. I understand and have been implementing “improvement goals” (i love them so much!) While focusing on improvement goals, I’ve found all sorts of unexpected work opportunities emerging in my life. However they are not exactly in line with my clear vision, so my Oww brain still feels stuck and my thoughts say: “How can you be moving forward so much and improving and still feel stuck with the career things you want most to happen?” Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much for all that you do.
    My best,

  232. Great video and as usual, perfect timing!

    So I’m definitely a Wow with my health and Oww with my biz. I also crave change and stability all the same. It might just be my current situation that I’m in — quitting corporate, losing love, moving multiple times in a year, starting my own biz, personal growth… I very well know that change is constant, but when it comes to habit change to become a ‘business person’, I sometimes REALLY DOUBT MYSELF that I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur. I feel like a wannabe. Like I just wannabe different. Why? Because I wasn’t raised to pursue my dreams, rather follow the norm; go to college, get a job and pay bills. I know I’ve alway been different because I see where I am today and it’s because I chose a different path, one that is scary and unknown. So I guess I would just love your insight on this, Todd.

    I also find some hesitation with breaking down big goals. For some reason I can only see the ‘big picture’. Any suggestions on how to create change around this?

    As always, thank you for all that you give, Marie.

  233. Gregor Kelt

    I am WOW brain in every change I make. I appear to be very committed. I however start to turn to OWW brain when it comes to my personal career. I am stay on the track with any sport activity, but when it comes to making a big business step, I tend to fall back.

    I see trigger goals and improvement goals to make the biggest difference for me, especially planning for tomorrow. I have stuck with morning planning for the day ahead, but I see the logic of doing it a day before. I see a better step to control my day, taking charge of the day.

    I am taking these changes on, starting with my evening preparation for the next day and setting micro goals 🙂

    Thank you Marie and Todd for sharing gold.
    Gregor Kelt

  234. Artie

    Super, super jazzed to start becoming a WOW brain after many years as an OWW.

    Quick question: Deciding on some trigger goals seems easy when you’re trying to start up a new habit. But how can I set trigger goals for a bad habit I want to BREAK? E.g., quitting smoking: the trigger steps that lead up to NOT having a smoke in that moment when I would otherwise have one… Any suggestions? (I hope I’m not the only person struggling to apply this in this situation…)

  235. Athena

    This was fantastic!! You laid things out so clearly, that I feel I can make good on my intention to engage all five….

    AND – that trigger goal seems really powerful for me. Using the example of exercise and the Lululemon attire, for me it’s a step back from that even – my trigger goal is to get the “right” (for me) exercise clothes, and lay them out the night before.

    I set a trigger goal last night that this morning I would open the email account (that houses some work I’ve been neglecting) and get that “cascading effect” in motion. Awesome – movement!

    Oh, generally a WOW brainer.

    Thank you!!

  236. Hey Todd and Marie

    Im a WOW with everything in life except weight loss…that was great to hear and I am so grateful and appreciative. I am going to infuse all of this info in my coaching and therapy biz and cant wait to see the amazing results.

    Much love,

  237. Totally have extreme cases of both “oww” and “wow” brain! My go-to plan for dealing with “oww” brain from this video is getting clear on my outcome and micro-steps. I’m a creative/idea strategist and thinker by nature ( and officially after taking my strengths finder test,lol) but sometimes being able to think of too many possibilities and outcomes can actually hinder some of my life and career objectives. Having this wonderful list of steps to take really helps reframe a situation when it gets a little too “oww”! Spectacular video! Also, after blasting past a round of “oww” brain using the suggestions in this video, I have clarified my new career objectives and goals! It’s a “wow” brain for the win!

  238. Maggie Verderame

    Hi Todd & Marie,

    Thanks for a SUPER useful episode! This is one I devoured and went back pushing the pause button for an hour afterward while taking notes. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought for the last couple of days. I’m a very passionate, happy, adventurously-willing person, but definitely tend toward the OWW brain mentality. I’ve noticed this is especially prevalent when I become overwhelmed.

    While I’m working on steps I can take to avoid getting overwhelmed, I do a lot between my work and personal life and at some point I usually hit up against a wall of overwhelm which causes me to panic and feel stressed out that I won’t be able to accomplish what I set out to do.

    So, I feel scripting this set back – as it DOES set me back! – will be the most useful take away from this episode. Any tips on exactly what action I could take / words I could use when this comes up? I currently use yogic breathing and taking a break from overwhelming work, but honestly, the sense of overwhelm still brews under my surface and eventually comes to a boil. Often, once I’ve completely freaked out I can see more clearly again and re-enter my work life with new clarity. This is a negative pattern I truly intend to shift, however, as I know I can receive and create clarity in a healthier and more sustainable way.

    Thanks again! Any insight you guys have will be GREATLY appreciated. –Maggie

  239. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video presentation.. I must say that I float back and forth between the OWW and WOW brain. Primarily, I am a WOW brain guy, however, there are certain areas in my life that I desire change.. It seems safer to stay in my comfort zone rather than venture off into growth and positive risk taking. I very much admired the Trigger Goals as small successful accomplishments breeds momentum. I too fall into the goal setting mode where I set the awesome goal, however, in order to attain the goal we have to take the steps to get there… So appreciative of this opportunity.. Thanks again, Anthony Fazzary

  240. Christine

    Hi Marie & Todd,

    Great video! I already know about all 5 techniques but I have not seen them in this particular combination.

