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I caught myself doing it again, just last week.

While I was walking down the street, one of my weird little money habits took over and I found myself crouched down in the middle of a very busy sidewalk in New York City.

After I broke from my trance, I stood up, smiled and kept walking with the bustling crowd.

What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds matters. It drives our behavior, which drives our destiny.

Money's like you and me. It's attracted to respect and appreciation. Click To Tweet

While we may not feel or notice the impact of these small choices over a week or even a month, the cumulative effect of our daily thoughts and actions adds up to big results that reprogram our subconscious minds over time.

Especially around money.

No matter how much you have or don’t have, money is a topic that touches us all. My relationship with money has transformed over time, and it continues to.

Today, I want to share two of my weird little money habits that help me stay in a state of “enoughness”. Meaning, remembering that there’s more than enough to go around and I’m going to treat what I have in this moment with care and respect.

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This is important stuff. Not only does your relationship with money affect you now, but it also impacts your future. Amplify that if you have (or plan to) have kids, or have family members who might need your support.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any weird little money rituals that have made a positive difference in your life?

Tell me about it in the comments below. I can’t be the only one with quirky little habits like this!

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your weird little habit may trigger someone to have a big breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

P.S. Money is a beautiful tool that can be used for tremendous good. It’s also a recurring theme on MarieTV. Here are 3 other money-related episodes you might want to watch.

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Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing so generously. Tuesdays fill me with such excitement, and that’s in large part because of you.

With so much love and appreciation,


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  1. Right on time, Marie! Currently reading The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth. I’m doing the work getting in touch with my money habits.

    I noticed my worst habit is almost never carrying money in my wallet. What does that say? Definitely turning that around. Maintaining a mindset of abundance requires that I always have $$$ available – not just cards.

    • Hi Emily!
      I found that same book, but it’s an audio and l found it at a thrift store for $2!
      I started listening to it, then I put it away…guess l need to dust it off and give it another “complete” listen this time 😀
      Thanks Marie for the reminder -to respect money and it will result you!

    • Carla

      Hi Emelia,

      I was watching this episode thinking the same thing, I never carry money around, just cards. Have you had any a-ha’s around this yet? I’d love to hear some. Thanks!

      • Hey Carla,

        I’ve been doing it for years and just got used to it. Just like I’m used to having a certain amount of money available. There’s stagnancy in that way of thinking and operating. Also, with actual bills, there’s a flow. There’s circulation in the wallet. With cards, not so much.

        • Erin

          I love this! I am going to start doing this. I know in my bones this is true.

      • Hi Carla,
        I used to only use cards too. Now, I always make sure I have cash in my wallet. I agree with Emelia that it creates a flow. I still use cards, but only debit cards to help me better manage debt but I’ll always make sure I have cash in my wallet so I always see it when I pay for something.

    • Emelia, I LOVE that book. When I first started reading it, I had a whole wall of affirmations. It was fun to watch them slowly disappear as I was able to pull them off each time they were achieved. I especially like the three “masks” she talks about when it comes to how we show up in the world… a lot of my current client work is around helping creatives deal with the masks, since they really block us from having the abundance we desire.

      • Josie

        my goodness ladies, now I would really love to get my hands on that book.

      • Haven’t gotten there yet, Lisa, but I’m loving everything so far.

    • Love that book Emilia! Another one I’m enjoying is Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley! It has totally helped me with overcoming a lot of my scarcity and lack mentality.

      Your mindset is EVERYTHING. If you don’t actively work on deliberately choosing your thoughts, they’ll go wild, and you’ll spend your life reacting to events rather than choosing what you will and will not pay attention to.

      Love this episode Marie, Thank you 🙂

      • I really enjoy Mike Dooley, Elise. I don’t have his books but I’m familiar with his Notes from the Universe…plus he’s fantastic in interviews.

      • Elise, I’m also in the middle of reading Leveraging the Universe ~ love his work on the importance of getting clear on what you want 🙂
        I also have Marianne Williamson’s book “The Law of Divine Compensation” by my bed to read next 😉

        • oh! and the little ritual I have is to set up my monthly bill paying as a “celebration” ritual ~ I light my favourite candle, brew a pot of loose leaf tea and put on something groovy in the background. Then I start a kind of “blessing” where I thank each invoice that comes, what I’ve been able to enjoy from it being in my life AND that I have the ability to pay it. I do the same kind of thing when I send invoices out – I bless them and the person receiving them, holding each person in my mind’s eye and imagining them gaining all they need to from our interaction together.
          Thank you, Marie! xo

          • I love your rituals Emma! I should start practicing myself some kind of blessing ritual to get the flow going 🙂

          • Therese O'Connor

            That is so awesome Emma! I’m going to try that.

          • Gaëlle

            I love your rituals Emma, it’s such a nice way to celebrate ourabundance and be respectful with money.

          • Rich

            Hello Thank you Emma, I am going to give that a try also going to write a blessing on one of my invoices and paste on my vision wall. Fantastic idea from you. Absolute blessings to you 0.

          • This is a wonderful ritual that I will keep in mind in the future. How much happier would we all be if we celebrated paying our bills as well as receiving income? Love it!

          • Hi Emma,
            What a great tip! I’m going to start doing that too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Emelia! I’m so glad this episode was timely for you.

    • Love this Emelia!
      It’s so true that if you can’t physically see it, you don’t believe it (ie. that abundance is possible). I always take a deep breath before I look at my bank statements and say “everything is fine, I am exactly where I need to be.” xx

    • Emelia – that is such a great, life changing book! I’ve done a few coach trainings with Maria (@ Academy for Coaching Excellence) and she is such an inspiration. I highly recommend her other books as well 🙂

    • i love that book, too !! another favorite is the spiritual laws of prosperity by edwene gaines (really good on audio – she’s hilarious).
      carla xo

    • Colette

      That is awesome! I am the same way….I need to start carrying money again. 🙂

    • Hey Emelia, I love the book by Maria Nemeth too! I’ve got it all tagged and highlighted.
      And I love these 2 weird money habits. I used to joke with my husband when he passed me loose change, ‘You can keep that. I only accept notes.’ Now I realize that’s just disrespecting money and if I can’t even appreciate the loose change, how will I ever get to the big notes? I love these simple, highly practical and immensely powerful tips. Great episode!

  2. I don’t think you can call keeping a budget “weird”, but I have found it incredibly helpful. I tried apps like and some of the tools provided by my bank, but neither of those work as well as the good old spreadsheet.

    Before starting to keep a budget, I felt overwhelmed whenever I spent any money because it was always a question of how does this affect the balance as a whole. Now, I have set up spending limits for the month and can plan purchases to look forward to based on the different credit card cycles and when I know I’ll have enough money to pay for it. It also gives you a way to plan for charitable donations and savings. Being able to allocate money to different savings goals has been incredibly rewarding, too.

    Looking at all of your spending makes it easier to save. I think Kate Northrup has talked about this, but essentially, anything you give more of your attention to will inevitably grow in the way you are giving it attention. When you are conscious about your body and weight, being brave enough to step on the scale regularly will help to keep you at a healthy level. The same is true with money. While it may hurt to look back at all you’ve spent, if you start doing it regularly, you’ll bring more awareness to your spending and eventually make more conscious choices instead of spending frivolously.

    I loved your comments on being willing to pick up pennies and that it should be seen as humbling. We all need that reminder from time to time.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Susan

      Hi Lucy,
      I have had the very same experience. Keeping a budget app on my phone has diffused the panic button, so to speak. We use HomeBudget and although it’s not without errors, it pretty much does the trick. Just wondering what you use…

    • Linnea

      Thank you Lucy! The first budgeting techniques you mentioned only added to the gloom and doom…but the way you turned it around and made it something of beauty is inspiring. I’ll definitely look at finances and weight differently now.
      Thank you.

    • I pick up a Penny. I belive that wen I do not value the Penny, I am not worth a dime, because a Doller = 100 Pennys

    • I’m obsessed with budgets. They’ve totally transformed my finances and quality of life. Once I’m clear on my numbers, I’m clear on how I’ll take action.

  3. Hi Marie,
    Beautiful dress as always!

    My favourite money ritual is sometimes when I have extra cash I hide it somewhere then forget about it. Months or even years later I’ll find a random bill in a weird spot and feel like a total champ! It’s so much fun! Last week I found $20 at the bottom of a compartment in my car and used it to buy my boyfriend and I breakfast. Even though it was my own money, breakfast felt free and that’s really nice sometimes. 🙂

    Maddie xo

    • I love that, Maddie! I have a friend who does the same. She said it’s a tradition that’s been passed down over generations in her family. Her mother and grandmother do the same.

      • Carrie H

        my mom used to do something similar…whenever she put winter coats away for the spring/summer, she’d pop some money in the pockets! I find myself doing it for my kids now too ? Makes you feel rich when you find it!

        • Satya

          I have a similar habit. Every time someone pays me with a $100 note I put it in an envelope. I even tell my clients oh this is a holiday money payment. Thank you. It then stays in the brown envelope for either the time over Christmas I don’t work or for when I need a 90 minute massage. By the end of the year I can have a couple of thousand $$$ to support me in my down working time.
          It helps me feel like I can have money for the things that make me feel nourished.
          Love this topic

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great tip and attitude to have! “Free” money is such a good feeling. 🙂

    • I second on the dress Maddie! Marie – you always have the most gorgeous outfits.

    • Eve


      I love that you shared this. I do exactly the same thing. 🙂 It really does feel like free money and finding it brings such joy!


    • I’d love to do this, but I just know that I’d remember all the spots I hid the money, so I wouldn’t ever end up really surprising myself. I’d need to have a really trustworthy friend come in and hide my money for me or something. That’d be kind of fun actually!

  4. Ha ha! Too funny.

    I do the same thing as habit #2. I used to work for a restaurant and when counting the money at the end of the night it was easiest if everything was facing the same way. Still do it to this day!

    Another one for me is I keep my money folded in half if it is in my pocket without a wallet. I never hand money to someone that is not folded. No idea where this started, but it is what I do! My wife thinks I am nuts.


  5. I have been walking around with the same $100 bill in my wallet for 4 years now. Whenever I get that feeling “lack”, I mentally spend that $100 throughout the day on things that I want and am reminded that I am abundant! Wooo hooo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! That’s such great way to look at it, and good for you for having that self-control! Whatever you eventually spend that $100 on will be something really special. 🙂

    • I love that Law of Attraction process, Lindsay! Such a great and effective one to shift our vibration higher around money and abundance.

  6. Hi there,

    I’ve got a weird money ritual: Piggy Banks!

    Lately my family has been in a stressful money pinch, but I noticed, we still make impulse purchases. But the fact is, the thing we actually WANT the most is an college fund for my son, Martín. So, I found a way to make the college fund an impulse purchase. I put nice painted piggy banks around the house, and whenever the mood strikes me (which is often) I put some extra cash on his future.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. It has absolutely transformed the way I think about money.

    Thanks for everything!

    • Piggy banks are badass Emily. Love it.

    • Kylie

      Yes Emily!

      Love the Piggy Banks too!

      We have a jar by the front door for all the change in our wallets at the end of a pay period, I pop any spare coins in the jar and if we need bread or milk and money is tight the jar pays the way. It’s also wonderful for charity donation door knockers – we always give what we can xx

      I also love the phrase ‘state of enoughness’ it is different for me everyday.. and I can’t put my finger on why or even a dollar amount, it truly is a mental kind of thing for me. Being comfortable with myself.

      Thanks Marie!


  7. Kristin

    Hi Marie!

    Thanks for your show and awesome B School! Love love love!

    OK, this reminded me of a crazy $ story that speaks well to your own habits! A relative of my brother in law retired from the post office. He was bored and is frugal, very frugal. He developed the habit of picking up change etc. on his FL “mall walks” every AM. ; ) As a designer in NYC, frankly I thought he was nuts! This has gone on for years. Last year he found an unclaimed Lotto ticket and looked it up.

    I kid you not when I say CAN YOU BELIEVE that ticket was worth just under one million dollars? Absolutely incredible! The “little things” have turned out to be much bigger and maybe now we don’t think he’s so crazy. Oh and he still does this every morning! : )


    • That’s an amazing story Kristin!

    • I love this story, Kristin! Thank you for sharing!

      PS: My parents who live in the Midwest do mall walks, too, and my dad always returns shopping carts to customer service because of the small monetary reward.

      • Rachelle

        I do something similar by always picking up empty pop cans or bottles when I see them lying around (bonus: less litter!), and by discretely checking the recycling bins at work. I’ve even collected them while out of town on vacation! Here you can return them for 5-20 cents. People think I am nuts but I always say, would you walk by a free twenty if it was just laying there?! I organize the returns with my groceries so it costs me very little time to cash in on other people’s recycling! Plus, I once was told that my grandfather used to take out his kids and walk for bottles to make ends meet. I like to think the every little bit counts mentally was passed down through him. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your money quirks Marie. Loved this vid.

  8. Hah! Marie, I totally pick up pennies and say “Thank you” too, whenever I see any 🙂

    Another thing that’s important to me is keeping my wallet decluttered. I regularly empty any receipts and make sure that the only bank cards and coffee cards are the ones I actually use.

    I travel between London and Warsaw so have a set of different cards and different change that I always swap around at the airports. Everything in my wallet is intentional and I like it!

    And finally, a tip picked up from Denise Duffield Thomas – always track your incoming money. You never actually know how much money is coming into your life until you track every penny. It encourages the feeling of gratitude and keeps it real for any time when you might feel like you don’t have enough!

    Many blessings your way, Marie!

  9. Tammie B.


    Have I told you lately how awesome you are?! Well, you are!! I clicked on your video hoping to find some new insight. What I found instead is validation that I’m on the right path. Yes…I have the same money rituals as you do!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Heck yes, Tammie! 🙂

  10. What I do when I really kinda need money is to give away my last dime to an old bagger and await the universe to return my favor. Strange but it usually works. You first need to give to get. If it is really your last money in the wallet it works better:)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful habit! That’s such a great way to pay it forward. 🙂

  11. Sana

    Yeah! Me is first! Awesome.

    Every 3rd month, I separate some amount from my salary for charity. Sometimes, I divide the money on the 6th month….

    In the meanwhile, I build relationships with other donors which is become an integral part of my life.

  12. I am not making this up: I found 4 $100 bills in a single month. The first one I found in my back yard. I examined carefully, certain it would say, “Toward the purchase of a new vacuum” or something else promotional. But indeed, ’twas a real deal. The next week, on a dog walk, I looked down to find a SECOND $100 bill. Further down the block that same walk, I found a THIRD. The fourth appeared at my feet before the checkout table at a charitable fundraiser. (I donated that one to the charity.) I look for, and find money all the time, on the street and in my work.

    The money quirk/habit: I do math. I say, “The universe provides, but we have to do the math.” So I do the math (in private of course – can’t do math in public!) to set specific, fact-informed sales goals and to scope the financial price of any of my dreams and wishes. I’ve found this specificity helps me see what is possible, and doing the math requires thinking through the steps and resources I’ll need for accomplishment. All make commitment real.

    Then, as author Johann Wolfgang Goethe promises the moment of commitment, ““At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.” And it does. Often.

    • Rochelle

      Wow. Love both of these quotes you shared. “The universe provides but we need to do the math.” Words to live by. Thank you so much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How cool! The universe clearly had big plans for you and was sending some cash your way to help you along your journey. 🙂

  13. David

    A question regarding “honest” money. I ride the New Jersey trains often, and sometimes they don’t collect your ticket. Being an “honest” person, I do not use the ticket again. However, after watching this video, I’m wondering if I’m not being respectful and appreciative of this “free” money. What do you think?

    • Hey David! Great question. In cases like that, I always let the merchant know. That falls under the golden rule for me 😉

  14. julie naquin

    I feel badly picking up money – NOT bc I think I am too good for it, but rather I feel there is someone out there who needs it way more than I do. I will; however, pick it up, make a wish and toss it over my left shoulder to spread the luck around.
    We have been incredibly blessed and want for very little. I feel greedy picking up a penny or any change on the ground bc i KNOW there is someone who needs it way more desperately than I do… NOW! If I with my kids, I point it out to them. They both have piggy banks so they go in there when we get home – if they haven lost it by then..
    I also put all of my bills the same direction but I do fold them in half bc of the size of my wallet. There isnt a place for full out bills… heehee

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love that you pass the luck around. I think that’s a wonderful way to show appreciation for money because when you have more of it, you have more to give. <3

    • I feel the same way about finding coins on the street. I always think that someone else could use it more than me so I leave it there for them to discover. However I love the idea of picking it up first, feeling that gratitude to the Universe and then tossing it over my shoulder! I’ll start doing that from now on.

      My weird money ritual: Whenever I withdraw money from a cash machine I pause and give gratitude as the cash slides out of the slot and into my hands.

  15. Beverly Powers

    Normally, I’d give away the last dollar in my wallet. Whether it’s as part of a tip to a waitress/waiter, gas attendant, or to a person living on the street. I thank God for what I have and this is one of many ways to spread the love.

  16. Kris Carpenter

    I take the change out of my purse every night. At the end of the year, I give it one of my favorite organizations for their holiday appeal. This year it’s going to our art museum & they have a match for all it’s double the money! And I get the bonus of the “giving endorphins”!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful! Change adds up surprisingly fast, so I know they’ll be glad for your contribution. 🙂

  17. Orsina

    OH YEAH! My longtime version of #1 is, “Never refuse free money!” I can spot a penny at 20 paces, AND I certainly find $1s, $5s, $20s, and once even a $50 way more than the average bear. Also love to keep my cash tight and right!

  18. Hey Marie,
    fantastic tips as always! My money ritual? Here in Italy where I live, we say that “brick after brick you build a wall”, so I always try to keep this in mind and look well before doing crazy shopping.

    Thank you for the special content you bring us every week!
    xo Anna

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So wise, Anna!!

  19. Bridget

    Thank you, Marie and team. I once heard to pick up pennies and offer up thanks for them and use them as a reminder of abundance so I have been doing that. In addition to that, I once wrote “you are loved” on dollar bills and tapped them in random places. My kids and I did this. I forget where I got the idea from. So much love!

    • Oh, I love that!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a cool idea! And with the holidays coming up and charitable giving being more top of mind, now is a great time to try something like this. 🙂

  20. Marie – I love your story about picking up pennies. In addition to being an author/coach, I play with cars. I’ve purchased lots of repos over the years and I’m always amazed at the loose change on the floor, in the console, ashtray and other places. Sadly it shows that the previous owners had little respect for the “small change” and thus their attitude led to the repossession of their car. Those little habits like taking any honest money and keeping our bills organized do make a difference. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Kate

      Under the dryer. I will never forget having the repairman come in, remove the panel at the bottom (under the barrel of the dryer), and along with the accumulation of dust bunnies was a significant amount of change. It seems that even though I check pockets before throwing things in the washer, and check the wash tub after a cycle, a few miscreant coins manage to make it all the way to the dryer before being tossed out of various pockets and onto the floor beneath the dryer.
      That change goes into a jar with my other loose change and when the (very tall) jar is full I take it to my bank. It’s usually over $100.

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        It’s amazing how fast change adds up!

    • I have eight-year-old change on the floor of my bought-it-new car. Why? Because my boss when I bought it was an Italian dentist, and he tossed a handful of coins in, “so you always have some money lying around”!
      “It’s an old custom”, he told me. Thanks, Luigi!

      And thanks, Marie, for reminding me to think of this!

  21. Lovedddd this video! I do the EXACT same rituals =)

    A couple of my own money rituals are:

    -Every time I spend money (bills, groceries, shopping, etc) I say a little prayer of gratitude and finish off with, “there’s plenty more where that came from.” – You taught me that =)

    -Whenever I’m feeling lack or stressing about finances, I pull out my journal and start listing the ways in which I am ALREADY abundant. This helps shift my mindset from lacking into overflow. Works like a charm to break a money panic, or get me back on the abundance track.

