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Have you ever been so fired up about a new book (or movie, show, restaurant, etc.) that you could barely contain yourself?

That’s exactly how I feel about Tony Robbins’ new book Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom.

I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know because it’s really good and this topic is really important. If you’re a subscriber, you remember my passionate email about it a few weeks ago.

The reason I’m such a fan of this book is because Tony has taken what can be very complex and often confusing topic  — creating financial freedom — and laid out a simple and do-able plan that the everyday person can follow.

This book simultaneously pissed me off (more on that in our interview) and got me extremely fired up to make changes. For myself, my team and my family and friends.

When you change a belief, you change everything. @TonyRobbins Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out and you’re in massive debt like I was when I first got out of school or you’re doing good but you have big dreams to do even better.

Because Tony’s book accomplishes something extraordinary: it’s both highly readable and highly tactical, helping both the novice and the more experienced investor create true and lasting wealth – for yourself, your family, your team and causes you believe in.

And today, I’m so very excited to share our interview here on MarieTV.

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DIVE DEEPER: Feel like you can never make progress on your financial goals? These six money mindset shifts will train your brain for abundance.

I’ve met Tony before when he interviewed me at his home in Sun Valley, but as you’ll see in our interview, this man is getting better and better.

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you. Choose one question, or several, to respond to in the comments below.

  1. If you’ve already gone through the book – what’s the most important, concrete step you’ve already you’ve taken to strengthen your financial life?
  2. What’s one thing you know you should do to take better care of your finances, but you’re not doing yet? Let’s turn your knowledge into action right now.
  3. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s episode?

As you know, thousands of beautiful souls come here each week for insight and support so please leave as much detail as you can. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to have the breakthrough they’ve been looking for!

And if you found value in this interview, please pass it along to your friends and family.

Actually implementing the ideas Tony shares in his book can make a significant difference to people you love, as well as help feed millions.

Thank you as always for reading, watching and sharing. You make my world a brighter place.

With all my love,


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  1. Only five minutes into this interview and I’m feeling charged. The energy Tony radiates is off the freakin’ charts. This is JUST what I needed, today.

    • Cat

      Marie I’m so glad you are one of Tony’s marketing partners… your enthusiasm was the reason I’ve bought this book. I received it yesterday and read the first chapter on the train to London. Haven’t completed reading it yet, but the profound takeaway so far (and there are many!) is chapter 1.3 – the most important financial decision of your life. I have now committed to saving 17% of my income and giving away 7% (I like the number 7!). Excited to read the rest. It is the fattest book I’ve ever owned and no doubt the one I’ll refer back to over the over. Thank you Tony for sharing this beautiful and very practical book with us.

      • I am still WAITING!!! 🙂 I’m lookin so forward and great
        to hear you got it and stoked <3 !!

      • The interview was fantastic. Tony’s story of his own experience of struggle and gratitude early in life to what he currently does to continue to pay it forward is remarkable. It made me buy the book. I love that even though he’s in a much different place than most (traveling, wealth, meeting billionaires) that he maintains roots to connect to so many. I can’t wait to read this book and thankful he chose to create a book not for the small percentage but the large percentage of people who could benefit from the truth.

    • Mark

      Heya im just in about 100 pages or so.very interesting and deep.Im just wondering about indexing and investments.Is it possible for me living outside the US to get involved in indexing? is it only directed for the american people?

      • this is a cool question. Are there any posssibilities to get involved in indexing for non USA people? Does anybody know?

        • I’m no expert, but yes, you can get involved in indexing from outside the US. You can easily invest in the us stock exchange or any other from abroad. In fact, if you’re not an American citizen, you have even more options for a wide variety of tax-free investments offshore, etc… I’ve invested in the US market from abroad in the past, through an online broker, but that was six years ago, and there are probably more and different options now. A good place for info and resources back then was Anyone have more current info?

    • Oh my goodness, I know. I love his passion, it is so magnetic. Definitely motivated me more too.

      Stay hungry, my friends 🙂

    • Light T

      I just though the same thing. He is genuine.

    • Wow, GREEEAAT interview! Feeling super charged up right now! You and Tony are so much fun and captivating to watch and I totally InJOYED and loved absorbing all of the enthusiasm, wisdom and insight he shared from his 10 minute morning warm up, how he coaches people and his personal motives and inner rage for writing his book. Thank you for asking great questions!
      Keep up the great work with Marie TV and thank you for this awesome interview. Posting and sharing on FB now.

  2. OMG!! I am loving this! Will definitely get this book and one day, I hope to get my feet toasted on some hot coals at Tony’s event. :-p

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you guys later at the Huddle. 🙂

  3. Tony’s point about the most successful people being the hungriest people is powerful to me. I could not agree more. I spent many years poking along accomplishing next to nothing because I didn’t have that hunger in what I was doing.

    But then events in my life shifted and I found myself in a totally new place with new ideas, and suddenly I found that thing I could be truly hungry about. That, to me, has been the SINGLE most reason I’ve been able to build my business like I have in the last 6 months.

    It’s not my talent, my intelligence, my education…it has all come down to how much I’ve wanted to make it work. Period.

    Thank you for making that clear, Tony.

    • Well said Erika!

      I can definitely relate to the hunger. Until I was able to really find what fueled my spirit, it was really difficult to stay focused or moving towards a desired goal (or so I thought).

      Today when I think about what I am doing and how I get to serve…there is so much excitement and movement.

      Thank you for sharing Erika!

      Brandy xo

  4. Have already bought this book and devouring it! Thank you Marie for bringing this interview to us all!


  5. I love this guy! I’ll definitely buy his latest book…

  6. Wow, Marie!

    This was a HUGE interview for me. I’m one of those people who just gets so overwhelmed by finances that I give up. I can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome book and start turning things around.

    Loved all of Tony’s little nuggets of wisdom here. One that really stuck with me was his quote about having 10 mins. A personal trainer secret is to break workouts down into smaller segments when you start and 10 mins is that special smallest segment so I’ll definitely be quoting Tony on that!

    Of course, now that the interview is over I’m tearing up over here and feeling so moved by Tony’s generosity. I especially love how he really lives your tweetable about changing your beliefs to change your life. So many times we let a story we have written or heard from others dictate how we act. I love how Tony really changed around the story his father tried to pass on, saw good in other people, and now shares that with all of us.

    My action step today is to buy this book for everyone on my Christmas list!

    Thanks Tony and Marie 🙂

    • I totally agree Catherine!

      Tony has moved me too with his generosity!

      And to know that I am not just buying a book that can change my life I am also given the opportunity to feed 50 people every time I buy the book (whether for me or someone I care about). That is love on a whole other level that Tony has put out into the world.

      Thank you Marie and Tony for giving us this opportunity!

      Brandy xo

  7. Only a few minutes in and see why I love Tony Robbins! So full of passion and energy! I just got his new book yesterday and can’t wait to dive in over the Christmas holidays.

  8. I will buy this book and dive right in!
    But what I take away from this episode is an urgency to find a way to give more.

    Love this! I’m so inspired…

  9. I purchased this book immediately after reading Marie’s email a couple weeks ago. It is such a great read! I tend to fatigue on money books a couple chapters in, but I look forward to reading this every night. It truly flips the traditional beliefs around money mindset on its head and provides great actionable advice. Thanks Marie & Tony!

  10. Tony’s book is so mammoth it scares me 😉

    But one of my most important long term goal is to be financially smart and to educate myself on the matters of money (knowledge is power), so I shall dig into this book in the new year.

    Looking forward to see what I get out of it, how easy it’ll be to implement the strategies he shares and how it’ll impact my wealth creation.


  11. It’s almost 1 am here and I have been so looking forward to this interview since you mentioned it was happening. I am going to be going to bed with so much on my mind.

    I have his book on my Kindle and I am into Chapter 2, and I am already so impressed with it that I have ordered the hardcopy as a gift for my parents for Christmas.

    There is so much I could say on this interview, and I am going to end up watching it a couple of times today just to try and soak it all in, but I want you to know Marie, that you’re not only a great business woman, you are a brilliant interviewer.

    You ask the questions that matter to us. For an entire 15 minutes you asked about the key topics we all want to know. How do we get to live life as energetic as Tony’s. His energy is everything, his energy is my ideal, and I am sure I am not alone in that, so thank you.

    Although I don’t imagine jumping into cold pools in the morning, he can keep that habit.

    I need to build a better relationship with my finances, because if money were a person it would be rocking itself backwards and forward in the corner totally starved and neglected right now. As far as the biggest insight, I honesty don’t think I can narrow that down to one.

    I’ll most definitely be back to watch this several times.

    Thank you.

  12. Thank YOU!
    Amazing episode with my favourite mentors!

  13. marta

    I have a question. I know that Tony feeds people during its like one meal a year for hungry person…how about feeding people every day till they become able to feed themself and helping them to get there…
    Does the book feed people once a year too…or its an every day meal..?if its once a year only…its such a waste of money…you could take this money turn it to a profitable bissness and then bissness profits would feed people in need every day till they get to the point of feeding themselfs.

    • Good point, but then look at who is doing the givinh. I doubt very much that Tony would do anything wastefull.

    • Hey Marta, Thanks for your note. Feeding people is a worthwhile endeavor, as anyone who has every been hungry can share.Tony is partnered with Feeding America on this initiative. They’re an incredible organization – you can learn more about them here –> here.

  14. Nancy Stover

    Finally! Now I know what everyone on my holiday list is getting – Tony Robbins’ new book! I’ve been searching for a way to give an actual gift…AND… a donation to a really great charity. By giving Money: Mastering the Game, my family and friends will get both!

    It’s beautiful to watch Tony – as he gets more and more “successful” and famous, he is more and more humble, enlightened, and approachable. Such is Greatness. Such is Gratitude!

    Thanks for this amazing interview, Marie. And thanks, always, for your amazing work.


  15. Birgit

    What about sustainable, fair, ecological responsible money making. I am not happy with Exxon and co.

    • Hey Birgit, you can use the strategies and ideas you learn in the book to invest in any companies you wish. Take what works for you and shift the rest!

      • Serena

        This was my single best take away… I already bought the book, due to your passionate review, but have been eyeing it skeptically. It was when Tony talked about his own anger about money being taken from the average American – with people losing their homes, wealth and dreams due to the corruption of a few – motivating him to write this book, that I recognized that this book IS written for us. I look forward to reading it and exploring investments that I do believe in and teaching my kids to do the same.

        Thanks Marie for your passion and commitment and for sharing interviews like this one with all of us.

  16. I met Tony when I stayed at his Namale Resort in Fiji. My daughter and I were lucky to be hosted in the house where they filmed an episode of The Bachelorette. I’m a travel writer (among other things) and was thrilled that Tony was there at the time. Of course, I had my picture taken with him which, to my mind, was the beginning of my success with E-Squared. Love you, Marie!

    • As I scrolled down I saw your name and was wondering if you were the author of Esquared. I want to share with you a most amazing experience I had with the first experiment that left me in chills! I did the unexpected surprise in 48 hours and didn’t feel like anything spectacular happened until: I decided to take my son to a museum in NJ and in the parking lot I had a thought of an acquaintance I knew and had not seen in at least 4 years. Thought nothing of it. I walk into the museum and the first thing my eyes go to is a woman sitting on the bench with her child – she turns around and looks at me and it was the same woman! I was so speechless! Then one of the experiments litteraly gave me a headache. I was on a plane to Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula and I met a lovely girl on the plane and shared the book with her. We decided to do an experiment which was “ask a specific question” Mine was “what will be my first product. I go to the event forget about the question and during the conference I get a big headache. I decide to go to my room and do a grounding meditation and what I realized was that my question was answered and I was subconsciously freaking out about my power. You see arlier that morning I started to chat with a man from Brazil (small talk) and he asked me why I was here and gave me a 5 minute consult and told me what to create as my product. Later on I learned that this man runs product launch formula in Brazil and was a multi-millionaire that charges people $25,000 to do what he did for me. When I looked at the time it was literally 10 minutes before the 48 hour time frame. After I realized that my headache was from receiving my power I wrote down the words I receive down on a paper and repeated it over and over. When i went back to the conference I saw a vision of a guitar (clear as day) and knew it was a sign from the divine (not sure what) but to cut to the chase I ended up joining Jeffs mastermind and that same Brazilian guy and his family ended up renting my apartment for 2 months while my family and I made a dream come true of living abroad during the winter. I know that this is long and has nothing to do with this interview so sorry Marie and Pam. I just feel compelled to share this with you. Pam I know you have a new book out and that a lot of the experiments have to do with belief. Do you address any tips on recognizing and changing permanently belief systems around receiving and believing in your own power?

      • Andre

        I think this guy is Erico Rocha, right?

  17. Robyn

    All I can say is amazing. There is just so much in this interview that I will have to re-watch it a couple of time to get everything. Thanks so much Marie for organizing this amazing interview.

  18. Jim


    Great interview. I feel just like you in how much Tony has impacted my life. I’ll be watching it over and over because of all the gems he shared. What will I do? Two things:
    1. Use the RPM (Results, Purpose, Massive Action) everyday. Focusing on results and outcomes rather than activities is a game changer. I’ve been focused too much on activity and not enough on results.

    2. I’m going to restructure my portfolio into the All Season’s portfolio by Ray Dalio on page 391 of the book. I’m also going to automate more.

    Thanks Marie for this great interview. Please leave it up so I can watch it over and over again.



  19. What a terrific interview! Thank you Marie for getting up close and personal with Tony Robbins. This man has so much power and charisma. I agree that hunger is a determining factor whether a person succeeds or not. You need to have a purpose in your life and be driven by it. Love the 10 minute morning practice. I usually do mine before I go to bed.

  20. Wow! What a great video. There is so much great advice packed into this that I might have to watch it again – and will definitely be reading the book. Thank you for this interview!

  21. I LOVE how full of good stuff this video is. Tony Robbins is one of those men who are SO deeply rooted in their masculine energy that they can say things that would usually classify as fluffy and make it sound like science.
    But you know what I love even more, Marie? How raw and open you come across. This is beautiful. Thank you.

  22. I love what Tony’s quote, “If you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life. When I coach my clients and we discuss working out and they say they don’t have time. I always say you can find 10 minutes, now I can add courtesy of Tony Robbins, “If you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life”. I also love what he said about empowering others to succeed. I learnt so much from this interview.

  23. omg! Tony watches Revenge! That’s like the only show I follow. This interview is soooo yummy … still watching …

  24. Amazing interview!!! I have ordered the book! 🙂

  25. I went to UPW for the first time in Dallas this Sept…holy awesome it far exceeded any expectations I had. It was a life-changing experience on every level!! Thank you to the B-school Facebook community who supported questions I had about going! Now I know why Oprah was jumping up and down on her chair shouting “This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.” Totally Oprah.

    Thank you Tony for your ineffable contribution to the world! I am doing a full immersion in 2015 in all of your courses. I am LOVING everything I am learning from your spirit’s wisdom. Already seeing life changing effects for myself and my clients.

    Also Money Master the Game is phenomenal – recommending it to everyone. Thank you for bringing this important knowledge to the masses. I love you and Marie both! Thank you both for living your full expression – it 100% inspires me to go all in and play full out.

    Let’s be honest Earth has one of the greatest parties going on in the Universe xoxo


    Bella xo

  26. Marie, this was amazing! I have the book coming soon, can’t wait to read it. The biggest piece for me is to start investing, we don’t do it yet and this is a motivator to do it.

    I never knew his story about not having enough as a child, I connected with that so as we were once there, so it’s so inspiring to see what he’s done and will continue to do.

    I know this had to be a business bucket list item for him to be on your show, so congrats Marie! You did an amazing job, and I’m beaming with excitement for you!

  27. Thank you Marie and Anthony for an insightful episode! One thing that I learned was that we need to be pulled by out passion and not pushed. This is something that I can definitely relate to. The one action step I’m going to take is to get this book. I hope it’s in audio as I’m legally blind and reading isn’t the easiest thing for me, especially a 600 page book, but either way, I will get it!

    Emily <3

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      There is an audio book version!

  28. I’m only 13 minutes into this interview. But this is the best interview I’ve seen with Tony – ever. Period. Seriously. I’m feeling so much of a connection to you both right now. Thank you for taking time to invest in really speaking to him Marie – not just about the book. I’d found it hard to connect with Tony’s speaking – having watched some interviews before and was contemplating the book. Now I want the book – right NOW!!!

    Thank you Marie. Have a brilliant day!

    • I totally agree with Liz that this is the best interview I’ve seen anyone conduct with Tony. I always try to tune in for any interview that he gives on TV but this one is so much deeper and has a much better and more natural flow than his usual TV appearances which are often mush shorter. I’ve also listened to every one of his Power Talk interview CDs many, many times over the last 10 years along with watching nearly all of his DVD programs (including The New Money Masters series in which he interviewed you, Marie). When I saw that this time you were the one getting to interview Tony I knew it would be great. Well done! And thank you!

      • Thank you both Liz and Paul, it truly means a lot. XO

  29. I started reading this book when Marie first mentioned it in an email. Reading it every night and when I am done both of my kids are going to read it. I’ve made good money since B School and NOW it is going to make money for me. This IS a must read and it should be required for every college student prior to graduating. Thank you both! This video is a keeper, watch, re-watch, watch, re-watch. ACT!

  30. Thank you, Marie for sharing Tony and the new book with us. I’m not sure I would have reached for it on the shelf before seeing this interview. Now, I can’t wait to read it!

    And WOW Tony is an energy powerhouse! This is one of my favorite lines he said:

    “Life is found in the dance between what you desire most and what you fear most.”

    In many areas of my life, I love doing things that scare me (jumping out of planes, whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, etc.). But in business, fear stops me or just in the way of completing projects. I love thinking that LIFE is this dance between what I really want most in the world and what scares me. It tells me to move toward the scary things – that there I’ll feel most alive.


  31. Kristen

    Amazing, valuable and motivating. I have tried to teach my children the meaning behind the words “I care!” Enjoyed every moment of this interview. Great job Marie and Tony.

    • kristen

      had my son and daughter watch the video tonight my son is so excited to start investing at age 11 it is amazing what they understand when they are introduced to new ideas. My grandmother gave me one share of stock in 1976 and now I have 76 I’ve given 8 shares to my son and 8 to my daughter.

  32. I am going to get the book and start doing something with my money, for myself and my family… that,s te biggest thing I got from that episode. Tony Robins is my all time favirite person, and then thers Marie Forleo of course . 😉

  33. This was a great episode!

    There were several insights for me. My favorite, however, is how much you can accomplish when you are moving towards goal that is pulling you! This has been a new learning for me in the last year, and I see how much of a difference it makes.

    I also just loved the drive that Tony has to serve. I am excited to follow in your footsteps Marie and we can only be so bless to follow in Tony’s (footsteps).

    Because my “Money Program” has been a ruling program in my life that has hindered my ability to just BE (or come into BEING) until recently, I am excited to learn the insights that Tony shares in his book.

    Thank you Marie for always thinking of us!

    Brandy xo

  34. Marie, thank you! What a great book.

  35. Marie,
    Amazing interview with Tony Robbins and paying it forward!
    I appreciate his insights in how to be empowered with his 10 minute priming exercises in the morning, strategic plans for physical, emotional, psychological and financial well being. Am getting his book on money, ‘The Master Game.’
    Thank you!

  36. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s episode?
    RESPONSE: I gotta share and feed less fortunate kids! So I need to succeed!

  37. jj

    Girlfriend, thank you so much for last week’s email. Nailed it! – bought the book last weekend, read it this weekend. I’m on FIRE! I paid an extra mortgage payment (to principal only!) this month. I’m headed over to my mutual fund “advisor” and ask about those lovely “fees” and then going online to compare plans with Stronghold. PLUS going to automate my payments. Gotta get busy…… Love ya Marie – thank you for helping paying this forward.

  38. Hi Marie,

    This interview was beautiful and I’m in tears.

    My only beef is when talking about investments and the stock market it all comes down to putting your money in these Fortune 500 companies, which many (possibly all) of them are in some way or another linked to depleting mother earth, enslaving people (the modern way), messing up the climate, creating tons of trash and encouraging the worst in human beings – greediness, envy and corruption. He freaking mentions Exxon!

