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Over the weekend, I thought a lot about money.

I read a brave and eye-opening article in the NY Times from a self-confessed money addict, and had a few conversations with friends about the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

I also did a lot of yoga and meditated on the subject — especially because I’ve started working on my next book, in which money (especially the making of it) plays a vital role.

As I’ve shared before on MarieTV, I feel blessed to have developed a healthy and even loving relationship with money. While that relationship is always evolving…

I’ve come to believe a healthy, respectful money mindset helps us put it in its rightful place: it’s just one of the many resources we have to offer and share in this adventure called life.

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I also don’t prescribe to a zero sum world-view based in scarcity.

Meaning, if you get more money (or love, attention, fill in the blank) — that I get less. Both science and spirituality show us that through collaboration, innovation, generosity and partnership — our collective resources can truly be infinite.

Without going too far down a philosophical rabbit hole, I’m so excited to share today’s MarieTV episode with you. So let me ask…

Do you ever feel like you self-sabotage when it comes to money?

Ever wonder if you’ve got some old money beliefs from your childhood that hold you back?

If so, I think you’re really going to love today’s episode outlining four money beliefs that may be holding you back, and how to change them.

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If you haven’t already read it, grab a copy of Kate’s fantastic book Money: A Love Story.

What’s one money belief that’s holding you back?

Be honest here. Doesn’t matter where you’re at on your financial journey, there’s always a next level of depth for all of us.

Next, tell us the one action step you can take right now to demonstrate that you’re ready for a new level of wealth. Is there a phone call you need to make? A new practice to put into place or simply an attitude shift you need to make?

Thank you in advance for commenting with kindness, compassion and honesty. You’re one of the reasons I LOVE Tuesdays!

Of course — if this video was helpful for you, share it with your friends. We’d really appreciate it.

A truly rich life involves bringing consciousness and love to every corner of our existence — including our relationship with money.


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  1. Coincidentally I JUST downloaded Kate’s book on Kindle this morning – I’m seeing it as divine guidance now and will be diving into the book tonight!

    I love that it’s positioned as a ‘love story’ – I suppose my block has been about not having any relationship with money… I’d always held it as at a distance as my belief is (based on past experiences) it causes arguments. I’ve been working on this… and will continue to with the help of Kate’s book! x

    • Hey Emma 🙂 There are no “coincidences.” 😉

      Always a timely topic…so many levels on this. Probably, the biggest money myth I learned is that money is only made through mainstream, professional occupations. I went a very traditional route. Unfortunately, it was a route that didn’t resonate.

      I see my contemporaries making a LOT of money within that industry. But I had no desire to work myself to death doing something that doesn’t feed me spiritually. That was a great revelation and started me on a more aligned path. However, I believe I’ve still carried that myth along with me.

      Somewhere in my psyche is a shadow belief that entrepreneurial wealth isn’t an option. Perhaps, not as “honorable.” Consciously, I know this to be ridiculous, but I have to continually question if I have in fact released this notion.

      Thanks, Marie & Kate. More food for thought…as usual.

      • Hi Emelia,

        I’m completely with you on this. I started my career with a mainstream job but it wasn’t fulfilling me entirely. I think entrepreneurs need to be proud of their accomplishments and their goals because it’s just as valuable of a career as working for a major corporation.


        • Totally agree with you Galen. However we choose to add value is worthy.

          • Marine

            I don’t agree with you at all…..

        • Emelia & Galen,

          I too have this belief about mainstream professions but as I never went to college and have been a stay at home mom for 30 years I also have the belief that I never can make money because I don’t have what it takes to even get into that world. I felt that entrepreneurial success was my only option but after 10 years of trying that with minimal success, I still have that “I don’t have what it takes” belief in my head.

          Marie, I love that you finally gave some examples of how one can be of value to someone. Every time I hear the suggestion to be of value to someone I cringe because I can’t think of any way that I can be. I guess I have it in my head that it must be something big like saving the world and I certainly don’t feel capable of that. When you mentioned smiling at someone as a way or making a phone call, well that really made it feel do-able for me. I guess I just never thought of those kinds of things as being of value, rather just as something natural that I do.

          Thanks for this episode. It came at just the right time for me as I was just opening up a bunch of bills I can’t pay and certainly need to feel better about money right now.

          • “If you were at the railroad station and had the choice of two tickets, one, which would take you to a barren wasteland, and the other to a delightful land of fruits and flowers and enjoyment, which ticket would you select? The answer is obvious. You have the choice of being either negative or positive. The former guides you to gloom, poor health and failure; the latter to Health, Wealth and Happiness. Which one do you choose?”~ Ben Sweetland, Grow Rich While You Sleep. (Despite the cheesy title, this is a really great book~ circa 1962).

      • Melissa Smith

        Great post thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Nice timing Emma 🙂

      • soshy

        Hey Marie,
        Is there a reason why I can only view the video up to 8 minutes long? JUst curious??I really want to see the end!

        • HI Soshy, I was able to see the video, it’s because youtube is cutting the videos in chunk now because they noticed that most people don’t watch videos till the end so they load pieces at a time, could have to do with your connection speed maybe? I got tuck for a while at 8min but it eventually came after a while, I hope that helps 🙂

          • Cathy

            I had the same problem on my computer. I was able to watch on my iphone, I think it is the speed.

          • I have the same problem. I can not find any way to fix

    • Regina

      Incredible! I also bought this book this morning before receiving Marie’s email.
      Perfect timing!

    • Way to dive right in there Emma – if we approach our money with love it will be a source of goodness in our lives 🙂

    • Hana


      I have read somewhere that it is the lack of money that causes arguments.
      Isn’t it so?

      With love,

      • I always hate to admit when my mother was right, butI do agree with her observation;
        “Money can’t buy you happiness, but lack of it can make you unhappy”
        My take on that is “Money buys you freedom” – which I think is ‘on the money’ (sorry) with Kate’s message about having enough to money to free your mind from the bondage of worrying about it – and get on with your life’s purpose

        • Wow Rebecca!
          Purpose… Yes!
          But, oh noooo
          Reality bites. So bot being financially stable my entire life, how fo I fulfill my purpose?
          Definitely not waiting for money to show up before I start living, right? I’ve got $110,000 studeng loan that is from an art/film school currently under investigation for defrauding the Department of Education. An organization that will not update me to know if I should be paying it off or waiting for the outcome of the case.
          Having a diabolical education system charging astronomical interest and having that loan in IBD deferred insanity is my problem. It’s not tens of thousands, it’s in the hundreds. It was $43,000 when I left.
          Paying this back is like a mortgage.
          So I simply have to do the legwork, keep learning about my craft and follow that epiphany i. the cool morning breeze that tells me I have the strength and ability to conquer this mess I’ve created.
          My purpose is sharing my gifts and recognizing them the best I can. I’m glad I read your post. Thanks. ???

          • Apologies dor the typos.

          • Hi Jay – yeah, it’s a toughie. So sorry to hear about the crazy mess with your student loan.
            I find the whole ‘money-mindset’ thing quite fascinating. As someone who is determined to do my best to save the world, I used to associate money with greed – and hard boring work. As a teenager I several times REFUSED money for work that I felt was too easy (and therefore hadn’t earned). I’m sorry to say I also felt a (horribly misguided) sense of virtue for refusing money.
            As you can imagine – this misguided money-mindset hasn’t exactly been helpful in saving the world.

            I have however made progress. Partly it’s been the (blindingly obvious in hindsight) realization that saving the world and having a good income are not mutually exclusive.

            I’ve also done lots of work around self-worth as self-wealth. You can read that many ways.

            A New Year’s day question for you, should you choose to accept it:
            1. How would you behave if you knew you deserved a good income?
            Just that – not dependent on anything, regardless of any life purpose, simply because it’s something everyone deserves.

            Happy New Year 🙂

    • Christin

      I also received the book from my book club the other day (in Denmark!) 🙂
      I can’t wait to dive into it, especially after seing this video. 🙂
      I think I’ll get a copy for my sister too….
      Oh, and the shoes…. <3 <3

    • Perfect timing is right! I ordered Kate’s book and am only a few chapters into it but am loving it and looking forward to diving deeper!

      Thank you Marie for always providing fantastic resources to improve my life & business!
      XO – Krayl

  2. Hi Marie and everyone!

    This whole money thing is so hard for a lot of people (me too!) and I really appreciate those who help us move beyond it.

    When my coach suggested I raise the investment level on my Certified Practical Intuitive Mentoring program (double it), I broke out into tears, remembering (out of nowhere) my mom’s words “No one will want to hear what you have to say” when I was ten. I know that it was about her feeling of that and not about me but boy, when you put yourself out in the world as a teacher, having those words tucked in the back of your head doesn’t help.

    How am I demonstrating I’m ready to move forward? By shifting that investment level now (before I offer the course again) so it’s out there and I can’t go back. I’ll just sit with whatever it brings up and TRUST.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all have to say about this issue – I always find some wonderful takeaways.

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Lisa, I can definitely relate! It can be so hard to overcome past demons and get away from those voices that say we’re not good enough. As I opened up my private practice in 2013, I met nothing but resistance from family, saying that I won’t be successful and why don’t I just get a “real job”. It took all of my strength to continue to pursue my passion, despite the lack of support from the people I needed it from the most.

      The people in my profession are notorious for undercharging/undervaluing their services (I’m a dietitian) and it was tough to try to break away from that mold. Like you, I’ve now doubled what I initially charged because I know that what I do is more than worth it.

      Just recently I helped a client who was suffering from migraines, digestive problems, joint pain, fatigue, heartburn, and several other symptoms, all of which she had suffered from for more than 10 years. These symptoms were deeply affecting her work and her personal life. After implementing the dietary recommendations that I gave her, her symptoms improved by 65% within the first 10 days alone, and in less than 6 weeks, she was completely symptom-free! She thanked me for everything that I did for her and she said that she felt like a completely different person! She used to love traveling, which she’d not been able to do in quite a while because she always felt like sh*t and she knew she wouldn’t be able to enjoy herself until her symptoms were under control. She reported to me just last week that she just got back from a trip with her husband and it was the best experience she’s had in years. This just re-affirms to me that I know that I can add value to peoples’ lives.

      Trust in yourself and your abilities – you’re worth it!

      • Amanda,

        Thanks for the support! I know there are plenty of us out there doing amazing work and we just have to trust in what we know to be true and let go of those who tell us we can’t. (I try to remember that it’s a reflection of how they feel about themselves and not really about me at all. Just like my mom’s comment was so about how she felt.) Helping people feel physically better is a wonderful gift. Rock on, girlfriend!

      • Fantastic post Amanda, thank you.
        My mom always supported everything I’ve ever done. Yet my father and step-mom are not as clear and have less reinforcement although they are generous and giving people.
        It’s heartbreaking not to get a Wooohooo , from relatives that can easily spike your ambition to new levels if they just tried.
        That’s the way of it sometimes and our own perseverance is all we can count on. Self-awareness and loving yourself are vital as Kate and Marie have stated redundantly. We’re all entrepreneurs. Even the corporate world was seeded in entrepreneurship. Do what you love, be the best you can, be real and show people how to be themselves without hesitation.
        Dieticians are very regenerative and you are doing it! All the best to you and a happy New Year. Rock 2019!

    • Lisa and Amanda – Well done becoming aware of those limiting beliefs (and the limiting beliefs of those around you) and going for it anyway! The best way to prove those beliefs wrong is to take action. Keep at it!

  3. Eek! Two of my favorite ladies in one place! What a treat. 🙂

    My biggest challenge has been to put money in its place, so to speak. To shift my mindset away from scarcity and toward abundance, trust, love and joy. And I’m getting there – I really am!

    And ladies. The shoes. Oh, the shoes. I salivate.

  4. No. 2 stuck out most for me. I check my bank account almost daily but still that little thought lurks in the back of my mind that i’m ‘not good with money’.

    As Kate mentioned, it’s a learning process so that is clearly the way forward for me; keep learning and implementing and i’ll prove myself wrong!

    • Exactly – keep learning and implementing and prove your false beliefs wrong Denise!

  5. Two of my favorite people in one video! Very exciting!

    Phone calls tend to be my issue. I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone, but so much good always comes when I just suck it up and make the call. I had been procrastinating last week on calling a big university about my fitness program. Who knew they would be so open to the idea if I just asked? And even if they had said no, I would certainly be no worse off for having asked.

    • Huge congrats Shay!

    • Yeah Shay! Way to stretch!

    • Dear Marie
      Discovering you has been amazing. I’m from NZ so thank you so much. I could relate so well to the Prince Charming part, expecting to be saved financially by a man or dare I say even Lotto…Ouch! And the lie. I am a Chartered Accountant, and everyeone expects that I have it sussed. The times where I have hoped Price Charming will save me financially I have actually lost my power and ended up worse off financially because I gave the financial reins to someone else. If you choose the wrong person it can lead you down a very distructive path. So please ladies keep your financial power. I am !

      • Ms Tui

        I’m with you Amanda (also from Aotearoa/NZ). Even though I have always had the family financial controls in 2 marriages I always believed that they should be the one to take care of ME and therefore be RESPONSIBLE for our money. I have just started a new job after taking a year to convince my husband that I should. He is very entrepreneurial (we have run our business from home for over 6 years) so maybe that has something to do with the dire financial situation we currently find ourselves in. But, I’m willing to begin new actions today and the journalling is ON for at least the next 21 days.

        • Amanda Macdonald

          Thanks Tui. Your feedback to my comment helps give me the pep I need too!. 🙂 Go Journal. I do everything online now, so its like ..Oh MY GOsh where’s the paper and journaling (not sure if this is a word) on paper seems so old fashioned, but therapeutic!

  6. Wow, great topic seeing as I’d going my taxes right now. I’m gonna make sure to LOVE the paperwork now (instead of hating it) – no way I can earn more if I hate hate hate filling in the paperwork!

    Thank you for such a fun interview!!!

    • So very true! I learned to love my taxes last year. 🙂 Not easy, but 100% possible!

      • Thanks Makenna – so you think there is light at the end of the tunnel?? I’m really touched by the point made about taking responsibility about my own money – even as I’m doing these taxes, I keep thinking that someone else should have done this, or told me about that. I’m just gonna grow up about it, and get to grips with it for my own self! Hurrah!

        • There certainly is a light at the end of the tunnel! I promise! I took responsibility for my debt (quite a bit more than what Kate had…) last year and I’ve seen huge changes! I realigned what abundance meant to me (three fold: happiness, cash flow, and accepting responsibility) and have seen huge changes in my life. I’m super excited about taxes this year! (First time ever…) I’ll owe money, but it feels good that I made enough money! And I like seeing my income grow.

    • That is so true! How you do it is what you get.

  7. I one-hundred percent agree that self-limiting causes a lot of anxiety and scarcity. I recently came to terms with my money a few years ago, and really got things under control.

    My self-limiting belief is that “I’ll never make enough money”. Although I’ve never been a place where I haven’t had enough to get by, that makes me exceedingly privileged.

    I think the issue with talking about money though is that money is privilege. Not everyone has the ability to be a six-figure earner. I also believe the FOCUS on money, and making more and more and more is dangerous too. I think we should do what we love, get the money we need to thrive, and “show up more fully in your purpose” all at the same time. Not make buckets of cash, and THEN show up more fully in your purpose.

    I love money, I enjoy making it. Spending it. Saving it. Investing it. But I think that we, especially as coaches, need to spend as much time talking about happiness, how to thrive with less, and how to be more present BEING the cause of more money.

    • I love that you bring a new flavor to the conversation Makenna. It’s all about being present AND happy AND abundant (whatever that means for you.) We can be abundant with $30K or $300K (or even $3K.) It’s really a matter of how we choose to feel and what we choose to focus on. And what’s really important to remember is that we don’t have to choose being abundant or happy or present. We can have them all if we choose.

      • Thanks Kate and Marie for your insightful conversation and Makenna for this take on it.

        I totally agree it’s not about choosing between abundance, happiness or being present. I love that you say we have them all if we choose. I’m certainly trying to choose this for myself.

        Having money for most of us is not about counting the money in our account but as the means to enable us to do what we want to do, maybe more freedom or flexibility or the ability to help our family or to enjoy great experiences. But at the same time I take Makenna’s point that we shouldn’t wait until we have ‘enough’ to be happy or present.

        When I talk about setting goals I normally encourage people to set goals based on the purpose behind the goals rather than on the money per se that will help them achieve it – because I think this can be more motivating but I’m seeing that even in thinking that I’m displaying an underlying belief. Maybe specific money goals is a good way to go, alongside the other goals.

      • Ella

        An amazing example of abundance for me is the Peace Pilgrim. She carried no money, and didn’t even ask for things from others, and yet was always provided for. She was a spiritual teacher who lived as an ascetic. I’m sure she was constantly meeting people who felt she added value to their lives, just by being in her presence. 🙂 I feel that her abundant attitude would have made it possible for her to accumulate wealth if she wanted to.

      • Yes, we can totally have them all! And being amid abundant wealth doesn’t necessarily make you more or less happy, how you frame your relationship to that wealth matters. (Vice versa with less abundant wealth). Also I know plenty of people who view my lifestyle as ‘poor’, despite being relatively wealthy by others’ standards. We can choose to be abundant at any level, and I think that matters as well.

        I suppose my tension is that there is a huge focus on ‘make six figures, be happy’ in the marketing these days. And I don’t believe that is what you and Marie are saying, whatsoever. I just think that being in control, aligning yourself with core values, and more is what matters. Thanks for sharing your insights Kate! (I love your book oodles btw, it is one of my ‘must read’ books I suggest to my coaching clients. 😉 )

  8. Love Kate’s book: fun, uplifting and easy to read + play with!

    I’ve been experimenting with my clients (as well as for myself) NOT taking my thoughts about money so seriously. We make such a big deal out of everything and make our most repeated thoughts into “beliefs” when really we could just not take these thoughts so seriously…

    It’s amazingly freeing and from that fresh space new insights about money can come in and therefore new ideas, opportunities and even … abundance!

  9. Hey Moni! Sorry you’re having trouble — we’re checking it out now.

    • Hey Moni! We checked in out and YouTube seems to be loading a wee bit slowly this morning, which is unusual and unfortunately, nothing we can control. But the whole video is definitely there.

  10. Sally

    I have definitely inherited bad money mindsets from my family. With my mum and sisters, sometimes it’s like a “who’s poorer?” competition! It drives me nuts! My mum often asks me how much I make, and always – ALWAYS her response is, “Oh, you’re doing a lot better than me. I only get. $____ a week! And I have to pay my mortgage from that!” Or if I go shopping, my mum or my sister will ask what I bought and how much I paid, and I now find myself lying to them about the cost or hiding my purchases, because they will actually say, “Oh, you must be doing okay. I wish I could afford that…” or “Can you really afford that?” And I definitely do not make a great deal of money, but I make enough to cover all my bills and have some to play with. I hate that my family try to make me feel guilty about not being dirt poor. It’s not that they want me to be, but it’s like they think I SHOULD be. It’s a really weird thing that I just don’t get! They are always talking about how poor they are or how they wish they had enough money to do certain things, but they never go out and make it happen for themselves. It’s really frustrating and it makes me feel like if I continue to grow my finances the way I would like to that I’ll continually be made to feel guilty about it.

    • Wow, Sally, such a good sharing…to me, you are talking about an important part of what making a change involves…the other people in our lives, who may feel threatened by our moving up and out of the comfort of what’s been going on, even if it could be better.

      So much love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding for you as you learn more about your own value and find your way to be loving and true, even if some of your loved ones have a hard time with it…love em all, and keep finding the support, companionship, and colleagues to support you on your journey…

    • Sally – thanks so much for sharing your struggles with your family around different money beliefs. You are certainly not alone in that. If you’re open to it, I would recommend changing the subject with them when money comes up – or avoiding it all together. You can also ask them to stop making comments about your money choices. There are ways to ask people to stop a behavior from a place of love and grace. Let them know that you’re conscious about your money and your decisions and while you know their concern is out of love, you’d prefer that they keep their eyes on their own papers when it comes to money matters.

  11. I really like to today’s episode. It took me several years of fumbling around to kinda figure out what I was meant to do, I’m now working on the process of growing into somebody who can do that work. Having taken notes on these four steps I plan on using them to work on my own patterns. I find that most of this information is completely true to me! I definitely am glad to see I’m not alone. Thank you both for taking the time to make today’s episode I’m sure it will help millions of others as well. Fantastic job!

  12. Great reminder “I’m not good with money” is simply a thought, our thoughts become things and therefore I create my own money mess by maintaining the belief that I’m not good with it. DUH!!

    Today I’ll begin a walk a new walk with money, start new lessons in being with it, and affirm my worthiness in having an abundance of it.

    Hot Dam, this was a great and timely interview for me.

    • Michelle – I’m with you on that one – I’ve just decided that I am actually REALLY good with money – yipeee!

  13. Kate Northrup? Really? Talking about how she learned to manage money? Her mother is an OB/GYN, author and one of the most amazing women ON THE PLANET. So for her to sit up in there talking about her struggles. Sorry. I cannot relate, AT ALL. Oprah? yes. Iyanla Van Zant? Yes. Dolly Parton? Yes. This chick? Yeah, no. Spoiled little rich girl. What “struggles” did she ever experience or “get through?” Yeah, no. I simply cannot relate to her. Maybe this is not the right blog for me. I know rich people have problems like everyone else… but—-no.

    • On the other hand, maybe this is exactly why I should listen to her message, or how she “overcame” her debt addiction. (Eye rolling)

    • Hi Janice, thanks for you comment. I absolutely understand your point of view, and respect it. I also understand that you’re not able to relate to Kate. However, casting judgement on others when you’ve not walked in their shoes is not a particularly useful framework if your goals in life are to experience happiness, connection, well-being or any level of inner or outer wealth. While this blog may not be for you, in my experience kindness and compassion towards others — even if you don’t resonate with them — are essential if you want to experience a happier, more peaceful and just world. Wishing you all the best.

      • Ms Janice L. Blake

        I know, Marie, it’s one of my hang-ups I am trying to overcome, seriously. I am really working on that. Sorry to use your blog as my forum for being so disgruntled.
        I am judging, right? Thank you for your response as I work on accepting others and their toils. I feel like an ass responding like that, but I am trying to be more honest with myself about how I feel as a road to self-discovery. Some of us are just not as far along as others. I am trying. I’ve never responded to something on the web in a negative manner so this is a first for me and it’s scary for me to say what I’m really thinking.
        Everyone thinks I am happy and positive all the time, but I am really angry and disappointed and searching for answers which is what brought me here. My life is not working (in many ways it is, of course!) and I want it to. I want change and I want to change, too. So thank you for having your forum here so I can learn and discover.

        • Hey Janice. First, I want to acknowledge and applaud you for your honesty. We’re all working on stuff. You are not alone, and please don’t consider yourself far “behind.” You are in perfect time and you’re awesome. You’re human — just like the rest of us. I’m sending you a huge hug right now, and also want to say that honesty about how things are really going is the absolute first step in having it shift to a different state. I hope we can all continue this healthy dialog and hopefully our videos can continue to serve. With love xo M

        • Hey Janice and Marie –
          Just wanted to pipe in here and say thanks for taking a perspective that’s not serving and being willing to see why that’s coming up. Every time we judge others I’ve found it’s because of something within us that needs taking a look at. I always like to see where my anger or judgement comes up as really good evidence as to the areas within myself that need a little extra love and compassion. Thanks for shooing up for that Janice and thanks for your loving nudge to look at it differently Marie! Hugs to both of you ladies! xo, Kate

      • Your above response, is one more reason to love you Marie, and I really do ! Thx for your amazing, beautiful array of offerings to us all each week. I know you and your team work hard and from your hearts to bring us much value. Hugs and Magic sent your way today and many days when I watch. Xo !..

        Particularly this episode is soo timely for me right now, as I’m sure it is for many. Currently I’m a student and single mother of 3, and while beginning my non-profit company that I have dreamed of for over a decade, I have now been laid off work for budget reasons (after being left hanging for several weeks while waiting to be transferred to another location, oh but psyche- not really). It’s really pretty ruff right now. I do trust in my many talents and great connections with others, as well as my connection to the source, the whole big something greater ! I know you understand what I mean. 🙂 Something better is yet to be created. Today’s message helps reinforce some of what I have been coaching myself on lately. Thx again !

        • I agree Darla. I’m a stay at home “pregnant” with a dream/vision for my life and although I don’t have a steady income, God never fails to provide. I never regularly looked at my account because seeing the $0 time and time again became quite depressing. But I’m changing my relationship with money and declaring a POSITIVE feeling whenever I look at my account. I’m going to implement looking at it daily, smiling wide knowing that the money has already been provided 🙂

      • My comment earlier was heartfelt of course, but now you please tell me how to stop receiving emails for the comments today?

    • Toni

      I agree with you, Janice. BTW, your website is very cool.

      • Hey, thanks. I really love it, too, but I have to change it soon so it looks more like Marie’s and is more geared toward commerce. That’s how I found this website, is that I am looking for ideas from people who are doing what I want to do and are where I want to be. I am seriously racking my brain on how to be a better person and reading everything I can get my hands on, on how to improve. I am also working on being more authentic with my feelings. You know, us women have a problem expressing anger so I’m doing that as well. It is frightening and the fear of rejection is HUGE! So thank you for the response and not hating me for stating my neanderthal opinion. Baby steps…

        • Oh my gosh I felt just like you before I started meditating a little over a year ago! Cynical, pissed off, unhappy and with no direction. I know it sounds hippy dippy and I am not a flower child saving every spider in my house from a death by house shoe! I was high anxiety and low self-confidence and found that meditating with Deepak Chopra every morning is so enlightening and writing in a Gratitude Journal draws my attention to the positive instead of the negative where my head wants to go a lot of the time.

          Somehow the stillness does bring answers and changes you and that has opened some real doors for me in my personal and business life. You should try it! What do you have to lose? If you’re interested, Deepak does free 21-day programs about 3 times a year with Oprah and sells those on his website (which I am in no way affiliated to btw 🙂 ). Highly worth it to buy: Creating Abundance, Desire & Destiny or Miraculous Relationships – they are all awesome! Just research online he gives lots of resources…if you are interested in some peace and change that is!

          • I also want to second Jen’s reco of meditation and Janice — if you haven’t yet listened to this interview I did with Marianne Williamson, here’s the link. You can download and listen to the MP3 at your leisure 🙂


            Another GREAT one on learning a brilliant way to healthfully feel your feelings is this one. While I know it’s framed as public speaking — trust me it’s for every feeling we humans have.


