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Waking up without an alarm.

Having a cappuccino (or two) before meandering around a small, medieval village in search of the perfect artisanal gelato.

Ahhh, the simple life.

Having just returned from a heavenly adventure in Italy (HOLY pasta!!!), I understand the struggle many modern business owners face:

A huge appetite for success and an equally deep desire for simplicity.

Think about it.

Social media’s not a hairnet. No one’s going to shut you down for not using it. Click To Tweet

Can you remember a time before you were constantly connected to email, Facebook, Twitter and the like?

And more importantly…

Do you really have to blog and constantly connect with your market through social media in order to make it big in today’s world?

Watch today’s brand new episode of MarieTV and find out.

Bonus: you’ll get four tips to help you think through your own social strategy. Plus, you’ll also learn about successful modern companies who have chosen not to use social media — like, at all.

Here’s the article and book I mentioned in the video.

I’m curious…

Do you ever feel pressured to be more active than you truly want to be on social media?

What are your tips and tricks for striking the right balance for you?

With so many different paths and approaches to success in this arena, I’m curious to hear what’s working in your world.

Remember, the more specific you are in your comment — the better.

Your share could spark a breakthrough for someone else in our community so don’t hold back.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing!


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  1. I am currently on a social media DIET!
    I really needed to get away from it all…
    I’m declaring this whole Summer A SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK!

    • Hah–now that’s a summer diet I can get behind, Caroline! 😉

      • Jessica.. I hopped over to your website. Love it!

        ~darlene 🙂

        • Aww, thanks Darlene! I really enjoyed your Twitter in 5 mins tips :-).

    • Social media can definitely be a total time suck — I’ve also been trying to step out of the black hole of Facebook and Twitter!

      I’m making a barter deal with a social media expert so that she can take over some of my pages. That way I can step AWAY from the computer (what a relief!) and yet still be present to my followers.

      Enjoy your social media-less summer!

      • Delegation is awesome! I’ve hired a VA to do lots of things for me, including my regular social media stuff – promoting my blog, posting pictures etc. I still tweet and facebook as ME but it’s all on my own time and pace, but then I’m still active on those sites. I spend maybe 10 minutes a day instagramming something or returning a few tweets!

      • Awesome thing to have someone else do it for you!

    • I know what you’re saying Caroline! Social media is such a time sink. I try to use Hootsuite for my business as much as I can and limit myself to only a couple of “Facebook/Twitter breaks” a day. I don’t have any self-control for Pinterest unfortunately, so that one’s off the table completely. Hope your diet goes well! 😉

      • Yes – I love Hootsuite as well, Laura! I’d definitely recommend Hootsuite to anyone wanting to schedule out posts.

        • Laura I am with you, Hootsuit is perfect for Facebook and Twitter. But Pinterest all is lost there:)

          • That’s true, and I have issues with it posting on Facebook right sometimes too. But, overall, it works, and it saves some time! I have to get my Pinterest game on… somehow I doubt it will really bring me enough for my efforts right now.

        • I found hootsuite to be a great social media tool! Sometimes, I will have multiple bits of info I want to post on FB or Twitter, so scheduling them sporadically on hootsuite has been great. It keeps me from having to post too much at once or log on to FB and twitter all the time.

          • Lina Marie Iréne

            Where can I get hootsuite? 😉 I really need a social media-detox 😛 or even internet-detox. I need a schedule, but when I make one I mostly break it. ni discipline left in me it seems, since I finished school, that is. 😉

      • I’m just starting to use Hootsuite, and love the ability to schedule tweets & posts as well as check in when I have a few minutes of idle time.

      • LOVE Hootsuite! I schedule posts in bulk with Hootsuite, it’s the only way to survive social media. Well actually, to really save time I have a copywriter curate the posts and a VA does the scheduling for me. Everyone once in a while I jump in and do it so that I don’t forget how.

      • ebony

        i’m not a big hootsuite fan, but i love buffer. just offering up an alternative for anyone who may want to check it out!

        • Thanks Ebony-Hootsuite always freezes up my computer!

          • Lina Marie Iréne

            oh, does buffer use less space /energy on my computer?
            I´m thinking to myselfm what happend to the time I yelled at my sisters for sitting by the computer, and myself I never sat there except when I HAD TO because I had schoolwork that had to be written on computer…what has happened to me? Hm, I guess color-computer and (cute things on the) internet happend. 😉

    • Thanks ladies 🙂
      I’m craving human connection and real hugs (not more tweets & FB posts)

      I do loooove love love Amy Porterfield however: she’s the FB guru, she’s absolutely lovely and her courses are packed with info.

    • OUPS.
      I cheated.
      I just tweeted Marie.

    • Amen, Caroline! I never used to struggle with this but since I found B-School Babes community, it’s hard to stay away! Thanks so much for this video Marie!

    • As a kid, I remember hearing someone say “Diet” is “die” with a “t”. Your post sent me back! 🙂 Now people say “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” which is probably equally applied to social media. 🙂

    • Understood. Social Media is like my virtual sugar. I don’t want to completely cut it out but I definitely needed to cut down for overall well-being. 😉

    • I commend you on taking a social media break. Perhaps it will be the Summer of Time for Yourself. 😀 I took a break from FaceBook for almost a year without warning. Within a few posts of re-engaging, I had several friends commenting about my extended absence. They were glad I was back, but wondered where I had gone.

    • Carolina – Just a word of caution. In case you’re concerned with things like your Klout Score, just know that going dark for a period of time will make your score drop, sometimes dramatically. (If people are mentioning you a lot, then it won’t be so dramatic, but it will still fall.)

      I got married a few years ago and was crazed the two months before the wedding and totally went dark and my score dropped 20 points. Particularly since then, I don’t really care about the score. I know I have real relationships with key people on Twitter, even it Klout doesn’t.

      But …thought I should warn you just in case!

    • Christine

      Uh Caroline you’re not doing such a good job if you replied here. 😉

    • I’ve taken some social media “detox cleanses”. It clears your head and gives you a chance to reevaluate your priorities and marketing plan.

      Caroline enjoy your social media summer vacation. Can’t wait to hear what you do with all that extra free time. 🙂
      – Carolyn

    • I’ve been temped to go on a social media diet, too! I love Marie’s advice that it’s not mandatory!! These days it FEELS so mandatory because so many people are doing it! I love wake up calls like this!

      • I totally agree Lori. It was a message I was super happy to hear.

    • Good on you Caroline! Last year I did a social media blackout – NOTHING for almost a month. The first few days I was a bit twitchy but I realised I had to practice what I preach; focus on what brings something to your business, and allow yourself the “social” if you enjoy it.

      When I announced my black out I got a ton of emails from people asking “how?”, “why?” and words of wisdom such as: “your business will suffer” – truth is that my biz flourished because I gave myself the time and space to make things happen, plan and really enjoy life (and we are here to work to LIVE not the other way around!)

      I’ve definitely been a lot less active on social media since last summer but I’m seriously considering another black out this summer to refill my creative cup!

      • Awesome Ameena 🙂 I found your website on headway themes website and love what you do! xo

    • Love this diet Caroline!!! I need to get on board ASAP!

    • That’s why I love the automation tips. I can be on a social media diet but they are still going out. No guilt!

    • Hi Caroline,
      Oh, that sounds lovely! I might need to do the same. =)

      Thank you Marie! I really loved your advice on this one. I am majorly overloaded trying to do all the different social media channels. I appreciate your advice to make a schedule and ditch the media outlets that are not working. =)

    • Love the idea of a social media diet… and love that Marie said it was okay to NOT be involved in social media at all if we don’t want to!

      Agree it’s helpful to choose one or two platforms to be more committed to, to schedule, and to utilize tools such as HootSuite. However, if I do want to take a social media break, should I be concerned with my Klout Score? It was mentioned by Veronika Harbick below and never heard of this?!?



    • That’s an interesting way to put it, Caroline (from a Martian’s perspective).
      I was thinking about this very topic the other day. I never joined Facebook, or Twitter, much to the chagrin of ‘social media experts’- a category that didn’t even exist in the time I was growing up. I did make the mistake of having a MySpace account and was never able to close it down, despite my pleas to the Social Networking Gods. For the sole purpose of generating traffic, I did succumb, somewhat, to the advice of SME’s and joined several business related networks including Viadeo(French version of Linkedin) and Xing(German version of Linkedin). So, it may be easier for me, than some, but, I am also trimming the fat. I am closing my Yahoo! e-mail account and moving to Outlook. I am only focusing in on certain areas. I enjoy the elephant journal. I can be found on and Forbes.
      I may join Medium, if they ever open it up to more than those who have a Twitter account. All in all, though, I think minimalism can be a beautiful thing.

    • I need to do this.
      I’m a massive social media junkie! xx

    • I’m a social media junkie!! I really need to try this! 🙂

    • Love it, Caroline!

      As I attempt to get my newborn website a little more fully formed this summer, I could sure benefit from releasing myself from the added pressure of being clever on Facebook!

      Thanks for the tips, Marie!

    • Rush

      Is there anyone you can hire to completely delete your online imprint? I’m talking everything. I have so many social media sites I don’t even remember ever using that pop up under a name search.. Maybe it’s the OCD but I’d just like to have a clean online presence that strictly represents my current brand and content..

  2. Yes!! Love this, Marie. My clients get so caught up in being everywhere and run themselves ragged and it’s so not necessary. Be where you’re at and be there how you’re comfortable. I love Twitter, but pretty much ignore Facebook and that works really well for me.

    (And a schedule helps keep me motivated to be active–definitely appreciate that tip as well :-).)

    • Do you still post on FB? You could just set up the automated thing that any tweets will go straight to your FB page. So easy!

      I’m the opposite – love FB and meh on Twitter some days, so the automation really helps to find my peeps on both platforms.

      x Denise

      • That’s such a great point, Denise! I automatically send my (non reply) Tweets to Facebook so that I’m still using both sites but don’t have to be particularly active on FB. Automation is awesome.

  3. OK.. So this is EXACTLY what I tell me peeps!

    I actually recommend using one or two social media platforms to be on (claim your name on the rest) but only engage and build relationship on the one or two.

    Which social media platforms are best for YOUR biz?

    The one you like.

    ~ darlene 🙂
    p.s. FYI, I’m not on Facebook. Yep, no kidding but Twitter.. look out!

    • Hee hee, Darlene, I was the same way. Couldn’t stand Facebook, and fell in love with Twitter. It took me a while to warm up to facebook, and now something like 30% of my site traffic comes from facebook. But I still swoon for twitter. 🙂

  4. It’s a conundrum! I definitely feel the pressure but it feels a chore when it’s too forced for me – I prefer to NOT be too planned. I yo-yo from being pretty active and then there being radio silence…. I learned that I get the most benefit when I am consistent so it’s upto me what I want consistent to look like. I agree that the way to manage it is to choose fewer platforms – I enjoy Pinterest the most and so that’s where I’ve chosen to spend my time, along with Twitter. (By the way: Melanie Duncan does a fab Pinterest marketing seminar!!). I have a presence elsewhere but I chose to spend the bare minimum of time there.

    • Pinterest is definitely the most fun for me too, Emma. Thanks for the tip about Melanie Duncan!

  5. Phew! What a relief to hear this Marie. So true that you can find yourself pulled in so many directions that you end up not doing any of them well or actually working on your main business, or feeling guilty about not updating your fb, twitter etc when you are doing other things. Better to keep focused and limit the time spent to certain slots in the day – but easier said than done of course … now did I just hear my phone telling me I’ve got another follower on twitter – must dash…

  6. I love hearing you say “less is more” in terms of social media, Marie! I don’t want to have to do a zillion social media posts on tons of platforms. So this is a relief!

    Also, I really need to get on my game with organizing social media posts and planning them in advance. As always, awesome advice, Marie!

    • I am impressed by the less is more thing too! When I started with social media, it really wasn’t that long ago and so I though I had to tweet like freaking crazy in order to look established. Now I tweet only things I love or when I want!

  7. I’m not the type to spend hours on end on social media. I have one day a week where I try to “go hard” on social media, and then for the rest of the week I kind of dabble in it. I’m not sure if this is the best practice, but it works for me!

    • Mariah, I’ve tried that too, but I’ve found that consistency helps my business reap the best rewards from social media. So I just schedule certain mini-breaks to retweet a status or post a quote, for instance.

  8. The virtual world is no different than the physical world. You can’t be all things to all people or in multiple places at the same time. You only exhaust yourself and tend to give out half-ass content.

    Primarily, I’m a twitter fiend. I’ve been adverse to FB until as of late. I only use it for groups that resonate with me and I interact occasionally. Generally, if something doesn’t resonate with me, it’s NOT getting done…that’s in all facets of life.

    Couldn’t agree with Marie’s advice more.

    • Amen Emelia!! Online isn’t different to offline!

