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Taking the past two weeks off has been a huge game changer for me — and for our whole team. Personally, I loved stepping outside of my everyday routine and shaking things up.

I got an enormous amount of stuff done. Things that have been on my mental to-do list for what feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  

Simple stuff, like ordering an airpopper to make healthy popcorn (my favorite movie-watching treat!) to finally getting a proper soap-dish for my bathroom (I’ve been using a sushi dish for over a decade!), to totally cleaning out my kitchen and cupboards so that we’re free from unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

I worked out hard-core almost every day, nixed alcohol, watched some incredible shows (Peeky Blinders anyone?!?), danced, cooked and journaled my buns off.

My life got a total reboot from the inside out and it feels magnificent!

Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go. Click To Tweet

Now typically this time of year, many of us set our goals and visions for the year ahead.

We ask ourselves, “What do I want to create over these next 12 months? What’s the big future vision I’m committed to bringing to life?”

Those mental visions are exciting. They juice us up and fuel us ahead. And as you know — having a crystal clear vision for what you want to create is vital for success in any area of life.

But what’s also important is how you go about making those exciting visions come to life.

This is where many of us can get tripped up and, unfortunately, slow ourselves down.

But have no fear because there’s a little known trick to “fast track” the life you want and it’s relatively easy to put into practice.

I learned this lesson the hard way so hopefully, this will save you some frustration.

On today’s episode of MarieTV, learn why dreaming of your future can sometimes prevent it from showing up and the simple change you make right now — especially if you’re impatient while working towards your goals.

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Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, I’d love know…

  1. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?
  1. What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most glorious, fun and supportive places online!

P.S.  I’m SUPER proud to be on the cover of Experience Life Magazine this month. It’s on bookstands in Barnes & Noble and you can catch a behind-the-scenes video here.

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  1. 1. I think right now in the present I am doing a job I love, but it’s not what I want to do (forever). I want to blog and design(but make sure I have my own style. I want to work at this everyday, but just have to find the time.
    2. To be honest 12/31/14 I finalized my life list goals…and as I was writing all I wanted to achieve and do in 2015…it came to me I’m on my right track. I want to design…so I enrolled in classes..and already purchased the is amazing…I want to workout…so I started in November, rather than January…
    Great video!!!

    • I like that you said “on my right track” – because what’s right for you isn’t always what you see everyone else doing. Good for you for spotting that. You’re gonna rock 2015! 🙂

    • I am glad you said that your present job is one you love. That was one thing I had to learn. For me, the lesson was to not resist the present job and love it for what it is, for the opportunities it gave me and what I brought to it.

      Once I accepted my job and my NOW. The rest all started to fall into place.

      This acceptance is one thing that many people (me and my clients included) have struggled with or are struggling with.

      Keep up the good work Shante! Much love to you on your journey!

    • 1..Knowing beginnings are beautiful helps me squash the frustration that comes from the business building process. If I’m real w myself, I know it’s going to be a process forever. Why not enjoy it? I mean, what’s the alternative. ..ewww.
      2. When I was a non – profit CEO, I was so uneasy about proving the board made the right decision in hiring me that I missed out on the joy that came from knowing they did pick me. Time wasted. Boooo

      • Daphne

        Jenny I love that you said, “knowing beginnings are beautiful” – exactly what I needed to hear this morning. thank you.

    • I love all of the positive vibes around here. Working hard for a big goal can make you feel like you’re never going to reach it – and like you never have enough. It keeps you always chasing after something but never arriving anywhere, and life becomes overwhelming and exhausting.

      I recently moved across the country somewhere that has been a dream for a long time. But when I got here I was miserable, because I still didn’t have all of the other things I envisioned having with it. That was a huge reality check. Once I decided to pour all of my energy into the moment, making this home awesome to live in and focusing on appreciating everything I do have, everything shifted and the good feelings and changes started pouring in.

      I love that phrase “making is-ness your business”. So powerful!

      P.S: Congrats on being featured in Lifestyle Magazine, Marie! Loved the video.

      • Just like me to get the name of the magazine wrong 😉 oops!

      • I loved that phrase as well. I can definitely relate to moving, but we do control a lot if not all of how we feel.

      • Laura, being in the present and taking one step at a time isn’t as easy as some may make it sound, and at times it may seem that no progress is being made. It takes determination and perseverance. There are so many negative influences and environs that are constantly bombarding us. It takes repetition of positive thought patterns to impress our subconscious, just as our subconscious has been influenced by a constant stream of negative impressions. “You have to be right here, right now, every time, every day. If you’re not always going back to putting one foot in front of the other, you won’t get up that mountain, whatever it is.”~ Ty Murray.

      • Suzi

        Laura your post is a great reminder to me as I begin my journey this year moving across the country. Although my hopes are that this new environment will enhance my life I know too that it will be what I make of it each and every day. Thanks for the reality check!

    • Clive Holgate

      Great interview i think water is definately a key element to life. After all there is only Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Heart felt and real thank you

      Bless Clive

    • Go for it! It’s amazing you didn’t just think about it but went ahead and got the ball rolling!

    • Marie! Girl! I love all your wonderful messages and wisdom but this is THE BEST message of any I’ve heard you ever share! At least, the one that hit me the hardest You just changed my life, seriously. This message is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Thank you x a gazillion!…. I have an amazing life in so many ways but I live alone and am single which is not what I desire…so almost nightly there is a pity party in my head overtaking how awesome it is that I have a killer place to myself, no screaming kids, free to do whatever I want. I am now committing to shift out of the pity party and into my awesome life. Thank you for the reminder and powerful life changing message! You ROCK.

      • Sophie

        I identify with your situation! Thanks for sharing

    • Love your answer, Shante! I agree, we can be totally happy in the present if we focus on showing up fully. It sound like you understand the present job you are in is only temporary which makes it easier to be light + fully present while knowing you are soon onto bigger horizons.

      Sometimes it is challenging to show up fully because we get ‘antsy’ about doing what we are born to do. But, even in our “dream job” we will have to do a TON of stuff that we don’t like at first until we have the means to delegate (i.e. hire staff). I like the Buddhist saying, “chop wood, carry water” leads to enlightenment. No matter where you go, there you are.

      Much love to all!

  2. One of the things I’ve learned is to not resist the “ick” and frustration, but to own it and know that it’s the fuel to catalyze growth.

    When I work with clients, we peel away the masks: the ones that pretend we’re present, even though we’re denying our truth in the moment. In the moment, we might feel like crap, we might feel frustrated, or even jealous about what we’re seeing going on around us. Or, we can feel awesome. Either way, we’ve got to own our truth. THEN we can move through it, instead of pretending to be an impostor.

    This was particularly tricky for me when I was first starting. A lot of my contemporaries were moving SO much faster than I was, but I didn’t see behind the scenes in their lives – many of whom are now divorced and only have their business to cling to. I stayed the course in my work, evolved slowly, and am very happy where I’m headed, even though I know that where I am now isn’t my ultimate “destination” so to speak.

    But I had to stop living in “the shoulds” and own the truth of my current circumstances in order to do that. 🙂

    • Happy New Year, Lisa!

      This–>> “I had to stop living in “the shoulds” and own the truth of my current circumstances…”

      It is so easy to look at where others are or even your ultimate destination and feel down that you don’t have what they have or your’re not where you ultimately want to be. This is natural, but it’s important to be present, be grateful, and enjoy OUR journey. It’s all a part of the experience.

  3. Hi Marie and everyone!

    Happy New Year! (When is it officially too late to say that? Is it now?)

    Throwing myself back into the corporate world last year when my husband was (briefly, thankfully) laid off was a HUGE wake up call to me. It felt all kinds of constricted and hellish and UGH! It became more clear than ever that I cannot do that anymore. I recommitted to my own business (business training for intuitives and healers) and am happy once again being IN my business.

    I know where I’m going and how to get there. But it took a 6 month detour to be sure of it.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else shares. So many Ah-has and insights to come!

    • Yep, I hear ya! I quit my job about 6 months ago and, even though I’ve had struggles, I’ve learned to be more in the present moments and really give what I’m currently doing my full attention!

      And doing work that I enjoy doing doesn’t hurt 😉

  4. Happy New Year!!! I hope that all of you enjoyed your holidays!

    Man, this is such a great question! I have struggled with this for so long. When my life doesn’t meet my vision of the things that I want, I’ve had the habit of coming down on myself hard. The one thing that has helped me with this is gratitude. I look at my house, for example, and see all the things that need to be fixed. It upset me that it didn’t look like my “Dream Home” Pinterest page. I didn’t like being here. I didn’t invite people over, because I thought that they would judge me. I treated my house like a hotel, nothing special.

    I used gratitude to help make isness my business. By finding things to be grateful for, it allowed me to be present and to truly see my house as the blessing that it is. Sure, it isn’t this showpiece mansion in a gated community, but it is my baby. She’s darling and I’m grateful to have her. Now, I invite people over and they compliment her. One friend said that she can see bits of me and my personality here and people comment on how warm it is. It feels pretty good to hear!

    This year, I continued my tradition of picking a one word theme as my intention for the new year. My word is release. I have so much stuff crowding my space: possessions, associations, limiting beliefs. Those things are a distraction and they make it hard to notice and be open. It feels like I don’t have room / time for new blessings to come in and shine.

    This year, it is my intention to release what doesn’t serve me and make room for all of the wonderful blessings that are coming my way. I’ve got a lot in my house to release, but by doing so, I will find even more things to be grateful for here. It will feel more like my home. Plus the comfort level will be on fleek! lol

  5. 1. It’s funny how the motivating factors pushing me forward in business (“remembering my tomorrow”) are, on the flip side, the very things that cause me unnecessary grief (“I’m not happy with where I’m at, I want to be further ahead right. now.”). When the negativity takes over (as it tends to do), I stop being ambitious and start being disgruntled. It’s definitely something I need to be conscious of every day.

    2. I find I’m in the right space — content with a bright vision of what’s ahead — when I keep laser focused on the specific work in front of me (literally, the ebook I am creating or the blog post I’m writing or the video I’m filming). It’s when I start fiddling with time-sap things like scrolling through Facebook, mindlessly checking my Pinterest stats, etc, that I get discouraged. I think it’s SOOO important just to keep your head down and dive into your work. It brings accomplishment while waiting for the better things ahead.

    • Great thoughts, Erika!

    • Cara

      Hi Erika,

      I totally get where you are coming from. That’s a good word, disgruntled. I find that happens a lot to me as well. And I have noticed a big difference when I am taking time away from multi-tasking and checking my phone all the time. When I start getting back to basics like…my goal today is to expand my attention span. (Multi-tasking has shrunk my attention span to nothing). It’s funny how everything has a dark side. Ambition can totally lead to discontentment if we let it. Good tools!

  6. Great episode Marie. I think you’re right – learn to accept the present and allow mistakes and/or imperfection to be ok: difficult, but necessary. It’s easy for perfectionists to be caught up in disappointment – and stuck. That’s my resolution for this year – allow mistakes and keep moving.

    • Allow mistakes and keep moving – love this! So much I want to put it in my handpainted tote bags!

  7. S

    Thanks you so much for this post. I can relate with this Q&A sooooo much. I have so many ideas and want them to be where they are complete and being successful. I need to think now and be more present. I also think it’s a great technique to shrink your focus when in a crisis 🙂 Shrink it baby down to a small next move only and that next move will take you forward to the bigger picture.

    Love it Marie xxx

    Thrive 🙂

  8. amazing post…love it..what I needed to hear. As doctor ordered and you showed up..Love it..Patience and joy can go together pretty well!


  9. This came at a freakishly perfect time… moments after my sacred time, my running thoughts of doubt, and the Divine message that you just reiterated. Thank you, Marie.

    My business seems to be taking off with a book published this year, a speaking gig that is gaining a lot of attention, and the launch of my first virtual program this week (all with much help from B.School – thank you!). So WHY does my mind still create thoughts of doubt – exactly as you mention “I’m not where I thought I’d be”. Perhaps not, at 46 years of age, but I am HERE and it is NOW. And life is really wonderful. And I am so proud of myself to have the courage to put my purpose and soul calling into the world.

    Also, LOVE the article in Experience Life – again, so true Confidence IS Overrated. (the behind the scenes is fun also!)

    Much Appreciation,

  10. Welcome back, Marie!

    Great video, dress, and questions 🙂

    1. I attend a lot of networking events and sometimes before I go I’m not super pumped about them. However, I know this is a HUGE place for me to make isness my business and when I do it’s awesome. In fact, earlier this month I attended one event I usually love, but wasn’t so excited about when I looked at the speaker list. However, I ended up making some AMAZING connections and when I spoke about my business, the head of the group told me how she always loves my energy and passion-pretty sweet! And clearly a great lesson to keep that isness there every day.

    2. I had this moment on NYE this year when I sent an e-mail to my A-Listers about the past year. Most New Year’s Eves I’m all about the year to come, but this was the first year I really sat down and reflected on the past year and realized, I totally rocked it! It felt so awesome to have that perspective. I’ll definitely make that a NYE habit and something I do on a more regular basis. Living in the moment is where it’s at!

    Thanks for this great first Q and A Tuesday of 2015. Here’s to lots of isness happening this year 🙂

  11. “Part the sea of hair” Hahaha! Was that inspired by Gods and Kings? Lol
    Anywho…Great video! Very insightful as usual. I realise I’m living too much in the future right now. It’s counterproductive. So…
    1. Instead of dreaming of one day flying all the way to the US of A and be interviewed on Marie TV, it would help if I focused on enjoying my journey into gathering light and being of more and more value to my audience. Let’s not compromise authenticity.
    2. I will never forget this fateful Month of May, a few years back. I was in the corporate world. The company was getting less and less profitable so a terrible chain of events (that ended in quite a few redundancies and resignations) had started. Pressure to perform was high, morale at the office was low. That’s when I discovered personal development. I was listening to the likes of Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Darren Hardy every day. I started each day with a mission: overcome any obstacle. Show up fully, not allowing fears of the future or the negativity at the office to get to me. To this day, it was one of my most productive months ever. I really surprised myself.

  12. I LOVED this one Marie! It even made me tear up I believe it so much. Thank you for your awesome advice. I have shared on Twitter. xoxo

  13. Hi,

    I love your show!

    I realized as I watching that I used to struggle more. It’s also timely. I’m chosen to get another contract while I keep working on my business. It’s ok to be happy while I do it and it does not take away from everything else! That’s what I decided a month ago. I hope it stays wgen I start.

    Ironically I’ve filled 3/4 seats for packages!

    I was also reminding me that this morning as I read “the best weight loss program on the Internet”. Another success does not make mine impossible!

  14. good reminder for starting 2015 thank you !!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you for this awesome video today, Marie. Where in my life can I make isness my business? Here, Now!
    I was feeling this urgent pull toward my future where my business was booming and I finally had a multiple 5-figure lauch, 2 actually, and a 6-figure business. I started to feel the pain of striving and working hard, passionately, but feeling like the moment wasn’t good enough, which led to, I wasn’t good enough, which felt like crap. And I felt like I was missing my life! $100 and a great therapy session later, I was back. I love what my therapist helped me to see; I was making the narrative of my life more valuable than my actual life. I was rejected the moment and therefore missing the joy that unfolds in the here and now. After that session, I came back to life. I’ll never forget how good it feels to be here now. That fall weekend was the first rainy weekend in California in a long time. I left the house to be with the leaves, the water, the colors, the air, this amazing life! Isness is the foundation of my business.

    • Kat

      “I was making the narrative of my life more valuable than my actual life.”

      Rebecca- this TOTALLY resonated with me this morning! I have been doing so much of this lately. What a beautiful quote to bring me back to now. Thank you!

  16. Each year, I make a list of twelve primary goals for the year (twelve months, twelve goals) … #5 for 2015? Be present and focused on the activity at hand.

    Thank you for expanding that to make me see how that can take away the “sting” of that feeling of not being where I want to be in my business. And for the reminder that time keeps proving to me that I have been exactly where I needed to be.

  17. Laughing when I see that the previous poster wrote exactly what I was thinking 🙂 It was just what I needed to hear too. Thanks!

  18. Hi Marie, My dominant strength is futuristic. I have had to work so hard on being present as I love to dream of the future.

    I have found that I can bring the future to the present and it makes me feel so happy.

    Katie 🙂

  19. Vongai Mudzamba

    This is really one episode that spoke to me. Almost directly. I hate my job. I keep it because of the salary but if I had an option I would quit. I would like to start a social business and help to empower women in rural Africa. I started working on this project after work last year with the hopes that somehow I could make it a reality. However it didn’t work that way and so I am still at my job.