    One request – could you give me links to the scientific journal articles on cellular biology by the Nobel laureates you mentioned in the video? (I’m a scientist by training and would love to read the original research articles.)


    • Hi Christine.

      We paid for the actual research papers so I wouldn’t be able to send them without violating the license. But there’s quite a bit of literature freely available.

      Here’s something to get you started and then you can tumble down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ as far as you’d like 🙂

      If you’re anything like me (science nerd), you’ll probably tumble far! Enjoy!

      • AWESOME, Todd. You have sparked a curiosity in me on a CELLULAR level. I am anxious to eat up more of this information.

      • Christine

        Hi Todd,

        I love these rabbit holes! Glad to know you are a fellow science nerd. Thank you for the link.


        • You’re welcome Christine.

          Unfortunately there’s too much anecdotal advice passed off as science or truth in the human development space. My clients invest a lot of money and resources to work with my team and it would be a disservice to not give them proven systems and models to create the change they need.

          Happy you enjoyed our interview.

  241. Doris

    There’s so much of an OWW in me. It’s so difficult to change when I risk more than feeling uncomfortable for I while. If I take too much on myself I become depressed, anxious, my plans fall apart and I need time to regenerate. There were weeks in my life when all I could accomplish was eat and wash myself. If this is the reaction of my cells… well than makes changing and growth so difficult. I have to tame the AWW in me, I have to concentrate on just being happy everyday rather than achieving something, even small, because competitive attitude always freaks me out. And I never know (and probably never will) when I’m just lazy and change-hesistant, and when I am just responsible and realistic. Sometimes I consciously sabotage my dreams for a while so that I wouldn’t feel like I wanted to puke from the emotions. But I try to find my own path to living a great life and I hope one day I’ll understand my system well enough to use the right methods for myself.

  242. Such a great episode! I always love to take notes here on MarieTV and connect the keywords with circles and arrows in my notebook.

    The comparison of OWW and WOW brainers is ingenious.
    Stuck. Bored. Save. vs. Momentum. Excitement. Transformation.

    I am more of a WOW brainer, I hate nothing more than feeling stuck in my life. I am so curious about the world and feel this constant urge to learn and grow. Nevertheless I notice how the vibration of change is holding me back every now and then and I am pretty sure by observing and reflecting on my behavior in such moments that it’s mainly because I don’t like to ask for help if I struggle, which is hard especially when dealing with criticism or fear. My energy gets easily drained then and I can’t go on with the same power and motivation as before.

    So for me gathering a tribe of support would definitely make a difference to stick to my paths more consistently and keep up the momentum.


  243. Brilliant.
    I am in the middle of a re-brand and as I move forward helping people TRANSITION to a healthier lifestyle this information will have a great impact on those I am trying to help! I am going to latch onto this and read everything I can about it. Fascinating.
    Super awesome 100 volt power tool to add to my tool box!!
    Thank you Marie & Todd.
    Again, you have OVER delivered.

  244. Wow! I needed to see this today. I’ve been in a lull for the last couple of weeks. I have things I have to accomplish and just have not had a vision of certainty about what I am trying to do. Hence, I’ve been procrastinating and feeling frustrated with myself. I love these steps. I have so many ideas flying around in my head but it really comes down to “what is my vision?” and setting those improvement goals. Let me not even get started about how change affects your body on a cellular level. This makes So Much Sense To Me! I am soooo glad you shared these 5 steps.
    Thank You Marie and Todd

  245. I am a WOW brain 🙂 Yay! But, it isn’t always easy – obviously. I freaking LOVE the Script Setbacks… This is exceptionally powerful – holy cow.

    Thanks Marie + Todd!

  246. Definitely more Wow than Oww, which means I can sometimes be blind sighted by the Oww – like, how could I be BORED with so much great momentum!? Or that I’ve come to accept Stuck is a temporary plateau that might be a stroke of fear or even more creative percolation. I love and use the five tactics Todd shares (though always good to reinforce beneficial habits and have another name for them). I’d say my opportunity is to take the OWW characteristics of Stuck, Bored, and Safe, and be less tolerant about their presence in the creative process of change. I will not accept these as inevitable phases, but ones that can be decreased or squeezed out when confidence and adventure (or what I call curiosity) take over. Really a good interview on par with my other fav so far, and tangential to this topic – getting your subconscious mind and conscious minds in sync.

  247. Emily Ryan

    Dear Marie and Todd,

    This is an incredible episode and conversation, thank you to you both and to everyone who has shared their experiences on the feedback thread-you have inspired me.

    I am currently on fire with my work as an environmental, transformative educator and coach, in large measure due to B-School (Thanks again for all that you are, Team Marie!). I am definitely hard wired to have a WOW brain, have always been clear that I have certain talents and capacities that are unusually strong, and am incredibly supported by a spiritual practice and community…

    So my question is this: With all of this, and so much more, at play in my life, why do I still battle the at-times-soul-crushing voice of the sabotaging inner critic who shows up exactly when I have a win, moment of true divine clarity, or even a rocking work session, and says: “Imagine how much more impactual your life could have been if you had figured this out sooner”…?