      Imagine having 20 people hanging out all day in your shop/office? You wouldn’t get anything done. Same rules apply!

  9. I just wrote a chapter on this in my Suitcase Entrepreneur book on being more strategic and purposeful with the time you spend on social media. As a result it forced me to relook at my own current strategies and ask whether I was in maintenance mode or growth mode.

    My biggest piece of advice for my clients is to be where your audience are and forget about the rest. If you check your Google Analytics you’ll see the top 5 referrers of visitors to your site and quite often it’s just one or two social media platforms. For me that’s Twitter then Facebook and Pinterest is growing too. So I tend to focus my activities on where my audience are, where I can engage best with them and spending more time doing 2-3 checkins a day to provide useful updates, answer questions, post questions, share photos and posts and be a human!

    Great topic to cover Marie.

    • I totally agree with you here Natalie. No point in treating social media like a crap shoot or spreading yourself too thin – looking at your stats to see where your people are and showing up fully (and like a human!) are key! I’ve seen a huge surge in my website traffic since I started being really consistent and interactive on Facebook and Twitter only.

    • I love your tip with Google Analytics!

    • That is what I figured out, Natalie — Google Analytics is the way to go! I had planned on being on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. After a few weeks, I realized all my traffic was coming from FaceBook (over 70%), Twitter, and LinkedIn (just a few). My active attention is on FaceBook with minimum attention on Twitter. I have let LinkedIn and Google+ go. So glad to hear Marie’s words of sticking with one or two social media outlets, and your words of using Google Analytics to figure it out. Nice to get affirmation I’m on the right track.

      • Yes stats are where it’s at. They reveal where all your hard work and engagement is paying off. Great stuff Africa and Heather I knew you’d be up on the play with this one. Devani you’re so welcome girl.

    • Exactly what I was going to mention! I try to focus on the actual places my main audience is. Pinterest in definitely one of them, and they just introduced business accounts!
      As you mentioned, Google analytics is very helpful as well. Plus it’s easy to install and understand.
      Great points Natalie.
      And perfect topic Marie, it’s important to avoid that overwhelming feeling at all costs so no one gets abandoned!

  10. The key is definitely choosing your platform and planning ahead. But social media can be so addicting, so I usually insert a “break-up behavior”. Every time I want to go on Facebook, first I do something else. Like, every time I want to just go surf Facebook, first I do ten deep meditative breaths and center myself. Or, first I read two pages from my Kindle or the latest book I’m reading.

    By the time the ten breaths are over, I usually want to continue the meditation or listen to an inspiring podcast instead of being curious over my friends’ latest culinary adventures. And, by the time I’ve finished reading two pages, I’m not stopping just for Facebook.

  11. Great points here, Marie.

    Ultimately, the key is to do what makes the most sense for yourself and your biz. At one time, I used to cross post my tweets to facebook, and it was crazy pants. When I STOPPED doing that, people were more engaging on facebook, and I started enjoying both twitter and facebook more. I have a YouTube channel, but I make a point to drive conversations back to my blog so that I don’t become entangled in yet ANOTHER social media outlet.

    When I work with clients, I always ask “what’s the end game?” If you don’t know WHY you’re on a social media platform, if you don’t understand what your goals are, then it will be incredibly easy to get swallowed up in the tide of social media content providers out there – and they keep on growing.

    Know what you want (for yourself and your biz), then select the sites that will help you achieve those goals. If you’re not sure, then experiment with one or two, but give yourself limits and structures to work within. That’ll keep you productive and working, versus getting sucked in to neverland.

  12. Yaaaay!
    It totally makes sense to nourish the minimum social media possible, and focus on making your business grow from the inside. 80-20 rule!

  13. This is a very useful discussion and one that I can resonate with. I have two ten minute mini breaks where I try and update a status etc, although I have noticed this forced environment doesn’t make for very inspired updates.

    Thanks for covering such useful topics.

  14. I love this topic Marie!

    I’m a Google Analytics chick and am *always* trying to get my clients to do less of what’s not working and more of what IS. As long as you’re measuring conversions (newsletter signups, purchases) in Google Analytics – you have these answers already!

    For me, that means more time on Facebook (no really – I can show you the stats! ha).

  15. As always thank you for your terrific advice! One thing I suggest to clients is even if they don’t want to engage on all social media platforms they should consider setting them up if only to grab the name. I have seen situations in which clients didn’t own the variations of their url (they had the .org not .com) someone put up a site on the .com claiming to be that business. Or someone with the same name gets YOUR Twitter handle. You are right about the hairnet, but maybe a little hair spray is worth tossing in the bag. Thx Marie!

  16. I have a thirty minute rule. I don’t spend more than thirty minutes on social media each day, including posting, monitoring, following up with people, etc. I actually spend less than that these days because of the systems I have in place. I use StumbleUpon to find awesome resources and I schedule updates in Hootsuite in the morning so that I can stay off social media and get some work done! Then I jump on once in the afternoon to follow up with people. Streamlining things has done wonders for my time management and productivity! I don’t find myself closing Facebook, looking at the clock and saying, “$#&^ that was a whole hour!” anymore 😉

    • I love that system, Natalie! Right now I’m not that busy yet, but once I am I will definitely do that! I bet that once it gets really busy it’s tough to pull yourself away from it. Your strategy is great.

    • Great advice Natalie. I’ve streamlined my social media recently too and have an hour a day rule but have massively increased my traction and engagement on social media because I’m more focussed. And, how would we manage without tools like Hootsuite and the WP social media plug-in’s that automate content sharing?

  17. I wouldn’t say I feel pressure to use social media more…but I really enjoy it, and sometimes it’s hard to step away and do something else.

    Laura Roeder has a great “10 minutes a day on Twitter” video that really helped me take control of how – and how often – I use Twitter. I also do most of my social media from my smartphone, on the bus, when there’s little else to do.

  18. I just found this site a few weeks ago and holy wow is it a fab place! Love this video & it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today…and yesterday! x

    • Welcome, Jo! I love Marie’s videos, and the fact that there is a REAL conversation going on in the comments throughout the day… Tuesdays are my new favorite day 😉 hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!

  19. When we write strategy for our clients, we never do it for more than 2 platforms and I agree, less IS more. I think monitoring is what takes up the most time so I check once in the morning and once at night to stay in the conversation.
    50% of our website traffic comes from Facebook so we work that channel the most and it is fun for us. If it isn’t FUN and motivating, then definitely don’t do it!

  20. I schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook about a week in advance. I make sure to check in a few times a week to actually interact with people though. No one likes a robot! I also leave room in-between scheduled posts for spontaneous stuff.

  21. GREAT EPISODE MARIE!! (Caps needed!)

    I have been so confused in my business about what social media outlets to connect with – they were driving me crazy and felt like a total ball and chain!

    I decided a few weeks ago to cut it to just Facebook and Twitter and to even minimize my activity there to posts that were really relevant and necessary and to cut the crap.

    It is working well and I actually enjoy interacting on these two platforms now.

    Your video has just helped me to be sure in my mind that not being on every single platform under the sun is actually better rather than worse.

    Thanks you – xx

  22. The person I really enjoy listening to on social media advice is Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are looking for an insightful perspective on how social media will level the playing field over the next decade, check out his book The Thank You Economy.

    One idea that he really focuses on is that the word “media” after social throws all of us in a whack. Traditional advertising is all push based trying to grab people’s attention. Social media is the first forum through which businesses can pull from their consumers. In a great example, he describes how one time a person ordered $20K worth of wine from his store and instead of sending him free shipping or 15% off the next order, Gary hopped on Twitter, saw that the guy loved some football player, bought a signed jersey off eBay for a few hundred dollars, and sent that in the package. If used well and if you engage with your customers (instead of just pushing), you can create a reputation that your business really cares about the people in it’s community and that what people will start knowing you for.

    I’d recommend checking out Global Stats to see what social sites are most popular globally or just in your region:

    • Thanks for a couple good tips Lucy! I teach a course that includes Gary’s Crush-it – still amazingly relevant for beginners to the online game – and will now check out your recommendation as well as Global Stats!

  23. Marie, I know how you love those occasional “replies from a DUDE”, so here goes –

    Your “deep desire for simplicity” really resonates! Many days — simplicity wins. I’m fighting social medial/channel overwhelm right now with a site redesign, course development, and two new clients. It’s been constant pressure to “get on this”, or “post that”, or “engage more on such-and-such”. Arghh!

    For me, there are two dimensions — the “social social” and the “business social”. Both are conversions which need to be measured. Pick a social media channel, read the “rules of the road” for that channel (a point often missed — at least for me), engage and track. Sometimes a particular channel fits, and sometimes not. Other times, connections convert to just “social social” –just “business social” and vice versa — which is great too. If someone becomes a friend or at least a cherished associate via social media, that to me is the most important “conversion.”

    As busy entrepreneurs, discovering what works and what doesn’t — **quickly** — reduces overwhelm. Channel “A” not resulting in friends, business contacts, or like-minded associates? Kick it to the curb, or at least reduce time and effort spent there. Maybe Channel “B” friends and advisors told you would be a waste of energy is suddenly building friends and fans? Move your limited time and energy there. @Natalie Sisson’s advice above is so right on the money. (Literally!)

    Without measurement and funnels (business or personal), there’s just no way to know how effectively our limited time is spent, and I think that’s what leads to most of the overwhelm. (At least in my experience.)

  24. Thanks for the reminder. I get consumed sometimes and it totally wipes me out.

    You are on punishment for the Big Daddy Kane clip. LOL

    • LOL Karla! I don’t know what that means — but I kind of like it 🙂

  25. Nice video Marie! I set regular hours to check, update and interact with my social media apps. I find it’s easier to focus on social media at one time and then log off. I also make use of social media tools such as Buffer for Twitter to pre-schedule my tweets so I don’t have to tweet 24/7. The rest of my day is then free to do the other things I need to do.

  26. Hi Marie, This is great. Truly, a schedule is the best way to go. I do have a few open channels, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter along with my blog. On WordPress, I can automate posting to FB and TWT when I put up a new post. I make a point to post briefly 3 times a day. Short and sweet. If I read something that ignites ideas, I share those things at my specific times to post. If I drift over to Facebook for personal time, I count that as fun time, not work. I spend a lot of time with artists and writers, many who resent the time suck of social. And then there are an equal amount who love the sense of community, new connections and enriching relationships they have found on social. So, like you say, I think everyone has to find a way to work that fits their schedule. Oops, there goes my egg timer. Time to step away from the internet. xo Suzi

  27. I just love Your posts. They give me a great inspiration in developing my own little one womans company 🙂

  28. Wow, this topic really hits home. I just launched my blog March 1, 2013 so I’m really new to this blogging/social media world. I dipped my toe in social media about 10 months ago to get a feel…it can be overwhelming.

    I’m only on Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. I had actually been on LinkedIn for a long time because of my work connections (I have nearly 300) so I use it otherwise I probably would ignore that platform.

    I use BufferApp to manage my tweets. I kind of like it because you can queue some up (I’m just starting to go that) and see what kind of traction you get.

    I wish it could be done w/out social media, but alas, I fear to be a blogger you must be committed to the beast!

  29. I woke up very early this morning, without an alarm, pulled out my iPad and spent a few minutes on Pinterest, liked a couple of Instagram photos and aimlessly wandered into my Twitter stream. Three hours later, here I sit, reminded why I decided to take a summer Social Media hiatus as often as I can. The interwebs are a major black hole. Like Morgan, my world is very visual. I try to stick to ^those^ three channels as a rule, but occasionally wander into FB or G+ to mingle with my peers. My next step is take your advice and use a scheduled approach to managing each platform and make sure I set a timer. Something’s gotta give and it isn’t going to be my sanity!

  30. Hey all! I definitely thought Marie would mention some of the platforms to use to help us all use social media without it being that true time suck. Hootsuite is the best! And most blog allow scheduled posts. Same with mailchimp or constant contact. Check them all out!

    -Heidi xx

  31. I’m just getting into scheduling once a week (or day, or couple of days) on HOOTSUITE!

    B Schooler Jackie Johnstone has done a BRILLIANT tutorial on how to use it here. She makes it simple and non-intimidating!

    • and PS i LOVE that you give us permission NOT to use every form of social media. I am too scared of Pinterest and Instagram to throw myself in, so I love that you feel we don’t have to!

    • Buffer is another good one, it’s what I use and I love it. (There’s a totally free option that works fantastic.)

      I keep a running list of updates like Marie’s team does, and then I schedule a post a day via Buffer, and only check in for a couple of minutes a day to respond to messages and get some interaction in.

