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“You’re not what a real artist looks like.”

When Mally Roncal heard these words, she had a choice: to be like everyone else in her industry or stay true to herself. Spoiler alert — she chose the latter. 

As you’ll hear from today’s interview, Mally has made one gutsy decision after another. Decisions that looked risky but are the reason she’s one of the world’s most sought after makeup artists.

She’s worked with celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, and RuPaul. She’s also the creator of Mally Beauty, a makeup line that’s sold over 1.6 million eyeshadow kits on QVC, and author of the inspiring book Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life.

I will no longer allow myself to be around people that make me feel bad about who I am. @MallyRoncal Click To Tweet

Talking to Mally felt like a breath of fresh air. You could say we’re both a little “extra” — and neither of us plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you’ve ever worried that you’re too loud, too quiet, too weird, or too anything, this is a must-watch or must-listen. You’ll be reminded that the most important ingredient to anything you do is quite simply… YOU. 

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to stay true to yourself and how to build an unforgettable (& unapologetic) brand.

Now Mally and I would love to hear from you. Did you experience any ‘aha’ moments from this conversation? What was your biggest insight and how can you turn that insight into action starting today? 

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Remember, you’re a one-time mega event in the universe. Don’t waste it. Or as Mally says, “Be you and you’ll win every time.”

With enormous love,


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  1. Trust yourself “even if it feels crazy” -> I would argue ESPECIALLY if it feels crazy.
    As Glennon Doyle says, we are tamed, and those inner instincts, that ‘truth’ in our innate power as human beings… it’s indescribable and we need to learn to listen after years of being taught to ignore and suppress and doubt those “non conformist” moments, but thats what makes us ALIVE. It’s what makes us human. <3
    I call those instincts our "everyday human super-power" and it sounds woo but even the science backs us up on this one: we are wired to be creative, to problem-solve, to be innovative and try new things and to notice patterns. It's in our biology and our neuroscience to follow our intuition.
    In my view, this is the biggest block to us living fully inspired lives, and connecting with our purpose and passion.

    Mini-rant over! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Such a good reminder to be true to ourselves.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Beautifully said, Katy-Rose!

    • Jerry

      Mally and Marie, are so authentic and powerful. Full of love and it shows. thanks gals.
      Jerry in Colorado

    • Farah Gopaul

      I really loved this response. I cant begin to list how many people have tried to quell ME.
      Sad and crazy. The one that sticks is ‘Farah you need to be less friendly’
      I still get that. You wouldn’t say that to a labrador and I hate when I have to shut parts of myself down. It really sucks.
      I’ve had to be so careful and cautious as being ‘Extra’ is not a cultural norm where I’m from. But, I’m busting inside to let it all out next week when I launch my website and Newsletter.
      Really loved Mally. Incredible story of how authenticity will always Win people over.
      Embracing my creative side has utterly freed me. So blessed to have Bschool deep within me pushing me.

      Thanks Marie and Malley,

      Love and more love Farah

  2. Oh I loved it soooo much!
    My biggest takeaway from this is the following of your gut! I am actually changing the direction of my business (Bschooler here 🙂 ) and decided to focus on Holistic Health and Intuition Coaching as this seems to be the things. And I really needed to hear all those stories where Mally followed her gut. I have heard now few people telling me that there is nor market for intuition, but I refuse to agree with this, so thank you for reminding me that intuition is totally important and valid way of operating through the world and people need help in accessing their intuition. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Arleta! Your intuition is a compass that always knows the way. <3

  3. Sharmaine Williams

    I got up this morning and on waking to the thought “not my will but thine be done” then something said check your email and there were the two most fabulous women talking about my favourite topics authentic self, beauty and business…yes.
    My favourite is remaining true to who you are and as Marie always says giving the gift only you have.
    I am working on a product to bring to the beauty industry, it still is uphill working on patent, financing and surrounding with philanthropists. The conversation with Marie and Mally really gave me the boost to remain true to my authentic self…love you ladies?

  4. Marie, I’ve been following your content for about 10 years now (since the brick wall days) and I gotta say—this was my favourite episode ever. I cried numerous times, got goosebumps and am in total love with Mally. This episode really hit home for me the importance of being yourself and listening to your intuition. So much love for you both, thank you for your contribution.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Yasemin! Both for your kind words about this episode and for being a longtime viewer <3

  5. Aija

    “Be you, and you win every time!” This was like church for me this morning. Thank you so much Marie for bringing this beautiful lady to your show and for being you! I loved both of your energies, seeping through my screen and I feel very inspired this morning.

