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Tricky, thorny questions can slow us down. If you don’t have a sounding board you trust and you’re unsure about how to move ahead, it’s common to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Creatively, life grinds to a halt.

The pressure of “falling further behind” only makes matters worse.

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But sometimes hearing how other people navigate choppy waters is enough to spark your own big breakthrough.

On today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show, we’re diving straight into the muck to tackle important questions like:

  • Will my passion project ever make enough money to support me?
  • Should I be a guest on a big podcast that doesn’t fully align with my values — I really need the exposure!  
  • How do I know if my business idea is valid and I need to be patient, or whether I need to let go and call it quits?
  • I have lots of ideas — how do I know which to focus on NOW?

Unexpected magic always happens during these live episodes — including a brilliant new mantra that can help us all curtail perfectionism once and for all.  

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  1. What a great episode, Marie!
    It really resonates with me because I face these questions almost every day. I really want/need more exposure, but what comes to my inbox? Get 1000 followers for 10 dollars. Get xy unique visitors to your site for 20 dollar. Every time I’m excited that someone wrote on my site it’s something like this and I face a question – is it really possible to be visible without these “shady” tricks? So when you say – don’t go to that podcast (which is great itself just not for you) I’m like – this is a big decision, not the ones I have to make. Mine are pretty straight forward.
    So the next question is – how long will it take me to bet visible if only picking what’s in line with my beliefs? Feels like forever.
    Long story short, just wanted to say – great episode – made me think a lot. Thank you Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Silvia, thank you so much for watching and for sharing your thoughts and questions. We do firmly believe it’s possible to build an audience without using any sneaky “tricks” or shady tactics – in fact, although it can sometimes take longer, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

      It’s all about the difference between 1,000 random followers who may or may not actually care about your work, vs. 10 followers who love what you do and believe in you.

      In terms of how long it can take, there’s no one right answer (unfortunately!) – as Marie shares in the episode, sometimes a new business can get massive exposure right away, although in many cases, it can take a while to build an audience from scratch.

      We’ve definitely done episodes that talk about strategies for authentic audience-building, and here’s a great one to get you started:

  2. Hi to Marie & Lily (first caller) –
    Thank you for asking that question, Lily, and for the great answer (as always!) Marie. I just (just!) made a decision to not join a ceramics studio because of a values misalignment (something I didn’t expect to come up while looking for an art studio!). I was feeling proud of myself for making that decision, and I so appreciate having that validated listening to the call!
    And, Lily – girl, I had to look up your website (date brazen) and I love it! I was immediately drawn in by the picture of you! And I love the colors and clean design and your approach and everything about your website. Like Marie said, you are clearly a strong communicator and however you let the person know about your decision with the podcast, you’ll do it in an awesome way (and as someone who teaches, researches, and writes about hookup culture, I was really interested in the values misalignment – I think about that often with my work).

  3. Luis

    Wow! Woman you’re good!!!
    Great advice!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Luis! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode! 🙂

  4. What a great episode, loved it!!
    I think we all deal with those question at some point in our business.

  5. I just happen to see your email and listened for a bit. Very inspiring and engaging. I have been wanting to engage with people who like to talk business I need a mentor to help me with my dream and aspirations to open a Bed and breakfast and do events as well. Weddings, anniversaries, farm to table ect. I’ve been in the food and beverage business for 22 years as a server and
    Banquet captain. I started my own business a couple of years ago as an event coordinator but really didn’t go anywhere because of money to advertise and taking time off work. I have a passion to open my home as a bed and breakfast and share the beauty around me and give my expertise to them for their dream event. But still need to purchase this place to accomplish this.
    Please help! Angeline Russell

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Angeline, thank you so much for watching and commenting. I have the perfect MarieTV episode for you! It’s all about mentorship, so you might get some amazing tips here:

      We’re sending our best wishes for so much success with finding a mentor and building your B&B!

  6. Natascha really stood out to me because I felt her desire to help others. I immediately thought that she might be able to reach more people if she sold her product to clinics, hospitals, fertility specialists directly. To use her experience as a selling tool, since she deeply understands what is needed. It could bring her to a wider audience with less effort. Also, if she partnered with someone offering a physical item that compliments her product, such as essential oil blend that encourages success in fertility.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful tips, Lynore! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Serena

      Love Natasha, her story & her HEART. I wonder if she might consider giving away the meditation? This could help her build a contact list, following, etc. and opportunity to engage with her ideal customer. Meanwhile, she could brainstorm other, cost-effective ways to monetize her gifts. If people find value in what’s she’s offered via the free meditation, for example, she’s built trust & credibility which would give prospective customers confidence in her & her products or services. I hope she sticks with it. She has an incredible gift & opportunity to serve others. Rooting for you, girl!