    • Thank you SO MUCH for the shout-out, Marsha! Hootsuite is such an invaluable tool, I wanted to take the intimidation factor away. Plus I love breaking down the tech stuff so it’s super accessible 🙂

  32. Love, love, love the idea of a schedule and choosing to rock only 2 platforms. Nobody wants to work with a brand that is spread thin – that’s just the pits. An editorial calendar that drives all content has been a game changer for me and my sanity. I still have game and I still have sanity as a result.
    Thanks for a great 5 minute time out this week!

  33. Sue

    What a refreshing post! I feel the pressure of social media often, and I started to resent the pressure so I cut off cold turkey. That is not good for my business! So I now schedule an hour each week to get Hootsuite’n, and now I don’t resent social media! I also have a notebook where I not down post ideas as they come to me, then open that at the appropriately scheduled time! Gat advice once again Marie!

  34. There is definitely a balance needed with managing your social media. I totally agree pick two or even one social site and build up your community there. Figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out. Perhaps that’s Facebook & Twitter? Leverage Facebook’s post scheduler and Hootsuite for Twitter. By pre-scheduling your content you can check-in on your social media just for a few minutes throughout the day (your smart phone works great for this too). I also save my images I use on Facebook in Dropbox which I can access on my phone, so I can easily post my content on Instagram as well, try it! (Instagram is only mobile). Great tips Marie!

  35. Thank you for another great post Marie! We all know how much useful social medias are, but how much pressure and axiety they can bring us. It is so important to know where to stop.

  36. Loved this. I’m a social media consultant and you reflected so much of what I already say. The only things I think were missing are… 1) have some kind of plan even if it is rough so you can share with others in your business and 2) have an internal/external policy (also can be very simple) as a kind of “insurance” for your business. Thanks so much!!!

  37. Ahhh…Caroline Frenette I love the idea of a social media diet! I try to just to my main social media stuff for my business in the mornings and again at night when more people are on. But do often do self imposed breaks, especially in the summer on the weekends!

    Facebook, Twitter, the most active, and linkedin, pinterest too but not daily (pinterest is the least I do) and one time a week blog post – but I have a newsletter that goes out weekly too.

    You can let social media become your full time job for your biz, it can get very overwhelming if you do – love the 15 minutes a day Maria, I really try to do that too. I had people tell me I need to do more social media, tumbler, google + and I simply dont’ have the time and think it is overkill!

    I too prefer face to face networking, and think that is a great tool for any business!

  38. This is a great post. I have struggled with this ever since my book (The Vampires of Soldiers Cove *shameless plug*) came out in March. It’s easy to spend all day on social media without even feeling it. You can look up and realize you haven’t done anything else. I have had to limit myself to three outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Blog) and three check ins a day. That’s really cutting back for me and I don’t always succeed but I spend way less time there than I used to. I’m going to have to cut way back soon because I have to write the second book in the series and I can’t have all of this distracting me. It can suck the creativity right out of you if you listen to the chatter all day everyday. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  39. I made a decision to utilize the platform where I can best show my strengths.

    I am a life coach and motivational writer, and since I started sharing more of my handcrafted writing (along with an image) once a day on Facebook – my likes have increased by more than a thousand. People really appreaciate my advice and inspiration on real life issues inbetween all their friends’ updates.

    Another thing I do is to post consistently. This means that people can expect an update from me – and it allows me to schedule time for replies and interaction.

    Using these two techniques has really impacted my business!

  40. For me, social media is something to do when I’m bored or procrastinating. When I feel and am dedicated to working, then I have less of a desire to be on social media if at all. Additionally, I’m an Abstainer, which means my preference is to go cold turkey. I don’t do moderation at all: I’m very do or do not. And it works really well for me. Once I’ve decided that I will or won’t do something, then I will or won’t do it. Social media is the same way.

  41. Are you using Social Media or is Social Media using you?!?

    Great Video Marie, Thanx!

  42. moni

    Welcome back in ny Marie. Great topic. Couple times a week linkedin as professional site, on facebook just want to stay in touch with friends and family and on pinterest i plan to save my research. I don’t know much about pinterest or stumbleupon. I think that would be like a full time job trying to keep up with all the social media. thx again.

  43. Amen sister! My intention with social media is connection and value. If I find myself using it for anything else: distraction, bored, etc. I get myself off. I think the absolute key is, as you said, a plan.

    1. 15 minutes a day.
    2. Clear intention.
    3. Provide value.

    As someone not in love with social media I’m still working on those three. 🙂

  44. It’s so refreshing to get this reminder, and what it sounds like you’ve been able to set up in your business is a social media system for both publishing and responding. Super smart, I love it!

  45. What a liberating post to get re-validated about not needing to be on every freaking social media platform…
    I used let myself to be overwhelmed about it, not anymore…if it doesn’t feel right, won’t do it. I have always preferred quality over quantity anyways.
    What I’ve learnt from this video is come up with a system to run my FB page, that will make it much easier and enjoyable for the readers as well, I think…
    Thank you for the great post and making me laugh!

  46. Love this. I feel the same need to “escape” sometimes, more so from TEXTING constantly. I’ve thought about taking texting off my plan. But I know that I would miss it if I didn’t have it at all. With me being a personal trainer, it is helpful for apptmt confirmations; however, I feel like it goes way beyond that and I can’t keep up or resent spending so much time “keeping up.”. Any thoughts, Marie? The sweetest and most effective way to eliminate texting from my life like 90% without offending anyone? ,)

  47. I went on Vacation last year and didn’t post anything on my Facebook for a week. The world didn’t come to an end. When I finally put up a post it got an amazing response. This allowed me to be a lot calmer about posting. I thought I had to put something every day and it had to be amazing but I realize timing and content that your consumers want is the biggest part. Hoot suite helps a lot too:)

  48. How do you break up with a social media site? Not only do I blog but I have an account for everything–Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Vine. Each platform has its own unique value but I struggle to keep up with it all. I’m a designer so my business is visual. I would like to scale down but picking which accounts to focus on is a challenge.

    Do you delete the accounts that you plan to no longer be active on? Do you let your followers know you are closing the account down? Do you live the page active but no longer post?

    • Hi! I think you can start by telling your followers that most of the conversation will happen on twitter or facebook or whichever one you choose. That way it might be easier – conversation contained on one place. Pick the networks that best work for you and where you feel more comfortable. Also, where is your biggest engagement? 🙂
      If your handles are your name or your business name you might want to keep that…never know if you might want to come back to it.

  49. *Typo

    Do you leave the page active but no longer post?

  50. What’s all the fuss. The bottom line is that social media like all human inventions or endeavors can be used or abused. Used properly it can be a great tool for communication for business or pleasure. Used improperly and it can become a habitual sinkhole of despair and a consummate waste of time. Each individual has the capacity to do the right thing with social media, but the question becomes, will they?

  51. I’ve finally found a groove with social media, after a couple of years of completely stressing out about it. I focus primarily on Facebook and Twitter (and repost some things to LinkedIn using Hootsuite, since my avatar is an “I’m too busy to be healthy” workin’ lady).

    I’m on Pinterest and do post more visual things there on occasion, but I don’t stress out about it.

    The big change for me was partnering with my assistant to manage social media each week. She schedules a few things via Hootsuite on Sundays each week (using a strategy we discussed when we first started working together); I review everything, recommend tweaks, and then just pop into Facebook and Twitter for about 10-15 minutes a day to add anything I feel like adding and to respond to any posts from my fans/followers.

    Works great!

  52. AWESOME!! This video is JUST what I needed today… I was thinking this morning of how I’m going to have to struggle through posting hundreds of social media updates every day/week for my business, and my heart just sank… cuz all I really want to do is simplify my life already!!

    Hootsuite sounds great, I’m going to go check that out… thank heavens we don’t have to be slaves to social media 🙂 Viva la simple life!

    Thanks Marie and everyone who has commented thus far with ideas and tips!


  53. I have my fun personal blog and a new online wellness business. For the funb log, I’m on youtube and was contemplating what else to be in — looking at other youtube-focused people, facebook and instagram are key. So I’m on instagram and let is update twitter and tumblr for me automatically.These are all my personal stuff, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming because… i’m a young person who is on social media anyways.

    For my online business, this is harder. I decided to use ONLY facebook because I have lots of friends and anything else just would not make sense to me right now. Would love to see some health coaches who are active on facebook. I don’t know what to be posting!

  54. I wouldn’t describe my daily to-do’s to stay social “pressure” but in my industry my ideal client would love to see their pup (that they’re paying a pretty penny on) featured somewhat regularly on Facebook. As a growing and flourishing biz out there, with new clients signing up somewhat regularly (thank you jesus!) I do put each client on a Facebook schedule.

    So what does that mean? I calendar out my clients.

    Say Emily W. signs up for daily dog walking service for her pup, Penny. Penny is put on to my FB calendar bi-monthly. Meaning while we’re out there playing with Penny we shoot a photos like mad. And we save them and I schedule them into FB bi-monthly. Customer doesn’t know this: she just gets that surprise when checking into my biz page and feels overjoyed that someone else out there loves on her pup as much as she does.

    On the flip-side: on days I schedule or post to FB more than 3 times in one day I am guaranteed to lose a like. So what have I learned – don’t post more than 2 or 3 times a day, keep things in control, spaced out during high traffic times of the day and keep it simple and thoughtful.

    So if that’s ain’t sharing my tips and tricks, here are a few others:

    1. If you’re going to obsess, make sure the content you share is perfect for your ideal client.

    2. Pay close attention to insight data. It’s not worth looking further back than in the last week because social media is all about what’s happening right now.

    3. Do what you can and be at peace with what you did.

    Thanks Marie for another great episode of Marie TV. I’m so happy to be in love with you. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my business.

    • Awesome tips Julia! Thanks for sharing! Great insights on posting!

      I wonder if anyone post during the night when the insomniacs are up surfing the net? This would be interesting data.

  55. I definitely feel the pressure sometimes… there are so many outlets and I feel like I get caught up with that rather than doing the work what I want to do. Like I have been feeling pressure to get into Twitter, but I honestly don’t get it and haven’t been interested in it since I’ve had an account. I’m learning that that’s okay. I’m trying to streamline and narrow it down to the outlets that I enjoy the most and feel the most natural.

    I’m still experimenting with which outlet is best for me, but I’m finding that I want to communicate primarily through my blog. 🙂

  56. Great tips for simplifying social media, Marie! Personally, social media has been great for me, but I find that I don’t need to schedule updates about my blog or my workshops all the time, nor do I have to write blog posts every single day! It’s the conversations and connections I’ve made through social media that have really benefited my work, and a new business I am slowly growing. I actually stopped using Twitter actively, because it wasn’t effective (and it was just getting spammy). A private Facebook group for my community has been more than enough! 🙂
    Also: I’m glad you had an awesome vacation!! 🙂

  57. I make my husband do it. He’s pretty good at pretending to be me.

    I also make my VA in the Philippines do it. She’s like my clone.

    Frankly, I hate social media. Total time suck. AND…my market (new parents) are ALL THERE, so I feel I have to be, too.

  58. How ironic to have this discussion on a blog after coming to this article through social media. I think the technology itself – blogs, email, social media – is not the problem. It’s whether we choose to engage these tools mindfully or not. The ‘net can be addicting. Just as addicting as cigarettes, alcohol, cookies…It takes a conscious choice to engage in ways that in harmony with simplicity and slowness.

  59. Loved this weeks MarieTV. I always struggle with Social Media.
    Two thoughts/questions I had after listening:
    1. What is the best type of information for each type of platform (i.e. twitter, facebook … specifically)
    2. What is the best way to keep all those little things you see on FB or twitter organized to use later?


  60. I’m so happy and relieved to hear this. I’m just not into small talk and that’s what social media feels like to me. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong because I don’t use social media. I don’t feel authentic posting inspirational pics and thought inspiring messages just because I’m a yoga teacher. It’s just not me and not my message! Thanks for showing it’s not the only way!

  61. Jo

    Lovely how this has come up after a trip away to Italy. As a european who has lived all over the world (currently hanging out in a small village in Bulgaria) I reckon that travel has given me so much perspective.

    Like the time I lived and worked in Sicily for the grape harvest, way before Twitter existed. My favourite part of the day was watching la passeggiata – the evening ritual of everybody walking, parading, socialising and generally interacting in the evening. Social media is just an online version of this, right? And before the harvest started, even though the grapes were ready and waiting to be picked, people simply weren’t interested. It was the end of August, and nobody in their right mind works in August in Italy. Their attitude was simply ‘it can wait.’

    Love how la passeggiata is not ALL day, just for a wee while in the evening. That’s a nice attitude to have towards social media too. In my village, pretty much all my close neighbours wouldn’t have a clue what facebook even is. If I want a dose of perspective, I stick my head out the door and watch them herding goats every morning and evening 🙂

    Oh, and gelato with real live people wins out every time over hunching over a keyboard.
    Just sayin’

  62. Thank you so much for this Marie! Lately, I’ve ignored the advice that says you have to be on social media. So I really appreciate you showing that you have a choice and that it’s not for everyone. I don’t use social media anymore and so that article you shared from Mashable really just made my day.