    I know that the inner critic serves to function as a protector, but give me a break! Nothing makes me feel more exposed and vulnerable than a voice that takes the wisdom of learning and tries to turn it into evidence for what is lacking. There must be a way to disarm it scientifically so that it can no longer hijack the WOW and turn it into the OWW brain, once and for all!

    Your wisdom is greatly appreciated-I will sneak it by the inner critic to make sure it lands with full force:)

    Thanks for listening to this rant, and so glad to be connected with you all in what I imagine is a widely felt experience with those who dare to share what is essential to them with the world.

    Lots of love!


    • Emily Ryan

      p.s. Just listened to the audio response with the distinction of the word”tendency,” which is helpful-so I am intentionally replacing”hardwire” with “tendency.”

  248. Jane Scott

    Apologies in advance for my brutal generalisation, and here goes!!!
    I and my fellow countryfolk in the UK tend to be OW brainers. British people love to moan and complain and overcomplicate things.
    Americans, at least from this side of the Atlantic, look like WOW brainers. Or maybe it’s just all the coaching e-mails I receive that gives me that impression.

  249. Awesome stuff Todd! As in many of the comments, I have a confidence barrier being new and just starting out as a “wellness Doctor for people’s life story.” I have helped a lot of people in an organizational setting and love to see them grow, but have to break through that barrier that I can get paid to do this:) Your systems make sense and were very helpful. Keep up the great work!

  250. Bobbie

    Awesome and thank you Marie and Todd! I am so much more receptive to hearing than reading . . . I’ve have been overwhelmingly stuck in OW, even saying I was bored but didn’t have a vision to follow for what I want. Even did the SBA class for a business plan but you can’t plan what your haven’t invisioned. I was a WOW for a long time and recently started making jewelry as a craft and recognize all the positive good feelings, excitement and thirst for more. . . I just need to let go of the OW story and go for it and not listen to the “shoulds” that have buried me in negativity.

  251. jb

    I definitely tend to have an Oww Brain when I try to make change in my life. I have always contributed it to just plain laziness and sometimes fear of change. In the past couple of years or so I have tried to recognize when I sabotage the changes I’m trying to make. Of the five steps discussed, I’ve worked hard at implementing ‘setting trigger goals’. I noticed a few years ago that when things look overwhelming or too big that I am definitely a small step kinda gal. I can always get myself to do small moves toward the big thing but looking at the big picture can be very scary for me. Trigger goals works best for me.

  252. Marie thanks for bringing Todd to the show. Todd great stuff. All 5 points are right on. If I had to pick one that most applies. I can’t. But if threatened I’d go with “Improvement Goals” or “Script your Setbacks” Told yu I couldn’t pcik one. I know I’m late to the show but maybe you could point me where I could find more of your lessons. I searched Amazon, but didn’t get a hit. Thanks Todd, Thanks Marie.

  253. This was an amazing post. I tend towards an ow brain when it comes to things like health and fitness, and a wow brain with my career and I have never stopped to think what I do differently in those areas of my life and how I can apply the same strategies to health and fitness that make me great at what I do at work. Plus, I’m launching my new web development business and I’m feeling some discomfort as far as leaving the safety of the biweekly paycheck or how I’m going to make this all work. Its keeping me from really getting started. Knowing why is HUGE in pushing forward, and trigger goals are just what I need!

  254. LOVED this episode!!
    Thank you, Todd and Marie for this timely and extremely useful information!! It really couldn’t have come at a better time- today after YET another ‘pain’ as a result of going out of my comfort zone in my business, I sat down and thought, ‘Can I really do this? Why is it so much PAIN?! Why can’t it just be EASY instead of setbacks when you least expect them?!’ I’m a natural WOW- brainer who leaps at the chance to try new things, but when the going gets tough… I do get caught up in ‘OWW’ until I naturally pick up at a ‘WOW’ again.

    So I was in OWW mode today, until I watched this episode and realised that it was just my cells vibrating with all the new biochemicals 🙂

    Another thing I’ve noticed is… I’m in WOW brain a lot when I try new physical things, like acrobatics, pole dance, new moves in bellydance, aerial hoop, gymnastics etc. In these activities, I’m not so afraid of making mistakes or making a fool of myself. I’ll have a go and celebrate every little bit of progress made. But when it comes to business, it tends to be more ‘OWW’! I’m more fearful of making mistakes. Interesting huh!

    One of the 5 steps that’ll really help me is to set Improvement goals- and then plot them on a chart! 😀 WOO!!

    Thank you, thank you for this episode! It’s one of my all-time faves. XXX

  255. Dawna

    Hi Marie and Todd
    This was an inspiring and helpful video- thank you. I have multiple changes going on in my life- both voluntary and involuntary. How do you navigate through multiple changes as well as prioritize and keep the momentum going? Should you just focus on one at a time? I am happy to list out my changes and “to do” list if the helps.
    Much gratitude,

  256. K Michel

    Understanding that failure is part of the experience—and not necessarily a negative part—is soooo important!

    I have been fighting with every cell in my body for over 5 years now! Is there hope that I will make the changes I’ve been chasing?