    • Lynore, that is exactly what I was thinking for Natasha, but to get into clinics and lead classes! I like your suggestion also, to sell the meditation to clinics.

  7. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    Thank you so much for this awesome episode. I could totally relate to all 3 callers and I just want to repeat what Greg said, “Sometimes we have to hear what we always tell ourselves.” I thought needing reassurance from others is a sign of weakness, but now I see that spending a lot of time getting to know your potential customers is also a viable way to know whether or not your language resonates the language you use.
    I feel so pumped now to go out there and find the people who would need my business and serve them! I, too, need to suck it up, buttercup!


  8. Hi Marie and crew!
    I am a big fan, though i don’t always have time to watch. My inbox is overflowing, as is my to-do list and paper piles and, and and…, but i love one particular tip from todays show that i’m going to try to remember: the Humble.Shitty.GoodEnough tip. My perfectionism quite often leads to procrastination which can lead to panic… 3 P’s i’m not Proud of.
    I also like what you said about trying to find the write person to do your website. I, like many, have had the same experience of trying to find the right person to convey your message on a website. It’s taken me ages to find someone and still, i feel it is not how i imagined it to be. I feel i must accept the limitations due to cost and the designers abilities. My website is still in progress. There is lots of tweaking and copy to write and rewrite and pics to add, and I’m sure it’ll be fine once it’s finished, but it’s not going to be perfect, that’s for sure, but it’s not going to be shitty either. I hope.
    Thank you for what you do.
    Warmest regards from Austria,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching, and we’re so glad that one tip in particular really resonated with you, Lucie – it’s such a good reminder for all of us.

      I personally like to look at everything as an evolution. Whatever we’re working on may never be “perfect,” but that’s actually a beautiful thing since we’re always moving and learning. As we grow, our work can become more and more a unique expression of our strengths and gifts.

      I hope the tips in this episode help inspire you as you’re working on your website, and we’re sending our best wishes!

    • Christina

      Thank you Lucie for sharing!
      The three P’s that hold us back from action- This is something I struggle with from time-to-time as well and although I know on some level it is happening, hearing and reading it today is helping me check myself and my situation and I’m ready to take action. I often can question and analyze everything, and although there is definitely a need for that when creating a business or passion project, it needs to be left at the door at a certain point and the action shoes need to come on.
      I’d also like to share in the frustration of finding that right voice that we are looking for to truly translate our message. Accepting it at this current moment due to financial and time constraints (or whatever) feels like the right thing to do, and us accepting it at this time allows space for better-aligned writers to organically come into our lives.
      Thanks for sharing, Lucie and Team Forleo for ALL that you do. You continue to change my life for the better!

      • Lucie

        Thank you, Christina! Your thoughts are very helpful to me and i like the idea of putting my “action shoes” on! Also, what you wrote about accepting things as they are at the current moment (in regards to my website, but applies to many things in my life right now) to allow for something better to organically come in, makes a lot of sense and really eases my mind. Thank you so much! And thank you, Caroline – Team Forleo for your support and encouragement. If feels good to be heard and to feel that someone cares. Thank you all.

  9. Silke

    Inspirational, thank you, Marie and Team!
    Regarding the (in)fertility mediation I would like to propose: See your project/your business as your unborn child. Visualize it how it should be like. How it feels. Feel your success. Listen to your intuition. What “ingredient” is missing? Maybe you get answers how you can reach your target group in a better way. Maybe focus not only on real babies but also on “business babies” (start-up motivation mediations for others), it might be the next meditation? Offer small free gifts to increase your conversion, maybe a short version of your mediation or just a teaser.
    Oh my, I feel so with you all. Wishing you all the success that you deserve. Hugs, Silke

  10. Great episode! I appreciate your insight and feedback. For several years I’ve written tutorials teaching digital scrapbooking using a particular software. It’s always been free and I’ve gotten good feedback. In March I finally decided to create a course. I’ve poured a lot of work into it, had to learn several different programs to put it all together, write scripts, records videos, etc. I finally launched it the 3rd week of October. I sold 3 within a few days but it’s been crickets since then. I have a very small email list (60), a Facebook page, Pinterest, and in the last week I’ve posted some short quick tip videos on YouTube. Am I focusing on the right areas? What more should I be doing to sell my courses?
    Any advice would be appreciated so much.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and commenting, Yobeth. It’s really tough when we invest so much time and energy and don’t get traction right off, and I know you’re SO not alone in this struggle.