    • Darrell Bell

      So ℹ already crush on MARIE,
      and love ? you being you all the time ? This was a great ? conversation that jumped Thru the screen ?/ ?…
      had magnetic ? charisma & synergies that really left a powerful ? imprint ?.’,

  6. Margarite Tamburino

    OMG!! It goes without saying how much I love and admire you, Marie, but when I woke up this morning, poured my coffee and checked my email– to see Mally was your guest this morning??? Huge hug of happiness ran through me. Mally is so wonderful and so much more than just a fabulous make-up artist, extraordinary business woman, people person with genuine energy and exuberance that I so wish I had. Coming from a woman who is from up-state NY as well (but I’m even further from the City) who moved to NY City in 1986 and had held a corporate job in the beauty industry for 10 years then did a 360 and have been working in the corporate world of commercial real estate for the remainder of my career doing what I love to do which is help extraordinary people keep their day organized- I’m an Executive Assistant to a very successful female CEO who says to me all the time and to her mentees, “My instincts tell me…..” follow your instincts, go with your gut feelings. I cannot express how often Mally’s comment about going with your gut feelings and instincts is what guides you to achieve your goals or dreams. I’ve seen it over and over with successful people such as you Marie and Mally. I’m going to buy her book right now! My older sisters introduced me to Mally’s make-up line via QVC a few years back and we have all always enjoyed her love of life. Mally, your products are amazing also. LOVE your eyeliners!! I’ll stop here because I could go on and on. Hugs to you both.

  7. Pristine Parr

    Absolutely what I needed to hear. I have been struggling to let go of this fear of using my voice and to see you all talk about bringing your spirit, that little something different that is authentically you is priceless. Thank you so much for this interview!!!

  8. Tianyi

    This sentence hit me right away… Its funny because i was talking to my best friend yesterday about some other old friend who made me feel bad about who I am. I know that I am a good person and I love people and like to talk to anyone in general… But since one year I am having a hard time, to find the right person who can souround me for the right reason. My old friends made me realised that I am improving my self all the time and they are not interested to change themself in order to get what they want in their life. They are stuck in there confort zone and are kind of happy in. They made me feel bad about who I am and made me doubt about myself.They made me feel that I am not longer part of the group since my mentality becomes different. It was a great pain to see that .I am, feel no more connection like we we’re younger… It was a big deception for me to lose them since we were friend about more than 10years. It hurts !!!Anyway I need to move forward… I feel it’s hard to make good connections with people when we are getting older. What do u think Marie?
    Another thing that hit me is to listen to my gut. I ignored mine for many years and it’s only now that I feel like I am really me and don’t put a sociol mask. I feel happier.
    BLESS U,
    TIANYI from Switzerland ??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Mally’s wisdom spoke to you, Tianyi! I’m sorry some of your old friends are making you feel bad about yourself. You’re a beautiful soul and deserve to feel loved, respected, and supported, *especially* by your friends. That’s what friendship is all about.

      • tianyi

        Thank you Mandy ! 😉

  9. Cassandra Finch

    This episode came at the right moment and made me grateful to be different. Thank you.

  10. This video brought up a long forgotten memory of wearing makeup in high school and being told by my best friend that it was “too much”, and I was only wearing eyeliner. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday and I’m 48 now. I’ve always loved all things pretty – fashion and makeup – but you’d never know that such a passion exists because I’ve always kept a lid on it. I’ve always felt it was a part of me that I needed to hide and I never allowed myself to truly embrace it. I’m sure my friend was just trying to tell me that I was ok the way I was and didn’t need makeup, but it left an imprint of “not enoughness” that I didn’t realize was there until now and stifled a creativity and love of beauty. I could go on unpacking this but will do that on my own. Thank you so much for this interview. You are both amazing women that just healed something in me that I didn’t realize needed healing. That’s the power of sharing our stories through conversation.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your passions matter and we’re thrilled this episode is encouraging you to embrace your love of makeup and beauty!

    • This was so good! I loved every moment. The piece that resonated with me the most is definitely the push to follow your instincts and to NOT look to other people doing similar work and seek guidance from their path. MAKE YOUR OWN WAY! Yes, yes, yes.

  11. Michelle Compton

    Love this interview. I think make-up is art. Make-up is enjoyable. I can go without it, but I find that doing my make-up is sometimes the only few moments I do for myself and others let me. So I try to do it daily especially on busier days. I believe bonding moments can come through that, so beautiful share!