  257. This episode was so inspiring! Loved it! Will definitely be using trigger goal strategy more often! Have an idea of putting my juicer out a night before, so that it’s the first thing I see in the morning 😉

  258. I love this topic. My mother bought me “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” for xmas this year and that book goes way in depth about the neuroscience behind change. There are like one million a-ha’s in that book. Once you actually know how your body works, and you can observe yourself falling back into old bad habits, you actually have more power over the pattern and can stop it.

    I think I’m equal parts OWW and WOW brain. This past Nov. I WOW brained myself into starting a weight loss and healthy eating regimen. I don’t remember feeling any resistance to it, though. Call it vain, but picturing myself back at a normal weight juiced up my motivation. Plus after I was at it even only for 2 weeks, I received compliments on my dwindling shape, which just gave me more motivation.

    After I had such success with that, and saw that I could change my exercise and eating habits, this January I decided to get on a real spiritual course instead of just fledgling about getting less than perfect results. So I started on a medication regimen, some journaling, and then finally settled on the A Course in Miracles workbook. I have my days where I’m like “I’M TOO SLEEPY TO MEDITATE” but my favorite mantra is “Every Effort Counts,” so I just remind myself that even 5 minutes of mindfulness can give me great results. This change is def more OWW brained because my ego really wants to sabotage me at every turn (my ego which was thriving off that cortisol), and convince me I don’t need to meditate or journal or be nice to people, etc. But I do witness minor breakthroughs where I’m like “wow, I handled that so much differently than I used to” and that’s what keeps me going forward.

    My final change which I am in the midst in is changing my career. I’m a recent college graduate who aspires to be a musician. And it used to be that in college I would convince myself that I was “too busy” to perform. But now that I am out of college and have a predictable schedule, I’m trying to force myself to perform more. It’s difficult because my pre performance anxiety coaxes me into staying home and the gigs often require a lot of driving/effort, but with the tips I got from this video, I can manage this change better. Set trigger goals to do like one open mic biweekly or to just sit a schedule out all the open mics in the area. And then ease into it. Because I realize forcing myself to do something is rather harsh.

    Thanks again for the informative info Marie!

  259. Louise

    Hello Marie and Todd,
    I was trying to find any background information of the biology of change and the link to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013. As a student of health psychology I loved this video and how different areas of expertise can overlap and work from different angles (like implementation setting = setting trigger goals)

  260. Malcolm

    My brain slides on a spectrum between OWW and WOW, and some changes I want to make excite me, while others – mainly, the scary ones, or ones I don’t feel confident about making, or think I lack the ability to do – “hurt” me. : )

    Trigger goals will help me most – and what an awesome term and descriptor for “small steps”: small steps with oomph!

    Thanks for an awesome share, Marie and Todd.

  261. LOVED this video!
    Right on 😉

  262. This episode was music to my ears! It’s easy to become afraid of running out of ideas. Your tips were perfect reminders that committing to playful creativity is the magic formula to keep the ideas coming.

    To remind myself:
    1. To stay present. My best blog articles are usually about things that happen during the day. Connecting those simple examples to larger ideas results in a product I feel proud of.
    2. Small ideas are helpful to people. I’ll never forget how much I loved reading on a mom’s blog that she puts out a small bowl of fruit when her children are playing. This simple tip really stuck with me and I’ve used it ever since. It led to my kids getting better nutrition throughout the day and helped them learn to share with each other.

    Thank you Marie for being so generous and transparent with us viewers! I really appreciate getting to hear about your own process. Marie TV is the best education around – I am taking notes!

    xo Kai

  263. Love the admission here that dreaming about something, expressing intention, doesn’t mean it settles in your life. That’s my whole work: exploring the out-flowing energies of Give, and the in-flow of Receive in one’s life. Thanks for circulating this info and connecting it to the “making change stick” language! I’d love to offer the free receptivity meditation over on my site ( for people to further explore this- letting positive change grow in you, once you’ve manifested. Thanks, Marie!!

  264. Vivek

    I really loved the triggers part. so everyday whenever i have something i need to get done but dont feel like gettign to it for whatever reason, I keep using the triggers to do it.

  265. Ravi

    This was very informative and opened my eyes. You always here be positive .. Which is hard in itself.. But to see the science behind it really puts things in perspective. So thank you for that. The question I have is what would be an example of trigger goals if you anted to earn more money. Say you warned to earn $10,000 a month. What sort of trigger goals would you set? Going to the gym was away with the lay the pants out etc cause you know what you need to do to go to the gym? Bit if you don’t know what you need to do to earn more money, how can you set trigger goals?

  266. Brooke Surtees

    My tendency has definitely been towards the OWW brain, however I have instances of WOW brain, and am working towards always having a WOW brain!
    Setting trigger goals and setting improvement goals will definitely help me the most. I can tend to focus too much on the end result, and get overwhelmed when it seems just so far away from where I am starting from. Trigger and improvement goals will help me stay focused and keep me taking action every day.
    Thank you for an awesome video!

  267. This was an excellent watch! In the past, I have definitely had more of an OWW mindset concerning changes. Today, I identify more with the WOW brain. Scripting for setbacks is so vital and something I can overlook, so I will be sure to start doing it more often. My current goal: lower my sugar intake (I am a sugar addict!)!!!

    Thanks for the video!