    • I love your first ritual. That’s awesome, I’m going to start using that with my clients. Thanks for sharing!

    • Connie,

      I was going to list the very same rituals! If I’m writing a check, I add a quick air kiss to send it on its way in addition to the positive words. My daily abundance journal is definitely a reminder of all that I already have.

      P.S. My walking buddy is amazed at how money seems to materialize at my feet. I almost always come home with a penny, dime, or nickel. I do have a ritual that comes from childhood about pennies: If it’s face down, I turn it over and leave it there, saying “See a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.” My grandma did that when I’d be with her. Sending luck to the next person who found it.

    • Yes, I remember that one too – “there is more where that came from”.
      It’s good to remember that if it hurts to spend money, but maybe also if your having fun doing so.

  22. Yay, Marie!
    I’m just about to buy a new wallet & I’m beyond excited!

    Money Feng Shui has had a huge impact on my life.
    The most powerful ones I find these:
    – Have my desk set up in the powerful way. AKA facing the door! It makes me feel prepared for whatever comes up and able to handle it.
    – Maintain a clutter-free house. Not only do I enjoy having a tight ‘n right looking wallet, I notice a dramatic effect of being in control of my living space. What you said, having respect for myself and my surroundings feels GOOD. Energetically, it has to attract more. Makes sense to me and I love it!

    Thanks for this week’s episode!

    • Hi Leonie, I didn’t know about this Feng Shui ritual of setting up the table towards the door. I really like it, mine is coincidentally set up that way and I feel in control of the whole environment. Great to know that’s the right position, many thanks!!

  23. I have a different money ritual regarding loose change on the street. I smile at the coin, remember someone may need that desperately, and I’m thankful it’s not me. However, I mentally hope someone who needs that coin as a day brightener finds it, sort of as a passive pay-it-forward. Does it work for attracting money? I don’t know, but it works in boosting my gratitude level for the day. Speaking of gratitude, thank you for these inspiration videos. Many have been “day brighteners” for me, too, like coins of positive energy in my Inbox. .

    • Love that Rhonda and so glad you like our coins of positivity in your inbox 🙂

  24. Patricia

    Dear Marie,
    How I love watching your shows and hearing your insights. I must say, this one has really made me think. You see, whenever I see a coin lying on the ground and I am tempted to pick it up, my mind goes back to the times when, as a child, I would find a coin and it made a real difference to me, for example, meaning that I now had enough change to buy a bus ticket home from school instead of having to to walk on a cold day. So I thank the universe that I am now not in that position and leave the money for someone to find for whom it will make a real difference. In the end I think it’s the respect we give that coin which is important, not whether or not we pick it up.

    • Could not love this more Patricia!!!

    • Love it Love it ! I think exactly the same thing. If I pick it up a coin from the street, I give it to someone in need otherwise I get feelings of ‘lack and not enough’, which is not what I want to attract more of. So I pick it up and then turn into a feel good by donating it. It’s a win win.

  25. I already do the same two rituals you do — I thought I kept all my bills facing the same way and separated by denomination ’cause I was just an anal-retentive control freak!! I had no idea it was just a respectful ritual…. Thanks for that perspective, Marie! 🙂 <3

  26. Great tips…and yes everyt ime I see a change on the ground I too pick it up, say thank you and remember that the universe is abundant.

    My tip, every time I write a check, I write “Thank You” in the memo. I am saying thank you to the universe for providing this money, and thank you to the person or bill I am paying.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s beautiful, Cathey 🙂

  27. Aubrey

    Awesome! I thought I was the only one who did these exact rituals. Thank you for sharing.

  28. kenneth

    I started a few years ago noticing that money was all around me if I paid attention. I started noticing the abundance of lose change literally everywhere I went I activated my reticulated activation system part of my brain. RAS is where you notice certain things that where always there but you didn’t see because your brain wasn’t focused on seeing it. The first year I started doing this I collected around 88.00 dollars in lose change! I have a jar that I put it in everyday now. My money mantra is “money is everywhere” if you simply pay attention and be present in the moment!

    • Lisa

      “I activated my reticulated activation system part of my brain.” Great suggestion! There is a book called Write it Down, Make it Happen’ by Henriette Anne Klauser. She says the way to get what you want is to write it down. The one specific she recommends is to write the date when you wrote it so you can see how long it takes to manifest your desires. It is interesting to go back and see what you manifested. It works! I liked the book so well I bought 4 copies so I could share them. When I went to buy the extra copies they said they were out of the paperback. Guess what? The hardback was CHEAPER! Woohoo! I don’t know if typing on a computer produces the same result so I make sure I write with a pen and paper. I keep a composition book on my bedstand and write down thoughts or questions before I got to sleep.

  29. I found a plastic $100 Monopoly note on the street awhile ago. I took it as a sign of abundance to come and have been carrying it in my wallet ever since , along with a note that says: “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

    It sits in the clear compartment of my wallet so that I see this message every time I open it.

    Even though it makes me feel self conscious, I also pick up money off the street and say “Thank you Universe” each time.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! It’s wonderful that you’re thanking the universe when you find money, too. I tend to think the universe knows when it’s appreciated and acts accordingly. 🙂

  30. Mark Allen

    Great video! I totally do both of those rituals, and I’m glad to know I haven’t lost my marbles 🙂

  31. Love these rituals Marie!
    They are so simple and a big reminder about being in alignment and having excellence everywhere.

    I also have a money ritual, I love to leave some bills in my jackets pockets when the seasons change, so many months later when I wear the jackets again, I distractedly put my hands in the pockets and find MONEY!! A great abundance feeling. :))

    Loooove your dress in this episode, it’s so graceful and suits you so beautifully. They all do! Big congrats to you and to Elsa!


  32. Thanks, Marie. I needed this reminder today.

    I go through phases where I’m just so focused on finances, so worried about them, that I forget to take the time to take care of what I have, to practice gratefulness, and to stay true to my values, even if that sometimes means actually making a little less or turning down opportunities so that I don’t burn out.

    I know that’s not exactly what you were getting at, but it’s the thing I needed to mull over, so thank you for the reminder about thankfulness, care, and respect.

  33. Lahdeedah

    Well that was not usefull AT ALL. This is what happens when you put a narcissist in front of a camera. Seriously. Ironing money? Pennies from the ground? Great tips there. I have a feeling like you’re mocking your audience.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Not at all. These are genuine things Marie does in her life and if you read through the comments, you’ll see a lot of other people do very similar things. While it may seem trivial to pick up a penny, the bigger message is about the abundance mindset behind picking up spare change.

      • Lisa

        “the bigger message is about the abundance mindset behind picking up spare change.” I agree.

  34. Ali

    Love it! Thought that I was the only one who picked up money from the ground. For me, it’s a sweet superstition to make a wish when I find a penny. Aka recognizing abundance. As a habit.

    Now, off to uncrumple my billz. Thanks for another kick ass episode, Marie!

  35. Thanks for this excellent reminder to live with a sense of abundance! About 6 months ago, my family moved from a house that was much too large for our needs to a much smaller, comfy house just a block away. We went from a sense that we never had enough to fill the space (and paying much more for rent and utilities) to a very cozy house that costs less AND we have an overabundance of things to fill it. We’re thankful every day that we moved, and we’ve been downsizing our possessions ever since. It’s amazing how your environment can have such power over your mindset. I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt such abundance in my personal life or my career as I do now and it’s all because a change in perspective.

  36. First, I want to say that I liked today’s video (I’ve been practicing your second habit for awhile but want to try adopting the “never pass up honest money” practice), but I want to second the plug for an earlier video you did on 6 Little Money Mindshifts. And I want to THANK YOU for that! It has made a really big difference in how I think about abundance versus scarcity since I watched it when it came out. 🙂

    I realized a few months ago that I was getting stressed and actually kind of resentful about the amount of work I was doing. Pretty crazy as a self-employed person, huh?! But I felt as though I was spending so much time working for my clients I was neglecting myself and my family. And I was tucking all the revenue away in my business checking account — basically hording it! One afternoon I decided to adopt a 5% celebration policy. I declared that when I won a new project I’d take 5% of the fee and spend it with my family on some fun activity that normally we wouldn’t indulge in (a nice restaurant meal, show, whatever). Same deal when I complete all the hard work on the project – another 5% celebration. That still leaves 90% of the earnings to go toward expenses, re-investment in the business, savings, etc. Now the hard work brings fun play, and it has made a big difference in both how I feel about the work (it’s an honor, not a burden) and the money (let it flow in abundance, not be locked up in scarcity mentality).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a wonderful idea! I’ve never heard of a celebration policy before, but it sounds like a fun practice that’s definitely worth adopting. 🙂

  37. What s fun episode Marie! This really got me thinking about what my money rituals are… And you know what? I can’t think of a single one! This week I am going to pay attention to my attitude and rituals around money and see what comes up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Hi Marie
    I had my wallet re-organized before you even finished the episode. Thank you for sharing from your heart- you gave simple & meaningful differences to changing the anxiety I get over money, especially with a business in startup mode.

  39. Hi Marie, that is so me!! I’ve purchased a new Nikon camera using money I’ve found and change I’ve saved. I also keep my paper money unfolded and in order. Years ago I was married and so in debt that I could only pay bills in the loo because my stomach would be so upset. VERY GRATEFUL, that I’m free of him and all that debt. LOL. Thanks for another great Marie TV.

  40. Weird money ritual which I have been carrying out recently. I live in Italy and all the Euro bank notes feature a bridge on one side. Someone I know told me that when one pays something, one should always pay with the bridge side up, so that symbolically the money leaves, but will also return. There is no interruption. So now, I organise all my notes with the bridge facing the front when I open my wallet, so that I can pay whatever I need to pay with the bridge facing upwards. When I give the bank note, I also think “that money is coming back too”.

  41. Göran

    Ok! When giving away money always bless them and send with love! When receiving money always thank the money for coming to you!
    Money is love!!!

  42. Marie I love this–I do both of these rituals too! My other money ritual is to lay out all of the bills I get from the bank and bless them. I say “May any negative energy attached from a previous transaction be removed. May all who receive this money be blessed and may it return to me tenfold.” Then I stack it all up right and tight and tuck it into my wallet. When I spend it I look at the person I’m giving it to an silently bless them. Might sound funny, but it works! I get cash from crazy places and situations all the time.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a wonderful blessing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. 🙂

  43. Haha – you crack me up – I have the same thing w/pennies – however, I only pick them up if they’re ‘heads up’. If it’s tails up, I stop, turn it over to the ‘head’ side and leave it there, so the next person that comes by, gets to pick up a ‘lucky penny’. I also like to have the bills all facing the same way and in denominational order. This was fun- thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really interesting because I know some people would only pick up a penny if it was heads up because they a heads down penny means bad luck.

  44. Kristin Duarte

    Hey Marie,

    I totally do both of those weird little money rituals too! Love hearing you talk about it. I feel that it has attracted more money to me over time. Love MarieTV!


  45. Eug

    You are right, those are WEIRD money habits! LOL!
    I use an old Jim Rohn mental money trick. Even when I was poor I would go to the bank and pull out $100-$300 in $100 dollar bills and keep them on the outside of my money clip filled with $1’s, $5’s, and $10’s. I wouldn’t spend it, I’d just keep it on the outside so every time I pulled out my wallet I’d see a few hundred dollars. I didn’t do it for others to see, just myself, to give me that extra random boost of “oh yeah, I”m good.” 2 of my mentees noticed me doing this and followed me, now they are six-figure earners and multiple six-figure earners in their early 20’s. As my mentor says “success leaves footprints.”

  46. Rachel Catlett

    Everytime I have to spend money that I feel a little twinge of ‘wow that’s going’ affect my bottom line’ I just say” there’s more where that came from’ and I feel way less anxious and more appreciative of what I do have left.!

    • Rachel, I use the “there’s more where that came from” mantra, too. It works! 🙂

  47. I loved hearing this.. Since the death of my son, each penny I find is like a kiss from heaven from him! So, the idea of respect for money hits home in a big way!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s passing. We’re sending lots of love your way and we have our fingers crossed that you find lots of pennies on your path.

  48. I have been tight and right with my money ever since I visited Japan back in 2007. The Japanese people respect money on so many levels. I loved how organizing my bills made me feel, so I jumped on the tight and right wagon immediately! I also say Thank You for every cent received in a sale. I once sat at an event where I was selling my supplies honoring the 4 quarters from the only purchase made in the first hour. I sent so much love to those shinny guys that by the end of the event I had made goal plus some! I always write thank you on my checks and allow the abundance to flow freely. In addition to all that I have been doing the work on old messages about money and how they might be affecting my current abundance.
    Thanks for the video, you always make me giggle 🙂
    Blessings Jewels

  49. Carolina

    OMG! This is soooo funny! I actually have these two very habits myself! My family is always telling me how “weird” I am to organize my bills from bigger to smaller… they always face upfront… and I have something extra: Old wrinkly bills go to the front of the line, because I want to spend those first. I like to always have shiny new bills in my wallet.

    I actually carry two wallets, one for my smaller bills and one for my larger bills. That way if I’m just going down the street to get some groceries, I carry my smaller bills wallet.

    Actually that makes me think of another little ritual I have: I always carry (what other people might think of) a large amount of money in my bigger bills wallet… I do it because I like to feel that if I were to need a larger amount of cash at any time, I know it’s there. And when I’ve taken money out from there, I quickly replenish it. So I can say “There is always money in my wallet!”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Carolina! I love your attitude of abundance. 🙂

  50. You crack me up ~ I do a similar thing – if the penny is heads up – it’s mine. If it’s tails up, I stop and turn it over to ‘heads’ so the next person gets the ‘lucky penny’. Same with the bills: all facing the same way – in denominational order from low to high. Not sure if that’s money respect or just my OCD kicking in!

  51. This message is so appreciated. Embarrassment has definitely accompanied the way I treat money, because it’s seemed so anal (like folding my underwear) – up until today. 🙂
    I’m a tight-and-right money organizer, too. When I have cash in my wallet, it’s as flat and smooth as I can make it, and organized numerically by denomination, front to back.
    Also, there’s no such thing as “loose” change in my purse. It all gets nicely wrangled into my coin purse in my purse.
    And, finally, I’m a find-a-penny (or nickel, or dime, or…)-pick-it-up-er, too. “No coin left behind.” That’s my money-on-the-pavement motto. 😉

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ellen, I’m so glad this episode helped you feel less embarrassment around your money mindset. I personally think everything you’re doing is GREAT! Keep it up 🙂

  52. When I start feeling anxiety around money or a fear of not having enough I write this mantra “money comes to me with ease and fluidity, in abundance by doing what I love and I am good at.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a powerful mantra! Love it!

  53. Ms Tui

    Kia ora, I also keep my money tight and right in my wallet. I also update my wallet once it gets tired and tatty as its used every single day. A friend of mine will bank and save every $5 bill she gets. It builds up and she often travels the world on it. Luv your work Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart! I bet the $5 bills add up fast. I’ve heard that some banks allow you to do something similar where every time you swipe your debit card $1 is automatically transferred to your savings account. That way you can save up for things without even really thinking about it.

  54. Monica

    I have a maybe really weird money habit that really works!
    I bought green play money (online) in hundred dollar bills. Some I tuck away to be discovered later…from books , files, the car – others I place where I’ll see them often. On my desk and even a drawer in bathroom. When I come across them it reminds me to say ( and feel) “I expect unexpected income”! And I often receive unexpected income! Whether it be a new client or project, or that gift of a coin placed in front of me in a parking lot. I find the trick is to always be expecting, with great gratitude, unexpected income!

  55. Monica

    PS: Thank you SO much Maria, for your fun and inspired videos!!

    • Heather

      Every time I open my check book to pay a bill I always think of the word abundance. When I have the feeling of abundance there always seems to be checks arriving to me in the mail, even if it is owed money to me, it makes me feel as if I have plenty or an abundance.

  56. Love your reaction to picking up a penny in the street — never turn down honest money. Good stuff!

    Oh my gosh, I have a long list of money rituals that have made a positive difference in my life! And what I notice is, anytime I’m feeling so-called “lack,” when I practice one of these rituals, I always feel better, every.single.time. 🙂

    For example, I finally cleaned off and organized the place where I take care of my bills. Made it nice. Put a beautiful candle on the table. Added fresh flowers. Etcetera. I treat that space, and my money, with reverence.

    I remind myself that money isn’t “spent,” but circulated. So when I pay my bills, my money hasn’t been depleted, but merely circulated. And circulation is a two-way street, if it goes out, it has to come back, kind of the way breathing works. 🙂

    I express gratitude daily for all I have. Even if it’s a month where cash flow is tight, the fact that I have a business, a computer, a cell phone, electricity, hot and cold running water, access to the Internet (and to Marie TV! 🙂 ), access to the wisdom and teachings of others — I could go on and on and on — means that I am truly wealthy. Especially when so many others on the planet have exactly none of these of these things. I have no reason to whine or feel lack. None.

    I also keep several running lists that I add to at least weekly:

    -An “I Have” list that includes everything on the list above and many other things, including the talents, skills, and abilities I’ve been blessed to develop, amazing and wonderful clients — all those in my life now, and all those on their way to me — friends and family, the resources, benefits and advantages that by grace have entered my life, and so, so much more

    -A “I Can/I Am Able” list — when things are slow in my business, reading what I’ve previously written on this list and adding to it is a game changer.

    -An “I Have Achieved/Successes” list. To this list I simply add anything I’ve done that day that could be considered even the mildest of accomplishments, like, that I exercised, or texted a friend, or made a healthy meal.

    Those are a few of my abundance rituals, and they’ve made a big positive impact in my life.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kimberly, your mindset is absolutely amazing! I especially love that your bill paying space is so gorgeous. You must feel calm and joyful every time you sit down there!

  57. Amazing Video, thank you so much, Marie! I keep going for my dreams and bring myself and my business in a great harmonious relationship with money! Yes! 😉


  58. Marie, You are looking lovely and vibrant on today’s video. I wanted to share my abundance ritual;keeping a large bill stashed in your wallet that you DON”T spend. I personally have kept a $100 bill tucked in my wallet (in a nice flat fold, tight & right). I know it’s there and it makes me feel rich, knowing I could spend the money any time but I don’t. It has definitely created a deeper abundance mindset in my life walking around with an abundance energy right in my wallet. A $50 bill can work too, as long as the amount registers in your brain as big, it can do the trick. That said, the bill could be pulled out to pick up the tab to a nice meal with good friends or whatever you like, because that too falls under abundance. Being generous only comes back to you, just make sure it is for all the right reasons. Love your episodes each week Marie, thanks for all that you do. Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! I love the idea of having a large bill there that isn’t spent. I imagine just seeing it is an empowering and comforting feeling. 🙂 I also appreciate that you said generosity is a form of abundance. That’s so important!

  59. Having trouble saving? Or you don’t budget for special treats? A friend of mine introduced me to the “$5 fund” which is a way to put away money for unexpected bills, a special treat (jewelry or power tools) or for spending money when traveling (my personal favorite!). Every time you get a $5 bill as change, you put it away. After about 3-6 months, I’ll find that I have $150+ put away and I can decide to spend it or continue to let it grow. It’s a great way to save for something unexpected or fun and also a way to have emergency cash on hand.

    • The only downside to the “$5 fund” is that you may find yourself going to the ATM more often if you end up getting too many $5 bills as change. 😉

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Haha! True. The $5 fund sounds like such a great tip. Thanks so much for sharing!