          • Yes. I have done one of those and think it is so healing for us individually and for everyone on the Earth as a unit. I love O and DC. I meditate and am doing gratitude exercises as well. Being in gratitude does change the state of what you’re thinking, to be sure.
            Thanks, I will look around some more on there.

          • Yes, thank you for that. I have done one of those and think it is so healing for us individually and for everyone on the Earth as a unit. I love O and DC. I meditate and am doing gratitude exercises as well. Being in gratitude does change the state of what you’re thinking, to be sure.
            Thanks, I will look around some more on there.

  14. Timely as always, Marie!

    My limiting belief for a long time was “I can’t ever get ahead.”

    This came to a head this fall when someone stole $350 from me. In the overall scheme of things, not a ton of money, but it felt like a lot to me at the time. I felt so defeated.

    Then I went for a long hike and I asked myself, how can I reframe this situation? Is there any other authentic way to look at this?

    And you know what? I have always had what I needed. I’ve always been perfectly provided for.

    So that’s how I started looking at things.

    “I have always been perfectly provided for.”

    I think there’s still a journey ahead of me, but that little shift started a huge change for me and I’ve been much more at peace ever since.

    (Also, at the end, the whole $350 worked out.)

    • Awesome story Gigi. And I’ll tell you — I can feel that pang when it’s $1 or $2 dollars. Because I know that in so many parts of the world, that can literally save a life. No amount is too small to manage and care for with love. Great share and thanks again.

      • Marie – I love that – “No amount is too small to manage and care for with love.”

        So true!

        Gigi, my limiting belief is also: I can’t get ahead. Oh so limiting!

        Declaration: My new belief to replace that one is “I have plenty. I love my money and my money loves me!”

        I’ve been reading Karen McCall’s “Financial Recovery,” which seems similar to Kate’s book (which I’m going to buy and DO).

        Thank you, Marie and Marietv fans!

    • What a beautiful perspective shift Gigi. Thanks so much for sharing the story of how you turned a not so awesome moment around for yourself. Powerful stuff!

  15. This episode couldn’t be more timely. Having a really challenging week money-wise with a combination of being scared to ask clients about money they owe me and me feeling like a bad businesswoman and a fraud for not gaining clients and being on top of my company’s finances. Was just spiraling into despair and thinking that failure is around the corner when your video popped into my inbox.

    There is 1 major money belief that I need to deal with. I need to value what I do. Kate beautifully encouraged me to see value in what I do and I realize I need to be okay with asking clients to pay me. For some reason, I always feel as if I have to prove myself (i.e., if they are not paying me, than I obviously haven’t done a good enough job at delivering my services meaning I need to deliver even more to justify payment). It’s created a spiral that leaves me tired and exhausted and always feeling behind as if I can’t get to the next level. I will begin writing down 3 things that I value about myself to solidify that I am providing value and deserve to get paid for it.

    There’s another belief that I have that me and my family just aren’t good with money. It’s created this belief that I will always be behind because it’s in my genetic makeup. I’m determined to change my relationship with money – about to check my bank account!

    It’s so hard being this vulnerable in such a public space, but the timing of me seeing this is just too coincidental – Thank you for all of the valuable information you provide, Marie, and thank you Kate for giving me a booster shot of money confidence!

    • Thank you so much for sharing so transparently Erica – I know I’ve felt that very same way – like a fraud. And just recognizing it is super powerful. I agree that valuing yourself is so key…and you may also simply want to look at the systems for getting paid in your business. I find that getting payment up front, having clients sign contracts so all the payment policies are super clear, and not delivering a service until payment is made can all be powerful systems to make sure you and your clients are on the same page. They also send a very powerful signal about how valuable you are and how seriously you take your work.

  16. Lisa

    I’ve always believed I’m not good enough and get in my own way (not just with money). I’m going to get a journal and start writing every day, three positive things about myself (or three great things from that day). Thank you for duscussing this topic – on point for me.

    • Thanks for taking action on the info we provided Lisa!

  17. Love that you broke this into steps! Makes the info so digestible.

    I am also excited to see that Kate Northrup is an equal opportunity interviewee. I interviewed her for my itty bitty show when “Money : A Love Story” was first coming out & here she is on Marie TV! So cool…

  18. Natasha

    Great little eppy!

    I have a HUGE belief about money that continues to hold me back – that it is essentially fictitious, our relationships with it are so embedded in ideals of money=more things=more happiness. While I totally concur with what you ladies said above – I can help but see that this is NOT the way society works as a whole! In recent listenings to Alan Watts I align with the idea that ‘you can’t eat money’ and it feels SO heavy to me! The whole idea of currency seems like a paradigm that needs to be shifted in order to get our world as a whole to a place of more abundant love. I truly do not value money, as all I see is it’s evil place in the world.

    Whew – that was a load off my consciousness!

    • Thanks for bringing an alternate perspective to the table Natasha. Just for fun, though, it might be interesting just for a few days to look for examples of how money (and the choices it brings) can be a source of joy and healing in the world. Maybe look for a few examples out there so you can see that there’s always more than one way to see things…and how we choose to see them is what creates the circumstances in our lives. Thanks for tuning in!

  19. Hi
    Whenever I see business people all dressed up and in their suites and carrying brief cases I get depressed. The first thought that comes to mind ever since I was young was that these people work in concrete offices, work 10 to 12 hours a day and don’t have much of a life. Because of this fear I have always chosen jobs that don’t pay well and I have to struggle for money all the time which I also hate. My husband makes good money so when I had my son 14 years ago I became a stay at home mom because my income wasn’t enough for daycare I did a few odd jobs that helped but not a lot. Now I am back working and trying to build my business so I can try to catch up with the bills that added up when I was off work. I live in a townhouse and want a house so bad. Not even close to that dream and getting older, giving me fear it will never happen. The fear of not having a life has stopped me in my tracks to making money. And it sucks. My goal is to get my business running successful enough that I make a decent living but still have a flexible life with my family.

  20. This was a great video! I’m looking forward to reading some of your other posts.

    As far as limiting beliefs, I would say that I put all of the responsibility for our financial life on my husband. (Wow, that sounds awful.) And because I’m not paying attention, I always feel like we don’t have enough. So my action will be to take responsibility and pay attention by checking our bank activity every day!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Hey Jackie! What you shared doesn’t sound awful at all. It sounds honest and real. Good for you for stepping in and getting connecting to your financial life along with your husband.

      • Way to get engaged right along with your husband. It can actually be really fun to work on money stuff together. Thanks for chiming in about where you’re at!

    • Oooooh, Jackie – I often feel the same too. I’m going to have to copy your action in the most shameless way!

  21. Anna

    I think a zero-sum theory of money really had been holding me back. I think of ways to allocate the funds I have, but until recently haven’t thought about how to increase the pie altogether. In order to do this, I’ve become a real estate agent in addition to my full time job in an effort to build multiple income streams.

  22. #3 and #4 hit home for me. I’m not in debt or have big money issues but when you aren’t making the amount you want and trying to grow a business at the same time isn’t an easy cake walk.
    I’m excited to try the 21 day of the “Three things” Tactic. I love adding value for my clients so maybe this will help me think outside the box.

    Good luck to everyone else looking to get out of the Money Madness.

    • Tara

      I have subscribed to Marie TV for almost a year now. I look forward to every Tues morning. Every episode is gift. However, this episode spoke to me on so many different levels. Everything Kate said was right on! It’s exactly how my relationship has been with money. Im in a lot of debt from law school & credit cards, and I think I just felt so defeated & expected some miracle to get me out of it. However, it stops today! I’ve already set my alarm to start checking in on my bank account, daily. Can’t wait to read the book for more insights and tips.

      Thank you so much Marie for arranging this interview! As always you bring such goodness & hope to your subscribers. I’m a B School graduate & can’t wait for the next session to begin. Have a wonderful day.

    • I’m so glad that tip resonated with you. It’s amazing what happens when we shift our focus. I’m excited for you to see what unfolds in your life as a result of this practice!

  23. Mayan

    Thank you for the video. I will get the book. Also one of the good book and seminars about money , bussiness and spirituality is by T.Harv Eckart ” Millionaire mind”- books and seminars …
    Also after reading comments above of the people struggling removing the belief . I wanted to share what I learned last night . It comes from vector – pschycology . You take the fear like for example : “nobody ever listen to what I have to say” . And add in front of the sentence ” I WANT ” . Cause in this ” vector- psychology ” your fear or ur issue is what you unchonchiisly want. So you make yourself realize that something in you want nobody listen to what you have to say. And that is what you will be attracting cause the more you afraid of something the more it will be showing up in ur life. So if you don’t want it to be showing up in your life then ask yourself why something in you still wants this to show up in life and at this time do you REALY want to let it be like this? Or you choose to eradicate it. When I do this method with every fear or unpowerful belief I have at this moment my fear goes away and for the moment of realization it doesn’t exist. When it comes up again its weaker and I do same thing and eventually it stops.

    • Thanks for sharing this…very powerful!

    • Cool practice – thanks for sharing this one. I haven’t ever heard it articulated quite this way.

  24. Louise - Team Forleo

    As I mentioned to a few comments above, it appears that YouTube is taking a bit more time to load up so you might need to click play, let the video start to play and load, and then stop the video for a few minutes so it can fully load up to avoid the buffering pauses and restarts that can happen. We’re so sorry for the trouble – and there is a transcript of the episode over at YouTube – it’s the small page looking icon to the right of “Add To” under the video.

  25. Louise - Team Forleo

    It appears that YouTube is having a slower load time today – so we suggest starting the video, then pressing pause to let it load completely (the dark gray play bar fills up with a lighter gray as it loads), and then click play. Sorry for the extra time but I definitely want you to be able to see the final 8+ minutes.

  26. My limiting money belief is: I am in alternative health care, I am an herbalist and people do not want to pay for my services because they can just google “herbs for flu/cold” and they can auto assess themselves. No need to pay for a consultation. But in reality, when I tell people what I do they are just so amazed that I do medicine from the herbs harvested in our local woodlands.

    • Awesome Annie! I for one am always intrigued by your profession 🙂

    • Catherine Cerulli

      Ah, Annie. I can so relate to this one. It is a limiting belief I need to tackle as well.

      In my capacity as a teacher of practical, hands-on techniques to relieve pain and improve quality of life for cancer patients and their caregivers, I have heard so often – “Oh we ( fill in the blank – hospital, nursing home, caregivers) want what you offer, but we have no money so would you volunteer to provide this service for free?”

      I am still working at figuring out how can I apply what I have learned in Bschool and through Marie TV in an arena that differs from life or business coaching.

      Ha! Therein is another limiting belief. The only entrepreneurs who make money are those who are offering something that will help others make money. (As my husband reminds me, those who get rich in the gold rush are those who sell the shovels.)

      Now to work on how to transforming limiting beliefs into limitless possibilities.

      So appreciate the episode…..and all of the honest, heart-felt exchange that arises here. Grateful for you all.

      • Hey Catherine! I sooo get that limiting belief about the only people who makes money are those that help others make money. One thing that can help is actively acknowledging all the businesses around you who sell other things like: haircare, clothing, scissors, metal, water, art supplies, etc. I’m thinking of 3 of your fellow B-Schoolers right now who sell yarn/knitting , skincare, and trips around India (respectively) who are all thriving both spiritually and financially. Proof is around if you’re open to seeing it!xoxo

        • Catherine Cerulli

          Thank you Marie for your understanding and encouragement.
          I do have to remember ( as well as seek out) women who have successful businesses that are not life, biz, financial, branding, etc coaches.

          I ‘m embarrassed to admit that I have even considered changing what I offer to appeal to the on-line entrepreneurship market just because it seems to be such a vibrant, lucrative market.

          Yet, I know doing so would be inauthentic. It would not reflect my gifts or the value I offer when I work with someone who is in acute pain, chronically ill, or dying.

          I will take what both you and Kate have said to heart. I will look to financially successful healing arts practitioners. And, I also need to remember that the great abundance I receive for what I offer is not always measured in $$.

      • Annie and Catherine – I love what Marie said about seeking out examples around you of those who are an example that proves your limiting belief wrong. This can be one of the fastest ways to shift it. Seek out examples of healers who are providing amazing value, who have tons of clients, and who are loving their work and getting handsomely paid for it. I can think of my own acupuncturist, Dr. Frank Lipman, my massage therapist, and many health coaches who are all doing this off the top of my head. They’re everywhere. Rock on ladies – you are definitely making the world a better place by helping people create optimal health 🙂

        • Catherine Cerulli

          Thank you Kate for your encouragement and support!

  27. This was an awesome interview. Loved it. Wanted more.

    Though I’m always up for a challenge, historically in my life, finances have been the one challenge I just can’t get ahead of or be ‘in control’ of rather than them controlling me. And I am SO very tired of that being the story of my life.

    I am most definitely ready to write a new story. What if, I actually started to believing that I can conquer them and even more. I am a talented person (see, I’m already making progress by actually affirming what others tell me) who is capable of making a good living, and I don’t just mean financially. I yearn for the things that financial freedom will allow me to do, like help more people. I do what I can on that front, using my artistic talents to support different causes, but financial freedom would allow my husband and myself to do so much more. I also yearn for the serenity of knowing I’m taking care of my responsibilities. First step, I think I need to value myself enough to ask for what my work is worth, and I am certain that I am not doing that right now.

    Ah………so much to think about. Thank you ladies.

    Another great quote about value:
    Your value doesn’t decrease by someone else’s inability to see its worth.

    What if the one who doesn’t see its worth is YOU?

    More to ponder.

    • Hey Pamela – your awareness here and your willingness to shift your beliefs is super powerful. I love that value quote – I haven’t heard that one before!

      • Hi Kate, thanks so much for the awesome insight you shared with Marie and all of us. I was so impressed, I immediately ordered your book. I did the same thing after watching Marie interview Danielle LaPorte. Just got The Desire Map in the mail yesterday, your two books together along with Marie always bang on advice, will help me get beyond the barriers I have set up for myself. I truly want the feeling of serenity and true joy and those are not possible without conquering my financial fears. Thank you so much.

  28. This hits right on the spot for me.

    I can totally relate to Kate’s story. I’ve always been a great earner of money too but never a good keeper or administrator of money it’s been like there was something not classy, not noble about taking care of money issues and keeping all that money to myself, like a greedy cheap feeling about it.

    I loved the tip of checking my bank account daily and being grateful for it, so that will be my #1 step. #2 I’ll get Kate’s book to get more insights and action steps. 😉

    Thank you gals for such a great video!

    • Awesome steps Tatiana, and thank you for watching.

  29. I am reading Kate’s book right now and was excited to see her on Marie TV.

    A limiting belief I have about money that I realized while watching this episode is that people who earn a lot of money don’t have time for their families. I gather evidence for this all the time. And there is plenty of evidence. Friends whose husbands aren’t home for dinner or travel all the time but have more money. I recognize it’s limiting me and to be completely honest, it doesn’t feel like a myth to me at this moment. I am open to letting it go though.

    Here’s my action – loving attention to money. I realized that if money were a person this is what I say, “Hey, Money. I don’t want to talk about you, look at you or pay attention to you, but I want you. In fact, I want you to be with me more SO I can pay less attention to you. I don’t want anyone to know how much I think about you, Money. Come. Be with me.”

    Funny and sad at the same time.

    Thanks for a great episode, Marie.

    One more thing, I want to acknowledge your video team. Your videos sound and look amazing. I know there is a ton of stuff going on in the background to make it look so great. I don’t know their names but they totally rockin’ it.

    – Jenny

    • Hey Jenny, thanks for a truly insightful and honest comment, and for your acknowledgment of our immensely talented crew — I will pass that along 🙂

      The idea that people who have lots of money don’t have time for their families. That, of course, is both true and not true.

      I think the most important take-away is to realize that you get to set the standards for family time vs. work time in your life. I personally know a lot of folks that spend great, regular quality time with people they love and are happy financially too.

      Keep us posted on your progress and thanks again for sharing!

  30. Great video
    For a long time, and I moved from that believe maybe one month ago, my believe was I winning money for paying my bill so no really pleasure.
    Today I change my state of mind, I winning money for pleasure and be able to get my desire in life at the next level.
    And what is really fun, I discovered Kate a few days ago and I became fan on facebook, good to see her on Marie TV.
    This video is also giving me the key I was looking for, to make my business go to the next level and find ” truc en plus”. Merci

  31. Marie, you DID IT AGAIN, were powerful and insightful! I have always found that “money” CAN be the root to all evil, nevertheless, it is also the “value currency” we as humans have adopted to participate in barter & trade…So, personally, I am very discouraged with my current situation financially, I went through some VERY hard times, in which sapped me totally, but now that I am on the path of an amazing rebound, I am thankful. I am familiar with the 21 day habit development concept and, though, I have not adhered to this principle to smooth out the rough edges in my financial journey, I was re-inspired by you and your guest to “focus” MORE…You know, applying MORE “Self-Luv” in the right areas in life. All things considered, I believe I have written the “best” wedding poem the earth has ever been blessed to have (Thank Jesus for the talent…amen), but I feel that I lack the financial backers, team, investors, etc. to bounce to that next level!!! I am hopeful, blessed, and motivated to continue my life’s work in making people feel GOOD through my contributions!! Well, gotta go…You were amazing, looked dreamy, and pontificated like a wise business Queen…I send my love & kisses…You, Marie & your team (besides the guys on the kisses stuff) deserve it…This is the poem I was talking about and it ANYONE agrees or disagrees with it being the best you’ve ever read…Comment! I don’t bite, WELL…






  32. Hey Marie and Kate what a great video and important topic, especially for women. I worked on a bond trading floor and then on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange until 2007. I related to the spiritual point because my friends who weren’t making good money at the time tried to make me feel guilty and often said that they were better people since they didn’t care about money and money wasn’t important to have. Up until I was laid off in 2007 I had a wonderful love affair with money but that took a complete wrong turn a few years later. A family crisis took me down the rabbit hole and it took me over five years to get back on board with my beliefs and mindset about money. You nailed it re: life isn’t about the money but it sure doesn’t have you show up in life in a much bigger way!

    Love your videos and I am looking forward to reading Kate’s book.


    PS I saw The Wolf and will admit the behavior wasn’t far off. Being a woman on the NYSE girlfriend do I have stories that would knock your Jimmy’s or Christian’s right off. 😉

    • Hey Carol – thanks so much for sharing your perspective both from being on the NYSE and then having financial hardships. That contrast can give us a lot of wisdom, eh? The Wolf was a fascinating movie. Interesting to hear you report that it wasn’t far off. Money is really just fertilizer for whatever it touches in my belief – it expands the bad stuff and the good. So as honest loving folks we have the opportunity to enhance that if we get our money beliefs all aligned. Thanks for watching!

  33. My current limiting belief is thinking that the way I earn money has to look a certain way. Like looking at super successful coaches or biz owners and trying to be like them or make money the way they do rather than looking honestly at my life and taking my next best step. Also the spiritual attitude part of this conversation has been huge for me! I pretty much want to be a monk (actually I studied new monasticism in grad school) meaning I love the simplicity of a life lived in community, sharing resources and being of service. But I’m learning that to be “a monk in the world” can totally involve making money in a conscious way, and not being afraid to be of service to more people (like through my first digital product– an eretreat I’m creating this spring!). Thanks ladies for the inspiration. I’ve got my 830am check in with bank account appointment on my google calendar! Big wishes for a great 2014 for you both. Warmly, Courtney

    • Absolutely awesome share Courtney. I applaud your willingness to set and follow your own unique definition of success.

    • Courtney – I can totally relate! A lot of my early limiting money beliefs had to do with looking a certain way too! Then when I started to define success on my own terms (as you are) that shifted and I just got to make money in exchange for adding value instead of as a way of proving something. Thanks for chiming in!

  34. Lucinda Impellizzeri

    Wow! Very powerful. This was awesome. Thank You for sharing this information. It has opened my eyes, because I know I have been lying to myself too. I have struggled with money all my life. My biggest problem is wanting my husband to always be the bread winner and taking care of me. (and he has, until he lost his job of 27 years). Now I must do some work and take responsibility and be accountable for myself. I loved your video, you and Kate were so authentic. It finally got through to me that I must learn to take responsibility regarding money. Thank you so much, you have added value to my day!!! Cindy

    • So glad that this video was helpful for you Cindy. And way to step into the opportunity to learn about money and take responsibility. It really is the most freeing thing you can do – I’m so glad you’re up for it!

  35. Chloe

    Dear Marie and Kate,
    Thank you so much for your video today. I always love Marie’s videos but today I was particularly moved to write and show my appreciation. I am in the process of starting my own business, something that makes my heart sing and I know will be successful and pay off in the future. At the moment, however, I am still at the pre-start-up phase…I have spent the money I had planned on building the business and things are really tight financially. Your video made me realise that there are some key mindset issues I need to shift before I can start invoicing clients and taking my business to the next level.
    1. I have now accepted that I must sort out this financial situation personally and nobody else will do it for me. In the past I relied too much on my wonderfully generous husband or parents… not anymore. This is especially important as I have a baby daughter and want to be a good role model for her going forwards.
    2. I am now adopting the empowering belief “I AM good with money”, after decades of believing the opposite…and only last week telling my business partner that she would need to deal with the financial side of the business as it was not my strength! No longer!
    3. I will no longer judge the multi-millionaires next door for their great wealth, sports cars and huge houses… I love and accept what Kate was saying about value exchange and how people become more prosperous in accordance with the extent to which they create value for others. I will also accept the abundance of the universe and reject the idea that others become poorer if I become richer! Preposterous! There is more than enough to go around.
    4. I am X enough…. I am worthy/intelligent/good enough… I love myself just as I am and I know I am working hard enough on my business to merit financial reward. I am going to write those 3 things every day and finally get rid of the nagging voice in my head (my mother’s…) telling me I am stupid/useless/hopeless etc. It’s not true! I – and all Marie TV viewers – are beautiful, perfect, worthy, unlimitied, creative and intelligent human beings. We all deserve the money we need to be the best versions of ourselves and make the biggest positive difference to the world during our short time on this planet.
    Thanks again and sorry for the long comment…I just got teary-eyed and emotional watching this video and felt the need to share big time…xxxx

    • Great share Chole, I got teary eyed reading it!
      It showed the best version of yourself and the best version of myself recognized it!


      • chloe

        Thank you Diane…good luck with everything…and may you be blessed with the abundance of the universe xoxox

    • Such a beautiful share Chloe! I love how willing you are to show up for your money and yourself. And also, make sure to give yourself permission to not be perfect with money before you start your business and are invoicing for your services. This is a journey for all of us, no matter what stage we’re at, so don’t wait to put yourself out there until you feel you have the money thing figured out. It will come in layers and you’re doing awesome already!

      • chloe

        Thank you Kate…I can’t wait to read your book!!! xxx

  36. Holy Moly, I went straight to Amazon and downloaded a sample of that book so I would remember to buy it (AFTER I take a look at the budget of course! lol)!

    I think we all fall into this type of scared mentality when it comes to money in weak moments and my morning meditation with Deepak has really gotten me past living in fear of failure but it sure is a daily practice when those bills are flowing in! You really have to dig deep and MAKE it work for yourself to be a great business owner and after almost five years clawing, I see 2014 as the year our destiny comes to us as though it was effortless, instead of us climbing the mountain with no safety gear and clawing our way to the top!

    Thanks for great, enlightening content – this one struck home!

    • I forgot the homework! One money belief that has been holding me back is the belief that it is scarce. Just coming from that thought of “where will it come from” instead of “keep it coming!” and I have already started making the change with this year, 2014 – my year of prosperity and making dreams happen!

      • chloe

        Hi Jen,
        Please let me know about the Deepak meditation you mentioned? … What is it and how can I access it? Thanks

      • Jen – one thing Marie shared in a previous MarieTV episode was the affirmation “And there’s lots more where that came from” every time she spent money in the past. I LOVE that. You might give it a go to work on that scarcity belief!

  37. For a long time I thought that my husband was the one responsible for our finances and that my business was just a “hobby”. By taking more responsibility and realizing “I am capable” I open myself up to more abundance and possibility… and hold myself accountable! I checked my bank account balance while watching the video and realized often times that sense of “not enough” creeps in… be it time, finances, etc. By expressing radical gratitude and seeing how I can add value, the entire game changes. Thank you Kate and Marie for opening my eyes this morning. : )

    • Radical gratitude – I LOVE that phrase. Thanks so much for sharing it Leanne!

  38. I think growing up with a single mother, and with little money has allowed me to feel like money is always limited, when in reality, there is an abundance!
    The one thing I did the second after I watched this video, was to set a reminder on my phone every day to look at my checking account. Being mindful (and appreciative) of my income and expenses is key! Thanks for the “click” moment… It just started making more sense!

    • Yay Colene – way to take action immediately. Love it!

  39. Video was giving me some trouble around the middle I am hoping to finish watching it as soon as I can get it to play properly….

  40. Eileen O.

    I absolutely loved this lesson. As always happens it came just when I needed it! I am a massage therapist who passionately loves what I do. However, I have been struggling with patients on my schedule dwindling and racking my brain over what I’ve been putting out there to create that lack. And just like that here you and Kate are with the answer!

    I have already gotten on track with clearing my debt. But often find myself panicking because it’s “going to take forever”. To get through this! So my first action step is going to be checking in with my money each day and show gratitude for what I’ve got. Can’t wait to get started so I’m off to visit my money and send some serious ❤️!!!!

    • Way to get engaged Eileen – and how fabulous that you’ve found a career where you’re loving what you do. Brava! One mantra you could use is something like, “I’m becoming more and more abundant every day and I’m paying off my debt faster than I ever thought possible.” Might feel really good!

  41. Louise - Team Forleo

    YouTube is definitely slow this morning so, as we advised above, start the video and then pause it so you wait to allow the entire video to load up. This could let it run smooth (I hate buffering issues!).

  42. Johanna

    My relationship with money is so so bad and I know it comes from my childhood were I was never good enough. I loved this video and I will start writing down 3 things each day. I still feel very scared of how to get my bum out of my toxic relationship with money. The feeling of “I will never have enough money” is rooted so deep, it feels like. Thank you so, so much for this video! you are awesome Marie!

  43. Kelley

    Self Sabotage to the max! Ok, I’m pouring it all out here.

    One of the biggest hinderances for me would have to be family history. Financial DNA if you will, nature vs. nurture. “I’m not good enough to have, because no one before me has.” Lack of hope. Not knowing what having money feels like, but wanting better for my kids. It (money) is almost a familiar foreign language. You know where you can recognize what it sounds like, maybe even say a few words, but yet it’s still so far out of your comprehension.