  268. 1. I usually use logic to promote change. It makes the most sense to my brain and personality that I understand why I want to change and what changing will DO for me. If I can’t make sense of something I retreat and get oww brain. I’m pretty good about powering through the oww to get excited and look at the positives. It’s a day to day challenge and change.

    2. Small goals are definitely going to help. I usually over think what I do so I chunk it down it should be more manageable.

  269. OWW BRAIN. Dont really like this info about myself, but it does give me some insight on how to improve. Thanks so much!

  270. Kate

    Loved the video, thanks, and thanks to my sister, Jen who sent me the link. This past year has been filled with profound life changes for me and it’s my Wow Brain that has made it an adventure rather than a trauma. Now, I’m faced with yet another change, bringing my elderly mother to live nearby, and I have a great deal of anxiety around all the negative what-ifs….what if she’s unhappy, confused, afraid, falls, gets sick, etc. So what am I going to do? I’m going to script my setbacks! I’m going to identify my support system and a course of action for any eventuality. Suggestions anyone?

  271. Marie! Your interview with Todd was one of the best I’ve seen. I know that’s because this was the information I needed to hear now. I’ve been creating a new business for the past year (B-School 2nd timer) and I feel on the verge of having my puzzle pieces finally fitting together. Todd’s Growth, Confidence & Adventure circles was a nice graphic for me to see the roadmap clearly to strong leadership. As far as the steps go I feel like I’m doing fairly well with Steps 1-4, but #5 is my Baby of this talk! Wow! I’ve been on the Positive Thinking Plan, and not prepared for the challenges (and there are always challenges!) I am so EXCITED to move forward with Scripting for Setbacks! It’ll be empowering to feel that I was prepared for that Little Monkey jumping on my back! In fact, I plan to create a script for setbacks in each of the programs I offer. This will save so much time trouble-shooting when I am busy on something else! THANK YOU SO MUCH TODD FOR THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION!

  272. One of the biggest influences on me lately has been Seth Godin’s book The Dip – it’s about knowing when to quit. Many times I feel that urge right before making a breakthrough, so after years of being mindful about my patterns of behavior and when I am likely to go into WOW brain mode or OWW brain mode, I can be aware and sense the changes ahead. Then I can decide to ride through the dip and see the progress on the other side instead of quitting or changing horses mid-stream.

  273. Excellent presentation. Loved the explanation about cortysol and dopamine. It explains my addiction to The News for example. Also very impressed by the micro goals. BUT the most important thing for me was that if I get myself into the disappointed stage, I realised that I feed myself (yet again) with the cortysol that I am addicted to. Therefore, the planning for when things go wrong is the thing I am going to be working on in a WOO way! The WOO way is the way forward! Thanks as ever for the most empowering programmes ever! You make my Tuesdays sing!!! Much love.

  274. Thijs

    Thank you so much for this video. I tend to have an OWW brain and it takes me a long time to change habits. I wish I had a couple more of those entrepreneurial genes that go with a WOW brain. I liked the tip of planning your tomorrow today and setting the Improvement goals.

  275. Jenna

    Thanks for the video! The “ow” and “wow” brain reminds me very much of the fixed vs. Growth mindset that carol dweck talks about in her book “mindset” – highly recommend it for anyone that thinks they have “ow” brain syndrome – it’s not permanent and we CAN learn how to be more open to change. Much love to all.

  276. Vince

    Thaks for the video.

  277. Alison Beere

    Well, this was just so timely! This morning while out walking I was telling my husband how I feel I am losing my grip on some recent changes I have been pursuing. And now I have a name for the problem – it’s my OWW brain! It’s so helpful to recognise it – particularly that desire for safety – and name it and decide again to kick it to the kerb.
    Thanks Todd! It was a (helpful) blast from the past to see you here – we were part of the Psychotactics article writing course together back in 2011…

  278. I believe this video is going to empower me to make some major changes in my life that I normally would not even attempt to make, now that I understand what is actually going on inside of me and what causes me to want to stop. I realized that I have been leaning towards the Oww brain and now I must move towards a wow brain instead I can and will also use these same principals on my blog as well. Thanks Marie and Todd!

  279. Krystal

    Thanks for this video Marie. Just watched this interview today and wanted to let you know that this video, along with all the rest of the Marie TV episodes, continue to provide support and guidance long after they are posted. I have actually been watching your interview with Steven Pressfield on Turning Pro as a “trigger goal” to keep me focused on writing professionally. Thanks again!

  280. I loved this video – I was actively scribbling away notes and relating the comments and strategies discussed back to my own situation. I am currently in the midst of a change and I am definitely more of the OWW Brain – feeling very stuck. This has been great to learn how to move to the WOW Brain of thinking and doing (which I am actually excited about – woo it’s working!).
    The improvement goals will definitely be the step that helps the most, followed closely by gathering a tribe as I have a real tendency to not talk to others about my struggles/seek help or support.
    Loved it – thanks Marie and Todd.

  281. Kim

    I loved this–especially the explanation about the chemical changes–which helps explain so much.

    I find change for me is like a yoyo and I wish I could get more consistent and move upward in a more linear fashion. But, basicly once I decide something I go after it full-force — for a while. But, then, when things get a little tough or a distraction comes in, I get off track and then sometimes get frustrated and change course. This means I don’t finish things and don’t ultimately get ahead in anything. I keep going up and down and changing course…It’s frustrating.