    I was feeling so depressed about it. But you are right. I should be grateful for what I have and take steps to continue working on my project.

    Just keep swimming!

  20. Amen, Marie! Great advice. The moment is all we have — give it all you’ve got!

    Staying in “present tense” is my personal mantra. When I get worried about what will happen in the future, I’m not in the present. When I am in the present, the fear goes away. How about that? This applies to business and to my personal life.

    Last year I began a creative writing project that was totally outside of my experience. I could see where I wanted to be but didn’t know how to get there. I had to accept that I was a beginner. I connected with a mentor. I attended classes. Through those classes, I found a group of like-minded folks who are working towards similar goals and we meet regularly to support each other and assess our progress. I’m enjoying the journey.

  21. This Q&A is dear to my heart!

    Living in the present moment is what has changed my life. I always lived in the past or in the future. I believed that I would be happy when…You can fill in the blank….bought that house…had the job I wanted. But, my focus on the future was making my now suck! I felt like such a loser.

    When I was able to let go of the past (cause it no longer exists) and the future (cause it does not yet exist) and be in the present moment, I was free. I found my freedom in the present moment, I found love, passion, joy, happiness, abundance. I have been living this way for close to a year now and I am amazed at what I have called into my life without as much effort as I had put in in the past. Acceptance of now is key.

    Marie, I love that you said “you gotta put a ring on it” and be engaged in the moment. That was soo cute and clever.

    Making “isness my business” helped me everywhere and I use it everywhere and in every moment. Acceptance, not resistance is my drug of choice.

    Brandy xo

    • Love this Brandy – “the past no longer exists”. So powerful! Thanks 🙂

  22. Nicole

    I needed this today. I have plans to make a big move across country, but some family isn’t pleased and it seems daunting, and I just want to be there and not go through the process of getting there. I need to breathe and enjoy the moments leading to my new adventure. I have to stop waiting for IT to happen, because I am learning that then I will just jump to the next IT looking for some peace and satisfaction that leaves me constantly unfulfilled. Wow. Wow.

  23. This was exactly what I needed to hear today Marie! Like a bucket of ice water over the head, really. I consider myself a very positive person living in the moment, but I can totally relate to your reader’s anguish. And duh, for me, I’m not where I want to be yet because I keep mourning the fact that, well, I’m not there yet! Brilliance in it’s simplicity, I tell you.

    Best of luck in all your endeavors this year ladies! We CAN, we WILL do this!

  24. I have spent the last 3 years building my highly successful business and “doing”, “doing”, “doing”. The effort has paid off exponentially but what has been left behind is my connection to soul. I have forgoed quality time with friends, family and myself…only (as you can well imagine) to hit a wall. I am picking up the pieces and making 2015 about being rather than doing. Although my business is in need of a transition as we have outgrown our current model, I am sitting back, taking time off and actually allowing the next step to unfold as opposed to “making it happen” as I always do. I FEEL GREAT! Sitting in the “is’ness” 🙂

    BRING it 2015!

  25. Annie

    Thank you so much! Wonderfull video!

  26. 1. I honored my gut feeling and atopped doing something that I liked doing but I did not get paid for it. I felt that I needed to drop it to make space for things Thai I love found AND will pay me.

    2. There has been lots of times that I focus on the present and that is Jane things shift. I had lots of problems with my green card but when I accepted the present moment and situaion it all went into place and I got my green card two weeks later

    Love you, Marie!

  27. Wow!!! I loved this!! What a gift to the world you are, Miss!

    I think I am going to have an engagement party…my friends will freak when I announce that I am engaged! LOL…and I have had this funny “knowing” that this is the pivotal year in my life, so this would be a great start.
    Marie, you are so much fun. I would love to someday meet you and your incredible team!

  28. I am a woman of a certain age. And I have certainly not reached my “there.” But I’ve decided that this year — 2015 — I will live my life scandalously (the definition of which Mr. Webster and I differ) my way. I don’t think “there” actually exists. If you choose to engage, you are “there.” “There” is the journey or the process of engaging in life. That is, when life slaps you down and your heart has known much disappointment and defeat. “There” says, “Whatever!” and engages.

    I hope that I can remind those of us not so young that if we are still here, then we are still relevant and we owe it to ourselves and others to show up and engage.

    • Catherine

      I’m wanna be you when I grow up. 🙂

    • “…if we are still here, then we are still relevant and we owe it to ourselves and others to show up and engage.” <-Amen, sister! I turn 50 this year, and I've never shown up – or intended to show up – more in my entire life.

  29. Catherine

    Well, I resisted the moment this morning at school drop-off and managed to drive off with my car door open. So yeah. Rejecting what’s actually happening because you’re dissatisfied with it can lead to distraction that throws you further off course.

    I used to be an athlete, but my body isn’t in that shape any more. But I still totally enjoy moving, and by moving I’m getting into better shape. And I’m grateful for how able I really am, even though it’s way short of Olympic.

  30. Such a great video.

    As a writer, it’s so easy to get bogged down sometimes by all the weeks and weeks of revising a novel, of trying to get exactly the right ideas and flow and words to make the story what it should be. Sometimes I get exhausted and think–I just want to get this out into the world so I can start on the next story. But that is the point where I should be focusing so strongly on ‘isness’, enjoying the moment. Because those hours of labouring are what will transform a story into something that’s worth getting out into the world, into a book that people will read, be touched by and, hopefully, tell their friends about so they can be touched too.

    Thanks Marie, for this reminder. Today is another one of those full on revising days (the process for this current book has taken A LOT longer than I hoped it would) but instead of going into it thinking, ‘I just want to move on,’ I’m going to go in thinking, ‘time to make it shine!’

  31. I could use right now an engagement with the moment, Marie, your video came so timely!
    Thanks so much 🙂

  32. Carenna willmont

    This was such a great video! Thank you!

  33. What a wonderful video to start off 2015 just right. I am an optimist by nature and make living in the NOW my priority. I do get off track from time to time but I re-center and say thanks for everything I have in my life now. The gratitude and sunny attitude helps me greatly when interacting with my customers who find my site ( when they’re emotionally distraught. I share my positive energy with them and they are grateful.

  34. You’re absolutely awesome Marie! You make building a business fun! I have officially adopted you as my virtual business coach!

    Thanks for just being you!

  35. I am speechless, first this is one of the best questions so far, we all know it but we just keep forgetting it, and second Marie you rock thank you, for me this video coming to my inbox specially today was so much needed. 🙂

  36. This is something I have been working on for months now, I’m so glad to see a Marie TV ep about it! My “present in the moment” revelation happened around my writing. I have always been in a creative career, but I’ve been earning my living with visual art rather than with writing, even though telling stories has always been the thing I care about most, the thing I am best at, and that makes me feel most engaged. However, while I have constantly written stories in my spare time since childhood, I have never published enough of them to make a living from fiction writing alone (not even close) and this was causing a lot of sadness, until I finally realized that it is the act of telling the story that I so love. Spending time inside that waking dream world where absolutely everything is possible and wisdom permeates all, is where the juice is for me. I don’t have to make a living from it, I just have to do it. And as long as I do it consistently and give myself permission to value it as much as I would if it paid my bills then everything opens up. I am able to appreciate my other work more, because I no longer see it as “stealing time” from what I truly care about – rather it is paying my way so that I can spend my free time writing. My writing is more pleasurable, because there is no pressure on it. I am still working towards a life where I spend as much time as possible creating, but without all the tension and pressure that came when I was labeling where I am as “bad” and a dream future as “good”. I have started a website where I publish one of my stories every month, in both audio and written form and feel insanely lucky to live in a time and in a country that allows me to just do that – to live in a time and place when/where no one needs permission to raise their voice is in and of itself something to be enormously thankful for.

  37. Sher

    Great video. I’m totally guilty of living in the past and dwelling on things from the past. And I know it’s a major road block in making my dreams happen. Very tough for me to be present but I am def trying! Thank you for the reminder!
    Ps…who edits your videos? They do an amazing job!

  38. You crack me! Happy New Year Marie! xo

  39. Oh definitely!! When I was living in MA I was so miserable. I hate winter, snow, dead leaves.. all that. So I would take my dog for a walk and I was freezing and being negative Nancy, I would stop and say, “Thank you universe for showing me the contrast, as this helps me realize what it is I truly want.”

    Now that I am back in Florida where I am my happiest, I am so much more grateful than I ever was before to have sunshine, palm trees and warm temps year round!

    I am trying to do this with muscle ups at Crossfit. It’s been a year of continuously working on them, and it’s frustrating as hell, but I’m starting to try to just be present with where I am because I must not have them for a reason, and I need to honor where I am right now to be able to move forward.

    • Karla

      I had to laugh because I find myself in the EXACT same situation. Walking regularly with my little one and trying to enjoy the outdoors but secretly (or not so secretly I guess since my hubby hears my complaints) hating the humidity, stickiness and extreme summer heat of Florida. Since moving here from Toronto 8 years ago I’ve enjoyed some pretty nice weather while everyone else is freezing in the winter months but for the most part I really have just felt that I’m living in the wrong place. Great for vacations but not my dream everyday living scenario. Now, take me to Cali and ahhhhhh. On the top of my list this year is to stop complaining and start enjoying. Complaining never changes our circumstances and I really want to model it for my little one to enjoy wherever we’re planted. Like you said, upon returning to where you enjoy being most, you soak it in and enjoy it that much more. We headed home to see my family late October and the cool, dry weather and beautiful changing leaves was soothing to my soul and refreshing as much as seeing all of those I love the most. It was healing and a confirmation that I need to go back to where I am most happy-in a cooler, drier climate. In the meantime, I’m taking in the gorgeous palms and as many beach days as I can. 😉

  40. Many thanks for another inspiring (and entertaining :)) video!

    It’s so easy to feel “less than” when you feel like you haven’t made it. But I’ve also spoken to folks who reached their wildest dreams, financially speaking, and still felt disappointed. Like it wasn’t enough. Seems to me Marie’s advice is the key to happiness for ANYONE in any point in business: make isness our business (love that, btw) and celebrate where you are right now (even as you aim for future goals).

    Thank you so much for this insight. As I prepared to start off the new year with an infant son in tow, I started to feel overwhelmed by the thought of everything I had not accomplished this past year. And looking at others who seem to be much farther ahead in their business than I am, but as Lisa Robbin Young mentioned, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we may not be aware of (and another good reason NOT to compare our journey to others). I chose to work part-time in my business so that I can spend time with my two young kids and my husband, because THEY are the reason behind everything I do anyway.

    So, in answer to your questions:
    1) Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you? Pretty much everywhere. I can see how it will make me more present with my family, so that I can actually BE with them and not have my thoughts a million miles away on everything else I “should” be doing. Ditto with my business.
    2) What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating? Honestly I don”t think I was ever in that boat before watching this video. But now, as I take a moment to reflect, I can see that I’m actually in a damn good place right now. I’m able to work part-time, from home, while caring for my infant son and being available to pick up/drop off my older daughter from school, and go to class parties and field trips whenever I want to (without asking a boss for permission first). And I’m consistently earning more money than I ever did in my full-time jobs, all while clocking less than 20 hours per week most of the time. So I’d say that’s worthy of a celebration, even as I strive for even bigger goals to serve more biz owners with my marketing templates and copywriting assistance.

    I’ve always been an optimist but even those of us with rose-colored glasses can use these gentle reminders to nix the negative Nancy thoughts and accentuate the positive. 🙂

  41. I have 2 lil girls – 2 years and 6 months. They take almost all my energy, love and time up as well as my husband and what i call our “this old house” house we bought this summer. [AKA the Money Pit] Considering everything, I am lucky to stay active, get house projects done, work in and out of the house and spend the “extra time” with my family playing. However, my job right now is nowhere near my passion. It is something I am utilizing to pay the bills, gain marketing experience and be responsible for my family’s sake.

    In 2015 I will turn 30 and after a decade of working in technology – Its time to make my dreams happen in my career and refocus my goals on natural wellness and fitness. But to accomplish this in the future, I will sit in cruise control as the year unravels by using pure energy, passion and “the secret” to make it happen. Happy New Year and thanks for the continuous inspiration!

  42. In 2008 I had a 2 million dollar home that I built for myself as a general contractor. I had a giant mortgage and when the real estate market fell out so did my business. Three years later I was about to lose the home (and did) but I pulled it together by building a small one on a left over lot that just would not sell. I put together the last resources and worked 18 hour days for 6 months with total laser beam focus to make sure my family would have a roof over their heads. I could have caved in and just lived in an apartment, but I would not have it. I had already sold all my belongings and was using retirement money to get it built, scraped together materials and gritted my teeth. I got that house built ultra fast and ultra cheap because there was only one thing I did at that time. I know that absolute laser beam focus works absolutely. It is just kinda hard to summon the “absoluteness” of focus when you don’t have your back against the wall. Live is a bit too easy when you accept the conditions you are in. It takes some really hard nosed attitude toward your own intentions to really get what you want. I went from an under water 1.5 million mortgage to free and clear in 6 months. “Miracles” can be made to happen.

  43. Katy

    GOD. That *engagement moment*. SO GOOD.

    And, once again and as always, perfect timing!
    Many thanks!

  44. As usual I LOVE YOUR HAIR Marie! This is a total aside but your luscious locks actually inspired me to live through the dreaded “Ox phase” to grow out my own hair and I love it!

    Thank you for this video today. My family and I are coming up on my father being in palliative care for almost 2.5 years now. We just celebrated our 3rd “last Christmas” and the whole experience has really forced me to be in the moment whatever it is.

    In my own life that has meant really seeking out and creating moments of connection and joy. When I sing with my choir (Choir!Choir!Choir!) in Toronto, I am fully enjoying the moment, singing and dancing with all my heart. When I’m with clients I’m 100% there giving everything I can and loving every aha and moment of connection.

    At the same time, when I’m sad I let myself be there too, fully. I’ve been working on a loose happiness project the past couple of months and have made bawling my eyes out at least once a week as something that makes me much happier in the long run.

    Being present with my Dad is beautiful when I can really be there but it’s also sad and scary.

    This decision to be as present as I can is not easy. There are times that I escape, but for the most part I feel like I’m doing the best I can and most importantly receiving the most from life that I can right now.

    It’s not perfect but it’s honest.

    Thanks again for the reminder Marie. Much love to you, your team and your family.


  45. Thank you so much Marie. I have been MISERABLE trying to get my business going. I see what I want but then when it doesn’t happen, I question myself and go down this whole negative funnel. I don’t want to be a crabby ass the rest of my life.
    I will embrace the journey =)

  46. Hi Marie,

    This is the perfect reminder I need right now!

    I have a health challenge that has been going on for almost three months that has made it very hard to focus and get anything done in my life or business.

    Reminding myself of all the things I CAN do in each moment instead of delaying life for all that I CAN’T will make a huge difference I’m sure.

    An example from my life that confirms this is a time I had almost no financial resources to produce a website. Instead of “waiting” for the moment/day/year/millennium when I would have the resources, I just learned what I needed to get it up and running and got on to building it.


  47. Thank you for the video Marie. First time when I heard about creating the business you love by loving what you do, was over a year ago. And when I look back I am much closer to my dreams than where I was. I have really come to understand that no matter where you are in your life, there are always ups and downs and that’s just part of the life. And it makes you to realize you can already enjoy your life fully.

  48. Danielle

    1. I feel misdirected with my job in social services thinking I’m not really going to make a difference. As a result, I divide my focus between work, building my health coaching business, and learning about different interests. I’m always looking to the future instead of being satisfied where I am. Being present and making a plan to develop a clear vision will certainly help me.

    2. My last job was draining and I could not develop it further. I was insistent to find the good, and focus on what I was learning, but it was time to get out. In looking for other work, I created a vision of how working in the neighborhood would give me the right network to build my career and a life for my husband and myself where we live.

    I think I need to create more of a vision in the now instead of thinking of what is coming next. I don’t know where my career is going, but that’s not for me to worry about. My vision needs to be for now. I can definitely do better.

    So excited to see your Experience Life cover, Marie 🙂

  49. I loved this q and a. But I couldn’t stop thinking that this lovely lady with such a focus on her goals might just need to stop for a minute and GO HAVE SOME FUN! You can’t engage fully to your goals unless you are getting out and having fun. It’s the journey… Go play…. Or maybe the goals are not real healthy goals… If you are walking toward your dreams you should be fulfilling and wonderous!