    Does the book talk about how you can make money investing in the clean companies of the future? The ones who care about sustainable living, renewable fuels, human/animal rights and planet life? Do these companies even exist in this level of money making?

    If Tony tackles this in his book, then he is a true visionary, in my humble opinion. Because really, if a person is making money from stocks of companies that are raping the earth and contributing to the shit humanity is in they they are making no difference at all.

    • Hey Bruna! I totally understand your perspective. There are sooo many useful strategies, ideas and action steps in this book that you can absolutely choose different companies to invest in that are fully aligned with your values.

      • Thank you Marie! I am totally curious about the book and totally engaged in putting my money where my mouth is.

    • This is a very valid point Bruna. I loved this interview too. Came away in tears, and am eager to read this book.

      But I share your concern.

      Marie, Tony, we would love your thoughts on this. This important point begs discussion…

      Anyone else?

      • Ha! I hit ‘comment’ and Marie was already on it! Of course! 🙂

  39. Thank you for the reminder that an insatiable hunger is the greatest gift we can cultivate 🙂

    Loved this interview. Had sat in Barnes & Noble reading the beginning of Money: Master the Game over the weekend but have now purchased the full thing. As much as you may dislike sitting in isolation and writing, Tony, I can tell you that your energy does indeed move off the page. Maybe not as strongly as it comes off your body during live events, but it definitely moves.

    Thank you both for the light you channel into this world.


  40. Kim

    Beautiful interview. So inspirational! Buying the book today and implementing ASAP!

  41. Loula

    What a great interview. Thank you. I am in a slump right now and was an inspiration towards change.

  42. That was such a powerful interview. I was most inspired by the the very end part when Tony shared the story about the person that fed his family that Thanksgiving so long ago and how that one gesture made such an impact on so many other people’s lives. I saw the emotion (dare I say I saw a tear…) coming from Tony and this was so moving and impactful for me. Makes you want to figure out how you can pay it forward and make a similar impact in the world.
    What an intense fellow. Wow! I am going to read his book this instant! Thank you.

  43. Ingrid

    Wow, two beautiful people in a beautiful conversation. Thanks a million for sharing this with us.

    My biggest take away that came within 10 minutes of watching this interview is that I suddenly knew what my business is going to be and who my ideal customer is. And it is so freaking obvious. I think it is an energy transfer of two focused individuals that I’m completely open to learning from, and the fact that I was watching on the rebounder.

    I’m really grateful and charged. Thank you thank you thank you.

    And of course I’m getting the book.

  44. “Life is a dance between what you desire most and what you fear most.” Love that. Feel it all the time. From a really young age, I remember being really determined not to let fear drive my decisions, it’s not clear why, maybe I was just naive, but I’m coming to accept that fear never goes away, but your ability to manage it and overcome it can grow stronger.

    I’m so pleased that there are always new people to look up to who share this value system.

  45. Oh my goodness. What Tony is describing at the very beginning, “priming” is literally Kundalini yoga. You start your morning with a cold shower in order to awaken the nervous system. And then go into breathing exercises. Except in Kundalini you then go into chanting, etc. It’s like his version of the morning “sadhana.” I love, love, love it. Too funny!

  46. This filled me with hope and happiness. And the idea of that one person caring for Tony’s family literally feeds millions. That is really amazing and shows that we are powerful beyond anything.
    Now off to buy the book…
    Oh, and thank you Marie for…. You!

  47. Jenny

    I hope that by Marie saying Tony is getting “better and better” it means he has stopped being sexually inappropriate with women. Smoke and mirrors my friends. It appears Marie and Oprah are among the women duped into believing this man’s heart is made of gold.

    “I was in his inner circle which gives you a different view than as a participant. You realize quickly that things are not as they seem. I can tell you that his tactics are unethical, immoral, and dangerous!!! I know of at least two women who worked for him that filed sexual harrassment suits against him and WON! Of course, these were never heard of due to the agreements in the judgements…. but the truth must be known!”,769,page=30

    “He decided she had these issues based on absolutely nothing but the fact that she was a) a women and b) wanted to work. Just like MOST WOMEN. If this was a therapy session, it would have been malpractice. But because Mr. Robbins is a friend of Oprah, you lemmings think he is some sort of guru.”

    I know of people on the inner circle as well, very dear friends that have had him as a client very early on in his career. What they saw matches these above accounts. Tony is not who he appears to be. While he may have a nice polish on him, the inner workings are rusty and molded. No one should be allowed to treat women the way he has proven himself to. I only wish people would speak up more about the TRUTH, but so many want to believe in the best of folks. I’m sure there are great parts of Mr. Robbins, but how he treats or has treated women isn’t one of them. I hope he has adjusted his ways. It’s unfortunate that people like this continue to receive praise, but that’s what liars do. They fool a lot of people.


  48. Jaroslav

    Hi Marie and Tony,
    No question money is important, very important. But one day we will leave this world, reach or poor. What will always matter is how genuine and merciful we were. Please don’t get me wrong: I am not selling any religion. I simply believe that relationships and personal integrity matter more than money. And therefore many thanks to you, Marie and Tony, and also many thanks to all people behind the scene who make things like Marie TV happen. Today you inspired many people around the world to be different, to be a bit better. To be more genuine, more motivated, more passionate and hope also more merciful. Many thanks again for everything you do and share with us.
    OXO from Germany!

  49. Anne Hartmann

    Oh, Marie – I don’t know which one of you two are better; Tony or you! I of course know that Tony is a legend and is and has been making such a huge difference for a lot of people in the world for many, many years (and I even met him, when he was in Copenhagen a few years ago). But Marie, you too have such a special, caring, sweet and authentic quality about you that I find so inspiring and heart provoking to see every week. Your questions to Tony were absolutely GREAT and your own passion for and appreciation of his work very uplifting. I will go and get the book – and I will read it, too. So thank you so much, Marie. I hope to be meeting you in Copenhagen some day. Please tell me when you are coming. It is a great city – and you and Josh will love it.

  50. My biggest take-away is to wake-up and realize the game that is being played on most of us. I will be reading this book over Christmas break and will begin applying in 2015.

    • Hi Marie
      First of all took away how completely yourself you are in all these amazing interviews. Really inspires me. Secondly really urging me to look deeper at my beliefs ( massive aha moment even though I coach and talk about beliefs a lot)and step up more. Buying the book right now for me and some family members. I do think you can invest in sustainable and ethical funds as I understand some of the points made by others. I’m working at seeing it all as Sources money and so making money and being able to do great things with that money must be possible. With love . Bernie x

  51. I’m still smiling 10 minutes after watching this!
    Great interview Marie!
    I really enjoyed what Tony said about being pulled by something instead of pushing against something. It is so important to find the things in life that compel you.

  52. Marie! I love this interview. Tony is so motivating and energizing! I love it.
    The one thing I have a hard time with as a new business entrepreneur. I am not to the point I am making money! I don’t have money to pay people to do things I know they can do better (website, SEO, marketing etc.) This is a very common suggestion entrepreneurs say to do don’t do anything anything that someone else can do better. But how do you achieve this before you are making money? I try to leverage my relationships and use the resources I have, but I don’t have a lot to offer at this point. What else can I do!?

    • Hey Amanda! Tony covers this in the book. Borrow it from the library or buy it from the book store, it will absolutely help you from exactly where you’re at right now.

  53. Stephanie

    HOLY MOLY!!! What an amazing interview. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so motivated to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life. Looking forward to reading Tonys book.

  54. Oh my. I am converted to a Tony Robbins fan!!! I have always been resistant to Tony as the typical hokey inspirational speaker. Granted I have never actually read or seen him live.
    This man totally knows what he is doing and talking about. I had so many aha’s during this little interview, to many to name. I need to get on the Tony Robbins band wagon… this man is truely an expert in what he does!

  55. Maria

    He is so genuine and passionate! I appreciate the part about overcoming our emotional slumps/obstacles and having that “hunger”. He is truly a remarkable human being, and it’s incredible how one person’s actions during one Thanksgiving during his childhood inspired him to help millions of other people. Awesome!

  56. Andrea

    I was riveted by the interview! I started to feel overwhelmed by all the good information that I wanted to jot down, so I could share and act on it. And I started to beat myself up about what I my instincts told me to do and I didn’t (so I don’t have 30 years to invest and reap the benefits). But and then I calmed down when I reminded myself that the practical information would be in the book and that Tony would say that it is never too late to start. Nothing is as inspiring as hearing Tony – he makes you believe in yourself and the possibility of achieving greatness and making a difference – no matter where you are starting out. And in the goodness of people.The interview was so touching, I just sat weeping at times and after. Thank you both for who you are and what you do – reminding us of who we are and what we may already know, and giving us new information and tools to help us find our way back there and forward..

  57. Thank you so much for sharing this information!! I’m most excited to use this in helping with my community service ideas! Thank you for paying it forward in many ways!!!

  58. I just bought this book after your recommendation. Thanks for sharing!

  59. I’m so excited!! I’m getting this book for my husband for Christmas so we can work Tony’s steps together. My favorite part of this interview was hearing Tony’s RPM. I already have it written on a post-it as one of my daily reminders. Thanks Marie and Tony. You two are two of my favorite for inspiration AND how to keep moving forward.

  60. Thank you Marie and Tony for this wonderful interview! This is such an important topic for us entrepreneurs. We devour information about how to build our businesses, but not many people talk about what to do with our personal and business finances. And in our journey to be successful what to do with our money.

    This was such an inspiring interview. Half way through I logged into my library and put the book on hold. I can’t wait to dive in. I can’t believe this information is free for everyone. I think I will buy a copy for my financial planner so we can be on the same page.

    His energy is infectious and his heart shows through on the screen. What a touching way to start this holiday season with a reminder of the power of caring and giving.

  61. I’m a new fan of you, and already a fan of Tony, I paused the interview and immediately purchased the book!, great interview!


  62. @shanondawns

    I’m in tears, both Marie & Anthony – so proud to be a witness to such grand human sharing on all levels – Bravo & Thank You!

    • Both of you guys are a blessing to the world. I love Mr Robbins. I found you Marie out of sheer need to push myself to do better.

  63. I absolutely love watching Marie & Tony. #1 I’m going to have to watch this again, it’s so full of so much good and juicy stuff that my eyeballs were floating!

    I think the most important thing for me to do is get my mitts on this book. Not only to help myself but to be able to contribute to Tony’s cause. Also I really want to take his approach to the day to heart. Even if I keep my own routines just putting more mindfulness and awareness into my practice! Like Tony I love to jump up and get straight to doing things, so I want to be able to keep that energy going as I age.

    Other than that there was just so much that I have to go back and re-watch it because I know I heard it but still missed some things.

    Fantastic & inspiring work as always you two! <3

  64. Marie! I feel just as passionate as you regarding this book. I am feeling so compelled to share it with everyone I know! In fact, the pest-management gentleman just left my house left with a post it note with this book written on it. We hit it off talking about nutrition and wellness, and I couldn’t help but share this book with him. I KNOW that it will change that man’s life if he reads it and applies it. What a feeling!

    Thank you so much for this amazing interview…. LOVE hearing from tony, and even better to get to see him too!

    Keep on rocking it…


    sylvia hall | get inspired

  65. Ah-mazing!! Such an incredible episode Marie. I can’t even begin to describe how much juicy material is swarming my brain right now. And Tony is such an inspiration. I’m definitely purchasing this book 🙂

  66. Jackie

    Thank you Marie! This is why I follow you! Tony’s energy is contagious and I can’t wait to read his book and have my husband to read it as well. I need to keep my hunger and fit my emotions everyday and you are my #1 activity.

  67. Ketina

    This is one of my favorite interviews ever ok this year. I have one of Tony Robbins quote posted on my wall “It is our decisions not our conditions, that determine the quality of our lives.” I have lived by that insight for years now. So of course I will buy his new book Money Matters as a Holiday gift for myself. What action will I take…it is in progress…I’m not 100% sure yet. I got so many ideas running through my mind. Thank you, Marie for this interview.

  68. Julie Willits

    I love Tony’s energy! He is amazing for all that he does. The thing that resonates with me the most is caring. I have that the same outlook. I will be buying his book and strategically planning for my future!

    Julie xo

  69. I love watching Tony. He’s an energy booster. The thing I got is money and investing doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. I’m starting to see it as a big game. Something fun to take on, no matter how little I may earn. xo

  70. Nancy

    I haven’t saved a dime in years….because I am barely making it….after watching this, I will save…for sure!

  71. Sherry Glover

    Wow, I was so inspired by this interview. I wanted a way to give back this Holiday Season so, I am selling car washes from one of our local businesses, Mike’s Car Wash, and giving the proceeds to our local FoodBank, FreeStore and the local no kill shelter, For the Animal Welfare League, here in Cincinnati. Thank you for this interview!

  72. Carla Thomas

    Thank both so much for your open hearts and brilliant minds. Your message comes today at a time for our family when we are on the cusp of greatness while experiencing financial hardship at the same time. I am being “pulled” to help others become all that they are called to be while learning what God has called me to do and realized what is missing is action! Thank you Tony and Thank you Marie for the push this Queen of procrastination needed! Much love and Light to you both

  73. Loved this! Already ordered 3 copies of the book:-)
    The 10-minute morning routine (including Pranayama breathing!) rocks!
    Thank you Marie!!

  74. Wendy

    My oh my. 🙂 Clearly, the best reason to make money is the ability to be able to share and give to others. THANK YOU for this! 🙂

  75. What a beautiful and inspiring interview. It’s wonderful to see passionate people sharing in order to educate and empower. Despite being an educated woman who isn’t afraid to research and ask questions to ensure that I am living as gently, ethically and respectfully in the world– I found myself nodding in response to the trust I have put in financial institutions because “I just don’t get the investment thing”. I live in Europe and would love to get the book and wonder if Tony’s insights are fully applicable in other countries?? Can anyone comment?

    • Hi Danielle. I’m not sure if every single strategy is applicable, but having read the book I can confidently say that at least 60% if not 80% of it is. Heck, if you just applied 20% of the strategies in this book, you’d do yourself a huge favor and it would be well worth your investment and time 🙂

      • Thanks Marie – I am sure you are right. Thank you for sharing this interview and for the sparkle and energy you put into your work and service to the world. x

      • I agrea, just read the word compounding. (And do it!). And it will be worth it.

  76. Marie! I’m so incredibly humbled by this interview in so many ways… And – I am so proud of you that you were able to not only hold it together emotionally (which must have been so difficult at times) but that you delivered such a power-packed, professional interview with an incredible level of intimacy. Thank you for being you and for pushing yourself every single day. You are a role model for so many – including me!

  77. Tony is amazing! He inspires, he motivates, he attracts, he radiates. He is relentless with his energy and his generosity. I will not only implement his philosophies, I will share them. My take away is to be aware of my physiology. Fitness is a state of readiness. Thank you Tony for continuing this journey, and for you Marie for giving us this up close and personal Tony.

  78. I have watched and listened to a LOT of Tony and you, Marie, but this is the interview that I can’t stop crying over.

    Something clearly clicked. I know within that this is a game changer. A linchpin. An answered prayer.

    Having lived through the bankruptcy of my own parents when I was still in their care, and then the bankruptcy of my in-laws during my early marriage, finances have been a hot issue, and something I couldn’t really learn from those around me. Understanding and mastering personal finance has been one of my highest dreams, but often I don’t know where to start or how to continue (despite many other programs, books, classes, etc).

    The shift that occurred for me while watching was that viscerally, I know this is real. His generous gift of this book really can and will lead me and many to freedom.

    And the most amazing insight – for the first time in my life, I started thinking – What am I going to do with all the money? What change can I affect? What need can I give to, solve, eradicate?

    For the first time, I saw that I really could and really will change the world.

    Thank you.

  79. Hey Marie and Tony!

    I don’t know what to say, i am just now – in this very moment experiencing a feeling of deep gratitude and inspiration.

    I am a young entrepreneur and coach myself and i want to make a difference in this world because i feel connected and not because my ego wants praise!

    The first time in my life, through tony’s words and presence i can feel that a public figure is doing things out of a pure state of compassion!

    No second thought, just pure compassion…

    Thank you Tony for being an example of true selflessness for me and everyone in this world.

    Gosh, im touched…

    And thank you Marie for this experience, you are a gift :-*

  80. Marie and Tony, you guys are a dynamic duo! Thank you for the rich, in-depth discussion. I bought the book immediately after Marie sent out the link. The biggest aha! was how many of us give away our personal power through the money we earn because we make Finance so complicated! I have done a good job so far in managing money, but I can do better; it’s never too late to take action. I’m going to meet with my financial advisor and get the details on fees and change what is not in my best interest.

  81. Arpit Malpani

    Thank You Marie
    Well i have been struggling to learn finance …and create a model to devote develop new entrepreneurs in a country like India where hard earned money are wasted in stock which they don’t realise… When i got ur mail the 1st thing i did was to buy the book. Thank You Tony well i have been reading his previous material and found the fact…most of the author has just copied his material in a different way…but more or less the same.. i have reading and leaning from books…which surprises me a lot.. Thank You Tony for such a wonderful book hope to see you people in Person in the years to come.

  82. Wow, Marie. This was incredible. It was my first time hearing Tony Robbins.
    I was so moved by how moved he still is by the people who appeared with the food. I wonder where he grew up. My parents were big into delivering food and clothes when I was little, first in Pittsburgh and then in Burlington, Vt. If the timing fits, my Dad is now 91, and it was either of those two places, he’d love to know. He revealed to me at Thanksgiving he doesn’t want to live any more as he doesn’t have anything to do. He was a doctor and surgeon. Love, Kate

  83. Thank you both!! I have always loved you both

    It was such an inspiring and touching interview. So many lessons on mission and passion, and giving back.

    I want money for that! for giving

    Thank you!!!

  84. Super powerful, inspiring and moving interview. Thank you Marie!

  85. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life. Mind = blown.

  86. Karina De La Cruz

    Amazing! Fantastic!! Life Changing Interview!!! “If you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life” powerful. Thank You Marie. What a wonderful gift girl. I just bought the book!

  87. The thing I love about Tony Robbins is how long he has been around. There’s so many influential people that unfortunately don’t seem to last but if you think about how long Tony has been around and still relevant it probably is the best indicator of his message and success.

    And I can’t help but also laugh thinking of him in Shallow Hal, “it’s like shaking hands with a bunch of bananas”!

  88. I’m buying Tony’s wonderful book today.
    (Early Christmas present to myself)
    I love everything this book stands for.
    Thank you both for sharing your gifts!

  89. “It’s not just feeding, it’s caring.” YES!

  90. This was literally a superbeam of information that satiated the hunger I had for answers I didn’t even know existed!!! Thank you with all of my heart Marie and Tony!!!! I almost cried! Thank you thank you!!!
    Heather Fisher

  91. Amy

    Tony for president! Can you imagine the change in the world?! Holy shit! Great, great interview and the best Marie TV episode to date… and that’s saying something!

    • Jaroslav

      If Germany is eligible to take part in US president election, Tony would have my voice!
      Jokes aside, it would be a real blessing for the US, world and the planet Earth having Tony as president of the United States.

  92. Amanda

    I haven’t listened to the whole interview yet, but just off the bat, that is awesome that hydrotherapy is part of his daily success regimen. Great question, Marie, about what he does to keep his stamina up.

  93. Energized!! What a great interview. What I took away:

    1) His morning practice of sending love to all of the people in his life (including biz people)— that biz can be based on caring & love

    2) That we can create a greater impact by keeping our nervous system in tip top shape (through whatever means works for us)

    3) The financial world doesn’t have to be complex— it is really just the lingo that people wrap around it that makes it seem accessible for a “chosen” few.

    Action step: meditate. dance wildly & work on my biz b/c I want to make a difference in women’s health

  94. Fox Rossi

    Hey Marie, this is one my favourite interviews — not only for its content, but because it contains two of my favorite teachers!
    Tony’s way of inspiring people to be the best they can be, is massively effective. He is such a beautiful human being.
    And there is something special about your style of interviewing that brings out so much more from your guests. (This is the fifth interview I’ve seen of Tony and his new book and yours is by far the richest and deepest.)
    I have the book on order and can’t wait until it gets here.
    I feel all fired up! Thank you so much.