  63. Thanks for this A to her Q Marie. I always remind individuals to spend a little time planning -objectives, strategies and tactics so that SM ROI is measurable. Every tweet, post, update, +1 has a purpose. A lot of business owners jump to tactics without considering the bigger picture.

  64. I totally agree with this video, there is soooo much pressure out there especially when you are a small business to be on all the networks. “If you don’t you’re missing out!!” is what they tell you.

    Marie, we can always count on you to give it to use straight!

    I’m taking the advise of owning a few I really like to work with. For me that’s Pinterest and Facebook (though I’m really starting to feel Instagram – because I love photos – but I’ll easy into it) Everything else I’m starting to pull back on. I’ll keep a presence, but I’m not going to stress about the updates.

  65. Perfect timing! Tomorrow is completely blocked out for marketing and social media planning. Any good suggestions for keeping track of all the articles, images, quotes etc to schedule and share? We use Podio to keep track of all our projects and tasks and I’m going to figure out if there is a good way to syc this to a dedicated marketing calendar in Google calendars.

  66. Elizabeth Jett

    Excellent advice as always.Thanks Marie. I have felt so overwhelmed by the idea of constant posting and updating and commenting that I couldn’t even start, now I feel I can.

  67. Thanks for this tip Marie. Today, I have spent a total of 1.5 hours on social media. That includes Pinterest for image search for my job, but STILL! That’s ridonkulous.
    This is what I NEED to do:
    – schedule 1 tweet at day on Hootsuite
    – go on FB no more than once every 2 hours to respond to comments and Like posts, responses of others
    – Don’t get into social media ENVY of others in the coaching industry. Yes you got like 100 people RSVPs for your next event and I got only 15. So what!? That’s the perfect number for me, for now
    – Use social media ONLY as a treat to myself after accomplishing a couple of units of work

    Now the hard part of sticking to this list!

    Thanks for talking about this Marie! It’s so time appropriate for me.

  68. Social media kills me! Even in my personal life I have a hard time posting on FB, etc.

    But, for business I think we found a system that seems to work. We use Social Oomph and I upload the month’s tweets (3-4 a each day). Some I tag to also post on FB. Then about 3 days I week I post or comment in FB and retweet on Twitter. I use Marie’s formula for 10-15 minutes tops for this, and have even set my timer to keep me from getting sucked in.

    Getting likes is a whole ‘nother thing! Anyone have any tips?

    • I also use squarespace for my blog. It’s pretty awesome about auto-posting to other social media outlets.

      Also, you can schedule posts.

    • Karen,

      That’s great advice! I use Hootsuite to load up my tweets and also auto-feed my blog posts to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Then I check in using Marie’s suggested 10-15 minutes for interaction. A timer is another great idea. I need to start using that too!

      Getting “likes” takes more time and those may not turn into conversions either. That’s the ultimate goal. I haven’t figured that one out yet either.

    • Using a timer is a great way to stay on track. I’ve lapsed from this practice a bit but when I set my timer (I use on Chrome) I get SO much more done!

  69. I feel that!

    When I started Octoplace, I went nuts! I made a blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, google, and pinterest account. On top of that, I already had a personal blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, google, pinterest, linkedIn, dribbble etc…

    Geez! I’m in the process of doing a social media cleanse and I’m focusing on where I can produce the best content.

    I’m pretty awful at pinterest, so I decided to put a hold on it. This is how I did it:

  70. I feel a TON of pressure to be all over social media. I like twitter a lot, but I get scared to go over because it seems like I lose hours….same with pinterest.

    I love the idea of a schedule. I’m going to try that and see if it works.

    What are your thoughts of scheduling posts and tweets via hootsuite and tweetdeck?

    • I like Hootsuite myself Jen. They have a great mobile app too.

  71. Thank you for being logical!!!

  72. All that you said is so true. I have a facebook page, we are over 21.000 likes and all the time we have people asking questions, sending messages, and it’s too much already. Many say that we should have a twitter, but no way! I can’t handle that, so I think it’s better to talk to my clients in just one social media, but talk to them, every day. I have to admit that facebook brings lots of clients to us and it’s really good for bussiness.

    Another great Q&A Tuesday! 🙂

    • Have you tried Zen Desk? It helps track customer service from various social media portals.

      • Thanks for sharing about Zen Desk, Puno! It looks amazing!

  73. Social media can be overwhelming plus adding to it the Facebook groups, a girls fingers can get a major keyboard workout.

    I do my official check-in in the morning… saying “good morning” + commenting, etc…. then I use Hootsuite to post inspiring quotes through out the day. If I have time…I may do an evening check-in, but when I’m done with my quick check-in, I close Twitter, Facebook,etc. and then get back to work.

    BTW… I just wrote a post about reducing your time spent on social media and making awesome stuff happen in your own life.

  74. I’ve found, from looking at my Google analytics, that LinkedIn is by far and away the greatest source of traffic for my site. This is because I work with a specific market (firefighters). For those of you who also have a very targeted audience, especially if it is a profession, I highly recommend joining groups in LinkedIn. I simply post a link to my weekly blog posts in all my groups and of course on my profile. Takes very little time and is very effective!

  75. Loved this video. I just recently signed up for twitter. I’ve decided that I’m doing no more than one or two tweets a day, with a break on weekends. 🙂

  76. Oh thank you sweet Jesus, I really don’t want to spend more time on social media! I am happy using the ones that I like which are facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I really just use FB for my biz though, the others I am on just for fun.

    But I gotta say, Twitter drives me coo-cool. I do have an account, but if I don’ t use it should I just delete it?

    xo Desha

  77. 1. Marie, where did you get that dress??? I must have it in my life!!!

    2. How do you structure your time for answering comments on your blog? Or questions you pose on FB?
    I feel I don’t ask enough questions because I’m afraid of needing to be there to answer ect etc…


  78. Less is definitely more.

    It comes down to knowing A) what is the purpose of the social media to you and B) where do your potential customers hang out?

    Looking at A) I know a lot of teachers, for example, who use conversations with people on Twitter as a way to connect with other teachers as part of their learning and professional development goals. For me, twitter is useful for that when I can actually deal with the computer long enough to keep up with the conversation. It is not a terribly useful referral platform for my tutoring business because that’s not where my potential clients are going to find me.

    Looking at B) Aside from Facebook, which I don’t use and somewhat distrust, I don’t see many of my potential clients or referrers on social media. So, the thing of it is, where do people who will buy your product or service hang out (if at all) on the internets? Where do people who might refer people to you hang out? That’s where you want to be.

    The answers to those questions can greatly simplify your use of the internets and social media.

  79. This is great advice that I’ve been using for my blog as well. I was blogging and social-media-ing daily and it was wearing me out AND it was taking me away from my actual WORK. Social media can be a great distractor from my WORK.

    I now vlog once a week and use SM to share my post at different times throughout the week because different peeps are on at different times. I’m going to experiment with Hootsuite to see if it takes my SM time down even further.

    And I completely go by the advice go deep with 1-2 SM tools instead of floundering and trying to keep up with 5,6,7,8 AAAHHHH. Too much for this girl.

    Thanks so much for the amazing videos and advice. now back to work for me.

  80. Awesome topic! Thanks Marie;)

    I have had this as a challenge for sure. My whole biz is based around Freedom and I like to practice what I preach, so it requires a lot of balance to be able to take at least 5 months off a year AND stay connected somehow via social media. I also often travel to remote places without easy internet access. Things I’ve done that work well are:
    1) sending out a newsletter only once a month (I send other emails about free calls I do etc, so I feel people still feel connected to me with “just” on newsletter a month
    2) HootSuite when I travel – when I know I’ll be unplugged for weeks at a time, I preschedule daily inspirational quotes, because I am a quote addict and I feel peeps can always appreciate at least a good quote;) I do!
    3) Focus on Facebook. I have found FB to be the easiest way for me to connect to my peeps. I have my FB posts automatically get tweeted, so at least that way I have some presence on twitter without having to focus on it.

    I do wish I had a more regular schedule for my newsletter so it came out at the same time each month, but with my crazy schedule, its a compromise I’m willing to make for now.

    I also wish I knew a little more about how to utilize Twitter, but I am so busy with just FB that it’s something I’m willing to say “No” to it for a bit (when we say Yes to one thing, we’re saying No to another, right?).

    I like to spend no more than 15-20 min a day on social media as well, so this balance works for me…for now 😉

  81. I just returned to FB after 3 year absence. I have a whole new attitude to it now. its for networking and business. I also realize it is a marathon not a race so i take my time – i try and spend only 20 min per day on it, or go every second day. so far it is working for me.
    it requires focus, and schedule – i also make a list of things i want to post and how i want to send my msg to the community. its important.
    I am observing the trends and am also considering hiring a VA to manage it for me so i can be doing other things.

  82. When I feel like a social media failure, I like to remind myself that most of the books/articles/etc about social media are written by folks whose brand IS “social media expert”. The hardcore social media presence works well for that brand, but won’t ever work as well for mine. Remembering that, I can relax, worry a lot less about being a social-media diva, and focus on other things.

  83. I my line of business (Entertainment/Communications) Social Media stalking is a necessary ‘evil’. As much as I hate how utterly exhausting it can become, I give thanks to the Universe for software like HootSuite etc. that helps me to automate the posts…and keep track of my reach.

  84. Ahina

    oh my god this exactly what I needed ! Thank you !

  85. My first SEO advised us to be on all social media, post daily and blog often. That advise created a lot of work and little results. Trying to do it all felt spammy and made it near impossible to build relationships and conversations online.

    Now I’m on Facebook and Twitter a few times a week and blog 1-2 times a month. This has freed me up to create, build relationships, and enjoy the process. By doing less I’m able give more value and quality. It feels good and I’m liking the results.

  86. Excellent video! I’ve been contemplating getting rid of Twitter–I rarely get any hits from it. Facebook and Pinterest do well for me (showing off my latest webdesigns and blog posts). Think I might just trying nixing Twitter and put more effort into FB/Pinterest! =D

  87. GREAT topic here, Marie.

    You touched on it in the video so just to add to it a bit. Focus on the 1-2 platforms where your customers are and go deep on those. Maybe your customers are on Facebook, maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re on Pinterest or Instagram or YouTube. Whichever couple of platforms they’re on, you should be there too.

    How do you know where your customers hangout online? Simplest thing to do is ask them. If you have a store, ask people who come in. If you have an email list, ask them. And ask how they like to be engaged with. It’s such an easy (and free) thing to do most people forget to do it.

  88. Marie – great tips on using social media intelligently! So much better to have a plan, choose one or two platforms and do them REALLY well!

  89. LOVE this episode… Made for moi, merci Marie!

    I have business twins (so double trouble when it comes to social media) Twitter’s enough for them and Link’d in as a biog stop… In fact @LadyEDJ actually serves people who want to stop POOP -‘Persistent Online Overwhelm Problem’ and enjoy regular POO, ‘Positive Online Optimization’ and live connection!

    Social Media ain’t my thing but the people who most need me have POOP in their lives… So I meet folks regularly in one place and it’s so much easier when you know Marie’s No 1 – you don’t HAVE to do it.

    How? Each twin gets it’s own ‘Twitter Day’: @LadyEDJ gets #MotivatingMondays and @teandpoetry gets #teathurs…In fact lots of tea-lovers only tweet on #teathurs (could you create this for your business?) Followers and friends find it really easy to know when I’m around and I, too, schedule (via Tweetdeck) so that if Real Life intervenes I know the tweets and link to my blogs will show up anyhow. No sweat.

  90. LOVE THIS! This is the same advice I give my clients all the time. I even wrote a post about it last week – choose the network or networks that work for you. Also the amount of places you want to be is largely based on the amount of time you want to spend managing them. One thing I’d love to add is choose a network you don’t hate – if you can find one or two you enjoy even better!

    Such great advice Marie!

  91. Thanks Marie! Totally agree… better to just focus on one or two at a time because it is so easy to get overwhelmed. Bottom line: all your communication should flow and be EASY! Thanks for being an amazing teacher!!! g

  92. Thanks Marie. This validates what I’ve been secretly thinking for some time. You don’t have to pretend to be everywhere, you don’t *have* to do any of it if you don’t feel like it! Social Media is a tool, but not necessarily *the* tool to build a successful business.

  93. I totally agree Marie, I’ve wasted so much time trying to look into 10 different social media outlets, when 80% of my return on time comes from Facebook and Youtube. Great stuff and very validating.