  50. Hey Marie, Great video!

    I was stuck with the goal/dream of doing a fitness/nutrition podcast but with working two pretty much full time jobs it felt as the excuse to not get it done.

    Deciding that no matter what I would get this damn thing going helped make me find the time and forced me to use my time wisely. Im glad I took that approach as It now feels easy to record these shows and I’m showing up in the new and noteworthy section on iTunes.

    Happy new year to everyone as well


  51. JP

    This aligns with another piece of advice that I received once. Every day is a job interview. You have to bring that same level of enthusiasm and focus to what you do every day.

  52. My new mantra: “Put a ring on it!” [The moment] Hellz-yeah! Love it. And, love the laughter it inspired. You rock! Thanks for the inspiration & reminder in the fresh new year.

    I soooo needed this right now! I’m needing to continually remind myself how to embrace each day (which I’m big on) – but with contentment (read – not being pushy ’bout it/ PATIENCE) – while also moving toward the next stage…. It helps me to break it down into smaller stages – as I remind myself to enjoy the process – because there is no ‘there’. It’s all a process – life-long & ongoing. In other words: It’s already here – Boom!

  53. I’m getting engaged! Starting this moment I will focus on bring happy with the now and think of how amusing the trials and tribulations will sound 10 years from now as I tell the story of “how I got where I am today”.
    As a business owner I sometimes focus too much on what needs fixing and not enough on being thankful for what is working beautifully. Thanks for the reminder. I feel better already. I’m off to compliment my workers!

  54. 1. Wow, when I stop and think about it, my ISness….. it is motherhood! I am always thinking, “Gosh, I cannot WAIT until my baby grows up and isn’t so dependent on me for every thing anymore.” Or, “When the girls get just a little bit older and can wipe their own booties, I’ll have sooooooo much more time to create the business that I want to have.”

    While those things might be true, this video made me realize that I need to focus more on the present moment with my daugthers, instead of impatiently waiting for the day that I can send them to school and have ME time again.

    2. What was #2 again?!? Ha……

  55. Wonderful advice, thanks Marie! It’s so true that just being – and being GRATEFUL – in the moment, whatever that moment holds, is key to happiness and success in life. I can think of many completely mundane, or even ‘negative’ times of my life during which I ended up having so much fun, despite (or even because of) the circumstances… and equally, there have been times when I really *should* have been enjoying myself, but I just wasn’t. For me this is proof that it’s what you DO with the moment that counts.

  56. 1. Isness could come into my life with this deep online program I’m taking right now. It’s a pretty exhausting program and I find myself pushing away focus on it but I know it’ll create such a huge difference if I fully show up.

    2. Oh gosh. I guess I had my first appreciation of the moment when I got my first art job out of college. It was scary to take because I didn’t feel fully qualified, but I jumped in and knew I would figure it out. I did. Everything seemed to click afterward. I learned so much at the new job, began a wonderful romantic relationship that continues today, and got a brand new frickin car. Woo!

    Thanks for this!

  57. Tonya

    Thanks Marie and Happy New Year! One of my intentions for 2015 is non-attachment. For me, making “is-ness” my business supports this intention. Yes, I have set my goals for the year and have a plan for how to reach them, but in any given moment I want to be present without constant focus on “where is this going next?”. Regardless of what I am doing, I want to give it all I got – then let it go. Gotta have faith, as George Michael would say!

  58. Hi Marie!! I too am making “isness my business” I am working towards creating my Coaching Biz while I wait tables here in Beverly Hills! I give my ALL to that J-O-B, so much so I wrote a BOOK!! It’s called “A Waitress’s Guide to Spirituality. Finding Meaning in the Menial” If that isn’t making waiting tables work for me, I don’t know what is!!!! That book is ALL about taking the moment you are in and making it a moment of joy and Spirit, regardless of weather or not you are living your life’s purpose…YET! Everyone should read it! You can easily find it on Amazon!! Much Love to you and your amazing community!!!!

  59. connie curtis

    I have a challenging year with everything but I have taken on living in that moment and when I do I am happier otherwise my emotions have me see the worst of everything and I go into being a victim about everything and it sucks and I definitely not putting the energy or what I want to the universe or taking the actions.

    I have all kinds of emotions because I am starting to promote my business and what I do. I am a food allergy and gluten intolerance coach so guide people in the basics and take them from surviving to thriving. Yes I am scared I wont make money or have a business that helps people but I know there is no going back for me. I know this is where I am a expert and I can help so many people. I have great coach and b school well helped me lay a foundation not perfect but something to start with. I am working on my mindset along with my health now. 🙂 My life has changed so much in the last year. I get misty eyes just writing it and its not perfect but I am on the path I want to be and doing what I love. Thank you marie and all the amazing b schoolers because ya’ll have kept me on this path and I know its possible and things do start to come faster when you are living each moment and not saying it stucks. An example for me is I was down about my business and having no paying clients yet. Some one came into our life yesterday that is wanting to get healthy and needs guidance and no its not a paying client but it inspired because of what I can offer someone and make a difference to them and the world.

    Marie I am so excited you got the toxins and chemicals out of your kitchen and hopefully your whole house. 🙂

  60. Sue

    I started a new business last year, after losing my dream business a few years ago. Since it is no longer possible financially for me to do that again, I decided to venture out with something new, and a lot less costly. My challenge…staying in the NOW and not the “then” or staying in the NOW and not the “when.” I struggle with wondering if I am wasting my time on this new biz because it too won’t make it. I am impatient to say the least. Great video–it’s just what I needed to hear–today and every day!

  61. Hello,
    Thanks for such great reminders as 2015 gets underway. I LOVE that you talk about attacking or engaging in ‘moments’. I own my own business and I get very overwhelmed with the lack of clarity sometimes and the ambiguity of what step to take next can spriral into a lot of self-doubt talk and what if I fail with a client, etc. etc. I have come to realize that when I set my alarm for 1 hour increments and just dive into something, I’m on my way to moving through it all and it organically begins to feel more organized and doable. I’m hoping I can do more of this in 2015 and spend less time letting my mind run in circles before I tackle the beginning of each goal or task on my plate.

  62. This will help so much when working with my clients as a Professional Organizer. We all need to honor where we are at each moment!!

  63. Oh and P.S.: I love that comments about t “There is no THERE”. Our ‘there’ is always shifting and morphing and revelaing itself as maybe something different and even better. If we are always chasing it, it is hard to celebrate (or even see) where we have been successful. I wish I had the remedy for this. I sometimes feel I’m behaving in this way and it feels good, but I lapse back to my rut of … when am I going to get ‘there’. 🙂

  64. Caroline

    Hey Marie! You appeared in my life just when I needed you. I hadn’t been able to read for almost two years as I was suffering from insomnia, depression, menopause and a knee injury which made it impossible for me to walk my dogs or do the physical tasks involved in my business. Your videos were just the right amount of stimulation to help me get back on track. I signed up for B-school and really appreciate it’s open structure so that I can complete it at my own pace. Simple step-by-step exercises help me to stay in the moment, let go of expectations and trust in myself and my goals. The wind had been kicked out of my sails for too long, thanks for breathing some life back into me. Happy New Year to you and yours! Sincerely, Caroline

  65. 1. I currently have a corporate job with a 40-60 minute commute. I’ve noticed that how I handle the stress of traffic totally impacts the rest of my day. If I can stay present and positive on my way to and from work, my day or evening feel much smoother and calmer. If not, the negative energy snowballs. Being grateful for the job that I have also plays a huge part in being present on my way to and from work.

    2. A mentor once told me that I’m impatient with myself. When she said that, it totally made a lightbulb go off in my head. Instead of feeling like I should be at a different point in my career–way ahead of where I am–it made me pause and recognize how far I’ve come.

  66. Fantastic! Thank you Marie.

    Recently I made the switch to this way of thinking and it is making all of the difference to my attitude, business and health.

  67. I love this!! I’ve been “deflated” as well, in terms of where I wanted to be with my blogging and business endeavours. I feel like I wasted the past year not really getting anywhere. I even stopped opening emails from my personal development mentors (you included, Marie, sorry!) because I was disappointed in myself that I wasn’t being more productive or successful. I just had a baby, and even though it was hard adjusting, I knew I was more capable of doing something more than just nursing, cooking, and changing diapers.

    I realized my problem was not being “in” the moment, and that I spend too much time wishing for the future instead of DOING – something, anything – for the future. I started planning instead of journaling (something that deceived me – my Daily planner was made up of the past instead of goals and to-do’s) and now I have accountability for myself. I still have a lot of work to do but I know I’m headed in the right direction, and I radiate abundance and potential rather than scarcity and disappointment!

  68. This is such a great reminder that the present moment is where the magic is–and it is from that place that we can truly create a sustainable business model. Thanks Marie!

  69. James

    I wondered if anyone else was watching Peaky Blinders! 🙂 You may enjoy The Paradise as well.

  70. I’ve realized that the thing I love most about my business is the strategy. It’s building a business from the ground up and figuring out how to do that. If I ever reached my goal and no longer had to build my business, but just run it, I’d be bored stiff! If there’s nothing to work toward anymore, I’m not interested. Realizing this got me out of the “I’m not where I want to be” cycle and into the “I’m so excited to figure out this next step” momentum. I love it!

  71. CW

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you, yet again, for another great Q&A Tuesday! What a fantastic video to start off our new year!

    1) My job – I am working to transition into another field (and ultimately creating a business I love), and I’ve learned that being fully present for my work allows me the joy that propels me to my next right step for where I want to be. I used to carry so much resistant attitude in my work (and thinking how I am in the wrong place), which made my energy and work productivity suffer, and that led to more misery. I think I was able to make that shift because I realized I was not defined by the job I have and where I am at the moment, rather, I am defined by what I bring forth and who I want to be.

    2) Essentially, when I feel anxiety coming on because what I desire is not “here” yet, I take a deep, deep breath, and remind myself to trust and to have reverence for the process of going toward where I want to be.

    P.S I, too, watched Peaky Blinders over the holidays – the show is AWESOMENESS!

  72. Marie, this is so true 🙂 Joy shines through the I Am Presence, and not from what I do. As long as future is seen in the future and dependant on specific doings, the present moment is misery.
    Thanks for this episode 🙂

  73. Pavlina

    OMG, this was exactly what I needed to hear. I can’t share my personal trouble just yet. But this info was a blessing that will surely help me if I apply it!
    Thanks a lot Marie for being so wise and sharing!

  74. Holy cow I needed this video today – perfect timing. I can absolutely bring more isness to my day to day instead of feeling annoyed and deflated that I’m not devoted to my dreams full time just yet. It’s really challenging to walk this talk but it’s not worth feeling annoyed & unengaged. Everything comes back to the fact that we cultivate our own reality, and if you’re on a journey you might as well enjoy it!

  75. Thanks, Marie.

    My example is in video form! I’m being in the moment, talking about being in the moment — and being in the moment helped make all this happen 🙂

    • Cheryl

      Can’t believe I took the time to go watch a 22 minute video from a perfect stranger! But I’m so glad I did. You are a wonderful speaker with a very meaningful message. I teared up listening to the wonderful experience with your parents. I often was not in the moment with my parents, often annoyed with my mom for retelling stories. Now they are gone and I forget the details. Wish we had recorded or at least written more down. Please never stop talking about that wonderful book of questions. By the way, my yoga teacher often quotes from The Power of Now. Guess I should read it.:) Thanks for sharing.

  76. I’ve been inpatient with myself and the process of getting “there” many times then every time I did get “there” I found out it wasn’t all that I thought it would be. So now I enjoy my moments as much as possible it makes getting “there” worth it 😉

  77. Brittany

    I love your stuff Marie!! This was a really great reminder that I needed to take to heart. I also loved that dress you were wearing, can I ask where you got it?

  78. Being Present, in the moment, being engaged. They’re all things we know, and have heard before, but “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I pray that I’m ready, because I have big dreams and ideas for 2015. I am going to change the trajectory on how young teen girls see themselves, and be a part of boosting their self-esteem, and value.

    I have this book, that I write all of my ideas down, and it’s called “Ridiculously Good Ideas,” don’t you love it?

    Every day I just plug away, and try to stay focused on the main task, and stay committed to doing something every day that moves me forward. I believe in what I am doing, and that, especially on days like today, where I need a little encouragement, keeps me going.

    Thanks Marie,

  79. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.

    I remember being 225 pounds PLUS and knowing that I was about to have a turning point.

    I knew that my weight “was what it was”, but I had the option to feel crap about it or to feel A-OK with it.

    All the change happens on the inside…in my head.

    I moved into acceptance mode and am down 40 plus pounds with more to go, but also am in no rush because I’m honestly just as happy now I as I will be when I get even more fit.

    Thanks for the reminder that it is alllll about the moment.

    Puttin’ a ring on that fiiiine moment. 😉

    Carla xo

  80. Marie, I can’t believe the timing of this post! I just wrote in today’s blog post about exactly this. I have recently moved to Dublin, Ireland from my home city of London, and found that I was finding the transition stressful and tricky because I was constantly judging and comparing my new life to my old. Whenever I was doing this, I was resisting the ‘is-ness’ and getting deep in self sabotage. I open up about this more and share how I managed to turn things around to step into the beautiful new opportunity that’s enfolding in front of me – to really be with the ‘IS-NESS’ as you’d say!
    You can read the blog post here
    Someone who writes about and explores this beautifully is Byron Katie, I’m sure you’re familiar with her. Her book Loving What Is was a massive eye opener to me, and I am sure would be of interest to your community who want to delve further into ISNESS!
    Thanks for all your beautiful work, inspires me every time! xx

  81. Great info and insight. Add to that to be grateful for where you are at any given moment. This will create a happy state which elevates your vibration into your heart chakra. And this is where creativity unfolds and passions blossom and positive outcomes are the result.

  82. Just what I needed to hear right now.

    I´ve been working for nearly two years now on my online business, and all the money is spent. Now, what I´ll have to do (starting next week), is to take on an extra sales job. I am SO close to launch my courses, but I have a little detour.

    Doing the detour and being in the now is what I definitely will do! Just, so I can get back on track and work on and in my business as I love.

    BTW: Your videos are funny and almost always make me smile, laugh or even cry. Love your work! Bojashaka (àla Ali G)


  83. My bday is Dec 29th so each year I dedicate to an important pursuit. This year I’m dedicating to getting in the best shape of my life…EVER! As I’ve committed 2015 to that pursuit, I’ve found myself freaking out about what that future might hold and wanting to punish myself (esp my body) for being no where close. This episode helped me see that the war I’m unintentionally waging is the opposite of the best mental, emotional or spiritual shape of my life. It’s about as unhealthy as I can possibly be. Celebrating the is-ness of me (my mind, heart, body and spirit) will take me much farther much faster! Thanks, Marie!

  84. I love this!!!!

    I am a Custom Ritual Designer (yep!!) and I use my Masters Degree in Designing Experiences to help people get what they want literally by making is-ness their business and engaging with the moment. Living in ritual is about partying with your present and future RIGHT NOW! I love your framing and naming this morning in this video and I think you should interview me about how to design your own ritual!

  85. Cyndi C

    This was a great reminder for me today. I realize my impatience is a reflection of my lack of gratitude for where I am and what I have in front of me. If I’m not careful I’m going to miss the full experience of the meal in front of me for the want of the next. I have a husband and four beautiful children, a boy and three girls, who I have committed to being home with for the last 16 years. I have a BSN and worked as an RN until I stopped to be home with them. They are all getting older and still need me but I can not only feel the transition back into a professional work environment close by, I am excited for it! After getting to know myself better over the last 16 years I know that nursing from a conventional standpoint is not my passion, but to be a part of facilitating wholeness in the lives of others through education, encouragement, mentoring and inspiration… That is my passion!! I’m not sure what this looks like when it’s completely manifested I just know my heart is full. This is who I am in my relationships and in this place of partnering with God to help develop these beautiful gifts in our lives, but I can see that it’s going to be something more soon. So I am full of this vision and the desire to understand how this will translate into business. I’m still raising a family, but I’m ready to begin pursuing dreams of business and professional development as well. I want to be fully in the moment here, but I’m bored. I have 5-6 hours a day – 9am -3pm that I could use to work toward the next thing, I just need clarity. I am going to be the BEST MOM, WIFE & Steward of my home I can be with joy and passion, but I’m feeling like it’s time to make preparation for the next season. I think having something to work toward will help my “isness”! Thoughts???