  95. Cheryl

    Excellent interview/conversation. Staying hungry, or discovering and nurturing it once again if you’ve lost it is so important. My action plan: read the book, and get clear on my RPM’s. Thanks Marie and Tony. What a gift.

  96. This was such an amazing interview. What I gained from the interview alone is priceless. Thank you so much Marie and Tony for continuing to share knowledge and wisdom with your audience. I am going out to purchase this book TODAY!!!

  97. Yep, need to watch that interview a couple more times. So much goodness! I am in the UK, so I have a suspicion that the strategies won’t work over here, does anyone else know?
    Anyhow, I really enjoyed Tony’s opening comments about how he helps his clients. This will be my biggest takeaway being a coach myself.
    Thanks for an awesome interview, he talks soooo fast!

  98. Daniel Campbell

    Thank you so much for this timely and timeless video. I am heading to Amazon now to purchase this book. Can’t wait to read and practice the incredible insights discussed.

  99. Marie & Tony-

    Thank you so much for this beautifully charged interview!! I was listening while driving, rather sitting, in LA traffic. So inspiring! I’ll be listening again to take notes and sharing like mad on my social media platforms today.

    My big take-away that I’ve been telling my mompreneur friends this year is to trade time in order to keep the momentum going in their own businesses. Ask for support. Or, as Tony said, be hungry!!

    I’ll be taking action to read this book!!

  100. Kate L.

    What action am I taking after this video? I was already going to buy the book for myself, but now I’m planning on buying at least two more copies as Christmas presents. Share the wealth! LITERALLY!

    I’m also sending the link for this interview to several friends and family.

  101. Brenda Schwichtenberg

    Tony Robbins is the FIRE! Wow…what an interview and his heart and soul are amazing and contagious! Thanks for the great interview as always Marie!

  102. Helena

    Marie, THANK YOU for your continued amazing work with MarieTV, and for convincing me to buy this book. I probably would not have without your enthusiastic endorsement!

    I’ve seen a few comments on here about Sustainable Investing (yay!) and though I’m no expert, there are *definitely* ways to invest that are more earth/climate friendly. Exxon and others like it are not the end-all-be-all to playing and succeeding in this money game. This article may be a good place to start for some: We vote with our dollars every day!

    Looking forward to finishing the book and upping my financial prowess!

  103. Mersini

    Paying it forward……
    Imagine what can happen if EVERYONE paid it forward. This is my intention for today, tomorrow and my lifetime. Thanks for the boost.

  104. Christine

    The BIGGEST thing I got from today was to “BE HUNGRY”! I love that so much. Thanks to Marie and Tony! Awesome mentors.

  105. The “Silver Conductor” here. You have really knocked it out of the park with this interview Marie. Thank You so much for the share. I love all that you do with your content and teachings. Have been a fan and supporter of Mr.Robbins for years, bought the book which is so valuable in so many different ways.
    Being an indie musician giving of our creative content Music is something that companies like Spodify and others have hurt us and in some ways helped, but what I’ve taken from this great interview was I have to give more. So I will be putting up a page/post on my website: that will have a FREE download link to a one my mp3 singles.
    MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. You are Luv.The SC.

  106. Loved the energie you both were sending out! Saw sparks flying every where!
    Amazing and so powerful! Gonna buy the book…
    Thank you!

  107. I have never been disappointed by anything I’ve ever read, seen or heard by Tony Robbins. I’m gonna buy his book today and make the choice to “do” rather than just “know” in my finances, career and life!

    Thank you, Marie, for bringing Tony onto your show. Never a dull moment!

  108. Kristian Božičnik

    This interview wiht Tony was BRUTAL! I can’t wait to see him next year in Vegas Network marketing Pro event in October! Either I’m looking forward to read his new book! Awesome man! I just HAVE to do his way! Every morning and every day! Thanks Marie &Tony!!!

  109. Mandy LeBaron

    Hi Marie and Tony,

    I got your email about this book a little while ago at the absolute perfect time in my life and within a few days had soaked up every morsel of it. It has unlocked a fire inside that I’ve been looking for my whole life and feels like it’s putting my life onto my souls trajectory, FINALLY! It opened up my eyes to my unconscious belief about money being hopeless and unleashed my mind to see real numbers proving that my deep rooted belief is not true and that there is hope and a way to truly provide and take care of those I love.

    I’ve taken the first steps in the book and I am now on an insatiable search to find the absolute best education I can get (be it through books, school, work, etc) on personal finance and am so relieved to feel like I have something to work on that can actually get me where I want to go in life.

    I particularly love the first part of your interview and the shift it is helping me make from expecting my fuel to come from my body only, and finding the ways that it can come from my soul as well. What a relief!

    Thank you Marie and Tony for both your amazing contributions to this world and to each and every one of our lives. Your willingness to share your knowledge with the world is making differences that will echo through eternity.

    Sincerely with love and joy in my heart,

  110. I purchased copies of this book for myself as well as another for my daughter and her fiancee. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that you recommended it. I will be putting Tony’s suggestions into action on both my husband’s and my own 401k plans!

  111. Incredible interview. Thank you. One thing I learned, I am going back and checking out my financial fee structure. Two, buying 2 books and giving one to my son. Three, one of the most important takeaways, is being caring to others and paying it forward. Thank you again! Colleen

  112. Wow! So impressed, energized and motivated. Thank you both for creating this video. I’ve got the book, Tony, and now I’m cracking it open. My biggest insight is the discipline you put into your emotional well being, Tony. Clearly, what you’re doing works and that’s all the motivation I need to create a similar practice for myself.

    Thank you again!

  113. Sandy

    What an amazing and inspiring episode. I am reading his book now and it is awesome. What I like about you both, is that you are harding working and driven people, but you truly care and serve to your highest potential. Thank you Marie and Tony for your work.

  114. I haven’t finished the book yet but so far I have upped my 401k contributions to 6%, checked the Roth box so I’m paying taxes on it now and I’m getting my fees compared to America’s Best 401k. Can’t wait to see the results! The thing I need to change is saving for emergencies, not just retirement.

    I think my biggest take away is “if you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.” Love it.

  115. Krystal

    I love Toni Robbins. He’s been so encouraging for me throughout my life, my mom and grandma have always listened to his tapes, read his books and watched his seminars. So naturally he would be a big influence in my life. I’m glad I got to see this interview. Love you both! Buying the book definitely!

  116. I am in tears, that interview was deeply moving, electrically charged, inspiring, informative. I have bought the book and I am feeling like massive action is required of me in the form of Reading AT LEAST 10 pages of it every day , for my sake, my family’s sake, my community’s sake and the world. I am in love with living this way. Thank you both.

  117. Thank you Marie!
    I was so looking forward to this episode. I was on the edge of my seat, taking notes. The single biggest takeaway, was his absolute commitment to being the best HE can be. I’ve been a fan of Tony’s for years, and when you promoted his book a few weeks ago, I purchased it, without stopping at GO! I’ve since bought numerous copies for family. Thank you. So excited for the families to get their food!
    Be Blessed!

  118. connie curtis

    Tony’s energy.. I am crying at the end of this video. I am starting a business so money comes up for me all the time. Today I was just staring how am I going to get clients.. I am a gluten intolerance and food allergy coach so I guide people who are newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and food allergies. I know that is why I am here and went through my journey and still doing that. I cant imagine not helping someone. I do have fear and scared come up and I love you and tony. I know this book is valuable and the money goes to feed someone. It inspires to look at my outcomes and not worry about the hows. I can create those and just get out there as much as I can and in front of people. Others are doing this but I know so many people need help and I know I can have a business around this.

  119. Tamarisk

    My favourite Marie TV episode ever. Thanks for this.

    I bought the book the day I received your email Marie, and proceeded to read it in 4 days (at night, during breaks, woke up at 5am – I was hooked and I ate it up!).

    Most concrete step taken to date is scheduling an appointment with an independent financial advisor (who’s not a ‘salesperson’).

    Biggest take-a-way from the interview is that I need to re-connect with my hunger, what drives me, moves me…

    Thanks again for recommending the book – and for this amazing interview. xo

  120. Thank you Marie and Tony! What an inspiration you both are! A near-term decision I made is to donate the money I earned today, on GivingTuesday, to an organization that is near to my heart.

  121. Brent McCord

    This was fantastic! You really brought out the best in Tony.
    I’ve already heard him interviewed by some of your peeps like Tim Ferriss and Joe Polish and the were great too but not everyone would set aside the 2 hours. You accomplished it in 37 minutes.

    Here’s my biggest take-a-way. I realize I need to pass this on to loved ones and friends…and with Christmas like 3 weeks away my nephews in their 20’s and my siblings in their 50’s will all be getting a copy.

    Cheers, Brent

  122. I have been struggling with maintaining focus, energy, motivation, whatever you want to call it. I spent this morning meditating and journalling about it. I have such energy and passion when I talk to someone but its the inner oomph that I really seem to have a hard time maintaining. As things are stagnant, I wonder and worry and think, “Am I doing it right? Am I in the right place”? I know I am, I feel it and know its right but as the days go by and nothing happens, I lose hope and lose focus and fear and doubt creep in.

    That being said, Tony said a few things that really got me. 10 minutes is simple and I already give myself more than that but I think I will change my routine now and power it up instead of slowing it down and being quiet. The big one though is focusing on activities instead of outcomes. I have been doing nothing but focusing on activities and not the outcome. That is one I will change today.

    On a personal note, I will be taking to heart what he said about food. Not just that food is fuel but that life gives him so much juice that food is simply fuel and I realized that if I shift that food energy into life energy…wow. That is one for the record books for me.

    Thanks as always Marie, so thrilled with this episode and with Tony’s message. Bought the book and cant wait to read it.

  123. Heidi Loesche

    Awesome interview….I feel so energized. So heartwarming to see when people that do really well don’t stop caring about others.

  124. Turqueya Vincent

    What a power-packed interview!

    My favorite take-a-way from the soul of Tony Robbins is ” Quality of life is manifested from Fitness – the state of readiness for all things at all times – not intelligence!” It’s going in my wise quotations journal.

    My take-a-way from Tony’s book discussion is Automate and be an insider. The bottom line is we have to plan for success (this is automation) and not rely on our self discipline to do the right thing in every moment.

    Very empowering interview! Thanks so much!


  125. I LOVE this video! I adore you, and always feel like I just touched a power line after I hear Tony speak. You have such a gift for getting to the core of people’s greatness Marie. Thank you for this incredible gift. The timing could not be better!

  126. I’ve been a fan of Tony since I was in my 20s. He is such a good guy. I’m still chocked up. I can’t wait to get the book. Thank You so much for this video. Margie

  127. Stephanie

    Marie and team,

    THANK YOU so much for having this interview with Tony! I am energized. There were so many takeaways for me – RPM, hunger is the fundamental drive, and money intelligence. Action: I am getting this book as Christmas gifts for my family!

    The one thing that resonated with me most was when Tony mentioned about his experience with hunger while he was young and how that un-easiness of uncertainty stayed with him since. And that brought back memory from 2008 when getting my PhD collided with the market crash.

    Being a grad student on thin stipend didn’t make it easy to have savings. I thought my bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley would help put me in a good position in finding decent job. What an idiot I was! Once I graduated, I could not find a job for 9 months due to the economy crash, having to live off my credit cards and accumulated a bunch of debts. Even when I got my first pay check, it was from an very uncertain internship which lasted for 1 year.

    I had worked very hard to pay off my debt after 5 years. I also shelved my true passion (for having my own clothing line) because I could make more money in biotech than designs. But the amount of stress and unhappiness from fighting about money with my husband still haunts me to date.

    Now that I am finally starting my own small online clothing business to fulfill my passion, finance is ever more important. And this video reminded me to stay hungry and be smart with money. I admire that Tony is paying it forward with his book and I hope to do the same with my business.

    So thank you Marie (for doing what you are doing) and for having this video.

  128. Jennifer

    The minute I read your email a week or so ago I immediately purchased Tony’s book. I quit corporate American to pursue my dreams and during these past few years have gone through my retirement savings to pay for classes and to help pay the bills. Although I don’t have a steady income, I have committed to start saving 10% of everything I bring in and will strive to increase that amount. I am also teaching this to my 9 year old son (he does art shows with me selling his own work and puts most of his earnings into savings). I want to help ease my husband’s worry of living paycheck to paycheck (sometimes not even) and want to give to those in need in my community who are in the same boat that I currently am and who knows, maybe global! Thank you so much both Marie and Tony, you are both angels to so many of us, I am so grateful that I came across both of you!!! xoxo

    • matu cleaver

      I to went through my retirement paying bills and giving to my parents. I have a great business that I am excited about I am going to get started this book was great to make me feel that it is possible.

  129. Moe

    Biggest takeaway: Get into the mentality that I already own an iphone, why don`t I own a stock in Apple too. I JUST LOVED IT.
    Action to take: Educate myself on investing and buy Tony`s book and start investing myself instead of paying other people to do it.

  130. Great interview! Love Tony! 🙂

    I worked directly for him in San Diego for a few years at a young age and he is a huge reason that catapulted my mindset and success today

    Audra Miller, CID
    Audra Miller Interiors

  131. Bree

    wow! great interview. authentic and empowering! I am teary and also completely inspired. I feel ready to dive into his book even though I don’t usually read “money making” books because they leave me feeling…”empty”. I live paycheck-to-paycheck and want to shift my life and my relationship with money. Marie, thank you so much for this interview and everything you put out into the world with so much heart! and Thank you Tony!

  132. Kevin W.

    Tony is a very persuasive guy and I’m fortunate to have picked up a few nuggets of wisdom from him. I really enjoyed his “Power of Persuasion” CD’s.

    Another really good read on Investing is “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing.”

    The one idea that Tony mentioned that I’m skeptical of is “focus on the outcome and not on the activity.”

    Since I can’t control the outcome it seems like it would create unnecessary stress to focus too heavily on it.

    I can control the activity that affects the outcome, so maybe it’s healthier to focus on things I can control. An example of this could be making content to advertise my squeeze page.

    Then based on the results and failures change the activity.

    Just my thoughts on it, but thanks for the good content you are creating Marie it’s appreciated.

  133. Tina

    Well, yes, love Tony so much!! Biggest insight…He has always talked about compounding, but it still even seemed scary for me to begin with investments, but getting some real insight into that is something I will take action on next paycheck! And helping, giving, serving. Always been big in my heart, but life circumstances have kept me from being able to do as much as I intended for my life. Helping to feed other people is huge and that is the other action I will begin taking right away.

    Thank you, Marie and Tony for, well, being who you are.

  134. Marie~
    As always, thank you for bringing such an important topic to the front line and for having Tony Robbins decode & empower those of us who have been terrified of doing any kind of investing on our own. Watching this episode was like opening an early Christmas gift 🙂

    My biggest takeaway is lose the fear to learn the about how money works and take ownership of my financial future by learning all the tools on how to invest well and wisely independently .

    My action step as many have already mentioned, is not only to purchase Tony’s book> Money: Master the Game, but to truly act on the 7 steps he speaks of and then share my learnings with my siblings.

    You’re amazing… and so deeply appreciated. ~~xx

  135. Hi Marie, I was really excited when I saw you and Tony in the same video! 🙂 You are both my big inspiration and I enjoyed hearing tips from both of you! As always, you were brilliant, fabulous and professional. I would dare to say that even Tony can’t outshine you! 🙂 I like your way of presenting things in a clear, logical, funny and easy understandable way. Many people forget that the goal of every conversation is that people who are listening gets the message, and that’s for sure is not case with you. I’ve listened many of yours videos and every time you are delivering message in a way that everyone can get it! Amazing job and well done with having Tony with you!

    Now to the topic. I would say that financial logic is simple. If you want to live debt free life spend less then you are earning. If you want to be rich, educate yourself, learn from successful people, learn how to manage your money and learn how to invest. Poor people never spend money on education and that’s why they never learn how to get rich. Whatever your situation is, make sure that you invest at least 10% of your income every month!

    • Kathryn Ortega

      Hey Marie!

      Thank you SO MUCH for telling me about this book! I am still a junior in college and scared about how I am going to handle my debts (and frankly how I am going to make money since I decided to lead a non conventional career path,) so I feel really happy that this book is going to give me advice from the best financial people.
      Also if Tony Robbins is reading this, thank you so much for your advice and for your passion. Big fan! Your amazing!


  136. Wow I’m speechless. I’ve watched and listened to all his interviews about this book and I must say you nailed it.

    I know the value of this book but what you really gave us was a look inside the mind of Tony Robbins.
    I planned to go to one of his live events. But having taken some of his other programs- he gave up the juice. So much wisdom.

    I’m in Awe
    Thank you Marie and Tony. I have my book already. Reading it one day at at time.

  137. I love love love Tony Robbins. When I was in college, 15 years ago, and felt so lost in my life in terms of my career and relationships I popped Tony’s tapes in my car and listened to him on my way to and from school. His passion, insights, and strategies absolutely sparked something inside of me that began my journey to living the life of my dreams.

    When I got your email Marie, I bought his book immediately and have been devouring it since it arrived last week.

    What Tony shares, beyond anything else, is his heart. He truly cares and has made it his mandate to live his life with his heart. I have aspired to live the same way and get better and better at it each and every year.

    I changed my career from computers to acupuncture and I share my desire to care for others by seeing patients and informing people on how to live a healthy joyous life, no matter where you are.

    What stood out for me in his book is his spirit of giving. You need to give no matter how much or little you have. Because if you can’t afford to give 10 cents of a dollar, you won’t give a hundred thousand of a million.

    Another thing is to save for money no matter where you are right now. I keep thinking once debt is paid then I can take the extra to invest, but the reality is doing anything now will have a greater return than trying to wait for one day.

    I am sharing this with my followers and hope that everyone buys this book, if only to contribute to help feed and care for those in need. Love you Tony!

  138. Jolina Karen

    Fabulous interview. Thank you! I just ordered 2 copies of the book 🙂

  139. The Almighty bless you for all you do Marie. I ordered for the book the very day you sent an email about it. I live in Lagos, Nigeria so it’s going to take a while for the book to get here.

  140. My biggest take away is the fact that Tony is still getting choked up when thinking about the person that brought food to he and his family!
    The simplest act of kindness can change someone forever.

  141. Hi Marie, Wow! Loved the interview and I so admire Tony for all his accomplishments and how he so effortlessly shares with everyone. I’m currently in the process of starting a new business and I’m working on getting my website up and running soon. I can tell you right now, I am going to purchase this book right after I finish writing this. And as soon as the revenue starts flowing in, I will contact our financial advisor to implement some of Tony’s suggestions in this interview, as well as the more detailed information he has in his book… can’t wait to read it.

    My biggest take away from this is to take responsibility for my financial future by learning everything I can and to have the power to stay the course.

    Thank you so much for all the great information you and Tony consistently deliver.

  142. Marie! What an amazing interview! I am filled with hope and love and incredible energy – Tony brings the energy – even over a computer screen. The spirit of just giving it forward and every day showing up as my best me and inspiring others to do the same – that’s what I took away – just BE MORE. And then pass it forward. 🙂 Happy for you – what a huge interview!

  143. Awesome. Inspirational. Insightful.
    Thank you Marie & Tony for timeless strategies & unselfish caring.
    Excellent interview!

    And, yes. Change your perception; change your world.

  144. zs

    It’s great! I love the way Tony speaks.

  145. I was excited about this interview since you said you were doing it Marie. And I absolutely loved it! You and Tony are two perfect examples of how you can build an amazing life and give back to the world as a result. Truly inspiring. Thank you.

  146. Tracy

    This interview was so awesome, it made me cry… good, heartfelt tears.

    Tony is such an amazing soul! I’m going to order this book for everyone on my Christmas list!

    Thank you Marie!

  147. Johan

    Wow Marie ,

    What an interview , im soooo fired up and cant wait to get Tony’s book. Just
    listening to the two of you made me get up and go-go-go !
    Thanks Marie as always i really enjoy all your programs.

    Take good care and stay gold.


  148. ElizabethC

    I SO look forward to Tuesdays and MarieTV <3 !!!!!

    Loved this today and going to get his book.