  12. Loved this episode, Marie, thank you for bringing Mally in my life!

    The tweet is my mantra too, and this is a reinforcement and validation well received.

    Much love to you both,

  13. Linda

    I loved this! I’m a little more “classic” in age and I just loved this. It was just what I needed to see for this next 1/3 of my life. Thanks, Marie and Molly!

  14. Dave Cobb

    Luv it!Be yourself and you will always Win! Powerful TV! Thank you Sooo much!

  15. Love the love.

  16. I SO loved this and love hearing Mally’s story! I’m getting the book for sure. Such a positive message. We all feel that we need to be what we’re “supposed to be” so many times in life. This reminder is so great to hear 🙂 Love you both xoxo

  17. Sooo…. interesting. Thank you.

  18. I loved this soooo much. Thank you for sharing. It spoke to my soul and I loved what you said in your email, Marie,” If you’ve ever felt too loud, too quiet, too weird, or too anything, remember this: the most important ingredient to just about anything you do is quite simply YOU.
    You’re a one-time mega event in the universe. Don’t waste it.” Mally resonated with me and I love both of your energies and enthusiasm for life. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY! We love hearing that and are so glad their words spoke to your soul <3

  19. Shira Levy

    Woke up super early this morning and watched this right away, usually leave it for later and sometimes I forget and miss out, but I was SO glad I did because you two were the perfect combination of inspiration, warmth, love, support, fierceness, and truth and I just wanted to climb through the screen and hug you both and tell you how amazing you each are!

    Love your podcasts, your site and the guests you select to interview.
    You rock Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Shira! We’re so glad this dose of positivity was just what you needed today. <3

  20. Thank you so much for this episode! Mally is amazing! She reminds me of people back home. (I grew up in Hawaii.) She has such a fabulous way about her! Somewhere along the way I decided I could not get my dreams. I guess it was in 2008 when I lost my job and I threw in the towel on trying to be a dancer. I was scared, hated cattle call auditions, and was too old anyway, I told myself. I have been scratching my way up since then. I am now at a boring desk job—though incredibly grateful to have it— I just definitely can’t be ME there. Watching this, I just want to work with people who love me and get me. (My boss gets me, so that is why I’ve stayed!) I teach ballet at a donation based dance studio in New York and I love inspiring my students. (Adults aged 20-67) I scream, I cheerlead, I yell YES and jump around when someone learns to point their toe. I love seeing their smiling sweaty faces loving dance, loving themselves, having a great time, seeing them get better and better. I teach now over zoom and do my acting classes over zoom, but it isn’t the same. Thank you for the inspiration. I needed that today. I’m still trying to find my way. I guess one thing I could do is start writing my blog again (it’s about life lessons/teaching ballet.) Thank you Mally, for such a great reminder to be yourself. I love that story about your Beyonce moment — and trusting yourself. I also love your stories about your parents. Thank you Marie. You’re both so incredible.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Sarah! It’s not too late and you’re never too old to go for your dreams. <3

  21. It was so refreshing to listen to both of you. I also had the opportunity to see where I still had some limited beliefs to pursue my life goals. I just retired from the business rat race (April 2020) to find myself on a rollercoaster ride where only flat line was its shape, pretty dull. This interview gave me some motivation back. My roller coaster ride will be definitely smoother from now on but not dull. Thanks!

  22. Joni

    The part of this interview that hit me was the two kinds of people during this quarantine. The people who hunker down and wait and the people who say “This is my chance!”. I am using this time to make some changes that I’ve thought about for a long time in both business and in life. It was easy before to continue to put off changes, but now that I am forced to change by the quarantine, why not make my business and my life into something new? Coincidentally, I’ve been listening the “Everything Is Figureoutable” audiobook during my workouts for the past 2 weeks. “Start before you’re ready” is really resonating with me. Thanks so much!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Joni! It’s wonderful that you’re using this time as an opportunity to make positive changes. Keep going 🙂

  23. Liz

    How many times can I cry and nod my head during this episode?! I love love love this. I’m too much too. I balled when she found out that those people were laughing at her and I balled harder when Phillip said ” fuck those people.”

  24. Evelis Rivera

    WHISPERS!!! May we all be strong, confident, and aware enough to listen.

  25. Jenny Latimer

    This was so good, as expected! Biggest take away, Be You! In a world where we are bombarded by so much information and do this, do that, be this, be that.. you will be happiest being you, your true authentic self! Much like what you say at the end of every episode. Thank you! Love you both!