  60. I do the same two things too! Love the possibility vibe you have talking about money today Marie, thanks 🙂

  61. Elise R

    This is sort of a half money/half clutter control tip. When I am out shopping for nonessentials I invariably see things I like. If I see some cute thing for my house or for my wardrobe, even if I can afford it I leave it. If I still like it after moving on with my browsing then I will buy it. If I like it enough to return to buy it, then I know it is a keeper.

    You would be surprised, probably this has saved me over 75% on impulse purchases. As we know the worst thing about impulse purchases is not always the money you spend but also the clutter it creates.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I believe it! That’s what I do too. I figure if I’m still thinking about something a day or two later it’s meant to be mine, but if I’ve forgotten about it without buying it, it probably would’ve sat in the back of my closet collecting dust anyway.

  62. OMG, its amazing, I have some weird money habits too, like I talk to my money whenever I get it, i tell it ” welcome home, you’re gonna like it. feel free to invite your friends too! :PPP i recently covered in on my blog, too.
    marie, thanks for sharing yours

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Magda that’s amazing!!

      • Yes, absolutely, I am going to remember that one, thanks!

  63. Matt

    Lovely and simple ways to reframe our approach to money. Money has a negativity surrounding it and that definitely affects our relationship with money. I will implement those two habits! One habit I’ve been practicing is when people offer to pay for me, I would either object or view their offering as love and as a way to help me save money, so that I may pay for them or someone else in the future. I make sure I practice gratefulness rather than trying to neglect their offer.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Such a great point, Matt. I think we see it as “polite” to object if someone offers to pay, but isn’t it so much better energetically to see it as a loving gesture? Plus it feels great to be the one treating somebody you care about!

  64. cori

    I love your money rituals. I do that to. I have no problem stopping to pick up change. I always welcome a little change in my life and I mean that in all ways! I always say thank-you when I pick it up. My kids also like to find money, or is money finding us? We keep a jar at home where we put all our found money in a jar and at the end of the year we see how much money we found. Last year we found $27.38 (okay I did find a twenty dollar bill! ) but still 7.38 is actually a lot when you think it mostly came in dimes, nickels and pennies! Its like a game the kids and I play when we go out… Who can spot the money first!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good perspective to have! In some places, $7.38 is minimum wage for an hour of work and it probably only took a second to pick up the change, so when you look at it like that it’s really a good deal!

  65. LunaHart

    I totally do the penny thing, but I only pick it up if it’s heads-up. If it’s tails, I turn it over for the next person.

    I was attending a concert of my fave musician, and we were waiting on line all day with about 20 people ahead of us. Early on, I found a heads-up penny and said, “It’s my lucky day!” Just before the venue opened, I went to the restroom and found a heads-up dime. I said, “Wow, I just got ten times luckier!” After that, a chain of events unfolded that ended up with me and my niece being the first ones into the club, and we were front and center on the rail – the BEST spot in the club! My experience is that when you feel lucky, you are lucky. I also keep my money very neat and organized, and when I start to panic about it, I meditate to find that zone of feeling trusting and lucky, and things start to flow again.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that you flip pennies over if they’re tails-up so the next person finds a heads-up penny! It’s like you’re creating good luck for them 🙂

  66. Thanks Marie!
    I also pick up a penny with gratitude!

    As a feng shui practitioner, I am very sensitive to these things. In fact, one saying that I hear in my head every time I see someone set their purse on the floor, usually in a restaurant and at home, is, “Purse on the floor, money out the door!” This goes in hand-in-hand with your respecting of money by keeping it “tight and right”.

    InJoy! Tina 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so interesting how small, seemingly innocuous actions really affect our wealth, abundance, and attitudes. Good tip!

    • Tina ~ My BFF Gail told me about her Mom’s caution to “never put your purse on the floor”, but didn’t have a backstory for the custom. Your phrase, “Purse on the floor, money out the door” certainly explains it!
      Ever since then, I’ve been asking any establishment whose restroom doesn’t have a coat & purse hook, to put one in.

      Bright Blessings!

  67. Hey Marie! I’m with you. My granddad always said “a penny is the beginning of a million”.
    Thanks for sharing.

  68. I always pick up a penny. It takes about a second, right? Hey, that’s the equivalent of $36 an hour. Not a bad wage. It’s the little things that add up, and like you, I want to show that I am a good steward of what comes my way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a smart way to look at it!

  69. Morning Marie 🙂

    I do morning pages/journaling every morning (except on Sundays) and included in that is how I feel about money, my new money story, how money, abundance and prosperity flow my way. I make sure to include really positive statements about money AND write them all in the present tense to indicate they are happening right now, NOT far off in a distant galaxy.

    I’ve also got a check written out to myself on my photo board for $15K which is how much I’d like to make one month : )

    xx Johanna

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love, love, LOVE the idea of writing a check to yourself. That’s such a beautiful attitude to have.

  70. My mother taught me the same two money rituals.
    1. Pick up money you see on the floor. Its free money.
    2. Respect the money you have by placing bills all facing the same way and neatly in your wallet.

    I developed my own ritual over time.
    3. I say thank you in my head every time I pay for something whether its cash or my debit/credit card. The fact that I’m able to afford the item is a HUGE blessing in it self to me.

  71. money respected is money expected Pennies from heaven are a blessing & a sign of good things to come. I love finding money, it’s good chi.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are such wonderful mantras!

  72. Marie,

    This post comes as just the right time! I’ve been MASSIVELY focusing on asking the universe for a specific amount of money so I’ve been reading tons of books, such as Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and watching tons of videos (I just came across one from Awesomeness Fest by Christie Sheldon on “How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality”. SOOOO awesome!) Can you interview her some time? I’d love to hear more about her background!

    In one part of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the author writes that we should celebrate any amount of money that comes our way – even the smallest amount – and get super excited for the realization that the money we choose to create is already coming our way. To be thankful and grateful.

    So I was walking the other day and saw a nickel on the ground, scooped it up and celebrated. Sounds like I’m on the right path!

    I’m so thankful and grateful for you and your insights Marie.


  73. Suzanne

    Hell ya! Marie you are always spot on! I always pick up money that I see on the pavement – it’s free money and I agree, disrespectful to pass it by, because the universe is offering you an opportunity, no matter how small, take it.

  74. Ladona

    A penny on the ground makes me smile! I think about the excitement that someone, hopefully a child, will have when they find it. So I leave it. In my mind it is a way to bring joy to someone who might need a small lift. And I got my lift by just imagining the future scene.

  75. Liz

    I do tip #1 and love it!! The Universe loves me and this is one of showing me (I think anyway) and I’m shown almost daily!

    Tip#2…I do that too…I say look after your money and your money will look after you – great minds!


  76. Ah – this post has come at such good timing for me! I’ve been going through a period of reflected and restructuring my relationship with money lately so this topic is very alive for me right now.

    I’ve been told to pick money off the street and to be sure it’s always neat in your wallet to be sure that you’re respecting your money before and I’ve done that (I used to work in a restaurant too, so I became kind of anal about that too!).

    But one of the things that has been difficult for me but is also the most impactful has been to keep a spreadsheet of my spending habits. For the longest time I had been avoiding this because I knew I was in debt and I felt so much SHAME whenever I had to actually look at my financial situation. It was just far too painful to look at. Lately, however, I’ve been working through that fear from my ego and I’ve actually been sitting down and breaking down the numbers. And let me tell you… it’s totally empowering! I feel SO much more in control of my financial situation and it’s actually a big relief to be able to see and now know what I CAN do to help improve my finances. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a good idea. I bet knowing exactly where your money is going is super empowering!

  77. Hi Marie. YOU ROCK! Loved your Marie TV episode on the topic of Money! You mentioned that you picked up a penny and that compelled me to share a story about a nickel that I picked up off of th street that changed everything for me.

    The Magic of a Nickel
    When my professional development company was about two years old, we hit a short period of time where money got tight. I had a son in his twenties, a son in college, and two more kids at home. My wife was home with our two younger ones, so our income and lifestyle were completely generated from the business. While it is true that my business was growing, we still found ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation financially.
    At the time, I officed from home. My office window faced the street, and one day as I was finishing up a proposal that I wanted to get out right away, I saw our mail carrier arrive. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “there’s a drop-off box a block away and pickup’s at f5:00PM. So, I completed the final touches and headed out to drop off my package. As I turned around to go back home, I noticed a nickel lying on the street. In that moment, I remembered my dad and his philosophy about whether or not to pick up coins on the street.
    If we were together and saw a coin on the ground, and if I or one of my brothers hadn’t reached down to pick up the coin, Dad would pick it up, and then he’d say, “I’ll tell you what, I will pick up all of the coins that we come across and you pick up all of the bills—and in the end, guess who will come out richer? Me!” That made a lot of sense to me, so from childhood to this day, I always pick up coins when I see them.
    Naturally, I picked up the nickel and, as I was walking home, I rubbed it between my fingers as though it had some kind of mystical power, like a touch stone or Aladdin’s lamp. I returned to my office and, almost without being fully conscious about what I was doing or why, I taped that nickel up on a big whiteboard that I had on the wall. I then picked up a marker and right next to the nickel wrote, “Here comes my next $5,000.”
    I didn’t think much about it after that as I prepared for my next coaching call. About halfway through that call, again, not fully aware of what I was doing, I grabbed the eraser and changed the “$5,000” to “$100,000.” The sentence now read, “Here comes my next $100,000.”
    As my conversation on the phone ended I sat back in my chair and looked back up at that nickel and thought, “Wow, $100,000! That is way more exciting.” I went on to the next call, and the one after that, and then left the office for the night.
    Back in my office the next day, the coin would occasionally catch my eye and I would read the sentence again, “Here comes my next $100,000.” I must have read that twenty or more times that day—and the following day, as well—really not thinking much about it except that that $100,000 would sure be awesome to have, given our financial situation.
    Toward the end of the second day after I’d taped the newly-found nickel on the whiteboard and written (then rewritten) the sentence next to it, I received a call from a person I had been talking to about a project. He informed me that I had been selected for the engagement—and the contract value for the first twelve months was $103,000!!
    Call it magic, call it luck, call it blessings, call it hard work paying off… what is important is that you are open more and more to having support coming to you from the outside in.
    Wishing you a magical life!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What an incredible story! I love your dad’s philosophy and how you’ve embodied it. Keep up the awesome work!

  78. Zuleyka Ponce


    Amazing vid, thanks for the easy and effective tips. can you please share more about you debt story and how you got free. It’s something that most of American can relate to and would be incredibly helpful, especially from you. Thank you!!


  79. I too love the ritual of keeping all of my bills in order and facing the same way. A lovely new ritual that I have put into practice is, when I feel my mind start to slip into fear, or a sense of lack, that means my flow is blocked. So it’s time to open the channel again by giving some away. A few months ago I was driving home, and it was 106 (Austin, TX) I was stopped at a light and I saw a homeless man out there in the heat, with braces on his legs. It wasn’t the first time that I saw him, but I was really affected in that moment. I reached into my wallet, and rolled my window down to give him some money. He came over and graciously accepted, and then, in my mirror, I saw the most beautiful thing. A chain behind me of car windows began to roll down. I started to cry. It was in that moment I put my new ritual into practice.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a wonderful story because it goes to show that one person embracing abundance can inspire others to embrace abundance and in doing so we can make the world a better place. 🙂

  80. I absolutely LOVE and agree with both of these! My teenage daughter used to laugh at me for picking up spare change on the street – but now she does it, too! And I’ve also started using Marie’s mantra, “there’s more where that came from,” anytime i spend – and it has helped my mindset (and abundance) so incredibly much!

    Thank you, Marie!

  81. Stacee

    That dress tho…you look beautiful!

  82. Michelle Burnes

    Great episode, as always. I too appreciate “pennies from heaven”. Sometimes, if I see one on Tales, I’ll flip it for the next person to find it on Heads. A little gift of love to my fellow humans. Another ritual that my 9 year old daughter and I do is shake my wallet when I drive under a moving train to “attract money” to us. My aunt taught me this and it works like a charm. Seems that every time I shake my wallet under a train when its passing over, we come into unexpected money shortly after. A few times we’ve been stuck directly under the bridge with the train running overhead and you’d think we hit the lottery! If anything, it adds fun and excitement for the two of us (and anyone else in the car at the time).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How fun! Plus, excitement and fun are their own form of abundance, so you’re winning either way. 🙂

  83. After joining a church that explained “tithing,” I decided to tithe, giving 10% of my income to the church. In short order I found that I had more money in my checkbook than I ever had in my life (even though I was giving to “charity” way more than I ever had), and I was beginning to do new and incredible things. I flew to London on my own to experience the Royal Wedding (2011), and I wrote a travel book about London that I published (that some people have actually bought and even reviewed – 5 stars!). So, it turns out that the more I give, the more I receive. I recommend it to all!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s beautiful! I love that feeling of “what goes around comes back around,” especially when you’re putting good things into the world. 🙂

  84. Anik

    Thanks so much for this episode Marie! It made me think about what money rituals I keep. I also pick up loose change on the ground and now my daughter (who is four) copies me. Whenever we find loose change, she gets to put it in her piggy bank. That’s her reward for picking it up!

    My new money ritual is to keep money in all of my online accounts, so that I feel abundant in all areas of my life (business and personal, etc). In the past I had the habit of getting my paycheck, and immediately paying all of my bills and putting the rest in savings, and in turn draining all of my other accounts (except one…my savings account). Recently, I switched this habit to dispersing my money throughout my accounts. I still put most of my paycheck in savings, but now I leave a little in my checking accounts so that it seems like I am abundant all around. It feels more fulfilling this way and I tend not to spend as much. Not sure why, but it is working for me.

    Another ritual that I keep, is I set an income goal for myself and I write myself a check and post it on my wall with the date that I want to make it by. This way I have a visual representation of my monetary goal and I can check in with myself to see where I am with that goal.

  85. I laughed as I watched your show today because I do the exact same things! I also keep money in the pockets of my jackets so I am never without money – even if it is only a few coins.

  86. giri

    1.Portioning towards savings first, giveaway second and for my own spending, third anytime any money comes my way – not just paycheck even the gift money. This helped me totally eliminate guilt around money and now do it effortlessly.
    2.I’ve developed this habit of entering the money spent on things in a notebook at the end of each day, no matter how small or big the denomination is. It has definitely improved my ability to spend consciously.

  87. First I have to say “nom, nom, nom” too funny.
    I have kept my bills in my wallet the same for YEARS, neat and tidy. Respect
    I left my job this year to do my own thing and so of course, things are a little tight. My honey and I started this thing, where if we see something we just “have to buy” for the other, like flowers (they die), new Christmas decorations (really? do we NEED more?), or some other thing we really just don’t need to survive…we add the dollars it would cost for that “thing” to our “stash cash” pile. Now, we are building an emergency fund, without really thinking about it. Stupid Lowes Lit Owl, cost me $50 to the stash cash…yikes.
    I will be looking at pennies WAY different now…thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a smart idea! I love the idea of a stash cash pile. I bet that’ll come in handy for something awesome later!

  88. I have those exact two rituals. Last night as I was walking home I found $40.00 at a bus stop. I thought long and hard about it and have decided to put it in my change jar. Every few days I take the change out of my purse and separate out the quarters (they go to do laundry). When the jar gets full I deposit it into my bank account.
    Another ritual that I used to have was that if I got money that had never been creased I squirreled it away and didn’t spend it. When the time came for me to go to Grad School I had a few hundred dollars to buy accessories for my apartment in my new city.
    I am also a firm believer in segregating my dollars. It’s easier to keep track and count.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Finding $40 at the bus stop is so lucky! It sounds like the universe has some great plans for you and doesn’t mind throwing some cash your way to help you on the journey. 🙂

  89. Mara Lee

    I always say a blessing of thanks (or Aloha) when paying bills! Because I am thankful that I have the money to afford what I need and I send a blessing to the people receiving my money – that it may enrich their life with blessings!

  90. Hey Marie,
    I loved this video post today. I have both of these money habits myself & truly believe that having this respect for money has brought more of it in to my life without any additional effort.
    That was very well articulated as ever 🙂

  91. Oh definitely! I stopped to pick up a 10 cent coin (euro) yesterday! It was shiny too! And yes, my money is organized just like yours in my wallet too, not silly at all… Otherwise, how else do you know whatcha got?
    Have a great Tuesday,

  92. Have been a law of attraction gal for yrs I have been doing this for a long time now, but have been slacking on the right and tight idea! Thanks for the nudge! 🙂


  93. Hi Marie, great episode. Want to share my “quirky” Money habit too: I´ve written a note to my self on a red, heart-shaped post-it that says: I always have money in my wallet. The note is of course in my wallet – and ever since, I actually always have money in my wallet!!

  94. Manon Laurin

    My comments about the 2 weirds money habits that I have :
    Money that I find is part of the ”miracles that life is providing me to tell me that I will make it in this world”. So I don’t spend it, until there is a real emergency and I have to use it because there is no other money left to pay for the problem.
    I don’t call it honest money, because I feel it is someone’s bad luck that became my good luck when I found the money, but I still consider it a real joy to pick it up.
    Second, my tidyness around money is not a daily routine, but every time that I do clean-up my draw that keeps all my bills, I always find money in it. Or if I clean-up my wallet or my puse, I also find money in them. So there is something to be said about keeping it clean. I am going to do more of that cleaning myself from now on.
    The sexy man on the coin, who thinks a woman is trying to pick him up makes me think that money is also having to do with the sexual energy that I send out to people when I do business with them.

    Special Help REI find that issue challenging, because I have had severe sexual abuse when I was growing-up

  95. This was great. Two habits I’m excited to implement. I never thought about picking up pennies with that mindset. Love it.

    I have a few dollar bills placed randomly around my house and every time I notice one I remember to tell myself, “I always have money” and my mantra, “My clients find me with ease and happily and willingly pay me to successfully help them.”

    My other money ritual is saying a prayer of gratitude EVERY time I pay my bills, “I’m so grateful for the power in my house. I’m grateful I have the money to pay for this luxury.” and “I’m grateful I have a car, and so grateful I have the ability to pay for it’s repair.”

    Recently, I had a HUGE breakthrough regarding my core beliefs about money and savings, and something has really shifted in me around that. I’m telling myself all the time now, “There is always more than enough available for everyone, including me, and I can relax now.” And it LANDS in me.

    Love your videos, Marie! Thank you!

  96. Janet

    I renamed my bank accounts from the generic savings and chequing names to names that are more abundant, fun, and meaningful names to me. Not only does it allow me feel great every time I look at my bank accounts on line, when I interact with the tellers in person we tend to have a good laugh about it.
    Thanks and keep up the great work Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a fun idea! That’s such a creative way to add more positivity and abundance to your life. Love it!

  97. Manon Laurin

    I need help in Healing sexual abuse.
    I kinow that it is what is stopping me relate sexually with others when I make a Financial transaction with them.

    It is when I saw that penny ”speak: when he was saying that it was nice to be picked up by a women, he was turned on”. That made me uncomfortable in my own life, where I always feel that I am taking advantage of someone else, or they are taking advantage of me, but it si never safe either way to exchange money.

    what do you suggest to heal this problem with money that is born out of sexual abuse ?

    Manon Laurin
    in Canada

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear that part of the video made you uncomfortable, Manon. Your question is a really good one and we’d love for you to submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, we’ll be happy to help!

  98. Heck yeah, pick up that penny! (love the lace overlay on your dress, by the way)
    Anyway, mine’s more around feeling abundant with my money, no matter what my month/money ratio looks like.
    Every time I see one of those fun donation funnels where you can watch the coin spiral down into it, I take change out of my purse to put in. After I drop in a coin or two, because those things are FUN, I put several more coins on the edge, next to the drop area. Not only do I get a warm fuzzy from donating and some amusement from watching the coins, I feel good about my money situation because I was able to leave some behind. I had enough change that I was able to leave some, and I still have enough when I walk away.