  94. Hi Marie, good video, and as if you really need one more comment about this, I use FB, LinkedIn, was forced to open a twitter account to attend a conference but don’t even know how to use it nor do I want to, and can’t stand the look of Pinterest, so no way on that one. Wrote a short blogpost about this when first started the blog, here it is: Nanette

  95. It’s easy to link some social media… I post on FB and it get’s posted on twitter too. I only need to be aware what I place… so that it makes sense in the tweets 😉

  96. Girl, I am so with you on this one! A little scheduling goes along way to prevent social media becoming S&M to my brain!

  97. Hahahahaha! loved this one Marie!:) You cracked me up a few times! Thank you for sharing and just being you!:))

    All the best!

  98. Thank you! I am right now in the process of taking a mini step back and realizing how I was feeling like I HAD to post..which always creates the opposite effect of BOYCOTTING posting!

    All about balance!

  99. Social media has been vital to our biz, but we don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time there. In fact, we repurpose by sharing our daily blog posts (which are scheduled in advance) and podcasts episodes, which come out 3x per week. We also share other interesting info – as well as a bit of personal stuff here and there, but we don’t overwhelm ourselves! 😉

  100. Great advice, Marie! You’re spot on as always. I have been an in-house social media manager for over 3 years and I am (attempting) to start my own consulting business on the side currently. I agree with everything you mentioned! Here are some added tips/resources….

    1. Social media doesn’t need to overwhelm your life – it’s just like anything else, you need to get organized. HootSuite is a great free tool to schedule posts on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus all in one place! (You don’t really need the paid version, just go with free.) If you are updating in multiple places, this is a good way to do it.

    2. That being said, if you are focused just on FB it’s VERY easy to schedule and target all of your posts DIRECTLY on your FB page. I just did a blog post about it over at if you’d like easy-to-follow instructions.

    3. I do agree that you don’t HAVE to be on ALL of the networks! Some of them just won’t make sense for your business. FB is practically a must-have though, so start there and only expand out if you have the time/energy to do more. Keep any eye on analytics for everything you do to make sure it’s working and see how you can tweak things.

    4. You should be monitoring ALL of the networks though – once or twice a week is usually enough – to see if your customers are talking about you – whether you are activity on a SM channel or not! A good free tool for this is Social Mention. Hootsuite also has a way to track keywords in the dashboard as well.

    5. If one of the networks you are active on is Pinterest, and you have a lot of images on your website that you’d like to be pinning on a regular basis, I highly recommend Pingraphy. VERY affordable way to bulk schedule pins. You still need to hop onto Pinterest to do repins and comments, but this is a huge time saver. There’s a free trial to check it out to see if it’s for you! Commenting on popular pins – in a non-spammy way! – is a great way to get found by people in your target market, so take the time to do that!

    6. Another Pinterest tip – setup your account as a business account so that you can access the FREE Pinterest analytics! They will be very insightful in figuring out what is getting pinned off of your site and what’s getting repinned the most – so you can do more of what works!

    7. Make sure you have (free) Google Analytics set up for your website. It’s the best, easiest way to know what is sending you valuable traffic that converts into real business! You could be getting tons of business from Pinterest already and not know! Or you could be wasting your time on Twitter while it brings you no traffic or $$. Good info to know!

    8. Last tip – if you don’t have time to figure things out yourself, it might be worthwhile to pay a reputable social media consultant to either develop a well thought out plan for you to work from yourself, or pay them to manage your networks for you while you focus on other aspects of your business. Check references and make sure they know what they’re talking about – but that can be a great option for busy, stressed-out entrepreneurs and businesses!

    Cheers! Hope this is helpful to some people!

    • Julie — YOU ROCK. What an incredibly useful and informative comment. Thank you so very much for this 🙂

  101. Great information here and just these are very similar to the tips I share with my clients. Social media can be a total time suck and a source of overwhelm … but it can also be a great engagement tool for your business.

    For my clients who are just starting out I suggest:
    – picking one or two platforms that are the most logical for your company
    – committing to a posting schedule
    – use scheduling tools to make updating easier
    – set the timer and spend a given amount of time each day interacting with your fans/followers and growing your network (even as little and ten minutes a day can be effective (this is the “social” part of social media!). When the time goes off, get off social media and get back to your work!

    Finally, I “heart” your tweetable. Hair nets always make me think of the lunch ladies when I was in elementary school

    • Ngoc Khong

      Thank you Marie and Sophia for the great tips!

  102. Great message Marie,
    Having been in business for over 15 years I’m slowly entering the social media world. I prefer to do the work I enjoy which is working with clients instead of posting and writing blogs. I also find I don’t read more than one persons post a day or not.
    Love your energy, thanks for all the great reminders. Hugs.

  103. I actually blogged about this a while back for my geeky audience about how to simplify their pursuits:

    In addition, your video talks about the exact topic I hope to address in a future blog post! I want to write a post that helps people like Morgan figure out which social media platforms may be right for them. I myself just decided to stop using Facebook as a primary social media platform – I now only update there once a week or so, which has freed up a lot of my time!

  104. Hi Marie,

    Just came over here from the Entrepreneur On Fire interview and I’m already LOVING what I’m seeing and hearing. Great site!

    I totally agree with you that if we want to do social media, we should pick one or two and come up with a plan and schedule. If we don’t, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. We’ve got enough stuff we need to do to succeed without heaping something else on the pile.



  105. This is such a great discussion and everyone is making some great points. Personally, I use Hootsuite to schedule most of my updates but then I schedule time to interact live and respond to comments. I always use a timer so I don’t get off track and when it goes off, I’m on to the next task!

  106. Did I like this video??? I LOVED IT! Thank you for being you.

    I agree with Marie’s tip of choosing one or two rather than all outlets of social media (if choosing any at all). I stick to the 3 I know I can give 100% to that don’t take up much time. A couple friends tried adding a 4th to the bunch however I knew it was not right for me.

    A few months back, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of emails/newsletters I was receiving. So I etched time in my schedule to sort through my inbox and unsubscribe from anything that wasn’t serving a direct purpose, either personally or business wise. Now I am able to get to great sources like this one!
    Thanks and Light

  107. Liz

    Thanks Marie, I felt the pressure to be on pinterest, RSS, google+ and the truth is Facebook, Linked in and Twitter are all I need. About to login to my wordpress site and take the other social media icons off that I don’t use and never update!

  108. Deb

    Social media is a time sucker. If your time spent on networks doesn’t include acquiring new customers or sharing relevant knowledge, from a business perspective you are kinda wasting your time.
    From a developers point of view social media adds a whole new layer of connectivity from your product/website to a huge audience.

  109. I liked this a lot! It made me think about who my customer is and what social media they actually use. Our customers are mainly 40 plus. So, they are not into Twitter. Therefore, why put effort into that? Newsletters/email and Facebook are the most popular with them. But, our restaurant is not easily visible from the street so we have found that it is important to find ways to keep us in the forefront of their minds. We don’t want to overwhelm them, so we shoot out a newsletter twice and month and Facebook about 5 days a week. And, we have also found that people don’t want to be “sold” to every time. So we may Facebook a recipe or a fun craft for their kids or just something to make them laugh. This gets them thinking of you more as a friend/business.

  110. Wonderful tips Marie. I never thought about the liability issue with not keeping up and regularly monitoring all the social media sites I’m signed up on. That’s a damn good point. I’ve got some decision to make and some accounts to close. Thanks again for such brilliant advice.

  111. Once again, Marie, your honesty & clear viewpoint are spot on.

    This has been really helpful in relieving me of a sense of underlying guilt (that I didn’t even realize I had until I watched your vid) because I’m ‘only’ on FB, newsletter, blogging and beginning Youtube. I’ve been consciously holding myself back because I tend to get overwhelmed and burn out when I take on too much, and it’s so perfect to hear you say I don’t need to add anymore, because frankly, I really don’t want to! 🙂

    I’m happy with my chosen levels of engagement now, and I really appreciate your affirmation that we’re all unique and can choose what’s right for us.

    So thanks a bazillion! Now my next challenge/goal is to ease off on all the opt-ins I’ve signed up for – I’m a bit addicted (there’s so much fab stuff out there!), and I need to go on a serious in-box diet! lol

  112. So here’s my conundrum… i want to join ‘The Twitta’ just to fw that hairnet tweet! bahahaha! 🙂

  113. sandy

    My issue:
    If I had a circle of friends and relatives who were willing to use social media to truly connect with each other because we are thousands of miles away from one another, that would be good.
    But most of the people I know who use it: play on it, pass pictures, compete with each other, show out in front of others and just use social media to do thing which could be done in person.
    As far as the businesses who use it for fame and power: It seems all they want is a following by sheep to buy their products. That paradigm is getting old in my books.
    I really disdain those who never follow up unless they have something to sell. I wish more businesses would really ask themselves: What’s in their social media strategy that can truly help the customer. I’m tired of the lead ins to more up sales. I know I’m not alone. I believe the net thing is going to suffer another crash because people are just getting tired of being used.
    If you’re a business person reading this: Please think about how each one of your platforms really provide value and aren’t just advertisements and lead ins for up sales. You see: most of your followers have read and bought into many of the schemes; you are preaching to the choir. I’m sorry if this sounds bitter: but someone has to have the courage to say it.

  114. That was a relief to hear!
    I am constantly thinking about Social Media and how I “should” be using it. Most of the time, I’m just trying to talk myself into doing more of it. But how lovely to hear it’s not a necessity.

  115. We must be all on the same wavelength this week! I did a similar post on cutting down on social media to only those networks that provide the most value.

    For me, it’s Twitter. I’ve gotten new clients and opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of without it. LinkedIn is good as an online resume and to keep tabs on my professional colleagues. But Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and whatever else is out there doesn’t do it for me, either from a personality standpoint or, more importantly, the numbers. Even when I was really active on most of them, the Google Analytics for my websites told the tale.

    So I’ll keep on tweetin’!

  116. I agree 100%:
    1.- You don’t have to be in every social media site out there. Just the ones that make sense for your biz.
    2.- Pick one to start, form relationships on that one, once that’s rolling and you have a system for it in place then you can move to the next.
    3. Whatever you do don’t form profiles in all of them at once unless you have a team that will handle this for you, ’cause you’ll go crazy!
    4. My little secret automate 😉

  117. I love social media! I run facebook pages for several businesses in varying degrees for my primary income. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot or be run by a big firm.

    If you find someone that is genuinely interested in what your company does it will be super easy for them to find things to post and engage with your followers.

    One of my biggest success stories is also my smallest account. It was clear they were lacking consistency. Now I post 3x a week they pay me $200 a month and the growth has been incredible. Plus it’s so fun for me too!

  118. HOOTSUITE!! I was literally just scheduling updates for twitter and facebook while listening to this. It saves so much time.

  119. Because I work as a communicator, I pretty much have to be on social media, yet I also love it so it’s all good. I also spend about 15 mins per day and focus on Twitter (@gosmall) and Facebook. I schedule non-immediate tweets using Tweetdeck then fill in every day with more newsy/in-the-moment stuff. I keep track of cool, relevant articles using Feedly, which basically rocks imo. Social media can be fun if you schedule your time and focus on the connection with your followers/audience.

  120. Great information, as always. I especially like the last one. Building a solid relationship with your clients and audience is very important and, at the same time, there are internet trolls who roam around spreading negativity and flaming throughout the internet world. I’ve been ambivalent about using social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and have been thinking that it’s not my cup of tea for that very reason. Plus, if you aren’t getting traffic and/or sales from certain type of social media, then the best thing to do might be to cut and run from that particular one.

    Thanks again for your work!

  121. Thanks, Marie, for this post, really awesome!!
    I do have a schedule and a main social media platform – in fact I focused on FB and I built an over 20,000-fan page in one year with that plan.
    Does it eat my time?
    Not anymore, because I kinda learned what my fans expect of me.
    Do I have to adjust?
    All the time, but, while I share my content on more platforms, I do maintain a close connection only with my FB fans.
    Thanks again so much,

  122. Solid advice. Use what you authentically enjoy! I beat myself up for a while about not using Twitter but realized I don’t shouldn’t blindly mimic what others do just for the sake of doing. I am a picture girl, so Instagram works for me – I love it and have fun with it!
    Loved the body oil comment – that’s my signature product! 😉

  123. Great advice!! It’s a lot of work trying to keep up with social medias!
    Question: When is the next B School starting up? I really want to be participate! 🙂

    • Hey Kimra! B-School early enrollment (for our 2014 class!) starts later this summer. The course will begin early next year. If you have more qs — feel free to write us at [email protected] 🙂

  124. Thank you for this, whew did I need to have permission to just keep it simple and focus on 1 or 2 social media venues. As always, you generously offer relevant and useful information!

  125. Great video as usual Marie!! I’ve occasionally felt overwhelmed by social media and end up spending more time than I should on putting together the perfect images and copy for just a blog post or twitter update.

    I was just in Yosemite over the weekend and after unplugging myself from all that social media noise, I did think about limiting my time on not only social media, but on checking email too. This episode came at the perfect time… thank you!