  86. Wow Marie,
    This is exactly what I needed to hear today 🙂

    Over the holidays I read so many inspiring posts and books (including Turning Pro on your recommendation). I was taking notes, finding inspiration, and became genuinely excited about my future. Fast forward to the night before returning back to work and I was literally in tears thinking about how far I have to go! Not my strongest moment, and I appreciate your kind reminder to be in the now.

    “Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go.”

    Love it!


  87. Nicola

    Thanks Marie, a great start for 2015 and glad you were able to have such a productive break over the holidays.

    Thanks to the community too for all of your great insights in the comments. I could definitely be more ‘in the now’ at work, where I am currently a public sector management consultant. There are elements of the job that I enjoy but I know this isn’t where I want to be and definitely feel that I could be making a bigger impact and fulfilling more of my capability elsewhere.

    As I am in the middle of trying to work out this career change and to find something that will satisfy me more, I ask you all for your wisdom……..where have you all found the drive to get to the ‘future you’ when you are happy in the now? I have found myself making my work probably more negative than it actually is, and preventing myself from enjoying more of it as I think it needs to be terrible and making me really unhappy to give me the excuse to make that big change! I know it sounds mad, but if life is ok and you are actually happy with it, what has made you take that risk, particularly the financial risk of finding something else?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

  88. Thank you so much for this episode Marie, I suffer from the “Not There Yet- is”, constantly seeing that I’m nowhere near I want to be.

    I really appreciate you saying you’ve been there too and sharing how you turned it around. I shall show up fully, for this one moment. As if it was THAT moment, as if I was there already.

  89. Thank you for putting this out there for people. So many great concepts – the charity itself, the birthday party concept, thinking about NOT eating out and using the money for charity. I just love your heart – and Scott’s – to serve others and make people aware of the needs of people around the world.

    We can do something about it – one dollar at a time, one person at a time. I run a ministry that gives free clothing to people in need. We are small but see great needs fulfilled in small ways. The amazing thing to watch is how the givers are affected to make change in their lives so they can give more.

    Keep up the good work you are doing!

  90. Hi Marie!

    Great show with great advice as usual, thank you!

    In response to your two audience questions:

    1) Regarding the “where in my life” question: probably when it comes to going out and hunting for appointments. I’m a photographer, but still working on my fear of sales. So I take AGES to build up enough courage to go and talk to a business who may find use from what I do. I plan and plan, but struggle immensely with the “isness” part by just going and doing it with my all everyday (like I think I should).

    2) I can proudly say that right now, is the first time in a long while where I’ve felt clear. Clear about exactly where I am, what I have achieved to date, and where I am going. My ultimate vision and goal is to be the South African version of Chase Jarvis. In a short year, I have gone from some chick with a camera to a gaining-respect photographer. Not just respect from others, but from myself as well. The quality of my work has improved, and this is where I am today. I don’t know what tomorrow holds yet, but I know the steps for today. I know I have a lot to learn still, and I am grateful for this, but I am also grateful for all I have learnt.

    Thank you again for all your awesome advice and insight!

  91. nadine

    Hi! Great video!
    I can totally relate to this, as its where I’ve found myself over the past few years.
    Its my dream to travel the world. I’ve already lived overseas for 5 years, but it was with the cycle of make money-go travel-go broke-come home broke-make money again (quick!), or work here and there to keep traveling while living super frugal. Nothing wrong with this scene, but as I approach 40, it doesn’t work so great anymore. I want more security; a home base to come back to, and work that i can take with me to any location.

    Coming back to Canada to get my life together was necessary, but I made it so hard on myself! I yearned for distant lands and foreign languages. Being home in Canada felt so boring and ‘done.’ When would I get back into the world?? I was miserable.

    My awesome boyfriend was the one to point out that I’m Here, Now. It could be miserable to live here, or I could change my attitude and embrace the Present.
    I’m so happy I chose the latter.
    Its been 5 years since I returned home, and I’ve filled that time with education (like B-School!), and working on my dreams. I satisfy my wanderlust by taking mini-breaks with my man, in our gorgeous home province, BC.
    I’m getting so close to my goals, and most importantly, I’m so happy with where i am right now.

    A change in mindset changes everything!!

  92. This was a fantastic episode. Needed to hear it. Love the message and thank you!! #tweeting 😉

  93. Pamela Bramwell

    Perfect reminder today, thank you!

  94. Such weird/perfect timing for this video!

    As I worked on marketing this morning, I felt fear and dissatisfaction creeping in (like it does more often than I’d like to admit). At noon, I decided to stop everything and go to yoga, even though my car is in shop & I had to walk (and it’s cold as balls today). I was determined to capitalize on the fluid goodness of owning my own schedule as an entrepreneur. In class, I had an ah ha moment that I wrote down as soon as I got home (right before I watched this video). Here’s what I wrote: “NOW is the time to live as though I have everything I need–because I do. I’ve been holding my better future at arm’s length even now, as I’m working so hard to become totally free and independent. Well, I AM free. I AM independent. I am here and fully present, where my best life is hidden in plain sight.”

    Now I have “make is-ness my business” to riff on, too!

  95. Barb

    Enjoyed your message today. I just completed Yoga Teacher Training and taught my first solo yoga class today. I am a retired Special Education teacher and am redesigning my second half incorporating my love of teaching with yoga and with books. I am working on staying present and letting things unfold……..your message touches multi generations…keep it up!

  96. Sandy

    OMG this is exactly where I am at know. I am striving for my purpose but I am having the same I am not there yet feelin . Thank you. This message was very much needed for me.

  97. Kelly McCoy

    This was great webisode! Great reinforcement for what I need to do be in present and grateful in each moment . To make “is..ness my business”.

  98. I find it sooo amusing how each Marie TV episode commes in the best possible moment for me 🙂

    1. So, this is the first week of me being unemployed, as my contract ended.
    And two weeks ago I was bawling my eyes out and stayed in bed for two days contemplating horrible future ahead (due to no income).
    Finaly, I remembered to do all the things my coach told me to do so I would start making money of my business, and actually started to ACT on it.

    2. When I was in colledge, practiced yoga, meditated every day and ate vegetarian meals. The most perfect time of my life. Daily meditation helped me most to stay in the present moment and think clearest!!!

    p.s. Thanks for “put the ring on it ” metaphor 😉

  99. liz

    What a realisation you whacked on me this morning “BE ENGAGED…IN THE MOMENT”!
    My gosh, that’s where all my daily frustrations lay compound from days to weeks and before I knew it, the months and years are over in the same format.
    Thanks for this enlightening realisation. I shall make 2015 my best, happiest year ever!!!

  100. anna

    Hi All,
    Loved this episode Marie!
    And I loved hearing all the posts in reply, it’s all very heartening to hear others stories.

    I had been one of those persistent, find a way to make it financially and professionally driven people. I managed to make a career from my passion and worked at some great companies. At age 50 so much changed for me, the economy took a dump and I lost 70% of what I’d worked so hard to earn. The division of the company where I worked was being sold off, I was given a year to find another place in the company that I wanted to be but I found myself tired of corporate politics and not liking the choices, so I left instead. I started menopause with all the wonders of hot flashes, thyroid changes, exhaustion, worsening migraines and on my way to yoga I was rear-ended in a car accident causing all sorts of other stuff.

    I’m still working my way back from all of this, unable to work as I used to, I started freelancing which was good until the migraine, neck and arm pain really limited my ability to spend those hous on the computer. So, I told all my clients that it is time that they find another designer. One of these clients said no, I can’t find anyone who can do what you do. We worked it out so that she gives me more time on each project as well as working harder to have all her content ready before I start. This has been great to slow down my work, stay in the game somewhat without hurting myself or killing myself with deadlines. Not as great on the financial front but I try to balance a bit of letting go of financial worries mixed with investigation about what I can do about it. I have reduced my cable bill with a phone call, down by $50 per mo. Reduced my cell phone bill by $20 per month, froze Netflix since I have not been using it lately, cancelled my JibJab subscription and grown my succulents from $1 babies, instead of buying mature, expensive plants. Oh yes, refinanced the house. All of these are small donations to the financial picture, certainly not making up for where I was, but now I don’t want to be where I was anymore. If it costs money (even while I need to add to retirement savings) to find a more livable life for today, than so be it. It must be that isness is my business. I have dreams of finding my next passion and way to replace the income but I know I have some discovery ahead and I’m enjoying the discovery. I’m getting better at not letting things get to me so much.

    I have a friend who went through several years of fighting breast cancer, it forced her into menopause, changed her metabolism, changed her hair and her weight, yet she truly seems to av accepted this as it just “is” and moves on. She also has some pieces of her life very as very supportive. But it all shows me that whatever my obstacle, others have them too. I’d like mine to feel like it just “is” as much as this friend.

    It’s always a work in progress “it is” than I slip and then “it is” again. I had company for the holidays and I truly wanted to stay on my isness path. I learned that it’s harder to do when I am in host mode for 2 weeks, so I learned something, did not get much accomplished over the holidays and took the time to be with my friend. Maybe next year I have her spend a week here and a week with another friend. Live a learn and get back to the is.

    Thank Marie, I needed this today.

  101. Debbie

    Hi Marie!

    Thanks for today’s post, you make the answers to these questions so simple that truly is a gift!

    I am still currently going through the wanting to be “there” episode and am always reminding myself that every step is a step closer to your dream. I try not to focus too much on the outcome but just what I’m capable of – which is what I can take care of today and now. I used to always focus on where I wanted to be and it actually discouraged me rather than encouraged me because of how far away the goal was.

    2015 will be my year of just working hard, no matter what the outcome.

    Thank you again!

  102. chris

    Hi Marie,
    I am writing for my husband (and me too I guess) He is in such a bad place with his profession and office. He is a dentist, had a thriving practice till the recession hit. His business took a hard hit, people without money and insurance tend not to go to the dentist. Unfortunately, unlike other professions that have bounced back, dentistry has not. It’s kind of a perfect storm, an area with a saturation of the profession, customers who got used to using the profession as emergent and not preventative, the new national healthcare having very little coverage, and really, who has going to the dentist high on the priority list? He spends his day at work twittling his fingers having had one patient all day and comes home sad, afraid and in a lousy mood. My question: how do you motivate someone who has done everything right and it’s just not working out.

  103. Toni

    Wake up knowing is-ness is my business would help me. Gratitude for what you have can get you more of what you want. I’m still struggling with developing that mindset. I get distracted from my to- do list a lot. That makes me feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. I got the lift app to keep track of what I do each day. I get to see what progress I’m making and encourage others who are working toward goals like mine. I am going to honor the fact I am making slow progress which deserves the gratefulness and respect of overnight success.

  104. Right on the money as per usual, Marie!

    I’ve been wanting to tattoo “Resistance is Futile” or “What you resist persists” on my arms or hands or somewhere that I will see all day long because it’s been a HUGE problem for me in life.

    Even though I “know” this little factoid, I have not had the epiphany moment that changes my attitude… sadly…. I’m so ready for it 😀

  105. JD

    Great advice, Marie…

    If this resonates with anyone you should check out “The Gap” by Dan Sullivan. It speaks to this exact issue as a key differentiator in a person’s long term happiness. The way he explains it and his solution is ingenious. If you struggle with this issue I can’t recommend this book/cd more.

    • Great words of wisdom Marie! Lately I have been feeling the same way as the person that asked you the question. Thanks for the awesome advice. It’s just what I needed to hear. Thanks & Happy New Year!!

  106. Right on time!

  107. Awesome message about being in the moment Marie! I love how you phrase being in the “is..ness of business and putting a ring on it!” Taking a moment to redirect when I spin off course makes the world of difference for me. I take a moment to be still and then I see and hear things I would of been missing otherwise. Whatever I resist ALWAYS persists 🙂 Thanks for the reminder

  108. Thanks Marie,

    you’re always a breath of fresh air and make me smile.
    Making isness when taking care of my daughter would make a huge difference. being a stay at home dad, 5 months into it. i’ve had my struggles with feeling less of a man because i’m not out there making the bacon for the family. knowing that this moment is exactly how it should be would allow me to be at peace with it which would allow me to give much greater effort in my online business that i’ve started.

    An example of my life where I was able to fully honor where I drove some of my hero’s in the music industry. I accepted where I was and was able to make connections with the people.

  109. I just read something today that resonated with this discussion in Pema Chödrön’s book, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times. The whole book is about becoming a spiritual warrior and learning to soften in the face of tough emotions.

    In it she says “This is the path we take in cultivating joy: learning not to armor our basic goodness, learning to appreciate what we have. Most of the time we don’t do this. Rather than appreciate where we are, we continually struggle and nurture our dissatisfaction. It’s like trying to get the flowers to grow by pouring cement on the garden.”

    I love getting hit by the same message twice in one day 🙂

  110. 1. I’m literally making IS-ness my business! I recently took the leap I’ve wanted and needed to for so long, and started teaching Mindfulness!

    2. One thing that has helped me, in the past, gain perspective when lamenting about not being where I want to be, is realizing that even though I feel so far away from where I want to be, I’m actually closer than I ever have been before! Every single tiny step I take in the direction of where I want to go is getting me closer, and even it just feels like a bunch of baby steps, when you take enough baby steps, eventually you can look back and see how far you’ve come. THAT feels really good!
    And I completely agree that when you slow down and bring yourself into the present moment, you can actually get where you want to go more quickly. When you get rid of distractions and be with the present moment experience you can have a better focus on where you are going and the best way to get there.

  111. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?

    My current business venture. I spent almost all of my twenties getting healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) as well as in school, learning about all the things I wanted to do. Now, I’ve embraced the fact that it’s time to get out there and do what I was trained to do – being in the here and now has allowed me to accept that I am incredibly competent in my chosen field(s) and it’s time to actually move forward – in a strategic and patient manner (of course I want to rush in – but know that will only lead to back tracking!)

    What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?

    Love the second part of this question. At 23 I was incredibly self-destructive and hit rock bottom, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When I was forced to stop everything and heal – I wasn’t initially willing to really let go and felt like I would fall behind in life because of my “then- current state.” However, seeing other women who had been in the same place and shared their stories really helped me embrace the fact that I wasn’t going to heal until I accepted where I was and what I needed to do – in that moment. Once that happened – not only did I heal, I began to love myself in a way I never thought possible and now here I am five years later and still go by the motto: “In the middle of the fear, lies the existence of opportunity!”

  112. Jane

    I’ve been making “is-ness” my business at work for nearly twenty years, but now I’m at a point where I just can’t do it anymore. What do you do when being present, enjoying the work you do and the people you serve, and having a kick-ass work ethic no longer cut it? I’ve been making the best of a job I dislike and doing it superbly for two decades, but am now finding I can no longer do this. I’m the most unhappy I’ve ever been. I’ve had nothing but rejection when looking for new work.

    Is anyone else in this position, where “making is-ness your business” hasn’t helped?

  113. This was one of my biggest issues in business (and in life at times.)

    As a songwriter and publisher, I was constantly on my grind, working + praying + hoping for the next big placement. My husband and I had made some pretty great strides in music. We are self-contained and fully supported by our own talents and dreams, but the next big thing is what we were gunning for. We would get personal nominations and be apart of great albums that received nods from Grammy, Dove, etc… But, we wanted things to go faster- I mean we were working really hard!

    Just a couple years back, we were working around the clock for a chance to work with a huge pop artist when I almost missed an opportunity to be honored for topping the Billboard Charts in 2012. I literally opened the email the day before the deadline to accept the nomination. Eeek!! My eyes were so fixed on the future, I almost breezed by the fact that we had a really exciting year as writers.

    In that moment, I realized how ungrateful I was- AND how I was missing networking opportunities that would have been very difficult to come by if I hadn’t seized them, right then.

    Solid advice, Marie. Staying present keeps us grateful and focused on what matters most.


  114. I am a wedding planner but am finding that i love the design and crafting/creating side so much more then the crazy planning. I am restructuring my business, looking into certification programs on event and wedding design. I have put some fellers on craigslist to see if there is any interest in emergency DIY project help, design etc. I want to work with couples on a budget and help them create their dream wedding. Im trying to ignore the voices in my head that keep asking how im going to make money with budget concise couples and just keep moving forward. Is this smart?