    I also love what Erika above said:

    "It’s not my talent, my intelligence, my education…it has all come down to how much I’ve wanted to make it work. Period."

    Keep being awesome ALL of you !!

    Thank you both.

  150. Lori

    I am a single mom, who suffered the loss of 2/3 of her income back in 2008-09. While I am too late (old) to see the gains of this book, I have a daughter graduating high school who is seeking so much for her future. I want her story to be different from mine; I cannot wait to give this book to her as a “best gift” ever!
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us people like Tony are still around!

  151. I purchased this book immediately upon Marie’s recommendation and am in the beginning pages of reading it. Would someone tell me (because I’m having some resistance) if the book discusses how to invest in a market that is currently exploiting marginalized citizens, the environment and natural resources, and is currently making middle- and lower-class families more poor, ill, and fearful? Does the book discuss the possibility and opportunity to invest wisely with socially- and environmentally-conscious companies? Thank you! Enjoyed the video interview and am more excited to read Tony’s book. Thx!

    • Hi Carla! The book doesn’t specifically focus on environmentally or socially conscious companies as investments, but I can tell you that it IS about helping the everyday person. And the last chapter about giving was one of my favorites. The principles, ideas and recommendations can be used to help you make wise financial investments in whatever kind of companies you choose.

      • Thank you Marie for your reply. I think it is crucial now to choose socially- and environmentally-conscious companies in which to invest and no longer the Walmarts, Boeings, Verizons, and GEs of the capitalistic world who have paid no federal income taxes, stash their money overseas, and outsource their jobs. There are legal loopholes that benefit large corporations and their shareholders. I would love to know that it is possible to consciously & successfully invest.

  152. Jess

    Feeling inspired! My take-away? Definitely reading the book and try to find my way again, a new path. And most importantly, to stay inspired and energetic.

  153. WOW WOW WOW
    So impressed, thank you.

  154. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this video!!! I am 27 years old, currently in school, and I have used all of my savings.I am so close to graduating but I had to put school off until I can save some money. I have been struggling to find a job until recently. Thank god!! 🙂 My question is how do I start over financially and what is the first step to getting out of this pickle? <3

  155. Em

    Thank you for this interview, Marie. The one that stuck to me is to keep the mindset of being hungry to do better and better.

  156. What an amazing guy, I got the book yesterday and I am ploughing through it. I have committed to a savings plan and I feel amazing from taking that decision. Thank you so much Marie for this interview and for letting us know about his book. You are both are wonderful and very special people 🙂

  157. Ghadeer

    Thank you so much for interviewing the master of motivation and inspiration. My take away from this video:
    1- Read the book in a week
    2- I changed my belief around finance is so complex. I finally decided to face my lack of knowledge and act on mastering the game and hopefully get a head of it 🙂
    Million thanks Tony and Marie xox

  158. Debbie

    Wow what a great story, and at the end he was nearly in tears……it was a “real” reaction, that so deeply touched my heart. I can only hope this will work for me since I am older and some things do take time, but I will definitely share this beautiful wisdom with others

  159. Thank you! I have the book in front of me and am excited to devour every last word. As someone with a business degree, an MBA, and multiple books about finance in my library, I am still confused and so grateful to Tony for simplifying things, offering true advice, and making a difference in the world. Thanks for being the one to tip me off to this great find Marie! In Wealth, Amanda

  160. no doubt a energetically charged interview… full of insights, full of tips and advice and coming from such an amazing human being with courage and conviction and levelling it down so that it makes it possible for all of us to add a little of ourselves into being of service to the world. The figures were all above my head but i got emphatically the feeling that its something I could learn and ask for help to learn. I loved the way Tony leverages his time by doing that which he is greatest at and which also uses the highest use of his time. Makes so much sense to outsource that which some one else could do so much better and who also would love to do it and leave you to do what you do best. That is an immediate practice I want to make my own too. Great questions from Marie and informative, lively, fast paced answers from Tony. Superb interview. Will watch it again no doubt.

  161. Thank you so so much for this amazing video! I love Tony Robbins. He really changed my life over 9 years ago and continues to do so today. Best holiday gift ever! Will buy tons of copies of this book as gifts. Can’t wait to read it and put it into action. Thank you. Freedom here I come!

  162. This video was incredible! I am going to start automatically putting a portion of my money away from waitressing to an index fund, so when I graduate medical school in 4 years, I won’t be completely in debt.

    Thank you so much for everything you do Marie. I’m glad to see Tony on your show.

  163. Marie, Tony…
    What an amazing interview! I’ve always admired Tony and am getting hooked on MarieTV more everyday.

    Thank you for sharing so much of the good in our lives and how we can all step away from the darkness that threatens our spirit everyday.



  164. Madeleine Faleij

    What an amazing episode! I feel Really touched all the way from Sweden to watch your interview with Tony Robbins. I have been to many of Tony Robbins live seminaries and completed his master university but everything I see Tony Robbins on tv or a live event he open up My eyes, get me back on track and I feel so touched. He is an amazing human beeing!

    Thank You Marie for your great website and your passion for helping Others.

  165. Concentrate on outcomes, not activities! Love that, Tony!

  166. Shiro

    Came home early today from work because I was not feeling well. Right before I got into bed I checked my email and saw THIS! I hit play and within the first 1 minutes I knew this was something well worth paying CLOSE attention to! By the end of this amazing interview I was sitting up and my heartbeat was fast with excitement, curiosity and energy. Funny enough my dad bought this book for my sister and I while visiting for Thanksgiving, but I figured I would start reading it once I was done with the other two I currently am reading…FORGET THAT, after this interview I know there is no time to WASTE! With that said, let me go make a cuppa and snuggle on my couch and dive into Money: Master The Game. Funny enough after watching the interview, I was so pumped up that I even “forgot” I was feeling sick! (Hmm..gets me thinking that my mind is powerful beyond measure)

    Thanks Tony for your amazing contribution to the WORLD, you are loved and respected by many including me.

    Marie, as always KEEP ROCKIN and BRINGIN IT 😉

  167. Thank you so much Marie and Tony. I have been waiting for this episode to air since you emailed about it, and the wait was worth it a hundred times over. There is so much gold in here that it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific insight, however I can wholeheartedly say from how I’m feeling after watching, listening and learning it’s this: be grateful, act from a place of passion and love, be bold and step-up, take control of your finances (don’t give it away to someone else to do), and BE HUNGRY!

    My book arrived this morning and I cannot wait to dive in…’s almost like I’m preparing myself ritually to sit down and read. I’m super grateful to even have the chance to read it.


  168. Wow , TWO of my mentors together. I loved this! I am a B-school grad from 2011 so have loved and followed Marie for 3 years and just attended my first live Tony Robbins event in July. Such a brilliant interview with great questions. What a great reminder that it is our responsibility to really understand finance – especially as women. It does not have to be so difficult. The result can be empowering and ultimately, serving to others. The philanthropy – down to earth, honest , and generous – shared by you both rocks and inspires me. My 2 greatest takeaways: Be an investor before you think you are ready and are wealthy and Be a philanthropist before you think you are ready and are wealthy! Thank you again!

  169. Investing in the indexes. Such an amazing interview, MF.

  170. Sonja Gortzak-Hughes

    Thanks for this interview Marie!

    My real AHA moment happened early on when Tony mentioned the difference between being pulled by something and pushing on something. I will be making some changes and shifting some things that I have spent to long pushing on.

    Thanks Tony!

  171. matu cleaver

    I love the part were you says something like something you do has to pull you to do it has to be that fire. Not being pushed but pulling it made me think a lot he is great!!

  172. Regina Islas

    As soon as you announced the book I got an audible copy from Amazon. I am listening carefully-have committed to a % to put away. My goal is to have the financial freedom to stop working full time, to continue my philanthropic giving, and travel.
    The most influential learning today was: RPM-result purpose massive action plan-and to get off my ‘checklist’! I realized what a security blanket I’ve turned that into-wow!

    Thank you Marie, Thank you Tony-true lights in the world!

  173. Elizabeth

    Fantastic! I Love, Love, Love this interview! I bought three books and I cannot wait to receive them! I will keep one and give two as gifts!

    Thank you 🙂

  174. HI Marie,

    This is really for Tony, although I love your show, as I am growing my own business as a Photographer and Fine Art sales.
    I also saw Inside Job & was pleased to see Tony had the same reaction as I! I am requesting Tony do a Documentary! I would love to see a follow up that not only further Educates people, but also brings some solutions to the table.
    I can’t wait to read his book and really hope he hears the calling to reach the masses in more than one medium! Thank you for a great interview <3

  175. Thank you so much, Marie and Tony, for such an insightful interview! You both are such amazing role models and I have learned so much about life and business from listening to you. I related a lot to not taking your inner mission for granted, and for always continuing to have hunger for what you want in life. Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of this, and it’s something that I will be working on every day by staying focused and remembering why I started my social business in the first place.

    I also just wanted to say thank you for paying it forward. I’m a big believer in doing service for others and it’s amazing how you are changing lives with the proceeds from your book. I can’t wait to get my copy!


  176. Mary

    Great video! I have Tony’s book and am super excited to read it now! I would like to retire from a J-O-B early so I can pursue other interests, including charitable ones and this gives me incentive to get educated and get my butt in gear. THANKS!

  177. I’ve seen what money can do when people give generously to help others. It’s a powerful thing, very emotional. I’ve personally witnessed the impact in Africa, Pacific Islands and Australia. To be able to equip people who want to give to others – that is the most important quality about this book and video.

    Some people want money for money’s sake but if you change a life, you change your own. If you serve a higher purpose, a higher calling then not only will you have the motivation and enthusiasm to keep going but you’ll naturally reach out and impact lives as a result. Money can certainly help you to do that.

    I enjoyed when Tony said ‘instead of owning an Apple Iphone, own Apple Stock’. Simple and basic way of changing thinking. I’m going to enjoy reading this book. I want to learn about money and create wealth so I can impact many more lives, right around the world.

    Thanks Marie. As always your heart to learn and enthusiasm to share has influenced many.

    With love, Sharryn

  178. I KNOW I need to focus on OUTCOMES vs. ACTIVITIES. 2015 is my first official year of full-time to commitment to my business and I want to make $107,000 inspiring and empowering people to live more authentically and electrically connected to their purpose. The HOW’s will reveal themselves. I must commit to my WHY.

    STEP 1: I hiring someone to work for me (starting with 3 hours per week) so complete some of the tasks that if were relieved from my plate, I could be focusing on what’s important!

    STEP 2: I am practicing daily meditation, feeling in my body 3 things I am grateful for in my life. I am totally present for 3 minutes so that I can feel this every single day.

    STEP 3: I am asking, “How can I serve the world?” instead of “What can I do to further my own personal agenda?” I am committed to service.

  179. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Both of you! <3
    The most importaint thing I take with me from this episode is DELEGATING. Don´t do all the work myself. I have reasonly started a business and partnered up with another enterpeneur. Now she turns out to have the mindset "we shold do all the work ourself, and work around the clock". And she gives me a feeling of beeing lazy, since I want to expand the biz by hiring someone to do some of the routine work. I decided to still go with my plan, and to convince her that my idea is the way to go. This video gave me more confidence, and I also want to play it for her, to inspire her to take action and grow the biz! 🙂

  180. There are no accidents. I am ordering this book today. It is what I have been looking for. Thank you, Marie, for a great interview and thank you, Tony, for your generous Spirit and an exciting, boundless energy. It all comes with commitment.

  181. Karcar

    Great interview. I am half way through the book. It’s empowering. My actions are to read the whole thing! And I am taking notes to bring up with my financial advisor when we have my end of year review.

    I feel really grateful that I had a boss at my first job (over 20 years ago!!) who told me to put the maximum into my 401k. So I did, not really knowing what I was doing. No one really tells you when you get out of college how important saving is, and certainly that you can start investing. I feel like every 20 something should read this book!! Along with the rest of us old folks 😉

  182. Love, love, love.
    Thank YOU for inspiring me and giving me the courage to help young women be passionate.
    We limit ourselves because we believe that we are not good enough, not important enough, not smart enough etc.
    It’s time to be passionate and push past fear.
    It’s time to choose love.

  183. Oh, là-là, what a force of the nature!

    Passion is what I took away from this interview, and, of course, the book.

    Thank you so much, Marie and Tony, I’ll continue to pay it forward – it feels so amazing!

  184. Leda

    Hello everybody,

    man…I spent my whole vacation reading this book and am now reading for the second time. I am not in the U.S. but I am just adjusting the ideas to Germany, thinking about my savings, investiments and my retirement plan.

    I am so wired now and aware of my financial life. I confess I’ve never read Robbins before and am impressed about this book.

    But don’t just read this book use it for yourself, for your future. Get financial educated because if you don’t take care of your money nobody else will really.

    Thanks, Marie for the reading suggestion.

    All the best. Leda

  185. Ciara

    This is the episode I have been looking forward to so much! Tony and Marie – amazing!
    There are so many takeaways; Tony’s morning and evening rituals, preparation for coaching clients, how to optimise productivity, surviving a slump, automising your investment and learning lots on financial education and investing so we can dodge the so called experts who may rob us of our money.
    My actions;
    (1) Review and alter my morning rituals
    (2) Revise my daily, monthly and annuals outcomes to become even MORE productive
    (3) Read the ‘monster’ book once it arrives (anyone know how long it’s taking to ship to the UK?) and learn the rules of the ‘game’
    (4) Automise a minimum of 10% of income for investing and 5% contribution / giving account

    Marie – keep working it girl. The quality of your guests just keeps getting better and the format of your shows excellent. But most of all, you are real, genuine and funny as hell which makes you the most refreshing personal development gal I currently know. Thank you!

    Much love and abundance to you.


  186. Colin

    I love Tony’s energy.
    I agree with his comments that he is not just a motivational speaker he is a strategist..
    I am in the Financial Services Industry and Tony is absolutely correct about the outrageous fees for mutual funds

  187. Actually I’m speechless, for the second time I’ve watched this. Thank you both for sharing. I of course have purchased the book and am sharing the news and this video with all my friends.
    I have just learned that I am bigger than myself, and that there is a mission for me – yet to be discovered, but I have a feeling it’s right around the bend…. 🙂
    Thanks again.

  188. Justine

    Bought this book the moment I read your recommendation! II have had my husband read a chapter aloud to me every night for the past 3 nights and amazingly I’ve experienced greatly improved sleep all 3 nights! Even though we have yet to make any actually changes, I already feel physically and psychologically altered in my outlook towards our finances. Something I never believed was possible. Thank you to you and Tony. I’m feeling so full of love gratitude I could burst!

  189. That interview was Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.. I just purchased the book and can’t wait to start reading it. Tony Robins is Awesome!

    Thanks again and I am now an avid follower of your! Keep up the excellent work!


  190. I recently read an article that was listing 10 things most 20 something are getting wrong. I don’t remember much of the article but one thing that stuck out to me was this question- are you taking from the work/your community or are you giving to the world? It stopped me in my tracks because I feel like, though I hate to admit this, I have been taking. From that moment on, I’ve been asking myself what I can give, how I can give, where I can give. I loved this interview for a couple reasons; Tony is incredibly passionate. I can hear, see and feel (even through the video) his hunger and it’s inspiring. And more importantly, the amount this man gives. Tony Robbins maybe a genus, a strategist, etc but I think he is a GIVER first and foremost, and being a giver affords him to be all those other things.
    I have a very healthy appetite and am very interested in my own health and mainly healing through the foods that I eat. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can take my passion for food and turn it into a way to give to my community and to our global community. I am definitely going to buy Tony’s book, so I can give someone a meal, but also to help me further my own path to giving. GREAT Video!
    p.s. I was on your Holiday Huddle call today and it was awesome! Thank you so much for organizing 🙂

  191. That interview was bananas amazing incredible!!!!

    I could feel the energy of it and felt moved to tears more than once.

    I am committing to taking 10% of any money that comes to me and treating it like a tax and putting it away to invest.

    Also committing to finishing the book!

    You asked the BEST questions, Marie!

    Thankful for you both.

  192. Ainslie

    Just a quick question, but would this information be suitable for the Australian economy?

  193. I have so enjoyed this interview. This is the second one I have seen with Tony being interviewed and this is by far the best…
    You asked and then allowed Tony to tell the complete story and made it about him…your enthusiasm to be sitting with such an amazing person…wow

    My book is on the shelf and reading it is both giving me hope and vision again after getting wiped out in 2008…thank you Marie

  194. Andrea

    Fantastic interview! Change my belief, change the direction of my life, is the take away for me. I am buying a few books as Christmas gifts and am joyful that my purchases will help feed others. Thank you, Tony & Marie!

  195. Marie,

    Thank you and Tony Robins for your beautiful gift by giving us an amazing video! For me the video was a spiritual Godly experience. It warms my heart to know there are people like you and Tony in this world. You make a difference.

    Once again thank you.

  196. Wow! This video is so chocked full of value it should be a paid program. I found myself zoned out of everything else and just absorbing the information. Talk about being present, this one did it for me.

    Absolutely, loved Tony’s insight, he always shares generously.

    I cannot believe how he has something new everytime you hear him, even after almost 4 decades!

    Great interview Marie! Thanks.

  197. Such a great interview Marie! Thank you solo much!

    I love Tony’s energy, heart, and generosity! I got my book this weekend and I am already diving into it. I can’t wait to learn everything that he shares in this book. I loved when Tony said, “Intelligence is a capability. Fitness is a state of readiness.” I want to be fit! I am going to take massive action in my life this year and taking charge of how my money is managed is one of my goals. I am going to get a copy of this book for all of my loved ones this Christmas. I especially love that it contributes to feeding the hungry. I could not think of a more wonderful cause.

  198. I met Tony when he was a guest on, The Dini Petty Show”, a Canadian talk show I worked for back in the early ’90’s. He was such an inspiration then and it is wonderful to see that he is still the same grounded, warm, and giving individual. I will buy his book and share your interview. What a thought-provoking way to end my day!

    Thank you Marie and thank you Tony!

  199. Thank you Tony Robbins and Marie all the way from sunny St. Lucia…I love the fact that Tony is making such a huge difference in people’s lives. You both are a Godsend to many. I purchased the book and have already started reading. What an amazing concept to donate the proceeds of the book to feed families across America while educating people in the process! Thank you for your kindness and wisdom!

  200. Katie

    What an incredible interview. I am in a huge slump right now, and really needed to hear this! I’ve been feeling such an intense sense of dissatisfaction with my career, and I wasn’t sure why until I saw this video!
    I am a single mother with two more years before my only child graduates from high school and I am desperately wanting to take my career to the highest limits, but my priority right now is my beautiful daughter. I really appreciated the concept of self-sabotage and being satiated. I need something new and my heart is longing to be able to not only take on new challenges, but to give back to my community. This helped me realize that I can take these next two years and develop my passion so that I am prepared to jump in 2017. I also bought the book and can not wait to read it. I have lots of work to do, and am pumped now to get moving!

  201. Suleyka

    I was in tears by the end, seeing two powerhouses for good together is really touching and inspiring!

  202. Wow, clearly this resonated with many people in different way. I have been so excited to get Tony’s new book and am working my way through it. He has such great advice not only about the reality of managing our money but why we should even bother. I’ve been on a journey attending a number of Tony’s event and continue to learn and grow. I’m passionate to see young woman empowered, and feeling confident about money is a good place to start. I’m going to review some of the steps and strategies that Tony talks about at a free webinar on Sat (PST) for anyone wanting to stay focused on this topic to gain more momentum and accountability.

  203. Got misty by the end of this incredibly powerful and energized talk. Can’t wait to get the book. Feeling motivated and juiced. My action is that I am moving my investments to an Index pronto to save on fees and automating my contributions. Thanks a million Tony and Marie!!! You’re the best!

  204. My book just arrived today, and I just watched this video. I saw another with Lewis Howes, which is what motivated me to purchase it. I recently went to talk with a financial advisor who looked over my portfolio. I was told that it hadn’t increased like it should have. I was discouraged because the lady who took over our accounts was supposed to be the best. She ended up being CRAZY! (And I’m not joking.)