  126. You are so dam fun!!!!, what Mama Marie say it’s totally true 🙂

  127. Great advice! Love the topic!

  128. Me no likie twitter …. at least now.


  129. I am having a constant battle with Facebook. I know that it is worth the time and effort but I can’t be bothered to make the effort. lol. I don’t want to give up on it yet though.

    Good job we can automate our updates there. That’s a start at least 🙂

  130. As I wrote in my earlier comment, I use hoot suite too and love it. However, I’ve heard Facebook is getting sneaky and picky about giving things posted without a platform like hoot suite more visibility.

    Is this true?

    I’ve also noticed that they give less visibility to posts with links in them…

  131. I am SO over social media – LOL. Seriously, I have tried to like it, dabbled in it from time to time but personally its not for me overall. I only post once a week max which is to announce my new blog post. I do this on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. They are the 3 I use when I do post. Like most of us here, I am a Gen X girl, so I remember life before social media – LOL.

  132. Deb

    It’s funny how vacations spark this thought in folks. After a long wonderful 12 days without phone service, tv and internet, I experienced more than one a-ha moment re: social media, e-mail, internet access and the desire for balance in my life. I now instead of looking forward to the weekend to totally over plug-in, I can’t wait for my sans internet day and challenge those who read this to do the same for 30 days. I’ve also limited myself to just checking in on social media and e-mail to once or twice per day. Feels so darn good! I’ve re-discovered the beauty of real life connections by unplugging from the internet. 🙂

    • Deb

      p.s. Just love,love,love those little out takes at the beginning and end of the episodes! Thanks!

  133. Ashley Chandler

    Excellent post, Marie – thank you! I’ve gotten overwhelmed by social media as well, so these tips are very helpful as I build my business.

  134. Kim

    I hear ya ladies! I’m a social media manager, and logically I eat, live & breathe social media and love it, but it can definitely be a time suck. Kudos, Marie for giving the right advice! Planning ahead, setting up a simple activity schedule (and sticking with it so you don’t get caught up watching 4 YouTube videos of kitties on Facebook) & automating your content is incredibly important. One piece of advice I hear the lovely Laura Roeder give (golden stuff!) is to pick ONE social network & master it. Once you hit 1,000 fans you can move on to the next one if you feel like it would benefit your biz. That way you can grow your next social network a lot faster by inviting your existent fan base to connect with you on a second network. I give this advice to my clients all the time and definitely use it myself. Cheers!

  135. Great tip on the schedule. Adding that! I linked FB to twitter so I only have to update once. I have used hootsuite, too. Lately, I am just thinking about being present and developing real relationships. It’s a shift and it feels great!

  136. Hi Marie,

    I have been watching Q&A Tuesdays for a few weeks now and can i just say your videos are informative, fabulous and funny. This weeks really struck a chord with me though. As i am navigating this new world of social media for my new business I am definitely overwhelmed by the amount you have to do, say tweet, pin, blog……. oi vey its toooooo much. The organizing and scheduling definitely helps but i haven’t managed to do that yet. Thank you for spelling it out in the way that you have. Pick one or two that work for you and if you don’t want to do it don’t do it.

    Great advice thank you. Keep doing what you do.


  137. love this, less is best and unless you have a lot of free time, which most business owners do not, then I agree with focusing on a few rather than a lot of social media spaces. Also delegate or outsource updates etc, however you then need to make sure you are still scheduling time to interact with your followers etc.
    Have a blessed week and thanks Marie
    Celine x

  138. Love this! Too much social media can make you twitchy and spoil your creativity. You’re spending so much time focusing on whether your’re tweeting enough that you forget about your bread and butter content.
    I work full time as well as blog part time and it can be challenging to do it all. I find that tweeting in the morning and then the evening after work are the best times. It seems that most people are on Twitter then.
    I also limit my social media – Twitter, Instagram and Google + Nothing else!

  139. So looooved this installment. I’ve chosen to limit, limit, limit. I do have a problem though, and that is so many other folks (especially for WDS) use twitter, which I usually don’t. Actually have an OLD phone (2006 cell, no camera) and although it’s a bit of a hassle to type texts and I miss using QR codes and a camera, it’s been a relief to not feel “on” all the time with email and social media. The folks who currently follow me have similar social media (or less) interactions than I do. So I feel I am being pulled in two directions. Anyone have suggestions?

  140. Thanks Marie for your awesomeness!

    This time last year, my life was very different! I wasn’t a life coach, I had no website, no facebook page (I was anti-social media!), I had no coaching clients, no events booked, no speaking engagements, and my first book Living from the Inside Out was in the process of being edited. I had no idea what I was going to do with it and I did even know I could write until I wrote! WOW . . . how things can change!

    I jumped onto facebook 6 months ago and have 14,000 in my awesome community and now I have every person telling me I should do Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc etc…..arrrrgggghhhhh! NOOOOO please just let me do it my way – if I was to get on all of these things I would have NO life!

    I say do what feels right for you – facebook for me is working right now, so I’ll go with that for the time being!

    Thanks Marie….love, love, love this from you as it just confirms what I believe!

  141. OMG. Big Daddy Kane….that killed me! “I work BABY”!
    Great tips – thank you!

  142. I’m Queen of over commitment- I’ve already gotten involved in Facebook, a Facebook page, twitter and LinkedIn in addition to my WordPress blog. I’ve found HootSuite helpful in organizing and managing all of my social media in one place. Great video-very helpful. Thank you!

  143. Great topic!
    I only have facebook, and even then I’m not a big time user. I’ve been using it more since I’ve learned about the possible value of it for business, how it may possibly work in favor as social proof, or just a way to share your content around to others people’s friends, but I’ve been debating about things like signing up for twitter, and I just haven’t felt the inner magnet to get on it, and I do inside intuitively feel like I can be successful in my business without going madd on Social Media, so this is a great video, it resonates. Thanks 🙂

  144. i love (and laugh about how obvious it should be) the idea that everyone can use these outlets in ways that suit them! there are soooo many “how to” posts out there that tell you you must post x times a week and it has to be a consistent schedule or people will rise up with pitchforks, etc.

    eventually i came across a few bloggers I like who post when they feel like it and have a good following, or who use a schedule but change it up according to their needs, and still have a good following, and it hit me that duh! i don’t *have* to follow the formulas. i can, and they might work, but i can think about what feels right for me, and for the phase that i’m in. this is the part where i laughed because it’s funny how we do look for that permission from somewhere else. i had this same feeling one day when i realized “i’m not that into twitter right, even though i think i’m supposed to be!” and so i changed how i was using it…

    all that said, at the very beginning of my blog (i’m still in the beginning) i did post 5 times a week for awhile, and it was awesome practice, and over time gave me a good bank of material to refer back to, and it also helped me see which topics felt “right” to grow, and continues to help me direct myself…

    as for all the social media tools, i think it is about thinking of them as tools–and which of those tools work for you, make sense to you, etc. do you want to paint a painting with a toothbrush or a q-tip or a Chinese paintbrush or a watercolor brush–they’ll all make a picture, but they do it in slightly different ways, and create different effects in different people’s hands….

    this is a great topic. feel free, people, feel free! 🙂


  145. Marie, thank you! My corresponding theory is, I strongly believe social tools must be used as much as necessary and as little as possible.

    I really appreciate your work!

  146. I spend a few minutes every day on SM. The key for me is to not get sucked into others sites. I do my thing and leave…..
    This can be hard at times. Good thing I am busy so can not afford to get sidetracked.

  147. Jeannie

    Hi Marie,

    Loved this blog post – very appropriate and definitely timely. And your dress is great. Thanks!

  148. Great video Marie – I wholeheartedly agree! I’m finding I’m so much more relaxed around social media these days. I just follow what feels right for me – currently my focus is on Facebook and LinkedIn, logging in once per day.

    I’m looking at possibly letting go of Twitter as I don’t experience the same level of engagement there (and I don’t enjoy it as much). The more I slow down and don’t feel like I ‘have to’ do anything, the more I appreciate and enjoy the great business tool that it is.

    I also don’t feel dependent on social media – so I know, if I decided to, I don’t ‘have’ to use it – which is a great feeling to have 🙂

    Warmly ,

  149. Hi Marie,

    Social media networks are largely frequented by people for SOCIAL purposes. Yes, even professional networks like LinkedIn are used for social purposes in addition to the professional ones.

    I am a believer in the KISS principal. Hence, I do it the way it should be done: GENUINELY. If I am saying to a friend: Hi, how are you? Please convey my regards to your …”, I mean every single word of it and use its dictionary meaning. I don’t mean: “Hi, how are you? I am asking you only because I am going to need this favor or sell this or that to you.”

    I can vouch for my genuine intentions because of the follow-up I indulge in. When you are social, be social. Being genuinely social is the BEST kind of marketing. Better still, not marketing online is the best way to market online.

    People are already in the market to purchase quality goods. When you offer quality, they are not going to ignore you because you did not market or even NOT market on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. They’ll appreciate your concern for their needs if you do it the right way, however.

    Every businessman and marketing pro needs to think about incorporating such genuine concern into his strategy.

    That’s about it.

    Loving regards,

    Nikhil Khandekar

  150. Love this advice, Marie!! I LOVE social media, and it’s a key part of my biz (I’m a digital+social strategist) BUT you are so right in saying you can function without it and you can definitely function without being everywhere. I always recommend to my clients to pick 1-2 channels and own them — you can’t possibly be everywhere, and you don’t have to. Amen!!

    One thing I do want to add: if you are avoiding social media because you are afraid or you don’t understand it (not because you’ve made a conscious decision to put your time/energy elsewhere–which is totally cool!) — and you think you’d like to be using it to connect with your community — don’t give up! You CAN do it. As Marie says, “Everything is figureoutable.” (I really love seeing that ‘ah ha’ moment when a client suddenly gets it and can see how Twitter or Pinterest can work for them. That’s the place where informed, empowered decisions on how to use social media come from and it’s beautiful 🙂

  151. I do feel the pressure on which social media I need to put my focus. I’ve followed several other coaches who have become very successful during the time I started following them. I do wonder if part of their success is because they were on fb and twitter many times each day. I just don’t seem to have that much relevant information in my head that warrants being put out on social media during each day.

  152. Thanks SO much for this video, Marie! I have been feeling very overwhelmed with how to tackle social media. I really like your idea of just choosing one or two social media forms instead of trying to cover them all – that idea is much more doable!

  153. What a breath of fresh air you are, Marie.

    I’ve been tweeting for years now and have been up and down in the amount of time I dedicate to it. There have been times when I’ve been all twitter, all the time…and months on end when I don’t even open it. Times when I want to own the internet, times when I could care less.

    I now know that I’ve burned myself out more than once.

    I LOVE your mention of keeping a list of relevant articles, photos, etc to share – I’m a much more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants person when it comes to sharing (I see it, I love it, I share it), but now I’m going to take your advice to heart and keep a running list of the shareable material I come across, then schedule tweets.

    I highly advise against over-scheduling, for anyone who may read this and who is new to the idea of scheduling tweets. If you schedule a lot but don’t come back very much, you lose the feeling of communication. You lose the chance for conversation, give-and-take. Too much pushing of info definitely turns fans off.

  154. Hey… get to know Hootsuite, or other programs out there, for free. We can even schedule our posts, twittes, and the best, I organize everything in one page. It is super handy. I’ll be more than happy to help you out guys, showing how easy it is to keep social media organized and I live here a little tip. I usually take a bit of my weekly time, to organize my social media “life”. Them, I go outside bike with my kids and let Hootsuite post it all for me, when I schedule ! No more pressure people. No stress, social is for relationships. I always get great feedbacks from the people that follow me. Be organized is the best way to keep the control of your posts and increase your visibility online. Trust me, it works! 😉
    Marie… you Rock sharing this question. Super needed it.
    Thank you again.

  155. I just recently finished the book Crush It which gives the complete opposite advice. The idea being that if you want to “Crush It” you need to exhaust your social media resources. However, I agree with the four points Marie listed out. The other day I spent what felt like hours on twitter but got into several good convos and grew my website “likes” by 30. I was thrilled, but exhausted at the same time. I think finding a comfortable medium of what works for you is best. The more authentic you are the more people will trust you and the bigger your business will grow.

  156. I actually LOVED this video. I teach social media marketing classes here in Tucson, AZ and the #1 complaint is “how do I keep up with all this?” We always recommend 2 things: #1 know your market and which platforms they are on (facebook, twitter, pinterest) #2 pick 3 platforms to become an expert in and stick to those. The purpose of social media is to engage and interact with your customers and to do that well you don’t want to spread yourself too thin.

  157. This was a great episode, social media is definitely a time suck and I noticed when my father got sick and I didn’t do any of it for about two weeks all of my numbers even in my online shop dropped and then I felt the need to start posting on everything just to get my name back out there. But you’re right focusing on just a couple and doing it well would be much more beneficial. Thanks for the info!