    We have mountains of debt and low earning potential. My husband didn’t pass the 9th grade and I am 2 classes shy of having 2 Associates degrees, leaving me with only a HS Diploma. We have HUGE dreams and aspirations of owning our own business. 15 yrs of attempts with only failures. It’s difficult to focus past the immediate situations of “what’s for dinner?”, “will the oil run out when it’s 10 degrees outside?”, “what bill collector is calling at 8:01am?”. One step forward and three steps back. Sometimes you just get so overwhelmed and stagnant…

    So I guess in answering your questions, the money belief holding me back would be Financial DNA. And the first step would be a change of attitude towards the situation. (I am normally a glass half full kind of person, really I mean it :-)). When we are truly broken, we can see what we are made of. We’re strong and it hurts now, but we will never quit trying to make it up that mountain.

    Thank you for all that you do. This episode was just what I needed.

    • Kelley thank you so much for sharing your story. I know that tons of people can relate. So many limiting beliefs are downloaded in us as children…but what’s so awesome is that we get to choose our beliefs as adults and allow our conscious adult minds to run us instead of our child minds or our parents outmoded beliefs. Pay super close attention to the words you say about money out loud and your financial DNA will begin to shift!

  44. Fantastic interview Marie and Kate! Thank you 🙂

    What we sow, we will reap. What we ask for, so shall it be given. These two truths work regardless of whether our statement is lack or abundance focused, love or hate intended. Just being aware of our thoughts, and the energy will change a lot.

    Thanks again!


  45. Sue!!

    This topic is extremely close to home for me and I will be purchasing “Money A Love Story” pronto! However, I can’t get past 7:51 on Marie’s video! I’ve tried it on my desktop, laptop, tried Explorer instead of Firefox and I’m still stuck at 7:51. If you have any possible solutions for me, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  46. Natalie

    First, the homework. One belief I have had: that #1 Kate talked about, “someone will do it for me” has meant my Dad, my husband, God… interesting to note that part of this belief downloaded into my wee, kiddie brain as, “the Mom always stays home and the Dad goes out to work.” Well, awareness of all this is a great step AND as for ACTion (an area I can always grow more and more), I am committing my Self. heh, heh. NOT into the straight jacket (they’re coming to take me away, ha ha!) but to the mirror: Repeat after me, Natalie Gretchen: “I AM enough! I am able to work at jobs I love creating MORE THAN enough money so that I am effortlessly and comfortably able to travel, even more, with my awesome daughters.”

    Ah, that feels good. And second, thank YOU BOTH! Marie and Kate for that awesome and inspiring chit chat. I LOVE YOUR EXAMPLE. You are both looking SO GOOD doing what you love…YES! more of this. please.

    Blessings, Ya’ll! I am so grateful that I am living the life I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you,

    • Awesome share Natalie! You cracked me up. I LOVE your energy. You’ve got this 🙂

  47. I’ve worked now for 30 years. Like Kate, I always seemed to be able to make the money, but had no respectful relationship with money. I think this stems from “self-worth” issues when it comes to creating wealth. I decided to change things in 2014 and begin a real relationship with money. I have been affirming daily, paying bills and looking at balances and now I will add Kate’s suggestion of looking at the bank account daily. Thanks, Marie. I loved this segment.

  48. Sophia

    I feel like I have been forced to give up my financial autonomy when I agreed to be a stay-at-home mother. But I know that probably is a victim script coming up, and I need to focus on no 4 belief, stop saying to myself that I’m not enough, and start to note down all the good I do, ‘build that muscle’ of noticing what value I bring to the world. Motherhood can be lonely and difficult and very depleting, no one bigs you up so you have to learn to do it for yourself, or you’ll be teaching your kids to follow suit. As it happens, I’m resting my elbow on a copy of Sheconomics: Add power to your purse with the ultimate money make-over. It has been good, but a little dry, and has a section on attitudes towards money which was helpful but only scratches my ridiculously insecure-about-money surface! But in you video, Marie, Katie’s book seems to promise something akin to couples counselling between us and money. Has to be good!! I will investigate thoroughly because the step i’ll take to get onto the next level of abundance is to do something creative each day, engage in ever larger artistic and community projects and to continue working hard on my IT course to assist me with those projects.

    • Thanks for chiming in Sophia. It’s so true – we have to celebrate ourselves because until we do, no one else will. I hope you grab a copy of the book because it’s written in a really conversational, fun tone that I think you’ll resonate with. Enjoy!

  49. Yes, our beliefs, especially around money, can affect our reality. Our thoughts, after all are huge, Power houses!

    I started my business with $300 in the bank but then I started working through all the belief systems I was holding from my parents, ancestors and some other energetic contracts and vow.s etc.. – and was able to get un-stuck!

    There’s always more work to be done but this was a great reminder to keep on track!


  50. Hi Marie and Kate!

    Thanks so much for a thoughtful and thought-provoking video!

    I’m playing with the idea that “Debt is bad.” is my limiting belief. I’m 44 years old and I’ve never carried any debt except a mortgage. Whether it’s a car or an education program or Infusionsoft, I’ve always paid up front with cash.

    I started my business (5 years ago this June) with $20,000 I had in savings. After that was gone (within a year), I only invested as much as I had “expendable” in my business bank account — which was never more than $2K at any one time.

    This year — really just 2 weeks ago — I decided to invest in a year-long business coaching program ($8K for the tuition — which doesn’t include any other related expenses) and float it on the credit card linked to my business bank account.

    I have grown my business by tiny steps over the last (almost) 5 years, but I’ve decided that I have “boot-strapped” long enough.

    I’m hoping with all my heart that I will learn things in this business coaching program that will help me grow my business (and income!) exponentially.

    But I still have the fear that I won’t be able to pay off this new debt. And I fear I will have risked the freedom I’ve cherished in the past knowing that I had no debt.

    So, this is truly a case where I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

    I hope I’ll be able to return to this forum and report that I made back my $8K+ investment very quickly and am enjoying fabulous business success, increased income AND freedom.

    Lots of deep breaths until then. 🙂

    Thanks again for the excellent guidance! I plan to do Kate’s exercises daily.

    • Hey Stacey! It’s always such a joy to hear from you. I LOVE that you’re working with the belief that “debt is bad.” The thing is, in order to grow our businesses, sometimes we need capital. And sometimes that capital comes care of Mastercard or American Express. I have learned SO MUCH valuable stuff from coaching and courses that I put on credit cards…skills and strategies that have paid me ten or even a hundred fold more than the course itself. Putting something like coaching or a course on a credit card isn’t always the best move, but sometimes it is and I always recommend checking in with yourself and asking: “Does spending this money feel expansive or contracting?” Your body usually knows the right answer. Please report back on the massive expansion you receive in your life and business as a result of taking the leap with this coaching!

      • Thanks so much for your kind reply, Kate!

        The feeling of expansion or contraction changes a lot, often based on whether I’ve eaten lately, how well rested I am, and where I am in my menstrual cycle (just to name a few mitigating factors!). 🙂

        What I know for sure is that consistently checking in and staying present in the moment is a valuable practice.

        In moments of doubt I just keep reminding myself of what Fritz Perls, the Father of Gestalt Therapy, said about fear – it’s excitement without the breath.

        Thanks again for your kind reply and I will definitely let you know how it goes!

  51. Spooky. I was just chatting with a friend about Kate’s book and was downloading a preview on kindle, while sitting at my desk here in beautiful Bali. I had decided to go to bed feeling abundant and wanted to do some clearing and figure out ideas for taking my biz and life to next level.
    All numbers written down and I was looking at them when Pop – this Marie forleo email appeared on my iphone with Kate! Synchronicity!
    My limiting belief is that I feel I am not personally good enough for abundance. I’ve built a super-successful brand and company over the last decade, yet secretly feel guilty about taking a salary or paying myself. I take a small directors fee and put the rest back into the company. I pay my husband more (we work together). Our finances are completely shared, so I still share in our hard-earned money. But for some self-sabotaging reason, I feel I deserve less. So, I’m re-evaluating my relationship with money and putting into action the 3 areas I added value practice daily, so I can reframe that I actually do deserve my salary (and more).
    Love this episode. Thanks so much

    • Beautiful Lee Ann! xoxo

    • Thanks so much for sharing Lee Ann and I love the synchronicity of this. And being willing to reframe your worth is powerful stuff. When you value yourself, you give others permission to do the same and that’s a huge service to humanity 🙂

      • Thanks guys! Inspiring words from you both. I was jumping up and down when I saw your responses this morning (and had a bit of a cry too, because it was so touching to hear) Great way to start the day.

  52. I had the same trouble to watch it but I was able to finishing watching it.

    Love it! I’ve been always feeling I’m lack of money and I have so many unique ability: Helped my husband’s high blood pressure become normal without taking pills( he had taken the pills for 15 years); great teaching skill; translating English into Chinese…BUT I never know how to make money with my talent.
    I’m going to download Kate’s book now!

    Thank you, the loving ladies!

    • I made a embarrass mistake above:).

      It should be: Thank you, the lovely ladies!

  53. Lauren Douglas

    Marie gurrrlll at first I was annoyed in the episode when Ms. Northrup was like, “I had $21k worth of debt and I was making a lot of money at the same time” because my current situation is far more sparse! LOL As the conversation continued I began having some Aha! moments.

    The one money belief I’ve held on to is: “Oh you’ve wasted so much time already.” I confess, that my father is a financial advisor, I grew up in the family business and I’ve had way more access to financial wisdom than most people. I took that for granted and now that I’m an adult I have a tendency to keep looking at what I could’ve done in the past.

    The one thing I will do to spark the change is: I will check my bank account everyday. <–HOW SIMPLE! OMG! Like Ms. Northrup, I will set up a calendar reminder to check my balance so that I begin each day with a more structured frame of mind. Thank you! Will definitely be tweeting this out to my people!

    • Awesome Lauren on all accounts! 😉

    • yeah Lauren! Another mantra I love to use is, “My timing is perfect and elegant.” or, “I’m in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.” All of us have moments where we look to the past and wish we’d done things differently but since we can’t do anything about that in the present, all we can do is make a different choice today. Way to do exactly that!

  54. I am a single parent of a 12.5 year old and a graduate student. I have been in graduate school since my divorce in 2005. Since 2007, I have been at Columbia. Being a full time student I have lived off of student loans for the most part and have racked up enough to buy a house, or a small studio here in Manhattan. I will graduate this year with my Education Doctorate, but I am scared. I keep telling myself that I will have to hide from creditors and collectors because being a professor in education will never ever pay off what will be a $500,000 debt. Ouch! I think this lie also prolongs my time in school, avoiding the “Real World”. I really truly want to stop feeling like I need to be saved. My son needs to learn a good example of self-value and care with money. Cause right now, he is getting something far from that.

    I will start looking at how I add value to other people’s lives on a daily basis (I actually started last night) as well as look at my bank account. This makes me want to throw up just thinking about making this a daily practice, which means, it is necessary.

    • Hi Heather. I just wanted to send you love, a huge hug and cheer you on for your bravery. You are stronger than you know and you can absolutely transform this. You’ve already taken the first step right here. Your son is lucky to have such a dedicated and loving mom. We will continue to send you love and cheer you on. xo

      • Thank you! Funny, just reading your comments made it feel like I have my own little squad rooting for my happiness. That totally kicks ass. Thank you!!

        • I’ll second Marie’s hug and encouragement and just give you a big standing O for getting an amazing education and being aware of the messages you want to send to your son. You absolutely can do this and when you ask for creative solutions to appear, they will. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and beautiful things will unfold. Thanks for chiming in!

  55. Thanks for another inspiring video Marie. The one I really need to start doing is checking my bank account everyday. It’s always scary for me when I decided to finally look at it, after a week of spending.

    • Hey Gabriel – it can be really scary to face the truth, but try adding in a sprinkle of love and compassion for yourself. You can choose to look at your numbers through the eyes of judgment or love. Try love!

      • Aleksandra

        Thanks a lot. This point of view specialy hits me. All we need is love.

  56. #1 Belief Holding Me Back: “What makes you a better expert to charge that?”
    #2 Belief: Fear/Afraid of disspointing that I didn’t offer enough value for what they paid, so I offer it for free. They can’t be dissappointed with free…

    First time hearing about Kate-great video!! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Andrea

    Your timing was perfect with this video. I’ve been working on coming to terms with some underlying beliefs that have been holding me back and have been thinking about the money beliefs. This was a great kick-start and I love all the practical suggestions that Kate talked about for undoing these beliefs. Each one of the beliefs resonated with me in some way, but I think the one I am going to work on is #4 and building my self-value muscle. Great ideas. Thanks for all you do!

  58. Dear Marie,

    I am very happy to see the Video. I really liked the algorithms that leads to flow of money in ethical way. We want no Stock Exchange Scams or Scandals in Banking. We want ethical money exchange for talent. I remember a case in 2008 when I met Sharon from UK and she was so ambitious to get richer by easier methods. We were working in UK Hospitals (I was staying in Chennai) when she told me to move out of the project because her financial condition was better than me. Another case was from Rebecca from Tampa Florida in 2008-2009 when I was in Kolkata when she suddently dumped me with Polly & Amanda for speaking the truth about Money Scams.

    I am hence helpless when it comes to money flow in the ethical and legal manner.

    This tutorial will help me.

    I am very grateful to Marie. May Jesus bless you all.

  59. I can really relate to this video. I have always been worried about money because of my past. Even after many years of a successful business I still am afraid to invest in myself. Finally, for the first time in my life, I decided it was time to invest in me and my dream. I enrolled in the Writers Workshop in Bali with Mastin Kipp to finally finish a book I have been working on for ten years. Why did it take me so long? Fear of not having the money and time. Am I afraid? You bet. But oddly enough, my gut is telling me it’s the right time. And this video confirmed that I am on the right path. It came the day after I enrolled. Divine intervention? Who cares what it is. It’s telling me that everything from now on is going to lead me to that dream. Thanks for the encouragement to move ahead!

    • Nice Kris and great to see you here 🙂 Huge congrats on your book and keep rockin! xo

    • Beautiful choice Kris. Way to vote for yourself and your dreams with your dollars. Your book is gonna rock!

  60. I have been reading a lot of money books lately, I know I have much to change but I am confident I can do it!

    I tell myself that I am not good at making money (which has been true, historically).

    In terms of what I want to do, I have always been a saver, probably because I have never had a huge flow of money in, and I was brought up to be one. What I’d like to change is to start breaking up my money into “necessities, saving, spending on fun, giving” so that I am forced to do fun stuff and give, even if I feel like I don’t have enough.

    • That’s an awesome idea. Setting aside money for fun is especially key for those of us who tend to have a nose to the grindstone mentality and need to lighten up from time to time (just talking about myself here 🙂

  61. Thanks so much! I bought the book!
    Holding me back is the belief that the universe is a place of scarcity, not abundance.
    To mitigate this belief, I will look for (and document) everyday the abundance of the universe!

    • Thanks so much for grabbing the book and I love the idea of documenting every day abundance. Beautifully phrased.

  62. Anis

    Nice post, I’ve been working on this. I recently read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harv T Ecker. I like the, check your balance, daily, along with the positive associations and gratitudes. I’ll begin this, tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing.

  63. Yes! I used to provide free life coaching, websites, and illustrations to friends who never learned to value what i did for them because i didn’t value it myself enough to charge, i just so badly wanted to put my skills to use. Now that I am finally paying myself minimum wage I am realizing how much work goes into these things that even though i love doing them, i deserve to get paid what they are worth. Why am I designing logos for three hundred when it takes me a full two weeks to finish? That is two grand worth if my time and energy alone!

    • Savannah B. Sharpe

      Exactly! I do the same. We MUST value ourselves more!! And when we do consider how much time we spend on this and don’t forget the time we studied and practiced to be that good, WHY aren’t we valuing ourselves and our creativeness more!. many people can not do what we do. 🙂 xx

    • Absolutely! Your work is worth waaaaay more than minimum wage. And as you charge more, people will actually get more value out of it (as well as be happy to pay for it.) It’s a very cool way that money works 😉

  64. Hey Marie this was awesome and just the thing I needed to watch to start my day! One of my many unconscious beliefs that I realized I had while watching was: I’m not successful enough to add value to create my own tribe and talk about entrepreneurship. And also I’m not experienced enough to add value.

    • Thanks for chiming in Rachael. One way to overcome this is to remind yourself of the fact that you always have something of value to add, no matter if you’ve been an entrepreneur for 5 days or 50 years. You’re always going to be further along than someone else and not as far along as others. Own your own timing and know that sharing your journey along the way can be as powerful and valuable, if not more so, than sharing some idea of a perfect finished product of a successful career.

      • Thank you Kate! I shall definitely take this advice to heart and mind and apply it to my life and business 🙂

  65. Marie, what is the name of the post you mention about creatives and self worth? Somehow I think I missed that one and would love to see it…

    Thank you for bringing some FUN into this business of business…

  66. Jacki Oliphant

    Thank you for yet another great episode Marie, Kate and Team Forleo.

    The belief that I am hanging on to is mostly exemplified by 3. Before you take me to town 🙂 its not that I think wealthy people are greedy or unspiritual, its because there is such a huge disparity of equality between the wealthy and the poor worldwide.

    I read a report from Oxfam which claimed that “85 of the worlds richest people are as wealthy as the poorest half of the world” and that “The wealth of the 1% richest people in the world amounts to $110tn (£60.88tn), or 65 times as much as the poorest half of the world, added the development charity, which fears this concentration of economic resources is threatening political stability and driving up social tensions.”

    So when I read shocking reports like this I feel that it is unfair, unjust and ya maybe I do feel guilty and greedy, living in a country where I have access to food, clean water, electricity, a roof over my head and education to think that I would like more money. I understand that my playing small doesn’t serve the world, nor does my guilt but I’m not sure how to get over this block, I just find ‘the system’ frustrating and unfair. Any ideas for overcoming this belief gratefully received.

    • Hi Jacki, Thanks for sharing your concerns here. I also find the system frustrating at times. Here’s what I choose to do about it: continue to do my work adding value to the world and receiving value in exchange so that I can choose to put a generous portion of my earnings toward projects that help to decrease the large disparity in privilege in the world. If I focus on feeling guilty for what I have instead of getting out there and doing good work in the world, no one is better off. But if I do my good work, earn good money, and then allocate those funds (and my free time) toward causes that I feel are making a difference, then the world becomes a better place. Make sense?

    • Well Jacki if I may be so bold as to chime in, one of the issues in play (imho) is how we are endlessly taught via the popular culture that to be wealthy is to be wicked. We demonize “big corporations,” and every James Bond movie features a billionaire industrialist with no redeeming personal qualities whatsoever. The media love to exploit our envy by showing the worst of the wealthy. Policies leading to wealth disparity are of course a major problem, but what is more important is that those who have money spend it. If we keep shaming the wealthy for having it and spending it, everyone goes broke, as the velocity of money is the key. It’s great to be rich but it comes with its own headaches and responsibilities. I knew few wealthy people who are truly happy, the responsibility weighs on them, and they are so scared of losing it they can’t enjoy having it. That said, let’s remember that money is a purely theoretical concept anyway; it is infinite, as it moves (or should move) in a cycle like rainwater, and is based entirely on our collective trust. The crash of 2008 was purely a loss of trust, there was no other factor causing it. Currency itself is based on banks loaning out 90% of their deposits, again, to people they trust to pay it back. Sorry to blather on so much but the topic of emotions and money fascinates me 🙂 and I am so glad that Kate is bringing the discussion into that arena, because that is where the fixes lie.

      • Jacki Oliphant

        Hi Kate and Justin,

        Thank you so much for your replies and yes, makes total sense. I had just read the Oxfam report right before watching the interview so I was feeling pretty raw about it all. I totally agree that we mustn’t let guilt stand in the way of doing good work and earning good money so we can do our good in the world, good to reminded of that point, thank you!

  67. Kelly

    Thanks, Marie …and Kate!

    This was really great timing! I’ve been struggling with this ever since I became self employed. After having no problem bringing home a decent paycheck, it’s been a huge challenge for me to break through my hidden money mindset(s) when trying to thrive while creating my own income. *sigh*
    But I’m surviving and learning as I go and figure I’ll break through them if I just keep going!
    Loved the part about value exchange…! And valuing yourself!
    And the not judging part!!!! Geesh! I’m pretty sure I don’t judge all people with money, but just a few days ago a guy that is known to be very successful financially called me and wants to take me to dinner…and I’ve not called him back for some reason. I realized listening to Kate that I’ve already judged him as not being a good person. I guess because of his interest in me, this is why I’m being judgy. Weird how the money mindset overflows once there is perceived connection to you personally. Ick. I really don’t like to think of myself as judgy! So, I guess I’ll call him back now. Good problem to have, huh? haha

    Anyways…I just thought it was interesting how many ways I could relate to what she was talking about.

    Action steps: journal about my value, daily money tracking, hot file
    Thanks again! mwah!

  68. I would just like to add that these four beliefs are not natural or intrinsic, they are taught. To some extent these cultural beliefs are legacy of women being an oppressed class, altho most men have been oppressed as well. I discuss the “pathology of poor kid thinking” in my book and lectures. Of course, “not doing” these habits is only the beginning. Money is not a thing, is is merely a number assigned to our emotions, and fixing “money issues” mus be done upstream by healing and expanding one’s consciousness. That includes working through trust issues (points 1&2), overcoming resentment (3), and also getting past learned beliefs in limitation and scarcity (4). Again, it is key to recognize that one’s view towards money is a result of training, and problems with it are not a flaw in one’s mind or character.

    • This is SUCH a good point Justin. Thank you so much for adding your words of wisdom to the conversation!

      • My extreme pleasure. Keep up the good work, is essential that we look at the upstream emotional causes and not try to fix it on a mechanical level as so many try to do. We are on the cusp of finally moving out of the industrial era.

    • Lill

      Well put Justin. Now I need to teach a new way of thinking to my adult children so they won’t continue to operate with the same limiting beliefs that I’ve had.

      • I hear that– I have my hands full overcoming my own learned beliefs in limitation. Hang in there, it’s difficult but not impossible. 🙂

  69. Thank you so much for this video! Such a fantastic interview! I also read that NY Times article the other day and I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and my views on money. I own a business (and have a side job) and while I don’t have debt, I am often strapped for time. I have recently noticed that when it comes to money, I have a fear that more of it will lead to me having even less time. I know I have all the tools to handle a larger client base, I’ve planned out how this will look (I can very easily and quickly cut back hours at my side job, hire a VA, outsource a few things). No problem. Yet, it still scares me. I don’t want to be a frazzled, busy, scattered person that misses details or forgets to call someone back, etc. I don’t want things to slip through the cracks. Over the past couple of months, I’ve changed my business model to become more scalable (and WAY more enjoyable) and I’m so excited for growth. I’m really ready to take my business to the next level, and that requires me to resolve this money issue. So, I’m making a promise to myself (and to you all) that as things grow, I’ll be committed to making the transition smooth. If I find myself heading toward chaos, I’ll simply take a step back and reorganize. And I’ll remind myself that I am fully able to cross that bridge if I get to it. Making more money doesn’t mean sacrificing my time and sanity (my new mantra). Thanks again for this video! Amazing.

  70. The money belief that holds me back right now is that husbands and wives don’t agree on money. I had a great relationship with money (control) as a single person, and even when we were dating, but in marriage I find myself judging my husbands spending. We each have the same amount of discretionary spending money, but I still get irritated with how he chooses to use his. This totally comes from my childhood…I’ve never really known couples well who agreed on finances. So I feel like I have no role models.

    • Jennifer – I now a lot of other people can relate to this, including me. My parents didn’t agree on money growing up and they ended up getting divorced. Their money beliefs were (and still are) really different. So I chose to focus on attracting examples of couples who had a harmonious relationship around money so that I could create that within my own relationship. And it really worked. I have great new examples in my life to inspire me every day and I do indeed have a great relationship with my man and money. We have to simply choose to chart a new path sometimes, even if it’s not what we’ve always been exposed to.

  71. MArie!!!

    You be reading my mind!!

    This is forever my achilles heel and just last night I swore I was going to stop avoiding my bank account and my debt and start sitting with it weekly and now you just upped the game to daily..which does make me break out in cold sweats ..agh!!

    But I am up for the task of creating wealth in my life as well as a debt free exsistence!!

    I will keep you posted!


  72. The limiting belief about money that I learned as a child and saw played out in my life is, It is the man’s job to provide finanacially and he will do so happily if the woman caters to him. Old school for sure but I know that what we see, hear and experience in childhood stays in our brain and often drives our behaviors.
    One thing I can do today to change that belief is, to apply Kate Northrup’s suggestion to focus on affirming what I am grateful for and what is going well in life or where abundance is showing up in my life.

  73. OH. MY. GOD. This was so friction’ awesome I think my head exploded…in a good way.

    I can’t tell you how extremely helpful this is to me right now. I am in debt and for the same reasons Kate was when she started out. I’ve been “investing in learning” so much that it’s gotten out of control! I finished Bschool in March 2013 and went on a spending spree to get my business going and I’m not making enough to pay it back right now…I WILL THOUGH. I keep finding such amazing courses, tools, or programs that I buy all of them. I’m finding that there is such a thing as too much goodness!

    I am going to do what Kate suggests and check my account every day. I’ve been ignoring it because I know I’m in debt. It’s easier to keep my head in the sand but after watching this I am not going to do that anymore.


    • Hey Dana – thanks for chiming in! One thing that I found helpful (as a personal growth and business coaching junkie!) was to make sure I had gone through and implemented everything I learned in the courses I’d already taken before taking a new one. The reality is that the world has an infinite number of courses and coaches and books and we can only consume so much. Sometimes we have to just stop, implement, and stop consuming and produce instead. Hope that helps!

      • Kate! That’s great advice. I have not implemented all the stuff I’ve learned so I’ve got some work to do. Thank you!


  74. Evella

    Having same issue!

  75. Thank you so much, you two…!!
    My major block and hang-up: “I have not done my money relationship well in the past so how can I start now, I already messed it up..”
    And I know this is not true, as you said, Marie, I wouldn’t be here if I had truly messed up!
    I feel that getting into the practice of looking at my bank statements more frequently, daily, would be helpful with this and maybe also making that list of what I did accomplish – my business, raising a daughter as a single mom, the big things as well as the small…Sending you blessings!