    I have been told I have a mild case of ADD so maybe that plays into it all but I am adamant I don’t want to take meds. Just wish I could follow through a bit better and stick to the hard things. Knowing this is chemical related helps.

  282. Marie,

    This episode is pure excellence! Pure excellence!

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom and for always providing such value.

    So many “aha” moments.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  283. Celine

    Marie and Todd,
    I absolutely LOVED this! Best one yet! I had to listen to it twice to absorb all the terrific information. I’ve started several programs/changes and in the beginning I’m fired up, but I seem to lose steam once the romance fades and real life sets into my new routine. I seem to fall off the wagon…. How do you recommend I get back on? Would Scripting Setbacks help me with this?
    Once again, Thanks so much, I look forward to learning more about you!

  284. I can’t remember the 5 steps (I’ll watch again the video 🙂 ), but obviously I remember the 5th, which is the most interesting.

    I tend to be oww for the habits I *have to* change and wow for the habits I truly want to change.

    I think that there is a part in us that really does’t want the change, even if we tell ourselves that we do.

    What I will do is to script my setbacks (I want to go to bed at 11pm and to keep a consistent exercise schedule), and I will report on fb.

    Thanks so much, again!

  285. Kim

    Pretty sure I have a WOW Brain for the most part, as I’m very comfortable with change and new experiences. But I start to get stuck about 3/4 of the way through a big change process, and then I become OWW/feel stuck/retreat.

    I think scripting my setbacks will really help, as well as gathering a tribe. I keep things to myself a lot so I don’t have to answer to people. But if I share my goals a little more, I think it will help build momentum. Thanks, Todd and Marie! xo

  286. Agapi

    I just found this… 😉

  287. I definitely have an “OWW” brain. When it comes to fitness, I will get the closest to my goal then bail out. It’s almost like I’m afraid to succeed. When it come to writing, I get nowhere. I have it all inside but afraid to let it out. With career, nowhere. Relationships…OWW.

    I think what will work best for me are: #3 Improvement goal…I’ve never tried that before. #4 Gathering a Tribe…I don’t have friends in my circle that can relate to my gift. I’m a writer. All of my friends are successful at other things, so I need people in my corner who understand the writers mind and that can cheer me on when I start to doubt myself.

  288. Sherri Hayter

    Wow, this video is incredible – especially for a perpetually Oww brainer like myself. I tend to start out as a Wow brain, but end up in Oww territory.

    The tip that I am going to put into action immediately is number 3 – set improvement goals. I definitely need to build my entrepreneurial confidence and setting these small yet progressive improvement goals will help me to actually see the progress I am making.

    This has really been eye-opening for me as a mother as well for I have a son who is definitely an Oww brain. He’s a brilliant kid but he sees the negative, pain side of personal growth – I’m hoping I can incorporate these strategies with him and save him heaps o pain as he grows into a man (he’s only 9 years old right now).

    Thanks so much Marie and Todd – love what you are putting out in the world!
    xx Sherri

  289. Henry

    Wow – I USED to be more WOW brain but I have realized in the last few years I’ve become more OW brained…I think possibly some “hits” my life took may have put me into that Cortisol cascade… Time to CHANGE MY MIND – Literally!

    I think the step that will be most useful for me to remember is the scripting… Lets face it… I go to the “negative” space anyway… mostly to sit and stew….if I’m gonna go there, let me make use of it!

    Marie, thanks for the always amazing content !!!

  290. Karina Olszewski

    Amazing channelling as always 🙂

  291. Roman

    I am a wow person always thinking positive of things that are going to be good for me, or my future. The only problem is that I never follow thru, by the 3th day I will be distracted by something and it will be over, no matter how many times I try.

    I am going to try the trigger goals, never thought about that, and I know that is going to help me get to the next level I just know it! I am so eager to start tomorrow. Thanks Todd, and you Marie for bringing this guest into your show.

  292. Corinne


    Excellent interview! Just curious, have you observed a tendency of OWW Brain in introverts and WOW Brain in extroverts? It seems to me that Extroversion vs Introversion might apply to this discussion. Thanks so much. =)

  293. I usually start out with the Wow brain, then it leads me very quickly into the Ow brain, where I almost immediately pull out my great big box of spiritual tools, (and maybe a little dark chocolate) and process as fast as I can. My incubation periods I’ve come to call my “friendly fog” and when I feel that familiar feeling of “going crazy” I know I’m in the thick of it (this must be when the chemicals are shifting, and looking for equilibrium in my cells) and I can relax knowing it will pass. It was fun to hear this process quantified!

  294. I am soooooo Ow right now. I didn’t used to be this way and that is because I regularly did what Marie mentioned…at the end of the day, I’d write down what I was doing the next day. This also enables me to look at accomplishments of the day. Shifting to launching two businesses has taken me off of a beneficial routine. What am I going to do? #1 vision #2 trigger goals.

    I am afraid of the tribe! I fight it because then I am accountable to an outside party and I’m like, “I know. I know. I have to do that. Yah. Yah.” Like a puppy in training, I pull on the leash and bite the leash. My solution is a project manager. They just keep you on track and I want them to be successful which means I must do the work we decided upon. Am I the only one that avoids the tribe?