  99. Jon

    Hi Marie,

    My weird money habit is really simple,

    I never refuse money twice… When someone hands me money, I have to take it and respect the generosity of universe.

    For example;if I help a friend move and he offers to pay me , Ill say no the first time and grab the cash if he insist…..Ill buy the beers after but I never refuse cold cash twice.

    Even with my own mother I keep this discipline,

    Sometimes she gives me money out of the blue and even thought I know am financially solid….Ill grab that cash!
    It may look a bit avaricious,
    But I know she’s happy when I take it, makes her feel important and appreciated when she contributes to my well being….
    Mothers around the world….. we love you,

    Thank you for sharing……

  100. Marie, I love this video!

    You know, 21 years ago, when I escaped from death
    and drugs, I also escaped from money.

    So I became homeless and penniless, all at once!
    In this days I learned not to be ashamed because I was poor.
    Sometimes I picked up from the street a half eaten apple or
    rests of pizza… It may sound terrible to somebody, but than
    I didn’t care – I just wanted to survive.

    Another time, when I already had some money, but still poor,
    I remember me going to supermarket with some really small
    change to buy some bread and so… I was not ashamed of that.
    And… on my way home, with bread and no money at all, I found
    on the street a 100 Guldens (before Euro) bill!

    Now, I have the same habit as you: when I see 1 cent or 5 cent,
    I just pick it up and say Thank You!

    And, the money in my valet is also very organized 🙂

    Have a great day, Marie!
    Love & Peace

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better, Vera! It sounds like you’re doing well and you’re attracting abundance. Sending lots of love and abundant wishes your way.

  101. Allison

    My money mantra has always been “money grows on trees”. I’ve been saying this since I was in my teens. I’ve gone through my hard times with money but in the past 2 years, I’ve gone from ten of thousands of dollars of debt to $0 debt. I don’t know how it happens, but money has alway come when I most needed it from different sources. My only explanation is that you get what you put out there in the universe and you have to stay positive. I also realize that having a positive mantra about money is not a license to spend 😉

  102. When I find a coin on the street, I put it in my left shoe (under my foot). It’s a way of “paving my way with riches” as I walk.

  103. Ha! I was SO sure that you were going to say that picking up money from the street is not a good idea as it’s a suggestion that we don’t already have enough! And I used to iron my money too when I was earning USD. Dollar bills are like Kleenex! Now I’m in Canada, the paper money is very strong and hard to crumple, and funnily enough I have always thought that Canadians are more money smart than Americans and Brits. A Coincidence?

  104. Thanks for talking about this topic, Marie!

    I have been practicing both of those rituals for years!

    I’ve always believed in the old superstition “find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.” I’ve been picking up loose change on the street and in the subway for years. Sometimes I hear the little voice that says “leave it for the homeless people,” but then the other voice tells me it’s ok to pick it up; I can always donate the money to charity.

    I’m particularly sensitive to the second issue when I pay for something and receive change, and there is a long line of people waiting; I tend to feel like everyone is waiting for me to put away my money, and I want to organize it. I try to keep things moving and move off to the side to re-organize my money and treat it with respect.

    Someone once told me that if you treat your money with respect, the universe will send you more. Here’s hoping!!

    Thanks for all you do!

    PS – I’m so glad I caught this episode on my computer (I’m usually watching from my iPhone and it’s harder to comment on the blog!)

  105. Camille

    I will not buy a wallet if my money can not lie straight. I also like luxury colored wallets, they remind me on abundance and the color (as oppose to black, grey, brown) makes me happy

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so interesting how color has an effect on the mood we have when we see it, so it’s really awesome that you choose wallets with colors that make you happy. That’s smart!

  106. Wow, I also pick up pennies! Sometimes its embarrassing if people are standing around and the floor/street is dirty. I also have my bills facing the same way in my wallet, flat and in ascending order.

    My favorite place is Coinstar! I love that virtuous feeling of taking all the coins around the house and turning them into a bag or two of groceries. So cool. Getting excited just thinking about it.

  107. I write checks to myself drawn on the Bank of the Universe.

  108. The “weird” money habit that’s paid off for me is taking any money I didn’t expect — for example, rebate checks, ebates checks, birthday money, proceeds from a garage sale, money we find on the ground, etc. — and putting it in a savings account. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. I call it our Fun Fund — we can use it to do whatever fun things we want. Now that my son’s 19, this usually means paying for a nice dinner out, but hey, it’s still FUN!

  109. Marie!!

    Yes, love it!
    Borrowed these from Kate Northrop I believe:
    When receiving a payment: the giver and I take opposite ends of the check/bill and I look at them in the eye, with a shit-eating grin and say “May this manifest for the both of us TEN TIMES!!”
    The other thing I do, when receiving unexpected income, is to shout “There is SO MUCH MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!” and do a big BOODIE dance ’round the room.
    thanks, Marie and Kate!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Love that positivity. 🙂

  110. Money, a powerful resource indeed. It can both hurt, or help; help if you don’t have ANY, and hurt if you have too much.

    I don’t know if I have any quirky, or weird habits, but since I began my forties, my new motto is love it or leave it. So anything I buy, I have to love it! And if it’s not a deal, I leave it, and wait for the universe to offer it on sale.

    I guess that could be deemed as weird?

    • I think it’s super smart Danielle. One of my mottos in life is “If it’s it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.”

  111. Panto Thenic

    Very cool. I’ve done the pick up a penny thing, and come to think of it, I like keeping my money orderly!

    A weird ritual of mine: if I save x amount of money for something I want, I put that money away and say “it doesn’t exist”. That way, I’m not tempted to go into my little fortune if I want to buy beer, I use it only for the purpose it was intended.

  112. I loved this!

    One of my favorite tips I do:
    When I see a penny (or more) on the street. I pick it up and say: “Thank you! I am a Money Magnet!”

    Brandy xo

  113. I use to be a bartender & also a waitress over the years too, I also have to have all my money organized by denomination, faced the same way, and higher bills are placed at the bottom of stack, no crumpled money. They are neatly placed in my wallet as well. When I am saving up money for bills at home bills are treated the same but folded in half, rubber banded, post it note added with amount and hidden in a safe place.:)**I had poor moment myself always have treated money with respect & grateful for what I have and say thank-you above!

  114. Aloha! During the holiday season my grocery store has the option of donating $5, $10 or $25 to a food bank at the check out line. Every year I’ve made a commitment that when ever I have wine, beer or alcohol on the check out conveyor belt I pull one of the tickets and make a donation. It’s a tangible reminder of the abundance I have in my life and a gift to an organization that helps those that do not have such abundance. It’s easy and feels good. Kim

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool of your grocery store to do that! Props to them and blessings to you for participating. 🙂

  115. Kristin

    I travel a lot and someone once told me to always keep a $100 bill folded up in a safe place in my wallet. I keep it in a leather sleeve with my credit cards. The thinking is, on the road or in a pinch, most things can be solved with $100 in cash. And no matter what I feel security that I have $100 on me just in case.

    Another weird thing I like to do is keep a sleeve from cash at the bank in my wallet. You know those little papers that wrap around bills and say $2,000 or $5,000 or $10,000? So even if there’s no money in the sleeve it still reminds me when I open my wallet that that $5k is there all the time or can be again.

  116. Hi Marie! I have two rules with money: 1) I always put away the 10% of everything I earn, and I never touch it! It helps me to HAVE money, not just SPEND money and 2) I always keep in my wallet a certain amount of money, even part of my 10% AND I never spend it. Same reason. How much money would a rich person have in her wallet?? 🙂

  117. Julianna

    Thanks for sharing your money story Marie Forleo. It reminded me of my childhood, and how often my mom would find money on the ground (my dad pretty much never). I’d like to share with you one of my money habits and a the money memory.

    Money habits include:
    1) Crafting and repeating my money mantra weekly if not daily.
    This is directly generated from a yearly activity, where I sit down and review how I’ve spent my money the past year. Identifying whether those habits allowed me to experience the kind of things I want to in my life (short term / long term needs and desires), and whether those are the same kind of things I want to experience in the upcoming year. This is a powerful activity that feels less limiting and helps me make choices. I identify the cost of my essentials, what’s left over, and the percentage of money I have over a year and monthly to spend on my goals and the way I want to feel / experience life. If I don’t like what I see on a macro level then I have some questions to ask myself and decisions to make.

    On weekends I sit down and plan out my week including meals, where I will grocery shop, work, appointments, fun / pleasure time, down time etc. Ideally my week should reflect my over all money and wellness goals .. how I want to feel/ experience life. If it isn’t I know I will hit trouble in one way or another, so I need to find a way to adjust things weekly, depending on what life has going on. This approach appeals to my free spirit / spiritual side of things as well as the anal money cruncher side.

    Money Memory:
    Your story of the penny reminded me of my Mom and she would walk by a car in a parking lot, suddenly stop, turn around and go back to the car, peer under, and pull out $5, $10, $20 dollars and I would think to myself “how the heck did she know that was their?!” Truth is, she didn’t know, but she always listened to her gut feeling and she always modeled good money habits including: how to make a little go a long way; how it’s ok to indulge yourself on occasion and treat yourself to something special; how indulging isn’t always about money; and like you, how to never be ashamed of coming by money honestly. She would pick up any money no matter how big or small, and treat it like an ongoing game where the only result was happiness / opportunity/ feeling like you just won a game stuffy at a carnival that would afford hours of creative play afterwards.

    Despite these lessons, there was also a feeling of needing to save as there may not be enough in the future (more strongly felt from my father)… you know, that feeling when the boogie man might always be around the corner.
    Living with this dichotomy I think has left me balanced, though I have to be mindful which side is in play, for how long and why. It affects how I relate to my family, husband, and friends … and how I choose to spend money with them / on them. The dichotomy has also helped me manifest some of my life dreams. It’s not always about eliminating the money struggle dialogue, but rather acknowledging where it stems from and finding your own path forward.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! Your mom really knows the power of listening to your intuition. That’s awesome!

    • Eve

      Wow! Julianna. Super powerful share. I really connect with your last paragraph about living with the dichotomy. I’m still working on that. I’m more on the boogie man side, but trying to get both represented.

      You gave me plenty to process.

      Thank you.

      • Julianna

        I’ve never taken the time to post my thoughts on the comments section and it’s nice to experience interaction. Glad that my lived experience has something to contribute to your own process Eve. Processes …. ever changing and unfolding… have fun with it!

  118. Hi Marie, Thanks so much for the reframe of picking up a penny on the street. I love that this is saying YES to honest money, not a lack mindset. Even though I have always felt weird for doing it, I always did it. Now I can do it shame-free!

  119. Nat

    Ha ha. I also keep my money flat, facing the same way and in denominational order. I think it’s a hang up from working in retail and it plays nicely into my OCD tendancies, but it’s also efficient. I know exactly what I have and I can quickly find the right amount when i need to (which matters when you have kids and you are trying to pay for things before they break everything in the shop). In Australia we have one and two dollar coins which are gold while everything lower is silver. So I also keep my gold and silver coins separated in my coin section.

  120. Love this episode because I am always picking up change and celebrating the find. My family members make jokes about how I am always finding money. In fact after watching your episode I took a walk and viola there was a penny just waiting for me. Whoop Whoop!

  121. Marie…..
    This video was refreshing and I am just like you!! I always find money in the street and pick it up. Often, I’ll give it away to the next person I see. Love your energy!! Funny, upbeat, positive, brilliant and beautiful. I’m going to reorganize my wallet right now. Roberta

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Roberta!! I love that you give the change away to the next person you see. So thoughtful of you 🙂

    • Jennifer

      If you find money, you should keep it. Giving it away is a signal to the universe that you don’t want abundance. If the next person was meant to have the money, they would have found it instead of you. I’m all for giving to charity but I think finders keepers is the way to go with found coins on the street. You deserve it. Keep it.

  122. Gladys

    I’m with you Marie. I do too pick up a penny with gratitude and thanking the Universe for increasing my wealth!!

  123. Sally

    “See a penny,
    Pick it up,
    All the day,
    You’ll have good luck.”

    My mum taught me that when I was tiny, of course a penny was worth a lot more then. It’s a very old saying I think. I always pick it up for good luck.

    Watch out for the ones people have stuck to the ground.

  124. Janel

    Marie, you’re awesome. And so are these people and their comments. Amazing stuff is being shared, I love it! Something I like to do when I’m paying bills or when I have to pay for something that may have been higher than expected, I try and say something positive out loud as I write the check or hand over the cash or swipe the card. Something like “This is so much fun” or “I’m so excited to pay”.. It usually sounds ridiculous but it keeps my vibes about money in a good place 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds super helpful! Parting with money can be a source of stress for some people, so speaking positive affirmations aloud is a really great way to combat those negative associations when it comes to paying for something.

  125. Oliver

    I do not think it’s weird to pick up abandoned money. It’s a sign of respect. My father taught me not to throw it away. If I encoutner it on the street I also find it a more suitable resting place.

    I do not fold bills, although I have thought of placing them in a money clip.


  126. Caroline

    I had to laugh when I watched this, I have the exact same habits and like Sally, when I pick up money I always say “see a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck”

  127. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love how you said that you aren’t too good to pick up money that’s on the ground! Amen sister!

    In past episodes I believe you have also talked about not having a negative relationship with time — “killing time,” “waisting time,” etc. I think a similar strategy could be used here with how we think about money! Like you said, we should be thankful for what money we do have, and make it a positive relationship, not a negative one. 🙂

    Alecia Lindsay

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! That’s a really good way to think about it. 🙂

  128. Dear Marie, loved the segment on money! I have been finding and picking up money for years! Some call them Angel Droppings to let you know that abundance will happen if you keep an open mind. Today was 11 cents. That goes into an abundance and travel fund!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so interesting to see when people really track the money they find and literally calculate their abundance. It adds up surprisingly fast!

  129. Marie, I love how you honouring Money by always picking it up on the floor! Thanks for sharing your person stories with us too!
    The essence of Money is love and provision, and I have a few rituals to connect directly with the essence of Money instead of those negative patterns and stories that have been imposed on us:
    1) I sleep with Money at the night. Why not? To make this relationship real and solid 🙂
    2) I wash my coins regularly.
    3) Mantras are always reassuring and powerful, here are a few of my fav. ones:
    “It’s easier to create than not to. It’s easier to launch than not to. It’s easier to make Money than not to.”
    “I offer my heart’s desires as a source of love to the world. In their fulfilment, I bring a message of light to everyone that I encounter. Money is here to support me living my purpose at each step.”
    “I am now ready to accept that charging my worth is good for my soul.”
    “Receiving Money by sharing my talents and gifts is my birthright.”

    To love & abundance,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This are fantastic mantras, Yiye! I especially loved the last 3: “Money is here to support me living my purpose at each step.”
      “I am now ready to accept that charging my worth is good for my soul.”
      “Receiving Money by sharing my talents and gifts is my birthright.”

      I want to incorporate those into my own life! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

      • Thanks Mandy! I’m soooo happy that it helped!

  130. Thank you so much for sharing the story about your money rituals. Touching, my face and heart are smiling 🙂 Among others, I have same rituals too – always picking a coin from the street ( being less and less embarrassed while doing it, each time), and always keeping my physical money tide.
    I also cherish my ritual of gratefulness and looking in the eyes of the person I am exchanging money with – giving or receiving.
    Whenever I give or receive physical money I try to have an eye contact, and express my gratefulness with my look. Even in little, “unimportant” situations. It’s not always easy, especially in supermarkets and with cashiers, but I must admit, that when I really focus on my intention to express gratefulness while paying my bill, busy cashier some how always looks up to exchange the glance, usually followed by smile ( it’s like our eyes say: “we are here because we see each other; we are important, this is important”). I know that usually this money, does not go to her/him directly, but still I am grateful for her/his work and I am grateful that with this money I do bring my support too.

    Once again, million thanks Marie to you and your wonder team for being and creating. All the best for all of you.

  131. i’m very sorry, I filled wrong website address above there… this is the correct one

  132. This is such wonderful validation, Marie!

    I actually did the penny thing over the weekend — whenever I see loose change on the ground I say to myself “Thank you Universe for this sign of abundance in my life.” I feel really good and that energy carries on with me!

    Thanks for sharing, as always!

    Cheers, Karina

  133. Dawn

    Hello! Love this! I was just going through the same process with a penny on my path last week!! I went back to scoop it up and
    Remembered a little diddy from childhood:

    “find a penny, pick it up,
    All day long have good luck!”

    I bet this idea is about gratefulness and abundance.
    Something I’d like to honor more!

    (My little one liked the rhyme too!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s wonderful that you’ve been picking up pennies since you were a kid. It always makes me sad when I see a kid try to pick up a penny and a parent yanks them along saying, “No! It’s dirty. Don’t pick things up off the ground.” It’s so good to retrain our thoughts to be receiving of abundance. 🙂

  134. Funny you should ask! I do have a little weird money ritual…

    I used to do this more when I was in England and every other step there was a tiny river or spring or some body of water I could toss coins in. This is almost the opposite of picking up money. It’s not that I disrespect it, but it’s like sometimes it feels like money has magical properties.

    So when I REALLY want something, I toss a coin in the river, make a wish, and sometimes I’d do this daily. And go broke. 😛

  135. Cher

    I have a piggy bank still.. grown woman with a piggy bank, i’ve actually got more than one, and i put every denomination of coin in it. from one cent up, does not matter… I love saving loose change in it. I look forward to putting money in my piggy bank.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Having a piggly bank is so much fun! I’ve got one too, but I’ll never break it because it’s so pretty. Luckily it has an opening on the pig’s belly so you can get the change out without breaking it. 🙂

  136. Charlotte

    Love this! I have a similar ritual to your “say yes to honest money”. Dimes have become a symbol of abundance and enough-ness in my life. It is amazing how the universe sends me dimes regularly, in the craziest places to remind me that I have an abundant life and am cared about and provided for. I have found dimes on sidewalks, car seats, precariously balanced on miscellaneous objects… all sort of strange and wonderful reminders, always when I need them.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so interesting that the universe sends you dimes specifically! I wonder if there’s a meaning. Ten times the abundance? Ten times the luck?

  137. Jen

    Something I’ve been doing recently is giving a few dollars or a meal to anyone who is homeless who asks. I feel that when someone asks me, particularly homeless women, I want to say yes, because I CAN. It’s not out of guilt, but out of respect- for being asked a request by another human being, and having the ability to fulfill that need in that moment.

    • I wish I could love/heart/thumbs up this comment 1000X Jen.

  138. I save all my loonies and toonies here in Canada. At the end of the year I turn them into the bank and buy my ski pass. I also keep all other loose change and cash it in once a year. It is like found money.
    I have always kept my money neat and tidy in my wallet. I learnt that years ago from Suzi Orman and I pick up honest money. Sounds like I am on the right track. $$$$$$

  139. Aphelia

    I’m working hard for my money at this point of my life and the last few months were really hard.And seeing all the Syrian refugees coming to Europe with nothing has opened my eyes. With some friends we decided to help them. And I never noticed what you can win with coupons. I used every single opportunity to get more stuff for them. And I learned for myself that I can better organise my personal shopping to keep more money in the piggy bank…ok mine looks like a fancy pig in a bathtub 🙂

    And it’s true about the universe giving back. A few weeks later I saw a Syrian family with 2 small children asking for money in front of the building that I work. People just pass by without noticing them or ignoring them.
    I couldn’t pass them even if I can’t really miss the money, I went to the bank and gave them some cash. I went back to work and my boss calls me for a f2f..something important.with a lot of stress I entered the room. He announced me that I will get a special commission for all the hard work I did. Which they never do. It was a hundred times what I have given to this family. I never saw them again soon hope they find their way.

    Money comes and need to use it for a great purpose,then only will it give you back what you need.:)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your share brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for giving to the Syrian refugees in your area and honoring their humanity. I’m glad the universe is blessing you with abundance. I’d like this post a thousand times if I could.