  26. Nancy Eckerson

    I just fell in love with Mally Roncal…what a great interview!
    And I feel like God spoke directly to me today, through Mally Roncal.
    I have been wanting to reinvent myself to be the wild woman I once was…and everything that I heard today, says…listen to that Whisper!!!
    I have felt like such a failure because of my financial probs and my weight gain (actually had some pretty nasty experiences with some Neanderthal-type men laughing at me because I plumped up)…but I have grown exponentially in my spirit and soul…and I just decided that is what really matters.
    My heart ached when Mally talked about those morons who laughed at her…she is such a dear soul…I just love her!
    Wow…I have gone on and on…but I am excited and inspired! Two greats, Marie and Mally…how could I be any other way?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It just goes to show that the people who laugh at you don’t deserve to bask in your shine. Keep on shining, Nancy! <3

  27. I am a “Tom Boy” who wears makeup only several times a year so clicked into this episode thinking it might not be for me – but wow you amazing ladies, you had my full attention for the whole episode!!! Marie already adore you and Mally you have made me want to go get your makeup line!! How inspiring you are Mally, thank you for so many gems, ironically you were told to not be you by wearing a ponytail, jeans and no makeup, I often feel looks from people when we speak that I’m not dressed up/done up enough to be on stage as a woman (jeans, ponytail and no makeup are my norm ;)). Thanks for the reminder that being yourself can never steer you wrong. Marie thank you for all you do to constantly share amazing people, lessons, and messages with your community. Hugs and love to both of you from the wilderness of Canada!

    • Aimee

      Tanya, you and I are on the same wave length. ?
      Also commenting from Canada. In the semi wilderness. ?

  28. Susanne Harrison

    Thank you so much Marie. I loved meeting Mally. ♥
    She shared soooo many pearls of wisdom. My favorite was to surround yourself with like people. People that lift you up. ♥

  29. Carol

    I absolutely LOOOOVE Mally! I can relate to her gem ” You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your spirit in something, it’s not going to go anywhere”. I got God bumps when she said that, because, every major life decision I’ve made has been through following my gut. I may sound crazy to some, but I just turned 70 this year, and am launching a new career, that has been marinating in my passion for years. I am an award winning goldsmith/designer, but if truth be told, it never felt like my soul (sole) purpose…so 5 years ago, every piece of equipment in my studio started malfunctioning, I also got ill, and decided to listen to the universe’s whisper, (which was now getting a few decibels louder), and dive into cooking and baking, which I’ve always loved. While previously, people were in awe of my jewellery designs, they saw them as coffee table book material to be admired but unreachable. The response to my food has been phenomenal ?! People stop me on the street to enquire…. Oops, I never meant to write a novel here ??? Thank you for continuing to inspire! ♥️♥️♥️

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaay! So glad Mally’s wisdom and heart inspired you, Carol. Thank you so much for sharing your huge heart and beautiful story with us here, and we’re honored to have you in our community. We’re delighted to hear you’re listening to your inner voice and intuition, and keep going! We can’t wait to see all the yummy creations you make! ?

  30. Mally, I’ve been a fan for years yet I didn’t know the whole story. Of course, I’ve always known you were fierce. Really, I want to say HI!
    My greatest takeaway was about how we’re dealing with this current crisis. It made me feel not so alone in it. Pivot, pivot, pivot – right? Xs&Os to you both.

  31. Marie

    I’m still smiling. Thank you for the lift, both of you! My biggest takeaway was Mally’s contribution of the power of spirit in her success. She walks her talk and it shows and is a powerful influence if your open to it. You do the same. Quite grand to feel the loving energy. You give me hope. Be well.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Marie! We’re so delighted this talk brought a smile and lift to your day, and these are our favorite kind of notes. Thank you for shining bright in this community! ?

  32. Thank you Marie and Mally, for this inspirational video! You two are absolutely beautiful! I’m always preachin’ about self-love and how important it is to have it. After some hard times, last year I declared 2020, to be my year and beyond for self-lovin’ myself. Not bein’ loved properly can leave one with a void and can make you doubt ya’self even more, which is why I’m always strivin’ for authenticity. I know I’m rough around the edges lol, but I embrace it ’cause it’s me! Also, the way Mally speaks about RuPaul! OMG! I just wanna sit in a room with his presence. I don’t need to talk or make any noise – just BE and FEEL his presence. That’s the kind of energy I’m lookin’ for; peace and love. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      I love all of this, Shanda! You exude love and positive energy, and we appreciate you bringing your authentic energy to this space. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and keep shining bright! ?