  76. Maria McCormick

    Dear dear Marie, I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom and light you bring me every week. I never let myself miss a Tuesday episode on MarieTV. Your caring for the world and exuberance is so contagious. You inspire me to strive every day to lead a better life for myself in every way, and to keep evolving. And I see first hand how amazingly positive my own transformation affects those around me.
    With so much gratitude-
    Tank You,

    • I agree. Marie rocks. She’s one of the lights in my life too. Thanks for sharing your gratitude here – I 100% agree! xoxo

  77. Money belief: it’s so much work to get started

  78. Hey Marie & Ladies & Gents!

    I loved this video so much that I am going out to buy Kate’s book today even though its snowing a lake outside here in New York! I love the idea of looking at my bank account statement from a place of love & abundance instead of fear & avoidance! I take what you said to heart ladies so this a behavior that I am incorporating into my life immediately! And I’d like to share with you my story:

    I was looking at my finances over the past few days and realized that the reason I am not yet making the 7 figure salary I know I deserve is because I have been using my income as a way to motivate me and my business. I make a a very nice income and I am comfortable but up until now I have always “allowed” myself to make enough to be exactly that: Comfortable. I know deserve better than “Comfortable”. I deserve and will achieve very “Wealthy” in my financial freedom!

    I know that Marie Forleo is a community of hard working, highly functioning, super smart & talented people and am one of them. The trouble is that when I have down time I have trained myself to use my finances as a way to get “out of boredom” or “motivate me” to move my business forward. I realize that I haven’t begun work on new products and services or even begun marketing myself the way most people do because I have been using my finances as a way to motivate me through fear or necessity. I realize now that this affects me more deeply than I have been willing to admit because by playing this “motivate me money game” with my bank account, I have not only been preventing myself from really getting an “Awesome” foothold on my finances but also been denying my loyal students and clients some of the services that they really need.

    I am taking action today by buying Kate’s Awesome sounding book and taking excellent care of myself by really taking a careful and loving look at how I view my finances for both myself and the Awesome job I am here to do at

    Come on by and say hello! 🙂

    Big Hugs & Love

    Rocco Distefano
    Master Meditation & Intuition Coach

    • Thanks so much for grabbing the book Rocco and awesome job naming your limiting beliefs and the action steps to overcome them!

  79. I so loved this episode! I really thought I had tackled my money demons, and this episode showed me I haven’t. I still think, that my husband will take care of, when I don’t cover expenses. I just sat down, and wrote out my monthly expenses, and was shocked at the amount. Not that any of it is frivolous, I didn’t have the awareness of them. Thank you, Marie!

    • Huge, awesome move Deanna and thank you for the brave share!

  80. i’m not sure whether i can track down one thing that keeps me from financial independence. the problem is, i’m an artist and i’m just not making enough to get by.

    i sometimes doubt my talent, or my luck, and tell myself i should give up struggling. it would be so great to be able to afford a house, or even a holiday…

    i have no debt and i like money, i enjoy being generous. not earning it though can make you cynical.

    will try to check my bank account every day, and talk to it? who knows…

  81. I LOVED this! Just announced that my hubby and I are preggors (15 weeks) with twins (spontaneous twins). So I started to create fear of not having enough money, etc. Thank you for this amazing interview!!!

  82. Wow, Marie this is amazing and I cant’ wait to get Kate’s book, but I have a little question to ask : even if my English is not so bad, has this book been translated in French ? Thank you so much for your videos and refreshing style, signé a french-lonely-mom-entrepreneur

    • Hey Aurelie – the book will be out in French soon! Stay tuned for it in your local french bookstores. Thanks so much!

  83. Mairead Murphy

    I love this episode Marie! Kate Northrup’s teachings resonate very deeply with me, she is such a blessing! Thank you for sharing her wisdom with your community.

    As always, Marie and Team Forleo have produced another amazing video! Keep up the good work! Mxx

  84. Dana

    Sychronicity – I finally, finally, got up the “courage” to tear open the bills and collection notices just this past weekend. I’ve done a few little spreadsheets but really, am in a holding pattern; not sure what to do next because there isn’t enough money in my account to pay what’s due right now and still have me living in doors and eating on a regular basis. Then poof, Marie TV shows up addressing the very thing I’m wrestling with.

    I bought Kate’s book awhile back and was put off by the first couple of chapters. My thought was that here was someone whose life had been one of wealth all along and therefore couldn’t relate to what I was going through. Marie TV once again to the rescue because I’m able to hear the lessons and apply them without the back story.

    Aside from the technical difficulties with the playback, this is JUST what I needed today. Love MarieTV!

    • Hey Dana – It’s true, we all have different experiences. Mine is not a rags to riches story, but, I’ve gotten the feedback from people from all different backgrounds that they’ve gotten some strategies and perspectives that have been invaluable in making more money and being better stewards of the money they already have. The truth is, no matter what our background, the same wisdom applies. Dive on in and let me know how it goes!

  85. Natalia

    Hello everyone!
    Marie, thanks for this video!
    One money belief that’s holding me back is:
    “It will need so much time and effort to make that million of euro that I don’t even want it”
    What I can do about it?
    I can remind myself every day that a new day brings new possibilities and TODAY it may be very possible to find better ways to make money (having more fun and better euro/hour or euro/effort ratio).
    Love & abundance to all of us!!

    • Hey Natalia – the “making money is hard work” belief is a big one that people struggle with (myself included sometimes!) One thing you can do to turn that around is to simply take a few steps toward making the money you’d like to make and see how it feels. You might find that it’s actually fun. A lot of the things I do for work are really fun and don’t seem like work at all (like answering these comments about Marie TV!) I know Marie also LOVES what she does and even though we’re both super committed to our work, it doesn’t feel hard or like a struggle. Make sense?

  86. I am working to make the shift from bargain shopper to value shopper. I figure if I want people to value my handmade jewelry enough to pay for the level of value I am asking, I need to start doing the same thing with my own buying habits. No more discount-diving/thrifty seeking here!

    I’m working towards buying less, but higher value/quality items, than snagging a bunch of things on clearance. This is the total opposite of how I’ve shopped my whole life, so I’m still in the adjustment period, but working on it!

    I figure if I won’t buy anything unless it’s at a deep discount or a major sale, than I can’t expect my customers to either.

    • Megan
      I checked out your prices. They are too low! Are you selling on Etsy? Check out the prices for similar items–especially the necklaces.

    • This is SUCH good awareness Megan. Well done!

  87. This was a pretty fluffy episode, and enjoyable, but I have a BIG problem with the “Exchange of Value” thing…


    It’s supposed to be, but it isn’t. And when gurus talk about the “exchange for value” and you just have to “love yourself”, it makes for good books sales, but it NOT TRUE.

    Here’s my proof- We pay for things BEFORE we get the value, don’t we? We often are paying what we HOPE is an equal exchange, and that exchange is also SUBJECTIVE anyway.

    We pay the same amount of money to see a terrible movie than a great one.

    That means BY DEFINITION they are of equal value.

    Colbert makes this joke all the time when he says that “The market has spoken” and that Avatar is the greatest movie because it made the most money.

    The “Equal exchange of value” idea is NOT TRUE, and it makes me very mad when I hear intelligent people repeating the falsehood.

    PS- I am a fun loving, nice guy who believes in providing value!

    • Hey Bones (great name by the way!) I love that you brought an alternate perspective to the table. I agree – there’s an exception to the rule always. But here’s an exercise: list off a few things you’ve paid for that do add value. For example, I love paying my internet and cell phone bill because of the tremendous value provided in my life by having wireless at home and the ability to talk to anyone anytime of day whenever I’m in cell range. HUGE CRAZY VALUE that I’m psyched to pay for. And you know what? I recently saw a movie that I hated. But some people loved it, so while it didn’t add a ton of value in my life, it did add value to others lives. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for chiming in!

  88. Gina Stenback

    Great video as always! Thank you for the always awesome content and usually great timing! For me both 1 and 2 have always been a bit of an issue and one that leads to me to “a story” so to speak to say; “well is too late to try to start to be good with money now, can’t teach an old dog new tricks, etc…” When I fully know that it is never to late to transform in any area of your life.

    • Gina – when the belief that ” it’s too late” rears it’s ugly head, I love to share the story that Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House Publishing who published my book, started Hay House, she was in her sixties! She totally reinvented herself and created an empire after the age of sixty. It’s just so freaking awesome. Now is always the best time to start 🙂

  89. Love seeing you two rockstars riff on money.
    And Kate… “No one will value you more than you value yourself.”
    So solid.
    Thank you both!

  90. “I don’t have to worry about money until ____”

    Confession #1: I have been living beyond my means every month since I moved to San Francisco in 2010. Using mucho savings that I set aside from my last real job, capital gains from investments (a small portion of which was my own money, but which are mostly stock gifts from my mommy), working as a waitress and at other odd jobs, and sharing costs with hubby, I’ve been able to support myself and my entrepreneurial hobby and make an equitable contribution to household expenses. But over the past four years I have watched my net worth fall from being able to make a significant down payment on my dream house to penny pinching month to month as my liquid assets dwindle. I don’t particularly regret having lived this way, in fact it’s somewhat impressive that I’ve lasted this long in such an expensive city without going into debt. During this time I got married, had a healthy amount of fun, and am now expecting a baby that I do actually feel prepared to provide for. If anything these past few years have shown me that with an abundance mentality, I will always have what I need and more. I am profoundly grateful to be able to live this way and have been overwhelmed recently by the amount of generosity shown by my friends and family anticipating the arrival of my baby girl. I am so blessed.

    Confession #2: I don’t know what my next step is. Over the past few months I have taken steps to convert my entrepreneurial hobby into a bona fide money-making business, but I have fallen far short of my income goals (actually $0 of my income has come from my business to date) and now I need to take a break from working to give my daughter my full attention during the fourth trimester. There are signs that there is income in my future (an increased following, a job opportunity, potential clients), so I don’t feel entirely as though I’m using baby as an excuse to postpone my business and career goals. But with so many unknowns awaiting me in the next couple of months, I don’t know what ACTION to take now.

    If you’ve read this, thank you, and if you have any advice for me, please share.

    • Hey Abby – thanks so much for sharing your story here. You’ve articulated where you’re at so beautifully. And what I would suggest is that you DO know what to do. I’d sit down with a blank piece of paper and challenge yourself to write a minimum of 10 things that you could do to move forward with your business even while giving your love and attention to your daughter in this last precious time of your pregnancy. Often “I don’t know what to do” is a cover up for “I’m scared.” Try that one on for size. You’re going to be such an awesome mom – really big congrats to you!

      • Hi Kate, Thank you for replying – it means SO much to me. I think you’re right – there is definitely some fear coming up around this issue. I’ve resisted the urge to dwell on it and analyze it and rather took your suggestion to write down ten things to do to move forward with my business. This actually wasn’t the hard part. Now the challenge is to sit down and do them. I’m letting go of the fear I’ve let build up around certain tasks and am just going to get them done. Here I go!

  91. maureen

    In the back of my head there is this little monster that chants about that there is never enough and that only special people deserve a lot of money… and I am not one of them. 🙁 One thing I have tried when I feel a lack of funds is chanting back “There is more where that came from!” (Thank you, Marie!). I have just ordered this book and will use it to help change my beliefs! Have a great day!

  92. Trixie

    I’m 50 years old and after my husband’s sudden death 5 years ago I checked out of full time work. His life insurance covers half the mortgage which is the only debt I have. I quit my professional part time job last year when they dropped my benefits. Now I am working for myself, but not making as much as I need to, especially with the new health insurance policy I just purchased.

    My folks have always been more comfortable showing their love with gifts and money than with words. I feel guilty of belief #1, not because I want to take their money, but because I think they feel needed when they can write a check. I’ve had heart-to-heart talks about just wanting to be able to say and hear “I love you” that have ended in disaster. They won’t change. Is it wrong of me to accept money from my parents? My brother has no problem.

    • Trixie – this is a super common conundrum: Do we accept gifts of money when they’re being used as a stand in for love? I had a time in my life when I refused all support from my dad because I felt it came with strings attached. Ultimately, it ended up creating a huge rift between us that I’m grateful to say we’ve largely repaired over the last 10 years or so. It’s really a personal matter. Ask yourself: “How do I feel when I receive this money? Do I feel expansive or contracted?” Only you can know what’s the best thing in this scenario. Follow your gut.

  93. Derek

    video is ending about the 7:40 mark for me….am I really the only one? Tried different browser and refreshed several times too…

  94. AWSOME interview, as always. LOVE,LOVE tuesdays!!!
    First off..the website I gave is the Gentleman I promote, so…these are MY views,…not his. (Ha! just to clarify)
    I will say this Interview helped remind me to be in control of my money. I have always been in “control”,as in watching, and not overspending, never had credit debit etc. but…..NEVER seem to have enough money!
    Valuing my worth is a BIG one! How can I contribute, How can I help, and yet when I do….it’s always…UNDER value! I feel like I have to give deals, or give freebies! or…well, “they” will freak out when they see how many hours I have put in, and how much it will cost them…I better cut my hours down a bit, they won’t understand it took that much time and effort! …wow…crazy eh?
    ok…step I am going to take:
    1/ made an appointment to “learn” a spreadsheet on….managing my money in a budget format!
    2/ Going to follow the 3 points kate made about journaling ways I added value to what I did that day.
    Thanks Marie! and all of you that make my day!!!
    Hugs and love,

  95. I love the book! I just finished it the other day.
    I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is an easy read that goes straight to the heart. It is all about pushing us to recognize our values and to live (and earn!) in accordance with them.

    • Thank you so much Carolina. I’m really glad you found it valuable!

  96. My hang up is that because I’ve had so many little projects that didn’t amount to anything in the past … I totally have a mental block subconscious thought that even though I really WANT to have a successful entrepreneurial business, it’s not gonna ever be something that people will take seriously. And so before I even share it with anyone I’m thinking of it as not worthy of their attention.

    I think I will really benefit from the task of journaling my value at the end of each day. And how I brought value. Recognizing those things and giving them the credit it deserves so that I can have a healthy relationship with myself! I’m totally in need of a self esteem boost when it comes to business professionalism!!!!

  97. One money belief that I have had that’s held me back in the past is “If I release all debt from my life and don’t need to worry about money anymore, what purpose will I have to work towards/ what will I do with my time?” Another one is “Will my family and friends still love me if I am wealthy/ successful or will they resent me?” Whew! One action I can take to show the world I’m ready to let go of those beliefs is focusing on creative projects/ service of others and allowing that to multiple with every dollar of debt I release. Also making positive statements to others about my financial situation. Love this video!!

  98. Louise - Team Forleo

    So sorry about that, it’s YouTube so the only suggestions we can proffer is to give it time to load up (that dark gray play bar should build up as light gray)!
    Fingers crossed that it’s working for you now,

  99. I loved this video! From my own experience with credit card debt and the work I do with clients around this I find two issues are key:

    The guilt we feel – I spent a lot of time beating myself with a stick for getting into debt and I realized that I created a limiting belief that because I had been irresponsible I did not deserve money! Plus, I clearly did not know how to handle it!

    The second one was that it seemed like no amount would ever be enough…that had me in a “so what’s the point?” State of mind, even though it wasn’t intentional or conscious!

  100. I love this interview! The best on Marie TV so far! 🙂 Thank you!

  101. Hey Marie and Kate and thanks for this video!

    My main limiting belief is definitely worrying that others will view me as greedy for making money at what I do. {I specialize in helping young women get rid of stubborn acne}. Even though I know there is value in what I do and I receive positive feedback from my readers and clients, I’m always a little fearful of profiting on a product or service.

    Your words encouraged me to realize my work as spreading value… watching it was like seeing the heavens open up and hearing a voice say “DUH.” It makes perfect sense when you say it! I now feel excited to spread this value instead of resistant and anxious!! My work really is a joy to me and this freeing mindset has helped remove the mental barriers I was limiting myself with.

    Great points all around! So uplifting <3

    • Alicia – great awareness. Love it! Another idea to add in is that if you don’t get paid for your product or service, how can you continue to add value to people? We have to sustain our own well being (financially and otherwise) to be able to keep showing up for others so that’s a whole other reason to make sure you’re adequately charging!

      • Definitely Kate! I’m always recommending products + services + webinars + other professionals in the health and wellness field that are applicable to the issues I see others going through that I don’t make money on. Spreading the word about these modalities + helping others in whatever need they have is what gives me the most joy so I always make this part of my day. But even though I love to do it, I’ve never really counted it as ‘adding value’ bc it was just second nature. I need to start giving myself more credit!

        I loved your video bc it helped me realize that making money in this field wasn’t a ‘bad’ thing. I always felt like it was taboo but I’m feeling more open to this idea now. Thanks for your reply and support!

  102. Denise

    Marie, your videos are the best – hugely entertaining, high quality production, and offering us so much value! Thank You

    I have experienced a lot of fear and worry over the last 5 or 6 years working for myself for the first time in my life. I have amassed at least 10,000 in debt and have more to add on this year come tax time. So I’m going to check my finances each morning with abundance and gratitude in mind; 2. practice identifying how I added value each night!
    1. I have always monitored my bank accounts, but now I will do it with gratitude or abundance in mind.
    2. practicing valuing myself at the end of the day — I think this is the big one for me.
    Thanks for all you do

  103. Alexandra Hernandez

    Listened to this on my car ride to work this morning and I was able to have a total in depth conversation with myself about what holds me back and how to take action to prevent it and move forward. Thanks for the inspiration! You helped me set the tone for the day.

    PS. I think it’s really important and a good tactic to send your emails in the mornings. I’m sure they go well with plenty of women’s coffee or tea in the morning.

  104. My false belief is that I’m not too good with money and that you have to work very very to get it over a long period of time.

    I will start to look at my account daily and to journal daily what I value about myself and how I add value to others 🙂

    Thank you!

  105. Had trouble with video but worked through it and glad I did . . .

    GREAT interview! LOVE Kate’s authenticity and her playful energy. Can’t wait to read her book ~ sounds PERFECT!

    Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for sticking with getting the video to load Darris and thanks for your kind words! xoxo

  106. TamiB

    This is something that I have been struggling with for a long time. Have struck at this from many different angles.
    After watching today, I felt more grounded and aware of my main money fear.
    I fear, it will not stay. Once I have the level of financial abundance I dream of, it will some how be taken away. This is how my life was growing up.
    My parents would do good financially, we would move from an apartment to a house. We would have ‘things’ that would bring what appeared to me as a child happiness and peace. And then, bamm! It would be gone. I would be living with a family friend or family member while my parents worked on their stuff and tried to find work. OR we would have to tighten our belts because there was something that came up that would take away the extra income that allowed us to have the extra things beyond just paying the bills.
    My parents did not discuss with me money. It was only brought up when we didn’t have money to buy or pay for things like entertainment, etc.
    So for me, there is a fear that as soon as I get that financial abundance dream it will be taken away. And so…why bother? Why set myself up for that upset.
    This is where I know I need to find my own truth for me. Not what happened when i was a kid and had no control.
    Realizing this today. And it is sorta freeing for me. Because now I know where I need to do some personal work.
    Thank you for this video and for helping me and others find our truth.


  107. Belinda

    Hi Everyone

    First of all – thank you Marie for what was a stellar, standout episode from MarieTV – and that is no mean feat, considering how great each episode is!

    I think the one belief that struck a chord with me was the one about not valuing yourself enough. I’m the person who achieves a great deal in the professional life and at work has everything under control and can handle whatever is thrown at me, however personally I have incredibly low self-esteem and while I knew this self-esteem would affect me in certain ways (e.g. romantic relationships) and this lack of self-esteem keeps me up at night, I never thought about it impacting my relationship with money.

    The list of 3 ways we value-add is a great habit to get in to … so here I go! Learning to love myself 101!

  108. I am good with money management in general but I have plenty of hangups about abundance. I’ve been on this path for a better understanding of money for the past 2 years. I get that it is just a means to an end and that I get to determine the “end” but my main hang up on this path is leaving other people behind. I believe in myself and my mission but I want everyone around me to grow and better themselves too so we can all make money to contribute to the greater good together. I also know you can’t change people and that I have zero control over their goals and aspirations. I need to separate my goals from the goals I have for others (which should be none!). Thoughts?

    • Hey Allison – it sounds like you’re a really loving, compassionate person which is a HUGE way that you add value in the world. I’ve found that the best way to inspire others to get on the abundance (or happiness or love or whatever) train is to simply do what I need to do and shine really brightly so that they can see it’s possible. And then when they’re ready to come along I’m right there to cheer them on and offer any support I can. Hope that helps!

  109. Jason

    The money beleif that I have is that you should always have a rainy day fund. I got alot out of the video. Sometimes you have to take chances to get the money returns that you are looking for. That will be my hardest hurdel to over come. I know it needs to be done but taken that step is kinda scary.

    • Hi jason – It’s not a bad idea to have some sort of financial reserve but I prefer to call it a “Surprise Fund” instead of a Rainy Day Fund or an Emergency Fund…because life is full of surprises, and some of them are wonderful. If we save for an emergency or a rainy day, we get exactly that, but if we save for a surprise, it might be awesome!

      • Olivia-Life Student

        That’s an awesome way to look at it. Thanks Kate!

      • Surprise Fund! That’s just so good!
        Kate, I promise I will get your book now!

        For years my limiting belief was that others will take care. Working on it! 😉

        I’m already implementing two seemingly tiny things since a couple of months after hearing you speak about your book elsewhere.
        #1: checking my bank account every day
        #2: organizing my bills in my wallet like you do ( facing the same direction etc.)
        Big shifts happened. My whole relationship with money became more conscious and relaxed.

        Thank you so much for making it look so easy, simple and FUN!

        Ps: Loving the value journaling idea!

  110. Deb

    Hey Marie….

    Great video today! My money beliefs that I’d love to eliminate is 1. Money is so hard to get…. and 2. Why bother, I won’t get anywhere.

    I do have 2 registered businesses that I’d love to work at everyday but just can’t seem to engage.

    Thanks in advance for your reply! Keep up the great work!


    • Deb – one of the best ways to overcome these beliefs is to look for examples of people who prove them wrong – like Marie! Keep focusing on those who are making it happen and LOVING the process and they’ll inspire you to keep going.

  111. Marie,

    Wow! This interview totally blew my hair back. Has the potential to be life changing if I will let it. The point about your self conscious not allowing you to go in a direction that you are judging was the most eye opening. I have recently learned about the power of the subconscious and this really hit home for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom Kate Northrup. I’m 25 years older than you and your life is changing mine. Hope someday you will be wearing one of my products and I will be able to add value to your life.

    Thank you Marie for the best interview yet! Thanks for adding your own personal pixie dust–“Marie-ing” it. It’s like Bluebonnet margarine. (Probably too old a reference for you) Everything’s bettah with Marie-ing on it!

    I’m walking on sunshine!

  112. I’ve really been working at my money relationship in the last several years since I got divorced and what’s struck me recently is that I believe that my talents and gifts are not valued financially by our society and I have no idea what to do with that, because it’s not a hidden belief, it’s one that’s historically super clear to me. I’m a seamstress & fashion designer, but not a fancy designer who can make gobs of money on my work. Seamstresses have never been highly valued (it was work that slaves did in most cultures) so I not only have my own fears of not being valued by the world (since my beloved husband stopped valuing me & left me) but also seeing that all I have to offer are things that the world doesn’t really want to pay for. I grew up in a low-income community where you just get a job and live as best you can with as little as possible, so I also have that mindset to overcome. And now I’m a single mom to 2 kids who need a lot of my time, so getting a “job” feels like selling out my kids.

    So, do I step away from what I adore doing with my life to make some money or do I suck it up and continue to life on the edge of the poverty line? It’s terrifying

    • I wanted to add that I love the idea of journalling how I gave others value each day. Since I have such a low income (mostly child/spousal support), I find a lot of value in all the non-money income that I get – a free couch from a neighbor, when I was treated to free meals 5 times in 2 weeks by various family & friends for no good reason, the gas-rewards from my grocery store that save me 50 cents per gallon. The nice thing about my budget getting so tiny is that nearly everything feels like a huge luxury =)

  113. Wow, Marie & Kate – this one hit so close to home!

    I kind of can’t believe I’m about to type this in a public space, but, as you discussed in the video, being honest is a sure way to get things shifting…

    Something I have only said out loud maybe once (and only to my best friend) is that part of me still believes my Dad, who passed away 5.5 years ago, will always bail me out/take care of me financially when I need it. My parents were by no means wealthy (I started working when I was 13 years old) but due to a confluence of factors, I never quite learned the value of REALLY making my own money, because, in fact, my Dad was always there. Imagine my shock when he suddenly wasn’t…

    I’ll be 41 years old next month, and can SEE this limiting (not to mention totally irrational) money belief as a prison… that I could open if I could just find those damn keys (where DID I put them?!) But there’s also a little girl in me who still carries that belief around as my safety blanket.

    What can I do right now to demonstrate that I’m ready for a new level of wealth… Forgive, maybe? Forgive myself for still holding on to that belief. AND start celebrating the money that I am making on my own.

    Thanks again for a fantastic video, and for the space & courage to share this.

  114. Megan

    Thank you so much Marie and Kate for such a wonderful session!!! Marie you always have such fabulous Q&A sessions that always show up exactly when I need them! This was such an important topic for me right now! I am struggling with all 4 of the money habits and I will work very hard to change them. My first step will absolutely be to get a copy of Kate’s book! I am improving myself as a person and changing my mind a little more each time I watch ALL of your videos and I look forward to many, many more Q&A Tuesdays with you Marie 🙂

  115. Oh, this was so lovely! You two have such a gorgeous friend chemistry, and it’s a total joy to watch two people talking, who are both so obviously passionate about the subject, and about each other!

    After years of doing for free what I’m now charging people for (helping them do successful networking that they actually enjoy), it’s a HUGE block to accept money for it.

    I’m also enormously lucky enough to have enjoyed most of the work I’ve done over the last two decades. Worked bloody hard – but still loved. As I’d do it ALL for free, again sometimes it’s hard not to feel guilty about accepting money – especially from people who don’t have mounds of disposable income to spare. I’m working on it! And just ordered Kate’s book to help me with that 🙂

  116. “There’s always something.” is an expression regarding money woes that “happen”, that I’ve heard more times in my life than I care to count!

    Today, I’ll make a conscious effort, that when I hear this expression in my own head, I’ll laugh REALLY HARD at this, preferably out loud, and remember that being on top of my money in the ways you suggest above can totally conquer this limiting belief. Thanks for getting me thinking, Marie and Kate! <3

  117. Savannah B. Sharpe

    Funnily enough, I used to be extremely good with money, being a young student the first time around my elder sister who had a good job used to come and borrow money from me here and there even for petrol in her car. (She had spent all her money on shoes and handbags) …

    Where as:
    Now I’m a 33 year old single mum and since I’ve had my child I have been this fast money spender who spends in an anxious way, going into a shop, falling in love with an item and spending far too quickly what I mostly do not have. I’m trying to change this mindset and block that I have that is stopping true abundance in my life and stop having anxieties in general.