  140. Heather Abbey

    Hi Marie! I have a fabulous resource to share! The book is called Wild Money. This is my guide to creating positive money rituals and identifying and understand the not-so-positive money thoughts, patterns or feelings around money. I’m working thru the book now and loving it. I wonder if you have heard of it!? Author is Luna Jaffe, title is WILD MONEY

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sounds like a great resource! Thanks so much for sharing it. 🙂

  141. Hi, Marie!

    No, I don’t have any rituals around money, so it’s time for me to have some 🙂

    The change in the street is easy; I’ll have to see about the bills, because I’m using my debit card for everything. It’s probably a great idea, as it’s physical money (more concrete for my mind to wrap its head around 😀 ) and also easier to see how I’m spending it, so have more control over it.

    Merci, chérie ! 😉

  142. Hiwi

    I loved this video, and pennies are sign from spirit so for sure pick them up:)
    When I get in the pattern of stressing about money, I say to my self,

    1) My Creator, Father and Mother has unlimited resources all I have to do is ask and I will get it in the right time in the right way.
    Its like feeling I got rich daddy and mommy and i aint got nothin to worry about!

    2) I bless my money every time I pay my bills! I say thank you thank you!!!

    Thanks Marie

  143. Ursula

    Love these habits. I have to admit I feel like someone else needs the penny more. I decided to pick them up for a while and see how that goes.

    I like to put cash away for my visit to my hairdresser – a favourite pampering

    I also write a gratitude note with love hearts on all my utility bills – thanking them for all that service provided for myself and my family. I add a note to say thank you for providing the service in advance and trusting me to be a good customer 🙂

    I LOVE your dress <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This reminds of those little bowls you sometimes see at some small businesses that say “Have a penny? Leave a penny. Need a penny? Take a penny.” Such a great way to pay it forward. 🙂

  144. I do the same thing with the notes in my wallet, all organised in order from highest to lowest denomination and facing the same way. 😉

  145. Jillian

    Hi Marie!

    Insightful episode as usual! I unfortunately had to learn the hard way with money by racking up some serious credit card debt and I am still paying it off. A few things that I have learned after making this mistake is to always carry cash. I closed all of my credit cards and I don’t even have a debit card. Maybe one day I will have a card, but at this point I am not looking for that. All I have is cash when I’m out shopping. This helps me stick to a budget and not wander off buying things I think I need, but I really don’t.

    I’ve created a simple Excel document that I update regularly so that I can see where all of my spending is going (car loan, car insurance, student loans, credit cards, clothing, prescriptions, etc.). Every month I always have certain payments that are going to be the same amount which allows me to mentally set that money aside. I sign-up for automatic withdrawal payments any chance I can get so that I don’t have to worry about missing a payment, but I’m always making sure I have plenty of money in my account by having an app on my phone where I can log into my bank account. This app also allows me to cash checks without having to go to the bank, which saves me time and gas.

    I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify myself (and my spending). By simply carrying cash, knowing my budget and using tools to get my bills paid on time, I have been able to simplify. I do love the idea of saying “thank you” and “there’s more where that came from” when receiving or giving money. There is certainly a lot of power in controlling your mind in a positive way.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve got some really helpful and effective habits. And it sounds like it’s been really empowering and insightful to track where your money goes. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. <3

  146. Haha! I’m so doing Habit #2. I don’t know, I just wanted all my money to be very organized in my wallet and I find it a mess if it’s not arranged according to kind! 🙂 Well, my one weird money habit is that I list all our expenses down to the last cent and I get all freaked out if we miss a single one and can’t remember where we spent it. I find it weird because my husband thinks it’s a total waste of time! And I’m just like “Really? Of course not!” So much for being sooo detail oriented 😀

  147. Hopefully this hasn’t already been said, but I love the saying….

    “find a penny pick it up
    and all day long you’ll get good luck!”

    Another great video and I love your dress
    Thanks Marie

  148. Jen S

    Many years ago my husband and I attended a Harv Eker Millionaire mindset seminar. We still practice one of the things that we learned while away at the conference that has helped us to “attract” money over the years.
    Whenever we spot money on the ground, find unexpected money in our pockets, or just have money come to us in some unexpected way, we proclaim in a loud-ish voice “I AM A MONEY MAGNET!”.
    The recognition of the gift, along with the presumption of favor, has always allowed us to live the lives we’ve desired.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! Words have power, so it’s great that you’re using this mantra to speak the power of attracting money into being. 🙂

  149. Teresa

    I laughed out loud…not because of the content of your video but because I do BOTH of those same things! And I also am a bit self conscious when I stop to pick up a penny but I just feel compelled to do it! IT’S MONEY!! How can I pass up free money, right?! Thanks for having my back, girl! 😉

  150. Marie, did you read my mind in the future? Wow,I just did an amazing group session last night and my money mindset issues reared their ugly heads again! My goal right now is to do money EFT sessions every morning and to come at money from an abundance viewpoint instead of a lack one.
    Like the idea of keeping cash in your wallet. Someone else recommended I always pay myself first before anyone else. I also like Tony Robbins idea of thinking of money as a game. I think I’ve always taken money too seriously because I feared being without it…even though that’s never happened. And my affirmation is that when I have more money, I have more money to give.
    Great, timely video. Xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful! I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time. It’s great to hear you’re already taking steps to attract more financial abundance your way.

  151. Sarah

    When I do what I have predetermined as eating healthy for a whole week I pay myself $20. Sometimes I save up for nice items I want as a reward. I look at it like this. I don’t consider meals that are no made from scratch to be healthy or going out to eat so I saved more than that by being healthy. Goal is a pure 80/10/10 diet but I will reward myself when I think I have done well since that is a tough goal.

  152. Hi Marie,
    I always say a little prayer when I pay for big ticket items. My prayer goes like this “I am grateful that I have the ability to pay for this service and I bless my money with love and light. May it flow abundantly from me and to me. Amen” It always puts a smile on my face and it reminds me that money is meant to flow.

    Love Claudia

    “Midbloom is transforming the meaning of mid-life. When we bloom we expose our inner beauty.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love that! Big ticket items can cause stress, especially if they’re unexpected, so it’s wonderful that you’re blessing the transaction and showing gratitude at the same time. Such a good practice!

  153. Here are some my philosophies:

    **Spend LESS than you earn.
    **Be accountable for what you have.
    **Buy only what you NEED, but don’t forget to plan for what you WANT.
    **Put money in your pockets and drawers and other spots. It helps you feel abundant when you know money is available everywhere and you come across it often. 🙂

    Love your dress Marie ~ so cute!

  154. Always encouraging to hear that others (especially you) are doing some of the same money rituals that I do. Another one that I have done for years is to always carry a $100 bill in my wallet. That way, not matter how much is in my bank account, I will never be broke. This has works!

  155. Hi Marie

    I can relate to that first weird habit. For years I have picked pennies and more off the ground. To me it’s a sign that money is coming even though it’s typically a very small amount.

    Michael Banks

  156. Carol

    Love the video so funny about picking up the penny ever since I was a little girl when I was on walks with my grandma and whenever we saw a money on the ground she would tell me only pick it up if was heads up otherwise it was bad luck and to this day I only pick up loose change if it is heads up, but I never thanked the universe which I love because we should thank the universe for sending us little presents. I am a banker and believe a lot of people will have that habit about organizing their money, one customer always tell me that his soldiers need to be marching in one direction. Thanks for sharing…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love the metaphor of having all your soldiers marching in one direction. That means they’re ready to go to work for you. 🙂

  157. My mum used to say ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ and I too will always pick up loose change:)

    I also love to keep my bills in order in my wallet AND make sure to have at least one crisp $50 in there at all times. It feels so abundant. Not a wad of showy cash but something that tells the universe that money and I are are great friends:)

    Loved this episode Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a great saying! It’s so great that your mum taught you abundance from a young age. 🙂

  158. I pick up all the pennies and even have tried to pick some up that are “built into the asphalt,” lol. If someone looks weird, I just say: “I love me some money.” or “It’s for good luck.”

  159. Apart from picking up pennies, I like to say “thank you, Universe” to any money that comes in, big or small. It makes me feel blessed, grateful and worthy of more.

  160. Shona

    Hi Marie & everyone,

    My ‘rituuals’ not as wierd n wonderful as some of these; nevertheless it’s a habit I’ve finally begun to follow the old advice of ‘paying myself first’. As an independent business person, my money flows in to my account throughout the month, in differing amounts, rather than just one paycheck. I’ve developed a (healthy!) mania for each time I get a new deposit, straight away a direct transfer to my savings account of 10%. It’s like my digital ‘money jar’ and I enjoy when I check my savings statement how much has accumulated from the many micro deposits.

    BTW…LOVE the talking head Abe Lincoln! As usual Marie, you crack me up! Adore you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! I like your metaphor of the digital money jar because that’s really what a savings account is. Having that visual is super helpful!

  161. Kim

    I had to laugh about the picking up pennies tip. My oldest son, who is now 13, has amazing abundance flowing through him. He picks up coins constantly, and it’s like the money and treasures seem to find him. He’s a great woodworker, and someone found a table saw and left it for him under a tarp in our back yard while we were away. Every time we go for a walk, he finds coins and manages to make significant money every week, just from this!! Sometimes, he’s even found bills lying on the ground!!

    I’m totally going to start paying more attention! Love it!

  162. Hi Marie!

    I do the same thing with my cash! It makes a huge difference for me. It makes my wallet a much less stressful place to go 🙂

  163. Eve Soto

    Funny money rituals. I always try to keep 1 big bill in my wallet in the zipper pocket. Usually a 20 but when someone gives me a hundred dollar bill, it stays there till I absolutely need to use it or share it. I also have a money ritual in that I have 2 piggy banks that are actual cute little piggies. One for bills and one for coins. On pay day, what ever $$ I have in my purse that I have not used goes into the piggies. That gets saved for vacation or Christmas. I do this thru out the year.

  164. I love these two rituals Marie! After going through a year of struggle as a new entrepreneur, I have developed a deep respect and appreciation for money which used to come to me very easily when I had a cushy job in the corporate world. I now truly appreciate the value of money and have my own little rituals. When I get money out at the bank machine, I thank the Universe for providing this to me and when I pay my bills I thank the Universe for giving me the means to be able to do this (this one I learned from your dear friend Gabby!).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re super happy that you’re able to follow your dreams and do what you love too. 🙂

  165. Kecia

    I have quite a lot of money rituals.
    A few are: writing “Thank you God” on all of my purchase receipts before respectfully throwing them in the garbage with another “thank you”. Thanking the Universe every time I make a payment either on line or with cash or debit.
    My newest: blessing every email I send and saying “blessings, abundance and love to all concerned”.
    My favourite is expressing gratitude for just everything. One night I was so filled with gratitude that I thanked everything in my bedroom including the floor, my clothes, my furniture, the handle on the closet! Sounds a bit weird but I was truly overcome with gratitude so I just HAD to thank thank thank everything.
    Another standby is to say and really feel the words “I live in divine substance as a fish lives in water”. Got that from Eric Butterworth’s book Spiritual Economics which I have re-read at least 8 times.
    I have others but these are the main ones that have really transformed my feelings/attitudes and ability to feel prosperous and good about money once again, as I did in my younger years.
    Great topic, thank you Marie, and all who have shared their rituals.:)

    • I love this! I’m going to start writing a note of thanks on my receipts rather than feeling stressed by them!

  166. Catherine

    Someone I wrote a check to years ago wrote “gratitude and blessings” across the top of my check when they deposited it. Sadly, it came through at a “low flow” time in my account and it bounced, so I looked up the check to get more info and saw her sweet handwritten note. It humbled me and made me realize I need that same reverence for money coming in! Ever since, I’ve written the same words across the top of all checks I receive before I deposit them, and I haven’t bounced a check since 🙂 Thank you, Beth, and to everyone here for sharing all of these wonderful ways to honor money!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! Spreading gratitude in creative ways is such a great way to brighten your (and others’) day. That makes us happy. 🙂

    • Whoa! I keep forgetting to deposit a check and I think it’s because it’s a *tiny* refund of only 17-cents so my mind is telling me, “It’s ONLY 17-cents…” I’m going to write gratitude and blessings across the top of it and take it to the bank!

  167. Angela Massaro

    Hi there!

    I learned a trick from a very wise, eccentric women I had the pleasure of meeting some years back. She told me to physically treat money this way and my worries, if I had any – which I did – would be less.

    First, show respect for money by making sure its organized in my wallet.
    Like bills with like bills all facing in the same direction. Lowest amount to highest amount or vice versa – stewards choice. No crunched up dollars.

    Secondly, but most importantly, make sure the IN GOD WE TRUST words are facing up when dealing with money in any way. Wether it be paying for something at the grocery store or placing it in a donation basket.

    That was it! She did not say why or offer any other nuggets as we continued to eat our lunch together.

    So I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea the impact it would have on me for years to come.
    The only way to describe it is, this practice, in a word, feels…REVERENT.
    As I kept my money in order with spirit side facing up, this feeling of reverence grew stronger and stronger. Something in my mind and heart had shifted and more opportunities started to come my way.

    Through this funny little practice I began to realize money is not this illusive thing; that my intention – my motives behind its uses are most important, and is what brings its impact to life.

    I never did see her again. Thank you love??

    With much love & gratitude,


  168. Kim B

    I found about $80 in small notes strewn down my quiet street. I was in two minds to pick it up or leave it there. I picked it and took it to the local police station. I was surprised a few months later to receive a cheque in the post for the exact amount because no one claimed it. Honest money indeed! So I decided to donate it to my favourite volunteer organisation 🙂

    Btw – love your dress Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a great story! I love that you questioned the universe and did the right thing, then the universe confirmed, “No, that really was for you!” 🙂

  169. Love this video! I have so many dreams, that there is money on the ground and people walk right by it and not pick it up and I’m totally scooping it up and thinking do they not see it!

    I totally feel if I disrespect my money, it will disrespect me and leave!

  170. Love this video! Totally feel if I disrespect money, it will disrespect me and leave!
    I even have dreams where I see tons of change on the ground everywhere, and people walk right by and ignore it. While I’m scooping it up, thinking do they not see it!

  171. Thank you for talking about this, Marie, because money isn’t something like to talk about and often claim it’s not important for them. But that’s the wrong way to see things – more money give you the power to do more good.

    In short I created a belief in my mind that one side of the money was more worth that the other. Bare with me here….So the face side was the one that had more “value”. Then I started putting my money in my wallet so that the more value side faces me when I open it. In this way I would say to myself I have more value for this money than anyone else. Strangely enough I received unexpected discounts, lower bills and I even found out that I had about 30 bucks more in my wallet than I had thought. This happened throughout the course of a week. I don’t know why but it worked!

  172. Eve

    Loved the video. I pick up pennies too.

    I used to live in Macao and one of my favorite things was to explore the different temples with friends. At one temple, after having my fortune read, they gave me a special tiny red envelop (this sucker was really tiny! I had to fold my bill five times) and told me to put in some money. Keeping this money in my wallet forever would alway bring me more. I still have it. So far, SOO good. 🙂

    Aside from this, the exercises about total worth from the book Your Money Or Your Life made a huge impact on my understanding of how much money I’ve have in my life over the course of my lifetime and to see that it is always coming. Yay!

    Have a wonderful day!

  173. Joanna Butler

    Hi Marie, love this episode. I have a wierd little money ritual that I’ve been running for about a year. My budget has been super tight and I am also trying to develop my music career. I wanted to start a money ritual that would train my brain to connect money, savings, aspirations, joy, music and travel (as I very much want to take my music to countries and work with musicians outside my UK home). So every morning, I put a golden one pound coin into a beautiful black coffee pot with a golden phoenix on that belonged to my mum. As I do it, I sing: ‘New York, New York!’. Since I started doing it, I have been promoted at work and increased my salary and have two new wonderful bosses. Some of my music has been chosen for a dance film. I’m getting offered all kinds of new music opportunities that feel really good and right. Saving money and making honest money has become much easier. And I have begun to work with musicians in Cadiz and Paris. I’ve also been invited to Nashville next year. All this without really trying. My wierd money ritual has TOTALLY unlocked something.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is AWESOME! It sounds like showing respect and gratitude for money has poured over into other areas of your life as well. Congrats on all these fantastic opportunities!

  174. Natasya Yusoff

    I have the exact same habits Marie, funilly enough, literally just before I watched this episode I had just picked up a dollar coin off the ground, the 4 others people I was with weren’t nearly as excited about it, but I love finding free money. I heard a saying when I was little ” see a coin, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck” have never walked past a coin since. I lways thought my mum taught me that rhyme, but recently I picked up a 10 cent peice right in front of her and said that little ditty and she thought I was super quirky and swears shes never heard that saying before. I also have to have my money neatly organised, in order largest to smallest, all facing the same way and with no folds and creases. I like to think that I want to face my money with the birds (nz money) facing me but for some reason its always the faces. Not sure what thats about. Never really thought about these things as helpful money habits as I’ve just always done them, so it’s kinda cool to think that maybe they are prosperity nuggets. Thanks Marie.

  175. Natasya Yusoff

    I just remembered another habit, I carry around 2 fake 100 bills in my wallet, so that whenever I look in my wallet there is always a couple of hundred in there. They are getting a bit tatty now tho. Haha.

  176. Jennifer

    This so timely today! I, too, from my bartending days keep my bills all facing the same way. Part of being organized.
    My husband and I used to have a really hard time dealing with money – lots of emotion tied to it for both of us, but setting a weekly time where we look at what we have, what’s coming in, and what needs to go out has been helping.
    Our overseas move has cost us a lot of money, but gained us a lot of new experiences and new friendships, a perspective that we have to remind ourselves of each month as we move forward!
    As of this week, I am focusing my mindset (and my actions) even more to one of “enough, growth, and gratitude”.
    Thanks Marie, Team Forleo, and all the comments, too!

  177. Dee

    When I lived os I also used to keep the US $ bills in order, all facing the same way. I don’t do this in Australia since our $ is coloured and easy to distinguish!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The US Treasury should take a leaf from Australia’s book! Colored notes would make organization easier.

  178. Hi all,

    Can’t say that I have a ritual, but the picking-up-the-penny thing happened to me most recently last week.

    Here’s the story: I went to the pharmacy and while I was looking in my pocket for a 10 EUR bill to pay for my medicines, I noticed a shiny new 1 cent coin at my feet. I gave the pharmacist the bill and squatted to pick up the 1 cent and put it in the left pocket of my jacket, thinking “Yay, this is a sign of abundance!”

    While I was having this thought, I hear the pharmacist who was looking to give me the change saying: “Do you happen to have 1 cent?” I was like “Uh-oh, do I have to spend it *already*?” (I know, my limiting belief kicked in) and gave him 1 cent from my other pocket, keeping the shiny one I found on the floor. Little ol’ me, who’s working hard on having a positive mindset around money, felt already that sense of lack I so want to rid myself of.

    At the end of the day, I made sure though I wrote in my gratitude journal that I was grateful for that shiny penny, which now is in my ladybug piggy bank in the wealth corner of my apartment.

  179. Hello Marie… this episode is timely indeed. One of my rituals are when I find myself in finical despair I repeat the mantra;

    Being broke is a temporary inconvenience; Being poor is a state of mind. I’d rather be broke than poor any day.

    Another ritual is since college I’ve framed money. I have over $200 collection of $2 bills and Silver coins in frames on my walls. So I always have access to money(that I’ll never spend) no matter what my current finical situation may seem.
    And the last ritual is I put money where I can’t easily get to it but will always have it. i.e. I put money under my bedroom floors when I had them done. So even when I’m broke I’m walking on money.