      • Shanda

        Thanks so much, Renee! I’m glad you feel me 🙂 #CyberHugs

  33. Franklin

    I may be a bit of an outlier here because this is from a male perspective. I was electrified by this interview and I don’t do makeup! As a society we are somehow programmed to inhibit our feelings and conform to what others expect us to be. We are sheltered from who we truly are meant to be as human beings. Mally dropped this nonsense at the door and encouraged all the listeners to do something that is 100% authentically you that nobody else can copy. She said”If you don’t have your spirit in something you have nothing.” I’m on the side who is using these times to blast my spirit out and ensure that I follow my feelings, instinct and authentic self. Thank you Mally and Marie!

  34. Cristina G

    I literally had tears streaming at the story of the hair stylist telling Mally “everyone was laughing at you.” After fist pumping Mally’s husband’s response, I was in awe of Mally’s ability to push through that and be herself anyway. That took courage, and look where she is now! I’m totally inspired by Mally in every way, but what I most needed to hear was that she is done spending time with people who make her feel bad about who she is. I love that and I’m going to strive to do the same AND to be the person who boosts others in love too. Thank you Mally and Marie.

  35. What ENERGY! Astonishing! I loved it all!
    Trust your intuition – it is!

    A few months ago, after yet another “I should’ve listened to my gut!” moment, I committed to improving my relationship with it. I started making more and more decisions based on what intuition was whispering to me. I even started writing down my dreams first thing in the morning.
    And interestingly, my gut’s voice had become louder over time, and our relationship is increasingly trusting and loving 🙂
    It has already proven itself on many occasions!
    Love, Irina

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Irina! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s incredible how your intuition grew louder the more you let her speak. So cool! Thank you for being in our community, and keep shining bright! ?

  36. Cynthia S. Brown

    I’m already a Mallinista from QVC (what’s up gurrrll?!) – so I wasn’t expecting anything new. Still, this interview inspired me! Will continue being myself, but I’ve doubts. This is the reminder that I needed 😉 Be safe y’all.

  37. Katherine L Raybould

    Be myself, no matter what! A hippie who likes hip hop and rock n roll. I am whimsical, a little bit of country and can kick serious ass when necessary. That sentence came to me while Mally was talking about listening to the whisper. I absolutely loved this. Thank you both!

  38. Ginny

    Love that Mally! Gotta say, I’ve been a fan of you BOTH for years. ? About the time when Mally launched on QVC, my husband was deployed a LOT with the Air Force and I would always tune in when she was on, especially when he was away, because she was always so encouraging and inspiring. So there’s that!

    Also, this episode. Swoon. Thanks to you both for this gift. Her point about listening to your gut even when it sounds crazy found me at just the right time. I have some big dreams that have been becoming clearer and clearer but as a new mom I’ve been wondering if now’s the right time… or is it all “too much”… would I be putting her second? But my gut is saying “go!”

    So, here goes…

    Thanks so much for your generosity and insight during this season.


    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Ginny, thank you for sharing this, and congratulations on becoming a new mom! It’s so lovely to hear that Mally has been a source of light for you during those times.

      We believe in you pushing towards those dreams, and we’re all rooting for you over here!

  39. Susan

    Wow…so many gems! First, be you, simply that – just be you. The other comment that really stuck with me was how she said she was just done being around people that make her feel bad… life lesson!

  40. Aimee

    Marie, that episode was incredible! I am not a makeup person at all. I am wash and wear through and through. I had never heard of Mally before today. But I opened your newsletter and was drawn in right away. There is no one thing that got me. The energy and authenticity you each brought to this conversation was pure magic. I could watch the two of you talk all day long!

    But you did give me some great language to help me describe what I am creating in BSchool. Talking about making people feel safe to be themselves, backing them up, and helping people win. This is what I love to do, but I was missing the words to describe it.

    So thank you for helping me find the right language.
    Thank you both for this amazing video.
    And thank you more for supplying it free to anyone who wants to watch.
    You are both incredible.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Aimee, we’re so thrilled that this brought you the clarity you needed right now! We’re super grateful for being here you, and for being in our B-School community. We’ll all cheering you on over here! 🙂

      • Aimee

        Thanks Rachel and Team Forleo!