  115. You are so RIGHT ON Marie! Life happens in the ever-joyous now! Western philosophy teaches that the past only exists in memory, the future only in anticipation. Real life happens in the N-O-W. I have learned so much from you and your group over the year I’ve been joined in and I love how certain themes come up that support other dialogues, that all the books, videos, interviews just drive the message better and better. Be the pro ever minute of every single day. I think learning about Turning Pro and reading the book really made a huge difference for me. For question 2: A huge shift happened for me after I completed b-school last year and began to really “dig in” to making all I learned work in my business and in my life. I made my financial goal for the year but even better, I am onward and upward thinking every day. I am excited to try new things every day –I even feel joy in the more mundane aspects of my work now. Thanks for everything….

  116. Marie, thank you for this post. This really means a lot to me right now. I have struggled with this so hard in the past two years. I’ve always been a driven business woman and had my world rocked when I had two baby girls within two years. It’s been such a struggle to marry my love for my girls and being a mother with my passion for my career. I’ve been living in this “things will be better when” mindset for far too long and it’s been crushing. I’m so grateful for the post and reminder. This is going to rock my business in 2015 and make me a better mama, too!

  117. Thank you for a great reminder, Marie. I agree that we have to bring our full self to the moment and that’s when we become the most effective. I’ve always been a multi-tasker and was proud to be one, but then I realized that it was not serving me well. It’s impossible to multitask and be in the moment and give it your best. Furthermore, your life is the sum of all these moments and if you have mediocre moments, then the overall result is the same. One of my resolutions for the new year is to multi-task less, to slow down, to listen more, to feel more, even with the most mundane tasks.

  118. I’m so ready to ROCK 2015! I feel like this video was made for me, thanks Marie! I am going to bring way more isness to my daily social media posts I do to try to grow my blog so they are infused with all my love, passion, joy and excitement I have about sustainability!
    Happy New Year!

  119. lynn

    Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?

    Right now I am starting a business (Education ) which I am not fully passionate about but since I am capable of helping friends with their problems in this field, I really want to provide them with an effective solution. However, I am constantly distracted by the idea of following my gut to do something that I am really excited about. I think “ isness” will help me in delaying my “ dream” and focusing on my current project.

    What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?

    I had the “ a-ha” enlightenment moment at the end of last year after I failed one of my subjects 1st time in my life and I failed twice but this ended up to be a positive change. It made me realise that I have never been excited about being a kinder teacher and I will never fully enjoy that work. I did not know what my future would look like but I told myself that I only had a life once so I spend my time on things that really make me happy. Then I took actions just by doing whatever making me happy. I gradually realised that the most happinest moment in my life comes from work out , healthy eating and sharing healthy tips with my friends. I feel very excited about my emotional eating research project effectively helped my client quit junk foods. That was the moment I realised I would be committed to “ health” and “ behaviour psychology “ , encouraging people to take baby steps to build up healthy habits and living healthy lives.

    However, I am still stuck with a problem. I just graduated from university, having no stable job. I have to pass an exam to get my VISA by the end of this month. at the same time, I need to keep doing my business (Education) since I need to build up my credibility and start to sell the product next month in order to earn money. but I also want to do my health business. so I am faced with three projects, exam for VISA, education business and health business. exam for VISA is a facilitator of my education business because the education business is about the exam. health business can be postponed but I got an offer from my university to do behaviour change project with my professor which I really do not want to miss. … does anyone have some suggestions? should I do three things together or I focus on only one? what worked on me before is that I am not good at multitasking.

  120. Kylie

    I loved this video Marie.

    And yet I’m still struggling. I haven’t had that ‘aha’ moment yet. I don’t enjoy my job anymore and am working hard at getting a small business going on the side, to hopefully transition to over time. I find I don’t have much energy after working such long hours at my day job that I have no energy for my side business and I grow more and more frustrated.

    The concept of being happy and enjoying where I’m at in the moment makes perfect sense to me and yet I can’t convince myself to feel that way. I can’t afford to quit my job and take a risk on this business.
    I have started applying for other day jobs so that I may find something I DO enjoy to bring in money until my business takes off.

    Any advice, tough love or virtual hugs welcome! 🙂

  121. I. need. this. NOW!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  122. Gaby DeLuna

    Hey Marie and Ladies!

    I loved this video so much that I would love to share my story. I’m a dancer who loves performing but I took a couple of years off to focus on other things since the city I was in didn’t have very much opportunity. I recently moved to Las Vegas with my family and decided to give dance a shot again since there are much more opportunities in this city. I went on a lot of auditions and I gave it my all to one specific audition. I am now going to travel to Leon, Mexico and dance under contract for an entire month. I leave on the 8th of this month! I’m so excited because that has always been one of my dreams to travel and perform. The fact that it is coming true brings me so much joy and the best part is that I am only at the age of 20. I’m going to keep on giving it my all to everything and see how far I will make it.

    Good luck ladies and listen to Marie. She knows what she’s talking about! 🙂
    – Gaby

  123. How did you know this is what I needed to hear right now?

  124. Hi Marie,
    In November I officially opened my first NY salon ( I also have one in Nova Scotia, Canada) and after a huge opening celebration I was spent. I was committed to attend an art fundraiser to support a local hospital charity the next day and did not want to go. After spending the day cleaning the salon, I put on a tux and a pair of YSL boots and went to the event. It was not what I was expecting, the crowd was small, the auction ok, PJ’s seemed like the best option but I was at a fundraiser, not my living room. I pulled out my A-Game and put on my A-Face and started to enjoy myself. Within an hour I met the beauty director of the worlds most read fashion magazine and she asked me to email her with details of my new business.
    Had I acted like a tired and bored reluctant supporter, I probably would not have had her attention. We have exchanged emails and I am hopeful for a future placement in the magazine.
    This would not have happened if I did not immediately change my attitude and follow my own rule:
    Every guest has an obligation to be a grateful one or you will never be invited back.
    I’m glad I did.
    Best in 2015.

  125. I am inspired.
    Stay on the game and keep going for your dream.
    Thank you Marie. This has put me back on my journey.

  126. Wonderfully timed as always, Marie! I’ve been coming into this realization more fully for myself over the last few days (as a part of my dreaming & planning for the year ahead) and this video really solidified a few things for me.

    I’ve been feeling stuck between the hard reality of a corporate job & long commute and my desire to quit my job, move to a cabin in the woods, and try my hand at becoming a writer. Merging dream with reality has proved a long and arduous journey as I struggled to shed time-sucking bad habits and make the habit of writing daily a part of my everyday life.

    I’m not yet at a place where I can afford to quit my job, but the key realization I’ve been waking up to is that I don’t really need to quit my job to have my dream (well, maybe not the cabin in the woods part, but I’m willing to compromise… for now!). All I need to do to have my dream is to sit down and allow myself to be present with my writing for a time every day. Maybe just a few sacred moments on some days, maybe hours on others, it doesn’t matter so much. What matters is finding the space to allow that dream to become a part of my present reality in whatever way I can manage to fit it in.

    With this fresh insight in hand I’m looking forward to a magical 2015 in which I fully honor where I am at right now and make space for a brighter future tomorrow. 🙂

    (And, yes, I enjoy my corporate job more when I’m fully engaged and present at work, too.)

  127. Mindfulness is the name of the game – I took up meditating last year to provide me with focus, calm and the energy I need to extract myself from the corporate world and start my business Launch Pod. Interesting 2014 was the year of mindfulness according to Forbes. Your Q&A session today was right on the money.
    So my journey this year is to move from part-time work that pays the bills to full-time entrepreneur. Also let the nanny go so juggling kids too. So your words are even more poignant. I am going to be in the moment with whatever I am doing and channel the frustration energy of not being where I want to be yet into energy to propel me to get where I want to sooner.
    Happy New Year Marie and the Team – have a fantastic 2015!

  128. Kaisa

    The best timing for this reminder (as usual)!
    As a relatively new business, we are just welcoming our first customers (guests). But since we started out with lower promo-prices, I was already finding myself disappointed that we earn so little for this.


    We have customers! This whole business was merely a silly dream few years back, and now we have customers! This means that dreams come true, that we are on the right track, that our dreams are already a reality!

    And no matter how little we earn NOW, I will treat these customers like they pay us millions. If I do not honor this moment, fully as it is, and be grateful for it, why would there be more fantastic stuff coming?

    Thanks Marie, always a fun inspiration!

    // Kaisa

  129. Thank you so much!

    This really resonated with me, I’m currently starting up a buisiness and it’s not going so well, it’s taking lonmger than I wanted it to and isn’t producing the income I wanted it to and I’ve been getting frustrated. Then as you say, it becomes a cycle.

    I think it’s super important to be in the moment and being present was one of my new years resolutions. Here’s just another reason to keep that resolution!

  130. I can so relate to this. When I first started doing what I do now, I often felt frustrated and disappointed that my progress seemed too slow, then I’d start to doubt if I can ever make it happen. It’s this doubt that eats you up.

    But now I’ve learned to let go of the expectation of what might happen and just fully immerse in the NOW. Just knowing that every day, my efforts are moving myself closer (even if just a step) toward my goals and to remember to acknowledge my progress, however small, makes me enjoy the process of getting me to where I want to be every single day!

    Sometimes we just might be too anxious for the outcome to forget to enjoy the process. Learn to enjoy the journey and don’t be too attached to the outcome. That’s how I do it.

  131. paul

    ive work 6 days a week for 40 years. now im retired and my job is watching tv, eating and sleeping. im finding myself getting more depressed and losing contact with the world. And aches and pains make me not want to go back to work full time. I cant see myself doing this for the next 20 years. Heaven seems like the only answer.

  132. This is exactly where I am in my life, and you answered the question I’ve been searching for. I’ve become so impatient about moving on to a career I’m interested in, that I’ve been resentful towards my current job. I wake up angry and annoyed because I have to be there.

    Another blogger said the same thing to me; be present and put your all into the job you currently have, then better opportunities will open up. I’m working on making my isness my business, I hope it pays off…and I hope I can enjoy the now a little more.

    Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  133. Loved this episode Marie. It really resonated especially since I was just doing a gym class and realizing how even though I adore the Pump class I wasn’t fully present and as a result wasn’t having as much fun. I caught myself half way through and fully focused on bringing my true grit to the rest of the class and it was great.

    I’ve done this recently BIG time when I did my 2014 Annual Review on the Suitcase Entrepreneur and had to revisit the 365 days of last year and reflect on all that happened and what I achieved, which actually blew me away but I hadn’t taken much time to do that before then and that’s changing in 2015 where I will celebrate more.

    I also just created my Painted Picture through to 2017 so I am feeling fully alive and in the moment and on purpose -and I was the only one to be able to get me to that point.

    • Maarit

      This is the first time responding to a video, I have been watching for quite some time now and find your topics well worth the listen. It’s like you know exactly where I am or rather not.
      This topic hits home as I have visions of my future – being in Europe Tuscany, views warmth, peace of mind; or the southern islands listening to the waves, having a siesta when I want and somehow surviving in a career I love.
      Everyday, I’m wasting energy thinking of the future, I have about 10 years before I retire and feel like I need to get my act in gear….but have been dreaming instead of doing.
      There are any other obstacles in my life including a disability which occurred at work. I career I loved turned to one I hated thru a toxic work environment, since then my physical being is taking the brundt of the pain. I feel like the world is against me and I find someone has removed the bloody latter so I can get back out of the hole.
      So I’m going to heed your words and in the future, I’m going to try and be in the moment 100% of the time as per your video instead of dreaming of the future.
      I look forward to your Tuesday Q and A’s, keep up the fantastic work.
      Sault Ste. Marie

  134. Marie, you are on the money yet again.

    At the end of last year I took a 3 week break to clear my head, get things done and to recharge my batteries. You see I was frustrated at the place I was both physically and mentally in my life. I wanted to be in the place I had visioned and honestly speaking didn’t want to be schooled in the process. I wanted the glory, the joy and the fame but I wasn’t interested in the sacrifice, suffering and lessons that come from it.

    So I agree with your tweetable 100%: Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go. @MarieForleo

    During my time of reflection and reading something, from “inconceivable” by Shannon Woodward, jumped out at me and gave me a real kick in the butt. Although this book is about conceiving her statement can be put into practice in other areas of your life.

    She writes “Eventually, every person who longs to conceive but cannot will come to a crossroads. One path leads to peace, the other leads to bitterness. Though I wish I could take you by the hand and pull you down the path of peace, I cannot. No one else can make that decision for you.”

    The lights came on. From that moment (26th of December at 13.05) I started to really live. I dropped my baggage and decided to go down the road of peace. I do not have any illusion that the road will easy and full of roases, I know it will be tough but I want live in this moment. Now and make the best of it. From then to now I have accomplished more on my vision board then I have in the past couple of years.

  135. Wow, loved this episode Marie! I can admit to having those moments where I am not making the “is-ness my business”. As a parent to a rambunctious toddler I find myself wanting to escape the present a little more frequently now, because let’s face it, it’s not always those most glamorous place to be. 😉
    However, life is so damn short, and she’s such a sweet soul. Luckily our little ones are the perfect teachers. Seems like those moments when this very thought of escaping the present, being somewhere else, doing something more “grown up” that she pulls out one of her clever expressions, dance moves or wall-colouring endeavours that brings me right back! So I’ll embrace her lessons and start practicing this. I believe it’s all interconnected, so excited and curious to see where the commitment to engagement takes me and my family.

    • Angie – thanks so much for sharing that – I always tend to apply my lightbulb moments from MarieTV to my business, then forget how I can do it to my personal life – I have a toddler who started pre-school today. It was a big deal to her and to me, and I’ve been a bit teary all morning….but for now I will embrace this moment, and this feeling. I’m so proud of my little one, I’m sure she will be coping just fine without me, and even if she is missing me, she’s learning to be a more confident, brave individual, and in this moment, that is exactly what I want for her.


  136. Hi everyone and thank you Marie, love you!

    While I totally agree that you have to be fully present and engaged with/in the moment, I’m finding myself in a very (for me) agonizing situation, where not this and not even Eckhart Tolles advice works for me (this time): If you find yourself in an unbearable situation, you have three choices: 1. Remove yourself from the situation 2. change it 3. accept it fully. This is wonderfull advice, as well as Marie’s, BUT, what if you are forced to do something that are a total soulkiller for you? what if the “forced to” is in the sense of; do this, or don’t get your education diploma? I study biomedical laboratory science and we have to intern many times in different lenghts of time, each time. We do not have a choice ourselves, as to where we would like to be, so we can totally be placed somewhere, doing something we feel absolutely big time uncomfortable with and we seriously do not have a say in the matter, and if we do not turn up, we cannot get our diplomas.

    I’m normally very good at being where I am and even feeling happy, “waiting” in a long line, doing hard work that’s not my dream work, cleaning the house, whatever!! I’ve really mastered acceptance and presence, but this is just killing me, I feel absolutely miserable and I feel like a whole month is being stolen from me, I must say. Any advice here?

    Thank you all, love from me

    • Marie

      OMG, Mette!
      I just knew that I had to check out your webpage, since your name sounded soooo Danish to me 😉 And then I realized we only live 10 km apart! Is that crazy or what? Small world, eh?!
      Anyways. I hear you loud and clear on your problem – when we’re forced to be somewhere, we just don’t feel like being. It’s no fun at all. But maybe you have to practice your no. 3 even more – “Accept it”, since there’s nothing you can do about it – you can’t use your no.2 and change it. SKÅL TIL ET GODT ÅR 2015 – no matter the circumstances – I hope you find your way through it.
      Hugs, Marie

      • Hi Marie, thank you SO much for your kind answer, I guess we have to write in english, so people can understand what we’re on about :-). Yes, you are very right about that (the no. 3 part) and that must be my lesson, funny enough, I’m normally a very postive person, but this turns me into a selfpitying monster, ha ha 😉 How amazing that you live nearby, we should meet up sometime 🙂 What do YOU do for a living? And what do you do to accept the present moment?
        Love og GODT NYTÅÅÅR!! Mette

        PS. Hvis du har lyst, kan du tilføje mig på facebook? der skulle gerne være et link på min hjemmeside til min Bettes facebook side og der kan du se mig som administrator:-) tænkte det var bedre end at linke til den her…

  137. 1. i have a motivational blog and a food blog, both have its own social media platforms. When I do post something (either a good quote or a photo of my food), I make sure that it is AWESOME! I have a great vision for both blogs but i need to stay in the moment, one Instagram or blog post at a time.