  295. I always love your advice! I just wrote a similar post on my own blog, Guide To A Fabulous Life – “3 Steps To Creating A Life You Love”.

    I would love some feedback, thanks!

  296. Noel Grant

    Hi Marie,

    What a great video. Thank you. Just thought I’d share the acronym “S.M.A.R.T” which relates to your goal setting. These work really well in all areas of your life:
    Time bound

    Cheers Noel

  297. Hi, Marie and Todd!

    Great interview. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. I’d like to know more about the science of the cells vibrating when you feed them new things. Can you give the names of the researchers, or link me to a resource where I can read more? That is KEY to change. I want to really understand those findings – I think it’s a game changer. Thanks!

  298. This was so helpful – I’ve watched it a few times and now taken notes! I am mostly a WOW brain – esp after some baby steps are taken and I can feel the + results! The two tips that will be most helpful are: setting improvements w some kind of evaluations and having trigger goals. Thanks so much for such great advice!

  299. Dee Her

    Hi, thought that I was going the wrong path in my career but after watching this video, food for the soul, I realize that I am on the right path. I am the Wow brain. Had a rough week and thought why I haven’t got where I needed to be and realize that if it was that easy I wouldn’t appreciated as much, so I’ll continue being adventurous and keep learning and growing. Thank you and your team for sharing Marie!

    True follower,

  300. Shea

    Great video. So many action steps that anyone can do.

  301. stacey

    Great video!! Really held up a mirror to my OW centered brain. I was a wow centered brain but after 3 years of trying to a new career path for myself and nothing materializing, the OW has completely taken over. My biggest challenge seems to be in creating a vision of what I want to do in my work life next. I get completely blocked with fear that I won’t generate enough income, don’t have unique skills, and then spiral from there. I have worked with career coaches and I enrolled in a new program that although not exactly what I want to do, seems to be in the right direction. How do you keep moving forward in the WOW when you don’t have a clear vision? And, how do you get that vision if journaling, coaches and self help books have not helped? Great posts from everyone!

    • Steph

      Marie’s “How to get anything you want” audio was a really helpful tool for me to hone in on the What of what I want. If you haven’t already, try it to see if that helps you gain clarity of your vision. (Bonus: it’s free.) Perhaps your goal is a moving target that you can break down into smaller parts?

  302. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. This video is amazing!

    Learning how to master your ability to focus your attention is exciting and empowering. Then it’s just a matter of getting clear about what is really important to you. Visit for more motivation.

  303. Perry C.

    I have been trying to quit using smokeless tobacco for about the last 4 or 5 years. I have been using it since my early teens. It is the hardess thing I have ever tried to do. It is very addicting. I’ll quit for a few days and then go back to it. I obviously have an oow brain. I think the most useful tool for me will be the scripting my setback.

  304. melody

    I was given this site as added reading for Module 9 of IIN. I am going to watch the video again and again until I get it. And send the link to a friend!

  305. Very interesting topic

    Change something like feel of prepare for reject it. As my case I can change place I will live such as I will move and don’t need things and place that very clear with me before.

    In fact have little procrastination and worry little things that we can specific them but in fact when we decide to change and do it immediately then with new things, new place or new level of ourselves will be really good, we will love that and in fact little procrastination and worry little only exist in short time, very short.

    I am very welcome and congrats any changes for good and need of people.

  306. Wendy Roth

    Loved this video, SO RIGHT ON and I wish to send it to my son who lives in Japan. Hope he can access it.

  307. Wow wee woo wow! This was really and eye poppin’ eye opener! Loved everything about it. I took notes and sent Todd a tweet! Good freakin’ stuff!

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world Marie!


  308. zuzu

    Script your setbacks is kind of, make sense but, it’s more likely worrying about the future and not being in the present, it conflicts..

    • Pauline

      Yes I would agree with you

  309. Pauline

    Hey yay straightaway has you both began talking I knew I had a oww brain. I usually wait until I am on good form before I set my goal and work at maintaining them from that place. However, I realised that they don’t last because I don’t set myself up ahead of myself which would be number 3. Set improvement goals, that is the one that I will do mostly. Thanks for sharing

  310. I have a “WOW” brain.
    # 4 will be a useful tool for me.

  311. Fantastic video! I appreciate the multiple ways to get beyond the oww brain. In the past, I’ve definitely been way into oww brain, but for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been all over the woww brain.

    Thanks to you both for your insight!

  312. This is fantastic info!!!!!
    Having been raised in a certain way, never engaging with successful peeps, had me stuck in independence and survival and oww. It’s important to note that I’m a change-agent, I love it, I bring it on but never afforded myself more than the bare essentials in all areas. This week I’m finally learning about wow or gain brain, and things are different, lighter and flowing… of all: I am in charge!
    Thanks for the interview!!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Claudia! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and thanks so much for watching!