  158. I think there is a common misunderstanding with social media when it comes to connection. Visibility as a business is important, but finding customers who connect to your product and who want to share it, that’s what it’s all about. Like all things in life, use in moderation and sprinkle with balance. Do not use with impaired judgement and refrain from connecting your inner worth with the number of likes you get on your website. Thanks for sharing this episode.

  159. Do I feel pressure? Nope.

    I FEEL ADDICTION. Ha. I actually had to set up a Chrome extension that blocks social media after 15 minutes. Oh dear.

  160. Yes there are so many social media avenues to explore. The mst frustrating thing is that you can sign up and learn how to use them but then they change!!

  161. Good call, Marie! I’m an online dating coach, but I sometimes offer social and web assistance to small businesses. I tell people not to bother signing up with accounts on networks they don’t care to use–or sign up for an account to reserve the name, but don’t publicize or use it, heh. It shows so clearly when businesses don’t *enjoy* their social presence(s).

    WIth blogs, I also just frontload a bunch of posts when I’m feeling inspired. I blog on WordPress, and I schedule my thrice-weekly posts at least a few days in advance. I use the MailChimp social plugin to broadcast posts with customized social media messages for at least three networks (but I wish it had more). And I use Buffer to put more timely stuff, like online dating news items, on my business’s Facebook page.

    Every once in a while, I break this up by blogging about something more topical if it’s a big story. But having a plan is key, and so are the few tools that don’t make me seem like a robot when I automate some parts of my social presence.

    Good luck!

  162. Michelle

    Great information!! I want to see Marie dance again. 🙂

  163. Pat

    Great info. I thought I was the only one who gets overwhelmed with Social Media.

  164. I feel social posting should be authentic and I will only post when there is really something important to say otherwise its called over communication and that is just T.M.U.I. Too Much Unnecessary Information.

  165. Thank you for this Marie! It’s nice to have my position on social media – even as a ‘social media expert’ validated by such a force for good as you 🙂 It is what I always advise my clients, you don’t have to be on everything and in fact a profile that you never update actually does your presence more harm than good!!

    I always say pick 2 and do those well. And one of those can be your blog. I also give away a simple content planner based around a theme for each month – you then talk about the same things across all your social media and at real life events too. It makes your life a whole lot easier and you sound coherent and congruent to everyone you meet when you are talking about your business.

  166. Oli


  167. It does get over whelming. My business is very visual so I use Facebook and now just starting to use Pinterest. I post my blogs on my website 2 x per mo, and post the link to my blog on my FB page as well. I’ll take some time to go through photos, downsize them for FB and watermark them with PicMonkey, then I have a library to choose from when I want to post a photo of my designs on Facebook. I also post from other FB pages onto my page if it is of interest to my fans.
    After a few years, and yes, it takes time, I have a small but faithful fan base and have even started to put up offers and making sales right off my FB page.
    Consistency and care make all the difference, so for me I use the most effective media that I have the most FUN with. I love interacting with the fans on my page, so I keep a close eye on their posts.

  168. Love

    Thanks so much for this advice! I’m getting a lot of business education from your show :).

    By the way, I love your hair. Can you tell me what you use on it to keep it from from disarranging itself as it sways with your moves? Fab. <3

  169. I use hootsuite to schedule all my posts so when I don’t have time, I’m good! I will say that it still can get overwhelming, so I try to pick like 4 key points to reiterate over the week!

  170. I do my best to stay out of the “rabbit hole” and so use a social media manager. I only post regularly to the accounts that I like using, and the others are there as capture pages only. It was really good to hear the reminder about keeping a schedule, committing to it and sticking with what works. Thank you for doing what you do!

  171. Interesting that this is the post I see when I finally make it back to your website after a few months! I just blogged about this even. I went to to look into doing something with my account (that I only got to look at the page of some guy with apparently the most amazing resume) and was immediately OVERWHELMED by 2 dozen plus links for other social media sites. I didn’t realize was just about connecting all your other accounts, and suddenly I felt like I was “supposed” to use all of them (I avoid twitter like the plague).

    So for my blog/website/professional presences I decided to focus on my blog, and “social” sites that reflect my interests and projects (making it more effortless than trying to create content just to have content) and allow me to share my interests/projects on my blog rather than sending people out to other sites to find me. Rather than just putting link buttons sending people out to other sites I’ve been using plugins and widgets to display my other site content and provide interesting nibble of what’s on sites like Scoopit, goodreads, pinterest, mindmeister, slideboom, wordle and linkedin if people choose to click over. To me social media is about impressing or getting the approval of others, something that makes me very uncomfortable and feels unhealthy, so instead I just use it to express what I like. Not sure if that makes sense….?

  172. Jane Guyette

    I avoided social media for years, until I had a break in my job and finally got comfortable with it. I’ve been testing out different posts with my friends to see what clicks with the fans. Facebook is about the only thing that I can handle right now. Linkedin will be next.

  173. I really love this. I talk to people all the time about this and I’m so happy to know that I’m in agreement with you, Marie!! One thing I can suggest if you find more than one social media account to be posting to is using an application called that can be used to schedule and post up to 5 different social media accounts for FREE! If you post to more, you must subscribe. Of course, this only makes sense if it would support your business. Thank you for this great episode and confirmation of what I’ve thought and believe about social media.

  174. I have to say I am relieved to hear this! For some reason I was pressuring myself to be on ALL the social media sites. I love Facebook but I hate Twitter. But I had an account because I thought I needed it. Turns out I just needed to give myself permission to do what I want!
    Thank you Marie for the sound advice as always, I am going to delete my Twitter account and just stick with Facebook and my website.

  175. Great tips, Marie! I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s always good to notice where you’re draining your energy with no return and restructure your game plan. At some point in online business, it’s a must to hire help or exchange services. It’s great to see a Jersey girl rockin’ it with class and style.

  176. Well, Well, Well It was driving me nut’s But now I post just once a week and also use wildfire by Google, I gotta tell ya Google is my god 🙂 Google God, kinda cool ha 🙂 xxx

  177. Elena

    Marie, you are awesome! You look so great!

  178. Great advice as usual Marie! Thanks!

  179. amin

    hey! stop some body says me what abut your dicusse ,i am iranian ,so here the social sites don,t work well ,and i do not know english, but i enjoyed from this site , but i can French .thanck a lot

  180. Great video here! I completely agree with committing to the social media channels that you are maintaining but to not be spreading yourself too thin. It’s just impossible to be on everything and be effective. But I do agree with hiring people to help. Enlist, enlist, enlist is my motto!

  181. I’m on facebook and pinterest and that is just perfect for me right now. The thought of doing Twitter and the others stresses me out too much. Thanks Marie for making feel better about not doing it all!

    • Taryn Hughes

      You can just connect your twitter to fb so it automatically updates. Same thing with pintrest to fb.

  182. Its a good conversation, the only thing one has to do is to get a coherent interpretation of how to apply the tips; in addition, making an estimate or a measure is also a possible solution.

  183. Leyla

    Thanks so much – this is such a big topic for me as for so many years I have resisted social media in the pursuit of simplicity and it’s so good to know that you can just focus on 1 thing or not do any at all.

    I’ve just chosen FB and so far I don’t spend too much time on it and it’s really rewarding to see a community build up around my business.

  184. Easy, scheduled social media: Buffer. I love this app especially after tyring Owly. Thanks, Marie

  185. Hi Maria!

    I LOVE IT and LOVE YOUR VLOG!!!! I actually wrote a little mini-ebook about the same thing. Check it out on my site when you have time! Thanks!


  186. Thank you for validating this for me! I’m still learning about all the different things going on, all the places people are saying I’m supposed to be. What I have decided is to concentrate my time on a few places, and see how much engagement I can get from them. If there is a smaller turnout somewhere, I will move on to try something else.
    This strategy seems to be working for me so far–google+, FB, and Twitter are working well. Surprisingly, I’m getting good engagement on LinkedIn too. I do post occasionally to my Pinterest & Instagram, but that’s about the limit for me.

  187. Social Media is GREAT. Just so long as your actively creating content for others to review, opposed to using it as ‘distraction alley’!

    I do prefer communicating through email. Far less distractions when talking to your customer. Social is great way to build authority within your niche. You have many of your members sharing with their friends.

    Social can also be a great way to build additional credibility. Focus on building your community first. It will generate money today.

    Hootsuite is a great tool for automating your social posts.

    Study your members activity, and you can be posting new content when your audience is most active during the day/night.

    I agree with Marie. Less is more. Pick 1 or 2 to start.

    Another SOLID post. Look forward to the next. Cheers.

  188. Deb

    Thank you so much for this Marie!!!

    I’m completely the opposite of most people these days…I actually despise social media and only recently joined Facebook because I was told that I “should”. “Should’s” generally don’t work on me but the people who told me that I “should” are people who have my best interest at heart in helping me build my platform.

    Needless to say, I rarely look at Facebook and honestly can’t even be bothered with the rest of the social media options (quite frankly, they totally overwhelm me). Ironically, my mission is to co-create a simpler, more compassionate world by unplugging from status-quo and plugging into the power of the heart so real connection has the most meaning for me.

    Bottom line, I am one woman who is truly and deeply grateful for this episode as it just confirms what is already in my own heart and soul.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  189. Thanks for this advice, Marie!

    Love this fresh way of thinking when “more, more, more” seems to be the status quo. Not only does it cut out all the overwhelm, but tapping outta social media a bit more has done wonders for my productivity. I’m not getting sucked into its vortex for hours on end anymore!

  190. Hi Marie,

    thank you for encouraging me to continue my strategy for using Social Media! It can be a real pain to have to deal with those different networks, just like you’re saying, I’m focussing on building relationships in SOME places, not in ALL 🙂

    Best regards,

  191. Hi Marie,

    I love your videos – I am a huge fan! I watched your video on Social Media presence and still have another burning question! Why am I still not getting the views/clicks I think I SHOULD be getting? I put out videos every day and only have about 120 likes on Facebook. I’ve chosen to focus on FB and YouTube, and only post once a day…. where are all my views at? Please help!



    • It takes TIME! Don’t give up. You’ll gain momentum! I feel that some make it seem as though there is instant success with social media (like once you start, BAM!), but I haven’t found that to be the case. And.. even when you get into the thousands, at least I have realized that it’s more about conversion than #s. But – you HAVE to have the #s to have such wide exposure.

      I totally hear you on feeling “under the radar”. Keep going tho and realize you’re helping people – most people just don’t comment. I’m always amazed by this!

      I’m “ediblegoddess” on social media – connect w/ me and we can chat more 🙂

  192. Yes! Thank you so much for this video. I have also read many things that states to constantly promote yourself on social media but I always said to myself that I don’t want to be annoying like those people who send out tweets every 15 seconds and being pressed for time and trying to update all networks was starting to drive me crazy. Now I don’t feel guilty for not advertising like a crazy person. Sticking to my fav social media sites and setting up a schedule should do the trick. Thanks again!

  193. Taryn Hughes

    My secret tip is that during that while I am researching and browsing the net for fun, I copy and paste all interesting links on a doc. with a short title. That way when I need to post on FB I just scan the doc. for what I am in the mood for, add a pic, my own words and post. Another trick is to set up FB to automatically update twitter, that way I spend 5 minutes in the morning and cover two social media platforms. That’s it.

    For blog contribution, I keep a folder with blogs in development. Since you can’t control when inspiration comes it’s best to plop a title and a few notes on a doc. hit save and develop later. I often find that when I am in the mood to write, fully write, I like to sit down and have a bunch of interesting topics already waiting to be developed. Conversely, often when I have an new idea or inspiration, I don’t have the time to write it at that exact second.

  194. Sarah Noel

    I love Marie’s advice here! I agree! I also feel like I “should” or “have to” use more and more social media to be more successful, to get more followers, and reach more people. I do use Facebook pretty regularly, though sometimes I let days slide by without getting on. I blog, and do that regularly… USUALLY every day, but there came a point, a few months into it, where I felt burnt out. So I let 4 days go and didn’t blog at all. Then I picked it back up again. And it was just fine. My followers didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t seem to lose any traffic on the site. And since then, I’ve given myself permission to miss a day or two now and then if I REALLY feel I need it. I’d rather put something up on my blog that I’m really feeling and passionate about, then put up something every day, just b/c I feel like I HAVE to, that I’m NOT really feeling. I think readers can sense that.
    As far as Twitter, I’m not there yet. Actually, I DID create an account… back when I thought I HAD to… but I’m never on it. I just haven’t been bitten by the Twitter bug yet. I don’t get it. All the hash tags and all that… ??? Maybe I will eventually, but for now I’m not sweating it… thanks to Marie’s “free pass.” 😉 I also have not yet made it to Pinterest. My sister loves it and raves about it, but I feel like Facebook is enough social media for me. So I’m sticking to that outlet for now. 🙂
    Thanks, Marie, for the wonderful advice! 🙂


    I never did the FB thing especially — got on there occassionally & basically thought the peeps were total losers with no life at all who posted 5 times a day every time they went to the bathroom. then, i started this business. yikes, i thought. if i don’t comment on other peeps posts, they’re going to ignore mine. so, i found myself on there wayyy too much, commenting on the old high school cheerleader’s job quandry, the carpool, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations of everyone. it took over my life. i had to quit cold turkey… for a few days. wow. how freeing. anyway, gotta post some earrings today. thanks, marie. love ya

  196. Elena Mejia

    I don’t like twitter. So I don’t use it! I prefer tumblr and Facebook. I’m trying to be more conscious about my time! Thanks Marie you rock!