    However I also greatly feel that a large part of my struggle is dealing with a controlling mother who is trying to keep me dependent on her (because she wants my child around as much as possible and has big fear I will get too big not to need her anymore if you get me) I’m based in Ireland again, mainly because of her, but I feel my opportunities are calling me back over seas.

    I’m doing a part time post grad on Digital Media Design which includes Entrepreneurship. (Having done 3d Animation, Multimedia, worked on superyachts, worked as an adventure instructor and other different areas.) Today I am doing an assignment and preparing a presentation on an Entrepreneur I admire the most. I hope you guessed who this is, ……….:::>>Marie Forleo.

    Yes so thank you for this new video today so I can add even more of what I believe are important words and insights from one of the queen bees herself. And thanks to Kate too. So much of what you say resonates for me. Keeping it real and feeling blessed regardless of the many struggles. xx

    • Savannah B. Sharpe

      Oh so to answer this part….one action step I can take right now to demonstrate that I’m ready for a new level of wealth…>>>>>

      I’M READY!!!!!

      there I said it….much love and appreciation xx

  118. Thank you so much for this interview! Will practice your advice, Kate!

  119. Love you both! I completed Kate’s book right before January 1st and am looking forward to B-School with you, Marie!! I love the daily activities and have been applying them and the difference is palpable. I still find myself making plans from a scarcity mindset from time to time and thankfully have loved ones who help put me back on track. I think how I can shift this is: Next time I make plans I pause for a moment and think about timing that would be of most value to those I share it with (vs. making plans to fit in a scarcity schedule in my head). Bam! It shall be done. xoxo Thank you, both!!

  120. This sensitive subject is so well articulated in the episode. Thank you Marie and Kate. As someone who’s been “rich” and “poor” I can say this from experience. During the times of struggle I learned a priceless lesson. After all the “why me’s” I came to see the struggle as having purpose. Actually I could feel it in my gut. And what I observed over and over again in my daily experience was this priceless gem of wisdom that’s become my mantra,

    “I always have what I need when I need it.”

    So the “struggle” was payment for my schooling in TRUST. Today this knowing supports me in so many other ways…including money. I hope this help anyone out there who may be struggling now.

  121. My limiting belief with money has to do with # 3. I struggle with the way I view money. There is a fear there about having too much money or charging a certain amount for my services will mean that I am not a spiritual loving person. My goal is to reframe the way I think about money and create healthy affirmations about money being a tool to allow me to live my purpose more fully.
    I also need to work on feeling that I have value so I will work on journaling about the value that I do give out on a daily basis and especially pay attention to self talk so that I can begin to feel ok with accepting value in return and believing in the power of abundance!

  122. CS

    It takes money to make money

  123. This video was by far one of my faves. I have your book Kate and it has completely changed my life!! I am a TAGR addict and your book felt like the missing piece after all of these years. The changing of the story and becoming the heroine was a radical shift. I am the only one who can do it for me. I am powerful, I am strong, and I am worthy.

    I am a single mother of twin boys under 3 yrs and the mental stress of financial security can be so intense, especially as a momtreprenuer. Changing my story to be the heroine and doing a daily gratitude prayer has created significant improvement.

    As a coach I teach self love, among longevity strategies, and how to live your best life. It always amazes me how as coaches we are always both the teacher and the student. Every coach needs a coach. 😉

    I am so profoundly grateful for you two women as you have kept me sane and holding on during some of the toughest nights of my life as a single mama. Thank you showing up in this life and shining so brightly! XOX <3

  124. Thank you Marie for today’s video. I always love watching your videos and come away with poignant thought starters and filters to look at myself and my actions in business and life. The “I’m not ____ enough.” really resonated with me. I’ve been battling my own self-doubt and lack of self-love/value for a long time. It’s was only recently that I was sitting in a networking/business meeting with a celebrity figure and my fiance and the lightbulb went on, “How can a complete stranger, my fiance and everyone else close to me believe in my ideas more than me?!” I’m starting to turn a corner on that challenge and am moving toward actualizing my ideas now. I’ve been writing about my foray in my thirties, coming to peace with the previous years, engagement/marriage, corporate drop-out/entrepreneur life, friendships and everything in between on my blog Thirties Surevival ( I’m excited for what’s ahead and as always, will be looking to you for inspiration and pushes when I need it most. Thank you.

  125. Hi ladies, thanks for this great episode! One limiting belief I have is that I’m doing something really wrong to be in the financial position I’m in, that I’ve brought this on myself by sucking at money. I hope that’s not the reality, but it’s hard to believe. Since graduating college almost ten years ago, I have seriously struggled to maintain regular work and make a living wage. In the last eighteen months alone I’ve had to move five times and have finally ended up at home again with my mom.

    I apply for jobs, I interview well, I have a great attitude, and I always take care of my bills. I feel the weight of close to $50,000 worth of student and credit card debt (mostly student) and feel like I’m never going to get a handle on it because I just can’t seem to find a decent job, even though I have oodles of desirable qualities in an employee. It’s exhausting, and defeating, and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

    The thing I’m going to combat it is building my nature-education blog into a website, and working on things (like activity sheets and coloring books) that I can sell, and represent my talents and passions. I spent several years as a nature educator and it’s my biggest passion, alongside social justice and being a positive inspiration for kids. I’m using my unemployed, job-hunting time to write and schedule posts, maintain a presence on social media, and develop activities, printed materials, and my personal art that people will – hopefully! – like enough to spend money on. While I’m not paying any bills right now doing this, I’m making the choice to firmly believe that building this tiny enterprise will pay off one day financially as it has already paid off spiritually.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  126. Anastazia

    Ha! I bought the book yesterday. Oooh Universe, you little you ;-D
    My money fear :i do not deserve it. And I was tested by a holistisk therapist, who claimed I was in fact, allergic to money (the concept, not the exact metal and paper.) can’t wait to work with this book. Thanks for all the inspiration bella Marie 🙂

  127. Love the practice of 21 days, taking note of where you add value. Thank you. I know this is going to help me up my thoughts on my value. You ladies are awesome.

  128. Kenya

    Money limiting belief: Money is a grownup thing. I am not a grown up.

    I am in graduate school. I am 25. I often think I am not a grown up I am still in school without a real job. So, I can’t deal with money. I am revisiting this belief. Money is a means of exchange and I can deal, handle, accept , make and give it away.

  129. One of the best lessons I’ve learned from Kate is to watch my internal dialogue — my language is SO important to how I feel about my finances. Since taking her quiz, I’ve worked really hard to erase “I can’t afford it” from my vocabulary. The question now is “What do I need to do to afford that?” or simply “I’m choosing to invest my money elsewhere right now.” It’s made a HUGE difference in the scarcity thinking that had (unknowingly) taken over my psyche.

    The area I’m working on now is watching my judgment of those around me who are already living their abundant money goals. It’s easy for me to slip into jealousy when that woman just made a million dollars or this woman got a free Lexus in record time. [My company has an awesome perks plan.] What I’m doing about it is consciously reframing my reactions: it’s not sh***y that so-and-so qualified so early, it’s INSPIRING! When I reach my goals (“when,” not “if”), I don’t want those around me to feel envious or small, I want them to feel empowered and motivated.

    So that’s my exciting challenge for 2014: to surround myself in people who are doing amazing things and experiencing massive abundance, and to celebrate and champion them. I know that positivity and gratitude will be the oil that greases the path.

    Thanks, Kate and Marie!!

  130. Wow, one of the best videos that hit very close to home. Thank you so much Marie and Kate for your valuable insight! I actually watched the video twice to make sure I took proper notes.

    I can see each one of the beliefs within me in some way, so I have a lot of personal work to do. I downloaded Kate’s book as a first step.

  131. I loved this video today! I think I have a terrible relationship with money, it seems that I’m always running after it, but while I’m in that chase to get some, I get distracted with windows showing SALE signs, or things that I think are useful or that I need, and spend the little money that was so hard to get in the first place… I do have my bank account with a nice amount that helps me feel secure, sometimes too secure, about spending a little bit more on this or that. Long story short, 10 out of 12 months I end up spending more than what I make, because “I have some money in the bank that can cover this in case my income is low this month…”
    I want to get rid of these money belief: “I’m not good at saving money” and “I blow my money away all the time”
    I’m starting a weekly saving plan, so far so good, and instead of saving that money thinking “I hope I don’t end up spending it in the middle of the year”, I’m going to think that I’m an amazing saver, and I’m going to take control of my expenses. I can do it! Thanks again for this very helpful video!

  132. Lex

    Loved this video! I’ve been stuck for a long time in a huge old bog of debt – my husband had a big dream which I supported that did not come to fruition. As a result we have a massive debt. After watching today I realize I’ve been thinking “Well he got us into this debt so he’ll get us out…” Now I know it’s up to me to pick myself up – I can’t wait for him to do it or even expect him to.

  133. I feel like I am struggling with an intention I created for 2014 relating to abundance and my business. It is a great intention but twice now after reading it, I opened my book to pray and each time was a different Psalm about not valuing wealth but our relationship to God. So I feel like I’m getting a message that it is wrong to want abundance in my business. This is really frustrating me and screwing with my head! I need another way to look at this but can’t seem to find it. Would love some advice!

    • Hey Kathleen – Great question. My thought is that all of what we have on the planet is God’s creation or the universe’s or the divine or whatever you want to call it. And money is part of our world. And so, the way to use money properly is to add value in order to earn it and to only spend it on the things we truly value. To me, using money in this way and getting our heads in an abundance mentality place is actually honoring God or whatever our spiritual belief is. Thanks!

  134. Ooh, this was a juicy one! Thank you Marie and Kate.

    I am in chapter two of Kate’s book, and Kate, I must THANK YOU because since I read about you checking your account every day, I have been doing this too. I used to be so frightened about even looking at my accounts, and then I’d get this horrid sinking feeling when I’d see how many hundreds of pounds I’d spent.

    TODAY, I know to the penny what I’ve got, what I’m spending and where my money is going. It is freeing me up to make better, bolder choices for myself.

    To anyone struggling: Take a deep breath and check your accounts. Every day. Write down what comes in and what goes out. Give thanks. Things will change.

    Elloa x

  135. Andreya Susaeta

    My one beleif that has been holding me back is “Eeryone who is fincially successful has connections (parents, friends, mentors) in “The Industry” that they are successful in.
    I know deep down this is not true however when I see someone else succeeding I make a judgement about that person’s support network thus creating a space for lack within my own network and within myself.
    The steps I am taking to move past this are A: ACTUALLY ADMITTING IT!!! Never really done that before an b: Tapping and Meditating to remove this block from my life to be the most financially successful person I can be while recognizing the strengths within myself and my own support network. C: TAPPING TAPPING TAPPING to release this cukoo-cukoo bananas belief system to create new mind shifts within.
    2014 is the money miracle year for me! Thank you so much for this video Marie!
    Andreya S.

    • Andreya Susaeta

      Sorry about the typos! I was so excited i just typed my little heart out.
      Beliefs… got my main points 🙂

  136. Thank you for sharing your interview with Kate – there were some bizarre home truths that came through today!

    A money belief that has been holding me back, is that I have believed… up until now.. that I don’t have enough capital to take my business to the next level of productivity…

    The truth is, I am now reminding myself that I have resources at my disposal beyond my wildest dreams, I have the ability to grow my business today with everything available to me right now..

    Action – Complete the Financial Section of my business plan, simplify and go for it!

    Thank you!

  137. Natasha

    My money belief that I want to change is that I always have this feeling that spending money – in any way – is inherently bad and should be avoided as much as possible. My family was very frugal (a good quality) but I think sometimes my mother took it to the extreme. I need to change this by remembering what was said in the video about spending money as a value exchange – if what I’m spending money on really has the value I’m giving it, AND I can afford it, then I shouldn’t feel guilty about spending that money.

  138. Thank you Marie, and Kate for a truly inspiring video.
    This seems very syncronistic as I seem to be hitting a money block at the moment. When it comes to manifestation and desires I follow my heart and always receive experiences and gifts in alignment with what I truly desire to experience. In regards to money I don’t seem to have the same powerful feeling. This weekend just gone I won a competition for 4 people at a Restaurant in a 5 star hotel, and as I was having dinner with friends one asked ‘How comes I don’t win money, and very easily win other things?’ that really got me. I answered that I desire to experience experiences so my heart calls to these opportunities, and that money doesn’t somehow bring me that experience which is interesting.
    I’m kind of stumped at that at the moment and wonder how to move past it. I have always managed to get by and I feel like I am under valuing myself in that way as not moving past that (a little hard on myself) and see that my desire to understand what is going on is so strong that it almost leaves me hanging sometimes. I feel that the exercises Kate mentioned about writing down 3 things that I value about myself everyday, and 3 things I add value to other people’s lives will help me the most. Because for me seems to be more about feeling the good vibrations and knowing my worth and I think that will help me move past that limiting belief of ‘there not always being enough’.
    Thank you, that really hit home big time!
    With love your way x

    have been working on the relationship with money for a while now and see that it does relate to my value and what I provide in the world. I have h

  139. Marie,
    Before I begin a focused period of concentration on getting things done (Music, Research, Planning, etc…), I put my head in the right place by writing down how I feel and/or watching an inspiring video.
    Please know that you have added value to my day on countless occasions by producing these sensational videos.

    Till next time,

  140. Love the idea of money as a representation of the things you value and as an opportunity to exchange value with someone else.

  141. Sarah

    Wow. This was such a powerful video for me.

    Along with losing our home last year, my husband and I are the middle of a bankruptcy. There are so many negative feelings I have attached to that which lead to my limiting beliefs about money. The shame and embarrassment that we failed financially and gave up by resorting to bankruptcy and yet are still struggling to make it between paychecks make me fear that we will never get ahead, let alone see any abundance.

    I am going to do two things to change this belief system and truly heal from this situation. The first is to begin a gratitude journal, for I know I have plenty to be grateful for. The other is to meditate on what my gift to the world is. What do I have to offer and how can I bring that into fruition?

    Thank you so much for this video and for asking these questions Marie and Kate.

  142. Allison O'Dell Zang

    Great content that is really one of those, “Yeah, I know all that …” but that many of us really need to address. What if we all add, “That is the reminder I needed to get my head in gear!” You both are adorable. Thanks!

  143. Lauren

    What a timely video for me, Marie. Thank you both for sharing your insights. I can completely relate to the feelings of fear and avoidance of total debt. My head was also in the sand about my debt until about 4 months ago. I knew I had a lot of it, but it didn’t seem as bad if I didn’t total it up.

    Anyway, this theme of negative effects of financial chaos and challenging beliefs about money has come up several times recently, so I know it’s a nudge to take a look at this. Thank you for having a conversation about this!

  144. Just had to stop and say – I love Kate! 🙂
    (miss you from Austin already!)

  145. Natalia

    One more thing: I love when Marie says “I love talking about money. I think it’s an amazing topic. It’s an integral part of our lives. I’m really passionate about it!”
    It feels like a revolution to me 🙂 like “wow! I admire her for daring to say that”… it’s curious what kind of limiting belief is hiding inside of that??
    I love money, but prefer not to say it.. it’s something like “a woman looks for money only when her husband fails to maintain her”..
    There is another belief: “my husband has to earn more than I do”, but maybe it’s a good one 🙂
    Anyway I wish one day I can sincerely say “I’m really passionate about money” without feeling guilty..
    Thanks Marie and Kate for this episode!

  146. I haven’t read Kate’s book yet.
    Great suggestions, especially the one about checking in each day with the balances.
    I actually transferred a little money from my biz acct. to my bank, while watching the vid. 🙂 As an emerging entrepreneur, all of my earnings have gone back into my biz.
    For the past year and a half, I really haven’t had an income. I’ve been living off savings and my husbands been holding down the fort.

    I have to say though relative to comments about waiting for ‘Prince Charming’, as someone who grew up with a very hard and harsh work ethic mentality, meaning I was working as early as 8-10 years old, cleaning house, ironing, babysitting and doing hard physical labor…I finally let go of being an earner at age 52 and have been focused on my dream.
    I’ve been working hard all my life. But I didn’t plan for my future, which sucks.
    Money always felt very weighted for me and in my 20’s-30’s, I couldn’t wait to spend it, treat friends and just enjoy my life. I do regret I didn’t save. It would have made a huge difference even if it was $50 a month…but I have to forgive myself for not making the best choices and make good choices now.

    It was a big deal to let go of being an earner while building my biz and embrace my husbands support for our family. BUT, it was a very powerful statement of worthiness to allow myself the opportunity to be cared for, without guilt, shame, etc–so that I could create a business and life I love, with the intent of success.

    Growing up poor with a mother who worked FT (sometimes 2 jobs), who I never really got to know, was rough. When I quit my job in 2012, I embraced the opportunity to spend some quality time with our son, who’d been in childcares since he was a baby. I don’t get those years back, or the thousands of dollars we spent on childcare. Now my son is a teen! And Teens need their parents close by–even though they don’t like it.
    My current financial situation is temporary, not ideal but, it’s working! It’s a huge gift that my husband does well enough to care for us on one income. He knows if push comes to shove, I’ll switch to plan B and go back to working a J O B.

    We shop differently, cut corners where needed, and my husband is doing a beautiful job of keeping us above board. There’s a deeper level of Trust and Appreciation between us. Somehow, my letting go of having to be so financially independent, has empowered the quality of our partnership.
    I wouldn’t judge women who let go and want or need to be cared for, so that they can manifest something they love doing in their life. It’s not about waiting for prince charming, it’s about recognizing equity of someones presence in exchange for the opportunity to do what they love. It’s no different than what you described with the exchange of money for energy!
    What I’m doing benefits each of us in other ways than financial and will eventually benefit us monetarily. I’m actually hoping I make enough money to buy my husband this special vintage care he’s always dreamed of and maybe, just maybe, have enough he can retire a bit early.

    I’ve done B-School and many other programs but I’m still working on abundance. I understand now why people say it can take 3-5 years to see consistent flow of REAL income especially if you’re just starting out now. Good discussion and insights from your chat.
    Thanks to both!

    • ma

      I totally agree with you! I am also growing my business while caring for hubby and the kids, and the home. I agree when you say that what I am doing right now benefits our whole family in other ways than financially. In fact, since I quit my ft job, our relationship improved more than 50 fold. I am more focused, happy and it makes my hubby and the kids happy despite having only one income and some part time cash from my business. Sometimes you have to let go and be ok with someone care for you for a while. I also really believe that we always get what we need. It has been amazing seeing extra money appear when needed and support of other people out of nowhere.

  147. I really enjoyed this video, and I’ve been sitting a lot with it today. I just sat looking at my 3 different bank accounts and said 3 things each (9 total) of something in which I am abundant or for which I am grateful. Just doing that once has made me feel so much relief and peace when it comes to my finances, so I know I will be doing this every day.

    I know that I have suffered from each of the lies at least once in my life, and I’ve been struggling a lot lately thinking about how I need to change my subconscious and my thought process to help me be more successful. I’ve been successful, especially this last year, and I do not want to lose that momentum and that passion and drive I had a year ago.

    I just found you about a week and a half ago, and I am so grateful that my friend suggested I follow you and watch a video of you.

  148. Brilliant! I am so encouraged to see these ideas taking off in our culture (: I’ve been influenced by the last THREE of the beliefs you two covered in this video.. and even while I am good about being in touch with my current means, I do see more room to cultivate gratitude and love for my financial situation, exactly as it is at any moment. Thanks for opening that space up a bit wider, ladies! What I’m creating is the courage to be honest in all areas of my life, with myself and others. Right now after watching, I am aware of the potential for inspiration by living more truthfully, and that is so worth it (: Thank you for the energy you’ve put forth here! OM

  149. Sandy

    Love this video so much and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kate’s book from Amazon. So I grew up with two major beliefs about money from family. 1) Money goes out faster than it comes in 2) There is NEVER enough money.
    Any suggestions on how to kick these beliefs to the curb? I find no matter how hard I try to change it through positive affirmations etc. it still keeps showing up in my life, like it’s part of my genetic code or something 🙁

    • Sandy I feel compelled to respond, I really relate as I was brought up the exact same way. What helped me was to realize that money is not a tangible “thing.” It’s a theoretical concept, representing various emotions and beliefs (yours and everyone else’s). Currency in banks is actually created by trusting people, via loans. Money is mostly just an expression of desire or trust, and both move in cycles of infinity.

  150. My belief that’s holding me back is that I feel I have no concrete background experience in changing other’s lives. I’m ready to take on the world and get myself out there and am also afraid of that I may lose my authenticity or sell out in the process. And would you believe the message I wish to share with the world is how fear holds us back?! 🙂 I’m so grateful for you sharing your message. It’s been building up strength within me to share mine. I can’t wait for bschool!! My action towards a new belief is to dig into my bio. Not have someone write it for me in the beginning. But work to looking within and seeing what I have done. I may have no client list at this point, but I’m sure I could find someone that I’ve help create awareness within them. xo

    • Whitney

      Hi Christine! Your comment was almost as if it came out of my own head. You go girl! I agree that fear holds us back, my message would just add that love is the answer to that fear 🙂

      Love and blessings to you in your endeavors!


  151. Hey everyone,

    LOVED the video! Here is my biggest limiting belief: in economics, we learn that the definition of an economy is the exchange of money for SCARCE resources, such as things we make from the earth (goods) and our time (services). With the global consciousness equating money with scarcity, how can I possibly think of it as abundance? The structure it is built on is completely made of this; at least that is what they are teaching us…

    I definitely have that values issue. I will definitely be doing that journaling exercise you mentioned. It seems quick and easy and have big emotional payouts. Those are my requirements for making changes to my life.

    Thanks Marie andKate!

  152. Team Forleo-Northrup.
    This was a really insightful perspective changer. Like always- hair, clothes, questions, and the Marie TV look was jammin’ even though I was expecting someone to bust out in a rendition of Geoffrey’s Money Money Money Money….MOOOO-nay moment from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    My limiting belief surrounding ‘$$$’ is directly linked to my college education. What can I do and what have I done that is actually worth the $50K- $100K my parents are willing to invest (even if it’s not all there)? I took a whole year off to become a self-expert so I can enter the college domain to WIN and NOT feel guilty over this price to further my education. I learned from watching this video is my focus on creating and adding value to others is what matters. Whether I decide to attend a $50K-$100K school or craft an alternative route, my focus should be on creating value and respecting other’s value. I know this will prompt Money to say ‘hello, let’s be best friends.’ What an empowering lesson to an 18-year old.

    I will also use this as an opportunity to say Thank you for being one of my teachers this year! See you next Tuesday.

  153. Jenn

    Wow! Thank you for this episode! (and ALL of them, Marie!). BEFORE I watched this, I had written in my journal 2 thoughts that I feel like have been holding me back, financially, as well as in other areas. Then I watched the episode & got freaked out at how coincidental (or not) this is. 🙂

    The below thoughts are/were so engrained in my brain, that I literally forgot them as soon as I thought them! and then had to STRAIN to remember them again while I hurriedly wrote it down before I forgot them again for good! Haha! 🙂

    I listed 2 ’cause they are essentially the same thought:
    1) If I don’t know what I have (or how much I have of something), then maybe there will be enough & it’ll last forever.
    2) If I DO know what I have, then it won’t last forever.

    These are subtle lil suckers that have been keeping me from facing “what is” & from showing up to look at my finances, and everything else.

    I turned ’em around to these new thoughts:
    1) If I KNOW what I have, I will have enough & can get more.
    2) If I don’t know what I have, it DEFINITELY won’t last forever.

    Action: I am going to check my bank account every day. I recently worked up to 1-2 x’s a week, which was a huge step for me, but after hearing Kate, I am going to up it to a Daily Thing with a reminder on my phone.

    Thank you Marie & Kate!

  154. Roshini

    Hey Marie and Kate!

    This was just an amazing episode, and you ladies said exactly what I needed to hear at this time. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!

    One money belief that’s holding me back -That I’ll never develop enough bravery to go look at my bank account everyday! I have debt and while I’m steadily chipping away at it, it’s still extremely scary to look at my bank balance…

    One action step I can take right now to demonstrate that I’m ready for a new level of wealth: I’m setting an alarm to check my bank account every day! Starting now. This is going to be beyond scary (I really don’t like seeing dwindling amounts of money everytime I look) but it’s gotta be done. It’s the only way I can pay attention and develop my awareness. Plus, I’ll be sure to give thanks for the money I *do* have instead of only looking at the lack of it.

    Thank you once again for an amazing, eye-opening episode, Marie and Kate! XXX

  155. A money story I have told myself is “I won’t have enough” the feeling of scarcity when I always make it happen regardless every time I think I wont. I’d like to stop feeling this fear of not enough and I know I’m worth it and will create more for me.
    These are notes I wrote down while watching your show. Instead of 4 Money Beliefs I wrote the opposite to have a positive presents in my journal.
    1. Take care of yourself. Its your money and your responsibility. We have the full potential.
    2. I’m good with money. Change your story and gain the skill. Check in with my money everyday, pay attention and give gratitude.
    3. People with money- I don’t know their story, struggle or gain. Money is trading value for value.
    4. I’m GOOD enough. Value ourselves and see our worth. Build the muscle for adding value to ourselves.

    Thanks CHICAS <3 nice shoes BTW 🙂

  156. I loved the points brought up in this video. I’ve had all of these beliefs at different points in my life and have thankfully moved on from most of them. What I’ve been struggling with lately comes from a mixture of having “failed” financially after losing my house last year and now being married with the task of making combined finances work.

    Part of what made me good with finances in the past was that I didn’t want to be like my parents and saved and saved and saved to prevent their mistakes. Of course, having all that money saved led me to taking risks like buying that house before learning about all the financial responsibilities that goes into owning one, and taking out student loans for a degree that got me stuck in a sort of employable limbo in today’s job market.

    With this new failure mindset (which I believe is much like the “I’m not (blank) enough”), it’s like I can’t seem to get us to a place where we save at all and are lucky when we at least break even despite the math that shows we should. Despite the fact that I’m already doing better than my parents by actually sitting down and budgeting rather than wait until the last minute when the accounts are overdrawn (a common habit of my mother’s), every month it feels like I’m just repeating a pattern I observed growing up.

    I will definitely be keeping a more conscious look at my thoughts in this area from now on. Even when I do see something that looks like a pattern emerging from out of my childhood, I know I can rise to the challenge and come out successful.

  157. Oh my God, Marie… you are going to LOVE this!! I followed you and kate’s advice right after watching this video and opened my online banking, looked at the screen and blessed the money and gave thanks. This made me I realize that I actually have quite a bit and rather than worry about having more, I am going to show the universe I am open to giving and receiving abundance and I decided to make a donation to my teacher Seane Corn’s Off The Mat, Into The World foundation to benefit humanitarian efforts through yoga and service work. 2 hours later I get a call out of nowhere from Delta who said they would like to offer me a voucher for $300 to change flights, which actually worked perfectly for my schedule. Ryan and I now have more than 1/2 our trip to the Caribbean covered, where as a few days ago I wondered if we would have enough money to go! My lesson today is to learn to give freely and be open to miracles. You ladies rock. xoxo

    • What an amazing story Krissy. Fabulous manifesting and generosity there!