      In addition to some of the tips Marie shared here, I thought I’d pass along a great MarieTV episode about what to do if customers aren’t buying:

      Of course we also have lots of other episodes that talk about all kinds of topics like marketing and sales, so feel free to explore our MarieTV library for more tips and nuggets of wisdom. I hope this helps and you start seeing some more sales coming in soon!

  11. Hello Marie and Team!
    I wish all the best to your callers and all of your audience in their ventures. You all have helped in so many ways and each pod cast either adds something new or a reminder that helps sink in, adjust or re-align. So, let’s say every call resonated today.
    Also, I wish you and everyone a most happy Thanksgiving. No matter what is happening in life, there is something to be thankful for and help to move forward.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to you! ♥

  12. I REALLY enjoyed listening to the second caller and I hope that she chooses to keep going. I have only one child, fully natural birth; however, I have been around many friends who have struggled with fertility. From the moment the caller described her business and how long she has been trying, my immediate feeling for her was not to give up. Great things do take time to materialize sometimes and it often happens when we feel we are at our breaking point but choose to try again. I completely understand her limitations with time and finances since I have been in that boat. I know the right support will come to her and I do believe that the world needs her service. She has great potential to be a major blessing. She is just in a state of testing and development as many of us are when starting out.

  13. Perfect timing for this episode as my business is shifting focus and I’m going to be creating a new website to reach a new audience. Lots of reminders of my next steps to keep me on the right track! Thank you, love you all!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, Nancy! Congratulations on this exciting new chapter of your business. Keep us posted on how things continue to evolve for you!

  14. Christy

    My take away was to look in the market and make sure that I’m filling a need vs putting something out there that I, and only I, think is a good one. Also #NumbersDontLie, am I right?? LOL

  15. Erika

    I know you hear this and more compliments all the time, so i just want to say, you are AWESOME! All of you! Love the Whole Team and love that you include them in these segments… they are soooo funny!!!
    Greg: Hey, hey!
    Zach, do you wanna be my new best friend??
    You are sooo hilarious ?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Erika, and for your kind words for Marie and our Team! We’re grateful to have you tuning in and laughing along with us

  16. Tara

    Lol! Humble, shitty, good enough. That’s exactly what I needed to hear this morning! As someone who struggles with perfectionism, and trying to tie up every single loose end, I realize if I don’t put my work out there, I won’t get any further. It’s like being stuck in the doldrums, or going down a rabbit hole. Things will never be perfect, and I’ll always be evolving as I learn along the way.

    Thank you for your insight, wisdom, and authenticity. I always look forward to receiving Tuesday emails from you!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Happy Thanksgiving, Tara! We’re grateful to have you in our world and that you welcome us into your inbox. Focus on #progressnotperfection and keep going for your dreams!

  17. Amy

    Hey there! Thanks, Tamara! I love your q because it compelled Marie to share her experience with designers. I do a lot of pounding the design-as-form-and-function drum and get a lot of blank looks. I guess that’s why there’s so many cheap graphic decorators out there.

    I’ve looked online for client pain points so I can write web copy. I’ve found designers complaining about clients, not clients talking about problems with designers. I would be ecstatic to be part of that discussion or just to know where to read about it!

    Thanks, and make it a great one!

    • I have been designing for a long time. One thing I have had clients come to me saying they struggled with when working with other designers in the past, was that the designers just didn’t get them, or get their vision. Basically, the design just wasn’t turning out the way they had in mind.
      So something I try to do in my copy is to let them know why I get them. That I have been in their shoes and done similar things to them in the past. So I understand their type of business and the feeling they want to convey. And I often end up, going beyond just designing and suggesting things that will help them promote their work and get seen or people they should contact that can help them in other aspects or just to network with.

      • Tamara Disque

        Thank you Tabitha, this is super helpful! Letting the client know WHY you get them and not just that you get them makes so much sense. And then on top of that adding that extra value so they know you’ve got their back. That’s the kind of stuff that builds trust and partnership.

    • Hey Amy! I’m so glad you liked my q and I 100% agree! It was really helpful to hear Marie talk about her experience with designers. I have also found it to be the same when I research online. I wonder how/where we could start a discussion about such things as designers… Thank you so much for sharing and take care!