    I want to move our money but didn’t have any interest in studying the market. I’m an art major for God’s sake and a very creative business woman…who’s no where NEAR retirement. AND I have 3 kids close to college. I’m feeling overwhelmed and I have a husband that wants to change careers…but he’s paid too well to leave.

    SO…I work to build my business and help offset his…and pray that we’ll figure out the finance part. When I say Tony talk about his book, I had to buy it. I can’t wait to dive into it. I will have a highlighter, and a notebook…and I WILL share my insights with my husband. We will be successful and in an awesome place…in the coming future.

    Thanks Marie for sharing this interview. You inspire me to no end. One day, I hope to make the impact that you and Tony have. To God’s glory it will be. 🙂

    Keep being your awesome self!

  205. Kerry Baxter

    What an inspirational interview. Thank you. I was in tears by the end and Tony’s story of service has given me the courage to move forward on my dream of Educating children in life and social skills. I realise now that I am in a slump and that I have been trying to do it on my own. My action will be to engage support and get that passion moving.

  206. I’ve watched many Marie TV episodes and I think this one is my favorite! My eyes were glued to the screen. Tony was so inspirational and Marie, you are so genuine. I had tears in my eyes as you spoke to him, sensing your awe and admiration for him. It inspired me to buy the book (duh!) so I can not only get my hands on the masterpiece, but also do my part to help feed America. Additionally, I posted to my social media to urge my followers to either buy the book (money well spent) or donate to Feeding America directly. Awesomeness. Thank you for sharing this Marie. I am inspired by you and your guests every week. Truly life-changing.

  207. Embarrassed to say that I know zero about money. I have tried. My husband understands it, it is in his wheelhouse as an attorney.
    I admit this because there are many women like me out there. I have previously tried but I feel stupid, I am sure I have a learning disability when I get lost in the pages, the math, the abstract structures. ugh… BUT
    I am going to get this book. I am going to try again.

  208. Hi Marie and Tony,

    Thank you so much for the interview. I am wondering if the book is really only geared to the USA financial market or will it cross over into the Australian market?

    I downloaded the sample from Apple and there are terms, schemes, etc that don’t apply to Australia and it seems only setup for the USA.

    Not sure if I should go ahead and purchase the book.

    Thanks so much.


    • Mike

      I’m just some random guy who purchased and read the book in four days… I say buy it!

      Much of the book is about taking action. Committing to save a percentage of your income and understanding why you’re doing it makes the book worthwhile. Though there may be some differences in terminology, the basic principles apply all over the world.

      • Thanks so much random guy for taking the time to respond – I’ll get onto it!

  209. I Am SOOO glad I came back today and watched this. Added this book to my Wish list And Purchasing tomorrow!

  210. Ulrike

    Hi Marie, thank you for this and all shows. You are a breath of fresh air and so enlightened. Small technical tip: Make sure the chairs are comfortable. These are not. You have to sit on the edge of it to keep poised and “on”, since they slouch backwards so badly. Tony’s posture is compromised, too, as he, as a guy, of course, feels like he can be more comfortable, legs spread, leaning, etc., but his voice is compromised due to the crook created by the backward tilt of the chair and the forward lean of the body to balance the tilt. Does that make sense? Straight chairs are better for everyone’s posture. One feels more alert. Thanks again.

  211. Marie, THANK YOU! This interview was amazing. The biggest action I am going to take is purchase Tony’s book AND look into my financial investments and start to save more after I read the strategies in Tony’s book. Thank you Tony and Marie this was life changing!!!!!!! So grateful.

  212. My biggest takeaway? I need to get this book!

    *heads off to purchase*

  213. Amazing! Lots to take away from this one. I’d say the number one insight is to change my beliefs about money and start using a strategy that will work for me. Taking action will make the difference.

    This episode also affirmed my thoughts on helping others.

    Thank you!

  214. Dale Moore

    Marie, thank you for doing this interview. I have shared the video on Facebook and highly recommended it to my friends. Being a former Series 7 licensed investment representative that got out of the business, mostly due to frustration, I’m digging that someone it opening that book of little white lies we’ve all been told about investing and exposing the intentional over complication of the issue . It’s amazing how we (investment reps) were taught how much good we could do for people just by getting them started investing yet we were never led down the road of compounding fees. It’s find clients, build your business so you can have a sustainable income…hint 12b1 fees! From someone who lived it, Tony is dead on with his message and information. Let’s all help spread the word to friends and family to read this book. Lead on Marie and Tony!

  215. Loved this interview, and I pre-ordered the book before it was available, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to dive in. I love that you’re tackling this topic on a level that encourages people to try something they may not have done before (investing, saving, learning about the market)…

    Truly inspiring.

  216. I am so glad that Tony picked this topic because it is life changing. I have been playing around with stock since the crash in 2008. When I saw that Citibank stock go to $2 or $3 I was like hell yeah I’m getting on this train. The only thing I regret is not investing more money.
    What Tony is talking about is empowering and will give you financial security and possibly also a nice retirement. I recommend going for it!

  217. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s episode?

    The importance of love and the impact that it can have on slumps/plateaus. Sometimes, it may seem exaggerated to think that love can have this type of power, but it does.

    I loved how Tony validated emotions and acknowledged gratitude. I am happy to know that my site focuses exactly on this.

    I have been a Tony Robbins fan for years. Marie, I thought that your interview was fantastic! 🙂

    I too, want the book. I value education and financial education is really important. Thank you for all the value that you both provided. Amazing! 🙂

  218. Bought this book when it came out and before the day was out I gave away 4 Kindle copies on my Wolff Den Press facebook page plus I sent a copy to my mom. I am going slow but I’m reading every day and really looking forward to learning what to do even on a small scale. Thank you for holding the interview you’re both so very generous!

  219. Kathy Mendes

    What an amazing interview!!! Marie, you asked all the essential questions from what Tony eats, his priming rituals to how he prepares himself to strategize with his clients and bring the best out of them! Tony, thank you so much for your humility, your gratitude, and your passion! The fact that you are still so deeply touched and feel gratitude for the family that fed you when you were 11 and use that as your drive to feed 100 million people is amazing!!! I got the book and started reading it with my husband. I can’t wait to dig in some more and will buy the book as Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Thank you so much for all the work that you and Tony do!!! 🙂

  220. I received Tony Robbins book today and then saw your interview tonight! Thank you for what you do in this world Marie and thank you SO much for cussing and allowing your quests to cuss! Love it!!!

  221. Sonia

    I bought the book and as I started reading it, I purchased another one for my 18 year old son who’s studying to get into a network marketing financial services as a broker. It is opening up my eyes to things I never really knew.

    When the book comes, it will be a gift for him.

    I am a government worker in CA. I am going to my union to bring up our retirement plan and have them fight for us employees. I will also take up his advise in growing my money.

    I would love to purchase a book for each of my co-workers, my son’s up-line. I would love to get this book out.

    I am just like you. I believe EVERYONE needs to read this book. If they choose not to, it’s a serious loss for them.

    Thank you for the interview!

    Sonia Lara-Lopez

  222. Sofia Eastmond

    Marie, you are an inspiration. And well, Tony Robbins… What an incredible human being. The main take away was to represence me to the hunger I have to make a difference for others in my own unique way. While my path is still being defined, I am pursuing each step as it’s revealed to me. Thank you again.

  223. Such an amazing and powerful interview! Thank you to Marie and Tony! Quick question: would Tony share with me what kind of deep breathing method he is doing during his morning routine? I am very curious to know! Thank you!

  224. Jennifer DiNoia

    Thank you Marie for all that you do as well!! And for having Tony on your show. I have always been a huge student of his and now yours too.

    Much love to all

  225. Wow Marie! I was so happy and nervous for you at the same time and it brought tears to my eyes from the beginning, because I know Tony Robbins is a huge mentor and inspiration to you and to have the opportunity to interview him…just incredible!

    Thank you for doing what you do Marie and thank you to your team as well! It’s so incredible to see just how far you’ve come on MarieTV.

  226. Fantastic interview Marie!
    Tony has incredible passion and energy: he really is an amazing man. I’m relatively new to his work but really love his vision and messages.

    Thanks for sharing this gift with us!
    Sarah x

  227. Ed Rodriguez

    I really never comment or respond to newsletters/blogs etc but your interview with Anthony Robbins was incredible. Every question you asked was exactly what I wanted to know. I already have the book which I will begin reading at the end of this week. I had to let you know, congratulations on your success. Great job on the interview.

  228. Thanks Marie!
    Got the book for myself and my children and my Dad( who just loves this stuff)
    Wonderful interview!
    You are the greatest! 🙂

  229. Absolutely loved this interview and have already shared it with everyone and everywhere. Tony shares some brilliant nuggets and I can’t wait to get stuck into the book which I am just waiting to arrive. I LOVED what Tony shared about having to have a hunger, a passion, to fuel us. I cannot agree more!

  230. Karina

    I’ve been learning a lot lately about the importance of sharing your story. So the part that caught my attention most was just seeing him get emotional at the end talking about the stranger that helped his with the holiday meal. You could tell that after all these years he wishes he could meet this person and say thank you personally. I don’t know I guess it just made him seem real and regular vs OMG it’s Anthony Robbins. Sometimes our best teachers are the ones we never knew. For him that was obviously a lifelong lesson that never left him. But as young adults and adults how often do we miss a lesson because of who the message is coming from. Maybe it was meant to be for the greater good that he never knew who the teacher of that lesson was. ??

  231. Bernadette

    A MASSIVE THANK YOU Marie, to both you and Tony for sharing such empowering insight and uplifting interview! You’re both so inspirational to so many people who are on the path to finding their purpose, and using it to better not just themselves, but all of us as a human family. I’ve been a big supporter of your both for years now because you give so much to help so many.

    My biggest takeaways from this interview are…

    1) Paying it forward- I’ve been blessed with so much, and I’m inspired to return the those blessings in some form by 3 or 10 or tens of thousands fold like Tony has.

    2) Start with what you’ve got- I love the FedEx Driver investment story. At the moment, I don’t have excess means beyond the basics. But as Tony put it, to “think of investment like paying a tax”, is such simple but profound advice that I can put into effect with my own personal finances not when I have more, but right now with what I have.

    2) Find unlimited energy through something you’re pulled by (not pushing on)- Tony’s invaluable advice to find the untapped well of energy we have through serving something that is outside ourselves, or something that “we’re about”, that we’re made for, is so helpful for those times we’re feeling drained or at a loss for what to do next. I’ll always come back to the question of “WHY am I doing this?” to refocus and reenergize.

    Again, infinite gratitude for all that you give and all that you do.

    With the warmest love and light,


  232. Shante

    Perfect…interview… Can’t wait to buy the book. I loved the article in fortune magazine…I love that the proceeds go to those in need…

  233. Patty


  234. What an amazing interview Marie! I have watched Inside Job 4 times and get furious every time. I love hearing that’s what fueled Tony to write this book. It’s like a middle finger to the people that caused the crash. I will be getting my copy, devouring it and getting copies for family and friends too. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  235. Rivelino

    It was a AMAZING!!! interview, Tony Robbins is one of the greatest.

  236. Lori

    What an awesome interview! It was great to hear some the powerful success habits he has and about the strategies he uses to help people.

  237. Marsan

    This was a very meaningful interview to me. I was one of those who lost everything in 2008, and have searched for so long to understand how to fix myself when all I had to do was understand that I really don’t need to be fixed, I just have to remember who I am. I’m always in awe of those people who aren’t afraid to be who they are and care not what people think. Long story short, I bought the book tonight from Amazon. See you at the top!

  238. Jessica Smith

    Hi Marie,

    Feeling pretty pumped up after watching this video and anxious to get the book. However, I’m assuming the advice and information given in the book is more geared to the American economy and I’m wondering if it can also be useful for Canadians? Or do you think I would struggle with the terminology etc?

  239. Carl

    Only up to the 2nd chapter yet I already am mesmerized – in a very beneficial way – from the techniques I am absorbing.

  240. ulla

    loveeeeeed this episode

  241. Atisa

    What did I Like about this video Marie?

    I absolutely LOVED every moment of it, even took lots of notes!!
    Thank you for bringing on Tony sooo much & thanks for being you!
    I loved it as every bit spoke to me deeply & in the most natural/authentic way – I felt like I was getting my own quick coaching session from Tony , it ignited something in me & really made me think about my RPM!

    You are an amazing woman bringing so much wisdom to so many people & for that I am very grateful Marie!

    Thank you & LOTS of love, Atisa 🙂

  242. Eryn

    What an amazing interview! Marie – you brought so much authenticity and passion and Tony fed off of that and delivered such a compelling talk. I have been mulling over what to get my team as gifts for Christmas and I think this is just the thing. Thank you for bringing this to your tribe. xoxo

  243. Eric Foronjy

    What an amazing episode. I had to pause it 4 times to help my kids with things and I kept coming back for more. Very inspirational and encouraging. I pulled out of investing after learning what a racket it is. I know I need to get back in but the questions I had were not easily answered. I hope Tony’s new book will help fill that gap. Thanks Marie for all you do. I have a 8 yr old daughter who is an entrepreneur and I sit her on my lap to watch you. She loves your intro and giggles every time she hears the music start. Super High Five!

  244. Lisa

    Tony is such a light and force in this world! I truly appreciate this interview taking place Marie. What I most enjoyed and got from it was;
    – hearing about his morning routine and how he keeps his energy high
    – energy comes from having a mission to be pulled by in contrast to being pushed by something
    – get reminded of the importance of having a target (focus) and why (fuel)
    – focus on outcomes, not actions. Get support.
    – being and staying hungry to be on top of your game (and attractive)
    – emotional fitness = readyness = I do this instead of just I know this
    – to invest no matter what size of amount
    – to go for index investing and to remember to look for low fees
    – the all season portfolio strategy

    Besides this, Tony’s genuine heart and they way he contributes constantly to less fortunate people.

  245. Lee

    I have a question, and I welcome being corrected if I’m wrong: From what I understand so far, the strategy of investing in index funds means (at least in part) buying a tiny piece of all the most successful companies, right? But putting money indiscriminately behind, say, Mobil, Exxon, Nestle, and many other corporations irrespective of what they may do and the effects they may be producing in the world is potentially immoral and destructive, isn’t it? I may make a profit over time, but doing what? Bolstering the financial solidity of enterprises which do bad stuff? In that case, I’d deserve to lose every cent, wouldn’t I? Suppose, say, like some famous investors, I invest in Coke, or McDonald’s – whose products destroy human health, and so on. Can anyone answer this?

  246. I can understand why you were so excited Marie, isn’t he wonderful!?

    I’m going to order a copy tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

  247. Wonderful interview Marie! Thank you so much for sharing this with us — I know this is going to be one of your episodes that I will go back to watch again and again! I’ll definitely be looking into Tony’s new book — I’m intrigued! 🙂

  248. Adrienne

    I love Tony!!!! So cool!!!

  249. Laura McCann

    This was a great interview, Marie! I saw Tony on the cover of Fortune while I was in the airport and had to pick it up! I switched over to Amazon and put the book in my cart while I was watching the video. I am definitely going to look at my investing mix after watching the video. I’ve been able to work for companies that offer pensions in my career but my husband has never worked for a company that provided that. We need to make sure our money is working for us. Thanks again for an awesome interview!

  250. Everything was amazing but I will take the 10 minutes practice in the morning. I always thought I have no time for this, but if Tony manages I can manage too. Thank you both for everything you do for the others!

  251. Gladys Semenya

    Dear Tony and Marie

    I just want to say thank you so much for the hard work you do. I’ve been blessed so much by your hard work. You have taken the time to change the life of people like me, who thought they would not even have a chance of meeting you in a million years. Yes at the moment i can’t afford to go to any of Tony’s seminars, but when ever i get internet access i make it a point to read as much as possible. And to try and watch one of your shows Marie.

    Growing up in one of the poor townships in South Africa, i can relate so much to the experiences of Tony, and i’m working hard to make changes in my life, and i know i can do it.

    Tony as soon as i am able to afford your book, i’m getting it :). Right now the shipping makes the book a bit costly for me, but i will get it. I’m even asking friends to buy it for me for Christmas hahahahaha But no luck with that so far.

    I’m not sure if you will be able to read my comment, but if you do. Please know you are changing an African Girls by the name of Gladys Mmaphuti Semenya’s life in a way you will never imagine.

    I love you both Big Time

  252. For me this is got to be one of your best interviews ever Marie! I just love this guy!

    I first heard about you during his Money Masters series actually. Very inspiring guy. I don’t think there is another one like him. I love his audio Awaken the giant within, still on my shuffle (I still have one of those 🙂 ).
    Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book!

    Big hugs,

  253. Denise

    Marie and Tony
    They say that when the pupil is ready the teacher appears – hallelujiah! You have appeared for me at just the right time. I’m a sole parent in her 50s with a teenager, and my upbringing was probably the worst financial grounding you could imagine. Throughout my life I have earned good money but had no idea how to manage it, experienced divorces and international relocations that have zapped my resources, and find myself in a less than desirable financial situation. HOWEVER, I remain optimistic about turning this around, even at this stage in my life, and am teaching my 17 year old lessons I wish I had learned at her age.
    I received an email from you about Tony’s book, and ordered it the very same day. I has just arrived!
    My intention is to share the strategies in the book with my daughter, and hopefully set her up for a life of financial freedom. If at the same time I can resurrect my own situation that will be a huge bonus!
    Thank you Tony for your dedication in pulling this together, and to you Marie for sharing with me at just the right time.
    Bless you both xx

  254. Marie,
    I lost count of how many people interviewed Tony about this book. Yours topped them all because it brought tears to my eyes and dug deeper than every other.

  255. Kura

    It’s 9.30pm in Melbourne, Australia and I have just elevated. Just as the episode started a storm brewed around my house, with thunder roaring, lightning sparkling…. It’s electric. I have never listened to Tony, but what a man. This rain is totally cleansing and I know that tomorrow will be a better day. Tony, Marie – Wow! Thank you.

  256. Hi Marie,

    I’ve already got the book through Brendon’s link but I’ve watched your interview with Tony until the end. As always you are incredible and amazing, I admire you so much. And Tony, there is not much to say I guess, everybody knows that he is one in a million. You both made me cry. The value I got from this interview is a little help goes a long way. A very good example was about the story where Tony received a meal from someone for thanksgiving and what it did to Tony was miraculous. I love helping people too in my own little way especially other members of my family who’s struggling. I just wish I had a little more to do it more. Well, I guess I will attain that when I finish reading the book. 🙂 Thank you very much Tony and Marie, you continue making a difference in the whole wide world.

  257. Monika

    Thanks for sharing this awesome interview. Taking more care of my finances and learning about this “finance world” is something I’m afraid of and rather avoid. But I want to change it by reading the book and taking the steps! Thanks Marie & Tony!!!

  258. Uuuuhm, am I the only one who didn’t understand a word of that? ha ha, no, I did, but MAN, is he a fasttalker and all those numbers, whooooaa!! So I’m sitting here thinking, me with my tiny business, handmaking skincare in the countryside, how will I ever be able to understand and use economy strategies like these?? Well anyway I BOUGHT THE BOOK!! So maybe I’ll find out <3
    Love to Marie, Tony and the team

  259. Dear Marie ,
    Great interview with Tony Robbins on his new book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. It is important to note that your vision for MarieTV has made it possible for millions of people to view the interview that would probable otherwise never see it. I am the founder of the Lehigh Valley Elite Network with is a professional networking organization that combines traditional networking events with social media to enhance the growth and development of local businesses in our region of Pennsylvania. Thank you for courage in challenging conventional wisdom and your forward thinking in developing this platform. You are a great example of what is possible and I will be sharing this my organization and network to expand their vision of possiblity. Michael Madden

  260. I was really touched and so moved by Tony. I haven’t read any of his books, but I feel so lucky it is available here in our country. Can’t wait to read what he has to share. But what moves me the most is that very last part. Knowing and hearing Tony’s story almost made me cry. goodness it’s just a few seconds. I really love that caring experience that changed and inspired + empowered Tony to be who he is right now. Oh I love him! i love you too Marie!!! Thank you sooo much!