    Love the books that were mentioned will look into them.
    Thanks Marie for your relentless commitment to moving people like myself forward.
    ~Much Respect

  180. Chloé

    Hi there everyone,
    So many comments.. Thanks for sharing!
    Thank you Marie for always being so open and revealing your wacky qualities! :o) So with this episode I’ve had a chance to realise a weird money ritual of my own. And remember fondly 2 moments with money-encounters.

    My money ritual: when I find a coin on the street, I will pick it up. If i’m feeling lucky enough or happy enough or fortunate enough already that day, I will set it down again in another spot to brighten someone else’s day. I like to think of it as a reminder not to pinch my pennies & be grateful that I’m makin’ it work with what I’ve got.

    Money-encounter #1: at the beach with my brother when we were kids. He spotted a dollar floating in the water. I felt a mix of “wow cool!” and “how often does money just float by.. lucky him!” A minute later he finds a $10 bill farther down the beach!! Money Lesson: keep your eyes open!

    Money-encounter #2: having a sandwich with a friend from uni. A guy walked over and asked if we had any loose change for him. My friend explained to the guy that he had a rule. Whatever he had in his pockets at the moment, he would give. I’ll never forget both of their expressions as he dropped a whole handful of coins into the guy’s hand – probably about €7 or €8. The guy had a huge, slightly uncertain smile asking if my friend was sure about this. My friend was looking equally uncertain, with a smile saying “I know it’s crazy, but this is what I do!” His Money Lesson: Sometimes you have to learn to trust the universe. No matter how much you give or lose, it will come back if you’re open for it.

  181. Marie,
    As always, your video’s are filled with that! I also have a few rituals regarding money that have changed my sense of lack years ago. I was just getting into my car two days ago in a parking lot, where I saw a penny right in front of my car door . I always feel it is the Universe saying “hello”, I got your back!! So I did, as I always do..repeating “See a penny, pick it up, and all the day, you’ll have good luck!” I live in an abundance and grateful belief system. I have a Design/Build company. Anytime a little scarcity thought starts to creep in to my thoughts, I say to myself: “Money flows easily to me with no effort and no stress. I am so grateful to the Universe for sending me this new client that I am able to be creative and get paid for it. Thank you Universe!” It is a belief system that there is abundance that we are all able to tap into. Thanks Marie for sharing your video clip, that makes me laugh, as always! Next time I see a penny lying there on the ground ready to be picked up, I will think of Abe talking back to me! Hahaha

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The visual of the universe saying hello through found pennies makes me smile. 🙂 Love it!

  182. I have to say Marie, I do both already! 😉 But, it was a nice reminder. A lot of people above mentioned always keeping SOME money in your wallet, and doing a gratitude ritual when paying bills and I LOVE those ideas too!! SO, thank you to all of you commenters before me that mentioned that. I’m definitely going to start incorporating those ideas into my life! My income is not steady (yet) being an entrepreneur, and having only been serious about pushing my new business forward for the last couple months- but, I am SO grateful for what I do have, and any little bit I do get. <3

  183. Paige Hill

    I too have a “weird ritual” with pennies. I’ve always heard it’s good luck to pick up a penny that is heads up and bad luck to pick them up if they are tails up. So if it’s heads up I pick it up, if it’s tails up I turn it over and leave it, hopefully to be found by someone who needs the luck.

    • Elizabeth

      Love this!

    • Paige, I LOVE this! I’m going to start doing that!

  184. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much, Marie. I love your energy and spirit.

    I always pick up change when I see it on the street. I choose to believe it is a sign/reminder that “angels are watching over me.”

    My daughter and I have been through a rough year, and on two occassions I found two two pennies on the street when we were out together. Two pennies twice! I have saved all four of them, and am making this year’s Christmas ornament out of them.

    However… my wallet is a mess. I’m going to think/do something about that!

  185. Great, freaking episode!!! Got great gems out of this one!! Alright, so here’s some magic I use to bring more money my way. Every time I pay for something, I always say a positive affirmation like such, “there’s lots more where that came from.” Another thing I do is, write something positive on a dollar bill and randomly leave it somewhere, be it a street side walk, a book, a shelf in the grocery, where ever. That goes back to the saying, “the more you give, the more you shall receive.” Those are some of my tips on how to allow more mula into your world 🙂 Xoxo

  186. I do pick up all the money on the street as well. Especially with my little 5 yrs old daughter who keeps saving them in a piggy bank and recently we exchanged lots of pennies for more than £50! Then when the other day I found a £5 note on the street in the rain it felt like winning a lottery! Joy!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s amazing how fast pennies add up! People who don’t pick them up are really missing out.

  187. I love this Marie! I always pickup found money and sometimes the people with me laugh but hey money is money and I invite it in! Plus I still get that kid-like excitement I would get any time my mom would give me her change 😀

    And yesss… money organized in the wallet! YES! haha Makes transactions so much smoother and the more organized the more I feel like I can breathe and enjoy earning and spending! Another great gift/lesson from my mama! <3

    Go all of us for appreciating these little big money moments!

  188. Staci

    I have a post it note in my checkbook. It says ‘grateful’ and helps me move from anxiety of spending and paying bills to a place of being gratitude that I have the money and can let it flow.

    I need to work on balancing my checkbook next so any feedback and ideas are super welcome. Thank you!

  189. Hi Marie!
    I do BOTH of these things! My wallet is neat and tidy – always with the bills flat and facing the same way. One additional thing I do is I always keep my smaller bills on the outside of my money pile, so when you look at my cash all you see are the 1’s. Then it’s the 5’s, 10’s and so on. Part of this comes from my mom always doing it – she said it helps detract thieves because they don’t really see the amount of money your holding. Comes from the same idea as not waving a $100 bill around in the air for all to see. The second part is that I feel it helps keep me a bit more frugal. I am a little tighter with the cash in my wallet if all I see every time I open it up is my 1’s, instead of seeing the 10’s and 20’s and thinking, “Wow, I’m rich! Look at all the money I have to blow!”

    As for picking change up off the street, when people make fun of me and say “It’s just a penny!” I always reply, “Yeah but if you have 100 of them, you have a dollar.” I gain a lot of satisfaction out of paying for something in exact change, too, especially if the change ends in a 9 and I have the 4 pennies!! 🙂 It’s the little things…..

    • Jennifer, I organize my money the same way you do. I also like paying in exact change and get a little thrill when my cost ends in a 9 and I have the four pennies. 🙂

  190. Hi Marie,
    This is sooo magnificent. It’s very exhilarating to have a positive little ritual for your buckos. I like to smell my money. I am kinda embarrassed to say it. When I was little, we got our lunch money put out on the kitchen table for us so that my parents didn’t have to wake up when we went to school. They were musicians and worked late. So going to bed and getting up without them was normal. Anyway, I could tell by smelling the bills which parent gave us our lunch money, either my Dad or my Mom. I think every bill takes on a smell. I have to say I have never smelt a stinky one. Really!! It’s weird.
    I like to see every bill as something special. Even with it’s own scent.
    Love you for giving your tips s freely!
    Keep Singing

  191. This week’s vlog reminded me of something that happened this summer. My mother was working at a second hand shop this summer and picked up a jacket that she thought would be perfect for me. I laughed as I looked at it and said, ‘the only way this could be more perfect is if it had money in the pocket’ Wouldn’t you know – I reached in the pocket and found $5!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How funny! Sometimes abundance comes in unusual packages. 🙂

  192. Hi Marie!
    I grew up in a family that until now, they live constrained by money and we always had some sort of fear about it. WTF?! 😉
    The funny thing is that my mom has this ritual for New Year’s Eve, in which at mid night, right when the new year starts, she would have us grabbing coins from a big can full of coins, and we were supposed to toss it around the house and in every corner of our closets and drawers. The idea being that by doing this, we would attract money for the rest of the year. Funny thing, that never happened and both my parents, and now myself, always live constrained by money and I never have enough of it. I’m tired of this situation and I want to attract money in my life, because this is affecting my relationship with my wife and we’re always fighting about money and I don’t want the same story for my kids (two little girls). Ok, thank you for “listening” 😉


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear money is a source of stress for you and your family. We’re sending positive vibes and wishes for abundance your way!

  193. Jennifer

    Whenever I find money on the ground I also pick it up, but I don’t like hanging on to it. When I was in college I found about $80 on the ground (4 folded $20 bills) and it made me feel uncomfortable to keep it. I didn’t know what to do so I bought $80 worth of breast cancer awareness stamps, which made me feel like I was getting something (stamps) but also donating to a good cause. I’ve evolved a bit since then. Last week I found $7 outside the supermarket, and I had my daughter give it for tzedakah (charity) which is collected each Sunday at her Hebrew School. Makes me feel like I’m redirecting the money to a worthy place since it wasn’t mine in the first place.

  194. When I was going through a difficult financial period, I played a little game with myself called How Much Can I Make and Save Today? I got pretty crafty.

    Now that things are better, I try to remember to appreciate all the money that flows into my life. I keep a little bowl with notes about unexpected income, raises, savings, gifts, etc. Every once in a while, I go through the bowl. It’s amazing when you add it all up.

    I haven’t stopped to pick up pennies, but I did spot a lottery ticket on a walk with my dog. I knew it likely wasn’t a winner, but I appreciated the sign of abundance anyway.

  195. Lynn Cook

    Funny thing about this video is it made me realise I’ve got a real thing about picking up money, I don’t like to do it. It’s partly because I feel embarassed to be taking money that someone else has lost, and partly because I feel that I should have enough already and not need the money.

    This got me thinking that I am really bad at accepting money for the things that I do and I’ve got to do something to change that. I slept on it and this morning woke up with the idea of selling seedlings and plants from my front yard. Really simple, a very small first action, but a way for me to practise selling.

    Thanks for getting me thinking!


  196. The money habit I picked up because I got tired of paying overdraft fees and feeling like I was paying for my lack of discipline is spending my money on paper at the beginning of the month. Doing that relieved a lot of the stress I had just swiping my card away and having no idea where my money was going. Spending my money on paper made it very clear to me where I needed to cut and what else I could afford to pay cash for.
    Telling my money where to go as opposed to being surprised set me free.

  197. I do the same Marie! However, for the 1st one the reason is different for me. I had a friend who told me once that for him if someone is not picking up money that is on the ground, that this person won’t probably do a good job either at obtaining it or to live in abondance. This man was a millionaire:-). Thank you for putting this out. I love you!

  198. Michael Zeeng

    I do both of those funny money rituals. I also put some small change that I don’t need straight away in a money box. That builds up to quite a sum over time. This money I use for something special as a reward, eg. take the family out to dinner etc.

  199. Aideen

    Hi Marie,
    I love the idea of being grateful for any money, even small change, that comes your way. I will never overlook spare change again. In fact, I always have lots of it at the bottom of my handbag, just going to waste. From now on I’m going to put that small change in a collection box for charity. Every little helps right?
    My weird ritual with money is this – I have a pound note attached to my mirror so that I see it every day when I’m putting on my make up, getting ready for the day. On it I have written “thank you for all the money I have received throughout my life”. This is my way of showing gratitude for everything I have received, and of attracting more into my life.

  200. when i first started my business i would count my income in pennies as a mind game.

    once i netted my first 5k, i would walk around saying i made 500,000 pennies in my biz so far…hoorah!!!

    thanks marie!
    carla xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh that’s so great, Carla! 🙂

  201. Heidi

    I not only pick up change on the ground and say thank you to the universe, but I also say “How much better can it get than this?!” Saying this invites the universe to have a continued relationship and continue to give me what I need. I organize any cash I have in my wallet also, Marie.

  202. Would you believe my ex used to throw pennies out the window while he was driving and he would throw them in the trash if he was at home or out walking around somewhere???? I couldn’t believe it! Even after I pointed at that ten pennies equal a dime and ten dimes equal a dollar and so on. Every time he did that it felt like he was throwing away our financial stability and throwing away our son’s future (paying for college tuition, anyone???).

    Marie, I have the same two money habits as you. I have picked up change and always accepted “honest” money and I for years, ever since seeing Suze Orman suggest it, I have carefully arranged my bills in my wallet.

    More recently, I have been practicing honoring my money by saying a small blessing every time I clear the change out of my wallet and transfer it to my little coin bank. I also keep my coin bank in what I call my “prosperity altar” along with live bamboo, my carefully organized art tools, and two small elephant figurines that have their trunks raised (a raised elephant trunk is supposedly lucky, according to my grandmother).

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Malea, wow — I can’t believe he’d actually throw away pennies. I get that they aren’t “worth much” on their own, but it’s such a great example of how treating even the smallest parts of money with respect (or anything else for that matter) can equal much greater respect for the larger parts.

  203. Thank you so much for the new perspective on picking up pennies!! It made me realize I have this ridiculous belief that picking up a penny is bad luck for me. Don’t know where that came from, but it’s outta here!! As for keeping the cash tight, I already do that, but had to up my game when cash was being skimmed out of my wallet. Now I wrap my bills in a long, lined post-it, and write all transactions and balances there. A little extra work, but solved my problem 😉

  204. Louise

    I do both of these things Marie. Especially putting money in my wallet all facing the same way. I think it’s a carry- on from when I worked in a bank where you had to put all the notes the same way. Now I get a bit annoyed when my husband or children put the notes back in the wrong way. I remember as a kid a saying ,that if you put the notes facing all the same way your money will always come back to you!

  205. sophia

    This is my first time watching a video. I already do both things mentioned here. It’s very unusual, even in BANKS! for anyone to put bills all facing the same way and denominations together anymore. I’ve always done this. Not sure what to gain from these, but will say Maria, you are obviously a wealthy woman. The dress you have on says it all. Personally I have a hard time learning from people who are so wealthy. It’s hard for them to relate to
    what I call “real life.” Not critizing your efforts, just maybe not for someone like me. Don’t find the “quips” of life to be valuable. Life does not always give us what we earned or deserved. Kinda like law of attraction…he ended up charged as a criminal. People have to be careful when believing all they hear and read.
    Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found our videos and thank you for watching, Sophia! Marie didn’t come from a wealthy background herself and actually built her business from the ground up, so in terms of going through tough times with finances, she’s definitely speaking from experience.

      If you haven’t already, definitely check out our interview with Tony Robbins. He’s also someone who grew his success from humble beginnings, and he has some great thoughts to share:

  206. Hello Marie,
    I selfishly especially loved this episode. I am the known as the “Penny Lady” I have been trying to find the language/elevator pitch for “what I do”. And here it is… (after 5 years ;))

    “I inspire gratitude and promote mindfulness through a lifestyle brand that embodies gratitude and mindfulness. I have partnered with the penny as a symbol of Gratitude and Mindful Change. Mindful Change is the idea that anyone can change the outcome of their life if they are aware they have a choice. We tell a story with every piece using penny history, folklore and sentiment.”

    I research the heck out of this amazing little coin. There is a zen belief; if you pass by a penny you are passing the opportunity for abundance in your life. You see the universe doesn’t judge abundance. And there is great power in One, after all that is what it all boils down to.

    Our mantra is: “Every time you see a penny, take a moment and acknowledge something you are grateful for.”

    I am especially grateful for this episode because you speak to the very thing that I have devoted my life to. Inspiring Gratitude One Penny At A Time… Thank you Marie, for this amazing sign and gift.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh that’s so wonderful, Laurie. We’re so glad to hear you were inspired to nail down your elevator speech, and we’re honored this episode really resonated with you and your own journey 🙂

  207. I have a lot more than ONE weird money habit 😉 One of my current faves is to ask all of the money that is coming in what it would like to be used for… the insights that show up are truly amazing! Money is an energy we can use to create change and what I’ve seen is it is not a linear or logical process as to how that change shows up.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, that’s a great one, Lisa. I’ll definitely give that a try!

    • almut

      dear lisa, i love that. inspiring! want to give that a try, it sounds so wonderful and friendly!
      A) a habit that i changed after a friend suggested it was also having my money facing the same way in my wallet. in germany, one of the bill sides has the image of a bridge. my friend suggested that paying so that the side with the bridge shows means that the energy will get back to you, like, via the bridge. this is my thought when i pay – i do not give money away – there is a bridge, and it is rather a deal where one thing goes one way and i get sth precious in return, so in fact the worth of the money does not leave – it changes form. this habit made me necessarily put my bills in order.
      B) a student of mine thinks that money should be exchanged from one hand to another, but first be laid on a table or cashier, so that the other person picks it up from there, not from the hand. the idea is that money is somehow not so good, which i do not share. the effect, whenever she pays for my class, however, is very different from the original thought or intention: i feel appreciation. it is a very conscious act of exchange! she puts the money down, both of us look at it, then i thank her, take it up and stash it neatly away. it feels good!
      by the way: especially since starting the habit i mentioned above, my financial situation has improved a lot.
      C) as a child and student, i loved collecting one coin each with different motives – loved sorting, counting, appreciating them (the euro-coins have different motives according to european countries – some really very beautiful. i am reminded of this as i also love bringing small change to the bank with my little son, where we have to sort it before putting it into his bank account.
      thank you for all these thoughts and bringing small gestures back to my attention!

  208. Rivero


  209. ambreesh

    hi marie…I am from india…after watching your episode, I think i need to respect it more…thank you!

  210. ambreesh

    hi marie…i already donate for good causes…one such organisation is magic bus foundation….and i am generous with friends

    thank are amazing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ambreesh, thank you so much for watching! We love giving back too, and being generous can definitely be part of approaching life and money with a sense of abundance 🙂

  211. sirisha

    Wow, I am so inspired. I hope I implement all this. I really need to change my money beliefs. Thank you Marie and team.

  212. Yes, you have done it again Marie! What a Thrilling episode. I do not have Money rituals but would love to have them. Keep shining guys the stories you share on this Blog mean a lot to me. Am glad to be in this Community.

  213. Catherine

    Love this!
    I have always picked up “Pennies from Heaven.”
    The other day I found a quarter in the parking lot. I also looked up at the sky & exclaimed “Thanks! ”
    We are going th a rough spot right now & I have been overwhelmed.Thanks to this episode I am going to be grateful that I am certain we will get past this. Love you Marie & your team for always lifting me up!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Catherine. We’re sending our thoughts and best wishes for the rough times you’re going through, and hopefully the quarter will be a sign of great things to come xoxo

  214. Christian

    Dear. Like the presentation. Although I never thought it to be WEIRD habits…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Christian! I think in this case “weird” is meant to be a little lighthearted — I definitely think weird can be a good thing.

  215. Yes, you have done it again Marie! What a thrilling episode with lots of insight. As of now i do not have a money ritual that has made a difference in my but i liked as i read stories from others. Keep shining *

  216. Andi

    If you don’t pick up a penny you aren’t worth a penny.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love that — well said, Andi!

  217. Loved this! And your story about being respectful of paper money reminds me of experiences in Japan: all over the country, whenever someone gives you back change in the form of bills, no matter how little, the cashier holds the bills stretched out between thumb and forefinger and offers it to you in a way that’s almost prayerful. It turns a routine encounter that’s often tinged with something a little ugly into a beautiful human exchange. Your video reminded me that at the time, this experience made me think about my attitude toward money (“filthy lucre” etc) in a whole new way. Thank you!

  218. I love it! Reverence and honoring your money is ah-mazing 🙂

    I write love letters to my money – a tool I learned from one of my coaches, Jennifer Longmore – and, honestly, it may sound strange but over the course of the last three years (since I started writing those love letters), I have quadrupled my business!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, that’s such a great tip, Jenny! Thanks for sharing, and big congrats on quadrupling your biz 🙂

      • It’s a fun, but quirky tip! And works wonders. Kind of like getting the love on with organizing cash dollar bills. Reverence, honour.

        And… thank you! As I’m sure you/Team Forleo know, it’s amazing to grow. And I’m so grateful for everything you guys provide, too. Thank you.

  219. Laurie

    My new favorite money idea is: if I spend the money on me for my happiness it does not deplete my account! I love this principal. I don’t know where I heard it but is serves me very well.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Laurie!