    2. I had an “aha moment” in december where i realise i need to really capitalise on what I’m good at: my passion in writing and social media. I would love to have my own consultancy firm one day, but i need to start now and be consistent at what I’m doing now.

    no one can predict what the future holds. 🙂

  138. Oooh – good and timely reminder about making is-ness my business.

    You are so right, at this time of year we are busy in our business setting out our goals for this year – and I can tell you I’ve had moments of total overwhelm, leading to that sick feeling in my tummy that makes me think this is impossible.
    But just yesterday I made is-ness my business by making a list of just 11 people I had to contact and working my way through them for a concentrated 90 minutes…..confession, I didnt do all of them, just managed 6 – but out of those I had three responses that take me into next week and achieveing the next steps of where I want to be.

    So furthering on from what Marie says – engage with the moment and make yourself do one task that is a step in the direction of the bigger goal. Its hard to make every moment of the day count, but even if you can just do it for short burst, like I did yesterday, it might make all the difference.

    Thanks Marie – fab A to the Q xx

  139. Hi Marie, what a beautiful reminder. Incidentally, I followed your wise example and just came back from a 2-week holiday disconnected from work, email and my computer in general. It felt like a true detox for the soul, and I was able to engage more in the moment.

    Somehow, while relaxing in this beautiful spa in Slovenia, something hit me: I’m here! All of a sudden, I felt present like I hadn’t in years.

    I’ve taken that feeling with me back home, and I’m ready to make 2015 a year where I make “is-ness my business”.

    And here’s for your challenge:

    1) An area where engaging in the present can really make a difference this year is my burgeoning business. I have taken the leap to quit my corporate job and actually start charging for my personal coaching services (something I’ve been doing on the side for years, for free). I am conscious of the fact that I must enjoy where I’m at (at the very beginner stage) and have faith that my business will grow and flourish.

    2) A time in my life where I felt deeply in the moment, enjoying the present and trusting that the future will be a bright one, was when I first met my husband. I simply took pleasure in the present moment and somehow knew we would end-up together. And today we are married and have a beautiful family together!

    I already know that this stuff works. Now it’s time to tap back into the Flow and do what I’ve come to this Earth to do!

    Thank you for the inspiration Marie.
    Xana xx

    PS. Loved your interview with Life Experience.

  140. Happy new year from across the pond! Showing up in the moment. That’s what it’s all about right?! My mini mantra to make sure I show up when being good mum, wife, friend, photographer is “Be Patient, Be Present, Be Loving”. When I get these in gear I find all sorts of ease comes my way. I think we are all feeling good if we’re loved and valued so if we can show up and commit that to our moment then we are doing our bit. Thanks for all as ever Marie you gorgeous legend xxx

  141. Hello beautiful,

    I’m Amber, a creative, a life lover and a waitress! I waitress so that I can create. I create chalk murals with my twin sister! It’s the best, anyways… I work at a local cafe at a small city in Australia, I bring “isness” to my business by smiling & trying to make my customers feel special! Through this My sister and I have gotten creative work all over town. p.s. I am a mega fan! You have inspired me to create a business, now start a blog & I have already started saving up for b-school! Marie you have been the answer to my prayers as a young teenage girl. I wanted someone to show or tell me my passion. So did something even better you taught me to be present and engage in life more then just thought! My life’s purpose is clear! THANK YOU MARIE!!!

  142. This video was AWESOME. God bless you Marie. You are such a party!
    I have been there. I wanted to do something big and was always at conflict with where I wanted to be and where I was. I had a very intense job and I liked it. But because I wanted to be elsewhere, I was miserable…constantly away and never in the moment. I took a leap of faith and now I am working on my business! YAY…and I’ve gotten so much more perspective now. On retrospection, I could have been a lot less harder on myself and enjoyed the ride…who knows I’d have jumped onto my next chapter even sooner…

    But the over thinking, the constant self doubt and analysis paralysis….made it take so much more effort…such an energy drain!

    My takeaway…stop everything and first give yourself a huge hug and pat on the shoulder. 1) Be Kind. Be there where you are…this is not the matrix, your moment is the only one worth living even if there are a gazillion better moments in your head! And 2) Get out of your head for a change.


  143. Great episode as ever Marie!
    I always remind myself that I choose my mindset, no-one else does, so make sure you have fun in the moment. Having belief in your strengths and passions as well as setting your goals is critical to snap out of those negative thought patterns that our pesky inner critic thrives on.
    A great reminder today Marie…Thanks!
    Cat x

  144. Marie – awesome reminder and amazing timing! Thank you! Thank you! It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of where you want your life to go and what it is going to look like that it can be hard to live right here and now. But like you said, this is where we are creating that future by the choices we are making and how we are showing up in this very moment. I now have much more focus and consciousness in making is-ness my business! Oh and congratulations on your engagement…to.the.moment:)

    I love the supportive community you have created. Everyone’s comments are so inspiring!

  145. Marie,

    I love this! I think as entrepreneurs we are always striving for be more, create more, give more, earn more, etc. It’s great to be reminded to enjoy each and every moment of the journey, no matter how insignificant or meaningful we may perceive our circumstances! Thank you for this reminder. I cannot share your videos and info enough.
    My “to do” for the day for my Inspire Health Team was to subscribe to your emails and watch your videos every,single.week!
    You are my favorite business mentor and thank you for making such a powerful impact in my life.
    I’ll also be speaking this weekend on branding and social media (for about 30 minutes..not long enough) and will be highlighting a quote from you and promoting you to the audience of hope it helps!!


  146. Hi Marie,

    happy New Year!

    I love this video; great message. I remember reading this in your book and hearing it in another video where you talked about passion and how we find our passion by simply bringing passion to each moment and activity. But it’s always a great reminder because our mind tends to wander into the past or the future far too easily.

    I’ll be applying your advice even more starting today!

  147. Heather S.

    This episode is relevant to me in a personal way today: I’m 11 days “overdue” with my first baby and really want to go into labor on my own. Induction has been discussed, so I’m in this limbo of putting out the positive messages (i.e. I trust the divine timing of this birth; my body is capable of natural childbirth, etc) and then having fear based reaction/resistance (i.e. What if….scenarios). The waiting can be torture!

    Thank you, Marie, for this timely episode. This may be the only time I’ve pregnant, and I know the labor will be the biggest physical challenge of my life, and when the baby comes I’m entering into a whole new world. I will take today to be fully present in my very pregnant state and fully appreciate this special and unique (and calm!) day for what it is.

    • Heather! Your comment really touched my heart. I’m so very honored that our video could provide a bit of support during this miraculous time. Our whole team is sending you love and strength for you and your baby. Please do keep us posted!

      All my love,


  148. Absolutely loved this and could not have agreed with it more. Thank you Marie!

  149. Michele pritchard

    I’m 10yrs into my career of being a succesfull hairstylist. To accomplish this contentment took a lot of growing and creating opportunities while taking advantage of those opportunities at the same time. When you start out in any business it’s very easy to get discouraged and feel like things can’t happen fast enough. For me I look back and realize that A pivotal moment for me was when I was “dreaming” about working in a salon that did frequent photoshoots. At that time I was working in a small town in the south. I knew to do the things I wanted to do would require a huge change for me and so 6mths later I moved north to a big city. I didn’t immediately work in a salon that gifted me the opportunities I desired. I had to work hard in a lesser salon to prove myself before being hired in the salon I wanted to be in. Now I’m 7yrs into being A stylist in the salon I did desire. We have 5 locations and over 300 employees. I have had several moments where I felt I wasn’t building fast enough but now 10yrs later from the day I envisioned my life I am the #2 service provider in this amazing company. Doing two photoshoots a year, videos, and teaching once a week the assistant program in my salon. We have to remember to create our own opportunities and take advantage of every single moment. If you are clear in your intentions your life will soon enough present you with what you desire. Stay clear and stay focused. Xo

  150. I find it increasingly difficult now that I have recognized the specific path I wish to follow in my life, to focus and be present at my day job. SO dangerous, I know! I am trying desperately, after years of dreaming and planning, to get where I want to be but unfortunately I have such a hard time getting out of my dream business mindset to focus on my current creatively draining job because I can’t get around how much better spent my time would be (in my mind, anyway) on growing my personal business. It feels like once Monday rolls around it completely kills my momentum until the next weekend when I can properly work on things. Don’t get me wrong, I am so insanely grateful to have this job but I definitely do recognize the need to get some blinders on or something and try to focus more while I’m here. My current job doesn’t offer any opportunities for advancement and is just an overall kind of a thankless position but it is a paycheck that I desperately need or my dream business really never will get off the ground because that’s how I am (slowly but surely) funding my endeavors. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would get better at separating the two so this video came at a great time!

    Thanks for everything you do! I find you, Marie and all of the other followers endlessly helpful and motivating! :o)

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

  151. This is so true! It took me a while to realize that my thoughts and the “busyness” in my head with the “I should be” left me in a pile of should!

    I kept thinking about the fact that I should have a different life/house/man. Nope that just created a stressed out disappointed self.

    So I started incorporating more mindfulness into my life. Some meditation some mindful “enjoy where you are now” moments like walking and enjoying what I’m seeing. And my life did start to change. And I was open to these changes and to realizing when I needed to take action to change.

    By sharing my story, I’ve come to realize that women often do too much and think too much and I now want to help other women learn to live in the moment and regain joy in their lives!

    So now I’m sharing what I learned with others and launching to help you reduce stress, become more mindful, and regain your joy in life!

  152. Hey Marie,

    This episode could not have arrived in my inbox at a better time. Earlier this week, I finally snapped out of a very long slump that had me somehow believing that happiness was brought by external things, even thought I know better. (That thought has certainly been hindering my success.) This, of course, left my emotions at the mercy of circumstance in both my professional and personal lives. What a mess!

    Nearly word for word, you echoed the epiphany that hit me earlier this week. I don’t believe in coincidence.

    I could hug you right now. You are such a source of encouragement.

    Thank you!


  153. Mindfulness work has been so important for me as I’ve worked through a few mental illness diagnoses over the past few years. I wish I could say I’m the mindfulness queen now, but the truth is it takes effort every day. Also, and this is weird, but it can sometimes take the joy out of doing something like watching TV, because you realize you’re using your moment for TV. I’d add that mindfulness meditation has also been killer in retraining my brain.

  154. Marie it’s like you read my mind!!! I’ve been listening to a lot of the Kane’s radio show lately (I was referred to them by you actually!), and it has become crystal clear that I have been resisting EVERYTHING in my life! My intention for 2015 is to step away from my usual goal setting techniques, stay in the moment, go for what’s in front of me full out, and see what magic happens. Thank you always, for the wonderful content and reminders.

    Happy New Year!

  155. What’s helped me to shift my life the fastest and get totally aligned with what I want, which helped bring it to me, was this:

    1) Acting as if–this means figuring out what you want, and then taking the actions you’d take if you already have what you want

    2) A daily abundance routine–mine includes Morning Pages, tapping, meditations and dancing.

    Follow this process and you can’t go wrong: Ask. Act as if. Believe. Receive.

  156. Love this video – and the advice – love the moment – put a ring on it! Because this moment is your life – you can make it what you want it to be by loving it up – thanks Marie.

  157. Linda

    Staying fully engaged in the present moment would really help me in embarking on the next phase of my life at the next acting school I will be in. Because I initially wanted to be in one in London but didnt get in, and now have gotten in one in Australia, I was doubting myself fully, as to if I really wanted to be in this one. But by bringing my A-game to the table, and pouring in my heart, soul and attention into this school, just like I did with the one when I did a short course over in London and had the time of my life, i think this one in Australia will really shine out and make a difference to me and i will achieve what i also achieved over at the other school in London too!!

    Thanks Marie xxx soooo much. I was feeling purposeless, lost and confused and scared!! But your video just put me back on the right track and also showed me that i can and should enjoy and fully engage in the beauties of THIS present moment too- and feel what it is im always waiting to feel sometime “in the future”, and have purpose and soul and love in everything now, instead of waiting for that “next phase in my life” to come with the happiness. Essentially I am achieving right now exactly what i think will come to me in the future!! Thank you!! You are beautiful and the best!! xxx

  158. 1. Making “isness my business” will truly help me in simply the process of pursing my goals. Currently, I am looking at the top of the mountain as I stand at the bottom and I keep telling myself it’s just not possible. However, today, now actually, I will try to enjoy every step of the way and simply be curious and excited for this new adventure and journey I am choosing to embark on.
    2.Though I did not have a compelling vision for the future I was creating, I was able to fully honor where I was at when I chose to speak at a conference held at my university about what I had learned during the day. The conference was so powerful for me. I became much more aware of myself as complex human being as well as the trauma I had not let go of (rather what I had been running away from). The moment I started to speak I cried, but I felt the need to share the insights I had, in connection to the experiences that still haunted me, because it seemed like another student near me was struggling with similar issues. All I hoped for was that my words would reach her or anyone that day. By choosing to speak with that purpose in mind, I accepted and honored myself at that moment and as weird as it may sound, I felt something like the combination of peace and freedom. Yet, somehow these words don’t seem to capture that moment nor the moment afterwards when I saw the entire room get on their feet to clap for me.

  159. Marie! This message, as well as making your message completely authentic, are the reason why I am currently THRIVING in my life in business! I love your ideas and I love the way you deliver them even more! Since bschool I am engaging in each day, each meeting, each opportunity and each party, charity whatever, with energy that makes me inspired. It’s contagious (as you know) and I have currently manifested some opportunities I didn’t even ‘plan’ for and they are amazing! Speaking engagements, radio interviews, writing articles for wellness publications etc. It started with YOU waking up the inner me and like a million other entrepreneurs! THANK YOU! XO Gilly

  160. This is such a straight up post that I needed! I sometimes can relate to when I have this idea of a life that I’m “suppose” to have by now and when I think about this, my mood just goes into sourpuss mode for the rest of the day!

    It’s almost like you have to embrace what you have, even if it isn’t where you wanna be right now. And if it’s something that you don’t like or want, change it and know that this is a temporary state.

  161. Love this Q, Lori!

    I started my biz back in 2009 when my first son was 5 months old.

    Over the years I’ve been guilty of being hard on myself for not being further her along. But being able to be at home and grow my biz slowly before my boys are in school is such a beautiful gift!

    This present moment is pretty damn good!

    No more fear of thinking I’m ‘running out of time’.

    Thanks, Marie!

    Vari xx

  162. Hi
    Happy new year.
    As i said before , i,m not native in english , but i like follow ur discuss and
    ur mails , i read all .
    what abut a job, what i can say , i just know that ,first job is best one . coz you became well experience in , so chenging it has not good results .
    my first job, i was a lawyer , for a few years i took it away & begon a new one . but i return to my job .i love it . i think when u work , u sould be relax & comfort at first ,after should try to be best one in ur job area . however everybody has a job .and otherhands in this world there is nothing perfect . people often cry from their job or life .i think life is short , we ,d try to be happy .
    oh!! u need a pair un ur side & make a happy familly .
    i injoy my work, just i,m waiting my life rest pair to be more happy.
    and i wish to all ,having a good emotion with their job and a happy life .
    thanks alot .
    wish the bests

  163. Anita

    Isness is my business is a quote from my guru too!! My jaw just fell on the ground lol. Love it… its a sign your message is extra important to me to pay attn to. Thank you Marie.

  164. I totally agree with “allow instead of resisting”. This is really a life changing realization to me. Staying engaged with the moment makes my life easier and happier than ever before. Thank you Marie for being the light and inspiration.

  165. joy

    1. I need to recognize where me and my husband are at in our marriage right now. We have been through a lot in the last 7 years of marriage, it was difficult financially, and now things are changing and I need to recognize that so we can become a better couple and really create the life we had envisioned with each other.

    2. Not sure if this answers the question, but this is what came to mind. Over the holiday break, and after only 4 months of opening my first business, I was frustrated with not being where I wanted to be in terms of number of clients. Then I realized that many of the services I was offering were not really what I wanted to be doing, so I started making changes – creating new goals for both myself and the biz. I now am highlighting services that I had dreamed about but was never sure I should offer (for whatever reason that I can’t seem to remember now). By recognizing that I did not have a large customer base yet, I was able to make changes that I would have been scared to if I did have lots of people relying on the former services. In a sense, recognizing a perceived failure (now viewed as a blessing) gave me the freedom to go after what I really want. 2015 seems better already!

  166. 1. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?