  197. It’s a relief to hear a confirmation that we don’t need to ben all social media. 🙂 We’re on Instagram (which I think is fun), facebook & twitter. (although twitter gets basically updated with our facebook messages, haha)

    It’s probably intersting to find out where your targat clients hang out, huh. 😀 (if you’re making products for superyoung & hip teenagers, you might want to keep upt wi9th the latest trends)

  198. What liberating advice. I call social media and the content machine ‘feeding the hungry wolf’ and I find hootsuite and scheduling a life saver. I’ve found you can outsource your content updates or use tools as long as you inject some personality every now and then and engage with your audience.

  199. Great advice as usual! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  200. Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air! I’m on most of them with a stronger presence on FB & Instagram. There’s too much to sort thru on Twitter & even tho people say Pinterest is and has been the new craze.. it doesn’t have the major momentum that FB & IG do. I DO feel like I need to grow my YT presence as Marie has successfully done. But it has come down to this: how much time do I have for all this? OR.. is THIS what I should make time for and earn an income from the views, etc? I have colleagues who are making 6 figures from YT and have sort of dropped the ball on other social media platforms, even tho they post regularly – it’s not too personal.

    I desire freedom.. so will stick with my few favs and gradually grow YT as it feels right. Thanks Marie!! Sending loads of gratitude to you and your team 🙂

  201. Stacey B.

    It’s difficult to confront someone and lecture about a social media addiction. It’s become such common practice it’s very tricky to admit that you may have a problem when it’s now just apart of your daily routine. I find it’s easier to make someone laugh about their ‘problem’ than it is to confront them. My number one recommendation for the Facebook and social media addict is “The Facebook Diet” by author Gemini Adams ( She has created a fully illustrated humorous book that will make you (and/or your friends) think about the amount of time spent on Facebook. The premise is that we may just need to “unplug” and “take a tech-detox.” Along with 50 funny illustrations that explore the humorous side to our Facebook adoration I suppose that this could be considered a self-help book as well, since she has great “wean yourself off of Facebook” tips at the end of the book. Educational, eye-opening and entertaining I hope you will give it a read!

  202. I like to keep to organize my Twitter and Facebook posts and use HootSuite to schedule them once a week (I collect content I like throughout the week). For Instagram, I capture images as the mood strikes and just have fun. I try to remind myself that Social Media is supposed to be fun and informative so if I am not having fun in putting together my content, people aren’t going to enjoy reading it.

  203. Cool Vid

  204. Wow, great video! Thanks Marie! I completely agree. I just need to find my own personal traction, what works best for me. Thanks for the encouraging vid! Always a great (and entertaining) help!

    And by the way, girl, your sense of style rocks. ;D

  205. Hi Marie
    I think you have some great advice.
    I have been trying a lot of different social media for my business. I sell nutraceuticals and recently decided to re-invent my creative side with a line of hand made items. I also write on a website.
    My latest “making it simple” is to put all my efforts at sales on my website. Facebook and twitter have me baffled. Don’t believe I have ever gotten a sale there!
    I have recently opened a creative site on etsy. The link is which also has my books on wellness and I have a clicker on my medical nutrition.
    It is working out better for me because everything is in one place– and they are all related. At first I thought I was mixing apples with oranges, but all of my business activities are related in some way to wellness in mind, body and spirit.
    Can you look at my website and let me know what you think, because I am new to the social networking business- only a year at it- and I am just breaking even~~ not quitting my day job anytime soon- especially since I am retired and don’t really have a day job!
    My goal– not making money– just trying to help people who need help with their health and don’t even know it yet!! (that is what retired nurses do- they still want to help people with their health and wellness)
    I also teach yoga!!

  206. Awesome advice, Marie! I’ve been so overwhelmed with the whole social media thing and I’m still trying to find the best way to market myself. I completely agree with what you said about spreading yourself too thin – if you try to be on every social media platform, you probably won’t be putting yourself in the best light (comments/posts will get neglected, the quality of your content may decrease, etc.). Love your vids!

  207. Hi Marie,

    I’m a social media expert from Austria & I totally co-sign your advice!
    Great job.

    Best Regards,

  208. Im inspired to do something just once a week… and doing it well, rather than a miss mash of mumbo jumbo irregularly… I used to do a monthly newsletter, and update my FB all the time, and I love FB, but it does bog me down… so I like the idea of consolidating ! Thanks Marie ! You rock as always ! I tried twitter, but its a composers nightmare if you as me… In fact, I may as well do a duplication on your stunning effort, and write a simple blog with a short video & Facebook. : ) I am looking at getting a cosy occasional chair & set up a camera & get comfy with it… Will let you know how I go…

  209. I love this, and I have noticed a lot of clients and fellow entrepreneurs switching off from Social Media to embrace life more fully. I wrote this article last week [ ] about why I have deleted all Social Media from my iPhone — and the world keeps on spinning much more beautifully without it!

    As a business I have chosen Facebook and Pinterest to really get behind this year and see how they work for me, enrolling in a couple of programs to get a better understanding for them.

    The worst thing you can do for business is have a social media account with very little activity on it because it’s a bit of a turn off to your future customers and clients, but I completely understand Social Media pressure and overwhelm, and it’s totally gross, opt out of that as quick as you can if you’re there.

    Much love,


  210. Hi Marie! I feel I live on Facebook. It’s about time I just gave it up and set a schedule and curbed my distractible factor. Setting a schedule and being organized about social media sounds like a winner so here I go, giving it a solid yes to being on social media less and taking up the slack with better use of my time. BTW: the ads that annoy me are the ones that pop up and show me more of what I’ve been searching for… major losers imho… just in case anyone wants to pass that along. The ones that inspire me are the ones spending dollars on solving a problem someplace and make a video about it and say, this is what we did with our advertising dollars. And we love you! (just sayin’)

  211. Christine

    Hi Marie, Thank you for the advise. I have not started my business yet (but am registered for b-school (yeah). I really like this idea when I do start a business… I am the kind of person who would like to give it my all and the thought of having too many things going at once, kinda freaks me out. I like the idea of really doing an excellent job in fewer places.

    Thanks, not so freaked out anymore 🙂

  212. Hi Marie

    Love your stuff and wrote couple of times praise on comments or via email.
    This video was a bit slim on content though I think (especially after reading JJJRH).

    There is also something to say about using virtual assistants, tools (for curation, sharing etc) and batching SM production (doing 1-3x for a certain time a week rather than daily). Monitoring is not the big issues, especially when there is no critical mass yet, and when there is, usually there is a way to through resources at it.

    Just wanted to add that as I don’t think you can either do it or not.

  213. Anja

    As always right on time! Thanks Marie! 🙂

  214. LOVED THIS! Marie has the best personality ever…how do we make ourselves more approachable like she is via videos? Or did I just answer my own question?

  215. AIN’T NO HALF-STEPPIN’! Love me some Marie, love me some Facebook. Beautiful.

  216. Marie,
    Going through b school and I try to stay off social media. I use Hootsuite and sometimes it only shows the link and thats ok. I have 2 customers avators.. individuals with food allergies or family with and restaurant owners, chefs, trainers so I actually use linked in , google + and fb.. what you do you think of google +. I keep hearing its going be the next fb?

  217. Oh so funny Marie, I’m actually typing to you from Italy. We are creating a simple life yet I was just talking to someone about feeling totally overwhelmed with everything…..yep I’m writing about a simple life whilst going into total overwhelm.


    Of course my friend is a fellow B-Schooler who had me focus on what it is I want to achieve and set myself steps to do this. Once I admitted to this overwhelm and saw how ridiculous it is I gave it up. Now my number one priority is to create an income and move forward with my book, and the rest is put to the side….the bizillion and one things I thought I had to do to ‘keep up’…..

    grazie and hope you loved your trip to Italia. xxx
    ciao bella x

  218. I made two separate accounts on Instagram.. One for my blog and the other for my personal lifestyle. Now I’m rethinking whether I should have done that as the blog account doesn’t have regular consistency… I’m uploading photos every couples of days due to not having daily content on my blog site, which I am ok with, but I would like to have a daily online presence through instragram. Has anyone else ever done this? Did it work? Should I just work on my personal lifestyle and add updates through that? Thanks

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great questions, Chloe. Marie’s advice to B-School students in the past has been to consolidate accounts since that just creates more work for you. But if there’s a reason you really want to keep your personal Instagram separate from your blog Instagram, then definitely listen to your heart on that.

  219. Good way of describing, and good piece of writing to obtain facts about
    my presentation focus, which i am going to present in school.

  220. Good advice! Thank you, Marie!

  221. I spent the first year of my business feeling annoyed that social media ‘needs’ to be a part of it. Recently, I realized that it was a choice, and I chose to keep doing it because I believe it’s important for establishing relationships with my customers, and relationships are the basis of my business.

    I looked at what I love most about my business. As a ‘balanced life’ coach, I so enjoy giving people new perspectives. So now I view my social media as a way to share my advice and offer new perspectives to people. Since looking at it this way, I’ve really been enjoying planning my posts! I also spent some time detailing a plan for the month, so that the question of ‘what to post?’ no longer bothers me, as I’ve decided up front what topic to tackle that day.

    It was Marie that inspired me to make this change, since she’s always telling us to bring ourselves to our business. Thanks Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Kirsti! We’re so glad to hear you found a social media balance that works for you 🙂

  222. So glad to have watched this! Did I like this video, Yaz!! Thank you. I struggle with socail media. So glad you gave some tips and insights. Love your videos.

  223. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this bog before but after reading through spme
    of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways,
    I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll
    be bookmarking and checking bachk often!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi there! We’re so glad that you’ve found us – whether once again, or for the first time – and that you’re finding the content delightful! If you want to stay on top of our newest posts (they go live every Tuesday), I’d recommend you sign up to become an MF Insider. That way you’ll never miss an episode of MarieTV, and you’ll get to hear about some exclusive things that Marie only shares via email.

      If you want to sign up, you can head over here, and we’ll also send you a free audio recording called How To Get Anything You Want:

      Thanks for stopping by; we’re happy to have you in our world!

  224. wow very nice…post…

  225. I’m not having a problem with how much time I’m creating social media content but with how much time I spend consuming it! I absolutely love the book “How to Break Up With Your Phone” and the 30 day challenge is incredible. I strive to take Sundays off of my phone entirely (not even texts or phone calls) and would benefit from having another day of the week with the phone but no social media (including on the computer!) I think I can do that! … Maybe!

  226. I’m currently going through B-School and am learning Module 3 all about content creation and have been struggling with this exact question about social media as I felt “I should” be on all the platforms as this will help my business and I thought if I want to be successful ever, surely I must get over it and just “get with the program”. But omg, the only place I love is Instagram, and the rest I have no good vibes towards, so it’s wonderful to hear that it really is all up to us. Phew, what a relief! And since Marie is all about that vibe and intention you have when you’re creating content, I have just confirmed to myself that I will only do Instagram, as it’s the only place I enjoy.
    But I don’t want to be on there daily, so planning ahead and using a scheduler is how I do it. Been using for this, seems very ok.
    Later down in my journey, I can see myself hiring a social media manager to do this, as I dream of spending less and less time online. It’s overwhelming and exhausts me a bit.
    Thanks for the video, I loved it! Great to be part of the B-School too 🙂 xo

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hey Keiu, yay — we’re thrilled to have you with us in B-School, and happy this has helped you find the right social media balance for you. It’s absolutely okay to choose the platforms that you actually enjoy and focus there. Have fun on Instagram!

  227. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for sharing your 4 tips. I completely agree with you, less is more. I was caught up in the multiple social media platforms and found it impossible to keep up and to keep track. I was disconnecting from the core of my business and family. I cut back and now only use 3 platforms, 2 of which are connected to each other. I also use Later, a scheduling app, which helps organise my posts weeks and months out. Lastly, I hired a VA. She has been a lifesaver. I don’t get caught up in the FOMO frenzy. I can concentrate on clients, creating and research. More importantly, I have time for my family.

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