  18. Oh Marie, I love you. You are such an amazing inspiration! Thank you so much for the show. Thanks to all the entrepreneurs that came on this episode, thanks for sharing your story. Keep going, folks!

  19. OMG! Such a great episode. I took notes as well and LOVED LOVED LOVED your answer for Natasha in terms of lining up her business to her financial goals. The questions to ask –
    1. What do I want my business to be?
    2. How much do I want it to earn?
    3. Who is the market I’m committed to serving?
    4. What are their challenges and problems?
    5. How may I be able to solve them in a way that allows me to charge what I need to charge in order to earn what I’d like to earn and have enough profit to make everything make sense?

    I feel as though I’m in another period of transition, almost like an identity crisis. I’m an author, photographer and filmmaker and love to learn and teach. I’ve published nine bestselling books and have three film projects in the works. However I’m still trying to figure out the best route to bring in a steady income through my creative projects while serving others at the same time.
    MANY THANKS for providing some clarity and direction on where I can start.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for watching, Cali! We’re thrilled that this episode sparked so many great takeaways for you to implement in your own business. It’s wonderful that you’re looking ahead to the next chapter of your creative journey. It sounds like you’re truly what Marie calls a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” and you’re in good company around here. We have some awesome episodes in our MarieTV archives on these topics that may provide some additional clarity and encouragement for you moving forward:

  20. I could swear sometimes, that Marie and her team have secretly sneaked into my house and put up a hidden camera! Watching my every move, hearing my every thought.

    I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed lately like I’m putting in a lot of effort in but not yet seeing the results. Even when a breakthrough or small win happens, because I running on empty it can feel like it’s not enough to get ahead.

    It’s like I’m ready to take the leap with my passion project but Mr. Resistence is doing his best to pull me back!
    Of course I know everything is working perfectly, I just need to trust myself and let go of trying to get all my ducks in a row before I first! 🙂
    Love, light and blessings Debbie

  21. Thank you so much for this episode! (And all your episodes!) I had an epiphany about the business I’m creating, doing live presentations. I make online cocktail tutorials, which are funny, but it’s really difficult to make money with online video, so I’m expanding into live seminars and I’ve been obsessed with making them very accurate and “teachy,” since they are ostensibly classes. But, really, people are hiring me because of the humor, so I need to obsess less with getting every detail perfect and add a lot of comedy to the live presentations. I know what I’m talking about, so the quality of the information will still be high, but no one is hiring me to present at their party to be serious!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your awesome “aha” moment with us, Kelly! Congratulations on creating your new classes and the steps you’re taking to grow your business. The world absolutely needs that special gift, and sense of humor, that only you have! Keep up the great work and know we’re all cheering you on.

  22. There was so much that resonated, but the “where should I focus on right now” the most.

    And i loved the answer! I think with me, I like to have a lot going on but sometimes I do go overboard on the amount of projects (selling pdf sewing patterns, online embroidery workshops, offline creative workshops, basically almost everything under the crafty sun)
    But i am getting better at carving out time to focus on one project at a time.

    Also…. I loved the mantra at the end of the episode! I do something similar.

    I try to catch myself when i am lingering over details and ask myself, do i give the work I just did at least a 7 out of 10? If the answer is yes! I move on to the next step and tell myself progress is perfection (must have hear that one on a Marie TV episode <3!)

    Recently heard another great one somewhere (Tim Ferris show?) “movement is magic”

    It’s helped me a lot to get more work out there and keep a project moving forward.

    With each new project I try to raise the bar a little over the last project without being slowed down by perfectionism.

  23. Marie,

    Here’s how I sum it up! What you give is so much inspiration, support, understanding, advice and encouragement that you and your team have polished a way to bring out the motivation and the best in others that follow you.

    Thank you,
    Eugenea Couture

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Eugenea! We’re grateful to have you in our amazing community.

  24. What a great episode – – – yes! overwhelm and trying to get things perfect is sooo true.

    I am trying to stay focused and not try to many projects at can’t decide if I want to move onto a different project or if I should stay focused and keep going. This episode was helpful to hear you coach Aurely Meditations on where she is with her business; I can relate! Can I get an AMEN!

    Thanks for keeping it real and helping us.
    XO R

  25. I LOVE #humbleshittygoodenough.
    I’ve been eyeing up podcasts too with that values question bubbling behind 🙂
    I’m 13-months into my business and feeling like things are finally picking up with some consistency and I’m so glad I didn’t give up earlier 🙂

    So many thoughts on this one but really, if you’re at a crossroads, it’s important to listen to those intuitive nudges! This is exactly what I do in my mentorship because we just aren’t taught to access our intuitions or that inner fire. Thanks for this episode, Marie and team <3 x

  26. Honestly, I got so much clarity from you asking “Do you get the best results when you focus down on one thing, or have many going on?”