    -Taekwondo classes! So I can make the most out of my physical skills in the moment rather than telling myself “i’ll improve myself later at home”
    – University lectures. So I should listen to the teachers, note down info, and ask any questions I have. Im always daydreaming in class…haha
    – prayers. As a muslim I never pray enough, and when I do I’m always thinking about other stuff instead of engaging in the prayers 🙁

    2. What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?

    I still have no idea what I want in my future, but maybe during Taekwondo games and events… and maybe that time I had to write a paper for uni. I put a lot of heart and soul into that paper <3

  167. I think if one plans life very well, then you will get where you need to be step by step learning a lot as you proceed

  168. Great timing Marie!
    I was so stressed with not having a permanent job in the industry that I trained for, I just had a variety of different contracts. I decided to embrace it… A one month contract turned into a year and then a year turned into two years.

    Thank you for reminding me of this… I’ll approach my biz and life in the same way this year!

  169. When I am fully present, I love what I do and I get engaged/pay attention/participate. That’s when I shine. Otherwise, I will ride under the radar, feeling confused and like I don’t belong.

    I haven’t been doing that recently for my job, because I’ve been feeling exactly like the Q asked: like I’m not where I want to be even though I’m always doing things on my to-do list. So, my goal this year is to be fully present in each engagement: Coffee chat, date with the hubby, date with my child, dinners and cooking, and growing my business!

  170. Wow, good one!

  171. My moment came this past fall. Stepping into my truth, finally surrendering, the Universe has provided support in ways I couldn’t expect. Now I am focusing on busting out of the habit of excuses so I can show up fully and express my gifts fully. Plus, the one thing I have absolutely struggled with just appeared a couple weeks ago- my title!!! I am a lifestyle strategist who specializes in helping people be whole- remember their essence, show up fully, and heal the parts that have caused them to play small. Oh, and I apparently have a Divine gift for LOVE BOMBING. Try me. @wholebeinginc on the twitter, y’all.

  172. Great episode Marie. And a great point about being in the present moment. I’m slowly learning that life is a journey, not a destination, and in order to make the most of it requires being present for ALL of it, exactly as it is. I’m still a work in progress but reminders like yours help my work to take root and stick. Thanks for sharing!

  173. Being in the moment is so important when I am coaching my New Mothers .Each of my clients is so special and it is so important to recognise their individual concerns so that I can help in the best way possible. Being in the moment is the only way to give my best support.
    Thanks Marie for all of your encouragement.

  174. Margaret Young

    Love this!

  175. I just mentioned Marie Forleo on my blog. You inspire women all over the world Marie and I pray that I will create the same for myself one day. You are a blessing.

  176. Sophie

    Awesome, awesome message. This is a message I needed to hear or rather hear again in the new year. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by how my goals are not in line, how I am not where I want to be in life etc. I never thought I would be single and without child by this age. Sometimes I spend time wondering “what if” yet I need to use the present moment to the maximum! Thanks

  177. Thank you so much Marie for providing such practical way of making decisions. This information is valuable. Have a wonderful week.

  178. Kim

    I love this episode. This is something I’ve always struggled with. I’m always worrying about what I haven’t done yet rather than celebrating what I have accomplished. The question now is how do you make this change in behavior a habit?

    I’m inspired & I will keep coming back for more!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ahh that’s such a great question, Kim! It’s so easy to feel motivated when we first start out, but building a habit around new behavior is the tricky part.

      Creating new habits is something I’ve struggled with too, and one of my favorite episodes we’ve done on the topic of habits is this one with guest Todd Herman:

      I love, love, LOVE that episode, as Todd shares some terrific strategies for creating any new habit. Also, the way he talks about how our bodies and minds deal with habit creation is so fascinating.

      Yay, we’re so excited you’ll be coming back for more – we’re so happy to have you tuning in!

  179. YAo

    Love this episode. fully engaged with the current moment

  180. Thanks for this episode Marie.

    You’re completely right about the attitude you bring to any given moment or situation and the HUGE difference it makes in how you feel, behave, perform..and all.

    I’m so grateful that I’ve learned that lesson in recent years. I’ve had so many experiences of switching from feeling bad/not accepting a situation to changing my outlook and enjoying myself. And I’ve learned to not get so frustrated or angry about so many situations & peoples’ behaviors that I’m now avoiding a LOT of stress, bad vibes and aggro.

    I can think of a few recent situations off the top of my head in which a particular man’s decisions or behaviors had me instantly angry & aggro. Within minutes I was able to come up with a way around it, choose new plans for myself and ,thus, change my attitude about the situation so that I actually could have a wonderful time & feel happy.

    (Of course I needed to later talk to him about his choices & behavior and how it affected me. But in the moments, when I couldn’t discuss it with him, I was able to continue enjoying my life & my day.)

    Looking forward to you next installment!

    cheers, Lash

  181. I missed this when it came out, but that feels like fate – I needed to hear it today! Thanks so much, I promise I’m going to keep this in mind all day and all week, feel GREAT about where I am right now, and fully show up!

  182. Thank you.
    Just what I needed today, and now I have a big smile on my previously rather worried face.
    I really appreciate your videos and your no-nonsense and respectful attitude.

    Take care and may the force be with you 😉

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this episode was just what you needed Fanney! You take care as well 🙂

  183. I’ve always struggled w/ putting things off for later, when I’m older, when things are ‘right’…thus never being able to fully BE IN THE PRESENT! This lead to much frustration and anxiety.

    An example of me accepting my present and enjoying every minute of it, while not necessarily having the ‘ideal’ or ‘visualized’ life I am reaching for, is precisely at this very moment, that I am taking as a life motto: It’s NOW or NEVER! I’ve placed all fear aside and jumped right in to establishing my business, accomplishing personal goals (such as hiking a 6+ mile trek, when never in my life did I think I would even attempt it!!!), and just getting out there and meeting people. The main value I have witnessed is letting me accomplish what I had never attempted before and be present is to be GRATEFUL for each and every blessing in my life: from the roof over my head, to the morning walks I take every morning!

  184. This video was awesome, another great Ping! moment. It’s easy to let external factors dim our internal mood and happiness. In my neighborhood I might get frustrated at being nearly plowed over by an aggressive cyclist and remind myself to shake it off and drop a curmudgeon mindset. Great imagery, to be engaged – with the moment. It’s true every day, morning, afternoon and evening.

    1. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?
    I’m a morning person and my favorite time of day is early AM when I walk my dog. The air is fresh, my dog is happy, the walking clears my mind and I enjoy being present. It’s when I envision my day, from what to accomplish towards personal goals to when I’ll take care of the regular day to day tasks. The video is a great reminder that when the next aggressive cyclist does ride by. I still own my Is moment – I’m still engaged with the moment, it’s not taken away from me “throwing” me back into reality.

    2. What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?
    I made a decision to move back to San Francisco last July. I was in Vegas for a year and a half and had a great professional adventure. I left a deep wonderful network of friends in the Bay Area to move, and while I had very little time to socialize because of my work hours, I managed to meet some amazing people and I now have a soft spot for Las Vegas; it offers so much more off the Strip than anyone can imagine.

    That said, I reached a decision point, stay in the desert or give up my apt in the Bay Area. It was time to take stock of my life, honor my accomplishments and how happy I was/wasn’t and why. It’s the first time I’ve given myself the permission and mind space to change my approach, pursue passions and reconnect with environments that focus on giving vs taking (the gaming industry is fascinating but I’d rather help people get out of poverty, vs seeing them lose their shirts!). Great feeling and a lot of appreciation of Is, especially now that I’m reunited with some great people and the beautiful ocean out here.

  185. Rosie

    Well said, Marie. I’ve always believed that living in the present is the true secret to happiness!

  186. Wao! Thanks Marie because I was frustrated yesterday when I realized that the date that I had for leave my corporate job wasn’t anymore after my husband had a issue in his work.
    The world came down to me because after 2 years I was almost in freedom. I was waiting that moment to tell mompreneurs (my ideal clients) that they can do it but now that my path is no clear again I think my mission is to tell them exactly where I am! Without fear and shame, I have to be proud of my journey 😉
    Thanks Marie!!!

    • I must say this came at the most perfect time. So Right now I’m thinking I need X and Y to happen by Z time. And yesterday I had the aha moment that made me think “Janelle that is not going to happen” I realized that a company I was connected with a few months ago (by chance or luck, I’m not sure ) has employed me. This whole time I thought I was a freelancer type, but yesterday one of the CEO’s said I really want to start giving you the majority of the research work that makes his business.) He is expanding his business…and it defiantly took him longer than what I’ve been at it. So first it was like a “brick wall” I hit because I have a job and I did not realize I even applied, it’s not what I thought I was doing, but guess what? in this time and moment in my life…it is. I have a long way to go until I get to the same point as my now new employer. What I am trying to work on in my business is not working the way I want I’m having problems with this and that. And I can now understand that it’s because it’s just not the time and I already have something that is working right now. It’s still helping me with my goal just taking me on a different route. The problems I am facing with my own start up will get sorted out in their own time. And you are absolutely right when happiness and all the things I want in life come from within and not external. I realized yesterday that the path I thought I was on was going to work and get me there, but this morning I have realized that… I need to turn around and go a different way. Still taking me to where I am going, just different scenery. BOOM I’m going to go mediate on this now. Love it! and Love MarieTV

  187. Kelsey

    This is totally what I needed to hear today. I’m in the process of switching career paths from non-profit work to working toward becoming a counsellor. Lots of big changes that I’m so excited about, and all I want to do is be there already! I’m doing so much volunteering that’s relevant, and taking pre-req courses for my Masters program…. and that’s all I want to do. But for the next few months, I’m still also going to be stuck in this job that I no longer love, and every day I feel resentful of it. And that sucks my energy and makes me feel like… well… crap.
    So here’s to trying to just be as present and in it as possible for the next few months even though there’s so many things I’d rather be doing. Right now, it is what it is and I have already done everything I can to move my dream forward. So, just gotta learn to sit with the moment and be okay with it. Any feedback, further thoughts, or advice on this are welcome!

  188. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?
    — All around! I have been backpacking Europe for 11 months and meet so many interesting people to chat with and learn from. I love the randomness of my days and never know who I will meet or what incredible place I will see — it is super exciting! For example, just today I was in the sun reading a book when I got so engaged with observing the clouds. Not just looking at them…. but really watching and analyzing their movement. It was such a simple yet beautiful moment!

    What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?

    Right here and NOW. Within the past few weeks I have completely been humbled and have realized how anxiety producing it is to want to rush into the future. Right now I am a nomad, with a teeny tiny budget, a backpack of “stuff” — and I freaking LOVE it. I WILL BE a very successful entrepreneur with products and programs that inspire people absolutely fall in love with themselves and the world!! I was putting so much pressure on myself to “make it happen” and would kick myself in the ass each day I didn’t do something to work towards that goal. Once I accepted that I am on this incredible journey of traveling the world — and started focusing on my “isness” — a passion inside of me ignited and I am now bursting with energy and excitement for my future. I can feel it in my bones that amazing things are ahead!

    As always, thanks for your excellent content and expertise Marie!

  189. Catherine

    Such a well-timed topic just now, thanks Marie!

    I’ve found myself feeling waaaaaay off-course of My Life Plan these last few months, even though I know so well how everything improves when I honour all the good little things and focus on one day at a time.

    Appreciating the present has been a major lesson for me in the last few years and never more so than in 2012 when I left my full-time career to return to study and felt so out of place not working 9 to 5. The blessing? When I leaned into the moment, I made so many life wisdom discoveries that still do, and always will, matter in my life. And I always look back with so much love and appreciation for that sea-change year!

  190. E

    I can’t breathe at my job. Literally. I’ve come very close to having a panic attack on my drive into work in the mornings. I spent Sunday afternoon having a meltdown just knowing I had to face another week at work. I feel so powerless in my job that it seems I am almost invisible. It is sucking the life out of me. This video dissolved me into tears. I’m trying to get a new job in a different industry and even had an interview with one company. The hr woman said she really wants to hire me but doesn’t have an open position at the moment. So I live every day hanging on to that one glimmer of hope. If I didn’t have a family that depends on my income I would have walked away from my current job a long time ago. I know my feelings are actually pushing my dreams further away but I have gotten to the point where I am not able to visualize anything good ever happening at my job. It’s like having a wound being ripped open or my heart broken every single day I am there.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      E, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re stuck in such a bad job situation. I’ve been in a similar place myself, so I completely hear where you’re coming from and I know it can feel impossible to find hope in that kind of environment.

      It sounds like you might have some potential bites for another job, and hopefully the other company will have an opening or you’ll find something else that will be a better fit for you.

      In the meantime, I thought I might share one of my favorite MarieTV episodes of all time:

      It talks about the idea of having small habits that can help nurture you and keep you going – even if everything else around you isn’t going well. I find personally it’s so easy to forget to care for yourself when you’re not in a good place, and even taking a few minutes a day can help tremendously.

      We’re sending our best wishes, and hope that you find a new job soon!

    • DianaG

      E, I want to give you a ton of kudos for putting yourself out there to job search and that you’re getting a positive response while you’re in your current work situation. You’re a tough cookie, that’s not easy to do when you have to shake off the mindset from a stressful work situation.

      I can relate to the anxiety you’re feeling, I survived a very toxic work environment, I was very unhappy, stressed, sleepless, discovered my blood pressure had spiked. A work buddy and I used to text each other in the AM to motivate for another day. I got to the point where I realized the energy I had was best spent managing what I could control at work, to focus on internal validation and to take pride in working with integrity. It was still hard but this helped. Look at the good of what you bring to your current workplace, honor your integrity and the care for what you do. No one can take that away from you E, no matter what, and it’s a way to reclaim your power.

      I think it’s ok to say it’s hard to visualize something good coming from where you’re currently working, I read that as you’re not seeing the environment changing for you to want to stay on and you deserve to be happy.

      I love the Isness guidance from Marie, soak in her inspiration E. Keep plugging at your job search, you’ll find the right role and be at the other end of this, relieved and smiling. I love the great NNT video, and re breathing – also check this one out from Marie:

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Beautiful note, Diana — your sincerity brought tears to my eyes!

        We’re sending you TONS of Team Forleo love, E.

  191. DianaG

    Chelsea, thank you, and thank you for sending that Team Forleo love to E. Seeing E’s post hit a chord and a reminder of a place I never imagined I’d find myself in.

    I’m on the other side, happy and relieved. Every day is focused on what’s important – loving my friends and family and living a life that actively fulfills what is important to me. In the long term I want to make an impact on workplace bullying. I joined a company and experienced work place bullying for the first time in my career. I inherited a team traumatized and angered by it, I thought I could change things and couldn’t. It was a very difficult experience. In hindsight – I allowed it to bring me to a place of high anxiety, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, I struggled to believe in value, and I felt indignant! I was trying to change an environment I had no control over. It can be hard to accept that we can’t fix a bad situation, and we realize it’s better to move on. You go E.

    Thank you Chelsea, and E I am rooting for you.

  192. DianaG

    Chelsea, sorry for the double post, I was trying to edit the orig post I was sending in response. Best, Diana

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      No worries at all Diana, and thank you for your kind note to Chelsea. I’ll definitely make sure she sees it!


  193. Really inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  194. I love the video! I feel so great after I saw it! Thank you!

  195. Marie Sultana Robinson

    Great info, thank you. However, I’m having a real challenge with this. I was widowed, and because of brain cancer, he hid the forks, threw out my CDs and let go of the big life insurance. I’ve been struggling with not being able to create enough income. So my thoughts live in the past, when I had family, a husband and a nice life, and my dreams of the future, that I don’t be able to create a clear plan to get to where I want to go. I’m always stopped by lack of money.
    I hate to sound like woe is me, but this seems to be a key.
    I just don’t know how to make it ‘work’?
    Thanks in advance,
    Marie Sultana Robinson

  196. I am currently in “isness.” I finally have clarity on my next steps in my business and I embrace each step–my why, my how, and my what. I have also found “isness” in my volunteer work and in my health (training for a half marathon to raise money for a local women’s shelter). I am currently honoring where I am at (just the beginning) and I have confidence that I am going to get where I need to go for myself by serving others. I used to be so afraid of what would happen if I jumped off that cliff, doubting myself and my potential success. I’m not afraid anymore. I haven’t felt like this in years. Okay, I’m crying my eyes out right now. I feel free.

  197. I want to delegate more of my business to my assistant, editors, writers, admins, etc. so that I can spend more time with the family. Being a mom and the head of a business can get anyone into a rut of having the wrong values of what time management really means. Our greatest gift to society are the souls that we raise from a baby on our knee to the legacy that we leave behind.