  261. TwiddleBagsAndSuch

    I am feeling so appreciative of all this wealth of knowledge and love that is shared here! My personal belief is that the more love you share, the more you are able to share and receive. How blessed we are by the time and energy put into this show. I just want to share this with everyone I know so they can be blessed too!

  262. Dani

    I am in awe every time I hear him speak! I started listening to him out of “demand” by my employers (so long ago I can’t remember) and I was blessed to see him in person at one of his amazing seminars. Tony – what you bring to people out of shear giving is a true act of kindness. I fall off my goals a lot but I always keep moving because of the things you teach <3

  263. Wow! That’s an incredible idea…I wonder if people tried to stop Tony publishing thisbook …I have realised for some time that major players in the financial industry were not as helpful as they portrayed but i didn’t know you could make money work for you so well!!! I definitely starting to invest! First, need to get my hands on this book! Thanks for sharing, Marie and Tony!!

  264. Thank you Marie Forleo for the interview with Tony Robbins.
    I had heard from people about Tony but never in my life read his books.
    Now after listening to his advice and tips especially about Ray’s 15 minutes advice giving to Tony also the 20% saving method …. I am inspired to get the book … read it and most of all APPLY!!!

    Once again I thank you Marie and Tony Robbins for inspiring me
    Please send my regards to Tony my wishes from Singapore

  265. Marie,
    Thank you so much for this interview! Tony is such a gift,I was almost getting inside my computer screen, to absorb every single word he was saying.
    My biggest take away from watching this episode is, care and care a lot!



  266. Peter

    Brilliant interview.
    Lost for words.
    Spoke straight to my heartt

    Need to listen again ..

  267. Hi Marie,

    I’ve watched it twice already, and I have a feeling I will probably watch it again! I can’t get enough of you and Tony Robbins… so inspiring. Keep up the great work.

    Thank You!


  268. Oxana

    Beautiful interview! Thank you Maria and Tony for being so generous, supportive and changing the world for better.

    My huge get-away from the interview, when Tony told about his father “Nobody cares about anybody else”.. Tears got into my eyes. I just realize that this is the belief I was raised with, and I guess still have it in my relationship with money.. I grow up in Russia during the Perestroika time, when there were nothing in the stores, lines to get some groceries, and people who were depressed and aggressive. My mom was always saying to me that nobody is going to help me; I have to be strong and do everything by myself.
    My actions- buying the book and helping to feed people in need.

  269. Simona Manu

    Hey Marie,

    THANK YOU so, so much for bringing Tony to us in this interview!!!.I am a huge fan both of your work and Tony’s. I’ve just bought his book, and started reading from it, I’m so grateful for this book, it’s such a tremendous gift to the world. And what an amazing interview this is- I need to watch it a couple of times to get all the wisdom Tony’s sharing. Could you please place this interview in a more visible place on your website, so it will be easier for others as well to access it in the future. I know I’ll watch it often.
    Thank you so much for all the work that you do! You’re an amazing human being! Blessings!

  270. I’m midway through Tony’s book right now and it is jam packed, that’s for sure! So far my biggest takeaway is the importance of index funds, but I am a bit turned off by the fact that the majority of the take aways involve going to a website or hiring a company that he recommends which seems a bit slimy to me. I guess I was hoping for a bit more than just talk about investing. I’m a HUGE Tony Robbins fan and so far it just hasn’t lived up to my expectations, but maybe I’m the only one?

    • You are not the only one. I love Anthony Robbins work, but honestly 140 pages in and I am still confused about investing because I would only be interested in ethical companies and are they even on ‘the index’? Honestly, I know so little of this world of corporate investing that I can only understand the overall (I have no context at all for the details)!
      I have already started putting away 10% of my income. If investing in the stock market isn’t a strategy I want to do, is it worth it to keep reading? Or is there another starting point with this book that I should skip too?

  271. This was INCREDIBLE. Thank you both so much.

    Biggest insight: Emotional fitness versus just emotional intelligence. Definitely feel like I’m one that gets overwhelmed by emotions – I dive in. No fear of emotions, but sometimes no ability to hold up an emotional boundary.

    Action: Read Tony’s book!! My boyfriend already read it and loved it and I am ecstatic. Next: Get my investment fund rocking (once I read which is best!).

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Such an honor to witness and learn from you both.

  272. Meegan

    OMG Marie & Tony! Thank you SO much for such a heart-felt interview full of knowledge. I understand it’s geared towards the American market (I’m Canadian) but I’m sure there are many nuggets of wisdom that crosses over the border too. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on this book. My actionable? Clicking “Proceed to Checkout” on Amazon with TWO copies. One for me and one to donate to our local library. Cheers!

  273. Katherine

    This interview was AH-MAY-ZING. I’ve seen Tony interviewed for his book by other people but this one is the best! I love how you go into his strategies for the first half of the interview and he gives great nuggets of wisdom. I am in the beginning phase of my business and the ‘hire somebody’ comment popped out at me as well as ‘top performers are focused on outcomes and not activities’. I’ve already bought the book and read the first few chapters. can’t wait to dive in. Insightful interview and really shows another side of Tony as well. THANK YOU!

  274. Great tips, interview and cause! Thank you Marie and Tony!

  275. Tears…. Can it be that people actually serve others first, and get paid in money and beyond?


    Thank you, Marie! What a wonderful chat we got to see!

    How did you not tear up at the end??????


  276. Hi Marie,

    This was timely for me…as I sit at my desk feeling my slump. I needed to hear this today and I believe in paying it forward. I just left my friends house who had her 4th child 3 weeks ago. She has no worries with money, but when I offered to make her a lasagna and soup to help with the daily grind, her gratitude was palpable. Tony’s right it’s the caring.

    Thanks for this! Much appreciated.

  277. Anne

    I bought the book a few weeks ago and have started to read it. I have been putting 15% of my income into a pension for around 12 years but it is in a mutual fund and its looking pretty unimpressive. Now I understand why! This has given me hope that I can make it work much harder for me. Interesting the financial advisor hasn’t replied to my email asking for a meeting……. Thank you Marie and Tony, this could really change my life in the future.

  278. Hi, Marie:

    Thank you for this awesome interview! I LOVE Tony Robbins and have seen him at a couple of events in the past, and totally love what he does and what he teaches. This topic is especially relevant for me as I’m a Personal Finance/Money Coach, helping specifically women to obtain more financial knowledge, gain confidence and become financially savvy and independent. As Tony said, for many people, there is this huge fear of money and finance in general, where in reality, it’s no different from other parts of our lives. We just need to set the proper mindset to it. I will go buy the book now. Actually, I will buy a large quantity to give them out to my clients as a gift. And now that I’m thinking, I will start hosting MeetUp meetings to discuss the content of the book, just like a book club would. Love the idea of spreading not only the words about the book, but more importantly, the knowledge within.

    And thank you for sharing the book!


  279. Lyssa

    I was so excited to see that you were going to do an interview with Tony. My fiance and I have and are doing his audios as we speak and I al buying Tonys book for my fiancés Christmas present 🙂 he is going to be so excited! One thing that scares us is investing before we get out of our school debt so I’m excited to read his wisdom around our situation as I know we are not the only ones who have to work with education fees.

    Thank you so much for doing this interview Marie!

  280. I became a huge fan of Tony just recently (where was I all this time?!?), just a few months ago :)) I think it’s Tony’s drive & passion that inspires me so much. I’m yet to purchase Tony’s new book, but the top things that I’ve learnt from Tony and am already implementing are: the “results in advance”, the Incantations (using full body and energy), the MAP system (most importantly knowing WHY you want to do something) and lastly, paying forward. I’ve always wanted to pay forward but didn’t always have anything to give. Now I make jewelry that inspires and motivates.. and even though it is a small gift, I believe that an uplifting & empowering word engraved on the necklace.. handed to a stranger has a potential to make their day.

    Lastly, there is so much truth about “hunger”, to which I can relate deeply. I lead a life where my friends & relatives don’t often understand my actions. But I do it for me, and I know that if I settle for what *they* want me to do, then I’ll be just one of those grey mice.. not really making any difference in the world. We all have power, we all can do absolutely great things.. it’s about not letting anyone twist your vision to fit their own fear.

    Thanks so much for this interview. I dream of being able to attend one of Tony’s meetings! But it WILL happen 😉
    Blessings to all,
    -Eva xx

  281. Karina

    Fantastic interview, Marie! Your authenticity (and Tony’s) really shine through here. The tweetable about changing your beliefs is really hitting home; I’m currently working through Money: A Love Story (inspired by your interview with Kate Northrup) and working through my big limiting belief around money, which is that I’m bad with it. Tony’s comment about being pulled instead of being pushed was also a big A-ha; from now on, before a new endeavor, I’ll be asking myself if I’m being pulled or pushed. Fantastic insight…Money Master the Game is next on my list!

  282. I can’t stand it. I’m bawling.

    SINGLE BEST INSIGHT: “If ONE meal produced a Tony Robbins, what will come of 100,000,000 meals?!?”

    I am a Therapist, Coach and Educator of the soul (and have been following Tony for years and use many of his strategies in my coaching!) My plan to promote and give more meals is to develop a course that uses this book as a guide.

    Having only read the first few chapters of the book (which is nearly all highlights) what I’ve taken away already is wealth of the mind is just as important as tangible wealth and without the first, the latter won’t last.

    THANK YOU for this interview!

  283. EXCELLENT piece Marie! ROCK ON! 🙂

  284. At the 19:30 mark when Tony is talking about “when 2008 happened” and the documentary “Inside Job” that pushed him over the edge, and again at about the 28:30 mark when he’s talking about how crafty “they” are at confusing things beyond the point most can understand it, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW if Tony, Marie, or any of the awesome followers of this blog have ever heard either of the 2 following quotes??

    Read them carefully and let it REALLY sink in a minute that this was being said over 150 years ago…..

    “I have two great enemies, the southern army in front of me and the financial institutions, in the rear. Of the two, the one in the rear is the greatest enemy….. I see in the future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of the war.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

    (if you’re not familiar with “inimical” Google it)

    • If you think the civil war was about freeing slaves you’re wrong, it was MUCH more about creating a whole lot more slaves of a different kind…..

      “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.” Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer. (1828 – 1910)

      This is why society is “conditioned” to scoff at the bold entrepreneur types, because when such types succeed they escape their economic bondage and in many cases (Tony is a GREAT example) they create powerful positions from which to further expose and draw greater attention to the gangster banksters and their criminal corporate and political cronies.

  285. LOVED it!!
    To be honest, I couldn’t wait for this to come through my emails! Thank you so much! I’m reading the book right now and being in Australia, I was curious to see how much of the laws and options are relevant to us. Anyway, I’m in that slump right now and I was so inspired! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! The opportunity you have created for yourself (I mean, who gets Anthony Robbins in for an interview????) has blessed so many including me!!! and I thank you for always inspiring and giving me the support required to continue to push on through the challenges of running a business, managing money, staff, customers, being a mumma, a wife with balance, focus and awesome tips on how not become crazy doing it!!!

  286. Natalie

    SUPER inspiring Marie and Tony! You’re so right about the financial industry making everything seem more complicated than it really is. This interview has made me want to take charge of my finances. Thank you for covering this topic. Money is hard to talk about but so important to learn about and improve. Best!

  287. Thank you so much for this interview! It was a great advice. Tony and you are both amazing. Thank you for your dedication to charity and making a difference. I am going to buy a book.

  288. What a video. I am sitting here crying about how generous and amazing Tony Robbins is. He is truly a man who cares. I love that he has built his life on changing the world and you can feel his passion come through in every word, action and even the gestures of his hands.

    I ache to be able to help more people. I want to be someone who builds Schools like PoP, or feeds people like Tony. It’s emotionally challenging to be ready and still be struggling yourself financially. I believe that if I just keep believing in me, believing in my message and never stop going after my dreams, I will be one of those people who can share the wealth to the world.

    Thank you Marie for this amazing and wonderful interviewing. Book bought, people feed and now my learning begins. 🙂

  289. Stacey

    I have fed others on Thanksgiving (when I couldn’t pay all of my bills), I have given a poverty-stricken single mother the tools to start a small home business, donated animals through Heifer and I want to do so much more. I can’t seem to get ahead myself. I always thought I lacked greed. All I have is worth so much more when I give it away. I hope this book will help me out of my life-long rut and help me earn the $$$ I need to do limitless good. I have an amazing buziness in the making but hesitate due to the absence of a team with the skills that I lack. I know marketing and people… I don’t know
    about investors or HR or the bones of new business. A business cant
    blossom alone on inspiration.

  290. Thank you, thank you Marie and Tony!!! I have actually purchased 8 books to date!!! I’m giving one to each of our 4 children for Christmas, my husband and I are reading it now!! I’m half way through and I’ve had it for 5 days!!! I have been searching for the answers in this book FOR YEARS but just had no idea where to find it! I’m college educated but always felt like a failure in the area of knowing how to be smart with our money. Now I have a blueprint for myself, something concrete to pass on to my children and can now take charge of my financial future. Trust me, I will be cutting down on fees, paying off my home in half the time, hiring a professional to advise me, and developing a plan to put my Freedom Fund together! I am literally on a “high” after discovering this treasure! I cannot thank you enough Tony for writing this book. I have a website and I’m in 50 countries and 50 states. I’m recommending this book to everyone who follows me as well as everyone in my professional and personal life. How’s that for enthusiastic? Tony you’re my financial angel!! So happy I’m a B-School alum and an avid Marie TV fan! Big Love to you Marie!

  291. Dejana

    Beautiful interview Marie, thank you so much! You’ve asked really useful, insightful questions, and just by hearing about how Tony starts his day made me go-wow. Now I know why I’m where I”m at and what’s needed to be on top. Can’t wait to get the book! And you are as always, loving, open hearted and believing in our gifts- so grateful for you in my life, even if only through my computer. 🙂 <3

  292. Megan

    The biggest insight I took away from this is the power each individual in this world has. We should absolutely spread our knowledge and concern for people. Caring for others makes such an immense impact on lives. A belief can be changed in a matter of minutes because of a simple action.

    Most importantly, I will be confronting my family with their health. I have been studying a healthier lifestyle for a while now and watching others struggle with severe conditions like MS, sciatica, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and more. It hurts me to see them in pain because they don’t understand what a healthy diet and lifestyle consists of. They may be stubborn, but when I approach them with concern because I love them and want them to be around, they will open their eyes to the real world of possibility and success. I will continue to burst open my abilities for change in a stronger way. I am ready to see results and make an intense impact.

  293. Hey Marie, that was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for bringing this Tony Robbins interview to all of us.

    The action I took is half-way through the interview, I paused and hopped over to Amazon and ordered the book! Then finding out at the end of the interview about where the profits from sales go… Well I was just TOTALLY inspired. Thank you for the work you do. <3

  294. Chris

    Hi thank you for this interview. My question is, does this work if you live outside the US? I live in Brisbane, Australia and have worked in a broker firm as a graphic designer. The impression that I received from them is that it’s not easy to invest, that there are a lot complex issues for you to be able to invest. Also, in Australia you cannot invest unless you have a broker, which I do. I haven’t read the book yet, just ensuring that I won’t be wasting money if all the strategies discussed in the book cannot be applied in Australia.

    Thank you, Chris

  295. Kristy

    Just amazing episode. Thanks so much for sharing. Totally one of my favs.

  296. What am I taking from this show? Give Give Give 🙂

  297. Odalys

    WOW! The fact that a stranger’s kindness many years ago has inspired this man to feed millions of people,…I am without words.

  298. I am going to do what Tony mentioned about putting a small % of my pay check into indexes. (The stock market). My brother has investing confidence while my sister and I are lost. He wrote a book for us and people like us with 1-2-3 steps to invest in the stock market online without getting shamboozled and without paying fees for no reason. Maybe Tony could say what he thinks of the book?

  299. Here is what I’ve decided to do to pay it forward! After I had submitted my laptop to Apple for repairs, they called to inform me that because they damaged it in shipping they would fix it for free, which saved me $310.

    Instead of saving it, I have decided to see just how many people I can positively impact with that $310 by finding charitable deeds to put the money toward! The coolest part: someone heard what I am up to and they DOUBLED my money! So, I now have $620 to give away.

    I am looking for creative giving ideas to really get my hands on, please let me know if you have any. I am on the lookout for a family who has undergone some form of adversity lately that moves my heart, then finding a way to create an incredible Christmas for them.

    My mission is to show people that even a little bit of generosity can go a long way for someone else, no matter if you can give a little bit of money or a lot.

    Join me in the #310challenge!

  300. This is an amazing interview. Just ordered the book from Amazon.

  301. @Tony Robbins~ Thanks for feeding America.

  302. okay this is an amazing interview, tony Robbins is just brilliant. I love how personable he is too. I haven’t done any of his courses or any books yet but I did buy the kindle version of the Money book as soon as Marie emailed about it. Now I’m REALLY excited to read it.

    Oh and I love that he watches Revenge. Haha. Love it.

  303. I’m so inspired by Tony especially his “life is a dance between what you desire most and what you fear most”. Its so true to dig in and find the challenge of how to create a break through. I’m so going to share this on my own web show its brilliant. Thanks Marie & Tony you rock!!!

  304. Amazing! Thank you so much Marie. Two of my favorite people sharing their wisdom. This came at that perfect timing for stepping into the New Year in an awesome way!

  305. My action: familiarising myself and taking more responsibility with my finances and paying more attention to my hunger – which has dampened in recent years (funnily enough I read a letter this morning I wrote about 10 years ago where it was flaming.. in recent years I’ve lost it and watching this video I feel a flicker of it returning. For that alone: thank you. Marie – Tony, you are inspiring and awesome and it’s folk like you that make the revolutions taking place all over the place more available to all. Ps bought 3 copies of the book – one for me and two as gifts. looking forward to reading

  306. Bev

    My dad will be getting a copy of this book for Christmas! (and so will I) Tony is great, so is your friendship with him. It reminds me how important it is to spend time with people who I resonate with.

  307. Hi Marie and Tony,

    First you are both such an inspiration to me!, thanks for all you do!
    This has truly motivated me to make a change in my financial situation, which has been dragging me down..low self esteem plagued me for a long time, and put me in a place that seemed so limiting. I am excited and will definitely purchase the book. This interview has inspired me to take financial responsibility and to know that I deserve to.


  308. I loved this interview! I feel humbled and inspired to take action. I’m loving Tony’s book and have his CD “Unleash the Power Within” being delivered today!!

    I sincerely want to thank Marie for the question she asked Tony about being “in a slump”. His insights and advice have pointed me in the right direction. I feel clear.


  309. Kim

    This video has inspired me to buy the book and I can’t wait to dig in. But the most important concrete step I’ve taken to strengthen my finances so far has been to check in with my money first thing every day and to feel grateful for whatever amount of money I have in the bank. That’s a step I learned from you, Marie (and Kate Northrup via your interview with her 🙂

    Building a relationship with my money has changed my life dramatically. It’s amazing how much my perspective on money has shifted simply by being present with it.

  310. This was my first experience ever hearing Tony Robbins speak. I always just thought it was gonna be corny I say… now you say…. stuff. But now I’m hooked. Money management isn’t even close to interesting to me but his energy is incredible. I can’t wait to look into finding his podcasts later this weekend for poolside listening!

  311. Biggest take-away: “it’s about caring.” It’s why I watch Marie and waited with her for Tony R. What I’ll do differently: I was a casualty of a collision of some very bad university politics and the year 2008. Since then (yes, it’s now 2015, isn’t it?), I’ve been re-imagining. Myself, the world around me, and my place in that world as someone who is driven to simply _contribute_. Primarily, my challenge has been how to put the what-I’ve-got back into the world now that I’m out of the university classroom (which was, without a doubt, where I belonged….so, make sense of that, Universe). I’ve done nonprofit work, consulting work, media, etc. Recently I’ve been asked to consider working for a firm that requires a Series 7 license and all the rest of it. Finance. Sales. It felt like a step backwards for me. Now I wonder: if I can help women, at all stages of their life, learn to make better choices about their financial potential and their financial stability — maybe it would actually be a big step back into my purpose, my ability to contribute. Don’t know what the end of the story is, or even the next chapter, but thanks to this interview, some of the dichotomies between capital and creativity, commerce and caring are thinning.