  158. elinor

    Great video! I bought Money, A Love Story a few months ago and love how it makes digging deeper so methodical and easy.

    I want to share my story here because I think the results will encourage others: I used to live in total financial oblivion because of a nagging background conditioning. Thinking and taking care of money was so off-putting! Even though I never had debt, I always had vague feelings of apprehension and anxiety like I was about to drown. It also affected my self-confidence big time, even though i didn’t realize it at the time.

    It’s been a year now that I have been tracking my expenses and income on a colorful excell sheet with categories, and it was actually fun. I can’t say how empowering it felt on January 1 to do a review , know how much I spent on what, being able to tweak things in 2014. I feel confident, proud, and have a clear mind. Wonderful gifts I have been giving myself, a fat ROI and bonus for my work 😉

    The one action step I’m going to take is watching my statements every day instead of weekly + gratitutde, and also 3 ways of valuing myself (I started when I got the book but abandoned after a few days, will need to work on the resistance and probably emerge with a big ugly root-belief ha!)

    I look forward to see the seeds of my financial work bloom this year.
    Thank you, Marie and Kate, for sharing this knowledge with us!

    p.s. very interesting article in the NY times, thank you for sharing.

  159. Wow Marie! Thank you so much. I’m grateful to have seen your video on Facebook on a day where I am taking on greater financial responsibility in my business and life and committed to putting in new structures! The thought I am getting rid of is “I can’t do it” and the new action I am taking on is to download software for so I can start tracking my expenses. Thanks!

  160. Dorothy

    My false money belief that ha held me back is “I can’t be wealthy because I grow up in the projects” “People like me aren’t wealthy unless they are athletes or have some special gift”. That is two false beliefs. The tips that you and Kate gave are very helpful for me. I am going to take Kate’s suggestion #4 and start journaling 3 things I value about myself every night for 21 days!!

    Thanks far all that you do Marie!1

  161. Loved this segment, so simple to achieve , thanks for sharing

  162. Christopher

    I love everything you shared today on your show, and I love the title of Kate’s book, because I have notice that when I am loving and valuing myself, others value me more, and I receive more money. I know how to do things that make a lot of money, and I have made a lot of money, but my limiting belief or myth I am working on busting right now is. I can’t do what I absolutely love to do and make money. So there it is, I outed myself. I just bought Kate’s book and I am going to share it with my own Kate. I can’t wait to do some of the exercises you shared. I sense they can be transformative.


  163. Oh what a great Video! Thank you ladies. So funny how everything comes together…. On Thursday I decided to prepare my first ecourse. About…. MONEY!!
    Help others with their struggles by showing my way, how I took action and learnt to deal with money. Cause, as you also said, when you have “problems” with money, or better NO Money, it influences all other parts of your life. So this should be the first thing, someone should take action of, to be able again to breave.

    My hugest Moneybelief and phrase I told everyone “We never had money, and I never needed”

    And that lead to a huge number in debts and absolutely NO intension on getting ahead of it and actually take care of it and looook at it.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video and this amazing “coincidence” 😉

    (Ah, and btw, I got myself Kates book a few weeks ago. Maybe the video was another pusher to START READING IT! love you ladies! THANK YOU)

  164. This is such a great interview! I have been setting an intention for the New Year to shine my light in a big way and break thru the ‘ceiling’ financially and professionally. This interview came at the perfect time. I am going to get Kate’s book – sounds great!
    Thank you, Marie :)!!

  165. Jessa

    Marie and Kate…Thank You! I soooo appreciated this video and the insightful and engaging discussion within. I have always struggled with viewing money in a way that was open and accepting, not demoralizing and demeaning. Like many people, I have financial concerns that influence my day to day decisions, mindset, and, unfortunately, my mood. I have recognized this as a problem in my life for sometime and have really sought the Lord for truth in this matter. I truly understood what Kate meant by a “value exchange.” That really resonated with me! I wanted to join in the discussion because you two beautifully articulated what I had been pondering internally for quite sometime. It was confirmation at the deepest level. Thank you both for sharing 🙂

  166. Hi

    I can’t get past the 8 minute mark on the video either, never had this problem before. Using Google Chrome browser on a MacBook Pro.

  167. Ana Rita Variz

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!
    I struggle a lot and i’m a hard worker,with this i’ll improve my life and my way to look at money for sure.
    My believe…I have to work hard and i’m not receiving what a deserve for my work…My change for this,i’ll ask for what i deserve and present it in a positive way,because i deserve it!

  168. Steph

    Hi Marie!
    Thank you for this episode on MONEY! I love it and learned a lot and surprisingly have already known something about money you and Kate memti

  169. Rob

    Hi, Marie: thank you for your insights to business whether it’s personal or corporate. All my life I have experienced that money in abundance was always meant for someone else. I am a hard worker with good work ethics, yet I’ve always seem to work harder to get peanuts. I do value myself yet I seem to surround myself with those that devalue or treat you as less of person. I am college educated, yet the doors just haven’t swung open as I thought they would. I know I deserve more for my time and talents, but been unable to achieve such a status. I wish to change this story and will somehow. to you: I like your personality and your a beauty to behold( if I may say). thank you and I will keep listening. Rob

  170. My first money belief has to do with feeling not worthy. Who is going to listen to what I have to say and who the hell am I to even THINK that I have anything of value to give. Secondly, I see making money as going to a mainstream job and recieving a paycheck every two weeks, even though that scenerio absolutely kills my soul.

  171. Steph

    Hi Marie!
    I love this Q&A about money, thank you for putting it out there.
    I definitely have some beliefs about money that hinder me from actually having it. Although I have learned and practiced to overcome a few like, I am not good with money or I’ll never have enough… There are still some that thoughts and beliefs that cloud my ability make some! Here are a couple: I don’t deserve money. This belief is funny to me because as much as I don’t agree with it, it lingers throughout my work day. I’m a bartender. One someone gives me a nice generous tip, my thought almost instantly says, “That’s odd. Why did he or she give me this?” Or ” they probably didn’t mean to do that or they added wrong.” Or ” I served them one drink smiled had a conversation and they left me $10 bucks, that’s so dumb!” Why? Why thoughts why???
    Why can’t I just say thank you!
    Another one is: I’m not suppose to have money.
    I grew up poor. My parents were poor. It’s inevitable, I’ll be poor for the rest of my life. Or. I never had money growing up so I probably won’t. And I need to work hard for someone else.
    I really dislike these thoughts!

    One that I am able to overcome from this show specifically was to not judge or criticize those that do make and have a lot of money. Or especially label them as “bad people.” I shall now send them secret blessings.

    Thank you Marie and Kate! I loved this episode.

  172. Patricia Hegedus

    Hi Marie,

    thanks for this great video!
    Money is a big issue for me. It has been for a very long time. I don’t even know what is the problem. I know I have some beliefs that hold me back. One of them is the first one you mentioned. I’m sorry ashamed of it but I want to believe that one day a special someone will come and smooth everything out in my life ( financially and spiritually as well) It is hard to face this belief and turn it around.
    What I do to demonstrate that I’m ready for a new belief ? The first step was to admit that I believe in this. I always knew it but I never admitted it to myself until very recently. I need time to digest it but in the mean time I will write down every night what am I grateful for in my life, so I start noticing the little thing I have and start appreciate them . So I won’t feel so penniless all the time.
    Keep up the great work Marie 🙂

  173. Sally Williams

    fear of failing….
    but no more as I am officially starting my own business this year and I know it is going to be a success! I found my bliss!

  174. Thanks Marie and Kate! You both are always on point. A few years ago I decided to take control of my finances and I agressively worked on eliminating debt. I think right now I would say the one limiting money belief I still have is that I don’t understand more complex financial matters. And that really complex financial principles are for other smarter people to deal with. The way I know I can begin to change that belief is that I figure I am pretty darn smart and if someone else can understand and thrive in more complex financial matters then so can I. Thanks for showing up in a great way Marie and Kate. Love you girls!

  175. Brian

    Great inspiring video!

    One negative belief that I am trying to conquer, is the belief that I will never pay off the debts that I have. Bad mistakes made in the distant past that I am still addressing.

    I’ve never looked closely at my bank balance and spending habits, but as of now….I will be forensically!! After constantly repeating this process for a period it will become a habit, a good habit that will help me reduce and clear my debts.

  176. Hayley swadling

    This video was very inspiring for me. I’m only 21 but for far in my life I’ve had a lot of trouble with self doubt, especially when it comes to my value and my finances. It’s videos like this that make me really want to get out there and stop making excuses. Thank you so much Marie and Kate!

  177. Thalia Lopez

    This is REALLY awesome! Thank you for being here Marie and Kate.

    One of my most discouraging mental and financial blockages I create for myself is the fear that there will continue to be this great unknowing of a Holistic approach to improve the health and nutrition of low income people, meanwhile I am in school to earn a Holistic Nutrition degree and also rely on cash assistance to meet my own basic needs. Through your videos I am learning about the importance of getting rid of the stories and limitations that distort my potential of living my values and grow out of my poverty consciousness while bringing people along with me, just like you! Learning how to ask for guidance has also been a big one for me, as I had always believed one must be “deserving” or “good enough” to receive guidance. There is always support, and I am willing to do the work now that has opened new doors for me already.

    Big hug to you women.

  178. Claire

    OK. This was awesome. I loved everything about this interview and it was very eye opening for me. I found that I subscribed to all four of the money beliefs!!! How the hell did that even happen?!! Thank you so much for this Marie & Kate…please know you added value to my life today 🙂

    There are two things that I will do to demonstrate I am ready to change how I view money: 1. Do the 21 day exercise of “3 Things You Value About Yourself/3 Ways You Added Value to Someone Else’s Life” that Kate discussed towards the end of the interview. I’m excited for this exercise and am ready to see what opportunities come from doing this! and 2. Meditate. I always feel so much more in touch with the universe when I meditate daily and damnit, I just can’t get myself on a regular schedule! At any rate, I still believe a regular meditation practice will open my heart/soul/mind up to new possibilities and help me realize my goals – regardless if that means make $100,000 next year, adopt a dog, or make new friends. I promise to work on this and meditate at least 4 out of 7 days a week!

    Off to check out Kate’s book. Thanks again!


  179. Great video, thank you so much! I am an artist and I often feel that I’m not ——— enough. But I’m trying to do my best and go beyond, to give value to others.

  180. So many golden nuggets here. Shifts in awareness and thinking either overtly or subliminally change everything. So exciting the way we are starting to understand this….

  181. amy

    Marie and Kate-
    You were spot on with what I needed to hear. I grew up with parents that had ‘lack’ mentality and convinced me to become an accounting major (because there is always a job for that) meanwhile I was an art history tutor the whole way. I lasted so long because my mentors were so passionate about what they did that yes indeed accounting was hot and sexy to me until I started working. Long story short I had many, many unhappy jobs in financial services and ever a career switch in the same world..but compared to my colleagues I was slightly underpaid. my big promotion year which normally is a huge leap for everyone financially was a bust financial market year, where I got no raise but grateful for the promo. I felt sad but held my head up that I worked my butt off. Years later, I bought my own business from my teacher that was ill.but guess what she was a fantastic healer but terrified of being a failure and lived in lack. After 4 years, I am finally waking up and saying I now know better and am following a trail of lack from others that are near and dear and yet I coach and profess abundance and manifestation. Thank you both for turning my light back on..

  182. Leanne Richards-Williams

    SUGGESTION: When the video freezes, I would click on the time tracker just a little back and then video would continue to play and the bar would continue to load.

    Hope that helps.


  183. Great episode. Looking forward to reading Kate’s book.

    I think my main struggle is valuing myself, believing I am worthy of money (or whatever it is that I want).

    Action step: Every time I practice yoga or meditate, I move towards that place in myself of inherent value. It really helps.

    Perfect timing. I’ve pretty much spent this whole month talking/blogging/podcasting about worthiness on my website.

  184. You two look so adorable together and oh so stylish!
    I have started pricing my services out as package instead of by the hr. This is new for me and will take a few times to get use to it. I am liking the results.

  185. Thank you MarieTv & Kate for this. Such a hot topic that we can all benefit from.
    My fiancé and I watched this together. Much change has occurred in our financial lives the past couple of years and with a wedding now in our horizon we are getting serious about a financial foundation. We have this reply:
    A-man: No one in my family has ever had money to play with, so I won’t either. Also, the living pay check to pay check is all I’ve ever known and is all I will ever know.
    K: My parents always struggled with money so I haven’t ever had a good example to follow.
    A-man’s one action step: Start to realize how much $ I make a month and how to budget better. There is plenty there to save & play.
    K: I’d like to put a plan (budget) into action. Enough talking and start doing!

    For the next few months we are focused on carving time out of our busy lives to sit together and work through our monies and budget to plan for the wedding (small & intimate but still adds up) as well as working through the tough $ conversations that arise for couples. Thanks for the great inspirational video!

  186. Geneviève

    The “someone else will take care of this” really hit home…I intend to start taking responsibility.

  187. This topic is, naturally, hot for anyone here – after all, we are in the ‘money making business’, doing what comes naturally to us to help others and make them, and ourselves, happy.

    1. A subconscious belief that holds me back: money will run out. Because of this belief, I subconsciously spend until, like a good girl, I clean it all up. When I have it, it feels unsettling, so I spend it.

    2. Habit: I started to check my budget (money in / money out) spreadsheet daily. I get receipts for everything and I put in the budget every dime that comes in and goes out.

    A note:

    I loved the most the idea that money is a stand-in for what we value. We forgot that this is what money is, and that’s what its function is in the first place. In the beginnings of time, people would trade products (fur for wood, milk for pots) and services and, to make exchanges more flexible and with any type of merchant, money was invented. A piece of metal or paper. A mark for the value you receive, that can be exchanged for whatever you feel is of value and you want to have.

    I personally see the money coming from my clients as a form of love.

    Here is the story: I had, as a French tutor, a little Polish girl as my student. Her mom is a single parent. One day, the mother asks me if I know the name of a trustee to file for bankruptcy. I gave her a card. Knowing that she would have to liquidate all her credit cards, she paid me in advance for 10 lessons. This made me cry, seeing how valued I was, even at that time of hardship. Since then, I see all the effort and sacrifice that my clients make in order to pay for my service, standing behind the money that I receive for what I bring back to their life.

    Even people who don’t have financial ‘problems’, who can easily spend the money needed to hire me, make a sacrifice. The fact that they choose to invest in me and not another tells me that they suspended or delayed other desires or needs in order to hire me.

    Money is a tool. What they represent is what is scary. The act of exposing ourselves to risk, judgement, unknown in order to receive back the ‘money’ value from more and more people is what we avoid by creating the diversion of ‘not enough cash’ worry.

    Thank you for this, Kate and Marie

  188. Whitney

    Got it! Yay!

  189. Wow! Great stuff there you guys. Really identified with some of the beliefs, a few too many! Lol.
    I have been gearing up to increase my wealth this year and improve my relationship with money, starting with a payoff of credit card debt next week and a small capital loan. This will reduce some of that “chaos”. Whoop-whoop!

    Then putting into play the value journal and living within the means that my company generates. It’s going to be an awesome year for us, I can feel it!
    Gonna grab your book Kate… Marie you rock, and I can’t tell you how much value, encouragement and FUN you have added to to some of my days. You are SO on purpose!

  190. Sherri Kamaka

    Thank you Marie and Kate for illuminating our false or limiting beliefs! Eveything resonates with me. I am excited to see my life change for the better now that I have transformed myself from the inside! Wishing you all the best! Aloha


  192. I have 2 money beliefs that are holding me back.
    1. I’m not good with money.
    2. I’m not TALENTED enough.

    I have been taking steps already to change the first belief. I have been checking my bank account once a week, but I will now begin to check it daily and make sure my checkbook is current and up to date.

    For the second one, I love the idea of writing 3 things about myself each day and I am going to do that. Kate is so spot on with the idea that no one is going to value me more than I value me. I need to teach myself my own worth.

  193. Ali

    Love seeing you two team up on the money topic, Marie and Kate!

    One money belief that I feel is holding me back at the moment is being nervous to look at my bank account balance, and sometimes avoid looking at it for weeks… Even when I have an amount of money in there that I feel excited about. It’s as if I am fearful of opening it up and some large amount of money being missing from it. It’s a strange one. I enjoyed Kate’s suggestion for sitting a daily date with myself to look at my balance and spending so I am fully acquainted with it. I think this will be super supportive for me in reframing my relationship to my bank account.

    So – I just took a couple of action steps. I looked at my bank account and noted what I spent money on the last few days. I also just set an appointment with myself to check my bank balance every day at 12:30PM! That feels much more empowering for me to be fully aware of my balance and spending, as well as to operate from a place of confidence with that awareness.

    Thank you lovely ladies!!



  194. Mary Patton

    My biggest belief that is holding me back:

    Making money is a talent beyond my reach. Accumulating signifigant wealth is just not something I am in this life to do. And yet I want it because I know that when I am financially abundant then I have more of my own energy to give in my mission 🙁 So essentially: feeling as if money is a very obtuse concept or energy that I either do not have access to or do not understand.

    Action step: Write my grandmother a response to her letter saying that she is thrilled to help me learn how to invest and that she believes I would be good at it. (Advice from a 102 year old woman is pretty great!)

  195. HB

    OMG! I can’t thank the both of you enough, for being & speaking “real”.
    I’ve been dancing around this intertwined subject, for far to long, hoping each new rock I turned over, would be the one to finally click everything into place; you know, all the information you’ve gathered up till now but somehow weren’t “getting” it. What I found most helpful was the tips you provided. I’m so excited at what’s to come & understanding how I can give & get more over all 🙂
    Thank you, both, so much! 🙂

    HB 🙂

  196. I’ve thought about this alot…

    When I read Kate’s book, I had this AMAZING epiphany about why my money was in feast and famine mode. Having grown up in a divorced home, split between 2 ends of the financial spectrum… Hence the feast then famine cycle I had become accustomed too. But I’m aware of that now.

    But I think with this awareness came this RESISTANCE to the way things are. I feel like I RESIST the way it is and that causes me to stay stuck in a cycle I am very familiar with and aware of now.

    So last week ironically I recognised this resistance to the way things are was preventing me from moving on from a cycle I’ve kept myself in for soooo long.

    So to remedy this….

    I downloaded the Pocketbook app in order to really see where my money was at and everyday it sends me a notification update.

    I’m having to really take nice long breaths and MELT into the way things are when I read the balances, rather than RESIST the way things are. Whether there is $11 in there after the mortgage payment or when there’s $1000 in there after I’ve made some sales, not feeling resentful that it’ll be gone on bills straight away.

    I’ve also set a big financial goal for this quarter, I’m truly believing I can achieve it, but at the same time just seeing it as a number with no emotional connection to it and it’s hugeness.

    I feel like I might have found a great way to move through this feast of famine cycle with the above mindset shifts.

    Am I on the right track? Is there anything else I could be doing to help this feast or famine situation.

    Love Jana xx

  197. Hey Kate, Marie and Team Forleo!

    I’ve been thinking about which money belief is keeping me in debt. It feels a little scary because for the past 2 years I’ve been working on my beliefs and personal development by attending seminars, reading books and taking financial steps, yet I feel like I’ve made little or no progress at all. I feel like I already have a good relationship with money, I understand that money is just a tool, yet somehow I still feel stuck.

    After watching this video, I realized that the belief that keeps on sabotaging me is the belief that I am not good with money! Like what if I do get out of the rut and make it big, what if I screw it up again? Now, I know it and now I know what to do about it. 🙂 Also, I think patience is my friend here. And GRATITUDE. I have to take steps, no matter how small it may seem, consistently.

    Thanks for this. I am truly grateful. Gotta get the book. 😉

  198. I love that the video is stopping at 8 minutes for a lot of people. Maybe we all need to hear repeatedly that our mum will not take care of it anymore! Gave me a good giggle. I know that’s what I needed to hear… again and again.

    I am reading your book Kate at the moment and it’s beautiful, and I’m considering purchasing it for all my clients in my premium coaching programs as a bonus.

    Thanks Marie for this interview, loved it.

  199. What a wonderful segment! Thank you both! What holds me back is the belief that there will never be enough… money comes in… and it goes out. And the belief that I’m just making money to pay my taxes. Made a big mistake in 2012 by not knowing that, as a full-time business owner, I was supposed to pay taxes quarterly. I’ve made payment arrangements to pay the back taxes, but eee gads! So that’s also where my block comes from.
    And I’m on the fence about what can I do to demonstrate I’m ready for a new level of abundance. But I’ll meditate on it for the answer to come.

  200. My biggest belief holding me back: being impatient about seeing results. Instead of being patient and knowing that things can take time or that I have to be persistent, in the past I have lost faith quickly and given up or self-sabotaged. This is slowly changing though (mainly thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who teaches me these principles who his own actions!).
    The thing I could work on is being more grateful for what I do have, and I liked Kate’s suggestion of writing 3 things every day that I value about myself or ways that I’ve added value to another person’s life.
    Thanks for the great video, the money discussion is definitely one I love having, I believe that honesty and the willingness to be open about our own money situations, not only helps others, it helps ourselves.

  201. Hillary

    I just graduated college and started a job that I call a “stepping stone” since it allows me to cover my bills and squirrel some money away but it doesn’t fulfill me. Student loans make me sick to think about so I make my monthly payments and I pray that a money tree or a wealthy relative will pop up and say “oh honey, you are set” (well, I guess the tree wouldn’t say anything but I imagine it would say that if it could). This video made me reflect on the fact that I always think I should have already been doing things to set myself on a positive track financially and then I get worried about having made missteps and instead of doing anything to move forward, I just pop that hot mess on the back burner. But this segment (along with the NYT article about the money addict) has me pumped about taking my finances into my own hands. I can’t wait to read your new book when it comes out, and I’m absolutely going to pick up Kate’s book as well. Thanks ladies!

  202. Thank you for talking about money in such a positive way! If I’m utterly honest with myself, my belief of money would be that I don’t deserve it /shouldn’t have it (sadly stemming from the ‘spiritual home’ I was raised in. Poor and struggling was apparently a badge to wear with honour – blech!) I too experienced a weird guilt if, now married, my husband and I kicked goals, even though they were small ones. It was a ‘how dare you’ attitude – that we must be such selfish people to be able to afford x, y, z. Again, it didn’t have to be anything big, but golly, so tiring! So without realising, I adopted that very belief – we didn’t deserve financial success, let alone freedom!

    BUT! (Yay for buts! Especially big ones…hehehehe)

    I LOVE the idea that by having financial freedom, we can free up the creative space to be who we are meant to be for the world!

    I can’t wait to get my creative chops around the meat of this, embracing ME and WE (aka my husband & I) and I feel a fresh sense of WE’VE GOT THIS!! (I also spun round to the husband with author and title details so he could get on to ordering it, hehehe, Thank you lovely ladies!)

    The one thing I’m going to start with is checking the account daily, celebrating debt reduction and being grateful. Such a great mind set to implement. I’m definitely on a brain re-wiring journey! I’ve got this! 😀 x

  203. Melissa

    I always tell myself that I don’t need financial advice and that I know what I’m doing with my money. The truth is I don’t know exactly where my money goes every month. I’m not as in control as I’d like with my finances. What I can do is admit that I need to pay closer attention to what I spend my money on and hold myself accountable.

  204. I was hoping the discussion would have some focus on career paths and money and how to make career decisions with the factor of money. My fault has been to choose the jobs and industries that I “believe” will help me earn money to live comfortably. Because of this false sense, I’ve constantly chosen jobs that aren’t aligned with my passion, and as the job became tough, my will and drive to overcrome obstacles wasn’t strong enough to fight through the wall. I believe it’s no coincidence that my work experience is in mortgage lending, which is the industry suffering from the financial crisis mainly because it was the cause – greed, money and no value added to society. Or perhaps this is the story I’ve told myself to cope with while working in an industry I am simply not passionate about.

  205. Thank you, Marie and Kate, for this fantastic interview! Kate, you and your lil’ book have been popping up ALL OVER the place for me and I’m taking it as a sign to buy it and integrate your fabulous message in to my financial life.

    Eternally grateful for the value you both add to our world.

    Love xx

  206. Tara

    I LOVE that Marie TV 🙂

    Thank you so much Marie (and team) I look forward to every Tuesday and it is such a blessing that you allow these teaching to come to us (and for free?) <3

    I can appreciate the amount of effort that must go into every episode so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  207. Amanda

    Hi, Thanks Kate and Maree. So so good! This is something I have been thnking about a lot. I really want to break free and move forward this year financially. So we can live our purposein a greater way and not use all that energy on stuff like this, and also I am so passionate about helping others. I really need to work on my mind set of thinking I dont deserve it. Thanks again xx

  208. Lisa, my mum never said anything like that, but a teacher did. She said I would never make anything of my self! Although I never believed her, I guess the fact that I still remember this, says it has stayed with me. I haven’t thought about it in years but when u mentioned it I remembered it. When it comes to money, I feel that I’m not capable, that I just don’t have enough money to achieve. Its silly, because I’m not broke, or starving, I send my kids to a private school, drive a relatively new car, etc. I would like to offer a value for value service, just have a little voice that tells me, “your not capable of doing that”.

  209. Thanks for the great conversation! I’ve had the opportunity to hear Kate speak live & I’ve been a big fan of her mother’s for some time. Marie, you’re a tour de force & I love all the beautiful, successful, powerful women that you have as guests — it’s wonderful to be in the company of great women–even if just virtually!!!

    Kate, what a smart approach to healing our money issues — giving our money it’s own ‘Love Story’ :). I haven’t bought the book yet, (it’s on the to-do list!!!) but I love your self-nurturing approach to looking at our money.

    Okay, my limiting belief around money: that I am not good with money

    My action I’m ready to take: to check my bank account every day, & when I do, to think of 3 things that I have in my life that make me feel abundant. — There is something very powerful about knowing that this little, but consistent, act of putting attention on my money (& thereby nurturing it) can make me feel successful & like I actually AM good with my money. I DO love my money <3 & I really am starting to see that my money issues have really been this long winding path of learning to truly value, nurture, & love myself. Perfect love story for Valentines Day that's just around the corner!