  220. Hi Marie.

    My money habit is to physically write “thank you” on every cheque I write to pay for the things I have purchased. I believe that giving gratitude for paying will generate abundance. And I am truly grateful for the service or thing I have acquired.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE that practice and thinking, Tosca. Good for you!

  221. Girl, I just LOVE your honesty. This was some really good insight. Now, Marie, I will GLADLY give you a quarter if you leave that penny for the homeless guy down the are adorable and I love your reverence and respect for money. Really good food for thought!

  222. Thought this was so insightful! As always, thanks for the way you inspire us all! I absolutely love the idea of treating money with respect and humility. Those two factors will take you far in life and business.

    One thing I always do with my money: readily give it up for a good cause. (Of course, with common reason.) Let’s say I’m in line and the person in front of me had their card declined- I pay for their lunch. I never want to allow my fear of not having enough for myself keep me from doing good to another. I think it’s a healthy way to train my brain not to hoard on to excess.

    Thanks for the amazing tip!! This is a great tip for life AND business.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Lynan, you’re so kind — thank YOU for tuning in.

      And I love what you expressed about never letting your own fear of not having enough for yourself keep you from doing good for others. That’s a gorgeous thought.

  223. Anahi Abe-Brower

    Have you read the book: “Busting Loose from the Money Game”? (Don’t judge the book by its cover) This book has amazing insight and I use the tools it offers almost everyday as I walk the path. Gratitude is of course a main tool but I really like the way the author goes into detail about really appreciating every situation when we catch ourselves in the fear of not having enough.

    Love your videos and I am a proud graduate of your B-school currently applying the knowledge from last year.

    Anahi 🙂

  224. Sigrid

    In German we have this saying, which I grew up with as a child and still keep to it:
    “Wer den Pfennig nicht ehrt, ist des Talers nicht wert.” (Eng.) If you do not honour the penny you are not worthy the dollar.
    I used to keep my money in perfect order exactly as you do.
    However, I abandoned cash many years ago.
    So, in my handbag you will only find a coin for a public toilet or shopping trolley. Except for the summer season, when I want to buy fresh strawberries (I could bath in strawberries) from the local farmer, I manage pretty well with two major credit cards neatly kept in a tiny leather purse.
    For me, this is part of my (ongoing) goal of simplifying my life.

  225. Majolica

    I pick up pennies, too, and for the same reason! I thought it was just me! Once after complaining about always picking up litter during my neighborhood strolls, I found a $5 bill! I will try to keep my money tidy–it’s not getting respect in my wallet. Going to change that right now.

  226. Andrea

    If someone gives you a compliment, or a gift, accept those with all your heart (as best as you can). It can be so difficult to fully open our hearts and accept gifts and blessings. This will help you feel and become even more abundant. Next time, try it and see how you feel!

  227. LOVE IT!!!

    I live my life with the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. That message really spoke to me.

    On a side note: Marie, just a simple questions –

    How many dresses do you own? You never wear the same thing twice.


  228. Debs

    Haha…I do the same thing! One day I was going on a new job interview and found a quarter on the ground as soon as I got out of my car. I put it in my right shoe (don’t know why, but anytime I find money I always put it there!) I thanked the Universe for all the abundance it brings me and I got th job!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woo, that’s so great, Debs!

  229. Petra Hedwig Amalia

    Whenever I buy something, I thank my money for having been with me and for helping me get the things I wish and I wish them all the best for their future and that we may soon meet again.

    And whenever I get paid, I welcome every single cent by introducing myself and by offering my friendship to them.

    Since that very moment I started to regard my money as my teammates, I felt so much more comfortable to buy things/services I really like without feeling guilty AND it is soooo much easier for my to accept money 🙂 I can finally say: I AM WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE AND I LOOOOOVE (MY) MONEY 🙂

  230. Love these! And yes, I have one ritual to add – keep a $100 bill in your wallet at all times. Talk about feeling abundant – and it becomes a magnet for more! Thanks Marie!

  231. My weird habit is that when I travel to another country (with a different currency) and enjoy it. I always save a few coins as a souvenir and to “keep the faith” that one day I will return.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ohh me too, Diana! Love that idea 🙂

  232. Oh Marie YES – I needed this one right now. So simple and I’m on it. Yas girl.

    Question about honest money: What if someone honestly wants to pay me for a private session but I’m overbooked? Do I have to accept it? This isn’t what you’re talking about I think but I could use some clarification about other examples of honest money :).

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Elissa! If you’re overbooked, I definitely don’t think the Universe would send along less abundance if you had to turn down clients.

      The way I look at it myself is that part of having an abundant mindset is choosing the right priorities and opportunities, and that can include turning down certain opportunities that aren’t a good fit. In fact, that really could be a great example of abundance, since you could refer those clients to others … in other words, sharing your abundance.

      Regarding honest money, I think of it as anything that comes your way honestly — like Marie’s idea of found pennies, your current clients, a utility company overbilling by mistake and sending a refund, extra projects you’re really excited about, a friend paying you back for something they borrowed a while back … it could be just about anything! It’s mostly about taking a moment to be grateful for those things — even if it’s just a few cents 🙂

      I hope that helps, and we’re so glad to have you tuning in!

  233. I have a little mantra that I repeat to myself when I start getting really stressed about money or an expense. Especially those, need to do it, unexpected ones like having to buy new tires.

    I say, “This isn’t the first dollar I’ve spent and it won’t be the last dollar I’ll make.”

    I too was quite strapped for cash for many years (starting a non-profit during the day with no funding; waitressing at night; trying to make it work in the city) and sometimes when eating out with friends or grabbing a drink at a bar, I’d find myself crying in the bathroom from the rising anxiety about paying the bill. I was strapped for cash, but not in debt. I could afford the $5 burrito. But having to pay my way just freaked me out at every turn. I had (and still sometimes have) bag-lady syndrome for sure. This little mantra helps me calm down, clear my head, and enjoy whatever it is I’m spending my hard earned dollar on.

  234. Marie- i have the same money ritual! but it’s inspired by vedic/ hindu philosophy that says any form of money represents the goddess lakshmi who is worshipped for prosperity, abundance, and wealth. so picking up a penny off the street is showing that reverence to lakshmi and honoring her. stepping on that penny or ignoring it is risking dishonoring the goddess and blocking your flow of money.

  235. This post really resonated with me. I used to feel a little embarrassed if someone noticed me picking up pennies off the street, mainly because of an experience I had back in high school when my boyfriend at the time kept dropping pennies on the floor and making fun of me for me for picking it up everytime not noticing he was the one dropping them near me when I wasn’t looking. When ever I find money on the streets, I see it as a sign of good luck!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Keep picking up those pennies, Niki! So not cool of your boyfriend teasing you for that. I’d totally be cheering you on if I saw you picking up a penny 🙂

  236. Thanks Marie! LOVE your contagious energy!

    You’re so right about money attitudes! People complain or joke because they won “only a dollar” with a lottery scratch off, yet if we were to find a dollar laying on the ground, we would think it was our big lucky day!

    My money weirdy? I save all denominations of crispy new bills in a hidden stash, that adds up quick and looks so pretty! … and of course, all heads face the same direction!

  237. Aloha, Marie! Great topic! One of my favorite easy and perhaps “weird” money habits: I also keep my currency in my wallet in order and facing the same way. However I have it all facing with the, “In God we trust” side forward. That emphasizes the Spirit more than the government. I’ve been doing that for years and now some store clerks are in the habit of handing my change back to me the same way.

    I work with my clients to reframe money as currency – a blend of cotton and linen, and literally currency – an energetic current. Each have individual thoughts and needs, so the specifics vary from one person to the next, but the overall idea is the same. It’s raw material that is alive.

    Thanks, Marie, for all you bring into the world! Although I’m not new in business, I love the energy you bring, and often begin my work week (Wed – Sun) with your Marie TV video! You’re so positive and practical, not to mention pretty! 🙂

    Miracles and blessings from Kaua’i,
    Dr. Renee

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awww thank you so much, Dr. Renee! I love your idea of facing “In God we trust” outward — energy is a wonderful thing.

      We’re so glad to have you tuning in and beginning your work week with us each week! xo

  238. Lenka

    Thank you, Marie for this video. It reminded me that money can be seen as a useful tool to achieve our real goals. I have always seen money as something “dirty”, not as important and without real spiritual value. I come from middle class family but both my parents have always been connected to money focused jobs (insurance agent manager in a coffee company) and I just always thought of that as being shallow. I always focused more on love, respect, empathy and helping others but it never occurred to me that money can be used to put all of that into practice and make even bigger impact on the world.
    So big thank you! I am definitely going to treat the money with a bigger respect which it deserves.


  239. For books, I would also recommend Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money by Margaret M. Lynch. For those who are into or are interested in EFT. It’s a great book for uncovering and getting rid of your limiting beliefs in this area.

  240. LOVED THIS! My dad taught me from an early age that if you respect your money, money will always seek you out! Like you, I pick up coinage and I keep my money tidy in my wallet. My two favorite little money habits are: 1) keeping a $100 bill tucked in my wallet so that I’m never caught without. It started as a habit in college so that I’d never be forced to ride home with a jerk just because I didn’t have money for a cab! Now it’s a symbol that reminds me that I am enough and I have enough! 2) When I’m feeling scarce, I give! I tip the amount of the bill, for example, or I ask someone what problem they prayed would be solved today and give them the money they would need to solve it. One time, I asked the waiter in a restaurant that question and he said his baby needed medicine and he was hoping to earn enough tips that day to cover it. How much? $100. So I used my “spare bill” to tip him. It was 4 times the tab. He was astonished and I was blessed to be the blessing in his day!

  241. Angela

    Another one I heard… and catch myself being weird about it… NEVER put your purse on the floor… NEVER.

  242. Johnnita Bros

    Great post. I really enjoy all of your content.

  243. Ohh what a fun episode. I think I do both of those things unconsciously – but will now do them consciously. I think I need to extend the clean money thing to my receipts though… goodness I could keep them more organised and tidy (mostly when they’re business related)!

  244. This is such a great episode! I also keep my money all facing the same way and nice and flat in my wallet.

    I will definitely start paying more attention to pennies on the street. That sound so weird to say, but I’m so with you Marie.

    Thank you for this.


  245. Marie, thank you so much for this video. Talking money and abundance is one of my all time favorite topics to talk, share and uplift one another about. Money gets such a bad wrap. I LOVE that you talk about the importance of respect and appreciation for it. I’ve found that money has ears. If we think and talk bad about it, it stays away.
    My favorite ‘weird’ ritual around money is blessing it, blessing who houses it (i.e. banks) and blessing those who have it in abundance. It’s been scientifically proven that what we focus on expands. So, what we focus on positively, expands positively. Blessing money, and those who house and have it in abundance, positively expands it in our businesses and lives! Woot! … Yep, I get really excited talking about money and law of attraction rituals. 🙂 So much fun!

  246. Wendy

    I could not see the vid, but I get the gist of the message because of people’s comments. Talking money and abundance is also one of my favourite topics. I am currently practicing the law of attraction and I just discovered manifestations. So still a newbie at that but I am very very passionate about teaching people about money, the laws of money and abundance. I come from a not so great- back ground, I was blessed with much but we always had money problems, even today, my parents still struggle to just get by with what they get and I just don’t understand it- they are constantly in debt and a couple of years I turned my life around and decided that that cannot be life. This is not how I can live my life, constantly in debt, don’t have money for food or petrol( fuel) or just the basics in life. I am a single parent but I have managed to turn my life around and I get support from absolutely no-one financially.
    But I am soo passionate about teaching people about money, money mindsets and energy and mastering your money- like I get so excited talking about it and people don’t get me.

    Anyway enough rambling- my money ritual is the following: whenever I see money esp on the floor, I pick it up and say ” thank you for the money, I am a money magnet” I have consistently started picking up more money over the last year- my salary has also increased consistently over the last two years. I now want to step out into business.
    Thank you to everyone for sharing their money rituals- I will def be adding a couple more to mine, like paying the bills and sending out blessings when I do so, because I do have abundance. Even when my folks ask me for money, I still have abundance and lack for nothing. That is such an awesome feeling to have!!! xo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wendy, I’m sorry you couldn’t see the video — I’m going to send you an email that hopefully will help! But in the meantime, thank you so much for sharing your money ritual. It’s great!

      • Wendy

        Thank You Kristin!

  247. Marla

    What about the joy of generosity . My husband and have had added alot of joy by putting out quaters nickels and sometimes dollars for someone to find. Be the abundance in the universe.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love that, Marla!

  248. Hey Maria

    Thanks for that tip about keeping a tidy wallet. I’m really careless about how tidy I keep mine, but now realise that I could be giving the Universe the message that I really don’t care about money!

    One ritual I try and practice every day when giving money is I also give a wish for all good things in abundance to the person I’m handing it to.

    Another one is, I will always go and spend some when it’s running low. Guaranteed to bring some in! I usually like to buy someone else a gift because that’s really feeling abundant. Or I’ll treat myself at a salon.

    Affirmations are also a regular ritual so I say thanks for everything I have each morning.

    Also just want to say thanks for all the inspiration I’ve received from your work. I’m just starting my own jewellery biz. Never been someone who focused on getting more money, but now realise that is okay to make it and share it.

    Please check out my website early next year, since I’m at present working on the designs.

    With love x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Satya! I really love the idea of wishing someone abundance when you hand money over.

      It means so much to know that our work has been inspiring to you, and we’re sending you loads of best wishes as you’re working on getting your business started! xo

  249. Anna

    Hi Marie,

    thank you so much for your great ideas again!

    I also keep my money ‘right and tight’ for the same reasons;-)

    And I do something else: Whenever I see a beggar asking for some money and it seems to me that he is not just ‘lying’ in some way or in other words, he seems to be trustworthy, I give him or her a few cents or an Euro. (I live in Germany.)
    I also try to speak to him and to remind him to get engaged into something.
    If he makes efforts he will have – sooner or later – enough money.
    Nobody can ever have enough money without the right attitude!
    In this case it means – at least to me – that for getting something you have to give firstly. And whatever it is (and even if that is the smallest thing), as long as it is something good, you will get something good, too.
    That’s what I strongly believe, not ‘only’ according to money, but also to this great source of life.

    Lots of love and always the best wishes for your ‘money-stories’!


  250. I also have a habit of keeping money organized and I can’t ever help myself from picking up loose change on the street. Where I’m from they say that someone that isn’t humble enough to bend down to pick up pennies on the street will never attract or be successful with money. Can’t take that risk! hehehe

    I also save in a huge jar all loose change and $1 bills that comes my way, and just recently I started adding every $5 bill as well. When the jar is full, that money goes straight into the savings account.

  251. Marie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion about weird money habits.

    I too am a collector of found money. I figure for the price of bending over, I gain a small treasure, pennies from heaven. Someone once told me that when you find a penny, it is your guardian angel reminding you they are with you. Why would I ever pass up a penny?

    My first stash of found money came to over $75.00. I am now nearing $100.00 on my second stash. I cash in the money and purchase gift cards to hand out to the homeless in my city.

    I am also one to iron my money. It all started when I first began riding the BART train into San Francisco. Originally, you could only pay your fair in cash and if your dollar bills were too flimsy or crumpled, the machine would not accept your cash. Frustrating when you are trying to purchase a ticket to get to work. Since currency is made of linen, ironing works well.

    After the BART system started selling large denomination tickets and accepting credit cards, the need for crisp money for the train dissolved. However, I came up with a new strategy for crisp bills. Now, whenever I receive a crisp bill as change or from the ATM machine, I save it to my emergency fund. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are always on the alert to an earthquake. If ATM and credit card machines are not working, cash will be king. By setting aside my crisp bills, I have amassed a tidy sum hidden away in case the need for cash arises.

    Thanks for sharing your weird money habits. I’m happy to know I am in good company.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love hearing those habits, Teresa. You’re in good company here for sure — welcome to the Weird (But Darn Cool!) Money Habits Club. 🙂

  252. You know what? We hold onto our possessions very lightly. There was a time when my husband and I owned a lot, but then we made bad decisions and lost it all. Now, we travel and take very little with us into the countries we stay in. When we leave, we give away most of it to the locals. There is no point in holding onto things.

  253. One of my weird habits is to make sure I limit my expenses when my account drops bellow a certain amount.

  254. Carmen

    Hi, Marie!

    I really love,love your work!
    I got your book a few days ago…This year it was translated in Romanian so I’m grateful for that.

    About money…in my country it is an old saying that when you find a coin in the street means that you have found your luck, so I never ever live my luck behind. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love that saying, Carmen! We’re so glad you found us and checked out Marie’s book 🙂 SO cool that it’s in Romanian now!

  255. Theresa

    Whenever I’m out shopping I try to make silver change. I only pay with cash, paper and pennies. I save all my silver change and put it in a box at home. When there’s something that I desperately want or need, but don’t have the extra $$, I will take my box to the grocery store and cash it in. I’ve even been able to purchase airline tickets and it’s not felt like it was coming out of my budget.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Theresa! Don’t you just love that feeling of getting something for free because it didn’t come out of your budget in the same was as a formal expense? 🙂

  256. These are certainly food for thought! I agree – pretty much everyone has some sort of money complex. I think it’s important to explore these little habits we have!

  257. Thanks Marie! I ALWAYS pick up money, and I feel silly for it too sometimes, but I’ve always seen it as a sign of abundance from the Universe, and trust me, I definitely want to pick up what it’s putting down!

  258. I thank every bill coming to me. I have pleasure to pay my bills. It keeps me in a positive and thankful position to the world.

  259. Lovin’ it, Marie!! I’m on a money-clearing kick as I just started Soulful Money Medicine with Jody England and this ties in so nicely 🙂 I ADORE the reminder to keep my money tight and right. Funny thing is, I’ve done that for as long as I can remember but never thought of it as a sign of reverence or respect for my money. Now that I have this new awareness, I’m definitely going to keep it up with the added knowledge that I’m being a good steward of it while I have it. Something else I have been doing recently is wearing a bracelet that has a penny attached to it. It was a gift of mine from a dear soul sister a few months ago and when I put it on I thought to myself, “This is my constant reminder of just how much abundance there is in the Universe.”

    Here’s to more appreciation and respect for the green stuff (and the energetic exchange it makes possible)!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! Having such a visual reminder of abundance sounds like a really power thing. And I bet it’s a pretty bracelet too. 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy! Simple yet beautiful. Like most things in life ?

  260. Naz

    I always find money in the oddest places and it is usually in large sums. People have also re-appeared into my life and given me money in the thousands as a gift. I didn’t realize I have rituals. But I do the following on a regular basis:

    1) I almost always pay for meals when I go out with friends.
    2) When someone borrows money from me, I don’t ask for it back and if they remember to pay me back I don’t take it.
    3) I was touched by the Tim Horton’s story (Canada) awhile back so I drive into Drive Thru’s and offer to pay for the person behind me in line. I do this a lot because I go to Timmy’s a lot for my coffee. 🙂
    4) Giving a wallet as a present always needs money in it before it’s given.
    5) Hide spare change in other’s people pockets who I live with.
    6) Top up parking meters for others when I can.

    I am not rich, but I’ve never worried about money, ever. If I could apply this “abundant” positive thinking in other areas… I bet I would see improvement in those areas. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Naz! It sounds like you’re putting abundance out into the universe and the universe is rewarding you for it. 🙂

  261. Love this! I consider money as representation of Lakshmi and a gift from the goddess of wealth directly. So I do pick up pennies as well and say a lil’ thank you every time, just as I do when I see a client payment come through on PayPal 🙂

    Another “weird” money habit I have is always customizing the messages on account transfers when I move money from one of my accounts to another. They’re always something like: “AummmLoveDreamHomeSavingsAummm”.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a cool practice! I bet seeing the changed name on account transfers is a beautiful reminder of what you’re saving for and the dreams you’re working toward. Super cool! 🙂

  262. christina

    I loved this post about money. I realized when I was growing up I did not have any respect for money. I now keep my food out, grocery money and personal/beauty money in an envelope for every 2 weeks. I now save 75% of what I have rather than overspending!