  312. Marie

    That was such a fantastic interview – you have certainly impressed me so much and I have subscribed straight away .
    I am just setting up an online marketing business and I am going to send the link to your site and the interview with Tony Robbins to EVERYBODY that joins my organisation. – Kind Regards

    Michael Schulze

  313. Amazing interview Marie, huge thanks to Tony as well. You are a fantastic interviewer, I am reading the book as we speak!


  314. Gina

    What a great interview and I’m so thankful that you’ve brought this out in the open. I’ve seen the title before, but like so many, it goes on a list of books I want to read. Now, it’s at the top of my list. I fought for 5 years to keep my home and with research, learned so many dark things about institutions and people that I never wanted to know existed. It seems that this is the answer to so many of my questions and even in the short time watching this video, Tony helped me understand a little more about investing that, as he said, sounds so convoluted that it’s almost impossible to understand.

  315. I bought Tony’s book after reading Marie’s first email about the book and am already totally engrossed in it!- This episode just kept that energy going and I love how Tony said in the beginning that “Energy comes from having a Mission”
    I can say Amen to that in my own experience and hope that the insight from his book can help me take action to increase performance in my own financial life and inspire others to do the same!

  316. Hi Marie,

    I just lived next door to his 5 star resort in Fiji, for 4 months! Honest to goodness, I helped manifest that unreally cool experience by following Tony’s money advice. He’s da man. His energy keeps going up and up, and his light shines brighter and brighter.

    I enjoy the mind-body connection. Energy does come first. Having that mission, being pulled in a direction, by Source, for something exciting, well, that’s where the magic happens. Inspiration is always there.

    He’s big on priming. I like it. I myself meditate for 20 minutes on waking each morning. It lets me go from me, to the higher self me. Noting those simple things, and focusing on them, gratefully, creates wonders in your life.

    I absolutely love the guy and feel that he’s so brilliant because his passion and spirit of service has overtaken so many folks. He works so diligently to live inside-out, and evidence of his work is his success, and his world-renowned nature.

    Money is freedom. If you feel that freedom now, and if you intend for others to free themselves, you’ll tap into energy you weren’t previously aware of.

    Again, I went from bum security guard with no cash, to a guy who lived by his hotel and home, in Fiji, for 4 months. The financial breakthroughs I experienced and the freedom I’m experiencing, and that I’m bringing others through my blog and story, rests on so many principles that Tony teaches.

    Marie and Tony, you guys rock!

    Thanks so much for the inspired share 🙂


  317. Michell McMahon

    Unfortunately, I did not even watch this video. I did a free Tony Robbins life coaching session and was so unimpressed with the system. As soon as I did not want to purchase on going sessions to the tune of over 1400.00 the gentlemen was EXTREMELY rude!! I have always loved listening to Tony Robbins but was so disappointed with his team..

  318. Marie, Thank you for an opportunity to hear from Tony Robbins. He and you really do inspire me soooooo much.

  319. Nancy

    Listened to Marie TV in central Canada. I absolutely loved this interview. I ordered 3 books today (one for each of my adult children). I figure even if 1 of the 3 reads it and executes a plan that would be amazing.

    Love coming home to my inbox on Tuesdays to be inspired by your interviews.

    Keep up the great work. Nancy

  320. Jeff Loveland

    Fantastic interview. Thanks so much.

  321. Love this interview … he is always so inspiring … honestly the thing that I enjoyed most hearing and was inspired by was his personal habits in living the busy life he does. Well done Marie!

  322. Marie, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this interview. I knew Tony had made a difference to the lives of millions of people, but I didn’t truly appreciate his incredible and awe-inspiring contribution until now. He is a true inspiration and his enthusiasm for life and learning is catching.

    Will definitely be buying the book! Thanks Marie!

  323. Marie,

    Thank you for sharing this touching interview and helping to promote a book that not only helps the reader, but many other people by the generous giving that Tony Robbins is doing through this book. I got teary eyed at the end of the interview as I saw how deeply thankful you are toward him and how he felt in return. Truly two amazing human beings you both are.
    My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her this book, and its done, she ordered it for me!
    Looking forward to reading it. Thank you for all that you do Marie. love you tons! xoxoxo

  324. Cristina

    This was amazing! Thank you so much to both of you, you rock!

  325. Kathleen

    Finally got around to watching this one – the biggest takeaway? Well, I bought the book. And one for my sister too. And I’m delving in and loving it.
    But the concept I took away from the video? It’s never to “early” to be generous and my caring impulses are not something I should feel guilty about. What I mean by that is that – I’m struggling somewhat financially. I’m divorced, I have three kids, I work full time – and I have causes I want to give to, and do give to. . .even when I’m not saving enough, or when I have other bills to pay. But I have enough to eat, I have a home – there are people who are homeless, and DON’T have enough to eat. Part of me felt guilty – I shouldn’t be giving when I don’t really have “extra”. But listening to the interview with Tony – that made me realize that my desire to have “extra” to give could be a driving force to finally get my finances together. I realized that my urge to give, change the world for the better, and my urge to succeed financially can all feed each other. And that good, warm feeling I get from being generous isn’t a guilty pleasure! I had always thought Tony Robbins was “just” a motivational speaker. I have a different view now. I’m really glad to know he exists in the world! And thank you for that interview. And thanks, Tony, for the book! I can tell there are many more takeaways to come. 🙂

  326. LOVED LOVED LOVED this interview, thanks Marie. Great questions, well done. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive any day, now.
    Keep soaring.


  327. Ana

    That you can change your life by being humble and serving and that’s what keeps you going and staying in areas of hapiness and joy 🙂 Second, that there is a game of give and take and if you’re being humble, you can gain so much, which endows you with gratitude.

  328. This is so great. I’ve had exactly that “give it to an expert” mindset since 2008 and I’ve just recently decided to re-wrangle my financial books and give myself a portion of my money back to handle on my own. Now, after watching, I’m going to sell all my funds that aren’t index funds and take the reigns again.

    I LOVED Tony’s Thanksgiving story. I especially love the idea of the family who fed his family and maybe doesn’t know that they in turn fed millions of families. I’d like to think that every charitable act has the potential of flipping the mindset of anyone who can grow into Tony Robbins and make a huge impact. A lot of times when I donate time or money, it’s not with a great ambition in mind, it’s basically because someone suggested it and I don’t think much of it later. I know paying it forward isn’t a new idea, but having someone so impactful point to someone’s small kindness as their turning point, inspires me to follow through with the little thoughts I have that could make someone’s journey a little easier.

  329. Marie,
    First of all – THANK YOU so much for this interview with Tony Robbins. I have been in a slump for weeks now and I knew that he would provide just what I need to begin to move forward again. I’m about to order the book online right now.

    My big question is – how do you begin to invest when you’re living paycheck to paycheck?

  330. MJ

    I’ve always loved Tony Robbins. He’s got a beautiful soul. He’s impacted millions of people and his own life manifests all the good things he does for others. Thank you for having him in your show. It’s truly inspiring. I am definitely going to get his book. Love love love him!

  331. Loved this interview!! Love Tony. 🙂 (and you too, Marie. You’re making it easy!)
    I am about to send this link to my sister, who is also reading the book.
    The only downer is, that neither Vanguard nor Stronghold (yet) take on non USA residents as a client… (I live in the Netherlands)
    But I’m still learning heaps from the book and have refound my long dorment interest in the stock market!!
    So thank you. 🙂

  332. I love Tony Robbins. He is my hero and it is so very funny I can’t seem to get pass his huge hands. He is such an awesome human being with great hands.
    I love listening to him as he motivates me every time.

    Great interview.

  333. Suzanne Briggette

    Thank you for this incredible interview. The whole thing is pure gold. I loved hearing his morning routine, the theme of hunger, the “what and the why.”Lots to think about and take action on. I need to narrow down my whats and whys! Love him, love you, thank you.

  334. Maria

    While I appreciate Tony Robbins’s efforts and successes in helping others, I was taken aback by his talking about investing in companies like Exxon, which he mentioned in a very positive context. It’s past time to divest from Exxon, not invest in it.

    I got out of index funds because I considered many of the companies in them unethical, and Exxon is certainly the poster child of bad ethics. Oil companies are killing the biosystems on which all life depends. A lot of people are hungry, and dispossessed, in part because of the droughts, floods, and other disasters caused by climate change in which oil companies are prime movers. Exxon and other petroleum companies make huge profits thanks to equally huge government tax breaks. I personally have made the investment in solar energy and insulation and I curtail my driving.
    Sorry, but this is one book I won’t be buying, if the industrial-growth society is considered a desirable source of wealth.

  335. The energy comes first from within, then he maintains it by excercising and being grateful for what he has and focus on what he wants to achieve. Food is for him fuel, because life already gives him so much food. He sleeps so little. What do they want and what do they fear, what is the challenge ?
    Alter your strategy and get out of your bad habits. Get rid of perhaps some beliefs that affect your body state. How he moves his body.
    Productivity focus on outcome and not on activities. What are the categories and what are the needed outcomes. You need to have the focus , then the fuel. Leverage it and not delegate. because when things go wrong…. I make sure you succeed, and the how and the why of the people. You touch base with them. Instead you let 1 person solve 12 problems, you choose 12 people who solve one problem. You trade people’s time for 2 hours a day . When you hit a plateau, stress does not help, and saying it does not matter, is not good either. Being in the slums, people loose their hunger. Energy & Passion. Changes happen that they are not prepared for. People get mad at themselves, people self-sabotage. We are emotional creatures, that
    emotional fitness. The state of readiness and execute and not thinking I already know this. There are only a couple of subjects that really affect the course of your life. Your emotions & money for example. So many people are loosing their homes. I was mad. Who is destroying the world economy. You are depressed or you want to kill someone. And I am the solution guy.He has made money for 28 years. I interview the people who are still win. The truth. People share the things, that they never share before. I will show you how to get financial free. You are a very sphisticated investor, I will show you what to do.
    600 plus book. I try to digest everything. You start with The myth – that you think , the financial world is too complex, they use words that you don’t know. That system is set-up to make money. I go to become an owner, otherwise I always will be in scarcity. You have to become an insider. An experienced person, will end up with your money. 90% of my money is going into the index of the companies, it costs almost nothing to get in. 96% of the mutual funds will not match the market. They would do it better then me. And put your money into their hands. Hit me, you pay 1% for the fees to manage the funds. Your fees are also compounding. 7% compounding. 77% of the people have less money. Let us do the investment, I earn 60% of your money. The largest hedgefund in the world. Bet off on the market. He manages money for China. If you could never give money to your children, give an portfolio and a strategy.
    Why people lost their money. Average lost is 3.75% and the average wins is about 10%.
    The market does 9.2% mutual funds on year. The money of the book goes to his fund to help 8.7 billions to help people. Donate
    10 millions people that he can feed. He feeds 50 millions people. Pay it forward. A little bit of caring does matter alot. It was not just feeding , but also about caring. Why it is so important for all of us to make a difference.

  336. I just love Tony Robbins and like Marie, I have attended his events and utilized many of his teachings to improve my life and teachings to others! I am so excited to read his new book on Money. I remember his 3 bucket approach from ‘Get the Edge’ and I thought that was ground breaking, but now a whole book on the subject matter will be life changing!

    Thank you for sharing!

  337. Nicky

    Fantastic interview, this man is so inspirational and I just love that he cares so much about other people. I haven´t bought the book yet but am wondering if this can be applied outside of the US? Love all of your videos Marie. xx

  338. Love you Tony!! On my way to the bookstore right now…

  339. This was a SWEET interview with Tony. So many nuggets. I will be watching this again. I am so glad you did not jump right to the book and got all those awesome questions in. I especially appreciated the question on ‘slump’.

  340. The worlds largest inspiration and wealth magnet was inspired by the generosity of a stranger bestowed upon his family. It directly impacted every decision he would make there after. Imagine what your generosity bestowed upon a stranger could do to change the world even more. This was a very inspiring interview and I was glad to see Tony shed a tear in its telling. Bravo.

  341. Thanks Marie for sharing this amazing and powerful video interview with Tony. As always with other Tony’s interviews/videos, this one has impacted on me again.

    While I had already purchased Tony’s book before watching this interview, I still felt a different level of connection with and understanding about the book. One profound take-away for me from this interview was the thought that ‘hunger’ is the key to achieving our mission in life and in turn can help feed millions of hungry people.

    I’m going to make sure I share this book with anyone and everyone I can, to help change their lives.

    Thanks and warm regards,

  342. Carrie

    I love this video! Absolutely amazing!

    I heart this quote from Tony “Life is found in the dance of what you desire the most and what you fear the most.”

    I have my copy and cant wait to read it over the holidays!

    Marie thank you for your great work 🙂

  343. Jonathan

    Is there an audio version of this book?

    Sincerely J

    • Caroline TeamForleo

      There is an audio version available!

  344. Andrew

    The thing I really found value in from this interview was not to let the confusion of the industry stop you or force you into a situation where you’re paying more for the same or less return.

  345. Tony is so inspiring and amazing. His energy literally transmits through the computer! I’m going to buy his book simply because he’s doing it for free and hey, I might learn something that I never thought I could 😀 So much love to you Marie for interviewing Tony and to Tony for being an example of what any human being is capable of when they’re focused and hungry <3

  346. Hi Marie

    I was so excited to see this interview I love Tony! And you of course. I ordered the book last month and can’t wait to get my hands on it and get into action. I loved hearing about how Tony starts his day and gets his energy levels up and gains focus. Thanks for all you do. Two of my idols.
    Much love x

  347. Lynette

    This was a fantastic interview. The book is on order. Understanding our emotional habits both good and bad is essential to creating the new model that we need for us to make changes from our deepest levels. Marie, you really asked some great questions, really fabulous questions. I found it interesting that a couple of the questions surrounding the area of helping people in your community with slumps and being stuck. I think you asked the same question in a different manner. Did you get an insights in reviewing this video? I was just so fascinated!! You are such an incredible interviewer and you have so many attributes that I want to dissect and immolate. Keep bringing such incredible content for us. A really big heart felt thank you with much gratitude!

  348. This was such a great interview. His energy is simply contagious. I haven’t read the book, but I will!! For sure.

  349. Lenora

    Awesome!!! The biggest take away that I received, that I keep on hearing in some form another is that I need to be more conscious with my finances. Most broke people can only relate to money in a linear fashion. We earn (maybe)….it comes in…it goes out…we are back broke…and the cycle starts again on another payday. Also that there are many misconceptions about money that we all collectively believe…and people who know better take our money because we don’t know any better. They’re not bad people, they just know that we are willing to give them our finances so that we don’t have to deal with it.

  350. sandy

    Is this book appropriate for someone who has never invested or doesn’t really know anything about money? Will a simpleton like me benefit from this book or will it go over my head?

  351. Hi Marie,
    I just recently started watching you and following your site. Thank you so much for the information you offer!
    Today’s video with Tony Robbins…WOW! I’m still wiping tears from my eyes. He’s so moving and inspiring. I am so grateful that people like you and him exist in this world to give information that so many of us need! Like he says in his book, “Remember: we’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”
    My biggest take-a-way from your interview with Tony is, I need to take action on giving back to the community. I want to be like Tony and follow in his footsteps. I know there are many generous souls out there but we as a general public need to be reminded that it is so important to give back.
    Hope you are having an AMAZING day and I look forward to your future episodes of MARIE TV!

  352. There was never any doubt this was going to be an amazing interview. Marie you have always been so real and quite honestly a rare gem for anyone watching. Love that you always reply on twitter.

    Tony has been a massive part of myself and my family’s life since way back in 2005 just after I left the army. Those early years were a struggle and he came into my life just when i needed him.

    Tony’s advice comes with a hard hitting punch of reality and informative perspective. He is a man of heart and gifts so much of his time to the betterment of humanity.

    Thank you so much for this interview. Loved it.

    I’ve been so excited since i heard a few months ago that he was writing a book on finance as it was so needed.

    As always it’s a real pleasure.

    Thanks again.

  353. Thank you for a fantastic presentation and interview! Both of you are an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals!

  354. This was so amazing! There are so many golden nuggets just from this interview alone. I am getting ready to buy this book, dig in and implement what I learn! Thanks Marie and Tony! True servant leaders Mr Robbins is.

  355. Is this book primarily for Americans? I don’t want to waste my time if it is. Thank you!

  356. Hi there,

    Marie Forleo – first and foremost – THANK YOU for your totally brilliant series of shows. I’m based in London…and just caught on to you this year to you. Your wonderful guidance has been massively helpful AND fun.

    I’m really keen to get Tony’s book Money…but I wont buy through Amazon due to them not paying tax in the UK and treating their staff appallingly. Is there an alternatively place I can buy the book from?

    Thanks again for all of your brilliant work this year. You are phenomenal!

    Julia x

  357. Tony is so inspiring, but the piece about fees definitely resonated with me – I need to learn more about the REAL fees I deal with! I think I may have to pick up this book! Finances are intimidating as Tony points out, but it’s important to dig in!

  358. Hi Marie! Great interview! There are so many take aways from this. The first thing I can put into action is how to get out of my current slump. I think all three slump scenarios somehow apply to me right now. Secondly my managerial skills usually get poor results, and I couldn’t understand why, being as that I always treat my employees really well. Tony hit the nail on the head. I know now what I’ve done wrong all this time was to always delegate! From now on I am going to empower them to reach a common goal! Thank you Marie for all your great insight and service, and thanks to Tony for the same,
    From a big fan of both of you,
    David Platt

  359. Amazing video. I’ve watched many of your Marie TV’s episodes but this one has come at just the right time. I was just talking with someone on Monday and last night about needing to know how to invest the right way. So awesome. You and Tony are amazing.

  360. Tumi Langa

    This is the 3rd interview that I’ve listened to/watched with Tony Robbins around the subject of Money: Master The Game (Eben Pagan and Frank Kern also provided great interviews) and every single time I watched/listened to an interview, I have been so moved and inspired by this amazing human being called Tony Robbins! Needless to say I have ordered my book and cannot wait to start reading it.

    Thank you so much Marie for the great questions you asked. I specifically enjoyed the insight I got from the concept of being pulled by ‘my purpose’ and the idea that energy is always available to you especially when you have a mission/purpose in life. I love the idea that this, your mission, is the ‘juice’ of life…

    You’re great Marie and I appreciate all that you!

    Enjoy the day!

  361. Tom Scott

    +marieforleo This is the best interview of +Tony Robbins I have ever seen. You asked the questions I would like to ask, and dedicated the time to full, helpful answers. I know I will refer to this video numerous times. I have been listening to Tony’s CD’s #PPII and #gettheedge for over 15 years. I attended #UPW in 2009, and I am now 11 hours into 21 hours of the audible version of #moneymasterthegame . I plan on giving the book to my closest friends and family for the Holidays. The most concrete thing I have learned so far, is I won’t hit my retirement goals if I stay with my current 401K plan and need to look at Roth IRA’s. Thank you for doing this interview.

  362. I’ve just seen the interview with Tony Robbins 🙂 Amazing 🙂
    Thanks, it’s powerful, I love the way Marie and Tony communicate together 🙂
    I love and appreciate that the all the profits of Tony’s book are going to help lots of people and children.
    My first action?! 🙂 I’m going to buy the book 🙂
    Thanks Marie for what you do, for your message 🙂
    A big hug from Italy 🙂

  363. I real y enjoy this interview… Tony touched my heart!!! SO inspiring. Helps me to keep believing in my path, to keep making my dreams come true and believing that is possible!!!
    I cried with him at the end and I would like to share that my purpose is to create a foundation for children as well!!! I,m only at the beginning of my path and I bless all this help!
    Thanks and love

  364. And of course I will get the book!!!

  365. Liz

    This year has been a life changing year for me, I’ve discovered entrepreneurs like yourself that have helped me discover who I am. I’ve discovered a pattern with the successful people I’m following, those whom I consider mentors, they all stem from Anthony Robbins. This interview has only proved to me a recent conversation I had about him where the most successful people today are those who follow and understand his words, what an amazing sign to have you interview him. Thank you! The Universe is certainly working its wonders 😉

  366. Maryanne

    Tony always inspires me. He has such a beautiful spirit and heart. One of my favorite suggestions from this video is the idea of spending 10 minutes “meditating” each day to feel gratitude for and appreciate specific things in your life, send love to the people in your life, and focus on what you want to accomplish. I will begin this immediately.