  210. Hi, just sayin’, I left a comment above and feel it wasn’t “sexy” enough to warrant a response when all these responses came in…Interesting, to me, in a biz kind of sense.. So if you have the caring, “hey I see you” biz approach, then it could be problematic if someone feels left out – like I just did… mhh… Taking notes…

  211. Thanks Marie and Kate for being so honest and direct in your sharing about money and how we relate to it. I see money as a way to express our creative energy of manifestation in the world. I love envisioning my epic life and taking the steps to manifest it.

    I bless the money each time I spend on anything, and I ask the Universe to let that money I just spent expand into more wealth for me and for everybody who crosses path with that money. It is a fun game, that changes my energy instantly into an abundant mind set.

    In regards to making great money while serving others, I used to feel “guilty” about charging high fees for my 1:1 coaching. Until I started seeing that my clients where generating 6 figure incomes thanks to our work together. So now I feel that the exchange of energy is in great fairness to both sides (myself and the client), as the value they get from learning the abundance tools, is truly priceless if they put it into action. Since I moved into that mindset of feeling that I was being of service to others in my coaching in a greater way, I’ve been actually getting more clients than ever before! It is amazing how we attract into our reality what we carry in our consciousness.
    Thanks for being so amazing!

  212. Promila

    This episode was just amazing and so informative!
    For the longest time I believed I wasn’t deserving of wealth, at times I would refuse to check my bank balance because I was afraid to witness the total. I am studying at the moment and planning to start a business it has been very hard to generate the income for me to pursue my business and this has left me with a low opinion about myself, after watching this video I have realised there is no end to money and that as long as i believe i am deserving and willing to give value for my service, I will be aOK, so thank you for this video as it has helped me so much, i wish you both all the success in the world and will pass out good words about Kate’s Book and MarieTV 🙂

  213. Thanks Marie and Kate, this was so revealing!.

    I help women entrepreneurs get unstuck and be successful. Watching this has put a spotlight on just how much #2 ‘I’m not good with money’ is holding me back. Definitely time to challenge that one!

  214. Yet another awesome episode …. just this topic alone deserves an entire ‘course’ (maybe by these 2 superstars?)!

    Another great thought I heard elsewhere: ” … Best way to help the poor is by not becoming one!”
    Thank you!

  215. I feel so lost and incedibly stressed. I have been running a business with my husband for the past 12 years, always working hard, we made enough money to pay the bills, but never enough to do take a holiday or have room to treat ourselves. Things got worse in the last 3 years and have had to rely on the help of my mom to pay our bills and mortgage. We are in debt and most of the time can’t see a way out of this hole. We recently decided there was a need to change the focus of the business and the service/value we offer since our industry has changed significantly.

    We now have an amazing business model and have the opportunity to offer great value to others. The problem is my relationship with money is aways one of scarcity. I avoid looking at my bank account, I get those feelings of vomiting as described in the video. I avoid opening the bills and taking calls from the bank who are wanting me to make a payments on the credit cards. How do I take responsibility for the debt when you don’t have enough cash flow to do that and buy food?

    Every time I meet a prospective client or build a strategic alliance and get excited about the potential opportunities, my mom usually responds with “I don’t get excited until they write you a cheque” or she asks me, “how many of your leads booked yet?” just making me feel more guilty and amplifying the pressure to make this new business venture take off faster.

    I am not happy, I know the issues with money are not allowing me to be fully present in giving my all to my husband, children and the business. It’s a constant battle trying to stay positive.

    I am grateful my friend shared your video with me. If any of you can provide other insight or words of wisdom I would greatly appreciate it.

  216. Nina

    My current biggest money belief is that as a teacher I should not desire more money and I should just be grateful that I have a job. (It’s a big struggle in my country for young people to get a job. There are no jobs especially in education. I love being a teacher but the pay is so miserable and I feel undervalued. Every time this belief comes up: if you love what you do then that should be enough…).

  217. AncaCristina

    Hi Marie and every beautiful individual here!

    I am doing my first steps of my money journey. My older believes told me not to pay attention to them cause it will make me loose focus from doing things with passion. So what I practically heard was that I never can make money by doing what I am suppose to do on this planet and I cannot financially support myself from my passion.

    I decided lately to start pay attention to my financial situation and even though I am still struggling with fear and a sense of not being comfortable with the current situation, I am training myself to change the pattern.

    One thing that I took from this video is to look at my account daily and appreciate what I have. One other thing that I started doing in the last 3-4 month is to give money to charity even though it’s still hard. I get the feeling of abundance and that it is more out there if I simply do give some of what I have. Not very intuitive, i know, but it’s doing miracles.

    Thank you so much ladies for the awesome discussion!

  218. Saarah

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring discussion. I noticed the emphasis on the fact that many people are held back by the belief that someone else will sort out their finances for them. My problem was the opposite. I believed for a long time that I had to do everything by myself. Even when people (especially family) offered me support especially in the material/financial realm, I’d refuse to consider it. In short my own pride was stopping me from accepting abundance that I was being handed on a plate.

    The net result of my decision was that I was working long hours in a stressful job and taking on part-time jobs around that and trust me, I checked my bank balance more than once a day. Although post-tax income was in fact okay, I was spending virtually all of it on an unnecessary, sky-high rent and other survival matters (which I now realise were also unnecessary), leaving me with no money to enjoy. I did not want anyone to know this, so I spent money I didn’t even have on things that made it look as though I was living a luxurious lifestyle. I even wasted hours strategising as to how I could convince friends and family that I had some jetset lifestyle. At the grand old age of 23, I was so close to burnout that I had to reconnected with my family in order to get a break. Although this may not be for everyone, my parents and I now look out for each other and our financial interdependence means that life is easier for all of us.

    I’m earning less right now than I was when I was going it alone, but because I don’t have the anxiety of a pay-as-you-live lifestyle, I am able to be systematic and have been earning more and more each year, doing things I enjoy, without the burden of things like debts and unpaid bills. My health is also far better as is my state of mind. I eat well, sleep well and have reconnected with the family that I once had no time for. Life still throws curveballs at me, but my entire life is no longer one big curveball of my own making. Getting myself into a place where I am happy, healthy and can think clearly has made a world of difference in opening me up to abundance.

    However, the important thing (and I know I’m not the only one who has struggled with this) is that I am able to accept this abundance. Abundance doesn’t come as a result of you killing yourself. I now realise it’s something that’s just out there in the universe and it’s okay to take it without feeling guilty, because accepting other people’s offer of abundance leaves you with more than you started with. You can then further share your new-found abundance that you received by accepting others’ generosity and this only has the knock-on effect of creating even more abundance financially and in every other way not only for yourself but in the universe at large. It takes a single mental shift, which may feel challenging, but I have no regrets and I thoroughly recommend it.

  219. Sarah K. M.

    For those who are still having buffering problems this morning, as I was, here is how I solved the problem: Clicking on the gear-shaped “settings” icon in the black menu bar at the bottom of the YouTube frame allows you to change the “quality” of the video from “auto” default of 240p down to 144p. That made it load very smoothly for me, and I am in an area with a slow connection at the moment. Never fear–the video quality is still high enough to see everything, including the fierce fashions!

    As for the homework: I think I have not only struggled with all four of these money beliefs, but also used one to cover another. For instance, beliefs like “people who are interested in money are soulless sellouts” cover up the underlying “I’m not good/creative/disciplined/etc. enough to earn a lot”. Underneath it all for me at least the fear of unworthiness (“not _____ enough”) is the primordial limiting belief, so I’ll focus on that one by writing down values every night. The point that writing down ways in which you added value that day will lead to seeing more opportunities to add value resonated with me–it’s such a practical way to move forward.

    I already check my accounts every day, and agree it’s a good step. I also start each year with a budget and projected month-end targets. So, my spending is under control, but my earning, not so much.

    Thanks for your work.

  220. Kelley Fluharty

    This was so totally awesome and right.on.time! One belief that I’m sure is holding me back, is that I tend to feel incapable of dealing with money. I don’t even know why I feel this way, because I think I’m a pretty smart woman! I will make a conscious effort to build a relationship with my money by checking my account on a regular basis, and getting to know (really know) what is coming in versus what is going out. Thank you Kate and Marie!

  221. Julie Braveman SPIRIT * LIFE * LAUGHTER

    Can you hear them clapping???!!?? WHAT A GREAT MarieTV this week!
    I’m going to watch it again. And again. Hit so close to home on one of the big 4 I started crying. Very raw moment. If I were Oprah, I be saying, “Aha!”

    Thanks so much for sharing… I’m going to have to read this book. Really appreciate the examples of things we can do right away to start “strengthening” our new mind sets!

  222. Hi Marie and Kate,

    Thank you for an awesome video! I have so much food for thought and work to do on this topic that I will busy for some time! However the biggest shock and revelation that I’m taking away from this apart from the hard truths that I have to face about my beliefs is what I am unwittingly passing on to my children! My children are still small and often ask about money – what is it? etc – and this video made me realise that I’m passing on my bad money attitudes onto them which is obviously the last thing I want to do. They have no understanding of the concept of money or value or worth and I often find myself struggling to explain the money concept to them. I now realise that unless I change my beliefs, I’m going to run the risk of creating two more individuals who also have a bad relationship with money just because they haven’t learnt how to properly value it from their parents. Many topics are dealt with in young children’s literature – death, sibling rivalry, exclusion and inclusion, etc – but it’s interesting that money is rarely a topic for children’s stories, almost as though it is a taboo topic or something only adults need to know about. Ironically an entrepreneurial children’s writer could probably make a lot of money from a book that helped parents explain ‘money’ and how to form healthy relationships with money to kids!
    Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

    • I agree Christine, I book on how to help children form a healthy relationship with money would be GREAT.

  223. Hey Marie! Wow! That was and AWESOME episode!! It was really motivational and uplifting!

    I have a lot of trouble with the “I’m not ______ enough.” so I’m going to start writing down the values at night. Talk about positive reinforcement and making one action motivate the other! My #1 will be “I give awesome advice to people who are having problems with their dogs! I KNOW what I’m talking about and I honestly care.”

    Thanks again!

  224. Great episode Marie, as always very thought provoking. Can’t wait to read the book.

  225. My big one that comes up is TRUST. The lack of trust in my ability to provide for my family. I have been the bread winner in my family for the last 10 years and many months have gone shadowed(or down right nausea) with feelings of lack and scarcity as I pay each bill. As I am unraveling that belief pattern now, I can see that it is ten years later and I still have a roof over my head and food for my children. We may have leaner months, but overall we live in amazing place that I am grateful for everyday, remembering I have ALWAYS been taken care of, and I am able to truly do what I love doing through my service! My life is absolutely filled with abundance is so many ways outside of the actual little green pieces of paper.

  226. My limiting money belief is that I need to give value without getting compensated. I have a giant wall when it comes to creating my own abundance. I have a ton of people that I have given value to and get I feel shame about asking for compensation for it. And that is so frustrating!!!!! I have started a new work venture and have put in a lot of effort to learning and growing in it and last week my leadership said I was getting a check for my efforts and I made a face!!! Like, serious stink eye over it. Of course I stopped the flow of abundance right in its tracks after that!!! So, here I am. The beautiful thing is that I just picked up Kate’s book last week and am putting my heart and soul into absorbing it! What an eye opener. The gift of knowledge of ourselves, others, and the world is priceless! Thanks Marie and Kate!

  227. Alejandra

    Funny. I was not going to leave a comment. I never do (sorry, Marie! I think you’re awesome BTW). But I got a text message shortly after viewing this episode. It was regarding a check I had been worrying about. It got to a point where I let go of it in my mind, but I had yet to address my core money beliefs. I can trace those to family disputes and my mother’s constant reminder that our situation had changed for the worse, that there wasn’t enough. Now, I am not blaming her for my fear; no one guided her out of that hole.

    I am going to tackle each of the beliefs that were discussed in the episode. Do a little bit of meditation. I think real change happens when you look at yourself in the eyes, and do so with love and acceptance.

    Oh, and the check is on its way. :). Thank you, ladies!

  228. Sarah

    I accept the challenge! I think for me the belief that was holding me back was thinking that I haven’t yet discovered my gifts and so I couldn’t just get out there and earn a nice income because I need to start over and find my gofts. (Also that I don’t need to worry because there’s no rush. ) Mind you these realizations didn’t come easily as I’ve been reflecting on them recently but this video discussion helped a lot – thanks so much Marie and Kate! 🙂
    As for my action step, I’ll be buying Kate’s book (though that feels too easy) and also plan and implement a strategy to get my business off the ground (with a time limit).

  229. Liz Ostler

    I’m right in the middle of Kate’s book & it has been so helpful. I was uncomfortably inspired by Kate’s action of checking her bank account everyday. I tried to come up with excuses why it wouldn’t work with me…well I leaned into my discomfort & set up my reminders. This morning was day one & won’t you know it I caught a discrepancy before it became an issue!! It was really empowering to show up for my money in this way. Thanks Kate & Marie!!

  230. Millicent Hughes

    My limiting money belief: I’m not capable/intelligent/talented enough. Actions to take today: Positive affirmations, writing down my strengths, deconstructing the definitions capable, intelligent, talented so that I can feel that I in fact am those things.
    Thanks Marie and Kate! This was most excellent!

  231. Two of my favorite ladies! Awesome interview. Thank you both so much.

    One of beliefs I’m working on with the help of both of you is that I’ve failed before financially, I’m destined to fail again.

    It’s no coincidence that the acronym for belief systems is BS.

    I’m working on this through EFT, other tapping work I do called BodyTalk, investing in myself, taking steps every day to bust out of old patterns, taking courses like both of yours. I’m also on a slow and steady purge-spree. I’m letting go of one physical item everyday this year as a way of creating a space around me that reflects who I am, makes me feel at peace, and releases old BS. So far so good. Each day I take more steps and make more progress.

  232. Jennifer

    The one money belief that is holding me back is that I am completely financially irresponsible and dependent on my parents, also that I am not worthy of eraning money and being finacially independent. I have improved on this alot lately buit fear is holding me back as I seem to never be able to save money! I have small debt, no interest except a credit card that I have been paying off, but I want to move out and still rely on my parents for most things (23) although I have made large shifts to get out of these patterns I feel like my parents are holding me back by insisting upon providing for me financially, then berating me when I slip up. I am going to take the next step by monitoring my spending and paying off my credit card. Also by checking my bank balance and knowing that “there’s plenty more where that came from”. Gratitude is the attitude! Thank you xxx

  233. Being afraid to check the bank account and open bills was a HUGE fear I had…my mother always stuck un-opened bills in a drawer and I just adopted the same habit. Totally relate to the “sick” churing feeling in the stomach whenever I checked the bank balance Marie lol. I am now in the habit of checking the bank every few days and opening the bills when they come in. Gonna sound crazy but in the beginning it was hard and I remember one time scared thinking it was actually gonna be in over draft and I actually had 800 dollars extra deposited from an over paid hydro bill. They gave me a whole years over payment in one lump sum. I was totally shocked and didn’t believe it, I had to call and make sure it wasn’t a mistake lol. It works!! I’m proof! Love your videos and your messages!! xo

  234. Jen

    I’m curious about the the first lie, expecting someone to do it for you. That rings true for me. I’m curious what the dialogue is for someone who choses to be a stay at home mom? I’m currently at home on maternity leave and this is something to consider.

    • Jen – this is an awesome question. If you’re choosing to be a stay at home mom and someone else is doing the earning, that doesn’t mean you have to “opt out” of the money decisions or management. The problem is deciding that someone else is going to take care of the money so you don’t have to engage with it at all…and what can happen then is not being aware of what accounts you have as a couple, where your investments are, how to get money, etc. Instead, just because you aren’t working outside the home, know that you’re still adding tremendous value to the family (and therefore to the world as an extension). And get in on the financial conversations and decisions just as much. Thanks!

  235. Anna

    Woow and Woow! My eyes got open! I think I might have just found out my issue. Self worth. I am good at working, actually, all I do is working. I love it. I am passionate about it. And… I am shy to ask for money…. I have no debts but I can not, yet, have life on the level I used to have.and need to have to feel safe. An issue of self value is crucial for me.
    Thank you Kate and Marie!

  236. I love the comment Kate said stating “financial chaos kept her playing small”. That hit home. I don’t want to play small anymore, EVER!

  237. Jen

    What great insight–thanks for sharing! For the past two years I’ve done a great job of attracting the clients I want and putting out gratitude as I spend money, but I’m still not making as much money as I’d like. I still suffer from not wanting to look at my bank account (enter sick feeling here) and didn’t realize this is a huge barrier for me until you mentioned it. I love the idea of checking it each day and being grateful for all that I have–it goes along with the processes I’ve started but in a more direct way to my personal finances. I will start tomorrow!

    Thank YOU Marie & Kate!

  238. The one money belief that is holding me back is that the only way I can make money is through having a steady day job. I have it but I love my business too…but the cash flow is so up and down it terrifies me.

    As I’m entering year two of business, I’m going to start forecasting and building realistically budgets to create a comfort level over the ebbs and flows of money

    Thanks Marie and Kate

  239. GOSH – endless line of comments – finally my turn! 🙂 I live in China for 3 years now, setting up a spiritual entrepeneur-ship here. I was born in a quite rich family, but my parents couldnt teach me, how to really value it, and make it grow with JOY. So money for me was always there, but yet I did not make it to a good earning lady. Thanks much for this book, Kate! Downloaded it on ibooks directly. Im on my way – to fall in Love with Money. YEEEIIH

  240. Pia

    Far out.
    Two of the Four ‘issues’ resonated with me, and one of the ‘symptoms’ resonated even more strongly.

    I cannot look at new mail, have unplugged the phone and can not even glimpse at my bank account.

    I just couldn’t FACE my financial state.

    Thank you for helping me recognise this, and giving me a REAL strategy to deal with them. I am onto it – starting now.

    Thank you lovely ladies, for combining your expertise and knowledge to help me overcome my second biggest hurdle in life.


  241. Sumari

    Most of the time I think that I have to give my services away cause that is the good thing to do… I feel bad asking money for what I do… thinking that there is always someone better out there than me…

    I am diffidently going to use the journaling tip… Starting Tonight!

    Thanks Marie for the great inspiration that is You and your team….

  242. Sarah

    Thank you Kate and Marie!
    I have been trying hard (not) to think about money for a long long time. When I was married, I just handed it over to my husband who threw it away (now separated) and before that to my dad- so I was never willing to handle, always waiting for someone to take over/take the blame.
    For the last three years I have been in denial over money, getting deeper and deeper into debt, but always just scraping by. I have been refusing to actually think about the swinedog that is getting bigger and bigger.
    I need to take responsibility for my money. I have always just claimed that “I am not good with money” and now I will prove that I am good at handling money. It’s so funny cos to my friends I am “fearless” and independent and a go-getter.
    Ok – so this morning after watching the episode – I decided to check my bank account and I suddenly remembered that I have a number of subscriptions just running on and on which I’ve been meaning to cancel. I did that this morning, a grand total of around £50.00 of money just leaving my account every month for months…
    Tomorrow I will tackle my phone company.
    My plan is to think about money matters for 5 minutes every morning, setting an alarm, like Kate said.
    These might seem like small things to other people, but I feel more empowered, stronger, like I’m standing up to that big ugly schweinehund.
    Lots of love,
    Thank you!

    • Christin

      Well done, Sarah!
      A couple of years ago, I was exactly where you are now. I am not entirely out of the woods, when it comes to my beliefs around money, but I am on my way.
      Good luck with the phone company. You can do it! 🙂

  243. Paola

    For years the idea of need a PhD to make money hold me back.
    Behind that, the idea of I cannot get a PhD (only my insecurities know why…)- were holding me to my “supposed” road to have money… today all that seems non-sense. I can have money with or without a PhD. It is about me and what I am then do and not about my “education” …

    Thank you Marie for you unstoppable inspiration. I am a better person since I found your site and material that has lead me to more incredible people. You really rock! Much love!

  244. Anne-

    My biggest negative money belief is that if I quit my job, I’ll starve (and I REALLY like food, so that’s a big problem!)

    Any suggestions on getting past this one?

  245. Kim

    One of my biggest fears around moolah is that making it is going to take too much of my time and energy and leave me feeling stressed and depleted. I will commit to a daily affirmation: ” Making money doing something I LOVE is fulfilling my heart, boosting my energy and lifting my spirits…And I am grateful.” Thanks, Marie and Kate! BTW, I love the idea of checking that bank account daily. Thank you. Going to start that up, too. 🙂

  246. One of my self-limiting beliefs about $ that holds me back is that in order to make the kind of $ I want, I would have to work longer hours than feel good to me and thereby spread myself thin, get stressed out, not have the time appreciate life at the pace that feels good to me and not have the time to nurture myself. I have been spread thin before and miserable. I have also poor with a lot of free time, so that has been my lesser evil (which I am experiencing now). But it still sucks to be struggling financially and does not feel free.

    One action step and/or possibility I can open to is start doing exactly what I want and even if I don’t make the $ I want to make immediately or know how to make full-time $ working 20- 25 hours a week with generous vacations and a flexible schedule, do what I love anyway and I will be better off than I am now and things will evolve to my heart’s desire with patience, passion, presence, love and perseverance.

  247. My money belief hinges around where I live – a small town in Montana – that people are not willing to spend money on the workshops/coaching I offer. Really though, it is just a smoke screen for not believing I am good enough to travel, do workshops, coach teams and people in companies for money.
    I absolutely LOVED the adding value by giving a smile or other deed unrelated to my work. I have always given value and definitely given away that which I could be charging for, related to my business. I have set up a premiss that I will “work for free” – which is me not valuing what I have to offer. One action that I am taking today is no longer “giving away the farm”.
    The other action that I will take today is to send out my email for a roundtable that I used to host, but let go as it was not getting much attendance. It will be on a topic that I have been uncovering the first few weeks of the year and be an invitation to a full workshop on the topic.
    Thanks for the challenge! You ladies rock.

  248. I loved this week’s video. So timely for me, personally. I really liked the idea of writing 3 things that I did well today in a journal. As a self employed creative, sometimes I find it difficult to “toot my own horn”. I was raised to be humble and abhor arrogance. In fact, this quest to always be humble, sometimes makes me uncomfortable with self promotion, which can be detrimental to my business.

    Which leaves me with this question: “Where is the line between self-love and arrogance?”

    • What a fabulous question Jacquie! I’ve found that the people who love themselves the most don’t find a need to shout about it or be arrogant. In fact, I’ve found that when we’re feeling the need to over share about our amazingness, it’s often because we’re feeling super insecure. When our love for ourselves is pure it usually comes out as pure, calm presence and not needing to grasp, strive, or shout our greatness to the rafters. Thanks for chiming in!

  249. Kitty

    Valuing oneself . . . . Fascinating how challenging this can be! In my experience, high-achieving individuals struggle with lacking a deep sense of self-value because they are always trying to improve and do a better job, which leads to a niggling sense of doubt about one’s abilities. In turn, this self-doubt can be a motivator (fear of failing) that can bring about really great results (people who question their inherent competence often ARE quite competent, while those who believe they are totally competent are actually more incompetent). It is not, however, a particularly pleasant way to live all the time (questioning one’s inherent value). So, the question might be: How does one deeply value oneself WHILE maintaining a healthy evaluation of one’s performance? Also, if a child is really different from her parents (e.g., her parents are heavily left-brain and aren’t able to recognize her artistic or intuitive talents), she probably did not develop a core sense of value related to her gifts, her very ESSENCE as a human being. Affirmation and support of who you REALLY are is the building block of value! And if her parents didn’t feel very good about themselves in some realm of life (career, relationships, body image etc.), this imprints onto the child’s unconscious. So, another question might be: How does one release this cellular imprimatur of low value (understanding that it is possible to change our biology as we go through life)?

  250. Magda

    would love to listen to this video as Marie is always great value, but every time I try, it stops at around 7 minutes and, in Youtube, moves on to the next video a few seconds later. Anybody else having this problem or is it just me? Usually, everything works fine and Marie’s other videos are working well too.

  251. Niccole Nelson

    I have been reading Kate’s AWESOMTASTIC book for a few weeks (iBooks) and I’m not only falling in love with my money but the book as well! My problem/belief is that if a bill comes in and I don’t have the full amount I don’t pay anything. My mom would tell me “A steady drip will wear a hole in a rock.” But I still can’t seem to get beyond this silly thought. With Kate’s book now I know I’m sure I’ll conquer it soon!

    • Great episode today. Very helpful. Can you direct me to the episode that dealt with artist and self worth?

  252. Claire

    I read a quote the day after I watched this. It said, “If you want to know what God thinks of money, look who he gave it.” I first took this as a huge, insulting, a-hole thing to say, but now I’m thinking…maybe God is rewarding those of us who bust their hump to get what we get? Thanks for making this a thought provoking topic for me! xxoo

  253. Impeccable timing. Block No.1 Responsibility. This single word has created a huge shift for me. I have realised that on so many levels, Responsibility has been holding me back in many areas of my life for many years. A pattern has become apparent for me and I now have that information to work with in order to break through that block. Thankyou, thank you, thank you!

  254. Marie and Kate,

    This WAS a really rich discussion – thank you so much. I just hopped over to Amazon to buy Kate’s book.

    The one money belief that keeps me feeling sad is, I believe I’m only good enough if I make money, and worthless if I don’t. I believe that’s all I’m good for – the money. That’s a piece of programming I’m ready to release this year so that I can stay positive enough to see my dreams through, especially in the beginning when I’m trying to launch them off the ground. It’ll also help me feel safe choosing business paths from my heart, not the ones that are realistic in terms of making money. As for the action – I’m going to read Kate’s book. Then I’m going to blow a balloon, write this belief on it and pop it so it gets released. 🙂

    Thanks again!


  255. Awesome episode ladies! So so great!

    The #1 Money belief that holds me back is that I am not good with money. The I don’t know enough. However I am working to change that thanks to you Kate!

    The action that I am taking is writing about my Money Love journey which I have turned into a 90-day adventure called “The Financial Freedom Project”. I am blogging about my adventure of becoming debt free and thus free! Check it out!

    I am super excited about the steps I am taking and feel immensely grateful!

    Thanks again 🙂

  256. This really resonated with me, especially when Kate said she used to completely ignore her financial situation… I guess “ignorance is bliss!” does NOT apply to your account balance 😉

    Since watching this video, I’ve organized all of my business accounting for the past 6 months (mainly all my business expenses) and set an alarm to check my account balance everyday. I’ve also created several spreadsheets on Google Docs that will make it easy as pie to continue tracking all business expenses in the future.

    As far as budgeting and getting out of debt goes, I’d highly recommend using Dave Ramsey’s Budget and Cash Flow Forms. His 7 step system works miracles! Here’s the link:

    As always, thanks for the vid!