    I’m super multipassionate, but I realized that I get results when I focus. Like on a Kickstarter I just launched and it had great success–but that was all I did for a month. So, I can still stay passionate about lots of things and two businesses…but I need to take turns with focusing on one and putting one to the side!

    How exactly, idk (suggestions anyone??), but I’ll figure it out!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your takeaway with us, Arien! We’re thrilled to have you in our vibrant, multi-passionate community and we’re so happy to hear this episode provided some clarity for you. Your message also reminded me of two episodes in our MarieTV archives that may resonate with you:

      Huge congrats on your recent Kickstarter– we can imagine how exciting that must have felt. Keep shining your light in all you do and know we’re all cheering you on!

  27. I really appreciate the peptalks – especially around the serial entrepreneur / multi passionate entrepreneur. This episode got in my inbox at the nick of time! I’m taking on a new endeavor involving marketing to different corporate verticals (law, engineers, medical, etc.) — and as a naturally creative, “free spirited” kind of person it’s foreign to speak some of these industries language. But I’m trying to stay patient, get on phone calls and dinners with friends in the industry to ask them if I can peak inside their heads.

    Thanks so much for producing this beautiful content! Cheers!

  28. Awesome Episode! Patience Point , trusting my gut to pivot priorities for my next steps is a big one… this episode pulled me into a focus to create a multi project schedule and follow it. I love you all!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Kathryne-Alexis! We’re big fans of making schedules (it frees up so much brain space!) so we’re proud of you for getting clarity and taking action.

  29. It’s fantastic how much thought and care you put into answering these questions, Marie. So substantive–plus fun! Thanks.

  30. Thank you so much for this episode. All of the calls resonated with me in some way. But particularly the lady with the “heart project” that now needs to make money due to the financial and energy investment.
    I’m a Mum, chiropractor & Functional medicine practitioner with a passion to help others uncover the underlying cause of their health issues and to encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle. So I designed a website called to help get the health info out there.
    However I have no real way of making any income from it. (Other than essential oils, but it just doesn’t give me enough of a spark).
    I have plenty of other ideas from a book to wellness retreats to talks and online courses but I’m unsure which direction to take. Should I just be focusing on writing my blog articles and building a subscriber list & social media following first?? Or should I be creating something to sell at the same time?
    I’d love to earn some passive income in some way. But how do I know the best way to do this?
    My husband says this is all a hobby and I should focus solely on my chiro business but I really feel I have something important to say to the world, not just my community.
    Anyway I hope your team can point me in the right direction. Many thanks.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Georgina! As Seth Godin shared in a recent episode, there’s something to be said for having the smallest viable audience. You don’t necessarily have to have a massive list or following to have a successful business. In terms of offerings, we’re big fans of starting small and scaling up over time because you’ll learn a lot along the way and you can always grow with time. We hope this helps!

  31. Maria

    Great point Marie, question is to ask when they offer you something out of your confort zone, as Lou Reed song take a walk on the wild side…” is it fear of failure, fear of success? is it a rigid goal that is blocking caos,(área of creative solutions), or is really guts feeling not being aligned with your values? I disagree with the Word, Brand, because life is change, we can change, nothing is balanced until after death, life is creative, and the light side and the dark side go hand in hand. Having said this, I agree its a matter of learning skills to how to use your gut feeling, your intuition that tells you it´s not fear that is making you say no. Schooling does not show us intuition, to live with fear, to learn to feel fear but not become fear. to be brave but to know ones values and respect for ones integrity. this is a work in progress. be brave to travel to unknown “countries” not blindly but voluntarily saying yes to them. As a wise man said when we die we dont remember the things we lived, we remember what we turned down and did not live and lost learning from them. that is the eternal question while alive. those two polarities are glued in trying to paint a picture that only one side exists makes one sometimes end up isolated in a dead end Street. its a fine line and trial and error. not perfectionism in each step.and knowing when to shut that door loudly.