  367. Nicola Summers

    Wow, so much of what Tony says rings true with me. That alone makes me feel good! Standouts: life is lived between ‘the fear’ and ‘the hunger’, working to outcomes rather than a ticklist-this is such a rewarding way to live. Incredible interview x

  368. Christina

    The biggest insight I take away is let passion be your motivator, and be emotionally ready. Tony is an amazing human being, and we should all strive to be a blessing to others. I preordered the book and I am reading it very carefully. I will take massive action. Thank you Marie for providing such insightful videos and amazing guest. You Rock

  369. Thanks Marie for this powerful interview . The most important distinction I came out with was how important it is to share my gifts and experience and values with others . I was a homeless and unemployed for almost 10 years . I had to, as Tony said, shift my beliefs into a mantra that ” I loved winning much more than I hated losing “and allowed success to be in ease and grace . I now have full command of my life and a successful fitness business and much of what I do is related to contribution to community. I’d love to contribute with you and be your next interview . Thank you for all the great work and inspiration you bring to others . Alexander Galvez

  370. Kayla

    I like everyone else on the blog was so excited to get the book. I have always been overwhelmed by my 401K, hedge funds, CDs, indexing, etc. So, I dove right in and was so happy to read something I could actually understand. And Tony really does seem like he genuinely wants to help us. So I immediately go to Stronghold, a company he recommends and the site is very quirky and having problems. So I decide to google review for the companies which, of course, brings up tons of articles from “financial experts” pointing out all of the holes and mixes messages Tony has in the book. And I find myself back at square 1…who can I trust? I think Tony’s recommendations come from a very genuine place, but I also think the advice I get from my financial advisor comes from a very good place. As I was reading the explanations as to why some of Tony’s recommendations weren’t good, I just found myself wanting to close the book and go back into the dark of just “hoping” my advisor was doing what was best for me. There were also many sites that pointed to recommendations Tony has made in the past for either purchasing or selling stocks that have proved to be totally wrong.

    I wish things were as easy as Tony makes it sound in the book. Just do these 7 steps and you get good results, but it seems like very few people are able to predict the market…even Tony, who has historically made poor decisions in the past.

    My biggest takeaway from the book is to know what fees you’re paying or are being taken out of your investments.

    I’m interested to know Marie’s thoughts on this and if she’s made any changes in her investments based on the advice he gave in his book.

  371. Biggest takeaway Tony shares, adding caring to giving. People need to know others care about them. Feed the soul when you feed a mouth. Big fan of feeding the hungry: first step to empowering them.

  372. Tony and Marie – all of this may be wonderful but if you haven’t found God through Jesus Christ, it means nothing. Embrace Jesus, this is the best thing you could do, above any good deeds or service. Read the Gospels please. Bless you

  373. THANK YOU MARIE! You are always introducing people, which are very inspiring!


  374. Hi Marie, loved the interview with Tony. My biggest insight is that I need to create a book with the best mixes of my first two books. One is called Freed EGO The message and programs I am about the launch in 2015 is about all our buying and selling systems which are not supportive to our real needs. It’s serving for 90 % only what we want.

    The way I see it and how to inspire people so easily to change views on this, is motivating me tremendously. I wonder what it would be like when everybody could see and change their systems for buying and selling with BACKBONEABLE strategies. I am taking my chance for making a difference.

  375. The actionable steps, nuggets of wisdom and the opportunity presented, through Tony’s collaborative book of money wisdom, are simply awesome. Thank you for creating this beautiful ripple of wellness, ranging from emotional fitness to financial to fitness. I will be using Tony’s book as a tool to get my workout on!

    Thanks again. Be well!

  376. April

    Hi Marie, I’m a big fan of both you and Tony..
    I’m a business-minded woman from the Philippines and I just love learning from you guys.
    Will definitely get the book to learn more.

    The interview is awesome. Well, your interviews always are.


  377. Nenad Jovanovic

    Dear Marie,

    I am unfamiliar with you and your work, just as was the case with Tony’s until last week when I saw his TED talk video. It is nice to see how helping other person could spur such enthusiasm in both of you.

    For those who cannot afford or have second thought about giving this book a try, here goes a seasonal gift for anybody interested in audiobooks:

    Out of the whole catalogue, myself chose precisely the book you had picked for this chat. I like what I am hearing. Will get back to you after dedicating all 23h of listening to it.

    Thank you Derek and Veritasium for being as generous allowing this wonderful opportunity. Buy copies if you like the book, as I most certainly will and share.

  378. Make your own rules, do your own research, you can’t outsmart the market, house always wins, take responsibility for your finances…

    Husband and I have been listening to audiobook from pa to fl and gave 2 books to family. Plan to rethink and take action plan to change up investment strategy and firms if necessary.

  379. Adeeb

    Energy in whole interview is appreciable, and y not, its Tony.
    So good Marie takes on, there should be a series of interviews with Tony.
    I am reading master the money game, its great as expected.
    The best thing in whole interview, its emotional to hear, Tony not getting dime from Book’s royalty. wow. thats a great great contribution.

  380. I’m so grateful for this video interview, just in time for new year, new money system. I’m fed up with the Congress and keep cutting the budget to help the poor while they don’t want to cut their salary. I definitely will buy this book and see what I can implement in my life and business. I’m ready for 2015 and a new me. 🙂 Thanks, Marie and all MarieTV crews.

  381. Marcus

    I am going to read this book because I am determined to change my family’s life. I have been a fan of Tony Robbin’s work for years and I know the quality of the information he puts out. His latest book should be a good read. Thanks Tony!!!:)

  382. LOVE Tony Robbins and what a honor to be able to get so many golden nuggets through this interview! I loved the “How to get out of your slump” portion and also learning a little about truly investing. Great stuff! You both ROCK!

  383. Wow! Tony is amazing!! Thank you so much for doing this interview Marie. As soon as he started talking about energy (which I wrote a whole thesis on), I was in. I am definitely buying this book!!

  384. Lucy

    I watched this interview, and like many of the other people here, was energized and fascinated by this insight into a world I’ve never bothered to understand (to my own detriment). My husband bought me the book for Christmas and I was eager to devour it. I read the first chapter and it all made sense. I’m now most of the way through the second and am progressively getting more and more disappointed. I am in the UK and this book is full of US tax, US investments and US everything. I’m reallly struggling to pick out what is actually relevant to me and what isn’t. I’ve had to resort to asking friends who work in the City of London what the UK equivalent of a fidiciary is – and, basically, there isn’t one. I looked up what a 401(k) is and can’t find a direct equivalent here.
    If only this book was more succinct and you didn’t have to wade through all this totally irrelevant stuff – I think it would be a great deal more helpful to many more people worldwide if it was. I’m really, really struggling to keep going with it and only five days ago I was so pumped up about reading it all and finally getting myself sorted in this arena.

  385. Andrea

    So getting this book! I NEED this, but I am just hoping I keep this new year’s day momentum and not get overwhelmed. I want to break my pattern. Please God, help me take even steps, every day. It’s time to change.

  386. Rob

    Very informative and moving. Main takeaway from this is how everyone can succeed financially and how difficult the institutions have made it for us. New financial strategies begin now! And this family will make 2015 the most giving that we have ever been. Tony’s story of giving back is inspirational!

  387. wendy harris

    dear tony & marie,
    are you aware that many of the companies in the index are not operating consciously? they are causing harm to the environment & are not operating to serve the highest good. i advocate taking our money out of these traditional investments & putting them into companies that are operating ethically. not likely to get the same return, but starts to change the way we live on this planet….
    best wishes to both of you
    you are both very inspirational

  388. Marie,

    I’m so glad to that you shared this interview with Tony Robbins and your ideas about this book. I literally lived with two extremely brilliant and talented investment bankers years ago when I worked at Vogue ( in Manhattan). One was at Morgan Stanley and the other at Cowen and Co. I was always trying to get them to give me tips about investment strategies, because I was broke and straining to pay the rent, while they seemed to be financially secure. I would pick up and read copies of Baron’s whenever I found it laying around. We all had the same work ethic, so what gives? I’ve been looking around forever about solid advice on how to preserve and grow my nest egg.

    Money has always seemed a four letter word. You’re just supposed to have it and you’re not supposed to talk about it. That notion has gotten me nowhere until now. I’m in an aggressive process to change my money story.

    I just finished reading Tony’s book cover to cover. I too was horrified and chagrined by the documentary Inside Job. It made my blood curdle. Here were the people we were supposed trust to give you security actually taking advantage in every way possible. It made me start to question the so called American Dream. And Tony- had always been the go to person for my guy friends, but not my girl friends. So I had never really thought of looking into his world, until now. His book is genius, approachable, down to earth, the real talk, the information that should be handed down from generation to generation about that “four letter word” called money!

    BTW, I’m currently building my coaching practice. I’m having success helping mother’s in unfulfilled relationships employ proven strategies to preserve their identity and build a life they love.

    Marie – thank you so much for all you do. You are amazing and I love your site.

  389. Veronique

    What really resonates with me is “Emotional Fitness” vs “Emotional Intelligence”. Choosing “I’m doing this” over “I know this” with the explanation that Intelligence is a capability whereas fitness is a state of readiness. I’m big at “knowing” so 2015 will see me upping my “doing”.
    thank you for the eye opener Marie and Tony

  390. Jill

    What is Tony’s advice regarding an employee’s 401K retirement fund with respect to designating which funds to invest with? The investment company is Fidelity Investments. We hope to get a response from the expert.

  391. Thank you for the great inspiring reality with TONY…you are both very heroic kind souls…who know life is short….and the greatest gift I have always known is it’s not about me…it’s about how many people can we help along the Journey…called Life…and so real Joy & Happiness come from knowing you not only took care of you and your family and friends but hopefully millions you never knew…as many have helped us all have lives that Billions of Souls who came before us …never had…it’s a Legacy…to give as so many have given to all of us…long before we were born…so blessings Marie and Tony you 2 are very much Leaders of the most important gift …to help as many souls as possible to SURVIVE…a truly ANGELIC Gift to a very tough Planet called EARTH…AMEN

    Blessings Always

    Award Winning Filmmaker
    Michael Savage Aka Sirtony…

  392. Chris

    I am reading Tony Robbins book and he talks about paying off your mortgage loan by Pre-paying the principle payment every month. See page 251. He states very clear that you are not paying anymore than your usual monthly payment and you will pay off loan in 50% of the time. I have called my lender and they have explained that this does not work!! Very frustrating…. Can anyone tell me that they have had success with this strategy, I would love some direction. Thank you

  393. Marie,

    Thanks so much for the great video with Tony, very inspiring and challenging message.

  394. I am fired up to take an active interest in our investments (and closing my fee-based fund immediately!) I’ll also be buying the book to check out the different strategies and to convince my almost grown son about the importance of starting to save at a young age.

    I live my life with the purpose of helping at least one person every day. It must be incredible to be able to help millions.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful way to live, Jamie. The beauty of it is if everyone helps at least one person every day, together we’ll all help millions.

  395. Biggest insight…listen to Ray Dalio on investing principles. Thanks Marie and Tony you both rock so much.

  396. Wow, I so loved this interview. Amazing. Filled with incredible value. Getting his book is a must on my list. I pray that someday I could do something as great as he has.

  397. WOW!!! So many great takeaways from this interview!! Looking forward to reading Money Master The Game, and be able to contribute/help feed so many people as well!!

    What resonates with me the most: When you change your BELIEF, you change EVERYTHING! …definitely has been proven to me time and time again!

  398. I love Anthony Robbins even more now than I did before. He’s been my mentor for 4 years now and he’s totally changed my life. I cannot wait to get to a live event.

    My major action that I’m going to take is to read a chapter of his book money every day & take one action from what I learn.

    My entire company, life and business is what it is today because of two small actions that I took because that’s what he told me to do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear that Tony Robbins has been such a tremendous source of inspiration for you – it’s so amazing to hear the impact his work has had in your life!

      Thanks so much for tuning in!

  399. I have been trying to think of a great Valentine’s Day surprise for hubby. I stumbled upon this video and watched. Wow! It was so inspiring that I went right out and bought the money book for him. You are right. Marie, it is a must-read for every American. We have to take care of our own finances and our own healthcare rather than blindly putting them in the hands of others who might not be experts in their fields.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it Rhonda. Happy Valentines’ Day to you two!

  400. I’m third through the book.
    I like because Tony includes his all-time Psychological and Emotional strategies for success as well as a great foundational money management strategies.

    I actually love this book because I left a 5 year career as a Vice President with an investment company to grow a Financial Advisory and Wealth Management Firm with my partners. Everything that Tony talks in the book is what we do for our clients; in fact we utilized a coaching approach to help our clients not only to grow their money but to grow themselves.

    Thank you Marie for allbyour info.

  401. Anne-Lise

    This interview showed up at the perfect time. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock, because this is the very first time I’ve ever heard him speak, and I only found you, Marie, 3 days ago. But the dedication he put into getting this book out to help people just clicked with me. I feel a responsibility to get over my financial ignorance. I ordered a copy as soon as the video was over, and I WILL read and follow his advice. You are both life changers, inspirers, and role models. So happy I found you!! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Anne-Lise — so glad you found Marie’s work, and can’t wait to share more with you. Welcome aboard! 🙂

  402. THE best interview I have watched in a long time. Thank you to Marie and Tony for sharing this with all of us. I think sometimes we forget how much effort, time, money, blood-sweat-n-tears, it takes to bring us content like this – for FREE. I’m putting this in the #1 spot in my gratitude journal today.

    Thank you.

  403. love it!!! you have some great guests Marie!

  404. Marciano da Silva

    Hi Marie,

    Your interview with Tony’s awesome. I actually have watched Tony video for several time as was searching for staff for my personal development. I have noticed he is a psychologist and emotionalist powerful. I have listened to some of his video, and one thing I have always notice is his appreciation to what he had received in the past and that triggered him to pay back to humanity regardless who they are.

    Your interview with Tony was tremendously helpful for who listened to it. And I believe whoever listened to it that one message that they listened with eventually change their life. I really liked the interview and I grateful to you, Marie, for making it available for me and other fellows.

    Many thanks,


  405. Thank you so much Marie. Awesome. Purchasing the book

  406. Thank you for this episode and all the work you do! It inspires and motivates. This is something I was recently been thinking about and thank you for wrapping it up so well- Choose “I’m doing this” over “I know this”.

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    I had never really sat down and listened to Tony – he really blew me away. His energy was so off the charts and not only physical but emotional and spiritual, it’s not surprising he is as successful as he is, that energy was very truly inspiring more than anything else.

    I think a morning ritual is really important and being disciplined with yourself about it is really key. Something you pointed out in a previous Q & A. If you can create that space and time and discipline everyday (which for a lot of us does not come naturally) then I think that really sets the tone for the rest of the day in terms of the intentions you want to set out for the rest of the day. This interview really reinforced that idea again. Thank you! ..
    p.s. also getting the book of course. Thats like a no brainer.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sybile, thank you SO much for your kind words. It means the world to us to hear what you shared around Marie’s work and the guests invited on MarieTV.

      We’re thrilled Tony’s energy and the morning ritual piece both stuck out to you, and are excited for you to grab the book!

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    This interview was transformational! My biggest take aways:
    1) Stay hungry: This made me feel so good because I AM hungry and today I was wondering if I was a perpetually unhappy and unsatisfied person and was beating myself up for being negative and ungrateful. Tony’s interview made me realize that I am still and positive and grateful person, I just have hunger for a better life for myself and others. THANK YOU!

    2) Get financially educated: I’ve been raised to follow our financial advisors advice, but I am learning that I truly need better education, and that cleaning up my sloppy spending habits must start TODAY!

    I am recommitting to making financial self-care part of my daily routine through education and saving.

    PS: in yoga there are a lot of spiritual people who have told me not to save because that means I believe in scarcity and I don’t “trust life” but Tony confirmed that is immature and irresponsible application of “The Secret”. My truth is that I love education, and delving deep into how to be financially abundant makes me feel excited and energized!

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      Beautiful, Jennifer! We’re so glad you checked out this episode and shared your thoughts. Hooray for feeling excited and energized — we’re cheering you on! xoxo

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    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Stacey, how wonderful that you’re planning on sharing this information with your children — what a lovely gift to give them for getting a head start on attracting abundance into their lives. We’re so glad you tuned into this episode and that it really resonated with you!

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    2) Bought the book on Amazon and had it delivered to my Kindle reader so I can start reading it today.

    Thank you again for inspiring me and hopefully many more people to take action!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Andrew. Welcome to our amazing MarieTV community and I hope you enjoy Tony’s book as much as Marie did! 🙂

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    I am going to order this book for everyone on my Christmas list!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Martie — we’re so grateful to hear you enjoyed watching this episode and it really resonated with you. Tony is so inspiring! His book definitely makes a great Christmas gift. I got one for Christmas myself last year actually! 🙂

  421. He nailed it for me… I got stuck in a change in direction of execution and it became a bad habit. Wow! That is huge for me. So now I can figure out what my direction was when I was really successful and bring back those habits. Well, some of them. Also, focusing on the outcome is also a really big take away and to leverage things so that you get the most done well. Emotional readiness-love that concept. Training myself to be ready as we speak! The book sounds great too, not like the rest of the finance books that bs us.

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    Also, the book – it’s on my list at the library and it will soon be on my book reader.
    Third, my physical exercises that I used to do and I stopped / paused, feel now to be the one main element that caused my shift – so I’ll take care of that.
    Thank you, Marie and Tony, much love to you both!

  432. Jillian - Team Forleo

    We love that this came back on your radar at the perfect moment, and spoke to you in some new and vibrant ways!

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    Put me first when choosing to take on a client/project and have patience. I still have this tendency to go into “poverty-thinking” mode. I.e. “I should be happy to be getting this opportunity.”, or “At least this is going to make me some money now to pay the energy bill”, or “What if I don’t get another opportunity and I don’t get work for weeks, how am I going to pay my bills then?”, and so on. In poverty-thinking mode, I create more lack. Once I go into abundance mode, I feel things shifting towards abundance very clearly.

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    I am hopeful this will help our family get there!!

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    This is a great video! My question is about a change in values.
    2017/begining 2018 Last year I felt like my business and I had finally made it. I was super busy and making more $ than I ever had, or had expected too at that moment.
    Im a natural skin care expert so I add value to peoples lives by helping them feel good in their skin and bodies, and address underlying issues: but really I am holding a safe space for them to be. I was surrounded by miracles, it was amazing. but then I looked up and realized how could this be the dream I was over worked and not really present in my life. I started to take a break on things; taking days off and trying to figure out how to get out of it. Then I had a major health crisis and took the rest of the year off (divine interference..? I don’t know).
    As I came through my healing crisis it re-ignited my why & I came back to my business with so many ideas and things to accomplish. At first it was great, but now I am dealing with a change in beliefs and how that affects everything. I want to help and share (I have fear that comes up, also my perception has deepened I knew this before but not to the same extent) None of it matters and yet all of it matters….. I am helping people with something at a surface level which comes from much deeper level, so sometimes it feels hard and co-dependent.
    I have know this issue and when I saw this talk and this topic mentioned I decided to reach out. I appreciate any feed back and thank you for your amazing content, your message is mine in a different way I want to support people to bring their best selves because we all need that special gift that we each hold and together we complete the puzzle.

    Thank you Kim

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Kim, it sounds as though you’ve really had so much happen in your life in a small window of time and that can certainly take a toll on a person.

      When you look at your WHY you can break the mold on how you accomplished it before. What does it feel like NOW? As the person that you are today how do you really want to bring that WHY to life?

      It’s clear from your previous success that you know how to build a successful business but there’s nothing that says that the woman that you are today needs to create the same business. Create through the lens of the person you are today knowing what you know about what works for you and what doesn’t. All of those new thoughts and experiences allow you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and will help your WHY come to life in a new and different way. You’ve so got this! xo

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    It was like a real TV show, but more naturally, enthusiastically.

    Another YouTuber, Chris Monsen told about Marie as his mentor.
    So, I dropped on your channel.

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