  313. Natalie

    Hi Marie,

    I think what i find difficult is finding a ‘tribe.’ I have recently had to reassess the group of people that i associate with and distance myself away from those who are negative and believe that big dreams are for ‘others,’ and not them. I seem to think about what others think about me too much – I think this goes back to being bullied for being successful in others areas in life so I have since lived small. I am planning to DJ professionally and i’m finding it tough to find a strong support group of people who understand. Do you need to have a tribe or can you tough it out and do it on your own? Thanks Marie! xx

  314. Jennifer

    Thank you Marie and Todd. Such great info! I start off in the WOW mode, but am realizing I do get into the OWW and find a tough time getting back.
    I love Todd’s 5 steps. Step 5 is going to be the magic for me. I agree with your comment, Todd, that you can’t live in a Pollyanna world. Negative stuff if going to happen no matter how positive you are. I’ve learned that it’s important to face the negative, and yes, plan for how you’ll get through it, rather than play the Pollyanna role and think positive thinking will have you on the yellow brick road forever.

    Thanks. Great content as always, Marie!

  315. Bev

    In my past life, I was a Six Sigma Black Belt = change agent. I am one of the rare people who loves change. In my mind, everything is doable if you think about it a while. My danger is that sometimes I want change for the sake of change – maybe I get bored (OW Brain) or I get fired up about an idea or plan (WOW Brain). I need to know which brain is driving the change and script it.

  316. Merry

    Wow I really love that I can watch episodes that pertain to my particular situation at the time it’s happening.
    This made me realize that I have changed from a Wow brain to an Ow brain. Lucky for me steps have been provided to get me moving back to the Wow brain I have been most of my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity and information.

  317. I tend to split between oww and wow brain, but I see that the times I’m in wow brain I’m doing number 1 and 5 a lot more. So those are the ones I’m going to focus on. My goal for this quarter is to launch and grow the wholesale side of my business. I have specific goals already but I’m going to get specific with how this will look (throughout the whole process) and script what I’m going to do especially when I get several nos in a row.

  318. Steph

    What an interesting & exciting concept, that changing what we feed our cellular “hungry hippos” creates resistance & can be the tipping point of success! I love the visual idea of Growth, Confidence & Adventure overlapping to create Momentum, Excitement & Transformation! Yes x100!
    Funny thing, I’ve heard so often about setting a timer for 15 minutes to get started on something, but it wasn’t until I thought to set a stopwatch instead – to see how long a dreaded task actually took – that I’d take action. And it wasn’t the idea of exercising to lose 20lbs that got me regularly doing it; it was finding the real “why” behind it (vanity, health & frugality, admittedly in that order) that has made it a nearly daily habit that has no end for me. It’s not a goal that concludes, to be a healthy example to my kids & feel good in my shell & stop buying bigger clothes, haha. So, perhaps tweaking the goals is what I need to look at to build other skills I’m working on. This interview has me super-charged to find my set of like-minded people! Thank you!

  319. Jillian - Team Forleo

    Megan, we absolutely hear you, and we understand the struggle you’re going through right now. The beautiful thing about what you shared is that you’re willing to put in the time it takes to uncover your strengths, your purpose, your truth.

    We know it can be frustrating when it feels like enough isn’t happening to validate all that hard work, and even more frustrating to hear that there truly is no timeline for figuring this all out (and of course, there isn’t – you’ve got plenty of time). Marie always says that ‘engagement is better than thought’, and so every time you take action towards an idea (no matter how small), you’re eliminating what you don’t want, and getting closer to uncovering what it is you do desire. This is the hard work, and you’re doing it Megan.

    Here are a few other MarieTV episodes that may help in moments of struggle:

    Consistent action creates results, and this goes for consistent moments of rest, respite, and reflection as well. We’re cheering you on Megan, and wishing you all the best.

  320. Oliver

    I am an oow Brain.
    Of the five steps I am going to try to implement:
    A positive circle of people around me that reinforces positive behavior rather than feeling intimidated and jolted by it.
    I will try to script my day with the understanding that distractions are likely to occur so I am better able to adjust, adapt, and work around them.
    I vow not to get caught up in distraction and allow my positivity to be be motivated by fear rather purpose.

  321. Hi Marie and Todd
    I was driving while I was listening to this podcast and could not believe my ears when Marie introduced you Todd. In my head I am questioning this can’t be the Todd Herman who I have known since he was a baby?? I got home, went on Marie TV and there you were Todd! Wow congratulations on all your successes! As I am becoming a leader in my industry it is so inspiring to see others you know become amazing leaders.
    I am mostly in the Wow brainset but lately my list and goals have been overwhelming. I love the idea of Trigger Goals. To see things in their smaller parts just makes it easier to cope and move forward. Thank you Todd and amazing to see you!

  322. Fantastic talk, loved this idea that the uneasy feeling of change is just our cells trying to get used to a new vibration, stick with it and in the long term you will be addicted to the new improve version of yourself, thank you so much !!

  323. sonja

    HOW did I miss this episode???? If I could change the font size in this comment, I would say “OWW BRAIN” in 200 pt type!!! Does he have a book on this?

  324. Lou

    Thankyou Marie and Todd!
    I am constantly learning more and more on the psychology and changing the brain. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! I had a change my life moment 6 years ago, and another one right now. I work every single day at change and THIS has made me cry. THANKYOU!!!

  325. Setting Trigger Goals inspired me.
    We need goals we gonna achieve, of course, but we also need to know how to achieve that goal; finding or making new paths and driving ourselves on essential actions to do.
    So, I’ve got concepts to set little more breakdowns for the main goal now.
    Thank you for sharing good ideas.

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