  263. Alanna

    Marie – I’m with you girl! Just the other day I spotted a Washington laying on a city sidewalk, folded in two and flapping back and forth in the breeze as if waving me over to pick it. So, I did.
    I came of age working retail and I’m sure the second habit comes from those roots. Bills are always faced forward, low to high, front to back, 1’s in front, then 5’s, then 10’s. That’s the highest denomination I keep and here’s why.
    I learned to keep no more than $40 in cash in my purse, and only carry 2 bank credit cards so they can be flagged or cancelled in case of loss or theft.
    I had my purse stolen the first time when I was 16 while shopping with my Gram who was watching it, 2 purses were stolen at two different jobs, a wallet was stolen with my car out of my driveway while I was unloading the trunk, 1 was almost stolen on my first night in a new state where I started a new job the next day, and the last purse was stolen during an attempted abduction and felonious assault. (And no, I’m not careless, live in bad areas, or look like a victim. In almost all these cases, Police told me that I was being stalked and didn’t know it.)
    So be safe with your money too. That’s the money tip I’d like to add. : )
    …..and never carry a flashy designer handbag – that alone has value to thieves.

    • Alanna

      Another thing I do is keep 4 quarters in my wallet. Any extra change that accumulates goes into a jar and gets deposited into savings 2-3 times a year. Adds up to a couple hundred bucks a year. Its like free money!

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us, Alanna. How scary that you had your purse or wallet stolen multiple times. It’s definitely smart to keep a limited amount of cards and cash!

  264. Hi Marie…I too keep my money right and tight. Also, when I see a penny it reminds me who to trust…As it say’s…IN GOD WE TRUST…

    Have a great week…

  265. Lyndsey

    Hey Marie, just a cheeky little note, in Canada we don’t have pennies . I guess I’ll be keeping an eye out for those pretty little nickels 😉

  266. Maya S.

    Marie, thank you for this video! It really got me thinking about money and how I need to respect it more, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. I have heard before about being more respectful and grateful for money and I started implementing that in little ways by thinking about what I spend money on and saying thanks for what I have instead of being sad that it may seem like chump change compared to what others may have. Your ritual of never saying no to honest money really stood out to me. Just yesterday, I played a scratch off lottery game and I won $2. I was really tempted to be like, “Eh, it’s not the big prize. I’ll just toss this.” But, then I said, “No. How can I win the “big” prize if I can’t even appreciate the “small” one?”, so I kept the ticket. And, now I learn about your ritual and it’s so fitting and let’s me know I’m on the right track! I don’t really have any other rituals per se, but I do tend to always look at the ground whenever I’m walking around to see if I’ll find any money. In several incidents, I have randomly found money from $1, $10, to $200! So, I’ll probably do that forever 🙂 I definitely see now that how I treat money and how I relate to it affects how it will come in and out of my life and I’m actually excited about the fact that I can say “Thanks!” and that it’s all right to want abundance and allow that in. For a long time, I’ve felt bad about money and that the only things you’re supposed to associate with it are greed, lack, evil, or do whatever it takes to get more. Messages like yours make me feel like I have permission (crazy, right?) to feel good about money and associate things like freedom, fun, gratitude, possibility, and blessing with it instead. These old stigmas around money and this idea that abundance is just for other people or rich people is really constricting and discouraging, so I see why so many of us may struggle with finances. Hopefully, this will change now that more positive messages around money are being spread and helping people adjust their relationship with it 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Maya — I love the scratch ticket example. Cheers for overcoming stigmas around money and abundance!

  267. Maya S.

    P.S. I also keep my money tight and right, especially after I was a cashier at a pretty meticulous retailer for 2 years. I do the same thing–I keep my bills facing the same way and organized by denomination, plus I count my money several times to make sure I’m giving and getting back the right amount and no bills are stuck together. Other people look at me strange sometimes when I do this, but they always give me the money to double-check before we pay for dinner 😉

  268. Marie! I do both of these too! I actually started picking up change or money or “honest money” awhile ago. I pick it up and bless it, thanking the universe for the abundance and sign that it is looking out for me. I also keep all my money tidy because it is a sign of respect for my money and it makes me feel excited and positive. I just love this! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Tansy! It sounds like you’ve got some great money habits, and we’re wishing you much abundance in the new year. 🙂

  269. Hi Marie, thank you for your awesome videos and great gifts you give! I follow both of those weird money rituals, in fact, I LOVE keeping my money in order in my wallet.

    My weird ritual is counting. I kinda fell off the counting train sometime last year, but got back on it as 2016 began, and I’m sticking to it. I like the Spending app on my phone for doing this. It’s super simple and easy, and helps me see patterns in spending. Plus, knowing I’ll have to list every cent I spend makes me think more consciously about doing so.

    I saw another of your money videos where you mention your mantra, “there’s always more where that came from”. I don’t know where I got that mantra from, but I’ve been using it too, for a while. And I write thank you on checks, or when I pay online, I say my thanks out loud. Thank you, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Kris! Yes, we love the “there’s always more where that came from” idea too — it’s one I’ve been using recently myself. We talk about that in this other great MarieTV episode about money mindsets:

      Also, the idea of writing thank you on checks is awesome!

  270. It is funny because I used to wash my money when I was younger, I had a really strong love relationship with money, always hoping to get rich.
    Of course, now I do not wash money anymore but it is always nice to remember that any honest money you get is good.

    Thank you.

  271. Jim Buchanan

    Sorry I am late to the discussion. The author and long-time radio raconteur Jean Shepherd is less famous today than he once was, but was an awesome story-teller in his day. (But still known today for the now holiday classic and semi-autobiographical movie “A Christmas Story”.) He once did a radio piece on the ill-advised nature of picking up pennies, noting that if you did it all your life, it wouldn’t even permit an initial down payment on a broken-down old Buick. I wonder if focusing on a small slice of the BIGGEST transactions of one’s life might make more sense, like if you are buying a $400,000 condo, working diligently on getting an extra ¼% interest rate break from the bank, and an extra ½% from the seller, and a point or two on the broker’s commission, etc. might be where your efforts should be spent. (After all, ¼% of $400,000 is $1000, which is 100,000 pennies, not including compounding!)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jim, thank you so much for checking out this episode and sharing your thoughts. Your point is a great one, and it’s always smart to find ways to earn more or better leverage the money we are making.

      That being said, we don’t mean to imply that picking up pennies here and there will improve anyone’s financial state in a direct way. Rather, it is simply to illustrate the power of changing one’s mindset around money. While it’s so true that picking up every penny may not add up to much in the long run, taking a moment to respect any money we earn or come by honestly is something that can make a huge difference!

  272. Felicia

    Wow great episode Marie. It’s now been a week since watching this and it’s literally transformed my limited view of just thinking about finance in terms of money, income and expenditure.

    So now I’ve started opening up my vision, saying yes to free giveaways (for example promotional items that people are giving away in the street). Even if I don’t need them I can give them to someone who does. I also now view these as incoming gifts and I’m grateful for the incoming! Likewise I’m more mindful of giving out too, not just to charities but for example when I go to an art gallery putting a little something in the donation box or giving something to a street artist because I appreciate their work and it is work their craft that’s brightened up my day. It doesn’t matter how much it is it’s all about appreciation. Appreciation for everything coming in and appreciation that I can give out. I’m even thinking of just writing notes instead of giving money – it’s all value!

  273. Anyiti Nanyama

    I always have kept my money organised in my wallet. Plus I have a special purse strictly for coins. I respect my money.

  274. For me gratitude and giving it back are the two ways of bringing more money into my life. I always donate but whenever I am at my lowest in terms of money, I donate more, almost going down to my last penny. And voila, that day I have a windfall in my bank, almost like the universe rewarding me for my kindness. I have witnessed this time and time again and now I am no more scared of having less money as I know I can always have more :)) wonderful episode. Loved it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Shabia!

  275. Christine

    I always pick up money I find in the street and am disappointed when I don’t find any. My other habit is highlighting in yellow the words “In God We Trust” to remind me not to worry about money. So far, so good.

  276. ED

    Marie. I used to pick up money off the floor but felt embarrassed about it. But you made me think about it a little longer and your explanation on why it’s OK made me start again and be thankful. We are abundant. The second part about putting bills right and tight, I totally do this. Not sure where I got it from but it’s been a habit for a very long time.

  277. Amazing story about picking up a lotto ticket.

  278. I started taking pictures of lump sums of the money I generated and making that picture my screen saver which then my money doubled. Then I would take a picture of that doubled amount and make that my new screen saver. That cycle continues which i believe it has trained my subconscious to stay focused on doubling and tripling my finances.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tip, JP, thank you for sharing!

  279. Gerardo Marcelo Jr

    Hi Marie,
    It’s great ,Awesome video i like the valuable content
    amazing grace!


  280. I once washed my money when I was little. Very funny episode.

  281. Amanda

    The tip “never say no to honest money” got me thinking. I know you’re talking about change on the ground but I’ve always wondered. What is the right thing to do when someone asks to pay for you at a restaurant? I don’t mean a date. Sometimes after work, my coworkers want to go out for drinks and sometimes, I just don’t have the spare money. But if I say “I’m sorry, I can’t, I don’t have the money right now”, one of them inevitably says “it’s okay I’ll pay for you”. That makes me feel really awkward. I mean, I know he’s just being nice but I don’t want to feel like a leech. Is there a graceful way to deal with this? Or am I just overthinking it all (because I do that sometimes)? Love your videos. They’re always so smart and helpful.

  282. Therese O'Connor

    Hi Marie and team Forleo.
    I so love your dedication to your work and helping others, and actually following up with responses. Thank you!
    I also pick up any coins and always say out loud, usually to my dog I’m walking, “We live in such abundance. Thank you, God”
    I also have a $100 bill that I keep as a seedling, no matter how in the red I get, I don’t spend it. It’s been about 4 years, with some tough financial times, but it always comes around.

  283. Delfina Falco

    Hi Marie❤️
    Growing up my single mother of 4 girls in California would always pick up any coin. She would put a sign of a cross & pick it up. I have been doing it since I can remember. Now I’m teaching that value of one cent to my 2 year old & my 5 year old.

  284. Jennifer

    Oh gosh! I have the same two habits! If a cashier hands me a messy pile of bills, I HAVE to turn them all facing forward and right side up (top of the president’s head toward the sky or the top of my wallet). All denominations put together with their friends, ones on top bigger bills behind and biggest bills all the way in the back. Also, I pick up coins too and I find them all the time. I noticed that I will find coins literally a second after I change a negative thought to a positive one. I take my dog for lots of walks and, as I walk, I think about things. Sometimes I catch myself in a negative thought and say no I will turn this into a positive idea. So often when I do that, a step later, I will find a penny or dime. My favorite money finding story is pretty awesome. One day I was walking about 30 feet behind a man. He stopped and picked up something and looked thrilled. When I caught up to where he was standing, he said “I found a quarter! ” I smiled at him and thought it was nice that the universe gave him a surprise gift. Then I thought – hmm, if I was in front of him, I would have found it instead of him. I instantly realized that was a bit selfish of me and thought “The universe wanted him to have it. I’m glad he found it instead of me. It made him so happy.” Right then, I turned a corner and found a quarter. I said out loud “thank you universe”. Two steps later I found another and then another and then a little pile of smaller coins. I had to wonder if someone purposely dropped their change on the sidewalk or if the universe was really giving me a “penny for my thoughts”. I like to think that it was the latter. This is my favorite episode ever. I’m happy to learn you do these things too.

  285. Ginny

    Nice! My thought is these 2 rituals will attract money because of practicing them:)

  286. It’s so funny, I pick up pennies and say “thank you”, too! Are we twinsies?! Yes!

  287. Steve

    You’re an idiot. Found money is someone else’s lost money. You should leave it lie in case they come looking for it. If a penny is important to you it may be important to them as well. It is not “honest money” it is “lost money.”

    • Lucky

      I found a penny in the gutter the other day. Who do I return it to Steve? (sarcasm intended). In my opinion, if you find a wad of money in a bag, it could be illicit drug money proceeds, or someone’s rent. Nothing wrong with turning it in to the police or posting an found ad on Craigslist to try and find the owner. Different circumstances call for different responses.

    • Steve, I can understand the point you’re making about ‘lost money’. But let’s explore another perspective. A good friend of mine (now passed away) had a unique ritual when it came to money. After making a cash purchase at a store or restaurant, he’d have some loose change (pennies, dimes, nickles) and he would literally toss them on the ground. His intentions were that he hoped someone would find those coins, pick them up, and that it would brighten their day. He had financial issues of his own and struggled with money, yet this was his way of ‘giving back’ — contributing in a heart-felt, fun and unique way. Perhaps he too, was an idiot?

      ” If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” — De. Wayne Dyer

      • Maja - Team Forleo

        What a beautiful ritual! Thanks for sharing that story, Lisa!

  288. Dear Marie,
    Just a funny story. I at times live in a very rich touristy town in Napa Valley, there on the main street in front of the low down locals bar, someone has glued a bunch of quarters to the pavement. From inside the bar they can watch everyone try to pick up the fallen change. I have stooped to pick it up and laughed along with the drunks inside. You would be right there laughing and grasping with me.

  289. Jennifer

    As a former bank teller, I have to keep my money straight and organized. Looks better that way. But the first ritual you stated, I had just heard from another motivational speaker about Wayne Dyer doing that and calling it Evidence of Abundance. Then that same speaker suggested tracking that money to show what you make, not just what you get through work.
    So while I haven’t really had the chance to do it, it is already applied as a new ritual for myself!

  290. Tham

    With that mind, I recently completed my product Now I am looking for ways to make some money as a side hustle 🙂

  291. Lori

    “Find a penny, pick it up. Then, all day you’ll have good luck!” So, I too will stop to pick up pennies (or other change) I may find on the street. But, then someone told me that was only true if the penny was heads up. So, now when I find a penny heads down, I stop and flip it over so that the next one to find it gets the good luck. A little superstitious maybe, but it’s a small way to share in the universe’s abundance.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      What a fun and generous small act of kindness Lori – superstitious or not! Thank you for sharing this with us. We’re wishing you an abundance of heads-up pennies throughout your day.

  292. From: Lisa – I grew up with My Mom, saying, ‘Other People Have Money’, in Other Words: we aren’t allowed to. Marry someone wealthy (My husband as his own business & does well-I married someone I loved). I am grateful for picking up small change, getting enough to pay the bills (My Husband & I)-we need savings (he’s 62 & I am 3-4 years younger & we’re struggling); this is the issue: happens often: Was in Atlantic City, about 6 months before Our wedding. I got up for one second, from a Slot machine & another gal sits down & wins $1000. The other week (July 5, 2018), at World Resorts Casino (Monticello, NY), get a Card, as a first time player, I won a $100, I heard someone else won $1100. Want to guide my energy to winning big – enough to pay bills, actually help animals (dogs & cats), take or be able to create a way for kids, living in inner cities, to farms, to learn how to care for animals in need – in a big way (including lodging on the farm, meals, trainers, etc). Ex: Hurricane Sandy, people who were watching dogs at shelters, treated them as if they were their own Pets. I’d love to open more shelters, with people who have this high of a consciousness, instead of hired help (Oh, it’s just a job & kind of take care of the animals) & start this from NY (Long Island – & maybe it’ll spread across the country). How to re-direct the universal energy as a very insistent intent, to create this. Any ideas?? Marie – thanks for this blog.

  293. Grandma Jennie said,

    “Keep your money in your pocket”.

    Jay loves his Grandmas! ???

  294. Angela

    Oh may goodness, this completely spoke to me! Skiing with my boys this weekend and had just dropped a ridiculous $50 on lunch for the three of us. We sat down at a table, where I watched a dad and his kids just leave, and there were 3 quarters on the table. My 11-year old said, “um what is this?” pointing at the change (I could tell he felt awkward that it was just laying there for the taking). I replied “It’s seventy-five cents, and if they don’t want it, I certainly do, thank you very much.” So I took the money and put it in my pocket! And, yes Marie, I stop for dirty pennies on NYC streets as well. 🙂 Oh, and your are not alone… it drives me nuts when you take out cash from a bank machine and the bills are all in different orientations. Gotta fix that shit before it goes into my wallet!! #loveyourmoney
    I will be showing this to my kids.

  295. Dina Kaidir Elsouly

    Loved what you shared about your 2 money rituals. I won’t say no to honest money again! Organizing my money in my wallet is what I already do. One of my rituals is to never have my wallet empty. I make sure that it always has something in it. Another ritual is weirder, when my left palm is itching (a sign of money coming in my culture) I take paper money and scratch my palm with that! ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Any ritual that moves the focus to a prosperous focus is an awesome one, Dina! We love that you share in these practices with Marie. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  296. As a firm believer in the law of attraction, I think your information goes hand in hand Marie. I too make the mistake of just carrying cash in my front pocket, rather then putting it where it belongs…in my wallet! I unfortunately do the same with lottery tickets. Two bad habits that need to be changed. It’s true, money is just a tool that we need to learn how to use. Money is just energy we just need to learn how to harness. Solar panels come to mind anyone? We need to become the “solar panel” where money is the “sun”. I put the number 8 in my wallet since I’ve heard that the number 8 is the money number. I believe it is just another “tool” to add to our abundance.

  297. I always give a dollar if I have it — and I try to keep dollar bills in my wallet just for this reason — to any person busking on the NYC subway or asking for change. I know that many people direct concerned individuals to reputable not-for-profits, and I support several with monthly donations. But I feel grateful to have the abundance to offer those asking, I affirm the talents (if they’re playing music or dancing or singing) of fellow artists, I acknowledge the pain and difficulty of those asking for help. A friend once explained his decision to do the same, saying that anyone in the position of asking for a hand, no matter what their circumstance, reminds him how blessed he is, and I follow his example. It’s a gesture that leaves me feeling connected to other people and grateful that I have a bit to share. This is a ritual that means the world to me.

  298. Bonnie Dickson

    I love this dress Marie is wearing, the nude base with black lace. Where can I find this?

  299. vineet

    this applies to everything…from carrying condoms to business card.for abundance we should do things that shows abundance.A refrigerator full of veggies and fruits,brush stand ,cupboards full of clothes.thank you marie for this money tip.

  300. Lisa

    Hi Marie!
    Thank you for your great tips!
    Here are three ways that I daily connect with money:
    MAIL TRUCKS – When I see one, I think to myself, “That’s the truck that delivers unexpected checks to my mailbox!”
    RESTAURANT RECEIPTS – I always write, “Thank You” at the bottom of the merchant copy before I leave. Not only am I giving thanks to the server for taking care of me, I’m giving thanks to the Universe for the gift of dining out.
    ARMORED (MONEY) TRUCKS – When I see one, I think, “There is so much money in that truck! Seeing this truck is proof that I’m on the same vibration as money! More money is flowing to me right now!”

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Oh, these are great, Lisa, thank you so much for sharing!

  301. It’s weird because I have these weird money practices but I didn’t think I was practicing abundance. Like keeping my money organized I developed after being a cashier all through high school and college. It’s funny how you do things but don’t realize you’re practicing good habits. Thanks Marie for shaping that awareness for me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re absolutely doing it, Astrid! We’re so glad this was affirming of your excellent money habits! Keep up the awesome work ?

  302. The most powerful word I heard today is;
    What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds matters. It drives our behavior, which drives our destiny.

  303. Every night I empty my change in my purse into a jar and it really adds up in the end.

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