  41. Be You! & Follow that whisper of your intuition, gut feeling. ?

  42. Vesna

    This interview was fabulous! Watching the two of you filled me with so much inspiration! I loved every minute! Thank you, thank you for your authenticity, compassion, and love. I could feel it through the computer screen. My greatest takeaway was to listen to the whisper – follow my instinct and make a difference in the world being ME.
    With so much love and appreciation,

    • Amanda - Team Forleo

      Yes Vesna! What a great takeaway — YOU are the only you who’s ever existed and we love seeing you make a difference as the boldest, bravest version of yourself. Sending you so much love & appreciation right back!

  43. Dynell Garron

    Amazing interview! I love Mally’s advice about putting your spirit into it.
    Love your gift Marie. Thank you both!

  44. Amanda

    Mally!!!! <3 You look exactly the same as you did when we were in our 20's working at the Barney's make up counter, and we were running around NYC together. Love you girl!!

  45. Katie

    My biggest takeaway was to whole heartedly just embrace your authentic self and let your light shine because you are super powerful 🙂
    This was maybe one of my most favourite episodes – the energy was just explosive and so positive!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY! So happy to hear that, Katie <3

  46. Nisha Foerstner

    Inspiring! Listened to Tara Mohr yesterday and the same theme came up:
    How to be You!?

    You both hit on something: when you first reveal your true self, there is BACKLASH!
    I think that is noteworthy because it is at that moment, if we don’t have a cheerleader backing us up, when many of us retreat.

    And, you’re right, during these times, people are either retreating or boldly going where no person has gone before!

    No More Retreating, I say!

    Now, how to find the cheerleaders (in our immediate surroundings) …. who believe in our uniqueness,,, Wish luck.

    You ladies ROCK!
    Love Love Love!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      No more retreating! So beautifully said, Nisha. Keep shining bright 🙂

  47. I usually don’t comment on anything lol. BUT THIS EPISODE had me cracking up and crying! Thank you soo much! I needed this. LISTEN TO YOU.

  48. Maria

    What a wake up call of fresh air women! I would outline that Molly had great moral and confidence support from her mom dad and husband, also herself. Without that those advise from downers to dim her energy it would be a little more difficult to make it.
    Also it’s being in the right place country, where you can give your love to that person with your talent and energy increases and get valued for being you different from the mass. I remember doing image counseling and clients be so happy in some places and get paid, but in other places zero valued being unique. Like if you are invisible to society in that place. I would say it’s crucial being in the right country and town, city that values your loving giving talent and pays for it. Cuz some places don’t see that value, no matter how much you want to share your energy through your talent, like make-up artist and products.

  49. I needed this. Thank you Marie and Mally! I’m one of those people who decided to go all in on my dream when Covid hit the fan. My favourite quote from Mally… “ if you don’t have your spirit in something, then you have nothing. “

    Another AMAZING Marie Forleo episode. I could FEEL the love!

  50. We gotsta put our spirit into the work! It’s like the intangible quirky parts of any brand or personality or product connect our work with our humanity. Some of us (…me…) take a while to figure out what “me” even looks/ sounds like, but I find that unrelenting engagement with my creativity helps to unravel the mystery bit by bit. My action step is to schedule a zoom call with my best friend. Our meetings always result in silly dancing for no good reason lol …which then infuses my spirit with goofy girly fun for a few days (a spirit that carries through into my work). It’s so important to surround ourselves with people who let us be ourselves! Love y’all xoxo

  51. Corinna Bernasko

    Just so many reminders of what’s true.
    Follow your gut.
    Be your authentic self!!!!
    Follow yourself, not anybody else!

  52. Hi Marie and Mally,
    How very refreshing, each of you – what a lively combo you are.

    I loved all of the stories, but what hit my empathic heart the most was the comment that was likely intended to shut Mally’s vibrant light down. I wanted to come through the screen for a huge hug, and here’s what I’d love to share with you, Mally (forgive me, I’m such a MamaBear!):

    Of course, I wasn’t there and haven’t spoken to the other people that were included in the ‘put down’, but I instinctively felt like this could well have been a picture book classic covert-narcissistic move to extinguish your light, because you were ‘too radiant’ (which no narcissistic person can tolerate). When that person told you that ‘THIS (scanning your whole precious being dismissively) doesn’t work’ and that “the others and I all laughed about you”.