  198. Vasoulla Kissias

    Great teaching again glad I joined!
    in answer to question (1) do not have my business up and running but for the past year or so I have been looking a lot at being present and not to be disturbed by external circumstances, it has shifted me for sure and I believe that sometimes you cant help getting frustrated as long as you are aware that you are frustrated and then release it, let it go and then move forward! the voices in your mind make you feel you are not moving forward but when you are totally in the present and realise that those thoughts are not yours you can achieve a hell of a lot more and feel at peace 🙂
    2) well at my job in the law firm I notice that I am totally present at work and am at peace with my work so that in every moment I focus on that particular task at hand and then move on to the next. By doing this I have noticed that I am achieving double the work at a much better pace and still able to go home and do more, I believe prayer too is key.

  199. I’m making isness my business by loving my job, and offering to help, and truly enjoying working with other people. At home, I am welcoming the day to day regularity of the mundane chores, and have become much more aware to trigger myself to correct my behavior when I’m not showing up with my A game.

    I am able to fully honor where I am at right now because I can feel it. I am working an easy job that leaves me enough time to create, I’m in a fulfilling relationship, and am taking time to exercise, journal, and renew my vitality.

  200. I LOVE this so much ::
    Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go.

    I needed to hear this so much right now. I can be really tough on myself that I’m not where I thought I should be in life. But where I am is perfect, and I’m learning, growing, and moving toward my goals which is perfect! Life is good and full of reasons to be grateful for now and excited about my future.

    Thanks so much Marie <3

  201. Rosalinda

    Be here now.

  202. Iwona

    Gosh! Now I’m considering investing in a little “bling” to remind myself I am engaged ….to the “moment”. ? OK! I am not going to spend money …really…but this image has been permanently imbedded in my mind. Thank you, Marie! You’re the greatest!

  203. Emilia

    At present i’m working with my husband that we own. It’s not what i would have planned for myself but we have worked our butts off and have made a nothing business into something of worth. After 13 years I’m now ready to leave and pursue my own dreams that i’ve all but forgotten. For years i’ve been beating myself up into thinking that i’m ‘too old’, in the wrong town and have lost the moment for my passions. Sometimes i have to stop and think that life is pretty good and i should stop procrastinating and get my head into gear.

  204. Mary

    My values are not my employers values. I am applying this lesson with the awareness that when running my business there will be dark times with tasks, people, and situations i dislike – dark moments shall we say. And applying Isness is about self leadership through those moments as well as out of those moments. I have had times when i have been able to practice this kind of self leadership in my current day job and it has helped with a stable income and for the work to flow more easily with less of the ick following me into my out of work time.

    As far as prior time I acknowledged where i was at and had a clear compelling vision for the future: I was working full-time and attending full-time career change program (lifelong dream to pursue this profession) when my Mother died. I was winded and hurt. I put training on hold. After a year I returned to the training program. Then got news my Dad’s health was in a terminal decline. I hurt terribly. I was a renter. Through this time i realized the loss of family had me deeply yearning for my own permanent home, a personal nest and safety. I translated that yearning into action and within a year saved enough for the down payment and got that house. It turned out me having homeownership gave my Father a sense of comfort and ease during the last phase of his life. And he was proud of me for making that happen.

  205. Kristina

    Good reminders as I start to go through your “start the right business” and “B-school” courses. Embracing that right NOW I’m in a good place because I’m investing into learning where I truly want to go and how to get there. I might not be there yet but today I am where I need to be. Learning. Growing. Laying foundations. Journaling. Today is a step towards the goals even if it doesn’t feel like much. 🙂

  206. Manon Laurin

    # 1 question : If I created my paintings daily, I could call myself a productive artist and I could sale them which would make me a professional artist. If I paint daily……………I make isness……… business.
    # 2 question : As an art teacher for 3 years in a school for children and as an Art Conference giver to teachers for that school board on 3 occasions………………I showed-up where isness……………..was my business. Also I gave private art classes that had a therapeutic theme to heal grief for 6 weeks, once a week for 2 women……….where……….isness………..was my business.

  207. I REALLY needed to hear this today. Thank you!

  208. Svetlana

    I’d like to say special thanks for subtitles. I’m not an English native speaker and have difficulties with understanding English, and with subtitles everything becomes much more clear. I really regret that I can’t understand everything, but subtitles help.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Svetlana! We’re happy to provide subtitles because we want to make the show as accessible as possible. And you can also read the subtitles in your native language! I just sent you an email on how to do that. 🙂

  209. Life made to be lived the right way. But, why most of us don’t live that live he/ she deserve?

    Its a very complicated problem, and its only answer exist in the present moment. That moment where inspiration and motivation exist. On the other hand, there’s something wrong goes inside our selves.

    Sometimes, the present moment come with sad events like when someone we love die letting use feel lost. Beside, those negative thought patterns don’t stop running inside the brain everyday.

    For years, millions of people struggled to solve that obstacle. Is there a way to better understand ourselves and feel the joy? Maybe, there’s no answer for that struggle, Maybe it exist at somewhere, Or Maybe it just a mental noise.

    Since long time, I’ve heard about mindfulness, creative thinking, and finding inspiration but, feel that there’s something wrong.

    I want to find inspiration, and there’s a technique or exercise. Wait for long time, try again, and nothing changed.

    Then, I wondered about something very interesting: Is there something inside our mind or heart smarter than we thought?, and Why it used to work outside our normal thinking and the things we tended to do?

  210. Where in your life can making “isness your business” truly help you?
    This is important for me today. I’ve just launched a business, and it’s all I can think about. Reining myself in needs to happen, though, because while I’m thinking about my plans, what I’m creating, the secondary, and automatic thought is “WHEN IS IT ALL GOING TO HAPPEN? WHEN AM I GOING TO BE WILDLY SUCCESSFUL?!”
    One-way ticket to Never-Good-Enough’s-Ville.
    Let’s not do that. I’m not going to do that. I am so grateful for where I am, This Moment.

    What’s an example from your life when you were able to fully honor where you were at and had a clear, compelling vision for the future you were creating?
    I think I’m doing that right now! I’m putting my all into This Moment, and knowing it’s one sentence in a lifelong story that I get to write. The next sentence, and the next and next will all be awesome too! But I’ll write those when I get there.

    Like now: My next sentence is about gratitude.
    Thank you for this, Marie. I’m glad I found this episode right when I did. Perfectly-timed!

  211. Scott

    I mean it sounds profound and beautiful and simple. And while sitting here drinking coffee, feeling at ease, and staring at your legs, I’m very present in the moment, making this concept seem very easy. And it feels great. So much so that I could even mistake it for being not only simple, but game changing (life changing) advice. But there’s just one problem…

    I’ve heard this kind of advice in that past, from Alan Watts, or Tim Ferris, or Tony Robbins, or whoever. It ALWAYS sounds profound and simple and beautiful and life changing at the time. And I ALWAYS feel present in the moment as an immediate effect of hearing a fresh spin on this concept from somebody I respect…

    And yet, 2 hours later, 5 hours later, 2 days later, after the initial buzz wears off, it always just seems like an impossible task in reality. I find myself putting effort into trying to be ‘fully present’ and immersed in every moment, which ironically becomes its own stressful task in addition to whatever other mental tasks I’m juggling, at which point it essentially defeats its own purpose. It’s kind of paradoxical; my efforts to be present in the moment take me out of the moment!

    So one is seemingly left with a dilemma; on the one hand it certainly doesn’t seem to be a switch I can flip or a decision I can make, and on the other hand, putting effort into it seems like a guaranteed way to fail.

    So my question is something along the lines of: How does one be present in every moment effortlessly (effortlessly being the key word)? This isn’t laziness. This is seemingly the only way for this to work. Do I have to become a zen master?

    Any wisdom would be appreciated.


    • Hi Scott,

      Love this topic. Have you tried the act of grounding? Remembering that we have two feet, connecting with that corporeal part of us, and connecting with our breath is one of the simplest ways to be present. When we overintellectualize it, of course the moment slips away. It’s a great growth edge for continual discovery and expansion.



  212. Llyane @FrenchOnSkype

    I need to make is-ness my business in my business:
    did it for 7 years now (the online form), and I keep feeling that I should be farther by now.

    Where I honored the moment and the future dream:
    in my business 🙂 When I don’t get hung up in comparing myself, it looks pretty darn good.

    This is part of the Start The Right Business program recommended resources thanks, Marie!

  213. Lauren Antonio

    I always remember to take as much time with family as I can NOW. Because those relationships mean the most to me. Especially while my nieces and nephews are young. This is the time to build that foundation of memories and knowing that I will always be part of their future as their auntie, always supporting them, cheering them on, teaching them, and helping them grow <3

  214. hnnnnnnngh this is incredible wisdom and I am applying it immediately so look out world

  215. I think making “is-ness” my “business” is great advice for both work work and play. Alternating between growth and recovery, rather than parsing moments into doing 2 things at once, works great for me. For example: I’ll concentrate on a task for about 20 minutes, then take a break to do watch a silly video or water the plants. I think alternating between working fully and recovering fully has improved my productivity and general well-being.

  216. Alison

    My favorite Marie TV video yet. I’m sitting on a chair that’s terrible for my posture (because I can’t swing the $$ for a good office chair yet), when I’m building a business around ERGONOMICS. Have to appreciate it in this moment, though–these moments are a means to my end!

    The obstacle is the way, baby! And those obstacles are a LOT easier to welcome if I realize they’re merely there to help me get where I want to be.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s a great way to look at it, Alison! We’re thrilled this episode sparked some takeaways for you and we hope you’re able to find the support you need for your back, business, and beyond!

  217. I want to create the life that I dream of, it is my freedom and happiness, I want it to be worth every day and always make sense to me. Now that I have achieved half of my goal, I will quickly go to the destination, great video.

  218. Hi Marie,
    Delighted to have discovered MarieTV. Love your personality and confidence while tackling relevant topics.

    LOVE this theme! And I have a great story, too. Last year, I moved across the country to beautiful and bustling NYC to be with my sweetheart after we did 8.5 months of long distance. Thing is he has been wanting to go out West for months. I finally accepted this, but not without kicking and screaming (proverbially, of course). As recently as this past WEEK I was wondering if we should do long distance (again), if we should break up (I didn’t want to, but why was this situation unfolding?), and just generally resided in a rotten and volatile mood over 72 hours as I grappled with staying in NYC as he left for the Bay Area. It wasn’t until I accepted the **present** fully that things changed in a way I’d call nothing short of miraculous.

    I took a breath. I sat down and felt my heartbeat. And I decided that this relationship was worth it, long distance or not. And I fully accepted it– not trying to find another solution or rush past the discomfort. Truly accepting what is.

    The next morning, we played a game called “What makes your heart sing,” which put simply is one person shares different scenarios while the other listens and sees how their heart responds. I highly recommend it 😉 Because he got an unexpected call from a friend living in San Diego a few days ago, he asked: “Does moving to SD make your heart sing?” Well unbeknownst to him, living by the ocean, making green juice in the morning, Unraveling clients I love, and painting the sunset on an easel has been a dream of mine for years. “Uhm, of course it does,” I replied. “Okay,” he said. “Why aren’t we considering moving to San Diego?”
    I was flooded with pure positive energy. Joy rushed into my cells and sang through my whole being. It was the perfect solution: his California, my dreams. Here’s the real kicker: I thought this life of mine was so far in the future, maybe two or three years away, that I lightly contemplated it with happiness but never stress. It was too far off to plan for, but still nice to think about. I truly believe that accepting the present made it possible for my best future to rush toward me, and I said yes wholeheartedly! We are moving in February. PS If anyone has suggestions for great housing situations, please reach me through my website. 😛 Thank you for giving us this forum to share, and I hope in some small way my story inspires others! All the best.

  219. Karen C

    When I am in the moment completely holding space for a client, or a small group, I feel fulfilled and full of love, excitement and possibilities for the future to be fulfilling and prosperous.

  220. Im loving you!

    Is your book that you wrote and that you suggested in Amazon Audible as i cannot find it or maybe as im in England, i cant get it 🙁 ?

    Emmylou xx

  221. Woh! ‘Make Isness Your Business’. Thank you so much Marie. I was watching this video as part of Lesson 2 of ‘Start the right business” and this struck me like a bolt of lightning. Thank you for sharing this. I realised why living in the moment and celebrating it, is so important. ‘Love the moment and put a ring on it’—Amazing!!

    Thank you!

  222. I also discovered this truth not so long ago!

    Exact same insight. I had been so frustrated and focused on all that wasn’t going right that I attracted more of it. My life energy was so strong form my yrs of Yoga that I just fully charged feelings of failure and dissatisfaction.

    When I saw that I created my present state, I quickly started to just feel happy, grateful and successful with all that is going good in my life. I started charging my magnet toward that instead.

    So right now it’s allmost is-ness. Except when I am really tired, then I forget this-ness.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear you were able to turn it all around, Shira!

  223. Miranda Sullivan

    I am going through B-school right now and came across this video. I love it and it’s so true. Being a mom at 15 and making sure I took care of my baby lead me in some directions that I was not happy, but as I begin to ask for what I wanted, my life started to change bit by bit and even though I would eventually get to a point I feel I had given all I could being present in the moment and doing the best job I could every day helped me to succeed in all the positions I had. That right there helps give me confidence that I can be successful working for myself too. Thank you for reminding me of such a great tool!

    • I’m going through B school right now still too! that is amazing that you were a mom at 15. go you! I’m impressed.

  224. hhmmm… I’m not sure if I am making “is-ness my business” or not. sometimes. I’m working my way through B school slowly. I’m doing things each day to move me closer to my dreams… I’m pretty happy, but at the same time, I have all these things I want. maybe its beautiful to be right where I am.

  225. Absolutely loved this because I need to hear this over and over again- just like when I’m stuck, thinking Everything is Figureoutable. Love your book- listening on audible on my commute to work every day. It sets me up to come home and work on my business.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it resonated with you, Kathie!

  226. In 2019 I fulfil 60% of my personal goals and I looked at myself in December 2019, I wanted to conclude that I have woefully failed. It was about saving money on daily basis for life. But the little small voice said to me to try one more time, so in January 6 2020, I have to take the challenge, afresh again. Today am very happy that I did.

  227. Carolyn

    I enjoyed the video. Sometimes we get so stuck on what could have, should have, would have instead of being grateful and really appreciating where we are at the moment. It may not be exactly where you want to be but you’re well are on your way.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! So beautifully said, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this here with us. ??

  228. Being chronically ill with post-concussion sequela and having my life completely change and not get the results I was hoping for from years of neurological physical therapy…I was 24/7 living not where I wanted to be. There is tremendous pressure to get a Silver Lining Playbook Hollywood ending after multiple concussions. You want an Oscar winning comeback but sometimes brains don’t work that way. I was not happy with my lack of health, I was not happy being disabled, I was not happy not knowing what I could do for work, I was not happy not being able to exercise, I was not happy not knowing when anything might get better. One day I cut myself some slack and said, “I accept that I am not accepting what has happened/is happening in my life.” Ironically this permission got me into the compassion mansion. It is really challenging spending your life managing neurological compromise. Over the past 10 years I’ve gotten better at it. Basically I don’t try to do what I did before the last 2 brain injuries. My life is a fraction of what it was, but it is what it is. Consciously making beauty around me, learning how to rest, say no, be incredibly self disciplined with my cognitive reserves and accept that 99.99% of people will not be able to relate to my life has opened up a new playing field. Somedays it is all about my imagination and somedays it is about puking migraines in the ER. Choosing to be an alchemical genius has been the wisest gift to myself.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes!! So beautifully said. Giving yourself permission to accept the present is so important and freeing.

  229. i wish i could give my podcast guests expensive and impressive gifts, but as i am living paycheck to paycheck i am working on giving wow-worthy and truly thoughtful gifts for under $30. i’ve made 3-D viewfinders with photos of my guests with their loved ones, homemade christmas ornaments, and socks with their catchphrase embroidered on them. i hope it creates the connection and feeling of love i am aiming for.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s lovely, Clare! You’re so thoughtful to give them gifts they’ll treasure for years to come <3 It's not about how expensive the gift is, it's about how thoughtful they are and you've got that down!

  230. Wednesday

    I love that – make is-ness your business. I have a tendency to constantly look to the future. I have been working on this lately, and this will be my new mantra! Thank you!

  231. Leslie A Shaw

    Today’s tweetable though. Kinda felt like an epiphany over here! Here’s to showing up fully exactly where I am 😀

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