  257. The one belief I am working to free myself of is “I don’t make enough money”. I don’t believe in scarcity, just that I don’t make enough.
    I realized looking back over years of pay statements that I do make enough to have the life I want.
    I’m just not doing the work to live that life that I want, which is actually separate from the money.
    Thank you for introducing me to Steve Pressfield. I’m reading “Turning Pro” and have vowed to not buy or read another book to “prepare” when I’m done. I plan to just do the work.
    Thank you. Please keep your emails coming!

  258. Mónica Cortés

    Marie and Kate you guys are awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing so much love and wisdom in such an easy and fun way!
    Ok, the money belief that I have is “I cannot afford this dress because I don’t deserve this”. The action that I’m gonna take to demonstrate that I’m ready for abundance is to value myself, I’m ready for that training of writing down “3 values about me” and “how I gave value to others” each night.
    Once again thank you girls! 🙂

  259. Shay

    Can Kate write the sequel ‘Time: a love story’? I feel like time and money have the same weird misconceptions/haunting beliefs around them. “I didn’t have time” is the most annoying excuse I can hear at work or out of my own mouth. It either means whatever you didn’t make time for isn’t a priority for you (then just say that!), or your life is filled with other things that might not be serving your purpose, but you compulsively distract yourself with those other things – always falling short and ‘running out of time’.

    We all have the same 24 hours in a day – realizing that it is up to us to decide how to use them can be freeing or frightening.

    • Thank you! Shared this with face book folks, family & friends. Honestly I had such a thing ok fear about money. Never enough. Always afraid of checking my account. Depression would set in. On top of that I have discovered I attached not having enough money to myself worth! Feeling incomplete, simply who cares what I had to say, who would read any book I wished to write. Now I do a talk show on blog talk. I’m learning to move past my fears. And this was a major AHA for me. Thanks.

  260. Lynne

    Dear Marie and Kate,

    Thank you!


  261. Marie and Kate, Thank you so much for this video!

    Since May after quitting my company with my ex-business parter I actually thought I was making some progress regarding my money beliefs. I decided I was worth more than to be a slave to the company. It was time to value myself. However last month my friend with whom I run retreats said we should really put our price up. I agreed with her reasonings and so we did. But after seeing this video I realize my feeling did not agree. I still think I am not good enough. Very confrontational, but I also realize that I really want to let go of this belief. Thanks again!

  262. Carol

    Loved the interview. I’ve always thought of abundance in terms of money or material things. When Kate said that abundance comes in so many different ways in our lives , health, relationships, I totally got that. There are always ways to add value to people’s lives. I guess we always think of the big ways. Thank you Marie, you and your team are doing an amazing job of adding value to our lives. God’s richest blessings !

  263. Lisa

    I grew up watching my family struggle financially!!! So all my life I believed I was cursed to the same!!! I don’t want to be cursed to the same! I want to succeed!!! I want to grow and independently become who I deserve to be. I always try to be the positive influence for everyone else and I rarely am positive for me! So 1. I want to grow my money to be a better person for me and others around me! 2. I want my kids to see they can do this to! 3. I never ever want to depend on anyone else for money or abundance! I am over the struggle and ready for the fight!

  264. Wow, thank you for that! I think my biggest block is that – regardless of my age – I still feel like a kid. And then I get the “impostor” complex. And who would pay a teenager loads of money? I didn’t really articulate that block until just now, so thank you Marie and Kate for the guidance! I am on my way to get that book. 🙂 Cuz I ain’t no teen, I am a 43 year old tiger who has earned my stripes! xo

  265. Absolutely love your video Marie with Kate .. Thank You to both for your transparence and deepest honesty in sharing your personal experiences.

    I am french Canadian .. my english is not the best but thank you for reading me.

    I had heard that another belief we have around money is the fear of making more money than our parents..
    I believed it but sincerely never tough I would be living it with my own daughter. She is in first year University, studying law. My husband and I did everything in our power for her to get a good education. As it was not a priority (or a possibility) for our parents to offer it to us, we have found that our lives as been, up till now, hard to get by financially but we had one common goal: making sure our children get a good start in life.

    This week, she shared that she was afraid of succeeding and making a lot of money .. she is afraid that if she does, I might judge her, as I sometime judge other professional if they happen to seem selfish, unkind and have very little interpersonal skills. Althow, I consider myself to be positive I guess I fail : ( I reassured her that I will love her no matter what.

    My husband and I have a new business and are doing ok, I think!? We feel that we are making a difference in other peoples lives (our clients and our employees) but we definitely need to work on our belief that is blocking us from making it more than just the bare minimum (both professional and personal) .. I am definetly ready for a change .. I know we have everything we need to make it happened !

    Thanks for being on the web Marie .. you are a true inspiration and you are my best virtual friend xx..

  266. Awesome! Love the a-ha moments I have during Marie TV. Discovered my money block is ‘I’m not online-savvy enough to build a flourishing business”. Then realised 1) this skill can be learned, and 2) I am achieving great things face-to-face, with excellent value exchange that way.

  267. Nick

    Reading the comments I realize I just really enjoyed a video designed for a female audience haha, oh well, it was amazing loved every minute! Authentic women that know who they are and what they want, so refreshing!

    My money limiting belief, that money is a percentage game. I don’t know how many times I have lost opertunities for exponential growth in my income and finances by believing the value I can add is limited by double digit percentage points.

  268. My biggest block around my value is that I am not 110% clear on what I offer and how I want to present my message to the world. I know that we constantly change and evolve but I have apprehension about launching myself into something new when I want to be absolutely sure that it’s the right direction to go in. It sounds crazy, but I have launched myself so many times that this time I want it to be right on the money – sort of speak. 🙂

  269. Great video and discussion. I added Kate’s book to my wishlist on Amazon. I really enjoyed the discussion and have made this year, my year to get my finances in order.

    Will be adding this site to my faves!

  270. Michaela

    Hey Marie,
    amazing video. I dont know how you do this but you always discuss a topic I am struggling with at the moment. I love you for the timing!
    My biggest belief was: “It is bad to want money from someone.” (It will hurt them and I will be a bad person)
    Unbelievable to actually see this on the paper in front of me. I just remember that I started to believe this very long time ago during my childhood. My friend told me something like that and I didnt want to lose her and her love.
    I will definitelly start with the self appreciation every day and understanding that I can get money for what I do for others without feeling guilty or bad. I am doing that for them and money serves as the exchange as was said in the video.

    Thank you very much. It made my day.

  271. This has been a major issue for me throughout my entire life. It’s interesting because I go through a foray of emotions and beliefs thinking that yes I can do it, I have what it takes to feeling totally despaired and like a fraud. A bit of the imposter syndrome.

    I think the money block for me has been the lack of self belief. After getting made redundant almost 12 months ago, I’ve been surviving from week to week. I have had clients but it’s also easy to think that there’s only a certain amount of time you can live a certain way.

    For the last 6 months I have been practising forgiveness and tracking any money that I’ve received, whether it’s 5 cents I find on the ground or someone shouted me a free coffee. It seems minor but it’s definitely a great way to get your brain wired to think differently and more positive.

  272. Hi everyone…this was a timely post for me too. I’ve been struggling with money my entire life and have been on the brink of poverty forever. I think I got it together in my head with what I want to do in my life, and I transplanted myself to Bali, but here I am freaking out about money AGAIN (and again, and again and again!!!).

    So here I am, on the other side of the world and I need to get real with myself.

    My biggest belief holding me back is that I am worth something to the fitness industry. I “failed” a couple years ago, overtrained, dieted obsessively and developed severe exhaustion that ended my career as a personal trainer.

    On top of that I never reached my fitness goals…how could I? I was hating my body and mistreating myself…

    Feeling like a failure has held me back, but you know what? I’m still here, I’m alive and I’ve learned from all those lessons and have been doing things in a balanced way…I am stronger than ever before!

    So my action step is to continue writing in my blog and developing an exercise system that is working amazingly for me. And then giving it to the world. It’s so true…it’s about the money but not about the money. It’s about the value I put out there and I will no longer feel like a failure. Thank you so much!

  273. I think its all great. I am working on a business and it can take a while to do that. Its around food allergies so that is a conversation that is growing in the world. Taking responsbility I have bills but nothing coming in/ not much. I am in action have to get the project finished first. Checking the balance of my bank account i think will be a great one for me to practice and the things to right in a journal that I do contribute to others its not just always recongized financially so my head says I didnt do anything which is crap.

  274. Claudia


    Awesome interview, you both made it rich – love that 🙂

    The 2nd belief: I am not good with money. That one has to go, and the one thing I want to do is to See my money, checking into my bank account daily will be a nice start 🙂 thank you for the interview…

    xxx Claudia

  275. Amelia

    Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing it with the world! I have learned so much, but I am having trouble implementing what I’ve learned, so maybe you could shed some light or give some advice on how I can make moves.

    I find I am often in a mind state of not being fully engaged in my pursuits. I write music and am passionate about singing and I want to build on this by finding a producer to fill out my songs and eventually get a record deal. The problem is: I graduated from college over a year and a half ago and am still living with my father outside of NYC. I don’t make enough money in my part time work-from-home job which I don’t particularly enjoy (sales representative for a smartphone technology based in Europe) to afford rent in NYC, which is where I want to be. My motivation to stay in this job is dwindling along with the hours I have been clocking in, which is pushing my goal of being in the music culture of NYC and living near my friends and boyfriend further into the future. At the same time, I try to be grateful for having even a little bit of income and some resources (metronorth railroad, my car) for getting to NYC on weekends.

    I’ve been saying to myself: ‘I can’t do this until I do this. As in, I can’t fully focus on making music until I have money and am in an apartment in NYC. But I can’t afford an apartment unless I make money. Once I live in NYC, I will have the time and money to pursue this dream full time.’ No matter how many schedules and to-do lists I make to get things done in this job so I can make money, my heart and mind just aren’t in it and I find myself writing and playing my keyboard, watching your videos, reading and mapping out my desires in The Desire Map, and taking naps. I feel guilty for getting distracted and not staying the course.

    Am I just paralyzing and confusing myself into not realizing my goals? Is there some solution to all of this that I’m not seeing because I’ve blinded myself to my full potential?

    • Sophia

      Wow!! You have a lot of anxiety there. I’d say try to slow down that thinking, sit and just be a while. You are working on your music, so that is a big plus. As to your worries, they are probably largely unfounded. I find it helps to run the What If scenario (some call it the So What method) of facing fears and banishing them. No1, would it really be so terrible to not live in NYC? Or, if you prefer, So What if you never make it there? Will your skills or inspiration evaporate? No, they won’t. Your time is spent better rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the work of performing. Take a chance on yourself. Hire a guitarist or keyboard player and do some gigs, get a feel for the audience (just a suggestion btw, a way to get out of the rut of worry).

      If you concentrate on music, let it weave into your working ethic (why work harder for the phone company than for your future!?) then it won’t be long before music will BE YOUR JOB rather than your sideline. One of my best friends is Frank Turner, a folk singer in UK, one of the hardest workers I know. When his hardcore band split up we got his acoustic guitar and a bunch of songs he’d written and invited all his friends to the foyer of a cinema in London – that was just over 8yrs ago. It was ace and not depressing. He gigged, he wrote, he toured, he sold out Wembley 2yrs ago where Billy Bragg supported him!, opened the Olympics ceremony by personal invitation from Danny Boyle, and next month he’s filled the biggest venue in London, the O2 Arena. Small, deliberate, authentic steps, making you feel good, supported by those you love will always win out over lottery wins and lucky breaks. I really wish you good luck and please post a link to your YouTube channel or Soundcloud. Xxx

  276. Wowza! All 4 beliefs affect me and I’m ready to change ’em up. I have definitely been in the dark with some money stuff and bringing it to light.

    Belief 1 – I embarrassingly share the belief that some future partner or my dad will do it for me with money and I know this belief is holding me back. There I just said it on the interwebbs. Thanks for the inspiration Kate!

    As for belief 2 – I’m not good with money. I’ve already started to shift this belief and become more empowered here (taking a moment to celebrate myself) and pay off credit card debt, so I want to add more fuel to my fire. I talk to my clients, students and in my writing about paying attention and I really, really loved the simple act of paying attention (in my mind you pay attention to what you love, and paying attention is a way of saying I love you) and doing a gratitude ritual every day when I look at my bank account. So simple and easy to do. This one meets me right where I am at (looking at my finances weekly) and encourages it to be a bit more conscious, feel good and regular!

    I’m going to do it right now! Thanks Marie & Kate. (You both are adorable btw!) Thank you for being so honest and authentic.

    Also, I really love – Unleashing the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist – another great resource about our limiting beliefs as a culture around money and how money can be a currency for love (and how we are making a paradigm shift) and how not to take any of this so personally. It was a mind shifter for me! I haven’t read Kate’s book yet – but why stop at just one good money mind changing book!

  277. Ahh I love this post. I was just writing about my being crappy with money over on my blog last week and I feel part of that is the shame associated with it. The notion that it’s rude to talk about money leads to us feeling as though we can’t really discuss it if we’re floundering a bit or need guidance.

    We’re not really taught about money in a meaningful way when we’re kids, then all of a sudden, we’re adults and we’re expected to know how to budget and pay rent and bills and…AARRRGGHHH!!! It can be a bit overwhelming!

    Anyhoo, I say all that to say this: firstly, thanks for this post! Secondly, Kate’s advice about simply checking your bank balance every day is something I will definitely be doing. I am in that classic space of just trying to bury my head in the sand and ignore it. But it’s time I face it head on and I really believe what Kate’s saying there, that if I confront it head on, I’ll know where I’m at and be able to work from that consciously every day.

    Thank you thank you! I’m off to set my ‘check bank account’ alarm for tomorrow 😉

  278. Jaena

    Ooh child… love me some Marie TV and Kate; awesome interview ladies!

  279. I have watched this episode at least 5 times since it has been released. I can’t get enough of the candid truth that has been spoken about. I have always believed that my husband will rescue me from my financial irresponsibility which is extremely selfish and unfair of me to expect. In saying that he has done it for me a number of time but I need to stop and start to take responsibility for my financial actions.

    The one thing that really struck me was when Kate said ” Money is a standard to what we value” This blow my mind. I have actually put some money minded strategies in place so I can be the person I am meant to be.

  280. Thanks for another great and timely episode. Money belief that’s holding me back: My clients are small, small businesses – they can’t afford more. What I’m doing to unseat that belief: offering my services out there at a price that supports my business and offering payment plans for small cheesemakers. It’s a bit more effort to coordinate, but when they see their beautiful cheese images and the possibility it creates for their business, it is worth it and brings awareness of my business.

  281. Awesome video! It’s a really really important topic.

    My negative money belief is that I’ve always been bad with money because my mum has always been bad with money. Wow! Even writing that down is such a huge step forward.

    What I’m doing to change that belief is sorting out my pension from the UK (I live in Australia now) and seeking advice on ethical sustainable pension options.

    I will also look at my bank account every day and say three things I’m grateful for or have in abundance. I will do the same every time I pay a bill.

    Thank you so much!

  282. One belief that has been holding me back is that I sometimes think that it’s my fault that my financial position isn’t better than it is. I can get really worked up and furious with myself about how I should have known better.

    To move forward from this, I try to look at the situation much more rationally. For example, what’s happened is what’s happened and I can’t change it by getting angry or by blaming myself. I know that I’m not a bad person even though my financial awareness could have been better. I can choose at this point to waste good energy on wallowing in my own blame and anger or I can do something constructive, like Kate suggested: check my account daily and keep a gratitude diary.

    Thanks, Marie and Kate!

  283. Alejandra

    My negative believe about money is leaving the responsability to my husband, I avoid to deal with it all the time, and ask for permission even to buy something I need.
    The other negative believe I have is that I think I am not good enought to have money because I have not gone to college even though I have taken many courses to feel instructed, I think I have nothing to offer.
    I will change this believes by chequing my bank acc every day and being responsible for what I add to it and what I spend from it. I will also do the journal at night to count how many good things I do for my self and for the universe. Thanks Marie!!

  284. Hi Marie and Kate,

    Being a professional artist for over 25 years, I have sold a lot of artwork and feedback tells me I am adding great value to peoples’ lives. I also mentor artists and non-artists in a non-judgmental, totally accepting atmosphere that breaks down barriers and know great value has been added to their lives as a result.

    Yet, I struggle greatly with making enough money to support myself. Many “adding value to my life” comments are followed by “I wish I could afford your work (or to work with you)” After years of hearing “your work is amazing I wish I could afford it”, resulting in my lowering prices, I am struggling to value myself when others so often choose to value something else instead of my work.

    I would greatly appreciate any input about how to maintain positive energy and strength of conviction about my work/value, so peoples’ words of value will turn into a money exchange value.

    Many thanks!

  285. PS…
    this email just arrived after I finished writing the above message…
    “Someday I’m going to buy one of your paintings as I LOVE your style”

    How do I turn that “someday” attitude into a “now” attitude?!!

    You girls rock 😉

  286. Kim

    Hi Marie, thank you for the wonderfully thoughtful video! This matter is greatly important to me.

    I think one limiting money belief that I’ve held is that I won’t be able to get out of debt until I’ve “hit it big” and sell that screenplay, publish a book, or land a role in a feature film, etc. That belief has kept me from being active in paying down my debt for many years.

    I’ve definitely been guilty of burying my head in the sand. But I love how you and Kate mentioned checking your bank account every day, as I have begun doing that! A few months ago, I heard my girlfriend casually say that she went home from work and “checked [her] finanances.'” Immediately, I thought, “Wow. She just sat down and checked her finances? As if they’re so in order that it’s that simple?” And then slowly I began to realize that, okay, maybe I’m so far in debt that I don’t know where to begin, but at least I can be present with what’s in front of me, which is my bank account and how much money is in there. So, I began checking my bank account every day and paying attention. I became determined to change my money beliefs this year and I must say that I have noticed so much more financial abundance in my life!

    Also, in checking my bank account every day, I’ve realized how much money I actually have – how financially abundant my life really is. Even if I check in see only several hundred dollars . . . that’s hundreds of dollars! That’s a lot, not a little, and I can do something positive with it. Seeing the amount of money I have every day makes me feel more grateful, and that’s a powerful thing.

  287. Hi Marie & Kate,

    I’m reading “On Becoming Fearless,” by Arianna Huffington, and she states, “money isn’t just money, it is a stand in for our fears.” She goes on the say, for women, “money represents love, power, security, control, self-worth, and independence.” b/c of the way we have been raised. Another interesting insight, of why we fear it, is that we don’t know enough about it, which then generates fear. As in the unknown.

    Thanks for the video. All women should learn as much as they can about money. I am attending a monthly workshop called, “Wine, Women, & Wealth,” each month they cover an important topic specific to women. Of course, it is sponsored by a financial entity, but they are not high pressure. I would encourage other women around the country to inquire about free workshops to increase their knowledge. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power.”

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work. Marie, I was introduced to your videos from a friend who posted the one about being blown off. I must say, what remarkable insight. I have saved that one, and when I’m feeling down in my marketing efforts, I listen to it.

    • PS. The next paragraph in, “On Becoming Fearless,” Arianna states, “we can never be fearless about money, until we demystify it and take charge of it.” Well said.

  288. Lina

    Great topic that touched me deep enough to comment.

    My limiting belief is that “I am not going to be financially better than my mother.”

    What I am going to do to change that belief feels more complicated or dishonest to the truth I’ve lived for half a century.

    I will start by listening to this youtube show till I know I get it. Then buy a journal to practice the advice. Then I’ll check back in a week, then in 21 days. I am scared! I’ve never done this.

    Thank you with tears in my eyes for this show. It is beautiful to see your vulnerabilities and strength with grace. Love you ladies for being the mentors and healing mothers that you are for me.
    Huge hug of gratitude. Lina

  289. I have spent a lifetime (70+years) afraid of $, feeling like it was a mystery that was powerless to unravel. I now need to meet this fear head on as I am facing some major financial challenges. I have just written a wonderful book and so value the time and $ that it took to complete. I do see that it will help others and that does give me some peace around the guilt I feel about “not being good with money.” I do wish I had made peace with money earlier in my life. I appreciated this video. Thanks!

  290. Anj

    My limiting belief is definitely around ‘not being enough’, whether that is smart enough, experienced enough, brave enough, etc.

    I loved watching this interview – not only did it remind me of some truths, but gave me practical ideas for enacting change RIGHT NOW. I am going to practice the journaling of 3 ways I added value (to myself or others) for 21+ days.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  291. Thank you so much for this enlightening interview. It helps to have these points reinforced.
    My limiting belief about money always revolves around “missing the boat”:
    – It’s too late.
    – I should have:
    -gone to med school
    -gotten that grad degree
    -started that business
    -stayed at that job
    -gotten in on the ground floor of that
    -stuck with that
    -quit that sooner
    -gotten off the couch
    -done what she did

    I’m constantly having to remind myself that I can only be me, and only at this point in time. I can’t go back. I can’t live anyone else’s life; nor can they live mine!

    Thanks, Marie!

  292. Sally

    Thank you Marie and Kate….

    Thank you so much for this…lately i had started checking my account everyday and i almost thought i was stingy or something. I have gone to the extend of keeping an online savings which i do transfer all my money into, then make transfers into my personal account depending on what needs to be done on that day. It helps me a lot cause i just don’t use my card only to sit and wonder what i did with money.

    I guess now i have to stop limiting myself with the thought of money not enough….it will never be enough anyway….

  293. S. Yohannes

    I really liked this interview. I was skeptical at first as Kate Northrup comes from quite a privileged background. But she was honest thinking her mom would pay her debt. And the way she talked about the 5 thoughts was really easy to understand and I agree with. Though when she said that rich people “probably worked hard for what they have” this may be true but there are many people who work hard their whole lives and stay in poverty. And yes I agree it is due to thought patterns but systems and structures are set up on this planet to keep certain demographics poor and vulnerable. My bet is that few reading this blog understand this sort of oppression so we should be careful not be victim blaming.

  294. Alice

    I must say that I am very impressed by Kate Northup’s thoughtful and experienced insight throughout this interview…very intelligent and clearly sincere….I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. And as always Miss Marie, you Rock and Roll! Thank you for this segment! Can’t wait for B-School to start!

    See you at Town Hall to support Marianne Williamson on March 12th!

    Kindest regards,

  295. My biggest holdback is the old adage that “it takes money to make money” and I do not have much money at all to build my business. Gotta switch that mindset.

    So grateful that I watched this video today and that I stumbled upon Marie yesterday. We are entrepreneurial twins. Can’t wait for BSchool!

  296. Hi Kate and Marie,

    It’s been an interesting few hours online for me.

    I came across your site first Kate and you had posted about Marie’s B School free vids – so I popped over to them and ended up subscribing to Marie’s site and liking on FB and leaving a few comments.

    I then went back to your site and subscribed to posts. Then I came back here and saw this vid – so serendipity has been working well today.

    I will be off now to buy your book and it will go with another great book I bought this week to explore my money blocks. It’s by a great Australian woman called Denise Duffield Thomas and she wrote Get Rich Lucky Bitch. She has a no nonsense and very practical approach to money that I liked.

    I’m 54 and just launched my Life Dreaming biz globally so you’re never too old to create a biz or change old money habits.

    Looking forward to reading your book Kate and am seriously looking to finance my B School learning Marie.

    Best regards

  297. Marie,

    Thank you so much for this video. Thank you.

  298. I loved what you both said about who would “sweep in” and take care of it for you. I have always felt I needed Suzy Orman to come in and tell me what I need to do to organize my finances and business finances. I have two businesses, one a consulting firm and one is a retail/yoga studio, and I feel like I’m organized but still in the dark.
    I don’t expect anyone to “sweep in” and pay my debt, but I do feel like I need guidance. Like something is not right.
    I hired a business consultant last year to teach me with organizing my books for the retail company, which was kinda new to me. She was great and taught me a lot. But I can’t help feeling lost all the time. How can I stop borrowing money from my credit cards for my business and actually seeing if it’s making money? That’s my biggest question everyday.
    I do the “close my eyes” too like Cate mentioned when spending money on credit cards for my business. I have no shoes to show for the debt, so it’s all business expenses.
    I’m wondering if there are resources for people like me, with businesses and personal questions?
    Or how can I practice these 5 beliefs for my business?

  299. I think my block has been around beliefs that almost categorically people with a lot of money don’t do good things in the world (I cringe when I type that out loud, but I spent years doing tons of political activism and it seemed like so much of the injustice in the world was perpetrated by folks with lots-o-money). So, obviously, if people with money do bad things I will self-sabotage and never be one of those people. I’ve been reading Kate’s book and doing her suggestion of journaling on the value I add to people’s days and things I value about myself and I’m already having my most successful February ever. 10 days in. I’m so excited and nervous and excited. And feel a huge shift I wanna hang on to forever. 🙂 Thank you both so much for this video and your work!

  300. I love this video. At 28, engaged to a super financially responsible man, I really want to learn and grow when it comes to money. I have terrible habits with money, but this makes me feel like I can solve them very very quickly with a little dedication. I’m so glad I came across your site.


  301. lucia

    It takes money to make money and I don’t have enough has been my belief

  302. I just love your MarieTV episodes! I get so inspired from listening to you!
    My biggest money myth right now is that I will have to sell my car or get rid of possessions in order to pay off my debt . I’ve been in debt since I can remember getting my first credit card in college. Always making New Years resolutions to pay it off but continuing to fall deeper down the rabbit hole. I continue to pay the minimums but can’t seem to get ahead. I’ve seriously considered selling my car and some personal possessions to pay it off to just be done with it, but the truth is, it will never stop there unless I learn how to spend my money.
    I am working part time right now, in school and starting a new business and my cash flow it very low, so I think of my credit cards as a necessity right now in order to get by. I keep telling myself I will pay it off when I get my business running and find clients, but deep down I know I’m not responsible with spending my money.
    Something I can do right now to help myself move in the right direction would be to spend time each and every day looking at my bank account. I love what Kate said about having a relationship with your money and connecting with it! I completely avoid looking at my bank account online unless I have to pay a bill. It’s sad and I’m very tired of feeling this way about money. I want to start a healthy relationship and learn how to save my money.
    Thank you so much for allowing us to express these feelings!

  303. Pamela

    Great Video Marie and excellent topic Kate! Money beliefs are taking over my attention and watching this video is very timely. The belief about my value that is holding me back is : “If I charge for it they won’t value me” I give away my skilled services and even when someone offers me money for it I find ways of them keeping the money, thinking they will appreciate and value me more. Often the opposite is true which makes me feel unappreciated and even less value in myself and the cycled repeats. One action I can take is valuing that my services have value and happily receive payment for them. Thank you for asking us to write here for the world to see!

    • Pamela

      please delete this one.