  32. Lori

    Marie, all of the questions were great and the answers even better! You have awesome listening and probing questioning skills!
    The icing on the cake has to be Zack’s mantra, #humble.shitty.goodenough
    Wow! Where was Zack during all those times when I labored for HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, trying to decide where to place my pencil on my work space (only slight exaggeration). I am totally visual type A. Thank you so much Marie, Greg, and Zack!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad it was helpful, Lori! 🙂

  33. What a great episode and thank you, as always, for all the inspiration you give to us. Marie, you’re such a bright and courageous light. I had a thought for Betty that may be useful. Sometimes we set up a huge goal like writing a book or a screenplay. And the goal is massive for many reasons including the fact that the project isn’t just about completing a book but it’s actually about sharing what is most important to us and dearest in our heart. It has to do with who we are. There’s a public face to that experience, which will be the final project. But there’s a more important private face to it which is about our soul’s journey and expressing the meaning of an experience that is central to our becoming. The thing about a huge project like a book is that it can be so big and so hard, especially given the fact that you’re likely doing something you’ve never done before, that it’s helpful to do a quick “beta” before launching into the massive effort. The idea is to take on something quick and doable that can shed some light before you take on something massive. But it also speaks to the writing process part that’s central to writing. It’s critical to see that you can express what you’re up to and you can, as long as you make the frame on the effort doable. That can take all kinds of forms. You can speak the project into a recording app on your phone, just to state the project from beginning to end. You can a quick proposal, 3-5 pages. Just to have the experience of naming the project and seeing what lives beneath the need. What this does is it gives you the experience of articulating what it is that you want to share, who it’s for and why it matters. As accessible and doable is writing your “Ted Talk.” That’s a quick speech, 10 -15 minutes, that very simply states what it is that you are sharing, who it’s for, why it matters, + a call to action in a persuasive format. What’s valuable about these quick experiences of writing is that it puts you in touch with not only what it is you want to say but why it matters. We often write so that we can see our thinking and even so that our thinking can change in the process. Where you are at the beginning of the experience vs. the end is very different because in between there is a learning. At the beginning phase of a project that clarity on the learning is often the thing we need to see to understand what we are up to. If we make the project doable, 5 pages, a 10 minute speech, we don’t have to put our lives on hold to take on the need in the writing. I hope this helps.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such thoughtful advice and it’s so kind of you to share it! Thank you. 🙂

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  36. The thing that resonated with me was the suggestion of items to ask my customers. I’m not a really outgoing person, and sometimes find it hard to make people “feel good” or know what they need to hear and the need me to do. I have had more than a few customers “fall of the grid” only to never be heard from again. Did I do something wrong? I’m definitely going to take these ideas and start talking to my new customers to find out what the need.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Andy! I know it can be scary for introverts, but talking to your customers really can make all the difference. We’re cheering you on!

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    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Tamara! We appreciate you submitting your question––it was such a good one. 🙂

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      Hi Lisa! We’re so happy this “Zackism” resonated with you, and that you’re feeling fired up 🙂 Hope you’re recovering well and getting lots of rest. It’s such an honor to have you in The Copy Cure and continue serving you on your entrepreneurial journey!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Jessie! So happy this piece of advice came at the right time and huge kudos to you for implementing right away. We hope you get a great response to your newsletter as a result and the craft show is a fantastic success! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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      Glad this resonated with you, Kimberly! It sounds like you’re definitely on the right track. Keep following that intuition of yours 🙂

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    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that B-School has been a part of your journey, Tyra. It IS about the long game and when you keep showing up, doing the working, making progress- you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come. Keep going- we’re cheering you on.

  55. There is a saying “Follow your passion, success will pursue you”. Do you believe it is true?
    Pursuing passion is great, because it is what I like. However, not everyone who pursues passion also succeeds. Follow your passion if that passion can help you get the income you can afford to spend on everyday life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Since starting and growing a business takes a lot of time and focus, we definitely recommend doing something you enjoy. However, we do believe it takes more than passion to build a successful business because, in order to serve the people you’re most meant to serve, it’s important to know how to market your business so you can get the word out and reach them. That’s why Marie shares business wisdom in her MarieTV episodes––so passionate entrepreneurs will be in a better position to succeed. We hope this helps!

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      Aww, Isabel! That’s so kind of you to say and we’re beyond honored you’re a part of our community and are finding value in Marie’s work. We’re grateful for you!

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    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Becky, we’re so sorry to hear about your miscarriages and we’re sending you enormous Team Forleo love ❤️We’re happy to share Natascha’s business info with you — and if you ever need to find it again, it’s shared at minute 7:37 in the episode.
      You can find her on instagram @aurely_meditation, and I believe she has a link to her website from there.
      We hope you find what you’re looking for, Becky. Sending you lots and lots of love!

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