    This is exactly what a covert-narc would have said, feeling threatened by your potential and high energy power. Many have used that very tactic, to say that ‘the others (too) all laughed’ (which, actually, may not even have been true). Just saying all that, so that in hindsight you may have an added perspective on that event, which could have really been a confirmation about how bright your amazing light is — and your strength and STAR POWER — and how UNIQUELY TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL you are. If someone with covert-narcissistic tendencies (let alone a full on one) sees someone else as a threat for their carefully constructed arena, including all their ‘flying monkeys’, they often use these kinds of tactics to ‘one up’ people. They can be highly envious, jealous, and competitive, since they have to be and stay the only No. 1, and are deeply insecure because they don’t have their own connection to a higher power – like You clearly do.

    There are some great books and videos out there on the topic ‘narcissist:empath’ (and bad ones, too, good to be discerning), which I found out in my research since I’ve encountered and experienced a lot of those examples (covert and overt, and the world is full of them right now, it seems). Until I found those books and videos, I had no idea it was a ‘thing’, nor why each time I was soaring, things happened or comments were made. When I ‘got it’, it brought such peace, and I could come to peace with all the many subtle and not so subtle put downs over the years. Often happens to empathic people.

    The GREAT THING is: I am celebrating that this tactic (narc or not) didn’t work at all!!

    It didn’t extinguish your light. Yes, it did crush you for a moment and you even tried to do as was said and apply ‘in bland’, but that helped you feel the contrast of how wrong it felt to you to play grey mouse to please others. And that, in turn, pushed you into an even bigger resolve to dial it UP even more…

    … and THAT… brought you the breakthrough and the Beyonce and the RuPaul and the empire and your confidence, and strengthened your beautiful laugh and compassion even more.

    Just saying that, in hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t even true that the others had laughed about you. Chances are, they may not even have had any clue that this person was putting you down like that. Because, remember? You felt REALLY good, like the winner, on top of the world, until that malicious comment was launched. And You were raised to listen to the truth of your being, so my sense is it may not even have been that far off… that great feeling of being a WINNER 😀

    … and I’m pretty sure that you weren’t the only one who felt that!

    Again, I wasn’t there and I’m not assuming anything. I’m just offering an additional perspective that, after all these years, might bring a whole new meaning to your heart.

    And THAT makes me smile!

    Big hug to you, Mally, and to you, Marie,
    for being so EXTRA that it’s enough for all of us too,

    Blessings and big smiles,

    PS There’s a difference between people who are extrovert and ‘wanting to be seen’ with that, and those like you two vibrant ladies, who are just bubbly effervescent exhilarated energies in motion who can’t be contained. If either of you tried to dim your light, it would likely come across like champagne without bubbles. And who wants that?? Teehee.
    Love you both just the way you are! Bring on the bubbles in the MMs.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The love emanating from your comment and the wisdom you shared in it is so deeply felt <3 Thank you, Tanya!

  53. This was so different from any interview I’ve seen on the show so far – and I LOVED it. Thank you Marie! I want to see more artists and sentimental creative bosses – more following the whisper. <3

  54. Two wonderful human beings contributing to the world. Everything said radiated with passion and love so the entire interview was an inspiration for me.
    I particularly liked the notion of listening to your instincts, your ideas even if they sound crazy. So true.

  55. Thank you Marie and Mally I needed this podcast today, I would say I’m very much at a crossroads in my life professionally. I have a small cleaning business which was ticking along until COVID-19 came along, and I have a side business/passion project/side hussle as well. So up until now I’ve been saving my cleaning business money to fund my other bus and I finally have enough money to invest in producing boutique boxes by casey on a larger scale, but I’ve very much felt like the world has been become to uncertain,and money has become harder to come by and I’m back to struggling, also everyone around me is trying to talk me out of taking the risk do something sensible with the money. It’s making me doubt myself all the time, then I watched this thank you thank you thank you !!! for making me feel like I’m not crazy for wanting to pursue this. To listen to your gut feelings ( whispers) and keep moving forward. Casey from Australia ❤️

  56. Tuuli M

    Listen to and follow your whisper. For me that summed up all the wisdom in the episode. Beautiful!

  57. Awesome! So much packed into this conversation – it was inspiring, informative, and enlightening – loved it! Thank you Mally for sharing so openly and for your bright spirit. Take Care and Stay Positive!

  58. Carole-Ann Grant-Smith

    Oh my gosh! Mally and Marie what a motivational episode of MarieTV! I got my notepad out and was scribbling frantically with all the inspiration you gave me!
    First off the quotes:
    * Be you and you’ll win everytime.
    * Listen to the whisper.
    * If you don’t have your spirit in something, then you have nothing.
    I am bursting with fresh ideas. Thank you both so much.

  59. Denise

    To everyone afraid to let their Whatever-Makes-Them-Special flag fly, I can remember years ago buying Mally makeup after seeing her on TV. First, her makeup actually does do everything she claims it to do, it’s incredible – but that’s not what I bought!! I bought Mally! I mean, you can’t take your eyes off of her, she’s ELECTRIC! And many other wonderful things too and you feel it and you want it – it’s authentic.
    To Arleta, Over 20 years ago a counselor gave me the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker because I was questioning a relationship I was in, and I also remember her saying this should be given out to every girl in the world in high school. The premise of the book is basically trusting your intuition and not letting your mind talk you out of things. So I think you, Arleta, can take this world by storm because they aren’t yet handing that book out in high school and we are trained to ‘be nice’ and ignore our gut! So you go!!! The world needs you! I’d like to follow you and see what happens!

  60. Irene

    Hi Marie, Mally and Team Forleo,
    I feel so good right now, watching this conversation between the two of you just changed my day!! I can’t pick just one thing that resonated with me more. For me it was the whole conversation, laughter, vibes, positivity, all of that as a whole was MAGICAL!! A true blessing!! I want to listen to it over and over again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES!!
    Tons of love and hugs to you all!!

  61. Omg Marie!!!!!!
    I’m just catching up on this episode now and wow!! Tear jerker from the start. I pictured myself giving this same interview and all I could think of are these are the kinds of guests I’d want on my show. Passion, heart, authentic and soooo kind. I could tell the energy from the both of you is soooo sweet and genuine.

    Loved it and what a great example of someone who’s been committed to following their heart.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  62. 2020 has thrown the “usual” out the window. I launched a new business (with support from BSchool) at the start of March ?
    Listening to this podcast has inspired me to take the steps I’ve been contemplating that are perfectly UNUSUAL yet fit with the change necessary to service my clients exceptionally well – to enable them to engage audiences in unique ways for unforgettable desirable experiences. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Unusual is a beautiful way to be! Congrats on launching your business, Ilene! We’re cheering you on <3

  63. Kate

    1.”Listen to your feelings, even if they’re CRAZY!” I’ve been feeling like a crazy-pants lately, because I’ve been trusting my gut to pursue my drawing and art goals, and it makes ZERO sense to me. It just feels right. I have no idea where it’s leading, so I’m following my ‘nudges’ and trusting it’s going somewhere – even though I can’t see it yet. I NEEDED to hear this message today!! And seeing all y’all other crazy intuitive creative people in the comments is super reassuring!

    2. OMG PHIL!! Yassss, Phil!! YASSSSSSSS!!!

    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kate! We’re so glad this episode resonated with you, and what a beautiful thing you’re doing chasing your creative dreams and following your gut. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

  64. YES! YES! YES! Both of you are sooooo healing for this world! Thank you :-*
    With much love
    Eva Oskarsdottir

  65. OMG! I’m coming to this a little late but I had to put down my love and my favorite quote because it was SOOOO good and so what I needed to hear this week. Okay my favorite gem is:
    “Do something that is so 100% authentically you, that nobody can copy it. Nobody can give that spirit. Nobody can create the same energy that you are creating. ”
    Okay, now I’m going to copy it on paper so I can put it on my wall!
    Much love,

    • Kristina - Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Emily! I’ve been adding quotes and other inspirational things to my walls, and I love that you’re adding this to your own. We’re thrilled that you loved this video

    • AMEN SISTER!! =D

  66. Thanks for such a amazing article . It will help to earn wealth. Thanks for sharing —Jitendra Kumar

  67. I agree with so many other comments above. This conversation inspires such self-confidence. I wish we would all give ourselves more credit for what we know and what we’re capable of — whether in starting business, managing our finances, or simply making the best decisions for our personal lives.

  68. I love the story about the energy circle!

  69. When I told my friends that I wanted to start my own business, there were more than 20 people who spoke. that I won’t succeed. They gave so many different reasons why my idea was unsuccessful. I’m not saying that criticism is bad, but I was hoping to hear advice on how I can avoid all the difficulties they talked about. Only 3-4 people supported me. Someone with advice, someone with manual labor. It was very difficult not to lose motivation. I just thought, “Why am I doing this? Who am I trying for?” Of course, there were problems, I think this is a normal process. One should ask the question “Is this what I want to do?”

  70. Love and give with all your heart because we never know what tommorow brings…

  71. This has been AMAZING!! MANY THANKS you two beautiful visionary women!! Lots of LOVE & GOD BLESS YOU TONS my sisters!!! XOXO #KINDREDSPIRITS

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